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Spark: A Space Tail movie quotes help tell the story in the film about a teenage monkey tasked with defending his planet. The animated science fiction film was written by Aaron Woodley using a screenplay he co-wrote with Doug Hadders and Adam Rotstein. Spark: A Space Tail opened theatrically on April 14, 2017.

In Spark: A Space Tail, Spark (voiced by Jace Norman) is a 13-year-old monkey living on planet Bana. Having lost his parents in a tragedy shortly after birth, Spark is raised by his robot nanny Bananny (voiced by Susan Sarandon), Vix (voiced by Jessica Biel) and Chunk (voiced by Rob deLeeuw). Like most his age, he seeks more in life than what his planet can offer and feels ready for an adventure.

Spark gets just that when The Captain (voiced by Patrick Stewart) discovers that Spark has the sign denoting that he's part of the royal family. This angers Zhong (voiced by Alan C. Peterson), an evil space overlord who wants nothing more than to rule the universe. These discoveries set up quite the battle between Spark and Zhong for who will control planet Bana for years to come.

Spark: A Space Tail movie quotes tell a bit about the film just like quotes from other movies do for their respective flicks such as The Fate of the Furious, The Zookeeper's Wife, CHiPS, and Life.  

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Kick Some Asteroid

Spark: Let's kick some asteroid!

Facing an epic battle against Zhong, Spark is clearly excited. He does his best to express this, in the most child-friendly way possible.

Together, We're Taking it Back

Spark: People of Bana, Zhong laid waste to our planet but, together, we're taking it back!
Monkey: Can we go to the bathroom first?
Spark: Yes!

Spark speaks to the people of Bana and gets them pumped up for an epic space battle in these Spark: A Space Tail movie quotes. The people seem on board, or at least they will be after a bathroom break.

A Plan to Take on Zhong

Spark: We need to start on a plan to take on Zhong.
The Captain: We're outnumbered, outgunned...

Spark and The Captain strategize on how they could go against Zhong. The task won't be easy as they are definitely the underdogs, but that doesn't deter them from trying.

Time to Take Out the Trash

Zhong: Spark?! What, I thought he was dead. No matter. It's time to take out the trash. 
The Queen: What exactly are you planning? 
Zhong: Just killing the prince, destroying another planet and having the universe bow before me in fear! Oh yes, anyone up for some lunch? 
Guard: Sure, I guess so
Zhong: Okay, who's driving?

When Zhong finds out that a member of the royal family, Spark, is still alive, he is surprised, to say the least. Zhong wants to take out Spark and his planet, but not before skipping out for lunch.

The Seal of the Royal Family

The Captain: I'm telling you, this is as good as it gets. Ah, your hand! Don't you realize what this is?!
Spark: What?
The Captain: It's the seal of the royal family. 
Vix: What?
Chunk: Your highness?

The Captain gives Spark some words of wisdom in these Spark: A Space Tail movie quotes. Things get even better when The Captain finds a mark on Spark's hand which denotes that Spark is part of the royal family.

Ready for More Responsibility

Chunk: I believe in you, buddy, you just gotta prove that you're ready for more responsibility. 
Spark: I just pulled a muscle, in my entire body.

While speaking to Chunk in these Spark: A Space Tail movie quotes, Spark tries to prove that he's ready for more responsibility. He tries, but, sadly, fails.

Gotta Be More Out There For Me

Spark: I've been sitting on this rock for 13 years. There's gotta be more out there for me. 
Vix: Aren't you supposed to be in bed?
Spark: I'm not a kid anymore. 

Like many monkeys, er, kids his age, Spark wants to do more with his life than what is available to him. He seeks more in life, including a later bedtime.

Bana Was Shattered to Pieces

Bananny: Bana was shattered to pieces. The king and those loyal to him were sucked into the Kraken Slick along with your parents and since that fateful day, Zhong has ruled what remains of Bana with an iron fist enslaving everyone except for...
Spark: Bananny? Bananny?
Bananny: Except for... 
Spark: Except for me, Chunk and Vix

Bananny, Spark's robot nanny, tries to explain a bit about the history of Zhong's life in these Spark: A Space Tail movie quotes, but she seems to keep nodding off in the process. Luckily, it seems Spark has heard this story before. 

Someday, A Hero Will Set Things Right

Spark: There was a time when our kingdom was perfect. Then, the ultimate evil invaded our world, Emperor Zhong. He destroyed our planet and took the royal family. But someday, a hero will set things right. 

Spark talks a little about his situation, which also kind of describes the plot of the film, in these Spark: A Space Tail movie quotes. Life was good, then Zhong messed that up but they hope to get back to awesome someday.

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<![CDATA[The Best Jon Secada Songs Ranked]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-best-jon-secada-songs-ranked/martinaustin

What Are The Best Jon Secada Songs? Please Re-rank The List. Thanks for looking.

The Best Jon Secada Songs Ranked,

Just Another Day

Jon Secada & Marina Elali - Lost Inside Your Heart

Jon Secada & Marina Elali - Lost Inside Your Heart.live

La Otra Fe & Jon Secada - ángel (el Camionero Tvn)

Jon Secada I'm Never Too Far Away 2012

Jon Secada - Amandolo

Jon Secada - Amandolo (too Late, Too Soon Spanish Version)

Jon Secada - One of Kind

Jon Secada - Just Another Day Live Acoustic

Tony Succar Ft Jon Secada - Human Nature (salsa Version)

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<![CDATA[Best Airplane! Movie Quotes]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-airplane-movie-quotes/1491971760840

We all know the airlines are all over the news at this time (Unfortunately not in a good way.) but we can all agree on this that Airplane!the movie is a pretty damn funny movie. So without further ado, I give you the best Airplane! movie quotes in my opinion. I know there is going to be a difference of opinions so feel free to  vote on it or rerank your version of it. You can also add anything to it because I've probably missed alot of quotes(There are too many good ones in it to remember.).  

Best Airplane! Movie Quotes,

Sniffing Glue

Steve McCroskey:I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.

Let Them Crash

Jack Kirkpatrick: Shanna,they bought their tickets,they knew what they were getting into.I say let 'em crash.

Leon Is Gettin Laaarger!

Striped controller: Bad news. The fog's getting thicker.

Johnny: [jumps to an overweight controller] And Leon is getting laaaaarrrrrger.

What Do You Make Out of This?

Steve McCroskey: Johnny, what can you make out of this?

[Hands him the weather briefing]

Johnny: This? Why, I can make a hat or a brooch or a pterodactyl...

A Hospital, What Is It?

Rumack: You'd better tell the Captain we've got to land as soon as we can. This woman has to be gotten to a hospital.

Elaine Dickinson: A hospital? What is it?

Rumack: It's a big building with patients, but that's not important right now.

I Like My Coffee Black

Young Boy with Coffee: Excuse me, I happened to be passing, and I thought you might like some coffee.

Little Girl: Oh, that's very nice of you, thank you.

[takes coffee]

Little Girl: Oh, won't you sit down?

Young Boy with Coffee: Cream?

Little Girl: No, thank you, I take it black, like my men.

Have You Ever Seen a Grown Man Naked?

Captain Oveur: You ever been in a cockpit before?

Joey: No sir, I've never been up in a plane before.

Captain Oveur: You ever seen a grown man naked?

Don't Call Me Shirley

Rumack: Can you fly this plane, and land it?

Ted Striker: Surely you can't be serious.

Rumack: I am serious... and don't call me Shirley.

It Looks Like a Big Tylenol

Reporter: What kind of plane is it?

Johnny: Oh, it's a big pretty white plane with red stripes, curtains in the windows and wheels and it looks like a big Tylenol.

Mrs. Cleaver Speaks Jive!

Randy: Can I get you something?

Second Jive Dude: 'S'mofo butter layin' me to da' BONE! Jackin' me up... tight me!

Randy: I'm sorry, I don't understand.

First Jive Dude: Cutty say 'e can't HANG!

Jive Lady: Oh, stewardess! I speak jive.

Randy: Oh, good.

Jive Lady: He said that he's in great pain and he wants to know if you can help him.

Randy: All right. Would you tell him to just relax and I'll be back as soon as I can with some medicine?

Jive Lady: [to the Second Jive Dude] Jus' hang loose, blood. She gonna catch ya up on da rebound on da med side.

Second Jive Dude: What it is, big mama? My mama no raise no dummies. I dug her rap!

Jive Lady: Cut me some slack, Jack! Chump don' want no help, chump don't GET da help!

First Jive Dude: Say 'e can't hang, say seven up!

Jive Lady: Jive-ass dude don't got no brains anyhow! Shiiiiit.

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<![CDATA[The Best Nelvana Shows]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-best-nelvana-shows/shit

This shows the best of Nelvana

The Best Nelvana Shows,



Dora the Explorer

Stickin' Around

Tom and Jerry

Clifford the Big Red Dog

Sally Bollywood: Super Detective

Scaredy Squirrel



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<![CDATA[The Fate of the Furious Movie Quotes]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-fate-of-the-furious-movie-quotes/movie-and-tv-quotes

The Fate of the Furious movie quotes tell yet another story in the eighth film in the Fast and the Furious car racing movie franchise. Directed by F. Gary Gray, Chris Morgan penned the screenplay based on characters created by Gary Scott Thompson. The Fate of the Furious opened theatrically in the United States on April 14, 2017.

In The Fate of the Furious, Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and Letty Ortiz (Michelle Rodriguez) have just gotten married when Dom is contacted by high-tech terrorist Cipher (Charlize Theron). Cipher reveals to Dom that she's kidnapped his ex Elena (Elsa Pataky), who, unbeknownst to Dom, had his son recently. In order to get Elena and his son back, Dom agrees to betray his family and help Cipher with various tasks.

So when the team, including Dom, Letty, Roman Pearce (Tyrese Gibson) and Tej Parker (Chris "Ludacris" Bridges) do a job in Berlin, Dom goes rogue and tries to off Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson). The rest of the crew are stunned that Dom would go against them, his family, but once Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russell) from the Diplomatic Security Service explains the story about Cipher, they begin to understand. Together, the crew must work with the Diplomatic Security Service to try to rescue Elena and Dom's son and ultimately take down Cipher. 

The Fate of the Furious joined theaters alongside other spring 2017 movies including The Zookeeper's Wife, CHiPS, Life, and Power Rangers.

The Fate of the Furious Movie Quotes,

I Got No Choice!

Cipher: London, Abu Dhabi, Cuba, Our paths have crossed before, Dom. You just didn't know it. I think I need to remind you why you chose to be here.
Dominic Toretto: I got no choice!

Cipher takes a great deal of pleasure in torturing Dom, including in this The Fate of the Furious movie quote. She reminds him that they've crossed paths before, but this one will be the one neither ever forget.

Why Are They Shooting at Me?

Roman Pearce: Why are they shooting at me?
Tej Parker: I don't know. Maybe because you're in an orange Lamborghini.
Roman Pearce: Shut up, Tej!

As Roman learns in these The Fate of the Furious movie quotes, apparently driving an orange Lamborghini is all it takes for someone to shoot at him. The logic here is humorous, if nothing else.

I Don't Know Why He's Doing This

Luke Hobbs: Dominic Toretto just turned on us.
Letty Ortiz: I don't know why he's doing this, but it wasn't Dom.

Luke and Letty cannot believe that Dom would turn on them like he did in Berlin. Letty knows that this cannot be Dom, rather wonders if someone else is pulling his strings.

What's Phase Two?

Roman Pearce: They're still on us. These guys are taking this personal.
Letty Ortiz: You were only supposed to create a diversion, Roman. 
Tej Parker: That was complete destruction. 
Roman Pearce: What you want from me? I'm Roman Pearce, man, it's what I do.
Dominic Toretto: Phase two!
Roman Pearce: Phase two? What's phase two?
Tej Parker: Bombs away!

As Dom and his team are in Berlin stealing a device from a military base, Dom announces phase two, something unbeknownst to the others. Everything changes in these The Fate of the Furious movie quotes when Dom betrays the others by trying to injure Hobbs before taking off.

Dominic Toretto Just Went Rogue

Luke Hobbs: All right, team, listen up. This crew is about family but the game has changed now. Dominic Toretto just went rouge. We've only got one chance to make this family whole again.

Luke Hobbs gives a speech to his crew and in turn explains the plot of the film. It's pretty much like the other seven Fast and the Furious movies, but this time, one of them has turned against them.

You Gonna Turn Your Back on Your Family?

Letty Ortiz: Dom! You gonna turn your back on family?

When Dom and Letty reunite in the heat of battle in this The Fate of the Furious movie quote, she cannot believe that Dom has betrayed her and the rest of their family. So when Dom kisses Cipher right in front of Letty, his new wife, Letty does not take the moment well.

The Very Definition of High-Tech Terrorism

Mr. Nobody: She's the very definition of high-tech terrorism and now, she's working with your guy.
Tej Parker: This is impossible.
Mr. Nobody: Which is why you're going to need a little help.
Luke Hobbs: I will beat you like a Cherokee drum.
Mr. Nobody: Well that took longer than I expected... If you're going to catch Dom, you guys are going to have to work together. 

The crew meets with Mr. Nobody who explains that Cipher has forced Dom to work for her. They all know that going against Cipher isn't going to be easy, but Mr. Nobody has some help in mind.

Did You Think You'd Ever Betray Your Family?

Cipher: You know what I like about you, Dom? You're a genuine outlaw. But your family is about to go up against the only thing they can't handle, you. Did you ever think you'd betray your family the way you did today?

Cipher seems to really get off by the fact that she got Dom to betray his family and work for her. She rubs it in, but what she doesn't say in this The Fate of the Furious movie quote is that he really had no other choice.

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<![CDATA[Best-looking Hair Among U.S. Presidents]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-looking-hair-among-u-s-presidents/roblein

I know, this is really trite. But, what the heck, let's have some fun.

Please pick the presidents who had the best-looking hair. You can have reason you want to list something as best-looking hair. Personally, I go with thickness, general appearance, how well it was maintained, how stylish it was in that period, that sort of thing. It has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of the presidency, because some of the worst presidents had great hair.

So let's be silly. Please vote thumbs up for the ones you like and thumbs down for the ones you don't.

Best-looking Hair Among U.S. Presidents,

Abraham Lincoln

George H. W. Bush

George W. Bush

James Buchanan

James K. Polk

James Monroe

John F. Kennedy

Lyndon B. Johnson

Ronald Reagan

Zachary Taylor

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<![CDATA[The Zookeeper's Wife Movie Quote]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-zookeeper-and-_39_s-wife-movie-quote/movie-and-tv-quotes

The Zookeeper's Wife movie quotes help tell the true story portrayed in the film about how the keepers of the Warsaw Zoo provided safe haven for Jews during World War II. Niki Caro directed the war drama using a screenplay Angela Workman adapted from the book of the same name by Diane Ackerman based on the true stories of Antonina Żabińska. The Zookeeper's Wife opened theatrically in the United States on March 31, 2017, and in the United Kingdom on April 21, 2017.

In The Zookeeper's Wife, Jan (Johan Heldenbergh) and Antonina Żabińska (Jessica Chastain) serve as keepers of the Warsaw Zoo in 1939 when Nazis invade Poland. Jan, Antonina and their son, Ryszard, survive, as do some of the animals. Most of those animals are soon gone though as Lutz Heck (Daniel Brühl), keeper of the Berlin Zoo and Nazi zoologist, arrives to rescue them. 

As Jan and Antonina witness the horrid treatment of Jews in Warsaw, they decide to use their zoo as a safe haven for Jews. But as much good as they are doing, they are also risking their own lives in the process, as evidenced when Jan is shot and captured. Pregnant and nearly alone, Antonina is left to keep her family and friends safe from constant German raids, while keeping Lutz at bay, none of which are easy tasks. 

The Zookeeper's Wife was just one of several great films to hit theaters in the spring of 2017 along with CHiPS, Life, Power Rangers, and Ghost in the Shell.  

The Zookeeper's Wife Movie Quote,

Why I Love Animals So Much

Antonina: All the terrible time you must have had. My father died. He was shot in St. Petersburg. I was, I was about your age. We were taken in by friends sometime soon, by strangers. We were running for so long. No one knows how hard it is, a life in hiding. You can never tell who your enemies are or who to trust. Maybe that's why I love animals so much. You look in their eyes and you know exactly what's in their hearts. 

While speaking to scared young girl Urszula, who was rescued after being raped by Nazi soldiers, Antonina discusses her own story of living in hiding. She also notes how she loves animals as you never have to question if they can be trusted. 

Use the Zoo as a Way Station

Jan: There are people I know, people trying to help. They have trucks. They have guns and they want to use the zoo as a way station. 
Antonina: What do you mean?
Jan: A place to hide Jews until safe houses can be found for them.
Antonina: A friend is different, one friend, but more than one, Jan. You said that yourself.
Jan: They're starving, Antonina. Two kilometers away, they are trapped and they're starving like rats in a cellar. 

Jan approaches wife Antonina with a very dangerous proposition. As he explains in these The Zookeeper's Wife movie quotes, they have space to hide Jews and should take the risk to help those in need.

We Could Hide Them

Antonina: We have room. We could hide them... Bring as many as you can.

While she didn't initially think it was a good idea, after hearing about the horrible conditions for Jews in Warsaw, Antonina agrees to hide Jews in their zoo. As she notes in this The Zookeeper's Wife movie quote, she wants to help as many as she can.

Thousands of People Are Dying

Jan: The country's completely overrun. They're forcing Jews out of their homes. They're taking us all to the ghetto. Thousands of people are dying, the littlest of children. 

Jan informs his family about what is happening as a result of the Nazi occupation in Warsaw. What he describes in these The Zookeeper's Wife movie quotes is horrifying, but sadly, the actual happenings.

Enjoy Yourselves Today

Antonina: Good morning and enjoy yourselves today.

As Antonina opens the gates to the Warsaw Zoo, she welcomes the early guests into the park in this The Zookeeper's Wife movie quote. Little did any of them know, this nice day looking at animals would soon turn to terror when Warsaw is bombed.

What Have You Been Up To

Lutz Heck: Have you been keeping secrets from me? What have you been up to in your little zoo?

Heck thinks he's aware of everything Antonina is doing in what's left of the Warsaw Zoo, but, as he notes in this The Zookeeper's Wife movie quote, that might not be true. Indeed, there's much more going on there than he should ever know.

Stay Safe, My Beauty

Lutz Heck: My god, beautiful!
Antonina: Wait, wait please. You stay safe, my beauty. 
Lutz Heck: Thank you, again. Goodbye, Frau Żabińska.

When Heck arrives at the Warsaw Zoo to take the surviving animals in these The Zookeeper's Wife movie quotes, Antonina does not want to give up her precious babies. Unfortunately, she has little choice in this move, to take the animals to the Berlin Zoo.

You Can't Make a Sound

Antonina: German troops come every morning. You can't make a sound.

Prior to an inspection from Nazi troops, Antonina reminds those within the zoo to remain absolutely quiet. Should any of them be caught, in this The Zookeeper's Wife movie quote or any other situation, they'll likely be arrested and executed. 

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<![CDATA[Top 10 Must Watch Tv Shows You've Probably Never Heard of]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/top-10-must-watch-tv-shows-you_ve-probably-never-heard-of/sashreek-havelia

This is a list of brilliant tv shows that you probably may never have heard of. In some circles ofcourse they are popular, nut are highly underrated and should be watched immidiately. This list will contain spin offs of popular shows as well.

Top 10 Must Watch Tv Shows You've Probably Never Heard of,

Head of the Class

This is another spin off of British sci-fi series Doctor Who. Though it might not be as famous as other spin offs such as Torchwood or Doctor Who itself, this sci-fi tv series is no less intriguing than any of its predecessors. Revolving around a group of classmates one of whom is an alien and their teacher who also happens to be an alien, it takes place in the previously featured Coal Hill school.

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is a marvel superhero with a sassy side. She might not be the rich playboy Tony Stark or super soldier Captain America but she most definitely has powers, a badass attitude loved by all and a powerful backstory. More importantly this series has a good villain which most comic book tv series might lack. Including a cast of Krystin Ritter and BAFTA winner David Tennant (best known for his role as the tenth doctor) this series is comical, serious, gripping and marvelous all at the same time. It is a marvel must watch.

That '70s Show

Brilliantly comical and fantastic. It circles the lives of Eric forman and his high school friends and their comical adventures and misadventures.


Person of Interest

The Hollow Crown


The killing of a young boy in a nondescript coastal town generates sharp media attention. The presence of investigators threatens to negatively impact the peace of the town and unveil its mysteries. Including cast members such as BAFTA winner David Tennant, Olivia Colman and Jodie Whittaker this is a gripping series that might just leave you in tears.

The Originals

This is a spin off The Vampire Diaries and is focused on the character of Klaus Michealson and the original family. This series might not be as well renowned as The Vampire Diaries but is most definitely a much better watch.

A Young Doctor's Notebook

A Series of Unfortunate Events

A Series of unfortunate events is a marvelous adaptation of the series of 13 books A series of unfortunate events by Lemony Snicket which depicts the lives of three orphans Violet, Klaus and Sunny who lost their wealthy parents to a mysterious fire and the series of unfortunate events that take place thereafter including meeting their guardian (Emmy winner Neil Patrick Harris in the role of) the comically villainous, dreadful actor Count Olaf who tries constantly to steal their fortune. It also includes comedian Aasif Mandvi as Uncle Monty. This show is a must watch.

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<![CDATA[CHiPS Movie Quotes]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/chips-movie-quotes/movie-and-tv-quotes

CHiPS movie quotes provide the laughs for the buddy cop movie based on the television series of the same name. Dax Shepard wrote, directed and starred in the comedy, using the show originally created by Rock Rosner. CHiPS opened theatrically in the United States on March 24, 2017.

In CHiPS, an FBI agent is given the name Frank Poncherello (Michael Peña) and assigned to go undercover in the California Highway Patrol to investigate possible corrupt cops. Frank is partnered with rookie cop and former competitive motorcycle rider Jon Baker (Dax Shepard). Their personalities couldn't be more different, but their chemistry works and the two set off to serve and protect.

But when Frank and Jon discover that Ray Kurtz (Vincent D'Onofrio) is leading a team of crooked cops in order to steal money for his son, things get dicey. Kurtz kidnaps Jon's wife (Shepard's real-life wife Kristen Bell) and only the unlikely pair of Jon and Frank can get her back safely and busy Kurtz for his crimes.

CHiPS movie quotes help tell the story of the film just like other quotes do for their respective movies such as Life, Power Rangers, Ghost in the Shell, and The Boss Baby.

CHiPS Movie Quotes,

We Have a Suspect's Head

Peterson: You screw up this case, you're fired!
Officer Frank Poncherello: We have a suspect's head. That's a victory.
Peterson: Nasty!
Officer Frank Poncherello: I was trying...
Peterson: God damn nasty!

Frank gets a talking to from Peterson after an investigation goes awry and leaves a suspect decapitated. While Frank thinks it's a victory, Peterson can't get over the nastiness of the decapitation.

Three Beers Too Intimate

Officer Frank Poncherello: It's like you're three beers too intimate.
Officer Jon Baker: I'm a tough motorcycle cop. I've got no emotion.

While Frank and Jon work well together, their styles of comfort and personality couldn't be more different. As they note in these CHiPS movie quotes, Jon is a little too friendly while Frank errs on the side of emotionless.

All Suited Up for Battle

Officer Jon Baker: It's pretty bad ass, all suited up for battle.
Officer Frank Poncherello: What, looking like UPS drivers? Go brown, right?
Officer Jon Baker: This job is my one shot at saving my marriage.

Officer Baker is really excited for this new job and sees it as a way to get his wife back. Frank, on the other hand, isn't that jazzed about walking around looking like a UPS driver, something he notes in these CHiPS movie quotes.

Let's Kick This Off

Officer Jon Baker: What's up? I'm Jon.
Officer Frank Poncherello: Poncherello
Officer Jon Baker: That's awesome, man. We're partners. Let's kick this off with the real thing.
Officer Frank Poncherello: Oh, dude
Officer Jon Baker: If you're homophobic or whatever, that's cool.
Officer Frank Poncherello: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, you think I'm homophobic?

Jon and Frank meet for the first time in the station locker room. Frank is cordial, but objects to hugging Jon while Jon's in his underwear, which starts their partner relationship on a bit of a strange note.

We Are the California Highway Patrol

Officer Jon Baker: We're the California Highway Patrol. This job is crucial. Without us out there, someone could get hurt.

Officer Jon Baker takes a great deal of pride in his work, as he mentions in this CHiPS movie quote. He understands the importance of the California Highway Patrol to keep people safe, but seems oblivious to the fact that the CHP may be the danger.

Did You Face Plant?

Officer Jon Baker: I need to get into some warm water.
Officer Frank Poncherello: I'm not going to carry you there.
Officer Jon Baker: I saved your life yesterday!
Officer Frank Poncherello: Oh my god, I knew you were going to bring it up.
Officer Jon Baker: Did you face plant in my...
Officer Frank Poncherello: No, no, no, there was no contact.
Officer Jon Baker: I could have swore I felt either your nose or your lips.
Officer Frank Poncherello: Nope... There might have been like a little bit of contact. 

After Jon saves Frank's life in these CHiPS movie quotes, Jon asks for a favor in return. What could have been a simple lift from the floor to the bathtub turns awkward real fast when Frank's face gets up close and personal with Jon's man parts. 

We Need to Focus

Officer Frank Poncherello: Hey, we need to focus. 
Officer Jon Baker: Are you kidding me right now?
Officer Frank Poncherello: I'm just like kind of powerless when it comes to yoga pants.
Officer Jon Baker: Let's get you out of this parking lot. You have a visible erection. You think you can ride with that?
Officer Frank Poncherello: I don't know.

Moments after telling Jon to focus, Frank loses focus himself in the vicinity of yoga pants. To make matters worse, he's now faced with trying to focus on riding a police motorcycle with an erection.

Jon, I Like You

Sergeant Hernandez: Jon, I like you. You remind me of my husband. 
Officer Jon Baker: He is really handsome.
Sergeant Hernandez: You've had 23 surgeries. You can ride a motorcycle, I'll give you that. 
Officer Jon Baker: Yes, ma'am, like a mother
Sergeant Hernandez: No

Sergeant Hernandez interviews Jon Baker for a position within the California Highway Patrol. While Baker isn't exactly the optimal candidate, Hernandez takes a chance on Jon and hopes for the best.

Go Undercover Within the Department

Peterson: The California Highway Patrol think they have some crooked cops. I want you to go on the inside.
Officer Frank Poncherello: Go undercover within the department? That's awesome.
Peterson: We would put you with a rookie named Jon Baker. 
Officer Frank Poncherello: So who am I playing?
Peterson: Francis Louellen Poncherello
Officer Frank Poncherello: Are the first two female names?

Peterson explains the need for someone to investigate corruption in the California Highway Patrol in these CHiPS movie quotes. He has the perfect man for the job, and even takes a great deal of pleasure in giving him two female names for the act.

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<![CDATA[Vote for The Greatest Iconic Movie and TV Shows]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/vote-for-the-greatest-iconic-movie-and-tv-shows/apocalypse

Title says it all

no documentaries or reality shows

Vote for The Greatest Iconic Movie and TV Shows,

Back to the Future

Big Trouble in Little China

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Dirty Harry

Dragon Ball Z

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone



Star Wars

The Shining

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<![CDATA[Life Movie Quotes]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/life-movie-quotes/movie-and-tv-quotes

Life movie quotes help tell the story of the film about what happens when astronauts encounter the first life form from planet Mars. The science fiction movie was directed by Daniel Espinosa using a screenplay written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. Life opened theatrically on March 24, 2017.

In Life, members aboard the International Space Station, including Dr. David Jordan (Jake Gyllenhaal), Dr. Miranda North (Rebecca Ferguson), Rory Adams (Ryan Reynolds), Sho Murakami (Hiroyuki Sanada), Hugh Derry (Ariyon Bakare) and Ekaterina Golovkina (Olga Dihovichnaya), are tasked with retrieving a pod which has collected samples from the planet Mars. They successfully intercept the pod and discover a strange life form within it.

Initially, all are excited about the discovery, including school children who name it Calvin. But before long, Calvin attacks Hugh and injures his hand. Calvin grows larger and becomes incredibly violent. As the crew tries to kill Calvin, the creature goes to great lengths to survive. What follows is quite the battle for the survival of two species, each seeking to get back to Earth safely, without the other.

Life movie quotes give a sneak peek into the film just as other quotes do the same for their respective movies including Power Rangers, Ghost in the Shell, The Boss Baby, and Beauty and the Beast.

Life Movie Quotes,

We Won't Survive Re-Entry

David Jordan: We've lost all communication. We'll hit the atmosphere in 39 minutes. 
Miranda North: We won't survive re-entry.
David Jordan: But it could

With no communication with Earth, David and Miranda must think fast to try to successfully re-enter Earth's atmosphere without the creature. The Mars creature is still with them and, as they note in these Life movie quotes, may even survive when they would not.

The Primal Instinct of Any Life Form

Hugh Derry: What is the primal instinct of any life form? 
Miranda North: To survive

Hugh reminds the others aboard the ISS that the one primal instinct that all life forms have is the one to survive. Their Mars creature has that too and will do whatever it takes to keep itself alive, even killing off humans.

Goodnight, Nobody

David Jordan: Goodnight, moon. Goodnight, room. Goodnight, cow jumping over the moon. Goodnight, light and the red balloon. Goodnight, stars. Good night, bear. Goodnight, noises everywhere. Goodnight, nobody.

David Jordan recites lines from the children's book Goodnight Moon. But as he gets to the end, he goes a little off book to acknowledge that he's alone with no one to wish good night.

Bring the Martian Back to Earth

Student: Are you going to bring the martian back to Earth? 
Rory Adams: No, we're going to keep it up here where it's safe.

The ISS crew holds a live chat with students back on Earth to discuss the Mars creature. When one asks if they will bring the creature back with them, Rory assures them that he will not, at least not willingly.

These Creatures Wiped Out Mars

Hugh Derry: These creatures wiped out Mars millions of years ago. If we let it get to Earth...
Miranda North: We'll risk all human life.
Rory Adams: Let's kill the thing.

In the wake of the attack by the creature on Hugh, the team discusses the threat they're facing. If the creature gets back to Earth, it could very well wipe out humankind, just as it wiped out life on Mars.

Someone Help Me!

Hugh Derry: Help me! Help me! Someone help me!
David Jordan: What is going on?!

When the Mars life form takes hold of Hugh's hand in these Life movie quotes, he pleads for someone to help him. Rory wants very much to enter the lab and assist, but knowing that they need to keep the creature contained, his request is denied.

The First Proof of Life on Mars

Hugh Derry: This mission's primary goal has been achieved. We're looking at the first proof of life on Mars... Lowering oxygen, more carbon dioxide...
David Jordan: That's beautiful.
Rory Adams: I'm finally a daddy. There's going to be a big custody battle over this one. 
Hugh Derry: Look how fast it's growing. Every single cell is a muscle cell and a nerve cell.
Miranda North: All muscle, all brain, how smart is this thing?

In a quarantined lab, Hugh Derry begins to examine the cells found within the capsule from Mars. While the crew initially feel the being is beautiful, they quickly learn that it's also incredibly powerful.

Cue Instagram!

Ekaterina Golovkina: We have visual confirmation.
Rory Adams: I see it. Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on! Wooo! Cue Instagram!

At the apex of the mission, the ISS crew works together to intercept the pod from Mars. Rory is pretty proud of his efforts towards this and even demands someone snap an Instagram photo of his success.

A Major Scientific Breakthrough

David Jordan: This is Dr. David Jordan. Our mission is to intercept a research pod from Mars. This is the first capsule ever to come back from the planet. This could be a major scientific breakthrough.

In these Life movie quotes, Dr. David Jordan gives an overview of the mission. They're capturing the first capsule from Mars and hoping what's inside will lead to a big scientific breakthrough.

It's a Girl!

Sho Murakami: Hey guys, it's a girl!
Rory Adams: Congratulations! Do you have any idea who the father is?
Sho Murakami: Shut up!

When Sho receives word from home that he has become a father to a little girl, the rest of the ISS crew congratulate him in these Life movie quotes. Rory also gives Sho a little jab, asking him about the father of the baby.

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<![CDATA[BJJ Connection]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/bjj-connection/bjjconnection

There are various BJJ federations in the world. But get the latest news on Grappling tournaments in New York at BJJ Connection. On the coming January 2017 National Grappling Tournaments will be held. BJJ physical activity focuses on movements with high intensity and position to shoot at a moderate pace and technical drilling and some is sparring at a controlled rate. On the coming January 2017 National Grappling tournaments in California will be held. This 2017 BJJ Connection comes with its sole mission to deliver well organized, professionally run, and affordable 2017 Grappling Tournaments in Florida for both kids and adults alike.

BJJ Connection,




Our Grappling tournaments 2017 desire to provide and deliver such a perfect experience has resulted in the BJJ Connection tremendous growth with constant praise of our events. Most sports have a traditional sequence - preseason, season, off-season. BJJ physical activity focuses on movements with high intensity and position to shoot at a moderate pace and technical drilling and some is sparring at a controlled rate. On the coming January 2017 National Grappling tournaments in Texas will be held. This 2017 BJJ Connection comes with its sole mission to deliver well organized, professionally run, and affordable 2017 Grappling tournaments in Nevada for both kids and adults alike.


There are various BJJ federations in the world. But get the latest news on Jiu jitsu tournaments in New York at BJJ Connection. Jiu jitsu tournaments in California are physically and mentally demanding match. Depending on the Jiu jitsu tournament, competitors can spend all day sitting all over the place and waiting for his division is up. Some of the principal Jiu jitsu tournaments in Florida which proposals a larger structure, with times assigned a few days before the tournament timetable.

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<![CDATA[Best George Michael Songs (Solo And When He Was In Wham)]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-george-michael-songs-_solo-and-when-he-was-in-wham_/1491971760840

George Michael was and still is one of my favorite pop stars.He maybe gone too soon,but never forgotten.His songs were of my tween and teenage years.So without further ado I give you some of the best George Michael songs in my opinion.I know there is going to be alot of differences in opinion so feel free to change it or rerank your version of it. Also feel free to add more songs to the list because I know I probably missed out on alot of them.


Best George Michael Songs (Solo And When He Was In Wham),

Careless Whisper

Wake Me Up Before You Go Go

I Want Your Sex

Everything She Wants

Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me

Father Figure

I'm Your Man


Freedom 90'


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<![CDATA[The Best Songs Of Trans-X Ranked]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-best-songs-of-trans-x-ranked/martinaustin

What Are The Best Songs Of  Canadian Band Trans - X ? Please add to the list and Re-rank. Thanks for looking.

The Best Songs Of Trans-X Ranked,

Trans X - I'm Your's Tonight (2012)

Trans X - Into the Light Marco Rochowski Remix

Trans X - Living On Video (remix 12'') (1983)

Trans-x - Living On Video (dub Mix)

Bee Gees Vs Trans-x - You Should Be Dancing On Video

Trans-x - Go Go Yellow Screen

Trans-x - Living On Video (the Wookies Remix) (℗2014)

Trans-x - I Want to Be With You Tonight (from Hi-nrg Ep 2011)

Trans-x - Josee

Trans X - Living On Video (bottai Rework)

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<![CDATA[Alpha Male EX]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/alpha-male-ex-v2/dominpres

Alpha Male EX  it's far some other natural remedy for boosting lovemaking usual performance. So, upload 2 or 3 cloves of garlic every day to sit up straight stamina and power. It is taken into consideration as one of the efficient natural male love weakness remedies.In most of the instances wherein couples are unable to provide infant even after trying for enough time male infertility is the precept problem, satisfactory male fertility supplement to increase semen production can be a totally convenient and easy method to the problem.  


Alpha Male EX,

Alpha Dog

Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Alpha Male

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<![CDATA[Toronto FC 3-1 Chicago Fire]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/toronto-fc-3-1-chicago-fire/wakingthered

Rate the players after Toronto FC's 3-1 win over the Chicago Fire.

Toronto FC 3-1 Chicago Fire,

Jozy Altidore

Michael Bradley

Sebastian Giovinco

Justin Morrow

Steven Beitashour

Eriq Zavaleta

Nick Hagglund

Raheem Edwards

Victor Vazquez

Marky Delgado

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<![CDATA[Awesome Things You Didn't Know About The Mantis Shrimp]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/amazing-mantis-shrimp-facts/laura-allan

There are plenty of amazing ocean animals out there, but one of the more overlooked ones is definitely the mantis shrimp. These stomatopods are an ancient creature that are just as brilliantly colored as they are talented hunters. But they're definitely more than just a pretty face. Along with having a legendary mantis shrimp punch, there are many amazing facts about these sea creatures that definitely put them a cut above the rest. 

Some are brightly colored, while others are far more muted. Some are massive - the size of a small lobster - while others are barely the size of your finger. What's more is that we're still discovering more about this animal, because it is intensely secretive. What we do know about these critters is still enough to turn a few heads. By the end of this, you'll probably agree that they're super amazing, but probably will never want one as a pet, for very good reasons.

Awesome Things You Didn't Know About The Mantis Shrimp,

They Can Speak In Secret Code

Most animals have a language that confuses or completely eludes us, but mantis shrimp take their language one step further. Rather than just making noises, mantis shrimp have found a way to communicate with each other in a super secret code.

Researchers discovered that, in order to communicate via secret code, mantis shrimp will bounce polarized light off their bodies in different patterns to get their point across. Their bodies have areas called maxillipeds, and there are spots of color on these appendages. The mantis shrimp has the ability to bounce and manipulate the light to scatter across the spot's surface, and then other mantis shrimp interpret those signals. Other animals can't understand or see this.

Mantis Shrimp Are Not Actually Shrimp

Despite their name and appearance, mantis shrimp are not truly shrimp at all. Instead, they are a crustacean more closely related to lobsters and crabs. Their name mostly refers to their close resemblance to praying mantises, an insect you might be able to find in your garden. However, unlike the mandibles that mantises have, this creature has something a little different. On the ends of its front legs, mantis shrimp have a a raptorial second thoracic appendage, that makes them unique from both mantises and shrimp, as well as crabs or lobsters.

They Are Absurdly Heavily Armored

With how fast these little creatures move, with the type of punch they pack, and with how aggressive and predatory they are, it stands to reason they'd need a pretty thick skin to survive. In fact, mantis shrimp have multiple levels of armor and flesh, starting with a layer that is similar to human bones and teeth. Then, underneath, there are layers of hydroxyapatite and chitin, acting somewhat like a bulletproof vest. Cracks do form, but the material of the shell are such that mantis shrimp can smash things over and over again without the cracks growing. Mantis shrimp can move and attack the way they do without harm. This armor is so effective the military is looking into using similar methods to make better armor for soldiers, as well as better armor for cars and other vehicles. 

They Can Vaporize Water Just By Moving

When a mantis shrimp attacks or decides to move with haste, the consequences on its surroundings can be drastic. For example, the mantis shrimp can move so fast it flash-boils the water around its body or its mandibles. This causes the water to vaporize suddenly, then implode with a sharp bang that can actually be heard by nearby creatures. The bang is accompanied by a shockwave that passes through the water as an added blow against enemies or prey. The heat from the boiling and vaporized water can also harm other animals, which makes a mantis shrimp attack a triple threat: speed, impact, and heat. 

Some mantis shrimp spear their prey rather than smashing it, and these stabbing mandibles can move just as quickly. They can impale prey so fast that no one ever saw it coming, and can be then used to dismember the prey for eating.

They Come In A Huge Variety Of Colors

As far as ocean life goes, it's pretty apparent the mantis shrimp is one of the most brilliantly colored animals there is. What's more, they come in a vast variety of different colors. To date, there are over 350 species of mantis shrimp on record, and most have slightly different color patterns. Some are simple and light in color, while others are iridescent and neon, like the animal pictured here. One of the most colorful is the rather large peacock mantis shrimp, so called because of the way its body resembles the feathers of a peacock. The peacock mantis shrimp is sought after for its color.

They Were Around Before The Dinosaurs

The mantis shrimp is hardly a newcomer to the ocean scene. Crustaceans existed among very early sea life, and mantis shrimp branched off from other crustaceans nearly 400 million years ago. That means there were mantis shrimp scuttling around around 170 million years before the very first dinosaurs ever walked the earth. They have since evolved in an isolated evolutionary lineage, which is why they have such an unusual appearance even to this day. It just goes to show they're such an effective hunter and survivor, that they've managed to go this long without getting wiped out.


Their Attacks Can Move Faster Than Bullets

There are few animals out there who can pack more of a punch than this creature. Many mantis shrimp species tend to eat clams and other hard-shelled mollusks. They can afford to do this because they can attack with their super-hard claws with all the speed of a .22 caliber bullet. Those little claws move so fast the human eye cannot detect them, and impact  a surface with more than 160 pounds of force. The attack doesn't even have to be perfectly on target, because the shockwave they create as they move can be deadly all on its own. They also tend to be predatory in nature, so whether it's a fish, mussel, or potential enemy, the mantis shrimp is going to take them down.

In some cultures, the mantis shrimp is known as the "thumb splitter," and given this information, it's easy to see why.

They Have The Best Eyesight In The World

It makes sense the mantis shrimp would have such incredible eyesight, considering how brilliant their eyes look. That secret code they communicate in can only be seen by other mantis shrimp, and that's because they have the best eyes in the animal kingdom.

While they have trouble differentiating between specific color hues, their eyes are able to see things that ours can't. Each eye has 12 photoreceptors, whereas humans have a mere two. They may be able to see colors we can't even comprehend. What we do know is that they can see and perceive light and shapes far differently and better than us. Scientists have come to believe that mantis shrimp take in all visual information they come across, and that it goes directly into their brains without passing through any sort of processing. This, along with their independently roaming eyes and trinocular vision, make mantis shrimp amazing at reacting to their surroundings in the blink of an eye.

They Make Super Creepy Noises

Although mantis shrimp can communicate though their light-reflecting code, that's not to say they always remain silent. While the females are relatively quiet, the males are more than willing to cause a stir, especially during the dusk and evening hours, when they're most active.

During that period, the mantis shrimp tends to hunt the most, and moves about in order to protect its home. One means of protection is to scare others away, and it does this by trying to sound as menacing as possible. The males will make a low frequency rumbling noise, like a distant earthquake or thunder. Others creatures feel the noise more than hear it. They also make popping and creaking noises, like you're in some kind of haunted house. When they do fight each other, they call back and forth in a sort of rumbling chorus as they battle, letting other animals know to stay far away.

They Can Break Out Of Most Aquariums

Given that these little guys can completely destroy a clam shell or kill a fish in a single blow, it makes sense they would not be easily contained. Their mandibles move fast and hard, and are strong enough that they can easily break most glass, even if it's multiple layers thick. When they are kept, they must be stored in shatterproof acrylic and away from any other sea life they could terrorize and kill. Even the Monterey Bay Aquarium had a mantis shrimp break out of its container and make its way to the children's area in 2001. For that reason, you don't see mantis shrimp in many public aquariums, and you see them even less often in private collections. 

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<![CDATA[Zippy Fan Theories About The CW Superhero Universe]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/fan-theories-about-the-cw-dc-universe/zack-howe

The Arrowverse is chock-full of craziness, opening up all kinds of doors for CW superhero fan theories to run rampant. Fan theories about Arrow generally revolve around the Season 5 finale, whereas fan theories about Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow look ahead to future seasons, speculating on what’s to come.

Weirdly, The Flash fan theories are the only ones really focused on the present. Well, kinda. At least focused on the not-too-distant future, in the case of Savitar’s identity. Actually, not-too-distant in the real world, not The Flash timeline where the Savitar showdown actually takes place in 2024, and you know what, forget it. There are a lot of theories. And with so much lazy writing crazy stuff going on in each universe, any number of things could happen.

Let’s take a look at some interesting speculation about the future of the Arrowverse. Some are likely to come to fruition, and others are sheer lunacy. You be the judge.

Zippy Fan Theories About The CW Superhero Universe,


Right off the bat, it should be noted that Supergirl is on The CW and Gotham is on Fox. Thus, the likelihood of them existing in the same universe is virtually non-existent. Business trumps fandom. That being said, there's a theory from /u/Draxon123’s via Reddit that postulates Gotham is a prequel to Supergirl and it's super interesting, if a little difficult to read. If Gotham ends up casting Tyler Hoechlin (who played Supes on Supergirl) to play a young Clark Kent, that would be intriguing indeed.


This is by far one of the most out there theories about Arrow. One fan has a very long and thought-out argument detailing the copious evidence that Arrow is being written by aliens learning how to be human, but here's the best bit. From /u/ ByrdHermes55 via Reddit:

"Frequent kisses on the forehead between main characters -- abhorrently frequent in Season 1 and 2, often without rhyme or reason in the context of the situation. It is, as if, aliens had learned that humans kiss each other sometimes in a non-sexual fashion, but had not learned when or why this occurred. What's that Thea? Not feeling too good about the fact that I keep disappearing without reason and won't explain why? Here you go you silly bird, kiss on the forehead for you."

Sheer brilliance. ByrdHermes55 is really doing important work. 

So, Who Is Vigilante?

Right up until the moment Prometheus pulled off his hood, revealing that he was Adrian Chase, everyone was certain that Chase was the Vigilante. Well, not anymore. But wait. Could he still be? In a discussion via Reddit, /u/hosekisho argues Chase is both. Adrian Chase is the Vigilante in the comics after all. 

Taking that argument a step further, could Vigilante be Adrian Chase from another Earth? Probably not. But maybe. Probably not, though.

Flash's Time Travel Erased The Harry Potter Movies

Perhaps the most awesome fan theory concerning the Arrowverse deals with implications in the Potterverse. From /u/McGotham via Reddit, this theory points out that nobody harasses Julian Albert (Tom Felton) about looking like the douchey Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter movies. Felton, of course, actually played Malfoy in the films. Thus, the fan posits that Barry's time travel and the subsequent new timeline erased the Harry Potter movies from history.

But wait, what if Harry Potter just doesn't exist in the Arrowverse in the first place? Well, both Cisco and Oliver Queen have referenced Harry Potter, meaning the source material still exists. However, no one has ever mentioned of Julian's striking resemblance to Malfoy, and thus the films were never made. Oh! What if Malfoy is Julian's Earth-2 doppleganger? That would be too awesome. 

Is Supes Gonna Die On TV Too?!

According to /u/Avenged7fo via Reddit, Superman is going to die by the end of Supergirl Season 2. That sure would be something. Part of their case revolves around Supes dying in the DCEU, but it seems unlikely that the Smaller Blue Boy Scout will go down on the little screen. Maybe he should though, because while a lot of problems could be solved with a modicum of his assistance, he only shows up a couple times per year. He's totally a terrible cousin.

Wells Is Playing HR Well

/u/ beardfella via Reddit thinks HR (current Team Flash Wells) has been replaced by Jesse Quick's dad (Earth-2 Wells), given his unexplained disappearance for an episode. This theory inspires a resounding "who gives a sh*t," as Wells in all his forms has become tiring.

Savitar And Barry. Barry And Savitar.

Reddit user Lastdayer not only believes that the Big Bad of The Flash Season 3 (Savitar) is actually the Flash himself, Barry Allen, but they've provided a two-page thesis paper defending this assertion. The most interesting argument therein revolves around syntax.

Lastdayer points to three separate occasions in which the self-proclaimed God of Speed says “I am the future, Flash,” and asks the question, "What if that comma is removed?" Truly, English nerds are the backbone of the fan theory industry. 

Ra's Al Ghul Coveted Oliver As A Replacement

Convincingly, /u/ doctormisterio19 via Reddit argues that Ra's al Ghul actually wanted Oliver to kill and replace him as head of the League of Assassins. His argument mostly revolves around al Ghul's blurry motivations for destroying Star City, and a line about Oliver reforming the League in his own image, changing their definition of justice and swearing off killing.

The best part of /u/doctormisterio19's argument, however, are the many voice-to-text typos within it. Really good stuff. And maybe he's right. He may also be right that, alternatively, al Ghul's questionable motivations are simply a result of bad writing. 

The Holy Trinity Has Fallen In Legends Of Tomorrow

One fan thinks Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are all dead (on Earth-1, at least). From /u/JoshJBell via Reddit

“The most concrete reference to the existence on the trinity on Earth One is Rip Hunter’s line “I’ve seen Men of Steel die & Dark Knight’s fall”. So what if the team we’ve been following weren’t the first Legends? What if this was the second time Rip had gathered a team to take on Vandal Savage? What if Rip recruited Batman, Superman, & Wonder Woman to go fight Savage through time, but he killed all of them, so Rip had to resort to the B-team?”

This theory is super compelling, but also very bleak. If Diana, Clark, and Bruce all fell to Savage, Superman-flunkee-turned-Atom Brandon Routh is unlikely to fare better.

Will Felicity Leave Team Arrow?

Well, according to /u/aardvarkyardwork via Reddit, absolutely. Aardvarkyardwork arduously argues Arrow's arousing suspicion by highlighting some striking parallels between Felicity's story arc and Lana Lang's of Smallville, who had a will-they-won't-they relationship with Clark similar to Felicity's tension with Oliver.

The two finally did get together, but split up, and then became somewhat antagonistic for a bit, after which Lana ultimately left the show. So, kind of exactly what's happening now with Felicity getting back into the hacker game.

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<![CDATA[Behind The Scenes Pictures Of Intense Actors Looking Ridiculous Doing Performance Capture]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/motion-capture-behind-the-scenes-photos/jim-jacobi

Movie magic has evolved light years from the earliest days of cinema, as is evidenced by motion capture pictures of serious actors doing stupid stuff. The boundaries of visual possibilities have never stopped expanding, and the advent of technology’s role in filmmaking has been perhaps the biggest catalyst in bringing previously unimaginable characters to life. It's also given the world some great behind-the-scenes photos of actors doing motion capture and riding the money train all the way to Selloutville. 

For decades, the film industry operated using only practical makeup effects to transform an actor’s appearance on camera. This practice was particularly useful for making antagonists and villains bigger, uglier, and scarier. After CGI swept in, filmmakers had the tools to visually alter not just a few main characters, but anything on the (green) screen. And thus, the glorious tradition of ridiculous motion capture pictures arose. 

Enter performance capture technology. Although the technology itself has been around for some time, it exploded onto the Hollywood map around the turn of the millennium. The biggest benefit of using motion capture in movies is the ability to record the precise movements and emotional subtleties in a performance. Actors like Andy Serkis can truly perform some of Hollywood’s most beloved and famous roles meant for animals. The biggest downside? No actor or stuntman anywhere can escape from looking ridiculous wearing a motion capture suit.

Behind The Scenes Pictures Of Intense Actors Looking Ridiculous Doing Performance Capture,

Andy Serkis

Angelina Jolie

Chris Hemsworth

Jurassic World

Mark Ruffalo

Sam Worthington

Seth Green

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks in The Polar Express.

Zoe Saldana

Jason Cope

Tue, 18 Apr 2017 03:15:10 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/motion-capture-behind-the-scenes-photos/jim-jacobi
<![CDATA[Reasons Why Sugar Gliders Should Not Be Pets]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/reasons-sugar-gliders-should-not-be-pets/anna-lindwasser

Sugar gliders are super cute marsupials named for their predilection for sweet foods and their ability to glide through the air. Because they're so adorable, many people are tempted to take one home. But are sugar gliders good pets? Unfortunately, they're actually pretty bad, and you should think twice before adopting one.

There are a whole bunch of reason why you shouldn't get a sugar glider. If you're considering it, read this list of sugar glider facts before you run out to the pet store. You might end up deciding that you don't need to feed live insects to an animal that bites you when you try to touch it. If you do decide to bring a sugar glider into your home, at least you'll you know what you're getting into.

Reasons Why Sugar Gliders Should Not Be Pets,

They're Incredibly Messy

Sugar gliders are definitely not great dinner guests. When they eat, they end up splattering food all over the inside and outside of their cages. It wouldn't be so bad if it was just food, but their cages are usually soaked in urine, too. This means that unless you want your whole house to smell like pee, you're going to have to do a lot of cleaning.

They Live For Fifteen Years

This isn't necessarily a bad thing - after all, once you've bonded with a pet, you want it to live as long as possible, right?

The problem is, when you choose an animal that lives for 15 years, you're committing to its care for 15 years. Let's say you're a high school student about to go off to college. Can you keep the sugar glider in your dorm room? What about your first post-college apartment? What if you want to travel, do you know anyone who can handle your sugar glider for you while you're backpacking across Europe? Unless you're ready to make a 15 year commitment, you probably don't want a sugar glider. 

They Can't Be Potty-Trained

Unlike dogs and cats, you can't train sugar gliders to go to the bathroom in a specific location - be it outside or in a litter box. While some sources claim sugar gliders are naturally clean, others claim the exact opposite, so it probably depends on your individual glider. If you end up with a messy one, you're going to be dealing with a lot more poop than you might be prepared for. 

They Have A Super Strict Diet That's Not Sold In Pet Stores

Because sugar gliders are exotic pets, you can't just go to a pet store and pick up some kibble the way you could with a cat or a dog. To feed a sugar glider, you can make homemade, artificial nectar, which is fine if you have the time. But let's be honest, a lot of us aren't even putting that much effort into making dinner for ourselves.

Nectar isn't enough, though - sugar gliders also need protein, which they get from eating live insects. If you have a sugar glider, you're probably going to have to keep live insects in your house. You also have to watch their calcium intake. How do you feed them calcium? By first feeding it to the aforementioned live insects. Not worth it.

It Can Take Months For Them To Get Along With Other Pets - That Is, If They Can Bond At All

If you have other pets, you should probably give up on the sugar glider thing right now. While it's technically possible for sugar gliders to get along with other animals, the bonding process can take several months, and it may not work at all. If you already have a loving pet in your household, think carefully about whether it's worth the effort, or the risk of injury.

They Bark In The Middle Of The Night

Do you enjoy sleeping through the night? If so, you probably don't want to keep a sugar glider in your house. While the squeaky clown noises these little guys make might seem cute at first, they aren't so cute when they're echoing down the hall at 3 am and you have to go to work in the morning. If you value your shut-eye, don't get a sugar glider.

They Can Give Birth Up To Four Times Per Year

You can circumvent this one by getting your sugar glider spayed or neutered, but if you don't go that route, you could be looking at a serious sugar baby problem. In the wild, sugar gliders only reproduce once per year, but because of better nutrition and living conditions, pets can give birth up to four times per year, with a litter size of two. That's eight sugar glider babies per year that you have to either take care of or find homes for them. 

They're Super Expensive

One sugar glider can cost up to $200, and that's if you're okay with getting a grey one. They come in a variety of coat colors, but the rarer colors cost more. Once you have the animal itself, you have to factor in the cost of care. Their diets are expensive. They need huge cages that cost a ton and take up a lot of space. They also need toys to keep them entertained, and veterinary care to keep them healthy. 

They Can Be Violent

While these little guys can sometimes be sweet, they also have the potential to be super aggressive. Sugar gliders have sharp teeth and claws, which they will use to bite and scratch anyone they feel threatened by. This is especially troublesome because it can take months for sugar gliders to acclimate to people, meaning violent outbursts are hard to curb. If you're not super patient, or if you have kids in the house, you might want to give these pets a pass.

Fri, 31 Mar 2017 06:18:18 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/reasons-sugar-gliders-should-not-be-pets/anna-lindwasser
<![CDATA[How Rotten Tomatoes Lies To You]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/how-rotten-tomatoes-lies/shanell-mouland

"Let's watch a movie tonight," you say to your significant other, your best friend, your cat, inadvertently setting yourself on a path to discovering how Rotten Tomatoes lies to you. But whatever will you choose? With so many options, you've got to find a way to narrow down your choices. You quickly check Rotten Tomatoes to see what's "Fresh." Surely, if 87% of people enjoyed a film, you will as well. Right? Well, not so fast, because there are some deceptive things about Rotten Tomatoes. 

Do you really know how Rotten Tomatoes works? Or, for that matter, does anyone? Film criticism in the age of corporate sponsorship is a tricky thing. After all, Warner Bros. owned Rotten Tomatoes at some point, and still holds a minority stake, and Fandango owns the majority stake. Is Rotten Tomatoes really ensuring these films are receiving fair and meaningful reviews

Perhaps you think all of this is a bit moronic. Does anyone really care about Rotten Tomatoes and whether or not we understand what it means? Well, yeah, actually. Because Rotten Tomatoes scores can make or break a movie, and are even used in advertising campaigns. 

How Rotten Tomatoes Lies To You,

The Site's Historical Perspective Is Super Screwy And Might Mess With Your Head

Rotten Tomatoes has all the movies. There's stuff from the 1920s on there and stuff that hasn't come out yet. And all these movies are lumped together under the same grading system, despite some of them being rated by glowing retrospectives offering historical context and social significance, and others being rated on a the basis of a single viewing (maybe on a day during which a reviewer saw five other movies) and with an inability to fully understand social and historical perspective.

Here's where Rotten Tomatoes lies to you: according to an analysis of Rotten Tomatoes data by the good folks at Slate,

"Tomatometer rating is strongly influenced by its age. Films from the 1920s, for instance, have an average Tomatometer rating around 91 percent, while films from the 1990s average around 55 percent. Movies might have gotten worse since the Great Depression, but not that much worse. The golden-oldies effect may be explained by a bias toward reviewers reviewing, or Rotten Tomatoes scoring, only the best movies from bygone eras. Rotten Tomatoes includes a score for Casablancafrom 1942, for example, but leaves out clunkers from the same year like The Corpse Vanishes and Lady Gangster."

On top of this, there's a huge difference between a review, written as an immediate reaction to something and with no real purpose other than to tell a readership whether or not to see and movie and why, and a piece of film criticism. You can see these differences when comparing scores and consensus on movies.

Everyone loves the Toy Story films. Only a cynic could hate them. From a critical perspective, they're well-structured, visually innovative, and have solid jokes and performances. They're also damn entertaining. It's easy to overlook any flaws.

The first Toy Story has a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 100%. The consensus reads "Entertaining as it is innovative, Toy Story reinvigorated animation while heralding the arrival of Pixar as a family-friendly force to be reckoned with." That's what you call historical perspective, and film criticism. The film changed animation, and is rightfully regarded as a watershed moment. 

Toy Story 2 also has a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 100%. The consensus reads "The rare sequel that arguably improves on its predecessor, Toy Story 2 uses inventive storytelling, gorgeous animation, and a talented cast to deliver another rich movie going experience for all ages." That is a review. You see the difference, right?

La Dolce Vita, widely regarded as one of the greatest movies of all time, has a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 97%. Dave Kehr of the Chicago Reader and Stanley Kauffman of The New Reader are the sole dissenters, and both raise philosophical objections with what director Federico Fellini says in the film. Should you believe, because two film critics take exception fo the point Fellini makes, La Dolce Vita is a lesser film than Toy Story or Toy Story 2? And, in the case of Toy Story 2, is it fair to compare relatively short reviews to lengthy, thoughtful film criticism of a philosophical nature, as La Dolce Vita faced? 

Audience Scores Don't Correlate To Reviewer Scores

You might go on Rotten Tomatoes and check out both the critic score and audience score before deciding whether to see a movie. Maybe you're looking at The Promise, a 2017 historical epic about the Armenian genocide staring Christian Bale, Oscar Isaac, and Charlotte Le Bon, co-written and directed by Terry George, who made Hotel Rwanda

As of April 2017, The Promise has a critics rating of 45%, with a consensus of "The Promise wastes an outstanding cast and powerful real-life story on a love triangle that frustratingly fails to engage." Not too promising. But the audience score is 89%! Hey, that's not bad. And you can see right there on the page, audience members are offered the opportunity to rate a movie on a scale of 1 to 5, and these scores are averaged into the rating. 

Gonna get to the discrepancy of the score in a minute, but you can see right away how the score given by the audience rating (an average of direct votes made by visitors to the site) differs fundamentally from the critics' score (an average of 'good' or 'bad' assessments made based on the overall tenor of a review, which doesn't offer each critic the opportunity to give a grade for averaging). When you see these scores side-by-side, you might assume they correspond to one another. They do not. 

Then you have score discrepancy. Reviewers must see a movie before writing a review and contributing to the Rotten Tomatoes critics' percentage. Not true for the audience. As Terry George explained at a press conference promoting The Promise, the movie had tens of thousands of negative reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb after just two screenings at the Toronto Film Festival. It's impossible that many people saw the film. So why that many votes? Because it's an inflammatory movie to deniers of the genocide. As George said, The Promise was extremely hard to get made due to the “enormous strategic value” of Turkey (the government of which country perpetrated the genocide). 

Not long after the flood of negative votes poured in, The Promise got a flood of positive votes, apparently from Armenians and other supporters of genocide recognition. Before even being released, The Promise had 3,601 audience assessments on Rotten Tomatoes, and a mind-boggling 129,241 on IMDb (which recent history shows is an ideological battle ground fans descend on in the lead-up to a film's release). 

There Are No Shades Of Gray

If you've ever read a movie review, you know there are a lot of shades of gray. A movie might have great performances but a terrible script. It might have fantastic dialogue but terrible editing. It might have amazing camera work and action scenes but lackluster character development. The positive and negative aspects of a film all come up in a review. 

Reviews also differ by genre and by the stature of the film in question. An action film only need be great at action to get a solid review. Marvel Studios films have a very specific formula, and typically, if a Marvel film succeeds at that formula, it gets decent reviews. Marvel films are entertaining, tightly structured, visually competent, and usually have great actors. The work of a director like Quentin Tarantino or Paul Thomas Anderson, but contrast, is held under a very different microscope. It's like reviewing the Twilight books vs reviewing, say, Tolstoy.  

Rotten Tomatoes levels all playing fields. Doctor Strange, which was by all accounts a mildly amusing retread of Iron Man, holds a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes. Inglourious Basterds, regarded by some as Tarantino's finest hour, has an 89% on Rotten Tomatoes. Because of the site's misleading scoring system, you might be inclined to look at this and think the former is a better film than the latter. Sure, it's all subjective, but honestly, you're an idiot if you think that. And here's where shades of gray come into play. 

Top Critic Todd McCarthy, of Variety, reviewed both Doctor Strange and Inglorious Basterds positively. His blurb on Rotten Tomatoes for the former reads, "An engaging, smartly cast and sporadically eye-popping addition to [Marvel's] bulging portfolio," a summation that essentially amounts to, "Yeah, it's fine, there was trippy stuff, it was amusing, it's a Marvel movie." 

McCarthy's blurb on Inglourious Basterds reads, "By turns surprising, nutty, windy, audacious and a bit caught up in its own cleverness, the picture is a completely distinctive piece of American pop art with a strong Euro flavor that's new for the director," a review you might translate as "Tarantino is kind of full of himself but this movie is fantastic."

A similar case can be found with The Avengers (92%) and There Will Be Blood (91%). Of the former, Roger Ebert wrote "The Avengers is done well by Joss Whedon, with style and energy. It provides its fans with exactly what they desire." Ebert called Blood "A force beyond categories."

The Many Strange Secrets Revealed By The Case Of The Dark Knight Rises

People are really into Batman, and especially Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy. So much so, in fact, a furor arose on Rotten Tomatoes in the lead-up to The Dark Knight Rises, which you read all about in "This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things," a letter from RT editor-in-chief Matt Atchity. 

The calamity began when a negative review for the film appeared on the site. Heaven forbid! Someone doesn't like an overtly fascist film about a billionaire ninja dressed as a bat! That review was written by Marshall Fine, about whom Atchity wrote, "he’s got a respectable background in criticism, and we think he should be included on our site." Fine was taken to task in the Rotten Tomatoes comments section, then, suddenly, his review disappeared from the site. Was a conspiracy underfoot by Rotten Tomatoes to support Warner Bros., which once owned the site and released the Dark Knight films? 

That remains unclear. Atchity says no, that the review was removed at Fine's request, because he got so much hate traffic to his site it crashed. His negative assessment would still figure into the critics' rating for the film. Okay, fine. But the plot thickens. Comments were disabled for a few days on The Dark Knight Rises RT page, then a dude named Eric D. Snider posted a review labeled as coming from Top Critic-worthy site Film.com but actually posted on his own personal website. 

Wrote Atchity: 

"He thought it would be funny to post a negative review link on Rotten Tomatoes that links to his own site. He misrepresented his review link. (In case you didn’t know, some critics post their own reviews, and my staff posts some — it’s about 50/50). By attributing the link to Film.com, he misrepresented that organization. This is not the first time he’s done this. In our opinion, by knowingly posting a link that isn’t a review (and he hadn’t seen the movie), Snider has abused our trust, and therefore, his reviews will no longer apply to the Tomatometer."

There's a lot to unpack here. Firstly, reviewers can post themselves to Rotten Tomatoes, without any oversight. Which means you could ostensibly borrow a friend's login and post a troll review that goes into a percentage that might ruin a film's box office chances. That's cool. 

On top of that, of this Snider character, Atchity wrote, "This is not the first time he’s done this." Hmm. Okay. So not only can critics login and post their own reviews, they can post troll reviews erroneously attributed to Top Critic accounts more than once before being prevented from posting again. That's, ah, maybe alarming is the right word? 

Yet Atchity promises RT is trying to do the right thing. "If a critic often goes against the majority, but has well-reasoned arguments, it’s unlikely we’re going to ban them, at least not just for having a different opinion. We’re not looking for groupthink here."

If you're wondering, The Dark Knight Rises has an 87% on Rotten Tomatoes, though it should be pointed out it has 334 reviews, and only 53 of those come from Top Critics. Of the 44 negative reviews, 13 are from Top Critics. So, it has a 76% with people who actually know what they're talking about, and of that group, a lot had negative things to say about it (Roger Ebert: "The film begins slowly with a murky plot and too many new characters"). 

The Percentage Doesn't Work Like Percentages Usually Do In Your Life

You want to see a movie. You head on over to Rotten Tomatoes. Say you see The Martian on there. Sure, who doesn't like Matt Damon? And space? And Ridley Scott? Wow, look at that! A 92%! Hells to the yeah! Buying a ticket on Fandango immediately (by the way, did you know Fandango owns Rotten Tomatoes? Fun fact. Anyway). 

You look at a score as a percentage and you probably think one of two things, a school test score or an SAT score. Remember when you took the SAT and it told you, after your score, your percentile? That means what percentage of people you did better than on the test. If you got in the 92%, that's crazy! You did better than 92% of people who took the test. At school, if you got a 92 on a test, that meant you only got 8% of the answers wrong. Hella smart. 

That's not how Rotten Tomatoes works. Rather, someone (probably a team of people) goes through reviews for a film (or, in some cases, reviewers post for themselves, which presents a host of other problems, as you'll read later). For each review, someone decides whether the review is, on balance, positive or negative. In many cases, reviewers do not provide grades or ratings, so making this decision can turn into a subjective crap shoot. The number of positive and negative reviews is averaged to determine the percentage of a film. 

For The Martian, a 92% means 92% of reviewers decided the movie was more good than bad. It's possible a number of these reviewers thought it was mediocre, but entertaining, and therefore worthy of a positive review. The number does not reflect a grade in the way it would on a test. 

The Site Runs On Ads And Is Owned By A Vendor Of Movie Tickets And A Studio

Rotten Tomatoes runs a ton of advertisements for movies, TV shows, and video games. It's also owned in part by Warner Bros, and also by Fandango, which exists to sell tickets, and you can't sell tickets to movies no one wants to see. Which begs the question, can positive reviews be bought and sold?

Admittedly, this is a very tricky question, for several reasons. Firstly, the critic writes the review, not Rotten Tomatoes. So the reviews themselves are another matter entirely. But someone decides whether a review is positive of negative. And might Rotten Tomatoes err to the positive when the incentive is right? Or, perhaps, choose blurbs that, even if negative, highlight positive aspects of the film?

Suicide Squad makes an interesting case study. The consensus reads, "Suicide Squad boasts a talented cast and a little more humor than previous DCEU efforts, but they aren't enough to save the disappointing end result from a muddled plot, thinly written characters, and choppy directing."

Okay, so it's got some humor and the acting is good but it's a bit of a mess. Sounds like maybe a 50%, right? Wrong. It's a 25%, and if you average the Top Critics, it's 18%. Yeah, 18%. So 18% of real film critics think it's more good than bad. Basically, it's a steaming pile of sh*t.

Remember that bit earlier about consensus vs. assessment? Check this out: "boasts a talented cast." That's an observation, not an assessment. Is the cast good in this movie, or just known to be good actors? That's the most moronic thing to include in a blurb ever.

How about some blurbs from Top Critics?

  • Anthony Lane: "To say that the movie loses the plot would not be strictly accurate, for that would imply that there was a plot to lose."
  • Joe Morgenstern: "Suicide Squad amounts to an all-out attack on the whole idea of entertainment."
  • Christy Lemire: "It's massive, messy and noisy. And it stinks."
  • Carly Darling: "If awards were handed out for the loudest movie of the year, Suicide Squad would be Schindler's List."

BURN! And, oh yeah, Suicide Squad is a Warner Bros. movie. 

Of course, there's no way to prove Rotten Tomatoes tips things one way or another in favor of a parent company, even if it is true, and in all likelihood, it's not true. Someone would figure out it's happening and bust them on it, right? There'd be some massive expose. 

Still, you shouldn't ever forget to read the fine print, because Rotten Tomatoes can basically disqualify whomever it sees fit:

“Even if criteria under appropriate divisions are met, all applying critics and sources will be evaluated for quality of writing and presentation, as determined by Rotten Tomatoes staff. In all cases, Rotten Tomatoes maintains the rights to approve, reject, and remove critics and sources across all divisions on a case by case basis.” 

The Consensus Is Not An Assessment Of A Film, It's A Summary Of Reviews

As Armond White, chairman of the New York Film Critics Circle, mentioned in his speech-turned-essay "Do Movie Critics Matter?"

"Hollywood always catered to a populist impulse that seemed, in itself, to call for outbursts of excitement or vitriol.. This is the source of the witty riposte or sarcastic put-down’s being considered the acme of critical language. The Algonquin Round Table’s legacy of high-caliber critical exchange has turned into the viral graffiti on aggregate websites such as Rotten Tomatoes that corral numerous reviews. These sites offer consensus as a substitute for assessment. "

White does some great, old-fashioned bashing here, commenting on the ways in which blurb-heavy sites like Rotten Tomatoes have fundamentally altered the language of film criticism. But the real meat of the matter is that last sentence. Each Rotten Tomatoes page contains a consensus for all the critic reviews, to give an assessment of a film. Yet, as White points out, this isn't really an assessment. There's a good chance whoever wrote it hasn't even seen the film. Rather, this is a consensus of various opinions stated in reviews, and typically conforms to the expected critical narrative of a film. 

What does that really mean? Well, okay. Say James McAvoy is in a movie. Five of your friends see this film. You say, "How was it?" They say to you:

  • Friend 1: It was okay. James McAvoy was great.
  • Friend 2: I love McAvoy. The movie was fine. 
  • Friend 3: McAvoy is over-the-top but the locations are cool.
  • Friend 4: There's a cool subplot about space ninjas. McAvoy is cute. 
  • Friend 5: That Scottish guy is crazy. Movie was slow. 

Turn that into a consensus, using jargon: "James McAvoy turns in a stellar, occasionally over-the-top, performance in a serviceable, if sometimes poorly paced, entertainment with exotic locations and an unexpected - and unexpectedly funny - subplot about space ninjas."

That is a consensus of opinions. Is that an assessment of a film? No. Why? Well, what is the film about? No idea, right? Other than the subplot about space ninjas. Do the locations have anything to do with the merits of the movie? No. How many people gave you a meaningful assessment of McAvoy's performance? None. All you know is that he was in it, your friends like him, they think it was good (what does that mean, really, the word "good"?) Not only does your consensus offer no assessment, the things on which you base it are not assessments, but an assortment of random opinions. And there's the rub. 

Everyone’s A Critic, Literally

So who counts as a critic on Rotten Tomatoes? Are you reading a consensus based on reviews written by people who really know what they're talking about? Who work for top publications, have seen thousands of movies, studied film or film studies, know all the correct terminology and points of reference, and understand how the medium works and what makes a genuinely, objectively good movie? Or are you reading a bunch of drivel peddled by fans who used the Internet to weasel their way into critical discourse by espousing the opinions of fellow fans and thereby gaining readership, support, and, because of that, ad revenue, studio approval, and legitimacy?

Reviews from print publications across America make the cut, but how does the site deal with Internet scribbling? According to Rotten Tomatoes, "Online publications must achieve and maintain a minimum 500,000 unique monthly visitors according to comScore, Inc or Nielsen Net Ratings and reviews must have an average length of at least 300 words." Sure, 500,000 seems like a big number, but with sites pulling down tens of millions of unique visitors every month, it isn't, really. And you can apply to be a Rotten Tomatoes-approved reviewer right there on the site. 

Everyone sees movies. You see a movie, you think, "I didn't like that." That's your subjective, probably uniformed (no offense, but it's true) opinion, not film criticism. Still, you might be inclined to tell the world about it via the Internet. If other people with your subjective opinion agree with you and you earn yourself a lot of readers because of that, you can get your reviews featured right there on Rotten Tomatoes alongside people with 20 years experience and a degree in film studies. You might not be a Top Critic, but who actually pays attention to those distinctions? Suddenly, your subjective, uninformed opinion is equally as valid as far more objective reviews from actual film critics. 

As Box Office analysis reveals, negative Rotten Tomatoes scores have an impact on the success of a film. Let's say you and all your fellow fan reviewers give a movie negative reviews. That's tantamount to you saying a filmmaker should've done something different, right? That you know better than filmmakers what makes a good film. And maybe that's right. Who knows. But it probably isn't.  

To put this in perspective, pretty much everyone except the homeless live in a building of some kind, right? You write your movie reviews at a desk in an apartment. Say there's something that annoys you about the layout of your building. You haven't studied architecture or structural engineering, have you? Probably not.

Do you feel emboldened to state your subjective opinion on these perceived problems with your building in a public forum, in such a way that would have a negative impact on an architect or engineer? Do you think you should really be telling these people what to do, or will you just sit silently and think, "I don't like this, but I should let the people who know what they're talking about do their jobs"? 

The Rotten And Fresh Pass/Fail System Doesn't Really Make Sense

So, Rotten Tomatoes scores don't really correlate to a score you might get on a test. What if you take a class pass/fail? If your grade is above 60%, you pass the class, because you've gotten enough things right not to fail. The Rotten Tomatoes Fresh or Rotten rating would seem to be in keeping with this kind of system, right? 

Kind of. The percentage system, at least, correlates. For a movie to receive a Fresh rating, it needs a critics' percentage of 60 or more. But that's not a raw score of 60%, just more than 60% of critics saying the movie is more good than bad, on balance. And 60% is pretty low. A D-, on the letter grade system. So if you look at a movie and you see a nice red tomato, you might still be looking at a movie that only 60% of critics decided wasn't a total piece of sh*t. 

As for the Certified Fresh rating, that's a little more complicated. To quote RT: 

"To receive a Certified Fresh rating a movie must have a steady Tomatometer rating of 75% or better. Movies opening in wide release need at least 80 reviews from Tomatometer Critics (including 5 Top Critics). Movies opening in limited release need at least 40 reviews from Tomatometer Critics (including 5 Top Critics). A TV show must have a Tomatometer Score of 75% or better with 20 or more reviews from Tomatometer Critics (including 5 Top Critics)."

There are some checks and balances going on here. Must achieve a certain percentage, must have legit reviews, at least five reviews from Top Critics. Sure, that doesn't look so bad. But hang on a second. A 75% or better. A 75% is a C. Imagine you bring a home a test with a C on it and proudly display it to our parents, along with the declaration "Teacher said this is certified fresh." Your parents might counter, "What kind of school do you go to that a C is fresh? Study harder, dumbass."

The Term "Consensus" Is Used Very Loosely

Rotten Tomatoes ostensibly offers a consensus of film critic reviews. Some of these reviews are negative, some positive. With enough volume, a consensus usually tips one way or the other. However, the sample size used by Rotten Tomatoes varies wildly, and is therefore not always indicative of  any meaningful cultural consensus. 

By way of example, Teacher of the Year, a 2015 mockumentary staring Keegan-Michael Key as the titular teacher, has a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes as of April 2017. Apocalypse Now, some movie from a guy called Francis Ford Coppola, has a 97%. You might see this and think, "Holy sh*t, Teacher of the Year is better than Apocalypse Now! I gotta see this movie!" 

Not so fast. Teacher of the Year has seven reviews posted on Rotten Tomatoes. Only one of these is from a so-called Top Critic (more on that later). Two of them are from the same site (Kaplan vs. Kaplan) and one is from Cleveland.com, a publication of dubious repute. 

Apocalypse Now has 79 reviews, 16 of which are from top critics. You get a lot more meaningful consensus from 79 reviews that you might from, say, seven. If seven people tell you a movie is good, and you only trust one of them, you might think, "Well, maybe." If 77 people tell you a movie is good (there are, apparently, at least two people in the world who don't like Apocalypse Now), and you trust 16 of them, you will see that movie.

The plot thickens when a Google search reveals there are reviews in the wide world of the Internet for Teacher of the Year not included in the consensus, and not just random stupid blog posts Why? Well, that's really at the discretion of Rotten Tomatoes.

Tue, 18 Apr 2017 09:36:12 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/how-rotten-tomatoes-lies/shanell-mouland
<![CDATA[Princely Anime Characters Who Will Sweep You Off Your Feet]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/princely-anime-characters-who-will-sweep-you-off-your-feet/jonah-dorrance

These regal anime boys and girls possess a way with words, a sparkle in their eye, and backdrops of flowers blooming in their wake. Typically the most popular people at school who everyone wants to be or be with, anime princes fit the bill for ideal anime crushes. While likely at the top of their class and probably rich, princely anime boys and girl are also often humble, which just adds to their desirability. Everything they do looks cool, and even if they’re a little outlandish (see: Tamaki Suoh), they’re pretty easily forgiven. With unmatched looks, on-point style, and gazes that would melt diamonds, these anime boys and girls you'd want to date definitely check all the boxes when it comes to alluring cartoon characters.

The princely type isn’t reserved for the boys either, with Kashima (Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun) and Haruka (Sailor Moon) representing perfect examples of everyone’s dream date no matter the gender. Only a few of these most charming anime boys and girls are actual royalty, but their overwhelming extravagance would make you think otherwise.   

Princely Anime Characters Who Will Sweep You Off Your Feet,

Tuxedo Mask

Tamaki Suou

Shota Kazehaya

Taichi Mashima

Yamato Kurosawa


Yuu Kashima

Victor Nikiforov

Toru Oikawa

Kei Takishima

Wed, 29 Mar 2017 08:24:52 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/princely-anime-characters-who-will-sweep-you-off-your-feet/jonah-dorrance
<![CDATA[Emoji Snakes, Blood Parrots And 11 Other Strange Selective Breeding Creatures]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/animals-result-of-selective-breeding/melissa-brinks

Science has done a lot of things for humanity, but when you use science for selective breeding, it can create some seriously horrifying examples of genetic engineering. When people talk about "genetically modified" things, most think of genetically modified foods, not animals. But there are animals that exist because of selective breeding, making them unique creations of our own, no matter how bizarre or ugly they may be.

Selective breeding is a process that usually takes time. A simple crossbreed is just two animals mating together to create a new breed, such as two different types of dogs that create a mutt. Artificial selection and selective breeding, on the other hand, are a deliberate attempt to breed animals for particular characteristics, such as a certain color of fur or a particular skin pattern. Sometimes that makes for beautiful hybrids, but in the case of some of these animals, it makes for some rather uncanny creations.

Emoji Snakes, Blood Parrots And 11 Other Strange Selective Breeding Creatures,

This Bird Is Bred To Look Like The Number Seven

The gibber italicus canary looks more like a cartoon vulture than its cute yellow origin. Deliberately bred for its bizarre posture, which ideally makes it look like the number seven, this canary breed has sparse feathers and a nervous disposition that makes it ill-suited as a pet for anybody but expert breeders. This canary variant was produced after years of inbreeding to create its strange shape and feathers. While some selective breeding experiments can be cute, this one is more than a little bit creepy. What's even creepier is that its unclear why canary enthusiasts wanted to make this bird in the first place. 

The Most Beautiful Ugly Goat In The World

Goats are cute, right? While the Damascene goat may not be your particular breed of cute, they're often voted as the most beautiful in competitions, with their sloped faces and droopy lips considered desirable traits. Damascene goats are bred for their milk and meat, and are often crossbred with other varieties. And unlike many other animals on this list, their strange appearance has no negative effects on them - though they look odd, they're healthy, useful, and even-tempered, making them great pets or livestock.

These Giant, Wrinkly Dogs Are The Result Of Years Of Selective Breeding

Want a dog that looks something like a kindly old man? You're in luck, because thanks to selective breeding, the Korean mastiff, or Mee Kyun Dosa, exists. These dogs are huge, wrinkly, and gentle, inbred specifically for their rich coat coloring. Their great personalities and striking appearance are a draw for fans of the breed, but unfortunately those years of inbreeding have led to a number of genetic health conditions, such as cherry eye, hip dysplasia, and other issues.

Munchkin Cats Take Cuteness Too Far

It's tempting to take something cute and make it even cuter, but sometimes that backfires. Munchkin cats are one such example. While their large eyes, long fur, and short, stubby legs make them the epitome of precious, these cats are selective bred for dwarfism, which causes their short legs. It also causes the cats to have spinal malformations, limits how much (and how high) they can jump, and leads to a slew of medical problems.

Because munchkin cats are a relatively new breed, there hasn't been much research into whether their lack of ability to jump is due to reduced leg size or because it's painful for them, leading to questions about how ethical it is to breed them for cuteness. In 1995, members of the International Cat Association had a huge blowout over the cats, with some saying they are the cats of the future and others saying they're a cruel creation.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks Are Bred To Hunt Lions

The Rhodesian ridgeback is impressive on first glance, and for good reason - the breed was developed to help hunt animals in Africa, including large animals like lions and bears. Hunters noticed that dogs with the characteristic ridge of hair along their back were typically better hunters, and selective breeding with good hunting dogs led to the breed we have today. Unfortunately, as with many purebred dogs, the Ridgeback is prone to a slew of medical issues like hip and elbow dysplasia, as well as certain disorders of the spine.

The Budapest Short-Faced Tumbler Certainly Earns Its Name

The Budapest short-faced tumbler has an apt name. Its face, especially in comparison to its large eyes, is quite small. Its beak is also considerably smaller, which can lead to feeding and hatching problems for young birds. Initially bred to fly higher than the average pigeon, the Budapest short-faced tumbler has since become a fancy breed usually reserved for showing. Raising them is a tough gig for breeders, as they often require hand feeding and may experience a variety of health problems due to generations of breeding with small populations.

A Scaleless Chicken Is Convenient For Poultry Industry, Creepy For Everyone Else

Ever wanted a chicken without all those pesky feathers? You're in luck, because the scaleless chicken exists. Scaleless chickens look like a regular chicken that's already been plucked and boiled, which is actually beneficial to the poultry industry. Featherless birds are easier to climate control and don't require plucking. The downside? They easily catch parasites and are more difficult to breed because of an inability to flap their wings. Their creepy appearance is just a side effect.

A Goldfish With A Dangerous, Selectively-Bred Trait

The bubble-eye goldfish is a product of selective breeding that make just about everybody ask, "Why?" This variety of fancy goldfish has two water-filled bladders underneath its eyes, which force the goldfish to always look upward. And these bladders aren't sturdy - they can be easily punctured in a tank or even sucked into a filter, opening them up to potential infection. Their cosmetic differences from other fish are more of a hindrance to the fish than a positive trait. The bladders make it difficult to see and pose an infection risk. 

The Emoji Python Is Always Smiling

Why have a normal snake pattern when you could have a snake covered in smiley faces? Justin Kobylka, a snake breeder, spent eight years breeding this snake to have its unique smiley-face pattern. The snake's coloring is normal for an albino ball python, but breeding it to have three complete smiley faces on its back took time and effort. The pattern is a mere cosmetic difference and confers no benefit or harm, other than that all of Kobylka's hard work in breeding the snake means it's worth over $4,000. 

Blood Parrot Cichlids Are Slightly Less Terrifying Than They Sound

What happens when you combine two South American cichlids and mash them together? You create the blood parrot chichlid, a variety of fish bred to have a bright and colorful appearance. Unfortunately, blood parrots are also the subject of some controversy - selective breeding has given them a small vertical mouth that can make it difficult for them to chew. Though they can crush food with their throats, fish lovers have raised concerns that breeding a creature that can't eat effectively is unethical, leading to protests of shops that carry blood parrots.

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If you believe that children are the future, then these kids with attainable life goals suggest quite a strange future. Kids with funny life goals understand life allows people all sorts of opportunities for employment and lifestyle achievements. Instead of being bogged down by pesky little factors like physics or respectability, kids with realistic life goals decided their dreams were not only desirable, they were definitely possible. This photo gallery goes out to funny kids life goals that kept it mad real with funny answers to questions about their future. Most adults already have a hard time figuring out what their life goals are, but when it came to the all-important "when I grow up" question, these kids totally nailed it.

Kids With Totally Attainable Life Goals,

Simple Three-Step Process

Teenage Mutant Ninja Trucker

One Smart Puppy

Mint Condition

Cut It Out, Mom And Dad!

Spud Life

Super Into Soup

Be Like Mike

Pole Position

Forever Single By Choice

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Got American Gods questions? You came to the right place. This in-depth look at Neil Gaiman’s award-winning fantasy novel will answer all of your questions and then some. Much has been written about Gaiman’s book, but a lot of people still want American Gods explained. At its core, American Gods is a study on what it means to be American, but that’s just one of the many facets of this densely layered narrative. While the novel was published in 2001, a number of American Gods mysteries still persist, with fans theorizing over characters and events within the epic.

If you were one of the readers who raced through all 465 pages of the book and still found yourself asking, “So wait, exactly what happens in Neil Gaiman's American Gods?” prepare to have your burning questions answered.

Answers To All The Lingering Questions In Neil Gaiman's American Gods,

What Is The Significance Of Shadow Giving Away His Name And His Heart?

After Shadow stands vigil for Odin, he is reborn. While the storm swells around him and he’s hanging from the World Tree, the book describes him as never having felt more alive. Giving away his name and heart represented a new life for him. Shadow’s name is significant, a large part of his character. Giving away his name symbolizes Shadow’s choice to become his own person. Giving up his heart, the one that was crushed by Laura’s death and infidelity, is probably meant to symbolize Shadow putting Laura behind him and moving on with his life.

He shed his old self, the Shadow who used to take the fall for his wife, the Shadow who quietly went along with each of Wednesday’s crazy schemes, and became a new person. He became his own person with his own agency.

What Is The Significance Of Shadow’s Name?

Any fan of Neil Gaiman’s knows how important names are within his body of work. In his novel Coraline, a cat tells the title character that cats don’t have names, but “people have names. That's because you don't know who you are. We know who we are, so we don't need names.” In Gaiman’s works, names inform the characters, as well as the reader’s perception of them, and that’s true of Shadow’s name in American Gods.

There are several ways to interpret Shadow’s name. Like his name, he is a shadow. He’s able to slip into the background and seamlessly disappear into any role. He pretends to be Mike Ainsel with relative ease, he endears himself to nearly every Old God he meets (especially the Slavic ones), and he’s able to pull off playing Wednesday’s boss during their bank robbery. When asked about this particular trait of Shadow’s and its ties to his name, Gaiman said, “One of the strangest things I found when writing Shadow is that he has no personality unless he's with somebody. At which point he will adopt a personality, or occasionally mirror them.”

At the same time, he casts a pretty big shadow – literally. The book frequently calls attention to the fact that Shadow is a large man. And while he might cast a sizeable, actual shadow, he also casts a pretty big metaphorical one. He’s the guy everyone is after – Old Gods and New. In a way, Shadow’s name encapsulates his character’s arc. He starts off as a shadow, out of the picture in prison, and then steps out of that shadow and begins to cast his own. At the World Tree, Shadow is in part responsible for the raging storm that engulfs him and his surroundings in shadow. It’s after this point in the narrative that he goes from being a passive player, almost always doing what he’s told or what he’s manipulated to do, to making his own choices.

Why Isn't Jesus In The Novel?

There’s no denying that America is primarily a Christian country in terms of religion, with a Christian population of nearly 75%, according to a 2015 poll. With that in mind, some might wonder why Jesus doesn’t make an appearance in American Gods. When asked about the omission of Jesus, Gaiman said,

“I'd been looking forward to writing the scene of the meeting of Shadow and Jesus for most of the book: I couldn't write about America without writing about Jesus, after all. He's part of the warp and weft of the country. And then I wrote their first scene together in chapter fifteen, and it didn't work for me; I felt like I was alluding to something that I could not simply mention in passing and then move on from. It was too big." 

While it was in the cards, it just didn't get to the page, which is a shame because it would have been a real treat to see Gaiman's take on Jesus. 

Why Is America A Bad Place For The Gods?

"This is a bad land for gods," Shadow tells the gods as they’re about to fight in what would have undoubtedly been an epic battle. To gain more insight as to why America is a bad place for the gods, you have to examine one of the main themes within American Gods – that of the immigrant experience. When asked about the novel, Gaiman said,

“I was trying to describe the experience of coming to America as an immigrant, the experience of watching the way that America tends to eat other cultures... I think I was trying to talk about both the blanding of other cultures, the way the rough edges get knocked off very quickly and the way the things that make them special and unique get forgotten or lost or abandoned or subsumed into the ‘American Dream.’”

The decline of the ancient gods is meant to be an allegory. Their dwindling influence represents the process of assimilation that many immigrants go through when they come to America. As they assimilate, some immigrants lose their traditions, sometimes out of necessity. Conform or perish. Some of the gods, like Easter, were able to adapt to the new land, but others, like Odin, weren’t as successful. And as Shadow notes during his big speech to the deities, “The new gods are as quickly taken up as they are abandoned, cast aside for the next big thing.”

Who Is The God Shadow Can Never Remember?

The identity of the god Shadow can never remember is something fans of the novel have been theorizing about for years. There are a ton of theories circulating the Internet, and the Forgotten God has parallels to beings from a number of pantheons, including the Greek, Indian, and Irish. Some theories don’t link him to a specific pantheon at all, and argue that he’s the god of luck, change, or anonymity.

One intriguing theory posits that the Forgotten God is truly a forgotten god – one that no one in America remembers anymore. That’s why Shadow and other people can’t remember him. He used to be a god, probably one of wealth, but since no one believes in him anymore, no one remembers his name. They vaguely recall meeting him, but his identity eludes them no matter how many times they’re re-introduced. His character is meant to show us the fate that awaits the other ancient gods if they continue to be overshadowed by the new.

Who Was Really Responsible For Laura's Death?

Laura’s death initially appears to be a deeply unfortunate accident, but a conversation later in the novel indicates that her death might have been orchestrated by Wednesday and Loki as part of their con. During a confrontation at the battle, Wednesday and Loki rather nonchalantly imply that they were responsible for Laura’s death:

“Wednesday's ghost-voice echoed. ‘I needed you, my boy. Yes. My own boy. I knew that you had been conceived, but your mother left the country. It took us so long to find you. And when we did find you, you were in prison. We needed to find out what made you tick. What buttons we could press to make you move. Who you were.’ Loki looked, momentarily, pleased with himself. ‘And you had a wife to go back home to. It was unfortunate, but not insurmountable.’

'She was no good for you,' whispered Loki. 'You were better off without her.'

'If it could have been any other way,' said Wednesday, and this time Shadow knew what he meant."

Wednesday needed Shadow for his plan, but with Laura still in the picture, Shadow would have never agreed to work for Wednesday. He had a wife and a job waiting for him, after all. Once those two things were gone, especially Laura, Shadow had nothing, so he joined up with Wednesday. So yeah, Odin's probably not winning any Father of the Year awards. 

Is Shadow Thor Reborn?

While it’s almost entirely certain that Shadow is meant to be Baldr, there are still a lot fans who believe Shadow is one of Odin’s other sons, Thor. Like Thor, Shadow cuts a huge, striking figure. Perhaps more significantly, he’s always dreaming of an impending storm. Thor, of course, is the god of sky and thunder – his powers are closely linked with the weather. In the novel, Shadow is almost always aware of the weather, regularly describing the oncoming storm.

The storm is meant to foreshadow the fight between the gods and the beginning of Ragnarök, but Shadow’s hyperawareness of the storm could indicate that he has some kind of connection to the weather and maybe even some power over it. Remember, he might have made it snow once. Even his name, “Shadow,” can be interpreted as a reference to the weather. As a god who could conjure tumultuous storms, he has the power to cast a shadow over the Earth.

There’s one scene in particular that illustrates a striking link between Shadow and thunder. While he’s hanging from the World Tree, 

“...lightning flickered and forked across the sky, and the thunder subsided into an omnipresent rumbling, with occasional bangs and roars like distant bombs exploding in the night... A strange joy rose within Shadow then, and he started laughing as the rain washed his naked skin and the lightning flashed and thunder rumbled so loudly that he could barely hear himself laugh. He exulted. He was alive. He had never felt like this. Ever.”

It seems like Shadow’s death at the World Tree awakened something within him, and he experiences overwhelming euphoria as the storm rages on around him. Perhaps, without knowing it, he’s the one who conjured the thunder and lightning, and maybe he was unknowingly influencing the weather around him throughout the entire novel.

That said, in mythology Thor is often depicted as being slow-witted, where Shadow is portrayed as rather intelligent and perceptive. While it’s a fun theory to entertain, it’s more likely that Shadow is meant to be Baldr, as Gaiman named him in The Monarch of the Glen

Is Shadow The Norse God Baldr?

In his novella The Monarch of the Glen, Neil Gaiman reveals Shadow’s real name: Baldur Moon. In one of Shadow’s dreams, the ancient Norse gods appear to him and cry, “Hail sun-bringer! Hail Baldur!” In Norse mythology, Baldr was one of Odin’s sons. In fact, he was his most favored son, known as the god of justice and reconciliation, among other things.

Shadow’s sense of justice is a huge part of his character. This trait can be seen when he honors his deal with Czernobog, or when he returns the money to the waitress in San Francisco. Baldr is also the god of reconciliation. We can see how forgiving Shadow is during his interactions with Laura. Despite the fact that Laura cheated on him while he was in prison and was partially responsible for Shadow getting incarcerated, Shadow is always kind to her. He experiences a few flashes of anger, but he is remarkably understanding and even sympathetic towards her. An almost godly level of patience, one might say.

The final connection between Shadow and Baldr is the stick of mistletoe Loki (masquerading as Mr. World) threatens to stab Shadow with. In Norse mythology, Loki tricks the god Höd into stabbing Baldr with mistletoe, the only thing that can kill Baldr. It’s pretty safe to say that Shadow is Baldr reborn, but there are a number of fringe theories out there about Shadow’s true identity.

What's The Significance Of The Number Three?

The number three is a big deal in the novel – it recurs throughout American Gods in ways both small and clearly important. As one reviewer points out, Shadow is serving a three-year sentence, and he’s released three days early. Unbeknownst to him, he was part of a love triangle. When Wednesday asks him to work for him, the two seal the deal with three drinks.

The number three appears so frequently in the novel because of its significance in a number of mythologies and religions. Since the book’s primary characters, Odin, Loki, and arguably Shadow, have Nordic origins, let’s explore the importance of the number within Norse mythology. Before Ragnarök, the Nordic end of days, the gods would suffer three brutal winters. As punishment for his part in Baldr’s death, Loki was chained to three rocks with his slain son’s entrails. Yggdrasil, or the World Tree as it’s referred to in American Gods, has three branches that extend out into other locations. And finally, as part of his quest to prove himself worthy of the knowledge he sought, Odin hung himself on the World Tree and endured three hardships – impalement, hunger, and thirst.

In the novel, Wednesday tells Shadow about his journey back from death – how it took "[t]hree days of the tree, three days in the underworld, three days to find my way back."

Is Hinzelmann A God?

When Shadow confronts Hinzelmann about what he’s been doing to the kids of Lakeside, he tells Shadow, "I was a god before ever I was a kobold." A kobold is not a god, but a sprite from German mythology, one who often appears as a small child, like the character Hinzelmann does in the novel. Kobolds often manifested as household spirits, taking on chores and domestic duties within a human’s home.

While they weren’t outright evil, they could lash out if they weren’t appeased. The mythological Hinzelmann is one of the most famous kobolds in Germanic myths. He supposedly haunted the Hudemühlen Castle for several years, taking on the form of a child to play with the children in the castle.

In American Gods, Hinzelmann reveals himself to Shadow, appearing as a small child with two ancient swords piercing his stomach. He “haunts” the town of Lakeside, takes care of it, brings it luck and prosperity, but only if he receives the child sacrifices. The character is undoubtedly based on the Germanic myth of the kobold, but that doesn’t tell us which god he is. Unfortunately, the book doesn’t offer a specific name, but it does tell us that Hinzelmann used to be a god to a tribe of nomads who lived in the Black Forest before the Romans invaded.

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A 16-year-old girl and her boyfriend were arrested in Georgia after they allegedly murdered the girl's grandparents. After the horrific slaying, they threw a wild house party – complete with drugs and alcohol – while the dead bodies rotted upstairs. In a story that's so horrifying it's almost hard to believe, Cassie Bjorge, 16, and her boyfriend Johnny Rider, 19, beat Bjorge's grandparents with a baseball bat before slitting their throats. 

The alleged motive for the crime? According to police, the couple had "had enough" of the grandparents being so strict and even plotted killing other members of the Bjorge family – including the 16-year-old's sister. These killer teens from Georgia tried to run away, but police arrested them a short while later. 

A Teen Couple Murdered The Girl's Grandparents Then Threw A House Party,

They Got Caught After Attacking The Boyfriend's Sister

Family members started becoming concerned that they hadn't heard from the grandparents, both 63, and called police. Officers went to the house once, but they were unable to make contact. 

Then, on April 8, Bjorge and Rider went to Rider's home in Lawrenceville, GA. Rider allegedly attacked his sister and her boyfriend with a baseball bat, causing his mother to call the police. The mother told officers her son had a cache of weapons, including pepper spray, which he used on his sister. Police found the grandparents' SUV parked in the garage and became suspicious. Police decided to go to the Bjorge's house and check on the elderly couple again. That's when they found their dead bodies inside.

They eventually tracked Bjorge and Rider down at a friend's apartment. When they refused to come out, SWAT entered the home and took them into custody. 

They Had A Hit List Of Other People They Intended To Kill

According to police, Bjorge said in a taped confession that the couple planned on killing Rider's entire family – which is why they went to the house on April 8. But when they saw a car in the driveway they didn't recognize, they got freaked out. Despite this, Rider clashed with his sister and her boyfriend, inflicting injuries on both. 

They also reportedly wanted to kill other members of Bjorge's family, including her mother.

The Couple Planned The Murders For Days And Smoked Pot To Cover Up The Smell Of Decomposing Corpses

Bjorge and Rider allegedly killed Bjorge's grandparents in early April 2017. Police aren't entirely sure when the murder happened but said that, when they discovered the bodies on April 8, it appeared the aged couple had been dead for several days. According to an arrest report, Bjorge and Rider planned the murder several days before and hid outside the house waiting to ambush Bjorge's grandparents. 

Police said Rider beat the couple – Wendy and Randall Bjorge – with a tire iron and a bat, before slitting their throats. Bjorge allegedly dragged the bodies upstairs while Rider caulked the crevices of the house so the smell couldn't permeate outside. Then they invited their friends over, and the group drank and smoked marijuana for several days. The marijuana was partly to cover up the smell, authorities said.

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When people think about evolution, they often conjure up a mental picture that has humans branching off on the descendants-of-apes limb of the big animal-kingdom family tree. However, if you look further back in evolutionary history, you will see evidence that humans are also related to fish. That's right – fish! The evolution from fish to human was obviously a long, drawn-out process; however, the traits that humans inherited from fish show an uncanny resemblance in many instances.

If you're still wrapping your mind around the whole theory of evolution or are getting hung up on our simian brethren, prepare to have your mind blown by our aquatic ones.

Uncanny Characteristics You Never Realized Humans Inherited From Fish,

Fish Are To Blame For Hernias In Humans

Some fish – like sharks – have their reproductive organs in their thoracic cavity. In humans, these are also placed up near the liver during development, but they do not stay there. For females, these descend and become ovaries. In men, these descend further and become the testes. As the gonads travel all the way down to the scrotum in men, this weakens the abdominal wall and ultimately makes men more prone to hernias. Inguinal hernias are when parts of the intestinal tissue get pushed through the abdominal wall. This is usually due to built up pressure from lifting things or straining. Fish, however, don't have this problem as their gonads stay up at their chests.

You Can Thank Your Fish Ancestors For Those Pesky Hiccups

The process of breathing in humans is controlled mainly by the brain stem. The brain stem sends signals to the primary breathing muscles in the human body, which cause them to contract. The brain stem is also responsible for the breathing processes of our underwater ancestors. In bony fish as well as sharks, the brain stem sends signals to the muscles surrounding the gills. Since the signals have to travel further in humans, they sometimes meet interference and ultimately cause a spasm. The spasm will cue a quick inhale followed by swift closure of the epiglottis. This spasm is also what we experience as hiccups.

Human Appendages And Fish Gills Develop In Similar Ways

Some fish, such as sharks, have structures that grow out of their gill arches and support their gills. These appendage supports are called "branchial rays." Researcher J. Andrew Gillis believes that gill arches in ancient fish could be the origin of limbs in humans. The genetics behind these gill arch structures and limbs are very similar. A gene (called the Sonic hedgehog gene) is integral in the growth of human limbs, and Gillis found that the same gene has a nearly identical function in the development of branchial rays. The gene sets the groundwork for the limbs and the rays and then facilitates the growth of the skeleton. It is possible that there is not a direct evolutionary link between the two processes; however, Gillis is confident in the aforementioned argument.

The Way Your Face Forms Is The Same Way A Fish's Face Forms

Now, if you told someone that they look like they have a fish face, it would probably come off as an insult. However, everyone has a fish face to some degree. That's because a particular part of our faces is actually inherited directly from our fish ancestors. The "philtrum" is the groove located below your nose and above your top lip. This little patch of skin is largely ignored since it serves no purpose; however, it is a clue to where and how our faces formed. Your face takes shape pretty early on in the womb, and it is the combination of three sections that come together in the fetus at the exact same time: your eyes have to come down and in, your jawbone and palate have to come up, and your nostrils and the middle part of your lip have to come down. The process is the same in fish fetuses, and the philtrum is the remaining leftover from all of this activity.

You Can Thank Fish For Your Ability To Speak

Many animals have the ability to make sound – using vocalizations to accomplish a wide variety of tasks, from finding a mate to warning trespassers to step off. Researchers have drawn parallels between human speech and certain mammalian ancestors, but far less research has been done to link human speech to underwater ancestors.

However, in 2008, Andrew Bass conducted a study that observed the neural circuitry responsible for vocalizations in toadfish. What Bass and his team found was that the neural pacemaker circuit responsible for making vocal sounds in these fish is very similar to the neural connections present in the vocal circuits of mammals. In other words, the studied toadfish had a collection of neurons at the base of their nascent brains that mirrored the collection of neurons that humans possess at the base of their brains. These neurons allow both of our species to make noises. Additionally, muscles, nerves, and bones that are vital to human speech are present in fish. Gill arches in fish have evolved over time into parts of the lower jaw and pharynx.

Some Of The Bones That Allow You To Hear Came From Fish

Although, for a long time, scientists assumed that ears came with the evolutionary transition to land mammals, there's evidence to suggest that this feature, like so many others, came courtesy of our fish ancestors. There are two bones in the middle ear of humans (and other mammals) that are the same as two bones present in fish. In physiological terms, the quadrate and articular bones seen in fish correspond to the incus and malleus in humans. In laymen's terms, this basically means that gill openings are the precursors to human ears. A structure called the hyomandibula in fish, which protruded into the gills, created a chamber where sound would later be amplified in mammals.

Fish Have Similar Mechanisms Of Sensory Perception To Humans

Zebrafish are used in many studies because they are transparent, and researchers can use visual markers to track certain biological functions in the fish. The University of Queensland conducted a study that gave scientists further insight into how humans developed the ability to use certain senses in accordance with accompanying movements. Zebrafish have a midbrain structure that is called an "optic tectum." The tectum in zebrafish functions like the superior colliculus in humans. The main stimuli detected by the tectum and superior colliculus are visual stimuli collected by the retina. The tectum is also associated with eye movement and corresponding head movements.

Fish Eyes Aren't Just Important For Hipster Photoshoots

Eyes are extremely convoluted structures, and their evolutionary path is so complex that it baffled even Darwin. However, many experts are now in agreement that the eye can be traced back to an ancestor that existed over 500 million years ago. New research from Australian National University has given experts some new insight, and it is believed that the origins of the modern human eye can be traced to 400-million-year-old Devonian fish. These particular fish were covered in a bony armor that preserved the soft parts of the fish that usually wouldn't make it into the fossil record. These fish had eye sockets with insertions for muscles and canals for nerves that supported their complex eye. Fish also have rods, cones, and the three chemicals responsible for humans being able to view color in the seven-color spectrum.

Human Embryos Are Basically Identical To Fish Embryos

All animals have in common the fact that they start out as a single cell. From that single cell, a worm forms, a penguin forms, a fly forms, a human forms, all developing into embryos that resemble the finished creature. Notably, fish embryos look a lot like human embryos. That's because fish body structures are the basis of human body structures. Both fish and human embryos have a head, a body, and a tail – although, obviously the tail disappears in humans. Additionally, both embryos have gill arches in the neck region. In fish, these become gills. However, in humans, they morph into parts of the jaw, middle ear, and voice box.

Your Sense Of Balance Evolved From A Fish's Sense Of Direction

Our sense of balance (or lack thereof, depending on who you are) can be traced back to balance organs present in fish. The "lateral line" is a series of depressions with groups of hair cells beneath them. These function to detect differences in water pressure and allow fish to adjust their position relative to certain currents. Even the most ancient fish had sense organs. Over time, the depressions evolved into the grooves of the inner ear. The nerve cells present in the inner ear are what have become of the hair cells in those primitive fish. The membrane of the oval window also started as a structure in fish. This membrane transmits changes in air pressure to the fluid of the inner ear.

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With a history like this one, it's no wonder that Salem, Massachusetts, is a city filled with creepy stories and haunted folklore. In 1692, witchcraft hysteria swept through Salem, ultimately leading to the deaths of 20 innocent people during the notorious Salem witch trials. As he was being tortured, accused witch Giles Corey cursed the town and its sheriff, and now his ghost appears as a bad omen before terrible events.

But the town's trouble didn't end with the Salem witch trials. Pirates, sailors, smugglers, and bootleggers also made Salem their home, and their ghostly remains haunt everything from a basement embalming studio/speakeasy to the creepy underground tunnels that crisscross the coastline.

Read on for true stories of some of the many spooky and sinister things that have happened in Salem, and the ghostly effects from its tragic history that still linger today.

14 Terrifying Ghost Stories From Salem, Massachusetts,

Underground Tunnels Were Discovered Beneath The Bookstore

Wicked Good Books occupies the space that was formerly Derby Square Bookstore. During renovations, tunnels were discovered beneath the store which connected to a warehouse in Derby Square. According to a Salem tour guide, the tunnels were used to smuggle goods and people. Investigators discovered evidence of human remains inside the tunnels, and it's believed that two runaway slaves were entombed there.

The Jonathan Corwin House Has Direct Ties To The Witch Trials

The Witch House (also known as the Jonathan Corwin House) was the home of Judge Jonathan Corwin, who presided over the Salem witch trials and sent 19 innocent people to their deaths. It's now the only structure still standing in Salem that has direct ties to the witch trials, and it's open to the public as a museum.

The paranormal hot spot was featured on Ghost Adventures and the investigators experienced cold breezes, felt touches on their arms, and heard the sound of a child's voice.

Derby Waterfront Has A Haunted Maritime Past

In the late 17th century, the strip of taverns on Derby Street across from Derby Wharf became the go-to place for illegal activity. Sailors and sea captains visiting Salem used underground tunnels to make their way to brothels in the red light district. It's also rumored that they would use the tunnels to kidnap people.

Today, the stretch of Derby Street is still home to cafes and taverns, including The Witch's Brew. The spirits of the old sailors linger, with disembodied voices floating through the air and sightings of pirates mysteriously emerging from the water.

The Hawthorne Hotel Is A Haunted Hot Spot

The Hawthorne Hotel was built in 1925 and named after resident author Nathaniel Hawthorne, author of The Scarlet Letter and The House of the Seven Gables. Today, the hotel is a popular event venue - but party guests may have to deal with a few ghosts, as well.

In room 325, people report hearing a crying baby, feeling the touch of an unseen hand, and seeing the water taps turn on by themselves. Meanwhile, over in room 612, the ghost of a woman reportedly stares at you during your visit.

The Ghost Of Giles Corey Appears Before Terrible Events

Giles Corey was a supporter of the witch trials and even testified against his own wife, Martha. That all changed when he was accused of being a warlock (or male witch) himself. He refused to enter a plea during his trial, leading Sheriff Corwin to torture him in the hope of securing a confession. Corey was publicly pressed to death, and the extreme nature of his punishment led many to question the validity of the witch trials.

During his torture, Corey reportedly shouted at Sheriff Corwin, "Damn you! I curse you and Salem!" Four years later, Corwin died suddenly of a heart attack at the age of 30.

Corey's ghost is now believed to haunt the Howard Street Cemetery, where he appears as a bad omen. Witnesses saw his ghost just before the Great Salem Fire of 1914.

Joshua Ward's House Was Built On An Infamous Sheriff's Land

Retired sea captain Joshua Ward had this brick mansion built in the mid-1780s. During the 1680s, the land had been owned by the notorious Sheriff George Corwin, also known as "The Strangler." Nineteen men and women were executed under his watch during the witch trials, and Corwin was infamous for his torturous interrogation techniques

After Corwin's sudden death in 1697, his family had him interred in the cellar because it was too cold to bury him and they were worried about Salem residents dismembering his corpse in revenge. His body remained in the house for several years before being moved to the Broad Street Cemetery.

Several ghosts now reportedly haunt the spot where Joshua Ward's house now stands, including Corwin himself and the spirit of one of his victims, Giles Corey. The angry ghost of a woman with wild black hair has also been seen; she's believed to be another victim of the witch trials.

The House Of The Seven Gables Is Haunted By Its Former Owner

The famed House of the Seven Gables was built by sea captain John Turner in 1668, and three generations of the Turner family lived there before it was sold. The new owner, Captain Samuel Ingersoll, eventually left the house to his daughter Susanna, who was a cousin of Nathaniel Hawthorne. His visits to her house inspired him to write The House of the Seven Gables.

Today, it's said that Susanna's ghost can still be seen wandering the halls and looking out the windows. Strange sounds are heard, and the ghost of a friendly child reportedly lives in the attic. The house is now a museum, so you can make your own ghost-hunting visit, if you dare.

A Local Liquor Store Is Haunted By Prohibition-Era Ghosts

If you've passed through Salem or Peabody, MA, you may have noticed Bunghole Liquors and had a good laugh. But the funny name actually comes from the liquor store's Prohibition history. Back then, the building was a funeral home and the owner ran a speakeasy in the basement where dead bodies were embalmed. The slang for the secret drinking spot was "bunghole," as in "Will I see you at the bunghole tonight?" One of the regulars said that if Prohibition was ever lifted, the owner should turn the place into a liquor store, and that's exactly what happened in 1933.

Today, it's said that spirits still lurk in the store. A female ghost roams behind the wine racks and a feline ghost haunts the shop.

The Old Salem Jail Is Now A Luxury Condo

The Old Salem Jail was the site of an estimated 50 hangings - and you can now live there in a luxury condo, if you're into that sort of thing. The jail opened in 1813 next to the Howard Street Cemetery, where Giles Corey was pressed to death by Sheriff Corwin during the witch trials. The Boston Strangler, Albert DeSalvo, was also jailed here.

In 1984, the conditions in the prison were so bad that the inmates successfully sued the county. A federal judge ordered it to be closed down seven years later, but until then, it was the oldest operating prison in America.


Turner's Seafood Is Haunted By A Woman In White

In 1692, the first woman accused during the Salem witch trials, Bridget Bishop, owned the land where Turner's Seafood now sits. According to local legend, the restaurant is haunted by a woman in a long white dress from the 17th century. Some have seen her reflection in mirrors and believe she messes with electrical equipment inside the restaurant. 

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<![CDATA[What Happens When A Caterpillar Transforms Into A Butterfly?]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/what-happens-when-a-caterpillar-becomes-a-butterfly/nida-sea

Almost everyone knows butterflies begin as caterpillars, but how does the transformation actually occur? One fascinating aspect of a butterfly’s life revolves around the four different stages they experience from birth to death. This series of stages is called a complete metamorphosis. It begins with an egg, which ultimately becomes a caterpillar (larva), then a pupa (chrysalis), and finally an adult butterfly (imago).  

The most interesting step of the metamorphosis process is when a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. Caterpillars are unique - and sometimes deadly - creatures all their own. It's almost hard to believe these insects turn into beautiful butterflies. What changes are happening to a caterpillar’s body as it emerges from the egg and transforms into a butterfly? This metamorphosis explainer is your step-by-step guide that clarifies exactly what happens during metamorphosis and how caterpillars turn into butterflies.

What Happens When A Caterpillar Transforms Into A Butterfly?,

Female Butterflies Take Egg Laying Seriously

After the mating process, the pregnant female will fly off and search for a place to lay her eggs. This is no small task either; a female butterfly is very particular about where she lays her eggs. She knows her babies will emerge hungry and need the right kind of food to sustain them. She will seek out plant leaves she can recognize by inspecting its color, shape, and scent. Depending on the species, she may lay one single egg or a cluster of eggs. When laying her eggs, the female produces a super sticky substance that firmly secures the small eggs onto the leaf. This ensures their safety by preventing them from falling off, as some females will lay their eggs on the side of the plant's stem or the underside of a leaf.

Adult Butterflies Gather Nutrients From Unlikely Places

After the butterfly has taken its first successful flight into the world, it will seek out two things: nourishment and a mate. Male butterflies are known to emerge first so they can accumulate proper minerals that will pass to the female during the mating process. However, most males do not only seek out plant matter, such as flower nectar or sap runs. They can feed and extract nutrients from mud, aphid secretion, carrion, animal droppings, and urine. While these unlikely food sources sound disgusting, they’re absolutely essential. In truth, these minerals not only help the male produce pheromones to attract a female, but they are also essential to ensure the fertileness of her eggs.


Butterflies Slowly Bust Free From The Chrysalis

Depending on the species of butterfly, as well as the climate, the chrysalis will split open and allow the adult butterfly to emerge. Ultimately, the pupa stage can last as short as one week to as long as 40 weeks. During this time, the butterfly is shriveled, wet, and vulnerable to predators. It will need some time to dry off before it can fly. When drying its wings, it will often hang upside down. This allows for the blood to flow evenly and quickly through the wing veins allowing the wings to expand to their maximum size and gain full strength for the butterfly’s first flight.

Caterpillars Eat So Much They Split Their Skin

Depending on the climate and the species of butterfly, the egg hatches in about five to 10 days, and a tiny baby caterpillar is born. During this stage, all the caterpillar does is eat and grow. In fact, the caterpillar eats so much it grows very rapidly, splitting its skin and shedding over four different times during this larval stage. The splitting and shedding of the skin is known as molting. It’s interesting to note that the caterpillar will grow over 100 times its size within the first few weeks because of its ferocious appetite. It must eat so much during this stage so it can store enough nutrition for its chrysalis stage, as well as for its adult reproductive stage. 

What's Really Happing Inside Of The Chrysalis

So what exactly is happening inside of the chrysalis? Contrary to what most people believe, the caterpillar does not release fluids that break down its current form into a soupy substance, and then reform itself into a butterfly. This is far from the truth. What happens inside the cocoon is a gradual process where clustering of stem cells work to develop each part of the creature’s new body.

Most of the recognizable organs and features of a butterfly are hidden within the large body of the caterpillar. While undergoing the pupal stage, these elements become visible and functional after the cells rebuild the creature’s old tissues in a process known as histogenesis. About three days before emerging, the pupa will become transparent, allowing the color and pattern of the butterfly's wings and new body to be visible through the thin wall of the chrysalis.

A Complete Metamorphosis Is Set In Four Parts

From a biology standpoint, a metamorphism can be defined as an act in which a living organism changes from one stage to the next. Insects, such as butterflies, experience what is called a complete metamorphosis, which means they develop and morph their appearance through several stages to reach adulthood. A complete metamorphosis is set in four stages, while incomplete is stretched out into six. Unlike insects like grasshoppers, who experience an incomplete metamorphosis, butterflies have a larval and pupal stage, allowing them to mature faster than insects who have a nymph stage. 

A lot of other insects go through complete metamorphosis to fully develop, including some ants, fleas, mosquitoes, and bees. 

Caterpillars Become A Chrysalis After Remaining In One Spot For Days

When a caterpillar has finally reached its maximum size, it will undergo one final molt that will prepare the larva to morph into a butterfly. This is referred to as the pupa or chrysalis stage. For this transformation to take place, the larva will first remain motionless in one spot for up to three days, securing itself tightly to a safe surface. The larva's body becomes curled and hunched, its prolegs and old skin also starts to shrink away.

Next, the larva's thorax enlarges and segments as it begins to spin a protective silk cocoon around itself. For the next few hours, the newly-formed chrysalis will be soft and vulnerable to attacks from outside predators. However, the chrysalis will eventually turn into a hard shell, protecting the morphing creature inside.

Butterflies Court Each Other, And Can Have Sex For Up To Two Weeks

Butterflies are one of the many creatures that court before breeding with a mate. During a courtship ritual, males will flap their wings vigorously to release special pheromones embedded in their wings. These pheromones are a sexual stimulant to interest a female butterfly into breeding with the male. However, the female will first use her antenna to read the male's pheromones and ensure his health and vitality. If he’s not up to par, she will reject him. Once a pair is established, the male will attach to the female by the abdomen. The entire copulation session can last from one hour to over two weeks, depending on the species.

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<![CDATA[Absolutely Brutal Mortal Kombat Fatalities You Never Knew About]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/obscure-mortal-kombat-fatalities/brandon-michaels

The Mortal Kombat franchise is one of the best classic video games that's known for its blood, gore, and insane fatalities. In fact, the video games are so graphic and violent that they've been causing controversies since their conception in the early '90s. The 2011 reboot even got banned in Australia, Germany, and South Korea. 

But that's exactly what makes Mortal Kombat awesome - needlessly excessive violence. It's always so clearly, hyperbolically over-the-top in all of the top Mortal Kombat games that you can't help but laugh. The fact that the more gruesome fatalities are rather difficult to pull off only makes it that much sweeter when you beat the sh*t out of your friend.

The makers of the series knew the joy of using those finishing moves, so they started creating hidden fatalities, level-based fatalities, and advanced versions of fatalities in the Mortal Kombat series. For example, there are moves called brutalities, where you simply pummel your opponent into smithereens, or animalities, where you turn into your spirit animal (or dinosaur) and maul your opponent to death. With the release of Mortal Kombat X in 2015, things have only gotten more gory. Check out this list of killer moves and vote up the most brutal Mortal Kombat fatalities! 

Absolutely Brutal Mortal Kombat Fatalities You Never Knew About,

Bed Of Nails

Skeleton Rip

Dragon Bite

Electric Decapitation

Stryker Animality

Bubble Head

Nether Gates

Stripped Down

Arm Rip


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Now would be a good time to tighten your heart strings and prepare for them to be plucked by these dogs who grew up with their owners. Whatever you do, silence that Sarah McLachlan song while you look at these pictures of dogs growing up with humans, because you will begin to cry at your computer, and your boss knows data reports don't cause these kind of tears. Anyone who had a puppy as a child knows just how photos of dogs growing up unearth a range of soppy emotions that make you subconsciously say "good doggy" under your breath.

The fact dogs and children actually mix quite well only serves to make these before-and-after dog photos all the more adorable. So without further ado, enjoy these pictures of dogs who grew up with their owners, and apologies for making you a basket case for the rest of the day. Pull yourself out of it with a reminder that dogs photos can be funny.

Before And After Photos Of Dogs Growing Up With Their Humans,

Home Security

Dogs Always Make You Smile

Three Times The "Aww"

A Moment Of Paws

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Just A Couple Of Kids

Loving Your Dog By The Book

Lay Down, Good Boys

Cuddle Buddies For Life

Endless Love

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Probably the biggest threat to any athlete’s career is the possibility of injury. Any sort of physical activity carries the risk of damage to the body, and that can lead to potentially lengthy layoffs. So perhaps it's not surprising that unconventional sports injury treatments have been developed to help stars get back to action sooner.

Some of the weird ways athletes treat injuries seem too bizarre to be true. Who would ever think to use hamster ovaries to heal broken bones? And how can cheese possibly prevent bruising? But both of these methods - and many more that are just as strange - have been employed by professional players looking to return to the field as quickly as possible.

While the vast majority of individuals will stick with tried-and-true methods that are considered medically sound by most health professionals, others will go to extreme lengths to heal their bodies. In some instances, how athletes treat injuries boggles the mind.

Incredible Ways That Sports Stars Have Treated Injuries,

Freezing The Body With Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy began as a treatment for people with chronic illnesses and conditions, like severe arthritis and multiple sclerosis. However, its beneficial effects in helping to ease pain and aid in recovery has led athletes to begin using the therapy as well.

Many Premier League soccer clubs in the U.K. have their own cryotherapy chambers, which expose the bodies of users to temperatures as low as -220°F for around two minutes. Jermain Defoe is a huge proponent of the cryotherapy sessions, believing they may be significantly extending his playing career.

Layering Cheese On Bruises

Lyndsey Vonn created some confusion in 2010, when she said in an interview that she had used cheese to treat bruising on her leg from a skiing accident. The U.S. Olympian confirmed that she had used topfen cheese curd on her shin in an effort to reduce swelling and prevent further discoloration, so that she could be in peak condition for the Vancouver Games just a few months later.

Experts can't find evidence to suggest that cheese would be of any benefit. However, certain enzymes in some cheeses can have anti-inflammatory properties.

Injecting Bones With Hamster Ovaries

When rugby player Kyle Reimers broke his thumb during a match in 2010, he took the unusual step of injecting parts of hamster ovaries into the digit. That's because the ovaries contain a large amount of recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-7 (also known as OP-1). Studies have shown that this substance is able to stimulate bone growth, accelerating the speed with which fractures and breaks can heal.

The procedure was an apparent success, with Reimers able to jump back into the action after just four weeks - two weeks sooner than originally anticipated.

Injecting Hamstrings With Goat's Blood

Soccer players often make headlines for their alternative injury treatments. One controversial method that has become popular with players is to inject goat’s blood into hamstrings to help stimulate healing. Soccer stars like Arjen Robben and Peter MacDonald have undergone the procedure multiple times.

Zapping The Brain With Electricity

Halo Neuroscience's headphone-like device uses a technique known as transcranial direct-current stimulation (tDCS) to send electric shocks into the brain. It does this using tiny electrodes in the form of miniature spikes that press just above the ears, allowing the device to zap the area with small pulses. 

Studies have shown that tDCS can have positive effects; it can reduce stress during training and help injured players to return to training sooner. Golden State Warrior basketballer James Michael McAdoo used it in 2016, along with several of his teammates.

Taking Viagra

The erectile-dysfunction drug Viagra isn't normally associated with athletic performance. However, evidence suggests that the drug may benefit athletes who are playing at high altitudes. Viagra increases blood flow, not only to the genitals, but also to the lungs, leading to more oxygen being pumped around the body. When an athlete's blood is more oxygenated, fatigue and injuries may be less likely to occur at higher altitudes.

NFL star Brandon Marshall claimed that he knew of several players who used the drug, while soccer teams have allegedly used it when playing in mountainous regions in South America.

Pulling Out Wisdom Teeth

Little evidence supports the claims that removing one's wisdom teeth will solve muscle problems in the lower body, but that hasn’t stopped numerous sports stars from visiting the dentist to do just that. Theoretically, those suffering with dental problems will hold their heads in unusual positions to numb the pain. This leads to additional pressure being placed on the neck and spine, which causes extra stress on the leg muscles. Removing the troublesome teeth supposedly removes this pressure, and is believed to lessen the chance of hamstring problems.

Australian rugby player Rod Davies had his wisdom teeth removed to address leg injuries in 2010.

Sitting In A Spinning Chair

Addressing concussions has become a major focal point in sports medicine. Although there is little that can be done for someone with a concussion, one company has created the GyroStim to alleviate the injury's effects. The GryoStim is essentially a giant mechanical chair that rotates the entire body of a patient. This supposedly activates the vestibular system, helping to reduce confusion and head pain while improving balance and motor coordination.

Pittsburgh Penguin player Sidney Crosby used the device in 2011, and believes it significantly aided in his recovery.

Using A Mineral Pouch

Baseball players Darin Erstad and Steve Finley claim that they don't believe the pouches of minerals they wear around their necks are magical. However, they never take the field without them. When Finley forgot his pouch one game, he suffered an injury.

According to Layers of Light International, which put together the specially-made pouches, they offer a "layer of protection against many harmful external energy intruders that attack our bodies on a daily basis."

Sticking On Leeches

Bloodsucking leeches have been used in medicine since ancient times, though modern medicine has largely replaced them. Even though leeches may seem archaic today, they are still used in some special cases. For example, Everton striker Louis Saha used leeches to treat a longstanding knee injury in 2010. According to the soccer player, the treatment dramatically eased his pain by reducing the inflammation around the knee.

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While everyone knows the best Julia Stiles movies, many don't realize she's actually in lots of other movies and TV shows. Turns out that there's more to Stiles's career than just Kat Stratford. Despite the odds, Julia Stiles has managed to make it out of the pool of '90s teen stars treading water to enjoy a successful career.  

For many, Stiles was a relatable character in 10 Things I Hate About You as a fiercely feminist heroine (well, as fierce as the '90s got). To others, she's remembered as Jason Bourne's female foil in the Bourne movies or as Dexter's vengeful Lumen Pierce. But you'd be surprised by some of the TV shows and movies that you didn't realize Julia Stiles has been in since her stellar start. 

Things You Didn't Realize Julia Stiles Was In Since 10 Things I Hate About You,

Down to You

Both Julia Stiles and Freddie Prinze Jr. were teen movie giants following the success of 10 Things I Hate About You and She's All That. So it would make perfect sense to pair the two adolescent starlets in a rom-com, just a year after the release of their career-making movies. Unfortunately, what results is a dull, self-indulgent movie that scored an abysmal 3% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Stiles plays Imogen, a budding artist (seems like Freddie Prinze Jr. can't stop falling for artistic types) who jumps into a relationship with Prinze Jr.'s aspiring chef, Al. However, after spending a summer abroad, Imogen concludes that Al is robbing her of her youth and then a bunch of other stuff happens with "wacky" friends. It's not the best.  


10 Things I Hate About You wasn't the only Shakespeare adaptation that Stiles starred in. We all know that Kat Stratford is a modern adaptation of Katerina 'Kate' Minola from The Taming of the Shrew, but she's not the last of Shakespeare's leading ladies that Stiles personified. Stiles played tragic heroine Ophelia to Ethan Hawke's Hamlet in 2000.

The film transported the Shakespearian characters of Hamlet to modern-day New York City and elected to keep the original iambic pentameter dialogue. Ophelia still met a tragic end, drowning, as she is fated to do, in a fountain outside a hotel. Critical reception of the film and Stiles's performance were pretty divided, but this wasn't the last time Stiles would tackle Shakespeare.  

Mona Lisa Smile

This movie is probably remembered as being a half-assed attempt at a female Dead Poet's Society or as Oscar-bait for Julia Roberts. In fact, Roberts's leading performance probably overshadows any room in your memory box for the supporting performances of up-and-comers like Ginnifer Goodwin, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Julia Stiles.

Set in 1953, Stiles plays one of the many students at the all-female liberal arts university, Wellesley College. This may be a college, but all the women are measured by their ability to land a husband. Roberts's teacher character comes in and scandalizes students by showing them slideshows of sexy art. Stiles' character dreams of being a lawyer despite doing an art history course, but eventually marries Topher Grace because it's the '50s and women can't have it all yet. 


Once again, Stiles stretches her Shakespeare muscles and takes on another modern adaptation of one of the classic plays. This time, Othello is on the cards in the 2001 film, O. Stiles plays Desi, the early 2000s version of Desdemona. Desi is the daughter of the college dean and girlfriend to basketball star Odin, the only person of color in the school.

But as is the case with the original Othello, everything comes crashing down in a wave of jealousy and murder. O garnered mainly positive reviews, coming in at a decidedly above-average 64% on Rotten Tomatoes. 

Saturday Night Live

Though Stiles has never hosted SNL, she hasn’t been entirely absent from the stage at Studio 8H. Stiles made a guest appearance in the cold open of a Pierce Bronson-hosted episode back in 2001. Fun fact: the musical guests that week were Destiny's Child. That's a wonderful mashup of early 2000s icons.

Stiles played Jenna Bush, the daughter to Will Ferrell's dim President. Oh, what a nostalgia trip! Who can remember when Dubya was the worst person we could think of occupying the presidency?

Silver Linings Playbook

Silver Linings Playbook was the Jennifer Lawrence show from beginning to end. It’s no wonder she took home the Academy Award that year. So you would be forgiven for being unable to recall who played the supporting roles. Stiles plays Veronica, the older sister to Lawrence's Tiffany, and turns in a supporting performance so good that she and the rest of the cast frequently won best ensemble at many of the 2012 awards ceremonies. 

The Mindy Project

Stiles guest-starred in three episodes of Season 3 of the The Mindy Project, playing Dr. Jessica Lieberstein. Dr. Lieberstein was a colleague of Dr. Lahiri who also happened to be a hoarder. The trio of episodes with Stiles revolved around the show's Christmas season. Dr. Lieberstein hooked up with nurse Morgan, and then left him when she noticed Morgan putting on the pounds. 

Inside Amy Schumer

Stiles is apparently no stranger to sketch comedy. As well as making her brief SNL appearance, she joined Amy Schumer's gang of sex-starved gal pals in a sketch for the fifth episode of Season 4 of Inside Amy Schumer, "Madonna/Whore." Stiles guest-stars alongside Schumer, Amber Rose, and Amber Tamblyn and engages in a conversation about the dryness of their vaginas. 

The Omen (2006)

Did you even know there was a remake of the 1976 horror classic, The Omen? Let alone that Julia Stiles was in it? Stiles took on the starring role of Damien's reluctant adoptive mother, Katherine Thorn, in this 2006 remake while Liev Schreiber starred alongside her as her husband and Mia Farrow played their nanny, Mrs. Baylock. The remake received mixed reviews, as is the case with most remakes of classic horror films, but the late Roger Ebert gave it three out of four stars, so it can't be all bad. 

Bonus Item: Julia Stiles In Ghostwriter

Sure, Stiles has done a lot since 10 Things I Hate About You, but did you ever stop to wonder what she might have done before? Well, here's a gem called Ghostwriter. Stiles plays a young computer enthusiast, so enthusiastic that she turns away from her fellow teens to lovingly stroke a gigantic monitor and deliver hushed lines about how the Internet is free of judgment. 

She goes from a snarky badass to a computer romancer. She delivers lines like, "Can you jam with the console cowboys in cyberspace?" That's right, from a performance bathed in the light of a '90s desktop monitor, a star was born. Not even a nose ring and a beanie can hide this girl's shine. 

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<![CDATA[Examples Of Gluten-Free Trolling Done Right]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/gluten-free-memes/nathandavidson

Celiac disease affects approximately 1% of the population, meaning the actual biggest gluten-free joke in the world is you telling yourself you can't eat gluten. Okay, maybe you are among that 1% with Celiac, but if so, you probably understand the other 99% of "gluten-intolerant" folks are the reason for gluten-free trolling in the first place. A restaurateur or party host loathes to think about the extra effort and food wasted for supposedly gluten-free people who simply jumped on the latest dietary bandwagon.

When it comes to gluten-free trolling, it simply enjoins those who can eat food with gluten in it to just enjoy it, since you know, there's a huge problem with food waste in the world already without bandwagoners throwing away everyone's bread. Gluten-free trolling, thus, became a common response to people's surprisingly common allergies. Products ranging from sheet metal to new automobiles all want to let you know how gluten-free they are, just like your favorite celebs.

Examples Of Gluten-Free Trolling Done Right,

You're Bacon Me Crazy

What's Your Drug Of Choice?

Messy With MSG

Get Out Of Hair

Dirty Dancing

Keeping It Real Estate

Hell's Kitchen

Fry Me A River

Waiter Haters

A Sign Of The Times

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Who is Katherine Waterston? You may not think you know the Alien: Covenant actress, but you probably do. Unless you only watch Alien movies. In which case you probably don't. But if that's the case, what gives? You're weird. For the love all things sacred, didn't you even bother seeing Katherine Waterston in Fantastic Beasts? Then you've got your Katherine Waterston TV shows... okay, look, anyway, the point is, if you're here reading this, you're probably asking yourself, "What has Katherine Waterston been in?", and unless you mean that in a ontological sense, this list will answer your questions. 

For starters, K-Wat is the first person you see in the second trailer for Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant, and, despite wearing what appears to be a leftover wig from Newsies, she charms you with her open face and kind eyes. She's also the first to cry in the trailer, and the first to regret accidentally unleashing a terrifying, murderous alien species. So big up Katherine Waterston Alien: Covenant edition - she seems to be the moral center of the story, or least the audience proxy. 

But let's get down to brass tacks. Who is this K-Wat person? What's the 411 on Katherine Waterston credits? How am I not myself? Well, so glad you asked. Waterston is a talented actor with excellent pedigree. You might know her father, Sam Waterston, from Law & Order (or Grace and Frankie if you're a Netflix junkie too young for Law & Order). And K-Wat isn't just a great actor, she's about to be a major star - she's got two franchises going in Alien and Fantastic Beasts, and is trusted by great directors like Paul Thomas Anderson, Danny Boyle, and Ridley Scott. Can't go wrong with that combo. 

Everything You Didn't Realize You've Seen Katherine Waterston In Before,

Michael Clayton

Waterston's feature film debut came in the form of a character named Third Year in Oscar-nominated legal thriller Michael Clayton. Do you remember her? It's okay, no one else does either. It's definitely her in the still, so she was most certainly in the film, but, like, what did she do again? Does Third Year mean she was in law school? Or was her character's surname Year and her crackhead mom named her Third as a joke? Do crackheads have a sense of humor? 

There are also characters named First Year, Fourth Year, and Fifth Year, which begs the question, "WTF happened to Second Year?"

The Babysitters

According to Paul Thomas Anderson, he was "one of two people" who saw Waterston's star turn in The Babysitters, an indie drama about a teen who turns her babysitting business into a call girl center. As Anderson said, "Maybe that premise sounds a bit horse sh*t, but it really is not—it's a really interesting film."

Thanks to Waterston's luminous appeal in a difficult role and her ability to hold her own against John Leguizamo and Cynthia Nixon, Anderson was moved to contact her in 2013 while casting Inherent Vice

Boardwalk Empire

Waterston had a four episode arc as Emma Harrow, twin sister of disfigured war veteran-turned-gangster Richard Harrow, in season four of Boardwalk Empire. Richard talked about his relationship with his sister throughout the course of the show, but viewers didn't meet her until the season four premiere.

In the clip above, the two kill an injured dog; the scene kind of makes you hate both of them and feel really bad for the dog (unless you hate dogs and like people who take themselves really seriously). To Waterston's credit, she's great at reserved, mercurial coldness. 

Enter Nowhere

Psychological thriller/slasher/sci-fi mash-up Enter Nowhere was barely released in theaters, but Waterston nailed her lead role as Samantha. You can find it on DVD or Blu Ray or streaming or download or whatever it is kids do these days if you want to see her scream and cry in a quasi-horror flick with Clint Eastwood's hunky son Scott. 

The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby

Waterston briefly popped up as Charlie in the Her version of The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby, as seen above. The movie shows the dissolution of a relationship from the perspective of both parties, one of whom is played by Jessica Chastain, the other by James McAvoy. It is in fact a collection of three films, His, Her, and Them. Them takes bits and pieces from Him and Her and compiles them in a relatively straight forward, linear narrative. Somewhere in all of this you can find Katherine Waterston, eating outside and what looks to be a lovely restaurant. 

Inherent Vice

Paul Thomas Anderson's adaptation of Thomas Pynchon's psychedelic detective novel Inherent Vice was Waterston's big break; it officially transformed her into an actress to watch. Starring as Shasta Fay Hepworth, ex-girlfriend of Joaquin Phoenix's character, Waterston set the movie's plot in motion, and turned heads with a lengthy monologue delivered completely in the buff, which ended with her laying across Phoenix's lap and getting spanked. It's all very daddy. 

Some critics panned it, others applauded it, and Waterston took it all in stride, telling The New York Daily News:

"I feel that nudity is sort of what we do as actors. But it didn’t feel any more vulnerable or complicated than any other complicated, vulnerable scene I’ve played."

Sleeping with Other People

Waterston briefly showed up in 2015's underrated, underseen Jason Sudeikis/Allison Brie romcom Sleeping with Other People as Emma, the pregnant wife of a bespectacled, anal-retentive douchebag Matthew, played by Adam Scott. As a delicate, uptight WASP, Waterston managed to do a lot with limited material. She especially shined in a memorable climactic scene in which her water broke during a fist fight. 

Steve Jobs (2015)

In Steve Jobs, Waterston plays the titular Esteban's ex-girlfriend and baby mama Chrisann Brennan, whom Jobs refused to support until he bonds with Lisa, his five-year-old daughter, over one of his own products (because of course Steve Jobs would need his ego stroked in order to love his own daughter). Waterston delivers her Aaron Sorkin-penned lines with authority and heartbreak. Her depressed character, a writer and painter, falls on hard times, but the actress's fire and charisma left an indelible mark on viewers. 

Robot & Frank (2012)

You may have seen Robot & Frank, a charming 2012 sci-fi dramedy about an aging jewel thief named Frank (Frank Langella) whose son (James Marsden) buys him a robot for companionship. Susan Sarandon, Peter Sarsgaard and Liv Tyler are in it, and it won some sort of award at Sundance. However, you probably don't remember Katherine Waterston was in it, too. She played Shopgirl in the store from which Frank shoplifted at the beginning. Her onscreen boss was SNL's Ana Gasteyer, which must have been fun for her.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016)

Waterston was eminently watchable as the heroic female lead in Fantastic Beasts, a spinoff of the Harry Potter series and her first prominent role in a studio tentpole. Her Tina (short for "Porpentina," natch) was desperate to get her job back (she lost it, it's a whole thing, just see the movie if you want to know the entire plot), but governed by a powerful moral compass. She also kicked a$$. Considering that J.K. Rowling signed on to write four (!) more movies for the franchise, you're bound to see a lot more of Waterston. 

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<![CDATA[Most Insanely Gory Moments in DC Comic History]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/gory-moments-dc-comic-history/erik-barnes

They say "when it bleeds, it reads" and comic books are no exception. However, for a superhero comic publisher that's frequently aimed at younger readers, there sure is a lot of gore in DC Comics. While it usually isn't as visceral as Vertigo or other mature publishers, there certainly are a great number of violent DC Comics moments.

Remember when Black Adam poked a man's eyes out? Or when Animal ripped a wolf asunder? Or one of the several gory comics that featured the Joker maiming a victim or himself? Take a violent look down memory lane at this list of some the goriest moments in DC comics.

Most Insanely Gory Moments in DC Comic History,

Wonder Woman Impales Ares And The First Born

At the end of Brian Azzarello's Wonder Woman run, Diana reluctantly takes the mantle of Goddess of War. In order to prevent Zeus's First Born from becoming the new God of War, Wonder Woman makes kebabs out of both Ares and the First Born. By this violent action, Wonder Woman killed Ares and thus inherited the title of "War" from her mentor.

Black Adam Lacerates A Man In Half

In 52 #3, Black Adam makes a public warning to anyone who dares mess with the nation of Kahndaq. In the front of Kahndaq's embassy in New York City, Adam takes the trespassing Terra-Man and rips him completely in half in front of the press corps. Point made, Black Adam, point made.

Sobek Chomps On Osiris

In 52 #43, the dopey alligator man, Sobek, convinces his friend Osiris to transform back into his human form from his god-like state. Sadly, this act of trust ended in tragedy as Sobek went full National Geographic on Osiris, biting him in half. It turned out that Sobek was playing dumb in order to take down the Black Adam family from within.

Animal Man Rips A Wolf Into Puppy Chow

If you are a fan of body horror, Jeff Lemire's Animal Man has plenty of grotesque and visceral visuals to choose from. However, arguably the grossest, goriest moment is when family man Buddy Baker splits a large wolf in half with his bare hands. If you're a fan of seeing intestines, stomachs, and rib cages, then this panel is for you.

Maxwell Lord Shoots Blue Beetle In The Head

 The Countdown to Infinite Crisis ended with a bang. After Ted Kord discovered that Maxwell Lord was behind the theft of Kord Industries' funds, Lord flat-out shoots Kord in the head. While the headshot was in silhouette, it is still a graphic, haunting image to kick off DC's massive Infinite Crisis event.

Joker Skinned A Man Alive

In Brian Azzarello's The Joker story, Azzarello included a scene at a strip club that was more than skin deep. Joker took a former lackey and current strip club owner, Monty, and skinned him alive from the neck down. Joker then asked Monty to do a striptease dance for the crowd. 

Joker Beats Robin To Death With A Crowbar

In one the earliest, better-known acts of violence within DC Comics, Joker repeatedly hit Robin with a crowbar in the storied Batman: A Death in the Family. While the sickening thuds and whip-like strikes from the Joker are violent enough, that's not the worst part. The worst is that the fans participated in a call-in contest to vote on whether or Robin would survive the encounter. When the dust settled, the fans voted that the Boy Wonder would be a Boy Corpse.

Superman Plunges His Arm Straight Through The Joker

In the Injustice: Gods Among Us series, Superman is taken to the brink of sanity when the Joker set off a nuclear bomb in Metropolis and tricked him into killing his wife, Lois Lane, and his unborn son. It was the perfect storm that would turn the wholesome Man of Steel into a killer. Superman took his revenge on the Joker by punching through his chest.

Joker Cuts His Own Face Off (Then Wears It Like A Mask)

In Detective Comics "Faces of Death" and Batman "Death of the Family," Joker had his face sliced off for reasons that were never fully explained. He would then take his flappy face skin and staple it onto his head or strap it on as a mask. While Joker would commit some disturbing and gory acts of violence against his victims, this is easily the most brutal thing he's ever done to himself.

Black Adam Murders Psycho Pirate With An Eye Poke

Whether he is good or evil, Black Adam doesn't mess around. In Infinite Crisis, he killed the dangerous Psycho Pirate by gouging two fingers through his mask and into his eyes. Leave it to Black Adam to make a common Three Stooges gag into a lethal attack.

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<![CDATA[10 Chilling Stories And Urban Legends That Prove Colorado Is The Creepiest State]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/creepy-colorado-stories-legends/lyra-radford

While there are creepy urban legends all over the world, Colorado's ghost stories and myths hold a legendary status, thanks to Stephen King. The Centennial State is home to the Stanley Hotel, where King stayed in room 217 and saw an apparition that served as the inspiration for his book, The Shining. Colorado also harbors legends about skinwalkers, phantom automobiles, and even a gateway to hell just outside of the crumbled ruins of a haunted mansion. 

Many spine-chilling ghost stories emerged from the haunting of the Lee property, which is one of the most famous hauntings in America. There is also an abundance of local lore surrounding the infamous Highway 666. This list is a collection of some of the most famous urban legends and ghost stories circulating throughout creepy Colorado.

10 Chilling Stories And Urban Legends That Prove Colorado Is The Creepiest State,

The Black Forest Haunting

In 1990, Steve Lee moved his family into a log cabin home in the Black Forest region of northern Colorado. They rented it for a year before purchasing it, but once the land was theirs, things started getting weird. Initially, lights and electronic devices kept turning off and on, and eerie noises sometimes filled the air. But things got worse when the children began seeing shadowy figures lurking in the woods. This was followed by a strange odor that wafted through cabin that burned the family's throats and eyes. 

Thinking it was pranksters, the Lee family installed motion detectors and cameras. However, the motion detectors would go off when nothing seemed to be happening on the cameras. Eventually, the Lee property tallied up 62 alleged “break-ins,” though not a single one of them could be explained and nothing was missing. Steve Lee added more cameras, capturing more unexplainable phenomena like orbs, beams of light, and sometimes ghostly forms with faces.

The Lees could no longer pretend the cameras were the problem and they contacted the television show Sightings to document what became one of the most famous haunting's in America. The Sightings crew experienced and captured quite a bit of phenomena themselves. Cameras were knocked off tripods, one of their producers experienced an attempted possession, and the medium working with them determined there were multiple spirits in the house and a “rift in space-time” on the property. 

The psychic also identified one of the spirits as someone the Lees knew, the son of a friend who everyone believed died of an overdose. His spirit allegedly told the medium that he was actually murdered.

The Ghost Of Jogger’s Hill

Further down Riverdale Road, you’ll come to a dirt path at the crest of a hill known as “Jogger’s Hill.” The legend states that a jogger suffered a hit-and-run where the driver raced off in a panic, leaving him or her to die alone. Now the jogger lurks as a shadowy menace in the area, terrorizing any drivers who stop atop the hill. 

The Ridge Home Asylum

The Ridge Home Asylum was operational from 1912 to 1991, serving the mentally disabled of all ages. Allegedly, the patients were kept drugged and some were even severely beaten. One staff member was arrested for abusing patients and bragging about it to friends. Even during its operational years, the asylum was believed to be haunted. Patients and staff reported strange noises, apparitions, laughter, children running down the halls,  and objects moving on their own. 

After the mental institution closed its doors, local youths considered breaking into the abandoned asylum a rite of passage. The Ridge Home was certainly creepy enough - when it closed, all of the equipment, toys, and old furnishings were left behind. The building was demolished in 2004, replaced by a Super Target which is supposedly haunted by ghostly phenomena. 

The Gates Of Hell Lead To A Mansion Of Fire And Death

According to local legend, the “Gates of Hell” lie near Riverdale Road in Thornton, Colorado. Rumor has it that this stretch of road leads to rusted iron gates that open to a place of satanic worship and human sacrifices. Behind these gates also rests the charred ruins of an old mansion, a haunted tree, and a chicken coop that leads directly to hell. 

The mansion was built by David Wolpert during the gold rush. He married and had children, two of whom were deaf and mute. Legend has it that he was provoked by demons to murder his entire family and burn the house to the ground. People say they can still hear their screams echoing through the night. 

Only the looming iron gates and Wolpert's chicken coop were left standing after the fire. They say the eerie gates serve as a warning to stay away from the hellish madness surrounding the area, while the chicken coop is allegedly where the demons convinced Wolpert to commit the murders.  

Ghosts Along The Riverdale Road

Riverdale Road runs through Thornton, Colorado, and is lined with creepy Cottonwood trees where you can allegedly see the hanging bodies of slaves by the light of the full moon. A phantom Camaro with one working headlight can also be spotted driving down this stretch of road. According to legend, there was a bad car accident in the '70s where the driver died. He still speeds down Riverdale Road, looking to challenge late-night travelers in a race to their death.  

Riverdale Road also has its own Lady in White legend. The story starts with a young woman wandering the streets alone at night, looking for anyone willing to give her a ride. However, unlike most hitchhiker legends, this young lady disappears before ever getting into the car, leaving the stunned driver to sit in their own confusion. 

Another story warns drivers about a young boy who was killed by a car on his way to school. His spirit walks the Riverdale Road at night, smearing bloody hand prints on street signs as he passes them.

Beware The Drums Of Third Bridge

The Third Bridge, also known as the “Ghost Bridge,” is located out in a prairie in the middle of nowhere and crosses over Kiowa Creek. The haunting of this area began with a massacre of Native Americans. According to legend, you can hear their drums beating from a distance, and the longer you stand on the bridge, the louder the drumming gets. Some even claim to have heard the pounding of hooves across the bridge at night. 

The Skinwalkers Of The Four Corners

Colorado is rich with legends of Native American culture, one of which is about the Skinwalkers. The Navajo have passed down stories of those able to shapeshift into different animals. Local lore describes a coyote with the eyes of a man that runs alongside cars, hitting the hood while transforming into a man that has the glowing yellow eyes of an animal.

As terrifying and aggressive as that sounds, there are many who insist a Skinwalker's appearance outside of a car should be taken as a warning to not continue down the road. If the traveler ignores that warning, an evil shaman will appear in the backseat of the car and cause an accident. 

Driving Along The Devil's Highway, Route 666

The infamous Route 666, nicknamed the "Devil's Highway," runs through four states, one of which is Colorado. It was renumbered as Route 491 in 2003 in hopes of dispelling the fear surrounding the demonic numbers. However, changing the numbers didn't take away the unexplainable phenomena that occurred, and is still occurring, on this cursed road. Admittedly, the accident rate has significantly decreased since the renaming.

When it was still known as Route 666, this stretch of highway had an unusually high accident rate. People driving along the Devil’s Highway have reported creepy incidents, such as a black phantom sedan that follows dangerously close no matter how high the speed. Many have pulled over only to realize there's no car behind them.

There are also tales of a pack of "hell hounds" that terrorize innocent travelers. The beasts somehow manage to keep up with the vehicle, regardless of how fast or recklessly the driver maneuvers the car. Many believe these hell hounds are responsible for shredding tires and causing terrible wrecks. Some have even claimed that the beasts are capable of jumping into the windows and mauling people. 

Paranormal Activity In The Hotel Colorado

The guests at the Hotel Colorado are often awoken in the night by strange sounds and flickering lights. Some are plagued by sightings of a little girl with a ball wearing a Victorian-era dress, while others recount how their personal items were moved around or missing. Both bell tower suites are reportedly haunted and the elevator seems to have a mind of its own at times. Stories tell of a female presence that has a habit of watching male guests as they sleep and of an abundance of strange odors wafting throughout the hotel without any discernible source. 

The screams of a woman can often be heard throughout the hotel, believed to belong to a deceased chambermaid. According to the lore, she was involved in a love triangle which ended with one of her lovers murdering her in one of the guest rooms. Her former room has been turned into storage because the paranormal activity within that room is too intense to remain open to the public. 

The Stanley Hotel Inspired The Shining

One of the most famous haunts of Colorado is the Stanley Hotel. The Stanley, which served as the basis for Stephen King's The Shining, is over a century old and is home to countless ghost sightings and unexplainable events. One of those ghosts is a former owner of the hotel, Lord Dunraven.

Multiple witnesses have seen a face peering out of the window of his room (room 407) when it wasn’t occupied. One witness staying in the room reported that a light kept turning off and on. Allegedly, the guests acknowledged the ghost, assured him that they’d only be staying two days, and asked him to keep the light on. The spirit left the light alone after that, but proceeded to spend the rest of the night noisily playing around with the elevator just outside the door. 

Rooms 217, 401, and 418 have unusually high reports of paranormal activity. Cleaning crews tell of strange noises and seeing impressions on the bed when the rooms are empty. Guests in room 418 report the sounds of children playing in the hall, but when those reports come in, there are no children checked into the hotel.

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<![CDATA[Amazing '90s Nickelodeon Fan Art For Those Who Loved Nicktoons]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/90s-nickelodeon-fan-art/stephen-reyes

Nicktoons have a special place in the heart of almost every '90s kid. For those who grew up addicted to Nickelodeon, here is some incredible '90s Nickelodeon fan art that will seriously blow your mind. Who would have thought so many artists have dedicated themselves to making beautiful Nicktoons art?

These pieces of Nickelodeon fan art will have you humming the themes to your favorite Nicktoons for weeks. List includes art from Doug, Rugrats, and even less popular shows, like The Angry Beavers.

Amazing '90s Nickelodeon Fan Art For Those Who Loved Nicktoons,

Mommy Power

Ickis, Krumm, And Oblina


Realistic Rocko

Doug: All Grown Up

Young Helga


Best Friends

Aaahh! Really Real Monsters

A Wallaby And His Faithful Companion In 3D

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<![CDATA[18 Facts Most People Don't Know About How The Old Hollywood Studio System Worked]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/how-old-hollywood-studio-system-worked/lisa-waugh

The history of Hollywood is a far cry from the shiny Technicolor stories churned out during the days of the old studio system. The Dream Factory was controlled by the Big Five, which studios owned a significant portion of theaters across the United States. 

It’s interesting to look back at how the old Hollywood studio system worked compared to today. Studios controlled all things film from the early ‘30s to the late ‘50s, including the lives and careers of screen legends. The system began unraveling when the US government banned block booking, a method of locking down screens through ownership and an onslaught of films. Television stole eyeballs. Agents undermined bargaining power. The Red Scare sparked the Blacklist, and the industry and government overplayed their hands. 

Another death knell was the Hays Code, censorship that made Hollywood whitewash and water down film content. While it worked just fine for a while, it eventually undermined Hollywood, as European and independent filmmakers made bold storytelling choices that didn’t adhere the code. Audiences filled art house theaters to watch Italian Neorealism, Japanese imports, the cerebral films of Ingmar Bergman, and the beginning of the French New Wave. 

Old Hollywood stars under contract may have lived the dream, but a lot was expected of them. Studios controlled every aspect of their lives, from marriages to pregnancies. How they looked mattered more than how well they could act. Scandals were handled and buried. Studio abuses went unchecked. 

But it wasn’t all bad. Tinsel Town historical facts also reveal how screenwriters created the template for American cinematic narrative. The studio system made it possible for writers to transition to directing by helping them understanding camera work and character blocking. The environment of collaboration helped produce countless classic films, including Casablanca, The Maltese Falcon, and some not starring Humphrey Bogart.   

Let’s look at some old Hollywood system facts and look back on a time where “action” was a command. 

18 Facts Most People Don't Know About How The Old Hollywood Studio System Worked,

Gossip Columnists Damaged Reputations, Ruined Careers, And Got Information Direct From Studios

One of the many ways studios controlled stars and their images was through the powerful poison pens of gossip columnists Hedda Hopper, a former actress, and Louella Parsons. Hopper's and Parsons’s careers were completely dependent upon information studios gave them. 

Examples of their handiwork include Hopper’s frequent negative coverage of Charlie Chaplin over his politics, controversial paternity suit, and marriage to an 18-year-old when he was 54. Her work contributed to Chaplin being prevented from entering the United States in 1952. Parsons also ruined Ingrid Bergman’s clean image by revealing her affair with Roberto Rossellini (they eventually married). 

Hopper and Parsons feuded with each other as well. The two were friends, but the studios made turned them into bitter enemies, pitting them against each other as they did stars such a Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. The goal was control and it was very effective. 

New York University professor Moya Luckett explained to Vanity Fair, “What they did in some ways was more difficult than what we have today—they were very sophisticated in making it look like there was independent reportage and there was a possibility for truth to be obtained by journalists like Hopper and Parsons.”

The Big Five And Little Three Studios Dominated Hollywood

Five studios emerged from the silent film era of the 1920s to to dominate American cinema. Those studios, known as The Big Five, were: MGM, Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, RKO, and Paramount. Various other studios and production companies clamored for a piece of the pie. The three others that ate at the big boy table, known as The Little Three, were Universal, United Artists, and Colombia. 

Studio Fixers Like Eddie Mannix Helped Stars Avoid Trouble With The Law

If you've seen Hail, Caesar, you know all about Eddie Mannix (pictured), an infamous studio fixer of old Hollywood. He got stars out of trouble by whatever means necessary. He helped Joan Crawford out of a spot of bother, perhaps with the assistance of the mob, when some extortionists came upon a copy of a lesbian porn film she made before becoming famous. 

The following story from Clark Gable by Warren G. Harris demonstrates the extent to which studios went to protect stars. It also debunks the long-held rumor that Gable hit and killed someone. It's a long story, but worth the read. 

“In March [1945] Gable’s heavy drinking finally caught up with him. While driving home from a party celebrating the American victory on Iwo Jima, he lost control of the car as he passed through the Bristol Circle, a dense tree-filled traffic island on Sunset Boulevard in residential Brentwood in West Los Angeles. It being around four o’clock in the morning, there may have been no eyewitnesses to what actually happened. But MGM publicists and security chief Whitey Hendry got to the accident scene before it was reported to the police or press.

[MGM publicist] Howard Strickling later claimed that Gable crashed into a tree on the front lawn of Harry Friedman, a talent agent for MCA. According to Strickling, Friedman knew enough about the industry’s penchant for secrecy to phone MGM instead of the cops.

‘It wouldn’t have been good if a photographer arrived and snapped Clark Gable lying on the lawn covered with blood and his car all cracked up, Strickling said. After a studio doctor arrived to patch up Gable, he was taken to Cedars of Lebanon Hospital, and the wrecked car was quickly towed away.

At the hospital Gable required ten stitches for head and shoulder wounds and was detained for ‘observation.’ He was in a drunken stupor and kept threatening to walk out, so all his clothes were taken away to lessen the chances. He spent the next three days in isolation, being thoroughly dried out.

The press had so many informants at Cedars of Lebanon that Gable’s presence became known within minutes. Amusingly, the story handed out by MGM was that Gable’s car had been sideswiped by a drunken driver who immediately sped away! Nobody believed it, but it got printed and also started rumors of what really happened. One of the more extreme had Gable killing a pedestrian and MGM persuading one of its minor executives to take the rap for him! After ‘confessing’ that he had really been driving the car and Gable was only a passenger, the exec supposedly served a year in jail for manslaughter, after which MGM rehired him with a whopping pay increase and pension plan.”

Stars Had To Look Good (The Studio Took Care Of The Rest)

The average actor’s contract ran for seven years, on account of the De Havilland Law. Actors performed in whatever films the studio desired. Studios also loaned actors to other studios without consent or permission, sometimes as punishment for misbehavior on the actor's part. Actors of all types were under contract; lead, supporting, and extras. And all casting was typecasting. 

Looks-over-talent was Hollywood's philosophy. An actor was groomed, chiseled, and molded to have a screen presence. They were given diction lessons and schooled on posture, and took horseback riding, fencing, and dance lessons. Appearance was hugely important. Weight maintenance was standard in contracts. Physical fitness was strictly enforced. What couldn’t be worked off was surgically altered. If a nose was too big, a chin too wide, plastic surgery was a given.  

“A star is made, created; carefully and cold-bloodedly built up from nothing,” said Louis B. Mayer. “All I ever looked for was a face. If someone looked good to me, I'd have him tested. If a person looked good on film, if he photographed well, we could do the rest.”

Studios Owned Their Stars And Controlled Their Personal Lives

The studio controlled every aspect of a star’s life. From how they spent their private time to who they dated, married, and pretty much every other aspects of their personal lives. If an actor had an affair, got pregnant, had a drug or alcohol problem, or a child out of wedlock, the studio made it a high priority to deal with it and keep that knowledge from the public. 

If an actor was gay, that knowledge was closely guarded. Actors stayed in the closet and were regularly forced into cover marriages. Crimes and misdeeds were covered up. The studios worked with law enforcement and the press to keep things under wraps. 

The Talent Scout System Was Wide Ranging And Ravenous

Hollywood talent scouts searched for fresh talent on Broadway, vaudeville, and radio. They were on the lookout for a fresh face just about anywhere, including the street. 

In 1936, someone (by some accounts The Hollywood Reporter founder William R. Wilkerson, by others a talent scout) spotted 15-year-old Julia Jean Mildred Frances Turner drinking a soda outside a shop in Hollywood after she ditched a typing class. She was approached, brought to Marx Brother Zeppo (who was an agent as well as an actor) once her parents approved of the situation, signed with him in 1937, and cast in They Won’t Forget.

Turner was an instant success, not because of her talent (she had no lines and was killed off pretty quickly), but because of her tight skirt and chest-hugging sweater. Turner, who chose Lana as her first name, was known as the “Sweater Girl.”  

Turner said of her studio years

”It was all beauty and it was all power. Once you had it made, they protected you; they gave you stardom. The ones who kept forging ahead became higher and higher and brighter and brighter and they were stars. And they were treated like stars. We had the best."

The Hays Code Was A Self-Censorship System Created To Avoid Federal Interference

Formally known as The Motion Picture Production Code, the Hays Code was put in place in 1930 but not strictly enforced until 1934. The code was a way for the studios to self-censor in answer to the government’s threat to ban films the public might deem offensive and morally unacceptable.

Pre-code films were far racier and more tolerant than post-code films. Sexuality, nudity, feminism, and gay characters were part of the cinematic landscape before the code was enforced. Will H. Hays was president of the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America when the code was adopted, hence the name, but it was more closely associated with Joseph Breen, who was appointed by Hays to enforce it. 

The code drastically changed American cinema by banning sex, pregnancy, and promiscuity, upholding the sanctity of marriage, and adding twin beds in the budoir. The code also banned biracial relationships and gay characters. Villains couldn’t get away with murder. Violence was squelched or sanitized. 

The American happy ending was born. Meanwhile, in Europe, characters had angst, were betrayed, and pondered real life issues where a happy ending was never guaranteed. The upside of the Hays Code? It created snark. Many took direct shots at the code, mocking it outright. 

Block Booking

Studios sold films to theaters in blocks. A standard block contained of 20 or more features, one of which was a high quality picture with broad appeal, the rest of which were a grab bag of B-movies of varying quality. Theater owners weren’t fans of the block system, because it ate up the majority of the playbill for the year, but they had to go along in order to get the biggest films each year. 

In many cases, when theater owners bid on block from a studio, some films included weren't even made yet. Because of this, programmers had no idea how bad a picture might be. What's more, if the final product differed from descriptions provided by the studio, programmers would have no idea to whom the project might appeal and how to promote and schedule it. Theaters were also required to take short films, which were tacked onto features. Block booking was a major impediment to theater owners meeting the taste of clientele. 

On top of this, the Big Five owned controlling stakes in theater chains, which were exempt from block booking, and therefore would only show the best, most commercially successfully and high quality films. This cut into the business of theaters lashed to the block system. 

War Was A Huge Boost For The Studio System

World War 1 exploded the American film industry. The public wanted stories and escape from their lives, yet also craved news from the front, which theatrical newsreels provided. Public demand led to technological advances, while Hollywood’s competition, European cinema, had a hard time getting much done with all the fighting going on.

Hollywood stars were a huge part of the war effort during WWII. Bette Davis headed up the Hollywood Canteen, where stars Marlene Dietrich, Rita Hayworth, Clark Gable, Merle Oberon, Judy Garland, Cary Grant, and Mickey Rooney entertained the troops. Clark Gable, Jimmy Stewart, Marlene Dietrich, and Leslie Howard even joined the armed forces, and Dietrich was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

The Men Behind The Big Five Were Jewish Immigrants With A Background In Theater

Jewish immigrants Adolph Zukor, Louis B. Mayer, and brothers Harry, Albert, Samuel, and Jack Warner came to Hollywood when the vaudeville and burlesque circuit began to flag in the Northwest. They owned theaters that attracted working class immigrants and first generation Americans. 

They chose Hollywood for several reasons. California was as far as they could get from Thomas Edison, who was more than happy to sue filmmakers for patent infringement. They also came for the weather. The warm and practically rainless climate allowed for longer production time, particularly inland from the coast. The terrain mirrored many other national and even international locations, and the light is perfect for filming. 

The biggest reason they choose film over theater, though, is very simple: it was more profitable. 

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<![CDATA[The Funniest Instagram Vs. Real Life Memes]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/instagram-vs-real-life-memes/nathandavidson

As Instagram continues to invade everything from your bed sheets to your favorite brunch spot, it becomes more and more important to understand the dichotomy of Instagram vs. real life. Not quite as detectable as other forms of photo-manipulation, the Instagram vs. real life split requires less fakery and more filter, resulting in a nuanced attempt at convincing people Instagram pictures represent reality. The proper lighting, angle, and staging all lead to examples of this Instagram meme, a meme which enjoins you to expose all frauds out there and their reckless use of the Amaro filter. 

A hotbed of clichés on how to live your life, Instagram has always poised a threat to people just trying to live normal existences unsuitable for viewing on an iPhone screen. With the photo comparisons below, you too can navigate your way out of the Mayfair Matrix, and emerge better than before. Next time, you'll be sure to smoke these out as you scroll along. 

The Funniest Instagram Vs. Real Life Memes,

Mega Mind

Sometimes Reality Is Hard to Stomach

Taking A Dive

Celebrity Reality Makeover

Horsing Around

2 Fat 2 Labourious

Pratt Race

Rise And Shine

Short And Tweet

Night Terrors

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<![CDATA[Fear The Dybbuk: 12 Facts About The Soul-Sucking Demon From Jewish Folklore]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/scary-stories-about-the-jewish-dybbuk/lyra-radford

Dybbuk myths come from Jewish folklore, where they are believed to be spirits of the dead who can take possession of a living human. Some members of the Jewish faith believe a dybbuk was once a living being, but now they are basically a ghost in limbo. In modern times, however, scary stories about dybbuks are usually presented as akin to demonic possession.

The word dybbuk translates to "cling" or "attachment" in Hebrew, so technically, dybbuk can refer to any otherworldly entity that latches onto a human, whether it be of a demonic nature or something that was once alive. In many dybbuk stories, the restless spirit attaches itself to a human host because it has unfinished business here on earth.

Jewish ghost stories and scary Jewish legends warn listeners about what leaves a person susceptible to evil. These beliefs can be traced back to ancient religious texts. Even the Bible makes mention of spirit possession and of Jesus performing exorcisms.

Since a dybbuk was once human, a rabbi may attempt to communicate with it, find out what it wants, and convince it to leave. The dybbuk can choose to remove itself at anytime, or its victim may be able to drive it away with a religious ceremony.

Study these scary Jewish myths and stories of the dybbuk to make sure you don't make yourself vulnerable to these otherworldly spirits.

Fear The Dybbuk: 12 Facts About The Soul-Sucking Demon From Jewish Folklore,

Dybbuks Use Humans As Vessels For Their Unfinished Business

In Kabbalistic tradition, a restless soul can become a dybbuk and latch onto a living person to settle its unfinished business. Some myths say dybbuks escaped from Gehenna (roughly equivalent to Jewish purgatory or hell), while others say dybbuks were flat-out rejected from entering Gehenna for committing serious offenses like suicide.

The Dybbuk Box Plagued Jason Haxton With Mysterious Illnesses

Jason Haxton, the Director of the Museum of Osteopathic Medicine in Missouri, was next in line to purchase the dybbuk box. He bought it from Losif Neitzke after Neitzke had had enough of it. Haxton experienced the same things the previous owners did; however, he also developed various health issues that couldn’t be explained. He would break out in hives, mysterious welts would appear all over his body, and he was even coughing up blood.

It was Haxton who finally took the cursed box to paranormal specialists and religious leaders to get it sealed again. Once the entity was sealed up tight, Haxton buried it. He kept its location secret for years, hoping to figure out its “truth” and find the right person to “help” it. It appears he found the right person and recently sold the dybbuk box to paranormal investigator Zak Bagans, who plans on displaying it in his haunted museum.

A Truman State Student Bought The Dybbuk Box And Lost His Hair

The infamous dybbuk box has changed hands several times since Mannis listed it on eBay. Everyone who has owned the box has complained of nightmares of an old hag and the smell of cat urine or jasmine flowers mysteriously wafting through the air near the box.

According to previous dybbuk box owner Losif Neitzke, in addition to horrific nightmares and strange smells, all the lights in his home began to burn out constantly and he began suffering hair loss. His hair literally fell out of his head for no known medical reason.

The Host Takes On Traits Of The Dybbuk

A dybbuk may possesses someone only in pursuit of its own unfinished business, but it invades the body in a way that changes its host, as well. Unlike films where possession is depicted as two streams of consciousness existing in one body, a dybbuk slowly becomes the person it was while alive, and it brings its host along for the ride.

So, for example, if the dybbuk was a heavy drinker or smoker in life, then its host will now become one, too. If the dybbuk died alone, it will isolate the host from his family and friends so the dybbuk can exist in familiar circumstances. The dybbuk will make the host perform the same sins it did during its own lifetime.

Dybbuks Can Possess Lapsed Jews And Non-Believers

Getting lazy with religious practices or doubting the tenets of Judaism are apparently ways to leave yourself open to dybbuks. There is a myth that those who are doubtful about Moses crossing the Red Sea are opening themselves to dybbuk possession. And if you have sloppily-made mezuzah, you may as well throw down a dybbuk welcome mat.  

The Dybbuk Can Drive People To Madness

When a person’s spirit and body are not connected and operating in unison, they can fall victim to a dybbuk. Dybbuks prey on the weak or the mentally ill. Humans suffering from depression, psychosis, or who habitually use mind-altering drugs are all believed to be hospitable environments for the dybbuk. Once inside the person, the dybbuk grows exceedingly wicked and worsens any preexisting conditions. It can drive its victim deeper into despair until they succumb to madness. 

The Prophet Elijah Was Possessed By A Dybbuk

The Bible's Book of Kings tells of the prophet Elijah dealing with possession by a dark and manipulative spirit. Elijah was invaded by the spirit of a dead man who wanted to trick the king into going to war.

They Can Latch On To Objects As Well As People

Kevin Mannis purchased an old wine cabinet from an estate sale back in 2003 and was plagued with paranormal activity since he brought it home. According to Mannis, it had belonged to a Holocaust survivor named Havela. When Mannis later offered to give the box back to Havela’s family, her granddaughter refused it and said it had been kept sealed up because a dybbuk lived inside it

Of course, Mannis had already opened it. Inside he found two 1920s pennies, a bound lock of blonde hair, a bound lock of dark hair, a small statue engraved with the word "Shalom," a golden wine goblet, a dried rose bud, and a candle holder. 

He suffered vivid nightmares after opening the box and decided to gift the cursed object to his own mother, who suffered a stroke right after receiving it. Mannis put the dybbuk box up for auction on eBay and since then it's made the rounds - and made quite the reputation for itself. 

Jewish Exorcisms Coax The Dybbuk Out Of Its Victim

Most religions have some form of exorcism ritual to cast out evil, but in the Jewish faith, it’s more of a coaxing. Rabbis who have mastered practical Kabbalah are able to perform the ritual. With them is a group of ten men, known as a minyan. They gather around the afflicted in a circle to pray.

The group recites Psalm 91 three times while the rabbi blows a shofar (a ram's horn) in a specific tone. This is meant to "shatter the body," spiritually speaking, so the entity will be shaken loose.

Since a dybbuk is not considered demonic, the rabbi will attempt to appeal to its humanity. He asks the dybbuk questions about what it wants from its host and why it’s still here. The whole ceremony is meant to communicate with the spirit and appease it so it willingly leaves the person’s body.

A Dybbuk Tormented King Saul In The Bible

There are multiple mentions of spirit interference with humans in ancient scriptures. Often these mentions are treated like a casual blip, very nonchalant, like spirit possession was totally mundane.

It’s possible an evil dybbuk latched onto King Saul at a time when he was undergoing a spiritual degeneration. The Old Testament describes the spirit attachment in the Book of Samuel, stating: "And it came to pass on the morrow, that the evil spirit from God came upon Saul..." It was through the soothing music played by David that the spirit was eased out of its attachment to the king. 

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<![CDATA[15 Bizarre Facts About George III, The Clinically-Insane King Who Lost America]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/facts-about-mad-king-george-iii/setareh-janda

King George III was a whole lot more than just America’s final king. Known to history as “Mad King George,” this British monarch may have ruled over an empire, but he didn’t always rule over his own body and mind. His story is filled with tragedy and drama.

Born in 1738 in London, George III may have come from a line of Germanic princes, but he was proud to be a British king. Over the course of his reign, he saw the British Empire expand – even as he lost the American colonies – and the map of the entire Western world change many times over, thanks to the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars.

But even as Britain projected itself on the world’s stage, George himself was suffering greatly from what may or may not have been a genetic disease. Plagued by what many at the time called a “madness,” George went through bouts of physical anguish and mental instability in an era that was not well equipped to manage such issues. The madness of King George, as it would come to be known, defined the final decades of his life.

George III was thus more than simply the king who enraged American patriots. He was a troubled man whose body and mind rebelled against him. 

15 Bizarre Facts About George III, The Clinically-Insane King Who Lost America,

He Took Over-Protective Parenting To A New Level

Though George may have had problems with his eldest son, he cherished his six daughters. He and his wife, Queen Charlotte, doted on their girls, and allowed them the same excellent education usually reserved only for boys.

The catch? He kept his daughters under constant watch and made it very difficult for his daughters to marry. The only one to marry while George wasn’t ill was the eldest daughter, who seemed to have married to get out of the palace more than anything else. Many of the girls didn't get any true freedom until their father was locked away during his fits of madness, and the girls weren't allowed to marry until they were in their late 30s or 40s, if ever.

He Was The First Hanoverian King To Speak English As His First Language

George was the third of four Georges to rule in an unbroken line - they ruled in a period known as "Georgian" Britain, since four kings shared the same name. Apart from being the third George, he was also the very first George to speak English as his first language. George was a Hanoverian king, meaning, his family actually was from the small principality of Hanover in what is today Germany. George I barely spoke English and his son George II spoke it with a heavy German accent

His Poor Wife Gave Birth To No Fewer Than 15 Babies

The 23-year-old George married the 17-year-old Charlotte in September 1761. It proved to be a loving, happy marriage; so loving and happy, in fact, that George broke with royal tradition and never took a mistress. It was also an incredibly productive marriage: over the course of their 57 years together, George and Charlotte had a total of 15 children. Sadly, not all of them survived to adulthood.

He Almost Didn't Live Past Infancy

George III - one of the most consequential monarchs in British history - almost didn't live to reign. When he was born in June 1738, he was two months premature. Everyone was sure he would not live, and so a hasty baptism was organized that day. But - then he lived. In an era when infant mortality was relatively high, baby George's survival was nothing short of astonishing.

The premature prince lived to be 81 years old.

He Loathed His Eldest Son And Heir

George III followed in the Hanoverian tradition of kings despising their heirs: George I constantly butt heads with George II; and George II did not get on well with his own son, Frederick, George III's father.

The future George IV was nothing like his father: he was a spendthrift who bit his thumb at everything his father represented and even got cozy with opposition politicians, just to piss off his dad. They had heated quarrels, especially since the son couldn’t wait to get his hands on the throne. 

During one of George's fits of madness, he actually threw George, Jr. against a wall

He Lived His Final Years Locked Away In A Castle While His Eldest Son Ruled As Regent

During the king's fits of ill health, he often retired to Kew Palace outside of London to escape the public eye. But by 1811, it was clear that the king was getting worse instead of better. So his eldest son and heir ruled as regent in his father's stead. George III was unceremoniously locked away at Windsor Castle, lost in his own confusion. He remained there until his death in 1820.

George Became King After His Predecessor Died On The Toilet

Since his own father had died unexpectedly in 1751, George inherited the throne directly from his grandfather, George II. By all accounts, George II had despised his son in life and barely noticed his grandson. At the age of 22, George finally succeeded his grandfather to become king. The circumstances under which George III inherited the throne were less than dignified, however: his grandfather's reign ended because he died while using the toilet.

The American Revolution Royally Pissed Him Off

In the United States, George III is often painted as an entitled tyrant who trampled on the rights of democratically-minded, definitely-not-British Americans. The truth, of course, is way more complicated than that.

But it is true that the rebellion that broke out in the colonies deeply disturbed, enraged, and confused George III. In his view, he simply could not believe his subjects would act in the manner they did. He wanted Great Britain to put down the rebellion by any means necessary - he was willing to beat his subjects into submission. This, of course, only made things worse.

He Went Mad

Well, sort of. George suffered bouts of mental instability that may have begun as early as 1765 and lasted until his death in 1820. In these bouts of insanity, George's urine was brown or purple and he would literally run around the castle, seemingly losing all his senses. Obviously, this troubled the royal family, the court, and the political establishment. Historians still don’t know what exactly caused George’s issues, but many think it might have been porphyria, a genetic disease. 

He May Have Been Accidentally Poisoned By Arsenic

Historians don't know exactly what caused George's illness in the final half of his reign. Scientists recently performed a chemical analysis on some of George III's hair, and the results were quite interesting. They found abnormally high levels of arsenic in the follicles and believe this may have triggered - or at least worsened - the king's repeated bouts of illness.

Arsenic could have gotten into the king's system any number of ways, such as through powdered wigs or from medicine physicians might have administered. Many historians believe that porphyria caused George's breakdowns, and that could have been triggered or worsened by arsenic.

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<![CDATA[Why Do Innocent People Confess To Crimes They Didn't Commit?]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/why-innocent-people-confess-to-crimes/lea-rose-emery

There are more innocent people who pleaded guilty than you might think. It seems mind-boggling that anyone would confess if they haven't actually done anything wrong. So who are these innocent people who confessed to crimes, and why do people confess to crimes they didn't commit?

Arrested individuals make false confessions for a variety of reasons, though unfair circumstances and abuse figure in many cases. If you're vulnerable and being treated inhumanely while being questioned, there's a good chance you'll say anything just to have it all be over. But that's the problem - it's not over. False confessions often lead to years in prison and even the execution of guiltless parties. So why do innocent people confess to crimes? Usually because they're forced to, because they feel like they have no other choice. But once that admission of guilt is out there, it's hard to take it back.

Why Do Innocent People Confess To Crimes They Didn't Commit?,

They Want The Fame

Some cases really catch the public eye, and that makes them magnets for false confessions. Maybe people want to become famous for being associated with the crime, or perhaps they're just obsessed.

Whatever the reason, crimes like the infamous Black Dalia murder in 1947 led to multiple false confessions. One of the men who confessed, Daniel S. Voorhees, insisted he was guilty of the murder. But his story fell flat when he couldn't pick the victim, Elizabeth Short, out of a lineup of photographs.

They're Faced With A Harsh Sentence

Plea bargains can tempt false confessions. In 1990, Michael Phillips was misidentified in a photo line up for the rape of a 16-year-old girl. But because he was black and the victim was white, he worried that a jury wouldn't believe his innocence. Rather than risk a longer sentence, he plead guilty and received 12 years in prison. Phillips ended up serving 24: he was finally exonerated when another man's semen was matched to the rape kit in 2014.

They're Being Beaten

In 1934, three black farmers, Arthur Ellington, Ed Brown, and Henry Shields, were accused of murdering white planter Raymond Stuart. They had confessed to police, but only after an extremely violent interrogation that included brutal whippings. They were convicted and sentenced to be hanged, but appealed.

In the resulting landmark case Brown v Mississippi, the Supreme Court ruled that confessions obtained through violence undermined the right to due process. The men's sentences were reversed, though they ended up serving time for manslaughter.

They're Being Tortured

One of the biggest arguments against torture - besides the fact that it's inhumane - is that the information and confessions received during torture are often unreliable or untrue. For example, Mohamed Ramadan, a police officer at Bahrain International Airport, was arrested in 2014 under suspicion of attacking other officers. He was innocent, but was tortured until he made a false confession. The torturers even admitted that they knew he was innocent, but they were angry with him for attending pro-democracy rallies.

Ramadan was convicted, and is sentenced to be executed.

They Misunderstand The Consequences

Sometimes, confessing is presented by the authorities as the easy way out. Stefan Kiszko was accused of the brutal murder of a young girl, Lesley Molseed, in 1975. He was told there were two options: if he confessed, he would be eligible for parole; if he didn't, then he would spend the rest of his life behind bars. So, he confessed, knowing that his confession was false. Kiszko assumed that the police would look into his story, find out it wasn't true, and let him go.

They didn't. Despite recanting as soon as he was given a lawyer, Kiszko spent 16 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit.

They're Just Too Young

Children are sometimes put in incredibly tense situations, and they don't always understand the consequences. When 16-year-old Felix was brought in for the 2005 shooting of Antonio Ramirez and questioned without a lawyer, he slowly went along with interrogators. He picked up pieces of what they said had happened and used them in his confession, even claiming to have left the gun at his grandfather's (though he didn't have a living grandfather).

Studies have shown that children are more likely to give false confessions than adults. They are also more likely to think that going along with the interrogators will lead to them getting released, while maintaining innocence and disagreeing will lead to them getting jailed.

They're Mentally Handicapped

Floyd Brown spent 14 years paying for a murder he didn't commit. Why? In part, because of a lengthy confession he supposedly had written, detailing how he had killed an 80-year-old woman in 1993. But his lawyers maintained that he has the mental capacity of a seven-year-old, and was only able to speak in two or three word phrases. He was put in a mental hospital to await trail, but was left in purgatory for over a decade before he was released.

The mentally handicapped have been shown to be vulnerable to producing false confessions.

They Have Internalized Guilt

Sometimes, an innocent individual can become so convinced of their own guilt that they actually believe they committed a crime.

Peter Reilly discovered this firsthand when he found his mother dead in their home in 1973. He was brought in by the police, who told him he had failed a lie detector test (he hadn't). Between that lie, and hours of questioning, investigators essentially bullied him into believing that he had killed his mother. He even wrote a confession, saying, "I remember slashing once at my mother’s throat with a straight razor I used for model airplanes."

Reilly was eventually exonerated - but only after he spent time in prison for a crime he didn't commit.

They're Forced Into Compliance

After 14 to 30 hours of interrogation, you'd probably confess, too. That's exactly what happened to the Central Park Five. Raymond Santana, Kevin Richardson, Antron McCray, Yusef Salaam, and Kharey Wise confessed to the rape of a female jogger in Central Park in 1989. They later recanted their stories, saying that they had only confessed because they were worn down and forced to by the police. In fact, a serial rapist was later found guilty of the crime with the help of DNA. The wrongfully imprisoned men received a $41 million settlement because of their treatment.

Someone They Love Is Threatened

Some people will go much farther to protect their loved ones than they will to protect themselves. The show trials conducted in the USSR under Stalin included many false confessions. Some were obtained through violence, but others involved threats against the families of those involved. Authorities would say that they were just as guilty as the accused individuals, and could also be executed. Many people confessed to save their families from that fate.

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<![CDATA[Infamous Stories From Led Zeppelin's Heyday Most Fans Don't Talk About]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/crazy-led-zeppelin-stories/harrison-tenpas

Arguably the greatest rock band of all time, Led Zeppelin's legacy and influence are visible all over the musical landscape. With nine massive albums, legendary live performances, and an estimated 300 million records sold worldwide, their impact cannot be overstated.

Musical accomplishments aside, however, Zeppelin also has a reputation for taking the rock-and-roll lifestyle to previously unseen levels of excess. From trashed hotel rooms to mind-boggling drug consumption to unspeakable acts performed on aquatic life, Zep is in a league of its own when it comes to debauched rock star extra-curricular activities. This list takes a look at some of the craziest stories from Led Zeppelin's heyday – the bad backstage behavior, insane tour antics, and straight-up wildest tales of one of the biggest bands in history. 

Infamous Stories From Led Zeppelin's Heyday Most Fans Don't Talk About,

One TV Out The Window? Try Five If You're Led Zeppelin

Eight years after the infamous shark incident at Seattle's Edgewater Inn, the band returned to the hotel, somehow skirting their lifetime ban. The hotel's Manager, James Blum, hesitantly welcomed the British rockers back, but he demanded (naively) that they be on their best behavior. Obviously, that's not what happened.

Legend has it, that night the band threw not just one television set into the Puget Sound, but five, racking up an obscene amount of room damages. Mr. Blum was rightly furious and charged the band $2,500 for the cost of the room, which tour manager Richard Cole gleefully paid. When checking out, Cole was asked by a young hotel clerk: "I’ve heard that Led Zeppelin has a reputation for throwing TVs. But I thought it was BS. Can you tell me, what does it feel like to just toss a TV out of your window?” Cole replied, coolly, "Kid, there are some things in life that you’ve got to experience for yourself," as he slid the clerk $500. "Here you go, mate. Go toss a TV courtesy of Led Zeppelin."

Jimmy Page Served Himself To Groupies Wearing Nothing But Whipped Cream

Ever the enterprising lothario, Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has no shortage of crazy sexual tales attached to his name. One particular instance of him greeting some groupies, however, gets some extra points for creativity. While out on tour – and apparently bored stiff at a hotel – Page and drummer John Bonham were struck with an idea for how to present the in-demand guitarist to a small horde of female fans. Page stripped completely naked and prostrated himself on a room-service cart; Bonham then covered him head-to-tie in whipped cream, and, assuming the role of bell hop, wheeled him into the room of young women. Whatever happened next was probably really unsanitary.  

Jimmy Page Supposedly Worshipped The Devil

Long before the satanic panic that became tied to heavy metal in the late '70s and early '80s, Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page was deeply into the Dark Lord himself as Led Zeppelin began its meteoric rise in the late '60s. While Page never explicitly came out as a Satanist, telling Rolling Stone, "I don't really want to go on about my personal beliefs or my involvement in magic," (well, that clears things up), he did have an obsession with Aleister Crowley, an English occultist who called himself “the Great Beast 666."

So great was Page's appreciation of Crowley that he would later buy his former home in Loch Ness, Scotland. He'd also go on to reveal that he thought the place was haunted; though it's not difficult to imagine what kind of insane crap he was up to that could have scared those ghosts away (or conjured them, for that matter). 

Jimmy Page Donned Nazi Uniforms While Doing Heroin With Drag Queens

Look, Jimmy Page is a weird guy. To some extent, he has the right to be – he's one of the best guitarists of all time. So when you read a story about him dressing up in full Nazi SS gear, you kind of shrug your shoulders for a second before doing a double-take on the words "full Nazi SS gear." Anyways, the story is that, in the mid '70s, on every tour stop the band made, Jimmy Page would don full Nazi regalia and find the nearest transvestite club where he would go to shoot up heroin with drag queens in the bathroom. I mean, sure, why not.

In The Band's Prime, Jimmy Page Dated A 14-Year-Old Girl

In Los Angeles in the early 1970s, Jimmy Page apparently became quite taken with a young groupie named Lori Maddox. While staying at the famed Hyatt House (nicknamed the "Riot House" for the legendary rock star parties it held) in Hollywood, Page sent out one of the band's roadies to escort the young Maddox to his room – she was just 14 years old at the time. That fateful evening kicked off an affair that would go on for several years, and – being that he was a huge celebrity and it was the '70s – Page didn't really face any legal repercussions for what was... well, pedophilia.

In perhaps the most 1970s rock-and-roll twist imaginable, Page had actually stolen Maddox away from David Bowie, as the story goes. 

They Once Defiled A Groupie With A Mud Shark

In what is maybe the most infamous tale of depraved rock-star behavior ever, the story about the shark and the groupie definitely seems to have some truth to it. As legend would have it, after a performance at the Seattle Pop Festival in July of 1969, the band retired to the Edgewater Inn – a hotel that sits above Seattle's Puget Sound. The Inn's scenic placement allows guests to fish right off their rooms' balconies, which the band had done to some success, even reeling in a mud shark. Later that same evening, the room was besieged with groupies (as was usually the case), and the band thought they'd try something... adventurous. The story goes that one young woman was defiled by the lifeless shark in an unusual sexual act.

The story has never been outright denied, but the form of the fish has occasionally changed to a swordfish or red snapper – much more vanilla options. 

The Band Ripped Off A Journalist's Clothes

The members of Led Zeppelin were, in their heyday, huge rock stars. With that distinction in mind, it's not hard to imagine the wealth of willing groupies they had at their disposal, and yet, the band has a really problematic reputation when it came to their interactions with women.

One famous tale of this boorish behavior involves a reporter from Life magazine who had been sent to profile the band. The boys – possibly soaring on some absurd amounts of drugs – started to harass the poor woman and ultimately tore her clothes right off of her body. The woman began to sob, understandably in fear for her own safety. Luckily, the band's manager, Peter Grant, came to her aide and pulled the band off of her. Not a great look for the legendary band. 

John Bonham Had 40 Shots Of Vodka On The Night Of His Death

Like the legendarily debauched drummer Keith Moon before him, John Bonham really, really enjoyed getting his drink on. Also like Keith Moon, Bonham checked into the dirt motel at the hands of his excesses, passing away on September 25th, 1980, at the age of just 32. 

The events that preceded Bonham's death kind of easily solve the mystery of what would cause such a young man to drop dead. He had been rehearsing with the rest of the band at guitarist Jimmy Page's home in Windsor Berkshire, England, and he was staying hydrated with, naturally, quadruple vodkas. At some point, Bonham passed out, and he was unable to wake up when his body began throwing up the alcohol in his system, which caused him to choke on his own bile and die. An autopsy later revealed that, though he had no drugs in his system, he had consumed the equivalent of 40 shots of vodka, or, a whole lotta liquor.

Jimmy Page Had To Be Chained To A Toilet So He Wouldn't Trash His Hotel Room

Led Zeppelin pretty much invented the whole rock-stars-destroying-hotel-rooms cliché. Let's face it: they made great music, and they were great at vandalism. Like any vice or bad behavior, one can find themselves committing these misdeeds habitually, and apparently Jimmy Page became straight-up addicted to breaking things. Fred Durst would be proud. 

Page's virtuosic vandalism got to the point where the band's management apparently had to step in (can you imagine how far it had to go to get that point?), and as the story goes, at one particular hotel, he had be chained to a toilet so he wouldn't break anything. You have to kinda feel bad for that toilet.

They Motorcycled Down The Halls Of The Chateau Marmont

In what is one of the more memorable scenes in Cameron Crowe's 2000 film Almost Famous (a film loosely based on Led Zeppelin's 1970s exploits), a rowdy rock and roller can be seen riding a motorcycle through a hotel hallway. While the image evokes an exaggerated idea of rock-star excess, it was actually based on a real event. 

Drummer and wild man John Bonham is responsible for one of the most famous events in the history of Hollywood's storied hotel Chateau Marmont. Bonham, as the story goes, rode a motorcycle right through the lobby of the hotel in an insanely bold stunt he would go on to repeat two more times, giving the same treatment to the Continental Hyatt House Hotel and the Andaz West Hollywood. Odds are the room deposit was a non-issue.

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<![CDATA[14 Creepy Recordings Featuring Conversations With The Devil]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/creepy-recordings-of-the-devil/jacob-shelton

The Devil seems like the last being you’d want to end up chatting with during an EVP session. Real recordings of the Devil are impossible to verify, but that doesn’t make them any less spooky. Whether you’re a non-believer, on the fence about the existence of Satan, or are 100% sold, these supposed times the Devil spoke to people are worth consideration.

There’s something inherently unsettling about these creepy recordings of the Devil. It’s not just that they might prove the existence of ultimate evil - it’s the way they sound, and the phrases that are used. Instead of logical sentences, this audio that might possibly be the Devil is made up of phrases like "thrill kill," "come closer," and unintelligible moaning. Are these clever hoaxes, or chilling proof of another plane of existence? Either way, these recordings are best listened to with the lights on.

14 Creepy Recordings Featuring Conversations With The Devil,

Is Satan Waiting For You At Corfe Castle?

While investigating Corfe Castle - which was built by William the Conqueror in the 11th century - a group of ghost hunters made contact with a few different entities. They supposedly encountered some French women, a spirit that claimed to be watching them, and most frightening of all, something that named itself as the Devil.



The Devil Screams Mid-Exorcism

This voice, which was recorded during an exorcism, allegedly came from someone who was possessed by a demon. The video's poster seems to believe that the voice belonged to Satan himself. Regardless of which specific demon the voice belongs to, it's not a pleasant listening experience.

The Devil Speaks Through A Spirit Box

An English paranormal investigator named Daniel recorded an incredibly long conversation with a spirit claiming to be the Devil. He used a spirit box, a device that supposedly allows spirits and paranormal entities to relay information by manipulating a variety of frequencies and radio stations. At one point in the recording, the entity even began to mimic Daniel's voice.

The Devil In The Haunted Salon

When a ghost hunter recorded an EVP in a salon, they asked who, or what, was haunting the room. The audio seems to reveal the entity named itself as "Lucifer."

"It's Going To Happen. You'll See."

According to a paranormal enthusiast who goes by Mortis The Wizard, he has a familiar named Ian with whom he communicates via spirit box. Mortis records these sessions and posts them online. But towards the end of a session posted in 2014, Ian asks Mortis if he'd like to speak to the Devil, and things take a chilling turn. The Devil skips the pleasantries and moves straight in on telling Mortis that he wants to kill him. The Devil even signs off with an ominous, "It's going to happen. You'll see."

The Devil In The Hallway

According to uploader Rachael Marriott, she recorded Satan in the hallway of her home. The recording was captured via an iPod Touch's voice memo function, so the sound quality isn't ideal, but it sets a spooky scene nonetheless.

Stop Asking If You're Talking To The Devil

A paranormal investigator from Live Scifi played back some audio footage of an EVP. In the recording, he had asked if he was speaking with the Devil. He received a very plainly worded response: "I am the Devil."

Warning: this video contains strong language.

Satan In The Cemetery

This paranormal investigator claims that, for two months prior to his EVP session in a local cemetery, he had been receiving the message "malice" on his Ovilus, a device that converts environmental readings into words. When he decided to get to the bottom of the mystery and asked who had malice towards him, he received the message: "I am the Devil, and your real god."

Satan Interrupts A Chat

Daniel, a paranormal investigator, was attempting to contact a demon named Astaroth via spirit box when the Devil materialized instead. Daniel tried to ignore the Devil, but he wasn't easily deterred.

The Devil Wants "To Terminate"

The paranormal investigators over at Live Scifi recorded a session with a spirit box that was believed to be haunted by the Devil. The spirit box shouted, "The Devil," "The Devil," "The Devil," over and over again. And things got weirder from there. When asked what the Devil wanted, the spirit box gave a simple, chilling answer: "To terminate."

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<![CDATA[10 Creepy Tales From Abandoned Insane Asylum Cemeteries]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/abandoned-insane-asylum-cemeteries/amandasedlakhevener

Crumbling headstones. Tangled weeds. Dark histories. Abandoned insane asylum cemeteries certainly have a spooky atmosphere. The real-life stories behind these plots are chilling as well. Insane asylums were popular throughout the most of the 19th and early 20th centuries, when psychological care was in its infancy. But the practice of mass containment of the mentally ill fell out of favor, and the asylums closed.

In the decades since, most cities with abandoned asylums on their outskirts left the buildings and their accompanying cemeteries to decay. Advances in medical technology combined with a lack of government funding meant that these buildings were not properly taken care of before they were closed down entirely. In some cases, all that remains of the asylums are the abandoned cemeteries containing hundreds of patients who died while forced to stay there. It's no wonder that ghostly tales surround these lonely, possibly haunted cemeteries.

10 Creepy Tales From Abandoned Insane Asylum Cemeteries,

Strange Lights Appear At The Ridges

The Ridges, also known as Athens State Hospital, was an operating mental institution and tuberculosis hospital in Ohio throughout most of the 20th century. It opened in 1873, and had rooms for over 500 patients. By the 1980s, it was shut down. The land has since become the property of Ohio University, which remodeled and reused the buildings, despite the many paranormal incidents that students have reportedly experienced. The asylum cemetery is also apparently haunted, complete with disembodied voices and strange lights that appear when no one is there.

Bygone Patients Appear At The Indiana Hospital For The Insane

Central State Hospital in Indiana, also known as the Indiana Hospital for the Insane, opened in 1848 and closed in the 1970s. Over those 120-plus years, it racked up quite a few accusations of inhumane treatment. The staff supposedly experimented on patients, and chained violent individuals to walls in cells carved out of access tunnels in the basement of the building.

It's no wonder that the remaining structures and its cemetery are reportedly haunted. Ghostly sightings in the cemetery include people wearing hospital gowns from various time periods, creepy shadows moving from one grave to another, and spooky disembodied moans and screams.

A Little Girl Named Lily Lingers At The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, also known as the Weston State Hospital, is located in West Virginia. The asylum was designed to be self-sufficient, complete with a farm for patients to convalesce at, and a cemetery for them to be buried in.

Today, the cemetery is rumored to be haunted. Some of its specters include a creepy man in black and a little girl by the name of Lily, who are said to pop up in front of people before disappearing.

A Wailing Gravedigger Haunts The Bartonville Insane Asylum

All four cemeteries remaining at the long-closed Bartonville Insane Asylum in Peoria, IL, are said to be haunted by the ghost of a man known as "Old Book." He was a patient there in the early 1900s, known only by his former occupation: a bookbinder. Doctors placed him on grave digging duty, and he would mourn each patient loudly, wailing as their caskets went into the ground.

When Old Book died himself, one doctor reports that he appeared at his own funeral, mourning his death. His spirit supposedly remains in the cemetery, and can be heard crying at night over the bodies buried there.

Howls Echo Through Danvers State Hospital

Danvers State Hospital, located in Danvers, MA, closed down in the early 1990s, leaving behind some eerie buildings and a cemetery with small numbered gravestones. The people who resided within the walls of the hospital were subjected to lobotomies and shock treatments, so it's no wonder that some of them supposedly linger. Glowing orbs of light have been seen moving around the cemetery grounds, and sometimes howling voices are heard.

Ghostly Children Tell Visitors To "Get Out" Of Pennhurst Asylum

The buildings that make up Pennhurst Asylum - located in Spring City, PA - are supposedly so haunted that many people refuse to take a ghost tour there, in fear of having something thrown at them by a malevolent spirit. The asylum once housed physically and mentally challenged children, and many of their bodies fill the unmarked graves in the cemetery. Shadowy figures, eerie voices screaming "get out," and levitating items are just some of the things that visitors have witnessed among the stones.

Spectral Forms Lurk Around The Georgia State Lunatic Asylum

At one point, Central State Hospital in Milledgeville, GA - also known as the Georgia State Lunatic Asylum - was the largest in the country. It routinely held over 10,000 patients. The main buildings were constructed in the 1840s, and the land around them was used to bury those who died within their walls.

The asylum was shut down in the 1980s, and the grounds were cleaned up. But in the 1990s, people realized how many unmarked graves remained. Some bodies were reinterred in the nearby Cedar Lane Cemetery, but tens of thousands of people are buried in their original spots. Some of those souls are said to appear in spectral form, haunting the grounds of what used to be the hospital.

Shadows Clutch At Passersby At The Rolling Hills Asylum

The Rolling Hills Asylum in East Bethany, NY, has an interesting history. It started as the Genesee County Poor Farm, housing mothers and children, then it served as as tuberculosis hospital, before reaching a twisted sort of infamy as a lunatic asylum. Ghosts from all stages of the building's history are rumored to haunt both the interior and the unmarked cemetery, which is believed to hold over 1,700 people. Shadows that grab at you, the sounds of footsteps, and the inexplicable feeling that you're not alone are just some of the creepy experiences that people have had on the grounds.

Orbs Float Through Kings County Asylum

Kings County Asylum, located on Long Island in New York, was open for over 100 years, and could hold around 10,000 patients. Like many other lunatic asylums, this one is said to have a haunted history. Most of the graves in the cemetery are unmarked, as if the people in them have been completely forgotten about. That might be why it's rumored to be filled with floating orbs, white apparitions, and even the sounds of horrific screams, as if the inhabitants are still in pain.

Figures Run Around The Outagamie County Asylum For The Insane

Appleton, WI, was once the home of the Outagamie County Asylum for the Insane. The asylum itself was shut down years ago, and its buildings no longer exist - but its ghostly cemetery still does. Some of the creepier stories about the site involve phantom screams cutting through the evening air, and black, shadowy figures running on the field on top of the unmarked graves.

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<![CDATA[12 Historically Beloved Figures That J. Edgar Hoover Hated And Tried To Destroy]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/people-j-edgar-hoover-hated/philgibbons

For six decades, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover was the most powerful law enforcement figure in the United States. Unfortunately for the people that J. Edgar Hoover tried to destroy, he used this power irresponsibly to pursue surprisingly petty agendas against some high-profile individuals who had no criminal backgrounds. J. Edgar Hoover's secret files contained voluminous reports concerning all sorts of famous public figures and celebrities merely because they were people that J. Edgar Hoover hated or distrusted.

Much more ominously, he was able to continue his personal campaign of petty investigation because a succession of Presidents were also people J. Edgar Hoover kept files on, information that, if released to the public, would be both embarrassing and politically destructive. This ensured that Hoover was able to continue his bizarre preoccupation with trashing and investigating some perfectly nice people. And the files still exist to prove it.

12 Historically Beloved Figures That J. Edgar Hoover Hated And Tried To Destroy,

Albert Einstein

Although Albert Einstein was well known as one of the most innovative scientists and thinkers of the 20th century, the FBI focused its surveillance on the German ex-pat's political activities, which had a decidedly leftist bent. J. Edgar Hoover equated liberalism with communism and, therefore, considered Einstein to be a secret Red sympathizer and a possible Soviet agent.

The FBI routinely tapped Einstein's phone, read his mail, and even went through his garbage in an attempt to connect him with sinister forces. In a biography of Hoover, written by scholar Fred Jerome, accounts of Einstein's former home in Germany, purportedly written by Hoover, describe it as "a Communist center" and "the hiding place of Moscow envoys," which disqualified him from participating in the US Army's Manhattan Project to construct the atomic bomb. Despite a 1,500 page file that was compiled right up until Einstein's 1955 death, no communist connection was ever discovered.

Charlie Chaplin

British-born Charlie Chaplin was another personal obsession of J. Edgar Hoover, especially because Chaplin's leftist leanings and non-citizenship made him an easy target during the early '50s. Hoover distributed damaging rumors and malicious innuendo about Chaplin to one of his go-to gossip columnists, Hedda Hopper. She faithfully chronicled alleged communist ties and dissolute behavior on the part of the Hollywood icon.

Chaplin became so unpopular that he decided to stage the 1952 premiere of his film Limelight in London, his American bookings having become nonexistent. Upon his exit from the US, Chaplin was informed that his permission to reenter the country had been revoked by the Attorney General. Chaplin was so alarmed and disillusioned by this – as well as subsequent political developments during the '50s – that he remained in Europe and only briefly returned to Los Angeles to receive an honorary Academy Award in 1972, a mere days before Hoover's death.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Although J. Edgar Hoover worked closely with Franklin D. Roosevelt, he was relentless in pursuing and documenting the behavior and activity of the First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt. Her FBI file has been described by historians as: "[One] of the wonders of the Western world. It is one of the largest individual files that Hoover compiled." 

3,900 pages in length, FBI investigators documented Eleanor's affair with the much younger Joseph Lash. When FDR was informed of this liaison, Lash would be immediately reassigned within the military. Additionally, Eleanor Roosevelt's FBI investigation has been described as including:

“charges against her for suspected Communist activities, threats to her life on the grounds of her disloyalty to the country, close monitoring of her activities and writings, and a record of possible insurrectionary groups that she may have influenced.”

As with most progressives, J. Edgar Hoover suspected that Eleanor Roosevelt, a tireless advocate for human and civil rights, social justice, and feminism, was secretly a communist.

Grateful Dead

Hoover and the FBI were convinced that rock and roll bands were somehow directly responsible for the proliferation of drug use in the '60s. One band that was supposedly knee deep in distributing LSD along the West Coast was the Grateful Dead, but the Bureau's files seem so out of touch as to render the suspicion ludicrous. The Dead are described in a 1970 official report as “a rock group of some sort.” Files also indicate that the band was one of several San Francisco-based acts that were an "internal security" threat from "the New Left."

FBI agents would routinely appear at Dead shows and were quite serious about the Dead's responsibility for massive amounts of LSD distribution. The final entry in their publicly available file is “LSD originates from San Francisco, California through a renowned rock group known as Grateful Dead. The Grateful Dead is well known to DEA, San Francisco.”

Jean Seberg

The treatment of American actress Jean Seberg by J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI was so egregious that it prompted a monumental Federal Senate investigation of the Bureau's operations and techniques. That's because, in the wake of the FBI aggressively harassing her on an international scale and fabricating slanderous lies about her pregnancy, Seberg committed suicide. Seberg appeared in several high-profile American films of the '50s and '60s, including The Mouse That Roared, Paint Your Wagon, and Airport. During the '60s, she contributed money to various activist groups, including the NAACP and Native-American organizations.

Hoover was reportedly particularly offended by the funding Seberg provided to the Black Panther Party. In 1970, the FBI helped concoct and plant a story in the mainstream media that Seberg's pregnancy was the result of a relationship with a Black Panther and not her husband. Upset, Seberg gave birth prematurely, and the infant subsequently died only days later. An open casket funeral of a Caucasian child refuted the FBI's subterfuge, and Seberg successfully sued Newsweek for printing the allegation. It is believed that Seberg was effectively blacklisted in Hollywood at this time, and she relocated to France where she continued her career in some memorable performances.

Still, she would be subjected to aggressive personal surveillance, burglaries, and phone wiretaps in France, Italy, and Switzerland. Her conduct and activities were routinely reviewed by both President Nixon and the Attorney General. Seberg officially committed suicide under mysterious circumstances in August of 1979, her loved ones alleging that her mental health had deteriorated under the stigma and systematic abuse of the clandestine campaign of the US Government. With Hoover already dead, the Bureau acknowledged misbehavior and instituted reforms prompted by the US Senate investigation known as the "Church Committee."

John Lennon

When John Lennon sang at a rally in December of 1971 for imprisoned activist John Sinclair, both the Nixon White House and J. Edgar Hoover went into beast mode to get the former Beatle and his wife, Yoko Ono, an American citizen, deported back to Great Britain. Richard Nixon was especially concerned that Lennon would be at the forefront of a movement to oppose Nixon's 1972 re-election campaign, the first presidential election to allow 18 year olds to vote. Senator Strom Thurmond, with information provided by the FBI, communicated directly with the Immigration and Naturalization Service and Nixon to inform them of John Lennon's UK conviction for marijuana possession, a pretext that would be used in an attempt to cancel Lennon's temporary visa.

The former Beatle was so intimidated by the US Government's explicit threats to deport him – as well as the visible FBI surveillance – that he canceled any activity on behalf of Richard Nixon's political opponents. Lennon's battle to stay in the US would continue after Hoover's 1972 death. Only with the election of Jimmy Carter in 1976 would John Lennon be granted permanent resident status. Eventually, files released from the FBI would show that J. Edgar Hoover made Lennon's deportation a top priority, so much so that a wanted poster was issued to local police departments with a picture of Lennon that stated that any arrest of him would make him immediately deportable. Typically, when it came to the Bureau's clueless persecution of rock and rollers, it was a photo of someone else.

Leonard Bernstein

Famed composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein came to the attention of the FBI in the early '40s for his supposed support of groups potentially harboring communist sympathies. Such information concerning Bernstein's interactions with or sponsorship of fundraising events connected to officially subversive organizations had disastrous personal consequences for Bernstein.

As a result of them, he was denied the renewal of his passport in 1953 at the height of the blacklisting and the House Un-American Activities Committee's furor over American communist infiltration. Bernstein's passport denial – undoubtedly prompted by the FBI's lengthy investigation into his background – forced him to undergo a humiliating process in which he was forced to disavow his previous connections, swear allegiance to the US, and deny any official Communist Party membership.  

Following the hysteria of the '50s, Bernstein drew the FBI's attention again in 1970 when he famously sponsored a fundraiser for the Black Panther Party at his Park Avenue apartment. Although this high-profile event would prompt popular-culture mockery by Tom Wolfe, among others, for its "radical chic" behavior, it also set off an FBI attempt to discredit Bernstein by leaking word of his connections to a Black Panther murder suspect. Information from Bernstein's lengthy FBI file was only obtained after an ACLU lawsuit. Heavily redacted, it contains nothing of Bernstein's bisexual affairs, something the FBI would have undoubtedly unearthed. This precipitated additional lawsuits to force the FBI to release un-redacted and complete versions of Bernstein's FBI files.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

J. Edgar Hoover was obsessed with various forces in the American political landscape, and this included outspoken members of the Civil Rights Movement – given the Director's belief that the Movement was infiltrated and manipulated by communists. Martin Luther King Jr. was front and center of this obsession. In fact, when Hoover informed the Kennedy White House that some of King's advisors had communist ties, it was agreed that the Bureau would wiretap King, including the motel rooms that King resided in while traveling throughout the South.

It quickly became apparent that Martin Luther King was engaging in extramarital affairs, behavior that Hoover hoped to publicize through sympathetic media contacts. Frustrated when this attempt to discredit King failed, Hoover then instructed an underling to compose and mail a letter to King that included tape recordings of King's assignations and implied that he would be exposed and compromised. The letter stated “[lend] your sexually psychotic ear to the enclosure,” and it gave a deadline of a month “before your filthy, abnormal fraudulent self is bared to the nation.” It also denounced King as an “evil, abnormal beast.” King ignored the package and threat, initially opened by his wife, but he had no doubt that it came from the FBI. Hoover continued to publicly denounce King after the Minister alleged that the FBI was too tight with racist police forces in the South. Hoover called the Nobel Laureate “the most notorious liar in the country.” 

Melvin Purvis

In 1934, J. Edgar Hoover was involved in a very high-profile war against criminals like John Dillinger, "Pretty Boy" Floyd, and "Baby Face" Nelson. These criminals had mocked law enforcement for years, and Hoover publicly proclaimed that their apprehension was only a matter of time. In the summer and fall of 1934, this struggle came to a climax when FBI agents, led by Chicago office director Melvin Purvis, killed all three of these notorious gangsters in rapid succession. Despite Bureau attempts to limit his recognition, Purvis was proclaimed a national hero for his supervision of and personal participation in the shoot outs that killed the three criminals.

The attention, which upstaged Hoover, personally enraged the Director, who disliked publicity for any FBI employee other than himself. He began a systematic attempt to harass and discredit Purvis, which prompted the agent's resignation only a year after the high-profile events of 1934. Hoover's animosity didn't stop there. He attempted to prevent Purvis's employment in various opportunities, blocked two federal judgeships, and repeatedly refused to meet with Purvis when his former associate would drop into FBI headquarters in Washington. Hoover never reconciled with his former colleague, who died of a possible suicide on February 29, 1960.

Pete Seeger

In 1942, while a Private in the US Army training to be an airplane mechanic, Pete Seeger wrote a letter to the California American Legion that was critical of the organization's official stance that – following WWII – all Japanese individuals, regardless of citizenship, should be deported. Seeger, the eventual composer of such American folk standards as "Where Have All The Flowers Gone?," "If I Had A Hammer," and "Turn, Turn, Turn!," did not receive an official response from the Legion. Instead, they turned the letter over to the FBI, which immediately began a lengthy investigation that prevented Seeger from being deployed with his unit once it finished its training.

In coordination with the FBI, military intelligence investigators began reading Seeger's correspondence with his Japanese-American fiancé and looking into Seeger's academic background. Seeger was never deployed into combat; instead, he was assigned to entertaining troops in the Pacific. But, after the war, the FBI did not forget about Pete Seeger. When his folk group, the Weavers, reached national prominence in the early '50s, blacklisting eventually diminished their appeal. Like many artists with politically provocative backgrounds, Seeger was eventually asked to testify in front of the House Un-American Activities Committee, and, instead of taking the Fifth Amendment or even providing information, he defiantly refused to answer questions. He was convicted of contempt of Congress and sentenced to a year in jail, but he eventually successfully appealed it. By then, the communist witch hunt had ended, but the Bureau would continue to closely monitor Seeger wll into the '70s; his FBI file stated that he "has manifested a revolutionary ideology." The FBI even communicated with the postmaster and police force of Seeger's tiny Beacon, NY, home, demanding that they report any suspicious activity.    

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<![CDATA[28 Brilliant Stranger Things Mashup Art Masterpieces]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/incredible-stranger-things-mashup-fan-art/stephen-reyes

Stranger Things is a true pop culture phenomenon that took the Internet by storm in 2016. Like every other thing that becomes an instant classic, the series inspired creative people all over the world to pay tribute with their talents. Have a look at these incredible pieces of Stranger Things fan art, and vote up the ones you love just as much as Eleven loves Eggos waffles. The Stranger Things mashup art on this list includes crossovers with Star Wars, Pokemon, and even Earthbound.

28 Brilliant Stranger Things Mashup Art Masterpieces,


Book And Record Set

Stranger Wars

Earthbound Mashup

My Neighbor Demogorgon

Eleven and Hobbes


Where The Stranger Things Are

Strange And Unusual

Trainer Things

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<![CDATA[20 Grown-Ups Describe Imaginary Friends That May Not Have Been Imaginary]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/adults-describe-their-creepy-imaginary-friends/amandasedlakhevener

Imaginary friends are, for many people, a childhood rite of passage, giving them their first true friends and confidantes. But be careful who you make friends with, for some creepy imaginary friends come back to you as an adult, if they were even friends in the first place. Though most people write off imaginary friends as simply products of over-active imaginations, the way some adults describe their past imaginary friends suggests something else may have been afoot. Imaginary friends, like many things for children, aren't always as benign as you may assume they'd be.

Whether their imaginary friend was a departed spirit or a malevolent entity from the unknown, listening to adults describe their imaginary friends is always entertaining and a little unnerving. These true Reddit stories go into detail about the creepy imaginary friends people had as kids. If you can relate, you may want to think back on how "imaginary" your friends really were.

20 Grown-Ups Describe Imaginary Friends That May Not Have Been Imaginary,

Insisted Karen Be Treated Like A Real Person

From bluethundersix:

"I was an imaginative kid & had several imaginary friends, but my first one was different then the rest. When I was two or three I had an imaginary friend named Karen. My whole family knew about her & I would insist she be treated like a real person, unlike my later fantasy folks. My mom would hear me carrying on whole conversations with her alone & was always a little curious where I had come up with the whole thing, it seemed more complex then toddler pretend. Like I genuinely thought she was a person & that people were being inconsiderate to her by not acknowledging her. Sometimes to humor me my parents would out of the blue be like 'Well, hello Karen!' & I'd glare replying 'She's not here right now.'

We ended up moving & once we did, Karen wasn't mentioned anymore. Since I was young, I don't remember too much, just a warm feeling like an old friend. My mom asked me about it when I got older, and told her I could confidently remember making up my other later imaginary friends (Howard the Duck & his girlfriend Chuck) but not Karen. She told me she always wondered if I was seeing something she wasn't, but no harm ever came of it so she didn't worry.

Well I'm in my 30's now and was reading an article about a case that changed how soon you could report a missing person. As I read I realized it was sort of near where I used to live and the girl was named Karen. I didn't think much of it, it was a city, crime happens. As I read further, I learned that Karen's murderer had buried her body in the town I had lived. At that point, not expecting much but rather curious, I texted my mom for the address of our old house. As it turns out, Karen was murdered then buried about a mile & a half from our old home.

Now, I'm not saying that I'm 100% sure this Karen was my Karen, and the whole thing had happened a little over decade before my parents had even bought the house. My mom had never even heard of the case and it was would have long been out of the headlines. I still haven't found a picture of the girl and sometimes wonder if I'd recognize her even though she died before I was even born. Regardless, the whole thing was a sad story and that young lady didn't deserve such an awful end. If she was my Karen, it's even sadder her spirit lingered and only had a toddler for a friend."

Sarah May Not Have Been So Imaginary After All

From LegoArcus:

"Not imaginary, per se. I used to break into houses as a little kid. I lived in a really run-down part of town with a huge amount of foreclosed and empty houses. So, I would pry off the window screens and if the windows were unlocked, I would crawl inside them. I was maybe like five or six.

Well, in one abandoned house there was always this young Hispanic girl hanging out in the upstairs bathroom. I would go up there, and she would talk to me and we'd play tag and hide-and-go seek and truth or dare. I'd always invite her home for dinner but she said she couldn't leave because she had to wait for her mom to come home. I guess it made sense to me at the time, but when I think back, there was nothing in that house. Not even silverware in the kitchen drawers. The carpets were all mildewed and it was seriously empty. I don't think she could have really been there.

Her name was Sarah. (I don't think she ever told me her last name). She always wore these cut-off tank-top shirts (I really can't remember what of, but I'm fairly certain they were graphic tees) and always these pastel-orange spandex shorts. She had a bobbed hair-cut where the hair was shorter in the back than the front. She was missing a couple of teeth in the front of her mouth. She was a little chubby, especially in the stomach."

He Was A Black Ball Of Energy

From NobodyWhatsoever:

"When my sister and I were young, we both had imaginary friends but we could both sense hers. It was like a black ball of energy.

My sister claimed her imaginary friend told her its - her - name. We played with her outside, and my sister talked our mom into setting a place for her at the table a few times.

Eventually our parents were uncomfortable with how convinced we both were of this imaginary friend, and forbade all mention of her.

Some years later we learned there had been a small group of Native Americans living in that are who had been wiped out about a hundred years before. The name of the group was that which my sister's imaginary friend had said was hers so long ago."

A Bunch Of Creepy Imaginary Pals

From an anonymous Redditor:

"When I was a kid, I had several imaginary friends. My first one was an exact copy of myself, who would follow me around. My second ''friend' was actually a race of thumb sized mutant children with rainbow colored hair, and super powers. They had to leave their home planet because at age ten if they were weak, they were murdered. So they went to earth, and I started to raise them in secret. The two main ones that started this whole elaborate story now teach at a camp made for the survivors, and there is a constant war feuding now."

Skeleton Dog Scared Off Everyone

From epsdelta:

"When I was a kid, young maybe five-to-eight -years-old, I had an imaginary friend that was a skeleton dog. It would race everywhere, and always be beside me when I reached my destination. The animals in the woods around me were afraid of it, of course."

Charlie Was A Little Man Who Went Everywhere

From renob151:

"I had one when I was like four. He was Charlie. My parents always asked what he looked like, and I always said a little man. He went every where with me (single child at the time). It was to the point that I would cry if my mom sat on Charlie while we were eating lunch. When we moved away Charlie didn't come with us. My Mom asked where he was, and I told her that he was going to be a mannequin at Sears. Years later we found out that a little person had committed suicide in our house before we moved in..."

She Lived There Before

From fivedollarcarwash:

"I had loads of imaginary friends when I was a kid, most of which were just personifications of my dolls and my favorite characters from books and TV, but I remember one with a completely unique personality from when I was about nine and living in Virginia. She was called Christine or something similar and as much as I can remember she lived in the house before we moved in, had long pigtails and was close to my age. I didn't think much of this until really recently when my parents and I were talking about when we used to live in that house. My mum told me that she used to hear footsteps and a child's voice coming from the upstairs while I was at school, and my dad told me he once found an old photo of a little girl at the bottom of one of the closets while he was cleaning it. Unfortunately he couldn't tell me if the girl had pigtails."

"Bra And Underpants" Girl

From Johnnypsychotic:

"When I was between three and six I had three imaginary friends, two who were the usual little kid stuff. They were invisible and and friendly and I only heard them in my head.

My third friend, she was not invisible, I could see her. I called her 'Bra-and-underpants girl' because that's all she had on. I can still see her in my mind clear as day, she looked almost black and white, like black lacy underwear contrast with pale skin and what I always thought was dirt around her frazzled blonde hair. I can't even wrap my head around how I had even been able to come up with a friend like that at three. 

While my other two friends were nice, she wasn't; she wasn't mean, just really sad, constantly. If asked where she lived and she'd say 'those woods' (points to forest behind my house.) I'd tell her she could stay in my house but she'd just say 'I can't.' It wasn't a big deal when I stopped seeing her either. Do you think it was something more?"

Tom Followed Him Everywhere

From overdosebabyblue:

"As soon as I could start speaking, I had an imaginary friend. I called him 'Tom.' I would set places at the table for him, talk to him during long bus rides, ask his opinion about things, and basically treat him like an invisible brother even though I had three other siblings. I don't remember any of this. My mum grew concerned that I wasn't developing socially, so she took me to a child psychiatrist. This I remember. They asked me about Tom and why I saw him, if I saw anyone else in the same manner, and asked me to sort out some stuff with puzzles. I stopped talking to Tom after that.

Fast forward ten years. After her divorce, my mum gets really into spirituality. I thought it was a load of bollocks, until she played the recording of a particular psychic reading session with me. The psychic was new and really interested in me for some reason. She said she saw a young dark haired man 'watching over me'. She asked if the name Tim meant anything. She asked if I was a Gemini. She asked if I had a large birthmark on my side. All this is correct.

The psychic inferred that Tom/Tim and I were twins in a past life. The birthmark I carry is apparently how he died, to come watch over me in this life. As a child, I could see him and interact with him, but I lost that gift as I was conditioned not to see him.

I'm skeptical of such claims, but hearing the psychic pinpoint such information made the hair rise on the back of my head. So, I guess if you're there watching over me, thanks twin bro."

Becky Said She Hated Her

From kaleidoscopeeyes907:

"I had an imaginary friend when I was five or six. Her name was Becky Reeder, and she was maybe eight or nine, had curly brown hair, and was slightly pudgy. I had her as a friend for about three years. She and I would hang out in the downstairs of my house and color, play with dolls, and sometimes play outside. She would never come upstairs though and I never found out why. She would just go away when I went upstairs.

One night she invited me to a party, and I was excited because she said I could meet her family. She had a mom and dad, grandparents, an older sister, and an aunt. She told me that the party was by the water (like a 10 min drive from my house), and that it would be fun. I told her I couldn't leave, and she said we could sneak out. I started out the door when my mom heard and came to investigate. She asked what I was doing and I told her that I was going with Becky to a party to meet her family. My mom told me I couldn't go, and I threw a fit because I really wanted to go.

My mom picked me up and went to take me to bed, but I couldn't stop crying so she brought me into her room to sleep in her bed. A while later I calmed down and was just laying there watching the ceiling when I heard the noise by the bedroom door. Becky was upstairs, and she was standing there. I waved at her and whispered 'I'm sorry.' Becky said 'I hate you', and walked out of the room. I never saw her again after that. I've tried Googling deaths in that area or asking around, but nobody knows anything, so it was interesting. I talked to my mom about it when I was older, and she said she was very alarmed because I was so adamant to go to this party, even though it wasn't real."

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<![CDATA[15 Adorable Marvel Superhero BFFs That Are Total Friendship Goals]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-marvel-superhero-bffs/tamara-jude

While many of the characters in the Marvel Universe join teams and organizations to fight crime, some of the most interesting team-ups have been Marvel characters who are best friends. Moreover, the BFFs we have gotten over the years have been nothing short of delightful. Whether they're Odd Couple archetypes or so similar they could be siblings, some of these friendships date as far back as the start of Marvel Comics. That's decades of fights, make-ups, life-changing events, and even deaths.

We have gotten some of the best team-ups in comic book history between best friend Marvel characters. From witty banter to heartbreaking loss and mourning, the most memorable moments in comics have occurred between the best friends of Marvel. Luckily, some of these friendships have transcended the page and moved to TV shows and films, so non-comic book fans can experience the pure joy of these timeless bonds.

From the ultimate drinking buddies to corporate business partners, Marvel characters that are best friends continue to bring readers some of the most popular and entertaining stories in comics history.

15 Adorable Marvel Superhero BFFs That Are Total Friendship Goals,

Power Man and Iron Fist

A friendship born from a fist fight, Iron Fist and Luke Cage got along almost immediately (despite their violent meet-cute). After clearing Luke's name, the two worked together for Misty Knight and, later, created their own business: Heroes for Hire. Their partnership continued until the untimely death of Iron Fist. Luke continued as a solo hero until it was discovered that Iron Fist was actually alive and they reformed their business. BFFs to the end. 

Professor X And Magneto

Meeting for the first time in an Israeli Holocaust clinic, Magneto and Professor X bonded over philosophy, mutant rights, and literature. Their conflicting points of view led them down different paths, however, and they soon became enemies. Regardless, their friendship persevered even to Xavier's death, and he entrusted the X-Men to his old friend after he passed. Differences aside, the two men always held a constant respect and abiding love for one another. 

Tony Stark And James "Rhodey" Rhodes

While he started out as Tony Stark's personal pilot and chief aviation engineer, Rhodey soon developed a close friendship with his boss. He never left Tony's side, even when Stark Enterprises was on the brink of ruin and he was facing bankruptcy. Rhodey also stepped in to become Iron Man temporarily during Tony's battle with alcoholism. Upon his (alleged) death, Tony left his fortune and control of his company to Rhodey. Additionally, Tony created the Variable Threat Response Battle Suit, Model XVI, Mark I (nicknamed "War Machine"), especially for his BFF.

Groot And Rocket Raccoon

You hardly ever see these partners separated in the comics or the movies. As one of the few people that can understand Groot, Rocket Raccoon formed an almost immediate bond with the arboreal creature. From then on, these two heroes have been stuck together at the hip. And why not? They're so awesome (and merchandisable)! 

Carol Danvers And Spider-Woman

This awesome friendship started with a life-saving rescue. When Carol was attacked by Rogue and lost all of her powers, Spider-Woman found her under the Golden Gate Bridge. Since then, the two have become very close friends. The pair have also been seen hanging around with Carol's longtime friend Jessica Jones, and they're all a delight to spend time with in any combination. 

Steve Rogers And Bucky Barnes

With a friendship spanning almost 80 years, Captain America and Bucky Barnes are the epitome of friendship goals. Their bond has survived decades of frozen, suspended animation, various side-switching, and countless brushes with death. When Captain America was assassinated, Bucky even took on his superhero name in his honor. Later, when Steve was found to be alive, he passed his blessing on to his best friend and officially retired from his role as Captain America. Now that's real camaraderie. 

Deadpool And Cable

While this may not be the most believable friendship in the comics, it is certainly very entertaining. Why wouldn't Cable want to be friends with Deadpool after he tried to kill him, after all? Embodying the funny man/straight man trope, these two unlikely friends worked amazingly well together. They even wound up sharing some DNA with each other. Can't get any closer than that, right?

Captain America And The Falcon

Falcon and Captain America started their friendship with a lie. Falcon was manipulated by Red Skull into spying on Captain America. However, they got past it and became frequent partners and friends. In fact, Steve trusted Falcon enough to give him the Captain America mantle when he decided to retire. Even when Steve decided to go back to crime fighting, the two best friends decided to share the title of Captain America together. 

Deadpool And Spider-Man

Any friendship with Deadpool is guaranteed to result in biting remarks and insults. So, of course, he meshed perfectly with the wise-cracking Spider-Man. In fact, their relationship tends to veer into a sort of love/hate territory. Deadpool (being Deadpool) has an often-too-close attachment to everyone's favorite web-slinger. Let's be real: he just straight-up flirts with Spider-Man constantly. Poor Spidey. No wonder he gets fed up with Wade's antics from time to time.  

Wolverine And Nightcrawler

A set of rather unlikely friends, Wolverine and Nightcrawler were thick as thieves. Although they may seem like complete opposites, the two mutants would frequently go out drinking together. There were also notorious for pulling pranks on their friends and allies. In one of their wildest stunts, the duo tried to get Colossus drunk and then beat him up for breaking up with Kitty Pryde. Really, it's too bad we've missed out on seeing this friendship depicted in the X-Men movies and cartoons. 

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<![CDATA[20 Lazy Pokemon Designs That Weren't Even Trying]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/lazy-pokemon-designs-that-arent-even-trying/stephen-reyes

The world of Pokemon is full of wondrous, creative creatures born of pure imagination. These are not those creatures. In fact, from a design and creatvity perspective, these are some of the worst Pokemon ever created.

These incredibly lazy Pokemon designs will have you feeling pretty great about all those doodles you made in your grade school notebook. An ice cream cone counts as a Pokemon? A set of keys? A Chandelier? We're guessing that someone at Game Freak was really hungover when they created these terrible Pokemon, because virtually no effort when into their designs.

20 Lazy Pokemon Designs That Weren't Even Trying,


Okay, someone must have been desperate at a deadline. That's the only excuse we can think of for Voltorb. It's literally just a Pokeball with eyes. At least Electrode has a mouth. How does Voltorb even talk? It has no mouth and it must scream.


Exeggcute is a pile of eggs. Some of which are even cracked. We're pretty sure it was just created as an "eggscuse" to use a "hilarious" egg pun.


Pineco seems to have been inspired by countless boy/girl scout craft projects. Just glue some googly eyes onto a pine cone and you too can work for Game Freak designing Pokemon.


Luvdisc seems to be the only Pokemon inspired by duck-face Tinder selfies. Also, it is clearly not a disc, so it doesn't even live up to its incredibly shitty name.


Muk appears to be made of some sort of toxic waste. That's the only explanation for its weird, purple color. More human waste products should be appropriated for Pokemon design. Show us that discarded styrofoam Pokemon!


Who in their right mind would even want to catch a Garbodor? Just stuff a bunch of trash into a Pokeball and you've got pretty much the same thing. The smell must be incredible.


One of Klink's main attacks is something called "Gear Grind." Its very existence grinds our gears, so that is the most accurately named attack in Pokemon history. 


Vanillish seems awfully happy for a Pokemon who is probably often eaten alive by mistake. His best attack is probably just giving you a slightly annoying brain freeze. Come to think of it, an artist eating their ice cream too fast is almost certainly the inspiration for Vanillish.


Did you bring your new Pokemon design for today's deadline?

Uh, yeah. Sure.

Well where is it?

*Sweats nervously.* Uh, it's right here in my pocket.

Can I see it?

*Panics, pulls out car keys.* Umm. Behold, Klefki!



We know what a Pikachu looks like, Dedenne. You sir, are no Pikachu.

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<![CDATA[Why Watergate Was More Insane Than Any Political Drama on TV]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/facts-about-the-watergate-scandal/stephanroget

The world has never been more interested in political dramas. Shows like House of Cards and American Crime Story seem to dominate viewers' minds and discussions of late. Countless political documentaries are burning up Netflix. And that’s to say nothing of the very real, very dramatic political escapades that are currently going on in the actual White House. However, the best political drama in American history is already long since in the rearview mirror. The scandal surrounding the Watergate break-in, and the subsequent cover-up and investigation that followed it, included the kind of dramatics that would put even Frank Underwood to shame.

What started with a seemingly simple burglary at the Watergate Hotel soon spiraled into a complex and convoluted conspiracy that reached all the way to the president at the time, Richard Nixon. It was mainly the dogged reporting of two young Washington Post reporters, Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, that unraveled the whole thing, and in doing so they brought down an entire administration. Their book on the subject, All The President’s Men, has all the markings of a political thriller novel but, best of all, it actually happened. Even the highlights of the story are enough to send one’s head spinning.

Why Watergate Was More Insane Than Any Political Drama on TV,

It All Started With Duct Tape

The entirety of the Watergate scandal would not have occurred if not for the improper placement of duct tape. On the night of the burglary, in January of 1972, five burglars snuck into some Democratic Party rooms in the Watergate Hotel in order to steal secret campaign-related documents and wiretap the Democrats' phones. They planned to do this by leaving duct tape on some key doors, thus not allowing the doors to lock. This procedure normally calls for placing vertical strips of tape, so that the strips are not visible, but the burglars placed the strips horizontally instead.

A night watchman found the tape and removed it, thinking nothing of it. When he noticed the tape had returned on his second walkthrough, though, he became suspicious and called the police. The jig was up.

A Lot Of Nixon's Dirty Tricks Were More Like Zany Pranks

Not all of the political interference that Nixon’s group pulled on their Democratic opponents was outright devious. Some of the tricks played were really more akin to childish pranks, designed to annoy and disrupt their political rivals. Nixon flunkies ordered dozens of unwanted pizzas to Democratic events, or made unending crank calls. Another popular prank involved going to a hotel where the Democrats were staying and stealing all their shoes when they left them outside their rooms for cleaning. Ultimately, these “pranks” were defended as a normal part of the political process - but it was really only one side doing them.

The FBI Was Caught In The Middle

Part of the reason that so much of the investigating was left to Woodward, Bernstein, and other reporters was the fact that the FBI itself was compromised. At first, the Nixon administration tried to shut down the Watergate investigation completely and, when that failed, they then tried to keep it as contained as possible.

Several FBI agents, like Deep Throat, fought back by “leaking” information to the press, but this left them in an awkward position between their duties to the truth and and to their employer. This led to one amusing incident where Woodward and Bernstein cornered and threatened an FBI agent over inconsistent answers he had given them.

It appears that, towards the end of it all, Nixon became aware that Mark Felt had betrayed him as Deep Throat, along with other FBI turncoats, but he was unable to act on that information.

Woodward And Bernstein Bent - And Broke - The Law To Get Their Story

Reporters Woodward and Bernstein found themselves so caught up in their efforts to out the lawbreaking ways of the Nixon administration that they even broke a few laws themselves. Woodward and Bernstein skirted legal boundaries by obtaining private phone records and by hounding grand jurors at their private homes, but only received warnings for such behavior.

In their book, All The President’s Men, Bernstein admits to outright committing a crime on one occasion. Desperate for a lead, Bernstein phoned a source while impersonating a different man who had been implicated in the scandal. Ultimately, his ruse didn’t work, and he broke the law for nothing. The fact that he admitted to this in his book seems rather commendable.

The Nixon Administration Launched A Campaign "Ratf*cking" Their Opponents

The Woodward and Bernstein investigation quickly turned up the fact that the Watergate break-in was one of many incidents in which Nixon and his cronies had attempted to interfere with their political opponents. They soon discovered that such programs had a very interesting name: “ratf*cking.” Nixon aides would approach individuals whom they thought might be inclined to help them, and would then instruct them to infiltrate and interfere with Democratic Party events. This included things like phoning and changing the time of bookings and meetings to cause mass confusion.

Eventually, this “ratf*cking” escalated to more illegal activities, like the break-in itself. These campaign tricks were paid for by a secret fund that was off the books.

Deep Throat's Real Identity

The real identity of Deep Throat was once one of journalism’s most guarded secrets. Woodward let Bernstein in on the scoop, but very few others were ever aware of who the mysterious yet integral source ever was. The truth of the matter was not revealed until more than three decades after Watergate wrapped up in 1973.

In 2005, former FBI special agent and deputy director Mark Felt confirmed that he had been Deep Throat, and Woodward corroborated his story. Felt’s high-ranking position in the FBI helped explain both how he had gained such excellent information, and why he was so careful about who he shared it with.

A Nixon Spokesman Bragged About Faking The "Canuck Letter" - To A Reporter

Over the years that made up the Watergate investigation, Woodward and Bernstein chased countless leads from countless sources. Some stories, however, just fell into their laps. Such was the case with the infamous “Canuck Letter,” a forged document that purportedly showed Democratic presidential candidate Edmund Muskie using anti-Canadian racial slurs. The letter, though fake, sunk Muskie’s career, and many suspected that the Nixon campaign had something to do with it.

It turned out that one of Woodward and Bernstein’s former co-workers at the Washington Post, Ken Clawson, had written the letter and that, even better, he had casually bragged about it to then-current Washington Post writer Marilyn Berger over dinner. Berger passed on the tip to Woodward and Bernstein, who couldn’t believe their luck.

Hugh Sloan's Conscience Drove Him To Tip Off Reporters

Before anything could happen with the Watergate investigation, someone needed to tip reporters off that more than a simple burglary was afoot. In the midst of all this political maneuvering, one man’s conscience got the better of him and led to him providing reporters with some key information. The man’s name was Hugh Sloan, a former White House aide and the Treasurer of the Committee to Re-Elect the President.

When Sloan caught wind of what was going on in the White House, he decided to resign, partly due to pressure from his wife to “do the right thing.” Doing the right thing eventually included speaking to Woodward and Bernstein about what he knew, which was the first indication the reporters received of a larger conspiracy taking place.

Woodward Held A Series Of Top Secret Meetings With "Deep Throat"

By far the most colorful character to come out of the entire Watergate scandal was the enigmatic and mysterious “Deep Throat.” The anonymous informant, named after an incredibly popular pornographic film of the era, was an old acquaintance of Woodward who had become a trusted source.

Deep Throat only spoke to Woodward under conditions of the highest secrecy, and this paranoid behavior increased as the Watergate investigation heated up. Woodward would signal meetings, which always took place in an underground parking garage, by placing a red flag in a potted plant on his balcony. If a meeting had to be changed, Deep Throat would leave a special message in Woodward’s daily newspaper. Woodward would often have to take multiple cabs and walk a few blocks to each meeting, just to ensure he wasn’t being tailed.

A “Third-Rate Burglary” Turned Into Much More

Immediately, the Nixon administration categorized the incident as nothing more than a “third-rate burglary.” They weren’t exactly wrong, but in doing so, they were trying to draw attention away from a much larger and more widespread issue. The break-in itself was ultimately rather inconsequential. The espionage program that the break-in was a part of, however, and the lengths to which the Nixon administration went to cover it up, were much more important. This one tiny incident was just the springboard to discovering a whole bunch of wrongdoing on the part of Nixon and his cronies. It was simply the first time they'd been caught red-handed.

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<![CDATA[The Gruesome Science Of How Real Bodies Are Turned Into Body Worlds Exhibits]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/how-bodies-are-turned-into-body-worlds-exhibits/lyra-radford

Plastination is a process used to preserve bodies or body parts by replacing all the water and fat tissue with curable polymers. The technique was first developed in 1977 by Gunther von Hagens. Hagens went on to create Body Worlds, the original exhibit of plastinated, cross-sectioned human bodies, with the goal of educating the public about the human body and its functions. A steady hand and patience, along with a meticulous attention to detail, are at the foundation of how Body Worlds exhibits are made.

In a Body Worlds exhibit, on display are full-sized plastinated bodies, various organs, and various cross-sections of human bodies. Many of the bodies are skinned, though the skinning happens after the individual has died. As creepy and morbid as they appear, there is no denying the positive impact these bodies – in all their plastinated glory – have had on the medical field. 

The Gruesome Science Of How Real Bodies Are Turned Into Body Worlds Exhibits,

Bodies Used In Exhibits Are Either Donated Or Unclaimed

Plastination inventor and the mastermind behind the Body Worlds exhibits, Dr. Gunther von Hagens, has assured the public that every human body on display has been sent to them by fully informed donors. In the past, von Hagens took cadavers from the former Soviet Union, but, after a body-trafficking scandal erupted, he broke off those ties. However, although he can produce the proper paperwork and forms for all of his bodies, none of those forms can be attached to specific bodies in the exhibits because they are made anonymous to protect their privacy.

The same can’t be said about his competitor, "BODIES... The Exhibition." Spokesman Roy Glover, openly stated that BODIES... The Exhibition acquires its bodies from China. They are all unclaimed and include executed political prisoners.

Variations In The Process Allow For Customization

There are modifications that can be made to the plastination process, and each method has its own benefits depending on the style you’re attempting to achieve with a particular body. The most common method is the "Silicone S 10," which creates an opaque and overall natural look.

The "Cor-Tech Room Temperature" procedure is designed to allow various degrees of flexibility by using three combinations of polymer, crosslinker, and catalyst.

To display organ slices or anything thin and transparent, the "Epoxy E 12" procedure is recommended, but using the "Polyster P 35 (P 40)" method is ideal for preserving firm, semitransparent brain slices. It really just depends on what you're in the market for.

The Curing Process Seals The Deal

Once everything is where it belongs, the polymer chains inside the cells (which are still fairly liquid) need to be hardened to make it permanent. Like with any dried and preserved meat, there’s a curing process required for this to happen. The body can be cured with ultraviolet light, gas, and heat. It's sort of like sitting under the UV light to get your pedicure to set, except not at all.

There’s Still Controversy Surrounding Plastination

The reaction to plastination has been pretty mixed. Some are fascinated by it, while others are horrified. It also raises some pretty deep ethical concerns about the lines between science, art, and exploitation. Some people maintain that it’s an artform, while others are outraged and consider it desecration. People have gotten weak stomachs and have even fainted during a show. Most of the bodies reveal their muscles in action, whether it be wrestling, dancing, running, or playing ball, they give the disturbing impression of vitality. Even more troubling are the sexual recreations, the only purpose of which seem to be ruining sex forever.

Plastic Fills The Body In A Vacuum

The third step in the plastination process is yet another bath; this time, however, the body is placed in a bath of liquid polymer (basically a liquid plastic) inside a vacuum chamber. This can be made up of silicone rubber, polyester, or even epoxy resin.

This creepy body vacuum works by causing the acetone to boil at a low temperature. This vaporizes the acetone, turning it into a gas that needs to escape the body's cells. Then, as it’s pulling out of the body’s cells, it’s also drawing the liquid polymer in at the same time. This gives you liquid-plastic filled cells. 

Positioning Is Done Before Hardening And Can Last For Months

Once the specimen has been preserved and filled with plastic, it’s then bent and pinned into what will be its final position. Obviously there is some stiffness and awkwardness involved in this – the body is filled with plastic now – but, with the use of ropes, wires, clamps, foam pads, and needles, the perfect positioning can be accomplished. Each muscle, nerve, and vessel is strategically placed into the desired position before being allowed to fully harden.

The Specimen Goes Through A Dehydration Process

Long gone are the days of needing to let a body sit in the heat stuffed full of linen and herbs to dry out. An acetone bath can speed the dehydration process in a step known as "forced impregnation." When under freezing conditions, the acetone works to pull out all the water in the body cavity and replaces it. At the end of this process, acetone has taken the place of water in the body's cells.

Plastination Allows The General Public To Become More Body Literate

Plastination is currently being used at medical and dental schools all over the world. It gives students hands-on experience without having to kill animals or expose themselves to harsh chemicals like formalin.

Exhibits like Body Worlds have also changed health education for the public. Plastination allows the comparison of healthy organs to diseased ones and they demystify the functions of the human body in general. At a Body Worlds exhibit, for example, a visitor can expect to see cross sections of healthy and unhealthy organs paired against one another as well as undelivered fetuses and their mothers who might've died in childbirth.

The Fixation Process Stops Decomposition

The first step in plastination is fixation. It involves careful dissection and embalming of the body, using a formaldehyde-based solution to halt decomposition. The process of preparing a body for a particular exhibit can be extremely time consuming, so it's important to stop the body from decomposing as quickly as possible. It’s during this step that the desired anatomical elements are prepared for display, and the body can be shaped during this step if needed. For example, if an exhibit is going to focusing on the body's ability to jump, one leg might be bent at the knee while the other is outstretched with its toe pointed in order to illustrate this function. More complex positionings (assembling the body into its final display position) happen later in the process.

Creating Cross Sections Requires The Sheep Plastination Method

The sheep plastination method varies slightly from the standard process and allows for the creation of extremely thin slices so the body can be viewed in cross-sections. Fixed positioning of the body is accomplished with a laser level; the specimen is then frozen in acetone and foamed with polyurethane before being sliced with a special, precision saw blade that allows for millimeter thin slices to be taken. After the standard acetone dehydration process, the slices are then plastinated in an epoxy resin solution and cured in ultraviolet light, giving them their unique, semitransparent look.   

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<![CDATA[18 Reasons Predator Is Objectively The Finest Action Film Ever Made]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/predator-best-action-movie-ever/jacob-shelton

Everyone knows Predator is one of the best action movies ever committed to film, but why? How is something so simple also the perfect encapsulation of what an action film should be? Is the muscle bro handshakes? The mud-slathered Austrians insulting apex predator aliens? Or is there some kind of intrinsic magic that infects the audience each time the opening credits begin against a lovingly filmed helicopter sequence? Slather yourself up in some good ol’ invisi-mud and dive into the nitty gritty about one of the best '80s moviesPredator.

As a genre, '80s action films were very concerned about all the times things got too real in Central American jungles. Predator turns the heat up by dissecting American military actions during the war on drugs, and in doing so is one of the best sci-fi movies with monsters that are obviously metaphors for Soviet Russia. It also has some truly large muscles.

It’s not easy to be one of the best monster movies of the '80s, a decade which saw a lot of really fun monster flicks, but with a spectacular cast of best friends, behind the scenes pranks, and a director who happened to know a thing or two about Austrians who were adept at using machine guns, Predator became the pinnacle of action cinema. It’s funny, well paced, and never gets boring. Stick around, you’ll want to find out why Predator is so good.

18 Reasons Predator Is Objectively The Finest Action Film Ever Made,

Acclaimed Screenwriter Shane Black, Who Wrote Lethal Weapon, Has A Cameo

Shane Black has written some of the greatest action comedies of all time (Lethal Weapon, Monster Squad, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang), so it's not shocking he performed some secret rewrites on the Predator script once he arrived in Mexico to flex with his bros and read comics, especially since he was working with producer Joel Silver at the time. 

According to Black, 20th Century Fox asked him to pen a rewrite on the Predator script but he thought it was fine so he asked for a part instead (look at the stones on this guy). Then, when he got on set, he continually rebuffed advances to rewrite the script because he just wanted to bro down and act in the jungle.

Think of how much better Predator, a film that's already peak cinema, could have been if it had featured one of Black's many tropes:

  • A washed up detective who has to get over his drinking problem to fight the Predator. 
  • A woman who can't remember who she is who has to fight the Predator.
  • A precocious child who has to take care of their washed up detective father who has to fight the Predator.

The Actors Had A Great Time On Set And You Can See It On Screen

Making a movie isn't all about getting into character and trying to figure out your motivation for fighting an invisible monster with a laser cannon, sometimes it's about broing down. For instance, take this story of big action men measuring their arms and drinking champagne.

Their Muscles Are So Large!

You're probably thinking to yourself, "I'm a big boy who can buy tickets to Wolverine movies, I've seen big muscles before."

But if you haven't seen Predator, you don't know anything about big men with even bigger muscles. The man muscles modern audiences are exposed to are nothing but composites of CGI magic, personal trainers, and water pills. Not so in Predator. To stay in shape for the movie, the actors allegedly woke up at 3am to work out before a 12-hour shooting day. That kind of dedication to being big strong men shows up on film, and the world is better for it. 

It's The Only Movie That Begins In A Helicopter

Check this out, dummies: Predator is so confident in its greatness it opens with helicopters flying over a South American beach, shows all the characters getting out of the helicopters, then puts them back in one of the helicopters in order to deliver one of the greatest sequences ever shot under a red light. Name another movie that does that.

It's Nice To See A Multicultural Group Of Action Men

You know what you didn't see a lot of in the '80s? Action movies with a large, multicultural cast. For some reason it took until the back half of the '80s for filmmakers to realize audiences would be pumped to see big strong men from all walks of life f*cking up drug lords in South America and trying to fight an alien wearing an invisibility cloak. The half-hearted attempt at a 2010 reboot of the franchise ignored this and cast more white people than an LL Bean commercial. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger Lost 25 Pounds To Be In The Movie

You guys, Arnold Schwarzenegger is so big he had to lose 25 pounds to play the biggest guy in the movie. It's so cool that men in Hollywood are finally having to do what women have been since talkies came into fashion. According to the Predator behind-the-scenes documentary, guys were catching dysentery left and right so, it's conceivable Arnold ended up losing even more weight. Maybe there are a few shots where he's even 30 pounds lighter than he was in Commando. It's the kind of method acting only the likes of Daniel Day-Lewis or Marlon Brando could pull off, but neither one of them could do it with an Austrian accent and while killing a giant space alien with a triangular death ray. 

The Pacing Is Basically Perfect

The phrase "non-stop thrill ride" comes to mind regarding Predator. It's not just the sweaty muscle men bulging their way through every frame of this genius film that make it the most fun you can have in the jungle without leaving your house, it's the fact that the script is tight (not as tight as the shirts trying to cover the muscles, obviously). The movie mostly dispenses with the unnecessary garbage dialogue that often weighs down action movies. Most of its run time consists of guys shooting machine guns into the jungle and screaming, and its edited at such a pace that the film never lags but is allowed to breathe, which isn't an easy feat.  

Plenty of action films that followed Predator's success stretched a simple premise to extreme lengths while getting bogged down in unnecessary dialogue, tedious and pointless exposition, and laborious cross-cutting between heroes, villains, main plots, and subplots. McTiernan knew how to keep the narrative movie and the audience on the edge of its seat.

Predator Is Peak Schwarzenegger

You can argue about how Terminator 2 is the height of Schwarzenegger's career all you want, but you're wrong and here's why: Arnold doesn't get to be Arnold in Termie 2, all he does is grill a guy's hand and fight the singer from Filter's brother. YAWN.

Predator lets Arnold be Arnold in all of his '80s glory. The film begins with the red-headed Austrian giving a flex handshake to Apollo Creed. He gets to say "stick around" after throwing a knife through a guy and sticking him to a pole, then he gets to cover himself in mud, scream "GET TO THE CHOPPA" and smoke cigars while beating a big muscled alien to death. Name anything as cool as that in Terminator 2. You can't do it because it doesn't exist. 

So Predator is the career high of the world's greatest action star. 

You Have Predator To Thank For Die Hard

Predator's director, John McTiernan, is a big time action daddy who brings the best explosions and subway beheadings to film. The movie you probably know him for is Christmas spectacular Die Hard.

Die Hard is good, but there's no way it would have achieved its status as one of the greatest action films of all time if McTiernan hadn't spent a year of the late '80s in the Mexican jungle filming a team of big men being chased by an invisible creature. The reason the giant team of baddies seem like such a cohesive unit is Die Hard ties in directly to McTiernan's work on wrangling so many action daddies in the most hostile of climates.

McTeirnan's experience on the set of Predator, and everything he learned from shooting all that hot jungle action and wrangling muscle-bound '80s daddies, perfectly primed him for another claustrophobic thriller (albeit one filled with men who are more step daddy than pure daddy material), Die Hard. What's more, the commercial success of Predator imbued Fox with enough trust for McTiernan to let him make Die Hard his way, on a decent budget. 

The Producers Kicked Jean Claude Van Damme Off Set

Ugh, Jean Claude Van Damme would have ruined this movie and everyone knows it. Believe it or not, he was cast AS THE PREDATOR. If you need reminding, his official height is 5'10", which means he's probably more like 5'8". 

So, first of all, JCVD is not nearly big enough to play a giant alien with a penchant for collecting skulls and working on impressions. Second, you know Van Damme would've tried to do splits at some point, and Predator is not a film about flexibility, it's a film about big men fighting things they can not see in the jungle.

Van Damme actually filmed some scenes in a big red blanket suit thing that was going to be turned into a bug man creature in post (which doesn't sound great), but he threw a fit when he saw the suit and no explanation of post-production could quell his European anger. Special effects specialist Steve Johnson describes the actor's vitriol: "He thought this was actually the real look of the monster in the movie and he [said] 'I hate this. I hate this. I hate it. I look like a superhero.' He was so angry." 

So he was fired, kicked off set, and a new monster was made. The team behind Predator had nice big brass balls to match the profound musculature of the cast. This commitment to vision and willingness to go to Apocalypse Now levels of obstinacy to achieve a mood and aesthetic is in part what makes it the best action movie ever. 

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<![CDATA[16 Reasons The Pangolin Is The Most Badass Animal You've Never Heard Of]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/adorable-pangolin-facts/laura-allan

Chances are, you've never heard of a pangolin, but you probably know what one looks like. Pangolins are basically a real-life Sandshrew from Pokemon, and in the flesh they're still just as cute as they are on a card. What's more is that these guys are fascinating. They're a scaly mammal, known cuddlers, and they're pretty clumsy even at just trying to walk. In short, they're downright lovable. So if you're wondering what exactly pangolins are, prepare to be enlightened with some amazing pangolin facts.

It's worth mentioning there's a reason you've probably never seen one of these critters before. Not only are they secretive in the wild, and don't survive long in captivity, but they are also critically endangered. In fact, every species of pangolin is, at the very least, listed as vulnerable, because of poaching and over-hunting.

By the end of this list, you'll probably be head over heels for these odd little animals, and hopefully you'll be convinced that this is one weird but adorable species that is absolutely worth saving.

16 Reasons The Pangolin Is The Most Badass Animal You've Never Heard Of,

They Can Have Tongues That Are Longer Than Their Bodies

Pangolins aren’t exactly the biggest creatures. The smallest ones are around four pounds, and the largest ones still only get to about 70 pounds. There are some species that can reach six feet long, which is mostly the tail, but many others are just a few feet long even at full size. However, that length could be more than doubled if you included the size of their tongues. 

Pangolins have long tongues because they mainly eat insects. These long tongues can go into burrows, sticking to ants and other bugs before sucking them back in. In many cases, pangolins’ tongues are actually longer than their entire bodies, though you’re unlikely to see them fully extended. That means we’re looking at a minimum of several feet of tongue for a full-grown pangolin.

They Are The World's Only Scaled Mammal

If you've never seen a pangolin before, the sight of one might be a bit of a shocker. They can look like a possum mixed with a pinecone, or like something straight off of a Pokemon card. The fact is, their appearance is incredibly unique, because they are the only mammal with scales in the world. Armadillos come close, but they're not truly a scaled animal. 

Pangolins come in eight different species, spanning many different countries. One thing they all have in common is that they have hard scales all over their bodies. These scales aren't just for looks, either. The edges of these are razor sharp, and if the animal is bitten or grabbed hastily, the scales can actually cut skin and cause real damage. Unfortunately, this is the only real defense the pangolin has against predators.

Some Have Super Dextrous Tails

One of the pangolin's most notable features is its very long, semi-flat, and scaly tail. In some species of Pangolin, this tail is for more than just balance and looks. In fact, the tail of many pangolin is incredibly strong, dexterous, and genuinely prehensile. This means they can grab things with it, use it for climbing, and even just hang upside down. 

Indian pangolins found in Sri Lanka, for example, live in the rainforest canopy their entire lives, rather than on the ground as with some African species. They use their tails to grasp branches to aid with their climbing, and can be sometimes found hanging upside down from trees. Other species from Africa who do not hang or have perfectly prehensile tails can still use their tails for balance, and for defending their bodies from attack.

They Get Sheepish Around Potential Mates

For the most part, pangolins are very solitary creatures. They come out at night, they stay underground, and they don’t move in packs or pairs. When they are ready to go out looking for love, males try to attract females with special scent markings, and then they watch and wait. When a female comes, things start to get a little weird.

For one thing, male Pangolins turn into awkward dorks when a female comes along. They are not sure how to approach, they seem skittish, and they’ll often scare their potential mate away. This might also be because the male is up for 50% heavier and larger than the female. Add in some sharp and potentially harmful scales to navigate, and you can see why mating would be a bit of a tricky procedure.

They Get Stinky When They Get Nervous

Up until now, you may have noticed these animals seem similar to possums, armadillos, and maybe aardvarks in some of their characteristics. However, they have something in common with another common animal you know: a skunk. Pangolins depend on their sense of smell for many things, and mark their territory with a strong scent so others can know they’re in the wrong turf. These glands that secret the strong smelling substance also activate whenever the pangolin is afraid, much like a skunk. The glands are located near the anus, and while they don’t spray their scent like skunks do, you should be able to smell a scared pangolin from quite a distance away. Lesser predators might even be dissuaded from approaching. 

They Sometimes Walk Around Like People

Although these little critters are often found climbing or waddling around on all fours, they don’t always do this. Many species of pangolin have very large front claws on their feet, which are great for digging and climbing, but not so great for running around. Pangolins are not fast and are not good runners, and those claws play a large part in that. Due to this discomfort, certain species of pangolin will often walk around on their back feet. They’ll hunch over and trundle about like little old men, with their claws neatly folded in from of their bodies. If that isn’t cute, what really is? 

They Eat Millions Of Insects Each Year

Pangolins are not only cute and fascinating, they’re also incredibly useful. Because they subsist almost entirely on ants, termites, larvae, and worms, Pangolins are amazing pest controllers. It's estimated an adult Pangolin can eat ,a whopping 70 million insects a year. Imagine just a few pangolin living in a specific area, and you can imagine what they could do to a local pest problem. Their digging also helps the soil become more fertile.

This is also another reason why pangolins make very poor pets. They need to be eating nearly constantly in order to keep their energy and health up. In captivity, they will reject unfamiliar insects, which they cannot identify with their keen sense of smell. This leads to them being malnourished, and can give rise to illness as well.

Pangolin Scales Were Used In Ancient Armor

Pangolin scales have been found in ancient armor, and since then they’ve held a fascination in the military community. Because the scales are so rigid, but also so lightweight and flexible, it makes Pangolins an interesting example of armor, one that may be able to teach us how to better our own armor technology.

These scales were used along with metals, raw hides, horns, and seeds. Armor was made by sewing the individual scales onto a a military garb, and they were laid out much like an actual pangolin's skin. Soldiers from China, India, Greece, Persia, and the Byzantine Empire were known to wear these types of outfits. King George III of England was presented a coat of scale armor as a present in 1820. 

It's The World's Most Trafficked Animal

Given that these little guys are so cute and useful, it would make sense to leave them be, right? Well, many hunters don’t think so. Because they are easy to catch, and because their scales are bought at high prices for medicine and fashion, poachers thrive on illegal pangolin trade all throughout the world. People also like trying to keep them as pets, and they can be purchased in both Africa and in Asia. This trade has lead to pangolins being the most trafficked animal in the entire world.

This also leads to their rapidly decreasing numbers. Out of the eight species of pangolin still in existence, four are listed as vulnerable, two are listed as endangered, and two are listed as critically endangered. If the poaching and illegal trade cannot be stopped, we may see some species of pangolin go extinct in the next few decades.

They Can Roll Into Perfect Little Balls

The name pangolin can actually be translated as “rolling up,” from the Malay tongue, and this makes the name very appropriate. When threatened, scared, or confused, pangolins have a tendency to roll themselves up into little balls, protected by all their spines. These balls are tight and almost perfectly round, with the tail looping over all of it to keep things contained. While other species do this, such as the possum or the armadillo, the pangolin is the only one to do it with a protective layer of sharpness around the outside. Lions have been known to play with African pangolins like toys, because of this round shape.

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<![CDATA[An In-Depth Guide To How Lightsabers Actually Work]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/how-lightsabers-work/aaron-edwards

While they might be the most recognizable part of Star Wars, the technology behind lightsabers has never really been explained on screen. So, how do lightsabers work? Audiences may have picked up on the fact that kyber crystals were mentioned as the source of power for lightsabers in Rogue One, but only if they were paying close attention. It's certainly true that kyber crystals (otherwise known as lightsaber crystals or focusing crystals) are the most important part of building a lightsaber, but there's far more going on inside the hilt of one of these Star Wars weapons.

Lightsabers are intricate tapestries of electronics and Force power that take great skill to both build and use. Lightsaber designs are as varied as their wielders, but they all have similar components at their center. Jedi, Sith, and really every Force-user employs minor differences in the way they construct their weapons, but there's a standard process behind their creation and use. If you've ever been curious how a lightsaber works, you don't need to rely on the vauge riddles of tiny orange aliens with huge glasses. Here are the cold, hard, lightsaber-y facts. 

An In-Depth Guide To How Lightsabers Actually Work,

Every Lightsaber Has A Crystal At Its Core

By far, the most important part of a lightsaber is the focusing crystal. Also known as a kyber crystal, these minerals are Force-attuned and found on certain planets such as Jedha, Ilum, and Dantooine. These crystals not only help focus the Force into the blade, but they can also be used as important technological components. In the old Expanded Universe (now the Star Wars Legends), most crystals or gem could work in a lightsaber. However, in the current continuity lightsabers exclusively use kyber crystals.

It Helps To Be Force Sensitive If You Want To Build One

While technically anyone can wield a lightsaber, building one is another matter entirely. In the new continuity, it's been established that Jedi crystal caves typically test Force-sensitive people with a trial. If they pass, they're rewarded with a kyber crystal.

Of course, as Rogue One proved, if you have the infrastructure you can just go right in and dig them up. Still, the actual construction of a lightsaber is incredibly complex. It's been shown that using the Force is incredibly helpful when putting one together.

The Power Cell Sends Energy Into The Focusing Crystal

Power from the cell is sent through a series of focusing lenses, converting the raw energy into dangerous plasma. The fourth state of matter, plasma is extremely dangerous. The good news is that the plasma is immediately channeled through the kyber crystal, which is where the real fun begins. The crystals focus the plasma, imbuing it with quasi-mystical properties inherent to the crystals.

The Plasma Is Forged Into A Beam

After the plasma passes through the lightsaber crystal, it becomes focused. It's then sent through field energizers and modulation circuitry in the emitter assembly at the top of the hilt. It's there that the blade is focused into a beam of energy, kept in check by a containment field. These fields prevent lightsabers from simply passing through each other when they connect.

The Power Cell Needs To Be Insulated

When activated, a lightsaber sends a great deal of energy into a very small space. While this leads to the creation of a lightsaber blade, it can also create some serious technical troubles if the construction isn't correct. The power cell needs to be properly insulated in the hilt, for instance. That way, when the weapon is activated there won't be any energy discharges to damage the weapon or its user.

The Original Lightsabers Were Attached To Power Packs

When lightsabers were first invented, thousands of years before the events of the films, power cells weren't small enough to fit within the hilt. Instead, they drew their power from power packs on the wielder's belt. The power was fed via a small cable attaching the blade to the belt. If you think that sounds dangerous and inconvenient, you're absolutely correct. The risk of the cord being cut by either the user or an opponent was very high.

The Hilt Needs To Be Made From Durable Material

A well-made lightsaber can last decades, but the blade is only as good as the materials used in construction. In some cases, lightsabers were quickly made out of any mostly correct materials lying around. Corran Horn built his saber, for example, out of the body of a swoop bike throttle assembly.

However, those who have the time and resources put a lot of care into their lightsabers. Darth Sidious constructed his saber out of phrik, a rare metal that was resistant to lightsaber blades. Other materials to serve as hilts include wood and bone.

The Properties Of The Blade Depend On The Crystal

If you're wondering why Kylo Ren's lightsaber has that unstable rippling effect, look no further than his kyber crystal. In his case, his cross guard saber has a cracked crystal, which makes the blade's energy unstable and unpredictable. The upside is that it can do more damage, but it can also short out or explode in the wielder's hands.

In fact, the two vents on the side of his saber are specifically designed to bleed excess energy off in order to keep the weapon more stable. There are other types of crystals, such as synthetic ones, that can carry other properties and create new blade effects.

Power Cells Are Very Important

Lightsabers need power to function, just like any other piece of technology. In a pinch, just about any power cell of appropriate size can be used, including those used in blasters. However, given the appropriate resources, Jedi typically choose Diatium cells for their ability to charge a saber for long periods of time. Some forward-thinking Jedi also design their lightsabers to keep spare power cells in the pommel, in case they're sent away on a long mission.

More Crystals Means A Bigger Blade

Lightsabers are usually built with one main crystal, which produces a blade that's typically around meter in length. However, some Jedi (and Sith) seek an edge in length, so they build lightsabers with multiple crystals.

A dual-phase saber is a weapon with two to three crystals, and allows the user to adjust the length of the blade far beyond a meter. Some of the most famous Jedi and Sith in history used this type of saber, including Darth Vader.

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<![CDATA[25 Of The Funniest Photos Ever Taken At Disneyland]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-photos-taken-at-disneyland/nathandavidson

Disney parks, the happiest places on Earth, are also some of the funniest places on Earth as evidenced by funny Disneyland photos. A winning combination of excited children, exhausted parents, and employees in mascot uniforms led to these funny photos being taken at Disneyland, showing that the magic of Disney manifests itself in all sorts of ways. At a standard amusement park, at most, you get some laughable rollercoaster shots and maybe a log flume group shot if you're lucky. Meanwhile, at Disney, you can catch Darth Vader enjoying your favorite rides, mascots getting groped by kids, and adults who never really grew up.

The Disneyland memes and photos collected here highlight the secrets behind everyone's most beloved theme park, revealing it to be a bit more WTF than you may realize. Real life is stranger than fiction, and Disneyland's mixture of reality and fantasy makes for some outrageous moments almost as memorable as a Disney film. The next time you visit the park, you now know to keep your camera lens at the ready to capture weird Disneyland moments. 

25 Of The Funniest Photos Ever Taken At Disneyland,

Mermaid And Merman

The Unhappiest Place On Earth

Going Nuts At Disneyland

Tink And A Smile

Darth's Disneyland Adventure

Winning The Disney Half Marathon

Of Mice And Men

Hello Clarice

Double D's

Dogged By Goofy

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<![CDATA[12 Things About Marie Curie That Prove She's One of the Influential Women Ever]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/facts-about-marie-curie/amandasedlakhevener

Marie Curie (also known as Madame Curie) was born Marie Sklowdowska in Warsaw, Poland, in 1867. At the time, Poland was a Russian territory, and residents had to abide by Russian rules, which included speaking Russian in schools (not Polish) and not publicly showing any pro-Polish sentiments, which wound up hurting Curie's family, as it prevented her schoolteacher father from getting a good-paying job.

Curie's early home life was interrupted by the death of her mother in 1878, when Curie was only 10. After this, Curie's father enrolled her in a tough school, where she excelled in mathematics and science. She went on to work as a tutor before attending college in secret. The life of Marie Curie was not easy, but after moving to France as a young adult, she went on to become one of the first famous female scientists

Tragically, one of the most important women in scientific history sacrificed her life for her work when she died of anemia caused by a lifetime of exposure to radiation.

12 Things About Marie Curie That Prove She's One of the Influential Women Ever,

Einstein Wrote Her A Letter Of Support

Although Marie Curie never became the first woman to join the French Academy of Sciences (her membership bid fell short by two votes), she did play an important part of several other international organizations. She was a member of the IUPAC Commission on Atomic Weights and was a founding member of the International Commission for Intellectual Cooperation, part of the League of Nations. She also was a member of the French Academy of Medicine, thanks to her work on mobile X-ray machines for World War I. 

Curie had the honor of meeting many other scientific luminaries, including Albert Einstein, who wrote her a letter of encouragement after she was denied entry into the National Academy of Sciences.

She Refused A Prestigious French Honor To Protest Sexism

After the end of World War I, Marie Curie began to travel the world in order to raise money for her Radium Institute and for her scientific studies. As part of her fundraising campaign, she was invited to meet with President Warren G. Harding, who gifted her with a gram of radium worth approximately $100,000.

Before her visit, the French government offered to give Curie the French Legion d'Honneur medal. However, she refused the award, upset about not being allowed to join the French Academy of Science when some members refused to vote for a woman.

She Died Of Radiation Sickness

Tragically, Marie and Pierre Curie sacrificed their health for their work. The negative health effects of radiation were not well understood in the Curies' time and they took no precautions when handling substances like radium.

For the last two decades of her life, Marie was plagued by health problems caused by her dangerous work, including going almost blind from severe cataracts. She died at the age of 66 from aplastic anemia, a blood disorder caused by high levels of exposure to radiation. In fact, her laboratory was so radioactive that her notebooks from over a hundred years ago are still not considered safe to handle and are stored in a lead box.

Pierre also suffered symptoms of severe radiation poisoning, though he died in an unrelated accident at the age of only 46.

She Developed A Mobile X-Ray Machine For Battlefield Use

Marie Curie developed a new technology based on the discoveries of previous scientists who worked on X-rays. Thanks to her knowledge of radioactivity, Curie was able to create small, portable X-ray machines for use on World War I battlefields. These machines, driven around by military vehicles, were called "Little Curies." 

She Was Awarded Two Nobel Prizes - And Remains The Only Person To Receive Nobels In Two Different Fields

In 1903, Marie Curie became the first woman to win a Nobel Prize. She received it for her work in physics, particularly in radioactivity, and shared the honor with her husband, Pierre Curie, and their co-worker, Henri Becquerel.

Eight years later, Marie became the only person to win a Nobel Prize in two different fields, when she was awarded one in chemistry as well, this time for her discoveries of the elements polonium and radium. She received this latter Nobel Prize on her own - it wasn't shared with anyone else - although she credited her late husband (Pierre died in 1906) for his help. 

She Coined The Word "Radioactivity"

Marie Curie and her husband, Pierre, worked on expanding the discovery of Henri Becquerel, a French physicist. Becquerel worked on uranium, which he noticed gave off rays of energy similar to X-rays. Building on his idea, Marie came up with the theory that the rays coming from uranium were a part of the atomic structure of the element, and emanated from it constantly. She came up with a new term for this development: radioactivity.

She Was Educated At A Secret University That Accepted Women

Marie Curie was raised in Warsaw, a city in Poland that was, at the time, a part of Russia. Schooling for women was rare everywhere during the 1800s, but it was particularly hard to come by in Russia, where most colleges wouldn't accept women at all. Curie received a standard lower school education at the all-girls Gymnasium Number Three (a term for a Russian school). Although the school was strict, it had good teachers, particularly the one who taught physics.

Curie received a gold medal from that school upon graduation and then attended college at the Floating or Flying University, a secret school in Warsaw created to work around the strict censorship and other requirements put into place by the Russian government.

After moving to Paris and meeting Pierre Curie while studying at the Sorbonne, Marie went on to earn a PhD from the University of Paris. She was so poor as a student that she lived on only bread and tea, and would occasionally faint from hunger, but nothing would deter her from her work.

She Was The First Woman To Be Professor Of General Physics At The Sorbonne

In 1903, Marie Curie began working at the Sorbonne in Paris as Head of the Physics Laboratory, succeeding her husband, Pierre, who previously held that position. After Pierre's death in 1906, Marie took over his other job - Professor of General Physics in the Faculty of Sciences - at the Sorbonne. She was the first woman to hold this position, which matters a great deal, given the fact that most women in Europe during this time period worked as manual laborers on farms or in factories, served as nurses, or taught elementary school, if they worked outside the home at all. Professorships simply weren't "women's work" - unless you were Marie Curie. 

She Had A Close Personal And Professional Relationship With Her Husband

Marie Curie and her husband, Pierre, were married in 1895, one year after they met. He was eight years older than she, 36 to her 28 years old. They reportedly had a close and happy relationship, and the pair remained married until his accidental death in 1906 as a pedestrian struck by a horse-drawn carriage.

Despite their close partnership, neither was a romantic. Marie wore a simple blue dress to their civil wedding ceremony and then wore it for years after while working in the lab. 

The two shared many hobbies, including bicycling and travel, and had two daughters, though Marie also suffered a miscarriage that left her depressed.

Marie remained devoted to Pierre throughout their marriage and even after his death (despite having a scandalous relationship with a married former student, Paul Langevin, after she became a widow), and she wrote a biography of his life entitled Pierre Curie.

She Discovered Two Important Radioactive Elements

Early on in her scientific career, Marie Curie discovered two important radioactive elements. She called the first one polonium, after her home country of Poland. The second was named radium. Both were discovered in 1898. Radium became famous for its glow-in-the-dark properties and was used on the dials of watches until it became clear that exposure to its radioactivity was harmful to people's health. 

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<![CDATA[14 Ludicrously Bad Versions Of Now-Popular Marvel Franchises]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/bad-versions-of-awesome-marvel-franchises/zack-howe

It is not hyperbole to say that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the shining light of mankind. Even the relative stinkers of the MCU have been passable — your Thor: The Dark Worlds and The Incredible Hulks were, you know, fine. And then there's the marvelous Netflix Defenders properties. It took a while to get to this point, however. There’s no shortage of bad Marvel movies out there, and there are even some Marvel TV shows that are (hopefully) forgettable.

While DC catches a lot of flak for their live-action adaptations, they don’t have anything nearly as bad as 1979's Captain America II: Death Too Soon. DC fans rejoice! You’ve been provided some ammunition for the next time someone harasses you about Green Lantern. (Well, as long as they don't bring up Batman v Superman: Dawn of Wow, How Was This Movie So Bad, It's Mind-Boggling). Let’s check out some bad, and in some cases, forgotten Marvel movies. 

14 Ludicrously Bad Versions Of Now-Popular Marvel Franchises,

Captain America

If you’re struggling to remember the 1990 version of Captain America, that’s because it was a straight-to-video movie. There’s really not much more to say than that. The term “straight-to-video” is about as unsavory as “low-cal,” or “alternative facts,” or “volcanic diarrhea.” It’s bad news. And no, that's not John C. Reilly underneath the patriotic cowl, it's Matt Salinger, J.D. Salinger's son. Despite all his "star power," the film flopped miserably, both critically and commercially.


Daredevil on Netflix can be a lot of fun, and it's a totally serviceable piece of entertainment. Our first big screen introduction to the Man Without Fear, however, was irredeemably atrocious. It’s hard to pick the worst thing about the 2003 adaptation, but Colin Farrell’s Bullseye is a reasonable place to start. Seriously, they took one of the most interesting characters from the Daredevil mythos and turned him into the lamest dude you'd run in to at a Matrix-themed costume party.

Batfleck is still having trouble getting into the good graces of superhero fans after Daredevil and Batman v Superman, but Justice League is going to change all that. For the worse or for the better, it's going to change it. Probably for the worse? Probably. 

Dr. Strange

The phrase "made-for-tv movie" should trigger a gag reflex for any reasonable person, but when it's in regards to the Sorcerer Supreme, it should also evoke rage. CBS had no business trying to make a film about the Doctor in an era where the best visual effect had to offer was Obi-Wan Kenobi melting into his robe after being struck by a lightsaber. To no one's surprise, this 1978 attempt at Dr. Strange earned an audience score of 24% on Rotten Tomatoes. At least star Petter Hooten went on to have an illustrious porn career. Presumably.


Elektra was one of the many terrible things to come out of 2003’s slog Daredevil, but at least it was one of the first female-led superhero movies. That probably would have been more impactful if anyone had liked it. Or seen it. Or if it was good in any conceivable way. Female heroes have a bright future, however, as Netflix's Daredevil actually managed to deliver a super compelling and way more convincing Elektra. It's okay, Jenny G, Elodie Yung can take it form here.


Eric Bana, you are officially Bana’d from Marvel. More unforgiveable than Bana’s dead-eyed performance in this just-plain-weird Hulk adaptation was Ang Lee's bizarre direction (not to mention Nick “Nightcap” Nolte's grumbling efforts). Ang took some... creative license by splitting the screen occasionally to mimic the appearance of comic book panels. Not an altogether terrible idea, if he had used it more than twice, but the infrequency just made it jarring and out of place. Shockingly, this fever dream of a movie just made Rotten Tomatoes's “Certified Fresh” category with a 61% aggregate rating.

Spider-Man 3

You really need to learn to quit while you’re ahead, Raimi. This hard-to-watch adaptation of the web-slinger tanked the first Spider-Man franchise, and somehow managed to make Gwen Stacey lame. If nothing else, the scene where Tobey Maguire dances his way down a New York sidewalk should have disqualified Spider-Man 3 from qualifying as anything but eye torture.

Fortunately, Tommy has already blown Tobey out of the water with his debut as Spidey in Civil War. Tom Holland nailed the essence of the character in less than 15 minutes, while it never really got easier to watch Tobey Maguire pretend to be in high school when he was pushing 30. 

The Incredible Hulk Returns

In 1988, Lou Ferrigno got his big break into slightly-longer television programming with this made-for-tv movie inspired by his (bafflingly) popular tv show. It received a lukewarm reaction from audiences, which is about the best they could hope for. This feature is also, for some reason, a two-for-one, as it offered a hilarious representation of Thor.

In the film, Thor is bound to serve the whims of mortal archeology student Donald Blake, since he happened to stumble on Thor's hammer on a expedition in Norway. Oh, and then they fight the mob, for some reason. Here's to hoping their next team-up is just slightly better.

The Punisher

The 2004 version starring Thomas Jane was deeply bad. This one is somehow worse. The 1989 iteration of The Punisher stars Dolph Lundgren, the most underutilized genius engineer in Hollywood. Drago’s version has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 28%, and manages to feature racism, excessive violence, and the kind of, how do you say, "terribleness" that only Lundgren with a crossbow can inspire. 

Captain America & Captain America II: Death Too Soon (1979)

Man, Cap sure did get a lot of terrible live-action adaptations. These two made-for-idiots made-for-tv movies came out in 1979, and while the first had a paltry RT score of 10%, they must have really figured it out with the second because it got a whopping 15%! Cap's transparent plastic shield inspired awe to anyone who gazed upon it, looking capable of stopping anything from flies to slightly larger flies.

The Amazing Spider-Man (1977)

This legitimately terrifying made-for-tv movie also got a theatrical release overseas, presumably because the universe is nothing but a swirling void of never-ending misery and confusion. Regardless, reviews at the time were shockingly middling, highlighting just how much weed and cocaine impacted people's judgment in the '70s. Also, the effects were predictably hilarious. Either Spidey could shoot webs from his schlong, or the production quality just wasn't up to snuff. 

Fri, 31 Mar 2017 08:47:08 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/bad-versions-of-awesome-marvel-franchises/zack-howe
<![CDATA[10 Celebrity Couples Who Went To Prom Together]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/celebrities-who-went-to-prom-together/carly-silver

Going to the prom is a traditional rite of passage in high school - one that most celebrities have also experienced. Some celebrities even went to prom with their fans. Surprisingly, a fair share of famous folks actually went to the dance together. These celebrity prom dates range from high school sweethearts, such as LeBron James and his wife, Savannah, to teenage loves like Kim Kardashian and singer T.J. Jackson.

Other celebrity prom dates are a bit more unexpected. Did you know that Jon Hamm and Sarah Clarke went to school - and prom - together? Or actress Scarlett Johansson and hipster rocker Jack Antonoff? While there are some awesome celebrity prom pictures out there, this slideshow is devoted solely to those lucky Hollywood couples who went to prom together. 

10 Celebrity Couples Who Went To Prom Together,

LeBron James

Basketball superstar LeBron James and his wife, Savannah Brinson James, were high school sweethearts. In fact, Savannah was five months pregnant with their first child at their prom. The two have since married and have three lovely kids. 

Jack Antonoff and Scarlett Johansson

Musician Jack Antonoff is currently dating Lena Dunham, but his first love was actress Scarlett Johansson. The two dated in high school and went to prom together in 2002; she later reportedly broke his heart. 

Amandla Stenberg And Jaden Smith

Hunger Games star Amandla Stenberg and actor Jaden Smith (son of Will and Jada) had been friends for a while before they went to prom together in 2015. Smith, fashion icon that he is, wore a suit jacket over a black and white dress.

Jon Hamm And Sarah Clarke

Apparently, when Jon Hamm was in high school, he was in a star-studded love triangle. Way back when, Hamm and Sarah Clarke went to the same high school, which is strange enough—but it gets even weirder when you throw Paul Rudd into the mix. Rudd went to college with Clarke's older brother and, while staying with Clarke family for a few weeks, Rudd developed feelings for Sarah. At the time, Sarah was only interested in Hamm, but once that relationship faded, she and Rudd started dating.

Selena Gomez And Demi Lovato

Okay, so, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato didn't exactly go to their own prom together: after the premiere of Princess Protection Program (which Gomez and Lovato starred in), they realized a high school prom was taking place in a nearby ballroom. So, obviously, they crashed the prom. That's right: these two celebs, all dressed up for a red carpet premiere, just strolled into a random high school prom and shocked everyone in attendance. Gomez and Lovato were eventually kicked out because they weren't actual, you know, students.

Scott Weinger and Candace Cameron Bure

Candace Cameron (later Candace Cameron Bure) and Scott Weinger, who dated on screen in Full House, also went to prom together. Fans of the pair have since reunited on the new TV show Fuller House. 

Brandy And Kobe Bryant

This is actually a super-cute story: Brandy and Kobe Bryant met at an event when they were both 17 years old. Brandy was already famous, but Bryant was still playing high school basketball. Still, after they hit it off, he worked up the courage to ask Brandy to his high school prom—and she said yes! Can you imagine just casually showing up to your prom with a celeb? He must've had some big... you know what, nevermind.

Kim Kardashian And T.J. Jackson

Although she's now wed to husband Kanye West, Kim Kardashian West has a long history of dating celebrities. Her first boyfriend was singer T.J. Jackson, nephew of the immortal Michael Jackson; she allegedly lost her virginity to him and definitely went to prom with him.

Snoop Dogg And Shante Broadus

Cordozar "Snoop Dogg" Broadus and his wife, Shante, were high school sweethearts. They went to prom together, starred in a reality show, and have three kids (and one adorable grandchild). 

Danielle Fishel And Lance Bass

Danielle Fishel, star of Boy Meets World and Girl Meets World, had a super fun date for her high school prom: Lance Bass of N*SYNC. Fishel and Bass dated for a short time from 1999 to 2000.

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<![CDATA[The Best Women's Tennis Doubles Teams of the 2000s]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-2000s-womens-tennis-doubles-teams/ranker-tennis

List of the best women's tennis doubles teams from 2000s, listed by popularity with photos of the doubles teams when available. From 2000 to 2009, tennis had some of the greatest women's tennis doubles teams of all time. These are some of the most talented 2000s tennis doubles teams to ever live, so if you're a fan of tennis and are aspiring to play tennis professionally then these people should be your idols. If you're searching for a particular popular women's tennis doubles team from the 2000s then you can use the "search" box to find who you're looking for.

This list is made up of a variety of women's doubles teams, including Serena Williams and Venus Williams; Cara Black and Rennae Stubbs; and Virginia Ruano Pascual and Paola Suárez. Featuring Grand Slam champions, Wimbledon winners, and more, this list has it all. 

This list answers the questions, "Who are the greatest 2000s female tennis doubles teams?" and "Who is the best female tennis doubles team of 2000s?"

You can click on the names of these legendary women's tennis doubles teams of the 2000s in order to get more information about each one. If you play tennis or just love the sport then use this list of the top 2000s female tennis doubles teams to find some athletes you haven't heard of before.

The Best Women's Tennis Doubles Teams of the 2000s,

Cara Black and Rennae Stubbs

Virginia Ruano Pascual and Paola Suárez

Julie Halard-Decugis and Japan Ai Sugiyama

Kim Clijsters and Ai Sugiyama

Svetlana Kuznetsova and Alicia Molik

Serena Williams and Venus Williams

Alona Bondarenko and Kateryna Bondarenko

Martina Hingis and Mary Pierce

Lisa Raymonds and Rennae Stubbs

Nathalie Dechy and Dinara Safina

Tue, 28 Mar 2017 05:13:03 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/best-2000s-womens-tennis-doubles-teams/ranker-tennis
<![CDATA[The Best Women's Tennis Doubles Teams of the 1990s]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-1990s-womens-tennis-doubles-teams/ranker-tennis

List of the best women's tennis doubles teams from 1990s, listed by popularity with photos of the doubles teams when available. From 1990 to 1999, tennis had some of the greatest women's tennis doubles teams of all time. These are some of the most talented 1990s tennis doubles teams to ever live, so if you're a fan of tennis and are aspiring to play tennis professionally then these people should be your idols. If you're searching for a particular popular women's tennis doubles team from the 1990s then you can use the "search" box to find who you're looking for.

This list is made up of a variety of women's doubles teams, including Gigi Fernández and Natasha Zvereva; Martina Hingis and Jana Novotná; and Arantxa Sánchez Vicario and Helena Suková. Featuring Grand Slam champions, Wimbledon winners, and more, this list has it all. 

This list answers the questions, "Who are the greatest 1990s female tennis doubles teams?" and "Who is the best female tennis doubles team of 1990s?"

You can click on the names of these legendary women's tennis doubles teams of the 1990s in order to get more information about each one. If you play tennis or just love the sport then use this list of the top 1990s female tennis doubles teams to find some athletes you haven't heard of before.

The Best Women's Tennis Doubles Teams of the 1990s,

Jana Novotná and Helena Suková

Martina Hingis and Anna Kournikova

Venus Williams and Serena Williams

Arantxa Sánchez Vicario and Helena Suková

Gigi Fernández and Jana Novotná

Patty Fendick and Mary Joe Fernandez

Gigi Fernández and Martina Navratilova

Pam Shriver and Natasha Zvereva

Gigi Fernández and Natasha Zvereva

Larisa Savchenko Neiland and Natasha Zvereva

Tue, 28 Mar 2017 05:15:02 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/best-1990s-womens-tennis-doubles-teams/ranker-tennis
<![CDATA[The Best Women's Tennis Doubles Teams of the 1970s]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-1970s-womens-tennis-doubles-teams/ranker-tennis

List of the best women's tennis doubles teams from 1970s, listed by popularity with photos of the doubles teams when available. From 1970 to 1979, tennis had some of the greatest women's tennis doubles teams of all time. These are some of the most talented 1970s tennis doubles teams to ever live, so if you're a fan of tennis and are aspiring to play tennis professionally then these people should be your idols. If you're searching for a particular popular women's tennis doubles team from the 1970s then you can use the "search" box to find who you're looking for.

This list is made up of a variety of women's doubles teams, including Margaret Court and Virginia Wade; Billie Jean King and Martina Navratilova; and Evonne Goolagong Cawley and Peggy Michel. Featuring Grand Slam champions, Wimbledon winners, and more, this list has it all. 

This list answers the questions, "Who are the greatest 1970s female tennis doubles teams?" and "Who is the best female tennis doubles team of 1970s?"

You can click on the names of these legendary women's tennis doubles teams of the 1970s in order to get more information about each one. If you play tennis or just love the sport then use this list of the top 1970s female tennis doubles teams to find some athletes you haven't heard of before.

The Best Women's Tennis Doubles Teams of the 1970s,

Rosemary Casals and Judy Tegart Dalton

Margaret Court and Evonne Goolagong Cawley

Fiorella Bonicelli and Gail Sheriff Chanfreau Lovera

Margaret Court and Judy Tegart Dalton

Rosemary Casals and Billie Jean King

Margaret Court and Virginia Wade

Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova

Francoise Durr and Betty Stove

Betty Stöve and Wendy Turnbull

Gail Sheriff Chanfreau Lovera and Françoise Dürr

Tue, 28 Mar 2017 05:16:54 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/best-1970s-womens-tennis-doubles-teams/ranker-tennis
<![CDATA[26 People Who Are Smiling A Little Too Hard For Their Mugshots]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-smiling-mugshots/ashley-reign

Though smiling mugshots may seem like an oxymoron, certain folks insist on attempting to make the best of every situation, and that includes never wasting a photo opportunity. Here you'll meet a group of people smiling in mugshots for reasons ranging from unbridled optimism to killer cocaine highs that refuse to be interrupted by a trip downtown. While some appear to be rather new at the mugshot smile game, others look like seasoned professionals who know a thing or two about how fun mugshots can be. Or maybe they realize how much their lives are about to change, and now all they can do is smile through it.

While, hopefully, you'll never be in the position to flash your own funny mugshot smiles, the people you're about to meet should give you some pretty good ideas of dos and don'ts should the situation ever arise. So the next time you find yourself in the dumps, check out these pictures of people smiling in mugshots. Remember, perspective is everything; while these smiling mugshot perps are in prison, you're at a computer.

26 People Who Are Smiling A Little Too Hard For Their Mugshots,

Finding Love In A Hopeless Place

Does He Know What This Is For?

Kept Saying "Winning!" All The Way To The Station

Just So Excited To Be Here

Charged With Perpetuating Every Kentucky Stereotype Ever

These First Two Girls About To Get Their Asses Kicked By The Third

Vicodin? Never Heard Of It

Someone Felt Confident Today

Appears To Have Done Too Much Coke To Care

Happy To Find Out It's Only A Misdemeanor

Thu, 13 Apr 2017 01:20:48 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-smiling-mugshots/ashley-reign
<![CDATA[The Best Jed Bartlet Scenes From The West Wing]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-jed-bartlet-scenes-from-the-west-wing/alexandra-plesa

Josiah 'Jed' Bartlet from The West Wing never came across as a perfect character. While impulsive and placed up against numerous challenges, Bartlet was always fair, and 90% of the time was also a strong leader. Maybe that’s why fictional Americans voted for him to get a second term despite all the MS controversy. As for his accomplishments? He surely deserves credit for negotiating peace between Israel and Palestine. And how about appointing the first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice and first female Chief Justice? Not to mention he supported of reproductive freedom and gay rights. Martin Sheen expertly portrays this complex and layered character; the fact he wasn’t even supposed to be a series regular sounds even more ridiculous now.

The best Jed Bartlet moments all have something in common: they’re powerful, memorable, and raw. Over seven seasons, audiences saw the fictional president engaged in all sorts of circumstances, from acting adorable around little children to yelling at God to struggling with the decision to kill the Qumari Defense minister, who was plotting to attack the U.S. While it’s been years since The West Wing aired its final episode, you can turn to reruns and Netflix when you feel nostalgic for the Bartlet administration. In these tumultuous times, let President Bartlet be your inspiration. Jed Bartlet for President!

The Best Jed Bartlet Scenes From The West Wing,

When He Yells At God In Latin

When He Asks Governor Ritchie For the Next Ten Words

When He Argues With Leo About Proportional Response

When He Appears For The Very First Time And Destroys Everyone

When He Has A Serious Talk With The Late Mrs Landingham

When He Tells His Daughter It Takes Very Little To Make Him Happy

When He Gives The 'This Is The Time For American Heroes' Speech

When He Shuts Down The Government

When He Pretty Much Owns Jenna Jacobs

When He Walks To The Hill

Mon, 27 Mar 2017 09:42:52 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/best-jed-bartlet-scenes-from-the-west-wing/alexandra-plesa
<![CDATA[Disney Makeup That's Beyond Magical]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-disney-makeup/crystal-brackett

Disney fans are known to be a talented community, creating unique artwork like the coolest Disney tattoos and costumes. It comes as no surprise that such talent reaches the world of makeup. From designs illustrating scenes from films like Beauty and the Beast and The Nightmare Before Christmas, to glamorous eye shadow tutorials inspired by iconic characters, these displays of makeup art depict just how innovative Disney fans can get. 

Whether you're looking to put a magical flare on a casual outfit or on a Disney princess costume, these imaginative skin exhibits that draw from some of the best Walt Disney animated movies are sure to trigger inspiration. 

Disney Makeup That's Beyond Magical,

Ariel From The Little Mermaid

These luxuriously fabulous eyes inspired by The Little Mermaid are shared by pixiecold.

Tinkerbell From Peter Pan

PixieCold's Tinkerbell eye art is magically extraordinary.


Toofacedd posted this glamorous makeup scene of the carriage from Cinderella.

Sleeping Beauty

This Sleeping Beauty makeup by makeupdramatics is beyond magical.

Hades From Hercules

This hellish Hades eye makeup from Hercules by Chuchy5 is burning with beauty.


KikiMJ painted this beautiful eye portrait of Disney's Brave.

Anna And Elsa From Frozen

This glamorous makeup inspired by Anna and Elsa from Frozen is by the talented scarlet-moon1.

Ursula From The Little Mermaid

KatieAlves's Ursula cosplay makeup seriously kills.

Beauty And The Beast

This breathtaking Beauty and the Beast makeup is the marvelous creation of scarlet-moon1.

Cheshire Cat From Alice In Wonderland

Chuchy5 paints a stunning portrait of the Cheshire Cat.

Fri, 07 Apr 2017 04:01:01 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/best-disney-makeup/crystal-brackett
<![CDATA[40 Extremely Weird Slang Terms From The Wild West]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/old-wild-west-slang-word-and-expressions/brent-sprecher

For those of you who want a better idea of life in the Wild West, Old West slang terms definitely help get you in that mindset of cowboys, cattle wranglin', and casually overlooked prostitution. A romanticized and often misunderstood period of US history, the Old West utilized a vernacular perfect for the dusty and gritty lifestyles of the pioneers and outlaws who brought the wild to the region. Things people used to say in old west capture the ambience of the land in ways watching John Wayne westerns and playing Oregon Trail could not. If you were to hit the saloon on a Friday night in a frontier town, instead of "getting trashed" you would "paint your nose," which you would be "feezed," not "hyped," to do. 

Slang changed in numerous ways over many different eras in US history, from the Great Depression to the commercial boom of the '50s. Even the hobo population created slang of its own, displaying another vernacular that grew out of American culture. Read on to learn some splendiferous Wild West slang and Old West expressions that bring in a little of the frontier into your daily life.

40 Extremely Weird Slang Terms From The Wild West,

Barkin' At A Knot

When you're wasting time or doing something useless.


A liar or cheater; a swindler.

Backdoor Trots

When you have diarrhea.



Lincoln Skins

Paper money or cash; greenbacks.

Leaky Mouth

What someone has when they talk or gossip too much.

Prairie Coal

Dried cow manure used to fuel fires.


When things are askew or awry.


The manner of a self-important or pompous person.


An overly talkative, annoying person.

Black-Eyed Susan

A six-chambered revolver pistol or six-gun.

Fri, 07 Apr 2017 05:09:43 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/old-wild-west-slang-word-and-expressions/brent-sprecher
<![CDATA[Odd Details About Victorian Era Spiritualism]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/facts-about-victorian-era-spiritualism-and-the-occult/amandasedlakhevener

What is spiritualism? It's the belief that the living can communicate with the dead, and its golden age was likely the 19th century. Many of the modern trappings of spiritualism come from this era, from Tarot cards to Ouija boards to psychic shops. But Victorian spiritualism encompassed plenty of odd practices that fell out of popularity, including seances and spirit photography. Hosting parties to commune with spirits was quite fashionable in some circles.

Throughout the Victorian Age, there was a marked movement away from standardized religions and a greater respect for death. Death photography, formalized mourning, and even particular forms of cemetery symbolism all flourished. It is no wonder that belief in the occult in the Victorian Era skyrocketed, and that the spiritualist movement became forever associated with this time in the past.

Odd Details About Victorian Era Spiritualism,

The Ouija Board Was Invented

The idea for the Ouija board had been around for quite some time before the Victorians picked up on it. The earlier versions consisted of paper and pen, or even a blank board on which people would write the "words" given to them by spirits from another plane of existence.

The Ouija board as most people know it was created by a toy company in 1891, towards the end of the Victorian Era. Advertisements for the new board claimed that it could answer questions about the past with accuracy and provided a link between the living world and the one inhabited by the dead. Even though a toy company created the Ouija board, adults were the first ones to purchase this new spiritualist tool.

The Classic Seance Model Was Created

The classic seance consists of a spiritualist or psychic, several of her cohorts, a wooden table, perhaps a tablecloth and crystal ball, and the loved ones who were trying to contact the Great Beyond. The spirits showed themselves by rapping on the table, knocking it over, and of course, by speaking through the psychic.

This seance model was created during the Victorian Era, thanks to a pair of sisters named Margaret and Kate Fox. In 1848, they claimed that they could speak with the ghost of a man who was murdered in their Hydesville, NY home. He would knock on a table in order to communicate. Their story hit the newspapers and quickly spread around the country. Similar "spiritualists" took note and started holding seances. Of course, in most cases, the knocking and table movements were simple trickery on the parts of the spiritualist and his or her helpers, not the work of ghosts.

An Entire Town Of Spiritualists Was Founded In New York

The spiritualist movement was so prevalent during the Victorian Era that an entire town was created to house mediums, psychics, astrologers, and other spiritual experts. The town now known as Lily Dale, NY was founded in 1879 as the Cassadaga Lake Free Association. It's still filled with experts and believers, and houses a library well-stocked with spiritualist newspapers and books. In order to buy a home there now, you need to be a member of the Lily Dale assembly, which involves being a member of a recognized spiritualist church.

Ghost Hunting Became Popular

Today's ghost hunters use high-tech gadgets to pick up on weird bursts of energy and voices supposedly echoing from beyond the grave. Back in the Victorian Era, where the concept of ghost hunting began, they didn't have those tools. Instead, they relied on candles (their flames burned blue in the presence of a spirit), dousing rods (usually used to detect water), and even pieces of glass and mirrors (in which the spirits would show themselves). Ectoplasm was one sign that a ghost was present. If a spirit hunter vomited up this substance, then obviously a ghost was nearby.

If the ghost was dangerous, they wanted to get rid of it, so the experts created witch bowls - ceramic bowls filled with hair, saliva, and other things from the bodies of the people living in the house. Placing one near the entrance to the home would repel the spirits. Most of the time though, the Victorians just wanted to ensure that their loved ones were still peacefully haunting them. 

One Spiritualist Claimed To Travel To Saturn

Astral projection was a "practice" used by spiritualists to remove their consciousness from their bodies and move about the astral plane. Basically, it was an out-of-body experience. They convinced themselves and others that they could have these experiences on purpose at any time.

Annie Horniman, a British actress and leading spiritualist, was a practitioner of astral projection. She claimed that she could astrally project herself wherever she wanted and whenever she wanted, including to other planets. Horniman said that she visited Saturn and spoke with the people living there on a regular basis.

An Occult Order Gained Celebrity Members

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, a Great Britain-based organization dedicated to the occult, started in 1887. Although it didn't last very far into the 20th century, for a time, it served as a school for adults interested in learning more about alchemy, the qabalah, and other mysteries of the universe. There were "orders" that people could achieve, similar to those set in place and followed by the Freemasons. The word "hermetic" in the title of the organization had nothing to do with hermits. Instead, it referred to a series of occult texts written by Hermes Trismegistus in ancient Greece.

Some famous people who joined the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn include famed occultist Aleister Crowley, the poet W.B. Yeats, Sherlock Holmes author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and the co-creator of the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck, Pamela Coleman Smith. 

Seances Were Held In The White House

Not one, but two, First Ladies of the United States invited spiritualists into the White House in order to contact the dead. Abraham Lincoln's wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, was well-known for her spiritualist beliefs, and held many seances at the White House, particularly after the death of her son Willie. The President himself was present during at least one of these seances, which were conducted by famous mediums like Cranston Laurie.

However, Jane Pierce, wife of President Franklin Pierce, was the first First Lady to bring in spiritualists. The couple's son, Bennie, died in train accident shortly before his father took office in 1853. In order to reach him and deal with her grief, she asked the Fox sisters, Margaret and Kate, to come to the White House and hold a seance.

People Took Pictures Of "Spirits"

William H. Mumler is one of the 19th century photographers credited with starting the trend of spirit photography. He accidentally produced a double exposure photo that showed what looked like a transparent ghost lurking behind a living person. Soon, he began doctoring photos for grief-stricken families mourning those they had lost in the U.S. Civil War.

With the death photography trend in full swing (which consisted of actual pictures of dead loved ones), it seemed inevitable that people would want pictures of deceased loved ones' ghosts as well. Spirit photography used double exposures, odd mists of light, and anything deemed "otherworldly" to show that ghosts were present and surrounding their still living friends and family members.

Tarot Cards Became Increasingly Popular

Tarot cards have been around for centuries. Records of them have popped up in 1400s Turkey and 1500s Italy, where they were called "Mamluk game cards" and "tarocchi appropriati," respectively. These cards were used to tell the future, determine one's fate, and even connect with the spiritual realm.

Victorians made tarot cards incredibly popular. Tarot card parties were held, people went to have their fortunes told, and spiritualists brought them with them to seances. The Rider-Waite tarot deck, which is still produced today, was created during the Victorian Era. It contains such cards as the Page of Cups, the Empress, the Fool, and of course, Death. The Rider-Waite deck was the brainstorm of spiritualist and mystic A.E. Waite and publisher William Rider. Patricia Coleman Smith famously drew the illustrations that informed people of their future.

Sarah Winchester Built A House To Appease Spirits

The Winchester Mystery House is proof that Victorian spiritualism can sometimes go too far. Sarah Winchester, heiress to the Winchester rifle fortune, built the house - and kept on building it - when a spiritualist informed her that she had to do so in order to appease the ghosts of people killed by her family's guns. The San Jose, CA house wound up with seven floors, staircases to nowhere, 40 bedrooms, and 47 fireplaces. Winchester herself died in 1922. The house is now an historic landmark and museum.

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<![CDATA[20 Hilarious Ads For Obsolete Technology That Used To Be Insanely Expensive]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/ads-for-obsolete-technology-that-used-to-be-expensive/brent-sprecher

No better time capsule exists than ads for old technology to show you exactly how far humanity has come. These vintage tech ads shill obsolete technology that was, at one point, not only top-of-the-line, it was considered a bargain. The concept of paying $200+ for a calculator makes little sense when you consider the touch-screen in your pocket can do that, call you a taxi, and take a photo all at the same time. Ads for old technology highlight the major shifts in technology and pricing and how state-of-the-art eventually became the standard of living.

Just take a look at these old technology ads and be blown away by what the cool kids were willing to pay back in the day for obsolete technology. No one wants to check their answering machine today, much less pay over $100 for it, and why shell out over $2,000 to transport tapes when you have Blu-ray and DVD players? At this point, these outdated and expensive ads for old technology serve no purpose other than to point out how much better things are now.

20 Hilarious Ads For Obsolete Technology That Used To Be Insanely Expensive,

BetaVision Video Cassette Recorder: $985.00

XComp 10MB Hard Disk: $3,398.00

Phone-mate Answering Machine: $129.50

Tandy CT-300 Cellular Phone: $1,499.00

AMPEX FR200 Tape Transport: $2,675.00

Corvus Systems Inc. Mass Storage: $5,350.00

Sears Color TV: $327.88

Panasonic RX 5500 Stereo: $576.19

IMSAI PC With 10MB Hard Disk, 64K RAM: $5,995.00

Bell & Howell 8MM Camera: $207.70

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<![CDATA[The Inexplicably Strange History Of Mr. Ed The Horse]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/history-of-mr-ed-horse-bamboo-harvester/cynthia-griffith

In the 1960s, the story of a man and his talking horse captivated the globe. The show was Mister Ed, and it followed the hijinks of a talking horse named Mr. Ed and his keeper Wilbur Post. The show became an instant classic, and the character of Ed has popped up everywhere from rap music and comedy sketches to children's shows.

Behind the character of Mr. Ed was a real horse. His name was Bamboo Harvester and he was already famous when he stepped onto the Hollywood scene. TV’s most famous horse was born and bred a star. Lighthearted and humorous at times, stubborn and imperious on occasion, the real Mr. Ed was a true trail blazer.

Like most celebrities, his death was untimely and shrouded in mystery. And in the wake of his passing we learned that while he could indeed be imitated, he was one of the greatest horse stars of all time.

The Inexplicably Strange History Of Mr. Ed The Horse,

He Was A Bit Of A Diva

Even though in real life Mr. Ed was a non-talking horse, he had a lot to say. Having grown up in the limelight, his attitude matched that of his human counterparts. Subsequently, he was a bit of a diva. Bamboo Harvester was known to call it quits in the middle of a scene. He decided when the shoot was over by simply storming off stage and refusing to return. He also had celebrity demands. They weren't quite as specific as bowls full of only blue M&M's, or an entirely vegan dressing room, although the latter would have been appropriate in this case. So what did he demand? Sweet tea by the gallon and 20 pounds of hay every day.

This Leading Animal Began His Acting Career As A Show Horse

Since Bamboo Harvester was born and bred into celebrity, it only seems right that his walk to fame began with a gallop through the Pasadena Rose Parade, an invitation-only extravaganza. It's sort of like the red carpet for horses, and Bamboo Harvester made quite the impression year after year. He spent half of his life as a show horse in the San Fernando Valley. His father Harvester was also a revered show horse with the Palomino Horse Association. While the world would come to know him later on in life, the locals got to cherish him as a foal.

A Trick String Was Behind The Talking Horse Secret

For years, mystery and intrigue surrounded how Hollywood made it look like this infamous horse was talking. Could he talk in real life, or were the cameras really magical enough to bring about such deception? In the 1950s, people really believed it was some otherworldy force (or intense training) that made it happen - although today we know the magic of movies can make just about anything possible.

But at the time, rumors began to fly about how the horse talked. One was that he had a mouthful of peanut butter. As hilarious an image as that conjures up, it turned out not to be true. The reality behind the talking magic was far less adorable. Hilton trained him to talk by moving his lips on cue, but he would only do it if Hilton was standing right there. Directors decided to use a nearly invisible string to pull up the flap around his lips, hence making him appear to be talking. The strings were run through a halter Bamboo Harvester wore so they weren't seen in front of his face. 

Bamboo Harvester Was Born In California As Part Of A Revered Horse Lineage

This epic equestrian celebrity's story began in sunny California. He was born in 1949 to two purebred horses, and was eventually owned by Lester "Les" Hilton. His family came from a long line of purebred horses meant for show, and his father Harvester was one of the prized horses of the San Fernando Valley.

Bamboo Harvester was a beautiful and energetic horse that caught the eye of many. He also won awards and accolades as a show horse. While his most notable footprint - or should we say hoof print - in Hollywood was his performance as Mr. Ed, his California neighbors remember fondly for both his spirit and his spunk.

He Wasn’t Even Originally The Horse Set To Play Mr. Ed

The pilot episode of Mister Ed featured a different horse entirely.  In fact, the pilot was recorded with an entirely different cast altogether. This episode, titled "The Wonderful World of Wilbur Pope" never saw any screen time. If it had, this legendary series would have played out to a totally different tune.

After the Chestnut gelding initially cast as Mr. Ed had a bit of a breakdown, Bamboo Harvester stepped in for the second pilot, which featured the rest of the classic cast and became the first official episode to air on national television. It's hard not to help but wonder if his life would have been different (and maybe longer) had he not been bestowed with that lead part.

He Had A Top Notch Trainer

Bamboo Harvester grew to be quite the accomplished actor under the guidance of Hilton. It is said the horse only missed one day of shooting in his entire career. Unlike his animal actor counterparts who often required multiple similar looking animals cast into the same role, the Palamino playing Mr. Ed stood solo.

The secret to his success was truly in the training. At a time when most animal actors were cruelly beaten or drugged into submission in order to get the perfect shot, Hilton was a gentle animal lover who reportedly never struck the horse. Instead he used whips as a means to show where the horse to go. A whip held out to the left meant to go left, one to the right meant to go right, and so on. 

His Stunt Double, Pumpkin, Is Equally Famous

It is said that over the rigorous timeline of filming the Mister Ed series, Bamboo Harvester only needed to utilize his stunt double once. For the rest of the time, Pumpkin - sometimes referred to as Punkin - graced the set as Mr. Ed. The four-year-old Palomino was trained to "talk" like Bamboo Harvester, and looked remarkably similar. 

After coming into his own, the beloved Pumpkin would go on to make appearances in pudding commercials and on another award-winning show called Green Acres.  

Bamboo Harvester Won Several Animal Acting Awards - Which, Yes, Are Real

Bamboo Harvester was adorned in awards for his stellar acting in the Mister Ed series. His PATSY Award collection consists of first, second, and third place prizes, all of which were divvied out in the '60s at the height of the show's popularity. The PATSY awards are designed to honor animal performers in the entertainment world. They went from 1951 to 1973, and Mister Ed won four PATSYs in a row

PATSY stands for Performing Animal Top Star Of The Year. Other famous recipients include Lassie, Benji, Francis the Talking Mule, and Tramp the dog. 

The Show Mister Ed Took Its Cues From Francis The Talking Mule

Hilton was instrumental on the set of yet another talking animal show. If you watch closely, you'll see how some of the components from Francis the Talking Mule bore similarities to Mister Ed and vice versa. One of the most famous examples of this is the use of the invisible string, which was later revealed to be the secret behind most of the magically talking animals of the era.

He Was A One Take Wonder

Despite the diva tendencies that arose from time to time, Bamboo Harvester was usually quite professional. It was common for the horse to complete his scene in just one take. These scenes were somewhat complicated and involved a good deal of physical activity and training, some of which included teaching the horse how to play different sports and even ride a skateboard. One producer was recorded as saying Bamboo Harvester was the easiest one of set to work with - it was the humans who were always messing up the shots. 

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<![CDATA[10 Badass Facts Artemisia Gentileschi, Who Painted Herself Killing Her Rapist]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/facts-about-the-painter-artemisia-gentileschi/amandasedlakhevener

The Renaissance painter Artemisia Gentileschi was born in Italy in 1593. Her father, Orazio Gentileschi, was also a painter; he taught his daughter the craft when she was very young, and she grew up to be one of the most acclaimed artists of the Late Renaissance and Baroque periods. Her life was not an easy one, however. Her mother died when she was 12. She was raped by one of her father's contemporaries, and then quickly married off once she brought her rapist to trial. One of her most famous paintings, Judith and Holofernes, came about shortly afterwards.

Despite the fact that she was a female Baroque painter in a time when most women did not work in high-profile careers at all, let alone in the almost all-male field of fine art, she left behind an impressive body of work, and is one of the most famous female painters of all time.

It is believed that Artemisia died in 1656, the result of a plague that wiped out quite a few citizens of Naples, Italy. 

10 Badass Facts Artemisia Gentileschi, Who Painted Herself Killing Her Rapist,

She Brought Her Rapist To Justice

It takes a lot of courage in this day and age for women to come out and say that they've been raped, let alone follow through with pressing charges. In the 1600s, that was even more true. Artemisia Gentileschi was raped repeatedly by Agostina Tassi, an artist who worked with her father, Orazio Gentileschi. Artemisia's father had hired Tassi to teach his 18-year-old daughter how to paint perspective.

Tassi gained access to Artemisia's bedroom and trapped her in it, claiming that he wanted to marry her before raping her. (However, he was already married, he had been convicted of rape previously, and he had even tried to have his wife murdered.)

Artemesia accused him of rape and then had to undergo a humiliating medical exam to "prove" that she had been a virgin prior to being assaulted by Tassi. During the seven-month-long trial, she was accused of being a whore by Tassi's multiple witnesses. However, Artemesia prevailed, and Tassi spent a little less than a year in prison. After his release, her father allowed him back in their workplace. 

She Is Seen As A Feminist Icon

After falling to the wayside for several centuries after her death, Artemisia Gentileschi reemerged in the 20th century as a feminist icon. Museum creators and art historians realized that her strong female characters broke the mold created by the artists that came before her. Gentileschi's bold images, as well as the details her rape trial and independent personal life, made her something of a modern heroine, albeit one who lived several hundred years ago. 

She Had Important And Influential Patrons

Two of Artemisia Gentileschi's patrons were the House of Medici in Florence, Italy, and King Charles I of England. She painted upwards of 20 works for the Medici family, who were known for their discerning eye for talent. Gentileschi also traveled throughout Italy and other parts of Europe during her life, going to where her patrons were located. This was common at the time, as many artists led itinerant lifestyles where they were always on the go, looking for people who wanted to commission their works. However, most of those artists were male; it was rare for a woman to travel widely, especially unaccompanied by their spouse.

She Was The First Woman Accepted Into The Academy Of The Arts Of Drawing

The Accademia delle Arti del Disegno (or Academy of the Arts of Drawing) was a reboot of one of the first fine arts guilds in Florence, Italy. It was started by the artist Giorgio Vasari and Cosimo Medici. It accepted only the most talented artists in the area, including the legendary sculptor Michelangelo. Other members include Agnolo Bronzino and Benvenuto Cellini. The academy was a combination of an artists' guild and a court of personalities that encircled Medici. It was an esteemed place to be, and the very first woman accepted into this previously males-only academy was Artemisia Gentileschi. 

She Left Her Husband And Took Their Child With Her To Tour Italy

Women in Europe weren't allowed to own property in the 1600s or to have custody of their own children. So it is amazing that Artemisia Gentileschi left her husband, Peter Antonio Stiattesi, and took their child. The pair were married shortly after her rapist was sent to prison, and some scholars believe that Gentileschi's father, Orazio, owed Stiattesi money, so he paid off his debt with his daughter's hand in marriage.

Needless to say, the marriage did not last long. They had at least one daughter together, (although some think that they had two). Either way, Gentileschi left her husband behind in Florence while she traveled elsewhere in Italy in order to fulfill her work duties for her patrons and she took her daughter, Prudentia, with her. Prudentia would later become a painter herself.

One Of Her Lesser-Known Paintings Sold At Auction For Over One Million Dollars

As proof that women are still "worth" less than men, a newly discovered painting attributed to Artemisia Gentischi was auctioned off in 2014. It was estimated to go for around $300,000, but wound up selling for slightly over $1.1 million. That is a lot for one of her lesser-known works, called Mary Magdelene in Ecstasy. However, that amount is nothing compared to one of the works by her father, Orazio, titled Danae, that sold at auction for upwards of $30 million in 2016. Thankfully, Artemisia has overshadowed her father in renown, if not in auction prices. 

She Painted Images Of Strong Women

Artemisia Gentileschi painted plenty of scenes from the Bible, a popular motif during the Late Renaissance and Baroque periods. However, the few female artists who painted in that era usually stuck to safe, gentle images, such as flattering portraits commissioned by their patrons. Not Gentileschi. She painted strong women, those who are in control in every scene. They weren't weak, pretty things painted merely as eye candy; instead, they had powerful impulses and acted upon them. This made Gentileschi very ahead of her time. 

She And Galileo Might Have Been Lovers

Artemisia Gentileschi and Galileo Gallilei knew each other quite well. Examples of their correspondence still exist, and some believe that the two were more than just friends. Both were members of the Grand Ducal Court in Florence, and through those circles, got to know one anotherr. Parabolic imagery used in Gentileschi's paintings also corresponds with scientific discoveries made by Galileo, which could mean that he confided in her about his work. It is entirely possible that the two were lovers. 

She Was An Artist At A Time When Women Weren't Supposed To Pick Up A Paintbrush

There were few female artists during the 1500s and 1600s. Sofonisba Anguissola and Lavinia Fontana were two of her contemporaries. However, Artemiseia Gentileschi was no doubt the most talented, and her work has stood the test of time. Prior to and throughout the late Renaissance period, almost all artists were men. These men enjoyed large commissions and wealthy patrons, and started schools to teach other men how to paint, draw, and sculpt. Society at that time viewed women as second-class humans, who were merely around to wait on men and raise children. This is what makes Artemisia so unique. She not only excelled at her craft, but she went beyond the norms for women at the time. 

She Painted An Allegory Featuring Herself Killing Her Rapist

Shortly after the trial that led to a prison sentence for her rapist, Gentileschi painted Judith Slaying Holofernes. The painting illustrates a scene from the Biblical story of Judith, a Jewish woman who lured an enemy general, got him drunk, and then beheaded him with help from her maid, Abra.

Gentileschi's main inspiration was a painting with a similar subject created by Caravaggio, one of the most important painters of the Baroque/Late Renaissance era. Gentileschi was familiar with Caravaggio's work, and she knew him through his acquaintance with her father. However, unlike Caravaggio's work, Gentileschi's provides a new take on the violent act of Judith beheading Holofernes. Scholars agree that the painting served as an allegory for Gentileschi's rape experience.

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<![CDATA[10 Flat-Out Bizarre Historical Field Guides To Prostitution]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/prostitution-field-guides-from-history/cheryl-adams-richkoff

Prostitution truly is the world's oldest profession, and while historical field guides to prostitution have undoubtedly existed since ancient times, special small, printed, and detailed books were widely available for sale in major world cities during the 18th and 19th centuries. The guides provided a variety of information, including where to find prostitutes, their addresses, the names of brothels or individual prostitutes, descriptions of the same, and sometimes even prices for services rendered. Some guides came complete with detailed maps of sex-trade neighborhoods.

Cosmopolitan locations drew prostitutes like magnets, since cities had a constant, transient population of businessmen, soldiers, sailors, and others who were passing through. These men were often lonely – but more often horny – and eager to experience the excitement of a new city. The little field guides were very inexpensive, printed on cheap paper, and almost always disposed of before a client's departure from the city. Such books were not the sort of thing a man would want discovered in his luggage upon his return home. Therefore, few guidebooks to prostitution have survived. 

Importantly, most guides include two methods of dispensing information. First and foremost there was the moral disclaimer. In other words, the guides repeatedly and fervently warned and cautioned potential brothel customers to stay away from such neighborhoods for their own personal safety. And yet – on the same page – they provide detailed directions, addresses, names, and even descriptions of the women in a given house, just in case one should stumble into such areas "accidentally." Frequently, the phrase "[not] that anyone should ever go there" followed a vivid description of the destination. Second, do not expect to find graphic, sexual descriptions in the antiquated guides. The prostitutes were generally described in virtuous terms, such as "[she] is fresh from the country," or they objectify the female body as landscape – "[the] large, fair hills rising upon her chest" or "her fragrant, lush lower garden..." Perhaps people from earlier times better appreciated leaving some things to the imagination.

10 Flat-Out Bizarre Historical Field Guides To Prostitution,

London's Covent Garden Ladies

Full title: Harris's List of Covent-Garden Ladies: or, Man of pleasure's kalender, for the year 1788 (1789, 1790, 1793), etc.

18th-century London produced perhaps the cheekiest guide to local prostitution. Harris's List was a standby for years and was openly available for sale in shops and on the street for about two shillings. Generally around 120 women or their houses were included, with some added and some removed in newer editions.

The actual number of London prostitutes during the late 18th century was between six and seven thousand, so it was something of an honor (or, for those receiving an unfavorable review, a dishonor) to make the annual Harris's List.

The English guidebook is unusual among others of its kind in that it often lists prices for sexual services. Additionally, it generally offers full descriptions of the prostitutes, including details about their breasts and genitals. Often, though, these descriptions were couched in poetic or landscape language, such as the poem that appears describing "Miss B---nd of Frith Street":

“A rose-bud blows in either cheek, Round which the lily makes its bed;

Two dimples sweet good nature speak, And auburn ringlets deck her head.

Her heaving breasts pant keen desire, Their blushing summits own the flame;

Her eyes seem wishing something nigher,

Her hand conducts it to the same."

Australia's Floating Brothel

Great Britain only seriously started to settle Australia beginning in 1776, which also marked the start of the American Revolutionary War. For two centuries, the British had sent thousands upon thousands of their unwanted to American shores. Most of those people died within months, dropping dead in tobacco fields from overwork.

With America no longer a convenient dumping ground, the British began sending those they deemed "undesirable" to far away Australia. Those transported were overwhelmingly men. Within a couple of decades or so, it was clear that in order to properly establish a new colonial foothold, women would need to be sent, as wives, or at least as female company.

Of a sort.

And so, rather than a guidebook, a shipping list was created with the names and occupations of the women who were sent on the Lady Juliana to bring joy and comfort to the exiled British men. Not every woman who went aboard wanted to be known as a prostitute – though a good number of them had no problem with that – but researchers and historians have determined that pretty much all the women on board were professionals.

The party started long before the ship reached New South Wales. The crew, aware of the skill set of the women aboard, felt very comfortable approaching the women and most formed shipboard "marriages" for the duration. Once they reached their destination, the men greeted the women with enthusiasm. Some of the women married colonists, but many stuck to their stock and trade and did well for themselves. No advertising required!

"The Town" Where Anything Goes

London's prostitution community was so lively in the 18th and 19th centuries that it warranted not only several guidebooks, but also a regularly published journal called The Town. But this was no academic journal; in fact, it was considered scurrilous and outrageous. Therefore, it was also widely read. It made the claim of providing the latest information and literature of "the chancy, sportive world of sexual pleasure." Despite its shocking content, the editors posted the following disclaimer in every issue:

"We wish it to be clearly understood, that we are not the advocates of vice or profli-gacy. Our sketches are intended to serve a great moral purpose; and we shall endeav-our to say nothing to offend the most fastidious."

With the moralizing out of the way, the rest of the journal featured vivid sketches of the "women about town," articles on the justification of vice, cautionary tales of bad brothel experiences, and the best pubs and clubs for backstage assignations.

The Seraglio Directory

Published in 1859, Directory to the Seraglios in New York, Philadelphia, Boston and all the Principal Cities in the Union, was a one-stop shopping guide to all things sexually illicit on the East Coast of the US.

By the time this guidebook appeared, readers could note how far the New York sex district had spread during the 19th century. In just a few years, brothels of note had spread through SoHo from Mercer Street to include Crosby, Thompson, Greene, and Sullivan streets.

As with most other guides, brothels and houses were rated and reviewed. For example, Miss Mary Temple’s “elegantly fitted up mansion” at 112 Greene St. was a place for “Gentlemen on a visit to the city, in search of private apartments, to wile away a few hours in splendor and luxury.”

The publishers of the Seraglio Directory did not hesitate to warn away potential customers of "disreputable houses." Such was the case of a Mrs. Todd's house on Mercer Street. “The women at this house race the streets to pick up men and decoy them to this den where danger awaits them. Shun this resort for thieves.”

The Big Easy's Guide To Sin

New Orleans has a long and storied history of prostitution. Indeed, one of the more prominent areas dedicated to the world's oldest profession was called "Storyville." To navigate this, there were a wide variety of guidebooks and advertisements available, many of them called Blue Books. This was intentionally both satirical and insulting, as the high-class social registers in the United States were also called "Blue Books." The prostitution field guides were also known as "Guidebooks To Sin."

The introduction to the Blue Book explains to the wary, aroused traveler: "[anyone] who knows today from yesterday from yesterday will say that the Blue Book is the right book for people to have."

One proprietress, a Miss Lulu White gets described thusly: "[she] has made a feature of boarding none but the fairest of girls, those gifted with nature's best charms, and would, under no circumstances, have any but that class in her house." She sounds pretty trustworthy for the discerning consumer.

The Swell's Night Guide To London

The Swell's Night Guide To London predates Harris's List by about 30 years. It was a guide to city prostitutes of all sorts, and it also provided lists and descriptions of other entertainment such as pubs, bars, and gaming.

Where The Swell's Night Guide differed from others was in its descriptive language. The Guides – published annually like most of the others – were extremely blunt about what could be found at a given brothel and about the ways in which men regarded the women. 

For example, "at Mme Matileau’s establishments, in Soho and Kensington, nothing is allowed to get stale... you may have your meat dressed to your own liking... her flock is in prime condition, and always ready for sticking; when any of them are fried, they are turned out to grass... consequently the rot, bots, glanders, and other diseases incidental to cattle, are not generally known here." 

New York's Gentleman's Companion

Full title: A Vest Pocket Guide to Brothels in 19th-Century New York for Gentlemen on the Go.

On the go, indeed! New York City experienced shockingly rapid growth during the 19th century, which meant there were always plenty of transients making their way in, out, and through the town. Businessmen, sailors, immigrants, and plenty of curious local men all contributed to this movement. The guide covered a variety of entertainment options available to residents and visitors to the city, with the section dedicated to prostitution labeled, enticingly, "Temples of Love."

Surviving copies of this guide date to 1870, but, without a doubt, there were many earlier editions. Like others of its type, the authors spend a good deal of time telling cautionary tales about "bad neighborhoods" to avoid, while providing very specific address details just in case one accidentally stumbled into trouble. For example:

"But we point out the location of these places in order that the reader may know how to avoid them, and that he may not select one of them for his boarding house when he comes to the city. Our book, will, therefore, be like a warning voice to the unwary – like a buoy attached to a sunken rock, which warns the inexperienced mariner to sheer off, lest he should be wrecked on a dangerous and unknown coast.”

A house on Houston St., kept by a Miss Emma Benedict, received high praise.

“It is a first class house with eight lady boarders. Everything here is arranged in the first style, while the bewitching smiles of the fairy-like creatures who devote themselves to the services of Cupid are unrivaled by any of the fine ladies who walk Broadway in silks and satins new.”

The entire length of Greene St., according to the author, is “a complete sink of iniquity” and best avoided altogether.

Philadelphia's Guide To The Stranger

Full title: A Guide to the Stranger or Pocket Companion for THE FANCY, Containing a List of the Gay Houses and Ladies of Pleasure In The City Of Brotherly Love And Sisterly Affection.

This handy guide to Philadelphia's ladies of the evening was published in 1849, though earlier editions likely existed. Typical of such booklets, the reader was warned and admonished against visiting houses of ill-repute, while it made sure to state the precise address and exactly who lived there. Just so you'd know to stay away. Far away. (Not).

On offer at "Miss Sarah Turner's House, No. 2 Wood St., was everything calculated to make a man happy. The young ladies are beautiful and accomplished; they will at any time amuse you... none but gentlemen visit this Paradise of Love."

Not every house received such a good review, however. One of the worst was awarded to a certain Mrs. Hamilton, who resided on Locust Street: "This woman has been long enough at the accommodation of single gentlemen and their wives, that she has grown bald and toothless in the service. Beware of this house, stranger, as you would the sting of a viper."

But..."single gentlemen"... and their "wives?" 

A Complete Look At Shanghai Philandering

Shanghai is an international city that attracted a great many visitors for both business and pleasure. 19th-century guides to the “soiled doves” of Shanghai also used the sex-worker-as-landscape method of description employed in Europe.

Titles included Precious Mirror of Shanghai, A Sixty-Year History of the Shanghai Flower World, Pictures of the Hundred Beauties of Flowerland, and perhaps a favorite due to the frankness in its title, A Complete Look at Shanghai Philandering.

The guidebooks included biographies of famous prostitutes, anecdotes about famous customers, and the usual names, addresses, and descriptions of the women themselves. The guides also included exhaustive glossaries of the sex-trade language, detailed maps, and stern descriptions of expected behavior on the part of clients. No mention was ever made about how the women came to be prostitutes or if they were there on their own free will... or not.

"Prostitution Exposed!" America's Earliest Field Guide

Another typical, overly long, 19th-century title: 

Prostitution exposed; or A moral reform directory, : laying bare the lives, histories, residences, seductions, &c. of the most celebrated courtezans and ladies of pleasure of the city of New-York, : together with a description of the crime and its effects, : as also, of the houses of prostitution and their keepers, houses of assignation, their charges and conveniences, and other particulars interesting to the public.

Prostitution Exposed is the earliest known published American field guide on the subject. Published in 1839, it arrived just on the heels of the infamous murder of a high-end New York prostitute, so it contains all the warnings of and cautions against licentiousness, thieving whores, venereal diseases, and ruined reputations. The guide listed 266 brothels and more than 75 "houses of assignation." Descriptions of the houses, the women, and charge for services were also provided.

And yet, one of the first things readers observed was the comical author's nom de plume: A. Butt Ender.

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<![CDATA[Anime You Wouldn't Be Able To Explain If Someone Walked In On You Watching]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/anime-that-looks-weird-and-pervy/taeyura

It's hardly a secret that anime is considered niche entertainment in the US. While some of the best anime series are clearly action-packed stories with a beautiful message nestled at the heart of the plot, other series look downright weird and perverted. Most people wouldn't think twice about having someone walk in on them watching Dragonball Z or Bleach, but shows like Prison School and Manyuu Hikenchou can make for one seriously awkward encounter.

These anime series are ones you'd have a hard time explaining if someone happens by. Even though you'd frantically try to describe how the show is one of the funniest anime series of all time or how it has solid action scenes, the impossibly large breasts or the grown woman squatting on a toy horse would speak volumes otherwise. Vote up the anime that can be embarrassingly difficult to explain when someone walks in at the wrong time. 

Anime You Wouldn't Be Able To Explain If Someone Walked In On You Watching,

Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied is largely considered to be an anime classic by many, but to the outside eye, it’s just downright weird and horrific. The sheer amount of decapitations and severing of limbs throughout the anime is hard enough to explain. Throw in a weird love triangle that involves two cousins and a serial murderer, multiple instances of rape and molestation, the slaughter of an entire classroom of children, and you have yourself one gut wrenchingly twisted tale. That being said, Elfen Lied has an amazing plot, great character development, solid artwork, and an awesome soundtrack to go with it. 

Attack on Titan

The concept of trying to protect a walled nation from giant attackers isn’t that far-fetched for most anime series. At its core, Attack on Titan is about the power of humanity pushing through the most daunting hardships and working together toward a greater goal. All that is pretty touching and easy to explain, right? That is, until your parents catch a glimpse of the massive, naked, genital-less titans that are running around eating screaming humans. 

High School DxD

High School DxD packs so many panty shots, cleavage shots, and blatant nudity into every episode that it spends a lot of time tinkering on the border of ecchi and hentai. Even something as seemingly innocent as a tennis game takes an awkward turn when every move results in skirts flying up. Despite being an ecchi series, High School DxD offers an average story, good music, and funny moments, though you'd be hard-pressed if you tried to convince people that you're watching it solely for those reasons. 

Kill la Kill

Kill la Kill may be packed with some great comedy and action scenes, but your parents probably won’t be interested in hearing any of that once they catch sight of Ryuko Matoi’s magical, talking outfit. Ryuko’s clothes goes by the name Senketsu and he does a lot. He gives Ryuko superhuman abilities, provides an incredible layer of defense, and even talks enough to add a special brand of comedy to the series.

The only thing Senketsu doesn’t do well is actually cover Ryuko. When it’s time to fight, Senketsu shrinks down to little more than sleeves and fancy suspenders. Sure, there's a skirt there, but it's so short that it may not even qualify as a skirt. Either way, Kill la Kill has a stellar cast of characters, a great plot, and awesome fight sequences. 

Yuri Kuma Arashi

Yes, those are schoolgirls with guns fighting killer teddy bears that eat humans. At first glance, Yuri Kuma Arashi may look like an absurd fan service anime that follows two girls in their exploration of their love for each other. But within the not-so-subtle lines, this series actually offers an interesting perspective into homosexuality in society. 

Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn't Exist

Known as Shimoneta for short, this anime series is about a world where censorship laws have erased the concept of dirty jokes. You've got high school kids who don't know about much about sex, as it is a forbidden topic. It may be hard to explain why the main protagonist wears underwear like a hat, but Shimoneta presents a shockingly funny and deep commentary on sexual censorship. 

Akiba’s Trip The Animation

From the plot to the minute details, every corner of Akiba's Trip is filled with some pretty bizarre content. The anime follows the journey of two siblings who were out and about when Akihabara is suddenly attacked by vampiric, cosplaying monsters. One thing leads to another and before long, the siblings have embarked on a journey to dispatch the creatures they refer to as Bugged Ones. Comedic value is arguably high in this anime, and that shouldn't be too hard to explain after describing how bad guys are dispatched by stripping them of their clothes and exposing them to sunlight. Oh, wait... 

Kuuchuu Buranko

Kuuchuu Buranko is one anime that is truly hard to explain, and not because of sexual innuendos, a clash of vibrant colors, or eerie violence. It’s just pretty strange. The show revolves around Dr. Irabu, a three-man persona seeing psych patients with weird problems (such as a man with an eternal erection). To outsiders looking in, Kuuchuu Buranko will appear like a show hopped up on drugs with its unusual (and well-done) animation style, but it's actually got great storytelling, character depth, and voiceovers, too. 

Golden Boy

The actual plot of Golden Boy is rather innocent and, quite frankly, it could be truly admirable in a sense. Golden Boy follows the journey of a young man named Kintarou Ooe who simply wants life to be his teacher so he runs around performing odd jobs. The 25 year old certainly learns a lot from his experiences, but he also always seems to find himself in some pretty awkward positions with beautiful, curvaceous women - many of which are scantily clad and have a knack for popping up nude. 

High School Of The Dead

High School of the Dead is an anime that starts with a simple premise: an apocalypse has left a group of students fighting to survive in a world that's been overcome by zombies. However, in the midst of this undead invasion, there's an insane amount of screentime given to cleavage and upskirt shots. The anime itself is actually a solid viewing experience, but you’ll have to get used to a lot of scenes that come pretty close to flashing it all if it weren’t for the help of some conveniently placed bath bubbles. 

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<![CDATA[In What Order Do Your Body Parts Develop In The Womb?]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/order-body-parts-grow-in-fetuses/laura-allan

The basics of making babies seem simple. You need sperm, an egg, and a womb to incubate in. Combine those, and a baby starts to grow. However, most people don't know what develops first in the womb as far as the baby's growth. Does it start with a brain? A heart? What organs come first during pregnancy, and what organs develop last?

The order of organ development in fetuses isn't always exactly the same. Humans all start from the same general blueprint, but some organs start to form around the same time, and some grow faster than others. But here's what science says: babies start as an anus (really), and end by developing lungs. When - and how - body parts grow in between is a long and fascinating process.

In What Order Do Your Body Parts Develop In The Womb?,

Nerve Cells

As your cells continue to grow and change in the first weeks of development, some of the next things to appear are nerve cells. These nerve cells will eventually help create your nervous system and your sense of touch. These nerve cells will also start forming the first of your vital organs.


In the eight or ninth week, some little spots will appear in your mouth. These are the buds of teeth. But while your teeth are growing, your jaw and facial bones aren't really there yet.


Up until around the seventh or eighth week of development, you've been growing without actual sexual features. The blueprint for a basic human embryo is that of a female, but once those X and Y chromosomes kick in, things begin to get a little different down below. Although the genitalia won't full develop into its full form, the beginnings of male or female organs will begin to show at this point. That being said, it probably won't be until at least week seventeen that a doctor will be able to tell what sex you will be.

Brain, Spine, And Placenta

As an actual body grows from that cluster of cells you started from, a shape will begin to appear. First there will be several layers to the cells, of varying density and formation. Then, a form, like a little dot and a line extending from it, will develop around the fifth or sixth week. These formations are the beginnings of your brain and spine. Though rudimentary, these will help tell your body how to react to their own growth.

The placenta also develops around this time, to help you process nutrients and continue to grow.


To be clear, you don't start growing fully developed arms and legs next. You don't even have the bones for them at this point. Instead, you'll start developing little miniature touch stumps where your arms and legs will eventually be. They may have little webbed digits at the ends. These limb buds will start to show up between the fifth and eighth week of pregnancy. Your embryonic tail will also start to recede around this point, and it will continue to do so over the rest of your development.


Your eyes form around the seventh week, before your eyelids show up. For a while, they are just two, small, dark, sightless circles on either side of your face. Then, closed eyelids grow over them - they remain closed throughout the rest of your growth.

The eyes will also grow a connection to the brain, so that your mind will be able to control and understand your vision once you eventually experience sight out of the womb. Your DNA already knows what color your eyes are going to be after birth, but at this point, they're pretty much just dark dots.


Believe it or not, all human beings start out as tiny anuses. In the first few weeks after fertilization, you're nothing more than a small group of cells, called a blastula. This blastula bursts open from the inside out, making a little bitty opening. This opening is called a blastopore, and it is the first of your proto-organs to begin forming. While that may sound like a pretty fancy word, the blastopore is actually just a miniscule anus. The rest of your body develops from there.


Cells will continue to be told by DNA what they're supposed to be doing, and they will continue to change into new functioning organs. Within six weeks, you will begin to develop some odd looking tissue towards the center of your coiled form, in the form of a little s-shaped tube. That tissue will begin to move together and pump like a tiny motor, making a heartbeat at around six weeks.

Hands And Feet

Around week ten, your body has changed so much that you're not even an embryo anymore. Now you are officially a fetus. Your limb buds are going to really sprout out, and those stumpy digits are going to become actual hands and feet, with fingers and toes attached. These fingers and toes will initially be webbed, like those of a frog, and may look like paddles. But in a few short weeks, that webbing will begin to recede.


Your embryonic face is fairly basic. Your head will form around your brain and spine, and tissue will start to separate and grow into small features. An opening will begin to form for a mouth, a forehead will rise, and the beginnings of nasal passages will begin to develop. This usually happens between the fifth and eighth week of pregnancy.

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<![CDATA[Bill O'Reilly Was Fired From Fox News After Sexual Harassment Allegations]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/bill-oreilly-fired-from-fox-after-sexual-harassment-allegations/katejacobson

Officials from Fox News confirmed that longtime host Bill O'Reilly – arguably the star of the news network – was fired after he "agreed" to leave the network. This came after several women said he sexually harassed them, and it comes as another blow to the network known for its conservative bent. It could also mean the end of O'Reilly's career. O'Reilly was a controversial political pundit, and one of the network's most notable figures.

These allegations surfaced against O'Reilly in April after the New York Times reported he spent millions in settlements with women who had been accusing him of sexual harassment for years. Since then, multiple women – including some high-profile reporters – said O'Reilly sexually harassed them. Some even said they lost jobs because they rebuked his sexual advances.

There are already multiple controversial Fox News sexual harassment cases the network is trying to overcome, as well as a mass exodus of female talent.

Bill O'Reilly Was Fired From Fox News After Sexual Harassment Allegations,

He Was Accused Of Choking His Ex-Wife, Trying To Exchange Sexual Favors For Promotions, And Harassing Women Repeatedly

O'Reilly has been accused of doing a lot of troubling and serious things. From as far back as 2002, women documented his behavior with the news network but to no avail. In 2004, former Associate Producer Andrea Mackris said O'Reilly would call her on the phone while he was masturbating. He tried to get her to engage in phone sex and threesomes, would recount lurid details of his sex life, and bragged about how he was paying Thai sex-show workers for sex. 

Mackris said O'Reilly threatened that she would "wish she'd never been born" should she step forward with her allegations. Mackris received a $9 million payout.

O'Reilly was also accused of domestic abuse by his now-ex-wife. Court documents show the couple's teenage daughter saw O'Reilly choking his wife and dragging her down a set of stairs. During this time, multiple women came forward to Fox News saying they were victims of sexual harassment. One contributor said O'Reilly tried to kiss her, and she backed away. In response, O'Reilly tried to get her fired. 

O'Reilly Has Paid Out $13 Million To Women Who Accused Him Of Sexual Harassment Since 2002

In a 2017 New York Times investigation, reporters found O'Reilly had paid $13 million to five different women who accused him of sexual harassment. Records show that O'Reilly – who adamantly denies the nature of the allegations – and lawyers for Fox News paid the women for their silence both in public and in court. Some of the money came from O'Reilly's coffers, while the network ended up paying out the rest. 

Some of the women involved were employees of Fox News, while others were regular guests on the show. 

This Isn't The First Fox News Sexual Harassment Case

In 2016, former Chairman and CEO of Fox News, Roger Ailes, resigned because of sexual harassment claims. These allegations surfaced in 2014, after author Gabriel Sherman wrote a biography on Ailes. Immediately, the network and Ailes maligned the book as a piece of complete fiction. A few years later, however, it became apparent some of the things in Sherman's book were likely true.

Then, in the summer of 2016, former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Ailes. She said she was fired after rebuffing his sexual advances. Soon, a slew of Fox's top female talent was saying similar things. Anchor Megyn Kelly told an investigator she was harassed by Ailes, as did multiple other Fox News contributors and reporters

In her book, Kelly said the network pressured her to side with Ailes when Carlson sued the network, which led to Kelly quitting and joining NBC. After Carlson's lawsuit, Fox News said it was taking a zero tolerance policy to sexual harassment. But two of the settlements filed against O'Reilly were filed after Ailes was fired

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<![CDATA[How Do Bionic Prosthetics Work?]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/how-do-bionic-prosthetics-work/shanell-mouland

The science of bionic prosthetics is a little more accessible than you may have thought. In reality, the idea that our brains can speak to artificial limbs, and those limbs can respond by mimicking what the human body would do is no longer a science-fiction fantasy – and you might even be able to understand how this process works. The world of bionics is here, and it's absolutely amazing. 

The business of creating stand-ins for missing body parts isn't a new one. Humans have long been losing parts and attempting to replace them with man-made materials – think glass eyes, dentures, and even toupees. It really isn't a giant leap, almost three thousand years later, to attempt to connect those prostheses to the brain. Put simply, "[bionics] is a term which refers to the flow of concepts from biology to engineering and vice versa." For the scientists among you, this connection may seem rather intuitive, but, for the rest of the population, making sense of the human brain talking to a piece of engineering can be hard to wrap your head around. Erik Sofge of Popular Science explains bionic prostheses best, expounding "[when] the electrical impulse from [the] brain reaches the base of [the] leg, a pair of sensors embedded in [the] muscle tissue connect the neural dots, and wirelessly transmit that signal to the [bionic foot]."

Got it? No? Keep reading for a more detailed explanation.

How Do Bionic Prosthetics Work?,

They Make It Possible To Compete In Elite Sports... And Raise Some Issues

The disgraced Oscar Pistorius comes to mind whenever the topic of athletes and prostheses is mentioned. The elite sprinter – with his "Flex-Foot Cheetah" prosthetics – has competed in the Olympics among the fastest men in the world. However, what it means for an athlete with prosthetics to compete against those without them has become the topic of heated debate within the world of athletics. Why? Because scientists really can't decide whether or not bionic prosthetics give an athlete an advantage. In Pistorius's case, some argue that the lightness of his limbs "make him 15 to 20 percent or more, faster," among providing him with other advantages. At issue here, in essence, is whether or not bionic limbs are superior to organic ones, and athletics is the current testing ground.

Nowadays, They Work In Tandem With 3D Printing

Thus far in their short history, bionic prosthetics haven't exactly been synonymous with cost effectiveness. In reality, they're often exorbitantly expensive, with some costing more than $100,000. However, thanks to initiatives like the Open Hand Project, 3D-printing technologies are being harnessed to provide bionic prosthetics to more of those in need. With stick-on electrodes and open-source code, the "Dextrus hand" created by the Open Hand Project comes in at "a fraction of the cost" of traditional bionic prosthetics.

They're Built Of Lightweight Plastics That Can Perform Body Movements

Long gone are the heavy and awkward materials of 20th-century prostheses. In fact, today's prosthetics are made of advanced plastics and carbon-fiber composites that are lightweight and far more conducive to interacting with the human body. They're also more carefully crafted to be able to perform the more subtle motions associated with human mobility; they're "even capable of automatically adapting their function during certain tasks, such as gripping or walking." 

It Really Begins With Something As Simple As A Thought

Here's a thing that's surprisingly easy to understand: bionic prosthetics work as soon as you think they need to. To put it more simply, they operate on the electrical signals sent from your brain. As soon as your brain has the idea to move your arm, the bionic prosthetic – through wireless transmitters implanted in muscles – makes it happen. And just like with organic limbs, these signals occur without a whole lot of conscious effort. Think about it: when you reach to grab the milk out of the fridge, you don't think "okay, arm, fetch me that milk"; you just reach for it, and suddenly you possess it. Bionic prosthetics are designed to respond to brain signals just as quickly.

They're Actually Designed To Look Robotic And Futuristic Now

Nowadays, many makers of bionic prosthetics aren't trying to replicate the aesthetic of a human hand in their designs; they are in no way attempting to make prostheses look as life-like as possible. Rather, they're paying attention to a different aesthetic, and the robotic look seems to be on trend in the prostheses community as of late. According to Tokyo-based prosthetics designer Genta Kondo

"People who’ve lost a hand or an arm generally want to hide it, that’s why most prosthetics are made to look like skin. Our designs are different because we want people to show their disability in as positive a light as possible. Our designer wanted to integrate the warm feeling of a natural hand with a robotic look. If he had designed something completely robot-inspired, it would be too sci-fi for most people. He really took time to come up with smooth lines and curves that maintain a human aesthetic, without looking like Frankenstein.”

It Involves Wireless Sensors Getting Embedded In A Muscle

In order for a prosthetic limb to be able to receive the brain's signals, special sensors have to be surgically inserted into the muscles near the limb. While these sensors are connected to the neural pathways of the brain, they also wirelessly transmit the brain's signals to the prostheses. The craziest part of this? The signals reach the prosthetic limb before the muscle even registers that the brain sent a signal, so a wearer shouldn't experience a muscle contraction at all, just a natural brain-to-limb movement.

They're Built To The Scale Of A Person's Body, Which Means Children Need To Be Re-Fitted A Lot

It's not just adults that benefit from the brilliant minds that spend their days working hard to help people feel whole again. There are a number of companies, like Össur, that are working on limbs for children. Anyone can be born missing a limb or lose one due to accident or illness; age really isn't a factor in that. So advances in prosthetic science can benefit anyone.

However, because children are continuously growing, fitting them requires a little more work, and they need their limbs updated much more often than adults. Regardless, creating space-age limbs to ensure children's safety and mobility is a strong priority for many companies in the field. 

Bionic Prosthetics Mimic The Things Your Brain And Limbs Already Do

Even without prosthetic limbs, according to Issac Perry Clements of How Stuff Works: "[your] brain controls the muscles in your limbs by sending electrical commands down the spinal cord and then through peripheral nerves to the muscles." 

In the case of an amputated limb, those signals would still be sent out from the nerve endings, only to reach a "dead end" where the limb once was. Scientists have discovered how to create prosthetics that can not only receive those signals but can also react to them. In a procedure called Targeted Muscle Reinnervation (TMR), developed by Dr. Todd Kuiken, these amputated nerves get reattached to a healthy, functioning muscle. For example, in the case of an amputated arm, the nerve endings would get attached to the chest muscle. The prosthetic arm would then be built to respond to the chest muscle's movement, thereby creating a pathway between the brain signals and the new bionic limb.

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<![CDATA[23 Adorable Little Kid Cosplayers Who Will Make You Believe In The Future]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/adorable-little-kid-cosplay/crystal-brackett

Few things on this planet get any cuter than a little kid rocking some totally badass cosplay. Surprisingly enough, some little kids who cosplay know how to pull it off better than any adult ever could! If the concept of children cosplayers who pull it off better than you sounds outlandish, then take a look at these kids who could probably school you in Star Wars trivia. Be prepared to embrace the cuteness of children cosplaying in outfits that would make any nerd parent proud! These kid cosplays shine as examples of epicness yet to come in the cosplay world, giving geeks hope for a bright, costume-filled future.

From comic book heroes to silver screen villains to video game characters, cosplays by kids reveal young geniuses whose knowledge of fandom and otaku is something to admire. These tiny tykes also serve as a reminder that even though you might be small, no cosplay is too tough. So next time you think a cosplay is too complicated for you to handle, just look back at these pics of kids doing cosplay and remember: if a little kid can do it, you can too!

23 Adorable Little Kid Cosplayers Who Will Make You Believe In The Future,

Thor And Loki

These two brothers are a terrific costumed duo of the Marvel brothers, Thor and Loki, in this photo taken by costumemom.

Kid Goku

Kid Goku from Dragon Ball is ready for either a fight or a snack in this great photo posted by soniccoat8.

Darth Vader Unmasked

Darth Vader sheds his mask in this killer kid Star Wars cosplay!


This shrunken InuYasha from the InuYasha anime series is an awesome display of the little kid powers of cosplay!

Wonder Woman

Kelly is Nice Photography seriously captures the squeal-inducing cuteness of Alice Lewis as Wonder Woman!


Of course a kid would make the perfect tiny Teemo from League of Legends cosplay!

Star Lord

Small Star-Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy is an awesome mini Marvel cosplay!

Ahsoka Tano

This rockin kid cosplay of Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures is costuming perfection!

Rocket Raccoon

Devon Christopher Adams caught the perfect moment of this miniature costumed crusader in their Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy cosplay!


This too-cute Lady Yuna from Final Fantasy X cosplayer strikes a majestic pose in this rad photo from MO Photography!

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<![CDATA[The Coolest Celebrity Octogenarians]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/cool-celebrity-octogenarians/celebrity-lists

Age ain't nothing but a number, and famous people in their 80s wear their age as a badge of honor. Famous celebrities who made it to their 80s are like high-level Pokemon, every passing year another opportunity to extend their skill sets, their IMDb reels, and their Wikipedia pages. Their presence in the public eye over many decades mean celebrities in their 80s not only survived fame, they thrived in it; now they are free to live the rest of their days giving the finger to societal norms about older folks.

These famous people in their 80s saw a great deal of modern history occur firsthand, having witnessed a World War, a Cold War, and Star Wars. You may be surprised which celebs are in their 80s, and even more pleasantly so when you realize they all appear to be doing quite well. The octogenarians on this list have each lived a grand lifetime and left behind an immense legacy, and still find the energy to be awesome today. If you had any doubts about your golden years, look to cool celebrity octogenarians for hope and inspiration on how to keep your edge in your old age

The Coolest Celebrity Octogenarians,

Michael Caine

Adam West

Bob Newhart

Buzz Aldrin

George Takei

James Earl Jones

Judi Dench

Julie Andrews

Maggie Smith

Rip Torn

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<![CDATA[Ranking the Windows 98 Desktop Themes Best to Worst]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-windows-98-desktop-themes/chris-abraham

The '90s were a simpler time, as evidenced by the fact that our minds were blown by the Windows 98 desktop themes that came stock with the operating system. Each had their own custom fonts, wallpapers, screensavers, and noises that filled us with joy each time we booted up or shut down our computers. Although they were all wonderful, what was the best Windows 98 desktop theme? Were you partial to the space theme, or did the underwater theme do it for you? We're ranking all the Windows 98 themes not just by the wallpapers they featured, but by the overall vibe of the theme. Vote up your favorites, and downvote the themes you never once chose for your beloved '90s PC.

Ranking the Windows 98 Desktop Themes Best to Worst,


Inside Your Computer

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<![CDATA[The 14 Types Of Anime Fans (You're Definitely One Of Them)]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/types-of-anime-fans/anna-lindwasser

Anime fans are all a bunch of nerds. That much is obvious to everybody, both inside and outside of the community. What's not always obvious is what anime fans are actually like. They might seem like a monolith, but don't be fooled — there's a massive variety of otaku out there: weeaboos, fujoshis, casuals, cosplayers, and more.

If you're not an anime geek, you might not know what any of that means, but it's okay. You're about to read an anime fandom breakdown that's going to clear it up for you. If you are an anime fan, you probably have some idea of where you fall already. Because you definitely fall somewhere. Nobody escapes.

Despite their eccentricities, most anime fans are pretty cool people. Sure, there are a few folks who should be launched directly into the sun, but you get that in every community. Despite their differences, every kind of anime nerd shares a genuine love of the medium. Maybe that's the only thing that all these very different types of fans have in common, but hey, that's not nothing.

The 14 Types Of Anime Fans (You're Definitely One Of Them),

The Monogamist

Key Characteristics: The Monogamist is interested in one anime, and one anime only. They know everything there is to know about this anime, and every conversation they have somehow finds its way back to their favorite topic. They might be apologetic about it – “sorry to bring up Yowamushi Pedal again, but this reminds me...” – or they might be happy to monologue at you without a care in the world.

The Monogamist is an awesome person to have around if you share their interests, but can be slightly insufferable if you don’t. Obsessions can last anywhere from a few weeks to an entire lifetime.

Favorite Shows: Monogamists pop up in every fandom, from Gundam Wing to Sekko Boys. You know you're dealing with one when they're still going strong long after the rest of the fandom disbands.

Fandom Level: 4 symbolic water bottles out of 10.

The Fujoshi

Key Characteristics: Fujoshis are often parodied in anime — you’ll find them in everything from Barakamon to Kiss Him Not Me. Fujoshis are huge fans of yaoi, a genre that packages relationships between gay men for heterosexual female consumption. They buy seme/uke paddles and carry them around anime conventions, and they’re likely to have messenger bags covered in “I <3 Yaoi” pins. At their worst, they can be found following real life gay couples around anime conventions and badgering them to kiss.

Favorite Anime: Free, Black Butler, Yuri!!! on Ice (they like it because it’s “sinful,” not for the representation). Old school fujoshi have a huge soft spot for Gravitation.

Fandom Level: 2 Dorito-faced senpais out of 10.

The Casual

Key Characteristics: The Casual has seen the same handful of anime literally everybody else has seen, and it’s all dubbed. If it was on Kids WB, Toonami, or Adult Swim, they’ve seen half of it and don’t remember most of the details. Maybe they’ve seen one of the more wildly popular contemporary titles like One Punch Man or Yuri!!! on Ice, but don’t count on it. 

Favorite Shows: Naruto, DBZ, Sailor Moon, Yu-Gi-Oh! (only DM, the Casual has never seen GX, 5D’s or Zexal), and of course Pokémon.  

Fandom Level: It's over 9000!!!! out of 10.

The Seiyuu Fanatic

Key Characteristics: Seiyuu Fanatics are obsessed with voice actors. They have a favorite, and they can tell you every single character their favorite played. They're people who will wait in line for hours to get their character song CD signed, and they'll watch a new series solely because their fave is playing one of the characters. They care a lot about casting choices, too. Only ask a Seiyuu Fanatic who likes Free what they think about Vic Mignogna playing Rin in the dub if you have a few hours to kill and a hankering for some serious well-informed opinions.

Favorite Shows: Shirobako, Ouran Host Club, and Seiyu's Life!

Fandom Level: 5 characters voiced by Mamoru Miyano out of 10.

The Entrepreneur

Key Characteristics: The entrepreneur is here to turn a profit. These fans can be seen selling zip pouches and prints at Artist Alley, writing about anime on websites, offering commissions online, doing anime-themed standup comedy, and just generally trying to make a living through the world of fandom. While they might occasionally sell something popular that they're not personally interested in, these fans are serious about not letting their day job get in the way of their love for anime. 

Favorite Shows: Whatever the hottest, most profit-netting series is at any given moment, plus a deep and abiding love for Digimon Adventure.

Fandom Level: 7 $40 drawings of Mako and Ryuko kissing out of 10.

The Fandom Intellectual

Key Characteristics: To the Fandom Intellectual, anime is an extension of their education. They probably majored in literature, media studies, science, history, psychology, or anthropology, and they’re looking at anime through that lens. While the Fandom Intellectual might focus their attention on anime that poses interesting philosophical and moral questions, they can also be found writing about how the little clown man from YuGiOh 5D’s struggled with internalized classism. Because, you know, why not.

Favorite Shows: Death Note, Library War, Mushishi, March Comes In Like A Lion, and Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Fandom Level: 6 thesis statements on whether or not Light Yagami has Narcissistic Personality Disorder out of 10.

The Weeaboo

Key Characteristics: Weeaboos, known back in the day as Wapanese or “wannabe Japanese,” are anime fans who aren’t just in it for the anime. They’re in it for what they’ve decided is Japanese culture. Weeaboos are usually white teenagers, but they can be any age and ethnicity. Except, you know, not Japanese. They wear kimonos incorrectly, call everything “kawaii!” or “sugoi!” and seem to think that Japanese cuisine consists exclusively of Pocky and ramen. They definitely, definitely want to move to Japan, because it’s just like real life anime, right? Right?!

Favorite Shows: Inuyasha, Code Geass, and Fruits Basket.

Fandom Level: 8 bottles of melon-flavored Ramune out of 10.

The Anime Hipster

Key Characteristics: The Anime Hipster hates everything that’s popular. Why? Because according to the Anime Hipster, everybody is stupid (except for them), so everything that’s popular must be stupid too. The Anime Hipster adamantly hates Tokyo Ghoul, Haikyuu, My Hero Academia, and anything else that other people recognize and enjoy. If, heaven forbid, their fave gets popular, then it’s either “I discovered it first,” or “I don’t even like it anymore, it's totally lame and mainstream now.” 

Favorite Shows: They liked Princess Tutu, Hell Girl, and Tatami Galaxy, but after reading this description, they’re worried those series might be too popular, so they don’t like them anymore.

Fandom Level: 1 pouting Tsukkis out of 10.

The Shipper

Key Characteristics: The Shipper is all about the love between characters. While there’s some crossover with the Fujoshi, the Shipper isn’t limited to dudes loving dudes. The Shipper might like straight ships, they might like queer ships, and they might like both. Shippers watch a series, decide on an OTP (one true pairing) and then apply their talents to fanart, fanfic, fanmixes, AMVs, or just screaming happily at each other about a cute moment that their OTP shared.

It’s not all sunshine and ice cream, though. Ship wars can sink a fandom pretty darn quick. 

Favorite Shows: Literally any anime with more than one character in it. 

Fandom Level: 6 coffee shop AUs out of 10.

The Cosplayer

Key Characteristics: The Cosplayer’s main goal is to physically embody the characters they love. They spend hours collecting materials, sewing, doing makeup, and otherwise perfecting the look they’re going to debut at the next anime convention. Some cosplayers pick their subjects based on how much they connect with the character, while others are all about how awesome the costume looks. Often, they go to conventions solely to show off their latest outfit.

Favorite Shows: Whatever's popular that season. Nothing's worse than going to a convention and nobody recognizing who you're supposed to be. 

Fandom Level: 10 sudden wig emergencies out of 10.

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<![CDATA[Magical Behind-The-Scenes Facts About Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/harry-potter-goblet-of-fire-behind-the-scenes-facts/alexandra-plesa

Will fans ever stop obsessing over Harry Potter? Why would they? Many are still waiting for that Hogwarts letter, even after all these years. Harry Potter movie marathons pack houses. There are tons of Harry Potter fan theories emerging every day. J.K. Rowling keeps revealing more and more info about the wizarding world. And the films' actors still like to reminisce about the days they spent filming and share exciting Harry Potter behind-the-scenes stories. When it comes to making these magical movies, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire has some of the most intriguing behind the scenes info.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is the fourth installment in the Harry Potter film series and was released in 2005. Directed by Mike Newell, the movie follows Harry as he attends the Quidditch World Cup, participates in the Triwizard Tournament, and eventually faces off with Voldemort himself. It’s one of the best reviewed movies in the series and the second one to be released in IMAX.

As these facts prove, the process of making the Harry Potter films is just as wonderful and strange as the finished products themselves. If you’re a hardcore Potterhead, make sure you check the list to see which Goblet of Fire movie facts and bits of trivia were you already familiar with.

Magical Behind-The-Scenes Facts About Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire,

There Was A Lot Of Controversy Surrounding Hermione’s Yule Ball Dress

In the book, Hermione’s dress is periwinkle blue. In the movie, it’s pink. This change sparked a lot of controversy among Harry Potter fans. Apparently, the costume designer felt that blue didn't suit Emma Watson.

Daniel Radcliffe Wasn't The Greatest Dancer

Everyone who took part in the dance scene at the Yule Ball had to attend dancing lessons, but Radcliffe was so busy with other scenes that he never really got the hang of the whole dancing thing. As a result, you’ll notice that you never see a below-the-waist shot of Harry dancing.

"It's dancing from the waist up, so you never see my feet move, which is quite a good thing," Radcliffe admitted in an interview.  

Daniel Radcliffe Suffered Two Ear Infections While Filming Underwater

The second task in the Triwizard Tournament takes place in the lake outside of Hogwarts, so Daniel Radcliffe had to spend a lot of time filming underwater. He had to train for six months, and ended up with two ear infections. Filming took place in a purpose-built 60'x60'x20' tank in the studio.

Rosamund Pike Turned Down The Role Of Rita Skeeter

Rosamund Pike - who later went to star in Gone Girl - turned down the role of Rita Skeeter. She was the first choice for the role. Miranda Richardson eventually played the nosy journalist.

The Weird Sisters Couldn't Be Named On Screen

In the Harry Potter books, Nymphadora Tonks and Ginny Weasley are both fans of the Weird Sisters, the group that performs at the Yule Ball. In the movie, however, the band goes unnamed due to a dispute between the film studio and a Canadian band called Wyrd Sisters.

But the group was star-studded all the same: it included Jarvis Cocker and Steve Mackey of Pulp, as well as Jonny Greenwood and Phil Selway of Radiohead. The band was simply introduced as "The band that needs no introduction!"

Alan Rickman Played A Prank On The Director

To portray Snape, Alan Rickman wore black contacts. Newell wasn’t aware of this, and actually complimented Rickman's eye color. As a response, Rickman popped out one of his contacts right in front of him.

It Was The First Harry Potter Movie To Receive A PG-13 Rating

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was the first movie in the series that was rated PG-13, for "sequences of fantasy violence and frightening images." Things definitely get darker in this installment, but parents can still enjoy the movie with their children. However, it's a good idea to review the content beforehand to make sure kids can handle it.

Nigel Isn’t In The Books At All

The character Nigel doesn’t appear in the books, but he's introduced as a character in the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire movie. He was likely introduced to portray a combination of Colin Creevey and his brother Dennis, due to the fact that he idolizes Harry.

Ralph Fiennes Underwent A True Transformation

To play the snakelike Voldemort, Ralph Fiennes had to shave his head and armpits. His head and arms were painted with veins for every day of filming, and he also wore prosthetics to cover his eyebrows. Fiennes's nose, however, wasn't covered during filming - he was worried that wearing too many prosthetics might interfere with his facial expressions. Instead, his nose was dotted with colored spots and later removed digitally. Although Voldermort’s eyes are red in the book, production didn’t make them red in the movie so they could better convey expressions.

Stay For The Credits

In the ending credits of the film, a line reads “No dragons were harmed in the making of this movie.” Just in case fans were worried.

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<![CDATA[What Disgraced Politicians Did After Their Falls From Grace]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/where-are-disgraced-politicians-now/matt-manser

If you're a politician who has recently experienced a major scandal, it can be hard to recover, but it's not necessarily impossible. Ever wonder where disgraced politicians are now

Politicians can wreck their careers in many ways. Anthony Weiner and Mark Foley each had sexting scandals. Larry Craig condemned homosexuality, yet was caught trying to hook up with guys in a men's room. Marion Barry and Rob Ford were both caught on video doing crack. Yet all of them had some success after their falls from grace. Even the mastermind behind Watergate went on to have a successful career in TV and radio. For the most part, no matter what the scandal is, though, people are willing to dole out a second chance.

So if you want to know what disgraced politicians did after politics, keep on reading. From writing books to running ice cream shops, all these disgraced politicians managed to stay active, reclaiming what little grace they could after their shocking tumbles out of the political arena.

What Disgraced Politicians Did After Their Falls From Grace,

Eliot Spitzer

In 2008, New York Governor Eliot Spitzer was busted for spending at least $80,000 on high-priced call girls. However, since there was no evidence that he used public funds, prosecutors declined to press criminal charges. Despite this, Spitzer was able to get a job teaching law at the City College of New York. Spitzer later ran for New York City Comptroller, but with the scandal still on people's minds, he lost.

Gary Condit

California Congressman Gary Condit made headlines when, after his intern Chandra Levy mysteriously disappeared, it was discovered that the two had conducted an affair. When it was later determined that Levy was murdered, many speculated that Condit was somehow involved. Although no evidence directly pointed to Condit's involvement in the murder (which is still unsolved), and he passed a polygraph test, the scandal cost him his job. Afterwards, Condit went on to open two Baskin-Robbins ice cream stores in Arizona, but the stores were unsuccessful and closed.

Gary Hart

In 1987, Gary Hart was a Colorado Senator trying to earn the Democratic nomination for president. But that came to a halt after he was suspected of having an affair with actress and marketing representative Donna Rice, after she was photographed sitting on his lap while on a yacht named Monkey Business. Hart and Rice denied the affair, but he still dropped out of the race. However, Hart stayed active and was respected enough to be appointed as US Special Envoy for Northern Ireland by President Obama in 2014.

G. Gordon Liddy

G. Gordon Liddy was a lawyer who served several different positions in the Nixon Administration. He also was one of the masterminds of the Watergate scandal, helping to organize the break in of the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate Hotel. He was initially sentenced to 20 years in jail but ended up serving just under five. From there, he naturally turned to acting, and he appeared on Miami Vice, MacGuyver, Airwolf, and more. Then, in 1992, he launched a radio talk show that was syndicated nationally, until the show ended in 2012.

Kwame Kilpatrick

Kwame Kilpatrick was Mayor of Detroit from 2002-2008, but then he stepped down after being convicted of numerous felonies. His transgressions included using city funds to help carry out an extramarital affair with his Chief of Staff, Christine Beatty. He was also found guilty of mail fraud, wire fraud, racketeering, and more. All his convictions got him sentenced to 28 years in jail, which he began serving in 2013.

Larry Craig

Republican Idaho Senator Larry Craig's career came to a halt in 2009. That's when he was arrested at a Minnesota airport for sexually propositioning an undercover cop in the men's room. Craig had consistently voted against gay rights, so the discovery that he was propositioning men led to the end of his career. He did not resign, however, but he also didn't seek re-election.

These days, Craig has started his own consulting company, New West Strategies. And he still spends time in Washington – lobbying for the end of things like the Endangered Species Act. If you decide to hire Craig, maybe don't have him consult with you on how to keep a secret.

Mark Foley

Florida Congressman Mark Foley was forced to resign after he was caught sending sexually suggestive emails and messages to teen boys who served as Congressional pages. Foley said nothing happened beyond the messages, and the boys were over the age of consent (16), so no charges were filed against him. After stepping down, Foley blamed some of the problem on alcoholism and checked into rehab. Then he got into the real estate business, hosted his own radio show, and finally confirmed that he is gay. In 2016, he was seen at a campaign rally for Donald Trump.

Oliver North

Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North served on the staff of the National Security Council for Ronald Reagan in the 1980s. He became a central figure of the Iran-Contra Affair, in which the US sold weapons to Iran in exchange for hostages. Oliver was part of the second portion of this scheme, which involved proceeds from the weapon sales going to help Contra rebels in Nicaragua, which, in turn, essentially involved high-level US government officials turning a blind eye to drug trafficking. North was found guilty of three felonies, but the charges were waived because North had been granted immunity. However, the scandal didn't seem to affect North, as he now hosts the show War Stories on Fox News.

Rod Blagojevich

Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was impeached for corruption in 2009. He got caught soliciting bribes for political appointments, including the seat in the Senate vacated by Barack Obama once he became President. From there, Blagojevich went to reality TV. First he tried to be a contestant on I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!, but a judge wouldn't let him travel while he was under investigation. In 2010, he was on Celebrity Apprentice, where reality-show-host-cum-President Donald Trump fired him in the fourth episode. But after being found guilty of corruption, he reported to prison in 2012 to serve his 14-year sentence.

Anthony Weiner

In 2011, New York Congressman Anthony Weiner was trying to sext with a woman who was not his wife... but accidentally posted the racy photo to his PUBLIC TWITTER ACCOUNT. He resigned, but, two years later, he attempted a comeback by running for Mayor of New York. He lost, in part because he admitted to sexting with even more women after he stepped down from Congress. Then, in 2016, any chance he had of leaving the sexting scandal behind completely disappeared, because a new Weiner sext was leaked featuring Weiner shirtless in bed while his toddler slept next to him. Apparently, some people just never learn.

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<![CDATA[This Artist Created 3D Pokemon Renders That Will Blow You Away]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/incredible-3d-pokemon-renders/stephen-reyes

Joshua Dunlop is a London-based illustrator, concept artist, and writer who loves Pokemon. Amongst the many creative pieces showcased on his website are the 3D Pokemon he's created for his Pokemon Zoology series. Joshua takes the iconic monsters we all know and love and brings them into our world with anatomically correct features. It's a very cool take on the Pokemon franchise, even if some of them are admitedly a bit scary looking.

If you'd like to support Joshua and see your favorite Pokemon in the third dimension, consider donating to his Patreon. It's the closest you can get to a real life Pikachu without spray painting a mouse yellow.

This Artist Created 3D Pokemon Renders That Will Blow You Away,











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<![CDATA[30 Incredible Seinfeld Fan Art Masterpieces]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/amazing-seinfeld-fan-art/stephen-reyes

It's been almost 20 years since Seinfeld went off the air, but you'd never know it from the absolute treasure trove of Seinfeld fan art on the Internet. Artists everywhere have jumped at the chance to immortalize Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer in every art style imaginable. The "show about nothing" sure has inspired a whole lot of something, as even Newman is represented in this collection of awesome Seinfeld art. Check out these awesome pieces of Seinfeld fan art and let us know which ones you think are sponge-worthy.

30 Incredible Seinfeld Fan Art Masterpieces,

H.E. Pennypacker's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Big Pimpin'

Hello, Jerry

Tales Of The Post

Jerry's Apartment

Assistant To The Traveling Secretary

Monk's Cafe

Seinfeld A La Pretzels


Marine Biologist

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<![CDATA[Top Herpes and STD Dating Sites]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/top-herpes-and-std-dating-sites/karallylong1

Living with herpes is grievous and lonely Many folks have trouble finding a right herpes dating site that caters to the needs because of being rejected? There are many dating sites that offer an easy to use online portal where you can find all of the best dating sites for someone with herpes and support groups all in one place. Just because you have herpes, doesn’t mean you can’t be happy; by finding other singles in the same situation as you, your dating pool just got a lot bigger.

Top Herpes and STD Dating Sites,


Living with Herpes is not easy, but it doesn't mean you should give up dating life. People with Herpes still have the chance to meet new people and establish intimate romantic relationships. topherpesdatingwebsites.com provides top 10 herpes and std dating sites and pick out the best STD & Herpes dating site to meet other herpes singles online.


Datingpeoplewithherpes.com is the best dating site for Positive singles who have Genital Herpes & Oral Herpes to find a fruitful love, friendship,support and hope.


DatingSTDs.com is dating community to meet people living herpes, HIV, HPV, HSV and others STDs. A safe, stigma-free, nondiscriminatory, warm-hearted and friendly website to encourage people living STDs to gain the confidence in getting back to life.


Positivesingles is the largest herpes dating site that caters to people living with Herpes, HPV, HIV/AIDS or any other STDs to find friends, love and support.

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<![CDATA[Direct Quotes From People Who Thought Abraham Lincoln Would Be The Worst President Ever]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/negative-quotes-about-abraham-lincoln/justin-andress

Though modern history has long since laid the crown of Best President Ever at the feet of Abraham Lincoln, during the man’s lifetime, plenty of people thought Abraham Lincoln was the worst president ever. Before the Civil War erupted, before the first Republican president was gunned down in Ford’s Theater (and subsequently subjected to ludicrous speculation), anti-Lincoln quotes were extremely common among in the political arena. 

In 1861, when Lincoln took office, he was already inheriting a country steeped in domestic turmoil. Even worse, there was very little faith in his ability to get the job done. For those men and ... well, mostly it was white dudes. For those white dudes who feared the growing problems of an increasingly enlightened society, Lincoln was an established lightning rod for their wrath. Beyond the landed gentry, there were few people who believed in Lincoln’s ability to fuse an already divided country.

When Lincoln was elected, the numbers weren’t in his favor. He won only 39.8 percent of the popular vote in the 1860 election. That was partially due to the fact that Lincoln had to beat three other candidates instead of just one, but it’s still “the poorest showing by any winning presidential candidate in American history.”

Needless to say, there were a lot of people out there willing to spit some bad quotes about Abraham Lincoln. The man was despised by a large portion of the country both above and below the Mason-Dixon Line. A lot of them were convinced he’d end up as the worst president in the history of the United States. Clearly, those people were bigoted idiots, but their stupidity sure is funny in hindsight. So here for your consideration are quotes from people who hated Abraham Lincoln.

Direct Quotes From People Who Thought Abraham Lincoln Would Be The Worst President Ever,

One Of The Nation’s Most Beloved Public Speakers Believed Lincoln Ineffective

“He is evidently a person of very inferior cast of character, wholly unequal to the crisis.”

- Edward Everett, writing in his diary

Politicians Of The Day Voted For Lincoln, But Only To "Keep Out Worse People"

“No man was ever elected to an important office who will get so many unwilling and indifferent votes as L[incoln].”

a New York Republican

“Nothing but the undying attachment of our people to the Union has saved us from terrible disaster. Mr. Lincoln's popularity had nothing to do with it.”

- Ohio Representative Lewis D. Campbell

“I remember none in which the element of personal enthusiasm had a smaller share.”

- Rep. George Julian, speaking of his previous seven votes for a president

A Central Illinois Paper Believed That Lincoln Would Make A Laughing Stock Of The United States

“The illustrious Honest Old Abe has continued during the last week to make a fool of himself and to mortify and shame the intelligent people of this great nation. His speeches have demonstrated the fact that although originally a Herculean rail splitter and more lately a whimsical story teller and side splitter, he is no more capable of becoming a statesman, nay, even a moderate one, than the braying ass can become a noble lion. 

“People now marvel how it came to pass that Mr. Lincoln should have been selected as the representative man of any party. His weak, wishy-washy, namby-pamby efforts, imbecile in matter, disgusting in manner, have made us the laughing stock of the whole world. 

“The European powers will despise us because we have no better material out of which to make a President. The truth is, Lincoln is only a moderate lawyer and in the larger cities of the Union could pass for no more than a facetious pettifogger. Take him from his vocation and he loses even these small characteristics and indulges in simple twaddle which would disgrace a well bred school boy.”

- Salem Advocate, 1861

At Least One Paper Blamed Lincoln For The Deaths That Occurred In The Civil War

“Of these men Abraham Lincoln is the murderer," it declared. "We charge their blood upon him.... May the Heavens, which have rebuked his madness thus far, still battle his demon designs.”

Richmond Enquirer, in the wake of the First Battle of Bull Run

Prominent Figures Of The Time Believed Lincoln’s Support Of "Antislavery Radicals" Would Sacrifice Himself And The Union

“He is shattered, dazed and utterly foolish. It would not surprise me if he were to destroy himself.”

-  Benjamin R. Curtis, former Supreme Court justice, speaking on Lincoln’s antislavery beliefs.

“Our federal Union is in more danger this day from Abraham Lincoln and the unprincipled and fanatical faction to whom he has surrendered himself, soul and body, than from all other causes combined.”

Amos Kendall

One Paper Was Certain That Lincoln Wouldn’t Win Re-Election

“The fact … begins to shine out clear," it announced, "that Abraham Lincoln is lost; that he will never be President again.… The obscene ape of Illinois is about to be deposed from the Washington purple, and the White House will echo to his little jokes no more.”

- Richmond Examiner, 1864

When Lincoln Put Forth The Emancipation Proclamation, The Newspapers Believed It Would End The Union

The Emancipation Proclamation is “a monstrous usurpation, a criminal wrong, and an act of national suicide.”

The Chicago Times, 1862

“Is not this a Death Blow to the Hope of Union? … We have no doubt that this Proclamation seals the fate of this Union as it was and the Constitution as it is.… The time is brief when we shall have a DICTATOR PROCLAIMED, for the Proclamation can never be carried out except under the iron rule of the worst kind of despotism.”

- Editorial in Ohio’s The Crisis, 1862

Years After Lincoln’s Assassination, There Were Still Outspoken Haters

"I think he was a bad man, a man who forced the country into an unnecessary war and conducted it with great inhumanity.”

Lyon Gardiner Tyler, son of President John Tyler, writing in 1932

The Press Mocked Lincoln For Sneaking Into Washington, DC To Avoid Assassination

“By the advice of weak men, who should straddle through life in petticoats instead of disgracing such manly garments as pantaloons and coats, the President-elect disguises himself after the manner of heroes in two-shilling novels, and rides secretly, in the deep night, from Harrisburg to Washington.”

Vanity Fair, 1861

“Mr. Lincoln may live a hundred years without having so good a chance to die.”

- The New York Tribune, 1861

One Wisconsin Editor Wrote On Several Occasions Of His Distaste For Lincoln

“[Lincoln is] but the fungus from the corrupt womb of bigotry and fanaticism … [a] worse tyrant and more inhuman butcher than has existed since the days of Nero.”

“The man who votes for Lincoln now is a traitor and murderer.... And if he is elected to misgovern for another four years, we trust some bold hand will pierce his heart with dagger point for the public good.”

- Marcus M. Pomeroy, 1863

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<![CDATA[The Least Believable Attacks In The WWE]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-least-believable-attacks-in-the-wwe/josephwelkie

In the WWE, the audience must suspend their disbelief for a bit, particularly when it comes to ridiculous WWE attacks. From sorcerers to undead giants to men from outer space, the worst WWE attacks in practice are less skirmish-oriented, more Cirque du Soleil. Obviously this can make for more entertaining TV and some remarkable finishing moves. But sometimes the combat gets too hard to watch because what you see on screen gets too ludicrous.

Most fighters wouldn't be phased by attacks laced with break-dancing moves, and while an ass to the face might offend them, it likely won't lead to a KO. But wrestling, like virtual reality, is all about illusion and escape, and no one can argue the imagination behind these WWE moves that probably wouldn't hurt anyone. So open your mind, and take a look at some of the silliest, most ineffective, and ridiculous attacks in the WWE. 

The Least Believable Attacks In The WWE,

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho's finishing move, the Code Breaker looks stunningly stupid. Though it's supposed to smash the knee into his opponent's face, it just looks far more painful for Jericho, who jumps and then lands on his back. You would be hard pressed to find a world where this move is considered an offensive maneuver.

The Great Khali

The Great Khali was a giant of a man in WWE, but this move always felt gigantically useless. Just smashing a dude's head? That's it? Aside from it being actually impossible to crush someone's skull like that, it just looks ridiculous.

Alberto Del Rio

Okay, this one might be the dumbest on this list. So much must go Alberto Del Rio's way in order for this to work. Every wrestler who falls victim to this move has to help Del Rio out by pulling themselves up to set him up for the double-foot stomp. No self-respecting fighter would ever allow themselves to be attacked like this after the first time they saw it.

Dean Ambrose

Why they even bother giving a name for this move is a mystery to everyone. It's essentially a set-up move so the person attacking can add more attacks to the Tree of Woe, but there is absolutely no reason a person wouldn't be able to escape Dean Ambrose's lame set up.

Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler's finisher really doesn't look much more painful than a person just falling backwards. You know why that is? Because that's all the Zig-Zag is. Ziggler simply pulls his opponent backwards. Weak.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

The most painful-looking part of this move is the kick in the gut that sets up the Stunner, and honestly this move feels like a double-edged sword. In real life, any attempts to do this move in a real fight would likely result in a broken tailbone. 

The Rock

This move relies on nothing but showmanship since it's just a standing elbow drop. Nothing too painful, but apparently when the Rock does it with all of his swagger, it packs way more of a punch.


A move that gets aggressively weird, it basically consists of a X-Pac humping his opponent, which probably only hurts if your masculinity is especially fragile. 


While awful looking, and definitely an unpleasant experience as a whole, Rikishi's Stink Face doesn't appear to be all that painful. Just someone rubbing their butt in your face? Some people out there would just call that "tossing a salad."

Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin did a good job of building himself up as a monster heel, but his finishing move remains atrocious. The End of Days looks like Corbin gives himself the Rock's old finisher, the Rock Bottom.

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<![CDATA[Ways The Tardigrade Is The Incredible Hulk Of The Animal Kingdom]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/facts-about-tardigrade-water-bears/brent-sprecher

One of the most remarkable creatures known to science is a miniscule, and some would even say "cute," aquatic creature with a snub nose and four pairs of legs - the tardigrade. These little creatures - sometimes called water bears - are incredibly strong, incredibly resilient to environmental extremes, and virtually immortal, essentially making them the Incredible Hulk of animals. Technically considered a "micro-animal," these microscopic animals have been found in some of the harshest environments on earth. 

Everyday scientists are discovering more amazing facts about tardigrades, and only now are they beginning to understand what makes these little critters so incredible. One of the most incredible things about water bears is the implications that their biology might one day benefit humanity, making them one of science's hottest topics. Check out these astonishing facts about the amazing tardigrade.

Ways The Tardigrade Is The Incredible Hulk Of The Animal Kingdom,

They Are Practically Immortal

Though miniscule in size, tardigrades are so incredibly powerful and capable of adapting to harsh environments that they have been alive since the Cambrian period over 500 million years ago. This period is most known for being when the major animal groups appear in fossil record. It's also the period where organisms - specifically animals - exploded in population and diversified in a relatively short period of time. That means tardigrades have survived four mass extinctions, each of which reset the playing field for life on Earth: Cretaceous-tertiary (65 million years ago), Permian-triassic (250 million years ago), Devonian Extinction (365 million years ago), and Ordovician-silurian (440 million years ago).

When They're Under Extreme Duress, Tardigrades Can Put Themselves In A State Of "Suspended Animation"

The tardigrade is able to survive temperature extremes and lack of moisture by putting itself into a state of suspended animation. They enter a "barrel" form, initially losing their legs and preserving any remaining water in their bodies inside of the sugar substitute trehalose. Then, their bodies curl up into a dry husk called a "Tönnchenform" or "tun" and drop their metabolisms down to 0.01% of the normal rate. They can remain this way for days, weeks, years, or even decades until environmental conditions are right for them to emerge from suspended animation.

They Can Clone Themselves

Tardigrades are not choosy lovers. In fact, they often don't even need a lover to meet their reproductive needs. Though the majority of species require male and female fertilization of eggs to reproduce, some species are capable of parthenogenesis: embryos can grow and develop inside unfertilized egg cells. The resulting offspring are then basically clones of the original.

They Have Knives For Teeth

There are over 1,000 known species of tardigrades, all of which share the same basic morphology. They are invertebrates measuring between .05 and 1.5 millimeters long. Their bodies are divided into five segments - four of which contain two pairs of legs each for anchoring to the ground and limited locomotion - and a fifth that is a cephalic, or head, containing a tube-shaped mouth loaded with internal "stilettos" they use to puncture plants to absorb nutrients or to eat other microorganisms whole. 

The tardigrades "sucker" and sharp teeth actually penetrate an organisms' cells, and drinks out all the nutrients inside. Some species of tardigrades are exclusively carnivores, some omnivores, but most are a combination of the two. These guys have been known to eat bacteria for food as well. 

Not Only Can They Survive Radiation, They Can Repair Any Damage It Causes To Their DNA

Though the processes at work are not fully understood, tardigrades "exhibit extraordinary resistance to ionizing radiation and UV radiation." They have survived extreme levels of alpha radiation and gamma radiation, and 1,000 times the lethal human dose of x-ray radiation. Tardigrades that were damaged by radiation exposure were able to repair their DNA within a matter of days.

Many believe the tardigrade's unique ability to repair DNA coupled with the already unique DNA the tardigrade has, work as a double-layered protection strategy. Interestingly, scientists found that tardigrades who lived in freshwater had a harder time surviving than other types of tardigrades.

Tardigrades Can Be Dehydrated For 30 Years And Still Recover

Desiccation, or the state of being extremely dry, is typically devastating to living organisms, because base oxidation causes DNA to break down. The tardigrade, however, can survive being in a desiccated state for as long as 30 years - perhaps even as long as 120 years - by replacing water in its body with a protective sugar known as trehalose that acts as a sort-of glass covering over key proteins and membranes that would otherwise be destroyed. When water is reintroduced, the tardigrade can recover in a relatively short time and even absorb the DNA of other desiccated organisms to help in their rejuvenation. 

They Can Survive In The Vacuum Of Space

No living creature has survived the vacuum of space without protection - except the tardigrade. In 2007, thousands of tardigrades were exposed to the vacuum of space by the European Space Agency's FOTON-M3 robotic spacecraft. Their bodies were distorted by the lack of pressure, frozen solid, and blasted with massive amounts of ionizing solar and galactic cosmic radiation. Upon returning to Earth, scientists attempted to revive the desiccated tardigrades and an amazing 68% of them sprang back to life. Many of the tardigrades even laid eggs in space, and those were viable back on Earth. This made the tardigrade the first living animal to survive in space, and one of the few organisms on the planet to do so.

They Can Survive In Toxic Substances

Alcohol disrupts the structure of cell membranes when in direct contact for less than a minute, yet the tiny tardigrade has survived being immersed in alcohol for a full day. They have also survived exposure to concentrated carbolic acid, a volatile compound produced from petroleum, and the flammable, corrosive gas hydrogen sulfide.

The Tardigrade Has DNA From Non-Animal Organisms

When the tardigrade's genome was finally sequenced in 2015, scientists were shocked to find that approximately 17.5% of its genes resembled non-animal organisms like plants, viruses, and bacteria. These non-animal genes were acquired through a process called extreme horizontal gene transfer (HGT) and the proportion is almost double that of rotifers, a microscopic form of plankton with the next highest HGT at 9%. 

HGT - which is sometimes called lateral gene transfer - is the transmission of DNA by different organisms, typically species who share unrelated genomes. This is seen frequently in prokaryotes (organisms whose cells don't have a nucleus) and eukaryotes (organisms whose cells do have a nucleus). This is commonly what happens when bacteria becomes resistant to antibiotics.

They Might Be Aliens

Because of their longevity as a species, and their ability to survive in just about every environment on Earth - from the depths of the oceans to the heights of the Himalayas, from hot springs to glacier ice flows - and even in the vacuum of space, some have speculated that tardigrades might actually be extraterrestrial in origin, deposited on Earth by meteors or comets in a process called panspermia. 

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<![CDATA[Here's Why Dear Zachary Is The Most Upsetting Documentary Ever Made]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/upsetting-dear-zachary-documentary-moments/randall-colburn

There's no shortage of harrowing documentaries, but Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father is one of the most intense, and makes the cut as one of the greatest documentaries of all time. It's one of those hard to watch movies you have to watch. Cataloging the saddest Dear Zachary moments may seem like a fool's errand, but to do so is to engage directly with the documentary's most moving, troublesome aspects. Bringing attention to this film, after all, supports the cause of Kate and David Bagby, who, since becoming activists for bail reform, have helped shepherd several positive changes to the Canadian legal system.

If you're unfamiliar with Dear Zachary, it tells the story of Andrew Bagby, a young doctor who was murdered by an ex-lover named Shirley Turner. In one of the film's many shocking turns, it's revealed Shirley was pregnant with Andrew's child when she killed him, and much of the film follows the efforts of Andrew's parents, Kate and David Bagby, to gain custody of the young child, Zachary.

From here on out, SPOLIERS ABOUND

Filmmaker Kurt Kuenne's project began as a "cinematic scrapbook" for Zachary, but, after Shirley killed herself and one-year old Zachary in 2003, Kuenne's focus broadened to tell a larger story of legal injustice, parenting, and (in the case of Kate and David) activism as a form of grief. The result is one of the saddest movies of all time (even the trailer will make you weep) and one of the most disturbing documentaries ever, so grab a box of tissues and read on to relive some of most upsetting aspects of Dear Zachary.

Here's Why Dear Zachary Is The Most Upsetting Documentary Ever Made,

A Child's Innocent Questions About Death

It's pretty clear from the get-go that Dear Zachary is going to be a deeply emotional watch. After roughly 30 seconds of cheerful, upbeat descriptions of Andrew, we get a tearful breakdown, followed by the harrowing experience of watching a child ask his crying father why Andrew got killed.

The boy's sweet, angelic voice belies the tragedy within the questions he asks, the answers to which he's still not old enough to truly comprehend.

The Murder Of Zachary Turner

Shirley Turner murdered her one-year-old son, Zachary, by mashing several tabs of Ativan into his formula. After he passed, she jumped into the Atlantic Ocean with the baby strapped to her stomach. When the child washed ashore, the man who found them wrapped Zachary in a blanket, forgoing the usual plastic bag, to keep him as far as possible from the woman who murdered him. 

At least he felt no pain. 

The Disturbing Vitriol Of Shirley

Shirley's history of disturbing behavior runs deep, and it wasn't just the Bagby family she took it out on. After showing up to a memorial service for Andrew in Newfoundland, where she made a spectacle of her grief, she approached Heather, Andrew's ex-fiance, asserting that she and Andrew's love was more special than theirs ever was. Even more terrifyingly, she told Heather that, since Andrew dead, their love would never die. 

The Sleepless Nights And Dark Thoughts

Andrew was Kate and David's only son, and it's utterly devastating to hear that their "first plan" after taking care of the body was to kill themselves. "There's no point in going on," David said of their logic at the time. Luckily, they chose to go on and fight for their son, especially after finding out he had a child on the way. 

That wasn't the end of David's dark thoughts, however. Knowing his grandson was in danger in the care of Shirley, who repeatedly established how unfit she was to be a mother, David lay in bed at night thinking of what he could do to save the child. Some of those thoughts included him, without Kate's knowledge, murdering Shirley and allowing himself to be imprisoned. Others included kidnapping the child and moving around the U.S. under assumed identities. It's really difficult to watch a reasonable man consider such extreme measures.  

Kate's Biggest Regret

Perhaps nothing in the movie impacts Kate so much as her biggest regret: the fact that she wasn't able to be with Andrew's body when he was cremated. It's heartrending to hear her talk through sobs about him being taken to the crematorium "all alone" in "plastic bags with only his head sticking out." Kate's tearful admission causes one of David's most potent flashes of anger, when he furiously condemns Shirley for "leaving us like this." 

"We went right up to the oven doors with Zachary," Kate says through tears, a bit of cold comfort in the hell of a horrible situation.

The Failures Of The Legal System

Shirley fled from America to Canada, her home country, after murdering her former lover Andrew, but the courts repeatedly put off her extradition hearing. They also released her on bail, not just after her first arrest, but also after she was incarcerated as a probable murder suspect.

The second time, a judge released her using the logic that "[h]er crime, while violent, was specific in nature.” Essentially, the judge was saying, "You only wanted to kill one person and now he's dead, so clearly you won't hurt anyone else." This decision was made with the public knowledge that Shirley had attempted suicide on Andrew's front porch, was on suicide watch in prison, and at the time had eight restraining orders against her. 

If she hadn't been released, Zachary would probably still be alive today. 

Phone Call After Agonizing Phone Call

After receiving a call from the police department telling her to call a coroner's office, Andrew's mother, Kate, got knocked around to numerous departments and authorities who told her nothing more than the fact there was "terrible news." Some say they don't have the authority to tell her, others say their office is closed, and others say there's "nothing to do."

Is there a greater nightmare than people hinting that your child is dead but not confirming it? Maybe it's being told your son was murdered and then, with no consolation, immediately asking questions as to why he was where he was when he died? Kate was devastated and rightly so. 

The Pointlessness Of It All

Shirley killed herself and her one-year-old child over a man she had literally gone out with twice after meeting him at a bar. The fact that such a brief relationship was all it took for her to fatally harm her child is a testament to how insane it was that a judge let her walk free with custody. She even meant to implicate Andrew in their deaths by planting a used tampon and photos of herself and her child across his lawn before she did it.

Identifying The Body Of A Son

Kate and David's story of identifying Andrew's body is devastating. David remembers uttering, "It's really him," and recalls how the two cried over the body, tears falling on to Andrew's face. When Kate reached down to wipe one away, she accidentally knocked out the plug used to mask the bullet wound he received in the face. Horrifying as it was, she pushed it back in herself. 

What's doubly upsetting about this is the way director Kurt Kuenne sets their story to home movies of Andrew as a young boy. 

The Brutality Of Shared Custody

After Shirley was incarcerated in 2002, Kate and David were given custody of Zachary. Unfortunately, they had to make a number of concessions that included daily phone calls with Shirley and weekly visits to her in prison, which necessitated a two-hour drive through the bitter, unforgiving Canadian weather. 

It's difficult to imagine the horror they must have gone through. In order to spend time with their grandson, they also had to maintain a relationship with the woman who killed their only child. It didn't help that Shirley constantly belittled their skills as caregivers when she wasn't accusing them of trying to take her place. Kate and David really put themselves through hell for Zachary. 

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<![CDATA[11 Of The Craziest, Most Inexplicable Things Scarlet Witch Has Ever Done]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/crazy-things-scarlet-witch-has-done/erik-barnes

Scarlet Witch is a force to be reckoned with. While other Marvel characters such as Captain America and Iron Man are considered the heaviest hitters due to their movies, the truth is that Wanda Maximoff is arguably the most powerful being in the Marvel Universe. The number of crazy things Scarlet Witch has done in the comics transcends beyond hero or villain, putting her into a near-god category.

Scarlet Witch often uses her reality-bending abilities to bring order among the chaos. However, many Scarlet Witch plotlines in the comics showcase how dangerous she can be. Then there are the plotlines which she's just crazy in general. Here is a taste of some of craziest, most batsh*t things Scarlet Witch has done in Marvel comics.

11 Of The Craziest, Most Inexplicable Things Scarlet Witch Has Ever Done,

She Killed Her Mentor—But Her Mother Helped Bring Her Back To Life

Agatha Harkness was a great friend and mentor to Wanda, teaching her how to control and channel her highly unstable powers. But that relationship couldn't rival the bond Wanda had with her twin sons, whose souls were, unbeknownst to her, actually part of the demon Mephisto. Mephisto eventually abosorbed the boys, leaving Wanda heartbroken. Agatha then wiped every trace of the boys from Wanda's memory to shield her from the grief.

Agatha thought she was just helping a friend, but when Wanda found out what she did in Avengers: Disassembled, she was enraged and killed her longtime teacher. In the solo Scarlet Witch title, Wanda's mother, the original Scarlet Witch, sacrifices her soul to help save witchcraft (which is different than magic) and bring back Agatha Harkness from the dead.

She Used Demonic Energy To Give Birth To Twins

Okay, this is gonna be a little messy. Since robots and humans can't bear children the old-fashioned way, Scarlet Witch used magic to conceive her twin boys, Thomas and William, but it turned out that the twins' souls were actually shards of the demon Mephisto. Wanda did give birth to them, but Mephisto absorbed the boys back into his being, leaving her emotionally crushed. Wanda's mentor, Agatha Harkness, removed Wanda's memories of her children from her mind in order to protect her. These events would eventually lead to the chaotic event that nearly ended the Avengers. Also, it turns out that the souls of the two boys were reincarnated into the Young Avengers Wiccan and Speed. That's comics, people. Comics.

She Had Sex With Her Brother... Maybe

Marvel's Ultimates line gave creators a license to change up established Marvel characters without being bogged down by continuity or established characteristics, but that wasn't always a good thing. In Mark Millar's Ultimates run, it was teased that Scarlet Witch and her brother, Quicksilver, engaged in incestuous activities, but it was plausibly deniable. However, the ambiguity was outright shattered when Wolverine spotted the siblings sexing in Ultimates 3. It's gross and wrong, but we can all pretend that Wanda used her reality-altering powers to make Quicksilver NOT her brother for a technically-not-incest quickie, right? Right!? Ugh, wrong.

She Married A Robot

Maybe hooking up with her brother is unseemly, but at least Quicksilver is flesh and blood. In Giant-Sized Avengers #4, Scarlet Witch became the Scarlet Wife to the android known as the Vision. Sure, one can argue that Vision being able to experience and express love makes him more human than toaster, but the fact that Wanda chose a robot instead of using her reality-bending powers to snag a human mate just showcases a lack of imagination.

She Warped Reality To Give Everyone The Life They Desired

During Marvel's House of M event, Wanda did the impossible. She gave everyone the life that they wanted. Mutants weren't persecuted but praised for their genetic powers. Peter Parker was a rich celebrity with a full family life. Captain America was never frozen and lived the years he was supposed to live through. But it was all a lie. This entire story arc showcases how god-like Wanda can be since she altered the entire reality of Earth itself with her mind.

She Killed Hawkeye, Resurrected Him, And Then Had Sex With Him

Because of her reality-bending powers, Scarlet Witch was technically responsible for the death of Hawkeye in Avengers: Disassembled. Later, she tried to make it right by bringing him back to life after the events of House of M. Hawkeye, after taking some time to recover from the mindf*ck of it all, finds Wanda at Wundagore Mountain in New Avengers #26.

However, Hawkeye quickly realizes she has no memory of her past. So, obviously, they have sex. Hawkeye then quietly exits, letting Wanda be at peace. Sure, it was later retconned that Hawkeye nocked his arrow into a Doombot posing as Wanda instead of the real Scarlet Witch, but the whole thing is still really f*cked up.

She Wiped Out An Entire Population With Three Words—"No More Mutants."

Three simple words changed the entire Marvel Universe. In 2008's House of M story arc, Scarlet Witch simply uttered "no more mutants" and nearly the entire world's population of mutants vanished. Aside from a couple hundred X-folks, all the mutants on Earth were de-powered. It's the first time a genocide occurred without any mass deaths being involved.

She Resurrected Wonder Man Just To Break His Heart

Wonder Man was a trusted ally of the Avengers and a friend to Wanda as well. However, for Wonder Man, it was more than a friendship. Wonder Man eventually passed on but his love for Wanda kept him tethered to the mortal plane. In Avengers Vol. 3 #11, Wanda used her powers to bring him back from the dead.

Then they both kissed, got married, and—nah, just kidding. Wanda only loved Wonder Man as a friend. Sure, Wanda isn't obligated to love a person just because that person is in love with her, but if the guy is already dead, why invite drama by bringing him back to life? 

She Killed Several Avengers In An Attempt To Dismantle The Team

Things stop  making sense in the Marvel Universe and start getting deadly in Avengers: Disassembled. Jack of Hearts, the Vision, Scott Lang, and Hawkeye are killed in various odd circumstances. She-Hulk goes crazy, Iron Man appears drunk despite being sober, and all kinds of nuttiness is tearing the Avengers apart. It's revealed that all of this chaos is due to the unhinged Scarlet Witch constantly changing reality to dismantle the Avengers. While she was ultimately subdued, her plan worked. She successfully broke up "Earth's Mightiest Heroes"... well, temporarily

She Took Out The Phoenix, Which Contained Five Of The Most Powerful Mutants In History

Times were desperate in Avengers vs. X-Men, when the Phoenix Force contained five of the most powerful mutants on the planet. In order to stop the cosmic Phoenix, Scarlet Witch teamed up with the possible savior mutant Hope to take out the unbalanced entity that empowered the already powerful Namor, Magik, Colossus, Emma Frost, and Cyclops. Think of how powerful Wanda must be if she could take out the Phoenix, an entity so powerful that it eradicates entire planets.

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<![CDATA[25 Of The Most Brutally Honest Signs Ever]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/honest-signs/nathandavidson

If you believe honesty is the best policy, you will get along swimmingly with the funny honest signs below. In a world where people need to be instructed on every little detail, these honest signs get to the godd*mn point quicker than Domino's gets pizza to your house. Their honesty is so blunt it makes you stop in your tracks, and after the frankness of it wears off, you realize you respect the sign all the more for its humor. When it comes down to it, brutally honest signs aren't interested in wasting your time or the time of those around you. These funny honest signs just want you to go through your day without any BS, and for that they deserve your full attention. Thanks to them, you may go through your day comforted by the fact that at least inanimate objects are not lying to youhopefully, that is.

25 Of The Most Brutally Honest Signs Ever,

Honest Advertising

Flower Power

Sick Sign, Bro

Have A Look See

Open When We Feel Like It

Don't Speak Starbucks

Love In An Elevator

Bae Left Me Sale

Law & Disorder

Congrats On Your New Job!

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<![CDATA[16 Reasons P!nk Is The Coolest Pop Star In Hollywood]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/cool-pink-trivia/machk

Alecia Moore, also known as P!nk, is a massive pop star. Ask any fan for P!nk trivia, and they'll tell you that she's won Grammys, topped the charts, and blown away audiences with her aerial, acrobatic performances. But these aren't the only reasons why listeners adore her. P!nk is a great role-model as well.

P!nk stories prove that she's independent, fearless, kind, and completely hilarious. Who contributes to tons of charities? P!nk. Who started out singing at nightclubs and slinging fries at McDonald's? P!nk. Who challenged beauty conventions with her sometimes pink, sometimes spiky, always memorable hair? Definitely P!nk. She's as devoted a mother as she is a fierce performer, and she somehow makes it all look easy.

If you don't already know why P!nk is great, these stories will clue you in.

16 Reasons P!nk Is The Coolest Pop Star In Hollywood,

She's Super Involved In Charity Work

P!nk uses her powers for good. She is an official UNICEF ambassador, a PETA spokesperson, and has worked with GLAAD, Greenpeace, the Make A Wish Foundation, and many other nonprofits.

She's All About Supporting Women

P!nk refuses to let the media pit female artists against each other. After Lady Gaga's 2017 Super Bowl performance was criticized for supposedly copying her aerial act, P!nk defended her, using the hashtag "#womensupportingwomen." She also took part in the Women's March and is a huge proponent of reproductive rights and Planned Parenthood.

She Had A Dog Named "F*cker"

According to some stories, P!nk once had a pit bull named "F*cker." Unfortunately, tabloids reported that she tended to shout his name at nice, family-friendly restaurants, though P!nk's spokesperson at the time denied the claims.

She And Carey Hart Are Relationship Goals

P!nk married motocross racer Carey Hart in 2006. They split after two years together, but reunited in 2009 and have been together ever since. They have two children and seem refreshingly normal. P!nk posted an old picture of the two lovebirds on Instagram, saying, "I've been loving you for so long I don't remember what it's like not to."

Her Stage Name Has A Funny Backstory

It's not just a hair color. Alecia became known as "Pink" from a young age, as she was easily embarrassed and tended to blush. Later, upon seeing Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs, her friends all agreed that she was a lot like the character Mr. Pink. Just like that, the name stuck.

She's Open About Her Post-Pregnancy Body

P!nk is all about body positivity. She posted this photo to Instagram after giving birth to her second baby, with the caption: "Would you believe I'm 160 pounds and 5'3"? By 'regular standards' that makes me obese. I know I'm not at my goal or anywhere near it after Baby 2 but dammit I don't feel obese. The only thing I'm feeling is myself. Stay off that scale ladies!"

She Owns This Rainbow Onesie

Everyone should have one of these.

She Absolutely Kills It On Halloween

P!nk is an expert in getting spooky. The Hart family has an amazing track record of adorable group Halloween costumes.

She Has A Huge Crush On Johnny Depp

P!nk apparently harbors an intense crush on Johnny Depp. According to P!nk herself, her husband forced her to introduce herself to Depp, but the interaction was uncomfortable. When Jimmy Kimmel found out about this little crush, he arranged for Depp to surprise P!nk on air. Hilarity ensued.

She Is An LGBTQ Ally

P!nk has been a proud supporter of LGBTQ rights and the legalization of gay marriage during her music career. In 2010, she was presented with the HRC Ally for Equality award, and in her speech, she expressed her commitment to the cause: "I’m a fighter, we are all fighters, I will do everything I can to open people’s hearts, ears, minds, mouths, pockets to carry on, and to fight alongside with you."

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<![CDATA[Mortuary Cosmetics And Their Grim But Fascinating Applications: A Primer]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/mortuary-makeup-techniques/lisa-a-flowers

Mortuary cosmetology is not only an art, it's a trade that's been around (in one form or another) since society started engaging in death rituals that entailed the presentation of corpses. While most cosmetics are designed to complement the ever-changing contours, angles, expressions, personas, and personalities of living people, funeral home makeup artists have a far more difficult task to perform: they have to somehow make the deceased appear to be alive and merely asleep. And, while that might seem like (and, arguably, be) an impossible task, there are actually a lot of mortician beauty secrets and techniques that are designed to achieve just that effect.

To find out why corpses and stage actors alike prefer non-thermogenic makeup, what hue of foundation is best for masking greenish and mottled skin, how to get a posthumous makeover (without actually being dead), and other tricks of the trade, read on: these mortuary makeup techniques might just be for you.

Mortuary Cosmetics And Their Grim But Fascinating Applications: A Primer,

"Consumption-Chic" Was A Big Influence On Victorian-Era Funeral Makeup

The vampire look popularized by cartoonist Charles Addams (white skin, long dark hair, flowing white gowns, dark shadowed eyes) was famously influenced by the "consumption-chic" that became so popular during the Victorian era. As history professor Carolyn Day put it in The Smithsonian:

"Among the upper class, one of the ways people judged a woman’s predisposition to tuberculosis was by her attractiveness. That’s because tuberculosis enhances those things that are already established as beautiful in women." 

This meant thinness and pale skin - effects from weight loss and the lack of appetite caused by the disease. Eventually, antibiotics came along and fashions changed; but for awhile, there was nothing like a dark haired, emaciated vampiric beauty in fashionable society. Or in her coffin.

Posthumous Plastic Surgery Is Actually A Trend

As any vampire, or otherwise undead, sex symbol can tell you, being deceased is no excuse for eschewing glamor: Marilyn Monroe famously asked her makeup artist, Whitey Snyder, to be her final cosmetician if she died first. But nowadays, people are taking it a step further by requesting detailed posthumous plastic surgery procedures. According to NBC:

"The recent boom in cosmetic procedures has raised the bar for many of us when it comes to appearance. And, it turns out, the dead are no exception. ... As the population has become increasingly sophisticated about procedures to enhance their appearance, so have their requests, morticians say, for smoothing lines, plumping lips and even boosting sagging parts for that last big special occasion."

If you're planning to be cremated, there are other things to take into consideration. According to Aida Bobadilla of the Los Angeles Odd Fellows Cemetery and Crematorium, any implants you might have received before your death will remain long after you are gone. "Some silicone implants remain. It’s like a glob of gelatin. There’s no easy way to clean the floor of the cremation chamber.”

Mortician Makeup Artists Use Contouring - To Make You Look Alive

Contouring is a nice trick for bringing out the angles and features of the living, but it's also a technique that's frequently used on dead people, who have the advantage of only ever being seen at one angle ... lying down ... for all eternity. Mortician Jamie Reed customarily asks for a photo of the deceased. She then uses a dark brown powder to paint on lifelike shadows that aren't there ... so that when people look down on their loved one, they see something that at least symbolizes movement

Sometimes Post-Death Beauty Involves "Sewing, Stitching, And Reconstructive Surgery"

While makeup artistry (at least on a surface level) involves using cosmetics to change someone's look, the nuances of funerary makeup, as a trade, are a bit more complicated than that. After all, if you want to paint a face, you've got to have a face to paint - and when a subject has been decapitated, that can be problematic. But a consummate professional can usually get around the problem. As this undertaker puts it:

"Restoration is as much an art form as it is a science, and with a good mortician, there's very little that can't be fixed. ... Decapitations [can be remedied] by using a wooden dowel to rejoin the head and body, then suture the neck back together. With a little wax and cosmetics [corpses] can even wear a normal shirt or dress."

In other words, you utilize the style choices of Frankenstein's monster and his bride: stitch together first, beautify later.

Mortuaries Carry As Much High-End Makeup As Department Stores

One generally doesn't think of mortuaries as places that have massive stashes of makeup, but, according to industry professionals, they almost always have veritable crypts full of it. In addition to the industry-standard makeup used by funerary cosmetologists, most mortuaries tend to receive and utilize the personal cosmetics the families of their clients are apt to bring them. And, as the years go on, these stashes keep growing. As mortuary makeup artist Jamie Reed recalled:

"Every funeral home has a lot random makeup. We have that bucket. It’s usually things families have brought in that we can’t give back. ... For one lady, they brought in two bags of makeup and it was all Chanel. ... That was exciting."

All makeup used on dead bodies is tainted, of course, because coming in contact with embalming chemicals and other poisons tends to make the makeup unsuitable for (living) human flesh.

Masking The Hues Of Decomposing Skin Is An Art In Itself

Decomposition, like Skittles, comes in a rainbow of colors. A corpse can be afflicted with any number of skin hue inconsistencies, and there's not always a universally effective way to restore a body to the complexion it was known for in life. Mortuary cosmetician Daniella Marcantoni, however (who was recently the subject of a feature in Vice) has some useful tips: she claims that death-biz cosmetologists use something called "orange juice" to help moisturize the skin. There are also dyes that are specifically designed to mask the effects of jaundice, and dyes that "kind of give a little pink hue." (Sort of like Paz Easter egg kits, in a way).


"Electroplated" Corpses Are Golden Dead Bodies

In 1953's House of Wax, Vincent Price played a deranged museum owner who perfected the art of the "perfect" sculpture via ensconcing dead bodies in wax. And, as it turns out, the film's plot wasn't so far from the scheme of a certain Levon G. Kassabian, whose idea of the perfect corpse went way beyond the artful application of cosmetics. He believed in electroplating - or turning bodies into statues. 

According to sources, Kassabian's method involved "the coating or plating of the bodies which have preferably been embalmed with metal or metals." The end result was making bodies into essentially gilded ornaments. The logic was that the features could then be painted on by the mortuary cosmetologist, while the body within gradually achieved mummification.

Needless to say, the idea didn't go over well; but the makeup (that is, actual paint) definitely would have lasted longer.

Morticians Use Non-Thermogenic Foundation To Cover Up Discolored Skin

Foundation is generally designed to interact with your body temperature and complement your natural skin tone. But once you cross the corpse barrier, your skin undergoes a series of mottled, rapid-fire changes that can be extraordinarily hard to disguise. That's why mortuary cosmeticians generally prefer to use non-thermogenic makeup, which is impervious to warmth and blends easily on ice-cold surfaces. (Because they don't melt easily under hot lights, such brands are also sometimes favored by stage actors).

Alternately, one can use a funerary "airbrush" system, such as this one sold by the mortuary cosmetics company Derma-Pro. The dispenser itself is sort of reminiscent of the kind exterminators used to use on insects, but it achieves the kind of elegant, flawless, corpse/not corpse effect that would have made Lily Munster herself proud.

Mortuary Makeup Has Ties To The Ancient World

According to Carla Valentine, an award-winning mortician, most mortuary makeup techniques have roots in the ancient world. Egyptians of both sexes, for example, regularly wore elaborate eye makeup that consisted of "dark grey or black lead ore (galena) and green copper ore or malachite." Such paint was considered "crossover makeup," so to speak - because it was used on the dead to ward off the same kinds of evil spirits that were apt to attack the living. (The Egyptians believed that the eye turned into a form of spiritual protection in the afterlife, so lining the eyes was an important ritual in death-proceedings) .

Ancient funerary cosmetology didn't stop with just one viewing, either: some bodies were "exhumed periodically for remembrance rituals, during which the priest would add more cosmetics." (These unearthings weren't quite as grotesque as one might think: filling corpses with sawdust, linen, aromatic spices, and beeswax to make sure they stayed fresh usually did the trick).

Some Makeup Companies Offer Deals For Cosmetic Needs Before And After Death

Cosmetics company Illamasqua is known for being artsy and unafraid of exotic death-imagery - and for carrying the kinds of fabulously vampiric colors and palettes that goth girls love to wear. But not many people know they also offer a service no other cult cosmetics entity does: custom-designed posthumous makeup tutorials

In 2011, the company partnered with London-based funeral home Leverton & Sons to develop their "Final Act of Self-Expression" package, which was designed to "encourage people to plan their final transformation - one that pays tribute to who they were in life and how they want to enter the afterlife." 

For around £450 (about $565 USD), buyers were able to get their corpses preliminarily beautified by their "very own customized Illamasqua make-up artist [who was also] specially trained in working on embalmed corpses." A deal bound to make any girl start rooting through her makeup stash with glee.

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<![CDATA[The Hottest Ecchi Anime Girls Of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/hot-ecchi-anime-girls/crystal-brackett

Pervy and lewd acts in anime appear so often that someone eventually decided to give overindulgent sexual acts its own genre, blessing viewers with the ecchi anime babe. Ecchi anime, aka softcore hentai, provides viewers with panty shots, overexposed bouncing boobs, and casual licentious acts, all usually performed by sexy anime girls. As living embodiments of fanservice, girls from ecchi anime rock the shortest skirts and the biggest breasts, all for your viewing (and possibly other) pleasure.

Some of the hottest ecchi girls don't even realize how bombastic they are, their aloofness only adding to their allure. But underestimate the prettiest girls in anime history for their looks at your own peril, for many an ecchi babe knows her way around an action series. Get ready to be bombarded with hot girls in ecchi anime, from bold broad-chested ecchi babes to quirky bombshells. What would a sexually explicit-themed anime be without a rack of hot girls to go along with it?  Well, here's a rack that will surely make your head spin.

The Hottest Ecchi Anime Girls Of All Time,


Miyako Shiina

Rias Gremory

Meiko Shiraki From 'Prison School'

Haruko Amaya From 'Maken-Ki!'

Yamada From 'Yamada's First Time (B Gata H Kei)'

Panty From 'Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt"

Ayame Kajou From 'Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept Of Dirty Jokes Doesn't Exist'

Rika Shiguma From 'Haganai (Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai)'

Katsuragi From 'Senran Kagura'

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<![CDATA[9 Unexpected Ways Prison Inmates Use the Internet]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/prison-internet-facts/katia-kleyman

In the United States, prisoners have fairly limited access to the Internet when compared to other nations. They are not even allowed to use it for educational purposes. However, some American prisoners still find a way to use social media in prison. There are a few ways in which prisoners circumnavigate the strict no-Facebook policy, and you will see men and women behind bars with their own social media accounts. While this may not be an issue for inmates at the cushiest prisons in the world, it's something the average American inmate has to contend with.

Still, there are many people crusading for prisoners’ right for Internet access. They believe an inmate having access to the Internet and social media makes them better equipped for reentering society and decreases the chances of recidivism. Should inmates have access to the Internet in prison? While that question remains officially unanswered, there are still unexpected ways prisoners access the worldwide web from behind bars.

9 Unexpected Ways Prison Inmates Use the Internet,

TRULINCS Is The Email Service For Prisoners

In 2009, the Federal Bureau of Prisons introduced the Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System (TRULINCS), an email server for prison inmates. It is a secure system where an inmate can only send and receive messages to people on a pre-approved contact list without actually having access to any of the other services or abilities of the Internet. TRULINCS is run by a privately-owned company, Corrlinks.

The service is not free. The Bureau of Prisons charges $.05/minute to use the email server. This may not seem like much, but when prisoners make only about $15 a month, using the email server can be a bit of a luxury.

Inmates Can Have A Special Tablet Made For Them

Some prisons allow inmates to have their own personal tablets where they can access their emails. JPay is a company that provides tablets for the prison population. They are currently allowed in 11 states. Prisoners can purchase the tablet for $69.99 from the store in their institution. On top of buying the tablet, the email is not free. For example, to email a video message, the inmate or the person on their contact list must purchase a $.40 stamp. The prison facility also has leeway in filtering the messages for certain words like “escape” and slang.

Besides email, the device has games and a music library.

They Can Use It For Video Visitations

There are only 10 US correctional systems that allow a video call service that's similar to Skype. In Arizona, the prisons allow this for relatives who live far way and cannot make long-distance trips. Iowa allows this in women’s prisons for inmates who are restricted to no-contact visits. Kansas allows it only for prisoners who are stuck in segregation, and New Mexico allows it as a way for incarcerated parents to contact their children.

They Can Use It To Study Their Case And Look For Jobs On The Outside

Outside of email, inmates' ability to use the Internet is almost non-existent. As of 2009, there were only four states that allow inmates to use the Internet for reasons besides checking their email. In Connecticut, inmates can only access the Internet at the Job Center, which restricts all other websites. Kansas allows Internet use in the law library, only to help a prisoner study their case. Internet use is highly supervised. In Louisiana, inmates who will be released within 45 days can access the Internet to look for jobs.

They Can Do It Illegally Through Contraband Smartphones

When the legal alternatives seem too expensive, stressful, and time consuming, many prisoners just smuggle in contraband smartphones to have all the social media apps at their disposal – and without any monitoring from prison staff. The phones are smuggled in through a variety of means and are readily available. In 2010, almost 9,000 phones were uncovered by officers just in California.

Prisoners using contraband smartphones to post photos to social media sites has caused outrage among the victims of their crimes. For example, in Tennessee, over 100 inmates were found operating Facebook pages, some posting videos and photos straight from their cells. Brandon White, a convicted murderer who killed a man named Ryan Wright, posted a picture of himself holding $200 in cash.

“That’s not punishment. That’s not any kind of punishment. It’s just like being on the outside. It’s still freedom for them,” said Wright’s mother. “We can never communicate again. And [Brandon White] has access to be able to communicate with the outside world.”

They Use It To Handle Inmate Health Issues Via Telemedicine

Most prisons in the United States use a video service for doctors and inmate patients. They employ this program, called Telemedicine, to help save money and to also keep doctors safe. Texas prison psychiatrist Pradan Nathan, sees up to 16 inmate patients a day using just his laptop.

“We’re not talking about people who are necessarily in here for years and years,” said Dr. Edward Jauch, the director of the Division of Emergency Medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina. “This could be any unfortunate encounter and you’re down there without your meds or somebody has a sudden emergent medical condition. Being in jail even briefly should not risk your health or even your life for what should have been a 24 hour bailout.”

Telemedicine also really cuts costs. The Texas prison system relies heavily on Telemedicine. Texas also has the nation’s largest prison population. In 2011, the state spent $3,805 per prisoner on medical care, compared to $6,047, which is the national average.

They Build It With Genius And Stolen Items

If you're lucky enough to be an inmate at a medium-security prison with other smart, hard-working inmates, then it's possible that you'll end up with computers loaded with pornography in the ceiling of your cell. At least that's what happened at the Marion Correctional Institute in Ohio in 2017. After acquiring all of the necessary materials from an onsite computer recycling program, a few industrious inmates built two functioning computers in the prison's ceiling, complete with "pornography, a Windows proxy server, VPN, VOIP and anti-virus software, the Tor browser, password hacking and e-mail spamming tools, and the open source packet analyzer Wireshark." However, the jig was up when authorities found cords leading to the contraband Internet sources.

They Can Have Their Friends And Family Manage Their Accounts

Sometimes all it takes to maintain a strong social media presence from behind bars is a cooperative friend or family member. Through TRULINCS, prisoners can ask their family and friends to manage a social media page for them. The Facebook messages and posts are forwarded back and forth through the email server. The inmate simply tells the person managing their page what to put on the site and what to comment. Alex Cook, a 28-year-old prisoner, told Vice:

"My mom forwards my emails and I send her my artwork and she takes pictures and posts them for me. When people comment on my art or just my page, she forwards the messages for me. It helps me let my friends and family see what I am up to and know that I'm doing something productive."

They Can Use A Proxy Service To Communicate Virtually

If a prisoner doesn't have a friend or family member to manage a social media page for them, they can always sign up for a proxy service provider like Voice for Inmates, which pairs inmates with virtual "pen pals" – for a price, of course. However, companies like this seem to exploit an inmate’s desperation for outside contact instead of really trying to help them. Jesse Jongeward told Vice:

"You have to find a provider that is going to get you your messages and post your pictures and text accordingly. I dealt with a company called voiceforinmates.com for three years and I was rarely satisfied with their performance. I paid $100 a year to get my messages and have my photos and updates posted, but it was rarely done. The whole experience stressed me out, but in the end it was cool to access some of my old classmates, musician buddies, and friends I haven't talked to in a while. Plus it gave me a sense of still being out there in the mix of the free world."

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<![CDATA[25 Photos Taken A Second Before Disaster Struck]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/photos-taken-right-before-disaster-struck/nathandavidson

Photography lets people capture unforgettable memories that lead to certain magical photos taken at just the right time. They say timing is everything, and these photos taken at the right time certainly back up that claim. The photographers responsible for these perfectly timed photos and photos taken at the right moment deserve Pulitzer-level admiration for not blinking in the face of adversity to capture moments that will last an Internet lifetime.

In their own weird way, these photos taken at the right time inexplicably draw the eye with their uncanny timing and staging, if only so you can revel in the relative peace before the storm hits. Take a look at these perfectly timed pictures taken a second before disaster struck and appreciate the true beauty of pre-disaster photography at its finest.

25 Photos Taken A Second Before Disaster Struck,

Truck You Very Much

Wet Wedding

In Full Swing

Get Off Your High Horse


Batter Up!

Swing And A Hit

Don't Go Spacing On Waterfalls

Time to Hit the Road

Not-So-Sweet Sixteen

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<![CDATA[What To Expect From The Villains In Spider-Man: Homecoming]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/who-are-the-villains-in-spider-man-homecoming/stephanroget

The title of Spider-Man: Homecoming is a clever double entendre. On the one hand, it’s a clear reference to Spidey’s status as a real high schooler, a sharp contrast to the off-putting faux youth of Tobey Maguire. On the other hand, Homecoming is also a celebration of the character’s long-awaited return to Marvel Studios, perhaps the most exciting moment in MCU history for many fans. But the important question is, "Who are the bad guys in Spider-Man: Homecoming?" See, despite the fanbase’s palpable excitement over Spider-Man’s return, many individuals made it clear that they were not interested in seeing a rehash of the material already covered in Sony’s two abandoned franchises. No, this time, fans wanted to see something different.

In reaching back to find new and exciting content for the new and exciting Spider-Man franchise, Marvel Studios went all the way to some of Spidey’s earliest adventures. The Vulture, the main villain of Homecoming portrayed by Michael Keaton, is actually the second-oldest villain in Spider-Man’s rogues gallery, after the Chameleon. The Shocker, whose role in the film was more carefully obscured by Marvel and Sony’s promotional team, was another baddie who showed up within the first 50 issues of the wall-crawler’s career. Most importantly, however, neither character has ever been in any previous Spider-Man film, despite their interesting and impactful comic book histories. So let's dive in and explore some facts about the Vulture and facts about the Shocker in order to really get the story behind the villains of  Spider-Man: Homecoming

What To Expect From The Villains In Spider-Man: Homecoming,

The Shocker Spent Time In Jail Inventing Vibro-Gauntlets

The Shocker’s pre-supervillain career landed him in prison on numerous counts of felony theft. This left young Herman Schultz with plenty of time to cool his heels and contemplate the future of his criminal endeavors. Schultz brought his considerable engineering talent to bear in the prison workshop, slowly but surely inventing a pair of “vibro-gauntlets” which could shoot out air blasts that vibrated at a high frequency. He used the gauntlets to break out of prison, and quickly came up with a costume and a proper supervillain name. He also went right back to burglary, which soon brought him the attention of his friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

An Alternate, Noir Version Of The Vulture Is The Most Terrifying

Any fan of comic books knows that the Marvel universe is rife with alternate realities. One such reality is the Noir Universe, where Marvel’s biggest heroes start their careers in the 1930s. Noir’s version of the Vulture is perhaps the most terrifying incarnation of Adrian Toomes to hit the printed page. This version of Toomes has a hideous, bird-like visage and was actually a former circus freak who subsisted on chicken heads before being liberated by Norman Osborn. The Vulture soon becomes a famous hitman who specializes in cannibalizing his victims, and he's the one to kill Uncle Ben in this universe.

The Shocker Is A Talented High School Dropout, A Self-Made Criminal

Herman Schultz, the Shocker, was once a lot like Spider-Man. He was a New York City high school student with precocious inventing and engineering talents. Unlike Spidey, however, Schultz used his talents for more selfish purposes, and he dropped out of school to pursue a career in burglary and safe-cracking.

His talents made him the world’s preeminent safe-buster, but they also led to his incarceration at a relatively young age. Herman Schultz was a hardened criminal when he was barely in his 20s, but that was only the beginning of his lawless career.

The Vulture Once Employed An Army Of Vulture-Children

The Vulture’s criminal career has generally revolved around stealing stuff, and thus he’s often seen as a relatively harmless supervillain in the grand scheme of things. Some villains attempt genocide or spark intergalactic wars, so what’s a little diamond theft at the end of the day? Still, that's not to say that the Vulture hasn’t committed murder and other heinous deeds in his history.

Perhaps his worst transgression occurred when he kidnapped and brainwashed a bunch of children into becoming a group of miniature Vulture sidekicks. At the time, Spider-Man’s body had been stolen by Doctor Octopus, who was attempting a heroic career as the Superior Spider-Man. Ock thought he was fighting dwarf henchman, but when he found out the truth of the matter, the significantly more violent version of Spider-Man beat Toomes within an inch of his life.

The Vulture Had Multiple Successors, Including One With A Disgusting Power

Adrian Toomes is easily the most recognizable individual to wear the Vulture costume, but he’s far from the only one. There have been at least four other notable Vultures over the years, with the first and most prominent being Blackie Drago, a cellmate of Toomes who stole his flight suit. Another, Clifton Shallot, was a bio-engineer who actually gave himself a real pair of vulture wings. The Vulturions were an entire group of vulture-themed bad guys.

The most disturbing version of the Vulture, however, was definitely Jimmy Natale, a victim of genetic experimentation who could fly and spit acid from his disgusting, unhinged mouth. Natale definitely played up the most disgusting aspects of his animal inspiration.

The Vulture Is An Original Member Of The Sinister Six

Spider-Man has a terrific rogues gallery, and each of his memorable villains can easily prove a valid threat to the wall-crawler on their own. Spidey’s bad guys might be at their best, however, when they combine forces.

The first, and most famous, anti-Spidey supervillain team to form was the Sinister Six. The Vulture was an original member of the team, and has kept a membership on pretty much every iteration of the roster ever since. He was joined on that inaugural roster by team founder Doctor Octopus, Kraven the Hunter, Mysterio, Sandman, and Electro.

The Vulture Killed One Of Aunt May’s Love Interests

As she's usually depicted as an elderly and frail woman, it’s sometimes hard to remember that Peter Parker’s Aunt May has been around for over 60 years of publication history. Since she lost her husband, Ben Parker, in Spider-Man’s very first adventure, it should come as no surprise that May eventually looked elsewhere for love. Her most notable romances are probably her relationships with Doctor Octopus and J. Jonah Jameson’s father, but in between she had a sweet dalliance with retired and wheelchair-bound Nathan Lubensky.

Lubensky was actually an old friend of Adrian Toomes, but he didn’t hesitate to jump on the Vulture when he attempted to kidnap May, a heroic act that cost him his life. Toomes later sought out May and asked for her forgiveness, but she refused to give it.

The Vulture Is Really A Bitter Old Engineer In A Self-Made Flight Suit

The Vulture’s secret identity is Adrian Toomes, a former engineer cheated out of his company by a shady business partner. Right away, Toomes stood out from other comic book villains because he was a senior citizen, which certainly doesn’t make for the most impressive superhero sparring partner.

Toomes’s frail body was more than made up for by his sharp mind, however, as he put his industrial skills to work inventing a flight harness that also granted him superstrength. After getting revenge on his former business, the Vulture turned to a life of professional crime, which led to his inevitable conflict with Spider-Man.

The Vulture’s Been Involved In Several Creepy Youth-Stealing Schemes

Despite the fact that Adrian Toomes’s advanced age hasn’t exactly hindered his career as a costumed criminal, there have still been more than a few storylines in which he attempts to regain his youth. An elderly bad guy trying to avoid their own impending mortality isn’t exactly a new story, but the way the Vulture goes about it is rather disturbing, if incredibly name-appropriate.

Like his carrion-eating namesake, Toomes sought to absorb the life-force of others, and he invented an add-on to his Vulture suit that allowed him to do just that. The creepy process turns the Vulture younger and his victim much older, which once led to Peter Parker getting trapped in an elderly body. Luckily, the effect wore off as time passed.

The Vulture Was The Second Supervillain Spider-Man Ever Faced

Despite never even being alluded to in a Spider-Man film, the Vulture is actually one of Marvel's oldest villains. He made his debut in The Amazing Spider-Man #2, released in May of 1963, and was the second supervillain Spidey ever faced, with the Chameleon appearing in the previous issue. The Vulture’s appearance is actually what sparked Peter Parker’s interest in photography as an occupation, with J. Jonah Jameson offering to buy any pictures of the mysterious birdman.

Spidey’s attempts to get a perfect snapshot caused him to lose the first battle between the two, but the rematch went differently. Spider-Man invented a device that disrupted the Vulture’s flight harness and captured him, one of the earliest indicators of Parker’s scientific genius.

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<![CDATA[Fascinating Things Most People Don't Know About Matt Damon]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/matt-damon-lesser-known-facts/anncasano

Who is Jason Bourne, really? Matt Damon weaseled his way into the popular consciousness alongside best friend Ben Affleck when the duo nabbed an Academy Award for Best Screenplay in 1998. Since then, Damon, with more than 70 acting credits, has become one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars. However, Damon maintains he’s an average guy, and makes every attempt to keep his private life as private as possible. That said, information sometimes leaks through the cracks, hence these little known Matt Damon facts.

This list contains a few fascinating Matt Damon stories from before he was famous. Indeed, some of the most obscure Matt Damon facts relate to his childhood. Were you aware he spent a few years in a commune in Boston? Did you know he attended and "fake graduated" from one of the most prestigious Ivy League schools in the country? Did you know Ben and Matt are more than just old friends?

Read about Matt Damon before fame and after. You'll learn why he selects certain movies to star in over others. Let us know which true Matt Damon stories you loved learning about the most in the comments section below.  

Fascinating Things Most People Don't Know About Matt Damon,

He Spent Part Of His Childhood In A Commune

Damon's parents divorced when he was two years old. The actor and his brother, Kyle, were raised by their mother, Nancy Carlsson-Paige, a professor of early childhood education at Lesley College. When Matt was 10, he and his family moved into a commune in Central Square, Boston, which was shared with five other families. The experience influenced his political tendencies, which he describes as "democratically leaning from the left.”

Matt And Ben Are (Distantly) Related

Matt Damon and fellow Boston native Ben Affleck are more than just childhood friends. According to the New England Genealogical Society, the Good Will Hunting Oscar winning screenwriters and co-stars are tenth cousins, once removed. Both are descended from William Knowlton Jr., a bricklayer who made his way to the United States from England in the 1630s.

After Two Failed Relationships, He Refused To Date Anyone In The Industry

After dating Minnie Driver and Winona Ryder, Damon decided to only go out with "civilians."

"If you’re with somebody who’s in the business, it becomes exponentially more severe, the attention does,” he said during a 2004 interview with Boston Magazine.

"So I think if you don’t date anybody who’s in the movie business, you’re one step ahead. And if you don’t live a garish or obnoxious lifestyle, people tend to lose interest. If you’re not going out to nightclubs and dancing on the tables, the [paparazzi] leave you alone, and once they leave you alone then you’re not in the magazines at all, and then the magazines leave you alone."

Damon married Argentina-born Luciana Barroso in 2005. The two met in Miami, where she was tending bar. They have four daughters. 

He's Never Taken An Acting Job For The Money

Damon has had a very balanced career. For almost every big studio movie he's been in, like Ocean's Eleven, he's done a low-budget picture like The Informant! (interestingly, both for director Steven Soderbergh). He contends that, with the possible exception of when he first started in the business, he's never taken a job just for the pay.

"I've passed on a lot of huge-money jobs. Money doesn't enter into the decision-making," he said during an interview with The Guardian in 2013. "If I do a big blockbuster, it's about how big an audience you'll get, and where you can take them."

He Broke Up With Minnie Driver During An Interview With Oprah

Okay, so Matt Damon isn't perfect. He and Good Will Hunting love interest Minnie Driver began a real romance while the film was in production. When the picture received nine Academy Award nominations, Damon hit the awards circuit. On The Oprah Winfrey Show, he denied he had a girlfriend. This was a surprise to Driver, who thought they were still a couple.

"It's horrendous breaking up with someone anyway, but to have it be so public and to be cast in a role that I would never play if they were paying me - this wronged woman," Driver stated during a 1998 interview with the Los Angeles Times.

"It's unfortunate that Matt went on 'Oprah'; it seemed like a good forum for him to announce to the world that we were no longer together, which I found fantastically inappropriate. Of course, he was busy declaring his love for me on David Letterman a month previously."

Damon, you dog. 

He Would Star In An Affleck-Directed Picture Provided Ben Stops Hogging The Best Roles

Now that Ben Affleck is an Academy Award nominated director, Damon gets asked a lot if he would make a movie directed by his old pal. He would, except, Affleck always takes the best parts.

"People keep asking me, 'Are you going to work in a movie with Ben?' And I say, 'Well, he’s a brilliant director and I would work with him in a second but the big problem is that when he directs a movie he always gives himself the best role. So, until he breaks that habit none of us can work with him."

He Married His Wife At City Hall

Despite being a millionaire and celebrity, Damon and wife Lucianna married in a low-key ceremony at City Hall in 2005. According to E! News, the couple agreed to have a big celebration down the road. It took eight years, but in April 2013, they renewed their vows during a $600,000 ceremony in Saint Lucia, surrounded by family and friends. 

His Brother Kyle Inspired One Of The Most Famous Scenes From Good Will Hunting

Matt’s brother Kyle visited a physicist on the MIT campus one day. While walking down the school's Infinite Corridor, which is lined with blackboards, Kyle, an artist, picked up a piece of a chalk and wrote an elaborate, totally fake, equation.

As Matt said in his 2016 commencement speech at MIT, no one erased the bogus equation for months. Kyle was so stunned by these blackboards, he told his brother, “you guys, listen to this... They’ve got blackboards running down the hall! Because these kids are so smart they just need to, you know, drop everything and solve problems!”

He Had To Take Medication For A Year And A Half After His Dramatic Weight Loss For Courage Under Fire

Damon lost 40 pounds with extreme diet and exercise for the role of Specialist Ilario in Courage Under Fire (1996). His character, a solder experiencing the devastating after effects of war, becomes addicted to heroin. Damon's health suffered from the weight loss; he had to take medication for a year and a half to correct the stress he put on his adrenal gland. Despite the trauma, it was worth it in the end. Matt's commitment and method style of acting caught the eye of Francis Ford Coppola, who cast the actor in the lead role of his 1997 legal drama The Rainmaker.

In His Own Words, He "Fake Graduated" From Harvard

During Damon's 2016 commencement speech at MIT, Damon admitted he attended Harvard but didn't graduate, because his movie career started to take off.

“I don’t even have a college degree. As you might have heard, I went to Harvard. I just didn’t graduate from Harvard. I got pretty close, but I started to get movie roles and didn’t finish all my courses. I put on a cap and gown and walked with my class; my mom and dad were there and everything; I just never got an actual degree.You could say I kind of fake graduated."

Damon was only 12 credits short of graduating from the Ivy; he took the time away from class to audition for, then appear in, Geronimo: An American Legend (1993). It wasn't for naught, however. Damon began the screenplay for Good Will Hunting in a playwriting class at Harvard.

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<![CDATA[Fatal Freak Accidents That Befell People In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/deadly-freak-accidents/harrison-tenpas

One of the few certainties in life is that one day it will come to an end. The Grim Reaper finds each one of us eventually, and all we can really do is hope it's a peaceful experience at the end of a long life. As we go about our daily lives, however, the specter of death looms everywhere, and if the Final Destination film franchise taught us anything, it's that pretty much anything can be a death trap with a little imagination. 

This list explores the most random, freak accident deaths on record. The poor folks described here had no idea that when they left their homes that fateful day they would meet their deaths in some of the weirdest ways possible. As it turns out, you're really not safe anywhere, and destiny can get far more darkly creative than any horror film. The stories of these people killed in freak accidents will make you think twice before getting out of bed tomorrow.

Fatal Freak Accidents That Befell People In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time,

A Famous Dancer Was Done In By Her Own Scarf

Isadora Duncan was an American expatriate living in Paris, France, who in 1927 met a breathtakingly tragic demise. A San Francisco native, Duncan had gone to the French city - then the cultural capital of the world - to further her career as a dancer. Her eccentric, bohemian style of choreography garnered praise, and she earned fame throughout Europe.

A devoted communist, Duncan frequently donned a very long red scarf to show her support for the party. On a September evening while visiting the city of Nice, however, that accessory would claim her life in an unthinkable automobile accident. Riding as a passenger in her newly purchased convertible sports car, her scarf got caught in the vehicle's wheel well, which ripped her from the vehicle and threw her to the pavement, killing her instantly. 

A Man Shot A Cactus And Landed In Prickly Peril

The saguaro is a species of cactus that can grow to be an imposing 70 feet in height. These statuesque green monuments dot the American Southwest, and while they sport some rather prickly needles, they aren't generally perceived as deadly in an ecosystem that also boasts rattlesnakes and scorpions. In 1982, however, one Arizona man found out the hard way that a saguaro can claim one's life in the desert just the same.

David Grundman and a friend were exploring the desert near Lake Pleasant one afternoon, where, likely in a fit of boredom, the two were looking for things to shoot with a shotgun. The saguaros of the area made apt targets for the would-be marksmen, and their first victim, a mere 10-footer, went down with ease. It was the second, however, a 27-foot cactus, that fought back. After blasting the saguaro from just a few yards out, a large, heavy arm fell on Grundmen and crushed him to death, proving yet again that Mother Nature always wins. 

A Novelty Beard Brought A Death That Was Weird

Lamentably, really long beards have become a fashionable facial accessory, but the story of Hans Steininger should provide a cautionary tale that may have rustic types reaching for their Gillettes.

Steininger, who lived in Braunau am inn, Austria, was a bit of a local celebrity in the 1500s for having the longest recorded beard in history. Typically, Steininger kept his absurd growth rolled up in a leather pouch, as it naturally got in the way of every day tasks, but one day he neglected to do so, and while fleeing from a house fire, he tripped on his beard and snapped his neck, dying instantaneously. 

For the avid fans of historical facial hair (and who among us isn't?), Steininger's 447-year-old beard is kept on display at the Braunau am inn town museum.

A PE Teacher Got An Up-Close Look At The Business End Of A Javelin

There are fewer more deadly pieces of sports equipment than the javelin. The track and field object is long, heavy, and sharp, so stories of it causing injury from time to time are not that surprising. Death by javelin, however, is a bit more difficult to achieve - that is, unless that javelin passes through the last place you would ever want it to on your body (no, not there - get your mind out of the gutter).

A P.E. teacher in Liverpool, England, got an extreme close-up of a javelin in 1999, and it ultimately took his life. Walking to retrieve the object, which was lodged in the ground and standing upright, 41-year-old Jon Desborough lost his footing and fell on the pole, which jammed right into his eye socket. Desborough passed away after a month-long coma stemming from the accident.

A Flying Fire Hydrant Nailed A Man In The Head

In 2007, an Oakland, California, man was enjoying a casual stroll with his wife when he met his untimely end in what authorities would later describe as "a million-to-one chance." 24-year-old Humberto Hernandez was walking down the sidewalk when suddenly an S.U.V. struck a fire hydrant behind him. The impact of the collision dislodged the 200-pound iron object and sent it hurdling through the air, right into the back of Hernandez's head. The tremendously heavy fire hydrant was traveling with such velocity that it ricocheted off the man, went through a fence, and landed 20 feet away. Hernandez tragically died on the scene. 

A Woman Was Killed By A Slippery Floor And An Open Dishwasher

Ah, that valuable kitchen asset we all know and love: the dishwasher. Say what you want about the printing press or penicillin, but the advent of the dishwasher might be mankind's greatest achievement. Think about it all the disadvantages of doing dishes by hand: you get gross wet food on you, your hands get crinkly and waterlogged, it takes way too long, and more. With all that in mind, the dishwasher is truly a beautiful machine. That is, until that machine acquires a taste for blood.  

In May 2003, a UK woman died in a truly bizarre kitchen accident. 31-year-old Jane McDonald was visiting a friend and milling around in her kitchen, when she lost her balance and slipped on a wet floor. Unfortunately for McDonald, her fall was broken by an open dishwasher door that had several knives in it, pointing upward. She was stabbed on impact, and though she was rushed to a nearby hospital, she died shortly thereafter.


A Football Fan Got Hit By A Flying Lawnmower

Being a New York Jets fan is a pretty undesirable lot in life, but even those who claim that unfortunate allegiance don't expect to meet a brutal, freak death while in the stands. In December 1979, however, 20-year-old John Bowen got just that when a halftime exhibition went horribly wrong.

Sitting in the lower stands of Shea Stadium, Bowen was taking in a halftime show that involved a demonstration with various novelty-shaped remote control aircraft (similar to modern drones). One such plane was a 40-pound swirling piece of metal in the shape of a lawnmower. The pilot lost control of this uniquely not aerodynamic object, sending it hurdling into the stands.

On the receiving end of this flying, grass-cutting nightmare was Bowen, who was struck in the head and later died from an accident that witnesses described as similar to being attacked by an axe. 

Eight People Were Washed Away In A Deadly Tidal Wave Of Beer

Alcohol has certainly claimed a lot of human lives. Be it the result of drinking one's self to death, or a fatal drunk driving accident, drinking liquor is known for life-threatening risks. The phrase "drowning in alcohol," however, is typically a figurative one used to describe the detrimental effects of drinking - not, you know, literally drowning. Believe it or not, though, it has indeed happened. 

On October 17, 1814, a particular boozy disaster occurred on the streets of London. A three-story vat containing 570 tons of beer burst and released a tidal wave of suds from the brewery that housed it. The surging current of porter laid waste to what was in its immediate path, and killed eight people in the poverty-stricken tenements it consumed. 

A Woman Got Crushed To Death By A Taco Bell Sign

Taco Bell is a culinary experience that's best reserved for late night drive-through trips after an evening of similarly regrettable decisions, and as such, it's a pretty embarrassing place to die. In the case of 49-year-old Diana Durre, who happened to pass away while answering the call of the border, she wasn't even eating there when it happened, which somehow makes it even worse. 

The Chambers, Nebraska, woman was meeting a couple from neighboring Wyoming at the fast food chain to sell them a dog when an unthinkable accident occurred. While waiting under a massive 65-foot sign - the kind you can see from far out on the highway - the huge structure suddenly toppled, landing square on the cab of Durre's pick-up truck. The crushing impact killed Durre at the scene. 

19 People Died In A Panic Over A Crocodile On A Plane

Airplane travel comes with some surefire annoyances - cramped quarters, screaming children, the occasional barking dog - but an escaped crocodile is a pretty inventive problem to face while cruising at 20,000 feet.

In June 2014, 19 people died when a small plane went down during a routine flight over the Congo. The lone survivor of the crash described the events that led to the plane's fall from the sky, and it's one of the more uniquely strange stories in aviation history. Apparently, a passenger had boarded the aircraft with a crocodile in tow, and somehow the reptile got loose during the flight. As the passengers and crew justifiably panicked, their shifting weight led to the plane's engines stalling, ultimately bringing it down in a fiery wreck. Think about that next you're irritated by a toddler kicking the back of your seat.

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<![CDATA[26 Punny Bumper Stickers That Honestly Make The Road A Better Place]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/punny-bumper-stickers/ashley-reign

Are you the type who spends their freeway time looking out for punny bumper stickers to pass the time? No matter how many eye-rolls they warrant, funny bumper stickers make even the earliest of early morning commutes worth waking up for, almost. Furthermore, if you have a funny bumper sticker in tow, you establish yourself as both physically and culturally ahead of your peers in the lanes behind you. But why wait until you're up to your elbows in brake lights and smog to enjoy some funny bumper sticker humor? Here you'll find a collection of pun bumper stickers collected for your viewing pleasure, without getting stuck in traffic while downing your coffee.

Like a clever restaurant name, a funny bumper sticker takes something, a restaurant or car, respectively, and elevates it to a status of distinction. Whether you're into Star Wars or science, Shakespeare or wildlife, you definitely will crack a grin for one of the punny bumper stickers below. So get a load of some of the funniest bumper stick puns out there without worrying about being a distracted driver. 

26 Punny Bumper Stickers That Honestly Make The Road A Better Place,

Restrain Yourself Punny Scientist!

You Bet It Does

This Pastry Lover Ain't Interested

Alcohol And Arithmetic Don't Mix

Just A Little Bump In The Road

Shih Tzu Happens

What Kind Of Cars Do Jedi Drive?

Float Your Boat

When All Your Fox Have Flown

That's Something To Shake All About

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