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The Worst Movie Endings

WARNING: Spoilers beyond this point. Vote for what film you think had the absolute worst ending. If you submit a film, please include what happens in the end of the movie.

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    A spaceship full of aliens come back to life as they morph together right before Indiana Jones gets marriage and actor Shia Labeouf supposedly becomes the new adventurer? Give me a break...

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    Camp Rock loses the Final Jam and has to close down. Then they try to keep it open, not realizing that there wasn't going to be a Camp Rock 3. Sorry for talking about this, but I felt like fans deserved better.

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    In a twisted turn of events, Aliens take the child of the main character because he was a "chosen one". The boy and another girl are taken into space leaving Nicholas Cage on the earth to die. The earth is overheated and except for the chosen few who were taken by spaceships, everyone dies. The chosen are to become the new generation as they are seen last on screen on a strange planet running towards a glowing fruit tree... random.

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    It's all a dream.

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    At the end of the movie the kid has grown up and formed some kind of time bubble. The crew examines their own graves in the bubble. Dr. Smith has become a hideous creature - why? We don't know, but he can now be killed without upsetting the movie ratings. They all fight, and the kid prevents his own creepy version of the future from happening. One of the most WTF endings ever in modern cinema.

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