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  1. +vote Best Nocturne Composers

    Best Nocturne Composers

    143 votes
    A nocturne is about as peaceful as a piece of music can be. It is intended to be evocative of the night, but poses no restrictions on the form - Chopin's first nocturne, ...
  2. +vote The Most Overrated Composers

    The Most Overrated Composers

    193 votes
    Some composers are undeservedly worshipped. They aren't necessarily bad, just overrated. Strauss Jr., for example, was a nice composer, but only around Joplin level and ...
  3. +vote Worst Musicians Ever

    Worst Musicians Ever

    147 votes
    We have worst bands and worst singers, but so far I haven't seen worst musicians. Here we go!I added my least favourite musicians along with the ones that receive the ...
  4. +vote Greatest Beethoven Piano Sonatas

    Greatest Beethoven Piano Sonatas

    50 votes
    A list of all 32 of the great Beethoven sonatas. I've displayed all the sonata numbers, opus numbers and common sobriquets. There is only one sobriquet I excluded - ...
  5. +vote Most Recognisable Piano Pieces

    Most Recognisable Piano Pieces

    186 votes
    Certain piano pieces have been done to death. Many of them are perfectly good pieces, such as Moonlight and the Entertainer, but too much of a good thing inevitably ...
  6. +vote People We'd Be Happy to Kill

    People We'd Be Happy to Kill

    2,388 votes
    Some people are so bad that we'll be more than happy to tear open their tummies and rip their guts out. They may be people against whom we have a personal grudge (please ...
  7. +vote The Greatest Knockoff Fails

    The Greatest Knockoff Fails

    805 votes
    Knockoffs have become a fact of life nowadays. It seems that no number of police raids will curb the ever-rising trend of cheap counterfeit products. The black market is ...
  8. +vote 15 Great People Who Were Also Perverts

    15 Great People Who Were Also Perverts

    2,207 votes
    As some sort of a sequel to Beau Iverson's list (, I've decided to ...
  9. +vote Everyone's Favourite Music Styles

    Everyone's Favourite Music Styles

    241 votes
    A list of all the music genres. Just to be fair, it includes the all-time best genres (e.g. waltz, concerto) to the horrible ones that makes our ears bleed (e.g. techno, ...
  10. +vote The Most Important Historical Events of the 20th Century

    The Most Important Historical Events of the 20th Century

    4,837 views 45,400 votes
    Lots of things happened last century. Which are the most important?
  11. +vote Most Awesome Letters

    Most Awesome Letters

    647 votes
    Which letter is the best? Let's vote! If you know a different alphabet (such as Greek, Cyrillic, etc.), feel free to add yours. Just don't add hanzi or hanzi-based ...
  12. 8 Lamest Ways to Start an Essay

    8 Lamest Ways to Start an Essay

    There are great ways to start an essay. You can catch your teacher's eye and get an A+ for it. Unfortunately, great ways don't come that easily. In fact, for most of us, ...
  13. +vote Cities in China

    Cities in China

    768 votes
    Which Chinese cities are the best?
  14. +vote Saddest Deaths Ever

    Saddest Deaths Ever

    6,892 views 82,493 votes
    Humans are not emotionless, cold-blooded animals. Those whom we call cold-blooded were, deep down inside, just like the rest of us, only they have been blinded by money, ...
  15. +vote The Most Influential People of the Second World War

    The Most Influential People of the Second World War

    13,042 votes
    The Second World War was by far the biggest war in human history. A lot of people participated in this total war. Which people are the most important?
  16. +vote Top Republic of China Warlords

    Top Republic of China Warlords

    107 votes
    Between Yuan Shikai's death and Zhang Zuolin's, China was in a state of turmoil. Here are those who should be held responsible.
  17. +vote Coolest National Flags

    Coolest National Flags

    176 votes
    Some national flags, especially those of countries established after the second world war, are very interesting. Others, especially the 'older' ones, may be less so.
  18. +vote Chinese Provinces

    Chinese Provinces

    116 votes
    Which Chinese province is the best?
  19. +vote Odd Ranker Lists - People

    Odd Ranker Lists - People

    174 votes
    Ranker has a lot of lists automatically generated by some evil robot who seeks world domination by making lists to trick people into slavery. Unfortunately, that evil ...
  20. +vote Great Rulers Who Turned Into Tyrants As They Aged

    Great Rulers Who Turned Into Tyrants As They Aged

    2,036 views 8,750 votes
    Even some of the best rulers in history turned into villains or almost did so as they got old. Here are some of them.
  21. +vote Greatest Heroes in History

    Greatest Heroes in History

    70 votes
    Who are the greatest heroes in history? Let's find out by votin' 'n' rerankin'!
  22. +vote Greatest Fictional Heroes and Heroines

    Greatest Fictional Heroes and Heroines

    130 votes
    Novels incite in us imagination, and sometimes, we are so engrossed in the story that we feel a sort of respect or even admiration for some fictional characters. Let's ...
  23. +vote Most Influential Books in History

    Most Influential Books in History

    112 votes
    Lots of books have shaped our civilisation. In this list are the most important of them. Let us vote. Let us rerank. Let us decide which books have truly made a mark in ...
  24. +vote Worst Types of Pollution

    Worst Types of Pollution

    66 votes
    Which types of pollution are the worst?
  25. Chinese Nobel Prize Winners

    Chinese Nobel Prize Winners

    Being the greatest country in the world, China produced a lot of Nobel laureates.