Why Walter Payton=Top Overrall Running Back Football Players (American)
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Why Walter Payton = Top Overrall Running Back

List Criteria: Walter Payton has the most all-purpose yards. Meaning his rushing + receiving yards combined equal to be the most in History. Walter is debatably the best Rusher of all time, and is debatably the second best Receiving Running Back of all time next to Marshal Faulk. Walter was also tops when he was blocking for his Quarterback, and Walter accomplished all his yards records behind an offensive line that was not well rated.

Explains why Walter Payton is definitively the top overrall running back of all time.

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    Running back Walter has the most all-purpose yards; meaning his rushing + receiving yards combined / combine for the most yards in History. Walter was debatably the best rusher of all time, and is debatably the

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