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You see women cosplaying as male characters all the time, but how often are men cosplaying as female characters? Turns out, it happens all the time. It's called crossplaying, and it's awesome. All the proof you'll need is here in this list of the best crossplay. From the scary to the sexy, these are some seriously talented people. Vote up the crossplays so good they made you do a double-take.

15 Dudes Who Turned Crossplay Into High Art, comics, Cosplay, anime, other,

If You Say You Knew This Was a Dude, You're Lying

YukiSnowCosplay is a master of complete gender-bending transformations. This photo of him as Black Rock Shooter was taken by Novii Photography.

This Might Be Better Than Angelina Jolie

Justin Saint, or GaymerQueen, does some seriously impressive makeup and costume work, including this Maleficent crossplay.

Ruby Has Never Looked So Graceful

Blogger and avid crossplayer adellexe pulled off an amazing Ruby from RWBY. Shot by Kiwira.

A Rare but Perfect Sims Cosplay

DeviantArt user AvaCassandra blew crossplaying out of the water with a Sims Bella Goth cosplay.

This Will Bring Your Coraline Nightmares Back

Instagram user louistato does a lot of cosplay, but this one is really, really scary - in a good way. His Other Mother from Coraline crossplay is almost too accurate.

Do You Remember Anna Looking This Badass?

Instagram user goddessofimaginarylight pulled off an amazing re-imagining of Anna from Frozen.

How Does This Beard Work So Well?!?

Les Levi completely stole the show at Comic Con 2016 with his Storm and Rita Repulsa crossplays.

Definitely a Beauty

Richard Arthur, also known as TheOfficialAriel, is a master at transforming himself into Disney princesses. This shot of Richard as Belle from Beauty and the Beast was taken by Austin Buchanan.

Serenity Done Right

Joshua Hart is known for his incredibly meticulous work with costumes, but he really blows the whole crossplay game out of the water. This amazing photo of J. Hart as Serenity from Sailor Moon was shot by Octography.

Madoka's Hair Is Perfect

Instagram user jazzsyndrome made a very glamorous Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

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<![CDATA[The Best Cyborg Anime Characters]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/cyborg-anime-characters/ranker-anime
For this list we're ranking the best cyborg anime characters of all time, with the help of your votes. Below you'll find a list of the most popular cyborg characters in anime, ranked by how many votes they have received from other anime fans like you. With names like Major Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell, and Franky from One Piece, it won't be easy putting one character over another. Fortunately for you, you can vote up all your top cyborg anime characters, so give a thumbs up to as many characters as you want. If you favorite cyborg character is missing from the list, you can add them so that other Ranker users can vote them up too. 
The Best Cyborg Anime Characters,

Android 17

Android 18


Briareos Hecatonchires

Edward Elric

Motoko Kusanagi


Android 16


Bartholomew Kuma

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<![CDATA[The 25+ Best Psychological Thriller Anime of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-thriller-anime/ranker-anime
The best thriller anime all have one thing in common- they keep you on the edge of your seat at all times. From Death Note to Psycho Pass, this list takes every good psychological thriller anime and ranks them from best to worst. Some of these shows are downright disturbing, including Satoshi Kon's Paranoia Agent, a series that exposes some of the uglier parts of social behavior between humans. Even the intro and outro to that show are creepy, just look them up on YouTube if you don't believe me!

Anyways, vote up your favorite thriller anime below, and please add any psychological thriller anime to the list if you think it deserves to be here!
The 25+ Best Psychological Thriller Anime of All Time,

Code Geass

Death Note


Attack on Titan

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Future Diary


Deadman Wonderland


High School of the Dead

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<![CDATA[The Best Anime Characters With Brown Hair]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/anime-characters-with-brown-hair/ranker-anime
With so many anime characters with odd hair colors, brown is almost weirder than a bright color like pink or green. Here is Ranker's list of the best brown hair anime characters, as voted on by anime fans like you. In the colorful world of anime, brown is a rather drab color. It may denote being ordinary and straight-laced. But given the chance, the character can explode in a flurry of colorful decisions and moves. After all, heroes are the types to have something hidden underneath, then they'll reveal it later. And since brown in the color of earth, perhaps it means they're well-grounded people. Well, just look at the list, and see what common things you can see in all of them. Is one of your favorite anime characters with brown hair missing from the list? Add it so others can vote on it as well.
The Best Anime Characters With Brown Hair,

Lelouch Lamperouge
code geass
Seto Kaiba
Light Yagami
Death Note
Haruhi Fujioka

Levi Ackerman

Eren Jaeger
Attack on Titan
Kyoraku Shunsui
Cana Alberona
fairy tail
HIkaru and Kaoru Hitachin
Ouran High School Host Club

Fri, 17 Apr 2015 08:12:34 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/anime-characters-with-brown-hair/ranker-anime
<![CDATA[The Best Anime Characters With Orange Hair]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-orange-hair-anime-characters/ranker-anime
When you think of an anime character with orange hair, Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach or Misty from Pokemon are probably the first names that spring into your head. While they may be the most well known, there are so many other great orange haired anime characters to take into consideration! For that reason, we're ranking the best anime characters with orange hair, with the help of your votes. We've included both male and female characters with orange hair below, so don't be afraid to vote for either. There are some very popular characters from huge shows on this list, including Nami from One Piece, the beautiful Asuna from Sword Art Online, and Pein from Naruto Shippuden. Whether they're good or evil, we want you to vote for your favorites below. If you think the best anime character with orange hair is missing from the list, please add it so others can vote for that person too! They don't have to have bright orange hair, there can be hints of brown or other colors blended in as well.
The Best Anime Characters With Orange Hair,

Ichigo Kurosaki


Orihime Inoue


Kaoru Hitachiin


Hikaru Hitachiin


Gildarts Clive


Tue, 14 Apr 2015 12:07:30 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/best-orange-hair-anime-characters/ranker-anime
<![CDATA[List of 10+ Good Anime Similar to Naruto]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/anime-like-naruto/ranker-anime
Almost all of us have watched it, but what are some good anime like Naruto that are similar in nature? The show has been around for over a decade, but after you've consumed everything that it has to offer, why not branch out and find some anime that are similar to Naruto or Naruto Shippuden. This list is only a start- we want anime fans like you to add your favorite anime series that are like Naruto to this list, so that others can vote on them and help grow the list.

If you haven't seen a show on this list, don't downvote it! Try to keep your judgement fair as you vote things up and down.
List of 10+ Good Anime Similar to Naruto,

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Why it is similar: Similar animation, fighting with special powers, "avatar" state power works in similar fashion to Kurama power, small group of powerful friends who travel on a journey and have adventures while battling Fire-benders

Dragon Ball Z


Yu Yu Hakusho

Fairy Tail

One Piece

Why it is similar:
 - Samurai theme
 - Special powers similar to ninjas
Hunter x Hunter
Why it is similar:
 - Ninja theme
 - Martial arts with special powers
 - Boy hero rising through ranks
Why it is similar:
 - One source of inspiration for Naruto
 - Martial arts with special powers
Rurouni Kenshin
Why it is similar:
 - Samurai motifs
 - Martial arts actions with special powers

Tue, 03 Feb 2015 03:13:01 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/anime-like-naruto/ranker-anime
<![CDATA[20 Anime Characters with Big-Time Parent Issues]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/anime-characters-with-parent-issues/justin-andress

Anime characters with parent issues are dime a dozen, but the mommy and daddy issues these anime characters have are hard to rival. From abandonment issues to tragic deaths of parents, it doesn't get much worse than the situations on this list.

It seems that in the collected world of anime heroes and villains, the governing rule is that functional parents simply can’t exist. Sure, heroes occasionally get mentors, but by and large most anime and manga parents are either no good at the soccer mom game or are gone before they can really make a difference. This is not a landscape of Martha Kents. Main characters are either forced to watch their parents die, leave, or simply never get written in at all.

If you thought Bruce Wayne had some parent issues, the tortured billionaire has nothing on these anime and manga characters who have some serious emotional complexity driving their relationship with their parents.

Spoilers ahead.

20 Anime Characters with Big-Time Parent Issues,

Shinji Ikari

Man oh man, Shinji Ikari from Neon Genesis Evangelion had it rough in the parents department. At just the tender age of 3, Shinji witnessed the death of his mother Yui, during the "contact experiment" with Eva-01 that went horribly wrong. As if that wasn't traumatizing enough, he was abandoned by his father Gendo only a year later, and forced to live with his teacher Misato.

Although Misato is caring towards Shinji, his personal struggles plague him all his life, especially after age 11 when his father (now the head of NERV) calls on him to pilot Eva-01 and fight the angels that are attacking earth. If coming face to face and being forced to obey your father who abandoned you as an infant isn't traumatizing, then I don't know what is.

Tenchi Masaki

In every incarnation of Tenchi Muyo, Tenchi’s mom, Achika, is deceased by the time the story begins. In every story in which she features, whether she saves the day by kicking a little butt or she’s left to slowly succumb to her sense of loyalty, Achika has an indelible impact on Tenchi’s actions.

Her presence is universally a boon to Tenchi, whether that takes the form of heirlooms or more tangible life-saving help.


It’s hard out here for a mercenary leader, and no one is more evident of that fact than the shout-happy, demon-killing machine, Guts, the star of Berserk. Raised by an adopted father named Gambino, a mercenary leader himself, Guts spent his entire life learning the trade under borderline cruel, absolutely loveless circumstances.

Gambino was such a monster that he even sold his adopted kid out to a friend for an evening of horror. Granted, Guts ended up murdering his rapist a little bit later, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t traumatized.

Gene Starwind

The protagonist of Outlaw Star, Gene Starwind, witnessed his father’s murder at the tender age of 15 when a band of mercenaries led by Ron MacDougall attacked his home. He escaped at the last minute, but not before his father’s savage murder. This scene would cripple the future hero for five years until he finally took action.

From then on, the memory of his father’s murder would propel Gene Starwind forward, the horrific experience forging him into a noble protector. 

Seto Kaiba’s New Dad Raised Him for Success, Then Resented It

In Yu-Gi-Oh!, Seto Kaiba is raised by an adopted father, a powerful industry tycoon named Gozaburo Kaiba. Gozaburo essentially forced his adopted son to undergo an excruciating academic regimen, training him in an accelerated school program designed to get Seto in prime business condition.

In this, Gozaburo is completely successful, because by the time he’s 16, Seto has seized control of his adopted father’s company, a hostel takeover that results in Gozaburo’s suicide in front of Seto’s very eyes.

A Buttload of Sailor Moon Characters

First thing’s first: Sailor Moon loves killing its characters' parents two at a time via crashes. Tuxedo Mask’s parents died in a car accident when he was a kid, and Sailor Jupiter’s parents died in a plane crash, again, when she was a child. 

Sailor Moon’s own dad seems like a good dude, in spite of the fact that he’s constantly looking at pictures of Sailor Moon and he isn’t capable of putting two-and-two together. On the cosmic front, it’s Queen Serenity who plays a role as both the savior of the galaxy (the first time around at least) and the person who flings her daughter and the rest of the Soldiers into action.

Kakeru Naruse's mother's suicide leads him to attempt suicide himself

In Orange, Naho Takamiya receives several letters from herself 10 years in the future about a boy named Kakeru Naruse who will soon transfer to her high school class. As the specific events in the letter start to come true, she realizes the letters are real and follows their advice to the tee.

In the first episode, Kakeru doesn't come to school for two weeks, which we later learn is because his mother killed herself. As Kakeru opens up to Naho, he explains that much of his life outside of school consisted of taking care of her and appeasing her whims and mental illness. Naho's letters explain later that in her future, Kakeru is overcome with depression and guilt for not protecting his mother, and he commits suicide. 

With the help of her friends, Naho manages to convince Kakeru that life is worth living - but he is severely damaged from the experience nonetheless, and his guilt about his mother never goes away.

There’d Be No Bunny Drop Without Some Weird Parental Stuff

The core relationship in Bunny Drop is between the outcast aunt and nephew of the Kawachi family. You see, the aunt, Rin, is just a small child, the illegitimate daughter of the family’s patriarch. Her nephew, Daikichi, an aimless 30-something, is the only person in the family who’s willing to take her in.

Rin’s relationship with and subsequent rejection from the majority of her biological family helps set the tone for both her shy character and the adventures the tow undertake.

Edward and Alphonse Elric Attempted to Resurrect Their Dead Mother

When you think of anime characters with "mommy issues," the Elric brothers are probably the first to come to mind. After losing their mother as children, the duo dedicates a chunk of their lives to resurrecting her using alchemy. The first episode of the 2003 Fullmetal Alchemist anime series opens with Ed and Al committing the ultimate taboo by trying to bring their mother back from the dead, resulting in Edward losing an arm and leg while Alphonse loses his body entirely.

The rest of the series is spent searching for the Philosopher's Stone- a powerful talisman that supposedly allows the wielder to overcome the rules of equivalent exchange in alchemy. Edward's goal is to bring his brother's body back, so he doesn't have to live in a suit of armor anymore. What's worse is later in the series their mother does actually come back in the form of the homunculus named Sloth, who serves as secretary to King Bradley. The boys unknowingly created her the night they tried to bring their mother back, and Edward is ultimately the one to destroy her by turning her body into ethanol. Someone get this kid some counseling, and fast.


Crayon Shin-chan Is All About Sweet, Parental Dysfunction

When it all comes down to it, there’s little doubt that the parents lording over a 5-year-old jackanapes named Shin mean well, but that doesn’t change the fact that both of them are totally cracked.

Shin’s dad is a good guy who also behaves like a grown up kid. He may go to work in the city every day, but he also hands over all his money at the end of the week, gets an allowance, and has to do chores.

Shin’s mom is a raving loony, hypocrite, and vicious abuser. She’s so into child abuse that she’s got a patented move (popping her kids on the top of their head). Of course, her son does constantly mock her to the point where it’s not entirely unreasonable that he’s getting a lick.

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<![CDATA[7 Pokemon Episodes Banned Around the World]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/banned-pokemon-episodes/nikoberi
Pokemon episodes have been banned in countries all around the world, including America and Japan. After all, the show that has been around for a long time. Episodes have been coming out like clockwork since the '90s with no signs of stopping. Translating from one culture to another is a complex process, one that doesn't always go smoothly. Sometimes, controversial Pokemon episodes aren't translated at all.

Different nations have different cultural standards about what is right to show to children and sometimes what Japan thinks is acceptable may freak American parents out. Because of this, some episodes of Pokemon were edited before being shown to American audiences.

Others proved so offensive to American standards that they never made it to the air in the U.S. Of course, some Pokemon adventures were off-limits in other markets around the world. Still other episodes were unfortunate enough to never be broadcast in Japan, the home of all things Pokemon. From the infamous ''seizure episode" to multiple stories rendered insensitive by natural disasters, these are all banned Pokemon episodes.

7 Pokemon Episodes Banned Around the World,

Dennō Senshi Porygon
This is the big one. Anybody who was paying attention to Pokemon in the '90s will remember the controversy surrounding the so-called "Seizure Episode." This Pokemon adventure features flashing lights that gave Japanese children traumatic seizures. Naturally, this episode was promptly banned from ever airing again in Japan and nixed in every other country on the planet as well.

Holiday Hi-Jynx
"Holiday Hi-Jynx" takes the unfortunate design of Jynx and doubles down. This episode features Ash and the gang meeting Santa Claus and getting to see his toy factory, which happens to be staffed entirely by Jynx. American broadcasters decided to give this episode a pass based on the insensitive and potentially inflammatory visual of a white man presiding over a labor force of servile racial caricatures.
The Ice Cave!
Japan, as a culture, doesn't deal with racism in the same way America does. As a more ethnically homogeneous nation, Japanese culture sometimes includes racial representations that strike entirely the wrong note elsewhere. In America, a Pokemon that looks like a caricature out of the early 1900s raises a few more eyebrows and so "The Ice Cave" was banned for prominently featuring Jynx.
The Legend of Dratini
When you think about Pokemon, one of the last things to pop into your head are firearms, yet, here we are. "The Legend of Dratini" features an excessive amount of gunplay, at least by Pokemon standards. Team Rocket gets shot at and Ash - a mere child - has a gun pointed at his head by a grown man. This episode was banned in the US due to mass shootings that prompted much parental concern and hand-wringing over the songs, television shows, and music their children were consuming.
Shaking Island Battle! Barboach VS Whiscash!!
The 2011 earthquake in Japan set a precedent for Pokemon to really think carefully about including references to tectonic events. This episode features prominent usage of the moves "Magnitude" and '"Earthquake," and the producers made the connection, reasoning that it airing this episode in close proximity to the tragic quake would be insensitive. The episode never saw the light of day in Japan, nor did it reach localizers in other countries.
Beauty and the Beach
If you're wondering why this episode was banned, look at James's chest in that picture. This beach vacation episode was considered fine for Japanese children but a bit too racy for American kids. Apparently TV stations in the US were convinced James's cross-dressing would be too much for impressionable young minds to handle.
Team Rocket vs. Team Plasma
This two-part episode features a dramatic showdown between classic bad guys Team Rocket and the newer, shinier Team Plasma. In their battle, the two teams inflict massive property damage to a city and cause artificial earthquakes. Unfortunately for this episode, its slated release date ended up being very close to the 2011 earthquake and tsunami that inflicted massive damage to the Sendai region of Japan. Showrunners felt it would be in bad taste to show similar imagery while the country was still recovering from the disaster.

Wed, 11 May 2016 03:52:13 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/banned-pokemon-episodes/nikoberi
<![CDATA[The Best Seinen Anime & Manga Series]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-seinen-anime-and-manga/ranker-anime
Here is Ranker's list of the best seinen anime and manga, with help from voters like you. Just so everyone is clear, seinen isn't as much a genre as it is a demographic. Seinen anime and manga cater to adults ages 18 and older, so the content is often mature and violent. Seinen can be many genres, including sports, action, mecha, and more. The series we've listed here are considered to be the top seinen anime or manga, but we're not always perfect with our choices. If one of your favorite series is missing, please add it to the list so others can vote on it too!

In most cases these titles are both anime and manga, but some like Sun-Ken Rock are exclusively manga. Some of the best classic examples of seinen series include Ghost in the Shell: Stand Along Complex, Berserk, and Elfen Lied. We've included new 2014 seinen anime too, such as Black Bullet and Hamatora.   
The Best Seinen Anime & Manga Series,

Death Note


Attack on Titan

Tokyo Ghoul



One Punch Man
Manga Only
Hellsing Ultimate


Black Lagoon

Mon, 19 Jan 2015 04:36:10 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/best-seinen-anime-and-manga/ranker-anime
<![CDATA[The Best Dragon Ball Z Characters of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/all-dragon-ball-z-characters/xmattdamon

The Best Dragon Ball Z Characters of All Time,

Android 17

Android 18

Majin Buu


Son Goten

Tien Shinhan




Son Goku

Mon, 13 Jul 2015 22:21:50 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/all-dragon-ball-z-characters/xmattdamon
<![CDATA[The Best Music Anime of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-music-anime/ranker-anime
Tari Tari, Kids on the Slope, & Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad. If you've seen these shows, you know they have one thing in common- they're all about music, singing, playing in a band, or learning to play a musical instrument. With so many popular musical anime that exists today, we've decided to rank the best music anime of all time, with help from fans like you. The show doesn't have to be exclusively about music, since we've included shows like FLCL and Macross Frontier that blend a few different genres. If you're looking for an anime where the main character learns to play guitar, then definitely check out Beck (you won't be disappointed, it's an amazing coming of age story that blends in rock and roll music.) Other anime listed here feature chorus groups, and students learning music in high school. Vote for your favorite series on this list that you've seen, so the best stuff will be at the top of the list! 
The Best Music Anime of All Time,

Nodame Cantabile: Paris

Love Live! School idol project



Uta No Prince Sama
Uta No Prince Sama is a anime about this girl, Nanami Haruka entering a idol and composer academy. She always had wanted to be a composer and write notes for famous idols like HAYATO (she's a fan of this idol) But when combing to make the song, she was wanted to be partners with 6 other boys in the idol track.
BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad

Kids on the Slope

Nodame Cantabile

Your Lie in April

Corda D'Oro - primo passo

Wed, 03 Dec 2014 05:41:54 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/best-music-anime/ranker-anime
<![CDATA[The Best Attack on Titan Quotes]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-attack-on-titan-quotes/ranker-anime
List of the best moments and quotes from Attack on Titan, including videos or pictures of each scene or character. The popular anime series that brought you characters like Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Sasha and many others contains so many great moments, with epic monologues and one-liners from all of these characters. Arguably the most popular anime of recent memory, AOT has some seriously amazing dialogue that really helps drive the series forward. With a live-action movie in the works, we decided to take a look at some of the best Attack on Titan lines and have you join in on the fun of this blockbuster anime.

Vote for the best Attack on Titan quotes in your opinion, and downvote any that you think aren't that good. We're leaving this list open to add things, so feel free to include your favorite Attack on Titan moments and quotes if they're not already here.

The Best Attack on Titan Quotes,

Other Ways to Fight
"You should give up on becoming a soldier. Throwing your life away is not the only way to fight." -- Mikasa
Merciless But Beautiful World
"The world is merciless, and it's also very beautiful." -- Mikasa
Can't Win If You Don't Fight
If you win, you live. If you lose, you die. If you don't fight, you can't win." -- Eren
Take Big Risks
"If we focus on making the best moves, we will never get the better of our opponent. When necessary, we must be willing to take the big risks and be prepared to lose everything." -- Erwin

Can't Change Without Sacrifice
"Someone who can't sacrifice anything, can't ever change anything." -- Armin

Choose! Believe in Yourself or the Survey Corps.
"The difference between your decision and ours is experience. But you don't have to rely on that. Choose! Believe in yourself or believe in the survey corps and me." -- Captain Levi
Kill Every Last One of Them
"I'll kill them all! I'll wipe every one of them off the face of this Earth!" -- Eren

On That Day...
"On that day, mankind received a grim reminder. We lived in fear of the titans, and were disgraced to live in these cages we called walls." -- Eren, during the first episode when the titans first break into the city.

Lacerating Flesh
"My specialty is lacerating flesh. Anyone interested in experiencing my skill first hand, step right up." -- Mikasa
No Greater Glory
"As a soldier, I swore to devote my heart to the resurrection of mankind! There is no greater glory than dying for that belief!" -- Armin

Tue, 03 Feb 2015 03:13:01 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/best-attack-on-titan-quotes/ranker-anime
<![CDATA[20 Ridiculously Sexy Anime Cosplayers You Can't Look Away From]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/sexy-anime-cosplay/crystal-brackett

What's better than a sexy anime character? A sexy anime character in real life, of course! These spot-on authentic cosplayers bring the hottest characters from anime to glorious, glorious life. Vote up the most stunning and jaw-dropping cosplayers on this list who truly capture the characters that already make you sweat. 

Getting the characters to be spot-on is a tough job, but these cosplayers do it perfectly and really shine above the rest! With both male and female characters from popular classics like Dragon Ball, Ghost in the Shell, and Naruto, along with newer hits like Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, Kill la Kill, and Tokyo Ghoul, there's something for everyone on this list. So if you think Hestia is bestia or Portgas D. Ace is the most perfectly captured hottie, make sure to vote them up to the top!

20 Ridiculously Sexy Anime Cosplayers You Can't Look Away From,


This amazing Bulma from Dragon Ball Z is modeled and photographed by It's Raining Neon!


Cosplaying the captivating Honey from Space Dandy is Lin Ling, photographed by Kreauxze!


Cosbabe's Hestia from Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? is wicked stunning! Captured by Annie Fischinger Photography.

Motoko Kusanagi

Akiomi (Omi Kero Gibson) as Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell, captured awesomely by Matsu.

Sailor Moon

This Eternal Sailor Moon cosplay by Aki is just as glamorous as Sailor Moon is in the anime. Photo taken by Taikhun.

Kiryuin Ragyo

LennethXVII is the perfect Kiryuin Ragyo from Kill la Kill, shot by ImMuze.

Matoi Ryuko

JDoll rocks this Matoi Ryuko from Kill la Kill cosplay! Awesomely shot by miyoaldy!

Faye Valentine

Yaya as Cowboy Bebop's super hot Faye Valentine - shot by Paul Tien.


Nami from One Piece is super hot, and Akatsuki Tsukasa captures that sexiness perfectly!

Yoko Littner

Katyuska Moonfox rocks Yoko Littner from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - shot by John Pryke.

Thu, 01 Dec 2016 10:19:32 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/sexy-anime-cosplay/crystal-brackett
<![CDATA[One Piece Movies List: Ranked Best to Worst]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-one-piece-movies/ranker-anime
For this list you'll be voting on the best One Piece movies of all time, so let's hope you're a fan of the series. Upvote the movies you've seen and loved- if you haven't seen a movie, don't downvote it! There are a total of 12 One Piece movies, spanning from 2000 to 2012. Fans of One Piece usually have varied reactions to the films, but the general consensus is that there are still definitely some really good ones in the mix. When available you can even watch each full movie below by clicking on the video, so use this page as a guide for watching all the One Piece movies. 
One Piece Movies List: Ranked Best to Worst,

One Piece Movie: The Desert Princess and the Pirates: Adventures in Alabasta

One Piece: Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island

One Piece: Clockwork Island Adventure

One Piece: The Cursed Holy Sword

One Piece The Movie: Dead End Adventure

One Piece: The Giant Mechanical Soldier of Karakuri Castle

One Piece Film: Strong World

One Piece Film: Z

Episode of Chopper Plus: Bloom in the Winter, Miracle Cherry Blossom

Straw Hat Chase

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<![CDATA[The Best Naruto Quotes of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-naruto-and-naruto-shippuden-quotes/ranker-anime
Dattebayo! Here's our ranked list of the best Naruto and Naruto Shippuden quotes, including videos or pictures of each scene. The popular anime series that had you craving ramen and tapping into your chakra contains so many great moments, with epic monologues as well as emotional and inspirational dialogue between the characters. Pain, Itachi and Kakashi are often credited with some of the greatest lines from Naruto, but we've featured great moments from other characters as well. Even when villains die in Naruto, it still hits you right in the feels thanks to their emotional dialogue. This list of top Naruto quotes may contain spoilers, so if you aren't caught up you might want to be careful with what you look at here. Think of this as a best of Naruto page, where you can add your favorite moments if they're missing!  

Vote for the epic Naruto moments you like the most, and downvote any that you think aren't as great. We're leaving this list open to add things, so feel free to include your favorite Naruto moments if it's not already here. You can add funny lines from Naruto, or any amazing ones that were said during fights and battles as well.

The Best Naruto Quotes of All Time,

Genius Doesn't Matter
"A genius, huh? What does that mean? Genius? So I was not born with a whole lot of natural talent, not gifted like Neji ... but I work hard and I never give up! That is my gift...that is my ninja way" -- Rock Lee
Lower Than Scum
"Those who break the rules are scum, that's true, but those who abandon their friends are worse than scum." 

Kakashi to Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke following the bell training challenge.
You Spikey Aloe Vera Bastard
"Hey, you spiky, ale vera bastard!" exclaims Naruto to Zetsu.
Every Jutsu Has Its Weakness
Kabuto: It's always easier said than done. I just said that this jutsu had no weaknesses or risk."
Itachi: Every jutsu has its weakness. This jutsu's weakness and risk is... the existence of me!"

Itachi to Kabuto during their fight.
The True Measure of a Shinobi
"A Shinobi's life is not measured by how they lived but rather what they managed to accomplish before their death."

Jiraiya philosophizing before tragedy strikes.
The Risk of Love and Hate
"When a man learns to love, he must bear the risk of hatred."

Madara Uchiha speaking to Sasuke about wanting to destroy the village.
Pain's Epic Speech
"We both want the same thing. We both want the peace Jiraiya spoke of. You and I are no different. We’re both working for our own justice. The justice I have meted out against Konoha, is exactly the same as what you’re trying to mete out against me. Everyone feels the pain of loss the same. We both know that pain. You are working for your justice, and I for mine. We are just ordinary people driven to revenge in the name of justice. But if revenge is called justice, then that justice breeds yet more revenge. And becomes a chain of hatred. Living within it, aware of the past, predicting the future. That is what it means to know history. We cannot help but know that people cannot understand each other. The world of ninjas is ruled by hatred." -- Pain's epic speech

Take It Easy
"There's no advantage to hurrying through life."

One of many times Shikamaru has something to this effect.
The Only Thing That Can Heal the Heart
"There's only one thing that can heal the heart... only one... it's love, Gaara."
A Hero Always Arrives Late
"A hero always arrives late." -- Naruto Uzumaki 

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<![CDATA[The Most Powerful Anime Characters of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/most-powerful-anime-character/ranker-anime

Want to end the debate of who the strongest anime character to ever exist is? You only have to do one thing...vote on the poll below! For this list we want to hear your opinion on who the most powerful anime character of all time. These guys probably beat up the smartest anime characters all the time in high school--if they ever went to one. Both heroes and villains are included below, so you can vote for everyone from Madara Uchiha to Ichigo Kurosaki. The discussion of the strongest anime character is always shrouded in controversey, so consider the following: just because a character is physically more powerful doesn't mean they are stronger than another overall. Take Light Yagami vs Monkey D. Luffy, for example. Obviously Luffy could gum-gum pistol him into oblivion, but what if Light wrote his name down in the death note? That's an instant death with just the stroke of a pen. When you see names like Vegeta below, assume that they would be fighting at their very highest potential. 

The Most Powerful Anime Characters of All Time,

Ichigo Kurosaki

Monkey D. Luffy

Naruto Uzumaki



Itachi Uchiha





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<![CDATA[The Best Adult Anime of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-adult-anime/ranker-anime

For those of you looking for anime that is a bit more mature, such as for seinen anime, here's our list of the best adult anime of all time. One of the worst stereotypes about anime is that it's just for children, but the shows below prove that to be completely wrong. What makes an anime mature or "adult?" It isn't just the graphic violence, but the themes and ideals that are presented in the show that would likely go over the head of a younger viewer. In fact, many are great stoner anime, filled with jokes and funny anime characters that children just won't understand. Take Samurai Champloo, for instance, which addresses topics like homosexulaity and prostitution. Would a young viewer understand the heart-wrenching dilemma of Jin falling in love with a sex slave? Ghost in the Shell is another great example, where the subject matter revolves around politics and philosophy, both of which will not likely not be understood by someone under the age of 18. What is the best anime for adults to watch? We want you to vote for you favorites on the adult anime list below, but only if you've actually seen the series. Is one of your top mature anime shows missing? Add it to the poll so that others can vote for it also.

The Best Adult Anime of All Time,

Elfen Lied
Watch for Free with Amazon Prime Free Trial
Code Geass

Death Note

Samurai Champloo

Cowboy Bebop

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood




Attack on Titan

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<![CDATA[The Best Death Note Quotes]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-death-note-quotes/ranker-anime
Did you know Gods of Death love apples? Here's our list of the best quotes from Death Note, including videos of the greatest moments from the series as well. The epic 2006 anime that brought you fan favorite characters like L, Light, Misa and Ryuk contains so many awesome monologues, hilarious one-liners and fantastic dialogue that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Death Note quotes can be epic to the point where you can get chills from hearing them, which is why we decided to take a look at the top moments from the show. This list contains mostly epic quotes, but we've thrown some funny lines from Ryuk and Misa in there as well. 

Vote for the coolest Death Note quotes you like the most, and downvote any that you think aren't cool or funny. We're leaving this list open to add things, so feel free to include your favorite Death Note moments if they're not already here.

The Best Death Note Quotes,

Potato Chip
"I'll solve equations with my right hand and write names with my left. I'll take a potato chip... and EAT IT!!"

The most dramatic potato chip eating line ever is delivered as Light is mentally defying L.
Eye for an Eye
"An eye for an eye, my friend." L says to Light as he roundhouse kicks him.
I Am Justice!
L and Light (together): I am... JUSTICE!!

The two characters exclaim one of the coolest lines in all of anime as they get ready for the final showdown.
You'll Die Here
"You have lost, Light. Didn't I say in the beginning, when you die, the one who'll write your name down in a notebook will be me? That is the deal between the Shinigami and the first human to get their hands on the note in the human world. Once you enter the prison, I don't know when you'll die. It's annoying to wait... Your life is already over. You'll die here. Well, it was good while it lasted...We killed some boredom, didn’t we? Well Light...it was fun while it lastest"

Ryuk to Light in the final episode, right before Light dies.

"Bang! If were Kira, you'd be dead by now, Yagami Souichiro-san," L says when the cops show up thinking he's the serial killer they're after. 

The line is changed in the live-action version to "Bang! Bang! Bang! If I were Kira, you'd all be dead by now."
The Only Bastard Left
"But if you kill all the bad people, you will be the only bastard left."

Ryuk to Light as he thinks long-term with the Death Note.
See You In Hell, My Son
"Light, my son, from one murderer to another, I'll see you in hell."
With Misa and Light in the back seat, Chief Yagami, Light's father, does the unthinkable and threatens to kill himself and his son.
I Will Be Taking Your Cake
"You can call me what you like, but I will be taking your cake," says L as he chaperones Misa-Misa and Light's date.

The World Is Rotten
"The world is rotten and those who are making it rot deserve to die. Someone has to do it, so why not me?"

Light justifies to himself why killing so many people is okay.
Yes, It Would Be Dark
Misa- "I Would never dream of living in a world without Light."
L- "Yes, it would be dark."

One of the funnier lines from the series, L says this to Misa as a joke on Light's name.

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<![CDATA[12 Anime To Watch For Unique And Gorgeous Animation]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/must-watch-anime-with-unique-and-beautiful-art-styles/nida-sea

Look, we all love anime. It's over-the-top, high energy, and can serve as a much needed reprieve from the doldrums of everyday life. After a while, though, much of the genre starts to look a little... derivative. If you're not paying attention, you can watch multiple episodes of different high school dramas or action-adventures from different series and they all sort of blend together. There are, however, some glowing exceptions to this rule. Aside from an anime’s fascinating story line or imaginative setting, the distinctive art style is a huge reason viewers become immersed in a show. 

Additionally, not all anime has to be vibrant or cheerful to be enjoyed. In fact, there are some anime titles that share a darker, more complex atmosphere. However, this doesn’t mean that its art style can’t be admired. Awaken your senses with these visually stunning anime titles that will tug at your heart-strings and open your mind. At the very least, it's something new.  

12 Anime To Watch For Unique And Gorgeous Animation,

Spirited Away

This award-winning film from Studio Ghibli is, quite simply, an animated masterpiece. Spirited Away follows a young girl as she learns to overcome her fears and take responsibility for her actions. The character designs and layouts are so gorgeous, they're visually addicting. Adorned with vivid colors and intricate details, these images are impossible to get out of your head.

Take the bathhouse, for example. The walls, ceilings, and floors have so many complex details added to them it’s hard to keep your eyes focused solely on the action in the foreground. The unique hand-drawn art style of the film has an old-school animated feel to it, which is pure magic and exactly what Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki are known for. 

5 Centimeters Per Second

A three-part movie from CoMix Wave Films, 5 Centimeters Per Second follows the story of two childhood friends that become separated by distance, time, and the realities of life. The art style in the film does a wonderful job of providing mesmerizing visual elements to captivate the viewer.

The background scenery effectively uses bold contrasting values of lights against darks, along with a unique combination of imaginative colors. In addition, the strategic configuration of viewpoints and long shot angles helps highlight the animated foreground elements.

Overall, the most impactful views in the film are the breathtaking skyscapes. These often includes a mixture of warm hues, such as red and orange, which are placed within cooler hues of blue and purple. The use of purposefully placed clouds only adds further interest, direction, and beauty to each setting.  


This award-winning film from Studio 4°C is a visual feast for the eyes. Tekkonkinkreet follows two orphan children living on the tough streets of the misleadingly named Treasure Town. The spectacular characters and unique architectural design of this film stand out as the most memorable elements.

Quite often the characters and buildings appear distorted and disproportional, or set at an odd angle. It can be disorienting, but ultimately visually fascinating. The colors of the film are an eclectic mix of vibrantly bright and subdued gritty hues. These characteristics help the film archive a sort of eerie wonderland setting, which is a perfect match for the theme: a juxtaposition of darkness and light.  


Not to be confused with Mononoke Hime (Princess Mononoke), Toei Animation's Mononoke series is related to the Ayakashi Samurai Horror Tales series and follows the journey of a medicinal merchant who vanquishes dangerous spirits. The series is a visual delight, showcasing amazingly vivid colors, decorative backgrounds, and an overall storybook feel.

Each new setting within the animation’s design is stunning and creative. In fact, the overall appearance closely mimics the details one may find on old Japanese tapestries or scrolls. The backgrounds are always different, as they incorporate an ever-shifting element of moving color. Because of these detailed aspects, the show is entrancing and effectively pulls the viewer's eyes all around the screen. You'll need your pause button at the ready for this one.  

Summer Wars

From Madhouse Studios, Summer Wars is an animation with a mysterious storyline, engaging characters, and diverse scenery. The story follows math prodigy Koiso Kenji, who finds himself in a serious dilemma after he cracks a code to a virtual world known as OZ, unleashing complete chaos worldwide. Although the characters push the story along, it’s the scenery that entrances the viewer.

The scenery in this movie is impressive and uniquely divided between a realistic setting and a spectacular virtual world. The rural and city landscapes are richly designed with cool and warm earthy tones, giving the series a naturalistic feel.

This is completely opposite from the virtual world of OZ. Although the landscape of OZ is generally a solid white, it perfectly contrasts the brightly colored elements placed against it. It really makes them pop. Furthermore, the vibrant and highly stylized characters, shapes, and designs within the virtual setting effectively add visual unity and differentiates the cyber world from the real world. 


This 25-minute feature by Sunrise Studio is about a boy who meets a mysterious girl. The artwork in this OVA (Original Video Animation) can be described as a marriage between 3D-animated models and 2D details and backgrounds.

Most of the characters and foreground objects are completed in 3D. This gives them a distinct appeal that helps them stand out against the 2D architecture and backdrop work. The backgrounds themselves are beautify illustrated, painstakingly colored, and maintain a realistic feel. It's the perfect balance between the old and the new. 

Wolf Children

This much-beloved animation follows the story of a young woman who falls in love with a mysterious man. She's forced to raise their two children on her own after he abandons her. From Studio Chizu, this beautiful film is an absolute joy to look at.

The artistic details in Wolf Children are abundant, displaying richly colored scenes and uniquely styled characters. It’s also another film that uses some CGI to help entrance the audience. In addition, there are many beautiful landscape shots and even some intricate cityscapes that help give this film a realistic touch without losing its fairytale-like feel.

It’s also flat-out spectacular to see moments where the characters and frames are still, allowing the viewer a chance to admire the scenery. If the Grand Canyon was an anime, this would be it. 

Flying Witch

Flying Witch follows a 15-year-old witch as she perfects her talents and makes friends in a less-than-normal environment. The fantastic elements of this anime series lie not only in the beautiful array of rich colors and detail, but also in the ability to adapt the characters and settings into an animation based on Chihiro Ishizuka’s original manga without losing its visual appeal.

It’s one of those pieces that both expresses the creativity of the animators at J.C. Staff Animation Studio and honors the original title. In addition, there’s a grounding element of real photography combined into a few shots of the scenery. This is atypical for any anime, and it serves to give the film an authentic feel and realistic charm.

Doukyusei (Classmates)

From A-1 Pictures animation studio, Doukyusei is a touching tale of two male classmates who fall in love. The subtle line work and beautiful backdrops in this 60-minute film hold true to the original manga style employed by creator Asumiko Nakamura.

Nakamura’s unique character design of long exaggerated forms completed with simplistic line work has been wonderfully transitioned over into the animation. In addition, the colors of the film are soft and gentle, evoking sensations similar to a lovely watercolor.

In some instances, the backgrounds are a simple solid color or a soft gradient, allowing the viewer to focus their attention on the character and foreground. This particular anime is really more of a work of art. 

Kimi No Na Aa (Your Name)

A critically-acclaimed film from CoMix Wave Films, Kimi no Na wa (Your Name) is a supernatural drama about a boy and girl who switch lives in a miraculous way. The art style utilizes rich colors and pays super close attention to detail. This is especially prevalent in the background structures and intricate architecture work.

Perhaps the most interesting quality of Your Name is the character’s overall design. They are created with less exaggeration than is typical, but they don’t lose the characteristic features that anime characters are well known for. Their overall design fits in wonderfully with the film’s realistic setting. 

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<![CDATA[The 50 Best Naruto AMVs on YouTube]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-naruto-amvs/reference
Since it's such a deep anime, the best Naruto AMV videos feature a variety of great characters with amazing emotions. This list ranks the greatest Naruto AMVs of all time, with the help of your votes. Whether it's an AMV about Naruto's past and the pain he felt as a lonely child, or an AMV about Naruto and Sasuke's friendship and the ups and downs it has gone through, a lot of these Naruto AMVs will make you cry if you're not careful. The AMVs on this list include storylines from both the original Naruto, as well as Naruto Shippuden.

We realize we might have missed some good Naruto AMVs on YouTube, so please add them to the list if they're not already here. If you are a creator of Naruto AMVs, this is a great place to post your material so that others can see it.
The 50 Best Naruto AMVs on YouTube,

Naruto AMV - It Has Begun

Naruto「AMV」- Naruto & Sasuke vs. Madara [HD]

Guy 8 Gates Vs Madara [Naruto AMV] Leave It All Behind

Naruto AMV - Runnin [Re-upload]

Naruto「AMV」- Infinite Tsukuyomi [HD]

Naruto AMV: Akatsuki - Phenomenon

Hatake Kakashi - My Demons ᴴᴰ「Naruto AMV」

Naruto「AMV」▪ New Generations (2016) ▪ (HD)

Naruto [AMV] - Stay This Way [Naruto vs Sasuke]

Naruto AMV - Bring Me Back To Life (Special 6000+ Subscribers)

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<![CDATA[17 Anime Series That Will Make You Cry Like a Baby]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/anime-that-made-you-cry/crystal-brackett

While a lot of anime stays pretty lighthearted, most viewers know that it isn't always fun and games. There are many depressing anime series and films deal with strong subjects like death, failed romance, illness, and catastrophic tragedies of all sorts. This list looks at some of the saddest anime out there and the moments that will definitely leave you in tears - that means there's spoilers about major plot points below. 

While becoming immersed in a show or movie, you develop deep attachments to the characters in the story, which makes you all the more empathetic to their dejected feelings and unfortunate life paths. Sometimes the things that happen to them are so relatable that they pluck your heart strings in all the most sensitive places. Anime like Clannad, Your Lie in April, Grave of the Fireflies, and Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 are all great examples of anime so sad you'll cry. So get your tissues and get ready to cry like a baby.

17 Anime Series That Will Make You Cry Like a Baby,

Grave of the Fireflies

Grave of the Fireflies is a 1988 Japanese film, animated by the singular Studio Ghibli, and set during the final stretch of World War II. Although Studio Ghibli is well known for animating the whimsical films of Hayao Miyazaki, Grave of the Fireflies does not share that tone. The film focuses on two siblings who struggle to survive through the heavy impact of war, including the harsh realities of starvation and mortality. The young protagonist, Seita, frantically strives to take care of his little sister, Setsuko and works to prevent her from suffering a horrible, war-torn fate... to no avail. 

Roger Ebert has called it one of the "greatest war films ever made."

Elfen Lied

Just in the first episode, viewers see Lucy escape from an experimental medical facility, kill guards, then get shot in the head, so you know things are going to get pretty messed up in Elfen Lied. The anime deals with a variety of emotional topics like death, molestation, bullying, abandonment, and heartbreak. Nobody in this series gets out without a pretty heavy dose of trauma.

5 Centimeters Per Second

This three-part film tells the classic story of friends who grow up and also grow apart. Childhood sweethearts Takaki and Akari move away from each other, but keep in touch by writing each other letters. As Takaki grows older, his obsession with her pushes away lovers and affects his work and career. Although Akari gets married to another man, they both still wish to meet again under the cherry blossoms where they frolicked as kids. They do, but only for a brief moment in passing at the place where they promised to meet again 13 years before. 

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day is not a happy anime. It tells the story of loss and regret over the death of a young, childhood friend. A group of friends drifts apart after a tragic accident kills their friend Menma, and nobody quite knows how to cope with the sudden loss. She comes back to haunt her best friend, Jinta Yadomi, because she needs to make a wish but can't remember what it is. Jinta gathers the old group of friends to resolve the problem and viewers see the effects of how Jinta's death has altered all of their lives in different ways. Nobody quite knows how to deal with the loss of their friend, and many of them blame themselves for her death. 


Steins;Gate deals with time travel and alternate time lines. The main character, a self-proclaimed mad scientist named Okabe, finds himself in an endless struggle of trying to save the lives of his friends and lovers. Watching Okabe leap through time just to experience the death of Mayuri over and over again, and his failed attempts at preserving her life, will leave viewers with a sinking feeling of dread.  

Angel Beats!

Angel Beats! is set at a high school that's also a place of limbo for the dead. Here, the students learn how to give up their attachments to the physical world before moving into the afterlife. As the story progresses and begins to tie together the connections that the characters have to each other, moments of heartbreak and sadness unfold and the characters move on into the next realm. The graduation scene is exceptionally sad. As the characters make their peace and say their final goodbyes to each other, their last words before moving into the afterlife will make even the most stoic viewers cry.

Wolf Children

While Wolf Children has a supernatural theme to it, the emotional rollercoaster it puts viewers through is a depressing one. A college student falls in love with a man, who is actually a werewolf, and they start a family together, complete with two cute, half-wolf children. Shortly after, the wolf dies tragically. The mother, Hana, must raise the children on her own, as they face the prejudice of being wolf-kids desperately trying to fit into their society. The overall story of her lonely, but beautiful, life tugs at all the heartstrings. 

Clannad After Story

The entire Clannad series is one long tear fest. The story revolves around Tomoya, a high school student whose mother died and whose father has turned to alcohol and gambling in the wake of that tragedy. In the middle of one of their frequent arguments, his father slams him into a window and injures him, keeping him away from his passion, basketball. Tomoya distances himself from others and begins a life of delinquency. 

This series, especially Clannad After Story (a very sad anime series), deals heavily with the imminence of mortality. As Tomoya continues through school life, he befriends a girl named Nagisa, who suffers from an illness resembling AIDS that's made her weak for her entire life. Nagisa feels incredible guilt over the death of her mother during child birth - and it doesn't get any better from there. Tomoya and Nagisa eventually fall in love and have a child who inherits Nagisa's rare disease and dies. Overall, though, Clannad tells a beautiful story of what it means to live through tragedy. Someone please pass the tissues. 

Your Lie in April

Your Lie in April, also known as Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (April is Your Lie), tells the sad story of piano prodigy Kousei Arima. His mother, who is also his abusive piano instructor, dies when Kousei is still very young. Thanks to the emotional trauma his mother put him through, Kousei can no longer hear himself play the piano. While trying to move on with his life, he falls in love with an erratic and talented violinist, Kaori, who inspires him to take the stage again. However, Kaori has a life-threatening illness, and her time left on earth is limited. Her illness breaks down Kousei's spirits once more as he watches his new love inch closer to death.

In the final, climactic episode, there's a short scene of Kousei and Kaori performing in the clouds, which is not only a nice bit of foreshadowing to Kaori's death, but an emotional reflection of the much-needed light that Kaori brought to Kousei's life. 

Plastic Memories

Tsukasa lives in a society that has created androids that look, talk, and have all the same emotions as humans. You can't tell the difference. They also have a significantly shorter lifespan. In Plastic Memories, Tsukasa is inevitably forced to put his girlfriend, an android, to sleep before her lifespan ends and she dangerously loses control of her abilities. Her departing day, and their last moments spent together alone on a Ferris Wheel are gut-wrenchingly depressing.

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<![CDATA[The Best Anime Rivalries of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-rivalries-in-anime/ranker-anime
Who are the best anime rivals that you can't get enough of? If there's one thing that almost every anime has, it's an intense rivalry between two of the main characters. For this poll you'll be voting for the greatest anime rivalry of all time, regardless of genre or anything else. These characters are obsessed with being better than the other, whether it's a battle of wits like that between Light and L from Death Note, or a physical battle of strength and pride such as the rivalry between Goku and Vegeta in DBZ. Heck, the entire storyline of Samurai Champloo is pushed forward by the rivalry between Mugen and Jin. If not for the competitive nature of these two, they would have never agreed to follow Fuu.

Let the world know your favorite anime rivalry by voting for your top picks below. If there's a particular anime character rivalry you feel deserves to be on this list, leave us a comment and we'll add it to the list!
The Best Anime Rivalries of All Time,

L and Light Yagami
Death Note
Goku and Vegeta
Dragonball Z
Natsu and Gray
Fairy Tail
Naruto and Sasuke
Zoro and Sanji
One Piece
Yugi and Seto Kaiba
Sakura and Ino
Inuyasha and Sesshomaru
Kakashi and Guy

Obito and Kakashi

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<![CDATA[The Smartest Anime Characters of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/smartest-anime-characters/ranker-anime
In anime, physical power isn't always everything. Very often brains will win over brawn, and because of that, we're ranking the smartest anime characters of all time. Do you have a favorite smart anime character? Now would be a good time to show it by voting up your top choices on the poll below. From master strategists like Shikamaru (Naruto) who plan one hundred steps away, to analytical geniuses like Death Note's L who can predict his opponents moves before he even makes them, these anime characters are much smarter than the average human.

Vote up the intelligent anime characters that you believe to be the smartest, and downvote any that you don't think could hang intellectually with the top contendors on this poll.

The Smartest Anime Characters of All Time,

Kisuke Urahara

Lelouch Lamperouge

Shikamaru Nara

Sōsuke Aizen

Light Yagami


Itachi Uchiha

Conan Edogawa

Levi Ackerman

L Lawliet

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<![CDATA[The 24+ Best Ecchi Comedy Anime of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-comdy-ecchi-anime-series/ranker-anime
What is the funniest ecchi anime of all time? We're letting the crowd decide with this ranked list of the best ecchi comedy anime. There are some of us out there that enjoy some laughter with our fan service, and although most ecchi anime are funny, we want to rank the the top comedy ecchi anime that makes you laugh the hardest. Examples of anime on this list include Maburaho, Shuffle!, R-15 and more, but don't worry if your favorite funny ecchi anime isn't here! You're allowed to add as many shows to the poll as you want, as long as they fit the criteria of being an ecchi anime with funny characters and moments.
The 24+ Best Ecchi Comedy Anime of All Time,



Seitokai Yakuindomo

Rosario + Vampire

Heaven's Lost Property

Is This a Zombie?

Demon King Daimao

High School DxD

To Love-Ru - Darkness

Prison School

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<![CDATA[The Best Supernatural Anime]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-supernatural-anime/ranker-anime
Do you have a taste for the supernatural when you watch anime? There's nothing wrong with that. In fact plenty of anime series have incorporated supernatural elements over the years. These shows feature demons, shinigami, ghosts, gods and other unworldly characters, offering a different dynamic compared to more realistic shows. Supernatural anime often features a human working side by side with an unknown force of nature. Take the relationship between Light Yagami and Ryuk in the hit series Death Note, for example. The two act as a team throughout the series, but not without consequence to Light (after all, he's just entertainment for the death god.)  

On this list you can vote for what you consider to be the top supernatural anime. Is one of your favorite shows missing? Simply add it to the list and others will be able to vote for it too. Just make sure if you add an anime to the list, make sure it can fall under the supernatural genre. That means shows with witches, super powers, strange abilities and anything that is mysterious and out of the ordinary.   
The Best Supernatural Anime,

Code Geass

Death Note

Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Naruto Shippūden

Black Butler

Fairy Tail

Blue Exorcist

One Piece


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<![CDATA[The Best Fan Service Anime of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-fan-service-anime/ranker-anime

If you've landed on this list of the best fan service anime, then we probably don't have to tell you what the definition of that term is (hint it's not a repair man coming over to fix your ceiling fan). We've compiled the top fan service anime of all time for this poll, and with the help of your votes have made a definitive greatest fan service anime list. Plenty of hot anime girls to be found in them! Just don't expect these to be mature anime or ecchi animes. Sure you've heard of shows like HighSchool DxD and Kill la Kill, but what about lesser known but amazing series like LADIES VS BUTLERS? We've included clips from each show for you to preview on this page, so find one you like and dive in! You can find some of this fan service anime on Netflix, including Freezing, Kill la Kill and Heaven's Lost Property.

These are the anime with the most fanservice, so you'll be seeing things like big boobs, up-skirt underwear shots, and enough innuendo to feed a starving army. As already stated, if you landed on this page, you probably found what you were looking for. Did we miss an obvious show for the list, or is there maybe a new fan service anime that hasn't been added yet? Go ahead and add it yourself, just sign in and you can add as many of your favorites shows as you like.

The Best Fan Service Anime of All Time,


Fairy Tail

Heaven's Lost Property

To Love-Ru


Shinmai Maou No Testament

High School of the Dead

High School DxD

Sekirei: Pure Engagement

Heaven's Lost Property Forte

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<![CDATA[The 6 Absolute Worst Dragon Ball Sagas]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/worst-dragon-ball-z-sagas/crystal-brackett

For being revered as one of the most popular anime of all time, the Dragon Ball series sure has some really bad sagas. Like, really bad. Whether it's Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, or Dragon Ball GT, no matter how much you like the anime, you'd be lying if you said that there aren't some sagas in the series that stand out just because they're boring or stupid (especially in DBZ). Here's a list of the worst sagas in the Dragon Ball anime series, so vote up the dumb sagas you wish you would have just skipped and vote down the ones that you actually enjoyed.

In a franchise known for its insane amount of filler and extremely long-running installments, you can bet that there are going to be some really bad sagas. The Dragon Ball Z animated series was especially known for getting ahead of the manga's storyline. So how did the studio make up for it? They put in a lot of filler, of course! On this list, you'll find sagas that are mostly filler (some even completely filler) and ones that are full of just plain bad writing, lame character design, and dumb plot devices.

The 6 Absolute Worst Dragon Ball Sagas,

Namek Saga

Although this is the Dragon Ball Z saga where we get to meet Frieza, this is a grueling saga. The filler is not only boring but also pretty pointless. We get to watch Goku do everything else other than fight for basically an eternity. He recovers from injuries in the hospital, he works on his fitness, and exactly none of it is compelling. We also get to watch Bulma, Gohan, and Krillin search for dragon balls and get beat up a lot... which is definitely not as cool as watching buff alien super-fighters punch each other.

The Great Saiyaman Saga

Here we have the most slice-of-life point in the Dragon Ball Z anime. It's cool because we get to explore Gohan's high school life, but that's basically all we get to see. Instead of sweet intergalactic fights, we get to watch Gohan focus on school and deal with identity issues by adopting the persona of Saiyaman. If you had faith in Gohan becoming a cool kid despite all of his previous character development, this is where you're proven totally wrong.

Super 17 Saga

Fans of the classic Dragon Ball series already have a dislike for the Dragon Ball GT series. Not only for the fact that it's not canon, but also because it's filled with bad sagas. In the Super 17 Saga, we get to witness the return of Android 17, wished back to life after the Cell Games Saga. This would be fine except that Android 17 is a diva with really bad character design and a backstory that doesn't really make much sense. It's probably the shortest-lived arc in the entire Dragon Ball series for a reason.

Red Ribbon Army Saga

Even though the Red Ribbon Army arc of Dragon Ball was packed with action, it was pretty boring to follow. Tao Pai Pai is one of the only redeeming factors, because if he didn't appear, the whole saga would have been a snooze-fest. Many fans find it hard to explain why this is their least favorite saga because there's really not much to say about it. The majority of the characters are uninteresting and unmemorable, the storyline drags... need we go on?

Black Star Dragon Ball Saga

The video game-like logic and antics carried out by the team in the very first season of Dragon Ball GT didn't get the series off to the right start. The Black Star Dragon Ball Saga is uninspiring and boring, probably because it's predictable and the action is far from spectacular. All of this on top of slowly coming to terms with the fact that you're going to have to listen to Pan's whining throughout the series makes the first saga in GT a tough one to get through. 

Even though Dragon Ball GT does get better, it's clear that the studio was scrambling to figure out what to do without Toriyama.

Garlic Jr. Saga

The Garlic Jr. Saga is an entire filler saga that wiggled its way in between the Frieza Saga and the Trunks Saga. The Garlic Jr. Saga can only be found in the Dragon Ball Z anime since the anime had caught up to the manga by the end of the Frieza Saga. To fill in the gap, they made up for it with Garlic Jr., which is just based on the events that happened in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone. Although not completely pointless, it's one of the weakest sagas in Dragon Ball Z.

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<![CDATA[The Best Black Anime Characters of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-black-anime-characters/ranker-anime
In a medium that is dominated by light skin characters, we felt it appropriate to rank the best black anime characters of all time. If this list proves anything, it's that we need more black anime characters! Don't get me wrong, there are some really awesome anime characters that are black; we just simply don't see them enough, and especially not in lead roles. Before scrolling down to the list below, can you even name 10 black anime characters off the top of your head? Diehard fans might say yes, but for most of us it's pretty difficult. Obviously there is Afro Samurai and his imaginary sidekick Ninja Ninja, but you'd be hard pressed to name another black lead in an anime series. Sure there are some really significant characters, like Casca in Berserk and Yoruichi in Bleach, but that's just not enough!

Anyways, we want you to vote for your favorite black anime characters below. Don't forget, you can add your own characters to the list too, so throw some black anime characters on here if we left them off.
The Best Black Anime Characters of All Time,

Kaname Tōsen

Yoruichi Shihouin

Afro Samurai

Kilik Rung

Killer B


A (Fourth Raikage)




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<![CDATA[Female Anime Characters With The Best Outfits]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/female-anime-characters-with-the-best-outfits/ranker-anime
It may not be something that you appreciate every time you watch anime, but some female anime characters have amazing outfits and clothing. For those of you who love both fashion and anime, we're ranking the best dressed female anime characters of all time, and we want you to help by voting up your favorites. We've included all sorts of different characters and outfits, from Erza Scarlet's very fashionable armor in Fairy Tail, to more casual looks like Faye Valentine in Cowboy Bebop. You don't have to have a good reason to pick your favorite female anime characters with the best outfits, so vote for the costumes that resonate with you the most, no matter what.

Keep in mind that due to all the fanservice found throughout anime that these women characters won't have a ton of clothing visible for some of these outfits (isn't armor supposed to protect your body, not leave it exposed?) but don't judge them for that. Vote up the woman anime characters with the best outfits, and let us know in the comments if one of your favorites is missing.
Female Anime Characters With The Best Outfits,

Misa Amane

Sailor Moon

Faye Valentine

Lucy Heartfilia


Ryuko Matoi

Erza Scarlet

Moka Akashiya (monster form)

Yoko Littner

Blair the Cat (Human form)

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<![CDATA[The Top Anime Characters That Use Swords]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/anime-characters-with-swords/ranker-anime
Here is our list of the best swordsman in anime, including samurai, demons, shinobi, and anyone in general who wields a blade. Who is your favorite anime character that uses a sword? Is it the pirate hunter Roronoa Zoro? What about substitute soul reaper Ichigo Kurosaki, or the medieval swordsman Guts? No matter who you love, we want you to vote for your top anime character that fights using a sword. They don't have to exclusively be a sword fighter- we have characters like Sasuke on this list that don't always fight with a blade. If one of your favorites is missing, then definitely add them to the list! That way other people can vote for your pick, and that character might even make it to the top. We intentionally didn't include every character from Bleach since there are so many, but feel free to add as many of the soul reapers as you want.
The Top Anime Characters That Use Swords,

Himura Kenshin

Ichigo Kurosaki

Kenpachi Zaraki

Kisuke Urahara

Roronoa Zoro

Sasuke Uchiha

Zabuza Momochi


Juracule Mihawk

Erza Scarlet

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<![CDATA[16 American Movies That Would Make Awesome Anime Series]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/american-movies-that-would-make-great-anime-series/jonah-dorrance

Popular anime series have been adapted into big-budget American films a few times before, usually yielding disastrous results and breaking the hearts of die-hard fans (looking at you, Dragon Ball Z). But what if we tried the reverse? Anime adaptations of American films.

Anime is a versatile medium unbound by a specific genre or subject matter and, as many fans will attest, it is not limited to children’s entertainment. As to the artistic integrity of such adaptations, The Animatrix (an anime collection of short stories set in the universe of The Matrix) was infinitely better than the actual sequels to The Matrix.  

This opens up a pretty substantial catalog of movies that would make great anime. The only difficult part, really, is narrowing it down. Let's look, then, at stories with stylish characters, complex plots, and over-the-top adventure - you know, elements that thrive in the world of anime. If you don't want to see these films adapted into anime, sorry, but you're dead inside.

16 American Movies That Would Make Awesome Anime Series,

Blade Runner

Blade Runner is a classic sci-fi film that even some scientists regard as the best film of its genre. Visually, the film's futuristic-meets-noir style would be an incredible world to explore in animation, as many other cyber punk series have proven in the past. Plus, it would be the perfect film to revive the old anime style of the '80s and '90s which is rarely used anymore, something older anime fans could get excited about. Morally ambiguous heroes like Deckard guarantee thought-provoking plotlines, which are cornerstones for epic anime series like Death Note and Parasyte: The Maxim.


Easily one of the scariest children's movies of the '90s, Jumanji is essentially the analog version of the "stuck in a game" trope that is popular among anime fans (see Sword Art Online). Animation would allow a lot of freedom in the design of the creatures and disasters that the game conjures, which include anything from random stampeding animals to tentacle monsters (yes, there are tentacles), and the survival aspect of the story would be more suspenseful when viewers would have to wait each week to see what horrifying thing the players will have to face next. 

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

Orphaned children bouncing from relative to relative is one of the most common plights is a common theme in anime, making the Baudelaire children prime subjects for an anime series adaptation. Sibling protagonists helm some of the most interesting anime shows of all time, and since each of these kids wielding a special talent, their means of escaping a seemingly endless stream of near-death experiences would make for a wild animated ride. The steam-punk style and the strange, quirky characters make this film ripe for the animation treatment, which would really allow the film's intricate designs to shine.

Resident Evil

You can't go wrong with zombies and girls kicking ass. The zombie anime genre is relatively small, and in great need of an action-horror series that doesn't follow teenagers battling it out in a high school (or finding themselves in inexplicably sexual situations with each other).

Resident Evil is the perfect remedy, on par with other popular survival series, and jam packed with terrifying monsters, an epic fight in a moving train, and heroine Alice (who has a lot in common with these other badass anime women). All of the ingredients for a great adaptation are there, it just needs to get out of our imaginations and on to our screens.  

Star Wars

The Force. Lightsabers. Darth Vader. Intergalactic warfare. Princess Leia. How awesome would these things be in anime form? Answer: deeply, deeply awesome. With space adventures like Cowboy Bebop serving as a precedent, fans can rest assured that a Star Wars adaptation would be wildly popular as an anime series.

Also, is there anything more shonen than a young man discovering powers he didn't know he had, training with a badass (yet weird-looking) master, and then defeating the ultimate evil? If you're curious to see Star Wars in the classic anime design of the '80s, check out this short film "TIE Fighter" for a pretty amazing example.

The Crow

Revenge and the supernatural make one hell of a combination, if Black Butler tells us anything, and The Crow offers a chance for an anime series that features such a lethal combination. This cult favorite is based off of a comic series by the same name, and as anime is the go-to for adaptations of manga series, it would be a pretty natural option for The Crow as well.

The film's distinctive visual storytelling not only pays respect to its original format, but paves the way for an exceptional anime design. Also, the opening scene make for a pretty shocking pilot episode.

The Lord of the Rings film trilogy

The Lord of the Rings trilogy is one of the most ambitious film series of all time (and would certainly be a monstrous undertaking to animate), but Frodo's journey to Mount Doom is too epic of a journey not to be retold.

Just the settings alone would be cool enough to see animated, and anime illustrators have definitely proved they can handle such grandiose scenery with masterpieces like Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress. From Mordor to Rivendell, there are a bevy of mind-blowing visuals to depict. On top of all this world-building, the story beats present in LoTR are ones anime fans readily get behind: a pre-destined hero, undying friendships, guilds of mix-matched members, powerful old wizards, and wayward souls who turn out to be royalty. Seriously, how is this not a thing already?




Vampires are a common element in animeShiki and Vampire Knight are popular series, to name a couple, but Underworld offers an expanded universe of vampire-werewolf politics that would be a rarity in anime. The film also has a stylish, gothic design for both its characters and setting, allowing for a ready-made yet haunting anime style.

Most importantly, anime is in desperate need of more female driven, fantasy-horror stories with a strong heroine (who isn't overly sexualized or fifteen years old). Selene the Death Dealer would be a terrific answer to this gross oversight. 

Harry Potter Franchise

The journey of the boy wizard fits perfectly in the framework of a classic shonen series,  "power of friendship" included. Of course, there is also the exciting potential that lies in animating the world of magic. Think of what animation could do with those epic duels, the mythical creatures, Hogwarts itself, and massive events like the Tri-Wizard tournament.

With a huge, well-developed series to pull from, an anime adaptation would not lack for material. If you're wondering what some of the designs may look like, there has been official art released of various characters in the anime art style. If that doesn't get you hyped, you should probably seek immediate medical attention.  

The Matrix Franchise

While the The Animatrix, a collaboration of animated short films by the Wachowskis and assorted Japanese directors, already exists, the story of Neo has been untouched in the world of anime. Neo's awakening and path to strength follows a very familiar framework in the shonen/seinen category, and who wouldn't want to see the slo-mo bullet dodge in all of its anime glory? Already heavily influenced by anime classic Ghost in the Shell, The Matrix seems rife for an anime adaptation. Seriously, Hollywood, do you just hate making money or something?

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<![CDATA[Insane Fan Theories About The End of Evangelion]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/insane-end-of-evangelion-theories/laura-allan

For anime buffs all around the world, Neon Genesis Evangelion is simply a must-see. But by the time you're done, you might be left with more questions than answers. Not to fear! There's a movie, too, called The End of Evangelion. Surely, that'll answer more questions, right? Well, not exactly. In fact, people have been trying to analyze this movie for decades now, and there are some areas where nobody has ever gotten a straight answer. This has given rise to a ton of strange, unique, and downright terrifying fan theories about The End of Evangelion.

One thing we know for sure is that both the show and the movie are steeped in religious commentary. Many End of Evangelion fan theories are centered around that. But there's even more to delve into. Between the Eva souls theory, deities, references to dating sims, and the inner workings of creator Hideaki Anno, you can be sure things are about to get weird.

So if you're a fan of conspiracy theories, particularly End of Evangelion conspiracy theories, then this list is for you.

Insane Fan Theories About The End of Evangelion,

Instrumentality Is All in Shinji's Head

If there's one thing everyone can agree upon, it's that Shinji is not emotionally or mentally stable. We see him have violent outbursts, we see him commit sexual assault, and we see him go catatonic more than once. Not to mention the constant self-hatred and abuse. Is it any stretch, then, to believe instrumentality is entirely in Shinji's mind

One theory explains everything which takes place during EoE, especially involving third impact, all takes place in his head. This would explain the ending of the TV series as well, where Shinji kind of creates a happy little fantasy world for himself in which everyone is proud of him. In other words, Shinji is so desperate to have control, approval, and clarity, that all the events that we see are not actually real. Instrumentality is all something he made up in order to cope.

Eva Unit 00 Has Naoko Akagi's Soul

Considering it's pretty established that all the Evas have souls, particularly in the movie, there's one question that's never fully been answered: Whose soul is in Unit 00? We see in the movie that Asuka's mother is in Unit 02, and that Shinji's mother is in Unit 01. But the movie never tells us who is in Unit 00, or even suggests it.

One popular theory is that the Eva actually contains the soul of Ritsuko's mother, Naoko Akagi. This makes some amount of sense, considering that she died in the building after strangling Rei 1 to death. It's also supported by the fact that the Eva tries to kill Gendo, who was Naoko's lover, as well as Rei, more than once. A similar theory states that Rei 1's soul is in the Eva, but others claim all the Evas have the souls of mothers, which would mean Naoko is a logical choice. 

Asuka and Shinji Are Adam and Eve

At the very end of the movie, we get a sense from Shinji, Rei, and Yui that if anyone with a soul chooses to return to the world, they can do so. Why, then, do only Shinji and Asuka show up at the very end? There's no straight answer to this, but one theory proposes the idea that Shinji and Asuka are actually Adam and Eve.

There's so much religious commentary and symbolism in this show and movie that this theory could almost be believable. Maybe, in order to bring people back, Asuka and Shinji have to physically repopulate the world. Could this be why Shinji could not bear to kill her, because he knew she would be the only other human he'd know for the rest of his life? The swirling souls in the sky don't exactly support this theory, though the two of them appearing alone together does make you scratch your head a little. 

The Timeline Constantly Repeats Itself

This theory has gained more support as of late, mostly because of the Rebuild/Sequel version of NGE that's come out more recently. This theory holds that the NGE timeline is fractured, looping, and we only see a small part of it at any given time. This is backed up by the fact that Kaworu seems to know who Shinji is, and that Rei has a sense of her life restarting multiple times. It also explains the vast differences in the sequel, the original series, EoE, and even the manga. 

What this means for the EoE movie is that this ending is just one of many, and that Shinji might actually have a sense of that. This is also supported by occasional scenes going back in time, like Shinji and Asuka yelling at each other over coffee. We know these scenes didn't actually happen during the original series, so where else would they have come from except for alternate timelines? Which timeline comes first, however, is still widely debated to this day.

EoE Was Just a Big Middle Finger from the Show's Creator

When the original NGE series concluded, many fans were a little upset about the ending. Between the applause and congratulations, the bubbly, happy Rei, and the disjointed dismissal of all the conflict that was ongoing, the ending was kind of a muddled, confusing letdown. And fans weren't ashamed to say so, in big capital letters. The creator, Hideaki Anno, received actual death threats and a huge amount of hate mail. This lead to many saying that the movie, made well after the show ended, was his revenge against all the complaining fans.

Fan favorite characters all die, there are random shots of abusive language and hate messages, and there's even a shot of the audience itself. Anno may have been pressured to create the movie due to the hatred the final episode garnered, but it's unlikely that the whole movie, which is so drenched in symbolism, is all just a way to tell off his critics.

The TV Ending and Movie Ending Are the Same Events, Just Different Perspectives

This one's got some interesting, and vaguely distressing, background to it. Rather than showing two different endings, some fans theorize that both the end of the TV series and EoE are exactly the same. The only difference is our point of view. This means that, even during the TV version, Misato is still dying, Asuka is still curled up and semi-lucid at the bottom of a lake, Gendo is still being super creepy with Rei and Lilith, and Shinji is still having a mental breakdown. 

The TV version simply takes place as internal dialogues and thoughts in the individual characters' minds. We see glimpses of the grim reality actually going on through brief, sometimes seconds-long shots that show things like Ritsuko's body floating, Misato shot and dead, and Unit 2 in a fetal position under water. The idea that the TV version is all a happy fantasy for our characters is both intriguing and still kind of hard to believe.

The Girl on the Beach at the End Is a Combination of Rei, Misato, and Asuka

This is one of the oldest running fan-theories about the ending movie, and you can sort of see the logic behind it. In the final scene of EoE, a girl who looks like Asuka lies next to Shinji on a beach. He gets up and begins to choke, her, and we get a pretty good look at her features. Some fans claim that the girl has brown eyes and Asuka's red hair, but the same bandages that Rei had in the beginning of the series. This leads to the theory that the girl is, in fact, not Asuka at all. She's instead a combination of the three female protagonists we see the most in the series: Asuka, Misato, and Rei. Given the... awkward relationship Shinji has with women, it would kinda make sense.

However, when you change the contrast in the scene, you can see the girl actually has blue eyes, indicating that, yes, this really is Asuka, and only Asuka. 

The TV Ending Was the 'Good Ending' and the Movie End Was the 'Bad Ending'

One trope you'll see in a lot of dating simulation and digital graphic novel games is there are multiple endings, some good, and some bad. With dating sims, in particular, there's always at least one good end and one bad end, with bad endings often involving death, depression, and violence. Sound familiar? Some fans have said that, as with these dating sims, EoE sought to show the other option, the bad ending, complete with the usual themes of violence and death.

Rather than being something completely complex and trying to correct the mistakes of the ending of the series, this means that the movie is just an expression of what the worst outcome would be. After all, there's a sense in the "bad end" that Shinji is still clueless and miserable, and he hasn't changed at all.

Rei Is the Moon and Asuka Is the Sun

When it comes to art and in-show visuals of Rei Ayanami, you might notice that we often see images of the moon. It's shown behind her in the final moments of the movie, She's often seen staring at it, and it's even the last thing she looks at before she goes off to test for the dummy plug. This also ties in with the female menstrual cycle, which moves in a similar cycle to the moon, and is seen in brief images concerning Rei throughout the series. In other words, Rei is a representation of the cool, quiet moon

On the other hand, Asuka is the polar opposite of Rei in so many ways, indicating that she is the sun. She's fiery, she's always shown in daylight, as she seems to actually go out of her way to oppose Rei at every turn. In EoE, her last moments alive even involve her reaching up into the sky, towards the sun. Beyond just contrasting the two girls, the significance of this supposed symbolism is still up for debate. 

EoE Is What Happens When Shinji Rejects Instrumentality

Instrumentality is a key theme throughout the series, and some say that, in the end of the TV series, Shinji finally accepts instrumentality. He doesn't make a choice, he doesn't fight it, he doesn't even really question it that hard. He just gets a huge dose of self-love and acceptance and acknowledges the new world he's been brought into and realizes he can live there comfortably. 

The movie, on the other hand, is all about Shinji making a choice. He doesn't just blindly accept a new world made for him, full of sunshine and rainbows. Instead, people around him die, he loses many he cares about, and he never really hits a point where he loves himself at all. As Asuka points out, he doesn't even really like himself. Many fans think this indicates that the TV ending is all about acceptance, while the movie is all about rejection.

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<![CDATA[The Cutest/Most Adorable Animated Characters Of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-cutest-and-most-adorable-animated-characters-of-all-time/that1dude
In animation, there's always those irresistibly cute and adorable characters you can't help but love, that don't cross the line from adorable to sickeningly cutesy. In anime terms, they are often known as moe, or kawaii. Even some the manliest of men can't help but have a soft spot for them deep down. Give it up, for the most overpoweringly cute/adorable characters in animation that just make you wanna- HNNNNG!!!! (This is just a start. If you see anyone missing, feel free to add then! characters from video game, manga, graphic novels, or comic books are OK too .)
The Cutest/Most Adorable Animated Characters Of All Time,





Baby Simba




The Minions

Bob the Minion

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<![CDATA[The Most Badass Female Anime Characters]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-most-hardcore-anime-female-characters/owilnic
Hello :) this is a list about female characters you better not mess around with. This is my personal list of the most badass girls in anime ever (at least for the animes I have seen). I will add some characters as soon as I saw more animes containing female badass characters.

The Most Badass Female Anime Characters,

Motoko Kusanagi
Ghost in the Shell
Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

Yoruichi Shihouin

Riza Hawkeye

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Black Lagoon

Akame ga Kill!


Akame Ga Kill

Mikasa Ackerman
Shingeki No Kyojin
Erza Scarlet
Fairy Tail

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<![CDATA[18 Ridiculous Tropes Dragon Ball Z Used More Than Any Other Anime]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/ridiculous-dragon-ball-z-tropes/stephanroget

When it comes to cartoon classics that abuse tropes, Dragon Ball Z is one of the worst offenders. The show checks them off one at a time, including classics like escalation, face turns, selfless sacrifice, and, of course, resurrection. Characters spend entire episodes posing as they fall into another trope trap: the build-up. You may remember DBZ fondly from your childhood, but it is not a show that has held up well.

The prevalence of often-embarrassing tropes is definitely part of that. The show looked a bit repetitive when it was brand new, but the analytically-minded modern fan now notices that it’s made up almost entirely of recurring, familiar themes and structures. In many ways, DBZ viewed from a contemporary perspective almost seems like a shrine to all of the least favorite parts of your childhood shows.

18 Ridiculous Tropes Dragon Ball Z Used More Than Any Other Anime,

Face Turns

Dragon Ball Z pulls off face turns more frequently than professional wrestling, which is where the trope gets its name from. Villains in the DBZ universe are either horribly killed or turn into heroes. There seems to be no middle ground. Piccolo, Vegeta, the Androids, and Majin Buu are but a few of the many bad guys who ended up fighting for Goku and his friends. Vegeta committed interstellar genocide and the Androids blew up cities, but all of that was forgiven once they started throwing energy blasts for the other team.

Dropped Plots

Nothing infuriates a dedicated fan base more than dropped plot threads. Fans invest themselves in the storylines of shows so much that anything unresolved gnaws at their gut and leaves them feeling far from satisfied. Dragon Ball Z had a long run with countless dropped plots, including the idea that Saiyans had vulnerable tails, something that was integral to the first arc but dropped entirely by the second. The Frieza arc introduced the tragic back story of Goku and Vegeta’s home planet, but it was never discussed again. Piccolo merged with two different people over the course of the series, and continued to act like plain old Piccolo thereafter.

Telegraphing Attacks

One of the most annoying aspects of any show that involves battling, whether it’s brawling superheroes or warring ninjas, is the tendency for characters to telegraph their attacks. Protagonists and villains alike just love to tell their opponents exactly what they’re about to do to them. Nowhere is this more apparent than Dragon Ball Z, where characters yell the name of their attack before launching into a multi-minute preparation process, which includes a signature pose and plenty of grunting. It’s not hard to defend against an assault when you have a half hour to prepare your rebuttal.

Traditional Female Roles

Cartoons from the '90s were not exactly known for empowering females, and while that’s partly a product of the time period, it’s something that really sticks out in 2016. Dragon Ball, the precursor to Dragon Ball Z, sort of bucked this trend with some strong female characters, but DBZ put all of them right back into traditional roles. Adventurous Chi Chi and Bulma soon become dutiful mothers, and all of their competence and desire to do anything suddenly disappears. This wouldn’t be rectified until Gohan’s girlfriend, Videl, began joining him on his quests, and the less said about that, the better.


Any show based around superpowers runs into the problem of escalation. Basically, once the power levels start rising, it’s hard for them to stop as the story progresses. Dragon Ball Z absolutely drowns in this problem. Its characters' abilities skyrocket out of proportion, making their early encounters with villains laughable by comparison. It takes both Goku and Piccolo to defeat Goku’s brother Raditz, but by the next story arc, the bad guys can literally plant and grow henchmen that are each as powerful as Raditz.

Goku going Super Saiyan was the most epic moment of the serious, but it was quickly cheapened by the advent of Super Saiyans 2 and 3. Everything in DBZ got progressively bigger and bigger, and it didn’t always mean better.


Resurrection is a big part of most science fiction, and is a particularly notable trope in the world of superheroes. Some feel resurrection cheapens the effect of a character's death, while others welcome the chance for more time with their favorite protagonists. Dragon Ball Z turns death into a revolving door with the titular Dragon Balls, which grant anyone who finds them a wish. The heroes of DBZ frequently bring their friends back to life with this convenient plot device, and although there are some limitations to the wish-making, they later find loopholes around them to keep characters dying and coming back indefinitely.

Not Dead Yet

Horror movies are famous for this trope, and it's helped spawn dozens of Friday the 13th and Halloween sequels. How many times have you seen this act play out: a protagonist thinks they’ve triumphed over a villain through lethal force and prepares to celebrate their victory, only to have the bad guy dramatically re-enter the scene, usually via a thrusting hand. Dragon Ball Z uses this trope about five times per fight, and Goku ends up having to “kill” his villains dozens of times before they finally stay down. His fight against Frieza was especially pathetic, with Frieza fighting on even after he accidentally cut himself in half.


Excessive build-up is the trope that Dragon Ball Z is most famous for, and it’s not hard to see why. Things truly get ridiculous when DBZ devotes entire episodes to a character charging up an attack. In fact, when it comes to Spirit Bombs, DBZ has been known to devote multiple episodes to one attack. It’s hard to feel like your time is being well spent when a single fight takes up four hours of television - especially when half of that time is just characters glowing and yelling at one another. Worst of all, most of the attacks that require all of this build up fail completely, leading to the next character having a go.

Selfless Sacrifice

A good, selfless sacrifice can be one of the most emotionally devastating moments in a television show’s run. However, it’s something that definitely shouldn’t be overdone. It feels like nobody told that to the Dragon Ball Z show runners. There are so many heroic sacrifices in DBZ that characters practically queue up to throw their life away in dramatic fashion for their friends and family. Of course, this is a universe with magical balls that can restore a person’s life, so the whole sacrifice thing is less a meaningful act of heroism and more like a way to get a quick vacation.

“I Was Just Holding Back!”

Nothing says badass like revealing to your opponent that you were holding back the entire time you fought them. Nothing says poor writing like pulling that move every single time you have your characters battle. Every Dragon Ball Z fight is sure to feature at least one character smugly revealing that they had yet to power up, or remove their weighted clothing, or attained their final form, and that they were merely toying with their foe up until then. Sometimes, this trope gets played for a double when the foe then reveals that they, too, had been holding back, and thus the last hour of combat had been a big waste of everyone’s time.

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<![CDATA[The Best Vampire Anime of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-vampire-anime/ranker-anime

List of the best vampire anime, ranked from best to worst by other fans of the genre. Vampires got a bad name after the Twilight series took off, but these shows prove that they aren't all glitter and glam. This list includes videos of the first episode from each show, so you can watch vampire anime online right here at Ranker. When it comes to good vampire anime, this list has all the vampire anime shows you'll love, including new and old school anime. Many of these top vampire anime are also great adventure anime and action anime.

Shows like Hellsing, Vampire Knight and Blood+ have shown us that vampires can be not only entertaining, but downright terrifying as well. Fans have very strong opinions about their favorite shows, so if you think the greatest vampire anime is too low on this list, then be sure to vote it up so it rises to the top.

Can't get enough anime? When you're done with this vampire anime list, be sure to vote on these other great anime lists too, like the best mecha anime of all time and the greatest samurai anime.

The Best Vampire Anime of All Time,


Vampire Knight


Dance in the Vampire Bund

Blood Lad

Hellsing Ultimate

Diabolik Lovers

Vampire Hunter D

Rosario Vampire

Seraph of the End

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<![CDATA[The Best Dragon Ball Z Games of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-dragon-ball-z-games/ranker-anime
Dragon Ball Z video games have been around since the '90s, but which ones stand out from the others? These are the best games for the Dragon Ball Z series, ranked by your votes. They cover only Dragon Ball Z and not the other Dragon Ball properties, so no games featuring the original or GT will be included below.

Many American gamers got their first taste of Dragon Ball Z games through imported copies of the Dragon Ball Z: Super Butouden fighting game, which was released in Europe as well as Japan. North America didn't get an officially translated Dragon Ball Z game until 2003's Dragon Ball Z: Budokai. While Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout was released in 1997 to North American audiences, it technically is a GT game and not a Z game.
There are a staggering amount of games that this franchise has given birth to, but this list only includes the top DBZ games. Is there anything better than controlling Goku or Vegeta and executing their special attacks? One thing that's unique about DBZ fighting games is that they allow you to fight in the sky, something that you won't see in most other games.

There are definitely some fun Dragon Ball Z RPGs as well, and we've included them on this poll. If one of your favorite games is missing, don't worry--you can add whatever DBZ games you want to the list. Just make sure they are the best Dragon Ball Z games and not original, Kai, or GT games.
The Best Dragon Ball Z Games of All Time,

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3

Dragon Ball Z: Sagas

Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku

Dragon Ball Xenoverse

Dragonball: Raging Blast 2

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<![CDATA[The Best Anime Movies on Netflix]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-best-anime-movies-on-netflix/crystal-brackett

If you're looking for anime movies to binge, then you've come to the right place. Having a Netflix account is definitely convenient when it comes to watching contemporary and classic films but, with so much anime on Netflix, it's hard to know what's going to be good without investing hours of your time. The best anime movies that are currently streaming on the digital video platform are all here on this list, so you can check out what your fellow nerdy Netflix subscribers think are hits ahead of time! 

On this list, you'll find everything from contemporary anime with adult themes like Berserk: The Golden Age Arc I – The Egg of the King, to charming, kid-friendly movies like Little Witch Academia and Yo-Kai Watch: The Movie. If you've seen any of them, be sure to let others know what you think by voting up the best ones and voting down the movies that are just bad.

The Best Anime Movies on Netflix,

Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Bonds

Naruto Shippuden the Movie

Bleach: Fade to Black

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Bonds Beyond Time

Bleach: Hell Verse

Berserk Golden Age Arc I: The Egg of the King

Space Pirate Captain Harlock

Little Witch Academia

Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Part III: The Rebellion Story

Expelled from Paradise

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<![CDATA[10 Pretty Good Horror Anime You Can Watch Right Now]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/pretty-good-horror-anime/nida-sea

When most people think about horror films, they imagine terrifying images of malformed slashers and excessive gore. Some of them are even pretty good. The anime horror genre, however, isn’t limited to the slice and dice characteristics most well-known in horror flicks. In fact, some less frightening Japanese horror anime that's not that bad to watch include titles with supernatural occurrences, creepy mysteries, and monsters and/or demons. These movies and series can produce chilling sensations without being overtly nightmare-inducing. This makes them ideal options for those evenings you feel like viewing something creepy and getting a good night's sleep.

You may be wondering which spine-chilling anime titles are thrilling enough to satisfy your inner-horror junkie, yet gentle enough to ensure you get your full eight hours? Wonder no more! There are plenty of pretty good horror anime titles that aren’t as terrifying as the typical horror title, but still provide a reasonable thrill factor. Here are some great horror anime series and movies that you won't regret watching. 

10 Pretty Good Horror Anime You Can Watch Right Now,

Supernatural: The Animation

A supernatural horror anime with a realistic approach, Supernatural: The Animation is a solid mix of East and West. Based on the live-action CW series, also named Supernatural, this animation follows two brothers who set out to kill demons, spirits, and various other monsters. The series is pretty gritty and violent, providing some great spine-chilling moments and nerve-racking images.

However, it's also reminiscent of detective-style anime with its horrific crime scenes and street fighting violence. This seems to help tone down the terror a bit, making it a good show to watch at night alone. The only downside about this anime horror series depends on your opinion of the live-action Supernatural series, as the anime version shares strong similarities. If you've seen the CW series you might get a bit bored, but otherwise it's a decent watch.  


If you’re looking for a horror anime with a unique animation style and beautiful art, this series is right up your alley. The series follows a medicine merchant as he goes around vanquishing evil spirits, known as Mononoke. The animation in Mononoke is fantastic, sharing a similarities to Kamishibai storytelling techniques and traditional Japanese wood cuts.

Although each episode has an exceptional eeriness to it, the overall atmosphere and bright colors of the scenes will help keep you at ease. This scary series is placed in the feudal Japanese era, so if you’re not interested in Japan’s historical horror legends you may want to pass on this one. If you are looking for a more hardcore Inuyasha, however, give this a watch.  


Nothing could be creepier than watching a bunch of masked kids playing hide and seek in a dark, haunted, abandoned building, right? Right! If you’re looking for a quick thrill, Kakurenbo: Hide and Seek will scratch that itch. The story follows a group of children as they play a game known as Otokoyo, which is a Japanese form of hide-and-seek. The main boy in the story, Hikora, plays the game hoping he can unravel the mystery behind his sister’s disappearance. Apparently, she went missing after playing the game.

The spook factor in this animated film lies in its chillingly dark atmosphere. Also, missing children are always creepy. However, there are two key downsides to the film. First, because it’s only 20 minutes long, you’re not given enough character development and are left wanting more story when it ends. Second, the entire show is completed in 3D, so if you’re not into anime with CGI effects then you may find this short horror anime OVA unsatisfactory. Regardless, it's not too freaky and eminently watchable.   

Shikabane Hime (Corpse Princess)

Looking for a horror anime with a bit more action? Give Shikabane Hime a try. It's really not bad. The series revolves around a dead girl who comes back to life. She’s seeking revenge for the brutal murder of her entire family, so it's pretty metal. The overall mood and dark animation style of the series are spine-tingling, and some of the scenes in the series are hella creepy.

Although spooky, the fast-paced action scenes and comedic situations keep the show from becoming tipping over into "pants-sh*ttingly-terrifying" territory. The main downside of the series is the slow development of the main characters, as well as a reasonably confusing first act. Still, the series provides a good watch for horror anime fans looking for something with a marginal scare factor.

Ghost Hunt

This series follows a group of paranormal investigators as they examine reports of spiritual activity. Kind of like anime Ghostbusters, they help solve mysterious cases and free trapped spirits from the places they’re haunting. Throughout the series, there’s an abundance of super spooky ghosts as well as some interesting use of psychic abilities. The show is definitely quite suspenseful.

However, because of the mix of comedy and shoujo drama, the mood never gets super scary, which makes this horror anime a safe bet to watch before bed. Still, you may not enjoy the series as much if you’re looking for extreme thrills or don’t enjoy some laughs with your screams.

Shinreigari: Ghost Hound

If you’re looking for a psychological and supernatural twist on a traditional horror anime series, Ghost Hound is for you. The series focuses on three young junior high students who can cross their souls between parallel worlds: the "present world" and the "ghost world." This allows them to interact with ghosts and investigate the strange occurrences happening in their town.

The series' use of creepy visuals and spooky static noises keeps the avid horror fan easily entertained. The presence of real-world situations helps to keep the story from becoming too scary, however. The only downside of the series is the juxtaposition of the mature atmosphere and annoyingly childish main characters. It can get kind of distracting. Still, if you’re prepared to go on a supernatural mystery tour into another world, this chilling supernatural series is a pretty okay watch.

The Devil Is A Part-Timer

Nothing says horror like demons, right? If you’re looking for a horror anime with a dash of fantasy and comedy, you won’t be disappointed with this series. Maybe you won't be over the moon, but definitely not disappointed. The Devil Is a Part-Timer is a fun and fantasy-oriented series that has a bit of romance and magic mixed in with its terror.

The story follows Lord Satan as he is forced to live in the human world in disguise and work at a fast-food restaurant. While the majority of the series is pretty comedic, it does have its serious undertones and moments where demonic beings appear. However, if you’re looking for something a bit more frightening then this series may not appeal to you. It's right on the edge of scary and sleepy-time appropriate. 

Blood Lad

Ghost, werewolves, vampires, and demons are all mixed together in this comedic horror anime series. Although Blood Lad is a comical series, it's certainly has its brutal moments. This series follows a Japanese culture-obsessed vampire who sets out on a mission to bring a ghost girl back to life.

While it does provide some thrilling action scenes and spooky characters, it’s far from too scary, making it a fun watch. The huge downside of this series is that the series ends on a cliffhanger and season two seems to be in limbo. Really, that's probably one of the most frightening parts.  

Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories (Theater of Darkness)

If you love telling ghost stories, you’ll enjoy this anime horror series. Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories, also known as Theater of Darkness, is told in the tradition of Kamishibai storytelling. Kamishibai is generally a paper play, a form of street theater storytelling that was popular in Japan during the 1930s.

The animation greatly reflects the 2D art style of Kamishibai, and the stories are based on Japanese folklore and urban myths. Because of these features, the series may not appeal to everyone. However, if you're into Japanese culture, each four-minute tale provides just enough eeriness to keep you entertained without crossing any boundaries.



Spirits, zombies, and fan service. What's not to like? Zombie-Loan follows a young girl with the ability to see death before it happens. When she stumbles upon two dead boys walking and talking, she finds out they’re kept alive because of a contract they signed. The deal maintains that they have to hunt and destroy zombies and spirits.

Although the series has some dark imagery and intense fight scenes, most of it is leavened with comedic relief. This keeps the scare factor down significantly. The series is fairly inconsistent with its plot, however, and the fan service can get excessive to say the least. Also, the opening song is rather atrocious. Overall, though, it's a totally tolerable watch with an entertaining mixture of comedy, action, and horror.

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<![CDATA[The Greatest Tall Anime Characters of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-tall-anime-characters/ranker-anime
While tall anime characters are always looking down on others, there are some disadvantages to being so vertically blessed! For example, other people can always see if you have a booger in your nose! For this list we rank the best tall anime characters of all time, excluding gigantic monsters that are so big that they're off the charts. Do you have a favorite anime character who is tall? We've included fan favorites like Edward Newgate from One Piece and Ryuk from Death Note, but we want you to add as many tall anime characters as you can if they aren't already here on the list.

Vote up the tall anime characters on this list that you love the most, and downvote any that you don't like. 
The Greatest Tall Anime Characters of All Time,

Kenpachi Zaraki

Takashi Morinozuka




Olivier Mira Armstrong

Gajeel Redfox

Edward Newgate



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<![CDATA[11 Anime That Have Been Banned Around The World]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/anime-banned-around-the-world/crystal-brackett

With all of the anime to come out of Japan over the years, it's just simple statistics that there are some that just go over-the-top with rude, lewd, violent, gory, and sometimes just downright offensive behavior and themes. They can be so intense, in fact, that entire anime series get completely banned from any sort of distribution in certain countries. While it's relatively common to censor anime that makes it way overseas, some of these banned anime were just so utterly offensive, morally twisted, and brutally violent, that the government had to put their foot down. Although, to be fair, some of the bannings are actually total misunderstandings. 

While a few of the bans are innocent or even ludicrous-seeming, some of the anime featured on this list can be truly shocking and even a little terrifying. Only go digging in to these titles of anime banned around the world if you're not afraid of graphic sexual and violent images. Well, unless you live in a country effected by the ban, that is. Then you're on your own. 

11 Anime That Have Been Banned Around The World,

Death Note

The Chinese Ministry of Culture banned the series Death Note in Shenyang, Beijing, Shanghai, and other large cities due to it's "severely improper content." The reason? Chinese students were altering their notebooks to resemble that of the titular Death Note and filling them with names (in continuity, writing someone's name in the notebook kills them).

While this is obviously an impractical (and illogical) way to kill someone, the ban was initiated to protect the mental health of students, stating that it "distorts their mind and spirit." Which... honestly, that's pretty fair. 

Puni Puni Poemy

New Zealand won't even touch Puni Puni Poemy. From the team behind Excel Saga, an anime series that got their own season finale banned from airing in Japan, comes an even more outrageous anime that's meant to be over-the-top.

Since it involves blatant sexuality (often including minors), excessive violence, and extreme cruelty, the Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC) in New Zealand gave it the ban hammer.

Hetalia - Axis Powers

Hetalia -Axis Powers is ridiculous and funny enough to be taken as complete historical satire. Essentially, the series depicts anthropomorphized nations with larger-than-life personalities as they interact with each other in wacky and novel ways. It's also wildly offensive to some South Korean citizens.

Once the popularity of the anime began to grow, so did an online petition to ban the series due to its interpretation of South Korea. As a result, Hetalia was deemed as a "national crime." Wow, South Korea, thought you were supposed to be the chill one. 


In Kinnikuman, there's a heroic character that goes by the name of Brocken Jr. There is nothing particularly offensive about this character's actions or attitude, except for the fact that he's a freakin' Nazi that runs around in full uniform.

Being depicted as a "good Nazi" goes completely against France's hate speech laws, and the government only allowed for a few "(heavily censored) episodes of the anime to trickle in. Not only was the anime extensively banned (only 50 out of the 137 episodes have been allowed to air), but the manga was banned entirely.

Attack on Titan

According to the Chinese government, the popular anime Attack on Titan contains strong subversive themes about the opposition of authority. Oh, it's also a total blood-filled gorefest. Now, none of this is exactly untrue. There's the strong vigilante nature of the walled-in city's inhabitants, and the excessive bloodshed that comes with fighting the Titans. Thus, China has completely banned the entire series. 

High School DxD

This anime leaves... little left up to the imagination. Since the series mostly involves underaged girls, the Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC) in New Zeland banned High School DxD as being "Objectionable."

While "objectionable" is certainly a term that could be applied to anything at any time, the board clarified, stating that it felt like High School DxD reinforced "the notion that young persons are sexually desirable and available." Yup, that'll get you banned in New Zealand alright. 

Kaleid liner Prisma Illya

Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 3rei! is an anime that got kicked to the curb by the Russian government for oversexualizing minors, deeming the entire anime series as child pornography. In Russia, anything of the "hentai" genre (anime pornography) is already illegal to distribute. See, anything that will “exploit interest to sex”, often “in perverted form” is considered to be pornography.

With the sexual nature of this anime and Russia's hentai laws combined, Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 3rei! got the boot.

Midori: Shoujo Tsubaki Was Completely Destroyed Due To Intense Graphic Imagery

This anime from 1992 was made single-handedly by Hiroshi Harada. After failing to find sponsors, he made this dark, deeply twisted film out of over 5,000 hand-drawn stills.

When Midori: Shoujo Tsubaki released in Japan, it was banned to all outside countries for containing intensely gruesome body horror, adolescent erotic imagery, and more. The film was seized, destroyed, and is still considered to be almost completely lost. In 2006, however, it resurfaced in France as a DVD released by Ciné Malta. So, if you're really desperate, you know where to find it. 

A Kite Was Banned In Norway For Graphic Sexual Violence Involving Minors

A Kite, a cult classic that's otherwise simply known as "Kite", is about an orphan assassin who is ordered to kill men who have committed crimes. The anime itself contains so much gory violence and rape that it has seen a heavy amount of censorship wherever it goes.

The graphic rape scenes of the very young female protagonist got the original version of this anime banned in Norway as child pornography, although a censored version has become available since.

Pokémon Was Banned From Saudi Arabia For Being A Zionist Conspiracy

Even though Pokémon got its fair share of censorship when it came over to the United States, the Grand Mufti (High Priest) of Saudi Arabia didn't even give it a chance. Why?

Well, not only did they deem the card game unfit for their country for having "Zionist themes" and "promoting gambling," they also were totally convinced that the word "Pokémon" meant "I am a Jew." Instead of, you know, being the shortened, compound word for "Pocket Monster." This meant that both the Pokémon games and animated series were a part of a global Jewish conspiracy to corrupt the minds of young Islamic children, and thus received a ban.

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<![CDATA[The Best Josei Anime/Manga Series]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-josei-anime-and-manga/ranker-anime
List of the best josei anime/manga series of all time, actively changed by your votes. Since there is often confusion about its definition, lets just say that josei is manga and anime targeted towards woman who are in their adult years (if you're looking for shoujo titles for younger girls we have a  list of that too). Some of titles featured here are smut josei, while others are more romantic or slice of life. Either way the josei demographic is basically women 18 and older, but these shows are enjoyable no matter who you are. Vote on this josei anime list for what you believe to be the top shows, and downvote titles you've watched or read that didn't appeal to you as much. 

We've noted below if any of the series are manga only with no anime adaptation. These include Tramps Like Us, Red River, and a few others. This list of josei anime/manga is a great starting point, but please help us build up the list by adding your favorite titles! 
The Best Josei Anime/Manga Series,

Skip Beat!

Nodame Cantabile

Kids on the Slope

Honey and Clover

Eden of the East

Bunny Drop

Princess Jellyfish


Paradise Kiss


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<![CDATA[25 Tattoos Inspired by Pokemon]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/pokemon-tattoos/coy-jandreau
If you were a kid in the '90s, you probably loved Pokemon. If you love something enough and want to permanently show that love and fandom, chances are you want a Pokemon tattoo. Plenty of adults who grew up catching them all through the Nintendo games, the TV show, or the popular card game have taken that extra step, tattooing their Pokemon love on their bodies.

This list gathers the best tattoos inspired by Pokemon. Want one of the classics like Pikachu or Mew? Want something a bit more obscure? How about Haunter or Cubone? Think Evee is just the cutest? We've got you covered. If you know that you want one but still need some Pokemon tattoo ideas? Dive on in.

So you want to join in with other tattooed Pokemon fans? Here's your one-stop shop for some Pokemon tattoo Ideas, the ones that have real creativity and flair. These are the best tattoos inspired by Pokemon, so vote up your favorites!

25 Tattoos Inspired by Pokemon,

This Charmander WILL Be a Charizard When It Grows Up

Just Flex, Bro!!

This Tribal Evee Evolution Tattoo Is Perfect

So Much in a Silhouette

She'll Never Wear a Turtleneck Again

Evee Evolution

A Hauntingly Haunted Haunter

2 Fan Favorite 'Cutest' Pokemon Share a Tattoo

A Sea of Evolution Sleeve

Dark Side of the 'Mon

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<![CDATA[The 25 Most Baffling Anime Hairstyles That Completely Defy Gravity]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/baffling-anime-hairstyles/jacobybancroft

Sure, we all love anime for its fantastic animation and high-quality story capabilities, but let's be honest. As we watch, we can't help but laugh at all that ridiculous anime hair. A story you're completely invested in can come grinding to a halt because a new character shows up with drills on the sides of her head. You get distracted wondering how in the heck they do that every morning. Check out the list below for the worst anime hairstyles ever drawn, and vote up the one you think is the most ridiculous... or perhaps would want yourself. 

The 25 Most Baffling Anime Hairstyles That Completely Defy Gravity,

Kenpachi Zaraki

Where You've Seen It: Bleach

How You Could Achieve This Look IRL: Start listening to old My Chemical Romance CD's and buying clothes solely from Hot Topic. The hair will form itself. 

Yami Yugi

Where You've Seen It: Yu-Gi-Oh!

How You Could Achieve This Look IRL: Enroll in college and be sure to sign up for "How to Look Like an Emo Christmas Star 101." Make sure you take it pass/fail.


Where You've Seen It: Akame ga Kill

How You Could Achieve This Look IRL: Give up your worldly possessions and start living with lobsters. Once you've spent enough time around them, you'll have enough knowledge to shape your hair like a fancy Maine lobster tail. 

Ragyo Kiryuin

Where You've Seen It: Kill la Kill

How You Could Achieve This Look IRL: Eat a sh*t ton of the Skittles in order to turn your hair into the wildest rainbow this world has ever seen. Or, chew them up, spit them out, and use them as shampoo. Ooo la la. 

Ritsuko Kunihiro

Where You've Seen It: Shiki

How You Could Achieve This Look IRL: Find the taffy pulling machine that stretched out Mike TV in Willy Wonka, but instead of using it for taffy or small children, use it on your hair to fool your friends into thinking you have a snake growing from the back of your head. 

Rikuo Nura

Where You've Seen It: Nurarihyon no Mago

How You Could Achieve This Look IRL: Sneak onto the tarmac of an airport and stand near one of the jet turbines as it takes off to permanently freeze your hair in this style. 

Mozu and Kiwi

Where You've Seen It: One Piece

How You Could Achieve This Look IRL: Go to your local Staples and ask to use their laminator machine in order to get this look that screams, "I'm a huge square."

Celestia Ludenberg

Where You've Seen It: Danganronpa

How You Could Achieve This Look IRL: Hunt down a giant and ask to borrow their slinky. Wrap the left side of your hair in the slinky, then slowly remove it. Repeat on the right side for desired results. 

Yasuhiro Hagakure

Where You've Seen It: Danganronpa

How You Could Achieve This Look IRL: Give yourself dreadlocks, but then use super glue and gorilla tape to permanently stick them straight out. It's a guaranteed way to make sure nobody can come within three feet of you in public. 


Where You've Seen It: Toriko

How You Could Achieve This Look IRL: Go to your local party supply store and buy an abundance of deflated colored balloons. Shave all of your hair and tape the balloons onto your scalp. Congratulations, you're now officially the weirdest person in your city. 

Mon, 25 Jul 2016 03:39:10 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/baffling-anime-hairstyles/jacobybancroft
<![CDATA[The Weakest Anime Characters of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/weak-anime-characters/ranker-anime
For every amazingly mighty anime character, there is someone else standing in their shadow. In honor of all the wimps out there, we put together a list of the weakest anime characters of all time, and we're letting you rank it. These are the characters that need to be rescued from time to time, the ones who we all love but will never be the hero. Which weak anime character do you consider to be the most useless? Vote up your choices below, and downvote anyone who you think actually isn't that weak.

With all that being said, let's cut these characters some slack. Weakness is relative, especially depending on the company you surround yourself with. Take Chiaotzu from DBZ, for example. In his own right he is extremely strong, but put him next to Goku, Gohan, or honestly any of the other Z fighters and Chiaotzu becomes a complete joke (it was kind of cute when he self-destructed and failed to kill Nappa though). Technically, regular humans would be the weakest characters in action anime but there are some strong characters in teams who are noticeably better than average humans but are considered the weakest compared to their comrades to the point that they are made fun of or are considered jokes.)
The Weakest Anime Characters of All Time,

Hanatarō Yamada


Nunnally Lamperouge


Mr. Satan


Emperor Pilaf

Yuki Cross


Yui Komori

Thu, 29 Oct 2015 10:43:11 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/weak-anime-characters/ranker-anime
<![CDATA[12 Fantastic Anime Set Outside of Japan]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/anime-set-outside-japan/anna-lindwasser

While it may seem like there aren't many anime that take place outside Japan, there are actually more than you think. Several anime feature globetrotting characters and plots that span countries and continents; others, like Emma - A Victorian Romance, just use the medium to tell unconventional stories.Whether you’re a Japanese fan looking to experience another culture through anime, a fan from outside Japan who wants to see your own country onscreen, or just someone looking for a fresh new setting, this list of anime set outside of Japan will make your search a little easier.

12 Fantastic Anime Set Outside of Japan,

Eden of the East

On her graduation trip to Washington, DC, college student Morimi Saki meets Takizawa Akira. Takizawa has no memories and no clothes, but he does have a phone loaded with 8.2 billion yen. The two find themselves embroiled in a high-stakes competition that might reveal who Takizawa truly is and might even save the world.

The series takes place in not one, but two American cities, Washington, DC, and New York—and aside from a few details about the subway system, they get them right.

Why You Should Watch It: Not only is the anime set in outside Japan, its theme song reflects this choice. The theme is Falling Down by Oasis, and while this is a British band, not an American one, it still helps set the mood. But don’t watch for the theme song alone—it’s suspenseful, high-energy, and a ton of fun.

Michiko to Hatchin

In a fictional South American country comparable to Brazil, criminal Michiko Malandro has just escaped from prison. Meanwhile, her apparent daughter, Hatchin, is being abused in a foster home. Michiko rescues her, and the two set out to find Hiroshi, Hatchin’s long lost father.

Why You Should Watch It: The setting is unique - you're rarely going to find an anime that takes place in South America, so it’s worth watching for that reason alone. The beautifully detailed backdrop ranges from jungles to slums, creating an entirely different world than anime viewers are used to. Add subtle character development, great music, and a delicious mix of humor and drama, and you’ve got yourself one heck of a show. 


Hellsing is centered around the Royal Order of Protestant Knights, an organization led by Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, which is dedicated to eliminating ghouls, ghosts, vampires, and other supernatural creatures. Helping this organization is Alucard, a vampire who has sworn allegiance to the Hellsing family. So it’s kind of like Ghostbusters, but with a lot more blood.

The series takes place in England, which means that if you watch the dubbed version, you get slight British accents.  

Why You Should Watch It: Because who doesn’t want to watch a John Lennon-glasses-wearing vampire murder neo-Nazis?

Black Butler

Black Butler follows Sebastian Michaelis, a demon who makes a deal with the 13-year-old head of the Phantomhive family, Ciel. According to the deal, Sebastian must serve and protect Ciel until he finds out who killed his parents and gets his revenge. Sebastian’s reward? Ciel’s soul.

The series is set in 19th-century England, making it a must-see for fans of Pride and Prejudice… or maybe fans of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

Why You Should Watch It: While the concept is a dark one, the show has a ton of humor, too. You get a demon who wants to devour a little boy’s soul, but you also get a subplot where said demon has to teach the servants how to clean properly.

Also, the end theme, "I’m Alive" by BECCA, will be stuck in your head for the next three years. This is a good thing. 


The word "baccano," which is Italian for “turmoil,” describes this chaotic delight of a series perfectly. Set in Chicago and New York during the Prohibition era, the series follows an immortality elixir which, through a series of coincidences and accidents, repeatedly ends up in unexpected hands.

Why You Should Watch It: Like all good anime set outside of Japan, Baccano! makes good use of its setting. Many of the characters are involved in a type of gang warfare that was unique to 1930s America, which creates some exciting action scenes. Besides the setting, Baccano! is great because it weaves together so many seemingly unrelated stories into a tight, well-plotted storyline that makes an unexpected amount of sense. 


Joey Jones is a young boy struggling to support himself and his grandmother. One day, Joey finds a broken toy robot called a Heybo. He takes it home intending to fix it, but when it gets struck by a lightning bolt, it transforms into a super-powered mecha that obeys his commands. Joey isn’t sure how to use this new power, but the answer becomes clear when his science teacher accidentally summons an alien race called the Skrugg, who want to destroy Earth. 

The series takes place in Center City, which is a fictional town clearly recognizable as Los Angeles. The setting is detailed and realistic—the creators clearly did their research.

Why You Should Watch It: Heroman was created by Stan Lee, also known for creating Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, the X-Men, and other superheroes you’ve probably heard of if you are alive. Heroman takes a typical superhero storyline and fuses it with an anime aesthetic, resulting in a fresh, fun anime well worth your time. 

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is the sprawling family saga of the Joestar family. The show is divided into multiple parts, each with a different protagonist. Every protagonist, from Jonathan Joestar to Josuke Joestar, is nicknamed JoJo. The series revolves around a supernatural power called Stands, which can be tremendously strong. Each character has their own version of it - one is even called "Spice Girl."

Each part takes place in a different location, including Japan, England, Italy, Florida, and New York. These exciting settings drive the plot—in Italy, the characters hunt down a Stand-using mafioso, while in the USA a new cast must foil the President’s evil plans.

Why You Should Watch It: It’s a cultural phenomenon. You will find references to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure in plenty of other anime, including Gintama, Lucky Star, and Kill la Kill. You'll also find it in music by Kyari Pamyu Pamyu and Starbomb, video games like Resident Evil and Touhou Project, and much more. No matter what you think of the premise, this series is worth watching if you want to get those references.

Emma - A Victorian Romance

Like many stories set in Victorian England, Emma is about love that transcends class boundaries. Emma, a poor maid, falls in love with William Jones, the son of a wealthy family, who is expected to marry a wealthy woman and take over his father’s business. 

The anime is a historically accurate representation of Victorian England. Rico Murakami, a historian, worked with the production team to make sure of this

Why You Should Watch It: This is one of those series that really transports you out of your regular life and into its world. You won’t see characters walking down a lifeless street, you’ll see Victorian England coming to life around them. From cobblestone streets to children selling flowers, this is a series that is rich with detail.

Croisée in a Foreign Labyrinth -The Animation

A young girl named Yune accompanies an ironworker named Oscar Claudel from her home in Japan to his shop in Paris. Oscar’s grandson, Claude, doesn’t love this arrangement, but he slowly grows to accept his young house guest.

The story’s true focus is two people from very different cultures coming to understand each other during the 19th century, when there was little contact between Japan and France. Yune and Claude don't always like each other’s cultures—Yune doesn't like French cheese, and Claude finds Yune’s bowing demeaning—but they learn to get along and respect each other. 

Why You Should Watch It: It’s a sweet slice-of-life series that focuses on interpersonal relationships in a setting that is rarely shown outside of fantasy. Despite its comforting sweetness, it manages to raise an interesting question—in a European setting where Japanese people are seen as curiosities, how do people from different cultures overcome their differences?

Yuri!!! on Ice

When Katsuki Yuri, a figure skater, loses at the Grand Prix, he sinks into a depression and vows to give up skating. His plans are derailed by fellow skater Victor Nikiforov, who is so impressed by his skating that he decides to be his coach.

While Yuri!!! on Ice does include scenes in Hasetsu, Yuri's hometown, it definitely qualifies as an anime set outside of Japan. The first skating competition takes place in Sochi, Russia. Later competitions are set in China and Spain. 

Why You Should Watch It: The non-Japanese characters are real people, not stereotypes. The series acknowledges cultural differences without making a joke out of them. Jean-Jacques Leroy, the Canadian skater, is arrogant and rude, defying Canadian stereotypes of excessive politeness. Leo de la Iglesia is Mexican-American, an unprecedented choice considering that Americans in anime are almost always white.

Thu, 15 Dec 2016 01:56:43 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/anime-set-outside-japan/anna-lindwasser
<![CDATA[The Best Anime Like Attack on Titan]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/anime-like-attack-on-titan/ranker-anime
You know the series welll and have watched every episode, so now you want to know what the best anime like Attack on Titan is. Luckily for you we've ranked the top 10 shows similar to Attack on Titan below, with the help of your votes. Attack on Titan is not the first anime that features giants as the main protagonists, but it introduced many new touches on the genre, particularly the fear and helplessness that the human race feels when pitted against these monsters. The giants in AOT have interesting character designs, as they sometimes look comical and not very intimidating. However this makes is all the more disturbing when they snatch your loved ones away and break their bodies in half with just a single bite. In other series with giant enemies, humans have mechs or other vehicles they can use to defeat the monsters. However in Attack on Titan, humans must use maneuvering gear that propels them up towards the titans, leaving them extremely vulnerable to an attack. There's no show quite like it out there, but the titles below just might be similar enough to get you hooked.
The Best Anime Like Attack on Titan,

Blood +
Why it is similar:
 - Vampire enemies are sometimes like giants
 - Enemies violently tear apart people
 - Hero is the same species as the enemy

Blood C
Why it is similar:
 - Vampire enemies are giants

 - Enemies violently tear apart people

 - Hero is the same species as the enemy

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Why it is similar: 
 - Enemies are mostly giants
 - Heroes "become" giants using Mecha
 - Humanity is close to Extinction

Neon Genesis Evangelion
Why it is similar:
 - Enemies are mostly giants
 - Heroes "become" giants using Mecha
Terra Formars
Why it is similar:
 - Mutated cockroaches are like giants
 - Humans are violently ripped into pieces
Why it is similar:
 - Demon enemies are sometimes giants
 - Heroes use same essence that powers the enemies

Super Dimension Fortress Macross
Why it is similar:
Because it has giants, too. 
 - Heroes also "become" giants through mecha
Black Bullet
Why it is similar:
 - Humanity is near extinction
 - Remnants of humanity are living within small area enclosed by walls
Why it is similar:
 - Monsters tear apart human victims
 - Hero possesses the same essence or power as the enemy
Knights of Sidonia
Why it is similar:
 - Giant monster enemies
 - Humanity is close to Extinction

Tue, 03 Feb 2015 03:13:01 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/anime-like-attack-on-titan/ranker-anime
<![CDATA[The Most Shockingly Gory Moments in Attack on Titan]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/gory-attack-on-titan-moments/crystal-brackett

This list is full of gory Attack on Titan scenes, so it isn't for the faint of heart. Anyone who has seen the anime will probably remember the bloody carnage from one too many Titan attacks on the cities that lie inside of humanity's last walls against the giant, man-eating creatures. And, in case you missed a particularly gnarly death or wanted to block it from your memory, Attack on Titan will certainly be sure to remind everyone about it, because they'll fill you in with plenty of flashbacks from every time a Titan rips someone to shreds.

But what else should be expected from an anime about fighting giant Titans that are destroying mankind? Even the title cover doesn't hesitate to let the audience know that things are about to get pretty messed up. Vote up the times when Attack on Titan gore reached an all-time high.

The Most Shockingly Gory Moments in Attack on Titan,

Every Time the Soldiers Collect the Dead

Wherever the Titans go, there's bloodshed, but on more than one occasion, the soldiers have to backtrack and collect the dead. Every time they do this, there are rows and rows of corpses and ravaged bodies exposing blood, bones, and other bodily... things. Poor Marco.

Watching All the Newly Graduated Soldiers Die Horribly During the Battle for Trost

The newly graduated soldiers die in all sorts of gory ways while defending Trost. It's a pretty gruesome sight watching these guys get snatched out of mid-air to be crushed and eaten or mauled in various ways.

Titan Eren's First Appearance

In Titan Eren's first appearance, he slays other Titans using only his teeth. Once it's all over, Eren pulls himself out of the dissolving muscle and tendons of the Titan.

Pulling the Female Titan Off the Wall

Eren frantically tries to stop the Female Titan from climbing over Wall Sheena. When Eren bites down to try to lock her in place, she stunts his efforts by hitting him in the head over and over and over again.

Getting the Female Titan off the wall is a difficult task, though; Eren and Mikasa taking turns mutilating her, crushing her skull, ripping off her limbs, and slicing off all her fingers seems to do the trick.

Mikasa's Entire Childhood Backstory

When Mikasa is just a child, she watches her entire family get brutally murdered in front of her. Eren bursts in to save her, but the two kids end up in another bloody skirmish as they fight for their lives.

Eren's Escape Through a Titan's Stomach

This begins with a flashback to Eren being eaten by a Titan in a super-gnarly fashion. Flying limbs and all. Eren then wakes up in the Titan's digestive track, surrounded by mutilated and dead soldiers.

Suddenly, a giant Titan hand bursts out of its mouth and rips through its body, leaving the mutilated Titan carcass on the ground. Titan Eren even stomps on it as he runs away, to add a bit of bloody dramatic effect.

The Female Titan's Forest Rampage

When attempting to thwart the Female Titan, the soldiers take turns slicing her up. They carve out her eyeballs and take stabs at her body, cutting her open bit by bit.

When Eldo goes to strike her neck, he is chomped in half in mid-air. She then smashes Petra against a tree, leaving her bloody remains broken and splattered across the foliage. You won't forget this either, because it turns into another one of the show's favorite flashbacks, even flashing back to the dead bodies at different angles multiple times throughout the same episode.

When the Titans Break Through Wall Maria

When the Colossal Titan makes a giant hole in the wall and all the Titans crawl their way into the city, it's a giant massacre. It's basically a never-ending montage of Titans ripping apart, eating, and smashing the cast's friends and loved ones.

Eren's Mom Is Eaten by a Titan

In the very first episode, Eren's mom is crushed beneath the rubble of the wall and, shortly after, is picked up by a Titan and eaten like a corn dog. This shot plays as one of Eren's horrible, Titan-themed flashbacks in almost every episode.

Armin Watches a Titan Eat Eren Alive

Armin has already seen some gruesome things happen to his comrades, and in his current state, he's about to become Titan food. Eren swoops in and saves Armin's skin, but Eren's already mutilated body can't withstand the pressure of the Titan's jaws, and Armin watches helplessly as the Titan eats Eren alive.

Mon, 17 Oct 2016 10:01:07 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/gory-attack-on-titan-moments/crystal-brackett
<![CDATA[Anime Words - How to Speak Anime]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/anime-words-how-to-speak-anime/myko
Anime words and manga language - this list of manga words and anime slang will help you in better understanding anime, even anime in english. Translate manga phrases for your friends or impress your girlfriend with your anime translations. Because nothing says love like 'kawaii!'

Anime Words - How to Speak Anime,

It basically means "what" and is said all the time. What's funny is how it's said, with a high pitch towards the end. There are also various forms of Nani because of the way the Japanese language is structured, but it carries the same meaning.
Good Morning! The start of the day in Japanese anime always starts with "Ohayou," because it shows politeness. Plus it just sounds awesome. There's a kick in that word instead of plain-o boring "good morning." You can now talk to the cartoons you want to be friends of. Should be all you need, because they mostly speak in fighting. Are you ready?
Every school drama in an anime series has this word spoken, usually by a female character. It's meaning is cute and the way it's said is cute as well with a high pitched elongated "iiiii!"
There is always a character in anime who acts stupid, or a character who thinks he's the s**t. Therefore, this word always comes up and it's always uttered with strong emphasis because it means idiot. Sometimes, the speaker will shout it many times over with squinted eyes just to express discontent and anger: baka baka (> <) baka bakaaa!
"Oishii desu!" = that food was delicious! Though these are fictional characters, they become very lively when they eat, whatever it is, because everything is delicious to them. As they devour their food, plate after plate, they become perky. Take Goku, for example, he eats a mountain of food and when he finishes, he exclaims "Oishii!"
This word is kind of slang, it's the anime version of the American word "aye." It's the informal way of saying hello from one male character to another, especially to catch the attention of that person.

Sun, 01 Nov 2009 14:54:08 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/anime-words-how-to-speak-anime/myko
<![CDATA[The Best Video Game Characters with Purple Hair]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/video-game-characters-with-purple-hair/cyrilmurasakitsuyukusa

The Best Video Game Characters with Purple Hair,

Athena Asamiya
The King of Fighters

Dead or Alive, Ninja Gaiden

Marvel VS Capcom 2, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Soul Calibur

Cocona Vatel
Ar Tonelico Qoga

Tales of Graces F

Fate/Unlimited Codes

Caius Ballad
Final Fantasy XIII-2

Agarest: Generations of War 2

Agarest: Generations of War 2

Sat, 19 Apr 2014 04:51:36 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/video-game-characters-with-purple-hair/cyrilmurasakitsuyukusa
<![CDATA[The Best Anime Characters That Love Drinking]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/anime-characters-that-love-drinking/ranker-anime
We all have our vices (or two), but for this list we're taking a look at anime characters that love to get drunk. Who is the all time greatest anime character that drinks alcohol? It's not something you would normally think about, but there are a surprising amount of characters in anime that love to drink. Whether they're drowning their sorrows or simply just enjoying themselves, these men and women really know how to put it down. We wouldn't say that anime characters are alcoholics, but some of them could probably benefit from an AA meeting or two.

Examples below include Samurai Champloo's Mugen, Naruto's Lady Tsunade, and classic characters like Lupin and Daisuke from Lupin III. From sake to beer to liquor, these characters will drink anything that makes them dizzy. Vote up for your favorite alcoholic anime characters, and feel free to add some to the poll if they're not already here.
The Best Anime Characters That Love Drinking,

Rangiku Matsumoto

Roronoa Zoro

Shunsui Kyōraku





Cana Alberona

Bacchus Groh

Shikaku Nara

Thu, 29 Oct 2015 10:48:16 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/anime-characters-that-love-drinking/ranker-anime
<![CDATA[The Weirdest Anime Shows of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/weird-anime/ranker-anime
You might be asking why we created a list of weird anime, since most anime series are already weird. Well to put it simply, some are weirder than others. Here's our ranked list of the weirdest anime of all time, including both older and new anime series that you can find on Netflix. Just because these shows are weird as hell doesn't mean they aren't watchable. Shows on this list include very good anime like Soul Eater, Kill la Kill, and Gurren Lagann. Some shows on this list are strange because of the odd character designs or humor, while others are more psychologically strange, like Satoshi Kon's Paranoia Agent. Others are just legitimately WTF anime, such as Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo (even the name of the show is weird.) Vote for the shows below that you've seen based on how weird they are, not how good they are. You're voting for what you believe to be the strangest, most WTF anime on this list, not the one that you like the most.
The Weirdest Anime Shows of All Time,

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Excel Saga

Gurren Lagann

Paranoia Agent

Gin Tama

Soul Eater

Arakawa under the Bridge

Kill la Kill


Dead Leaves

Fri, 24 Apr 2015 09:53:30 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/weird-anime/ranker-anime
<![CDATA[The Very Best Anime Characters]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/my-top-10-favorite-anime-characters
Who are the best anime characters ever? This list includes the top favorites in manga, possibly of all time. These are the classics, the most beloved characters, including anime and manga protagonists like Son Goku, the fictional protagonist of the Dragon Ball manga series, and "L," the fictional detective in the manga series Death Note. Be sure to vote for your own personal favorites, add any characters that might be missing and, of course, rerank this list of greatest anime characters in any order you want.

Not surprisingly, many of the best and most memorable anime characters, like L and Son Goku, are the stars of some of the best anime series of all time. Be sure to head over to that list and cast your votes, if you haven't already. And not all of the great anime characters listed here are among the so-called "good guys" - some are among the worst and most notorious anime villains as well.

If you're a huge anime fan, once you're done voting for these famous anime characters, you might also want to check out this list of the best anime fan communities on the web. A fan community can be a great way to connect with other people who share a common passion for anime, manga, and otaku style!
The Very Best Anime Characters,

Edward Elric

Kakashi Hatake

Monkey D. Luffy

Naruto Uzumaki


Son Goku

Light Yagami


Itachi Uchiha


Thu, 19 Apr 2012 06:28:21 PDT http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/my-top-10-favorite-anime-characters
<![CDATA[The 40+ Hottest Anime Girls of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/sexy-anime-girls-that-are-too-hot/ranker-anime
Since there are tons of debates over who the hottest anime girl of all time, we decided to put together a definitive list for fans like you to vote on. From Nami and Nico Robin to Ezra Scarlet and Rias Gremory, this list ranks sexy anime girls against each other to truly determine who deserves the title of the #1 hot anime girl. We understand that there are so many more hot anime chicks to add to this list, but please don't include any characters from hentai or anything similar.

Who is your favorite sexy anime girl? You can vote up as many of these ladies as you want, and even add your own characters to the list if they're not already here. Just be sure to include a good picture along with whatever sexy anime girls you add to the list.
The 40+ Hottest Anime Girls of All Time,


Yoko Ritona

Lucy Heartfilia

Akeno Himejima

Charlotte Dunois

Rias Gremory

Erza Scarlet

Mirajane Strauss

Suguha Kirigaya


Wed, 04 May 2016 04:47:30 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/sexy-anime-girls-that-are-too-hot/ranker-anime
<![CDATA[The 20 Most Pointlessly Overpowered Anime Characters of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/overpowered-anime-characters/crystal-brackett

We all know those anime series that have characters that are just way too overpowered. Characters that can take people out with one single punch. Characters that can fly and even become Gods themselves (if they aren't one already) seemingly out of nowhere. They're just way too powerful for their own good. This list is a collection of anime characters who have so much strength, mentally and/or physically, that it's just ridiculous. Vote up the anime guys and gals who have a silly amount of power.

When a character in a video game has too much power, they usually get nerfed. When a character in an anime has too much power, they nerf everyone (and everything) else. Brain power and physical power can make a character so OP that you start wondering if they have any sort of real weakness or anything that can actually kill them at all. It can get downright frustrating when an anime character is too overpowered, especially when you're rooting against them.

The 20 Most Pointlessly Overpowered Anime Characters of All Time,

Sōsuke Aizen

Sosuke Aizen from Bleach can take control of all five senses of any multiple people, completely hypnotizing them. Nobody can resist the hypnosis, so in battle he can create illusions to distract opponents. For example, he can create a decoy, hide his movements, then strike. But since Aizen's illusions are so seamless, his enemies fall for it every time, making it super OP.


Even if vampires never age, something else should be able to kill them... right? This certainly isn't the case with Alucard from Hellsing. Even decapitations and being stabbed in the heart won't kill Alucard, because he can conveniently recover from his fatal injuries almost instantaneously. This nifty power comes from all the people he fed off of and turned into familiars throughout the ages, which literally numbers in the millions. He can also command these millions of familiars as an army, which is totally OP. 


Guts from Berserk has been training with a sword that's too big for him ever since he was six, and apparently this now allows him to cut fully armored men in half. Although he's not the only person in the Berserk universe to have super-human strength, there's no way that training every day should make you that strong. Along with his armor, he can even go toe to toe with Gods themselves.


Sword Art Online's Kirito is overpowered by his pure knowledge of the game. He's known in SAO as a renowned beta player, and apparently knows every little thing about the game, putting him so ahead of the rest of the players that he even decides to have a lone-wolf attitude about making it to the final level. He used his knowledge of the game to his advantage and power-leveled like crazy, making him way more powerful than other players at an early part of the series.


Of course the protagonist of the anime series known for its collection of ridiculously overpowered characters is going to be on this list. Goku, our charming star of the Dragon Ball series, has actually died multiple times only to come back to life with the help of the Dragon Balls. Even if his next overly-powered Sayian form doesn't do the trick, don't worry, he'll just be training and waiting to come back to kick butt when his friends wish him back. Oh, and let's not forget that he can actually defeat Gods now.


The main character and star superhero of One Punch Man, Saitama, trained for only 3 years to become the world's strongest man. Well, now he is and can defeat any enemy with just- you guessed it-  one single punch. Gigantic, terrifying monsters will litereally explode just from him punching them. He's constantly on the hunt to find someone or something that can prove to be a challenge for him, but with his OP punch, a challenge is hard to find. Good luck dude.


Gilgamesh from the Fate/Zero series can pull off as many overpowered attacks as he wants without even flinching. He owns the Noble Phantasms of every Hero Spirit, which are great and powerful treasures, as well as the sword that would become Excalibur. Wielding these strengths not only makes him completely indestructible, but a total jerky pain.

Ken Kaneki

When Kaneki goes full ghoul, he's a power that can't be contained. In Tokyo Ghoul, while Kaneki may not be so intimidating while he's still got his senses of humanity, when he transforms he becomes a completely destructive, bloody force to be reckoned with. His tentacle-like kagune rips people to shreds like a hot knife through butter, with anyone standing in his way meeting their violent end.

Shiba Tatsuya

Shiba Tatsuya is a totally overpowered high school student from the anime The Irregular at Magic High School. His God-tier powers represent something like a living weapon of mass destruction. As just a human who wields magic, there's no way he should be as indestructible as he is throughout the entire series.


Beerus is a large, man-shaped, purple hairless cat in the Dragon Ball series who is also the very feared God of Destruction. As you can probably guess from his title, he can destroy anything... even Saiyans, It takes a whole movie and a literal act from a Super Sayian God to take this guy down. Since there are so few who can beat him in combat, he is a fearless warrior in the series, but it also makes you wonder what his purpose is, other than to be a super overpowered rival for Goku and the gang.

Thu, 01 Dec 2016 06:36:07 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/overpowered-anime-characters/crystal-brackett
<![CDATA[15 Disney Princesses Drawn As Anime Characters]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/disney-princesses-as-anime-characters/crystal-brackett

If you're a fanatic for Disney princesses and anime, then this list is totally for you! Just imagine what it would be like if there was a Disney anime that was only about your favorite princesses. Well, that's pretty much what you'll be seeing here! Below you'll find your favorite Disney princesses in anime style, so be sure to vote up the best anime Disney princesses to bring them to the top of the list, and vote down the ones that aren't so great. 

Each Disney princess on this list has been given their own anime style, even with renditions of what they'd look like if they were drawn by different Japanese anime studios (like Princess Tiana drawn in super CLAMP style). Drawn traditionally and digitally from artists around the web, the collection of anime Disney princesses on this list is certainly a treat for anyone into art, magical Disney characters, and Japanese animation.

15 Disney Princesses Drawn As Anime Characters,

Fa Mulan





Princess Aurora



Snow White


Wed, 18 Jan 2017 09:28:41 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/disney-princesses-as-anime-characters/crystal-brackett
<![CDATA[The Best Anime Characters With White Hair]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/anime-characters-with-white-hair/ranker-anime
Who is the top anime character with white hair? Thanks to your votes on this list, we can finally answer that question. White hair, while associated with age in the real world, is a perfectly natural hair color in anime for characters of all age. White is often associated with purity, but there are some anime characters with white hair who are anything but pure (looking at you Whitebeard.) Some of them can be quite aloof, like Urd of Ah My Goddess, or as playful and kind as Mirajane of Fairy Tail. White hair is also associated with the spirit world, so you can find many white-haired supernatural characters in this list, like Inuyasha and Kurama the Fox. White hair anime characters are often intelligent as well, such as Near from Death Note or Captain Hitsugaya from Bleach. No matter who your favorite anime character with white hair is, give them an upvote below so they can move up higher on the list.
The Best Anime Characters With White Hair,

Allen Walker
D. Gray Man
Kakashi Hatake

Killua Zaoldyeck
Hunter x Hunter
Tōshirō Hitsugaya
Death Note
Soul Eater Evans
Soul Eater
Mirajane Strauss
Fairy Tail
Ken Kaneki

Juuzou Suzuya
Tokyo Ghoul

Fri, 17 Apr 2015 08:12:34 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/anime-characters-with-white-hair/ranker-anime
<![CDATA[The Best Anime Characters That Use Guns]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/anime-characters-with-guns/ranker-anime
Who needs a Kamehameha when you've got six in the chamber? These are the best anime characters who use guns, as voted on by anime fans like you. It doesn't matter if it's a pistol, sniper rifle or anything else- if a character uses a firearm as their primary weapon, then they're eligible to be on this list. Some like Spike Spiegal from Cowboy Bebop use nothing but an ordinary pistol to take care of business, while others like Alucard use a special gun when fighting, like his gun known as "The Jackal." We're not asking you to vote for the strongest or most skilled gunslinger on this list, but simply the one you like the most. Who is your favorite gunslinger in the anime world? Vote for the ones you love the most on this list, and don't be afraid to add a few of your own so other people can vote for them too.
The Best Anime Characters That Use Guns,


Spike Spiegel

Vash the Stampede


Death the Kid

Riza Hawkeye

Elizabeth Thompson



Patty Thompson

Tue, 14 Apr 2015 14:19:24 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/anime-characters-with-guns/ranker-anime
<![CDATA[The Best Mecha Anime of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-mecha-anime/ranker-anime

Here is our list of the greatest mecha anime of all time, spanning every decade since the genre has been around. It is one of the staple genres of science fiction anime, mecha shows like Neon Genesis Evangelion and Mobile Suit Gundam are some of the finest giant robot shows that have ever been created. Mecha anime almost always consists of a human piloting a larger than life machine, or mecha, to fight giant monsters or other evil mecha pilots. We've included video of each show's first episode when available, so you can watch the best anime shows right here on this page and see if you like them. If you think the top mecha show is missing from this list, then go to the bottom and add it. But if giant robots don't interest you because they're too fantastical, then perhaps you'd more like anime about sports.

The Best Mecha Anime of All Time,

Code Geass

Mobile Suit Gundam

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Neon Genesis Evangelion

The Big O


Eureka 7 (US)

Mobile Suit Gundam 00

Gundam 08th MS Team

Tengen Toppen Gurren Lagann

Thu, 26 Jun 2014 16:51:13 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/best-mecha-anime/ranker-anime
<![CDATA[The Hottest Bleach Babes]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/hottest-bleach-babes
These are the sexiest girls from the anime Bleach, ranked by anime fans like you. The show has a fairly heavy fan service element to it, as a lot of the women characters have very big boobs. Vote for the hottest Bleach babes that you love the most, and downvote the ones that aren't as hot. Take a look at these sexy Bleach girls and vote for your favorite! The girls of Bleach are famous for their Bleach big boobs.

Vote for your favorite Bleach female characters.
The Hottest Bleach Babes,

Nanao Ise

Nemu Kurotsuchi

Orihime Inoue

Rangiku Matsumoto

Rukia Kuchiki

Yoruichi Shihouin

Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck

Tier Harribel


Kukaku Shiba

Fri, 05 Jun 2015 06:09:13 PDT http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/hottest-bleach-babes
<![CDATA[Naruto Movies List: Ranked Best to Worst]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-naruto-movies/ranker-anime

Believe it! These are the best Naruto and Naruto Shippuden movies, ranked by the best ninja anime fans like you. So far there have been 9 Naruto movies made, with the first 3 being the original Naruto and the rest being Naruto Shippuden movies. Which movie is your favorite? Are you a fan of The Will of Fire? What about Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow? No matter which films on this Naruto movies list you think are the greatest, vote them up so your opinion is reflected on this ranked list of Naruto movies. *Updated 1/27/15 to include the brand new The Last! Naruto the Movie. Vote it up so it can rise to the top!

Naruto Movies List: Ranked Best to Worst,

Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Bonds

Naruto Shippuden the Movie

Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow

Naruto the Movie: Legend of the Stone of Gelel

Naruto Shippuden the Movie: The Will of Fire

Naruto Shippuden the Movie: The Lost Tower

Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Blood Prison

Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie

The Last: Naruto the Movie

Boruto: Naruto the Movie

Thu, 31 Jul 2014 04:36:45 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/best-naruto-movies/ranker-anime
<![CDATA[The Most Twisted Anime Characters Of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/most-twisted-anime-characters/jonah-dorrance

Amoral, sadistic, cunning, and cruel, a few words to scrape the surface of some of the most twisted anime characters of all-time. It is no wonder that majority of the characters on this list are antagonists in their respective series, but not all twisted characters are necessarily villains, or at the very least, see themselves as such. Either born bad or driven into corruption, these individuals practice and preach unbelievably skewed principles.

This list presents a mixture of those with a more quiet kind of cruelty like Shogo Makishima, and others who openly flaunt their twisted minds like Illumi Zoldyck. Either way, these characters have no qualms about bringing down those standing in their way, innocent or not. Despite their nature, it is no doubt that these characters are some of the most fascinating anime has to offer, though you'd never want to meet them in-person.

NOTE: As many twisted characters hide their true selves, this list contains spoilers for those particular series.

The Most Twisted Anime Characters Of All Time,



Light Yagami

Yuno Gasai

Shou Tucker

Seryu Ubiquitous

Sugou Noboyuki

Junko Enoshima

Franken Stein

Shuu Tsukiyama

Fri, 13 Jan 2017 09:01:53 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/most-twisted-anime-characters/jonah-dorrance
<![CDATA[50+ Anime Characters Who Deserve Their Own Show]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/anime-characters-that-deserve-their-own-show/ranker-anime
Which anime characters deserve their own show where they're the sole protagonist? Since there are so many worthy characters, we've decided to list them all and let you vote on the ones you'd want to see the most. Can you imagine an Initial D season that is all about Bunta's backstory as the fastest racer on the Akina Pass? What about Shikamaru from Naruto, using his logic to solve puzzles and defeat villains? There are so many great anime spinoffs that seriously need to happen, but we want to know what you'd like to see the most. Vote up the anime characters you feel deserve their own show, and add any characters to the list if they're not already here.

The characters we've included for this poll are mostly good, but if there are any villains you'd want to see in their own show then please add them to the list. Who knows? Maybe a show about Orochimaru and his backstory would actually be pretty cool.

50+ Anime Characters Who Deserve Their Own Show,

Kakashi Hatake

Roronoa Zoro

Roy Mustang



Itachi Uchiha

Portgas D. Ace

Levi Ackerman

Erza Scarlet


Thu, 29 Oct 2015 08:42:29 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/anime-characters-that-deserve-their-own-show/ranker-anime
<![CDATA[16 Reasons Dragon Ball Z Doesn't Hold Up No Matter How Much You Love It]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/why-dragon-ball-z-sucks/stephanroget

If you grew up in the 1990s in North America and your first encounter with Japanese culture didn’t come from Pokemon, it almost certainly came from Dragon Ball Z. One of the most-watched animes of all time, Dragon Ball Z pulled off the rare feat of being a sequel that was more popular than its predecessor. DBZ, as the cool kids called it, combined extreme violence with flashy visuals and the kind of outrageously over-the-top dramatics that have since become an anime cliché. Its main character, Goku, was at one point a hero whose popularity was on par with the Batmen and Spider-Men of the world.

However, like many childhood staples from the 1990s, Dragon Ball Z doesn't hold up when revisited today. It’s a viewing experience that mixes cringe-inducing regret with a genuine astonishment that you invested so much of your life in watching this compilation of brightly-garbed men shouting at each other. Watching Dragon Ball Z today is the kind of thing that makes you realize that your parents were definitely right to think that you were a weirdo. Read through these arguments about why Dragon Ball Z sucks and vote up the ones you agree with.

16 Reasons Dragon Ball Z Doesn't Hold Up No Matter How Much You Love It,

Fusion Caused So Many Plot Holes

The whole concept of fusion, in general, was poorly handled. The fusion dance was overused and had to be nerfed, and its replacement was the more powerful but apparently permanent application of magical earrings. These earrings were supposed to merge their users permanently, leading to some difficult decisions, but every time a pair decided to fuse, they managed to get out of it with some convoluted plot twist. For example, Majin Buu’s stomach acid miraculously reversed the permanent fusion process.

Perhaps it was for the best that few fusions lasted long. When they did, things just got confusing. For instance, by the end of the series, Piccolo was technically three different people. He fused with his ancient counterpart, Kami, early in the series, and later fused with fellow Namekian Nail in order to take on Frieza. Try to watch Piccolo's scenes knowing that there are two other guys sitting around inside his head all the time. It’s just weird.

The Great Saiyaman

The story arc of Goku’s son, Gohan, was originally one of the best things about Dragon Ball Z. Gohan was the Carl Grimes of his day, transforming from annoying whiner to hardcore badass with his literally one-handed destruction of Cell. Gohan followed up all of this character development by quickly turning into one of the show’s lamest characters. When he wasn’t nerding it up in school, Gohan could be found patrolling the streets as the Great Saiyaman, a vigilante with a practiced dance routine and one of the worst costumes in superhero history. 

The Bad Dubs

This one is only a problem in English-speaking countries, but it is definitely something that hurts playback value of Dragon Ball Z. While later efforts were made to improve the dubbing, early North American ports of the anime were plagued with notoriously awful translations and voice acting. At best, these mistranslations were used to remove some questionable content from the original. For the most part, they simply resulted in awkward dialogue. However, at their worst, the bad dubs resulted in some characters having their natures completely altered from their original Japanese counterparts.

The Useless Side Characters

Dragon Ball Z made an admirable attempt to carry over the majority of the characters that were established in its precursor series, Dragon Ball. However, it didn’t really make an effort to find anything meaningful for all those characters to do. DBZ involves fighters with the power to destroy worlds, yet tries to shoehorn in plots involving talking turtles, shapeshifting pigs, and Krillin. Totally-normal human Bulma even accompanies the team to alien planet Namek, where she provides the essential service of annoying Vegeta and getting into mortal danger. Most of these side characters’ screentime revolves around them watching the more important characters do stuff on television.

There's So Much Filler

For all of its faults, Dragon Ball Z definitely provided fans with several moments of dynamic plot and tense drama. Unfortunately, one of those major faults was the fact that great moments were surrounded by insane amounts of filler material. Every event seemed stretched far beyond its natural limits by endless build-up and countless diversions to the main plot. Even worse were the episodes that were completely meaningless filler, like the time Goku got a driver’s license or the time everybody just went fishing. Not exactly what you tune in for when watching a battle-orientated anime.

Only a Few of the Characters Actually Matter

Even among the characters that can fight - unimaginatively dubbed "Z Fighters" - only a few characters truly matter. Goku and the other Saiyans quickly outclass all of their former allies and rivals, with the possible exception of the Namekian Piccolo. A show set on Earth soon had essentially zero useful Earthling characters. The Z Fighters were the equivalent of an unbalanced football team, where only a few key players matter and everyone else just tries not to get in the way. In the case of Krillin, they couldn’t even do that.

It Became a Self-Parody

In the end, Dragon Ball Z became a show on which ridiculousness grew as exponentially as its characters’ power levels. The things it was criticized for early on its history soon became over-exaggerated and impossible to ignore. Did you think too much time and focus was put into powering up? Entire arcs were soon built around it. Thought that the ability to bring someone back to life was a copout? Let’s make that even easier. Was the sheer amount of training and preparation too much for you? The show invented and introduced a Hyperbolic Time Chamber so that the characters could train for years while only days passed in the real world. In short, Dragon Ball Z became a self-parody.

Dying Permanently Doesn't Even Matter Because the Afterlife Is Pretty Sweet

Despite all the loopholes, some characters still managed to die and stay dead for awhile. Even that wasn’t much of a consequence, however, thanks to the establishment of one of fiction’s most diverse afterlives. Some of the potential afterlives in the DBZ universe include life as a happy cloud, adventuring on a giant snake road, or training on King Kai’s planet with a monkey and a talking cricket. Even their version of Hell is relatively tame. Best of all, the afterlife is full of fighting tournaments, which just so happen to be the favorite thing of most of the show’s characters. Dying might actually be better than living in this world.

Villains Quickly Become Powerless

Dragon Ball Z opens with the arrival of Raditz, Goku’s long-lost and incredibly powerful Saiyan brother. Despite it taking both Goku and Piccolo defeat Raditz (a feat they just barely managed), the next major antagonists to attack Earth carry with them plantable Saibamen that are each as powerful as one Raditz and the Z Fighters take them down with ease. The villainous Frieza has an awe-inspiring power level of one million, but by the next story arc, he is easily dismantled by a brand-new character from the future. Eventually, young children are able to beat once all-powerful foes like Cell and Frieza with one arm tied behind their backs. Each new phase of the story renders the threats of the past laughable, which makes it hard for the show to gain any sense of history.

Dying Doesn't Matter

Characters do frequently die in Dragon Ball Z. The series’ first story arc concludes with the death of Goku, countless characters sacrifice themselves, and Krillin explodes, like, a dozen times. The show doesn’t even bother with funeral scenes, however, because of the existence of the titular dragon balls. These wish-granting orbs summon the dragon Shenron, who can bring the dead back to life.

There are two limitations to this loophole: the dragon cannot grant the same wish twice and the dragon or the dragon balls themselves can be destroyed. The show completely avoided these limitations with the introduction of a second dragon, who could grant the same wish twice, thus rendering everyone effectively immortal. Even Krillin.

Tue, 25 Oct 2016 03:22:41 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/why-dragon-ball-z-sucks/stephanroget
<![CDATA[23 Anime Characters Who Don't Let Their Disability Stand In Their Way]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/handicapped-anime-characters/anna-lindwasser

According to the World Health Organization, about 15% of the world's population lives with some kind of disability. With numbers like that, any kind of media worth paying attention to should have some decent representation of disabled people. Luckily for anime fans, there are some wonderful characters who fit the bill.

Some anime that tackle disability do it with nuance and specificity - if you watch Prince of Tennis, for instance, you're going to learn a lot about Guillain-Barré Syndrome. If you watch Gangsta, you're going to learn something about how real people deal with being deaf. Other anime is more vague about it, giving their characters unspecified injuries or heart problems with symptoms that don't quite add up - but these characters can still tell us important things about the social and emotional implications of disability. 

All of these characters are an important part of their story, sometimes because of how the show handles their disability, and sometimes because they're just really freakin' awesome characters. See if you find your favorite, or maybe find someone new.  

23 Anime Characters Who Don't Let Their Disability Stand In Their Way,

Edward Elric

Edward Elric, star of Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, lost an arm and a leg while attempting to bring his mother back from the dead using alchemy. After getting over the initial trauma, Ed learns to use mechanical limbs, becomes a state alchemist, and is eventually instrumental in saving the world.

Jūshirō Ukitake

At age three, Ukitake (on Bleach) was diagnosed with a potentially fatal lung condition that resembles tuberculosis. While this disease still causes him serious pain and suffering, this doesn't keep him from functioning as a valued member of the Soul Society.

In fact, it's because he tried so many different medical treatments to heal his lung disease that he gained invaluable healing techniques that helped his comrades get through a violent war. 

Nunnally Lamperouge

Nunnally Lamperouge first appears in Code Geass as Lelouch's kind, innocent younger sister. Her paralysis and blindness motivates him to try and create a better world for her to live in. By Season 2, Nunnally becomes more than just fodder for her brother's madness - she becomes his enemy. She really comes into her own. 


One Piece's Shanks got his arm bitten off while rescuing a very young Luffy from a sea monster. He brushes it off as being "just an arm" and continues his pirating activities as if nothing had happened.

Shanks is actually known more for his bright red hair color than for his missing arm, which is a reflection of how common injuries like this are for pirates. It's also an inspiring that he's so badass, no one treats him any differently because of his disability. 

Shizuka Kawai

Shizuka Kawai spends the first part of Yu-Gi-Oh DM in the hospital waiting for surgery that could prevent her from going blind. Unfortunately, she comes from a poor family, so her only hope is her brother, Katsuya Jounouchi, who is trying to win the money through a dueling tournament.

Despite these challenges, she's extremely kind and encouraging to the people around her -and unlike a lot of female Yu-Gi-Oh side characters, she actually does learn to duel a little bit. 

Ayase Shinomiya

Ayase Shinomiya, one of the protagonists of Guilty Crown, lost the use of her legs sometime prior to the start of the series. She hates being pitied for this, going so far as to beat someone up for suggesting that he didn't want to cause trouble for her because of her disability.

She's proud of her condition, claiming that her wheelchair is what makes her unique, and that her only real disability is dealing with other people's ignorance. You go, girl!

Yukimura Seiichi

Prince of Tennis' Yukimura Seiichi is unique amongst disabled anime characters. Why? Because he actually has a specific condition. You know, not just "heart problems" or a "lung issue" or whatever.

Seiichi has Guillain-Barré Syndrome, an autoimmune disease that causes paralysis in the limbs. While he has to stop playing tennis to treat his illness, he manages to return after a successful surgery.

All Might Is Not All Right (He's Very Badly Injured)

All Might, the superhero that Deku idolizes in My Hero Academia, was severely injured in battle. After multiple surgeries, he recovered the ability to perform his hero duties for a limited amount of time. Once that time passes, however, he reverts to his weakened form and starts coughing up blood. He keeps his limits on the down-low as much as possible, and is still an effective hero and teacher.

Komugi Is Blind, And The Best Gungi Player Around

Komugi is a young blind girl who appears in Hunter x Hunter. Despite her blindness, Komugi is prodigiously talented at a board game called gungi.

Komugi believes that aside from her skills at gungi, she is worthless trash because of her blindness, and she vows to commit suicide if she ever loses a professional match. Komugi's story is a useful way to explore an extremely damaging way to perceive disabled people.

N'Doul Is Blind, But He Can Murder A Fly With A Projectile

N'Dool is a minor antagonist in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. He's blind, and he uses a cane to get around. He can also use the cane as a weapon, and he wields said cane with such precision that he almost manages to kill a buzzing fly by shooting a rock off the ground with it. Because his Stand gives him significant power, he has little experience with fear, or consequences for his actions. 

Mon, 13 Feb 2017 05:13:04 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/handicapped-anime-characters/anna-lindwasser
<![CDATA[The Best Animal Characters in Anime]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-animal-anime-characters/ranker-anime
Whether it's shonen or slice of life, every great anime has at least one animal character in it! For this poll we're ranking the greatest anime animals of all time, including anime pets, and regular characters who do not have an owner. There are plenty of great talking animals in anime, including Chopper in One Piece, Gamabunta in Naruto, and DBZ's Puar the cat. Those characters will go head to head against other great animals in anime, such as Ein the data dog in Cowboy Bebop, or Fuu's pet squirrel Momo in Samurai Champloo.

It doesn't matter if you like them for their cuteness or their crazy abilities- we want you to vote up your favorite animal anime characters, regardless of the reason. Want to inject your opinion into this list even further than just voting? Add your own suggestions to the list, and check back to see how many people agreed (or disagreed) with your choices.
The Best Animal Characters in Anime,










Happy the Cat

Thu, 29 Oct 2015 09:04:09 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/best-animal-anime-characters/ranker-anime
<![CDATA[The Best Video Game Characters with Blue Hair]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-video-game-characters-with-blue-hair/cyrilmurasakitsuyukusa

The Best Video Game Characters with Blue Hair,

Darkstalkers, Cross Edge, Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3

Killer Frost
Injustice: Gods Among Us

Soul Calibur

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm

Naoto Shirogane
Persona 4, Persona 4 Arena

Tales of Vesperia

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Persona 4 Arena

Selvaria Bles
Valkyria Chronicles

Sat, 26 Apr 2014 20:29:16 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/best-video-game-characters-with-blue-hair/cyrilmurasakitsuyukusa
<![CDATA[The Greatest Anime Characters With Scars]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/anime-characters-with-scars/ranker-anime
Here's our list of the coolest anime characters that have scars, as voted on by anime fans like you. You might have never realized it, but some of the thoughest anime characters have scars. They are worn proudly by these warriors, who got them in sword fights, gun battles, explosions, and other crazy incidents. Which one of these characters has the most badass scar? Sometimes scars are small and subtle, but some of these characters have some pretty major ones. Take Zoro from One Piece for example, who has one not only on his eye, but a giant one on his stomach as well. Scar from Fullmetal Alchemist has one in the shape of big X on his face, as a result of Kimbley using his explosive aclhemy on his face. Anyways, we want you to vote for you favorite scarred anime character on this list. Don't just vote for the character, vote for how badass you think the scar is. For example, Yamcha from Dragon Ball Z isn't a very strong character, but his scar is pretty damn cool.
The Greatest Anime Characters With Scars,

Himura Kenshin

Kakashi Hatake

Kenpachi Zaraki

Monkey D. Luffy

Roronoa Zoro

Vash the Stampede




Franken STEIN

Tue, 14 Apr 2015 09:47:01 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/anime-characters-with-scars/ranker-anime
<![CDATA[23 Of Your Favorite Smash-Hit TV Franchises, Anime Style]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/american-tv-anime-fan-art/crystal-brackett

Get ready for some cross-cultural mashups, because this list is full of your favorite TV characters reimagined as anime characters, changing the way you see these shows forever. If you've ever wanted to see an anime adaptation of Breaking Bad, Stranger Things, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, or Glee, these artists will bring you insanely close to that dream. 

Sci-fi, comedy, action, drama, it's all here, so keep scrolling to see these American TV show characters that you love so much as anime fan art. Let others know which ones are the best by voting up your favorite ones!

23 Of Your Favorite Smash-Hit TV Franchises, Anime Style,


This totally anime'd out poster rendition of the gang from Scooby-Doo is the beautiful work of Steve OK.

The Golden Girls

The Golden Girls look great as granny Sailor Scouts. Awesomely illustrated by Sparklearmy.


Tempestdh transforms the real-life superhero from Supergirl into a soaring, beautiful anime character.

Breaking Bad

You wouldn't want to mess with the cast of Breaking Bad, be it in real life or in Kirapop's killer anime form.

Game of Thrones

Hydriss28 shows of the beauty of Daenerys Targaryen, the Mother of Dragons from Game of Thrones.

The Walking Dead

Amy-art's Carl and Rick from The Walking Dead make a couple of totally awesome anime characters. 

Orange Is the New Black

Qannon-blog shows off what Alex Vause from Orange is the New Black would look like in anime form.


The mutants are here! Ryusuke Hamamoto made this awesome anime rendition of the cast of X-Men.

Game Of Thrones

These anime characters are actually from Game of Thrones, beautifully transformed by galleryofthrones.

Stranger Things

Zehb proves that Stranger Things would truly be an awesome anime.

Thu, 02 Feb 2017 07:36:57 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/american-tv-anime-fan-art/crystal-brackett
<![CDATA[7 Gruesome, Bloody, and Disturbing Scenes from Akira the Movie]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/gory-brutal-violent-akira-movie-scenes/peter-berry

For many, Katsuhiro Otomo's 1988 film Akira (which he adapted from his own manga series) was their first glimpse into the wildly imaginative world of anime, and boy was it a harrowing one. Set against the backdrop of a dystopian Tokyo, the cyberpunk film's visceral, stunning visuals magnify the horrors of a nuclear holocaust while offering plenty of scenes that will definitely make your skin crawl. Surreal imagery makes Akira more of an experience than a movie, and much of the time that "experience" is pretty damn unpleasant - there are a lot of violent parts in Akira.

This list examines some of the moments that make Akira a monstrous but beautiful work of art. Below, you'll find the most disturbing scenes from Akira. There's everything from extreme violence to the birth of a new universe, with every moment rendered flawlessly through crisp animation and sharp artwork. But be warned: This list isn't for the faint of heart.  

7 Gruesome, Bloody, and Disturbing Scenes from Akira the Movie,

Tetsuo Experiences Akira's Memories

At the very end of Akira, Kaneda is seemingly transported through the titular character's consciousness, and it's there that we get to see what the espers were before they were subjected to government testing. Not only is it heart-wrenching to see, it also raises an uncomfortable question: How is Kaneda experiencing Akira's memories? Is he floating through his brain matter? If so, it's hard to imagine anything more invasive, and also, that's pretty gross. 

Tetsuo's First Nightmare

Poor Tetsuo is on the brink of insanity, and this haunting nightmare is really the beginning of his downward spiral. The espers are tampering with his dreams to bring out more of his psychic powers, and the result is the sort of scene you eventually have nightmares about. In it, we see a younger version of Tetsuo at play just before he and the city around him begin to crumble. The imagery of this scene continues Akira's surrealist feel, as does the fact that Tetsuo is apparently looking at Akira. Why, exactly, is Akira in Tetsuo's dream? Even though the dream appears to be a revisiting of Neo-Tokyo's explosion in 1988, we simply don't know for sure. All we're left with is the metaphysical idea that Tetsuo's developing powers link him both to the future and to events that took place long before he was born. 

Tetsuo Creates a Big Bang

Tetsuo ends the saga of Akira with a bang. Literally. Akira and the espers use their powers to send the evolving Tetsuo into another universe, where he gains control of his powers and creates a Big Bang, possibly creating another universe. In different parts of Akira, it's suggested that all humans have the capability to develop psychic powers, and when Tetsuo - and to a much lesser extent, Kei - become psychics, we learn that's true. 

Tetsuo Tries to Absorb Colonel Shikishima

What do you do when someone is standing between you and something you want? If you're Tetsuo, you try to literally absorb them with your mutated arm, which is growing bigger, fleshier, and deadlier as the seconds tick by.

Just as Colonel Shikishima is almost entirely bound by flesh, Kaneda distracts Tetsuo and the spindly tentacles of his arm slither away, freeing Shikishima.

Tetsuo Murders Two Hospital Employees

Tetsuo is recovering from his motorcycle crash when he begins to scratch the surface of the psychic powers that will ultimately destroy him. One of the espers manipulates his dreams so that he believes malleable toy monsters are attacking him. There's just something eerie about walking and talking toys in a dark room, and this scene will have you reeling. If that doesn't, Tetsuo's vicious attack a few moments later will.

When the hospital security guards arrive to check on Tetsuo, all they're met with is a damaged room and a disoriented patient in the hallway. It's Tetsuo, and when they try to escort him back to his room, they meet a terrible end. Tetsuo uses his psychic abilities to rip his would-be caretakers in half. Their bones seemingly dissolve as their remains ooze from the ceiling and Tetsuo begins his march of destruction. 

Takashi's Would-Be Rescuer Gets Gunned Down

Akira's grim beginning perfectly sets the tone for the carnage that follows. In this scene, we meet Takashi - a conspicuously withered boy with psychic powers - and his unnamed, would-be rescuer, who is part of an anti-government organization. Neo-Tokyo's government wants their prized research specimen back, and this guy wants to use the boy's powers for his anti-government gang. 

At the beginning of the scene, "heroic" is probably the best way to describe the anonymous young man. Unfortunately for him, "bullet-riddled" is a more apt description by the end of it. A barrage of bullets flies into his body, only to exit through his flesh and ricochet off the gravel before the process repeats itself. It's spine-tingling and brilliant in its intricacy. This is the look of dystopian brutality, and it's utterly horrific. 

Tetsuo Transforms

One of the final scenes in Akira is also one of the most disturbing. In this moment, Tetsuo is quite literally being consumed by his own power, transforming into an expansive glob of flesh as his consciousness seemingly erodes. The fleshy mass grows as large as the Olympic Stadium and engulfs Kaori and Kaneda. Even a hail of bullets can't stop this thing. In other words, it's pretty gross. 

Fri, 02 Sep 2016 10:22:07 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/gory-brutal-violent-akira-movie-scenes/peter-berry
<![CDATA[Every Dragon Ball Z Villain, Ranked]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/dragon-ball-z-villains/ranker-anime
With lots of great enemies in the show, who are the all time greatest Dragon Ball Z villains? Some people prefer the classic Frieza Saga, where Goku turns Super Saiyan for the first time. Others love the Majin Buu Saga, where we saw the fighters struggle against a force of evil they had never seen before. No matter which villains you love the most, vote for them so your opinion will be reflected in this list of the best dragon ball z villains. Only villains from the show are included, so don't add any movie villains if you see that one is missing. 
Every Dragon Ball Z Villain, Ranked,

Android 17

Android 18


Majin Buu





Goku Black


Thu, 31 Jul 2014 03:10:04 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/dragon-ball-z-villains/ranker-anime
<![CDATA[12 Same Sex Anime Couples That Weren't Explicitly Stated (But May As Well Be)]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/secret-lgbt-anime-couples/crystal-brackett

Have you ever watched an anime and known that something was going on between two characters, even though they weren't saying anything? Sometimes it's as if the writers like to leave relationship statuses up to the imagination of the viewer more than they like to lay it out in black and white (or rainbow).

There are some super low-key and even downright secret LGBT couples in anime, and it goes beyond just your basic yaoi/yuri undertones. These subtle LGBT anime couples have been under that radar so effectively, you never knew they existed (because nobody else could figure out if they were actually dating either).

From ambiguous hints of romantic entanglement to story re-writes caused by American censorship, this list contains a number of LGBT anime guys, gals, and everything else in between who are involved mysterious relationships. Are they even together? Was it so subtle you missed it? Or was it completely taken out of the anime when it came overseas? Unlike some of the anime these characters are from, this is going to be all-inclusive. 

12 Same Sex Anime Couples That Weren't Explicitly Stated (But May As Well Be),

Haku And Zabuza - Naruto

Anyone who has seen the early Land of the Waves arc of Naruto knows that Haku and Zabuza had way more going on than some cool ninja pact. The ship "ZabuHaku" has even been coined amongst the fandom to describe the relationship shared between the two.

Even though it's never said in the anime that the two are a couple, their relationship is fairly transparent from the beginning. Frankly, it'd be way more surprising if they weren't dating. 

Madoka And Homura - Puella Magi Madoka Magica

These two have a friendship with such incredible intensity that it literally transcends time and space. With the insane amount of passion poured out between Madoka and Homura, the two could easily be mistaken as a couple... or would that be an error?

When Homura met Madoka, she was vulnerable and timid, with very little self-esteem. Madoka gave her purpose in multiple ways, so many will argue that after the bond grew stronger between the two, there was more going on than just subtle yuri undertones.

Mireille And Kirika - Noir

Mireille and Kirika from Noir definitely share some intimate moments throughout the series. The two assassins go on a journey to uncover what happened in their past and why their memories are missing, but they also build an ostensibly more-than-platonic friendship along with it.

The pairing isn't completely "cannon," but as you watch the anime, you'll find more than a few scenes in which you're left wondering when the relationship between the two will finally blossom into something more than friendship. It honestly feels inevitable. 

Shion And Nezumi - No. 6

Shion and Nezumi are from two totally different worlds, but end up by each other's side for pretty much all of No. 6. Throughout the entire sci-fi, post-apocalyptic anime series, you never really know what the exact relationship is between the pampered Shion and the outsider Nezumi. 

You do know, however, that something is going on. The shounen-ai undertones that follow leave you wondering until the very end (and even past it) if these two are ever going to confess any sort of romantic feeling towards each other.

Utena And Anthy - Revolutionary Girl Utena

At Ohtori Academy, students follow a rugged curriculum that circulates around dueling for the hand of Anthy Himemiya AKA the Rose Bride. Utena (a female) decides to go against the grain and fight for Anthy's hand just as a prince would. Although Utena is devoted to rescuing Anthy, it's never confirmed at any point if they're actually a romantic couple or not. But come on, it seems very, very likely.

Shinji And Kaworu - Neon Genesis Evangelion

When Kaworu appears in this anime series, his sexuality is not only ambiguous, he also makes a deep connection with Shinji. Kaworu even goes as far as offering Shinji his undying love, but it's completely unknown if this was done out of romantic intent, innocence, or as a diversion tactic in an attempt to take down Shinji's personal defenses.

Whatever the case may be, whenever the two are around each other the air is filled with a tense and equivocal romance.

Haruka And Michiru - Sailor Moon

Although it's aggressively obvious that Haruka (Sailor Uranus) and Michiru (Sailor Neptune) are a couple in the original Japanese version of Sailor Moon, their realtionship was changed quite a bit when the show made its way overseas.

In the English dub, the characters were changed from lovers into cousins, so the average viewer never had any idea that the two were officially a couple. Also, the whole "cousin" thing added an extra creepy dimension to their interactions. If you didn't know this before and you think about it now, a lot of things begin to make sense.

Ymir And Christa - Attack On Titan

Outside of their flirtatious interactions within the anime itself, Ymir and Christa were officially announced as a canon LGBT couple by the director of Attack on Titan. In this German Panel, he confirms that the two are in a relationship, even though you never really get a solid answer about what's going on inside of the series. Still though, it's more of a confirmation than we usually get!

Ryuko and Mako - Kill La Kill

Mako's huge crush on Ryuko could easily be mistaken as passionate friendship... that is, if you don't pay attention to Mako's obvious obsession with her. While Ryuko turns this passion into dedication later on in the series, their eventual relationship is still left pretty ambiguous. It does, however, seem to be fairly innocent compared to the lewd imagery the rest of the anime series contains. That doesn't mean it's not sexual, though. 

Victor And Yuri - Yuri On Ice

Although it's never explicitly stated that the ice skating coach and trainer combo (Victor and Yuri) are a couple, the audience is given more than a few subtle hints that there's something going on between the two.

From exchanging a kiss in front of an entire audience on the way to the Grand Prix Final, to getting matching promise rings that are almost identical to one another, the two skaters share moments that involve a bit more than what you'd expect from your average figure skating duo. And you probably expect a lot from that profession already. 

Thu, 26 Jan 2017 07:42:03 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/secret-lgbt-anime-couples/crystal-brackett
<![CDATA[16 Annoying Anime Kids That You Hated With A Passion]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/most-annoying-anime-kids/nida-sea

It can happen at any moment. You’re enjoying an anime series - perhaps sipping a fine brandy - when suddenly, the annoying anime kids appear! These little brats can get so deep under your skin, it's enough to almost make you quit watching anime altogether.

It seems that the sole mission of annoying kids in anime is to irritate the hell out of the protagonist (and, by extension, the viewer). Whether it’s an annoying younger sibling, a nuisance kid neighbor, or even a bratty lead character, anime kids have inspired more than their fair share of audible groans and muttered obscenities.

Even though (too many) shows have that one annoying brat, there's some merit to be found in their existence. The exasperating attitude of a youthful character often helps create a sense of balance against the protagonist and provides a few begrudging laughs. Still, it's nice to get a heads up on which of these terrible tykes you should brace yourself for. 

16 Annoying Anime Kids That You Hated With A Passion,

Chitose Sakuraba On Chitose Get You!!

Little Chitose is an 11-year-old girl who has a major crush on an adult man named Hiroshi. It's pretty gross. Although Chitose can be laugh out loud hilarious, her bratty antics and impaired listening skills will irriate all but the most patient viewers. Each episode has her constantly fighting with female teacher Asako Fuji, who’s also in love with Hiroshi. It's... not endearing.  

Pop Harukaze On Ojamajo Doremi

Pop is a cute, pink-haired munchkin who is very smart and acts (relatively) mature, despite her young age. She’s jealous of her older sister Doremi, who’s allowed more freedom and attention than her. Doremi’s lazy and immature nature infuriates Pop, making her a stern and grouchy kid. She’s constantly scolding, criticizing, and squabbling with Doremi, which gets annoying super fast. No one wants to deal with a nagging child. 

Tomoka Lana Jude On Girls Bravo

Tomoka is a 10-year-old half-pint who is talented when it comes to transformation magic. Despite her innocent face, she is super annoying. For Tomoka, being recognized as a mature person is a mark of pride. Because of this, whenever people treat her like a child she is quick to anger and often responds with a snide comment or a challenge. As the American President knows, that's how you prove that you're the real grown-up in the room. In addition, she refers to herself in the third person, which is something that only the worst people in the world do.

Meiling Li On Cardcaptor Sakura

Eleven-year-old Meiling is another obnoxious kid with a superior attitude. Although she does eventually mature as her series progresses, she is initially portrayed as a huge brat and a loudmouth. She consistently brags about her abilities and whines when various situations don’t go her way. In addition, her rivalry against Sakura Kinomoto for Sayoran Li’s affection further exposes her rash and irritating behavior. It's the world's worst love triangle.

Sarah McDougal On Love Hina

Sarah is one of those bratty annoying kids that live to cause trouble for the protagonist. She is a nine-year-old tomboy who’s considered an obnoxious two-faced brat by the other characters in her series. She may act innocent at times, but she quickly switches to a devilish attitude. Her hobbies include pestering Keitaro Urashima and spending her time lying and pulling childish pranks. You know, like a future psychopath. 

Pan On Dragon Ball GT

Pan is the young tomboy granddaughter of Son Goku, being part human and part Saiyan. For the most part, she’s supposed to be a confident, fearless child. However, she displays various annoying behaviors that make it pretty maddening to actually have her on-screen.

Like, she literally throws tantrums. That's archetypally the most irksome thing a child can do. She also happened to feature prominently in the worst version of the Dragon Ball series. While that's not her fault, it just makes it even less likely that you'll want to watch her.      

Iris On Pokémon Black and White

When Ash Ketchum mistakes Iris for a Pokémon, he didn’t realize he was in for an earful of nagging. Neither, unfortunately, did we. Iris is a dark-skinned, purple-haired girl with an adventurous side. That "adventurous" aspect mostly manifests itself by constantly arguing with Ash and generally being a bossy shrew. Furthermore, she often refers to him as being “such a kid.” This is doubly obnoxious, because she’s obviously the same age as Ash. Nothing worse than a child who condescends to other children. 

Chibiusa On Sailor Moon

Chibiusa is a five-year-old child who falls from the heavens. Therefore, she must be an angel, right? WRONG! This pink-haired little brat is as rude and obnoxious as they come. Throughout the series, her bratty, childish antics never seem to let up, which make her ultra-irritating. She is constantly after Mamoru’s affection and loves to tease and bicker with Usagi (her mother) about how much Mamoru (her father) cares for her. Trust, it never gets charming. 

Child Emperor On One Punch Man

He may have an odd name for a kid, but 10-year-old Child Emperor is a child prodigy, ranking as the youngest hero of the Hero Association. However, he becomes easily aggravated when others refer to him as a child (you know, that thing he objectively is). He displays his superiority by acting as if he’s better than everyone else, including adults. He's the quintessential annoying know-it-all character.

Hiro Sohma On Fruits Basket

Hiro is no ordinary 12-year-old middle schooler. He possesses the ability to change into one of the animals from the Chinese Zodiac. Also, he's kind of a d*ck. Most of the time he’s mischievous, sarcastic, and hardly ever smiles. He spends a lot of time being overprotective of his crush, Kisa, and throwing shade on Tohru Hona’s abilities and personality, making him a nettlesome presence. In fact, even after he starts to take a liking to Tohru, he continues to act like a brat with her. Kids are the worst. 

Tue, 10 Jan 2017 04:21:48 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/most-annoying-anime-kids/nida-sea
<![CDATA[The Best Anime Characters With Red Hair]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-red-hair-anime-characters/ranker-anime

It's hard not to love anime characters with red hair. Just like in the real world, they tend to be a little more unique and special looking compared to brown and blonde haired people. Red haired anime characters have become strong fan favorites over the years, maybe because they stand out and are always full of life and energy. They've appeared in a variety of popular genres, including incest anime, ecchi harem animes, scary animes, and more. 

This list includes both male and female red hair anime characters that are powerful, sexy, funny, and everything in between. Who is the greatest red haired anime character of all time? Our poll below is a great starting point to answering that question, but we strongly encourage you to add your favorite red hair anime characters to this list if they're not already here. We've included obvious choices like Gaara, Rias, Shanks, and Renji, but there are bound to be plenty of others that we might not have thought of when making this list. If you add your favorite character with red hair, others can vote for them too!

The Best Anime Characters With Red Hair,


Renji Abarai



Kushina Uzumaki

Grell Sutcliff

Erza Scarlet

Erza Knightwalker


Karma Akabane

Tue, 14 Apr 2015 09:47:01 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/best-red-hair-anime-characters/ranker-anime
<![CDATA[Anime To Look Forward To In 2017]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/anime-to-look-forward-to-in-2017/crystal-brackett

A new year definitely means new anime seasons will be coming your way, and 2017 is primed to roll out some huge releases for otakus. This list is filled with new anime premieres for the coming year, including sequels, new seasons, and additional movies of all your favorites.

2017 is going to be a big year for returning smash-hit anime. With titles such as the popular Attack on Titan and One Punch Man getting their second seasons, and Sword Art Online and Naruto getting feature-length movies, anime fanatics will be swimming in awesome content from their favorite Japanese animation studios. Keep scrolling to see what's in store for anime in 2017!

Anime To Look Forward To In 2017,


Fairy Tail

Fate/stay night

Sword Art Online

Attack on Titan

The Irregular at Magic High School

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

My Hero Academia 2nd Season

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

One Punch Man 2

Thu, 26 Jan 2017 05:42:20 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/anime-to-look-forward-to-in-2017/crystal-brackett
<![CDATA[The Best Bleach Memes of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-bleach-memes/ranker-anime
Collection of the funniest Bleach memes on the internet, voted on by anime fans like you. Bleach, the popular shonen manga and anime, chronicles the adventures of Ichigo and his friends as they battle spirits in the earthly and unearthly plane. The series is known for its amazing sword fighting action, but also for the fascinating characters and inherent humor, even found in the title itself (seriously, the show is called Bleach?) Characters like Kon and Orihimie often deliver the laughs, but anime fans have made funny Bleach memes that revolve around certain plot points and personality traits from other favorite characters as well. Check out the hilarious jokes and gags devoted fans have created with this gallery of the greatest Bleach memes.

The Best Bleach Memes of All Time,

Not a dirty joke

C'mon, say it!

A crush on you

Violence solves everything

How quickly they grow up

He comes and goes...

Rule of Glowing

That's your cue

Ichigo on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Not what it seems

Tue, 03 Feb 2015 07:28:07 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/best-bleach-memes/ranker-anime
<![CDATA[The 25+ Best Ecchi Action Anime Ever Made]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-ecchi-action-anime/ranker-anime
Since ecchi has so many sub genres, we present you with the best ecchi action anime of all time, ranked by fans like you. What are some good action ecchi anime that you would recommend to new fans? If you enjoy ecchi themes in anime but need something that isn't slow paced, these shows have you covered. From hilarious series like Rosario + Vampire to the popular Freezing, these shows provide you will all the fan service you need, all while serving up enough action to keep your lust for violence satisfied.

What is your favorite ecchi anime with fighting in it? If we missed your most beloved show, don't worry! You can add the series to the list yourself, so that other anime fans can vote on it too.
The 25+ Best Ecchi Action Anime Ever Made,


Rosario + Vampire

Freezing (JP)

Demon King Daimao

High School DxD

Infinite Stratos

Date A Live

Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero

High School of the Dead


Thu, 11 Feb 2016 04:55:33 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/best-ecchi-action-anime/ranker-anime
<![CDATA[The Greatest Shy Anime Characters of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/shyest-anime-characters/ranker-anime
For all the blushers out there who act all weird in front of their crush, we're ranking the shyest anime characters of all time. Shyness in anime characters is usually demonstrated through girls, who blush uncontrollably when their love interest is around. Take Hinata from the Naruto series for example, who can hardly speak when Naruto is interacting with her. There are times when the roles are reversed though, like Renton Thurston's relationship with Eureka in Eureka Seven. Other anime characters are shy because they have confidence issues, like Neon Genesis Evangelion's protagonist Shinji Ikari (if Gendo was your dad you'd have confidence issues too).

Who is your most loved shy anime character? Vote up your favorite anime characters that blush a lot, and even add characters to the list if you feel they should be represented on thise poll.
The Greatest Shy Anime Characters of All Time,

Sailor Mercury

Hinata Hyuga

Orihime Inoue

Mizore Shirayuki


Sawako Kuronuma

Juvia Lockser


Misaki Mei

Tomoko Kuroki

Thu, 29 Oct 2015 08:53:33 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/shyest-anime-characters/ranker-anime
<![CDATA[The Hottest One Piece Babes]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/the-hottest-one-piece-babes

Although One Piece doesn't really come to mind when you think of overt fan service anime, there are still a ton of babes in the series that are totally hot. This list ranks the hottest women in One Piece, from members of the Straw Hat crew like Nami and Robin, to side characters like Shirahoshi and Shirley. What's up with all the female characters on One Piece having gigantic boobs? No one is complaining about it, but it is quite astonishing how disproportionate their chests are when compared to their waists.

Vote up your favorite sexy One Piece characters, and don't forget that this list is for female characters only.

The Hottest One Piece Babes,


Nefertari Vivi

Nico Robin







Boa Hancock

Mon, 23 Jan 2017 08:36:24 PST http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/the-hottest-one-piece-babes
<![CDATA[The Greatest Anime Villains of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-anime-villains/ranker-anime
At long last, here's our list of the greatest anime villains of all time, including villains from every genre and demographic of anime out there. What would anime be without a great enemy for the heroes to fight with? Villains in anime can really make or break a series, as they are essentially the sole source of tension and conflict in any show. The protagonists of Dragon Ball Z are all amazing and loveable, but is Freeza not equally as crucial to the show's sucess and popularity? What would Fullmetal Alchemist be like without the Homonculi, or Inuyasha without Naraku? Yes, a great anime villain is equally as important as a show's hero, and the enemies below are a testament to that. Vote for the bad guy that you think deserves the title of the best anime villain of all time, no matter how powerful or strong they are. Sometimes a great villain can be a normal human being, like Gendo Ikari from Neon Genesis or Johan Liebert from Monster.
The Greatest Anime Villains of All Time,


Majin Buu

Sōsuke Aizen




Light Yagami


Madara Uchiha

Itachi Uchiha

Thu, 23 Apr 2015 07:41:10 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/best-anime-villains/ranker-anime
<![CDATA[The Best Pokemon Movies of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-pokemon-movies/ranker-anime
Since the beginning of the Pokemon anime series, over 20 Pokemon movies have been produced, 17 of which saw a theatrical release. That being said, what is the best Pokemon movie of all time? We want Pokemon fans like you to vote for your favorites below, by clicking the thumbs up next to the movies you love the most. These movies span from the original generation 1 Pokemon, all the way through the current XY generation. Do you remember when the very first Pokemon movie was released? It's hard to believe that Pokemon the First Movie - Mewtwo Strikes Back, came out all the way back in 1998. There is a new movie slated to come out July 2015, called Hoopa and the Clash of Ages, which will be added to this list upon its release. Vote for your top Pokemon movie, no matter if it's old, new, critically acclaimed or hated by everyone but you.
The Best Pokemon Movies of All Time,

Pokémon The Movie 2000

Pokémon: Spell Of The Unknown

Pokémon: The First Movie

Pokémon: Destiny Deoxys

Pokémon 4Ever

Pokémon Heroes

Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew

Pokémon: Arceus and the Jewel of Life

Pokémon: Zoroark: Master of Illusions

The Rise of Darkrai

Fri, 01 May 2015 09:07:06 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/best-pokemon-movies/ranker-anime
<![CDATA[The Best Japanese voice actors (male)]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-best-japanese-anime-seiyuu-ever-_male_/pipa-maya


The best men voice actors that have given their voice to a lot of amazing anime characters 

The Best Japanese voice actors (male),

Akio Ohtsuka

Tsuda Kenjiro

Wataru Takagi

Yuichi Nakamura

Tomokazu Seki

Kenichi Suzumura

Daisuke Ono

Tatsuhisa Suzuki

Takuya Eguchi

Yūki Kaji

Sun, 19 Feb 2017 02:05:40 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/the-best-japanese-anime-seiyuu-ever-_male_/pipa-maya
<![CDATA[The Best One Piece Anime Memes]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-best-one-piece-memes-on-the-internet/ranker-anime
Easily one of the longest running and popular anime of the modern era, One Piece has given birth to countless funny memes on the internet. For that reason we decided to put together a gallery of the best One Piece memes, and we're letting you vote for the funniest ones. One Piece already has a reputation for being one of the funniest anime series of all time, so it's not very hard to make great memes based on the show's content. Characters like Luffy, Chopper, Sanji, and Usop are constantly delivering laughs, and even the villains in One Piece usually have hilarious character designs and funny voices. Vote for your favorite One Piece memes on this list, and downvote any you didn't find to be as funny.
The Best One Piece Anime Memes,

Is this a Pokemon?

Badass. Because he dies standing up.

Death by Nosebleed

Well, who's complaining? At least it's not aliens. Or is it?

Smooth Censorship indeed

You meet a pretty girl and ask this... whallop time!

Smokin'! (And he didn't get censored here)

Burning a ship is so emotional

Yes, cuddly animals just got deadly

The Most Interesting Pirate in the World

Tue, 03 Feb 2015 07:28:07 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/the-best-one-piece-memes-on-the-internet/ranker-anime
<![CDATA[The Most Annoying Anime Characters of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/annoying-anime-characters/ranker-anime
It doesn't matter whether you watch your anime dubbed or subbed; sooner or later you're going to encounter that one character that you just can't stand. Below we rank the most annoying anime characters of all time, regardless of genre or language. One aspect that you're voting on is the voice. Annoying anime voices can be found in both English dubbed and subbed anime, but sometimes one version of a character (usually the English) is much more annoying than the other. For example, the English dubbed version of Naruto is generally considered to be way more annoying than it's Japanese counterpart.

The best part about this poll is that it's open to additions, so if you have an anime character that you just can't stand, please add them to the list! These are the characters that non-anime fans hear and say "wow that's why I will never watch anime. Think characters like Gecho Moria and his annoying laugh, or Shippo from Inuyasha.
The Most Annoying Anime Characters of All Time,

Don Kanonji


Marechiyo Ōmaeda

Misa Amane


Nina Einstein

Makoto Itou




Thu, 29 Oct 2015 06:18:32 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/annoying-anime-characters/ranker-anime
<![CDATA[The Best Teacher Characters in Anime History]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-anime-teacher-characters/ranker-anime
What do Edward Elric and Naruto Uzumaki have in common? They both had an amazing sensei, that what. In honor of teachers everywhere, we're ranking the best anime teachers of all time, with the help of your votes. Who is your favorite sensei character in anime? For this list we are including anime teachers that might teach a class at a high school, and also sensei characters that teach outside of the classroom. From Junichiro Kagami to Aikuro Mikisugi, these are our favorite teachers in anime.

Is your top anime teacher missing from our poll? Not to worry! You can add any character you want to this list, as long as they are known for being a sensei in the anime they're in. Vote up your favorite teacher characters in anime, and downvote any characters you do not like.
The Best Teacher Characters in Anime History,

Asuma Sarutobi

Iruka Umino

Izumi Curtis

Kakashi Hatake

Kisuke Urahara

Might Guy



Minato Namikaze


Thu, 29 Oct 2015 09:36:18 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/best-anime-teacher-characters/ranker-anime
<![CDATA[The Greatest Anime Characters With Tattoos]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/anime-tattoos/ranker-anime
Since anime characters with tattoos are somewhat of a rarity, we've decided to let you vote for the very best ones. Can you name more than a handful of characters that have them? Don't worry if you can't; it's why we created this list of the coolest tatted anime characters. Some characters have tattoos that symbolize their bond with a certain group, such as Ace's Whitebeard tattoo in One Piece. Other characters sport a tribal tattoo that seems to only be for looks, like Renji from Bleach and Kamina from Gurren Lagan. Tattoos can serve as a reminder of the past, whether it's good or bad. Take Nami's tattoo that she recived from Arlong for example. Although he is a dark part of her past, the tatoo on her arm serves as a reminder of her years before joining the strawhat crew.  

Lots of people have adopted these anime tattoos into real ones. Remember when you thought you were the only one who had the idea to get the Ouroboros tattoo when you saw how cool they looked on the Homonculi? Tattoos from Fullmetal Alchemist are actually quite common, with people opting either for the Ouroboros symbol or a replica of Scar's arm.

Anyways, check out the list below and vote for your favorite anime characters that have tattoos! If one is missing, add it to the list so others can vote for that character too. Any character is fair game for this list, as long as they have a tattoo.  

The Greatest Anime Characters With Tattoos,


Kakashi Hatake

Renji Abarai



Natsu Dragneel

Jellal Fernandes

The Seven Homunculus

Portgas D. Ace

Trafalgar Law

Tue, 14 Apr 2015 09:47:01 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/anime-tattoos/ranker-anime
<![CDATA[The Trippiest Anime of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-trippy-anime/ranker-anime

If you ended up on this page, you're one of two people. If you're a nerd like me, then you're looking for some good trippy anime because you love unique art styles and want to watch some different. Then there are those of you who are about to eat some mushrooms, and want to know what anime they should watch while tripping. Either way, we've thrown together a great selection that includes trippy anime movies, as well as god anime. These shows are all very visually stimulating, playing off a wide selection of colors and shapes that are guaranteed to blow your mind at least a little bit. We've included classics like FLCL and Akira, but if you've been out of the game for a while then you'll be delighted to discover some newer trippy anime titles, especially Space Dandy.

There are a few titles on here that are more psychologically trippy, so if you want lots of colors and don't want to think too much you should definitely stay away from Satoshi Kon's Paranoia Agent. Vote up your favorite anime that is visually or mentally trippy, or simply use this as a guide for anime to enjoy during your next trip (or not, shout out to us sober people!)

The Trippiest Anime of All Time,

Elfen Lied

Death Note

Samurai Champloo
Check out episodes #9 (Beatbox Bandits) and #22 (Cosmic Collisions)
Kill la Kill


Howl's Moving Castle

My Neighbor Totoro


Spirited Away


Thu, 12 Nov 2015 04:03:43 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/best-trippy-anime/ranker-anime
<![CDATA[The Best Romance Anime Ever Made]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-romance-anime/ranker-anime

It's time to get in touch with your emotional side, as we're ranking the top romance anime that has ever been made. These shows typically depict two people falling in love; it starts with a crush and the audience watches it blossom from there. Good romance anime highlights all kinds of relationships, from schoolyard crushes and first kisses to crossdressing anime about adults developing a relationship at work. They also feature some of the sexiest anime characters and anime girls ever created. Sometimes referred to as love anime, these shows can be a little more slow-paced than your typical shoujo anime, but that isn't to say they're boring. In fact some of the best romance anime isn't strictly about love, but rather a combination of multiple genres.

In the hit series Inuyasha, the love between Inuyasha and Kagome is strong throughout the series, but it takes a back seat to the fighting and action scenes that really drive the show. The same goes for the popular Eureka 7, where Renton and Eureka fall in love while piloting mechs and fighting the evil United Federation.

Don't forget, if one of your favorite romantic anime shows is missing from the poll, you can add it so that others can vote for it too. Add as many series as you like, as long as they tell a love story with intense feelings and emotions.

The Best Romance Anime Ever Made,

Kimi ni Todoke


Blue Spring Ride

Kamisama Kiss

Maid Sama!

Wolf Girl and Black Prince

Ouran High School Host Club

My Little Monster

Special A

Say "I love you".

Wed, 03 Dec 2014 05:41:53 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/best-romance-anime/ranker-anime
<![CDATA[The Best Action Anime of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-action-anime/ranker-anime

Action anime is hard to define, but if a show has car chases, epic battles and lots of explosions, then it probably fits the genre's description. For example, fantasy anime and mecha anime such as Neon Genesis Evangelion typically fall under that umbrella. Here are the best action anime series of all time, ranked by the votes of anime fans like you. We want to hear your opinion about the shows on this poll, so please give any show you've seen and upvote or downvote depending on whether or not you would recommend it to another anime fan. What exactly makes a series an action anime? Shows with emphasis on sword fighting and heroes dueling like Berserk and Fate/Zero are classified as action, but so are shows that are more gun and crime focused, like Psycho Pass and Cowboy Bebop. Perhaps you could say that if the action is the primary vehicle for the show's plot to move forward, than that series could be classified as action anime. We've included the top action anime we could think of, but we're not perfect! Add your favorite show to this list if it's missing, so that other people can vote on it too.

The Best Action Anime of All Time,


Fairy Tale

Dragon Ball Z

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Naruto Shippūden

One Piece (JP)


Attack on Titan

One Punch Man

Tokyo Ghoul

Wed, 03 Dec 2014 05:41:54 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/best-action-anime/ranker-anime
<![CDATA[The Best Anime Characters With Purple Hair]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/anime-characters-with-purple-hair/ranker-anime
Of all the hair colors in anime, purple might take the cake for having the most famous characters. There are some extremely popular purple hair anime characters, many of which are some of the most iconic in the entire medium. Major Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell. Trunks from DBZ. Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop. These anime legends all have purple hair, as do so many other great characters. We're leaving it up to you to decide which purple hair anime character reigns supreme, so please vote on the poll below and let us know what you think. Is one of your favorite grape heads missing from the list? You can add as many characters as you want below, so don't be afraid to beef up the list with some of your favorite characters that have purple hair.
The Best Anime Characters With Purple Hair,

Gin Ichimaru
Dragonball Z
Yoruichi Shihouin
Anko Mitarashi
Ultear Milkovich
Fairy Tail
Kagura Mikazuchi
Fairy Tail
Rize Kamishiro
Tokyo Ghoul
Soul Eater
James (Team Rocket)

Fri, 17 Apr 2015 08:12:34 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/anime-characters-with-purple-hair/ranker-anime
<![CDATA[16 Anime Weapons That Are Impossibly Big]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/anime-weapons-that-are-impossibly-big/nikoberi

One of the greatest things about anime it that it doesn't have to follow the rules of reality. Whether it's four-foot tall girls wielding swords the size of a 747, or shy nerds somehow getting a harem of girls obsessed with them, anime doesn't play by the rules, man. Of course, this means that there are a lot of weapons in anime that are so huge, they would actually be a massive liability for anybody to wield in real life.

A minor quibble: giant robots don't count as weapons. What does count are the weapons wielded by giant robots which are, some f*cking way, still way too big.

Here are the most absurdly, improbably, and ridiculously big weapons in all of anime. This is going to be sweet. 

16 Anime Weapons That Are Impossibly Big,

Galaxy Shuriken From Gurren Lagann

Though not technically weapons, there has to be an exception for the Galaxy Shuriken. No, "Galaxy Shuriken" is not the name of the weapon, these are just actual, full-sized galaxies used as projectiles by an unimaginably big robot.

Zangetsu Shikai From Bleach

Before Bleach got all sorts of insane (what the hell is a "Quincy," anyway), the series started off with a man, a sword, and a dream. Presumably the "dream" was to wield a massive butcher knife that looks like it should be in a horror movie, because that’s the one that came true.

Zanbato From Ruroni Kenshin

Zanbato is massive, and also the single most generic weapon on the list. It's just a big ass piece of sharp metal on a stick. How generic is it, you ask? Generic enough that Sanosuke, its wielder, stopped using it after only a few episodes. Presumably for an even bigger sword that also shot fire, or whatever. 

Bustermarm From Fairy Tail

See how Bustermarm’s wielder has to fly in the air to even point this thing menacingly? This sword is so large it crosses the line from being intimidating to just plain goofy.

Punisher Cross From Trigun

Nicholas D. Wolfwood’s Punisher Cross is the Swiss Army knife of guns. You know, if instead of being portable, Swiss Army knives were the size of an adult person. In addition to being massive enough to use as a shield, the Punisher also contains a machine gun, a grenade launcher, and small armory of hand-held pistols. 

Dragonslayer From Berserk

Guts is the great-granddaddy of big dudes wielding bigger swords, and his chosen weapon looks the part. Huge, simple, and dangerous this thing looks like it is ready to mess up somebody's day. BIG time. Get it? 

Gideon From 7 Deadly Sins

Embedded in a mountain and ostensibly too large for any man to wield, "Gideon" is the name of a huge hammer. Even the giantess who wields this weapon, Diane, is dwarfed in comparison to the thing. Massive doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Tessaiga From Inuyasha

Tessaiga is a classic big ol’ katana. You know, totally awesome. The sword has a mind of its own and has the ability to absorb the powers of defeated enemies. Appearing as a normal-sized (and rather battered) katana normally, it transforms into it's gargantuan form when wielded by a demon who cares about a human.

Mami's "Derringer" From Madoka Magica

Mami’s Derringer is counterintuitive to everything you know about small guns. While it's nominally a derringer, it's completely massive. Forget about having a strong trigger finger, you need to give this thing a bear hug just to fire it!

Kubikiribōchō From Naruto

This big ass machete’s name roughly translates to the “Decapitating Carving Knife.” Apparently. this is what passes for a "knife" in the Naruto universe. Their steaks must be epic. 

Tue, 10 Jan 2017 06:09:11 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/anime-weapons-that-are-impossibly-big/nikoberi
<![CDATA[15 Dysfunctional Anime Families That Seriously Need Group Therapy]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/most-dysfunctional-anime-families/crystal-brackett

A lot of families in anime are seriously messed up. Like the kind of messed up that goes way past your typical arguments or family distance. From psychotic households with backward family values to families with members that have obsessions with bringing loved ones back from the dead, this list is a collection of dysfunctional anime families that would be terrible to be a part of. Be sure to let others know which family is truly the worst by voting up the most awful families and voting down the ones that aren't so bad.

The families of these anime characters go beyond plot devices and character development; they really shape the entire stories of these shows, mostly leaving major characters with some sort of complex or fearsome path to vengeance. So, next time you think your family is bad, just take a look at what these anime characters have to live with.

15 Dysfunctional Anime Families That Seriously Need Group Therapy,

The Ikari Family from Neon Genesis Evangelion

The Ikari family used to be a so happy. After Yui and Gendo met, they had their son, Shinji. But then Yui died. After that, Gendo feverishly tried to salvage her soul from EVA-01 while simultaneously neglecting his son and being extremely overprotective, even assigning him a variety of parental substitutes. This leads to Shinji resenting his father and the resentment continues to grow throughout the entire series.

The Zoldyck Family from Hunter x Hunter

The Zoldyck family from Hunter x Hunter is the most skilled family of assassins in the world. They have been taught to repress all their emotions and become hardened, skilled killers... traits that are definitely not found in your typical family. The siblings torture and manipulate each other for control, and family members have been known to kill each other, hold each other captive, and everything in between.

The Kiryuin Family from Kill la Kill

The Kiryuins are the secret dysfunctional family of Kill la Kill. Ryuko's vengeful journey to find the killer of her father fuels her rivalry with Satsuki Kiryuin, who ends up being her very own sister. On top of this, their mother, Ragyo Kiryuin, turns out to be the true antagonist of the entire series.

The Elric Family from Fullmetal Alchemist

The Elric family from Fullmetal Alchemist is a whole mess of tragedy and dysfunction. Just take the entire backstory of the two main characters, brothers Edward and Alphonse, for example. With their father's absence, the two boys only really had their mother. When she died, they attempted to bring her back to life, which only ended up maiming Edward and caused Alphonse to lose his body completely.

The Uzumaki Family from Naruto

Naruto's relationship with his father was completely nonexistent. As Naruto gets older and starts a family, we quickly learn that he's not a great family man, either. We see this in full force in Boruto: Naruto the Movie, where he even uses his Shadow Clone Technique to send a clone of himself to Himawari's birthday instead of actually showing up. Naruto's own son begins to grow resentful towards him for his constant absence.

The Britannian Imperial Family from Code Geass

Charles zi Britannia, the head of the Britannian Imperial Family, encourages class conflict in the world and even among his own family, especially his children. This probably comes from the fact that his family was busy murdering each other and trying to claim the throne while he was growing up and not doing... you know, normal family things. Although Lelouch's climb to the top of the throne isn't as bloody as his father's, his Geass brings his siblings' lives down in their own ways.

The Sohma Family from Fruits Basket

Talk about family drama. Akito Sohma is the head of the Sohma clan that takes in the so-called monster children of the Zodiac. All the children suffer from a variety of emotional and physical abuse, and throughout the entire series, Akito manipulates them so that they will stay obedient to him.

The Arima Family from Your Lie in April

Kōsei Arima, the main character of Your Lie in April, has a very complicated and tragic family story. Kōsei's father is constantly absent and his mother is terribly ill. Prior to her illness, she was a very talented musician. Since she is no longer able to play and Kōsei shares his mother's extraordinary musical talent, she becomes obsessive about his musical career. She convinces him that if he plays well enough, she will get better. Unfortunately, she dies, and the emotional conflict that brews in him is what the entire series revolves around.

The Saotome Family from Ranma 1/2

Genma and Ranma Saotome fell into the cursed Jusenkyo springs. Now, whenever the two are splashed with cold water, they take another form. For the father, Genma, it's a panda, and for his son, Ranma, it's a pretty girl. Genma is irresponsible and a thief, and his wife, Nodoka, carries a katana everywhere in case she must order Ranma to commit seppuku for lacking manliness.

The Gasai Family from Future Diary

Yuno Gasai was adopted at a young age and has a truly scary family history. Her home life was happy until money troubles started to brew. Her father stayed later and later at work and her mother began to severely abuse her, locking her in a cage and grooming her to become the "perfect citizen." Yuno eventually got her revenge by doing to her parents exactly what they did to her: she locked them in a cage and eventually starved them to death.

Thu, 29 Dec 2016 08:12:54 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/most-dysfunctional-anime-families/crystal-brackett
<![CDATA[The Best Elderly Anime Characters of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/elderly-anime-characters/ranker-anime
You should always respect your elders, and in the world of anime that saying is no exception. The usual portrayal of old people in anime is that of the sagely, still powerful fighter who the antagonist learns all his skills from, especially in Shonen anime. Elderly anime characters like Master Roshi (DBZ), Jiraiya (Naruto), and Genkai (Yu-Yu-Hakusho) all exemplify this. Then there are the old anime characters that are still more powerful in their old age than most other characters in the show. This is best demonstrated by the great Whitebeard in One Piece, who at 72 years of age showed the world why he was the strongest man in the world.

Who is your favorite anime geezer? Let us know by voting up your favorites on the poll below. Anime grandpas and grandmas are fair game, as long as they are elderly looking.
The Best Elderly Anime Characters of All Time,

Master Roshi

Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryūsai



Hiruzen Sarutobi

Madara Uchiha


Makarov Dreyar

Alex Louis Armstrong
Fullmetal Alchemist
Edward Newgate

Thu, 29 Oct 2015 10:41:49 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/elderly-anime-characters/ranker-anime
<![CDATA[The Best Father Characters In Anime]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-fathers-in-anime/ranker-anime
Fathers in anime...they're wacky, overbearing, and sometimes downright evil. But hey, that's why we love them. For this list we're ranking the greatest anime fathers of all time, with the help of your votes. We're pitting funny anime dads like Ichigo's father Isshin Kurosaki against just plain badass dads like Bunta from Initial D (have you ever met someone so cool that they never even open their eyes?!). Upvote your favorite anime dad, regardless of good of a father they are. 

One common trope in anime is the villain dad, but we want you to vote for your favorite characters, regardless of whether or not they are evil anime fathers. Bad anime dads like Gendo Ikari and Yujiro Hanma are listed below, but just because someone is evil doesn't make them a bad character. If you really hate those characters, feel free to use that downvote button and send them to the bottom of the list.

If your favorite father character in anime is missing from the list, you can add it and see if anyone else votes for your pick.
The Best Father Characters In Anime,

Isshin Kurosaki

Naruto Uzumaki


Minato Namikaze

Tatsuo Kusakabe

Maes Hughes

Shiro Fujimoto

Akio Furukawa

Shikaku Nara

Spirit Albarn (Death Scythe)

Fri, 16 Oct 2015 03:28:36 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/best-fathers-in-anime/ranker-anime
<![CDATA[The Best Anime of 2016]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-anime-2016/stewart-chyou

Over the years, anime seemed to have become an unchanging genre of rinsing, washing, and repeating plots involving crazy-haired dudes, way-too-young girls in maid costumes, cute talking animal gimmicks, overly long adventures of neverending fights and trump cards, and redundant tropes that have worn all too thin. In decades past, anime was revered as a genre that set itself apart from other animated works for its capacity to explore the depths of imagination and human emotion. That all seemed lost, until 2016. 

In 2016 anime, we've witnessed a much-needed revitalization with new innovative series and films, many even hearkening back to the old-school style and reminding us all why we got sucked in the first place. 2016 is the year anime was reborn. The best anime of 2016 can easily rival the best anime series of all time, and this new renaissance brings even more hope for the future. Vote up the best anime of the year, including the best anime series of 2016 and the best anime movies of 2016.

The Best Anime of 2016,

Bungo Stray Dogs

Down-on-his-luck orphan Nakajima Atsushi finds himself drawn into a world of the strange and paranormal after he rescues a suicidal member of the Armed Detective Agency - an illustrious group of gifted individuals that specialize in tackling mysteries of equal measure.

Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World-

Seventeen-year-old reclusive gamer Subaru Natsuki one day finds himself pulled into a fantasy world where he meets a silver-haired elf named Emilia and her pet fairy cat. Not knowing who summoned him, why he was called, or how he obtained the ability to rewind himself back to life every time he dies, Subaru nevertheless finds himself caught up in the trials and tribulations of a new world that suddenly demands so much from him.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

At the advent of the Industrial Revolution, a virus spreads that turns the infected into the undead kabane. As the last remaining vistas of human civilization struggle and ready themselves for the imminent global blowout, one lone engineer, Ikoma, crafts the perfect weapon to wipe out the zombie hordes.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is unapologetically gruesome and set in a steampunk world - a surely winning combination.

My Hero Academia

In a world where developing superpowers is the norm, Izuku Midoriya is amongst the disadvantaged, born without powers. However, after courageously saving his childhood bully from a supervillain, the world's greatest hero, All Might, bestows upon him the powers that he dreamed of developing.

Izuku goes on to join the Hero Academy and the ranks of the world's mightiest.


After 20 years, the wait is finally over. Berserk is a new adaptation of the manga series of the same name first published in 1989. Taking place after Guts and Casca's escape from God Hand, Guts now travels a lonely road obsessed with avenging his fallen comrades. He seeks to confront the demon lords and their newly appointed member, and Guts' former best friend, Griffith.

Although the cel-shaded 3D animation is awkward to behold, Hardcore Berserk fans nevertheless are hyped to see Guts rending his enemies apart again with his giant sword and hidden gadgets, action sequences that were only available to view in the manga. Although this season is over, Season 2 is due to arrive in Spring 2017.

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku

A popular social game known as the Magical Girl Raising Project has the ability to grant players a 1-in-10,000 chance of becoming a real-life magical girl. Each of the magical girls possess unique abilities and earn Magical Candies by protecting people and performing good deeds. However, at some point, the administration has decided that sixteen magical girls in a certain city is too many, announcing they will cut the number in half by having the magical girl with the fewest Magical Candies each week lose their powers. As the rules of the game become more twisted, the girls eventually find themselves dragged into a life-or-death battle against each other.


Satoru Fujinuma has the ability to travel back in time moments before a life-threatening event. After the murder of his mother, Satoru travels back to his elementary school days to prevent an unresolved incident involving the deaths of five children.

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

From the studio that brought you Fairy Tail and Sword Art Online. Haruhiro awakens with several strangers in the fantasy realm of Grimgar. With no memory of what happened before, the ragtag crew pushes on to the many adventures that await them after they build their character stats.

Your Name

An emotionally-charged film about city boy Taki and country bumpkin Mitsuha, who one day switch bodies and must acclimate to their new lives. Despite being walled off from one another by distance, amongst other things, the two form an unshakeable bond, one that may dictate the outcome of the rest of their lives.

Mob Psycho 100

Although Shigeo Kageyama was a wallflower his entire life, he is also an Esper. And as he gets older, his power grow. However, the trigger to his powers involves emotions, so Shigeo prefers to live a drama-free life. But of course, these sorts of things never go according to plan.

Wed, 14 Dec 2016 07:54:09 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/best-anime-2016/stewart-chyou
<![CDATA[Anime You Wish Was Streaming on Netflix]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/anime-you-wish-was-streaming-on-netflix/ranker-anime
Although there are a lot of anime titles currently streaming on Netflix, there are so many titles that fans wish the service would pick up. Anime with a lot of episodes like Naruto and Dragonball Z are perfect for Netflix, as they're easy to binge watch and provide us with endless hours of entertainment. Which anime do you want Netflix to start streaming? Vote on the titles below so your opinion will be heard. If your favorite isn't on the list, then add it to the bottom and see how many other people will vote on it!

Anime You Wish Was Streaming on Netflix,

Code Geass

Dragon Ball Z

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Dragon Ball

One Piece (US)

Yu Yu Hakusho

Cowboy Bebop

Fairy Tail


The Thundermans

Mon, 28 Jul 2014 18:04:25 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/anime-you-wish-was-streaming-on-netflix/ranker-anime
<![CDATA[The Best Female Villainess in Manga, Anime, and Games]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-female-villainess-in-manga-anime-and-games/haikal-a
Villainess in this medium is actually enjoying more equality thanin real live action medium, they're not limited to "seductress" role and enjoy the same complicated character and physical ability to their male counterpart. here are the list (you're free to add character!) of female villains ever appearing in manga/ anime form; whether its a true villain, an anti hero, or a hot underling
The Best Female Villainess in Manga, Anime, and Games,

Android 18
She's a fictional character in the Dragon Ball manga series created by Akira Toriyama. She and her brother, Android 17, were forcibly turned into cyborgs by Dr. Gero to serve his vendetta against Son Goku. The present-timeline version of the character has very little to no interest in fulfilling Gero's orders and becomes a supporting character in the series. In the alternate-timeline, Android 18 is a ruthless killer that has a reign of terror along with Android 17 over Earth that last for twenty years until they are destroyed by Trunks
Also known by full name Cammy White (キャミィ ホワイト Kyamyi Howaito) and codenamed Killer Bee (キラービー Kirā Bī) in Street Fighter Alpha 3, is a video game character in the Street Fighter fighting game series and the second female fighter to appear in the series, after Chun-Li. She debuted in 1993 as one of the four new characters in Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers. She has also been featured in the Street Fighter Alpha games, first as a secret character and then as a playable character. The games explore her backstory as one of the evil M. Bison's deadliest assassins or "dolls" turned anamnesiac MI6 operative for the British government
Four Murasame
Ensign Four Murasame is the fourth artificially-enhanced cyber-Newtype trained by Murasame Research Lab and pilot of Psyco Gundam. The scientist in charge of the project erased all her memories from her previous life and just gave her number 'Four' as the name. Namikar Cornell, the nurse in charge of her, convinced her that working with the Titans and fighting the AEUG was the only way that she could recover her memories. Four first appears when the Karaba transport ship Audhumla is docked in New Hong Kong for supplies. Here, she meets AEUG pilot Kamille Bidan, and not knowing that he is an enemy, she feels bonded to him, since he is the first person who ever regarded Four as a person in her own right and not as a girl without memories who is bound to become a living weapon
Haman Karn
Haman Karn is the daughter of Admiral Maharaja Khan and the leader of Axis, the remnants of the Principality of Zeon, serving as regent to Mineva Lao Zabi, the last surviving member of the Zabi family. She also has a rather personal history with Char Aznable, who is now living under the alias Quattro Bajeena. She pilots her own personal mobile suit the Qubeley, which is equipped with a miniaturised psycommu system and 12 remote weapons known as "funnels" (a simplified version of psycommu controlled weapon system "bits" equipped in the Mobile Armor Lalah Sune piloted back in Gundam). Her aptitude with the psycommu was extremely high
She is a fictional character in the Final Fight and Street Fighter series of video games. Created by Akira Yasuda for Capcom, Poison first appeared in the original Final Fight alongside a similar character, Roxy, later appearing in Capcom-produced games, media and merchandise related to the Street Fighter franchise. She is voiced by Atsuko Tanaka since the Street Fighter III series,[1] and Masae Yumi in SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos
From umineko no naku kuru ni. Beatrice, also known as Sayo-Beatrice , is the Golden and Endless Witch, and the primary antagonist of the series for the first four games. She is affectionately referred to as "Beato" (ベアト?) starting in Banquet of the Golden Witch. She first appears in the "Tea Party" of Legend of the Golden Witch, where she confronts Battler over his refusal to accept that his friends and family were killed by magic, and challenges him to a game in which he must prove otherwise from Turn of the Golden Witch onward. A witch who has lived for over a thousand years, she is said to appear as a cloud of golden butterflies, and has the power to summon higher demons among the 72 pillars to serve her
Queen Beryl
Named after the mineral beryl, is the first main antagonist in the Sailor Moon series. Beryl has immense magical power, but she uses most of it to channel the life energy harvested by her servants to the entity calledQueen Metaria. In most versions of the story, she has the ability to corrupt others into serving the powers of darkness. Her generals, for instance, were once the bodyguards and best friends of Prince Endymion, and in most versions of the story she is able to use her powers to sway Tuxedo Mask into her service.
Juri Han is a fictional character in the Street Fighter series. She made her first appearance in 2010's Super Street Fighter IV. In the series, she is a South Korean taekwondo fighter employed by S.I.N. and an underling to the main antagonist of Street Fighter IVSeth
Roxy (Final fight)
Roxy is an enemy in the brawler Final Fight that began as a palette swap of Poison. Due to concerns about the depiction of violence against women, versions of the game released in North America featured censored graphics. Depending on the version, Roxy and Poison were depicted in less revealing clothing or were removed entirely and replacing with male characters named Billy and Sid
Queen Emeraude

She is the pillar (and princess) of Cephiro. Little else is revealed concerning her nature until the climax of the first series, although she is highly loved by her subjects.

In the anime it is revealed that she was once a noblewoman of Cephiro, and had later used her power as the Pillar to prevent her younger brother Ferio from being punished for stealing something from her. He had forgotten she was his sister because, at his own request, she had used her magic to help him forget about her so he would not miss her or feel sorrow, and asked that she in turn forget him, so that she could focus her thoughts and prayers only on Cephiro. In the manga series, she is Ferio's older sister as well, but there is no mention of Ferio stealing something from her, and he does remember that she is his sister; in fact, he left the palace on his own will

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<![CDATA[16 Mouthwatering Japanese Foods Your Favorite Anime Characters Are Eating]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/delicious-anime-food/nida-sea

Just about every anime series has that one mouthwatering moment wherein your favorite character sits down to devour a delicious meal. The food portrayed in most anime titles is so well-rendered that it often leaves you feeling hungry yourself. If you've ever asked yourself, “Could I possibly ever eat anything as delicious in real life?” the answer is a resounding "YES!" 

The depiction of Japanese food in anime isn’t just about how well it’s designed, but the overall presentation and how the characters prepare and serve each dish. When it comes to the presentation of anime food vs real life food, many Japanese animations depict meals and snacks in their traditional form.

This provides an authentic and appealing look that represents the art of Japanese cuisine. If you’re ready to satisfy your hunger for Japanese food, these real-life versions of anime meals will have your mouth watering.

WARNING: It probably won't look as good when you try to make it at home. 

16 Mouthwatering Japanese Foods Your Favorite Anime Characters Are Eating,

Katsudon (Pork Cutlet Bowl)

Thanks to Yuri On Ice!!, just about everyone has heard about this next dish: katsudon (or pork cutlet bowl) which first featured in episode two of the series. Donburi dishes (or bowl dishes) are casual rice dishes in Japanese culture. Katsudon is one of the heartiest bowls out of the many donburi dishes.

It consists of rice, eggs, and a breaded deep-fried pork cutlet called tonkatsu, making it a high-calorie - and quite fattening - meal. In fact, the lead protagonist of the series, Yuuri Katsuki, learns firsthand just how much damage pork cutlets can do the waistline. Still though, it looks too good not to try at least once.  


In most parts of Japan, takoyaki is considered a casual fast food snack. Typically, it's sold by street vendors during festivals. However, in western Japan takoyaki is considered a meal unto itself. Takoyaki is prepared as a pancake-like batter that is molded into round balls using a pan specifically made for that purpose. The batter usually consists of seafood and vegetable bits, and the end result is drizzled with a thick savory sauce. Yum! A scene from episode eight of Wolf Girl and Black Prince shows a cute moment between the two main characters when Erika feeds the reluctant Kyouya a delicious bite of Takoyaki. 

Karē Raisu (Curry Rice)

Karē raisu (or curry rice) is considered one of Japan’s national dishes. Back in the 1800s, British aristocrats introduced curry powder to Japan (which they, in turn, had taken from India) and it became a huge hit throughout the country.

Today’s version of Japanese curry is thick, sweet, and comes in three levels of spiciness: hot, medium, and mild. Curry is always served on rice and generally mixed with beef chunks, onion, carrots, and potatoes. In episode three of Mawaru Penguindrum, Ringo Oginome is excited about curry day as she plans to prepare and eat a batch of homemade curry with her crush, Keiju Tabuki. When things don’t go as exactly as planned, she ends up eating a curry with Himari and her brothers instead. The point is, curry is always awesome.

Karē Pan (Curry Buns)

Japan cuisine is well known for its variety of ozaku pan (savory filled bread). Since curry is a popular option in Japan, karē pan (or curry buns) is just as popular. These golden-brown delights are usually filled with a mixture of curry, minced meat, potatoes, and carrots. They are then coated in breadcrumbs and deep-fried to a crunchy, yet soft consistency.

In episode 15 of Black Butler, Sebastian’s culinary skills are put to the test as he participates in a competition to make a dish that will please the queen. By adding an extra element of chocolate to the mix, Sebastian easily wows the judges with his rendition of karē pan and is declared the winner. So if you ever need to impress royalty, this is the dish to go with. 

Japanese Ramen

If you’re an avid anime fan, you’re most likely familiar with ramen noodles. Ramen is an extremely popular noodle dish in Japan (and in anime). There are even specialty shops that serve multiple versions of ramen noodle soups. Originally, Chinese noodles were used to make the dish, but years later Japanese chefs developed and perfected their own type of noodle.

Although using freshly made noodles is best, ramen conveniently comes in an instant form familiar to most college students. In Ponyo On the Cliff by The Sea, we get a good glimpse of how to prepare Japanese-style ramen using instant noodles. The dish commonly includes sliced pork, various vegetables, an egg, nori, and Naruto (a cured fish product). 

Yaki Dango

Yaki dango is a grilled Japanese food that’s usually sold at Japanese street cafes, outdoor vendors, and during festivals. Skewered for easier eating, these tiny mochi (Japanese rice cake) dumplings come in various flavors, though they usually always have a signature chewy texture and sweet taste.

The mochi balls themselves are not particularly sweet. Rather, the toppings used to coat the balls is sweetened with a flavorful sauce. The sauces can range from brown sugar syrup, to sweetened soy sauce, and even red bean paste. On the first episode of The Rolling Girls, Nozomi Moritomo and her mother Hinayo (who runs a small family restaurant) are seen selling various dishes, including some tasty-looking grilled and skewered dango.  

Onigiri (Rice Ball)

If you’re a lifelong anime fan, chances are you know all about onigiri. You may have even eaten some, too! Onigiri are firmly pressed rice balls (often triangular) that are traditionally filled with Japanese staples such as pickled plums or salted salmon.

Onigiri are wrapped with nori (roasted seaweed) sheets to help hold the sticky rice ball and keep your fingers clean. A hilarious example of practicing the art of making Onigiri can be seen on episode three of S·A: Special A as Hikari Hanazono tries diligently to master the technique of making the perfect onigiri.


Who can forget the adorable scene from episode six of Amaama to Inazuma (Sweetness and Lightening), where Tsumugi and her father learn how to cook gyoza? Gyoza is a tasty ground meat and vegetable-filled dumpling, sometimes called pot stickers in Western culture.

Popular ingredients for the filling typically include minced pork, cabbage, green onions, and chives. All of this deliciousness is wrapped in a thin dough and either fried or boiled. Although gyoza originated in China (known as jiaozi), it’s become a popular staple in Japan’s culinary world.

Japanese Custard Cornet

In episode one of Lucky Star, the brilliant blue-haired Konata discusses the proper way to eat one of her favorite foods: chocolate cornets. Although Konata’s favorite custard flavor is chocolate, cornets come in a variety of thick custard fillings, including strawberry and vanilla. 

A cornet is as a long, cream-filled pastry cone that is washed in egg, giving it a beautiful golden brown appearance. To give cornets their signature conch shell appearance, they are baked with a special cream horn mold. They come out hollow, and are then filled using a pastry bag of thick, sweet custard. In addition, the custard is sometimes filled with diced pistachio nuts for added crunch.

Ebi Fry

If you love seafood, then you will no doubt enjoy the crunchy goodness of ebi fry (deep-fried shrimp). Ebi fry is a very popular food in Japan, served everywhere from top restaurants to roadside stands. Ebi fry is made with large prawn, coated with a thick batter of eggs and flour then rolled in crunchy Panko bread crumbs.

The dish is commonly served with vegetable, rice, and a light soup. In episode seven of the anime series Tari Tari, there is a brief but perfect example of how ebi fry is typically served, with a small bowl of miso soup and a nice helping of white rice.

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<![CDATA[20 Anime Series That Went Off the Deep End Partway Through]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/anime-series-that-jumped-the-shark/laura-allan
There's a ton of anime out there that suffers from sudden tone switches,or unexpected decisions about halfway through. We've all been there. You're watching some awesome anime, enjoying yourself when bam! Suddenly those things you thought were giant robots are actually protohumans, that love interest you thought was nice is trying to kill you, and that cute little girl has just been killed by her daddy for science. Some anime shows recover from it, some even get better. But most end up irreparably damaged, scarring viewers everywhere. 

Now, before you start rattling off the long list you probably have of anime that suffered halfway through and pissed you off, know that you're not alone. Some of the anime shows that really stick with you are either the series that went bad or ones that threw a wicked curveball. In fact, these unexpected left turns are often what make an anime famous!

So, why don't you help decide which is the most guilty of this? Check out the shows on this list and vote up the ones you think are anime series that jumped the shark or otherwise went off the rails. And if you're still angry after reading, remember to take a deep breath.

Also, be aware, there are serious spoilers ahead.
20 Anime Series That Went Off the Deep End Partway Through,

Death Note
This anime spends a whole lot of time carefully creating tension between L and Light. L hunts for Light, Light tries to find a way to get at L. The game of cat and mouse is incredibly tense, if not a little overly dramatic sometimes. And then, halfway through, Light kills L. Done deal. Sure, the plot continues to a resolution and Light does get his comeuppance, but who made the call to break that delicious tension so abruptly? 
Fullmetal Alchemist
This one goes weird more than once, and it all starts with an episode that makes fans everywhere cringe just from the name: "Night of the Chimera's Cry." Until this point, many fans probably have the feeling that everything will turn out okay. This is a world where magical stuff can happen and our heroes can save the day. Then the cutest little girl ever is suddenly destroyed in one of the more shocking ways imaginable, partially at the hands of her own father. Let's just say that everyone's favorite scientist, Tucker, suddenly isn't so favorite anymore. 
Neon Genesis Evangelion
There's no way anyone could see this plot twist coming. What starts as a fairly run of the mill mech anime starts to get religious and weird in a hurry. One of the characters is mind-raped, there's death, and what you think are robots aren't actually robots. Of course, things get really gory too. And the ending completes the special delivery of strangeness, with everyone clapping and inexplicably saying, "Congratulations Shinji!" And if you think the subsequent movies will shed some extra light on the plot of all this, you might be surprised and confused. Mostly confused. 
Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom
In this dark anime, morality is generally ambiguous, while brainwashing keeps both the  characters and the viewer guessing, and Zwei, the protagonist, seeks to restore his lost memories. The strange thing here is that they are restored about halfway through the series. Generally you expect this to be drawn out a lot longer, but not this time! You might also expect the main character to leave the organization that brainwashed him. In a weird and completely unexpected twist, however, he stays. At this point, the character goes through a truly bizarre personality swing, moving from a cold but ultimately hopeful person to one bent on becoming the best assassin ever. Not exactly what you're expecting a few episodes into this anime.
Trigun starts out genuinely lighthearted. The main character is a talented but comical misanthrope, the sidekicks are wise-cracking leches, and the action scenes are both fast-paced and visually pleasing. Things are going great until you find out that the amnesiac main character really did kill all those people. And what's worse is his brother, who kind of made him do it, is planning on destroying the human race. From there, it's all death, depression, loneliness, and guilt. The tone never really goes back to lighthearted, leaving some viewers reeling from the tonal shift.
School Days
Did you think you were watching a nice little slice of life anime involving school drama, a love triangle, and an earnest coming of age? Think again, sucker. The series might start that way, but halfway through, the deplorable main character starts sleeping with just about every girl in the school even though he has a girlfriend. Then there's rape, unexpected pregnancy, and, eventually, a grisly murder. If you don't hate at least one character by the end of this, you're doing something wrong.
Puella Magi Madoka Magica
If you don't read a good plot synopsis of this show before watching, you'd never guess what's awaiting you. On the surface it seems like a happy, magical girl anime. The visuals are stunning at times, but generally the plot is pretty straightforward. And then someone dies. Horrifically. Things get out of hand. Suddenly all of this isn't so cute anymore, and a character you think of as a friend gets more and more sinister by the episode. If you're expecting sunshine and rainbows, you're going to be severely disappointed. 
Deadman Wonderland
If you're a fan of Superjail, you might also be a fan of Deadman Wonderland. Prisoners in a rather wacky prison are forced to face off against each other in strange trials and fights that result in death and dismemberment. Sounds fascinating, right? Well, when it's revealed that a resistance movement is brewing, the focus stops being on the fights, the prison, and the mystery. Instead, the story is all about the resistance. Everyone teams up to destroy the powers that be, creating a perfect plan and then... they all die. Pretty much everyone perishes in the attempt. And that's it. Fans are left with a cliffhanger for which a resolution is very, very unlikely.
Guilty Crown
This is a love it or hate it kind of anime to begin with, but even fans of the show recognize that it takes a pretty sharp left turn about midway through. The politics get all wonky, there's a bit of a time jump that is pretty jarring, and a lot of people start dying pretty senselessly. Characters you might have liked change personality out of nowhere  and characters you might not have liked start to get a whole lot of screen time. Speaking of which, a whole lot of people really, really hate Shu. Considering how much amazing art and music is in this, it lets a lot of fans down in the second half.
Sword Art Online
Okay, so let's talk about Sword Art Online. This story has an amazing beginning, a premise that pulls you in right away, and a quest that you're absolutely ready to embark on. You fall in love with characters, you get totally invested. And then that second half happens. Asuna, one of the greatest fighters anywhere, is suddenly locked in a cage, and there's a random love triangle. This may be the most complained about second half of a show in anime history. 

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<![CDATA[Tokyo Ghoul:re Characters: Ranked from Best to Worst (Manga)]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/tokyo-ghoul-re-characters-_manga_-ranked-from-best-to-worst/jontronbonjon
Tokyo Ghoul:re is the sequel to the series "Tokyo Ghoul," by Sui Ishida. I shouldn't describe too much about this series, as much of the info could spoil Tokyo Ghoul (the series prior to Tokyo Ghoul:re - for those who haven't read it). Both series are amazing, and equally as important as the other! This list is based on the manga's characters, as the anime is not yet released. (I also strongly encourage reading the manga for either series, as I think the manga is immensely better than the anime.) Enjoy!! (More below)
CAUTION: If you haven't read (or watched) Tokyo Ghoul:re, and/or even Tokyo Ghoul (the initial series), I strongly discourage reviewing this list! (There are possible spoilers in this list.) This list only has Tokyo Ghoul:re characters, and so characters from the initial Tokyo Ghoul series are not included in this list, if they haven't appeared or made any impact on Tokyo Ghoul:re. Lastly, though I know there are other characters in this series that people support (such as Iwao Kuroiwa, or Yoshitoki Washuu), I haven't included other characters if they haven't made any significant impact on Tokyo Ghoul:re (but I may have forgotten 1 or 2 impactful characters).
Tokyo Ghoul:re Characters: Ranked from Best to Worst (Manga),

Tokyo Ghoul:re, Tokyo Ghoul
Tokyo Ghoul:re
Ginshi Shirazu
Tokyo Ghoul:re
Tooru Mutsuki
Tokyo Ghoul:re
Tokyo Ghoul:re, Tokyo Ghoul
Shuu Tsukiyama
Tokyo Ghoul:re, Tokyo Ghoul
Haise Sasaki
Tokyo Ghoul:re
Tokyo Ghoul:re, Tokyo Ghoul
Juuzou Suzuya
Tokyo Ghoul:re, Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul:re, Tokyo Ghoul

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