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List of Zombie Movies Films

List of Zombie Movies

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List of movies, feature films in the Zombie genre/category; incl. Hollywood/studio/independent films, documentaries. Ove the past few years, zombie movies have become some of the most popular films that have been released by Hollywood. The big movie studios know what sells and people can't get enough of zombie movies. All of the latest zombie movies are on this list and the genre of zombie films. Originally meant to scare the life out of people, zombie movies have taken on a new life. There are different genres within the scope of zombie movies, including comedies, thrillers and dramas. Zombieland and World War Z are two examples of zombie movies that were critical and commercial hits at the box office. There's a reason why big stars like Brad Pitt are willing to participate in a movie about something that didn't sell as recently as 20 years ago. These movies are huge hits and there's a good reason why: people can't get enough of their zombies.

When you see the names on this list, you should be too surprised that all of Edgar Wright/Simon Pegg movies are on here, and with good reason: they had a lot to do with the popularity of the zombie comedy. So if there's ever been a movie about zombies ever made, it's likely on this list. 
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