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  1. vote Hottest Celebrity Brothers

    Hottest Celebrity Brothers

    The hottest celebrity brothers are those hunky guys who are not just handsome on their own but also have a gorgeous brother or two as well. From our adoring eyes to ...
    3,411 views 816 votes
  2. vote Hottest Professional Athletes (Male)

    Hottest Professional Athletes (Male)

    The hottest male professional athletes are those hot men who might just be sexier than they are athletic. Coming from all types of sports, locations and backgrounds, ...
    37,000 views 7,734 votes
  3. vote The Celebrities with the (Allegedly) Biggest Penises

    The Celebrities with the (Allegedly) Biggest Penises

    A list of celebrities rumored to have the biggest penises in Hollywood. Following up on the speculation not so long ago that Mad Men star Jon Hamm's biggest asset isn't ...
    1,825,283 views 17,290 votes
  4. vote Hot Jim Parsons Photos

    Hot Jim Parsons Photos

    The best pictures of Jim Parsons, best known as Sheldon Cooper on the TV show The Big Bang Theory. Parsons is a trained actor, having appeared in myriad stage ...
    30,879 views 503 votes
  5. vote Hot Wil Wheaton Photos

    Hot Wil Wheaton Photos

    The hottest Wil Wheaton pictures from around the Web, including Wil Wheaton shirtless pics and Wil Wheaton muscle pics. First known to fans as Wesley Crusher on Star ...
    11,808 views 179 votes
  6. vote The Hottest Matthew Gray Gubler Photos

    The Hottest Matthew Gray Gubler Photos

    All the hottest Matthew Gray Gubler pictures online, celebrating the nerdy sexiness that is Matthew Gray Gubler. Playing awkward, kid genius Spencer Reid on ...
    90,231 views 3,085 votes
  7. vote The Hottest Royal Men

    The Hottest Royal Men

    The hottest royal men include a slew of handsome princes, a king or two and a host of bad boys and playboys. Looking for a new boyfriend? Several of the hot royal dudes ...
    88,080 views 4,526 votes
  8. vote The Best Celebrity Lips (Men)

    The Best Celebrity Lips (Men)

    A list of the sexiest male celebrity lips. In Hollywood, a kissable pair of lips separates leading men from actors. The hottest men in the world, have, no surprise, some ...
    72,167 views 6,125 votes
  9. vote Hot Idris Elba Photos

    Hot Idris Elba Photos

    The best photos of Idris Elba, the English actor best know for his role as Russell "Stringer" Bell on HBO's series The Wire. Not one to stick solely to acting, ...
    48,819 views 513 votes
  10. vote The Best Celebrity Smiles (Men)

    The Best Celebrity Smiles (Men)

    A list of the best male celebrity smiles, voted on by fans of handsome men. In Hollywood, the faces of these gorgeous guys light up the screen with their mega-watt ...
    17,918 views 3,056 votes
  11. vote Hot Ian Somerhalder Photos

    Hot Ian Somerhalder Photos

    The best photos of Ian Somerhalder, the American actor best known for playing Boone on ABC's Lost. Somerhalder's career started early on as a model, but he later ...
    64,042 views 3,114 votes
  12. vote The Male Celebrities with the Best Abs

    The Male Celebrities with the Best Abs

    Shirtless men and their hot bodies are one of the biggest perks of the summer, and this list of the best celebrity abs is a showcase of the most famous six pack abs in ...
    64,645 views 12,733 votes
  13. vote Hot Michael Ealy Photos

    Hot Michael Ealy Photos

    The hottest Michael Ealy pictures from around the Web, including Michael Ealy shirtless pics and Michael Ealy muscle pics. The sexy actor, who easily ranks among the ...
    11,647 views 266 votes
  14. vote The Hottest Brad Pitt Photos

    The Hottest Brad Pitt Photos

    The 50 hottest pictures of Brad Pitt have been compiled in this list of sexy Brad Pitt pictures in honor of the heartthrob's 50th birthday. No, for real, the former ...
    11,317 views 638 votes
  15. vote Hot Justin Timberlake Photos

    Hot Justin Timberlake Photos

    The hottest pictures of Justin Timberlake, the American actor and singer, from around the Web. Known first as a member of *NSYNC, a boy band from the 1990's, Timberlake ...
    28,786 views 801 votes
  16. vote Hot Nathan Fillion Photos

    Hot Nathan Fillion Photos

    The best photos of Nathan Fillion, the Canadian actor best known as author Richard Castle on the TV show Castle. Prior to the appearing on Castle, the sexy actor had ...
    15,663 views 572 votes
  17. vote Hot Jensen Ackles Photos

    Hot Jensen Ackles Photos

    The hottest photos of Jensen Ackles, the actor best known as Dean Winchester on the CW series Supernatural. Prior to his move to the CW, Ackles was a regular on Days of ...
    74,941 views 2,611 votes
  18. vote Hot Austin Stowell Photos

    Hot Austin Stowell Photos

    The best Austin Stowell pictures from around the Internet, including the hottest shots of the hot actor best known for his role in the film Dolphin Tale. The hot actor ...
    4,091 views 27 votes
  19. vote Hottest Hairy Guys

    Hottest Hairy Guys

    The hottest hair guys have fuzzy beards, flowing locks of hair and more chest hair than an average bear but still look sexy in all their manly glory. These hot men with ...
    57,039 views 3,355 votes
  20. vote Hot James McAvoy Photos

    Hot James McAvoy Photos

    The best photos of James McAvoy, the Scottish actor best known for playing Charles Xavier in X-Men: First Class. McAvoy took an interest in acting early on, and in 200 ...
    23,505 views 427 votes
  21. vote Hot Chris Hemsworth Photos

    Hot Chris Hemsworth Photos

    Australian-born Hemsworth first shot to stardom when he appeared as Captain Kirk's father in the opening sequence of JJ Abrams "Star Trek" reboot. He joined ...
    74,677 views 2,198 votes
  22. vote Hot Dwayne Johnson Photos

    Hot Dwayne Johnson Photos

    The best Dwayne Johnson pictures from around the Internet including all the hottest shots of the professional wrestler turned actor. One of the hottest athletes ever, ...
    63,905 views 613 votes
  23. vote Hot Tom Hardy Photos

    Hot Tom Hardy Photos

    The best photos of Tom Hardy, an English actor best known for his roles in Christopher Nolan's Inception and The Dark Knight Rises. Long before his most recent role as ...
    38,945 views 809 votes
  24. vote Hot Andrew Garfield Photos

    Hot Andrew Garfield Photos

    The hottest Andrew Garfield, the American/British actor who was cast as Peter Parker in the new Amazing Spider-Man. First appearing on British television in the ...
    30,394 views 499 votes
  25. vote Hot Mark Salling Photos

    Hot Mark Salling Photos

    The hottest Mark Salling pictures from around the Web, including Mark Salling shirtless pics and Mark Salling muscle pics. Best known for his role on Glee (where he ...
    2,827 views 61 votes