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  1. Books That Made Me Fall in Love with Reading All Over Again

    Books That Made Me Fall in Love with Reading All Over Again

    4 votes
    Hopefully this list will grow steadily, but here are just the best books I have read, published in the 90's and later.
  2. Emotionally Compelling Film Moments

    Emotionally Compelling Film Moments

    THIS LIST ABSOLUTELY CONTAINS SPOILERS! These are some of the most profound displays of emotion, mortality, and veneralbility in film. Let's take a minute to ...
  3. Films For Thunderstorms!

    Films For Thunderstorms!

    Some are scary, some just have a lot of rain, but these are my go-tos for stormy nights! There's something about the sound of rain that really makes you want to ...
  4. Talking Dragons

    Talking Dragons

    This was a pretty difficult one - and I'm sure there are more out there. Having not seen some of these in quite some time it's hard to remember if the dragons ...
  5. Unforgettable Musical Numbers

    Unforgettable Musical Numbers

    I've purposefully left out the obvious ones, Grease, Dirty Dancing, Wizard Of Oz, and the like - going for a more unique approach. That said, this is still a work ...
  6. 2rerank Awesome Sci-Fi Television Series

    2 my rerank of Awesome Sci-Fi Television Series

  7. 2rerank Movies to watch over and over!

    2 my rerank of Movies to watch over and over!