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The American Athletic Conference is one of two conferences created from the split of the original Big East Conference, with the other conference purchasing the Big East Conference name while no longer participating in football. Though the AAC was created in 2013, it claims that 1979--the year the original Big East was founded--is its founding date..The AAC is made up of schools from the Northeast, South, Midwest, and West. 
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East Carolina University

Southern Methodist University

Temple University

Tulane University

United States Naval Academy

University of Central Florida

University of Cincinnati

University of Connecticut

University of Houston

University of Memphis

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<![CDATA[Universities With The Best College Sports Programs]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/universities-with-the-best-college-sports-programs
College sports programs are a large source of pride among American universities. What are the colleges with the best sports programs& It's time for the fans to decide!

Whether it's basketball, football, or even baseball season, universities and alumni want to be the best athletic program, period. What university has the best sports program& Here are the colleges with the greatest all around sports programs in the country. If you don't vote for your top athletic college, you are letting down your favorite athletes and your classmates. Don't be a cause of shame for your alma mater!

Notice your favorite school missing from the ranks& Add a contributing list to give a vote with some heft. You can also use the voting buttons to say whether you think a college should have been included or not.

Michigan State University

Ohio State University

Stanford University

University of California, Los Angeles

University of Michigan

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

University of Notre Dame

University of Oregon

University of Texas at Austin

University of Florida

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<![CDATA[Universities With The Dumbest College Mascots]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/universities-with-the-dumbest-college-mascots
Weird college mascots abound across America's colleges. Whether they're doing silly sideline dances or showing up on university apparel, school funny mascots are a huge part of a college's identity, and everyone seems to have an opinion on them -- especially when it comes to the dumb college mascots. This list of stupid mascots is ranked by the wisdom of the crowd, so you know that these are the most hated mascots in the country. Show your fighting spirit by adding your own picks, or voting on the list below.

Check out more lists like Mascots that Will Give you Nightmares and Creepiest Company Mascots.


Delta State University

North Carolina School of the Arts

Ohio State University

Rhode Island School of Design

Scottsdale Community College

Stanford University

The Evergreen State College

University of California, Santa Cruz

Wichita State University

Xavier University

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<![CDATA[The Top Dream Colleges]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/the-top-dream-colleges
This is a list of the greatest dream colleges and universities in the world. These aren't necessarily the best colleges - they're the places everyone wishes they'd attended to get their college education. From the best college campuses to the greatest party schools, this list is ranked by the wisdom of the crowd, so anyone can add their own dream colleges or vote on the schools below.

Whether you're looking for the best colleges or looking back with nostalgia on your college experience, you can vote for your dream schools here with this college ranker list. These are the schools you would have attended if money (and maybe academic requirements) weren't something to worry about or consider. Everyone has that reach school that they always dreamed of attending but knew in reality wasn't an option. So live vicariously through this list and upvote the colleges and universities you would have gone to if you could have!

Columbia University

Cornell University

Harvard University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Princeton University

Stanford University

University of California, Berkeley

University of Oxford

University of Pennsylvania

Yale University

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<![CDATA[The Best Fictional Teachers]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/best-fictional-teachers
There are a bunch of movies that feature teachers prominently. In most movies, teachers are a nameless bunch who often times lurk in the background and don't play much of a role in shaping the plot line. The fictional teachers on this list are different. They play prominent roles in the movies they are in and their teaching and mentoring of the characters is an integral part of the movie. Whenever Robin Williams is sporting a thick beard, he is playing a serious role. Playing the parts of John Keating in Dead Poets Society and Sean Maguire in Good Will Hunting, Williams thrived as these characters and they are considered two of the best fictional teachers in movie.

Though he's not a teacher in the traditional sense, Mr. Miyagi proved to be one of the greatest mentors in movie history. He taught Daniel LaRusso (and later Julie Pierce) discipline and how to outsmart and outthink his opponents. On the opposite end of the spectrum is Dewey Finn, played by Jack Black in School of Rock. Not a teacher by trade, Finn taught his class of 10-year-olds life lessons and how to play rock music and by the end of the film, learned a thing or two about himself.

Vote for the teach you think is the best fictional teacher. If there is anyone missing from this list, feel free to add him or her.

Professor Albus Dumbledore

Indiana Jones

Professor Minerva McGonagall

Professor X


Mr. Kesuke Miyagi

John Keating

Sean Maguire

Dewey Finn

Economics Teacher

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<![CDATA[The Most Useless College Majors]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/most-useless-college-majors/school-buddy
This is a list of the most pointless university majors and fields of study guaranteed to not lead to gainful post-graduation employment. In April of 2012, the Daily Beast ran their list of 13 pointless college majors; now it's your turn to sound off on the coursework that will most poorly prepare you to enter the job market. These stupid college majors are definitely dumb, and probably won't get you anywhere in life.

Often, when students first enter a community college or four-year university program, they're encouraged to pursue a course of study that most interests them. The idea is that they will first become dedicated to, and excited about, learning something, and then they'll eventually figure out how to apply their interests towards pursuing a career. But as the economy continues to struggle, and jobs for recent grads dry up, this philosophy is being reconsidered (as is studying Philosophy in general!)

Graduating with a degree in a humanities subject deemed as "useless" can be a real detriment to finding work post-graduation, even as newly-minted electrical engineers and computer developers get snatched up quickly by startups and tech companies.

This list provides some insight into the majors seen as "most useless" by the public at large. Vote for the departments you'd be least likely to join on your nearest campus, and if we've missed a major you think is utterly without merit, add it at the bottom of the page.


English Literature

Fine art

Gender studies

Peace and conflict studies


Religious Studies

William Shakespeare

Theater Arts

Cooperative Management

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<![CDATA[America's Coolest College Towns]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/america_s-coolest-college-towns
List of the best college towns and cities. These locations provide not just a great university giving students a world-class education, but also a fun and diverse environment that'd conducive to learning, building a community and personal network and, more generally, gaining life experience. (There's also some fun places to party in most of them. You know, if any college students you know are into that sort of thing.)

A college town can refer to any area where the population is considerably impacted, or even dominated, by a local college or university. Typically, this indicates an area that has a relatively low population compared to the number of students at a university. Large cities with a lot of university students - such as Boston or Philadelphia - do not typically count as "college towns" because of the overall number of cities counter-acting the influence of college students.

Towns that do have an overwhelmingly large number of college students tend to be impacted in familiar ways. Often, there will be additional bookstores, coffee shops, independent movie theaters, record stores and other businesses that appeal largely to a younger, academic demographic. Additionally, there will also be a surplus of bars and inexpensive restaurants. Rent prices also tend to be affected by the demand for housing in the area near to the university, or to public transportation leading to the university.

This list collects Ranker Community picks for the coolest, most fun college towns in the US. Vote up your favorites, and if the place where your favorite townies live isn't listed, make your own version of the list and add it on there!



Laguna Beach

Los Angeles


Santa Barbara

Santa Cruz

San Diego

San Francisco

San Luis Obispo

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<![CDATA[Best Boarding Schools in the U.S.]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-boarding-schools-in-the-u-s-/chloefletcher
Boarding schools can offer a wide variety of classes with students from all over the US and world. Boarding shools also get students ready for the real world with boarding options and help them to achieve successfully after graduation, many of whom go off to great colleges. 

Asheville School

Church Farm School

Episcopal High School

The Putney School

The Thacher School

St. Paul's School

St. Andrew School
Middletown, Delaware 
Phillips Academy (andover)

Shattuck-st. Mary’s School

Phillips Exter Academy

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<![CDATA[The Best Teacher Movies]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-best-teacher-movies/all-genre-movies-lists
A list of the best teacher movies. These are films that focus on teachers, teaching, and the conflicts our educators often go through when trying to teach. We believe we've thought of them all, but if your favorite teacher films aren't on here, please feel free to add them to the list of the best teacher films. This teacher movie list includes all genres, although teacher movies tend to always lean toward "inspirational".

All types of schools are also included such as elementary, high school, preparatory, public schools, and colleges/universities. Best of all, a number of these films are based on real teachers. So if you're looking for inspiration and have respect for education, these teacher films are the ones for you.

What are the best teacher movies? Take a look here and see for yourself. There are some great selections on this list like School of Rock, Bad Teacher and Mr. Holland's Opus.

Dangerous Minds
Released: 1995
Dead Poets Society
Released: 1989
Freedom Writers
Released: 2007
Kindergarten Cop

Lean on Me
Released: 1989
Mr. Holland's Opus
Released: 1995
School of Rock
Released: 2003
Stand and Deliver
Released: 1988
The Great Debaters
Released: 2007
To Sir, with Love

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<![CDATA[The Best Math Websites]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-math-websites/dot-commander
Whether you're using the best math websites to brush up on your arithmetic skills, or just for some fun math brain teasers, the top math websites can definitely help you learn new skills. Some good math websites offer studying tips for students, while others help teachers develop engaging lesson plans. A few good math learning sites even pair users up with an online tutor to help further their education.

What are some of the best math websites? PBS Teachers Math might top your list. The PBS teachers' resource provides teachers with videos, topics, and new ideas to present to their classrooms. Other good math learning sites for teachers include The National Council for Teacher Mathematics and Ten Marks.

There are also great math learning sites available for kids. Simpsons Math uses familiar characters to teach math lessons, and Math's Fun offers math programs for students of all ages. Math Pickle, Aplus Math, and Math TV also appear on this best math website list.

What is your favorite math website? Vote up the best math learning sites below, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section. 

Math TV

PBS Teachers Math

Education World

Math's Fun

Math Central

SuperKids Math


Ten Marks

Math Pickle

Aplus Math

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