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These are the greatest games of all time, as voted on and reranked by gamers like yourself. Video games are more popular than ever. Since the early '80 when gaming systems like Atari, Nintendo and Sega first took arcade favorite and made them available to a wider audience, video games have become a part of the pop culture lexicon. Many of the best video games are action and adventure games, usually with an ultimate goal to reach in the end. That could mean rescuing a princess, like in games like the Super Mario franchise and Legend of Zelda, or it could mean battling it out with iconic villains like in Goldeneye. Sometime whooping some butt is fun and if that's your favorite type of video game, then you would be partial to the Grand Theft Auto franchise, Contra and Mortal Kombat as the best video games.

The 00's produced some of the best video games of all time. Halo, Assassin's Creed and The Sims have remained popular ten year after their respective releases. People love playing these games and they've taken their place as classics within the gaming community. 

Vote for your favorite games on this Ultimate List of The Best Video Games of All Time. If there are any of your favorite video games that aren't on this list, feel free to add them. 

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Final Fantasy VII

Super Mario 64

Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. 3

Super Mario World

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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<![CDATA[The Worst Gaming Peripherals of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/bad-gaming-peripherals/ranker-games
Sooner or later, there's going to come a game or to where you realize that your basic controller setup isn't enough. You're going to need an attachment or a microphone or something to enhance your gaming experience. And when you go to your games store -- assuming those things even exist anymore -- you'll see a rack of some of the wildest and worthless video gaming peripherals. 

And you'll ask yourself, "Why? Why do these video game contraptions exist?" Well, we can't help you there, but as you sit down in the middle of a Best Buy floor, contemplating existence, have some fun looking through some of the most awful gaming peripherals of all time. We promise, you'll feel better afterward. 

Whether dealing with a contraption that just has bad design, or an overly expensive controller that's built for just one game (though, for some reason, no one balks at Rock Band for that), this list has some of the craziest (and dumbest) add-ons to your gaming experience. We've scoured all eras of gaming to find this insanity. So check out the list, vote up your "favorites" and check out some of our other video gamings lists! 

Really, just look at R.O.B.. Look into its evil, evil eyes and ask yourself, is this worth spending a lot of money on to help you play a grand total of two video games? It would get its commands from light signals sent by your TV. What if it started getting signals when you weren't playing either of its games? That's how Skynet starts.
Forget handsfree -- play the game with your mind! That's what Atari was trying to pull. Of course, they were lying. It wasn't using brainwaves, it was using your facial tics to get input, and then tried its best to represent that on the screen. Oh! And it also gave you wicked headaches
Wii Football
Poorly designed and just bad form --  why on earth would you have a plastic, aerodynamically shaped ball built expressly for you to fake throw directly at your TV? There's no way we got away from the Wii Football without a few cracked screens. 
Wii Zapper
This was meant to be a peripheral for gamers who like the old school light gun games, and AAA developers were actually building out games for the Wii in that vein. So the Wii Zapper should've worked. But the design itself just didn't resonate with gamers. There were too many things happening at once to enjoy any of them. 
Gameboy Booster
Step One: You want to see the Gameboy screen enhanced. Step Two: Buy the Gameboy Booster so you can see better. Step Three: Instead, get nothing but an always-fogged up magnifying glass. Step Four: Throw it in the trash. 
Power Glove
"It's so bad!" Famous words from an antagonist to promote the Power Glove on the video gaming movie The Wizard. Truth is? That Power Glove was awful. It didn't respond to commands, programming it was a waste of time, and it was too heavy for young kids to be messing around with. 
A mousepad and a literal block of wood. Glue them together. That is literally the Speedboard. Meant to "hold your controller" so you don't have to, it had zero function. None. Fess up, who bought one? You will be judged. 
Tony Hawk: Ride Skateboard
When you're slapping a $120 price tag on a peripheral for a very specific game, the first thing you should work on is making sure that it actually works as intended. Response is sluggish on this board, and when you're playing games that require precise, timed moves - you know, like Tony Hawk games- it kind of sours the whole enterprise.
Aura Interactor
A $160 vest that you would wear that would give you tactile feedback. Only, it didn't. It was supposed to listen for sounds and then respond accordingly, but 80's design couldn't pick out one sound from another, so you just spent a crazy amount of money for an always-vibrating vest
The Activator
Early attempts to create a handsfree gaming experience pretty much universally fell flat on its face. Take The Activator, Sega's attempt. It was woefully inaccurate and looks like some sort of cyberpunk seance portal. The adoption rate was underwhelming. 

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<![CDATA[The Best Board Games of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/the-best-board-games-of-all-time
The best board games ever made, ranked by aficionados and casual players (For a full list check out Ranker's List of All Board Games). What are the greatest board games ever? The classic games that have entertained families of players for decades? Or innovative new table-top role playing games pushing the boundaries between fiction and reality? This list attempts to determine, once and for all, which are the greatest and most fun board games of all time.

A board game here is defined as any game in which pieces are placed on or moved around a flat surface, such as a board. This would include classic centuries-old board games such as Go, Chess, and Checkers, along with more modern games like Settlers of Catan, or even some role-playing games involving game pieces or miniatures. What are the best board games ever? What's the best board game for two people? What's the best board game for groups?

Some games still utilize game pieces but are built more around live interaction or conversation rather than traditional "turn-based" board games. These games – such as Scattergories or Taboo – may not meet the strict definition of a board game, but nonetheless resemble board game-style play and entertainment enough to warrant inclusion.

This list was determined by allowing users to make lists of suggestions for the greatest board games ever, and then holding an open vote on which games were actually the best of all time. Whether you are a hardcore board game geek or just a casual player, your votes count here. If you don't see your favorite board games on the list, add your own list and suggest them. And don't forget to vote on the best games on the list already to ensure they rise to the top! If your mind needs some board game refreshment check out the complete list of board games.




Settlers of Catan

Trivial Pursuit




Ticket to Ride


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<![CDATA[The Best Gamecube Characters]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/gamecube-video-game-characters/ranker-games
Once again, when it came time for all the other consoles to zig, Nintendo chose to zag with the Gamecube. With minidiscs and a curious controller design, there were many parts of its design that people found completely odd. However, as we take a look back at the history of the console, it becomes clear that some of the most interesting and creative characters in video gaming game out of that innovation. That's why we've decided to set up a list of who we think are the best Gamecube characters. 

Whether looking at the classical Nintendo characters like Mario and Kirby, or at brand new characters from the classic Lovecraftian horror game Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem, we've got a wide array of characters for you to choose from. Once again, we get another addition to the Star Fox universe with Star Fox: Assault, as well as some exclusive Resident Evil games for the first time in the company's history. 

So what'll it be? Link from Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker? Or heroine Alexandra Rovias, following in the footsteps of her deceased (and quite mad) grandfather? Either way, vote and rerank this list to your heart's content, and check out our other console video game character lists to see where your favorites stack up! 

Fox McCloud




Falco Lombardi

Rebecca Chambers

Vanessa Z. Schneider

Alexandra Rovias



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<![CDATA[Best Wii Characters]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/wii-video-game-characters/ranker-games
Out of all the strange ways Nintendo has tried to pull away from the pack of "hardcore" gaming, most tend to agree that the Wii was probably the riskiest move the company's ever taken. Targeting a broader range of gamers than the 360 or Playstation 3, it outsold either console by a wide margin -- so they were definitely onto something. But really, the biggest risk was simple -- the Wii Remote. A pointing device as well as a controller that can be be detected in three dimensions, it changed the very action of playing games. 

And it certainly is popular. With this list, we're looking at all of the characters we know and love in their Wii form! Whether continuing the adventures of video game characters you've come to know as an old friend, or seeing new and interesting attempts to change the very nature of some characters you thought were completely unchangeable, the Wii has provided a lot of opportunities to take creative turns on old favorites!

So take a look at our list of what we think are the best Wii characters, and vote for your favorites. Do you like how Epic Mickey played with the character? Who was your favorite Super Smash Bros. Brawl character? Vote, rerank it all here, and then check out our other console gaming lists to see what other systems you like! 

Fox McCloud


Mickey Mouse

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Princess Zelda

Samus Aran

Sonic the Hedgehog



Dorian Dickens

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<![CDATA[The Best Episodes of Pokemon Season 9]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-best-episodes-of-pokemon-season-9/juangabrielgomezalvarado
this is the last season of advanced series, in this season ash come back to kanto for participates in the battle frontier

Ka Boom With a View!

Battling the Enemy Within

Thinning The Hoard!

Harley Rides Again

Home Is Where The Start Is

May, We Harley Drew'd Ya!

Once More With Reeling

Gathering The Gang Of Four!

Going For Choke!

Channeling the Battle Zone!

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<![CDATA[The Best 'Would You Rather' Questions]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/would-you-rather-questions/jacob-shelton
"Would You Rather" is both a fun game and one of the most timeless traditions for sleepovers, long car rides, and boring summer afternoons, and now you can while away the hours with this list of the best would you rather questions. No longer will you feel the need to think up dopey scenarios like, “Would you rather eat a bug or be a bug?” With this list on your side, you’ll rule the backseat of your parents' car with an iron fist. Get your problem solving glasses on and check out this list of good would you rather questions.

If you’ve never played would you rather before (then what planet are you from?), don't worry - it's easy. First, ask a question with two impossible to answer scenarios attached, and then watch your friends and family begin to question everything they thought was real. It’s genuinely amazing to see someone you’ve known all your life fall into an existential quagmire over the most inconsequential of things, thanks to some well-crafted would you rathers. But be warned, you too will face the same pit of despair when the would you rather tables are turned on you. If you think you can handle that kind of pressure, then check out this list of the best would you rather scenarios and get ready to answer some tough questions.

Feel free to add your favorite would you rather scenario to our already mighty list, including both dirty would you rather questions and clean, family-friendly ones. And for funsies, see how many of the scenarios you can answer in the comments before going completely insane.

Would You Rather Be Half Your Height Or Double Your Weight?

Would You Rather Die Saving 10,000 Strangers From Death Knowing No One Would Ever Know It Was You Or Live Knowing Everyone Knows You Decided Not To Save 10,000 People’s Lives?

Would You Rather Eat A Turkey The Size Of John Goodman Or John Goodman The Size Of A Turkey?

Would You Rather Be Happy, But Alone Forever, Or Be Incredibly Depressed With The Love Of Your Life?

Would You Rather Say Everything That Comes To Your Mind, Or Never Be Able To Speak Again?

Would You Rather Babysit A Crying Infant For One Day, Or Have An Unwanted House Guest For A Week?

Would You Rather Shed Your Skin Like A Snake Every Morning, Or Wake Up Every Morning Being Bitten By A Snake?

Would You Rather Have A Bell Go Off Every Time You Were Aroused, Or Have A Sharp Pain In Your Side Every Time Someone Said Your Name?

Would You Rather Freeze To Death Or Burn To Death?

Would You Rather Have Your Significant Other Look Through Your Texts/Emails/Internet History Or Your Employer?

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<![CDATA[The Best Street Fighter Characters]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/all-street-fighter-characters-list-of-street-fighters-/video-game-info
We compiled a list of all Street Fighter characters across every Street Fighter game. Characters in the Street Fighter series include kung fu students, soldiers, monsters, and even gods. There are numerous Street Fighter female characters like Chun Li and Cammy. Feel free to use this list of Street Fighter characters to make your own Street Fighter character list or name your favorite fighting game characters.

Who are your favorite street fighter characters? From original Street Fighter characters to the numerous sequels find the street fighter names of characters you most love and vote for them!






M. Bison





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<![CDATA[The Best Super NES Characters]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/super-nes-video-game-characters/ranker-games
When the original NES came out, video gaming was never the same. So in retrospect, it comes as a surprise that Nintendo's second system, the Super NES, likewise became a (pardon the pun) game-changer in the industry. With improved graphics and a larger stable of games, the system  became one of the greatest of all time. Our list here compiles a number of those characters and shows off some of the best in the history of gaming!

Whether looking at sequels to classics like Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, or brand new franchises that became some of the best in the world, like Chrono Trigger, the Super NES had a wealth of classic video game characters that we've grown to love. No matter if it's the hack and slash of Zelda, or the super-deep RPGs of the third American installment of Final Fantasy, you'll definitely find something to love in this list!

So take a look at our list of the best Super NES characters, vote and rerank as you see fit! Then check out our other console characters lists and see if what we picked stacks up to the list in your head! Let us know how we did.  


Edgar Roni Figaro


Mega Man


Earthworm Jim

Simon Belmont


Sabin Rene Figaro


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<![CDATA[The Best NES Characters]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/nes-video-game-characters/ranker-games
You'll never forget your first, and for many, the Nintendo Entertainment System was their first encounter with console gaming. The first time taking the controller, leaning back and playing games in a way you just can't do with a Commodore 64. And so began the launch of countless series that have become household names. With this list, we take a look at the best characters from the original Nintendo!

From the original Super Mario Bros., with Mario and Luigi, to the beginning of the Metal Gear series and our life-long love of Solid Snake, the Nintendo has been the starting point for a number of famous characters that have gone on to major AAA titles, and even films (of... let's say varying quality) with a theatrical release! We even had the first female protagonist in a video ever with Samus taking charge of the original Metroid! There are so many different characters that got their start right here with the NES. 

So take a look at our list, rerank and vote for your favorites! Is King Hippo the best from Mike Tyson's Punch Out!!? Or is Simon Belmont the best vampire killer of all time? It's all up to you, so let us know what you think -- and don't forget to check out our many other console character lists to see what else you might want to rank!

Donkey Kong



Princess Zelda

Samus Aran


Simon Belmont

Kid Icarus

Final Fantasy II
Final Fantasy II

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