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  • Listmaking

    Current Level: Lister Badges you earn by making great lists





    Reclusive Genius

    It's not the most creative badge name, we know, but you've made 5 lists on Ranker already and we wanted to give you SOMETHING. And it's hard to think of a good name for a badge that's given out just for writing lists. You try it. Seriously, if you come up with something and it's totally awesome, e-mail us at feedback@ranker.com and maybe we'll swap out the name for this badge. Or maybe we'll just name it after you, if you have a cool enough name.

  • Contributing

    Current Level: Volunteer Badges you earn by contributing suggestions and votes to Ultimate Lists






    You've just contributed to your very first Ultimate list! As a thanks, we've awarded you the "Volunteer" badge. Keep adding your own ranks to Ultimate lists and there may be more awards in store!

  • Voting

    Current Level: Ebert Badges you earn by voting on list items

    Attendance Award

    Citizenship Award



    Siskel and Ebert

    You're clearly someone who's unafraid to speak their mind, having voted on Ranker a staggering 250 times. In recognition, we're presenting to you a badge named in honor of our favorite film critic, Roger Ebert, who boldly dares to give a big thumbs down to even the most beloved mainstream films. Keep voting to earn more badges...Yes, there is a higher honor than even The Ebert! I know, right?

  • viewing

    Current Level: Hundred Grand Badges you earn by viewing lists


    High Society

    Hundred Grand

    500 Stacks


    Your Ranker lists have combined to receive over 100,000 views, securing your spot in the Ranker record books. We're tipping our cap to you with this new "Hundred Grand" badge. Display it proudly, and keep up the great work!

  • Film

    Current Level: Extra Badges you earn by publishing lists about movies


    Bit Player


    Movie Star


    Been watching a few movies lately? We noticed you added 2 lists to our Film category. Ranker is a great place to keep track of what you're watching and what you've liked, not to mention your "Best of the Year" picks once award season rolls around. As a small thank you for your efforts, we've awarded you the "Extra" badge. See you around the set!

  • Bonus!

    Individual badges you earn by completing tasks or having certain tasks completed on your lists. Mouse over the badge for more info!