30 Pictures of Young Jake Gyllenhaal

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This gallery features 30 photos of sexy young Jake Gyllenhaal, including pictures of him in his childhood, teenager years, as well as his early 20’s before he was famous. What did Gyllenhaal look like when he was young? To answer that question simply, he basically looked the same. Born December 19, 1980 in Los Angeles, California, he is the son of producer and screenwriter Naomi Foner and film director Stephen Gyllenhaal. His older sister, Maggie, is also a successful actress who appeared with him in the movie Donnie Darko. He was raised in a Jewish home and is of Swedish descent on his father’s side. His parents insisted that he work summer jobs to never take advantage of having a privileged lifestyle. His acting debut was in the 1991 film City Slickers, alongside Billy Crystal. When he graduated high school in 1998, he attended Columbia University to study philosophy and Eastern religions. He dropped out after two years to focus on his acting career and landed his first major role in the 1999 film October Sky. He has starred in notable films Jarhead, Brokeback Mountain and The Good Girl.
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