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There are a bunch of movies that feature teachers prominently. In most movies, teachers are a nameless bunch who often times lurk in the background and don't play much of a role in shaping the plot line. The fictional teachers on this list are different. They play prominent roles in the movies they are in and their teaching and mentoring of the characters is an integral part of the movie. Whenever Robin Williams is sporting a thick beard, he is playing a serious role. Playing the parts of John Keating in Dead Poets Society and Sean Maguire in Good Will Hunting, Williams thrived as these characters and they are considered two of the best fictional teachers in movie.

Though he's not a teacher in the traditional sense, Mr. Miyagi proved to be one of the greatest mentors in movie history. He taught Daniel LaRusso (and later Julie Pierce) discipline and how to outsmart and outthink his opponents. On the opposite end of the spectrum is Dewey Finn, played by Jack Black in School of Rock. Not a teacher by trade, Finn taught his class of 10-year-olds life lessons and how to play rock music and by the end of the film, learned a thing or two about himself.

Vote for the teach you think is the best fictional teacher. If there is anyone missing from this list, feel free to add him or her.
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Professor Albus Dumbledore

Indiana Jones

Professor Minerva McGonagall


Mr. Kesuke Miyagi

John Keating

Sean Maguire

Dewey Finn

Mark Thackeray

Economics Teacher

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<![CDATA[What is the Best EDM U?]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/top-edm-colleges-and-universities/magnetic-mag
Let's face it: if you're currently enrolled, or are a recent college grad, you're more than likely to have listened to electronic dance music or EDM. Musically, it's been the biggest craze on campuses since Hip Hop in the mid 90s, and with good reason. This is the soundtrack for the next generation and there is no stopping it. Over the past decade, EDM has caught on like wildfire and Ranker and Magnetic Mag are teaming up to to find out what college can truly be crowned EDM U. May the best campus win!

If you have pride in your school, your EDM scene, and your party scene, then make your voice heard. Also, if you notice that your school isn't on here and should be repped on this list because of your thriving electronic dance music scene, then please add it.

Arizona State University

Florida State University

Louisiana State University

Purdue University

University of Arizona

University of California, Los Angeles

University of Pennsylvania

University of Tennessee

University of Southern California

University of Florida

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<![CDATA[The Most Useless College Majors]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/most-useless-college-majors/school-buddy
This is a list of the most pointless university majors and fields of study guaranteed to not lead to gainful post-graduation employment. In April of 2012, the Daily Beast ran their list of 13 pointless college majors; now it's your turn to sound off on the coursework that will most poorly prepare you to enter the job market. These stupid college majors are definitely dumb, and probably won't get you anywhere in life.

Often, when students first enter a community college or four-year university program, they're encouraged to pursue a course of study that most interests them. The idea is that they will first become dedicated to, and excited about, learning something, and then they'll eventually figure out how to apply their interests towards pursuing a career. But as the economy continues to struggle, and jobs for recent grads dry up, this philosophy is being reconsidered (as is studying Philosophy in general!)

Graduating with a degree in a humanities subject deemed as "useless" can be a real detriment to finding work post-graduation, even as newly-minted electrical engineers and computer developers get snatched up quickly by startups and tech companies.

This list provides some insight into the majors seen as "most useless" by the public at large. Vote for the departments you'd be least likely to join on your nearest campus, and if we've missed a major you think is utterly without merit, add it at the bottom of the page.


English Literature

Fine art

Gender studies

Peace and conflict studies


Religious Studies

William Shakespeare

Theater Arts

Cooperative Management

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<![CDATA[The Hardest Languages to Learn]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/hardest-language-to-learn/jennifer-lee
What is the hardest language to learn? It depends, but there are several foreign languages that can be extremely difficult to master. They include several of the Asian languages (particularly Mandarin), and some of the slavic languages as well. This list includes some of the most difficult foreign languages to learn, so be sure to vote for those that you think would be the most challenging -- and vote down the languages that you don't believe are truly that difficult to grasp. Also, if any foreign language that you think is particularly tough to master is missing, add it!

What makes learning a specific language difficult? Some of the factors that make a foreign language tough to learn include how hard it is to speak and pronounce (correctly) and how hard it is to write. Word cases are important, too: Some languages have dozens of different word cases, making it almost impossible to keep track. And keep in mind, what comes easy to some might be extremely tough for others. Learning English as a second language can be very, very hard, depending on your native tongue.

If you're thinking about learning your first foreign language, you might consider checking out this list of the easiest languages to learn. It includes some of the best languages to learn, including Spanish, Italian and French. Enjoy! Jouir! Godere! Élvez! (That last one is Hungarian, and it's really, really hard to learn).

Arabic Language

Chinese language

Sanskrit Language

Thai food

Vietnamese Language

Hindi Language


Korean Language

Hungarian Language

Icelandic Language

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<![CDATA[Brands That All College Freshmen Should Know About]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/must-haves-for-college-freshmen/ericascheidt

College. A mythical land where the Natty Ice flows, underwear runs are mandatory, and the party rages all day, every day. All right, maybe not exactly. More like: College. A very real, very stressful, very fun, very life-changing time, where you learn an immense amount about yourself as you navigate the waters of adulthood. While college can bring the best of times, it can also be a stressful and confusing time for most; that's why it's important to be as prepared as humanly possible! This list ranks the essential brands all college freshman should be aware of and use extensively.

University life and higher education will definitely throw you some curveballs throughout your four years, but it's best to start your higher learning off on the right path, beginning with your freshman year. Whether it's making your dorm space more livable (and trust us when we say, dorm living sucks) by snapping up the most affordable and adorable room essentials, keeping track of your stress and health through fun and easy to use apps, or flashing your student I.D. to get some insanely awesome discounts, these must have brands will make the college transition as smooth as possible. Unless you were foolish enough to sign up for an 8 am lecture. You're on your own there.

So strap on your beer goggles, tie up your toga, and prepare yourself for some sleepless nights. These must have college brands will help you make sure that those magical four years are the best!


Buying textbooks from the campus bookstore is a ripoff. Use Amazon instead!
Costco = God's gift/sample paradise
Get yourself a mattress topper (and a Magnarp lamp!) from Ikea.
Why not watch every season of Breaking Bad before tackling that term paper?
It's important to keep in touch with the ones you love from home. Make time to Skype with friends or family!
Trader Joe's
Two Buck Chuck sold next to tasty and affordable food? Trader Joe's has a loyal college following for a reason. 
The majority of your time in college, you will be broke. Save money on fun activities and restaurants with Groupon. 
Trojan Condoms
Safe is sexy, kids!
Rate My Professor
Use Rate My Professor to check out reviews from past students. 
Planning on hitting an off campus party? Use Lyft to stay safe while keeping it cheap!

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<![CDATA[The Best Countries for Study Abroad]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-countries-for-study-abroad/vijaymohanp







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<![CDATA[The Best Malaysia Public University]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-best-malaysia-public-university/nazrinzaik
This is a list of universities in Malaysia. Universities in Malaysia are generally categorized as public and private universities. All of the universities in this list are public universities,

University of Malaya

Islamic Science University of Malaysia

University of Science, Malaysia

University of Malaysia, Sabah

University of Malaysia, Perlis

National University of Malaysia

Putra University, Malaysia

Mara University of Technology

Sultan Zainal Abidin University

University of Technology, Malaysia

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<![CDATA[Best Journalism Schools in America]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-journalism-schools-in-america/guitarmas5
Journalism is an ever-evolving profession, which means staying at the cutting edge is imperative. These are the best journalism schools in the United States.

Boston University

Columbia University

Northwestern University

Pennsylvania State University

University of Georgia

University of Maryland, College Park

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Washington and Lee University

University of Missouri–Columbia

University of Southern California

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<![CDATA[24 Reasons USC Is Better Than UCLA]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/reasons-usc-is-better-than-ucla/danielle-dauenhauer
Saying that USC is better than UCLA is like saying the sky is blue - most people will accept this as fact while a select few will try and tell you that sometimes it's cloudy so you're wrong. THOSE people are Bruins, and they are salty they are not Trojans.

The USC-UCLA rivalry is one of the oldest, most storied rivalries in college sports (one of the biggest rivalries in ANY sports, for that matter) and those in the middle of it will never hesitate to tell you which side they support. As a Trojan, I will give the evilest eye to even my closet friends when they utter any matter of sympathetic words about that crappy state school on the other side of town. As a love letter to USC, I have created this list of reasons USC is superior to UCLA.

From bars to sports to famous alumni, there's no shortage of reasons to point out that the rivalry between USC and UCLA heavily favors USC as the better school. Trojans are powerful awesome, as you will soon learn reading this list of reasons USC is greater than UCLA. You can feel free to vote for the most apparent reasons Trojans are better than Bruins, or you can just nod and agree with all these reasons UCLA sucks.

USC is UCLA's only rival.
Probably because they're so close we can't ignore them completely. Everyone else in the country, however, understands they are a non-threat.
Brand recognition.
Ever go to the East Coast and tell someone you went to UCLA? No, because you don't want to be embarrassed when your college draws a blank stare.
Without the USC film school, there would be no Star Wars.
Legit. Without the professors of USC to guide him, George Lucas might have started in chronological order with Epidode 1 (The Phantom Menace, aka The One with Jar Jar Binks). You're welcome, world.
UCLA doesn't teach kids to deal with real world problems.
Character is not built from having decide which of the myriad movie theaters in Westwood you want to visit on a Friday night; it's built trying to see a movie at the UV (the sketchy shopping center to the north of USC's campus) without getting hepatitis.
You literally need a map to find the fraternities and sororities at UCLA.
At USC they are concentrated on 28th street (The Row) where you can always be entertained by a dizzying amount of young men and women parading up and down the street to one party or another.
20 years.
That's the head start USC athletes had on UCLA when tallying the gold medal streak at the Summer Olympic games. Yahoo Sports reports the USC streak is now at 100 years.
The Heisman trophy. Singular.
UCLA's only Heisman was produced in 1967 by Gary Beban, according to Heisman.com. He played with the Washington Redskins until 1970 and then became a real estate agent. USC's Heisman winners may be (alleged) murderers and lovers of the Kardashians, but at least there's been more than one.
Their mascot is a bear? That's so every team in the UC system.

Okay, not every school, but both Cal and UC Riverside have bears for mascots making the Bruin as unoriginal as every director who comes out of their film school.

It is impossible to stumble from campus housing to a football game.
Unless, of course, you want to take the 405 to the 10 to the 110 to the Rose Bowl on foot. In which case, game on.
With regards to their mascot, they apparently believe quantity trumps quality.
The UCLA History Project details how Joe and Josephine, the Bruin mascots, evolved from a tradition of having live bears perform at home football games to entertain the crowd. Fitting seeing as their football program often bears an uncanny resemblance to a circus.

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<![CDATA[Worst U.S. Colleges (Based on Graduation Rates)]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/worst-u-s-colleges-_based-on-graduation-rates_/admiralcrunch
Here's a list of colleges that are not good at their jobs based on one statistic: six-year graduation rate.  Education author John Palladino (Here's a link to his book) believes a university demonstrates a reasonable dedication to educating students if they maintain at least a 50% graduation rate.  That can be tough at lower tier state schools where students who excel transfer to flagship schools, so failure to retain students isn't always a bad thing.  But once retention rates sink well below 50% the reasons are usually related to poor financial aid, poor student support services, and above all, instructors who are unable to engage their students.  Many online, for-profit schools are among the biggest culprits when it comes to leaving students with huge debt and no degree.

 This list includes colleges with graduation rates under 20% as cited by CollegeFactualCollegeMeasures.org, or U.S. News & World Report (but see below.)
Public colleges that did not make their graduation rate data available include: Athens State University, Charter Oak State College, Governors State University (not the same as Western Governors University), San Diego State/Imperial Valley, Thomas Edison State College & the University of Baltimore.

Private, non-profit colleges that did not make their graduation rate data available include: Amberton University, Antioch University (Los Angeles), Atlantic Union College, Bethany University, California Institute of Integral Studies, Golden Gate University, John F. Kennedy University, Ottawa University (Kansas), Temple Baptist College & Trinity International University.
Proprietary or For-Profit universities that did not make their graduation rate data available include: American Intercontinental University, Argosy University, Capella University, Jones International University, Northcentral University, Patten University, Sullivan University, and Walden University. However, Senator Tom Harkin's 2012 investigative report has statistics for some of the schools and the findings are included here, sometimes shown as overall corporate performance instead of the company's individual institutions and sometimes shown as individual campuses of the campus.  
Edit: A friend who teaches secondary school wanted me to point out that many of these public and non-profit schools are Historically Black Colleges or are institutions that largely serve the Black community, the Native American community, or are listed by HACU as Hispanic-serving institutions.  The point being that at least some of these institutions may be the only options available for their students and therefore need the support to improve instead of being left to die.  
By the way, the college engulfed in flames above is (was) not in the United States, but abandoned Alma College in Ontario, Canada.


American Public University System
2.4%  For-profit, West Virginia (Brands include American Public University and American Military University)
Argosy University
4.7%   For-profit universities and technical schools (Education Management Corp's brands include Argosy University, South University, and The Art Institutes)

Arkansas Baptist College
4.3% - private college
Auburn University Montgomery
5.5% public college, Alabama
Capella University
2.7% - For Profit university, Minnesota
Concordia College, Selma
5.5% private liberal arts college, Alabama
Chancellor University
4.9% For-profit university, Ohio
Paul Quinn College
0.6% - private religious college, Texas
University of Phoenix
3.6% (online campus) For Profit university
Corinthian Colleges, Inc.
6.1% (for bachelor's programs) Brands include Everest University, Heald College, and WyoTech.  Corinthian Colleges, Inc. are in the process of a transferring most of their colleges to other owners subsequent to an agreement with the Federal Government. 

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