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  • Listmaking

    Current Level: Lister Badges you earn by making great lists





    Reclusive Genius

    It's not the most creative badge name, we know, but you've made 5 lists on Ranker already and we wanted to give you SOMETHING. And it's hard to think of a good name for a badge that's given out just for writing lists. You try it. Seriously, if you come up with something and it's totally awesome, e-mail us at and maybe we'll swap out the name for this badge. Or maybe we'll just name it after you, if you have a cool enough name.

  • Contributing

    Current Level: Volunteer Badges you earn by contributing suggestions and votes to Ultimate Lists






    You've just contributed to your very first Ultimate list! As a thanks, we've awarded you the "Volunteer" badge. Keep adding your own ranks to Ultimate lists and there may be more awards in store!

  • Voting

    Current Level: Ebert Badges you earn by voting on list items

    Attendance Award

    Citizenship Award



    Siskel and Ebert

    You're clearly someone who's unafraid to speak their mind, having voted on Ranker a staggering 250 times. In recognition, we're presenting to you a badge named in honor of our favorite film critic, Roger Ebert, who boldly dares to give a big thumbs down to even the most beloved mainstream films. Keep voting to earn more badges...Yes, there is a higher honor than even The Ebert! I know, right?

  • viewing

    Current Level: Millionaire Badges you earn by viewing lists


    High Society

    Hundred Grand

    500 Stacks


    I'm humbled and honored to report that your Ranker lists have combined for a total of over 1 million views. For this amazing achievement, we've giving you the shadowy, mysterious and exclusive "Reclusive Genius" badge. How does it feel to be a legend in your own time?

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    Individual badges you earn by completing tasks or having certain tasks completed on your lists. Mouse over the badge for more info!


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