Zombie Apocalypse: Animals That Would Make Scary Zombies... Anything
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Zombie Apocalypse: Animals That Would Make Scary Zombies...

List Criteria: Scary Zombie Animals

Just imagine those poor souls on The Walking Dead with more to contend with...zombie animals. If this unimaginable event were to take place what do you think would make the scariest zombies. Some such as lions and tigers would more than likely be a little easier to deal with than their original version...then others would take on a much different personality...like birds. Now let's not lump all birds together. I mean an eagle and a hummingbird would require two entirely different approaches in dealing with during an attack. So vote on my short list and add the rest that would menace...and please include a little info on the reasoning if you like...
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    This dog wants to bury all YOUR bones
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    Unless you're Willard there are far too many to deal with
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    Ugh they're everywhere...don't walk under any trees...
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    Bears Added by: PeteBoyle

    Ever Play Red Dead Redemption?
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    Monkeys Added by: Olivia Peterman

    Zombies with opposable thumbs.
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    Hopefully most have been declawed
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