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The Worst Superhero Performances on Film

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List of the worst superhero performances on film. Here are the ranked actors and characters that made the worst superhero movies ever possible with such epic(ally) bad performances. After all, "Catwoman" was only made a Razzie Award-winner by Oscar Award-winner Halle Berry. And for whatever people fear of Ben Affleck's upcoming "Batman" portrayal, it will be hard to beat (in badness) George Clooney's performance in "Batman & Robin." Granted, it will also be hard to beat his own badness in "Daredevil."
 Just because these celebrities were bad in their respective superhero roles, it does not render the film terrible nor does it render the actor terrible. Samuel L. Jackson nails it in "Pulp Fiction," but can we really say the same about his acting in "The Spirit?" Seth Rogen disappointed everyone with his "Green Hornet" remake, but his fellow comic Ben Stiller wasn't exactly beloved in his "Mystery Men" role as Mr. Furious.

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