Let's Take a Moment and Vote on the Worst Jobs EVER

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If you're getting down in the dumps about your job, look at the silver lining: At least you don't have one of these career paths. If, by chance, you do, it definitely sucks to be you. The most dismal jobs require intense physical labor and harsh, gross, and embarrassing conditions. These are truly some of the worst jobs in America, and probably in the entire world.

Think you've got the world's worst job? It could be worse. You could be giving an elephant an anal probe, cleansing diseased feet, or delivering a load of bricks by way of bicycle. These jobs are horrible, disgusting, tedious, foul, and give Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs a run for his money. Would you want to do one of them? I doubt it. Getting familiar with these really bad jobs will ensure you'll never say you hate Mondays again.

Who has the most terrible job imaginable? Well, these jobs totally suck. Take a moment to peruse this list of horrible, cringe-worthy occupations and vote on which are the very worst jobs to have ever.
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