Zombies to Look Out for During an Outbreak Military Conflicts
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Zombies to Look Out for During an Outbreak

A zombie outbreak just erupted and their numbers are growing fast. There are a lot of different zombies out there and they are all on their way to the mall you chose to hide out in! Get your jerry-rigged weapons ready and hope you run into the Omega-Man because its going to be one hell of a ride.

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  1. Zombie on Steriods

    In every Zombie outbreak there is always at least one SUPER ZOMBIE!!!

    That's right the one zombie that is faster, stronger, and all around more bad ass than you are.

    The only thing you have the edge in on this big guy is your (hopefully) superior intelligence.

    Your best chance is to simply avoid him at all costs. But when sometimes running isn't an option you better have a back up plan. Be resourceful, keep moving, and rip that guys head off.

  2. Zombie Dog

    If getting attacked by a dog or a zombie isn't horrifying enough combine the two and see what happens.

    These aren't your grandmothers dogs, these are four legged ferocious carnivores with you on the menu.

    To survive this one you'll have to be quick and have perfect timing. One slip up and your precious little pup is going to have you for dinner.

  3. Zombie Birds

    Alfred hitchcock has nothing on this. Many birds are scavengers and will eat anything available. During a zombie outbreak birds will be able to gorge themselves on infected flesh.

    In no time at all you have millions of infected birds bringing a group of crows or a Murder to a whole new level.

  4. Zombie Nazis

    The N***s tried to take over the world during WWII and now they are at it again.

    Board up the windows and doors and make sure you have enough ammo because it is an all out blitzkrieg to take your life.

    Our ancestors beat them before now its our turn.

  5. Rob Zombie

    Rob Zombie...

    Amazing Director and Musician

    Probably not a threat during a Zombie outbreak...


    Possibly the Zombie leader hmmmm.....

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