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A list of the best British game developers. These are video game developers currently headquartered in the United Kingdom. Video game development is a specialized type of software development focusing on games. These games can be for any type of computer whether it be game consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo, mobile platforms such as the iPhone or iPad, or traditional computers such as PC and Macintosh. Developers often further specialize into a specific type of genre, whether it be RPG's, FPS's, or RTS's. Unlike regular software development, game development can also trek into the territory of Hollywood, requiring work from writers, artists, and actors to complete their projects.
The Top British Game Developers, business, video games, companies, games, gamers, gaming, game development,

Frontier Developments
Located in: Cambridge
Founded in: 1994
Located in: Liverpool
Founded in: 1984
Ultimate Play the Game
Located in: Ashby-de-la-Zouch
Founded in: 1982
Splash Damage
Located in: London
Founded in: 2001
Black Rock Studio
Located in: Brighton
Founded in: 1998
Rare Limited
Located in: Twycross
Founded in: 1982
Located in: London
Founded in: 2007
Virtual Playground
Located in: Newcastle upon Tyne

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<![CDATA[The Funniest Pokemon Go Posts and Memes on Instagram]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/pokemon-go-instagram-posts/jacob-shelton
Pokemon Go is life. There’s not even a point to explaining what Pokemon Go is because you’re already playing it. And if you’re not busy running around the countryside, you’re at home posting Pokemon Go memes. There’s no need to hide it, this is what life is and we just have to accept it. Even if you’re one of the five people who aren’t staring at your phone while you chase down a Snorlax there’s still something for you in this collection of funny Pokemon Go posts, so don’t feel left out. Just know that your calves aren’t as defined as everyone else’s. Now put down your phone for 10 minutes and take a look at these hilarious Pokemon Go Instagram jokes.

It’s safe to say that if you’re looking at Instagram, Pokemon Go posts are making up the bulk of what your friends are posting. This list has all the best memes and posts about the game that netted Nintendo $7.5 billion in two days and will help you get in on the fun. You don’t need to go to a trainer’s academy in order to get these uproariously funny memes, as long as you’ve got a sense of humor you should be able to get into the Pokegroove.

Vote up the funniest Pokemon Go posts and memes on Instagram, and let everyone know how many Charmanders you’ve found in the last 24 hours.
The Funniest Pokemon Go Posts and Memes on Instagram,

If You Liked It You Should Have Put a Pokeball on It

A photo posted by Chris (@_theblessedone) on

Are Cops Fighting Types or Flying Types?

A photo posted by WorldstarHipHop (@worldstar) on

Quit While You're Ahead

Stop Trying to Catch Pokemon and Catch Pokemon

Snorlax... Final Warning

Just as Long as There's No Crossover

A photo posted by Elliot Tebele (@fuckjerry) on

Mom's Just Mad You Caught an Abra

A photo posted by Elliot Tebele (@fuckjerry) on

Can We Start Calling Our Calves "Poke Muscles?"

Thanks, Obama!

A photo posted by Chris (@_theblessedone) on

Why Does This Pokemon Keep Quacking?

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<![CDATA[The Best X-Men Video Games of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-x-men-games/ranker-games
There have been so many X-Men video games that figuring out the all-time best X-Men games is no simple task. With this list, however, mutants and Marvel fans alike can finally answer the question of just which games about X-Men are the greatest. There's a plethora of licensed games featuring Professor X's mutants, and with your votes, this list of X-Men games will rank them all from best to worst.

There are so, so many characters in the X-verse, but these games aren't even limited to that crowded field. The crossover Spider-Man and the X-Men in Arcade's Revenge, for example, ties together two popular series in one. Wolverine and company team up with other superheroes in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and they battle video game brawlers in the Marvel vs. Capcom series. The X-Men are all about tolerance, so of course there are also cooperative games like X-Men: Legends.

Which do you prefer, a side-scroller, a fighting game, or a co-op adventure? Vote up the games that are as strong as adamantium, downvote the games that are slipperier than Senator Kelly, and if you're a gaming mutant, rerank to create your own version of this X-Men games list!

The Best X-Men Video Games of All Time,

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes

X-Men Legends

X2: Wolverine's Revenge

X-Men 2: Clone Wars

X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse

X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse

X-Men vs. Street Fighter


X-Men Origins: Wolverine

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<![CDATA[The Best Ground Pokemon of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-ground-pokemon/ranker-pokemon
List of the best Ground Pokemon, ranked by Pokemon lovers like you. This top Ground Pokemon list includes monsters from every generation, so you can vote on everything from Geodude to Larvitard. Not every Pokemon included below is a pure Ground type, as some are half water or secondary water types. Ground Pokemon are weak defensively, but make up for it with extremely powerful offensive attacks that are super effective against 5 types of Pokemon.

If you want to know, "What is the best Ground Pokemon?" or "What are the greatest Ground type Pokemon?" then you're in the right place. You can see other lists of the greatest Ground Pokemon on other sites, but this is the only list that you can actually vote on and make your voice heard. If a Pokemon you love is missing, then feel free to add it at the bottom so it's included. 

The Best Ground Pokemon of All Time,











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<![CDATA[16 Reasons Why Fallout 4 Hates You]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/16-reasons-why-fallout-4-hates-you/loganrapp
No one is surprised that the world of Fallout is a brutal one, but no one expected Fallout 4 to be so much harder than it's predecessors. A nuclear wasteland is not exactly a comfortable place to be. We knew this in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. But when Fallout 4 came out, the first thing we realized was that this isn't just a rough world. It is a world that actively hates you. So in the interests of trying to keep you alive, we've compiled a list of all the ways Fallout 4 is unforgiving. You better save every 2 minutes, because Fallout 4 is extremely punishing!  

In Fallout 4 every single step treacherous,  with every morsel of food you eat a serious decision of whether or not you want to take that much radiation. At times the game can actually feel like more work than it is fun, but some of us really like that aspect of it. Vote for the aspects of Fallout 4 that you believe to be the most frustrating.

16 Reasons Why Fallout 4 Hates You,

You Will Always Be Irradiated
Always. Everything is filled with radiation and you're going to be literally eating things that will hit you with rads. And the thing is, the more you consume, the lower your maximum HP. So it's a constant battle of "if I eat this, it will heal me, but then I can't fully heal." Your kingdom for a Stimpak and some RadAaway. 
Enemies Use Cover Far Better Than You Can
That's right. They will lean around boxes, show little more than their guns and tag you again and again while you shoot ineffectually into their cover. That perk you need to fire through cover in V.A.T.S.? Good luck doing anything else with all those perk points you put into making that possible. 
Traps Are Brutal And Difficult To See
You'll be walking through a bombed out building, maybe even the Massachusetts State House, and suddenly an explosion turns you into ash. You didn't see it coming. You walk even more carefully the second time around. Explosion. Finally, you're crawling through it as slow as you can, and you find the trap. Hooray, it's over. You get up and then die from a follow-up trap. But hey, when you're done, you can actually take those traps for yourselves. 
V.A.T.S. Doesn't Pause The Game, Just Slows It
That's right -- when it used to be that V.A.T.S. would completely pause time and make it such that you can plan out your next five moves. But that's not the case anymore. While it certainly gives you time to plan things out -- things are still moving. That attack you were trying to pre-empt with V.A.T.S.? Well, it's still coming, so you better pick your attack quickly. Once that bullet's shot, it's coming at you, and it's going to hit. 
Everyone Has Grenades And They Use Them Well
That's right. It used to be when you saw a grenade, it would only very very rarely come within your general vicinity. Not anymore. Everyone has a grenade. Everyone. And they are almost coordinated in how they throw them to make sure you get rocked by them. 
At Least One Character Will Hate Every Decision You Make
With all the physical pain going around, there's plenty of emotional pain as well. There are plenty of characters that you'd like to have around, but the reality is that you're going to have to alienate some of them if you want to play the game at all. Want to join a badass group of super soldiers? You're going to lose one of your earliest friendships almost immediately. Good job! So you'd best make your choices early. 
Ghouls Will Swarm You Before You Even See Them
Ghouls are so much faster than in previous games. Shoot off an arm and they keep coming. Shoot off both arms and they'll just headbutt you. Basically, whenever you feel like you're about to enter a zombie movie, you will be immediately surrounded and batted around by a horde of Ghouls that is up in your grill. 
Your Radar Doesn't See Them Coming
That's right. Before, your Perception rating would give you a radius of awareness of the enemies around you, whether or not they were alerted to your presence. Now? Your radar only brings things up after they're on high alert. Meaning, if you don't use your eyes and actually see them, they'll only be on your radar after they see you first. At least you're not glued to the radar and paying attention to the actual art of the game. 
There Are Never Enough Bullets
You will run out of bullets from your favorite weapon. Then you will run out of bullets from your second favorite weapon, and then your third, and so on. And then you will be out of ammo, in the depths of an unfamiliar Vault, only then realizing that aiming is way more difficult, ammo is significantly more scarce, and enemies can absorb a lot more damage than ever before. Which is why every cache of ammo feels like Christmas. 
You Like Power Armor? Too Bad.
While you get to have a set of T-45b Power Armor very early into the game, and you can even customize it to your heart's content -- but guess what? Fusion cores, you know, the thing that makes your power armor work? Those are going to be hard to come by, and when you use one up, it's gone forever. But when you do get to use it, you feel like the ultimate soldier. 

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<![CDATA[The Best Fire Pokemon of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-fire-pokemon/ranker-pokemon
List of the best Fire Pokemon, ranked by Pokemon masters like you. This greatest Fire type Pokemon list incorporates Pokemon from all generations, so you can vote on everything from Charizard to Houndoom. Not all of these Pokemon are pure Fire type, as some are half while others are secondary. Generally speaking, Fire Pokemon are very popular in the series, as they are powerful offensively and seem to have the greatest fan appeal.

If you want to know, "What is the best Fire Pokemon?" or "What is the greatest Fire type Pokemon?" then this list will answer your questions. If a Pokemon you love is missing, feel free to add it at the bottom of the list.
The Best Fire Pokemon of All Time,











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<![CDATA[The Best Grass Pokemon of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-grass-pokemon/ranker-pokemon
List of the best Grass type Pokemon, ranked by Pokemon masters like you. This list ranks the greatest Grass Pokemon from every generation, so you can vote on everything from Venusaur to Breloom. Many trainers choose to leave Grass types out of their rotation, choosing to teach their other Pokemon Grass type moves instead. Grass types can also be tough to switch into play during a battle, since they're weak to 5 types- tied for first with Rock type Pokemon.

If you want to know, "What are the best Grass Pokemon?" or "What are the strongest Grass type Pokemon?" then this list will be of great help to you. 
The Best Grass Pokemon of All Time,











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<![CDATA[The Best Female Video Game Journalists]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-female-video-game-journalists-v1/devon-ashby
With the advent of the #GamerGate debate, plenty of people lately have felt the need to start talking loudly and brusquely about the "proper role" of women in video game culture. Should female gamers have a voice in game culture at all, since gaming is supposedly a medium intended primarily for dudes?
The big controversy begins when women in video gaming want to actually talk (or write) about their experiences playing or developing games. A surprising number of people seem to think women talking and writing about video games represents an epic, gargantuan threat to the very soul of the games industry, because what could be possibly be more stifling to the creative purity of the Assassin's Creed franchise than pressuring Ubisoft into sticking a female NPC in Unity?

At the end of the day, women in the games industry who promote, discuss, and analyze video games are some of gaming's biggest advocates and most compelling contributors, and they're a diverse group. Below is just a sampling of some of the most visible, unique and hard-hitting female contributors to the public conversation about video games and video game culture.

The Best Female Video Game Journalists,

Felicia Day
Who she is: As the creator of Geek & Sundry, Felicia Day is a respected and beloved commentator on all facets of nerd culture, including, but not limited to, gaming. She humorously describes herself as a video game addict, and her channel features reviews, play-throughs, panel discussions, and even occasional sketch comedy routines about game culture.

She also runs a blog, is the creator of the popular web series The Guild, and has appeared on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Supernatural.

Why she's awesome: What's most infectious about Felicia is her unapologetic enthusiasm for video games as a medium, and her lack of fear about coming across as a total dork. Her style of coverage is all about celebrating how emotional and exciting digital media can be.
Day wrote one of the most outspoken letters regarding Gamergate. She is the proverbial leader of the pack when it comes to being an outspoken voice in the gaming community, often debunking many “female gamer” stereotypes, trying to bring ALL people together who enjoy video games.
Jane McGonigal
Whe she is: Jane McGonigal is the author of the book Reality is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World. She's a game developer and general future tech enthusiast interested in the creative, intellectual, and sociospiritual future of interactive media. She has given three TED talks on the subject of gaming that have been collectively watched over 9 million times. 

Why she's awesome: As a game designer, McGonigal's work emphasizes the use of virtual landscapes and styles of interaction to help solve real-world problems. She is one of the most quoted and referenced individuals on gaming's impact on modern culture. 
Jessica Chobot
Who she is: Jessica Chobot was the first ever host of the Daily Fix, IGN's original daily news program on the video game industry. It was, in essence, the first video game news program of its kind on the web. Since 2013, she's been the main host of Nerdist News where she covers a range of geeky topics.

Why she's awesome: Chobot played a journalist in Mass Effect 3, one of the most popular (if not controversial) games of 2012. She also wrote the popular survival horror game Daylight and knows more about video games than most humans. 
Naomi Kyle
Who she is: Comic and video game nerd Naomi Kyle is the host and writer of IGN's popular series The Daily Fix and Daily Fix Top 5. She has hosted several other original series, most notably The Next Game Boss, which gave aspiring game designers the chance to earn money to create their own video games. In addition to hosting, Kyle also produces awesome video game commentaries and original features.  

Why she's awesome: Naomi is one of the most recognizable video game personalities on the face of the planet. She's the indelible face of IGN and delivers breaking industry news to gamers on a daily basis.
Danielle Riendeau
Who she is: Danielle Riendeau is a senior reviewer for Polygon. She has a very strong critical perspective, but some of her best work for the site is filed under "opinion."

Why she's awesome: Check out this amazing piece about the much coveted and buzzed-about game Alien: Isolation where she ties together the lineage of the game's central character with the feminist themes of Ridley Scott's original 1979 film. Her approach gives video games the respect they deserve, elevates the medium and ends of making the whole industry look good. Pulling out meaty literary themes to discuss while mainstream media tries to completely dismiss video games as a worthwhile part of culture? Awesome. 

Bonus:  her last name is pronounced like "Nintendo" which is pretty fun!

Andrea Rene
Who she is: Andrea Rene appears on Gamestop TV and is a host for GameTrailers. She also runs a blog, keeps fans up-to-date on new industry happenings via her Twitter stream, and contributes a host of freelance video content to various game-related sites, including GameFly, Machinima, and The Escapist. She's currently the Senior Producer and host for the digital and tech oriented entertainment company, DEFY Media.

Why she's awesome: She brings a charming a personal touch to the kind of hosting that usually comes off as stale. Her following speaks for herself. 

Meg Turney
Who she is: Meg Turney first got her angel wings in the geek community as a well-known cosplayer, but has since branched out heavily into online media hosting and news reporting. She's hosted weekly gaming and tech-related series for Nerdist News and CraveOnline, and currently works full-time for the Internet culture channel Rooster Teeth.

Why she's awesome: She has a particularly deep knowledge about Indy games and she tends not to report on something unless she really knows her sh*t. And she usually knows her sh*t. 

Tracey Lien
Who she is: Formerly of Polygon and now with the L.A. Times, Tracey Lien generated a debate around the gaming industry with her groundbreaking piece "No Girls Allowed" and her coverage on the rise of Twitch "When Watching Beats Playing."

Why she's awesome: Tracey does traditional game reviews and criticism, but she also does a lot of on-the-ground reporting (like this article on game developers in the Middle East). She's great at breaking down current events related to gaming culture – like this article about that time the people who own Candy Crush Saga tried to trademark the word "candy."

Tracey is one of the most reputable voices in both the gaming and tech fields. She continues to make strong contributions to the ongoing public conversation about women in games, and the cultural impact of technology.

Carolyn Petit
Who she is: Carolyn Petit is a transgender woman who made waves when she first got hired on as a game reviewer for GameSpot.

Why she's awesome: She made even bigger waves when she published what was, overall, an extremely positive review of Grand Theft Auto V, which nonetheless awarded the game only 9/10 stars. This not-utterly-fawning assessment of the game caused a small faction of totally insane people to launch a smear campaign against Petit, writing embittered emails to her bosses and posting angry rants on YouTube demanding she be fired. Again, 9/10 stars.

Petit unfortunately was let go from GameSpot eventually due to a round of layoffs, not because of her actual writing. She does still continue to be awesome on Twitter, however.

Maddy Myers
Who she is: Maddy Myers is a game critic for Paste Magazine where she contributes feature articles, reviews, and a regular column called "Hyper Mode."

Why she's awesome: Myers is great at combining a traditional critical approach with a solid understanding of game mechanics, making her reviews insightful, funny, and full of depth. Her non-review posts address issues of media bias, censorship, and socio-cultural issues affecting gamers.

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<![CDATA[The Top 5 CSGO Hacks, Cheats, and Aimbots]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/top-5-csgo-hacks-cheats-and-aimbots/gamer
CSGO Hacks are on just about every server running Counter Strike Global Offensive. We take a look at the second most popular game on Steam and review the Top Five top hacks, cheats, and aimbots that will keep you undetected and really let you enjoy the game. CSGO anti-cheat code "OverWatch" was updated in 2014 so you must select the proper cheat site to use our your entire account Steam account, and game will get banned. So let's take a look at the top CSGO hacks! This list was last updated on March 4, 2015.
The Top 5 CSGO Hacks, Cheats, and Aimbots,

csgo-hacks had a great aimbot with some nice ESP features; the big problem we had were bans, everyone testing in our group (four of us) got banned after a week of testing. Once they fix this problem, we will edit the article to reflect the fixes and changes.
tmcheats was pretty easy to setup and install, but two of us got instant bans and "not trusted" on our Steam accounts, so the other two didn't test this site.

In conclusion, if you want the best CSGO Hacks your best bet will be - iwantcheats.net

ilikecheats.net comes in second place with a killer bot for CSGO! Watch the video and check out the ESP how you can see the actual skeleton of every player. You can set the aimbot to auto-fire or play legit with enhanced bot tactics. I tried to get killed with the bot on auto and nobody could ever kill me, pretty funny huh? The ilikecheats CSGO hack came in second because it lost out by four kills when we went up against it with the iwantcheats hack.
 DOWNLOAD NOW AT - ilikecheats.net

fpscheats.com had a killer Counter Strike Global Offensive hack that excelled with sniper rifles and pistols. Check out the YouTube video and watch the super fast sniper kills, people were getting so mad at me when I tested. Then I changed over to the pistol and started killing people faster than you can say "OH YEAH" lol! This hack was insane and only reached the #3 spot because some of the weapons didn't work as well. If they fix those few weapons, we will gladly update our list. We also didn't have any bans using this cheat.
 DOWNLOAD NOW AT - fpscheats.com

UPDATE: As of June 11, 2016 (our last page update) the hack still has NEVER been detected!!

had the best CSGO hack out of every cheat site we tested. With Over Watch being deployed, you have to have a cheat that won't get you detected, and this is it. Our staff has been using the IWC Counter Strike Global Offensive hack for over a month now, and not one of us has had a ban. Here are some of the amazing features you get with the iwantcheats CSGO bot.

Just watch the CSGO cheat video and check out how insanely fast the bot is on a server!
 CSGO AIMBOT: Press a button you set, lock on and kill the enemy player instantly, no questions asked.  =)
 FULL ESP: This lets you always see the enemy so you can get ready and kill them before they see you coming.
 3D BOXES: Boxes are drawn around player bodies for easier location behind walls and items.
 2D RADAR: Allows you to locate every enemy on a spiffy radar screen.
 CROSSHAIR: Draws a permanent crosshair in the middle of screen at all times.
 FULL REMOVALS: Removes recoil, spread, fog, smoke and flash from the game.
 PLAYER WARNINGS: Tells you when a player is close by or aiming at you.
 SAFE PLAY: Keeps you safe from anti-cheat and bans such as OverWatch!

Plus the cheat has over 40 features, we didn't list them all here.
 DOWNLOAD NOW AT -  https://www.iwantcheats.net

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<![CDATA[The Easiest Video Games to Complete]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/easiest-games-to-100-percent-complete/ranker-games
Video games are they're competitive, challenging, make you think, and get the adrenaline flowing. Well, usually. But some games just don't have the moxie. These are the video games you find yourself rushing through, surprised when the credits suddenly pop up on screen. What are the the easiest video games to beat?

Whether it's unlimited lives, unlimited time per level, simple (we mean SIMPLE) tasks to complete, some games, even when played on hard, are just too easy. These aren't games that are intentionally made to be easy, or are just for kids. The games on this list are real games, that are just plain EASY. Some even have cheat codes that make them MORE difficult.

Below are the games that bring you a quick win, but also sadness at their ease of completion. Vote up the absolute video games that are the absolute easiest to complete below.
The Easiest Video Games to Complete,

Barbie Horse Adventures: Wild Horse Rescue

Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing
Not only do you have super strong alien powers in your vehicles, but they activate automatically taking out all opponents... without you having to do a thing. EASY.
Cars: Mater National

Gungrave is chock full of high powered weapons - fully automatics and grenade launchers, all of which... don't need to be reloaded. Beyond that, your enemies do barely any damage AND you have a shield. You can also redo any level, at any checkpoint, an infinite number of times. A game this pretty shouldn't be this easy.
Kirby's Dream Land
For some reason, in this game Kirby is SUPER powerful and his enemies aren't. All you really have to do is... attack. The levels, and eventually the game, fly by.
Luigi's Mansion
It should have been a warning sign that your weapons were a flashlight and a vacuum, but still... it seemed cool. Then you get into it and 90% of the time all you have to do is point your flashlight at a ghost... then, you guessed it... suck it up with your vacuum. Annnnd repeat.
Wii Play
SImple. Repetitive. Easy.
Yoshi's Story
Everyone wanted a sequel to Super Mario Bros. Yoshi's Island and Nintendo delivered this extremely short, extremely simple game. It feels like Yoshi's Island again, but simpler. It's a sequel where they took things AWAY. Literally all you have to do is go around eating fruit. Done.
Kirby's Epic Yarn

The Lord of the Rings: Conquest
What could have been a truly amazing game turned out to be a simple hack 'n slash. Even some trolls could be taken out with a single blow, while other enemies would just wander off cliffs and solve your problems for you.

Thu, 17 Apr 2014 05:50:35 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/easiest-games-to-100-percent-complete/ranker-games
<![CDATA[18 Games That Let You Do Horrible Things With No Consequences]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/games-where-you-can-act-on-your-worst-instincts/jacob-shelton

In every gamer’s life, there comes a time when they grow weary of playing by the rules, when the very idea of following through on the gameplay that’s been laid out before you seems like a hideous chore, and that’s where the video games that make you a god come into play. Sometimes you don’t want to save the princess or level up so you can live a long and happy life as an honest member of society. There are days where you just want to play some video games where you can commit crimes and watch your digital world burn. Whether they’re giving you a chance to throw penguins to their deaths like you’ve always wanted to or see what would happen if you shot some unlicensed nuclear accelerators at the walls of an expensive hotel instead of chasing ghosts, what they’re really doing is allowing you to relax.

Video games where you can be evil aren’t a new invention. Creators of some of the most classic games have been normalizing insane behavior from the time they told you it was okay for a plumber to beat a gorilla to death with a hammer, it’s just that you’re finally getting hip to what they’re laying down. How do you feel about playing God via video games? Do you love it? Or are you bored and looking to expand you power to the realm of the corporeal? Vote up the games that make you the most gleeful as you commit atrocities, then leave us a comment about the worst thing you’ve ever done in real life.

18 Games That Let You Do Horrible Things With No Consequences,


You know who plays Fallout 4 straight through like they're playing a normal game? Squares, that's who. In the most ridiculous version of the Fallout series, you can nuke stuff, build stuff, do whatever the f*ck you want - even play the game, if you're a nerd. 

Rampage World Tour

If you ever need to work off some steam, then boot up a nice game of Rampage and watch as a facsimile of King Kong smashes buildings while fighting a facsimile of Godzilla. Unlike in real life, the more you smash, the better off you are. 

The Legend of Zelda

Throughout the Legend of Zelda games, you spend your days blowing up the walls of ancient ruins, smashing pots, beating up chickens, and being a complete d*ck. And you get away with it because you're saving Hyrule from an ancient evil or something like that. 

The Simpsons Hit & Run

No list of havoc-wreaking games is complete without The Simpsons: Hit & Run, a very underrated GameCube/Xbox/PS2 classic. Think Grand Theft Auto, but everyone's yellow and there are EVEN FEWER consequences. 

The Sims

What terrible stuff can't you do in The Sims? This is the game where you're asked to literally play god in order to win or whatever it is you get out of forcing digital people to starve to death or have increasingly ugly children. 


Do you ever just want to build something in the shape of a giant AK-47? Or like, make a bunch of lava burn some stuff? 

The Last of Us

To be fair, you have to survive the apocalypse somehow, so it's kind of okay that you're essentially tasked with killing all the stuff, whacking cannibals, and being a general tough guy to get your young ward Ellie to Salt Lake City so she can help save the human race. Be honest, is there anything as satisfying and beating someone to death with a pipe? 

Grand Theft Auto V

You could make a case for all the Grand Theft Auto games being the perfect way to let off your worst steam. As a player, you can pull people out of cars, beat up prostitutes, rob strangers, you know, go nuts. But Grand Theft Auto V expands the world to its natural apex, and with that world-building comes an unending amount of trouble in which to find yourself. 

Burger Time

Who hasn't wanted to destroy a bunch of breakfast foods while you build the perfect burger? As a chef, you kill eggs, tomatoes, and whatever else comes your way all in the pursuit of flavor. You're a monster and you love it. 

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Aside from the mortal sin that is parkour (which does no one any good ever) Assassin's Creed IV allows you to pretty much act like a giant douche without any consequences. You can rob sunken ships and no one cares! That's not your stuff! Put it back!

Thu, 23 Feb 2017 05:13:16 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/games-where-you-can-act-on-your-worst-instincts/jacob-shelton
<![CDATA[The Hottest Video Game Vixens of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/the-hottest-video-game-vixens-of-all-time
Hot female video game characters have been fueling gamers buying habits for decades now. From 8 Bit Sprite hotties, to the sexy action heroes featured in your favorite cut-scene, these are the sexiest video game characters ever created. Contribute your list to grow the rankings and include the hottest fighting game combatants, sexy rpg liaison, & your the video game hottie of your dreams. Just want to show your approval of one of the included video game vixens? Vote her up! Looking for some sexy video game characters? Well, these hot vide game characters should be just what the doctor ordered.

These are the hottest video game characters ever. Don't see your favorite vixen? add her and help me make this list of sexy videogame characters more complete.
The Hottest Video Game Vixens of All Time,

Ada Wong



Harley Quinn

Jill Valentine

Lara Croft

Morrigan Aensland

Samus Aran

Tifa Lockhart


Tue, 10 May 2011 07:50:07 PDT http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/the-hottest-video-game-vixens-of-all-time
<![CDATA[The Best Normal Pokemon of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-normal-pokemon/ranker-pokemon
List of the best Normal Pokemon, ranked by Pokemon fans from around the world. This greatest Normal type Pokemon list includes monsters from all generations, so you can vote on everything from Clefable to Arceus. Not all of these Pokemon are pure Normal type, as some are half while others are secondary. Although Normal Pokemon may not have the same awesome appeal as other types do, they're statistically decent Pokemon and are the second most common type in the game, with 97 of them.
If you're wondering, "What is the best Normal Pokemon?" or "What is the greatest Normal type Pokemon?" then this list will answer your questions. If you feel a particular Pokemon is missing from this list, then add it at the bottom to see if other people will vote on it as well.

The Best Normal Pokemon of All Time,











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<![CDATA[The Greatest Fighting Games Ever Made]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/the-greatest-fighting-games-ever-made

The best fighting games pit player against player testing reflexes and skill. Fighting games range from the 3D arena fighters to elaborate tag matches. Almost every major franchise in pop culture has had a go at a fighting game lately, from Star Wars to Street Fighter, the reach of the Fighting Genre runs deep. You can build a list to include your favorite fighting franchise, or use the vote buttons to give the fighting game you love a boost.

Featuring Mortal Kombat, Super Smash Bros., Tekken, and more, ths list includes the best fighting video games of all time. 

The Greatest Fighting Games Ever Made,

Mortal Kombat II


Soulcalibur II

Street Fighter II

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Tekken 5

Tekken Tag Tournament

Mortal Kombat

Street Fighter IV

Fri, 27 May 2011 10:42:41 PDT http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/the-greatest-fighting-games-ever-made
<![CDATA[The 7 Lamest Uses of Classic Monsters in Video Games]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-7-lamest-uses-of-classic-monsters-in-video-games/benjamin-dunn
All of the classic movie monsters that used to scare us out of bed at night whenever we heard a creak or a groan and knew that there was a boogieman lurking underneath waiting to eat us if we closed our eyes are dying. In a sad way.

While a lot of movies and games still get them right, some games get them so wrong that they deserve to be ridiculed.

Better than movies, there are the amazing games that really get you scared. Games like Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Dead Space. Where, lurking behind every corner is some shadow creature ready to claw your face off.
You would think that combining Dracula, Frankenstein or Zombies into an interactive video game would be a no brainer, and for the most part you would be correct. Castelvania, Dead Rising or Left 4 Dead are great examples of games that take the classic movie monster and put them at their best (or worst if you think about it). Those games are fantastic. Unfortunately, they aren’t the only ones out there. Sometimes games just miss their mark. Sometimes they take great scary monsters and turn them into hip, sunglass wearing stereotypes that need to be wiped off the face of the planet. This list contains 7 of the worst games that took the scariest monsters around and made them incredibly lame.

Movies filled with Vampires, Zombies, Frankenstein’s Monster and other unthinkable horrors do these characters justice. The following depictions of lame monsters in video games do not.

The 7 Lamest Uses of Classic Monsters in Video Games,

Frankenstein's Monster - Adventures of Dr. Franken
Frankenstein is a classic story of a doctor trying to overcome death by mastering life (kind of like Pinocchio, actually). The only problem is that the monster he cobbles together has no moral center so he goes on rampages over the smallest things, like say, a burning torch to the face. (And yes, his name is Frankenstein's Monster, NOT Frankenstein, that is the doctor. If you take anything away from our time together please let it be that. Those of you that know this are rolling your eyes, but Halloween costume packages with big monster wigs and neck nodes still say Frankenstein on them. Also, you should learn that I make wonderful cookies when I have enough time. Because I do). Since the monster is a hulking beast, he easily destroys everything that he touches. Which makes him terrifying. Also, he's a reanimated corpse.

So when you take away the menace of the monster's height, strength and attitude and replace it with shorts, flip-flops and a love of sunglasses you ruin everything that there is to love about him.

Also, it has a 90s flare to it that makes it the epitome of the exact kind of lame we experienced in those days. Seems like they could really just turn any character into a guy who's always happy, cocky and happens to enjoy going to the beach, and he's automatically "relatable".

I never loved the beach. This didn't work on me.

Is it adorable that he gets all steamy when he runs out of energy? Sure, but it doesn't make up for the fact that this guy would probably get beat up by the little girl at the river instead of ripping her apart and throwing her in, like a good monster.

Also, how the hell did he get so agile? Whatever happened to waddling around everywhere like some kind of deranged, murderous penguin?

He seems to be able to travel to random parts of the world without packing a single change of clothes and always being dressed for Southern California instead of oh, I don't know, the places he's going?

Also, why would ghosts and large heads that look like him and somehowfly give him so much trouble? He's a monster too.

Which brings me back to my original point that int he context of this game, no. No he's not a monster. Not anymore.

This game is like taking a hamburger and getting rid of the bun, meat and only eating the condiments and veggies. That's a salad. And salads are disgusting.
Ghosts - Super Mario Bros
Nothing is scarier than sitting quietly in your room when suddenly a dead person appears out of nowhere and starts to throw things around the room or wake you up by setting your room on fire. Ghosts can do all of this. We live in constant fear of being haunted. No, yes we do. Yes. We do.

Moving on...

So, then, it is extremely lame that Boo is the one scared of Mario. Sure, he is all laughs and terror when you aren't looking his way, but the second that you turn toward him he hides like a little baby.

I've always thought that the most menacing character in Mario game history would be Boo on Zoloft.

So, since he's scared of you when you're looking at him, all he can really do is get in your way. Which makes him about as scary as an inconveniently placed chair. Even when they're running in packs they don't get the balls to actually take out Mario. C'mon, guys.

Even the Ghosts in Beetlejuice can teach Boo a lesson or two in scary. And that's saying a lot.

Also, what kind of monster plays tennis?... Well? (Click here for Boo playing tennis .)
Mummies - Decap Attack
They might be the slow, dusty version of the modern zombie, but mummies have been scaring people for generations. These cursed shamblers cannot be killed by any means other than ending the curse that created them. They will not stop until you are dead just like them. Even Brendan Fraser can't stop them.

In theory, Chuck D. Head should be terrifying. First off, he has no head. He has to steal a skull from a grave which he then uses to throw at people and kill them. Even worse, if he doesn't have his stolen skull, he still has a face INSIDE HIS BODY, that he can use to eat enemies. Scary right? Not really. In fact he is pretty cute when it comes down to it. Maybe if the people he killed turned into something other than a few bones when they died it would be better. Throw in some blood and much can be forgiven.

That's what my dear old mummy always said anyway. What do you think of that joke mummy-killer Brendon Fraser?

I'm glad you liked it.
Zombies - Plants vs Zombies
Zombies are a touchy subject in the horror community. There are constant debates on whether they should be slow or fast. Dead or infected.

It doesn't matter what camp you fall into though, because I think we can all agree that zombies don't eat vegetables.

Sure, it's adorable that they are wearing traffic cones on their heads or running like a pole-vaulter, but if they are doing all that to get to your delicious sunflowers, then there's something extremely wrong with the picture. Unless of course we are dealing with Vegan zombies, which just seems redundant since most Vegans I know are pretty much zombies anyway. (No offense Janet.)

But these zombies aren't really what you're looking for. Yes, they're slow moving and they're dead, but can they really not get over some plants? Also, why not just use lawnmowers the entire time? It just seems practical.

And yes yes, I know that the whole game (which by the way is one of my favorite tower defense games of all time) takes place in a nightmarish world where plants have feelings and they grow in a matter of seconds, being able to manipulate, harness and hand out the power of the sun, but that doesn't mean that zombies should be any lamer.

Why waste time eating vegetables? If peas from a pod are really going to knock these zombies down, why the hell is everyone locked up in their homes? A set of headphones should suffice as nunchucks in that zombie apocalypse and you'd be fine.
The Blob - A Boy and His Blob
Let me start this list out like I did most of my C-grade essays in College... What is a blob?

It's just an amorphous lump of something. Anything, really. It could be anything. That's what made the original concept of this monster so damn terrifying. What goes on once you're in there (this is also why the Killer Tomatoes were scary -- an shut up, yes they were).

How do you kill something that has no internal organs? How do you stop something that can slither into your room through the smallest crack in your door? The answer is, you don't. That's what makes it so frightening. Check out this clip from the 1988 movie "The Blob" to get a feel for what I'm talking about.

Intense right? Now. Would you want your son running around with a gooey mass of ravenous silly-putty? Well the kid's parents in "A Boy and His Blob" didn't seem to mind. Of course, when you take away the hunger for human flesh and replace it with a craving for Jelly Bellies and give the thing the disposition of Fido then I can kind of understand.

The coolest part about some of film's greatest monsters is that they scared us. When you make it as cute and cuddly as the blob in this video game, you're taking the power away from an iconic monster, and therefore rendering it less-scary and almost moot.

In the game, all that the cute little alien Blob wants to do is get home with the help of the kid and his jelly beans. It is still kind of horrifying though if you think about it. What if there were a food that you were so allergic to that it made you change into shapes like a trampoline or a pothole? Sounds painful.
Vampires - Kid Dracula
Vampires have taken a bad hit in the last few years. They have been pretty much neutered thanks to the sparkly teen angst of a certain film/book series. (Thanks a LOT, Bloodlines series. What? What did you think I meant?)

This, for example, is a travesty.

They've turned teenage girls from loving boy bands to all being weirdly obsessive, love-hungry, potential necrophiliacs.

Not to sound like an old fogy (or like the entire internet) but I remember when vampires were scary as hell. They stalked their prey, ripped out throats and drank from the headless stumps of their victims.

There are some great examples of vampires in video games like Dracula and Alucard (which is Dracula backwards, get it?!) in the Castlevania series.

Kid Dracula was introduced in the early 90's by Konami, the same people that made the aforementioned Castlevania series.

Kid Dracula was supposed to be a little kid friendly version of those games. I can understand wanting to reach a younger audience, but who wants to play a game where you are an annoying little brat with a famous dad who just leaps around shooting spitballs are people? Sounds like the premise of George W. Bush: The Game amirite? Right?! [Insert another vague, dated political reference here.]

In the end though, I would probably take Kid Dracula over Sparkly Shoegazer anytime.

In Kid Dracula, you start the game by shooting fire at something, thus making it daytime. And for some reason, you don't melt. So THAT'S strike one.

Then you go into the first level, which looks like the opening screen of Super Mario Bros 2. You then have to use your fireball Dracula powers (?) to collect money and get hurt by jumping sometimes.

You kill zombies (who should be out doing your bidding) and then go out on your quest to destroy a giant dinosaur/lizard. Because that's what vampires do.
Witches - Left 4 Dead
While "Left 4 Dead" is one of the scariest video games I have ever played, I have to say that the "Witch" in it leaves much to be desired as far as actual "witches" go. Sure she is terrifying, what with the lost little girl sobbing and god help you if you spook her with your flashlights. To call her a Witch, though, is a little off the mark. She doesn't cast spells. She doesn't control all the powers of hell with her dark soul she sold to Satan. She isn't even really a zombie.

When I think of a Witch I think of something like this:

Or Bette Midler in Hocus Pocus. Or that actually kind of scary Angelica Houston head witch from the Roald Dahl book "The Witches". Or The Blair Witch. Or those crazy chicks from The Craft. Basically anyone that wants to hurt you via weird magic that will ruin your life.

The Witches in Left 4 Dead aren't only horrible witches, but they're not even zombies. They're more accurately "infected".

So then why call them Witches? Is it just because they act hysterical and are crying most of the time? Is that really it?

If so, then the name isn't just wrong and inaccurate, but inherently sexist, as they're just using the pregorative

Fri, 28 Oct 2011 09:44:56 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/the-7-lamest-uses-of-classic-monsters-in-video-games/benjamin-dunn
<![CDATA[The 25+ Most Anticipated Video Games of 2017]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/most-exciting-video-games-of-2017/justin-andress

It’s going to be a good year for gamers of all stripes, folks. Whether you’re a traditional couch potato (represent!) or one of those newfangled motion gamers, the upcoming video games in 2017 have a lot of goodies in store. Even better, the hits are going to keep coming all year long, not just October through December. New video game releases are going to drop throughout the year.

Hell, 2017 might even be the year that VR becomes worth the considerable investment it requires. 

Whether you’re looking to tackle an uncharted region of space, beat the crap out of massive, pissed-off gods, or you’re simply hoping to take another trip through the Old West, 2017’s video games have you covered.

Yet, between all the first-person shooters, the upcoming fighting games, the VR experiments, and the brand new open worlds to explore, which of the upcoming titles are you most excited for? It’s already a pitched battle for year’s best and the choice isn’t going to get any easier between here and next December.

But isn’t that just a wonderful cross to bear?

The 25+ Most Anticipated Video Games of 2017,

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

For Honor

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Horizon Zero Dawn

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Days Gone

The Last of Us Part 2

Red Dead Redemption 2

Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Wed, 04 Jan 2017 09:10:31 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/most-exciting-video-games-of-2017/justin-andress
<![CDATA[The Hardest Video Game Boss Battles]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/top-10-hardest-video-game-boss-battles-/pt_tesla
The hardest video game bosses to beat are the fictional characters that stare you down and stand in the way of victory in your gaming environment. Of course, not all boss battles in video games are created equal. Some boss battles are just better than others. These are the hardest bosses with the best payoff - where the fights are hard, but worth it.

What is the hardest video game boss ever? What are the hardest videogame bosses to beat? From bosses in Final Fantasy to God of War to Diablo, these are the hardest (and most satisfying) boss battles to beat - but they're also the ones that make you feel the greatest sense of accomplishment.

The Hardest Video Game Boss Battles,

Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening
Devil May Cry 3 is spot-on when it came to boss battles and the toughest of them all is undoubtedly Virgil. The final brother on brother battle is as grueling as it was fun. Trying to keep Virgil from regenerating health while constantly staying on the attack is no small feat. In fact, it's a major accomplishment, the kind you really should get a medal for.

Even if you stay on top of Virgil consistently enough to keep his health down, his attacks are so strong that even a single one can spell disaster.

Final Fantasy VII
Even at level 99, you can die in an instant; one wrong move gets you killed when you're facing off against these two superbosses. Square Enix really knows how to beat you down, even when you've earned a mega-sword that should turn any boss battle into a breeze.

God of War II
God of War III blew its predecessor out of the water in graphics and gameplay, but no boss battle in the series has ever been harder than Zeus.

Zeus is, well, the God of all Gods - so he pretty much SHOULD be this hard to beat. The biggest problem with Zeus is that every time you turn around, he's completely healed. The gory cutscene at the end is well worth the battle, though. Keep going, valiant god-killers. Keep going.

Kingdom Hearts
Sephiroth is a legendarily tough boss in Kingdom Hearts for good reason. One hit from him can knock you down to one hit point.

Unless you build up your HP throughout the entire game and basically don't relent on doing things like "finishing the level in a timely manner," you're going to have a really hard time trying to beat him when it really comes down to it.
Mega Man
Take your pick of hard bosses from the Mega Man series, but the most memorable has to be the Yellow Devil.

This boss battle is all about timing. You have time your actions almost perfectly to beat him. Every one of his attacks needs to be dodged and you only have intervals of a few seconds in which he is vulnerable. The battle might sound a little simplistic, but even once you figure it out, there's almost no room for error.

You know a boss is going to be hard when the game is named after him and Mike Tyson is as difficult as it got in this boxing game. Your timing had to be precise and every blow had to be perfect if you wanted any hope of beating him. Not to mention the fact that he's huge. Like Incredible Hulk huge.

The only saving grace is that win or lose, you still get to keep both of your ears.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma
Even as a super badass ninja, defeating Ultimate Alma is no easy task. She's a ball of energy and fireballs with just one thing on her mind: your death.

No matter how resilient and skilled you are, it's almost certain to take more than a few tries to defeat this villain. As is so often the case, when you've finally figured it out, it's all about exploiting her weaknesses and acting quick. Even when she's frozen, there's only a nanosecond window in which to strike.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Battling Tabuu on the hardest difficulty level is controller-smashingly frustrating.

This boss is like a stalker. He requires lots of dodging, a lot of athletics and at least some self-hatred to keep trying. Some of his attacks are straight up instant-kills. Imagine playing in a tournament of Smash Bros. against that one friend who nobody ever wants to play against... and multiply that by at least five.
World of Warcraft
World of Warcraft's C'Thun is almost impossibly hard, or at least he was at one point. He was so difficult that Blizzard actually released a patch to make this boss battle less difficult. Even the best guilds around had trouble with this boss.

C'Thun became considerably less difficult after his stats were nerfed, but his original difficulty remains engrained in World of Warcraft lore.

Dark Souls
It's appropriate that a game as notoriously difficult as Dark Souls would have bosses as hard as Ornstein and Smough.

Beating them is an exercise in patience and strategy. Taking on both of them at once is a virtual death sentence. You have to divide and conquer, making sure neither of them manage to land a shot. Then it's all about biding your time until you can take one of them out for good. Once you've eliminated one, beating the other is a relative cakewalk, but getting there might just put a few grey hairs on your head.

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<![CDATA[The Best Xbox Characters]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/xbox-video-game-characters/ranker-games
Microsoft stunned the world when they announced that they were getting into the video game hardware business -- specifically a game console. No one really through that it was going to work, but when the Xbox hit shelves, it was... actually, pretty well received. It was through here that many major franchises were born, game series with iconic characters that still exist to this day. 

This list seeks to show off the myriad of video game characters that spawned on the Xbox, and have since become the major names that have reached household status today. Whether heroes from the Star Wars universe, or a thief in the series first foray into the console market, or yes, the all-mighty Master Chief from Halo, there is a wide swath of characters that got their start on the Xbox, and that continue to endure today. 

So take a look at this list, vote, and completely rerank to create your perfect list of Xbox video game characters! Whether the start of a soon to be iconic video game series, or an old series continuing its strength in a new console, or a character fighting the oldest evil that's ever been written, we've got plenty here to choose from! Take a look at our list, and check out our other lists across all the other consoles!
The Best Xbox Characters,


Buffy Summers

Conker the Squirrel


Kyle Katarn

Master Chief




Edward Kenway

Thu, 16 Jul 2015 05:26:06 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/xbox-video-game-characters/ranker-games
<![CDATA[The Best Adventure Time Video Games Ever Made]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-adventure-time-games/ranker-games
With so many Adventure Time games, Finn and Jake are ready to roll whenever you want to take a trip to the Land Ooo. The wildly imaginative Cartoon Network series is one of those shows that appeals to kids and adults alike, and its popularity has led to quite a few surreal video games set in Ooo. Trying to find the best Adventure Time games can be more complicated than deciding the Ice King's true nature, though. That's why there's a list of Adventure Time Games, ranked from best to worst by fans like you.

Whether you want a simple 2D side-scroller like Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?!! or a full adventure game like Finn & Jake's Epic Quest, you'll find plenty of fun Adventure Time games to play. There's even a MOBA thanks to Adventure Time: Battle Party.  No matter what type of Adventure Time game you're looking for, you'll find it here.

Not all games about Adventure Time are equal, however, and like Finn, you'll have to make some tough choices. Vote up your favorite Adventure Time video games and vote down the games that just don't do the show justice. Have you played them all? Then rerank the list!

The Best Adventure Time Video Games Ever Made,

Adventure Time - Legends of Ooo: Big Hollow Princess
Legends of Ooo is one of the Adventure Time games on CartoonNetwork.com, and also an app for iOS devies. The object of the game is to save Hot Dog Princess, Slime Princess, and Princess Bubblegum, who have been frozen by the Ice King. Many other characters make small cameos such as Why-wolves, Choose Goose, Flambo, Hot Dog Knights, Tree Trunks, Lumpy Space Princess, Demonic Eye Creatures, Snail, Gunter, a hungry bear, and Ghost Man. The game was released for mobile devices with exclusive voice acting.
Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?!
Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?!! is a 2D side-scrolling action-adventure video game developed by WayForward Technologies and published by Bandai Namco Games and D3 Publisher for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS. It is based on Pendleton Ward's animated television series Adventure Time. The game was released in North America for retail release on November 20, 2012, and digitally via Nintendo eShop on December 13, 2012. The 3DS version was later released in Europe on February 13, 2014 as a Nintendo eShop exclusive
Adventure Time: Battle Party
Like other Multiplayer online battle arena games such as League of Legends and Dota 2 the player and team take down the other team's base. Unlike other MOBAs, players cannot level up their skill or buy items. Instead players customize their characters via pre-made"backpacks" that give different stat bonuses. Matches can either be PVP or against AI. Matches end either when one team's base is destroyed or when time runs out. Upon time-out, the team with the most points wins.

There are 19 playable characters so far.

Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know!
Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know! (stylized as Adventure Time Explore the Dungeon Because I DON'T KNOW!) is a video game directed by Tomm Hulett and developed by WayForward Technologies with the help of Pendleton Ward under license from Cartoon Network Interactive. It is published by D3 Publisher for Microsoft Windows, Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo 3DS. This is the second game based on the animated television series Adventure Time after 2012's Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?!. The game was first announced on May 14, 2013. The game includes voice acting from major characters and four-player cooperative multiplayer, except in the 3DS version, which has no multiplayer.
Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom
Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom is a video game developed by WayForward Technologies with the help of Pendleton Ward under license from Cartoon Network Interactive. It was published by Little Orbit for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360 and Nintendo 3DS. This is the third game based on the animated television series Adventure Time after Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?! and Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know!, and the first from American publisher Little Orbit. The game was first announced on May 8, 2014 and was released on November 18, 2014.The game's plot takes Finn and Jake to discover the secrets through uncharted territories within the Land of Ooo. The game features a top-down perspective adventure game with puzzle elements, similarly to Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know!.
Beemo : Adventure Time
PLAY WITH BEEMO! Put Beemo from Adventure Time on your device. BEEMO IS VIDEO GAME! Can you beat Beemo at his own game? Play Adventure Time games with Beemo. Outkick Lincoln in a football punting competition in Pro Football 1861.  BEEMO IS CAMERA! Add Adventure Time stickers to your photos! Or make custom wallpapers for your phone or tablet.  BEEMO IS SOUNDBOARD! Play some of your favorite quotes from Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Ice King, LSP, and, of course, Beemo!  Beemo is for YOU!  This amazing, interactive app features original VO from actress Niki Yang! Available for iPhone 4, 4s, and 5; iPad 2, 3, and 4; iPad mini; and iPod touch 4 and 5.

Pro Football 1861 has been seen in the episodes "Business Time" and "Davey". Kompy's Kastle was seen in "Who Would Win" and "Conversation Parade" was seen in "Rainy Day Daydream."


Ski Safari: Adventure Time
"Adventure Time has a new game, and it’s flippin’ awesome! Shred the slopes of Ooo on Finn’s butt in Ski Safari Adventure Time! There’s a nasty avalanche chasing after Finn. Luckily, his friends are here to help. Hop on Jake, take a ride on Rainicorn, grab a hold of Marceline, or hitch a ride on a wild animal (penguins are faster than you’d think)."
Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations
Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations is an upcoming action adventure video game developed by Vicious Cycle Software under license from Cartoon Network Interactive. It will be published by Little Orbit for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, and Nintendo 3DS. This is the fourth game based on the animated television series Adventure Time following The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom, and the first action adventure title in the series presented in full 3D graphics. The game was first announced on April 21, 2015, and will be released on October 2015.In this game, players can check out "Land of Ooo locales, talk to characters, sharpen their creative puzzle-solving skills, defeat bad guys and just have fun." Loosely based on the TV show's sixth season, the game features "a focus on exploring, investigating, and puzzle-solving. Thanks to the discovery of an assignment printing machine called the 'tickertype,' Finn and Jake decide to become detectives like Joshua and Margaret – Finn and Jake’s parents. Finn's sword will see a bit of action too, allowing players to fill the Tree House treasure room full of enemy drops."
Jumping Finn Turbo
Jumping Finn is an Adventure Time game released on cartoonnetwork.com that was originally released on cartoonnetworkla.com in early August 2011 before it appeared on the official US site. Later, it is released to be able to be played at iOS and Android devices. It is currently available on the App Store for $1.99. It is also available via Google Play, for $2.27. In the iOS and Android versions, its title was renamed to Super Jumping Finn in the UK and Jumping Finn Turbo in the US.

Princess Bubblegum is captured by the Ice King and Jake needs to kick Finn up in the air to reach the Ice King's home. One must keep Finn in the air by using boosts and power-ups. One can earn badges for getting power-ups or reaching distance and height levels. One wins when you fly through the Ice King's castle and save the princess.

Adventure Time : Rock Bandits
What time is it? It’s ADVENTURE TIME SPECIAL time aka The Rock Bandits Adventure Time app for iOS.  This game rocks. It has 20 huge levels, 4 boss battles, and tons of your favorite characters! Not to mention an original comic by the Adventure Time comic series writer Ryan North and artist Shelli Paroline! Punch some respect into Ice King and his evil band as you follow their tour across the Land of Ooo since they could not get any fans of their own and so they kidnapped all of Marceline's fans instead.. Bust it up with Finn and Jake. You know you want to!
  Rock Bandits is available for iPad 2, 3, and 4; iPad mini; iPhone 4, 4s, and 5; and iPod touch 4.

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<![CDATA[10 Major Milestones from 2016 That Prove 2017 Will Be Huge for eSports]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/how-esports-have-changed-in-2016/taeyura

By the end of 2016, it was clear that the eSports industry was bigger than ever and quickly working its way into mainstream pop culture. Gaming tournaments that used to take place in the back of hotel conference rooms or in local arcades now have an international spotlight and globally recognized television networks showing interest in the competitive gaming market. eSports saw a lot of changes in 2016 and those major milestones are proof that 2017 may be the biggest year competitive gaming has ever seen.

10 Major Milestones from 2016 That Prove 2017 Will Be Huge for eSports,

Twitch Grew Into an Internet Behemoth

While many people were shocked by Amazon’s $970 million purchase of Twitch, the streaming website’s current stats proves it was worth the investment. The live-streaming site dedicated to gaming content is outperforming YouTube in some key areas. While Twitch’s overall viewership is far smaller than YouTube's, its viewers consume more hours of content than the average YouTube user. 

According to Tech Crunch, Twitch viewers watch seven hours of content on average every month compared to YouTube’s five hours. Twitch also has better user engagement with its viewers being more active when it comes to posting chat messages and interacting with their favorite broadcasters. Since Twitch has become the go-to platform for viewing gaming tournaments as well as keeping up with popular gamers from across the globe, Twitch's growth can only mean good news for the eSports community. 

Major League Baseball Is Getting into eSports

League of Legends is easily one of the most popular games on the planet and it’s about to get even bigger. Riot Games signed a multi-year deal with a division of Major League Baseball’s parent company that will give MLB the rights to stream the League of Legends Championship Series. The deal means the overall quality of the stream is likely to see a huge boost and it marks yet another multi-million-dollar gaming deal in 2016. The deal is worth a whopping $300 million

The First eSports League with Regional Teams Is on the Way

eSoorts teams are nothing new, but thanks to the success of Blizzard’s Overwatch, a new type of eSports team is on the way. eSports teams have always been made up of players from all across the world, but in 2016, Blizzard announced that their Overwatch league would introduce regional eSports teams. In other words, it would be the first competitive gaming league with a structure that more closely reflects the structure of other professional sporting leagues. 

ELEAGUE Founded in Summer of 2016

Turner Broadcasting officially entered the competitive gaming scene with the launch of their very own league, called ELEAGUE, in the summer of 2016. ELEAGUE hosted two seasons of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments complete with on-air talent and a live audience. ELEAGUE also played host to the Overwatch Open and streamed the gaming action from all the tournaments live to TBS’ massive audience

Nintendo Is Finally Showing Interest in eSports

The competitive gaming scene has mostly been dominated by PC gamers, but both Xbox and PlayStation have always shown interest in catering to the competitive gaming community on consoles. The gaming giant so often missing from the equation, however, was Nintendo. Despite the fact that the Super Smash Bros. series has been huge for the fighting game community, Nintendo has never shown much interest in getting more involved with eSports. That changed in 2016 with the announcement of the Nintendo Switch. A commercial for the upcoming console showed two eSports teams battling it out in Splatoon and suggests that Nintendo will finally become more invested in the eSports business. 

The Industry Experienced a Massive Jump in Revenue Growth

eSports saw incredible revenue growth in 2016 with competitive gaming making more than $194 million in revenue, according to Newzoo. And that number is expected to more than double in 2017. It’s proof that eSports are growing in popularity and in profitability. In fact, it’s estimated that eSports will become a billion-dollar industry in just a few years. 

Several Professional Athletes Created eSports Teams

While professional athletes like Rick Fox had created their own eSports teams before 2016, last year certainly introduced a surprise surge in professional athletes getting into the competitive gaming scene. By the end of 2016, several sports stars, including Shaq and Rodger Saffold, were the proud owners of eSports teams. Other athletes like Kobe Bryant and Andy Miller have expressed interest in competitive gaming and have already made investments in the industry. 

A Competitive Fighting Game Tournament Was Broadcast on ESPN for the First Time

2016 marked a huge milestone for the fighting game community as the EVO Championship series was broadcast on ESPN for the first time ever. It was also only the second gaming tournament to be broadcast on the network after a Heroes of the Storm Tournament aired back in 2015. 

There's Been a Sudden Surge in Schools Offering eSports Scholarships

By the end of 2016, at least seven different universities and colleges were offering scholarships for competitive gaming. The list includes schools like Robert Morris University, University of Pikeville, Columbia College, and the University of California, Irvine. The University of California, Irvine, even announced plans to create a Korean-style PC cafe for all their students to have access to. 

eSports Is Getting Recognized in Mainstream Entertainment

eSports has been growing in popularity, but recently, it has even started gaining traction in the realm of mainstream entertainment. One of the biggest entertainment announcements related to eSports came when Legendary Pictures, Mosaic Films, and Gary Sanchez Entertainment announced Will Ferrell will be starring in an upcoming comedy film focused on the world of eSports. The movie will even call on the likes of actual professional gamers from eSports teams Evil Geniuses and Fnatic. 

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<![CDATA[The Very Best of the Angry School Boy Meme]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-very-best-of-the-angry-school-boy-meme/ron-mexico
In honor of all the brave boys and girls that have gone back to school this month, I have gathered together the greatest of the Angry School Boy Meme. Angry School Boy taps into the part of us all that can't stand it when people don't get the importance of the little things. How hard is it to know the difference between Playstation and Nintendo? Or that you simply can't walk away in the middle of a Poke-Battle?

The Angry School Boy meme captures these emotions we have all had from time to time and voices them through a very angry young man. So think of him the next time your parents tell you to shut down the game and come to dinner. Always remember, what would Angry School Boy do?

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More lists include Favorite Sith, Best Bantamweight Boxers, Best Celebrity Smiles, Greatest Rock Stars and City of God Movie Quotes
The Very Best of the Angry School Boy Meme,

On Economics

On Dirty Towels

On Pant Folds

On Handheld Electronics

On Proper Names

On Titles

On Dinner

On Product Names

On Timing

On Misplaced Sympathy

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<![CDATA[The Best Farm Simulator Games]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-farm-simulator-games/ranker-games
Plant your crops, and let your land flourish! These are the best farm simulator games that are available on any console, including Nintendo, iPhone, Steam, and more. Ever since Farmville became the #1 game on Facebook, farming sim games and agriculture simulators have become extremely popular. The concept is simple- you start with nothing but some land, and you build your crops until you've got a giant field of vegetables, plants and more. Some games could be considered tractor simulators, as the player controls a variety of farm vehicles that plow, plant, till and more. Popular farm sims include Farming Simulator 15, Don't Starve, and Harvest Moon: Story of Seasons, but there are many other great games on this list that you should definitely give a chance as well.
The Best Farm Simulator Games,

Harvest Moon

Farm Story

Farming Simulator 2011

Don't Starve


Story of Seasons

Farming Simulator 15

Stardew Valley

Farming Simulator 2013

Flower Shop: Summer In Fairbrook

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<![CDATA[The 23 Funniest Examples of Grand Theft Auto Logic]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-grand-theft-auto-logic/chris-abraham
Here are 23 examples of funny GTA logic, including memes from Vice City, San Andreas, GTA V and more. If you've played any of the Grand Theft Auto games, you know that the way things work aren't always logical. Are the cops chasing you? Spray paint your car and you'll lose them immediately. Getting a haircut? Walk into the barber shop and you can leave with more hair than you had when you walked in. These are the best GTA memes from every game in the series, featuring terrible logic from cops, playable characters, cousin Roman and more. Vote for the ones that make you laugh the hardest!
The 23 Funniest Examples of Grand Theft Auto Logic,

Health Logic

Haircut Logic

Gun Logic

Water Logic

Toll Booth Logic

Surrender Logic

Hot Dog Logic

Punishment Logic

Bush Logic

Rare Car Logic

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<![CDATA[Worst Things People Have Ever Done in The Sims]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/terrible-sims-stories/rosa-pasquarella
The Sims are an integral part of any gamer's collection. Who doesn't love a game that lets you play God? From its humble beginnings to it's copious updates and expansions, players are able to create families, build houses, and rule their own little world... or at least that what they're supposed to do. 

Lovers of this classic video game over on Reddit opened up about the most bizarre things they had ever done with their Sims. From funny mishaps to sinister murder-suicide plots, these stories will make you want to find your nearest console and binge with The Sims.

Worst Things People Have Ever Done in The Sims,

User creates a party room, sets it on fire, and forces Sims to dance (or they die)
"I bought a giant mansion but made some modifications to it. By modifications I mean a room called 'The Party Room'.

The party room had dance floors, plenty of food, music and a nice sports car parked in the middle. What could go wrong?

I threw a party and invited everyone I knew into it and called them into the room. Suddenly the doors shut and a nightmarish hell began.

All the stereos switched to that annoying kids music, the strobe lighting kicked in and the fireplaces were placed. The doors disappeared magically.

The sims weren't allowed to leave the house. I had but three commandments: anyone who does not dance dies, anyone who tries to put out the fires dies and the last surviving member was allowed to live.

At least 30 Sims had to endure fire, starvation, piss-covered floors, strobe lighting, kids music, windows that pointed directly outside to freedom, ghosts and rotten food for about two weeks in-game. One by one the Sims were picked off through horrific torture."

Player forces family to play music while he kills off the family pet (who he turned human)
"In 'Makin' Magic' I had a brilliant dog called AJ who was loved by the whole family. He never had an off day and brought sheer joy to his owners. I decided to train my wizardry and get the spell that allowed you to turn pets into humans, so AJ could be even more a part of the family.

He turned out to be the biggest fucking ass-bag as a person, and was abusive to his family, so we had to take care of him. I built a monolithic tomb, and trapped him inside. The family stood out front playing music to him as he slowly starved. They bought a new dog and played with it happily outside AJ's eternal resting place to torture his trapped soul. Eventually a dragon burnt down the house and killed them all.

What a game."

Player stuffs entire neighborhood inside house with one toilet and no doors

"Killing Sims is (generally) too easy and vastly overdone. So one day I was an a mischievous mood so I decided to perform a 'social experiment'. I built a very bland house. Basically a big square of unpainted walls without windows and only one door. Once I had the whole neighborhood trapped inside, I removed the only way out.

Inside the house there was one refrigerator (no starving to death allowed) and right in the center of the house, a single toilet. I wanted to see which Sims would unashamedly use the toilet in full view of everyone else. Most did not want to.

Slowly I would shrink the walls as people moved away from them forcing everyone closer and closer to that one, lone toilet. The whole neighborhood, all fed and needing to use the toilet, nearly all too ashamed to use it standing around in a tight, confined space all staring at the toilet longingly. Many were standing in puddles. Woe betide them that fainted."

User creates maze from the fridge to the toilet that takes 48 hours to get through

"[I created a] giant two-story maze, room in the middle of the bottom floor had a fridge and the one up top had a toilet. It took 48 Sim hours to get through the maze."

Player forces husband to paint wife's affairs, hangs paintings all over the house

"One of my Sims had the desire to sleep with ten people. She had a husband who was an artist. He was always in his studio endlessly painting, he had a bed in there, he was completely dedicated. Every time she had a lover over I had him paint the scene in the bedroom. He never caught her as he rarely left his studio but all the time he was obliviously painting her infidelity. Obviously I hung these paintings all over the house."

User forces starving Sim to throw out pizza he secretly ordered; Sim cries while it happens
"I was starving my Sim and he sneakily called up for a pizza. When it was delivered I made him throw it in the garbage. Then he cried."
Player creates her ex-boyfriends, kills them off one by one
"One by one, I created my ex-boyfriends. I'd flirt with them, get a little woo-hoo action, them one day they'd have a little accident. Who knows why John decided to try to fix that broken dishwasher at two AM with no repair skill? Or how François got trapped in the pool in the middle of the night? How unfortunate."
Player repeatedly kills every man a Sim tries to marry, woman eventually dies
"I made a black widow: a female Sim who would marry men, and on the wedding day I would lock him up in the basement and basically starve him. Her secret cemetery/basement had like 20 urns. I didn't even do it for the money (I would donate it all away, she had the 'good' trait so it would actually benefit her too). I never had her have sex with any of them either, she died a virgin after adopting a baby girl and then I repeated the entire cycle with her as well."
Player drowns his Sim, has everyone show up to the funeral in bathing suits
"One time I killed a Sim by drowning. Then I made everyone show up to his funeral in swimwear."
Player makes clean-freak Sim, locks him in house with dead hamster and rotting food
"I made a guy who was a compulsive neat-freak. Put him in a really surreal little house with a wedding buffet and a hamster or something, and deleted the door. Eventually, he went insane from lack of cleanliness and depression over his little rodent friend dying, and starved to death once the banquet rotted. I put the resulting urn in the room. I then repeated an identical scenario several times, always keeping the urns in the room. Eventually the tenth iteration of this guy is up all night, every night, terrified of a parade of ghosts of himself."

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<![CDATA[The 13 Greatest Moments in Video Game Griefing History]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-13-greatest-moments-in-video-game-griefing-history/benjamin-dunn
Griefing:deliberately irritating and harrassing other players in an online multiplayer game. From Second Life to Modern Warfare, Team Fortress 2 to Left 4 Dead, wherever there's a large group of people playing an online game together, there's a smaller group that just wants to make everyone else miserable. Call them "griefers" or "trolls", but they're all out for the same thing: making your life a living hell. Be it exit blocking in MW3, creating a steady stream of Tanks in L4D or sending flying genitalia through your Second Life, these jerks will do anything and everything.

While there are special things that can be done in almost any game, there are a few standard griefing moves in almost every game. These consist of exit blocking (when a person stands in the way of the only exit from the spawn room), team killing (killing your own teammates) or just plain being annoying over the coms.

This list has gathered some of the best moments in griefing history from some of the top games on the market as well as some great historical moments. If these give you ideas all I ask is that you stay off of my game’s server. Thanks.

What are some of the greatest moments in video game history? Who are the top 10 video game trolls? This list will answer that question and will give you a better understanding of who are the best video game trolls, or worst, depending on your point of view.

*Please note: The language contained in some of the following videos can be considered rude, racist and just plain not nice.
The 13 Greatest Moments in Video Game Griefing History,

Xbox 360 Kinect: Griefing the Next Generation
When the Kinect came out it was being touted as the next generation of family entertainment. What they should have said was that it would be a new way to torment your younger brother.

It would've sold a lot better, that'd for damn sure. And then maybe then we'd have something a little better than dancing games and stuff that makes you look like you have vertigo while you're playing it.

For those of you that have not had the opportunity to play with a Kinect, let me give you a run down. The way the sensor works is that it bathes the room in infra-red dots that the camera on the machine picks up and uses to create an in-game model of yourself.

If it's a two player game, each player has to stand shoulder length apart or else it will mold you together and get really confused.

So when the Weasley family here all gather behind little Ron, it causes the game to go haywire. Granted, the view of them griefing their little brother is probably more entertaining than seeing what is actually happening in the game, but that's true about most games on the Kinect in general.
Modern Warfare 2: Knife Party
Ah war. Fighting day after day.

Not knowing when you are going to meet the person who has the bullet with your name on it. It can get intense. Sometimes it gets so intense that there is nothing you can do but go a little crazy and start knifing anyone in your way.

Going on a knifing spree is what people do when they're drunk and about to ADD-quit a round of multiplayer.

This is a simple, yet effective, and ultimately hilarious way to grief/troll that's pretty funny on video, but absolutely nerve-wracking and horrific if you're subject to it.

It takes kind of a bit of skill to not get killed with this tactic too.

Tip of that hat to this asshole.
Modern Warfare 3: Trolling Edition
This video demonstrates one of the most highly utilized forms of griefing performed in games today: The In-Team Kill.

Pretty much exactly how it sounds, team killing is, surprise surprise, when you kill members of your own team.

It's the ultimate betrayal an the way that complete assholes get their rocks off. It's never fun for anyone and, after you've been waiting for a while in the lobby, it makes you want to actually kill whoever thinks this is fun. It ruins the game.

And if you think this you're 100% in the right. There's nothing that says that you're wrong. But it's impossible to complain about someone doing this without sounding like a 7 year old saying "but mo-o-o-o-m... he's ruining the ga-a-a-a-a-ame!".

In the Modern Warfare series, the best way to go about that is to either take out your team members before the clock is done counting down, or just shoot your RPG into the group, wiping everyone out and getting booted from that game.

... worth it?
Team Fortress 2: Communications Error
One of the best things about multiplayer games is getting to be on a team and running through combat strategies on the fly. Having your team leader assign tasks and sectors. Responding to distress calls from fallen teammates. Hollering in victory when you win.

Of course, that becomes difficult when the enemy decides that they are going to just keep forcing the game to notify that they are taking your base. Over and over and over and over and over again.
Team Fortress 2: Team Roomba
Team Fortress 2 is a colorful send up to all the first person shooter multiplayer games out there. Instead of dealing with gritty surroundings and dull camo, you get to be in ultra-fun bright colors, playing as cartoon versions of FPS characters. All the classes are represented. You have the Spy, the Heavy, the Engineer, the Sniper, the Medic and the Pyro. You can even choose to have balloons come out of your bullet riddled corpse instead of blood. Yay!

All fun aside though, this is still a serious team game. People spend days on the servers trying to defend their intel and bases. Of course, anytime that people start taking a game seriously, that's when it is ripe time for THE griefing.

Team Roomba is what one would consider a "professional" griefing team. And by that I mean that they're sponsored and everything. They go around TF2 and record themselves causing havoc. Though they can be seen performing team kills, their specialty seems to be creating amazing teleport traps that force opponents into automatic deaths. Frustratingly brilliant.

Second Life: Attack of the Flying Dongs
Second Life is a popular Massively Multiplayer Online world. Not really a game, but a place where people go and, well, live a second life (which means that they're not really doing the best in living their first one).

Since people spend so much time (re: most of it) in this virtual world, it becomes ripe for the griefing.

Whenever something actually starts mattering to anyone... this is when it becomes ripe for the griefing.

From "hand of god" attacks (where a person runs a tool that repeats a word or phrase over and over in a person's conversation screen forcing them to reboot) to changing a person's home to look like a pedophile play land, it seems that there are just some people that can't be happy without making others miserable.

The attack that happened in the video above occurred in 2006 during an interview by CNET. 

Right before the interview with the person took place a flock of flying 3D phallus' took out the whole thing. What's even crazier, is that in 2008 someone took the concept of that attack and made it happen in real life using remote controlled planes and adult sex toys.

Read more about it here.
Black Ops: Protecting the Door
In a special DLC package for Call of Duty: Black Ops, you get to play as soldiers trying to save themselves from wave after wave of viscous Nazi zombies. The main way of protecting yourself is to maintain a boarded up perimeter, avoiding zombies and demon dogs at all costs. That becomes quite difficult, though, when one or two of the people on your team will not allow you to get near the door to board it up, thus letting the flood of zombies come at a dizzying, impossible 28 Days Later pace.

I'm just going to say it. Most of the people that get griefed bring it on themselves. Sometimes you just want to play a game and another player just can't keep their mouths shut. When you add some not-so-subtle racism being blasted into your ears (and sometimes from your screen -- my neighbors probably think I'm a KKK Grand Wizard at this point), sometimes that person just needs to be shut up in the worst way possible.
Team Fortress 2: Bait and Switch
I think it was Sun Tzu (or maybe it was Shang Tsung) that said the best way to beat your enemy, is to know your enemy. These guys really used this in the best way possible.

The person involved in this strategy really got into the enemy's head. Let's think through their logic.

Who am I playing against? Mostly dudes.
What do dudes like more than killing? Babes.
What is the best way to distract dudes? Put pictures of hot babes everywhere and knife them in the back when they aren't paying attention.

Brilliant. Just flat out, absolutely brilliant.

(A special mention has to go out to poor individuals that fell for this cheap trick, but let's face it, you kind of deserved it.)
Gary's Mod: Buried Alive
A brief description to shed some light on what is happening in the above video: Gary's Mod is a game that is made using the Half Life 2 engine. Not a "game" per se, but it allows players to just fool around with the engine and make some amazing environments to play in.

Once any thing is accessible to everyone on such a wide scale, though, pretty damn annoying interactions start happening almost instantly.

The only way to negate an extremely vocal 9 year-old*? Box him in anyway possible.

*He's the shadowy figure that has been rightfully placed in a time out, not the person "filming" it.
Battlefield 3: Crime and Punishment
This little bit of game exploitation was brought to my attention by the fine folks over at Kotaku. While the video isn't any sort of griefing in the traditional sense, it did show people how to exploit a part of the game that allowed players to level up extremely fast... which is where the griefing began.

The guy who made the video came back with a response later, expressing his sorrow at giving away such a cheap, horrible trick.

To make amends he is now going around to different game servers, finding people using the cheat, and systematically destroying them.

He's cleaning up his own mess and looking like a jerk in the process. In a way, he's the MW2 player that the servers deserve *Dark Knight music*.

Read more about the story here.

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<![CDATA[The Best Games Like Skyrim]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-games-like-skyrim/meme-dude
Well, it's come to this. You've sunken over 100 hours into Skyrim and there's just nothing new to do in the game (trust us we've been there.) Use this list of the best games like Skyrim to find some new gems to play that will consume you for entire days. Have you not tried Fallout 3 or New Vegas? What about Oblivion, the previous title in the Elder Scrolls series? There are plenty of other great games similar to Skyrim, so don't hesitate to check out any of the titles below. 
The Best Games Like Skyrim,

Dragon Age: Origins

Fallout 3

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

The Witcher

Fallout: New Vegas

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

Dragon Age: Inquisition

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Fallout 4

Fri, 22 Aug 2014 16:23:49 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/best-games-like-skyrim/meme-dude
<![CDATA[Subtlest Adult Jokes You Never Caught in Kids' Video Games]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/adult-jokes-in-kid-video-games/jordan-love
Hidden adult jokes aren't just for SpongeBob and Disney, plenty of supposedly kid friendly games are riddled with mature jokes and innuendos. Sometimes the jokes feel innocent enough at first glance but other times their adult content is immediately apparent. From implied prostitution to drunkenness, some kids' video games are filled to the brim with adult jokes.

To count as a kids' game on this list, a video game has to be appropriate at least at first glance. Some of the adult jokes in kids games are put their secretly by the developers while others are part of the original script. Luckily for us, more than a few have gotten by the ESRB raters and end up in the final cut of the game. There have even been a few infamous instances where dirty jokes in video games where scrapped half-hardheartedly so that somewhere in the game you could still find their remnants if you looked hard enough.

A few of these adult jokes require a special code or button sequence, but the best ones are the ones that are hidden in plain sight. Some are more subtle than others but one thing is for sure, adult jokes in video games that should be appropriate for kids are just a little bit funnier than everything else.

Enjoy this list of adult jokes you never noticed in kid's video games.

Subtlest Adult Jokes You Never Caught in Kids' Video Games,

Princess Peach's Sex Toy
In Super Mario RPG, Mario finds something carefully hidden in Peach's room and she flips out on him when he sees it. It could be something else, but...

Donkey Kong and the Hooker
If you have any doubts about the sexual undertones of this scene, just listen to the music and the fact that her name is Candy.

The Strip Club in Crash Bandicoot
No explanation needed. 
Prostitution and Sexual Favors in Hyrule
The Zelda series has more than a few inappropriate jokes in it, including allusions to prostitution and sexual favors.

Super Mario DUI
In the original version of Super Mario Kart, pretty much all the characters got drunk on champagne after they won a race.

The Naked Woman in Kirby's Dream Land 2
Okay so it's not exactly a naked woman, but it is certainly the anatomy of a woman.

The Naked Lady In Secret of Mana
In this old game, every once in a while when you flipped to a certain page in a spell book, a naked woman would appear instead of a spell. Maybe she was the spell.  The world will never know.

Jak's Personal Time
The Jak and Daxter franchise was full of great fourth-wall-breaking jokes and questionably inappropriate humor.

The Banjo-Tooie Penis Map
You can try and say it looks like something else, but you'd be lying to yourself.

Mega Man Gets an Eyeful of Tron Bonne
When Tron Bonne loses all of her clothes, Mega Man just can't look away.

Wed, 30 Mar 2016 09:51:28 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/adult-jokes-in-kid-video-games/jordan-love
<![CDATA[21 Video Game Cakes That Will Give You Game Over]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/video-game-cake-fails/jacob-shelton
Everyone loves cake. Cake is delicious. End of discussion. But the thing about cake is that everyone thinks they can make it and that is just not the case. Especially gamers who fancy themselves bakers. Some of you amateur bakers out there are making very bad video game cakes. If you can’t make a good cake then you might as well just order one from a store. Don't think they could possibly be that bad? Just take a look at these video game cakes.

The worst of these video game cake fails aren’t the cakes that flew too close to the sun and failed miserably. The worst cakes are the abominations that had barely any effort put into them. There’s nothing sadder than a Minecraft cake that no one cared about. After you visually chew your way through each of these video game cake fails, you’ll understand that if you don’t have what it takes to make a cake, then a cake you shouldn’t make.

Check out these 21 video game cakes that will make you want to turn off your Nintendo without saving, and then throw the game out the window into a wood chipper that’s on fire.
21 Video Game Cakes That Will Give You Game Over,

How Do You Screw Up a Pokeball?

The Angriest Link

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<![CDATA[9 Greatest Warlocks in Video Game History]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/9-greatest-warlocks-in-video-game-history/adamthomas
So Charlie Sheen thinks he's a Warlock? Okay, sure.Let's go with it. The question is which one? 
I mean I'm guessing he's so far gone that he thinks he's probably a PARTICULAR Warlock, and my other guess, it's probably one from Video Games. So here's a little list I pulled together out of some of the possible contenders. So just sit back and enjoy the show!

Oh by the way, you know what's a weird thing to define - Warlocks. Here's the best definition I could figure out: A) Warlocks are Men and Men alone, B) They're somewhere on the magical power level of witches and wizards, but probably not as strong as a sorcerer, and C) Usually their magic comes from some sort of inherently evil source, like demons or soul-sucking. Also, Necromancer overrides Warlock in my opinion, it's sort of a specialization, like a spellcasting brain surgeon, so no pure Necromancers should be on this list.
9 Greatest Warlocks in Video Game History,

7. Gul'Dan (Warcraft)
One of the tougher parts on this list was actually thinking of Warlocks that AREN'T from Warcraft. I mean the series has the market cornered on these guys, what with them being units you could build in the old RTS games, and a playable class in WoW. But I don't care how epic your WoW 'Lock is, it's just not as epic as any of the actual named ones from the series roots.

Like Gul'Dan here...

This dude created the horde.

That's right, you heard me. The whole army of bloodthirsty, rage-driven Orc and Ogres? He banded them together and led them to invade Azeroth way back when in the original Warcraft. His list of awesome villainy is pretty superb, tricking and conniving his own people into needless wars, raiding the minds or sorcerers, and summoning various demons and devils to his cause of limitless power and godhood.

Yeah he's a badass.

So baddass in fact that when he was finally ripped to shreds by a host of demons, his skull was still able to be used as a weapon, and he would corrupt any who held it . . . while dead!

It looks like someone's face was melted off . . . though I wonder how many children wept over his exploded body?

But let's be honest here, Sheen's a pretty boy actor, and while there's no doubt of Gul'Dan's might, he's still an ugly old orc. I just don't see how he could envision himself as this particular Warlock,as the last vestige of Gul'Dan, his skull is eventually destroyed by some blind night-elf!

Destroyed by a blind guy? That's just not enough bi-winning for Charlie!
8. Saradin (Ogre Battle)
Saradin's one of the only good guys on the list . . . so I'm thinking he probably fails the Sheen test.

That's kind of like a screen test, only it involves a more hookers and blow (of every kind you can imagine), but I digress.

Now he's got a pretty standard "wise old wizard" look going on . . .

. . . definitely the mark of a goody two shoes do-gooder good guy. . . . good.

But he didn't start out as the nancy boy you might think:

In the original Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen (all games that are references to multiple Queen songs are EPIC WINS by the way) on the SNES. Saradin started on the side of the devils, working under the evil Wizard Rashidi, who was pretty much the big bad of the entire series, but we'll never truly find out as it's never going to happen since the series creator up and quit on us. This is probably why he's considered a Warlock and all.

But then you go through some bullsh*t, and get him on your side to overthrow the eponymous Black Queen. However, Saradin is cool enough to show up in both Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber, as one of the Zenobian Rebels, AND briefly in Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, recently just re-released (heh "re-re") on the PSP. So he's obviously an important cat in this tiny strategy RPG series that most of history has forgotten - but hey I'm not a bitter fan or anything . . .

Still, he turns out to be noble "on the inside". What the hell kind of nature is that for a frigging Warlock?

Also he looks too much like Gandalf, so there's no way Sheen thinks he's this guy- I mean come on, old age is as much for suckers as death is. As he has to limit himself to the standard "fighting for the people" cliche, we'll take a pass on old Sara here, and try for some evil Warlocks as unbound by all that noise as Sheen is unbound in the ol' noggin.
6. Gal Agiese (Magician Lord)
OK, so here's one I think might actually be a contender. Gal Agiese is definitely full of tiger blood AND Adonis DNA.

Why? Well how about the fact that this guy, the main villain from the old side-scrolling SNK action-platformer Magician Lord, makes sure that before every boss battle, he teleports onto the scene, floats there, and insults or challenges the main character, and then hightails it! Why? He's got sh*t to do! Like going back to his pleasure palace and sleeping with a bevy of goddesses.

That's right, for most of the game, this guy uses all of the hideously evil black magic that I'm sure took lifetimes to obtain, just to be a dick to you!

That's amazing!

Plus a bunch of his lines are obvious precursors to what Sheen's "complex" brain is misfiring today, stuff like:

"That power is powerless in our presence."
"You persistent guy. But your life ends right now."
"You are very dangerous. Be dead down here."
"Come on nice guy! But your life is mine very soon."

Just watch the video for some of the amazing, Birdemic level line reading.

Having spent so many years performing magic then forgetting about it the next day, Gal also apparently forgot how to string two sentences together without embarrassing himself.

Hmm, appearing out of nowhere to spout nonsense and then disappearing . . . only to reappear a bit later and spout more nonsense?

Yeah, that's pretty close to someone currently stealing media attention whose name rhymes with Barley Keen in his "Screw Grace, I'm outta here!" campaign.

In fact, Gal here might actually be the inspiration for it! He's definitely batting over 1000 percent on craziness!
2. Archimonde (Warcraft 3)
So if you've played World of Warcraft, you've probably been to Dalaran right? You know, the whole floating Wizard utopia, where Azeroth's mightiest sorcerers and witches like to hang out and play parcheesi? The one that seems a veritable fortress of magical power?

Archimonde destroyed it. Casually. Playing with sand.

Like the big old beach bully of the wizarding world that he is.

Hell, is rap-sheet of magical villainy dwarfs Gul'Dan's and is second to only to his Master Kil'Jaeden's. He leads armies of burning demons, destroys some of the most powerful beings on the world when they fail him, and turns himself into a giant that rivals Godzilla, the King of the Monsters. By the conclusion of Warcraft 3 he ends up becoming a final boss that takes 3 full allied ARMIES to not even defeat, just hold off long enough for a last ditch "damned if you do, damned if you don't" strategem to work.

Oh and Kil'Jaeden's not on the list only because, while a Warlock, he's ALSO a demonlord, and I kind of feel that overrides the 'lockiness a bit. After all, when you already ARE a demon, where else do you really go from there?

Archimonde's only real failing actually, is the stratagem used to defeat hm: he was downed by exploding fuzzy marshmellow spirits called wisps.


While hope may be for "suckers and tools", Archimonde's hopes and dreams were dashed by a bunch of tree-hugging faerie ghosts! How much more humiliating can defeat be? Especially since defeat is not an option here!

Sorry Archie, you're just not quite the Warlock we're looking for.
1. Ganondorf Dragmire (Legend of Zelda)
I'll tell you who is:

Ganondorf F*cking Dragmire.

Also Known as the "King of Evil". Like Charlie, he sure does he know how to live like a king.

Originally a leader of a band of Gerudo desert thieves, and a dark warlock who sought eternal power. But unlike most other would be dominators, he actually got it! If that's not a testament to winning, what the hell is?

Oh and let's look at the facts shall we? He has the ability to create phantoms of himself, each fully capable of murderousness. He rides around on black steeds and through magical paintings because he knows he damn well can. He can turn into gigantic boar monsters when he really wants to show off. He knows how to wield all sorts of weapons, from two-handed greatswords, twin blades, the standard longsword, and tridents made of pure malevolence. He's totally willing to smack little kids around, and has commanded armies of everything from dragons, giant eagles, skeletons and lizardmen. He's even a rather decent organ player.

Oh and he can cure death - WITH HIS MIND!

How else do you explain the fact that no matter how many times Link, or well, ANYONE kills him, he just sort of says,"Naw, bro. That's not how I roll." then brings himself back to life, or breaks a mystic seal that no one else could even attempt to get out of and comes back into the world, before laughing like the maniacal badass he is.

Ganondorf don't take sh*t from any elf-boy.

Sure he's got a couple of glaring weaknesses, but who doesn't? The sheer fact that he keeps coming back from near oblivion over and over again is in his favor. Or how about the fact that when he dies, he does it standing up - like a man ought to:

Oh and let's not forget one other little thing. Ganondorf is a Gerudo, and Gerudo are an almost all female race that literally have to kidnap and rape other men to procreate, except once every hundred years when a man is born unto them. Ganondorf is that man, and he must have been awash in Gerudo poon from the day he was born.

This guy definitely is another contender for making Hugh Hefner look like an amateur with a list of conquests that probably reads "everyone in my damn country. Period."

That my friends, is the look of someone who knows he's getting some whenever the hell he damn wants. Ladies?

For definitely not being a guy with "Sheenis envy", probably constantly banging ladies AND whatever rocks he wants to, rising from his own grave because he's bored, I have to say he's the only real choice here.

Yeah I'm sure about this. Charlie Sheen thinks he's Ganondorf F*cking Dragmire.

And yes, his name DOES have to be in bold every time it's fully pronounced. And yes, his middle name is "f*cking".

Ignition. Liftoff. BOOM!
9. The Lord of Shadowgate (ShadowGate)
Ever play Shadowgate on the NES (or any of the original systems it appeared on)? If not consider yourself lucky, and a far less frustrated individual than myself.

Very early on in the game you hear a voice that informs you that the "only thing you will find here is a horrible death!"

He's not lying.

This is probably the most seen screen in the whole game.

Everything fricking kills you in this game! Floors collapse, Dragons burn you into cinders, sharks gnaw on you sensitive parts, slime dissolves you into so much flesh-stew, and your skull is crushed by a cyclops who probably proceeds to use it for some sort of horrible unsanitary purpose.

It's pure trial-and-error madness death, and the Lord of the place, an unnamed Warlock is at the heart of it.

He's a bitched for making myself and many others have to endure such a masochistic parade of doom . . . but on the other hand, he's also pretty much a non-character. I mean sure he's got a cool trap-filled castle, and is able of summoning a behemoth and shooting deathrays out of his staff . . . but he doesn't even have a name!

Or maybe he does, but it's something really lame like Percy, or Jermaine, or, like Melvin. Melvin the Warlock?! Yeah a moniker like that would probably turn most of us to the dark arts bent on world domination too.

So while a kickass pad definitely fits within Sheen's, erm, mindset, the most likely crappy name would kill it for our resident Vatican Assassin-

-that's just not how he rolls.
3. Shang Tsung (Mortal Kombat)
I'm pretty sure ol 'Tsungy here needs little introduction.

He's a master spell caster who just loves to suck souls, change shape, and originally hosted the Mortal Kombat tournament with his four-armed giant pal Goro. but then he just got bored and said screw it, I'm in it to win it, and just started joining the damn tournament himself! If that's not a recipe of someone addicted to winning, I don't know what is.

He even teamed up with another wizard gone wild, Quan Chi to kill the hero of the entire series, Liu Kang!

Oh, and he comes in two basic flavors:

Old man! A.K.A. Original Hickory Smoked flavor.

And ambiguously gay! A.K.A. Honey-Mesquite grilled.

Plus, doesn't young Shang there kind of just look like Sheen a little bit? At least back in his "Gordan Freeman" Arrival period? If Sheen was just a bit more asian, he might fit the bill.

But Charlie brings violent torpedoes of truth to the table - Tsung here's too much of a shape shifting deceiver. That's the main thing holding him back, other than that, he'd be as golden as the dragon statues that adorn the Tsung's arenas.

Oh and I'm pretty sure your soul is his . . . or something.
4. Ammon Jerro (Neverwinter Nights 2)
Hot damn Ammon Jerro is badass. Even if he's basically a good guy who would never bang 7 gram rocks, he's been on that edge of darkness that only the coolest amongst us can ride. So just deal with it.

He's traveled among the planes enslaving various powerful demons to his will, keeping them bound in a haven that he can only enter by bleeding on the door. Yeah, that's right, no fruity password for some midget to figure out later- straight up blood needs to be poured to get in. That's pretty effing metal.

He fought a veritable King of Shadows to a standstill until his goddamn sword exploded. Yeah, that's another point in "metal as f*ck".

He spent years being tortured in hell only to GTFO later and kill his own freaking grand-daughter! Even if he kind of felt bad about that last bit.

Plus even though he's old, he has a crazy kickass magic face tattoo:

... and it glows in the dark!

But that's when he's an old-timer! Check him out when he was in his prime:

THAT is a man who drops bombs of spiritual justice!

Or at least was. The whole "feeling emotions" that aren't part of Gnarly Gnarlington's vocab, like "remorse" once he kinda sorta killed the last of his bloodline is what prevents him from possibly being the only Warlock epic enough to be the drug that Charlie Sheen is addicted to . . . Charlie Sheen!
5. Magus (Chrono Trigger)
So is Magus a Warlock or just you know, a magi like his name suggests?

Well I'm obviously siding with 'lock or I wouldn't put him on this list, but since he originally learned magic like all residents of Zeal, from siphoning it off of the great subterranean horror Lavos, I'm going to say he technically qualifies.

So what makes him as awesome as an F-18, bro?

Well first off, he wields a scythe in battle and yeah, that's just cool. He hangs out with middle ages monsters Ozzie, Slash, and Flea, so he's obviously in a heavy metal band. He turned some stupid squire named Glenn into a walking, talking toad, and he's trying to summon aforementioned lovecraftian horror Lavos into the world, just so he can slay him by himself!

Plus he has blue hair!

Gotta have blue hair.

So yeah, he's definitely a contender. Until you realize that deep down, Magus is just a traumatized widdle boy forever haunted by his sister's apparent death.

Great, angst. That kind of kills the sense of winning doesn't it?

Sheen is above such nonsense, duh. After all, he's tired of pretending he's not a total rockstar from mars, and Magus here despite probably BEING a rockstar, would rather have his "family" back. What a loser. Just deal with it.

Of course a bunch of gothy angst does usually lead to cool art like the following portrait:

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<![CDATA[The Best Online Multiplayer Shooters]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-online-multiplayer-shooters/ranker-games
Nearly all shooters have a multiplayer component, and this list ranks the best online multiplayer shooting games according to votes from gamers like you. It's one thing to shoot an AI enemy in the face. sure, it's fun and it's immensely satisfying to see that monster go down, but there's something so much better about sneaking up on someone played by an actual human, who actually wants to take you out, and beating them to the punch. This online multiplayer shooter games list is a guide to the video games that best allow you to do just that.

Multiplayer shooters like DayZ have a wide open expanse for you to survive in, waiting until the last possible second to jump out and ambush your prey. There's also the Call of Duty series, which these days are almost synonymous with the word "shooter," having dominated the market for years. When you're looking for the best online multiplayer shooters, this list has to be where you start!

So check out our list of online shooters and vote up your favorites. If you're a crack marksman, then rerank the list to share your own version of the best online multiplayer shooting games!

The Best Online Multiplayer Shooters,

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Counter-Strike: Source

Left 4 Dead

Team Fortress 2

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Left 4 Dead 2

Battlefield 3

Borderlands 2

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Battlefield 4

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<![CDATA[Special Things Every Mario Kart 64 Character Does Better Than The Others]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/markiokart-unique-skills/steven-petite
Mario Kart 64 (sometimes misspelled as MarioKart) holds the distinction as the first great Nintendo game featuring a playable ensemble cast. Sure, Super Mario Kart came first on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, but the 1996 Nintendo 64 classic is the one that took couch multiplayer sessions to the next level. 

While much can be said about the concept of luck in Kart, each of the eight characters have their own distinct capabilities and positive qualities for every sort of player. From novices to enthusiasts, every character lends a unique set of skills that will help any player pass the finish line at the front of the pack.

Here are the specialized skills that make each of these brave Mario Kart characters good:
Special Things Every Mario Kart 64 Character Does Better Than The Others,

Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong has come a long way from throwing barrels at Mario. Since then he has made six title appearances—not counting remakes—in the Donkey Kong Country series. Nintendo's lovable gorilla is, not surprisingly, a heavyweight racer in Mario Kart 64. However, he is the most balanced in his weight class when it comes to speed and acceleration. He is tied for quickest off the starting line in the class, and reaches upper level speeds quicker than one would expect. He stands out because his brutish physique makes him a difficult driver to push off course, and his simple handling makes turns easier than lighter characters. Although he is slower to start than lighter drivers, he can remain at high speeds on wider track stretches than other characters. Consistency is Donkey Kong's most prized virtue, as he maintains a high speed like he is on autopilot.
Poor Luigi, always overshadowed by his more famous brother. Even when Nintendo has given the reigns to the green-hatted, taller and slimmer plumber, they have placed him in situations of frights and terrors--Luigi's Mansion and its sequel, Dark Moon--but that doesn't change the fact that he is a decent option in ensemble cast games like Super Smash Bros. and, yes, Mario Kart 64. It's no surprise that Luigi shares many of the same attributes as his brother, but their differences in the N64 racer are enough to give credence to idea that Luigi may actually be better suited for some players than his genetic counterpart. Although Luigi reaches upper and top speeds at longer intervals than the other middleweight, Mario, his key mark is his initial speed on the throttle. This is particularly useful for novice players who tend to tap the brakes more vigorously at wide turns, as Luigi can get back on course, and often surpass Mario to the straightaways. Therefore, Luigi is best suited for the novice player that is perhaps a little too cautious. His smaller frame also makes him less prone to targeting as a middleweight driver.
Without Mario, there would obviously be no Mario Kart. The leading man in nearly all of Nintendo's most iconic games within the Super Mario canon is the best playable character in the N64 iteration of the Mario Kart franchise--for beginners, that is. Mario is a jack of all trades. He is easy to handle, has admirable acceleration and speed, and is one of the most balanced racers in terms of stats. He is one-half of the middleweight class in the game. He isn't the fastest out of the gate, but he reaches his top speed in just over five seconds, and maintains his ease of handleability even after being subjected to a Koopa shell or a banana peel. Mario is good, if not slow, around winding turns, but he is comforting for the novice player, especially when avoiding walls and falling off tracks like Rainbow Road. While avid Mario Kart enthusiasts ditch the titular Italian plumber after a few Grand Prixs and rounds of couch multiplayer, Mario remains the most well-rounded player for beginners and otherwise non-game players, and offers the most rewarding and reassuring ride because of his splendid and superb mediocrity. 
Princess Peach
Mario's love interest (or Luigi's, depending on who you're asking) is one-third of the lightweight drivers in the game. While Princess Peach has only ever received one main adventure of her own, Super Princess Peach for Nintendo DS, she is not to be mistaken as a mere damsel in distress in this kart racer. As the only female character in this game, Peach is probably the best introduction to the lightweight class due to her similar handling and same top speed as the aforementioned twins. Her acceleration is her main positive, as she reaches mid, upper and top speeds at rates that are more than a second quicker than the middleweight racers, without compromising her handling too much in the process. For lightweight racers that are prone to being spun out from contact with heavier drivers, her stellar control is what makes her a great lightweight racer for novices.
Princess Peach's loyal companion—who has made appearances in nearly every Super Mario iteration—has also starred in games like Super Mario Bros. 2 and Wario's Woods, but he didn't get a title role until the Wii U spinoff of Super Mario 3D World, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. Ironically, Toad moves painstakingly slow in his first true foray as a leading man. In Mario Kart 64, Toad is the lightest and all around fastest racer. He reaches mid and upper speeds faster than Yoshi. Even though he can get bumped around from small nudges from competing racers, he is a small enough target and has enough of that fiery starting speed to make up for what is usually a bumpy ride for the pint-sized mushroom man. As a lightweight racer, Toad is best used by fans of the quick and nimble who are not afraid of his whiplash handling. When used to the best of his innate abilities, Toad's lightweight, easily turned wheels are his most dangerous trait.
Wario is the nefarious alter-ego of Mario, and thus an antagonist in many Super Mario games. He has been popular enough to land his own leading roles in the Wario Land and WarioWare series'. He is more than just a wretched villain to Nintendo fans. He is misunderstood, and charismatic in his own unique way. In Mario Kart 64, Wario closely resembles Donkey Kong in statistical numbers. Wario isn't technically the best at anything. But what he has over his closest rival, Donkey Kong, is his ability to reach his top tier speed quicker, and his frame doesn't extend out over the sides of the kart as much. In terms of heavyweight drivers, Wario is best for novices, because of his middling stats that combine to create a solid all-around racer.
Everyone's favorite dinosaur has been a beloved staple in Nintendo's classic universe since his role as Baby Mario's protector and savior in Yoshi's Island. His time spent lugging the little hero around has apparently made him light on his feet, as Yoshi is one of the two fastest characters in Mario Kart 64. Also, he is arguably the most popular because of his speedy nature. Yoshi's best feature is his ability to hit top speed faster than all other characters in the game, meaning that for the best players, he is a sure fire pick to remain ahead of the pack out of the starting line. Although Yoshi is more likely to fall off ledges and run into walls because of his feathery stature, his acceleration allows him to get over this detriment and get back into the race after a Shy Guy sets him back on course.
The big baddie. Bowser has been trying to disrupt balance in the Mushroom Kingdom since the original Super Mario Bros. and, unfortunately, despite all of his "valiant" efforts, the King Koopa has never been bestowed the honor of leading man in his own game. Sure, he was one-half of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story for Nintendo DS, but he wasn't really the true focal point (his name appearing after the iconic crime-stopping brothers and all). But that hasn't stopped Bowser from trying to steal the spotlight in ensemble cast games like Mario Kart 64. He is the fastest to reach upper and top speeds among the heavyweights, and even hits full flight quicker than lightweights Peach and Toad. Even with his unexpected speed, Bowser's best and most indispensable asset is his weight. He can't be bullied around by other characters and that includes the likes of Wario and Donkey Kong; he can wreak havoc on other racers, intentionally or not, which, coupled with his impressive speed negates his cumbersome maneuverability. 

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<![CDATA[Every Dead or Alive Character, Ranked]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/all-doa-characters-list-of-dead-or-alive-characters/video-game-info
We compiled a list of all DOA characters across every Dead or Alive game. Who are the best? Characters in the DOA series include ninjas, princesses, ninja princesses, and lots of hot babes. There are numerous DOA female characters like Ayane and Helena. The female Dead or Alive characters are considered by many fanboys to be some of the hottest female game characters around and even have their own spin off series of games. Feel free to use this list of Dead or Alive characters to make your own DOA Character list or name your favorite fighting game characters.

What are some Dead or Alive characters? Take a look at this list and you'll find out for yourself.
Every Dead or Alive Character, Ranked,


Ryu Hayabusa

Tina Armstrong







Lei Fang

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<![CDATA[The Top 10 Greatest Snow Levels in Video Game History]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/top-10-greatest-snow-levels-in-video-game-history/adamthomas
For the video version of this list Click Here to see it on MetaCafe

What is it about the Ice Level? Along with a level set in an active volcano, it seems that almost every game just needs to have a portion set at the north freaking pole. And they're always frustrating. The ground wants you to slip and break a hip, a blizzard pushes against you, or maybe the snow clouds your vision. Something is going to come along and make it a pain in the ass to get through the bitched. Yet, subconsciously I think we all get it. Since they're usually evil, the best Ice Levels are often some of the worst, at least for your sanity. So just in time for "that time of the year" when we'll be joining our video game protagonists in freezing our feet off, enjoy some of the best/worst ice levels in gaming!

I figured some ground rules were in order so . . .
1) It had to be a level in a game that otherwise has diverse settings for stages. If the entire game is set on the Ice, it seemed too much, so no Lost Planet, Ice Climbers, Snow Kids, Shadow Moses Island or The Scott Pilgrim Game. Yeah there are some good games set in snow banks, but the idea of the "Ice Level" is actually kind of lost when it isn't countered by the other variations in temperature we all love to see.
2) Some actual effect of the ice has to be in effect. Plenty of games can just swap in a new texture from level to level without actually changing the feel of the world. At least at one point, the effect of the cold must be apparent.
3) That's pretty much it really.

But if you want to see even more Ice Levels, these guys have apparently been trying to turn stuff like this list into a true holiday tradition!

So what are the greatest snow levels in video game history? That's up to you to decide!
The Top 10 Greatest Snow Levels in Video Game History,

Castle Crashers - Ice Fortress
Okay, to be perfectly fair, the main reason this one's here is simple: the music.

t was pretty standard fare really, just more enemies to crash, even if they weren't within a castle per se. But gamers everywhere have found themselves entranced by awesome electronic rhythm of the place. It's probably the best in the damn game, and like Sonic 3 before it, helps solidify the weird conjunction between horrifying ice level, and excellent tunes.

The subsequent stage where you storm the ice fortress and take on what appears to be the Witch King of Angmar with a case of pneumonia is actually pretty formulaic for a snow level. You'll deal with slip-slide floors, falling icicles, attacks that freeze you in place, standard stuff really. A strong word of advice, find that yeti, he'll save you from the terrible status effects the wizard will throw at you.

Castle Crashers isn't really a complicated game, and this isn't a terribly complicated ice level, but like the rest of the game, it pulls through due to sheer awesomeness
Ice Cap Zone - Sonic The Hedgehog 3
Sonic the Hedgehog has had a rough lot in life. Like many former child stars, he found plenty of early success at the beginning of his career, but fell in with the wrong crowds and turned to one craptacular game after another to feed his ever-growing habit: snorting chili dogs off of Amy Rose's ass.

Sure, he seems to be trying the whole "bring it back to basics" thing with the release of Sonic 4, but I dunno. It seems like a washed up metal band trying to put on a reunion tour. He might deliver exactly what made him great once again, but it's hard to forget the far too many years of awful he's subjected us to.

But once, he was great, and no more so than in Sonic 3, where every single thing that could be done to make a Sonic game awesome was done. You had better power-ups that actually gave you vastly different game mechanics (although the electric shield was far and away the best), you had some awesome hidden areas and great level design, plenty of blast processing to keep the stages scrolling at a jet-engine speed and even a new equally cool rival to contend with in Knuckles the Echidna. Hell, the game would even get to be backwards compatible with the cross-over title between the two mammals in an unheard of (at the time, and still never repeated exactly) method of linking cartridges together.

When you actually made it to the Ice Cap Zone, you knew things were going to be crazy from the start, since the first thing the marketing team had decided upon was," Hey, we know we have a cool character. What would make him even cooler? Snowboards!"

Yup, you start off snowboarding down the slopes until you finally crash into an ice cavern and have to start busting through it as fast as possible.

It's a great couple of levels and some of the very best in meth-addled Hedgehog gameplay. But watch the video and listen to that music! Absolutely amazing! I wonder who srote such kicking tunes . . .

Oh wait. Really? Michael Jackson?

Yup. In an effort to stay on the bleeding edge of "what kids think is better than owning your own amusement park," the King of Pop himself created almost all of the musical tracks worth a damn in Sonic 3. Of course, this fact was very quickly downplayed, since at the time, the first of the major allegations about the one-gloved one started to surface.

But it does start to make Sonic's career path make way more sense. I mean, along with Macaulay Culkin, Sonic was probably right there in wonderland, getting his fill of Jesus Juice between smashing Robotnik's minions. The two have never been exactly the same again.
Cliffhanger - CoD: Modern Warfare 2
So, in case you haven't noticed, the vast majority of levels on the list are platformers. It's probably because if you downgrade running and jumping as a focus in your game, the cold doesn't become so bad really. Sure there can be games that take it into account as an element for survival (Lost Planet or Metal Gear have unique takes here) but if your focus isn't on hopping past over-toothed fungi who casually try to bump into you, and more on say a "realistic" take on war, the perils of a thermometer dropping become less actively engaging.

Or at least they are in most games that want to save your sanity. If you accurately had to worry about hypothermia or slipping every time you walked over ice when dealing with a bunch of armed soldiers trying to gun you down, it'd probably get really frustrating, really fast.

Of course, that seems to be the point of the ice level... so maybe that actually wouldn't be a terrible concept.

In an FPS, it seems one of the main ways a tundra is going to affect you is in visibility. It's a great chance to fill the screen with a ludicrous level of fog and for us as gamers to accept it. A good early example of this is probably the first Severnaya stage in Goldeneye, actually. Plus, if you have any sort of vehicle physics, you can stick those puppies on the snowflake encrusted floor and most gamers will easily forgive if the traction isn't up to snuff, 'cause hey, you're on ice!

Cliffhanger has all of this. Starting with a mountain climbing sequence that's rote, but still somehow involving (like the movie the stage shares a name with), it soon turns into one of the few "stealth" missions in the game, where you can actively use a terrible blizzard (unlike a delicious DQ Blizzard) to hide from foes while sniping them along the way to your objective. Of course, s**t hits the proverbial 1996 Movie starring Robert DeNiro and Wesley Snipes, and you have to make an insane snowmobile escape down the side of the mountain. this chase culminates in a jump large enough to make you start to realize that Modern Warfare 2 just might not have "gritty realism" on the forefront of its mind. This of course is proved immediately thereafter with the plot.

It's an exciting sequence, and one of the best in the entire game, and it's all done to a lavish score composed by... Hans Zimmer? Really? From The Dark Night? Okay.

Tthat might go on to explain some of the climax of Inception, since it's the almost the EXACT SAME THING.

But hey, it works.
Ice Age - E.V.O. The Search for Eden
So, if on one hand of the spectrum we've got Actraiser, which the religious folks of the world should champion as their digital gospel, on the other hand, we've got a game that would probably be banned by many groups: E.V.O. The Search For Eden.

That's right, it's a game that attempts to make learning about evolution fun!

And if you can count an MMO-worthy level of grinding to be fun, then it might just be the game for you. Because apparently, if you want to evolve, you have to spend a geologic amount of time killing every nearby creature and eating them. Actually, that sort of makes sense in an abstract way... maybe this game did teach you something after all.

Despite its "edutainment" handicap, the game can captivate and hold your interest, since it does actually feature some solid 2D battling and simple platforming. But of course the real draw is in the evolution. You can take all the points you earn from animal cruelty and spend them on your monster, turning them into any horrible death dealer you want them to be. Sort of like the Spore creature creator would eventually let us do, but over a much more drawn out period of time, and with a 1000% more grinding.

Since this was a unique take on the platformer, the game had something of a novel approach to the ice level, as it wasn't a "level" exactly, but an AGE.

That's right, you would be playing the game in your recently tricked out "Getoffmylawnasaurus" and boom, the Ice Age hits. And you are boned. Or are you?

The thing is, the game gives you a choice here. You CAN devolve in size but gain the hairy warmth of a mammal, which makes you far weaker but gives new options later (including... humanity!), or you can stick it out as a terrible lizard. The mammal gets to have excellent ground traction, the dinosaur does not. This of course means the game lets you decide if you want pretty much the rest of the majority of the game to be one long Ice level (but you'll look awesome) or just marginally harder (but you're a crummy squirrel-thing).

Needless to say, I originally tried to make my guy Denver the Last Dinosaur and battle into the modern era.

It didn't work out very well, as the rest of the damn game is then actively hunting you down. But at least we know whose fault it was: Charles Darwin's!
Ice Palace - A Link To The Past
Though there are other, apparently colder places that Link would walk into during later games, including some white wolf hunting (unfortunately not of the Table Top variety) in Ocarina of Time, and the time in Twilight Princess when he took a page out of the Sonic book and did some snowboarding before curing a Yeti's flu, none of the levels were quite so expertly designed as the Dark World Ice Palace in Link to the Past.

It has every element to hate in play:
Slippery floors? Check.
Death pits from cracked floors? Check.
Puzzles involving the melting of ice? Check.
Evil, monstrous penguins that body slide into you for no reason? Check!

Seriously, what is it with Nintendo and penguins? They don't have stock in Club Penguin do they? Also, why are the penguins always colors penguins aren't? In Super Mario they end up a bright blue, here they show up as the strange sea-foam green you see on hospital walls.

But yeah, the level's pretty gnarly, and a major test of anyone's patience, especially since the surrounding area is surrounded by the game's version of those Shield-eating bitched Like-Likes: this crazy pumpkin thing that, well I'm not sure what it's called, but it sucks. Though perhaps not the worst level in the game, as with any Ice Level, it shows a significant step up in difficulty than many of the previous dungeons.

But worst of all, if you think about it, Link had to get through this frigid fortress while wearing his trademark skirt. And this was a pre-tights Link too, so far all we know, everything the poor guy's got is just hanging out and getting frostbite. Link may end up saving maidens throughout this game, but after this place I wonder if he could ever be of any use to them again.

Poor epic little guy.
Hoth - Super Empire Strikes Back
Since everyone loves them some Empire Strikes Back, there has been many a game dedicated to the film. Hoth, that snowball in space, has been featured in over 10 different games, but it was never as bad as it was on the Super NES.

If you watch the video, you'll notice that as soon as you start the game, as in, less than 10 seconds into the game, every single living creature on the planet decides that they want a Skywalker sandwich with a side order of Taun-Taun-Tots. A ridiculous number of enemies jump at you from every angle imaginable and you can barely progress without committing some level of genocide on the animal kingdom. And it still has all the standard ice level crap: slippery floors, falling icicles, blizzards crowding your sight.

Super Empire Strikes Back is one of those bastardly games on the SNES, but at the very least it comes right and says so from the start. Of course, what it's saying is " F**k off ," but hey, at least it's honest. In Super Empire, they want you to know what you should hate from the very first minute: ice levels.
Gorilla Glacier - Donkey Kong Country
Donkey Kong Country isn't really that hard of a game. But for its time, it was rather beautiful, and it let everyone know that the Brits at Rare could make a game as equally fun as Battletoads without resorting to the cruel tactics of making a game as hard as Battletoads.

It re-invented the Ape that once stole Mario's girlfriend, changing him into... well Mario, pretty much. Although, at least he wasn't trying to save some obnoxious love interest who was bound to get captured with every installment while the audience rolled their eyes. No, the way to an ape's heart is through his stomach, so if you steal his botanical bonanza of bananas, then you've found a way to access his inner Legion of Doom.

Now, DKC wasn't the hardest of games out there, but everyone knows exactly the point where it starts to test you: Gorilla Glacier, aka, World 4! The very first stage, Snow Barrel Blast, is probably the best example: you get the traditional slippery slopes on ever narrower platforms, blizzards that provide a nasty visual distraction, and some really nasty timing on a series of barrels you have to navigate through (the dude in the attached video skips the toughest parts with a shortcut - smart man).

It's everything you can love to hate about an ice world, plus nasty cannon-shot riding! Though not every stage takes advantage of the cold weather (like one where you navigate a dark cave with a parrot providing some mood lighting), they are all pretty tough. In the end though you get to finally face off against the nastiest and most obviously arctic themed of foes: a giant beaver?

Um. Okay. Sure, that makes sense, because you know, beavers live in the cold water? Right?

Well, at least the music in these stages is pretty solid. It's a bit quieter, and sticks to the winter theme a bit more closely, but still quite amazing. Once again, video games turn out to be the exact opposite of reality: once the snow starts falling, the music becomes awesome.

Sherbert Land - Mario Kart 64
It would be a crime (probably a misdemeanor) if Mario wasn't on this list. Like the obligatory nature of the Ice Level in general, Mario's got to make an appearance on every video game list ever.

You'll surely remember dodging flurries in SMB 2, or melting blocks with fireballs in SMB 3. Or, maybe you started with Mario 64, and had a devilish time sliding after penguins. Recent players might have enjoyed the Penguin Suit antics and four player follies of New Super Mario Bros. on the Wii, but most of these stages amount to the variations of the same thing: dodging s**t while you slide around like a maniac!

Mario ice levels are pretty much the definitive examples for the rest of the gaming world. You've gotten used to how everything feels, to the momentum of the character you're controlling, to how they jump, their "weight," all those fine little details that allow you to make those precision leaps that prevent you from constantly pancaking at the bottom of some screen pit. But then it's about halfway through the game (often specifically world 4 for some reason) and in that brief moment between defeating that last boss or clearing that flag, Mother Nature dropped 12 new layers of cold onto the world like you fed her laxatives made of bitterness.

It's as if just getting this far pissed off Walter Sobchek, and now you're entering a world of pain. Everything was nice and easy before, but now the ground has almost no traction and those little sensations that you've spent so long getting a feel for are useless. And does the rest of the level get any easier to complete? Oh, hell no, this is a world of pain. In fact, if anything, the difficulty in the platforming often gets a bit tougher, and that lack of traction leading to the "butter shoes" condition you've now come to hate, seems to be taken to account with every tiny platform you've got to land on. A world. Of pain.

None of the actual ice levels in the Mario platforms really stand out, likely part of the problem that comes along with defining the concept, but everything is just one degree of generic too much to imprint itself on your brain. Look at Mario 64, a great example as there are two perfectly good ice levels in the game, and neither is objectively "better" than the other. One has that sweet Penguin Slide, the other has a kick-ass Snow-Man Mountain! A lot of these stages just sort of end up canceling each other out! Besides, Mario games in general tend to save their meanest levels for lava zones, and so by comparison, the Ice world usually isn't too bad.

The level that stuck out in my mind though, was Sherbert Land in Mario Kart 64.

This track takes everything that's frustrating about an ice stage, then asks you to deal with it while moving at 60 miles an hour. Plus, it's got a nasty lake to fall into and apparently the entire cast of Happy Feet to get in your damn way. Stupid frigging PENGUINS! And, you're still dealing with the fact you'll be dodging shells and bananas like you just gave an unpopular speech to a gaggle of peasants.

But best of all might just be the fact that this was the first time that this misery was SHARED. Somehow, hearing someone else sitting next to you lose their s**t as they slid into an arctic oblivion, made the pain bearable.

Ice Man - Mega Man
Oh, Mega Man. Has there ever been a series that has universally caused more shattered egos and nagging doubts of failure on as large a scale?

Sure there are plenty of harder games out there. You can fire up Battletoads or Ninja Gaiden. You can download I Wanna Be The Guy for some true ridiculousness, but these never hit the massive popularity the Blue Bomber had gained in the late eighties and early nineties. These games were large scale anguish and ultimate exultation upon victory for the masses.

Mega Man stages are totally willing at a moments notice to just start raping your expectations whenever you get to a new screen. Oh, did you just figure out that nasty moving platform pattern whilst dodging enemies, that's good, now try these disappearing blocks! Got past that eh? Eat a nasty mid-boss! Not too hard? Now just run for your life while dodging huge pillars of lava/energy/crushing weight! The levels just seemed perfectly designed to lower your spirits.

Plus they're usually great at using environmental factors to truly mess with your head. Some of the best water and fire levels to be found are here, and who can forget Air Man's stage?

Since the environment can be such a hazard, the Mega Man Ice and Snow stages can often be the worst of the worst, and since there are so many games, there's a lot to choose from. Chill Penguin had one in Mega Man X, and there was that Blizzard Buffalo Stage in X3. Plus there's a new one in Mega Man 10 with Chill Man, but really we have to take a step back and look at the one to start it all: Ice Man's Stage.

Watching the attached video is hilarious, since these guys use every trick in the book to get around all the retarded traps here. The damn stage has got it all: tiny moving platforms, slippery surfaces, nasty enemies and even those damn fading blocks.

The saving grace here though is simply that Ice Man himself, who is probably the most comfortable Mega Man boss in existence (that coat looks awesomely warm), is a push over. If you have the Elec Man sub-weapon.

Hold on wait. He was weak to electricyt? But, there's a Fire boss in the game . . . that doesn't make any seeeeeeeeeennnnssseee!

Northwall - Actraiser
Actraiser is a weird little game that far too few people remember, in which you played as well... God - if he occasionally liked inhabiting mannequins and used his time in them to slay eldritch terrors instead of trying to get laid.

It's an odd case of a very, in fact completely religious game, that's surprisingly non-offensive and non-denominational. You're not a Roman or Greek Deity, you're not Norse, nor Egyptian, and only the vaguest bit Christian. And that might be because you spent most of the game talking to a naked boy/cherub thing. This game is probably going to end up serving as the scripture for the First Amalgamated Church.

To accomplish this strange conflagration, the game consisted of two basic types of play: you had a fairly simplified version of Sim City (though this too was a mash-up since there was the hint of a Flying Shooter too) as you directed early civilizations into prosperity while they worshiped you, and then you had those mannequin possessing 2D Action levels in the vein of Castlevania where you decided that screw it, sometimes the Lord just wants to kick a little ass!

And so you traveled from land to land, freeing the ignorant humans from the troubles of the day. Troubles of starvation, droughts, floods, GIANT FLOATING SKULLS! And they rewarded you with... well prayer, faith and obedience I guess. But maybe that s**t is like Taco Bell to a deity, delicious in a tawdry sort of way; but you always end up making room for more after a while.

Since you played as God on the mortal plane, you naturally had to have moments in the ethereal locations, but the final area seemed to combine the two: If there is a videogame hell that was truly frozen over, it was Northwall.

By the end of the game you were in the icy tundra, and so the game started to really give you lots of s**t. Oddly enough, it wasn't really the action stages that used the cold to its full effect, it was the simulation portion: You had to kill hundreds of those skeletor-starships in the area before you could start to help the locals, and the permafrost needed divine intervention before it could start to melt off. This had to be done before you could begin to tackle the demon-frost caves themselves. The entire time this is going on, the place is in a constant blizzard and you really start to wish that you could give some pants to the tiny cherub that's acting as your divine messenger boy/fighter pilot.

You know, looking back, if any actual religion was as unabashedly awesome as Actraiser, I'd worship it. It gives us a no-nonsense, kick-ass-and-take-names deity who does pretty much everything himself and even communicates with mortals pretty often. There's no "test of faith" here. No "the Lord works in mysterious ways." This god is about as subtle as a pillaging viking wielding a jackhammer and and air horn.

It might only be a vaguely Christian God, but it's definitely an American one.

Thu, 16 Dec 2010 13:14:05 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/top-10-greatest-snow-levels-in-video-game-history/adamthomas
<![CDATA[The 10 Greatest, Fattest, Americans in Video Games]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-10-greatest-fattest-americans-in-video-games/adamthomas
If there's one thing we're known for in America, it's that we do things bigger than the rest of the world, and this includes our game characters! This list of overweight video game characters includes the adorably Italian from Super Mario, the decidedly heavy Dr. Clash, and the grotesque gargantuan Rufus from Streetfighter 4. So in celebration of all things U.S.A. - explosions, beer, and barbecue - here are 10 American characters in gaming as awesome as they are obese!

If you thought this list was fun, you might want to check out Sexiest Female Video Game Characters!

The 10 Greatest, Fattest, Americans in Video Games,

Doctor Clash (F-Zero)
Was there ever a more 'Merican pastime than NASCAR? Baseball? Nah I think not. Baseball doesn't have squealing tires, hot flag girls, and car wrecks that inspire our most patriotic citizens to write epic poetry.

So what's even MORE more "Merican? How about NASCAR . . . with rocket propelled f*ture cars, and IN SPACE!

Everything's better in space!

Especially the astro-bikinis!

Well that's what F-Zero is: NASCAR and in the f*ture and IN SPACE.

So who builds these insanely dangerous always zooming, always dooming, vehicular manslaughter cases waiting to happen? Dr. Clash does, that's who.

"Ladies . . ."

A self described "supertonic geekoid" hailing from Mute City (f*ture New York), Dr. Clash ended up building a bunch of the F-Zero cars that end up competing . . . but he still only wants to get into the action himself. In his vehicle named the CRAZY BEAR!

Stephen Colbert's fiercest foe.

The only prob for ol' Clashy actually happens to be his weight, as he's far heavier than almost all the other F-Zero pilots. But due to good old American ingenuity he makes up for it by building himself some sweet Dr. Octopus arms to assist in his driving. As well as "help out" whenever he decides to "relax".

Coach ( Left 4 Dead 2)
Man, picking your favorite Left for dead character is like making Sophie's Choice. It's a tough decision since you love them all . . . but you're probably going to ditch Rochelle in the end.

Sorry Rochelle, you just don't measure up to the rest!

But for our purposes of "fattest" and "American", there's really only one choice.

The Boomer! Obviously.

Just look at that gut . . . it's mesmerizing. Like a lava lamp.

There's no better analogy for the deepest foreign stereotypes of any average American. The perfect representative of the morbidly obese, Wal-Mart shopping drone who does nothing put spew bile all over everything anyone tries to do!

Except well . . . that's kind of unfair isn't it?

I mean we don't know if the Boomer is fat because they started out fat, or if it's just their weird bile glands acting up at hyper speed and filling them to capacity. How quickly do they get full of that spew anyways?

Boomers. They get filled up faster than a prostitute on payday.

So yeah, we need a TRUE representation of the plucky, positive, never-say-die, American spirit. Someone anyone can relate to, because we all know a guy like him. Probably an ex athlete, who watches American football and enjoys a hearty meal and loves chainsawing Zombies into pieces . . .

So Francis?


OK fine. Coach it is!

Yeah, Coach is a pretty cool guy. eh kills the Zombies and isn't afraid of anything. Also a big fan of the Midnight Riders, cheeseburgers, and he just loves to get him some of that sweet, sweet can . . . dy.

In the form of a Chocolate Helicopter:


So if you ever loved a good ball game (and not that wacky "f*tbol" everyone else seems to think of), hanging out listening to good tunes on the jukebox and shooting Boomers in your spare time . . . then you're probably Cally from Battlestar Galactica.

Get it? Her name is also "Boomer". Eh? Eh?

Or you're Coach.

Who, ya know . . . might also be a robot himself.
Mario (again)
I know, I know . . . MARIO? On a LIST? Of VIDEOGAME CHARACTERS?!

Yeah that's about as predictable as what's going to happen in the next Spider-Man movie.

Chances of this happening = 100%

So yeah, we know, Mario's fat AND he's famous. In both cases proving that size matters I guess. So does that mean, like Milton Berle, he gets a free pass to just show up in any damn list he wants?

Yuuup! It sure does!

Let's face it, Mario's pretty awesome. A classic hero even. He's done just about everything you could want: driven go karts, rescued princesses, healed sickness, and even hosted his own TV show!

But more importantly, he did it all while being what we would call "jolly" if we're being nice, and "a cholesterol time-bomb" if we're not. Yet it has never, for a second mattered.

Take a lesson other game developers! You don't have to go for the average 25-year old athletic Caucasian male for your protagonist (*cough* Prey 2 *cough*). If a forty year old fat Italian-American with a Burt Reynolds stash can become iconic, you do NOT need to make your characters so boring!

So for being the poster boy of fat acceptance in gaming, we salute you Mario!

They may need to work on the posters though.
Bob (Tekken 6)
Living in the world of a fighting game has to be pretty weird. Everything runs by different rules. Or actually I should say, everything runs by one rule: The most important thing in life is knowing how use your fists to turn others into Hamburger Helper without the "helper".

The world of Tekken is no exception to this, and thus everyone who's anyone is living a life that is 90% Rocky training montage, and 10% melodramatic back story. This holds true no matter what, even if you're so big you make Jabba the Hutt want to go to the gym rather than introducing slave girls to your "pet rancor".

This is Bob:

Bob had bitch-t**s.

Oh no- wait. I got that wrong. Sorry.

Let me start over.

This is Bob:

Bob . . . probably still has b*tch-t**s actually.

His full name's Robert Richards (no relation to the stretchy guy), and he's an American fighter originally known for his ferocious speed, but rather small stature. But remember, this is a fighting game universe we're talking about so Bob decides to deliver a flying bicycle kick to his genetics and stuff himself with enough calories to raise his weight class from "Christian Bale in The Machinist" to "Adam Sandler at the end of Click".

Since he's an American, this isn't hard.

What a time to be alive.

So yeah he lives like he's on a food Network game show where he's the winner every night and fattens up. But he does this while training constantly in some sort of weird regimen that's supposed to maintain his speed while putting on the pudding padding.

And it works! Bob's one of the fastest damn characters in the game! Heck, he's top-tier! Some might even say he's a little too good (i.e. he's getting nerfed in Street Fighter X Tekken).

Aw he's getting nerfed? That's like death for a fighting game character! I guess we better start our mourning.

His name is Robert Richards. His name is Robert Richards. His name is Robert Richards. . .
Pig Josh (Red Dead Revolver)
You know, being a lard ass in this day and age really isn't that hard. I mean, there's probably a graph somewhere in some science-a-torium that explains it in detail, but I'm pretty sure that there's been a direct correlation between "the passage of time" and "ability to stuff more calories into edible objects than Japanese people into a subway car".

The pinnacle of our advanced food technology.

So if you got bigger than 3 Rosie O'Donnells duct-taped together back in 188X or whenever Red Dead Revolver takes place, you must've been awesome.

This of course leads us to "Pig" Josh.

He's gonna make you sssqueeeeeaaaaalllll!

The amount of f**ks Pig Josh does not give is on a scale I'm not sure exists yet. But at first glance, this includes:

1) He just goes screw it and walks around without a shirt, fully embracing his fatness.
2) He has dynamite strapped to his head.
3) He runs around with a gang of circus midgets and coal miners.
4) He has DYNAMITE strapped to his HEAD.
5) He's the first boss in Red Dead Revolver that will give you any trouble, and he WILL give you trouble unless you exploit some sort of bug.

Pig Josh: Loud, Proud, Huge and 100% American!

Besides he must be a pretty cool guy - he walks away from every explosion
Barry Wheeler & Zeke Dunbar
Meet Zeke Dunbar:

This poster boy for [BIG MAC ATTACKS] follows around the lead [COLE MCGRATH], while making inane comments during their dangerous adventure in [EMPIRE CITY] while they fight the forces of [KESSLER], the primary antagonist. He looks retarded in his overweight [TYLER DURDEN] outfit, does almost nothing useful, and will only frustrate the player while they try to enjoy being a [GOOD GUY ELECTRO].

Now let me introduce you to Barry Wheeler:

This poster boy for [DIABETES] follows around the lead [ALAN WAKE], while making inane comments during their dangerous adventure in [BRIGHT FALLS] while they fight the forces of [VAGUE DARKNESS; ALSO ALAN WAKE], the primary antagonist. He looks retarded in his overweight [MARTY MCFLY] outfit, does almost nothing useful, and will only frustrate the player while they try to enjoy being a [SOCIOPATHIC WRITER].

Yeah . . .

Proving that the long history of dick punching each other via imitation isn't limited to film (see Armageddon VS Deep Impact, Antz VS A Bug's Life, The Wild VS Madagascar and many others), the makers of inFAMOUS and Alan Wake have been competing in a very narrow category: Fat, annoying Best friends to the main hero!

Both characters fulfill pretty much the same role in their respective games, and both represent a weird American dream: to have sycophantic crony ever at your side and helping out your greatness.

If I had to choose which is better . . . I guess I'd go with Barry. He's a bit less annoying overall, proves to be handy at least once (unlike Zeke, who only gets better in the sequel) , and actually gets a couple of decent moments:

Zeke . . . well he just sucks. But then he's supposed to, in order to make Cole look even cooler. So maybe he's actually better then? Better at sucking.

Yeah that seems appropriate for Zeke.
CJ (GTA San Andreas)
It's no secret that we Americans love our freedoms! Whether it be the freedom to say whatever the hell we want to whoever the hell is around, the freedom to go out into the desert and blow crap up with homemade thermite, or the freedom to just tuck in and engorge ourselves in our own base desires, we just . . . LOVE FREEDOM!

I think I've got something in my eye . . . I'm starting to . . . tear up!

Sorry, that's just my CBD (Chronic Beck Disorder) acting up. Let me take a wheeze from my inhaler . . .

Whew! Much better. Where were we?

Though there are plenty of RPGs out there that let us customize our stats and whatnot, I don't think there's a better representative for gaming freedom than Carl Johnson in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

'Sup foo?

When we meet Carl - CJ to his friends - he's just a skinny dude getting back home to Grove Street, but as you keep going along with his thug life epic you learn that well, you have more freedom to control his appearance, actions, and even dating habits than Stephen King has stories featuring weird psychic kids.

You also have the freedom to pig out so much that you end up like Bart in his deepest fantasies:

OK, maybe not that much, but you can get pretty large. It's a completely optional thing, and actually pretty easy to do accidentally at first, once you learn that eating is the primary way to heal in the game and food is cheap. Also, the game's pretty realistic about losing weight - it takes WAY more effort to lose it than it does to put it on.

So I salute you CJ! You've given all us Americans an outlet for our drive by/drive thru dreams!
Rufus (Street Fighter 4)
Long and short of it, Rufus here, is pretty much just like Bob above (his name is Robert Richards). He's American. He's heavier than the lead hippo that ate Chris Farley, and he's stupidly high tier for his size.

But unlike Bob, Rufus has two things going for him that put him further up on the list:

1) He is absolutely comfortable with who he is and what he looks like.

Yes, he's overeating - IN HIS CONCEPT ART

His hair makes Queen Amidala look like she went to Supercuts. His outfit is something Lady Gaga wouldn't wear. His back story is a ridiculous contrived mess and his alternate costumes are pretty much designed to give the concept of ludicrous some thing to laugh at.

"I don't want to look like some sort of freak. I'll just go with the Mu Mu."

So yeah, he's a lot like Pig Josh on this score, but what really separates him further:

2) He has a girlfriend who's actually hot.

Seriously, Rufus' girl (if he somehow was able to chloroform her) should look like this:

Look at her! She's skin and bones!

But instead:

Whaaaaaa ?

THAT's his girlfriend? A cute little redhead in daisy dukes?

Yeah. That's why Rufus wins over Bob. When you get to tap Strawberry Shortcake every night, before you go eating some . . . strawberry shortcake you win over a guy who is super disciplined about eating too much.
King Hippo (Punch-Out)
So while we finish our fearsome fighting fatso lineup on this list, I bet you're asking yourself . . . "Why is King Hippo better than Bob or Rufus?"

Uh doy! He's the King stupid. Duh.

King of what? King of punching you in the face if you ask dumb questions like that! That's what.

But seriously, back in the day, King Hippo was the business. Probably the first big ol' chunk a pork pie to make a notable impression on us wee gamers (not to be confused with "Wii "gamers"), King Hippo was unforgettable.

Mostly because he was surprisingly hard. I mean, you take a look at this guy and you think he's going to be a piece of cake. Up to this point you've been fighting a bunch of boxers in way better shape than him, including a Russian drunker than a Tony Stark on St. Patrick's day -

Or any day really.

- and then you meet this guy and like a priest standing behind a choirboy, he's deceptively hard.

I mean his weak point (that big bandage on his belly) that makes it look like he just cut the cord from Ma Hippo (who would be of Stay Puft proportions if true) is so obvious, yet he does something most video game bosses fail to ever remember - he covers up! So you have to give him a sock in his big fat mouth if you want him to drop his big mitts, so you can reach his belly and the sweet, sweet jelly that erupts out of it when you punch him there.

OK that last part about the jelly isn't true, but everything else is . . . probably.

It's hard to remember with this guy, seeing as the "real" King Hippo was pretty darn different from his TV Incarnation.

Where he was King . . . Smurf?

Up until King Hippo, all the other bosses' weak points were pretty obvious single-part affair. This was TWO parts!

He's also just a lot more memorable. I mean, most of the boxers in Punch-Out!! look like, ya know, boxers. King Hippo, he looks like a schlub. Heck I'd say he broke new ground for the world of boxing. If King Hippo hadn't come along, do you ever think Butterbean would have found mainstream acceptance . . . I think not!

Plus, he's also a great singer!

Hoagie (Day of the Tentacle)
When you think of a big fat, long-haired slacker, who travels through time and says "dude" a lot . . . who do you think of?

Well Hurley of course.

Ok fine. Good point.

But if this were 1993? Well aside from a Theodore "Ted" Logan who seriously let himself go . . . you'd probably end up thinking of Hoagie, from the Epic Masterpiece that was Maniac Mansion 2: Day of the Tentacle!

Oh man, this game was (to put it in the parlance of our times) flippin' sweet.

Written by a young Tim Schafer and Dave Grossman, this game was the perfect mix of time-travel puzzles, humor, and awesome. Oh, and if you don't know who either of those folks are . . . then you can strip your game cred off right now and call yourself Sally, because that makes me a sad, sad Panda.

Though these days it seems EVERYTHING makes pandas sad: the price of bamboo, handsy zookeepers, commuting . . .

Anyway, consider the following.

Think of the first game you played that dealt with time travel puzzles. Was it maybe one of the Prince of Persia games? Perhaps one of the Zeldas, Ocarina of Time maybe?

Day of the Tentacle precedes most, if not all of those games, doing all sorts of wacky things with time travel, like leaving bottles of wine in the past so you could pick them up in the f*ture because what you really need is a bottle of vinegar . . . stuff like that. Stuff that was so ahead of its time it's still hardly done, even today!

If you want to know what this game is like . . .

This is what it's like.

So who IS Hoagie anyway?

One of the three main protagonists, Hoagie is a chunky, roadie layabout who hangs out a lot with his buddy Bernard, super nerd extraordinaire, and Laverne, a space cadet med-school student. They get involved in trying to rescue a good sentient tentacle from a mad doctor who lives in a mansion (of the titular Maniac variety) and for his trouble, Hoagie gets propelled 200 years into the past against his will, which sucks, 'cause he totally has a show he's got to get to tonight.

Also he gets propelled via a time-traveling toilet, which, you know . . . ew.

But it isn't all bad being stuck in the past. While there, Hoagie gets to hang out with the founding fathers! . . . and Ben Franklin.

Here he hangs out with a freezing John hancock, a time capsule obsessed Thomas Jefferson, and a stuck up George Washington. He even gets to teach Ben Franklin how to discover electricity and, like any true American, comes up with his own twist to the US Constitution - putting a vacuum cleaner in every basement!

Heck, if it weren't for Hoagie, the founding fathers might never have been able to get the Constitution off the ground.

Truly, he is the paragon of an American Hero.

So this 4th of July, whether you're celebrating by eating barbeque, drinking beer or watching fireworks . . . just remember, you have a big fat metal head to thank for all of it.

So go my friends! Enjoy the holiday! Have a blast! Rock out with your tentacle out and try to be just like the nineties slackers of yesteryear!

That is to say . . .


Fri, 01 Jul 2011 04:25:20 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/the-10-greatest-fattest-americans-in-video-games/adamthomas
<![CDATA[The Best Wii U Games Of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-wii-u-games/ranker-games
This is an ongoing list of the best selling Wii U video games that have been released so far, including images and descriptions of the games. Mario and friends continue to top the poll, but popular Wii U games like Assassin's Creed, Shovel Knight, and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate have also been hot sellers. Released in 2012, the Wii U saw a rocky start when the console was released with not many great launch titles. However with recent games like Mario Kart 8 hitting the market, the Wii U has seen a dramatic increase in sales.

Vote for the greatest Wii U games that have come out so far. If your favorite game is missing, you can add it to the list so other people can vote on it too.

The Best Wii U Games Of All Time,

Pikmin 3

New Super Mario Bros. U

Super Mario 3D World

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze


Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

Mario Kart 8

Super Mario Maker

Super Smash Brothers

Wed, 24 Sep 2014 08:50:06 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/best-wii-u-games/ranker-games
<![CDATA[The Most Compelling Video Game Storylines Ever]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/the-most-compelling-video-game-storylines

Video game stories range from the extremely simplistic to the staggeringly complex. While early games - and many contemporary ones focused on gameplay - treat the plot as a loose outline filled in by action or puzzles, some games have tried to push the boundaries and tell emotionally gripping, cinematic stories with elements of interactive control and player choices that forward the storyline.

The advent of so-called "sandbox" games, which give players more freedom in choosing how to explore the environment, which missions to embark upon and what order to progress in has also served to make games more character-driven and involving. ("Fallout 3," for example, builds up a karmic profile of the player based on decisions in how to advance through missions.) These best storyline games build on the gameplay and graphics with genuinely good stories. 

Currently at the top of the list of the best video game storylines are the Mass Effect games with BioShock, The Last of Us, and Half-Life 2 all in contention for the number one spot. Gamers will also recognize other popular video game franchises like Metal Gear Solid and Assassin's Creed, which feature twists and surprises in their storylines. 

This list collects the games with the most entertaining and involving storylines. Vote for your favorite games on the list, and build your own version to add more suggestions that aren't already ranked! There is no shortage of games with amazing stories.

The Most Compelling Video Game Storylines Ever,


Fallout 3

Final Fantasy VII

Half-Life 2

Mass Effect

Red Dead Redemption

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Mass Effect 2

The Last of Us

BioShock Infinite

Sat, 17 Sep 2011 17:52:14 PDT http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/the-most-compelling-video-game-storylines
<![CDATA[The Hardest Video Games To Complete]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/hardest-games-to-100-percent-complete/ranker-games
Video games are supposed to be hard. That's the whole point. Why play a game you can just breeze through in a few hours. The best video games should be challenging and engaging. But sometimes a game comes along that is nearly impossible to complete. What are the most difficult video games to beat? Vote up the hardest games to complete below.

Why would these video game developers make a game that's near-impossible to defeat? These games spank you seven ways from Sunday, making you wonder why you ever played them at all. Of course then you restart and go at it all over again. One of the games on this list was so tricky and hard to complete that Nintendo execs didn't even release it in America.

Vote up the games that broke controllers, shattered televisions, and ruined childhoods. The hardest video games that were more than just a challenge - they were games that were almost impossible to beat.
The Hardest Video Games To Complete,

A side scroller, beat 'em up with already near impossible villains, Battletoads was also two player so you were tempted to join in with a buddy resulting in almost no room on the screen, constantly bumping into one another, and general madness.
Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start. When a game is famous for making cheat codes commonplace on major consoles you KNOW it's hard. Play it with NO codes. Three lives for all 8 levels. Even the frickin' SCREEN moves to spite you. That waterfall level man...
Ghosts'n Goblins
Ghosts'n Goblins was a side scroller that used its gameplay to scare the crap out of you. Constant ghosts and... goblins... leaping out, causing you to fall to your doom. It's insanely hard to get to the last level, much less complete it.
Mega Man
Well let's just say that every Mega Man after (and there are many) added things to make gameplay easier. Every cool upgrade was really only relevant towards one specific boss. The jumping modes were merciless and since you couldn't save, all those barely won victories had to be redone every single time.
Super Ghouls'n Ghosts
Even more difficult than its already daunting predecessor, Ghosts'n Goblins, Ghouls'n Ghosts threw even more enemies at you, had a moving landscape, and every jump required pixel perfect accuracy or you were DONE. Sometimes in just a single hit.

Then there was the ending of the game... which put you right back in the beginning again, making you complete it twice to truly beat the game.
Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels
This game is so hard, Nintendo executives blocked its release in the United States. Booby trapped power ups, flying enemies, gusts of wind, hidden Goombas designed to pop up for a quick kill, and even POISONED MUSHROOMS. Nothing is sacred.
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
The famous top down style of the first Zelda was replaced here with a traditional (and all the rage at the time) side scroller. Not only was this side scroller so impossibly hard... but you only got three lives and no saves. Not to mention how hard the Dark Maze in Death Mountain was.
Another game legendary for it's simultaneous difficulty and fun, Castlevania seemed to find all your weaknesses in every moment and exploit them. It's hard to explain just how hard Castlevania is and why, but play it and you'll quickly see.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
This game was apparently designed with absolutely no regard for its target audience, the vast majority of whom no doubt tossed their controllers down in frustration. Playing with action figures is so much easier, after all.

Mike Tyson's Power Punch
Why it was hard: Early opponents were super fast and hard enough (though they had a prettyy conspicuous X on their weak spots). Once you got to the big boss - Mike Tyson - it was near impossible. Your punches did practically nothing to him and HIS punches ended the fight. You'd have to dodge every one of his blows and land dozens of your own.

Thu, 17 Apr 2014 05:51:31 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/hardest-games-to-100-percent-complete/ranker-games
<![CDATA[The Best Xbox One Video Game Characters]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-xbox-one-characters/ranker-games
When the XBox One dropped in 2013, it seemed as though people weren't sure if it was going to make it. Between some of the marketing snafus, and compared to the Playstation 4's super strong response to Microsoft's blunders, it was as if the companies had switched their positions from the last cycle. However, the One finally got itself back up on its feet, and it's good that they did -- otherwise, we might've lost out on a lot of great games. 

As a result, we've compiled a list of some of the best characters that the XBox One has out right now, celebrating this system's success and the games being developed specifically for it. From the first person shooter of Halo, to adventure games and fighting games like the lovingly rebooted Killer Instinct, there're plenty of video game characters to go around! And hey, we even have some of your favorite gods from Smite! 

No matter if you're an RPG player, a shooter, or one of those crazed MOBA perfectionists, our list of XBox One characters has something for you. So check them out, vote for your favorites, and rerank the list to your heart's content! 
The Best Xbox One Video Game Characters,



Lara Croft

Master Chief

Rhonda Kreske





David Young

Tue, 14 Jul 2015 09:37:04 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/best-xbox-one-characters/ranker-games
<![CDATA[The Best Family Guy Video Games]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-family-guy-games/ranker-games
Pull up a stool at the Drunken Clam, because this is a list of Family Guy games. Family Guy isn't just a long-running Fox animated series or a bona fide pop culture force. The series has also spawned quite a few video games, many of which are actually pretty fun. With this handy list, you can vote to decide what the best Family Guy video games are. If you're going to game in Quahog, after all, you should really try to avoid games that will really grind your gears.

Whether you're messing around with alternate universes in Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse or playing online with friends, there are plenty of games about Family Guy to help you scratch that Peter Griffin itch for you! Why simply laugh at Stewie or Brian on TV when you can play as the famous baby genius or wisecracking dog?

What is the best Family Guy game? Vote up your favorites, and vote down the video games that you found shallow and pedantic.

The Best Family Guy Video Games,

Family Guy Video Game!

Family Guy: Uncensored

Family Guy: Stewie's Arsenal

Family Guy Time Warped

Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse

Family Guy Online

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff

Family Guy Pinball

Fri, 07 Aug 2015 10:45:12 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/best-family-guy-games/ranker-games
<![CDATA[The Best Water Pokemon of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-water-pokemon/ranker-pokemon
List of the best Water Pokemon, ranked by Pokemon Masters like you. This greatest Water Pokemon list includes monsters from every generation, so you can vote on everything from Blastoise to Swampert. Not every Pokemon included below is a pure Water type, as some are half water or secondary water types. Water Pokemon are traditionally very popular, as they are strong both offensively and defensively. 

If you want to know, "What is the best Water Pokemon?" or "What are the top Water type Pokemon?" then you're in the right place. You can see other lists of the greatest Water Pokemon on other sites, but this is the only list that you can actually vote on and make your voice heard. If a Pokemon you love is missing, then feel free to add it at the bottom so it's included. 
The Best Water Pokemon of All Time,











Wed, 04 Jun 2014 00:54:44 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/best-water-pokemon/ranker-pokemon
<![CDATA[The Top 10 Battlefield 4 Hacks and BF4 Aimbots]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/top-10-battlefield-4-hacks-and-aimbots/gamer
The Top Ten Best Battlefield 4 Hacks, Cheats and Aimbots and BF4 Hacks. If you're looking for BF4 cheats or a Battlefield 4 aimbot, this is the only place you should look. Our team of four staff members searched the web for the best BF4 Hacks we could find, and we reviewed each website for you. Each review is based on five different categories including; Ease of use, features, customer service, hack quality and bugs. Battlefield 4 Hacks that prove they are worthy of top recognition were posted in our tops spots, while BF4 Hacks that didn't perform up to our standards are listed at the bottom of the page. If you have any comments or suggestions let us know, we will update this page and cheat positions as needed. We hope you enjoy the list of Top Ten BF4 Hacks! You can go directly to our #1 Recommended website for BF4 Hacks check out the Battlefield 4 Hack page at iwantcheats.com.
The Top 10 Battlefield 4 Hacks and BF4 Aimbots,

tmcheats.com is run by one person who calls himself Tom, if you check the website he makes the cheats, and he has a few mods trying to help. When we tried to install the BF4 Aimbot we ran into some trouble, and our anti-virus acted up, so we went to test on a secure PC with no information on it. Our staff was told that we had to disable the AV, which we don't like, for that very reason the "Ease of Use" got a low end three scores. Pricing was also a bit high, and customer support was lacking, but they did have a huge feature set.

ilikecheats.net also had a great BF4 Hack and made our top three listing. When comparing all top three spots, every hack performed equally to our liking, the only reason one website won over another was due to problems with the install or slower customer support. ilikecheats had a large community, good support and a perfect performing cheat; the only issue we had was the in-game menu wasn't as good as the other two on the top of our list. We also had a small delay in customer support, but the staff was very nice and polite to all of us.
 Website: www.ilikecheats.net

Another website we suggest you never use, this use to be someone who owned another site that stole money from people. So make sure you stay far away, you have been warned!
fpscheats.com has been around for over eight years, and their first hack was for BF2142, so needless to say they have major experience with Battlefield related games. Their Battlefield 4 Hacks are just as good as our number one spot, but we had a few hour delay getting answers to questions we asked on the forum. We did find the hacks performed great, and the customer service was super nice, so I guess it comes down to which forum you really like better when decided what BF4 hack you really want to use. fpscheats did have more members than any other website we tested, and the private forums were also very active. If you want a solid aimbot and great cheat FPS should be your choice.
 Website: www.fpscheats.com

If you are looking for Battlefield 4 Hacks DO NOT use this website, they have no support, and it's hard to get a refund. The hacks did not work when we tested, and we had to issue a chargeback via our CC provider.
iwantcheats.net is our top choice for BF4 Hacks after a full month of testing game cheats at every site listed below; no other hack can touch IWantCheats. From our studies, we found the IWC Battlefield 4 Hacks have never once been detected, which makes this one of the best hacks to keep your CDKEY safe and keep you from ever being banned. IWantCheats also incorporates other features that you won't find on other cheat sites. One of the big new features of BF4 was the introduction of FF, this checks player stats and bans you if you seem to good. IWantCheats fixes this with random stats and makes sure you always stay safe when playing. We also found that any questions asked on the website usually gets answered in less than 15 minutes, making the mod team better than any other website. Our top recommendation and winner for best BF4 Hack goes to iwantcheats.net

Website: www.iwantcheats.net

We expected more from using the cheats at cheatautomation.com due to some reviews on their website. When we tried the hack we noticed it had many bug issues, wasn't fun, and the website was almost dead from lack of use.
damncheaters.com was a huge disappointment in the Battlefield 4 Hacks category for our testing. We found the pricing to be high, the features to be less than other sites and it took over an hour to get installed. They also offer almost no customer support for their users.

aimjunkies.com was a nice looking website and ranked pretty well for Battlefield 4 hacks when we searched for them online. The major issue we had with them is we all lost our CDKEYS after playing for just a few short hours, and we didn't play on the same day or the same update. We had major problems with all four staff members getting banned, and when we asked about the bans we were told they don't give refunds and sent a link to buy a new cd key. So for that very reason we would NOT recommend this website.

Tue, 03 Mar 2015 22:28:56 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/top-10-battlefield-4-hacks-and-aimbots/gamer
<![CDATA[The Most Devastating Ultimate Moves in Overwatch]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-overwatch-ultimate-moves/nikoberi
Overwatch is such a literal and figurative blast that video game fans will have a hard time remembering the last game that was as much joyous, undiluted fun. Ultimate moves are a crucial component in Overwatch battles, adding to .

The ultimate moves that each of the characters can utilize after they've kicked enough ass are some the highlights of Blizzard's combat bonanza. Each of these moves is, in its own way, a game changer that can turn the tide for your team if you use it just right. Still, in spite of there being no bad ults in Overwatch, this list will determine the popular favorite.

Vote up your favorite Overwatch ultimate moves from Dragonstrike to Transcendence!

The Most Devastating Ultimate Moves in Overwatch,


Who uses it: Symmetra

What it does: Provides Symmetra with a teleporter exit at her location and an entrance in her team’s spawn.


Who uses it: Genji

What it does: Genji draws his absurdly sharp and powerful katana to strike his enemies.


Who uses it: Hanzo

What it does:
Launches two energy dragons that deal damage to all enemies they touch.


Who uses it: Junkrat

What it does: it's a remote controlled tire loaded with explosives that Junkrat can drive into the middle of the enemy team.


Who uses it: D.Va

What it does: D.Va ejects from her MEKA and has a few seconds to run away from it before it explodes, inflicting massive damage.


Who uses it: McCree

What it does: McCree takes aim with his pistol and shoots all enemies in his line of sight. Depending on how long he aims, it may be an instant kill. 

Sound Barrier

Who uses it: Lucio

What it does: Lucio gives all nearby teammates a huge shield that drains over time regardless of how much damage it absorbs.

Graviton Surge

Who uses it: Zarya

What it does: Opens a black hole that sucks in and immobilizes Zarya's enemies.


Who uses it: Mercy

What it does: Resurrects all recently killed teammates in the surrounding area.


Who uses it: Mei

What it does: Meideploys an adorable ice drone that freezes and damages all enemies in a huge radius.

Tue, 31 May 2016 06:46:42 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/best-overwatch-ultimate-moves/nikoberi
<![CDATA[PSD Tut Plus' Top 40 Best Video Game Covers of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/psd-tut-plus_-top-40-best-video-game-covers-of-all-time/video-games-lists
A list of the best video game covers ever made. Artwork on video games, design in video games and design in video game covers are often ignored. This list shows us the top video game cover designs in history. For the full story go to:http://psd.tutsplus.com/articles/inspiration/top-40-video-game-covers-of-all-time/
PSD Tut Plus' Top 40 Best Video Game Covers of All Time,

Final Fantasy X

Grand Theft Auto IV

Grim Fandango

Half-Life 2: Episode Two

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Super Mario Bros.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Tomb Raider

Ultima VII: The Black Gate

Mortal Kombat

Wed, 06 Jan 2010 22:18:30 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/psd-tut-plus_-top-40-best-video-game-covers-of-all-time/video-games-lists
<![CDATA[8 People Who Spent Way Too Much Money on Video Games]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/8-people-who-spent-an-exorbitant-amount-on-video-games/benjamin-dunn
There's no doubt about it. Video games are one of the most expensive habits next to hardcore drug use. Not only do you have to invest in the system you prefer, but each new game will run you anywhere from $40-$70, and that's not even including special or collector's editions.

Even with all that accounted for, that's still nothing compared to the price that some of the people on this list have paid. Whether it's a child dropping all of their parents money on virtual coins to buy cows or people spending more than you will make in your life on a club that exists solely in the virtual world, these people really know how to spend money on their filthy habits.

What is the most money spent on a game? Take a look here and see how foolish some people are, that they're willing to fork over so much money for a video game.
8 People Who Spent Way Too Much Money on Video Games,

Most Expensive New Game: Spyro's Adventure

Not since Magic: The Gathering or Pogs has a game required you to invest as much money to play it as "Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure." Sure, the start up isn't all that much more than a regular game, only $69.99, but if you want to experience it fully, be prepared to shell out a bunch more.

Here's how the game works. Each box comes with the game, a platform that connects to your system and three toys that when placed on the platform, get used in the video game. It's a pretty neat convention really. Kids get to play with their toys on and off screen. Of course, there are a lot more toys to be bought separately, and if you want to be able to complete the game, you will have to pay for each of them. In total, the full game is actually priced at around $320.

So in order to play this one game, you need to pay more than you would buying a new next gen system. Bravo Activision. Bravo!

More at Kotaku.
Heart-Broken Man Sells Engagment Ring and Buys Master Chief Armor

Okay, this story is just awesome.

Heartbreak is sad and horrible, but sometimes awesome things can come from it. Take this story for example.

Eric Smith was your typical man in love. He was so in love in fact that he went out and bought his girlfriend the ring of her dreams. When he popped the question though, he got a response that he never could have imagined. Instead of saying yes, she told him that she couldn't marry him because she was in love with another guy. Not only that, but she had been having sex with him on the regular, in Eric's car, and the CD in the player that he had been listening to for the past month was a mix made by the guy she was banging. Harsh.

While most stories would end with poor Eric breaking down and spiraling into a deep depression only to find himself six months later with a Grizzly Adams beard and slight cocaine habit, this one has a happy twist. Eric, being the level-headed guy that most of us wish we could be, decided not to spend time dwelling on what a vicious s**t-demon he almost married. Instead he promptly sold the $2000 custom ring on eBay and spent the money on the only thing that could possibly make a true gamer happy, a full custom suit of Spartan armor from "Halo."

This gorgeous piece of equipment is 40 pounds of dark green fiberglass modeled after the main character of "Halo", Master Chief. It also comes fully equipped with the signature golden visor and light up LEDs.

Sure, he could have taken the money and used it to pay off student debts or put a down payment on a new car that didn't have the stink of infidelity, but I think that a full scale replica of video game armor will help him reach wherever he needs to go in life.
Most Expensive Retro Games

It wasn't long ago that people were in a rage over the price point of video games going from $40 to $60 with the introduction of the XBox 360 and PS3, but like an overly hot Jacuzzi, we relaxed into it.

Now imagine paying over 20 times that price for a game that plays on a system 30 years out of date. Pretty crazy right? That is just what collector, JJ Hendricks, did when he bought an ultra rare copy of Nintendo World Championships (Gold Edition) for $17,500. The reason that the game went for so much was because only 26 were ever created for a Nintendo sponsored gaming contest.
Virtual Club Sold for $635,000


I have to admit, I have no idea why anyone would spend money on virtual goods. To me, I need my money to go to something tangible, like real swords or houses or food, as opposed to those things for a character in a game. So when I heard about a guy that paid $100,000 in real cold hard cash for a virtual asteroid, I was floored. It turns out it was a spectacular investment on his part though. Jon Jacobs, who I assume is some sort of Howard Hughes-esque eccentric millionaire, took his newly acquired piece of land and changed it into a Pleasure Island of sorts for the rest of the Entropia Universe (the MMO where all of this takes place) to enjoy.

Entropia is different from other MMOs in the fact that instead of putting in real money for fake goods to make fake money, one can actually make a real living off of goods bought by other users of the game. Jacobs was able to make almost $200,000 per year at his "Club Neverdie" by charging entry fees and building a virtual mall where people can shop and socialize, even go hunting.

Check out this advert for the club:

With Club NeverDie thriving, it was a surprise to many when Jacobs decided to sell it off in pieces. Though there were many buyers, the single largest purchase came from John Foma Kalun, who bought the main section of the asteroid for a whopping $335,000. (This beat the previous $300,000 record set by the sale of the Crystal Palace Station.) When all was said and done, Jacobs was able to sell the whole property for a staggering $635,000, a $535,000 profit not including the income he made over the course of his five years of ownership.

Now that I know that it is possible to make that sort of cash online, it makes me rethink my position on virtual goods and services.
Woman Embezzled $166,000 from Job for Mafia Wars

In a case of life imitating art, Bettysue Higgins of Maine recently pled guilty to the charges of embezzling over $166,000 from her employers to help fund her addiction to the online Facebook games "Mafia Wars" and "YoVille." Over the course a year Higgins wrote herself 78 fake checks from her job to buy virtual coins in game. Of course she also wrote 142 other checks for, you know, walking around money.

I don't know what's worse. The fact that she spent over $5000 of stolen money on a free online game, or that she is 54 and looks like she could be your grandmother.

Man Spends $16,000 for Virtual Sword

Let's put things in perspective here. What can $16,000 buy you? Let's see. A car, a down payment on a house, one year of state college in Tennessee... so many useful and worthwhile things. Or it could buy you a single sword in a video game. Not only that, but a video game that is not released yet and there is no telling if it will even succeed. Yes, a man in China shelled out $16,000 for a sword in the upcoming MMO game "Age of Wulin."

In other news he is in talks to buy the Brooklyn Bridge.

Read more on Kotaku.
British boy spends £1,000 on Xbox Live

In another incident of kids spending their parents money, an 11-year-old boy in England used his mother's credit card to purchase almost $2000 worth of Xbox Live material. It seems to me that the Brits really need to start teaching their children about money. Actually, I think that most of the world should probably do the same. (Let me get off my soap box now.)

Brendan Jordan, pictured above, was able to access his mother's credit card simply because it was registered on his Xbox Live account already as she used it to pay for his subscription to the service. How did he end up spending so much money? It seems the little rapscallion loves to dress up his avatar. Most of the money was spent on accessories for his character, along with downloadable games and DLC.

When his poor mother found out about all of the charges that had accrued over the course of six months, she instantly called up her credit company and tried to reverse that charges. They wouldn't let her, so she tried contacting Microsoft directly and has yet to hear back from them. She has decided not to punish Brendan as when he was made aware of how much money he had cost her, he broke down and told her to sell his Xbox to help pay her back. (Pretty good strategy, if you ask me.)

Her main concern is the fact that Microsoft makes it so easy for people to be charged for their services by having the card never come off the service information. It should be noted though, that all parents need to do is take a few more steps when signing up for the service and put a parental lock on the account so they can either turn off access completely or monitor downloads. (Just take the time, people.)
12 Year Old Racks Up over £900 on Farmville

For a free game, "Farmville" certainly knows how to get it's players to spend. In the case of an unnamed boy in England, the game, which is free to play, cost him and his mother almost $2000 American.

How can a game that is on Facebook for free cost that much? Well, Zynga, the publisher of the crack-like game, has made it so that you can play the game for free, but if you really want to play the game, you will have to buy the upgrades. These include more space to grow things, better animals, and just a better overall enjoyable experience. (Or so they would like you to believe.) So it's not surprising that a 12-year-old, who hasn't figured out that money is a real thing yet, would end up spending not only all of his savings, but then get into his mother's credit card and make over $1500 worth of charges.

The worst thing about it is not that Zynga and Facebook refuse to reverse the charges because they claim that it's not their fault that kids don't know the concept of money, but the fact that in order for the mom to get her money back, she would have to file a police report against her son. She says that she will not do so as she doesn't want a mistake he made as a child following him around for the rest of his life. To top it off, she claims that she is not even punishing him as he already knows what he did was wrong.

I call bullsh*t. If that was my kid I would totally file charges against him to get my money back. It would teach him a valuable life lesson. Steal sh*t and there be consequences.

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<![CDATA[The Best SpongeBob Video Games Ever Made]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-spongebob-games/ranker-games
SpongeBob SquarePants games are more numerous than fish in the sea, but what are the best SpongeBob games? To answer that question, you've got to find yourself a list of SpongeBob games ranked by user votes! Guess what? You've found it. A yellow smiling sponge makes for an unlikely gaming hero, but there are many, many games about SpongeBob and you can vote up your favorites here.

Whether you want to travel to the depths of Atlantis in SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis, or just playing some spongeball in Nicktoons Basketball, there's a crazy big number of SpongeBob video games to choose from. Wanna race? Nicktoons Winners Cup Racing is just for you!

So vote up your favorite games under the sea! Add any SquarePants games we may have missed and rerank to create your own list of the best SpongeBob SquarePants video games!

The Best SpongeBob Video Games Ever Made,

Nicktoons Racing

SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis

SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom

SpongeBob SquarePants: Employee of the Month

SpongeBob SquarePants: Lights, Camera, Pants!

SpongeBob SquarePants: Operation Krabby Patty

SpongeBob SquarePants: Creature from the Krusty Krab

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

SpongeBob SquarePants: Revenge of the Flying Dutchman

SpongeBob's Truth or Square

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<![CDATA[10 Crazy The Last of Us Fan Theories That Change the Game]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/last-of-us-fan-theories/jordan-love

The Last of Us has inspired some smart fan theories. As is often the case with most story-driven games, the narrative leads players to concoct their own elaborate explanations, even for elements of the story that weren't mysterious. From ideas that explain Ellie's past to possible crossovers from other video games, The Last of Us fan theories abound.

A big reason for all the fan theories is the moral ambiguity of the game. Joel, the hero, is forced into difficult situations where there's often no obvious answer. Players search for clues and reasons why things turned out the way they did. When there isn't an obvious one, they often come up with their own theories to fill in the holes in just the same way people invent conspiracy theories for confounding events in the real world.

Not every The Last of Us theory is perfectly sound. Some seem pretty ludicrous while others appear to be pretty likely, but that's just the nature of fan theories in a nutshell.

It should go without saying, but there are The Last of Us spoilers ahead.

10 Crazy The Last of Us Fan Theories That Change the Game,

Joel Didn't Want to Save Humanity

In the end, Joel saves Ellie by potentially sacrificing the future of the species. Most people see this as a gesture of love and humanity in itself. However, one theory suggests that Joel didn't choose to save Ellie so much as he chose to let humanity die. He's seen firsthand the awfulness of which people are capable. They took his daughter from him, and now they're willing to murder another young girl right in front of him. He doesn't think that humanity deserves the cure that Ellie could provide.

The Last of Us and Uncharted Occur In the Same Universe

Fans love to consider the possibility that some of their favorite games are playing out in the same universe. In this theory, The Last of Us and the Uncharted series take place a few decades apart on the same timeline. The idea is that Nathan Drake is indirectly responsible for the infection. In Uncharted 3, Drake foils a plot to find a sunken vessel with what is essentially an ancient chemical weapon in it.

If Drake failed, the villainous Marlowe would have uncovered the vessel and perhaps unleashed the Cordyceps virus on the world of The Last of Us. The chronology could work, but this Uncharted 4 newspaper Easter egg is the only real evidence of a shared universe.

Joel's Ex-Wife Is Ellie's Mother

There are a few theories about Joel being Ellie's biological father, but that would ruin a lot of what makes their relationship special. A variation on that too-obvious theory suggests not that Joel is Ellie's pop, but that Joel's ex-wife is actually Ellie's mother. Somewhere along the line, Joel and his wife separated, but he doesn't appear to harbor any lingering hostility towards her. Maybe long after they went their separate ways, she became pregnant and gave birth to Ellie?

Ellie's Mother Makes the Whole Game a Crossover

This theory take a little extra imagination. It purports that Ellie's mother is actually Jill Valentine from Resident Evil. The two key pieces of evidence supporting this theory are pretty simple: Ellie's appearance and the presence of zombies in each game. Ellie and Jill look quite similar in many ways, and there are zombie-like creatures, but there isn't much else to support this theory. It also doesn't help that Resident Evil is made by Capcom and not Naughty Dog.

Joel Is Immune and Doesn't Know It

When you think about all the stuff that Joel has gone through, this theory makes a lot of sense. In addition to spending a lot of time with the infected Ellie, he's also constantly coming into contact with other afflicted folks. He fights them hand-to-hand on an all-too regular basis, yet he somehow manages to avoid it himself. Either he is incredibly lucky, or he's immune. If he is immune, there's a question of whether or not he's aware of it.

Ellie's Scar Is the Key to Her Immunity

There's something significant about Ellie's scar, but just what that is remains a mystery. Many people assume it is the product of a school fight or something along those lines, but what if it is actually the source of her immunity? This could work two ways: either she was experimented on and that's a surgical scar, or she had an encounter with an infected at a young age and her body has somehow been fighting it off ever since.

The Fireflies Wanted Total Control of the Cure

According to the Fireflies, Ellie needs to die so they could dissect her brain and discover the cure. According to this theory, that's only partly true. The Fireflies could derive a cure from Ellie without murdering her, but as long as she is alive, other factions, such as the military, can do the same. By killing her and becoming the only ones with the cure, the Fireflies would become the most influential organization in the world.

An Earthquake and Tsunami Kicked off the Pandemic

On the surface, it appears that the state of the world in The Last of Us is a pretty clear result of one thing and one thing only, but what if the start of the infection coincided with a massive natural disaster? Something like a massive earthquake and subsequent tsunami would cause a lot of damage and force many people into close quarters. The infection could then spread quickly and exponentially before anyone could do anything to prevent it. This would help explain how conditions deteriorated so quickly.

The Fireflies Were Never Going to Find a Cure

When Joel and Ellie arrive, the Fireflies almost immediately decide that she must die in order to produce a cure. The problem is, all of their reasoning is very, very flawed. Instead of scientifically studying the only known immune person in existence, they immediately want to kill her without first running comprehensive diagnostics or tests. It's likely that even if they did kill Ellie, they wouldn't have the knowledge, ability, or patience to develop a cure from her brain.

Everyone Is Infected

Many of the characters in the game that are supposedly not infected nonetheless exhibit early signs of infection. Specifically, many of the characters lack peripheral vision. This is likely just a way to make stealth gameplay more balanced, but could there be more to it? 

It's clear that the infected rely heavily on sound, as the Cordyceps fungus grows over the victims' eyes. It's possible that just about everyone in the game is infected to varying degrees and they just don't know it. Perhaps an airborne strand of the infection is affecting everyone's hearing without turning them into crazies?

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<![CDATA[The Greatest GTA V Gaming Moments of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/greatest-gta-v-moments-of-all-time/kevin-mckee
Grand Theft Auto V is chock full of awesome moments, but here are the best, most unique mayhem, stunts, and crazy shenanigans we've found.
The Greatest GTA V Gaming Moments of All Time,

Greatest Motorcycle Landing

Highest Jump Ever
Floor a Bugatti at top speed...and this is what happens. Has there ever been a higher jump?
The Best Skydiving Stunt Ever
Typical Gamer threads the needle - superman style!
Best Unintended Landing With a $250,000 Automobile?
I think that's a thing...couldn't have done this a million times if you tried. 
Saved By A Citizen
Hayabuuza has a lot to thank this citizen for, especially since he was in the process of stealing his car.
Surviving a Skydive From Space
JustAnotherCinema falls a looooooong way and lives to tell the tale.
Plane to Boat Jump
TheIvaneh finds the absolute most difficult way to get a boat to water.
Train vs. 15 Rhino Tanks

The Most Epic Bounty Kill Ever
TheWeirdSpartan has an arm like an MLB pitcher...but uses it for EVIL.
Firefighter Fighters
Exo Politixs finds out the hard way that Los Santos Firefighters moonlight as UFC fighters.

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<![CDATA[The Best Playstation 4 Action Games]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-ps4-action-games/chris-abraham

Playstation 4 action games come in all shapes and sizes, but there truly is something for everyone when it comes to the action genre on PS4. From GTA V to Mad Max, this list ranks the best PS4 action games currently available on the console. It's pretty obvious that Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is the best action game for Playstation 4. The fourth game in the Uncharted series, A Thief's End wraps up the story of Nathan Drake in a masterful way that is both story driven and action packed.

What is your favorite action game on PS4? Many people enjoyed the newest Ratchet & Clank game, a staple in Playstation's history that fortunately was a lot better than the most recent movie that they based off it. Upvote the titles below that you would recommend to other action lovers who own PS4, and downvote any titles that really didn't blow you away.

The Best Playstation 4 Action Games,

Ratchet & Clank

The Last of Us

Grand Theft Auto V

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Dark Souls II

Far Cry 4

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

Just Cause 3

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

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<![CDATA[Awesome Video Game Professions You'd Never Do in Real Life]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/video-game-jobs-you-could-never-really-do/loganrapp
No matter what your real job may be, in video games you can be a zombie hunter, a Master Chief, a hacker, a dragon slayer, a career criminal, or anything in between. The economy being what it is, everybody's looking for fulfilling jobs that could lead into life-affirming careers. So when you're playing a game, you may think to yourself that if you were in the position of your favorite video game character, "I could totally do that." But the reality that we all know to be true is no, no you couldn't. 

If you're being honest with yourself, you know you cannot lead a galactic team of elite hyper-soldiers into against a trans-dimensional foe. You can't even hack it as a treasure hunter. You certainly couldn't be Batman. These are really hard jobs. None of this is even remotely realistic. 

This list runs through all the jobs you're really good at in video games but could never possibly do in the real world. The list also questions why you would even want to do these jobs in the first place. Who wants to be a dragon killer? Dragons are super dangerous and would probably spit hot fire in your face before devouring you whole.

So vote for the jobs that sound the best based on video games but would really be the worst if you ever managed to get hired.

Awesome Video Game Professions You'd Never Do in Real Life,

Test Subject for a Crazed Artificial Intelligence (Portal)
No, you don't want to pick up that Portal Gun. You really, really don't. That AI? That AI's crazy. She is not great. She's going to kill you. Oh, she's promising cake, but you know that there's not going to be any cake at the end of all this. 

Also, do you remember signing a contract? You're not even getting paid for this. Get back on Craigslist and find a better gig. This is violating all sorts of labor laws - get out while you can. 
Assassin Battling an Oppressive World Order (Assassin's Creed)
Get down from there, you're going to break your neck! Knives, knives pop out of your wrists? How are you not going to cut yourself with that? Don't run across that clothesline, you couldn't possibly stay upright. 

See that person? Don't trust him. He's a Templar and he's going to kill you. Oh, you're going to kill him first? There are thirty guards between the two of you and all you've got is your ridiculously dangerous wrist-knives and a sword? This is not going to go well. Good luck. 
Professional Monster Hunter (The Witcher)
Sure, getting paid to kill monsters is great, and being granted magical monster killing powers is going to be lovely. No argument there. But there's always a war going on, and in a war, they're going to want to use those magical monster killing powers. 

What then? Your kids are never going to get to sleep, and you're really not making much money off the deal. Oh! And you're probably going to die horribly. That part is pretty much guaranteed, actually.

Commander of an Elite Galaxy-Saving Squad (Mass Effect)
Let's face it, the Mass Effect games themselves know how unlikely it is for you to actually save the galaxy from a trans-dimensional threat. The Reapers destroy all sentient life every 50,000 years, and little old you, a human, is going to magically take them all down?

Nah. Plus, if you want to go Paragon, you're going to have to show more patience than any human alive has ever shown. Are you really going to not punch that reporter? No, you're going to punch that reporter. That's going to happen because you're not cut out for this. 
God Killer (God Of War)
Okay, so this isn't exactly a job, but you're doing pretty well going after ancient gods and tearing them to shreds on TV. Let's say that those gods exist in the real world, though. And let's say you come across one of them. What's the next thing you're going to do?

Wet yourself, that's what. They're gods. They're going to wreck your world just because they can and they're not going to break a sweat doing it. Let's just leave the unfathomably powerful deities to their own devices and stay home where it's safe. 
Sheriff of a Town of Hidden Fantasy Creatures (The Wolf Among Us)
It's amazing that you haven't completely lost your grip. Sure, it's cool hanging out with Snow White and all, but this job is the worst. Fabletown is awful, no one really has any money, and your homelands are all gone, so you're pretty much stuck here. 

Then murders start piling up and now you've got to navigate all these weird quirks and probably having to deal with citizens cheating on one another and trying to kill you. This is a bum gig. Find a nice quiet town filled with shut-ins and pensioners way outside the city. Go be the law out there. 
A Killer of Actual Dragons (Skyrim)
You see that dragon flying up ahead? You know, that enormous flying lizard that's probably going to come down here and light you on fire before eating you alive? You have to go kill that. And that tiny dot in the picture? That's you

While the moments after killing a dragon are amazing and you feel like you can take on the world, the reality is that you probably won't get there. You will probably be charbroiled and eaten. Hard pass on the dragon killer job. Take up typing, get in data entry. There are a lot of start-ups with great stock options you can get in on the ground floor with.
X-Wing Pilot (X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter)
No one is saying that flying an X-Wing is anything other than the most awesome option on this list. You're in space, you're behind the wheel of a hot rod spaceship, and you've got lasers and proton torpedoes. Things are looking great. 

But what they don't tell you about flying out in space is that you're probably going to throw up. Even if you were flying F-16s on Earth you'd be puking your guts out, now you don't even have a frame of reference to see what's up or down? Oh, and don't forget, an entire evil Empire wants to blow you up. 
Car Thief Pulling off Sweet Helicopter Heists (Grand Theft Auto V)
You are not going to steal that car. In fact, all that Grand Theft Auto V does to you is make you drive just a little bit faster on the highway, or maybe you take that left turn just a little tighter than normal. Watch out, speed demon, you could get in trouble with that. 

Or you're just going to end up pulled over. You won't even get to a helicopter. There is no helicopter for you. 
The Effin' Batman (Batman: Arkham City)
First off, your parents have to die. That's probably a deal breaker for most of us. Then you're going to train relentlessly for years and years only to go back to your crime-infested hometown to beat up criminals in honor of your parents' largely peaceful contributions to the city. 

It seems, y'know, easier to stick with being a billionaire and contract out professionals to do the heavy lifting. Are the judges corrupt? Hire private investigators to get evidence to bring to the FBI. Mob taking over entire swaths of the city? Pay for a private security contractor to do patrols. You're a billionaire, you don't need to get hit in the head by criminals. 

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<![CDATA[10 Reasons Kinect Sucks]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/top-10-reasons-kinect-sucks/val1s
While the title of this list of reasons not to buy the Kinect was carefully considered, there's seemingly nothing more appropriate than flat-out saying the Kinect sucks. Because Kinect, quite simply, sucks.

Should you buy a Kinect? The most recent statement from Microsoft outlines exactly how hard it sucks. Kinect is like a stuck up princess that won’t let you so much as hold her hand without first being admired, flattered, fed, bought presents and worshipped as a goddess as she rubs caviar and buttered lobster in your hair while you polish her boots.

Here are the ten things Kinect NEEDS YOU TO DO before it will consider working.
10 Reasons Kinect Sucks,

Buy a bigger house
Microsoft is a big American company for people with big American houses and big American hands. Just like the original Xbox controllers that were too large for half the world to use, Microsoft seems oblivious to the space available to Europeans and Asians in their homes. The solution? Buy a bigger house dummy! It’ll be worth it when all those triple-A Kinect titles hit the market.
Buy new lights
Kinect wants to see you clearly, so you better make sure it can. Some types of strip lighting won’t work and although it uses infra-red to detect your movement, the facial recognition needs light.
Change your wardrobe
You’ll have to wear clothes that Kinect can pick out from the background. Once again, Kinect gives you fun but makes you a better person too. Its Queer Eye insists you dress brightly, no more black t-shirts and dark gaming rooms for you tubby, time to fashionize!

*Note, apparently this is no longer an issue, so you don't need to buy new clothes. Just as well, you won't have any money left after all those great launch titles!*
Uh-oh, are you even Kinect ready?
The newest Xbox’s describe themselves as Kinect ready. What does this mean? Simply that they don’t require an additional power supply for Kinect. What if you’re not Kinect ready? Well its back to the power block of doom for you!
Tidy your room
Kinect despises mess! Clean up your floor or Kinect will be unable to find the ground level and the game won’t work. Kinect: the Mary Poppins of consoles. Only less British, and more demanding.
In case you think I’m biased….
There is no doubt that standing up in a barn with a stadium lighting system, wearing a neon tracksuit and playing your Kinect on your new TV and speakers without your friends is awesome. What could be more awesome though? Perhaps waving glowing neon sex toys to play a game almost indistinguishable from Wii sports.

"Put that back in mommies dresser where you found it or we'll send you back to the orphanage!"

One final tip: Microsoft has said that you want to put as much distance between you and the Kinect sensor as possible. I suggest serious gamers do just that.

More of my lists:

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Don’t slouch
You may remember all the fuss about Kinect use while seated. Basically, they never thought about gamers who play on the sofa. It seems that Microsoft has fixed this problem now, but come on. Who wants to sit while playing games when they could be standing up in a cavernous, well lit aircraft hangar?
Move your speakers/buy a new telly
The layout of your television speakers affects whether you play Kinect on top of or below your TV. If you get interference, just buy a new TV or speaker system. You might as well splash the cash. After all, you’ve already invested in a big house and new lights and as such, presumably no longer have a girlfriend or wife to anger with your extravagant purchases.
Move everyone out of the way
You've already seen the videos online of people hurting each other while playing, so move your friends out the way. I mean completely out of the way. Idealy they shouldn’t be on the camera but to be safe, just don’t tell your friends where your new house is. You don’t need them any more anyway, you have Kinect!
Get saving
You don’t get Kinect for free you know, bringing you the f*ture today costs money. Its gonna cost $150 or £130 (Kinect cares not for fair exchange rates). Then you have to buy the games. Don’t worry, they cater to the hardcore gamers as much as the casuals. Check out those pics!

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<![CDATA[The Best Spider-Man Video Games Ever Made]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-spiderman-games/ranker-games
Webslinging is a perfect gaming activity, so naturally there are lots of Spider-Man games. Spidey may be the most popular Marvel character ever. His super strength, wallcrawling abilities, and sense of humor make him a perfect character to play. But what's the greatest Spider-Man video game? With this list of Spider-Man games, you'll be able to figure out which ones that offer great power without too much responsibility.

The best Spider-Man games come in all shapes and sizes. Marvel vs. Capcom, for example, is a brawler that pits the webhead against other Marvel and Capcom heroes and villains. Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage is a side-scrolling beat-em-up. Spider-Man 2 has a special place in history, as it was the first game about Spider-Man to go sandbox, dropping him into an open-world recreation of Manhattan.

Okay, Spider-Fans, it's time to start ranking. Vote up the best Spidey games and vote down the ones that aren't worthy of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Add any games we may have missed and if you're a true believer, then rerank to web up your own Spider-Man games list.

The Best Spider-Man Video Games Ever Made,

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro

Ultimate Spider-Man

Spider-Man 2


Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

The Amazing Spider-Man
The Amazing Spider-Man is an action-adventure video game, based on the Marvel Comics character Spider-Man, and the 2012 film. It was published by Activision and developed by Beenox. It was released June 26 in North America and June 29, 2012 in Europe, on Nintendo DS, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Android, iOS, and Microsoft Windows. A version for the Wii U was released March 5, 2013 in North America and March 8, 2013 in Europe as The Amazing Spider-Man: Ultimate Edition in both regions. In Spring 2013, a PlayStation Vita version was released November 2013.The game was directed by Gerard Lehiany and written by Seamus Kevin Fahey,[1] Benjamin Schirtz and Gérard Lehiany. The game serves as an epilogue to The Amazing Spider-Man film.The Nintendo 3DS and Wii version feature a different, more linear game with the same script and plot. The game is not open world, instead following a style of approach similar to that of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, where the player selects a level from a hub, in this case Stan's apartment, before playing a mostly linear level. It was natively designed for the 3DS, and later ported to the Wii. Beenox also developed this version.
Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Spider-Man: The Movie
Spider-Man: The Movie is a beat 'em up video game based upon the Marvel Comics character, Spider-Man, and is also loosely based on the film Spider-Man. It was developed by Treyarch and released in 2002 for Microsoft Windows and several video game consoles. The game has many scenes and villains that did not appear in the film. It was followed by Spider-Man 2 two years later to promote the release of the second film. Then, in 2007, to promote the release of the third film, Spider-Man 3: The Video Game was released. After the franchise was rebooted, Activision rebooted the game series as well.

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<![CDATA[The Best Nintendo Switch Racing Games]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-nintendo-switch-racing-games/ranker-games

With Nintendo Switch releasing this year, it's time to rank the best Nintendo Switch racing games that are currently out, or are slated to release in the near future. Obviously Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the Switch racing game everyone is waiting for, but there are a few sleeper titles that might just end up being more challenging and fun.

Take Fast RMX for example, a fast-paced racing game for Nintendo Switch that is already being compared to F-Zero (that doesn't mean we don't want a new F-Zero, Nintendo!) Other car racing games for Switch that are coming out are Redout, The Next Penelope, and Racing Apex.

Vote up your favorite racing game for Switch, or just the ones you're really looking forward to playing when they come out.

The Best Nintendo Switch Racing Games,


Release Date: Q2 2017

The Next Penelope

Release Date: TBA

Racing Apex

Release Date: TBA

Fast RMX

Release Date: March 3, 2017

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Release Date: April 28, 2017

Wed, 01 Mar 2017 00:50:06 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/best-nintendo-switch-racing-games/ranker-games
<![CDATA[The Best Atari 5200 Games]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/list-of-atari-5200-games-atari-5200-console-games/video-games-by-console
Played on the Atari 5200 SuperSystem, the Atari 5200 games were some of the earliest video games ever. This list of the best Atari 5200 games includes some of the most popular titles ever such as Frogger, Pac-Man and even Mario Bros.

Competing with Intellivision and ColecoVision, the Atari 5200 SuperSystem made its debut in November 1982 and was produced until May 1984 when the Atari 7800 took over. Similar to Nintendo, games for this early console were sold in cartridge form. The cartridges were inserted into the console, which featured a eight-bit 1.79-MHz processor and played using one of four joystick or trak-ball controllers.

Though the Atari 5200 reportedly sold over one million units, it was not as popular as other game consoles of the time. It may not be among the top consoles of all time, but if nothing else, the Atari 5200 and Atari 5200 games provides video game enthusiasts with a place to look back upon as one console that brought the industry to where it is today.
The Best Atari 5200 Games,


Dig Dug

Mario Bros.


Missile Command

Ms. Pac-Man


Pole Position

Robotron: 2084

Space Invaders

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<![CDATA[NCAA Football Cover Athletes]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/ncaa-football-cover-athletes/arthur-roderick
Similar to the honor of the Madden NFL cover athlete tradition, each year, one former college football player is selected to become the NCAA Football cover athlete for the popular American football video game series. The honor has often gone to the player who wins the Heisman Trophy earlier in the year, but has also been given to other top players from the previous season.

Unlike Madden NFL, the NCAA Football video game series cannot legally use the name, image or likeness of active players under NCAA rules. Because of this restriction, generally the player, or players, on the cover of the game is a standout player who just finished their final season of college football and is heading into the National Football League. Similarly, players within the game are not named, but are build based on the characteristics of real players.

Just like Madden NFL, one notable coach started the video game series and appeared on the cover for the first few years. Bill Walsh, who coached the Stanford Cardinal, gave his name to the franchise when it started in 1994 as Bill Walsh College Football.

The game was named simply College Football USA for the 1996 and 1997 installments before adopting the NCAA Football title which has been used in years since. Another change came in 2009 and 2010 when different covers were issued, one for each video game platform. This small difference gave as many as five notable athletes, and even one mascot, the honor of being remembered as one of the top college football players of the year, something even a crappy professional career cannot take away.

Who are the NCAA Football covers? Take a look here and see for yourself. 
NCAA Football Cover Athletes,

Barry Sanders
Oklahoma State running back
Darren McFadden
Arkansas Razorbacks running back Darren McFadden appeared on the Xbox 360 version of NCAA Football 09.
Mark Sanchez
USC Trojans quarterback Mark Sanchez graced the cover of the PSP version of NCAA Football 10.
Tim Tebow
Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow was on all versions of NCAA Football 11.
Michael Crabtree
Texas Tech Red Raiders wide receiver Michael Crabtree was on the Xbox360 version of NCAA Football 10.
Mark Ingram, Jr.
Alabama Crimson Tide running back Mark Ingram Jr. appeared on all versions of NCAA Football 12.
Brian Orakpo
Texas Longhorns defensive end/linebacker Brian Orakpo was on the NCAA Football 10 PlayStation 2 cover.
Robert Griffin III
Baylor University quarterback 
Denard Robinson
Michigan Wolverines quarterback Denard Robinson won a fan vote to be on the cover of NCAA Football 14, which would be the last in the series due to legal questions about whether college athletes should be paid for use of their likenesses
Sparty, the Michigan State Spartans mascot, was selected for the cover of the Wii version of NCAA Football 09.

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<![CDATA[The Best Jurassic Park Video Games Ever Made]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-jurassic-park-games/ranker-games
From the first "Welcome... to Jurassic Park," you were hooked, and after the credits rolled, you got your fix from Jurassic Park games. No one wants to stop seeing dinosaurs after they leave the theater, so there's never been a shortage of video games based on the dino theme park. But what are the best Jurassic Park games? Which ones really transport gamers to islands full of genetically engineered beasts? This list of Jurassic Park games will answer that question, ranking them from best to worst based on your votes.

Games about Jurassic Park have been popping up for over two decades. The original Jurassic Park game is a lesson in survival, in which Dr. Alan Grant has to accomplish a number of tasks while keeping far, far away from the T-Rex and Velociraptors, while Jurassic Park 2: The Chaos Continues, is a classic side-scrolling run and gun game with tense action. If you're looking for a Jurassic World game, you've got to go blocky with Lego Jurassic World.

So take a look at our list of games about Jurassic Park, vote up your favorites, and downvote the ones that should be devoured by the Indominus Rex. If you've played most of these, then rerank our Jurassic Park games list to create your own authoritative version.

The Best Jurassic Park Video Games Ever Made,

Jurassic Park 2: The Chaos Continues

Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis

Jurassic Park: Survival

Warpath: Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park

The Lost World: Jurassic Park

The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park: The Game

LEGO Jurassic World

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<![CDATA[8 Biggest Recent Gaming Industry Disappointments]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/8-biggest-recent-gaming-industry-disappointments/phact0rri
Sometimes, the gaming industry breaks our hearst and souls. From bringing Facebook to your consoles to Duke Nukem Forever, to the entire DLC-points-buying system, here are the 8 biggest disappointments the Gaming industry has brought us in the last few years.
8 Biggest Recent Gaming Industry Disappointments,

Duke Nukem Forever
Every few years an announcement comes our way, giving us glimmering hope for our cigar smoking, American badass with more guns than an entire army. Of course, I mean Duke Nukem forever.

This dream shared by many gamers has officially been canceled by the way of 3D realms going under as of 2009. Adding insult to injury is that shortly after the news hit headlines, a trailer showing off some video of the game surfaced and it looked quite bad ass; showcasing some impressive looking warthog badguys, and some alien squids.

However the Duke Nukem trilogy being developed for the DS and the PSP looks to still be on until that eventual, inevitable news is shared.

But for now—we can hold hope for these games to be developed and either way, we don't want it for our PSP -- it deserves a full console release.

Speaking of PSPs...
Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust
With Sam and Max and Monkey Island have been rocking out in terms of bringing old point and click adventure games back to the world to show us why we loved them in the first place; but the Larry games continue to miss the point.

The games we were all playing in our college dorm rooms, or while our parents didn't understand what they'd just bought us, were (in the last two years or so) given a mediocre kick in the face!

They didn't age well like Monkey Island, but instead the Larry games suffered from someone trying to bring back something from the dead without rethinking what made it a classic.

The humor is over the top in the way that makes people puke in their mouths, and the game controls remain horrible. We can only keep hoping someone does justice and adapts Larry to the new millenium soon.

Or better yet, maybe they can make another Space Quest.
Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard

DSI Ware

Social Networks on Consoles
If there was one announcement that really made a collective groan from gamers everywhere it was Microsoft’s update on their console to include social networking channels like Facebook and Twitter. I am pretty sure that I’d never want to use a game controller to select letter-by-letter, and I'm still not going to buy another special keyboard just to play on my console.

Nor, do I want to edit my Facebook status via XBox Live; even when it’s less than 200 characters, that’s still a lot of time spent.

My G1/iPhone/COMPUTER get me through Facebook and Twitter well, being how it they all have keyboards and all, and I can do it from anywhere.

Consoles are not really the place I’d look to use to log into Facebook, twitter or any of the other Social Networking.

Last Fm, on the other hand, is a good idea for internet radio, and with that thought in mind, I think adding Jango, Pandora, and hell webcast and podcast support would have been much more up to speed in the entertainment center vein. Last.
Buying Downloadable Content Via A Fixed-Points System
While this may not be that recent, it's something that could very well be changed by now, but isn't. We can upload films, stream TV, go on our social networks, but we can't buy anything with anything other than POINTS? Points that must be bought in fixed-point-value bundles? Why? Because it's the outright, uninhibited, gouging of the customer by the video game companies.

Fixed point values? Why not just pay for what you want? Leftover points can turn into spur-the-moment purchases. It's genius, and it often works (the ONLY reason I re-bought Mortal Kombat 2)

But when I'm low on cash, I don't want to spend $7 to rent a movie, I want to rent the movie for a reasonable price instead of spending extra money on stuff I didn't originally want.

This is a paradigm that, with everything moving to DLC/Streaming, needs to change for the good of everyone's pocket book.
When I heard about this update, sans the UMD, I was really excited. As a Handheld buff I was ready for this update to PSP.

It always has felt too big for my hands and always seemed like it was too expensive as a gaming device; lagging behind when contrasted to the home consoles.

After Sony’s gripes about the UMD’s expense, by chopping that out it would be a cheaper version of the unit.

And when they mentioned they’d support UMD conversion it had to be awesome. It just HAD to be... until...

We heard that it was going to cost MORE than the current PSPs, and they weren’t going to support UMD conversion.

So we’d be paying a lot more money to transfer for the slick new device. I know the launch has killed any chance of me updating. Ever.
The To Hands-Free/Motion Capture
The move to motion-capture/hands free gaming is really something that is pandering to niche (niche, for once, read as "the general public"), much like the Wii did. The Wii was allowed to do so, though, because at the time there was room for diversity in the industry. Since then, the Wii has become a staple at frat parties, old folks' homes and a great way for couples to game... but it's really not revolutionizing gaming in any way shape or form -- it's bringing it to a standstill.

Last time I checked, we've had bowling games like Wii bowling since I was 9.

Microsoft's NATAL and Sony's PS Move is trying to move the industry in this direction and it's simply going to keep gaming where it is after we've made all these unbelievable advances in actual look and game play.

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<![CDATA[8 Awesome Videos of Animals Playing Video Games]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/8-awesome-videos-of-animals-playing-video-games/ariel-kana
Videos of animals playing video games. Showing us all, once again, that video games appeal to our most base instincts and that we, as human animals, NEED them to be happy, here are 8 videos of animals enjoying video games on an intellectually stimulating level.
8 Awesome Videos of Animals Playing Video Games,

Dog vs. Cat in a Wii Tennis Grudge Match
Well of course dogs and cats would be good at Wii Tennis. Why wouldn't they be? They've got great hand-eye coordination and they like chasing balls in real life anyway. So, strap their paws to a Wii-mote and it's like we're watching the US Open of domestic animals. Who needs Cats & Dogs or even Cats & Dogs 2: The Revenge of Kitty Galore when you've got this clash of the titans?

You can tell the cat is a bit more conniving because she tries distracting her dog competitor with meows, psyching him out.

And yes, every cat is a female and every dog is a male. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Bulldog Plays Skateboarding Game
If you guys are at all familiar with the late skateboarding bulldog on Youtube, here he is again doing bigger and better tricks on the Tony Hawk skateboarding video game than I have been able to (read: cared enough to) do.

The way he grinds the rail and does a sick 360 in the air (0:44) makes you think his paws are magical, or that he's really a human trapped in a floppy, adorable little body.

Some dogs are more talented than most of us at things that we invented. I, for one, welcome our new, cuddly, tail-wagging overlords.
Dog Playing Wii Tennis
In this video, the Wii dog (who is at it again somehow), beats his competitor out of necessity.

The beanie-wearing frat guy is just THAT annoying. So, while the rest of the house bark and howl during their Wii Tennis match, the dog just calmly kicks the s**t out of his opposing player. Then he tells him to get the hell out of the house.

Next thing you'll know, the dog will demand his human counterpart to lift a leg while peeing outside.
Pigs Playing Chimp Game
Many are under the assumption that pigs have no real useful abilities other than just being delicious, running in mud, eating all day, and making everybody cry when their pet spiders die.

In this video, however, that assumption is proven completely wrong.

Hamlet, a pig (cruelly named after what his dead, cooked, delicious brethren are called) under the observation of animal psychiatrists, has developed joystick operating skills so advanced that some scientists are starting to believe pigs are actually smarter than dogs.

Hamlet excels at playing video games designed for chimpanzees while the dog in a similar experiment (also shown in the video) needs significantly more help.
Chimp Playing Pac-Man
In this video, an animal scientist is observing a chimpanzee playing Pac-Man.

The chimp is in a laboratory of sorts - reminding us all of the first parts of the movie Congo - and is intensely focused on the game for most of the video.

With minor help from a human participant, the chimp even knows when to run away from the ghosts and when to eat them. The video never shows the chimp winning a game but he does come pretty darn close... and then walks away, like he knows how good he is an a victory would only sully his honor.

Dog (Not a Boxer) Playing Wii Boxing
How does it feel to be punched out by a dog? Finally, people who are not toddlers can answer this question!

The poor player that had to go up against this superdog in Wii Boxing knows and here we have a video of them learning exactly why.

With a Wii-mote strapped to his front paws, the dog continually pounds his human competitor until he won the big game. Now that's a good way of punishing your owner for leaving the house for a period a little longer than 10 hours.
Cat "Playing" Duck Hunt
Here is a cat. This list is on the internet, so it requires a cat.

*Composes self*

Here's a video of a cute little kitty entranced in a game of Duck Hunt, while completely ignoring the rules. She's like the kids who would handle the joysticks at arcades while the "Insert Coin" banner was flashing across the screen showing everybody that they were CLEARLY not playing, but would still not let you ACTUALLY play for some reason.

By the way she's sitting inches away from the computer screen and grabbing at the images in front of her, you'd almost think she's human. A really dumb, cute human... with a hair growth problem. Come to think of it, they'd have to be kind of a mutant... which is kind of terrifying.

The Nintendo DS Gorilla
Nintendo DS is so addictive that even apes know not to have their babies play with them for too long. Here's a mama ape flashing a pissed-off look as she nonchalantly ignores her kid wanting to play with the DS in her hand. She shrugs him off and slaps his hand when he attempts to grab it from her. Sound familiar?

But here's something Mom has never done to any of (well, most of) us, stick the DS in her mouth while she walks away. It's called parenting, people.

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<![CDATA[The Best Adult Swim Games Ever Made]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-adult-swim-games/ranker-games
Adult Swim is known for creating some of the most insane grown-up cartoons for late night viewing. The crazed minds at Williams Street have also made a lot of great Adult Swim games across a number of different genres but all sticking to a certain deranged style. Naturally we decided to create a list of Adult Swim games, ranked from best to worst. There's only one way to determine the best Adult Swim games ever made: with your votes. 

One of the more popular Adult Swim games out there is Robot Unicorn Attack, with its "endless running" and flamboyant music and style. It dared anyone to try to put it down, and put the song "Always" by Erasure on the map. Another classic is Amateur Surgeon, where the funnily named Alan Probe finds himself performing surgery on random people in distress. Want to get into digital gardening? Hemp Tycoon is going to be the one for you!

Those are all originals, but there are also games about Adult Swim shows. Rick& Morty's Rushed Licensed Adventure, for example, captures the anarchic spirit of the acclaimed show. Whether they're originals or based on cartoons, the greatest Adult Swim games are the ones that sound silly to the point of stupidity, yet you find yourself playing them all the time. 

So vote up your favorites below. Don't forget that you can downvote the games that just don't live up to the Adult Swim standard. And if anything's missing, feel free to add it to the list!

The Best Adult Swim Games Ever Made,

Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law

Amateur Surgeon
Pizza delivery boy Alan Probe’s a regular chap with a big dream: to become a surgeon. One fateful night on the way back from a delivery Alan runs over Dr. Ignacious Bleed, and is forced to perform a delicate operation with only the tools he has on-hand—a stapler, pizza cutter, salad tongs, a lighter and other household implements. From then on, Probe and Bleed begin running a back-alley surgery shop that appeals to the criminal element that can’t seek medical help any other way. Originally developed by Mediatonic.
Alan Probe: Amateur Surgeon
Amateur Surgeon, When it comes to on-the-spot surgery, you work with what you can find
Robot Unicorn Attack: Heavy Metal
I am pretty confident in the accuracy of my statement when I say that Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal isn’t your average distance-based running game. I’m also pretty certain that I am also speaking accurately when saying that this is going to be the only distance-based running game where you get to commandeer a robotic unicorn and guide it through the depths of hell while metal music roars melodically in the background: of this, I am utterly convinced. The success of the original Robot Unicorn Attack is undeniable, and I enjoyed it in spite of my indifference to Erasure’s song ‘Always’, so I knew that I was already in for some quality surrealism when stepping up to the keyboard to play this title. Factor in my once- fierce love for all things metal (the music, not the categorisation of of any element, compound, or alloy adept at conducting heat and electricity), and there was no way I could turn a blind eye to this sequel.
Robot Unicorn Attack
Robot Unicorn Attack is an online "endless running" video game featured on the Adult Swim and Flashline Games website. The game was produced by Spiritonin Media Games and was released in February 4, 2010. The game's soundtrack is the 1994 song "Always," by the British band Erasure, in its "2009 mix" version.
Jazzpunk is a single-player, first-person adventure game, focusing on exploration and comedy over puzzle-solving. Each mission has one central objective, but the player is free to explore the game world at their own pace, which is populated with a large number of interactive NPCs, each with their own action or gag. Mini-games, including mini-golf, a Frogger clone, and a version of Duck Hunt in which the player pelts cardboard ducks with slices of bread from a toaster, also feature prominently in the game's storyline.
Rick and Morty's Rushed Licensed Adventure
Rick and Morty's Rushed Licensed Adventure is a Flash-based online game based on the show. It consists of four chapters that put the player in control of Morty and later Rick. As the name implies, the game was made very quickly, and [adult swim] even jokes about this. Even the instructions state that the game developers made the game with "little time and even less money."
Pocket Mortys

Amateur Surgeon 2
Alan Probe comes out of retirement to perform complicated medical procedures the only way he knows how: poorly.
Super House of Dead Ninjas
She's got all the slashing, slicing and bombing of the original House of Dead Ninjas plus a whole new arsenal of tricks up her ninja robe.

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<![CDATA[List of Virtual Console Games (Japan): Console Games]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/list-of-virtual-console-games-_japan_-console-games/video-games-by-console

List of Virtual Console Games (Japan): Console Games,


Castlevania: Rondo of Blood


Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle

Adventures of Lolo

1080° Snowboarding

Adventure Island

Alex Kidd No Miracle World

Ai Cho Aniki

A Ressha De Ikou III

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<![CDATA[The Best Fairy Pokemon of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-fairy-pokemon/ranker-pokemon
Ranking of the best Fairy Pokemon, as voted on by Pokemon Masters like you. This greatest Fairy type Pokemon list incorporates Pokemon from all generations, so you can vote on everything from Clefable to Togekiss. Not all of these Pokemon are pure Fairy types, as some are half while others are secondary. Fairy Pokemon were introduced in Generation 6, and are surprisingly strong both defensively and offensively. Their only weakness is to Bug and Steel type Pokemon, which are rarely used by other trainers.

If you want to know, "What is the best Fairy Pokemon?" or "What is the greatest Fairy type Pokemon?" then this list will answer your questions. If you think the top Fairy Pokemon is missing from this list, add it to the bottom of the list so others can vote on it as well.

The Best Fairy Pokemon of All Time,











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<![CDATA[The Best GameGrumps Series]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-gamegrumps-series/myxomatosis
GameGrumps have made hundreds of hours of wonderful content and have garnered millions of fans. I just wanna know which series the fans found most enjoyable.

NOTES: The list is in a chronological order (until voted on)
              Only GameGrumps series are on here, no TableFlip, SteamTrain, or Grumpcade
              One-offs and GameGrumps VS. aren't on here either 
The Best GameGrumps Series,

Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

Shadow of the Colossus

Super Mario Sunshine

Trauma Center: Second Opinion

Sonic the Hedgehog

Goof Troop

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD

Sonic Boom

Shovel Knight


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<![CDATA[The Greatest Brothers in Video Game History]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/video-game-brothers/devon-ashby
Who are the greatest brothers in video games? Lots of video games hinge on sibling rivalry or familial cooperation. Whether they're government clones reunited to kick some ass, demonic hellspawn struggling to come to terms with their supernatural powers, or just a couple of hapless plumbers looking to have a good time, some of the most memorable characters in video game history are brothers.

We know we didn't have to remind you about Mario and Luigi, but what other video game brothers are worthy of recognition? Vote below on your all-time favorite brothers in video games.

The Greatest Brothers in Video Game History,

Naiee and Naia
A list of video game brothers wouldn't be complete without the indy favorite Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons from 2013, in which young siblings Naiee and Naia must work together, using a unique game mechanic, to save the life of their dying father.

The Kong Klan
The zany Kong Klan includes all forms of interrelationships (familial and otherwise) but though not all of the Kongs are actual relatives, many of them are brothers. (Funky Kong, for example, is Donkey Kong's requisitely funky older sibling.)

Billy and Jimmy Lee
Double Dragon is notorious for its intro sequence, where an attractive lady gets socked in the stomach and kidnapped. Normally the game is about this woman's boyfriend trying to rescue her, but there's also a two-player mode that allows you to play as a pair of brothers, Jimmy (red) and Billy (blue).

Mega Man and Proto Man
As his name suggests, Proto Man was an earlier "prototype" version of Mega Man, and is considered Mega Man's older brother. Proto Man is an alternate playable character in some games, and sometimes teams up with Mega Man to help him fight especially problematic enemies.

Dante and Vergil
A nod to Dante's Inferno, Vergil and Dante are supernatural twin brothers in the Devil May Cry series, born of the demon knight Sparda. Vergil, generally speaking, is the "evil" brother, embracing his demonic side and ashamed of his half-humanness, while Dante hunts and destroys demons.

Bub and Bob
Bub and Bob are probably the most memorable and important part of the classic arcade game Bubble Bobble, which was later adapted for various consoles and mobile devices. They're those cute little dragon brothers who hold those adorable little machine guns you use to shoot bubbles with.

Solid Snake and Liquid Snake
Solid Snake and Liquid Snake are both clones of Big Boss in Metal Gear Solid. They were created as part of the Les Enfents Terrible project, and have both served as spies and covert special operatives for FOXHOUND.

Wario and Waluigi
It's unclear whether or not these two are actually brothers, but we added them anyways. Wario and Waluigi are the evil, alternate reality versions of Mario and Luigi. They were first introduced on GameBoy, but versions of them appear in many Mario games for different platforms. More recently, they've even starred in their own games as fully playable characters.

Lucas and Claus
Claus is the main character of Mother 3, a popular sequel to the game released in the U.S. as Earthbound. Lucas does most of the heavy lifting himself in this game, but his more brazen, orange-haired brother Claus (an anagram of "Lucas") pops up occasionally to help out.

Mario and Luigi
Luigi started off as an alternate "skin" for Mario, but eventually became his own character. They started as a 2-player system, but in later games, Mario and Luigi began to develop more unique characteristics. In Super Mario 2 Luigi was a tall, skinny character, while Mario stayed short and stocky, and there were also subtle differences in playability. In some later RPG games, as well as the cartoon, Mario and Luigi collaborate and work together, with Mario usually taking the lead and Luigi acting as a "sidekick."

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<![CDATA[The Best Jobs for Pokemon Go Addicts]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-jobs-for-playing-pokemon-go/nikoberi

Do you have Pokemon Go in you blood? Are you angry about your boss telling you to get back to work instead of playing more Pokemon Go? Do you like Pokemon Go so much that some of your friends think you have a problem? Maybe it's time to make a career change into a job that's more accommodating to your addiction. To help you decide what career path you should follow, check out this list of jobs that will let you get out, get around, and catch 'em all. Vote up the best jobs for Pokemon Go players and then hand in your two weeks notice.

The Best Jobs for Pokemon Go Addicts,

Game Tester

Preacher at One of Those Pokestop Churches

Delivery Person

Outdoorsman (Or Outdoors-woman)


Pokemon Trainer

Bike Messenger

Mail Carrier

Unemployed Person

Dog Walker

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<![CDATA[The Best Premade Families That Came with the Sims Games]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-premade-sims-families/tam-sackman

There are two types of The Sims players: those who spend three hours creating the perfect family but only actually play the game for 15 minutes, and those who want to get straight to the gameplay. Luckily for the latter, the game came with all kinds of premade families of Sims, ready to be killed in a fire.

Some of these families spanned all four basic versions of the game (no expansion packs necessary!), while some made brief but memorable experiences in one game. Some were already settled in a furnished mansion with existing jobs, while some awaited your expert, Godlike ideas to come into their own.

Whether you're a die-hard The Sims fan or an occasional player (do those even exist?), you've probably given at least one pre-made The Sims family a spin around Pleasantville. Which was your favorite? Whose story do you find yourself most drawn to? From the Newbies to the Capps and Montys to the Goths, these are the best pre-made families in The Sims computer games.

The Best Premade Families That Came with the Sims Games,

The Pleasant Family

The Fam: Jeff and Diane; their daughter Jennifer; and their son Daniel, with his wife Mary-Sue and daughters Angela and Lillith.

We first meet the Pleasant Family in The Sims. On the surface they seem the stereotypically perfect family: two parents, two kiddos, and a dog. But when we meet them again in The Sims 2, that facade is shattered. 

We find that an adult Daniel Pleasant (a child in The Sims) is having an affair with the maid and his marriage to Mary-Sue is crumbling. Their twin daughters, Angela and Lillith, each have their own set of issues as well.

The Specter Family

The Fam: Olive and her child Nervous Subject, and her niece Ophelia.

Playable in The Sims 2's Strangetown neighborhood, with relatives of the family available in the store in The Sims 2 and 3, the Specter family has a complicated relationship with death. No, really. Olive Specter is rumored to have had a relationship with the Grim Reaper himself, and the result of that relationship is her son, Nervous Subject, who lives in the Beaker household. Her niece, Ophelia Nigmos, lives with her at 13 Dead End Lane after becoming an orphan many years prior.

The Goth Family

The Fam: Bella and Mortimer, with their children Cassandra and Alexander, and Mortimer's parents Cornelia and Gunther.

Probably the most famous of the premade Sim families, the Goth Family's roots extend over every game. We first meet them in The Sims, where they live in a medium-sized house with a large graveyard (foreshadowing!).

If you treated yourself to The Sims: Unleashed, you met Mortimer's parents Gunther and Cornelia as well. They returned in The Sims 2, this time flush with cash and living in a beautiful home.

In The Sims 3 (which you'll remember as a prequel to The Sims), you can play as the eccentric Cornelia and Gunther as they raise a young Mortimer.

The Capp Family

The Fam: Consort and Contessa; their daughter Regan and her husband Cornwall; their son Kent; their daughter Goneril and her husband Albany, with their children Miranda, Hal, Desdemona, and Ariel; and their grandchildren Juliette, Tybalt, and Hermia.

The Capps had the biggest presence in The Sims 2, where daughter Juliette fell in love with Romeo Monty, of the Capp's rival family, in the town of Veronaville.

Also playable in The Sims 2 are Goneril and Albany Capp and their children, along with a separate household made up of sister Regan Capp, her husband Cornwall, and her brother Kent - who has a secret romance of his own.

The Curious Family

The Fam: Marshall and Cherish, with their children Bunny and Notzo; and their great-grandchildren Pascal, Vidcund, and Lazlo.

The Curious Family is only playable in The Sims 2 and The Sims 3: Ambitions. In The Sims 2, their family is changed forever when Pascal Curious becomes pregnant with an alien child. And that's just the beginning of the unexplainable things that happen to them, though their address at 2 Cover Up Road should have been a hint at strange activity to come. 

The Sims 3: Ambitions features the family of Marshall Curious - he's Pascal, Vidcund, and Lazlo's great-grandfather. A researcher at a science facility, Marshall finds more answers than he bargained for.

The Alto Family

The Fam: Vita and Nick, with their daughter Holly.

Though their relatives exist in various expansion packs, the best-known version of the Alto Family lives in The Sims 3's Sunset Valley. Husband and wife team Vita and Nick have some shady business around town, competing with the Landgraabs as wealthiest Sim family. Their daughter, Holly, doesn't seem to want much to do with the "family business." They live in an expensive home not far from the Landgraabs.

The Caliente Family

The Fam: sisters Dina and Nina.

Twin sisters Dina and Nina Caliente only appear in The Sims 2. They conveniently come to town when Bella Goth disappears, and Dina seems to take a special interest in the particularly wealthy (and particularly old) Mortimer Goth. Meanwhile, Nina is interested in neighbor Don Lothario, but doesn't know he also has a relationship with her sister.

Neither of them have a job and when you first play them, they're running low on funds. Might that have anything to do with Dina's interest in Mortimer?

The Broke Family

The Fam: Brandi, with her children Dustin and Beau.

With a name like "Broke" it's unsurprising that this The Sims 2 family is in dire financial straits. Brandi Broke - daughter of Bob and Bettie Newbie from The Sims - was recently widowed by Skip Broke, leaving her to care for two children with one on the way. Teen son Dustin is beginning to act rebelliously, but his job is the family's only source of income at the beginning of the game, and their funds aren't enough to support a growing family.

When you begin playing as this family, their only possession is an empty pizza box.

The Newbie Family

The Fam: married couple Betty and Bob.

Remember your first time ever playing The Sims? You had to go through a tutorial with this charming duo. Their house was small, but enough, and besides, you likely didn't stick around once the tutorial was over anyway. They're still around in The Sims 3, but they've retired from their storied career as a tutorial.

The Landgraab Family

The Fam: Nancy and Geoffrey, with their son Malcolm.

If your main game in The Sims was amassing Simoleons, you probably played as either wealthy bachelor Malcolm Landgraab IV in The Sims 2: Open for Business or his younger self and parents in The Sims 3.

The Landgraabs are the wealthiest family in Sunset Valley, living in an isolated mansion on Summer Hill Court. They're "old money," thanks to the fortune they made as owners of Landgraab Industries.

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<![CDATA[The Best Xbox One Horror Games]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-xbox-one-horror-games/chris-abraham

So you've bought an Xbox One, and you're dying to play some good horror games. You're probably wondering what the best horror games for Xbox One are, which is why we've created this ranked list of scary games on the console. From Outlast to Dead Rising 3, these are the best Xbox One horror games that you can get your hands on right now. There are plenty of upcoming titles that gamers can't wait to get their hands on, including Resident Evil 7, and Outlast 2. Those titles games don't come out until 2017, so for now you'll have to stick to the scary Xbox One games on this list.

The Evil Within is a must-play horror game for Xbox One. Bethesda rarely does the gaming community wrong, and they delivered another frightening hit with The Evil Within. Seriously, even the intro of this game is disturbing and tense. It's hard to find a game that delivers such intensity from the jump, but TEW somehow managed to pull it off.

The Best Xbox One Horror Games,

Dead Rising

Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 6

The Evil Within

Dying Light


Slender: The Arrival

Alien: Isolation

Dying Light: The Following

Overkill's The Walking Dead

Tue, 16 Aug 2016 02:35:57 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/best-xbox-one-horror-games/chris-abraham
<![CDATA[The Very Best of the Guile Theme Goes with Everything Meme]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-very-best-of-the-guile-theme-goes-with-everything-meme/ariel-kana
The Guile theme goes with everything. Like any character in Street Fighter, Guile, the most popular American military character in the fighting game franchise, has his own musical theme. This theme, it turns out, much like drugs, enhances EVERYTHING. Once YouTube found this out, they started putting his theme to everything from viral videos, to movie scenes, to TV intros, to even some of the greatest tragedies in human history. So, in honor of the 24th anniversary of Street Fighter this month (August, 2011), in all its glory, here's the best of the Guile Theme Goes with Everything meme. Because it really does go with everything.

Check out more lists like Funniest Nyan Cat Meme Moments and 50 Top Gopher Gaming Memes
The Very Best of the Guile Theme Goes with Everything Meme,

Guile Theme Goes with Everything (Solid Snake)
The Codec Message is an Easter Egg from MGS3
Guile Theme Goes with the Dancing Scene from Kickboxer

Click the image to view the badass video

This is not only super appropriate because Jean Claude Van Damme actually played Guile in the Street Fighter movie from the 90s (which is fondly remembered by many as something they want to forget), but because the moments where the song actually gets kind of jazzy, Van Damme really starts to get down in one of the greatest post-training-montage scenes in film history.
Guile Theme Goes with Everything (All Super Mario Cartoon Intros)
Who loves ya?
I got your back Guile Style.
Guile Theme Goes with Everything (Guile Vs. Sawada)
Busted d00d...
Guile Theme Goes with Everything (M.A.S.K. Intro)
..those are helmets..
Guile Theme Goes with a Dutch Burger Commercial
In this Dutch commercial where a tough guy comes out of nowhere and yells at the screen, he's supposed to look hard.

But he doesn't look hard, he looks silly... until the Guile theme comes along and adds some tough to the room with its awesomeness.
Guile Theme Goes with Everything (Ghostbusters Cartoon Intro)
The Ghostbusters have their own kind of Sonic Boom.
Guile Theme Goes with Everything (Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego
Red heads are Hawt
Guile Theme Goes with That One KFC Commercial (for 10 Hours)
This particular video is from a KFC commercial where a guy dances with two fried chicken drumsticks while seemingly eating them. He's dancing with them while eating them. And someone decided to not only put this to the Guile theme (because it goes with everything), but they decided to loop the video. For 10 hours. This is a 10 hour version of this joke. This is why the internet was invented.
Guile Theme Goes with Everything (Fraggle Rock)
Down to Guile rock :D

Mon, 08 Aug 2011 04:00:17 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/the-very-best-of-the-guile-theme-goes-with-everything-meme/ariel-kana
<![CDATA[The Best Zombie Simulator Games of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-zombie-simulator-games/ranker-games
If you’ve ever wanted to be in the middle of a zombie apocalypse or get turned into a member of the undead, then you would love playing some of the best zombie simulator games listed below. The best zombie sims succeed in building tension and making you consider every move you make, similar to what would really happen in a zombie apocalypse. In Zombie Training Simulator for instance, you have to learn how to get your aiming on point for when the zombie apocalypse really happens. But which zombie simulator games are the best? See what gamers think, as they have voted for their favorite simulator games with zombies below.

Don’t agree with the rankings? Voice your opinion and vote up your favorite zombie apocalypse sims so that others may know what they’re missing out on playing. If you don’t see a zombie simulator game that you feel should be on the list, please add it! After all, this is supposed to be a comprehensive list of simulator games with zombies. If you like zombie sims, then you should also try out these combat flight sims, as they are also Adrenalin inducing.

In many top zombie simulator games, you have to work hard in order to survive and not get turned into a zombie. And in some such as Left 4 Dead you get to play as a member of the undead! In those games, there’s nothing better than taking down survivors. But if zombie games aren’t fun for you, then you should probably try some of these relaxing farming simulators instead. For those that are fans of the undead, vote on the best zombie simulator games below!
The Best Zombie Simulator Games of All Time,

Left 4 Dead

Resident Evil

Resident Evil 5

Dead Space

Left 4 Dead 2

Dead Space 2

The Walking Dead

Dying Light

State of Decay

Project Zomboid

Wed, 21 Jan 2015 03:28:28 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/best-zombie-simulator-games/ranker-games
<![CDATA[The Best Video Game Podcasts]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-video-game-podcasts/reference

Since most of you eat, breathe, and sleep gaming, we've put together a list of the best video game podcasts that are currently airing on iTunes and other audio platforms. Some of these podcasts cater to specific gaming communities, such as League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Minecraft and others. Gaming makes for a great podcast subject, as there are so many things to talk about in the world of video games. There are reviews and discussions of new releases and DLC, nostalgic looks back on older games, talk of upcoming titles, and so much more. Many gaming podcasts even stray outside the subject of video games, covering things like comics, movies, television and so on. Major gaming brands like IGN, Machinima, and Joystiq all have their own gaming podcasts, but there are so many other good ones featured on this list that are worth checking out as well. Vote for your favorites that you've listened to and loved, and downvote any you feel aren't really worth checking out.

The Best Video Game Podcasts,

Podcast Unlocked

Giant Bombcast

IGN Games Podcasts


Rocket Pants

Rebel FM

Geekscape Games

Game Scoop!

Podcast Beyond

Funhaus Dude Soup

Tue, 04 Nov 2014 07:44:50 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/best-video-game-podcasts/reference
<![CDATA[People Who Built Things from Video Games]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/people-who-built-things-from-video-games/jordan-love

When it comes to gamers, there are three tiers. The first, casual gamers. The second, hardcore gamers. The third, gamers so dedicated they take on video game DIY projects. These gamers will make everything from background props to functioning replica weapons. Sometimes gamers dabble in video game DIY just for cosplay purposes. Other gamers are so good at such projects, they've been able to make a living remaking things from games.

By far one of the most popular things to make IRL from video games is weapons. Gamers seem to love making weapons they use in games. A few such weapons are even functional, though most are as harmless as the plastic from which they're made. 

While just about every game has objects that can be replicated in real life, there are a handful of games people seem to turn to time and time again for their DIY projects. Borderlands, Fallout, and Halo are a few of the franchises from which gamers frequently replicate things. 

In the gaming world, there are plenty of people who built objects from video games. This list features just a few of the best.

People Who Built Things from Video Games,

It's No Ordinary Tommy Gun, It's Spray N' Pray from "Fallout 4"

The Sword of Destiny. Well, Actually, the Sword of Crota from "Destiny"

It Took More Than a Minute to Make This "Fallout 4" The Last Minute Replica

The Cael Hammer from "Bastion," Reviving the World One Sancuatary at a Time

Homemade "BioShock" Rapture Records Bin, Minus the Apocalyptic Setting

A Lot of Willpower Went into Making These "Destiny" Willbreaker Swords

This "Fallout" Nuka-Cola Replica Probably Isn't Safe to Drink

The "Halo 4" Sniper Rifle, for When the Energy Sword Just Isn't an Option

This "Fallout 3" Laser Rifle Will Set You Back Quite a Few Caps

Replica "Skyrim" Mehrunes's Razor Looks Like It Could Be Even Deadlier IRL

Mon, 11 Jul 2016 06:00:34 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/people-who-built-things-from-video-games/jordan-love
<![CDATA[17 Absurd Japanese Dating Sims That Actually Exist]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/weirdest-japanese-dating-sims-ever-made/jacob-shelton

What are Japanese dating sims? Well, they’re kind of exactly what they sound like, except they’re totally weird in a million different, unimaginable ways. Dating sims are games where you play as a man, woman, or genderless person who is trying to win the love of something (human or otherwise) via text based commands. Like bizarre Japanese animal themed cafes or insane Japanese kid shows, the island nation took a simple idea and just sort of ran buckwild with it. 

These games have a lot in common with the early Final Fantasy games minus all of the magic, bloodshed, and floating pirate ships. Because there are myriad tastes in the world, there are a lot of different weird dating sims, and this list is going to try and parse what goes into some of the strangest dating sims that have ever been created.

Imagine a thing. No, for real, like just any ol' thing. Got it? Well, there’s a weird Japanese dating sim about whatever it is that’s on your mind. Do you want to date a bug? You can do that. Do you want to date a ukulele playing dinosaur? You can definitely do that. The far out Japanese dating sims that you’re about to discover range from the mostly wholesome to the straight-up creepy. Can you really say you’re surprised that a dating simulation would have unsettling undertones? If you’ve played any of these dating sims don’t be embarrassed, the games look fun – albeit incredibly tedious – and how many people can say that they’ve taken a bug-creature dressed like a Japanese school girl out on a date? 

17 Absurd Japanese Dating Sims That Actually Exist,

Aka No Prince ~Koi No Jintai Rensei~

Aka no Prince (Filth Prince) has one of the most insane concepts that's ever been used in a game. All you do in Filth Prince is raise a glob of sentient dirt and skin cells until it becomes a cat, and then a very handsome man whom you end up falling in love with.

Disgusting? Yes, but you don't get a filth prince without getting a little, you know, filthy. That being said, "Filth Prince" is an amazing black metal band name and you should start working on your illegible logo now. 

Tomak: Save The Earth Love Story

At their core, every dating sim is kind of creepy. They all make objects out of whomever the romantic interest is (usually a woman), but in this case your love interest is literally an object. More accurately, it's the disembodied head of a woman in a potted plant.

The plot of this story is a doozy, and it involves a love goddess coming to Earth to prove that love is real, except her body is still in heaven and she's stuck in a flower pot. Oh, and if you let your plant-goddess-girlfriend die the Devil blows up the planet. Or something? It's real weird.


Hatoful Boyfriend

You know how everytime you're out and about and you see a bunch of pigeons eating an old piece of bread and you're like, "YES, PLEASE!" Well there's a dating sim where you can work out those very specific tendencies.

In this game you're the only human attending a school for pigeons (duh) and you're trying to fit in as best your can while leveling up your character in order to be able to better date specific pigeons. It's not clear if there's a "best pigeon" to date, but just getting a date with any one of those sky-rats seems like a win.

Paca Plus

PacaPlus or My Girlfriend Is An Alpaca, finally answers the question of what would happen if your girlfriend turned into an alpaca. So way to go, humanity. We can all pack it in. Your dromedary lover is not just any alpaca, however, she's an alpaca that has all the memories and feelings of your girlfriend and wants to maintain your relationship.

This game is deeply unsettling, not only because you either have to learn how your girlfriend turned into a fuzzy llama-horse-thing so you can change her back, or continue loving her the way she is, but also because your alpaca girlfriend is wearing a school girl outfit and a lot of blush. It's genuinely hard to watch the game's walkthrough, let alone actually play it. 

Creature To Koi Shiyo! Kokonoe Kokoro

With a lot of Japanese dating sims you have to wait a few minutes to let the weirdness sink in, but not in Creature To Koi Shiyo! Kokonoe Kokoro (which kind of translates to Let’s Fall In Love With Creatures!) Yes, let's. 

The goal of the game is to date a giant cricket that's dressed like one of the gals from Sailor Moon. Oh, also she/it is one of your childhood friends. Keep in mind that there aren't any other giant cricket-things in the game. Did David Cronenberg secretly fund this game?

Gakuen Handsome

Human standards of beauty are weird enough as it is, but this game posits a world where how handsome you are depends on how sharp your chin is. This is insane and wonderful.

As crazy as it sounds, most of the gameplay involves going to class and putting up with the advances of your teacher who insists on introducing you as his fianceé on your first day of class. You know, regular school stuff.  

Jurassic Heart

First of all, Jurassic Heart is a great name. It's the kind of pun that makes you want to blow a kiss to the wind. But enough about the Jurassic Park puns, how's the gameplay? Well it's a pretty straightforward dating sim, except you're trying to win over a T-Rex that plays a ukulele.

If you play your cards right, you can learn that your bashful lizard suitor became afraid of showing off his skills on the ukulele because he was made fun of during a recital when he dropped his twee instrument in front of everyone. What a romantic story. 

Mr. Massagy

Mr. Massagy isn't just a dating sim, it's also a massage simulator! So if you want to bone up on your massage skills, or feel like you just want to find out how the other half lives (in this scenario, the other half are all masseuses) then you owe it to your yourself to try out Mr. Massagy.

The game play is as straight-forward as these things can get. First you open a dating app that looks similar to Tinder and then you go on a date. If the date goes well enough you get to massage someone and then you get points. So, pretty much exactly like real life. 



Uma No Prince-Sama

What are the two things all women love (if you're a sexist monster)? Horses and princes. So obviously the big money on bringing women into the mobile gaming market is to put those two things together into one very strange dating sim.

In Uma No Prince-Sama, you play a woman who has to woo a horse with a man's head by feeding him carrots and making him run on a treadmill. There's no winning this game because if you're dating a horse-prince you've already won. 

Brother Falls In Love!

Who hasn't wanted to date an affordable, reliable printer? They'll never leave you for a better job in a better city with more printers that are a safer bet to start a family with - sorry this got way too personal.

Anyway, in Brother Falls In Love! your only goal is to date the new guy in school, a printer whose favorite color ink is magenta. Also, this printer really loves to play soccer, so get ready to try to wrap your head around watching a printer jumping into the sun during an afternoon at the park. 

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<![CDATA[The Best Mass Effect Vacation Spots]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-best-mass-effect-vacation-spots/reilcan-jones
If you were a denizen of the Mass Effect version of our Milkyway galaxy where would you like to holiday/vacation the most?

Would you hobnob on the Citadel Presidium, ride your tauntaun across Noveria, perhaps you'd enjoy shopping on Illium. No? Too tame for your adventurous spirit? How about trying to track down the Migrant Fleet, rock climbing in the ruins of Tuchanka or trying not to get shiv'd on Omega...

I suppose you could always visit Earth, but who'd want to go to that dump?


Switch to Slideshow view for huge images of each location!

Most images courtesy of the amazing Mass Effect Wiki
The Best Mass Effect Vacation Spots,

Home of as many blue ladies as you can eat. Just be sure not to break any laws, justice maybe pretty but she is swift and deadly.

Shadow Broker Lair
If you can find it, and then get inside without getting electrocuted or thrown off into space, you'll be in for a treat: the most connected profile ever.

A beautiful world with many Earth species you'll recognize. Just make sure you don't visit in Collector season.

The Migrant Fleet
If they'll let you dock and you survive the decon scrub it's actually quite pretty. If you're very lucky you may even see what's under that suit.

All you can eat everything and anything... If you have the cash. Be sure to read the fine print!

Home of Commander Shepard and the Alliance.

Take your swim suit and explore the vast endless beaches of Virmire.

Explore the anicent ruins that inspired Liara, but also got her stuck in a security field. Always have your omni tool handy!

Eden Prime
One of the first human colonies, sustainable and well manicured. Good if you like a slow holiday.

The Citadel
Hobnob on the presidium or get down in the wards.

Tue, 15 Jan 2013 03:28:09 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/the-best-mass-effect-vacation-spots/reilcan-jones
<![CDATA[The Funniest Internet Reactions to the Xbox One Reveal]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-funniest-xbox-one-reveal-internet-reactions/benjamin-dunn
The next generation Xbox, Xbox One, was announced at a Microsoft conference recently and boy did it go over well. There had been speculations over what would be different about the new system for months. What would the name be? How much better would the graphics be? What kind of awesome new games would this new Xbox have for us? All these questions were answered, sort of. 

The new Xbox, rumored to be name, Xbox Infinity or Xbox 720 was revealed to be called... Xbox One. Ok. Not great, not bad. What about the graphics? Well they are superior to Xbox 360. Kind of. The games? Only one shown was Call of Duty, but it has a DOG! 

We did learn that the Xbox will be able to control your TV and the new Kinect will always be on to watch you eating Cheetos in your underwear. Oh, and you won't be able to buy used games or play your older ones. Not even the ones on Xbox Live Arcade! 

Needless to say, the internet exploded with all this news, and here gathered are the 25 best, funny reactions to the Xbox One Reveal.

The Funniest Internet Reactions to the Xbox One Reveal,

Look at All the New Features That Have International Appeal
via LinkToThis
It's All Becoming Clear Now

The Name Is Meaningless to Your Parents

Kevin Spacey Explains All the Great New Features in a GIF
Click here for the full GIF
If You Didn't Have Time to See the Whole Reveal, Here's the Condensed Version

The Only Voice Command You Need
via Riverify
You Know What's Better Than Your Stupid Old TV?
via cae123
XBox One Will Always Have to Be Connected to the Internet
via 12th
All the Enthusiastic Cheering...

Xbox One Fulfills Wishes

Thu, 23 May 2013 00:19:11 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/the-funniest-xbox-one-reveal-internet-reactions/benjamin-dunn
<![CDATA[The Best Ice Pokemon of All Time, Ranker]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-ice-type-pokemon-list-all-time/ranker-pokemon
What are the best ice-type Pokemon that any Pokemon trainer must have in their collection? Find out below, as Pokemon Masters have ranked the best Ice Pokemon of all time. This greatest Ice-type Pokemon list covers all generations, so you can vote on everything from Articuno to Regice. But not all of these Pokemon are pure Ice type, as some are half while others are secondary. Statistically, Ice Pokemon are extremely weak defensively, but are one of the most popular types for attacking.

Pokemon is one of the most popular anime and video game franchises of all time, with millions of copies sold and plenty of sequels and spin offs. Aside from ice type Pokemon, you should also check out the best water Pokemon and the fire Pokemon. Those are the other two classic types of Pokemon.

Voice your opinion by voting up your favorite Ice type Pokemon and voting down others. You can also rerank the list to your liking or add any you feel are missing. Let other Pokemon trainers know which are the best ice-type Pokemon and are worth trying to catch.
The Best Ice Pokemon of All Time, Ranker,











Wed, 04 Jun 2014 00:55:21 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/best-ice-type-pokemon-list-all-time/ranker-pokemon
<![CDATA[The Best Dragon Ball Z Games of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-dragon-ball-z-games/ranker-anime
Dragon Ball Z video games have been around since the '90s, but which ones stand out from the others? These are the best games for the Dragon Ball Z series, ranked by your votes. They cover only Dragon Ball Z and not the other Dragon Ball properties, so no games featuring the original or GT will be included below.

Many American gamers got their first taste of Dragon Ball Z games through imported copies of the Dragon Ball Z: Super Butouden fighting game, which was released in Europe as well as Japan. North America didn't get an officially translated Dragon Ball Z game until 2003's Dragon Ball Z: Budokai. While Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout was released in 1997 to North American audiences, it technically is a GT game and not a Z game.
There are a staggering amount of games that this franchise has given birth to, but this list only includes the top DBZ games. Is there anything better than controlling Goku or Vegeta and executing their special attacks? One thing that's unique about DBZ fighting games is that they allow you to fight in the sky, something that you won't see in most other games.

There are definitely some fun Dragon Ball Z RPGs as well, and we've included them on this poll. If one of your favorite games is missing, don't worry--you can add whatever DBZ games you want to the list. Just make sure they are the best Dragon Ball Z games and not original, Kai, or GT games.
The Best Dragon Ball Z Games of All Time,

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3

Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku

Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit

Dragon Ball Xenoverse

Dragonball: Raging Blast 2

Thu, 05 Feb 2015 03:29:45 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/best-dragon-ball-z-games/ranker-anime
<![CDATA[The Best Jump Scare Games]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/jump-scare-games/ranker-games
You're walking down a dark hallway, your flashlight battery is starting to go, and as you turn the corner... boom! Something jumps out at you, and you jump out of your seat. Maybe you even scream. In the entertainment business, this is called a "jump scare." Something that triggers your startle response and forces your body into "jumping." Some games have been expressly designed to hit you with those jump scares. Our list tries to compile the best of them and rank them accordingly!

Whether it's the tried and true dread-and-jump tactics of Five Nights At Freddy's or the drawn-out panic of Slender: The Eight Pages, we've got all sorts of jump scares for you to enjoy. These are the best jump scare games around, so if you haven't played them yet and you've got a hankering for some classic jumpy horror, you can't go wrong with any of these! 

Vote and rerank on what you think are the best games and game series to provide that startle response you 're craving. Be sure to take a look at some of our other games and console characters lists to find some awesome gems that you've somehow not played yet. Be sure to keep from draining all your power, lest Freddy or his buddies decide to stuff you in a suit.   
The Best Jump Scare Games,

Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly

Resident Evil

Dead Space

Until Dawn


Slender: The Eight Pages

Five Nights at Freddy's

Five Nights At Freddy's 2

Five Nights At Freddy's 3

Five Nights at Freddy's 4

Wed, 22 Jul 2015 07:43:29 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/jump-scare-games/ranker-games
<![CDATA[The Most Violent Video Games of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/most-violent-video-games/devon-ashby
What are the most violent video games ever made? Video games get a lot of flack for being "too violent," but like it or not, some of the most important and memorable titles in video game history are filled with blood, guts, and machine gun fire. Some games are violent just for shock value, but some are really hellbent on unhinging you. Video games have been shocking people with their violence since the 1970s, back when games were still confined to nickel arcades. Violent racing games, violent shooters, and violent punch-out games like Mortal Kombat have been proliferating ever since. Console and PC gaming have only increased the popularity.

Whether you're a fan of bloody fight-to-the-death battle games, open world crime games like Grand Theft Auto, or still have nostalgia for the DOOM series, vote below on the goriest, most brutal, most cartoonishly violent video games ever.

The Most Violent Video Games of All Time,

DOOM was one of the earliest first person shooter games to really become popular. Like Wolfenstein, it ignited controversy for its nowadays relatively innocuous onscreen gore. Wolfenstein got flack for its Nazi imagery, while DOOM ignited additional controversy within religious circles for its heavily Satanic themes.

Gears of War
The Gears of War series is popular for many reasons, but one of them is that you are allowed to do all kinds of heinous and gross things to your enemies. Highlights include copious amounts of hot and heavy chainsaw action, curb-stomping, using people's torsos as living bullet shields, and playing catch with people's severed heads.

God of War II
If you thought old fashioned street violence was bad, try this game on for size. In God of War II, you play as a former member of the Spartan Army trying to ascend to a status in the ancient Greek Pantheon as the God of War. To do this, you have to brutally slaughter a lot of people using a variety of tricked out, terrifying weapons. It gets pretty intense.

One of many games where you stalk around secret locations, cornering people and murdering them in various horrific ways, Manhunt caused a huge stir when Rockstar games first launched it for the PS2, most notably for a murder in which the victim gets anally impaled by a sickle.

Resident Evil
Another perennial candidate for "most violent video game series ever," the Resident Evil games introduced detailed and realistic gore that was unprecedented in horror video games. They remain some of the bloodiest and most shocking games available today.

Silent Hill
The creepy, Gothic artistry of the Silent Hill franchise is pretty much undisputed (except by... you know... jerks), but their nightmarish imagery and extreme gore are still disturbing for plenty of people. Indeed, that's kind of the point. Silent Hill is a great example of how blood and guts can be used to invoke strong emotions and enhance a game's themes, rather than just as an exploitative gross-out tactic.

Grand Theft Auto
Of course, no list of controversial video games would be complete without the Grand Theft Auto series. The granddaddy of wackadoodle, open world crime adventure games, Grand Theft Auto offers a relentless torrent of wanton murder and assault, public indecency, petty traffic violations, and generally rude behavior.

Mortal Kombat
No other game series (besides, possibly, GTA) has caused as much outrage as the Mortal Kombat series, and for good reason - those finishing moves are just as hilariously, wonderfully, gross and over-the-top now as they used to be. An equal amount of controversy has been ignited over attempts to censor the came, but its legendary status endures.

Dead Space
Though it's full of gore, Dead Space is unusual in that the actual horror is suspense-based. Rather than cutting bloody rivets through a wall of enemies, your goal is to avoid death at the hands of a host of lurking predators who want to rip off your head or tear open your torso. (It's a shooter, but the violence your character inflicts on others is far more tame by comparison.)

The Evil Within
If you're not good with blood and gore, then just playing through the intro of this game will probably make you sick to your stomach. Given that it was directed by Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami, it should be no surprise that The Evil Within is both violent and scary as hell.

Mon, 18 May 2015 11:22:59 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/most-violent-video-games/devon-ashby
<![CDATA[21 NSFW Mods in The Sims You Won't Believe Exist]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/weird-sims-mods/jordan-love

Even without mods, The Sims can be a pretty weird game. Add mods to the equation and it gets very freaky very fast. From massive orgies to pregnancy tests for men, there are a ton of weird Sims mods out there. Thanks to Rule 36, a lot of the weirdest mods revolve around sex and nudity, though there are a number of PG funny mods from The Sims.

With each new iteration of The Sims franchise comes more new mods. The Sims 4 is host to many of the strangest mods of the franchise. Chief among them is the WickedWoohoo mod, perhaps the most disturbing and graphic mod of the entire Sims franchise. What is this most depraved of weird mods from The Sims 4? Well, it's NSFW af and allows you to perform all kinds of naughty sex acts on yourself and others.

Not all of the mods out there are inappropriate, though. There are a lot of silly and funny mods from The Sims available to download. If you enjoy The Sims franchise and aren't playing with mods, read through this list of weird and funny The Sims mods and make your gaming experience even better.

21 NSFW Mods in The Sims You Won't Believe Exist,

The Height Slider Mod

The Height Slider mod isn't inherently weird, but weird things happen when you use it. Because it isn't an official EA mod, the height slider changes the appearance of characters but doesn't always match the game mechanics to the new sizes. The result is things don't always look right, and game play gets kinda trippy.

The Cup Ramen Mod

The biggest fault of The Sims 4 is its lack of cup ramen. Luckily, there's a mod that fixes that. The cup ramen mod brings all the glory of instant noodles to the Sims universe.

The Exhibitionism Mod

The exhibitionism mod in The Sims 4 is part of the notorious WickedWoohoo mod. The mod allows characters to perform exhibitionist acts such as flashing others and public sex.

The Breast Augmentation Mod

To anyone who knows The Sims, it shouldn't being surprising there's a breast augmentation mod. This mod makes a character's breast a little bit bigger or a whole lot bigger.

The Teenage Pregnancy Mod

For gamers who never got to live out their weird teenage pregnancy fantasies, this mod is perfect. It allows teens in the game to become pregnant and have a baby. It's great for fans of 16 and Pregnant. It's also a way for pedo pervs to explore impregnating a teenager without doing anything that will land you in jail. 

The Murder Mod

If you've ever been bored by the traditional ways people murder characters, this mod is ideal for you. It turns the innocent act of pranking via hand buzzer into murder. It's as simple as getting someone to shake your hand. Before you know it, they're fried.

The Improved Death Reactions Mod

If there isn't enough sadness and despair in The Sims for you, you're in luck. The improved death reactions mod makes characters react much more dramatically to death.

The More Intimate Emotional Support Mod

The weird part of this mod is its exsitence. For one gamer, a hug just wasn't enough, so they made a mod that allows characters to emotionally embrace. That's all this mod does. It's minimalist, and surprisingly weird.

The Naked Mods

There are more than a few mods allowing you to see Sims naked, if you're into that sort of thing (which, let's be honest, you probably are). From partial nudity to full-frontal, there are mods for all levels of modesty. There are even mods allowing you to enlarge specific bits of a character you feel are inadequate after seeing them naked.

The Sex Mods

There are quite a few sex mods out there for The Sims 4, by far the most prolific of which is WickedWoohoo. This mod is highly NSFW and allows characters to do just about anything to each other. If Sim sex is your thing, this is the mod for you.

Mon, 12 Sep 2016 08:28:14 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/weird-sims-mods/jordan-love
<![CDATA[The 14 Greatest Pets in Video Game History]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-13-greatest-pets-in-video-game-history/ariel-kana
From a dog who will rip out a man's throat at your command, to a self-sacrificing horse, to a dinosaur that can literally swallow your enemies whole, here's a list that shows not only the greatest domesticated animals in video game history, but how integral and important they are to all of gaming in general.

Pets are truly part of the family, and that's even true for the guys in your favorite video games! We've compiled the names of some of the best virtual pets and video game animals around to thank them for their help in defeating out (gaming) enemies. Here are the pets that deserve a spot in the video game hall of fame.

The 14 Greatest Pets in Video Game History,

Epona - Zelda Series
Epona is your Link's horse and companion in the Legend of Zelda.

Ever since Ocarina of Time, we've known her as the horse who helps Link in the battle for good, no matter how long the journey.

Ever loyal, she only allows Link into her saddle. Link meeting her was kismet.

Fueled more by how much, as gamers, we've all been through with her at this point, she makes the list because she gives one of the most iconic video game characters in gaming history a thorough, loyal, and ever-growing companion.

Also, she has a song. So unlike whistling or just calling out their name, the fact that she has a song that will make her come whenever you need her is amazing. It creates a bond, a unique communication that you don't usually see in most video game relationships.

Click here to hear Epona's Song
Agro - Shadow of the Colossus
Agro. Oh, Agro. Spoilers below and in video, by the way.

Shadow of the Colossus is arguably one of the greatest games of all time, and definitely one of the most beautiful, especially for its time. The story of a man who wants to bring his true love back to life, but must first fight a variety of different, ancient giants; this game is one you spend on your own for most of the time. It's a music-less, realistic, gorgeous wasteland of wonder.

Throughout all of this, you have only one friend: Agro. Agro is the name of your horse in Shadow of the Colossus. He breathes like a real horse, which makes him that much more awesome; he gets tired and he gets you through these cumbersome maps quicker than you otherwise would. Seriously, these maps are unnecessarily huge, but it all adds to the beauty, solitude, and wonderment in this game. Agro gets you everywhere you need to go.

There's also a whole slew of cool tricks you could do with him, which you can click here to see a tutorial for.

He's faithful until the end. Fights battles with you, rides with you to the middle of nowhere to help your true love... and then he makes the ultimate sacrifice.

In one of the levels leading up to the end, Agro is taking you to the top of a mountain, as he's done many times before, but he is only a horse. He's only flesh and blood. You can see him getting tired in this scene when he's running up the stairs. The bridge gives out and not only does Agro buck you off, thus saving your life, but he accepts his fate and falls down to his watery, g-force laden death. A horrible way to go for the greatest pet in video game history, but that very action is what made him so great.

He did anything that was needed of him all the way until he sacrifices himself for you. We love you Agro.

By the way, the person playing through the game in this YouTube video has no heart. I don't know about you guys, but I paused the game for a few minutes and walked around to "process" Agro's death.

Rush - Mega Man
So, good luck finding a more awesome pet than this. Ever faithful, Rush is the awesomely named classic rock name of Mega Man's main dog, seen in this vintage trailer for Rock Man 3 (Mega Man).

Mega Man uses Rush for many purposes. He turns into a one-seater jet, a one-seater submarine, a spaceship (in later Mega Man games), a drillcar (such a crappy move in MvC2), and even a motorcycle.

Also, he's happy, playful, and in some ways, gets Mega Man out of so much trouble that Mega Man really wouldn't be able to survive without him.

In later games, Rush even becomes a jetpack and powers Mega Man up so that he can shoot greater blasts and use his arms as rockets. Eat THAT, Animal Orbs from Castle Crashers (which are totally on this list)!

He's also a pretty cool-looking robot, even though he's been tragically made a part of that whole Mega Man universe Island-of-Doctor-Moreau-with-Robots thing.

To bring it into real life, here's a video (click this sentence) of a guy who's actually pretty funny, dressing his dog up like Rush.
Shadow - Dead to Rights
Shadow is the dog from Dead to Rights. Doesn't mean anything to you? If you've played Dead to Rights, it means the WORLD. This dog follows you throughout an entire city that's filled with more ridiculously, unrealistically terrible people than Vice City and Liberty City combined.

Shadow's an awesome-looking Husky that will rip out throats at your command, MacGruber-style. How many pets will end a man's LIFE just cause you say so? That's right: only a few.

Shadow is easily one of the most badass pets on this list. Watch the video embedded here to see that Shadow is the Snake Plissken of dogs. He will kill for you and help you bury the goddamn body.

Shadow rolls deep... and for that, he belongs on this list.
Yoshi - Nintendo Universe
Yoshi is the ultimate in gaming pets. He's at the top of the list for a reason: we've known him the longest, and he's seen us through more games than anyone else on this list. Yoshi is the first taste we got of the blooming Nintendo universe when we all brought home our Super Nintendos and popped in the included game Super Mario World.

Not only was Mario in multiple dimensions, and not only were some set pieces translucent, but we had a friend. A friend we could play with at the same time (Luigi doesn't count though, as the Mario Bros. seem to roll solo when they're on missions most of the time for some reason).

This new friend was not only a domesticated dinosaur that we just happen to run into, but he could swallow our enemies. He could provide us with a powerful stomp and would let us ride him seemingly forever. Yoshi would also swallow the power-ups we have and breathe fire, or even fly.

Through dozens of Nintendo games, Yoshi's not only moved on to be the most popular and successful pet in the history of video games, he's become the most iconic; I mean, hell, the guy has his own ISLAND.

Aside from his own games, Yoshi's also gone on to be some of the best playable characters in various Nintendo games. He kicks some serious ass in Smash Bros., and is one of the most easily maneuverable players in any Mario Kart game.

He also just barely made it into the ill-fated Super Mario Bros. movie (picture here and here ).

Yoshi's been through quite a lot with us and has provided Mario with his equivalent of a mighty steed. A mighty steed that is a loyal friend, can EAT enemies, and is a freaking DINOSAUR.
Dog - Half-Life Series
The aptly named "Dog" is a robot built by Alyx Vance's daughter in the Half-Life series to protect her. It has the personality of a dog and is absolutely huge. Dog will risk his life, limb, and circuit to keep her safe, which is why Dog also protects Gordon.

In this video, Dog is proving exactly why he's so great. A terrifyingly huge alien strider comes at you and it seems that all hope is lost... until Dog comes along.

He's kind of like Alyx Vance's own personal Terminator (well, T-100 from T2, not the kind that's out to kill her from the future).
Mr. Bigglesworth - World of Warcraft
Mr. Bigglesworth, a cat who shared a name from Dr. Evil's cat in Austin Powers, is a character in World of Warcraft, who (in case you can't tell from the video) looks like this.

He's the companion of Kel'Thuzad, which will cause the boss of the instance to curse players if anyone kills it.

SO always be nice to this relatively harmless, but awesome cat.

And just because he's on this list, here's a video that proves Mr. Bigglesworth is a formidable creature.
Dog - Fable 2
Not only does this adorable little mutt help you find treasure throughout the entire game, but he's the only friend you have left after your father's tragic death.

This dog is truly your best friend and whether you go evil or stay on the good side of things, he'll stand by your side.

How many friends would do that for you? That's right, only dogs.
Chocobo - Final Fantasy
A Chocobo is a fictional bird found in the Final Fantasy series. They can either look absolutely freaking awesome and epic, like they do here, or unbelievably cute and kind of annoyingly chibi-like they are in the Chocobo rap series. I like my Chocobos to look like overgrown chickens of awesomeness, not so much like Sanrio pencil holder decorations, but that's just me.

The Chocobo serves as an easily domesticated animal in the Final Fantasy series that you can ride around. They're mainly transportation, but as you know in such big-world games, that's actually an ENORMOUS asset. They're kind of like the cars you steal in the GTA games, only they make sounds and are great.

Check out the Rap of the Chocobo. It is kind of hilarious, and shows you how the Chocobo likes to f**kin' party.
Dogmeat - Fallout Series
What's the one thing you need most in the Wasteland? Nope, it's not power armor, it's a trusty canine companion. That would be Dogmeat, the dog who has been stealing gamers' hearts and Fallout games since the original way, way back in 1997.

There have been a few different Dogmeats. In Fallout 3 he looks like an Australian Blue Heeler, while in Fallout 4, he's definitely a German Shepherd. His breed might change, but one thing that stays the same is Dogmeat's loyalty and pure-heartedness. He's the embodiment of man's best friend.

 He'll help you out in a fight (or just get in the damn way) and act as your moral center in a hellish post-apocalyptic world where you'll be tempted to do unwholesome things. No matter WHAT you do, though, Dogmeat will stick by your side.

Fri, 20 Aug 2010 04:57:45 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/the-13-greatest-pets-in-video-game-history/ariel-kana
<![CDATA[To Catch a Video Game Predator: 8 Horror Stories]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/to-catch-a-video-game-predator-8-horror-stories/john-barryman
Video games are a great way to escape mundane reality of everyday life, and often times they ARE they mundane reality of everyday life, but some people take virtual autonomy to a whole other level.

 These eight sexual predators all used video games as a ploy to get to their underaged prey, and most of them succeeded – but they were all caught. From a virtual couple consummating their marriage in person to a gamer rapist living with his victim to an obsessed married woman looking for her pre-teen soulmate, here are eight instances of predators making their mark in the gaming world.

 NOTE: This list is, quite obviously, not associated with NBC Universal in any way, shape, or form.
To Catch a Video Game Predator: 8 Horror Stories,

54-Year-Old Man and 13-Year-Old Girl Get Married As Video Game Characters, Consummate In-Person
First off, just know, the following list contains some really disgusting people, and I try and make fun of them as much as possible because that's the least they deserve. Be prepared.

54-year-old John W. Phillips, who looks like a Child Rapist Santa Claus, was only sealing the deal when he traveled from Massachusetts to Detroit to have sex with a then-13-year-old girl. The two met while playing the online game RuneScape, a virtual world where users create avatars and interact with other players, and, according to police reports, were married.

Yes, this guy's avatar had a RuneScape marriage with the 13-year-old girl's avatar. A tale as old as time (or as old as him... for her... no? Alright, moving on...)

Yes, Phillips and the girl even had a virtual wedding in the game, but "virtual" just wasn't enough for this guy. He tried getting in touch with "reality" after they were "official" and mailed a cell phone to her. When that didn't work, he decided to drive to Detroit and meet the girl himself and give the phone to her personally. Smart.

Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon said that Phillips brought the girl to a motel and there they had sex for the first time, consummating the RuneScape ceremonial wedding. Phillips also had sex with her on two other occasions, once in his van (all pedophiles have vans, it's a law) and once at her home.

After the girl's mother discovered she had a phone and was texting Phillips, she notified the police and an investigation began. Phillips was eventually arrested in New York and faces up to twenty years in prison for having sex with his video game wife.

According to one viewer who called in to the news report below, in an ideal world, Phillips will have plenty of things to do while he's in there.

27-Year-Old Man Meets a 15-Year-Old Girl For Sex
What started off as a creepy story ends in an equally, if not more, creepy story. The creepiness is enhanced, partially, by the fact that this guy looks like one of King Koopa's kids in Mario 3.

27-year-old Edward Stout of Missouri, the creep of the creepy story, met an underaged gamer girl, then 14, on XBox Live. They started talking to each other and soon began an online relationship. On top of chatting through XBox Live and MySpace, Stout also eventually gave the girl a cell phone. There, it was discovered that they exchanged thousands of text messages as well as photos that aren't exactly "legal" or "appropriate."

One inappropriate photo undoubtedly being one of him and his horrifyingly bad "mohawk."

On January 26, 2009, lizard-mohawk-guy drove all the way to California to meet the girl and have sex. It's unknown whether or not they ever did because when the dad found out Creeper McS**ttiest-Mohawk-Known-to-Man was in town, he called the police right away. Stout was arrested at a motel, probably half naked and looking like a Russ Troll doll after having somehow not melted in a tragic fire.

He was charged with coercion of a minor over the Internet and traveling across state lines to engage in sex with a minor. It's weird how far people drive for this stuff. I also always wonder, what game were they playing??? Either these little girls roll DEEP in gaming, or a lot of these dudes just need to stop playing Barbie games like this one:

24-Year-Old Man Says It Was All A Joke
Not sure what it says if no one is laughing, but 24-year-old Ryan Edwin Donker thinks chatting with 13-year-old boys and asking for naked pictures of them is "a joke." No, really. There are people out there like this. What the hell? The only thing that's a joke about the whole situation is his last name (which, I'll admit, is a pretty good joke.)

Donker (no, seriously, how is this guy not a cartoon ape?) admitted to police that he did indeed ask for nude photos from an underaged gamer he met on XBox Live. The 13-year-old boy was from Fayetteville, Arkansas, and the police department had multiple recorded conversations between them on file to use against Donker.

Donker, however, claimed it was all in good fun. Just like the latest cartoon he's going to star in where he's using barrels to surf through an ocean of bananas. Donker was then arrested on charges of child porn, extradited to Arkansas and held on $20,000 bond.

Click Here for the news report.
Stalker Mom Still On the Loose!
Not to be judgmental, or a check-out-line parent, but Annamay Alexander should really stop going through her children's videogame drawers and find a hobby of her own that doesn't involve sexually harassing underage gamers. But that's probably just me.

The 43-year-old married mother of three met a 14-year-old boy on the virtual reality game Sony Home and, instead of being involved in her real home, she became obsessed with her virtual one with the young gamer.

The Florida mom was so infatuated with the kid that she began calling herself the 14-year-old's wife in notes she wrote to him. The sad thing is that this probably started out as kind of a cute, yet inappropriate joke... but then she had to go ahead and send text messages that read "My body is yours to do whatever you want with," and "I love you and we are going to get married," and police also found pictures of Alexander in her underwear in the boy's video game system.

I would've hidden the pictures in a folder marked "Taxes." 

Finally, Alexander also went to Oklahoma City where the boy lived to have sex with him. It's always the adult that travels for these things.

After the victim's mother woke up and found her son gone, Alexander even had the gall to go back and ask for the boy's hand in marriage (just to be a little more discreet). Police are still looking for Alexander. If you see this woman, hide yo kids, hide yo wife and call 911.

Click here for the video news report.
World of Warcraft Leads to Child Pornography
Child rapists don't only like to hang out on XBox Live or alternate reality games where they basically make themselves a huge/expensive Tomagochi, though. In fact, a tantalizingly-designed and superbly-developed game like World of Warcraft can also produce the same dim-witted, child-thirsty criminals.

Take Jessica Pearce, a 33-year-old woman, from Centralia, Pennsylvania, who met and carried on a sexual relationship with a New Jersey 16-year-old boy who she met on World of Warcraft. The police caught on to Pearce's crime in 2010 when they discovered the boy at a highway rest stop in Washington. Apparently, Pearce flew the boy there, most likely to have sex with him. The two reportedly had a sexual relationship for years with Pearce, on occasion, even capturing their intercourse on tape.

It's unknown as to whether or not any dragon wings or elf ears were involved.

Pearce was then arrested on charges of child pornography and, later, arrested again for a separate complaint of possession of child pornography that was also filed against her. Some people really just don't learn. And really, if you have to travel that far for a relationship via car (with anybody), it's probably just not a good idea.

Maybe if they went with that principle, all this crap would happen less: long distance is the wrong distance. C'mon, people!

A Live-in Gamer Friend Turned Rapist
19-year-old Cody R. Hawks met a 12-year-old boy on XBox Live and found him to be the easiest prey ever. He also found it easy to beat the kid at video games.

The boy's family in Ohio practically welcomed Hawks into the arms (or, other body part) of their son and actually had Hawks live with them during his "visit" from Michigan. Hawks, finding himself comfortably situated, then "repeatedly raped" his little gamer friend (in real life.) He was later arrested on charges of rape and sexual imposition.

Worst. Parents. Ever... well, not quite, but really damned close.

Click here for the full news report.
20-Year-Old Man Found Naked With 14-Year-Old Girl, Have Videogames in Common
Sometimes in a relationship, it helps to have some things in common. In this case, it doesn't. In fact, this case exists because of what they have in common. And this isn't a very good case. This case can suck it.

John B. Coe, 20, of Denver, Colorado met a 14-year-old girl from Florida in an online game where players could both play and communicate with each other. One night in January of 2009, the girl's mother woke up to check on the girl, and when she opened the bedroom door, she didn't find her ninth-grader sleeping. She found her baby with a naked man who was trying to hide.

Coe was at the house when the police arrived and was arrested on charges of lewd battery, traveling to meet a minor, and solicitation of a child. What's more, this guy was already previously arrested on a similar case in July. Much like most people on NBC "Dateline's To Catch a Predator," these guys are often repeat offenders.

Thanksgiving Sex With a 13-Year-Old
Look at the woman's sad face. It's the sad face of a pedophile video game predator who's been caught and has ruined her life.

Rachel Ann Hicks has every right to be sad because as a 36-year-old woman, she engaged in lewd conduct with a 13-year-old boy whom she met in an XBox Live chat room on September 2010 (where the hell do these even exist?) She gave the boy a fake name and age (she touted herself as 23, which is almost sadder than the whole thing in of itself) and they began an online relationship, which progressed to phone calls, text messages, e-mails, and explicit pictures and videos.

Then, a few months later, during the Thanksgiving holiday, Hicks flew from California to Maryland where the boy lived and engaged in "sexual relations." The boy's family outed her after they discovered the "romantic" text messages on the boy's cell phone and prompted him to tell them about everything. Being a teenage boy that just bagged an older woman, he was more than ready to share/brag.

Hicks was subsequently arrested on charges of rape, second-degree "sex offense," and sexual solicitation of a minor. In later interviews, it was also discovered that Hicks had relations with an additional minor also located in California because, you know, while you're there...


Thu, 07 Apr 2011 05:33:44 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/to-catch-a-video-game-predator-8-horror-stories/john-barryman
<![CDATA[The Best 4 Player Co-op Games]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-4-player-co-op-games/ranker-games
Video Games by their very nature are competitive... that's kind of the whole point. But what better way to play than with a whole group of your friends? Just you crazy kids against the (virtual) world! Growing up playing video games shapes friendships and family bonds. And nothing starts or makes a party like a giant 4 player set up. 

Grab a chair (or 2 or 3), dust off an old console or grab the newest, coolest, 4 player game on the market and go crazy. Playing video games can be a fun solo endeavor, but when you're with others, it only gets more fun.

This list features the best 4 player co-op games, so you and your friends can tackle every level together as a team. Vote up the best 4 player co-op video games below, or add the one you and your friends always turn to if it isn't already on the list.

The Best 4 Player Co-op Games,

Castle Crashers

Crash Bash


Halo 3

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Arcade Game

Rock Band

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Gears of War 3

Thu, 17 Apr 2014 05:46:22 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/best-4-player-co-op-games/ranker-games
<![CDATA[The Best MOBA Games of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-moba-games/meme-dude
Here's our ranked list of the best MOBA games of all time, including MOBA games from 2014 and 2015. One of the most popular genres of video games today, MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) games like League of Legends and DotA 2 are among the most played games in the world. Although those two games dominate the space, there are others that are worth mentioning as well, which is why we've created this list of all MOBA games. Games like SMITE have started giving LoL and DotA and run for their money, building a solid community that is backed by strong gameplay and character design. Just to give you an idea of how popular MOBA games are, the 2014 League of Legends World Championship had around 27 million viewers from around the world watching the event, with the first place team taking home $1,000,000 in prize money. The championship literally took place in an arena, with thousands of fans filling the seats to watch the world's top players compete.
The Best MOBA Games of All Time,

League of Legends

Dota 2


Heroes of the Storm

Orcs Must Die! Unchained

Shards Of War

Games of Glory



Arena of Fate

Mon, 09 Mar 2015 07:49:20 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/best-moba-games/meme-dude
<![CDATA[Fantastic Indie Games for Under $5]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/fantastic-inexpensive-indie-games/steven-petite
With the increasing popularity of game clients like Steam, and the growing trend of downloading games, indie games have never been as popular as they are now. The indie game developers that make these titles are in large supply. While it's sometimes daunting to wade through the less than stellar offerings that seem to pile up by the truckload, there are many excellent indie games that rival AAA games with astronomical budgets in the most important category: fun.

The following are some of the best indie games around in a wide array of genres. All of these games were developed by small teams (a few created by a single developer) and they all showcase creativity and a passion for the product. These games are love letters to gaming as a medium, and sometimes that's more appealing than fancy graphics and special effects-laden explosions. Best of all, these indie games are all under $5. Given the superb quality of the titles below, they might as well be deemed free; the few bucks spent offer experiences that remind us why we play games to begin with.

Fantastic Indie Games for Under $5,


“What if you reversed gravity instead of jumping?” That’s the whole concept behind VVVVVV. This addictive platformer isn’t about timing crucial jumps, but about learning when to initiate a reverse gravitational pull to avoid obstacles and navigate to the next stage. Retro style graphics fit well in this 2D side-scroller, and the main quest includes roughly three hours of content, with additional bonuses and features not included in that measurement. This novel idea is innovative, but most importantly, it's ridiculously fun.

VVVVVV is available for $4.99 on Nintendo 3DS, PC, Mac, and Linux, and $2.99 on iOS and Android.

The Binding of Isaac

By now, The Binding of Isaac probably doesn’t need an introduction. Helmed by one-half of Super Meat Boy, Edmund McMillen, The Binding of Issac is a game that never ends - well, there is an end but it urges players to keep going. It’s a rogue-like game, with randomly generated (procedurally generated) levels making the experience change with each play-through. The gameplay touts the classic arcade twin-stick shooter. With a seemingly endless amount of loot, secrets, and “Easter eggs,” this is a game that can be played for hundreds, if not thousands of hours. Best of all, it is great for short spurts as well as long descents into the depths of Isaac’s basement. It’s $4.99 and available on PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam.

Since its 2011 release, a remake and multiple of expansions have been launched. All are worth the price of admission, but the original is great for skeptics and those wondering if the sometimes grueling difficulty will be manageable. With each death comes new lessons, and The Binding of Isaac is addictive enough to be worth the struggle.

Super Hexagon

Super Hexagon is a game about precision and intense concentration. If you blink, you will probably die, but that’s okay since Super Hexagon is as brilliant as it is grueling. A simple game visually, it transcends its minimal aesthetics by offering a surprisingly deep action game thats runs often last less than a minute. The goal is to keep the little triangle cursor from being trapped inside a hexagon. It’s chaotic and filled with fitting techno music in the background. Not quite a rhythm game, and not really puzzle game, Super Hexagon is unlike anything else in its ability to offer a wholly original experience with a bare bones level of content. This serves it well since it is all about reaction time and needless distractions often times become fatal.

Super Hexagon is available for iOS, Android, PC, and Mac for $2.99. Play it for a minute and you’re hooked.

Who's Your Daddy

Don’t mind the suggestive title, but Who’s Your Daddy still has a zany premise. A casual 1 vs. 1 game where one player takes the role of a new father and the other plays as his infant child. The dad is tasked with keeping his son alive, while the baby is tasked with stirring up trouble. Although the game can end rather morbidly with the baby's death, that’s the point. Play this with a close friend and it’s sure to be a nice bonding experience. Shack up in the house with a random opponent and it’s likely to become a whole lot weirder.

Who’s Your Daddy is available on Steam for $4.99. It’s currently in the Early Access program, but it’s been making its rounds on “Let’s Plays” on Youtube by personalities such as Pewdiepie and he sure seems to be having fun with it.

Gunman Clive

The brainchild of two Swedish developers. Gunman Clive and its sequel, Gunman Clive 2, are side-scrolling action games with appealing aesthetics and tight combat. Featuring an authentic Western soundtrack and futuristic elements akin to that so-terrible-it’s-kinda-good Will Smith flick Wild Wild West, these two titles feel surprisingly fresh in a genre that has been so played out in almost every entertainment medium except for video games.

The first is available for $1.99 on Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, iOS, Android and PC via Steam. The sequel is available for $2.99 on 3DS, Wii U, and PC. Both are great budget titles with deceptively low production values.

Cubit the Hardcore Platformer Robot

Cubit may appear to be a cute robot, and the gameplay is presented as relatively simple, but as the title suggests, this action platformer is anything but a walk in the park. Cubit cleverly inserts music to assist players as they attempt to avoid obstacles and stay on solid ground by pressing only a single button. Cubit moves on his own, and there is no stopping him. The soundtrack gets catchier as progression is made, and over time, balance is found from trial and error. Cubit is an impressive feat by any standards, but it was developed by a single person. At times the game is frustrating, buts its charm reigns above its difficulties.

Cubit the Hardcore Platformer Robot available on the Nintendo 3DS eShop for $2.99.

The Room

The Room and its two sequels are throwbacks to the time of puzzlers coated in text adventures. Part visual novel, part mystery puzzles, The Room is undeniably gripping and ingenious as a whole. Add in a lush, beautiful, and well-rendered 3D world and this series couples appealing visuals with clever riddles in a way that is often tried on mobile devices, but rarely done to great success.

The Room is a cool $0.99 on iOS and Android, and a full-enhanced HD version is available on PC for $4.99. The Room 2 and The Room 3 are available for $1.99 and $4.99, respectively, for iOS and Android. The Room trilogy is a wonderful investment for serious and casual gamers alike.

Unholy Heights

Tower defense and simulation combine here to create a surprisingly good and unique game. Basically, the apartment building is filled with monsters handpicked by The Devil. As the landlord, you are tasked with keeping the tenants happy. The simulation aspects will appeal to anyone who has ever been engrossed by The Sims. The added layer of complexity comes when heroes try to evict the monster occupants, and you have to rally the apartment dwellers to battle. The more well-managed the landlord, the better the chances are for survival.

Unholy Heights is an odd blend of leisure and action that offers dozens of hours of solid gameplay. It’s available on PC via Steam for $3.99.


Literally a game about navigating down a well. Avoid obstacles and baddies in this retro style black and white platformer. Each level is procedurally generated and the weapon upgrades and items keep you coming back for more. The real draw here is the speed at which the game flows. It’s fast paced to the point where it seems like the fast forward button has been smashed in indefinitely.

Hectic and addictive, Downwell is one of the best ways to spend $2.99 on PC, iOS or Android. Seriously, it's arguably as good as its spiritual predecessor, Spelunky.

Game Dev Story

Do you ever wonder what its like to run a video game company, but don’t want to take the actual risk of putting your underwhelming ideas to production? Game Dev Story is your answer. This addictive simulation game lets you build your company from the ground up. Manage your staff and unlock new game genres and wider business ventures as you work, towards developing that multi-million dollar blockbuster. It’s the kind of game that’s perfect for short spurts or long sit-downs.

Game Dev Story is available for $4.99 on iOS and for the bizarre price of $2.36 on Android. Either way, money well spent.

Tue, 22 Mar 2016 03:09:59 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/fantastic-inexpensive-indie-games/steven-petite
<![CDATA[The Best TurboGrafx-16 Games]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/list-of-turbografx-16-games-turbografx-16-console-games/video-games-by-console
Popular in Japan, the TurboGrafx-16 Entertainment SuperSystem produced 94 games during its run, including fantasy games, casino games, sports games and adventure games, among others. What are the best turbografx 16 games?

TurboGrafx-16 games were produced by a number of top developers such as Hudson Soft and Namco, and primarily distributed to gamers around the world by NEC. The game console, produced by a collaboration between Hudson Soft and NEC, was sold between 1987 and 1995, moving 10 million units worldwide.

In addition to working with the Hudson Soft HuCard media cards, the TurboGrafx-16, with a special add-on, also worked with CD-ROM media, making it a fierce competitor with the Sega Mega Drive.

Despite the advanced hardware, which set a Guinness World Record for it's small size, the TurboGrafx-16 video game console could not compete with the top names available for the Nintendo Entertainment System and was phased out completely by the mid 1990s.
The Best TurboGrafx-16 Games,

Air Buster

Air Zonk

Alien Crush

Blazing Lazers

Bonk's Adventure

Bonk's Revenge

Devil's Crush


Soldier Blade


Tue, 01 Jun 2010 17:06:40 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/list-of-turbografx-16-games-turbografx-16-console-games/video-games-by-console
<![CDATA[The Worst Ways to Die in Minecraft]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-worst-ways-to-die-in-minecraft/datrlykewlfreekinguymandood
Sometimes dying in Minecraft can be very frustrating. But which is the worst way to die?

Vote up on the ones you find most frustrating.
The Worst Ways to Die in Minecraft,

Killed by the Ender Dragon


Mining Straight Down into Lava

Blown Up by a Creeper




Whooped By an Enderman

Walking Into a Cactus With Half a Heart

Falling in a Hole

Thu, 24 Jul 2014 15:20:21 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/the-worst-ways-to-die-in-minecraft/datrlykewlfreekinguymandood
<![CDATA[The Best Xbox One RPGs Released So Far]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-xbox-one-rpgs/chris-abraham

So you've just bought an Xbox One, and are looking to satiate your appetite for role-playing games. Microsoft has never been known for RPGs on their platforms, but there are still a lot of good Xbox One RPGs that are worth your time. What is the best role-playing game for Xbox One? Many will cite The Witcher 3 as the top title, given it's gigantic depth and hours of gameplay that can keep you entertained for hundreds of hours. Other enjoy Child of Light or The Banner Saga, which are a different change of pace but just as fun.

What is your favorite Xbox One role-playing game? Vote up the titles below that you would most recommend, and downvote the games you've played but didn't necessarily enjoy. If you think the top Xbox One RPG isn't already on the list, add it so others can vote it up too!

The Best Xbox One RPGs Released So Far,

Diablo III

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dark Souls II

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Fallout 4

Dark Souls III

Destiny: The Taken King

Tue, 16 Aug 2016 02:32:38 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/best-xbox-one-rpgs/chris-abraham
<![CDATA[The Best Wii U Characters]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/wii-u-video-game-characters/ranker-games
No one was quite sure where Nintendo was going to go after taking a hard left turn with the Wii original. Having completely separated itself from the main pack of gaming, it sought to make its own path. Would they return to join the fray with their next generation console? Turns out, nope, they're going even further away with the Wii U. The one thing about Nintendo, however, is that they have a host of iconic and beloved video game characters that they don't really need to worry about other developers. They can do much of the heavy lifting on their own. 

Whether it's the classic Donkey Kong family, or, strangely enough, the once-rival mascot Sonic the Hedgehog, Nintendo has a wide swath of characters to build from. We've got Princess Peach from the classic Super Mario 3D World, and even Toad gets a spotlighted game in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker! And as always, it couldn't possibly be a successful Nintendo system without an entry in the Star Fox universe, with Star Fox Zero coming in for a landing. 

With reissues, we get to see higher-def versions of games we love, such as Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker! So take a look at our list of video game characters for the Wii U, vote for your favorites, and see just how our rankings stack up with the rankings in your head! Don't forget to check out our wide array of character lists for all of the other consoles! 
The Best Wii U Characters,

Diddy Kong

Donkey Kong




Princess Peach

Princess Zelda



Princess Daisy

Thu, 16 Jul 2015 05:20:40 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/wii-u-video-game-characters/ranker-games
<![CDATA[The 20 Best DIY Nintendo Switches On The Internet]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-nintendo-switch-memes-pictures/brandon-michaels

Nintendo has remained in the hearts of gamers for decades - since fans first stepped foot into the Mushroom Kingdom in 1985. After years of innovation both good and bad, Nintendo begins an entirely new adventure with the Nintendo Switch!

The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid video game console, which means you can play it on-the-go like a Gameboy, or on your couch like a traditional console - the creators consider it "a home console that you can take with you on the go." The system is made up of the "Switch Console", "Switch Dock," and the "Joy-Con" controllers, which sounds suspiciously like a Wii U cut into pieces...

Since its unveiling in 2016, the Nintendo Switch morphed into a meme, and the hottest meme-theme is easily "people who got their Nintendo Switch early", where people cobble together old electronics, crazy mods, and a bunch of tape to create their own "Nintendo Switch." Check out these hilarious fake Nintendo Switch consoles! 

The 20 Best DIY Nintendo Switches On The Internet,


Paint FTW

So Sleek, So Elegant

You Spoiled Little Brat!

The Playswitch 2

Totally Legit

Switch It Up


What A System


Fri, 03 Mar 2017 12:49:09 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-nintendo-switch-memes-pictures/brandon-michaels
<![CDATA[14 Actually Amazing Video Game Movie Fan Trailers]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/14-actually-amazing-video-game-movie-fan-trailers/john-barryman
With this week's release of that brilliant indie-dramedy looking God of War trailer, here are the 13 most memorable video game MOVIE fan trailers ever made, from a Zelda, Tetris, and a Pac-Man movie, to a movie about Paperboy, to a perfect adaptation of Monkey Island.
14 Actually Amazing Video Game Movie Fan Trailers,

It's insane how many Bioshock movie fan trailers are out there, and how many of them are EXACTLY the same.

This one's slightly different, though, and therefore almost better right off the bat.

This one actually goes as far to show the plane before it crashes, as well as shows the crash (scenes from Castaway, we think). It then goes into the same voice over anyone who's EVER made a fake Bioshock trailer of ANY kind uses, but then goes on to include some really great underwater scenes, as well as scenes of torture, fear and intermixed Little Sister dialogue that makes this trailer effectively creepy.

Well done.
God of War
What if Wes Andersen took the concept of one of the most outcast, daddy-issued characters in video game history and made a movie of the human version of him, with all the quirk we all love (and sometimes hate) in an indie comedy?

This video is your answer.

Hit the jump for the video itself. Many of us don't go out to see many of these indie dramedies anymore, cause really we've seen them all. But this is something we'd legitimately like to see finished.

The quirk of the movie lies in the idea that the fact that they're all Gods is a metaphor. Any weirdness, quirkyness or innate character flaws of any of the people in this movie come from the fact that they are just that type of God and that is their personality.

It speaks wonders of the human condition and volumes of the people who made it. Sure, a REAL God of War movie would be great, but making it unlike Clash of the Titans and meaningful is not exactly something we'd trust Hollywood with. So, we should probably have this movie instead.
Halo: Combat Evolved
This was kind of a no-brainer, Halo WAS almost a movie. Halo was almost a movie made by PETER JACKSON. Halo also has some GREAT live-action trailers for their games that this particular person used to intersplice with what they shot.

This would probably be an unbelievably epic beginning to a Halo movie.

It's a series of old soldiers recalling the Halo war and why they made it through. They look back and they remember that they made it because of Master Chief.

A documentarian takes these old UNSC soldiers through a museum, recalling the wars as they told stories of how they made it through.

They all had one thing to say: Chief.

This trailer not only makes you want to see the movie TONIGHT, but shows you how great of a character Master Chief can be. He doesn't have to be that 3 dimensional because the reason people love him is because he's an ideal, he's a hero and he's the person that everyone needs, even if they don't know they do at the time.
Metroid Prime
This Metroid Prime trailer comes into its own during the establishing shots of the "film".

A lot of the best parts of this trailer that really make you feel like you might be watching a Metroid movie come in the shots that let you know where you are.

Then a woman's voice comes on screen... it's Samus. They take a cheesy looking shot/scene from the Metroid Prime live-action commercial and really make you feel like this film will be character driven, which really would be GREAT for a Metroid movie.

Although, it'd be pretty great if they could accentuate the feminism of it and pull the surprise on the audience, or at least on some characters, that we all got when we played the first game.

Have her kicking ass and taking names (but no prisoners) and then finally when everything dies down, she takes off her helmet and *gasp* GENDER STEREOTYPES ARE SHATTERED!
Monkey Island
One of the best gaming/media experiences ever, as well as one of the most fantastic comedic achievements in video game history get their own trailer in this fan-splice of Monkey Island using Guybrush Threepwood's voice and scenes from Pirates of the Caribbean.

The first 30 seconds of this trailer are cut BEAUTIFULLY.

Recently, a piece was written on the California Literary Review about how Monkey Island 2 is not only a great gaming experience, but is a must-play for any would-be storyteller. He even went on to say that the writers of Pirates of the Caribbean stole quite a bit from the story.

One of the writers of Pirates of the Caribbean ended up commenting on the piece, saying that what they wrote was yellow journalism, wrong and misinformed.

Word from the original game developer came in a little later and it actually turns out that before the guy who wrote Pirates of the Caribbean wrote Pirates of the Caribbean, he wrote... guess what... a draft for a Monkey Island movie, which was incredibly similar to his Pirates draft.

THIS, friends, is what makes this particular fan trailer one of the most apt, appropriate and awesome
The hardest part of just about any video game fan trailer (or even for for any video game movie) is the concept. How do you make something into a story, a meaningful, entertaining film, while still keeping elements of what made a point-based cartoon/animated game popular? Even though they might not look as awesome as some of the trailers on page 2 or 3, these two Pac-Man trailers take the concept of the game, makes it insanely appropriate and do it in a way that makes us actually kind of want to watch the movie (which is the whole point of a trailer, isn't it?)

This Pac-Man trailer achieves that and more. It turns it into a psychological thriller where a man must eat a series of pellets, and keep doing so or his head will explode. The side effects of the pills come when the man is on them, and he can't take them head on, but instead must run intelligently through the world avoiding them.

BONUS TRAILER (click here)
Here's a lower budget, but equally awesome trailer for a Pac-Man where the whole world has gone to crap because of what news reports call "Ghost Attacks". One man dresses up like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill and takes them on in awesome ways.

Great allusions: cherries, the soundtrack (brilliant, you don't realize it's Pac-Man til the end), and the fact that the guy is wearing a yellow helmet the whole time.

It's a toss up between these two, so you decide. Which one do YOU like more? Either way, they both belong on this item on this list.
Portal = Cube/Hypercube. Duh.

Remember when Portal first came out? How did you describe it to people?

The smartest way to describe it was basically "it's like Cube, the game". In case you didn't see "Cube", here's the synopsis

CUBE (1997)
7 complete strangers of widely varying personality characteristics are involuntarily placed in an endless kafkaesque maze containing deadly traps.

The only difference between Cube and Portal is that you seem to be voluntary at first in Portal, you're one person and you have what is arguably the coolest gun in the world.

Trailer uses GLADoS BRILLIANTLY, as well as uses the right clips from Cube to really make it seem as desperate, frustrating and clausterphobic as a Portal movie really would be.
Super Mario Kart
Making a movie of just about ANY Mario character would be damned near impossible (see: 1993), so this particular trailer isn't here because it's the greatest trailer in the world.

It's here because it takes an absolutely ridiculously stupid concept for a film (films contain STORY, NARRATIVE), but because of the credits in the rollcall at the end.

This movie uses parts of the Mario Bros movie starring Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo, as well as scenes from Peter Jackson's King Kong for Donkey Kong, and scenes from Mario Bros. for Yoshi and makes a really stupid (yet realistic... THIS is how this movie would be, so let's hope this never happens) trailer for a really stupid movie. And it's hilarious.

The last character on the roll calls in the credits at the end of the trailer = why this is on this list. Watch it all, though. Earn it. Enjoy.

The Legend of Zelda
IGN released this trailer on April Fools Day a few years back and it really got a lot of praise. It's not the greatest trailer ever, but the beats that it takes are PERFECT.

If this were a real trailer, it would be absolutely amazing. Not taking the plot of the first Zelda and mixing it up a little was a GREAT call and an even better way to form a trailer.

Casting a guy who looks like a mix between Brad Dourif and a confused looking Chris Kattan, though? Not so great.

They pretty much shot themselves in the foot by making Link a guy who looks like he goes to clubs and bars, but then doesn't talk to anybody.

Either way, though, the small amounts of the Zelda theme that we get in the song really make us believe one thing, as well as remind us of the following:

When Hollywood makes a Legend of Zelda movie, it better be f**king good. They have arguably the best storyline in video game history, one of the greatest themes to ever grace ANY media and an underdog protagonist that will stop at nothing to overcome impossible odds. If you screw that up, I say we all never watch a movie ever again.

Personally, I treat the idea of whoever ends up making the Legend of Zelda movie like I will treat the idea of whoever ends up marrying my daughter. They better f**king do it right, or they dun goofed.
Microsoft Minesweeper
Once again bring a simple-concept game into reality, this trailer basically makes minesweeper into Saving Private Ryan. This makes perfect sense, and it's actually kind of surprising that Hollywood hasn't done this yet (they ARE making a Monopoly movie AND a Bazooka Joe movie).

This trailer, and would-be movie, focuses on a small team of minesweepers who treat it like a game, even though it's a job.

There's one guy who's great, but we see many people get blown up, falling into the many traps and patterns we all have while sitting at a work computer or someone else's computer with absolutely nothing to do.

Most genius part of the trailer "c'mon, it's never the first one" *BLAM*

Fri, 16 Jul 2010 12:23:41 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/14-actually-amazing-video-game-movie-fan-trailers/john-barryman
<![CDATA[The Best MMORPG Games of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-best-mmorpg-games-of-all-time/reilcan-jones
My top 20 MMORPGs of the last two decades.

The Best MMORPG Games of All Time,

Eve Online
There's almost too much too do. If you can avoid the ganking packs.

Guild Wars 2
Personally didn't find it as fun as the first. Still a Great game though.

Guild Wars
Took a while to get used to the combat and movement, but the amazing story drags you in.

I rate it for it's huge maps and fun gameplay. We'll try to forget it's P2W.

Star Trek Online
Lots of what EvE misses and Free!

Star Wars Galaxies
All out best crafting and player world system that's ever been released, nothing has come close since.

World of Warcraft
Organizing, experiencing and beating a 40 person raid. Awesomeness!

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade
Flying mounts!

Star Wars: The Old Republic
After the changes brought in with the Revan Returns update this has actually become more of what the game was meant to be. It can now get a place on my best of list.

It's only had the Hanger and Arena Commander modules released and I still rate it this high!

Wed, 09 Oct 2013 08:30:18 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/the-best-mmorpg-games-of-all-time/reilcan-jones
<![CDATA[The Best Horse Video Games of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-horse-games/ranker-games
Giddy up, because this is a list of horse games, ranked from best to worst. Horses are one of the few animals that we as a species have a special connection with, almost like dogs and cats. Unlike dogs and cats, we can actually ride them. And that's pretty cool, right? And of course, when horses are so beloved, there are going to be plenty of video games about horses. Vote up the best horse games so that we can finally crown the greatest horse video games of all time.

The easiest horse game to make is probably the racer, so there are plenty of horse racing games. Whether Gallop Racer or Melbourne Cup Challenge, there are plenty of titles to choose from that let you race against the AI or against your friends. If racing isn't your thing and you're just looking for horse riding games, check out the Barbie Horse Adventure series.

When you're looking to get in on a trusty steed, you can't go wrong with this horse games list! Vote up the games that ride like the wind and vote down the ones that should be put out to pasture. Add any equestrian games we may have missed, and if you're a virtual jockey, rerank the list!

The Best Horse Video Games of All Time,

Barbie Horse Adventures: Wild Horse Rescue

Gallop Racer

Melbourne Cup Challenge


Winning Post 7 Maximum 2008

Bella Sara

G1 Jockey Wii

My Horse And Me 2

Winning Post World

Champion Jockey: G1 Jockey & Gallop Racer

Fri, 07 Aug 2015 10:45:11 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/best-horse-games/ranker-games
<![CDATA[The Most Anticipated Winter 2016 Video Games]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/most-anticipated-winter-2016-video-games/ranker-games
The most anticipated video games hitting shelves for holiday 2015 and winter 2016 cover a whole bunch of different genres, styles, and platforms, from Playstation 4 to Xbox One, Wii U, and even PC. With this list of big video games coming out this winter, you have a guide to stocking stuffers and ways to burn through your holiday check from grandma.

For nostalgia's sake, this winter has re-issues of classic games on new consoles, like Pokemon. There are also tons of kids games like Lego Marvel Heroes, Naruto, and Return to PopoloCrois: a Story of Seasons Fairytale. What gamers are most thrilled about, however, are the new installments in gaming's biggest franchises. A new Legend of Zelda, Hitman, Mortal Kombat, Rainbow Six, Gran Turismo, and even a new Final Fantasy
are all set to arrive this winter.

This is your chance to vote up your most anticipated game this fall. These are the biggest releases from December 2015 until the very end of February 2016. Vote up winter 2015-2016 games you're most excited about below, and if we forgot any, don't hesitate to add them!

The Most Anticipated Winter 2016 Video Games,

Fire Emblem Fates
Feburary 19, 2016; Metacritic Score: 87
Just Cause 3
November 30, 2015; Metacritic Score: 73
The Legend of Zelda Wii U
March 4, 2016; Metacritic Score: 85
Far Cry Primal
Feburary 23, 2016; Metacritic Score: 76
Tom Clancy's The Division
March 8, 2016; Metacritic Score: 83
Lego Marvel's Avengers
January 26, 2016; Metacritic Score: 72
Devil's Third
December 11, 2015; Metacritic Score: 43
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4
February 9, 2016; Metacritic Score: 81
Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth
Feburary 2, 2016; Metacritic Score: 76
Hitman (2016)
March 11, 2016; Metacritic Score: 77

Fri, 21 Aug 2015 11:13:19 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/most-anticipated-winter-2016-video-games/ranker-games
<![CDATA[20 Ways the World Will Change When Fallout 4 Is Released]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/fallout-4-predictions/jacob-shelton
The Fallout 4 release is imminent. Which means that fans of the long running action role playing game are sitting in front of their monitors around the world and preloading a game five years in the making. Everyone knows that Fallout 4 is going to have awesome graphics and a gonzo storyline, but what’s going to happen to the rest of the world when Fallout 4 is released? Obviously, there’s a good chance that you’re not going to be able to find any Hot Pockets at the grocery store, but that’s just one of the few drawbacks of half the world’s population staying inside for the foreseeable future. If you’re worried about the fate of the world, keep scrolling to check out this 100% accurate list of things that will happen when Fallout 4 is released.

Every gamer and their mother (whom they still live with) has a few Fallout 4 predictions. Most of the chatter online is about spoilers inside the game, but we’re concerned about what’s going to happen IRL when every gamer in known universe locks themselves inside to travel through post-apocalyptic Boston. For one thing, the lines at Taco Bell are going to be a lot shorter, and we might be able to go to Gamestop without having to listen to guys argue about graphics.

There’s no way to know until Fallout 4 finally drops. Until then, here are our predictions for what’s going to happen when Fallout 4 is released. Vote on the Fallout 4 predictions that you think will come true.
20 Ways the World Will Change When Fallout 4 Is Released,

RIP This Dude's Savings Account

Atomic Wastelands Will Pop Up in Bedrooms Across America

Everyone's Inner Serial Killer Is Going to Come Out

Detroit Will Start Making Extra Money by Becoming Downloadable Content

All Other Games Will Get GOTY Blocked

RIP All Human Social Interaction

People WIll Start Treating Everyone Around Them Like NPCs

The College Dropout Rate Is Going to Skyrocket
Case in point:

RIP Your Roommate Being Able to Use Netflix

Basement Dwellers Will Look in the Mirror for the First Time in 5 Years

Fri, 06 Nov 2015 01:07:32 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/fallout-4-predictions/jacob-shelton
<![CDATA[All Call of Duty Games, Ranked Best to Worst]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/all-call-of-duty-games-ranked-best-to-worst
This list of all Call of Duty games, ranked best to worst, lets video game fans decide once and for all the answer to the question: What is the best Call of Duty game of all time? The COD video game franchise is a great example of the best first-person shooter series that has been incredibly popular for more than a decade now. If you're a huge fan, feel free to rerank this list in any order you like to make sure that your favorite COD games are near the top!

The first installment in the Call of Duty video game series was released back in 2003. From that point on, COD became a staple with gamers. With each year that passes, the makers of Call of Duty continue to push boundaries, which is one reason why COD is consistently named among the best video games of all time. Call of Duty fans: After you're done with these rankings, you might also want to check out this great list of the best Call of Duty Modern Warfare maps, and this list of the most frustrating elements of the game.
All Call of Duty Games, Ranked Best to Worst,

Call of Duty

Call of Duty 2

Call of Duty 3

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty: World at War

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

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<![CDATA[The Best Business Simulator Games Ever, Ranked]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-business-simulator-games/ranker-games
If you’ve ever wanted to actually be a business owner without risking real money, then you would love playing some of the best business simulation games listed below. The best business sims should present the important concepts of operating a business while being enjoyable to play. Many bad business games often make the mistake of prioritizing accuracy over fun factor. The business sim games below get the balance just right, as voted by fans of simulation games.

Voice your own opinion and vote up your favorite business simulation games and vote down the ones you don’t enjoy playing. If you don’t see one that you feel should be on the list, please add it! After all, this is supposed to be a comprehensive list of business simulators. You should also give these top economic simulators a try too, as they are very similar.

In a top business sim, you’ll have to overcome the struggles of operating a profitable business. You quickly come to realize that making money isn’t easy! Thankfully, the top business simulators make it a challenge that you can actually overcome. For example, one of the hardest things to do in Game Dev Tycoon is to ship consecutive platinum hits, but it feels great when you finally get it right.

Critics of business sims often say that they’re boring, but they probably just haven’t fully explored RollerCoaster Tycoon yet. Who doesn’t love building a money-making vomitorium? But if business simulators aren’t fun for you, no matter how much you try to like them, then you should probably try instead. For those that are fans of business sims, vote on the best business simulation games below!
The Best Business Simulator Games Ever, Ranked,

RollerCoaster Tycoon

The Guild 2

The Movies

Euro Truck Simulator 2

Game Dev Tycoon

Beach Resort Simulator


Cities in Motion 2

A-Train 9 : Railway Simulator

Cook, Serve, Delicious!

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<![CDATA[The 9 Most Ridiculous Lawsuits in Video Game History]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/ridiculous-gaming-lawsuits/stewart-chyou

The crossover combination of legalities and video games isn’t anything new - gaming lawsuits happen all the time. Take for example, people like Patrice Désilets, who have struggled to wrestle back the rights to their games - in his case he had to rescue 1666: Amsterdam from the clutches of Ubisoft, after they wrongfully terminated him. In the world of video games, lawsuits are pretty common as people fight for ownership, censorship, and more. Of course, not every lawsuit makes sense - and some are downright silly. 

It’s important to know when and how to pick your battles when taking the fight to judicial arenas. And over the years, much like non-gaming related legal fisticuffs, what we find betwixt are cases of individuals and parties alike who abuse the judicial system for the pettiest, and sometimes hilarious, of reasons. Whether these lawsuits by gamers are justified or not, they make for interesting reading. 

Get ready to chuckle and strain your neck with constant head shaking, these are the most ridiculous lawsuits in gaming. 

The 9 Most Ridiculous Lawsuits in Video Game History,

CandySwipe v. Candy Crush

The war for ownership of long-established words in the English language continues. In February 2014, King, the developer of the hit mobile game Candy Crush Saga, pursued copyright claims against any and all games that utilized the words ‘candy’ and ‘saga’ in their names. This, of course, sparked a lot of concerns amongst developers, but the silliness did not stop there.

It was brought to light that Albert Ransom, creator of CandySwipe, had been locking horns with King over their respective creations’ names ever since Candy Crush Saga’s release in 2012. The kicker: CandySwipe was released in 2010. Ransom had long been concerned about confusion between both titles, not just in name, but also the fact that much of Candy Crush’s gameplay elements, including icons, were nearly identical to CandySwipe. Ransom would go on to pen a fierce open letter directed at King, with memorable lines such as “I hope you’re happy taking the food out of my family’s mouth.”

Two months later, the dispute came to an end. Ransom posted on his site that both parties amicably agreed to withdraw their claims and their respective games will continue to coexist without any changes. Around the same time, King and another developer, Stoic, also came to the same agreement with regards to Stoic’s The Banner Saga.

ZeniMax Media v. Mojang

On September 27, 2011, ZeniMax Media, parent company of Bethesda, filed a lawsuit against Mojang (best known for creating Minecraft) for naming their strategy card collecting game Scrolls. ZeniMax believed that the use of the word ‘scrolls’ infringes on the name of their flagship series The Elder Scrolls.

Mojang’s founder, Markus “Notch” Persson, made a jesting jab on his blog towards ZeniMax suggesting they settle the dispute in a game of Quake 3. The following month, Mojang won the interim injunction, but ZeniMax still had the option to appeal.

In the following year, both parties reached a mutual agreement where Mojang can continue to use the word ‘scrolls’ so long as the product was not in direct competition with The Elder Scrolls. Although it’s nice that things wrapped up without escalating further, it’s hard to label this as a victory without sensing the bittersweetness.

Universal Studios v. Nintendo

In 1982, Universal Studios attempted to sue Nintendo for trademark infringement of King Kong with their release of the first Donkey Kong game. At the time, Nintendo was a small fry trying to expand its business into the US. It would’ve been understandable if Nintendo had backed down, but fortunately they chose to hold their ground. What preserved confidence was a glaring flaw in Universal’s argument: They actually never owned the rights to King Kong.

The first and original King Kong film was released by RKO General in 1933. Universal’s King Kong film in 1976 was a remake. The whole stunt was Universal’s attempt at gaining a foothold in the growing video game market.

The courts ruled in favor of Nintendo. However, Universal prolonged the battle for another four years by filing two successive appeals before the courts made it abundantly clear that they were not changing their decision.

To express their gratitude, Nintendo awarded their assigned defense attorney, John Kirby, with a  sailboat christened The Donkey Kong. It’s rumored that the character Kirby was named after him in honor of his services.

Capcom v. Koei Tecmo

On August 27, 2014, Capcom filed a multiple patent infringement lawsuit against Koei Tecmo, seeking 980 million yen ($9.43 million US) in damages. One of the patents that Capcom claimed to have filed in 2002 is the concept of "a function that lets you acquire new content by combining an existing game with another piece of software." In other words, Capcom is trying to sue Koei Tecmo for utilizing expansion packs, downloadable content, and add-ons - distribution elements that have long been utilized by practically every game developer even way before 2002.

As of this time, neither side has commented on the status of the case. And the original motivations behind Capcom’s actions is still unknown.

Guy from Russia v. Bethesda

In December 2015 an unnamed, 28-year-old man from Krasnoyarsk filed suit against Bethesda for making Fallout 4 “too addicting.” The individual had gone on a hardcore play binge for three weeks straight, skipping out on work, skipping out on friends, and skipping out on his wife. As a result, he lost all of the above.

The lawsuit sought 500,000 rubles ($7,000 US) in damages for emotional turmoil. The individual had already obtained representation through the “Single Center of Protection” who, despite expressing some hesitation in making a case against a foreign company, were willing to see how far they could take it.

While his losses aren’t a huge surprise in light of sacrificing his priorities, it’s obvious that there were already a number of factors in play to have lost his wife and job in the meager span of three weeks. 

Strickland v. Sony

In 2005, Devin Moore was convicted of shooting and killing three police officers at the Fayette, AL police station after the officers brought him in on suspicion of car theft in 2003. He was apprehended hours later in Mississippi, after stealing a police cruiser and escaping the scene. Upon recapture, Devin was quoted stating: "Life is a video game. Everybody's got to die sometime." This incurred controversy over one of the best selling games at the time, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Jack Thompson filed Strickland v. Sony as a measure to review whether or not violent video games played a part in Moore’s crimes.

What’s ridiculous about this case isn’t so much that it was filed, but by whom it was filed: Jack Thompson is an attorney known for spending a good portion of his career waging a one-man crusade against violent video games, regardless of the methodology. Thompson was able to convince the families of the three murdered officers to file suit against Sony. He compared Sony’s “irresponsible” selling of violent video games to Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor. It didn’t take long for people to catch on that he was using the tragedies of others for his own personal agendas. Thompson was soon removed from the case for unethical practices, though he insists that he left on his own volition.

Devin Moore was found guilty and sentenced to death by lethal injection later that year, but the decision appealed by his attorney, Jim Standridge. Alabama would eventually revoke Thompson's law license. A few years later he was disbarred. 

Silicon Knights v. Epic Games

In 2008, Silicon Knights finally released Too Human, which spent a long 10 years in development hell…to less than stellar reviews. In 2007, developer Silicon Knights attempted to sue Epic Games for failing to provide them with a complete version of their Unreal Engine 3, which they were supposed to use on Too Human’s development, thus forcing them to develop their own engine. Epic in turn filed a countersuit against Silicon for utilizing their engine without paying royalties.

Five years later, the case came to a close after thorough investigations revealed that Silicon Knights had actually copied lines of the Unreal Engine’s copyrighted code and made efforts to hide the theft through tampering of various components of the code. Silicon Knights was then ordered to recall and destroy all unsold copies of their games that used the Unreal Engine including Too Human and X-Men: Destiny. On top of that, they were to pay Epic over $9 million in damages.

Crushed from the weight of the lawsuits, and being exposed for their wrongdoings, Silicon Knights filed for bankruptcy in 2014 and closed its doors.

Digital Homicide v. Jim Sterling

One of YouTube’s most outspoken gaming critics, Jim Sterling, came under fire from Digital Homicide after he posted a video review of their game The Slaughtering Grounds in 2014. Despite the strong title given to his video ("New Worst Game of 2014"), Sterling actually made attempts to try and find positive aspects of the game, which eventually led to frustration as there really weren’t any beyond his commenting of the agreeable frame rate. Overall, nothing too out of line was said from Sterling as he gave a fair assessment of the game demonstrated through his own play throughs. 

Digital Homicide and Jim Sterling have since made many heated exchanges with one another, which has been chronicled by James in a video. The video also exposes that through investigations conducted by his fans and others online, Digital Homicide had actually stolen a number of copyrighted assets for use in their games. Plus, they have been creating fake accounts on Steam to give themselves positive reviews. Fast forward to March 16, 2016, when Digital Homicide filed a formal lawsuit against Sterling for $10 million dollars for defamation and slander.

Digital Homicide even attempted to use crowdfunding to pay their legal fees. It didn't work out so well, garnering just $450 of the $75,000 goal. 

Lindsay Lohan v. Grand Theft Auto V

In 2014, Lindsay Lohan filed suit against Take-Two Interactive, the developers of the best selling Grand Theft Auto V, for allegedly using her image without consent in creating the character Lacey Jonas. Lohan’s attorneys would even go as far as to say that Lacey wears a hat similar to hats that Lohan herself wears. Plus, throwing up peace signs is a hand gesture that is somehow unique to only Lohan.

It was later revealed that the true visual inspiration behind the creation of Lacey Jonas was a model named Shelby Welinder, who was hired by Rockstar through her talent agency and even took a pic of the paycheck as proof.

The court dismissed Lohan’s case because: “works of fiction and satire do not fall within the narrow scope of the statutory phrases ‘advertising’ and ‘trade'”.

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<![CDATA[20 Things You Never Knew About Super Mario Bros.]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/super-mario-trivia/jacob-shelton
Super Mario Bros. marked the beginning of the console revolution that changed video games forever. Yes, there were plenty of console games over in Japan, but it wasn’t until a little plumber and his brother set out to save a princess from an ox/turle/sorta dragon that the world began to take notice of side scrolling console games.

This list of Super Mario Bros. trivia contains some facts even the most knowledgeable players probably aren’t aware of. And if you do know about some of these, you either work for Nintendo or you haven’t left your bedroom in 30 years. See how many of these Super Mario Bros. fun facts you know.

Mario Brothers trivia is always fun because it reminds you of a simpler time when all you had to worry about was whether or not you could save the princess before dinner. As long as your brother or sister didn’t hold down the reset button while you were playing, you probably did just fine. The facts on this list of 20 things you didn’t know about Super Mario span the creation of the much loved character, all the way to the fun stuff like glitches in the game and which famous composer designed a small piece of Mario history.

Vote up the most interesting bits of trivia for Super Mario Bros. and if you know a piece of information about the game that we don’t, leave it in the comments!
20 Things You Never Knew About Super Mario Bros.,

Super Mario Bros. Was Meant to Be the Last Cartridge Game EVER
Before becoming Nintendo's first big hit in America, Super Mario Bros. was supposed to be Nintendo's cartridge based ride into the sunset before they switched to the floppy disk-based Famicom Disk System. Ironically, the game was so popular that cartridges stuck around for another two decades. 
Mario's Design Is Based on Graphical Impossibilities
We live in a world of almost infinite possibilities when it comes to graphics in video games, but when Shigeru Miyamoto was creating Super Mario Bros., he had to come up with interesting ways around his very real limitations. Mario was given a mustache in order to get around drawing a mouth, and he sports a hat because it was almost impossible to portray hair. What about the overalls? Those ensured that players could tell that he was swinging his hands back and forth as he was walking or running.

Super Mario Bros. Took a Few Moves from the Legend of Zelda
Even though they were released years apart in the states, Super Mario Bros. and Legend of Zelda were actually developed in tandem. That not only meant that creator Shigeru Miyamoto was able to compartmentalize two games, but that he simultaneously spearheaded two franchises that would change gaming forever. While Super Mario Bros. was still in the development stage, much of Zelda was completed, which meant that whenever Miyamoto needed an element for his game about a brick smashing plumber, he would grab it from the world of Link. Specifically the firebars in Bowser's castle were originally created for Zelda, but later appropriated into Mario Bros.  
There Are 256 Glitched Levels in Super Mario Bros.
If you want to access the 256(!) extra glitch levels in Super Mario Bros. you need to go find yourself a top loading NES system and a copy of Nintendo TennisPut your Mario cartridge in, then take it out with the system still on. Put the Tennis cartridge in, then reset. Serve once, run around for a bit, and then take Tennis out with the system still on and put Mario back in. Reset Mario, then press both A and start at once and you’ll be on one of the 256 glitched out “secret levels."
Super Mario Bros. Only Takes Up 256 Kilobits
If you don't know why this is a big (or not so big) deal, 256 kilobits translates to 32 kilobytes. This means it would take around three Super Mario Bros. cartridges to store one JPEG of a photo from the game. 
The Clouds and Bushes Are Recycled
The makers of Super Mario Bros. were way into recycling before everybody on your block had four different recycling bins. Not only are the clouds and bushes the same sprite with different colors, but the big castle is a bunch of small castles stacked on top of each other, and the sound you hear when Mario gets hit is the same sound you hear when you travel down a pipe. 
The 1-Up Turtle is Not a Glitch
Gamers love to find glitches, so when players came across a slow poke turtle (specifically in level 3-1) that gave out almost 100 1-ups, they thought they'd hit glitch paydirt. It wasn't until much later that Miyamato revealed that this was meant to be in the game all along. 
You Can Actually Jump Over the Flag Pole
This flagpole rumor has been floating around for years, but thanks to the Internet, you can actually see people jumping the infamous flagpole for yourself. And you thought your big sister was just messing with you. 
Bowser's Fireball is Backwards
If you look closely at fireballs hurled by Bowser, you can see that they are, in fact, backwards. The flames of the fireball are actually pointing forward, while the lighter fiery part of ball is pointing at Bowser.

Mario Was Named After Nintendo's Landlord
Long before Mario was Mario, he was called “Jumpman” because they had to call him something. Before that, he was called “Mr. Video” which is actually kind of awesome. Even before that, he was known as “Ossan,” which translates to “middle-aged guy.” And because no one wants to play a game called "Super Middle-Aged Guy," a proper name was sought and found in Nintendo's American offices. The story goes that Nintendo was supposedly late on rent and their landlord, Mario Segale, looked the other way. In thanks, he was forever immortalized as the namesake for the most popular video game mascot of all time - Super Segale. 

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<![CDATA[16 Accidentally Hilarious Glitches in Fallout 4]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-fallout-4-bugs/loganrapp
The thing about Fallout 4 is that it's a huge game. There is, as some are wont to say, a lot of game in this game. So, it shouldn't come as a surprise that there might be some technical issues, particularly in the earlier stages of its release. While that might mean breaking the consistency of the game, it also means you're in for a treat with some unintentional hilarity. Obviously, we had to make a list showing the best glitches in Fallout 4

A Fallout 4 bug could mean something as silly as a companion character walking funny or something as horrifying as a character or monster model that's so completely distorted it looks like something from Jacob's Ladder. A Fallout glitch is hilarious in how it somehow makes the wasteland even weirder than before, yet it still somehow works out. 

So take a look at a Fallout bug or two and vote up your favorites! Then check out out some Fallout 4 celebrity lookalikes and reasons Fallout 4 hates your guts.

16 Accidentally Hilarious Glitches in Fallout 4,

Hancock Does the Worm

Nick, You Need to Lay Off the Jet

Deathclaw Attack from Nowhere

In the Throes of Death, We Dance

Valentine's Smooth Criminal Lean

Perpetual Motion Spinning Barrel Corpse

Someone Got Their Arm Caught in a Stealth Boy

Get Your Silent Hill Out of My Fallout!

That Ghoul's Got Some Flow

Um. This Is Wrong on All Sorts of Levels

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<![CDATA[The 10 Craziest Console Mods Not Used for Gaming]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-10-craziest-console-mods-not-used-for-gaming/brian-gilmore
As this list proves, some console mods are absolutely breathtaking. From an R2-D2 that simultaneously plays every major console ever made with a built-in projector to XBox 360 laptops, the modding is a vast, wonderful world of skill and productivity. But then there's the people who take prized video games that could provide any person with thousands of hours of joy, and make them into accessories, or non-gaming gadgets. This is what this list features.

Some of these non-gaming mods are inspired, like Nintendo desk organizers. Some are dubious, like the XBox Fleshlight or the N64 controller pipe. Still others, like a PS3 George Foreman Grill, are absolutely magical. These are the craziest ideas in the history of modern console modding, though none of these game console mods actually facilitate gaming at all.

Like this? Ranker has tons of video game lists like: Best Superhero Games of All Time, Best Sandbox Games and the Top Driving Games.
The 10 Craziest Console Mods Not Used for Gaming,

An Atari Lamp, Made of a Console and Multiple Games
This is like a lamp made of panda genitals, elephant hearts and bald eagle egg shells.

Sure this looks like of cool, but why would you need this when you still don't own that awesome lamp from A Christmas Story?

But no, some talented bastard decided to cut up a bunch of box art, glue a bunch of games together and re-wire the Atari so that it works as a lamp.

Sure, this is clever as hell, but is it wasteful? Yes.

Is it awesome? Admittedly, yes. Click above to watch the video on the making of this contraption.

Related: The Atari Controller Lamp (not actually made from any real Atari parts).

Have you ever wanted to make a wireless router out of a Nintendo cartridge? Well then today's your lucky day, because someone has figured out how to do just this.

It's kind of a waste of a Nintendo cartridge but this one is actually so complicated that if you can manage to pull it off, you kind of deserve it. Kind of like that guy who really wanted to hunt and kill an adult T-Rex in The Lost World (except that you'll pull it off).

Do you have an old NES cartridge? How about soldering iron and a dremel? Sweet! Then you, friend, are in for a Sunday (or weekday, if you're unemployed or a morning person)!

Link to How to Make a Wireless Router out of an NES cartridge
The NES Lunchbox
Not ruining a perfectly good video game system that will not only be a HUGE collectible in ten years, but will probably still work at that time (by using a broken system), blogger Fluctifragus completely gutted an original NES and made, admittedly, the coolest lunchbox I've ever seen.


For step by step instructions on how to make this bad boy, go here (but ONLY if your NES is broken).
George Foreman Grill Made Out of a PS3
After that last picture, doesn't this kind of feel like it's panda meat? Let that sink in...

If I had a time machine, I'd go back in time to when people were waiting literal days in line to buy a PS3 and then serve everyone in line hamburgers from this George Foreman Grill.

The fine monsters who would be providing me with such a device are the guys over at The Real PS3 Grill who decided to sacrifice their PS3 so prematurely had the following mission statement:

"Their mission statement claims that the project was carried out to garner fame and glory, and for a very brief amount of time, they will indeed be on top of the world. Soon, however, everyone will forget about this amusing distraction in favor of playing their new gaming systems, while all these guys will have are a hopelessly outdated PS2 and a couple of leftover steaks".


Take that anyone who's ever donated games to charity!

A Wallet Made of Old Atari Cartridges
Finally making appropriate use for the E.T. Atari game, a man who calls himself Nilesz is selling these beauties over here.

The okay part about this is that he takes mail-in requests, given that your cartridge is in the right condition.

What he does, basically, is that for $55 he takes absolutely everything out of the existing cartridge and replaces it with hinges and nothing, so you can fit all your cards and money into it.

The best part is that you'll always carry a cartridge around with you.

The worst part is that you're using a piece of pop culture that will never again be re-made to keep your money in, and that you'll probably break it within a few weeks.

Go ahead and buy them here
Nintendo System Desk Organizers
For some reason, for me, this is the one. This is the worst one. This one really seems like the biggest waste because Nintendo systems aren't made by Microsoft. The NES I still have feels like it's going to last long enough for me to play with my children. So, this, to me, is the most offensive thing you could do to a working system.

If you're doing this to a dead system you don't plan on restoring, then this is actually kind of fine, yet a little creepy (kind of like when people's pets die and they stuff them and make them into side tables).

GreenCub, a console/controller modder making a name for his/herself on Etsy, is taking old Nintendo systems like the N64 and the GameCube and giving us desk organizers made out of what may as well be ivory.

Sure, these look cool, but you could be playing these systems. Either way, they've found really cool ways to fit all your pencils, paperclips and other office supplies in them. They use every crevice of the system as a weird, kind of ad hoc way to keep very specific supplies. Replacing the wires with plastic and the holes with stops, they basically make this into one of those desk organizers that nobody wants to take with them when a company goes under -- only made of Game Cubes and Nintendo 64's.

I mean, think of the joy this could bring to a kid without a console:

Here's an example of what the desk organizers look like.

And here's what the office supply organizers look like (these are really the most brutal ones).

So for all your anal-retentive, "drawers and backpack zippers aren't good enough for me" needs, here's the following Etsy store.

Once you're done there, you could always head on over to your local taxidermist for such wonderful, similar decorative needs such as this:

An XBox 360 into a Tissue Box/Alarm Clock
Just because where can you find a tissue box or an alarm clock? Nowhere, that's right.

So, like a person in a zombie apocalypse making a spear out of old tools, this guy decided that he couldn't use his cell phone, or spend a cumulative $8 at Walgreens. No, he needed to take his XBox 360 and make an alarm clock out of it. My only hope is that it red ringed before it was done to it.

Otherwise this is almost like Shark Fin fishing (warning, link may be disturbing).

After re-wiring the XBox 360 to display the numbers in the BACK (which really, if you're going to do this is a bad choice), he decided to make what used to be the DVD/CD slot into a tissue holder -- which really makes sense. They should make more alarm clock/tissue holder combos as they are two things every guy should have at their bedside.

But making it so that the BACK of the XBox 360 shows was probably a mistake, since that's really the ugliest part of the system.

Maybe this guy got a PS3, or maybe he got sick of playing good multiplayer games with a huge amount of people?

Criminals Make Gaming Consoles into Tattoo Machines
When you're in prison and you don't have a tattoo machine, it's like going camping and forgetting to bring the board games or a deck of cards. It really just isn't the same.

Luckily, some prisoners have found a solution for this.

One prisoner in the Brook House Immigration Removal Centre in West Sussex was using what was left of a Playstation 1 machine as the internal motor to power a home made tattoo machine that he was using to ink up the other inmates.

Even though inmates are completely allowed to have a PS1, or any game system(why is it so bad to be in prison again?), the machine was confiscated and the tattoo frenzy came to an end.

After running the above story, Kotaku received an email from a man who works at a Maximum Security prison, informing him that a lot of prisoners have all kinds of systems. The least favored system among people who work at the prison, though, is the Nintendo 64.


Because they would use the rumble packs as tattoo guns, which would eventually have to be confiscated. How does one do this, do you ask?

Here are the instructions for the next time you're drunk at a party:

It is actually pretty easy. There are no workshops in maximum security. They do it in their rooms with a battery(power) taped to a tube(could be a pen or a tightly wound piece of paper). The motor from the rumble pack is taken out and attached to the top of the tube. A needle or pin is run down the middle of the tube. when "on" the needle will move up and down like a sewing machine. The needle is then dipped in "ink." This is made a number of ways the easiest is to use ball point pen ink, but they could use other items to get different colors or looks.

So yeah, this is the type of behavior is totally fine for convicts. They are the only ones excused (well, them and the people using recycled parts).
Making Your Old Controllers into "Tobacco" Pipes

Perfect. This is actually quite perfect. Yes, these are using controllers from great systems (like the N64), but this time they're actually going to a good cause.

The XBox 360 pipe merely takes out the guts, uses the guide button as a nut and allows you to use the cord holes (yes, this is the scientific term for this part of the controller, I swear) to suck your precious, precious "tobacco" from.

The classic Nintendo 64 controller pipe takes the middle handle and puts holes in it to make a carb, then the nut is put on top where the analog stick usually goes, and the "cord hole" (which I refuse to look up) is used to suck your wonderful magic through.

I'm okay with this, if not for just how ingenuous the idea was. Why not combine two of the greatest activities on earth?
Making Your XBox 360 into a Fleshlight

Of course this exists. We've all considered it at least once. A website that no longer exists, that used to specialize in the act of showing you how to take household items and make them into things that you could bang (if you're a guy), came up with the perfect, extremely effort-heavy way to bang your XBox 360, once and for all.

These guys basically modded the XBox 360 so that you could stand it up on its hot, stumpy, grey little legs, install some arms on it that are always at the sides, beckoning you to "play with it", then finally "turn it on" at the power switch hole with your fully adequate, two-inches-indiameter-sized penis.

Those holes are pretty small, but if there were any reason it would rule to have a small penis, it would be to have the ability to express to your XBox exactly what you've always wanted to.

Unfortunately, you can't buy one of these. This is only okay because XBox 360 consoles red ringed so often at the beginning that it's almost impossible for anything they're used for to not be using recycled parts.

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Although it's not a common occurance, there are a handful cool video game characters that are sisters. Sometimes the best backup in times of strife is a little help from your family, and these sisters definitely have each others back. There are lots of amazing female characters in video games, but some of the greatest are also related to each other. Some of them could even give Mario and Luigi a run for their money. In groups or in pairs, rivals or accomplices, these sisters are some of the toughest, weirdest, greatest, and most enduring video game characters of all time. From the little sisters of Bioshock to the Great Giana Sisters, we've included every pair of sisters we could think of in video game history. Vote below on your favorite sisters in video games. Are we missing a few that you really love? Let us know in the comments, and we might just add them to the list!

Greatest Video Game Sisters (But You're Glad They Aren't Your Sister),

Koume and Kotake (The Sorceress of Flame and the Sorceress of Ice) are a pair of twin witches who appear in the Zelda series. They have the ability to combine into a single being called Twinrova, which can only be defeated with the help of the Mirror Shield.

Junko and Mukuro
Known as the Despair Sisters, Junko and Mukuro are twins who survived a harsh childhood and are now deadly student soldiers in the Dangan Ronpa franchise.

Hisui and Kohaku
Hisui and Kohaku are a pair of innocent housemaids who appear in the Nintendo DS role-playing game Tales of Hearts.

Maya and Mia Fey
Maya and MIa Fey appear together in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attourney episode "Turnabout Sisters," in which younger sister Maya is accused of murdering her older sister, longtime character Mia Fey.

Faris and Lenna
Daughter of King Tycoon, Lenna is a playable character who appears in Final Fantasy V. Faris is Lenna's sister (real name Sarisa) who was raised by pirates, and is now a pirate captain.

Anna and Nina Williams
Anna and Nina Williams are both skilled assassins in the Tekken series. They have a volatile, competitive relationship, and are often depicted as rivals.

Sophitia and Cassandra
The daughters of a Greek baker, Sophitia and Cassandra are sexy supernatural warriors in the the Soulcalibur fighting series.

Mileena and Kitana
Hailing from the Outer Realm, Mileena and Kitana are both ninja warriors in the the Mortal Kombat series. Mileena fights with scythes, and Kitana fights with a steel fan. 
The Kasuga Sisters
Headed by eldest sister Maori, the Kasuga sisters work together to defeat enemies in Atlus' 2D fighting game series Arcana Heart.

The Little Sisters
Both the creepiest and most heart rending part of the Bioshock games, the Little Sisters are dangerous mutants who must be healed and restored by the player.

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One of the more delightful aspects of playing video games is jumping. That may seem silly, but really, you're never going to jump from one building to the next in real life, so being able to do that in a video game is pretty darn fun. Over the years there have been many video game characters who jump just a little bit better than the others. So we hopped at the opportunity to create a list of these leaping playable characters. Vote up your favorite jumpers and vote down the ones you think didn't jump as well as the others. 

One of the more obvious choices has to be Batman, particularly in Arkham Knight. Being able to launch yourself from the Batmobile and fly high over the city is thrilling in a way that never gets old. Then there's Alucard, from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, one of the best jumping video game characters out there. That goes double if you get the double jump upgrade for him. With all of these characters, it's hard to choose the best one!

Lots of characters have hops, but these characters jump best. Take a look at our list of video game characters that jump, vote to determine the best jumper in all of gaming, and if you've played as all these characters, rerank the whole list! If there's a hopping hero who really ought to be on the list, go ahead and add them!

The Best Jumping Characters in Gaming History,


Donkey Kong

Lara Croft



Samus Aran

Sonic the Hedgehog


Mega Man

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