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Bad actors have ruined plenty of films. This is especially true in the superhero genre, where taking on the role of a classic Marvel or DC villain can really challenge some actors. Classic examples include Topher Grace as Venom, Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, king of the one-liner, as Mr. Freeze.

Regardless of how good they are in other films, all the actors on this list are guilty of some really bad comic book movie acting. For some, it's how they fail to add depth to a character. Others were cast poorly and simply didn't have the right body types to bring bulky villains to life. Still others were the victims of poor directing, bad wardrobe choices, or horrible writing, and their performances suffered as a result.

Keep reading below to see some really bad actors playing villains, and remember to nominate your own in the comments. 

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Arnold Schwarzenegger

Of all the members of Batman’s rogues gallery, Mr. Freeze has always been a villain that many fans sympathize with. Despite all the murders he commits, and all the heists he attempts, everything he does in the comics and animated series is not out of malevolence, but out of a desperate desire to save his ailing wife. You just have to feel sorry for the guy.

The former governator’s portrayal of the conflicted ice villain failed to stir up any these feelings in audiences. For decades, Arnold Schwarzenegger's propensity for delivering humorous one liners has always been culturally significant, and of course that was carried over in his role as Mr. Freeze. The result, though, is that Mr. Freeze ended up as the film’s comic relief, and one of several reasons why Batman and Robin pretty much sucked.

Jamie Foxx

In all honesty, Jamie Foxx’s performance as Max Dillon in early parts of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 wasn’t so bad. It was different from his usual work and he ran with it very well. And the special effects helped to bring the character justice, too. This all sounds like the makings of a fantastic supervillain performance, there was just one problem: the motivations.

Electro in the film was motivated by the fact that nobody gave him attention, which drove him insane. Once that motivation was established, it never really got off the ground. If this was a one-off episode of a TV series, it would’ve been feasible in that function. However, for a feature film, it’s expected that a character might actually develop. But Foxx continues his static portrayal of the character throughout the film and with little help from the writers, Electro never gets any added depth. In the end, he comes off as completely flat.

Jared Leto

A lot of true believers, including Leto himself, argue that the theatrical cut of Suicide Squad doesn't provide a lot of time and exposure to appreciate Leto’s take on the Clown Prince of Crime. But the truth is, his acting in the film wasn't great, and his laugh was downright awful. 

On an episode of Conan, Leto explained how he took great care in emulating the Joker’s iconic laugh. But when you look over the performances of Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, Mark Hamill, and even Cameron Monaghan (who wasn't even in costume and makeup), Leto's laugh sounded a lot like a creaking door and didn't quite live up to the laughs that came before him. 

Jared Leto’s Joker was the walking personification of everything that is wrong with the DC Extended Universe - he overcompensated, overacted, and ended up giving a performance that was completely underwhelming.

Jesse Eisenberg

Fans were, to put it lightly, doubtful about the idea of casting Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In the end, those doubts were justified.

Eisenberg’s portrayal of Lex was all over the place. It seemed like he was suffering a psychosomatic identity crisis on set. His performance has been likened to being a cross between the Joker and just Eisenberg being himself. It was also hard to believe that this portrayal was the same brilliant, calculating mastermind that Luthor is renowned for in the comics. He left a piss-filled jar in the Senate, set up his super secret server room next to his kitchen (easily breached via RF switch), and just fidgeted and stuttered all about.

John Leguizamo

The Clown has always been known as the most menacing and violent of Spawn’s enemies. Whenever he’s around, you can be sure mayhem and bloodshed are not too far behind. This was accurately portrayed in HBO’s animated Spawn series.

In the 1997 film, not so much. John Leguizamo’s portrayal of the Clown was stacked with toilet humor and painfully heavy attempts at levity. Every time he showed up, audiences prayed that he would just change into his CGI’d counterpart, Violator, and spare everyone from suffering anymore of his antics. According to the Nostalgia Critic’s review, there was supposedly a petition going around to get an apology from Leguizamo for his involvement in Spawn and Super Mario Bros, another awful film.

Peter Sarsgaard

Sarsgaard’s performance as Hector Hammond in Green Lantern told the story of one man’s journey to become a brilliant, cosmic, screaming pimple. It was so painful to watch, everyone was ecstatic when Parallax finally put him out of his - and the audience's - misery. If he wasn't being extremely creepy, he was yelling. And that was all there was to it.

Topher Grace

The release of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man in 2002 was a momentous occasion as viewers finally got to see the wall crawler making his long-awaited big screen debut. Many fans started eagerly counting down the days until Spider-Man would face off against his arch nemesis, Venom.

And then, five years later, fans got Topher Grace, the guy from That ‘70s Show. The casting was beyond questionable because Grace was a far cry from being physically imposing, a signature trait of Venom. And even though Grace went through heavy weight training to prepare for his role, the transition was from a naturally skinny guy into an average built guy. In terms of character, this version of Eddie Brock came off more like an overdramatic whiner who even stopped by a church to ask God to put a hit out on Peter Parker. Remember that? That happened. Grace's timid acting didn't help add any menace to the character, and the performance overall was pretty terrible. In the end, this Venom was underwhelming and jarringly disappointing.

Toby Kebbell

It's frustrating to see one of the most badass supervillains of the Marvel Universe get so poorly portrayed time and time again. The Fantastic Four reboot from 2015 is best remembered as a movie that did a great job in taking too much time focusing on the things that didn’t matter, while taking too little to explore the things that did.

There was absolutely no exploration of Dr. Doom's time spent on Planet Zero prior to the moment when he received powers from his space suit. And the character's motivations throughout the film were murky at best. Toby Kebbell sported some charisma in his role as Doom, but the combination of horrible writing and direction hindered Kebbell’s performance. Dr. Doom ended up as a weak, plot-driven obstacle that the heroes overcame in less than half an hour. Terrible CGI, and a cheesy hood and cape didn't help, either. 

Vinnie Jones

While not a stranger to villainous roles, Vinnie Jones is often cast as a person sporting eloquence in speech and a calculating mindset. His characters often save the use of brute force for the last minute. These are qualities the Juggernaut does not possess, and Jones's resulting portrayal in X-Men: The Last Stand fell completely flat as a result. The awkwardness of this role drowned out any breathing room for exhibiting subtle emotions or any depth of character, and the acting is just awful as a result.  

Svetlana Khodchenkova

Among the biggest disappointments in The Wolverine was its portrayal of Madame Viper. She was first introduced as an oncologist and was revealed to be something of a mad scientist with very unclear motivations and methodology - if she can implant a device that nullifies Wolverine’s healing factor, wouldn’t she also be able to steal it?

And despite showing that she could deliver poison through spitting or scratching someone's skin, she always made it a point to kiss her victims in the most awkward, and unnatural ways. Seriously, her kisses were awful in this film. Towards the end she shed her skin... and for some reason also went bald. Svetlana Khodchenkova's cold acting couldn't do anything to save a character who had already been doomed by the movie's writers. Cool, sexy, and appreciated: this portrayal of Madame Viper managed to tick none of those marks. 

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Cowboy Bebop: The Movie

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Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

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Inside Out

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<![CDATA[15 Reasons Why Mrs. Doubtfire is Actually a Morally Terrible Character]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/why-mrs-doubtfire-sucks/jacob-shelton

Mrs. Doubtfire has somehow become one of the most popular family comedy films of the 20th century. But the moment that you hold the Mrs. Doubtfire plot under even the most minor bit of scrutiny it completely falls apart. This is just one of the reasons why Mrs. Doubtfire sucks. Viewing the film within the context of the modern world, it’s not hard to find Mrs. Doubtfire transphobic, mean-spirited, and painfully unfunny. It’s disappointing that so many talented people worked on a film that seems dedicated to making the audience hate comedy.

Is Mrs. Doubtfire offensive? In every sense of the word, yes. Whether you’re turned off by the film’s lack of narrative follow-through, or the privilege that Robin Williams’s character, Daniel Hillard, carries throughout the film, there’s something for everyone to hate in this hit family classic. Vote up the most f*cked up things you never realized about Mrs. Doubtfire

15 Reasons Why Mrs. Doubtfire is Actually a Morally Terrible Character,

Daniel Is a Horrible Father

Daniel Hillard has all of the tools to be a great father. He has a cool job in the film industry, he's funny, and he's down to help out with the homework. But he uses all of those talents to make his kids feel terrible. Rather than bring them into his life, he shuts them out until he realizes that they're mad at them and then he plans a grand gesture in order to win them back. It's bipolar parenting at its worst, and even if having a petting zoo at your house for a birthday party seems like a good idea in the moment, if it's just done to smooth over some earlier slight, it's only going to make things worse in the long run. 

Every One of Daniel's Relationships Is Toxic

One of the hardest things to watch in Mrs. Doubtfire is the way that Robin Williams continues on with his toxic relationships in spite of recognizing that they're killing him. And the same goes for Sally Field. She tries to pull the ripcord on her relationship with Williams early on in the film but she still allows him to come into her life every other weekend when he picks up the kids in order to continue their nightmare of a relationship. The judge at the beginning of the film shouldn't have ordered Williams to get a job, he should have ordered him to go to therapy. 

Mrs. Doubtfire Is the Film's True Antagonist

While the film casts Williams's character in the most sympathetic light (he's a down on his luck dad who's lost everything), it's obvious to anyone who has ever had to deal with a deadbeat parent or known someone with a substance abuse problem that the only person standing in Daniel Hillard's way is Daniel Hillard. He begins the film with everything that anyone could want. He has a successful voice-over career, a giant house in San Francisco, three plucky kids, and he's married to Sally Field. Hillard systematically deconstructs his life until he has nothing left, and that makes him so unhappy that he transforms into a monster and tries to ruin the lives of everyone he knows. Daniel Hillard is the parent you no longer speak to, the person you've blocked on social media, and the guy from high school who's working at a car wash all rolled into one. 

The Money That Robin WIlliams Spends on His Costume Could Be Used for Anything Else

Do you know how much practical effects cost? Thousands of dollars. He had to buy a collection of masks that were perfectly molded to his face and that not only takes money for materials, but it costs even more money to pay someone to mold the piece and fit it to his face. With the money it takes to undergo this kind of criminal trickery, Daniel Hillard could have paid for a decade's worth of therapy for his children, because that's what they need by the time the credits are rolling on this film. 

Robin Williams Is Constantly Assaulting People

Honestly, what Robin Williams needs to do in this movie is go to therapy for his anger issues, not be rewarded for them. Not only does he verbally assault his ex-wife and children, he yells at a producer, and then throws fruit at Pierce Brosnan. This is how a bad guy in a Disney film about rollerblading acts, not the hero of a family-friendly comedy. 

Robin Williams's First Instinct After Losing His Voice-Over Gig Is to Trick His Family

If Mrs. Doubtfire can teach us anything, it's that no one was worried about an economic collapse in the mid-'90s. When Daniel Hillard loses his swanky job as a voice-over artist in San Francisco, he doesn't begin flailing into a panic attack the same way that any other artist would if they detonated their career as expertly as he did. Instead, Daniel Hillard decides that the best course of action is trick his family into loving him by pretending to be someone else. All Robin Williams needs to do to win his family back is change who he is, or at least become the best version of himself. He needs to get a job, learn how to take care of himself (cooking, cleaning, etc), and stop looking like such a slob. And he does do those things, just in a twisted way that involves making everyone around him feel stupid for trusting him. 

Mrs. Doubtfire Is the Most Careless Stalker Ever

It's safe to say that most stalkers try to keep some kind of distance between themselves and their target of interest, or if they're pretending to be a nanny in the home they've been forcibly removed from, they don't put themselves in a situation where they can slip up at any moment. Case in point: Robin Williams as Mrs. Doubtfire drinks a lot. And when he drinks, he gets careless, and the guise of a simple Scottish nanny begins to fall away. The most careless moment that comes to mind is when Williams is at the pool with his family and he gets blitzed while ogling young women. Come on man, try to hold it together for two hours. That's all you have to do. 

The Changing Montages Are a Living Nightmare

The amount of body horror that made its way into Mrs. Doubtfire rivals David Cronenberg classics like The Fly and Videodrome for how unsettling something can be on film. The only people out there that are finding comedy in watching Robin Williams rip his face off and awkwardly bend his body into a latex fat suit probably have a locked garage bulging with the corpses of teenage boys they picked up at a bus stop. Horror film comparisons aside, the scene where Robin Williams slams his body against a bathroom stall while he jams himself into a blouse had to have birthed at least two different fetishes when it was first shown in theaters. 

That Attempted Murder Scene

Could Robin Williams' attempted murder of Pierce Brosnan be folded into any of the other horrible things about Mrs. Doubtfire? Sure. But this is poor decision-making at another level, and it deserves to be fully dissected. Drunk off of the success of his scheme (and alcohol), Robin Williams traipses through the kitchen of a fancy restaurant and cavalierly pours cayenne pepper on Pierce Brosnan's meal because he's such a petty human that he wants to ruin everyone's dinner.

At this point in the film, Daniel is nothing more than a Taco Bell employee that sneezes in the lettuce because of the lulz; he's a menace that has to be stopped. But he doesn't realize how terrible of a person he's been until Brosnan begins to choke to death on the over-seasoned shrimp. Never mind the concerns that this scene raises about Brosnan's lack of smell, the real bother is that Daniel is presented as the hero of the film for attempting to kill his romantic rival and then saving his life because he's too much of a coward to pull the trigger on his plan. 

Sally Field Has No Idea What Her Husband Looks Like

And more to the point, no one in this movie seems to know what Robin Williams looks like. Sure, he's buried under pounds of latex, but the face hasn't been changed all that much. It seems like all you would have to do to alleviate this issue is film a scene where someone says, "You look like my dad," or whatever, and then Mrs. Doubtfire plays air guitar with a vacuum cleaner. Was the Hillard family's home life so fractured that no one looked at anyone in the face? Who knew that Mrs. Doubtfire would be a visual representation of the unraveling of the nuclear family?

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Up in the Air

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Since it's such a common word, it's not surprising there are many movies with state in the name. This list ranks the best movies with state in the title, regardless of what genre it is. Do you have a favorite movie with state in the name? This isn't a common way to categorize films, but that's part of the fun. There are probably one or two movies with state in the title that you instantly think of, but you might be surprised how many others there are as you scroll through this list.

This ranked poll of films with state in the title includes movies like Enemy of the State, Garden State, and State of Grace. Don't forget that this list is interactive, meaning you can vote the film names up or down depending on much you liked each movie that has the word state in it.

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Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society

Enemy of the State

Garden State

Head of State

State and Main

State of Grace

State of Siege

State of the Union

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This ranked poll of films with affair in the title includes movies like An Affair to Remember, and The Thomas Crown Affair. Don't forget that this list is interactive, meaning you can vote the film names up or down depending on much you liked each movie that has the word affair in it.

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The Thomas Crown Affair

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The Berlin Affair

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Since it's such a common word, it's not surprising there are many movies with too in the name. This list ranks the best movies with too in the title, regardless of what genre it is. Do you have a favorite movie with too in the name? This isn't a common way to categorize films, but that's part of the fun. There are probably one or two movies with too in the title that you instantly think of, but you might be surprised how many others there are as you scroll through this list.

This ranked poll of films with too in the title includes movies like A Bridge Too Far, The Man Who Knew Too Much, and Look Who's Talking Too. Don't forget that this list is interactive, meaning you can vote the film names up or down depending on much you liked each movie that has the word too in it.

The Best Movies With Too in the Title,

A Bridge Too Far

In Too Deep

Look Who's Talking Too

The Man Who Knew Too Little

The Man Who Knew Too Much

Too Late the Hero

Too Young to Die?

Captain America II: Death Too Soon

Too Big to Fail

Think Like a Man Too

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<![CDATA[18 Awesome Sci-Fi Movies That Got Away with Not Explaining Major Things]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/scifi-movies-with-unexplained-moments/jacob-shelton

If you’re a film buff, you know there are unexplained things in sci-fi movies all the time. Someone will tech the tech or a robot can suddenly fly and no one bats an eye. Sometimes these scifi movies with unexplained plot points work wonderfully without keying the audience in on their artistic choices, but some scif-i films with unexplained moments leave the viewers scratching their heads, trying to figure out what they just witnessed. In the world of film, the suspension of disbelief is necessary for you to go along with a farm boy from Tatooine harnessing a magical force and defeating an army, but suspension of disbelief doesn’t really work when you have him falling in love with his sister.

There are plenty of science fiction films where audiences are willing to overlook simple things like characters showing up in a new room, or knowing how to drive a time machine despite never actually seeing one before. However, if you focus on these things, you start to lose the magic of the film. While some scifi films can get away with never explaining their scenes, there are a few that lose viewers completely when they try to pull some of the downright disrespectful jive that you’re about to see.   

Vote on the sci-fi films that were better off for never explaining that one thing. Vote down the films where the lack of explanation doesn’t really work. 

18 Awesome Sci-Fi Movies That Got Away with Not Explaining Major Things,


This unexplained moment can probably be explained in a deleted scene, or by texting Ridley Scott late at night (if you have his number, which you probably do, since he has a habit of hanging out at IHOP at 3:00 am in a different city every night, giving out his cell number), but how did the titular creature get on the escape pod for the final scene? Like, seriously? How did the f*cking thing get past Ripley? And the closed doors? And that cat? Because that cat don't play. 

The answer probably lies somewhere between "alien vanishing powers," and "there was no money to shoot the alien entering the craft wearing a fake mustache."

Back to the Future Part II

The Back to the Future franchise is filled with major questions that either aren't addressed or shrugged off in passing. But the time travel nerd in all of us knows there's something inherently wrong with Back to the Future II. How does old Biff know how to use Doc's time machine? It's not like they give time machine lessons to everyone in 2015. And if they do, shouldn't there be a line where Old Man Biff says, "Sure am glad I took those time machine lessons?" And how does Marty not hear a Delorean with a jet engine going off?

Please �� Explain ��  This ��  Robert ��  Zemeckis��


It's safe to say there are some science fiction fans who prefer the science over the fiction, and that's fine. Sometimes they're very annoying (no one cares about whether or not the blood on the Event Horizon would actually coagulate, you nerds, they're about to fly into a hell dimension!), but sometimes a movie comes out that relies so heavily on fake science, normal audiences understand the nerd pain. Take Interstellar, and its two and a half hours of science chat without any discussion of how science works. Obviously, the science never has to work in real life, because it's fiction, but it would be nice if the very long movie that's literally about scientists doing science to fix a science problem would have someone explain said science.

And also the whole thing with Matthew McConaughey flying around in the tesseract interacting with himself in the past? No. You can't take mushrooms, come up with an idea, and then try to explain it with quantum physics, Nolan brothers. Does anyone else think this movie sounds as much like a stoner comedy as it does a sci fi action epic?

"Wait, wait! I got it! Will Hunting is so smart he figured out to get into space, but he went evil! And then... and then the guy from Philadelphia Buyers Club has to warn his former self, so he goes into, like, it's like a phone box for space time travel..."

Jurassic Park

Most of the weird scenes and plot holes in almost every Spielberg film can be brushed off with the conceit that Steven Spielberg makes rad moves everyone loves. But, in Jurassic Park, when the T-Rex shows up and saves everyone from those d-bag raptors, it's hard not to wonder how he got in the building. Is there a special T-Rex door? There's probably a special T-Rex door. 

Star Wars

Star Wars may be the face that launched a thousand fandoms, but it's also guilty of some of the biggest unexplained moments in cinema history. Honestly, pick a movie and there's something very important no one talks about and we all accept it because it's great. Or, in the case of The Phantom Menace, you try to forget it ever happened.

By way of example, everyone knows Star Wars takes place a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. But the vast majority of the primary characters are human. And speak English. With an American accent. And have '70s haircuts. At least Star Trek openly deals with the notion of humans vs. aliens in its cast. Seriously. Are they humanoids aliens? What's the likelihood they evolved to look exactly like humans?  And speak the same language? And are all white? What kind of white people naturally inhabit a desert? Why isn't Luke covered in sun burns? 

The Star Wars universe has also developed the annoying habit of explaining things post-hoc. In A New Hope, where the hell did the plans for the Death Star come from? Enter Rogue One, filling the gap. What the f*ck are the clone wars? Oh, well, here's an animated series and some burdensome geopolitics explaining in the prequels. And one more thing, before this is dropped - WHY IS ET IN THE GALACTIC SENATE? That species survived for "a long time" in a galaxy with a billion of things to explore and decided to get stuck on Earth in the Reagan years? Way to go, dumbass. 

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Yeah. So. The whole T2 thing. To recap, Sarah Connor, mother of John Connor (who the Terminator comes back to protect this time, because he's been reprogrammed by some human rebels), decides to kill Myles Dyson, creator of Skynet, so he can't create Skynet or develop terminators. This would ostensibly save the world. 

What do we learn when she goes to kill him? He developed terminator technology using pieces of the terminator that came back in the first movie. Which means, if the terminator never went back in time in the first place, terminators wouldn't exist. There's surely some philosophical argument to be had here about fate - Sarah Connor does, after all, carve the phrase "no fate" into a picnic table at one point - but this is never explicitly addressed, so the audience is simply left to wonder, "What in the f*ck of all f*cking f*cks is happening right now?"

And one more thing - if the humans reprogram a terminator to protect Sarah and John, why would they make it look exactly like the terminator (albeit aged 8 years) that tried to kill Sarah in the first movie? It never occurred to them how traumatizing that would be? And if the terminator never went back in time in the first movie, John Connor wouldn't have been born, because the guy sent to protect Sarah... wait, hold on. If Sarah was never visited by terminators, she never would've trained her son to fight them... he's Jesus, isn't he? John Connor is Jesus. Which negates all logic in and of itself. 

The Terminator

Why doesn't the T-800 know what Sarah Connor looks like? This robot, or cyborg (or whatever), is from a future where Sarah Connor gave birth to John Connor and every computer in the world has that on record, but there are no pictures of Sarah Connor anywhere in their vast libraries of information? Not even a Polaroid of her from a friend's birthday? Admittedly, selfies weren't a way of life in the '80s the way they are in the 21st century, but it's ridiculous that the first quarter of the movie is spent watching a robot call people on a pay phone. 


If a film as strange and wonderful as Videodrome doesn't leave you with questions, you probably didn't watch it. That said, while there's a lot of suspension of disbelief that goes along with this very strange film, how does James Woods start growing guns out of his hands? Is it a brain thing that happens when he watches Videodrome? Or does he just do it? And how does that whole chest vagina thing work? Be honest, David Cronenberg? Were you just doing drugs and making up weird sh*t? 

Star Wars: Episode VII

This one almost seems too easy, but it still has to be addressed. Everyone loved The Force Awakens while sitting in the theater, and everyone sat up nursing a stiff drink late into the night after seeing it, thinking "What the f*ck?!" over and over until their brain broke. 

Here's a smattering of the things in the movie that were never explained, and make basically no sense without explanation:

  • Rey uses Jedi mind tricks to get the storm trooper to release her while in captivity. Rey grew up alone in the desert, could very possibly be illiterate, has never seen Star Wars (since it's not a movie in the Star Wars universe, nor do there seem to be any movies in the Star Wars universe), and knows nothing about the force, but somehow she knows how to use it and what it does.

  • Rey and Finn beat Kylo Ren in a lightsaber duel even though he's a super powerful Sith Lord who's been training for years and is the grandson of the ultimate all-time Sith Lord and neither one of them has ever even held a lightsaber before. 

  • R2D2 magically comes back on for like no reason at all at the exact moment they need him to come back on. 

  • Again, Rey has not seen Star Wars, nor has she ever fought for the rebel alliance or traveled the galaxy, but she has a homemade figurine of an X-Wing pilot in her hovel. How would she know what they look like? 

  • Luke Skywalker lives in Ireland, despite Star Wars taking place a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. 

Ultimately, the explanation for all these things lies in their convenience for the filmmakers and studio, who needed to satisfy fan expectations, rope in a new generation of kids to make billions from, produce an international hit, and jump start a new franchise. So leave your illusions about culture at the door. 


Arrival makes some beautiful points about the reality of the human condition, and it makes audiences rethink narrative filmmaking in ways that haven't happened in blockbuster cinema before. But when it's revealed that learning how to speak Heptapod allows you to see everything that happens in your life without making it fit into a straight line, does that mean anyone who learns their language can mess with the future?

Theoretically, you could actually pull the Bill and Ted stunt of reminding yourself to put a key somewhere in the past, and then grab that key in the present. Or it might even allow you to fix the stock market, or something even worse on a global scale. Is that a thing in this movie or are the filmmakers just going to ignore it? Unless everything is predetermined. Where's a Tralfamadore to explain things when you need one? 

Sat, 03 Dec 2016 13:11:33 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/scifi-movies-with-unexplained-moments/jacob-shelton
<![CDATA[The Best Movies With Thing in the Title]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-best-movies-with-thing-in-the-title/ranker-film

Since it's such a common word, it's not surprising there are many movies with thing in the name. This list ranks the best movies with thing in the title, regardless of what genre it is. Do you have a favorite movie with thing in the name? This isn't a common way to categorize films, but that's part of the fun. There are probably one or two movies with thing in the title that you instantly think of, but you might be surprised how many others there are as you scroll through this list.

This ranked poll of films with thing in the title includes movies like The Thing, Do the Right Thing, and The Thing from Another World. Don't forget that this list is interactive, meaning you can vote the film names up or down depending on much you liked each movie that has the word thing in it.

The Best Movies With Thing in the Title,

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

Do the Right Thing

The Thing

Love Don't Cost a Thing

Swamp Thing

That Thing You Do!

The Return of Swamp Thing

The Sure Thing

The Thing from Another World

Beautiful Thing

Fri, 02 Dec 2016 18:31:34 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/the-best-movies-with-thing-in-the-title/ranker-film
<![CDATA[The Best Movies With His in the Title]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-best-movies-with-his-in-the-title/ranker-film

Since it's such a common word, it's not surprising there are many movies with his in the name. This list ranks the best movies with his in the title, regardless of what genre it is. Do you have a favorite movie with his in the name? This isn't a common way to categorize films, but that's part of the fun. There are probably one or two movies with his in the title that you instantly think of, but you might be surprised how many others there are as you scroll through this list.

This ranked poll of films with his in the title includes movies like His Girl Friday, The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover, and A Boy and His Dog. Don't forget that this list is interactive, meaning you can vote the film names up or down depending on much you liked each movie that has the word his in it.

The Best Movies With His in the Title,

Ed and His Dead Mother

A Boy and His Dog

His Girl Friday

Johnny Got His Gun

Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House

Stuart Saves His Family

The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover

Tucker: The Man and His Dream

His Buddy

Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives

Fri, 02 Dec 2016 18:31:33 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/the-best-movies-with-his-in-the-title/ranker-film
<![CDATA[The Best Movies With We in the Title]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-best-movies-with-we-in-the-title/ranker-film

Since it's such a common word, it's not surprising there are many movies with we in the name. This list ranks the best movies with we in the title, regardless of what genre it is. Do you have a favorite movie with we in the name? This isn't a common way to categorize films, but that's part of the fun. There are probably one or two movies with we in the title that you instantly think of, but you might be surprised how many others there are as you scroll through this list.

This ranked poll of films with we in the title includes movies like We Were Soldiers, We Are Marshall, and The Way We Were. Don't forget that this list is interactive, meaning you can vote the film names up or down depending on much you liked each movie that has the word we in it.

The Best Movies With We in the Title,

Are We There Yet

Me and You and Everyone We Know

The Way We Were

Things We Lost in the Fire

We Are Marshall

We Were Soldiers

When We Were Kings

We Need to Talk About Kevin

We Bought a Zoo

What We Do in the Shadows

Fri, 02 Dec 2016 16:51:29 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/the-best-movies-with-we-in-the-title/ranker-film
<![CDATA[The Best Movies With Right in the Title]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-best-movies-with-right-in-the-title/ranker-film

Since it's such a common word, it's not surprising there are many movies with right in the name. This list ranks the best movies with right in the title, regardless of what genre it is. Do you have a favorite movie with right in the name? This isn't a common way to categorize films, but that's part of the fun. There are probably one or two movies with right in the title that you instantly think of, but you might be surprised how many others there are as you scroll through this list.

This ranked poll of films with right in the title includes movies like Do the Right Thing, Let the Right One In, and The Right Stuff. Don't forget that this list is interactive, meaning you can vote the film names up or down depending on much you liked each movie that has the word right in it.

The Best Movies With Right in the Title,

Do the Right Thing

I'm All Right Jack

Making Mr. Right

Right at Your Door

The Right Stuff

Let the Right One In

The Right to Romance

The Kids Are All Right

Fight for Your Right Revisited

All the Right Noises

Fri, 02 Dec 2016 11:21:26 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/the-best-movies-with-right-in-the-title/ranker-film
<![CDATA[The Best Movies With Only in the Title]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-best-movies-with-only-in-the-title/ranker-film

Since it's such a common word, it's not surprising there are many movies with only in the name. This list ranks the best movies with only in the title, regardless of what genre it is. Do you have a favorite movie with only in the name? This isn't a common way to categorize films, but that's part of the fun. There are probably one or two movies with only in the title that you instantly think of, but you might be surprised how many others there are as you scroll through this list.

This ranked poll of films with only in the title includes movies like For Your Eyes Only, You Only Live Twice, and Only God Forgives. Don't forget that this list is interactive, meaning you can vote the film names up or down depending on much you liked each movie that has the word only in it.

The Best Movies With Only in the Title,

Only You

The Only Witness

For Your Eyes Only

If Only

Only Angels Have Wings

Only the Lonely

Only Yesterday

You Only Live Twice

Only Lovers Left Alive

Only God Forgives

Fri, 02 Dec 2016 11:21:26 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/the-best-movies-with-only-in-the-title/ranker-film
<![CDATA[The Best Movies With True in the Title]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-best-movies-with-true-in-the-title/ranker-film

Since it's such a common word, it's not surprising there are many movies with true in the name. This list ranks the best movies with true in the title, regardless of what genre it is. Do you have a favorite movie with true in the name? This isn't a common way to categorize films, but that's part of the fun. There are probably one or two movies with true in the title that you instantly think of, but you might be surprised how many others there are as you scroll through this list.

This ranked poll of films with true in the title includes movies like True Romance, True Grit, and True Lies. Don't forget that this list is interactive, meaning you can vote the film names up or down depending on much you liked each movie that has the word true in it.

The Best Movies With True in the Title,

Cinderella II: Dreams Come True

DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story

The True Glory

True Believer

True Grit

True Lies

True Love

True Romance

True Legend

True Grit

Fri, 02 Dec 2016 11:11:35 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/the-best-movies-with-true-in-the-title/ranker-film
<![CDATA[The Most Notorious Skeleton Characters of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/the-most-notorious-skeletons-of-all-time
Animated human skeletons have been used as a personification of death since the Middle Ages. From Jack Skellington to Skeletor, the skeleton character is often a type of physically manifested undead found in fantasy, gothic and horror fiction, and mythical art. Despite having no live flesh covering, he or she is still mobile. Most are human skeletons, but they can also be from any creature or race found on Earth or in the fantasy world. The following is a list of some that have gained notoriety in fantasy movies, television, and animated features, with names and images. Sometimes it's as simple as looking the most badass.
Which are powerful, spooky, or even funny? Vote up your favorite skeletons, whether cartoon or live-action, from a movie or TV show or any other media.
The Most Notorious Skeleton Characters of All Time,

Jack Sparrow
Pirates of the Carribean
Ghost Rider

Jack Skellington
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Masters of the Universe
Mortal Kombat

Corpse Bride


Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy

Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
SpongeBob SquarePants

Sat, 03 Dec 2016 03:21:22 PST http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/the-most-notorious-skeletons-of-all-time
<![CDATA[Manchester by the Sea Movie Quotes]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/manchester-by-the-sea-movie-quotes/movie-and-tv-quotes

Manchester by the Sea movie quotes help tell the story of the film about a man forced to return to his hometown to take care of his orphaned nephew and deal with other unresolved issues. The drama movie was written and directed by Kenneth Lonergan. After premiering at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, Manchester by the Sea opened in theaters in the United States on November 18, 2016.

In Manchester by the Sea, Lee (Casey Affleck) is a janitor living in Quincy, Massachusetts. He receives news that his brother, Joe (Kyle Chandler), has died and that Joe has named Lee guardian of Joe's teenage son, Patrick (Lucas Hedges). All of this comes as quite a shock to Lee, who returns to his hometown of Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts, Patrick's home.

But when Lee arrives in Manchester-by-the-Sea, he has more to deal with than trying to take care of his teenage nephew. Bad blood remains between Lee and his ex-wife, Randi (Michelle Williams), and the rest of the community, who isn't exactly welcoming to Lee's return. In order to move forward with Patrick, Lee must take care of things from the past, and lots of them.

Manchester by the Sea movie quotes provide the dialogue to the movie, just as other movie quotes do for their respective movies like for Bleed for This, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, The Edge of Seventeen, and Shut In.  

Manchester by the Sea Movie Quotes,

Strictly Basement Business

Lee: Do you actually have sex with these girls?
Patrick: It's strictly basement business.
Lee: What's that mean?
Patrick: It means I'm working on it. 

Lee tries to relate to what Patrick is doing in life in these Manchester by the Sea movie quotes. His comprehension of the latest teen lingo, however, could use some improvement.

How's Patrick Doing?

Lee: Hello
Randi: Hello, Lee, I just wanted to call and say I'm sorry. How's Patrick doing?
Lee: He doesn't really open up with me. 

Randi, Lee's ex-wife, calls Lee to express her sympathy. She inquires about Patrick, to which Lee explains that things are not going well to start.

I Said a Lot of Terrible Things

Randi: I said a lot of terrible things to you. My heart was broken and now yours is broken too.
Lee: No, you don't understand. There's nothing...
Randi: That's not true. 

Ex spouses Randi and Lee try to work through unresolved issues in these Manchester by the Sea movie quotes. They've gone through a lot together, and a lot of it rough stuff, and now try to come to a happier place.

Do You Want to Be His Guardian?

Patrick: Where we going? The orphanage?
Lee: Shut up. Get in the car.
Patrick: I can't obey your orders until you unlock the car. 
George: Whatever you decide, he can always stay with us, if he wants to come up weekends. 
Lee: Do you want to be his guardian?
George: Well
Patrick: He doesn't want to be my guardian, for christ sakes. He's got four kids. Have you seen his house? 
George: We're trying to lose kids at this point. 

In these Manchester by the Sea movie quotes, Lee doesn't seem too eager to take over Patrick's care and even tries to pawn it off on George. It seems George, and others, have their own things going on which would prevent that.

I Can't Be His Guardian

Lee: I don't understand.
Dr. Muller: Which part are you having trouble with?
Lee: Well, I can't be his guardian. 
Dr. Muller: Well, your brother provided for your nephew's upbringing. I think the idea was that you would relocate. 
Lee: Relocate to where? Here?
Dr. Muller: Well, it was my impression that you had spent a lot of time here. 
Lee: I'm just a back up. 
Dr. Muller: Lee, nobody can appreciate what you've been through and if you really feel you can't take this on, that's your right.

Dr. Muller explains to Lee that his recently deceased brother, Joe, named Lee the guardian of Joe's teenage son, Patrick in these Manchester by the Sea movie quotes. Going from a divorced janitor to taking care of a teen boy is quite shocking to Lee, to say the least.

If You Could Take One Guy to an Island

Lee: If you could take one guy to an island with you and you knew you'd be safe cause he is the best man, he's going to keep you happy, if it was between me and your father, who would you take?
Patrick: My daddy!
Lee: I think you're wrong about that.

In a flashback to when Patrick was younger in these Manchester by the Sea movie quotes, Lee asks Patrick who he's take to an island with him. It is clear that Lee was close with brother Joe and nephew Patrick back then, something Joe remembered.

What the Hell Do You Care Where You Live?

Patrick: You don't want to be my guardian, that's fine with me. 
Lee: It's not that. It's just the logistics. 
Patrick: All my friends are here. I got two girlfriends and I'm in a band. You're a janitor in Quincy. What the hell do you care where you live?

Patrick and Lee argue about where they will live. Lee wants to move them back to the Boston area but Patrick reminds Lee that there's not much up there for him to go back to.

Thu, 01 Dec 2016 08:41:24 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/manchester-by-the-sea-movie-quotes/movie-and-tv-quotes
<![CDATA[Bleed for This Movie Quotes]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/bleed-for-this-movie-quotes/movie-and-tv-quotes

Bleed for This movie quotes bring the dialogue to the boxing film about a world champion who fought his way back into the ring after a serious injury. Based on the life of boxer Vinny Pazienza, the film was written and directed by Ben Younger using a story he crafted with Pippa Bianco and Angelo Pizzo. Bleed for This opened in theaters on November 18, 2016.

In these Bleed for This movie quotes, Vinny Paz (Miles Teller) is at the top of his game in the boxing world. With his lady, Ashley (Christine Evangelista), mother Louise (Katey Segal), father Angelo (Ciaran Hinds) and trainer Kevin (Aaron Eckhart) by his side, Vinny wins a world championship plus the fame and fortune that comes with it.

But life changes when Vinny is injured in a car crash which results in a serious spinal injury. With the choice of a spinal fusion, which would allow him to definitely walk again, but end his boxing career, Vinny refuses. Vinny is destined to box again, but his doctors and loved ones urge him to give up for his own health and well being. It's only after Vinny convinces trainer Kevin that giving up isn't an option that Kevin agrees to support his comeback.

Bleed for This movie quotes give a peek inside the film just as other movie quotes do for their respective films like Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, The Edge of Seventeen, Shut In, and Arrival.

Bleed for This Movie Quotes,

You Just Don't Know How to Give Up

Kevin: Vinny, no, no! You just don't know how to give up.
Vinny: I know exactly how to give up. You know what scares me, Kev? Is that it's easy.
Kevin: Come on. This is insane.

When Vinny tries working out while still in a neck brace, trainer Kevin urges him to give up on any dreams that he will box again. Vinny, however, is undeterred and keeps doing what he can to get back in the ring.

A Fractured Neck

Newscaster: The Tasmanian Devil is at Camp County Memorial Hospital tonight with a fractured neck.

News spreads that Vinny has been in a serious car accident in this Bleed for This movie quote. Any accident for a famous athlete is a big deal, but this, a neck fracture for a world champion boxer, could be career ending.

I'm Going to Fight Again

Kevin: We're not done here, Vinny. A whole world outside the ring. 
Vinny: I'm getting pretty sick of people talking at me like I'm dead. Kev, I'm going to fight again.
Kevin: No, you ain't, Vinny. 

Vinny argues with his trainer, Kevin, about what the future holds. Kevin urges him to look beyond a life of boxing to other things but, as he mentions in these Bleed for This movie quotes, Vinny is not ready to give up his career just yet.

Show Me Who You Are

Kevin: Go out there and show me how you do things! Show me how you live! Show me how you fight! Show me who you are!

Prior to a bout, Kevin pumps Vinny up as he prepares to fight. It's these words, in this Bleed for This movie quote, that stays with Vinny and fuels his fire to compete always.

I'm Not Done, All Right?

Louise: This is bad, Angelo. You gotta do something.
Angelo: I can't be part of you getting hurt anymore.
Vinny: I'm not done, all right? I got more in me.

Vinny loses the support of his parents, Louise and Angelo, in these Bleed for This movie quotes. His health and safety is their utmost importance, not his desire to return to his boxing career.

I Need to Be Able to Fight Again

Doctor: If you let me do the fusion, I can guarantee that you'll be able to walk again.
Vinny: I need to be able to fight again.
Louise: Vinny!
Vinny: You're not fusing my neck.
Doctor: With this severe of an injury, one bump, one fall, any kind of movement and your spinal cord could sever.

Vinny discusses his treatment options after the accident in these Bleed for This movie quotes. The doctor wants him to undergo a neck fusion, which has the best chance to make him walk again, but Vinny knows that boxing with a fused neck is not possible.

He's on the Bicycle

Boxing Judge: We are going to start the weigh in.
Vinny: Ash, answer the phone!
Angelo: Where's he at?
Ashley: He's on the bicycle.
Angelo: No, dummy, his weight. What weight's he at?
Ashley: What weight you at, Vinny?
Vinny: I'm coming!
Ashley: He's coming.

Prior to a huge title fight, Vinny must exercise and sweat extra hard to make weight, like he's doing in these Bleed for This movie quotes. This goes on right up until the weigh in, and even during it.

Thu, 01 Dec 2016 07:01:24 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/bleed-for-this-movie-quotes/movie-and-tv-quotes
<![CDATA[Top Eight Meteor/Asteroid Movies]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/top-eight-meteor-and-asteroid-movies/jesse-james-criscione

Which meteor blew us up the best?

Top Eight Meteor/Asteroid Movies,


Deep Impact


The Day the Sky Exploded

The Meteor Man



Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

Fri, 02 Dec 2016 04:01:22 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/top-eight-meteor-and-asteroid-movies/jesse-james-criscione
<![CDATA[16 Ridiculously Stupid Plot Holes in the Fast and Furious Movies]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/fast-and-furious-plot-holes/jim-jacobi

The most ridiculous problems in the Fast and Furious movies can be traced to the franchise’s insatiable thirst to perpetually one-up itself in every way imaginable. The globalization and commercialization of Hollywood’s major studios has fostered an environment that allows for massive financial resources to be dumped into making sure a sequel makes more money than its predecessor. And hey, who can really blame that logic? Who doesn’t want to make more money this year than you did last year? Unfortunately, no one bothers applying such logic to the actual films, hence this list of Fast and Furious logic fails. 

“Trilogy” has a nice ring to it. For filmmakers, it’s the seemingly perfect entity to fully develop and execute a rich, thought-provoking dramatic arc. But when a string of loosely connected movies goes far beyond that structure, you’re left with what could be nicely called a hot mess, such as the library of things that make no sense in the Fast and Furious series.

Creative liberties aside, the list below contains some of the most fascinating Fast and Furious plot holes, character inconsistencies, illogical decisions, and just straight up ridiculous things throughout the franchise.

16 Ridiculously Stupid Plot Holes in the Fast and Furious Movies,

A Yakuza Boss Takes Input from an American Teenager

Yakuza is a flexible term used to reference members of one of several Japanese crime families that came to prominence after WWII. Those gangs try to mask their origins behind legitimate businesses, but they are largely still involved in serious, criminal activities ranging from extortion to drug trafficking and prostitution. Some members apologize to their leaders by amputating their own fingers.

You have to wonder why, in Tokyo Drift, Sean Boswell is able to waltz into a private club and directly approach a yakuza boss, in order to apologize for causing business losses, and explain that he plans to make up for it by racing the boss’s screw-up nephew, DK. After all, what better way to catapult a yakuza crime family into the 21st century than to let an American kid in high school tell you how to run your business?

There's also that scene in Tokyo Drift where Sean gets thrown around by a fat dude in a bathhouse

There's Good, and There's Ludacris Good

Tej has worn many hats over the years. We first got to know him in Miami, where he spent his days organizing and taking bets on jet ski races by day and illegal street races by night. He even had Jimmy at his garage to help customize electrical systems on cars. Eight years later, in Fast Five, Tej was born again, capable of hacking practically anyone and anything, customizing car builds, and even cracking an industrial safe fit for a bank.

By Furious 7, Tej was unstoppable. Not only did his hacking skills increase exponentially, so did his mechanical engineering prowess. The day before Dom, Tej, and the gang head to the Caucasus Mountains at the behest of Mr. Nobody, Tej completely deconstructed two existing vehicles and built an entirely new car Dom desperately needed for the mission. He also had just enough time to outfit the other cars with parachute rigs synchronized with GPS that perfectly integrated to their needs. That one-night timeline would’ve been impossible for a lesser man, but not for Tej.

Hobbs's Task Force Are Secretly Amazing Mechanics

After Fast Five’s high octane shootout foot chase through the Rio de Janeiro favelas, Hobbs and his team return to Dom and Brian’s abandoned hideout on a clue-gathering mission. It’s where they find the elusive Ford GT40 from the memorable train heist, only now it’s half disassembled. Hobbs follows his always-accurate instincts and knows he needs to put the super car back together to find out what Dom was looking for.

Hobbs tells two of his guys to “put all this mess back together,” referring to the now half-built GT40. You can’t disobey Hobbs, so they oblige. Lucky for Hobbs, their entire adult life presumably spent in the military and then special task force law enforcement perfectly prepped them to be able to reconstruct a limited edition super car on the fly in a shanty hideout garage without any documentation manuals. Not only did they complete the task in a matter of hours, but the engine started up on the first try!

The Laws of Physics Have No Place Here

In the Caucasus Mountain sequence in Furious 7, Dom out-maneuvers Deckard Shaw and Shaw’s vehicle goes tumbling down the mountainside. He quickly jumps out, sprints a few hundred yards at high elevation, and assembles his rifle just in time to get Dom’s car in his sights. Miraculously, Shaw is aiming downward at Dom’s car, even though he just tumbled down the near-vertical mountainside.

In Fast 6, the C-5 Galaxy airplane at the end barrels down a runway for longer than 12 minutes at takeoff speed, which would require a runway more than 20 miles long. In Tokyo Drift, Clay throws a baseball at Sean Boswell’s car hard enough for glass to shatter into the driver seat, but the baseball rolls off the trunk and onto the pavement, rather than going through the windshield. And yet, in 2 Fast, Brian and Roman can’t even capsize Carter Verone’s yacht by launching a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro at it going 120 mph! Losers.

Brian O'Conner: Zero to Hero in Six Minutes

Ever wonder how Brian went from a rookie with a heavy foot to a world-class street racer with skills Ayrton Senna would envy? Wonder no more. Turbo Charged Prelude to 2 Fast 2 Furious is a six-minute short film (with no dialogue) that tells the tale of how Brian made his way as a fugitive from Los Angeles to Miami, perfecting his driving skills on the way. Or does it?

The short amounts to little more than Brian flashing his million-dollar smile and fifty-cent haircut as he splits his time between racing and hitchhiking east. Minka Kelly even gives him a ride at one point… although they don’t talk much. Brian keeps playing the underdog in races and collects stacks of cash, and upgrades rides so successfully he finally rolls up to Miami Beach in a Nissan Skyline. But how did all that accelerating in straight lines get him the skills to leapfrog his car over another car over an opening bridge?

Deckard Shaw Wins for Most Frequent Flyer Miles

Deckard Shaw is one hell of a super villain in Furious 7. Motivated, ruthless, impossible to harm, and able to jet around the globe as he pleases without the cumbersome burdens of long flights. You see Shaw in London, Los Angeles, Tokyo, back to Los Angeles, in the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia, and finally in Dubai, in the first half of the movie. For anyone keeping score, that's about flight 31,000 miles, and doesn't take into account time required for customs and ground transportation (Tokyo's airport, for instance, is about 40 miles from the center of the city). 

One more note: Shaw engages in nothing short of terrorism in every location, but seems to have no trouble traveling internationally, at his leisure. He's either got the most reliable private jet service in existence, or his face is just too jacked up to register on any facial recognition software in any airport on earth.

What Ever Happened to Baby Leon?

Dom and Leon were like brothers. They came up together, built cars, raced cars, partied at Race Wars, and even stole DVD players together. They would have killed, or been killed, for each other. Leon was there from the beginning, from childhood. Brian wasn’t. Han came years later; so did Roman. All those guys, and more, are family to Dom. He’ll risk it all for them and then some. But Leon’s services and personality haven’t meant anything to Dom since 2001. Let’s hope Dom at least transferred ownership of Toretto’s Market & Cafe so Leon had something to live for.

Why Not Take Just the Radio?

Fast Five followed the newfound tradition of starting hard and fast. Dom, Brian, Mia, and even Vince join a crew of Brazilian gangsters to steal a handful of exotic cars off a fast-moving train. The twist? Dom and Brian don’t know the other gang’s lead man Zizi is after only a microchip hidden inside the radio of the Ford GT40 they’re after. Their collective plan is to cut off an entire side panel of the train with blowtorches, then wench each car to a flatbed ramp, and reverse them to freedom. All for a data chip inside one car’s radio. Everything is going smoothly, until it’s not, and the ensuing commotion garners the unwanted attention of some DEA agents onboard. Why not just send one guy on the train to steal the GT40’s radio? Without, you know, blowtorching the train while it's moving? 

Hobbs Answers to No One

Hobbs (THE ROCK) took the franchise a new level of ridiculous action sequences and sizzling one-liners. Hobbs is the DSS Elite Task Force’s team leader, and shows up in Brazil in Fast Five intent on apprehending Dom and Brian. After he loses all of his men in an ambush, Hobbs uncovers a shared understanding of moral fiber with Dom, and focuses his brand of justice on those responsible for killing his team. 

What does this entail? Well, he helps jumpstart Dom and Brian’s $100 million heist, murders a guy point blank, and lets Dom walk free. Or at least gives him a pretty liberal head start. Hobbs commits the same crime Brian did in the original film, then went even further into the moral gray zone. However, Hobbs answers to no one. His intentional blind eye to Dom's escape from Rio is never questioned, nor is his blatant cowboyification of subduing terrorists in Spain in Fast 6 and downtown Los Angeles in Furious 7 by any means necessary. Does he just not have a boss? Like, seriously, what the hell is going on?

When will Hobbs’s reign of unchecked mayhem be brought to an end?

150mph Makes Your Floorboards Fall Off (Except It Doesn't, Actually)

It’s easy to forget just how green Brian O'Conner was the first time he raced the Dominic Toretto in The Fast and The Furious. Sure, Brian had some racing chops, but he knew he’d need more than that to be competitive. Against sage advice, Brian insisted he be given two giant NOS tanks for his first big race. Well, he got what he wanted, but at what cost? Brian’s unflinching ambition to win sparked a catastrophic chain of events once he reached 150mph. Innumerable machine screws and flat washers spewed from his car’s passenger-side floor, causing a ruckus that ended with gravity getting the best of the floorboard.

Apparently installing those NOS tanks inextricably wove the vehicle’s powertrain and passenger-side flooring together. 

Tue, 29 Nov 2016 18:31:03 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/fast-and-furious-plot-holes/jim-jacobi
<![CDATA[Old Futuristic Movies Whose Futures We've Passed]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/future-movies-whose-timelines-we-passed/anncasano

Most of the visions of the future from old movies have not completely come to be. Flying cars are still a sci-fi dream, and no one has set foot on a distant planet, let alone colonized it. It's fun to dream, though, and even more fun to revisit retro visions of what people thought was just ahead. Here are 15 future movies we've passed in time.

Now that the future has passed in these movies, it’s interesting to see which aspects came to fruition. Perhaps computers do not have the capability to be self-aware and murderous like HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey, yet consumers are more dependent now on their personal technology than ever. Just ask the table of people eating dinner out at a restaurant who can’t stop checking their phones. Or any driver that still needs to use their GPS systems to find a location that they’ve been to a dozen times.

But for every movie that got the future wrong, there are a few that guessed some things right. Imagine the dystopian Big Brother-type world predicted in the science fiction film 1984. Even though humans do not live in a society where free thought is banned and falling in love is a crime, one can’t argue that government security and surveillance doesn't heavily exist in everyday life.

Check out both the hilarious futures from old movies and the ones that came pretty close to getting the future right. Then share some of your favorite future movies whose times we passed in the comments section below.

Old Futuristic Movies Whose Futures We've Passed,


The Film: 1984 (1956)

Takes Place: 1984

The Futuristic Vision: Based on George Orwell's 1949 high school literature staple, the Michael Anderson-directed movie of the same name reveals the dystopian totalitarian world of 1984. In the movie, Big Brother sees everything and free thought is illegal. The job of the film's protagonist Winston Smith is to rewrite history the way the government wants its people to see it. Trouble begins when Winston falls in love with Julia – as falling in love is a crime punishable by way of torture. 

Prediction Accuracy: Although surveillance in the name of national security may seem an awful lot like Big Brother, free thought is still legal and so is falling in love.

2001: A Space Odyssey

The Film: 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

Takes Place: Millions of years ago; 2001

The Futuristic Vision: In a nutshell, Stanley Kubrick's sci-fi epic is about evolution. The film starts millions of years ago when evolution begins on the planet Earth with the placing of a monolith. Fast forward millions of years, and another monolith is discovered on the Moon signaling another step in evolution. The next part of the movie takes place a few months later when a five man crew and the computer HAL (who claims to be incapable of error) take off on a mission to Jupiter, where the fight essentially becomes man versus machine in an attempt to find the next step in evolution. 

Prediction Accuracy: Just one year after 2001: A Space Odyssey hit the big screen, man walked on the Moon for the first time (unless you believe the conspiracy theory that Kubrick made a fake video of the Apollo 11 moon landing). Today, computers are not self-aware nor villainous like HAL, who was able to read lips and plan a murder. However, you certainly cannot argue with how attached people have become to technology.

A Clockwork Orange

The Film: A Clockwork Orange (1971)

Takes Place: 1995

The Futuristic Vision: A Clockwork Orange was adapted from Anthony Burgess's 1962 novel of the same name. Stanley Kubrick's British dystopian crime movie follows Alex (Malcolm McDowell), a  young sociopath convicted of rape and murder. While he is in prison, in order to get his sentence reduced, Alex volunteers to participate in an experimental program using the Ludavico Technique. The goal of the aversion therapy is to change Alex's violent behavior by using his favorite classical music and juxtaposing it with horrifying imagery.

Prediction Accuracy: Aversion therapy is a psychiatric tool used with varied results. The film also centers on the issues of youth and the problems with extreme rioting, which is certainly prevalent today, though perhaps not to the degree shown in the film.

Back to the Future Part II

The Film: Back to the Future Part II (1989)

Takes Place: 1955, 1985, 2015

The Futuristic Vision: Doc (Christopher Lloyd) sends Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) into the future (2015) in order to save his son from going to prison. However, when Marty returns to 1985, he realizes that what he did in the future has greatly affected the past (his present). Most troubling of all, Biff (Thomas F. Wilson) is a rich casino owner and now married to Marty's mom. Marty then has to travel back to where he was in the first film, 1955, to make sure Biff doesn't get his hands on the sports almanac that made him rich.

Prediction Accuracy: Scientists haven't been able to figure out the whole time travel thing yet. And while the film accurately predicted the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series, such amenities as instant pizza, flying cars, auto-fitting shoes, hoverboards, and floating signs are still just dreams.

Death Race 2000

The Film: Death Race 2000 (1975)

Takes Place: 2000

The Futuristic Vision: It's the year 2000 and the United States has become a totalitarian state. In the dystopian future of this cult classic – starring David Carradine as Frankenstein and Sylvester Stallone as Machine Gun Joe Viterbo – contestants participate in a death race across the country. Along the way, contestants are awarded points for running down pedestrians. Just like the name implies, the last man alive wins the race.

Prediction Accuracy: There are no races to the death in modern society. However, the film shows these death races as a form of public entertainment. Today reality television rules the airwaves, and while there isn't brutal murder on shows like Survivor or The Amazing Race, they are very much a hungrily-consumed spectacle where contestants behave in a "do or die" manner.

Escape from New York

The Film: Escape from New York (1981)

Takes Place: 1997

The Futuristic Vision: Manhattan has been transformed into a maximum security prison because violent crime is totally out of control. After the President's plane is shot down over NYC, the one-eyed anti-hero Snake Plissken (Kurt Russell) is asked to find the captured Commander in Chief and save the day in exchange for a full pardon. 

Prediction Accuracy: Thankfully, violent crime is not up 400% like in the movie. New York City is also thriving, perhaps even cleaner now than ever, and there are no plans to turn the island into a maximum security prison. However, street gangs are a real-life problem, just like in the movie.


The Film: Frankenstein (1931)

Takes Place: The book takes place in the late 1700s, but the film most likely takes place in the middle part of the 20th century

The Futuristic Vision: Adapted from Mary Shelley's 1818 novel of the same name, this classic monster movie features scientist Henry Frankenstein (Colin Clive) and his humpback assistant Fritz (Dwight Frye) as they set out to construct a human man by piecing together dead body parts. They are then able to give life to the creature with a jolt of electricity. The major problem is that the feeble-minded Fritz mistakenly puts the brain of a murderer into Frankenstein's monster (Boris Karloff).

Prediction Accuracy: So far, scientists have not been able to create human life with dead body parts. However, doctors have been able to take certain organs from the deceased and successfully place them into sick patients in need.


The Film: RoboCop (1987)

Takes Place: Not definitively stated, but probably in the 1990s

The Futuristic Vision: Police officer Alex Murphy (Peter Weller) is killed by a gang while out on patrol in crime-ridden Detroit. He is selected to be a prototype for the corporate-run RoboCop program, where most of his body is replaced with cybernetics but not his brain. The cyborg cop is successful in cleaning up a majority of the city's crime but faces an uphill battle against corporate greed.

Prediction Accuracy: Science hasn't created a robot cop that can single-handedly clean up a crime-infested city. However, Detroit is currently overrun with crime with little relief in sight. Additionally corporate greed, especially following the events of the housing market crash and subsequent bank bailouts, continues to be a major issue.


Strange Days

The Film: Strange Days (1995)

Takes Place: 1999

The Futuristic Vision: Kathryn Bigelow's sci-fi thriller takes place during the last two days of the 20th Century. In the film, users are able to experience other people's recorded memories and even their physical sensations through the use of illegal black market SQUID discs. These experiences can include everything from sexual encounters to even murder.

Prediction Accuracy: Social media and YouTube videos allow viewers to live vicariously through others. Additionally, although virtual reality is not as commonplace as the internet, the technology is steadily moving in that direction.

Time Travel Is Just Another Job

The Film: Timecop (1994)

Takes Place: 2004

The Futuristic Vision: Timecop exists in a world where self-driving cars and time travel represent the norm. Because time travel is so prevalent, an agency called Time Enforcement Commission (TEC) is established to regulate time travel so it's not used illegally to alter future events. Max (Jean-Claude van Damme) works as a Time Cop and must stop a crooked politician who changes the past in order to control his future.

Prediction Accuracy: While self-driving cars are not yet the standard mode of transportation, they do exist. However, time travel does not seem any closer today than when the movie was made in 1994.

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<![CDATA[The Scariest Ship Horror Movies Set on the Sea]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/ship-horror-movies/ranker-film

There's nothing scarier than a horror movie set at sea. The top horror movies set on ships feature deadly threats from real-life elements as well as supernatural occurrences and hauntings. This is a list of the top lost at sea horror movies featuring everything from Ghost Ship to Mission of the Shark: The Saga of the U.S.S. Indianapolis to Deep Rising.

What movies will you find on this list of the top ship horror films? Movie buffs will likely place Jaws right at the top. Though much of the film is set on the coast, one of Jaws' most famous lines – Roy Scheider saying, “We're gonna need a bigger boat” – was delivered while out at sea. Open Water is another terrifying movie featuring characters lost at sea. Alfred Hitchcock's Lifeboat is often considered one of the suspense master's most underrated films. Other movies featured on this roundup of the best horror movies set at sea include Cape Fear, Das Boot, and The Abyss.

Do you have a favorite scary movie set at sea? Give the best films a thumbs up and please add any great movies that are missing.

The Scariest Ship Horror Movies Set on the Sea,


Cape Fear

Das Boot

Ghost Ship



Open Water


The Abyss


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<![CDATA[The Scariest Cabin Horror Movies]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/cabin-horror-movies/ranker-film

Cabins are creepy enough as it is with their proximity to hungry bears and biting bugs, but add an axe-wielding murderer to the mix and they are downright terrifying. The top cabin horror movies feature teenagers looking for a vacation and instead finding a deadly destination. This is a list of the top horror movies in the middle of nowhere featuring everything from Friday the 13th to The Cabin in the Woods to I Spit on Your Grave.

What films will you find on this list of the top scary movies set in cabins? You might rank The Evil Dead near the top. Sam Raimi became a director synonymous with horror after he released this film – featuring college friends, a deserted cabin, and a few awoken demons – in 1981. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is another one of the all-time best movies set in a creepy cabin in the middle of nowhere. The Duplass Brothers gave the horror genre a mumblecore twist with their cabin-set film Baghead. Other good movies featured on this top scary cabin films list include Pumpkinhead, The Last House on the Left, and Secret Window.

Which creepy cabin movie do you think deserves the top spot on this list? Give your favorites a thumbs up to move them towards the top, and add any great scary flicks that are missing.

The Scariest Cabin Horror Movies,

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre


Evil Dead II

Friday the 13th


The Blair Witch Project

The Evil Dead

The Last House on the Left

The Cabin in the Woods

Hatchet II

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<![CDATA[The Scariest Horror Movies That Take Place Underground]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/underground-tunnel-cave-horror-movies/ranker-film

Small spaces, complete darkness, and terrifying killers combine to make underground horror movies seriously frightening. The top cave horror movies feature characters fighting for their lives without the benefit of sunlight. This is a list of the top subterranean horror movies featuring everything from Mimic to The Midnight Meat Train to End of the Line.

What films will you find on this list of the top underground cave horror movies? Fans of the classics might vote The Phantom of the Opera up to the very top. This timeless story finds the title character lurking in the cellars of the Paris Opera as he pines for the woman he loves. The Descent – which is set in an unexplored system of caves and tunnels – is another scary movie set underground. The film Buried finds Ryan Reynolds fighting to stay alive after he wakes up in a coffin which has been covered in earth. Other good movies featured on this roundup of the best underground horror films include The Cavern, Stag Night, and The Strangeness.

Which underground horror movie do you think is the best? Give your favorites a thumbs up and add any great flicks that are missing.

The Scariest Horror Movies That Take Place Underground,




The Cavern

The Cave

The Phantom of the Opera


End of the Line


The Descent

Fri, 02 Dec 2016 17:21:24 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/underground-tunnel-cave-horror-movies/ranker-film
<![CDATA[How Moana Gets Female Protagonists Right Better Than Any Other Movie]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/what-moana-gets-right/jacob-shelton

The 2016 Disney film Moana puts in a lot of heavy lifting in order to run the subtext of feminism in its very fun adventure featuring a talented, intelligent, and headstrong female role model. Even though Disney created a slew of wonderful films in the 20th century, it fell into a storytelling miasma for a little while that made it seem like the production company that brought audiences The Lion King and The Little Mermaid was stuck in a princess loop. Moana takes everything you think you know about the structure of a Disney film and subverts it at every possible moment. From its lack of a romantic lead, to the counter rhythms that run through the film’s excellent songs. Disney’s Moana truly understands young female protagonists.

There aren’t any wasted moments in Moana, a film that feels like it was created simply to offer audiences a look at a world where the hero’s journey wasn’t defined by hulking men who brandish 50-pound swords. The best thing about Moana’s film full of strong females and the men who respect them is that you don’t have to be a young girl to enjoy it. Its messages of perseverance, taking life as it comes, and using your noggin can be applied to anyone, no matter what gender they identify as. Moana has set the bar for female protagonists in film; lets hope Disney’s following films rise to the challenge.

How Moana Gets Female Protagonists Right Better Than Any Other Movie,

She's Constantly Underestimated

Throughout the film, Moana is constantly underestimated by every male character she meets. Her father doesn't believe she can survive beyond the great reef (to be fair, he doesn't believe anyone can survive beyond the reef); Maui doesn't think Moana can best him in a battle of wits; Tamatoa thinks he's better than her because he's shinier; and even the elements underestimate Moana's determination to save her people. The only characters who believe in Moana throughout the film are her mother and grandmother, two key figures in almost every young person's life.

Moana Has No Problem Being the Chief of Her People

The audience is told from the beginning of the film that Moana is next in line to be the Chief of her people, and she doesn't spend one moment wringing her hands about whether or not she deserves to be in charge. Perhaps more importantly, no one in her village is suspect of her abilities. It's almost as if they were raised without gender bias beaten into their brains.

The Film Knows It Doesn't Matter What Gender You Identify As

Maui is the film's lummox of a sidekick who's on his own hero's journey - though it isn't really as important as Moana's because it's about reclaiming a lost phallic symbol (srsly). In any case, there is a very short moment in the film where Maui is singing to Moana and refers to her as a girl, then literally stops his monologue to tell the audience it doesn't matter that Moana is a girl, and that he's simply using that word because that's how she identifies. WHAT? High five, Disney. 

Self-Discovery Comes Whether Moana Wants It or Not

Synthesizing every piece of feminine symbolism in Moana is a fool's errand, but the overall narrative of the film essentially follows the main character's journey in becoming a grown-up - who, in this case, happens to be a woman. The story (Joseph Campbell's traditional 'Hero's Journey,' but in an alternate universe where we don't just think of men as heroes), thrusts Moana into the great unknown where she literally has to sink or swim. It's the same figurative journey that every young woman faces when she becomes a teenager. In the film, Moana immediately accepts this new way of life and begins to find out who she really is. You don't see this kind of acknowledgement of the female journey in many other major films, let alone an animated film produced by Disney.

She Teaches Herself How to Do Everything

Moana doesn't do everything perfectly - she is a young person, after all - but in the face of adversity, rather than folding it up and going home or asking someone for help, Moana simply figures out her own way to get sh*t done. Sailing a boat? She's got it. Fighting a giant demi-god crab? Don't worry about it. Communicating with the spirits of her people to learn their past in order to decide what they should do with their future? She's got it taken care of, y'all!

Moana Has to Show Perseverance to Succeed

Even though Moana has a couple of magical friends to help her along the way (this is a Disney movie, after all), the only way she can really succeed is by showing perseverance despite people who underestimate her in almost every scene. She provides an excellent role model for every young girl watching the film who wants to accomplish something that isn't already laid out for her.

Moana Never Falls in Love

This film is not about Moana falling in love with her co-star, the demi-god Maui. This simple narrative decision shows viewers of all ages that women don't have to stumble head over heels for every muscled hunk who uses a magical hook to turn into an eagle and assist her on her quest. Keeping Moana's friendship with Maui strictly platonic not only changes the way audiences view young women, but it's (sadly) a revolutionary way to view a female protagonist in a Disney film. 

No One Ever Says "You're a Girl!"

Through the nearly two-hour run time of the film, there isn't a single moment where a character notes that Moana can't do something because she's a girl. In fact, the one character who views her gender as a hindrance, Maui, quickly learns how wrong he is. It's wonderful to see this subtext in a children's film. Regardless of your genetic makeup, you can still sail across the ocean to fight mythological beasts and save the world.

Moana Disagrees with Her Family, But They All Respect Each Other

The main familial argument within Moana's family is whether or not their people should sail beyond the reef that acts as a barrier around their island. Even though she and her father completely disagree on this issue, there's no moment where you feel like they won't get over it. Even when her dad (who is very 'Disney Dad') freaks out because Moana attempts to raft out to sea early in the film, her mother shows her support for the youngling by packing her a sea dinner. It's an unspoken message: in spite of their differences, they're still family.

Moana Shows It's More Important to Be Thoughtful Than to Be Strong

The classic film trope of 'brains over brawn' is laid out simply in Moana. Time and time again, Maui tries to fix a situation with all the muscles and tough-guy stuff in the world, only to fail. The problem is instead handled by a teenage girl who thinks her way through a situation. In fact, the only time Maui is able to hold a moral victory over Moana is when he's been physically incapacitated by the water (long story) and can only think and speak to help Moana navigate their ship. 

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<![CDATA[13 Batman Gadgets Way More Badass in the Comics Than the Movies]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/batman-gadgets-cooler-in-comics-than-movies/aaron-edwards

Most diehard Batman fans prefer the comics to the movies. That's because a lot of things are better and more in depth in the comic universe - especially his gadgets. Whether it's a batplane that actually hovers, Kevlar in pretty much everything he owns, or a computer that rivals the processing power of the CIA, the gadgets in Batman comics are better than the ones in the movies.

After all, the movies have only been around since 1989, but the comics stretch back all the way to the '20s. Writers have simply had more time to come up with crazy tools to get Batman out of any potential situation, whether he needs wheels, wings, or a quick escape via rooftops. That old saying, "Batman can defeat any foe if he has time to prepare," is definitely true - and a big reason for that is his near-infinite supply of gadgets.

There have been so many over the years that it’s hard to keep track. Even though the movies have created their own gadgets, like the Electromagnetic Pulse gun, they really can't keep pace with the tech in the comics. So which Batman gadgets are worse in the movies than the comics? Check the list below to find out.

13 Batman Gadgets Way More Badass in the Comics Than the Movies,

The Line Launcher

Movie Gadget: In Tim Burton’s Batman film, Batman tricks the Joker into thinking he’s deploying a weapon when he’s really using a line launcher for a quick getaway.

Comics Gadget: In the comics, the line launcher is not only deployable but can be used to take bad guys out with a well-placed shot - a move that would have done the Caped Crusader well against the Joker. 

The Utility Belt

Movie Belt: The belt tends to hold the basic stuff: batarangs, gas pellets, grappling gun, the usual.

Comics Belt: Just take a look at that photo. It’s got everything from a freaking laser torch to tear gas pellets. Batman’s belt has also has been known to have a tranquilizer gun, explosive gel, and acid for eating through locks in a hurry.  


Movie Gadget: Batman makes a kryptonite spear and some kryptonite grenades to fight Superman. Before Batman can use the spear, Superman calls out his mother’s name and confuses Batman in the process. And that about ends it. 

Comics Gadget: In Batman Vol. 1 #612, Batman keeps a kryptonite ring in his belt, just in case Superman goes AWOL. When he does just that - after being mind controlled by Poison Ivy - Batman goes to town on him like they’re in a schoolyard brawl. He also sets off a series of traps culminating in Catwoman throwing Lois Lane off a building to finally get Superman to come to his senses. In The Dark Knight Returns, Batman also gives Green Arrow a Kryptonite arrow to stun Superman with. That's how you use kryptonite in a not-boring way. 

The Batmobile

Movie Batmobile: The early films gave the Batmobile a whole list of fun abilities like a modular body, an afterburner, voice commands, the ability to drive up walls, and fractal armor. The Nolan films gave us the Tumbler, a tank-like vehicle with heavy armor, explosive weapons, and an afterburner that allows it to jump large gaps.

Comics Batmobile: The Batmobile has taken the form of everything from a siege tank to a sleek car loaded to the brim with gadgets. It features Kevlar reinforced tires filled with petroleum jelly for maximum structural integrity. It is filled with gadgetry, including radar, spare costumes, grappling hooks, smoke screens, missiles, and nearly-impossible-to-penetrate armor plating. 

The Cowl

Movie Cowl: It’s so hard to damage and so bulky that it’s often been hard for on-screen Batmans to even turn their heads. In The Dark Knight, it was also shown to have an electrocution system to zap anyone that tries to rip it off.

Comic Cowl: The comic cowl is Kevlar reinforced, but also features vision modes that include infrared, night vision, and ultraviolet vision. It also features an information system that can instantly identify criminals and their medical records to reveal weak body parts.

The Batsuit

Movie Batsuit: Batsuits in the films have typically been bulletproof. In Batman Begins, it’s established that the suit was derived from an abandoned project involving advanced infantry armor.

Comics Batsuit: Batman’s suit is reinforced with Kevlar, or in some iterations a titanium tri-weave. It also features a layer of advanced liquid that turns hard upon impact, significantly lessening the force of blows. Very recently, during James Gordon’s career as Batman, he used a high-tech suit of armor filled to the brim with weapons.

The Batplane

Movie Batplane: Typically, you see the Batplane armed with machine guns, missiles, and a device used to catch balloons. 

Comic Batplane: The Batplane is a technical marvel in the comics. It has stealth camouflage, the ability to hover, more weapons than most actual armies, and even a mobile crime lab for on-the-go sleuthing.

The Batcave Computer

Movie Gadget: In the films, Batman's computer is mainly used as an exposition device and for tracking criminals in Gotham.

Comic Gadget: Batman's computer in the comics is more than a research tool, it’s the single greatest hacking terminal on the face of the planet. It gives Batman access to every record from every agency and company on the planet. It also has access to satellite uplinks, which allows the computer to break into criminal databases run by federal agencies, and can tap into any GPS tracking system to find the bad guys.

Power Armor

Movie Armor: In Batman vs Superman, the power armor features enhanced strength and protection against Superman’s might... at times to comical degrees.

Comics Armor: The power armor in The Dark Knight Returns was never meant to seriously contend with Superman, but rather to help Bruce stay alive in a fight long enough prove a point to his longtime frienemy. Bruce staged a battle he would lose in order to make Superman understand he was a government pawn, which is a lot more clever than actually trying to kill him. In this case, the power armor also came with an extra dose of cunning. 

Batman’s Gloves

Movie Gloves: In the classic films, Batman’s gloves were pretty much just gloves. The Nolan movies, however, gave Batman bracers designed to stop sword blows. The Dark Knight expanded on these, giving the gloves sharp fins with the ability to fire outward at enemies.

Comic Gloves: Batman’s gloves are Kevlar reinforced, which allows him to beat anyone into submission and barely feel it. The fingertips have also been shown to have hidden claws at times. 

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<![CDATA[The 22+ Best Fast Moving Zombie Movies]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/fast-moving-zombie-movies/ranker-film

For decades zombies chased after brains at a leisurely pace, but in recent years the undead have started running at breakneck speeds. The top fast moving zombie movies feature deadly threats and speedy villains. This is a list of the top fast zombie movies featuring everything from I Am Legend to Resident Evil to Dead Snow.

What movies will you find on this list of the top fast moving zombies films? Fans of retro gore might vote The Return of the Living Dead to the top. This 1985 horror classic is widely believed to be one of the first movies to introduce speedy zombies. Although zombie aficionado George Romero doesn't believe in the fast undead, the 2004 remake of his Dawn of the Dead features fast moving zombies. And not all flicks featuring these speedy monsters are grim – Zombieland is a hilarious project full of super fast zombies. Other good films featured on this top fast zombies movies list include State of Emergency, 28 Days Later, and Fast Zombies with Guns.

Do you have a favorite fast zombie movie? Give the best films a thumbs up and share some of your favorite scenes in the comments section.

The 22+ Best Fast Moving Zombie Movies,

28 Days Later

28 Weeks Later

I Am Legend

Resident Evil

The Return of the Living Dead

Return of the Living Dead Part II



The Descent

World War Z

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<![CDATA[30+ Great Movies About Juvenile Delinquents]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/juvenile-delinquent-movies/ranker-film

The hijinx of troubled teens are rough to deal with, unless you are watching them unfold on the big screen. The top juvenile delinquent movies feature characters dealing with drug use, crime and rebelling against authority. This is a list of rebellious teen movies featuring everything from Heathers to Less Than Zero to City of God.

What movies will you find on this list of the best movies about juvenile delinquency? Fans of the classics might rank Rebel Without a Cause at the very top. James Dean became the iconic misunderstood teen in this 1955 classic. A Clockwork Orange, with its unforgettable portrayals of juvenile "ultra-violence" and teen rebellion, also appears on this trouble teen movies list. Kids shocked movie-goers with its content when it was released in 1995. Other films that appear on this roundup of the best juvenile delinquent movies include Bully, The Outsiders, and Boyz n the Hood.

Which teenage rebellion movies deserve the top spot on this list? Decide by giving your favorites a thumbs up and get in on the conversation in the comments section.

30+ Great Movies About Juvenile Delinquents,

A Clockwork Orange

Boyz n the Hood


City of God



Rebel Without a Cause


The Outsiders


Wed, 30 Nov 2016 12:29:08 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/juvenile-delinquent-movies/ranker-film
<![CDATA[25+ Great Movies About Life After a Nervous Breakdown]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/post-nervous-breakdown-movies/ranker-film

Everyone from con artists to business executives to former musicians have suffered an onscreen nervous breakdown. The top mental break movies feature characters dealing with anger issues, personal baggage, and depression. This is a list of mental hospital movies featuring everything from Silver Linings Playbook to Welcome to Me to A Streetcar Named Desire.

What movies will you find on this list of the best flicks about life after a nervous breakdown? One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest is an enduring classic of the genre. Randle McMurphy (Jack Nicholson) enters a mental institution to avoid a tough jail sentence, but his sanity is pushed to the limits by the domineering staff. American Beauty is another great movie that features several characters at different stages of mental breakdowns. The newer hit Greenberg follows a middle-aged man re-entering the world after spending some time in a mental hospital. Other good films featured on this roundup of the top nervous breakdown movies include Secretary, Black Swan, and Stay.

Do you have a favorite mental illness movie? Give the best films a thumbs up and please add any good movies that are missing.

25+ Great Movies About Life After a Nervous Breakdown,

A Streetcar Named Desire

American Beauty

A Beautiful Mind

Benny & Joon

Girl, Interrupted

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Shutter Island

Black Swan

It's Kind of a Funny Story

Silver Linings Playbook

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<![CDATA[25+ Great Movies About Depressing Couples]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/broken-relationship-movies/ranker-film

No one wants to be in a bad relationship, but watching a bickering, name-calling pair on the brink of breakup is good entertainment when it comes to the movies. The top depressing couple movies feature couples on the precipice of splitting up – and a few of these are even broken marriage movies. This is a list of movies about broken relationships featuring everything from The Squid and the Whale to In the Bedroom to Revolutionary Road.

What movies will you find on this list of the best depressing love stories? Maybe you'll vote Eyes Wide Shut to the top. In a classic case of art imitating life, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman played a couple struggling to connect among their many temptations. The real-life couple were officially divorced less than two years after the film's 1999 premiere. Take This Waltz is another good movie about a depressing couple. In Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, movie-goers witnessed the dissolution of a relationship in reverse. Other good films featured on this list of the top broken relationship movies include Blue Valentine, Gone Girl, and Leaving Las Vegas.

Which depressing relationship movie do you like the best? Give your favorites a thumbs up and get in on the conversation in the comments section.

25+ Great Movies About Depressing Couples,

Brokeback Mountain

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Eyes Wide Shut

In the Bedroom

Kramer vs. Kramer

Revolutionary Road

The Squid and the Whale

The War of the Roses

Take This Waltz

Gone Girl

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<![CDATA[30+ Great Movies About Depression in Women]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/female-depression-movies/ranker-film

Over the years, many an Academy Award has been given to the lead actress in a depressed woman movie. The top female depression movies feature women struggling with the weight of sadness in their work and home lives. This is a list of movies about depressed women featuring everything from Girl, Interrupted to Melancholia to Prozac Nation.

What movies will you find on this list of the best movies about depression in women? Bookworms might vote The Hours to the top. This multi-part film explores the nature of depression in three different generations of women. Nicole Kidman even took home the Oscar for her portrayal of Virginia Woolf in the feature. The Skeleton Twins is another good movie featuring a lead character with depression. The Virgin Suicides, directed by Sofia Coppola, showed the effects of depression on a group of adolescent sisters. Other good films featured on this depressed woman movies list include August: Osage County, Rachel Getting Married, and Thirteen.

When it comes to depression in women, movies can help audiences empathize with some complex emotions. Give your personal picks for best movie a thumbs up to vote them to the top of the list, and add any great titles that are missing.

30+ Great Movies About Depression in Women,

Ghost World

Girl, Interrupted

Revolutionary Road


The Apartment

The Hours

The Virgin Suicides


Rachel Getting Married

The Skeleton Twins

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<![CDATA[30+ Great Movies About Urban Teens]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/urban-teen-movies/ranker-film

Urban teen movies amplify all of the struggles of adolescence with the added pressure of a sometimes unstable environment. The top urban teen movies feature stories about friendship, relationships, and becoming adults. This is a list of the top movies about inner city teenagers, featuring everything from Do the Right Thing to Kids to Save the Last Dance.

What movies will you find on this list of films focusing on urban teens? You might vote Boyz n the Hood up to the very top. John Singleton's 1991 classic follows a group of friends growing up in South Central Los Angeles as they make plans for their futures. Cuba Gooding, Jr., Lawrence Fishburne, Nia Long, Ice Cube, and many more talented actors appeared in this groundbreaking movie. Dope is another good film featuring urban teenagers.

Young men are often the stars of urban teen films, but in Thirteen, Evan Rachel Wood and Nikki Reed took the spotlight. Other good movies featured on this list of films about inner city teenagers include Harsh Times, Menace II Society, and Higher Learning.

Which urban teen movie deserves the top spot on this list? Decide by giving your favorites a thumbs up and get in on the conversation in the comments section.

30+ Great Movies About Urban Teens,

Boyz n the Hood

Dangerous Minds

Do the Right Thing

Higher Learning



Menace II Society


City of Men

Straight Outta Compton

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<![CDATA[The 25+ Best Movies for Black Women]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/black-woman-movies/ranker-film

Whether they are fictional or based on real people, some of the most engaging film characters are strong black women. The top movies for black women feature stories about love, careers, and survival. This is a list of black women movies featuring everything from Waiting to Exhale to Beasts of the Southern Wild to What's Love Got to Do with It.

What movies will you find on this list of the best black woman films? Literature fans might vote The Color Purple to the top. Based on Alice Walker's book of the same name, this Steven Spielberg film tells the tale of Celie Harris and the horrifying oppression black women faced in the early 20th century. The movie was nominated for an incredible 10 Academy Awards. Beloved is another great movie for black women. How Stella Got Her Groove Back is a great movie about female empowerment and embracing life. Other good films featured on this black woman movies list include The Wiz, Coming to America, and Lady Sings the Blues.

Which of these movies for black women is the best of the best? Give your favorites a thumbs up and get in on the conversation in the comments section.

The 25+ Best Movies for Black Women,


Coming to America

How Stella Got Her Groove Back

Lady Sings the Blues

Love & Basketball

Set It Off

The Color Purple

Waiting to Exhale

What's Love Got to Do with It

Carmen Jones

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<![CDATA[20+ Great Movies About Teen Life in the 1950s]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/movies-about-1950s-teens/ranker-film

Teen movies set in the 1950s have a timeless feel that taps into universal childhood memories. The top 1950s teen movies feature stories about friendship, relationships, and becoming adults. This is a list of the top life in the 1950s films, featuring everything from The Outsiders to American Graffiti to Rebel without a Cause.

What movies will you find on this list of the best films about teenagers in the 1950s? John Waters directed two of the best with Cry-Baby and Hairspray. Both films stand out from the pack for their ability to highlight misfits, rebels, and outcasts from the era and make them the stars of the show. Peggy Sue Got Married is another great film about teens set in the 1950s. Young love is at the heart of the classic teen musical Grease, which is set in the summer and fall of 1958. Other good films featured on this best fifties teen movies list include Stand By Me, Back to the Future, and Pleasantville.

Do you have a favorite teen movie set in the 1950s? Vote your favorites up to the top, and add any great flicks that are missing.

20+ Great Movies About Teen Life in the 1950s,

American Graffiti

Back to the Future

Dead Poets Society




Rebel Without a Cause

Stand by Me

The Outsiders

West Side Story

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<![CDATA[30+ Great Teen Drama Movies About Dancing]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/teen-dance-drama-movies/ranker-film

Young love and a dance floor are all you need to get swept away in the best teen dance movies. The top teen movies about dancing feature young people using dance to express a variety of emotions, from the passion of young love to the drama of interpersonal strife. This is a list of teen dance films featuring favorites like Saturday Night Fever to Center Stage to Save the Last Dance.

What movies will you find on this list of the best dance movies for teens? You might vote the beloved hit Dirty Dancing to the top. “Nobody puts Baby in a corner,” and nobody dances better than Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey in this 1987 classic. Footloose – starring Kevin Bacon as the rebellious new kid Ren McCormack – is another good teen dance movie. Sarah Jessica Parker shines in the 1985 movie Girls Just Want to Have Fun. Other good films featured on this top teen movies about dancing list include Battle of the Year, First Position, and Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights.

Which of these teen dance dramas deserves the top spot on this list? That's up to you to decide. Give your personal picks a thumbs up to move them toward number one, and please add any titles that are missing.

30+ Great Teen Drama Movies About Dancing,

Center Stage

Dirty Dancing




How She Move

Saturday Night Fever

Save the Last Dance

Staying Alive

First Position

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<![CDATA[25+ Fantastic Pre-Modern War Movies That Take Place a Long Time Ago]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/pre-modern-war-movies/ranker-film

Pre-modern war movies feature epic battles and hand-to-hand combat to create some of the bloodiest wars ever caught on film. The top ancient war movies feature classic heroes motivating the masses to fight against oppression. This is a list of historical war movies featuring everything from The Last of the Mohicans to 300 to The Last Samurai.

What historical war films will you find on this list? You might vote Braveheart to the top of the pack. Directed by and starring Mel Gibson, this hit film's unforgettable battle scenes helped it to take home five Academy Awards. Gladiator is another fantastic ancient war movie about one man's quest for justice. Stanley Kubrick's Spartacus featured Kirk Douglas in the title role of a slave rising up against his Roman masters. Other good movies featured on this roundup of the best pre-modern war films include Willow, First Knight, and Kingdom of Heaven.

Do you have a favorite historical war film? Give the best movies a thumbs up and get in on the conversation in the comments section.

25+ Fantastic Pre-Modern War Movies That Take Place a Long Time Ago,



Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Rob Roy


The 13th Warrior

The Last of the Mohicans



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<![CDATA[30+ Great Historical Black Movies Based on True Stories]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/historical-black-movies/ranker-film

Historical movies about famous black people often focus on stories of bravery in the face of oppression. The top historical black movies are based on civil rights leaders, sports stars, and legendary musicians. This is a list of true black movies featuring everything from Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom to 12 Years a Slave to Malcolm X.

What movies will you find on this list of the best historical black films? History buffs might place Glory near the top. Based on the Civil War experiences of one of the first military units of the Union Army to be comprised entirely of African-American men, this great film went on to win three Academy Awards, including a Best Supporting Actor trophy for Denzel Washington. Ali, starring Will Smith, is another good black movie based on true events. Selma took an in-depth look at Martin Luther King's iconic march from Selma to Montgomery to fight for equal voting rights for African Americans. Other good movies featured on this best historical black films list include The Hurricane, Rosewood, and The Last King of Scotland.

Do you have a favorite historical black movie? Give the best films a thumbs up and please add any good movies that are missing.

30+ Great Historical Black Movies Based on True Stories,


Cool Runnings


Hotel Rwanda

Malcolm X




12 Years a Slave

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

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<![CDATA[The 30+ Best Black Sports Movies Ever Made]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/black-sports-movies/ranker-film

Black sports movies combine the thrill of competition with athletes' desire to fight against oppression. The top black sports movies range from completely fictitious comedies to compelling real-life documentaries. This is a list of the top black sports films featuring everything from When We Were Kings to Love & Basketball to The Hurricane.

What movies will you find on this list of the best black sports films? You might vote Hoop Dreams to the top. Documentarian Steve James followed two African American high school basketball stars as they set out on their quest to join the NBA. The movie examined all of the factors that contribute to the future of these young men including race, social class, education, and skills. White Men Can't Jump bridged the racial divide as Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes played a pair of b-ball hustlers who are out to make a quick buck. Other good movies featured on this top black sports movies list include Ali, He Got Game, and Drumline.

Which black athlete movies deserves the top spots on this list? Help us decide by giving your favorites a thumbs up and get in on the conversation in the comments section.

The 30+ Best Black Sports Movies Ever Made,

Cool Runnings

He Got Game

Hoop Dreams

Remember the Titans

The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings

The Jesse Owens Story

White Men Can't Jump

The Blind Side

Unforgivable Blackness


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<![CDATA[30+ Great Movies About Dating in Your 20s]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/dating-in-your-20s-movies/ranker-film

Dating in your 20s combines all the drama of young love with the added stress of a ticking biological clock. Luckily, that combination makes for some great entertainment. The top dating in your 20s movies are some of the best romantic comedies of all time. This is a list of the top movies about twentysomethings dating, featuring everything from When Harry Met Sally... to Obvious Child to Garden State.

What movies will you find on this list of the best movies for 20 somethings? Maybe you'll vote Reality Bites to the top. A group of recent college graduates struggle through new careers and messy relationships in this 1994 film directed by Ben Stiller. Before Sunrise – also starring a young Ethan Hawke – is another great movie about a relationship between twentysomethings. Many romantic movies follow the female perspective, but Swingers is a great film about guys in their 20s looking for love. Other good films featured on this roundup of movies about dating in your 20s include Francis Ha, About Last Night, and Singles.

Do you have a favorite dating movie? Give the best films a thumbs up and add any great flicks that are missing.

30+ Great Movies About Dating in Your 20s,

High Fidelity

About Last Night

Before Sunrise

Reality Bites


When Harry Met Sally...


Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Friends with Benefits

Obvious Child

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<![CDATA[All the References to Harry Potter in Fantastic Beasts You Definitely Missed]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/harry-potter-references-in-fantastic-beasts/jacob-shelton

The Harry Potter universe is a rich world filled with dense histories and characters who are related to each other with gossamer-thin threads. It should be no surprise to any fan of the wizarding world that there are more Harry Potter references in Fantastic Feasts and Where to Find Them than there are hairs in Hagrid’s beard, and if you didn’t catch them all during your first viewing of the film, that’s okay because you’ve just stumbled upon a primer for all of the Fantastic Beasts easter eggs. Whether you were making a mental checklist of the references while you were in the theater or you just wanted someone else to do the legwork for you, these Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie secrets are here to blow your mind.

The Harry Potter easter eggs and references in Fantastic Beasts exist on multiple levels. While there are certainly some deep cuts, meant for only the most strident of Potter fans, there are also plenty of simple references and in-jokes in the film that are meant to make your hair stand on end when you hear or see them. Some of the references can be as simple as a piece of clothing, while others are scenes that mirror those of scenes from the original film, albeit in a different context. Despite taking place in a whole new world, Fantastic Beasts wants the audience to feel like they’re wearing a comfortable pair of shoes when the lights in the theater go down, and these Harry Potter references are how they accomplish such a tricky feat. 

All the References to Harry Potter in Fantastic Beasts You Definitely Missed,

Newt's Hufflepuff Scarf - Whenever You Get a Peek Into His Suitcase

Just so you know J.K. Rowling hasn't lost her school spirit, there are multiple shots of Newt Scamander's Hufflepuff-colored scarf throughout the movie. We get our first glimpse of the yellow and black knit scarf early on in the film, but you don't have to be an eagle eye to catch it every other time it pops up. 

Bowtruckles - The Whole Dang Movie

Newt's pet bowtruckle is one of the many creatures in Fantastic Beasts that completely steal the show from their human co-stars, but this isn't the first time that we've heard about these tiny creatures. In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, Hagrid tells Harry: "I brought you here sixteen years ago when you were no bigger than a bowtruckle." Was Harry ever that small?

Clairvoyants Are Dummies - The Entire Movie

What is J.K. Rowling trying to say about clairvoyants? Does she think people like Queenie Goldstein and Professor Trelawney who use legilimency are dim when it comes to dealing with people because of their psychic gift? Or is it simply a coincidence that multiple psychic characters in her films act like complete weirdos?

Leta LeStrange - Her Photo Is in Newt's Suitcase

The film mostly glosses over Newt's photo of Leta Lestrange, his Hogwarts love who betrayed him in some mysterious way, but whatever happened it couldn't be good. While we don't know what her deal is, we do know that the Lestrange family is full of pompous and straight-up insane wizards that will go on to help Voldemort try to kill ya boy Harry Potter. 

Merlin's Beard - Newt's Phrase That Pays

Is there anything better than a wizard saying "Merlin's beard" when they're surprised? No. Newt says this phrase a few times in the film, and it's eerily reminiscent of all the MBs that the audience was treated to in the original seven Harry Potter films. 

The Deathly Hallows Logo - Credence's Necklace

The Deathly Hallows symbolize the Elder Wand, Invisibility Cloak, and Resurrection Stone that both Grindelwald and Voldemort search for in their quest to garner absolute power, and the logo for the Deathly Hallows is plainly seen in the necklace that Percival Graves gives to Credence Barebone in order to contact him. It's possible that this is the exact same necklace that Luna Lovegood's father is seen with in The Deathly Hallows, but probably not due to Credence being blown to smithereens at the end of the movie... or was he?

Dobby - In the Opening Newspaper Montage

Everyone's favorite house elf makes a brief appearance in the opening montage of newspapers from the wizarding world in an ad offering services for house elf training. The next time you watch the film, make sure to keep a close eye on the opening shots. 

Hedwig's Theme - On Jacob's Roof

If you thought you heard a familiar tune while Jacob was showing Queenie his father's pigeon cage, you weren't imagining things. A scaled-back version of "Hedwig's Theme" played throughout this scene as a nice reference to the greatest owl that ever lived. 

The Phoenix Statues - In the MACUSA Building

One of the many kooky adornments in the lovely MACUSA building is a massive golden phoenix that looks over the main office. The audience only gets one good look at it, but the moment you see it you'll never be able to forget it. 

Newt Is a Chaser - The Second Salemer's Rally

Did you think you were going to make it through a Potterverse movie without at least a mention of Quidditch? Fat chance, muggle. While watching the Second Salemers' rally at the foot of a bank in New York City, Mary Lou Barebone asks Newt if he is a "seeker after truth," he responds by saying, "I'm more of a chaser, really." If Mary Lou knew what Quidditch was, she would have been so steamed! 

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<![CDATA[The Best Films Of Michael J. Pollard]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-best-films-of-michael-j-pollard/martinaustin

What Are The Best Films Of  American Actor Michael J. Pollard?

The Best Films Of Michael J. Pollard,


Hannibal Brooks

Melvin and Howard

Why Me?

Enter Laughing

The Smugglers

The American Way

Merchants of Venus

Heated Vengeance

Woman of Summer

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<![CDATA[Vintage Horror Films You Must See!]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/vintage-horror-films-you-must-see-/martinaustin

These Are Classic Vintage Horror Films You Must See! Camp, over the top, but fantastic films, but which is your Favourite? There is just something fantastuic about these films, Enjoy.

Vintage Horror Films You Must See!,

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Horrors of the Black Museum

Island of Lost Souls

Island of Terror

Tales of Terror

Theatre of Blood

The Comedy of Terrors

The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake

The Hand

City Under the Sea

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<![CDATA[Films Most Likely to be Nominated for the 2017 Best Picture Oscar]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/films-most-likely-to-be-nominated-for-the-2017-best-picture-oscar/lanayoshii

There have been many excellent films that were released in 2016 that should be in contention for Oscar's Best Picture category.  Which do you think are the most deserving for that category in the 2017 Oscar ceremony?

Films Most Likely to be Nominated for the 2017 Best Picture Oscar,

La La Land


Hell or High Water



Hacksaw Ridge


20th Century Women


Manchester by the Sea

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<![CDATA[16 Old Hollywood Stars Who Were Drunk All the Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/drunk-old-hollywood-actors/david-sharp

The list of all the old Hollywood actors who were drunks and the list of all the old Hollywood actors, period, are quite nearly the same list. The booze flowed more freely in those halcyon days before all the drunken accidents, before Errol Flynn got the Warner Bros. studio lot bar shut down, and before the spoilsport of "medical science" told us about all the terrible things alcohol was doing to our bodies.

The Golden Age of Hollywood ran from the 1920s through the 1950s, when the studio system finally collapsed under its own weight from complications due to alcoholism (and anti-trust laws). During that fun, dangerous, inebriated time, their contract players were given free reign to do basically whatever they wanted - as long as it could be quietly swept under the rug by a studio fixer. The old actors drank a lot at swanky parties every night; they drank when they were on set, they drank when they drove, they drank basically anytime they weren't sleeping or showering. And also probably some times while they were showering too.

Our standards for alcoholism have shifted a few degrees toward the abstentious over the years and many folks that contemporary society would deem "alcoholic" the culture of the past would have just called "fun." There are, however, some true superstars that stand out even amongst the pantheon of the old Hollywood drunks; your gold medalists on the Olympic Drinking Team, if you will. This article, then, is a celebration of the wild, hedonistic lives those Golden Era stars lived - and a cautionary tale for all those that want to avoid fates like ending up on Skid Row, dying with their spines coated in crystallized alcohol, or even worse: sobriety.

Here's lookin' at you, kids.

16 Old Hollywood Stars Who Were Drunk All the Time,

Barbara Payton

Barbara Payton came to Hollywood a beautiful 20-year-old aspiring actress and model, rapidly reached those lofty goals, then fell from grace just as quickly into an alcohol- and drug-induced haze that ended her life before she could turn 40. 

When Payton first entered Hollywood in the late 1940s, the town was still in the middle of the great Gilded Age and young Barbara was soon swept into the hedonistic whirlwind that was the parties, bars, and casting couches of the era. Barbara was dubbed "Queen of the Night Clubs" by the columnist Harrison Carroll and was seen carousing with Howard Hughes, Bob Hope, and mobster Mickey Cohen. She made appearances in several big pictures including Trapped, Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye, and Only the Valiant, but before long, her party lifestyle became more important to her than her work and her life became a series of destructive behaviors and bad relationships, most notably a love triangle between her, Franchot Tone, and Tom Neal.

Payton's life quickly spiraled out of control and she wound up a bloated, battered husk of her former self, living in a Skid Row apartment and turning tricks for bar money. She wrote "I always have a little too much rosé wine in me" in her memoir I Am Not Ashamed, an honest, funny, and heartbreaking book where she details the heights she rose to and the depths of her fall. She died of complications from alcohol-induced heart and kidney disease at only 39 years old.

Clara Bow

Sometimes it's difficult to tell which of the stories surrounding the classic stars are real and which are the products of exaggeration, studio spin, mythologization by overeager fans (or themselves), or just straight-up lies passed around by bitter enemies.

Clara Bow, in particular, was a victim of the latter, and many of the more sordid stories that surround her name are patently untrue. There was an almost wholly fabricated article that appeared in a newspaper called the Coastal Times that accused her of, amongst other things, bisexuality, sex with prostitutes, and bestiality. Later, in his notorious book Hollywood Babylon, Kenneth Anger claimed (equally as accurately) that Bow regularly sexually serviced the entire USC football team after their games. There was no Snopes at the time, however, and the public was eager to believe these salacious rumors.

On the other hand, there was a reason these stories stuck so well: some of the things they printed actually were true, and the wild life that the original "It Girl" really did live made the crazier accusations seem that much more plausible. Bow helped establish the modern image of the flapper; she liked to party. She was seen at bars, she slept with men (some of them married), and she flaunted it all on screen.

Among the more credible tales about Bow's behavior is the time that Paramount President B.P. Schulberg invited her to a party celebrating a recently appointed judge. She arrived at the party already drunk and proceeded to introduce herself to the judge by aggressively frenching him in front of his wife, then nasty-dancing with him until she was unceremoniously escorted off the premises by studio personnel. So yeah - Bow could throw down with the best of them, no exaggeration needed.

Errol Flynn

Known as a charismatic swashbuckler onscreen and an even more charismatic drunken womanizer off of it, Errol Flynn is known as one of the original Hollywood hellraisers. His exploits with women (and men) and alcohol (and drugs) are legendary; his Curriculum Alcoholicae includes, amongst other items:

  • Getting rum-drunk with a pre-rebellion Fidel Castro. The movie star said of the young revolutionary, "He will rank in history with some of the greats."
  • Having the bar on the Warner lot shut down by Mr. Warner himself because Flynn kept getting too drunk on set.
  • Bringing a doctor's bag with him to work every day containing his "daily medicine" - two fifths of vodka. Usually a whiskey drinker, Flynn preferred Bloody Marys in the morning to hide the scent of the alcohol, and his other favorite trick was to inject the vodka into oranges and just snack on the boozy fruit throughout the day.
  • Having a bachelor pad with fellow actor/cad David Niven in Malibu nicknamed "Cirrhosis-By-the-Sea" where the tales of drunken excess are matched only by those of sexual debauchery.

That nickname, however, would turn out to be sadly prophetic. At only 32 years old, the rapidly aging sex symbol was told by a doctor that if he didn't change his lifestyle he'd be dead in five years. He didn't change - if anything he just partied harder - but he did beat the doctor's projection by a full 13 years before succumbing to a heart attack at age 50 induced by acute cirrhosis of the liver.

He was buried with six bottles of whiskey in his coffin.

Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra grew up in a speakeasy, singing for tips from his parents' patrons at as young as eight years old. That became the environment that he was most at home in and for the rest of his life he worked, played, slept, fought, and did... other things... in bars practically every night. He and his Rat Pack chums (or, as he called them on his iconic 1966 Sinatra at the Sands record, "the Olympic drinking team") became world-class boozers, the stuff of which TV movies are made.

Sinatra's relationships with women were notoriously tumultuous, but his relationship with one very special man remained constant throughout his life. Jack Daniels was Frank's constant companion - taken, preferably, in a glass tumbler with two fingers, 3-4 cubes, and just a splash of flat water. The signal for drinkin' time at Sinatra's Twin Palms compound was the hoisting of a Jack Daniels flag, and he had his own personal company rep dedicated to making sure that there was always a case of JD in his dressing room for shows.

Once on stage, he kept a bottle visible on his always-handy bar cart, one time announcing, "Ladies and gentlemen, this is Jack Daniels and it's the nectar of the Gods," a gesture that spiked Jack's sales across the globe. "The Bourbon Baritone," as he was nicknamed (despite the fact that Jack is technically a Tennessee sour mash), was buried with a bottle of Black Label in his pocket and there's even a special blend of the stuff that bears his name to this day.

Humphrey Bogart

If you listen to the accounts of various studio publicists, Humphrey Bogart got the distinctive scar above his lip from either a childhood fist fight, after being punched by a prisoner he was transporting as a sailor in the Navy, or after taking shrapnel during a battle while aboard the USS Leviathan. If you ask his post-Navy drinking buddies, on the other hand, they’ll tell you that Bogie got the scar during one of his many barroom brawls in the Prohibition Era speakeasies of New York.

During his early years as a Broadway actor, Bogart was known for drinking until he fell asleep at the bar and then taking exception with anyone that tried to rouse him. His late-night antics got him kicked off more than one production, but that didn’t stop him from finding enough success that he was eventually able to move the bar cart out West to Hollywood.

Bogart set up shop in the infamous Garden of Allah, a housing development known for its wild clientele and the 24-hour lounge that served them even when other bars wouldn’t. Bogart’s legendary crew of drinking buddies included director and frequent collaborator John Huston, his great love Lauren Bacall, and Frank Sinatra – in fact, it was Bogart that created the first iteration of the infamous Rat Pack.

Despite everything, Bogart claimed to have only gone on the wagon once: “That was the worst afternoon of my life.”

Peter O'Toole

For every sullen alcoholic sourpuss like Spencer Tracy there are always whimsical, fun-loving drunks like Peter O'Toole to balance things out.

The serious dramatic actor was, reportedly, too much fun to be around off-set. As a youth, he lived aboard a barge that reportedly sank because there were too many people on it during a party he threw. Instead of a wedding reception, he and his wife Sian had a ridiculous pub crawl, and then when she was giving birth to their first child, a drunken Peter finally showed up with a chorus of inebriated actors in tow and proceeded to serenade the entire hospital.

The former Lawrence of Arabia seemed to have a habit of starting to drink, blacking out, and waking up in strange places. Like Mexico. Or in a stranger's apartment with Michael Caine. Or on the Isle of Corsica. He loved drinking so much that one night, when a pub he was drinking at threatened to close its doors on him, O'Toole just bought the pub on the spot instead. He did return the next day to destroy the check, but the legend is that he and that pub owner remained close until the owner's death. Then when O'Toole tried to attend the services for his longtime friend, he showed up totally wasted... to the wrong funeral.

The most famous Peter O'Toole drinking story is the time that he cut off the tip of his finger and used the brandy he was drinking to sterilize it. He then reattached the finger himself... and drank the brandy. Weeks later when, for some strange reason, his finger was still hurting, he unwrapped it to find that not only had it not somehow magically reattached itself, he had also put it on backward. 

O'Toole beat the odds and, despite his lifestyle, lived a relatively healthy, consistently prolific life. He was nominated for eight Academy Awards over the course of his career, the final nod coming for 2006's Venus at the ripe old age of 74.

Richard Burton

To say that anyone was drunk all the time is obviously hyperbole, but perhaps the man that's come the closest to that lofty ideal is Richard Burton. Burton started drinking at age of 12 and continued, unabated by doctor's advice or personal tumult, until his death at age 58 with a body as riddled with alcohol damage as any ever seen by medical science.

Burton is best known for his Shakespearian turns on stage and screen, his work with Peter O'Toole, and films like Cleopatra and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? with his on again/off again wife Elizabeth Taylor. When they were together, Richard would start drinking when he woke up at 7 a.m., continue through the day until unconsciousness, then repeat.

His routine was to start with a case of beer and work on that through the morning. Once he had that polished off, he would switch to hard liquor. Taylor, by comparison, was a relative teetotaler - she didn't start drinking with her husband until 10 a.m. As part of their requirements for appearing together in 1964's The Night of the Iguana, the two demanded a private bar at the top of the staircase that led to the set. And another one at the bottom. Because lord knows stairs are hard once you've had a few.

By the end, Burton's kidneys had swelled to "abnormal proportions" and his spine was coated top to bottom in crystallized alcohol. 

Robert Mitchum

Robert Mitchum was no pretty-boy leading man. He was a dark, brooding force that was known to bring chaos in the wake of his drunkenness. Mitchum became notorious for his off-screen exploits and even ended up in jail after falling victim to a police sting looking for Hollywood stars that partied too much.

Mitchum described working with Frank Sinatra, Broderick Crawford, and Lee Marvin in Not as a Stranger as "not so much a cast as it was a brewery." The drinking commenced in the morning and continuing through the insane parties at night where, amongst other acts of debauchery, hotel rooms were trashed, Crawford was forced to eat Sinatra's wig, and then, in a later incident, poor Broderick was also thrown off a hotel balcony. Their room deposits were not returned.

During the filming of His Kind of Woman, Mitchum had a scene where he gets attacked by a gang of thugs. On the day they went to shoot the attack, Mitchum had started hitting the bottle early and somewhere along the lines he forgot about the whole "pretending" aspect of acting. Mitchum, a huge man and a brawler since his youth, started throwing around the unsuspecting stunt men. The aggrieved employees who were just doing their job naturally took exception to this behavior, which sparked a totally not-pretend set-wide brawl.

This was just seen as Mitchum being Mitchum, however, as his reputation had been well established at that point. During the filming of River of No Return, director Otto Preminger banned alcohol from the set. When he later caught an actor carrying a bottle of vodka toward the trailers, he started to lay into the young man until he explained, "I'm just taking it to Mitchum." "Oh, well, that's different," replied the director, and let the actor proceed with his delivery.

Spencer Tracy

Spencer Tracy was not what anyone would have called a '"fun drunk." The two-time Oscar-winner (and nine-time nominee) was known for being mean and violent when he was under the influence - and he was under the influence a lot. Tracy was frequently involved in bar fights, arrested by the police, and even once woke up in a padded cell in a Chicago asylum. He hated to fly and would take the train instead, packing his suitcase with bottles and drinking his way across the country.

Tracy wasn't technically drunk all the time; he would go on long sober kicks where he tried to stay away from booze entirely. Once he was off the wagon, however, Tracy was off. He would hole himself up in hotel rooms for weeks on end, often just sitting in the bathtub and doing nothing but drinking, not even getting up to use the toilet.

Tracy's drinking became so problematic that Fox issued him an ultimatum: quit drinking or you're fired. In response, Tracy walked out of the office to the bar across the street. Therein he proceeded to get himself completely smashed, then returned to the office - and completely smashed that too.

Tracy was picked up by MGM after that, who at least knew what they were getting. The studio kept a team on retainer known as "The Tracy Squad" that was employed strictly to take care of the depressive binge drinker. Every bar in a 25-mile radius was given their number and, when called, an ambulance would show up and a doctor and several security guards would grab Tracy and whisk him away to go sober up somewhere out of the public view.

W. C. Fields

W.C. Fields was a man known for his strict discipline regarding alcohol:

"I have never imbibed while sleeping, and I drink nothing stronger than gin before breakfast." 

William Claude Dukenfield was born above a bar in pre-prohibition times, and when the great experiment started, the young drunkard hoarded literally thousands of bottles of whiskey and gin in his attic. Even after prohibition ended, he continued to keep a sizeable stash of emergency alcohol in his home, which he explained to Harpo Marx like so: "Never can be sure prohibition won't be back, my boy!"

The classic W.C. Fields drinking story is that while on set he carried a vacuum flask filled with gin martinis that he would refer to as his "lemonade" (or in other tellings, his "pineapple juice"). One time, however, some practical joker switched out his contents with actual lemonade, prompting the furious cry "Who put lemonade in my lemonade?" 

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<![CDATA[The Best Film & TV Credits Of Adamo Palladino]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-best-film-and-tv-credits-of-adamo-palladino/martinaustin

What Are The Best Film & TV Credits Of Adamo Palladino?

The Best Film & TV Credits Of Adamo Palladino,


The Black Waters of Echo's Pond

Boston Girls


Apostle Peter and the Last Supper

Girls of Sunset Place

The Last Great Romantic Comedy

Talkshow With Spike Feresten

Flashing Lives

Life Gets in the Way

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<![CDATA[14 Violent Movies Even Squeamish People Will Enjoy]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/violent-movies-for-squeamish-people/anncasano

Some movie spectators love violent movies simply because they're violent. However, there is a segment of the population that cannot stomach any form of cinematic violence; it makes them nauseous and uneasy. This list is designed for them. Why should film fans miss out on good violent movies just because they're squeamish? Here are some violent movies everyone can enjoy.

Quentin Tarantino is known for making violent movies. However, many of his films, like Pulp Fiction, adeptly use his signature style of mixing violence with humor. We laugh at things, like a car covered in blood and filled with brain matter, that we normally would not find funny.

This list of bloody films represents all genres from classic horror to crime to war. Even if these movies are filled with violence, it's not necessarily what makes them works of art. The Godfather is much more than gangsters battling over territory, just like Hacksaw Ridge is not just a movie about the graphic battles of World War II. Those pictures are not just violent for the sake of violence, there is heart to them, and cinematic technical excellence.

Check out those violent movies for squeamish people and more in the list below.

14 Violent Movies Even Squeamish People Will Enjoy,

American History X

Tony Kaye's 1998 drama about a neo-Nazi looking for redemption was heavily criticized for its use of extreme violence. One of the most troubling scenes for audiences to swallow was the infamous curb scene when Derek (Ed Norton) forces a black man, whom he had just caught vandalizing his truck, to open his mouth and place his teeth on a curb. Derek then smashes the man's head into the curb while his little brother Danny (Edward Furlong) watches from afar.

But here's the thing about this scene: we see much less than we think we see. Derek kicking the back of the man's head is filmed in extreme long shot, and then there is a quick cut back to Danny. Our minds paint the picture of what the camera doesn't show.

American History X certainly has its fair share of violence, and it is disturbing because it feels so real, especially in light of the racial tension that still plagues the world today. However, in between the four or so really violent scenes in the film, is a basic family drama of a close-knit group just trying to survive in a community filled with hate. It's easy to forget those heart-warming family moments, but they are there, and it makes American History X so much more than just a violent movie.

American Psycho

This is what we know for sure about Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale): he is a handsome, narcissistic, powerful Wall Street wizard by day. But at night, he becomes a violent, axe-wielding, serial killer. (Or does he?)

While Bateman is getting ready to slaughter his victims, he pontificates out loud, mostly about pop music. Sometimes he tells his victim-to-be about the inspiration of Whitney Houston's "The Greatest Love of All." Other times, he lauds the career of Huey Lewis. Bateman gives us the following Huey Lewis soliloquy all while putting on a raincoat to protect his $1,000 suit from blood and dancing around the room to Lewis's "Hip to Be Square."

Their early work was a little too new wave for my taste. But when Sports came out in '83, I think they really came into their own, commercially and artistically. The whole album has a clear, crisp sound, and a new sheen of consummate professionalism that really gives the songs a big boost. He's been compared to Elvis Costello, but I think Huey has a far more bitter, cynical sense of humor.

Of course, the sentiment is followed by Bateman taking several axe swings at Paul Allen (Jared Leto) while his blood sprays everywhere. However, with the addition of Bale's over-the-top acting style and "Hip to Be Square" blasting in the background, the scene becomes so ridiculous and funny that the violence is secondary. Plus, this is another movie with a plot twist no one saw coming.

Fight Club

As one would expect in a movie called Fight Club, there is plenty of violence. However, most of the violence in David Fincher's 1999 rant about consumerism takes place during the few underground fight club scenes. Fincher's film is filled with humor; it's certainly dark humor, but it's riddled with both wit and satire.

The theme of Fight Club is how the products we buy end up owning us. Much of the movie goes about proving that theme and the lengths that one person, our protagonist the Narrator (Ed Norton), goes through to break out of his insomnia-filled bland world. There is so much more to Fight Club than just the violence, and with perhaps just one exception, the fight scenes are quite bearable even for the most squeamish. The film also features one of the most jaw-dropping twist endings in modern cinema.

Kill Bill Volume 1

Quentin Tarantino's two Kill Bill films are an absolute blood bath, there's no denying that. But does it make it better when that said blood bath is enacted in the name of revenge? The Bride (Uma Thurman) seeks vengeance against the group of assassins who betrayed her. In Kill Bill, Tarantino is clearly paying homage to the martial arts films he watched growing up. The violence in the movie is extreme, but there's a caveat to it: it's almost cartoonish in its scope, thereby making it palatable for even the most squeamish of viewers.

For example, there is the famous scene from the first movie where our hero The Bride must take on the Crazy 88, O-Ren Ishii's (Lucy Liu) personal army. How does one lone trained assassin take on a gang of 88? Well, it's about 88, no one is really sure just how many.) Yes, The Bride is a more skilled fighter, but that doesn't mean she can handle dozens of attackers all at once. But she does, all while paying homage to Bruce Lee, by wearing a yellow-and-black jumpsuit. While there is plenty of kick-ass violence in the scene, it all seems so outrageous and unreal, yet totally entertaining and filmed like a well-choreographed ballet.

No Country for Old Men

Post-modern masters the Coen Brothers combine neo-noir with the western in their adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's 2005 novel of the same name. A hunter named Llewelyn Moss (Josh Brolin) finds a briefcase full of cash out in the desert following a drug deal gone wrong. What Moss doesn't know is that the man looking for the money, Anton Chigurh (Javier Bardem), is a heartless badass intent on tracking down the briefcase. Tommy Lee Jones plays the close-to-retiring Sheriff on the trail of both men. The story cross-cuts between the three characters as good, evil, and somewhere in the middle get set to collide onscreen. 

Spectators should know up front that No Country for Old Men is a violent film and its antagonist, Chigurh, even with his little-boy bowl haircut, is absolutely terrifying. However, the violence in the film is necessary for telling the story. The movie is commenting on the cruelty and brutal nature of the world. There are very few technically perfect films, but No Country for Old Men makes that short list. The writing, cinematography, sound, acting performances, directing, and editing is all top-notch. It's no surprise that the movie won four Academy Awards in 2008: Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor (Bardem), Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Achievement in Cinematography. 

Pulp Fiction

There's a scene in Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction (1994) where gangster Vincent Vega (John Travolta) is riding shotgun in a car being driven by his partner Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson). Riding in the backseat is an accomplice named Marvin. The men have just retrieved a briefcase for their boss, and somehow, by some miracle, escaped being shot to death.

As the two hit men are debating whether they survived because it was an act of God or some freak accident, Vincent turns to Marvin in the backseat to ask the young man what he thinks. But Vincent has a gun in his hand and it mistakenly goes off. Vincent dumbly says, "Oh man, I shot Marvin in the face."

The audience instantly erupts with laughter as blood is piled up everywhere in the car and bits of Marvin's brain matter hang from Jules's hair. So why is this violent scene so damn funny? This is Tarantino's trademark paradox and what makes so many scenes in Pulp Fiction so memorable, he is able to effectively blend violence with humor. The director has stated that one of his goals as a filmmaker is to get people to laugh at things that they normally would not find funny. So while Pulp Fiction may be riddled with violence, much of that violence is surrounded by laughter, and it makes the gore so much more palatable, even for the most queasy spectator.


Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) is a small-time nobody, a low-level boxer, with little chance at ever winning a title. His life changes when his manager sets up an exhibition match with heavyweight champion Apollo Creed. All Rocky wants to do is prove that he's someone special, to go the distance.

The final boxing bout between Rocky and Apollo is sometimes brutal to watch unfold. We see our hero get beat down against the ropes, blood draining from nearly every part of his face, as jab after jab bring on so much pain that the spectator can almost feel it. Yet, it's all worth it in the end.

Rocky is a movie about defying the odds. Apollo is a better fighter with more skill, but he doesn't have Rocky's heart. David versus Goliath is one of the oldest paradigms in storytelling, yet when it's done well, there is nothing quite like an underdog story. Rocky doesn't even win the bout, but he goes the distance, and it will make even the most jaded spectator raise their arms in triumph.


Two detectives, one rookie (Brad Pitt) and one ready-to-retire veteran (Morgan Freeman), try to catch a serial killer who selects his victims based on the seven deadly sins. David Fincher's 1995 neo-noir is dark, both stylistically and in tone. The crime scenes are brutal as Fincher is intent on creating an atmospheric thriller that packs a punch.

The first crime the detectives catch involves a morbidly obese man sitting in a chair, he has his head face down in a plate of spaghetti, his hands and feet are tied with barbed wire. Whoever killed the man forced him to eat until he passed out in his pasta. This scene represents the killer acting out the deadly sin of gluttony.

Even though all the crime scenes in Se7en are disturbing, all of the violence takes place off camera. We never actually see the killer with his victims (well until the end but that's a whole different sort of violence). Additionally, the lighting in all of the crime scenes is so dark that is becomes hard to actually see anything. There's so much more to Se7en than just the violence and gore, it's stylish and sleek, and also features one of the best twist endings in cinema history. 

The Godfather

The mafia classic set the standard for all crime films that followed. Francis Ford Coppola's epic tells the tale of the Corleone family, led by patriarch Don Vito (Marlon Brando) and his sons (Al Pacino, James Caan), as they navigate their way through a power struggle with four other mafia families. Of course, there is violence in The Godfather (1972), but it never comes off as overtly gratuitous.

It also happens to be one of the best movies ever made, with some of cinema's finest acting performances. It's a sweeping saga, a love story, and a revenge tale. And it features one of the most memorable movie juxtapositions ever: during the climactic final act, while Don Michael (Al Pacino) is baptizing his first son, Coppola cross-cuts with Don Michael's men setting up and ultimately killing the other four family heads. It is a cross between religion and death, fantasy and reality, and the world Michael wishes for his son with the world that he actually lives in. It's a violent scene for sure, but it's also a big part of what makes The Godfather a masterpiece.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

No one can ever claim that Tobe Hopper's iconic 1974 low-budget slasher film is not absolutely horrifying. It is. But here's the thing, there is very little blood in the movie. Instead, the intelligent horror film about a family of cannibals has a documentary feel to it, lending itself to the $60,000 budget, which used no special effects.  

Hooper is able to terrify the audience with almost no gore. The director originally tried to get a PG rating. While that did not happen, he was able to make a different type of horror movie. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre actually shows very little violence. A victim may get hit in the head with a mallet, but it's not shown onscreen.

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<![CDATA[26 Hilariously Honest Titles for Disney Movies]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/honest-disney-titles/nathandavidson

To say that Disney movies haven't been entirely honest with us over the years is an understatement. For starters, they made us believe that animals could talk, that super hot mermaids exist, and that princesses only exist so that a prince will come to their rescue and love them. Princesses are people too, Disney.

Then there are the films' titles, which don't always convey the true nature of a film. Thankfully, the Internet is here to shine an honest light on some of Disney's most popular works. These are brutally honest Disney movies and the poster titles they truly deserve. Don't worry, these posters won't ruin your childhood. Disney did that a long time ago.

26 Hilariously Honest Titles for Disney Movies,


Genie in a Bottle

Cry, Baby, Cry

Oh, Deer

Follow the High Rabbit

Take a Hint, Bro

Beautiful Losers

Animal House

White Hot

Notre Shame

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<![CDATA[The Best Movies About Jews and Judaism]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-best-movies-about-jews-and-judaism/tom-islava

The Best Movies About Jews and Judaism,

Fiddler on the Roof

An American Tail

Chariots of Fire

Inglourious Basterds

Schindler's List

Sophie's Choice

The Godfather Part II

The Pianist

The Producers

Gangster Squad

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<![CDATA[11 Hulk Comic Moments That Were Way More Destructive Than the Movie Scenes]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/hulk-comics-vs-movies/jacob-shelton

If there’s one thing that the Marvel Cinematic Universe wants audiences to know about the Hulk, it’s that he’s just a sensitive guy who caught a rough science break. That’s why Hulk comics compared to movies are completely different. Hulk’s comic book iterations stopped worrying about what people thought about Bruce Banner a long time ago and made a beeline for destruction.

Some of the brutal moments in Hulk comics never made it into movies - often because they showed him getting beaten down and where's the fun (and box office money) in watching the Hulk get smashed? He's supposed to do the smashing. 

In every Marvel movie featuring the Hulk, directors try to give a nod to the times when the Hulk was more brutal in comics than movies, but they never pull the trigger on letting the green guy go really nuts. Sure, he can fight a small army, but can he punch a guy’s head into liquid? Or clap his hands so hard that he destroys everything in a three-mile radius? He can in the comics, so why shouldn’t he do it in the movies? Keep reading below to see times when the Hulk did way more damage on a comic book page than a movie screen.

11 Hulk Comic Moments That Were Way More Destructive Than the Movie Scenes,

Thunderclap Hurricane

In 2008's The Incredible Hulk, Edward Norton's version of the jolly green giant puts out a helicopter fire with his thunderclap, and that's nice of him and all, but it's always cooler when the Hulk destroys half of South America with one of his massive claps. For instance, this scene in Hulk Annual #5 where he kills Diablo, a giant smoke monster, by clapping so hard that he causes a minor hurricane. He does all that just to make the creature dissipate and then the hurricane heads for landfall in South America. That's stone-cold, brutal justice. 

Doctor Hulklove: Or How We Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Bomb

The hulk has been attacked with heavy ordinance in plenty of movies, including Ang Lee's Hulk. He's the Hulk and bombs are a go-to strategy for most people trying to take him down. But how has there not been a scene in a Marvel movie where S.H.I.E.L.D or HYDRA or whoever drops a nuclear bomb on the Hulk? Even if you know that said bomb isn't going to kill Hulk, it would definitely incapacitate him for a few hours. For instance, why send Natasha Romanoff in to bargain with Bruce Banner if you could just drop a bomb on him and bring him to your secret HQ? That's what happens on this comic page and it's super badass. 

The Hulk Destroys an Asteroid

One of the best moments from The Avengers is when Captain America tells Hulk to "smash." It's so much fun to see Hulk jump into a building and start whomping on aliens. But think about how much cooler it would be if that scene took place in space, and instead of jumping through a building, Hulk jumped through an asteroid? That's why Marvel Comics Presents #52 wins a fun-time point and Joss Whedon's first Marvel movie doesn't. 

The Hulk Needs to Throw Someone to the Moon

Okay so this isn't super destructive, but it is really awesome and that's what counts. In Hulk vs Fin Fang Foom #1 the green machine picks up one of Doctor Strange's more racist villains and throws him from the earth to the moon. In every movie that features the Hulk, he ends up throwing someone around. But, what the f*ck? Why is Marvel holding back on this stuff in their movies? It's not like they're going for hyper realism or adhering to the Dogme 95 rules. If we don't see someone thrown all the way to the moon in the next Avengers movie, we riot. 

Tanks Are for Idiots

In Ang Lee's much derided Hulk, the big green smashes up a bunch of tanks. It's fine. It's not as bad as most viewers probably remember, but it's still not that great. However, in Incredible Hulk #121 Banner smashes his fists into the ground so hard that he creates a tremor that flips the tanks as they fire on him, causing them to shoot the planes flying overhead. He literally uses tanks to shoot down planes. That's so badass. This is the scene that should have been in the movie. 

His Most Intense Alien Punch So Far

You know how in The Avengers, Bruce Banner says, "I'm always angry," and then turns into the Hulk and punches an alien exoskeleton thing in the face, effectively crushing it? That's pretty cool, but you know what's cooler? The Hulk punching Abomination so hard that he ends up in a crater. Lets make that happen, okay, Kevin Feige?

That Time He Punched Off Deadpool's Head

The Hulk has fought many of his hero allies - including Iron Man, Thor, and more. Both on screen and in comics, he's shown that even friends can suffer his wrath. But none of his fights with on-screen allies can even come close to this scene in Deadpool #39 where he gets into it with a suicidal Wade Wilson. Look at his head. It's been turned to liquid!

The Hulk and Iron Man Face Off Is Much Crazier in the Comics

In the second Avengers film, we get a look at Tony Stark's Hulkbuster suit, and we find out just how long he and the green machine can go toe to toe, and it's fine. They have a well-shot fight that doesn't take any longer than it needs to. But if you really want to see Iron Man and Hulk go at it, then you need to check out the World War Hulk story arc where Banner calls down the thunder on just about every mutant on earth for being complicit in the death of his wife. He not only defeats Tony Stark and his puny Hulkbuster suit, but he completely destroys Stark Tower in the process. 

The Hulk Fights the Army

In 2008's The Incredible Hulk, Bruce Banner is forced to fight a bunch of soldiers to prove that he can be a Hulk, or something? The movie doesn't really make a lot of sense, and if we're being honest the fight scene kind of sucks, which is a drag because Edward Norton and Tim Roth are great. Even though the director tried to jam a shot from Planet Hulk into the scene, it's still a confusing mess of small guys wearing green and shooting very small bullets at a large, green guy. If you want to see Bruce Banner face off with the military, you need to read the comics. 

The Hulk Is Great at Grabbing Jets Out of Mid Air

The Hulk's final scene in Avengers: Age of Ultron shows him jumping from the ground and straight into a jet. Cool. But that pales in comparison to all of the jet destruction Hulk has committed in the comics. When it comes to the Hulk grabbing jets out of the air, or jumping into jets, or punching things flying through the air so hard that they explode, you can pick your poison; the green machine loooooves this party trick. One classic Hulk air strike comes from Incredible Hulk #301, mostly because of the sound effects, but also because he uses a jet more or less as a giant dart to destroy a building.  

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<![CDATA[25 Hilarious Movie Sequel Ideas Hollywood Should Strongly Consider]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-movie-sequel-ideas/nathandavidson

Hollywood continues to be obsessed with making movie sequels, but the question everyone is asking these days is: Should they make more? Once you take a look at these funny and silly movie sequel ideas, we think you'll agree that Hollywood hasn't even begun to push the sequels envelope. Sure, you might consider these fake movie sequels to be bad sequel ideas, but are they really any worse than the movies Hollywood is producing these days? Either way, the joke is on all of us.

25 Hilarious Movie Sequel Ideas Hollywood Should Strongly Consider,

Will the Thrill

Vampires Suck

Out of This World

The Virgin Suicide

The Nightmare After Christmas

Home Sweet Home

Alien vs. Alien

Street Justice

Chick Flick

The Mountain of Youth

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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie quotes narrate the fantasy film which is a prequel to the Harry Potter series. Written by J. K. Rowling based on her book of the same name, David Yates directed the movie, which is the first Harry Potter spinoff. Available in 3D, IMAX and other large format theaters, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them opened on November 16, 2016.

In Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne) arrives in New York City in 1926 to research some fantastic beasts, including some he brought along with him in a suitcase. So when some of his magical creatures accidentally escape from the suitcase, Newt realizes the hard way how these creatures and wizards in general are treated in America.

Porpentina "Tina" Goldstein (Katherine Waterston) quickly explains to Newt that in the states, wizards must hide from the no-maj group, AKA Muggles, and that his newly released creatures are a strict no-no. So along with Jacob Kowalski (Dan Fogler), Newt and Tina must hunt the lost creatures around New York City, all while under the hunt of Seraphina Picquery (Carmen Ejogo) and the eye of friend to wizards Percival Graves (Colin Farrell).

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them opened alongside other great fall 2016 films including The Edge of Seventeen, Shut In, Arrival, and Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Movie Quotes,

Something is Stalking Our City

Porpentina Goldstein: Something is stalking our city, reaping destruction and then disappearing without a trace!

In this Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie quote, Porpentina warns about the creatures lurking around the city. She doesn't really go into much detail about them, but her words are enough to put people in guard.

This Could Mean War

Seraphina Picquery: This is related to Grindelwald, attacks in Europe. This could mean war.

Seraphina makes a connection between what is happening in New York City and prior attacks in Europe. She thinks what she's dealing with in the Big Apple is related to Grundelwald, and that's no good.

Was That Everything

Porpentina Goldstein: Was that everything that came out of the case?

After trapping a monster in a tiny container, Porpentina asks if they've gathered all the monsters that happened to escape from Newt's suitcase. He doesn't immediately respond, which suggests that there are more monsters still on the loose.

Ain't Got the Brains to Make This Up

Jacob Kowalski: I don't think I'm dreaming.
Newt Scamander: What gave it away?
Jacob Kowalski: I ain't got the brains to make this up.

Jacob cannot believe what he's seeing, as he describes in these Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie quotes. He has to believe it though as he admits he's not smart enough to make it up.

More to You Than Meets the Eye

Percival Graves: You're an interesting man, Mr. Scamander. Just like your suitcase, I think there's more to you than meets the eye. Kicked out of Hogwarts for endangering human life with a beast, yet one of your teachers argued strongly against your expulsion. I wonder, what makes Albus Dumbledore so fond of you, Mr. Scamander?

Percival Graves knows all about Newt Scamander and expresses as much in this Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie quote. Percival feels that Newt is someone special, even if he was thrown out of Hogwarts.

We Don't Like Things Loose

Porpentina Goldstein: Mr. Scamander, do you know anything about the wizarding community in America? We don't like things loose.

Porpentina tries to explain how America treats the wizarding community compared to where Newt came from. In the states, doing what Newt did, letting monsters loose, is highly frowned upon.

You Got a Plan, Right Guys?

Jacob Kowalski: You got a plan, right guys?
Newt Scamander: They need our help.

As Jacob, Newt and Porpentina run for safety, Jacob asks if they have a plan in these Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie quotes. Newt doesn't especially answer the question, but he does restate their mission, to help.

We Call Them Muggles

Jacob Kowalski: Hey, mister English guy. I think your egg is hatching.
Porpentina Goldstein: You wiped his memory, right? The No-Mag?
Newt Scamander: The what?
Porpentina Goldstein: No-Magic. The non-wizard!
Newt Scamander: Sorry, we call them Muggles.

Apparently, as evidenced in these Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie quotes, should a no-magic, non-wizard Muggle witness any wizardry, he or she would immediately need their memory erased. Is anyone curious what they do for more serious crimes?

News Travels Fast

Gnarlack: So you're the guy with the case full of monsters, huh?
Newt Scamander: News travels fast.

Without even introducing himself, everyone already knows who Newt is when he enters a local watering hole. Indeed, when you let a case full of monsters loose, you're bound to get a little attention.

Magical Beasts Loose in New York

Porpentina Goldstein: Yesterday, a wizard entered New York with a case, a case full of magical creatures and, unfortunately, some have escaped.
Seraphina Picquery: You've known for 24 hours that an unregistered wizard set magical beasts loose in New York.
Porpentina Goldstein: Yes
Seraphina Picquery: Where is this man?

Seraphina summons Porpentina to explain what she knows about this wizard who entered New York with magical creatures in these Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie quotes. Seraphina is a wee bit angry that Porpentina knew about this for 24 hours and said nothing.

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While a lot of anime stays pretty lighthearted, most viewers know that it isn't always fun and games. There are many depressing anime series and films deal with strong subjects like death, failed romance, illness, and catastrophic tragedies of all sorts. This list looks at some of the saddest anime out there and the moments that will definitely leave you in tears - that means there's spoilers about major plot points below. 

While becoming immersed in a show or movie, you develop deep attachments to the characters in the story, which makes you all the more empathetic to their dejected feelings and unfortunate life paths. Sometimes the things that happen to them are so relatable that they pluck your heart strings in all the most sensitive places. Anime like Clannad, Your Lie in April, Grave of the Fireflies, and Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 are all great examples of anime so sad you'll cry. So get your tissues and get ready to cry like a baby.

17 Anime Series That Will Make You Cry Like a Baby,

Grave of the Fireflies

Grave of the Fireflies is a 1988 Japanese film, animated by the singular Studio Ghibli, and set during the final stretch of World War II. Although Studio Ghibli is well known for animating the whimsical films of Hayao Miyazaki, Grave of the Fireflies does not share that tone. The film focuses on two siblings who struggle to survive through the heavy impact of war, including the harsh realities of starvation and mortality. The young protagonist, Seita, frantically strives to take care of his little sister, Setsuko and works to prevent her from suffering a horrible, war-torn fate... to no avail. 

Roger Ebert has called it one of the "greatest war films ever made."


Air presents the story of a traveling puppeteer, Yukito Kunisaki, and a young woman, Misuzu Kamio, who befriends him. After their fateful meeting, the two begin to grow closer, and at the same time, Misuzo's childhood illness begins to reappear. As Misuzo's illness grows more severe and her attachment to Yukito becomes stronger, the two realize they share a fate that will prevent them from ever being together. Yukito and Misuzo's love never breaks and the series ends in heartbreak with a scene where Misuzu dies in his arms. In a final, sorrowful promise, he swears he will find her again one day, wherever she may be, and break the curse.

Code Geass

Code Geass: Lelouch of Rebellion features more than a few cry-worthy death scenes, especially as the show reaches its finale. The series tells the story of a former prince of Brittania, Lelouch vi Britannia, who leads the Black Knights in a rebellion against the corrupt and tyrannical rulers who have taken over. And, of course, with rebellion, there's bloodshed. The death of the characters that progress through the story, especially his friends, Shirley and Rolo, will shock most first-time viewers. 

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day is not a happy anime. It tells the story of loss and regret over the death of a young, childhood friend. A group of friends drifts apart after a tragic accident kills their friend Menma, and nobody quite knows how to cope with the sudden loss. She comes back to haunt her best friend, Jinta Yadomi, because she needs to make a wish but can't remember what it is. Jinta gathers the old group of friends to resolve the problem and viewers see the effects of how Jinta's death has altered all of their lives in different ways. Nobody quite knows how to deal with the loss of their friend, and many of them blame themselves for her death. 


A soul receives a second chance at life and returns to the body of a 14-year-old boy, Makoto Kobayashi, who committed suicide. As he lives through the boy's dejected family life, the soul experiences first hand the depression that led the teen to suicide. The core of the story shines a light on the boy's poor family life, bullying, and the realization that the girl he admires is actually a sex worker who uses men to get fancy things. If you didn't already feel bad about all of this happening to the protagonist, he discovers within himself that the life he's been inhabiting was his all along - he's been given a second chance to relive the same, sad life. 

Angel Beats!

Angel Beats! is set at a high school that's also a place of limbo for the dead. Here, the students learn how to give up their attachments to the physical world before moving into the afterlife. As the story progresses and begins to tie together the connections that the characters have to each other, moments of heartbreak and sadness unfold and the characters move on into the next realm. The graduation scene is exceptionally sad. As the characters make their peace and say their final goodbyes to each other, their last words before moving into the afterlife will make even the most stoic viewers cry.

Wolf Children

While Wolf Children has a supernatural theme to it, the emotional rollercoaster it puts viewers through is a depressing one. A college student falls in love with a man, who is actually a werewolf, and they start a family together, complete with two cute, half-wolf children. Shortly after, the wolf dies tragically. The mother, Hana, must raise the children on her own, as they face the prejudice of being wolf-kids desperately trying to fit into their society. The overall story of her lonely, but beautiful, life tugs at all the heartstrings. 

Clannad After Story

The entire Clannad series is one long tear fest. The story revolves around Tomoya, a high school student whose mother died and whose father has turned to alcohol and gambling in the wake of that tragedy. In the middle of one of their frequent arguments, his father slams him into a window and injures him, keeping him away from his passion, basketball. Tomoya distances himself from others and begins a life of delinquency. 

This series, especially Clannad After Story (a very sad anime series), deals heavily with the imminence of mortality. As Tomoya continues through school life, he befriends a girl named Nagisa, who suffers from an illness resembling AIDS that's made her weak for her entire life. Nagisa feels incredible guilt over the death of her mother during child birth - and it doesn't get any better from there. Tomoya and Nagisa eventually fall in love and have a child who inherits Nagisa's rare disease and dies. Overall, though, Clannad tells a beautiful story of what it means to live through tragedy. Someone please pass the tissues. 

Your Lie in April

Your Lie in April, also known as Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (April is Your Lie), tells the sad story of piano prodigy Kousei Arima. His mother, who is also his abusive piano instructor, dies when Kousei is still very young. Thanks to the emotional trauma his mother put him through, Kousei can no longer hear himself play the piano. While trying to move on with his life, he falls in love with an erratic and talented violinist, Kaori, who inspires him to take the stage again. However, Kaori has a life-threatening illness, and her time left on earth is limited. Her illness breaks down Kousei's spirits once more as he watches his new love inch closer to death.

In the final, climactic episode, there's a short scene of Kousei and Kaori performing in the clouds, which is not only a nice bit of foreshadowing to Kaori's death, but an emotional reflection of the much-needed light that Kaori brought to Kousei's life. 

Kanon - Remembering a Forgotten Past

In the 2006 release of Kanon (the TV series based on the popular game), protagonist Yuichi Aizawa returns to the town where he spent his summers to live with his aunt and cousin after not seeing them for seven years. Although he's been here many times before, he's lost his memories of the town. Yuichi slowly starts regaining those memories, including some terribly sad ones. As his memory returns, he continues putting together the pieces of this strange puzzle, the last of which he needs to help his friend and love interest, Ayu, wake from a coma. 

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All romantic comedies show people falling in love, but the best quirky romance movies are each unique in their own way. The top quirky romance movies unite the one-of-a-kind personalities of their often very different characters through unlikely love stories. This is a list of movies about quirky love stories featuring everything from Garden State to (500) Days of Summer to Lars and the Real Girl.

What films will you find on this list of the best quirky romance flicks? Fans of unconventional storytelling made Michel Gondry's 2004 film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind an unlikely hit. Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet shine as a couple reuniting after an attempt at erasing the past. Lost In Translation, written and directed by Sofia Coppola, is another enjoyable quirky romances. Perhaps the original film of the genre is the unconventional romance film Harold and Maude. Other popular movies featured on this quirky romance movie list include Annie Hall, Me and You and Everyone We Know, and Before Sunrise.

Do you have a favorite quirky love story? Give the best movies a thumbs up and share some of your favorite scenes in the comments section.

50+ Quirky Romance Movies That Are Unique in Their Own Way,


Before Sunrise

Edward Scissorhands

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Harold and Maude

Lost in Translation

Wristcutters: A Love Story

(500) Days of Summer

Safety Not Guaranteed

Warm Bodies

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They say you can gain a lot of perspective by walking in someone else's shoes, but switching bodies is a surefire way to develop empathy and understanding. The top age and body swap movies feature characters waking up in each other's skin, much to the delight of movie-goers. This is a list of body and age swap movies featuring everything from Big to 17 Again to 13 Going on 30.

What films will you find on this list of the best age swap comedies? Freaky Friday is a classic in the body swap genre – so enduring, in fact, that it's been remade multiple times. When a mother and her teenage daughter trade bodies, they learn a lot about the stress and struggles of each other's daily lives. Peggy Sue Got Married is another entertaining age swap movie. A pair of old friends swap bodies – and lives – in the 2011 comedy, The Change-Up. Other good films featured on this top age and body swap movies list include All of Me, Wish Upon a Star, and Dream a Little Dream.

Which of these age swap movie deserves the top spot on this list? Give your favorites a thumbs up to move them to the top of the list, and add any titles that are missing.

20+ Great Movies Where Characters Swap Ages or Bodies,

13 Going on 30

All of Me


Dream a Little Dream

Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday

Heaven Can Wait

The Hot Chick

Vice Versa

17 Again

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There are no higher stakes than a fight to the death. Whether it's hand-to-hand combat, a knife fight, or a duel with pistols, death battles push film characters to their very limits. The top fight to the death movies feature dangerous scenarios where it's every man for himself. This is a list of fight to the death movies featuring everything from Bloodsport to Battle Royale to Gladiator.

What titles will you find on this list of films featuring fights to the death? If you're a fan of young adult fiction, you might vote The Hunger Games to the top. This series captivated movie-goers as Katniss Everdeen fought to keep her loved ones safe by entering a bloody and brutal tournament. The Kill Bill movies offered scores of breathtaking fight-to-the-death scenes, splashed in director Quentin Tarantino's signature bright colors and inventive cuts. The Running Man, based on Stephen King's novel of the same name, features Ben Richards using cunning and creativity to evade the deadly aim of the stalkers hunting him on a gladiator game show. Other good films featured on this top fight to the death movies list include The Naked Prey, Death Race, and The Killing Room.

Do you have a favorite death battle movie? Give the best films a thumbs up and please add any good life or death movies that are missing.

20+ Great Movies Where People Have to Fight to the Death,

Battle Royale


Death Race 2000


Kill Bill Volume 1

Series 7: The Contenders

The Naked Prey

Kill Bill Volume 2

The Raid: Redemption

The Hunger Games

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Marvel Studios has been responsible for bringing some of Marvel Comics’ most iconic characters to the big screen to the delight and adulation of fans and moviegoers across the globe. Thanks to revolutions in cinematic technology, characters that were bound to the printed page and stilted, low budget TV or movie adaptations now leap off the screen and at viewers in mega-budget cinematic spectacles.

According to Money Nation, Marvel Studios has generated billions of dollars at the box office and there is no real end in sight as it prepares to unleash a slew of comic-based movies through 2020. Doctor Strange held the number-one spot at the box office for its opening weekend and generated $85 million over the course of those two days alone. The Marvel Studios formula has been hugely successful, but their constant reliance on that formula has worn thin. Marvel movie tropes have given fans more than a few reasons to complain, and odds dictate at least a few cliché Marvel movies will be inflicted on audiences in the near or distant future. Here are some bad MCU tropes that Marvel Studios should definitely avoid going forward.

11 Tropes Marvel Studios Needs to Start Avoiding,

Killing the Good Guy’s Loved Ones

The trope of having a hero born because another character dies is maybe the oldest power fantasy hero cliché there is. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, when Quicksilver dies, it galvanizes the Scarlet Witch and rallies the protagonists, leading to their ultimate victory. While the victim in Age of Ultron is a hero, usually the victim is either much older or much younger and, more likely than not, female. There are far better storytelling conventions to be used than this cliché tradition.

The Three-Point Landing

It’s great fun to draw, and in small doses can be really, really cool. But sadly, the three-point landing is both impractical and rather hard on the knees. This pose, since that’s what it really is, is also overused when the hero recovers after being slapped, thrown, or otherwise sent flying backward. It’s a cliché whose time has passed. Now it only serves to elicit eye-rolls from viewers and reduce the level of professionalism overall.

The Origin Story

Yes, every superhero has an origin story. And yes, it's important to know their background in order to understand their motivations for fighting crime and doing, well, nearly everything else they do. But when the origin story is incorporated in exactly the same way, film after film, it starts to feel a little tired.

The first two films in the MCU, Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk, both start out the same way. Hero has a terrible accident (or kidnapping). Hero gains superhuman powers (well, Tony Stark doesn't gain powers himself - he gets an electromagnet implanted in his chest which he uses to power his suit, but the point remains). Hero searches for a cure before eventually accepting their powers and using them for good. But what if they just skipped the origin story entirely? Wouldn't it be nice if we were just dropped into a story where our hero already has powers, has gone through the grieving process, and is ready to fight? These movies are appealing to a consumer base that is at least moderately versed in the background lore. The fans are up to speed walking in, and if not, there’s usually a geek or two on hand to fill in gaps. Move it along. 

Evil Counterparts

Hulk and the Abomination, Captain America and the Red Skull, Thor and Loki. It almost seems like Marvel Studios can’t make a movie that doesn’t pit the hero against his diametric counterpart. It is a trope intended to contrast characters against their opposite and not-quite-equal reflections. It’s a move that has been successful in the past, but it’s time for Marvel Studios to take advantage of the plethora of no-goodniks at their disposal. There are villains available who are in no way similar to their protagonists and shouldn’t be. Let the hero define their character by being who they are, not by being who their enemy isn’t.

Friends and Family Members Who Need to Be Rescued

Part of the problem of having a concealed identity is the tendency for the hero’s enemies to threaten the people the hero loves, either by accident or as a result of the hero’s real face being revealed. Sometimes this grows into another trope, “Killing the Good Guy’s Loved Ones,” but usually just serves to spur the hero into decisive action, like the threat to Pepper Potts in Iron Man 3. It brings a sense of urgency to Tony Stark's actions from that point on. But once again, it sets itself up for failure. 

The Good Guy Always Wins in the End

They take lumps, maybe lose a supporting or even lead character, but the protagonists always, ALWAYS, even if there’s bound to be a sequel, win. As superhero genre movies continue to strive for greater realism, it will be necessary at some point to craft endings that don’t satisfy the viewer’s need to have every conflict neatly wrapped up in two-and-a-half hours. Sometimes, the hero loses and will have to pick up the pieces next time around. When the audience knows the hero will win at the end, it reduces the tension the movie is supposed to be eliciting. This is a trope that needs to be turned on its head for the sake of good storytelling.

The Bad Guy Is Still Around… Somewhere

If you don’t see a body, the “Big Bad” is probably not dead. The Forces of Good and Justice have really got to get better about checking under the rubble or down in the mineshaft. It would save tons of aggravation in the long run.

In all seriousness, fans will generally welcome a well-done sequel but will take it personally if writers mess with their heads and insult their intelligence. The bad guy can only escape from the destruction of their secret base once, maybe twice. In Thor: The Dark World, not only are we led to believe Loki is dead, but we're also made to believe he died a hero's death. Except, oh wait, he didn't die, and he definitely didn't die a hero. Looking back, it makes sense that Loki isn't dead - Marvel has been setting him up as the ultimate Big Bad of the entire MCU and they definitely wouldn't kill him off in a sequel to one of their more minor properties - but it's still a cheap trick. Better to err on one side or another - decisively kill the Big Bad or don’t. Ambivalent endings are another trope that plays the audience and leaves them feeling not quite satisfied.

Quips and Snark

As if it’s just another day at the office, our heroes joust verbally throughout practically every action scene, just to be witty and show how much fun it is to be a superhero. While it must surely be entertaining to be a superhero, the constant banter can deplete the energy of a given scene in short order. Yes, comic book movies, like the comic books they’re based on, are meant to be fun, even lighthearted. There are some characters, like Iron Man, who are quick-witted and their constant snappy patter is a valid part of their persona. When two characters who have never met, like the Falcon and Winter Soldier in Captain America: Civil War, are quipping it up like long-lost buddies, it becomes shtick and pulls the audience out of their immersion in the scene.

Sexual Tension

Superheroes are sexy. Lots of tight clothing, plenty of skin, and all the muscles one could ask for. It stands to reason, then, that superheroes and those around them will get freaky from time to time. But the ever-present sexual/romantic sub-plot in every storyline gets a little old after a while and threatens to reduce the tale to a souped-up soap opera. While portraying the characters as people with sexual facets to their personalities is fine and even necessary, the Satellite Love Interest or the two main characters who are trying to pretend they aren’t attracted to each other is a trope that can be cut by two-thirds and still be effective. After all, was anyone actually pleased with the "relationship" between Black Widow and the Hulk in Avengers: Age of Ultron?

World-Breaking Threats to the Planet or the Galaxy

Hey, the universe is a dangerous place. But so is a planet full of rogue mutants and superpowered menaces. Admittedly, the Avengers exist to be called in when the fat is all the way into the fire, but it doesn’t mean every threat they face must be a threat to the whole universe. There are plenty of threats to keep the Avengers busy right down here on Earth. That's part of what makes the Netflix Universe so appealing to so many people: the struggles are grounded in the realities of the day to day, not just all-encompassing peril to everything that is or will be.

Sure, it's cool to see Dr. Strange save the whole planet, but every MCU movie is huge in its scope, trying to save the world, sometimes even the universe, while also developing its characters. It'd be nice, for once, to see a smaller scale superhero movie, one where the threat is localized but deeply personal to the protagonist. Sometimes, it's the smaller horrors that pack the biggest punch.

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<![CDATA[35+ Great Political Movies Based on True Stories]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/true-political-movies/ranker-film

Sometimes the truth is more entertaining than fiction, especially when it comes to films inspired by real-life political events, scandals, and personalities. The top true politics movies are typically about a major event that changed the scope of government. This is a list of true political movies featuring everything from All the President's Men to The Last King of Scotland to Malcolm X.

What classics will you find on this list of movies based on true politics? Maybe you'll vote Lincoln to the top. Daniel Day-Lewis took home the Academy Award for Best Actor for his portrayal of the 16th president, in a film examining the time when he abolished slavery. Hyde Park on Hudson, which offers a look at the personal life of Franklin D. Roosevelt, is another good movie about a political figure. Nelson Mandela was the subject of the acclaimed 2013 film Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. Other notable movies featured in this roundup include Patton, The King's Speech, and The Ides of March.

Which political true stories are the best? Give your favorite films a thumbs up to move them to the number-one spot, and add any great flicks that are missing.

35+ Great Political Movies Based on True Stories,


All the President's Men

Good Night, and Good Luck

Malcolm X



The Last King of Scotland


Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom


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<![CDATA[The 25+ Best Sports Movies for Kids]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/kids-sports-movies/ranker-film

There's nothing more exciting than an underdog team fighting to win the big game, especially when kids are involved. The top kids sports movies are typically about overcoming differences and working together to reach the same goal. This is a list of sports movies for children featuring everything from The Karate Kid to Cool Runnings to Ladybugs.

What family-favorite movies will you find on this list of the best children's sports films? Baseball fanatics might vote The Sandlot to the top of the collection. This movie has all of the elements of a classic kids' sports film, including teamwork, friendship, and one big, terrifying, slobbering dog. The Bad News Bears is another classic kids sports movie for the whole family. Although Rudy is about a college football team, the title character's relentless spirit is inspiring for sports fans of all ages. Other good films featured on this roundup of top sports movies for kids include The Mighty Ducks, Cars, and Kicking and Screaming.

Do you have a favorite kids' sports movie? Give the best films a thumbs up and please add any good movies that are missing.

The 25+ Best Sports Movies for Kids,

Air Bud

A League of Their Own

The Bad News Bears

Cool Runnings

Rookie of the Year

Space Jam

The Game Plan

The Karate Kid

The Mighty Ducks

The Sandlot

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<![CDATA[6 Controversial Movies That Started International Incidents]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/movies-that-started-international-incidents/anncasano

There have been plenty of controversial films that were banned in several countries. However, only a few movies have caused international incidents or resulted in real-life violence. These banned movies that caused worldwide problems.

Where’s the line between art and glorified violence? What one spectator clearly sees as a movie satirizing violent culture may trigger complete outrage in another viewer. One film on this list sparked so many violent copycat crimes that the director himself banned his own movie in his home country while another film on this list was considered so obscene by a court in Italy that its director was prosecuted and his civil right of voting was revoked for five years. Interestingly, both of those films were nominated for multiple Academy Awards.

Many of these films that caused problems are still banned around the world. You won’t see The Interview anytime soon in North Korea. In fact, Kim Jong-un was so outraged by the comedy that it (allegedly) resulted in the notorious Sony hack. Read all about that controversial movie and more in the list below.

6 Controversial Movies That Started International Incidents,

A Clockwork Orange

Stanley Kubrick's uber-violent 1971 satire of modern society was so controversial that the director himself decided to ban his own film in the United Kingdom following the uproar and threats to his own family. At first, the British Board of Film Classification decided it was fine to release the film without cuts. However, it was extremely polarizing; some thought it was artistic, while others just felt that it glorified violence.

A Clockwork Orange was ultimately linked to several copycat crimes. In one instance, a gang of young boys beat a homeless man to death, which happened during a scene in the film. Additionally, a Dutch girl was gang-raped by a group of men who were singing "Singin' in the Rain" during the brutal act, an imitation of one of the movie's most notorious scenes. The uncut version of the film was not released in Great Britain until after Kubrick's death, 27 years after he banned the movie.

Cry Freedom

Richard Attenborough's 1987 biopic chronicles the friendship between white South African journalist Donald Woods (Kevin Kline) and black activist Steve Biko (Denzel Washington) during apartheid-era South Africa. In the film, Woods is forced out of the country because of his investigation into Biko's death while he was in police custody. Cry Freedom was initially approved by government censors, however, authorities banned the Academy Award-nominated film hours after its premiere because they felt it served as a threat to public safety.

The Minister of Justice, Hendrick J. Coetsee, stated that Cry Freedom violated the law against quoting banned persons (Woods is banned in South Africa). The film's premiere caused a slew of explosions and bomb threats at several South African movie theaters, including a gasoline bomb in Port Elizabeth.

The announcement that the movie had been pulled by the government caused public outrage. The South African Council of Churches said of the white minority-led government that they were trying to hide "its shameful history from its people (without) learning from that history that peace and justice must in the end triumph."

Last Tango in Paris

Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci's X-rated erotic 1972 drama about a middle-aged man (Marlon Brando) who meets a very young Parisian woman (Maria Scheider) as they embark on a carnal loveless affair sparked international outrage. The film was banned or edited in several countries.

The controversy regarding Last Tango in Paris resulted in unprecedented ticket sales in Italy, until Italian police seized every copy of the film by order of the prosecutor. Both Bertolucci and Brando were sued by the Italian court on obscenity charges. The director had his civil rights revoked for five years, which left him unable to vote. He was also given a four-month suspended prison sentence. The Italian Supreme Court also ordered all copies of the movie to be destroyed.

Natural Born Killers

Oliver Stone's 1994 satirical crime movie was named the eighth most controversial film of all time by Entertainment Weekly. The over-the-top violent movie about two homicidal lovers on the run has been linked to at least 12 copycat murders in the United States and abroad.

One 2006 crime in Alberta, Canada was especially gruesome. Jeremy Allan Steinke (who was 23 years old) and his 12-year-old girlfriend, who became Canada's youngest convicted killer, murdered her parents and her 8-year-old brother. All three victims were stabbed to death. Hours before committing the murders, Steinke allegedly watched Natural Born Killers and said to his friends that he and his girlfriend should go about their plans to kill her family in a similar manner. Additionally, Steinke said to an undercover officer, "You ever watch the movie Natural Born Killers?... I think that's the best love story of all time..."

The film caused controversy worldwide. The UK publication The Daily Mail called the film "evil" and said, "If ever a film deserved to be banned, this is it." Oliver Stone and Time Warner were even sued by one victim's family for "distributing a film they knew, or should have known would cause and inspire people to commit crimes." The lawsuit was thrown out in 2001.

The Last Temptation of Christ

Martin Scorsese's 1988 Academy Award-nominated film depicts a more human side to Jesus Christ. It was widely condemned by religious protesters internationally and banned in several countries throughout the world. It was so controversial that Blockbuster initially refused to carry the film.

A group of activists in Paris firebombed a viewing of the movie, injuring 13 people. Several other cities in France also had violent incidents during screenings of the movie, including releasing tear gas and setting off stink bombs inside movie theaters. A representative from Universal International Pictures said of the acts, "They have massacred the film's success, and they have scared the public." Meanwhile, a leader of one Roman Catholic group intent on stopping the film from being screened stated, "We will not hesitate to go to prison if it is necessary."

The Interview

Who would have thought that a goofy comedy starring Seth Rogen and James Franco as celebrity journalists who are recruited by the CIA to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-un could cause such an uproar? On November 24, 2014, a hacker group called the "Guardians of the Peace (GOP)" successfully hacked Sony Pictures and publicly released personal information about the company's employees, personal emails, and copies of not-yet-released Sony films.

The hacker group demanded Sony not release The Interview and even threatened terrorist attacks at movie theaters that did screen the comedy. The government of North Korea quickly emerged as the prime suspect behind the hack and even called The Interview an "act of war" and threatened "merciless retaliation." Surprisingly, the North Koreans' threats worked. Sony decided to cancel the film's big premiere and wide release, however, it did release the film digitally. It also had a limited theatrical run. 

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<![CDATA[The 30+ Best Modern Western Movies]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/modern-western-movies/ranker-film

The western is a classic film genre full of grit, action, and life or death situations. The top modern western movies build upon tradition while amping up situations with current technology and cutting edge storylines. This is a list of recent western movies featuring everything from Django Unchained to 3:10 to Yuma to Dances with Wolves.

What new movies will you find on this list of the best modern westerns? Tombstone offers a modern twist on one of the most famous stories of the western genre. Wyatt Earp and his brothers – with a little help from Doc Holliday – star in this exciting tale of lawmen versus unruly cowboys who are terrorizing the land. Sukiyaki Western Django is another great modern western. Jon Favreau took the western genre to the next level with his creative 2011 film Cowboys & Aliens. Other good movies featured on this list of the top modern western films include The Proposition, Unforgiven, and Ain't Them Bodies Saints.

Which modern western is the best? Decide by giving your favorites a thumbs up, and add any great movies that are missing.

The 30+ Best Modern Western Movies,

3:10 to Yuma

Dances with Wolves

Open Range

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford



True Grit

Django Unchained


Hell or High Water

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<![CDATA[10 Incredibly Talented Actors Whose Skills Were Overshadowed by One Role]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/talented-actors-remembered-for-one-role/michael-anderson

Sometimes there's a simple explanation for one-hit wonder actors: they just aren't any good. But what about those actors who honed their craft at prestigious acting schools or rushed themselves from one open-mic night to another in perpetual hope of finally being discovered? Sometimes, it turns out their big break was actually a curse.

In the acting community, there can be no bigger shame than seeing exceedingly talented actors who are typecast into just one role. Even worse, it's usually the result of that actor doing such a standout job playing that role. Directors and casting heads then see them as being able to play only that one role, which can royally f*ck over an actor's career if that role is monumentally idiosyncratic.

So while, yes, there are some one-hit wonder actors who hit pay dirt with a role that was magically fitted to who they were in real life, there are a number of instances in which actors who are only remembered for one role are extremely talented and therefore miss out on receiving their due praise. Check out some really talented actors who could never break free of their iconic role below.

10 Incredibly Talented Actors Whose Skills Were Overshadowed by One Role,

Alfonso Ribeiro

Who knows the Carlton dance? That's right: everyone. But is everyone aware that Alfonso Ribeiro began his career as a child actor, dancing on Broadway and alongside the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, in a Pepsi commercial? In fact, before The Fresh Prince of Bel-AirRibeiro had already made a name for himself. 

However, after his tenure as the entitled, do-right snoot, Ribeiro was never again able to replicate that success. Instead, he turned to reality fare, participating as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars (where he reprised the Carlton dance) and gave a slew of appearances on daytime talk shows. 

Anthony Perkins

Early in his career, Anthony Perkins had been typecast as a nervous adolescent, especially in films such as Fear Strikes Out, The Tin Star, and Desire Under the Elms. And in these performances, the master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock saw the potential for one of cinema's most notorious murderers. 

Perkins's devilishly innocent good looks and adoption of a slight stutter to flesh out the murderous dichotomy within Norman Bates sealed his fate to forever be associated with the killing mama's boy.  

Even though Perkins was able to work steadily for the three decades after his iconic turn in Psycho, capturing such roles as Joseph K. in The Trial and Hector McQueen in Murder on the Orient Express, he ended up reprising the role of Bates in three more installments of the Psycho series and continued to be cast in the role of mentally disturbed characters, as in Edge of Sanity.

David Hyde Pierce

The precursor to such finicky fussbudgets as The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon (played by Jim Parsons), Niles Crane was rarely seen without a hanky to wipe down any seat and was almost always clad in fine Italian suits. Yet these traits do little to capture the idiosyncrasies that David Hyde Pierce was able to portray in his tenure as Frasier's always jealous younger brother.

While Frasier without a doubt exposed Pierce's skills to a massive audience, it effectively pigeonholed the actor into the role of the persnickety milquetoast. This drastically limited the TV and film work made available to him. 

His post-Frasier TV/film career is spotty at best, with his most notable appearances coming in the Wet Hot American Summer reboot and an eight-episode recurring role on The Good Wife (a show that features nearly every actor ever).

Thankfully, his career outside Hollywood has been more lucrative. He has won multiple Tony Awards and has been nominated for several other stage-related awards. Pierce was also exceptional in his role as a plague-victim collector in the acclaimed musical comedy Spamalot

Jason Alexander

Narcissistic, self-loathing, cheap, egomaniacal: these are just a few adjectives describing the memorable George Costanza from NBC's hit Seinfeld. He has eaten from the trash (though, to be fair, the pastry was on top) and has pushed children out of the way to save himself from a fire. Such acts of depravity have clung to Jason Alexander in his post-Seinfeld career, plaguing him in his struggle to land another substantial TV or film role.

Despite his lauded Broadway capabilities - evidenced by his Tony Award - Alexander has become typecast in Hollywood as a nit-picky sleaze in such insubstantial fare as Shallow Hal.

In fact, Alexander is perhaps the most iconic skilled actor to be typecast thanks to his recurring role in Curb Your Enthusiasm's second season, in which he (playing himself) and Seinfeld co-creator Larry David (again, playing himself) attempt to scrap together a sitcom based the troubles of a talented typecast actor. 

Kelsey Grammer

As an alumnus of Juilliard and the Old Globe Theatre company and a skilled Shakespearean actor, Kelsey Grammer's career by the early 1980s looked to be on track for renown and prestige. Then enter a young psychiatrist-turned-paramour of Diane Chambers, a barmaid in a bar where everyone knows your name. 

Over the following two decades, Grammer would play the unctuous, self-involved psychiatrist and radio personality across two highly acclaimed sitcoms: Cheers and its spin-off, Frasier. His portrayal of Frasier Crane earned him numerous accolades as well as led him to tie (with James Arness from Gunsmoke) the record for consecutive years of appearing as the same character. 

Even though Grammer went on to win a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Mayor Tom Kane on Boss, the series was ultimately short-lived, and he still struggles with escaping the looming shadow cast by Frasier Crane, leaving his blatant skill and silky voice to remain largely unutilized.

Kim Cattrall

If you think you're more of a Samantha, that may not bode well for your acting career. Kim Cattrall's identity has become inseparable from her character on Sex and the City. This is despite the fact that her career had been prolific, spanning back to the mid-1970s, before she landed the iconic role. 

It's clear that Cattrall has some serious acting chops based on her attending the American Academy of Dramatic Arts (the school's alumni include Jessica Chastain, Danny DeVito, and Paul Rudd, to name a few). After graduation, she consistently landed roles in diverse films from Otto Preminger's Rosebud to Police Academy

However, after playing the powerfully uninhibited socialite Samantha Jones, Cattrall has yet been able to enjoy the same amount of success as she did before her iconic role. 

Mark Hamill

If someone drops the name Mark Hamill at a party, there's a good chance many won't know who the hell that is. But drop Luke Skywalker, and nearly anyone could describe the swashbuckling Jedi whose fearless tactics saved the Rebellion from being squashed by Darth Vader and the Sith Empire.

Before the first Star Wars film, Hamill had been a middling actor who worked steadily from the start of the 1970s. After the initial Star Wars trilogy ended, however, the leading man of one of the most successful films series failed to land a standout leading role. Instead, he stuck to providing voices for animated series. This might be due to a car crash between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back that left him with some facial scars. In fact, Hamill didn't have another remarkable appearance on the silver screen until he reprised the role of Skywalker in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015), a role that he will continue to play in movies to come.

Rainn Wilson

It can be argued that Dwight Schrute was the one consistently side-splitting character on The Office while Michael Scott left for Colorado, Pam and Jim's relationship ebbed and flowed, and Ryan the temp underwent random, unexplained disappearances from time to time. Much of the credit for this should be awarded to Rainn Wilson, who played the zany naturalist and aspiring regional manager with a core of compassion under a brick-hard exterior. 

Before The Office, Wilson notched several important small roles in Almost Famous and Six Feet Under. Despite these skillful turns, he was a relative unknown when cast as the assistant to the regional manager in the American take on The Office

Despite his nuanced turn as Dwight, Wilson failed to gain more substantial roles after The Office ran its course, arguably because his character was so perfectly idiosyncratic that it's hard to imagine him as anyone else. 

Rhea Perlman

The hot-tempered waitress from Cheers, who was always quick with a venomous one-liner, would arguably not be nearly as fondly remembered if she were played by any actress other than Rhea Perlman. Her knack for theatrics brought life to tired writing that all too often relied on rehashing the same jokes for Carla over and over: Carla hates Cliff, Carla hates Diane (and later Rebecca), and Carla is at some stage of becoming or being pregnant. 

Although Perlman's career hadn't quite reached its apex prior to joining Cheers, she notched a few important roles, including a recurring role on Taxi. And after Cheers, her filmography is long but riddled with small roles that never held the potential for her to demonstrate her obvious skill. 

Alas, it seems that she will forever be remembered as the acid-tongued barmaid slinging cocktails to keep her and her children afloat while the other characters bickered about the sweatiest movie

William Shatner

Although the entire Star Trek cast has had difficulty outrunning the shadow cast by the series, William Shatner is perhaps the most notable. In fact, few are even aware of his rigorous technical roots. 

The son of an elocution teacher,  Shatner pursued an acting career early on. He was able to establish himself as a prominent Shakespearean actor in addition to handling other serious fare, including as Alexei Karamazov in The Brothers Karamazov.

Then Shatner assumed the life-changing role of the independent though arduously loyal Captain James T. Kirk. He was an intergalactic heartthrob who could skillfully navigate his crew through any problem, a skill Shatner didn't own as he became forever married to the character, thanks to the series' somewhat obsessive fan base and his distinct intonation. 

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<![CDATA[25+ Great Movies That Have a Ticking Clock]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/ticking-clock-movies/ranker-film

Tick, tock, tick, tock – just the sound of a ticking clock generates anxiety, but when lives are on the line, it creates great entertainment. The top race against the clock movies put characters' lives on the line with the added pressure of meeting a life-or-death deadline. This is a list of countdown movies featuring everything from Labyrinth to Apollo 13 to Back to the Future.

What movies will you find on this list of the best ticking clock films? If you're a fan of action flicks, you might vote Terminator 2: Judgment Day has to the top. In this captivating sequel, the past, present and future converge as the T-800 Terminator protects John Connor from a future enemy. The Running Man – which also stars Arnold Schwarzenegger – is another good race against the clock movie. Keanu Reeves faced a ticking clock and a racing bus in the 1994 film Speed. Other good movies featured on this top countdown films list include The Ring, Run Lola Run, and The Manchurian Candidate.

Which countdown movie deserves the top spot on this list? Help us decide by giving your favorites a thumbs up and add any great titles that are missing.

25+ Great Movies That Have a Ticking Clock,

48 Hours

Apollo 13

Back to the Future


Run Lola Run


Terminator 2: Judgment Day



The Martian

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<![CDATA[The 35+ Greatest Dystopian Action Movies]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/dystopian-action-movies/ranker-film

Some of the best films depict a bleak future. Lucky for movie-goers, this type of dystopian despair has led to some of the best action movies of all time. The top dystopian action movies feature characters not only fighting for themselves, but also fighting for the future of mankind. This is a list of dystopian action films featuring everything from The Hunger Games to The Running Man to Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

What movies will you find on this list of the best post-apocalyptic action films? Maybe you'll vote The Matrix has to the top. This modern classic by the Wachowskis makes audiences rethink their very existence while watching Neo learn the truth, fight the machines, and discover that he is “The One.” Mad Max: Fury Road is another exciting dystopian action movie. Hope is all but lost when a pregnant woman joins a group of rebel refugees to save her unborn child and the species at large in Children of Men. Other good post-apocalyptic action movies include District 9, Demolition Man, and Snowpiercer.

Which dystopian thriller is your favorite? Give the best films a thumbs up and please add any good movies that are missing.

The 35+ Greatest Dystopian Action Movies,

Battle Royale

Children of Men

Mad Max

Mad Max: Fury Road

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

The Fifth Element

The Matrix

Total Recall

12 Monkeys

V for Vendetta

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<![CDATA[30+ Great Period Films with a 1960s Aesthetic]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/1960s-period-films/ranker-film

The 1960s is one of the best settings for films because the decade marked a true change in America and around the world. The top 1960s period movies feature characters fighting for equal rights, coping with the horrors of the Vietnam War, and just trying to make it through the everyday struggles of middle-class life. This is a list of 1960s period movies featuring everything from Catch Me If You Can to Across the Universe to Girl, Interrupted.

What films will you find on this list of movies set in the 1960s? Maybe you'll vote Taking Woodstock to the top of the heap. Set at the most famous music festival of all time, a young man learns more about himself and the town which played host to the epic event. The Doors is another music-centric movie that represents the 1960s aesthetic. If you are looking for some sixties-era laughs, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery has you covered. Other good movies featured on this 1960s period movies list include Moonrise Kingdom, A Single Man, and Riding in Cars with Boys.

Which 1960s movie deserves the top spot on this list? Help us decide by giving your favorites a thumbs up and add any notable titles that are missing.

30+ Great Period Films with a 1960s Aesthetic,

Brokeback Mountain

Catch Me If You Can

National Lampoon's Animal House


That Thing You Do!

The Good Shepherd

An Education

Taking Woodstock

A Single Man

Moonrise Kingdom

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<![CDATA[Best Foreign-Language Movies]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-foreign-language-movies/but-chickens-double-d

Movies in which the majority of the dialogue is spoken in a language other than English

Best Foreign-Language Movies,

Aguirre, the Wrath of God


Bicycle Thieves

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Cinema Paradiso

Fellini Satyricon

Seven Samurai

The 400 Blows

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

Under the Same Moon

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<![CDATA[The Edge of Seventeen Movie Quotes]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-edge-of-seventeen-movie-quotes/movie-and-tv-quotes

The Edge of Seventeen movie quotes express the teenage angst in the coming of age comedy drama about an awkward high school girl. Kelly Fremon Craig wrote and directed the The Edge of Seventeen, which opened in theaters on November 18, 2016.

In The Edge of Seventeen movie quotes, viewers meet Nadine Byrd (Hailee Steinfeld), a 17-year-old girl who doesn't exactly fit in with the cool kids, but gets by with a little help from her best friend, Krista (Haley Lu Richardson), and her history teacher, Mr. Bruner (Woody Harrelson). 

So when Krista starts sleeping with Nadine's older brother and cool kid, Darian (Blake Jenner), Nadine feels lost and alone. To make matters worse, Nadine accidentally sends her crush, Nick (Alexander Calvert), a very naughty message. Her mother, Mona (Kyra Sedgwick), means well, but is ill-equipped to deal with Nadine's angst. So Nadine is forced to deal with her struggles in ways she is not used to doing.

The Edge of Seventeen joins other great fall 2016 movies in theaters such as Shut In, Arrival, Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk, and Hacksaw Ridge.

The Edge of Seventeen Movie Quotes,

My Brother, Seriously?

Nadine: My brother, seriously?
Krista: I can't help how I feel. 
Nadine: You turned into a completely different person.  

When Nadine walks in on her bestie, Krista, in bed with her brother, Nadine flips out. Krista, unfortunately, has no apologies for her behavior, citing love.

I'm Going to Kill Myself

Nadine: Hey
Mr. Bruner: Busy
Nadine: I don't want to take up too much of your time but I'm going to kill myself. I just thought that an adult should know. 
Mr. Bruner: Wow, actually, I was writing my own suicide note just now. "My 32 fleeting minutes of happiness during lunch, which has been eaten up again and again by the same especially badly dressed student and I thought I would rather have the dark nothingness."

When Nadine is feeling down, she visits Mr. Bruner during lunch to express herself. But as he shows in these The Edge of Seventeen movie quotes, he too has stress in his life.

Having a Problem Today

Mr. Bruner: Are you having a problem today, Nadine?
Nadine: Several. I don't really have any friends at the moment. 

Almost as if he knew she was packed full of teenage angst, Mr. Bruner asks Nadine if she's dealing with any problems. Of course she is, and in this instance, it's a lack of friends.

Why Don't You Try Being Positive?

Mona: Why don't you try being positive?
Nadine: Mom, I'm going to write down the next thing you're going to say.
Mona: I'm not playing your little games... Congratulations. You have all the answers, don't you?
Nadine: No, which is why I wish I had a mother who would notice.

To put it nicely, Nadine has trouble talking to her mother, as evidenced in these The Edge of Seventeen movie quotes. Nadine sought solace from her mother in a time of stress and mother Mona was less than helpful.

Do You Want to Have Sex Right Now?

Nadine: Nick is so hot.
Krista: He works at Petland now. 
Nadine: I should go in there and be like, "Excuse me, where are the beta fish and do you want to have sex right now?"
Student: Hell yeah!
Nadine: Not you

Talking outside of school, Nadine expresses her attraction to classmate Nick. So when Krista gives her information about the crush, Nadine gets some dirty ideas.

Nick, I Like You

Nadine: Nick, I like you. I want you to put your mouth on my tits. We can do it in the Petland stockroom. Oh my god, I can't send this. Oh, no no no no no, my god, no!
Mr. Bruner: This doesn't seem so bad. I want to be with you. I want you to put your mouth on my tits. I wanna feel you inside me. We can do it in the Petland stockroom.
Nadine: Oh my god, say something! Help me!
Mr. Bruner: You need to watch out for run-on sentences. 

Nadine really likes Nick, in a hot birds and bees kind of way. But when she types him a lustful message then accidentally sends it, she's utterly mortified. 

Maybe Nobody Likes You

Nadine: The people out there have nothing in common with me.
Mr. Bruner: Maybe nobody likes you.

While Mr. Bruner is a friend and mentor to Nadine, as evidenced in these The Edge of Seventeen movie quotes, he can also sometimes be a bit of a smartass. 

Everyone Is as Miserable as I Am

Mona: Why don't you do what I do when I'm feeling down?
Nadine: Mom
Mona: And I say to myself, "Everyone is as miserable as I am. They're just better at pretending."

Mona tries her best to cheer Nadine up when she's having a bad day in these The Edge of Seventeen movie quotes. But Mona simply isn't equipped to give this kind of supportive advice, at least not to Nadine's satisfaction.

Two Types of People in the World

Nadine: There are two types of people in the world: The people who naturally excel in life and the people who hope all those people die in a big explosion. When I was 13, it was clear which side of the equation I was on but that's what best friends are for and I had Krista. 

Nadine essentially explains the situation in the film and a bit about her character in the plot in this The Edge of Seventeen movie quote. She's not one of the cool kids, but at least she has a kick ass best friend, Krista.

Life's About Taking Risks

Mr. Bruner: Life's about taking risks. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there. 

Mr. Bruner offers Nadine another nugget of life advice in this The Edge of Seventeen movie quote. He urges her to take risks and put herself out there citing that's what life is all about.

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<![CDATA[Shut In Movie Quotes]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/shut-in-movie-quotes/movie-and-tv-quotes

Shut In movie quotes bring the thrills to the film about a child psychologist who fights to help an orphaned little boy. The mystery thriller was written by Christina Hodson and directed by Farren Blackburn. Shut In opened in theaters on November 11, 2016.

In Shut In, Mary Portman (Naomi Watts) is a child psychologist, wife and mother who lives in rural New England. Her life is shattered when her husband, Richard, is killed in a car accident, one that leaves her son, Steven (Charlie Heaton), paralyzed. In attempt to get back to her normal life, Mary returns to work and meets a disturbed and orphaned little boy, Tom (Jacob Tremblay). Mary also invites Tom to live in her home rather than being sent to Boston for foster care.

But one day, Mary realizes that Tom is missing and finds footprints leading away from her home in the snow. With dangerously low temperatures, it's believed that Tom most likely died from the elements. However, and possibly due to the fact that Mary's sleep issues are blurring the line between dreams and reality, Mary thinks that Tom is alive and somewhere in her home in need of help and that she is the only one who can save him.

Shut In movie quotes bring a sneak peek into the mystery of the film, just like they give a glimpse into other fall 2016 movies such as Arrival, Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk, Hacksaw Ridge, and Loving.

Shut In Movie Quotes,

I Feel So Guilty

Mary: I feel so guilty.
Dr. Wilson: You cannot blame yourself.

After Tom disappears, Mary can't help but feel guilty, as she mentions to Dr. Wilson in these Shut In movie quotes. Dr. Wilson tries to convince her that it wasn't her fault, but her feelings persist.

The Missing Child Could Not Have Survived

Mary: Tom? Tom? Tom!
News Broadcaster: Authorities have stated the missing child could not have survived the severe drop in temperatures.

Mary wakes to find Tom missing from her home and footsteps leading away from the home in the snow. While Mary doesn't want to believe he wandered away and died, as the newscaster points out, the chances that he survived are slim.

That's Not My Son

Mary: That's not my son. It's just a body that I feed and wash and clothe.

In a dream, Mary talks about the disconnect she now has with her son, Steven. After his car accident that killed his father, Steven has been only a shell of the boy he once was.

It's Not Just in My Head

Mary: I keep hearing sounds. Something's going on and it's not just in my head. I can prove it. You have to believe me. He's real.

Convinced that something is happening inside her home, Mary pleads for help in this Shut In movie quote. She swears she has proof that Tom is alive and well, and haunting her in her home, despite the fact that he's likely dead.

Good For All of Us

Dr. Wilson: Hi, Mary
Mary: Hi
Dr. Wilson: How's it all going?
Mary: To tell you the truth, I think it will be good for all of us. 

After living with orphaned boy Tom for a bit, Mary checks in with Dr. Wilson about their well being. She initially feels that things are going well, as she mentions to him in these Shut In movie quotes.

How's Steven Doing?

Dr. Wilson: Hi, Mary
Mary: Hi, Dr. Wilson
Dr. Wilson: How's Steven doing?
Mary: Same as last week and the week before. I lost him that day I lost Richard in the car. 

Mary speaks with Dr. Wilson about how she's dealing with taking care of her son and dealing with the death of her husband. As she reports in these Shut In movie quotes, her son is forever changed and not the son she once knew.

Distinguish Your Nightmares From Reality

Mary: I haven't been sleeping that well... I saw Tom but everybody's been saying he's dead.
Dr. Wilson: Your sleep problems are making it difficult for you to distinguish your nightmares from reality.
Mary: No, something is happening! Steven has scratches on his face.
Dr. Wilson: Listen to what you are saying. You're talking about ghosts!

As a result of her sleep problems, Dr. Wilson thinks that Mary is confusing her dreams and real life. It doesn't help that she's talking about being visited by Tom's ghost, who Mary feels is real.

He Can Just Stay Here

Lucy: Your next patient is waiting for you in the hallway.
Mary: He's dealing with a lot of grief since his mom died. 
Grace: They're moving him to Boston.
Mary: Is that really necessary? He can just stay here.

When a grieving boy, Tom, arrives for therapy in these Shut In movie quotes, Mary identify that the child needs a lot of help. So when authorities want to ship him away to Boston, Mary invites Tom to stay in her home.

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<![CDATA[Arrival Movie Quotes]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/arrival-movie-quotes/movie-and-tv-quotes

Arrival movie quotes bring the dialogue to the science fiction film about a linguist tasked with communicating with aliens. The mystery drama was adapted into a screenplay by Eric Heisserer based on the short story "Story of Your Life" by Ted Chiang. Denis Villeneuve directed Arrival, which opened in IMAX on November 11, 2016.

In Arrival, after 12 alien ships, named Shells, land on earth, the US Military enlists the help of renowned linguist Dr. Louise Banks (Amy Adams) to help them communicate with the aliens within. Working with Colonel Weber (Forest Whitaker), Ian Donnelly (Jeremy Renner) and Agent Halpern (Michael Stuhlbarg), Dr. Banks meets with the aliens in an attempt to learn what they want. But as Dr. Banks soon learns, they won't be able to communicate verbally, only through written language.

As Dr. Banks works tirelessly to translate the aliens' written language, other countries do as well and learn that one message states "offer weapon." Many see this as a threat and make plans to blow up the shells before they harm humans. But Dr. Banks feels that something may be lost in translation and works against the clock to clarify intentions with the aliens before a global war breaks out.

Arrival movie quotes give a peek into the film just as other list quotes do for their respective movies such as Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk, Hacksaw Ridge, Loving and Trolls.

Arrival Movie Quotes,

What Do They Want? Where Are They From?

Colonel Weber: I'm Colonel GT Weber from Army Intelligence. Pack your bags.
Colonel Weber: You're at the top of everyone's lists when it comes to translations. Priority one: What do they want? Where are they from? You'll be reporting to me but you'll be working with him when you're in the shell.
Ian Donnelly: That's what they're calling the UFO.
Colonel Weber: Every 18 hours, a door opens up. That's when we go in. 

Colonel Weber summons Dr. Banks in these Arrival movie quotes. Dr. Banks is a renowned linguist and she's about to face her toughest challenge yet, communicating with aliens.

Dreaming in Their Language

Ian Donnelly: Are you dreaming in their language?

Ian wonders just how much Dr. Banks has immersed herself in the alien language. He asks if she's dreaming in their language and while he's not exactly right, she is having visions of things only the aliens could see.

Language is Messy

Dr. Louise Banks: We need to make sure that they understand the difference between a weapon and a tool. Language is messy and sometimes one can be both. 

When an alien message says, "offer weapon," everyone begins to freak out and take the message as a threat. But as Dr. Banks points out in this Arrival movie quote, the aliens might actually mean tool, and she needs to clarify that before anyone acts.

I Go Back In

Colonel Weber: We're got 21 hours
Ian Donnelly: Before they start global war
Colonel Weber: So how do we clarify their intentions?
Dr. Louise Banks: I go back in.

Dr. Banks knows she's the only one who can accurately communicate with the aliens and expresses as much in these Arrival movie quotes. She must return to the UFO and talk with the aliens more to save the world from a global war set to begin in a matter of hours.

Two Days to Figure Something Out

Dr. Louise Banks: This is one of 12... We're never going to be able to speak their words. 
Colonel Weber: We've got two days to figure something out. 

Dr. Banks and Colonel Weber explain the mission of the film in these Arrival movie quotes. 12 UFOs have arrived on earth and they have only two days to communicate with the aliens before all hell breaks loose.

A Proper Introduction

Dr. Louise Banks: What happens now?
Colonel Weber: They arrive. 
Dr. Louise Banks: They need to see me.
Agent Halpern: Dr. Banks, are you insane?
Dr. Louise Banks: Now that's a proper introduction.

When Dr. Banks meets with the aliens for the first time, she quickly drops her protective suit, much to the displeasure of the others. She knows that to make a proper introduction, she needs to let them see her.

Days That Define Your Story

Dr. Louise Banks: There are days that define your story beyond your life, like the day they arrived.

Dr. Banks looks upon all the days in her life and calls out the day the aliens arrived as one that which defined her story. If not for her, who knows how the arrival would have impacted earth and mankind.

It's More Complicated Than That

Deputy Director: It's possible they're prodding us to fight against ourselves.
Dr. Louise Banks: This is just a way to get us to work together for once. We need to talk to them.
Deputy Director: It's more complicated than that. 
Dr. Louise Banks: How is it more complicated?
Deputy Director: Russia just executed one of their own to keep their secret.

Dr. Banks and the Deputy Director disagree on the intent of the aliens in these Arrival movie quotes. She feels they want humans to work together but he feels that the aliens want global war. Determining the true intent is harder than one would imagine.

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<![CDATA[Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk Movie Quotes]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/billy-lynns-long-halftime-walk-movie-quotes/movie-and-tv-quotes

Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk movie quotes provide the often tense dialogue to the film about one soldier's journey from the battleground to being honored at an NFL game. The 3D war drama was directed by Ang Lee using a screenplay Jean-Christophe Castelli adapted from the book of the same name by Ben Fountain. Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk opened in theaters on November 11, 2016.

In Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk movie quotes, viewers meet the title character, Billy Lynn (Joe Alwyn), a young man who is serving as a specialist in the Army in Iraq. Billy and his company, including Shroom (Vin Diesel) and Sgt. David Dime (Garrett Hedlund), and a television news crew come under fire and barely survive. When footage of the battle is picked up by major news organizations, Billy and his company are ordered back home to go on a victory tour as war heroes.

But when Billy returns home, including to sister Kathryn (Kristen Stewart) and girlfriend Faison (Makenzie Zorn), adapting to civilian life, especially after dealing with a deadly war firefight, is difficult. So while his company is honored, including at a halftime feature for the Thanksgiving day Dallas Cowboys game, Billy struggles to understand how he's being honored for one of the worst days of his life.

Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk movie quotes also feature lines from costars like Chris Tucker and Steve Martin. For other movie quotes, check out lists from fall 2016 movies such as Hacksaw Ridge, Loving, Trolls, and Doctor Strange.

Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk Movie Quotes,

I Did What I Had to Do

Billy Lynn: I did what I had to do... For the first time in my life, I feel close to something bigger than myself. 

As he explains in this Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk movie quote, Billy realized that what he did in Iraq wasn't about him. He fought for the liberty and freedom of his country and that left a lasting impact on him.

We Need to Get It

Albert: What you guys go through, Billy, it's real hard for us to get it, but we need to get it.

Albert tries to explain to Billy how it's so important that regular civilians understand, or at least try to understand what soldiers go through. Those who have not been to war may never truly understand, but that doesn't mean Billy or others should stop trying to get them to understand.

Being Honored for the Worst Day of Your Life

Billy Lynn: It's sort of weird, being honored for the worst day of your life. 

Prior to taking the stage at the Dallas Cowboys game, Billy talks about how he feels to be honored for something that was so hard for him. It's a unique situation that he's in and conflicting feelings are completely normal.

Just Open the Door a Crack

Faison: If we just open the door a crack, light comes pouring in.

Knowing Billy is having a hard time adjusting to civilian life, Faison offers him some words of advice in this Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk movie quote. If he would open up a bit, he might see some benefits.

It's America's Story Now

Norm Oglesby: You know things most of the rest of us will never know. That's gotta weigh heavy on a man's shoulders... What you did that day no longer belongs to you. It's America story now.

Norm Oglesby speaks with Billy after he returns from Iraq in this Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk movie quote. Norm explains that the nation has embraced him and his story, and that Billy needs to allow America to cherish his bravery.

Something Bigger Than Yourself

Shroom: What do we owe the pleasure of your enlistment, Private Lynn?
Billy Lynn: A sorry excuse for a warrior I'm turning out to be.
Shroom: Make it about something bigger than yourself.

Billy realizes that he might not be cut out for war or being a good soldier and expresses as much to Shroom. It's the advice that Billy receives back that changes Billy's view on what it means to serve.

I Made a Commitment

Kathryn Lynn: Wait, what if you don't go?
Billy Lynn: I have to, Kat. I made a commitment. 
Billy Lynn: I still got a long walk ahead of me. 
Faison: And I will be waiting for you

As Billy prepares to head to Iraq with the Army, he speaks to two people most important to him in these Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk movie quotes. No one is especially excited that he's going to war, but Billy feels his duty to serve.

What Really Happened Over There?

Kathryn Lynn: It's really good to have you back, little brother... What really happened over there?

Sister Kathryn asks Billy what he really dealt with in Iraq. She knows his experience was much more than what is reported on television and is curious where his head is.

It's Going Down

Shroom: These men are fighters. Let your training guide you.
Billy Lynn: Is this it?
Shroom: It's going down. 
Billy Lynn: What?
Shroom: Let's go!
Billy Lynn: Shroom's been hit!

Billy and his company are in a fierce battle with the enemy in these Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk movie quotes. In a worst-case scenario, their leader, Shroom, is shot, something that shakes Billy and the others.

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<![CDATA[Best Comedy Western Movies]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-comedy-western-movies/roblein

Simple vote -- what do you think are the best movies that are comedy westerns? Which westerns really have you roaring with laughter? Please vote yes for the ones you like best and thumbs down for the ones you don't like so much. Please feel free to add more.

Best Comedy Western Movies,

Blazing Saddles

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

City Slickers

Support Your Local Gunfighter

Support Your Local Sheriff!

The Apple Dumpling Gang

The Ballad of Cable Hogue

The Cheyenne Social Club

The Shakiest Gun in the West


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<![CDATA[Who Should Play Dumbledore in Fantastic Beast 2?]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/who-should-play-dumbledore-in-fantastic-beast-2-/razzledazzle_crimsonny_

We already now that Dumbledore will be appear in Fantastic Beasts 2, and it will be a major role, of course, he's an important character in Harry Potter's universe. Because of that, and when the news arrived, a lot of sites started to publish options for who could play Dumbledore, but, there are various list of great actors and the choice is not very easy.

Who you think should play the head of Hogwarts in his youngers years?

Who Should Play Dumbledore in Fantastic Beast 2?,

Billy Boyd

Ewan McGregor

Hugh Dancy

Iain Glen

James D'Arcy

Jared Harris

Jude Law

Michael Sheen

Richard Armitage

Theo James

Sat, 03 Dec 2016 10:31:33 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/who-should-play-dumbledore-in-fantastic-beast-2-/razzledazzle_crimsonny_
<![CDATA[16 Influential Movies You Didn't Know Were Based on Short Films]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/movies-based-on-short-films/anncasano

Let’s say you’re a rookie filmmaker with a great script or idea but no Hollywood street cred. Often times, in order to secure financing, these aspiring writers/directors will make what’s called a proof-of-concept short that shows off their vision for a feature length film. In fact, some of the most acclaimed cinematic auteurs in film history got their first feature made based off of their short film. Here are 16 famous movies based on short films.

Producers were not going to just hand Paul Thomas Anderson, a relatively unknown filmmaker at the time, millions of dollars to make an epic about a porn star’s rise and fall from fame. But once Anderson showed off his 32-minute mockumentary, The Dirk Diggler Story, financers got a sense of both the direction of Anderson’s story and the talent that the writer/director possessed.

You won’t believe all the famous films based on shorts that became straight up box office gold. And while some of the cult movies based on short films may not have lit up the box office, they have since become extremely popular with a passionate and ever-growing fanbase.

16 Influential Movies You Didn't Know Were Based on Short Films,

Boogie Nights

Short Film It's Based On: The Dirk Diggler Story (1987)

A lot of acclaimed feature film directors got their start making shorts. When Paul Thomas Anderson was just 17-years-old, he shot a Spinal Tap-influenced mockumentary The Dirk Diggler Story, which was inspired by the rise and fall of porn legend John Holmes. Anderson used a standard video camera and VCR editing (he hooked up two VCRs to his TV, showing raw footage on one and recording segments onto the other) to create his 32-minute short film.

After making his feature debut as a writer/director with Hard Eight in 1996, Anderson revisited Dirk Digger, writing and directing the now classic Boogie Nights (1997). His sophomore effort instantly put him in the discussion of rising film auteurs and launched the career of Mark Wahlberg, who played Diggler. Check out the engrossing oral history of Boogie Nights for a great behind-the-scenes tale of the making of a classic. 

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Short Film It's Based On: The Hard Case (1995)

Londoner Guy Ritchie earned money directing music promos and commercials in order to fund his 20-minute short The Hard Case, which he wrote and directed. Lucky for Ritchie, Trudie Styler, Sting's wife, saw the short and decided to finance Ritchie's feature adaptation Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Sting took a small role in the film which made Statham an international star, paved the way Snatch, and helped usher in a new wave of post-modern, post-Tarantino crime films. 

Office Space

Short Film It's Based On: Milton (1991)

Mike Judge of Beavis and Butthead fame created a series of animated shorts in the early 1990s called Milton, which followed a meek office worker and his daily battles. Judge also wrote, animated, and voiced all the characters. Some of them aired on MTV's Liquid Television, and some even made it onto Saturday Night Live. Judge based his 1999 cult hit Office Space on these animated shorts. Milton (Stephen Root) is the main character in the shorts, but was a peripheral character in the film. 

Following the monster success of There's Something About Mary, 20th Century Fox wanted to make a "big, broad comedy." They figured a feature based on the Milton shorts was a safe bet. Office Space didn't perform well at the box office, but has become a cult classic.


Short Film It's Based On: Saw (2003)

Australian filmmakers James Wan and Leigh Whannell couldn't get funding for their horror film, Saw, Down Under, so they flew to Los Angeles to make a nine-and-a-half-minute proof-of-concept short centered around the horrific jaw trap. Lionsgate liked the script and short enough to give the pair $1.2 million to make the feature, which basically takes place in a single location with just two actors. The gamble paid off: Saw (2004) made more than $100 million at the box office and spawned six sequels (and counting.)

Sin City

Short Film It's Based On: The Customer Is Always Right

Famed comic book writer Frank Miller had just about had it with Hollywood after working on RoboCop 2 and 3. In order for director Robert Rodriguez to convince Miller to sell the graphic novel rights for Sin City, he decided to make a three minute proof-of-concept short film called The Customer Is Always Right, to show Miller that he wanted to stay true to the source material, even calling it a "translation, not an adaptation."

The short film starred Josh Hartnett and Marley Shelton. Miller liked what he saw and agreed to allow Rodriguez to adapt his graphic novel. The short film footage actually opens Sin City, which turned out to be a huge commercial and critical success. Miller received both directing and writing credit for the film.

The Evil Dead

Short Film It's Based On: Within the Woods (1978)

Some people are born to make movies. Sam Raimi started at the age of eight, with an 8mm camera. At 19, he made the 32-minute Within the Woods with the specific intention of drawing investors for a feature. Raimi casted a few friends (including Bruce Campbell, who also starred in The Evil Dead), whipped up $1,600, and went out into a remote cabin in the woods to shoot his crude horror short about demonic possession.

Raimi screened the short at a local theater, alongside The Rocky Horror Picture Show. After a little financial success, the future Spider-Man director earned enough goodwill from investors to turn his short into The Evil Dead (1981), the first of a four-film franchise and the beginning of Raimi's prolific career as a writer, director, and producer.

THX 1138

Short Film It's Based On: Electronic Labyrinth: THX 1138 4EB (1967)

George Lucas was a film student at the University of Southern California when he made a 15-minute short Electronic Labyrinth: THX 1138 4EB, about an underground city in a dystopian future. The US Navy funded the short. In return, Lucas taught a film class for Navy students. The short won first prize at the National Student Film Festival in New York City, and caught the eye of Steven Spielberg and Francis Ford Coppola.

Lucas turned his short into THX 1138 (1971), produced by Coppola and starring Robert Duvall. And while most people probably haven't heard of THX 1138, it gave Lucas the cred neededto make American Graffiti (1973). The success of that film ultimately paved the way for him to make a double trilogy of movies about a galaxy far, far away.

12 Monkeys

Short Film It's Based On: La Jetée (1962)

French New Wave director Chris Marker's 28-minute, black and white short, which consists of still shots and voice over, is a film school staple. La Jetée takes place in post-apocalyptic Paris following WWIII, where everyone is forced to live underground. A POW is selected to travel back in time in order to try to prevent the war.

Director Terry Gilliam has admitted his 1995 sci-fi feature Twelve Monkeys, starring Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt, was heavily influenced by Marker's short. You could less kindly say it's a blatant rip off. In Gilliam's film, the protagonist must stop a deadly virus unleashed by terrorist organization The Army of the Twelve Monkeys, not World War III, in order to save the world. Otherwise, it's more or less exactly the same. 

District 9

Short Film It's Based On: Alive in Joburg (2005)

South African writer/director Neill Blomkamp's documentary style short Alive in Joburg may only be about six minutes long, but it's loaded with exemplary visual effects and explores themes of apartheid.

After success as a commercial and shorts director, Blomkamp was set to make his feature debut with an adaptation of the Halo video game. When that project fell through, he opted to expand his short into District 9 (2009). The science fiction thriller turned out to be a box office success and was nominated for four Academy Awards, including a nod for Best Picture and Best Visual Effects.

This Is the End

Short Film It's Based On: Jay and Seth versus the Apocalypse (2007)

The nine minute short written by Evan Goldberg and actor Jason Stone, starring Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel, centered on two Hollywood actor friends trapped in an apartment, arguing during the end of the world. The filmmakers planned for the short to exclusively screened at festivals, but when it appeared on YouTube, several production companies fought for rights to the comedy.

The short was adapted into This Is the End (2013) and starred several of Rogen and Goldberg's real-life friends (James Franco, Jonah Hill, Baruchel, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson, Michael Cera) playing exaggerated versions of themselves. The fourth-wall-destroying apocalypse comedy mostly takes place at James Franco's house, where a slew of celebrities are partying when doomsday comes knocking on the door.

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<![CDATA[The Best Films Of John Finn]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-best-films-of-john-finn/martinaustin

What Are The Best Films Of  The Fantastic American Actor John Finn?

The Best Films Of John Finn,

Analyze That

Blown Away

Carlito's Way

Catch Me If You Can

Citizen Cohn

City Hall

The Pope of Greenwich Village

Rocket's Red Glare

Steel Justice

Runway One

Fri, 11 Nov 2016 12:04:37 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/the-best-films-of-john-finn/martinaustin
<![CDATA[7 Comic Book Characters Who Unfortunately Were Cut From Movies]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/eliminated-comic-book-characters-in-movies/cynthia-griffith

How many times has this happened to you? You buy a ticket to see the movie adaptation of your favorite comic book only to learn too late that some of your favorite comic book characters have been left out of the movie altogether. Disappointed, you sulk over your popcorn, imagining how much different the movie would have been had the production team simply included these forgotten comic book characters. 

The journey from book to film is a daunting one and avid readers and fans often find themselves mourning characters they really loved before the opening credits to a film even roll. The problem is that movie makers have a few too many restraints.

Sometimes the budget is too low and they can't afford to include your favorite names. Sometimes a star-studded cast requires cutting out entire scenes. Sometimes, your favorites are just outright being ignored. There are probably hundreds of DC comics characters who should've been in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and dozens more Marvel comics characters that would have enhanced Deadpool. There are whole plotlines that could have gone differently and aspects of the comic book universe that went unexplored as a direct result of such eliminations.

Fear not, though, fans. Here's a list of some of the best comic book characters that didn't quite make the cut, but should have, along with which movies they could have made better. 

7 Comic Book Characters Who Unfortunately Were Cut From Movies,

Hal Jordan

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was initially rumored to feature the notoriously popular character Green Lantern. Green Lantern has been down with DC Comics since the 22nd issue of Showcase and he’s never failed to disappoint. His masterful control over hard light constructs would have added a necessary futuristic twist to this otherwise redundant plot line.

Seeing these two heroes, Batman and Superman, teeter on the line between hatred and friendship is always entertaining, but this movie really could have used a trusted character to enhance its momentum and Green Lantern was just the guy to bring that. Sadly, cinema has failed the epic Green Lantern yet again.

Hank Pym

The scientist who questions Dr. Octopus about how he will control his tentacles in the novelization of Spider-Man 2 is none other than Hank Pym. Casting him out in lieu of a no-frills, no-name scientist in the movie was a real smack in the face to comic book fans and moviegoers alike. Hank Pym is an incredible character because he's actually several characters (Ant-Man, Giant-Man...) and any one of them would have brought great power to the Spider-Man franchise. Problem was, Columbia Pictures didn't have the film rights to Ant-Man.


Christopher Nolan’s Batman films are dark. They’re edgy and they’re arguably the most realistic portrayal of Batman ever. This is super difficult to pull off because Batman has been a comic book and film staple for more than seven decades and growing. Still, these films are missing a key character whose importance in the comics cannot be understated: Robin. 

There were numerous times over the years when Batman lost his luster. Times when his comics took him too far and he just wasn’t as relatable as usual (like that time right after the moon landing when he appeared to have left Earth indefinitely). At times like this, his saving grace wasn’t his Batarang or whichever lover he was swooning over at the time. It was Robin. It was always Robin and while at first glance Robin might come across as hokey or overly cartoonish, he could totally fit into the Nolan adaptation if painted with the right brush. Robin’s youth, wit, endurance, and loyalty were sadly missed in Gotham, not just under Christopher Nolan’s direction, but in several other new movies as well. 


One character that sadly hit the cutting room floor in Deadpool was Taskmaster and his absence left behind a sigh of disappointment. It's not that Deadpool really needed Taskmaster to pull in hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office, but having him around would have certainly added an element of mystery. Taskmaster is a powerful player because he's tied to so many comics, from Spider-Man to Deadpool to the Avengers and it's sometimes difficult to tell which side he's on. In fact, there have been times when Deadpool and Taskmaster have ever-so-reluctantly worked together.

As for his absence, the issue wasn't financial; it was about his movie rights being tied up at the time of production. Movie rights put a real damper on the Deadpool production and Taskmaster is just one of many characters who were tied up in paperwork at the time. All in all, the film was more than acceptable, but Taskmaster would have made it even better.


Close scrutiny of 1997's Batman and Robin reveals a rather unnerving detail for Batman fans - the almost presence of the Ventriloquist. The Ventriloquist, the man with the dummy who kills like Chuckie, is a low-key psycho fit to go head-to-head with the Joker himself. 

Not only is the Ventriloquist convinced that Scarface is the criminal and he is simply his reluctant sidekick, but also, his seemingly demonic puppet is always dressed like a mafia boss. In Batman and Robin, his dummy is seen in the "criminal property" room but, sadly, Scarface is alone. Another ball dropped in the theater.

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy is one of those characters who simply can't catch a break in movies. Her bit part in Batman and Robin should have been a starting point for her in film adaptations of comics, not the end of the road. 

Poison Ivy has everything the Suicide Squad needs to be victorious - brains, botany, and the kiss of death. She's also been on the team since issue 33, so why has her magical flower yet to see its cinematic bloom?

At a time when women superheroes are supposed to be trending, cinema's reluctance to cast more than one key female character at a time seems really backward. Casting Harley as the "token girl" instead of the complicated crime machine she is in the comics had her looking like, well, a clown. Adding Ivy to the mix was the move the movie makers missed and it would have put Suicide Squad dead on.


There's been a great deal of hype surrounding Venom and Carnage getting a movie, yet the promise is starting to look empty. Venom, the occasional villain who is basically Carnage if Carnage had a conscience and Spider-Man if Spidey were a monster, seems to really deserve his own movie. At the very least, it would be nice to see him in a Spider-Man film where they could pay a bit of homage to his origins. This missing character hasn't been eliminated from just one movie. He appears to have been kicked out of the theater altogether, which is very sad.

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<![CDATA[Every Malady Tom Hanks Has Played Onscreen]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/tom-hanks-onscreen-maladies/jacob-shelton

Poor Tom Hanks. Every time he graces the silver screen, he seems to come down with an ailment. He should start drinking more orange juice or something. These various Tom Hanks maladies range from full blown AIDS in Philadelphia to the urinary tract infection he suffers in The Green Mile. Why do directors love to see him suffer so? Is it just a case of Hanks being Hanks? Or are these Tom Hanks onscreen illnesses a key to something happening in his life, or even the world at large?

The list of Tom Hanks characters medical problems is devastatingly severe once you realize the amount of time the beloved actor spends on set. He pretends to be sick almost as much as he gets to be healthy in real life. But don’t get too worried reading about Tom Hanks health problems. He’s got a loving family and a wonderful Hollywood support system backing him up, so if his Wilsonism flairs up again while he’s rehearsing for another stint on Saturday Night Live, someone will be there to dab his head with a warm towel and rock him gently to sleep.

Vote on the affliction Tom Hanks handled with the most aplomb, and if you can remember any other illnesses that he had, add them in the comments. 

Every Malady Tom Hanks Has Played Onscreen,

Brain Cloud

Joe Versus the Volcano

Medically Diagnosed Stupidity

Forrest Gump

Congenital Toyism

Toy Story

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Saving Private Ryan




A League of Their Own


The Green Mile


Cast Away

Abnormally Large Bone Syndrome


Sudden Onset of Somali Pirates

Captain Phillips

Wed, 30 Nov 2016 22:11:24 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/tom-hanks-onscreen-maladies/jacob-shelton
<![CDATA[Top 10 Best Movie Shootouts]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/top-10-best-movie-shootouts/josephsain

Top 10 Best Movie Shootouts,


Bar shootout

Hard Boiled

Teahouse raid, warehouse scene, hospital climax


Bank robbery scene

Miller's Crossing

Tommy gun shootout

Saving Private Ryan

Sniper confrontation


Climax scene

The Wild Bunch

Climax scene


Warehouse raid

Gangster Squad

Car chase, night club raid and hotel confrontation

Django Unchained

Candyland massacre

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<![CDATA[13 Things You Have to Ignore in Order to Enjoy Watching The Goonies]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/dumb-things-you-ignore-goonies/robert-f-mason

Fat shaming and bullying. Racial stereotyping. Drug and sex abuse references. Assault, theft, and attempted murder. And that's just in the first 30 minutes.

That's right, it's The Goonies, a "classic" 1980s kids adventure movie that is among a certain generation's absolute favorites. But it shouldn't be, because, frankly, The Goonies sucks. 

Okay, granted, that's a bit of an overstatement. There are far worse movies than this one. But, if you're a grown-up or a kid with a halfway logical brain, there are a lot of things you ignore in The Goonies so you can keep enjoying it, and not all of them are minor plot points or gaffes that only pedants or film snobs would care about. The Goonies' plot is, of course, ridiculous, and that's not a bad thing in itself. It's just that along with the crazy Goonies plots, you're also served up a dollop of regressive social attitudes and sloppy writing.

So, hey, you guys: maybe it's time we took this movie down a peg or two.

13 Things You Have to Ignore in Order to Enjoy Watching The Goonies,

It's Racist Towards Asian Americans

The 1980s were a more innocent time, especially for jerkwad filmmakers and audiences who enjoyed stereotyping minorities. You could barely throw a Rubik's Cube in a kid or teen movie of the decade without a hitting broken-English-speaking Asian character who was good at math and science, sneaky in some way, a kung-fu master, and/or totally asexual. For The Goonies, that character was Data, played by Jonathan Ke Quan.

Data, in fact, embodies almost all of the major Asian stereotypes: he speaks English as a second language and his trouble with pronunciation is the butt of many "jokes"; he's smart and good at math (it's right there in his name!), an inventor of impossible gadgets he keeps hidden in his huge trenchcoat (sneaky, see?); and he is the only Goonie who shows no interest in flirting with the girls when they turn up (asexual).

The only Asian stereotype not slapped on Data is "kung-fu master," but not to worry: Ke Quan got to do that one, too, as Short Round in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

The worst part here is that even though he's presented as a genius, Data isn't actually written smart. His gadgets are unnecessarily complex and impractical, and he makes some pretty stupid decisions. And towards the end of the movie, he doesn't even know what equipment he's actually carrying.

The Goonies Tries, and Fails, to Be Two Movies at Once

Tonally, The Goonies is all over the place. It's a thriller about some plucky suburban kids trying to outsmart a ruthless family of criminals... baked into a kid's adventure movie about a group of friends searching for lost pirate treasure... with some doses of light horror and slapstick comedy added for seasoning. It's trying to be all things to every kid, and in retrospect, it doesn't pull this off as well as we all seem to think it did.

The Whole Movie Is Populated Entirely by One-Note Characters

A sure sign of lazy ensemble writing is a bunch of one-note characters who never grow beyond their single character trait. But The Goonies is considered a classic despite the fact that it's a textbook example of this kind of bad writing. Every character in the movie has one "hook" and sticks with it to the very end. Mikey is the quiet leader. Chunk is the clumsy fat kid obsessed with food. Brand is the overprotective big brother. Data is the cunning Asian kid who's good at science. Mouth is a dick. Sloth is a misunderstood gentle giant. And so on.

None of this changes by the film's end. You could put some spin on it and call them archetypes, I suppose. You could also settle for a C in screenwriting class.

The Story of One-Eyed Willy Makes No Sense

Forget historical accuracy (although... you guys... it would have been the Spanish, not the British, who chased One-Eyed Willy in the Pacific in 1632); the folktale itself is ridiculous. One-Eyed Willy and his crew got trapped underground by the British... and decided to spend their time and resources carving out a dungeon crawl for future D&D LARPers instead of, you know, maybe digging their way out or something? Maybe letting the British believe they were dead, and hiding their treasure somewhere nearby?

How dumb did Chris Columbus and Steven Spielberg think '80s kids were?

Don't answer that.

The Girls Were in the Car That Tried to Kill Brand

Speaking of Brand's attempted murder, the girls from the car that ran him off the road - Andy and Stef - mysteriously turn up at the Fratelli hideout, too, because they got sick of Troy's psychopathic shenanigans and Andy thinks Brand is way more scrumptious, anyway.

But that doesn't explain how the girls knew where Brand was, or how they got there so quickly. In fact, that part is never explained. Given that Brand is secretly Thanos, maybe the girls are mutants or Inhumans or some other kind super-beings, and The Goonies is secretly a Marvel prequel movie in disguise.

Brand Survives an Attempted Murder That Should Have Killed Him

Apparently, Astoria, OR, in the 1980s was populated entirely by sociopaths. What else explains no one ever commenting on Troy's attempted murder of Brand by driving him off a cliff? If this is what the typical residents of Astoria are like, it's no wonder the Goonies are considered the nice kids in town. At least they're not going on killing sprees (though Brand had just committed assault and theft against a little girl).

Anyway, that fall would have killed Brand, or at least caused him some pretty traumatic injuries. But moments later, he turns up at the Fratelli hideout with nary a scratch on him. Brand is invincible, it seems. But that makes sense, because he's actually Thanos, anyway.

The Police Station Is Way Understaffed and Manned by Idiots

The movie opens with Jake Fratelli escaping jail by faking his suicide. Unnecessarily, as it turns out, because there was only one guard on duty, who had the glassiest glass jaw ever. And then Jake basically strolls right out of the police station, with no one aware anything's amiss until he's already out the door. At this point, the four other policemen on duty come rushing out to catch him... while still putting their uniforms on.

Do the Astoria Police have sleepover nights? Were they practicing their strip search technique? Whatever the answer, they clearly weren't doing what they were supposed to be doing: keeping the building secure enough to hold dangerous goons like Jake.

The Kids Are a Bunch of Little Jerks

Every member of the squad, even Mikey, is a terrible person. The Goonies are messy, disrespectful little liars who are always cutting each other down, physically abusing each other, and looking for ways to humiliate or hurt people outside their goofy club.

Now, sure, there are much worse people in the movie trying to kill them, but that only gets you so far. It would be a lot easier to sympathize with the Goonies if at least one of them was shown to be, at their core, a decent person. A character the audience can care about. That should be Mikey, the de facto leader, but even he picks on Chunk, and throws around insults with the worst of them. The first thing he does when the group is captured at the Fratellis' hideout is concoct a reason to abandon his friends and go looking for the treasure by himself, which leads to his discovery of Sloth.

We're supposed to like these kids?

That's a Really Dumb Way to Open a Gate

The Rube Goldbergian traps in One-Eyed Willy's D&D lair at least serve the purpose of advancing the plot. But what's up with that weird contraption that opens Mikey's and Brand's front gate in the first act? And why does it rely on scaring an egg out of a live chicken? That would make it effective only once a day, at most.

There's no way Data designed that for them, even if he is their next-door neighbor. Stereotypical Asian geniuses are too smart to hinge their design on such an unreliable element. Which just goes to show you that prejudiced Hollywood writers aren't nearly as smart as the Asian super-geniuses they keep dreaming up.

And this bonkers contraption doesn't reveal anything good about Mouth, either, who's already been established as a smart-mouthed bully. It mostly just serves as an excuse to have the fat kid humiliate himself for the privilege of having people who are supposed to be his friends give him permission to come through a perfectly functional gate.

Aren't kids just so precious?

Sloth Is in the Wrong Movie

Look at the guy. That make-up job shouts The Hills Have Eyes. His voice and screams are blood-curdling, like something right out of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. He's a big, gross, pin-headed monster with mutant eyes, and he's more likely to induce nightmares than laughs.

Why he's in this movie is anyone's guess. Someone must have thought he would be funny. They were wrong.

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<![CDATA[20+ Great Drama Movies About Drugs and Addiction]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/drug-drama-movies/ranker-film

Watching a good film can provide all of the chaos of drug use without all the messy side effects. Dramas about drugs and addiction often feature the fraught relationships, desperation, and strife associated with being in the throes of addiction. This is a list of great drug drama movies featuring everything from Trainspotting to Requiem for a Dream to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

What films will you find on this list of drug dramas? Maybe you'll want to vote Trainspotting up to the top. Ewan McGregor stars as a heroin addict who will do anything for that next fix in this 1996 film. Painful withdrawals, drug deals gone wrong, and inappropriate relationships all add to tension of this heroin drama. The Panic in Needle Park, starring Al Pacino, is another good addiction movie. The cinematography of Spun only enhances the nervousness and hyperactivity that the movie's characters are feeling after taking meth. Other good films featured on this roundup of dramas about addiction include Shame, Traffic, and Half Nelson.

Which drug addiction movie do you like the best? Give your favorites a thumbs up and please add any notable films that are missing.

20+ Great Drama Movies About Drugs and Addiction,

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Boogie Nights


Drugstore Cowboy

New Jack City

Requiem for a Dream


The Basketball Diaries


True Romance

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<![CDATA[30+ Very Preppy Movies with the Preppiest Characters]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/preppy-movies/ranker-film

We can't all live like the rich, but we can get a glimpse into the world of the preppy elite through great films. Very preppy movies with the preppiest characters feature all of the relationship drama, desperation, and struggle we all experience in life – but their characters are typically much better dressed. This is a list of great preppy movies, featuring everything from The Great Gatsby to Clueless to PCU.

What films will you find on this list of the preppiest movies? Any adaptation of The Great Gatsby has to make the cut. Whether you prefer Robert Redford or Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role, this classic preppy tale is undeniably a classic. The Ice Storm is another good movie with a preppy aesthetic and impeccable acting. The Graduate follows a recent college graduate as he enjoys the luxuries of preppy life – and a scandalous love affair – while wiling the days away as only the wealthy can. Other films featured on this top preppy movies list include Rushmore, Good Will Hunting, and The Social Network.

Which movie do you like the best? Give your favorites a thumbs up and please add any good films featuring preppy characters that are missing.

30+ Very Preppy Movies with the Preppiest Characters,


Cruel Intentions

Dead Poets Society

Good Will Hunting

Igby Goes Down

Love Story

Pretty in Pink

The Graduate

The Way We Were

Trading Places

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<![CDATA[The 35+ Best Drama Movies About Survival]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/survival-drama-movies/ranker-film

Whether facing the apocalypse, zombies, or a vast open ocean, characters in the best survival drama movies all share an undying fight for life. The top survival films push lone characters to the limits as they face unimaginable threats. This is a list of great drama films about survival featuring everything from Life of Pi to The Road to Gladiator.

What films will you find on this list of the best survival dramas? Maybe you would vote the modern classic Life of Pi to the top. This Oscar-winning tale was as much a feast for the eyes as it was a thrilling story of survival. Cast Away, starring Tom Hanks, is another good survival movie featuring one man, a lot of water, and an unlikely friend. Based on the real-life experiences of Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell, Lone Survivor is a gripping tale of war and the brotherhood of soldiers. Other exciting and sad films featured on this top survival movies list include 127 Hours, Gravity, and The Road.

Which survival movie do you think deserves the top spot on this list? Give your favorites a thumbs up and get in on the conversation in the comments section.

The 35+ Best Drama Movies About Survival,

The Road

Cast Away


Into the Wild

The Pianist

127 Hours

Life of Pi



The Revenant

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<![CDATA[The 30+ Greatest Sports Drama Movies of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/sports-drama-movies/ranker-film

Camaraderie, heart, and a good underdog story are often at the core of a good sports drama. The top sports drama movies tap into a universal quest for greatness in the setting of a field, court, or track. This is a list of great dramas about athletes featuring everything from Field of Dreams to The Blind Side to Friday Night Lights.

What films will you find on this list of great dramas about sports? Of course, Rocky has to make an appearance here. The 1977 Academy Award winner had everyone rooting for the title character inside the ring and out while he rose up to fight adversity. Raging Bull – directed by Martin Scorsese – is another great sports drama about a tough boxer.

Many notable sports movies are about men, but women stepped into the spotlight, and up to the plate, with A League of Their Own. Other good movies featured on this top sports dramas list include The Hurricane, The Karate Kid, and My All American.

Do you have a favorite sports drama? Take a look at this list, vote your favorites to the top, and please add any good movies about athletes that are missing.

The 30+ Greatest Sports Drama Movies of All Time,

The Wrestler


Million Dollar Baby




The Karate Kid

We Are Marshall

The Blind Side


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<![CDATA[35+ Great Movies That Blur the Lines Between Horror and Drama]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/horror-drama-movies/ranker-film

Some of the creepiest movies of all time blur the line between horror and drama through disturbing storylines. The top dramatic horror movies tap into psychological fears with their truly terrifying lead characters – and may even make you a little sad with their insights into the darker side of human nature. This is a list of scary drama movies featuring everything from The Shining to The Sixth Sense to A Clockwork Orange.

What films will you find on this list of the best horror drama movies? You might vote The Silence of the Lambs near the top. This Oscar-winning film offered scares at every turn as Dr. Hannibal Lecter – played to petrifying perfection by Sir Anthony Hopkins – aided Clarice Starling in her quest to find Buffalo Bill. Rosemary's Baby is another good psychological horror movie with an engaging dramatic plot. When it comes to scary drama films, no one does it better than David Lynch. His films Blue Velvet, Mulholland Drive, and Lost Highway all appear on this list. Other great dramatic horror movies include Carrie and The Exorcist.

Which scary drama movie do you think deserves the top spot on this list? Give your favorites a thumbs up and please add and films that are missing.

35+ Great Movies That Blur the Lines Between Horror and Drama,

A Clockwork Orange



Mulholland Drive


Rosemary's Baby


The Exorcist

The Shining

The Silence of the Lambs

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<![CDATA[The Greatest Movies About Making Money]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/movies-about-making-money/ranker-film

Whether they are about gambling, business, or planning a good heist, making money movies have made millions for Hollywood. The top making money movies have even won Academy Awards for the actors who played characters that known how to work the system. This is a list of movies about doing business, featuring everything from The Wolf of Wall Street to Citizen Kane to American Hustle.

What films will you find on this list of the best making money movies? You won't be surprised to see Glengarry Glen Ross here. Alec Baldwin's opening monologue in the 1992 film epitomized corporate greed and showed the plight of struggling salesmen as they try to make the deal and get the leads. Wall Street is another great movie about making money. The Big Short followed the story of a few smart money men who spotted – and profited from – the 2008 recession before anyone. Other great films featured on this top money making movies list include 21, The Secret of My Success, and Moneyball.

Which film about making money is your favorite? Give the best movies a thumbs up and get in on the conversation in the comments section.

The Greatest Movies About Making Money,


Boiler Room


Glengarry Glen Ross

Ocean's Eleven

Trading Places

Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street

American Hustle

The Big Short

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<![CDATA[The 30+ Best Torture Porn Movies That Are Truly Sadistic]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/torture-porn-movies/ranker-film

Bloody, gory, and full of splatter, torture porn has become a popular subcategory of the horror genre. The top torture porn movies put their characters through unimaginable hell, all for movie fans' viewing pleasure. This is a list of movies about sadism, featuring everything from Ichi the Killer to The Last House on the Left to The Hills Have Eyes.

What titles will you find on this list of the best torture porn flicks? Maybe you'll vote the now-classic Saw has to the top of the heap. Torture porn was almost defined by this 2004 film, which introduced the sadistic serial killer Jigsaw. Rob Zombie's House of 1000 Corpses is another iconic gore porn film thanks in part to its disturbing, yet delightful, character Captain Spalding – played by horror legend Sid Haig. Eli Roth became a director synonymous with torture porn films after releasing Hostel in 2005. Other intense films featured on this top torture porn films include Seven, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and The Human Centipede.

The premises may be different, but these movies all set out to induce a sick thrill as characters are destroyed both mentally and physically. Which torture porn movie do you like the best? Give your favorites a thumbs up and please add any good gory movies that are missing.

The 30+ Best Torture Porn Movies That Are Truly Sadistic,

Cannibal Holocaust


House of 1000 Corpses

Ichi the Killer


The Devil's Rejects

Wolf Creek

The Human Centipede (First Sequence)

A Serbian Film

The Last House on the Left

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<![CDATA[18 Terrible Movies Based on Stupid Properties That Nobody Cared About]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/movies-based-on-stupid-things/jacob-shelton

If there was one genre of film that the world could do without, it would be movies based on stupid things like board games, apps, and action figures. The films are rarely good and they're rarely financially successful, so why do movie studios keep licensing these properties? Maybe it’s easier to create a film with a built-in fanbase than it is to start from scratch. But even with that in mind, films based on toys and the like are usually garbage. The best you can hope for when you go to see a movie that’s nothing more than a secret commercial is something so transcendently bad that you don’t regret spending your hard-earned cash to watch a 90-minute ad.

The rash of films based on board games is particularly upsetting. The only film that managed to make it out of the board game ghetto when any dignity is Clue, and even that madcap piece of comedic genius has its detractors. The cynicism that it takes to make a film based off of a board game or a video game with no real narrative usually infuses the film with a silent hate for its audience, and viewers can feel that. So the next time you’re trying to figure out what to see on a Friday night, please don’t go see a movie based on a card game. It will only make you feel worse.

Vote up the movies that were bad ideas from the start, the films that adapted "material" never meant for adaptation.

18 Terrible Movies Based on Stupid Properties That Nobody Cared About,

Dungeons & Dragons

There are a cornucopia of reasons why making Dungeons & Dragons is a bad idea, the biggest being that the tabletop game is meant to be an immersive experience that you play with your friends, one in which you create the story together, using your imaginations to do the heavy lifting.

The film holds a 10% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which is actually very generous. 

Alone in the Dark

It was a Herculean effort to pick just one Uwe Boll film to include on this list, but Alone in the Dark takes the cake. Not only does this picture shove aside what made the game so super scary, but it misses the point of the game entirely. Boll's film eschews any sort of tone in favor of bland sci-fi action and effects that would make a Mudvayne video snicker. 

As poorly as Alone in the Dark was received, it did manage to sweep the "Stinkers Bad Movie Awards" in 2005. 

Bratz: The Movie

Who thought that a movie based on a line of toys that were the focus of the American Psychological Association's "Task Force on the Sexualization of Girls" was a good idea? And what does it say about your film when the two biggest names are Jon Voight and Chet Hanks? 

The film was definitely a failure, but the one review that sums up the world's feeling on Bratz: The Movie the best comes from the Willamette Week: "When I walked out during the end credits, Voight was spying on our triumphant heroines through binoculars, making me feel even dirtier than when I sheepishly approached the box office and requested, 'One for Bratz, please.'"

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Even setting aside the racism of hoping audiences would accept Jake Gyllenhaal as a Persian prince, The Sands of Time is still a movie looking for a real reason to exist. Yes, it's based on a really fun puzzle game that feels like a rightful successor to the Legend of Zelda series, but the filmmakers apparently didn't think that movies about time traveling princes are supposed to have at least a hint of joy. 

Critics gave it a resounding "meh" in their reviews, audiences responded with indifference, and the franchise Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time was clearly meant to launch never actually materialized.

Super Mario Bros.

Despite spending the late '80s and early '90s as a basic side scrolling game, the Super Mario franchise could conceivably offer a handful of jumping off points for interesting stories, but the 1993 film follows none of them. Instead, the filmmakers go rogue and try to tell a gritty sci-fi story that is nonsensical even for a movie about a plumber who eats mushrooms to turn into a giant. 

If you weren't aware, this is considered one of the worst video game adaptations ever - which is saying something when you think about all the stinkers Uwe Boll has made. According to the film's star, Bob Hoskins, self-medicating with alcohol was absolutely necessary to make it through the production.

Wing Commander

Even in the '90s, $30 million wasn't what it used to be. While it's a staggering amount of money for any individual think about, it wasn't enough to make Wing Commander's outer space battles look like anything more than Star Wars test footage.

So what if no one watched the movie in the theater? It still has a fervent cult following right? No, no it does not. 

Angry Birds

Remember that game everyone was playing in 2009? Wasn't it so fun to watch stuff explode and fall over? Wouldn't it be great if someone made a movie to capitalize on its success seven years later? 

As bad as the movie sounds, it did gangbusters at the box office and gave America some of the greatest zingers in the history of film criticism. To quote Alonso Durande: "The Angry Birds Movie isn't pointless because it's based on an app. It's pointless because it's pointless."


Do you remember those creepy, fleshy, naked dolls that didn't do anything beyond stare deep into the most private recesses of your soul? The ones with the shocks of hair that served as hotbeds for bacteria? Are they still haunting your dreams? If so you're in luck, because you can watch them do something on screen for 93 whole minutes. 

Trolls received mixed reviews, which is basically like giving a cash grab an Academy Award for not being as bad as everyone assumed it would be. 


The best thing about making a horror movie starring a board game is that it costs nothing. The worst part is that you're spending an hour and a half staring at a "spooky" board hoping for something to happen. 

Believe it or not, Ouija is actually the worst reviewed film in the stable of cheap horror films produced by Platinum Dunes. Which is saying something when you remember that they're the production company behind The Unborn and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13th, and Nightmare on Elm Street remakes.

Jem and the Holograms

Jem and the Holograms is another instance of a cartoon for children that really should've been left at half-remembered nostalgia. Yet unlike some other fundamentally misconceived adaptations, this one could have been a bit better. The cartoon at least managed to be fun and give young girls a weirdly rocking and rolling sci-fi role model. The movie doesn't even manage that. At times it feels like it's close to shrugging and giving up before launching into what can only be described as seizure inducing supercuts of things

Even though this movie was made on a miniscule budget, it still managed to underperform commercially, and everyone took it out on the director,  John M. Chu."I get fans sending me hate mail, I get death threats, I get racist remarks - it's a really fun business," he quipped. "Reviewers have been harsh, to say it lightly."

Wed, 30 Nov 2016 16:30:45 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/movies-based-on-stupid-things/jacob-shelton
<![CDATA[18 Movies You Thought Were Stupid That Are Secretly Brilliant Satires]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/brilliant-satirical-movies/jacob-shelton

Starship Troopers, Road House, Robocop; it’s likely these films don’t bring to mind the phrase “deadpan film satire,” but they should. Some of the most brilliant satirical films of the last five decades aren't the kind of picture audiences view as intellectual think pieces. because any writer and director worth her knows satire is not broad comedy, like parody, but rather an act of becoming the thing you wish to critique and taking it apart from the inside. Many of these movies are couched in the language of tent pole productions, as a way to quietly influence the masses.

Some of these films work better than others, but that’s not to say any are bad; some were simply trying to do too much too soon. For instance, 1974’s Death Race 2000 predicted the 21st century’s preoccupation with audiences voting for the onscreen pain of contestants, but we’re just now figuring out how accurate and insightful those predictions are, from a film many dismiss as exploitative nonsense. With others, it's possible they people making didn't even realize they're brilliant meta commentaries on themselves.  

The best self-aware movie satires barely even acknowledge that they’re satires, instead choosing to lean into their genre and let the audience figure it out. Directors like Paul Verhoeven and Brian De Palma have made entire careers out of making films that perfectly play into their audience’s sensibilities, while also saying something about the people who paid to see the film and the world around them.

If you’re confused about what all this means, take a look at this collection of movies you thought were stupid but are secretly brilliant, then hop into the comments to nominate other films you think are trying to do something more than genre trappings will allow. 

18 Movies You Thought Were Stupid That Are Secretly Brilliant Satires,

A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge

It's unfortunate Freddy's Revenge is reviled as the worst of the Nightmare on Elm Street films, when it was clearly trying to do something more than squeeze scares out of an empty premise. In a scant 85 minutes, this film manages to explore ontology, create a powerful metaphor about living in the closet as a gay teen in middle America, and invert the final girl trope.

The most telling aspect of Freddy's Revenge is the main character's (Jesse Walsh) fear that a monster is living inside of him (Freddy). He worries that, if it's released, his true self will be exposed to the world, outing him as a disgusting freak. It's only through acceptance from someone else his age that Jesse is able to come to terms with himself.

In taking the road map of the by-the-numbers horror films that proceeded it and subtly altering the rules, Freddy's Dead make something pure and inspirational, while also serving as a straight-faced satire of, and commentary on, expectations, tropes, and gender roles in horror films and American society. The movie also provides one of the greatest solo dance sequences of all time. 

Death Race 2000

In the decades since Paul Bartel's Roger Corman-produced film about weirdoes trying to kill each other while driving cross country was released, Death Race 2000 has become closer to reality than you may care to admit. Couched in this ridiculous film, whose lead character is named Frankenstein, you'll find the type of foresight only possible when a science fiction film swings for the fences and throws out any hope of realism.

Aside from presaging the horrid nature of reality television and its ironic detachment from reality, Death Race 2000 explores the near-insatiable blood lust of television audiences that disassociate themselves from the bloodshed, pain, and embarrassment of contestants losing a televised "reality" contest (and their dignity). Or just the bloodlust of TV audiences in general, in the era of Game of Thrones, when expectations of rape, slaughter, malice, embarrassment, stupidity, and gore loom so large even hackneyed spy dramas have graphic rape scenes in their pilots.  

When Death Race 2000 takes a break from skewering television viewers and the media that courts them, it makes succinct points about domestic terrorism and the lengths to which some will go to to get their point across. Parts of the film may be goofy (we're looking at you, Sylvester Stallone), but its ability to identify unique American problems makes this movie a brilliant satire of a future it predicted with creepy accuracy. 

Demolition Man

Demolition Man doesn't have much of a reputation in the 21st century. It was advertised as a straight up, muscle bound throwdown between mega stars Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes upon its release in 1993, yet some critics recognized bits and pieces of satire piercing the veneer of masculine bravado. As Richard Schickel wrote in Time, "Some sharp social satire is almost undermined by excessive explosions and careless casting." Writing in The New York Times, Vincent Canby derided the movie as an anti-PC desire to return to the rapey idiocy of the Reagan years. 

Of course, hindsight is 20/20, and it's now safe to say Demolition Man is a genius satire with perfect casting. Wesley Snipes plays the antagonist with vaudevillian relish, while casting Stallone as a 20th century Neanderthal struggling to adapt to a socialist utopia is an incisive commentary on America and our taste for violence, stupidity, and perversion. Hell, his character's name is John Spartan, a combination of the most American of white American names (John) and a culture of ancient, homoerotic warriors (Sparta). Sandra Bullock is in the mix, too, as Huxley (Aldous reference!), a future cop assigned to hang out with Stallone. 

Yet Demolition Man is far from a simple send up of classic American masculinity and Old West chaos rules. It takes its utopian peaceful PC society to task as much as it points out how unsustainable the opposite is. It's impossible to prevent malice from manifesting, and new speak oppression hardly helps matters. Violence is wrong, as is robbing people of the free will that begets violence. Perhaps more than anything else, Demolition Man is a conflicted, gleeful, nihilist manifesto. No matter what, we're f*cked. Might as well have fun like Wesley is. 

Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

People really didn't get Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives when it was released in 1986 (Maybe because the colon in the title makes it look as much like an academic paper as it does a slasher film?). After five films of sexy teens getting chased down by a machete-wielding maniac, writer/director Tom McLoughlin decided to burn the whole thing down and rebuild Jason in the image of true horror gods, the Universal Monsters.

The initial plan for Jason Lives was to make the previous film's protagonist, Tommy Jarvis, the new villain, but anyone with a pulse can recognize how terrible an idea that is. Rather than make some mealy-mouthed garbage, McLoughlin created what is essentially the Bride of Frankenstein of the Friday the 13th series, a totally gonzo masterpiece of insanity.  

Jason Lives is blatantly self-aware, as much a satire of itself as it is another chapter in the Friday the 13th franchise. In one scene, a man's face is smashed against a tree and leaves the imprint of a smiley face in the bark. Also, did you know Jason is brought back to life in the movie when lighting strikes a metal rod someone is using to destroy his corpse? 

Here's an excerpt from the script:

Standing in the middle of the road, illuminated by the headlights... JASON. He holds the deadly spear before him. Needless to say, Lizbeth is becoming more afraid.

LIZBETH: Darren, we better turn around.


LIZBETH: Why? Because I've seen enough horror movies to know masked weirdos are never friendly.

The pinnacle of the film's genius comes toward the end, when a shot of a hamster running in a wheel cuts to a kid in bed at summer camp reading Jean-Paul Sartre's No Exit

Last Action Hero

By 1993, Arnold Schwarzenegger had been on top of the Hollywood action world for over a decade. There was nothing left to do except blow it up. Enter Last Action Hero, a film that cleverly took the tropes of some of Schwarzenegger's biggest films (Commando, Terminator 2) and pushed them to the extreme or subverted them completely. 

While Last Action Hero is mostly seen as lesser popcorn fare, it's actually an exploration of why people find the action genre so appealing. It's also the only early '90s blockbuster that asks audiences to consider whether consciousness extends past our meat bags and into the minds of our creations, while dressing Schwarzenegger as Hamlet. Marinate on that. 

Point Break

What could be dumber that a movie about skydiving bank robbers who also love to surf, and the FBI agent who loves them? A lot of things, actually. While the plot of Point Break sounds like something a six year old made up after a handful of Sweet Tarts, the execution of the film is brilliant and breath taking. Thanks to Road House, we know Patrick Swayze elevates any screen he graces. Under the direction of Kathryn Bigelow, he and Keanu Reeves explore a platonic love affair between two masculine bros.

Like the more blatantly satirical Fight Club, Point Break explores the natural point at which masculine bravado meets homoeroticism, and what it means for two men to be in love but never make love. Those crashing waves symbolize so much. Everything else in this film is incidental. Except the Red Hot Chili Peppers

Road House

Pain may not hurt, but lack of critical acclaim does. Most viewers only know Road House from its infinite weekend plays on TBS, but the film that introduced Patrick Swayze to a million horny step moms wearing Harley Davison shirts did more than teach us it's okay to rip a man's throat out after he informs you of what he did in prison. Like the films of Paul Verhoeven, Road House is in part a satire of what people think they want to see. Call it ironic self-commentary (or the ironic vision of the viewer). 

Road House helped create the blueprint for non-western westerns. Meta westerns. Whatever you want to call them. Those movie that take western tropes and turn them on their heads, gleefully subverting expectations and satirizing the cartoonish stereotypes audiences expect from marquee genre films. More specifically, Road House takes the Yojimbo premise - a mysterious man rides into town and saves the saloon by fighting all the bad guys - adds some Shaw Brothers influence (and Sam Elliot's dulcet baritone), and casts the classic American macho action hero as a man most well known for his ballroom dancing skills

Of course, it's possible Road House is so bad, and painfully unaware of how bad it is, that it plays like a satire but somehow isn't. To quote Roger Ebert's review, "Was it intended as a parody? I have no idea, but I laughed more during this movie than during any of the so-called comedies I saw during the same week."

Even if Road House's genius is an accident, it's present. 


Paul Verhoeven is seen by some in the cinematic community as a hack, a man obsessed with base violence and all things vile. What such criticism ignores is the director's pattern of pointing out the world's (and, lets face it, America's) obsession with violence and cheap thrills. Is he reveling in repugnance, or rubbing the audience's (and capitalists's) face in its own sh*t? 

One of the most obvious instances of Verhoeven's satirical riffing on companies selling people sh*t and audiences gobbling it up are the "I'd Buy That For a Dollar" segments of the original Robocop, which hold a mirror to catchphrase-oriented garbage sitcoms of the late 80s and early 90s (and of course comment on the notion, prevalent in the Gordon Gecko days of the 1980s, that everything is for sale). Behind and all around its straight forward sci-fi narrative, Robocop offers insightful satire on out-of-control capitalists and the dangers of unchecked partnership between corporations and governments. There's something deliciously ironic about Verhoeven's habit of spending hundreds of millions of corporate dollars brazenly criticizing corporate America.  

The rest of Robocop is essentially a funnel Verhoeven uses to force feed the audience violence until they choke on robots shooting each other. "This is what you want? Have so much of it you get sick!" Verhoeven seems to be screaming from behind the camera. Of course, the cynic would say capitalism always wins, because Robocop failed to light the world on fire with its satirical vision, and two completely unironic sequels followed. 


Remember in Gladiator when Russell Crowe screams, "Are you not entertained?" at the audience in the Colosseum? Showgirls is essentially Paul Verhoeven's two-hour version of Crowe's ironic bellow, complete with lines so genius they've been misconstrued as idiotic. Here are some examples:

  • Man, everybody got AIDS and shit!
  • Honey, you could never handle me with all these wrinkles of fat. Why, you'd never find the thing. I'd have to piss on you to give you a clue.
  • She looks better than a ten-inch dick and you know it!
  • She misses us like that lump on my twat I had taken off last week.
  • It must be weird, not having anybody cum on you.
  • Wouldn't it be great if one night she just fell down the stairs?

It's worth noting that Verhoeven's films can seem like maximalist expansions of titles pulled out of a hat. Or, more specifically, in this case, off a cocktail napkin a screenwriter had lying around. Yet, somewhere along the way, Showgirls became an insane, deadpan satire of blind American ambition and the bloated excesses of a backstabbing industry pumping out a deluge of sh*t and raking in obscene profits.  

On the surface, Showgirls delivers on its title and NC-17 rating. You're gonna see a lot of naked women writhing to 90s beats, and some totally cray sex scenes. The film also acts as a mirror in which the entertainment industry's worst tendencies are reflected in their most drastic forms. A psychedelic carnival funhouse asking audiences to consider the essence of cinema and the nature of entertainment, art, product, narrative, and meaning. 

Starship Troopers

Starship Troopers may be one of the most misunderstood films of the 20th century. At the time of its release, it was dismissed as a foolish, basic sci-fi movie with a higher-than-average budget and a lot of bare breasts. Critics, and many audience members, somehow missed the overt references to Nazi Germany, and the meditation on a nation (or, in this case, a planet) swept up jingoism inspired by a state-run media. Also, seriously, how do you not know a movie with a title as farcically generic as Starship Troopers is a satire? 

Besides director Paul Verhoeven's warning to audiences of how easily governments make the masses complicit in fascism, the world of Starship Troopers is one in which who you are is determined by nothing more than standardized test scores. The dumb jocks become marines whose only purpose is to be fodder for war, and a culture of heroism is built around their acts so they never stop to consider how they're being exploited. Meanwhile, the smart kids climb the ranks and help perpetuate the cycle to keep themselves out of harm's way. It surely bears pointing out that Verhoeven, who is Dutch, lived through Nazi occupation as a child. 

Would you like to know more?

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<![CDATA[27 Reasons the DC Movies Kind of Suck]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/worst-things-about-dc-movies/jacob-shelton

At times it can be hard to quantify what makes a movie bad. Some films just leave you feeling a keen sense of blah. But not the films of the DC Cinematic Universe; the movies that make up DC’s growing slate of properties each have their own, unique acrid aroma that permeates each frame. With a terrifying number of new films on the horizon, it’s time to lay out all the reasons the DC movies are bad. Do you remember the last time you had fun in a DC movie? Did Suicide Squad truly inspire you to smile? Or were you checking your watch and timing your next bathroom break? Come along, true believer, and find out exactly why the DC films are bad.

The worst things about the DC Cinematic Universe is there’s no fun in any of the movies, which is strange, because DC TV shows are fun. Seems like whomever runs DC’s film division forgot they’re making movies for children about people who wear spandex and fight robots while flying through space. It’s hard to understand how someone could take such a fun concept and render it completely joyless, but the folks behind the DC films have figured it out. Whether you’re a Marvel fan boy here to revel in the quicksand of DC’s Cinematic Universe, or you’re a DC die hard here to get angry, keep reading to find out why DC’s movies are the worst.

And don’t forget to vote on the things about the DC Cinematic Universe that annoy you. 

27 Reasons the DC Movies Kind of Suck,

DC's Films Feel Rushed

The Films Lack Aesthetic Cohesion

The Films Have No Staying Power

They're Simply Not Fun

Warner Bros. Hasn't Taken the Same Chances Marvel Has with Smaller Characters

DC Is Trying Too Hard to Build a Universe

DC Refuses to Build Their Second Tier Characters

Too Much Studio Interference

There's No Single Creative Direction

Zack Snyder is Obsessed with Destruction Porn

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<![CDATA[14 Old Hollywood Movies Where the Stars Totally Hooked Up IRL]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/old-hollywood-movies-where-the-stars-were-totally-hooking-up/david-sharp

The seemingly limitless ingenuity of the human mind has allowed people to go to the moon, touch the bottom of the ocean, cure diseases, and spread celebrity gossip like the plague. In the era of TMZ, social media acts as the rat carrying the disease-riddled fleas of the paparazzi and blogger world. Yet societal obsession with celebrity is hardly a new phenomenon, and neither is the desire to know every intimate, trivial facet about the love lives of stars. In fact, the tabloids and newspapers of yesteryear were chock full of details about old Hollywood actors who hooked up during filming. 

Mostly, you weigh the significance of actor-on-actor romances by how hot the two are on screen. Who cares about the inevitable break-up? They don't put that on film (usually). When you go to the pictures, you wanna see sexy scenes of beautiful people in love. Or at least hooking up. The studio sets of Hollywood's Golden Age were just as depraved as today's, if not more so, and everyone was getting in on it. Studio heads tried to manipulate relationships, news agencies sent headlines around the world. Hell, even the Vatican had something to say about the explosive romance between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.  

Read on to learn about old Hollywood movies where the stars were having sex, and to pick up some juicy tabloid tales of yesteryear to impress your friends with old Hollywood stories of stars hooking up. 

14 Old Hollywood Movies Where the Stars Totally Hooked Up IRL,


What would become the most famous affair in the history of Hollywood began on the set of a movie about the most famous affair in the history of the world.

Elizabeth Taylor, married to Eddie Fisher, starred as the great Egyptian queen Cleopatra, and Richard Burton, married to the bottle (and Sybil Williams), played opposite her as Cleopatra's Roman lover Marc Antony. Their first meeting came while shooting publicity stills before production started. As the photographers worked, Burton remarked "Has anyone ever told you you're a very pretty girl?" prompting a legion's worth of eye-rolling from everyone within earshot. 

The two were antagonistic at first. Burton derogatorily called Taylor Miss Tits, and she reportedly found the alcoholic Welshman "brutish and boorish." The hostility didn't last long, however. After shooting their first on-scene kiss, director Joseph Mankiewicz called cut. And then called cut again. And again. Because they just kept kissing. Word about their on-set liaison quickly spread and started a worldwide publicity tornado Burton dubbed "Le Scandale." Even the Vatican got in on, calling the affair "erotic vagrancy."

Burton and Taylor eventually divorced their respective spouses and married each other. Then divorced each other, remarried each other, and then redivorced. Still, after all that, the worst fallout of Le Scandale has to be this.

Cuban Rebel Girls

Cuban Rebel Girls is notable for three reasons:

1) It was Errol Flynn's last movie.

2) It's Errol Flynn's worst movie.

3) The 48-year-old Flynn was totally hooking up with his co-star, 15-year-old Beverly Aadland.

To say Flynn liked 'em young would be a gross understatement (emphasis on the gross). Flynn spotted Aadland on the Warner lot while she was working as a chorus girl in Marjorie Morningstar. He supposedly thought she was 18 when he "auditioned" her for a role (taking her virginity in the process). Whether or not he knew her age at that time, he was certainly aware of it when he flew her to Cuba to star with him in pro-revolutionary pseudo-drama Cuban Rebel Girls, which Flynn wrote and backed financially.

The two shacked up together during filming, and traveled to Africa on vacation after the shoot was done. Aadland claims they had plans to marry and even have a child together. None of that came to be, as Flynn, body ravaged by years of alcohol and drug abuse, died of a heart attack before the film could even be released.

Flesh and the Devil

Silent film actor John Gilbert was known as the Great Lover of the Silver Screen for his ability to gaze romantically at beautiful women. Greta Garbo was known as one of the great Hollywood icons of any era for her ability to convincingly be a beautiful woman. 

In 1926, MGM paired Gilbert with Garbo in the romance Flesh and the Devil. Their onscreen attraction was immediate and intense. Director Clarence Brown remembers it like this:

When they got into that first love scene… nobody else was even there. Those two were alone in a world of their own. It seemed like an intrusion to yell “Cut!” I used to just motion the crew over to another part of the set and let them finish what they were doing. It was embarrassing.

Gilbert and Garbo's real life relationship mimicked their on-screen one, with him playing the role of ardent schmuck and her as the frozen object of his desire. Gilbert was in the middle of an acrimonious divorce with Leatrice Joy, but that didn't stop him from proposing to Garbo. The story is, Garbo accepted the proposal but failed to show on the wedding day, leaving Gilbert alone at the alter. Heartbroken but undeterred, he proposed to her two more times, and was rebuffed each time.

Based on their very real chemistry in Flesh, the couple was cast in three more films together (Love, A Woman of Affairs, Queen Christine) before his falling, alcoholic star was eclipsed by her rising one. Gilbert was dead by 36 and Garbo was never married. 

Hot Saturday

Cary Grant met Randolph Scott on the set of Hot Saturday, in which they played rival suitors to the same woman. Though enemies on screen, the two became fast friends and, according to some, much, much more

Supposedly, when the studio insisted Grant go on dates with young starlets, he brought Randolph along with him. The three went out, got some publicity photos taken, then the fellas would take the girl home and go party together at the Trocadero or Brown Derby before heading back to the swingin' pad they shared.

The two became roommates during Hot Saturday, and eventually moved to a sprawling Los Feliz mansion called Bachelor Hall. Much of the speculation about the pair comes from several series of publicity photos they did showing them living in intimate - though not necessarily sexual - bliss. While both Grant and Randolph married (several) women, they remained close "friends" for the rest of their lives.

Whether or not they were ever actually lovers may never be known. A number of Grant's biographers assert they were, though base these claims on no evidence beyond their being roommates and taking silly photos together. Grant's daughter insists he wasn't gay or bisexual, but liked people assuming he was, and Robert Nott, who wrote a biography of Randolph, points out that rumors of Grant and Randolph being lovers didn't start until the 1980s, making them inherently suspicious. 


Joan Crawford and Clark Gable starred in eight films together, and were probably hooking up on the set of almost all of them, despite the fact that they were - say it with me now - married to other people.

Their attraction was immediate. Joan remembered when she first met her future co-star: 

We were attracted to each other instantly. I had what he wanted and he had what I wanted. Call it chemistry, call it love at first sight, call it physical attraction. What’s the difference? The electricity between us sparked on screen. It wasn’t just acting; we meant every damn kiss and embrace.

It's unconfirmed when the affair began or ended, however no one denies that at the time they starred in 1931's Possessed they were humping like drunken monkeys. When Crawford described it later she was able to put it delicately, writing

I think one of the sexiest scenes I ever did was with Clark Gable. I have to admit it’s easier to do an effectively sexy scene with an actor you are attracted to. Clark was the co-star on-screen I was most attracted to in all my years as an actress. I have to admit that I was even more attracted to him off-screen...In Possessed  we had a scene in which he came up behind me and undid a string of pearls I was wearing. The string of pearls dropped to the floor. Fade to black, and use your imagination.

Their affair enraged not only Gable's wife ,Maria Langham, and Joan's husband, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., but also MGM studio head Louis B. Mayer, who tried hard to keep them apart. Despite the furor, the two pulled strings to get back together on screen time and again, prompting writer Adela Rogers St. Johns to coin their love "the affair that almost burnt Hollywood down."


In the 1954 movie Sabrina, Humphrey Bogart's character ends up wih Audrey Hepburn's. In real life, on-screen rival William Holden got the girl.

The story goes like this: Bogart wanted his wife, Lauren Bacall, the get the titular role. When she didn't, he was cranky and rude to the woman who did. This instigated the white-knight instincts in Holden, who appointed himself Hepburn's protector. "He was my guardian angel," remembered Hepburn later. "I thought he was the handsomest man I'd ever met."

Though Holden was married, he and Hepburn quickly became infatuated with each other, sneaking off for clandestine meals, rehearsals, and other shenanigans. "Audrey was the love of my life," recounted Holden. "She wanted to get married."

She also wanted children, and Holden had a vasectomy years before, rendering that an impossibility. Hepburn dumped and was married to Mel Ferrer only months later.

Some Like It Hot

Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe had a quick affair during the filming of Some Like It Hot, even though he was married to Janet Leigh at the time and she was married to Arthur Miller. Not that marriage ever stopped anyone on this list before.

As Curtis wrote in a memoir on the making of Some Like It Hot, "When I was in bed with Marilyn I was never sure - before, during or after - where her mind was. She was an actress. She could play a part. She could give the part what she thought a man wanted. I never asked for more." He also claimed she was pregnant with his child, though miscarried shortly after.

For fans of salacious gossip, there's a widely misunderstood story from the Curtis-Monroe affair according to which he replied, when asked what kissing her was like, "It was like kissing Hitler." This quote has been used by some as proof Curtis was gay and by others as proof Monroe wasn't as beautiful up close as she was from afar, depending on which particular axe is being ground. 

The real explanation, however, is much simpler:  Curtis was being sarcastic. The full response to the question was, "What do you think? It was like kissing Hitler." That "What do you think?" makes a pretty big difference. Curtis was pointing out how stupid it was to even ask if it was fun hooking up with the sexiest woman in Hollywood history. 

To Have and Have Not

Going into To Have and Have Not, Humphrey Bogart was a married 44-year-old veteran actor and Lauren Bacall was a 19-year-old model appearing in her first film role. Coming out of it, they were one of the most iconic couples in Hollywood history.

The two started slow, horsing around on set and enjoying the rhythm of the work. By the time they shot the film's most famous scene - the one where Bacall asks Bogie if he knows how to whistle - everybody caught on. "We knew things were happening,” said costar Dan Seymour, “He had that sort of smile you can still see on the screen.”

Bogie called Bacall "baby," they walked around set holding hands, and, in the craziest of Hollywood twists, the on-set relationship worked out: Bogie and Bacall stayed together until his death thirteen years later. In fact, To Have and Have Not worked out so well for the couple they named their first child Stephen, after Humphry's character in the film.

Woman of the Year

Katherine Hepburn was first introduced to Spencer Tracy during a lunch to discuss their roles in the upcoming Woman of the Year. Though she would later deny it, legend has it the first thing Hepburn said to the man who would be her on-and-off screen lover for the next quarter century is: "Mr. Tracy, I believe I'm too tall for you." This apparently caused director George Stevens to quip: "Don't worry dear, he'll cut you down to size."

Real or not, the exchange illustrates the brash, flirtatious, at times antagonistic relationship that became one of the greatest love affairs in Hollywood history. And it was an affair - Tracy was married at the time (and remained so until his death), and lived in fear of his wife finding out about his relationship. The budding couple took lunches together in their dressing rooms to "rehearse," a practice that continued through their MGM days, even when they weren't working on a picture together.

The pair went on to star together in eight films after Woman of the Year, and even though they were frequently linked to other people, they never stopped the affair that began with a playful joke.


Piper Laurie was 18 years old and living at home with her folks she got her big break in Alexander Hall's farce Louisa. Laurie was cast as the daughter of veteran actor Ronald Reagan, who today is probably best known for either his role in Knute Rockney, All-American as The Gipper or Bedtime for Bonzo as "the one that wasn't a monkey."

Reagan had just divorced his first wife Jane Wyman when he signed on to Louisa, and was casually dating actress Nancy Davis. As Piper wrote in her memoir Learning to Live Out Loud, Reagan was at first a perfect gentleman. Everything changed, however, when he took her on a "date." Ronnie brought the future star to his place, cooked her a burger, then unceremoniously took her virginity. After, Ronnie told Laurie she needed to see a doctor, because he railed her for 40 minutes and she didn't orgasm; by his estimation, she should've had multiple orgasms in that time. 

Piper left the encounter thoroughly disappointed in Regan's bedside manner, calling him "a show-off," "insensitive," and "no gentleman between the sheets." Laurie did quite well for herself professionally, earning three Oscar nominations over the course of her 62-year career. 

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<![CDATA[15 Controversial, F*cked Up Horror Movies That Were Banned]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/banned-horror-movies/isadora-teich

Horror films have been around for almost a century, and many are beyond disturbing. Some horror movies take their nastiness a step further than repulsing or scaring viewers by being so gory, bizarre, terrifying, or controversial that cities, provinces, and even countries ban them. These shocking horror films proved to be too much, and were kept out of public view in certain places for years. A few are even still banned today.  

If you're a horror aficionado who needs more than jump scares to make your blood run cold, you'll love these banned horror movies. From infamously bad-good B movies to artistic, award-winning horror films that took Cannes, there are a lot of banned horror films out there. For some, their banning is almost understandable. For others, that they were banned is stranger than the films themselves. 

Horror movies that were banned around the world run the full gamut of cinematic terror. Whether you want to watch something so grotesque and blood-soaked-rape-fueled you'll wanna puke or like laughing at outrageously dated gory effects, you will love this list of some controversial classic and new school horror. 

15 Controversial, F*cked Up Horror Movies That Were Banned,

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Iconic horror classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre was released in October 1974, only to immediately be banned all over the world due to its extremely violent content. As one of the first slasher films, it's credited with giving birth to a number of genre tropes, and is one of the most influential horror films of all time. None of this stopped it from being banned in UK, Brazil, Australia, West Germany, Chile, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Singapore and Sweden upon its initial release.

Cannibal Holocaust

Cannibal Holocaust is one of the most infamous films of all time. As of 2015, it was still banned in over 50 countries. The movie revolves around arson, rape, murder, violence, and cannibalism (duh). Director Ruggero Deodorato claimed the film was comprised of found footage as a marketing ploy, and 10 days after it was released in Milan he was charged with several counts of murder, forcing him to admit it was a staged movie and not a snuff film. Though the movie is fictional, several animals were killed during the making, including a monkey and a big turtle.

Faces of Death

Faces of Death is a pseudo-documentary horror film that has scared audiences for decades. While billed as "being banned in 46 countries," it was only really banned temporarily in a handful of countries: Australia, Norway, New Zealand, Finland, and the UK. It meshes staged, fake human deaths with excerpts of gruesome newsreels to unsettling results, because it's sometimes unclear whether you're watching a real person die or an actor pretend to die. Fortunately for modern audiences, Faces of Death hasn't aged well, and isn't all that scary anymore. 


Possession, a cult film shot in West Berlin in 1980, is hard to classify. Is it horror? Drama? Suspense? Art? Yes, yes, yes, and yes. The film follows the mental breakdown of a woman married a spy after she asks her husband for a divorce. Lead actress Isabelle Adjani won best actress at the Cannes Film Festival and the movie received heaps of critical acclaim, but Possession was heavily edited for US distribution and banned in the UK for years; it wasn't released in its original form on home video in the UK until 1999. 

Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom

Salò, released in 1975, is based on a book by the Marquis de Sade, which should tell you all you need to know about it. It's not a horror film in the strictest sense, but very much about horror, and the unfathomable cruelty and sadism manifest in the darkest chapters of human history. To give some indication of its contents, in one scene, a young woman begs God for death. As punishment, she's forced to eat human feces. 

The infamous film centers around four wealthy, sadistic fascists who kidnap a group of teenagers and subject them to months of sexual torture. It's a direct reflection on World War Two, and fascist abuses of power in Europe that spiraled completely out of control in the chaos of those years. It was also director Pier Paolo Pasolini's last movie; he was murdered before its release. 

Salò was continually banned and rebanned in Australia until 2010, when the government approved the sale of an imported DVD/Blu Ray. It has never been theatrically released there, and has also be banned in the UK, New Zealand, and numerous other countries. In 1994, the owner of a shop renting the movie in Ohio was arrested by an undercover police officer.

The Evil Dead

Low budget horror classic Evil Dead is one of the most famous cult films of all time. It's famously ridiculous (on purpose, for the most part), but was a nightmare for the cast and crew. Critically acclaimed, it became the first installment in a trilogy, was eventually remade, and has a spin off TV show

Evil Dead was banned in Germany, Iceland, Finland, Ukraine, Singapore, and other countries upon its initial release. It was also one of the first films deemed a video nasty in the UK. The video nasties were those movies banned from home video release when films became widely available to the public with the rise of Betamax and VHS. These technologies made controlling the release and audience of a film impossibly difficult, and the British government responded by banning troublesome movies.  

The Exorcist

Horror classic The Exorcist was one of the highest grossing films of of the year in 1973, becoming a worldwide cultural phenomenon often called one of the scariest movies ever. It was also infamous for causing audience members to faint, vomit, and otherwise freak out when first unleashed upon the world. The film was banned from video release in the UK for more than 20 years. 

The Last House on the Left

Wes Craven's directorial debut, The Last House on the Left, an infamously disturbing exploitation-horror film, received some praise from critics when released in 1972, but its violent and disturbing content saw it banned all over the world for decades. It was a highly controversial film, especially in the UK, where arguments over whether and how much of it could be shown raged for decades. No one even bothered trying to distribute it in Australia when it was first released, due to the monumental problems it would've caused. It wasn't released there until 2004. 

A Serbian Film

A Serbian Film is one of the most controversial films of the 21st century. It's banned in France, Australia, Singapore, and Spain, and had the most footage cut from it of any movie allowed US distribution (almost 20 minutes). Producers were forced to withdraw from three festivals in Spain on account of its ban, and it was also banned from playing at a festival in Brazil. 

In A Serbian Film, a porn star is forced to partake in a series of sadistic sexual and psychological tortures so horrifying he threatens to cut his penis off at one point to put an end to it all. The film includes standard rape, infant rape, decapitation-by-machete during rape, death-by-choking (on a penis) during rape and... you get the idea.

A Serbian Film is supposedly an allegory exploring the atrocities of the Bosnian War. The film's director, Srdjan Spasojevic, has said, "This is a diary of our own molestation by the Serbian government. It's about the monolithic power of leaders who hypnotise you to do things you don't want to do."

David Cox, of The Guardian, in turn writes, "Understandably enough, this claim has been derided as a pathetic attempt to accord respectability to a straightforward exercise in sensationalist depravity."

I Spit on Your Grave

I Spit on Your Grave, a 1978 rape-and-revenge exploitation-horror film, is famous for being one of the worst movies ever made. It's a 101 minutes long and contains a 30 minute gang rape scene that's far more graphic than need be to get its point across. Roger Ebert opened his review of the movie with: 

A vile bag of garbage named I Spit on Your Grave is playing in Chicago theaters this week. It is a movie so sick, reprehensible and contemptible that I can hardly believe it's playing in respectable theaters, such as Plitt's United Artists. But it is. Attending it was one of the most depressing experiences of, my life.

I Spit on Your Grave is banned for sale in Ireland, and was banned in its initial release in a number of countries around the world. It was heavily edited for American release, was banned in Australia for seven years, and is only available in a few Canadian provinces

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<![CDATA[Nightmare on Elm Street Movies from Best to Worst]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/nightmare-on-elm-street-movies-from-best-to-worst/blackrock12

Nightmare on Elm Street Movies from Best to Worst,

A Nightmare on Elm Street

A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master

A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child

Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare

Wes Craven's New Nightmare

A Nightmare on Elm Street

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<![CDATA[17 Unflinching Foreign Films About Incest]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/foreign-films-with-incest-plots/katia-kleyman

Incest is a controversial subject, but art doesn't exist to cater to our sense of decency or wholesomeness. Incest, being great taboo, has been taken on by many directors and writers, in order to shock audiences and ask serious questions about the nature of familial and sexual relationships. Depictions of incest in movies run a wide gamut, but always ask audiences to consider uncomfortable truths. 

SPOILERS from this point on.  

There are dozens upon dozens of films with incest plots, from Hollywood classics like Chinatown to indie hits like The Ballad of Jack and Rose. Yet no one does incest like the provocateurs of world cinema, and in particular, the Europeans. Foreign movies about incest handle the subject in myriad ways, from harrowing depictions of sexual abuse within families and the denial that follows to oddly touching portrayals. Watching films like Oldboy and Murmur of the Heart, we question whether incest is okay, or at the very least understandable and forgivable contingent upon circumstance.

That said, some incest films have been referred to as “the most f*cked up films” ever, some nothing more than a litany of increasingly absurd of offensive scenes. In other instances, real life relatives have played sexually inappropriate characters on film. Check out the best foreign films about incest below. You probably don’t want to watch them with your parents in the room. Unless... maybe you do?

17 Unflinching Foreign Films About Incest,

I Stand Alone

Gaspar Noe’s I Stand Alone (1998) is difficult to watch, but what else could you expect from the director of Irreversible (2002)? The close ups on extreme violence, the piercing sound effects, and the manic meltdown of a horse butcher bent on destruction will make you want to cry and throw up at the same time. Sounds like the perfect Saturday night.

The butcher (Philippe Nahon) goes on a nihilistic bender, cumulating in him molesting his highly disturbed daughter. In the beginning of Irreversible, the butcher makes a cameo while talking about the pleasures of sexually abusing his child with an equally disgusting friend.

Murmur of the Heart

It’s difficult to describe an incestuous relationship between mother and son as sweet, but Louis Malle’s 1971 Le Souffle au Coeur, or Murmur of the Heart, is surprisingly tender. Laurent Chevalier (Benoît Ferreux), a sensitive and intelligent 15-year-old boy, is at the top of class. His mother, Clara, is a free-spirited, gorgeous Italian (Lea Massari), and his much older father, despite being a gynecologist, has no idea how to relate to women, and is extremely distant. After Laurent’s older brothers ruin his first sexual experience, he goes on a trip, and catches scarlet fever, which gives him a heart murmur.

Clara takes care of Laurent as he recovers from his illness, and the two show a touching connection. She takes him on a trip to a sanitarium, where she meets with her lover. After a breakup, she looks for consolation in Laurent. A night of drinking leads to the two having sex. But it somehow doesn’t seem so wrong.

Even Roger Ebert was perplexed at how this incestuous moment seemed like a natural progression. He wrote: 

Then Malle sets us for the final scenes so skillfully that the moment of incest, when it occurs, seems almost natural, more fond than carnal, and not terribly significant. How he achieves this effect is beyond me; he takes the most highly charged subject matter you can imagine, and mutes it into subtle affection.


Park Chan-wook’s Oldboy (2003) might have the greatest incest plot twist in film history. The foundation of the film is a revenge story. Dae-Su Oh (Min-sik Choi) is locked up for 15 years in a tiny room for no apparent reason, then inexplicably let out. He hunts down the man who took away his freedom, and begins a relationship with Mi-do (Hye-jeong Kang), a female sushi chef.

The man who made Dae-Su a prisoner, Woo-jin Lee (Ji-tae Yu), is always one step ahead. The ending of the film will blow your mind. Fun fact: Min-sik Choi ate three live octopuses for the movie. Choi, a Buddhist, said he prayed for forgiveness before each take.

Pola X

Leos Carax’s Pola X (2000) is loosely based on Herman Melville’s 1852 novel Pierre. The title of the film is an acronym for the French title of Melville’s book, Pierre, ou les Ambiguities, and the Roman numeral X indicates the movie was shot using the tenth draft of the screenplay.

In the film, Guillaume Depardieu plays Pierre, a mama’s boy aristocrat who falls in love and begins a romantic relationship with his half-sister, Isabelle (Yekaterina Golubeva). The film explores multiple incestuous relationships. Pierre is too close with his mother, Marie (an excellent Catherine Deneuve). He has no problem hanging out with his her while she bathes, for instance. He's also engaged to his cousin Lucie (Delphine Chuilot). When Pierre stumbles upon the wild Isabelle strolling through the woods, he gives up his wealth and live in poverty (and incest) with her.

If you can get past the high-pitched baby voice Golubeva puts on for the film, Pola X is sure to take you on quite the ride. If nothing else, you get to witness unsimulated sex between the actors. 


Thomas Vinterberg said Festen (1998) was “the most enjoyable project I’ve ever been involved in, even though I penetrated a layer of evil and abomination I’d never been to before.” After viewing the film, you may be left with a similar experience. While the film’s journey is entertaining and subtly comical, the underlying story is tragic, and exposes horrifying family secrets.

In the Danish film, siblings Christian, Michael, and Helene, come together at their family’s rural hotel for their father’s 60th birthday. The family is in disarray upon arrival, due to the recent suicide of the eldest sister, who was Christian’s twin. At dinner, Christian announces that his father sexually abused him and his twin, which is why she committed suicide.

Psychologist Richard Gartner praised the film for accurately portraying the effect of sexual abuse and incest within a family.

The father denies the incest through most of the movie, and this denial is conveyed and reinforced in the reactions of those who hear the accusations. The partygoers are momentarily shocked by each disclosure, but then continue to celebrate the birthday in a nearly surrealistic manner that serves as a dramatic enactment of the chronic denial often seen in incestuous families.

Festen was the first film in the Dogme 95 movement, pioneered by Vinterberg and Lars Von Trier.

The Dreamers

Bernardo Bertolucci’s 2004 film The Dreamers is twincest ménage à trois at its steamiest. Who wouldn’t want to see the young, naked, beautiful bodies of Eva Green, Michael Pitt, and Louis Garrel wrapped together in wild abandon?

It's 1968, and American Matthew (Pitt) travels to Paris to protest the ousting of Henri Langlois from the Cinémathèque Française. While there, he makes friends with eccentric and sexually liberated twins Théo (Garrel) and Isabelle (Green), moving in with them while their parents are away. Like Bertolucci’s Last Tango in Paris (1972), most of the film takes place in the apartment, where the three engage in sex and philosophizing.

While there is no direct, on screen sex between Théo and Isabelle, Théo masturbates to a picture of Marlene Dietrich in front of his sister. There's also a scene in which Théo watches his sister undress Matthew, then cooks himself food while they have sex on the floor nearby. As it turns out, Isabelle was a virgin, and after she and Matthew finish, Théo checks her vagina to see whether she bleed. Which she did. And he gets the blood on his hands.  

The Dreamers is filled with so much sex, Green told The Guardian her parents feared for her career, thinking she would end up like Maria Schneider, who claimed Last Tango ruined her professionally. As anyone who's seen Casino Royale, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, or Penny Dreadful can attest, her career was far from murdered by The Dreamers


It’s probably kind of hard not to develop an incestuous relationship with your siblings when they're the only people you see. In Greek provocatuerYargos Lanthimos’s bizarre Dogtooth (2010), a mother and father keep their three children completely isolated from the outside world. They are petrified of cats, which their father tells them are the most dangerous creatures in the world and eat humans.

The father is the only one who leaves the house, and he eventually brings a female employee of his home to have sex with his son. After the woman introduces the children to Hollywood movies, the father freaks and banishes her. So the siblings start screwing each other. Other stuff happens, too. But the point is, the siblings screw each other. 


If you want warped sci-fi involving clones with a serious oedipal complex, look no further than Benedek Flieguaf’s 2010 film Womb. The movie has elements of Jonathan Glazer’s Birth (2010) and the cautionary tale of Spielberg’s 2001 A.I.: Artificial Intelligence.

Rebecca (Eva Green) decides to bring her deceased lover Tommy (Matt Smith) back to life by carrying his clone in her womb. She raises him as a son and loves him as such, but as he enters adulthood and becomes identical to the soul mate she lost, her attraction for him is reestablished.

The film’s lack of authenticity and inconsistencies are criticized as it’s downfall. As Tommy grows older, Rebecca doesn’t age a day. How Rebecca was able to afford her procedure is called into question, along with her intentions. But at the end of the day, the film represents a futuristic potential reality never before addressed by cinema. Also she births her lover and then raises him as a son and screws him when he comes of age. 

Charlotte for Ever

Serge Gainsbourg’s Charlotte for Ever (1986) sure is …intimate. Wanna hear something creepy? Serge stars in the movie with his actual daughter, Charlotte. There are lots of moments of Serge lurking behind her, whispering tenderly in her ear, wrapping his arms around her, etc. Although there's no incest on screen, it's certainly implied.

When the film came out French audiences rejected it. They also called into question how autobiographical the film was, as many believed Charlotte and Serge had a sexual relationship in real life. Always provocateurs, the father-daughter duo released a song called Lemon Incest the same year the movie came out. And it's hardly a coincidence daddy used his daughter's name in the film's title. 


It's with good reason The Daily Beast called Kim Ki-Duk’s Moebius (2013) “The Most F*cked Up Movie of the Year.” The incest, self-mutilation, cannibalism, and violence will leave you squirming in your seat. The director had to cut 20 or so seconds of incest from the film for it to be released properly in South Korea.

In the movie, a father (JaeHyeon Jo) cheats on his wife (Eun-woo Lee) with a mistress (also Eun-woo). Catching him in the act, the wife tries to castrate the husband in his sleep. He stops her in the act, so she goes to her teenage son’s room and castrates him instead, then eats his penis. Induce gag reflex now. Nom nom nom.

The mother leaves and the father castrates himself to stand in solidarity with his son (Young Ju Seo). He then searches the web for how a man might experience sexual release without a penis, and discovers self-harm, which he teaches to his son.

You don't have to worry about subtitles for this South Korean film, because there's no dialogue. There are plenty of screams, moans, and grunts, though. The silence in the film exacerbates the level of discomfort viewers feel.

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<![CDATA[Loving Movie Quotes]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/loving-movie-quotes/movie-and-tv-quotes

Loving movie quotes provide the dialogue to the drama film about Richard and Mildred Loving, whose Supreme Court Case invalidated laws against interracial marriage. Jeff Nichols wrote and directed the film based on the true events of from 1958 to 1967. Loving opened in theaters in the United States on November 4, 2016.

In Loving, it's 1958 in Virginia and, despite being in love, Mildred Jeter (Ruth Negga) and Richard Loving (Joel Edgerton) are unable to legally marry due to state laws prohibiting interracial marriage. To get around the law, the two travel to Washington, DC, where they legally become man and wife. But back in their Virginia home, the Lovings are arrested, charged and sentenced to prison for violating state law.

Feeling they've done nothing wrong and not hurt anyone, the Lovings hire attorney Bernie Cohen (Nick Kroll) to fight the charges and sue the state of Virginia. The case makes its way all the way up to the United States Supreme Court, where justices unanimously decide that anti-miscegenation laws are unconstitutional, effectively rendering the Lovings' marriage and all other interracial marriages legal.

These Loving movie quotes show a glimpse of the film, just as quotes from other fall 2016 films do, including for Trolls, Doctor Strange, Inferno, and Keeping Up with the Joneses.  

Loving Movie Quotes,

Do You Think You'll Lose?

Grey Villet: Do you think you'll lose? 
Mildred Jeter Loving: We may lose the small battles but win the big war.

Mildred shows her strength when Grey asks her if she thinks they will lose. She knows that this isn't only one small battle, but a larger war that she's confident they will win.

What's the Danger?

Bernie Cohen: Mr. Chief Justice, may it please the court. What is the danger to the state of Virginia of interracial marriage? What is the state of danger to the people of interracial marriage? Marriage is a fundamental right.

Attorney Bernie Cohen addresses the Supreme Court of the United States on behalf of the Lovings in this Loving movie quote. He argues who is being harmed by interracial marriage and why those in interracial relationships should be excluded from the fundamental right to marry.

Tell the Judge I Love My Wife

Bernie Cohen: Is there anything you'd like me to say to the Supreme Court Justices of the United States? 
Richard Loving: Yeah, tell the judge I love my wife. 

Prior to meeting with the Supreme Court, attorney Bernie Cohen asks Richard if he's like to add anything to his speech. Richard only wants the judge to know one thing, that he loves his wife.

All the Way to the Supreme Court

Bernie Cohen: I believe this is a battle that could go all the way to the Supreme Court. 
Richard Loving: We ain't hurting anybody.
Bernie Cohen: The state of Virginia will argue that it is unfair to bring children of mixed race into the world. 

Richard and Mildred Loving meeting with attorney Bernie Cohen about their case against the state of Virginia over the ban on interracial marriage. Cohen has their back, and is willing to take the case to the US Supreme Court if needed, but also prepares them for why Virginia will argue that interracial marriage should not be permitted.

Take Mildred to DC to Get Married

Richard Loving: I'm going to build you a house right here, our house. 
Richard Loving: I'm going to take Mildred up to DC to get married. 
Raymond Green: You sure about that?
Justice of the Peace: By the power vested in me by the District of Columbia, I now pronounce you husband and wife. 

Though interracial marriage is illegal in Virginia, Richard tells love Mildred and friend Raymond that he plans to marry. That's exactly what happens next in these Loving movie quotes as Richard and Mildred go to Washington DC, where they can legally marry.

We Have Some Enemies

Mildred Jeter Loving: I know we have some enemies, but we have some friends too.

Mildred Loving remarks about their supporters and detractors in this Loving movie quote. She knows many are opposed to interracial marriage, but also many support it as well.

I'm His Wife

Deputy Cole: In here! What you doing in bed with that woman?
Mildred Jeter Loving: I'm his wife.
Deputy Cole: That's no good here. 
Court Secretary: Richard Perry Loving, being a white person, and Mildred Jeter, being a colored person, did unlawfully cohabitate as man and wife.

The overzealous Deputy Cole intrudes on Richard and Mildred Loving as they're sleeping in their bed. As explained by the court secretary in these Loving movie quotes, they're under arrest for violation of interracial marriage laws.

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<![CDATA[Hacksaw Ridge Movie Quotes]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/hacksaw-ridge-movie-quotes/movie-and-tv-quotes

Hacksaw Ridge movie quotes provide the dialogue to the World War II film about the true story of Army medic Desmond T. Doss. Andrew Knight and Robert Schenkkan adapted the screenplay from the book The Unlikeliest Hero by Booton Herndon. Directed by Mel Gibson, Hacksaw Ridge opened in theaters on November 4, 2016.

In these Hacksaw Ridge movie quotes, viewers are introduced to Desmond T. Doss (Andrew Garfield), a pacifist with a strong urge to serve his country in World War II. Always wanting to be a doctor, but without the education required, Doss decides to enlist in the Army as a medic. But things don't go well once Doss finds himself in the military as his objection to carry a weapon as a conscientious objector and Seventh-day Adventist turns his company (including Sam Worthington, Luke Bracey and Vince Vaughn) against him. Furthermore, Doss is court-martialed for his objection to kill and must convince a judge to allow him to continue to serve, which he does. 

So when the company goes to battle at Hacksaw Ridge, all are surprised when Doss becomes an extraordinary hero in rescuing upwards of 75 men from the battlefield. He goes on to earn the respect of his fellow soldiers and earn numerous awards, including the Meal of Honor.

Hacksaw Ridge is just one of several highly praised movies released in fall 2016 along with Trolls, Doctor Strange, Inferno, and Keeping Up with the Joneses.  

Hacksaw Ridge Movie Quotes,

Doss, the Coward

Captain Glover: Who did this? 
Soldier: Doss, the coward

When Captain Glover finds a tent full of injured and rescued soldiers, he is curious who rescued them all. He's even more surprised to learn that Doss, who everyone thought was a coward, had the bravery to rescue them all.

What the Hell is Your Delay?

Colonel Stelzer: What the hell is your delay, captain? 
Captain Glover: We're waiting, sir.
Colonel Stelzer: Waiting for what?
Captain Glover: Private Doss
Colonel Stelzer: Who the hell is Private Doss?

When the company cannot proceed with their mission in these Hacksaw Ridge movie quotes, Captain Glover must explain why. Unfortunately, his reasoning for the hold up isn't exactly taken well by his colonel.

Not Going to Go Up There Without You

Captain Glover: We have to go back up tomorrow and they're not going to go up there without you.

Captain Glover informs Doss that the company finally has his back in this Hacksaw Ridge movie quote. The company is heading back up Hacksaw Ridge and they want Doss marching along with them.

Help Me Get One More

Desmond T. Doss: Please lord, help me get one more. Help me get one more.

Doss prays to god asking him to help him save just one more soldier. He's already saved numerous soldiers from the battlefield but he strives to do more.

Free to Run Into the Hellfire of Battle

Desmond T. Doss: With the world so set on tearing itself apart, it don't seem like such a bad thing to me to want to put a little bit of it back together. 
Judge: Private Doss, you are free to run into the hellfire of battle without a single weapon to protect yourself. 

Doss explains to a judge why he does not want to carry a weapon in these Hacksaw Ridge movie quotes. Thankfully, the judge grants his motion to proceed on the battlefield without arms.

Quite a Bit of Killing Does Occur in War

Captain Glover: You don't kill?
Desmond T. Doss: No, sir
Captain Glover: You know quite a bit of killing does occur in war?

Captain Glover and others are surprised that someone like Doss who is opposed to killing has chosen to join the military. While Doss is aware that killing happens in war, he sees his place as more of a healer.

Stay True to What I Believe

Dorothy Schutte: I fell in love with you because you weren't like anyone else. They're saying you could go to prison.
Desmond T. Doss: I don't know how I'm going to live with myself if I don't stay true to what I believe.

Facing a potential prison sentence, Doss and love interest Dorothy talk about his options. Doss doesn't want to break his values to serve, and hopes that those judging him can see his point of view.

I Think This is Cowardice

Smitty: I don't think this is a question of religion. I think this is cowardice. 

Fellow soldier Smitty questions Doss's faith in this Hacksaw Ridge movie quote. While Doss claims religious reasons for his pacifism, Smitty thinks he's just a sissy.

Private Doss Does Not Believe in Violence

Sergeant Howell: This is a personal gift from the United States Government designed to bring death to the enemy. 
Desmond T. Doss: Well I'm sorry, sergeant, I can't touch a gun. 
Sergeant Howell: Private Doss does not believe in violence. Do not look to him to save you on the battlefield. 

When the company receives their rifles, Sergeant Howell and others are shocked that Desmond Doss is refusing his. They instantly deem him a coward and start treating him an as outsider as a result.

My Way to Serve

Desmond T. Doss: I always dreamed about being a doctor but I didn't get much school.
Desmond T. Doss: I can't stay here while all them go fight for me.
Tom Doss: Did you figure this war is going to fit in with your ideas?
Desmond T. Doss: While everybody else is taking life, I'm going to be saving it. That's going to be my way to serve. 

Desmond explains to his loved ones back home why he feels he wants to serve in the military in these Hacksaw Ridge movie quotes. Though he's a pacifist, he feels the need to serve his country as a medic.

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<![CDATA[Trolls Movie Quotes]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/trolls-movie-quotes/movie-and-tv-quotes

Trolls movie quotes bring the classic Troll doll toys to life in an animated feature film. The musical buddy comedy movie was adapted into a screenplay by Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger based on a story by Erica Rivinoja. Mike Mitchell and Walt Dohrn directed Trolls, which opened in theaters in 3D on November 4, 2016.

In these Trolls movie quotes, we meet the Trolls, including overly happy Poppy (voiced by Anna Kendrick), grumpy survivalist Branch (voiced by Justin Timberlake), the wise Creek (voiced by Russell Brand) and DJ Suki (voiced by Gwen Stefani). All is cupcakes and rainbows for the trolls, at least until an evil Bergen comes and captures a bunch of Trolls.

So the fearless Poppy and unenthusiastic Branch head out to Bergentown in an effort to save their fellow Trolls from almost assured consumption by Bergens. But this journey is more taxing on Poppy than she imagined and leads her to lose her hope of success. In order to save themselves and others, Branch must break out of his funk and sing, something that doesn't exactly come easy for the grump.

These Trolls movie quotes provide the dialogue for the film, just like quotes do for other fall 2016 movies like Doctor Strange, Inferno, Keeping Up with the Joneses, and Jack Reacher: Never Go Back.  

Trolls Movie Quotes,

A Little Silence

Poppy: [singing] Stars shining bright above me
Branch: Seriously, more singing?
Poppy: Yes, seriously. Singing helps me relax. Maybe you ought to try it.
Branch: I don't sing and I don't relax. This is the way I am and I like it. I also like a little silence! 

Branch has put up with Poppy's singing for quite a while and at this point, simply wants some silence so they can sleep. In response, Poppy sings a song about silence. That's not exactly what Branch had in mind.

Scrapbook Them to Freedom

Branch: What's your plan?
Poppy: To rescue everyone and make it home safely.
Branch: So you're gonna scrapbook them to freedom?
Poppy: Solid burn, Branch!

As they walk toward Bergentown to rescue their friends, Branch questions Poppy about her game plan in these Trolls movie quotes. Poppy has a plan, but much to Branch's dissatisfaction, it involves scrapbooking.

All Cupcakes and Rainbows

Branch: Do you have to sing?
Poppy: I always sing when I'm in a good mood. 
Branch: Do you have to be in a good mood?
Poppy: Why wouldn't I be? By this time tomorrow, I'll be with all my friends. I wonder what they're all doing right now. 
Branch: Probably being digested
Poppy: They're alive, Branch, I know it!
Branch: You don't know anything, Poppy, and I can't wait to see the look on your face when you realize you realize the world isn't all cupcakes and rainbows, cause it isn't.
Poppy: Hey, I know it's not all cupcakes and rainbows, but I'd rather go through life thinking that it mostly is instead of being like you. You don't sing. You don't dance. So gray all the time. What happened to you?
Branch: Shhh! 
Poppy: A Bergen?
Branch: Maybe
Poppy: There's no Bergen is there? You just said that so I'd stop talking. 
Branch: Maybe

Branch uses some interesting methods to get Poppy to stop singing in these Trolls movie quotes. He pretends to hear a Bergen and hushes her out of safety of the alleged threat. It kind of works, at least for a moment.

Crazy Prepared

Poppy: Branch, Branch, Branch, are you in there?
Branch: I'm not going to your party.
Poppy: The party's over. We just got attacked by a Bergen.
Branch: I knew it!
Poppy: It took Cooper and Fuzzbert and Biggie and Guy Diamond and Creek, which is why I have to ask you, will you go to Bergentown with me and save everyone?
Branch: What? No!
Poppy: Branch, you can't say no. They're your friends. 
Branch: Uh uh, they're your friends. 
Poppy: You just want to hide here forever?
Branch: Forever? No. Yeah, I really only have enough supplies down here to last me 10 years, 11 if I'm willing to store and drink my own sweat, which I am. You all said I was crazy, huh? Well, who's crazy now? Me, crazy prepared!

Many have called Branch crazy for preparing his underground bunker stocked with enough supplies to last him 10-11 years but when a Bergen attacks, he's feeling pretty crazy prepared. He's, however, not feeling eager to help Poppy save her friends from said Bergen.

A Nightmare Named Poppy

Branch: My name is Branch and I am a troll. Why do I live in a heavily fortified survival bunker? Because right outside my door lurks a nightmare named Poppy. Poppy is the leader of the trolls, and it's not her fault she's so insanely happy. She's just never faced a real problem until now.

Branch gives a quick introduction to himself and his miserable life in this Trolls movie quote. He's a bit of a survivalist, not just preparing for real monsters but also from the super cheery Poppy.

I Don't Do High Fives

Branch: I don't do high fives.
Cloud Guy: Slap it, boss.
Branch: Nope
Cloud Guy: A little slappy, make daddy happy
Branch: Fine!
Cloud Guy: Too slow!
Cloud Guy: Fist bump! Whoop, gear shift!

Cloud Guy tries his best to get Branch to give him a high five in these Troll movie quotes. So when Branch finally agrees, and Cloud Guy punks him, Branch is especially not amused.

We Just got Attacked by a Bergen

Poppy: Branch, we just got attacked by a Bergen.
Branch: A Bergen
Poppy: It took everybody!

Poppy arrives to tell Branch the bad news. A Bergen attacked their community and kidnapped a number of their members. The discussion sounds pretty calm, but this is actually kind of a big deal.

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Inferno movie quotes bring the 2013 Dan Brown novel of the same name to life in a feature film. Directed by Ron Howard, David Koepp adapted the book into a screenplay, which follows a professor and doctor who fight to stop an extinction-level event. Inferno opened in theaters on October 28, 2016.

In Inferno, Professor Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) wakes with little memory of the preceding days and with visions of an alternate reality. He finds a device in his pocket which projects an image of Dante's Inferno. Along with Dr. Sienna Brooks (Felicity Jones), Langdon realizes that the painting has been altered from the original and equates that to a prophecy that a virus will wipe out the world's population. 

Further investigation leads the pair to believe scientist Bertrand Zobrist (Ben Foster) invented Inferno as his way to save humanity. Zobrist believes that without a dramatic decrease in the population now, all of humanity will be extinct in 100 years. While everyone agrees that population control is important, Dr. Brooks and Professor Langdon are not going to allow Inferno to happen, and must race around Europe over 48 hours in order to stop it.

Inferno movie quotes give a look into the thriller, just like other movie quotes do for fall 2016 films such as Keeping Up with the Joneses, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, The Accountant, and Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life.

Inferno Movie Quotes,

You Are Humanity's Final Hope

Bertrand Zobrist: There is a switch. If you throw it, half the people on earth will die. But if you don't, in 100 years, the human race will be extinct. I left you a path, the hardest one yet. Only you can finish it. You are humanity's final hope.

Bertrand Zobrist explains Inferno in this Inferno movie quote. He describes it as the only way to save humanity, which, of course, involves killing off half the population right now.

48 Hours to Prevent an Extinction-Level Event

Robert Langdon: If this plague is real
Elizabeth Sinskey: Then we only have 48 hours to prevent an extinction-level event.
Robert Langdon: I will do everything I can to find it.

Everyone realizes that they are fighting against the clock to stop the plague, should it be real. They seem to be pretty determined to stop something that they're not even sure is legit.

Professor, You're Having Visions

Harry Sims: Professor, you are having visions, aren't you? The people behind this will do anything to protect the truth. You have no idea what you are capable of.

Consortium head Harry Sims knows that Professor Langdon isn't exactly himself. Langdon's mind has been altered by those behind Inferno, and that's just a small portion of what those responsible will do to make this plan succeed.

I Need Access to the Dante Mask

Robert Langdon: I need access to the Dante mask.
Museum Guard: The Dante mask is no longer here. It was stolen. Here's the security footage.
Elizabeth Sinskey: Professor, that looks like you.
Robert Langdon: I have no memory of taking that mask. 
Dr. Sienna Brooks: You did. I just saw you.

In these Inferno movie quotes, Professor Langdon learns that Dante's mask is not in a Florence museum as it should be, rather has been stolen. It only gets worse when they realize security footage shows Langdon stealing the priceless item.

Everything is Out of Focus

Robert Langdon: I want to know what I'm involved with.
Dr. Sienna Brooks: What was someone shooting at you?
Robert Langdon: Everything is out of focus.

At this point, Professor Langdon and Dr. Brooks have more questions than answers. To say that they're a bit confused in these Inferno movie quotes might be an understatement.

It's Dante's Inferno

Dr. Sienna Brooks: It's Dante's Inferno.
Robert Langdon: Dante defined our modern conception of hell 700 years ago, but these circles of hell have been rearranged. Why Dante? Why this map of hell? Dante! Dante's death mask! Yes! We've got to get to Florence.

Professor Langdon and Dr. Brooks realize that the image they see projected from a handheld device is Dante's inferno. This leads them to Dante's death mask and a trip to Florence.

Inferno is the Cure

Bertrand Zobrist: Our population is spiraling out of control. Inferno is the cure. 
Robert Langdon: They're going to wipe out half the world's population unless we find this virus. They left a trail. 
Dr. Sienna Brooks: Human lives are at stake. If the plague exists, you know what governments will do to get it.

Bertrand Zobrist lays out the Inferno plan to control the population by killing off half of everyone. This does not sound like something Dr. Brooks and Professor Langdon want to happen, and they vow to fight against it in these Inferno movie quotes.

Someone Created a Plague

Robert Langdon: This is what I have been seeing. Look, look, this is not on the original painting. 
Dr. Sienna Brooks: Here's another one. Prophecy. 
Robert Langdon: Oh my god, Dante's Inferno isn't fiction. It's a prophecy. Someone created a plague. 

Dr. Brooks and Professor Langdon notice that the Inferno painting has been altered in these Inferno movie quotes. The additions spell our prophecy, which somehow leads them to believe someone has created a plague.

Professor Langdon, We Need Your Help

Christoph Bouchard: It appears you are out of options. Tell me about the threat that is Inferno.
Christoph Bouchard: Professor Langdon, we need your help. Three days ago, a man killed himself. We think he was part of something much bigger. There was a package in his pocket. 
Robert Langdon: And what was in it?

After scientist Bertrand Zobrist jumps to his death in front of Christoph Bouchard, Bouchard approaches Professor Robert Langdon asking for help in these Inferno movie quotes. As Bouchard explains in these Inferno movie quotes, this was one small piece to a massive and deadly plot.

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Keeping Up with the Joneses movie quotes tell the story for the film about two government agents who move into a quiet suburban neighborhood. The comedy film was written by Michael LeSieur and directed by Greg Mottola. Keeping Up with the Joneses opened in theaters on October 21, 2016.

In Keeping Up with the Joneses movie quotes, we meet the overly normal suburban couple of Jeff (Zach Galifianakis) and Karen (Isla Fisher) Gaffney. So when the highly accomplished and worldly Tim (Jon Hamm) and Natalie (Gal Gadot) Jones, who are actually government agents, move into the neighborhood, the Gaffneys are instantly intrigued.

What follows is the Gaffneys nearly stalking the Joneses in an effort to find out why such a couple would settle in a boring neighborhood. But the Gaffneys find more than they ever imagined and soon become part of a dangerous international espionage plot.

If these Keeping Up with the Joneses movie quotes don't strike your fancy, check out quotes from other fall 2016 films such as Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, The Accountant, Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life, and The Birth of the Nation.  

Keeping Up with the Joneses Movie Quotes,

Something Off About Them

Karen: You don't think there's something off about them? They're both so overly accomplished and stylish.

Perhaps it's a bit of jealously, but Karen quickly becomes obsessed with her new neighbors. She can't understand why such stylish and successful people are living in a boring suburban neighborhood.

Still Spying on the Neighbors?

Karen Gaffney: Hey honey! 
Jeff Gaffney: Still spying on the neighbors? 
Tim Jones: Hi!
Natalie Jones: We're the Joneses!

Jeff puts his foot in his mouth in these Keeping Up with the Joneses movie quotes. After arriving home, he asks wife Karen if she's been snooping on the new neighbors, who, unbeknownst to Jeff, are sitting right there in his living room.

Miniature Surveillance Mic

Tim Jones: This tie's been fitted with a miniature surveillance mic. It's completely undetectable.
Jeff Gaffney: Help! Help!

Tim fits Jeff with a surveillance microphone before a meeting in these Keeping Up with the Joneses movie quotes. Unfortunately, Jeff has no chill and screams "help!" into the mic at the first sign of trouble.

We Need Evidence

Karen Gaffney: Who are these people? We need evidence.
Jeff Gaffney: I just want to make sure this is not paranoia... What is this?
Karen Gaffney: There's a missile. 
Jeff Gaffney: That's me! What is all this stuff? 

Karen and Jeff break into the Jones's house to look for evidence in these Keeping Up with the Joneses movie quotes. While they find some interesting things, they have no idea what to do with any of it.

Welcome to the Cobra Club

Yang: Welcome to the Cobra Club!
Tim Jones: A little different than you expected, huh?
Jeff Gaffney: That looks like a real snake.
Yang: Snake wine, that's real cobra.
Jeff Gaffney: Do you have Tab?

Tim invites Jeff out for a few drinks at the Cobra Club. Clearly, between the real snake in a liquor bottle and the lack of Tab soda, Jeff is a bit out of his element.

New Neighbors Aren't Wasting Any Time Moving In

Jeff Gaffney: This is what I love about HR, you learn these little intricacies about people.
Karen Gaffney: Honey, what am I really doing this summer? I mean, I sent the kids away to camp. I'm redesigning bathrooms.
Jeff Gaffney: New neighbors aren't wasting any time moving in, are they?

Jeff and Karen Gaffney are pretty simple people, as evidenced in these Keeping Up with the Joneses movie quotes. But when new neighbors move in, the Gaffney's lives take quite the exciting turn.

We're Going to Run

Tim Jones: Here's the thing about trust. Once it's gone, bad things can happen. 
Karen Gaffney: It's the Joneses.
Tim Jones: Get in the car, now!
Karen Gaffney: I'm going to count to three. We're going to run, okay? One, two...
Tim Jones: Oh my god, you can't be serious!
Karen Gaffney: Jeff!
Jeff Gaffney: I was making a head start!
Karen Gaffney: On your wife?

Once the Joneses know the Gaffneys have been investigating them, the Joneses track down the Gaffneys and order them into the car at gunpoint. Both Karen and Jeff have ideas to flee, but their plans are not exactly aligned.

They're Not Who They Say They Are

Karen Gaffney: I told you something was off about the Joneses. They're not who they say they are.
Natalie Jones: Hello, Karen
Karen Gaffney: Natalie! 
Natalie Jones: I was just leaving Tim a voicemail. He likes to hear from me when I'm trying on lingerie. It's one of our things. Do you and Jeff have a thing?
Karen Gaffney: We do it really fast in case the kids come running into our room.

In a cheesy attempt to learn more about neighbor Natalie, Karen follows her into the fitting room at Bloomingdale's. It doesn't take long for Natalie to catch Karen, at which time an awkward talk about intimate things they do with their husbands.

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When The Exorcist opened in 1973, people were fainting and vomiting in the aisles. The story of an innocent girl possessed by a demon continues to horrify audiences to this day. Terrifying imagery, brilliant acting, an inspired soundtrack, innovative special effects, and an amazing script came together to create this masterpiece of horror. As with many beloved horror classics, such as The Shining, The Exorcist conspiracy theories abound (such as the one about the film being cursed). 

What appears on screen isn't the entire story, however. Things were equally as strange and shocking with The Exorcist behind the scenes. From extreme acting techniques to rumors of a curse, these weird facts about The Exorcist will shock and amaze you. This list goes to show that to make such an impactful film, extreme measures must be taken.

16 Crazy Behind the Scenes Facts About The Exorcist,

Mercedes McCambridge Gave Up Sobriety to Voice the Demon

Mercedes McCambridge, who provided the unique vocalizations of Regan's possession, went to great lengths to achieve the effect. She chain-smoked, swallowed raw eggs, and drank heavily. A former heavy drinker, she threw herself off the proverbial wagon to give her all to the film, and so she requested to have her priest present on set to council her. 

McCambridge's Herculean effort was almost erased from history, when Friedkin insisted she not receive a screen credit. In the director's mind, convincing the audience Linda Blair spoke in such a Satanic voice would increase the terror inflicted upon them by the film. McCambridge, however insisted on a screen credit, and was given one. 

Linda Blair Received Death Threats

Linda Blair was 14 year old when The Exorcist hit theaters in the United States, but that didn't stop religious zealots from threatening her life. The threats were so plentiful, Warner Bros hired police bodyguards to live with the Blair family, and follow them everywhere they went, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for six months after the film premiered. These threats continued for years, in part encouraged by sequels, and Linda's parents were forced to hide her with friends in Vermont, New Jersey, and Connecticut. 

The Movie Is Closely Connected to Several Real Life Deaths

Actor Jack MacGowran and actress Vasiliki Maliaros both died shortly after filming wrapped on The Excorcist. MacGowran of the flu, Maliaros of natural causes. Linda Blair's grandfather and actor Max Von Sydow's brother died during production, and the son of Mercedes McCambridge, who voiced the demon, murdered his wife and two daughters before taking his own life after being accused of fraud in November of 1987. All told, nine people associated with the movie died violently, mysteriously, or during or immediately after filming. 

The Infamous Puking Scene Is Superimposed Images of Two Actors

The puke team on The Exorcist at first tried Campbell's soup for the projectile vomit scene, but was unsatisfied with the consistency, so switched to a combination of Anderson's pea soup and oatmeal. The concoction was pumped through a special device created by makeup artist Dick Smith. The apparatus was too uncomfortable for Linda Blair, who also had an aversion to vegetables, so the scene was originally filmed with actress Eileen Dietz. Friedkin wasn't satisfied with the result, so he ordered a re-shoot with Blair mimicking the vomiting motion. The two scenes were superimposed.

What Did the Five Fingers Say to the Face?: Friedkin Bitch Slaps O'Malley

The last rites scene wasn't coming together properly on set, in part due to an unbelievable performance from Father William O'Malley (which, to be fair, the guy is a priest, not an actor, so what do you expect?). William Friedkin decided to remedy this problem with one of his classic assault-the-crew techniques. 

After several takes, Friedkin took O'Malley aside and asked him, "Do you trust me?" As soon as O'Malley said yes, Friedkin slapped him across the face. He yelled action, and that take was used in the film. You can see O'Malley's hand visibly shaking during the scene.

Friedkin Insisted on Seeing the Actors' Breath, So Regan's Room Was Refrigerated

In order to achieve the effect of seeing the actors's breath, Friedkin had the set for Regan's bedroom refrigerated. Four giant air conditioners were run all night, reaching temperature of -30 or -40 degrees. The air on set got so cold, when cast and crew members sweat, it froze on their skin. At one point it snowed on the set, on account of all the moisture in the air from the cast and crew bodies crammed into the small space. This was all particularly uncomfortable for Linda Blair, who was wearing nothing more than a thin nightgown. And was a teenager. Which, creepy. Seriously, Friedkin. WTF, man. 

It Was Banned in the UK

In 1974, The Exorcist was released in the UK with an X rating. A few local authorities banned the film, which led to buses providing transit for The Exorcist viewing tours. Then, in 1988, it was banned from video sale under the Video Recordings Act. Though it had already been available for seven years, it was taken off shelves. Because apparently the British government had nothing better to do in the 80s than review movies for home release suitability. It's not like anything was happening in Northern IrelandThe Exorcist wasn't legally released in the UK again until 1998, when it received an 18 rating for video/DVD release rating.

The Book the Movie Is Based on Was Inspired by a Real Exorcism

William Peter Blatty's novel upon which the film was based, also called The Exorcist, was itself inspired by a real-life exorcism that took place in 1949. A boy in Maryland, known only by the pseudonym "Ronald Doe," suffered from an inexplicable ailment. His bed shook, and strange marks appeared on his body. Doctors couldn't help, so the family consulted their Lutheran Priest. He referred them to the Roman Catholic Church, which approved an exorcism after inspecting the circumstances of the possession.

The ritual was performed by Rev. William S. Bowdern and colleagues, all of whom kept many of the details of the event in strict confidence. The exorcism took several weeks, but was successful. Ronald went on to lead an ordinary life, and the family converted to Catholicism.

Years after Doe's exorcism, investigative journalist Mark Opsasnick called bullsh*t on the whole thing. Opsasnick asserts the priests and church officials saw a possessed child because that's what they wanted to see. In reality, according to Opsasnick, Doe was "simply a spoiled, disturbed bully who threw deliberate tantrums to get attention or get out of school." 

The MacNeil House Burned Down During the Shoot

Here's something totally creepy - the set for the interior of the MacNeil house caught on fire during the shoot, causing delays. The fire was started by a pigeon, which flew into a circuit box and ignited an electrical fire. But wait, none of that's creepy. Well, here's the creepy part - the set was destroyed, apart from Regan's room, which was completely undamaged. 

Director William Friedkin Fired Guns Behind Actors to Startle Them

William Friedkin had no qualms about terrorizing his actors. He routinely fired guns without warning to startle performers into genuine reactions of horror. At one point he was reproached by actor Jason Miller, who said, "Never do that again. I'm an actor, I don't need all these artificial stimulants."

Apparently Friedkin never lost touch with his inner assh*le. Check out the documentary Lost Souls, about the making of the cinematic excretion The Island of Dr. Moreau, for more tales of his tyrannical antics. 

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<![CDATA[9 Superhero Movie Sequels That Just Didn't Live Up to the Hype]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/superhero-movie-sequel-disappointments/justin-andress

Nerds today are spoiled rotten. Thanks to the efforts of Marvel and Ryan Reynolds, quality superhero films are a dime a dozen. In the Dark Ages, though, before Robert Downey, Jr. ushered in a whole new era of blockbuster with Iron Man, comic book nerds seeking a little cinematic action had to really lower their standards. For every X-Men, there were fifteen bad comic book films that spawned more bad sequels than you can name. 

Even the good comic book movies had a hard time maintaining their quality over the course of an entire series. Heck, some comic book movies had trouble maintaining quality from the original to the sequel. Before Marvel realized that keeping the quality high from film to film was the perfect way to attract repeat customers, most studios would gladly squander the success of a comic book movie by sh*tting out an underwritten, underacted, and underfunded sequel.

But this was before RDJ’s Tony Stark-shaped gift to nerds, so most comic fans were almost forced to the theaters to check out their favorite comic heroes rendered in celluloid. After all, the first one was okay, so how bad could the second be? Bad, folks. Really, really bad. 

If you want to see an aging nerd throw up a thousand yard stare as they remember the horror, just ask him or her about the time they took a trip to see one of the following bad superhero movie sequels.

9 Superhero Movie Sequels That Just Didn't Live Up to the Hype,

Batman & Robin

Question: how do you ruin Arnold Schwarzenegger’s uncanny ability to land puns? Answer: Surround him with anatomically correct latex and then give him literally nothing else to do. 

When Joel Schumacher took over for Tim Burton as the Batman series helmer, fans were rightfully nervous. Then, Schumacher delivered Batman Forever, a film that - while by no means perfect - isn’t a steaming pile of crap, thanks mostly to Jim Carrey’s inspired casting as the Riddler. 

What is a steaming pile of crap is the follow up to Batman Forever, Batman & Robin. It’s hard to pinpoint what went wrong, here, because so many things did. Schumacher moved away from Burton’s old school noir-style Batman in favor of a more Adam West-inspired take on the subject matter. It didn’t go well. Then there’s George Clooney, who’s somehow an even worse cast for Batman than Ben Affleck. Finally, comic villain Bane is reduced to a monosyllabic troglodyte whose only function is to lumber around a scene-chewing Uma Thurman. It was so bad that it even lost Schumacher his gig as the franchise director.


The Jennifer Garner vehicle Elektra isn’t so much a sequel to the critically panned Daredevil as it was a spin-off, but it still bears mentioning because of how truly awful it is. Even the star of the film has repeatedly panned it, saying she only starred in it because of contractual obligations.

A good portion of the films on this list can fall back on kickass fight scenes in spite of the fact that the scripts suck and the acting is pitiful. Elektra can’t even promise that. Though the bar was set exceptionally low for the film because of its link to Daredevil, no amount of lowered expectations could account for the fact that Jennifer Garner’s performance was wooden, the story made no sense, and the special effects looked like they’d been cobbled together in someone’s backyard.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

At one point in time, the comic book movie landscape was so bleak that a lot of people were forced to try and convince themselves that 2005’s Fantastic Four was actually a semi-decent movie. It makes no sense in retrospect, but it was a bleaker time. At any rate, when the original FF dropped in theaters, it made enough noise to merit a sequel.

A small group of fans even had some high hopes for the film considering it was set to depict one of comics' most underrated heroes: the Silver Surfer, herald of Galactus. Then Rise of the Silver Surfer dropped, and it was so awful that it saw a 66 percent decrease at the box office in its second weekend. The film couldn’t even appeal to hardcore fans who were disappointed at the Surfer’s lack of screen time and the fact that the World Eater is rendered as a big angry space cloud.

Spider-Man 3

There are those who once claimed Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2 was perhaps the greatest comic book film ever made (until The Avengers came out, that is). From Toby Maguire’s masterful balancing act between the trials of Peter Parker and his obligations as the web slinger to Alfred Molina’s nuanced portrayal of Dr. Octopus, Spider-Man 2 fires on all cylinders. 

And then Spider-Man 3 decided to up the ante by turning the slick symbiote costume into a conduit for Peter Parker to dress like the world’s most emo librarian. In addition to Maguire’s tough-guy act (a role that is not in his wheelhouse, by the way), Topher Grace is woefully miscast as Venom (should have been a different actor and another movie). Add two more villains, another love interest for Peter, and way too much time with Kirsten Dunst’s failing acting career and what you’ve got is a real stinker of a way to round out a trilogy.

Superman III

What happens when legendary comedian Richard Pryor jokes about wanting to be in a Superman movie? The producers take him super-duper seriously and then offer him $5 million to do the worst Superman movie ever. If the script itself isn’t excruciating enough, Pryor’s attempt to play it PG-13 is so strained it’s positively painful.

If there’s any actor who could give Toby Maguire a run for his money in terms of being awful at playing the bad man, it’s Christopher Reeve, and that is never more true than when he’s hamming it up as the evil version of the Man of Steel. Where Richard Donner knew how to use Reeve’s talent to harness the stalwart purity of Superman, his successor Ricard Lester didn’t have the same gift. As a result, Superman III comes off as a misdirected, awkwardly restrained movie in which everyone looks out of place.

Superman Returns

On paper, Superman Returns should have been much better than it was. By disregarding any Superman film beyond Superman II and netting Oscar winner Kevin Spacey as a diabolical Lex Luthor, Bryan Singer promised to breathe new life into a once-thriving series. Years before Zack Snyder tried to imbue Superman with an ill-fitting “grim” tone, Singer tried to dramatize the Kryptonian’s life in a somber tale of a hero’s redemption.

And then Singer delivered a cluttered, boring film that slogs its way through a “Superman is a deadbeat Dad” subplot before culminating in a ridiculous real estate scandal hatched by Luthor. Poor Brandon Routh is in way over his head as the Man of Steel, and Spacey’s Luthor somehow turned into the actor’s impersonation of late period Pacino. It was plodding, shallow, bewildering, and ultimately anti-climactic.

X-Men: The Last Stand

Perhaps the third installment in the original X-Men trilogy wouldn’t necessarily rank as a truly horrible comic book sequel (after all, Elektra exists), but The Last Stand very likely ranks as one of the most disappointing comic films ever made. 

Coming off the titanic critical and commercial success of Bryan Singer’s X-2: X-Men United, fan hopes were sky high. Then, Singer left the production to work on the disappointing Superman Returns and Fox made the colossal mistake of replacing him with Rush Hour director Brett Ratner. Ratner, in turn, mashed up two amazing comic book plots into a soulless, incoherent 90-minute piece of junk that breaks protocol with canon at every turn and undervalued the contributions of basically every actor whose name wasn’t Hugh Jackman.

Thor: The Dark World

In all respects, Thor: The Dark World is still better than most of the other movies on this list. However, compared to the splendid Shakespearean drama weaved by director Kenneth Branagh in the original, The Dark World comes off as a rote sci-fi adventure that drastically underused its awesome characters. Natalie Portman is basically needless, Thor has no character arc, and the villain is a regrettable waste of talent.

Listen, when you’re trying to one-up Tom Hiddleston as the bad guy, you don’t hide your villain under fifteen pounds of make-up and auto-tuned gibberish. Especially when that guy is Christopher Eccleston. Directed by Game of Thrones vet Alan Taylor, The Dark World seemed more concerned with staging intricate battles than it was with giving audiences a reason to care why Thor was swinging his hammer in the first place.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Zack Snyder is the worst thing to happen to beloved nerd properties since Uwe Boll. As a director, he seems to think that juxtaposing incomprehensible, ear-splitting violence with long scenes of gruff dudes brooding will make up for the fact that his films have zero substance. Batman v Superman is just the latest victim of his flashy take on classic heroes.

Though Man of Steel saw its fair share of critiques, fans were still hopeful that Snyder could turn things around with Batman v Superman. He did not. Beyond the fact that the script is weak and the star of the film only has 43 lines of dialogue, the film is stuffed to the gills with new superheroes, the planted seeds of a new extended Universe. These additions cut both ways. On the one hand, they serve little to no purpose in the overarching plot. On the other hand, Gal Gadot’s needless Wonder Woman is literally the only watchable part of the film. 

Batman v Superman is such a muddled, chaotic mess critical reviews scored it, on average, 50% lower than the original.

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<![CDATA[20 Crazy Behind-the-Scenes Facts About Forrest Gump]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/weird-forrest-gump-facts/anncasano

It’s hard to believe Forrest Gump came close to not getting made. The film went through several re-writes, and was extremely difficult to cast. Warner Bros. spent years developing the project, but decided to walk away because executives felt Forrest Gump was too similar to 1988’s Academy Award winning film Rain Man. And that's not even the strangest of these weird facts about Forrest Gump

Thankfully, Paramount Pictures bought the rights to the project, the script came together beautifully (it won an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay), and the casting was pretty much perfect (Tom Hanks took home the Academy Award for Best Actor). In celebration of the picture AFI called the 76th Greatest American Film of all time, this list puts together a jumbo shrimp bucket worth of fascinating Forrest Gump behind the scenes tales to share with friends and family who hold the film near and dear their hearts. 

Imagine John Travolta as Forrest. Jodie Foster as Jenny Curran. Weird right? It’s nearly impossible to see any other actors besides Tom Hanks and Robin Wright in those iconic roles. You won’t believe all the big name stars who passed on parts in the film. You’ll also be shocked to learn which legendary rapper auditioned for shrimp-loving Bubba.

Check out all those Forrest Gump facts and more. Know a few weird facts about Forrest Gump that didn’t make the list, let us know in the comments section below.

20 Crazy Behind-the-Scenes Facts About Forrest Gump,

All the Ping Pong Balls Were CGI

There's a lot of CGI in Forrest Gump. The most obvious examples are Lt. Dan's missing legs, and when Forrest stands next to President Kennedy and John Lennon. What you may be surprised to learn is that, in the scene when Forrest plays ping pong match in China, there are no ping pong balls in the scene. A behind-the-scenes DVD explains that Hanks and his competitor are swatting air, timing their paddle movement to the sound of clicks. The ball was added in post production. 

Tupac Shakur Auditioned for the Role of Bubba

Tupac Shakur will always be first and foremost remembered as one of the great hip hop artists, but he was also a successful actors. Before Forrest Gump was released in 1994, Tupac appeared in Juice, Poetic Justice, and Above the Rim. The rapper's wife, Keisha Morris, told UPROXX she and Tupac went to see Forrest Gump on their first date.

"We went to the Chelsea Movie Theater to see Forrest Gump and then we ate dinner around the corner in an Italian restaurant." She added, "He wanted to see Forrest Gump because he read for the part of Bubba."

That's Kurt Russell's Voice as Elvis Presley

Remember that hilarious scene where Forrest is talking about all the people who lived at his mama's boarding house when he was growing up? And he brings up a young man who had a guitar? That man plays "Hound Dog" while Forrest, in leg braces, dances in the style that made Elvis a rock and roll icon. Although Russell is not credited with providing the voice of Elvis, it certainly does sound like him. The actor also played Presley in the 1970 TV movie Elvis.

John Travolta Turned Down the Role of Forrest Gump

John Travolta was the first choice to play the titular character. He said no, and wasn't the only one to turn down the role that earned Tom Hanks his second straight Oscar for Best Actor (he won the year before for Philadelphia.) Both Bill Murray and Chevy Chase also passed on Gump. Travolta would go on to say passing on the part was a major mistake.

Despite the Gump gaff, Travolta accepted the role of Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction, which was released the same year as Forrest Gump. The role re-launched Travolta's career and earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

Tom Hanks Didn't Get Paid Upfront, But Made at Least $30 Million on the Back End

If an actor really believes in a project, sometimes he or she foregoes a paycheck and takes a percentage of any profit the film makes. Such was the case for Tom Hanks and Forrest Gump, and Hanks's belief paid off. He made at least $31 million on the movie, and by some estimates, as much as $70 million. According to Box Office Mojo, Forrest Gump made $677,945,399 internationally, on a $55 million production budget.

Tom Hanks Had Scripted Lines When His Microphone Turns Off

Forrest Gump is asked to share his experiences in Vietnam in front of a sea of people in Washington DC, during an anti-war protest. He approaches the microphone, but someone pulls the plug, and his words aren't heard. The man standing next to him on stage hears him, and is deeply moved. So what did Forrest say?

According to Hanks, he said, "Sometimes when people go to Vietnam, they go home to their mommas without any legs. Sometimes they don't go home at all. That's a bad thing. That's all I have to say about that."

Jodie Foster, Nicole Kidman, and Demi Moore All Turned Down the Role of Jenny

Jodie Foster, Nicole Kidman, and Demi Moore have had enormously successful careers, but that doesn't mean they aren't kicking themselves for turning down the iconic part of Jenny Curran. The role went to Robin Wright. Who knows why so many actors and actresses turned down roles in Forrest Gump. Perhaps the film didn't play as well on the page as it does on the screen?

Dave Chappelle and Ice Cube Turned Down the Role of Bubba

Notorious comedy legend Dave Chappelle turned down the role of Forrest's shrimp-loving Vietnam buddy Bubba. He admitted he regretted his decision after the movie became such a monster success. Of course, appearing in such a blockbuster could have launched Chappelle to instant movie star status. He achieved great success a decade later with his sketch show Chappelle's Show in 2003.

The part that went to Mykelti Williamson was also turned down by rapper-turned-actor Ice Cube. He reportedly passed on the role because he did not want to play a dumb character. 

Tom Hanks and Robert Zemeckis Saved the Production by Paying for the Running Scenes

During an interview with Yahoo Movies, Hanks explained how close Forrest Gump came to getting shut down because of financial issues. 

"The studio was one day away from pulling the plug on this one movie I was going to make, and the director came to my house and said, ‘Look, this is going to fall apart because they won’t give us the budget for shooting this one sequence, and we’ve got to have this sequence."

Director Robert Zemeckis proposed that he and Hanks split the cost of shooting that sequence, so that the studio would allow them to make the film they envisioned.

"I said, ‘All right.’ And the sequence was Forrest running across the country," Hanks revealed. "And we were 48 hours away from it being shut down. So I’m glad that worked out."

The running-across-the-country sequences contain perhaps the most iconic images in a movie filled with iconic imagery. It's Forrest's way of responding to Jenny leaving him. He was told by her at a young age to run away from danger, and that's exactly what Forrest does as an adult.

Jenny Died from Hepatitis C

Jenny tells Forrest, "I have some virus, and the doctors, they don't know what it is, and there isn't anything they can do about it." The movie never specifically states which "virus" Jenny has. We know that she was a drug addict in the 1970s, and Hepatitis C was not really known in the medical community until the late 1980s. Confirmation of this theory came in Winston Groom's sequel Gump & Co.

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<![CDATA[23 Instantly Recognizable Movie Characters Spotted in Real Life]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/movie-character-lookalikes/nathandavidson

Is it possible that movie characters are actually real people and not just actors? Has Hollywood been pulling the wool over our eyes for over a hundred years? Has the Internet exposed the awesome truth?! Nobody knows. No one can ever know. But these photos of real people who look like movie characters, these movie doppelgangers, make a pretty strong argument that movie characters aren't fiction. They're real. They walk among us. They are us. We are them.


23 Instantly Recognizable Movie Characters Spotted in Real Life,

Loki Burdened With Public Transportation

Life Finds a Way

Turtle Power

Hogwarts Express

The Bus Stops Here

Bambi and Flower

The Real Carl Fredricksen

Chewbacca: The Early Years

Simba and Timon

Hello Russell

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<![CDATA[Ridiculous Appearances That Prove Chuck Norris Is the King of Cameos]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/chuck-norris-cameos/stacie-hougland

There’s a reason everyone loves movie badass Chuck Norris… it’s because CHUCK NORRIS. Chuck Norris can slam a revolving door. Chuck Norris kicked a horse in the chin – and made giraffes. When Chuck Norris stared at the sun, the sun went blind. All this and more is why great Chuck Norris cameos in movies and TV rock our world like nobody’s business.

The man’s been an icon since making hit movies in the 1980s like the Missing in Action and Delta Force movies, and of course Lone Wolf McQuade. And because nobody conquers movies like Chuck Norris, he went on to dominate your TV screens in the 1990s with popular shows like Walker, Texas Ranger. But what we love the most is when Chuck Norris pops up in the most unexpected ways. It might be a reference on another movie or TV show, or even cartoon. Some of our favorite Chuck Norris roles involve comedic bits, or are at least a little more lighthearted than his usual movies. He’s even appeared in funny commercials, like this hilarious one.

Chuck Norris has almost 50 credits in his acting career, but often doesn’t make cameo appearances. That’s what makes these Norris bits so ridiculously entertaining. Let’s take a look at these cameos by Chuck Norris in movies and TV.

Ridiculous Appearances That Prove Chuck Norris Is the King of Cameos,

He Gives a Decisive Thumbs Up in Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story

Who would dare curse the name of Chuck Norris? Ben Stiller, that's who. In Dodgeball, Stiller plays a jerky gym owner trying to defeat his underdog rival (Vince Vaughn) at every turn. In the final match, when a dodgeball committee must decide the winner, it all comes down to you know who.

Chuck Norris originally said no to the cameo because he was a three hour drive away from where they were filming. Ben Stiller finally convinced him by calling him personally and sending a helicopter to get him. Chuck Norris says he didn't read the screenplay - he just choppered in, gave a quick thumbs up, and got out of there. So Chuck Norris of him. 

You Can Watch Chuck Norris Deliver a Chuck Norris Joke in The Expendables 2

Director and costar Sylvester Stallone is said to be a fan of Chuck Norris jokes and had invited Norris to appear in his Expendables sequel, but Norris balked and wanted the script scrubbed of swear words. Fun fact: apparently, Chuck Norris hates swear words. In the end though, the movie was rated R, and Norris's wife even picked his cameo's best line: "Chuck Norris was bitten by a cobra, and after five days of excruciating pain… the cobra died." (Skip to around the two-minute mark.)

Here He Is as a Young Villain in The Wrecking Crew

Chuck made his uncredited movie debut in this 1968 film that is the fourth and last in a series of movies that starred Dean Martin as secret agent Matt Helm. Skip forward to around the :33 mark to see Norris as one of the bad guys mounting an attack in a Chinese restaurant. Fun fact: The fight scenes were arranged by Bruce Lee.

He Doles Out Some Advice on The Goldbergs

In a 2015 episode of ABC's love letter to the 1980s, The Goldbergs, the younger brother, Adam, pranks his brother by sending him a letter that appears to be from Chuck Norris himself. Audiences were surprised when they heard what was actually Chuck Norris voicing the letter. We bet you've never heard Chuck Norris say the words "douche nozzle" before this.


NBD There's Chuck Norris on a Corvette on The Price Is Right

If Chuck Norris ever went on The Price is Right, the prize would be death. That's a joke, of course, because Chuck Norris DID make a cameo on The Price Is Right Million Dollar Spectacular in 2003 and the prize was actually a new Corvette. Then he rode out on the back of it, to the audience's delight. Fun fact: Chuck Norris taught Bob Barker martial arts

Chuck Norris Shows Up in the Music Video for "Chuck Norris"

Last summer pop star hopeful Laura Michelle released a single called "Chuck Norris," a catchy tune about a girl whose rival is taking everything she has, and how to release one's inner kung fu master to fight back. Toward the end, she's helped by a guy who offers her a bottle of water. . . and that guy is, you guessed it, Chuck Norris! The video, which Michelle says is based on watching Walker, Texas Ranger with her dad before he died, has racked up 13 million views.

Chuck Norris Turns Up in a Fight Scene in This '90s Made-for-TV Movie

This impossible-to-find 1993 made-for-TV movie was essentially a long video promoting country musician Randy Travis and his album of the same name. The plot of the movie centers on a group of people making a Western film and it unbelievably stars Burt Reynolds and Lou Diamond Phillips. In a fight scene, Chuck Norris pops up to take Randy Travis down to the ground.

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