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Taste is a subjective thing, but elements of style aren't. It is almost universally accepted that proportion, symmetry, shape, and other principles of design need to work in harmony to produce beautifully-crafted works of art. Car and automobile design is no exception. On this list, we're going to look over some of the consistently best-looking car brands on the market today and decide which one is the current king of the lookers. 

Before we begin, we have a few basic rules. Firstly, no single-model brands. Anyone can make a one-hit wonder if it's the only thing they have to work on. That means no Bugatti, Noble, or any number of other gorgeous single-model brands. Secondly, we're talking about cars, which means no preference or prejudice towards trucks, SUVs, crossovers, trains, or planes. Cars only. Laslyt, we're limiting this list to current manufacturers, considering only their current models. It would just be never ending chaos otherwise.   

Note: You'll probably notice that this list of the best designed car brands skews heavily toward exotica and brands with only two or three models. That's the nature of the beast; generic shapes designed for mass consumption usually aren't notably pretty. At least, not compared to the well-designed car brands on this list.

So read on to learn more about the best looking brands of cars and automobiles on the market today, and be sure to upvote the car companies you think are rolling out the best designs on the lot.

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Alfa Romeo
It's become almost de rigueur these days to pay homage to Alfa in any conversation on aesthetics. They've got plenty of fanboys and God knows more than a few will tell you these Italians can do no wrong on styling. They're wrong. There have been plenty of ugly Italian cars, but very, very few of them have been Alfa Romeos. In the same way BMW defines "form following function," Alfa defines the "form first" design philosophy. Very rarely will you ever find a flat panel on an Alfa; they're all sophisticated style, complex curves, and sweeping lines, a lot like the roads of Italy.
Aston Martin
Since Henrik Fisker showed up a few years ago, Astons have gone from being some of the best looking cars on Earth to the almost undisputed champions of style. That said, this one is a little bit of a cheat. Part of the reason all Astons today look stunning is because they all look basically the same. Try telling a Vantage from a Vanquish from a DB9 in less than 30 seconds, looking at them one at a time. Good luck! Still, you can't fault Aston for knowing a great thing when they've got it and sticking to what works. 
Audis are good-looking in the same sense that all properly tailored business suits are good-looking. Clearly, Iron Man's R8 is a stunning piece of machinery, but that's what's always been so great about Audis. They're machines, and they know it. An Audi doesn't want to be your object of lust, your weekend mistress, or your local psychopathic football hooligan. It just wants to be good at being a car. The fact that it looks as tailored as a Saville Row suit just shows the world that you (and it) mean business. 
You probably either already have or will now notice that German cars make up a pretty significant portion of this list. That's no accident. Form should always follow function, and nobody gets that better than the Germans. BMW has long epitomized that design philosophy. If you like machines as machines, instead of art or styling statements, BMW does it better than anyone. 
Ferrari S.p.A.
Jeremy Clarkson once made the point that Ferraris were never pretty. Striking, yes, in the same way that a two-ton rhinoceros is striking. But not pretty. Some, like old Testarossas and F50s, were very eye catching, but they were also styled like shaved bricks. That certainly isn't the case anymore, especially with the 458 Italia. Even without the speed connotations, modern Ferraris like this are just objectively beautiful pieces of automotive sculpture. 
Lamborghini has had its ups and downs over the years, and has long suffered from the same kind of styling problems as Ferrari, which is to say that their cars are always very striking, but not necessarily "good looking." Since Audi got involved, though, Lambos as a rule have at least taken on a kind of sculptural artistry. Some, like the Reventon, are still just as "finny," "wingy," and insane as any Countach, but somehow, there's just more substance to their designs. It's as though they were sculpted of fine marble, not kitchen-top plastic. You'd probably have to credit the German influence for that. But either way, though the Huracan and Reventon may not be to everyone's taste, they're certainly good-looking by Lamborghini standards.
It seems a corporate kinship with Ferrari has been good for Maserati, especially in terms of design. There was a time when Maserati didn't really seem to know where it was going, but they seem to have settled on decidedly "forward." Looking a bit like an LF-A that's been to finishing school in Switzerland, Maserati's newest offering blends the best of classic proportion with the hardest of post-modern detail. That's carried over through the entire line, and the brand is better for it. 
Most of us think only of the P1 when we hear the McLaren name these days, but they've got several models, and every one of them is a looker. Granted, they're unapologetically mid-engine, so they don't have the classic proportions of some other sports cars. And some people decry the styling as a bit underwhelming at first glance. But like any good art, it's the details that draw you into McLaren's styling. These cars demand some study to be truly appreciated - preferably at 200 mph.
Another hypothetical cheat... sort of. Eagle manufacturers completely rebuilt the original Jaguar E-Types, which are by any definition brand new cars. And since the E-Type is the best looking car of all time, you could hardly leave them off a list like this. Still, Eagle is a single-model brand - which would disqualify them, if not for the fact that Jaguar itself remains one of the best looking brands out there today. Some would place it second only to Aston Martin. But even as pretty as modern Jags are, almost anyone would agree that not even the best-looking modern Jag holds a candle to the original E-Type. 
Does carbon fiber strike you as somewhat underhanded? Do Bentleys seem "a tad bit boxy?" Do you view foreign food with suspicion and spend an inordinate amount of time talking about "The War," or memorize Shakespearean sonnets because "you never know?" Then odds are that, as far as you're concerned, nothing but Morgan matters. The fact that they're the only cars in the world right now made of wood, with both running boards and discrete fenders might make Morgan the most beautiful car brand in the world. At least, it will if you think automotive styling peaked in 1933 - which it probably did.

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<![CDATA[The Best Restaurants to Stop at During a Road Trip]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-restaurants-to-stop-at-during-a-road-trip/restaurant-chains
A list of the Best Restaurants to Stop at During a Road Trip. Are you planning a road trip in the near future? One of the most important things on a trip is finding just the right restaurant to stop at for your meals. During a road trip, it is exciting to try different types of eating places. This list of restaurants is ranked in order of most popular restaurants to stop at during a road trip, to least popular. You can save and copy the list for a reference of best restaurants on your upcoming road trip, or you can make your own list to look at on the computer.

You can also vote for a favorite restaurant that you tried on your last road trip. See your favorite restaurant get ranked higher on the list so that others can try a good restaurant on their next road trip as well. You might even find a new favorite restaurant to eat at during your road trip.

Sometimes, people will try different restaurants on a road trip that they never have tried in their own hometown, simply because the restaurant is in a convenient place to stop at on a road trip. Often, the restaurants located right off the interstate are tempting to road trippers, and the ones located close to the hotels are also excellent restaurants to try on a road trip. So browse through the list before going on your next trip to find a new favorite vacation restaurant!


Cracker Barrel

Dairy Queen



In-N-Out Burger


Panera Bread



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<![CDATA[Companies with the Worst Customer Service]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/companies-with-the-worst-customer-service
Companies with the worst customer service, as voted on by consumers. Anyone can add to this real-time ranking of companies that can't seem to get customer service right. Next time you're faced with a customer service fail, don't just get mad. Get even, by getting that company up on this list so everyone can see how bad their service really is.

What companies have the worst customer service? What businesses have bad customer service? This list was generated based on numerous user lists surfacing about this topic and turning it into a CrowdRanking.

American Airlines


Bank of America Corporation

Best Buy





Time Warner Cable


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<![CDATA[The Best Motorcycle Brands]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-motorcycle-brands/werner-brandes
This list of motorcycle brands includes the most reliable models available, including those made by Kawasaki, Ducati, Honda, and more. Motorcycles offer an exhilarating riding experience and can have impressive fuel savings. If you're thinking about getting a motor bike, it is important to pick out one of the most reliable brands on the road. Many motorcycle companies may claim to make superior bikes, but it's important to do your research. The amount of gear a bike comes with, bags, accessories, breaks, break pads, and tires all come in to play when considering what is the best motorcycle to buy.

A lot of people buy motorcycles, like Harley Davidsons, for their cool looks. Some of the best motorcycles out there are also the nicest looking bikes and manufacturers do a good job of combining looks with top quality materials. Riders who dream of wearing leather and cruising down the highway on their motorcycle may choose the raddest looking motorcycles. Fans of Harleys are also getting a great bike. Consumer reports found that owners of Harleys and BMW motorcycles were the most satisfied with their bikes. They are also one of the most popular motorcycle brands– and for good reason! Check out this list of good motorcycle companies and vote on your favorites!

This list answers the question, 'What are the best motorcycle brands?' Users looking for a new motorcycle will want to research a variety of different brands to find the one that best suits their needs, based on function and features.




Honda Motor Company, Ltd


Moto Guzzi

Suzuki Motor Corporation

Yamaha Motor Company



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<![CDATA[Fun Jobs That Pay Well]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/fun-jobs-that-pay-well/american-jobs
Americans spend much of their adult life at work – usually they spend more time at work than with family or friends. If quality of life is important to you, it may be a good idea to find a career that is actually fun for you most of the time. No job will be fun every day, but if you generally like what you do for work then "you will never work a day in your life" (according to an old saying). Since different people have different ideas of "fun," the careers on this list are diverse. Some people think that the best jobs in the world are those that require a lot of office time, while others prefer high-paying flexible jobs. What are fun careers to have that also pay well?

Some of the top-paying gigs on this list are easy jobs that pay well, such as a medical test subject or a professional video game player. To get these jobs, generally, you just need to know how to find them and get lucky. Other jobs on this list take years of education and specialty training – such as an astronaut or a master sommelier – but once you get the position, you are rewarded with one of the most fun, well-paying jobs for women and men. 


Professional Athlete
Varies greatly; can be anywhere from $40,000 a year to well over $1 million annually
Food Critic
Average annual salary: $47,000
Annual salary: $90,000
Wardrobe Stylist
Anywhere from $1,000 a week to $10,000 a week
Cruise Director
Annual salary: $50,000
Personal Shopper
Average annual salary: $40,000
Ferrari Driving Instructor
Annual salary: $120,000
Video Game Player
Annual salary: $50,000
Voice-Over Artist
Average annual salary: $80,000
Interior Designer
Annual salary: $45,000

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<![CDATA[TV Networks with the Best Shows]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/networks-with-the-best-programming/ranker-tv
List of the TV networks with the best programming, ranked by content consumers. Is modern television better than film? Movie stars are stepping down from the silver screen to star in award-winning TV shows. Which channels have the best of the bunch? As competition increases, cable companies and premium networks are producing some of the best series the world has ever seen. 
What channels have the best shows? This list discusses the best programming from popular North American networks, including the names of the original series they air. No matter what genre you’re craving, one of these top networks will have the right shows for you.
This list features the best U.S. networks with best programming, including: HBO, NBC, Showtime, TBS, AMC, Fox, FX, and more.

Breaking Bad, Mad Men, The Walking Dead, The Killing
BBC America
Doctor Who, Orphan Black, Top Gear
Comedy Central
The Daily Show, Workaholics, South Park, Nathan for You
Disney–ABC Television Group
Grey's Anatomy, Once Upon a Time, Scandal, Modern Family, Castle
Fox Broadcasting Company
The Simpsons, Glee, American Idol, 24, New Girl
Justified, Sons of Anarchy, Archer, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, True Blood, Girls, The Wire
Seinfeld, Saturday Night Live, Parks and Recreation, Friends, Law & Order
Homeland, Dexter, Weeds, Californication, Episodes
USA Network
Suits, White Collar, Royal Pains, Monday Night Raw

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<![CDATA[The Top Restaurant Chains in America]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/top-restaurant-chains-in-america
The List of Top Restaurant Chains in America includes famous restaurant chains from throughout the United States. Restaurant chains offer a familiarity through their decor and menu throughout all of their locations. As such, they tend to be most popular in areas where one would find travelers or tourists. From fast food, to drive-thrus, and even some sit down franchises, there are a variety of restaurants on this list, each serving different international cuisines or their own takes on American classics.

The idea of chain restaurants is widely credited to Harland Sanders, more famously known as "Colonel Sanders." By "franchising" out his secret recipe, restaurants that served his food had an advantage as travelers knew what to expect. His restaurant, KFC, is now one of the largest in the world. Today, nearly every cuisine imaginable has a restaurant chain attached to it.

Vote up your favorite chain restaurants below, or vote down those you'll never go back to again. Looking for more of a sweet treat? Check out this list of the Best Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt Chains. Cook up some mediocre Italian food at home using this list of Olive Garden recipes, and take a look at other delicious lists like, the Best Japanese Foods and the Best Brain Foods.


Burger King


Dairy Queen


Pizza Hut

Red Lobster

Red Robin



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<![CDATA[Companies That Have The Best Branding]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/companies-that-have-the-best-branding
This is a list of the savviest brand managers in the business, ranked by the wisdom of the crowd. Anyone can contribute to this list of smartly-branded companies, which makes these rankings an accurate, real-time reflection of all the contributing opinions. Rank the companies you think have the best brands in the business and add any that you think are missing. In this day and age of advertising on a mass-scale, props must be given for those that have kept their brand not only alive, but thriving.






Nike, Inc.

Sony Corporation


The Walt Disney Company

Volkswagen Group

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<![CDATA[The Best Logos in the World]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/ranking-the-best-logos-in-the-world
The best logos in the world rank among some of the most iconic images, so it's no wonder they've found their way to a list of the greatest logos on the world. These national and international companies have leveraged their company logos in their marketing and many are now considered companies with the best branding.

Many of these company logos are instantly recognizable even without the name of the company being present. The Twitter bird, the McDonald's arches, and the Target bullseye are known across the country and around the world for their company and brand associations, making them part of the greatest logos in the world list.

What companies have the best logos in the world? What makes a great company logo? Vote for the top logos in the world and help decide. This list of amazing company logos is a cross-section of the best logos on the planet, but if you don't see your favorite company logo on the list of the greatest company logos, make sure to add it so others can decide it's as recognizable as you think it is.





Nike, Inc.



World Wildlife Fund



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<![CDATA[The Best Packaged Coffee Brands]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-packaged-coffee-brands/desertrat89
Most coffee connoisseurs would say that you should buy freshly ground beans from a small-batch grower, but we can't always do that. And maybe you just like coffee and don't need the religious experience. Which are the best packaged brands that are available at most grocery stores? This list has some good coffee brands to choose from and get familiar with. Vote for your personal favorites... and if you really know coffee, re-rank your own list, too! Make sure to add any coffee brands you see missing.

The best packaged coffee brands are those that are readily available in stores, allowing consumers to simply open the package, dump the (pre-ground) coffee in the coffee maker and brew. Some popular, top 10 national coffee brands and top 10 coffee companies, like Starbucks, Peet's and illy, are among the best whole bean coffee brands as well. The best store bought coffee (including more than one best tasting coffee brand) can definitely give gourmet brands a run for their money!

What are the best tasting store bought coffee brands and what are the best coffee brand names? For coffee lovers interested in something a little different, check out this list of the best K Cup flavors and be sure to vote for the ones you like the best (and vote down any you've tried and hated, too). If instant gratification is your thing where coffee is concerned, be sure to also check out this list of the best big national coffee franchises - and of course, vote!

Caribou Coffee Company, Inc.

Community Coffee

Dunkin' Donuts




Seattle's Best Coffee



8 O' Clock

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