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What is the Trans Pacific Partnership? More than any publicly debated bill in decades, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a 2015 trade agreement. has ignited a firestorm of animosity and bad feelings. It's a massive, hugely ambitious trade treaty between 12 nations that are seriously involved in commerce related to the Asia-Pacific area, encompassing countries that make up over 40% of US international trade. Signed into law on June 29, 2015, TPP will have a great impact on tariffs, manufacturing, banking, intellectual property, pharmaceuticals, the environment, and international defense.

Any agreement as far-ranging and impactful as TPP is bound to generate controversy, and it's no surprise that there are a number of individuals and corporations that are bitterly opposed to it. It's a centerpiece of President Obama's second term, but has drawn considerable opposition from the Democratic party. Major tech companies oppose it, but many other big businesses support it - as do a number of prominent Republicans.

Adding to the confusion is that the passing of the TPP agreement required a number of other pieces to fall into place, two of which are are important pieces of legislation with similar names - TPA and TAA. Not only that, but the negotiations were conducted in secret, with virtually nothing having been made public about the contents of the treaty itself. What has been released was illegally leaked, and might be out of date.

How does one sort through all of this? What's the difference between TPP and TPA and TAA, and what impact will all of them have on your life? It's hard to know where to even start, so here are the most important questions you might want to ask about the Transpacific Partnership.

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What Countries Are NOT in It?
Most notably, China is not a member of the TPP. It’s thought that one of the key purposes of the TPP is to serve as a counter to China’s growing dominance in trade and global commerce. Most of the regulations attached to the TPP specifically exclude China, and there are provisions being put in place to address Chinese currency manipulation. Despite all this, China could still join the agreement as its economy continues to Westernize.

Don't We Have a Right to Know What's in It?
Traditionally, trade talks are conducted in secret, as it’s thought that making these discussions public has a chilling effect on what’s actually talked about. TPP negotiations have been conducted under a media blackout, with no transcriptions or meeting notes published, even for members of Congress, until Wikileaks put a portion online in 2013. This amount of secrecy applied to talks of this size and scope has made a number of prominent legislators and business people extremely uncomfortable.

What's in the Parts That Have Leaked?
Depending on who you talk to, nothing good. The leaked portions of the intellectual property chapter shows that the US has been pushing for stronger copyright protections for music and film, as well as longer-lasting patents. This would drastically change the way generic drugs are made, as well as virtually slamming the door on works entering the public domain for the near future. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange bluntly put it this way: “If you read, write, publish, think, listen, dance, sing or invent; if you farm or consume food; if you’re ill now or might one day be ill, the TPP has you in its crosshairs.”
Whose Idea Was It?
The TPP originated in 2005 as a much smaller partnership between Brunei, Chile, New Zealand, and Singapore. When President Obama took office, he sought to move US foreign policy away from the Middle East and toward Asia, and the United States assumed a major role in the negotiations. There have been 19 rounds of negotiations since 2010, when the member nations stabilized.

What Is the Trans-Pacific Partnership?
In brief, the Trans-Pacific Partnership is a proposed trade treaty between countries that are either in, or majorly effected by, trade in the Asia-Pacific region. It would seek to regulate commerce, eliminate tariffs between member states, and establish consistency in the Byzantine regulations that currently govern how goods are moved between nations.

What's the TPA?
While it has a very similar acronym to the TPP, TPA is a very different entity. In fact, it’s not really related to the TPP – except for being vital to passing it. Confused?

TPA stands for Trade Promotion Authority, and is also known as “fast track.” This authority is given to the President by Congress for use in negotiating trade agreements with foreign nations – trade agreements like the TPP. Under the rules of TPA, there are specific requirements to consult with and notify Congressional leaders of the progress being made in negotiations. Once the deal is finalized, Congress still needs to either support or oppose the agreement, but they do so in a simple up-or-down vote with no amendments that could potentially bog down elements of the agreement. This is often misinterpreted as the President having unilateral authority to approve agreements, but it’s not so.

What Countries Are In It?
There are currently 12 nations involved the Trans-Pacific Partnership: Brunei, Chile, New Zealand, Singapore, the United States, Australia, Peru, Vietnam, Malaysia, Mexico, Canada, and Japan. Four other nations have expressed an interest in joining the TPP negotiations: Colombia, the Philippines, Taiwan, and South Korea. Put together, these nations are responsible for 40% of the world's GDP and a quarter of the world's trade.
What Happened to TPA?
The previous term of TPA expired in 2007 – and the President has been working without it, meaning it would need to be renewed for TPP to move forward. In June 2015, a new version of TPA was approved by the Senate after narrowly being passed by the House. Numerous members of both parties voted against party line, showing the contentiousness of the issue. Essentially, TPA needed to be approved before TPP could be approved.

What Does TPP Do?
The TPP regulates virtually every area of commerce between its member nations. As such, it’s thought to contain provisions for everything from trade tariffs and drug costs to the minutiae of international trade such as yarn prices, to resolving disputes among member nations. It’s also believed that there are chapters related to legal issues, labor sourcing, financial services, environmental regulations, and intellectual property – among many others.

What Does the Text Actually Say?
Only the negotiators directly involved in the treaty know what the treaty actually says. The text itself is a closely-guarded secret. This has caused an enormous amount of controversy both in the governments of those nations and among the media. In fact, the only reason we know anything at all about the contents of the treaty is because in 2013, Wikileaks published chapters related to the regulation of intellectual property. Advocates of the treaty claim the secrecy is standard for all trade negotiations.

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<![CDATA[The Best Car Manufacturers]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/best-car-manufacturuers
Since the inception of the automobile over 100 years ago, the car manufacturing industry has been one of the most competitive businesses in modern history. With so many models and body types to choose from, car manufacturers need to combine a sleek model with fuel efficiency, safety and affordability in order to attract potential customers to buy their cars. Over the past few years, car manufacturers have done their best to combine these elements in order to match customer's wants and sensibilities. With hybrid cars becoming more mainstream, manufacturers are creating new models to catch up to the demand.

Some of the best car manufacturers are the most expensive. Making a high-demand vehicle is something that many manufacturers strive to do and sports cars like Porsche and Ferrari are always mentioned as the best cars due to the look of their cars and how fast they can go. Popular brands that have a variety body types are Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, BMW, Nissan and Honda to name a few.

Vote for the car manufacturer you think is the best. There is no right or wrong answer to why you think a particular car maker is better than the other; it's up to you to decide.




Ferrari S.p.A.

Honda Motor Company, Ltd

Jaguar Cars





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<![CDATA[The Best Cosmetic Brands]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/top-cosmetics-brands/makeup-tips
The top cosmetic brands make beauty products like mascara, lipstick, lotion, perfume and nail polish ranging from the most expensive, exclusive cosmetic brands to the best affordable cosmetic brands. Some brands are better than others but these best makeup brands stand above and beyond the rest while making you look like a million bucks without spending that much.

Makeup lovers everywhere are voting for their top favorite cosmetics brands right here. Like all things, sometimes just because something is more expensive does not mean that the quality is better, and some of the best cosmetics brands are not the most expensive makeup brands. This goes for cosmetics, but is also true that sometimes paying less is not worth getting an inferior product. Because of all of this, it's often a good idea to perform some trial and error with the products to decide which you think is the greatest cosmetic brand. Some lines may not work for you, even if they are the most popular.

Company A may sell absolutely killer nail polish, but their foundation just doesn't cut it. Company B has mineral foundation you cannot live without, but their lipstick leaves a lot to be desired. Nothing says you must stick with one cosmetics brand for everything. Mix and match your eye shadows, mascaras and blush to find a combination perfect for you.

We've all made regretful cosmetics purchases, but with this user ranked list of cosmetics brands, should you run into a dud, you can vote down the cosmetics products that aren'€™t worth the money and time so other makeup users don'€™t run into the same cosmetics problems. If you don't see your favorite cosmetics brand or the brand you consider to be the best makeup brand, make sure to add it to the list so other cosmetics users can discover your favorite makeup brands.

See Also: The Best Lip Balms


Christian Dior S.A.

Estée Lauder Companies


MAC Cosmetics


Urban Decay

NARS Cosmetics


Bobbi Brown

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<![CDATA[The Top Beer Companies]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-beer-brands/bottoms-up
List of beer companies and famous beer breweries around the world, ranked by connoisseurs and casual fans. Forget liquors and wines -- beer is the treat of people who really enjoy alcohol. Whether you're enjoying a dark and soothing stout or a bright and hoppy IPA, drinking beer is truly the best way to relax.

Beer is made with a variety of hops, barley, wheat and, of course, water -- with the occasional infusion of different herbs, spices, and even chocolate to change the flavor. Common beer types are IPAs, ambers, lagers, wheat beers, pale ales, stouts, and red ales. No two beers are alike, and no two beer drinkers will ever be able to agree about which flavor is best and why. All of the companies on this list manufacture at least one type of great beer and several make many types of beers. So what do you think of our list?

Anchor Brewing Company

Dogfish Head Brewery


Guinness, Harp Lager
New Belgium Brewing Company
Fat Tire
Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

Stone Brewing Co.

Samuel Adams
Samuel Adams
Kronenbourg Brewery

Blue Moon Brewing Company

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<![CDATA[Companies You Had No Idea Were Republican]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/republican-companies/coy-jandreau
Just like most people, major Corporations tend to swing one way or another politically. Whether it's a Republican CEO, influential Republican stock holders, or the people that heavily endorse the product, what goes on behind the scenes is often a lot more politically charged than you'd imagine. But who are the most surprising Republican corporations out there? We've created a list of big companies with political agendas that lean to the right. 

Sometimes a company's allegiance will surprise you. Just because a company isn't publicly Republican doesn't mean they aren't incentivized by Republican beliefs - you don't realize all of the politics behind that simple burger joint or late night taco stop. Some companies you would expect to be GOP inclined (you'll notice there are no oil companies or national banks on this list), but these are the surprises; the places you had no idea were politically affiliated.

Does the dollar you spend on a White Castle turn into a quarter in the pocket of a politician who stands for everything you're against? Does that stuffed crust pizza come with a side of guilt over the anti-gay legislation it might help pass? Does each six pack of your favorite cheap brew turn into a few bucks for the gun lobbyist?

These are the companies you didn't realize had strong Republican leanings. Vote up the one that surprised you most!

Dell, based in Round Rock, Texas contributed $217,000 during the 2004 election cycle. 74% went to Republicans. About three-quarters of the money comes from individual employees.  

Source: Democratic Underground

Domino's Pizza

Domino’s Pizza founder Tom Monaghan is an unapologetic supporter of anti-choice groups, including Operation Rescue, Right to Life, Priests for Life, and the Committee to End State-Funded Abortion in Michigan.

Monaghan, a devout Catholic, also founded Ave Maria University. He claims to have been inspired by a visit to the Vatican in the 1980s to found the Ave Marie List, an anti-choice PAC. 

Source: Salon 

Domino's currently has surprisingly deep political ties! Company Chairman David Brandon was finance co-chair for Mitt Romney’s 2008 presidential campaign! Director Diana Cantor, wife of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, is a director.

Source: Forbes

Pizza Hut
This junk food stoner staple, Pizza Hut Franchisees Assoc., is actually the #11 contributor to the Republican party in all of Food & Beverages, contributing $114,500, 5% to Dems, 95% to Republicans. 

Source: Democratic Underground

Taco Bell
How could it be, Taco Bell? HOW?! 

Center for Responsive Politics reports that 87% of the donations by the Yum! Brands PAC (Taco Bell,KFC, Long John Silver) have gone to Republicans in this election cycle. 

Target Corporation
Target made a number of large donations in 2010 to the tune of $150,000+ to a Republican party member's campaign tour, that year alone. They claim to be Bipartisan and donate equally to both parties, but it's hard to tell. 

 Source: NY Daily News

Urban Outfitters
So you think it's all witty and hippie and liberal inside this trendy clothing store, right? Wrrrong - Richard Hayne is the President and CEO of Urban Outfitters and an avid Republican. He's also a vocal supporter of Rick Santorum and has donated over $13,000 to him.  

Not bummed on Hayne yet? He's actively against gay marriage and abortion. 
His company pulled a pro-gay shirt back in '08, featured a t-shirt for women that said "eat less", and most recently had a card with the word "tranny" printed on it. His company is also known for ripping off shirts from other smaller designers (on Etsy etc.)

He also owns Anthropologie and Free People. 

Source: Snopes

Wendy's is actually one of the top contributers to the Republican party in all of the food industry, contributing a whopping $230,600. 9% to Dems, 91% to Republicans. 

Source: Open Secrets

White Castle
Sorry stoners... White Castle is also on the list of beloved burger joints with right-wing ties. White Castle has given $25,000 to the Congressional Leadership Fund super PAC, a group linked to House Speaker John Boehner that is supporting conservative candidates. 

Source: ThinkProgress report

Wonder Bread
Flowers Foods, the company behind Wonder Bread, Tastykakes and many more American staples, has given 99.5 percent of its political contributions to GOP candidates since 1979.  

Who knew Wonder Bread would be more Right Wing than the Koch brothers?

Source: New York Times

Yup, we mean the music festival Coachella. Turns out the people who run Coachella's parent company are Anschutz Corporation which is run by Philip Anschutz. He has made many political donations, including a $50,000 to the Boehner-linked Congressional Leadership Fund Super PAC. 

Source: Politico

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<![CDATA[Retail Companies that Offer the Best Employee Discounts]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-employee-discounts/coy-jandreau
When looking for a new job you have to take a few things into account. Let's hope you're looking for a job you'll actually enjoy, but usually the pay and the perks are first and foremost. Next is distance - how far are you traveling to get there? Is it worth it? What's the quality of your commute like? Most of these things we can't help you with (sorry), so we're bringing you a list of companies that take care of their employees by offering them sweet and delicious employee discounts.

So which retail corporations offer the best employee discounts? Companies with employee incentives are doing something right. If you want to keep your employees performing, you have to reward them for their hard work. Some stores (clothing mainly) even require you purchase their products and be seen using them in store, and therefore offer some great discounts to allow for that. Others still have companies they've made deals with, where employees from either store can go to the other and get a discount there as well. 

So whether your looking for a new job or a new reason to make friends with an employee (or a reason to call that person you knew in high school that totally works at the Apple Store now), these are the discounts you can expect at each company. These are the stores with the very best employee discounts!

American Apparel
50% off everything. Plus $200 credit when hired to buy clothes with.

While $200 store credit may seem like a sweet deal, that's very necessary as it’s required that you dress in American Apparel from head to toe every day.

Source: Buzzfeed

Apple Inc.
On day one, employees are eligible for a 25% discount on the iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. As well as the various iPod models, an iPad, Airport base station, Apple display, and a “reasonable quantity” of Apple accessories.

There is a 50% discount on most Apple software and 10% on third-party accessories, both in “reasonable quantities.” Friends and family of an Apple employee are also eligible, limited to three products at a 15% discount.

In addition to this discount, Apple employees are eligible for 
either $250 off the price of an iPad, or $500 off the price of any Mac model, usable once every three years.

Source: Buzzfeed

Barnes & Noble
50% off of all cafe items.

30% off of books and miscellaneous merchandise.

20% off of anything within the music department.

Discount does not apply to sale items.

Source: Buzzfeed

Bed Bath & Beyond
20% employee discount beginning day one, on everything.

Source: Buzzfeed

Best Buy
After three months (to prove your worth as an employee/ weed out those working there just for discounts) employees can buy products at their wholesale cost + 10% markup, which often comes out to a steep discount.

Although starting last year the total discount was capped at 50% off.

Source: Buzzfeed

Gap Inc.
Complicated discount system with discounts for Banana Republic and Old Navy as well (it's all under the same corporate umbrella), but the discount percentage varies from 30% - 50%, based on how much you’re buying and whether it’s at your home store.

Plus an extra 10% of sale items.

You get a discount card which includes discounts for spouses and domestic partners.

Source: Buzzfeed

You can pick five full price items each month to get a 50% discount on.

After that, full price merchandise is 30% off. Sale merchandise is 50% off.

In addition to that, there is a list of slow selling/ overstock items released each week that employees can get 60% off the retail price.

Source: Buzzfeed

40% off Sephora brand products. 

20% off regular brand-name products.

Source: Buzzfeed

Trader Joe's
10% off everything in store.

Plus free food on your shift (if not abused)!

Source: Buzzfeed

Kohl’s gives 15% off anything in the store including sale and clearance items.

That discount can also be combined with $ off coupons and any other % off discount going on (up to 3 discounts). Sometimes they have Associate shop days which means you get 20% off merchandise.

 Source: All You

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<![CDATA[The Best Men's Watch Brands]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-men-and-_39_s-watch-brands/werner-brandes
Watches can function as a statement piece, a show of wealth, a pedometer, or simply as a timepiece. The best watch brands are popular with men everywhere, helping them keep the time and look stylish. Though watches are not as popular as they once were, a watch is more of a fashion statement than it used to be. There are many name brand watches that are still widely worn and plenty of watch manufacturers designing great men's watches.

The most inexpensive and medium-priced watches are used mainly for timekeeping and are electronic watches with quartz movements. Expensive collectible watches, valued more for their workmanship and aesthetic appeal than for simple timekeeping, often have purely mechanical movements and are powered by springs, even though they are less accurate than the more affordable quartz movements watches. In addition to the time, the most popular men's watches often display the day, date, month, and year. Some watches for men provide additional time-related features, such as timers, chronographs, alarm functions, GPS, and heart monitoring.

What are the best men's watch brands? The best men's wristwatch companies include those from major manufacturers of men's watches including Panerai, Rolex, Rotary, Tissot, and more. Which ones are your favorites? Vote up the top watch brands below, or add any other good watch brands that you love that aren't yet listed here.


Audemars Piguet

Breitling SA

International Watch Company


Omega SA

Patek Philippe & Co.


TAG Heuer

Vacheron Constantin

A. Lange & Söhne

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<![CDATA[The Most Egregious Product Placement in Jurassic World]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/jurassic-world-product-placement/jtdesaulnier
Dinosaurs aren't the only things running amok in Jurassic World. Product placement rampages through the blockbuster sequel more ferociously than an Indominus Rex. Brands are everywhere: when Chris Pratt's velociraptor-training hero speeds through the jungle, he does so on a Triumph motorcycle and when he's parched, he slugs a cold bottle of Coca-Cola.

Product placement is nothing new, especially for blockbusters. Steven Spielberg's original Jurassic Park showcased Ford Explorers, Jolt Cola, and a whole lot more. Jurassic World takes it to a whole new level, however: thanks to the dinosaur theme park's outdoor mall, a vicious pterodactyl attack is also promotional tie-in bonanza for everything for sandals to margarita joints.

In a lot of ways, the film is actually about overblown product placement. Jake Johnson's nostalgic park tech even grumbles that the park might as well advertise a "Pepsisaurus" or a "Tostidodome."

Just because Jurassic World makes a meta statement and winks at bad tie-ins doesn't excuse its runaway synergy, especially when it repeatedly feels more like a car commercial than an adventure 65 million years in the making.

Whether it's Mercedes or Ben & Jerry's, vote up the worst, most blatant bit of product placement in the mega-sequel below.


Ben & Jerry's
Compared to some of the other brands seen in the mall on what is basically the theme park's Main Street, Ben & Jerry's sounds downright reasonable. Just imagine all the punny ice cream names based on dinosaurs!

When the totally ripped and unquestionably awesome hero (Pratt) tinkers with his motorcycle at his sweet tropical island bachelor pad, he sips on a frosty Coke from an old fashioned bottle.

Columbia Sportswear
If you're going to be exploring a raptor-infested jungle, you're going to need some durable boots and maybe a slick windbreaker, so stop by the Columbia shop for outerwear that's fit for a paleontologist or dinosaur-wrangler.

IMAX Corporation
See an IMAX theater onscreen when seeing a blockbuster in IMAX!

Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville
Did anyone else notice the middle-aged man who seemed more concerned about spilling his margarita during the pterodactyl attack? What a powerful subliminal advertisement for the blended treats at Margaritaville. Jimmy Buffett's chain of theme restaurants isn't just prominently featured in the park; Buffett himself also performed at the Jurassic World premiere.

Seemingly every car on Isla Nublar is a Benz, all shot as lovingly as if the island were just a tropical backdrop for a series of ads. It's worst when Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) desperately drives across the island to avert disaster, providing an excuse to show just how well the GLE Coupe performs under pressure.

Samsung Electronics
The filmmakers are clearly making a funny point about product placement, and nowhere is that made clearer than the Samsung Innovation Center right at the heart of Jurassic World. Still, there are a whole lot of shots of those crystal clear Samsung smartphone, tablet, and television screens throughout the movie.

Starbucks has reached every corner of the planet. Why wouldn't there be one here too?

Triumph got its money's worth. Chris Pratt zipping through the jungle on his Triumph Scrambler flanked by raptors is the central image in Jurassic World's hype campaign.

Beats by Dre
Teenage Zack (Nick Robinson) sports a pair of Beats headphones from the moment we meet him pretty much up until he's in serious danger of becoming dinosaur food.

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<![CDATA[Companies That Have The Best Branding]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/companies-that-have-the-best-branding
This is a list of the savviest brand managers in the business, ranked by the wisdom of the crowd. Anyone can contribute to this list of smartly-branded companies, which makes these rankings an accurate, real-time reflection of all the contributing opinions. Rank the companies you think have the best brands in the business and add any that you think are missing. In this day and age of advertising on a mass-scale, props must be given for those that have kept their brand not only alive, but thriving.

Apple Inc.






Nike, Inc.

Sony Corporation


The Walt Disney Company

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<![CDATA[Inside the Coolest Offices in America]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/cool-offices/swiperight
Working in an office can be a drag. Cubicles, micromanaging bosses, long hours seated on an uncomfortable chair... it's not how humans were designed to live. That's why several companies are shattering modern expectations of the workplace and trying new and exciting things. Many companies are going above and beyond to give their employees the coolest offices in the US.

At the YouTube offices there are several putting greens. At Facebook headquarters there's a skate park. At AOL's office there's an arcade. What do these fun office perks have to do with work, you ask? Many companies believe happy workers are good workers and are less likely to quit or resign, thus reducing turnover. That's why many job applicants are dying to get in the door at these fun workplaces.

Vote up the offices you think have the coolest office design and are most innovative work spaces in America. Then, take a long hard look around your office and see what you can do to make it better. One thing excluded from this list are the people who work at said offices, so maybe the best office is really the one with the best people. But really, who needs cool people when your office has a ping-pong table?

Think AOL is dead? You wouldn't say that if you saw their offices in Palo Alto, CA. The AOL offices are wide open, have large kitchens, massive meetings rooms, shared work spaces, arcade rooms, and more colors than the human eye can see!
Pixar's office in Emeryville, CA, is exactly how you've probably always pictured it: open fields, Pixar movie memorabilia everywhere. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of their unique office is that many workspaces are their own little houses. It sure sounds like something right out of a Pixar movie!
One of the worst parts of being an intern, temp, or assistant in any workplace is getting sent out on a Starbucks run. It's even bad for the higher ups because they have to wait for said worker to leave the office, arrive at Starbucks, haggle with the barista, and come back.

There's one workplace where that isn't a problem, and that workplace is Starbucks itself. Not only does Starbucks serve all their trademark drinks and pastries at their Seattle, WA headquarters, their cafeteria is renowned for its four-star gourmet food.
Three Rings Design
Three Rings is a game development studio with a rad office in San Francisco, CA. Why is their office so awesome? It's designed to feel like your parents' basement, where you play video games in the first place. Well, maybe not your parents' basement, but rather your really cool friend's parents' basement.
Sometimes it's easy to disassociate Twitter's logo with an actual blue bird. At Twitter's headquarters in San Francisco, CA, that is not the case. With foliage throughout, open spaces, and earth tones, working at Twitter feels like being one with nature.
Some people dream of getting paid to watch YouTube at work. At YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, CA, workers get to do a lot more than that. With golf courses, Segways, pools, gyms, and even a free gourmet cafeteria, this office brings at-work procrastination to a whole new level.
Look at today's Groupons and you'll find deals on all kinds of different food, merchandise, and activities. At Groupon Headquarters in Chicago, IL, they bring the diversity of a Groupon experience to one place. There are tiki lounges, arcades, beach settings, ball pits - whatever it takes to spark creativity and get the workers at Groupon thinking about the next big deal.
Kickstarter, Inc.
Kickstarter found a way to turn their urban Brooklyn office into a creative oasis. One of the ways they did this was to put an urban garden on the roof, with enough room to spend the entire day working up there.
Living Social
When the word social is in a company's name, it better live up to that challenge. That's why LivingSocial's Washington, D.C. office looks more like a swanky loft than a place of business. With skee-ball, bikes, projectors, and many more elements of inspired fun, LivingSocial has managed to blur the line between work time and leisure time.
Inventionland - Fostering Ideas in the Garden of Eden
One of the biggest drags of working in an office is the lack of time outside. That's why Inventionland (operated in partnership with Davison Design & Development) in Pittsburgh, PA, brought the outdoors in. The mission of Inventionland's communal workspace is to unleash the creator within, and with streaming water, grassy lawns, and over 15 outdoor-inspired sets, this is the ideal place to get the creative juices flowing.

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