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"Winter's Tale" tells a fantasy love tale of a thief and a very sick woman who fall in love but have to fight time itself to find another again. The supernatural drama was written and directed by Akiva Goldsman and based on the 1983 novel of the same name by Mar Helprin. "Winter's Tale" opened in the United States on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2014.

In "Winter's Tale," it's 1916 and Peter Lake (Colin Farrell) is doing his usual, breaking into homes to steal valuables. One robbery doesn't go as planned when he encounters a tenant in a home. That girl, Beverly (Jessica Brown Findlay), instead of being afraid, is interestingly kind to him and the two soon fall in love. Their time however is short as she is dying of tuberculosis and he is being hunted by insane gangster Pearly Soames (Russell Crowe).

Just as Peter's life is saved by a mystical white horse named Anthansor, he finds himself 100 years in the future, in modern day Manhattan. With no memory of who he is, Peter is tasked with figuring out why he's still on this earth, something new friend Virginia (Jennifer Connolly) helps with, and try his best to reunite with his one true love, Beverly.

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    Just Robbing the Place

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    Peter Lake: "It squeaks."
    Beverly Penn: "You have a gun."
    Peter Lake: "I was just robbing the place, you know."
    Beverly Penn: "Is that still your intention?"
    Peter Lake: "No, it isn't."
    Beverly Penn: "Well then, I suppose the polite thing to do would be to offer you a cup of tea."

    When Peter enters the home of Beverly's, he doesn't expect to confront the tenant, just rob the place. He also doesn't expect her kindness, especially given his initial motive.

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    Best Thing You've Ever Stolen

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    Beverly Penn: "You steal things?"
    Peter Lake: "Yeah, I do steal things from time to time. Lately I've been having a bit of a disagreement with an old boss though."
    Beverly Penn: "What's the best thing you've ever stolen?"
    Peter Lake: "I'm beginning to think I haven't stolen it yet."

    During their tea together, Beverly asks Peter about his life as a thief, including what he feels is his best steal. Peter isn't so sure that he's found that just yet.

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    I Have No Memory

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    Abby: "I smashed into you."
    Peter Lake: "Are you all right?"
    Abby: "I'm Abby. What's your name?"
    Peter Lake: "I don't know. I've had no memory for as long as I can remember."

    Peter Lake: "I appreciate the help… Beverly, her name was Beverly."
    Virginia Gamely: What is happening here?"

    A chance meeting with a child and her mother in the park sends Peter on a trip back in time, at least through the microfilm at the library. Peter has no recollection of who he is but once he sees Beverly's photo, it starts to come back to him.

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    I Want to Kill Him

    Pearly Soames: "Peter Lake, I want to kill him and I want him to stay dead."

    Insane Irish gangster Pearly Soames really wants to kill Peter and not just kill him once but kill him dead so he stays dead. Good luck with that, Pearly.

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    How Is He Still Alive?

    Pearly Soames: "He is neither angel nor demon. How is he still alive?"

    Following Peter's execution, Pearly is surprised to hear that Peter really isn't dead. This puzzles him but also angers him at the same time.

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    If You Don't Love Me Now

    Beverly Penn: "If you don't love me now, no one ever will."

    Beverly explains to Peter that it's his duty to love her as if he declines, she will soon die having never been loved.

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    Something You Are Meant to Do

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    Peter Lake: "Why keep me alive?"
    Virginia Gamely: "Maybe there is still something you are meant to do."
    Peter Lake: "I think I'm supposed to save her."

    Peter is confused about his gift of reincarnation and why he was selected to keep living when others cannon. As Virginia explains, perhaps Peter has been selected to do something very important, like save Beverly.

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    You'll Not Be Saving Anyone

    Pearly Soames: "I've been blackening souls and crushing miracles for longer than I can remember. Yours is the kind of love that makes the world warm and light, the kind of love that can save her. You'll not be saving anyone."

    Pearly Soames sees the special connection Peter has with Beverly but he could care less. He is ruthless and is ready to kill Peter, which should quickly put an end to all that mushy love stuff.

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    She's Dying

    Isaac Penn: "Who are you? What is your relationship to Beverly? Are you aware of her condition?"
    Peter Lake: "She's dying."

    Isaac questions Peter about his relationship with Beverly. While Peter isn't too forthcoming about how they met, he does share that he knows about Beverly's terminal tuberculosis.

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    Love Someone So Completely

    Peter Lake: "Is it possible to love someone so completely that you can't die?"

    Peter ponders his existence and wonders aloud if it was his love for Beverly that caused him this power of reincarnation. Perhaps this love is his unfinished business with which he still needs to find closure.

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