The Worst Celebrity Tramp Stamps

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The worst celebrity tramp stamps are those awful lower back tattoos on many of Hollywood's favorite men and women. Getting a lower back tattoo, AKA tramp stamp, is rarely a good idea but often a common thing to get during those rebellious teens and twenties. While many of these celebrities with tramp stamps have since had the stupid tattoos removed, the photographic evidence of their mistakes remain.

Sure, some of these celebrity lower back tattoos are meaningful, but many of these stars openly admit that their tramp stamps were mistakes. Socialite Paris Hilton had Nick Carter's name tattooed, then later had it removed. Reality TV personality Khloe Kardashian has "Daddy" tattooed on her back but admits that it's less than optimal. Then there's race car driver Danica Patrick, whose bizarre combination of an American flag, checkered flag, stars, and angel wings is certainly a puzzler. Kaley Cuoco got her upper butt mistake - "a Chinese symbol for faith" - when she was just 17.

But celebrity tramp stamps are not limited to women. Many famous men are also sporting (or hiding as much as possible) their tramp stamps. Oscar winner Ben Affleck has a dolphin tattoo on his lower back. Antonio Sabato, Jr. has a Batman symbol above his butt. Jersey Shore cast member DJ Pauly D might take the cake, however, with his own name tattooed in large letters as his tramp stamp.

So while these people might be among the sexiest famous girls with tattoos, these famous guys and gals all are sporting reminders of their past indiscretions and this list has all the tramp stamp tattoo pictures and photos of celebrity lower back tattoos the Internet has to offer. They're not the worst tramp stamps ever, but they certainly don't fall into the category of the best decisions ever made either.
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