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No matter how much time or money producers put into a movie, there's just no guaranteeing it will be a success-- critically or financially. For studios hoping for big wins there's no more crucial time that a movie's debut weekend. What is it about the epic box office flops on this list that made audiences avoid them during those first few days? Was it bad storytelling? Lackluster acting? Too much of Zac Efron's biceps? It's hard to say. Whatever the cause, these unsuccessful movies had the worst film debuts in history. Information on this list is based on box office data from the revenue tracking site Box Office Mojo.

When movie studios pour millions of dollars into their projects, they're banking on the hope that those movies will bring in huge audiences to help off set the costs. Spending $230+ million on Avatar is just fine if the movie brings in more than $2 billion worldwide. Spending $6 million on We Are Your Friends only to have it gross $1.8 in it's opening weekend is definitely less acceptable. (Zac Efron may have a hard time getting another job after that one!)

The movies on this list had the worst opening weekends in film history, taking into account how many screens they were showed on. Never heard of most of them? That's not a surprise. They made have made a few more bucks in the weeks after their debut, but if fans weren't rushing to see Eddie Murphy in space during The Adventures of Pluto Nash's opening weekend, they definitely stayed home after hearing it's terrible reviews. And that's probably best for everyone. Except of course, Eddie Murphy. 

Source: Box Office Mojo
Box Office Mojo
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The premise of this 2008 comedy sounds like a great time: three high school seniors go away for a weekend to see what college life is all about. Unfortunately, the raunchy movie was an enormous swing and a miss. It received a lowly 5% critic rating on rottentomatoes.com. The film took in a little over $2.1 million in its debut weekend and appeared on 2,123 screens. Thankfully for MGM, the bomb only cost $7 million to produce.


All Dogs Go to Heaven 2
This 1996 animated sequel earned just $2.3 million in its opening weekend and appeared on 2,037 domestic screens. The story may have been okay for very young children, but was considered a snooze-fest for everyone else.

Another animated box office bomb. Delgo took in just $511,920 in its debut weekend and appeared on 2,160 screens. The $40 million production was criticized for its lack of imagination, lackluster animation, and non-dimensional characters.

Major League: Back to the Minors
The third film in the previously hilarious and successful Major League series took in just a hair over $2 million in its cinematic debut weekend, and appeared on 2,322 screens domestically. Almost the entire cast from the first two movies (except Corbin Bernsen and Dennis Haysbert) were smart enough to pass on the third film, which starred Scott Bakula as a cliche-ridden ball player who plans to retire after just one more good underdog season.

P2, a 2007 horror film with absolutely no bite, grossed a little over $2 million in its opening weekend, and appeared on 2,333 screens. For anyone who wondered where Wes Bentley went after his memorable performance in American Beauty, look no further than this list. The actor appeared in both P2 and We Are Your Friends.

The Adventures of Pluto Nash
This Eddie Murphy box office disaster may have hurt the most. The sci-fi comedy cost about $100 million to make (and perhaps Murphy's Hollywood career) and earned less than $2.2 million in its opening weekend. The legendary flop received a 5% on rottentomatoes.com and was criticized for being neither funny nor interesting.

The Real Cancun
Apparently almost no one wants to pay to see reality programming on the big screen, when you can get it at home for free. Sure, the spring break footage of 16 college students partying like there's no tomorrow was deemed R-rated, but overall the narrative remained rather lifeless and boring. The feature-length bomb grossed about $2.1 million in its first weekend and appeared on 2,261 domestic screens. On the bright side, the reality movie only cost $7.5 million to produce.

Bandslam was actually positively reviewed by critics. But perhaps it's another example of former Disney stars (this time both Vanessa Hudgens and Aly Michalka) struggling to find their film audience. The coming of age music drama took in $2.2 million in its debut weekend and appeared on 2,121 screens. Maybe audiences didn't know that David Bowie makes a cameo appearance?

The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure
Never heard of this 2012 children's film? You're not alone. The film takes the top spot on Box Office Mojo's list of worst openings. The story was criticized for its lack of any real drama and drew under a half million dollars in its debut weekend, despite being on 2,160 screens domestically. The movie cost $20 million to produce.

We Are Your Friends
Perhaps Zac Efron has lost his target demo? The former Disney star definitely needed more friends to come out and support his coming of age music drama about a DJ looking for the next monster track. The movie grossed just $1.8 million despite being played in 2,333 theaters in the United States.


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<![CDATA[The Best Ice Cream Brands]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-ice-cream-brands-v1/werner-brandes
Who doesn't love a scoop of ice cream?! The best ice cream brands, including the most popular, healthy, inexpensive, tasty, and nonfat brands for ice cream are listed here, for your drooling pleasure. Ice cream is a frozen dessert that is loved by many (especially when served in a cone or in a bowl with chocolate syrup on top.) In essence, the ingredients in ice cream are just cream, water, and sugar - although many top ice cream brands and large ice cream companies add their own extra ingredients to make unique flavors of ice cream. Phrases such as "frozen custard," "frozen yogurt," "sorbet," "gelato," and others are used to distinguish different varieties and styles.

So, what are the best ice cream brands? More than just the top 10 ice cream brands, this list has 'em all! Popular ice cream types are available in convenience stores, grocery stores and specialty stores. People usually choose the creamiest, sweetest, easiest to scoop, and most delicious kinds of ice cream as their favorites. Whether you're eating a pint of Ben and Jerry's alone in bed (it's okay, we've all been there), or scooping up cones for the kiddos, choose from among the best store bought ice cream to get the best ice creamy-delightful dessert experience.

The goal of this page is to provide a comprehensive list of all major ice cream brands, making shopping and comparison fast and easy. This is what people recommend, based on voting for the top ice cream brands available today.


Ben & Jerry's

Blue Bell Creameries

Cold Stone Creamery

Dairy Queen


Hershey Creamery Company


New Magnum Ice Cream


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<![CDATA[Seemingly Generic Terms That Are Actually Brand Names]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/generic-terms-that-are-brand-names/robert-desalvo
When a company trademarks the name of a product and the public actually starts using the trademarked name instead of the generic name, the marketing team needs a raise and promotion. If you cut yourself, would you ask for an adhesive bandage or a Band-Aid? Would you grab a Kleenex or a disposable facial tissue if you were watching Terms of Endearment? Would you go Rollerblading by the beach or inline skating? Do you fancy a game of table tennis or Ping-Pong?

These are just a few examples of proprietary eponyms that sound generic enough in everyday use, but are actually brands owned by someone or some company out there. Which of the following names could you have sworn was a generic term? There are lots of generic names that are brands, and not generic at all!

Read on to find out which companies have done their job so thoroughly that you now use their trademarked brand name instead of the generic term... and can't stop!

The trademark name for artificial turf, or fake grass, is owned by the Monsanto Company.
You would never say, "Quick! Little Johnny cut himself. Grab an adhesive bandage!" No, you would just say Band-Aid, which is the trademark name.
"Before she kicked his cheating butt to the curb, she Cloroxed his clothes." Is there any other kind of bleach that comes to mind first?
"Pass me a Kleenex." The company loves when you say that about its disposable facial tissues.
The trademark name for table tennis was passed to Parker Brothers from Jaques and Son.
Zipper is so much less of a mouthful than "hookless sliding fasteners." B.F. Goodrich coined the term "zipper" in the 1920s for its boots.
Bubble Wrap
The term Bubble Wrap seems generic enough, but it is actually a trademarked name for inflated cushioning, owned by Sealed Air.
Most people would say they need some ChapStick instead of a generic "lip balm" before they hit the ski slopes.
Even if you have another brand of slow cooker, you probably still call yours a Crock-Pot, so Sunbeam Products - the company that owns the trademark - still wins.
"Dumpster diving" sounds snappier than "front-loader waste container diving," doesn't it? The Dempster Brothers registered the trademark name in 1963.

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<![CDATA[The Best Family Restaurant Chains in America]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-best-family-restaurant-chains-in-america/desertrat89
This is a list of the best kid-friendly restaurant chains in America. If you don't have kids, you don't understand the trauma that parents endure taking their children to eat out. It was thus that the family restaurant was born. Over the years, a lot of family restaurants have popped up across the country and have become standard American restaurants that can be seen all over the world. You'll see breakfast restaurants such as IHOP on this list as well as Cracker Barrel, Red Lobster, and Denny's.

Just because a restaurant is a chain, that doesn't mean it necessarily specializes in distinctly American cuisine. Other popular restaurants include the Australian-themed Outback Steakhouse, P.F. Chang's China Bistro, and Chipotle Mexican Grill. While many of these restaurants may not overlap in their menus, the one thing all have in common is that they are considered the best family restaurant chains in America. 

Vote for your personal faves, and add any you see missing. Keep in mind these are national chains, not local haunts, so add your restaurants accordingly.

Check out more lists like Best American Restuarants for Kid's Birthdays and The Best Restaurant Chains to Stop at During a Road Trip.

Applebee’s International, Inc.


Cracker Barrel



Olive Garden

Outback Steakhouse

Panera Bread

Red Lobster

Red Robin

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<![CDATA[Fortune 500 CEOs Who Served in the Military]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/ceos-who-served-in-the-military/mike-rothschild
Business leaders who served in the military have a tremendous knowledge in leadership and motivation. Many CEOs of major companies spent time in the armed forces, with a number seeing combat in the Vietnam War, and some even being wounded. Along the way, they learned a great deal about how to motivate people under you, logistics, efficiency, and managing expectations.

These lessons would come in handy when they transitioned to the business world. These leaders turned major companies around, oversaw mergers and new products, weathered uncertain economic times, and made profits for shareholders - all while managing employees with the skills they learned in the military.

As the current generation of Vietnam veteran CEOs retires, the corporate world is left with a vacuum that won't be filled for decades, until Iraq and Afghanistan-era veterans take high-ranking business leadership positions. Here are some of the most prominent current and recently retired CEOs who also served in the military.


Robert A. McDonald
Retired Procter & Gamble Chairman and CEO Robert McDonald wanted to enlist in the Army so much that he wrote his Congressman to ask for a special exemption - at 11 years old. He eventually graduated, serving in the elite 82nd Airborne Division, and retiring as a Captain. He served in the Obama cabinet as Secretary for Veterans Affairs.

Daniel Akerson
The former chairman and CEO of General Motors, Daniel Akerson spent five years in the Navy, serving on a destroyer from 1970 through 1975. He currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Naval Academy Foundation.

Frederick W. Smith
FedEx founder, chairman, president, and CEO Fred Smith served in the Marines from 1966 through 1970. He served as a ground control officer, flying in helicopter missions and coordinating ground and air action. He flew over 200 combat missions, was wounded twice, and won a Silver Star and Bronze Star.

James Mulva
Recently-retired ConocoPhillips CEO James Mulva went to college on the ROTC program, and served in the Navy in the late '60s and early '70s. After leaving the Navy in 1973, he went to work at Phillips, where he stayed for his entire career - retiring with a $260 million parachute.

Lowell C. McAdam
Before working his way up the ladder to become Chairman and CEO of Verizon, Lowell McAdam spent seven years in the Navy. Most of that time was serving in the U.S. Navy Civil Engineer Corps, building bases, installations - and sets for the film Top Gun.

Robert J. Stevens
Retired Lockheed Chairman, President, and CEO, Stevens enlisted in the Marines at age 18. He has since received a number of awards from various branches of the military, including the Globe and Anchor Award from the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation’s Circle of Honor Award, and the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation’s Semper Fidelis Award.

Sumner Redstone
While media kingpin Sumner Redstone's accomplishments in the business world are well-known (Chairman of National Amusements, majority owner of CBS, Paramount, BET, Viacom, etc.) his service in the military isn't. After graduating from Harvard in 1944, Redstone was commissioned as a lieutenant in the Army, and served with an intelligence unit, analyzing decoded Japanese transmissions.

Robert J. Myers
Casey's General Store CEO Robert Myers served in the Army for 22 years starting in 1968, and was stationed everywhere from Vietnam to West Germany. After retiring, he took a managerial position at the Midwestern chain Casey's, where he worked his way up to CEO.

Alex Gorsky
Johnson and Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky served in the Army for six years as an officer in a variety of positions, including a stint in the elite Rangers. He retired as a captain, obtaining the coveted Ranger and Airborne tabs.

Alan B. Miller
The founder and CEO of Universal Health Services, Miller joined the ROTC in college, and served in the Army, working his way up to the rank of Captain in the 77th Infantry Division. He's seen as one of the most influental people in healthcare technology.

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<![CDATA[The Best Men's Watch Brands]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-men-and-_39_s-watch-brands/werner-brandes
Watches can function as a statement piece, a show of wealth, a pedometer, or simply as a timepiece. The best watch brands are popular with men everywhere, helping them keep the time and look stylish. Though watches are not as popular as they once were, a watch is more of a fashion statement than it used to be. There are many name brand watches that are still widely worn and plenty of watch manufacturers designing great men's watches.

The most inexpensive and medium-priced watches are used mainly for timekeeping and are electronic watches with quartz movements. Expensive collectible watches, valued more for their workmanship and aesthetic appeal than for simple timekeeping, often have purely mechanical movements and are powered by springs, even though they are less accurate than the more affordable quartz movements watches. In addition to the time, the most popular men's watches often display the day, date, month, and year. Some watches for men provide additional time-related features, such as timers, chronographs, alarm functions, GPS, and heart monitoring.

What are the best men's watch brands? The best men's wristwatch companies include those from major manufacturers of men's watches including Panerai, Rolex, Rotary, Tissot, and more. Which ones are your favorites? Vote up the top watch brands below, or add any other good watch brands that you love that aren't yet listed here.


Audemars Piguet

Breitling SA



Omega SA

Patek Philippe & Co.


Ulysse Nardin

Vacheron Constantin

A. Lange & Söhne

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<![CDATA[The Worst Boarding School Scandals]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/boarding-school-scandals/mike-rothschild
Scandals at boarding schools are an inevitable result when you mix wealth, power, privilege, and centuries-old legacies. Some of them can be laughed off, like the elite prep school that had to expel over a dozen students for trying (and failing) to start a cocaine ring, or the laughably inept attempt at cheating that some LA prep school students tried.

But others, like the trial of a Harvard-bound preparatory school student for sexual assault, aren't anything funny. Some of the most famous and high-ranking boarding schools in the country have dealt with everything from child porn to systemic abuse to murder. Most of the time the school's reputation comes out intact, even if they have to issue apologies or some settlement money. What are the biggest boarding school scandals ever?

Thankfully, all of these have come to light, and led to prison terms for many perpetrators - or at least expulsion. But one wonders what else is going on behind the hallowed and secretive walls of America's elite prep schools. Read on to learn more about the prep school scandals that have plagued these US schools, their students, and teachers.


The Hotchkiss School
Cara Munn went on a school-sponsored study abroad trip to China the summer after her freshman year at The Hotchkiss School. While there, she was bitten by ticks and contracted encephalitis, leaving her brain-damaged and mute. Her attorney claimed that the school had been negligent by not taking safety precautions against ticks, including allowing the students to walk through heavily forested areas known to have tick populations. They sued the Lakeville, Connecticut, school, and a federal jury awarded her and her family $41.7 million in March 2013.
Milton Academy
Five members of the Milton Academy men’s hockey team were expelled in February 2005 after they were accused of receiving oral sex from a 15-year-old sophomore girl. After the investigation, two were charged with statutory rape under Massachusetts law, and accepted plea deals in exchange for no jail time. The students claimed the sex acts were consensual, but agreed to the expulsion. Two alumnae of the school later published a non-fiction account of the scandal called Restless Virgins.

Miss Porter's School
In her final year at elite prep academy Miss Porter’s School, student Tatum Bass was expelled after skipping classes and being caught cheating on an art-history exam. Afterwards, the former honor-roll student asserted that she was coerced into doing so by a group of bullying students who called themselves the Oprichniki, after the 16th century Russian torture squad formed by Ivan the Terrible. Bass sued the school for wrongfully expelling her – exposing a variety of “traditions” used to bully younger students.
Phillips Exeter Academy
A former student accused Phillips Exeter Academy drama teacher Larry Lane Bateman of taking pornographic photos of him at age 16. In October 1992, Bateman admitted to owning at least 300 pornographic videos, some of which featured young teenage boys. Bateman was convicted on child-pornography charges and sent to prison for five years.
Madeira School
Jean Harris, the headmistress at Madeira School in McLean, VA, was tried and found guilty of murdering her ex-lover, Herman Tarnower, in 1980. Tarnower was a popular Westchester Country cardiologist known as the "Scarsdale Diet Doctor.” On March 10, 1980, after 14 years together, Harris drove to Tarnower's house in Purchase, NY, with a .32 caliber revolver. She discovered the lingerie of Tarnower's receptionist, in his bedroom, got into an argument with him, then shot him four times. She served 11 years in prison, and died at age 89.
Deerfield Academy Teacher Abuse
After a former student at Deerfield Academy made allegations that he was sexually abused by former math teacher Peter Hindle, the administration announced it would conduct an investigation into Hindle’s time at the school. The investigation corroborated the student’s accusations, and he subsequently sued Deerfield Academy in federal court.

Phillips Academy Child Porn
Dr. Richard Keller was the medical director at the prestigious Massachusetts prep school Phillips Academy Andover for 19 years. During that time, he’d repeatedly been reprimanded for inappropriate conduct, including using a school computer to look at adult pornography in 1999. He left the school in 2011, and a year later, federal investigators discovered that he had bought more than 50 child pornography tapes over 18 months – some of which were delivered to the school. Keller was sentenced to six years in federal prison.
Lawrenceville School Discrimination
Lawrenceville School teacher Ronald Savoie was dismissed in 2003 after sexual devices and video equipment was found in the basement of his on-campus housing. Savoie denied that the equipment was ever used with students, and sued the school for wrongful termination in 2011. While his case was dismissed, his appeal was successful, and the case was sent back to federal court.
Horace Mann School Sex Ring
Elite Brooklyn prep school Horace Mann was found to have an extensive and organized system of child abuse. It involved multiple teachers and dozens of students over decades. A long investigation by a coalition of concerned parents found over 60 credible cases, and the scandal was compounded by the fact that the school refused to issue any kind of statement for a year – until giving a half-hearted apology and claiming it cooperated with police investigations at the time. Because of the length of time the abuse had been going on, most of the perpetrators are either dead or protected by the statute of limitations.

St. Paul's School Senior Salute
Two days before graduating from St. Paul’s School, senior Owen Labrie allegedly raped a 15-year-old female freshman. Labrie was arrested in July 2014 and charged with felonious aggravated sexual assault, statutory sexual assault, and using a computer to lure a victim. Investigators believe that Labrie was participating in an unofficial school tradition called “senior salute,” where departing male seniors try to hook up with underclassmen – a tradition at least one school official knew about. After Labrie’s arrest, St. Paul’s officially banned sexual solicitation or games involving sexual conquests. Labrie pleaded not guilty, and at this writing is on trial, interrupting his plan to attend Harvard and study theology.

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<![CDATA[The Greatest Pizza Delivery Chains In The World]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/greatest-pizza-delivery-chains-in-the-world
Pizza delivery... AHHH... The perfect food that transcends every culture, brought to your door! We're listing and ranking the best delivery pizzas from best to worst right here. What are the greatest pizza delivery chains in the world? You decide with your votes and reranks.

When it comes to favorites, pizza is almost always ranked way up there on any list of the most delicious foods. No one, it seems, can resist a piping hot slice (or five). And having it delivered right to where you live? That's the greatest thing ever. What makes for a great pizza delivery chain? Certainly, prompt service is a key, but the actual restaurant needs to offer a quality product too. People love their pies, and they want the tastiest pizza toppings on them (including extra cheese and tomato sauce, traditional pepperoni and great veggies like mushrooms, peppers and onion). In determining the best delivery pizza chain, this list considers all the variables, taking into account delivery time, quality of service, and, of course, the deliciousness of the pizza.

Vote for the pizza delivery chains you like the most right here, and then head over to read about where to find the best pizza in America, too.

Domino's Pizza

Godfather's Pizza

Hungry Howie's Pizza

Little Caesars

Papa John's Pizza

Papa Murphy's

Pizza Hut

Round Table Pizza

Marco's Pizza

Jet's Pizza

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<![CDATA[The Top Women's Shoe Designers]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/top-women_s-shoe-designers
Find Your Perfect Pair At Shoe Metro!

Who are the top women's shoe designers? This list of major shoe brands includes some famous, fashion-forward designers who've been making stylish footwear for women for decades (think Louboutin's red bottom shoes), as well as some relative newcomers who have become quite popular and are making a huge splash in the fashion scene (Beatrix Ong's edgy shoes come to mind). What's the best women's shoe designer? The names on this list are determined by the Ranker community (well, the fashionista division of it). If you've got a 'thing' for women's shoes (and really, who doesn't?!), make your own list of your favorites.

Who is the absolute top ladies shoe designer? That's subjective. Everyone has a personal favorite, including me. And while I can't always afford to fill my closet up with stunning stilettos and fashionable ballet flats from these designers, I can definitely dream big!

These top women's shoe designers make more than your average, everyday shoe. No, their shoes are works of art! If you're a fashionista with an eye for the fanciest of footwear, step up now and make sure your favorite women's shoe designer makes the list.

Steven Madden, Ltd.





Marc Jacobs

Jimmy Choo Ltd

Christian Louboutin

Manolo Blahnik

Giuseppe Zanotti

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<![CDATA[Companies with the Worst Customer Service]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/companies-with-the-worst-customer-service
Companies with the worst customer service, as voted on by consumers. Anyone can add to this real-time ranking of companies that can't seem to get customer service right. Next time you're faced with a customer service fail, don't just get mad. Get even, by getting that company up on this list so everyone can see how bad their service really is.

What companies have the worst customer service? What businesses have bad customer service? Thanks to the votes of the community at large, you can easily see which companies have terrible customer service, and can add your own votes as well! These customer service rankings will help you avoid companies that don't treat their customers well.

From ATT to Time Warner, which companies have you had bad customer service experience with?


American Airlines


Bank of America Corporation

Best Buy





Time Warner Cable


http://www.ranker.com/profile-of/ranker-community http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/companies-with-the-worst-customer-service