Worst Uses of Dubstep, So Far Anything
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Worst Uses of Dubstep, So Far

List Criteria: it kind of says it in the title.

you know dub-step right? that beastly sounding music style that pop up in the last few years. its like a the edm answer to heavy metal. at lest American dub-step is. well here where people have lost all meaning about not only who likes it but also what it works with.
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    right winged talk radio promos

    famly vaues are wxvd 1000. and the song playing in the background is called "sank ...
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    in periodical movies

    yea nothing says the civil war or the the 1940 like hearing dub-step
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    to cover classic rock songs

    well i someone wanted to hear dark side of the moon with monster bass.
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    by mega churches (youth groups)

    we praise you lord with the bass.
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    the high dollar preppy clothing stores

    yea sure play dark and bruiting music in a store selling 50 dollar polo shirts and khakis
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    the id radio bumper of stations that dont play any edm

    if justin beaber is the closest you get to skrillex. you may not want to use him
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    in a convenience stores

    hey who says your can get your freak on in the 7-11 whole on what did i just say.
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    by pop acts

    do i really have to say why?
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    blearing out of a beat up mini van

    its coming for you and its playing borgore, run!!
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    in bad electronics ads

    the google cromebook and go pro ads anyone
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