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  1. +vote Hot Rafael Lazzini Photos

    Hot Rafael Lazzini Photos

    109 votes
    The hottest Rafael Lazzini pictures from around the Web, including Rafael Lazzini shirtless pics and Rafael Lazzini muscle pics. One of the , the sexy Brazilian man has ...
  2. +vote Hot Daniel Radcliffe Photos

    Hot Daniel Radcliffe Photos

    1,456 votes
    The best photos of Daniel Radcliffe, the English actor best known for playing Harry Potter in the series of the same name. Since playing Harry Potter for ten years, ...
  3. +vote The Male Celebrities with the Best Abs

    The Male Celebrities with the Best Abs

    52,630 votes
    Shirtless men and their hot bodies are one of the biggest perks of the summer, and this list of the best celebrity abs is a showcase of the most famous six pack abs in ...
  4. +vote The Hottest Royal Men

    The Hottest Royal Men

    29,078 votes
    The hottest royal men include a slew of young, handsome princes, a king or two and a host of bad boys and playboys. Looking for a new boyfriend? Several of the hot royal ...
  5. +vote Hot Jake Gyllenhaal Photos

    Hot Jake Gyllenhaal Photos

    5,334 votes
    This list of Jake Gyllenhaal pics includes shots of Jake Gyllenhaal shirtless, as well as Jake Gyllenhaal muscle photos, and images of Jake Gyllenhaal's great abs. The ...
  6. +vote The Greatest Celebrity Hair (Men)

    The Greatest Celebrity Hair (Men)

    13,205 votes
    The best thing about celebrity hairstyles is they change often and give us a whole other crop of celebrity hair to swoon over. The hottest men in the world have, no ...
  7. +vote Hot Mario Lopez Photos

    Hot Mario Lopez Photos

    1,011 votes
    The best Mario Lopez photos from around the Internet including all the hottest shots of the former child star of Saved by the Bell. Since his days at Bayside, Lopez has ...
  8. +vote Hot Ed Westwick Photos

    Hot Ed Westwick Photos

    608 votes
    Ed Westwick is the English actor best known as Chuck Bass on the popular show "Gossip Girl." He has also appeared in films Children of Men, Son of Rambow, and ...
  9. +vote Hot Jensen Ackles Photos

    Hot Jensen Ackles Photos

    10,772 votes
    The hottest photos of Jensen Ackles, the actor best known as Dean Winchester on the CW series Supernatural. Prior to his move to the CW, Ackles was a regular on Days of ...
  10. +vote The Best Celebrity Lips (Men)

    The Best Celebrity Lips (Men)

    22,522 votes
    A list of the sexiest male celebrity lips. In Hollywood, a full, kissable pair of lips separates leading men from plain actors. The hottest men in the world, have, no ...
  11. +vote The Best Celebrity Smiles (Men)

    The Best Celebrity Smiles (Men)

    9,522 votes
    A list of the best male celebrity smiles, voted on by fans of handsome men. In Hollywood, the faces of these gorgeous guys light up the screen with their mega-watt ...
  12. +vote Hot Jared Padalecki Photos

    Hot Jared Padalecki Photos

    6,630 votes
    Jared Padalecki is an American actor best known for his roles as Sam Winchester on "Supernatural" and Dean Forester on "Gilmore Girls." He has also ...
  13. +vote Hot Prince Harry Photos

    Hot Prince Harry Photos

    1,342 votes
    The best photos of Prince Harry, the son of Charles, Prince of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales. The sexy Royal is known around the world for his party-boy mentality ...
  14. +vote The Hottest Matthew Gray Gubler Photos

    The Hottest Matthew Gray Gubler Photos

    9,609 votes
    All the hottest Matthew Gray Gubler pictures online, celebrating the nerdy sexiness that is the model Matthew Gray Gubler. Playing awkward, kid genius Spencer Reid on ...
  15. The 38 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Selfies

    The 38 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Selfies

    19,428 votes
    A list of embarrassing celebrity selfies – celebrities looking ugly when they are trying to look hot or otherwise embarrassing photos of celebs. The worst celebrity ...
  16. +vote The Hottest Professional Athletes (Male)

    The Hottest Professional Athletes (Male)

    28,285 votes
    The hottest male professional athletes are those hot men who might just be sexier than they are athletic. Coming from all types of sports, locations and backgrounds, ...
  17. +vote Hot Justin Timberlake Photos

    Hot Justin Timberlake Photos

    1,573 votes
    The hottest pictures of Justin Timberlake, the American actor and singer, from around the Web. Known first as a member of *NSYNC, a boy band from the 1990's, Timberlake ...
  18. +vote The Hottest Current WWE Superstars

    The Hottest Current WWE Superstars

    6,703 votes
    It's about time that the WWE Superstars get some credit for how hot they are. So, here's a list of the hottest current WWE Superstars in wrestling. Luckily for all of ...
  19. +vote Hottest Hairy Guys

    Hottest Hairy Guys

    6,882 votes
    The hottest hair guys have fuzzy beards, flowing locks of hair, and more chest hair than an average bear but still look sexy in all their manly glory. These hot men with ...
  20. +vote Hot Jeffrey Dean Morgan Photos

    Hot Jeffrey Dean Morgan Photos

    449 votes
    The best Jeffrey Dean Morgan pictures, best known as the Comedian from superhero epic Watchmen, from around the Internet. The bulk of the sexy actor's work has been in ...
  21. +vote The Best Euphemisms for Sex

    The Best Euphemisms for Sex

    7,644 votes
    Ah, sex. Over the centuries, few things have wielded such power over mankind as the promise of a great romp between the sheets. And because it’s on our minds practically ...
  22. +vote Hot Taylor Kitsch Photos

    Hot Taylor Kitsch Photos

    1,338 votes
    Taylor Kitsch is the Canadian actor best known for his roles as Tim Riggins in "Friday Night Lights" and Gambit in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. A former personal ...
  23. +vote Hot Derek Luke Photos

    Hot Derek Luke Photos

    159 votes
    The hottest Derek Luke pictures from around the Web, including Derek Luke shirtless pics and Derek Luke muscle pics. Currently starring on The Americans, one of the best ...
  24. +vote Hottest Pictures of Gerard Butler

    Hottest Pictures of Gerard Butler

    2,711 votes
    He wowed us with his abs in 300 and wooed us in P.S I Love You, now he's making us drool in all of these photos! These are the best photos of Gerard Butler from around ...
  25. +vote Hot Kit Harington Photos

    Hot Kit Harington Photos

    775 votes
    The best pictures of Kit Harington, the English actor best known for his role as Jon Snow on HBO's Game of Thrones. Harington descends from a long line of politicians, ...

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