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  1.'s Shop 'Til You Drop: 20 Movies for Big Spenders's Shop 'Til You Drop: 20 Movies for Big Spenders

    You would love to be the actors in these movies, who would go on a shopping spree. Characters in these movies knows how to run a high tab and enjoy every minute of it.
  2.'s Bond Villains You Love to Hate's Bond Villains You Love to Hate

    007 has faced his share of maniacal madmen (and women). Who's the baddest? Goldfinger, Blofeld, Jaws, and Xenia Onatopp are just a few of the names who get the vote for ...
    3,200 views 1 votes
  3. AFI's Top 10 Mystery Movies

    AFI's Top 10 Mystery Movies

    AFI's list of the ten best mystery films of all time. Mystery films are always very popular.
  4.'s Mind-Blowing Conspiracy Flicks's Mind-Blowing Conspiracy Flicks

    Take a look back at some of the best movies about secrets and lies (not to sound paranoid, but we think we're being watched). These movies showcase conspiracy theories ...
  5.'s Tricks of the Trade:Hollywood Hookers's Tricks of the Trade:Hollywood Hookers

    In the movies, playing a prostitute is often a good career move, as these memorable on-screen trick-turners prove. Oh to live life through rose-colored lenses.
  6.'s The 10 Best Buddy-cop Movies's The 10 Best Buddy-cop Movies

    EW's list of the top buddy-cop movies of all time. Cop films are a beloved genre, and these are the best of its kind. For the full article and photo gallery go to: ...
  7.'s Hollywood's Great Movies About Writers's Hollywood's Great Movies About Writers

    EW's list of the top movies about writers. These are like bibliographies of writers but on film. For the full article and photo gallery go to: ...
  8. Films in The National Film Registry

    Films in The National Film Registry

    Since 1989, the Library of Congress has chosen the most significant movies in American cinema to preserve. These top influential films all played a big role in shaping ...
  9.'s Wackiest Movie Neighbors's Wackiest Movie Neighbors

    With Samuel L. Jackson raising hell on ''Lakeview Terrace,'' we peek through the fence at some other unforgettable girls and boys next door, from Fred and Ethel to ...
  10.'s Movie Clowns All the World Loves (Or, Maybe Not...)'s Movie Clowns All the World Loves (Or, Maybe Not...)

    Some make you laugh; others are Insane, Killer, or just plain Krusty. Read through this list of famous pop-culture face-painters and vote on whether you're always happy ...
  11.'s 10 Favorite CG Characters's 10 Favorite CG Characters

    EW's list of the top CG characters of movies. These movies all have digitally created characters, and these are the most beloved of its kind. For the full article and ...
  12.'s 15 (Literally) Colorful Movie Characters's 15 (Literally) Colorful Movie Characters

    Red Demons. Blue Meanies. Silver Surfer. Green giants. As 'Hellboy II: The Golden Army' storms into theaters, we salute pop-culture heroes' diverse palette. These ...
  13.'s Stars With Horrible Movie Accents's Stars With Horrible Movie Accents

    Here's what you get when bad dialects happen to good actors. They may be talented, but they sure as heck don't pull off an accent.
    4,881 views 2 votes
  14. rerank's 'Enchanted' Evenings: Fairy Tale Flicks

    my rerank of's 'Enchanted' Evenings: Fairy Tale Flicks

  15.'s Love Hurts: Bad Romantic Comedies's Love Hurts: Bad Romantic Comedies

    EW's Love Hurts: Bad Romantic Comedies. These are the worst romantic comedies you can watch. For the full article and photo gallery go to: ...
  16.'s Spot the Anachronism in 10 Movies's Spot the Anachronism in 10 Movies

    EW's 10 anachronistic films. These movies have characters or scenes that belong in an earlier time period. For the full article and photo gallery go to: ...
  17.'s Classic Rock & Roll Movies's Classic Rock & Roll Movies

    We salute the debut of Rainn Wilson's ''The Rocker'' with our list of the greatest, most rebellious, rawkin'-est films ever, including ''The Last Waltz'' and ''Purple ...
  18.'s Never Say Die: Movie Immortals's Never Say Die: Movie Immortals

    From the Buffyverse's Angel and Spike to sexy ''Lord of the Rings'' elf Legolas, we pledge undying admiration for these characters who can take a lickin' but will just ...
  19.'s Good Movies With Great Finales's Good Movies With Great Finales

    EW's list of the greatest movie finales of all time. These movies have epic endings that make watching the movie even more memorable than it already was.For the full ...
  20.'s James Bond: Ranking 21 Films's James Bond: Ranking 21 Films

    We track the peaks and valleys of 007's onscreen life through all 21 previous official films, from ''Dr. No'' to ''Casino Royale.'' James Bond movies are its own ...
  21.'s Hollywood's Cherished Movie Teachers's Hollywood's Cherished Movie Teachers

    As a nation's children head back to school, we look at some educators -- like Dumbledore, Yoda, and Indiana Jones -- that changed our lives for the better. In teaching ...
  22.'s Movies With Creepy Kids's Movies With Creepy Kids

    EW's list of films with the creepiest kids of cinema. Just because there's kids in these movies doesn't make them family friendly movies. For the full article and photo ...
  23.'s Hollywood's Space Exploration Movies's Hollywood's Space Exploration Movies

    Here are some fantastic cinematic voyages into the wild black yonder -- from ''A Trip to the Moon,'' to ''2001: A Space Odyssey'' to ''Apollo 13'' and beyond. Astronaut ...
    4,244 views 6 votes
  24.'s Melodius Actors's Melodius Actors takes a look back at 25 other big-screen stars who've carried a pretty tune. They aren't the best singers of all time but they are pretty good for not having it ...
  25.'s 24 Great Movies to Watch With Mom's 24 Great Movies to Watch With Mom

    EW's list of the best movies to watch with your mother. Moms will especially appreciate these movies. For the full article and photo gallery go to: ...
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