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The best logos in the world rank among some of the most iconic images, so it's no wonder they've found their way to a list of the greatest logos on the world. These national and international companies have leveraged their company logos in their marketing and many are now considered companies with the best branding.

Many of these company logos are instantly recognizable even without the name of the company being present. The Twitter bird, the McDonald's arches, and the Target bullseye are known across the country and around the world for their company and brand associations, making them part of the greatest logos in the world list.

What companies have the best logos in the world? What makes a great company logo? Vote for the top logos in the world and help decide. This list of amazing company logos is a cross-section of the best logos on the planet, but if you don't see your favorite company logo on the list of the greatest company logos, make sure to add it so others can decide it's as recognizable as you think it is.
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Shell Oil Company


World Wildlife Fund

Mickey Mouse



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<![CDATA[The Best Deodorants For Athletes]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-deodorants-for-athletes/mike-calendrillo
Whether you're an athlete or just someone who sweats like one, then you know that those discount deodorants and antiperspirants just don't cut it when it comes to keeping you dry and odor free for the majority of the day. You're active and love to work out or play sports, so you need a deodorant that can hold its own against your sweat and body odor. What are the best deodorants for athletes? Which antiperspirants work the best?

With dozens of options available, choosing the right protection for your underarms can become a bit overwhelming, especially if you're an individual who perspires more than most, whether from your athletic lifestyle or overactive sweat glands. If you workout frequently, at the gym or at home, you want to stay smelling great.

Check out this list of the best deodorants for the fitness enthusiast in you and vote up the deodorants and antiperspirants that work best for athletes, active individuals, gym rats, and sports nuts alike. 


Mitchum Smart Solid Clinical Performance

MenScience Advanced Deodorant-2.6 oz

Old Spice Sweat Defense

Dove Men Care Cool Silver

Secret Outlast Invisible Solid

Dry Idea Advanced Dry Gel

Degree V12 Absolute Protection

Speed Stick Pro Extra Dry

Gillette Clinical Strength

Gillette Clear Gel

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<![CDATA[The Best Baby Products That Are Totally Worth It]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-baby-products/anabel-conner
You've read all the books. You've practiced your "hee-hee-hoo" breathing. You are all ready for this kid to come. But which baby products should you have on hand before your bundle of joy makes its grand debut? 
It's easy to get sucked into buying more than you could ever possibly need for your baby. Instead of spending money on things you'll never use, get only the best of the best that'll be worth every penny you spend. Are organic baby products best? Better yet, how does one know which new baby products are worth the splurge? With baby comes more "stuff" than most could ever dream necessary, but we've compiled a list of new moms' top picks so you can vote up the ultimate must-have baby gear!


Medela Freestyle Breast Pump
Though pumpin' and freestylin' sounds like something a DJ does, using a hands-free breast pump is probably loads more challenging. The Madela gets high marks for being super portable – you can easily throw it in your purse and go. It may be a bit expensive, but it is durable and will go the distance if you plan on having a large family. Holla!
Boppy Nursing Pillow
Feeling like the hunchback of Notre Dame's sister? Most likely you do if you're breastfeeding and don't have a Boppy Nursing Pillow! During your baby's first few months, you'll spend a full third of your life feeding him and hunching over all that time does a real number on your back. It's best to be comfortable, and this cushy horseshoe-shaped pillow provides ergonomically correct support. As a bonus, later on, it'll serve well as a prop for tummy time.
Sophie Giraffe
Sophie la Giraffe has been around for 50 years for good reasons: she's cute, durable, eco-friendly, and teething babies find her delightful to gum on. She's also simple and, with no moving parts, easy to clean... which is awesome because she'll most likely be covered in drool. A lot.
Bulb Syringe
It might only cost a buck and some petty change, but when used coupled with a saline solution like Little Noses Saline, a bulb syringe is a priceless item to a snotty baby. 
Safety 1st Fever Light 1 Second Ear Thermometer
Waking up in the middle of the night to a bawling baby is no fun and a trip to the ER is even less so. This digital ear thermometer beats all others, hands down, at providing super swift, accurate results in not-so-perfect of circumstances, such as dealing with dim lighting, squirmy kids, and bleary, tired eyes.
Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottles
If you're looking for the best baby bottle money can buy, you're in luck, because Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Baby Bottles are inexpensive. They're also super-duper eco-friendly, BPA-free, and frequent favorites amongst moms who switch between both breast and bottle feeding.
WubbaNub Pacifiers
Know what's cuter than a WubbaNub Pacifier? Nothing... except for YOUR BABY with a WubbaNub Pacifier IN HER MOUTH. And asleep. They're all cuter sleeping, right?
Milkmakers Lactation Cookies
Every woman's dream is to binge on cookies with absolute freedom from guilt, therefore, Milkmakers Lactation Cookies are a dream come true. These tasty cookies will increase your milk supply, so you're being a totally fab mother just by eating them. You and your boobs will be hooked.
Gripe Water
Gripe Water is a ginger-based concoction and a miracle worker for gassy babes. No mama of a colicky infant (and who wishes to retain her sanity!) should be without it.
Adjustable Back Seat Mirror
When your eyes are on the road and your baby is in back of you, nothing will alleviate the stress of the unknown like the Munchkin Adjustable Back Seat Mirror. It makes it easier for you to frequently check out what a totally adorbz kid you made, and it's great entertainment for him, since babies love seeing themselves in the mirror. No more worries! Unless, that is, you catch him reenacting De Niro's "You Talkin' To Me" scene from Taxi Driver back there.

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<![CDATA[Inspiring Creation Stories By America's Biggest Brands]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-brand-stories/mike-calendrillo
Every day we use items produced by brands that are owned and operated by multi-billion dollar companies. But every brand identity had a humble beginning of someone with an idea, a little bit of money, and a whole lot of perseverance. Have you ever wondered how such giant companies like Ikea or Walmart got their start?

To learn the true essence of building a brand and brand identity, you have to go back to the start to see how, when, and why the brand even began in the first place. Vote up which stories you think are the most interesting of these big companies getting their start.


In 1976, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniack started Apple computers by selling 50 units of Wozniack's Apple Computer to a local retailer for $500 apiece. The two men and a small team hand built 50 computers in 30 days in a garage in Cupertino, CA.
Big Lots
Sol A. Shenk started Big Lots in 1967 as a wholesale auto parts store. And even though Shenk built his empire into 700 stores and $1 billion in annual revenue, his love for automobiles never waned, as he even purchased the remaining stocks of DeLorean Motors in 1982.
Cirque du Soleil
Guy Laliberte started his career as a fire eater, stilt walker, and accordion player on the streets of Montreal. In 1987, he brought a group of street performers to the Los Angeles Arts Festival on a one-way ticket. Soon enough, the group was brought to Las Vegas, where they evolved into the world-famous Cirque du Soleil. 
Ingvar Kamprad began selling matches he bought in bulk to his neighbors in Stockholm, Sweden. He then moved onto selling fish, Christmas decorations, and pens. Always looking for more, Ingvar took money from his father that he earned for good grades to create a mail-order business that eventually became IKEA. Today, the home furnishing company is worth $6 billion.
John Paul Mitchell Systems
John Paul Dejoria grew up in Los Angeles foster care and became a member of a various LA street gangs. Years later, he tried his hand as an employee of Redken labs, where he borrowed $700 to create John Paul Mitchell Systems. In 1980, after the creation of his company, John Paul lived out of his car, going door to door to hawk his product. JPM systems now makes $900 million annually.
Maxwell Kohl was a Polish immigrant who worked in factories around the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, area until 1927. Kohl then saved up enough money to open a tiny grocery store, which was the first of his namesake's stores.
John W. Nordstrom came to America in 1887 at the age of 16, and although he originally only had $5 in his pocket and couldn't speak English, John persevered. In 1897, he traveled to the Klondike in Alaska to mine gold, and after two years, he earned a $13,000 stake that he invested in his first shoe-repair shop in Washington State.
Charles Pfizer founded his business in 1849 after he and his cousin, Charles Earhardt, borrowed $2500 from Pfizer's father. The first product they created was an anti-parasitic used to treat intestinal worms, a common infliction in mid-19th century America.
Kraft Foods International Inc
In 1903, James L. Kraft learned the cheese company he invested in had gone out of business. With only the money in his pocket, he managed to purchase a horse and wagon, selling cheese as a one-man business. James Kraft even holds the first patent for processed cheese.
Oprah Winfrey Empire
After being molested by two family members and a neighbor, Oprah ran away from home at 13. By age 14, her newborn child had died. After moving back in with her father at her mother's request, Oprah received a scholarship to college, won a beauty pageant, and was discovered by a radio station. She is now worth $2.7 billion. 

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<![CDATA[90s Beauty Brands That Remind You of Your Childhood]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/90s-makeup/werner-brandes
It's all your favorite 90s makeup brands, collected in one place. Do you remember when and where you used some of these classic 90s cosmetics? Take a trip down memory lane with these unforgettable beauty products that had our Caboodle packed and ready to go. These 90s products had every young girl looking like Char and Britney, with body glitter galore and endless lip gloss choices.

Although some of these 90s products seem silly and out of date, quite a few of them are still prospering in the new millennium. Who could go without using Lip Smackers lip balm? Kids today still love the stuff! Unfortunately they still don't taste as good as they smell.

From scrunchies to chic and sparkly eyeshadows, the 90s were rich with memorable, nostalgic, beauty options to make every 90s teen extra glam. What are the best 90s makeup products? Cast your votes below and don't forget the hair mascara for your next girls' night.


Wet 'n' Wild
Hey, they're still going strong these days.
Herbal Essences
Still fairly popular today, but it made a big impact in the olden days. 
Lipsmackers Chapstick
Colorful collectibles that defined who you were as a person in the 90s.
Aqua Net
Kept your hair and standards high.
Victoria's Secret Body Splash
Still a popular favorite with middle school girls today.
Miss these suckers?
Butterfly Clips
The massive amounts of butterfly clips that would be applied to one's hair represented how cool you were.
The daily acne cleanser that stung like a bee.
Bonne Belle
Provided all the dark shades of wine lips a girl could ask for.
Kept those burgandy and brown shades of lipstick nice and tight.

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<![CDATA[The Best Burgers in Cincinnati]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-burgers-in-cincinnati/ranker-food
The hamburger is an American institution and the Cincinnati, Ohio area is known for some truly delectable burger creations. Though likely more famous for its classic Cincinnati-style chili, burgers are a big deal in Cincinnati, and the restaurants on this list are grilling up tasty, inventive burgers all across the city and surrounding metropolitan area. Who has the best burgers in Cincinnati?

From the Cincinnati location of Bobby Flay's Bobby's Burger Palace, to local hot spots like Terry's Turf club, and diners like Blue Jay Restaurant, Cincinnati has a variety of burger spots to choose from. Whether you want grass fed, or greasy spoon, there's a Cincinnati burger that will hit the spot.

There are sports bars where you can catch the Bengal's game as you dive in to one of these delicious Cincinnati hamburgers, as well as more low-key cafes for sharing a burger with a friend. In any case, the top Cincinnati burgers joints on this list are sure to satisfy your burger cravings.

Don't see your favorite Cincinnati-area burger joint on this list? Add it below. If your favorite burger spot is already listed, vote it up and help us determine the ultimate ranking of the greatest burgers in Cincinnati.


Quatman Cafe
Try the Cheeseburger.
Habits Cafe
Try the Godzilla Burger.
Terry's Turf Club
Try the Filet Mignon Burger.
Zip's Cafe
Try the Zip's Burger with cheese.
The Gas Light Cafe
Try the Bacon Cheeseburger (with waffle fries!).
Dena's Diner
Try the Surf and Turf Burger.
Anchor Grill
Try the Anchor Platter.
Gordo's Pub & Grill
Try the Hawaiian Burger.
Blue Jay Restaurant
Try the Big Jay deluxe with cheese.
By Golly's Bar and Grill
Try Coach's Coney Burger.

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<![CDATA[The Best Cosmetic Brands]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/top-cosmetics-brands/makeup-tips
The top cosmetic brands make beauty products like mascara, lipstick, lotion, perfume and nail polish ranging from the most expensive, exclusive cosmetic brands to the best affordable cosmetic brands. Some brands are better than others but these best makeup brands stand above and beyond the rest while making you look like a million bucks without spending that much.

Like all things, sometimes just because something is more expensive does not mean that the quality is better, and some of the best cosmetics brands are not the most expensive makeup brands. This goes for cosmetics, but is also true that sometimes paying less is not worth getting an inferior product. Because of all of this, it's often a good idea to perform some trial and error with the products to decide which you think is the greatest cosmetic brand.

Company A may sell absolutely killer nail polish, but their foundation just doesn't cut it. Company B has mineral foundation you cannot live without, but their lipstick leaves a lot to be desired. Nothing says you must stick with one cosmetics brand for everything. Mix and match your eye shadows, mascaras and blush to find a combination perfect for you.

We've all made regretful cosmetics purchases, but with this user ranked list of cosmetics brands, should you run into a dud, you can vote down the cosmetics products that aren’t worth the money and time so other makeup users don’t run into the same cosmetics problems. If you don’t see your favorite cosmetics brand or the brand you consider to be the best makeup brand, make sure to add it to the list so other cosmetics users can discover your favorite makeup brands.

See Also: The Best Lip Balms


Christian Dior S.A.

Estée Lauder Companies


Make-up Art Cosmetics


Urban Decay

NARS Cosmetics


Bobbi Brown

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<![CDATA[The Best Restaurants for Cincinnati Chili]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-chili-in-cincinnati/ranker-food
You might think you know all about chili, but Cincinnati chili is a whole different animal. Only real Cincinnati locals know what the truly best chili in Cincinnati, Ohio really is, but this list can help even non-locals get their hands on some genuine, and top notch, real Cincinnati chili. What makes Cincinnati-style chili different? Whether you like it two-way or up to even six-way chili, this list has been voted on by Cincinnati chili aficionados to determine the absolute best Cincinnati chili parlors.

Cincinnati chili is a unique dish that isn't quite your typical chili cook-off dish. Cincinnati-style chili is a distinct version of the classic chili con carne, which is often served "two-way," meaning over spaghetti. You can add cheese to make it three-way chili, go even further with the addition of onions (four-way), or even add beans for, you guessed it, five-way Cincinnati chili. Top it with oyster crackers and hot sauce, or enjoy it on a Coney dog. This traditional chili is famous in the Ohio city and has even been called one of the best classic American dishes.

Usually associated with the famous Cincinnati chili parlors ranked on the list below, Cincinnati-style chili can be found throughout the state of Ohio and even into surrounding states. But what are the best Cincinnati chili restaurants? Have your voice heard below, whether you're a Skyline fanatic, or will only dine at Empress, your votes will help determine the top Cincinnati chili restaurants.

Skyline Chili

Blue Ash Chili

Camp Washington Chili

Delhi Chili

Dixie Chili

Big Poppa Slims

West Side Chili Parlor

Empress Chili

Price Hill Chili

Gourmet Chili

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<![CDATA[Brands That Remind You of Your Dad]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/dad-brands-v1/mike-calendrillo
All fathers have that brand or brands that is their absolute go-to. And it doesn't matter what it is, if they have had a positive and long affiliation with their beloved, then this is where they will forever return. 

Perhaps thats the beauty about fathers – they are loyal in a way that is almost menacing when it comes to things that do them right. The true measure of a man can never be truly weighed, but if his personal relationships are anything like the ones he shares with his favorite brand of car per se, then you sure are lucky to call him Dad.

Johnson & Johnson
Did all dads suggest washing their children's hair with baby shampoo till they were 12?
Your dad just couldn't get enough of this "coffee" every morning.
Makers of every dad's go to undershirt, and of course, fashion forward tube socks (pair them with man sandals!).
Home Depot
This is the other. Home Depot vs. Lowe's, is like Yankees vs. Red Sox. 
One of two major home improvement stores for fathers who think they can fix anything.
Nuts were our fathers generations candy of choice, it seems. 
Cracker Jack
Maybe it's because Cracker Jack reminds our fathers of their childhood, this sweet treat will always be a favorite.
Major League Baseball
America's past-time once dwarfed all other sports ratings on television for a reason. 
A&W Cream Soda
The throwback drink is even better when dad would make an ice cream float!
Again with the nuts. But this time, at least, it's coated in caramel and nougat! 

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<![CDATA[Classy Brands That All Refined Men Should Know About]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-brands-for-men/mike-calendrillo
A well versed man is constantly looking to stay one step ahead of the curve when it comes to what to wear, how to groom, or the finest in drinks. But what about the things that make life simpler yet more effective? Combining all of this is the key to maximizing a professional and personal appearance that will make you the envy of others. 

We take a look at some of the finest "somewhat" unknown brands for men sold around the world that will set you apart from the pack. Get a leg up on the competition with these fantastic products.



The Beard Shop
E-commerce store that specializes in beard care, styling, and grooming for men.
Knickerbocker MFG CO.
Quality old-fashioned goods that specialize in custom-made caps in NYC.
Ivy Prepster
A preppy lifestyle brand that specializes in distinctive knit ties.
Jack Mulligan
Maker of high-quality American-made goods, such as backpacks, wallets, and more.
Sirrus Pro Carbon Bicycle
Bikes with light-weight, vibration dampening frame; even the handgrips are made of gel.
Jack Robie
Shirts that hark back to the '50s with a comfortable feel, yet are sophisticated and fun.
Saddleback Leather Co.
Wallets come with a 100-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
Invicta Watch Group
Founded in 1837, Invicta has watches priced from $50 all the way to $2500.
This stormproof umbrella can handle winds of over 60 km/h without inverting.

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