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The best European cruise lines include some of the largest and most well-known cruise lines in the world. From large-scale cruising ships to smaller, more intimate river cruises, the cruise lines listed here are all based in Europe. Which ones are truly the greatest? You decide that, with your votes. And this list is by no means complete, so feel free to add any Europe cruise lines that are missing.

Two of the largest and most recognizable names among the best cruise lines in the world are certainly MSC Cruises (which is now based in Switzerland, but originated in Italy) and Costa Cruises (based in Italy). Both of these cruise lines feature massive ships in their lineup, including several cruises that would be more than appropriate for families and even for families who want to cruise with kids.

Some of the European cruise lines on this list feature luxury cruises, giving passengers five-star treatment, from spas to six-star cuisine. Cunard (United Kingdom) and Crystal Cruises (Japan) are certainly included in this category. These cruise lines pamper guests to the max, as they guide them towards some of the most wonderful port destinations in the world.

One of the fastest growing and most popular means of cruising throughout Europe is the river cruise. Some of the companies listed here also appear on this list of the best river cruise lines, not surprisingly. River cruises are certainly unique, and the cruise ships themselves tend to be a bit smaller than the ocean liners, allowing for a lower passenger-to-staff ratio and, usually, fantastic one-on-one service.

Whatever your cruising style, enjoy this list and don't forget to vote!
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Cunard Line

Viking Line

P&O Cruises

Louis Cruises

Compagnie Du Ponant

Island Cruises

Crystal Cruises

Paul Gauguin Cruises

CDF Croisières de France

Le Ponant Cruises
The mission of the luxury PONANT cruises is to transport you to mythical destinations and secret ports only accessible to small capacity ships.It’s, also, to offer the delights of a French-inspired cuisine in an intimate environment - a discreet service where no attention to detail is spared - and unforgettable moments of relaxation on board elegant yachts of character.It’s, finally, to combine sophistication and conviviality, with priority given to authentic experiences, emotions and the ongoing quest for excellence. 

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<![CDATA[The Croods Movie Quotes]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-croods-movie-quotes/movie-and-tv-quotes
"The Croods" movie quotes tell the tale of a cave family who is forced to step outside of their cave home on a wild adventure. The 3D animated family movie produced by DreamWorks Animation was created by John Cleese, Chris Sanders and Kirk DeMicco, the latter two who also wrote the screenplay and directed the film. "The Croods" was released in theaters by 20th Century Fox on March 22, 2013.

In "The Croods," father Grug (voiced by Nicholas Cage), mother Egga (voiced by Catherine Keener), daughter Eep (voiced by Emma Stone), son Thunk (voiced by Clark Duke), baby daughter Sandy (voiced by Randy Thom) and grandma Gran (voiced by Cloris Leachman) make up the Crood family. They spend nearly their entire time in their family cave, much to the displeasure of Eep, under the strict orders of Grug. This changes when an earthquake crumbles the walls of their cave forcing them into the new and uncharted lands.

The Croods meet Guy (voiced by Ryan Reynolds) who informs the family that the world is ending. Guy urges them to come along on a journey with him, something initially the sheltering father Grug is not keen on but eventually agrees to. Along the way Guy shows them fun new concepts like shoes and fire plus catches the eye of Eep, who is smitten with this new stud. Together Guy and the Croods travel across the country in hopes of survival.

If 3D animated movies are not quite your thing, there are plenty of other films in theaters at the same time including "Upside Down," "Ginger & Rosa," "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone," "Dead Man Down," "Oz: The Great and Powerful," "Jack and the Giant Slayer,"  and "Identity Thief."
The Croods Movie Quotes,

Where Are We?
Gran: "Where are we?"
Grug: "I'm not sure."
Thunk: "Dad?"
Grug: "Don't worry, I'll take care of this." [screams at a monkey, who is unimpressed and punches Grug]
Thunk: "All right, dad, go get 'em!"
Gran: [laughs] "I'm loving this."

After venturing into the new land the Croods come upon a monkey. Grug thinks he can yell and scream at the monkey to scare it away but the monkey is highly unimpressed.
We Should Go There
Eep: "Whoa, you really need to see this. We should go there!"
Grug: "No!"

Following the earthquake that causes their cave home's walls to collapse, Eep marvels at the world outside and urges everyone else to come see it. Her father, Grug, on the other hand is less than excited to venture out of their safe zone.
Been in That Cave Forever
Eep: "Oh, I've been in that cave forever!"
Grug: "Three days is not forever."
Eep: "It is with this family."
Ugga: "Mom, we're ready to leave. Mom?"
Gran: "Still alive!"
Grug: "It's still early."

Eep complains about not being able to leave the cave calling her three day stay as forever. Before they can head out though they have to find Gran, who, much to Grug's disappointment, has not died at her old age of 45.
It Looks Dangerous
Grug: "Wait, it looks dangerous."
Eep: "Dad, you say that about everything!"
Guy: "Careful"
Eep: "Oh, really? Okay"
Grug: "Ugh!"

Like a typical teen, Eep isn't exactly excited by her dad's attempt to shelter her and goes against his recommendations to stay far from the edge of a cliff. Only after her crush Guy agrees about the danger does she listen, which aggravates father Grug.
It's Fire
Eep: "What is that?"
Guy: "It's fire!"
Grug: "Ahh, the sun is in his hands!"
Eep: "No, it's fire."
Ugga: "Where did it come from?"
Eep: "He made it."
Grug: "Make some for me."
Eep: "It doesn't come out of him."
Grug: "Make it! Make it!"
Guy: "You know, you're a lot like your daughter."
Eep: "Oh great, now he's broken."
Ugga: "Aww, it's a baby sun."
Grug: "Stay back!" [steps in the fire and screams] "No, no, no, no, wait!" Thunk: "It likes me! Ahh, it's biting me!"
Grug: "Try hiding from it in the tall, dry grass."

When Guy and Eep introduce fire to the rest of the Croods, clearly no one has any idea what they are seeing. Thunk however finds out real quick when he is lit on fire. Grug on the other hand advises Thunk to hide from the flames in a very flammable patch of dry grass.
I Call Them Shoes
Guy: "We've gotta move faster. I call them shoes."
Eep: [screams] "I love them! Where are my feet?"

Eep is thoroughly intrigued when Guy shows her shoes. It's these simple pleasures that expand their horizons and make their trip that much easier.
Family Road Trip
Grug: "Just think, our whole family packed together on a long, slow trip across country. We'll tell stories. We'll laugh. We'll become closer as a family." [Sandy, the baby, bites Grug's face.] "Ah, get her off!"
Ugga: "If you're not ready to challenge her then don't look her in the eye!"
Gran: "Could you keep your big giant arms on your side of the trail?!"
Grug: "You want me to turn this family around? Do you? Because I will turn this family around so fast!"
Thunk: "Dad, I gotta go!"
Grug: "Come on, you can hold it."
Gran: "I'm not dying on an empty stomach."
Ugga: "Ugh, we're all pretty tired."
Grug: "We'll eat when we get there."
Gran: "It's taking too long! I'm grabbing a snack." [Gran tries to eat Belt, the sloth, but Belt pulls a knife on Gran.]
Guy: "Don't do that. He's not food. He's a pet, my pet."
Gran: "What's a pet?"
Guy: "An animal you don't eat"
Gran: "We call those children."
Eep: [Smitten with Guy] "Isn't this fun? We're taking our first trip together."

While Grug is excited about a family road trip, the rest of his family is not as amused. Like a typical non-caveperson family on a road trip, someone needs to use the restroom, another is hungry and the teenage girl is focused on the hot, new boy.
The World Is Ending
Guy: "I'm guy and this is Belt. We need to leave immediately. The world is ending."
Eep: "What?"
Guy: "Fire, lava, everything we're standing on right here will be gone. I'm calling it the end."
Belt: "Dun dun dun!"

The Croods meet Guy along with Guy's pet sloth Belt. Guy informs the family of the pending disaster, all of which comes as a shock to the once happy yet highly sheltered family.
The Story of Crispy Bear
Grug: "Tonight we'll hear the story of Crispy Bear. A long time ago this little bear was alive because she listened to her father. So she was happy, but Crispy had one terrible problem. She was filled with curiosity. Yes, and one day she saw something new and died!"
Thunk: "Just like that?"
Grug: "Yes!"
Gran: "Same ending as everyday"
Thunk: "I get it, dad. I will never do anything new or different."
Grug: "Good man, Thunk"

In an effort to remind his family never to leave the cave, Grug tells a story about a young girl bear who died after seeing something new. While daughter Eep is annoyed by the constant directives to never leave the cave, Thunk buys into it, much to Grug's pleasure.
My Family, the Croods
Eep: "My name's Eep and this is my family, the Croods. We never had the chance to explore the outside world because of my dad's one rule: Never leave the cave."
Grug: "New is always bad. Never not be afraid!"
Eep: "We never had a chance to explore the outside world, but what we didn't know was that our world was about to change."

Eep gives a quick overview of her family, the Croods. They are cave people and have spent their entire lives in a cave due to dad's rule about never leaving. This really gets to Eep who longs to experience what else is out there.

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<![CDATA[13 Studies Clearly Conducted to Get Women to Put Out More]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/studies-clearly-conducted-to-get-women-to-put-out/joe-starr
At the end of the day, you can’t question science. After all, it explains why up is down, leads to medical breakthroughs, and unravels the greatest mystery of all: magnets, and how they work. But did you know that science also has a major focus on getting men laid? Time and time again, science is used for the benefit of all mankind’s boners. Researching this list shattered all of my preconceptions about scientists: the respectability, the comforting stoicism, and the lab coats, and has replaced it with the end credits of The Man Show.

This is a list of the health benefits of sex, semen and male sperm. Is sex scientifically proven to be good for your health? Yes. Yes, it is, according to these studies that were clearly conducted to get women to put out more. These doctors and scientists say that having more sexy-time can prevent cancer, diminish wrinkles and fine lines, increase life expectancy and well-being, cure migraines, incontinence, the common cold, and morning sickness. Sex is a miracle cure and it is free for the taking, ladies! What are the benefits of sex?

Having regular sexual intercourse has many physical, psychological, biological and social benefits for both men and women. But sometimes some ladies and gentlemen don't feel up for a rigorous sex regimen. Sometimes they are tired. Why don't women want to have sex all the time? Because they have migraines, a cold, or are feeling down and don't yet know that sex is actually a secret miracle cure for all of these ailments! So gather 'round, ladies stop your whining, and men arm yourself with this list of studies that prove sex is good for you.
13 Studies Clearly Conducted to Get Women to Put Out More,

Sex Cures the Common Cold, Apparently
You know how there’s no cure for the common cold? Well, there is. Can you guess what it is? Newsweek reports that bed-squeaking can cure the common cold. It works by raising immunoglobin A, an important virus fighting antibody, during intercourse.

As an added bonus, “my immunoglobins aren’t the only thing being raised right now” is my new favorite pick up line.The study is inconclusive about benefits regarding sex exclusively involving women, but notes that ‘it wouldn’t hurt to try it out.’

So there’s one for you, angry looking lesbian stereotypes. Cheer up.

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Doctors Say Looking at Well Endowed Women for 10 Minutes a Day Is Good for Your Health
A German study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, concludes that staring at women's t-shirt stretchers for a few minutes daily is better for your health than going to the gym.

"Just 10 minutes of looking at the charms of well-endowed females is equivalent to a 30-minute aerobics work-out," said author Dr Karen Weatherby, an expert on ageing.

See guys, not all news from Germany is terrible!

Completely ignoring the logic that if this were true, men would never get sick or die ever, this study insists that men who were told to stare at bosoms daily (they had to be told?) had lower blood pressure and slower resting pulse rates and also decreased their risk of coronary artery disease. Thank god I know this, because I was scared I was going to have to jog or squat or move or something.

It’s worth noting that the research team spent five years working on this discovery. Five years of staring at funbags, no doubt funded by some sort of grant: It’s a project that Peter Venkman could only dream of.

Apparently there are also some specific time and size correlations: men over 40 should spend at least ten minutes daily admiring heaven-sacks sized D-cup or larger.

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Blowjobs Reduce Depression in Men AND Women, Says Study Women Will Ignore
Good news for men (and women too, I guess)! A 2015 NYU study showed that giving dudes a little oral action is actually good for both men and women, at least when it comes to depression. The catch? The ladies have to swallow.

The study asked 293 female college students about their sex lives, and compared their responses with surveys about depression. They found that women who had sex without condoms (and were therefore exposed to semen) were less depressed than those who abstained from sex or who had sex using condoms.

So why blowjobs and not plain ol' missionary? Since vaginal sex can give women anxiety about getting pregnant, it may just be easier and safer to get your daily dose of semen orally. Oh, and the study also found that semen can increase a woman's ability to concentrate. Do with that what you will.

Regularly Massaging Breasts Could Prevent Cancer, Says Best Study Ever
Laboratory experiments show that applying physical pressure to malignant breast cells guides them back to a normal growth pattern, preventing them from triggering cancer.

I feel blessed we’ve come to live in a time when the most important guy in the hospital is the one in the Female Body Inspector t-shirt.

While scientists don’t expect to fight breast cancer with compression bras (who needs bras when I’ve got two hands amIrightbros? High fives!), they do believe this research provides clues that could lead to new treatments- Treatments that could lead to exciting new love-melon squeezing jobs in the medical industry.

Guys, can you believe it? Normally this kind of stuff gets us into a lot of trouble, but if science has its way, you’re no longer an aggressive and unwanted borderline sexual predator: you’re a certified jello-mold hero.


Swallowing Semen May Reduce a Woman's Risk of Developing a Dangerous Condition
Several studies have investigated the decrease of pre-eclampsia incidents in women who have unprotected sex with their partners and in women who regularly perform oral sex. Dutch researchers, who clearly have their priorities straight, concluded that oral exposure of and gastrointestinal absorption of man-juice establishes the immunological tolerance necessary for a safe and successful pregnancy.

The Dutch really seem to have their mouth around a solution to pre-eclampsia. Holding for applause.

Seriously, there’s nothing in nature stronger than a mother’s instinct to protect her child, and it’s about time we warped and twisted that beautiful bond to get more blowjobs. If you won’t do it for me, my love…Do it for our unborn son. Don’t spit away his future.

(See for yourself here)

Want More On These Sex Studies? Watch This Video
Proof that some scientific studies are strictly conducted to get guys a little more sex. 
Semen Is Highly Effective in Treating Wrinkles
A Norwegian company is bottling spermine, a powerful anti oxidant found in guy-pudding, saying it diminishes wrinkles and smoothes the skin.

Facial treatments start at $250, which is ridiculous considering the sizable volunteer base willing to render their services for free. The company behind this miracle tonic is called Bioforskning, named for Odin’s third son who will be played by Peter North in the upcoming Marvel sex adventure Thor: Money Shots.
Even the BBC Carried Out Experiments to See If Food Changes the Taste of Semen
Gordon Gallup, the porn appropriate named scientist at the State University of New York as concluded that there is something in semen that can alter moods positively, and if isolated could be an alternative way of treating depression. He goes further, pointing out that after tests assessing nearly a thousand women, that ‘women who don’t wear use condoms tend to be more gutted when their relationships break down, yet get into new sexual relationships more quickly than those that do.’

“It’s as if they find semen addictive.”

That’s a real quote. A real quote from a god damn scientist. Women need dude-cream to be happy. That’s why all lesbians in the hacky 90’s sitcom reality we live in look angry and miserable.

Frankly, I’m relieved. After hearing hundreds of rappers similarly hypothesize, it’s fantastic to finally see the scientific community rally behind ladies straight needing mad giggle-stick. Next up, the science of twerking: a surprising cure for scoliosis.

The BBC tested it
. It's true. Try it for yourself.
Studies Find That Fooling Around in Bed Can Be a Natural Anti-Depressant
In the late 1980s, when doctors still knew how to party, a study of 85 women concluded that 61% of women who treated their migraines with sex reported some kind of relief, with more than 20% saying their headaches were completely cured.

The oldest excuse in the book has been moot since the 80s and no one has told us? Thanks for nothing, The 80s. Honestly, this one isn’t quite as strong a home run as the various swallow cures we’ve been studying: it puts a lot of pressure on the man. I’ve got to get you off AND make your head feel better? I’M ONLY ONE MAN, DAMN IT.

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...and more
It's Official: Semen is Proven to Increase Life Expectancy
Gordon Gallup, who you remember from an earlier story about women needing man-juices in order to function emotionally, believes that the best way to cure morning sickness in pregnant women is sperm.

The article doesn’t really mention specifics of any study. There may not have been- this Gallup guy is the Billy Graham of sucking talley-whacker and he’s not even bothering to cite bible passages anymore: If this guy says that man-naise will give you Spider powers, than you had better believe that with great power comes (again, pun intended) great responsibility.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve got the first few song lyrics to my Mary Poppins porn parody locked in.

Obviously, this is something scientists have discovered with absolutely no ulterior motives.

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<![CDATA[The Best Guitar Stands]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-guitar-stands/ranker-shopping
List of the best guitar stands. Guitarists picked the most popular stands for their guitars, and the result was this list or top guitar stands. What are the top rated guitar stands being sold on the market these days? Our list of good purchases for the guitar stand buyer takes care of your shopping needs.

A brand like Fender makes guitar stands that unsurprisingly are perfectly fitted for a Fender acoustic guitar. There are brands like ChromaCast and Musician's Supply that make truly effective and high quality guitar stands. Why are those ranked here truly the best guitar stands for sale? Many of the guitar stands on this list have velveteen padding, as well as an additional security strap or a secure lock. Some of the best guitar stands here can fold, which makes them extremely portable and great for the traveling musician. Good guitar stands are vital to treat your instrument right and be rest assured it is in the best "hands," so to speak, when you are not playing it. That's why the looks and designs are as important as the strength and security on this list of the best guitar stands to buy online.

The Best Guitar Stands,

On Stage XCG4 Tubular Guitar Stand with Velveteen Padding and Security Strap

ChromaCast CC-MINIGS Universal Folding Guitar Stand with Secure Lock

Fender Mini Acoustic Guitar Stand

Hercules GS414B A/G Guitar Stand

Musician's Gear A-Frame Acoustic Guitar Stand Black

OnStage GS7462DB Double Electric and Acoustic Guitar Stand

On Stage GS7355 Triple Hang It Guitar Stand

Hercules GS525B 5-Piece Guitar Rack

Hercules GS415B A/G Guitar Stand Fold Neck

Ultra 2445BK Ultra 2445BK Guitar Stand

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<![CDATA[The Hottest Melanie Laurent Photos]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/hottest-melanie-laurent-photos/celeb-spotter
Melanie Laurent photos, collecting pictures together of one of entertainment's hottest women. Mélanie Laurent is a French actress, writer, and singer best known for her role as Shosanna Dreyfus in the Quentin Tarantino movie Inglourious Basterds (2009). She starred in Beginners in 2010, and starred in the 2011 film Les adoptés, which she also wrote. For her role in Inflourious Basterds, she was nominated for both a Saturn Award and an Empire Award for Best Actress.

Melanie Laurent has proven herself to be one of the most sexy and fun girls in movies and TV. She's an inspiration to hot chicks everywhere. So, in honor of one of the greatest up and coming ladies in Hollywood, here are the sexiest Melanie Laurent pictures, videos and GIFs, ranked by hotness.

These Melanie Laurent pics were taken from a variety of different sources, including several promotional and magazine photoshoots, and have been turned into a curated image gallery containing only the cutest pictures and jpgs from around the Web. While there are many sexy Melanie Laurent photos, these are the hottest around.

Melanie Laurent nudes, Melanie Laurent naked, and Melanie Laurent topless are hot commodities on the internet but what we've presented here is the next best thing. These Melanie Laurent hot pics of Melanie Laurent sexy poses are some of the very best you can find compiled anywhere.
The Hottest Melanie Laurent Photos,

Melanie Laurent in Watercolor Embellished Dress

Melanie Laurent in Sleeveless with Net Stockings

Melanie Laurent in T-Shirt with Belted Waist

Melanie Laurent in Ruched Bodycon Dress with Chains

Melanie Laurent in Strapless Lace Maxi Dress

Melanie Laurent in Detailed Blazer with Tank Top

Melanie Laurent in Crepe Chiffon Dress

Melanie Laurent in Lace Embroidered Prom Dress

Melanie Laurent in Zip through Off Shoulder Dress

Melanie Laurent in Ruffled Short Dress

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<![CDATA[Sergey Brin Quotes]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/sergey-brin-quotes/speakeasy
A list of Sergey Brin quotes. Here are the best quotes by Sergey Brin on various subjects, including life, death, writing, and other topics. These Sergey Brin quotations include famous quotes from his speeches. These memorable quotations have become part of the collective conscience of Sergey Brin's contemporaries and will be remembered for generations.

Sergey Brin is an American computer scientist and Internet entrepreneur who along with Larry Page, co-founded Google in 1998. One of the most recognized names in the world, Google is one of the most profitable Internet companies. Together, Brin and Page own about 16 percent of the company, which in 2013, means their net worth at $22.8 billion a piece.

Funny quotes from movies, TV, and professional comedians are repeated and shared, uniting fans of different ages, genders, and nationalities. Inspirational quotes from authors, religious leaders, and political figures are cited as words of wisdom, if not printed in history books. The famous last words of everyone from Julius Caesar to Chris Farley are oft quoted as summations of their illustrious lives. The funniest quotes and most famous quotes are words strung together so eloquently and perfectly that audiences can not help but repeat them in everything from speeches to academic papers to Facebook profiles.
Sergey Brin Quotes,

Obviously everyone wants to be successful, but I want to be looked back on as being very innovative, very trusted and ethical and ultimately making a big difference in the world.

It's our obligation to use the law to the furthest possible means to protect our users' privacy. It's just a legal and ethical principle.

Some say Google is God. Others say Google is Satan. But if they think Google is too powerful, remember that with search engines unlike other companies, all it takes is a single click to go to another search engine.

As for “Don’t be evil,” we have tried to define precisely what it means to be a force for good—always do the right, ethical thing. Ultimately, “Don’t be evil” seems the easiest way to summarize it.

We believed we could build a better search. We had a simple idea, that not all pages are created equal. Some are more important.

Too few people in computer science are aware of some of the informational challenges in biology and their implications for the world. We can store an incredible amount of data very cheaply.

We want Google to be the third half of your brain.

I didn't think I would come to this conclusion -- but eventually I came to the conclusion that more information is better, even if it is not as full as we would like to see.

It's clear there's a lot of room for improvement, there's no inherent ceiling we're hitting up on.

Google actually relies on our users to help with our marketing. We have a very high percentage of our users who often tell others about our search engine.

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<![CDATA[Parker Movie Quotes]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/parker-movie-quotes/movie-and-tv-quotes
"Parker" movie quotes bring the 19th book of the "Parker" series, "Flashfire," written by Richard Stark (Donald E. Westlake) to life in a live action film. The crime thriller follows the title character as he seeks vengeance against former thief partners after they betray him. "Parker" was adapted for the screen by John J. McLaughlin and directed by Taylor Hackford. It opened in the United States on January 25, 2013.

In "Parker," Jason Statham plays the title character of Parker, a professional thief who, unlike others in his line of work, operates with sort of a moral compass. He doesn't steal from those who cannot afford it and does not hurt anyone who does not deserve it. This creates a conflict when his partners on a mission wish to do things a bit differently. Things don't end well and as a result Parker is shot and left for dead.

Since Parker cannot be leaving this conflict unfinished, he vows to track down the guys who tried to kill them to get retribution. Those guys however have inside connections, with that of beautiful real estate agent Leslie Rogers (Jennifer Lopez). Playing by their rules, Parker befriends Leslie and convinces her to work with him, for a cut of the earnings, of course. Michael Chicklis, Clifton Collins Jr., Wendell Pierce and Nick Nolte co-star in the action film.

"Parker" joins the ranks of a winter movie season that included a number of other fantastic movies like "Django Unchained," "Killing Them Softly," "Hitchcock," "Skyfall," "Lincoln," "Flight," "Playing for Keeps," "Silver Linings Playbook," "Anna Karenina," "This Must Be the Place," "Cloud Atlas," "Wreck-It Ralph," "Nobody Walks," "The Sessions," "Red Dawn," "Chasing Mavericks," "Rise of the Guardians," "Argo," and "Looper."
Parker Movie Quotes,

Take Off Your Clothes
Leslie: "I don't know what you're into but whatever it is you're going to need somebody who knows the territory."
Parker: "Take off your clothes."
Leslie: "What?"
Parker: "I have to know if you're wearing a wire."

Throwing a line most men would die to be able to get away with, Parker demands that Leslie strip down… to prove that she's not wearing a wire. Odds on this situation escalating to something sensual?
The Deal
Parker: "Here's the deal. Don't ask me any questions because I'm only going to tell you what I want to tell you. The man who calls himself Rodrigo took something from me. He's in business with three other men. They're here for a robbery and they're going to use your house to lay low when they're done."
Leslie: "So you let them steal something, you steal it from them, I help you and I get a commission… You're going to kill them, aren't you?"
Parker: "I never said that, Leslie. You did."

Parker breaks down the plan to Leslie and she immediately agrees to the mission. Then however her mind begins to think, especially about those likely violent parts Parker hasn't mentioned yet.
Daniel Parmitt
Leslie: "Is Daniel Parmitt your real name?"
Parker: "Why wouldn't it be?"
Leslie: "Because you're less than two months old."

Leslie agreed to help Parker get back at those who wronged him but she didn't have the whole truth up front. Parker says his name is Daniel Parmitt but after researching it, Leslie learns that the real Daniel Parmitt is an infant.
He's Got Connections
Hurley: "Don't start anything. He's got connections."
Parker: "Give me someone on the inside."

Hurley urges Parker not to retaliate after he's left for dead by his former partners citing the connections they have. Parker isn't moved by that suggestion and instead suggests that they find their own insiders.
We Made a Deal
Melander: "I gotta say, Parker, you came as advertised but I'm gonna need the whole score for this next thing."
Parker: "We made a deal."
Melander: "If you were me, what would you do with a guy like you?"
Parker: "I'd kill him while I had a chance."

Parker meets up with his co-workers and things get tense when they have different expectations of the mission. It gets even worse when they get into a physical struggle in the SUV, a battle that ends when they shoot Parker and leave him for dead.
Parker: "Civilized people need to follow rules but these are mine. I don't steal from people who can't afford it and I don't hurt people who don't deserve it. Most importantly, if you say you'll do something and you don't, I'll make sure you regret it."

Parker gives an overview of his ideology in that he is a professional thief but he does have certain rules that he vows to follow along the way, rules that few others in his profession abide by.
How Do You Sleep at Night?
Leslie: "How do you sleep at night?"
Parker: "I don't drink coffee after seven."

Leslie is looking for Parker to reflect on his morality but instead he takes the question quite literally. Leslie is not impressed.

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<![CDATA[All of Batman's Deadliest Villains & Enemies, Listed]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/all-batman-villains-list-of-all-batman-enemies/all-enemies-and-supervillains

List of all Batman villains and enemies found on this Batman villains list. This list contains all super villains Batman has faced and any Batman villains names that have appeared in comic books or the movies. This Batman enemies list doesn’t cover all Batman characters but covers all of the Batman rogues gallery. Batman's enemies vary from easily defeated to certifiably insane, and the worst villains Batman faces are capable of taking out whole cities without the intervention of the Caped Crusader, which can be found on this Batman characters list. 

Who are the worst villains Batman pickles? Who are the deadliest super villains in Batman universe? Find all the Batman villians here... or in Gotham City. But who really wants to take a trip over there. All the crime and violence will sure keep people away since all the Batman villains want to take over the city. But if there's anything all Batman villains fear, it's the Caped Crusader.

Did your favorite Batman villain make this Batman villains list? You’ll find them here with their Batman villains names on this Batman character list or in the Batman movies. You won’t find Batman’s name on this Batman villain list for sure, since he’s one of the good guys.

All of Batman's Deadliest Villains & Enemies, Listed,


Anthony Lupus




Big Top


Axel Alex

Bag O'bones

Benedict Asp

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<![CDATA[The Dirtiest Things You Touch Every Day]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/top-10-dirtiest-things-you-touch-every-day/joanne
From regular occasional hand-washers to germaphobes, this list of dirtiest objects you touch every day is guaranteed to get your skin crawling and your hands frantically searching for the sanitizer. Dirty objects are all around you - and not just in places where you are naturally wary of germs, like the bathroom or the gym. Some of the nastiest things in the world are things you handle everyday, like money, your cell phone, or your computer keyboard. If you have ever sneezed or forgot to wash your hands after using the bathroom (gross!) you are part of the problem. 

Get your soap and your sanitizer, and get ready to dive into this list of dirtiest objects. You may never want to touch anything again after this.

The Dirtiest Things You Touch Every Day,

Light Switch
Somebody's got to do it, and usually it's the last person in the room. So pack up your things quick and get out of there, because turning off the light switch in a public area is just about the nastiest task anyone can be assigned to do, besides counting fat stacks of cash (refer to #1).

All the itty bitty germs love swirling around on the plastic switch that's touched by millions of dirty fingers over the years add up to about 217 bacteria/square inch. According to a local restroom sanitation glossary, that's what you'd call a common contact point where germs are transmitted. Clorox wipe, anyone?

More Information
Computer Keyboard
The computer's your friend (except when it freezes on you in the most pivotal moments of life. Damn you, rainbow wheel!) but its accompanying keyboard is a nemesis thriving with germs.

In a study from a British consumer group in 2009, 33 computer keyboards were randomly sampled and out of these tested, four were considered a health hazard. One was even discovered to have more bacteria than your average toilet. The only way to clean (or delete) this pile of cooties is to spray the keyboard with a can of compressed air and wipe with a cloth dipped in mild detergent.

More Information
You better have as much tolerance for the dirt on your bills as you have for the love of money itself, because you won't be escaping money's bacteria any time soon.

From the store cashier to the drug dealer's cocaine to the homeless man on the street, there's an enormous amount of bacteria on every buckaroo in your pocket. Dr. Darlington (yep, that's the name), the Health Commissioner of New York, found 135,000 bacteria from washing one bill and 126,000 from another. In other words, experts have long been afraid that paper money could be the source of a contagion outbreak.

It's about time to put on those latex gloves. Or encase yourself in a plastic bubble.

More Information
Cell Phone
Forget the dog. Cell phones are a modern (wo)man's best friend. Heck, the average person probably touches, taps, or strokes his or her cell phone more times than they pet their neglected pooch at home.

New research from the United Kingdom show that mobile phones are a technological petri dish for tens and thousands of germs, mainly due to the heat that they generate as well as the bacteria it shares with your hands and face. Next time, consider an anti-microbial coating for your phone or frequent anti-bacterial wipe-downs. Or sterile rubber gloves every time you touch or use your phone, always disposing of them in a furnace immediately afterward.

More Information
Toilet Seat
Though the toilet seat has been good to you on many a bad days, its porcelain white surface is party-host to all sorts of diseases and viruses. Statistics show that there are 295 bacteria for every square inch of the cold, smooth surface. Though that's not as bad as the 3.2 million on the toilet bowl, it's still not a place to rest your head on at night – or in the morning.

More Information
Remote Control
How many times has ice cream splattered onto your remote control and you've just ignored it? Or even worse, smeared it across the surface into an expansive-but-barely-there layer? Add to that the MRSA, VRE, and SARS bacteria that is easily transferable by touching TV remotes, and you've got yourself one soiled artifact. Next channel, please.

More Information
Shopping Cart
Sorry to be a killjoy, but surfing down the grocery aisle just got a lot less fun.

Think of every possible bacteria-filled thing a person can touch – well, once they hit their local supermarket, those things can also be found on the handle of any shopping cart. In fact, there may even be things on there that you haven't touched.

A study from the University of Arizona found that shopping carts were loaded with more bacteria, saliva, and fecal matter than escalators, public telephones, and even public bathrooms. So next time you're at a supermarket, you might as well pick yourself up some Purell. Shop and squirt, shop and squirt...

More Information
Sure, you're all clean and spiffy, but what about your bathtub? The bathtub is home to many toxic bacterias that is often left unnoticed. That is, until someone in the family catches a staph infection, urinary tract infection, pneumonia, septicemia, or some form of a skin condition. Believe it or not, bacteria left lingering near the drain of a bathtub is worse than bacteria found in the toilet. By cleaning the bathtub with bathroom cleaner just once a week, you can minimize these unwanted germs (and illnesses) from you and your loved ones. Go on, give it a good rub-a-dub-dub.

More Information
Poop. Apparently your typical beard carries a host of the bacteria found in fecal matter, leaving bearded men around the world to consider the necessity of an in-earnest beard washing routine. While we're not talking about clumps the size of something you'd see in a cat box, there are some gross molecules attached to some of the lesser-groomed beards out there.
Source: NY Post

Kitchen Sink
Contrary to popular opinion, the kitchen may actually be the dirtiest place in the house. Of course, that's not including your dirty little brother Jimmy's bedroom, but that's another story.

Anyway, there's typically 500,000 bacteria per square inch in the kitchen sink drain alone, so you can only imagine the total gunk with faucet handles and all. To solve the problem from the inside out, try pouring 1/2 cup baking soda and 1/2 cup of vinegar down the drain. Finally, rinse with hot water, and you just might hear your sink burp a clean gurgle of delight.

More Information

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<![CDATA[Fun Family Photo Ideas]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/family-photo-ideas/samantha-dillinger
List of family photo ideas. There are many different ways to take a family portrait. Some families opt for traditional posed photos by a professional photographer, while other families get creative with Photoshop. When taking a family photo you must keep in mind clothing choices, scenic locations and most importantly capturing the family bond on film.

What are some creative ideas for family photos? Playing with shadows, reflections and silhouettes are great ways to end up with an artistic family portrait. Rather than focusing on your family's faces, try taking a photo of everyone's hands or feet intertwined to give a new perspective on a close knit family. Sometimes the hardest thing about taking a photo is keeping the kids entertained, so try bringing a clown or your children's favorite babysitter along to keep the little ones occupied and smiling.

If your family is more daring, you could dress up in your favorite sports jerseys or even get made up to look like zombies. Some families even use Photoshop to enlarge certain members of the family to highlight who is really running the show.

What are your favorite ideas for interesting and unique family photos? What fun family portraits have you done with your kids? Share your thoughts in the comments section.
Fun Family Photo Ideas,

Walking Away

Super Fans

Practice Poses

Hands & Feet

Coordinate Colors

Candid Moments

Nature Lovers


Funny Faces

Fancy Family

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<![CDATA[Maleficent Movie Quotes]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/maleficent-movie-quotes/movie-and-tv-quotes
"Maleficent" movie quotes tell the title character's untold backstory as the Mistress of All Evil from "Sleeping Beauty." The live action Disney movie was written by Linda Woolverton based on "La Belle au bois dormant" by Charles Perrault and "Little Briar Rose" by The Brothers Grimm and directed by Robert Stromberg. "Maleficent" opened in 3D and 2D on May 30, 2014, in the United States.

In "Maleficent," the events that took place before "Sleeping Beauty" are introduced. Viewers learn that Maleficent (Angelina Jolie) was once a fairy with very powerful wings but evil forces turned her from good to evil and took away those wings. As a result, she was shunned by the townspeople, including King Stefan (Sharlto Copley).

So after Maleficent was not invited to the christening of Princess Aurora (portrayed by Elle Fanning, Vivienne Jolie-Pitt and Eleanor Worthington Cox), she shows up anyways and issues a stern curse. Maleficent says that once day Aurora will prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and fall into a sleep-like death. In the time that follows however, Maleficent spends her time watching over the girl and even getting to know her. Perhaps Maleficent isn't so evil after all, just misunderstood.

"Maleficent" joins the Memorial Day 2014 box office race including other movies such as "Blended," "X-Men: Days of Future Past," "The Immigrant," "The Love Punch, "The Angriest Man in Brooklyn, "Million Dollar Arm," "Godzilla," "Palo Alto," "Chef," "Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return Movie Quotes," "Neighbors," "Belle," "Walk of Shame," and "The Amazing Spider-Man 2."
Maleficent Movie Quotes,

Fight With Me Now!
Maleficent: "I call on those who live in the shadows! Fight with me now!"

Maleficent issues the equivalent of a "come at me, bro" as she invites those hiding in the shadows to stop hiding and fight her. Only one confident in their chances to win, or completely stupid, would issue that charge.
A Sleep-like Death
Maleficent: "Listen well, you all! The princess will indeed grow in grace and beauty. But before the sunset on her sixteenth birthday, she will prick her finger on a spindle of a spinning wheel, and she will fall into a sleep-like death!"

Maleficent, angry at how she was treated, unleashes a curse on Princess Aurora. As what happens in "Sleeping Beauty," Maleficent talks of Aurora falling into a deep sleep. Her threats are not hollow.
Are You Maleficent?
Princess Aurora: "When were you going to tell me that I'm cursed? Is it true?"
Maleficent: "It is."
Princess Aurora: "My aunt said it was an evil fairy. I can't remember he name. They said… it was…"
Maleficent: "Maleficent"
Princess Aurora: "Is that you? Are you Maleficent? … No, don't touch me. You're the evil that's in the world. It's you!"

Princess Aurora comes to a startling conclusion and initially doesn't want to believe it. To confirm her suspicions, Aurora asks if Maleficent is who she thinks she is. Whether she is ready for the honest answer or not is another story all together.
Don't Be Afraid
Princess Aurora: "I know who you are. You've been watching over me, my whole life. I know you're there. Your shadow, it's been following me, ever since I was small. Don't be afraid."
Maleficent: "I'm not afraid."
Princess Aurora: "Then come out."
Maleficent: "Then you'll be afraid."

Having spotted Maleficent in the woods, Princess Aurora urges the evil queen to reveal herself. Aurora thinks that Maleficent is afraid but really, Maleficent is limiting Aurora's fear.
Pretty Bird
Princess Aurora: "I remember you, pretty bird."
Maleficent: "This is Diaval."
Diaval: "Hello, Aurora. I've know you since you were a little one."

Surprisingly, Princess Aurora does not seem too alarmed when she learns that a bird that is very familiar to her, is actually a man named Diaval. Perhaps this sort of thing is normal in fairy tale land.
I Had Wings Once
Princess Aurora: "All the other fairies fly. Why don't you?"
Maleficent: I had wings once, and they were strong. They could carry me above the clouds and into the headwinds, and they never faltered. Not even once. But they were stolen from me."

Maleficent reveals some of her backstory to Princess Aurora. As she explains, Maleficent once had wings but they were stolen from her by an evil force, in turn making her evil.
There Is An Evil in This World
Maleficent: "Aurora, there is an evil in this world, hatred and revenge. And I cannot keep you from it."

As she tells Princess Aurora, Maleficent really does want to protect Aurora from all the evil in this world but it's just not that simple.
What An Awkward Situation
Maleficent: "Well, well, what a glittering assemblage, King Stefan. Royalty, nobility, gentry, and, how quaint, even the rabble. I must say, I really felt quite distressed in not receiving an invitation."
King Stefan: "You're not welcome here."
Maleficent: "Oh dear, what an awkward situation."

In the event that triggers many of the events in "Sleeping Beauty," Maleficent crashes the cristening for Princess Aurora to which she was not invited. Despite being told she isn't welcome there, Maleficent isn't thinking about leaving anytime soon.

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<![CDATA[The Best Ways to Fall Asleep]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-ways-to-fall-asleep/dani-porter
Getting enough sleep is essential to living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Finding the best way to fall asleep can be tricky if you don't know where to begin. Studies have proven that sleep is directly tied with emotional stability, the ability to function properly at work, and can even contribute to weight gain or loss. Without getting enough deep sleep at night, you may find yourself struggling at work, in your personal relationships, or in your overall health. If you’ve been tossing and turning at night and find it difficult to fall and stay asleep, we have solutions for you!  

Taking over-the-counter or prescription medications to make yourself fall asleep can be dangerous and habit-forming, so we've compiled a list of the best ways to fall asleep naturally. Falling and staying asleep may be easier than you might think. Simply learning to monitor your eating habits, exercise routine, meditating, and learning about the benefits of all-natural supplements can all drastically improve your sleeping habits. Try some of these falling asleep tips and tricks tonight and see how easy it can be to get a good night’s sleep!  

Vote up the best ways to fall asleep, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section.  

The Best Ways to Fall Asleep,

Monitor Social Media Time
Social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, can cause anxiety and stress. Try to avoid accessing your social media accounts a few hours before bed. 
Cut Down on Your Gaming Time
Studies have proven that playing 7+ hours of video games a week can affect your sleep schedule. Try cutting back on the time you spend playing Call of Duty or A Wolf Among Us, and you might just sleep better. 
Turn Off All Electronics
The light emanating from your cellphone, laptop, or television prevents you from falling asleep. Our bodies produce natural hormones that are released when it gets dark outside, prompting us to go to bed. By simulating a lit room with your electronics, you are preventing those hormones from doing their job. Turn it all off, and get some shut-eye. 
Make Yourself Comfortable
Avoid tight or uncomfortable clothes, like socks and hair bands. Be sure to use the bathroom just before you go to bed; a constant need to pee will prevent you from going to sleep. 
Keep It Dark
Bright lights can lessen your ability to fall asleep. They trick your body into thinking it is too early in the day for sleep, and prevent an increase in hormones responsible for sleepiness. Turn off all overhead lights, night lights, and lamps to fall asleep faster. Use black out curtains to ensure that no light can get into your bedroom. 
Cool Off Your Room
Hot skin and a cool room are the perfect combination for falling asleep quickly. Lower your thermostat so that the temperature is 65 degrees or lower. Cold air temperatures induce sleepiness and prevent night sweats. Plus, having a cool room gives you a good excuse to cuddle up close to your significant other, which relieves anxiety and stress.
Take a Hot Bath
Raising your skin's temperature can relax you and help you go to sleep faster. 
Indulge Yourself in a Warm Drink
Sipping on something warm and calming will relax your body and mind. Avoid drinking anything with caffeine before bed. A cup of warm milk with honey, chamomile tea, and peppermint tea are great for helping you fall asleep.
Read a Book
Reading is a wonderful way to reduce stress and help your mind to unwind. Choose a favorite book, and start reading it right before bed. Avoid reading horror or action books, as these may have the opposite effect and leave you laying in bed even later than you intended!
Adjust Your Clock
If you have a bright clock, use the dimmer option to lower the brightness of the screen. Additionally, turn it away from the bed so that it is not facing you with its brightness, and won’t distract you with checking the time.

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<![CDATA[Hottest Young Angelina Jolie Photos]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/hottest-young-angelina-jolie-photos/cari-fortier

Angelina Jolie near-nude photos, collecting pictures together of one of entertainment's hottest women. The best pics in this Angelina Jolie photo gallery are ranked according to their hotness. So, in honor of one of the greatest up and coming ladies in Hollywood, here are the sexiest Angelina Jolie pictures ranked by hotness.

Angelina Jolie is one of the most attractive actresses to ever appear on the silver screen. But was she always this good looking? Yes. Angelina overcame what was all our awkward stage in life. Before she appeared in hit films like Gia, The Bone Collector, Girl, Interrupted, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Taking Lives, Alexander, Salt, Maleficent, and Wanted she was pursuing an acting career, appearing in music videos and student films, but otherwise saying her look was "too dark" for feature films at the time. There was a moment during this time that Angelina worked as a fashion model that prove her good looks didn't just come out of no where.

Those luscious lips, those big blue eyes, and her beautiful brunette hair promised her a successful career in the entertainment business. Her natural beauty is all thanks to her parents Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand. Looking back, she had no clue she would one day be a big movie star and married to one of the most hansom hunks in Hollywood, Brad Pitt. 

These hot Angelina Jolie pics were taken from a variety of different sources, including several promotional and magazine photoshoots, and have been turned into a curated image gallery containing only the cutest pictures from around the Web. While there are many sexy Angelina Jolie photos, these are the hottest around.

Hottest Young Angelina Jolie Photos,

Young Angelina Jolie in a Pink Bikini Top

Young Angelina Jolie Wearing a Violet Slit Gown

Young Angelina Jolie in a Violet Gown

Young Angelina Jolie in an Off Shoulder Dress

Young Angelina Jolie Wearing Cut Off Denim Shorts

Young Angelina Jolie in a String Bikini

Young Angelina Jolie Wearing a Strapless Blouse

Angelina Jolie Wearing a Black Spaghetti Strap Dress

Young Angelina Jolie in a Polka Dotted Outfit

Young Angelina Jolie Topless

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<![CDATA[The Best Ways To Lose Weight]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-ways-to-lose-weight/bunny-brinkman
Looking for some simple ways to start shedding that excess belly fat and boost your metabolism? There are many simple approaches to dropping pounds in no time that don’t require a major life change, difficult dieting, or too much time. What are the best ways to lose weight?
Weight loss may seem like an unattainable goal, but the reality is that if you invest just a little bit of time each day, your body gets the kick start it needs to begin working for you instead of against you. In fact, once you begin to practice with some of the simple steps listed here, you’ll find that your body’s metabolism will begin to boost and eliminate fat from your system.
Losing weight doesn’t have to be hard. The suggestions on this list are simple, yet extremely effective ways to begin your weight loss journey. These easy weight loss ideas can be quickly incorporated to your daily routine.

This list features the best weight loss ideas, ranked by the community. Vote up the weight loss method you think is the best below.
The Best Ways To Lose Weight,

Crank It Up
There's nothing better than working out to your favorite music! It will give you the extra adrenaline boost you're craving and keep you entertained through every step on the treadmill.
Swap Your Restaurant Schedule
If you eat out more than a few times a week you're probably adding on extra weight! Simple solution? Swap your eating out schedule to once a week and watch the weight begin to drop off your waistline!
Redefine Happy Hour
Find a friend who has the same health goals you do and redefine the way you look at happy hour! Instead of hitting the bars, hit the gym for an hour in the afternoon instead. You'll love the way you look and feel.
Limit Your Salt Intake
Salt adds unnecessary weight that stores in your belly and makes you retain water. Avoiding common salty snacks will allow your system to flush excess water and fat.
Run Your Butt Off
Wanting to fit into those skinny jeans again? In just 20 minutes of daily jogging you can achieve that goal with ease. Running is one of the best ways to boost your metabolism... and literally run your butt off!
Don't Skip the Green Stuff
Simply adding healthy vegetables to the food you already love will make a tremendous difference in the way your body digests your food. Veggies also make your tummy feel fuller, helping you to monitor how much you eat.
Fab in Five
Performing 5 minute exercises like sit-ups, push-ups, and jumping jacks throughout the day will actually keep your metabolism boosted more than one 30 minute routine. Start small and build up to 7-8 sets during the day.
Eat Breakfast Daily
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Skipping it is missing an important opportunity to kick start your body into metabolizing the rest of your daily food intake. Start with a 300 calorie breakfast of whole grains and protein.
Purge Your Pantry
It's very difficult to start living a healthier lifestyle with all your old favorite snacks staring you down each time you open the pantry door. Purge your old snacks and restock with new ones. It will give you the confidence you need to make a change in your diet.
Get Rid of the Habits
If you're a smoker or drink alcohol daily then your stomach is storing excess fat. Kick the habit and replace it with a regular workout routine. Your metabolism will instantly boost and your waistline will slim in no time.

Wed, 23 Apr 2014 07:27:21 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/best-ways-to-lose-weight/bunny-brinkman
<![CDATA[9 Ways to Wear a Button-Down]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/how-to-wear-a-button-down-for-spring/bunny-brinkman

Button down shirts are among the most versatile pieces of clothing around. No matter what your personal style is, you can fit a button down or two into your wardrobe. Whether you’re a professional go-getter who needs to look classy all day or a casual partier, there are dozens of ways that you can make a button down work for you. Springtime is the perfect season for button downs since they can be worn for a variety of different occasions.

In Spring there are plenty of different occasions where a button down is appropriate. If you’re going to a job interview, add a blazer or vest over the shirt. Before heading to a party, throw a sleeveless dress or sequined tank over the button down. With all the different ways to wear a button down shirt, there’s no reason not to stock up on a couple before for the Spring season.

This list of how to wear a button down shirt for Spring 2014 has a look to fit everyone's style. What is your favorite way to wear a button down shirt? How do you incorporate a button down to fit your personal style?

9 Ways to Wear a Button-Down,

With Florals
If you're heading to a barbecue or another type of casual Spring party, florals are your best bet. Pair a floral button down with pants or a skirt - the floral look is always fun.
With Cargos
Need a sporty look for going to a baseball game? Pair your button down with cargo pants.
Under a Tank
Heading out for a night on the town? Put a sequined tank over your button down top to add flair to a simple shirt.
Over a Bathing Suit
For beach lovers, a button down is the perfect cover up for your cutest bathing suit.
With a Vest
With a vest and a nice shirt or pair of pants, a casual button down can turn into professional attire.
With Shorts
For a clean look that's perfect for a warm summer day, pair your button down with a pair of shorts.
Under a Blazer
Add color to your outfit by pairing your button down with a bright blazer.
Under a Sleeveless Dress
On a cold day, if you have a really killer sleeveless dress but don't want to cover it up with a jacket, wear a button down under the dress for the perfect solution.
With a Necklace
Liven up a solid OCBD by adding an interesting necklace, like gold geometric shapes or a colorful bubble bib.

Mon, 14 Apr 2014 08:32:11 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/how-to-wear-a-button-down-for-spring/bunny-brinkman
<![CDATA[42 Skills Every Woman Should Have]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/skills-every-woman-should-know/casey-cavanagh
No two women are the same, but there are a handful of skills every women should know how to do in life. To live a happy and fulfilling life, it is important to obtain a certain level of self-sufficiency and independence.

Though the only skills a woman "needed" at one time were cooking, cleaning, and household maintaining, we have come along way since those days. While there is no shame in placing priority on self-grooming and domestic talents, it shouldn't stop there. This list has everything you could imagine and more, so vote up your favorites and start learning!
42 Skills Every Woman Should Have,

How to Properly Cook Meat
Whether you're a meat lover or a vegan, there will probably be a time where you have to cook meat for someone, and you want to make sure you're doing it right.
How to Ask for What You Want
The worst anyone can ever say is "no."

How to Find the Correct Bra Size
Most woman have sizes ranging all over the spectrum in their draws. Some you spill out a little of, some are too tight, some leave strap marks digging into your shoulders. Not only should you have your chest sized by a professional, but you should also learn how to measure them yourself.
How to Pack Efficiently
Many people tend to overpack when they go on a trip. This is even more likely for women to do when they want to take different options for shoes, accessories, makeup, purses, etc. 
How to Live a Regret-Free Life

How to Administer CPR
No one anticipates having to administer CPR, but better safe than sorry!
How to Give Yourself a Breast Exam
You should be regularly seeing a doctor and getting a yearly exam, but checking yourself every month or so to make sure there aren't any lumps can be a life-saving skill!
How to Negotiate Salary
If you want something, you need to be willing to go out and ask for it. Most people want a raise and promotion, but not enough people are gutsy enough to outwardly ask for it.
How to Comfortably Spend Time Alone
Learning to spend time by yourself and be comfortable doing it is essential to being independent and for building healthy relationships with others.
How To Disable an Attacker

Tue, 30 Sep 2014 11:19:14 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/skills-every-woman-should-know/casey-cavanagh
<![CDATA[Words That Don't Rhyme with Anything]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/words-that-don_t-rhyme-with-anything/jason
As far as I know, these are the words in the English language that don't have an exact rhyme. Hopefully a valuable list for fellow rappers
Words That Don't Rhyme with Anything,











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<![CDATA[The Most Important Kitchen Safety Tips]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/kitchen-safety-tips/jessica-lawshe
Mastering the art of cooking is dangerous. It's not just mastering a recipe, but knowing how to do so safely. Take the danger out of the kitchen by checking out this helpful list of the most important kitchen safety tips. 

Knowing how to be safe in the kitchen isn't just for moms, it's for all chefs - master or sous. That's why you'll want to review these cooking safety tips. For example: have you been using a bread knife to cut your apples? Ignoring cooking temperatures? Or maybe using the same cutting board for your chicken and your bell peppers? Those are all big kitchen no-no's. 

Staying safe while cooking is knowing when to kick the kids out of the kitchen, and when to give them small tasks they can handle, like setting the table or measuring flour. It's also knowing to reach for the baking soda, salt, or fire extinguisher when there's a grease fire. Kitchen safety starts with you and learning all the
 kitchen safety tips starts here.
So before you master the art of cooking, make sure you master the art of kitchen safety by reviewing the most important kitchen safety tips. Vote up the tips that make you feel like a truly safe chef!

The Most Important Kitchen Safety Tips,

Don't Take Food Out of the Oven with Wet Oven Mitts

Wet oven mitts can cause scalding because water allows the insulated fabric of the mitt to conduct dangerous levels of heat. Smart Kitchen suggests using silicone mitts.

Don't Put a Hot Glass Dish on a Wet or Cold Surface
There's a lot of science behind this one. Just check out Ryan Carlyle's explanation at Quora. Bottom line: glass expands when it gets warm and shrinks when it cools down, but the growing and shrinking is not uniform, which causes stress, and thus, major explosions.
Use Baking Soda or Salt to Extinguish Grease Fires
According to Lifehacker, "Baking soda puts out fires by releasing carbon dioxide and smothering the fire." But it turns out salt works just as well - whichever you have handy.
Keep the Door Closed on Oven Fires
If a fire starts in the oven or microwave, don't panic. Just keep the door closed and turn off the oven or microwave. Opening the door will just give the flames more access to oxygen, which simply fuels a fire. Keep the door closed and the lack of oxygen will suffocate the flames. 

Source: For Dummies

Make Sure Your Knives Are Sharp
A sharp knife will do the job quickly and won't require as much force as a dull one. Since a dull knife will require more force, there's a greater chance you'll slip and accidentally cut yourself. 
Source: Food-Safety-Sanitation
Don't Try to Catch a Falling Knife
Okay, this seems kind of obvious, but it's instinctual to try to catch something that's falling. Instead, Food-Safety-Sanitation advises to get out of the way.
Wash Your Hands After Chopping Peppers
When you cut a chili pepper, it releases oils that coat your skin. Simple water and soap won't do much for washing this off. As The Kitchn suggests, use dish soap, rubbing alcohol, or even a milk bath to get the oils off to avoid that burning sensation. And whatever you do, don't touch your eyes for a good long while.
Properly Store Fruits and Vegetables
Perishable fresh fruits and vegetables (like strawberries, lettuce, herbs, and mushrooms) should be stored in a clean refrigerator at a temperature of 40° F or below. Make sure that you refrigerate all produce that is purchased pre-cut or peeled.

Source: Food Safety

Don't Use the Same Cutting Board for Raw Meat as You Use for Fruits and Vegetables
The FDA advises you use two separate cutting boards: one for raw meat, poultry, and seafood and a second one for fresh fruits and vegetables. If you don't have two cutting boards, the FDA suggests: "prepare fruits and vegetables first, and put them safely out of the way. Wash cutting boards thoroughly with soap and hot water. Then, prepare the raw meat, poultry, or seafood. Follow by washing the cutting board again."
Don't Use Metal Utensils on Nonstick, Teflon Pans
When Teflon or non-stick pans chip or flake, they "may be more likely to release toxic compounds," according to Kurunthachalam Kannan of the New York State Department of Health. That's why you should avoid using metal utensils, and instead stick to wooden or plastic spoons to stir food you're cooking in these kinds of pans.

Source: Good Housekeeping

Mon, 03 Aug 2015 08:23:15 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/kitchen-safety-tips/jessica-lawshe
<![CDATA[The Most Amazing Cat Athletes Who Should Win Medals]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/cat-athletes/ashley-reign
How athletic is your cat? Have you ever trained for weeks on end to achieve an amazing athletic feat, only to glance up one day to see your cat jump just as high or run just as fast as you without a second thought? Though there are definitely some kitties out there who are more of the “Garfield” persuasion, most cats are born ninjas and there are plenty of them out there who are loath to let those skills go to waste. You’ll see what we mean below, as you check out our amazing collection of gifs featuring cat athletes who laugh at your puny attempts at a high jump.

The athletic cats you’re about to meet claim they watch the Olympics only if they need something to lull them to sleep. They advise you to prepare yourself to get a load of a collection of cat climbing gifs, gifs featuring cats jumping high, and just all-around displays of the glory that is kitty kind.
So the next time you aspire to athletic greatness, these super cats advise you get ready to take notes. They may be fluffy and they may be adorable, but the click of a laser pointer can turn these cuddly little dudes and dudettes into badass felines quicker than Clark Kent can get into Spandex.

The Most Amazing Cat Athletes Who Should Win Medals,

Nothing Gets Past This High-Jumping Bad Boy

This Parkour Pimp Takes It to a Whole Other Level

Mountain Climber Kitty Claims Stairs Are for Wimps

This Guy's a Trampoline Gold Medalist in Waiting

When Ninja Cat Scales, He Scales Like a Boss

This Rowing Champ Doesn't Require Water to Practice

High Jump Kitty Says, "Bring It On!"

Whatever Sport This Is, This Guy's Nailing It

Cirque de Sol Kitty

Amazing Acrobat Kitty's Stealth Knows No Bounds

Thu, 12 Nov 2015 08:34:03 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/cat-athletes/ashley-reign
<![CDATA[20 Impressive Things Accomplished by Kids Under 10]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/famous-kid-accomplishments/matthewcoleweiss
When you think of a role model, you probably picture an experienced adult with wisdom and sage... someone who's seen some things and has racked up some serious experiences and accomplishments. You don't picture an eight-year-old rocket scientist or a four-year-old published author, right? Yet, the kids on this list are better role models than most adults out there, having accomplished things people never even dream of by the age of 10.   

You could call them child prodigies. You could call them merely products of passionate (or crazy) parents. But every child listed here was ten-years-old or younger when they achieved unheard of greatness. These kids can be considered positive child role models, or just straight up inspiring youngsters.

But how much of it is actual natural talent? How much of it is bossy, controlling parents? And how much of it is just a stunt? You be the judge. Vote up the kid you think is the most accomplished and most impressive! And all you future parents, take note! 
20 Impressive Things Accomplished by Kids Under 10,

Akrit Jaswal
One of Oprah Winfrey's favorites, Akrit Jaswal was only seven years old when he performed surgery for the first time, operating on the hands of a young female burn victim. Jaswal was not a doctor but was considered a medical genius by his native India. Now, he has moved on and is simply trying to cure cancer.  

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
It is said that Mozart composed his first minuet by the age of 5, then his first symphony by the age of 8. The child prodigy was hired as a court musician in Salzburg by the age of 17 and wrote operas by the age of 20. He not only played the keyboard, but he also mastered the violin and other instruments in his youth.
Dorothy Straight
Dorothy Straight wrote "How the World Began" in 1962 for her grandmother at the age of 4. Her parents loved it so much that they sent it to Pantheon Books who published it in 1964, making her the youngest published author ever.  
Elise Tan Roberts
In 2009, at just two years and four months old, child prodigy Elise Tan Roberts became the youngest person to ever join Mensa. With an IQ of 156, she is in the top .2 % of children her age as far as smarts go. By the way, the average IQ is 100.
Jane Haubrich
During the fall of Hurricane Irene, five-year-old Jane Haubrich of Doylestown, Pennsylvania got her start as a news reporter. With her stuffed dog toy in tow, Haubrich filmed her own segments about the effects of Irene which CNN aired internationally, making her the youngest news reporter ever.
Emily Baldry Dug up a 160 Million-Year-Old Fossil at Age 5
Sure, most kids enjoy digging in the sandbox. But Emily Baldry of the UK was already an archaeologist by age 5. With the help of her dad, she went on a dig and unearthed a 160 million-year-old fossil in Gloucestershire.  The Rieneckia odysseus fossil, which is almost 16 inches in diameter, is the remains of a mollusk that lived in the oceans during the Jurassic period.

Eleanor Gamble Scored a Hole-In-One at Age 5
Eleanor Gamble was only 5 when she took the record as the youngest golfer to score a hole-in-one. The British champ aced the 86-yard par three sixth hole at Cambridge Lakes golf course. The 3' 5" inches youngster managed to drive her ball 86 over a lake, round a bunker and straight into a cup, to uproarious applause from fellow golfers. 
Jake Frood Had a Double Black Belt in Karate at Age 5

Jake Frood took up karate at the age of 3 after watching "The Karate Kid." By the age of 5, he had a double black belt making him the youngest person ever to do so, despite his arthritis. Hailing from the UK, the tot, who is just 3 feet tall, was awarded his black belt after completing a grueling challenge which included a two-mile run and four-hour martial arts test. He now hopes to become a fully trained instructor by his tenth birthday.

Michael Kearney Graduated College at Age 8
Though Michael Kearney suffered from ADHD, that didn't stop him from becoming the youngest college graduate ever. At only 4-years-old, Michael aced the John Hopkins diagnostic for a precocious math test, without having studied for it at all. He graduated high school at 6. Then, Kearney enrolled at the Santa Rosa Junior College, completing an Associate’s in geology at age 8 and going on to finish his Bachelor’s degree by age 10!
Razvan Gogan Was President of a Country at Age 5

In February 2010, 5-year-old Razvan Gogan from Romania acted as President and signed (under the supervision of elected President Traian Basescu) a Presidential Decree for children's rights. For the whole day, Gogan was the special guest of President Basescu and participated in all the public activities at Cotroceni Presidential palace.

Mon, 15 Jun 2015 06:27:12 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/famous-kid-accomplishments/matthewcoleweiss
<![CDATA[Horrible, Awful Things That Happened When People Took Spice]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/spice-drug-facts-101415/jacob-shelton
Even though synthetic marijuana might seem like a good idea for people who are trying to stay “sober” or avoid getting dinged on a drug test, the sheer volume of stories about the negative and insane side effect of fake weed, or "spice," should make even the most experienced of user want to stay away at all costs. The drug called spice (or sometimes K2) is a synthetic blend of chemicals that’s meant to mimic the effects of smoking weed, but without the stigma. Unfortunately, the spice drug effects are far worse and crazier than any side effect that comes along with smoking weed. If you’re still on the fence about the spice drug here are some truly alarming stories about the drug spice.

Smoking spice has become popular with a lot of people who are trying to look clean on their drug tests and millennials who are just looking for something to do. Unfortunately, the spice drug effects are far worse than those of any normal drug. The stories on this list of the scariest facts about K2 and spice should probably deter any potential users who want to see what all the hubbub is about, or they should at least let you know what kind of nightmare you’re in for.

Vote up the craziest stories about people using K2, and leave a comment about anyone you know who’s suffered insane side effects from synthetic marijuana.
Horrible, Awful Things That Happened When People Took Spice,

US Army Cadets Expelled for Using Spice
An Army academy in Colorado Springs expelled five students and put another 25 (!) under investigation in 2011, when students were caught with the synthetic drug. The Academy did not release any other information, only saying that smoking the drug "threatens our military readiness.”
Texas Man Eats Dog After Smoking Spice
In 2012, a 22-year-old man from Waco, TX was charged with a felony after he allegedly killed and ate his roommate's dog while high on spice. According to Waco Police, before eating the dog, the man crawled around on his hands and knees, and barked at his neighbors.
Woman High on Spice Destroys Subway in Alaska
A Subway sandwich shop was left in disarray after a naked woman went on a violent rampage through the store. Not only did she break EVERYTHING, but she sprayed a fire extinguisher all over the place too. Police believe this to be a spice-related freak out.
Bad Batch of K2 Sends Dozens of Denverites to the Hospital
In 2013, a "bad batch" of Black Mamba (a version of K2) flooded the Denver market, sending dozens of users to the hospital. Some of the users even ended up falling into comas. One nurse said of the incident, "I've been in emergency medicine for the last 11 years, and I've never seen a problem like this before."
Man Shoots Good Friend After Smoking Spice
Joshua Poe, a young man from Chicago, was charged with first-degree murder and aggravated discharge of a firearm after shooting his friend in the face. According to Poe, he spent the morning smoking synthetic marijuana in the basement of his home. When his friend rolled a regular joint, Poe began to waive a gun around and question their friendship. When other people in the basement attempted to stop Poe, he shot his friend in the face.
Children Hospitalized After Accidentally Ingesting Spice
Three girls in Moscow had to be rushed to the hospital after ingesting spice, which was being used while "making soup" in their kindergarten class. Allegedly, the spice had been left at a local playground for buyers to collect. The kindergarten staff members could be indicted for criminal negligence.
Louisville Man Attempts to Rape a Woman While High on K2
Frederick Sheckles was accused of attempted murder, rape, and sodomy after he allegedly smoked synthetic marijuana and forced his way into the woman's home. From there, he stabbed the woman several times, put a gun to her head, and attempted to rape her.
Arizona Man Decapitates His Wife and Kills His Dogs
Kenneth Dale Wakefield has a history of mental illness, and in August of 2015, after smoking both marijuana and spice, he went on a rampage. First, he cut off his wife's head in attempt to "get the evil out," then he decapitated his two puppies before severing his own left arm and gouging out his right eye. He pleaded not guilty to a charge of first degree murder. 
10 Indicted in Underground Spice Ring
In late 2015, a yearlong crackdown came to an end when more than 90 stores and warehouses across New York City were raided with officials busting a synthetic marijuana ring they say was worth up to $30 million. 10 men were supposedly involved in the ring, and six of them were arrested. Allegedly, this was part of an international ring that imported, manufactured, and distributed synthetic marijuana across all five boroughs.
Man High on Spice Cuts Fetus Out of His Wife's Womb
In 2012, Jeffrey Reynolds was charged with feticide and attempted second-degree murder, after stabbing his wife and cutting out their unborn baby. He initially plead not guilty by reason of insanity, but changed his plea to no contest and admitted that he had been high on synthetic marijuana during the incident. He said, "In an effort to not break the law by purchasing ‘legal weed,’ I was deceived or poisoned by a real company I easily found during a quick ‘Google’ search."

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<![CDATA[Fictional Characters Named Matthew]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/fictional-characters-named-matthew/reference
List of notable fictional characters whose name is Matthew, including photos when available. The fictional characters named Matt below come from every kind of genre and medium, as this list includes movie characters named Matthew, TV characters named Matt, and book characters named Matthew. You might even find some notable video game characters whose name is Matt below as well. Whether you're looking for comedy characters named Matthew or drama characters named Matt, this list will have what you're looking for.

Who are the most well known fictional Matthews? Some of the more memorable names below include Matt Parkman from Heroes, Matt McNamara from Nip/Tuck, and Matt Saracen from Friday Night Lights. This list is ranked by the votes of users like you, so vote for your favorite characters below if you want to see them higher on the list. If we left your top character named Matthew off the list, feel free to add them.
Fictional Characters Named Matthew,

Matthew Applewhite

Matthew McGuire

Matt Parkman

Matt Saracen

Matt Honeycutt

Matt Rutherford

Matthew Stewart

Matt Eckert

Matthew the Waiter

Matt LeBlanc

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<![CDATA[Fictional Characters Named Robin]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/fictional-characters-named-robin/reference
List of notable fictional characters whose name is Robin, including photos when available. The fictional characters named Robin below come from every kind of genre and medium, as this list includes movie characters named Robin, TV characters named Robin, and book characters named Robin. You might even find some notable video game characters whose name is Robin below as well. Whether you're looking for comedy characters named Robin or drama characters named Robin, this list will have what you're looking for.

Who are the most well known fictional Robins? Some of the more memorable names below include Robin Hood from When Things Were Rotten, Robin Scherbatsky from How I Met Your Mother, and Robin Arryn from Game of Thrones. This list is ranked by the votes of users like you, so vote for your favorite characters below if you want to see them higher on the list. If we left your top character named Robin off the list, feel free to add them.
Fictional Characters Named Robin,


Robin Hood

Robin Scherbatsky

Robin Scorpio

Robin Starveling

Robin Childers

Robin Jones

Robin Stokes

Robin McCall

Robin Arryn

Tue, 15 Sep 2015 08:30:15 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/fictional-characters-named-robin/reference
<![CDATA[Doctor Strange's Silliest Catch Phrases & Spells]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-doctor-strange-spells/ranker-comics

If you've never heard the names of Doctor Strange's spells, you're missing out. Doctor Strange's catchphrases are epic and awesome, with each one doing something different. You probably aren't too familiar with him, since Strange isn't exactly the most popular Marvel hero. Sure, casual comic fans recognize him and diehards idolize him, but the everyday person doesn't know him at all. To comic fans, he's the Sorcerer Supreme! To everyday civilians, he's "That mustache guy with the crazy red cape and weird hand stuff." 

After Benedict Cumberbatch dons Eye of Agamotto in a Marvel Studios movie, things will be different. With a movie under his belt, Strange could join the Marvel A-list. But until then we'll enjoy this list of Dr. Strange's catch phrases and spells.

Plenty of superheroes have catch phrases, but none are quite like Strange's. This is a man who regularly and all seriousness shouts words like "Hoggoth," "Oshtur," and "Cyttorak." This is a character whose writers wrote fun incantations and phrases in alliteration first and then went and based the characters off those invented names!

These are the silliest Doctor Strange catch phrases, so vote up your favorites to determine just which ridiculously theatrical spell is the best he's ever shouted.

Doctor Strange's Silliest Catch Phrases & Spells,

By the Flames of the Flawless Faltine!

By the Mystic Moons of Munnopor!

By the Shades of the Seraphim!

By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth!

By the Wondrous Wands of Watoomb!

By the Ruby Rings of Raggadorr!

By the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak!

By the Deathless Vishanti!

By the Vapors of the Vishanti!

By the Eye of Agamotto!

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<![CDATA[25 Incredible Tattoos Inspired by The Golden Girls]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/golden-girls-tattoos/ashley-reign
If you weren't lucky enough to have a Golden Girls-watching grandma growing up, we'd like you to drop everything in your life and immediately watch every episode ever. Seriously though, the show was hugely popular for audiences beyond the blue-haired set. Some people loved it so much, they decided to make their devotions permanent. The following tattoos inspired by The Golden Girls range from pleasantly witty to WTF-worthy.

Though we’re sure that The Golden Girls tattoo ideas are not the easiest pieces in the world to find inspiration for, we’ve assembled some of the best and worst that the Internet has to offer. So if you’ve been chomping at the bit to get Betty White permanently inked onto your bicep, or are itching to tattoo some of the time-honored wisdom you learned from Sophia on your arm, then you’ve come to the right.

While it's no surprise that The Golden Girls tattoos aren’t for everyone, who can resist meeting a group of folks bold enough to pimp permanently-inked pieces of the hottest post-menopausal gals in sitcom history? If you're looking to get a Golden Girls tat yourself, this list should help.

25 Incredible Tattoos Inspired by The Golden Girls,

She's Watching You

The Flyest Neon Knitters on the Block

Oh the Possibilities...

The Gals Chillin' Back in Their Bedrock Days

The Best Cartoon Series Idea Ever

The Girls Are Back (Literally)

Keep Calm and Betty White

Lovely Tribute or Creepiest Birth Control Method Ever?

The Dashing Dorothy and Beautiful Blanche, Looking Stunning as Ever


Wed, 16 Sep 2015 10:37:28 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/golden-girls-tattoos/ashley-reign
<![CDATA[The Craziest Chocolate Related Crimes of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/chocolate-related-crimes/jacob-shelton
From crazy Nutella fights to Syrian refugees who tried to abscond from their homeland in a vat of burning chocolate, the chocolate crimes on this list are not only delicious, they’re also totally crazy. You might think you like chocolate, but after reading this list of the craziest crimes involving chocolate you’re going to realize that you only kind of like it. Unless you’re also putting together a group of friends to rob chocolate milk from a delivery truck, and if that’s the case then you might be on this list of violence caused by chocolate. Read about these chocolate related crimes before they melt on your dashboard!

The Nutella fight that broke out at a Costco in Burbank, CA in 2015 is just one of the many insane things that have happened in the name of the world’s favorite sweet snack. But for all you Nutella heads out there who don’t understand the uproar over a 24-year-old beating up an old man here’s a new rule: Don’t get in a fight over chocolate. Just buy whatever sweet treat you’re thinking about for dessert and carry on with your day. Or better yet, shoplift it and then eat the chocolate on top of a burning dumpster so you can end up on this list of crazy chocolate related crimes. (Actually, probably don't.)

Before you do any of that, though, make sure to vote up the craziest and most ridiculous tales of chocolate-related crimes and incidents.
The Craziest Chocolate Related Crimes of All Time,

Californian Busted Smuggling 400 Pounds of Chocolate Edibles Into Missouri
After being stopped for a minor traffic violation, a highway patrolman searched a man's vehicle and found 400 pounds of marijuana chocolate bars stashed in boxes in the SUV's cargo area. The man was charged with possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance.

Sweden Gripped in Chocolate Crime Wave
Leave it to the Swedes to have the most twee crime spree ever. In February 2015, criminals made off with almost a thousand dollars worth of chocolate in three separate raids. One shop owner believes "there is a market for buying chocolate bars and dividing them up into pick-and-mix pieces.”

£65,000 Worth of Chocolate Stolen in Yorkshire
Just in time for Christmas in 2014, thieves took off with £65,000 worth of Harrogate fudge and chocolate. A spokesperson for the North Yorkshire Police said, "If you have been offered any chocolates matching description of the ones which were stolen in unusual circumstances, I urge you to come forward and contact the police straight away."
Hackers Change a Recipe on Hershey's Website
In 2011, hackers broke into Hershey's website, not to steal user info, but to change one of the recipes. Possible reasons behind the hack are believed to be corporate sabotage or just some keyboard cowboys in the mood for a ride through chocolate country.
$120,000 Worth of Chocolate and Armored Truck Stolen in Florida
In Flordia a thief with a sweet tooth took off with an armored truck full of more than $120,000 worth of Hershey’s chocolate.

Stowaway Almost Drowns in Tank of Chocolate
In early 2015, a refugee from Syria, along with seven others, stowed away on a truck filled warm chocolate bound for the UK. After more than two hours stuck in a vat of hot chocolate syrup, he and the others decided to escape rather than drown in the delicious confection.

Airplane Passenger Gets Into Fight with Stewardess Over Chocolate
On a flight to Bulgaria, a passenger was filmed flipping out on a flight attendant for refusing to sell her a bar of chocolate. Other passengers finally intervened after the argument began to get physical.

Man Punches 78 Year Old in Costco Over Nutella
A 78-year-old Costco shopper in California said he was punched in the face by a 24-year-old male after complaining to him about taking too many Nutella samples. The grandfather suffered a one inch gash in his face, and the 24-year-old bully was arrested.

Meth Found Hidden in a Box of Chocolates
In New Zealand, a group of criminals tried to smuggle $60,000 worth of meth into their country from America, disguised as individually wrapped chocolates.

The Big Three Chocolate Manufacturers Come Under Scrutiny for Price Fixing
In 2013 a chocolate scandal revealed treachery at the highest levels of the cocoa markets when the big three chocolate companies (Nestle, Mars, and Hershey's) and a slew of independent marketers were indicted for the price-fixing of popular chocolate bars in Canada.

Wed, 23 Sep 2015 02:57:15 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/chocolate-related-crimes/jacob-shelton
<![CDATA[Awesome Designs for Rib Cage Tattoos]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/rib-cage-tattoo-ideas/tat-fancy
Looking for awesome ideas for rib cage tattoos? You've come to the right place. This list rounds up some incredible rib cage tattoo designs, from simple black ink patterns to colorful, intricate works of body art. Some rib cage tattoos even span the entire abdomen. All of these rib cage tattoos are a reflection of the person who wears them. If you're considering getting some new ink, rib cage tattoo art could be the way to go – just make sure to consult with a professional tattoo artist to create your own dream design.

What unique rib cage tattoo ideas will you find on this list? Maybe you're looking for something a bit more delicate and feminine. Cute rib cage tattoos featuring birds, flowers, and quotes, inked with fine lines and softer colors, might be just what you're searching for. But these tattoos don't have to be subtle. Scroll through this list and you'll also see cool rib cage tattoos featuring pirate ships, anatomical illustrations, and more.

Which of these unique rib cage tattoos is the best of the best? That's up to you to decide. Give the rib cage tattoo designs you like the most a thumbs up to move them to the number one spot, and share your opinions on the raddest tattoos in the comments section.

Awesome Designs for Rib Cage Tattoos,

Flower and Shell Rib Cage Tattoo

Tiger Rib Cage Tattoo

Pirate Ship Rib Cage Tattoo

Cross Rib Cage Tattoo

Flock Of Birds Rib Cage Tattoo

Rose Rib Cage Tattoo

Palm Tree Rib Cage Tattoo

Abstract Rib Cage Tattoo

Colorful Rib Cage Tattoo

Cherry Blossom Rib Cage Tattoo

Wed, 16 Dec 2015 08:31:05 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/rib-cage-tattoo-ideas/tat-fancy
<![CDATA[25 Surprising Facts You Didn't Know About Sons of Anarchy]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/sons-of-anarchy-facts/joanna-varikos
Sons of Anarchy has been defining badass since 2008. The FX drama is in motion to wrap up its seventh and final season, though it may not be the end just yet. Did you know there's a prequel in the works? That's right, which means the motorcycles can keep revving. If you didn't know that, there are probably more facts you didn't know, like Charlie Hunnam (Jax) and Ron Perlman (Clay) starred in a film together in very different roles. And Katey Sagal channeled her inner Peg Bundy by really getting "Married…with Children" to the show's big boss. Want more Sons of Anarchy trivia? Well start reading, silly!

These are just a few of the interesting tidbits about the show that we've put together for your voting pleasure. Check out these 25 fun facts about Sons of Anarchy, and vote up on the ones that excite you the most! 
25 Surprising Facts You Didn't Know About Sons of Anarchy,

Six of the First 9 Members Were Veterans
More than half of the First 9 members were veterans, six to be exact. Members of the First 9 wore a separate patch; you can catch Piney and Clay wearing it in season 1.

Source: CraveOnline
Creator Kurt Sutter Has Directed Every Season Finale So Far
He created the show, he acts on the show, and Kurt Sutter also (sometimes) directs the show, including each season finale to date.
There's a Potential Sons of Anarchy Prequel in the Works
There has been lots of talk that a prequel series detailing the origin of the club is being planned.

Source: ET

Check out the hottest Sons of Anarchy ladies here
5,000 Copies of an Episode Were Bought for Those Who Missed It During Hurricane Sandy
Show creator Kurt Sutter bought 5,000 copies of episode 508 on Amazon Instant for viewers who missed out on it due to Hurricane Sandy. Acknowledging that more than a few thousand people probably didn't get to see the latest episode at the time, Sutter said he really wanted his "peeps in New Jersey" to know he cares.

Source: Daily Mail
Jackson, Squared
More than likely the name of Gemma's son on the show – Jackson, or "Jax" – was inspired by Katey Sagal’s real-life son, whose name also happens to be, well, Jackson.
Sons of Anarchy Became FX's Highest Rated Show Ever
Season 3 attracted an average of 4.9 million viewers per week, making it FX's highest rated series ever. The season 4 and 5 premieres were the two highest-rated telecasts in FX's history. 

Source: Deadline
Charlie Hunnam Was Discovered in a Shoe Store
When he was just 17, Charlie Hunnam was messing around with his brother in a shoe store when he was approached by a production manager to audition for a role in a children's show called Byker Grove. The rest, as we say, is history.

Source: TV Guide
Tig's Fear Hits Close to Home
Tig Trager suffers from pediophobia, which is a fear of dolls. Creator Kurt Sutter has the same phobia in real life.

Source: Reddit
Katey Sagal (Gemma) is Married to the Show's Creator
Katey Sagal, who plays Gemma on Sons of Anarchy, is married... with children to the show's creator, Kurt Sutter.
The Show's Creator, Kurt Sutter, Plays Otto
Forget about just creating the show. Kurt Sutter also appeared on the show (uncredited) as Sons of Anarchy member Otto.

Source: IMDB

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<![CDATA[47 Dogs and Babies Who Are Adorable Best Friends]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/dogs-and-babies/amylindorff
The only thing cuter than a dog is a baby, but even cuter than all of that, is dogs and babies together. Big dogs and tiny babies make for some truly adorable moments, and fortunately, the parents and owners of these pups and newborns have taken plenty of cute pictures for you to aww over. These puppy and baby pairs will melt your heart and brighten your day.

Giant dogs like Great Danes and Newfoundlands, might seem like they should be kept away from babies, but when they meet their new family members, cuteness ensues. Little kids and dogs can be great pals, taking naps together, learning to crawl, and playing outside. No matter what, they'll be just as cute as can be.

From puppies and babies sharing a cozy seat, to corgis welcoming home their newest humans, to kids playing with their favorite (and giant) dog friends, there are tons of cute dogs and babies pictures for you to enjoy. Be sure to vote for the most adorable piles of fluff and cuteness below!
47 Dogs and Babies Who Are Adorable Best Friends,

This Dog Teaching His Human to Stand

This Baby and His Puppy Friend

These Sleepy Boys

These Two Chilling on the Porch

This Baby Who Is the Big Spoon

These Guys Having a Great Time

This Future Vet and Her Patient

This Baby Sandwich on Pug Bread

These Snugglers

These Two Good Nappers

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<![CDATA[The Best Kanye West Memes of AllTime]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-kanye-west-memes/meme-dude
Kanye West is the greatest rapper of all time...according to himself. Here are the funniest Kanye West memes of all time, ranked by fans (and haters) like yourself. Kanye made quite a scene at the 2009 MTV Music Awards when he told Taylor Swift that Beyonce had the best music video of all time. Since then the "I'mma let you finish" meme has become one of the more popular ones on the internet, with people photoshopping Kanye into all kinds of situations. Many of the Kanye West memes and jokes below feature his wife Kim Kardashian, whose big butt and sex tape made her famous in her own right. Vote for your favorite Kanye memes on this list, and downvote any that didn't make you laugh.
The Best Kanye West Memes of AllTime,

Ego and mini-Ego

He knows when there's another badass around!

'Me, me, me!'

Macklemore would be disgusted

Well, he certainly isn't One Direction

North speaks up about her name

I hate Clones!

Hypocrite much?

When baby names go... north

Kanye wants his croissants!

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<![CDATA[31 Universal Studios Secrets That May Blow You Away]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/universal-studios-secrets/ashley-reign
Who can resist the allure of a great theme park and the chance to tour the largest working movie studio in the world all in one fun-filled stop? Whether you’re up for a ride on the world’s most expensive theme park ride or want to cruise down Wisteria Lane from Desperate Housewives, consider hitting up Universal Studios Hollywood on your next vacation. This list will give you some cool tips for maximizing the fun on your trip with a collection of Universal Studios secrets and little known facts.

We're about to take you behind the scenes of both the studio and the theme park to give you a sneak peak at some cool old stories and facts that have faded into little known theme park lore over the years. We’ll offer you cool insights into everything from why your guide on the studio tour may not be allowed to point out certain actresses to the name of the mechanical shark in Jaws Lake. We’ll also explore things you may see along the tour that aren't often pointed out, such as which sound stage on the lot is rumored to be haunted by a famous old Hollywood actor. 

This nifty list of Universal Studios secrets and tips will also give you some helpful info for avoiding everything from long ride lines to being excessively creeped out by Norman Bates at the Psycho House. From the fun to the freaky, this fun collection of little known facts about Universal Studios LA are guaranteed to make you the most interesting guy or gal in the that ridiculously long line for the Simpsons ride. 

31 Universal Studios Secrets That May Blow You Away,

Universal Finally Took the Clock out of the Famous Clock Tower From Back to the Future Because it Was Super Recognizable
Though the clock tower may look a little funny when you see it without the clock, it had to be removed due to the huge problem its notoriety presented for other productions that filmed in the area after Back to the Future wrapped. The same courthouse has appeared in countless other films since, including Bruce Almighty, Batman and Robin, Amistad, and even The Nutty Professor

In the Early Days of Universal, You Could Watch Movies Being Filmed All Day for a Quarter
You could even cheer for the heroes or boo for the villains, due to the fact that all the movies back then were silent. This is also why there are so many Western sets on the back lot. The genre was very popular during the silent film era, when up to six Westerns could film at the same time on sets right next to each other. That's why they often call the area "Six Points, Texas."

Right After You Come out of Jaws Lake on the Studio Tour, Look to Your Left to See a Hidden Street
As you pass a house that your tour guide will point out as the "chicken ranch," look over to your left and you'll see a street called "Elm Street" which the tram isn't able to go down because it's too narrow to turn around on. Universal bought the houses along the street for $1 when the city needed to clear the space where they originally sat to build Dodger stadium. They've since been used in movies like To Kill A Mockingbird, The Hulk, and Hancock, and on TV shows like The Ghost Whisperer and Monk.

If You Look Closely You Can See Mother in the Upper Window of the Psycho House
Though the tour guide generally will have moved on to prep you for the cool War of the Worlds set you're about to see, rest assured that Mother is still watching.
Guides on the Studio Tour Are Forbidden to Point out Actresses Who Aren't Yet in Makeup
Though guests on the Studio Tour may occasionally roll past a famous actress along the route, in rare instances the tour guide may not always acknowledge the encounter. Apparently a few famous ladies in the past reacted unfavorably after being photographed by 200 tourists before they had had a chance to hit the make-up chair.

The Studio Tour Often Changes Routes in Order to Avoid Disrupting Filming
Due to the fact that the tour delivers on its promise to show guests around an actual working studio, the route of the tour is often changed in order to avoid disrupting filming. When getting too close to an active set can't be avoided, the tour guide will sometimes go silent for a period of time so as not to show up in the background of a film. If the tour bypasses an area you were hoping to see, check back later in the day to see if the route has changed.

If You and Your Friends Don't Mind Riding a Ride Seperately, Ask About the Single Rider Line
If you and your friends or family really want to go on a certain ride but not quite enough to stand in line for two hours, ask about the single rider line. You may end up riding separately, but it's more or less like getting a front of the line pass.
Before He Was a Famous Director, Steven Spielberg Used to Sneak onto the Backlot
Before he had his big break and became a Hollywood legend, director Steven Spielberg used to sneak onto the Universal backlot to get a behind the scenes look at the movie business. He now admits he got away with it by always carrying a briefcase. Though there was never anything inside, it made him look just official enough to seem like he belonged. 

After the Northridge Earthquake, Guests Were Given the Option to Skip the Earthquake Part of the Tour
For obvious reasons, Universal suspected that guests who had recently endured the trauma of the 1994 Northridge earthquake might prefer to skip the part of the tour where guests undergo an 8.3 scale earthquake simulation. For a time, guests were given the option to hop off the tram during the segment and hop back on after a few minutes when it was done. 

The Studio Has Its Own Fire Department, Police Station, and Doctor's Office
There are even drivers in vans scattered throughout the lot who can be on sight within minutes in case of an emergency - even if it's retrieving a cell phone someone dropped on the tour.

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<![CDATA[Practical Solutions to First World Problems]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/solutions-to-first-world-problems/ashley-reign
Are you the type who seems to constantly find yourself wallowing in self-pity despite your financial and social-economic security? Ever feel like your designer glass if half empty? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you’ve got first world problems and luckily are about to get some answers. We’ve compiled a helpful list of genius and easy solutions to first world problems that’s guaranteed to turn your luck around.
Here you’ll find a collection of simple tips and tricks to deal with the biggest problems that don’t really matter at all. Hate having to choose whether to keep wearing that trendy messenger bag or having to endure a little shoulder pain? We’ve got a tip that’ll render the problem obsolete. Has your day ever been plunged into a black hole of dark depression due to some ill-natured vending machine refusing to give you that stuck candy bar, which happens to be the last one? Never again. Wish you could ride the elevator without stopping on every floor and having to (gasp!) share it with others? Here you’ll find ways to arm yourself with solutions to all those first world problems that lurk in the shadows of your comfy suburban life, just waiting to spoil your day.
So stop agonizing over the fact that your freshly microwaved meal still has a slightly cold center and learn how to take matters into your own hands with the answers to all those funny first world problem memes! You may enter as one more helpless first world victim, but you’ll leave as a newly transformed first world warrior, ready to face whatever petty obstacles come your way!

Practical Solutions to First World Problems,

Solution: Never Be Forced to Eyeball "Even" Again!

Problem: DIY Photo Hanging Got You Down?

Problem: Uh Oh, It's Jean Hand!

Problem: Trend Induced Shoulder Pain

Solution: Use the Packaging to Your Advantage and Don't Even Dirty a Glass!

Solution: Put the Strap Through the Handle of Your Messanger Bag to Make a Backpack

Problem: Cookie Is So Close to a Solid Milk Dunk, Yet So Far Away

Solution: Turn Your Jacket Around Backwards for a DIY Snuggie/Snack Holder

Problem: Facing the Harsh, Cold World Outside Your Shower

Solution: Salt Dat Denim

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<![CDATA[30 Pictures of Young Jackie Chan]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/30-pictures-of-young-jackie-chan/cari-fortier
This slideshow features rare photos of young Jackie Chan, the impressive martial artist, actor, film director and producer from Hong Kong. Known for his acrobatic fighting style, comic timing and stunts that he usually performs himself, he has been featured in over 150 films since the 1960s. Many people are surprised to learn that in addition to all of the above-referenced skills, he is also an operatically trained vocalist. He’s even sung many of the theme songs in the some of the movies he’s starred in. Chan has received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Hong Kong Avenue of Stars. These pictures feature him in his teenage years and into his 20s. After appearing in numerous movies in China, Chan rose to fame in Hollywood in the 1988 film Dragons Forever. He has had lead roles in popular movies like Shanghai Knights, the Rush Hour series and Around the World in 80 Days. Enjoy checking out these rare pictures of Jackie Chan when he was young.
30 Pictures of Young Jackie Chan,

Young Jackie Chan in Jacket and Black Pants

Young Jackie Chan with Long Hair

Young Jackie Chan Closeup Headshot

Young Jackie Chan as a Toddler Playing with Cowboy Hat

Young Jackie Chan in Shorts and White T-Shirt as Toddler

Young Jackie Chan as a Baby

Young Jackie Chan as a Toddler

Young Jackie Chan in Black Leather Jacket

Young Jackie Chan in Sweater and Dark Pants

Young Jackie Chan in White Tank Top

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<![CDATA[The Hottest Aubrey Plaza Photos]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/hottest-aubrey-plaza-photos/celeb-stalker
Photos of Aubrey Plaza, one of the hottest girls in movies and TV. There are few girls out there as sexy and fun as Aubrey Plaza. She was one of the stars of Parks & Rec and is a favorite in the comedy community. These Aubrey Plaza pics were taken from several different sources, including a variety promotional and magazine photoshoots. They have been turned into a curated image gallery containing only the cutest pictures and jpgs from around the Web. Here are the sexiest Aubrey Plaza pictures ranked by hotness. While there are many sexy Aubrey Plaza photos, these are the hottest around.

Fans are always looking for Aubrey Plaza nude pics, Aubrey Plaza naked, Aubrey Plaza topless and other kinds of Aubrey Plaza hot pics but these Aubrey Plaza bikini pics and other Aubrey Plaza sexy shots are the best around and the best you'll ever find compiled into an image gallery in one place.

The Hottest Aubrey Plaza Photos,

Aubrey Plaza in a one piece beige swimwear

Aubrey Plaza in spaghetti straps top and high waist shorts

Aubrey Plaza in a triangle bikini

Aubrey Plaza in a white t-shirt and orange denim shorts

Aubrey Plaza in a short v-neck lace pattern dress

Aubrey Plaza in a pull over sweater

Aubrey Plaza in stripe shorts

Aubrey Plaza in a printed one piece swimwear

Aubrey Plaza in collared one piece outfit and high heels

Aubrey Plaza in denim halter overall

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<![CDATA[The Many Things We Hope Improve in 2015]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/things-we-hope-improve-in-2015/anabel-conner
Christmas is over and all the signs are there: your tree is becoming a fire hazard, the credit card bills have begun to roll in and the only pair of pants that will fit you have an elastic waistband. All of this signals the year is coming to its close, so to keep you from becoming a Scrooge, a healthy approach to the new year is needed. What better way is there to do that than to have hope for the future? What aspects of life, society, and culture do you hope see improvements in 2015?

2014 was okay, but I'll definitely be glad to leave it in the dust for the promise of a brighter 2015. Sure, there will be minor annoyances, like continuing to age and getting the year wrong on every letter, form, and check until at least May, but overall, 2015 gives us many reasons to be optimistic. Maybe even downright joyous.

Let's hope that things improve with the passing of the old year into the new year. What a year 2014 was... but what can we expect from the next twelve months? What resolutions do you hope the world achieves as a whole? Check out this list and vote up which areas you think could use improvement in 2015! And if you don't see it here, don't be shy... add your biggest hopes for the new year!

The Many Things We Hope Improve in 2015,

Economic Outlook
Whether it's your personal piggy bank, or the economy as a whole, we hope it's all looking up in the new year!
It HAS to get better because it can't get any worse, right?
Stress Levels
In order for happiness to increase, those stress levels need to come down.
Health & Fitness
This is one of the greatest assets that you have. Here's to increasing productivity levels like crazy and boosting self confidence.
The Environment
The earth keeps taking a beating, but lets all hope that we succeed this year in doing our part to improve our environment.
Peace & Kindness
2014 was the year that "the ugly" came out. The hope for 2015 is simply that the world works to fulfill a legacy of goodwill toward others.
Were you broke last year? Here's looking forward to filled pockets in '15!
2014 caused a whole lot of suck-tacular attitudes. Attitude adjustments and improvements will go a long way this year!
Social & Civil Unrest
Is anyone else tired of everyone being at each others' throats 24-7? Hoping the state of the union improves is probably a pipe dream, but... come on 2015!
Health Care
Despite governmental strides, healthcare is still one big, expensive mess. Fingers crossed there's improvement in 2015.

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<![CDATA[SYTYCD Season 12 Contestants]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/sytycd-season-12-contestants/yaypaul
So You Think You Can Dance is back for its 12th season with another amazing assortment of dancers vying for the title of America's Most Talented Dancer.

 For those that don't know the show: SYTYCD producers traverse the country looking for the best of the best to represent American dance. Dancers audition for a place in the Callbacks, here the dancers are whittled down from hundreds to just twenty top dancers. The top twenty head to Las Vegas for Live Finals on FOX where judges and the public vote to eliminate dancers until just one remains.

Vote on the best dancer or just the person you want to win. Rerank the list to create your own top 10 or 20. Let's see if the Ranker ranking match up with the shows winners!
SYTYCD Season 12 Contestants,

Edson Juarez
Team Stage - Eliminated August 17, 2015 (top 10)

Džajna "Jaja" Vaňková
Team Street - Eliminated September 14, 2015 (Overall Runner-Up)

Gaby Diaz
Team Stage - Overall Winner

Jessica 'JJ' Rabone
Team Street - Eliminated August 17, 2015 (top 10)

Hailee Payne
Team Stage - Eliminated September 14, 2015 (Stage Runner-Up)

Megan 'Megz' Alfonso
Team Street - Eliminated August 31, 2015 (top 6)

Jim Nowakowski
Team Stage - Eliminated August 31, 2015 (top 6)

Virgil Gadson
Team Street - Eliminated September 14, 2015 (Street Runner-Up)

Kate Hartpootlian
Team Stage - Eliminated August 10, 2015 (top 14)

Alexia Meyer
Team Stage - Eliminated August 10, 2015 (top 14)

Mon, 01 Jun 2015 13:15:34 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/sytycd-season-12-contestants/yaypaul
<![CDATA[The Most Amped and Excited Price Is Right Audience Members]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/price-is-right-audience-members/jacob-shelton
COME ON DOOOOWN... to this list of The Price Is Right audience members. Over the years this fan favorite and offbeat daytime TV game show has produced hundreds of memorable moments, most of them including the quirky audience members who line up each day hoping to appear on the small screen and maybe even win something. If you want to try your luck on America’s favorite game show, you need to get your bad self down to Los Angeles. While it’s pretty easy to score tickets to The Price Is Right, the real skill is making a memorable entrance. Some people crowd surf and a lot of people fall down, but it’s up to you to figure out what your method’s going to be. Take some time and study this list of the craziest Price Is Right audience members to see what not to do.

Whether they’re standing next to Bob or Drew, The Price Is Right audience members go completely HAM when they’re playing their favorite Price Is Right game. Some of them lose their minds and can’t stop screaming, while others seem to only then realize that they’re on television and clam up in front of millions of people worldwide. Strangely enough, grannies tend to handle the Price Is Right with the aplomb of the Queen of England. If you don’t believe us, check out the Price Is Right audience members and prepare to experience some of the craziest people you’ll ever see.

Vote up your favorite audience moment from The Price Is Right, and leave us a comment about that time that your Aunt Shirley almost won a speedboat.
The Most Amped and Excited Price Is Right Audience Members,

Price Is Right Superfan

Is Cody Auditioning For Bob's Job?

There's Nothing Worse Than A Clingy Contestant

Remember To Tip Your Waitresses

Somebody Get Laura Her Meds!

Jose: Genuine Idiot

Chill Is Not In His Vocabulary

Has Anyone Ever Been This Excited About Anything Ever?

Grandma Almost Has A Heart Attack After Scoring A Hole In One

You Probably Shouldn't Talk Smack To Bob

Fri, 15 May 2015 03:40:47 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/price-is-right-audience-members/jacob-shelton
<![CDATA[13 People Who Escaped Death Then Died Immediately After]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/people-who-almost-cheated-death/rydavis
These people managed the unthinkable: they cheated death. But then death cheated them back and they died anyway. If you've ever seen any of the Final Destination films, then you're familiar with all the horrific things that could ever happen to you involving everyday objects. And although the movie version is outrageous and over-the-top, freak accidents are a lot more common than you might think. In these cases, there are people who cheated death, and then there are the people who almost cheated death. And we're going to explore the latter results. In this list you'll find some crazy stories about some VERY unfortunate people who lived out their very own Final Destination.

These tragic stories feel almost unreal. They are indeed quite real, however. And that's what makes them so fascinating. There are so many instances in which people survived crazy accidents they probably shouldn't have only to perish in an equally insane incident shortly thereafter. The characters in Final Destination managed to escape their demise a handful of times, the people in these stories are not so lucky.

So without further ado, here's a roundup of people who escaped death, but died immediately after. 
13 People Who Escaped Death Then Died Immediately After,

Woman Avoid Club Fire, Dies in a Car Crash One Week Later
Jessica de Lima Rohl had spent weeks organizing a university party at a local Brazilian club. However, when her boyfriend asked her to stay in and skip the event, Rohl agreed at the last minute. This proved to be a lifesaving decision: 233 attendees were left dead after a fire broke out in the nightclub. Rohl was grateful to be alive, but only a week later she met her fate. Rohl and her boyfriend died in a freak car accident, colliding with an oncoming truck

Woman Awakes at Her Own Funeral, Dies from Shock
Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov had been declared dead at 49 years old. Her family began the grieving process and arranged a funeral. The only problem was she wasn't actually dead... yet. At the memorial, as Mukhametzyanov was being prepared for a proper burial, she awoke to prayers. Realizing that she was now attending her own funeral, the woman bolted upright and screamed for help. She suffered a heart attack from the shock, which resulted in her death... for real this time. The woman was rushed to the hospital where doctors confirmed she was actually dead now.

Basketball Player Skips Plane Crash Only to Die in a Car Accident
In 1977, the entire University of Evansville Men's Basketball team died in a crash only 90 seconds after the plane took flight. All but one, that is. An ankle injured sidelined David Furr, so he skipped the flight which would ultimately kill all his teammates. Although the team had previously only ever traveled by bus, the coach requested they fly in style for this particular away game. Furr would only live another two weeks, when he and his younger brother were involved in a deadly drunk driving acciident that killed them both.
Soldier Escapes Swarm of Bees by Running Into Traffic, Gets Dead

Austin McGeough, a 21-year-old soldier stationed at Fort Campbell, on the Tennessee-Kentucky border, was on his way back to base after some drinking and drugging, when he was killed by a car. Reports of McGeough's final hours are so confused they give an effect similar to what the young man himself must've been feeling after mixing Percocet with beer at a party near the base.  

The facts are: McGeough went to a party, mixed prescription drugs with alcohol and, on his way back to base, broke into a nursery, which he may have thought was either the party he had just left or the base. While in the nursery, he ate some leftover pizza and helped himself to the bathroom. Not long after leaving the nursery, he called 911, and also maybe his girlfriend, because he was being chased.

Chased by bees. 

To escape death-by-anthophila, McGeough ran to a nearby street. It's possible he was trying to kill two birds with one stone: hail a ride back to base, get away from his black and yellow friends. As a car approached, McGeough leaned into the road. The bumper clipped his knee, he spun around, smashed his head, and was killed. As the driver of the first car pulled over to help McGeough, two other cars ran over his body. 

Boy Who Survived a Tornado Gets Mauled by a Dog
Lynn Geiling opened her doors to a her little nephew and his family after they escaped a massive tornado in Oklahoma. The tornado did enormous damage, and the family left their son with Geiling while they dealt with the aftermath. According to police, the 5-year-old boy threw a tantrum while his parents were out. Geiling went to comfort him, but her 150 pound mastiff reacted aggressively and mauled the boy. Geiling screamed for help and tried to pry the dog's teeth away, but the boy sustained fatal injuries. The dog was euthanized following the attack.
Man Almost Drives Off Cliff Then Gets Hit by Bus
A California driver barely managed to escape a fall that would have almost certainly been fatal, very nearly plummeting off a cliff. The man lost control of his SUV on a windy Malibu road. When he crashed onto the mountainside's ledge, he was able to jump out of his vehicle onto the road. However, moments after abandoning his car, the man was struck and killed by an oncoming bus. 
Woman Who Survived 9/11 Dies in a Plane Crash Two Weeks Later
Hilda Yolanda Mayol had been working in a restaurant on the ground floor of the World Trade Center and managed to make it through September 11, 2001. Unfortunately, Mayol's luck didn't last long. Only two months later on a trip to the Dominican Republic, she died on American Airlines Flight 587, which it crashed in Queens, NY. At the time, many feared that the crash was a second terrorist attack, but the accident was attributed to the pilot's mishandling of the rudder controls during turbulence. 
Woman Survives Plane Crash, Gets Run Over by First Responders
After 16-year-old Ye Meng Yuan somehow managed to survive the fiery plane crash of flight Asiana 214, at San Francisco Airport, she laid down only 30 feet from the crash site. Injured and waiting for help, Yuan remained in a fetal position. When first responders arrived to help, however, a fire truck ran over Yuan. City officials cited the chaos of the wreckage as the main factor, but Yuan's family sued the city for negligence.

Woman Who Escaped Mall Shooting Dies in Aurora Massacre
Jessica Redfield was an up-and-coming sports broadcaster from Denver with a bright future ahead of her. She died at the hands of the Aurora shooter, who entered a midnight screening of The Dark Knight and open fired on the audience in 2012. Before Redfield was a victim of the devastating massacre, she had miraculously survived another shooting at a mall in Toronto only a month prior. Redfield managed to sneak out of the mall which was attacked in a shooting that left one dead and many injured. 
Marcus Garvey Has a Stroke After Reading Fake Obituary
Considered a trailblazer for the Black Nationalist movement, Marcus Garvey was a fierce Jamaican politician who advocated the return of those affected by the African diaspora. It came as no surprise to Garvey that he had many political opponents. However, the politician was shocked after coming across a fake obituary in the Chicago Defender. The obituary, which was incredibly negative and demeaning about Garvey's opinions, enraged the man so much that he suffered two strokes. So it appears his fake death caused his real death.

Thu, 07 Apr 2016 04:25:20 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/people-who-almost-cheated-death/rydavis
<![CDATA[TMI Facts About Rihanna's Sex Life]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/tmi-facts-about-rihanna_s-sex-life/rydavis
It's no secret that Rihanna gives absolutely zero f*cks what people think of her. The Barbados-born singer has made a career out of giving the middle finger to anyone brave enough to criticize her sexuality or appearance. Every new music video or red carpet appearance somehow manages to top the next when it comes to sex appeal.

When it comes to Rihanna's sex life, there are few mysteries as to what she likes, but many when it comes to whom she's dating. While RiRi has consistently asserted her singledom, rumors revolving around her alleged affairs with the likes of Drake, Leonardo DiCaprio, and even Ashton Kutcher seem to follow her wherever she struts. 

Rihanna is more than happy to share her NSFW thoughts on all things sex. But as for who she's doing the dirty with, whether that be friend, lover, boyfriend, girlfriend - that, she's willing to keep private. We already know partying with Rihanna is sure to be a wild time. But if you're curious whether those antics hold up in the bedroom for the pop star icon, we've got all of RiRi's most salacious shares. At this point, Rihanna shows no signs of settling or slowing down. The singer continues to push the boundaries of sex appeal. From baring her body to baring her soul, Rihanna is chock full of dirty bedroom secrets. Here are 15 TMI facts about Rihanna's sex life.
TMI Facts About Rihanna's Sex Life,

She Says Her Nipple Ring Makes Sex Better

Brazil by @dennisleupold

A photo posted by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on

In Rihanna's recent music video for her single "Kiss It Better," the singer's nipple rings are flaunted whenever she gets the chance to show them off. Rihanna has never been shy about the public knowing about her nipple piercing. In fact, she's even let them slip from time to time. The pop star has even credited them to improving her sex life in the past. If you've ever considered piercing your own, take Rihanna's word for it: the stimulation works wonders. 
She Spends More on Sex Toys Than Anyone You Know

FENTY X PUMA .... It's almost here #NYFW

A photo posted by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on

While on a *unique* shopping spree in Paris, Rihanna dropped wads of cash in a sex shop called Lovestore. Apparently RiRi walked into the shop with some purpose. A store clerk said that, "She knew exactly what she was after and didn't want any assistance picking out items. There was no dithering. She was grinning from ear to ear and seemed to be in a hurry." Nothing says happiness like $1500 worth of sex toys. Rihanna reportedly purchased an array of toys, handcuffs, scented candles, lingerie, and even a book full of graphic photos. 

Leo DiCaprio Is the Best She's Ever Had

A photo posted by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on

Rumors have circulated about Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna's friends with benefits situation for years. Tabloids and fans have speculated about the two hooking up in secret since at least 2009. Insiders have all but confirmed that the two have a rampant sex life. According to one, "their chemistry is off the charts. Rihanna loves Leo's attitude about life, and he thinks her laid-back demeanor is irresistibly sexy. She says he's the best she ever had." 

Size Definitely Matters to Her


A photo posted by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on

Rihanna doesn't ever seem to hold back on the racy stuff during her interviews. In a particularly candid moment, Rihanna discussed being single and what it takes to get her in the sack. She shared that, "he has to be good in bed and the size maters. You get what I mean? The inner beauty counts as well but without the toy it's not fun." So if you want a shot with Rihanna, you better be packing some major weight down there, because she isn't afraid to "check the boy from top to bottom" before she let's someone stay over.

She Won't Have "Hollow" Sex

Get ready for summer!!!! #THEFURSLIDE will be available onPuma.comon April 22 at 10am#FENTYXPUMA

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Despite sporting her Bad Girl RiRi persona onscreen and onstage, Rihanna doesn't consider herself all that badass when it comes to casual sex. In fact, the singer isn't interested in one night stands or "hollow" sex (maybe Ashton was more than a one-time thing?). In a spread for Vanity Fair, the pop star shared her feelings on saving sex for the right people. She said: "I mean, I get horny, I'm human, I'm a woman, I want to have sex. But what am I going to do? Just find the first random cute dude that I think is going to be a great ride for the night and then tomorrow I wake up feeling empty and hollow? He has a great story and I'm like...what am I doing? I can't do it to myself. I cannot. It has a little bit to do with fame and a lot to do with the woman that I am. And that saves me."

She's Not Afraid to Bare It All


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Rihanna has never been known for her modesty. Instead, the pop star has taken every red carpet chance to flaunt as much of her body as possible. At the CFDA Awards, Rihanna even went so far as to wear a see-through dress, baring her chest for all the cameras to catch. Despite constant criticism from the Fashion Police and other outraged insignificant others, Rihanna has consistently held up her middle finger to those offended by her ensemble choices. Never once has it stopped RiRi from show-stopping the red carpet in one revealing outfit after the next.
She Had a One Night Stand with Ashton Kutcher


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This is all speculation, but Rihanna rolled up to Ashton Kutcher's Hollywood mansion in the dead of night. Security footage caught RiRi's SUV pulling up and her exiting the vehicle, escorted by her entourage. After strolling into Kutcher's house at what most would designate a booty call hour, Rihanna didn't leave until the early hours of the morning. The singer stayed 'til about 4am, hoping to leave unnoticed from her one night stand. Unfortunately, tabloids got a hold of the footage and Rihanna's fling was revealed.
She Likes Being Submissive


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In an interview with Rolling Stone, Rihanna came to some stark conclusions about her sex life. She said: "I think I'm a bit masochistic, and I did not realize until recently." The singer opened up about her bedroom preferences, even sharing that she prefers her partners to take control. "I love to be submissive. Being submissive in the bedroom is really fun. You get to be a little lady, to have somebody be macho," she said. Despite projecting such an authoritative onstage presence, Rihanna actually likes to let go of control when it comes to sex.

She Wasn't Lying About Being Into S&M


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Rihanna's hit single "S&M" truly was coming from a place of experience. The singer opened up about her real life taboos in the bedroom when she shared that she loves "to be tied up and spanked. [She likes] to be whipped." But Rihanna has some specific standards when it comes to S&M in the bedroom. She said that she prefers "to be spontaneous. Using whips and chains is too planned. You have to stop and look for the whip. [She] prefers them to use their hands." 

She Likes It When She Gets Nudes


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In an interview with Rolling Stone, Rihanna jumped in with her thoughts on dick pics and sharing sexts. Rihanna revealed herself to be a big fan of receiving NSFW photos, especially when she's spending some major time on tour apart from her lovers. She said: "When you're not with the person you want to be intimate with, a picture is the next best thing. Well, Skype is safer. But a picture lasts a long time. When you're alone, pictures can be very handy." Whether or not RiRi feels the same way since The Fappening debacle involving Jennifer Lawrence and fellow Hollywood stars is unknown. But regardless, Rihanna isn't afraid to own up to the nudes she's received and sent.

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<![CDATA[Black Inventions We'd Be Completely Lost Without]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/black-inventors-and-inventions/damon-davis

If your list of Black inventors begins and ends with George Washington Carver, you have so much more to learn. Black inventors and their inventions have been changing the world for the better for hundreds of years. Believe it or not, you've no doubt used tons of Black inventions over the course of your life, many of which you may not have even known were created by African American innovators. For instance did you know that the Super Soaker, refrigerated trucks, and pencil sharpeners where all Black inventions?  

We've gathered up a collection of brilliant inventions you probably use in your every day life, all of which were invented by Black people. Whether you realize it or not, every time you sit down to eat a bag of potato chips or play video games at home, you have industrious African Americans to thank. Whether it's world-changing inventions like the concept of a blood bank, or smaller but no less valuable objects like the dust pan or golf tee, check out these modern day objects that were created by Black inventors. Vote up the ones you'd be lost without.


Black Inventions We'd Be Completely Lost Without,

Potato chip
The story of the potato chip started back in 1853 when a man named George Crum was working as a chef in Saratoga Springs, NY. Frustrated that an order of fries was sent back to the kitchen for being too thick, Crum decided to take revenge on his customer by chopping pieces of potato as thinly as he could, cooking them until they were burned to a crisp, and promptly returning them to the complainer. Much to his dismay, the customer absolutely loved the chips and they quickly became one of the most popular items on the menu.


The Pencil Sharpener
Can you imagine sitting in class during the second grade and having to stop halfway through writing the alphabet to pull out your knife and whittle down your pencil? In 1897, a guy named John Love definitely could. Not content with having to carve his own pencil every time he sat down to write a letter, he invented the pencil sharpener that allowed users to turn a simple crank until the end of their pencil formed a sharp point.

Refrigerated Trucks
A man by the name of  Frederick M. Jones may or may not have realized he was changing the eating habits of Americans forever when he invented mobile refrigeration. The system allowed food trucks to keep meat and other perishables frozen while transporting them long distances. His company, Thermo King, quickly became a huge manufacturer of refrigerated transportation.

The Gas Mask and Traffic Signals
Though Garrett A Morgan had only a sixth grade education, the son of freed slaves managed to turn himself into a businessman. He owned a repair shop, clothing business, cosmetics line, and even a Black newspaper. On top of that, he developed what he called the "safety hood," after seeing how many firefighters lost their lives in the line of duty. He even debuted it himself in 1916 by using it to save the lives of workers trapped in a tunnel explosion. The "hood" became a sensation and led to what we now know as the gas mask. But did he stop there? No way. He also patented the mechanical traffic light in 1923, which he then sold to General Electric.  

The Modern Home Video Gaming Console
If you love to play on your Playstation, Xbox, or Wii, then give it up for a guy by the name of Gerald A. Lawson. He created the first home video gaming system with interchangeable cartridges, offering players the chance to play all of their favorite games from the comfort of their own houses.

Beer Kegs
Richard Spikes is one of those people that history has never given the props he deserves. Not only did he invent the beer keg tap in 1910, he went on to develop countless other inventions and innovations.   
Over the course of his lifetime, Spikes also invented: the railroad semaphore (1906), the automatic car washer (1913), automobile directional signals or blinker lights (1913), the continuous contact trolley pole (1919), the automatic gear shift (1932), transmission and shifting thereof (1933), the automatic shoe shine chair (1939), the multiple barrel machine gun (1940), the horizontally swinging barber chair (1950), the automatic safety brake (1962), and more. 

Fountain Pens
Though almost all of us carry around pens in our backpacks or purses these days, prior to 1890, things weren't so simple. Back then, you not only had to carry around a pen, but also a bottle of ink to dip it in. Luckily an inventor named William Purvis came up with an idea for a pen with the ink stored inside. Today we know it as the fountain pen.   


The Super Soaker
Lonnie Johnson is the man behind all of your best summer memories. The Air Force vet who worked on the stealth bomber program, the Galileo mission to Jupiter, and the Cassini mission to Saturn, invented everyone's favorite water gun while working on an environmentally friendly heating pump. 


The Modern Refridgerator
Prior to 1870, the closest thing they had to a refrigerator was a huge container you could put food in and surround with ice. Needless to say, food didn't last very long inside such contraptions, which is why Thomas Elkins decided to shake things up a bit. Elkins developed a system that used metal cooling coils to bring the temperature of a container down to freezing temperature, allowing it to keep perishables fresh without having to worry about huge chunks of melting ice.

Carbon Filament Light Bulbs
Though the light bulb was invented by Thomas Edison, it may not have become a staple in homes around the world if it weren't for an inventor named Lewis Latimer. Edison invented the electric bulb, but his prototype didn't burn long enough to be of practical use. In 1881, however, Latimer discovered a way to use a carbon filament to produce a much longer lasting light bulb. It was also much more practical and way cheaper than Edison's original model. Latimer went on to work with Alexander Graham Bell to help draft the concept of the first telephone in 1876.

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<![CDATA[Adult Jokes You Never Noticed in Shark Tale]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/shark-tale-jokes/cehudspeth
The adult jokes in Shark Tale may have gone over your head because you were a child when you first saw the underappreciated DreamWorks film, or maybe you just never noticed them because you didn’t watch it as often as Finding Nemo, which came out around the same time and reigned supreme as the most popular underwater animated movie. Kinda like A Bug's Life and Antz. However, this was a gem starring Will Smith, and there are plenty of hidden jokes to uncover.

If you thought Pixar was the only animation company that could toss out jokes aimed at older audience members, prepare for this list to prove you wrong. Vote up the Shark Tale jokes that you were most surprised by. 


Adult Jokes You Never Noticed in Shark Tale,

We're All Wieners Here
In one scene, Lola rejects Oscar. The rasta jellyfish have hot dogs on a stick that they’re using as puppets. One of them mockingly calls out, “Wait, Lola, come back! I’m not nobody - I’m a wiener!”
White Fish Can't Jump
In one scene, Oscar is trying to show Sykes a fin shake movement, but Sykes can’t seem to get the steps right. They try a couple times, then Oscar simply says, “Don’t sweat it; a lot of white fish can’t do it.” Surely this is a play on the whole “white people can’t dance" stereotype, which is somewhat surprising to see carefully injected into a kid’s film.
I Ain't Saying She's a Gold Digger...
As a commenter on the YouTube video of this scene said, this is “The only movie known to successfully sexualize a fish.” In this scene, Oscar is imagining Lola, and there’s a song with lyrics that clearly state, “She’s dangerous, super bad - better watch out, she’ll take your cash. She’s a gold digger!” Apparently, before Kanye made a song about gold diggers, there was already a song on the same subject, except it was about an attractive fish girl and it was in a children's movie.
Donner, Party of One
In one scene, there's a shot of a restaurant and its sign reads "SUSHI BOWL." The establishment is completely empty inside, minus a single, frustrated employee.
Kiss from a Rose
In the ship that the sharks use for shelter, there’s a very visible shot of the drawing of Rose from Titanic.  At least in this one, for the sake of it being a children’s movie, she’s clothed.
Don't Go in the Water
While many kids haven’t seen Jaws, their parents have - or are at least familiar with its classic them. In one scene, Frankie is humming the Jaws theme. Lenny doesn’t like it, of course, stating, “That song gives me the creeps!” Frankie then says that it’s their theme song.
Free Willy
We see Angie with a whale client and hear the following exchange:

Angie: Good morning. Can I help you?
Whale: One wash and lube, please.
Angie: Hot wax?
Whale: Please.
Angie: Kelp scrape? We're having special, what do you say?
Whale: Why not? It's mating season and I'm feeling lucky! 

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<![CDATA[7 Ways The Little Mermaid Is Actually Quite Sexist]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/reasons-why-the-little-mermaid-is-sexist/jessica-defino
The debate about Disney sexism has been raging for a while now: are Disney princess movies anti-feminist? Should we care? DO we care? The answer is yes, yes, and YES. Sexist Disney movies feature a special kind of anti-feminism: the kind that's buried underneath layers of feel-good music and happy endings.

The sexism in The Little Mermaid is one of the worst offenders because sexist ideals hide behind a heroine who is traditionally thought of as spunky, independent, and fiercely feminist: Ariel. We're sad to say, once you look a little closer, that's just not the case. The Little Mermaid is sexist and there's no way around it! Here are the seven biggest reasons why. Vote up the reasons that make you the angriest.

7 Ways The Little Mermaid Is Actually Quite Sexist,

"Kiss the Girl" Argues That Consent Isn't Necessary
When Ariel and Eric are taking their first boat ride together, there's a lot of animated sexual tension happening. The awkwardness causes all the animals within earshot to break out into song, urging Eric to "kiss the girl." Cute. Just one problem: one of the lines in the song states, "There is one way to ask her/It don't take a word/Not a single word/Go on and kiss the girl." Seriously?! It doesn't take a SINGLE WORD? When Sebastian (a lobster) sings these words, what he's really saying is that asking for consent isn't necessary - and that's not OK.
Ariel Has to Give Up Her Voice to Get the Guy
We learn in the beginning of The Little Mermaid that Ariel's voice is what makes her unique, and she LOVES to sing. But once she lays eyes on Prince Eric, she knows that he is her one true love (which is ridiculous, but that's another story) and she'll do anything to be with him - including give up her voice.

Ursula, a sea witch, agrees to give Ariel legs so she can walk on land and find Prince Eric, but only if Ariel gives up her voice. Absurdly, Ariel agrees... and eventually ends up silently snagging the man. One, it's insane that Ariel gives up her most unique feature in order to find love, and two, it's insane that Ariel and Eric fall in love before speaking a single word to each other! Sexism ALL up in this plot.
The Male Characters Speak Way More Than the Female Characters
When The Little Mermaid was first released, it was praised for featuring a spunky, rebellious princess. Disney had (supposedly) turned a new leaf! Well, not exactly. The Little Mermaid was actually the movie giant's first princess movie to showcase more male characters speaking than female characters. In a movie where the protagonist (Ariel) and villain (Ursula) are both female, how the hell do the male characters get more speaking time? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? 
It Embodies Feminist Ideals Through Ursula - The Villian
Sure, Ursula has her evil moments - every story needs a bad guy - but for the most part, Ursula embodies feminist ideals. She's a strong woman who made a name and career for herself without the help of a man. She's loud and speaks her mind. She's strong, independent, and knows how to get what she wants. She's confident and doesn't conform to what society expects of a woman. Remind us why she's the villain, again? Ain't nothing wrong with those traits!
It Spews Bullsh*t About What Makes a 'Good' Woman and a 'Bad' One
Let's take a look a look at the characteristics of a "good" woman through the lens of The Little Mermaid: young, slim, beautiful, scantily clad, silent, and yearning for a man (Ariel). 

Now let's look at the characteristics of the "evil" woman in the film: old, voluptuous, loud, living outside of societal norms, and independent (Ursula).

Is it just us, or is that f*cked up?
'Poor Unfortunate Souls' Tells Girls to Be Quiet to Please Men
Before Ariel trades in her voice for a pair of legs, Ursula sings a song to convince her to give up the goods. This gem of a verse seals the deal:

"You'll have your looks, your pretty face
And don't underestimate the importance of body language, ha!
The men up there don't like a lot of blabber
They think a girl who gossips is a bore!
Yes, on land it's much preferred for ladies not to say a word
And after all dear, what is idle prattle for?
Come on, they're not all that impressed with conversation
True gentlemen avoid it when they can
But they dote and swoon and fawn
On a lady who's withdrawn
It's she who holds her tongue who get's a man."

Um, excuse me??? How the hell did this argument convince Ariel to give up her voice? We seriously hope that none of the girls who grew up watching this movie took these words to heart.

A Man Has Power Over Ariel at All Times
In the movie, Ariel basically has to make a choice: live under the sea and under the rule of her ill-tempered father, King Triton, or live on land and be with her "true love," Prince Eric. The idea that Ariel could make a choice other than the two presented (like living independently or exploring the world to see what would make her most happy) is nonexistent. It's subtle, but the undertone is there: it's a man's world and women just live in it.

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<![CDATA[23 Girls Who Fished for Compliments Way Too Hard on Facebook]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/girls-fishing-for-compliments-on-facebook/nathandavidson

Pack your bags, because you're about to go on a Facebook fishing trip. These are girls who clearly went fishing for compliments on Facebook with mixed results. These are status updates posted by extremely needy girls who just went really heavy on the bait, looking for some Facebook bites. Sure they're kind of funny, but they're also pretty sad when you get down to it. What has the world become when this is how people interact with each other? Be confident in who you are. You are beautiful. You don't need all of your Facebook friends to tell you that.

23 Girls Who Fished for Compliments Way Too Hard on Facebook,

Bending Over Backwards

Hate On, Haters

Message Received

Fish to Fry

Gone Fishing

Sorry Babe

Gone Baby Gone

This Is Going to Get Ugly

The Real Slim Shady

The Glasses Are Half Full

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<![CDATA[Things All Women Have in Their Closets (But Never Ever Wear)]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/things-all-women-have-but-will-never-wear/jessica-defino
An old bridesmaid dress. A celebrity-style inspired fedora. "Skinny day" jeans. What do these items have in common? Sure, they are things all women own. But more than that, they are clothes women own but never wear. 

It is a truth universally acknowledged that only about 20% of clothes all women own get worn on a regular basis; the other 80% of your clothing is made up of impulse buys, too-small jeans, too-big bras, or stuff with sentimental value that is hard to say goodbye to. Here's a list of things all women have but never wear; vote up the items that have been sitting in your closet, untouched, for the longest. 

Things All Women Have in Their Closets (But Never Ever Wear),

The Shirt That Was an Extra 50% Off
Who can pass up a good sale? A slashed price can take a blouse from "just okay" to "totally worth it" in the fitting room. But what seems like a good idea at the time most often just feels like a #fashionfail once you get home. 
The Bridesmaid Dress
The bridesmaid dress that your best friend swore would be versatile enough to wear post-wedding has not lived up to that promise. It's been three years, and the dress is patiently waiting for a second chance in the spotlight.
The Vegas-Worthy Mini Dress
Every woman needs a sexy, slinky, sparkly mini dress on hand on the off-chance that Vegas calls. Does that call ever come? Rarely. But it's good to have a dress ready to go, just in case.
The Dress That's Just One Size Too Small
It's happened to all of us: you spot the perfect dress on the rack and it's almost your size. You try it on and it's just not working. "Maybe with a pair of Spanx" you think, purchasing the dress anyway. But Spanx aren't miracle workers, and this dress will never fit the way you want it to. Sigh.
The College Sweatshirt
Your mom shelled out 50 big ones for it at the college bookstore to celebrate your acceptance. It's not something you'll wear anymore, but it just feels wrong to throw your alma mater's sweatshirt in the trash.
The Sky High Heels
Those too-tall heels that you swore you'd break in are still sitting in the box they came in, all the way at the back of your closet. Your eyes are bigger than your pain-tolerance levels.
The Convertible Strap Bra
When the convertible strap bra first came out, it seemed like a great idea. Criss-cross, halter, strapless: one bra to rule them all! In truth, it's just too confusing. It's so much easier to let your regular old bra straps peek out of your halter top, or just go bra-less. 
The "Skinny" Day Jeans
Every woman has that one pair of jeans that doesn't quite fit, but they're close enough that we hold on to them. Sure, they might be acceptable to wear in public after a bout of the stomach flu, but for the most part, these jeans are just depress you every time you spot them in the back of your closet.
The Capri Pants of the Early 2000s
Fashion in the early 2000s was all about capris. At that time, every woman had countless pairs in her closet to choose from — and some of us are holding out hope that the trend will come back someday soon. 
The Vacation Souvenir
Summer vacations in tropical locations require a local fashion purchase or two. Every lady has a brightly-printed sarong or handwoven purse taking up space in her closet—good for a memory but not much else.

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<![CDATA[Great Moments in Advertising Graffiti History]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-graffiti-on-ads/nathandavidson

There's nothing wrong with a little good, old-fashioned street graffiti as long as it's clever. And this is what this photo gallery is all about. This is 'tagging' at its finest and it's proof that graffiti can be funny when it's properly applied to advertising billboards and signs. So what are you waiting for? An amazing collection of graffiti ads is right here for you to look at. I think you should look at it. Maybe you'll even get some ideas before you head out tonight to graffiti your whole town.

Great Moments in Advertising Graffiti History,

Slot Shaming

Make America Bat Again

Michael Scott Approves This Message

What's in the Box!

Hogging all the Glory

You Slay Me

Men at Work

In Pad Taste

Dude Spoilers!

I Mustache You a Question

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<![CDATA[12 Strange Things You Didn't Know About Pyromania]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/crazy-pyromania-facts/jacob-shelton

Everyone goes through a stage of pyromania (right?). Most of us have a few tender years during which we burn ants or notebook paper, then we get bored and move to something else (or almost accidentally burn the house down and decide fire is the wrong element to f*ck with). But a true fire-starter is only getting started in youth. The compulsion behind  pyromania becomes an all-consuming desire capable of making you want to scorch the earth, or even make a lateral move to serial murder.

Whether you’re a secret pyromaniac or simply interested in what leads someone to set 18 fires in 10 days, there’s something to learn from this collection of things you didn’t know about pyromania.

According to psychologists, it’s nearly impossible to classify and count the number of true pyromaniacs in the world because extenuating circumstances must be taken into account. A true pyromaniac isn't someone setting random fires, but rather meets a very specific set of qualifications. This list addresses those qualifications, as well as theories concerning the compulsive need to set things on fire. Some researchers believe the need to burn is sexual, others think it has something to do with onset of frontal lobe damage. Read on to learn everything you need to know about pyromania. 

12 Strange Things You Didn't Know About Pyromania,

Pyromania Is an Impulse Control Disorder

The DSM-V (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) sets six criteria for those considered clinical pyromaniacs. These criteria are

  1. Deliberate and purposeful fire setting on more than one occasion. 
  2. Tension or affective arousal before the act. 
  3. Fascination with, interest in, curiosity about, or attraction to fire and its situational contexts (e.g., paraphernalia, uses, consequences). 
  4. Pleasure, gratification, or relief when setting fires, or when witnessing or participating in their aftermath. 
  5. The fire setting is not done for monetary gain, as an expression of sociopolitical ideology, to conceal criminal activity, to express anger or vengeance, to improve one's living circumstances, in response to a delusion or a hallucination, or as a result of impaired judgment (e.g., in Dementia, Mental Retardation, Substance Intoxication). 
  6. The fire setting is not better accounted for by Conduct Disorder, a Manic Episode, or Antisocial Personality Disorder.

Throughout the development of modern psychology and psychiatry, doctors resisted the idea of pyromania existing as its own compulsion, preferring instead to lump it in with other behavioral disorders. This was the case as recently as the 1970s. When the DSM-III was published in 1984, pyromania was reclassified under "disorders of impulse control not elsewhere identified." 

Adolescent Pyromania Can Lead to Serial Murder

Researchers have suggested pyromania is a gateway crime, theorizing that children and adolescents who set things on fire graduate to more serious crimes like rape and murder as adults. Multiple serial killers, including David Berkowitz, the Son of Sam, and David Carpenter, the Trailside Killer of the San Francisco Bay area, were fire-setters in their adolescence. Berkowitz admitted having started more than 2,000 fires in Brooklyn and Queens in the early 1970s. Fire-setting is a component in the MacDonald triad, a set of three behaviors indicating whether or not a child is prone to murder. The other behaviors in the triangle are cruelty to animals and persistent bed wetting. 

True Pyromania Is Incredibly Rare

People throw the term "pyromaniac" around like confetti, but less than two percent of arson and fire-setting behavior is due to pyromania. As per a study of 600 arsonists conducted by Nina Lindberg, a psychiatrist in Finland, 68% of arsonists studied set things on fire when they were drunk, and did so due to a combination of inebriation personality disorders, psychosis, or mental retardation. Only 12 of the 600 people studied fit the DSM-IV criteria for pyromania, and of those 12, nine (75%) admitted to only setting fires when drunk. Taking alcohol out of the equation, Lindberg arrived at her "less than two percent" figure. 

Setting Fires Is a Form of Relief for Pyromaniacs

In 2014, Ryan Scharber, then-fire chief of Babbitt, MN, was arrested for setting about 39 fires in Superior National Forest in the summer and fall of 2011. Scharber was recognized as a pyromaniac by a psychiatrist at the Range Mental Health Center, but he insisted that's not why he set the fires. Rather, he did it "to get out of the house for a few hours to get relief from his newborn child's acid reflux."

Going back to the DSM-V definition of pyromania: "Deliberate and purposeful fire setting on more than one occasion... pleasure, gratification, or relief when setting fires..." 

The Desire to Set Fires Doesn't Manifest Uniformly, and Is Often Connected to Other Issues

During a case study of a 20-year-old homeless man who fit the DSM-IV criteria for pyromania, neuropsychologists discovered pyromania can manifest differently than previously expected, and is often part of a dense thicket of interconnected symptoms. The man in question was brought to a psychiatric facility after lighting people on fire and deriving joy from it. He had no arrest record, no substantial history of violent behavior, and was an average student in school. 

An extensive study of the man showed a very different portrait, one the man managed to keep relatively well hidden until he began setting people on fire. The son of an absent mother and alcoholic father who committed suicide, the man admitted to having set a barn on fire in his youth, though it was quickly put out and nothing came of it. Intelligence testing showed signs of cognitive issues, including bad short-term memory, concentration, and perception of time. 

The man was noted for his poverty of speech, though when researchers asked him what he did for entertainment, his tone changed completely.

The patient began to laugh and smile, indicating that he 'enjoyed putting lighter fluid on people and setting them on fire.' The patient continued to be animated while discussing violent topics (eg, what it would be like to drop objects from motorway bridges to cause an accident). He was also at times sexually inappropriate toward female staff and talked of his wish to travel to a foreign country for 'loads of sex.'

His fire-starting was connected to feelings of sexual arousal and the release of tension. Eventually, it was discovered he suffered from occasional seizures and exhibited cerebral atrophy. Once these conditions were treated, his cognitive abilities improved and his desire to set fires subsided. 

Freud Believed Pyromania Was a Primitive Regression

If you know anything about Freud it's that he was obsessed with sex, and specifically how men were obsessed with penises. Once you know that, it's a no brainer he would correlate pyromania to male sexual urges. He connects fire to the origins of human progress, and the myth of Prometheus stealing fire from the gods and giving it to mankind. Freud noted the phallic nature of tongues of flames, and suggested early men put out fires by peeing on them, which makes a man's interaction with fire inherently homoerotic or competitive.

Freud also hypothesized the urge to set fires represents a regression to a primitive desire to demonstrate power over nature. Adolescents setting fires may be a case of youth trying to gain superiority over adults. 

Arson Isn't Victimless, and Pyromania Affects Communities

On the one hand, if you're a pyromaniac, volunteering as a firefighter seems insane. You're constantly surrounded by temptation, and your job is to destroy the very thing you're compelled to create. On the other hand, pyromaniacs are attracted to fire, and firefighters get access to a lot more five alarm blazes than the rest of us. Whatever the reason for it, in 2016, Lawson Schalm, a 19-year-old volunteer firefighter in Mayerthorpe, Canada, was charged with setting 18 fires between April 19 and 29.

According to Schalm's, former mayor of the town (is this an episode of Twin Peaks?), arson seemed "very out of character" for his son. Schalm's fellow firefighters suffered "almost grief-like symptoms" in the wake of the boy's arrest. The tremendous effort exerted and stress endured by the department, including Schalm, during the spate of fires was compounded when the firefighters learned one of their own was behind the crimes. In the summer of 2016, all members of the department underwent counseling. 

Most People Outgrow the Desire to Set Fires

Almost everyone goes through at least a small obsession with fire. Some of us shove our hands into the lit flame of a candle, others set ant beds on fire, scorching generations of insects. However, the desire to fire-start doesn't mean you're a pyromaniac. It's more likely setting things on fire at a young age is symptomatic of antisocial behavior people either grow out of or receive treatment for. University of Toronto psychologist Sherri MacKay believes lumping antisocial behavior with pyromania can lead to true pyromaniacs going undetected at an age when there may be an opportunity to help them.

The Desire to Fire-Start May Arise from Frontal Lobe Issues

Some researchers believe pyromania is a condition affecting the frontal lobe of the brain, rather than a true obsession with fire. In 2006, psychiatrist Jon Grant examined the brain of a patient who exhibited pyromaniac behaviors with single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) imaging and found a region in the left inferior frontal portion with low blood flow. After three weeks of daily behavioral therapy and a 12-month regimen of topiramate, an anticonvulsant used to treat seizures, the patient reported a decrease in the urge to set fires.

The Sexually Frustrated Teen Girl Fire-Starters of the 19th Century

In 1833, French scientist named Marc (apparently he doesn't have a last name) observed pyromania was "most likely to occur in sexually frustrated teen-age country girls" and in older men who set fires to achieve sexual satisfaction. He also noted the psychosexual aspect of pyromania was due to teens not knowing where to direct their new hormonal emotions.

Marc's observation predates the existence of psychoanalytic theory (Freud was born in 1856), and indicates there were enough fires being started by teenage girls and old men to require scientific investigation. Either that he or was making stuff up. But the correlation between Marc's observation and modern theories connecting fire-starting to sexual arousal and tension relief, as well as its prevalence amongst young people, seems to discount the theory that Marc was talking out of his ass.  

Marc further observed, "Incendiary acts are chiefly manifested in young persons, in consequence of the abnormal development of the sexual function, corresponding with the period of life between twelve and twenty."  

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<![CDATA[The Most Horrifying Transporter Accidents in Star Trek History]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/star-trek-transporters-accidents/greg-hahn

Gene Roddenberry and the other ingenious minds behind Star Trek have come up with some brilliant technology for the Star Trek universe: warp drive, food replicators, the Holodeck, and one of the most fantastical of all: Star Trek transporters.

Imagine a world where commuting to work doesn't exist; you just beam yourself over. A world where you never have to worry about being late to a movie or business meeting. Where you can travel great distances in a matter of seconds. Sounds great, right? Well, maybe you'll reconsider when you think about all the things that can go wrong. Transporter malfunctions happen, and they're not pretty. Below, you'll find a veritable cornucopia of horrifying Star Trek transporter accidents. Vote up the ones that will make you rethink ever wanting to step on a transporter pad.

The Most Horrifying Transporter Accidents in Star Trek History,

Our Man Bashir
  • Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  • Episode: Season 4, Episode 10, "Our Man Bashir"

An explosion prevents Captain Sisko, Worf, Kira, Dax, and O'Brien from materializing on the transport pad. To save them, the transporter chief is forced to download their physical forms to the holodeck... right in the middle of Dr. Bashir's James Bond-inspired holodeck program. To further complicate things, the crew doesn't have their own memories and believe themselves to be the characters from the program. It's up to Bashir to keep his fellow crewmen alive in the game, because if he can't, they'll die in real life.

  • Series: Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • Episode: Season 6, Episode 7, "Rascals"

Captain Picard, Ensign Ro Laren, Guinan, and Keiko O'Brien are returning from a botanical and archaeological expedition when their shuttlecraft is enveloped by an energy anomaly. An emergency transport to the Enterprise yields unusual results: Picard, Ro, Guinan, and Keiko reemerge on the transport pad as 12-year-old children!

Second Chances
  • Series: Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • Episode: Season 6, Episode 24, "Second Chances"

On an away mission, Commander William Riker came face to face with... himself! As it turns out, eight years ago, while serving on the USS Potemkin, a transporter malfunction caused the creation of a duplicate Riker (dubbed Lt. Thomas Riker). Thomas was brought aboard the ship, butted heads with William, and rekindled his relationship with Deanna Troi before ultimately being reassigned to the USS Gandhi where he could continue his Starfleet career.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture
  • Film: Star Trek: The Motion Picture

A transporter malfunction results in the horrific deaths of two crew members. Science officer Sonak and another crew member arrive on the transporter platform with their internal organs outside their bodies. The fleshy, disfigured masses didn't survive long.

The Enemy Within
  • Series: Star Trek: The Original Series
  • Episode: Season 1, Episode 5, "The Enemy Within"

The crew of Star Trek: the Original Series learned the hard way - don't have magnetic dust on your suit when beaming back up to the ship. The result? Two separate Captain Kirks, one good but incompetent, the other... pure evil.

The Next Phase
  • Series: Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • Episode: Season 5, Episode 24, "The Next Phase"

A faulty generator causes a transporter failure, leaving the crew of the Enterprise to believe Lt. Comm. LaForge and Ensign Ro were killed. But Geordi and Ro survived; they just beamed into a different phase than everyone else, free to wander the ship, but unseen and unheard by the rest of the crew. They observe their own funeral preparations before purposely causing a disruptor overload, which tips Data off to their whereabouts, allowing him to re-cloak them.

Mirror, Mirror
  • Series: Star Trek: The Original Series
  • Episode: Season 2, Episode 4, "Mirror, Mirror"

In "Mirror, Mirror," Kirk, McCoy, Uhura, and Scotty are sent to a mirror universe after a transporter accident during an ion storm. In this alternate reality, the Enterprise is a warship for the malevolent Terran Empire. The only way Kirk and crew can return back home is by impersonating their mirror-universe duplicates and outsmarting an evil, goatee-sporting Spock.

  • Series: Star Trek: Voyager
  • Episode: Season 2, Episode 24, "Tuvix"

Tuvok and Neelix beam back aboard after an excursion to an alien planet to retrieve some plant samples. Unfortunately, one of the orchids they brought back with them is the cause of a disturbing transporter accident that ultimately merges Tuvok and Neelix into one being - Tuvix. The crew accepts Tuvix for what he is (after all, they are on a journey to seek out new life forms), but things get complicated when the Doctor finds a way to reverse the process. By Captain Janeway's orders, Tuvok and Neelix are both restored, but Janeway has to live with the moral consequences of destroying the being known as Tuvix.

  • Series: Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • Episode: Season 6, Episode 4, "Relics"

The Enterprise receives a distress call from the USS Jenolan, a ship that has been missing for seventy-five years. After investigating, the crew finds no survivors, but LaForge notices that the transporters had been reconfigured in a strange manner. Amazingly, a pattern is still in the system's buffer and had suffered no degradation. He rematerializes the stored pattern, beaming Original Series character Montgomery "Scotty" Scott onto the transporter pad.

Past Tense
  • Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  • Episode: Season 3, Episode 11 & 12, "Past Tense" 

Sisko, Bashir, and Dax are sent back in time to 2024 San Francisco after a transporter accident. They inadvertently change history by allowing Gabriel Bell, a key figure and activist during a period of rioting, to be killed. It's on them to restore history before they can travel back home.

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<![CDATA[12 Creepy Stories and Urban Legends from North Carolina]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/north-carolina-creepy-stories-legends/isadora-teich

North Carolina urban legends are spooky, fun, and sometimes downright disturbing. From the angry ghost of one of the world's most famous pirates to haunted mountains in the countryside, North Carolina is host to a number of fantastically morbid and creepy stories. 

There is so much creepy tales from North Carolina that there's an entire X-Files episode dedicated to the strange lights near Brown Mountain. Considering the state is full of mysterious mountains and a rugged coastline, creepy stories from North Carolina involve murders, mayhem, and tragic specters on land and sea. North Carolina urban legends are sure to excite, to scare and to be really, really creepy. 

12 Creepy Stories and Urban Legends from North Carolina,

The Murderous Cabin in the Woods

A cabin known as the Old Lawson Home once stood in Stokes County that was the scene of a series of brutal deaths.  

On Christmas Day in 1929, well-respected farmer Charlie Lawson inexplicably shot and beat his wife to death, before killing six of his seven children. He then killed himself. People say he killed his family for a variety of reasons: a personality change after a head injury, going mad with guilt after impregnating his own daughter, to name a few. Because of the heinous nature of their deaths, the family was buried outside of hallowed church ground. It's rumored that, because of their improper burial, their spirits will never rest.   

After their deaths, the house became a tourist attraction for years before being closed and torn down. The floor boards of the home were allegedly used to help build a wood bridge across the creek that ran through the land and down through the county. Cars that cross the bridge have reported strange mists, hand prints appearing, and an early 1930's model car chasing them off the bridge. 

A Promise Kept by a Ghost

The Hardin House, which still stands, is home to a tragically romantic ghost that can be seen keeping her promise to her lover centuries later. In the 1800s, Helen Hardin, daughter of then-prominent politician William Hardin, lived in the house and was set to marry a man she loved named Philip Jones. They would often meet during the evening in the backyard to talk about their future and spend time together. On one clear, moonlit night she came to see him in a white dress. Philip told her she looked like an angel and asked her to promise to always stay that way. Helen said she would.  

That night, Helen mysteriously died in her sleep. The heartbroken Philip went to her backyard every night to wait for her. The townsfolk worried for his sanity until Helen's ghost - beaming and dressed in white - began to appear. They say you can still see her to this day on clear moonlit nights. 

The Devil's Tramping Ground

This old legend involves a weird, empty circular patch in the North Carolina woods where nothing will grow. In this patch of dead earth, it's said the devil comes to dance. If you leave something there overnight it will disappear entirely or be thrown outside of the circle so the devil has room to dance. Animals refuse to enter the circle. Some have even said they have seen glowing red eyes in its center. 

The Legend of Blackbeard's Ghost

On Ocracoke Island there is a small channel of water known as Teach's Hole. It's named after Edward Teach, who is more commonly known as the infamous pirate Blackbeard. It's said that Teach's Hole was Blackbeard's favorite place to anchor his ship, and that his ghost haunts the area to this day. The terrifying pirate captain, known for weaving fuses into his beard, had a long reign of terror which came to an end in that very channel. 

In 1712, the governor of Virginia sent men led by John Maynard to find and kill Blackbeard. They surprised him in Teach's Hole, shooting and stabbing the captain to death and capturing or killing all of the members of his crew. Maynard then decapitated him, hung his head from his ship, and threw his body into the water. It's said that to this day, the strange lights many have seen beneath the water in Teach's Hole are the ghost of Blackbeard searching for his missing head. Horrifying noises thought to be him roaring have also been heard from the cove. 

Normie: The Friendly Lake Monster

Sightings of Normie, the Lake Norman monster, go back generations. It's been described as a mixture of an alligator, eel, catfish, and snakehead fish. It's thought to be at least 10 feet long, and while no one knows exactly what it is or how it got there, there are several theories. The most recent sighting was in 2015 when a park ranger came across a bizarre animal tearing apart the carcass of a duck. He described the creature as a pint-sized Loch Ness monster, and was not the only one in the area to see Normie in action. 

Gravity Hill and Strange Fingerprints

On a section of Richfield Road in the city of Richfield, a tragedy took place. Long ago, a young mother and her child were driving on the road when their car stalled just as they reached the hill. As the woman got out to push the car to safety, a truck crashed into the vehicle, instantly killing both the woman and her child. 

It's said if you stall on the road and put baby powder on the top of your car, you will see tiny hand prints in the powder. If you put your car in neutral at the bottom of the hill, it will suddenly be pushed up it

The Bloodsucking Vampire Beast of Bladenboro

In Bladen County, there's a supposed vampire beast who's done some serious damage throughout the decades. The first sighting of the beast was in 1953, when a local woman heard her neighbor's dogs barking and whining. When she went out to investigate, she saw a huge feline-like monster flee into the dark. Two days later, a local farmer called the police after two of his dogs were found dead, entirely drained of blood. Dogs were found exsanguinated all across the county, and sightings of the creature skyrocketed.  

Hysteria took over, and people flooded in from all around to hunt the creature. After it attacked a human, the mayor and police chief hoped to end the hysteria by killing a random bobcat, hanging its body in the square and declaring they had killed the beast. Strangely, after they did this, the killings and attacks stopped. 

The Mysterious Brown Mountain Lights

For more than two centuries, a series of strange lights flickered on Brown Mountain.  They were written off as reflections of auto and locomotive headlights. That explanation was largely accepted when the U.S. Geological Survey reported it in 1913. Then, three years later, two Category 4 hurricanes devastated the area, but the lights remained unaffected. In 2016, news reports said the lights were starting to dim but could not say the cause.  

Cherokee Indians believe the lights were torches held by the ghosts of grieving maidens. In 1771, a surveyor wrote that believed they were nitrous vapors carried by the wind. Some claim it's related to aliens. That theory was the topic of an X-Files episode featuring Brown Mountain. To this day, no one is quite sure exactly why the lights shine. 

Where Are You, My Son?

A long time ago, deep in the woods near Arapahoe, an old blind woman lived with her son. He took care of her, and whenever she needed something she would call out "Where are you, my son?" He would always come running. According to legend, one day during a storm, he slipped into the river and drowned, and did not return when she called him. She went out to search for him but never came back. Her body was discovered by the river weeks later. No one knows whether she simply got lost and failed to return home, or if she died of a broken heart down by the river.

People believe her ghost still wanders the area searching for her lost son, and her cry of "Where are you, my son?" can be heard on the wind. The sound of her cane tapping can also be heard as she desperately searches for him.

The Prophetic Dream That Led to a Hanging

In the 1870s, farmer George Feller lived with his wife and infant child in McDowell County. Farming was a hard life, but it was even harder for Feller because his wife was bedridden with a debilitating illness. He was forced to do all the work himself. One morning, he came sobbing to the neighbors for help, claiming a violent bout of asthma had left his wife near death. When the neighbors came to Feller's home, they found his wife dead. The town gathered to help the grieving Feller with funeral preparations. 

During the funeral procession, a stranger on horseback crossed paths with the townspeople and stopped them. He claimed he had a dream he met the funeral procession of a woman who had been murdered by her husband the night before, and if the townspeople did not detain Feller, he would go to the police. The townspeople had Feller's wife examined by a doctor, who saw clear signs she had been strangled to death. Feller confessed to killing her during an argument, and was hanged for his crime. 

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<![CDATA[18 Hilarious Pictures of Kids Before and After Their First Day of School]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/kids-before-and-after-their-first-day-of-school/nathandavidson

The difference between the first day of school and the last day of school is basically like the difference between heaven and hell. On the first day, you walk through the pearly gates of your new school filled with optimism, a sense of wonder, and a snack pack. Then you wake up for day two, and the reality of having to do this 179 more times kicks in.

These pictures of kids before and after their first day of school will open your eyes to this horrible truth and make you want to laugh and also give these kids a hug. Don't worry guys, there's only 3,299 days of school left! Let's all hope that act of going to the same place with the same people day in and day out gets a little easier for these kids as the school year progresses. But just in case, maybe their parents should hold off on telling them about 9-5 office jobs. 

18 Hilarious Pictures of Kids Before and After Their First Day of School,

The Look of Defeat

The Dawn of the Second Day

Day of Reckoning

Not Again

Sometimes Day Two Hits You Hard, Bro

School Daze

Only 179 More Days to Go

Too Tired to Go On

If You're Not First, You're Last

Tired Act

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<![CDATA[14 Crazy Stories of Russian Spies in the US That Will Freak You Out]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/stories-of-russian-spies-in-the-us/chase-christy

Land of the Free, home of the spied upon. US citizens can't catch a break when it comes to creeps looking in their windows and pilfering data from their phone, email accounts, and personal computers. But Uncle Sam isn't the only one keeping a watchful eye on America. Throughout history, a number of foreign agents have graciously alleviated the government of the burden of spying on its people, none with more relish, mustard, and pickles than those sneaky Russian spies in the US. 

Maybe you watch The Americans. Guess what? That sh*t went down IRL. Yes, indeed, Directorate S in real life is not just some whacked out crap you can read about on Reddit. It's real af. Even rampant paranoia about sneaky Soviets eating microwave dinners, awaiting their orders to annihilate the engorged swine babies of capitalism is rooted in real fears, which go all the way back to the 1940s, to the inception of the ideological battle between rank consumers and dirty commies. 

During the Cold War, there was widespread fear about communist spies living in the US, fear that wasn't unfounded. There were Russian spies, part of the illegals program, who lived in America. Some of these spies were high-ranking members of the CIA and FBI, collecting and reporting sensitive data back to their KGB handlers. Others were cokeheads who were ill-advisedly given access to sensitive information. Be forewarned: after digesting tales of Russian spies who lived in the United States, you're gonna wanna set up, at the very least, audio recording equipment in your neighbor's house. 

14 Crazy Stories of Russian Spies in the US That Will Freak You Out,

Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, the Spy Couple That Leak Atomic Plans

Both Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were born into Jewish families in New York City. The two met as members of a Young Communist League in 1936 and were married soon after. In July 1950, after 11 years of marriage, Julius was arrested. Ethel joined him in police custody a month later. They were charged with conspiracy to commit espionage.

The allegations against the Rosenbergs were serious - they were accused of running an organization that passed plans for the atomic bomb to the Soviets. They were convicted 1951 and sent to Sing Sing, a maximum security correctional facility in New York. After two years of imprisonment, the Rosenbergs were executed by electric chair. Their sons, Michael and Robert, were 11 and seven when Ethel and Julius were put to death. Co-conspirators such as Ethel's brother received lengthy prison sentences. 

Ethel and Julius proclaimed their innocence until death, and some historians support this claim. However, declassified KGB files indicate not only that Ethel and Julius were guilty of espionage, but that Ethel was extremely cunning as a spy, and made a number of key decisions. Still, many believe the execution of the Rosenbergs was unnecessary, and tainted America's global reputation. 

Anna Chapman, Who Ran a Ring of Spies in the US and Proposed to Edward Snowden on Twitter

Anna Chapman was born Anya Kushchenko in Volgograd, Russia in 1982. She studied economics at Moscow University and, on a vacation to London, met a man named Alex Chapman (at a rave, no less) who she married in 2002. The two divorced in 2006, and Anna moved to New York City the following year to pursue business. While in NYC, she ran a successful real estate company, making contacts through which she tried to access sensitive information and create relationships with policy makers.

According to her ex husband, Chapman's father was a high-ranking KGB official who  tasked her with securing government information and reporting it to Russia. She was exposed when she unknowingly met with an undercover FBI agent. The FBI uncovered that Chapman was running a ring with nine other spies. She was arrested and held briefly before being sent back to Russia in the largest spy swap since 1986. Since returning to Russia, she parlayed her good looks and youth into a career modeling for men's magazines and hosting television shows. 

If all that weren't weird enough, rumor has it Chapman was tasked with seducing Edward Snowden to get him to stay in Russia so KGB agent Boris Karpichkov could question him about US security. She proposed to Snowden on Twitter and, in 2015, gave birth to a baby. The identify of the father is a closely guarded secret. 

Rudolf Abel, Mid-Century Brooklyn Hipster and Soviet Spy

Rudolf Abel was born William Fisher in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England in 1903. His parents were Russian Bolshevik supporters and, in 1921, Fisher's family moved back to Russia, where he joined a communist youth organization as a translator. He spent two years in the radio division of the Red Army as a young man and joined the Joint State Political Directorate (OPGU), or Soviet secret police, afterwards. In 1948, at 45 years old, Fisher illegally entered the US from Canada, intent on communicating secrets about the atomic bomb to superiors in Russia.

In the US, Fisher became artist and photographer Emil R. Goldfus, and made a name for himself in the arts scene in Brooklyn. He kept contact with another spy, Reino Häyhänen, who was called back to the Soviet Union due to his inability to complete his mission. However, rather than return to the USSR, Häyhänen went to the US Embassy in Paris and provided officials with the names of Soviet spies operating in the US.

After Häyhänen's revelation, Fisher was arrested. The FBI raided his studio and found incriminating evidence including; fake identification cards, radio equipment, books of codes, and pens capable of storing hidden notes. Fisher was charged with espionage and plead guilty under the false name Rudolf Ivanovich Abel, thought to a signal to superiors he had been apprehended. He avoided the death penalty thanks to New York attorney James Donovan, and was later returned to Russia due to a prisoner swap. 

Robert Hanssen, Who Kept Spying for Russia After the Cold War Ended

Robert Hanssen was born in Chicago in 1944 and joined the Chicago Police Department, where his father also worked, in 1972. In 1976, he made the leap to the FBI. After a two year stint as a criminal investigator in Indiana, Hanssen transferred to New York, to work in Soviet counterintelligence. His spy career began in 1979, when he sold a package to the Soviet Main Intelligence Agency (GRU). The package contained the name of an undercover FBI agent in the GRU's ranks.

Hanssen continued to sell information to the GRU for two years, until his wife uncovered his secret, at which point he swore off spying. That is, until he was transferred to Washington DC and became part of the Soviet Analytical Unit. In 1985, he began selling information about US counterintelligence to the KGB, identifying undercover FBI agents who had penetrated the Soviet intel system. This led to executions by the Soviets. Hanssen was paid in cash and jewelry for his work, which he spent on gifts and travel.

In 1991, the Soviet Union collapsed and Hanssen stopped his espionage work until 1999, when he signed on with the SVR, successor of the KGB. By this time, the FBI was looking for a spy in its ranks, and thought it might be Hanssen after a recording of him was turned in by a defected KGB operative. Great spy work. "Hey, here's a recording of this guy selling secrets. Maybe he's a spy?"

The FBI began monitoring Hanssen and caught him dead dropping a bag full of secret information intended for Russian handlers. He plead guilty to 15 counts of conspiracy and espionage and was sentenced to life in prison without parole. Hanssen's work is considered the most damaging case of espionage in the US to date, and he has been the subject of two movies, a made-for-TV picture and Breach, starring Chris Cooper as Hanssen. 

Karl Koecher, CIA Agent. Soviet Mole, Orgy Aficianado

Karl Koecher was born in Czechoslovakia and emigrated to the US for the sole purpose of spying on the government. In 1973, Koecher got a job as an analyst and translator for the CIA. During his time at the CIA, he handed the Czechoslovak Intelligence Service and KGB numerous documents, classified lists, and photographs of CIA agents. He also provided Russia with a list of government officials in the US he thought would cooperate with the Soviets if threatened.

One document Koecher leaked outed a man named Aleksandr Ogorodnik. Ogorodnik was a Soviet working for the CIA, spying on the Russians in Moscow. He was contacted by the KGB in 1977 and took his own life before he could be punished. Koecher passed his information through safe houses in Austria and Switzerland, and was called a consummate professional by one of the FBI agents who caught him. 

When Koecher wasn't spying, he was partying. He frequented swinger and spouse-swapping shindigs, orgies, and what The Washington Post called free-for-all sex clubs. A number of fellow CIA agents got dirty at these bacchanal bonefests with Koecher, and he pinned them as possible recruits for the KGB. Surely there's a direct line to be drawn between hedonism and spying for the Soviets. 

Finally, in 1984, Koecher was arrested by the FBI. They brought him in for questioning and got him to confess by threatening his family and using illegal forms of extortion. It's still not known exactly how the FBI came to know of Koecher's espionage activity. He and his wife were returned to the Soviet Union in a prisoner exchange in 1986. 

Earl Edwin Pitts, Who Almost Avoided Arrest by Forgetting the Location of a Meet

Earl Pitts was born in Urbana, MO in 1953. He received his Juris Doctor from the University of Missouri, Kansas City and was on active duty in the Army from 1975 to 1980. In 1983, he got a job at the FBI field office in Alexandria, VA, and, in 1987, was transferred to the New York City office, where he was tasked with investigating Soviet intelligence officers posing as diplomats at the United Nations. In this position, he was given a list of all known Soviet officers in such positions, which he promptly sold to Aleksandr Vasilyevich Karpov, Russia's top spy in its diplomatic mission. 

From his initial contact with Soviet intelligence officials, Pitts's story comes across like a convoluted screwball comedy filled with harebrained mishaps and double crosses. Take, for example, this: Pitts was eventually arrested, in 1995, when a Russian-diplomat-turned-US-informant participated in a sting operation against him. This diplomat was the person who first received a letter Pitt wrote to the Russian embassy offering his services as an informant. 

When the diplomat became an FBI informant seven years later, the first thing he told the feds about was the letter. The story set off an investigation that led to Pitts's arrest. All told, Pitt received $224,000 in payments from the Russians for information. At the time of his arrest, he was working as a lawyer in a post that afforded access to no useful information. But the FBI knew something had gone wrong in New York in the late '80s, and, after putting the pieces together (which included Pitts's wife informing on him after finding a suspicious letter), fingered Pitt as the culprit. Somehow, Pitt didn't realize his days were numbered, despite finding an FBI camera in his office ceiling. He even started hiding money in the same ceiling after finding the camera. Thanks for the tip, FBI!

In a final bit of bizarre comedy, the first attempt at a sting to bring Pitt down failed because he forgot where he was supposed to meet his contact - he wandered around the wrong room of the New York Public Library for 30 minutes before leaving. Pitt was sentenced to 27 years in an FBI correctional facility. During his trial, he said he had grievances with the FBI, and sold information to get back at them. Way to go, dude. 

Donald Heathfield and Tracy Foley, Your Average Boston Spies for Putin's Russia

Tim and Alex Foley, brothers born in Canada and raised in the Boston area, found out their parents were Russian spies the hard way - when the FBI showed up at the front door with a battering ram and a warrant. 

Donald Heathfield and Tracey Foley are the assumed names of Andrei Bezrukov and Elena Vavilova. Both were born in the Soviet Union and recruited as a couple by the KGB in the late '70s. They were trained in Moscow, then transferred to Canada, where they built a backstory as a typical North American family. They were part of the illegals program, a network of spies with no diplomatic cover who lived normal lives, awaiting instructions from superiors. The couple had two main tasks: facilitate communication between US and Soviet contacts and act as sleeper cells in case a war broke out between the United States and the Soviet Union. 

In Canada, Heathfield got a degree in International Economics from York University. The couple moved to the United States, where Heathfield went to Harvard and began working as an SVR agent under Putin. He started a consulting firm he used to infiltrate business circles. All the information Heathfield acquired was communicated to Russia via digital steganography, a method of code in which images with messages contained in their pixels are placed online for decryption by handlers. 

The pair was under surveillance by the US government since moving to the country, and were finally arrested in 2010. It's assumed they got too close to sensitive information for FBI comfort, so they were busted. It's also speculated double agent Alexander Poteyev, who defected to America, played a part in their arrest.

Christopher Boyce and Andrew Daulton Lee, Huffin' Rails & Sellin' Secrets

Christopher Boyce grew up in Palos Verdes CA, the son of an FBI agent. He began working at aerospace company TRW in 1974 and, despite his limited experience and young age (21), was given access to the black vault, which contained secret US  defense information. A party animal, Boyce by chance reunited with childhood friend and cocaine trafficker Andrew Daulton Lee. One day, after a coke binge, the two devised a plan to sell the information in the black vault to the Russians.

Nicknamed Falcon and the Snowman, Boyce and Lee carried out their plan, selling US satellite technology info to Russian officials. They made serious money, which Lee used primarily to aid his drug business. The operation came to a halt when Lee was arrested in Mexico City in 1976. Somewhat ironically, Lee was mistakenly arrested; the police thought he was a cop killer. They quickly realized they had accidentally arrested a spy - he had CIA films in his possession and was caught outside the Soviet embassy - but tortured Lee anyway, to get him to confess to cop killing. Which weren't they past that accusation at that point?

Anyway, Lee confessed to being a spy and was handed over to US officials. He then outed Boyce as his co-conspirator. Kids, if you learn anything from this, it's that you shouldn't trust your coke buddies when it comes to selling secrets to the Soviets. Boyce was arrested in 1977 and sentenced to 40 years for espionage. He escaped in 1980 from Lompoc Correctional, only to be recaptured by US Marshals in 1981. Their story was made into a film, The Falcon and the Snowman, starring Sean Penn and Timothy Hutton.

Kim Philby Was Chief MI6-CIA Liaison While Spying for the Soviets

Born Harold AR Philby in India in 1912, the man better known as Kim was the son of famed explorer St. John Philby. He attended Trinity College at Cambridge, studying history and getting involved in extracurricular activities the Cambridge Five, a Soviet espionage group. After college, he traveled to areas of growing unrest in Europe and worked briefly as a journalist before being recruited by MI6 in 1940. By the end of WWII, Philby was in charge of counterespionage at MI6, charged with suppressing Soviet subversion in Western Europe.

In 1949, Philby transferred to Washington DC, to act as the top liaison between US and UK intelligence. During this time, he turned over classified details about the inner workings of the CIA and MI6 to Soviet intelligence. He also warned the Soviets of an Allied attack on communists in Albania in 1950. His warning caused two double agents to defect.

Philby was suspected of playing a part in the defections and was released from the CIA and MI6. He expected impending capture and trial, so fled the country, ending up in the Soviet Union in 1963. The information Philby leaked to the Soviets during the '40s and '50s led to the deaths of many agents who were exposed to and captured by the Soviets.

Harold James Nicholson, the Highest-Ranking CIA Officer Ever Outed as a Spy

Harold James Nicholson was born in Oregon 1950, right in the meaty heart of the baby boom. He joined the Army and eventually became captain of an intelligence unit, tasked with monitoring Soviet intelligence services. In 1980, he made the move to the CIA, with which organization he worked in Thailand, the Philippines, and Japan, while making connections with Soviet officials.

By 1990, Nicholson was CIA Chief of Station in Bucharest, Romania, right up against the Iron Curtain (which actually wasn't so much a curtain as it was a rug by that point). In 1992, he became Deputy Chief of Station/Operations Officer in Malaysia, in which position he met with Russian officials, hoping to conscript them. He also got involved in espionage for financial gain.

The story goes something like this: Nicholson met with a Russian intelligence officer three times with permission from the CIA. He then met him a fourth time, off of the record. It's assumed Nicholson was given money in exchange for handing over sensitive information at this meeting.  

In 1995, Nicholson failed three standard lie detector tests, unsatisfactorily answering questions like “Are you hiding involvement with a Foreign Intelligence Service?” and  “Have you had unauthorized contact with a Foreign Intelligence Service?” This, in addition to a $12,000 bank deposit that could not be sourced as legitimate income, instigated an internal investigation, part of which entailed placing Nicholson under surveillance.

Thanks to said surveillance, Nicholson was caught meeting Russian intelligence officers in New Delhi, Jakarta, Zurich, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. Talk about brazen. But the CIA didn't fire him. Rather, he was brought back to the US and given a position in counterterrorism, while the FBI monitored his mailbox and found letters addressed to handlers in Switzerland. When Nicholson requested time off to travel to Switzerland, in 1996, he was arrested in possession of top secret documents. 

During his time working with Russia, Nicholson is believed to have released information regarding identities of US officers in Russia and other classified information. Due to cooperation following arrest, he was sentenced to 23 years in prison, rather than life. 

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<![CDATA[The Funniest Pokemon Go Posts and Memes on Instagram]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/pokemon-go-instagram-posts/jacob-shelton
Pokemon Go is life. There’s not even a point to explaining what Pokemon Go is because you’re already playing it. And if you’re not busy running around the countryside, you’re at home posting Pokemon Go memes. There’s no need to hide it, this is what life is and we just have to accept it. Even if you’re one of the five people who aren’t staring at your phone while you chase down a Snorlax there’s still something for you in this collection of funny Pokemon Go posts, so don’t feel left out. Just know that your calves aren’t as defined as everyone else’s. Now put down your phone for 10 minutes and take a look at these hilarious Pokemon Go Instagram jokes.

It’s safe to say that if you’re looking at Instagram, Pokemon Go posts are making up the bulk of what your friends are posting. This list has all the best memes and posts about the game that netted Nintendo $7.5 billion in two days and will help you get in on the fun. You don’t need to go to a trainer’s academy in order to get these uproariously funny memes, as long as you’ve got a sense of humor you should be able to get into the Pokegroove.

Vote up the funniest Pokemon Go posts and memes on Instagram, and let everyone know how many Charmanders you’ve found in the last 24 hours.
The Funniest Pokemon Go Posts and Memes on Instagram,

If You Liked It You Should Have Put a Pokeball on It

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Are Cops Fighting Types or Flying Types?

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Quit While You're Ahead

Stop Trying to Catch Pokemon and Catch Pokemon

Snorlax... Final Warning

Just as Long as There's No Crossover

A photo posted by Elliot Tebele (@fuckjerry) on

Mom's Just Mad You Caught an Abra

A photo posted by Elliot Tebele (@fuckjerry) on

Can We Start Calling Our Calves "Poke Muscles?"

Thanks, Obama!

A photo posted by Chris (@_theblessedone) on

Why Does This Pokemon Keep Quacking?

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<![CDATA[Hilarious Pokemon Go Signs]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-pokemon-go-signs/nathandavidson
Pokemon Go mania knows no boundaries. Even though the app has only been out for two weeks, it has become a pop culture lightning bolt. It's gotten so crazy that local businesses, churches, and even strip clubs from all over the world are trying to lure players in with funny Pokemon Go signs.

If that isn't insane enough for you,  there are reports of a Dutch city installing Pokemon Go-crossing signs last week to help protect Pokemon Go players aimlessly wandering around the city. And the crazy thing is you're probably reading this while you're playing Pokemon Go

Take a quick break from catching them all, and enjoy this collection of funny Pokemon Go memes and Pokemon Go pictures. Come on, you can put the game down for a few minutes, can't you?
Hilarious Pokemon Go Signs,

Buckle Up for Safety

Don't Drive and Go

Eye See What You Did There

On the Go

Sorry, Steve

Give Pizza Pokemon a Chance

A Wild Jesus Appeared

Pokemon Go Crossing

Pokemon Go Is so Hot Right Now

Strip Search

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<![CDATA[The Best of the Skeptical 3rd World Kid Meme]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-best-of-the-skeptical-3rd-world-kid-meme/robert-wabash
The Skeptical 3rd World Kid meme, also known as the Skeptical Third World Baby shows that even charity shouldn't be taken blindly. This photo meme features a picture of an African child being talked to by an obvious first world tourist or care giver, and he has a very suspect look on his face. Much like it's predecessor, 3rd World Success Kid, Skeptical 3rd World Kid shows the difference between 1st world and 3rd world problems. Things like indoor plumbing, having constant food and even nice clothes are a luxury that is highly suspect to the Skeptical Third World Kid.

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The Best of the Skeptical 3rd World Kid Meme,

On Adoption

On Expensive Rocks

On Tears

On Pretend Time

On Meal Schedules

On Indoor Plumbing

On Pronunciation

On Vegetables

On Adoption

On Past Rememberances

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<![CDATA[15 Dudes Who Turned Crossplay Into High Art]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-sexy-crossplay/machk

You see women cosplaying as male characters all the time, but how often are men cosplaying as female characters? Turns out, it happens all the time. It's called crossplaying, and it's awesome. All the proof you'll need is here in this list of the best crossplay. From the scary to the sexy, these are some seriously talented people. Vote up the crossplays so good they made you do a double-take.

15 Dudes Who Turned Crossplay Into High Art,

If You Say You Knew This Was a Dude, You're Lying

YukiSnowCosplay is a master of complete gender-bending transformations. This photo of him as Black Rock Shooter was taken by Novii Photography.

This Might Be Better Than Angelina Jolie

Justin Saint, or GaymerQueen, does some seriously impressive makeup and costume work, including this Maleficent crossplay.

Ruby Has Never Looked So Graceful

Blogger and avid crossplayer adellexe pulled off an amazing Ruby from RWBY. Shot by Kiwira.

A Rare but Perfect Sims Cosplay

DeviantArt user AvaCassandra blew crossplaying out of the water with a Sims Bella Goth cosplay.

This Will Bring Your Coraline Nightmares Back

Instagram user louistato does a lot of cosplay, but this one is really, really scary - in a good way. His Other Mother from Coraline crossplay is almost too accurate.

Do You Remember Anna Looking This Badass?

Instagram user goddessofimaginarylight pulled off an amazing re-imagining of Anna from Frozen.

How Does This Beard Work So Well?!?

Les Levi completely stole the show at Comic Con 2016 with his Storm and Rita Repulsa crossplays.

Definitely a Beauty

Richard Arthur, also known as TheOfficialAriel, is a master at transforming himself into Disney princesses. This shot of Richard as Belle from Beauty and the Beast was taken by Austin Buchanan.

Serenity Done Right

Joshua Hart is known for his incredibly meticulous work with costumes, but he really blows the whole crossplay game out of the water. This amazing photo of J. Hart as Serenity from Sailor Moon was shot by Octography.

Madoka's Hair Is Perfect

Instagram user jazzsyndrome made a very glamorous Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

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<![CDATA[12 Dark Facts About Che Guevara and the Rampant Propaganda of Castro's Cuba]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/che-guevara-was-terrible/philgibbons

Ernesto "Che" Guevara has generated as much controversy as any historical figure in recent memory. The cliche Guevara and his Marxist revolutionaries liberated Cuba in 1959, overthrowing the US puppet Batista regime and kicking out the mafia and other US gringos. But Che and revolutionary Cuba has a flip side; the terrible things Che did and the repressive aspects of the society Che and Fidel Castro constructed is frequently and conveniently ignored by members of the intelligentsia.

Those sporting a trendy t-shirt emblazoned with Che's ubiquitous image probably have no idea of the Che Guevara horror stories obscured by the enduring myth of a martyred revolutionary spreading third world social justice in the Age of Aquarius. Here are some aspects of Che Guevara that may cause you to remove that t-shirt. 

12 Dark Facts About Che Guevara and the Rampant Propaganda of Castro's Cuba,

Che Was a Notorious Womanizer and Cheat

As a teenager, Guevara routinely demanded sex from maids in house (which apparently was expected of Argentine boys of means at the time).  In 1955, he became involved with Peruvian Hilda Gadea (pictured on their honeymoon, note her expression), chiefly because she slept with him and lent him money. When she became pregnant, he married her, but immediately left her to accompany Castro on his 1955 expedition to invade Cuba. By the time Hilda made it to liberated Cuba in 1959 with the couple's daughter, Che's mistress, Aleida March, was pregnant. He divorced Gadea and married Aleida.

March gave birth to four children in rapid succession, though Guevara was an absent father more interested in quixotic rebellions faraway from domesticity. Even his second wife, who publicly maintained the facade of the heroic Che, would say of him: “Che was a ‘machista’ like most Latins.” 

Machista is derived from machismo, defined as "[a] strong or exaggerated sense of traditional masculinity placing great value on physical courage, virility,domination of women, and aggressiveness."

His Attempt to Change Cuba's Economy Was A Disaster

Fidel Castro had so much faith in Guevara after the success of the Cuban revolution, he immediately appointed him head of many high profile economic offices. Che served at various times as head of the National Bank of Cuba, head of the Department of Industry in charge of agrarian reform, and all-encompassing Minister of Industry in 1961. This resulted in the virtual collapse of sugar production, an inability to industrialize, and the necessity to begin rationing in a country that was formally one of the most prosperous in the Caribbean.

Ultimately, Cuba only survived by receiving annual subsidies from the USSR of upwards of $100 billion. Undoubtedly, one of the reasons Che disappeared from Cuban public life, in 1965, to seek opportunities to spread revolution throughout the globe, was to escape scrutiny of his economic ministerial ineptitude. Although the American boycott didn't help, dogmatic approaches to economic policy implemented by Che contributed to Cuban economic hardship.

Che Was Disappointed by the USSR and Hoped Bombing New York Would Start a War

Both Castro and Guevara felt betrayal and disappointment at the outcome of the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, a potential nuclear showdown between the USSR and US. When Nikita Khrushchev negotiated a solution by backing away from challenging American hegemony in the Western hemisphere, Cuban leaders felt abandoned and humiliated by their Soviet allies.

Only a month after the resolution of a crisis that had the rest of the world exhaling in relief, the Cuban government was implicated in a bomb plot that would have had catastrophic implications for American international relations and might have set off a superpower confrontation. On November 17, 1962, two Cuban envoys to the United Nations were arrested by the FBI and charged in connection with a plot to bomb New York's Macy's, Gimbel's, and Bloomingdale's department stores and Grand Central Terminal. The individuals, Cuban UN officials Elsa Montero and Jose Gomez Abad, were arrested after the FBI seized a dozen incendiary devices and a massive amount of TNT. The arrest and photos appeared on the front page of the New York Times. 

The bombing was planned for Black Friday, and could have eclipsed 9/11 in magnitude. Undoubtedly, the plot was planned, conceived, and implemented at the highest levels of the Cuban government, which included Guevara. Although some dubiously attributed comments concerning Che's intent to kill Americans with nuclear weapons have never been fully vetted, this type of attack should leave no doubt as to his level of fanaticism. There are some, including Humberto Fontova, writing in the Miami Herald, who believe Castro and Guevara personally helped plan this attack.

During the Cuban Revolution, Che Killed Many with His Own Hands

During the four year ordeal that culminated with the successful overthrow of the oppressive Batista government in 1959, Che Guevara administered summary justice to a lengthy list of victims. Deep in the mountains of the Sierra Maestra in eastern Cuba, which served as a sanctuary for Castro's rebel army, Guevara eagerly served as a ruthless enforcer. Of one such execution he himself wrote:

"….I ended the problem giving him a shot with a .32 [caliber] pistol in the right side of the brain, with exit orifice in the right temporal. He gasped for a little while and was dead. Upon proceeding to remove his belongings I couldn’t get off the watch tied by a chain to his belt, and then he told me in a steady voice farther away than fear: 'Yank it off, boy, what does it matter…. I did so and his possessions were now mine.' 

Che later described this incident to his father, adding: "I'd like to confess, papa, at that moment I discovered that I really like killing." Fellow revolutionaries or Cuban citizens accused of theft, informing, or even a lack of enthusiasm were also ruthlessly dispatched by Guevara or his hit squad.

His Mission in Africa Was a Disaster That Destroyed His Romantic Notion of Revolution

In April 1965, perhaps in an attempt to find a location as remote and removed as possible from Cuba, Guevara embarked on a mission to intervene in political and military struggle in the Congo. Arriving on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, he was intent on teaching disorganized Congolese rebels the tactics and mentality that were hallmarks of the Cuban revolution. However, as Che quickly realized and made evident in a letter to Fidel Castro, he wasn't fighting in a proper proletarian uprising, but among a gaggle of warlords, drunks, narcissists, opportunists, and petrified subordinates. 

Guevara led a force of approximately 100 Cubans in an attempt to foment a coordinated national uprising, but this proved an exercise in futility. After seven months, seriously ill with dysentery and chronic asthma (which plagued him since childhood), he admitted defeat and made his way to nearby socialist Tanzania. Though he went to Congo with plans of fighting to the death, Castro sent orders asking him to relent. Guevara did so, and spent much of 1966 in Dar Es Salaam and Prague, plotting his next move.  

Che Sent Fellow Revolutionaries on Absurd Missions That Ended in Pathetic Deaths

On March 5, 1960 Alberto Korda took a photo of Che that has become a pop culture phenomenon. However, it would take a decade and many coincidences before interest in the photo took off. Korda also cropped the original, eliminating the profile of another Cuban official, Jorge Masetti. Masetti was a fellow Argentinean, originally a journalist who covered the Cuban revolution from its inception, interviewing Castro in the Sierra Maestra in reports that were broadcast all over Latin America.

Masetti helped form the Cuban government's Prensa Latina press agency following the revolution, but resigned to actively participate in armed revolutionary activity, initially in Algeria, in 1961, where he delivered weapons from the Cuban government to those fighting the French as the Algerian National Liberation Front. Upon returning to Cuba, Masetti and Guevara hatched the first of many schemes to export revolution to South America. As Argentineans, their most obvious target was their own country.

Despite Argentina having a relatively progressive government, in September 1963, Masetti led a small band of well armed Cuban commandos into northern Argentina from Bolivia while having a proclamation of revolution delivered to media in Buenos Aires. It was ignored by everyone with the exception of the local provincial police, who tracked down Masetti's band and killed or captured all of them.

Masetti proved himself an abysmal commander and disappeared in April 1964, most likely after getting lost in the jungle. And all of this actually happened, rather than being, for instance, a skit from Monty Python, in which a totally hapless bourgeois journalist-cum-revolutionary attempts to stage a coup. This was to be the first of many fiascos  orchestrated by Che Guevara in his attempt to export foco , or regional revolution, via a small band of dedicated revolutionaries.   

As Prison Commandant, Che Personally Executed Prisoners

After the Cuban revolution, Che was appointed commandant of La Cabana, a Havana fortress and army barracks immediately transformed into the new regime's political prison. From his office, Guevara supervised the perfunctory trials and mass executions performed in the immediate aftermath of Castro seizing power. 

The exact number of individuals killed during this period remains a topic of historical dispute, but even historians sympathetic to Guevara acknowledge he had a hand in the  killings. Estimated numbers range from a few hundred into the thousands. Eyewitness accounts, including incidents witnessed by Ernest Hemingway and George Plimpton, document Che executing individuals with his own hands.     

Che's Death in Bolivia May Have Been a Suicide Mission Orchestrated by Castro

Che Guevara seems to never have grasped that the success of the Cuban revolution might have had as much to do with the corrupt Batista government as it did the tactics and conduct of Castro's tiny rebel army. Che attempted to send similarly small insurgent groups to instigate revolution in Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, Panama, and Haiti, and all of these ventures failed miserably. Che's conclusion from these results seems to have been that successful revolution in another country required his personal leadership, not that you can't force people to rise up if a revolutionary spirit isn't already manifest.  

By November of 1966, Che decided Bolivia was the ideal location for a regional revolution. Having publicly disappeared before his ill-fated African mission and possibly not wanting to face any public discussion of the events in the Congo, Che returned incognito to Cuba to plan his mission, meet with Castro, and say goodbye to his family.

Perhaps inwardly, Guevara knew he had outlived his usefulness to the Cuban revolution. He was openly critical of the Soviet Union, upon which Cuba depended on for survival; his permanent disappearance would be a convenient solution to a diplomatic problem. Some believe Castro intentionally sent Che to his death, a theory supported by speculation in CIA memos. This would also explain why Castro put so much effort into creating Che's cult of personality in Cuba after his death - it was the perfect opportunity to give the people a martyr of the revolution, killed by capitalism and US meddling. 

Heading into the Bolivian jungle, Che attempted to relive the success of Cuban rebels in the Sierra Maestra. Within months, the Bolivian military was aware of his presence and the American government forwarded CIA and Special Forces assets to assist in pursuing Che, who was wounded and captured near the tiny village of La Higuera on October 8, 1967. He was executed the next day, along with nearly all of his small military force. His execution played a major role in his worldwide glorification and martyrdom in Cuba. Although it required death, Che's last revolutionary act was his most remarkable success. 

He Made Racist Comments Throughout His Adult Life

It's dangerous to accept many of the quotes attributed to Che Guevara, as they were frequently manufactured by rabid opponents of Guevara, Castro, and communist Cuba.  However, there can be no doubt that, even as an adult, Guevara had some very racist ideas rattling around his brain. For instance, in  The Motorcycle Diaries, he wrote: 

“The blacks, those magnificent examples of the African race who have maintained their racial purity thanks to their lack of an affinity with bathing, have seen their territory invaded by a new kind of slave: the Portuguese.”

And: “The black is indolent and a dreamer; spending his meager wage on frivolity or drink; the European has a tradition of work and saving, which has pursued him as far as this corner of America and drives him to advance himself, even independently of his own individual aspirations.”

Biographers have attempted to dismiss these statements as those of a young, less intellectually evolved man than he who criticized US discrimination against African-Americans in front of the UN. Others cite Guevara's willingness to fight in the Congo, along side African rebels. Those making the Congo argument might wish to reflect on these quotes from Che's recently published Congolese diary (The African Dream), about his Congolese comrades : "... the poorest example of a fighter that I have ever come across to now."

And: "Given the prevailing lack of discipline, it would have been impossible to use Congolese machine-gunners to defend the base from air attack: they did not know how to handle their weapons and did not want to learn."  

In general, Guevara paints a very bleak portrait of his time in Congo and the people he was surrounded by. Though these comments should be construed as much as commentary on the content of character, not the race, of those with whom he worked, the fact remains that he had almost nothing but negative things to say about Africans. 

Guevara's comrades in arms, and others who knew him, contest the image of him as an outright racist. Freddy Ilanga, a Congolese interpreter who worked with Che in Africa, said in an interview with BBC that Guevara "showed the same respect to black people as he did to whites.” However, this doesn't mean Che's attacks on the treatment of African Americans and blacks in apartheid South Africa weren't political and calculated, or at the very least hypocritical, especially when considering how revolutionary Cuba treated homosexuals

Born to a Wealthy Family, Che Came Upon the Cuban Cause Incidentally

Ernesto "Che" Guevara was born in Argentina on June 14, 1928. His family is described as "middle class," most likely because they lived beyond their means and squandered their inherited wealth. There is nothing inherently wrong with either being Argentinean or wealthy, but it certainly contrasts with the image of Che as a hero of the Cuban Marxist proletariat. Although he was offered Cuban citizenship, Guevara rejected this official status. In examining Che's road to revolution, you find a man who stumbled upon renown thanks to the actions of others, not one destined from birth to change the world.

In 1955, Guevara joined the expedition led by Fidel and Raul Castro to liberate Cuba because he had fled Guatemala and was stuck in Mexico with no money and not much of a purpose. While living in Mexico City, Guevara was supporting himself and his family (wife Hilda Gadea and a daughter) working as a physician. Through some friends, he met first Raúl Castro, then Fidel. After talking with them, Guevara decided the Cuban cause was the one he had been searching for. He left his wife and daughter in Mexico. The Cuban bandwagon beckoned, and was a great decision for Che with regards to building his cult of personality

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<![CDATA[The 14 Most Gruesome Ways Pirates Have Killed People Throughout History]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/ways-pirates-killed-people/nathan-gibson

Pirates have often been seen as bloodthirsty and vicious criminals who would commit evil acts of violence without a second thought in order to secure treasure or evade justice. This perception can make people wonder about the grisly ways pirates killed people. However, just like with many portrayals of them on screen and in books, the truth is actually something quite different. In the same way that they didn’t walk around with parrots or speak in that infamous accent, the vast majority of pirates tried to avoid violence whenever possible.

This makes sense when you think about it. After all, if every pirate engagement ended with the crew being tortured and executed, it would cause sailors to make life as difficult as possible for the invaders. They would likely fight to the death rather than submit easily, something pirates wanted to happen so they could make a quick getaway.

That did not stop some of the swashbucklers from committing some terrible deeds. How did pirates kill people? Sometimes they had to torture a person to find out information, kill prisoners to keep them from escaping, or even make an example of a fellow pirate who had turned against his crew. Whatever the case, pirates had some fairly ingenious and gruesome ways of murdering their enemies that will make your skin crawl.

The 14 Most Gruesome Ways Pirates Have Killed People Throughout History,

A Dutch Pirate Roasted Farmers Alive

Roche Braziliano was a Dutch pirate who lived between 1630 and 1671. He operated mainly near the Caribbean island of Jamaica, where he would come into constant conflict with Spanish farmers and sailors. He was particularly cruel and was described by people at the time as a barbarian, thanks to the violent rampages he would routinely go on. But he saved the worst punishment for two farmers who refused to tell him where their pigs were located: he cut off their limbs and roasted them alive on a spit over a fire.

Some Pirates Really Did Make People Walk the Plank

Media often depicts "walking the plank" as the standard means of killing people for pirates. While it was used very occasionally, it was often considered too theatrical for common use. The actual method of making someone walk the plank was also much more horrific than films generally make it out to be. Pirates would bind their prisoners with rope so that they could not swim and weigh them down with cannonballs to ensure they would sink. Finally, they would often drop the unfortunate captives into shark-infested waters as a way of guaranteeing they would die.

A French Pirate Pulled Out a Victim’s Heart and Ate It

François l'Olonnais was a French pirate who became well-known throughout the Caribbean for his ruthlessness. He was willing to go to extreme lengths in order to get what he wanted, including torturing prisoners to extract information. This culminated in 1668 when he set sail for Honduras. There, he captured several Spanish soldiers and interrogated them to find the safest route to pass through to Central America. Finding that his methods were not working, he cut open the chest of one of the men before pulling out his heart and eating it in front of him.

One Pirate Cut Off His Victims' Lips, Ears, and Noses

It was not uncommon for pirates to mutilate their enemies and prisoners during interrogations. In fact, it was one of the standard punishments for those who had disobeyed the rules set down by the captain and his crew. Standard mutilations often involved cutting off the lips, ears, and noses of the victim before they were simply left to die. Edward Low was known to be particularly fond of this type of punishment and it is rumored that he once cut off the lips of a captain, boiled them, and then slaughtered his entire crew in the 1740s.

Black Bart Burned People Alive on Their Own Ships

Bartholomew Roberts, otherwise known as Black Bart, was another pirate who developed a reputation for his horrific methods. The extreme violence and lack of morals certainly seemed to help him, as he is arguably the most successful pirate of all time. He is estimated to have captured up to 400 ships during his career, which spanned from the late 17th century into the early 18th century. One of his favorite ways of dealing with ships he had plundered was to simply set them on fire and sail away. Unfortunately, he often did not bother to get passengers or crew off the ships before he set them alight. In one instance, Black Bart burned 80 slaves alive when he didn’t want to waste time unshackling them.

Ching Shih Would Nail Her Enemies' Feet to The Decks of Their Own Ships

Ching Shih is one of the most famous pirates who ever lived. Having begun her life as a prostitute, she was able to rise through the ranks of important Chinese pirate factions and eventually take command of hundreds of ships when her husband died in the early 19th century. Her favorite method of dealing with rival crews and enemies was to nail their feet to the deck of their own ship and proceed to beat them to death. The only way out of this horrendous torture was to agree to join her ranks and become part the Red Flag Fleet. This not only sent a message to anyone who would stand against her but also made sure she had plenty of replacement pirates to bolster her crews.

Montbars the Exterminator Nailed His Victims' Intestines to Posts

Daniel Montbars, who was also known as Montbars the Exterminator for his violent and cruel nature, was a 17th-century pirate. He became one of the biggest enemies of the Spanish Empire during his career and thus developed an intense hatred of any Spaniards he met. While he did not like to murder anyone without reason, he was merciless to any enemies that fought against him and would brutally torture any surviving soldiers. His favorite method was to cut open the stomach of a prisoner, pull out his intestines, and nail them to a post while hitting the man with a burning log.

Captain Morgan Popped Out Prisoners' Eyes Using a Metal Bar

The Welsh pirate Captain Henry Morgan was never afraid of getting violent when he needed to find out valuable information. This is exactly what he did when he sacked Portobelo in 1668, a valuable port that saw all kinds of precious commodities pass through, including a vast amount of gold. After taking over the city, he and his crew were unable to find all the treasure and so began to torture officials. The main method was something called woodling. It involved strapping a leather cord around a person’s forehead and then tightening it with a metal bar. Those who didn’t reveal information quickly enough would die when the pressure caused their eyeballs to pop out of their skulls.

Edward Low Liked Burning Prisoners' Hands Down to the Bone

Often called the most vicious pirate to have ever lived, Edward Low has become infamous for the maniacal violence he liked to inflict on his victims in the early 18th century. Though he had a rather short career, he quickly acquired an enjoyment from carrying out extreme torture. One of the cruelest acts he developed saw him tie up the hands of his prisoners with rope. He would then insert lit matches between the fingers so that the rope would burn. The flames would strip away the flesh and eventually burn down to the bone, killing the person from blood loss and shock.

Keelhauling Was a Common Practice

One of the worst ways to die at the hands of a pirate was through an act known as keelhauling. However, pirates were not the only group to use this method, as several navies also saw fit to punish people using it. The victim would be tied to a rope that looped around the entire length of the boat. The crew would then drag the victim under the ship and keel several times, leading to loss of limbs and even decapitation as they were torn to pieces by the hard wood and barnacles. Those who were not killed by the impact would undoubtedly drown.

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<![CDATA[The Worst Parents of 2014]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/worst-parents-of-2014/mel-judson
This list of the worst parents of 2014 will make you lose your faith in moms, dads, and parenting in general. From drug addicts, to child abusers, to plain old idiots, these parents have earned their rankings as the most horrible mothers and fathers of the year. Many of these awful parents faced criminal charges for their poor parenting choices, and their poor kids will certainly have rough roads ahead. But just what does it take to become the worst parent of the year?

On this list, you will meet the mother who decided to leave her crying kids in a steaming hot car while she went down on her boyfriend in a Walmart parking lot. You will also meet the father who was so high on meth that he thought his son was a demon who needed an at home exorcism. You'll learn of the new mother in China, who decided to try cannibalism just hours after the birth of her daughter, and hear of the dad who thought, "Sure, kid... go ride on a horse with that drunk guy while I head to work."

Imagine "Florida Man" was a father. That what we're working with here. Even famous mothers like Mama June of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo made the cut for worst parent of 2014. One has to wonder if there's any amount of therapy that can save these poor kids, who were all innocent victims of the world's worst parents of the year.

Cast your votes for the parents who made the most awful decisions below, and be glad that even though your parents might be a little nuts, they never made your ride on the roof of the car so you wouldn't ruin the fine leather upholstery.

The Worst Parents of 2014,

Parents Fail with Makeshift Tattoo Removal
Not only does this case feature two of the worst parents of the year, but it also features the world's worst babysitter. Melissa Delp and her boyfriend Daniel Janney have pretty bad taste in friends. Their family friend Alexander Edwards (age 20) gave Melissa's two daughters homemade tattoos while babysitting them. To make things worse, Melissa and Daniel decided to make homemade tattoo removers, scarring their kids with a heated razor blade.

Source: Huffington Post 
6 Kids Rode on Top of Car While Drunk Mom Drove
Mitt Romney lost some votes after tying his dog to his car on a family vacation, but that's because America hadn't yet met Kisha Young. The Texan mother of four was driving home from a neighborhood pool with her kids and two others. She didn't want their wet bodies to damage her car's upholstery, so she had them ride on top of the car. After an especially sharp turn, they fell off the vehicle, drawing police to the scene. Young then failed a sobriety test and one of the children was hospitalized with a head injury.

Source: Boston.com
Mom Gets Son a Craigslist Driver
Shelia Sherrie Joyner is a Georgia mom who thought it'd be a good idea for her son to drive across the United States with a total stranger. She met the stranger on Craigslist, allegedly asking him to take the 9 year old to Florida to his grandparents' house. When the police showed up to arrest the mother, initially, only a babysitter was present.

Source: NY Daily News

Mama June Dates Man Who Molested Her Daughter
Mama June, Honey Boo Boo's mom as seen on TLC's Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, got in a lot of heat after her daughter Anna confirmed she was molested by June's ex-boyfriend. According to Anna, convicted child-abuser Mark McDaniel sexually assaulted the 8-year-old, while her 3-year-old sister was in the room. Mama June was reportedly hanging out with Mark in 2014, which might have ruined her relationship with Anna. 

Adding fuel to the "Worst Parent of the Year" fire, Mama June has now been offered $1 million to make a sex tape with her estranged husband, Sugar Bear Thompson.

Source: US Weekly
Mom Leaves Kids in Car to Give BF a BJ
Welcome to Lake Charles, LA, where women occasionally leave their children in the car to blow their boyfriends in Walmart parking lots. Okay, maybe that's very specific to the case of Princess Marks. The 25 year old was arrested after going down on her boyfriend in a different car in the same parking lot, while her two toddlers were crying hysterically in an overheated car parked nearby.

Source: Gawker
Methed Out Dad Performs Exorcism on Demon Son
If you thought your dad was a jerk, check out the Florida dad who got high on meth, kidnapped his own son, and tried to exorcise him in the woods. Insisting that his 11-year-old son son was a demon who needed the exorcism, Bryan Adams (not the singer) needed to be punched in the face five times in order to stop. The boy had a minor heel injury and the dad was taken by the coppers.

Source: Orlando Sentinel
Mom and Dad Overdose at McDonald's
You thought your parents were embarrassing? Two Cincinnati parents plead guilty to child endangerment when they both overdosed on heroin at a McDonald's play area. Their children, who were in the indoor play area at the time, are now in state custody in Indiana.

Source: AP

Pennsylvania Couple Has Sex Near Dying Son
In a story too horrific for even the most twisted horror movies, Jillian Tait and Gary Lee Fellenbaum were accused of laughingly hanging their toddler upside down and beating him with a frying pain until he died. As he was put down on a mattress to slowly die, the couple had sex and ordered pizza. The District Attorney's office has said they'll be seeking the death penalty for these evil-doers.

Source: Daily Mail

Mom Gets Wax Job, Leaves Kids in Hot Car
22-year-old Kentucky mom Courtney Kippes was in the salon getting a wax job when police confronted her. They charged the woman after discovering that her sons, 2 and 3 years old, were, at the time, screaming in an unlocked car. To top it off, it was 87 degrees outside and Kippes was in possession of crushed pills and a snorting straw.

Source: Headline News

Mother Accused of Cannibalism After Biting Her Newborn
24-year-old Chinese woman Li Zhenghua was spotted chewing on her newborn son's arm just minutes after giving birth in December 2014. A nurse found the new mom with her teeth locked around the baby's wrist. Hospital staff were eventually able to pry the woman's mouth open and rescue the little boy, but not before he sustained heavy bruising but bleeding. Zhenghua is suspected to have been living on the streets for several weeks after her mother kicked her out of the house, despite being pregnant.
Source: Metro

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<![CDATA[The Best Sugar Free Alcohol]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-sugar-free-alcohol/bottoms-up

List of the best sugar free alcohol on the market, as ranked by loyal and casual drinkers alike. When you’re diabetic or on a low carb diet, the things you can eat and drink while keeping to your healthy diet is significantly lowered. The delicious alcoholic drinks that you used to be able consume on a stressful Friday night are often filled with sugar for taste purposes. However, there are a few straight spirits, sugar-free cocktails, and other alcoholic brews that can be enjoyed by those who are diabetic, on a low carb diet, or a simply trying to inhibit their sugar intake.


While the alcoholic beverages on this list are sugar free, it’s important to know that spirits and other alcoholic drinks are metabolized into sugar. So even drinking the beverages on this list that don’t have any sugar, it can be dangerous for diabetics to overdo. Yet, in small doses these drinks are a healthier alternative.


This list is the answer to the question, “What are the best sugar-free alcoholic drinks?” Whether you like your drinks strong and straight from the bottle or a fancier type of cocktail, the drinks on this list will be just what you need. If your favorite no carb drink isn't on the list of sugar free alcohols, make sure to add it so others can enjoy a low card beverage.

The Best Sugar Free Alcohol,




White Wine

Light Beer

Scotch Whiskey

Rum and Diet Coke (Skinny Pirate)

Sugar-Free Vodka Collins

Sugar-Free Margarita

Sugar-Free Amaretto

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<![CDATA[Hottest Niki Taylor Photos]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/hottest-niki-taylor-photos/trent-walker
The sexiest Niki Taylor pictures, including all the hottest shots of one of the hottest Sports Illustrated swimsuit models ever. The model, a friend of America's Next Top Model host sexy Tyra banks, has appeared on the covers of countless magazines, billboards, and was the first woman under 18 to sign a major contract with CoverGirl cosmetics.

Photos of Niki Taylor, one of the hottest girls in movies and TV. There are few girls out there as sexy and fun as Niki Taylor. Hot chicks everywhere strive to be her. So, in honor of one of the greatest up and coming ladies in Hollywood, here are the 13 sexiest Niki Taylor pictures, videos and GIFs, ranked by hotness.

These Niki Taylor pics were taken from a variety of different sources, including several promotional and magazine photoshoots, and have been turned into a curated image gallery containing only the cutest pictures and jpgs from around the Web. While there are many sexy Niki Taylor photos, these are the hottest around.

Fans worldwide are constantly searching for Niki Taylor nudes, and Niki Taylor naked shots but these Niki Taylor bikini pics are the best around (whether they are Niki Taylor topless pics or not).

Check out these Niki Taylor hot pics!

Hottest Niki Taylor Photos,

Niki Taylor in United States Flag Print Bikini

Niki Taylor in Brassiere and Belted Skater Skirt

Niki Taylor in Polka Dot Bikini

Niki Taylor in White Sleeveless

Niki Taylor in White Halter Neck Brassiere and White Underwear

Niki Taylor in Golden Yellow Bikini

Niki Taylor in White and Red Stripe Bikini

Niki Taylor in Halter Neck Swimsuit

Niki Taylor in Checkered Bikini

Niki Taylor in Body Fit Long Dress

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<![CDATA[The Top Country Song Duets]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/top-country-songs-by-duets/danlee

The Top Country Song Duets,

When I Get Where I'm Going
Brad Paisley and Dolly Parton
You and Tequila
Kenny Chesney and Grace Potter
Whiskey Lullaby
Brad Paisley and Allison Krauss
I Told You So
Carrie Underwood and Randy Travis
It's Your Love
Faith Hill and Tim McGraw
Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man
Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn
Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash
You're the Reason God Made Oklahoma
David Frizzell and Shelly West
Islands in the Stream
Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton
Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys
Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings

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<![CDATA[The Best Things to Dip in Chocolate Fondue]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-things-to-dip-in-chocolate-fondue/ranker-food
Here's a list of the top foods and fruits to dip in chocolate fondue, as voted on by fondue lovers. 
What to dip in chocolate fondue? Your spread of dipping foods should be as well thought out as the sweet, gooey star of the show. While it's true that pretty much anything doused in chocolate is bound to be delicious, some foods pair with chocolate fondue better than others.

Texture, juiciness, sweetness, and mildness of flavor of the dipping foods all come in to play when you are searching for the perfect foods to dip in chocolate fondue. The most popular fruit to dip in chocolate is strawberries - and for good reason: they are firm and have the right amount of tartness to offset the sweetness of the fondue. Marshmallows, pound cake, and shortbread are also popular choices.
Feel free to add other fondue items and vote on your favorites!
The Best Things to Dip in Chocolate Fondue,


Ice cream



Graham Crackers

Pound cake



Rice Crispy Treats


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<![CDATA[8 Secret Calls to Feminism Hidden in Wonder Woman's Costume]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/wonder-woman-feminist-costume-symbols/cynthia-griffith

Wonder Woman was born of suffrage. She was created by William Marston, a man who was fiercely pro-feminist. Marston fought for women's suffrage while at studying at Harvard. He graduated in 1915, and though Wonder Woman's debut in All Star Comics #8 came 11 years after the 19th Amendment was passed, he drew inspiration from famed suffragettes when creating the character.

Marston snuck several secret threads into his graphic novels to create a tie between Wonder Woman and feminism. Many of those threads are craftily hidden in the patchwork of Wonder Woman's costume. As you read on, you will see the irony not just in her costume but also in her origins, because Wonder Woman was never born at all; no man was, in any way, shape, or form, involved in her creation. Nevertheless, she came to be.

Feminism, by today's standards, is difficult to pin down and near impossible to define, but for good reason: with the advent of social media, women from different cultures and backgrounds can have a discourse about what feminism means to them. We're learning that not every person's experience with and relationship to feminism is the same. But there was a time before it was so easy to communicate with women from across the globe, when feminism, for better or for worse, meant the same thing to pretty much everyone, including its male supporters. Tons of people wore it well but perhaps none wore it better than Wonder Woman.

From her boots to her crown, from her lasso to the very threads holding her uniform together, she will remain an icon of what feminism once was - a female voice in a courtroom, a line of shackled protesters, a scream for the right to regulate pregnancy and a call for a hera, a female hero and Wonder Woman's favorite word. This acclaimed character arrived while a nation was on the cusp of a new beginning. She may have even tipped the scales a bit. Here are some of the most feminist aspects of Wonder Woman's costume.

Wonder Woman was born of women's rights. She was created by a man who was fiercely pro-feminist and he snuck several secret threads into his graphic novels to create a tie between Wonder Woman and feminism. Many of those threads are craftily hidden in the patchwork of Wonder Woman's costume. As you read on, you will see the irony, not just in her costume, but also in her origins, because Wonder Woman was never born at all; no man was, in any way, shape, or form, involved in her creation. Nevertheless, she came to be.

Feminism, by today's standards, is difficult to pin down and near impossible to define, but for good reason: with the advent of social media, women from different cultures and backgrounds can have a discourse about what feminism means to them. We're learning that not every person's experience with and relationship to feminism is the same. But there was a time before it was so easy to communicate with women from across the globe, when feminism, for better or for worse, meant the same thing to pretty much everyone, including its male supporters. Tons of people wore it well but perhaps none wore it better than Wonder Woman.

From her boots to her crown, from her lasso to the very threads holding her uniform together, she will remain an icon of what feminism once was - a female voice in a courtroom, a line of shackled protesters, a scream for the right to regulate pregnancy. This acclaimed character arrived while a nation was on the cusp of a new beginning. She may have even tipped the scales a bit. Here are some of the most feminist aspects of Wonder Woman's costume.

8 Secret Calls to Feminism Hidden in Wonder Woman's Costume,

WW Stands for More Than Just Wonder Woman

The feminist movement began in the 1800s, but it really picked up momentum when World War II put women in the workforce in big numbers. It may not have been intentional, but Wonder Woman's initials were serendipitous. Thousands of newly employed women looked at Wonder Woman and saw a reflection of the era and their place in it: it was World War II, and they were women working. Wonder Woman showed up right when female laborers were looking for a hero and she was wearing their names just above her belt.

You might be wondering why she had a belt on in the first place. In a letter to illustrator H. G. Peter, creator William Marston notes, "Don’t we have to put a red stripe around her waist as a belt? I thought Gaines wanted it - don’t remember." He was referring to Max Gaines, the pioneering comics publisher at All-American Comics (which later merged with DC) who gave Marston a shot and greenlit Wonder Woman. In the letter, Marston seems to be implying that Gaines felt Wonder Woman's bare stomach was too scandalous and needed to be covered with a belt.

The Color Red Is Historically Associated with the Female Revolution

Wonder Woman was adorned in the stars and stripes of the American flag in order to go head to head with Captain America, at least in terms of popularity and comic book sales. Note, however, that her boots, leather-bound wonders so tight they have to be pulled on, making them more like stockings than boots, make the costume dominated by the color red. At the time, red was the color of the liberal left, the group that was bent on breaking new ground for women.

It's important to mention here that whenever Wonder Woman’s freedom is jeopardized in the comics, her red stocking-like boots disappear and are replaced by the pair of strappy shoes Marston despised. When the boots disappear, her ensemble is dominated by the color blue, a color that represented feminist opposition during the first wave of feminism.

During the second wave of feminism, a group called the Redstockings used a caricature of Wonder Woman as part of their image. Clearly, they were also in on the joke.

Her Hourglass Shape Wasn't Designed for Eye Candy

Wonder Woman is undeniably stacked, and when you throw in the lasso and bracelets, it’s easy to see how some people might have gotten the wrong impression about her. In truth, at least according to her original backstory, Wonder Woman was never born and no man was involved in her creation. Her perfection isn’t for male pleasure. In fact, where she comes from, male pleasure is completely unheard of. Wonder Woman’s mother Hippolyta, whose name comes directly out of Greek mythology, carves her from clay without so much as even the presence of a man on the island.

Her Chains Were Inspired by an Emmeline Pankhurst Protest

In the comics, if you meet Wonder Woman in issue one, you quickly learn that she was once a slave and that her people (a society comprised entirely of women, by the way) freed themselves. This takes not just Wonder Woman but her entire clan far from the damsels in distress depiction of women that the media was accustomed to seeing in the ‘40s. Despite the fact that Wonder Woman was free, the bracelets from her time of enslavement remained on her hands, now unshackled and serving as weapons against her rivals, many of whom were male and anti-feminist. The bracelets themselves were inspired by Olive Byrne, William Marston's partner, but images of Wonder Woman in chains - of which there are many - are actually a nod to a groundbreaking suffragette.

During a protest for women's suffrage in 1903, Emmeline Pankhurst and many other women chained themselves up in the streets, refusing to budge until their voices were heard. Later, a college-aged Marston would hear this story and find Pankhurst and her chains for freedom inspiring enough to be written into the feminist costume of his favorite heroine.

The Pinup Girl Cut Represents Individuality

If you're an avid reader of the comics, you might have noticed that Wonder Woman's bottoms change even more often than her shoes. In some of the earlier comics, she can be seen sporting a skirt or sometimes a tight pair of shorts. This particular cut, however, is probably her most famous. It's a pinup-style bottom.

Pinup girls had been in existence long before the creation of Wonder Woman but their bodies and faces had been more or less identical. The Varga girls of the '40s, sketched out across the pages of Esquire, were the first to quite literally break the mold. This new brand of pinup was still scantily clad but her features were unique and so were her words. Esquire's pinup girls were individuals full of sarcasm and sassy one-line comments that often captioned their pictures. They embodied the movement that was feminism at the time. Naturally, Marston fashioned the most infamous cut of his heroine's costume after them.

Her Ensemble Was Designed by Judge Magazine's Feminist Cartoonist

When a Harvard-educated pro-suffragist like Wonder Woman’s creator William Marston wants to build a cartoon that fully encompasses his ideology on women's issues, who do you think he turns to? If you guessed a fellow feminist and Harvard grad, you were correct. Marston reached out to none other than illustrator Harry G. Peter, a feminist most known for his role at Judge magazine where he frequently drew pictures of “the modern woman.”

Marston explained his vision and requested a draft of his heroine in full costume. The end result is pictured above and the only thing Marston asked to switch out was the shoes. While initially, Marston wasn't a fan of the tiny, binding, strap-adorned sandals they still made a few appearances in the comics. The sandals, like the figure and everything in between, were symbolic of the battle for equality.

Her Lasso Gave Women a Voice and Place in the Courtroom

At a time when women were going to extremes to try to get laws passed and be taken seriously in courtrooms, Wonder Woman was staking out a seat as a key witness because of her golden lasso. This lasso was equipped with a special power - making people tell the truth. This, no doubt, is related to the fact that Wonder Woman’s creator also invented the lie detector test.

In a 1945 Wonder Woman newspaper comic strip, Diana Prince wrestles the truth out of a key witness in (you guessed it) a courtroom. Her lasso of truth held such great power that the judge had no choice but to take her seriously. He even invited her back. 

The Golden Eagle Is a Not-at-All Subtle Nod to Warrior Women

It's pretty clear that the creators of Wonder Woman had a thing for warrior princesses. The heroine they created is an Amazonian princess, after all. A lesser-known fact is that she's wearing the warrior woman's symbol right on top of her dauntingly red bustier.

The Golden Eagle was the bird of the steppe nomads, a crew of male and female warriors who simply wandered the earth rather than settling into any claimed territory. Their lives were centered primarily on archery and the women from their tribe were fierce warriors. This group is estimated to have existed from 700 BCE until about 300 CE when they appear to have eventually dwindled into different tribes. Their token bird, the Golden Eagle, still represents female warriors.

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<![CDATA[Current TV Characters We Love to Hate]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/current-tv-characters-we-love-to-hate/anncasano

Which current TV villain of 2016-2017 do you love to hate? In any story, without a villain, there is no hero. It’s a simple formula of good versus evil that has stood the test of time in all manner of fiction. Television is rich with nefarious baddies with sinister plans to take power and control at any cost. These are the best current TV characters you love to hate.

We’ve all heard the expression “love to hate” a million times. But what does it really mean? Even though we are rooting against (usually) the bad guy, it doesn’t mean that we don’t enjoy watching him or her work their magic. The best current TV villains don’t have to play by the rules, they make their own rules. They don’t have a rigid set of moral codes to follow like their counterparts. In other words, they do what they want, when they want.

These love to hate characters are often given the richest character development and the most humorous lines of dialogue. Very often, they are played larger than life. While we expect the hero to eventually overtake the villain, watching baddies scheme, is almost as enjoyable as seeing the good guy foil their wicked plans.

Not all the characters on this list are straight up heels. Some are just extremely flawed and unlikable. We hate them, but then find ourselves loving them as well. Sometimes TV relationships are just as complicated as real life ones.

Let your voice be heard. Be sure to vote up the TV villains you love to hate the most and vote down the villainous television characters about which you can't find anything at all to love.

Current TV Characters We Love to Hate,

Cersei Baratheon
Cersei is just one of a long list of villains on Game of Thrones. She is cold-hearted and power hungry. However, she loves her children and somehow puts aside her own ambitions for the good of her kids. Even for Game of Thrones fans who truly hate Cersei, the whole walk of shame scene had to provide her character with at least a little sympathy.

Mr. Burns
Even animated shows need a villain! Mr. Burns, the vile selfish millionaire, uses the weak to maintain his fortune, however, his nefarious ways seem to keep the rest of Springfield somewhat honest. Excellent.

Carl Grimes
Here's the thing about Carl. Everyone thinks they want the irritating teen to get bit by a walker. But if he goes away for good, audiences may wind up missing him. Where else are we going to see that kind of 1970s haircut?

Juliette Barnes
Juliette can get really angry for no reason and definitely has spoiled brat moments. But she's worked hard to be a chart-topping country singer super star. She will never be anyone's favorite character, she's way too abrasive and bitter. However, we can appreciate her troubled past and the many obstacles that she has had to overcome.

Francis Underwood
President Underwood lied, cheated, and even murdered in order to crawl his way up the political ladder. Yet, we still find ourselves totally enamored with the House of Cards villain and his deliciously evil ways.

Claire Underwood
Just when we think Francis Underwood is the most ruthless person on television, along comes his wife Claire to make him look like a wimp. There is much to admire about the First Lady, her ambition is boundless and almost redeeming in a strange way.

Ramsay Snow
None of the vile, villainous, horrific characters on Game of Thrones can even hold a candle to Ramsay. He's truly a total psychopath with no remorse or sympathy for anyone else. He is fueled by power, rage, and pure evil. Yet, he may be the best thing on the HBO drama. Nothing is more powerful than a villain without a heart, no doubt every spectator has their eyes glued to the small screen every time he makes an appearance.

Oswald Cobblepot
The Penguin may not look like the face of evil, but don't let the messy hair and wobbly walk fool you. There is no super hero without a villain of equal strength. And although we aren't rooting for The Penguin to take down Gotham, we definitely love to watch his sinister attempts.


Jacqueline Vorhees, "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt"
Jacqueline is the opposite of Kimmy. Kimmy is sweet, naive, and always looking out for others. Jacqueline is crass, self-absorbed, and only looking out for herself. Even still, we appreciate her journey to marry to the top, and the fact that she knows she's not the nicest person in the world, makes her absurdness somehow human.

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<![CDATA[The Best Beauty Brands]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-beauty-brands/werner-brandes
List of beauty brands that includes the most high quality, reliable and affordable beauty products available. The global beauty business is a $382 billion industry with many competitors. Top beauty brands range from major manufacturers of skin care and cosmetics like Chanel, Johnson & Johnson, Olay, Dove and more. Other companies are smaller, but do very well with one segment of the market, like Burt's Bees and Earth Science (and other of the best natural skin care brands.)   

The beauty product industry and the best skin care brands usually enjoy fierce customer loyalty among brands. Once customers find the perfect beauty or makeup product, they tend to stick to their favorites. Because consumers have such strong brand loyalty, people are often more willing to pay a price premium for their favorites. There are also many inexpensive, quality beauty brands that are affordable for the average consumer. Biore, Clean & Clear and Neutrogena make affordable beauty products that are loved by millions of people across the world. 

So What are the best beauty brands? Quality of ingredients, price, packaging, consistency across product lines and effectiveness all come into play. Users looking for a beauty product will want to research a variety of different brands to find the one that best suits their needs, based on use and reliability.
The Best Beauty Brands,

MAC Cosmetics


Urban Decay

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Kat Von D Beauty

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<![CDATA[The 47 Douchiest Things Justin Bieber Has Ever Done]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/douchiest-things-justin-bieber-has-ever-done/ariel-kana
List of the douchiest things Justin Bieber has ever done. From abandoning his own pet monkey in Germany to showing up with a 20-person entourage to guest-host SNL, the Biebs has done quite a few questionable things in recent history. There comes a time in most young famous peoples' lives when their "acting out" incidents become more and more frequent, and the public reaction starts to move away from, "Aw, he probably didn't know any better," to "Ah! What a douchebag!" This list rounds up funny Justin Bieber quotes, stories of him acting dumb, and lays out the evidence for why Justin Bieber is a douche– deciding what you think is up to you. 

Is Justin Bieber a douchebag? Obvs, this depends on who you ask. Devoted fans –Bielebers and those who have Bieber-fever would (or course) say that he is not and that there are many good things about Justin Bieber. But what about the general public? Is spitting in your neighbor's face, threatening paparazzi, and refusing to pay for services that you used enough reason to call someone a douche? Is he actually one of the biggest douchebags in Hollywood? Or is he just acting how any other young person would in these circumstances? Does the Biebs deserve a little slack since he is from Canada and new to all of this fame? 

You can use this list of douch-ey JB moments to make your own decision and judge for yourself. Vote on your favorite d-bag move by the ever-popular teenage heartthrob/popstar, and share with your friends to see what they think.

The 47 Douchiest Things Justin Bieber Has Ever Done,

Starts a Show 2 Hours Late, Says He Was Only 40 Minutes Late
Concertgoers said the teenage star appeared onstage at the 02 Arena in London at 10:30 PM, when the start time had been listed as 8:30. Many in the audience, who had been waiting for hours, faced the choice between leaving early or missing the last trains home. Bieber did apologize – but added that he was actually only 40 minutes late, and it was because of technical difficulties.
After Being Told to Drive More Carefully, He Spit in His Neighbor's Face, Threatened to Kill
Bieber allegedly hocked a loogie and spit it in his 47-year-old neighbor's face after the father of three screamed at him to drive more carefully. Word has it that Bieber had a new Ferrari delivered to his Calabasas home at 8 AM and decided to take it for a test drive inside his gated community. Many neighbors complained that he was driving around 100 mph inside their little community. 

When one neighbor confronted him and said, "You can't drive like this!" Bieber responded by saying, "Get the f**k out of here," and then he spit in the guy's face and said, "I'm gonna f**king kill you."

Throws a Fit Because He Had to Watch Drake with the Regular People
According to TMZ, Bieber was put into a choke hold at So Cal's 2015 Coachella music festival after an altercation with security. Apparently the Biebs and his entourage were not allowed entrance into the artist area during Drake's performance because it was already at capacity. Instead of watching the set with the rest of the civilians in the crowd, Bieber said he needed special access to the restricted area so that he wouldn't be overwhelmed by fans. The security guards were not amused.

When a staffer finally came over to escort Bieber into the artist area, a security guard, doing his job like a true American hero, came up from behind and put Bieber in a choke hold. After that, Bieber and his personal security team left voluntarily but said they were considering legal action.

Believe it or not, the Biebs actually did something nice! Click here to see. 

Read more:
TMZ, Billboard
Banned for Life from a Vegas Indoor Skydiving Gym
Late June 2013, the Biebs and his entourage acted so poorly in a Las Vegas indoor skydiving facility that they were placed on the no-fly list for life. A source told E! News that Bieber and his crew arrived a couple minutes before closing, trashed the bathrooms, and agreed to handle payment after flying.

After they flew, he was given the option to either 1) pay or 2) Instagram a photo of himself with the owner and a favorable caption. Bieber went with option 2 – except rather than actually doing that, he "faked like he was posting something, per the agreement, but never did." Bieber and his friends then left without paying or tipping the staff who helped them fly.
"Anne (Frank) Was a Great Girl. Hopefully She Would Have Been a Belieber."

Before playing a show in the Netherlands in early 2013, the Biebs really had a moment at the Anne Frank House. After his hourlong visit with guards and friends, he thoughtfully wrote in their guestbook: “Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.”

And maybe she would have! If she, you know, hadn’t died from typhus in a concentration camp in 1945.
He Abandoned His Pet Monkey in Germany
In March 2013, Justin Bieber flew to Munich to put on a few performances as part of his world tour. On his return trip, his entourage grew just a little bit bigger – to include one new (adorable) baby capuchin monkey. Unfortunately, with all of the excitement around his new pet, Biebs neglected to bring one very, very important document with him to the airport: the necessary clearance forms that would allow him to bring the monkey in and out of Germany.

Because he just showed up with a monkey and no paperwork, German officials seized little OG Mally (which is the monkey's name), and placed him under quarantine. A local animal shelter announced it would give Justin Bieber (who was still in Germany) four weeks to return to Munich with the necessary paperwork to claim his little fella, or else the monkey will be given to a European zoo. Bieber had his people email the shelter to let them know he would not be coming back for him. 

Before he decided to not rescue his pet monkey from Germany, Bieber posted a photo of OG Mally on his Instagram with the caption, “He’s like a human.” (You know, the kind of human you abandon in a foreign country)


When He Made Prince's Death About Himself
While the world mourned the loss of Prince in April 2016, Bieber was predictably thinking about one thing: himself. The Biebs wanted to make sure fans knew the "Purple Rain" singer wasn't the only star in the world. Singer/songwriter Andrew Watt posted a Prince tribute on Instagram that said, "Today waking up to this news I am truly beside myself...devastated...the last of the greatest living performers...my guitar idol." 

Bieber's response? He commented on the pic: "Well not the last greatest living performer." Wonder who could he have been referring to?

When He Got Into a Fist Fight at a Basketball Game
Apparently tensions were high at the stadium when Bieber stopped by to watch the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 3 of the 2016 NBA Finals. Video of the star showed him throwing a punch at a much larger dude. The other guy got in a few good licks as bystanders tried and failed to pull them apart. Bieber's reps didn't comment on the cause of the fight, but Bieber did post a pic of himself on Instagram with the caption: "Not a scratch on this pretty boy."

Spits Off Balcony On To Fans Below
The tween-idol was photographed hawking spit over the side of a hotel balcony –directly above the faces of hundreds of loyal fans who were gathered below in hopes of catching a glimpse of him. In the same series of extremely bad PR shots, he was then photographed cracking up with his friends and pointing down at the poor teenage girls gathered below that he had just spat on. 

Just moments before the spit-show, Bieber posted a photo of the same fans on Instagram with the caption, "I wake up this morning to this :) best fans in the world #beliebers #sexyfans."

Spitting at a group of teenagers that call themselves "Beliebers" seems cruel enough, but it just seems extra unfair to first give them a shoutout on Instagram and then spit in their faces. They never had a chance to see it coming. 

When He Punched a Fan in the Face

On the way to perform at a show in Brazil, Justin Bieber's car was flooded with fans. However, one fan got a little too close for comfort when he stuck his hand through the Biebz' window to touch the pop star. Bieber, always one to respond in the positively most aggressive way possible, took a jab at the fan. A witness caught video footage of the moment Bieber threw the punch at his (probably) ex-fan, who is visibly shocked by the whole incident. As for the rest of the world, the episode is nothing new when it comes to a day in the life of the Biebz.

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<![CDATA[The Best Harem Manga of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-harem-manga/ranker-anime
If there's one type of character you should be jealous of, it's the main character of a harem manga. He's surrounded by beautiful women, and even though he wimpy and awkward, they all want a piece of him anyways. That being said, what is the best harem manga of all time? The poll below will help us answer that question, and you can contribute by voting for your top harem manga. What are you favorites? One of the most popular harem manga is High School DxD, and with the gratuitous fan service, it's not hard to see why.

However true fans know there are plenty of great titles outside of High School DxD or Rosario-Vampire. Vote up your favorites that you would recommend to other readers, and downvote any titles that you read and didn't like.
The Best Harem Manga of All Time,

To Love-Ru


Rosario + Vampire

Heaven's Lost Property

The World God Only Knows

Highschool of the Dead

High School DxD

Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls

Rosario-Vampire II

Omamori Himari

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<![CDATA[The Biggest Turn Ons in a Person]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-biggest-turn-ons-in-a-person/samantha-dillinger
What do you love about your guy or gal? Their hair? Their smile? Their honesty? This is a list of the biggest turn ons for women and men, meaning what men want in a woman and what women want in a man. Wondering how to be charming and attractive to the opposite sex? This crowdsourced list contains the best qualities that a person can have, as agreed upon by the Ranker community. These traits are what women really want and what men like. The secret to making yourself attractive to a potential mate can be found on this list!

The best qualities in a person will vary, but there's no denying there are well-liked qualities that are common across the board. Most people would agree that the biggest turn ons in a person include intelligence, humor, and a hot body, but that's not all!

What are the biggest turn ons for men and women? What are the best personality traits? This is a great place to see what things other people value, whether you're trying to determine the best qualities in another person or trying to answer the question "what qualities should I have?"

The Biggest Turn Ons in a Person,




Loving Nature

Physical Attractiveness



Pleasant Voice


Kind Heartedness

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<![CDATA[Truckers Describe the Creepiest Thing They've Seen]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/truckers-describe-creepy-stories/christopher-shultz
A life on the road, hauling cargo from city to city, can be a lonely one. It can also be dangerous and, sometimes, downright terrifying. Take it from these truckers, who took to Reddit and shared some of their eeriest, most bizarre, and unexplainable experiences while traveling highways all over the world. Here is a compilation of the best of those tales, gathered from two separate discussion threads (here and here).
Truckers Describe the Creepiest Thing They've Seen,

The Beast
"There was a story on here a while back by a trucker... It was getting very late (and very dark) so he pulled into a rest area off the highway in the middle of nowhere. The place was totally empty, meaning there weren't any other vehicles or people there. While he was getting some shut eye inside his truck, he heard a faint sound of a barking dog that seemed to get louder and louder as time went by. Eventually the nasty barking sound was coming from right outside his driver side door. As he got up to look in the window, he didn't see a rabid dog but instead it was some crazy-eyed person looking directly at him, growling and trying to get in. He started the engine and got the heck out of there."
Mysterious Fireball
"Trucker here. A few years back, I was traveling through Ute native land in New Mexico on Highway 491. 491 used to be Route 666, but they changed it a few years back. I think people were stealing the signs. Anyways, I'm in the middle of the desert around midnight, no lights or civilization for miles, when up in the sky there's a huge, orange flash. The orange flash quickly 'inflated' into a giant ball, bigger than the sun. It even had a fiery looking texture to it. Suddenly, the orange ball disappeared, and the entire desert sky, horizon to horizon, flashed a bright yellow, lighting up the everything around me like it was daytime. Then everything went back to normal. This all happened within a few seconds, but it was definitely the weirdest thing I've seen on the road."
Found a Dollar
"Kent, TX, is another one. There's an old Chevron station I think it is, seems like FedEx drivers like stopping in there in droves. I'm guessing it's a popular drop and hook point for them or something. But I stop one day, and I need to take a piss. I don't know why I didn't stop in Van Horn. So I pull off, and I roll up to the empty lot across the street. Kent is an abandoned town. I walk up to the bush line and notice a makeshift fire pit. The wood is somewhat burned, but not all the way. The weird thing is that there's an unscathed dollar bill stuck in the wood. For a second I was like "Ooo piece of candy!" but then this sudden feeling of NOPE came over me. So I left it alone and pissed in the bush. As I'm walking back, I look over at it and get a real negative feeling. I look to the ground in front of me and bam, there's a rattlesnake looking right at me. I stop dead in my tracks, and walk carefully around it, and it keeps staring at me. I ran as fast as I could back to my truck feeling like somebody was behind me. I kicked up a lot of dust getting out of there, and have never stopped in Kent since."

"Missouri, I stopped at an off-ramp to stretch out and take a breather. As I'm smoking a cigarette, a little girl from some direction I couldn't figure out giggles and says 'Hi, mister!' My initial reaction was, 'The fuck is a little kid doing out here at this time?' so I talk back and say hi. She then responds with 'My mommy says you'll be ok, don't worry!' Now utterly confused, I ask her what she means. No response. Then suddenly I feel like somebody is standing next to me, but it doesn't feel negative or bad. Just feels like somebody is right there next to me. Since it didn't have a negative vibe to it, I just finished my cigarette and left. Later on down the road, I realize that I forgot to fuel up at my last stop when the warning light came on. So I scramble to look at my GPS and find the nearest truck stop, I find one and set the course. As I roll up to the truck stop, my truck starts sputtering and I barely make it to the fuel line before the truck starts dying. I ran out of fuel right as I got on the fuel line. It wasn't until I was fueling up that it occurred to me what the hell happened at my last stop."
The High Desert

"Driving from Albuquerque to Socorro. I was on a stretch with no lights. Perfectly dark. I notice someone standing on the side of the road. As I pass him, my lights fully illuminate his face. Nothing about this guy seemed natural. His posture was weird, he was wearing a gray suit... and his face. It just looked 'off', like a mask or something. For about half a second, we lock eyes, even with my headlights blinding him, it still felt like he was looking at me, not my truck. It really creeped me the fuck out. Shortly after this, my CB started picking up some odd chirps, but I was pretty close to the VLA. 

"The high desert is a weird place."

Disappearing War Hero
"My first couple years I was a night driver, so it was hard to see things sometimes. But the one in PA was me trying to follow a flatbedder who was haulin' serious ass through the mountains. At one point I start to fall back because I can feel the van starting to lean. It wasn't long after that I reach down to take a swig off the handy monster I had, and I look up, and there's a guy standing off to the shoulder just outside the tree line wearing in what appeared to be some type of soldier's uniform. Looked like Revolutionary War era, he had a musket as well. As I approach, I can see him staring right at me, and then he starts walking back into the tree line still looking at me. Before he manages to make it through the trees, he disappears. Like literally vanishes in thin air. I had my windows down, and the air in the area got real cold. After about a mile, the air warmed up again. I had a really sad feeling come over me for a while afterward. Needless to say, I didn't stop for the rest of my shift."
Punchlines Don't Take Away from the Creepy

"Ok I've told this to my friends several times but I guess I can share it here too.

"I was driving for Costco a few years back. It was around this time of year. We usually took extra toy shipments to various locations due to the holiday season. We got a call that one of our locations in rural Kentucky needed to restock their giant Spiderman dolls. They knew I was a fast driver so I was giving the last minute late-night duty. I loaded my truck and headed out on the 265. It was around 3am when I started to have this eerie feeling. I chalked it up to just being tired and popped a couple of NoDoz. About 15 min later the road started to fog up. I mean more so than any other time before or since. It got to the point where I had to pull off to the side and wait. There weren't any other cars on the road and I was ahead of time so I figured I could wait until it cleared up a bit. About five minutes of sitting still in silence, my truck goes dead. No lights, no engine, nothing. I try to crank it but it was like the battery was dead. I try my CB but cannot get anyone on. I check my cell phone and there is no signal. As I'm sitting there contemplating my next move I hear what sounds like a child crying. It slowly morphed into a woman crying. Or at least that's what it sounded like to me. Now I'm a big man, 6'3", 250 pounds, but I refused to exit my cab. I did roll down my window and asked if anybody needed help. At that point the crying stopped. Then I heard what sounded like a sinister laugh. At that point I felt like the laughter was directed at me. I rolled up my window and it seemed like the more scared I became the louder the laugh went. Then as soon as it started, it stopped. And just like that my truck started back up and the fog dissipated. I drove out of there like a bat out of hell. I get to the next truck stop and pull in. I run to the bathroom and pour water on my face and ask myself 'Did that really just happen? I go out to the diner and see this fella in a John Deer hat, red flannel, and blue jeans. I needed to know if anyone else experienced that, too. I go up to him and say 'Excuse me, are you a fellow trucker 'cause I just had one hell of an experience.' He says 'Not a trucker, but...'"

I Know

"Was driving north through the mountains of Colorado towards Pueblo, and it was my first time dealing with anything like the Rocky Mountains so I was taking it nice and slow with my hazards on and in the right lane. This was in the spring, and there wasn't much snow on the ground aside from a light dusting. 

"I remember passing another truck pulled to the shoulder on my way up, nothing out of the ordinary. However, as I was heading down the mountain (which can be scary as shit in an 18-wheeler, trust me) I saw the same truck I passed earlier FLY by me in the left hand lane. Now being passed on the left going DOWNHILL in the ROCKY MOUNTAINS by another TRACTOR TRAILER is crazy enough, but what really makes this story is this guy's trailer brakes were on fire. He was pulling a load (could tell because the trailer was sealed) and if you know anything about trucks you know there's only so much braking you're supposed to do before they overheat and, worst case, catch fire. 

"This guy's truck looked like a fucking comet as he sped down the mountain at what I thought was a surely to be deadly pace. 

"I grabbed the mic to the radio and called out to him, 'Hey Driver! Your brakes are on fire! I mean literally on fire!'

"After a few seconds of static, a rough and weathered sounding voice comes back over the speaker of my radio and says, cool as a cucumber, 'I know.'

"And he disappeared around a curve. 

"I never saw any wrecked truck, emergency crews, or even mention of an accident over the radio. 

"I did see a discarded fire extinguisher on the ground at the base of the mountain though. 

"Just one of many awesome stories."

Lost Time
"New Mexico, Nevada, and Utah are some states that to this day, I still see shit in the skies that I can't explain. Lights rapidly changing direction and taking off at blinding speeds, but no sound barrier being broken. I've seen lights hovering over the desert several miles off the interstate, then it suddenly takes off and the lights cut out. Various shapes and sizes from what I can make out (again, night driver). I know military aircraft pretty well, and some of them more than likely were, but some of them absolutely can not be any military aircraft currently in mainstream use. Conventional aircraft do not move like that. The most vivid one would be at an off-ramp in New Mexico, I stopped to take a piss. And decided to turn it into a 15-minute break since my ass was sore anyway. As I'm stargazing and admiring how clear the sky is, I saw what looked like a formation of lights in the shape of a triangle lift off from the desert floor, and then take off into the sky. I kept me eyes on it, and it just kept gaining altitude until the lights just disappeared. I look down at my watch and notice it's not ticking, so I pull out my phone and it's off. I turn my phone on, and according to the time on my phone, it had been 5 minutes since my watch stopped. I felt like whatever it was that just took off had something to do with it."
A Smile of Joy

"My brother is a trucker, and a while ago near where we live, a trucker he knew was driving down a two-lane rural road at night/late evening and got a call in on the CB about a guy purposefully driving towards oncoming traffic in an area near him, and to keep an eye out for him. Eventually, he sees a car coming towards him, sure enough, weaving in and out of traffic trying to run into people. The people are dodging him left and right, and right as he gets in front of the semi, the trucker saw the guy smiling in his headlights because he knew he was going to finally die. 

"The trucker was hurt bad (I think he lived through it, but I'm not 100% sure, now that I think about it. My brother told me this a few years ago), but the guy who ran into him for sure died. He'd been trying to kill himself that way for a while. Scary stuff."

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<![CDATA[The Best TED Videos: Greatest TED Talks Videos]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-ted-videos-greatest-ted-talks-videos/the-doctor
These are the greatest TED talks given at the TED conference every year.
From the TED website, "TED is a small nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design. Since then its scope has become ever broader. Along with two annual conferences -- the TED Conference in Long Beach and Palm Springs each spring, and the TEDGlobal conference in Oxford UK each summer -- TED includes the award-winning TEDTalks video site, the Open Translation Project and Open TV Project, the inspiring TEDx program and the annual TED Prize."

The speakers address a wide range of topics within the research and practice of science and culture, often through storytelling. The speakers are given a maximum of 18 minutes to present their ideas in the most engaging way they can. The speeches have been some of the most memorable by some of the world's most famous innovators. Past presenters include Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Bill Gates, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and many Nobel Prize winners.

Sit back, relax and enjoy some of the top speeches in the history of the TED conference. Besides, where else can you see some the world's most important innovators giving talks in such a manner? These videos are some of most engaging talks in each speakers history.

The Best TED Videos: Greatest TED Talks Videos,

Al Gore
At TED2009, Al Gore presents updated slides from around the globe to make the case that worrying climate trends are even worse than scientists predicted, and to make clear his stance on "clean coal."

James Cameron
James Cameron's big-budget (and even bigger-grossing) films create unreal worlds all their own. In this personal talk, he reveals his childhood fascination with the fantastic -- from reading science fiction to deep-sea diving -- and how it ultimately drove the success of his blockbuster hits Aliens, The Terminator, Titanic and Avatar.

J.J. Abrams
J.J. Abrams traces his love for the unseen mystery –- a passion that’s evident in his films and TV shows, including Cloverfield, Lost and Alias -- back to its magical beginnings.

Ken Robinson
Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity.

Johnny Lee
Building sophisticated educational tools out of cheap parts, Johnny Lee demos his cool Wii Remote hacks, which turn the $40 video game controller into a digital whiteboard, a touchscreen and a head-mounted 3-D viewer.

Bill Clinton

Christopher Poole
The founder of 4chan, a controversial, uncensored online imageboard, describes its subculture, some of the Internet "memes" it has launched, and the incident in which its users managed a very public, precision hack of a mainstream media website. The talk raises questions about the power -- and price -- of anonymity

Adam Sadowsky
The band "OK Go" dreamed up the idea of a massive Rube Goldberg machine for their latest music video -- and Adam Sadowsky's team was charged with building it. )

He tells the story of the effort and engineering behind their labyrinthine creation that quickly became a YouTube sensation.

The TED website

Sergey Brim + Larry Page
Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin offer a peek inside the Google machine, sharing tidbits about international search patterns, the philanthropic Google Foundation, and the company's dedication to innovation and employee happiness.

Tue, 27 Apr 2010 09:08:00 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/best-ted-videos-greatest-ted-talks-videos/the-doctor
<![CDATA[The Top 10 Most Incriminating Sexts of 2010]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/top-10-most-incriminating-sexts-of-2010/joanne
You'd think famous people or people of power would be much more careful about the whole "sending pictures of exposed body parts via text message" thing, but no...they're much, much worse. Here are the 10 most incriminating sexts (or sexual text message, for those of us who don't speak in pop culture abbreviations) that 2010 had to offer, from the perversely creepy to hmmm-I-probably-woulda-done-the-same messages that were meant to be private.

Are these the best sexts? Can you really call any sext "best"? In any case, these sexts tripped up some Hollywood stars, minor celebrities, hot TV personalities, and pro athletes in 2010.
The Top 10 Most Incriminating Sexts of 2010,

Greg Oden Gets Outed By Ex-Girlfriend
A nude photo Greg Oden took of himself and sent to a former girlfriend over a year ago made its debut on the Internet in early 2010.

The Portland Trail Blazers center owned up to his sexting, saying: "It was definitely my fault you know, I shouldn't have put myself out there like that and I have to learn from that." Never trust a college-aged blonde again.

The 7-foot-center was out of season at the time due to a fractured kneecap but he should rebound back in time.

Authorities have still not released exactly how far away from the camera a 7-foot tall guy has to stand in order to take a full on picture of himself.
Tiger Woods Plays Rough, Joslyn James Plays Rougher
2009 was the year of Tiger Woods and the revenge of his mistresses, but 2010 saved the best revenge for last.

In March, porn actress Joslyn James released a string of text messages sent by Woods as proof of their long-going sexual relationship because, hey, with the internet around you've gotta sell DVDs somehow.

In the text messages, Woods writes explicitly X-rated musings to James saying, "I want to be deep inside you" and "I want to treat you rough. Throw you around, spank and slap you." The most surprising part of this is that he doesn't use the "Oxford comma."

If you want more texts that are a little too raunchy to post here, please read this for all the naughty tidbits. Apparently things get kinky in that neck of the woods (see what I did there? You're welcome.)

Amidst all that's happened to Tiger in the last year, he is facing an even rougher 2011 with some young guns that are looking to take away his spotlight. A rough year in the media this year might lead to an even rougher next year on the course.
Tony Parker Sucks At Life, Has Neither Bros Or Hos
NBA San Antonio Spurs player Tony Parker not only broke the marriage code by sexting Erin Barry but he also broke the man code because she was his ex teammate Brent Barry's wife.

That's not even mentioning the LIFE code he broke when carrying out this affair because, (now ex-wife) Eva Longoria is and always will be smoking. That's right, someone cheated on Eva Longoria, which pretty much puts him in as one of the dumbest people of 2010.

The texts have yet to be revealed but a source says that they were definitely flirtatious, sexual and "crossed the line." Too bad there's no safe word when sexting.

But, none the less Eva Longoria is still hot. The real question now is: Is she more hot now that her and Tony Parker are divorced?
Kanye West Gives Too Much Info Without Saying a Word
Kanye West is no stranger to self-exposure. He's done it many a time under the influence of Hennessey or his inflated ego.

This time around though, it's not our ears we have to cover, but our eyes. You can't press the mute button a penis.

The music icon snapped pictures of himself in 2010 showing his genitals and sent it to several girls on MySpace, which is absolutely insane, weird and borderline inexcusable because who still uses MySpace in 2010?

In one picture he's naked from the chest up, only wearing sunglasses and a gold chain (like ya do).

In another, he's exposing his manhood from his boxer briefs. This is one time people would actually prefer Mr. West on audio.

If you want to see the full-size image (*snicker*), then Google "Kanye Penis" with your safesearch off and get ready to never live it down, and to never let anyone use your computer again.
Cristiano Ronaldo is Rich and Juggles Models
Cristiano Ronaldo is a hot commodity. The Portuguese soccer player is the most expensive player in soccer history after a $132 million transfer deal from Manchester United to Real Madrid.

He may want to spend some of that money transferring his sexting messages to another phone though because reports surfaced in August that Ronaldo was sexting glamour model Rhian Sugden, a controversial female who was involved in a previous sexting scandal with Vernon Kay in February 2010.

No texts have been revealed, but sources say Ronaldo's been "bombarding" Sugden with phone calls and text messages ever since they met in April aka he's doing what most guys would do after meeting a girl that looks like her.

Wonder what his Russian underwear model girlfriend Irina Shayk had to say about all this though? Let me repeat that: Russian. Underwear. Model. There isn't a single one of those words that doesn't trigger an "automatic date" response in most guys.

But, who are we kidding here....Cristiano can have any girl he wants. I mean he has dated with most of the hottest TV show wags of all time.
Ashton Kutcher Trades Demi in for a Newer Model
Nobody thought Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore and their 15-year age difference would make it.

However, after five years of marriage and many lovey-dovey Twitpics, the general population was about to give them some credit, retract their judgments, stop making Harold and Maude references and feel horrible about themselves.

That is until a hot, young girl named Britnney Jones entered the picture. A hot, young girl who claims to having wild sex with Kutcher on the family couch in the $3 million Beverly Hills home he shares with Demi.


To top it off, she's also got a trail of texts to prove their relationship.

In one of the texts, Ashton writes, "what are u wearing now?" and in another he responds to Jones' inquiry as to the next time he'll have an empty house with "Not sure maybe the end of the month."

I think Demi Moore just aged a little bit and I think we just proved that whole "no matter how hot she is, there's always someone out there who's sick of her" theory cause Demi still looks amazing.
Kenneth Fratz Does Not Win the Court(ing) Case
Even District Attorneys have a little fun in between court cases. Or, if they're anything like Wisconsin district attorney Kenneth Fratz, they mix the two together.

Fratz was caught sexting 26-year-old Stephanie Van Groll (nice), a domestic abuse victim who he was assigned as prosecutor in the case against her ex-boyfriend (ethically not-nice), in early December.

Instead of protecting her, Fratz violated her with crazed texts like "Are you the kind of girl that likes secret contact with an older married elected DA...the riskier the better?" and "I'm the atty. I have the $350,000 house. I have the 6-figure career. You may be the tall, young, hot nymph but I am the prize!"

Apparently this guy has figured out exactly what women want: a fat guy who has to drive it into their heads that even if he's not attractive, he's got money.

Anyway, this is a pretty bad thing for a District Attorney to be accused of, so needless to say he won't be a "prize" for too much longer [insert "prize pig" joke here].
Brett Favre Never Quits...Sexting Jenn Sterger
You'd think that Brett Favre would've had enough of sexual trysts from his heyday as NFL quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, but just like his inability to quit playing the field (he retired in early 2008, returned in late 2008, retired mid 2009 and returned again in late 2009), he seems to have a complete inability to quit playing the field.

Now 41, married to wife Deanna, father of two daughters and grandfather to a grandson, Favre is slammed with reports of sexting on-air sports personality Jenn Sterger. Favre reportedly sent Sterger multiple photos of his front lineman, including one where he's playing the ball solo while wearing a pair of Crocs because everyone knows that there's nothing a woman loves more than a naked, lonely athlete wearing nothing but sponges on feet.

Favre, of course, has denied sending those photos but has admitted to leaving Sterger voicemails, which we have record of here thanks to Deadspin.

Nothing was more damning to his marriage, family or already-annoyingly-present image. This year sealed Brett Favre's legacy and it involves sending a picture of his pigskin to a gorgeous, unsuspecting (unconsenting) news reporter.

It's even suggested that Brett Favre is thinking about coming back for the 2011 season. I mean check out the main reasons Brett Favre wants to come back for the 2011 season. But, all-in-all it might be the fact that Jenn Sterger will stop texting him back if he is retired...
Melinda Dennehy is a Horrible Teacher, Schoolboy's Fantasy
It's plenty common for teens and tweens to be sexting (it's this generation's beer kiss behind the 7-11), but when a high school teacher is caught in the act then that actually raises some eyebrows.

And when the high school teacher is sexting with a sophomore student in high school, well, that calls for a police investigation.

That's exactly what happened in early July when 41-year-old English teacher Melinday Dennehy of Londonderry High School, New Hampshire sent "four sexy shots of herself" with her "genitals exposed" to her 15-year-old male student.

She also sent lurid text messages detailing the sexual acts she wanted to perform with him. The boy returned the favor by forwarding the photos to his friends.

Dennehy is a mother of two and has since been released on bail as well as "administrative leave with pay." I'm sure there's still time for her to get a name change and be added to this esteemed list of ethically-challenged-yet-physically-attractive educators.
Hayley Williams Surprises Fans With Breasts
Hayley Williams, the front woman of pop punk band Paramore, has said numerous times the importance of keeping in touch with her fans. She constantly updates her Twitter to her over-one-million followers with personal anecdotes and pictures. So it's not surprising then that when a topless photo was Tweeted on her account--and then quickly deleted--in late May over 5,000 followers had already viewed it, saved it, had their way with it without buying it dinner and saved it as their desktop image.

True, it's still not clear as to who actually uploaded the photo, but judging from the up-to-the-minute speed Williams updates her Twitter, it's most likely a sleight of hand on her part (or a desperate cry for publicity). If that's the case, this has got to be one of the biggest sexting fails ever, but also the most treasured by music fans (and perverts) everywhere.

Mon, 06 Dec 2010 07:05:31 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/top-10-most-incriminating-sexts-of-2010/joanne
<![CDATA[6 Awesome Homeless People Saved by The Internet]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/6-awesome-homeless-people-saved-by-the-internet/joanne
Ted Williams is among several homeless people who've found success, be it financial or personal, through the wonderful use of the series of tubes we like to call "The Internet." Here are the 6 greatest homeless people ever saved by the Internet, with different stories to tell, but all equally inspiring, awesome, and mind-blowing. Thanks to the internet, several homeless people have found "Internet fame", they may not be all as successful as Ted Williams or Xi Le Ge but they're probably funnier. Click here for funny homeless guy signs.
6 Awesome Homeless People Saved by The Internet,

Eric Sheptock Uses Facebook For Change
There are plenty of people who use the Internet to make a living, but Eric Sheptock uses the Internet for homelessness-based activism, all while being homeless himself.

Sheptock refuses to work a 9-to-5 job or move out of the shelter where he shares a room with 11 other men in downtown Washington, D.C. in order to continue his unique ability to advocate for others in the same situation. He has about 5,000 Facebook friends, 1,200 followers on Twitter, and thousands of emails notifying him of press mentions.

But Sheptock is interested in only one thing: to spread social justice using social media. He's a blogger for Chang.org, and is a known speaker of the National Coalition for Homelessness. So far, he's been able to get a leak fixed at a homeless shelter and stop harassment at another through his continual messages for change on the Internet.

Watch the video below for the full story:

Adrian Lamo, Homeless Hacker Genius
It's always the smart people who get caught. In this case, it's Adrian Lamo, who was arrested in September 2004 by the FBI for computer fraud.

He was charged with breaking into the private network of the New York Times Company and running a bill upwards $300,000 on the pay-per-use search tool, Lexis-Nexis, with a possible 15-year prison sentence.

This wouldn't be too surprising if Lamo was an Ivy-League graduate with a rebellious streak (we've all seen Social Network three times by now to get the picture), but Lamo, one of the best-known hackers in the country, was homeless.

Given the name "The Homeless Hacker" by some, Lamo traveled around with just his eight-year-old Toshiba, blanket, change of clothes, and Taser stun gun, which he used to shock vending machines to see if they'd drop any food or spare change. He did most of his virtual exploring from the internet connections of Kinko's copy shops, which if you wear the right stuff, is actually pretty smart if you're a hacker (assuming you're paying in cash).
James Montgomery's Got Everything He Needs
James Montgomery may not have a physical home, but he calls the sky his home, using the Internet as his outlet for it. Unlike everyone else on this list, he isn't rich, famous, or 100% assimilated back into normal society. Using the Internet can save lives (as we've learned from that one Robert Downey, Jr. movie), providing an outlet for someone who may otherwise dive off the deep end in a downward spiral of self-destruction.

Here's James Montgomery's story:
After having his guitar and amplifier stolen at a bus transfer station, he had to make a decision: keep playing jazz and rock at the public station or buy a computer. He decided on the latter and purchased a $400 Dell laptop from a pawn shop and moved to Lodi, CA in the San Joaquin County, which he found to be much safer than San Francisco (which seriously, makes perfect sense).

There, Montgomery started writing about metaphysical philosophy using the internet connection at the Lodi Public Library, as well as reading books about it. The Lodi News-Sentinel has reported on the man who stays connected to the world through the Internet, despite not having a home. It's something that keeps him thinking and driving forward to enjoy his life every day.

Ted Williams, The Man With the Golden Voice Gets a Job, Fame
"I have a God given gift of voice. I'm an ex-radio announcer who has fallen on hard times. Please! Any help will be greatfully appreciated. Thank you and God bless. Happy holidays."

Those were the words that Ted Williams held up on a cardboard sign in the first week of 2010 to commuters driving down Ohio's I-71 in hopes to get a job or, even more pressing, a motel room to sleep in at night.

Just 24 hours later after a video was posted of him exhibiting his voiceover talents to a passerby who decided to put it on YouTube, Williams began receiving numerous offers from prestigious companies such as the Cleveland Cavaliers (who also offer housing), MSNBC, ESPN, and MTV. He's been interviewed on various television shows and on Thursday, January 6 of 2011, he introduced NBC's Today Show. Just two days after living on the street.

On the popular website Reddit.com (aka Digg with a brain/conscience), people have donated a cellphone, business suit and over $1,000 to help jumpstart his career. Williams has already made appearances on "The Early Show" and "Good Morning America" and is set to do a taping with "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" and "The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell."

Most recently, he's been offered a job by Roger Ebert, who wants him to do an Orson Welles impression for his new show.

Watch the video below for the full, awesomely inspiring story that makes you love the internet for who we are and the power that we have as a world community. hell yes:

Xi Li Ge Lived On the Street, Now Walks On the Runway
Xi Li Ge wasn't just any old beggar off the street before becoming an Internet celebrity and fashion icon. He was also a guy with the fashion sense of an avant garde stylist, who could run with the best of those guys who act like they're too good for you on television, matched with the broody demeanor of a tortured poet and the cheekbones of a Dolce & Gabbana model. Basically, this guy was BUILT for fashion.

Xi Li Ge, or "Brother Sharp" as he's more commonly known in the fashion webosphere because of his "sharp/penetrating eyes," first attracted the attention of fashion lovers in March 2010 when someone testing out a camera accidentally photographed him and uploaded the image to the Internet.

In the photo he's wearing a coat over a leather jacket, sporting full locks of messy hair and smoking a cigarette while walking down a road in Ningbo, China. Girls everywhere started commenting on the photo saying things like "Look at him wrinkle his brow...nothing needs to be said...sexy..." and "Brother Sharp, you are truly too handsome."

He was, though, afterall, homeless. So...

His internet popularity soon allowed him to sign with a fashion company, walk a fashion show in Guangzhou, be a subject of a huge painting on the street of Hangzhou and, now, have a movie in the works based on his story.

Billionaire Yang Meimei announced in July that she plans to invest RMB 70 million to produce the movie and Hong Kong model-actor Carl Ng is rumored to play "China's sexiest homeless man."

This guy wins. At everything.
Tim Edwards Gets Pimped Out
Pimpthisbum.com is a father-and-son run website that raises money for one lucky homeless person.

It follows the story and rehabilitation of Tim Edwards, an alcoholic homeless man who was found under the 1-10 overpass at Highway 6 in Houston.

Once he and the Dolans (owners of the site) met, it was a moment in Internet-homelessness history. He began carrying a cardboard sign with the website url scrawled on it, and donations began pouring in. Soon enough, he was remitted into a rehab center in Seattle for free, reunited with his long-lost family, and got a job as an apprentice machinist, all for pimping his own URL on the street... and he didn't even have to twirl it.

Watch the video below for the full, heartwarming story:

Visit msnbc.com for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

Thu, 06 Jan 2011 06:04:56 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/6-awesome-homeless-people-saved-by-the-internet/joanne
<![CDATA[The 17 Best Yao Ming Career Highlights]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-17-best-yao-ming-career-highlights/randolph
Yao Ming, China's most famous athlete, is officially retiring from the NBA. The 7'6'' Houston Rocket center has faced a lot of injuries over the last couple of years and he has decided enough is enough. This list covers all the highlights from Yao Ming's career - on and off the court. His career peaked in 2006-2007, when he averaged 25 points per game. But, this number would not last. He slowly became prone to injury and started facing the reality that he is a 7'6'' giant... and people that tall are rather fragile.

Bonus: are you aware of the Yao Ming funny side? Yao Ming career high scoring and rebounding is nothing to scoff at, but he's a funny guy as well. Read on to reminisce about his storied basketball career.

The 17 Best Yao Ming Career Highlights,

Shanghai Sharks
Before joining the Houston Rockets in 2002, Yao played for the Shanghai Sharks in the China Basketball Association (CBA). Yao played 122 games with the Sharks and averaged 23 points and 15 rebounds. He became only the second Chinese player in history to enter the NBA in America. (The first was Wang Zhizhi the previous year.)
Yao Ming Posterizes LeBron
Yao brutally dunks over the top of LeBron James in this clip from a February 2009 game between the Rockets and the Cleveland Cavaliers. This led to much debate between fans over the importance of a height differential when blocking shots.
#1 Overall Pick in the 2002 NBA Draft
Yao was selected by the Houston Rockets as the #1 overall pick in the 2002 NBA Draft. It doesn't get much better than that.

The deal was a long time in the planning. The Rockets sought special permission from the China Basketball Association to pick up Yao (who was already a star in his homeland). Through an interpreter, while still in Beijing, Yao told reporters that he was excited for the start of "my new basketball life" and said "This is a new league in front of me for me to play, so it will be a new challenge for me."
Yao Ming Meets Verne Troyer
The tallest and shortest celebrities come face-to-face in this spot for Apple's 12" and 17" PowerBooks. (Get it?) Yao and Verne Troyer (better known as "Mini-Me" from the Austin Powers films) are boarding a plane near one another when they both reach for their laptops. Humorously, Yao uses the smaller 12" PowerBook while Verne grabs his 17" PowerBook. (You may also notice that the narrator of the ad is none other than actor Jeff Goldblum.)
Yao Ming Ejected from Game
Yao was known for his class as a player. But, apparently even polite 7.5" Chinese men get irritated at the refs every once in a while. Check out this video of Yao getting kicked out of the game against the Sacramento Kings on December 1, 2007, and his ensuing frustration.
Yao Ming Carries Olympic Torch
Not only did Yao get to appear in a Coca Cola commercial holding the Olympic torch, but he actually got to carry the Olympic torch to help introduce the games to Beijing in 2008. Yao ran the torch through China’s symbolic Tiananmen Square gate through the Palace Museum and onto the streets. Former gymnast Li Ning, who won 6 medals at the 1984 Summer Olympics (China's first), was hoisted up on wires during the Beijing Opening Ceremonies to light the Olympic Cauldron.
Yao Ming at a Charity Roast
In April of 2008, Yao was being honored at a charity event in Houston, which included a traditional roast. When he finally got up for his turn to speak, Yao showed off his comedy chops by turning the tables on his roasters. Most of his jokes stem from observations about the clash between Yao's Chinese upbringing and his new experiences in America.
3 FIBA Asian Championship Gold Medals
Not only was Yao the MVP of the 2001, 2003, and 2005 FIBA Asian Championship, but he also led the Chinese national team to the gold medals all three years.
Yao Ming Rage Face
Fans of Internet memes may have noticed a resemblance between Yao Ming and a certain character who pops up on message boards, forums and sites like Reddit and 4Chan.

To the left is the original photo of Yao. Below is his cartoon incarnation. This face is often used in so-called "rage comics" and other humorous images to depict a cavalier, utterly disinterested manner. Hence, the face is often known as the "F**k That Guy," and it is rarely referenced that the original image is based on Yao at all.

Yao Ming's Career High 41 Points Game
In this triple overtime game against the Atlanta Hawks in 2002, Yao Ming scored a career high 41 points to help lead the Rockets to the victory. In addition, to his impressive offensive performance, Yao also racked up 16 rebounds.

Fri, 08 Jul 2011 07:36:14 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/the-17-best-yao-ming-career-highlights/randolph
<![CDATA[The Best Calendar Apps for iPhone]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-calendar-apps/dot-commander
The best calendar apps can help anyone stay on top of a busy schedule, remember important dates, or just keep you on track with the date. This list ranks the best task manager apps for iPhone, and it includes links directly to the Apple App Store. I’ve covered all the bases for you on this one. There’s even one or two of the best calendar apps for iPad on this list, which includes links directly to the Apple App Store.

So, what exactly should a great calendar app do for you? Well, there are many features and benefits that should be considered as “must have” for any entry on this list. First and foremost should be the ability to add events and / or tasks that need to be completed on a specific date. From there, you should be able to specify whether the task is an all-day event, or if it has a set time frame within that date. Next, you should have the ability to set a reminder, whether that reminder is sent to you by e-mail, text message, or a reminder on your phone’s notification system. Just some way for the app to remind you on time of what you’re supposed to be doing next. Last, but certainly not least, should be the ability to sync with the app’s version online and on your PC. Granted, all calendar apps may not have an online or PC component, but most of them will at least allow you to sync with existing calendars such as the Google Calendar or iCal.

If you’re still wondering why you would need a calendar app, I suggest downloading the top one or two apps on this list and trying them for yourself. I believe that you’ll find them to be indispensable tools for everyone, from the business professional who needs to stay on top of his appointments to the stay-at-home mom who wants to do meal plans ahead of time. The best calendar apps are just the thing you need.

The Best Calendar Apps for iPhone,

Pocket Informant


Fantastical 2

LifeTopix Organizer by LightArrow

Organizer for iPhone


Calendars by Readdle

Cozi Family Calendar and Lists
Cozi makes your phone the ultimate family organizer with a shared calendar, grocery shopping lists, to do lists and a journal the whole family can access on the go Available on Android.

Week Cal

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<![CDATA[The Most Beautiful Celebrity Couples]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/most-beautiful-celebrity-couples/mark
The most beautiful celebrity couples prove that when the hottest celebrities hook up with one another, dashingly beautiful things happen. Ranging from actors and musicians to politicians and athletes, celebrity couples don't get much more beautiful than these.

While numerous adoring women wish they could marry the hottest male celebrities they also shrugged in unison when these hunks married or started a relationship with someone else. Hearts were broken when Ryan Gosling started dating Eva Mendes, when Justin Timberlake married Jessica Biel and when Tom Brady settled down with Gisele Bundchen.

But not all of these hottest celebrity couples are current as many have since broken up or divorced. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes called it quits, and quite publicly. Few can forget when Brad Pitt split from Jennifer Aniston and moved on to Angelina Jolie. Ryan Reynolds and Scarlet Johansson were peaking professionally when they announced their separation and divorce. Even the most beautiful celebrities, like us common folk, have relationship struggles from time to time.

As sexy as these most beautiful celebrity couples are, the offspring of these couples is surely to be even more beautiful. Which celebrity couple is the hottest? Vote for your favorites, add any not already listed or re-rank this list of the most beautiful celebrity couples below.
The Most Beautiful Celebrity Couples,

Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall

David and Victoria Beckham

Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis

Fri, 17 May 2013 01:53:18 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/most-beautiful-celebrity-couples/mark
<![CDATA[Russell Brand Tattoos]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/russell-brand-tattoos/tat-fancy
Russell Brand tattoos, ranked by fans of the sexy star and of body art. Russell Brand is a British standup comedian, actor and media personality. Brand made his TV debut on the U.K. version of Big Brother before launching his Hollywood career. In 2008, Russell made his U.S. film debut in the comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall as rocker Aldous Snow. He reprised the role in 2010's Get Him to the Greek. Brand was also famously married to pop superstar Katy Perry, whom he met in 2009 after hosting the MTV Video Music Awards. The couple married in 2010 and divorced two years later, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for their split.

If you ever find yourself thinking what do Russell Brand's tattoos mean, then look no further.

Russell Brand's tats honor the people in his life that are most important to him and remind him of how far he's come in the entertainment industry. Brand has at least 7 tattoos, with special meanings or memories. Russell Brand's body art includes religious symbols from both Christian and Hindu beliefs. Brand also has an all-seeing Eyeball inked on his shoulder as well as the logo for his favorite football team West Ham United tattooed on his arm.

Similar to other stars that have tattoos, such as Katy Perry Body Art or Marc Jacobs Tats, Russell Brand has made headlines several times as he has added a new tattoo to his collection. He is one of the hottest tattooed celebrities and famous people with tattoos.
Russell Brand Tattoos,

Om Tattoo
Russell has various religious symbols including Om tattooed on his right arm. This tattoo is related to Brand's affiliation with Hinduism. Russell attributes his spiritual connection to Hinduism as the reason to behind why he was able to beat his sex and drug addictions.
Lord Make Me A Channel of Thy Peace
Russell has the prayer of St. Francis "Lord make me a channel of Thy peace" along with a cross tattooed on his right inner forearm.
Queen Elizabeth II
Russell revealed he had a tat of Queen Elizabeth II on his inner thigh tat to remind him of his home Britain while he's traveling. 

Anuugacchati Pravaha
Russell had this Sanskrit tattoo, which means “Go With the Flow," tattooed on his right arm to match his ex-wife Katy Perry's identical tat.

On Russell's left hip is a tattoo of the word "Ecstasy." 
Inked on Russell's left shoulder is a large eyeball.
West Ham United Logo
Russell had his favorite football team the West Ham United badge inked on his arm by legendary tattoo artist Bang Bang.

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<![CDATA[The Very Best Costumes from New York Comic Con 2013, RANKED]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-new-york-comic-con-2013-cosplay-costumes/ariel-kana
Looking through the Monday morning round-ups of New York Comic-Con (#NYCC) 2013 cosplay, I realized that there's not a single article from a major publisher out there who's actually put all of the amazing costumes from the convention into any kind of order. They're all just kind of thrown together into a rummage sale of awesomeness. So, in an effort to give a shout-out to those who worked really hard on the 2013 New York Comic-Con (#NYCC) costumes, here are the funniest, most well-thought out, best-made and most generally great cosplays from this year. 
The Very Best Costumes from New York Comic Con 2013, RANKED,

Wonder Woman
via /u/Largan1

Spider-Man at NYCC 2013 (Right Before Security Got Him Down from There)
via /u/cosphoto
A Really Accurate Nolan Batman
via Eric McCoy Photography
Awesomely Accurate Kick-Ass and Night Bitch
via /u/steencakez
This EPIC Bumblebee

Sith Twi'Lek
via Eric McCoy Photography
Batman Villains
via /u/teennarcissism

This Batman Beyond

A Very Lifelike Lara Croft
via ECAJoe

Spider-Man 2099 and Ultimate Spider-Man (Miles Morales)
via Eric McCoy Photography

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<![CDATA[The Best Wire Strippers]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-wire-strippers/ranker-shopping
List of the best wire strippers, as ranked by electricians and home improvement enthusiasts. When you’re working with electric wire, you have to be extremely careful. One wrong move and you could end up starting a fire, frying your electronics, or actually harming yourself. Certain tools can help this delicate process run a lot smoother. Wire stripper products are essential for any person who is planning on working with electrical wire. The best wire strippers will be able to take off the insulation on a wire without harming the wire at all, ensuring that your wire stays intact and doesn’t hurt anyone. One of the most essential industrial tools is a wire stripper, making it indispensable for any electrician and home improvement worker.

What are the best wire strippers on the market to buy? The products on this list are sure to be safe to use for even the most novice worker, with strong grips for long-term use, rubber handles to keep electric shocks at bay, and sharp shear. The trusted brands on this list, such as Tekton and Irwin tools, are sure to last years of great, quality work.

The Best Wire Strippers,

Irwin Industrial Tools 2078300 8-Inch Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper with ProTouch Grips

Irwin Industrial Tools 2078309 8-Inch Multi Tool Stripper

Irwin Industrial Tools 2078317 7-Inch Multi Tool Stripper

TEKTON 3796 Wire Stripper/Crimper

Neiko 01924A Ultimate Self-Adjusting Wire and Cable Stripper

Klein 11057 Klein-Kurve Wire Stripper/Cutter

Ideal Industries Stripmaster Wire Stripper

Tool Aid Wire Stripper for Recessed Areas

Ideal Industries Reflex Super T-Stripper Wire Stripper

Ideal 45-418 Reflex Premium T-8 T-Stripper Wire Stripper

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<![CDATA[The 25+ Best Psychological Thriller Anime of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-thriller-anime/ranker-anime
The best thriller anime all have one thing in common- they keep you on the edge of your seat at all times. From Death Note to Psycho Pass, this list takes every good psychological thriller anime and ranks them from best to worst. Some of these shows are downright disturbing, including Satoshi Kon's Paranoia Agent, a series that exposes some of the uglier parts of social behavior between humans. Even the intro and outro to that show are creepy, just look them up on YouTube if you don't believe me!

Anyways, vote up your favorite thriller anime below, and please add any psychological thriller anime to the list if you think it deserves to be here!
The 25+ Best Psychological Thriller Anime of All Time,

Code Geass

Death Note


Attack on Titan

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Future Diary


Deadman Wonderland


High School of the Dead

Wed, 03 Dec 2014 05:42:00 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/best-thriller-anime/ranker-anime
<![CDATA[The Most Completely Obsessed Fan Bases in the World]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/most-devoted-fan-bases/mike-calendrillo

Devoted fan bases can make or break careers. Without a loyal following the celebrity, sports team, organization, or franchise will only go so far till it runs out of cold hard cash. And that's where the best fan bases come in. Fanboys and girls pump millions, if not billions, of dollars into the one thing they are fascinated with. Why do fanbases do this? It could be for the pure joy and excitement of following an icon. The feeling of being connected to something so powerful. Or the obsession that is totally immersing yourself in the culture of fandom. Regardless, being a fan is a beautiful thing that has no right or wrong answer. Look over the list of fan base names below, and vote for the ones that are truly obsessive, er devoted. 

The Most Completely Obsessed Fan Bases in the World,

Bruce Springsteen
Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band have grossed over $800 million in their last four world tours alone. Add that to over 120 million albums sold across the globe and you can see this Jersey's rocker strength when it comes to devoted fans.
Randy Savage

One of the most colorful wrestlers in and out of the ring, Randy "Macho Man" Savage became a larger-than-life pop icon...

Marvel Comics
With a built-in fan base since 1960 and rebooted film franchises, The Marvel Entertainment Universe and "The Merry Marching Marvel Society" (secondary fan base name) continues to come out in droves; Guardians of the Galaxy ($619 million worldwide), Captain America Series ($1.1 billion), Iron Man Trilogy ($2.4 billion), and The Avengers ($1.46 billion) are just some of their blockbusters to date.
Star Trek
"Star Trek," a Sci-Fi entertainment franchise that dates back to 1966, has inspired six different television series and twelve films. And when you can count Frank Sinatra as a devoted fan and "Trekker," you've officially done something right.
Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones fans are so rabid, George R.R. Martin can't keep up with the demand. With a guaranteed seven books (24 million readers in 20 different languages), and at the very least six seasons of the HBO hit TV show (18.6 million viewers), Thrones fans aren't going away any time soon.
Harry Potter
The seven Harry Potter films have grossed over $7.2 billion, making it the highest grossing film franchise of all time. The book series has sold over 450 million copies in seventy three languages. All together, including merchandise and the sweet deal with NBC Universal (theme parks), the Harry Potter series is worth over $24.7 billion! Not bad for a story originally written on napkins.
The six Star Wars released movies to date have grossed over $4.5 billion. With the announcement of writer/director JJ Abrams's versions of Episodes 7-9, it's hard to imagine where the series will peak. 35 years after its release, the Star Wars entertainment franchise has had such an impact on society that nearly 500,000 people around the world listed "Jedi Knight" as their religion on census forms. 
With more than 150 million copies sold, The Lord of the Rings saga has become the third best selling novel ever. Thirty Academy Award nominations and $2.91 billion in gross sales makes Lord of the Rings one of the most highly sought after entertainment franchises of all time.

Clexa fans rallied when Lexa was brutally killed off of The 100, after months of queerbaiting. Fed up with the mistreatment of queer characters and fans through harmful tv tropes, Clexas spoke up and made a difference. Over 135k was raised for the Trevor Project, a charity providing support to at risk LGBTQ+ youth. Billboards were put up around LA, websites created, articles written by publications such as Variety and Medium to teach people about the harm of the Bury Your Gays trope. An iconic character, beloved by many as the strong and sure Commander sparked a revolution, and the Clexas have not backed down. Thousands of fanfiction stories, gifsets, and analyses are still running through the fandom. CLEXAS GONPLEI NOU STE ODON.

Xena: Warrior Princess is an American television series filmed in New Zealand. The series aired in syndication from September 4, 1995, until June 18, 2001The show is a spin-off of the television series Hercules: The Legendary JourneysThe series soared past its predecessor in ratings and in popularity. In its second season it was the top rated syndicated drama series on American television. For all six years Xena remained in the top five. The series came to an end in June 2001, after cancellation.  It completed a full sixth season and ended with a two-part series finale. The show has since acquired a strong cult following, attention in fandom, parody, and academia, and has influenced the direction of other television series.

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<![CDATA[Marvel's Best Alternate Universes & Timelines]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-alternate-universes-and-timelines-in-marvel-comics/ranker-comics
Marvel, and comics in general, have always had a tricky time juggling multiple continuities. DC has their Infinite Crisis resets and Marvel has the Omniverse. With Marvel, there are hundreds of different universes and realities. The concept that every decision you make spawns a new universe is prevalent in the Marvel Universe. But which of these realities, universes, and timelines are the best to come out of Marvel?

All of the "What Ifs" spawn new alternate realities, universes, and earths. So, say the Venom Symbiote had overtaken Spider-Man. That would be its own universe, in which every character existed, dealing with the ramifications of that change.

For example, the standard Marvel Universe, the classic iteration, started in the 60s, is Marvel Earth-616. The ultimate universe with ALL of the characters rebooted and reimagined to modern day is Earth-1610. Meanwhile, the film universe with variations on all characters for films is Earth-199999. 

It can be confusing, and it's certainly complicated and impossible to keep all these realities straight, but it does help keep continuity a little bit more on the right track. These are the best alternate universes and timelines in Marvel Comics.

Marvel's Best Alternate Universes & Timelines,

What If?
Many different earths.

An entire long running series spawning HUNDREDS of alternate universes (about one a month), dealing with the concepts of major events going a different way and how it would change Marvel.
Old Man Logan

This is a future, "what if," type scenario in which Hulk rules most of America and Wolverine and Hawkeye (now both old men) take down the bad guys responsible for the corruption of the country.
Ultimate Universe
A remaining and modernization of the entire Marvel U for the new millennium. It began with best selling Ultimate Spider-Man title.
Age of Apocalypse
Earth-295, first iteration.

This was an alternate timeline resulting from Xavier being killed by his son, Legion, in the past. 
House of M

A timeline in which mutants are the ruling class, and Magneto is their leader.
MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
Beginning with Iron Man (2008) this universe includes all Marvel Studios film continuity, and all film and TV tying into The AvengersSpider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four, and other studio films do NOT fall under this universe.
The DC Universe

Yup, that's right. The DC universe exists WITHIN CONTINUITY in Marvel. There are many crossovers, and this is their home.
Marvel Animated

Continuity for all 1990s cartoon iterations of the Marvel characters including the "X-Men" and "Spider-Man" animated series, and their print counterparts.
Days of Future Past

An alternate future timeline in which mutants have been hunted nearly to extinction. 

A crossover event years in the making! After the DC vs. Marvel mini-series, the two industry titans blended their universes creating an amalgamated universe of heroes.

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<![CDATA[25 Pictures of Beyonce Without Makeup]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/beyonce-without-makeup/celeb-stalker
Beyonce Knowles is an innovative pop singer who has released hit songs such as “Single Ladies” and “Crazy in Love.” She regularly looks stunning at awards shows, in music videos, and on the red carpet, but sometimes Beyonce likes to be more casual. Here are several pictures of Beyonce without any makeup.

Where does Beyonce go without wearing any makeup? The famous singer regularly hangs out on beautiful, sandy beaches looking cool and casual when she is not wearing any makeup at all. The Dreamgirls actress has also been photographed working hard on her laptop when she was not wearing any makeup.

The Grammy award-winning singer is regularly followed by paparazzi, fans, and amateur photographers so it's no surprise that she has been photographed without wearing makeup on several occasions. Beyonce has appeared sans makeup as she takes selfies, runs errands, and even went with a natural look for her HBO documentary, Beyonce: Life Is But a Dream. She has a beautiful face and she appears confident in her appearance, with or without makeup.

Do you think that Beyonce looks better with or without makeup? Share your thoughts in the comments section.
25 Pictures of Beyonce Without Makeup,

Fresh Face


On a Boat

Around Town


Working Hard



Bun Head

Tour Bus

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<![CDATA[15 CIA Torture Conspiracies]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/american-government-cia-torture/mike-rothschild
The release of 525 pages of the Senate Intelligence Committee's "Committee Study of the Central Intelligence Agency's Detention and Interrogation Program" (aka the Torture Report) turned the stomachs of many Americans, with its descriptions of human rights abuses, beatings, starvation, kidnapping, and other horrors - all done to people floating in a quasi-POW status. Though released in 2015, there are many instances of CIA torture throughout American history as well. Which American torture conspiracies are the most shocking?

The CIA conspiring to torture people - or at the very least, conspiring to flout human rights conventions - is nothing new. Conflicts since the dawn of the Cold War have been studded with CIA-taught torture techniques, murders, extraditions, and illegal tactics. And the CIA is almost certainly still doing it, under a name and directive that won't be known for years.

These CIA torture conspiracies and government torture plots and little-known facts have shocked US citizens over the years. Upvote the most appalling, shocking, and despicable cases of CIA torture below, and be warned, a few are truly nauseating.

15 CIA Torture Conspiracies,

The CIA’s infamous MKULTRA experiment ran for 20 years, and involved citizens unknowingly being dosed with mind-altering LSD. While the goal of the study was to advance US intelligence and special operations capabilities in mind control, brainwashing, and resisting torture, it failed miserably, producing no actionable results.

What’s worse is that it violated every ethical code in any medical book anywhere. At one point half a dozen unknowing subjects were given LSD for 77 days straight, and several deaths are directly attributable to the program.

Abu Ghraib Prison
For the better part of two years in 2003 and 2004, the CIA and US Army conspired to torture, abuse, sodomize and starve prisoners at the infamous Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. After an investigation by the ACLU got the ball rolling, photos began to leak of prisoners being beaten, chained, humiliated and forced to pose in human pyramids.

A number of officers and soldiers were arrested and court-martialed – and they all, in turn, claimed they were only following orders from military and CIA higher-ups who had approved their tactics.

CIA Reddit Censorship?
Did the CIA or NSA pull down a massive Reddit thread on the Senate torture report in 2014? Reddit users on the conspiracy subreddit (/r/conspiracy) were amazed that a long thread on the worst abuses conducted by the CIA suddenly vanished off Reddit’s front page, and was replaced by a thread about the abuses of the Soviet army during World War II – a thread that had been posted by a first-time user (due to Reddit's algorithms, it's usually difficult for a first time user's posts to gain traction).

Many Reddit users speculated that the torture report thread was downvoted by Internet trolls on the government payroll, ensuring its disappearance from the massive site.

Stress and Duress
The torture techniques used at Abu Ghraib were so numerous that they spawned a rhyming nickname: “stress and duress.” There were 72 different methods in the stress and duress “matrix,” all of which were illegally used on Iraqis who may not have done anyhing wrong. While US officials first claimed that stress and duress wasn’t actually torture, and therefore, not specifically against the Geneva Convention, those subjected to it would probably disagree.

Among the tactics in the stress and duress manual are the use of bright lights or blaring noise, putting blackout hoods on heads for 24 hour periods, exposure to extreme heat and cold, binding in stress positions, stripping, humiliation, and sleep deprivation. All of this was approved at some level by American military personnel and used on people whose status as combatants was unproven, at best.
Latin American Torture Manuals
One of the great scandals of the 1980s was the “torture manuals” fiasco, in which the Baltimore Sun uncovered nearly two decades of CIA handbooks specifically used to teach coercive information gathering methods to Latin American paramilitaries. Among the tactics taught by these manuals, first called KUBARK, then the Human Resource Exploitation Training Manual, were electric shocks, truth serum, fear, sleep deprivation, and solitary confinement.

Among the most prolific US-taught torturers was Honduras’s Battalion 316, which the CIA played a major role in establishing, training, equipping, and financing. Close to 200 Honduran students were tortured, killed, or disappeared by this paramilitary unit before it was closed down by the US.
CIA Intimidation
About eight months before the release of the torture report, Senator Dianne Feinstein, chair of the US Senate Intelligence Committee, accused the CIA of destroying evidence and intimidating members of the Committee. She claimed CIA lawyers initiated a criminal complaint against her research staff for accessing classified material, and that the CIA had been spying on her and other Congressional staffers. CIA director John Brennan denied the allegations, and the matter was referred to the Department of Justice.


Outsourcing Torture
Torturing America’s enemies is so important to the CIA that they got other countries to help. A report from independent investigative group the Open Society Foundation found that nearly 140 suspected terrorists were held, interrogated, or spent at least some time in 54 different nations.

Brutal torture was conducted on behalf of the US in Syria, Turkey, Zimbabwe, and Somalia; while rendition flights refueled or took on passengers everywhere from Italy to Finland to South Africa.

The School of the Americas
The CIA and DOD have been teaching counterinsurgency and anti-terrorist tactics to small countries, specifically in Latin America, since the end of World War II. Operating under a variety of names, including the US Army School of the Americas and now the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC), the Georgia training facility is also famous for teaching something else: how to torture people. Numerous tin-pot dictators, hired killers, cartel enforcers, and generally awful people have graduated from the School, many of whom were initially trained to be tools of American foreign policy who subsequently turned on the hand that trained them.

Senator Joseph Kennedy once said of the School: “The U.S. Army School of the Americas is a school that has run more dictators than any other school in the history of the world."
Black Sites
The CIA needed somewhere to take all those quasi-combatants it was intent on torturing, hence the need for black sites. These are secret prisons with no real legal definition, usually located in far-flung countries and away from prying eyes. For quite some time, the US wouldn’t acknowledge black sites were even a thing, only admitting to their existence in a 2006 speech by President Bush – because information on them had leaked to the Washington Post.

At least 50 sites have been reported in over two dozen countries, along with several dozen more in Iraq and Afghanistan, and some on military and civilian ships. Torture, beatings, waterboarding, and sleep deprivation are all alleged to have taken place at these black sites – and that’s only what’s publicly known.

Torture Distraction?
It wouldn’t be quite right for there to be a report detailing a conspiracy by the CIA to torture detainees without that report itself being pulled into a conspiracy. And what’s the plot this time? It was meant to distract us from Obamacare’s failures, of course.

That was the theory put forth by Fox News, which had multiple on-air personalities complain that the report’s timing was suspicious, as it would compete for news time with the congressional testimony of Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber – which they felt was far more important than revelations of the CIA doing horrible things.

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<![CDATA[29 Things You Didn't Know About Our Founding Fathers]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/founding-fathers-facts/mel-judson
This list of interesting facts about the Founding Fathers will rock your world. These are little-known tidbits about former Presidents of the United States and the group of men who created America with its founding documents. If you are looking for a list that features John Adams facts, George Washington fun facts, and loads of trivia about Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and John Jay! These geniuses make up some great US history trivia that will shock your friends, because these facts probably weren't in your American History textbook.
Who are our Founding Fathers? Well, they were a bunch of cool dudes. In fact, these facts about the founding fathers offer a ton of president trivia about the educations and occupations about these American leaders. For instance, which of the first five presidents did not own a slave? Who married a 17-year-old? Who was a volunteer firefighter and what president was an awesome dancer?

The only way to find out is to check out all of these fun facts about the Founding Fathers, now listed here for your ranking and learning pleasure. Upvote the most interesting US Founding Fathers facts below, and file away Benjamin Franklin's essay entitled "Fart Proudly" for your next dinner party conversation starter.

29 Things You Didn't Know About Our Founding Fathers,

John Adams Went to Harvard... at the Age of 16
Most people get rejected from Harvard, but not John Adams! In fact, he put every student in the United States to shame by attending the prestigious school around the time of his Super Sweet Sixteen. He graduated within four years and excelled at his studies.

Source: Biography
John Adams Was the Only President of the First Five Who Didn't Own a Person
Kudos to John Adams! While the four presidents who held the job before him were slaveowners, Adams was in staunch opposition. He, and his son John Quincy Adams, refused to own a human being when he moved into the White House. 

Source: Strange But True, America: Weird Tales from All 50 States
James Madison Weighed 100 Pounds
James Madison was a very little man, standing at just 5'4". In addition to being the smallest president ever, he never weighed more than 100 pounds.

Source: Internet Public Library
George Washington = World Class Dancer
The first president of the United States happened to be a damn good dancer. In fact, it was one of the many activities he loved to do with his wife Martha, and he had even studied formal dancing when he was a teenage boy.

Source: The Invention of George Washington
Thomas Jefferson Had About 6,500 Books
Thomas Jefferson was such a hoarder of books that he once said "I cannot live without books." Don't believe him? The reason the Library of Congress got 6,500 of the books in their collection is because Jefferson sold his collection for almost $24,000.

Source: Library of Congress

Thomas Jefferson Designed UVA's Rotunda
Politician or architect? Many people know that Thomas Jefferson founded the University of Virginia in 1819 but few people know he actually designed the school's most recognizable landmark. Planning their curriculum wasn't enough for the overachieving TJ, he also had to plan the design of the school's Rotunda.

Source: University of Virginia
Vanilla Ice Cream Was Thomas Jefferson's Jam
While Ronald Reagan loved jelly beans and Bill Clinton loved fast food, Thomas Jefferson was an American leader known for his love of ice cream. In fact, his love of vanilla ice cream became history, as the first known recipe written down in the United States was Jefferson's vanilla ice cream recipe.

Source: SDPB
Benjamin Franklin Could Yell at You in Five Languages
Even trilingual wasn't enough for Benjamin Franklin, the man who knew everything. From Spanish to Latin, Franklin could speak five languages in total... fluently (the other three were German, French, and Italian). Now that's a good education.

Source: The Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary
Benjamin Franklin Invented Your Rocking Chair
Benjamin Franklin fitted his armchair's legs with curved wooden pieces, leading to what many believe was the invention of the rocking chair. Considering this was the guy who figured out electricity and founded the United States, it's not hard to believe. Franklin had all kinds of tricks up his sleeve.

Source: Biography
Benjamin Franklin Volunteered for the Fire Department
Benjamin Franklin not only gave birth to the United States and invented all kinds of stuff you've probably heard of, he also put out literal fires. Franklin not only established America's first volunteer fire department, but he was a firefighter himself and volunteered after witnessing a local blaze.

Source: Popular Mechanics

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<![CDATA[The Best Fictional Journalists, Reporters, and Newscasters]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-fictional-journalists/lauren-slocum

Check out this list of fictional journalists who starred in popular TV shows or movies! On this list, you’ll find memorable reporters and newsmen and women who brought us the most cutting edge fictional news, ranging from 1958 (you go, Doris Day!) all the way up to the present. Be it a TV drama series, an action-packed movie, or a comical cartoon, we’ve found all your favorite fictional newscasters, journalists, and reporters and now you get to rank them to determine which you wish hosted the news in real life.

The journalist’s character is like a stealthy fox; they’re either being hunted by some larger force or they’re digging up dirt on the characters we love. Journalists, whether good or evil, always make things more interesting! A good fictional journalist is intriguing, slightly deceiving, and always looking for an angle. And despite the fact that they’re akin to slimey C-list detectives, we can’t help but love them as characters!

Historically, journalists provide tension and unpredictable twists to plot progression. Whether they play the antagonist or protagonist, the fictional journalist creates conflict, propelling the story and keeping us engaged. They can be funny and light-hearted, like the beloved Perd Hapley, or they can be driven by a challenge or purpose, like Phil Connors from the classic Groundhog Day.

So who played the ultimate journalist or reporter characters? Upvote your favorites below, or add the fictional newscasters you think are the best, if they aren't already listed.

The Best Fictional Journalists, Reporters, and Newscasters,

Kent Brockman

Robin Scherbatsky

Ron Burgundy

Stephen Colbert

Ted Baxter

Vicki Vale

Phil Connors

Joan Callamezzo

Perd Hapley

Clark Kent

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<![CDATA[Adorable Pets Cuddling Their Favorite Toys]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/pets-with-their-favorite-toys/ashley-reign
Did you ever have one of those toys that you loved so much, you could never bring yourself to throw it away? Well if so, prepare to experience cuteness overload as you meet a group of pets who can totally relate. Here we’ve gathered a collection of ridiculously adorable before and after pictures of animals with their favorite toys, all of which they’ve had since they were babies. You’ll see pets posing with their favorite things and the unique bond that can only be known by a fur-ball and the stuffed pal that's stood by him since his potty training days.

While some of the treasured toys you’ll see below have experienced some turbulent times, you won’t find a single four-legged friend who was willing to abandon their most cherished possession. We’ve got everything from pooches with their favorite bouncy balls to kitties who will never get enough of their favorite cuddle buddy.

Know someone who doubts whether animals experience emotion? Well, call them over and dare them not to fall in love as you scroll through this epic collection of furry friendship. Whether these pets and their toys are bonding over their matching fur or all of the fun they’ve had playing their favorite games, you’ll witness bonds that can be broken by no man. In fact, we’d like to warn you that the following adorable photos of pets with their favorite toys may cause excessive cooing, and advise you to please resist any urges you may experience to kiss your screen. 

Adorable Pets Cuddling Their Favorite Toys,

This Cutie's Toy Always Gives Her a Hand, Literally

This Beautiful Biter Still Loves Her Bear

This Furry One Loves Chillin' With Her Frog

This Precious Girl Is BFFs With Her Puffy Pig

This Little Guy's Lion Appears to Have Lost a Bit of Weight

This Little Mama Loves Her Monkey Always

The Epic Battle Between This Guy and His String Rages On

This Cutie Still Loves His Cuddly Pillow

This Adorable Boy and His Bear

Nothing Comes Between This Boy and His Bunny

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<![CDATA[Self/less Movie Quotes]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/selfless-movie-quotes/movie-and-tv-quotes
Self/less movie quotes tell the story of how one wealthy man is offered seamless immortality, or so it initially seems. The science fiction thriller was written by David and Àlex Pastor and directed by Tarsem Singh. Self/less opened in theaters in the United States on July 10, 2015.

In Self/less, Damian (Ben Kingsley) is an incredibly successful and wealthy businessman who is aging and dying of cancer. He's pitched to by Professor Albright (Matthew Goode) who offers him a chance at immortality. See Professor Albright claims to have a way to put Damian's conscience into a younger body, a complete empty vessel, allowing Damian to continue to enjoy his life for decades to come.

Damian agrees and undergoes the procedure, waking up in a new man's (Ryan Reynolds) body. At first he enjoys the life, but it doesn't take long for Damian to have visions from the memories of the man's body he now inhabits, including of the man's wife (Natalie Martinez) and child. As the lines between who he really is continues to blur, Damian becomes a threat to Professor Albright out of fear Damian will expose the organization. This makes survival and the promised immortality, extremely difficult.

Self/less joins theaters which are already showing films such as Minions Terminator Genisys, Magic Mike XXL and Ted 2.
Self/less Movie Quotes,

The Very Best of the Human Experience
Professor Albright: You built an empire from the ground up. People will insist that your buildings make you immortal. Now, as you slip away, do you feel immortal? ... We offer humanity's greatest minds more time to fulfill their potential. Designed to offer you the very best of the human experience.
Old Damian: It's alive?
Professor Albright: An empty vessel... If we do this, there is no turning back. Your old life is over.

Professor Albright makes his pitch to successful businessman Damian. See Damian is dying of cancer but Albright's service could provide him with near immortality.
How is This Possible?
New Damian: Hello?
Madeline: How is this possible?

Damian visits the home of the man whose body he now holds to see that the man had a wife and child. The wife, Madeline, is even more shocked to see her husband and pulls a gun on him.
Something to Stop Your Heart
Old Damian: What's that?
Anton: It's something to stop your heart.
Old Damian: What?!
Anton: It's something to stop your heart.

Damian is upset when he is injected with a substance to stop his heart. Really though, this is all part of the process to put his consciousness into a younger, healthier body.
New Body Smell
Professor Albright: How are you feeling?
New Damian: It's that new body smell.
Professor Albright: A sense of humor, good... Just relax and have some fun. After all, at your age, I'd say you've earned it.

Damian takes a moment to compose himself after awaking in the body of a much younger man. Professor Albright urges him to live it up, new body smell and all.
52 Years
Leah: You okay?
New Damian: Fine, I just haven't seen anything like that in about 52 years.

When in the company of a nearly naked young woman, Damian is a bit stunned. See, it's been many years since he's been with a woman like that, not that he's complaining.
Immortality Has Some Side Effects
New Damian: This wasn't a hallucination.
Professor Albright: Immortality has some side effects.

Damian realizes that the shell body he was promised was not completely blank as advertised when he sees memories of the man whose body he now holds. Professor Albright does not seem too shocked by the development.
No Progress Without Sacrifice
Professor Albright: There is no science, no progress without sacrifice.

Professor Albright lays things out simply. Without some stumbles along the way, science will never progress.
You Took a Man's Life
New Damian: I never wanted us to suffer.
Professor Albright: I gave you what you wanted.
New Damian: You took a man's life. No! I did!

After Damian accused Professor Albright of killing a man to give Damian immortality, Damian realizes that both are to blame. By asking for the procedure to be done, Damian effectively killed that man just as much as the professor.
Standing Between You and Oblivion
New Damian: Soon I'll be gone. I can already hear my mind fading.
Professor Albright: Without me, your mind will relapse and we both know who takes over. I'm the only one standing between you and oblivion.

When Damian feels his mind slipping, the battle for survival begins between Damian and Professor Albright. Albright has the power, where at Damian is unsure of who he is anymore, the old Damian or the man whose body he now inhabits.

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<![CDATA[Dogs So Ugly They Are Cute]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/dogs-so-ugly-they-are-cute/ashley-reign
Have you ever noticed how dogs are sort of like babies, in that it's rare to see a truly ugly one? Something about their soulful eyes or wiggly personas is enough to entice any human to pet their adorable heads. Here, however, you’ll find a collection of dogs who possess a more… unique look than most pooches at your average dog park. What may surprise you even more than their unusual little faces is that their strange appearances are actually part of their charm. You see, this is a group of dogs so ugly they are cute.

While cute is a subjective term, we dare you not to crack a grin as you stare into the faces of these creepy looking little creatures. Though their eyes may be googly, their teeth may be crooked, or their hair may be non-existent, there’s just something adorably different about this bunch. Whether they couldn’t care less about their looks or they’ve heroically set out to defy pet beauty stereotypes, these little ones are ready to work their magic on you.

So come celebrate diversity with these cute ugly dogs! We’ve got everyone from contestants in the official World’s Ugliest Dog Contest to everyday pooches just going with the flow. Tell us which ones are the cutest (in an ugly kind of way) by voting your favorites to the top!

Dogs So Ugly They Are Cute,

This Hunchback Hides a Huge Heart

This Guy Dodges Bath Time by Going Undercover Amongst Cows

Tuna, the Internet's Favorite Chiweenie

"Come At Me, Bro!"

This Dog Claims His Ears Pick Up Free Cable

"It's Monday. Gimme a Break."

This Guy's Eyes Are the Windows to His Furless Little Soul

This Little Low Rider Recently Joined the Hair Club for Men

This Guy Says He's Going for the Einstein Look

This Mo-Hawked Dude Doing His Model Squint

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<![CDATA[Common Prison Tattoos and What They Mean]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/prison-tattoos-and-meanings/mike-rothschild
Prison tattoos. What do they mean? Though technically illegal in virtually all countries, prison tattooing is a tradition that transcends race, nationality, or affiliation. Virtually all long-term prisoners have some kind of prison-applied ink, with each tattoo containing intricate and codified meanings.

Prison tattoos are usually applied with crude, homemade needles and ink made from stolen pens or other materials. As such, they're often green or blue, with little color or variation in tone. But what prison tattoos lack in beauty, they make up for in story. The tattoos a prisoner wears tells his or her story, indicates what gang they're affiliated with, where they're from, and what they did. Some simply indicate a disrespect for authority, others in prison show that the wearer is a hardcore member of the Mexican Mafia or Aryan Brotherhood and is not to be messed with.

Looking for prison tattoo meanings? Here are some of the most common prison tattoo designs created by criminals, each with their own meaning and story.

Common Prison Tattoos and What They Mean,

Lightning Bolts
Twin lightning bolts tattooed on a prisoner usually signify allegiance to the Aryan Brotherhood or another white power group. They’re meant to represent the dual lightning bolt runes of the SS, the elite soldiers of Nazi Germany – as well as the enforcers of racial purity laws.

Three Dots
Three dots around the eyes usually signify some kind of allegiance with a Mexican gang – meaning in Spanish, “mi vida loca” or “my crazy life.” They can also have religious significance, standing for the Holy Trinity (the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit).

A common and easily applied prison tattoo, the teardrop has a number of different meanings. Traditionally, it means the wearer has killed someone, but this is not always the case. It can mean a lengthy prison sentence, or, when simply the outline of a teardrop, can mean the wearer is in prison for attempted murder. Or it can mean the wearer had a friend murdered and will be out for revenge.

Playing Cards
A set of playing cards inked on a prisoner usually signifies that the wearer either enjoys gambling or feels that life itself is a gamble. In the intricate world of Russian prison tattoos, they have a slightly different meaning, with each suit signifying a different rank or status. Some of these are forcibly applied, such as a diamond, usually meaning the prisoner is a snitch and the other prisoners are meant to know that.

A cobweb tattoo on the elbow usually represents a long prison term, as if the wearer is caught in the web of a spider and will never get out. Cobwebs can also have racist connotations, usually if applied under the arm and worn by someone with other race-based tattoos. They can even mean that the wearer has killed a person of another race, but not always.
A seemingly innocuous number, “1488” actually has a very specific meaning – and it’s a nasty one. The number 14 stands for “14 words” or the mantra of the Aryan Brotherhood – the 14 word phrase “we must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.” The 88 is the equivalent of HH, or “Heil Hitler.”
Five Dots
Not to be confused with the three dots tattoo, the five dots tattoo is worn between the thumb and forefinger and is also called the “quincunx.” It signifies that the wearer has done time, with the dot in the center representing the wearer, and the other dots the prison walls.

Barbed Wire
While a barbed wire tattoo across the forearm is a popular affectation for many young people, they have a different meaning in prison culture, especially in Russia. Barbed wire across the forehead usually means the wearer has a life sentence without possibility of parole. Barbed wire in other places can signify the number of years one has served.

Clock with No Hands
Many prisoners serving long sentences view time as meaningless. When you’ve got years or decades to go, what’s one hour or one day? Hence the number of prison lifers who have a tattoo of a clock with no hands. It signifies that the wearer has nothing but time.
Usually inked across the back of the neck or on the knuckles, ACAB is an acronym for “All Cops Are Bastards.” They’re predominately found in British prisons, and usually signify that the wearer went to prison to protect his crew.

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<![CDATA[8 Facts That Will Challenge Everything You Think You Know About Pearl Harbor]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/pearl-harbor-conspiracy-theories/justin-andress

On December 7, 1941, Japanese planes descended on the sleeping American naval base at Pearl Harbor. Ever since that fateful day, however, theorists have claimed that things aren’t exactly as they’ve been presented. There are several Pearl Harbor conspiracy theories and myths surrounding the attack that spurred the United States into the Second World War. Perhaps most surprisingly, not all of them are completely crazy.

In the heat of the attack on that Sunday morning, several American service men and women lost their lives as the Japanese air force rained down bombs on the assembled fleet. For a few brief moments, the Hawaiian base was upended in terror and chaos. Officially, the attack by the Japanese air force was a surprise intended to strike fear into the American populace and prevent them from entering the war; however, their “surprise” morning raid had the exact opposite. Riding on the back of a wave of angry patriots, Franklin Delano Roosevelt ushered the country into one of the defining conflicts of the twentieth century.

But how much do we really know about that date that will live in infamy? What secrets have been kept from the public, what Pearl Harbor conspiracy theories make the most sense, and which facts have we been sold that are straight-up myths? Read on for some facts and theories about Pearl Harbor and then draw your own conclusions.

8 Facts That Will Challenge Everything You Think You Know About Pearl Harbor,

Two Privates Picked Up the Attack on Radar, But Their Concerns Were Dismissed

As the Japanese air force flew into the Hawaiian naval base, they were spotted by some crew working at the Opana Radar Station. That morning, newbie guards Privates George Elliott and Joseph Lockard, newly anointed guards at the Opana Radar Station, caught several blips on their radar. When they reported the phenomenon to the authorities at Pearl Harbor, they received an unorthodox reply.

Everyone was out to breakfast. What’s more, when someone came back, they told the privates to ignore the blips because the base was expecting a fleet of B-17 bombers to fly in that morning. The base just assumed the blips were the planned bombers. As a result, the admiral who got a lot of the blame for dismissing the warning, Husband E. Kimmel (pictured, far right), never actually got the original message from Elliott Lockard.

The Americans Managed to Capture a Prisoner of War at Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor was pretty close to total defeat, and though the United States’ counterattack didn’t reach Michael Bay-level proportions, the United States did manage to take at least one prisoner during the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Before the attack, a set of five “midget submarines” were sent into the harbor to attack the boats docked there. Most believe that all five were destroyed. However, one of them - piloted by Kiyoshi Inagaki and Kazuo Sakamaki - actually survived the attack. Its crewmen abandoned the submarine after encountering fire, and though Inagaki was washed out to sea, Sakamaki lost consciousness and washed ashore, where he was captured by the 298th Infantry Regiment, becoming the United States’ first prisoner of war.

The US May Have Allowed Japan to Attack - And Some Argue They Were Right to Do So

So, why would the United States government arrange an attack on its own people? According to most theories, Roosevelt was hoping for a singular event that would spur America into a war that was slowly enveloping the globe. If true, was this plan for the benefit of America?

It shouldn’t be discounted that thousands of young American men lost their lives in the Second World War. Regardless of what supposed benefits the war provided, the loss to countless families cannot be overstated.

However, in addition to the obvious good of defeating Hitler and his allies in Europe, America experienced some pretty unprecedented growth and prosperity thanks to an elevated position on the world stage. In addition, the Second World War was the moment when women made major strides toward equality, and racial minorities began to find their own welcome place in society. There was still a long way to go, but it was World War II that set these people on the path.

Admiral Kimmel Ignored a Warning of Increased Activity from the Japanese Fleet

Every single day, American intelligence officers would comb the airwaves to find any sign of enemy communication. These reports were delivered to Pearl Harbor’s highest ranking officers - including Admiral Kimmel - on a daily basis.

On November 26, Kimmel received a report which stated, in part, “Fourth Fleet is still holding extensive communications with the commander Submarine Fleet, the forces at Jaluit and Commander Carriers. His other communications are with the Third, Fourth, and Fifth Base Forces.”

It was the Japanese Fourth Fleet that ultimately launched the attack on Pearl Harbor, and the implication of this report is that the fleet commanders made little secret of their plans as the maneuvered into position. This makes the US government seem either staggeringly incompetent, or intentionally duplicitous.

Some Historians Believe FDR Had Advanced Warning of the Attack

This one is by far the most popular theory surrounding the attack on Pearl Harbor. Even more interesting, this theory is so widespread that it’s been reported on by major news outlets. See, historically, surprise attacks aren’t exactly Japan’s thing. Even in the era of modern conflict, Japan has always adhered - typically - to a strict set of rules when engaging in open war.

First and foremost is the Empire’s willingness to declare war before actually engaging in it. As it turns out, in 2011, a previously suppressed memo surfaced from the Japanese government, in which they declared their intention to engage in open combat against America. The date of that memo: December 4, 1941. The clear implication was that Japan declared war on the US three days before they attacked Pearl Harbor, a fact that would implicate the President in not warning his people they were in danger.

There are two possible explanations for this lapse. Either the US government was too incompetent to receive, understand, and act on this information; or, the US government intentionally allowed the attack to happen.

Nine Separate Congressional Investigations Have Been Launched to Investigate Pearl Harbor

Over the years, more than one person has stopped to wonder at the official story of Pearl Harbor. In fact, the questions surrounding the attack have actually spawned nine separate Congressional investigations, going all the way up to 1995 (yep, more than fifty years after the attack). To date, no official evidence has been uncovered to indicate that the United States government participated in any wrongdoing in regards to the attack, but that hasn’t stopped people from wondering.

Whether or not you believe in conspiracy theories, the amount of official scrutiny that’s been placed on the government’s account of events is enough to cast a lot of doubt on what we know.

The Japanese Weren’t the First to Fire at Pearl Harbor

If everything had gone according to plan, the Japanese would have absolutely fired the first volley at the United States military. As it happens, when the Japanese navy sent five small submarines as an advance attack on Pearl Harbor, at least one of them didn’t even make it to its destination.

About one hour before planes began dropping bombs on Pearl Harbor, a destroyer called the USS Ward was signaled that a large object was moving through the water. The destroyer’s fledgling commander pinged the water around his boat, caught sight of a Japanese sub, and sent it to the ocean’s depths. It was the first recorded violence from the United States military in World War II.

Yep, we shot first. Just like Han Solo.

The US Considered Pearl Harbor a Low-Level Target for the Japanese Military

When it comes down to it, even if the President had knowledge of Japan’s declaration of war, that declaration of war wasn’t expected to actually result in an immediate attack, and even then no one thought the Japanese would aim their might at Pearl Harbor. 

First, Japan’s declaration wasn’t the first set of angry words aimed at Pearl Harbor. In addition, the American navy considered Pearl Harbor relatively safe compared to myriad bases between Japan and Hawaii. What’s more, the American military had responded to similar threats in the area by sending out air patrols to hunt for enemy vessels and they’d come up empty-handed.

In other words, the American military claims that they’d been keeping an eye out and they’d seen nothing to indicate any real danger to Pearl Harbor.

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<![CDATA[14 People Who Spent Their Retirements Being Badasses]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-retirement-stories/crystal-brackett

Retiring doesn't have to be synonymous with "boring," just take it from these people who found awesome ways to spend retirement. From 77-year-old disco queens to 25-year-old, hurricane-sailing hipsters, the people on this list show that retirement doesn't mean the end of fun, especially when throwing in the towel on your career means that you have more time to become a competitive barbecue guru, or to finally build that mini-castle with a giant dance floor, or to travel the entire globe in a hot air balloon...

Some of these people retired early to see if they could accomplish something, like the guy who decided to quit commercial photography and is now traveling the world as a pro golf player, or the entire family who quit their day jobs to play poker professionally. Others just spent their latter years with really cool hobbies. Keep reading to see more things you won't believe people did after they retired. 

14 People Who Spent Their Retirements Being Badasses,

Former Engineer Creates Armies of Kinetic Sculptures

Seth R. Goldstein retired quite some time ago from the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD. Since then, he has earned the title and reputation of "kinetic sculptor" from his artistically engineered machines that he makes in his basement workshop - like "Why Knot? (above)," "Cram Guy," and "RO-BOW."

A Retired Aerospace Engineer Lives Life as a Rockstar

Everyone dreams of being a rockstar. And really, what better way is there for an 82-year-old retired aerospace engineer to spend their time off? Wait, what? John Hetlinger is seriously the coolest heavy-metal grandpa. He made it to the "Judge Cuts" round on Season 11 of America's Got Talent, performing both Drowning Pool's "Bodies" and Rob Zombie's "Dragula". Even though he was eventually cut from the show's cast, he still gets to perform live on stage with Drowning Pool at some of their festivals.

Retired Civil Engineer Creates Artificial Glaciers to Aid Ladakh

This retired civil engineer still puts his field experience to work by helping the people of Ladakh, India with their water needs. At 79 years old, Chewang Norphel, aka the "Ice Man of India" has found a solution to Ladakh's troubles through artificial glaciers. Since then, Ladakh's agricultural production has increased and many residents no longer feel the need to move into cities. He plans to continue making glaciers and hopes to extend this aid to other places across the globe that are experiencing backlashes from global warming.

The Balloon Babe of Slab City

Retired social worker turned latex origami engineer- er, balloon artist - Karen Webb, leaves her city of Cincinnati, OH, every winter to warm up in what's considered to be one of America's last "free places," Slab City, outside the Salton Sea in California. The residents call her the "Balloon Babe," which is a title well earned seeing that she spends her time hanging out and making whatever she feels like for herself, as well as the residents, out of balloons.

Retired Insurance Executive Turned BBQ Master

Johnny Trigg had a major career change when he retired from being an insurance executive and became a traveling barbeque master. Three years after his retirement, he took his competitive spirit for BBQ out of Texas and on the road, where the prize money was better.

He has definitely made a name for himself since then, becoming the first person to win first place twice at Jack Daniel's World Championship BBQ Invitational, and having three appearances in TLC's reality TV show, BBQ Pitmasters.

This Whole Family Quit Their Jobs to Play Pro Poker

Michelle and Matthew Shiels have both retired from their day jobs to become pro poker players... along with their sons Richard and Brandon. They're all poker experts at their "House of Cards" in Birmingham, AL, and the family spends at least three days out of the week competing in poker tournaments and making a few television appearances.

Before going pro, Michelle owned a nursery business, which she sold to focus on poker, and her husband, Matthew, was an accountant.

This Guy Quit His Job to Become a Pro Golfer

This is Dan McLaughlin. Dan was once a commercial photographer, but he completely quit that job to become a pro golfer. Except Dan had never played an entire 18 holes golf before - ever. Dan has a plan, though. He wants to rack up 10,000 hours of practice, he's traveling the world and dedicating himself to becoming a pro golfer. 

Dan keeps everyone updated on his progress through his blog, which includes videos and a map that marks courses he has played all over the world.

Retired Mathematician's Hand-Built Castle

This retired mathematician built his own castle... completely by hand. Reddit user kaiklops shows off their badass grandpa who built a stone castle by digging up stones from another property, hand-mixing the mortar, and setting it all into place piece by piece. With the help of his wife, the modern day mini-castle took only five years to build. The best part about it? There are no bedrooms, but there is a giant dance floor.

Take a look at the castle's progress pictures!

Disco Sally: The Retired Laywer and Disco Queen of NYC Nightlife

Whoever thought getting old was boring must not have heard of Sally Lippmann. Lippmann was a retired lawyer who earned her fame as "Disco Sally" from her moves on the dance floor of New York City's Studio 54. After her husband's death, the 77-year-old, ex-lawyer lived up the rest of her life in style, becoming the cougar of disco in new York in the late '70s. Lippmann even had plans on traveling to Hollywood to make a movie about her wild life.

Quit His Job at 25 and Sailed to Chili in Hurricane Season

Dwyer Haney, a 25 year old, gave up his day job and sold all of his belongings to sail to to the fjords of Chile in a 30-foot-long sail boat, that he affectionately named "Rascal"- in hurricane season, where he almost lost both his boat and his friend. He kept a blog full of pictures and journals of his epic voyage from Bellingham, Washington to Chilean Patagonia, and plans to keep finding challenges to conquer throughout the rest of his very early retirement.

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<![CDATA[15 Winston and Ferguson Moments on New Girl That Capture Cat Lovers Perfectly]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-winston-ferguson-new-girl-moments/machk

New Girl is one of the best shows on television, because it portrays relationships absolutely perfectly. All types of relationships, including those between cats and their owners. Ever since Winston Bishop stole his ex-girlfriend's cat and decided not to kill it, America has been in the presence of one of the greatest on-screen duos in the history of the medium. Winnie the Bish & Ferguson or GTFO. With that in mind, it's time to take a gander at the best Winston and Ferguson moments. 

Benchmarks in Winston and Ferguson's love affair include emotional breakthroughs, epic quests, and the "Winston and Ferguson about to split some pasta" song. Which is probably the greatest song ever written, as Paul McCartney has apparently secretly admitted to those most dear to him. On this list you will find some of the most ridiculous Winston and Ferguson scenes, which are also some of the most spot-on cat person moments ever. The love between Winston and Ferguson has spanned many seasons, but it will truly last forever. This list of best Winston and Ferguson moments is dedicated to all the cat lovers out there.

Read on for the most spot-on New Girl cat person moments, and leave a comment if you think anything is missing from this list. 

15 Winston and Ferguson Moments on New Girl That Capture Cat Lovers Perfectly,

Winston Buys a Cat Hotel

Season 5, Episode 11

The Ferguson Moment: A mysterious box arrives at the loft, and Winston insists it isn't his, because it's too big to be a pair of pants and too small to be a cat hotel, and there's nothing else he would order. 

Why It's Perfect: You dream of having the space and money to give your cat everything she deserves. A cat mansion! A cat convertible (catmobile?)! Your cat should have it all. And Winston realizes the dream, living in a spacious loft on his LAPD salary. 

Winston Sings Ferguson a Pasta Song

Season 3, Episode 3

The Ferguson Moment: Winston sings Ferguson a beautiful song about the leftover pasta they're about to share. "Hey, you want to split that pasta from last night, hmm? Winston and Ferguson 'bout to split some pasta. Yeah, man, you know I got wuv for you. Got nothing but love for you."

Why It's Perfect: As a cat lover, you need to believe your cat understands, or at least enjoys, the songs you sing to her. Come, cats just get it. They understand. Because there are so, so many songs to be sung, and they are sung so, so often. Cats are the perfect audience. You feel better singing to them than you would in front a packed house at Carnegie Hall. 

Winston Brushes Ferguson, and They Have Spirited Banter

Season 5, Episode 2

The Ferguson Moment: While brushing knots out of Ferguson's hair, Winston tells him they're in a "hairy" situation. And he can't get over how funny it is.

Why It's Perfect: You spend so much time with your cat every day, but the jokes just don't get old. And there are so many! Plus, your cat totally thinks they are funny, fur real. It's a purr-fect situation. Are you kitten me? Sorry, that was clawful. Let's try to remain pawsitive about the situation. 

Winston Takes Weekly Selfies with Ferguson

Season 4, Episode 22

The Ferguson Moment: Winston dramatically reveals to the gang that he takes weekly selfies with Ferguson, and proceeds to scroll through them while laughing to himself. The conversation includes Winnie the Bish loudly proclaiming "If I were off my rocker, would I take a weekly selfie with my cat?" 

Why It's Perfect: Look through the photos on any cat lover's phone. Seriously, do it. At least half of them will be of a cat. Do you have a cat? Take out your phone. Open the camera roll. Be honest with yourself. How many cat pictures are in there? 

Winston Refers to Jess as Ferguson's Sister

Season 5, Episode 2

The Ferguson Moment: While Winston is brushing Ferguson, Jess admits to him that she's in love with her boyfriend's parents, but doesn't like her boyfriend. Angry and disappointed, Winston tells Ferguson to clear his schedule, because he "needs to talk to [Ferguson's] sister." He also asks Ferguson whether he's been hanging around the wharf, because he's got a big knot in his fur. 

Why It's Perfect: Cats are part of your family, just like everyone living in the house, and should be addressed as such! They can be children, siblings, even grandchildren. No matter what, cats deserve a spot in the family tree. 

Winston Tries to Get Ferguson Laid

Season 3, Episode 4

The Ferguson Moment: Winston, realizing Ferguson will never be able to bone after he's neutered, decides to find him a female so he can experience the joy of coitus.

Why It's Perfect: Sometimes, you can get too invested in your cat's emotional needs. Is he content with his daily routine? Is she emotionally fulfilled? Sexually satisfied? The episode asks a tough ethical question: what is the existential responsibility of robbing your feline of a lifetime of sexual pleasure for the sake of protecting any offspring it might have from a life of misery? And, actually, do cats even enjoy sex? 

Winston Makes Food Dishes for the Gang

Season 4, Episode 12

The Ferguson Moment: Nick and Coach discover Winston has made not only Ferguson, but everyone in the loft, including himself, a personalized cat foot dish. 

Why It's Perfect: Once you own a cat, you realize: we're all cats, really, deep down inside. They sleep and eat all day, like you wish you could. The only way the relationship between you and your cat could be better is if you were both cats.

Winston Thinks It's So Precious When Ferguson Eats a Dead Raccoon's Eye

Season 3, Episode 9

The Ferguson Moment: When Winnie shows up at a stranger's house to reclaim lost Ferguson, the woman tells him she found Ferguson eating a raccoon's eyeball. Winston is delighted that Ferguson got a tasty treat. He also has buckwild sex with the woman who rescues Ferguson, because they have that special connection. 

Why It's Perfect: In the eyes of cat lovers, kitty can do no wrong. Even the nasty predator stuff doesn't really bother you, including bringing home diseased, desiccated rodents in a wovely wittle display of affection. 

Winston Wants to Bring Ferguson as His Date. JK. No, But for Real.

Season 3, Episode 3

The Ferguson Moment: When Winston forces the gang to invite him on a double date, he jokes about bringing his cat as a date.. kind of. This is just after he tells Ferguson to chill while he makes coffee for him. 

Why It's Perfect: The relationship you have with your cat feels as real and as serious as any romance. In fact, maybe even more so - you know your cat will never betray you like some disgusting, fickle human would. Is there really any good reason someone can't take a cat on a nice date? Social decorum doesn't count.

Winston Can Feel His Lost Cat Is in Pain

Season 3, Episode 9

The Ferguson Moment: When Nick leaves the window open in the loft and Ferguson escapes, Winston panics, claiming he can feel that, wherever he is, Ferguson is in pain.

Why It's Perfect: The connection between you and your cat is mysterious, nay, magical. And when you feel your Cat Sense tingling, it's not something you can ignore. You cat could be hungry. It could be bored. Or it could be ruining the furniture. But something is going on.

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<![CDATA[What Really Happens to Your Body When You Fall Into a Vat of Acid]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/what-happens-when-you-fall-into-acid/jacob-shelton

What happens when you fall into acid? A lot of things, actually. Depending on the type of acid, how much it’s diluted, and if you decide to be a real goof and start swallowing it, an assortment of nightmares await you. In film and television, one of the surefire ways to kill someone, get rid of their body, or turn them into a Batman villain is by tossing them into a vat of acid. But in real life the effects are rarely as quick or as visually appealing as they are in cinema. The actual act of falling into a vat of acid can cause long-term chronic pain, calcium loss (something you worry about as you get older), and death.

Falling into a vat of acid never seemed like fun, but movies do make it look kind of romantic. It turns out that acid is one of the least romantic and most unforgiving substances known to man. It eats away at everything people are made of, and because it has a hostile reaction to water, it’s essentially made to make people feel pain. As you’ll soon find out, acid destroys your body in myriad gross ways that will make you avoid the science lab for the rest of your life and have you rethinking every glass of water that you didn’t pour for yourself. Keep reading to find out what really happens when you fall into a vat of acid.

What Really Happens to Your Body When You Fall Into a Vat of Acid,

Swallowing Acid Will Cause You to Vomit Blood

If you fall into a vat of acid, for the love of goodness, don't start swallowing any of it. Aside from burning up your throat, ingesting acid can cause you to vomit blood, break into a fever, or drool. (Although if you're drowning in a vat of acid, the last thing you're worried about is whether or not you're drooling.) 

In the rare case that you fall into a vat of acid and swallow some of the acid, don't make yourself throw up! That will only make the burning of your throat worse. Instead, drink milk and call 911. 

Acid Reacts with Water to Shrivel and Shrink Your Skin

Obviously the last thing you want to do is get acid of any kind on your skin, especially any kind of concentrated acid. Concentrated acid heats up any amount of water that it's mixed with, meaning that if you get hit with acid, the 60% of your body that's made up of water is immediately burned. Your skin, on the other hand, shrivels and swells into tight clumps. It only takes seconds after the attack for the skin to swell, contract, and to shrink up to about the half the size of what it normally is.

If you do get acid on your skin, you need to wash it off with as much water as possible: the less you use, the less the acid is diluted, and the more it burns. 

Your Bones Turn to Rubber

You know how your bones are the opposite of rubbery? How they might even be described as rock-like? When a bone is placed into acid it loses its solid qualities and becomes incredibly flexible. The acid eats away the calcium in your bones, making what's left pliable. The stronger the acid, the quicker the bones decalcify, leaving you to become a big rubber mess while the rest of your body melts into oblivion. 

Your Body Can Dissolve Completely

After falling into an acidic hot spring at Yellowstone National Park in 2016, Colin Nathaniel Scott's body completely dissolved. Scott and his sister were visiting the park when he slipped and fell into a hot spring in the Norris Geyser Basin. His sister called the accident in to forest rangers, but they refrained from trying to go into the spring to rescue him because of the "extreme nature and futility of it all." It wasn't just the high acidity of the water that kept the rangers from trying to find what was left of Scott's body, it was also the extreme heat - those two things together are a perfect recipe for making a body disappear. 

Acid Can Blind You

In 2004, Majid Mohavedi threw acid directly into the face of 32-year-old Ameneh Bahrami after she refused to marry him. The attack not only left her disfigured, but it also blinded her in both eyes. Not only does the acid eat away at your eyeballs, but it melts the skin onto your face over the slit where your eyes are. There are operations available for people who have had acid thrown in their face, but there's no fixing all the damage done by an acid attack. 

After Enough Time, Even Your Teeth Will Dissolve

In a study to determine which kinds of acid are most likely to be used to dissolve a body after a crime, the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology in Karnataka, India, submerged teeth into various types of acid.

The gang at the DoEaMP submerged teeth in 25 ml of hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, and nitric acid, and as it turns out, after removing the teeth from each solution of acid, it was possible to determine how long each tooth had been immersed in the solution, unless the tooth was dropped into 65% nitric acid, or 37% hydrochloric acid. In those cases, the tooth was entirely dissolve after 15 hours. 

Your Body Will Be Covered with Chemical Burns After Just a Few Seconds

When construction worker Rob Nuckols jumped 40 feet through a dilapidated roof into a vat of acid used to clean steel to save a co-worker, he got first hand-hand knowledge of how your body reacts to acid. The tank contained a 40- to 70- percent nitric acid solution, and after Nuckols was pulled out of the acid, he was bright red and suffering burns on his legs and abdomen. And that's just from less than a minute of full-body contact with the acid. 

Acid in Your Bloodstream Leads to Kidney Failure (And Fresh Breath)

To be honest, a little bit of acid in your blood isn't such a big deal. Acid is a buffer that is sucked up by red blood cells and then redistributed to bicarbonate and hydrogen ions. But if you end up injecting yourself with a large amount of acid, you're going to develop acidosis. Normally this is what happens when your kidneys can't maintain the pH balance in your body, but maybe you're dealing with a super villain who injects people with acid, who knows?

If you get acidosis, your kidneys fail, you look jaundiced, and your breath smells fruity. Seriously. That might be the one positiveish side effect from the whole thing. Treatment for acidosis usually involves balancing out your pH levels. This can be fone in a variety of ways, but the best one is eating baking soda

Acid Eats Through Your Insides

When Karenina Longe was tricked into drinking a glass of "almost neat" acid by her ex-boyfriend in 2000, the drain cleaner took less than 20 minutes to burn through her stomach walls and destroy her internal organs. When you pour drain cleaner into your sink or tub, it starts a chemical reaction whenever it meets with water and begins to heat up to an unbearable degree and dissolve anything in its way. That's what happened to Longe. Even though she was finally admitted to a hospital after the attack, there was nothing that could be done to save her life. 

Even Just Acidic Fumes Can Knock You Unconscious

Eighteen-year-old Fernando Jimenez Gonzalez was working at the Coastal Circuits Factory in Redwood City, California, when the acidic fumes from the waist-high vat that Gonzalez was working with knocked him out and made him fall face-forward into the vat, where he drowned. The saddest part of this story is that Gonzalez's father discovered his son's body at the plant when he didn't come home after his shift. 

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<![CDATA[The 16 Most Obscure References on Gilmore Girls, Explained]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/most-obscure-gilmore-girls-references/kellen-perry

Everyone fan knows the best part about binge-watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix is just letting all that rapid-fire dialogue wash over you - especially Lorelai Gilmore's manic, mile-a-minute pop-culture references. She has a reference for every occasion, pulled from cinema, literature, Broadway, MTV, crappy '70s TV, the tabloids, and much, much more. The rest of the cast - especially fellow Gilmore Girl Rory - do their best to keep up, but no one holds a candle to Lorelai.

This is especially true with obscure references. Lorelai sometimes digs pretty deep, which is why we've compiled this handy guide to some of the most obscure zingers ever uttered by Stars Hollow's favorite hipster momma (plus a surprise pick from Paris!).

The 16 Most Obscure References on Gilmore Girls, Explained,

Sign My Grapefruit!
  • Reference: Lorelai: "Then I'll hop a fence and get Richard Widmark to sign my grapefruit."
  • Season: 5
  • Episode: 10

In what has to be an inside joke between her and Sookie, Lorelai is referring to a bit of slapstick in a 1955 I Love Lucy episode called "The Tour." Lucy and Ethel fall off actor Richard Widmark's fence trying to grab a souvenir grapefruit during a celebrity homes tour and get trapped in his backyard.

How a Proper Business Is Conducted
  • Reference: Lorelai: "Well, put Mrs. Huh-Wiggins on the phone. Have her tell me."
  • Season: 3
  • Episode: 18

Lorelai mocks her father's relationship with his secretary by referencing Carol Burnett's inept secretary character from The Carol Burnett Show, Mrs. Wiggins. The "Huh-Wiggins" part is a reference to how Tim Conway's character Mr. Tudball pronounces "Wiggins."

Can't Get No Respect
  • Reference: Lorelai: "Yeah, right after Holmes & Yo-Yo and Hee Haw Honeys."
  • Season: 3
  • Episode: 3

Lorelai jokes that Rory secretly likes these two obscure 1970s sitcom flops more than The Brady Bunch Variety Hour, which she says is on her "top fifty best" list. Hee Haw Honeys, as the name implies, was a short-lived musical spin-off to Hee Haw that only lasted one season in 1979. Holmes & Yo-Yo dates back to a single season in 1976 and was a buddy cop sitcom featuring an android detective named - you guessed it - Yo-Yo.

Hello? Can Anyone Hear Me?
  • Reference: Lorelai: "How was it that suddenly everyone in the world was saying 'music has charms to soothe the savage beast' when it was written breast?"
  • Season: 2
  • Episode: 14

This question from Lorelai opens the episode, which begins in medias res. It's a reference to the commonly misquoted play The Mourning Bride by William Congreve. The line "Music has charms to soothe a savage breast" and "Heaven has no rage, like a love to hatred turned/ Nor hell a fury, like a woman scorned" are often paraphrased or entirely misquoted, as Lorelai observes.

Admitting Defeat
  • Reference: Lorelai: "My arms are too short to box with Mrs. Kim."
  • Season: 3
  • Episode: 9

A reference to the 1976 Broadway musical Your Arms Too Short to Box with God: A Soaring Celebration in Song and Dance and to Mrs. Kim's reputation as a vengeful, god-like being (and uber-conservative Christian). Lorelai says this to Rory after Mrs. Kim objects to the children at her Thanksgiving gathering eating a chocolate turkey.

Coffee Stains and Memories
  • Reference: Lorelai: "I had made little doodles with my name hidden in them on each one of the old menus, just like Hirschfeld."
  • Season: 3
  • Episode: 16

Lorelai is saddened to hear Luke replaced his menus, which she spent years doodling on. Like famous caricaturist Al Hirschfeld did with his daughter's name, Nina, Lorelai apparently hid her name in the doodles for future diners to find.

Short Hair, Don't Care
  • Reference: Lorelai: "And what are your plans today, Persis Khambatta?"
  • Season: 4
  • Episode: 4

Lorelai is referencing Rory's new, surprisingly short haircut here. Persis Khambatta was an Indian model and actress best known for playing the totally bald Lieutenant Ilia in Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Circling the Mattress
  • Reference: Luke: "We've been here before." Lorelai: "I recognize that tree."  
  • Season: 4
  • Episode: 2

This exchange comes after a long back-and-forth between Luka and Lorelai about the logistics of getting rid of an old mattress. Lorelai is referencing how their conversation resembles the existential dialogue between Vladimir and Estragon in Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot. The duo famously waits for the titular Godot near a large tree.

  • Reference: Lorelai: "My own smokes. Ginchy."
  • Season: 5
  • Episode: 2

After Luke and Lorelai both pretend to run errands so they can meet in secret, Lorelai has this reaction upon finding a pack of cigarettes pointlessly purchased by Luke, a non-smoker. "Ginchy/ginchier/ginchiest" is one of many, many slang terms used by the hipster character "Kookie" (played by Edd Byrnes) on the late-'50s/early-'60s private detective series 77 Sunset Strip. It means cool/sexy. The term also appears in Byrnes's novelty hit "Kookie, Kookie, Lend Me Your Comb." 

Trying So Hard
  • Reference: Lorelai: "There will be a complimentary cask of amontillado on the table in your room, and if you're expecting your friends Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether, I'll send up another one."
  • Season: 3
  • Episode: 17

There are two Edgar Allan Poe references here: one to his famous short story "The Cask of Amontillado," and the other to an obscure Poe story from 1845 called "The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether." Lorelai is trying to ingratiate herself with the Poe Society members staying at the Independence Inn. Kate Beckinsale, Michael Caine, and Ben Kingsley starred in a film adaptation called Stonehearst Asylum in 2014.

Fri, 18 Nov 2016 06:28:40 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/most-obscure-gilmore-girls-references/kellen-perry
<![CDATA[The Darkest Film Shoots in History]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/dark-film-shoots/christopher-shultz
We imagine movie sets to be controlled environments characterized by careful planning, safety precautions, and an air of professionalism. And while this is generally the case, there are some film shoots that have been plagued by irresponsibility, hostility, brutality, pain, suffering, and even death. These instances are decidedly different from the purportedly cursed sets of the Poltergeist films, The Exorcist, and other troubled productions, in which professionalism was maintained, but enough freak accidents and complications occurred to spur rumors these sets were cursed. No, in these instances, the complications are intentionally caused by the director and/or casts of the films, often in service of greater artistic effect, other times due to plain insanity. Here are ten of the worst examples out there.
The Darkest Film Shoots in History,

Apocalypse Now

"The horror…The horror," mutters Marlon Brando's Kurtz, a direct line from the novel upon which this film is based, Heart ofDarkness. The notorious actor may as well have been referring to the entire shoot of Apocalypse Now, which was fraught with political complications, alcohol and drug abuse, malnutrition, exhausting working conditions and all-out insanity. To name but one example: Martin Sheen's breakdown at the beginning of the film is not a bit of stellar acting. Sheen is of course a fine actor who can bring characters to life, but his sobbing and smashing of a mirror (with very real blood) isn't a performance for the sake of his role; you are watching Sheen actually losing his mind on camera, as he, like his character Captain Willard, was heavily addicted to booze at the time. This was all apparently sanctioned by director Francis Ford Coppola (who also went mad while making this film). Shortly after filming this scene, Sheen, then 36 years old, collapsed from a heart attack. For all the rest of the mayhem (as if Sheen's freak-out wasn't enough), check out the documentary Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse. Purchase Apocalypse Now via Amazon.

Cannibal Holocaust

Long before the found-footage craze of the last several years dominated horror films at the box-office, there was this film from director Ruggero Deodato, which purports to show footage from a documentary crew going deep into the jungle to capture a secluded cannibalistic tribe (and also rape and kill them). If the action you see in this footage seems too real, that's because it is. Although Deodato was cleared of charges that he made a snuff film, given the stomach-churning gore effects, the animal deaths are very much real, including the shooting of a young pig at point-blank range and the decapitation of a squirrel monkey—though, as Wikipedia notes, two monkeys perished because the decapitation scene was filmed twice. As if this weren't bad enough, Deodato was also apparently a tyrant during filming. Actor, Carl Gabriel Yorke characterized the entire set as having "a level of cruelty unknown to me." Another actor, Robert Kerman, described Deodato as "remorseless and uncaring," and a "sadist," particularly because of the cruel animal killings, but also because many of the natives were not being paid to appear in the film and were required to perform highly dangerous stunts, such as rushing into a burning hut and staying there for prolonged periods of time. Purchase Cannibal Holocaust via Amazon.


Insane director Werner Herzog and insane actor Klaus Kinskiwere a match made in batsh*t heaven. They made five films together and were at each other's throats through many of them, perhaps none more so than during the making of Fitzcarraldo. Kinski already had a reputation as a difficult person to work with, though that's putting it lightly; Padraig Cotter states the matter better in an article for WhatCulture: "[Kinski] turned being a volatile, hateful maniac into an artform. He was universally despised by most of the people he worked with, and was famous for his temper tantrums and ranting outbursts." The plot of Fitzcarraldo concerns the titular character, played by Kinski, who attempts to "drag a 320 ton ship over a steep muddy hill in Peru," a feat Herzog insisted on recreating with an actual ship, with actual natives paid to perform the task, rather than simply faking it with models and miniatures. Nick Thorpe writes in his article "Herzog's Unfilmable Nightmare" "For hundreds of native Indian extras already wary at being asked to help drag Herzog's steamboat up a muddy slope, the daily outbursts of the raving white man [Kinski] were incomprehensible and terrifying. At one point a local chief approached the director and offered to have Kinski killed." Adding to this general air of hostility, the cast and crew worked long hours in a sweltering jungle during one of the hottest summers on record. And to make matters worse, scavenging tribes once orchestrated a raid on the set, shooting one crew member through the neck with an arrow and hitting the man's wife in the stomach. Both survived, but the horrors would continue: two plane crashes, leaving one crew member paralyzed; the accidental drowning of a young highland native; extras dying of disease; and the self-amputation by chainsaw of a man's foot after he was bitten by a deadly snake. As with Apocalypse Now, you can see much of this insanity unfold in the documentary Burden of Dreams. Purchase Fitzcarraldo via Amazon.

Noah's Ark

In yet another instance of needless hyper-realism gone awry, the director of this film Michael Curtiz (who also famously directed Casablanca), insisted that the actors and extras actually get doused with gallons of water during the flooding scene. According to Cracked writers Orrin R.K., Geoffrey Cubbage and Eddie Rodriguez, "When cinematographer Hal Mohr asked him what would happen to all the extras, Curtiz replied, 'Oh, they're going to have to take their chances.'" They did, as did the crew. "As a result, 15 cameramen and countless extras got knocked into the water and thrashed about for hours. The leading lady caught pneumonia, and one of the actors broke two ribs. According to one of the stuntmen on the scene, three extras drowned and one had to have a leg amputated (reports of that kind of thing kind got swept under the rug back then.)" Purchase Noah's Ark via Amazon.


Tippi Hedren may have been abused by Alfred Hitchcock while filming The Birds, but about twenty years later, Hedren got the chance to reverse the roles and put herself, her family (including her daughter Melanie Griffith) and a crew of filmmakers in mortal danger. Indiewire has a great write up on the film Roar, co-financed by Hedren and her husband at the time Noel Marshall, who for 11 years were filmed living in a house amongst 150 wild big cats, including "lions, tigers, cheetahs and jaguars." Writer Emily Buder states, "Some of the injures sustained in the course of production: cinematographer Jan de Bont was scalped, requiring 220 stitches; Griffith was mauled by a lion, which required facial reconstructive surgery; an A.D. narrowly escaped death when a lion missed his jugular by an inch; Hedren…endured a fractured leg and multiple scalp wounds; and Marshall himself was wounded so many times that he was hospitalized with gangrene." Overall, 70 members of the cast and crew were injured during the making of Roar, leading some to call it the most dangerous movie ever made. Purchase Roar via Amazon.

The Adventures of Milo and Otis

If the reports surrounding this beloved childhood film are true, you might think twice before sitting your kids in front of the TV to watch it. From Wikipedia: "When the film was first released, several Australian animal rights organizations raised allegations of animal cruelty during filming and called for a boycott. The Sunday Mail reported at the time that Animal Liberation Queensland founder Jacqui Kent alleged the killing of more than 20 kittens during production and added that she was disturbed by reports from Europe which alleged other animals had been injured, as in one case where a producer allegedly had broken a cat's paw to make it appear unsteady on its feet." Several Japanese Humane Societies (the film was shot in Japan) allowed their name to appear in the film's credits, though, as a team of A.V. Club writers note, "animal-rights-activists point out that the film's end credits don't use the standard American Humane Association disclaimer…but instead a more vague, 'The animals used were filmed under strict supervision with the utmost care for their safety and well-being." Note too that these Japanese Human Societies only insist that the film "shows no animals being injured or harmed" - i.e., the animals may have been harmed, but you don't actually see it happening. Purchase The Adventures of Milo and Otis via Amazon.

The Birds

While Stanley Kubrick abused his actress Shelley Duvall to no end, his behavior seems innocuous compared to Alfred Hitchcock's treatment of his leading lady Tippi Hedren, star of the classic The Birds. The actress recounts a few of the revered director's antics in a Telegraph interview with John Hiscock: "It was a form of stalking. He had my handwriting analysed, he had me followed, and it was as if I was being engulfed by him." Hitchcock also apparently loved to tell dirty limericks in Hedren's presence. But perhaps the most grueling experience came while filming The Birds, particularly a scene in which Hedren had to go into an attic and encounter a flock of angry, unruly birds. "…on the Monday morning, as we were going to start the scene, the assistant director came in and…blurted out" 'The mechanical birds don't work, so we have to use real ones,' and then he ran out." Following this, men wearing protective gear "up to their shoulders" began literally showering her with "ravens, gulls and pigeons" that pecked and clawed her for hours until Hedren had to be rushed to the hospital. In a Times article, Hedren also states that birds were tied to her body with elastic bands, preventing her from escaping them. Purchase The Birds via Amazon

The Shining

Never mind the fact that the shoot for this Stephen King adaptation went millions of dollars over budget and lasted an entire year, that daily and even hourly script changes became so frequent that star Jack Nicholson refused to learn his lines until the cameras began rolling, filming The Shining was, for co-star Shelley Duvall, as nightmarish as the spirits haunting the Overlook Hotel. Director Stanley Kubrick intentionally treated Duvall badly in an attempt to make her feel as isolated and desperate as her character Wendy Torrance. According to Wikipedia, "Duvall eventually became so overwhelmed by the stress of her role that she became physically ill for months. At one point...her hair began to fall out." Again, a documentary crew captured most of the mayhem, including instances of Duvall becoming dizzy and having to lie down, much to Kubrick's consternation; we later see him berating Duvall for not coming out of a door when he yelled action (she simply couldn't hear him). She also states in the documentary that while she is impressed with the results of Kubrick's overbearing direction, she would never want to put herself in that position again. And true to her word, Duvall never worked with Kubrick again. Purchase The Shining via Amazon.

Twilight Zone: The Movie

Released in 1983, this big-budget, Steven Spielberg-produced omnibus adaptation of Rod Serling's classic TV series will likely never live down the gruesome accident that claimed the lives of actor Vic Morrow and two children who were working under the table so as to avoid child labor laws. As Morrow carried the children, Myca Dinh (seven years old) and Renee Shin-Yi Chen (six years old), pyrotechnics collided with a helicopter, causing it to spin out of control and crash sideways. The rotor blades decapitated both Morrow and Dinh, and Shin-Yi Chen was crushed to death. The entire disaster could have been avoided if better communication between the pilot and the technician in charge of igniting the explosions had been established. Reportedly, a fire safety officer worried the pyrotechnics would cause a crash, but he did not share these concerns with the segment's director John Landis. A major lawsuit ensued, but most of the filmmakers involved were cleared of all charges. The accident however did lead to stricter safety protocols in the industry. Though the entire helicopter sequence was ultimately cut from the film, footage of the disaster can be found online. Purchase Twilight Zone: The Movie via Amazon.


The article for GQ by Michael Idov covering the proceedings of this project titled "The Movie Set That Ate Itself" says it all. Idov writes, "The rumors started seeping out of Ukraine…: A young Russian film director has holed up on the outskirts of Kharkov, a town of 1.4 million in the country's east, making…something. A movie, sure, but not just that. If the gossip was to be believed, this was the most expansive, complicated, all-consuming film project ever attempted… The director, Ilya Khrzanovsky, was a madman who forced the crew to dress in Stalin-era clothes, fed them Soviet food out of cans and tins, and paid them in Soviet money." Idov actually visited this set/compound, and was forced to shave his head into a period-appropriate haircut, and was threatened with a fine for saying "CGI." He also witnessed the director sexually harassing one of his actresses. At the time of Idov's article, in 2011, the film was in its sixth year of production and was "80 percent done." According to Wikipedia, as of 2015, Dau was still in post-production.

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<![CDATA[23 Adorable Animals Doing Jazz Hands]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/animal-jazz-hands/ashley-reign
Have you ever had one of those days where you just needed a little more "fabulous" in your life? Perhaps it's the gloomy weather that's got you down or the recurring disappointment that far too few people ever actually burst into song in real life. Regardless, fear not, for assembled here is a collection of adorable animals doing jazz hands that’ll turn your frown upside down faster than the feet of the tap dancers in a Broadway chorus line.

The owners of these adorable animal jazz hands, paws, and even toes heard the call of all things fabulous deep within their furry little souls and have been going around ever since making sure all of life’s activities end with a climactic dose of pizazz. Whether you’re in the mood for hamster who are totally hamming it up, kittens wearing tiny top hats just because they can, or even a bear whose dance moves put Fred Astaire to shame, you’ve come to the right place.

So the next time you’re feeling the need for a hefty dose of the kind of happy that only a show tune can bring, scroll on down. You’re about to meet the happiest little performers on the planet and the jazz hands they're more than happy to bust out on a dime.

23 Adorable Animals Doing Jazz Hands,

Musical Theater Major Squirrel Jazzes with Every Possible Paw

The Fifth, Lesser Known Ninja Turtle: Liberace

Conflicted Cat Reaches a Compromise

"Hopped Up Outta Beeeeed, Turned Mah Swag Oooooon!"

"Let There Be Jazz"

Hamming It Up = Nailing It

Tap Insect Is Redefining Fancy Footwork

Broadway Bear Perfects His Moves for His Chorus Line Audition

Triple Threat Kitty Is a Shoo-In for the Company of "Cats"

Reluctant Cat's Jazz Hands Are of the Slow, Sad Saxophone Variety

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<![CDATA[Creepy Things You Didn't Know About Carbon Monoxide Poisoning]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/what-carbon-monoxide-poisoning-is-like/steve-wright
Dying from carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning is not a fun way to go, especially if it happens over time. Like any good poison, CO kills slowly and agonizingly in small doses and quickly in high doses. Unlike most poisons, carbon monoxide usually kills unexpectedly and accidentally. This is not textbook jilted-lover killing. Victims typically have no idea what CO poisoning is like, and often confuse it for sickness such as the flu. Even in extreme cases of carbon monoxide poisoning, there's usually a logical and simple, but incorrect, diagnosis for symptoms. 

If you've ever wondered what CO poisoning is like, or if you're interested in discovering ways to prevent it from happening, this list of creepy things will provide answers.
Creepy Things You Didn't Know About Carbon Monoxide Poisoning,

CO Poisoning Kills More Than 400 Americans Each Year
Carbon monoxide earned its reputation as a silent killer. Each year, more than 400 Americans are killed by CO leaks from fuel-burning appliances such as furnaces. If you add in the number killed by fumes associated with charcoal or cars left running in garages, the death toll pushes 500. Be smart -- don't barbecue indoors!
You Can Mistake Carbon Monoxide Poisoning for Dementia
According to a story in the Mirror, Briton Sue Westwood-Ruttledge had a furnace that leaked carbon monoxide into her house every night for three years. Over that span, she became forgetful, easily lost, and shriveled into a shell of her former self, all signs of dementia. She and her son are survived because they kept windows open every while they slept, allowing gas to escape their home.
Smoke Alarm Don't Detect Carbon Monoxide, and Most People Don't Know It
North Carolina is one of a number of states to mandate working CO detectors in all residences. A Center for Disease Control (CDC) survey published in 2012, however, showed that only 68% of the people in Charlotte, NC, actually had working alarms. What's worse, field expert Eric Lavonas often encounters the following when trying to educate on the topic of carbon monoxide alarms -

"They point to the ceiling and say, there's my carbon monoxide alarm."

No. No, it isn't.
Sometimes It Takes a Comment on Reddit to Save Your Life
There are some curious cases of sneaky poisoning in the world; Reddit takes the cake with a story involving CO poisoning and Post-It notes. To make a long story short, someone posted on Reddit about being so delirious he was writing notes on Post-Its and finding them later, having completely forgotten he wrote them in the first place. In a giant, Dr. House-sized leap, a Redditor replied there might be CO involved. The suggestion ended up saving the person's life. Sometimes the internet just wins. If, you know, you post on Reddit instead of seeing a doctor. 
It Feels Like the Flu
Carbon monoxide poisoning is tricky to detect because it shares numerous symptoms with the common flu. The most common symptoms of CO poisoning are headaches and nausea, followed by tiredness and shortness of breath. Even a doctor will be unlikely to immediately diagnose carbon monoxide poisoning, given the symptoms that present.
CO Permeates Drywall
One of the creepier ways carbon monoxide poisoning gets you is through the walls. Even if your furnace works perfectly, you can still get poisoned if your building has drywall, through which CO can leak from your neighbor's faulty appliance.

"There are numerous media reports describing simultaneous CO poisonings in different units of multifamily dwellings," wrote the researchers from the Center for Hyperbaric Medicine at the Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle. "Even though CO might have traveled through ventilation ducts, hallways, or stairways, the building configurations in many such cases are inconsistent with this explanation, raising the possibility that CO passes through walls."

Try sleeping easily now.

You Can Die Without Ever Exhibiting Symptoms of CO Poisoning
If you get sick with the flu-like symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning there's at least a chance to be diagnosed. However, when a small leak grows over time, the body develops a tolerance for it, and never shows obvious signs of sickness. You might then simply die in your sleep, never having known you were being poisoned.
Your Lawnmower Can Poison You
Most people are aware the greatest dangers for CO poisoning come from gas furnaces, ranges, and water heaters. The truth, though, is anything that burns combustible fuel is potentially a source for this killer gas. That means tools such as lawnmowers, generators, and propane or charcoal grills could be dangerous if used in the wrong environment. 
You Will Lose Muscle Control
If the carbon, monoxide poisoning reaches a critical level, victims can lose control of all the muscles in the body. This usually happens as a prelude to death and is every bit as uncomfortable and scary as it sounds. 
Humans Can't Detect It Without Assistance
One reason carbon monoxide is so lethal is humans can't detect it. The gas is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. That means you could be sitting in a house leaking CO and have no idea. The only way to be sure you're safe is a carbon monoxide detector.

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<![CDATA[Disgusting Images of Microorganisms That Are on You Right Now]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/disgusting-microorganisms-on-your-body/jacobybancroft
What's worse than a scary, creepy bug crawling across your wall late at night? How about trillions of tiny bugs you can't see calling your flesh home?

How many is "trillions," exactly? Well, there are roughly the same number of microorganisms living on your body as the number of cells in your body. In other words, your body is about half bug.
Creepy microorganisms scare the living daylights out of us, and for good reason: most of them are flat-out disgusting. On your face right now are a ton of tiny spider-like creatures just waiting to die so they can explode waste all over you. That's their whole life cycle and no matter what you do, you can never get rid of them. Doesn't that put your other problems into perspective?

Below is a list of some of the most disgusting microorganisms and tiny bugs that live on people. Be warned, once you see this list of bacteria and microorganism facts, you might never be the same. You might scrub yourself a little harder in the shower, or wash your hands just a little bit more aggressively, but remember - nothing you do matters. These bad boys are here to stay. 

Disgusting Images of Microorganisms That Are on You Right Now,

Escherichia coli
You think just because you've avoided eating at Chipotle that you're safe from E. coli? Think again! The E. coli are a large family of bacteria, and just because most strains won't make you horribly sick, doesn't mean that your body isn't just coated with them. And we do mean coated - the average human intestine has more than five billion E. coli bacteria on it, or about as many bacteria as there are people on earth.

Many forms of E. coli are harmless, but if you're unlucky enough to contract a more serious strain of this bacteria, you're in for possible pneumonia, diarrhea, or urinary tract infections. 
Klebsiella pneumoniae
Under the microscope, Klebsiella might just look like gross pink dots, but these bacteria can actually do a lot of a damage. Right now they're probably all over and inside you, meaning your skin, your nose, your mouth, your intestines, and your vaginas (sorry, ladies), but they usually aren't harmful.

However, some types of Klebsiella can cause pneumonia, blood and skin infections, and even meningitis. They are particular likely to be transmitted between sick patients, meaning hospitals have to be very careful not to let these guys spread around. And while Klebsiella can usually live innocuously enough on your skin, getting this bacteria in your lungs will leave you coughing up blood.
Staphylococcus aureus
Think of these microorganisms as a super clingy significant other. They rest on your skin and generally do nothing to harm you, but when something foreign starts encroaching on their territory - like a medical device, for example - they freak out and lead to major infections.

Staph bacteria are the leading cause of infections surrounding things like catheters and prosthetic limbs. These staph infections, as they're called, can be lethal. So rest easy knowing that there's a microorganism on you that's just waiting to kill you if something gets too close. 
There are a ton of different strains of Neisseria that call humans their home, but thankfully only two can cause serious diseases: meningitis and gonorrhea. Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease that causes burning with urinating and white, yellow, or green discharge from the penis. Meningitis is an infection of the membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord that leads to fever, stiff neck, vomiting, and confusion.

Meanwhile, the other types of Neisseria just live peacefully in your eyes, your nose, your throat, your mouth, and your genitals - so basically, you are completely swarming with them...
Demodex mite
Deep within the microscopic levels of your pores and hair follicles, Demodex mites are getting crazy. Although not entirely confirmed, it is highly likely that every human face carries Demodex. What's amazing is how little we know about these mites, other than the fact that they exist.

We're not entirely sure what they eat or how they reproduce, but one thing we do know is that they don't have butts. Now this raises the question of how exactly they dispose of waste, and the answer will probably disgust you. It's been said that when these mites die, they basically explode with waste which then degrades on our faces. 
Propionibacterium Acnes Thrives on Skin Oils - and Teenagers
Having acne is no fun, but have you ever stopped to wonder why exactly your face is breaking out into horrible red blotches? It's mainly a result of Propionibacterium acnes, which is part of the skin flora present on most healthy adults.

This bacteria lives off the fatty acids in sebum (the oil in your hair follicles). These little buggers secrete proteins, which can destabilize the layers of the cells that form the walls of the hair follicle. That, in turn, leads to inflammation - that is, acne. So thanks, little microscopic jerks, for ruining high school picture day for a lot of people. 
Micrococcus Can Cause Erupting Lesions
These guys are everywhere. Water, dust, soil, and especially human skin. No matter what we do, we just can't get rid of them.

To a majority of the population, Micrococcus are harmless, but to those people with weakened immune systems, like HIV patients, they can cause serious infections. The infections are described as "pruritic eruptions of the skin in some areas as well as scattered papule lesions with or without central ulcerations." Or, in plain English: not pleasant.
Malassezia Yeast Thrives on Oily, Sweaty Skin
Malassezia yeasts are a type of fungus that inhabit the skin of about 90% of adults without causing any harm, but unfortunately some people just aren't equipped to handle them.

For a small percentage of the population, the yeast suppresses the body's expected immune response and causes a skin disorder, usually creating red, splotchy rashes. Humidity, sweating, and oily skin are all factors in the continued growth of these tiny microorganisms, which also cause dandruff and dermatitis. 

Some forms of Malassezia live on dogs, too, and spread to you when you touch their fur - something to think about the next time you cuddle up with your pet.
Corynebacterium Favors Moist, Dark Places
Just because these guys are innocent doesn't make the thought having little tiny club-shaped bacteria constantly crawling around your body any better. The Corynebacterium are extremely abundant, favoring moist skin folds such as those found beneath your breasts,  between your toes, and around your groin.

The type that's always on our skin is harmless, but a different type causes the sometimes fatal disease diphthyeria, which seems a little too close for comfort.
Brevibacterium Linens Makes Feet - and Cheese - Stinky
Have you ever wondered why our noses run but our feet smell? Well, in regards to the second part, our feet generally give off that unpleasant aroma thanks to Brevibacterium linens. These microorganisms have compounds containing sulphur, known as S-methyl thioesters, that create that distinctive and disgusting odor.

Fun fact: Brevibacterium linens are the same bacteria used to ferment smelly cheeses like munster and Limburger. 

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<![CDATA[Strange Facts About the History of Coffins and Burial]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/history-of-coffins/lyra-radford

The history of coffins is a fairly long one, as humans began burying the dead at least 100,000 years ago. The use of coffins, or coffin-like structures, can be traced to  the Celts and ancient Egyptians. In Egypt, bodies were mummified, placed in a sarcophagus, and buried in pyramids. As early as the year 700, the Celts were crafting burial boxes with wood and stones. Prior to the use of caskets, bodies were often wrapped in a shroud before burial.

Burial is viewed as a sign of respect for the dead, and as a way to provide closure for the living, while protecting them from the possible spread of disease. The manner in which a culture buries their dead often reflects religious practices, and is believed to affect the afterlife of the deceased. This list contains strange facts about historical coffins and burial practices. Read on to learn more about the history of caskets.

Strange Facts About the History of Coffins and Burial,

12,000 Bodies Were Buried Under a Church's Floorboards

Prior to the establishment of cemeteries in old England, the dead were buried in churchyards. While this was profitable for the churches, there’s only so much room in a churchyard for corpses. Overcrowding led to some pretty disgusting improvisation, the most famous of which took place at the Enon Chapel, where the preacher was taking an average of 30 bodies per week and burying them beneath the floorboards. The basement was stacked, floor to ceiling, with more than 12,000 bodies. Gases seeped through floorboards, flies swarmed, and eventually they began dumping bodies in the Thames River until authorities discovered what was going on and shut down the church.

The motivation behind the Enon Chapel corpse debacle was simple - the preacher collected burial fees on each body, and could then sell them to medical schools without the knowledge of the family. Classic corpse scam. 

Ma’nene Festival: Parade of the Dead

The inhabitants of remote Indonesian islands host a celebratory cleaning-of-the-corpses festival. Ritualistic aspects of the festival include digging up dead relatives, cleaning their bones, changing their clothing, and trotting them out for a walk around the village. The corpses are paraded about in merry fashion, and often run into one another on the street, creating an eerie atmosphere. Corpses are also propped up in the family home, and masses of buffalo are slaughtered for a feast. 

Escape Coffins Helped Those Buried Alive Get Out

Escape coffins were developed for those prematurely buried in vaults. They essentially enabled the prematurely buried to pull a Houdini, allowing them to get themselves out of their unfortunate predicament. Escape coffins had spring-loaded lids that were set off by the slightest movement within the coffin. A retired firefighter named Thomas Pursell created an alternative to the traditional escape coffin - ventilated vaults with handwheels so those prematurely buried could open the vault from the inside.

Vultures Ate Corpses in Towers of Silence

Not every culture practices underground burial. Some have burials at sea, many prefer cremation, and others would rather bury their dead in the bellies of birds. Ancient Zoroastrians constructed towers for the sole purpose of laying out dead bodies to be picked away at by birds. They were called Towers of Silence, although there's nothing quiet about swarms of vultures ripping flesh from bones. The bones were left out to bleach in the sun, then disposed of in a well and covered with lime, to speed the disintegration process.

Caskets Are Made Like Tupperware to Avoid Exploding Casket Syndrome

It may sound ridiculous, but exploding casket syndrome is a common term in the death industry (which also kinda sounds ridiculous). During the decomposition process, the body releases gas, and things start to liquefy.  If there isn’t a way for gas to escape, pressure continues to build until the gas explodes. Such an explosion causes caskets to burst and can even crack mausoleum walls. Not to mention the post-mortem goop that needs to be cleaned up. To avoid such explosions, casket makers added burper valves, such as those found in Tupperware, to release gas build-up and keep the deceased intact.

Premature Burial Led to the Creation of Coffin Alarms

Premature burial was a very real and terrifying issue in the 19th century. Creating an alert system seemed like the best way to deal with the problem. Enter so-called safety coffins, which were rigged with a bell to alert cemetery guards of any living people trying to get out of their premature graves. These coffins also had a small hatch to allow fresh air in while waiting to be dug out.

Ritual Bone Cleaning Is Important in Taiwan and China

In Taiwan and parts of China, graves are dug up and bodies exhumed years after burial, so that bones can be cleaned and dried. The bones are then reburied in a ceramic pot. This practice is called jiǎngǔ, a ritual that allows a current generation to care for their ancestors. Though typically carried out by the family of the deceased, there are some who perform jiǎngǔ professionally, at the behest of the family. Women are typically not allowed to perform the ritual - at least not the cleaning of the bones - because it would be considered blasphemy for a menstruating woman to touch the remains. 

Suicide Burials Were Unpleasant in Britain

England once considered the act of suicide to be a crime punishable after death. All the property of suicide victims was confiscated, leaving the surviving family members with no inheritance, and Christian burial rites were denied. Those who attempted suicide but failed were charged as felons, for attempted self-murder.

Why so harsh? Superstition. Britons feared the ghosts of those who committed suicides would be forced to wander the streets of their town and haunt their home, so they put the strictest laws in place in hopes of deterring people from killing themselves. Those who did commit suicide would be buried at crossroads, or near the sea, in hopes of confusing spirits. Sometimes authorities took the extra safety measure of driving a stake through the corpse’s heart, just in case.  

Reusable Coffins Used to Be a Thing

In 1784, the desire to save wood was so great, Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II decided reusable coffins needed to be the new hot item. Trap doors were placed in the bottom of each coffin; this way, those performing the burial ceremony could flip a switch and, presto, the body falls into a hole under the coffin. After the corpse vanished, the coffin could be used again. This disturbing trend lasted about six months before the public called shenanigans and demanded it be stopped.

Diseased Corpses Were Tossed into Plague Pits

During the Black Plague, pits were dug for the infected dead, to prevent the spread of disease. These pits were dug on unconsecrated ground, no visitors were allowed near them, and, often, no prayer or religious ceremony was performed for the deceased. Some people who were near death or in a state of anguish over deceased loved one threw themselves into the pits as an act of despair. In some cases, they were pulled out, though. certain officials weren’t willing to risk the spread of the disease, and left the jumpers in the pit, leading to several people being buried alive.

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Hey kids, who are the best Rick and Morty characters? Are you a...uhh... do you like <BURP> science? H-how bout cartoons about adventure and junk? C-cuz Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon created this Adult Swim show about... hoo-boy, a scientist, Rick Sanchez, and his grandson, Morty Smith. Rick & Morty! A hundred times Rick and Morty!

This cartoon series features an unusually sprawling cast, so there are plenty of strange creatures to vote up on this list of favorite Rick and Morty characters. Whether you love Bird Person or Ice-T, it's time to get schwifty, folks!

The Schwiftiest Rick and Morty Characters,

Rick Sanchez

Abradolf Lincler

Morty Smith


Mr. Poopybutthole

Scary Terry

Krombopulos Michael



Mr. Meeseeks

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Your local arcade may have boarded up its doors a few decades ago, but in Japan, arcades are as popular as ever. It should come as no surprise you can find some of the coolest arcades in the world in Tokyo, a gamer’s paradise. With its neon lights, endless sprawl, countless nooks and crannies, and chaotic crowds, Tokyo itself feels a bit like a video game.

Though Tokyo is the center of Japan's arcade culture, most Japanese towns have at least one arcade, known as a gesen (a shortened, Japanized version of the English phrase “game center”). After a long day at work or school, many head to the arcade to play a game of pachinko, take pictures with friends at the photo sticker booth, or reclaim their high score at a favorite game.

Whether you’re looking for a casino-sized arcade with vibrant lights and the latest games or a quiet space housing vintage favorites like Pacman, Japan is your go-to place for some of the best arcades in the world.

The 13 Coolest Japanese Arcades You Have to See to Believe,

Anata no Warehouse, Kawasaki
Possibly one of the most unique arcades in the world, Anata no Warehouse (Your Warehouse), in Kawasaki, Japan, was designed to look like Kowloon Walled City, a once heavily populated slum in Hong Kong. To get to the games, you need to cross over a body of neon sludge via a dodgy stone path. Everything from the bathrooms to the chicken snack shack is weathered, grimy, and dimly lit.

The only pristine things here are the games, which give off an unearthly glow in this Texas Chainsaw Massacre-esque landscape. Unlike most arcades, Warehouse is 18-and-over only, probably because of its nightmare-inducing vibe. Check out this extensive walk through video for an idea. 

Club Sega, Tokyo
Located in the Akihabra district of Tokyo, a Mecca for electronic lovers and die-hard nerds, Club Sega is impossible to miss. The arcade is a whopping seven stories high, and the entire fifth floor is filled with nothing but Sega games. If you’re a Sega fan, this is the place for you. Check out the Akihabara streets and the Sega Club in this awesome walk through
Tokyo Leisure Land, Tokyo
No, Tokyo Leisure Land isn’t retiree housing. That said, this five-story building has a mellower vibe than many other arcades in Akihabra; it even has a cheery rainbow gracing its entryway. Point of interest– the arcade has an entire floor dedicated to music games. Make sure not to confuse it with Tokyo Leisureland, a massive game compound and amusement park on Odaiba Island.

To see the Rainbow facade for yourself, scope this video.

Sega GiGO, Tokyo
One of the many multi-story arcades in Tokyo, Sega GiGO has the honor of housing the first Pokémon arcade game ever. The first two floors are filled with rows and rows of claw games and capsule toy dispensers. Japan takes toy dispensers to a new level. Known as gashapons, many of these dispensers carry high-quality collectible toys from popular anime and video games. The name gashapon is a portmanteau of onamonapia - "gacha" is the sound the claw makes, "pon" is the sound the prize makes as it drops into the exit chute. 

Want to check it out? Problem solved.

Natsuge Museum, Tokyo
Unlike many of the arcades on this list, Natsuge Museum has only one floor, but it's a damn good one. The arcade features a revolving lineup of games from the '80s and before. Don’t let the name fool you; although this arcade houses old games, this is not a museum. All of the games are playable. 

Check out this photo slideshow for an idea of some of the great retro stuff you'll find at Natsuge Museum.

Shooting Bar EA, Tokyo
This shooting range bar isn't exactly an arcade, but it deserves special mention. At this bar you can order air guns off a menu, along with your drink, and enjoy target practice. If you have trouble deciding on a weapon, consider The Samurai Edge, a replica of the .45 caliber pistol from the Resident Evil games, and take aim at a zombie target.

Wanna see for yourself what it's like drinking and shooting in Tokyo? Check it out. 

Try Amusement Tower, Tokyo
Try Amusement Tower, standing eight stories tall, is one of the largest gesen in Japan. The game center has an entire level dedicated to pachislo machines, a hybrid of pachinko and slot machines. Gambling for money is illegal in Japan, so the prizes are typically small knickknacks, home appliances, or tokens to play more games.

Watch the first few seconds of this walk through to see the facade of Try; it's pretty awesome.

Game Bar A-Button, Tokyo
Nestled between houses and apartment buildings, this barcade is off the beaten track and a favorite of hardcore gamers. Stacks and stacks of classic-era consoles line the walls and controllers hang from the ceiling like Christmas lights. The big names in Japanese gaming hang out here, talking shop and playing old-school games while enjoying spirits.

Check out this video walk through to see how crazy-small this place really is. 

16 Shots, Tokyo
Despite being the smallest establishment on this list, seating only 10 people total, 16 Shots is a fan-favorite with gamers. The bar is presumably named after famed gamer Takahashi Meijin’s ability to push the shoot button 16 times a second. The walls are lined with 8-bit memorabilia, and Mario wind-up toys grace the counters of this barcade. Order some video game themed drinks and play a classic. 
Super Potato, Tokyo
If you’re a fan of classic video games, you're in luck, because Super Potato is vintage gamer’s heaven. Primarily a store for retro games, Super Potato boasts three floors of gaming goodness. Head to the top floor of the building to get to the arcade and take a seat on a throne made of NES and Sega game cartridges – your very own throne of games.

To see the full extent of awesome retro gear and games at Super Potato, check out this crazy walk through - there's more than one giant Mario, and a massive, playable Gameboy hanging from a wall. 

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