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POPULAR The Worst Guy Friends of All Time

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You should be able to count on your friends. They’re there for you in good times and in bad. But there are times when your buddies are more trouble than they're worth. When things go wrong, sometimes your friends are actually the ones to blame. This list of horrible guy friends shows how easy it is for a good buddy to mess up your life. Whether it's a bet that takes a turn for the worse, a prank that goes horribly wrong, a special life moment that gets ruined beyond repair, or a criminal turn your friend takes and decides to share with you, sometimes your best friends can be behind the absolute worst. So remember, if you’re thinking about playing a trick on someone who considers you a friend, stop and think if it’s really worth ruining the relationship for a quick laugh. If you go decide to go through with it, then maybe you should be on this list too.
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Bet Gone Wrong

These guys bet their buddy $100 he couldn't fit into a kiddie swing. No big deal--who hasn't made a stupid bet, right? This guy lubed himself up (with laundry detergent, of all things) and managed to fit in the swing. Of course he got stuck; we all saw that coming. What makes these guys the absolute worst guy friends of all time is that when their friend got stuck, they abandoned him! Left him lubed up and trapped for NINE hours, and when help finally arrived he had to be transported--still in the swing--to the hospital. So remember, if your friend gets stuck in a swing due to a bet you made, you should help him.

Stuck in a Baby Swing for Nine Hours
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Your Friend the Felon

These are tough economic times and a lot of people are feeling desperate. If you've got a pal who's in a tight financial spot, maybe you'll even lend him a few bucks. But this guy wasn't going to risk getting turned down for a loan. After chatting with two friends--guys he'd known his entire adult life--for a few minutes, he proceeded to rob them, at gunpoint, of $60. Which definitely qualifies him as one of the worst friends of all time. But at least the close friendship made making a police ID a breeze for his victims.

Victims Knew Robbery Suspect
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Real-life Weekend at Bernie's

You enjoy hanging out with your buddies, and vice versa. Nothing was going to stop the guy fun for these two, not even the Grim Reaper himself. When their friend, 43-year-old Jeffrey Jarrett, passed away, Robert Young and Mark Rubinson stuck the corpse in a car and then had drinks and took money out of an ATM, courtesy of their dead friend. Young’s excuse was that he thought his friend was just passed out, not dead. But a good friend always checks for a pulse!

Weekend at Bernies Duo

Man's Best Friend

Your human friends may let you down, but if there’s one true friend a guy can count on, it’s his dog. A dog will never abandon you, and no dog will ever hold you up at gunpoint. But this dog shows that even man's best friend has a dark side. This poor guy tried to film a romantic marriage proposal, something he and his wife-to-be could treasure forever. His dog, perhaps acting out his own commitment issues, ran up to the camera and blocked the shot. This dog isn’t ready for marriage and he’s not going to sit back and let his buddy go down that path either. And that makes him a great example of how a man's best friend can turn out to be no friend at all.

Office Prank Goes Wrong

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This sucker thought he was working with his friend to pull a prank on a visitor to their office. Trusting his buddy, he hid inside a wall, waiting patiently until the visitor was alone and he could pop out and surprise him. Instead he got the s**t scared out of him when the supposed victim pulled a gun on him. If your friends are conspiring to get you to wet your pants in fear, they’re not good friends.

Fake Lottery Ticket

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A good friend helps you make your dreams come true. A terrible friend looks at your dreams and decides to use them to sucker punch you in the gut. Guess which path the guy in this video took with his lotto-loving dad? Someone whose idea of fun is to make you literally jump for joy just so he can knock you down is certainly one of the worst guy friends of all time.

Thieving Penguins

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Terrible guy friends exist all over the animal kingdom. Take a look at this sneaky penguin and see if you can’t recognize the traits of one of the worst guy friends ever. He and his fellow penguins are building nests to attract females. The guy with the best rocks wins the best chicks. This penguin could go out and look for good rocks, but instead decides to take the easy route and steal from his friends. So when the lady penguins come to shore, he'll have a great nest to woo them with. His sucker friends will be wondering why they worked so hard only to end up with no rocks and the ugly girl penguins. This thief is the worst guy penguin of all time.