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Smash Bros is a cruel lottery where a good item can really change the game around, but a bad item can lead to your demise. To celebrate all those bad pulls, today's list is my Top 10 WORST Smash Bros Items.

Top 10 WORST Smash Bros Items!, video games, games,

Fire Flower

Mr. Saturn


Lightning Bolt

Boomerang Flower

Green Shell

POW Block

Banana Peel

Blue Shell

Super Leaf

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<![CDATA[11 Times Bethesda F*cked Up And Shot Themselves In The Foot]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/biggest-bethesda-mistakes-in-company-history/robert-carnevale?source=rss

While every company has its missteps, most of these fumbles are usually harmless and easily overlooked by the public. But on rare occasions, a corporate juggernaut will screw up in a big way - take United Airlines, for example. Messes that are big enough will destabilize entire chunks of an industry.

Bethesda Game Studios is one such company that's had a rocky track record, doing everything from monetizing mods to running one of the best stealth gamesDishonored, right into the ground. This list serves to show that the industry giant behind titles like Skyrim and Fallout 3 might not be as perfect as you think. Compiled here are the times Bethesda seriously dropped the ball - vote up the worst blunders. 

11 Times Bethesda F*cked Up And Shot Themselves In The Foot,

Todd "All Of This Just Works" Howard And His False Promises

Ah, Todd Howard. Creative visionary, lauded game director, and serial liar. The man is responsible not only for Fallout 3, 4, TES: Oblivion, and Skyrim, but also for lying about each of those games' features. When questioned about how a game like Fallout 4 could function properly (read: no glitches), he responded with, "That's the benefit of a fully dynamic world: all of this just works." 

He claimed Fallout 3 would have 200 endings. Yes. That's not a typo. 200. Howard also swore Oblivion would sport over 40,000 unique lines of recorded dialogue. He promised gamers the world, time and time again, and at each juncture, he fooled them. So the next time you see this man give an E3 presentation, be careful: he's the kind of guy who puts all his stat points into luck, charisma, and nothing else.  

Fallout 4: A Missed Opportunity Of A Sequel

A game of missed chances and nothing more, Fallout 4 was an instance of derivative sequel-pumping in lieu of what could've been a truly impressive installment in the beloved franchise. Riffing heavily off Fallout 3, the sequel did little to innovate or build upon its predecessor in any meaningful way, despite its lengthy development cycle and massive budget. This was an opportunity for Bethesda to push boundaries - an opportunity they firmly rejected.

E3 2017: Short, But Not Sweet

E3 conferences serve one large purpose: to generate hype. Bethesda's 2017 E3 presentation did the exact opposite. Clocking in at an unheard-of 35 minutes (Microsoft's was 2 hours, for reference), the company announced two new ports of the now six-year-old game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, as well as a pair of sequels for some very niche-specific IPs. And that was it. Underwhelming is an understatement - this is the kind of lineup that prompts most publishers to skip E3 for a year rather than make a fool out of themselves publicly. 

Quake Champions: The Wrong Kind Of Reboot

This whole game is a mistake from the ground up. It feels less like the original Quake titles and more like a bad mod of Doom 2016's multiplayer mode - which is probably due to the fact that Quake Champions uses so many of Doom's assets. The physics are off, the guns have no impact, and characters feel like they're ice-skating rather than speed jogging. The whole thing's an active dumpster fire that should have been canned before it was released. If nothing else, at least it'll serve as the perfect case study in corporate resource misallocation. 

Bethesda's Anti-Review Policy

Starting with Doom in 2016, Bethesda had the brilliant idea to stop the press from reviewing their games in advance. They provide journalists with "review" copies less than 24 hours before a game is set to launch.

While Doom turned out to be a critical and commercial success, Bethesda took the cautious tolerance that game had earned their new policy and burnt it to the ground with Dishonored 2's disastrous launch, prompting a negative impact on Prey (2017) sales as a result. Will the policy affect Bethesda's future releases as well? Definitely. Do they deserve it? Indubitably.

Dishonored 2's PC Disaster

People began to worry about Dishonored 2 as soon as Bethesda kicked off their "you can't review our games before they're released" policy. Was the game such a mess that they didn't want early reviews, and was it being deliberately shrouded in secrecy to prevent news outlets from revealing the truth about its condition? The short answer turned out to be: yes.

Dishonored 2 on PC was one of the most poorly-optimized messes of 2016, a factor that didn't influence its initial sales because of Bethesda's shady practices. Low framerates, stuttering, and memory leaks galore plagued the abysmal PC port's entire playerbase at launch. The terrible game still haunts a sizeable portion of gamers to this very day. 

Bethesda's Reliance On Radiance

One of Todd Howard's biggest lies throughout his pre-release Skyrim presentations was regarding the use of a radiant AI and mission system as a means of making the game endless, and thereby playable forever, with uniquely generated content. But while Skyrim was technically infinite because of this system, that hardly meant infinitely playable - plodding through endless, painstakingly dull radiant quests would quickly become a chore, one that the developers used as a deliberate substitute for real, hand-developed content. This problematic system persisted in Skyrim, Fallout 4, and will presumably continue into whatever open-world game Bethesda releases next.

Paid Mods Round 2: Creation Club Boogaloo

Not one to go silently, Bethesda re-debuted its infamous paid mod program from 2015 under the new title "Creation Club," planned for consoles as well as PC. Here's the gist of their proposal: pay Bethesda, and only Bethesda, for mods that they've partially developed, but really leeched from the actual modding community's volunteer work. That's right - it's worse than their original 2015 program. 

Paid Mods: Full Steam Ahead

Back in 2015, Bethesda Game Studios took their very first stab at monetizing a sect of gaming that, out of good faith, had remained free since its very inception. The company opened up Pandora's box by allowing PC modders to charge for their creations on Steam, provided they were willing to share a massive cut of the profits with Bethesda. This purely corporate move sparked widespread outrage within the PC modding community and the pushback was so strong that Bethesda and Valve shuttered the program less than a month after its initial unveiling.

The Worrisome Trajectory Of The Dishonored Franchise

Bethesda had a beautiful new IP on its hands back in 2012 with the release of Dishonored, a game that wooed critics and consumers alike. Unfortunately, instead of seeing this success as an opportunity to really double-down and invest in a worthy sequel, Bethesda forced Dishonored back out onto the street corner in nothing but a pair of stockings and a fool's-gold number 2 necklace.

Between an awful PC port and terribly underbaked core gameplay across all platforms, the lackluster sequel spawned countless plotholes in the universe's lore and betrayed the first game's biggest selling point: a good story. Worse yet, at E3 2017, Bethesda announced a DLC spin-off that stars the sequel's most bland and clichéd character in a mini-release that reeks of corporate greed, rather than artistic purpose. This is a master class in how you run a new IP into the ground. 

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<![CDATA[13 Reasons Why The Fallout Franchise Is Better Than Elder Scrolls]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/reasons-fallout-better-than-elder-scrolls/robert-carnevale?source=rss

From atop his ivory tower in the sky, a man named Todd Howard, employee and resident wizard at Bethesda Game Studios, pondered how to appease both fans of science fiction and traditional fantasy. To achieve this lofty goal, he re-imagined the Fallout series by creating Fallout 3 and 4, as well as the modern Elder Scrolls titles Oblivion and Skyrim. And on the seventh day, Todd saw all that he had made, and it was good. Until it wasn't.

Stretching back to the cavemen of yore and comic-con goers of yesteryear, Fallout and The Elder Scrolls' fans have warred with each other, thirsting for fandom dominance over their much-hated rivals. And both parties have every right to be angry: after all, not all franchises were created equal under Todd's watch. No, he'd made a grievous error: he'd left The Elder Scrolls far inferior to Fallout. This list serves to accentuate that fact by giving you to the top 13 reasons the Fallout franchise utterly trounces its Bethesda brother and remains the best open-world series to date. Check out the arguments below and vote up the ones that truly explain why The Elder Scrolls is inferior. 

13 Reasons Why The Fallout Franchise Is Better Than Elder Scrolls,

Vault Boy

Unlike The Elder Scrolls, Fallout has a mascot. This mascot not only keeps the series' installments feeling grounded in the same universe, but also puts a face on the franchise that everyone can chuckle at and inquire about. And while some might not think a mascot is very important for a brand's strength, companies like Geico have shown that thought process couldn't be farther from the truth. Vault Boy simultaneously lures in new fans and offers a knowing wink to old ones, bringing all Fallout players into one big, unified community. 

There Are Original Monsters

In lieu of The Elder Scrolls' more traditional beasts like dragons and frost trolls, Fallout opts to employ some actual creativity and imagine its own monsters. These creatures are reminiscent of real-world animals who've spent centuries evolving in a post-nuclear world. Scaly beasts like the deathclaw or freakishly large black-bear-descended yao guai flesh out the Fallout world's unique bestiary and make it that much more interesting to explore.

The Story Is Better

The Elder Scrolls series keeps its installments' plots simple: stop the dragon, defeat the evil god, and so on and so forth. It can get a bit repetitive. But in Fallout, stories are designed to shine a spotlight on real-world problems that people can sympathize with. The series' various narratives revolve around themes such as abandonment and theft, which provide organic motivation for the player's journey. 

Your Character's Backstory Is Richer

A typical Elder Scrolls game starts off by making you a nobody from nowhere who's magically woken up on a boat, in a cart, or some other innocuous place that's leading to a destination where you'll be revealed as the game's savior. On the other hand, Fallout takes the time to give your character some (much needed) context and purpose. In Fallout 4, for example, you see your life before the game's big nuclear holocaust takes place, meaning you feel twice as wronged and thrice as driven to stop the bad guys after they murder your spouse and kidnap your child. 

Good Difficulty Curve

The Elder Scrolls starts you off as an abandoned kindergartner and places you on the path to become a digital messiah who can control peoples' minds with the press of a button. On the other hand, the Fallout franchise has a much better difficulty curve that leaves the game feeling relatively fair and balanced from start to finish, providing a solid challenge without ever feeling cruel or unrealistic.  

Classy Music

Need a little big band in your life? Maybe some swing jazz? Lucky for you, the music of generations' past is featured front and center in Fallout. Want to pop a few caps to the tune of "Heartaches by the Number" by Harlan Howard? Or how about "Butcher Pete" by Roy Brown? Great licensed songs like these make every moment in Fallout feel that much more era-appropriate and special - as though you're playing through a time capsule. 

It's Historical

Everyone loves a good bit of science fiction, and imagining what places like Boston and Nevada might look like in two hundred years after nukes have wiped them out is a premise too interesting to pass up. Unlike The Elder Scrolls, the settings in Fallout games are geographic locations people actually live in when they place - places that would suffer serious consequences were a nuclear strike to befall them. That tangible danger makes the historical backdrops of Fallout much more exciting to explore than the generic fantasy provinces of The Elder Scrolls

The V.A.T.S. System Is Super Fun

In a mechanic that plays out like a fusion of XCOM and Max Payne, the Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System enables slow-mo cinematic gunplay that allows for probability-based targeting of enemy body parts. It allows players to pick an action from several options, such as targeting the head for an insta-kill or shooting weapons out of enemy hands. Each target area has a percent-chance to hit, throwing in a nice gambling element into the mix. 

Insane Customization

From the scope of your gun to the layout of your settlement's HQ, everything is customizable. You pick where the furniture goes, which grip to attach to your favorite rifle, what mod to equip your power armor with. All these unparalleled choice is directly under your control.

Settlements And The Workshop

Fallout 4 allows you to do something no other Bethesda game, including The Eltder Scrolls titles, permits: you can build settlements, customizing details from fort size down to where you want certain chairs or your favorite clock. In a game all about immersion, being able to build your own domicile goes a heck of a long way toward making the overall experience feel that much more real.

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<![CDATA[Most Controversial Video Games That Have Ever Been Released]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/most-controversial-video-games-ever/nathan-gibson?source=rss

Just like every other form of entertainment, video games have not been immune from stirring up media storms. Ever since the first games were released, certain portions of society have looked down upon them and tried to blame particular crimes on their influence. This has been particularly true of violent games that some have claimed are able to incite aggression in players. It is little wonder then that there have been so many controversial video games.

Violent games, like first person shooters, are not the only type of video games that upset people. Some are wildly inappropriate video games that should never have been released because of the content they contained. Others were controversial because they included themes that some found offensive, such as titles that seemingly supported the LGBT community. In some instances, a game might have led to anger for no logical reason whatsoever. Whatever the case, check out these games that caused a ton of controversy when they were released, and vote up the ones that blatantly crossed the line. 

Most Controversial Video Games That Have Ever Been Released,

Duke Nukem Forever

It would be reasonable to expect that if gamers were going to get upset over Duke Nukem Forever, it would be because of its decade-long development cycle, rather than the content. That was not the case, though. Many users were put off by the striking sexism present in the game.

Not only are women treated as nothing more than sex objects, but one game mode seemed to promote violence against them. The “Capture the Babe” mode has players carry females to their base. It also gave players the option of slapping them on the bottom if they freaked out. Despite the series always having a somewhat immature attitude towards women, some critics felt this went too far. 

Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards

The Leisure Suit Larry series may seem like a jovial relic of a time when political correctness was less important, but the game was still able to cause a significant amount of controversy. Several stores refused to sell or advertise the title and some employees did not even want to work on the project at the development studio. The issue? The misogynistic tone of Leisure Suit Larry. The game treats women as nothing more than sex objects to be won over and this led to disapproval from many players. 


Created by the same team behind the Grand Theft Auto series, Manhunt is arguably the most controversial of all the Rockstar franchises. The main problem with the game is the sadistic and graphic ways in which the player has to kill his opponents. Many felt that these violent acts would encourage copycats, and some even blamed the game for a murder in the UK. Despite protests by politicians around the world, the developer even went on to create a sequel that was just as controversial.

Night Trap

Night Trap was a relatively small release for the Sega Mega-CD. It was a full motion video title, meaning it was more of an interactive movie rather than a traditional game. Players must protect a group of teenage girls from being murdered. Although no acts of realistic violence or nudity were ever shown on screen, a US Senate hearing into violence in video games misrepresented the content. Major newspapers covered the hearing and the game was subsequently accused in the national media of being violent towards women, leading to retailers removing it from their shelves.

Resident Evil 5

Video games generally attract criticism for their violent content or sexual themes. However, Resident Evil 5 was labeled as a potentially racist game almost immediately after the first trailer went public. Critics argued that the imagery used to portray African natives was offensive. The tribal imagery and the general appearance of the characters could be seen as portraying all Africans as savages. The backlash from the media surprised Capcom, but the company claimed it changed nothing. 

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Considering how much violence is present in every Grand Theft Auto game, it might surprise you to learn that the biggest controversy for the series came from a sex act. The “hot coffee” mode gave PC players the chance to unlock mini-games present in the code of San Andreas. These centered on sex scenes that users could play through between the main protagonist and other women. While they were inaccessible during normal gameplay, the fact they were still technically in the game led to the ESRB opening an investigation. Some stores also refused to sell the game. 


Rockstar’s open world adventure game, Bully, was released in 2006. It is essentially a Grand Theft Auto game set in a prep school. As is the case with many of Rockstar's games, the title received a large amount of criticism almost immediately upon release for its depiction of violence and the apparent trivializing of bullying. Parents were also concerned that a game by Rockstar was seemingly being marketed to younger audiences. Charities and organizations around the world condemned Bully and certain stores even refused to stock the game on their shelves.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Although the Call of Duty franchise has never been afraid to shy away from portraying controversial themes, the “No Russian” mission from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 might have overstepped the line. The level had players acting as an undercover CIA agent who has to participate in a terrorist attack in a Russian airport, opening fire on dozens of civilians.

The issue proved to be contentious as soon as it became public knowledge. In order to avoid censure in both Japan and Germany, the developers altered the mission so that shooting the civilians would fail the mission. For Russian releases, the scene was removed completely. For the rest of the world, players are given the option to skip a "disturbing or offensive" mission, meaning you can still play as a terrorist and shoot up innocents in a CoD game as a US soldier. 

Mass Effect 3

Not only does Mass Effect 3 contain one of the most contentious endings of all time, it also allows players to explore a wide range of relationship options. Many organizations, such as the Florida Family Association and the Family Research Council, protested against the inclusion of gay relationships in the game. EA received thousands of letters of complaint and the topic was debated on national television. The publisher flatly refused to censor any of the content and continued its efforts of attempting to bring equality in the workplace for LGBT people. 

The Goal Of Custer’s Revenge Is To Rape A Native American Girl

Though it may seem like a rather crude flash game, Custer’s Revenge was a fully-fledged title that was released on the Atari 2600 in 1982 by Mystique. It is arguably one of the most offensive games to have ever been released. Set in the American frontier, players have to get their fully erect character across a field while avoiding obstacles such as flying arrows. The target is a naked Native American girl tied to a pole.

The fact that Custer’s Revenge is basically just a rape game caused outrage. Atari sued the creators for damaging their brand, rights groups representing women and Native Americans protested it, and the publisher eventually pulled the game from store shelves.

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<![CDATA[These Horrifying Video Games Were Designed Specifically To Mess With Your Head]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/crazy-video-games-that-mess-with-your-head/robert-carnevale?source=rss

Have you ever found yourself playing a game that sets itself up as one thing, then out of nowhere, it mentally throws you out a window? Unlike horror video games that make you want to sh*t your pants, games that mess with your mind will have you second-guessing your sanity. These are the kinds of trippy games with insane plot twists, crazy dialogue, or unexpected perspectives. 

This list exposes just how many of those types of mindf*ck games there are. They range from puzzle games to FPS to platformers. From wild surprises to subverting your expectations, these titles will definitely have you spinning in circles. Vote for whichever one has thrown you for the biggest loop. 

These Horrifying Video Games Were Designed Specifically To Mess With Your Head,

Alan Wake

Alan Wake features the most traditional mindf*ck of them all: lighting tricks. Humans are hardwired to prefer light spaces over dark spaces. The game knows this fact and uses it against you, providing you with nothing more than a flashlight to demystify thousands of demons lurking in the shadows. Combine that with the classic horror fare, and you'll be scared witless by the time you reach the light at the end of the pitch-black tunnel. 

Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem

Why's the save menu not letting you save? Why's the volume on your monitor spontaneously going down? Why is your game becoming sentient?! These are just a few of the plethora of mindf*cks nestled into Eternal Darkness, an action-adventure horror title that plays its genre like a match of fourth-dimensional chess. Neither before nor since has a game come along that utilizes meta-scares as well as this one.

Dead Space 2

What's scarier than a spaceship littered with dead mutant bodies? A spaceship littered with dead mutant bodies that will reanimate the second you step close to them. It's a colossal mindf*ck that erodes your sense of safety entirely, and the game doesn't let you kill them (again) in advance to preemptively stop the terror.


Everything about this game is a mindf*ck. From its depth-perception-based block puzzles to its warped plot and psychopathic characters, absolutely all of Catherine will have you wide-eyed and baffled. To sum it up, there's a boss monster that's nothing more than a giant porcelain baby doll's butt with a toothed mouth for a prison pocket. Yes, that's what that is in the picture. Yes, this game is real and available for you to buy right now. 

Spec Ops: The Line

What appears to be a run-of-the-mill military shooter narrative flips the switch entirely after your character, the protagonist, orders a white phosphorous strike on a group of terrorists. While this would be a non-issue in other games across the genre, Spec Ops forces you to go downhill and peruse the aftermath of your actions. Spoiler: you didn't kill terrorists. Turns out your character's been suffering from a dissociative identity disorder and just burned a whole shelter's worth of civilians - children included - to death.

The Stanley Parable

The Stanley Parable is special in that it doesn't feature just one mindf*ck moment - it sports enough that the entire game is built around them. You play as Stanley, whose sole goal is to subvert a narrative that wants to be subverted at every possible opportunity. The game will tell you to follow a yellow line to finish the story faster, only to punish and reward you simultaneously with very, very weird bonuses should you disobey. Pull the right stunts and The Stanley Parable will teleport you inside of a Minecraft map. And keep in mind that's only one example - the whole game is a mindf*ck buffet. 

Alice: Madness Returns

Alice: Madness Returns really kicks the insanity of its franchise up to eleven. One minute you're smoking hookah and tripping out alongside the Cheshire Cat, the next you're fighting baby-faced sludge monsters with a teapot. All the while, Wonderland is covering up a sinister real-world plot where you've been put under by a therapist who plans to steal your dead family's fortune. None of it makes sense, all of it is mindf*cking, and some of it is absolutely brilliant.

Undertale Dupes You Into Thinking It Is A Standard RPG

A game that subverts its entire genre is bound to twist some minds, which is what Undertale is known for doing. As an RPG that allows you to show mercy to your opponents, this is a game that doesn't play by the rules and uses its quixotic ideals to bewilder and subsequently mold players into pacifistic optimists. Not a bad moral for a game that's aiming to hack your psyche.

Antichamber Traps You Inside An Abstract Painting

If you've ever wondered what it'd be like to lose your mind inside of an M. C. Escher painting, this is the game for you. Featuring disorienting geometry and surrealistic imagery galore, Antichamber is a brilliant little indie puzzler that will mindf*ck your actual senses to the point where you won't feel comfortable scaling staircases without a railing. 

Papers, Please Has You Unwittingly Violate Human Rights

Can you imagine being a visa officer, making or breaking the futures of immigrants with nothing more than a fancy stamp, inkwell, and some paper? Imagine how mindf*cked people who work that job must be, knowing so much rests on their shoulders. That's the world Papers Please thrusts you into, where you have to veto people in order to feed your family, forcing you to choose between your own children and the huddled masses who want a better tomorrow.

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<![CDATA[14 Games That Hilariously F*ck With People Who Pirate Them]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/games-that-mess-with-pirates-illegal-download/leo-reyna?source=rss

Video game piracy is a big deal. According to a research report by Tru Optik, the total cost of revenue lost to pirated video games in 2014 was $74.1 billion. In comparison, legal video game sales worldwide brought in $83.6 billion in revenue. With video game piracy on the rise, it's no wonder why publishers are experimenting with ways to combat it through always-online DRM or Denuvo. 

However, developers have found all sorts of ways to use their games to mess with pirates. Some games will disable a critical move that's necessary for progressing through a game. Others will send hordes of unkillable enemies at you, making it impossible to survive the level. And then there are some that will disfigure your character to comical results. Here are some games that punish pirates in the most devilish of ways. 

14 Games That Hilariously F*ck With People Who Pirate Them,


The way Earthbound punishes gamers for piracy is brutal. Random encounters are way more frequent in illegal copies of the game, making your journey longer and excruciating. Sounds like a small price to pay for playing the game for free, right? Wrong. If you somehow found a way to reach the climax of the game, it will freeze and delete your save file. All those torturous hours, gone to waste.

Grand Theft Auto IV

The developers at Rockstar made damn sure that anyone who pirated Grand Theft Auto IV would never be able to enjoy it. Pirated copies of the game have the in-game camera wobbling left to right, like a drunk cameraman filming a found footage horror film. Yikes. If you think that's bad, try playing the game when your character is drunk. If you didn't lose your lunch then, you will now. 

Mirror's Edge

Mirror's Edge is a game all about momentum - gotta go fast, or else you'll never pull off those sweet parkour moves that will have you landing from one building to the next. That's why the in-game trick for anti-piracy is so brilliant. If you're playing a pirated copy, you'll automatically slow down. Without speed, you're destined to kiss the pavement. 

Spyro the Dragon

Out of all the games that punish pirates for playing illegally, Spyro: Year of the Dragon is perhaps the most relentless. A series of boobytraps are planted throughout the game, set to trigger if it detects any outside alterations. Key items such as eggs and gems will go missing, the game will constantly crash without notice, European versions of the game will change its language randomly, and, to rub salt on the wound, the game will directly tell you the version you're playing is hacked. 

Crysis Warhead

Crysis Warhead is one of the most hilarious example of games messing with pirates. Pirated copies will remove all ammo from your weaponry and replace it with chickens. You're forced to defend yourself by shooting chickens at the enemy, like it's a Ratchet & Clank game. Spoiler alert: enemies are invulnerable to chickens. 

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Batman: Arkham Asylum employs a similar technique like Mirror's Edge. Anyone that's played the game will know gliding around with your big bat-cape is essential for progressing through Arkham Asylum. However, pirated copies of the game disable the glide ability, meaning Batman becomes bat-pancake whenever pirates try to soar through the skies. Sorry. There's no Superman to save the day. 

Dirt: Showdown

If you're the type of person that hates novelty holidays like Talk Like a Pirate Day, then never even think about pirating Dirt: Showdown. If you're playing an illegal copy, all the text in the game is replaced with pirate talk like, "Yaarrr" and, "Avast." If only the cars had eye patches... Maybe Remedy can lend the developers a hand for the next game.  

The Sims 4

Pixelations occuring in The Sims is nothing unusual. Whenever a character does something obscene, pixelation will appear to make the game less provocative. However, pirated copies of The Sims 4 doesn't get rid of the pixelation once the dirty deed is done. Quite the contrary. The pixel blurriness will only get bigger and bigger, eventually overtaking the entire screen. Needless to say, there's no hope of playing with pixels all over your face. 

Quantum Break

The anti-pirating measures in Quantum Break aren't as harsh as Serious Sam 3's, but it's just as humiliating. Developer Remedy decided that if you were going to pirate Quantum Break, then you might as well look like one, too. Pirated copies of the game will depict the game's lead character, Jack Joyce, with an eye patch. Remedy employed the same anti-pirate measures for its previous game, Alan Wake

Serious Sam 3

Anyone who pirates Serious Sam 3 is in for a rude awakening. Sure, you're be able to load up and play the game, but you won't be able to last a minute. That's because the game will send a giant, invincible pink scorpion to pound you to the ground. He's unkillable, so say goodbye to your foolish dream of playing Serious Sam 3 for free.

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<![CDATA[9 Fan-Made Pokemon Games That Are Actually Really Good]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-fan-made-pokemon-games/robert-carnevale?source=rss

You've probably played your fair share of Pokémon games. Heck, maybe you've played 'em all. But if you think the official games constitute a complete collection of the Pokémon experience, you're sadly mistaken. Lurking in the pocket monster fandom's deepest trenches is a treasure trove full of mystery and, more importantly, fan games. Specifically, ROM hacks. Lots of ROM hacks.

While some Pokémon fan games are horrifying and others are brilliant, all of them are completely unforgettable. Read on to find out about some games that take inspiration from one of the best franchises ever developed. 

9 Fan-Made Pokemon Games That Are Actually Really Good,

Pokémon Fusion Generation

Curious as to what the lovechild of Charizard and Squirtle might look like? No? Well, this game still exists to satisfy someone else's curiosity about the subject. The premise is simple: imagine fighting the fusion of your favorite Pokémon with hybrid monsters of your own. Cool, right? Well, the good news is the game executes its core concept successfully, delivering on the promise of jovial, good-natured Pokémon DNA experimentation... until it's revealed at the end of the story that there's a basement full of failed fusion Pokémon begging to be put out of their misery.

Pokémon Snakewood

In the darkest corners of the Pokéverse, rumors existed of a fan-made ROM derived from both Pokémon Blue and Red. Its name was Pokémon Black, and it enabled the player to slaughter trainers with their very own homicidal Pokémon. Though its existence has never been proven, Pokémon Snakewood was created to substitute for the legend, featuring an apocalypse-riddled narrative, a unique disease-type line of Pokémon, and the ability to fight trainers to the death. In addition, Snakewood actually has a pretty solid sense of dark humor about the whole situation. 

Pokémon Quartz

At first, you might wonder what makes Quartz so special - after all, the sprites aren't great and the translations leave a lot to be desired. But for all the superficial shortcomings present in Quartz, one thing sets it apart from the rest of the fan-made ROMs: every single Pokémon in the game is an original character. Not one Pikachu or Bulbasaur is to be found here - just OCs all the way to the finish line. It's an impressive love letter to a series that can inspire this level of creativity in its fandom. 

Pokémon Ash Gray

For people who loved the original Pokémon animated series, this fan-made ROM is perfect. Ash Gray allows you to play through the entire first season of the show's story. You can relive all your favorite moments firsthand as Ash Ketchum. From Ash's encounter with the Squirtle Squad to his resurrection by Pikachu's tears (from the first animated movie), all your favorite plot beats are included. 

Pokémon Prism

Pokémon Prism is an ambitious ROM hack of Pokémon Gold for the Game Boy Color, a rarity given the ROM hacking scene's primarily Game Boy Advance-centric focus. Prism amasses Pokémon from eras stretching up to the Nintendo DS iterations of the franchise, meaning monsters old and new get the Pokémon Gold treatment whether they existed at the time or not. 

Pokémon Advanced Adventure

Knowing the official developers would never produce the Hunger Games-themed Pokémon title he so craved, ROM hack author dbzmay took it upon himself to infuse a dark narrative into Pokémon Leaf Green and turn an otherwise child-friendly game into a dystopian quest for righteousness. Playing as an impoverished protagonist who comes from a poor family, you must survive childhood by eating dirt for nutrients before growing up to take on Gary, the oppressive and bloodthirsty tyrant who rules the world. 

Pocket Monsters - Crystal Version

A ROM hack that, to this very day, can still be thoroughly enjoyed for its memes, Pocket Monsters - Crystal Version is a bootleg Vietnamese version of Pokémon Crystal. Sold in the back alleys of Hanoi's market district, a lucky tourist might stumble across it and bear witness to one of the most poorly translated games of all time, featuring English so broken that the game's dialogue interactions are legitimately unplayable. And yet, the real Pokémon Crystal never made anyone laugh as hard as its bootleg brother, so Pocket Monsters remains a worthy hack in its own right.

Meomon Fire Red

Ever wanted to play Pokémon Fire Red without the, err, Pokémon? And if so, did you think about swapping out all the monsters with scantily clad, exotically outfitted pixel women? If so, then this is the (one and only) ROM hack for you. It's got all the 8-bit Dead or Alive-meets-Pokémon action anyone in their right mind could handle. Probably more.

Pokémon Adventure

Pokémon Adventure is a doozy, by virtue of the fact that its source material is not a Pokémon game. No, it's a ROM hack of another ROM hack titled Sonic Adventure 7, which pretty tidily explains why Pikachu runs and spin-dashes through bootleg 2D platforming levels just like Sonic the Hedgehog in this one-of-a-kind experience. 

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The Lego brand got its start creating building block games and sets for kids across the physical world. But as the Lego brand came back and moved into the digital world, it began creating video games with LEGO characters. Back in 1995, Lego started releasing games based on their famous blocks and sets, though the company hit its stride further down the line. The best Lego video games based themselves around popular movies and franchises. In 2005, the world received its first licensed Lego game: Lego Star Wars: The Video Game. As Lego began adding film dialogue and audio to their games, fans discovered new ways to experience and relive their favorite stories through a controller and the child-like appearance of Legos.

Using only building blocks, Legos constructed an empire that still stands tall today through it's video games. When considering the greatest Lego video games ever, one must factor in both gameplay and authenticity. Does Lego Harry Potter stack up better than Lego Batman? It's up to you to decide.

The Best Lego Video Games,

Lego Batman: The Videogame

Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures

Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

Lego Harry Potter: Years 1–4

Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Lego Marvel's Avengers

Lego Jurassic World

LEGO Dimensions

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<![CDATA[Every Single Keyblade From Kingdom Hearts (And Where You Can Find Them)]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/all-the-keyblades-from-kingdom-hearts/crystal-brackett?source=rss

Without a doubt, Kingdom Hearts is a beloved and magical franchise. It's pure genius to mash up Square Enix's Final Fantasy and The World Ends with You with the treasured icons of Disney's animated classics such as Peter Pan and The Lion King in one charming franchise. The Kingdom Hearts games have remained a must-play series for any avid gamer for almost 20 years.

If you've gotten your hands on the series, then you're probably familiar with your main weapon, the Keyblade. Upon conquering an epic quest or completing a daunting favor for someone, you can unlock an entourage of Keyblades, all with their own unique abilities. But have you ever stopped to wonder how many Keyblades are in Kingdom Hearts and how many you've missed?

You can satisfy your Keyblade curiosity by looking no further than this fine collection of all the Kingdom Hearts Keyblades! From PlayStation smash-hits to mobile platform classics, every single Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts is here, alongside each game you can find them in. Vote up your favorite blades!

Every Single Keyblade From Kingdom Hearts (And Where You Can Find Them),

Bond Of Flame

Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II

Foreteller Ira's Keyblade

Kingdom Hearts χ, Kingdom Hearts Union χ

Ultima Weapon

Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

Oathkeeper & Oblivion

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days


Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts Re:coded

Foreteller Invi's Keyblade

Kingdom Hearts χ, Kingdom Hearts Union χ


Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Kingdom Hearts Re:coded

Kingdom Key

Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

Way To The Dawn

Kingdom Hearts II

Two Become One

Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

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<![CDATA[Video Games You Need To Play If You're Tired Of Basic, Mainstream Trash]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/better-versions-of-basic-video-games/nathan-gibson?source=rss

As with other forms of entertainment, there are some vastly underrated video games most people will never play. See, the vast majority of people will stick to the blockbuster video game titles they were introduced to when they first picked up a controller. These tried and tested titles continue to find success because players know exactly what they'll get.

The truth is, though, many of these AAA titles are average at best. There is a whole world of next level video games you need to play. Whether they are indie releases made by small teams, or a bigger budget titles people just overlooked, there are plenty of better versions of popular video games. They move on from the basic stuff you would normally see, and introduce some truly wonderful ideas and innovative, genre-bending concepts. So, if you're tired of playing the same old games over and over again, check out some of these titles.

Video Games You Need To Play If You're Tired Of Basic, Mainstream Trash,

Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30

Before games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare pushed the first-person shooter genre into modern times, the most popular setting was World War II. Although most players have experienced the likes of Medal of Honor, Gearbox Software’s Brothers In Arms: Road To Hill 30 really moved the genre forward.

It included more historically accurate settings, a mature and emotional plot, and a reasonably realistic approach to warfare. The game also included new elements of tactics and strategy not previously seen in this type of shooter, adding more layers of gameplay as you commanded troops around the battlefield.

Super Meat Boy

It’s fair to say the Super Mario Bros. franchise is one of the most influential and important in the history of gaming. However, the latest entries in the 2D platformer series are, at best, mediocre. One 2D entry that did drive the genre forward, however, was the indie title Super Meat Boy.

Comprised of a staggering 300 levels, with mod support for hundreds of additional custom made maps, the game has impeccable design, an addictive soundtrack, and some of the best controls in any platformer. Not only that, but Super Meat Boy was also a supremely challenging experience. It could keep players occupied for months before they were able to complete the title 100%.

Endless Space

While the Civilization series has become the dominant force in the 4X strategy genre, there are a number of games made by less well-known studios that more than match up to the franchise. One of these is Endless Space, a game that tasks players with conquering the galaxy.

Endless Space stands out from the likes of Civilization 6, because of its deep systems that allow for seemingly infinite variety when it comes to galaxy dominating methods. Another major advantage: players can choose from more interesting civilizations. Each race has their own set of unique traits and abilities, engendering genuinely different playthroughs, thus providing much more replay value. The visuals are also profoundly striking in Endless Space, providing a singular spin on the 4X genre.

Xenoblade Chronicles X

With the controversy surrounding Mass Effect: Andromeda, it is perhaps time players looked to other avenues to satisfy their sci-fi role-playing itch. Unlike BioWare’s addition to the Mass Effect franchise, critics praised Xenoblade for its deep story and massive open world, which puts many other RPGs to shame. 

The game also features a more customizable and thoughtful upgrade system, giving players the chance to truly change the way they play the game, in contrast to the set options available in Andromeda. Lacking the insanely clunky dialogue present in Mass Effect, Xenoblade carries some actual emotional impact.

Subnautica Is A Better Exploration Game Than No Man’s Sky

Subnautica and No Man’s Sky might not look alike superficially, but both games are essentially all about exploration. While No Man’s Sky had a big budget and huge marketing campaign behind it, it left players largely unimpressed. Subnautica, on the other hand, is a more engaging game that is far less repetitive.

Since areas and creatures are not procedurally generated, actual care has been taken with where things go and how they work. Ultimately, the underwater title lets you leave a genuine mark on the world with your actions, while you just seem to be a galactic passerby in No Man’s Sky.

Life Is Strange Is A Far Greater Adventure Game Than The Walking Dead

Although Telltale Games has dominated the graphic adventure genre for the past decade or so, other developers are now beginning to create their own entries for the genre. Life is Strange took what was good about Telltale games, such as The Walking Dead, and improved upon almost every aspect.

The game contains none of the clunky camera movement or bugs its competitors are famous for, and introduced a much more vibrant world to explore. Here, characters are also more emotional and relatable, giving them a greater impact on the story. Topped off with incredible, immersive visuals and a far more sophisticated musical score, Life is Strange simply outperforms The Walking Dead in every meaningful way.

Sheltered Is Far More In-Depth Than Fallout Shelter

Sheltered is a better game than Fallout Shelter, both because of the level of complexity and the choice available to players. Unlike the free-to-play title from Bethesda, Sheltered puts you in charge of just a few inhabitants, rather than an entire vault. This provides an opportunity to have a more meaningful relationships with both the characters you play as and come across in the wild.

The management of your shelter is also a much more in-depth system, with everything from waste management to the cleanliness of the underground dwelling coming into play. Whereas Fallout Shelter is a game you might play for a few brief moments a day, Sheltered engages your full attention when playing, and will keep you occupied for hours.

Overcooked Is Much More Fun That Cooking Mama

Although Cooking Mama was a unique game when it first released, the franchise has done little to move the genre forward in the intervening years. Overcooked took the elements the earlier series did well, and combined them with new ideas and mechanics to create a game that's just straight-up more fun.

This largely comes down to the faster-paced gameplay and the chaotic, but undoubtedly enjoyable, co-operative multiplayer experience it offers to players. Unlike Cooking Mama, which only focuses on recipes, Overcooked manages to incorporate the hectic nature of preparing food and working with others to get it out into the restaurant.

Cities: Skylines Is A Much Deeper Experience Than SimCity

SimCity has always been the standard-bearer of the city simulation genre, but the 2013 offering hit a few sour notes with longtime fans. One game filled the void, despite the fact it is still relatively unknown: Cities: Skylines. It isn’t just that the game looks and runs much better than its EA counterpart, Cities: Skylines is without a doubt a much deeper and more complicated simulation.

Each inhabitant of a city has their own life to lead, including a family and a schedule. Cities only evolve and grow through meticulous planning, requiring the player to actually think about what they are doing. The interesting mechanics behind traffic management mean that you can come up with thousands of solutions to a problem by creating new roads, while extensive modding capabilities give players the option of changing up the experience. Add to that a tremendous map, and Cities: Skylines is essentially everything that SimCity should have been for half the price.

Salt And Sanctuary Shows Up Lords Of The Fallen

After the success of Dark Souls, developers and publishers looked to piggyback on that franchise's popularity. One example was Lords of the Fallen from Namco Bandai, a reasonably successful imitation. In terms of quality, however, Fallen failed miserably in comparison to a smaller title called Salt and Sanctuary.

The 2D indie title got a lot more right in its implementation. With better and more diverse customization options (both in terms of abilities and items), the combat in Salt and Sanctuary is more engaging and varied. Not only can players string together combos, but fighting enemies feels much more fluid and natural than it does in Lords of the Fallen. This provides for a better and more satiating experience as you battle bosses.

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Ahh, summertime. The warmth of the sun shining down on your face. The feel of the breeze through your hair. The smell of the barbeque grills and lake water. Could Father's Day get any better than a day at the lake, grilling steaks, and cracking open a cold one with the boys? Yes. Absolutely. Crank up the AC, stock up on Mt. Dew, and boot up the LAN; this Father's Day is going to be lit.

Ask any father and they'll tell you they're tired of getting a boring tie or coffee mug for Father's Day. Father's Day can be a difficult occasion to shop for, but gamer dad gifts are a breeze. Gifts for gamer dads can be collectible memorabilia, nerdy summer gear, or even an awesome tie or hilarious coffee mug! Don't sweat Father's Day this year - this list has several gift ideas of what to buy for a dad who is into gaming. Or, if you're a father yourself, share this list with your loved ones to let them know what you might want. *coughNintendoSwitchcough* Vote up the best gifts that gaming fathers would love. 

Great Gifts For Gamer Dads,

Super Mario Golf Club Cover

8-Bit Retro Gaming Table

Mechs Vs Minions Board Game From Riot

Achievement Unlocked (Fatherhood) T-Shirt

Pacman Pint Glass That Changes Colors With Cold Beer

DOOM Floppy Disk Pen Holder

Power Glove Oven Mitt

Fallout-Themed Drink Coasters

Legend Of Zelda Tie Clip

Chocolate Controller

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<![CDATA[All The Overwatch Characters, Ranked By How Annoying They Are]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/annoying-overwatch-characters/melissa-brinks?source=rss

The characters of Blizzard's Overwatch are some of the most interesting ones you'll find in a MOBA FPS. They have unique designs, compelling backstories, and cool skill sets. But that diversity of abilities also lends itself to easily being spammed. Certain Overwatch characters quickly become the most vexing ones to run into.  

While there are definitely various types of annoying Overwatch players, the heroes themselves can be pretty exasperating to fight. Naturally, characters ranked by annoyance is pretty subjective. Genji mains are likely to find somebody else bothersome, while Tracer players are likely to rank McCree high on their list. But players across the board can agree that some characters are more frustrating to fight against than others. 

All The Overwatch Characters, Ranked By How Annoying They Are,











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<![CDATA[This Artist Draws Pokémon In Grotesquely Realistic Style]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/realistic-grotesque-pokemon-fan-art/sergio-solorzano?source=rss

The world of Pokémon is a fantastical place. Ten year olds tame dragons, turtles have cannons on their shells, and small, yellow mice harness the raw power of lightning. The creatures are bizarre enough in their regular forms, but what would it look like if Pokémon were drawn in a stranger, more grotesque manner?

Enter MrRedButcher, who took it upon himself to reimagine various Pokémon in a creepy, realistic fashion. The result is a collection of creatures that are intricate, ferocious, and straight-up disturbing. This list ranks the best of MrRedButcher’s designs, with the help of your votes. Don't forget to check out visit his DeviantArt page to see the rest of his awesome work.

This Artist Draws Pokémon In Grotesquely Realistic Style,

Caterpie, Metapod, and Butterfree



Weedle, Kakuna, and Beedrill


Paras, Parasect



Ralts, Kirlia, Gardevoir


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<![CDATA[17 Video Games Where You Actually Get To Play As The Villain]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/video-games-where-you-are-the-villain/collin-flatt?source=rss

Most video games put the player in the central role as the hero of the story. Whether you're saving the princess or trying to stop a nuclear holocaust, it's usually your job to make everything better as the main character. Nowadays, adventure games feature complicated branching storylines, bringing about a whole slew of video games where you get to be as evil as you want. However, beyond even the best action RPGs that like to test your moral compass lies an even darker place: video games where you are the villain. 

It may not be right to slam on the gas while driving your car over the citizens of Liberty City, and it might be terribly cruel to remove the bathroom door in the humble abode where your Sims live, but it sure is fun. There's just something enticing about video games where you play the bad guy. Some of them are silly and over the top, like Jaws Unleashed, but others are pretty gritty and disturbing, like the co-op shooter, Kane & Lynch. If you're looking for a game that's not all rainbows and butterflies, check out the list below of video games where you play the bad guy and vote up the best ones. 

17 Video Games Where You Actually Get To Play As The Villain,

God of War

God of War came along at just the right time for the PS2, breathing life back into the console brawler genre that was nearly dead. Kratos, the main character, is sold to players as the anti-hero in a narrative based on pseudo-Greek mythology, but he seems pretty damn villainous no matter which way you slice it. The God of War franchise squeezed out a bunch of sequels and spin-off games, and PS4 owners are waiting for the new God of War with bated breath. Gamers just can't enough of the visceral joy Kratos provides with all the disemboweling, eye gouging, and decapitating. 

Grand Theft Auto III

The entire Grand Theft Auto franchise is centered around pulling off professional hits, robbing stores, and being kind of an asshole. The central characters in the fourth and fifth installment aren't completely bad dudes and are often left with difficult choices. But in Grand Theft Auto III, they didn't fill out the protagonist, Claude, so much as let you write his story. He doesn't speak or make too many noises outside of a wayward grunt here and there whenever he gets run over.

There are specific mission objectives and milestones you need to hit for the game to progress, but every terrible decision you make is your own. You don't need to use a rocket launcher on the car full of innocent bystanders that just happened to get in your way, but you pull the trigger anyway. And you laugh while the flaming bodies hit the ground. 

Mafia II

The whole Mafia series leans into being a bad guy, but Vito Scaletta, the protagonist of Mafia II is a fully developed villain. The cutscenes and cinematics are the best in the series, and the storytelling is as vibrant as it gets. Sure, Scaletta's backstory is full of familiar mob movie tropes, but the action is tight and the cover system combat is really rewarding. If you've ever wanted to spray lead from a Tommy Gun at dozens of innocent people in the hopes of trying to kill one guy during a sloppy hit, then this is the game for you. 

Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus is often considered a prime example of "video games as art" because of its visual style and intense atmospheric ambiance. You play Wander, a boy on a mission to save the love of his life, Mono. Dormin, the evil spirit, tells Wander that he can save Mono if he defeats the 16 Colossi. As the game progresses and each Colossus is destroyed, the game becomes more and more somber in tone and ambiance. Players never know the true role of each character in the game, but it appears that Wander slaughtered 16 innocent creatures and was responsible for the release of Dormin's evil spirit because he was too busy trying to resurrect a person who already has a "cursed fate." Sorry, Wander, but you're actually the villain.


Rampage is an arcade classic. The concept is simple: You're a giant monkey, lizard, or wolf and your job is to climb buildings and beat them to rubble. Flying helicopters and planes attack you a la King Kong, and the only way to regain strength is to eat humans. Yes, after crushing cop cars into dust and playing ping pong with a commuter train, the only way to keep your path of destruction going is to eat helpless citizens of this terrifying world. Rampage is a lot darker than you remember it, but it's so much damn fun.


The term "going postal" was a favorite in the 1990s, referring to the frequent occurrences of active or formal postal workers going berserk and murdering innocent people. Developer Running With Scissors thought making a "murder simulator" would be a hit with the public, and they were right. You play a schizophrenic who was evicted from his home and believes that the local Air Force base is trying to poison the population. There's a disturbing school shooting sequence, but, luckily your weapons don't work and you wake up in a mental institution. Believe it or not, they made a sequel to this insanity, and Uwe Boll crapped out a terribly forgettable B-movie using the same license.


Overlord is a third-person action adventure where you play a resurrected warrior called the Overlord (obviously). You are tasked with destroying the seven corrupt ruling powers, the very same people who were responsible for your mentor's death. Along with your axe and sword-swinging abilities, you have a large group of minions to do your bidding. And while you are sold as an anti-hero, you also have something called a "corruption meter" that rates your extra-curricular evil-doing. Depending on how bad you are, different abilities and spells unlock, and it can even change the narrative and outcome of the game ending.


Developer Radical released the open-world action adventure game Prototype in 2009, thinking that a cannibalistic scientist made for a good hero. But, any angry nerd that consumes humans and then shapeshifts into other people like a silly rip-off of John Carpenter's The Thing isn't so much a hero as someone you'd like to stay far away from. Ultimately, the developers recognized the evil leanings and so Protoype protagonist Alex Mercer played the villain in Prototype 2, by basically acting the exact same way.


Braid is one of the most brilliant puzzle platformer games you'll ever play. It really set the whole indie game scene ablaze when it was released in 2008. Underneath the charming art style and confounding time-shifting mechanics lies a pretty dark story about Tim, the protagonist of the game. What appears to be a simple case of a hero trying to save a princess quickly evolves into a monster tale where you're the villain, and your long lost love can't run away from you fast enough.

There's also a fan theory kicking around where the princess represents the atomic bomb and Tim represents Oppenheimer, the theoretical physicist responsible for giving the world the Manhattan Project.

Party Hard

Party Hard is considered a stealth action game, but it's really all about quietly murdering people at a party and getting away with it. Pinokl Games created a simple, yet challenging concept, and while the critics were lukewarm on the game as a whole, it has a great sense of humor and is worth the few short hours it takes to complete. Besides tossing bodies into freezers and dumpsters, you also get sweet weapon power ups and disguises to help throw the cops off the scent. The best part of the game is getting to live out your favorite Scream fantasy, only maybe with a little less Skeet Ulrich. 

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<![CDATA[Inside Nintendo's Staggeringly Shady And Twisted Price Fixing Scandal]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/breakdown-of-the-nintendo-price-fixing-scandal/jacob-shelton?source=rss

For some gamers, the Nintendo price fixing scandal may seem like a distant dream. But it’s likely most people reading about this strange moment in time don’t even realize that from 1989 to well into the 2000s, Nintendo attempted to skirt around claims they were strong-arming retailers into selling their products for high prices. They also made stores jettison anything made by their competitors. But what happened during the Nintendo price fixing scandal? How did Nintendo deal with being called out for mob-like tactics? And what was their penalty? What follows is an explanation of the Nintendo price-fixing scandal that attempts to explain exactly how a fan-favorite gaming company could bilk players out of millions and continue to stay on top.

In 1989, Nintendo hadn’t yet cemented their status as one of the most beloved game manufacturers in the world. They were still about a decade away from Tri-Force tattoos and Super Smash Bros. parties. In the '80s, they were just a global corporation of up-and-comers, trying to claw their way to the top of a growing pack of gaming companies. Their plan to fix prices made them the company they are today, but it also exposed the seedy underbelly of a business that made its bones off of being fan friendly. Let's take an in-depth look at the Nintendo price-fixing scandal and the ramifications of the company’s attempt to be the king of the mountain at any cost.

Inside Nintendo's Staggeringly Shady And Twisted Price Fixing Scandal,

Nintendo May Have Killed The Sega Master System

SEGA, one of Nintendo's biggest competitors, was obviously not happy about the whole price fixing thing. To this day, they insist Nintendo's strong arming of the retailers is the primary reason the Master System never hit. Even though the Master System was supposedly a better console, SEGA thinks Nintendo had a deal that kept their system off the shelves at some of the country's biggest retailers. 

Nintendo's Scheme Turned Small Businesses Against One Another

When Nintendo started their price fixing scheme, they didn't just overcharge customers, they turned independent retailers against one another over minute amounts of money. From Game Over by David Sheff: "Stores tried to discount the NES and the games, but Nintendo pressured them to stop. One chain reportedly lowered the price of the NES by a matter of cents and advertised it in Sunday newspapers, and a competitor called Nintendo, which immediately froze shipments to the company offering the lowered prices.”

Nintendo Didn't Do This Alone

The price fixing scandal wasn't just something Nintendo did all by their lonesome. Especially in Europe, they had some help. John Menzies of Edinburgh, a distributor of Nintendo products, allegedly helped lay out a plan for maintaining price differences for consoles in Britain and other European countries. For his part in the scandal, Menzies was fined $8.5 million for trying "to mislead the commission with regard to the real scope of the infringement.''



What Were Nintendo's Tactics?

So how did Nintendo force retailers to sell their products for top dollar? Did they physically twist arms? Close. Author David Sheff says Nintendo began shorting retailers in 1988, and referring to it as "inventory management."

Nintendo believed that by "limiting the amount of product available, Nintendo could keep the demand for the product high." They began comparing themselves to Godiva chocolates, and while enacting inventory management Nintendo "kept half or more of its library of games inactive and unavailable. In 1988, for instance, 33 million NES cartridges were sold, but market surveys indicated that upwards of 45 million could have been sold."

One retailer, Child World, refused to bow to Nintendo's techniques. Nintendo responded by cutting them off. Sheff says that by 1989, Child World was "experiencing severe financial difficulties due to the loss of 20% of their sales through video games." When they came back to Nintendo, they claimed they were met with "open hostility" and had to pay for their products a year in advance. 

What Is Price Fixing And How Was Nintendo Doing This?

To put it simply, price fixing is the maintenance of prices at a certain level through an agreement between competing sellers. In Nintendo's case, they weren't actually working with sellers, or even their direct competition to keep prices regulated.

Instead, they allegedly threatened to cut off shipments of games and consoles to retailers if they didn't meet their terms. Nintendo was accused of threatening to cut off shipments of the NES to retailers who didn't sell the system for their established price of $99.99.

How Did The FTC Find Out About The Price Fixing?

It turns out Nintendo's price fixing plan worked out better than they thought it would. So well, in fact, people were starting to take notice of how great they were doing. David Sheff, author of Game Over, the definitive history of Nintendo's take over of the gaming industry, writes: 

“[T]he Nintendo Entertainment System, in just five short years, was brought into more than a third of the households in the United States and Japan... Sega tried to compete with Nintendo, but in spite of investments in the hundreds of millions of dollars, they shared less than 10 to 15 percent of the market through 1991.”

It's ridiculous to think those kinds of numbers aren't going to make people take a long, hard look at your business practices. 

How Much Monet Did Nintendo Make From Price Fixing?

This subject is up for debate because the numbers aren't exact, but all parties agree Nintendp made a lot of money with its plan. New York Atty. Gen. Robert Abrams said that by 1989, Super Mario Brothers was in nearly one in four U.S. households. During 1989, it's believed sales of Nintendo game machines and software accounted for more than 80% of all home video game products, with total sales reaching $2.7 billion. That's a lot of rupees. 

Was This Just A Problem In The United States?

As ridiculous as it sounds, the Nintendo price fixing scandal was a lengthy ruse with worldwide implications. In 2002, the European Commission fined Nintendo $147 million for colluding with seven European distributors to fix prices similarly to how they did in the states. The E.C. said from 1991 to 1998, the company forced retailers to keep prices for its games and consoles artificially high while agreeing not to sell products to buyers from other European countries.

The commission found that price variations from country to country were massive, and by 1996 allegedly Nintendo consoles cost about three times as much in Spain as they did in Britain, Germany, or the Netherlands. Mario Monti, the European Commissioner for Competition, said, ''European families have the right to buy the games and consoles at the lowest price the market can possibly offer, and we will not tolerate collusive behavior intended to keep prices artificially high.''

Their European Fine Was Massive

While Nintendo may have gotten off somewhat easily in America, Europe handled the company with a heavier hand. In 2002, the European Commission dropped a 168 million euro (or about $262 million) fine on Nintendo for colluding with businesses to keep prices high.

The company noted that it was "one of the biggest single fines in EU competition law." Xavier Lewis, a lawyer for the commission, countered, "The fine was not of a capricious nature, or based on wild estimates. This fine was for an infringement that was considered very serious."

Nintendo Doesn't Think They Did Anything Wrong

As you might be able to guess, Nintendo doesn't see what the big deal was about the whole price fixing thing. After the ruling, Howard Lincoln – the company's senior vice president –released a statement saying, "We decided to enter into this comprehensive and nationwide settlement in order to maintain the good will our company enjoys with millions of consumers who play Nintendo games."

He continued, essentially saying they just paid out the rebates the company was forced to give to customers because they wanted to get over the whole thing, and go back to making cold hard cash. "Rather than risk our company's good will while engaging in costly litigation over a complicated legal issue which could drag on for years, we opted to get this behind the company immediately."

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<![CDATA[16 Video Game Characters We Should Have Known Are Modeled After Famous People]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/video-game-characters-based-on-celebrities/crystal-brackett?source=rss

As you grind away at the levels of a video game, you may find that some of the characters look incredibly familiar. It's not uncommon for a studio to sculpt video game characters that look like celebrities, especially in this day and age when motion capture technology makes the 3D animation process a whole lot easier. Yet it may surprise you that even before the turn of the century, photos of the famous people were being used in concept art to inspire the look and attitude of characters.

Whether you're farming for experience or simply causing mayhem, seeing a familiar face in a video game is totally cool. These side-by-side comparisons of celebrities and their digital counterparts will point out similarities and differences you might not have ever noticed before. Vote up the video game characters that are brilliant facsimiles of the celebrity they are based upon. 

16 Video Game Characters We Should Have Known Are Modeled After Famous People,

Vaas Montenegro From Far Cry 3 Is Based On Michael Mando

Jonathan Irons In Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Is Based On Kevin Spacey

Jodie Holmes From Beyond: Two Souls Is Based On Ellen Page

Dr. Eggman From Sonic The Hedgehog Is Based On Teddy Roosevelt

Solid Snake From Metal Gear Solid Is Based On Christopher Walken

Balrog From Street Fighter Is Based On Mike Tyson

Nathan Drake From Uncharted Is Based On Johnny Knoxville

Zoey In Left 4 Dead Is Based On Alesia Glidewell

Sheva Alomar In Resident Evil 5 Is Based On Michelle Van Der Water

King Bohan From Heavenly Sword Is Based On Andy Serkis

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<![CDATA[25 Hilariously Devastating Insults Only Gamers Understand]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-gaming-insults/brandon-michaels?source=rss

Gamers are an interesting group of people because they share a language that evolves with the meta. Like gamer jokes, insults in the gaming community require insider knowledge to know just how bad the burn is. And got forbid if you don't get it - that just makes it so much worse. Most online gamers that spew insults do so in fits of rage when something doesn't go their way. They suddenly devolve into a racist 12 year-old-boy who fires off round after round of insults while making comments about your mother. 

If you become the victim of severe gaming burns, be sure to apply ice magic to the affected area and use a sleep spell to get some rest. If irritation or butt-hurt lasts for more than either hours, it's recommended that you see a specialist and git gud, scrub. Compiled below are some of the best insults that only gamers will understand. Vote up the ones that rub the most salt into the wound! 

25 Hilariously Devastating Insults Only Gamers Understand,

Catch That Nicki Minaj!

Minecraft Players Think They Got Swag

Mac Gamers Be Like

Clearly An Insult

Why Don't YOU, Nintendo?

People Who Think They're Gamers

Hanzo Main

Protecting Your Virginity

Our Yasuo

Salty Much?

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<![CDATA[14 Best-Selling Video Games That Were Almost Totally Different]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/different-original-versions-of-famous-video-games/nathan-gibson?source=rss

Video game development is not a simple process. Designers and programmers often spend years on a single project, and thus there is plenty of opportunity for games to shift focus dramatically as they make progress. Of course, this can lead to some rather strange origins of popular video games, where the end product is something very different than the original concept.

While a certain amount of change is to be expected with any title, some famous examples have gone through such extensive alteration, they are almost completely unrecognizable compared to what the developers initially intended. There are many examples of video games that changed design partway through, with the creators having to scrap work and practically start over from scratch.

This can happen for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the art style might clash with the gameplay, or new mechanics might be introduced partway through development that developes like more. It’s even possible for a studio to build a game with certain characters in mind only for a license deal to fall through, causing the team to have to go in a new direction with a new cast. Even some of the most famous video game titles in history started out much differently from what hit store shelves.

14 Best-Selling Video Games That Were Almost Totally Different,


One of the most memorable elements from the first BioShock game was its underwater setting of Rapture. Despite this, early demos of the game actually took place in a futuristic space station. Here, the player battled genetic mutants as a cult de-programmer called Carlos Cuello, in a standard sci-fi setting.

Finding the environment and story to be uninspiring, and a departure from the game they had intended to make, Irrational Games switched their focus and landed on the BioShock players came to love.


If the general premise of Doom seemed familiar to players when it released, that might be because the game was initially developed as an adaptation of James Cameron’s Aliens movie. The developer, id Software, were in talks with 20th Century Fox to acquire the license for a video game based on the film, but the negotiations broke down.

Not wanting to throw away the work they already did, id Software simply decided to alter the premise slightly, so that the player was battling demons rather than aliens.

GoldenEye 007

Even though GoldenEye 007 went on to become one of the most popular games for the Nintendo 64, and a launch pad for console first-person shooters, the game started as a much more limited rail shooter. Just a few designers from Rare were able to work on the title, and several of those had never worked in game development before. This meant the scope of GoldenEye 007 was squeezed, to give it the best chance of releasing in a workable form.

Nintendo of America executive Ken Lobb was eventually able to persuade the team to move the project from a rail shooter to one where the player could control movement, and go where they wanted. He worked closely with the developers to implement the four-person multiplayer, despite the restricted development time and resources.

Halo: Combat Evolved

Halo is one of the biggest franchises in gaming history. The first-person shooter is Microsoft’s flagship series, and millions of people play the various installments of the series. However, Bungie drastically altered the fate of Halo in a short space of time, after Microsoft purchased the developer so the game could launch alongside its new console, the Xbox. The original title was intended to be a real-time strategy game, that saw players take control of soldiers on a large battlefield.

Before the focus was switched to first-person shooter, the studio revealed how much work they had put in by announcing Halo at Macworld. Steve Jobs even introduced the game to the world on stage. The switch evolved naturally, when the developers saw they were focusing more and more on the Spartan super soldiers. They decided to put the emphasis entirely on Master Chief, to create a better story and a more emotional experience.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Although The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker received a mixed reception upon its announcement thanks to its visual style, fans eventually came round to the idea. In fact, Wind Waker was such a success Nintendo began working on a sequel almost immediately. This project eventually morphed into Twilight Princess when the team realized how strongly players wanted to return to an Ocarina of Time-type experience.

The final nail in the coffin came about when developers realized the more cartoony Link was unable to ride a horse in a believable manner. The character model was simply too short, and the team felt creating an adult version of this Link was inappropriate, forcing them to abandon the graphics in favor of the grittier look of Twilight Princess.

Donkey Kong

Nintendo’s first foray into the American market with their arcade cabinets proved to be incredibly unsuccessful. With 2,000 spare units sitting unused, they tasked newcomer Shigeru Miyamoto with creating a game that would work on the arcade machines, so that they could avoid financial ruin.

The legendary developer quickly came up with the idea of a comic-strip inspired game featuring Popeye, Bluto, and Olive Oyl. Nintendo was unable to secure the rights to those characters, forcing Miyamoto to switch to a different love triangle inspired by King Kong. So, a licensing issue led to the creation of Donkey Kong, Mario, and Pauline. All of them, of course, are equally relevant today.  

Grand Theft Auto

Although Grand Theft Auto seems inseperable from the idea of the criminal underworld battling against the police today, the original game started off with a completely different tone. The initial concept was for the title to be a multiplayer racer, with players having to make their way around the streets of the city.

That was the plan, anyway, until a bug in the game’s code led to the police trying to ram the user controlled cars off the road. The developers realized this was more fun than the racing, and so began restructuring the game to incorporate the criminal elements to give the police a reason to chase after you.

Quake Looked Like It Was Going To Be An Action RPG

After working on several successful shooters, most notably in the form of Doom and its sequels, developer id Software were looking to move into new genres with their next game. This led to the concept of Quake.

The studio took inspiration from the likes of Dungeons & Dragons to create a 3D action RPG in a fantasy world. While development reached a late stage, conflict among members of the team led to a split in design philosophy. Eventually, John Romero settled on re-imagining the title with Doom-like gameplay, and Quake was born.

Splinter Cell Could Have Been A Sci-Fi James Bond Game

Work on what would become Splinter Cell began before Ubisoft acquired developer Red Storm, and the rights to the Tom Clancy license. The game was a futuristic shooter that saw players take on the role of a protagonist traveling across floating cities. Known as The Drift, the game had a number of interesting mechanical elements, such as the ability to fire cameras and grapple up buildings.

As the project stalled, it was pitched as a James Bond game to the license holders, but it ultimately failed to make an impression. When the publisher acquired the ability to make the games based on Tom Clancy’s novels, the team began to inject more espionage mechanics, and soon realized the stealth gameplay was better than what they had previously worked on. With the mandate to “make a Metal Gear Solid 2 killer,” the studio created Splinter Cell.

Super Smash Bros. Didn’t Include Nintendo Characters In The Beginning

Super Smash Bros. went through a difficult development. There were only three people working on the game throughout much of the early phase, and the small team had no plans on incorporating established Nintendo characters until very late into the project. The concept for the four-player brawler was simply to create a distinctive fighting game.

The idea of using the likes of Mario, Link, and Samus came when they wanted to find a way to interest players, and market the game abroad. Nintendo initially shot down the idea, so the developers secretly went ahead and included the characters anyway. Fortunately, executives liked the end product and gave the designers permission to include them in the game.

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<![CDATA[24 Gaming Worlds Based On Real-Life Places]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/gaming-worlds-based-on-real-locations/crystal-brackett?source=rss

You may not know it, but if you're a gamer, you've probably been to several virtual renditions of real places all over the world. From historic monuments scattered across the Americas to the elegant crevasses of Kathmandu and Istanbul, video game developers took real locations to fill virtual spaces. For example, the fifth title of the Grand Theft Auto games is famously a loose, digital reproduction of the city of Los Angeles. If you've ever played Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, you've virtually visited the Colosseum in Rome. 

So, if you can't seem to gather the time or funds for your grand vacation just yet, check out these video game titles with gorgeous settings based on actual places. Explore different parts of the world from the comfort of your couch. Care to take a tour? Check out the list below and vote up the ones that provide the best virtual tour of a real-life location!

24 Gaming Worlds Based On Real-Life Places,

Persona 5's Yongen-Jaya Backstreets Are Japan's Alleys Sangen-Jaya

Anor Londo's Magnificent Castle In Dark Souls Is In Milan, Italy

Kamurocho District In Yakuza Is Actually In Tokyo's Shinjuku

The Cathedral In Final Fantasy XV's Altissia Exists In Venice

The Colosseum In Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Is In Rome




Far Cry 4's Kyrat Reflects The Gorgeous Himalayas

The Jan Mayen Island In Tomb Raider Underworld Are The Shores Of Phang Nga Bay In Thailand

The Manchester Cathedral In Resistance: Fall of Man Is A Real Cathedral In England

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Depicts The Streets Of Kathmandu

Grand Theft Auto V's Del Perro Pier Rebuilds Santa Monica Pier

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<![CDATA[The Best Cyberpunk Video Games You Need To Play Right Now]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-cyberpunks-videogames/aaron-edwards?source=rss

There's nothing quite like a good cyberpunk story. Between the corporate dystopian futures and the neon cities that always seem to be rained out, uncovering a resistance movement that seeks to overthrow those in power is enthralling. Ever since one of the best dystopian moviesBlade Runner, pretty much invented the cyberpunk genre, many stories have been following in its cybernetic footsteps. Video games are no exception - the industry has taken advantage of the storytelling and gameplay possibilities since the genre's inception.

Collected below are the best cyberpunk titles of all time. If you think there's a classic on this list that's been under-appreciated, give it a vote up so others can experience the grimy future that inspired you. Or, if you're looking for a good cyberpunk game recommendation, you've come to the right place. 

The Best Cyberpunk Video Games You Need To Play Right Now,

Assassin's Creed

Deus Ex

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Perfect Dark Zero

System Shock 2

Blade Runner

Shadowrun Returns

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Gemini Rue

Perfect Dark

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<![CDATA[The Dark Realities Of Pro Gaming]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/what-its-like-to-be-a-pro-gamer/zack-howe?source=rss

Geeks everywhere want to know what it's like to be a pro gamer, harboring their own dreams of killing Zerg for a living. But the realities of pro gaming would dampen anyone’s drive to pursue such a career. The lifestyle of professional gamers might seem appealing, until you know what exactly that entails: a minimum of 10 hours a day playing a single game, every day, with no guarantee of making any money from it.

There’s a huge difference between being a casual gamer and a professional gamer. The life of an e-athlete is not cushy by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, it can be downright grueling. Lack of sleep, drug abuse, sexual harassment — there are a lot of messed up things about playing video games professionally that just come with the territory. Let’s take a deep dive into the dark lives of pro gamers, and put to bed this notion of gaming as a cushy dream job.

The Dark Realities Of Pro Gaming,

Seoul Has Addiction Treatment Centers... For Gamers

Seoul, South Korea is considered by many to be the hub of e-sports. In Seoul, pro gamers are so prevalent government intervention became necessary. Gaming addiction is a real thing. To become a professional gamer takes relentless practice, and it often results in video game addiction.

There's no guarantee you'll make it as a pro (in fact, it's ludicrously unlikely), but there's a good chance you'll become addicted. The South Korean government actually funds treatment centers for gaming addictions, and it recognizes that numerous deaths have occurred as a result of intense gaming.

Pro Gamers Are Often Crammed Into Over-Capacity Living Situations

One pro gamer recounts living in an apartment with over 10 people. There didn't even enough beds; some people were sleeping on the floor. The living room was bursting with 10 computers, and there was barely enough room anywhere in the apartment to sit down and eat. The bathroom must have looked like the aftermath of a Terran invasion of a Zerg encampment. The stuff of nightmares. 

It's A Short Career

Unlike more traditional professional athletes, pro gamers must enjoy long careers, right? After all, it's not like it matters if their body deteriorates. They're mostly playing with their minds.

In reality, pro gamers have extremely short careers. The average pro gamer retires in their mid-20s, because their reflexes and dexterity have diminished so much by that point they can't keep up with the young'ns. As of 2014, League of Legends had 27 million players and only 40 made the North American pro team. So the likelihood of success is infinitesimal and, if you make it, you're out shortly thereafter. It's not exactly a long-term career plan. 

Drug Abuse Is Rampant

ADHD medications like Adderall or Ritalin are commonly abused to increase focus in the pro gaming community, and a lot of players dabble in more obscure drugs as well. Propranolol, for example, is a beta-blocker that helps players remain calm by negating the effects of adrenaline.

Then there's the even crazier abuse of a drug that treats actual Parkinson's disease called Selegiline, which improves mood and motivation. It would be bad enough if players were abusing jsut one of these drugs, but they often consume a combination of all of them as a cocktail, with a sh*tload of caffeine to top it off. It's a miracle there aren't more drug-related deaths, frankly. 

The Travel Is Hell

Pro gaming is an international phenomenon and, as such, players have to travel the globe to compete in tournaments. In an interview with Red Bull (because of course it was with Red Bull) DotA player Mircale- spoke of the grueling travel: "Nothing is good about it — at least not to me." Considering that players also have to find time to practice 12+ hours per day, international travel seems incredibly detrimental to their already grueling schedule.

There's Gambling That Makes Pete Rose Look Innocent

Gambling on e-sports is especially weird when you realize that many of the participants are teenagers, but there have been numerous cases of match-fixing as well. A Counter-Strike: Global Offensive match between two North American teams was thrown in 2014, and all bets were voided after the scandal was uncovered. Basically, members of one team secretly bet against themselves, then lost deliberately. 

One Korean player even attempted suicide after his match-fixing scandal was uncovered. It's also fairly common for sharks to attempt bribe players to throw matches as well. It's just an all-around unhealthy situation.

Sexual Harassment Is The Industry Standard

As with so many industries, thanks to good ol' sexism, there are far fewer female professional gamers than male. And for those select few, sexual harassment just comes with the territory. During one match, a female Street Fighter X Tekken player was asked her bra size and told by her opponent that he wanted to watch her in the bathroom.

Afterward, that piece of walking garbage said, "Sexual harassment is part of a culture, and if you remove that from the fighting game community, it's not the fighting game community." Polls have him leading the 2020 American Presidential race.

There Are Financial Risks Abound

Anyone who wants to be a pro gamer has to dedicate well over 10 hours every day to the craft, just to build up the necessary skills to attempt a professional-level competition. Obviously, this leaves little time for earning money to live on.

Even players with contracts are sometimes forced to break said agreements by giving lessons on the side just to make ends meet. And then there's the possibility you might get completely boned by your team, or that you don't see play at all. The CEO of the team Quantic Gaming didn't pay his players' salaries for months, and then vanished, allegedly owing over $40k. The youth and lack of real-world experience most pro gamers posses is often exploited, and they're left high and dry. The very best players in the world cap out at around a six-figure annual salary, which seems like a lot until you remember that they usually only get a few short years of professional competition before they have to retire. 

There Are Myriad Health Issues

The inescapable drug abuse in pro gaming is bad enough, but even if you manage to compete professionally without popping pills, you're still likely to experience health problems

There are eye problems from staring at screens for hours on end, back problems from prolonged sitting, and numerous finger and wrist injuries, including carpal tunnel and tennis elbow. At least the myth of pro gamers often being obese is false. Still, there are a slew of other health problems that plague professional gamers.

Say Goodbye To A Social Life... And Sleep

Professional gamers eat, sleep, and breathe gaming. Almost literally. It's not uncommon for pro gamers to play 14 hours per day. In fact, that's on the low side. Many are playing as much as 18, and a South Korean gentleman who goes by the name of MarineKing admitted to playing around 20 hours a day.

Look, gaming's great, but 20 hours a day? That would be exhausting to do once. To do so regularly would probably kill most people. The training is so intense, some players posit that doing anything sociable, like getting a girlfriend, can actually dramatically decrease your skill level and earning potential.  

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<![CDATA[22 Mind-Boggling Examples Of "Zelda Logic"]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-zelda-logic-that-makes-no-sense/crystal-brackett?source=rss

The greatest Legend of Zelda games constitute the iconic Nintendo franchise that's made its way both into history and the hearts of gamers worldwide. While traveling through Hyrule on your epic adventures as Link, you're bound to notice more than a few things in Zelda that make no sense. Instead of diving too deep into the rationality behind it all, gamers have embraced the wacky rationality found in the game, dubbing it "Zelda logic."

Sometimes, things just work differently in video games than they do in the real world, and the funny Zelda logic that Nintendo developers have wiggled into their game are absolutely no exception. Of course, fans who have noticed this logic have supplied the Internet with an arsenal of funny Zelda memes, giving a special commemoration to those rules that don't make sense. Be it a design flaw, player boundaries, or just plain ridiculous logic used to fill in the gaps in the story, these special and questionable gameplay quirks can always be appreciated with a bit of humor. Vote up your favorite silly rationales in Hyrule that would never fly in the real world. 

22 Mind-Boggling Examples Of "Zelda Logic",

Master Grass Cutter

Weapon Crafting

All The Time In The World

Slippery When Wet

Backflips Are Always Easy

Underwater Breathing Made Easy

Bottled Up

Wisdom Is In The Beholder

Why Warp When You Can Run

Never Harm An Animal

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<![CDATA[14 Times Nintendo Completely Dropped The Ball And Lost Out On Millions]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/times-nintendo-messed-up/collin-flatt?source=rss

In 1985, Nintendo debuted the legendary Nintendo Entertainment System in North America and changed console gaming forever. Super Mario Bros. was the game that came with the system and is still often considered to be the best platformer game of all time. In the years that followed, players were spoiled with some of the best video game franchises like The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Kirby, and countless others. For many fans, Nintendo could do no wrong and would be on top of the gaming world until the end of time.

But nothing lasts forever. There have been countless Nintendo fiascos since the Golden Age of the NES. Some of their most notable missteps have been bad business decisions and lack of foresight, and some were just plain old hubris. After hitting two huge homeruns with tons of great games on the NES and Super Nintendo consoles, there have been some truly bad Nintendo rollouts that stoked the ire of even the most hardcore Mario zealots. Hardware shortages? Check. Last-gen tech in new systems? Check. Screw over one of the most powerful electronics companies on the planet and ultimately give birth to your stiffest competition? Big check.

There have been more than a few times where Nintendo PR had to try to spin straw into gold, and the fans just weren't having it. While Nintendo is sure to go down in history as a remarkable, influential gaming giant, they aren't without their mistakes. Check out the list below and vote up the most disappointing Nintendo disasters - don't worry, there are plenty to choose from. 

14 Times Nintendo Completely Dropped The Ball And Lost Out On Millions,

Severe Amiibo Scarcity

Nintendo doesn't just struggle with hardware production shortages - they've also pulled the same crap with their uber-popular plastic amiibo toys. While some of the amiibos do offer DLC-type bonus items in-game, they're mostly just collectibles for Nintendo fanatics. While the hype and outrage seemed to have calmed down since the dark days of 2015, people won't soon forget a $13 Gold Mario figurine going for $5,000 on eBay. 

Virtual Boy

You all knew this one was coming. The Virtual Boy represents everything wrong with Nintendo, from their inability to stay ahead of the technology curve to their overconfidence in the Big N brand to move units. In August of 1995, this monochromatic piece of garbage launched with an eye-popping price tag of $179.95.

Worse yet, the much more powerful Sony PlayStation had already launched in Japan the year before and was headed for American shores just a few weeks after the Virtual Boy hit store shelves. The hardware was poorly designed and the games were nearly unplayable. Only 22 games ever saw the light of day, many of which came out long after the system was dead. 

Nintendo Abandons WiiU Shortly After Launch

While Sony and Microsoft went round and round trying to one-up each other with more powerful systems and earlier release dates, Nintendo decided to make the Wii, whose big hook was the motion controller. While industry experts scoffed at the noticeably weaker hardware, the Wii was a smashing success with casual gamers and hardcore Nintendo disciples alike.

The follow-up to the Wii was the WiiU, another console concept that tried to reinvent the way people interact with games. Again, it was short on power and good software. It also came with a clunky, kiddie iPad controller that only one person could use at a time, meaning your couch co-op cohort was stuck using "The Nunchuk." This was an odd decision for a company that always promoted the idea of families gaming together and the public noticed.

So, Nintendo quietly started developing a new console (yes, the Switch) soon after they realized the WiiU was a dud. The WiiU had almost no third party support and even missed out on some of Nintendo's biggest first-party franchises.

NES Classic Hardware Shortage

Nintendo has this habit of announcing a new product, not manufacturing enough to stock the product, and sometimes even discontinuing that product. This has happened with the Wii and the 3DS to some extent, and it's happening again with the nostalgia-tickling NES Classic. Once the NES Classic was announced across the Internet, Nintendo had four months to get prepared for the onslaught to produce a machine with absolutely no new groundbreaking technology.

Yet... They still missed the mark by having a laughable number manufactured. The NES Classic was hardly even seen in stores because that's how fast they flew off the shelves. And then, despite all the demand, Nintendo decides to discontinue the immensely popular product. Um, okay. 

64 DD Vaporware

Before the N64 even appeared on the shelves, Nintendo announced they were developing a removable magnetic disk storage expansion called the 64DD that featured a real-time clock, Internet connectivity with limited applications, and rewriteable mass storage. Was this because they refused to add CD-ROM tech to the N64? Maybe. Either way, the 64DD was to ease gamers' concerns that the cartridge format would limit the N64. After four years of roadblocks and delays, the 64DD finally made an exclusive appearance in only Japan. 

Nintendo failed to account for the fact that it would take four years to develop the add-on. By the time it was released, the N64 was about to leave the  stage. Of the 100,000 units produced, just 15,000 were sold. Just 10 games were developed for the 64DD, and it died a quiet death less than a year after launch. Sure, Nintendo learned valuable lessons from this, but it was still a flat-out commercial failure. 

Nintendo 64 Uses Cartridges

While Nintendo swore that they decided to use cartridges instead of CD-ROM technology for the N64 to "combat piracy," many hardcore gamers know it had probably had more to do with pride and obstinance than anything else. The Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn both used CD-ROMs, which allowed more memory space for advancements in technology like actual music, voiceovers, and awesome cutscenes. Cross-platform games often looked as good or better on CD-ROM consoles and usually had more content than their cartridge counterparts.

Though, there were a few upsides to cartridges, like faster loading times and sturdiness. However, cartridges were much more expensive to produce than CDs, meaning N64 games were at least $10 more expensive than identical releases for the Sony and Sega platforms. 

Final Fantasy 7 Is A Sony PlayStation Exclusive

The Final Fantasy franchise is arguably the greatest RPG saga of all time. It first appeared in the US on the NES, but Final Fantasy III (Final Fantasy VI in Japan) for the SNES is often considered the entry that pushed the series into the mainstream. Originally, Final Fantasy VII was in development for the SNES, but after too many technical setbacks with the cartridge-based console, Square (before they merged with Enix) decided it was better to go with the more powerful Sony PlayStation.

Besides the 3D capabilities of the PSX hardware, developers were drawn to the extra storage the CD-ROM medium offered. FF7 is packed with elaborate FMV cutscenes that an N64 cartridge just couldn't handle. The game was a huge critical success, selling more than 11 million copies. Square even took shots at Nintendo in the press for being behind the times with their obsolete technology. Ouch. 

Lack Of Third Party Support

Nintendo went hard after the third-party market during the era of the NES, imposing insanely restrictive licensing terms that pushed upstart developers toward competing consoles like the Sega Genesis and the Sony PlayStation.

Nintendo was ultimately investigated by the FTC and accused of antitrust violations and unfair business practices. This mentality set the table for many generations of limited third-party support for all of Nintendo's future consoles, including the WiiU and the Switch. Though small inroads are seen with the arrival of the Switch, the future still looks bleak for those not under the Nintendo umbrella. 

Ignoring The Competitive Smash Bros. Community

Even though Nintendo didn't intend for the Smash Bros. franchise to spawn one of the most rabid tournament fighting communities, that's exactly what happened. While Nintendo pours money into the Splatoon and Pokemon tourney scenes, Smash Bros. is largely ignored because "high-stakes competition" isn't really part of their "brand."

The GameCube entry, Super Smash Bros. Melee, is still considered the gold standard of competitive Smash, but SSB4 for the WiiU is quickly gaining a passionate following as well. If distancing themselves from high-level competition wasn't a big enough slap to the face for Smash fans, Nintendo certainly didn't endear themselves any further by trying to shut down the EVO Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament.

Nintendo PlayStation

Nintendo finally saw some real competition when Sega beat them to the 16-bit punch with the Genesis. And while Nintendo ultimately bested Sega in the sales figure department, there's no denying that the Genesis brought out the best in Team Mario.

Sega was rumored to be working on a CD-ROM expansion - which became the Sega CD - and Nintendo wasn't going to be left behind. They teamed up with uber-electronics giant Sony to develop what was supposed to be called the Nintendo PlayStation. They wanted to add a CD-ROM expansion to the SNES. After haggling over contract terms and licensing agreements, Nintendo ghosted Sony and secretly turned to Philips, one of Sony's biggest competitors to complete the job.

Since Sony had already built and developed the console, they released it themselves. So, Nintendo essentially gave birth to their biggest rival and the current leader in the home console space. 

Fri, 14 Apr 2017 09:52:15 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/times-nintendo-messed-up/collin-flatt
<![CDATA[Video Game Series That Deserve A Comeback]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/video-game-series-that-should-come-back/nathan-gibson?source=rss

The video game industry is full of franchises that have been abandoned. After all, there are thousands of games released every year and it takes a special kind of franchise to be able to weather the test of time while releasing new titles. Only a few examples exist that have continued to remain successful, such as Mario, Final Fantasy, and The Legend of Zelda. These series represent some of the best video game franchises and have managed to evolve with the industry and adapt to the tastes of modern players.

However, that isn’t to say that all dormant video game franchises are failures. In fact, there are multiple series that were put aside due to unfortunate circumstances, such as suboptimal market times for a specific genre or a studio's desire to go in a different direction for a while. Regardless, there are certain series that deserve a remake or release for the latest gaming platforms. Check out the games below and vote up the dead video game series you would resurrect for an epic comeback. 

Video Game Series That Deserve A Comeback,

Chrono Trigger

Despite the fact that only two games were ever released in the Chrono series, the franchise is arguably one of the greatest role-playing games of all time. Having launched on the SNES in 1995, Chrono Trigger received near universal critical acclaim and went on to sell millions of copies. In particular, praise centered on its evolution of the genre after the success of Final Fantasy and The Secret of Mana, improving graphics, battle systems, and the cast of characters. It also showcased an amazing open-world exploration, alternate endings, and an interesting skill/combo system. 

It was so successful that it spawned a PlayStation sequel in the form of Chrono Cross, which functioned as a terrible sequel, but was a great game regardless. Unfortunately, Square Enix has concentrated on its other properties in the intervening years, only releasing the original games on new platforms rather than developing any new entries.


Known as Mother 2 in Japan, Earthbound was one of Nintendo’s first successful role-playing games that managed to bridge the gap between Japanese and American audiences. It contained experimental game mechanics that have become the norm in RPGs, plenty of satirical humor, and an emotional and interesting plot. Since its arrival in 1994, Earthbound has gone on to become one of the most praised titles in history and it considered a pioneer in role-playing games. Unfortunately, neither the sequel or Earthbound’s predecessor ever saw official releases outside of Japan, effectively depriving fans from North American and Europe from being able to enjoy more of the series.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Although the Final Fantasy series is best known for its role-playing entries, there are also some other spin-offs that have proved successful. One of these was the PlayStation release of Final Fantasy Tactics in 1997. Differing from other installments in the franchise, FFT had a much deeper combat system that included a three-dimensional isometric field for players to move through as they battled their enemies. However, Square Enix has left the series behind to concentrate on the other Final Fantasy titles in recent times. 

It is interesting to note that in 2003, Square Enix did try to use a similar formula in the Game Boy Advance title Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced. While the game is not a direct sequel, it did use many of the same mechanics and elements. However, while it was successful, fans criticized it for a weaker story and cast of characters. 

Golden Sun

Released in 2001 for the Game Boy Advance, Golden Sun is a fantasy role-playing game. After hitting store shelves, critics immediately heaped acclaim upon it, drawing attention to its high quality graphics, fun gameplay, and varied settings. It was even compared to the hugely successful Pokemon franchise and with the lack of quality RPGs on handheld consoles, a new Golden Sun game would definitely be welcomed. The third and latest release in the franchise came in 2010 with Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.

Shining Force

Shining Force was undoubtedly one of the best games available for the Sega Megadrive and has become well-regarded as a unique and varied RPG. Taking inspiration from the likes of Dragon Quest and Fire Emblem, the game sees players overseeing battles with a selection of units. Its popularity is evident from the sheer amount of remakes and re-releases that have seen the title ported to the Dreamcast, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Game Boy Advance. The last entry in the RPG series came in 2009 in the form of Shining Force Feather and fans have long awaited a fully-fledged sequel.

The Secret of Monkey Island

Back in the early '90s, graphic adventure games were all the rage and LucasArts could well be considered the best developer of this genre. Out of a string of high quality hits, perhaps the best and most popular is The Secret of Monkey Island and its sequels. Filled with difficult puzzles and genuinely funny humor, the series became iconic in the industry. However, there was a fall in popularity of the entire genre as gaming moved to 3D titles centered around first person shooters and action games. 

Recent offerings from the likes of Telltale Games have shown that the graphic adventure genre still has some appeal. Creator Ron Gilbert has expressed interest in concluding the story, making a comeback a real possibility. 


TimeSplitters is one of the most beloved and distinctive first person shooter series in the entire industry. Created by many of the people who worked on both GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark at Rare, it saw players traveling through time as they battled enemies with elaborate characters and weapons. Known for its irreverent humor and parody of other popular gaming franchises, each game also featured a number of mini games or odd gametypes that helped the titles stand out from other FPS franchises. With the last release coming in 2005 in the form of TimeSplitters: Future Perfect, work has continually stalled on a fourth game after the developer behind the series, Free Radical Design, went into administration.


No list looking at gaming series that need to make a comeback would be complete without considering Half-Life 3. The third title in the franchise has become synonymous with vaporware as it has seemingly been in development since the release of Half-Life 2: Episode 2 in 2007. During that time, Valve has kept quiet about the possible sequel and it is not even known whether the company is actively working on the game. With no announcements to suggest otherwise, it looks like players will have to wait a lot longer to see the conclusion of Gordon Freeman’s story. 

Breath of Fire

Capcom’s most well known RPG, 1993’s Breath of Fire, saw players take on the role of Ryu as he tries to track down his sister. While the game received praise all around, the exploration mechanic was particularly highlighted because it made the game much less linear than other RPGs.

Breath of Fire 6 was released in Japan in 2016, though an English translation has not been announced and is not in development. This leaves Western audiences without the chance to continue the series, with the last worldwide release in 2003 with Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter.

Road Rash

From its debut in 1991, Road Rash has done its very best to set itself apart from most other racing games. Not only did it feature motorcycles, but it also introduced the ability to fight with the other racers. Add into the mix a police system whereby officers would attempt to chase you down, and you've got the perfect recipe for an action-packed racer. In total, there were six installments across a variety of platforms, ending with 2002’s Road Rash: Jailbreak. Since then, a number of developers, including Burnout studio Criterion Games, have looked into reviving the brand, but none have taken the mantle. 

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<![CDATA[17 Hilarious Wronchi Animation Video Game Parodies]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-wronchi-animation-video-game-parodies/brandon-michaels?source=rss

Wronchi is awesome - if you haven't heard of them, you're missing out. They make funny video game parodies, but with hundreds of episodes in their channel, it's tough to know where to start. After all, Wronchi has been posting hilarious parodies on YouTube since 2011. So, for your pleasure, compiled here are the best Wronchi videos. 

From games like Dota 2Hearthstone, and The Legend of Zelda to Overwatch, Wronchi has parodied some of the most popular games across every platform. They have multiple ongoing series, like the Dota 2 Reporter, which focus on jokes within a particular game's community, with several one-offs of other video games sprinkled in between. With over 435,000 subscribers and 64 million views, Wronchi is obviously doing something right. Check out the internet's favorite Wronchi Animation parody videos and vote up the most hilarious ones!

17 Hilarious Wronchi Animation Video Game Parodies,

Jaina Vs Gul'dan

Pudge (DOTA2) Vs Viper

Welcome To Hanamura

Move The Payload!

Malfurion Vs Valeera

The DOTA 2 Reporter Episode 21: More Idiots

The DOTA2 Reporter Episode 7: Global Meltdown

Anduin Vs Garrosh

Move The Payload 2

Thrall Vs Rexxar

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<![CDATA[19 PS4 Games That Are Pretty Good, Not Great, But Pretty Good]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/pretty-good-ps4-games/brandon-michaels?source=rss

The very best games for PS4 have been covered to death already. Everyone knows that GTA V and The Last of Us were awesome. But have you checked out these pretty good games on PS4? There are a ton of decent PS4 titles that go un-played simply because they don't get a 10/10 from every gaming critic. Try widening your game selection for the PS4 with some lesser known games! 

Are you into survival horror games and cheesy teen slasher films? Then you should check out Until Dawn! Did you like Shadow of the Colossus and Ico? Then try The Last Guardian, though it's not as good. Or maybe you just live under a rock and you haven't heard about all the cool new game series that came out for PS4, like Rocket League.

Regardless, not all games can be winners, right? If you've got $35 bucks and you're looking for a solid gaming experience, these pretty good games for the PS4 are a great way to pass the time. Vote up the PS4 titles you've played that turned out to be decent. 

19 PS4 Games That Are Pretty Good, Not Great, But Pretty Good,

Until Dawn

What It's About: It's basically a playable horror movie where eight teenagers get slaughtered in a cabin in the woods.

Why You Should Play It: You're secretly a serial killer.

Infamous: Second Son

What It's About: The third title in the Infamous series, it's basically Grand Theft Auto, except you can't drive or shoot a gun, but you shoot lightening from your hands.

Why You Should Play It: Beating hookers with a baseball bat in GTA kind of loses its fun after a while.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

What It's About: Assassin's Creed, but with pirates! 

Why You Should Play It: You liked the other ones, and this one's newer. Not necessarily better, but at least it's newer. 

Batman: Arkham Knight

What It's About: Batman. The Dark Knight. Also, Batman.

Why You Should Play It: Did you know it's got Batman? Seriously though, if you liked the other Arkham titles, this is just a newer, slightly not-as-good version of the first two games in the series. 

Mortal Kombat X

What It's About: Fatalities! You can cut a dude's face off!

Why You Should Play It: You feel like putting your button-mashing little brother in his place. 

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

What It's About: You've heard of Call of Duty before, right? Well this time, it's in the future. 

Why You Should Play It: You like first person shooters and being berated by teenagers online.

Injustice 2

What It's About: Plain and simple? Superheroes from the DC universe beating the sh*t out of each other.

Why You Should Play It: Either you're not any good at Mortal Kombat or you really like Batman, but you've already played all of the Arkham games.

Dishonored 2

What It's About: Part puzzle game, part stealth game. Play as a masked protagonist in Dishonored 2, sneaking around to look for ways to manipulate both environment and enemies to avoid detection.

Why You Should Play It: You're not having fun playing Overwatch and you want to try something a little less fast-paced. Plus, it's not like there's a new Bioshock or anything.

Rocket League

What It's About: Soccer, but with RC cars.

Why You Should Play It: Because it's soccer, but with RC cars. What's not to love?

Watch Dogs 2

What It's About: Basically Grand Theft Auto, but with no guns and more cell phone usage.

Why You Should Play It: You're really, really into Mr. Robot.

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<![CDATA[19 Games You Need To Play If You Liked The Last Of Us]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/games-like-the-last-of-us/aaron-edwards?source=rss

The Last of Us is simply one of the finest video game experiences ever crafted, giving rise to insane fan theories, cosplays, and fan art. When it was released in 2013, Naughty Dog's post-apocalyptic masterpiece captured the hearts of every gamer who played it. But what video games do you play after you finish The Last of Us? It's a tough act to follow, to be sure, but there are several survival horror games that have similar qualities as Joel and Ellie's (voiced by Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson, respectively) dystopian road trip.

You may have loved The Last of Us' emphasis on character writing, excellent acting, great stealth mechanics, and desperate gunplay. Well, lucky for you, there are many experiences with the same engaging elements, whether it be from Naughty Dog, Bioware, Telltale, Capcom, or a host of other beloved companies that have turned out classic games. So, if you're looking to fill in the hole in your heart with great games similar to The Last of Us, check out the list below!

19 Games You Need To Play If You Liked The Last Of Us,

Heavy Rain

For those of you who like the dour atmosphere and deep character exploration of The Last of Us, Heavy Rain might scratch the itch for more. You play as a detective, reporter, private eye, and father investigating the kidnapping of a young boy. There's lots of rain (if it wasn't obvious), lots of dark, character-driven stories, and plenty of moments that will have you squirming in horror. It's more focused on the narrative than gameplay, so don't expect many gunfights. But if you're all about being told a story, Heavy Rain might be right for you.

Red Dead Redemption

The post-apocalyptic genre is essentially the new western, which The Last of Us embraces with the road trip story structure and acoustic guitar melodies. If those parts of the game appeal to you, check out Red Dead Redemption. You play a rough-and-tumble former outlaw trying (and failing) to escape his past. The game has an open world structure that developer Rockstar is known for, but it cuts out the political satire that defines so much of the Grand Theft Auto games. 

Tomb Raider

When Crystal Dynamics decided to reboot the adventures of Lara Croft, they definitely took inspiration from Naughty Dog. Lara's new adventure is gritty, dangerous, and full of personal stakes. There's no sunglasses or shorts here - only a desperate need for survival at any cost. Sound familiar?

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Still considered by many to be the best Uncharted game, Uncharted 2 was when The Last Of Us writer's Neil Druckmann was really starting to have a commanding creative influence on Naughty Dog's games. Following Nathan Drake as he searches for the lost city of Shambhala, Uncharted 2 features the introduction of a fan-favorite character named Chloe. It also has some amazing set pieces, from a train sequence in the Himalayas to a collapsing building in Nepal. The character stories and dialogue have also made the game a classic that's very near and dear to many gamers' hearts.

BioShock Infinite

If you loved a game about Troy Baker looking after a young woman who is the key to saving a dystopian society, you're going to love this game about Troy Baker looking after a young woman who is the key to saving a dystopian society. Yes, you read that right.

In BioShock Infinite, the story takes place in the floating city of Colombia in an alternate 1912. You (a character named Joel, voiced by, you guessed it, Troy Baker) and mysterious Elizabeth (who has totally awesome dimension-hopping powers) are trying to escape the city before the bad guys can get their hands on her for their own evil purposes. It's a bit more run-and-gun than The Last of Us, but the story hits many similar emotional notes.


You play as Corvo, a deadly supernatural assassin who serves a noble royal family who rules over an alternate colonial-steampunk fantasy world powered by whale oil. When the royal family is killed and the young princess is kidnapped, you go on a one-man suicide mission to uncover the conspiracy behind the regicide and get the princess back. While the game has some spectacular stealth-based gameplay, the real heart of the experience is Corvo's relationship to the princess. It's another tough-guy-saves-little-girl story, but it does it in a fresh setting.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead's Season 1 tells a remarkably similar story to The Last of Us, but that doesn't mean it should be considered a rip-off by any means. Based off the popular Walking Dead comics (not the show), you play as Lee, a man convicted of murder who most protect a girl during the zombie apocalypse. If that sounds too familiar, don't worry. There are plenty of amazing twists and turns in the story as you play through its five-episode season. It's an experience that's similar, but also completely different, from The Last of Us.

The Mass Effect Trilogy

If third-person shooters with deep stories are your thing after The Last of Us, look no further than Bioware's beloved Mass Effect trilogy. It may not be post-apocalyptic, but this game puts emphasis on character relationships just as much as Naughty Dog's masterpiece. Much of the story has a very different flavor from dystopian fiction, but this game's character nuances changed the RPG genre forever. So, if you loved The Last of Us' characters, give the Mass Effect games a try.

Tales From The Borderlands

This is a pretty unorthodox choice, but The Last of Us and Tales From The Borderlands have two huge points in common. The first is the legendary actor, Troy Baker. Baker stars in both and turns in performances that elevate the games into the stratosphere. The second point is that both games emphasize family. The protagonists in Borderlands become a very dysfunctional and entertaining family, much in the same way Joel and Ellie come together as a surrogate father and daughter. 

Fallout 4

Another Fallout means another wasteland to explore. In this installment, you're a parent searching for your lost son. You may not have a surrogate child with you on the journey, but if you want to play as a scorned parent looking to fill a hole in their heart, this game will fit the bill. One thing this game has over The Last of Us is a portable nuclear bomb launcher, which automatically makes it better than pretty much everything else out there.

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<![CDATA[12 Amazing Ways Video Games Have Actually Helped People]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/video-games-that-helped-people/nathan-gibson?source=rss

Video game companies create one of the biggest forms of entertainment in the world, directly competing with movies, television, and music for people's attention. While games are well-known for their ability to entertain and amaze, there are proven health benefits of video games and other positive effects. In fact, there are plenty of real life skills learned from video games that people have utilized in reality to great effect.

Games have the capability to put players into all kinds of different scenarios and events that they might not otherwise ever get to experience in the real world. Although not every title is a realistic simulator that directly correlates to real life, there are certain skills, abilities, and life lessons that have been useful. Read on to discover how video games have had a sincere, positive effect on people and have even served as a platform to help save lives. 

12 Amazing Ways Video Games Have Actually Helped People,

World of Warcraft

When Hans Jorgen Olsen and his sister found themselves facing an attack from a moose, the 12-year-old used a skill he had learned in World of Warcraft to get out of trouble. Having distracted the animal enough so that it would come for him, allowing his sister to escape, he immediately pretended to be dead. He had learned of this idea after reaching level 30 as a hunter in the game, as they acquire an ability called “feign death” to trick enemies into ignoring them. The ploy worked and the young Norwegian kids both escaped the ordeal completely unharmed.

Pokemon Go Has Helped Lots Of Animals Get Rescued

Pokemon Go became a huge phenomenon almost the instant it was released in 2016, prompting millions of people to go outside in search of the virtual creatures. Other than the obvious benefits that came with getting some exercise and fresh air, the augmented reality game also led to a whole collection of animals being rescued. It turned out that the explorative nature of the app meant that people went to areas that they might not otherwise ever go near, allowing them to come across abandoned pets.

In one instance, a Reddit user was able to save a cat that had become stuck behind a junction box in the street. The rescue involved the fire and police department, as well as workers from the utility company responsible for the box. Other cases involved a young puppy being found in Texas and nursed back to health by a veterinary clinic and a group of 20 hamsters and seven mice that were found left in a cage in the middle of a park.

Minecraft Is Being Used To Teach Kids About Math, Architecture, And Design

Minecraft has become a juggernaut of the gaming industry since its release in 2011. It has sold more than 100 million copies and is now being used in schools around the world to teach kids a variety of lessons. In fact, the instructive potential of the title led Microsoft to create a special educational version specifically for use in the classroom. Teachers have used the game in all sorts of interesting ways.

Some methods include learning about architecture and town planning by building cities, modeling water flow in dams, and even discovering how the Great Fire of London was able to spread across a huge area so quickly. 

A Young Boy Recognized The Danger Of A Live Grenade Thanks To Counter-Strike

The first-person shooter Counter-Strike might not seem like it could have a positive impact in the real world, but that is exactly what the video game did in 2013. While a group of friends were out playing in the Philippine city of Mandaue, they discovered several unassuming objects. The youngsters began to play with the round items, unaware that they were actually incredibly dangerous.

Fortunately, 12-year-old Jose Darwin Garciano realized that they were actually grenades as he recognized the shape from the game. He quickly warned his friends to put them down, which allowed police to come and safely diffuse them. 

America’s Army Helped A North Carolina Man Provide Vital First Aid

After witnessing an SUV flip over on a highway in North Carolina, Paxton Galvanek was able to provide life-saving first aid using knowledge he had learned from a video game. Writing to the title’s developers, he explained how he was able to pull the victims out of a vehicle and then stop profuse bleeding thanks to techniques learned in a medical section of America’s Army - a video game developed to be used specifically by the US Army.

"I have received no prior medical training and can honestly say that because of the training and presentations within America’s Army, I was able to help and possibly save the injured men," Galvanek said.

A Disabled Man Was Saved From A House Fire By Other Online Players

A fire in the home of Robert Chambers could have proved fatal if not for the fact that he was playing an online game against other players through Facebook. Unable to reach his phone to call for help due to a disability, he instead reached out for assistance from the other online players in his game. They promptly responded by phoning emergency services and he was rescued by firefighters before any damage could be done. Without the help of the other online users, the 51-year-old would have likely died due to his muscular dystrophy severely limiting his mobility.

Young Boy Brought An Out-Of-Control Car To A Safe Stop Using Driving Skills Learned From Mario Kart

Gryffin Sanders, a 10-year-old boy from Colorado, managed to save the life of his elderly grandmother and his younger brother. The grandparent lost control of the vehicle after suffering a mild heart attack, but the car didn't stop - it kept cruising down the busy road at 60 miles per hour without anyone steering it. Using driving skills he had learned from playing Mario Kart, Gryffin took over the wheel and managed to direct the car into a ditch of mud away from the oncoming traffic. His heroic actions meant that there were no injuries to anyone in the vehicle.

Quick Reflexes, Bolstered By Video Games, Helped A Canadian Driver Avoid A Fatal Accident

Out of all of the skills and abilities that video games have been known to improve, perhaps the most researched and documented are a person’s reflexes. Canadian Matthew Krizsan certainly believes that years of playing games helped him when he had to quickly take evasive action to avoid a crash while driving on a highway in Ontario. With a truck crashing through the central barrier into his direction, Krizsan was able avoid it and other vehicles. He later explained to news reporters that he believed the instant reactions were a result of years of playing video games.

Dance Dance Revolution Was Instrumental In Rebuilding A Broken Leg

Luke McKinney was a regular Dance Dance Revolution player when he was involved in an incident in 2000. A cave collapse led to the student being crushed under rocks for six hours before he was rescued. The injury to his leg was so severe that he was unable to walk for months after the event - even now, he still has to wear a leg brace to help support the limb. One thing that did help him build back strength in his leg was DDR. He played it at arcades on the way to the hospital visits, which had a positive impact his rehabilitation. 

Wii Sports Helps The Elderly To Exercise And Remain Social

Out of all the games that Nintendo has released for the Wii, the most famous and popular among older gamers was almost certainly Wii Sports. Even those who had never experienced video games became enamored with it, especially the elderly. It proved to be incredibly beneficial as well, as various studies showed how the title had a large positive effect on those in nursing homes or retirement homes. Not only did it provide senior citizens with valuable exercise and activity, but it also provided a way for them to remain social as they could compete against others and take part in tournaments. 

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<![CDATA[16 Obscure PC Games You've Probably Never Played Before]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/fun-obscure-pc-games/inigo-gonzalez?source=rss

There are tons of truly amazing PC games out there, more than enough to satisfy entire lifetimes. It makes sense, since PC gaming has been around for decades. The bench is super deep. Sure, there are some really good AAA games out there, but there are way more PC games no one knows about. Often, they can be more entertaining than the bigger titles.

Fun indie PC games have to be, well, really fun simply because they don't have the budget to render super-shiny graphics. In other words, they actually work super hard on the gameplay, character development, and story. That makes their titles shine. Check out these little-known PC games; hopefully you'll pick up a few and play 'em!

16 Obscure PC Games You've Probably Never Played Before,

Evil Genius

Evil Genius features base building and invader repulsion, similar to Dungeon Keeper, except with a '70s veneer. What more could you want? This game is a bit like tower defense, before tower defense became a thing.

Because this title has more strategic depth, it's far more engaging than simply "keep invaders out," especially because of all the superspy hijinks. Beware James Bond John Steele, one of the super agents who breaks into your lair. He wrecks bases like nobody’s business. Seriously, take him out no matter the cost. 

Prison Architect

You get to build prisons. Boom. Sold. 

Prison Architect is a game that requires a sarcastic or cynical player. It has a ton of social commentary bubbling just underneath the surface. While you might begin the game wanting to give your prisoners a decent life, it isn't long until you start calculating just how... cozy you can make their cells, just so you can cram in more prisoners. The game is all about making more money at the expense of human misery, and it might make you learn something about yourself in the process. 

Warmachine Tactics

Based on the tabletop war game Warmachine by Privateer Press, Warmachine Tactics is a deeply loyal adaptation. Armies are led by Warcasters, who have command of deadly Warjacks and powerful magics. You get to play as a journeyman Warcaster aligned with Cygnar, the most technologically advanced of all the factions. 

Though its single player campaign is incredibly fun, multiplayer is the shining jewel of the series. Nothing beats having your heavy Warjack wreck the steam right out of your friends' 'jacks. It's incredibly addictive, and it encourages only the most excellent smack talk. 


Have you ever played oldschool first person dungeon crawlers? There are some seriously amazing ones out there: Stonekeep, Arx Fatalis, and Legend of Grimrock, just to name a few. Almost all of them are fantasy, which is of course fantastic, but where are all the sci-fi dungeon crawlers? You know, stuff with pulse rifles, power armor, mecha fighters, and a dystopian, oppressive feel. Well, you can count all of 'em on one hand. You can count the good ones with a single finger. And that's StarCrawlers

In StarCrawlers, you play as a galactic mercenary, and it's exactly as awesome as it sounds. With innovative graphics, classic gameplay mechanics, and an engaging story rife with corporate intrigue, this relatively obscure game is well worth your time. 

Oh... Sir! The Insult Simulator

This game is truly, deeply amazing. Basically, you and a friend get together to hurl insults at each other. For points! Depending on the words you have access to, it’s possible to string together a gigantic phrase that one-shots whoever you’re dueling with. 

Play with your bestie, or your family, or some random stranger. Whatever. Just insult them to your heart’s content. What are you waiting for, you one-eyed badger who smells like your fathers socks? Get to it!

UnReal World

This isn’t a shooter made from the unreal engine, but rather a survival roguelike set in Iron Age Finland. While most roguelikes are typically hack and slash, this one is different. UnReal World takes far more patience and careful planning than most other roguelikes out there. You see, there are plenty of ways to die, from predatory animals to pirates and more, but winter is the real killer. If you hit winter unprepared, you'll end up starving or freezing to death. This is a game for people who want a little more depth in their RPGs.  

Guild Of Dungeoneering

Alright, so this one is a bit of a mouthful. The game is a turn-based dungeon crawler, with hints of base-building and CCG mechanics thrown in for good measure. Basically, you use cards to build the dungeon around you, from the hallways to the monsters to the loot. 

Your deck also has combat cards, which better allow you to combat the monsters you place in said dungeon. Then, you kill the monsters you play and explore the dungeon in order to gain levels and loot. It's simple, ridiculous fun.

NEO Scavenger

Look, survival roguelikes are an amazing experience. In NEO Scavenger, you wake up in an unfamiliar land that’s been devastated by... something. You'll have to play the game to find out. Anyway, the land is filled with empty cities and homes, all begging to be scavenged (which you need to do to survive). Despite the engaging fantasy, the game is also grounded in a kind of stark pragmatism. The most valuable item? A high-quality Pearson "Yukon" Canvas backpack.

Curious Expedition

In Curious Expedition, you play as a historically-significant scientist or explorer (such as Charles Darwin or Marie Curie), and go forth on exciting expeditions. But these adventures are fraught with danger, from starvation to killer tigers to volcanic eruptions. To win the game, you have to finish your expedition before the others do AND bring back as many artifacts and items as you can carry. 

Sure, you could totally bring that sacrificial mask back with you to gain vast fame and fortune, but it means leaving your rations behind. You should make it back to the ship before you starve. Break a leg!

Big Pharma

This game is super addictive. In essence, you head up a pharmaceutical company making life-saving medicine for huge amounts of profit. You'll research technologies, discover ingredients, and then build assembly lines to create your cure. There’s a huge business component as well.

Because the market is finite – there are only so many people with colds – it means your competitors can outmaneuver you simply by filling the market’s need for a particular cure and cut you out completely. You have to be unapologetically cut-throat in an industry that's supposed to be about healing people, and there's something delightfully evil about that.

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<![CDATA[14 Things You Didn't Know About The Last Of Us]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/things-you-didn-t-know-about-the-last-of-us/zack-howe?source=rss

The Last of Us has one of the best storytelling in all of video game history, which is why it's a shame that it's only available on the PlayStation 3 and 4 platforms. The storyline is so deep that it has spawned a slew of The Last of Us fan theories. In the opening scene of the game, you see a heart-wrenching death that tears out your heart and leaves you in tears. And if the story isn’t enthralling enough (which it most definitely is), the gameplay is solid and engaging.

Even the most compelling video game storylines don't trigger tears, but that's what makes The Last of Us so special. With such a connection to the heart, the epic tale and grueling gameplay are coveted by tons of gamers. The Last of Us 2 probably isn't coming out until 2018, but in honor of a brilliantly chilling trailer, let’s reminisce about this amazing game. Check out these The Last of Us facts if you want to have your mind blown like a Clicker running into an improvised proximity mine. #GoldenEyeAintGotNuthinOnUs

14 Things You Didn't Know About The Last Of Us,

The Last Of Jak And Daxter

After Uncharted 2, the development team was split into two, and Druckmann and Straley were tasked with rebooting the classic Jak and Daxter series. They decided to follow the DC model and make it realistic, but the designs got away from them, so they went to the higher ups and asked if they could change course entirely. They were given the go-ahead to make whatever game they desired and The Last of Us was born. 

Don't Cry For Joel, Argentina

In the game, there's a photograph of Joel and his daughter, who is wearing a soccer jersey sporting the colors of Argentina. This pays homage to Argentine composer, Gustavo Santaolalla.

A Much Different (And Blander) Storyline

In the original story, Joel's companion/pseudo-love interest, Tess, was actually going to become a villain after Joel and Ellie escaped the city. Feeling betrayed, she would hunt down Joel to seek revenge. She would ultimately catch up with them, and would be killed by Ellie just before killing Joel. End of game. Wow. That would have been pretty mundane, right? Fortunately, Druckmann and Straley realized that. 

The Disease Is Real... Kinda

The zombie infection of the game was inspired by a real world infection called Cordyceps fungi. It affects insects, growing out of the head and seizing control of motor functions. Straley and Druckmann saw it on an episode of Planet Earth and immediately had their idea for the monsters of The Last of Us.

Ish Was There At The Time Of Outbreak And Is Actually A Literary Reference

In "The Suburbs" chapter of the game, there's a subplot about someone named Ish represented in some notes found around the area cataloging his experiences around the time of the outbreak. Ish is also the name of the protagonist in a real world 1949 post-apocalyptic novel by George R. Stewart called “Earth Abides.” It was originally entitled “The Dude Abides” until the author was sued by the yet-to-be born Coen brothers, and that’s (a sad attempt at) some anachronistic humor. Enjoy. 

Director Bruce Straley Will Not Return For The Sequel

While this is a bit of a bummer, there is a silver (and possibly even gold) lining: Neil Druckmann, the visionary writer who brought this story to life, will be returning for the sequel and he'll be taking the helm as director. No offense to Mr. Straley, but fans will not likely feel his absence. If the trailer for The Last of Us 2 is any indication, the sequel is going to be just as breathtaking. 

The Character Chatter Was Somewhat Innovative

During gameplay, Joel and Ellie (along with other characters) talk with each other as they move throughout the world. Druckmann and Straley were inspired by Drake and Tenzin's occasional chatter in Uncharted 2, doubling down on this advent to enrich the experience of realism in the game. Ellie dropped a few more F-bombs in these instances, but that's not even included in the 53-count tally. Go Ellie.

There Was Originally An Infected Elephant

Apparently, there was a sequence in the game where Joel was going to be pursued by an infected elephant. Take that, Shakespeare. 

The Unbearable Likeness Of Ellen Page

It's no secret that Ellen Page was none-too-pleased after the release of The Last of Us, seeing how the main character is strongly reminiscent of her. What is not as widely known is that Naughty Dog actually attempted to make Ellie's final appearance less Page-y and more like Ashley Johnson, the voice actress for Ellie. Obviously, it didn't work that well.

Ellie Swears Like A Sailor

Throughout the game, Ellie drops more f-bombs than any other character. 53 to be precise. Some gamers found it to be hilarious, while others thought it was a bit excessive. While it's clear that Ellie is a product of the fallen world, the fact that she curses more than any other character is a tad shocking. 

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<![CDATA[23 Overwatch Memes That Deserve Play Of The Internet Game]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-overwatch-memes/collin-flatt?source=rss

The massive popularity of and unique characters featured in Blizzard's newest franchise makes for a glut of Overwatch memes on the Internet. The passionate and active community of Overwatch disciples filled the world wide web with enough Overwatch jokes to last through all your ranked matches. Their dedication to Overwatch's characters and their vibrant personalities leads to Gremlin D.Va memes, moody/emo Reaper memes, and plenty of Pharah memes dedicated to her ability (or lack thereof) to rain justice from above. As captivating as the game gets, the community behind Overwatch art and memes make the game even more engrossing.

Some come from love for a specific character, some poke fun at the idiosyncrasies of the game itself, and some simply hit you harder than that Kill Cam you just watched. No one asked you to confront Genji on your own, Zenyatta! Regardless of what your trigger is, or which character gets you tilted (probably Mei), plenty of memes about Overwatch exist out there for you. To play on Hanzo's words, let the memes consume you.

23 Overwatch Memes That Deserve Play Of The Internet Game,

When The Loot Box Has The Skin You Wanted

Something's In The Air

No Idea What To Do With All This Junk

Mercy Me...

Nerf This!

The DPS Abides

Deal With It

It's Reinhardt Out Here

Overwatch Schooling

Hanzo's Hiding Problem

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<![CDATA[Arcade Ports That Just Didn't Work Out]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/worst-arcade-video-game-ports/collin-flatt?source=rss

The video game landscape dramatically changed once home console technology caught up to, and surpassed, the beastly coin-op arcade machines. Lots of gamers have fond memories of jamming quarters into the best classic arcade games like Galaga and Gauntlet. Neighborhood arcades exploded in popularity during the '80s, even though they were often dark, dirty, and in some cases, unsafe. Console developers like Atari, Sega, and Nintendo saw huge potential in developing arcade ports, and despite the limitations of home hardware, decided to take up the challenge. 

Early days of the Atari 2600 saw some fantastic console versions of Atari arcade classics, such as Berzerk! and Ms. Pac Man. Sega's legendary Space Harrier looked and played great on the 8-bit Master System. Taito's Bubble Bobble and Capcom's Contra were faithfully added to the list of all NES games, and are considered two of the greatest games of their era. Tekken 3 squeezed every ounce of 3D power out of the PSX, and Street Fighter: Alpha 2 was a nearly perfect translation on the Sega Saturn. 

However, not all of the arcade video game ports looked and played as well as those classics, and some were absolute garbage on home consoles. Compiled below is a list of the biggest failures - vote up the coin-op arcade ports that bring back horrifying memories. 

Arcade Ports That Just Didn't Work Out,

Double Dragon

Double Dragon introduced the co-op brawler genre to the world, and is considered one of the greatest arcade games of all time. Players had a bevy of punches, kicks, and grabs to use on enemies - some of whom were armed with weapons that you could take and use. Most importantly, you could team up with a buddy at the arcade cabinet and wipe out some street trash together.

The NES version wasn't terrible, but it didn't offer co-op play, which really takes the "double" out of Double Dragon. Worse yet, the Sega-developed version of Double Dragon for the Master System was superior in every way and even included co-op gameplay.

Dragon's Lair

The original Dragon's Lair was groundbreaking for its use of the LaserDisc format and for featuring an interactive cartoon illustrated by the legendary Don Bluth. Ultimately, it wasn't much more than a series of button-and-joystick command QTEs, but no one had seen anything like it ever before. 

The NES port didn't play like, or even resemble, the arcade version whatsoever. The hardware and software limitations of the console meant that the innovative animated arcade adventure was translated into a slow and lifeless side-scrolling platformer. 

Hard Drivin'

Here's another case of a greedy publisher trying to cram a great coin-op game into a home console with limited specs. What made Hard Drivin' such a popular racing game was the groundbreaking 3D technology that allowed for realistic physics and awesome crash cam replays. 

The Sega Genesis wasn't meant to churn out 3D graphics, but that didn't stop Tengen from trying to make it happen. Hard Drivin' runs at about 10 fps on the 16-bit console, and the graphics are so blocky that the cow in front of the barn looked more like blocky sign. But it "mooed" when you ran it over, so that was pretty cool.

Karate Champ

NES fans love Karate Champ and wax nostalgic about this terribly clunky fighting game. Those people have most likely never experienced the original arcade version, which looked and played great, utilizing a unique two-joystick control scheme that rewarded patience and strategy over button mashing.

The NES version had fat sprites that were disproportionate and missing way too many frames of animation. The hit detection was horrendous - you could score points on a jump kick that didn't strike anywhere near your opponent. In addition, the AI was so terrible, it was kind of funny. The attempted port was admirable, but Data East just couldn't translate the spirit of Karate Champ to the weaker home console market properly. 


Pac-Man was a cultural touchstone in the '80s and its popularity in arcades almost guaranteed Atari a huge hit when they decided to port it to the 2600. A shortened development schedule dashed those dreams when this nearly unrecognizable version of the Namco classic hit the market in 1982.

The maze itself was stretched out of proportion, with the secret tunnels placed along the top and bottom of the screen instead of at the sides. All of that might have been tolerable if you could see each and every ghost on the screen at the same time, which you couldn't. Yet Atari still chose to release it in this deplorably unplayable condition. 


Pit-Fighter was the first arcade title to use digitized actors in a fighting game, paving the way for mega-franchises like Mortal Kombat and NBA Jam. The action was fast and allowed players to interact with the crowd. You could even grab weapons and trash cans to use on opponents during fights.

While the SNES console had arguably better specs than the Genesis, the THQ-developed version of Pit-Fighter was much worse than its Sega counterpart, which was ported by the talented team at Tengen. The character sprites were very small, which made the fighting space way too large, and the colors were muddy and muted like tomato soup. You can't interact with the crowd and the action is notably slower than both the arcade and the Genesis versions. This steamy pile should be avoided at all costs.

Street Fighter II

Genesis fans were pissed when Capcom ported Street Fighter II to the SNES, but left their console out. Almost a year later, Sega fans got their wish, and spent money on a crappy port that was so much worse than the nearly-perfect SNES version. The graphics were somewhat comparable and the sound was passable. The big issue was the Genesis controller - which only has three buttons - that required players to hit the start button to switch between punches and kicks. In a fighting game.

This meant fast reflexes and combo timing won games. If you wanted to play it properly, you needed to buy a six-button gamepad, which Sega just happened to have ready for release when the game came out. 

Virtua Fighter 2

Virtua Fighter was the first 3D fighting game ever released and set the table for legendary franchises like Tekken and Soul Calibur. Virtua Fighter 2 refined the fighting engine from the original, and ran at a smooth, buttery 60 fps. Virtua Fighter 2 was also one of the very first 3D games to use mo-cap animation.

The Genesis couldn't handle any true 3D graphics, so it made no sense that they would release Virtua Fighter for Sega's 16-bit console. Yet that's exactly what they did. Virtua Fighter 2, known for groundbreaking graphics, was left to rot as a middling 2D brawler on the dying Sega Genesis. 

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong, like Pac-Man, is one of the all-time arcade greats. And Donkey Kong, like Pac-Man, got an absolute turd of a port on the Atari 2600. Coleco ported a great version of the game for their newfangled ColecoVision, and then developed this unmitigated disaster for the competing Atari console. The barrels looked like Ritz crackers, Donkey Kong looked like Jabba the Hutt, and the hammer looked like a miniature version of the Cross. 

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat wasn't a very good fighting game, but it was bloody and allowed players to dismember their opponents. The fighting engine was almost non-existent, but it had somewhat real-looking players players and a visceral uppercut that felt good every single time you landed it.

The Genesis version didn't come with the blood and gore turned on by default, but a simple code entered at the title screen (A, B, A, C, A, B, B) activated it. Too bad the SNES version didn't have any blood at all - it was replaced by sweat and they threw out the signature fatalities altogether. Talk about disappointing. 

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<![CDATA[All The Kirby Copy Abilities, Ranked]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/all-the-kirby-copy-abilities-ranked/collin-flatt?source=rss

Nintendo's fan-favorite pink puffball Kirby stands as one of the most popular video game characters of all time, and Kirby's best copy abilities have allowed him to switch up his look over the years. His soft, sweet, pink appearance should not fool you; he's a badass. He fights, he floats, and can copy the powers of his foes with a well-timed inhale. Kirby abilities span a wide range of powers, each more adorable and destructive than the next. From running defense with Freeze or fanning flames with Fire, Kirby copy abilities offer a solution for every obstacle. He can float with the Parasol, tear up the road as the Wheel, and scale walls like a Ninja. With all these fantastic powers, Kirby solidified himself as one of Nintendo's greatest characters.

So which are the best copy abilities in Kirby games? Outside of the character-specific enemy attacks he can inhale in the Super Smash Bros. series, 54 basic Kirby copy abilities exist over the course of Kirby's more than 20-year-long game legacy. Some are powerhouses, some are utilitarian, some just fall asleep. But all are instrumental in Kirby's tireless defense of Dreamland.

All The Kirby Copy Abilities, Ranked,


Powers: Kirby wears a red headband a la Ryu from Street Fighter while pucnhing and kicking his way to victory.


Powers: When Kirby busts out the silly circus hammer, it's clobberin' time.


Powers: Kirby throws lots of ninja star projectiles and is quick like a cat when using the rare Ninja ability.


Powers: Kirby confuses enemies with a bunch of mirror images that all kick ass together. 


Powers: The UFO Kirby can levitate and features four different kinds of attacks.


Powers: Kirby wears a crown of splashing water, gliding around on waves and shooting his water gun.


Powers: When Kirby sets himself ablaze he can shoot fireballs at enemies and damage those nearby.


Powers: When Kirby wears the Link hat, he breaks out the sword-swinging action.


Powers: Kirby dons a wolf pelt and can dig through dirt, sand, and snow. He can also cut ropes, tall grass, and chains.


Powers: When Kirby eats a miracle fruit, he goes berserk and can inhale huge objects that he couldn't stomach before.

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<![CDATA[20+ Videos Of Absolutely Brutal Mortal Kombat Fatalities You Completely Forgot]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/obscure-mortal-kombat-fatalities/brandon-michaels?source=rss

The Mortal Kombat franchise is one of the best classic video games that's known for its blood, gore, and insane fatalities. In fact, the video games are so graphic and violent that they've been causing controversies since their conception in the early '90s. The 2011 reboot even got banned in Australia, Germany, and South Korea. 

But that's exactly what makes Mortal Kombat awesome - needlessly excessive violence. It's always so clearly, hyperbolically over-the-top in all of the top Mortal Kombat games that you can't help but laugh. The fact that the more gruesome fatalities are rather difficult to pull off only makes it that much sweeter when you beat the sh*t out of your friend.

The makers of the series knew the joy of using those finishing moves, so they started creating hidden fatalities, level-based fatalities, and advanced versions of fatalities in the Mortal Kombat series. For example, there are moves called brutalities, where you simply pummel your opponent into smithereens, or animalities, where you turn into your spirit animal (or dinosaur) and maul your opponent to death. With the release of Mortal Kombat X in 2015, things have only gotten more gory. Check out this list of killer moves and vote up the most brutal Mortal Kombat fatalities! 

20+ Videos Of Absolutely Brutal Mortal Kombat Fatalities You Completely Forgot,

Bed Of Nails

Play Time

Razor's Edge

Be Mine!

Electric Decapitation

Bubble Head

Nether Gates

Stripped Down

Arm Rip

Leg Beatdown

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<![CDATA[The 14 Biggest Flops In Video Game History]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/biggest-video-game-flops-of-all-time/brandon-michaels?source=rss

The video game industry is one of the most profitable fields in the world, with franchises like all the Mario games and Grand Theft Auto. But even the best farms tend to yield bad crops once in a while, and the game industry is no exception. Now, these aren't just video games with terrible endings - these are the games that were devastatingly disastrous from the get-go.

Some titles on this list cost developers and publishers hundreds of thousands of dollars (only to sell a handful of copies), while others had excessive hype that gave way to piss-poor reviews. Even worse, a few of these games came out so glitchy and technically flawed that they should never have left the public beta stage. This list of video games contains the worst failures the industry has seen, including one that was such a debacle it resulted in destroying a console manufacturer. Check out the biggest video game flops of all time. 

The 14 Biggest Flops In Video Game History,


John Romero was kind of a big deal in the '90s. He was the head of id Software and designer of Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake. So when he announced Daikatana, people were understandably very excited. But then, things took a bad turn when an ad campaign launched, stating, "John Romero's About to Make You His B*tch." The horizon looked even bleaker when the developing studio, Ion Storm, tried (and failed) to quickly switch engines before the scheduled 1999 release. 

Thus, not only were the fans mad about the ads, but the game was released late and had terrible gameplay mechanics. Ion Storm's parent company, Eidos, dumped nearly $40 million into the game before deciding to call time of death. 

Duke Nukem Forever

Duke Nukem Forever was the long awaited sequel to the incomparable Duke Nukem. It was supposed to be released in 1998, but was inexplicably delayed time and time again until 2006. Since the game development started in the '90s, it had some pretty outdated graphics. Add the fact that the developers and publishers were fighting over funding and licensing rights, and you've got the end-result of a heavily criticized flop. 

Grim Fandango

Grim Fandango is a bit of a cult classic from LucasArts. Released in 1998, the game received a lot of awards, recognized for its amazing soundtrack and adventure game mechanics. Oddly enough, despite the high critical acclaim, the game didn't sell more than 500,000 copies even several years after its release. 

Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness

Tomb Raider was a massive franchise in the '90s - one which game publisher Eidos tried to cash in during 2003. Unfortunately, their title Angel of Darkness went through two different development teams and countless delays. Instead of the incredible, innovative product they promised, gamers were greeted with an incomplete, glitchy game riddled with controller issues.

The game was such a flop that it almost brought about the end of the Lara Croft franchise. Thankfully, the series was saved when it was rebooted under new developers years later. 


Shenmue was released on the Sega Dreamcast in 1997. With a $47 million budget and an excellent dev team determined to outshine PC games, Shenmue was sure to be a hit. Lead director Suzuki introduced cutting-edge features like an open world, a day/night cycle, and early concepts of the RPG genre that would influence the video game industry for years. Unfortunately, the game was too far ahead of its time to be a huge success. 

The game was riddled with technical issues upon its release. Worse, development costs had run so high that it actually contributed to putting Sega's whole Dreamcast console out of business

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

E.T. was all the rage in the '80s. Atari spent around $21 million for the licensing rights alone and paid $200,000 (along with an all-expenses-paid vacation to Hawaii) to secure the right developer. The E.T. video game was highly anticipated at its release in 1982, becoming a popular sought-after Christmas gift. Stores over-ordered in anticipation, only to be met with disappointment because the title flopped due to mediocre gameplay. 

It eventually sold 1.5 million units, and is still one of the best-selling Atari 2600 titles. However, over 3 million cartridges went unsold, resulting in a huge commercial loss. Atari buried these millions of copies of E.T. in a landfill in New Mexico, which were later unearthed in 2014. The total money lost after all was said and done? $536 million


Ōkami is one of those strange flops that left many scratching their heads in confusion. While the game was highly rated for great gameplay, it sold only 270,000 copies in North America during its first year of release in 2006. Clover Studios, the developers, was dissolved shortly after. By 2009, Ōkami had sold a total of 900,000 copies, for which it won the Guinness World Record for "least commercially successful winner of a Game of the Year Award." 


Pac-Man first came to fruition in 1972 as an arcade game. However, in 1983, the video game industry hit an all-time low. In an effort to increase sales, Atari decided to purchase the exclusive rights to the yellow man from Namco, and released a poorer quality version of Pac-Man for the Atari 2600 console. Initial sales were a success, but Atari ambitiously produced 12 million copies, nearly half of which were never sold. 

Oddly enough, this sub-par port of the arcade cabinet original holds the title of "best selling game" for the Atari 2600, with over 7 million units sold. 


Video games saw a surge of superhero games in the late '90s and early 2000s. Unfortunately, many of the titles were shameless money-grabs that were churned out as quickly as possible. Superman was no exception. In addition to production delays and basic control problems, the game suffered from serious technical issues. Most notably, this title is often referred to as the worst game of all time.

No Man's Sky

Hello Games, the developers for No Man's Sky, caught a lot of flack for "falsely advertising" their game. Steam featured ads for the game that displayed "a different type of combat, unique buildings, 'ship flying behavior' and [different] creature sizes." They were also criticized for displaying ads for the game with higher quality graphics than can be attained in-game.

Complaints were so drastic that the Advertising Standards Authority started an investigation into the advertising campaign of the game (which ultimately concluded that the devs didn't mislead customers). Although the game was a massive critical flop, it was a financial success, raking in an estimated $43 million. They sold over 800,000 copies of the game in the first year of its release, despite losing over 90% of their fan base within two weeks time. 

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For gamers, one of the worst feelings in the world is when, after you've logged hundreds of hours into a video game and finally cut down some of the most difficult bosses, your screen abruptly goes black and the credits start rolling. No explanations, no accolades, no fanfare, and no closure. The game just leaves unanswered questions lying around like dirty laundry. Or, worse yet, the ending is filled with clichés, confusion, and is a setup for what is sure to be an awful sequel (looking at you, Final Fantasy).

If you've played the titles below to completion, you might have thrown a controller at your TV or your handheld down the nearest flight of stairs. You're not alone - plenty of gamers have also experienced that WTF moment. After all, for every video game with the most amazing storylines, there are ten equally frustrating and disappointing ones. Vote up the games in this list with the most unsatisfying game endings that left you feeling betrayed. 

The 10 Most Unsatisfying Game Endings In History,


Distilling the vast experience of Borderlands into a single goal isn't too hard: find the vault. As such, you would think that the discovery of the vault at the end of your perilous journey would be the most epic moment in gaming history. But, uh, that's simply not the case. Says designer Paul Helquist, "The ending of the game, for better or worse, didn't paint us into any corners." It also didn't satisfy any player expectations, unless the Borderland devs have some way of pushing updates for a 200-year-long cliffhanger. 

Dance Dance Revolution Extreme

There are a few ways to "beat" DDR, such as scoring AAA on every song on the hardest difficult or out-dancing your friends (assuming your DDR expertise doesn't repel all other human beings). Let's say you're a purist and you consider scoring AAA on every song the pinnacle of one's arrow-stomping achievements. Know how the game rewards you for reaching that goal? With a high score and an announcer proclaiming your dance to be so great, he's "crying buckets of tears!" Uh... Cool, thanks? Well, at least it's not the South Park version of scoring a million points on Guitar Hero, right? 

Fable II

In a game where choices matter, you would think the choices would be a little more rooted in reality. With Fable II, you get the dubious honor of making decisions with flat-out ridiculous consequences. This, as you might imagine, does little to make the ending satisfying for players. 

Fallout 3

If you're developing an open world game, it's tough to give it an ending - after all, you want players to keep consuming content. Games like Fallout 3 are meant for replay, but not if you give the game an ending that renders it impossible to play in the world you've spent so much time crafting with your choices. The critical reception of Fallout 3's ending created a lot of pressure for devs to beef up Fallout 4 (but that's another story of mismanaged narrative potential).

Final Fantasy X

The Final Fantasy franchise may have some great storytelling, but some of their game endings leave much room for improvement. Final Fantasy X is a prime example of an unsatisfying ending. In fact, the whole was-it-a-dream-or-was-it-death ending was so confusing to players, Final Fantasy X-2 had to come out to clarify things. And yet, FFX-2 didn't shed any light and just further ruined everything. 

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

Granted, the title was a huge hint, but the it-was-all-a-dream trope is strong with this one. Critically acclaimed as one of the most influential handheld games of the '90s, Link's Awakening takes you on a grand adventure, only to cop out in the final stage with an unsatisfying ending. 

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Fans freaked out at the ending of Batman: Arkham Asylum, where the Joker was behaving so out-of-character that players could not wrap their collective head around the size of the ball dropped by Arkham writers. Staying true to a beloved cultural icon isn't easy when expanding that character's canon, but the ending was too far a stretch for fans to get on board with the failed "twist."

Mass Effect 3

The narrative-driven action series Mass Effect teaches you that choices matter... Until they don't. In Mass Effect 3, every choice a player makes before the final decision is ultimately rendered meaningless when they're presented with three conclusive scenarios - none of which answered fan questions or even seemed to relate to the storyline that players spent some 40+ hours tailoring.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

You are Talion, a ranger of Gondor with wraith-like abilities on a dark quest to avenge the murder of your family. Against impossible odds, you hound the Black Hand of Sauron and finally get to the tower for that epic boss battle, only to be met with a mediocre fight and a confusingly short ending. Talk about disappointing. 

Life Is Strange

The narrative game Life is Strange puts you in the shoes of Max, a high school photography student who one day attains the ability to manipulate time. Over the course of five episodes, you're tasked with fitting into a new school, reuniting with an old friend, uncovering who is behind a series of sexual assaults on campus, and saving the town from total destruction.

Choices matter in this game, leading ultimately to two possible endings. Unfortunately, both endings leave a lot to be desired, especially so when one of the endings is about as plain and flavorless as it gets. Driving off into the sunset? Really? 

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Playing Overwatch is pretty serious business. Just spend 10 minutes in Team Chat during a competitive ranked game and you'll know the feeling. People expect players to have lightning-fast reflexes, pro-level mechanics, and an encyclopedic knowledge of every map. While there are those matches with the most annoying players, there are those redeeming games where the teamwork is simply amazing.  

Now, every once in a while, someone fails so hard it has to be immortalized on YouTube for the rest of eternity. Be sure to have your "Well Played" and "Tea Time" sprays ready for this one, because not even Mercy can heal those burns, no matter how many times you spam, "I need healing."

Here are the funniest defeats, POTGs, and face-palm fails from Overwatch. From glitches to perfectly timed emotes, these are the most comical moments in Overwatch.

22 Hilarious Overwatch Fails, Accidents And Absurd Plays Of The Game,

Don't Mass With My Ultimate!


Higher Noon

Roadhog Hook Through Wall

D.Va Fail

I Got Hit Hard With Karma

Roadhog's Adventure

Is Reinhardt Neo?

Rocket To The Moon

Mom, Get The Camera!

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We all spent hundreds of hours playing the best N64 fighting games like Super Smash Bros. and Mortal Kombat, but this list seeks to highlight the underrated N64 games that just never got enough credit. If you were lucky enough to spend any time with these hidden N64 gems, you'll understand why others should give them a try. The list below of underrated titles come from a pool of all Nintendo 64 games include shooters, RPGs, and even sandbox games that were way ahead of their time. Vote in saluting these classic, overlooked N64 games.

12 Criminally Underrated Nintendo 64 Games That Deserve More Credit,

Blast Corps

Blast Corps is simplicity perfected. A nuclear missile carrier is out of control and your job is to clear a path for it by destroying everything in its way. Failure to do so results in a nuclear cataclysm. Senseless destruction is one of the most wonderful things about video games (GTA, anyone?) and publisher Rare gave players just about all they could handle. Throw in awesome vehicles, non-stop action, and challenging puzzles, and you've got a recipe for a true classic.

Goemon's Great Adventure

Goemon's Great Adventure is considered by many to be the best side-scroller ever released for the Nintendo 64. The game is a co-op quest through a surreal version of Japan's historic Edo period. Goemon, the main character, idolizes screen-legend James Dean as the "ultimate ninja," which is a highlight of the game's bizarre humor. The game also features clear influences from the Castlevania franchise, with Goemon battling monsters while the game repeatedly transitions from day to night. You might not understand all the Japanese humor and references, but the gameplay is stellar. 

Mischief Makers

Mischief Makers was released in 1997 at a time when most games were going all-in on 3D graphics. The game's 2.5D graphics give it an extremely unique aesthetic that, sadly, may have harmed its sales, which is a shame because whatever effort was saved on the graphics was put directly into the gameplay. Robo-maid Marina battles her away across Planet Clancer by shaking pretty much everything in sight. Shaking items and enemies often causes them to drop power-ups and allows you to use the item or enemy as a projectile. The level design is top notch, using the grab-and-shake mechanic to send you careening around the levels like a parkour expert. It's a very underrated platformer.

Quest 64

Quest 64 was the first RPG released for the Nintendo 64. One of the most interesting aspects of the game is the leveling system. In most RPGs, you simply gain XP by defeating enemies or completing tasks, but Quest 64 actually awards you XP based on how you specifically did in a particular battle. For example, if you took a lot of damage in a fight, that XP goes straight to your defense. This made the game great for younger gamers who might be trying out an RPG for the very first time, and is very suitable for those already familiar with role-playing games.

Snowboard Kids

Snowboard Kids is one of those perfect party games. It is relatively easy to pick up and play, but has its own little wrinkles that separate it from the other Mario Kart clones of the day. Items and weapons must be purchased with gold, which is scattered along the course, but you can also get gold by performing totally radical tricks while speeding downhill. Any game that rewards you with cash for stylin' out on the slopes is a game worth playing.


If you're a fan of third-person shooters, you likely owe some props to WinBack. Where games like Metal Gear Solid concentrated on using cover for stealth, WinBack decided to make it part of the combat. The game was also one of the first to give your gun a laser sight, which is now pretty standard. Playing as the awesomely named Jean-Luc Cougar, you've got to stop a devastating laser satellite from being used by terrorists. While GoldenEye 007 covered the N64 first-person shooter, Winback handled the third-person just as well.

Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber

Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber not only has a hell of a title, but is also a great game. The game is a real-time strategy RPG that covers some heavy topics, including civil war, morality, and classism, amongst others. You play as Magnus Gallant, a captain in the military who can command battalions of up to 50 troops at a time. The storyline is sweepingly epic, featuring political intrigue, revolutions, and hordes of the Netherworld. It is currently available on Nintendo's Virtual Console, so get yourself a copy and become a person of lordly caliber.

Vigilante 8

Vigilante 8 is an incredibly fun vehicular combat game that gives the Twisted Metal franchise a complete run for its money. Set in an alternate universe in 1975 where an oil crisis has the United States on the brink of an apocalypse, you play as a band of vigilantes keeping order in the now-lawless world while battling with an evil oil consortium. The game is just downright fun and many of the levels feature special weapons and wrinkles, such as the ability to launch ballistic missiles and military aircrafts. It's over-the-top mayhem and Mad Max-style action at its finest.

Jet Force Gemini

Jet Force Gemini takes all the great elements of '70s and '80s sci-fi movies and blends them together in an incredible third-person shooter package. Created by the same developers as Blast Corps, it incorporates the swarm and formation mechanics of '80s arcade space shooters like Galaga to reward players for taking out large swaths of enemies at a time. Boasting 15 non-linear worlds, Jet Force Gemini is a deep game that hidden gem-hunters will really appreciate. 

Space Station Silicon Valley

What makes Space Station Silicon Valley truly stand out is its "animal-possession" gameplay mechanic. You play as Evo, a badly damaged robot who, in order to survive, must stun mutated animals and take over their bodies, using their various abilities to solve puzzles and defeat other enemies. Along the way, you are slowly able to repair your robotic body. The game possesses a very wry British sense of humor as it was developed by DMA Design, the creators of Grand Theft Auto. It did not sell many copies during its original release despite critical acclaim, which ensured its hidden gem status.

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If you're looking for horror video games that aren't too overwhelmingly terrifying that you'll wet the bed, game devs have definitely made some titles that fit the bill. There are plenty of good horror video games out there that are as creepy and scary as they are underwhelming. These aren't titles known for being the best psychological horror or survival horror games, but they'll definitely keep you on the edge of your seat. 

For your casual frightful gaming pleasure, studios of all sorts have come together to bring you a collection of scary video games that are good, but not great. They're not Silent Hill, they're no Five Nights at Freddy's, and they're certainly nowhere near Eternal Darkness or Amnesia: Dark Descent, but they're still pretty decent horror games that will give you a thrill to pass the time. Vote up the games that you find pleasantly entertaining with a good enough scare. 

21 Pretty Good (But Not Great) Horror Games,

Fatal Frame

What it's about: Search an abandoned Japanese mansion and fight ghosts with your antique camera.

When you should play it: Real haunted houses are too scary for you and Luigi's Mansion isn't scary enough. 

The Suffering

What it's about: Action-oriented third-person shooter where you must fight through waves of monsters in a bloody battle to unlock your forgotten past.

When you should play it: Your favorite game is House of the Dead but you don't want to go out and spend money on arcade tokens.


What it's about: Make your way through unmapped terrain in this survival stealth game where you pinpoint the location of zombie-creatures by tapping into their senses.

When you should play it: When a time-consuming game where you have to sneak everywhere in some run-of-the-mill graphics sounds great to you.


What it's about: A visual novel combined with a psychological horror story that takes you on an adventure filled with twisted tales.

When you should play it: You're in the mood for a ghost story, but don't actually want to go through the effort of engaging in full-on gameplay.

The Path

What it's about: Folklore-themed horror game that's super artsy and inspired by various tales of Little Red Riding Hood.

When you should play it: You want to play a game with no winning path and you're down to just explore some unsettling, fairy-tale-themed environments.

Among The Sleep

What it's about: You're a two-year-old who has to hide from their mom and other scary random household things in first-person view.

When you should play it: You want to feel like a big baby and you also want a Five Nights at Freddy's game with a twist.

Layers Of Fear

What it's about: Navigate a horrific and psychedelic labyrinth of your own art.

When you should play it: You're not really into a deep storyline, but you know that jump scares will get you. Every. Single. Time.

FEAR: First Encounter Assault Recon

What it's about: Fight paranormal threats as a member of the US government's special ops unit. 

When you should play it: You want a game that's just as mindless as Call of Duty but also scary.


What it's about: You thought you would enjoy a really cool cruise but some creepy entity is murdering all of the guests and crew members.

When you should play it: Your trip to the Queen Mary wasn't the haunted adventure you thought it would be.

Slender: The Arrival

What it's about: Essentially the original Slender: The Eight Pages plot but with better graphics and more mechanics and now, apparently, both you and Slender Man are in the same house. 

When you should play it: You've played the previously released titles featuring Slender Man so many times they're not scary anymore.

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CAUTION: This list contains plot spoilers for various video games. 

Video games are arguably the most diverse type of media and while lots of titles avoid storytelling, there are plenty of games that incorporate compelling storylines. While most backstories are associated with the RPG genre, a surprising amount of different games also boast rich narratives. Sure, not every type of genre needs an interesting or intriguing plot to make it fun to play, but providing a narrative solidifies the purpose for why a player is going out on their adventure and justifies the events that are taking place.

Although most games that want to include a story will do so in a rather obvious way, such as straightforward objectives issued by an NPC in a single-player campaign, there are some titles that hide an elaborate backstory. The narrative is purposefully difficult to uncover, with bits of information spread out here and there like a delectable bread crumb trail. Other times, the story is just hidden due to technical limitations preventing a studio from including everything they want in the game. In some cases, publishers opt to sell extra content to fans in the form of DLCs.

Whatever the case, it's clear that the most popular games in the world have hidden backstories that are as bizarre as they are interesting. Check out the list below for crazy storylines behind familiar games and vote up the ones that shocked you. 

14 Hidden Backstories You Never Knew About Your Favorite Games,

Earthworm Jim

Sega released Earthworm Jim for the SNES in 1994. It's a run-and-gun platformer where you play as an earthworm—Can you guess its name?—that fights enemies and wears a special suit that gives it human-like abilities. It's all a bit vague and amorphous. Like, have you ever wondered how Jim got that suit? 

The answer, as it turns out, is pretty disappointing: it just fell on top of him out of the clear blue sky. And those enemies he's fighting? They want the suit for themselves. Really. That's it. 

Fallout 3

Many players of the Fallout series may be unaware that the vaults that kept everyone safe during nuclear war were not just safe havens. In fact, they were all used for experimentation, with the inhabitants tested as lab rats in a variety of different conditions and circumstances in each individual vault. This includes having vaults with only members of a certain sex, vaults with only children, vaults where the dwellers had to sacrifice a person every year, and even a vault that pumped psychedelic drugs into all its inhabitants. While the scientific trials run by Vault-Tec don’t play a big part in the overall plot in each of the games, there is a surprisingly detailed history of the experiments.

Halo: Combat Evolved

Throughout the Halo series, players control super soldiers known as Spartans to battle the Covenant and the Flood. These armored combatants aren’t simply normal men and women placed inside special suits. The real backstory behind their creation is far more depressing: a fictional military known as the UNSC kidnapped the Spartans when they were young children and put them through years of extensive training to become the best soldiers. They then underwent a series of surgical augmentations and genetic enhancements that killed half of those involved before being sent into battle in the iconic suits.


Valve games are often teeming with complex and intriguing backstories, though in most cases, such rich details are presented in the form of hidden extras or additional media (like DLCs or comics). That's the case in Portal concerning Aperture Science, the fictional science organization credited with birthing GLaDOS. According to official sources, Aperture Science started life as a developer of shower curtains, with the portal technology created to assist in the production of shower curtain technology.

The company founder began to lose his mind as he became ill and set about creating a three-step R&D plan including the Heimlich Counter-Maneuver (a technique to counter the Heimlich Maneuver) and the Take-A-Wish Foundation (to take wishes away from terminally ill children and give them to healthy adults). As for the third, he stated, "Some kind of rip in the fabric of space… that would… well, it’d be like, I don’t know, something that would help with the shower curtains I guess." 

Super Mario Bros.

Almost every Mario game in existence follows the same basic premise: Bowser steals away with Princess Peach and it’s up to the Italian plumber to rescue her. However, Super Mario Bros. (1985) was slightly more gruesome. As it turns out, everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom had been turned into bricks and stones, so you were actually murdering innocent citizens when you ran through each level smashing blocks to collect coins and power-ups.

The instruction manual for the original game confirms this, saying: “One day the kingdom of the peaceful mushroom people was invaded by the Koopa, a tribe of turtles famous for their black magic. The quiet, peace-loving Mushroom People were turned into mere stones, bricks and even field horsehair plants, and the Mushroom Kingdom fell into ruin.”

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

From the moment he was introduced in The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, Tingle became one of Nintendo’s weirdest characters. In his role as a map seller in the game, he floats around on a balloon to survey the lands and create his maps.

"But as soon as we got that far in the process," said Zelda producer Eiji Aonouma, "we realized anybody that would fly through the air making a map has got to be a really weird person. So at that point we decided, okay, we'll go with this and make him a really weird guy."

Thus, this small cartographer was given a very strange backstory. To make him weirder, Tingle's defining trait became an obsession with the forest fairies that Link grew up with. In fact, he's so crazy about the fairies that he even dresses up like the creatures and is attempting to transform himself into one. 


When Centipede was first released in 1980 by Atari, many people assumed that the top-down shooter was about a spaceship fighting giant alien insects. After all, many other arcade games of this type featured science fiction scenarios and the limited graphics of the time meant it was difficult to render detailed sprites. However, future games and an entire comic series revealed that the backstory to the game was entirely different. The main character is in fact an elf named Oliver who is battling an army of forest creatures that have been turned against him by an evil wizard. 

Donkey Kong

Mario is arguably the most famous video game character in the world and is universally seen as a heroic protagonist. However, that was not always the case. The backstory for the original arcade version of Donkey Kong reveals that Mario was not exactly the most likeable person in his younger days. While the game establishes that Mario is attempting to rescue his girlfriend Pauline from the ape who has kidnapped her, extra material for the title explains why Donkey Kong stole her away in the first place. It turns out that the gorilla was actually Mario’s pet and that he had been cruelly mistreated at the hands of his owner, prompting his act of revenge.


One of the main criticisms of Destiny when it initially launched was that it seemed to be incredibly short on story. Fortunately, with subsequent releases of downloadable content and updates, more information was provided about the game’s villains and races. These details are still kept separately from the game in the form of Grimoire cards, which reveal the origin story of the Taken King’s main bad guy, Oryx.

It turns out that the alien king was born as a female named Aurash, who was one of three daughters to the Osmium King. After journeying into the core of a gas giant, the three sisters eventually found an evil force known only as the Worms and agreed to morph with them to become more powerful. Aurash took on the king morph, taking the name Oryx to become the patriarch of the Hive. 

Winston From Overwatch Escaped An Ape Uprising On The Moon

Overwatch is a multiplayer team-based FPS developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. Being Blizzard's first original IP in nearly two decades didn't stop developers from coming up with some fascinating stories about their cast of characters. Perhaps the strangest is the gorilla, Winston. He was the result of gene therapy manipulation by human scientists who wanted to experiment on long-term exposure of living creatures on the moon. The highly intelligent ape lived for years under the tutelage of Dr. Harold Winston until the other gorillas on the moon colony rebelled and overtook their human masters, prompting the Overwatch character to escape back to earth. 

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Monopoly is an iconic game that, in the true spirit of capitalism, has been over-marketed to death. The worst Monopoly boards take a total niche subject and try to stretch the game around it, leaving consumers asking, "why on Earth was this ever made?" For this list we examine the dumbest versions of Monopoly ever made, and when you're done reading it, you'll be begging to go directly to jail if it means not having to play them. Some of these are actually very rare Monopoly boards that only collectors own, and that's most definitely a good thing.

The 13 Most Unnecessary Versions Of Monopoly In Human History,

Street Fighter Collector's Edition

Street Fighter Collector's Edition has you buying, selling, and trading fighting arenas, because everyone who played Street Fighter in the '90s always asked themselves, "wouldn't it be cool to own E. Honda's bathhouse?" If the game doesn't already sound dumb, then maybe the playable pieces will convince you, which include Chun-Li's wristband and an actual Hodoken. Yes, you read that right- one of the game tokens is literally a Hadoken, and it looks dreadfully stupid. Don't play this game, guys. Just go home and be a family man.

Monopoly: Littlest Pet Shop Edition

The demographics for Monopoly and The Littlest Pet Shop franchise can't possibly have much crossover. How many little girls are absolutely chomping at the bit to sit down at the table, do math, and argue about tax rates and mortgages? The Parker Brothers are crafty, though, so they made sure to include adorable figurines with this version, ensuring that young children will throw fits for years to come and force their parents to buy something they will never, ever use.

Monopoly: Best Buy Edition

Have you ever thought to yourself, "I really love Best Buy. I love it so much that I wish there was a way to simulate the experience of standing in line to buy yet another phone charger in board game form"? If yes, then you're in luck, because Monopoly: Best Buy Edition does exactly that. Choose from purchasing exciting properties such as "welcome display" and "transaction center" as you rip off customers by charging them $60 for a USB cable. If someone lands on your "Geek Squad" property you can give their computer viruses on purpose so they have to come back the next month and pay you an exorbitant amount of money again. Fun!

Big Bang Theory Edition

The official website of Big Bang Theory Monopoly encourages you to "mock your friends Sheldon-style as they land on your property." I can't imagine a quicker way to get someone else to flip the board over and punch you in the face than screaming "Bazinga!" at them while playing an already frustrating board game. It also encourages you to "negotiate for key locations like Sheldon and Leonard's apartment and Mrs. Wolowitz's house," which seems to imply that you'd possibly have the chance to evict them from their homes. Hmm, maybe this one's alright after all.

Batman And Robin: Collector's Edition

According to reviews on the Internet, the Batman and Robin version of Monopoly has no rule changes whatsoever. Basically, they wanted you to buy it because you're a huge fan of the movie. That means they obviously manufactured these things before the movie came out, because no one in their right mind would have expected people to actually buy this after watching the piece of garbage that is Batman and Robin. Freeze in hell, Batman and Robin: Collector's Edition; you just might be worse than the movie itself.

Sun-Maid Raisins Monopoly

A lot of people don't like raisins, and a lot of people don't like Monopoly, so this one was really a natural fit. If you don't get enough farming in your daily life, paying the $75 "irrigation tax" might help you get your fix. Does anyone in the world really love raisins enough to buy a Sun-Maid Raisins version of Monopoly? Seriously, let's see the sales numbers for this thing. Even if you do love raisins, and think Sun-Maid raisins are the best raisins, would you really want this in your home? Is there someone out there that would argue you should play Sun-Maid Raisins Monopoly over the original, or say, something like Marvel Comics Monopoly? We want to meet that person.

Alaska Iditarod Monopoly

The Alaskan Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race is a grueling endurance run in which a musher and a team of dogs travel roughly 1000 miles across the state of Alaska in wind chill of up to minus 100 degrees Fahrenheit. If you read that and thought, "why doesn't this have a Monopoly version?" then don't worry! It exists, because of course it does. The Monopoly version is nothing like the actual race, as it mainly consists of buying up properties which represent towns along the route. Even the most hardcore Monopoly collector thinks you're a loser if you own this one.

Garfield Collector's Edition

Look, we all love Garfield, but did the Monday-hating feline really need his own version of Monopoly? It's hard to imagine this game had any buyers outside a handful of weirdos who have entire rooms in their homes dedicated to Garfield memorabilia. The most expensive spaces on the board are "fat cat" and "lazy kitty," which just goes to show how hard Parker Brothers was shoehorning Garfield into Monopoly to make this game work. Even Jon Arbuckle isn't pathetic enough to keep this one in his home.

Monopoly: Bass Fishing Edition

If there's anything equally as exciting and mind-blowing as a game of Monopoly, it's bass fishing. The Parker Brothers were warned about the dangers of combining these two activities due to the risk of players dying from pure sensory overload, but they simply didn't care. The world needed Monopoly: Bass Fishing Edition, risks be damned. The game includes spaces for both largemouth and smallmouth bass, because the Parker Brothers are psychotic, thrill-seeking, adrenaline junkies who have no limits. If you have a death wish, pick up a copy today, because life is as extreme as you want to make it!

Monopoly: Cat Lovers Edition

If you love cats, you probably hardly ever play Monopoly. As anyone who has ever had a cat can attest, the cat will lie down in the middle of the board the moment you start playing, forcing you to either quit or shoo it away a million times. I guess this version aims to simulate the experience of having a cat, because the properties include things like "wet food," "yarn," and "box." Hopefully it also has spaces for "pukes in your shoes," "pees on your bed," and "empty out the litter box" for true realism.

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The '90s was a time when every video game company on Earth was trying to give us the next big gaming mascot that could compete with Mario. Sonic was the first mascot to truly give the Italian plumber a run for his money, and eventually characters like Crash found a foothold in the gaming market as well. However, the oversaturation of video game mascots meant that many sadly fell to the wayside, left to rot in mascot hell never to be seen again. For this list we rank the greatest forgotten video game mascots that desperately need to make a comeback, including '90s video game mascots and 2000s characters that didn't get the respect they deserved in the long run.

12 Forgotten Video Game Mascots That Need To Make A Comeback,

Conker the Squirrel

Who didn't love Conker's Bad Fur Day on Nintendo 64? The game was way ahead of its time, with its ironic, mature content wrapped up in a colorful, seemingly kid-friendly package. Conker drank, partied, and killed his way across the Fairy Panther Kingdom in a quest to rescue his girlfriend Berri (and make some cash on the side.) In many ways, Conker is extremely similar to the Marvel Comics character Deadpool, as they are both crude and love breaking the 4th wall. Do we smell a crossover? In any case, a brand new Conker adventure in 2017 could be just what Rare needs to put themselves back on the map in a big way.

Earthworm Jim

If you grew up playing video games in the '90s, you're probably very familiar with Earthworm Jim. Released as a Sega exclusive in 1994 before being ported to other consoles, Earthwom Jim was a 2D side-scrolling platformer that saw a regular earthworm in a "super suit" gunning his way through levels with unique designs and enemies who were often very funny or bizarre. A sequel was released a year later in 1995, and although the game was praised by critics, there has never been a true sequel in the series since then. An HD remake of the original was released in 2010, but think of how great a brand new Earthworm Jim would be in present day. Jim is probably one of the most famous video game mascots of all time, and could easily see success on this generation of consoles as a $20 virtual title.

Captain Commando

Captain Commando is the type of insane idea that could only come out of the '90s, as he was conceived to be a corporate mascot for the video game company Capcom (CAPtain COMmando, get it?). Released as an arcade game before being ported to SNES, Captain Commando is a beat 'em up that takes place in the futuristic Metro City. Commando's partners (and playable characters) include an alien mummy named Mack the Knife, a high-tech ninja named Ginzu, and a super-intelligent infant mech pilot named Baby Head. We don't know about the rest of you, but frankly we're sold on a reboot, especially since the original was so fun and original. Get this guy a new game, stat, and while you're at it, somebody start writing that screenplay.

Viewtiful Joe

The Viewtiful Joe franchise took the fantasy of every sci-fi geek and made it a reality. Obsessive movie watcher Joe is sucked into one of his favorite films and must become a superhero to save his girlfriend, Sylvia. The highly acclaimed games featured gorgeous cel-shaded animation and awesome beat 'em up gameplay with time travel mechanics to create an extremely memorable experience. Joe has since appeared in the popular fighting game Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, but VJ hardcores all agree that a brand new stand-alone game is long overdue.


We're giving you two characters for the price of one here with honey bear Banjo and his breegull pal, Kazooie. Banjo-Kazooie seemed to pick up the baton where Super Mario 64 left off, bringing us a challenging platformer with greatly expanded worlds, a catchy soundtrack, and brand new abilities, all wrapped in a very vibrant and obviously Disney-inspired package. There was something immensely satisfying about majestically soaring through the air collecting musical notes, and the overworld theme was to die for. Although the spiritual successor to the Banjo games, Yooka Laylee, is being released in 2017 for multiple platforms, Nintendo 64 fans are dying to see Banjo and Kazooie back in action one more time. For the love of God, at least include them in the next Smash Bros. game!


Glover was a game that tried really hard to do something different and innovative. You play as a sentient right-handed glove and are required to maneuver a ball to the end of the stage to advance to the next level. Your life is directly tied to the ball, so if you lose it or it is destroyed, so are you. Despite this unique gameplay, the limits of consoles at the time made Glover a lot more difficult than it had to be. Given the rise of interactive gaming devices like the Xbox Kinect and Playstation Camera, Glover could easily make a comeback with much smoother controls, taking cues from the Katamari franchise or Super Monkey Ball.


Any Sega Genesis player worth their salt remembers Ecco the Dolphin. Released in 1992, the original game was an instant best-seller and is still notorious decades later for its merciless difficulty. The game was heavily inspired by metaphysics, Pink Floyd, and psychedelic substances. Featuring time travel, oceanography, the myth of Atlantis, and an alien invasion, Ecco never lacked adventure and excitement if you were skilled enough to advance through the game. It's been about 17 years since the last Ecco game was released, but the nature of time travel means that Ecco could show up again at any time. We hope it happens soon.


Easily the cutest character on our list, Croc was originally developed as a Yoshi-centric Mario spinoff game that was intended to be released exlusively on Nintendo 64. The influence is clear with the floating camera angles, intense platforming sections, and ridiculously colorful and vibrant world, but Croc ultimately found his home on the original Playstation. There's something undeniably sweet about the wide-eyed Crocodile and his quest to rescue his furry surrogate family, the Gabbos. With all the grim and gritty games that currently flood the marketplace, a Croc reboot might be a welcome escape into the nostalgic world of '90s platformers.


Bubsy is kind of the red-headed stepchild of the video game mascot universe, and we're not just saying that due to the color of his fur. Because Bubsy appeared on both the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo, he was never quite associated with either system more than the other. Still, what Bubsy lacked in fandom, he made up for with ambition. Bubsy fought everything from living museum exhibits to fairy tale characters, and even went into outer space to take on aliens. In retrospect, the Bubsy games were really not all that great, but that's why we want to see a new entry in the franchise. After all, everyone loves a good comeback story.


Gex is one video game mascot that almost anyone can identify with. His entire goal in the original game is simply to get home, sit on his butt, and watch TV. To do this, he has to battle his way across various channels and defeat the evil Emperor Rez. Most of the game's levels were themed off TV and movie genres, so just imagine what Gex could do now that we're in the modern age of television and content streaming. We'd love to see Gex taking on reality TV, cooking crystal meth in the desert, or fighting White Walkers. Honestly, the possibilities are endless, which is why Gex needs to make a comeback ASAP.

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One of the most important aspects of any game is the design of its characters. While a title may have brilliant gameplay and an engaging story, players are unlikely to engage with it unless there is an eye-catching protagonist or villain who can initially draw them into the world. Most famous video game characters go through an extensive process of evolution and alteration, with artists constantly changing their creation to come up with the best iteration that they can.

While this is usually a very deliberate method, sometimes other factors can play a huge role in deciding on video game character design. The answer as to why particular characters look the way they do can often come down to a collection of bizarre reasons. Whether it is a strange inspiration for a particular protagonist, an accident that led to the creation of popular villain, or even technical limitations causing certain elements to be introduced to a character, designers occasionally just sort of stumble upon the ideal appearance for their creation. Here, then, are some of the strangest reasons behind video game character design. 

15 Video Game Character Designs With Strange And Hilarious Origin Stories,


Many platformers feature some sort of double jump or glide that lets the player reach areas that would otherwise be inaccessible. When Rare were first developing Banjo-Kazooie, they wanted to have a similar system. This flutter jump was integral to the gameplay, but they couldn’t think of a logical reason for the bear to be able to jump again in the air.

After toying with the idea of adding folding wings into a backpack, they eventually settled on the idea of adding a secondary bird character that could help Banjo on his adventure.


The pink blob that is Kirby was originally created by Japanese developer Masahiro Sakurai in the early 1990s. However, the character’s final design was initially only intended to be a placeholder sprite so that the team could work on gameplay while a better design was drawn.

As development progressed, Sakurai became more and more fond of the placeholder graphics, and felt the simplistic ball-like appearance served the character and game well. In the end, it was decided that the design would stay in the final version of the game.

Lara Croft

It could be argued that Lara Croft was the first real sex symbol in video games. The Tomb Raider star became infamous for her notoriously large breast size. While you may think this was a design choice from the very beginning, the character only got her huge boobs as a result of an accident by artist Toby Gard.

When he tried to increase the size of Croft's breasts by 50%, he accidentally enlarged them by a whopping 150%. By the time he had realized his mistake, other members of the team had already seen the model and decided it should stay as is. Thus, an enduring nerd fantasy was born. 


Although he is arguably gaming’s most famous and popular character, Mario was designed fairly quickly. In fact, certain elements of the character were chosen to allow Shigeru Miyamoto and other developers to quickly render the plumber into the game with relative ease.

For example, Mario wears a hat because Miyamoto didn't liking drawing hair. The hat also saved designers from having to animate the character's hair. Mario was also given a mustache, as his original sprite was too small to include a detailed mouth.

Samus Aran

Metroid is one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises, and its initial release in 1986 gave fans a twist ending when it was revealed that the character they had been controlling, Samus Aran, was in fact a woman. This design change in the character only came about midway through development, however.

The creators wanted to include a female protagonist not only due to their love of the movie Alien, but also because the reveal would act as a surprising reward for fans. The fact she appears at the end in a bikini was the result of technical limitations, as the sprite couldn’t be too detailed, so beach wear was the easiest way to show Samus was a woman.


In case you have never noticed before, Pac-Man somewhat resembles a pizza that is missing a slice. This is no mere coincidence, as the creator of the character, Toru Iwatani, explained that he came up with the design while trying to think of something that could be associated with eating – a concept he believed would appeal to everyone. Ironically, this design was suggested to him while he was eating a pizza, noticing the simple appearance of the food when a slice had been removed.

"While thinking about the word 'eat' when taking a piece of pizza, I saw that the rest of pizza looked like a character, and that’s how Pac-Man’s iconic shape was created," says Iwatani. "I realized that although keywords such as 'fashion' and 'love' would appeal more to women, my opinion is that the word 'eat' is universally appealing and would attract their attention as well. That’s why I went with this idea." What a revealing, if weirdly sexist, look behind the curtain. 


The titular hero from Rayman is best known not for his fighting ability or heroic deeds, but rather his lack of limbs. This lack of arms and legs haven’t stopped him from going on to become an important figure in gaming, with his distinctive design doing some heavy lifting to make him an instantly unique character.

Interestingly, the appearance of Rayman was never intended to lack limbs. The truth is that developers were having difficulty in animating his limbs in proportion to the rest of his body. While experimenting with a lack of arms and legs, they stumbled upon the idea of limblessness allowing Rayman to throw his fists much further. They decided to keep the new design in place for the final product.


One of the most striking things about Bayonetta is that the main character from the series is unabashedly sexy. The designers set out from the very beginning to create an attractive witch character, rather than try to disguise their true intentions.

One of the elements of Bayonetta’s design, though, resulted from the fact that the protagonist needed to be taller than most other women who appear in action games (due to game mechanics and design restrictions at the time). This forced Mari Shimazaki to alter Bayonetta's proportions, so her arms and legs are much longer than they would normally be.

Crash Bandicoot

When creators Andy Gavin and Jason Rubin were trying to come up with a new character to compete with the likes of Mario and Sonic in the platform genre, they initially settled on either a wombat or a bandicoot. After going through various different designs, and hiring professional cartoonists from Hollywood, they eventually settled on the design we know today.

They chose the orange color simply due to a process of elimination, as it was the only one not being used by another major video game character that also wouldn’t clash with the levels they had created (or look bad on televisions at the time).

The Creepers In Minecraft Were The Result Of A Coding Error

Out of all of the characters and creatures in the hugely popular Minecraft, perhaps the most dreaded and familiar to players is the Creeper. While they have a very distinctive look, their appearance was largely the result of a coding error by game creator Notch. When trying to insert a pig into the world, he typed in the dimensions incorrectly and that led to the model being disfigured. Liking the look of the new creature, he simply changed the coloring of it and turned it into the Creeper we know today.

"The creepers were a mistake" he said in a documentary. "I don’t have any modeling programs to do the models, I just write them in code. And I accidently made them (the creepers) tall instead of long, so it was like a tall thing with four little feet. And that became the Creeper. As opposed to a pig."

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Back in the dark ages of the late '80s and early '90s, home computers were fairly rare. In those days, gamers were forced to take their gaming opportunities where they could. Outside the shelter of an arcade, that meant the edutainment computer games that came pre-loaded on the blocky Macs which lined the walls of your school’s computer lab.

While the other kids were actually memorizing the home keys or boning up on their spreadsheet skills, educational computer games were helping a fledgling generation of gamers kill the time until the bell.

Even if you didn’t grow up to terrorize people in Call of Duty or wander the historical streets of an Assassin’s Creed game, the odds are solid you played one of these '80s and '90s edutainment games while silently praying that the teacher didn’t come by to check your work.

Edutainment Games From Your Childhood You Totally Forgot About,


Ultimately, Lemmings actually proved so popular that it crossed out of the computer lab and into the homes of lots of PC early adopters. Playing on the old (and patently false) notion that lemmings will walk ever-forward following the leader, the game handed players a weird assortment of tools and then demanded they guide a whole bunch of aggressively stupid lemmings safely past a series of life-ending hazards. Frustrating, creative, and brilliant, Lemmings was the beginning of a popular series of early video games.

Math Blaster: Episode 1

In its purest form, Math Blaster! is an educational version of Asteroids. Players are presented with a math problem and then barraged with a series of possible answers. Their job is to aim the cannon at the correct answer and blow it out of the sky. It was simple, addictive, and fun.

Number Munchers

The Number Munchers series of games had something to entertain both math kids and word kids... and just those kids. Players guided a weird, square creature around a grid while avoiding monsters and chomping down on the answers to various equations and word games. Being tricked into doing math was never this much fun.

Odell Lake

There were few better ways for children to learn about ecosystems, the food chain, and the natural world than by playing as a hungry little fish in Odell Lake. Figuring out what to eat while avoiding hungry predators like otters and fisherman proved enchanting to children who accidentally found themselves with a much larger working knowledge of freshwater marine life.

Reader Rabbit

Only the earliest Mac aficionados will remember Reader Rabbit, a series of games released from the '80s onwards that tried to teach kids the value of language arts skills. The bright, primary colors and energetic characters of the game entertained children as young as preschoolers while also teaching them how to read.  


First released in 1989, SimCity slipped past most computer teachers for several years before they realized that the classic asset management title was simply too much fun for students. Before that time, students stumbled upon this gorgeous juggling act on their school’s Macs and promptly forgot all about the actual teaching going on around them.

SimCity was unlike anything gamers had seen before. You couldn't really win or lose. There was no violence. You simply tried to create a world that could run under its own steam. Maybe that entirely novel format was how creator Will Wright’s ambitious little title went on to spawn its own genre of video games.

Treasure Mountain!

Though the protagonist of Treasure Mountain!, the vaunted Super Seeker, was the star of a lot of games in the series, this 1990 entry is the one most people remember. Were you able to traverse Treasure Mountain and recover all of the priceless treasures that were stolen? The innovative puzzle-solving and matching gameplay never failed to entertain (at least until the bell rang).

The Oregon Trail

Who among us hasn't watched in dismay as the members of our wagon train slowly succumbed to the hardships of dysentery? Well, virtually, anyway. There was probably something to learn in Oregon Trail, but for most people the game was just a frantic side scroller with intermittent bouts of sweet 3D-hunting. Or rather, what passed for 3D in 1990.

Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?

In the decade between 1985 and 1995, geography and culture educational video game Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? sold more than 4 million copies, spawned two sequels, and was adapted game show. Even for kids who didn’t care about foreign cultures or geography (see: average children living in the United States during the '90s), Carmen Sandiego was a big hit thanks to its mystery-style delivery and clever wordplay.

An entire generation of kids learned to appreciate puns thanks to the master thief Carmen Sandiego and her band of shady accomplices.

The Treehouse

In the totality of educational video games, music appreciation is one of the rarest focuses of gameplay. Thankfully for '90s kids, there was The Treehouse, an interactive music appreciation game that taught composition while entertaining kids with an interactive music maze, as well as a variety of other distractions.

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Overwatch exploded onto the multiplayer scene in 2016 and has already amassed more than 25 million players across PC and console platforms. While that number is remarkable in its own right, it's even more impressive when you realize Overwatch is a brand new IP.

The benefit of such a large and active community is that you'll never have to wait long for a match. The downside is that every gene pool has a shallow end, and this one is filled with dummies and jerks. There are specific Overwatch player stereotypes, like the Hanzo Main, the Ult Farmer, and Panicked Ult Popper. But there are also selfish and obnoxious gamers in general, like the Rage Quitter and the Griefer, which are the most annoying Overwatch players of all.

If the success of Overwatch has taught us anything, it's that finding a regular crew is important when you're trying to save the world. Especially with so many buttholes solo-queueing in comp.

17 Annoying Overwatch Players You Have Probably Cussed At,

The Hanzo Main

Need a healer? They're coming with Hanzo. Attacking on Volskaya? It's Hanzo time. Who needs a tank when Hanzo can shoot you to victory through the choke? There are a handful of masterful Hanzo players out there, but, rest assured, you're not one of them.

The Shield Averse

The Shield Averse stands two feet in front of Reinhardt's shield at all times. They're not behind it, but they're not too far away either. Take two steps back, buddy. It'll be better for everybody.

The Mule

Once The Mule picks a character, that's it. They picked Pharah and they're playing Pharah until the match ends. Asking them to swap heroes only angers The Mule, and sometimes turns them into The Griefer.

The Griefer

This player gets off on stressing out their teammates. They throw up Mei walls to trap people in the spawn room and deny their ults and pop Symmetra teleporters that lead people off the map. They flex with Reinhardt in the middle of a firefight and are most likely cat people.

The Trickler

This player is the single biggest reason teams lose Overwatch matches. The Trickler dies quickly, gets frustrated, and makes a bee-line from the spawn back into the fight (only to be mowed down in mere seconds), leaving their team down a man for the entirety of the match. Rinse. Repeat.

The Sandbagger

The Sandbagger purposefully sabotages their team because they have no control over any other parts of their lives. Their natural habitat is the spawn point, where they move just enough to not get kicked from the match for inactivity. They solo queue because everyone hates them, including their immediate family.

The Rage Quitter

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but in the world of competitive Overwatch, rage quitting almost guarantees a loss of SR for your teammates. The suspension/ban mechanic is inconsistent, which gives a lot of power to just one angry player on a 12-person battlefield.

The Mute

The Mute will never join the chat channel for any reason. They don't care that Overwatch puts a premium on teamwork and that calling out flankers is an integral part of the game. That's your problem, not theirs.

The Bad Connection

This player is the bane of competitive Overwatch. They consistently drop out of casual matches because of spotty Internet but still insist on jumping into competitive play with unsuspecting teammates and gambling away their hard-earned SR.

The Panicked Ult Popper

The Panicked Ult Popper isn't a malicious player, they're just a little too keyed up. They're easily spotted on the battlefield. Look for these telltale signs: A D'va nuke in a dark corner with no enemies nearby, a Gravitron Surge gravitating nothing of note, and a Zenyatta busting out that Transcendence all by his lonesome.

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Great games can spawn great or lousy sequels but, sometimes, we get strange video game sequels. Of course, the safest sequel is a basically a carbon copy of the original. On the other hand, later iterations or “reboots” of beloved video games can veer off the beaten path in unexpected directions. You've got games that switch genres, styles, objectives - the games on this list prove that sometimes, everything you think you know about a franchise can be thrown out the window at a moment's notice. These sequels to great video games embraced the weirdness, in more ways than one - some succeeded, some crashed and burned. 

10 Video Games That Are The Black Sheep Of Their Franchise,

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

You’d think after the runaway success of the first two Banjo-Kazooie games, Rare would have this formula down pat. Another globe-trotting adventure for the wisecracking duo? More co-op platforming, more gorgeous expansive environments, more insane collectible quests?

Hmm, not quite. Hey, kids! Let’s all get jobs at the junkyard! Nuts & Bolts (2008) for Xbox 360 was all about… building vehicles out of scraps.

To defeat the evil witch this time, you have to construct cars, boats, motorcycles, and planes to complete stunt challenges. While there's some platforming involved, most of the time, you’re designing blueprints for new vehicles in your lab or piloting them around various courses.

Having a virtual erector set and making your own wacky contraptions was certainly a blast, but it’s a jarring departure from the wide-ranging journeys of a bird and a bear from the previous two installments.

Bomberman: Act Zero

There’s not much you can do with character development for Bomberman. He’s a pixelated little guy who’s been around since 1983 and his entire existence is running around in mazes and dropping bombs. There’s some kind of plot if you’re into Bomberman lore (he’s an intergalactic policeman or something), but that’s hardly relevant.

Bomberman: Act Zero (2006), one of the first Xbox 360 titles, transformed the loveable blockhead into a ruthless cyborg warrior battling for survival in a dystopian future hellscape. The highly touted “First-Person Battle” mode (it was actually third-person) got universally panned. Everything about this game was terrible. In fact, it’s often regarded as one of the worst games of all time.


The first two Driver games were well-received open-world adventures where you raced cool, authentic cars in various cities around the world. 2004's DRIV3R (ugh, that spelling) was a flawed and controversial third entry. You can just imagine the developers brainstorming this one. “You know what the new Driver game needs? Less driving.”

Yes, D3 featured lengthy missions where you ran around on foot, awkwardly lurching and stumbling and trying to shoot people. On top of that, the actual driving was brutally difficult and missions took hours to complete. On the plus side, the voice acting was top-notch, if you’re a Michael Madsen fan.

When a few sites gave the game stellar ratings despite generally poor reviews, allegations of bribery and review fixing arose. The “DRIV3Rgate” controversy raged for a while in the gaming media, eventually devolving into accusations and recriminations and entire forum threads disappearing and everyone denying everything. In other words, business as usual in the game industry!

Mega Man Legends

Poor Mega Man. He was one of the original badasses of the 8-bit era. The early Mega Man games were not just wickedly difficult but also hella fun. Plus, he had his own mythology! Who can forget Dr. Wily or Dr. Light? But when the Blue Bomber stumbled into the blocky 3D age with Mega Man Legends, he never found his footing.

Launched on PlayStation in 1997, the first game got a chilly reception from hardcore fans, and sales were dismal. The sequel got a tepid response as well and, despite the activism of hardcore fans, the third iteration was eventually canceled. An unfortunate ending for one of the most recognizable characters in game history.

Pokémon Snap

The Pokémon franchise made the jump from GameBoy to N64 with 1999's Pokémon Snap, a relaxing 3D first-person rail photography sim, based on a top-down turn-based RPG about capturing and training cute animals to fight in pits of death. Not a whole lot of overlap in those Venn diagrams, one might say.

In the game, you travel around in a little golf cart and take photos of Pokémon. Then you do it again. And again. There are no battles, no capturing, no leveling up. It’s rather Zen and quite relaxing in its serenity, actually. You really have to think about and plan the composition of your photos. You're an artist, dammit! Plus, it’s always fun to use a Pester Ball to annoy the local wildlife.

Star Fox Adventures

Star Fox (1993) showcased Nintendo’s shiny new Super FX chip, which delivered some revolutionary 3D graphics to a home console. Fox McCloud was a gruff furry who zoomed through the galaxy in his cool spaceship blasting evil aliens with a whole squadron of fighters. Star Fox 64 (1997) delivered much of the same fun plot and innovative graphics. So what did Nintendo do for a sequel?

Five years later, Star Fox Adventures (2002) was released for the GameCube. Again, it featured Fox, but he was missing his coolest accessory - his spaceship! Instead, he was running around on a primitive world alone, killing enemies with a stick or something.

The game was originally developed by Rare as Dinosaur Planet, and it was essentially a Zelda clone. While a fun game in its own right, Star Fox Adventures was like tossing Captain Kirk down to the Gorn planet for a full season.

Super Mario Bros. 2

Until Wii Sports came along, the original Super Mario Bros. was the best-selling Nintendo title in history. A pack-in game that was included with virtually every NES console package, SMB defined platform gaming for decades. So how did Nintendo follow up on one of the most beloved games in history?

The Japanese sequel to Super Mario Bros. (later released as The Lost Levels for NES) was almost identical to its predecessor. It was also more difficult, which didn’t sit well with American audiences. So, the Mario developers decided on a different route.

Based on a Japanese vertical-scrolling prototype called Doki Doki Panic, Super Mario Bros. 2 (1988) was a bizarre, hallucinatory experience straight out of a tale from Arabian Nights that was probably just a mushroom dream to begin with. Mario now shared the stage with Luigi, Toad, and Princess Peach. Instead of fireballs, Mario flung beets at enemies and chased Shyguys around. The main antagonist? A cross-dressing dinosaur. Nonetheless, Birdo became a cult favorite and SMB2 was a huge hit.  

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

For some reason, Nintendo was in no hurry to capitalize on the huge success of their 1990 flagship game for the Super NES. The first Super Mario World was a typical Shigeru Miyamoto tour-de-force, a blockbuster that redefined platform gaming and introduced conventions that are still widely used today. Any other company would have had SMW2 out a year later, but Nintendo always follows their own drumbeat.

Almost six years later - near the twilight of the Super NES life cycle - Yoshi’s Island comes out, a cartoonish, goofy riff on platforming the likes of which had never been seen before.

The hand-drawn aesthetic is not unusual nowadays, but it was revolutionary and eye-catching back then. Supposedly, Miyamoto chose the exaggerated crayon-drawn animation style as a rebuke to the computer-rendered sprite graphics from games like Donkey Kong Country that were prevalent at the time.

It was an awesome game, but not every entertainment powerhouse would sign off on depicting their beloved corporate mascot as a diaper-clad mewling infant clinging to the back of a homicidal dinosaur that poops out weird eggs.

Turok: Evolution

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter was a surprise hit, a first-person shooter that was Acclaim’s initial entry for Nintendo’s ambitious new N64 console in 1997. Based on a Valiant Comics series, it combined elements of Doom and Tomb Raider in a lush prehistoric setting. Turok was a huge blockbuster that earned critical accolades and sold millions of copies.

With the 2002 follow-up Turok: Evolution, Acclaim went back to the dinosaur well for the third time, and things did not go nearly so swimmingly. The storyline was a mess, with a time portal between the Old West and a “Land of the Lost” dinosaur jungle. As if the multiple graphic bugs, poor AI, and tedious gameplay weren’t bad enough, Evolution has also earned its own special honor.

You’d assume they couldn’t screw up an evil cyborg riding a dinosaur, but you’d be wrong. More than a decade later, Electronic Gaming Monthly’s annual award for worst video game villain of the year is still known as the Tobias Bruckner Award, named after the main cyborg baddie in Turok: Evolution.


The original Syndicate is a true classic, a real-time tactical shooter with an overhead isometric view. It was released in 1993 by Bullfrog Productions, who were really hitting their stride after games like Populous and Powermonger. In a dystopian future, corporations take over the world and battle each other for control of addictive microchips.

Starbreeze Studios rebooted the beloved series nearly 20 years later with Syndicate (2012), a first-person blast-em-all set in a cyberpunk future. Fans of the first game with fond memories of the ground-breaking strategic gameplay were slow to embrace it. A generic but unremarkable shooter, it had its moments, but nothing in common with the original.

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<![CDATA[Video Game Cosplays You Didn't Expect To Be Sexy]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/sexy-unsexy-video-game-characters/crystal-brackett?source=rss

Video games already feature a ton of sexuality, and these sexy versions of unsexy video game characters only push that envelope further. Prepare yourself for an onslaught of photos that bring sexy back to characters you never thought could possess it in the first place. The cosplayers below got creative and blessed the world with sexy versions of unsexy video game characters, bringing new faces into the already impressive canon of sexy video game characters. If sexy unsexy video game character recreations fit your fancy, you've certainly come to the right place.

From humanized and sexualized classic kids game characters like Mega Man and Tails from Sonic, to bolder choices including Roadhog from Overwatch and Teemo from League of Legends, these cosplayers know no bounds when it comes to transforming video game title characters into hot, 3D people. 

Video Game Cosplays You Didn't Expect To Be Sexy,

Nes From Earthbound

Earthbound's sexy Nes by ZombieBitMe is a cosplay that happens to be both cute and confusing.

Mega Man From Mega Man

This scantly-clad Mega Man cosplay is a creation of MicroKittyCosplay! Captured in a beautiful blue hue by Robbins Studios.

Teemo From League Of Legends

Teemo from League Of Legends gets a hot makeover by SailorMappy!

Toad From Mario

Mario's Toad got a super sexy revamp with eatsleepbroadway's vogue Toad cosplay. Shot by McGinge.

Roadhog From Overwatch

This ravishing Roadhog from Overwatch is MiuMoonlight!

Sub Zero From Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat's Sub Zero (cosplaylala) never looked so icy hot! Shot superbly by Hivemind.

M. Bison From Street Fighter

Mariedoll makes an M. Bison from Street Fighter that's too hot to handle! Photo by Isidro Urena Photography.

Tails From Sonic The Hedgehog

Tails Prower (HaruVamp) is now a Sonic the Hedgehog hottie! Photo shot by VideoGameStupid.

Sonic From Sonic The Hedgehog

Sexy Sonic the Hedgehog is cosplayed by nihilistique and captured magnificently by Greg De Stefano.

Spyro From Spyro The Dragon

The titular character from Spyro the Dragon receives a devious makeover from MomoKurumi.

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<![CDATA[14 Video Game Accessories You Forgot You Bought]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/specialty-video-game-peripherals-that-time-forgot/collin-flatt?source=rss

People love buying strange stuff. That's just a fact. They especially want to get their hands on junk associated with their favorite brands. Therefore, the best video game systems of all time have had some profoundly bizarre add-ons available. It was a great way to make a few bucks and litter the cultural landscape with some fascinating detritus.

Sold alongside successful flagship consoles like the Atari 2600 and Sega Genesis were some weird video game peripherals that didn't have much use, didn't make much sense, and sometimes didn't work at all. Some were specific peripherals for games like the Nintendo Mouse in Mario Paint or the Dreamcast Microphone for Seaman. There are classic add-ons we love and remember like the Power Glove and Power Pad, but there are also plenty of unloved gaming system peripherals that need some long-overdue recognition.

14 Video Game Accessories You Forgot You Bought,

SegaScope 3D Glasses

Few people remember the 8-bit Master System, Sega's answer to the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Even segafewer remember the SegaScope 3-D Glasses. While Nintendo was sending out paper anaglyph red-and-blue spectacles with Rad Racer, Sega released active LCD shutter goggles that really worked.

They were super expensive and only compatible with a handful of games, but the 3-D effect was very dramatic and way ahead of its time. The SegaScope became obsolete once Sega redesigned the Master System, removing the necessary card slot in version 2.0.

GameBoy Camera & Printer

In 1998, Sega released the next-gen 128-bit Dreamcast. In response, Nintendo released a terrible digital camera for the GameBoy. It could barely take a recognizable picture with a paltry resolution of 256 x 224 dpi.g

But, with the Game Boy Printer add-on (which required six AA batteries), you could print that blurry image on thermal paper. The commercial spot featured bullying, lecherous teenage boys, and an x-treme teenager with a goatee and Oakleys. It essentially marketed itself to terrible human beings. 

Starpath Supercharger

There was a time when videogames were loaded off of an audio cassette. The Atari 2600 employed this less-than-efficient method. The Starpath Supercharger was a long cartridge with a handle (!) that plugged directly into the console to increase memory. 

The Atari came loaded with a (now) paltry 128 bytes of RAM, but the Supercharger expanded that number to 6000 bytes, a near 50-fold increase in space. As such, the games developed for the Supercharger had better graphics and sound than their cartridge-based counterparts. It retailed for around $70 in 1982, a little over a third of the price of the 2600 itself ($199). Very few games were developed for the Superchager expansion, and it was discontinued in 1984.


Nintendo used R.O.B. (Robotic Operating Buddy) to help sell their nascent flagship product to nervous retailers who got burned in the video game market crash of 1983. Promoted as a futuristic toy (as opposed to a video game console), R.O.B. responded to flashes on screen and interacted with the game through a separate controller.

The adorable plastic peripheral only worked with two early NES games, Gyromite and Stack-Up, but has since become a Nintendo fan favorite. He's even a playable character in both the Mario Kart and Smash Bros. franchises.

Konami LaserScope

Because the official NES Zapper just wasn't enough, Konami released a cheap plastic head-mounted light gun called the LaserScope. It featured a cross-hair lens which covered your right eye, and a microphone that was supposed to shoot on-screen every time the user yelled "FIRE!"

In reality, it fired all the time because the microphone was sensitive to ambient noise and would go off if, say, your dog barked too loudly. And what parent wouldn't be excited about their child yelling "FIRE" at the top of their lungs for hours on end?

Sega Dreamcast Fishing Controller

Sega was a consistent trailblazer in the video game industry, first to market with next gen consoles and gambling on odd titles like Seaman and ToeJam & Earl. They were never shy about introducing off-beat ideas and trusting gamers to jump on-board.

They introduced the fishing rod controller with the very popular fishing sim, Sega Bass Fishing. The rod was motion-controlled and simulated the action of casting and reeling in a fish. Sny time one snapped on the line, it caused the peripheral to vibrate. There were third party versions from competitors like Mad Catz, but the official Sega fishing rod controller was head and shoulders above the rest.

Aura Interactor

While the ad campaign for the Aura Interactor might have been insanely stupid, the technology worked. Sort of. It was the first wearable force-feedback device of its kind, and had moderate commercial success with both the Sega Genesis and the Super Nintendo.

In reality, it was just a cheap subwoofer that strapped to your body and rattled your bones if you turned the "volume" knob up too high when playing Mortal Kombat 2. The force-feedback vest market never really took off, tough. Shocking. 

Wu-Tang "W" Controller

The licensed Wu-Tang video game, Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style, was surprisingly good. Critics loved the unique fighting engine, and fans loved it because Wu lore and style are front and center. One of the bonus pack-in items for the Collector's Edition was a special controller, which was not only ugly, but also had less functionality than standard DualShock controllers.

There were no analog sticks on the "W" controller, either, which were necessary for moving freely about the 3-D environment of the game. It was, indeed, nothing to eff with. 

Sega Activator

Sega (along with Interactive Light) developed the Activator, considered to be the first full-body motion controller available for consoles. The commercial showed gamers punching and kicking in the air and the action on-screen responding in kind.

In reality, the Activator ring reacted to player movement breaking infrared beams as a button press, regardless of what stylistic roundhouse kick you did to set it off. And even that didn't work so well. This giant octagonal piece of garbage retailed for $80 in 1993.

"Wireless" Atari 2600 Joysticks

The wireless Atari 2600 controllers were way ahead of their time in 1982. They were supposed to make gaming more convenient by removing cumbersome cords, but all they really did was make the (already) clunky Atari joystick heavier and more unwieldy.

Also, if the 9-volt battery died in the middle of your best Pole Position run ever, that was just too bad. In addition to the car battery-sized controller itself, the wireless system required a receiver base that ran on a separate power supply. That's a whole lot of plugs and batteries for a little "convenience."

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<![CDATA[14 Video Games That Cranked Your Emotions Up To 11]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/emotional-video-games/collin-flatt?source=rss

Pong brought video games into the mainstream, and with it came a whole lot of frustration and elation. The early technology was crude and expensive, but interacting with your TV was an exciting new frontier. Nowadays, developers look to extract emotion through epic storytelling, relatable characters, and intense difficulty. In between exasperation from frustrating mechanics and modern psychological manipulation lives a gaggle of video games that cause extreme reactions.

There are emotional video games that make you sad and introspective, like Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, and there are scary video games that freak you out like Outlast. Whether you're an everyday gamer or a part-time mobile enthusiast, there's plenty out there to push your buttons.

SPOILER ALERT: There are a few startling plot twists and dramatic deaths in this list, so don't be surprised to find some spoilers here and there. You've been warned.

14 Video Games That Cranked Your Emotions Up To 11,

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy is one of the greatest RPG franchises of all time, and most consider FFVII to be the pinnacle of the series. In this entry, our brave hero saves flower seller Aerith Gainsborough from a gang called The Turks, and she joins the crew on their adventure. Beyond being a love interest for the protagonist, Aerith is also the key to saving the Planet, Gaia.

One night, she inexplicably heads out into the Forgotten City alone. Cloud and the crew find her kneeling at an altar just in time to watch Sephiroth turn Aerith into a freaking kebab. Cloud carries her body to a lake in the Forgotten City and releases her energy back to the Planet.

There will be no second life; there will be no resurrection. If you didn't cry during this scene, you should probably seek immediate medical attention. 

Heavy Rain

From the outset, Heavy Rain was developed to mess with your emotions. Developer Quantic Dream even marketed the game as an "interactive drama" so there would be no confusion. The game forces you to make terribly macabre decisions throughout the story, like if you should cut off your own finger, or deciding whether or not to kill the drug dealer begging for his life.

All of that is secondary to the opening sequence of the game, however, which tasks the player with controlling protagonist Ethan Mars in an attempt to find his lost son at the mall, only to watch him be hit by a car and killed. Oh, and Ethan's other son is kidnapped, setting the events of the game in motion. Mr. Mars probably shouldn't be allowed to raise any more children.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Hideo Kojima really loves to toy with gamers' emotions. He followed the rage-inducing MGS 2: Sons of the Patriots with a soul-crushing and very personal tale in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

This entry in the series finds our hero Solid (Naked) Snake working for the CIA in the Russian jungle circa 1964, tasked with stopping the development of a nuclear weapon. The bad guys in MGS3 are called The Cobra Unit, and have names like: The Pain, The Sorrow, The Fear, and The Fury. They're led by a soldier called The Boss, who just happens to be the woman that mentored and trained you from age 15, and subsequently became a mother-figure to Snake.

The final battle places you one-on-one against The Boss in a gorgeous field of white lilies, and ends with you shooting her in the head with her own weapon. In effect, the game makes you kill your own mother. 

Red Dead Redemption

Many people believe that Red Dead Redemption is one of the greatest games ever made. Rockstar Games applied the brilliant open-world gameplay they perfected in Grand Theft Auto to the Wild West and came up with this masterpiece.

Set in the Texas-Mexico border circa 1910, you play John Marston, a reformed outlaw on a mission to take down the members of his old gang. The FBI promised Marston amnesty if he completes his dangerous task, allowing him to return home to his wife and family.

After gunning down the final boss, you return home to your ranch and loved ones, but the game isn't over. The last few missions task you with tending to your animals, bonding with your son, and falling in love with your wife all over again. Then the Feds show up and murder you in cold blood. It's honestly one of the most heartbreaking experiences in all of gaming. 

Resident Evil

Resident Evil defined survival horror when it was released for the PlayStation in 1996, and continues to be the most successful franchise in the genre. Despite the legion entries in the series, people still love to shoot infected-zombie-farmer things. The narrative, characters, and even basic gameplay have taken crazy twists and turns over the years, but the fear remains.

Many fans believe you can trace the entire success of the franchise to one scary moment: The Dog. Never before did a video game elicit such visceral fear in gamers. Game directors Shinji Mikami and Tokuro Fujiwara played audiences perfectly, balancing quiet moments against loud ones, and used the element of surprise with restraint.

The pacing lulls you into a false sense of security after hours of killing slow-moving and sporadically-placed zombies. Then, a Hunter appears out of nowhere and decapitates you with one quick swipe of its massive claws. Check out the above clip if you think you can handle it. 

Shadow of the Colossus

What starts out as a tale of love and adventure ends up bleak and dark in Sony's brilliant Shadow of the Colossus. You play Wander, a young man trying to revive Mono, a maiden with a cursed future (or something). Little information is given at the start of your adventure, but as the story progresses, you realize you're killing innocent beings - the Colossi - at the behest of the main "antagonist," Dormin.

Dormin inhabits Wander's body at the end, and even though you play as the all-powerful demon, your death is inevitable. Ultimately, you slowly transform back into Wander and are sucked into a vortex, never to be free again. That is, until Mono wakes up and finds a baby with horns, which ends up being you. So now the love of your life will become your adoptive mother, and neither of you will have any idea what happened. That's some bone-chillingly evil stuff.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty isn't known for its emotional punch, but that wasn't always the case. Developer Infinity Ward perfected the mechanics and balance of their FPS with the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, but really hit their stride regarding narrative in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

In the chapter "No Russian," you play an undercover CIA agent who has successfully infiltrated a Russian terrorist cell. To prove loyalty to the organization, your character joins the group in carrying out a mass shooting in an airport, reflecting the terrible reality we live with every day. That's right, for the next 15 minutes, you methodically pace around the building shooting innocent people that are running for their lives and screaming bloody murder. It's a legitimately harrowing experience.

Interestingly enough, your character is killed at the end of the level whether you pull the trigger or not. When you realize that active participation was arbitrary, it becomes difficult to get rid of the pit in your stomach.

The Last of Us

The Last of Us is a beautifully told drama set in an action-packed, post-apocalyptic infected wasteland. Developer Naughty Dog got famous with Crash Bandicoot and the Uncharted series, but really turned up the manipulation factor with this one.

You play as Joel, a smuggler tasked with accompanying a young girl, Ellie, who is believed to be the key to a cure for the outbreak. Along the way, you encounter wave after wave of infected enemies that vary in difficulty to kill and gross-out factor. The most unnerving of them all are the Clickers, named for the horrific nightmare-inducing sound they make as they stumble blindly about the environment. That sound still triggers an intense anxiety in many, many gamers.

All of those feelings of stress are window dressing around the emotional devastation at the core of The Last of Us. The game opens with Joel and Sarah having a compelling father-daughter moment as the world begins to fall apart around them. By the end of the chapter, Sarah gets shot and Joel carries her dead body around in his arms. And that's just for starters. 

BioShock Infinite

While all of the BioShock games like to tug on the feels, the big reveals and plot twists in BioShock Infinite leave the most lasting impression. You play Booker DeWitt, a man who is trying to wipe out his gambling debts by rescuing a young girl, Elizabeth, from the clutches of the evil "Father" Comstock.

The narrative gets very complicated, but the game ends with you figuring out that Elizabeth is your daughter, and you traded her away to Comstock in an alternate timeline when she was a baby. Oh, and she has the power to alter time and space. In the end, Elizabeth (and her alternate timeline duplicates) drown you in a lake to stop the continuous loop of her life and your life, destroying the entire fabric of your combined existence. It's like an infinite expression of suicide and patricide. 

The Walking Dead

Nobody asked for an '80s-style point-and-click adventure set in Robert Kirkman's popular comic universe of The Walking Dead. Thankfully, Telltale Games made one anyway. The game mechanics are nearly non-existent, adding up to not much more than a digital Choose Your Own Adventure book. But the characters, story, and difficult choices that make up the narrative are surprisingly compelling considering the now well-worn territory.

You play Lee, a former university professor and convicted felon, guilty of killing your wife's lover. On the way to prison, the zombie outbreak happens and all hell breaks loose. You find yourself a "free" man, and come across the 8-year-old Clementine who joins you on your journey. Along the way, you're confronted with tough life-and-death choices that significantly influence how the story plays out. No matter what happens, though, Lee gets bitten and Clementine has to decide how to let him die: watch him suffer while turning into an undead ghoul, or put a bullet in his brain. Good times.

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<![CDATA[22 Of The Sexiest Women In Street Fighter Cosplay]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/sexiest-street-fighter-cosplay/taeyura?source=rss

Street Fighter stands as one of the most recognizable fighting game series of all time, and Street Fighter cosplay fills conventions all around the world. Cosplaying as any of Street Fighter's female characters requires a bit of lethality and allure, and these ladies do not disappoint. Whether stepping into one of Cammy's risque one-pieces or showing off their best high kicks as Chun Li, these women cosplaying Street Fighter characters will leave you captivated by the grace that beguiles their danger.

All of these cosplayers do a brilliant job of capturing both of those sides in these characters, and even bring out the feminine sides to some male characters. In fact, some of the sexiest women on this list are actually creative gender-bend cosplayers who have transformed some of the most iconic men in the game into drop-dead gorgeous women. It's a fight to the top, and each of these cosplayers stands a good chance of taking home the gold.

22 Of The Sexiest Women In Street Fighter Cosplay,


Yaya Han spent 50 hours on this sexy and incredibly detailed Chun Li cosplay. Needless to say, the final result was worth every minute. Her spot-on Chun Li high kick was captured by photographer Benny Lee.


Kay Bear has created a massive following with her sexy cosplays and her classic Cammy cosplay was certainly a fan favorite. 


Cosplayer Tali brings one of Cammy White's alternate costumes to life. This photo was captured by NemoValkyrja.


An incredibly alluring Elena cosplay by Nonsummerjack

Juri Han

Another stunning Juri Han cosplay drenched in darkness and sex appeal. Cosplayer Linda Le created this stunning look that was captured by photographer Long Vo. 


Ibuki tends to get overlooked during conversations about the sexiest women in Street Fighter but cosplayer Carolina Angulo is a reminder for everyone to reconsider. Photographer Michael Homunculo captured their sexy Ibuki cosplay in the Dominican Republic.


Danielle Vedo created this sexy Chun Li cosplay featuring one of her alternate costumes. Photographer Eve Zel is responsible for capturing Danielle serving up tons of Chun Li attitude. 


It's no surprise that Poison is the muse of many sexy Street Fighter cosplays. DeAnna Davis brings the sexy fighter to life in this stunning cosplay. 


You can never go wrong with any great Cammy cosplay. Misa Lynn shows off Cammy's most notable assets in this alternate costume cosplay captured by MH Photography.  

Rainbow Mika Nanakawa

Kristen Hughey steps into the sexy white boots of Street Fighter's most popular wrestler Rainbow Mika, known best as R. Mika. Her beautiful cosplay was captured by photographer Michael Iacca. 

Wed, 22 Feb 2017 02:47:55 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/sexiest-street-fighter-cosplay/taeyura
<![CDATA[The Best Nintendo Switch Shooter Games]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-nintendo-switch-shooter-games/ranker-games?source=rss

If you're looking for shooter games to play on your Nintendo Switch, the pickings are slim. There are a few shoot 'em up games for Switch that you can play now, but outside of those games, there aren't many shooter games for Switch. The few shoot 'em up games for Switch that are currently available include Metal Slug 3 and NAM-1975, both of which are old school shooters dating back to the '90s.

The biggest Nintendo Switch shooter game is undoubtedly going to be Splatoon 2, which drops Summer 2017. Splatoon is perhaps the biggest Nintendo original franchise to come out in the modern era, and the sequel has a lot of people excited.

Vote up the best Nintendo Switch shooters on this list, regardless of whether they're currently released, or are upcoming titles.

The Best Nintendo Switch Shooter Games,


Splatoon 2

Rogue Trooper Redux

Graceful Explosion Machine

Space Dave!

Metal Slug 3

Shock Troopers

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<![CDATA[The Best Nintendo Switch Action Games]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-nintendo-switch-action-games/ranker-games?source=rss

If you're looking for Nintendo Switch action games, look no further. This list ranks the best action games for Switch, as voted on by Nintendo fans like you. Nintendo consoles aren't usually known for their action titles, but there are some good action games for Switch that are definitely worth playing.

As far as Nintendo Switch action games are concerned, don't sleep on Shovel Knight. If this game has alluded you up to this point, do yourself a favor and buy Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. It includes the core game, as well as the two expansions, Specter of Torment and Plague of Shadows. Each game features unique playable characters with different fighting mechanics, as well as diverse level designs, bosses, and upgrades. If you've already played the core game and its first expansion, you can also buy Specter of Torment as a standalone game.

Another fun action game for Nintendo Switch is Super Bomberman R, although you might want to wait until the price drops on this one since it's a full-priced game at the moment of writing this.

Vote up the current and upcoming Nintendo Switch action games that you either love or are dying to play.

The Best Nintendo Switch Action Games,

Portal Knights

Snake Pass


Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment


Unbox: Newbie's Adventure

Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas

Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove

Towerfall: Ascension

Skylanders: Imaginators

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<![CDATA[The Best Nintendo Switch Adventure Games]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-nintendo-switch-adventure-games/ranker-games?source=rss

So you've bought a Switch and want to play some adventure games, but what are your choices? Luckily for you, we're ranking the best Nintendo Switch adventure games, both current and upcoming. There's one obvious choice for the best Switch adventure game, and fortunately for all of us, that game was a launch title.

There is absolutely no denying that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the best adventure game on Nintendo Switch. This is the game that made buying a Switch on launch day worth it, as there are hundreds of hours of gameplay inside of this little cartridge.

Outside of BoTW, though, what are the best adventure games for Nintendo Switch? Upcoming Switch adventure games include Oceanhorn, Seasons of Heaven, and RiME.

The Best Nintendo Switch Adventure Games,

Lego City Undercover



Syberia 3

Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Troll and I

Minecraft: Story Mode - The Complete Adventure

Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap

ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove

Wed, 01 Mar 2017 00:50:06 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/best-nintendo-switch-adventure-games/ranker-games
<![CDATA[The Best Nintendo Switch Indie Games]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-nintendo-switch-indie-games/ranker-games?source=rss

If there's one thing that Nintendo Switch is doing right, it's indie games. For this list we're ranking the best indie games on Nintendo Switch, as well as upcoming Nintendo Switch indie games that we're really looking forward to playing. The console may not get the third-party support that its competitors get, but the indie titles make Switch well worth buying, especially since you can play them on the go.

So what are the best Nintendo Switch indie games? Snipperclips is obviously the game everyone has been talking about since launch day, as it's exclusively on the Switch. The combination of the puzzles and lighthearted atmosphere make for the perfect indie game that anyone can enjoy.

Upcoming Switch indie games include Yooka-Laylee, SteamWorld Dig 2, and Oceanhorn, the Zelda-like game that impersonates the Nintendo franchise in all the right ways.

Vote for your favorite indie games for Switch, both current and upcoming. If a game isn't out yet, you can still vote it up based on how much you want to play it.

The Best Nintendo Switch Indie Games,


Sunu Ikkibu

Snake Pass

Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment

Seasons of Heaven

SteamWorld Dig 2



Fast RMX

Syberia 3

Wed, 01 Mar 2017 00:50:06 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/best-nintendo-switch-indie-games/ranker-games
<![CDATA[The 13 Most Bizarre Crossovers In Gaming History]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/bizarre-video-game-crossovers/nathan-gibson?source=rss

Video game crossovers, much like crossovers in other forms of media, are not particularly rare. Companies have realized that by combining their brands with other well-known characters and franchises, they can vastly improve the popularity of both products. After all, fans love to see their favorite heroes and villains go to new worlds in whatever capacity they can. 

This thinking, though, has led to some very weird video game mashups where the universes of two or more well-known series have been flung together haphazardly. It can feel like they were thought up by an 11 year old who just had way too much sugar.

Sometimes, these bizarre crossover video games are created as cheap marketing ploys that attempt to take advantage of hardcore fans, but others are just straight-up odd mixtures that you would never have expected to see.

The 13 Most Bizarre Crossovers In Gaming History,

Kingdom Hearts

Considering how protective Disney is over their properties, the concept of an action role-playing game featuring an array of Disney characters alongside an original cast (and characters from Final Fantasy) seems too far-fetched to ever happen.

However, a chance meeting in an elevator between the game’s director and a Disney executive allowed the idea to be pitched directly to the company. The result was Kingdom Hearts, a game where players team up with Goofy and Donald Duck as they progress through a variety of worlds based on famous Disney movies, such as Aladdin and The Lion King. It proved incredibly successful and there have been more than a dozen sequels and spin-offs since.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

There are many things that make Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games profoundly bizarre. Nintendo and Sega had long been enemies, and the two titular characters had often been pitted against one another for market dominance. Furthermore, Sonic had seen a dramatic drop in popularity after starring in a slew of bad games, while Mario was more successful than ever.

The Japanese companies agreed to work together after Sega adopted the IOC’s mission to promote a sporting spirit and to interest young people in the Olympics. The game was so financially successful that a further two installments, for the 2010 Winter Olympics and 2012 Summer Olympics, were also created.

Lego Rock Band

While LEGO has teamed up with a variety of different brands and franchises in past with their action-adventure games, the brick company also had one rather... strange collaboration. In addition to working with the likes of Star Wars and Indiana Jones, they also had a crossover with the Rock Band series by Harmonix.

This resulted in LEGO Rock Band – a game that's functionally the exact same thing as Rock Band, with the addition of LEGO characters and items. Since LEGO is not traditionally associated with music and Rock Band had previously only worked with... bands, it was an unusual move. Regardless, it proved rather successful.

Pokémon Conquest

What's the weirdest videogame franchise crossover you can imagine? Doesn't matter, Pokémon mashed together with Nobunaga’s Ambition series is much, much stranger. There is obvious appeal in featuring creatures from Pokémon in a variety of different games and media, due to their popularity, but combining it with a turn-based strategy game set in feudal Japan was not something that most people expected. Mature, adult themes set Pokémon Conquest apart as players attempt to conquer various warlords and unite the land.

Nicktoons MLB

There are very few baseball games that receive critical acclaim or become commercially successful. This has led to developers attempting to bring new elements to their games in an attempt to increase their popularity.

One studio, for example, generated a crossover between Major League Baseball and Nickelodeon, with the title featuring cartoon characters from a number of Nicktoon shows, such as Spongebob Square Pants, Ren & Stimpy, and Invader Zim. The game, Nicktoons MLB, was a huge flop and another game in the series has not been considered.

Project X Zone

Project X Zone is about as crazy as crossovers get in the gaming industry. It combined fighters from games such as Street Fighter, Tekken, and Devil May Cry together for the first time. Not only was Namco Bandai able to convince Sega and Capcom to allow their characters to appear, but they put them in a tactical role-playing game rather than a traditional fighting title, confusing gamers even more.

Despite all of this, it turned out to be a hit with fans and sold many more copies than initially expected, leading to the release of a sequel several years later.

Hyrule Warriors

Although Nintendo has never been afraid of making spin-offs or crossing over their franchises into new worlds and genres, Hyrule Warriors was still a very unexpected title when it was first announced.

After all, The Legend of Zelda series has always been more about adventuring and solving puzzles rather than combat, and this crossover between the franchise and Dynasty Warriors focused entirely on fighting hordes of enemies. Despite some misgivings from longtime fans, Hyrule Warriors proved to be a hit and drew acclaim for its engaging fighting system and its implementation of classic Zelda elements, such as the ability to open chests on the battlefield.

Sonic Lost World

The Sonic brand has not always done well for Sega. Apart from a successful collaboration with Nintendo in the form of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, there has been very little to get fans of the blue hedgehog excited.

That might be why Sega teamed up with Nintendo again when it released Sonic: Lost World to create a piece of free, downloadable content that outlandishly saw the hedgehog enter the world of Hyrule. The Legend of Zelda Zone DLC saw Sonic don the famous green tunic and go on an adventure filled with chickens, heart containers, and everything else you would expect from a Zelda game.

Poker Night At The Inventory

When gamers think of Telltale Games, the first games to come to mind are likely the super popular The Walking Dead or The Wolf Among Us, rather than a poker simulator. Still though, it would be a shame to forget one amazingly weird title in particular. In 2010, Telltale released Poker Night at the Inventory, a game that featured crossover characters from a variety of seemingly random locations.

The players included Tycho from Penny Arcade, the Heavy from Team Fortress 2, Max from Sam & Max, and Strong Bad from Homestar Runner. Each character had their own backstory and in-depth dialogue, something which proved to be incredibly well-received. The game was so successful that a sequel featuring characters from Portal, Borderlands, and The Evil Dead was created in 2013.

King Games

The King Games were a collection of three titles that were created in a collaboration between Burger King, Microsoft, and Blitz Games. Executives from the fast food restaurant and Microsoft had met at Cannes while they were picking up awards for their advertisement campaigns and they immediately began discussions about a crossover that would combine the Xbox and Xbox 360 consoles with the Burger King brand.

The result was PocketBike Racer, Big Bumpin’, and Sneak King. They proved to be a huge commercial success, even though they were not well received by critics, and became some of the biggest selling titles of 2006, boosting sales of Burger King significantly. No matter what you think, the system works. 

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<![CDATA[15 Video Game Classics That Were Almost Never Made]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/video-games-that-were-almost-never-made/nathan-gibson?source=rss

Video games are unique in terms of media because of the sheer scale of their development. Often, blockbuster titles will require years of work and hundreds of individuals to get to completion, making them incredibly susceptible to delays and problems that might even lead to cancellation. Even the biggest games are not immune from this and there are plenty of examples of successful video games that almost weren’t made.

Considering the sheer amount of time and effort that is required to get any title out of development and onto store shelves, it should not come as a surprise that a huge variety of problems can arise. Games with development issues might see their team reduced or funding cut by a publisher who no longer wants to take a huge risk - even when the work is nearly complete. Fortunately for players, many developers manage to overcome these issues and persevere to release their product despite the problems that almost led to them never being made.

15 Video Game Classics That Were Almost Never Made,

Fallout 3

Originally, Black Isle Studios was developing Fallout 3. Black Isle was the original studio behind Fallout and Fallout 2, but the new game was set to move to more modern hardware and feature 3D graphics and models. Publisher Interplay Entertainment went bankrupt and the project faced a real threat of cancellation until Bethesda stepped in and bought the rights to the franchise.

Later, several members of Black Isle Studios left the company to form Obsidian Entertainment. Obsidian later developed a spin-off to the franchise known as Fallout: New Vegas.

GoldenEye 007

The entire development of GoldenEye 007, one of the most famous and important video games of all time, was a protracted affair that presented numerous problems. Out of the 10 people working on the title, only eight had ever worked on a game before, while the 32 months spent working on it meant that it was released two years after the movie was in cinemas. Even more remarkably, the multiplayer component was completed almost singlehandedly by one person in secret and was only added to the final game as an afterthought.

Madden NFL

Although Madden NFL has become one of the most popular sports video game franchises in the world, the initial game was almost canceled when John Madden threatened to pull out of endorsing it in 1984. The issue arose when it became clear that the developer could only simulate a football game on then-current hardware with seven players on each side.

"That was a deal breaker," Madden recalled. "If it was going to be me and going to be pro football, it had to have 22 guys on the screen. If we couldn't have that, we couldn't have a game."

The potential loss of the Madden name and exposure they would lose from not having him endorse the game led the studio to go back and rework the game so that it could fully support 11 v. 11 gameplay.

Pokémon Red and Blue

The original Pokemon games were made by a relatively small team over a long development time - six years, to be exact. This protracted timescale meant it faced numerous issues before it was completed, including computers that constantly overheated and died, which put all the development progress at risk.

"I sure am glad I fixed those computers back then," said the Pokemon programmer Junichi Masuda. "If I hadn't, the original Red and Green [the Japanese title for Pokemon Red and Blue] games might never have come out. That's a scary thought!”

Luckily, technicians were able to fix the computers, meaning that no significant progress was lost.


X-COM: UFO Defense was the catalyst for popularizing turn-based strategy games as well as the launch pad for the entire XCOM franchise. Publisher MicroProse was very enthusiastic about the game, but that excitement was short-lived. Financial difficulties meant the developer almost went bankrupt, while Spectrum HoloByte purchased a controlling stake in MicroProse. They were less impressed with the title and ordered its cancellation. However, bosses at the MicroProse chose to ignore the order and didn’t tell the developers, allowing the game to be completed.

Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon went through a difficult development. The idea of a farming simulator was a brand new concept in the mid-90s, meaning that the studio working on the game had no real reference points. The title was delayed constantly but the issues came to a head six months after a playable build was first put together. The studio went bankrupt, the president of the company vanished, and the various teams within the organization split up. Creator Yasuhiro Wada seriously considered throwing away all the work and finding a new job but continued working on Harvest Moon when two colleagues convinced him to not quit.

Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto is now one of the most established franchises in the gaming industry, with each installment selling tens of millions of copies all around the world. However, the series came from very humble beginnings and almost never saw the light of day. The first game was delayed significantly when writers and designers kept butting heads about direction Grand Theft Auto should take. This, in turn, led to the US-based publisher wanting to kill the game as development milestones were missed. Work on the title only continued as the studio was able to vigorously argue their case during weekly meetings.

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

CD Projekt has become one of the premier developers of the modern video game age, but the studio almost went out of business before it had the chance to release The Witcher 2 and its eventual sequels. The primary concern was the cost of paying Widescreen Games to port The Witcher 2 to consoles, with funding continually rising as the external developer ran into problems. Although CD Projekt eventually canceled the project and cut ties with Widescreen, the damage had been done. Combined with the economic downturn that occurred months later, the entire company almost went out of business, forcing the studio to cancel future projects and cut content from The Witcher 2.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

The original idea for The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds was first suggested by Hiromasa Shikata after development had wrapped up on The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. Legendary designer Shigeru Miyamoto liked the idea of Link being able to merge into walls and gave the team permission to move forward with the concept. After just a few weeks of production, though, most of the team was moved onto new projects that needed extra development in the run-up to the release of the new Wii U console. Producer Eiji Aonuma came back to the concept around 18 months later and began developing it into a full game.

Battlefield 1

When EA first announced Battlefield 1 in 2016, it took many people by surprise. After all, most first-person shooters were being set in modern or futuristic sci-fi environments rather than harking back to the past. Electronic Arts executive VP Patrick Söderlund felt exactly the same when DICE, the production studio, initially pitched the idea of Battlefield 1. He believed that a World War I setting could not be fun and would fail to attract fans who were used to more futuristic games. He only greenlit the project when the developer was able to convince him that fans were eager for a change with a fresh setting.

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<![CDATA[Best Video Game Tattoos]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-video-game-tattoos/brandon-michaels?source=rss

Tattoos mean different things to different people. In the case of video games, tattoos commemorate a favorite series or hobby that holds more than just a virtual meaning to somebody. Getting a Triforce tramp stamp or a full-sleeve Sonic the Hedgehog reveals you to be the type of gamer who would never hit the power button before saving, and such dedication deserves to be recognized.

The video game ink below features titles from multiple decades in styles ranging from pixels to watercolors. Each is captivating and nostalgic in its own way, highlighting the different aspects gamers love about gaming. From Crash Bandicoot to God of War, familiar games are featured all over these bodies.

Best Video Game Tattoos,

God Of War Back Piece

Scorpion From Mortal Kombat

Kratos, The God Of War

Hey! Listen!

Twisted Metal's Sweet Tooth

OOGABOOGA, An Homage To Crash Bandicoot

From Assassin's Creed To Zelda

Triforce Watercolor

FemShep Pinup From Mass Effect

Super Mario Bros Sleeve

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<![CDATA[25 Brilliant Pieces Of Bioshock Fan Art]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/brilliant-bioshock-fan-art/brandon-michaels?source=rss

The Bioshock series launched its first title in 2007, where fans were introduced to Big Daddies, Little Sisters, and Splicers. The vast underwater world of Rapture was still a mystery, and the mysterious Andrew Ryan appeared to be the most pressing concern. The inaugural release garnered much acclaim, leading to a sequel, a prequel, two novels, an art book, and a soundtrack.

Bioshock 2 debuted the Big Sisters, and gave more backstory to Rapture before its fall. During Bioshock: Infinite, players took to the skies and explored Columbia as Booker DeWitt. Needless to say, there's plenty of inspiration for fan art. Though only 10 years old, Bioshock spawned enough fan art to rival mega franchises like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or even Disney. In a game known for its visual storytelling, it makes sense Bioshock fan art would be equally vibrant and cinematic, further enriching the lore behind Columbia and Rapture.

25 Brilliant Pieces Of Bioshock Fan Art,

Splish Splash, Mr. B!

This adorable image from andyfairhurst captures a tender moment between a Little Sister and her Big Daddy.

This Was Made In MS Paint?!

According to Deviant Art user insignificantartist, they made this breathtaking image of a Big Daddy in MS PAINT! Unbelievable!

A Father-Daughter Moment

Deviant Art user thaty369 created this image of a touching father/daughter moment.

Little Sister

This chilling image of a Little Sister comes from togaco. "I smell an angel..."

The Saturday Evening Post

This stunning image from alexgarner feels like a real piece of concept art for a newspaper in Bioshock Infinite.

Big Daddy

This creepy image from nonobot shows a Big Daddy lurking through the waters of Rapture. If you listen carefully you can hear his lumbering footsteps inch closer...


Deviant Art user xerovas shows us the similarities between Songbrid and the Murder of Crows Vigor ad.

Two Worlds

Deviant Art user lashes-and-glitter made this black and white image showing Rapture, Columbia, and their infamous lighthouses.

The Rift

Chowpan's beautiful take on Columbia shows Elizabeth opening up one of her famous rifts.

Andrew Ryan

This powerful image from digitallumberjack makes Andrew Ryan look like a true golden idol.

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<![CDATA[Every Overwatch Victory Pose, Ranked]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-overwatch-victory-poses/brandon-michaels?source=rss

Rock stars, athletes, an international task force of superhuman heroes: what do they all have in common? The victory pose, a celebratory stance designed to let players and characters bask in the glory of a job well done. Whether you just shredded a killer riff, make an incredible catch, or pwned some n00b with a headshot, you must make the moment count.

In Overwatch, there are over 125 unique victory poses spread across the 23 (currently) playable characters, but who has the coolest victory poses? No stock poses here -  these are the Overwatch victory poses with panache! What best fits your playing style and attitude? Does it match the way you play? Ultimately, a victory pose should let the other players, on both teams, know that you are not one to be trifled with.

Every Overwatch Victory Pose, Ranked,

Reaper - R.I.P.

Mercy - Mistletoe

Mei - Medal

Junkrat - Bad For Your Health

Genji - Sword Stance

Hanzo - Over The Shoulder

Bastion - Firework

D.Va - Festive

Tracer - Over The Shoulder

Ana - R.I.P.

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<![CDATA[Reasons Why Final Fantasy XV Is Just Killing Players]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/why-final-fantasy-xv-is-just-killing-players/zack-howe?source=rss

The much-anticipated release of Final Fantasy XV (the latest installment in one of the greatest RPG series of all time) has consumed some player's lives. But when you dive in to something so fully, there are bound to be some things that annoy you. If you’re not familiar with the game, Prince Noctis and his traveling bodyguards must evade the evil empire until they can avenge King Regis. Oh, and there's a lot of friendship. The main party consists of Noctis, Prompto, Ignis, and Gladiolus.

Let's be clear: this is still a great game. This list is just the worst parts of Final Fantasy XV. The most disappointing things about Final Fantasy XV. The most glaring Final Fantasy XV problems.

Sorry, the thing is Final Fantasy XV sucks.

Reasons Why Final Fantasy XV Is Just Killing Players,

Friendly Fire Is Unavoidable

The archaeans you summon may know better than to kill your party members, but Prince Noctis sure doesn’t. See, in Final Fantasy XV your own magic can hurt your allies. In an action-RPG where you have no control over your teammates and their placement, it’s hard to miss them when you blow up a pack of baddies. Prince Noctis almost always hits one of his allies when using his magic. To be fair, he might be doing it subconsciously. The rest of his party does kind of suck. 

The Creatures Are Adorable (And You Have To Murder Them)

Imagine a game where you have to kill Mr. Snuffleupagus in cold blood. Well, you've just invented Final Fantasy XV. Congratulations? Unfortunately, your soul is still forfeit because you have a cuddly elephant-thing's blood on your hands. This type of world building and character design is exactly what makes players not want to replay a game. 

Also, horrifyingly, a lot of the creatures travel in families. The game actually makes you kill parents in from of their children. It’s like an interactive version of Bambi where you play as the hunter. 

Side Quests... So Many Side Quests

This is a common complaint, but it's a valid one. You’ll find yourself on so many side quests that you’ll forget what the main story is half the time. Also, if you're curious, you know what Hurley is asking you to do in the above image? Go take more f*cking pictures.

Summons Make Less Than Zero Sense

The big guy up there is Ramuh. He's absolutely devastating with his Judgment Bolt when you summon him. The only problem is, all archaeans, including him, can only be summoned under certain conditions. For added fun, it's nearly impossible to figure out what those conditions are.

Admittedly, it’s fair that you can’t summon them at your whim, because they really do demolish everything in the vicinity. But there should be some recognizable pattern to when they show up. 

Iris Fights With A Stuffed Animal

Gadio’s sister Iris fights with a stuffed animal. Honestly, it's hard to say which entitiy is more ridiculous, the toy or the girl.

Look, are Mogs adorable? Sure. But the fact remains that in the above image she’s about to attack a hyena with a plush toy. SPOILER: it's going to work, for some unfathomable reason. Realism has never been the strong suit of the Final Fantasy franchise, but fans should at least get a modicum of sincerity with their battles. Otherwise everything just feels too low stakes. 

Ardyn Izunia Looks Insane, Even By Final Fantasy Standards

Ardyn Izunia looks like Boy George if he were a character on Taboo. Remember: he's supposed to be the main villain of Final Fantasy XV. Players are supposed to be scared, or at least impressed, by a guy who looks like the offspring of Keanu Reeves and an entire circus troupe. Seriously, he looks like a jack-o’-lantern that was magically turned human outside a mall containing only a Men’s Warehouse and a Hot Topic. Hopefully, for his sake, he’s secretly blind and has no idea how ridiculous he looks.

Ignis’s Eureka Moments Are Infuriating

Ignis’s special skill is cooking. Now, this isn’t so bad. He cooks every time you camp, and different recipes give you different attribute boosts. What is so bad, is that every time you find a new consumable, Ignis exclaims, “I’ve come up with a new recipe!”

And he doesn't just shout it out in the background as you run along. Every time, the gameplay freezes and puts him in frame with a pensive look on his face until he finally makes his pronouncement. It's one of the worst uses of cutscenes in videogame history.  

The Items Repopulate

See all the little icons in the above map? The little pickaxes, golden leaves, and treasure chests? Those are all items that you can collect. And they repopulate. So you're never, ever, ever done collecting them. So if you're a perfectionist who wants to collect everything in a given game, that's physically impossible to do. Great news though: they’re almost all garbage! 

It Interfered With The Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII is one of the best videogames of all time. When Square Enix announced they were remaking it, well... a lot of pants were ruined that day. About a year ago, the studio announced the FFVII remake would be coming out in November of 2016. Then December. Then January. Then sometime in 2018. Apparently, they were putting it off so it wouldn’t coincide with, and detract from, the release of FFXV. The new game was fine, but it hampered fans from getting what they really wanted. 

The Car Takes Forever to Stop

First off, the vehicle is called the "Regalia," which is unspeakably lame. Secondly, it takes 10 full seconds for the car to stop: three seconds to process the command, and another seven to come to a complete halt. You always overshoot your intended stopping point by 200 feet.

To make matters worse, the characters take longer than most grandparents to actually get out of the car. But it's not all bad: at least you get to fill up the gas tank. 

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<![CDATA[18 Super Messed Up Decisions Video Games Have Forced You To Make]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/moral-dilemmas-in-video-games/jason-robbins?source=rss

Moral choices in video games are all the rage these days. There used to be a time when nobody gave a rat's patoot about the death of an anthropomorphic turtle beneath Mario's stomping boots, or the potential to cause a blood-soaked 5-lane pileup by making an inordinately large frog jump into traffic. That's because those horrors were just a bunch of pixels. They still are, and, granted, some games still let you do horrific things with no consequences, but with the introduction of photorealistic models, deep characterization, and real-world values into video game narratives, guilt has been born of the prospect of mowing down NPCs with an uzi.

Talented game writers use this guilt to entertain the player with interesting and complex moral quandaries during the course of gameplay. This is entertainment value that can only be mined by the game industry, as no other medium gives control of a character's decisions to the consumer in quite the same way. No other medium can make the consumer feel the weight of a character's decisions quite so heavily.

For your consideration is a list of some of the video game moral dilemmas that most made players tear their hair out, wavering back and forth while staring at a 'Pause' screen. Now it is up to you to upvote the ones you feel most strongly about. You can handle it.

18 Super Messed Up Decisions Video Games Have Forced You To Make,


While the Little Sisters of Bioshock are some ugly little buggers who spend all day harvesting ADAM from dead bodies, they're still just helpless little girls once you take down their giant protectors. So what do you do with them? In a show of true devilish manipulation, the game rewards you with twice the amount of ADAM if you kill them. But, if you do the right thing and save the sisters from the hold of their sea slugs, Tenenbaum will reward you with gifts, and you'll get the extra happy ending of escaping rapture with all of them. You also get to, you know, NOT kill a little girl! What's wrong with you??

Fallout 3

During the player's travels across the wasteland, he might stumble upon a beautiful patch of green amidst the ruin, called Oasis. Grass, trees, water - this place has it all! Turns out, an old mutant friend from the original Fallout games named Harold is responsible. The sapling growing out of his head (Bob) eventually overwhelmed him, rooted him in place, and grew this tiny paradise. Of course, Harold is bored as hell and wants you to end his life painlessly. Other folks, however, have different plans, one being to keep him alive and contained in Oasis, and the other being to make Harold blossom and turn the whole wasteland into a hippie commune. You can choose any of these options, or if you're a real evil sucker, you can burn the frightened Harold up alive. You had a rough childhood, didn't you?

Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain is deeper and darker than many Hollywood film noirs, and as such, it is loaded with moral quandaries. For instance, the Origami Killer, the game's antagonist and kidnapper of the protagonist's son, offers the player a clue to his son's whereabouts if he's willing to off a drug dealer. A tough thing to do, no doubt, but for a father, it's kind of a no-brainer. However, before the player can pull the trigger, said drug dealer pulls out a picture of his two little girls and pleads for his life. This is a decision no one should ever have to make. Video games are fun!

Mass Effect

After defeating Matriarch Benezia on Noveria, the Rachni Queen, a giant telepathic bug, is left to be dealt with. She asks for mercy from Shepard, insinuates that the violence inflicted by her species was caused by outside forces, and claims her only intention is to rebuild her species peacefully. The player can then allow her to go free, saving the Rachni species from total obliteration, or splatter that bug like it just met the windshield of a speeding semi. Can you live with the extermination of an entire sentient (albeit disgusting) species?

Mass Effect 3

In Mass Effect, the Krogans are a particularly nasty and durable species known for decimating planets and reproducing at a whopping 1000-offspring-per-female-per-year rate. This all adds up to a race that could easily conquer and occupy every planet in the known universe. In fact, that's just what the Krogans started doing before the Salarians deployed the Genophage, a biological weapon that reduced Krogan birth survival to 1 out of every 1000. In Mass Effect 3, Shepard has a chance to cure the Genophage (and potentially make way for another Krogan Rebellion) or be complicit in sabotaging the cure, which also requires you to gun down your good buddy Mordin in cold blood. Moralists will say the choice is clear, but moralists might sing a different tune once they're turned out as sex slaves in the Krogan dictatorship.

Game of Thrones

When you play the game of Game of Thrones, some of your playable characters are going to die. In the final episode, you'll have to make a choice between the two Forrester brothers: Asher and Roderick. One must sacrifice himself to save the other. Did you think there'd be a happy ending? Dude, it's Game of Thrones.

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

After an already less-than-ideal journey through post-apocalyptic America, life kicks the hero, Lee Everett in the crotch one last time. It turns out he's turning (into a zombie), whether or not he hacked off his own bite-infected arm earlier. So he must decide whether to join the walking dead or have little Clem put a bullet in his brain. It's a harrowing task for a little girl to undertake, but it's also a valuable parting lesson for her - to survive in this world, these are the things we now must do.

Fallout: 4

It's a long, convoluted story, but the protagonist of Fallout 4 eventually reunites with his long-lost son, who is now older than he is (again, long story) and the leader of an arguably evil faction of synths and their makers. The player can then go the sentimental route and join up with junior or lead another faction against him, burning all that his son has worked for to the ground. Or he can just bust a cap in the kid's head. Whatever happens, his son dies anyway because he has incurable cancer, which is pretty messed up in and of itself.

Saving Either Ashley or Josh from the Sawblade Trap in Before Dawn

During your spooky stay-over on Blackwood Mountain, both Ashley and Josh are (as far as you know) captured and secured to a Saw movie-style killing device. A moving buzzsaw is set to kill one of them, and you must quickly decide who would be less of a pain in the ass to de-friend on Facebook. Josh is one of your closest pals and not a sociopathic revenge-bent a-hole, for sure. Ashley could be your future sweetie if you can climb your weak ass out of the friend zone. Decisions, decisions...

Sacrificing Chloe to Save the Town in Life is Strange

After spending five episodes amongst the good people of Arcadia Bay, making emotional connections and using your unique gifts to help solve their problems, you're forced to choose whether or not to save the town from peril. To do so would mean going back in time and un-doing the incredibly brave and awesome rescue of your BFF from the hands of a killer you performed at the beginning of the game! What should you do? A wise Vulcan once said, "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few." Meh, screw Spock - you know he'd never sacrifice his precious Kirk to save a bunch of Oregon townies.

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<![CDATA[Master Chief Fantasy Casting]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/master-chief-fantasy-casting/brandon-michaels?source=rss

Master Chief, the protagonist of Bungie's fictional Halo universe, is a man of few words - the Master Chief prefers to be a man of action. His real name is John-117, and he's a "Spartan-II" commando of the UNSC Naval Special Warfare Unit who fought during the Human-Covenant war. He also delivers all his deadpan one-liners right after doing something epic, like sending the Covenant their bomb back, solidifying his status as a badass.

There have been countless talks of creating a live-action Halo film, finally bringing Master Chief to the silver screen, but they've all gone bust. Who are the best actors to play a live-action Master Chief, qualified enough to fill the role of a 6'10", 290-pound space marine from the future? Should it be someone dark and mysterious, or someone young and charming? Feel free to add any actors that aren't listed here who would rock a battle rifle. It's a big suit to fill, so they better be up to Cortana's standards.

Master Chief Fantasy Casting,

Chris Evans

Chris Pratt

Jason Statham

John Cena

Michael B. Jordan

Robert Downey Jr.

Ryan Reynolds

Dwayne Johnson

Hugh Jackman

Theo James

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In every gamer’s life, there comes a time when they grow weary of playing by the rules, when the very idea of following through on the gameplay that’s been laid out before you seems like a hideous chore, and that’s where the video games that make you a god come into play. Sometimes you don’t want to save the princess or level up so you can live a long and happy life as an honest member of society. There are days where you just want to play some video games where you can commit crimes and watch your digital world burn. Whether they’re giving you a chance to throw penguins to their deaths like you’ve always wanted to or see what would happen if you shot some unlicensed nuclear accelerators at the walls of an expensive hotel instead of chasing ghosts, what they’re really doing is allowing you to relax.

Video games where you can be evil aren’t a new invention. Creators of some of the most classic games have been normalizing insane behavior from the time they told you it was okay for a plumber to beat a gorilla to death with a hammer, it’s just that you’re finally getting hip to what they’re laying down. How do you feel about playing God via video games? Do you love it? Or are you bored and looking to expand you power to the realm of the corporeal? Vote up the games that make you the most gleeful as you commit atrocities, then leave us a comment about the worst thing you’ve ever done in real life.

18 Games That Let You Do Horrible Things With No Consequences,


You know who plays Fallout 4 straight through like they're playing a normal game? Squares, that's who. In the most ridiculous version of the Fallout series, you can nuke stuff, build stuff, do whatever the f*ck you want - even play the game, if you're a nerd. 

Rampage World Tour

If you ever need to work off some steam, then boot up a nice game of Rampage and watch as a facsimile of King Kong smashes buildings while fighting a facsimile of Godzilla. Unlike in real life, the more you smash, the better off you are. 

Super Mario 64

Prior to Super Mario 64, the world's favorite plumber was already stomping on goombas and smashing bricks willy-nilly, but then he graduated to throwing penguins off a glacier. What's you're deal, Mario?

The Legend of Zelda

Throughout the Legend of Zelda games, you spend your days blowing up the walls of ancient ruins, smashing pots, beating up chickens, and being a complete d*ck. And you get away with it because you're saving Hyrule from an ancient evil or something like that. 

The Simpsons Hit & Run

No list of havoc-wreaking games is complete without The Simpsons: Hit & Run, a very underrated GameCube/Xbox/PS2 classic. Think Grand Theft Auto, but everyone's yellow and there are EVEN FEWER consequences. 

The Sims

What terrible stuff can't you do in The Sims? This is the game where you're asked to literally play god in order to win or whatever it is you get out of forcing digital people to starve to death or have increasingly ugly children. 


Do you ever just want to build something in the shape of a giant AK-47? Or like, make a bunch of lava burn some stuff? 

The Last of Us

To be fair, you have to survive the apocalypse somehow, so it's kind of okay that you're essentially tasked with killing all the stuff, whacking cannibals, and being a general tough guy to get your young ward Ellie to Salt Lake City so she can help save the human race. Be honest, is there anything as satisfying and beating someone to death with a pipe? 

Grand Theft Auto V

You could make a case for all the Grand Theft Auto games being the perfect way to let off your worst steam. As a player, you can pull people out of cars, beat up prostitutes, rob strangers, you know, go nuts. But Grand Theft Auto V expands the world to its natural apex, and with that world-building comes an unending amount of trouble in which to find yourself. 

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Aside from the mortal sin that is parkour (which does no one any good ever) Assassin's Creed IV allows you to pretty much act like a giant douche without any consequences. You can rob sunken ships and no one cares! That's not your stuff! Put it back!

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Myths have always been part of human society, but the Internet has allowed stories to be spread much more quickly and efficiently than ever before. In particular, video game rumors have become incredibly popular source material, as players try to find secret items or unlock hidden rooms. Inevitably, video game urban legends run rampant. 

While some of the gaming urban legends that fill forums online turn out to be true, there are countless others that are completely and utterly fictional. Some are instantly debunked by gamers, but others are able to fool huge swathes of the community. Sometimes, they become so engrained in the public consciousness that they are simply accepted as the truth – even when there is no evidence to support them.

14 Outrageous Video Game Urban Legends That You Probably Believed,

The Original Diablo And Its Secret Cow Level

Not long after Diablo was released, rumors began to circulate that it was possible to reach a secret level filled with cattle. All the player had to do was click on a lone cow in the town of Tristram a certain number of times.

The myth spread quickly and became an incredibly popular subject within the community of the game. While there was no secret cow level hidden within Diablo, Blizzard did include such levels in the sequels in response to the urban legend.

Fallout 3's Cryptic Radio Messages That Predict The Future

According to multiple sources, there are hidden radio messages in Fallout 3 that predict the future. The urban legend claims that a character known as Three Dog will read out numbers in a rather depressing voice and then play a series of Morse code messages over the airwaves.

These apparently relate to dates in the real world and predict things like the death of the Queen and the BP oil disaster.  While many believed the cryptic messages did exist, Bethesda has since stated they are not part of the game and the theory is simply not true.

The Lavender Town Music In Pokemon Red And Blue Caused Suicides

The Pokémon franchise has no shortage of creepy urban legends. One such legend was centered around claims that the music from a particular location in the game caused several young children in Japan to commit suicide.

The legend stated that the soundtrack in Lavender Town was so depressing it was driving people to kill themselves. This was possibly linked to the fact that the in-game town effectively acted as a cemetery for deceased Pokémon, planting the idea of death into the minds of players. However, the theme song didn’t cause suicidal thoughts. Because of course it didn't - it's just a game. 

The Triforce Being Available In Ocarina Of Time

The Triforce is the most powerful item in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Effectively, it gives the wielder unlimited power and abilities. However, it is not an obtainable item within the game, even though there is an apparent space for it in the inventory screen.

This led many to believe the Triforce may be hidden within the title. In 1999, in fact, one gamer claimed they had found the Triforce. After posting vague hints about where to find it, the player eventually handed over screenshots that showed Link learning a new song and going to a new area before finally getting his hands on the secret item. Eagle-eyed fans were able to spot errors within the screenshots, though, and proved that they were fake.

Polybius Was A Government Controlled Arcade Game That Had Dangerous Side Effects

The legend of Polybius is so prominent that it was even featured in an episode of The Simpsons. According to stories, the arcade game was frequently visited by government officials who would record data from the machine.

The game itself was capable of inducing a variety of side effects, including insomnia, stress, night terrors, and amnesia. However, there is no actual evidence that the game even existed in the first place. Most experts believe the legend sprang from tales of the FBI raiding machines that were tampered with for gambling. 

Mew Was Hiding Under A Van In Pokemon Red And Blue

Pokemon Red & Blue became one of the biggest phenomena in gaming when it initially released, selling millions of copies worldwide and inspiring countless spin-offs and other media products. This obviously led to plenty of rumors and urban legends spreading about the game, the most infamous being that you could catch the rare Pokémon Mew by pushing a truck. The claim came from the fact the truck was in a strange place and didn’t seem to serve any other function, but it had no way of awarding a player with Mew.

There Was A Code To Make Lara Croft Naked In Tomb Raider

When Tomb Raider released on the PlayStation 1 back in 2001, the game became a huge hit. Its protagonist, Lara Croft, also became something of a sex symbol. Considering how a huge portion of the audience for the game was teenage boys, it should come as no surprise that rumors quickly began to spread that there was a cheat code that would make the buxom character appear naked.

This urban legend spread quickly via word of mouth, and before long almost everyone playing the game was looking for the code. The only problem was that it simply did not exist. The entire idea of a nude cheat had simply been an invention.

Blowing On Nintendo Cartridges Made Them Work

Every kid who grew up in the late 1980s or early 1990s knew that the best way to get a game cartridge to work properly was to blow on it. This would (apparently) remove any dirt or dust and make the title work perfectly again – even if it took a few tries. Well, blowing into the cartridges actually did not help at all, even though almost everybody did it.

The truth is that most times when a game did not load up, it was because the pins were not connected properly. Removing the cartridge to blow into it before reinserting it just gave the pins another chance to line up correctly. In fact, blowing into the games was actually harmful, damaging the pins and causing them to corrode.

Saddam Hussein Using Playstation 2s To Power Weapons In Iraq

In 2000, various reports began to circulate that the dictator Saddam Hussein was stockpiling PlayStation 2 consoles. The machines, which had only been available for a few months, were apparently being used to circumvent an arms embargo placed on Iraq and were to be used in various weapon systems. The reports claimed that the processors and CPU inside the consoles were powerful enough to work as a supercomputer if they were joined together to work in conjunction.

Despite the fact that it was widely believed thanks to sensationalist news reports, the story was completely fictitious. While the chips inside the PlayStation 2 could be linked up to form a more powerful machine, it would have taken much more time to develop specialist software to allow this to happen.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Contained A Bigfoot

Considering the popularity of the Grand Theft Auto series, it make sense that the franchise has inspired its fair share of urban legends. The most famous of these concerns a hidden Bigfoot (or Sasquatch, if you're nasty) who can allegedly be found in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Despite the fact that the developer has consistently said there is no Bigfoot in the game and no definitive proof has ever surfaced to confirm its existence, many people still hunt for the elusive creature in groups online.

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The Halo franchise has become one of the biggest in gaming over the past two decades. Halo: Combat Evolved effectively launched the original Xbox console for Microsoft and set the tone for first-person shooters on consoles in a way that had not been done since GoldenEye 007 on the Nintendo 64. Most fans of the series, however, are probably be unaware of the fascinating Halo universe facts that exist outside of the basic Halo plot.  

The series has grown to encompass all forms of media outside of gaming, thanks to its huge fanbase and popularity. While hardcore players might be aware of the novels, television shows, and comics that provide extra material to enjoy, most will probably not even be aware that they exist. There are plenty of things about the Halo universe story that many fans will not know, and some trivia that may surprise even the most dedicated Halo players.

13 Facts About The Halo Universe Most Fans Don't Know,

The Spartans Were Kidnapped As Children And Genetically Altered To Become Super Soldiers

While the Spartans in the Halo franchise may appear to be normal human soldiers inside metal armor, the truth is far more gruesome. In the novel Halo: Fall of Reach, it's revealed that Master Chief and his companions were actually kidnapped when they were just six years old and taken to a secret military facility.

There, they were trained both physically and psychologically to become the best possible soldiers before being genetically altered through extensive biological and cybernetic augmentations. This gave the space marines (well, those that survived anyway) more strength, bigger bodies, greater intelligence, and the ability to interact directly with AI.

Master Chief Was The First Video Game Waxwork Created By Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds immortalized Master Chief in the form of a waxwork, due to Halo's massive popularity. While the waxwork has been loaned out to various galleries, exhibitions, and events over the years, it has a permanent home in Las Vegas.

The 7’2” statue weights an impressive 275 pounds and took ten artists almost 900 hours to complete. According to the company, it was the first time a video game character had been recreated by Madame Tussauds in their history.

Halo Began Life As An RTS For Mac

While Bungie created games for a number of different platforms during their early years, they specifically concentrated on the Macintosh with most of their titles. When they created a real-time strategy game called Halo, it was due to release on the Macintosh as an exclusive.

The game was slated to feature a third-person perspective and give players the chance to direct troops against the enemy alien forces. Microsoft, however, showed interest in the title for its new Xbox console and acquired the developer. The game was reformatted into the more mainstream first-person shooter that fans love today. 

The Sound For Elites Speaking In Halo: Combat Evolved Was Reversed English

One of the most interesting things about Halo: Combat Evolved was how alien the Covenant seemed to be. This was helped by the special language that the Elites used when talking in the game. Rather than come up with a new language or waste time and money on hiring additional voice actors, the developers simply reversed and slowed down audio from other parts of the game.

The most obvious example is with the common “wort, wort, wort!” cry that they do throughout the campaign. In reality, it's simply the clip of Sgt. Johnson saying “go, go, go!” played backwards.

The War With The Covenant Started 27 Years Before The First Game

Halo: Combat Evolved might be the first game in the Halo franchise ,and one of the first canonically, but it did not feature the beginning of the war between humanity and the Covenant. The game starts some 27 years after the war had actually broken out (as detailed in the novel Halo: Fall of Reach), with the alien force having wiped out almost all of the colonies that humans created since gaining faster-than-light travel. This also means that Master Chief is a grizzled soldier by the time of the original game, 40 years old by the time you get to take control of him.

Halo 3 Had More Than 35,000 Lines Of Dialogue

The sound designers at Bungie were always careful to include as much content as possible for players, in terms of both music and dialogue. While cutscenes played a major role in the storytelling, the developers also wanted to make the battlefield seem dynamic and alive, prompting them to record more than 35,000 lines of dialogue for Halo 3. This allowed enemies and allies in the different levels to have their own unique speeches that could be triggered in a variety of ways.

Halo Almost Didn’t Have A Multiplayer Mode

When Halo was changed from an RTS to a first-person shooter, almost everyone at the developer was forced into working on it to meet a strict deadline and cut costs. This led to the project leads, Alex Seropian and Jason Jones, cutting the multiplayer aspect in the interests of saving time.

When Michael Evans and Hardy LeBel, two employees who were working on Oni, heard about this, they set about resurrecting the mode by themselves. The finished multiplayer experience was completed in just the last couple of weeks before release, and was only included in the title at the very last minute.

The Cliffhanger In Halo 2 Was Never Planned

Continuing problems in the development of Halo 2 meant that entire portions of the campaign had to be trimmed down or cut entirely. With no working version of the game for almost a year, artists, designers, and programmers were unable to test their creations in the title.

This all culminated in Halo 2 essentially being cut in half from what the studio had originally intended. The fact that the game was scaled back so much led to the infamous cliffhanger that upset so many fans. "The cliffhanger wasn't part of the plan," explained Joseph Staten. "And yes, over-ambition was absolutely the cause."

John Mayer Secretly Played On Two Halo 2 Tracks

Halo 2 is widely considered to have one of the best videogame soundtracks of all time. While it was mostly the work of Martin O’Donnell and his partner Michael Salvatori, there were some notable inclusions from bands such as Breaking Benjamin, Incubus, and Hoobastank.

However, one of the musical cameos remained a secret for a very long time. O’Donnell revealed in a 2014 documentary that singer-songwriter John Mayer played guitar on two of the tracks. Apparently, Mayer is a big fan of the series and it didn’t take much persuasion to get him to lend a hand off the books.

Halo 2 Drastically Changed During Development

The success of Halo: Combat Evolved ensured a sequel. When Bungie showed off Halo 2 at E3 in 2003, it appeared as if they were well on their way to creating an exciting successor to their first Xbox game. Unfortunately, things were not going as smoothly with the developer as the trailer suggested.

With just a year to go before the game was due to ship, the team essentially scrapped the project, including the graphics engine, and started again. This led to major changes in the game.

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What are Japanese dating sims? Well, they’re kind of exactly what they sound like, except they’re totally weird in a million different, unimaginable ways. Dating sims are games where you play as a man, woman, or genderless person who is trying to win the love of something (human or otherwise) via text based commands. Like bizarre Japanese animal themed cafes or insane Japanese kid shows, the island nation took a simple idea and just sort of ran buckwild with it. 

These games have a lot in common with the early Final Fantasy games minus all of the magic, bloodshed, and floating pirate ships. Because there are myriad tastes in the world, there are a lot of different weird dating sims, and this list is going to try and parse what goes into some of the strangest dating sims that have ever been created.

Imagine a thing. No, for real, like just any ol' thing. Got it? Well, there’s a weird Japanese dating sim about whatever it is that’s on your mind. Do you want to date a bug? You can do that. Do you want to date a ukulele playing dinosaur? You can definitely do that. The far out Japanese dating sims that you’re about to discover range from the mostly wholesome to the straight-up creepy. Can you really say you’re surprised that a dating simulation would have unsettling undertones? If you’ve played any of these dating sims don’t be embarrassed, the games look fun – albeit incredibly tedious – and how many people can say that they’ve taken a bug-creature dressed like a Japanese school girl out on a date? 

17 Absurd Japanese Dating Sims That Actually Exist,

Aka No Prince ~Koi No Jintai Rensei~

Aka no Prince (Filth Prince) has one of the most insane concepts that's ever been used in a game. All you do in Filth Prince is raise a glob of sentient dirt and skin cells until it becomes a cat, and then a very handsome man whom you end up falling in love with.

Disgusting? Yes, but you don't get a filth prince without getting a little, you know, filthy. That being said, "Filth Prince" is an amazing black metal band name and you should start working on your illegible logo now. 

Tomak: Save The Earth Love Story

At their core, every dating sim is kind of creepy. They all make objects out of whomever the romantic interest is (usually a woman), but in this case your love interest is literally an object. More accurately, it's the disembodied head of a woman in a potted plant.

The plot of this story is a doozy, and it involves a love goddess coming to Earth to prove that love is real, except her body is still in heaven and she's stuck in a flower pot. Oh, and if you let your plant-goddess-girlfriend die the Devil blows up the planet. Or something? It's real weird.


Hatoful Boyfriend

You know how everytime you're out and about and you see a bunch of pigeons eating an old piece of bread and you're like, "YES, PLEASE!" Well there's a dating sim where you can work out those very specific tendencies.

In this game you're the only human attending a school for pigeons (duh) and you're trying to fit in as best your can while leveling up your character in order to be able to better date specific pigeons. It's not clear if there's a "best pigeon" to date, but just getting a date with any one of those sky-rats seems like a win.

Paca Plus

PacaPlus or My Girlfriend Is An Alpaca, finally answers the question of what would happen if your girlfriend turned into an alpaca. So way to go, humanity. We can all pack it in. Your dromedary lover is not just any alpaca, however, she's an alpaca that has all the memories and feelings of your girlfriend and wants to maintain your relationship.

This game is deeply unsettling, not only because you either have to learn how your girlfriend turned into a fuzzy llama-horse-thing so you can change her back, or continue loving her the way she is, but also because your alpaca girlfriend is wearing a school girl outfit and a lot of blush. It's genuinely hard to watch the game's walkthrough, let alone actually play it. 

Creature To Koi Shiyo! Kokonoe Kokoro

With a lot of Japanese dating sims you have to wait a few minutes to let the weirdness sink in, but not in Creature To Koi Shiyo! Kokonoe Kokoro (which kind of translates to Let’s Fall In Love With Creatures!) Yes, let's. 

The goal of the game is to date a giant cricket that's dressed like one of the gals from Sailor Moon. Oh, also she/it is one of your childhood friends. Keep in mind that there aren't any other giant cricket-things in the game. Did David Cronenberg secretly fund this game?

Gakuen Handsome

Human standards of beauty are weird enough as it is, but this game posits a world where how handsome you are depends on how sharp your chin is. This is insane and wonderful.

As crazy as it sounds, most of the gameplay involves going to class and putting up with the advances of your teacher who insists on introducing you as his fianceé on your first day of class. You know, regular school stuff.  

Jurassic Heart

First of all, Jurassic Heart is a great name. It's the kind of pun that makes you want to blow a kiss to the wind. But enough about the Jurassic Park puns, how's the gameplay? Well it's a pretty straightforward dating sim, except you're trying to win over a T-Rex that plays a ukulele.

If you play your cards right, you can learn that your bashful lizard suitor became afraid of showing off his skills on the ukulele because he was made fun of during a recital when he dropped his twee instrument in front of everyone. What a romantic story. 

Mr. Massagy

Mr. Massagy isn't just a dating sim, it's also a massage simulator! So if you want to bone up on your massage skills, or feel like you just want to find out how the other half lives (in this scenario, the other half are all masseuses) then you owe it to your yourself to try out Mr. Massagy.

The game play is as straight-forward as these things can get. First you open a dating app that looks similar to Tinder and then you go on a date. If the date goes well enough you get to massage someone and then you get points. So, pretty much exactly like real life. 



Uma No Prince-Sama

What are the two things all women love (if you're a sexist monster)? Horses and princes. So obviously the big money on bringing women into the mobile gaming market is to put those two things together into one very strange dating sim.

In Uma No Prince-Sama, you play a woman who has to woo a horse with a man's head by feeding him carrots and making him run on a treadmill. There's no winning this game because if you're dating a horse-prince you've already won. 

Brother Falls In Love!

Who hasn't wanted to date an affordable, reliable printer? They'll never leave you for a better job in a better city with more printers that are a safer bet to start a family with - sorry this got way too personal.

Anyway, in Brother Falls In Love! your only goal is to date the new guy in school, a printer whose favorite color ink is magenta. Also, this printer really loves to play soccer, so get ready to try to wrap your head around watching a printer jumping into the sun during an afternoon at the park. 

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The extreme detail developers put into creating videos games is often skimped when it comes to marketing, which leads to some awkward moments in gaming advertising. When something like the title is overlooked, it can open the door to all sorts of dirty interpretations. While gaming itself has no problem presenting anything as sexy, the dirty-sounding video games on this list hold the most (likely) unintentionally porn-worthy titles in the history of gaming.

Dirty titles make their way into every genre, ranging from first-person shooters to educational games; at some point in the creation of the games, developers become lost in their work and don’t realize the double entendre they've created for millions of teenage boys to giggle about over Xbox Live. Have fun with these video game titles that sound an awful lot like porn. Maybe you could make a game out of figuring out whether or not the title you're reading is actually a porn or not – one of these titles has even crossed over. Enjoy your incognito Google searching!

24 Video Game Titles That Sound Like Porn,


Elevator Action

Pole Position

Super Smash Bros.

Five Nights at Freddy's

Top Hat Willy

Pump It Up

Mr. Driller

Super Munchers

Meat Boy

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<![CDATA[All The Food That's Smooshed Into Your Video Game Controllers Right Now]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/all-the-food-smashed-into-your-video-game-controllers/jacob-shelton?source=rss

Admit it: as much as you tell people that you never eat snacks and game because it gets your controller greasy, the moment you’ve got the weekend to yourself, you’re shoving your fingers into jars of onion dip while you watch cut scenes or wait to respawn. It’s totally fine! Everyone does it and you shouldn’t be ashamed of your caveman-like instincts to feed and kill (or feed and roll a sticky ball around a countryside while it grows exponentially). Now that your love of gamer food is out in the open, what’s your favorite thing to snack on while you play? There are some specific gaming foods that everyone loves, and most of it is the perfect consistency to get crammed into your controller when you’re not paying attention.

The best video game food is the kind that can be held with one hand, thus making it easier to snack on while you’re button-mashing or trying to level up your character. The nerd food that most gamers gravitate towards are snacks that can be quickly grabbed and shoved into your face without having to take your eyes off of the game. Savory or sweet, it doesn’t matter, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of whatever you’re playing. For whatever reason, the same snacks that are easy to eat are also some of the messiest foods known to gaming history. Check out all the snack foods that are probably gunking up your controllers, and then take a trip to the freezer aisle of your local supermarket to stock up on some tasty treats. 

All The Food That's Smooshed Into Your Video Game Controllers Right Now,

Bagel Bites





Taco Bell

Potato Chips




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<![CDATA[13 Reasons The Whole Damn Zelda Franchise Is Overrated]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/reasons-the-zelda-franchise-is-overrated/jacob-shelton?source=rss

Legend of Zelda sucks. The game defined an entire generation of gamers, and inspired a series of epic Zelda tattoos that let everyone know there are totally cool nerds now, Mom. But even the most die-hard fans are aware that there are some serious problems with the franchise. Seriously, people spend an inordinate amount of time on crazy Legend of Zelda fan theories just to rationalize some of the problems with the series. 

Despite releasing a bevy of ho-hum games, the Legend of Zelda is still considered to be one of the greatest gaming franchises ever, but why? How does a series of games achieve such a revered status in the hierarchy of gaming? Even hardcore fans admit that there are far more innovative games, and that when it comes to game play the series could use some vast improvements. But players still refuse to admit that the series as a whole is overrated. If you haven’t already flown into an uncontrollable berserker rage, continue reading to find out why the Legend of Zelda is overrated, and why it’s okay if you don’t care.

Is Zelda overrated? Yes. You’re lying to yourself if you can't admit that high scores on Metacritic and game of the year accolades are being given mostly out of nostalgia for the franchise. You may be clawing at your eyes from the very idea that every Legend of Zelda game isn’t amazing, but you need to realize that part of being a fan is acknowledging the imperfections in the thing you love. Zelda will always be an important piece of the history of gaming, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not wildly overrated.  

13 Reasons The Whole Damn Zelda Franchise Is Overrated,

The Games Are Built On An Intoxicating Foundation Of Nostalgia

Admit it, the reason you love the Legend of Zelda franchise is purely nostalgia-based. There's nothing else that can explain why you continue to play the same game wrapped in new trappings. It's okay to be nostalgic about something that meant the world to you when you were a kid. Maybe A Link to the Past was the first game you ever beat by yourself. 

Or maybe your family couldn't afford video games, but you played Ocarina of Time in the electronics aisle of Wal-Mart every time your mom went grocery shopping, and when you finally had your own money the first thing you bought was a Nintendo 64 and that exact same game. These games should be special to us, sometimes they can be our best friends. But just because you have soft spot for the games in your heart doesn't mean that they're above criticism. Once you come down from your Zelda high, you'll see how much of a dork you're being and realize the games are kind of overrated. 

There's Just So Much Filler

There are some legitimately cool moments in each Legend of Zelda game. The Helmasaur King, Dark Link, and the first time Link went to the underworld stick out as memorable moments, but everyone has their favorites.

However, in a game that takes an incredibly long time to beat, interesting things in the Zelda games are too few and far in between. Most of the games are spent running errands in hopes of earning a new hookshot, which doesn't exactly make for exciting gameplay. 

The Franchise Is Just An Annual Attempt To Squeeze You Dry

Let's do the math: there have been at least 20 Legend of Zelda games released since 1986, including console and handheld platforms (although don't forget the barn burner that wasn't Wand of Gamelon). How many of them have you actually enjoyed playing? Three? Four?

Even if you're going to front and say that you like all of the console games (which you don't) that's still not even half of the detritus that Nintendo throws out so you'll keep giving them money to prove you're a loyal fan. Do you know how little Nintendo respects you? They've released A Link to the Past three times in three different formats. Once as the original game, and twice as Four Swords.

Sure, Four Swords has that really fun multi-player rupee collecting game, but it's just A Link to the Past. To reiterate: the same game has been released three f*cking times. As much as you may enjoy A Link to the Past, it's not "buy it three times" good. 

It's Not Immediately Enjoyable

You may not know this, but you're going to die soon. Do you really have time to play a game for 10+ hours before it becomes fun? When you were 16 it was completely fine for you to be playing Majora's Mask all weekend and not make any headway, but now you don't have time to slog through hours of gameplay (what with your inevitable demise looming ever closer and all) before you lock in and start "enjoying" yourself. Either you need to stop playing Zelda games or Nintendo needs to start trying to make the games more fun from the beginning. 

The Fans Are Insufferable

You're so mad right now. You're seething as you read this because no one understands the Legend of Zelda the way you do. Your dreams take place in Hyrule, you've got a triforce on the back of your calf and the bumper of your Subaru, you've named your cat Sahasrahla, and you can't handle it when someone criticizes the games you love.

Angry fan boys are one of the main reasons that the Zelda series has become so exhausting. Rather than allow an open dialogue and free exchange of ideas on the subject, these nerds shut down anything that doesn't parrot the party line of "95% on Metacritic." 

How Many Times Is Ganon Going To Try To Destroy Hyrule?

Seriously, what's up with Ganon y'all? Why must he and Link be locked in a Sisyphean struggle against each other until the Earth explodes? After three decades, Link should be able to see other villains. It's really not fair to him, or to the players, to continue recycling the same relationship for the sake of familiarity.

And to be honest, fans would probably freak out if they got to the end of a game and didn't have to face off with the same bad guy they've been dealing with forever. It's an easy way to provoke some genuine emotion, Nintendo. Get your collective head out of the sand. 

Yikes, That Dialogue

This isn't a complaint about dialogue boxes that ends in a call for voice acting to take over the Zelda universe. Quite the opposite actually. The classic dialogue boxes that you have to scroll through are oddly comforting in a world full of games that feature legitimate voice actors.

But if Nintendo is going to continue to use those beautiful dialogue boxes, then they've got to write some better phrases for the main baddie. To wit: "Do you sleep still? Wait! Do not be so hasty, boy... I can see this girl's dreams... Oceans... Oceans... Oceans... Oceans... Oceans as far as the eye can see. They are vast seas... None can swim across them... They yield no fish to catch... What did the King of Hyrule say?... That the gods sealed Hyrule away?"  

Ugh. Was that Ganon or the rough draft of a Terry Brooks novel? It might be worth it to do away with dialogue boxes all together in favor of getting someone like Mickey Rourke to deliver that overflowing closet of a monologue. 

The Stories Are Never That Great

As much as you may enjoy the Legend of Zelda games, there's one aspect that everyone completely glosses over when they discuss the series: the complete lack of a story. There's always a catalyst for Link to go out and save Hyrule. He usually has to grab the Zelda sword, rescue some princesses from a series of crystals, or explain to them that they're actually sages or whatever, and then fight Ganon, probably. That's not a good story.

It's forgivable for that to be the plot of a game in 1986, but after over 30 years you would think that a developer would decide to do something interesting with the narrative rather than allowing it to play on a loop for all of eternity. 

If You've Played One Zelda Game You've Played Them All

Link leaves for a quest, gets a special sword, finds out that the quest he's on isn't the main quest, then goes on another, bigger quest. Quick, which Legend of Zelda game does that describe? All of them. The answer is all of them. Despite all of the innovative visuals, stylish weapon and equipment updates, and legitimately gorgeous music, each Zelda game is nothing more than a slight variation on the original Legend of Zelda.

The in-betweens are altered with every new release, but that's a necessity. How many times can you bother Zora for a pair of boots or whatever? But why are all the games the same? Evidence points to Zelda II: The Adventures of Link as being the catalyst behind such a homogenous series. Nintendo's side scrolling misstep is the one time that they branched out with their elven hero, and gamers are still ripping them for it to this day.  

The User Interface Is A Nightmare And You Know It

Is there anything more frustrating than unboxing the newest version of your favorite franchise and discovering that you have restructure how you hold your hands? Chances are you've spent hundreds of hours playing the previous version of Zelda, and your fingers have learned to effortlesly manipulate your controller across its buttons and track pad.

You no longer need to mash to get what you want, delicacy is something you can apply even in a final dungeon. But then you're stuck with an all-new interface and your confident hands have become cumbersome cudgels, unsure of where to move or how to do it. Would it kill Nintendo to keep everything the same for two games in a row? Is there some kind of witch's curse keeping them from making anything easy on their fans? 

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<![CDATA[22 Things You Only Understand If You Grew Up on Console Video Games]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/signs-you-grew-up-playing-console-video-games/stephanroget?source=rss

Video gaming and the culture surrounding it have gone mainstream. What used to be a niche hobby is now enjoyed by people of all ages, thanks to the advent of smartphones and tablets. But ask any longtime gamer, and they'll tell you: you just aren't a gamer if you didn't grow up with a console.

Growing up on console video games was a truly unique experience. Newbies don't understand what it's like to play console video games, and the specific triumphs and tragedies that come along with this type of equipment. From fighting with friends over Sega versus Nintendo or losing your instruction manual in the couch cushions, there were countless aspects to growing up on consoles that you had to experience for yourself to understand - preferably while sitting uncomfortably close to a television screen.

Read through this list of things you understand if you grew up on console video games, and vote your personal picks for most relatable up to the top.

22 Things You Only Understand If You Grew Up on Console Video Games,

Renting Games

Space For Notes At The End Of Instruction Booklets

Red, Yellow, And White A/V Plug-Ins

Sitting Way Too Close To The TV

Not Being Able To Save Your Progress

Blowing On Cartridges

Controller Cords Being Too Short

Not Having Enough Controllers

Having To Use The Reset Button Due To Freezing

Memory Cards

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<![CDATA[These Classics Need To Make A Comeback Right Now]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/video-game-rerelease-wishlist/joedonley?source=rss

If you were a kid with a gaming system that grew up in the late '90s to the mid-2000s, chances are you've played some genre-defining titles that made an impact on the industry, but were left behind by their developers after the fact. A lot of this is due to an industry-wide increase in microtransactions and the notion that bonus DLC is an acceptable replacement for a complete game. Other times, games are just too dated and need a total revamp - this is especially true for GameCube and Nintendo 64 titles. But wouldn't you love to see some of those classic old games rereleased? Check out this list of video games that should be rereleased or get an HD remake!

These Classics Need To Make A Comeback Right Now,


The Burnout series is a great example of how you can incorporate one simple mechanic into a racing game and totally change the atmosphere: you can get points based on how much damage your car sustains. This game-changing system is what made this series so much fun for players that don't want to get lost in the competitive nature of the games and instead can take a break to cause as much chaos as possible. 

The last entry into the Burnout series was in 2008 with Burnout Paradise on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, and fans have been itching for the next installment in the series. Unfortunately, developer Criterion Games stated in 2013 that they wanted to move away from the racing genre, dashing hopes for a follow-up title anytime soon.

Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger was released in 1995 and is regarded as one of the best games of its genre, spawning fan campaigns for both official HD remakes and unofficial. One such fan remake, Chrono Resurrection, went so far as to release a playable version depicting fully rendered 3D models and characters from the original game. Square Enix quickly put a stop to this by filing a cease-and-desist order but hasn't really touched the property since.

Presently, the game is available on iOS and Android, but it's still in its SNES graphic glory, or lack thereof. For a game that has such a following behind it, this surely deserves to be looked at for a future HD rerelease.

Final Fantasy V

One of the most under-appreciated Final Fantasy titles, Final Fantasy V offers one of the most customizable job systems in the series and maybe in any RPG ever published. The closest thing FFV has gotten to a remake is Final Fantasy XI, which shares the main job/sub job system, but apart from that, FFV remains in the company of FFVI as the final two non-3D titles in the series.

Apart from being a great game combat-wise, the story is phenomenal and its classic JRPG mechanics garnered tons of fans. Square, at the time of the game's release (that's 1992 on the SNES), believed that FFV would be too difficult for American audiences and it wasn't released outside of Japan until 1999 on the PlayStation. More releases followed in 2006 on the Game Boy Advance and 2014 on Steam, iOS and Android. In spite of this, the game has never received the full HD treatment it deserves that lesser games in the series (FFIII and FFIV) have.

Golden Sun

Oh dear. Golden Sun and it's sequel, Golden Sun: The Lost Age, are so good. SO GOOD. After nearly a decade of waiting and complaining, Nintendo and Camelot released a third title in the series, Dark Dawn, which fell short of capturing the magic of its processors. There was no way it could have lived up to the expectations that fans of the series had, which is really a shame. That, combined with the fact that the title came out 7 years after The Lost Age, probably made it seem like the popularity of the series had passed.

This is a series that needs to be revisited and should honestly be played by everyone, everywhere. Unfortunately, Nintendo had the bright idea of restricting distribution of these two titles, originally released on the Gameboy Advance, to the Wii U Virtual Console. Like... what? Where's the logic in that? At this point, the only thing that might revive the franchise is a full reboot that ideally keeps the same difficulty curve or simply a re-release on the 3DS or NX.


A cult classic, the .hack// game series grew in popularity largely due to the interconnected universe Bandai Namco and CyberConnect created between all the titles under the .hack// umbrella. Because of this, the four-part game series (Infection, Mutation, Outbreak, and Quarantine) created this incredible niche of a simulated MMORPG experience that really hasn't been replicated since. This was the first game of its kind to incorporate "email" interactions with NPCs that offer massive character development, in addition to both physical and digital world building experiences.

Apart from their initial release on the PlayStation 2, none of the .hack// games have ever made it to the PlayStation Store, and given how MMORPGs are on the downswing, gamers might like the simulated experience combined with the hack and slash battle mechanics because dealing with random people on the Internet sucks.

Phantasy Star Universe

Phantasy Star Universe is a unique title that has three modes of play: a main story campaign that was an offline, single-player game with a pre-established character, a separate offline mode with a customizable character and accelerated leveling, and a separate online mode where you could access expansion content and play together with friends.

Because expansion content was restricted to online mode and the servers shut down in 2012, those storylines are now lost until the game is released again. This is obviously frustrating for players that spent money on said expansions and can no longer go back and play content they paid for. Apart from releasing this title again on principle alone, the game has an awesome battle system and some pretty killer graphics for the time.

Pokémon Snap

In perhaps the biggest missed opportunity in the history of the gaming industry, Nintendo, creator of the Wii U Controller with a built-in screen, only re-released a direct port of the original Pokemon Snap on the Wii U Virtual Console in Europe and Japan in August 2017. That's right - not even an HD remake. And there was a seven-month release delay for North America. Considering the lackluster sales of the Wii U, you'd think the gaming giant would try to salvage the wasted ingenuity by developing a remake of something that's effectively perfect for the platform.

Even an HD re-release on the 3DS would be an amazing addition to their gaming library. Nintendo has already made cash grabs with handheld versions of classic hits like Super Mario 64, Ocarina of Time 3D, and Starfox 64, and given the Pokemon Snap-like features of the Poke Finder in Pokemon Sun and Moon, it's hard to imagine what's stopping them.

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

Since the Disney buyout of Lucasfilm in 2012 ushered in massive layoffs of developers at LucasArts and the multi-year license with EA Games went into effect, there really haven't been any fantastic Star Wars games of note. What we have seen is honestly kind of half-assed. A handful of Star Wars: The Old Republic expansions that effectively take place in the Legends timeline, and Star Wars Battlefront, which is graphically beautiful, but substantially hollow, falling victim to DLC syndrome.

Given the nature of Disney and Lucasfilm and their desire to keep the new Star Wars canon wrapped up in a tight little bow, a revival of the Rogue Squadron series would be the perfect solution. Single-player missions that strictly follow the canon timeline not only provide an immersive experience for canon junkies, but it acts as a gateway for casual players to explore the richness of the Star Wars universe while flying an X-Wing as Luke, Wedge, Poe, or even Wexley.

Super Mario Sunshine

A mainstay on every Nintendo device, Mario titles are almost always great, but Super Mario Sunshine is absolutely the best of the bunch. In it, you play as Mario, just trying to chill out on a tropical vacation when someone who looks just like you starts graffitiing the whole island. You get blamed and you have to clean the graffiti using a device called the FLUDD while also trying to track down your doppelganger. Released in 2002 for the GameCube, Sunshine has never seen a re-release on any console, likely due to the lack of sensitivity controls on newer controllers and handheld systems, which are critical for controlling the FLUDD's water pressure.

This iteration of Mario needs to be rereleased simply for the fact that it's an incredible game and new generations of gamers have no idea what they're missing.

The Oregon Trail

Yup. After the (amazing) tabletop version of the gameOregon Trail totally deserves a Skyrim-inspired action-adventure RPG where you get to die of dysentery in full 4k glory while dragging supplies back to your covered wagons.

How ridiculous would that be?

It will never, ever happen, but there's something to be said about the notion of having a game centered around exploration for the sake of survival in a massively open world while not having to worry about preventing a cataclysm from a big bad that just makes you feel warm and fuzzy.

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<![CDATA[The 20+ Best Nintendo Switch Exclusives]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-nintendo-switch-exclusive-games/ranker-games?source=rss

Nintendo hardcores know that there's one reason you buy Nintendo consoles - the exclusive titles. For all those doubting the newest system, here are all the upcoming and current best Nintendo Switch exclusives, ranked by anticipation and quality. So far, the heavy hitter Switch exclusives are The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, all of which will be available to play in 2017.

Some fans are depressed that more exclusives for Switch haven't been announced, asking where franchises like Metroid, F-Zero, and Donkey Kong Country are. However, with Zelda receiving a near perfect score from most gaming outlets, it's probably better than Nintendo is promoting quality over quantity for their newest console.

Rank this list of all Nintendo Switch exclusives by voting up the best games, and also the upcoming Switch exclusives that you are dying to play.

The 20+ Best Nintendo Switch Exclusives,

Splatoon 2

Release Date: Q2/Q3 2017

Fast RMX

Release Date: March 3, 2017

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Release Date: TBD 2017

Super Mario Odyssey

Release Date: Holiday 2017

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Release Date: April 25, 2017

Fire Emblem Warriors

Release Date: Q3, 2017


Release Date: Q1/Q2 2017

Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers

Release Date: TBD 2017

Super Bomberman R

Release Date: March 3, 2017

Seasons of Heaven

Release Date: TBA

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<![CDATA[14 Things You Didn't Know About Shigeru Miyamoto]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/shigeru-miyamoto-facts/anna-lindwasser?source=rss

Shigeru Miyamoto, born on November 16, 1952, in Sonobe, Japan, a small town near Kyoto, is one of the most influential and important figures in video game history. Originally hired straight out of college by Nintendo, Miyamoto quickly proved his worth. Over a career that has spanned decades, he has created countless enduring titles in multiple genres, including Mario, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, Star Fox, F-Zero, Pikman, Wave Racer, Ice Climbers, Nintendogs, and more. He was rated the greatest designer of all time by IGN, and Time magazine has even referred to him as "the Steven Spielberg of video games."

Miyamoto is clearly a gaming legend, but there’s a lot of fun facts that casual Nintendo fans might not know about the man who made their favorite games. Want to know who this king of gaming really is? You’re about to find out.

14 Things You Didn't Know About Shigeru Miyamoto,

He's Notoriously Difficult To Track Down

Miyamoto has a reputation for being difficult to track down. Interviewers, even interviewers from publications as prestigious as The New Yorker, have to do some leg work to find him. Few photographs of him exist, and he rarely appears in person while in Japan, preferring to do so overseas. Apparently, Miyamoto doesn’t want his fellow countrymen to recognize him, because if they did, they’d never leave him alone. If Americans recognize him from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, at least he doesn’t have to deal with them when he’s trying to walk his dog. 

For the same reason, he hardly ever gives autographs. So, if you do have a Shigeru Miyamoto autograph, maybe check eBay to see how much money you can get for it.

Nintendo Won't Let Him Bike To Work

In the early days of his career at Nintendo, Miyamoto used to walk or bike to work. Once he become an indispensable part of the company, Nintendo began to insist that Miyamoto drive, for safety’s sake. While Japan does have a pretty low rate of car accidents, it seems doubtful that driving is much safer than walking, but that’s the logic Nintendo is working with.

How Miyamoto feels about this arguably intrusive mandate is unknown, but he does seem to be using the time well - he often listens to music on his commute, which he’ll unpack and learn to play during breaks at the office.  

He's Talked Sh*t About Donkey Kong Country In The Past

In 1994, Miyamoto was quoted as saying "Donkey Kong Country proves that players will put up with mediocre gameplay as long as the art is good.” BURN.

What brought on this hostility? Well, Rare, the studio that was contracted to make Donkey Kong Country, was able to put together a game with graphics that Nintendo loved. In fact, Nintendo loved it so much that it ordered that all other games should have similar graphics. This put a lot of pressure on Miyamoto, who was currently working on Yoshi's Island. Sounds like somebody was jealous.

Miyamoto has since backed off from this statement, claiming that he actually does like Donkey Kong Country. Maybe we’ll know how he really feels when he retires?  

He Carries A Measuring Tape Everywhere So He Can Measure Things For Funsies

In an interview with Satoru Iwata about the Wii Fit Plus, Miyamoto admitted to an unusual hobby. He enjoys guessing the height and weight of random household objects, a habit that began when he built his own house. He even carries around a tape measure to test whether or not his guesses are correct. And if he's having a good guessing day? He thinks to himself: "'I'm on form today!'" When he appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, he guessed the lengths of objects ranging from a taxidermied raccoon to a pizza to a question cube. Sure, he got all of them wrong, but at least he was having fun.

While he can’t exactly carry around a set of scales to test the weight of things, he did include a weight guessing game in the Wii Fit Plus to help satisfy those desires. When you’re a genius, you can have whatever hobbies you want.

When He Retires, Miyamoto Wants To Teach

In an interview with The Guardian in 2011, Miyamoto said, “When I leave the company, I would like to work with young people and teach them about developing. Though it wouldn't be like [traditional] teaching, more explaining how we think and how we interact with the user. For the development process, practical learning is important.”

In addition to being a superstar developer, Miyamoto might really have what it takes to teach that skill. 

How can you tell? Because of the way he manages his people. While he is active in a variety of projects at Nintendo, he tries to minimize his involvement. He does this for two reasons. One, he knows he’ll have to retire eventually, and he doesn't want the company to fall apart without him. Two, he wants younger staff members to focus on pleasing the consumer, not on pleasing him.

This is exactly what a good teacher does: gives their students the tools they need to succeed on their own, then steps aside and lets the students do their thing. 

He's A Semi-Professional Dog Breeder

In an interview with Nintendo's Hideki Konno about Nintendogs, Konno claimed that Shigeru Miyamoto is a semi-professional dog breeder. He said that - while working on the game - he and Miyamoto had long, detailed conversations about dogs and "the way they move" that came from observations of their own dogs. The fact that Miyamoto "is something of a semi-professional dog breeder" helped with this observational research. In addition, Miyamoto’s shetland sheepdog, Pikku, provided some of the inspiration for the Nintendogs franchise. Hopefully, he got plenty of treats and belly rubs as a reward.

One Of His Games Was Banned In The USA

In 1984, Miyamoto released a Pacman-like maze game called Devil World. In Devil World, players controlled a dragon named Tamagon who gets its powers from touching crosses and placing bibles in a mystical seal. The Devil, who sat above the maze, ordered his minions to move the maze around, which might squish the player.

Americans, especially Americans living in red states, can probably guess why Nintendo America couldn’t release a game with so many casual references to religious iconography. The church group protests alone would have made national news. As a result, Devil World was released in Japan and Europe but not the USA.

He's A Musician, And He Wrote The Music For Some Of His Games

Video games are far from Miyamoto’s only interest. He’s also way into music. Miyamoto can play banjo and guitar, and his favorite genre is bluegrass. He wrote the music for the arcade version of Donkey Kong, and had some influence on the music in other Nintendo games.

To Miyamoto, playing video games is actually quite similar to playing an instrument. “Take the guitar,” he said in an interview with The New Yorker. “Some people, when they stumble over how to accurately place their fingers in an F chord, they actually give it up. But once you learn how to play an F chord you become more deeply absorbed in playing the guitar. If the bridge is too easy to pass by, it’s called ‘entertainment.’ If it’s rather difficult, it can be called ‘hobby.’”

Check him out here, playing the Super Mario Bros theme on guitar with The Roots.

His Idea For Donkey Kong Was Basically Popeye Fanfiction

One of Miyamoto’s first ideas for a video game was basically Popeye fanfiction. However, Nintendo couldn’t secure the rights they needed, so Miyamoto had to create his own set of characters. This resulted in the first incarnation of the game we now know as Donkey Kong.

Similarities between the two are numerous. There’s the setting, which is a skyscraper under construction. Then, there are the relationship dynamics. Jumpman, a character who was the precursor to Mario, is in a love triangle with the damsel-in distress, Pauline, and Donkey Kong is a giant ape who kidnaps Pauline. Jumpman was Popeye with less spinach, Pauline was a non-noodle-armed Olive Oyl, and Donkey Kong was Bluto without the whole human thing.

Donkey Kong has changed a lot since its 1981 incarnation, but it wouldn’t have existed at all without Popeye.

His Own Kids Were Allowed To Play Video Games... Sometimes

Miyamoto has two adult children. When they were little, he allowed them to play video games, but only when he said they could - they were his property, and if the kids didn’t stop when he told them to, there would be no more video games at all. If it was a nice, sunny day, he’d make them put the games away and head outside.

Having kids helped Miyamoto understand what factors made gaming systems appealing to parents, AKA the people with the buying power. The Wii was designed to facilitate family interaction, as opposed to other gaming systems that encourage alone time.

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<![CDATA[The Best Nintendo Switch Platformers]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-nintendo-switch-platformer-games/ranker-games?source=rss

No one does platform games better than Nintendo, and now that Switch is here, it's exciting to know that we can take our favorites on the go. This list ranks the best platformers for Nintendo Switch, including 3D platform games for Switch, and side-scrolling platformers as well.

Aren't you just dying to play Super Mario Odyssey? It's easily the most anticipated 3D platform game for Nintendo Switch, but there are plenty of other titles coming out before it that look amazing. Sonic Mania, for example, is re-inventing 2D Sonic in an all new game that combines old school and new. there is also Yooka-Laylee coming out in 2017, the spiritual successor to Banjo Kazooie.

Vote up the best Switch platform games that you've played, or the unreleased games that you just can't wait to play.

The Best Nintendo Switch Platformers,

Cave Story

Release Date: TBA

Mutant Mudds

Release Date: TBA

De Mambo

Release Date: TBA

Battle Princess Madelyn

Release Date: TBA


Release Date: TBD 2017

2 Fast 4 Gnomz

Release Date: TBA

Super Mario Odyssey

Release Date: Holiday 2017

Sonic Mania

Release Date: Q1/Q2 2017

SteamWorld Dig 2

Release Date: Q2/Q3 2017

Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition

Release Date: TBD 2017

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<![CDATA[The 15+ Most Anticipated Nintendo Switch Games]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/nintendo-switch-anticipated-games/ranker-games?source=rss

What are the most anticipated Nintendo Switch games that have been announced so far? We're ranking the best games coming to Nintendo Switch in 2017 and 2018, so help us out by voting up the games you are most excited to play for Switch. It would be hard pressed to say that Super Mario Odyssey, an open world Mario game in the same vein as Mario 64 or Mario Sunshine, isn't the most anticipated Switch game for 2017. However, there are many more upcoming Switch games that fans are dying to play, such as Splatoon 2, ARMS, Sonic Mania, and a bunch of games with tentative titles that we don't know enough about yet (but desperately want to play.)

Vote up the upcoming Nintendo Switch games you are most excited to play, and downvote any titles you believe are all hype.


The 15+ Most Anticipated Nintendo Switch Games,

Dragon Quest X

Release Date: TBD

Fire Emblem (Tentative Title)

Release Date: TBD 2018

Sonic Mania

Release Date: Q2 2017

Fire Emblem Warriors

Release Date: Q3 2017

Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers

Release Date: May 26, 2017


Release Date: Q2 2017

Super Mario Odyssey

Release Date: Holiday 2017

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Release Date: April 28, 2017

Splatoon 2

Release Date: Summer 2017

No More Heroes (Tentative Title)

Release Date: TBD 2018

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<![CDATA[The Best Nintendo Switch Sports Games]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-nintendo-switch-sports-games/ranker-games?source=rss

Nintendo has never been known for its sports titles, but it usually has something to please the sports fanatics who also happen to love Nintendo. Here are the best Nintendo Switch sports games coming to the console, including NBA 2K18, which was featured in the original reveal video for the Switch. Perhaps the most important announcement from Nintendo was that FIFA 18 would be coming to Switch, a game that will undoubtedly be the most popular Nintendo Switch sports game in 2017.

If you haven't played the snowboarding game Steep, it's definitely a sports game for Switch you're going to want to check out. The surroundings are beautiful, the gameplay is slightly realistic, and it is overall just a great game. Vote up the sports games for Nintendo Switch you really want to play, and check back to see more games being added to the list as they are announced.

The Best Nintendo Switch Sports Games,

Old Time Hockey

Release Date: TBA


Release Date: TBD 2017

NBA 2K18

Release Date: September 2017


Release Date: TBD 2017

Untitled Derby Stallion Game

Release Date: TBA

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<![CDATA[The Best Nintendo Switch Party Games]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-nintendo-switch-party-games/ranker-games?source=rss

If there's one thing Nintendo does well, it's party games. This list ranks the best party games for Nintendo Switch, including current titles and upcoming releases. Which Nintendo Switch party games are you most looking forward to playing? Obviously 1-2 Switch is the game that everyone's talking about, since it takes you away from the TV and utilizes the brand new Joy-Con controllers.

Other fun party games for Switch include Just Dance 2017, Snipperclips, and Jackbox  Party Pack 3, which is releasing later in 2017. Obviously we want to see another Mario Party for Nintendo Switch, so let's keep our fingers crossed that it gets announced at E3 this summer.

The Best Nintendo Switch Party Games,

Just Dance 2017

Release Date: March 3, 2017


Release Date: March 3rd, 2017

Overcooked: Special Edition

Release Date: TBA

Jackbox Party Pack 3

Release Date: TBD 2017

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Release Date: April 28, 2017

1-2 Switch

Release Date: March 3, 2017

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<![CDATA[The Best Nintendo Switch RPGs]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-nintendo-switch-rpgs/ranker-games?source=rss

With all the great Nintendo Switch RPGs that are slated to come out in the next two years, we wanted to get an early start on ranking the best and most exciting games. Which role-playing games for Switch are you most looking forward to? Nintendo fans were ecstatic to learn that Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was being released in 2017, but there are so many more great titles on the horizon than just that.

I Am Setsuna is a launch title that Nintendo fans will love if they haven't gotten a chance to play it yet. There are multiple Dragon Quest games coming out this year or next, and even Skyrim is getting the Switch treatment in Q3 of 2017. Will Nintendo Switch have the best RPGs out of the current gen consoles? Right now it's looking like a strong contender.

Vote up the RPGs for Nintendo Switch you love the most or are most looking forward to playing. Some of the titles below don't have names yet, but are definitely being developed for the console.

The Best Nintendo Switch RPGs,

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Release Date: Q3 2017

Dragon Quest X

Release Date: TBA

The Sacred Hero

Release Date: TBD 2018

Untitled Shin Megami Tensei Game

Release Date: TBA

I Am Setsuna

Release Date: March 3, 2017

Project Octopath Traveler

Release Date: TBA

Dragon Quest XI

Release Date: TBA

Untitled Tales Game

Release Date: TBA

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Release Date: TBD 2017

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<![CDATA[The Best Nintendo Switch Racing Games]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-nintendo-switch-racing-games/ranker-games?source=rss

With Nintendo Switch releasing this year, it's time to rank the best Nintendo Switch racing games that are currently out, or are slated to release in the near future. Obviously Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the Switch racing game everyone is waiting for, but there are a few sleeper titles that might just end up being more challenging and fun.

Take Fast RMX for example, a fast-paced racing game for Nintendo Switch that is already being compared to F-Zero (that doesn't mean we don't want a new F-Zero, Nintendo!) Other car racing games for Switch that are coming out are Redout, The Next Penelope, and Racing Apex.

Vote up your favorite racing game for Switch, or just the ones you're really looking forward to playing when they come out.

The Best Nintendo Switch Racing Games,


Release Date: Q2 2017

The Next Penelope

Release Date: TBA

Racing Apex

Release Date: TBA

Fast RMX

Release Date: March 3, 2017

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Release Date: April 28, 2017

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<![CDATA[The Best Nintendo Switch Fighting Games]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-nintendo-switch-fighting-games/ranker-games?source=rss

At the time of writing this there aren't a ton of Nintendo Switch fighting games that have been announced, but there certainly are some solid titles in the works. This list will be updated with Switch fighting games as they are announced, so check back to see how new titles stack up against what's currently here.

Which fighting games for Nintendo Switch look good? Many fans are excited for Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers, especially since it's a Nintendo Switch exclusive with two new characters never seen before in a Street Fighter game. A lot of people are also really excited about Arms, the boxing-esque Nintendo original that has players moving the Joy-Cons to emulate a real fight.

Vote up the fighting games for Switch that you really like, or are really looking forward to playing. Hopefully there will be a Smash Brothers game for Switch we can add to the list real soon!

The Best Nintendo Switch Fighting Games,

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Release Date: TBD 2017

Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers

Release Date: TBD 2017

Pocket Rumble

Release Date: March 2017


Release Date: Q1/Q2 2017

BlazBlue (Untitled)

Release Date: TBA

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<![CDATA[The Best Nintendo Switch Puzzle Games]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-nintendo-switch-puzzle-games/ranker-games?source=rss

Now that Nintendo Switch is here, it's time to get an early start on ranking the best Nintendo Switch puzzle games. Some of the puzzle games for Switch on this list are releasing on launch day, while others have tentative release dates or are slated to hit the console later in 2017.

So what are some good puzzle games for Nintendo Switch? Snipperclips, Puyo Puyo Tetris, and Project Mekuru are some of the most notable, but there are plenty of others to stimulate your brain as well. Snipperclips in particular is looking like not only one of the best puzzles games for Nintendo Switch, but one of the most fun games of the year period. Vote up the games on this list that you've played and love, or the ones that aren't out yet that you desperately want to play.

The Best Nintendo Switch Puzzle Games,

World of Goo

Release Date: March 3rd, 2017

Little Inferno

Release Date: March 3rd, 2017

Human Resource Machine

Release Date: March 3rd, 2017

Bit Boy! Arcade Deluxe

Release Date: TBD 2017

The Unlikely Legend of Rusty Pup

Release Date: TBA

Soldam: Blooming Declaration

Release Date: TBA


Release Date: March 3rd, 2017

Puyo Puyo Tetris

Release Date: April 25th, 2017

Puzzle Box

Release Date: TBD 2017

Project Mekuru

Release Date: TBA

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<![CDATA[32 Gorgeous Fan Art Interpretations Of Overwatch Heroes]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-overwatch-fan-art/brandon-michaels?source=rss

Overwatch is one of the most popular games on the planet. With a selectable cast of 23 characters, and a rich backstory that spans over 40 years, there's plenty of inspiration to draw from when creating fan art.

Thousands of images have been created, ranging from the cartoony to the hyper-realistic. Some are funny, some are sad, and some are downright disturbing.  Characters are re-imagined with crazy new skin concepts, mashed up with other franchises, and even gender-swapped in some truly awesome pieces. Some illustrators like to explore the lore of the game. They even flesh out stories we've heard but haven't seen, like the Battle of Anubis, or the showdown between Soldier:76 and Reaper.

And of course, as with every franchise on the planet, the Internet would be remiss without some sexy versions of our favorite characters, like D.Va as a Playboy bunny, Hanzo baring his chest in an open tuxedo, or basically any illustration of Witch Mercy.

So here they are, in all shapes and sizes. The good, the bad, and the ugly: here's the best Overwatch fan art on the Internet!

32 Gorgeous Fan Art Interpretations Of Overwatch Heroes,

Fear The Reaper

This menacing illustration from rossdraws perfectly captures Reaper's essence. "Die, die, DIE!"

Foxy Grandpa

Polkabun takes the whole "Dad:76" thing to a whole new level with this adorable illustration. D.va's Dorito-flavored cotton candy is too cute!


This image from genzoman shows us how McCree earned his BAMF belt buckle. 

Soldier:76 Unmasked

Einlee shows us a more realistic interpretation of Soldier:76 taking off his famed visor.

Let The Dragon Consume You

DeviantArt user Jiuge's hyper-realistic take on Hanzo is absolutely breathtaking.  

Superior German Engineering

This comic-book style illustration of Reinhardt without his helmet comes from DeviantArt user nakanoart.

Everyone So Salty!

This comic from Tim Buckley and Ctrl+Alt+Del should be the default skin for Bastion.

Like, Where's Scoob?

This absolutely spot-on crossover of Overwatch and Scooby Doo by vashperado is almost perfect, but where's Scoob?

Morrison vs Reyes

This gorgeous illustration from jiuge depicts the battle between Commander Morrison and Reyes.

Sailor Reinhardt

You'll never be able to unsee this image of Reinhardt as one of the Sailor Moon crew from mango-cat-attack

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<![CDATA[The Best Disney Video Games Of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-disney-video-games/brandon-michaels?source=rss

Disney has been releasing video games on consoles, PC, and handheld or coin operated devices since the '80s. Many of their early titles followed the adventures of the beloved Mickey Mouse, but Disney soon began to expand their stories to include other characters.

They released video games with our other favorite Disney characters, from Donald Duck and the DuckTales crew, to Goofy and the gang from Goof Troop. They even had room for relative newcomers like Simba in The Lion King.

Disney eventually began to push the boundaries even further, releasing titles with characters we hadn't met before, like Sora from Kingdom Hearts, or titles that included all of our favorite characters, like Disney Infinity. Disney started releasing video games without any characters, like Dance Dance Revolution Disney Mix.

Disney has produced over 100 titles throughout the years, including some of the greatest games ever. They've given us countless hours of entertainment, and frustration (looking at you, Lion King). But most importantly, they constantly made us feel welcome in an incredible, fantastical, magical world.  

It's time to dig out your old NES and start blowing into the cartridges! Help rank the absolute best Disney video games of all time.

The Best Disney Video Games Of All Time,

Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse

Disney's Aladdin

Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts II


Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers

The Lion King

Epic Mickey

Toy Story

Disney Infinity

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<![CDATA[The Greatest The Legend Of Zelda Cosplay You've Ever Seen]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/amazing-legend-of-zelda-cosplay/crystal-brackett?source=rss

Get ready for some seriously amazing Legend of Zelda cosplay. These fans of the classic Nintendo adventure game went above and beyond to bring their favorite characters to life with fabulous fabric, makeup, wigs, and more! They rock their Link cosplay, they flaunt their Zelda cosplay, they even deck themselves out in full-on body paint for their Ganondorf cosplays. If you're a Legend of Zelda fan, then keep scrolling to see some profoundly wonderful cosplay from the beloved franchise that indubitably capture these characters. Remember to vote up the ones that you think are the best of the best, and vote down the ones that need to go back to the drawing board.

If you just can't wait until the launch of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for the Nintendo Switch, hopefully, this list of beautiful cosplayers should be a treat to tie you over for a while. 

The Greatest The Legend Of Zelda Cosplay You've Ever Seen,

Midna: Twilight Princess

Fiathriel captured this glorious shot of LolainProgress as Midna.

Twilight Princess - Dark Link

Neandi captured the perfect moment of kuraiofanagura's already magnificent Dark Link cosplay.

Ganondorf And Puppet Zelda

Puppet Zelda (seifer-sama) and Ganondorf (ericvirgin85) make a more than impressive duo, they absolutely nail their cosplays!

Zelda: Marin By The Beach

Adella's Marin embody's her beauty like no other! Amazing shot taken by KJphoto.

Princess Ruto Cosplay

This absolutely epic Princess Ruto is the beautiful 2Dismine.

The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess

This breathtaking shot of RubeeAmadare as Zelda from Twilight Princess by aKami777 is really something to behold.

Skullkid - The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Alegnis Hurtado's Skullkid cosplay from Majora's Mask is seriously from another realm. Photography by Kevin Boada.

Midna - Zelda Twilight Princess

Complete with amazing head props, GeniMonster makes a beautiful Twilight Princess Midna. Stunning photography by Pyro911.

Sheik Legend Of Zelda

Its-raining-neon shows modeled and shot this awesome Sheik cosplay.

Zelda From Skyward Sword

This stunning real-life Zelda from Skyward Sword is LayzeMichelle. Shot taken by Andre Pezzino.

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<![CDATA[Every Hero In Overwatch, Ranked]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-overwatch-characters/brandon-michaels?source=rss

Overwatch is the award-winning, action-packed, team-based first-person shooter from Blizzard Entertainment, the creators of Warcraft, from 2016. For the uninitiated, Overwatch breaks players up into two teams of six, where they select from a roster of 23 unique playable characters, which are divided into four classes: Offense, Defense, Tank and Support. Teams work together to conquer control points king-of-the-hill style, capture the flag, or escort a payload across the map before the clock runs out.

You might be thinking; "Wait, isn't that basically just Team Fortress 2?" Largely, yes, but it's f*cking awesome.

With over 25 million users, Overwatch is one of the fastest growing competitive shooters on console and PC, and quite possibly home to the weirdest fan-base of all time. For some reason, the internet loves to imagine D.Va as a little kid obsessed with Dorito's, and Soldier:76 as her Clint Eastwood-esque Dad. It's safe to say there's a little bias that goes into picking your main character.

Is it solely based on the numbers, and how effective they are in battle? Or is it their relative usefulness in clinching a point, or making that Play Of The Game happen? Maybe your decision is based on the rich lore, and deep back stories for every character?

Here are the absolute best Overwatch characters.

Every Hero In Overwatch, Ranked,











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<![CDATA[11 Incredibly Creative Games That Are Great For Stress Relief]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-games-for-pacifists/paul-melio?source=rss

There's absolutely nothing wrong with a violent videogame, concerned PTA moms aside. There is no reason that you shouldn't be able to relax and unwind with some good ol' fashioned head exploding. However, there are some days you could go without the digital homicide. It's a good thing that there are some excellent peaceful videogames for pacifists.   

The world is full of different people and nuanced situations, so it's only fair that videogames as an art form reflect that fact. There are multiple situations in which you might not want your video fun flavored with blood and guts.  

So whether you want a game you can play with your kids, something to prove to your parents that not all videogames are brutal, or you just want to chill with a group of friends without slaughtering the innocent, these are the non-violent videogames for you! 

11 Incredibly Creative Games That Are Great For Stress Relief,


Originally packaged in The Orange Box, a game collection that also held Team Fortress 2 and Half Life 2 Episode 2, Portal is a bite-sized masterpiece in which the player completes puzzles by opening spatial rifts (or portals) between any two spots in a room. 

From the pitch-black humor as the player is taunted by GLaDOS (the A.I. testing and tormenting the player), to the seamless physics and puzzle design, Portal is frequently referred to as .a masterpiece. The numbers support this claim. The game sold over four million copies and spawned an equally popular sequel. 


Frequently regarded as the game that ignited the indie gaming craze, Braid is kind of like a  slightly more somber Super Mario Bros. Basically, you guide a lovesick hero on a quest to save his princess from a dastardly villain. In Braid, your character can manipulate time, shifting around painted maps and correcting mistakes while altering the environments. 

A full play through should only take a few hours, but the game leaves an indelible impression on even the most hardcore gamers. In the final level, the game uses its mechanics in a truly unique and novel fashion. The kind of creativity that Braid employs is sorely lacking in modern gaming, and overall it's really a breath of fresh air.  



For all the countless open-world games on the market, few (if any) can boast the level of freedom given by Minecraft. Tapping into the childhood joy of playing with an endless bucket of Legos, Minecraft allows you to truly build to your hearts content.

Boasting an impressive online community and a vast number of mods, the only limit to your creations is your imagination. Until Creepers blow it up, that is. 

Thomas Was Alone

A half-hour in to Thomas Was Alone, you’ll find that you’ve developed a strong emotional investment in the character arc of a red block. Shortly after, you'll wonder what on Earth is wrong with you. After that, you'll shut up and enjoy yourself. 

Thomas Was Alone succeeds at creating real emotional resonance using nothing but a pleasantly enthusiastic narrator and a dreampop score. Effectively, it's a particularly touching children’s book about friendship and community, told through a very well-crafted jumping puzzle. It may sound weird, but it's definitely worth your time. 


A game so utterly calming it should be distributed as a medication, Journey is a ninety-minute adventure where your sole goal is to reach the top of a mountain. Developed for the Playstation 3, Journey has achieved widespread critical acclaim, with reviewers frequently citing how powerful the non-verbal narrative is.

From the first time you effortlessly slide down a windswept dune to the glorious climax, Journey remains one of the finest examples of high quality minimalism in gaming. Plus, you never have to rip anyone's spine out through their throat. Not even once.  

Octodad: Dadliest Catch

You are an octopus trying to pass as a totally normal human dad. And that’s it. That’s the plot of the game. It's pretty amazing.

What makes this experience truly great is just how absurd it perform even the most mundane tasks. Wobbling around on your tentacles, you’ll be sure to smack your wife in the face with a hamburger, destroy grocery store displays, and cause sloppy mayhem as you hope people won’t become too suspicious that you are, in fact, just a Cephalopoda molluscs in a suit.


Nintendo first set out to make Splatoon in hopes of creating a highly enjoyable, kid-friendly alternative to squad based shooters. They succeeded.

Helmed by Nintendo veteran Shintaro Sato (known for his work on the charming Animal Crossing), the game puts you in the shows of an Inkling, a kid who attempts to cover the map in ink alongside his squad.  Then, well, you turn into a squid to swim through the ink. It's pretty trippy. The perfect balance between peculiar and delightful, Splatoon is a game anyone can play and everyone can enjoy. 

Mario Kart 8

If you can consider throwing bananas and turtle shells at your friends more whimsical fun than violence, then Mario Kart is one of the most widely enjoyed non-violent games of all time. The series has sold well over 100 million copies worldwide, and has been enjoyed by a huge fanbase for years.

With unique and delightful maps ranging from deep space to the inside of a pinball machine, this series takes world building more seriously than almost any other racing game. In addition, Mario Kart has also set the bar for splitscreen multiplayer at its most vibrant and chaotic. 


Hohokum is a game that's kind of hard to describe. It's really just about "being there." A zen inducing piece of visual eye candy, you play as a serpent who floats through magical worlds bringing joy to those around you.

There is no score. No enemies. No real objective except to explore the 17 unique worlds given to you as monkeys climb from your tail and people hop on you for a ride. It’s alternatively weird, relaxing, and confusing, but always stunning. There's also something to be said for a game that features a giant snake as a protagonist that doesn't feature it swallowing villagers whole.  

Tricky Towers

Essentially backwards Tetris (but with far more ruined friendships), Tricky Towers is equally whimsical and addicting. It's a splitscreen game wherein players race to stack their wobbly towers to the finish line, all while being able to sabotage their friends' towers.

While not overly ambitious, it’s a perfect dose of casual fun coupled with the mild malice. It really is wickedly delightful to watch your opponents tower fall.  

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<![CDATA[13 Weirdly Graphic Video Game Sex Scenes That Came Out Of Nowhere]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/unexpected-graphic-video-game-sex-scenes/justin-andress?source=rss

When video games were in their infancy, the subject matter tended toward the G-rated (with, of course, the rare exception). You know, plumbers dodging barrels and such. As time moved forward, however, so did the medium. The stories got darker, the action got more violent, and sex started to pop up everywhere. And why shouldn’t it? Sex is awesome, video games are awesome, and sex scenes are a timeless part of storytelling across all media. So, sex in video games was only a matter of time.

Though video game sex scenes have improved in quality, they’re still super strange in pretty much any context. And, of course, game developers handle the writing, planning, and animating of these sex scenes with exactly the level of skill and sensitivity you might expect. You know, since they're video game developers. So while sex scenes in video games are awkward (and, frankly, not that sexy) the upshot is that they're are f*cking hilarious. These sex scenes are also at their funniest when they come out of nowhere.

Get it?

13 Weirdly Graphic Video Game Sex Scenes That Came Out Of Nowhere,

Dragon Age: Origins

WARNING: video above contains graphic content.

Getting down to some heavy petting is a fringe benefit of every BioWare series (pretty much), but in Dragon Age the quest for booty is kicked up to a whole new level. Not only are their tons of potential liaisons available at your fingertips, but you can get intimate with pretty much any one of your companions if you play your cards (and your gender and race) correctly.

When you’ve put in the time to woo one of your pals, they reward you with some good ol' fashioned bone time. Right in the camp site. In full view of everyone else on your team. Like, these people are supposed to be tight-knit but jeez. Surely you have to draw the line somewhere.  

Duke Nukem Forever

WARNING: video above contains graphic content.

If there’s one thing that Duke Nukem Forever was not, it was subtle. The first-person shooter righteously earned mediocre reviews, as well as a serious bout of social criticism. Maybe that’s because the game is filled with moments like the Alien Hive Level, in which Duke Nukem runs across the Mary and Kate Holsom (who we previously met just after getting down with Duke).

This time around, the Holsom twins (see? not subtle) have been strapped into an alien impregnation machine and repeatedly, well, does what its name suggests. What’s more disturbing is that when Duke finds them, he greets them by saying, “Looks like you’re f*cked.” Seriously, Duke? Bruh, it's the 21st century. 

Heavy Rain

WARNING: video above contains graphic content.

In Heavy Rain, you take on multiple personas searching for the truth behind the enigmatic Origami Killer. At one point, two of the characters (Ethan Mars and Madison Paige) get together for some steamy good time action. Through a series of player initiated button presses, you can actually direct the sexy stuff and put the moves on the photo journalist as a grieving widower. This is what they write romance novels about. 

Predictably, once everything is over and done, the player — as Ethan — can choose to sneak out into the night while Madison is sleeping. Ugh. Men. 

Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude

WARNING: video above contains graphic content.

What’s weirder than a video game S&M with terrible object collision physics? How about all that, plus you’re dressed as a tree mascot for some reason. Enter the fever dream that is Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude, an attempted reboot of one of the scummiest video game series ever invented.

You play a student at a community college who goes from sh*tty mini-game to sh*tty mini-game trying to nail sixteen different coeds. The goal, apparently, is to make your way onto some lame game show. Most of the “seductions” are pretty straightforward. Most. Then you wind up spanking some spiky-haired woman while dressed as a flaming log. Even with context, there's really no good way to explain that one.  

Silent Hill 2

WARNING: video above contains graphic content.

In Silent Hill 2, you play a man who’s watching his own mind unravel as embarks on a quixotic hunt for his dead wife. In other words, it’s a super sexy premise. Along the way, the main character (James Sunderland) is repeatedly terrorized by a psycho named Pyramid Head, who is legitimately terrifying despite his deeply silly name.

Throughout the game, he’ll pop up unexpectedly to mind f*ck Sunderland through repeated acts of bizarre emotional (and sometimes physical) torture. Case in point: there's a weird moment when James is walking down a hallway (at 1:10 in the video) only to find Pyramid Head pop out up out of nowhere, dry-humping some dead bodies plagued by ragdoll physics. It's... unsettling to say the least. And a little arousing? No. No. Just unsettling.  

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

WARNING: video above contains graphic content.

Upon release, GTA: San Andreas claimed the title of biggest open world video game ever. Characters could race, play basketball, hit the beach, lift weights, get fat, shop for clothes, hop on a Huffy, play blackjack, and a whole sh*t-load of other distractions that meant the player always had something new to do. Honestly, it's pretty surprising that your character couldn't play an older Grand Theft Auto game.  

With everything going on in the game, you think that players would be satisfied. But of course they weren't, because gamers. Thus the “Hot Coffee” mod was born. It’s a super shoddy mod (starts at 7:14) that allows players the opportunity to dry hump a lady in a variety of positions. If the player character, CJ, isn’t stone-faced, his mouth is hanging open like a snake about to swallow an entire wildebeest. It’s haunting. As this was a player-generated mod, the "sexy" action kind of comes out of nowhere. 

Alpha Protocol

WARNING: video above contains graphic content.

Of the many scantily clad ladies that super-spy Michael Thornton encounters on his quest to save the world in Alpha Protocol, the German operative SIE is easily the most standout. She’s one tough cookie, which she adeptly proves after she mounts and rapes the hero while he’s bound to a laboratory table. Wait, what? Jesus, Obsidian Entertainment, who told you that was a thing people wanted to see?

At least you get a +1 reputation bonus with SIE as a result.

Ride to Hell: Retribution

WARNING: video above contains graphic content.

Just to give you an overall idea of the game’s quality, Ride to Hell: Retribution is currently sitting at a stately 19/100 on Metacritic. It’s not even one of those games that just kind of sucked but still retains a rabid cult following (like Alpha Protocol). No, Ride to Hell is just stone-cold awful. Of course, the series isn't helped by its bevy of weird and disturbing sex scenes. 

Take the game’s first, in which the main character beats the crap out of an abusive john. As soon as you put the guy down, the game immediately transitions to some '70s-esque porno music and some (clothed, inexplicably) doggy-style featuring two people who don’t appear to be enjoying themselves in the slightest. It kind of looks like what an alien or an eleven-year-old might guess sex is.   

Far Cry 3

WARNING: video above contains graphic content.

Throughout Far Cry 3, Jason Brody puts his very soul to the hazard in order to forge himself into the ultimate killing machine in order to save his captured friends. Along the way, terrible things happen to his buddies (including one being held as a sex slave by some sociopath), but at the end of the day their fate is in Jason’s hands.

Far Cry 3 is one of those pick-your-own-adventure games where the player's choices affect the story. If you choose to kill your crew and get down with the blood-happy Rakyat warriors, for example, then your avatar gets to have sex with their comely leader, Citra.

This one is more about the aftermath than the sex, though. Like a Black Widow spider or praying mantis, Ctira doesn't have much use for post-coital men. Once players have given her their seed, she returns the favor by stabbing them in the chest and leaving them for dead. Just like Prom all over again. 

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

WARNING: video above contains graphic content.

Anyone who’s played the Witcher series knows that the game’s main character, Geralt, is a total man-whore. Seriously, the guy will tap anything with legs and a heartbeat. As a result, the opportunity to talk your way into a lady’s complicated under-garments pop up at frequently and unexpectedly. One second you’re negotiating a reward, the next you’re climbing into the sack with a virtual stranger.

Far and away the weirdest sex scene in the series occurs during Wild Hunt. See, Geralt runs in to with his old flame Yennefer. Any guesses how the two former lovers decide to celebrate their reunion? By boning on a giant stuffed, pink unicorn of course. While the sex is perhaps predictable, the location really puts this one into what-the-actual-f*ck territory.  

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<![CDATA[15 Classic Nintendo Games You Forgot You Loved]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/classic-nintendo-games-we-forgot-we-missed/tamara-jude?source=rss

Even with the mind-blowing video games of Xbox and PlayStation today, '80s kids still reminisce about the Nintendo games we forgot we loved. But not just the popular franchises like Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, or Mega Man. Don't get it twisted; those game are great. But it's more rewarding to replay those obscure Nintendo games that weren't as well-known but were certainly just as fun. They're the ones we can remember the gameplay of but completely forget the name. Must be old age.

With the release of the NES Classic Edition, '80s kids (and kids who just wish they were born in the '80s) were able to replay some forgotten Nintendo games from childhood. But there were so many other classics that just didn’t make the cut. Whether it was due to poor sales or clunky game play, the not-as-popular games are the ones we hold closest to our hearts. Here are some of the best obscure Nintendo games that we forgot we love.

15 Classic Nintendo Games You Forgot You Loved,

Blaster Master

What could be better than the heartfelt tale of a boy and his frog? After Fred the Frog mutates into a huge monster and disappears underground, it's your job to get your best friend back. Armed with a massive tank with a cannon, you are challenged to explore dungeons and destroy mutants along the way. Anything to get Fred back! If this game ever makes a comeback, it has to keep everything the same, including the awesome soundtrack. 


If the movie franchises Rambo and Alien were combined into a video game, they would produce Contra. The high-action adventure of the '80s is captured in this classic run-and-gun adventure game. Armed with a powerful gun with unlimited ammo, you and a friend can play as commandos Bill and Lance and take on aliens at every turn. Contra was the kick-alien-butt fighter that even Ripley would be proud of. 

Double Dragon

In this fighting game classic, you are Billy Lee on a mission to get back your girl, Marian, and you kick and punch your way past members of the Black Warriors gang throughout the city. Even with its very basic moves, Double Dragon became the blueprint for future fighting games. 

Dr. Mario

Expanding on Mario's domination of all things Nintendo, Dr. Mario made fighting viruses surprisingly fun. In this falling block puzzle game, you eliminate the colored germs by matching 3 of the same colored capsules. Stack too many capsules and block off the bottleneck and the game is over. Though made in the style of Tetris, Dr. Mario still stood out as an addictive puzzle video game. 


Regarded as a favorite among NES players, Metroid was one of the first games to feature a female protagonist. As bounty hunter Samus Aran, you must stop the pirates that have stolen the alien known as Metroid. On your mission, you must work to improve your weapons and moves. You collect power-ups and better weapons to make Samus an unstoppable force. With its gradual player progression and kick-butt female lead, Metroid would be a welcomed addition to today's video game landscape. 


R.C. Pro-Am

R.C. Pro-Am wasn't your typical racecar-style game. Instead of fully rendered racing cars, you race against the computer in radio-controlled vehicles. To continue to the next racing track, you have to come in third place or better. Maximize your ability to win with high-powered engines, better tires, and specialized weapons that knock your opponent out of the running. Nothing like taking out the competition with a few bombs!


Who knew you could actually have fun on a paper route? As a paperboy in a suburban neighborhood, you deliver papers over a one week period. You succeed by completing the delivery route for your subscribers. Sounds easy enough, but you also have to avoid obstacles including pedestrians, traffic, and barking dogs. And the best part: you get to break the windows of anyone that is not a subscriber. Truth be told, smashing everyone's windows is the best part. 

Kung Fu

Kung Fu is another great martial-arts fighting game with challenging enemies and a memorable soundtrack. With more moves like jumping and crouching, Kung Fu expanded on the basic beat-em-up video game. This is another game with very challenging boss fights that took several tries to beat. You even come face-to-face with giant snakes and dragons. How could you not love that? 

Town & Country Surf Designs

This laid-back Hawaiian-themed video game offered surfing and skateboard fun. With characters like a cat in a suit, a skateboarder in a tiki mask, and even a gorilla in a flap cap, you maneuver through three modes of obstacles and challenges. And if you're truly up for a challenge, you can take on the surf and skateboard combo. As simple as it sounds, this was one of the more difficult games to master. Aloha T&C, we miss you!

Duck Tales

Based on the popular Disney cartoon of the same name, DuckTales brings the quacking good time to the NES. As Scrooge McDuck, you explore various lands searching for treasure. With your cane as your main weapon, you can hit enemies and objects. You can even jump with it and take your enemies by surprise! All the best enemies from the cartoon make it into the game. Even the soundtrack for this game is amazing. With the reboot of the cartoon coming out in 2017, this game should be re-released as well.   

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<![CDATA[11 Parodies That Are Way More Popular Than The Thing They're Parodying]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/parodies-more-popular-than-their-source/kellen-perry?source=rss

What happens when popular parodies stop being parodies? Do parodies more popular than their subject cease to funny, or are they just funny in a different way? If you didn't know about the movie Downfall, for example, would all of those Downfall Hitler memes still be funny?

It's a tricky question. It doesn't happen very often, but there are a few examples of this weird phenomenon. Most parodies "punch up," so-to-speak, poking fun at politicians, films, songs, companies, and so on, that a lot of people are familiar with. Long after everyone has forgotten, for example, a Saturday Night Live sketch mocking a presidential candidate, that candidate is remembered by the public for their life and deeds beyond the sketch.

But sometimes, the parody becomes way more popular than the source material, creating a new, rare class of parody: "Things You Didn't Realize Were Parodies." Do these parodies suffer for being so anchorless? Is David Bowie's "Magic Dance" a weaker, less-clever song? Is the Energizer Bunny any less iconic? Let's explore some examples of parodies that occupy this odd space in popular culture.

11 Parodies That Are Way More Popular Than The Thing They're Parodying,


Airplane! was the 1980 hit and cult classic starring Leslie Nielsen, and is considered one of the best comedies of all time. It was a direct satire on a lesser-known (though well-recieved) disaster drama called Zero Hour! which premiered in 1957.

Filmmakers David and Jerry Zucker and Jim Abrahams wanted to poke fun at the disaster film genre by turning tragedy into slapstick comedy. They drew from Zero Hour! and other films like it, sometimes creating almost identical scenes from the originals

Austin Powers

The Austin Powers trilogy is obviously a James Bond parody in part, with its references to Goldfinger (Goldmember), Oddjob (Random Task), and Pussy Galore (Alotta Fagina), among many, many others. But the Austin Powers character himself was actually inspired by an obscure womanizing detective/spy character named Jason King (Peter Wyngarde), from a short-lived 1970s British spy show of the same name. King shares with Powers a love for bleeding-edge trendy clothing, bouffants, untamed body hair, and shameless flamboyance. The character's legacy reached far beyond Powers: King also inspired the 1990s Invisibles comic book character Mr. Six and the X-Men villain Jason Wyngarde, also known as Mastermind.

Dan Hibiki

Casual gamers may be unaware, but Dan Hibiki from Capcom's Street Fighter series is actually a parody of three characters from rival SNK's knock-off Art of Fighting. Capcom took Ryo's outfit, Dan's face and ponytail, and Yuri's personality and color scheme and created Dan, one of the silliest, weakest and pinkest characters in the Street Fighter series. Unlike Ryu and Ken's famous screen-crossing Hadouken fireballs, for example, Dan's Gadouken fireball basically dissipates before it leaves his hand. Dan is also hopelessly vain: one of his special moves in Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter is to chuck signed photographs at his opponents, causing minimal damage.

Foghorn Leghorn

Most kids and cartoon fans probably assume the loudmouthed southern rooster Foghorn Leghorn is a Looney Tunes original, but he's actually a parody of/homage to two 1940s radio characters: Senator Beauregard Claghorn, an uber-Southern politician character played by Kenny Delmar on The Fred Allen Show, and The Sheriff, a hard-of-hearing Southern lawman played by Jack Clifford on a show called Blue Monday Jamboree. When Leghorn debuted in 1945, he was unnamed and based only on The Sheriff, since the Claghorn character had yet to debut. By the early 1950s, however, only the influence of the Claghorn character remained and he took on the Foghorn Leghorn name, a direct reference to Claghorn. The popular Claghorn character even appeared on the silver screen in 1946's It's a Joke, Son, the title of which went on to become one of Foghorn Leghorn's catchphrases.


The call-and-response playfulness in David Bowie's "Magic Dance" from Labyrinth ("You remind me of the babe/What babe?" etc.) is actually a parody of a scene in a 1947 Cary Grant film called The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer featuring an 18-year-old Shirley Temple. It isn't just a random reference: the film involves a teenager's crush on a much older man, so the lyrics nod at the Goblin King's assumption about the 15-year-old Sarah Williams (Jennifer Connelly). It isn't a coincidence, either: the lines are almost identical, except for Bowie swapping "man" with "babe" and "hoodoo" with "voodoo."

The Night of the Hunter

Jokes about having some variation of LOVE/HATE tattooed on your knuckles are incredibly common, but their origin is somewhat obscure. When the three-fingered Sideshow Bob on The Simpsons sported "LUV" and "HĀT," for example, or when a dog at the pound in Shaun the Sheep: The Movie had "BARK" and BITE" on its forepaws, it isn't just a reference to a common prison tattoo. Robert Mitchum's serial killer preacher character Harry Powell first wore the distinctive LOVE/HATE tattoos in 1955's The Night of the Hunterwhere Powell would use them in unsettling impromptu "sermons" about "the story of good and evil." In 1996, Roger Ebert called the movie "one of the greatest of all American films" but lamented how it "has never received the attention it deserves."


Child's Play director Tom Holland says the 1988 film's homicidal Chucky character is largely inspired by My Buddy, a then-popular doll first manufactured by Hasbro in 1985. While Chucky became a pop-culture icon with five Child's Play sequels and counting, the My Buddy doll was discontinued in the 1990s and is now virtually forgotten, outside of conversations about Chucky. If you do remember My Buddy, it's probably because of the earworm of a jingle used in the ubiquitous commercial spot.

Energizer Bunny

The Energizer Bunny became an unlikely pop-culture icon in the 1990s, completely overshadowing the rival Duracell Bunny, which the perpetually drumming Energizer mascot was invented to parody. Popular commercials featuring the intrusive Energizer Bunny first appeared in 1989, parodying Duracell as well as a string of fake products. In 1992, the two companies drew up a peace treaty, agreeing to keep the Energizer Bunny in the U.S. and the Duracell Bunny in Europe, making Duracell's character even more obscure in the states. American singer-songwriter Elliott Smith, for example, once admitted in an interview he accidentally put the line "march down the street like the Duracell Bunny" in his 1997 song "Rose Parade," mixing up the brands, seemingly unaware that the Duracell Bunny did, in fact, exist.

I Lost on Jeopardy

Hands up if you thought "Weird Al" Yankovic's "I Lost on Jeopardy!" was an original instead of a spoof of a preexisting song. It's okay: you're not alone. When Yankovic released the song in 1984, the song it was parodying -1983's "Jeopardy" by the Greg Kihn Band - was fairly well-known, having reached number two on the Billboard Hot 100 in May 1983, just behind Michael Jackson's "Beat It." But the Greg Kihn Band quickly faded into obscurity, making Yankovic's spoof a rare example of a parody song completely overshadowing the song it was parodying.

"Not Ready For Prime Time Players" VS "Prime Time Players"

When Saturday Night Live debuted in 1975, it was simply known as Saturday Night. One of its competitors already had the now-famous name: Saturday Night Live with Howard Cosell, which advertised its stars as the "Prime Time Players." Saturday Night writer Herb Sargent came up with the idea of parodying Cosell & Co. and calling his rival troupe "The Not-Ready-For Prime-Time Players," a name which stuck. Saturday Night Live with Howard Cosell, bogged down by the weight of multiple musical guests and Cosell's awkward hosting, flopped and was canceled, airing for just one season. Saturday Night claimed the Saturday Night Live name a few years later, but kept the convention of opening each episode with "Live from New York, it's Saturday Night."

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<![CDATA[Overwatch Characters Drawn As Pokemon]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/overwatch-characters-drawn-as-pokemon/crystal-brackett?source=rss

If you're a fan of both Overwatch and Pokémon, then this list is for you. Although the two games are extremely popular, that's probably the only thing they have in common. Despite these differences, these artists did everyone a favor and fused fan-favorite, memorable characters together, ending in a glorious Overwatch/Pokémon mash-up. This list is a collection of amazing digitally and traditionally drawn Overwatch fan art that reimagines these beloved characters in the form of your favorite Pokémon.

Since everyone knows that Blizzard and Nintendo probably won't be getting together anytime soon to put out some Pokémon/Overwatch monster-capturing game, at least you can dream... or in the case of these artists, draw!

Overwatch Characters Drawn As Pokemon,

Soldier: 76 As Blastoise

Seok-bum Han's mash-up of Soldier: 76 and Blastoise has got you in their sights.

Junkrat As Rattata And Roadhog As Embroar

Artist Namchu cleverly fused together Pokémon and Overwatch characters with their creation of Junkratatta and Roadroar, a fusion of Junkrat and Ratatta and Roadhog and Emboar.

Alakazam As Zenyatta

Alakazam gets a while new set of moves, and silverware, in itsmagichere's recreation of him as the Overwatch character, Zenyatta.

Roadhog As Snorlax

This Snorlax as Roadhog by itsmagichere makes the two characters seem like the perfect match for each other.

Widowmaker As Ariados

The Pokémon Ariados reimagined as Widowmaker by argol will give pause to anyone with arachnophobia.

Pikachu Plays Tracer

Super adorable Pikachu as Tracer by ckibe! The resemblance is almost uncanny.

Zenyatta As Mewtwo

People love fusing psychic Pokémon and Zenyatta, and alanprince's Mewtwo as Zenyatta makes for a mindful treat. 

Widowmaker As A Purrloin

Widowmaker and Purrloin are both stealthy strikers, and hiimmagz highlights this perfectly with their awesome art.

Genji (Greninja Skin)

This awesome digital drawing of Genji as Greninja is by st-alpha, and this Pokémon skin for this hero fits him almost better than the one's Blizzard gave him

Reaper As Cubone

Goinggohinggone's Reaper as Cubone is a perfect fit for the two skull-faced characters.

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<![CDATA[20 Awesome Steampunk Versions Of Pokemon]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/pokemon-steampunk-drawings/crystal-brackett?source=rss

What's better than a bit of nerdy mashup? Not much, really. Crossing universes to re-imagine your favorite characters in a different skin is all part of the fun. That being said, if you like steampunk and Pokémon, consider these steampunk Pokémon creations. Pikachu in a vest and air-gear? Dapper and darling. 

This list features artists who recreated Pokémon through a pair of steampunk goggles, many of them going beyond the Victorian, leather-covered fashion sense of the style is known for; some artists take the opportunity to completely transform the Pokémon into steam-powered mechs, another little bit of nerdy crossover. So saddle up in your airship, grab a Pokédex, and go full steam ahead through this awesome conglomeration of geekiness.

20 Awesome Steampunk Versions Of Pokemon,








Squirtle, Pikachu, And Charmander



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<![CDATA[Where Should the Next Grand Theft Auto Game Take Place?]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-locations-for-the-next-grand-theft-auto-game/l-zane-pinnock?source=rss

The Grand Theft Auto franchise continues to be the gold standard for sprawling, open-world, sandbox gameplay. Grand Theft Auto IV shattered longstanding records and Grand Theft Auto V has, to date, sold over thirty-three million copies and generated over two billion dollars in sales. One of the reasons for its juggernaut success is the highly detailed and dynamic Grand Theft Auto locations. With Liberty City painstakingly modeled after New York City and its surrounding areas and Vinewood capturing the essence of Los Angeles right down to the traffic snarls, the atmosphere in Grand Theft Auto games is every bit as important as gameplay, weapons, or even the characters themselves. Grand Theft Auto cities are living, breathing things that set the tone for the epic crime drama the player will then be taken through.

But let’s be honest. Another visitation to Liberty City or even the vastly larger Vinewood would probably be fatal to Rockstar Games’ record-crushing franchise. Simply put, the players have been there and done that. It’s time to shake things up. There are so many fantastic places that could be the setting for the next installment of GTA that another trip to Liberty City or Vinewood would actually be an insult to the fans. From exotic locations on the other side of the world to new North American cities, the options are limitless. Here are twenty iconic possible locations for the next Grand Theft Auto game.

Where Should the Next Grand Theft Auto Game Take Place?,






Hong Kong

Las Vegas




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<![CDATA[The 25+ Most Anticipated Video Games of 2017]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/most-exciting-video-games-of-2017/justin-andress?source=rss

It’s going to be a good year for gamers of all stripes, folks. Whether you’re a traditional couch potato (represent!) or one of those newfangled motion gamers, the upcoming video games in 2017 have a lot of goodies in store. Even better, the hits are going to keep coming all year long, not just October through December. New video game releases are going to drop throughout the year.

Hell, 2017 might even be the year that VR becomes worth the considerable investment it requires. 

Whether you’re looking to tackle an uncharted region of space, beat the crap out of massive, pissed-off gods, or you’re simply hoping to take another trip through the Old West, 2017’s video games have you covered.

Yet, between all the first-person shooters, the upcoming fighting games, the VR experiments, and the brand new open worlds to explore, which of the upcoming titles are you most excited for? It’s already a pitched battle for year’s best and the choice isn’t going to get any easier between here and next December.

But isn’t that just a wonderful cross to bear?

The 25+ Most Anticipated Video Games of 2017,

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Injustice 2

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Horizon Zero Dawn

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Days Gone

The Last of Us Part 2

Red Dead Redemption 2

Ghost Recon: Wildlands

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<![CDATA[10 Major Milestones from 2016 That Prove 2017 Will Be Huge for eSports]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/how-esports-have-changed-in-2016/taeyura?source=rss

By the end of 2016, it was clear that the eSports industry was bigger than ever and quickly working its way into mainstream pop culture. Gaming tournaments that used to take place in the back of hotel conference rooms or in local arcades now have an international spotlight and globally recognized television networks showing interest in the competitive gaming market. eSports saw a lot of changes in 2016 and those major milestones are proof that 2017 may be the biggest year competitive gaming has ever seen.

10 Major Milestones from 2016 That Prove 2017 Will Be Huge for eSports,

Twitch Grew Into an Internet Behemoth

While many people were shocked by Amazon’s $970 million purchase of Twitch, the streaming website’s current stats proves it was worth the investment. The live-streaming site dedicated to gaming content is outperforming YouTube in some key areas. While Twitch’s overall viewership is far smaller than YouTube's, its viewers consume more hours of content than the average YouTube user. 

According to Tech Crunch, Twitch viewers watch seven hours of content on average every month compared to YouTube’s five hours. Twitch also has better user engagement with its viewers being more active when it comes to posting chat messages and interacting with their favorite broadcasters. Since Twitch has become the go-to platform for viewing gaming tournaments as well as keeping up with popular gamers from across the globe, Twitch's growth can only mean good news for the eSports community. 

Major League Baseball Is Getting into eSports

League of Legends is easily one of the most popular games on the planet and it’s about to get even bigger. Riot Games signed a multi-year deal with a division of Major League Baseball’s parent company that will give MLB the rights to stream the League of Legends Championship Series. The deal means the overall quality of the stream is likely to see a huge boost and it marks yet another multi-million-dollar gaming deal in 2016. The deal is worth a whopping $300 million

The First eSports League with Regional Teams Is on the Way

eSoorts teams are nothing new, but thanks to the success of Blizzard’s Overwatch, a new type of eSports team is on the way. eSports teams have always been made up of players from all across the world, but in 2016, Blizzard announced that their Overwatch league would introduce regional eSports teams. In other words, it would be the first competitive gaming league with a structure that more closely reflects the structure of other professional sporting leagues. 

ELEAGUE Founded in Summer of 2016

Turner Broadcasting officially entered the competitive gaming scene with the launch of their very own league, called ELEAGUE, in the summer of 2016. ELEAGUE hosted two seasons of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments complete with on-air talent and a live audience. ELEAGUE also played host to the Overwatch Open and streamed the gaming action from all the tournaments live to TBS’ massive audience

Nintendo Is Finally Showing Interest in eSports

The competitive gaming scene has mostly been dominated by PC gamers, but both Xbox and PlayStation have always shown interest in catering to the competitive gaming community on consoles. The gaming giant so often missing from the equation, however, was Nintendo. Despite the fact that the Super Smash Bros. series has been huge for the fighting game community, Nintendo has never shown much interest in getting more involved with eSports. That changed in 2016 with the announcement of the Nintendo Switch. A commercial for the upcoming console showed two eSports teams battling it out in Splatoon and suggests that Nintendo will finally become more invested in the eSports business. 

The Industry Experienced a Massive Jump in Revenue Growth

eSports saw incredible revenue growth in 2016 with competitive gaming making more than $194 million in revenue, according to Newzoo. And that number is expected to more than double in 2017. It’s proof that eSports are growing in popularity and in profitability. In fact, it’s estimated that eSports will become a billion-dollar industry in just a few years. 

Several Professional Athletes Created eSports Teams

While professional athletes like Rick Fox had created their own eSports teams before 2016, last year certainly introduced a surprise surge in professional athletes getting into the competitive gaming scene. By the end of 2016, several sports stars, including Shaq and Rodger Saffold, were the proud owners of eSports teams. Other athletes like Kobe Bryant and Andy Miller have expressed interest in competitive gaming and have already made investments in the industry. 

A Competitive Fighting Game Tournament Was Broadcast on ESPN for the First Time

2016 marked a huge milestone for the fighting game community as the EVO Championship series was broadcast on ESPN for the first time ever. It was also only the second gaming tournament to be broadcast on the network after a Heroes of the Storm Tournament aired back in 2015. 

There's Been a Sudden Surge in Schools Offering eSports Scholarships

By the end of 2016, at least seven different universities and colleges were offering scholarships for competitive gaming. The list includes schools like Robert Morris University, University of Pikeville, Columbia College, and the University of California, Irvine. The University of California, Irvine, even announced plans to create a Korean-style PC cafe for all their students to have access to. 

eSports Is Getting Recognized in Mainstream Entertainment

eSports has been growing in popularity, but recently, it has even started gaining traction in the realm of mainstream entertainment. One of the biggest entertainment announcements related to eSports came when Legendary Pictures, Mosaic Films, and Gary Sanchez Entertainment announced Will Ferrell will be starring in an upcoming comedy film focused on the world of eSports. The movie will even call on the likes of actual professional gamers from eSports teams Evil Geniuses and Fnatic. 

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<![CDATA[22 Wonderfully Japanese AF Video Games]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/most-japanese-video-games/christopher-myers?source=rss

A lot of amazing video games (Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, Final Fantasy, Contra, Resident Evil, etc.) were made in Japan. While those games were very accessible to a Western audience, there are some games that are, let's say, uniquely Japanese. These video games are either deeply Japanese in their style and story or they simply don't really translate to other cultures. These are some super Japanese video games here, people.

The most Japanese video games represent a difference in aesthetic, taste, and mindset that reflects the idiosyncrasy of the weird island nation that we all love. Many of these video games find niches in Western markets simply because they are so "Japan." Others make it because, hey, they are really good games. Whatever the case may be, these are some Japanese video games that are well worth checking out.

22 Wonderfully Japanese AF Video Games,

Boong-Ga Boong-Ga

This is perhaps the only arcade game that utilizes a large, realistic human butt. In Boong-Ga Boong-Ga, the controller is shaped like a pointed finger, which the player jams into the giant rear. The objective is to punish characters which include a child molester, you mother-in-law, and ex-girlfriend. At the end, you receive a rating of your sexual proclivity, based on the vehemence of your finger thrust.  

The game itself is actually based on a popular Japanese prank called kancho. Kancho involves sticking two fingers into the anus of your target whilst they are distracted. This one definitely tops the "weird Japan stuff" meter.   

Incredible Crisis

This unique and distinctly Japanese game involves a family that, above all else, needs to get home on time in order to celebrate Grandma's birthday. Preventing you from achieving this noble goal are myriad agents of chaos, from a giant bear terrorizing the town to paramedics who make you answer trivia to test your cognitive abilities.

The PlayStation game is a one-player collection of mini-games, really, in which you must overcome these seemingly random obstacles. The icing on the cake? The absurdity is scored by a ska soundtrack. The only problem with Incredible Crisis is its brevity. A game this awesome and this Japanese needs to be longer!

Katamari Damacy

Words cannot fully describe that which is Katamari Damacy for PS2. As the son of the rainbow-vomiting King of the Cosmos, it is your sole duty in life to take a sticky ball called a Katamari and roll up every item in the world into it. Naturally, most things in said world are as absurd as you are. While it starts out the size of a thumbtack, you gradually roll your ever-expanding ball until it is large enough to consume entire cities!

As weirdly Japanese as the game is, it just works. It is a really fun game. There is something strangely comforting about it, just rolling everything up into the Katamari. The experience is very zen, despite the screams of children and old women as they are consumed by the ball.


Ōkami is as Japanese as enjoying a glass of nihonshu while you watch the cherry blossoms bloom on a warm spring day. Bursting with Shinto (a traditional Japanese religion) symbolism, you play as the honorable (Ō) god (kami) Amaterasu, embodied as a wolf. The "celestial brush" tool evokes shodō, and the entire game is styled like a beautiful ukiyo-e print.

Originally released for the PS2 and subsequently for the Wii and PS3, the game is as fun as it is beautiful. The gameplay is solid, and the story is enthralling. The dialogue is witty and engaging, really drawing the player in and giving personality and dimension to the characters. Simply put, this is a must-play.

Pocky & Rocky

A Shinto shrine maiden and her tanuki (an Asian raccoon dog) friend team up to fight a variety of traditional Japanese Yokai in this old-school, cooperative two-person shooter for the SNES. While the Japanese title actually translates to "Mysterious Ghost World: The Enigmatic Black Mantle," the anglicized title allows the cleverly named "Manuke the Tanuki" to become "Rocky the Raccoon." 

This is the first of the Kiki Kaikai series to be released outside of Japan. It is a top-down 2D game, but you can move at your own pace in all directions. The two-player arcade-style fun make this game widely regarded as the best in the Kiki Kaikai series. The game is difficult, but not so hard that it induces controller-throwing rage. Watch out for Kappa, though!

Total War: Shogun 2

While the Total War series is usually geared towards Western interests, this entry, in particular, is definitely Japanese. Becoming Shogun through decades of war is quintessential sixteenth century Japan. This is as much a history lesson as it is a strategy game. You play as one of the clans from the era and your goal is simple: become Shogun at all costs.

Gameplay combines a turn-based campaign map similar to Civilization with real-time battles. Strategy and tactics are balanced by the importance of diplomacy as you expand your influence across Japan. A variety of tactics can be employed, from sending out ninja assassins to laying siege to an enemy castle. The battle scenes are simply massive, giving an appropriate weight to a war that will determine the fate of the nation.

Yokai Watch

Yokai are traditional Japanese "monsters," for lack of a better term. They include creatures like the Kappa, a frog-like animal with a bowl of water on its head, demons like the Oni, a giant ogre with a club, and ghosts like the Yuki Ona, a snow-woman. According to Japanese Shinto superstition, they are everywhere, causing all sorts of maladies.

In Yokai Watch, you get to catch and battle them. The game is immensely popular in Japan and has managed to appeal to Western audiences as well. It is similar to Pokémon in many ways. Both series inspired anime based on the games, as well as toys and cards. Beneath the cross-media marketing, though, there is a solid game that is a lot of fun to play.

Super Table Flip!

For all those times you became so filled with blind fury that you had to just flip the table, Japan gave us Super Table Flip! Known in Japan as Cho Chabudai Gaeshi!, the object of the arcade game is to cause maximum damage with your display of rage. The giant table prop allows for a deeply satisfying sense of realism.

In one scenario you play a father who is just trying to enjoy a family meal while his wife and children rudely play video games and talk on their cell phones. Who wouldn't want to "flip out," as it were? Perfect in its simplicity, this game is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Hatoful Boyfriend

Hatoful Boyfriend is a pigeon dating simulator. You are a human girl who dates pigeons because a normal high school dating simulator wasn't enough... not for Japan. There are eight datable birds and multiple endings, good, bad, and weird. Seriously, WTF Japan?

Super Galdelic Hour

Certain things in Japan are so bright and colorful that it hurts to think about them. This is one of those things. Super Galdelic Hour involves four animals that are transformed into scantily clad, jiggly women in order to play mini-games for our amusement. The PS2 party game was never released outside of Japan, probably with good reason.

Featuring pie throwing, giant lollipops, and more, this game makes full use of the "super kawaii" style.

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<![CDATA[The Most Underwhelming Video Games of 2016]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/disappointing-video-games-2016/crystal-brackett?source=rss

In 2016, there were a lot of really awesome video games, but there were also a lot of really terrible video games that didn't live up to the hype that came along with them. This list is made up of the most disappointing and underwhelming video games released this year, so vote up the games that weren't as exciting as you expected them to be and vote down the games that actually weren't so bad.

2016 has certainly seen its fair share of virtual disappointment from MOBAs, shooters, survival and role-playing games, among countless others. With all sorts of over-hyped promises and all-around issues including crashing servers, bad graphics, and repetitive gameplay, good games can have such bad problems that it pushes away the player base or just makes the game downright unenjoyable. Take all the server and login issues Pokemon GO had (and still has) and the downright unexciting gameplay No Man's Sky ended up having, for example. It certainly wasn't what anyone was expecting and ended up making the game more of a drag than hours of endless fun and games. Here are some of the most disappointing video games of 2016. 

The Most Underwhelming Video Games of 2016,

No Man's Sky

Many call No Man's Sky one of 2016's largest disappointments. People expected a lot more space-action, and a lot less crafting and juggling resources.

Mighty No. 9

Mighty No. 9 had a huge backing ($3.8 million from 62,000 Kickstarter backers) and promised to be the Mega Man sequel that Capcom was denying fans. Unfortunately, it was a long wait and a lot of hype for what ended up looking like a rejected PS2 game.

Homefront: The Revolution

Homefront: The Revolution is basically Battlefield meets Call of Duty. Not only is the gameplay a copy/paste of every first-person shooter you've ever played, the levels are repetitive and come included with loads of graphical bugs.

Tom Clancy's The Division

Ubisoft wanted Tom Clancy's The Division to be their Destiny so badly. Except it failed to do that because not only are the levels boring, but the end-game is bad.

Star Fox Zero

Although Star Fox Zero sounds fun at first, the bad motion control and boring missions totally take away from whatever was fun about Star Fox in the first place. Star Fox Zero is a seemingly open space adventure where not much critical development was put in after the tech demo.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Activision's yearly military-themed first-person shooter game, Call of Duty, left modern-day war and took place in the far future. The game struggled to successfully imitate the popular first-person shooters like Halo, Star Wars Battlefront, and Titanfall that it was trying so hard to copy.

Quantum Break

Quantum Break really had things going for it as the first big AAA Xbox One game of 2016. Unfortunately, it ended up lacking in performance and image quality, especially for PC players, and was also accompanied by a boring live-action TV show.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

While the original Mirror’s Edge was executed beautifully, the storyline for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst lacked interest and the "open world" is a total lie. The open world is being able to hop around on rooftops, and the bad level design doesn't even make this enjoyable.

Super Mario Maker 3DS

Super Mario Maker is really fun if you actually get to utilize all the features. While Super Mario Maker seems fun on the Wii U, not being able to share levels with other players really restricts the capabilities of Super Mario Maker and makes the port kind of pointless for the 3DS.

Pokemon GO

When Pokemon GO came out, we all thought we were going to be traveling across the land to become the very best... but constant server crashes upon launch, the lack of all 150 Pokemon, and all of the other account-erasing, Pokemon-deleting, phone-throwing issues that came along with it made it not worth the trouble.

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<![CDATA[24 Modern Games Reimagined as NES Covers]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/modern-games-with-nes-covers/nathandavidson?source=rss

Do you like modern video games, but long for a time when things were a bit more pixelated? Then never fear, because this gallery of classic NES covers for modern games will surely provide you with that nostalgia. These awesome fan mockups show what modern games would look like on NES, and they'll make you want to start immediately blowing on things for no apparent reason.

Whether it's a big daddy from Bioshock, awesomely pixelated Fallout 3 art, or a Metal Gear Solid cover that will make you yearn for Contra, you'll find awesome examples of modern games for the NES below. Some of these modern NES box art pictures are better than the originals, but that might be our nostalgia goggles blinding us.

24 Modern Games Reimagined as NES Covers,

Metal Gear Solid

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Animal Crossing


Super Smash Bros.

Guitar Hero: World Tour

Dead Space

League of Legends

Dark Souls

Fallout 3

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<![CDATA[16 Tricks to Help You Defeat the More Experienced Catan Players in Your Life]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/settlers-of-catan-tips-tricks/christopher-myers?source=rss

When you're sitting on a meager five victory points, holding 10 sheep that you just can't unload, and watching your friend hit longest road for the Settlers of Catan win, you may wonder where you went wrong in life. While you can't go back and change all of your poor life decisions - like that time you drank the expired milk and spent the next two days in the bathroom - you can learn a few tricks to win your next game of Settlers of Catan

Settlers of Catan is an award-winning board game created by German game designer Klaus Teuber which involves using resources to build settlements and cities on an island. Naturally, you want your society to be way better than the other ones, and therein lies the competition. You acquire victory points by building roads, armies, towns, and cities, and generally doing things that make a society look cool to its neighbors. All the while, you'll trade resources with said neighbors for mutual benefit.

This list includes some Settlers of Catan strategies that will take your gameplay to the next level. The game has a few specific mechanics that you can take advantage of to gain an edge on the competition. Keep reading below and learn how to win at Settlers of Catan every time. And remember to lord victories over your friends and family like the good sport that you are.

16 Tricks to Help You Defeat the More Experienced Catan Players in Your Life,

Box People Out

Cutting off your friends from expanding to a new settlement and then watching them cry in despair is one of the most important aspects of Settlers of Catan. There are several techniques to achieve this end. First, you can use roads to wall in your opponents. Second, you can maximize the effectiveness of the "two spaces away" settlement placement rule. Instead of simply placing your own settlements two spaces from each other, you can take up more space by putting them three away while still preventing your opponent from placing a settlement in between your two. Be mindful when you do this, however, so it doesn't backfire and prevent you from building a settlement in a desired location.

Diversify Your Portfolio

This refers more to the number token on the resource than the specific resource being sought. It's better to have one settlement on a six, and one on an eight, than two on the same number. The latter scenario results in collecting resources in bursts, which makes a player more vulnerable to losing half their cards when a seven is rolled.

That said, some diversity in resource type is also beneficial. Being self-sufficient can be the difference between a win and a loss in the late game. Basically, you never want to have all your eggs in one basket.

Choose Your Trading Partners Wisely

There is more to a trade than simply getting a good deal. Keep in mind that the trade will benefit the other trader as well, and if that person is already beating you then they can run away with the game. If someone is only one or two victory points away from winning, then it's safe to say that no one should be trading with them at all. A general rule is if they are showing seven victory points without longest road or largest army, do not trade with them. If you are racing someone to a prime settlement location, then you don't want to give them the resources they need to beat you to it. Sometimes it's better to take a bad deal from the bank than to give others access to your precious resources.

Bricks Mean Business

Bricks are the most important resource in the game. On a standard Settlers board, there are three brick and three ore spaces. Brick is necessary for both roads and new settlements, meaning that this resource is in high demand. This is especially true at the beginning of the game, where most players need a few roads and a settlement just to get off the ground. As the game goes on, the focus starts to switch toward ore and wheat, but brick retains value as people strive for the longest road card. Basically, a brick space with a good number on it's going to be a much sought after space.

There Are Two Basic Strategies

The first strategy is to build as many settlements as possible. You focus on the brick and wood resources, and to a lesser extent, sheep. You need a lot of room to expand using this strategy, and you should also try to get longest road. Area control is key, making sure that you can build in new areas while your opponents cannot.

The second strategy is to focus on ore and wheat, and use it to make cities and get development cards. Ore is more important than wheat, as cities require three ore and two wheat to build. The downside to this strategy is that it's vulnerable to the robber, so it makes sense to also go for the largest army bonus if you take this route. Start getting knights early so you can fend off any robbers that seek to ruin your economy. Getting a port also goes well with this strategy.

You can also combine the two strategies, but be careful not to overextend yourself. Additionally, do not try to go for both the largest army and the longest road cards. Pick one, and commit. 

Last to Place? Get a Port

The last person to place their first settlement is in a great position to grab a 2:1 port, because they will know exactly where their second settlement will go. Remember to place the port first (so you can pick up three resources for your settlement), followed by a settlement that takes advantage of the 2:1 ratio. When taking this strategy, it's okay to break apart your settlements to different parts of the board, but make sure that you leave yourself room to expand. Also, keep in mind that you will be forgoing longest road if you take this route.


When using the monopoly development card, it's good to trade away all of one type of resource before using it - then you can ask for that type of resource and get all your cards back, and more! It's a very effective way to get a bunch of different resources essentially for free. Be prepared for a few upset friends, however.

Besides being a development card in the game, monopolizing resources can be a good way to increase the value of your own goods compared to those of your neighbors. Generally speaking, if everyone else lacks access to a resource you produce, you can get a much better exchange on that resource.

On Opening Turns, Ports Shouldn't Be Chosen Second

Keep in mind that during your second turn of the initial placement phase, you will pick up resource cards according to the adjacent resources. If you pick a port, that means that you will only get two instead of the usual three. Therefore, if you want to open up with a port, be sure to do it on the first placement turn and never the second.

What the Heck Are the Dots For?

You may have noticed that the number tokens have dots, ranging from one to five. These dots represent the probability of rolling that number on a given turn (each dot represents the dice combinations out of 36 that can make that number). In other words, more dots are good. You want dots. If you ever aren't sure about which is the better of two spots on the board - based purely on probability of rolls - add up the dots on each tile and go with the intersection that has the higher total number.

Beware of the Sheep Glut

During almost every game, there will be an excess of sheep at some point. Everyone will have sheep, and everyone will be trying to unload them. A person with a well situated sheep port can turn this into an advantage, but this route is only worth pursuing if it's convenient within a player's larger strategy. Above all, don't focus too heavily on acquiring sheep early in the game. They will come. They always come. 

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<![CDATA[14 Video Games That Let Players Take Drugs and Completely Trip Balls]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/ways-to-trip-balls-in-games/aaron-edwards?source=rss

While video games mostly focus on new and exciting ways to vanquish one's foes, some of the more interesting titles like to get trippy while they do it. There are plenty of ways to do drugs in video games, beginning with early games like Super Mario Bros. (someone pass the mushrooms!). OK, that one's a stretch, but Mario does get more powerful when he gobbles down a 'shroom and if you really think about it, that game is trippy as hell.

But this list isn't about implied drug use or plumbers. It's about ways to get high in video games. In modern games, drugs can be found all over the place. Sometimes it’s super explicit like in Max Payne, while at other times it’s a bit more cartoony like in Narc. Some games, like Far Cry 3, thrive on the drug trip as part of its style and others use them as genius pieces of world building - like in the Fallout series, where drug dependence is very real and can change your character's stat line.

Keep reading below to see 14 games where characters go way, way down the rabbit hole. 

14 Video Games That Let Players Take Drugs and Completely Trip Balls,

Max Payne

The story of Max Payne revolves around a designer drug called valkyr that has some pretty nasty side effects. Developed by the military for a black-ops program, it ended up causing hallucinations and insanity in its users. Obviously it ends up on the street. Later in the game, Max gets hit with a huge dose of the stuff, sending him into a trippy nightmare where he imagines himself in the panels of a graphic novel. 

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

The Elder Scrolls games give you the means to do just about anything in the worlds they create, and that includes getting really, really high. The name of the drug is skooma, a crystal that you can smoke to get a stat boost in some areas - but it also gives a massive drop in others. Most notably, your agility hits rock bottom which makes you as sluggish as a drunken dragon.  

Batman: Arkham Asylum

When the Scarecrow shows up in anything related to Batman, you can bet there will be some toxin-induced visions. This one is particularly brutal, with Batman getting drugged and entering his own private house of imagined horrors. While the section is repeated several times throughout the game and can become tiresome later, there is one notable moment where he relives the death of his parents. 

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

The third game in the Uncharted series decided to go the trippy direction in certain sequences. Dosed with a fear drug, Drake goes berserk in Yemen as he’s goaded by the disembodied voice of the game’s antagonist. After going nuts and falling asleep, he ends up right in her clutches. 

Far Cry 3

This game really played up the tribal iconography and stereotypes… which includes plenty of hallucinations. Not only do you get special hallucinogenic pills, but there’s also a mission where you burn down a field of marijuana. Breathing in the resulting smoke cloud makes the mission just a little bit more difficult to play. 

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

Witchers thrive on potion making in order to fight the worst monsters out there. In The Witcher 2, developer CD Projekt RED gives players the chance to try a little drink called the visionary’s potion. The potion supposedly gives the character a look into the future, but what it really does is give you a vision of an alternate world filled with phallic mushrooms and an absolutely massive chicken. 

Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar has never been a company that creates tame video game experiences. Their games are all filled to the brim with profanity, gore, and a thin layer of mean-spirited social commentary for good measure. Grand Theft Auto V definitely pushes the envelope when it comes to drug use in the series. In one scene, Jimmy gives Michael a horse tranquilizer which leads to quite an experience. He gets abducted by aliens, thrown out of their ship, then he free falls all the way back to Los Santos in a technicolor haze.  

Watch Dogs

This game gives you an app to do just about anything, so why not get high? You have the ability to go on “digital trips,” which are exactly what they sound like. It’s all here: demons, robots, mechanical spider-tanks. Completing a trip unlocks a clothing item that players can add to the regular game. 

Fallout: 4

The makers of the original Fallout games - and the subsequent sequels - were meticulous when they built the world. There are drugs called "chems" all over the place that players can use for various stat boosts. Mentats buff intelligence, Psycho increases damage output, and Med-X gives more damage resistance. You must keep taking the drugs to get the boosts... but that means your character will get addicted quickly. There are a few ways to get rid of the addictions such as doctors and anti-addiction meds, and players also have access to the Party Boy/Girl perk, which gives them an immunity to addiction. 

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

At the start of the game, your character has awoken from a nine-year coma only to narrowly survive an assassination attempt. Your hospital buddy, Ishmael, gives you a little something called digoxin to get you back on your feet. But what the game doesn’t tell you is that digoxin can cause confusion and hallucinations, which explains some of the crazy fire ghosts and psychic masked children you see slaughtering everyone around you as you try to escape with your life. 

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<![CDATA[26 Celebrities Who Look Just Like Video Game Characters]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/celebrities-who-look-like-video-game-characters/nathandavidson?source=rss

Art constantly imitates life, and that is definitely the case when it comes to video game characters. These are celebrities who look like video game characters. Celebs who look like video game characters so much, in fact, it's possible they're actually the same entity. Come on, you don't think there's even a slight possibility that some video game characters are celebrities and vice versa? Take a look at these video game characters who look like celebrities below and judge for yourself. Just make sure you turn off your VR headset before you begin so you don't shatter the space-time continuum. 

26 Celebrities Who Look Just Like Video Game Characters,

Adam Sandler

Angelina Jolie

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Cameron Diaz

Conan O'Brien

David Bowie

Dennis Hopper

Josh Brolin

Leslie David Baker

Ron Perlman

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