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  1. Games I Need to Play

    Games I Need to Play

    Games i haven't played yet, but need to and plan on playing (in this order). If you have any suggestions let me know! *Order Subject to Change*
  2. Favorite Video Games

    Favorite Video Games

    My personal list of favorite games that i have played :) if you have any suggestions let me know!!
  3. Super Characters

    Super Characters

    Characters that have what I like to call the indescribable "Human" Element. These characters, while fictional, come alive as if they could be real, and ...
  4. Favorite Movies

    Favorite Movies

    My favorite movies :) feel free to give me ideas!
  5. Celebrity Crushes

    Celebrity Crushes

    My personal list of Celebrity Crushes. Can be from anything so long as i don't really know them in person haha
  6. Favorite Female Characters

    Favorite Female Characters

    My favorite female characters from any media. Love these girls!!!
  7. Favorite Male Characters

    Favorite Male Characters

    My favorite male characters. Can be from anything. Regardless of their rank, every character here is AMAZING. Feel free to give me suggestions of any that should ...
  8. Fictional Crushes

    Fictional Crushes

    Title pretty much sums it up. The guys i wish were real haha ;)
  9. The Greatest Stories

    The Greatest Stories

    From any form of media, from any source, from anyone. These are The stories that i believe to be really special. Brilliant, imaginative, touching, beautiful.