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  1. +vote The Best Animes Ever

    The Best Animes Ever

    152 votes
    Please vote for your favorite anime! This list gathers the best animes of all time!
  2. +vote Most Badass Tv Show Character

    Most Badass Tv Show Character

    54 votes
    Characters from: -Walking Dead -Game of Thrones -Arrow -The Flash -The Mentalist
  3. The Top 10 Anime Suicides

    The Top 10 Anime Suicides

    Warning this list can spoil you on the following animes: Dragon Ball, Naruto, K Project, Sonic X, YuYu Hakusho and Code Geass! Enjoy!
  4. Strongest Anime Characters

    Strongest Anime Characters

    This is the list of who I think are the Strongest Anime Characters! (Sonic is in here because Sonic X was an actual anime) Do not think I put my favorite ...