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    Reclusive Genius

    You've published 50 lists and earned the Professor badge, the Ranker version of tenure. This means you can basically do whatever you want from now on and we can't kick you off of the site. Well, we can. Let's face it, it wouldn't even be that hard. There's like a button right here. We're holding our fingers over it right now...Nah, just kidding. But seriously, though, don't mess around. Oh, and congratulations!

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    You've added your own list to 10 Ultimate lists, making you eligible for our "Organizer" badge. Keep at it! It's the only way they'll learn.

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    Siskel and Ebert

    What do we want? BETTER RANKINGS! When do we want them? NOW! You don't take out-of-order lists lying down. You don't just accept the rankings that you're given with a smile. And we dig that about you! So we're awarding you the "Activist" badge for voting on Ranker lists 100 times! That'll show 'em!

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    High Society

    Hundred Grand

    500 Stacks


    Your Ranker lists have combined to receive over 100,000 views, securing your spot in the Ranker record books. We're tipping our cap to you with this new "Hundred Grand" badge. Display it proudly, and keep up the great work!

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    Bit Player


    Movie Star


    Save us a seat and we'll bring the popcorn. That's 5 lists you've now published in the Ranker Film Category, earning you a shiny new "Bit Player" badge, as well as our undying respect and admiration.

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    Rabbit Ears

    Basic Cable

    Satellite TV

    Plasma Screen


    Turn on, tune in, and write some lists! (That's how that goes, right?) You've contributed 2 lists to Ranker.com's TV Category, and earned yourself the "Rabbit Ears" badge. Now, quick, get back to the couch! I think we have "Family Guy" on the DVR!