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"World War Z" movie quotes provide the dialogue in the highly anticipated action-apocalypse movie based on the book of the same title written by Max Brooks. Matthew Michael Carnahan, Drew Goddard and Damon Lindelof adapted the books into the screenplay while Marc Forster direct the film which was produced by and stars Brad Pitt. "World War Z" opened the 35th Moscow International Film Festival before it opened in RealD 3D and IMAX 3D theaters on June 21, 2013.

In "World War Z," the Lane family is introduced including father Gerry (Pitt), who works for the United Nations, wife Karen (Mireille Enos), and daughters Rachel (Abigail Hargrove) and Constance (Sterling Jerins). Everything is good for the family as they enjoy breakfast together then head out in the car when it becomes apparent that something is amiss outside. Traffic is stopped and explosions can be heard ahead of them. While Gerry attempts to contact his fellow UN employees for information on what's happening, he herds his family into a building for safety.

It's not long before Gerry and his family learn that they are dealing with a zombie pandemic and their safety is seriously at risk. Using his connections, Gerry has their family rescued by helicopter and taken to an aircraft carrier. There, Gerry is recruited to join the fight against the zombie apocalypse but he struggles to decide between staying with his family to keep them safe or joining the fight to save all of mankind. James Badge Dale, Ludi Boeken, Matthew Fox, David Morse and David Andrews all co-star in the film.

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What Is Going On?

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Karen: "Does it live in a jungle?"
Rachel: "No"
Gerry: "Is it really fast?"
Rachel: "No"
Gerry: "Do you eat it on Sundays?"
Rachel: "No"
Gerry: "Does it live on the great plains of Africa?"
Rachel: [laughs] "No"
[Police officer on motorcycle knocks the mirror off of the family's car]
Karen: "Hey!"
[Helicopters fly overhead]
Gerry: "What is going on? Hold on, guys."
Rachel: "Daddy, be careful on the road."
[Explosions are seen ahead]
Karen: "Gerry!"
Police Officer: [Shouting] "Get back in your car right now! Remain with your vehicle!"
[Garbage truck smashes into the officer]

As the family is driving together and stuck in traffic, the first sign that something is amiss pops up. Gerry exits the car to check out what is happening ahead of them only to be yelled at by a passing motorcycle cop who soon meets his own demise when he slammed into by a garbage truck. Panic in three… two… one.
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We Don't Know

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Thierry: "Gerry"
Gerry: "Thierry, what is this? Is this thing worldwide? Is anyone doing better than we are?"
Thierry: "We don't know. If we knew where this thing started, maybe we could kill it."

After seeing first hand the mass chaos in the city, Gerry contacts his friend and fellow UN employee Thierry to get more information on what exactly is happening. While Thierry doesn't really know what's going on just yet, he does theorize that if they can pinpoint the source they can stop it.
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I Have to Go

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Gerry: "I don't want to leave you but I have to go."
Karen: "I'll keep our kids safe."

Gerry speaks to wife Karen before leaving his family to fight against the zombies. Gerry certainly doesn't want to leave them but unless the good guys defeat the bad, something that would be easier if Gerry helped, none of them will survive.
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They're Coming

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Constance: "I'm scared."
Karen: "How do we know they're coming?"
Gerry: "They're coming. Ready? Go! Go! Go!"

Gerry, Karen and their two daughters take refuge in a building to escape from the zombie apocalypse happening outside. While they don't know exactly what's happening out there, Gerry does suspect that the zombies will soon enter the building. His hunch is right and the family is evacuated by helicopter just in time.
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You're Asking Me to Leave My Family

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Naval Commander: "I need you to help me."
Gerry: "You're asking me to leave my family."
Naval Commander: "I'm not going to force you but don't pretend you're not well suited for the job."
Gerry: "I can't leave my family."
Naval Commander: "Don't pretend your family is exempt when we talk about the end of humanity."

Gerry is approached by a naval commander who hopes that Gerry will agree to help them fight against the zombie outbreak. This puts Gerry in a really difficult situation. Does Gerry stay and protect his family or does he leave them and head out to fight for the greater good of mankind?
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Try Not to Kill One

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W.H.O. Doctor: "Try not to kill one."
Fellow W.H.O. Doctor: "It only makes the rest of them more aggressive."

The World Health Organization doctors explain to Gerry how to take down the zombies. Killing them definitely would be the easiest method but unfortunately that's not a viable option.
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It's Worldwide

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Naval Commander: "We've lost the East Coast. Europe's still dark. It's worldwide. Life as we know it will come to an end in 90 days. It's on us to change that."

The naval commander gives a briefing to the crew about the current state of events. They still don't now exactly what they're dealing with but they do know they have 90 days until the human race will be extinct.
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Martial Law

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Television Reporter: "What we do know is that the aircraft touched down an hour ago despite being denied permission to land…"
Karen: "Yeah, are these the roots?"
Gerry: "What is it?"
Rachel: "Statue of Liberty or snowman"
Television Reporter: "Authorities instituted a media blackout and have declared martial law."
Constance: "Daddy, what's martial law?"

A lovely morning with the family over breakfast is interrupted by news reports of the happenings outside. While kids should eventually learn about martial law, learning about it when it's declared right outside their home might not be the best way.