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Twilight Sparkle

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
Rainbow Dash


Princess Luna

Sonata Dusk

Sunset Shimmer


Derpy Hooves

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<![CDATA[Movies About Mental Illness]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/movies-about-mental-illness/but-chickens-double-d
Movies concerning or featuring central characters with mental illnesses

A Clockwork Orange

Cape Fear


Fatal Attraction

Fight Club


One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Pink Floyd – The Wall

Taxi Driver

The Shining

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<![CDATA[The Sexiest Women in Action Movies]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/sexiest-women-in-action-movies/ron-mexico
The sexiest women in action movies manage to command the screen with their physical abilities and their acting skills. These are women not to be toyed with, under any circumstances. They're hot, they're highly trained and they'll kick your butt to kingdom come if given the chance. Who is the absolute sexiest woman ever cast in an action movie? That's for you to decide. Vote for your favorites, and vote down those women that you don't think measure up. Also, feel free to add any actress that you think deserves a place of honor on this list!

Some of the sexiest women ever to appear in action movies include the likes of Uma Thurman ('Kill Bill'), Kate Beckinsale ('Underworld'), Angelina Jolie ('Lara Croft,' 'Wanted' and 'Salt') and Milla Jovovich ('Resident Evil'). Those are all shining examples of incredibly gorgeous women who've had sexy roles in several different action movies and/or franchises. Some actresses on this list have only appeared in one or two action films, but they were so smokingly hot they make the cut. Examples, you say? How about Geena Davis in 'The Long Kiss Goodnight' or Demi Moore in 'GI Jane'?

While many of the sexy actresses in action movies appeared in films during the 1970s and 1980s (Pam Grier in 'Foxy Brown,' Linda Hamilton in 'Terminator 2' and of course, Sigourney Weaver in 'Alien'), there are some recent roles worth noting. Jennifer Lawrence's turn as Katniss Everdeen in 'The Hunger Games' was stellar, Scarlett Johansson was a fantastic Black Widow in 'The Avengers,' MMA star Gina Carano kicked a** in Steven Soderbergh's 'Haywire' and Anne Hathaway promises to make an amazing Catwoman in Christopher Nolan's 'The Dark Knight Rises.'

Enjoy this list of some of the sexiest women ever to appear in action movies, and be sure to vote (and add anyone that's missing). Or else!

Angelina Jolie
Salt, Wanted and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Charlize Theron
Æon Flux
Jessica Biel
Es una de las mejores...
Kate Beckinsale
Keira Knightley

Milla Jovovich
Resident Evil

Olivia Wilde

Scarlett Johansson
The Avengers
Uma Thurman
Kill Bill
Yvonne Strahovski

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<![CDATA[The Greatest Chick Flicks]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/best-chick-flicks-in-my-opinion-_
List of the greatest chick flicks ever, ranked by fans and casual critics like you. The best girl movies are those which we've all seen 100 times and can recite line by line, and they're among the most rewatchable movies of all time. While the "chick flick" genre can be hard to define, most films with this moniker share at least a few common characteristics. First and foremost, they appeal to women – especially younger women or teens, which means they feature strong female characters in familial or romantic relationships. Be sure to vote for your favorites, and vote down any movies that you don't think qualify as a "chick flick."

Any list of the best chick flicks would have to include one of the most romantic films of all time, Titanic. The tragic love story of Jack and Rose is timeless. Other chick flick dramas that deserve spots on this list include Steel Magnolias, Beaches, and yes, Thelma & Louise. And of course, The Notebook deserves a spot (or two, or five). One thing all of these chick flick dramas have in common: They are all serious tear jerkers. Can anyone get through The Notebook's final scene without crumpling into the fetal position in tears&

Not all of the greatest chick flicks are dramas, however. No, many of the best movies aimed at women are actually comedies -- especially romantic comedies, or "rom coms." When Harry Met Sally... is a great example (and really, almost any and all other movies starring Meg Ryan qualify), and so is Clueless. And one of the best chick flick comedy movies ever, Bridesmaids, was released in recent years. It proved, without question, that a movie about women could be rude, crude and socially unacceptable – but still hilarious and extremely popular among movie goers.

Again, be sure to vote for the top chick flicks you think are the best ever, and add any that might be missing!

Many, even most of the best romantic comedies cross over into the land of chick flicks, though many aren't quite (see: The 40 Year-Old Virgin, Wedding Crashers, and Jerry Maguire).

The Notebook

10 Things I Hate About You

A Walk to Remember

Dirty Dancing


Legally Blonde

Mean Girls

Pretty Woman

The Devil Wears Prada


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<![CDATA[The Best Movies of 2014]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-movies-2014/ranker-film

Sure there are the Oscars, Golden Globes, and a number of other award ceremonies that hand out trophies to movies that are voted on as the best of 2014, but we want to know which 2014 movies that fans like you thought were the absolute best. Everyone has their own rankings of the top films of the year, and this is your chance to weigh in on which ones you loved the most.
It's time for you to enter into this hotly contested debate and vote for the best movies of 2014. While it does depend on personal taste, the movies on this list received great reviews, captured the attention of the audience, and earned a place in cinema history. These include films like Interstellar, Boyhood, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Whiplash. For more 2014 movie lists, check out Ranker's lists of the funniest movies of 2014 and the best horror films of 2014.



Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Lego: The Piece of Resistance

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Guardians of the Galaxy

Gone Girl

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Edge of Tomorrow

The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies

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<![CDATA[The Best Hockey Movies]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-best-hockey-movies/all-genre-movies-lists
Best hockey and ice hockey movies. This is a list of films that feature the sport of hockey as a central theme. Think we missed one? Please feel free to add it to the list yourself. Famous for its fast paced action and fights (with its flying pucks and swinging sticks), hockey is a no-brainer if your goal is to make an action-packed sports movie. Ice hockey is especially popular in nations that have a dominant winter climate. That said, hockey has also found a strong following in the United States.

One professional team, the Anaheim Ducks, actually got their name from a Hollywood hockey movie, "The Mighty Ducks". Vote on the best ice hockey films.

What are the best ice hockey movies? There are a few good ones over the years, like Slap Shot for example, that's gained cult status. The best hockey movies splash in seriousness with a cold dose of humor. What would be better for a movie that takes place on ice?

The Rocket
Released: 2005
D2: The Mighty Ducks
Released: 1994
D3: The Mighty Ducks
Released: 1996
Idol of the Crowds
Released: 1937
Released: 2004
Mystery, Alaska

Slap Shot
Released: 1977
The Mighty Ducks
Released: 1992
Released: 1986

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<![CDATA[The Best Movie Villains of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/the-best-movie-villains-of-all-time
These are the greatest, most vile movie characters we love to hate, ranked by the wisdom of the crowd. Anyone can contribute to this list of great villains, which makes this ranking an accurate, real-time reflection of the crowd's collective opinion.

Who are the greatest villains of all time? These movie bad guys are the scourge of the movie universe and you can now vote on the meanest villain ever to appear on film. Rank your favorites or add whoever (or whatever) you see missing.

Agent Smith

Darth Vader

Freddy Krueger

Hannibal Lecter

Jack Torrance

Lord Voldemort


Norman Bates



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<![CDATA[The Best Movies That Sort of Leave You Hanging]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-open-ended-movies/anncasano
SPOILER ALERT! This list discusses the endings of many popular films.

Here’s the deal. Storytellers craft a narrative that has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Audiences spend about two hours, hopefully becoming invested in the story, and at the conclusion, there’s a payout. The writer is expected to wrap up the story, giving audiences some kind of closure. Except, of course, when a screenwriter doesn’t pen a cut and dry ending, and instead chooses to leave the audience hanging with a serious cliffhanger or otherwise open-ended movie.

This list ranks the best films that have ambiguous endings. You may ask yourself why a screenwriter would choose to leave an audience gasping, “What the heck happened, how does the story end!?” Some spectators don’t think it’s fair and feel cheated when they don’t know what really happens, while others believe that it’s sort of cool and interesting to work through plot points upon repeated viewings and attempt to analyze a conclusion.

Of course, everyone has their own interpretations of these open-ended films. For every person who watched American Psycho and thought that Patrick Bateman was really a murderer, there is another person who is absolutely positive that he was just delusional.

Controversy is just one of the reasons why these movies are so brilliant; they create thought through deconstruction. All of these films contain multiple layers, each features plot points that beg to be examined, and several ultimately blur the line between reality and fantasy. We can’t trust our eyes and we have to ask questions. We are forced to think outside the proverbial box to try to create order out of a filmmaker’s chaos.

Have a favorite open-ended film that’s not on this list? Let us know in the comments section and be sure to cast your votes for the greatest movies below, despite (or maybe because of) their ambiguous and unclear endings.


American Psycho
Is Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) a sociopathic serial killer or just a crazy loon? Audiences spend the entire movie watching him kill people, or so it seems. The successful New York businessman is able to keep his psychotic side in the closet, until the third act when he goes totally bananas. In a hysterical state, he calls his lawyer and confesses his crimes. However, the dead bodies he was keeping around disappear into thin air. Did Bateman hallucinate killing people, or did he actually do it?

Blade Runner
In the original version of Ridley Scott's 1982 dystopian sci-fi classic, audiences were treated to  a sweet ending. Deckard and Rachel were on the road to happily ever after. However, when the director's cut was released, the original ending was thrown out the window. Was the paper unicorn dream actually a planted memory? Is Deckard a replicant? Are Rachel and Deckard actually on the run?

Lost in Translation
What the heck did Bob (Bill Murray) whisper into Charlotte's (Scarlett Johansson) ear at the end of Sofia Coppola's sophomore film Lost in Translation? The mismatched couple never shared anything more than a single kiss, but still had a profound emotional connection, deeper than most marriages.

There are only a couple things we know for sure about Christopher Nolan's non-linear masterpiece Memento. Leonard's (Guy Pearce) wife was brutally attacked in a home invasion that left him with short-term memory loss, so he makes it his single mission in life to find out who killed her. He has a system to help him with clues that he can't remember: tattoos, written notes, Polaroids.

However, the big twist at the end of the film makes the audience question everything. We realize that we can't trust anyone, not even Leonard (especially not Leonard), a man who is the definition of an unreliable narrator. He even says, "How can you trust a man with brain damage?" In fact, our protagonist may just be chasing his wife's supposed killer because he doesn't have anything else to do and Leonard may actually be the one who killed his wife! This is a film filled with liars who can't be trusted. At the end of the movie, which is actually the beginning of the narrative, there are more questions than there are answers.

Mulholland Drive
Oh, David Lynch, you surrealist master of confusion. The director's 2011 non-linear, non-sensical, neo-noir has too many questions to ponder. In fact, at the end of the movie, we're not even sure if it's the beginning of the story. What is real? What is fantasy? What is a dream? Audiences have to act like detectives in order to put the pieces of the puzzle together. But who says that a story has to make sense to be great?

The Graduate
Aimless college graduate Benjamin Braddock is seduced by Mrs. Robinson, the much older wife of his father's business partner. By the end of the film, Benjamin decides that he's in love with her daughter Elaine, and he crashes her wedding. Elaine and Benjamin run off and escape to the back of a public bus. At first, they are all smiles, Elaine obviously still wearing her wedding gown. Then they realize the enormity of what they've done. The smiles disappear and a "holy cow, now what" look emerges on both their faces. The film ends and audiences are left shaking their heads. Now what, indeed.

The Matrix Revolutions
Confusion, due to the complexity of the Matrix films, hits its peak with the third and final installment of the trilogy. When the film faded to black, audiences were left wondering if Neo died in the battle with Agent Smith. Or, did his spirit perhaps survive and somehow live on and exist within the Matrix. And is the war between the machines and human kind over? So much was left unanswered.

The Shining
Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) loses his mind in Stanley Kubrick's horror classic The Shining. A harsh, cold winter of solitude combined with a deadly helping of writer's block and a creepy hotel up in the mountains not only make Jack a dull boy, but they also make him want to murder his wife and son. Jack is killed at the end of the film, however his image lives on in an old photograph that we see on the wall of the hotel. Do you believe in ghosts? Is Jack now the evil spirit that haunts the hotel?

Vanilla Sky
Can anyone explain the ending to Cameron Crowe's 2001 psychological thriller!? Even if you think that you have the definitive answer, you're probably wrong. Crowe himself admitted there were quite a few different interpretations for the ending of the film.

Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) spends so much time inside of other people's subconscious that he needs to carry a totem, a spinning top, in order to tell what's real and what's a dream. At the end of this science fiction heist story, Cobb finally gets his kids back. He spins his top to make sure it's all real, however, writer/director Christopher Nolan cuts to black in the middle of the spin. Was it all just a dream? Is Cobb really with his kids? Is Cobb even alive?

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<![CDATA[The Best Actors in Film History]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/best-actors
The best actors ever are ranked here in this list of the best actors in film history. These are the greatest actors ever to appear on the silver screen - male only (to vote on both genders, check out this list of the greatest film actors and actresses). These gentlemen were part of some of the greatest movies of all time (or were perhaps the reason they were the best movies ever), with countless Academy Awards between them.

What are the qualities of the best actors of all time? Is it the raw emotion they show, the parts they choose, their acting methods, or simply their effortless charm and charisma? There's no denying some of these amazing actors belong on the list of the hottest male celebrities, but behind the 1000 watt smiles lies the talent that defines generations of actors.

Who is the best actor of all time? Is it a classic actor like Marlon Brando, a comedic genius like Charlie Chaplin, a double-threat like Clint Eastwood, or a method actor like Daniel Day Lewis? There are so many choices for the greatest movie actor ever that you may have a hard time choosing just one (although you can vote for as many of the actors on this list of the greatest actors ever as you'd like). If your favorite leading man isn't on the list, make sure to add him so others can vote for him to receive the title of best actor in film history.

Al Pacino

Anthony Hopkins

Daniel Day-Lewis

Jack Nicholson

James Stewart

Leonardo DiCaprio

Marlon Brando

Morgan Freeman

Robert De Niro

Tom Hanks

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<![CDATA[Which New Release Could Unseat 'Insurgent' at Box Office?]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/which-new-release-could-unseat-_insurgent_-at-box-office-/kpcc893
Friday means Filmweek on AirTalk! 'Insurgent,' the sequel to the hit film 'Divergent' won the box office battle last week. Can any of this week's new releases beat out Insurgent at the box office?

Drama set in Depression-era North Carolina, where the future of George Pemberton's timber empire becomes complicated when he marries Serena.
A Girl Like Her
16-year-old Jessica Burns has a secret that she's afraid to share with anyone - except her best friend, Brian Slater. For the past year she's been victimized by another girl - her former friend.
A Wolf at the Door
A Brazilian crime drama centering on a child's kidnapping and a love triangle.
Nightlight (Shelby Young, Chloe Bridges)
Five friends play a game in a ''mysterious'' forest with a long history as a beacon for troubled young people contemplating suicide.
Jauja (Viggo Mortensen, Diego Roman)
A father and daughter journey from Denmark to an unknown desert that exists in a realm beyond the confines of civilization.
The Mafia Only Kills in Summer (Cristiana Capotondi, Pierfrancesco Diliberto)

Inspired by real events, this is a black comedy about 20 years of history of Sicily from 1970s to 1990s, mocking Mafia Bosses and restoring the generosity of the heroes of Antimafia. It’s focused on Arturo, a young boy who grows up in Palermo and tries to conquer his beloved Flora.

Home (Jim Parsons, Robyn "Rihanna" Fenty)
When Oh, a loveable misfit from another planet, lands on Earth and finds himself on the run from his own people, he forms an unlikely friendship with an adventurous girl named Tip who is on a quest of her own.
The Barber (Scott Glenn, Stephen Tobolowsky)
Two men fixate on what triggers the enormity of evil: a father whose life is destroyed in pursuit of a killer and a son caught in a deadly charade as he tries to unravel his father's obsession.
While We're Young (Ben Stiller, Naomi Watts)
A middle-aged couple's career and marriage are overturned when a disarming young couple enters their lives.
Man from Reno (Ayako Fujitani, Pepe Serna)
In a small town south of San Francisco, Sheriff Paul Del Moral (Pepe Serna) is driving home through the fog when he accidentally strikes a pedestrian, a lone Japanese man.  At the same time,a  Japanese mystery author  takes a trip to San Francisco in order to escape the press tour for her latest book.

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