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  1. Top Songs Ever.

    Top Songs Ever.

    Objectively the most important songs (not my fav).
  2. My Fav Albums.

    My Fav Albums.

    List of my 10 fav musical albums ever.
  3. My Fav Crime Fiction.

    My Fav Crime Fiction.

    9 votes
  4. My Fav Detectives.

    My Fav Detectives.

    Top 10 of my favorite fictional detectives.
  5. My Fav People.

    My Fav People.

    8 votes
    Authorities, idols, thinkers etc.
  6. Top Philosophers Ever.

    Top Philosophers Ever.

    17 votes
    The most important thinkers in the history.
  7. My Fav French Revolutionists.

    My Fav French Revolutionists.

    10 votes
  8. 2rerank The Hottest Women Over 60

    2 my rerank of The Hottest Women Over 60

  9. 2rerank My Fav Blondes.

    2 my rerank of My Fav Blondes.

  10. 2rerank Top Bands Ever.

    2 my rerank of Top Bands Ever.

  11. 2rerank Top Bluesmen Ever.

    2 my rerank of Top Bluesmen Ever.

  12. 2rerank My fav Beatles songs.

    2 my rerank of My fav Beatles songs.

  13. 2rerank Top Guitarists Ever.

    2 my rerank of Top Guitarists Ever.