Favorite TV Dads of All Time TV Characters

Favorite TV Dads of All Time

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List Criteria: Favorite TV characters who were fathers. (Not necessarily guys who were the BEST fathers.)

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    Dan Conner is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list Favorite TV Dads of All Time
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    • Series: Roseanne
    • Actor: John Goodman
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    • Series: Happy Days
    • Actor: Tom Bosley
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    • Series: Frasier
    • Actor: John Mahoney
    • Occupation: Police officer, Police detective
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    • Series: The Sopranos
    • Actor: James Gandolfini
    • Occupation: Boss
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    • Series: Married... with Children
    • Actor: Ed O'Neill
    • Episode: Top of the Heap
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    Hank Hill is listed (or ranked) 6 on the list Favorite TV Dads of All Time
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    • Series: King of the Hill
    • Actor: Mike Judge
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    • Actor: Jerry Stiller
  8. 8
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    • Series: The King of Queens
    • Actor: Jerry Stiller
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