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  1. +vote Strongest Bleach Universe Characters

    Strongest Bleach Universe Characters

    989 votes
    The Strongest Bleach Characters.  
  2. +vote Strongest Naruto Universe Characters

    Strongest Naruto Universe Characters

    4,673 votes
    Vote on the strongest, most skilled, and most powerful Naruto character. If you want you can create your own Ultimate Version of this list.  
  3. +vote Strongest DBZ Characters

    Strongest DBZ Characters

    4,122 votes
    I used previous World Martial Arts Tournament winners to get this list started. Since they can provide a "base" power level for us normal humans. So that ...
  4. +vote The Department of Research and Development

    The Department of Research and Development

    506 votes
    People with an extremely high scale of intelligence, gifted with intellect far exceeding that of most others of their kind. They can be male or female, good ...
  5. +vote Pokemon Masters

    Pokemon Masters

    109 votes
    A Pokemon Master is someone who has won an official Pokemon Tournament or Grand Festival. 
  6. +vote My Pokemon

    My Pokemon

    433 votes
    Pokemon that i have captured over the years in the Game Boy, and Game Boy Advanced Games. My original 6 Pokemon is Ash's team only Ash never evolved his Pokemon. I ...
  7. The Ultimate Immortals List

    The Ultimate Immortals List

    This list contains people who have claimed that they are immortal and people who have lived to or passed his/her 110th birthday.
  8. +vote Demon Slayers

    Demon Slayers

    210 votes
    People who have killed Demons. 
  9. Political Leaders

    Political Leaders

    302 votes
    The greatest fictional, and real world politicians who have ruled there own country, nation, or empire etc., Anyone can vote on or make their own version of this ...
  10. +vote The Ultimate Super Heroes List

    The Ultimate Super Heroes List

    2,999 votes
    Who is the greatest superhero of all time? Well, it's time for you to choose. Most lists only contain DC and Marvel Super Heroes. However, mine will contain every ...
  11. +vote Martial Arts Techniques

    Martial Arts Techniques

    154 votes
    Techniques and Super Powers that can be taught to anyone who has the will to learn these techniques. 
  12. +vote Masters of Martial Arts

    Masters of Martial Arts

    410 votes
    People who trained other Martial Artists. 
  13. Divas


    717 votes
    A random list of Hot Women from various TV shows. 
  14. +vote Secret Societies

    Secret Societies

    31 votes
    Listing some of the most famous Secret Societies out there. 
  15. +vote Generals of the Armies of Light

    Generals of the Armies of Light

    36 votes
  16. +vote Fictional Wars

    Fictional Wars

    235 votes
    Vote on the most famous fictional War.  List features conflicts among: Hostile Alien Races, Arrancar, Androids, Asgardians, Barians, Bounts, Highbreeds, ...
  17. +vote Homo Magi

    Homo Magi

    273 votes
    Humans who have inherited the Magic Gene. It includes people who have the potential to become Magic Users as well. 
  18. +vote Royal Guard

    Royal Guard

    322 votes
    People who have guarded Royalty. 
  19. +vote Legendary Artifacts

    Legendary Artifacts

    124 votes
    Some of the most famous artifacts in the world. 
  20. +vote Time Travelers

    Time Travelers

    250 votes
    People who have traveled through time.
  21. +vote Prodigies


    294 votes
    Child and Teen Geniuses. 
  22. +vote Perverts


    178 votes
    Perverts are individuals who have abnormal sexual behavior
  23. +vote Stealth Force

    Stealth Force

    260 votes
    People who work in the Shadows of the Secret Government 
  24. +vote Demi Gods

    Demi Gods

    84 votes
    Humans who are the offspring of other world beings.
  25. +vote Fourth Wall Breakers

    Fourth Wall Breakers

    1,030 votes
    Breaking the 4th Wall is defined as the act of a character in a film, TV show, comic or videogame to make any reference to the fact that they are fictional, i.e.

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