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Personally, I think the best football movie ever made is Disney's 2000 release REMEMBER THE TITANS. Also at #2 is the Sherwood Pictures theatrical debut film from 2006 FACING THE GIANTS is also a great movie along with #3 WE ARE MARSHALL and #4 the football classic about Notre Dame, RUDY.
The Best Football Movies Ever, film, sports, films, football, sports movies, best movies,

Any Given Sunday

Brian's Song

Friday Night Lights

Remember the Titans


The Longest Yard

The Replacements

Varsity Blues

We Are Marshall

The Blind Side

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<![CDATA[Most Horrific Behind-the-Scenes Stories from Horror Movies]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/horrific-horror-movie-stories/juliet-bennett-rylah
When Wes Craven's The Last House on the Left came out in 1972, the trailer suggested that those who terrified by its gruesome plot remind themselves, "It's only a movie." And, sure, that might help some, but what if the behind-the-scenes happenings on the film sets of horror movies themselves are just as creepy as the flick?

Numerous classic horror films are said to have carried a curse with them, manifesting in spooky occurrences on set or terrible misfortunes befalling cast the crew. Planes were struck by lightning, hotels caught on fire, and actors reported mysterious and unexplained occurrences while filming stories of demonic possession or ghostly hauntings. And on the scariest film sets, prop weapons weren't as fake as one might expect, resulting in serious injuries, close calls, tragic crashes and in one case, the death of an up-and-coming star. 

Most Horrific Behind-the-Scenes Stories from Horror Movies,

The Possession's Real-Life Cursed Box
The Possession is a film about a little girl who buys a small box from a yard sale and becomes possessed by an evil spirit hidden within. The film is based on the 'true' story of the Dibbuk Box.

A Dibbox, in Jewish mythology, is an entity capable of possession. In the early 2000s, a story circulated about a man buying a cabinet once owned by a Holocaust survivor, only to be sickened and haunted by a mysterious entity. It was said that every person who subsequently possessed the cabinet experienced unexplainable things, or became ill. The final owner hid the cabinet, which became known as the Dibbuk Box out of the belief that a Dibbuk had been locked inside the box.

Weird things also happened on the set of The Possession, in Vancouver, Canada, in 2011. Director Ole Bornedal talked of a neon sign that went from being off to exploding, and a fire that destroyed the storage house and all of its props five days after they wrapped.  

The Curse of Rosemary's Baby
Roman Polanski's 1968 psychological horror masterpiece Rosemary's Baby starred Mia Farrow as the eponymous Rosemary. In the film, she and her husband move into a new building, The Bramford, and decide to conceive a baby. But the neighbors sure are weird.

William Castle, the film's producer, wrote that he received a deluge of angry letters accusing him of witchcraft and other evils after the film's release in April, '68, and was later stricken with bout after bout of kidney stones. The film's composer, Krzysztof Komeda, died of a blood clot in the brain in April, '69. His death eerily mirrored that of a character in the film.

About a year after the film's release, on August 9, 1969, Polanski fell victim to one of the most notorious crimes in Hollywood history. His wife, a very pregnant Sharon Tate, and three of their friends, were murdered by the Manson Family while Polanski was out of the country. Charles Manson claimed to be inspired by The Beatles, in particular, the track "Helter Skelter." John Lennon was shot and killed by Mark David Chapman in December of 1980 in New York City, in front of the Dakota Building, which appears in Rosemary's Baby as The Bramford. 

A Helicopter Crash Killed Three Actors in Twilight Zone: The Movie
Three actors were killed in a helicopter crash in July, 1982, while filming Twilight Zone: The Movie. Actor Vic Morrow played a character who goes back in time, emerging in a village in Vietnam, during the war. He spots two children as a U.S. chopper appears and opens fire. The children were played by 7-year-old Myca Dinh Le and 6-year-old Renee Shin-Yi Chen. 

While filming, the helicopter pilot lost control and crashed into the three actors, all of whom died. It was later revealed that the kids were hired under the table, to circumvent labor laws such as filming at 2:30 am, the time when the crash occurred. Several people involved in the film, including director John Landis, were charged with, and acquitted of, manslaughter. 

The Chainsaw in Last House on the Left is Real
Horror movie buffs will tell you that Wes Craven's 1972 exploitation/home invasion/revenge film The Last House on the Left employs a real chainsaw during a final fight. 

Other on-set horrors include actress Sandra Peabody (then Sandra Cassel), who plays the ill-fated Mari, being tormented by her co-stars to elicit a more terrified performance. It's said that at one point Marc Sheffler held her over a cliff to get her in the mood for the next take. 
The Exorcist Was Cursed
The Exorcist was plagued by bad luck, leading many to believe it was cursed. If you haven't seen it, the film revolves around the MacNeil family, whose daughter Regan (Linda Blair) is possessed by the demon Pazuzu.

Right from the start, the production was bedevilled by creepy problems. Filming was delayed because the set for the MacNeil home caught fire. It was mostly destroyed, but, eerily enough, Regan's bedroom was spared. The fire was attributed to a pigeon that got into a circuit box.

There were a number of deaths and injuries to the cast, and crew and their loved ones. Actress Ellen Burstyn, who played the matriarch of the MacNeil family, was injured by a mishap (in the video) with her harness during a fight scene; the scream she unleashes in the film is real.

Actor Jack MacGowran and actress Vasiliki Maliaros both died shortly after the filming. MacGowran (age 54) of the flu in January, 1973, and Maliaros of natural causes (age 89), in February,1973. Linda Blair's grandfather and actor Max Von Sydow's brother both died during production, and the son of Mercedes McCambridge, who voiced the demon, murdered his wife and two daughters before taking his own life after being accused of fraud in November of 1987.

The Conjuring Crew Encountered Ghosts
The Conjuring is based on a supposedly true story, as told by paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, about a case they took on in 1971, at the behest of the Perron family. The film was successful upon its release in 2013, but the production was plagued with bizarre occurrences. 

Lorraine Warren consulted on the film. When screenwriters Chad and Carey Hayes tried to speak with her on the phone, they had a hard time getting through, which Lorraine attributed to spirits attempting to get in the way of their storytelling. During production in North Carolina, the hotel they crew stayed at caught on fire. Director James Wan said his dog seemed upset by an invisible entity, growling and tracking something unseen around his office. And actress Vera Farminga, who plays Lorraine, said claw marks mysteriously appeared one day the screen of her laptop without any explanation.

The Perron family claimed that, when visiting the set, wind whipped around them, but nearby trees remained still. That same day, a member of the Perron family who elected to stay away from the set fell and broke her hip. 

Cannibal Holocaust Was Mistaken for a Snuff Film
Cannibal Holocaust is a gruesome exploitation picture about a documentary crew antagonizing an Amazonian cannibal tribe, with predictable results.

The film's director, Ruggero Deodato, asked his four main actors lay low for a year after the film was finished, as part of a complex PR stunt. The brutality of the movie, on top of its missing actors, had the desired effect - people thought the movie was real. This led to Deodato being charged with murder. The actors had to appeared in court to prove they were still alive.

In addition to graphic human death, several animals are killed in the film. Of these animal deaths, six were real, and a seventh animal died as a result of the shoot, though wasn't in the film. Several members of the crew were charged with crimes in these deaths. 

The Poltergeist Curse
Some like to say the Poltergeist series is cursed, due to the fact that four members of the cast died.

Heather O'Rourke, who played Carol Anne Freeling, died when she was only 12 years old of septic shock, in February of 1988. Dominique Dunne, who played Carol Anne's older sister Dana in the first Poltergeist film, was strangled by her ex-boyfriend on October 30, 1982, only a matter of months after the film was released. 

The other two deaths were not particularly unexpected, unlike the deaths of the two young actresses. Julian Beck, who played Kane in Poltergeist II: The Other Side, died of stomach cancer at age 60 in 1985, and Will Sampson, who played Taylor in the same film, died in 1987, at age 53, following a heart-lung transplant. 

The Omen Curse
The Omen (1976) is about a couple that adopts a little boy, Damien, only to learn he's the Antichrist. Talk about a raw deal. 
While filming, actor Gregory Peck and writer David Seltzer, and executive producer Mace Neufeld, had their planes hit by lighting. Yes, planes. One carrying Peck and Seltzer, another carrying Neufield. Later, the hotel Neufeld was staying at in London was bombed by the IRA, and so was a restaurant at which several cast members had reservations.  

The most chilling incident occurred in Holland in August, 1976. John Richardson, the film's visual effects consultant, and his assistant, Liz Moore, were in in a car accident. Moore was decapitated in a manner similar to David Warner's in the film. Richardson crawled out of the wreckage, looked around to get his bearings,, and found a road sign reading, "Ommen, 66.6 km." 

The Star of The Crow Was Fatally Shot During A Scene
The Crow starred Brandon Lee, Bruce Lee's son, as a young man who is fatally shot after coming home to find gang members attacking his fiancée the night before the wedding. He returns from the dead as The Crow, a corpse-painted anti-hero, to exact revenge. The film became a goth cult classic.

However, a terrible tragedy occurred during filming. A dummy cartridge (a bullet with no charge) was stuck in the barrel of a prop gun from a previous scene. Actor Michael Massee pointed the gun at Lee and fired; the bullet struck Lee's aorta. He died in the hospital after several hours of surgery. It was later determined that several small mistakes led to this freak accident. The film was finished using Lee's stunt double and CGI. Lee was 28 when he died. 

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<![CDATA[Problems Every Video Game Movie Runs Into]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/video-game-movie-problems/jordan-love
Movies based on video games are a tough sell. Over the years, they've earned a reputation as being hugely disappointing for a number of different reasons. It's not entirely a mystery why they always fail. There are a handful of problems every video game movie faces. From terrible acting to dreadful plots, video game movies are just bad news.

Usually, there are a few exceptions to any rule, but when it comes to video game movies, that really isn't the case. Not a single one has ever earned overwhelming praise from critics. Although a few have been monetarily successful, none have reached any level of critical success. Many gamers have been left scratching their heads, asking themselves, "Why are video game adaptations always bad?" 

Luckily, there's good news. It's been a long time since the first video game movie was made, and it looks like studios and directors might finally be headed in the right direction. Better games are being adapted and more care is being put into video game movies. Granted, it might take some time before we see any critical accolades, but for now, the box office success of Warcraft will do. 

There are plenty of reasons video game movies are bad. We can only hope that the industry learns from its past mistakes and starts making better movies soon. Here are some reasons why video game movies are doomed to fail.

Problems Every Video Game Movie Runs Into,

They Choose Action Over Adventure
Video game movies tend to have a whole lot of action in them, which is fine to some degree. The problem is, most directors seem to have an aversion to the puzzle and mystery part of games. In Tomb Raider, for example, we never see Croft solving puzzles like she does in the game. If the Tomb Raider movie found a better balance like The Da Vinci Code or Indiana Jones, it would have been much better.

They Make Ridiculous Changes
Not all video game movies suffer from this problem, but at least a few do. The primary culprit here is Super Mario Bros. There's plenty wrong with this movie adaption, but some of the design changes made are pretty inexplicable. Things like making the world dark and dingy as opposed to the colorful video game world, as well as choosing to make King Koopa humanoid, were simply nonsensical changes that doomed the project from the start.

The Wrong Games Are Adapted
There are so many great games out there, ones with compelling stories and intricate characters. From Mass Effect to Elder Scrolls, there's no shortage of potentially great candidates for movie adaptations. Yet, for some reason, these properties with cinematic potential remain mere possibilities while Resident Evil films continue hitting theaters whether or not anyone asked for them. Need For Speed and Dead or Alive have both been adapted, yet BioShock sits on the shelf. That's just someone choosing to make the wrong movie.

Movies Aren't Interactive
Video games are all about interaction. The point of a video game is to play it. Whether you're an infantryman in a shooter or a striker in FIFA, video games are all about providing players with choices and opportunities. Games are built around player interaction. Since movies don't have any interactive facets, games simply don't translate to movies as well as things like books and comics.

They Focus Too Much on Looks
Video game movies are often highly concerned with looking good, often to the detriment of the rest of the movie. For example, Warcraft looks great. The visuals are spot on and they managed the difficult task of portraying the Orcs in an appropriate way. Unfortunately, the rest of the movie is only okay. If the same care and precision were given to the script, the movie would likely have been much better.

They Don't Stay True to the Games
Making a video game movie is incredibly difficult. One of the toughest things to judge is the potential audience. On the one hand, gamers want to see a movie based on the games they love. On the other, most producers probably want an audience of more than just gamers. Not staying true to the game can alienate gamers, but staying true to the game can alienate the rest of the audience. Far Cry and Alone in the Dark both suffered from this problem.

The Audience Doesn't Take Video Game Movies Seriously
Any video game movie announcement is usually met with trepidation at the very least. There have been so many shabby adaptations that a precedent has been set. People expect all of them to be bad from now until the end of time. Unfortunately, until one or two genuinely great films based on video games convince the audience otherwise, that stigma is going to stick around. That means they're facing an uphill battle right from the start.

The Acting Is Often Horrible
For some reason, video game movies just seem to bring out the worst in actors. Take the Super Mario Bros. movie, for example. Despite having some respectable names in the credits, it's an overall horribly acted movie. Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo contributed two of the worst performances of their careers to the movie.

They Don't Tell the Right Stories
Games like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter don't have much to offer when it comes to stories. With games like these, their simplicity could theoretically give filmmakers leeway to create their own narratives that capture the spirit of the games. Instead, the stories are often flimsy excuses for action that's inherently less rewarding because the viewer is simply viewing, not playing.

They Stay Too True to the Source Material
Games and movies are superficially similar, but they're wildly different forms of storytelling. Things that work in games often don't work in movies. Frequently, filmmakers focus on replicating a game's successes, only to find that those strengths don't translate to another medium. In the Ratchet & Clank game, the roundabout action and adventure is great, but the movie is repetitive and dull for the same reasons the game is so popular.

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<![CDATA[The Schwiftiest Rick and Morty Characters]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-rick-and-morty-characters/greg-hahn
Hey kids, who are the best Rick and Morty characters? Are you a...uhh... do you like <BURP> science? H-how bout cartoons about adventure and junk? C-cuz Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon created this Adult Swim show about... hoo-boy, a scientist, Rick Sancez, and his grandson, Morty Smith. Rick & Morty! A hundred times Rick and Morty!

This cartoon series features an unusually sprawling cast, so there are plenty of strange creatures to vote up on this list of favorite Rick and Morty characters. Whether you love Bird Person or Ice-T, it's time to get schwifty, folks!

The Schwiftiest Rick and Morty Characters,

Summer Smith

Rick Sanchez

Morty Smith


Jerry Smith

Beth Smith

Mr. Poopybutthole

Principal Vagina


Mr. Meeseeks

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<![CDATA[The Best TV Shows Based on Movies]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-tv-shows-based-on-movies/ranker-tv
List of the best TV shows based on movies. Here are the rankings of the top television series that all began with a film. When a story is so never-ending and epic, it is often perfect for a franchise. Books, remakes, and cross-overs between film and television. "M*A*S*H" is one of those rare instances of the film and television show both being perfect -- although "The Odd Couple" might fit that description. Did you know "Friday Night Lights" was a movie before a hit TV show? And what about all the animated ones like "RoboCop" and "Clerks?" "Teen Wolf" is now MTV's number one scripted series and it evolved from a feature film. These are the greatest movies-turned-TV-shows in the history of entertainment. With "Parenthood" also on the air, it is time to look back at the best TV series that are based on movies that have ever graced both screens.
The Best TV Shows Based on Movies,

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Based on: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992)
Highlander: The Series
Based on: Highlander (1986)
Based on: MASH (1970)
Stargate SG-1
Based on: Stargate (1994)
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Based on: The Terminator franchise (1984)
Based on: Clueless (1995)
Friday Night Lights
Based on: Friday Night Lights (2004)
The Odd Couple
Based on: The Odd Couple (1968)
Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Based on: Star Wars franchise (1977)
Based on: La Femme Nikita (1990)

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<![CDATA[Swiss Army Man Movie Quotes]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/swiss-army-man-movie-quotes/movie-and-tv-quotes
Swiss Army Man movie quotes tell the story of a hopeless man on a deserted island who befriends a corpse. The comedy-drama was written and directed by Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan, also known as Daniels. After premiering at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, Swiss Army Man opened theatrically on June 24, 2016.

In Swiss Army Man, Hank (Paul Dano) finds himself stranded alone on a deserted island. With little hope of survival, he attempts suicide by hanging but just before going through with it, Hank spots a dead body that has washed ashore. Hank pulls the body from the shore through the woods and into a cave where he begins talking to it. Surprisingly, the body, Manny (Daniel Radcliffe), begins talking back.

But that's just one of Manny's many special powers, including acting as a miniature fart-powered boat. Together, Hank and Manny form quite the bond and go on many adventures across the island. While it's still unknown if Manny's abilities are real, or Hank is just hallucinating from starfish, the friendship changes both of them for life.

Swiss Army Man brings some levity into theaters already showing other movies like Finding Dory, Central Intelligence, Genius and Now You See Me 2.
Swiss Army Man Movie Quotes,

Okay, Buddy
Hank: I need you to help me get home. Okay, buddy?
Manny: Okay, buddy
Hank: Ahhhhh!

Just when Hank was about to give up and hang himself, he spots the corpse of a man that washed ashore on the beach. He pulls the body into the woods and begins talking to him when surprisingly, the dead body begins to converse back.
Guiding Us Home
Manny: Ahhh, what's happening?
Hank: I think your wang is guiding us home.

When Manny's man parts spring to life and begin moving around on their own, Manny is curious what is happening to him. As Hank explains, it's acting like a compass to show them the way home, or something like that.
People Don't Like Other People's Farts
Manny: When I get back home, I'm going to show Sarah how much I care about her every single day. Whatever she wants, when she's thirsty or whatever, she can drink my spit. And then she can ride my gas to wherever she wants to go.
Hank: You can't use your gas in front of other people.
Manny: What? Why not?
Hank: Because it's weird. People don't like other people's farts.
Manny: Is that why you don't fart in front of me?
Hank: No, I just like to do it alone or I hold it in. That's what you're supposed to do.
Manny: That's so sad. That's so sad. What are we even going back home for? It sounds like you're not allowed to do anything back there.

Manny explains how he wants to give his all to lady friend Sarah when he gets back home. But when Hank tells him that things like farting are not socially acceptable, Manny thinks going home sounds pretty lame.
If You Don't Know Jurassic Park
Hank: The camera pushes in. Cue the music. Da da da da...
Hank and Manny: Da da da da...
Hank: You remember Jurassic Park!
Manny: What? I don't know Jurassic Park.
Hank: If you don't know Jurassic Park, you don't know s***.

A serious conversation between Hank and Manny hits on the film Jurassic Park. When Manny explains that he doesn't know the movie, Hank does not approve.
You're a Miracle
Hank: You're a miracle, or I'm just hallucinating from starfish.

Hank realizes that the fact that a dead person talking to him, among other interesting powers, is quite the miracle. Either a miracle or a hallucination, but the details of which aren't really important.
Looking for Happiness
Hank: Back in civilization, there's seven billion other living people on the planet just running around and blinking and breathing and eating and you used to be one of them. You were probably just looking for happiness. That's what everyone does. This is what you look like when you are happy.
Manny: Happy
Hank: You look for someone who will make you happy, a friend, a girlfriend or a dog. Good boy
Manny: Good boy
Hank: Sometimes, you might be lucky enough to bump into the one person you want to spend the rest of your life with and that is love.

Hank explains to Manny that everyone in life is simply looking for happiness, whether that comes from a friend, partner or pet. While he doesn't come out and say that Manny is his happiness, the joy Hank gets from their adventures sure points that way.
You're Special
Hank: You're special.
Manny: I'm special.
Hank: You're like the multi-purpose tool guy.

As Hank explains, Manny is really special. Not only is he a talking, multi-powered corpse, he's also is like a multi-purpose tool, like a Swiss Army Man.

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<![CDATA[Finding Dory Movie Quotes]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/finding-dory-movie-quotes/movie-and-tv-quotes
Finding Dory movie quotes bring the beloved story which began in the 2003 animated film Finding Nemo back to theaters for another installment. The Disney Pixar film was directed by Andrew Stanton using a screenplay he co-wrote with Victoria Strouse. Finding Dory opened in theaters on June 8, 2016.

In Finding Dory, Pacific blue regal tang fish Dory (voiced by Ellen DeGeneres) is lost in the sea and, due to her short term memory issues, has little idea how to get back home to reunite with her parents. She does, however, recognize old friends Marlin (voiced by Albert Brooks) and Nemo (voiced by Hayden Rolence), a father and son clownfish team. So when Dory finds Marlin and Nemo, she has hope to make it back home.

But just as soon as they are reunited, Dory is scooped up by humans and taken to the Marine Life Institute. While Dory does meet new and old friends inside the institute, including whale shark Destiny (voiced by Kaitlin Olson), beluga whale Bailey (voiced by Ty Burrell) and octopus Hank (voiced by Ed O'Neill), she is still trapped with little hope of getting back home. Thankfully, Marlin and Nemo spring into action to rescue Dory and help her get back to her parents.

Finding Dory is just one of several top 2016 summer movies along with Central Intelligence, Genius, Now You See Me 2 and Me Before You.
Finding Dory Movie Quotes,

I Lost My Family
Dory: Hello
Inez: Did you hear that?
Stan: What's that? Hear what?
Inez: Stanley, I just, I heard someone say hello.
Stan: Yeah, there's a lot of fish here. Anybody, literally anybody, could have just said hello.
Dory: Hello
Inez: There
Stan: Where am I looking?
Inez: There!
Stan: Oh
Dory: Hi, I'm Dory.
Stan: Yeah, well where are your parents?
Dory: Hi, I lost my family.
Sunfish: Where did you see them last?
Dory: I forgot.
Dory: I was looking for something and I, okay, totally get it, date night.

Lost in the sea without her parents, Dory tries to get someone to help her get back home. Unfortunately for her, she has no memory of her folks or where home is and no clue how to remember.
Name's Hank
Hank: Name's Hank
Dory: I have to find my family!
Hank: That's a hard one, kid.

Dory meets Hank, a Pacific red octopus who is missing a tentacle. She explains to Hank that she's looking for her family, but Hank doesn't seem to have a lot of interest in helping.
She Should Just Pick Two
Dory: Mom! Dad!
Marlin: She should just pick two and let's go.
Nemo: Dad...
Marlin: What? I'm kidding!

When Dory, Marlin and Nemo come upon a school of Pacific regal blue tang fish, Marlin jokes that Dory should just choose new parents. Having known how scary it can be to be lost, Nemo doesn't find the joke funny at all.
I Remember Something Important
Dory: I remember something important!
Marlin: Something important? What?
Dory: Something about a clam or?
Marlin: No
Dory: No, an oyster
Marlin: No
Dory: Mollusk?
Marlin: No
Dory: Something?
Marlin: No
Dory: I don't know
Marlin: No clam

A light bulb goes on atop Dory's head when she thinks she remembers something that will help her find her family. She can't really remember what that is, however, and her guesses seem to be no help.
I Don't Want to Be Touched
Starfish: Incoming!
Hank: I don't want to be touched! Sorry!
Dory: That's okay. Everybody does it. Nothing to be ashamed of.

When visitors to a touching pond come in and take aim at Hank, embarrassingly, he releases dye. Dory responds kindly and reminds him that we all get nervous from time to time.
You Trust Becky?
Nemo: I trust Becky.
Marlin: You trust Becky? Becky is eating a cup!

When Nemo mentions that he trusts Becky, father Marlin questions Nemo's judgement. Considering Becky, a not-so-smart common loon, is eating a cup, perhaps Marlin is right.
Marlin: Dory, you are about to find your parents and when you do that, you'll be...
Dory: Home

Marlin offers Dory some words of encouragement as she feels a bit discouraged about finding her family. Marlin assures her that she's very close to finding them and finally returning home.
A Fish Hospital
Dory: I suffer from short term memory loss. It runs in my family. At least I think it does. Where are they?
Marlin: Dory! There you are!
Dory: Guys!
Marlin: Ahh, look out!
Boater: Look at this!
Marlin: Our friend got taken into whatever this place is.
Fluke: It's a fish hospital.

While Dory can't seem to remember her family, she does recognize friends Marlin and Nemo. But just as soon as she reunites with them, she's scooped up by humans and taken to a fish hospital.
Shushing Us for a Reason
Marlin: I get the feeling they're shushing us for a reason.
Dory: Like something with one big eye, tentacles and a snappy thing?
Marlin: Well that's very specific but something like that.

Marlin and Dory get shushed by nearby sea creatures for a reason Marlin does not know. Dory knows and tries to explain it to him, but he doesn't seem to get the hint.
I Can't Find Them on My Own
Dory: Somewhere out there is my family. I can't find them on my own.

Dory might not have a great memory but she knows that she needs to get back to her family and needs help to do that. This is no easy task, but necessary nonetheless.

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<![CDATA[The Hottest Cartoon Characters Of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/the-hottest-cartoon-characters-of-all-time

List of sexy cartoon characters and the sexy cartoon girls of all time. Animated vixens are nothing new, as hot cartoons have been around almost as long as the motion picture. The female cartoon characters on this list show the community's thoughts on who the sexiest cartoon girls are. 

Their seductive curves, mesmerizing eyes, and luscious lips are all great qualities that make a female cartoon hot. You may not find all those traits in your favorites, because each character has that something special that makes your heart go pitter patter. 

Who's your favorite hot cartoon characters? Whether she's from an animated film or a weekly cartoon series, all cartoon hotties are eligible to be added into the list of sexy cartoon girls. Which are the hottest female cartoon characters?

Sexiest cartoon characters include sexpots like Jessica Rabbit and Harley Quinn, girls next door like Betty Rubble and Lois Griffin, and the laced-up, sexy under their petticoat types like Belle from Beauty and the Beast and April O'Neill. Make sure to vote for the hot cartoon girls you think are the sexiest, and add any hot cartoon women if your fave isn't on the sexiest cartoon characters list already.

The Hottest Cartoon Characters Of All Time,


Daphne Blake

Harley Quinn

Jessica Rabbit



Princess Jasmine



Black Cat

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<![CDATA[The Greatest Horror Films of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/the-greatest-horror-films-ever-made
Horror movies, ranked by adrenaline junkies worldwide. Anyone can vote on this CrowdRanked list, and can even add your own favorite chiller to these rankings. Ghosts, zombies, monsters or maybe just the quiet guy down the street who straps on a hockey mask for kicks; these are the movies that scare the pants off you. What are the greatest horror films ever made?

Great horror films have a long and storied history in cinema. From the earliest horror movies like 1922's 'Nosferatu,' to modern classics like the 'Saw' series, scary movies have always had a special place in the collective, twisted hearts of movie goers. Each year, new horror movies come out that are designed to terrify, with evil characters bent on death and destruction. Will they all wind up on a list of the scariest horror movies ever made? Probably not, but not for a lack of trying.

Many of the best horror films are haunted house movies, relying on the setting as a huge, spooky selling factor. Other excellent horror films rely on nausea-inducing tactics, making us recoil in terror, totally disturbed by whatever we're watching on screen. Start with all of the ones on this list, and of course, feel free to add any that might be missing.

Enjoy this list of great horror films, and remember: You can rerank this list in any order you like. Boo!
The Greatest Horror Films of All Time,

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre


A Nightmare on Elm Street

Friday the 13th



The Thing


The Exorcist

The Shining

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<![CDATA[The Best Cartoon Characters of the 90s]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/best-cartoon-characters-of-the-90s
The 1990s was a time when all types of cartoons were introduced to the general public and thrived within the the realm of pop culture. 90s cartoon characters are some of the most beloved of all time and certainly some of the most iconic. Characters range from more mature characters like Homer Simpson to Beavis and Butthead to classic children's cartoon characters like SpongeBob SquarePants, Blue, Rocko, and Doug Funnie.

During the '90s, mature cartoons started to become popular with many teens and young adults. Mike Judge was at the forefront of this movement creating the aforementioned Beavis and Butthead TV show along with King of the Hill, whose main character Hank Hill can be seen on this list. These famous cartoons are the forefathers to characters like Peter Griffin, Stan Smith and the rest of the Seth MacFarlane universe. The same goes for the Nickelodeon cartoons of the same time period.

Anyone can contribute to this list of who the best cartoon characters of the '90s is, which makes this ranking an accurate, real-time reflection of the crowd's collective opinion.If you have a favorite–boy or girl, blue, green, black, or yellow– that is not on the list, be sure to add it. It can be disputed that the '90s was the best time for edgy cartoon characters and this Ultimate List sets out to settle the dispute over who was the best character of that time. Rank your favorites or add whoever you see missing.
The Best Cartoon Characters of the 90s,

Bart Simpson


Homer Simpson

Scrooge McDuck

Tommy Pickles

SpongeBob SquarePants

Stimpson J. "Stimpy" Cat



The Brain

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