The 26 Sexiest Pics of a Young Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia)

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Pictures of a young Carrie Fisher made a lot of us into men, back when Star Wars hadn't been ruined by the prequels. Most people know Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia from Star Wars, as that's really the only and most well-known role of her career besides plenty of cameos as Leia forever. And think about it, if you were Carrie Fisher, sexy pics of you would pretty much become your entire life -- everything from people telling you about them, to having to sign the best pictures of you, Carrie Fisher, in a bikini (particularly, that gold Princess Leia bikini). 

So, here in one place, are all of the best pictures of a much younger Carrie Fisher (when she was young, spry and as-drug-free as she gets up until after the '90s). She's supposed to be in the upcoming Star Wars films and here's to seeing Leia in her full form again (although most likely not in a bikini since she is in her late 60s, but still looks damn good if you ask me). 

Nerds across the universe are always searching for pics of Carrie Fisher nude but these Carrie Fisher hot pics are the next best thing. These might not be pics of Carrie Fisher naked, or Carrie Fisher topless but these are some of the hottest pics you can find on the net of this highly sought after naked Star Wars star.

Collection Photo:  20th Century Fox
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