The Worst Father's Day Gifts

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List Criteria: Gifts on Father's Day that men dont like. The higher the vote, the worse the gift.

List of father's day gifts for men, father's day gifts ideas that include what not to buy dad for his special holiday--including all of the typical worst father's day gifts. Gifts for men can be tricky. A gift for Father's Day can be even trickier. As men we claim to be easy to shop for, and anything will suffice. Honestly, we want something awesome (like from these top shops for unique gifts for men.) Men want something that will be useful, fun, or reusable for years. Guys generally need something that appeals to either their bad ass, primordial side or "useful for the price" side. We'll even take something because it's funny. But it has to be funny for longer than you staring at us opening it.

Still not sure what to get the man who raised you? Or the husband that keeps you sane? Well, at least tries? I don't want to mislead you by recommending something that he hates.  BUT I caaaaaan tell you what he DOESN'T want. You are probably wondering how I know this. It's because we drink together. Ok that's a lie. It's because this list is voted on by fathers.
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