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Whether you're a lady who loves her Chanel No. 5 or a simple man who favors his Old Spice, more than likely you have a favorite fragrance, but which are the best perfumers and fragrance makers? Sales figures from perfume makers can tell us which company has the highest market share, but only you can tell us which fragrance company is really the best. Share your own favorite fragrances by adding your list and voting for your choices below.

Created from plant, animal and synthetic oils, compounds and solvents, among other ingredients, perfume has evolved extensively throughout the years. Originally, perfumes were created from natural compounds like vanilla in the early 19th century but modern-day perfumes include a combination of natural and synthetic ingredients to produce a wide array of scents.

Who are the most famous perfume makers? Perfumes and fragrances have also attracted numerous celebrities in contemporary versions with everyone from Britney Spears to the Kardashians creating their own scents. So tell us, which perfume maker is your favorite and which scent can you absolutely not live without?

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Calvin Klein Inc.


Christian Dior S.A.

Dolce & Gabbana







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<![CDATA[The Best Logos in the World]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/ranking-the-best-logos-in-the-world
The best logos in the world rank among some of the most iconic images, so it's no wonder they've found their way to a list of the greatest logos on the world. These national and international companies have leveraged their company logos in their marketing and many are now considered companies with the best branding.

Many of these company logos are instantly recognizable even without the name of the company being present. The Twitter bird, the McDonald's arches, and the Target bullseye are known across the country and around the world for their company and brand associations, making them part of the greatest logos in the world list.

What companies have the best logos in the world? What makes a great company logo? Vote for the top logos in the world and help decide. This list of amazing company logos is a cross-section of the best logos on the planet, but if you don't see your favorite company logo on the list of the greatest company logos, make sure to add it so others can decide it's as recognizable as you think it is.




Nike, Inc.

Shell Oil Company



World Wildlife Fund



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<![CDATA[What Motivates You At Work?]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/what-motivates-you-at-work-/helloinnovation
Everyone works in different ways and towards different goals - not just to earn more money. Some people are motivated to make a difference in the life of others, while other simply want to feel appreciated in the work place. What motivates you to get up and go to work each day?

Feeling Appreciated
You enjoy being personally thanked for a job well done. You want to feel as though you are truly appreciated for all of the hard work that you put in.
Leadership That You Trust
You want leadership that has your back - even when you fail. You feel most comfortable when you're trusted to succeed without being micromanaged.
Job Security
Job security and a fair salary are what you crave. You respect companies that give you the comfort of a good health plan and security for your family.
A Great Work Enviornment
You love upbeat, supportive work environments that get you "in the zone." Your biggest nightmare is drama and office politics that make you dread going to work.
Advancing in Your Career
You’re always on the look out for new responsibility, beyond what’s asked of you. Your dream company recognizes and rewards employees based on strong performance.
The Chance to Make an Impact
You thrive on being part of something bigger than yourself and taking ownership over work projects. Making an impact at work is the best reward you can think of.
Good Relationships With Co-Workers
You crave a high level of trust and respect among your work team at all levels. You're thankful for a support team that motivates and encourages you to be better at your job.
The Opportunity To Grow
It’s important that you’re always growing and remaining relevant. You’re looking for a company who supports and encourages these goals, and helps you meet them.
Challenging Projects
You enjoy taking on projects that help you prove yourself. Even if it means stepping far outside your comfort zone, you’re most motivated when you’re challenged.

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<![CDATA[Changes That Affect Your Career Change]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/changes-that-affect-your-career-change/boomersnextstep2014
The world of work has changed dramatically over the last twenty years. Anyone who is 40+ has seen business and employment practices revolutionized, with advantages and disadvantages innate in every major change. People in their 50s and 60s have also witnessed the entire evolution of the information age and the integration of digital technology into every aspect of our lives.

Career Change
The world of work has changed dramatically over the last twenty years. Anyone who is 40+ has seen business and employment practices revolutionized, with advantages and disadvantages innate in every major change. People in their 50s and 60s have also witnessed the entire evolution of the information age and the integration of digital technology into every aspect of our lives.

Some of the changes in the area of employment have been massive. Old jobs have disappeared, new ones have appeared and many have morphed into something quite different, but this has been going on throughout history. A century ago, as the first cars rolled off the production line, horses required for transport were far less in demand and so blacksmiths were out of work. Then new jobs appeared because mechanics and car salesmen were suddenly in demand.  Now independent mechanics are under threat because of the high level of technology in new cars.


Job Search Strategies Have Changed

Technology has also impacted on the way that people can find work.  If you are serious about changing your career, you need to understand the contemporary ways of finding work and being employed.  

Job applications have changed in many ways.  We live in a world where successful products are marketed very cleverly, and products that aren’t marketed well are not successful regardless of their excellence.  Similarly dated unprofessional applications are just not adequate in a pool of well-prepared self-marketing résumés, no matter how skilled or experienced you are. 

Privacy rules have affected the content of résumés as well.  It is hard to accept that in the 1950s…when Elvis Presley was scandalising parents and Mick Jagger was learning guitar….it was still expected that personal information such as height, weight, age and marital status would be included in your job applications. It was an era when a female employee who became pregnant could be dismissed. Imagine the potential discrimination cases which could arise if employers asked those sorts of questions or took that action today!


When computers landed on office desks many clerical tasks could be performed by one person and a software package. However someone had to create that software package, someone had to sell the computers, and others had to install the systems and keep the computers working, so as one form of employment was reduced or disappeared new ones came along.

Good schools and teachers are preparing children for jobs which are still not part of our vocabulary or thoughts, but they will be by the time those children are working.  Who had heard of a social media manager or a data miner 10 years ago?  What jobs will be commonplace in 10 years time but don't exist yet? 

If you are going to make a career change you need to know about the changes and understand the strategies that are successful in the contemporary workplace.

Self-employment Has Also Changed

As a direct result of technology the entrepreneurial 'laptop lifestyle' trend is enticing as people recognize that they could genuinely be their own boss creating a business, online or offline, using technology to enable the business to exist and potentially make serious money.  More and more employees are joining these ranks and are finding freedom that their traditional job cannot offer. 

Although the basics of business remain the same, the way of marketing, finding clients and communicating with other business people is a world away from the common strategies of the past.  The skills involved in starting and running a business…online marketing, finding customers, communicating with customers, raising your profile, building your business brand, recognising changing trends….now demand that you are technologically savvy (or prepared to pay someone who is) and that you are prepared to learn, evolve and adapt as necessary. Technology has made home based businesses commonplace and given freedom to many to create a successful and fulfilling business, but you do need to go into it knowing that you will need to learn new skills and keep up to date. Don't let that put you off.  It is fascinating learning the new ways of doing things.  

Job and Strategies

Of course some of the requirements of the past are still relevant today. Accurate spelling and grammar and good presentation are essential and carry the same weight today as ever before, especially given the ease of creating a résumé on computer rather than by hand. But in many other ways applying for a job has changed as dramatically as the type and nature of jobs themselves.

Written references are now rare. Once they were essential when applying for a job. Your good character, work ethic and perhaps employment history were detailed in a written reference and made available to your prospective employer. But that was before privacy laws and legal action loomed large in our lives. People are reluctant to write a reference in case the person they recommend lets the company down in some way. The days of those “I have known Joe Smith for several years and he’s a wonderful person” references are all but gone.

A new breed of employee has also emerged over the last ten years – the virtual workforce. Now anyone with the right skills and experience, coupled with a computer and internet skills, can find virtual employment online and work in the comfort of their home.

Embrace Change

Career change can be daunting to anyone, but particularly to an older person.  The media constantly tells you that older workers face age discrimination, and we do live in an era which values appearance over substance.  However you have skills and experience that are valuable and if you are willing to adapt to the changing world of work you will find great opportunities in store for you.

Embrace the changes and don't spend the rest of your working life doing work that you don't enjoy or not doing work that would make your heart sing. 

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<![CDATA[Companies with the Best Customer Service]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/companies-with-the-best-customer-service/the-working-man
Companies with the best customer service are often the top companies to do business with. What company has the best customer service? These are the companies that do customer service right, as voted on by consumers. Determining what factors contribute to good customer service can be tough since a good customer service experience can vary from person to person. Some people believe that companies without recorded customer service advice are the best for effective customer service, while others believe a company return policy can make or break a customer service interaction.

What is the most important customer service element for you? Is it a customer service representative that promptly responds to emails or is it being able to call a company where you can get a person on the phone to answer your questions? Whatever contributes to your idea of good customer service, make sure to vote here for the company with the best customer service.

What companies have the best customer service? What companies have the worst customer service? What US companies give the best customer service? What are the best customer service companies? This list has been voted on by consumers like you and should give some insight into which companies have the best customer service in the US and abroad. If there's a company that gives excellent customer service that you don't see on the list, feel free to add it and let others know they are a company with great customer service.

Since it's just as important to know which companies do not have good customer service, you can also view the list of companies with the worst customer service to find out which companies do not pay attention to their customers' needs.


Barnes & Noble

Bed Bath & Beyond





Target Corporation

Trader Joe's

United Parcel Service

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<![CDATA[The Best Restaurants to Stop at During a Road Trip]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-restaurants-to-stop-at-during-a-road-trip/restaurant-chains
A list of the Best Restaurants to Stop at During a Road Trip. Are you planning a road trip in the near future? One of the most important things on a trip is finding just the right restaurant to stop at for your meals. During a road trip, it is exciting to try different types of eating places. This list of restaurants is ranked in order of most popular restaurants to stop at during a road trip, to least popular. You can save and copy the list for a reference of best restaurants on your upcoming road trip, or you can make your own list to look at on the computer.

You can also vote for a favorite restaurant that you tried on your last road trip. See your favorite restaurant get ranked higher on the list so that others can try a good restaurant on their next road trip as well. You might even find a new favorite restaurant to eat at during your road trip.

Sometimes, people will try different restaurants on a road trip that they never have tried in their own hometown, simply because the restaurant is in a convenient place to stop at on a road trip. Often, the restaurants located right off the interstate are tempting to road trippers, and the ones located close to the hotels are also excellent restaurants to try on a road trip. So browse through the list before going on your next trip to find a new favorite vacation restaurant!


Cracker Barrel

Dairy Queen



In-N-Out Burger


Panera Bread


Waffle House

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<![CDATA[The Best Boot Brands]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/best-boot-brands
Similar to how everyone has their own favorite brands of jeans, every serious boot lover has an opinion on the best brand of boots. Deciding the best boot brands is often determined by how you plan to use them.  Ladies may love the plush and comfortable feel of UGG Australia boots while construction and factory workers will lean towards the rugged work boot brands like Timberland or Red Wing Shoes. However you use them, be it rubber boots for a rainy day or an expensive pair of dress boots from Cole Haan or Lacoste, likely you have a pair of boots around somewhere. So what are the best boot brands? 

Though not really much different from regular shoes, boots are often taller and more rugged than tennis shoes. They can be built for use in the winter when snow and ice are factors, reinforced with steel toes for industrial applications or simply crafted from leather or suede to wear to the office. Others will be designed for specific uses, such as hiking boots or military boots.

Regardless of the specific application, most of the best boot brands succeed in their main function, protecting the feet. But which boot brand is the absolute best? Which pair of boots can you not live without? Tell is by adding your favorite brand or voting for your pick below!

Rocky Brands, Inc.

Caterpillar Inc.

Dr. Martens

Red Wing Shoes

The Frye Company

The Timberland Company





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<![CDATA[Top 5 Most Dangerous Stores to Shop on Black Friday]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/top-5-most-dangerous-stores-to-shop-on-black-friday-v1/katieanderson1
It turns out Black Friday shoppers will literally go crazy for good deals and sales, sometimes resulting in violence and in extreme cases even death. Since 2006 the Black Friday Death Count has risen to a whopping 7 deaths and 90 injuries, but the same handful of stores keep showing up year after year as the scene of violent crimes. Check out our list of the top five most dangerous stores to look out for on Black Friday in 2014. Click here to get more information on Black Friday's most violent stores.

Best Buy
Shoplifting resulted in more Black Friday violence at Best Buy in 2010. A marine was stabbed while trying to subdue a shoplifter fleeing the store. The marines were in the store volunteering to collect donations for the Toys for Tots charity program and ultimately helped subdue the shoplifter. Watch [url="http://internetinyourarea.com/most-violent-black-friday-stores"]test[/url]
Black Friday shoplifting and theft resulted in violence at department store Kohl's last year. A shoplifter was shot and injured attempting to flee the scene while dragging a police officer who was hanging onto their car. Another armed officer shot the suspect when the car came to a stop.
Target Corporation
Black Friday shopping has gotten a violent and ruthless reputation due in part to an incident that occurred in Target on Black Friday in 2011. An older man with health problems collapsed as he entered the store. The crowd of shoppers were apparently so determined to take advantage of Black Friday sales that they stepped around and over the man instead of stopping and helping him. The man later died.
Toys "R" Us
While you might not expect a toy store to be a dangerous place to shop, three injuries and two deaths have taken place at Toys R Us on Black Friday in recent years. In 2008, 2 men (both armed) shot and killed each other in the store after their wives reportedly got into an argument near the cash register.
Walmart has been the scene of more violent crimes on Black Friday than any other store. Over 60 total casualties--including pepper spraying, stabbings, shootings, and random brawls--have occurred in Walmart stores on Black Friday in locations across the country since 2006.

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<![CDATA[The Worst Real Houswives Entrepreneurs]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/worst-real-houswives-entrepreneurs/ben-mandelker

The life span of a reality star's fame is fleeting, and that is never more true than with the ladies of Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise. Housewives cast members average only about two seasons before they’re given the ax. It’s therefore no surprise that many of these women try to maximize their fame footprint by launching products and businesses that will hopefully capture the imagination of the viewing public.

Unfortunately for the Real Housewives, many of them are simply not the innovators and business-women they'd like to think they are. A cloud of failure hangs over the entrepreneurial aspirations of many of these women, while some, like Bethenny Frankel, are genuine success stories. But, most of Bravo’s finest have yet to see their fortunes boosted by their "fame."

This all raises an important question: from conception to execution, which Bravo Housewives are the worst entrepreneurs? Vote up the most ridiculous and least successful cast members from any Real Housewives city, or vote down the ladies you think are killing it with their awesome product lines and business savvy.


Kenya Moore

Kenya claims that the movies she’s produced in Hollywood have grossed millions of dollars, although it’s unclear which currency she’s actually referring to. What we do know is that in an effort to undermine Phaedra, she shot a rival "Donkey Booty" video, which promised a “Stallion Booty” instead. Shockingly, neither caught fire in the fitness video space.

Caroline Manzo

When Caroline Manzo and her daughter Lauren decided to open a hybrid café/cosmetic shop, she proposed the name Cafface. You know, because it’s a café and a place to get makeup for your face. Cafface! Get it? Get it!?

Michaele Salahi

When Michaele Salahi and her then-husband Tareq weren’t busy crashing White House dinners, the two were managing the Salahi family vineyard known as Oasis. They did such a great job that Tareq’s mother sent over police helicopters and patrol cars to shoo them off the property. Some might say the resulting wine had notes of dysfunction and failure with a bouquet of sadness on the nose.

Shereé Whitfield

The world of fashion never saw anything like Shereé Whitfield’s seminal line, She By Shereé. Literally. Shereé famously staged a “fashion show with no fashions” - erecting giant renderings of her designs instead of actually producing any actual clothes. It remains one of the most legendary non-starters in Housewives history.

Sonja Morgan

Sonja Morgan boasts a fabulous life full of yachts, private planes, and visits to St. Tropez. So, naturally, she tried to develop a line of… toaster ovens? This never really made any sense, no matter how many shirtless men she put on the box.

Alexis Bellino, Real Housewives of Orange County

Alexis Bellino gave the world Alexis Couture. The world laughed. It was a low point (or perhaps a high point?) in fashion history.

Tamra Judge, Real Housewives of Orange County

Tamra Judge is one of the most evil, manipulative, and conniving Real Housewives of all time. If she went into business selling broomsticks or cauldrons, it might make sense. Instead, she and her husband Eddie launched CUT Fitness, an Orange County gym with warped floors and empty shelves. Here’s to hoping they’ve ironed out the kinks (and the flooring).

Andrea Moss, Real Housewives of Melbourne

Aussie villain Andrea Moss made a fuss about writing a book about parenting - a bold move for a wealthy woman with five nannies. Despite claiming to be an expert on the topic, Andrea scrapped the whole thing after the public backlash proved to be too great.

Lynne Curtin, Real Housewives of Orange County

Lynne Curtin reminded us of that old adage, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. And then make cuffs!” Or something like that. Lord knows Lynne had tons of lemons in her life (and now probably a hefty overstock of cuffs as well).

Jacqueline Laurita, Real Housewives of New Jersey

Jacqueline, her husband, and her nephews have spent time, money, and airtime shilling BLK Water - a brand of bottled water that’s as black as the sewers of Newark. If Pepsi couldn’t go clear, why does Jacqueline think water can go dark?

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<![CDATA[The Best Deodorants For Athletes]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-deodorants-for-athletes/mike-calendrillo
Whether you're an athlete or just someone who sweats like one, then you know that those discount deodorants and antiperspirants just don't cut it when it comes to keeping you dry and odor free for the majority of the day. You're active and love to work out or play sports, so you need a deodorant that can hold its own against your sweat and body odor. What are the best deodorants for athletes? Which antiperspirants work the best?

With dozens of options available, choosing the right protection for your underarms can become a bit overwhelming, especially if you're an individual who perspires more than most, whether from your athletic lifestyle or overactive sweat glands. If you workout frequently, at the gym or at home, you want to stay smelling great.

Check out this list of the best deodorants for the fitness enthusiast in you and vote up the deodorants and antiperspirants that work best for athletes, active individuals, gym rats, and sports nuts alike. 


Mitchum Smart Solid Clinical Performance

MenScience Advanced Deodorant-2.6 oz

Old Spice Sweat Defense

Dove Men Care Cool Silver

Secret Outlast Invisible Solid

Dry Idea Advanced Dry Gel

Degree V12 Absolute Protection

Speed Stick Pro Extra Dry

Gillette Clinical Strength

Gillette Clear Gel

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