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  • #14of 46 Music I've Seen Live

    Music I've Seen Live

    More or less ordered from best to worst. My opinion on it seems to change pretty frequently though.more

  • #3of 19 Great Bands

    Great Bands

    A list of great bands, with a slight variation in the genres.more

  • #10of 25 My Top 25 Current Bands/Artists......

    My Top 25 Current Bands/Artists......

    .......that have had at least SOME level of RECENT commercial success!more

  • #44of 221 Best Indie Bands/Artists

    Best Indie Bands/Artists

    Indie artists list, with photos, ranked best to worst by votes. List of good indie bands includes a filte...more

  • #40of 49 Good Rock Bands

    Good Rock Bands

    List of good, straightahead rock bands, as ranked by you, the public. No hip-hop, metal, hardcore, uber-i...more

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