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Finally, a definitive list of the best rappers of all time, ranked by fans all over the world. From the early '80s to present day, this list counts down rap's best lyricists and game changers in history. Lil' Wayne, Method Man, Jay-Z, Eminem, Andre 3000, and T.I are among the artists that appear on this amazing countdown. Rappers from all cities, both genders, and all races are all vying to be crowned the greatest rapper ever.

What makes a rapper great? There are a number of differing definitions and philosophies. Rapper J. Cole (who finds himself on the Ultimate List below) cites consistency as the most important attribute, and says it's important to look both for the big humorous "punch" lines as well as the underlying message of the rapper's songs. Nas (another MC featured on the list) focuses as well on the meaning of the songs, as well as the scale and ambition of the rapper's narratives and storytelling. (He has also gone on the record as saying that there is no such thing as the "best rapper" or "Greatest of All Time" - often abbreviated as G.O.A.T.)

Numerous different skills and attributes all must come together to make a truly legendary MC. Obviously, a rapper must display a sense of rhythm and an ability to compliment the beat in unpredictable and exciting ways. A gift for lyricism and vocabulary is similarly essential - you can have the flow of the century, but if the words don't come together to tell a compelling story or present a unique point of view, it's still not going to translate into a great hip-hop song. But of course there's also an intangible element that elevates some rappers into the ranks of the greatest of all time. Who are these rappers who stand heads above the competition? You tell us, by voting for your favorites below or making your own list of Top Rappers.
The Greatest Rappers of All Time, music, bands/musicians, hip-hop, rap, rappers, hip hop artists,

Dr. Dre


Ice Cube




Snoop Dogg

The Notorious B.I.G.

Tupac Shakur

Kendrick Lamar

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<![CDATA[The Best Metal Songs About Heartbreak]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-metal-songs-about-heartbreak/ranker-music

Heartbreak: Everyone’s been there. All genres of music have tackled the pain of a broken heart, even heavy metal. Don’t let the massive sound of metal fool you; beneath the rage lies a tender side. Okay, maybe not tender, but many metal songs about heartbreak are quite moving and powerful.

There are a lot of excellent, heartbreaking metal songs about breakups or the death of a loved one. And let’s face it, after any difficult split, listening to metal songs about breaking up is essential for hard rock fans. Metal breakup songs may actually help soothe an aching heart; or, at least provide enough balm to start the healing process.

Whether you want to wallow in misery or need a reminder that yes, at times, love totally sucks, crank up these metal songs about breakups and rock on. Deal with your heartache the metal way, by blasting these tunes as loud as you can in your car, at your house, or anywhere else you need some quick music therapy.   

Are you looking for some hard rock breakup songs? Look no further. You’ll find plenty of them on this list. Be sure to vote for all of your favorites – and you can rerank your own list in any order you choose.

The Best Metal Songs About Heartbreak,

November Rain

One Last Goodbye


Before the Dawn

In My Darkest Hour

I Died for You

Unholy Confessions

The Giving Tree

This Love

Slice Paper Wrists

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<![CDATA[The Best Metal Songs About Loneliness]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-metal-songs-about-loneliness/ranker-music

Metal songs often express feelings of loneliness and melancholia. These types of songs can be quite powerful, making for an excellent listen if you’re feeling lost or alone. Whether you need a good cry or just need to find a metal song that perfectly sums up your feelings of loneliness or isolation, these lonely hard rock songs will fit the bill.  

What makes for great hard rock songs about being lonely? Aside from the pounding guitar riffs, a lot of the great metal songs about being alone can help you reflect on your own feelings about social isolation, relying on powerful, heartfelt lyrics that cut to the core.

Everyone feels lonely at one time or another, even when surrounded by other people. Yes, being alone can be incredibly painful, but it can also be cathartic. Take time to listen to these hard rock songs about loneliness, and hopefully you can connect with the music in some way. Some of these songs are about people enduring great pain, but others encourage endurance in life, and the ability to overcome that pain.

Do you have a particular loneliness metal song that isn’t listed here? Feel free to add it to the list, and by all means, rerank your own list, too.

The Best Metal Songs About Loneliness,

Alone Again

Jane Doe

No More Tears

In My Darkest Hour

Crippled & Broken

Here Come the Tears

Alone in the Dark

The Idol

I'm Broken


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<![CDATA[My 25 Favorite Albums]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/my-25-favorite-albums/josh-elder

My ranking of favorite albums. Anything not on here is something I either a) haven't heard b) don't care for more than the albums listed here c) forgot about.

My 25 Favorite Albums,


Midnight Marauders

Pet Sounds

Rubber Soul

The College Dropout

The Low End Theory


Oracular Spectacular

Enema of the State


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<![CDATA[Which Delayed Albums Were Actually Worth the Wait?]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/delayed-albums-that-lived-up-to-hype/jessica-defino

As a musician, there's danger in delaying any album: no album flops harder than a long-awaited album. On the other hand, there's a chance for magic: albums that lived up to the hype sometimes become instant legends, ranking among the best records of all time. The anticipation before their releases makes them that much more memorable, and the time spent crafting the music lends to the myth of their greatness.

Frank Ocean's Blonde has already seemingly reached legendary status. With over four years between Blonde and his previous release, channel ORANGE, Ocean did more than just deliver a great delayed album: he upended the music industry by severing ties with Def Jam, his record label, just a few days before released Blonde independently. A money move.

Not every delayed album causes an industry-wide stir, of course, but between Blonde, Kanye's The Life of Pablo, and Rihanna's Anti, 2016 is been a year of delayed gratification. And we wouldn't have it any other way.

Here are the delayed albums that were most worth the wait. Vote up the records that delivered the most.

Which Delayed Albums Were Actually Worth the Wait?,

Chinese Democracy



The Next Day

The 20/20 Experience



WTF (Where They From)


The Hope Six Demolition Project

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<![CDATA[The Best Singers of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/20-greatest-singers
Who are the best singers of all time? That's a tough question to ask. This list includes many of the greatest vocalists ever, from all genres of music. Whether it's the incomparable, late, great Whitney Houston with her extraordinary pop and R&B tones or rock icons like Freddie Mercury from Queen, Jim Morrison from The Doors or John Lennon and/or Paul McCartney from The Beatles, this list spans decades of incredible musicians. What singers do you feel are the greatest of all time? What are some of the greatest voices in music? Vote for your favorites, vote down any you don't like and feel free to rerank this list your way.

Vote: The Best Rock Vocalists

Putting together the top singers in music history is a tall order. Everyone has an opinion. Some might lean more toward rock vocalists as their personal favorite (think Ann Wilson, Stevie Nicks and Mick Jagger), while others might prefer excellent pop or R&B vocalists like the late Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, or even Stevie Wonder, James Brown or Aretha Franklin.

Rank: The Top Female Vocalists of the Last Decade

Country musicians could also easily be included on this list. Musicians like Johnny Cash and Keith Whitley gave new meaning to great vocals with outstanding country songs. Female country artists, including modern era vocalists like Carrie Underwood could also be included. If country's your thing, vote and add away!
The Best Singers of All Time,


Aretha Franklin

David Bowie

Elvis Presley

Frank Sinatra

Freddie Mercury

Marvin Gaye

Michael Jackson

Stevie Wonder

Whitney Houston

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<![CDATA[The Greatest Albums of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/the-greatest-albums-of-all-time
This is a list of the greatest albums of all time, created and ranked by music fans worldwide. Music is as subjective as any art form, but most people can agree that there are works that rise above the rest. This is not a list of your "favorite" albums, but a list of the "greatest" albums. Whatever your musical tastes, vote and rank the albums you think had the most impact on music, the most influence on culture and other musicians... the greatest relevance to their genre.

If you see an album that should be listed here, be sure to add it! And to really impact this list's order, reranking it to add your own version of how these albums should be ranked. You can also explain your choices for the best albums of all time in the top 10 comments section below. 

So what are the best albums ever? How about the top albums of all time? Vote now!
The Greatest Albums of All Time,

Abbey Road

The Dark Side of the Moon

Led Zeppelin IV

Rubber Soul

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

The White Album

Who's Next

Wish You Were Here

Led Zeppelin


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<![CDATA[The Best Underground Rappers]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-underground-rappers/kevin
The best underground rappers, which includes a lot of underrated rappers within the underground rap scene. A lot of these rappers kill it at free styling and aren't really concerned with the mainstream scene, which the radio focuses on. If you haven't heard of any of these underground hip hop artists make sure to take a listen and at least give them a chance. In addition, this list is vote ranked, which means the Ranker user gets to determine who is 'the best underground rapper.'

Who are the top underground rappers? Use this underground rappers list to learn about indie hip hop artists and expand your knowledge of underground rap. If you feel that there are some artists not on this list, let me know and I will add them if they quality for the list.
The Best Underground Rappers,

Aesop Rock

Big L

Brother Ali

Gang Starr

Immortal Technique

Jedi Mind Tricks

Mos Def


Tech N9ne

MF Doom

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<![CDATA[The Greatest New Female Vocalists of the Past 10 Years]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/greatest-female-vocalists-of-the-past-10-years
The greatest female vocalists of the 2000s from all over the globe duke it out to see who has the best voice. While every artist on the list has had a great deal of success and many of whom very popular, these international vocalists were chosen for their versatility, emotion, vocal range, power and mastery in pop, rock, r&b, and country music. This list includes the likes of Adele, Florence Welch, Pink, and Lady Gaga. There is also another special criteria--all of these women have less than 20 years of musical experience, which means this disqualifies artists like Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Mary J. Blige, etc. Fans have the power to vote on who which female artist has the best voice in music of the new millennium.
The Greatest New Female Vocalists of the Past 10 Years,


Amy Lee

Amy Winehouse

Avril Lavigne

Beyoncé Knowles

Kelly Clarkson

Simone Simons
Tarja Turunen

Lady Gaga

Lana Del Rey

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<![CDATA[The Best Metal Songs About Death]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-metal-songs-about-death/ranker-music

Metal songs about death aren't difficult to find. After all, there's a Death Metal, a sub-genre all about death. These metal songs about dying are often poignant and beautiful – especially if you listen carefully to the lyrics and the emotional way in which metal singers deliver the lines. Either that or they're brutal punishment.

Every genre of metal and hard rock has its songs about death, from extreme metal to radio-friendly riff rock. Hard rock songs about dying are plentiful, and, unfortunately, they are often songs many of us can relate to. Everyone at some point experiences great loss. Music can help with the grieving process.

These metal death songs run the gamut – songs told by someone taking their last breath to those about mass slaughter and laments concerning loss and grief, told by those left behind by dead love ones. Vote up the metal songs about death that you feel are the most moving, and vote down any that just leave you flat.

The Best Metal Songs About Death,

Die Young

Raining Blood

Fade to Black

Cemetary Gates

Ride the Lightning

Death’s Head

In Death Is Life/Death

Beyond the Realms of Death

Left to Die

This is Your Life

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