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Young Adult Books Worth a Read

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I'm not a teen anymore...not even kind-of, but I truly enjoyed these stories. I read books purely for entertainment and these titles really delivered!

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  1. Fallen angels...good vs. evil. A great reincarnation story.
  2. Sequel to 'Fallen'. Better than the first!
  3. A fantastic third in the series! Time-travel and the Devil! What more could you ask for??
  4. If you were breathless reading the first-this one will turn you upside down!
  5. The thrilling really couldn't have ended better. Well done!
  6. A hard-core look at what the Alice in Wonderland story could have actually been.
  7. Seeing Redd
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    A sequel to 'Looking Glass Wars'-just as imaginative and exciting as the first!
  8. About a girl who finds out her mother is a demon-THE demon. And also, a great new take on gods & demons in general! Inventive!
  9. Angels, vampires, werewolves...if you like any of these things even slightly, this series will blow your mind!
  10. Fourth in series...holds up to the rest, no problem.
  11. The beginning of the prequel trilogy to the author's 'Mortal Instruments' series. Very steampunk in the best way.
  12. Reads more like the original 'Frankenstein' than any teen title I've read. Captivating and wickedly original and intelligent.
  13. One of the most original takes on werewolves EVER. Incorporates witches in a way that hasn't been done before!
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