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This week, Robert Herjavec of Shark Tank and the Herjavec Group joins us on the Ranker Podcast. While on the show, Herjavec gives listeners some Business 101 with a list of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when they're about to give a big pitch for some investment capital. 

He says that investors knows within 45 seconds if they're going to or not going to give you that critical investment. See what else the Shark Tank guru has to say about common pitch mistakes.

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Robert Herjavec on Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make in Pitches, business, other,

Cadence of Walk
It's pretty rare that busy confident people walk slowly. One of the reasons why I love New York is that it's the only city in the world where no one says "slow down." All of my friends in LA are constantly saying "slow down" and it drives me nuts! 
Dressing Inappropriately
Mark Cuban dresses like a slob and he's worth $2.8 billion. He doesn't give a s**t. So I'll always say to him, "You actually do give a s**t because if you cared, you would wear a suit every now and then. The reason you dress like a slob is because you want to put it in everyone's face that you're worth $2.8 billion." It's like driving a fancy car and wanting to show off. He's just showing off in his own kind of way. 

If you're pitching me on a high tech business and you come in in shorts and flip flops, it stands out. If you're doing an investment banking business and you're going to have to sell to investment bankers, you better wear a suit! 
Giving the Wong Impression Through Posture
Now you start moving, and what do I notice about you? You're hunched over, but it depends what you're doing. If you're a software engineer and are coding incredible stuff and looking for a partner to help you with sales, I like that you look a little timid. But, if you're the sales leader of this organization, and you're not standing straight, that's not good. 
Ignorance of Important Details
There's a difference between arrogance and ignorance. I'm okay if you don't know your numbers, but if you're selling me on water bottles, you better know everything in the world there is to know about water bottles. I'll forgive a lot of stuff, but lack of expertise is death. 

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<![CDATA[Your Favorite Places to Shop for Food]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/your-favorite-places-to-shop-for-food/desertrat89
Perhaps "favorite" is the wrong word, since most of us hate to go grocery shopping... but when you've finally exhausted the last drop of mustard from the squeeze bottle, where do you like to shop? Whether its for the quality of the produce, the great coupons, the size of the parking lot or the depth of the products... where do you go when you need to buy food? Vote for your favorites, and it you see your store missing from this list, add it!
Your Favorite Places to Shop for Food,



The Fresh Market


Publix Super Markets

Trader Joe's


Whole Foods Market


Local Farmer's Market

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<![CDATA[Top Social Networks]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/top-vn-social-networks/tr_n-c_ng-l_0

Top Social Networks,


MySpace Records

Myspace Music

MySpace China Holding Limited

MySpace Russia LLC

MySpace Co

MySpace China Holding (Hong Kong) Limited

MySpace China Co., Ltd



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<![CDATA[Companies with the Worst Customer Service]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/companies-with-the-worst-customer-service
Companies with the worst customer service, as voted on by consumers. Anyone can add to this real-time ranking of companies that can't seem to get customer service right. Next time you're faced with a customer service fail, don't just get mad. Get even, by getting that company up on this list so everyone can see how bad their service really is.

What companies have the worst customer service? What businesses have bad customer service? Thanks to the votes of the community at large, you can easily see which companies have terrible customer service, and can add your own votes as well! These customer service rankings will help you avoid companies that don't treat their customers well.

From ATT to Time Warner, which companies have you had bad customer service experience with?

Companies with the Worst Customer Service,

Abercrombie & Fitch

Bank of America Corporation




Gold's Gym


Time Warner Cable

Verizon Communications


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<![CDATA[Sassy Brands That Have Burned Other Brands on Twitter]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/brands-that-have-burned-other-brands-on-twitter/jessica-defino
Brands like Oreo, Doritos, and AMC are in our homes on a pretty regular basis, so it's fun to see them show their personalities on social media sites like Twitter. There's almost nothing better than a funny brand tweet, except, of course, for a full-on brand-on-brand Twitter war. You may have noticed that brands on Twitter aren't shy about going after other companies. Trash talking isn't just for the sports arena. When you've got big business to protect, you won't shy away from a little confrontation. Just ask Burger King or Verizon. Here are the sassy brands on Twitter delivering sick burns to their competitors. Company tweets FTW!

Sassy Brands That Have Burned Other Brands on Twitter,

###TWITTER EmbedWhen Oreo suggested that followers sneak cookies into a movie theater, AMC wasted no time responding. They were right: not cool, Oreo — because now I can't stop thinking about devouring an entire sleeve the next time I hit the movies.
###TWITTER Embed
Burger King
###TWITTER EmbedAfter Wendy's tweeted about their 4 for $4 deal, Burger King one-upped them with a brand new offering. You've got to admit, 5 for $4 is better than 4. Sorry, Wendy's.
Dallas Stars
###TWITTER EmbedHometown showdown! The Dallas Cowboys tweeted their disdain for their home city's hockey team — only to get totally owned. Hell yeah, Dallas Stars.
###TWITTER EmbedWhen Netflix wants to deliver a fiery tweet, they know who to target: Google.
###TWITTER EmbedWhen Honda tweeted about their new vacuum's capability to suck up "double stuff," Oreo was not having it. We don't blame you, Oreo — those cookies belong in human bellies, not Hondas'!
Taco Bell
###TWITTER EmbedOld Spice tried to get sassy here, but they underestimated their opponent. Taco Bell fired back at Old Spice's fire sauce with a sassy tweet that totally slayed.
###TWITTER EmbedDAMN, Verizon! Coming in hot with that T-Mobile burn!
Discovery Channel
###TWITTER EmbedThe Discovery Channel's Twitter moderator is apparently not a fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins. With little-to-no prompting, they delivered a sick Twitter burn re: the hockey team's (non-existant) skill level. Ouch.
Nature Valley
###TWITTER EmbedHonda tried to get friendly, but Nature Valley was not having it. Sass alert!

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<![CDATA[The Top Steakhouse Restaurant Chains]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-top-steakhouse-restaurant-chains/restaurant-chains
This is a list of the very best Steakhouse Restaurant chains throughout the United States. On this list you will find the top restaurant chains, infamous for their steak, all the way down to the famous fast food chains. So whether you're looking for a nice, family steakhouse or the best steakhouses on your travels, they'll be on this list! In particular,this list of steakhouse chains focuses primarily on sit-down restaurants.

So we ask you, what are the best steakhouse chains? Steak house chains that have the most fans serve delicious, well-prepared beef and other types of American cuisine. Outback is arguably the most common steakhouse chain, but these types are restaurants are ubiquitous across the country. 

What are your favorite steak restaurant chains? Do you think that the famous steakhouse chains are better than the local or regional ones? Vote for your favorites and share with your friends!
The Top Steakhouse Restaurant Chains,

Logan's Roadhouse
Number of locations: 135
Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon

Outback Steakhouse
Number of locations: 900
Ponderosa Steakhouse and Bonanza Steakhouse
Number of locations: 700
Saltgrass Steak House
Number of locations: 47
LongHorn Steakhouse

Black Angus Steakhouse
Number of locations: 88
Morton's Steakhouse

Texas Land & Cattle Steak House

Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar

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<![CDATA[16 Reasons You Should Hate Urban Outfitters]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/why-urban-outfitters-sucks/candice-darden
Urban Outfitters is no stranger to controversy, stirring up more than its fair share since the retailer debuted in 1976. They cater to hipster culture and are known for straddling the line between ironic humor and downright offensive jokes. And, as time has proven, they've crossed over to the offensive side way too many times.

To claim that an "Everybody Loves a Jewish Girl" T-shirt featuring shopping bags and money isn't derogatory or disrespectful is laughable. Then there's their blatant appropriation of Native American culture or all the times they tried to rip off independent artists without paying them for their designs. Miley Cyrus even went on a famous Twitter rant about why Urban Outfitters sucks, putting the company on blast for their CEO's donation to politician Rick Santorum (who fought for anti-LGBT legislation).

If you're still shopping at the retailer, the worst things about Urban Outfitters on this list may finally convince you to quit your bad habit. Read on to discover the most compelling reasons you should find other places to shop.

16 Reasons You Should Hate Urban Outfitters,

They Tried to Sell Booze-Themed Shirts to Teens

Urban released a T-shirt line that included slogans such as, "I Drink You're Cute" and "USA Drinking Team." Many were outraged that these shirts were marketed toward teenagers and that young-looking models were to advertise them. Jan Withers, the president of MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), stated to the NY Daily News: “As a mother, these shirts are not acceptable for children under the age of 21."

They Exploited a 15-Year-Old Model
The parents of Hailey Clauson (a teen fashion model) sued Urban Outfitters and photographer Jason Lee Parry over a "blatantly salacious" T-shirt that featured their daughter. On it, the underage girl was prominently shown in a spread-eagle pose on a motorcycle.
They Sold This "Eat Less" T-shirt
When Urban Outfitters rolled out its “Eat Less” gray shirt, which first appeared on the market in 2010, the description said: "Eat less or more or however much you'd like in this seriously soft knit tee cut long and topped with a v-neck.”

If they thought their seemingly non-judgemental description would prevent backlash, they were dead wrong. The Internet backlash was intense, and Urban was quick to pull the shirts from their site... but they didn't stop selling it at stores.

Their CEO, Richard Hayne, Has Donated to Rick Santorum (Who Supports Anti-LGBT Legislation)

Miley Cyrus got involved in this controversy, tweeting to millions of followers.

Cyrus took Senator Santorum (and campaign contributor/Urban Outfitters CEO Richard Hayne) to task over what Santorum has said about gay marriage.

Then There's This Xenophobic Top
In 2005, Urban once again made racist T-shirt history with its “New Mexico: Cleaner Than Regular Mexico” shirt. For obvious reasons, this shirt caught the eye of the American Anti-Defamation League and was quietly pulled from the market.
They Steal Designs from Independent Artists
Urban Outfitters has been accused of stealing original designs from independent artists on several occasions. In one case, Stevie Koerner (a jewelry artist) accused them of plagiarizing her designs. It's an important lesson in copyright protection. Without it, the chances of winning a lawsuit against the company are slim to none. 

They Celebrated Offensive Stereotypes

In 2012, Urban sold shirts and products for St. Patrick's Day that featured jokes about the Irish stereotype of overindulging in drinking. The largest Irish-American organization in the U.S. lashed out at the company, threatening a boycott of their stores if the products weren't discontinued. The products were eventually pulled.

They Were Sued for Trademark Infringement by the Navajo Nation
In 2013, the Navajo Nation sued Urban Outfitters for trademark infringement. The company produced an entire line of products using the tribe's name and symbols, appropriating Navajo culture onto T-shirts, underwear, and flasks. Classy move, Urban.
They Sold This Racist Monopoly

This particular version of Monopoly mocked leaders like Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr.  by intentionally misspelling their names. It also included cards like, "You got yo' whole neighborhood addicted to crack. Collect $50." Urban eventually pulled the game off the market due to backlash.

They Sold This Offensive "Everybody Loves a Jewish girl" T-shirt
In 2014, Urban Outfitters started selling T-shirts that said, “Everybody Loves a Jewish Girl.” Urban also had “Everybody Loves an Irish Girl,” “Everybody Loves a German Girl,” and “Everybody Loves an Italian Girl" variations. So what's the problem with the Jewish girl tee?

 "With a shamrock for the Irish and pizza for Italians, you'd sort of expect a bagel for the Jewish t-shirt. And they come up with a shopping bag and money. That kind of stereotype isn't even funny when Jews make it on each other." said Sarah Lefton, the founder of the Jewish-themed apparel company, Jewish Fashion Conspiracy.

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<![CDATA[The Best Milkshakes]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-best-milkshakes/jeffreygirouard
The best milkshakes you can possibly buy from all the top fast food and restaurant chains. This list of the best milkshakes combines the best shakes from across the US (and the world, should you feel so inclined) in one list that can be voted on by all milkshake drinkers who have an opinion on the best frozen treats out there. These tasty milkshakes come from some of the best fast food restaurants, the best chain restaurants, and the best small chains that serve restaurants.

Whether you think the greatest milkshakes come from fast food chains like McDonald's or In-N-Out (both of which have special Neapolitan shakes on their secret menus), you're going to be challenged by folks that think Shake Shack and Denny's come in tops on the list of the most delicious milkshakes.

What fast food restaurant has the best milkshake? What restaurant chain has the greatest shakes? Vote and see! This isn't a complete list of all the best milkshake in the world (yet), so make sure to add any restaurant or food establishment that has awesome milkshakes to the the list of the top milkshakes. We're all here to get frosty, so the more opinions, the better.
The Best Milkshakes,



Cold Stone Creamery

Dairy Queen


Johnny Rockets

Red Robin

Sonic Drive-In

Steak 'n Shake


http://www.ranker.com/profile-of/jeffreygirouard http://www.ranker.com/list/the-best-milkshakes/jeffreygirouard
<![CDATA[The Best Bottled Water Brands]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-bottled-water-brands/werner-brandes
List of the best bottled water brands, including the most popular, inexpensive, safe and reliable brands for bottled water. This list answers the question, ‘What are the best bottled water brands?’ Top bottled water brands are available online and in traditional brick and mortar stores, allowing consumers to select the best options for their homes and to select the highest quality bottled water brands, giving them the crucial input on what bottled water products are safe and best. The goal of this page is to provide a comprehensive list of all major bottled water brands, making shopping and comparison fast and easy.

When you are dieting or trying to remain healthy, water is the best substance that you can put in your body. It is a lot better for you than the best sodas or even the best diet sodas. Having good bottled water with you at all times will ensure that you stay hydrated and do not snack unnecessarily. 

Many parents have a favorite brand of bottled water and this list includes all the most well-known, recognizable, finest, safest bottled water brands available on the market today. Each claims to offer the most trusted bottled water on the market, but this is what most people recommend, based on voting for the top bottled water brands available today.

What is your favorite of the bottled spring water brands? Mineral water brands? Maybe you weren't even aware of some of these bottled water company names.
The Best Bottled Water Brands,


Smart Water



San Pellegrino

Voss Artesian Water

Poland Spring

Pure Life Purified Water

Aquafina Purified Drinking Water

Fiji Water

http://www.ranker.com/profile-of/werner-brandes http://www.ranker.com/list/best-bottled-water-brands/werner-brandes
<![CDATA[The Best Cosmetic Brands]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/top-cosmetics-brands/makeup-tips
The top cosmetic brands make beauty products like mascara, lipstick, lotion, perfume and nail polish ranging from the most expensive, exclusive cosmetic brands to the best affordable cosmetic brands. Some brands are better than others but these best makeup brands stand above and beyond the rest while making you look like a million bucks without spending that much.

Makeup lovers everywhere are voting for their top favorite cosmetics brands right here. Like all things, sometimes just because something is more expensive does not mean that the quality is better, and some of the best cosmetics brands are not the most expensive makeup brands. This goes for cosmetics, but is also true that sometimes paying less is not worth getting an inferior product. Because of all of this, it's often a good idea to perform some trial and error with the products to decide which you think is the greatest cosmetic brand. Some lines may not work for you, even if they are the most popular.

Company A may sell absolutely killer nail polish, but their foundation just doesn't cut it. Company B has mineral foundation you cannot live without, but their lipstick leaves a lot to be desired. Nothing says you must stick with one cosmetics brand for everything. Mix and match your eye shadows, mascaras and blush to find a combination perfect for you.

We've all made regretful cosmetics purchases, but with this user ranked list of cosmetics brands, should you run into a dud, you can vote down the cosmetics products that aren'€™t worth the money and time so other makeup users don'€™t run into the same cosmetics problems. If you don't see your favorite cosmetics brand or the brand you consider to be the best makeup brand, make sure to add it to the list so other cosmetics users can discover your favorite makeup brands.

See Also: The Best Lip Balms
The Best Cosmetic Brands,

Benefit Cosmetics


Christian Dior S.A.


MAC Cosmetics


Urban Decay

NARS Cosmetics


Bobbi Brown

http://www.ranker.com/profile-of/makeup-tips http://www.ranker.com/list/top-cosmetics-brands/makeup-tips