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Zach Braff - Directed TV Episodes TV Episodes
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Zach Braff - Directed TV Episodes

List of all TV episodes directed by Zach Braff, listed alphabetically with photos when available. Zach Braff has directed many different TV shows, so these episodes aren't necessarily all from the same show. Information about these episodes is included in the list, such as when the episodes first aired and what season they're from. Zach Braff isn't necessarily only a director but has a few director credits for TV shows.

Examples of items on this list include My Way Home and My Chief Concern.

This list answers the questions, "Which TV episodes did Zach Braff direct?" and "What shows has Zach Braff directed?" Use this list to pick your favorite Zach Braff directed episodes from any show.
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    Mar 01 2005

  2. 2

    May 05 2009

  3. 3

    Nov 29 2007

  4. 4

    Oct 26 2004

  5. 5

    Mar 22 2007

  6. 6

    My Princess May 08 2008

  7. 7

    Jan 24 2006


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