The Worst Deaths and Resurrections in Comics

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List Criteria: The worst deaths and resurrections in comic books.

Nobody stays dead in comics. It used to be an expression in comic circles that if something or someone was "as dead as Bucky" then there was no coming back. Then Bucky came back. Many comic book characters have been resurrected, with varying degrees of ridiculousness. What are the worst resurrections in comics?

It started well before this, but one of the most publicized, shameless, and money grabbing "deaths" in comics that really killed the concept of death, was the death and return of Superman. It sold like gangbusters and then his return(s) sold even more, showing publishers that they can feed fans whatever they want, they'll still buy it. Go ahead up the prices, make it a limited print run, we don't care, KILL EVERYONE, we'll see 'em next year.

With death there is always resurrection (at least in comics) and these are the worst, silliest, dumbest, most ridiculous resurrections in comics. Vote up the worst comic book resurrections below.
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