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Zombies to Look Out for During an Outbreak

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A zombie outbreak just erupted and their numbers are growing fast. There are a lot of different zombies out there and they are all on their way to the mall you chose to hide out in! Get your jerry-rigged weapons ready and hope you run into the Omega-Man because its going to be one hell of a ride.
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  1. Zombie

    The Traditional Zombie: This undead guy or gal is looking to suck your brain right out of your skull!! But has a major weakness....

    HE'S SLOW!

    The average run of the mill zombie is too slow to catch a human in a running pace.

    But where he lacks in speed he makes up in numbers. If your not careful and turn the wrong corner you'll be staring face to face at hundreds of them. And then your toast!
  2. Zombie You'd Still Be Seducing If She Wasn't So Intent On Trying To Kill & Eat You

    The name says it all this sexy zombie witch is everything you want in a women just a little more undead than you pictured her in your dreams.

    You'll have a hard time running away from this one when you legs go weak as she seduces you into a corner. And right when she is going for a little neck sucking action she rips off your flesh.

    Keep your abstinence caps on because this is one hard-on you can't afford to have.
  3. Zombie You Thought Was Dead But Isnt

    If there is one thing video games have taught us over the years its how to kill zombies. Thank you "Zombies Ate My Neighbors."

    We need to separate the head from the body by any means necessary. You turn your back and an undead... undead and you almost deserve the consequence.
  4. Zombie Girlfriend

    Your girlfriend, your pumpkin pie, your snookie nookie ookums, just got bit and if you don't act fast your next!

    You love her you hate her its your girlfriend, scratch that WAS your girlfriend now she is a brainless, brainEATing KILLING machine and all the love you have better go out the window. Take the half of you that hates her and take out your aggressions kill that Zombie and get the hell out of dodge.

    You've already survived a close encounter with the sexiest zombie of all time. Taking out your nagging ex should be a one axe swing away.
  5. Zombie Baby

    The Zombie Girlfriend could only lead us to the Zombie Baby

    So you knocked up your girlfriend and didn't have the heart to blow her away. So you strapped her down and suddenly this little hell spawn clawed his way out.

    You had problems taking out the mom how are you going to take out your own kid?

    WAKE UP!! That isn't your kid that is just a little zombie on it's way to take advantage of your sensitivity.

    Get into the moment at hand this is a zombie outbreak not a family reunion although similar. Get your ass kicking boots on and get to work.
  6. Zombie Best Friend

    So you and your best friend have been through some good times and some bad times but now you two amigos are going through the ringer.

    Your best friend has saved your ass countless times and you failed just once and now he is a zombie chained up to a shed like a poorly behaved dog.

    You and your buddy have had a lot of memories and the memories will just keep on rollin every time you dodge his attempt to make you dinner.

    Best friends till the end... literally.
  7. Zombie on Steriods

    In every Zombie outbreak there is always at least one SUPER ZOMBIE!!!

    That's right the one zombie that is faster, stronger, and all around more bad ass than you are.

    The only thing you have the edge in on this big guy is your (hopefully) superior intelligence.

    Your best chance is to simply avoid him at all costs. But when sometimes running isn't an option you better have a back up plan. Be resourceful, keep moving, and rip that guys head off.
  8. Zombie Dog

    If getting attacked by a dog or a zombie isn't horrifying enough combine the two and see what happens.

    These aren't your grandmothers dogs, these are four legged ferocious carnivores with you on the menu.

    To survive this one you'll have to be quick and have perfect timing. One slip up and your precious little pup is going to have you for dinner.
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