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  1. The 20 Most Epic Wedding FAILs of All Time

    There's No Way Your Wedding Was THIS Bad

    by Brian Gilmore Ranker
  2. The Greatest (Real) Bill Murray Stories Ever Told

    Infamous Party Crasher Bill Murray Strikes Again

  3. 16 Movie "In Jokes" You Probably Didn't Notice

    16 Movie "In Jokes" You Probably Didn't Notice

    by JF Sargent Ranker
  4. The 13+ Dumbest Lawsuits in Recent History

    We're Entering an Important Era for Mayonnaise Rights

  5. The Superstitions You Secretly Believe

    What Superstitions Do You Secretly Believe?

    CrowdRanked Icon Ultimate List
    28,657 views 12,631 votes 10 re-ranks
    newest rankers 24tijana6,  NightMahogan... >>
  6. vote The World's Biggest Pet Peeves Will Instantly Annoy You

    This Ranked List of Pet Peeves Will Instantly Annoy You

    by analise.dubner Ranker
    187,580 views 49,695 votes 20 re-ranks
    newest rankers jschro1861,  MikeTonds >>
  7. Things That Are Not As Cool As People Think They Are

    Things That Are Not As Cool As People Think They Are

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    156,404 views 90,417 votes 34 re-ranks
    newest rankers alann,  Villain123 >>
  8. vote 80 Great Jobs That Don't Require a College Degree

    80 Great Jobs That You Can Get Without a College Degree

    83,765 views 7,075 votes 5 re-ranks
    newest rankers CindyShelton,  AlyMitch24 >>
  9. Badass Superpowers We'd Give Anything to Have

    Which Superpowers Do You Most Wish You Could Have?

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    179,673 views 44,319 votes 40 re-ranks
    newest rankers DennisNJ,  RobertDowney >>
  10. The Scariest Animals in the World

    The Animals You Hope to Never See in the Wild

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    128,634 views 30,802 votes 28 re-ranks
    newest rankers Kdrs,  DennisNJ >>
  11. The Best Websites to Waste Your Time On

    Procrastinating? The Best Websites to Waste Time On

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    27,701 views 4,592 votes 16 re-ranks
    newest rankers rosefray,  woogyjones50 >>
  12. vote Jobs That Are the Most Beneficial to Society

    Jobs That Are the Most Beneficial to Society

    18,043 views 7,485 votes 11 re-ranks
    newest rankers jschro1861,  RobertDowney >>
  13. The Biggest Turn Ons in a Person

    Everyone's Biggest Turn Ons, Ranked

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    440,151 views 120,301 votes 67 re-ranks
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  14. The Very Best Movie Franchises

    The Very Best Movie Franchises

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    22,766 views 14,201 votes 37 re-ranks
    newest rankers AlexLips,  deanroloff >>
  15. The Best Fantasy Worlds

    Which Fantasy World Would You Actually Want to Live In?

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    55,803 views 11,099 votes 29 re-ranks
    newest rankers lalispeter,  jschro1861 >>
  16. Fun Jobs That Pay Well

    44 High-Paying Jobs That Are Actually Kind of Fun

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    488,491 views 27,983 votes 8 re-ranks
    newest rankers HardyPierce,  carpe_diem >>
  17. The Best TV Detectives

    TV Detectives You'd Want To Investigate Your Murder

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    81,717 views 23,750 votes 55 re-ranks
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  18. The Worst Fashion Trends in History

    59 Fashion Trends That Never Should Have Happened

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    103,330 views 54,603 votes 42 re-ranks
    newest rankers bkibbs,  isadora >>
  19. vote 28 Things Worth Splurging On

    28 Items That Are Worth Spending a Little Extra On

    by elise Ranker
    24,302 views 2,195 votes 7 re-ranks
    newest rankers AlyMitch24,  derek1969 >>
  20. The Best Spectator Sports

    Time to Vote: Which Sports Are the Most Fun to Watch?

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    18,725 views 5,802 votes 25 re-ranks
    newest rankers Jacob8,  JGtheThree >>
  21. The Greatest Rivalries in Sports

    The Greatest Rivalries in the History of Sports

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    20,148 views 8,021 votes 29 re-ranks
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  22. The Best Jobs in the World

    If You Could Do Anything, What Would Your Dream Job Be?

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    132,048 views 16,686 votes 28 re-ranks
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  23. vote The Worst Place to Get a Tattoo

    Here's a List of Places You Should Never Get Tattooed

    199,725 views 11,942 votes
  24. The Cutest Baby Animals

    Baby Animals That Will Melt Even the Coldest of Hearts

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    93,043 views 16,405 votes 28 re-ranks
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  25. vote The Best Music Festivals In The World

    Vote: Which Music Festivals Are Most Worth Going To?

    16,689 views 1,595 votes 1 re-ranks
    newest rankers Ralphie,  >>