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The Winter Olympic Events That Look the Most Fun

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The most fun-looking sports at the Winter Olympics, ranked by those of us watching from the sidelines. The Winter Olympics of 2014 are held in Sochi, Russia from February 7th to February 23rd. What Winter Olympic sport would you most like to do or play? Forget about training, injuries, time, and money. If you could be automatically be great at any of these fun winter sports, which would you choose to do? There are 15 winter sport disciplines in 7 sports to choose from. Some of these include short track speed skating, curling, and freestyle figure skating. With returning favorites among the competitors and national pride, the Olympics are watched for not only the favorite competitions, but to see who and what country will come out on top in these events. Every bi-annual Winter Olympics is more competitive and adds more events to the list, it helps to know the current favorites of the Winter Olympics to tune in to if you are not familiar with them already.

The XXII Olympic Winter Games were decided to be held in Sochi, Russia, in July 2007, during the 119th International Olympic Committee Session in Guatemala City. The final vote for the location was 51 against Pyeongchang, South Korea. The 2014 project was budgeted to cost $12 billion (U.S.) and currently is estimated at $51 billion (U.S.). This surpasses the cost of the 2008 Winter Olympics in Beijing that, at the time, was the costliest Olympics in history.

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    Freestyle Skiing

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    Ski Jumping

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    Ice Hockey

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    Speed Skating

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    Nordic Combined

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    Short Track Speed Skating

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    Figure Skating

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    Cross-country Skiing

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