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When you're looking for your next good read, try this list that includes information about the 2012 Man Booker Prize Nominees, ranked from best to worst by your votes! The Man Booker Prize is a literary award presented to the best English language novels published in the UK in a given year. The 2012 Man Booker prize nominees list includes a diverse assortment of quality literature, all deserving of the honor.

Which books will you find on this list of 2012 Man Booker nominees? The 2012 winner, Bring Up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel, appears near the top of the list. The novel is the second release in Mantel's Thomas Cromwell trilogy. The Garden of Evening Mists by Tan Twan Eng was on the 2012 Man Booker nominee long list, as well.

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry and Narcopolis also appear on this list of 2012 Man Booker prize nominees. The Teleportation Accident by the British author Ned Beauman is another example of a nominee for the 2012 Man Booker prize.

Which novel on this list of 2012 Man Booker prize nominees do you think is the best? Vote your favorite books to the top of this list and share your opinions in the comments section.
The Best Man Booker Prize Nominees 2012, books, books, literature, man booker prize, 2012,

Bring Up the Bodies


The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry

The Garden of Evening Mists

The Lighthouse



The Teleportation Accident

The Yips


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<![CDATA[Rotten Tomatoes Highest Rated Movies 2012]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/rotten-tomatoes-highest-rated-movies-2012/rotten-tomatoes-lists?source=rss
Here is a list of the top 50 highest rated movies from Rotten Tomatoes for 2012. The list is comprised of popular box office movies, along with independent films as rated on Rotten Tomatoes website for the year 2012. The list answers the question, “What is the highest rated movie of 2012, according to Rotten Tomatoes?” The 2012 movies with 20 or more critic reviews compete for the top spot on Rotten Tomatoes website based on their Tomatometer Scores. The top critics are generally those that write for a notable newspaper and to be a critic for the site, the original review must be popular and get a certain amount of ‘likes’ regardless of whether the review is positive or negative. Each of the 50 highest rated movies of 2012 has a picture of the movie next to the title so that readers can see what the film looks like. Each film also lists the name of the director, or directors, which worked on the movie.Rotten Tomatoes is not just about the highest rated movies of a certain year, but also offers reviews, information, and news pertaining to movies that are just released or have been in the theater.
Rotten Tomatoes Highest Rated Movies 2012,

The Waiting Room

Jiro Dreams Of Sushi

This Is Not a Film

Oslo, August 31st

Wild Bill

The Invisible War

How to Survive a Plague

56 Up

Planet of Snail

More Than Honey

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<![CDATA[The Top Submission Holds of WWE]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/top-submission-holds-of-wwe/darshan-baruah?source=rss

When I was just a little wee lad, I use to be a mark for damn near every submission hold I would see applied in a pro wrestling ring. And seeing as I grew up with three brothers in the house, we naturally tried about as many as we could at home.

Even if they kept telling us not to.

Doing so fostered a period of growth as a fan of the sports entertainment world, namely the fact that we figured out what holds were effective and actually worth taking the time to learn to apply compared to those that were not.

For example, the sleeper hold can actually put people to sleep. The Figure Four Leglock hurts like hell, depending on how sadistic the person is who is throwing it on you. And the Sharpshooter can cause pain but it's mostly harmless.

The one I hated most? The Full Nelson. I'm not sure there's a single submission hold out there that makes one feel any less powerless. Quite frankly, it's embarrassing.

Of course, once I became a fan of mixed martial arts and started studying jiu-jitsu I quickly came to realize how far I had been led astray.
The Top Submission Holds of WWE,

Tazzmission is one of the best submission holds in the wwf. Tazzmission is the octopus. Tazzmission is a illegal choke" card and tazz plays the "i'll play dumb
Ankle Lock
It was 1st used by former WWE superstar and OLYMPIC gold medalist Kurt Ankle. In this toe hold maneuver, innovated by Koji Kanemoto, a wrestler will grab the opponent's foot and lift their leg off the ground. With one hand the wrestler will grab either the toes or the outside of the foot, then with the other wrap the ankle to create a "hole" for the joint. A grapevine variation sees the wrestler applying the ankle lock hold and then falling to the mat and scissoring the leg of the opponent. This stops the opponent from rolling out of the move and makes it harder for him/her to crawl to the ropes but lessens the pressure that can be applied. The move can be executed from a kneeling position or a standing position.

Kimura Lock
It is use by BROCK LESNER in WWE.  Kimura (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu), chicken wing/double wristlock (wrestling), or reverse keylock are terms used to specify a medial keylock known in judo as gyaku ude-garami (reverse arm entanglement) or simply as ude-garami. The application is similar to the american, except that it is reversed. It needs some space behind the opponent to be effective, and can be applied from the side control or guard. Contrary to the americana, the opponent's wrist is grabbed with the hand on the same side, and the opposite arm is put behind the opponent's arm, again grabbing the attacker's wrist and forming a figure-four. By controlling the opponent's body and cranking the arm away from the attacker, pressure is put on the shoulder joint, and depending on the angle, also the elbow joint (in some variations the opponent's arm is brought behind their back, resulting in a finishing position resembling that of the hammerlock outlined below). The kimura was named after the judoka Masahiko Kimura, who used it to defeat one of the founders of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Hélio Gracie.
The Sharpshooter, originally named Sasori-gatameScorpion Hold in English,[1] is a professional wrestling submission hold. The move is also known by several other names: cloverleaf leg-lace Boston crabstanding reverse figure-four leglock, and, the most commonly known alternative, Scorpion Deathlock. Despite its original Scorpion Hold name, the move is still commonly known by itsBret Hart-given nickname Sharpshooter. Despite Japanese professional wrestler Riki Chōshū being given credit by Japanese fans with the creation of the move,[2] the move was popularized by and is generally associated with Sting. The Sharpshooter hold begins with the opponent supine on the mat with the applying wrestler stepping between the opponent's legs with his/her left leg and wraps the opponent's legs at shin level around that leg. If the applier decides to cross the opponent's legs around his right leg, he has to cross the opponent's right leg over their left, or, otherwise, he has to cross his opponent's left leg over their right. Holding the opponent's legs in place, the wrestler then grabs the opponent's leg which he has crossed over the other and steps over him, flipping him over into a prone position before leaning back to compress his lower back.
Walls of Jericho

The WALLS OF JERICHO is a professional wrestling hold that typically starts with one wrestler lying supine on the mat, with the other wrestler standing and facing him. It is a type of spinal lock where the wrestler hooks each of the opponent’s legs in one of his arms, and then turns the opponent face-down, stepping over him in the process. The final position has the wrestler in a semi-sitting position and facing away from his opponent, with the opponent’s back and legs bent back toward his head. This often sees the attacking wrestler perform double leg takedown.

The original name for the maneuver was the backbreaker, before that term became known for its current usage. In modern wrestling, the Boston crab is not treated as a lethal submission maneuver, even though it was considered a match-ending hold in the past. In Japan, it is commonly used as a hold to defeat young and inexperienced wrestlers; the ability to overcome the hold is considered a sign of growth.

Hell's Gate

 The Undertaker began using a variation of the move in January 2008 on SmackDown, which would cause opponents to spit blood from their mouths. SmackDownGeneral Manager Vickie Guerrero would later kayfabe ban the move for the protection of the other wrestlers and strip The Undertaker of the World Heavyweight Championship as punishment for its use, an unprecedented move.

The move, now called the Hell's Gate, has since become a regular part of Taker's matches.

During the World Heavyweight Championship match at WWE Breaking Point, Theodore Longoverruled CM Punk's submission to the move and forced a continuation, citing Guerrero's ban. The ban was eventually lifted in 2009.

At WrestleMania XXVII, The Undertaker applied Hell's Gate to Triple H during their match. Triple H eventually submitted, winning The Undertaker the match and extending his undefeated WrestleMania streak to 19-0.

The Yes Lock
This neck crank is also known as the Crippler Crossface after Chris Benoit. The wrestler starts by catching the opponent's right/left arm in a leg scissor, often either by dragging the arm down or switching into position via an Omoplata (as in LeBell Lock) , before wrapping his/her hands around the opponent's face, pulling the opponent's head backwards applying pressure to the neck and shoulder.
Texas Cloverleaf
Texas cloverleaf, the wrestler stands at the feet of his supine opponent, grabs the opponent's legs and lifts them up. The wrestler then bends one leg so that the shin is behind the knee of the straight leg and places the ankle of the straight leg in their armpit. With the same arm, they reach around the ankle and through the opening formed by the legs, and lock their hands together. The wrestler then steps over his opponent, turning the opponent over as in a sharpshooter and proceeds to squat and lean back. The hold compresses the legs, flexes the spine, and stretches the abdomen.
Anaconda Vise
Used by CM PUNK.

The Anaconda vise is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Judo compression choke. The wrestler wraps his arms around the head and one arm of the opponent and squeezes, choking the opponent. It is considered legal in professional wrestling, although it is a chokehold. This submission hold was innovated by Hiroyoshi Tenzan.

It is also called an arm-trap triangle choke. The vice is done from a position in which the wrestler and the opponent are seated on the mat facing each other. The wrestler sits on one side of the opponent and using his near arm encircles the opponent in a headlock position and grabs the opponent's near wrist, bending the arm upwards. Then, the wrestler maneuvers his/her other arm through the "hole" created by the opponent's bent wrist, locks his/her hand upon his/her own wrist, and then pulls the opponent forward, causing pressure on the opponent's arm and neck.

The move could also be performed in another version where the wrestler stands face to face with the opponent. The wrestler will wrap his arm across the opponents neck and hook the opponents leg slamming the wrestler into the mat the wrestler will then place their legs across the opponents throat and back of the head with their arms wrapped across the opponents head similar to a front headlock with the user on curled into a ball on one shoulder.

Figure Four Leglock

The wrestler stands over the opponent who is lying on the mat face up and grasps a leg of the opponent. The wrestler then does a spinning toe hold and grasps the other leg, crossing them into a "4" (hence the name) as he does so and falls to the mat, applying pressure to the opponent's crossed legs with his own. This variation is the most famous version, made famous by Ric Flair and innovated by "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers, and is also the finisher of choice for several legends like "The Hammer" Greg Valentine, "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes, and Jeff Jarrett among many others.

With enough strength and willpower, the wrestler on defense can flip himself (and also their opponent) over onto their belly, which is said to reverse the pressure to the one who initially had the hold locked in. If the referee is distracted, heel wrestlers may grab onto the ropes while executing the move to gain leverage and inflict more pain.

An modified variation exists more recently used by Shawn Michaels where the wrestler takes one of the opponent's legs, turns 90 degrees, then grabs the other opponent's leg and crosses it with the other, puts one foot in between and the other on the other leg, and then bridges over. A wrestler may counter the figure four by rolling over on to their stomach, which applies the pressure on the original applier's legs. This counter to the figure four is often called a modified Indian deathlock or sometimes referred to as a sharpshootervariant. While the hold applies pressure to the knee, it actually can be very painful to the shin of the victim.

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<![CDATA[The Best College Football Players of 2012]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/best-college-football-players-of-2012?source=rss

The best college football players of 2012 are those talented young men who lead their respective NCAA Football teams to greatness in the 2012 season. these top quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers and other positional players each bring something special to their college football teams that sets them apart as the best NCAA Football players of 2012.

As the honor is awarded to the top college football player, it's no surprise that the 2012 Heisman Trophy will likely go to one of these players. Prior to the beginning of the season, players such as USC quarterback Matt Barkey, Michigan's double threat Denard Robinson and South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore all had their name floating around in Heisman race talk but poor performance, or in Lattimore's case a tragic injury, have made way for others to take that spotlight.

Other 2012 top college football quarterbacks like Collin Klein from the Kansas State Wildcats, AJ McCarron from the perennial favorite Alabama Crimson Tide and hidden gem Johnny Manziel from the Texas A&M Aggies all each rose to the task in 2012 and landed among the elite players of the year. But it wasn't just quarterbacks shining with other players such as Oregon running back Kenjon Barner, Wisconsin rusher Montee Ball and Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o each earning spots as the top college football players of 2012.

Which 2012 college football player is the best? Who will take home the Heisman? Vote for the players you think are the most deserving below, add any not already listed or re-rank this list your way to count down the top college football players of 2012.
The Best College Football Players of 2012,

Barrett Jones

Eddie Lacy

Jadeveon Clowney

Jarvis Jones

Braxton Miller

AJ McCarron

Kenjon Barner

Marcus Lattimore

DeAnthony Thomas

Johnny Manziel

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<![CDATA[The Best Albums of 2012]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-albums-of-2012-v1/clark-benson?source=rss

No stone classics this year on par with last year (Black Keys and Adele), but overall about 10 truly excellent releases, and many really good ones. In many cases I've added a video of a track to check out. Overall, a lot of good releases in the rock field (I don't like hip-hop or contemporary-sounding R&B and country for the most part).

While I listen to a lot of new music, I am also loyal to bands that I love and will typically pick up their new albums and give them a shot. On that front:

Surprises: Rush, ZZ Top, Smashing Pumpkins, Dr. John, Neil and the Horse.

Letdowns: DMB, Muse (just a slight letdown - "Madness" is at least a killer track), Heartless Bastards, Sigur Ros, Paul Weller, Soundgarden, and the 3 Green Day records, which combined maybe have 10 decent songs on them and very few great ones.

(I didn't include Aerosmith and Van Halen in either bucket because my expectations weren't very high to begin with, but at least each of their albums have a few solid songs).

If you want to really go deep, here's my top albums of the '90s and the '00s, as well as my Top 500 Bands Of All Time.
The Best Albums of 2012,

Wow. Billy is back, full-on. If you don't believe me check out this song Quasar.
Locked Down
Producer Dan Auerbach is also a strong contender for MVP of the year.
Wrecking Ball
Have to admit, while (like all of his comeback records) I liked this from the start, I didn't love it till I heard these songs live. What a tour. Check out "Death To My Hometown" with honorary E Streeter Tom Morello. 
Most Valuable Rocker of 2012?
Though consistently good, the last 2-3 songs are where this gets great, which puts it a notch above his last studio record.
Centipede Hz
Doesn't blow me away the way Merriweather Post Pavillion did, but great stuff nonetheless. Check out the embedded track Today's Supernatural for a serious mind-meld. 
'Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend!
The two main (long) pieces on this album are songs they have been playing live these past two years, and that blew me away live as they blow me away on this record.
Psychedelic Pill

Boys & Girls
I have had a couple of these songs for a year and a half now and they still pump me up every time. 
Blak and Blu

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<![CDATA[The Top Video Games of 2012]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/top-video-games-of-2012?source=rss

Top Video Games of 2012. Every year so many video games are released that it is hard to decide which is the best. 2012 was no exception. 2012 brought us the stirring conclusion to such blockbuster videogame series like Mass Effect 3, Assassin's Creed 3 and Max Payne 3, while also introducing us to new game series like Dishonored, The Walking Dead and a new Halo brand with Halo 4.

The best videogames of 2012 range from platformers, first person shooters and fighting games to games that defy description like Fez and Journey. DLC and XBLA/PSN games also came to the forefront with their additional content and indie game darlings.

So, which video game was the best in 2012? That is for you to decide. Vote up your favorite! If you can't find what you consider to be the top videogame of 2012 here, add it.
The Top Video Games of 2012,

Mass Effect 3

Max Payne 3

Far Cry 3

Battlefield 3

Halo 4

Assassin's Creed III

Borderlands 2


The Walking Dead Video Game

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

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<![CDATA[The Most Egregious 2013 Oscar Snubs]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-most-egregious-2013-oscar-snubs/oscar-grouch?source=rss

The most egregious 2013 Oscar snubs include those movies and individuals overlooked by the Academy. In other words, despite being an outstanding film, a phenomenal actor who delivered an incredibly memorable performance or a director who went above and beyond, the films and people on this list failed to garner an Academy Award nomination in a key category (or in multiple categories). Which snub is the worst? You decide, with your votes. See a movie or person you feel was overlooked? Vote them up, by all means, and feel free to sound off in the comments about your choice(s). Also, if you notice that a particular Oscar 2013 snub isn't listed, definitely add it to the list.

No list of Oscar snubs 2013 would be complete without several very notable directors who didn't make the cut. Among them: Ben Affleck, widely considered an Academy Award favorite for his directing of 'Argo,' and Kathryn Bigelow, who directed 'Zero Dark Thirty.' In March of 2010, Bigelow became the first woman ever to win an Oscar for Best Director for 'The Hurt Locker.' Other notable directors left off the 2013 Academy Awards nominations included Quentin Tarantino ('Django Unchained') and Tom Hooper ('Les Miserables').

As for the Best Picture Oscar nominees in 2013, several major motion pictures failed to garner a nomination in this esteemed category, including 'The Master,' 'Skyfall,' 'The Dark Knight Rises' and 'Moonrise Kingdom.' Everyone has a favorite, but not everyone saw their favorite get nominated. Which snub is the worst? Again, that's up to you to decide with your votes.

Oscar snubs are nothing new. Need proof? Just look at this list of the most egregious 2012 Oscar snubs. Just because it's bound to happen doesn't mean we can't complain about it, though, and that's precisely why this list was created.
The Most Egregious 2013 Oscar Snubs,

Ben Affleck


John Goodman
Actor John Goodman's resume is extraordinary. He always gives incredibly brilliant performances, and 2012 was no exception with 'Argo.' While his co-star, Alan Arkin, did earn a Supporting Actor Academy Award nomination, Goodman was left out -- again. Shocking fact: John Goodman has *never* been nominated for an Oscar.
Kathryn Bigelow
While Kathryn Bigelow's 'Zero Dark Thirty' did receive a Best Picture Academy Award nomination (as well as a Best Actress nod for star Jessica Chastain), Bigelow failed to garner a Best Director nomination. She won in that category in 2010 for 'The Hurt Locker.'
Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio's performance as evil plantation owner Calvin Candie in 'Django Unchained' was certainly memorable. So much so, that many believed Leo would earn an Oscar nomination in the Best Supporting Actor category. That didn't happen, though his co-star, Christoph Waltz, was rewarded with one. Anytime Leonardo DiCaprio gives a solid, memorable acting performance and fails to get an Academy Award nomination, it's a snub.
Maggie Smith

Quentin Tarantino
'Django Unchained' director Quentin Tarantino is no stranger to Oscar nominations, but with this 2012 movie, he didn't make the cut in the Best Director category. His film did earn Christoph Waltz a nomination in the Best Supporting Actor category, however. And Tarantino was nominated for Best Writing for 'Django.'
The Dark Knight Rises
Did 'The Dark Knight Rises' really have a shot at winning a Best Picture Academy Award in 2013? We'll never know, because this final installment in Chris Nolan's brilliant 'Batman' trilogy failed to garner a nomination. In fact, 'TDKR' was snubbed across the board, missing out on nominations in all the major categories. What gives, Academy?
Moonrise Kingdom
Wes Anderson's 'Moonrise Kingdom' boasted one of the best ensemble casts of any film in 2012, yet it was entirely overlooked in the Academy Awards' Best Picture category. Anderson and Roman Coppola were nominated for Best Original Writing, so at least that's something right?
The Master
The Paul Thomas Anderson drama 'The Master' earned nominations for three of it's stars (Joaquin Phoenix for Best Actor, Philip Seymour Hoffman for Supporting Actor and Amy Adams for Supporting Actress), yet it failed to get a Best Picture nomination. How did that happen, exactly?

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<![CDATA[The Very Best Viral Conan Clips of 2012]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-very-best-viral-conan-clips-of-2012/robert-wabash?source=rss

This list of the Very Best Viral Conan Clips of 2012 includes some of the best Conan sketches of the year. 2012 was a good year for Team Coco, and this list has all the viral video clips from the Conan O'Brien Show to prove it. If you're looking for funny videos, or silly sketch comedy, this is the place to be.

These funny clips from the Conan show include Triumph the Insult Comic Dog covering the Presidential election, the iPad mini launch, funny videos of seniors using electronics and social media, and even a visit by Conan to the Guinness brewery. These hilarious videos are sure to make you laugh, cry, maybe even pee your pants a little.

What is the Best Viral Conan Clip of 2012? That's up to you to say! This votable list of Conan's best clips from the year here for your viral video viewing pleasure. Think iPad clips were the funniest videos of 2012? Or did old people texting make for the best video of the year? Or do you say nay to both and choose Conan's cornrows as the video clip that brings the funny? Cast your vote and say so now. Enjoy this list of the Very Best Viral Conan Clips of 2012 and, if you're into Conan O'Brien, check out the Very Best Conan O'Brien Quotes for more Coco.
The Very Best Viral Conan Clips of 2012,

Conan's Election Results

The Apple IShiv

It was on every inmate's Holiday wishlist in 2012.

Conan and Alex Morgan Review Just Dance 4

For complete video click here: Conan and Alex Morgan Review Just Dance 4

Clueless Gamer: Hitman Absolution

IPhone 5's Secret Sexy Feature

Conan Visits the Dublin Guinness Brewery

Arnold's Alternate "I'll Be Back" Catchphrases

Not gonna lie, I'm surprised Arnold has more than those three words in his vocabulary.

Conan's Makeover

If there's anything finer in life than ginger cornrows, I have yet to find it.

Guy Fieri Eating In Reverse

Not quite as good as Paula Deen riding a stick of butter, but somewhere in the grossly satisfying spectrum.

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog at the Final Presidential Debate

If I wanted political advice from a dog with a cigar I'd call Monica Lewinsky (topical!).

Thu, 03 Jan 2013 04:14:26 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/the-very-best-viral-conan-clips-of-2012/robert-wabash
<![CDATA[The Best Action Movies of 2012]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/best-action-movies-of-2012?source=rss
The best action movies of 2012 kept audiences on their toes, brought impressive special effects and included some of the best action stars of this generation. These 2012 action movies rose above all others and along with the best comedy movies of 2012, made for some of the best movies of the year.

In line with the best action movies of 2011, many of the top 2012 action movies were based on superhero comics. "The Dark Knight Rises," "The Avengers" and "The Amazing Spider-Man" each received praise from critics and fans alike as they earned over a billion dollars in combined box office revenue. Those three, along with "The Hunger Games," were among the top five highest grossing movies of the year.

But not all of the best 2012 action movies involved superheroes though many others did use familiar stories. 2012 featured a number of successful sequels back for another go around. Films like "The Expendables 2," The Bourne Legacy" and "Taken 2" all reintroduced some of our favorite action stars and characters in new adventures. The same goes for remakes with films like "Total Recall," "21 Jump Street" and "Dredd" each providing updated versions of old favorite action movies.

So whether you're a fan of the time-traveling thriller "Looper" or highly anticipating the new Bond film "Skyfall," if you're a fan of action movies, chances are some of your favorites from 2012 are right here. Tell us which you enjoy best by voting for those you love, re-ranking the list your way or adding any not listed all below.
The Best Action Movies of 2012,


The Avengers

The Dark Knight Rises

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows


The Expendables 2

The Bourne Legacy

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Django Unchained

The Raid: Redemption

Sun, 30 Dec 2012 06:55:14 PST http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/best-action-movies-of-2012
<![CDATA[Biggest Fashion Disasters of 2012]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/biggest-fashion-disasters-of-2012/fashionbaby?source=rss

The biggest fashion disasters of 2012 are those (unfortunately) not-so-rare moments when the biggest celebrities right now made some of their worst fashion choices to date. It's hard to argue that these celebrities are not the worst dressed of 2012 as their fashion faux pas are unforgivable. Ladies and gentlemen, don't dress like this at home, or any other place for that matter.

Sadly, a handful of celebrities have made it their signature to wear the wackiest and tackiest clothing imaginable. Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, to name a few, rarely turn heads when they arrive at events wearing neon colors, sporting rainbow-colored hair or other far-from-fashionable frocks. Instead, they make a bigger splash when they dress like a normal person.

Then there's another category of fashion disasters from 2012, those who generally are among the best dressed but simply made an unfortunate bad styling decision. Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus and Claire Danes often find themselves on the best-dressed lists but were not perfect in 2012 and easily earned their spot on this list.

Just like with the biggest fashion disasters of 2011, 2012 had no shortage of head-turning fashion choices and not for the right reasons. Did you dislike a look more than the rest? Want to add one not already listed or re-rank this list your way? Do all of that and more below with these biggest fashion disasters of 2012.
Biggest Fashion Disasters of 2012,


Kourtney Kardashian

Miley Cyrus

Rashida Jones


Katy Perry

Lady Gaga

Nicki Minaj

Justin Bieber

Nicole Polizzi

Sun, 23 Dec 2012 05:18:02 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/biggest-fashion-disasters-of-2012/fashionbaby
<![CDATA[The Best Athletes of 2012]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/best-athletes-of-2012?source=rss

The best athletes of 2012 won Olympic gold medals, helped clinch team championships, broke world records and became some of the most admired athletes in the world. These athletic stars come from all sports and each offer something different to their adoring fans but they all accomplished incredible things during the 2012 calendar year. These are the best athletes of 2012.

With the 2012 London Summer Olympics the big highlight in the year in sports, it should be no surprise that many of 2012's best athletes were Olympic medalists. American swimmer Michael Phelps was easily the top athlete at the 2012 Summer Olympics when he brought home another six medals, bringing his career total to 22. But Phelps wasn't the only athlete to become an instant favorite at the 2012 games with sprinter Usain Bolt, tennis stars Andy Murray and Serena Williams and fellow swimmer Missy Franklin each winning big in their respective events.

There was much more to see than just the Olympics however with stars in the worlds of football, baseball, basketball and hockey, among other sports, dominating the action. Repeating their honors as top athletes of 2011, names like Aaron Rodgers, quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, Justin Verlander, pitcher for the Detroit Tigers, LeBron James, small forward for the Miami Heat, and Tiger Woods, pro golfer, all returned to see success again in 2012.

Selecting a top athlete for a calendar year is often a matter of opinion and fandom so if you see someone you think should be higher or lower, vote accordingly. Want to re-rank the list or add someone we missed, do all of that below and help us rank the best athletes of 2012.
Be sure to also check out the Biggest Sports Disappointments of 2012, Famous Sports Speeches and the Best Sports to Watch.
The Best Athletes of 2012,

Adrian Peterson

Calvin Johnson

Kevin Durant

LeBron James

Lionel Messi

Michael Phelps

Peyton Manning

Usain Bolt

Missy Franklin

Gabby Douglas

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<![CDATA[The Funniest TV Shows of 2012]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/funniest-tv-shows-of-2012?source=rss

The funniest TV shows of 2012 allowed us to unwind after a long day with witty writing and belly busting laughs. These comedy and variety TV shows might not all by up for Emmy Awards but each brings a unique type of humor and a little something for everyone. Quite simply, when we needed a laugh, we turned to these funny TV shows first.

Bringing home dozens of awards in recent years, a handful of sitcoms have dominated the airwaves lately, including in 2012. "Modern Family," "30 Rock" and "Parks and Recreation" have all been leaders in laughs with their stellar casts, solid writing and loyal followings. But there are many more looking for a piece of the action including newer shows like "Community," "Eastbound & Down," "Girls" and "Louie."

Comedy is not simply limited to just sitcoms however with a number of variety shows and even animated programs among the funniest on the tube in 2012. Current events go from being news to joke fodder on shows like "The Colbert Report" and "The Daily Show," not to mention late-night dailies like "Conan" and "Jimmy Kimmel Live," while mainstays on Sunday nights like "The Simpsons" and "Family Guy" continue to draw fans young and old.

So whether you're into the newer shows like "2 Broke Girls" or "Veep," or just a die-hard fan of "South Park," surely with this wide variety of 2012 funny TV shows there is something to keep you smiling. Serious television more your speed? Try the best dramatic TV shows if 2012 instead.
The Funniest TV Shows of 2012,

Family Guy

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

South Park

The Big Bang Theory

The Daily Show

The Simpsons

Parks and Recreation


Modern Family


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<![CDATA[The Most Overplayed Songs of 2012]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/most-overplayed-songs-of-2012/polkadotking?source=rss

These are the most annoyingly overplayed songs of 2012, ranked by people like you. These are the Most Overplayed Songs of 2012 - but not necessarily the most annoying. Sure, if I hear "Oppa Gangnam style" one more time, I'm gonna drive off the nearest bridge, but if we're being honest, a few times, when I've been alone in the car, I've come in with a pretty good "someBODyyy" at just the right moment. A great one, in fact.

Thinking back on the most annoying songs of 2012, I remember a lot of hip hop / rap crossovers making their ways onto the mainstream airwaves. No joke, I heard Flo Rida playing at Macy's last weekend. And the ladies have been busy singing their precious little hearts out about fluttering hearts (like Carly Rae Jepsen and Rihanna) and breakups (like Taylor Swift and, in a sadder way, Katy Perry). Boy bands like One Direction have been as overplayed as ever, and - well, does Maroon 5 count as a boy band? Because they released 13 singles this year. I won't pretend that some of them aren't very, very, very catchy, but man, too much "Moves Like Jagger" can drive a good person to evil thoughts.

Vote on these overplayed / annoying / worst songs of 2012 so radio stations, commercial-makers, and department stores can confidently, finally, take them out of their rotations. Feel free to add any that I missed - though I'll be amazed if you heard a single song this year that's not already on this list.
The Most Overplayed Songs of 2012,

Moves Like Jagger
Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera
Call Me Maybe
Carly Rae Jepsen
Nicki Minaj
Somebody That I Used To Know
Gotye ft. Kimbra
What Makes You Beautiful
One Direction
We Are Young
Fun. ft. Janelle Monáe
Wild Ones
Flo Rida ft. Sia
Gangnam Style
Maroon 5 ft. Wiz Khalifa
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
Taylor Swift

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The worst athletes of 2012 are those special professional sports players who failed to live up to their expectations during the year or just did really stupid things along the way. These stars of the NFL, NBA, MLB and other sports each could have been the talk of the town had they not let everyone down with their lack of production and poor choices.

For many of these athletes, earning their place on this list of the worst 2012 athletes came simply because they sucked more than normal when playing their corresponding sport. Michael Vick was expected to lead the Philadelphia Eagles to greatness in 2012 but instead he helped the team start the year with a 3-6 record before suffering an injury. Mark Sanchez, quarterback of the New York Jets, was only slightly better, throwing more interceptions than he did touchdowns and committing that embarrassing butt-fumble heard round the world. Even Rafalca, the dressage horse owned by Ann Romney, wife of the silver medal presidential election winner Mitt Romney, was not safe from inclusion here as it finished in a disappointing 28th place at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

Other star athletes made it on the worst athletes of 2012 list for scandals and controversial choices. Renowned cyclist Lance Armstrong was perhaps the leader in the 2012 scandals category after he came under fire, was stripped of titles and almost uniformly shunned by the world following his doping allegations.

Like the biggest sports let-downs of 2012, the athletes on this list each won in the area of disappointment but little else. Did your favorite athlete let you down this year? Ashamed of what they did on the field or off? Vote up those who broke your heart the most, add any not already listed or even re-rank this list of the 2012 worst athletes your way, all below.
The Worst Athletes of 2012,

Lance Armstrong

Alex Rodriguez

Andrew Bynum

Chad Ochocinco

Dwight Howard

Lamar Odom

Mark Sanchez

Michael Vick

Philip Rivers

Tony Romo

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<![CDATA[The Most Influential People of 2012]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/most-influential-people-of-2012?source=rss

The most influential people of 2012 include world leaders, CEOs, athletes, actors, musicians and many others who made an impact on the world during the year. These people each contributed something that made others take notice, something that will be remembered for years to come. Not all of the contributions were considered positive but all changed the world in one way or another.

Like the most influential people of 2011, many of the most influential folks of 2012 were politicians. Unsurprisingly, with a presidential election going on in the United States, the top two candidates, President Barack Obama and former Governor Mitt Romney, easily made the list as did other political figures like Ron Paul and Paul Ryan.

Business leaders were also well represented. Taking over the spot formerly held by the late Steve Jobs, Apple CEO Tim Cook was easily an influential person in 2012 so was business magnate Warren Buffett, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

On the lighter side, a number of athletes and celebrities also earned spots as the most influential of the year with the athletes of the 2012 London Olympics, such as record-breaking swimmer Michael Phelps and inspirational sprinter Oscar Pistorius. On the entertainment side, British singer Adele, actress Claire Danes and comedian Louis CK all inspired, entertained and influenced in 2012.

Everyone is influenced by different people in different ways which is why you're encouraged to vote up those who influenced you the most, vote down those that didn't, add any that are missing or even re-rank this list your way to break down the most influential people of 2012.
The Most Influential People of 2012,

Chris Christie

Claire Danes

Goodluck Jonathan

LeBron James

Louis C.K.

Marco Rubio

Maria Bartiromo

Suzanne Collins

Fatou Bensouda

Gabby Douglas

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<![CDATA[The Best Movies of 2012]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/best-movies-of-2012?source=rss
This is a list of the best movies of 2012, as ranked by experts and fans alike. The best movies of 2012 include gut-wrenching dramas, mind-bending sci-fi movies and wonderful, romantic comedies that remind movie-goers why they fell in love with movies in the first place. This is a list of some of the best films of the year. Obviously any 'best of' list is going to be subjective, so not everyone will agree. That's the great thing about lists on Ranker: You can change the order with your votes and, in this case, by creating your very own list of the top movies of 2012.

Think "Looper" is the best movie of 2012, hands down? Vote it up, and rank it high on your own list! Did 'Ted' leave you in stitches, laughing days after? Certainly it's one of the best comedy movies to come along in quite a while, but does it deserve to rank #1 on this list? It's up to you to make these sorts of decisions. Whether it's a first-rate foreign film like 'Holy Motors' or a stunning action-adventure flick like 'Skyfall,' or a solid, lighthearted animated family movie like 'Wreck-It-Ralph,' rank away! I can't wait to see which movies come out on top (and which movies get slammed, in the form of down votes, because really, not everyone liked 'Cloud Atlas,' and I'm still hearing people argue about it).

Each and every one of us who've spent a ton of cash to be entertained for a few hours in a darkened theater deserve to be heard. While 2012 certainly brought with it some stinkers (hello, 'That's My Boy'!), there were some real gems, too. And yes, as new 2012 movies come out, add them to your 'best of' list. Several films believed to be Oscar contenders will hit theaters before year's end ('Lincoln' 'The Hobbit,' and 'Anna Karenina' among them).

What are the best movies of 2012? Take a look here and see for yourself.

Please rank your favorite films of 2012. And if you don't see the movie or movies you've been raving about, feel free to add them to this list so everyone can vote for them! For an updated list, check out Ranker's list of the best movies of 2013.
The Best Movies of 2012,


The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The Avengers

The Dark Knight Rises

Life of Pi

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1

Wreck-It Ralph

Django Unchained



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<![CDATA[The Top 10 Movies of 2012]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/top-10-movies-of-2012/eleventhdoctor?source=rss
These are my 10 favorite movies that I saw in 2012. If you have a different order and different films, put them in the comments...I would love to hear! These are based on only films that I actually saw, so please don't get upset if you don't see one on here...instead, suggest them.
The Top 10 Movies of 2012,


The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The Avengers

The Dark Knight Rises

Life of Pi



Silver Linings Playbook

Les Misérables

Beasts of the Southern Wild

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<![CDATA[The Worst Movies of 2012]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/worst-movies-of-2012?source=rss

The worst movies if 2012 include the least watchable, most disappointing and painfully awful films released during the year. These train wrecks entertained no one, are bad and should feel bad for existing in the first place. Plain and simple, these movies have no redeeming qualities (unless you count being among the worst movies of all time a positive thing) and represent hours of our time that we can never get back.

Looking at these outright bad 2012 movies, it's hard to comprehend the millions of dollars spent to produce and promote these flops. Some are just plain lame with unfunny jokes and cheesy acting, such as the worst comedy movies of the year including Adam Sandler's "That's My Boy," "The Babymakers," "The Watch" and "A Thousand Words." In three words, those comedies suck.

But it wasn't only hopefully funny movies that made audiences groan in 2012 with a number of horrible drama, action and horror movies earning ridiculously low ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. Nearly everyone agreed that "Battleship" was atrocious, so much so that board game movies might just be a thing of the past from now on. "Total Recall" wasn't much better, definitely a far cry from the original. Even "The Expendables 2," stacked with all the action stars you can think of, was a total flop.

Why bad movies like these 2012 worst movies are still produced is a mystery but luckily there were just as many top movies of 2012 released throughout the year to balance out the scales like the best comedy movies of 2012 and the best action movies of 2012. So if you're looking for something to watch, unless all the rest of the movies on this planet have been burned, don't watch these dreadful movies. Go play outside, watch paint dry or just stare off into space. Your brain will thank you.
The Worst Movies of 2012,

The Babymakers

A Thousand Words

The Apparition

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance



The Cold Light of Day

That's My Boy


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<![CDATA[The Coolest 2012 Movie Posters]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-coolest-2012-movie-posters/drake-bird?source=rss
The coolest 2012 movie posters got film buffs buzzing as they were released during the year. These top 2012 movie posters advertised and enticed on behalf of their corresponding movies and in certain cases led to utter disappointment when viewers realized that the cool movie poster was the highlight of the film. Good movie or bad, these movie posters were the best of the best for films released during 2012.

With a perfect combination of stellar filmmaking and brilliant marketing, the leaders on this list of the best 2012 movie posters represent not only some of the best movie posters from the year but also many of the best 2012 films as well. "The Dark Knight Rises," "Looper," "Skyfall" and "Zero Dark Thirty" were all easily among the best action films of 2012 as was "This is 40," "Men in Black 3" and "Casa de Mi Padre" on the rankings of the best comedy movies of 2012.

But then there is a whole 'nother category of awesome movie posters: Those which are actually better than the awful movie they accompany. "Battleship" was awful but the posters were pretty decent. The poster for "The Devil Inside" was actually scarier than the horror movie it advertised, unfortunately. Even the movie poster for the latest installment of the semi-annual Tim Burton-Johnny Depp collaboration "Dark Shadows" showed promise, though the movie sadly didn't.

So regardless if the movie was just as awesome as the poster or if we can really only look back and praise the poster for it's creativity, either way, these movie posters showed skill in marketing and brought fans to the theaters, the goal. Did a movie poster stand out as amazing to you during the year? Want to put these cool posters in your own order? Do all that below by voting for the ones you love, re-ranking this list your way or adding any we missed!

The Coolest 2012 Movie Posters,


The Avengers

Men in Black 3

The Dark Knight Rises



The Raven

The Amazing Spider-Man

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Wreck-It Ralph

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<![CDATA[The 23 Most Ridiculous Deaths of 2012]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-27-most-ridiculous-deaths-of-2012/danielle-dauenhauer?source=rss
Bizarre deaths were in no short supply in 2012. All through the year people were finding weird, crazy, unbelievable ways to die and these are the best/worst of the bunch. This list of the craziest deaths of the year includes bizarre instances in the US, UK, Brazil, China, Japan, and everywhere in between. No insane way to die has been left out of this list, so read on to find out why your year, no matter how bad, was better than some.
The 23 Most Ridiculous Deaths of 2012,

Three Drown in Manure Filled Septic Pit
What a sh*tty way to die. Literally. 
Glen Nolt and his two sons, Kelvin and Cleason, were out seeking to procure some fertilizer for their farm when their mission ran afoul at the site of giant manure pit on a Maryland dairy farm. It's unclear exactly what happened, but the story that was pieced together in the aftermath goes something like this:
The men were out to suck some manure from this pit for their own pit. When one of the three was setting a pumping device in the giant vat, he unexpectedly fell in. The other two rushed to the rescue, became trapped in the vat themselves, and were unable to escape. The three drowned a giant vat of poop. No sh*t, true story. This actually happened.

So next time you're having a crappy day, you can think how much better you have it than the Nolts. 
Source: Huffington Post
Man Dies After Being Fused with Chair for Two Years
It's hard to say what's worst about the case of an Ohio man who sat in the same chair for two years without moving: that he had two roommates who lived with him, fed him daily, and allowed him to be completely sedentary in their home, or that after two years of sitting in the same chair, the man became fused to the fabric of the seat- which was covered in his own urine and feces- to the point of maggots sprouting around the guy before he was dead.

The absurd living situation was exposed one day when one of the roommates, who happened to be the man's GIRLFRIEND, came home to find the man unconscious. When officers arrived, they found the man in deplorable conditions and had him immediately transported to the hospital, where he later died. One of the officers who responded to the call was so disgusted by the scene that he had to dispose of his uniform after helping the man from the house.
  Source: Fox News

Hair Extensions Kill Woman
Next time you're getting ready to go out to the club for the night, remember this very important wardrobe fact:

Picking the wrong accessories could kill you.

34-year-old Atasha Graham went out for a night of dancing in London at the club her boyfriend DJ'ed at. She had some drinks, got on the dance floor, and got her groove on. Several hours in, Graham was sweating up a storm, but still carrying on until she collapsed out of the blue in the middle of the floor. She hadn't had too much to drink, wasn't in bad health, so what was it that did her in?

Her hair extensions. 

All attempts to revive Graham failed and she was pronounced dead shortly after collapsing in the club, prompting an autopsy that revealed latex glue from her hair extensions had seeped into the woman's scalp, causing a reaction that led to her death. As if that's not shocking enough, the doctor that performed the autopsy said there are 10-20 deaths of this nature in the UK every year, and many more in America

So next time you go out dancing, unless you're trying to attract some real freaks, maybe leave the hair extensions at home.

Source: Voice UK
Man is Killed, Dismembered, and Sent to Local Schools
When Jun Lin said he wanted to go back to school, he probably didn't envision it this way.

Lin, a Chinese university student, was murdered and dismembered by adult film actor Luka Magnotta (his reported lover), who sent boxes containing different parts of Lin to politicians in Ottawa and to two schools in Vancouver. 

The body parts were put together with Lin's murder when police found his severed head in a Montreal Park.

Magnotta fled from Canada after the murders, but he was picked up in an internet cafe in Berlin, Germany where he was Googling articles about himself.

Source: CNN  

Man Cooked to Death at Bumble Bee Tuna Factory
Jose Melena had been working at the Bumble Bee Tuna plant in Santa Fe Springs, CA for six years when his on-the-job satisfaction took a monumental turn for the worse one afternoon in October. 

Melena's job at the seafood processing plant was to load baskets of canned product into the pressure cooker and remove them with a pallet jack when they had finished processing. At some point during the transfer process, Melena became trapped in the container and was cooked to death.


Upon discovering Melena was in the steamer machine, emergency personnel were summoned, but the man could not be saved.

Man Tweets YOLO to Drunk Driving, Dies in Crash

Now, we all know that when looking for a credible, reliable source on topics like life and philosophy, we should turn to the nearest rapper and ask his advice. If you had asked aspiring rapper Ervin McKinness for his advice on the topic of driving while drunk, he would have told you “Definitely a bad idea, son. Designated drivers are your keys to big pimpin’”.

Ok, he would never have said that. Had you Tweeted that same question to him, though, you would have seen this take on the topic:

You had half a bottle of Henny and you have to get across town? #F**kIt, son! What’s the worst that could happen drifting 120 MPH around corners?

Oh, right. Death. Death could happen.

McKinness, known as Jew'elz and Inkyy in the music community that had recently awarded him a recording deal, never got a chance to make any music professionally because 21 minutes after he said “f**k it” to driving drunk, the SUV he was in skidded into a wall and killed all five of the car’s occupants, including the would-be rapper.

Maybe YOLTM (You Only Live Twenty Minutes) would have been a more appropriate hashtag?
Man Shot Dead Trying to Cure Hiccups

Known ways to cure the hiccups: holding breath, drinking a glass of water, punching the afflicted person in the stomach, shooting the afflicted in the face.

Wait, that last one sounds a little extreme; does it really work? As a matter of fact, it does (mostly because getting shot in the face kills you, but maybe it also really freaks you out and cure the hiccups before you die).

Sadly, Pfc Isaac Lawrence Young was the unwitting guinea pig for that “shot in the face” theory recently when a fellow soldier stationed at Ft. Hood in Texas pulled out a gun, just to scare the hiccups away, and ended up discharging the weapon in the general direction of Young’s face.

The incident went down in the men’s living room where they, and a third soldier, were watching Sunday night football and drinking. Pfc. Patrick Edward Myers, who was probably a little overly-excited after seeing both Texas teams win their games earlier in the day, took out a handgun to help Young triumph over his temporary affliction, but ended up killing him before he could be transported to a nearby field where a helicopter was waiting to take him to a trauma hospital.

Myers is currently awaiting trial for manslaughter.
Woman's Kung Fu Grip to Blame in Testicle-Related Death
Since the following death occurred in China's haiku city, here are three lines about this man's death:

No, you can't park here
Hey, those are my balls. Hands off
Grip like vice, I'm dead

Here's how it went down: this woman drives into the city to pick her kids up from school and tries to park her scooter (yes, she was going to put multiple children on a scooter. Totes nominated for The 20 Absolute Worst Parents of 2012) in front of a man's shop. The man says no, you can't park here, they fight a little, she calls her brother and husband to join her in the dispute, things escalate further, and when she realizes he's not going to allow the scooter to stay,

she grabs the man's testicles and squeezes them until he passes out

The man was taken away by ambulance but later died in the hospital. 

Source: Huffington Post
Three People Fight to the Death in Karaoke Dispute
"Ugh, I swear to god, if I hear one more person sing Journey tonight, I am gonna kill someone."
Next up on the mic is Barry with "Don't Stop Believing"!
"Oh, that's it, I'ma stab a bitch."
Stabbing someone for a poor choice at karaoke? Too much? Not in Xi'an China. 
On Qixi, the Chinese Valentine's Day, a noodle shop owned by a man called Mr. Yun was the site of a double murder over control of the microphone in what was intended to be a light-hearted night of crooning with his family. 
Yun's 4-year-old son was on the stage, belting out tunes and refusing to give the other attendees a turn to sing. Yun was indulging the child, who the other party-goers were calling a "little emperor" (a reference to Chinese parents' special attention to the one child they're allowed to have per Chinese law) and getting increasingly agitated with the situation. 

Rather than gong him off the stage, which many of the finer American karaoke bars will do when a patron is insufferable, two of the young boy's uncles attacked Yun, kicking him mercilessly until he was on the ground, unable to fight them off.
In the midst of the fracas Yun's nephew, who worked at the shop, picked up not the mic, but A MEAT CLEAVER and hacked the two men attacking his uncle to death.

Next time maybe the rest of the family will be smart enough to just walk across the street and rent a booth when the "little emperor" of the family can't sing enough Bieber. 
Source: The Telegraph 

Man Dies After Live Cockroach Eating Contest
If you're Bear Grylls and you're in some rain forest trying to survive on nothing but the land and your own recycled piss, maybe eating some live cockroaches isn't such a bad idea. If you're some random guy in Miami, though, not so much.

Edward Archbold was 32 when he decided to enter a pet store's live bug eating competition. On the menu for the contest: worms and live cockroaches. Archbold bested about 30 other contestants and won the competition's grand prize, a python. 

Sadly, the roaches were apparently not satisfied to be the only ones losing their life in this bizarre contest, and wreaked some kind of havoc in Archbold's stomach. While all of the other contestants went seemingly unaffected by the ingestion of the strange contest fare, the winner collapsed in front of the store and could not be revived at the hospital.

Maybe next time, if people are thinking about having a contest involving eating foods that will survive a nuclear holocaust, they'll choose Twinkies instead. 

Source: Yahoo!

Mon, 05 Nov 2012 06:48:06 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/the-27-most-ridiculous-deaths-of-2012/danielle-dauenhauer
<![CDATA[The Greenest Cars of 2012]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-greenest-cars-of-2012/green-cars?source=rss

The greenest cars of 2012 include several compact cars, at least one mid-size sedan and a handful of electric cars as well. This list includes 2012's most green cars as decided by the ACEEE (the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy). In 2012, the longtime list leader actually was dethroned for the first time in eight years, marking a major change. Which car ranked the best? Take a look at this list to find out!

What factors contribute to a vehicle's being dubbed one of the greenest cars of 2012? Several things. ACEEE looks at fuel efficiency, of course, but also the ways the vehicles are made. Manufacturing includes the kinds of materials used on each vehicle. Emissions are also key: The lower the car's pollution emissions, the higher the green score and the higher the overall ranking.

How do you measure fuel efficiency in a car that doesn't run on fuel? For electric cars, the ACEEE looks at the vehicle's miles per kilowatt-hour to determine a ranking. Similarly, for a natural gas car (the Honda Civic Natural Gas), the ACEEE determines MPG based on gas-equivalent miles per gallon. All of the vehicles that made the top 12 in 2012 have excellent fuel efficiency. For example, the last car on the list, the Toyota Yaris, gets an estimated 30 MPG city and 38 MPG highway -- definitely a good thing for anyone looking to reduce a carbon footprint (and ultimately save a ton of gas money at the same time).

Are you a green car driver? If so, did your vehicle make this list of the greenest cars of 2012? For more great vehicle info, check out this list of the best resale value cars of 2012, too.
The Greenest Cars of 2012,

Honda Civic Hybrid
Automatic Transmission Green Score: 52

Honda Insight
Automatic Transmission Green Score: 53

Smart Fortwo
Manual Transmission Green Score: 53

Toyota Prius

Automatic Transmission Green Score: 54

Nissan Leaf
Electric Transmission Green Score: 55
Scion iQ
Automatic Transmission Green Score: 52

Toyota Camry Hybrid LE
Automatic Transmission Green Score: 51
Honda Civic Natural Gas
Automatic Transmission Green Score: 55
Lexus CT200h
Automatic Transmission Green Score: 51

Mitsubishi i-MIEV
Electric Transmission Green Score: 58

Thu, 29 Nov 2012 05:01:58 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/the-greenest-cars-of-2012/green-cars
<![CDATA[People We Loved to Hate in 2012]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/people-we-loved-to-hate-in-2012?source=rss

People we loved to hate in 2012 include popular names in sports, entertainment, and, of course in an election year, politics. These people all did different things to get under our skin in 2012 but at the end of the day, they all sucked just enough to earn a convincing nomination as one of the biggest douchebags ever.

Being that the 2012 United States presidential election was the biggest story of 2012, it's no surprise that an ample number of politicians (and others who wouldn't shut up about politicians) made this list. Presidential silver medalist Mitt Romney, his wife Ann Romney, his running mate Paul Ryan and his biggest blowhards, I mean, supporters, Donald Trump and Karl Rove all solidly earned spots on this list for things they said, did and tried to cover up after they said when they thought no one was watching.

But there was plenty more going on in the world other than politics with some fan favorites from the people we loved to hate in 2011 back for another year of face palms. Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Kristen Stewart and Lindsay Lohan unfortunately didn't go away in 2012 leaving us with another 12 months of hoping they would.

We can't leave sports out of the picture either. Who can forget hating on the NFL replacement referees and commissioner Roger Goodell for that cluster you know what of the start to the 2012 pro football season? Off the field, hockey fans have been happily hating on NHL commissioner Gary Bettman after the 2012-13 NHL season was marred by a labor impasse. Lance Armstrong didn't have it any better after his performance-enhancing drug scandal made him the black sheep of the cycling world.

So whether they were involved in one of the biggest celebrity scandals of 2012 or simply offended millions around the world with their ideology, all of these schmucks were our favorites to hate during the year.
People We Loved to Hate in 2012,

Chris Brown

Donald Trump

Kanye West

Kim Kardashian

Mitt Romney

Rush Limbaugh

Jerry Sandusky

Nicki Minaj

Justin Bieber

Alana Thompson

Wed, 28 Nov 2012 09:21:43 PST http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/people-we-loved-to-hate-in-2012
<![CDATA[100 Highest Paid Celebrities in the World: Power List 2012]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/100-highest-paid-celebrities-in-the-world-power-list-2012/worlds-richest-people-lists?source=rss

Who are the 100 highest paid celebrities in the world? The celebrity power list of 2012 includes rich and famous people from all areas of entertainment. Some celebrities listed here are singers, others are musicians and still others are on the opposite side of the camera: directors, screenwriters and movie and TV executives. This list of the highest paid celebrities in the world is from Forbes' magazine's annual power 100 list. Is your favorite here?

Some celebrities do much more than act, sing or write. They're now expanding their wealth by including a business angle. Examples? Jennifer Lopez has made millions as an actress and a singer, but she's made the most money by building a fashion and perfume empire. It's not enough just to be famous anymore: To get rich, a celebrity clearly needs to build and expand their own brand in some way.

Newcomers to the Celebrity 100 Forbes list in 2012 include Rihanna and Kim Kardashian: Two women who know how to market themselves and their brand, to the tune of multi-millions. As far as men, newcomers to the 2012 list include Ashton Kutcher, who raked in millions through his high-profile role on 'Two and a Half Men,' but also in endorsement money (think Nikon).

The 2012 100 highest paid celebrities in the world are highly recognizable names. Some, including perennial favorites Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg and others, are also included on the 2011 power list of the wealthiest celebs worldwide.
100 Highest Paid Celebrities in the World: Power List 2012,

Dr. Dre
$110 million

George Lucas
$90 million

Howard Stern
$95 million

James Patterson
$94 million

Jerry Bruckheimer
$115 million

Michael Bay
$160 million

Oprah Winfrey
$165 million

Simon Cowell
$90 million

Steven Spielberg
$130 million

Tyler Perry
$105 million

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<![CDATA[Billionaire 2012 List: The Top 100 Billionaires]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/billionaire-2012-list-the-top-100-billionaires/worlds-richest-people-lists?source=rss

This billionaire 2012 list includes the top 100 billionaires in the world. And yes, it is quite similar to the 2011 billionaire list, because really, once you are that rich, you tend to stay that rich. If you're curious about who the world's richest people are, look no further: This list includes the wealthiest men and women on the planet, courtesy of Forbes magazine, which ranks the world's billionaires each year.

Some of the world's top 100 billionaires are self-made, meaning they got rich by starting their own, highly successful companies. People like Bill Gates, Larry Ellison and certainly Warren Buffett fit in this category. Other billionaires listed here are running longstanding family companies with great success, including Christy Walton and her family (Wal-Mart). Some of the richest people in the world got that way by making incredibly smart investments, as well.

While most of us can't even begin to fathom what it would be like to be super rich, the top 100 billionaires listed here live a life of luxury and privilege that boggles the mind. And yes, some billionaires do everything possible to help others, in the form of generous charitable donations (and, in turn, generous tax deductions). Everyone listed here probably makes more money in one year that most of us will make in a lifetime. Uplifting, isn't it?
Billionaire 2012 List: The Top 100 Billionaires,

Amancio Ortega Gaona

Bernard Arnault

Bill Gates

Carlos Slim

Karl Albrecht

Larry Ellison

Li Ka-shing

Stefan Persson

Warren Buffett

Eike Batista

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<![CDATA[The Top NFL Rookies of 2012]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/top-nfl-rookies-2012?source=rss

The top NFL rookies in 2012 are those first-year professional football players who are quickly making an impact in the league. These NFL players, many of whom were among the best steals in the 2012 NFL Draft, each are seeing success in the pros as quarterbacks, wide receivers, running backs, kickers and even defensive players.

Prior to the start of the 2012 NFL season, all eyes were on the top quarterbacks taken in the 2012 NFL Draft especially as a number of teams had plans to use their rookies immediately. Andrew Luck out of Stanford had perhaps the most on his shoulders as he was filling some very big shoes on the Indianapolis Colts previously filled by Peyton Manning. But things didn't go as planned when the Colts began the 2012 season at the bottom of the AFC South. Instead, another rookie quarterback earned the lion's share of attention. Robert Griffin III, who won the Heisman Trophy as a member of the Baylor Bears in 2011, turned heads when in his opening game notched 320 passing yards and two touchdowns against the New Orleans Saints.

But there are plenty of other players besides NFL quarterbacks who have been impressive 2012 NFL rookies. Running backs Trent Richardson of the Cleveland Browns, Bernard Pierce of the Baltimore Ravens and Alfred Morris of the Washington Redskins, wide receivers Kendall Wright of the Tennessee Titans, Justin Blackmon of the Jacksonville Jaguars and tight end Coby Fleener of the Indianapolis Colts have all seen strong starts to their rookie campaigns.

On the defense, stars like Chandler Jones of the New England Patriots, Bruce Irvin of the Seattle Seahawks and Josh Norman of the Carolina Panthers all began their rookie seasons atop the stats leaders in defensive categories like tackles and interceptions. Don't see your favorite 2012 NFL rookie listed? Want to move these selections around? Do all of that and more below by voting for, adding to or re-ranking this list of top 2012 NFL rookies.
The Top NFL Rookies of 2012,

Doug Martin

Andrew Luck

Luke Kuechly

Matt Kalil

Russell Wilson

Trent Richardson

Robert Griffin III

Bruce Irvin

Chandler Jones

Alfred Morris

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<![CDATA[The Best 2012 Cars]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-2012-cars/thebard?source=rss

The best cars of 2012 didn't just get us where we need to go but they also saved us gas money and looked stylish while doing so. These top-rated 2012 cars were selected by experts and consumers alike as the best of the year for their quality, value, fuel efficiency or just plain good looks.

Similar to the best cars of 2011, many of the top cars if 2012 were produced internationally or from non-American manufacturers. Toyota continued to dominate with their Camry Hybrid, the RAV4, Prius 4, and Corolla just as Honda did with their Fit and Hyundai with their Sonata.

But it wasn't all imports dominating the conversation of best 2012 rides with Motor City standbys like Ford, Chrysler and Chevrolet still among the elite. The 2012 Ford Mustang and Ford Focus were among the best 2012 cars as named by "Car and Driver." Kelly Blue Book singled out the Chrysler 300 as a premiere full size luxury sedan. Even the Chevrolet Cruze and Cadillac Escalade earned honors from U.S. News and World Report representing different ends of the fuel efficiency spectrum.

So whether you're smitten with the sexy (and pricey) 2012 Porsche Cayman, the competitively priced subcompact Ford Fiesta Hatchback or that 2012 best family vehicle quality of the 2012 Toyota Highlander SUV, surely one of these best 2012 cars will suit your fancy.
The Best 2012 Cars,

2012 Ford Mustang Coupé

2012 Chevrolet Camaro Coupe

2012 Audi Q5

2012 Hyundai Sonata

2012 Chrysler 300

2012 BMW 3 Series Coupé

2012 Cadillac Escalade

2012 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedans

2012 Porsche Cayman

2012 Mercedes S 600 AMG

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<![CDATA[The Top 10 Biggest Homophobes of 2012]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/top-10-biggest-homophobes-of-2012/keaton?source=rss
The top 10 biggest homophobes of 2012 are those influential politicians, religious leaders, businesses and organizations who made their opposition to homosexually very well known during the year. These men and women were quite vocal about their opposition to equal rights for all be it through backing legislature to ban gay marriage to boycotting companies who support equal rights to finding anti-gay groups. They might call their beliefs biblical but an argument could be made that really these people are nothing more than the biggest homophobes of the year.

Being an election year in the United States, it's no shock that many of the biggest homophobes of 2012 were politicians. The presidential election runner-up Republican Mitt Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan easily made the list with their opposition of homosexuality, not to mention their gaffes which subtly offended a good portion of the country. Other Republicans and Tea Party members only added fuel to the fire with politicians and pundits like Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann and Ann Coulter each sharing their firm beliefs against homosexuality in the spotlight.

Just like with the biggest homophobes of 2011, homophobia certainly wasn't limited to individuals in 2012 with companies and other organizations getting in on the hate. Fast food chain Chick-fil-A defended its "family values" despite calls for boycotts. The Boy Scouts of America made news by banning gays from being scouts or scout leaders. The Westboro Baptist Church continued to spew hate with their vulgar signs and statements. One Million Moms, an organization of tens of thousands of Christian moms attacked everyone from Ellen DeGeneres to JC Penney to Oreo for their support of gay rights in 2012.

Despite all of the hate speech and bigotry exhibited by these biggest homophobes of 2012, there were some big accomplishments for equal rights during the year. President Barack Obama, who endorsed gay marriage, was reelected and three states, Maine, Maryland and Washington, voted to legalize same-sex marriage.

The Top 10 Biggest Homophobes of 2012,

Ann Coulter

Michele Bachmann

Mitt Romney

Paul Ryan

Pope Benedict XVI

Rick Santorum


Westboro Baptist Church

One Million Moms

Boy Scouts of America

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<![CDATA[The Biggest Breakthrough Stars of 2012]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/hottest-breakthrough-celebrities-of-2012/celeb-stalker?source=rss

The hottest breakthrough celebrities of 2012 include a wide variety of actors, actresses, musicians and TV stars who, for whatever reason, became all the rage during the year. Who do you think deserves the honor of biggest breakthrough celebrity of 2012? Time to vote! Be sure to vote down anyone listed here that you don't think really broke through in a major way this past year.

In some cases, an artist made this list because he or she hit it big with a breakout film performance. Examples of this include Quvenzhané Wallis ('Beasts of the Southern Wild'), Ezra Miller ('We Need to Talk About Kevin') or Suraj Sharma ('Life of Pi'). In other cases, the only reason a person is listed here is because he (or she) got super famous for oh, say, they starred in a certain TLC reality show and have the nickname Honey Boo Boo (just for the record, her real name is Alana Thompson).

Reality television stars aren't the only TV stars considered among the hottest breakthrough celebrities of 2012. It's hard to argue that Maisie Williams shouldn't be at or near the top of this list for her role as Arya Stark on HBO's 'Game of Thrones,' for example. Damian Lewis is phenomenal as Nicholas Brody on Showtime's 'Homeland' (he also won a 2012 Emmy for the role). And, with emphasis on the word "hottest," shouldn't 'Arrow' star Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen) also get some votes?

If you know of a celebrity who had a huge breakout year in 2012, be sure to add them here.
The Biggest Breakthrough Stars of 2012,

Benedict Cumberbatch

Channing Tatum

Damian Lewis


Martin Freeman

Rebel Wilson

Richard Ayoade

Carly Rae Jepsen

Lana Del Rey

McKayla Maroney

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<![CDATA[The Best New TV Shows of 2012]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/best-of-new-tv-shows-2012?source=rss

The best new TV shows of 2012 are, plain and simple, the new shows debuting in 2012 that don't completely suck. These 2012 new TV shows, be them sitcoms, period pieces or dramas, each brought something special to the table to lock in viewers and evade early cancelation. They may not all be instant classics but these new 2012 television shows definitely have some potential.

Filling the spaces formerly held by last season's crop of bad sitcoms comes a whole new bunch of comedy shows hoping to make viewers chuckle. "Go On" on NBC saw the return of Matthew Perry as a sports-talk radio show host, "The Mindy Project" brings the hilarity of Mindy Kaling to her own post "The Office" show and "Ben and Kate" on Fox provides laughs with the brother-sister pair.

On a more serious side, titles like "Last Resort" follow the crew of an American military submarine, "Nashville" takes viewers to Music City and "Elementary" provides a new take on Sherlock Holmes care of Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller. Similarly, "The Newsroom" features Jeff Daniels as a news anchorman in the HBO series, "Arrow" channels the DC Comics character The Green Arrow and "Revolution" visits a post-apocalyptic world without electricity in other dramatic new TV shows.

Whether these shows will go the distance and become some of the best TV shows of recent memory or go quietly into the night as TV shows that should be canceled, these new 2012 shows at least for a moment entertained.
The Best New TV Shows of 2012,

The Newsroom

Chicago Fire


Go On


The Mindy Project




Last Resort

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<![CDATA[The Best Live Bands of 2012]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-live-bands-of-2012/rockboy?source=rss

The best live bands of 2012 include many well-established musicians and some newcomers. Whether it's the straight up rocking live shows of music vets like Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band or Neil Young & Crazy Horse, or the new, unique, bluesy sounds of the Alabama Shakes, each band or musician on this list gave everything to fans at live shows in 2012. Who do you think deserves the title of best live band of 2012? Time to vote! Also, if you saw a great live band this year that isn't listed, be sure to add them.

A truly great live band manages to inhabit the stage completely, capturing an audience's attention and keeping it for hours. Whether it's catchy pop songs or long, meandering jams, the best live bands in 2012 brought it all to the stage. Some of the bands listed here were headliners at major music festivals, including the likes of Coachella, Pink Pop, Bonnaroo and the New Orleans JazzFest. Attending these sorts of festivals can be an excellent way to discover new and exciting live acts.

Not every band on this list was a headliner in 2012. Some, like the Alabama Shakes, opened up for much more well-known acts (like Neil Young & Crazy Horse). But every great band starts somewhere, right? Muse, for example, opened for U2 on the 360 Tour a few years back. Now, the band is lighting up stadiums all over the world as the featured performer.

Enjoy thgis list of 2012's best live bands, and be sure to add your favorite acts too.
The Best Live Bands of 2012,

Arctic Monkeys

Bruce Springsteen

Foo Fighters

Iron Maiden



Pearl Jam

Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Black Keys

Neil Young & Crazy Horse

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<![CDATA[The Best Dressed Celebrities of 2012]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-dressed-celebrities-of-2012/fashionbaby?source=rss

The best dressed celebrities of 2012 include stars of stage, screen and television, as well as music artists. Every celeb on this list, male or female, managed to shine in 2012 with their fashion choices, whether they wore glam gowns on the red carpet or snappy street clothes while out and about in Hollywood. Who do you think was the best dressed celebrity of the year? Time to vote! And, if a particular celebrity that you think showed great fashion sense in 2012 isn't listed, add them.

Many of the lovely actresses on this list are perennial favorites when it comes to being the best dressed. Celebrities like Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, Beyonce and Sofia Vergara regularly wow everyone with their stunning gowns on the red carpet. Sure, sometimes they miss with an outfit, but for the most part, they pull off high fashion with ease.

The best dressed celebrities have one major thing in common: They have great stylists and they know what works for them. Whether it's Katie Holmes' wonderful, classic street style or Rihanna's sexy, skin-baring choices, these famous people aren't afraid to try something different or new if it becomes them.

Kudos, also, to the men on this list: Actors like George Clooney and Ryan Gosling always manage to look stylish. And even though he's most often seen in jeans and a casual t-shirt, even Kanye West can rock a high-fashion look once in a while.

Who would you give your best dressed celebrity 2012 award to? Time to vote!
The Best Dressed Celebrities of 2012,

Carrie Underwood

George Clooney

Jennifer Aniston

Jessica Biel

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Milla Jovovich

Penélope Cruz

Reese Witherspoon

Stacy Keibler

Jennifer Morrison

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<![CDATA[The Top Soccer Players of 2012]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/top-10-soccer-players-2011?source=rss

The top soccer players of 2012 are the leading scorers and fieldsmen who will see the most success in the 2012 season. While it's easy to argue about how to select which footie player is the best, each of the stars below all strive to lead their respective teams to league titles and cup championships. Think one soccer player is better than the bunch? Want to add one not listed or re-rank this list your way? Do all of that and more below!

If you judge soccer players by their 2012 stats, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi easily rank among the top. All set scoring records led their leagues in statistical categories and, in the past, have led their team to Cup victories. It's safe to say that these leaders are nearly guaranteed to go down as some of the best players of all time.
The Top Soccer Players of 2012,

Andrés Iniesta

Cristiano Ronaldo

Didier Drogba

Lionel Messi

Mesut Özil

Robin van Persie

Sergio Agüero

Wayne Rooney



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<![CDATA[The 13 Hottest Girls Who Turned 18 in 2012]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-13-hottest-girls-who-turned-18-in-2012/greg?source=rss

These girls were all born in 1994. Let that sink in. Kurt Cobain was always just a story to them. Green Day's Dookie, Weezer's Blue Album and NIN's Downward Spiral could possibly be one of these girls's "Top Album from the Month I Was Born" album. Pulp Fiction, Speed and Dumb and Dumber came out that year and you probably saw them in THEATRES. O.J. Simpson was chased down in his white Ford Bronco by police and was allowed to turn himself in. There we go. Now that we've got some perspective, enjoy all these insanely hot, legal, pictures of these girls, sorry, women (awww yeah), that were magically put together by perverted, pop-culture inclined elves of the internet. These are the girls who turn 18 in 2012 and who will be legal as hell from here on in. Get ready to feel old (and wrong).

You should be ashamed of yourself. Check out these totally legal hot 18 year olds. These sexy 18 year old girls! In 2012, that is. Now they're even MORE fair game.
The 13 Hottest Girls Who Turned 18 in 2012,

Allie Grant
This is kind of a surprise. I never would've been able to tell you that the fat, curly-haired, weird-faced little girl from Weeds would ever become a beautiful woman, but I guess that's just what happens when you become a supporting character during your awkward phase. 

She's not only a great comedic actress now, but is a regular on the show Suburgatory where she not only sasses it up, but has leaned up and has really grown into herself. 

America.She's downright pretty. So she belongs here. Because none of us thought it would ever happen. And because this is America.

Dakota Fanning
We saw Dakota Fanning grow up. She's an extremely talented and wonderfully intelligent, beautiful and well-respected actress that decided, for some reason, to star in the Twilight films. Maybe because she's literally a teenage girl. 

She turned 18 this year, which is weird because she played the little girl in both War of the Worlds AND in I Am Sam and because I'm getting older really slowly emotional while the rest of my body ages like bread, that just doesn't seem like that long ago. 

And now, the young lady can take a MEAN picture. I mean check it out. 

Aislinn Paul
The cute girl with the glasses from Degrassi: The Next Generation is finally 18! She played easily the most likable character on the series (that I never ever watched, shut the hell up Kevin Smith watches it too) and was really a girl that everyone was rooting for. 

She lived her awkward phase with pride on that show and really made every scene she was in actually watchable. 

Anyway, now she's 18 and Degrassi is probably paying her Canadian bills well enough to never do anything but live off syndication forever now.

Barbara Palvin

Sometimes I'm not a perfect man. So, because I owe the world this, here is a girl that I missed last year. She arguably should've won the award, but was not on the radar yet since she didn't really become a Victoria's Secret model until 2012, but she was born in 1993 so I thought it'd be okay to squeeze her in here. 

Her name is Barbara Palvin and she's Victoria's Secret's newest model and she's absolutely stunning. 

Here are a bunch of pictures of an 18 year old in lingerie. This is mostly true because she turned 19 this fall, which means that she was 18 for MOST of 2012. Juuuuuust barely counts. 

Laura Neiva
Three years ago Laura Neiva starred in a critically-acclaimed film she made when she was 14 about a young woman going through her sexual awakening after learning of her father's infidelity. 

To make it even creepier, Vincent Cassel (the handsy teacher from Black Swan and contortionist thief from Ocean's 12 and 13). 

Since she was 14, though, she's been a well-respected and cultured Brazilian fashion model who's graced many a Fashion Week and has really done quiet well for herself, so people have been exploiting her for a long time already. 

For American girls this is usually kind of a vulture situation, but not much is going to change for her since the age of consent in Brazil is 14 so old dudes have been drooling over her for 4 years already. 

She also kinda looks like a younger, Brazilian version of Lady Mary from Downton Abbey. It's also kind of weird int he movie because she's super tall. She's actually not a bad actress.

Allie DeBerry
A Disney Channel supporting star, it's safe to say that drugs are in her future but so is success and money so hey there's always that. 

She plays Paisley Houndstooth on the show A.N.T. Farm and had a stint on the Nickelodeon show True Jackson, VP until it got cancelled. 

Courtney Stodden
Courtney Stodden is the person I'm most ashamed of putting on this list. And it's not because it makes me feel like a dirty old man (because it doesn't, she looks like a 30 year-old transvestite Barbie which I only don't usually say about her because I respect transvestites so much), but because she just came out of nowhere about a year and a half ago when she married that side character who didn't even look good on Lost. 

He's also Michael Clarke Duncan's (RIP) jailer in The Green Mile. This guy seriously isn't even famous, but the fact that he married an, at-the-time, 16 year-old with parental consent blew all pedophiles off their chairs with the whole "but why does HE get to do it?" thing. 

Anyway, since trying and failing to have a successful reality TV show, Courtney Stodden has worked her way into all our hearts and minds by being a complete clown of a human being. 

Happy birthday this year, Courtney. It's all down hill from here.

Emma Lockheart
This list is becoming such a stretch that I'm going to pitch it to a yoga studio. 

Remember the little girl who plays a young Rachel in Batman Begins? THIS IS HER NOW! 

Fun Fact: ALSO in Batman Begins, the great actor that portrays the little assh*le Geoffrey Lannister on Game of Thrones. 

Toma Barkova
Barely Legal Toma Barkova is a model who's been featured in Bambi magazine. She's a Russian supermodel who you should be seeing on the arm of a sports star or rich and flighty actor sometime in the next few years weeks. 
Keke Lindgard
Keke Lindgard is a French model who turned 18 this year and she is super hot and look at this video of her where you will fall in lust with her. 

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<![CDATA[The Best Indie Rock Albums 2012]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-indie-rock-albums-2012/pocketful-of-sunshine?source=rss

What are the best indie rock albums of 2012? Fans of indie rock were in luck, because 2012 saw a number of outstanding new releases in the genre. Some were from well-established music artists, and others were debut albums. Which indie rock album was the greatest of 2012? That's for you to decide, with your votes. Be sure to vote for your favorites and definitely vote down any indie rock albums you didn't like. Also, if your favorite of 2012 isn't listed, be sure to add it so others can discover some great new music.

Indie albums represent some of the greatest music being made today. From The Shins' stellar 2012 release, 'Port of Morrow,' to Animal Collective's 'Centipede Hz' or the Japandroids' insanely popular 'Celebration Rock,' the albums listed here are the creme of the indie music crop, so to speak. Some are more electronica, and others are strictly garage rock, but each one offers something unique. Whether your tastes run more towards The Mountain Goats' indie folk rock ('Transcendental Youth) or The Walkmen's lush, large sound ('Heaven'), hopefully you'll find several albums listed here to suit your fancy.

Music lovers, you might also enjoy these lists of the best albums of 2012, the best rock, hip-hop/rap and country albums of 2012. Also, check out and be sure to vote for your favorites on the list of the best music videos of 2012.
The Best Indie Rock Albums 2012,

Port of Morrow


Celebration Rock

Centipede Hz


My Head Is an Animal

Fear Fun

Attack on Memory



Wed, 07 Nov 2012 05:43:01 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/best-indie-rock-albums-2012/pocketful-of-sunshine
<![CDATA[The Best Rock Albums of 2012]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-rock-albums-2012/pocketful-of-sunshine?source=rss

The best rock albums of 2012 include outstanding releases from musicians in all areas of rock: indie, folk, metal and more. Which 2012 rock album is truly the greatest of the year? That's for you to decide, with your votes. Be sure to vote up the rock albums you loved the most in 2012, and of course, vote down those that just didn't work for you. Also, if you have a favorite 2012 rock CD that isn't listed here, feel free to add it. Fellow rock fans will likely thank you, because you just might introduce them to a new artist they've never heard.

Several well known classic rock artists released new albums in 2012, and many of them are included on this list. Among them: 'Wrecking Ball' by Bruce Springsteen, 'Tempest' by Bob Dylan, 'Banga' by Patti Smith, 'Clockwork Angels' by Rush and not one, but two releases from Neil Young: 'Americana' and 'Psychedelic Pill.' Fans of classic rock can't complain about that, can they?

Jack White's newest album, 'Blunderbuss,' will likely be on several "best of" lists when it comes to rock albums, along with The Smashing Pumpkins' 'Oceania' and 'Not Your Kind of People' by Garbage (Shirley Manson sounds great, as always). Were these among your favorite rock recordings in 2012? Remember, your votes decide the order.

If you're looking for more best of 2012 in music information, check out these lists of the best albums of 2012, the best hip-hop/rap albums of the year and the best music videos of 2012.
The Best Rock Albums of 2012,

Clockwork Angels


Wrecking Ball

Apocalyptic Love



Celebration Rock


Psychedelic Pill

Boys & Girls

Tue, 06 Nov 2012 05:40:07 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/best-rock-albums-2012/pocketful-of-sunshine
<![CDATA[The Best Country Albums 2012]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-country-albums-2012/pocketful-of-sunshine?source=rss

The best country albums of 2012 include traditional albums by well-established country music legends, hot new releases by some of the genre's biggest contemporary artists and new offerings from some rising country stars. Which one of these 2012 country albums is truly the best? That's up to you to decide, with your votes. Be sure to vote up the country CDs that you loved the most, and vote down any that you don't think deserve a place on this list. Also: This list isn't complete by any means, so feel free to add any awesome country albums from 2012 to it!

Which country music albums were the greatest in 2012? Lionel Richie's 'Tuskegee,' which features duets with some of country's biggest names, including Blake Shelton, Kenny Rogers, Willie Nelson and Jason Aldean, among others, is a huge hit. Others of note include Carrie Underwood's fourth studio album, 'Blown Away,' 'Uncaged' by the Zac Brown Band and 'Punching Bag' by Josh Turner. And certainly, Taylor Swift's fourth studio album, 'Red,' will sell like gangbusters. Does it deserve a place on this Best Country Albums 2012 list? Again, that's for you, the voters, to decide.

Country music debut albums that could easily be considered among 2012's best include the first efforts by country singers Hunter Hayes and Dustin Lynch. Some artists' albums listed here are country, but they're also more of an alt-country sound, including the "red dirt" sound of Oklahoma's Turnpike Troubadours. And speaking of red dirt, Willie Nelson's latest, 'Heroes,' also makes this list.

If your favorite country album of 2012 isn't listed, again, please add it: Country fans always enjoy discovering new music!
The Best Country Albums 2012,

Hunter Hayes

Thirty Miles West


Blown Away



Bootleg Vol. IV: The Sound of Truth




Tue, 06 Nov 2012 04:17:34 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/best-country-albums-2012/pocketful-of-sunshine
<![CDATA[The Best Music Videos of 2012]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-music-videos-of-2012/greg?source=rss

The best music videos of 2012 allowed fans of their favorite artists like Justin Bieber, One Direction, M.I.A. and others to see the story behind the lyrics in some of the most popular songs from the year. Each of these music videos can boast hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of YouTube views and, if they're lucky, honors such as MTV VMAs, Grammy Awards and American Music Awards. Long story short: These 2012 music videos will be remembered as the best of the best from the year.

The top videos from 2012 varied in genre from the pop music princesses like Nicki Minaj and Shakira to the rappers like Kendrick Lamar and even some foreign acts, like Korean phenom PSY. Regardless of musical style, each brought something different and special to the table.

These music videos put faces behind the lyrics, told us a backstory to make the words make more sense or just entertained us as the music played in the background. Many were poppy, such as the videos for "As Long As You Love Me" by Justin Beiber and "Do It Anyway" by Ben Folds Five (featuring Fraggle Rock!), while others were fan-made, like the proposal video set to Bruno Mars' "Marry Me".

Whether they're racy, goofy or simple, each of these videos added a special visual element to enhance our favorite songs from 2012. Happy eyes and happy ears, that's a great combination right there.
The Best Music Videos of 2012,

Flo Rida ft. Sia - 'Wild Ones'

Bruno Mars - 'Marry Me'
The Live Lip-Dub Proposal that went viral this Summer (not authorized by Bruno Mars but awesome nonetheless).
Imagine Dragons- Radioactive

M.I.A. - 'Bad Girls'

PSY - 'Gangnam Style'

Ellie Goulding - 'Anything Can Happen'

Nicki Minaj - 'Va Va Voom'

Robbie Williams - 'Candy'

Carly Rae Jepsen - 'Call Me Maybe'

Maroon 5 - 'Payphone'

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<![CDATA[The Best TV Shows That Ended in 2012]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/tv-shows-ending-in-2012/greg?source=rss
This is a list of the TV shows that are ending or have ended in 2012, as voted on by experts and fans alike.

While 2012 hasn't been the bloodbath that 2011 have been with regards to television shows -- remember 'The Playboy Club'? -- there still were a considerable number of shows that saw the light at the end of the tunnel and went for it. Some TV shows ended their runs voluntarily while others went whimpering to the other side. Some cancelled fall 2012 TV shows now include NBC's 'Animal Practice', MTV's 'Jersey Shore' and Showtime's 'Weeds'. They likely won't be the only TV programs to get the axe, however. Shows cost big money. If they don't deliver with ratings quickly, they're gone. It's not exactly fair sometimes, but that's just how it goes. This is a list of all the new 2012 TV shows cancelled so far.

Expect this list of cancelled TV shows in 2012 to be updated. Fox and NBC aren't the only networks that's yanking these shows almost as soon as they start. (When was the last time anyone saw 'The Mob Doctor' on the schedule?) Several new and old programs are already said to be on 'death watch' just a few weeks into this season. Among them: CBS' 'Partners' and ABC's 'Last Resort'. If you're watching these shows, just know there's a very real chance that unless ratings begin to go up, up, up (fast), you might be disappointed if/when they get canned.

And let's not forget that by Spring 2013, shows like 'The Office', 'Fringe' and the talk show 'Anderson' -- which was just announced this week -- will cease to exist. New episodes, at least.

Please rank the canceled 2012 shows from best to worst. And if you don't see your favorite dead TV show, feel free to add it to the list so that others could walk down memory lane with you.

The Best TV Shows That Ended in 2012,

Desperate Housewives

One Tree Hill

The Closer





Cash Cab


The Secret Circle

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<![CDATA[The Best New Fast Food Items of 2012]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-new-fast-food-items-of-2012/chef-jen?source=rss

This is a list of the best new fast food items of 2012, as voted on and ranked by experts and fans alike.

The world of fast food is a very competitive one and each restaurant is out to beat the others as the most favorite chain in The United States and around the world. Eateries like McDonald's, Burger King, Subway, and Pizza Hut are all vying for your hard-earned dollars via your taste buds. This year, many of them went beyond their usual menu items and introduced a slew of new and improved goodies for mass consumption.

We all acknowledge that most items on a fast food item are not good for you, which is why most franchises have decided to go healthy, like over at McDonald's with their Blueberry Banana Nut Oatmeal and Wendy's with their Berry Almond Chicken Salad. The guys making the decisions over at each chain's headquarters didn't want to lose the demographic that tend to be worried about their weight and about their overall health. Other restaurants, though, have decided to not seek that market and go straight for the gut, so to speak. Places like Burger King, which introduced the Bacon Sundae and Taco Bell with its Doritos Locos Tacos, know that not everyone in America is worried about how high their cholesterol may be or if they're on the verge of developing Type I diabetes.

That's not a complete slam on fast food though. For the most part, the notable food items on this list taste pretty good, especially if you're short on cash and are on the run. And frankly, sometimes you just need a little comfort food to get you through the day.

Please vote for the favorite fast food items to be introduced this year. If you don't see the comfort food you choose to eat whenever you're in one of the major eateries, feel free to add it to this list so that other voters could see and then decided if it's one of their favorite goodies as well.
The Best New Fast Food Items of 2012,

Peach Pie
Found at Popeye's
Chicken McBites
Found at McDonald's
Basil Pesto Chicken Sandwich
Found at Quiznos
Angry Whopper
Spicy variation of The Whopper found at Burger King
Chili Cheese Fries
Found at Wendy's
Chili Cheese Curly Fries
Found at Jack In The Box
Found at Pizza Hut
Strawberry Churros
Found at Del Taco
Doritos Locos Tacos
Found at Taco Bell
Cheesy Bites Pizza
Found at Pizza Hut

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<![CDATA[2012 Celebrity Scandals List]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/2012-celebrity-scandals-list-v1/celebrity-events?source=rss

The 2012 celebrity scandals list reminds us of those unfortunate moments when our favorite celebrities, or those celebrities we love to hate, found themselves on the losing end of a scandal or five. From nude photos that may or may not have been released to boost publicity to celebrities who cannot seem to stay out of legal trouble, 2012 brought us another year full or celebrity scandals.

While some celebs saw their names in the gossip headlines more often than others, Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes we're looking at you, 2012 proved that no one was safe from scandal. That's right, even royalty got their scare of bad press in 2012 when nude photos of Kate Middleton (Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge) and her brother in law Prince Harry each battled the press when nude photos of them individually began to circulate. Also joining the list of celebs who had naked photo scandals in 2010 were Christina Hendricks from "Mad Men" and actress Olivia Munn, both of which were victims of hacking, or at least that's the story given by their PR teams.

More serious offenders also made the news in 2012 for shocking the nation with arrests, lawsuits, cat fights and divorces. Between the Lance Armstrong doping scandal in cycling, the sudden death of music icon Whitney Houston, the sexual harassment claims against actor John Travolta and the fact that country singer Randy Travis couldn't seem to stop drunk driving naked, the OMG moments rarely stopped in 2012.

If there's one thing that's for sure, as long as we have celebrity douchebags and reckless young Hollywood starlets, we're sure to have celebrity scandals. So if there's one you think is so much more scandalous than all the rest, vote it up! Similarly, feel free to add any that are missing and even re-rank this list your way as you enjoy this 2012 celebrity scandal goodness.
2012 Celebrity Scandals List,

Kristen Stewart Cheats On Robert Pattinson

Amanda Bynes DUI, Drug Charges

John Travolta Sexual Harassment Claims

Lance Armstrong Doping Scandal

Kate Middleton Topless Photos

Whitney Houston Sudden Death

Lindsay Lohan Hit and Run Incident

Linsday Lohan Jewelry Theft Incident

Katie Holmes Tom Cruise Divorce

Rush Limbaugh Slut Remarks

Thu, 25 Oct 2012 05:20:15 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/2012-celebrity-scandals-list-v1/celebrity-events
<![CDATA[The Best Horror Movies of 2012]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-horror-movies-of-2012/all-genre-movies-lists?source=rss
The best horror movies of 2012 managed to scare the daylights out of movie goers and keep them enthralled with tales of terror and mayhem. The 2012 horror films listed here each provided a unique and often disturbing angle on frightful stories. Some are straight up ghost stories ('The Woman in Black') and others are sequels to already successful horror franchises ('Paranormal Activity 4'). Which 2012 horror movie scared you the most, and which left you completely flat? Vote for your favorites, and feel free to add any great horror films from 2012 that are missing.

Some of the best 2012 horror movies weren't sequels at all: The horror thriller 'Sinister,' starring Ethan Hawke, drew fright fans to theaters in droves, and the Joss Whedon/Drew Goddard penned 'The Cabin in the Woods' got rave reviews from critics and movie goers alike. Is 'Cabin' the best horror film of the year? The voting will be the final determiner, but it's hard to argue that it wasn't a super clever horror movie.

Looking for more great "best of" movie lists? Check out these lists for the best action movies of 2012, the best comedy movies of 2012, the creepiest kids in horror movies and of course, some of the best old horror movies ever made.

And yes, some of the horror movies on this list might also wind up on the worst movies of 2012 list, too. It all depends: What scares some people to death might not phase someone else. Horror fans: It's up to you to decide!
The Best Horror Movies of 2012,

The Cabin in the Woods


Silent House

Silent Hill: Revelation

The Woman in Black


The Possession

House at the End of the Street

The Collection


Thu, 18 Oct 2012 06:37:39 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/best-horror-movies-of-2012/all-genre-movies-lists
<![CDATA[The Best Rap Albums of 2012]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-hip-hop-and-rap-albums-2012/rockboy?source=rss

The best hip-hop and rap albums of 2012 introduced new music from some of the hottest rappers and hip-hop artists in the game right now plus allowed us to get to know a new group of up-and-coming rappers looking to take the spotlight from old favorites.

When he's not being voted a top d-bag, Kanye West was busy again in 2012 releasing a collaborative album, "Cruel Summer." The record, which featured GOOD Music artists such as John Legend, Malik Yusef, Big Sean and Kid Cudi, received generally positive reviews though didn't quite match the buzz for his most-recent release, "Watch the Throne," put out by he and Jay-Z in 2011.

Also back for more in 2012 included well-known names like Nas with his "Life is Good" album, Rick Ross with "God Forgives, I Don't," Frank Ocean with "channel ORANGE" and Wiz Khalifa with "Taylor Allderdice." Additionally, the likes of Flo Rida's "Wild Ones," Trey Songz' "Chapter V," and Nicki Minaj's "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded" all dropped in 2012.

On the newer side, artists like Schoolboy Q with his "Habits & Contradictions," Joey Bada$$ with his "1999," Dom Kennedy with his "The Yellow Album" and Troy Ave with his "Bricks In My Backpack 3: The Harry Powder Trilogy" each turned heads and perked up ears with their releases in 2012.

So whether you're a fan of the familiar favorites or those new to the rap and hip-hop scene, make your voice heard by voting for the 2012 rap and hip-hop mixtapes and albums you liked best, adding any not already listed and re-ranking this list your way.
The Best Rap Albums of 2012,

Life Is Good

good kid, m.A.A.d city

Channel Orange

Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album, Part 1

R.A.P. Music


Habits & Contradictions

Taylor Allderdice

G.O.O.D. Music: Cruel Summer


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<![CDATA[The Top College Football Running Backs 2012]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/top-college-football-running-backs-2012/pedro-cerrano?source=rss

The top college football running backs in 2012 put the foot in football as they sprint down the field. These top 2012 NCAA Football running backs will lead all others in carries, rushing yards and rushing touchdowns, among other rushing stats. These top college football running backs might not all be on the short list as 2012 Heisman Trophy candidates but they are each incredible assets to their teams.

Prior to the 2012 season, two names dominated the NCAA Football running back discussion, Montee Ball and Marcus Lattimore. Ball, a rusher for the Wisconsin Badgers, was seen as ready to blow away the competition in 2012 however his season was put in jeopardy when in week four he suffered a head injury in a game against the UTEP Miners. Lattimore on the other hand started the season strong with a 110-yard performance in South Carolina's opener against Vanderbilt but has seen a slight reduction in action in the next few games.

If Ball and Lattimore don't bounce back, there are plenty of other college football running backs looking to take the spotlight. Rex Burkhead of the Nebraska Cornhuskers, Joseph Randle of the Oklahoma State Cowboys, Kenjon Barner of the Oregon Ducks and Andre Ellington of the Clemson Tigers are just a few of the other promising rushers ready to shine in the 2012 season.

Just like everyone has a favorite college football quarterback, how you determine the best college football running backs is much a matter of opinion. So if you see your favorite too high (or rival too low), feel free to vote up or down as needed. Also, add any we may have missed or re-rank this list to your satisfaction, all below.
The Top College Football Running Backs 2012,

Montee Ball
Eddie Lacy
Giovani Bernard
North Carolina
Stepfan Taylor

Kenjon Barner

De'Anthony Thomas

Rex Burkhead
Melvin Gordon

Le'Veon Bell
Michigan State
Marcus Lattimore
South Carolina

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<![CDATA[The Best Comedy Movies of 2012]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-comedy-movies-of-2012/all-genre-movies-lists?source=rss
The best comedy movies of 2012 kept audiences laughing as they hit the theaters throughout the year. These comedy films feature some of the best and most talented actors as well as witty writing, both of which combined to create comedic blockbusters. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and prepare to laugh your butts off with the best comedy movies of 2012.

The 2012 year in comedy movies brought us a number of original movies, adaptations, remakes and sequels. Many of the remakes and sequels got the most buzz, such as the remake of 21 Jump Street, the new installment of Men in Black III and American Reunion, which reunited the American Pie cast for one more adventure. But there were also plenty of original movies and adaptations that entertained viewers all year long.

Butter introduced the highly competitive world of butter sculpting, Friends with Kids showed us a different side of parenting, and For a Good Time, Call... allowed us to live vicariously through two phone sex operators. 2012 also brought us a bevy of hilarious characters such as Ted, a foul-mouthed teddy bear, The Dictator, the latest personality from Sacha Baron Cohen, and the five very different women of What to Expect When You're Expecting.

These comedy films are just a handful of those released in 2012 but highlight the funniest movies of the year. Think one movie is better than the rest? Want to add something not already listed or put this list in your own order? Do all of that and more below on this list of the best 2012 comedy movies.

Be sure to also check out the All-Time Best Comedies, The Best Romantic Comedies, and The Best Stand Up Comedy Movies on Netflix Instant, The Best Comedy Films on Amazon Prime, and the Best Comedy Movies on Netflix Instant
The Best Comedy Movies of 2012,

Men in Black 3

21 Jump Street


Moonrise Kingdom

American Reunion

The Dictator

Silver Linings Playbook

The Campaign


Pitch Perfect

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<![CDATA[The Greatest Internet Memes of 2012]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/greatest-internet-memes-of-2012/williammtx?source=rss

The greatest Internet memes of 2012 kept us laughing, made us cringe and gave us fun ways to comment on life as they popped up on Reddit, in our Facebook feeds and on other sites during the year. These funny Internet memes introduced us to quirky characters like the Ridiculously Photogenic Guy Zeddie Little, the Ermahgerd Berks girl, Bad Luck Brian and of course the dreaded Overly Attached Girlfriend, plus brought in new Advice Animals, complete with horrible guidance that no one should ever take. Lawyer Dog, we're looking at you.

Like the greatest Internet memes of 2011, the top 2012 Internet memes allowed us to poke fun at those people we all know, whether they are like the Almost Politically Correct Redneck spewing obliviously racist statements, the Forever Resentful Mother reminding us how many hours she was in labor with us or the Annoyed Picard who was a favorite for his versatility to comment on anything at all.

Plenty of familiar faces ended up in image macro memes during 2012 as well with the 2012 Summer Olympics and United States presidential election dominating the news cycles. Between Relatable Romney talking about how he's just like poor people to Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney being not impressed by pretty impressive things to the hilarious Texts from Hillary Clinton.

So move over Scumbag Steve, there's a whole new bunch of Internet memes ready to take over our bandwidth.
The Greatest Internet Memes of 2012,

McKayla is Not Impressed

Skeptical Baby

Annoyed Picard

Almost Politically Correct Redneck

Overly Attached Girlfriend

Bad Luck Brian

Drunk Baby

Grumpy Cat

Ridiculously Photogenic Guy

Ermahgerd Berks

Fri, 07 Sep 2012 07:48:45 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/greatest-internet-memes-of-2012/williammtx
<![CDATA[Heisman Trophy Candidates 2012]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/heisman-trophy-candidates-2012/pedro-cerrano?source=rss
Heisman Trophy candidates 2012 are the top quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers playing in NCAA college football who are projected to contend for the 2012 Heisman Trophy. The annual award, given out each December following the college football regular season, honors the most outstanding college football player in the country.

It should be no surprise that USC quarterback Matt Barkley, a favorite for the 2011 Heisman Trophy, won by quarterback Robert Griffin III of Baylor, is leading the pack in the 2012 Heisman race. In 2011 Barkley completed nearly 70% of his passes for an impressive 3,528 yards and 40 touchdowns. With the USC Trojans back in the spotlight, Barkley is an early favorite to dominate the 2012 Heisman voting.

But there are also many other stellar 2012 college football quarterbacks ready to fight for the hardware. Geno Smith of the West Virginia Mountaineers, Taylor Martinez of the Nebraska Cornhuskers, Tyler Wilson of the Arkansas Razorbacks and even Denard Robinson of the Michigan Wolverines are just a few of the other passers who, depending on their 2012 performances, will get a good look.

The Heisman Trophy however is not simply a quarterback award with many other offensive players firmly in the contest. Wisconsin running back Montee Ball, South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore, USC wide receiver Marqise Lee and Michigan State running back Le'Veon Bell are all in the mix.

Only one of these talented college football stars will go down in history as a Heisman Trophy winner but until then, we can speculate and predict how the voters will feel come December. Have a Heisman favorite that is not listed? Want to re-rank this list your way or vote for a player you see as the best? Do all of that and more below on the list of Heisman Trophy candidates 2012.

Check out more lists like Greatest Mens Tennis Players of All Time, Celebrities Who Played High School Basketball and Best Current NHL Players
Heisman Trophy Candidates 2012,

Matt Barkley
USC quarterback
Landry Jones
Oklahoma quarterback
Geno Smith

Taylor Martinez
Nebraska quarterback
Collin Klein

Marqise Lee
USC wide receiver
De'Anthony Thomas

Le'Veon Bell
Michigan State running back
Marcus Lattimore
South Carolina running back
Montee Ball
Wisconsin running back

Thu, 06 Sep 2012 02:02:01 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/heisman-trophy-candidates-2012/pedro-cerrano
<![CDATA[Celebrity Romney Supporters]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/celebrity-romney-supporters/keaton?source=rss

The biggest celebrity Romney supporters include famous people from all aspects of the entertainment industry. Some of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney's most famous celebrity donors and supporters include actors, musicians and prominent sports figures. Some supporters choose to donate directly to a Super PAC, while others give directly to a candidate's campaign fund. This list includes both and, where applicable, the amounts each celebrity gave to the cause.

While Mitt Romney's list of famous campaign supporters and donors isn't nearly as long as Barack Obama's, that's not surprising: Typically, Hollywood types tend to donate more to Democratic candidates. Still, Romney has his rich and extremely famous celebrity supporters too, including businessman (and 'Celebrity Apprentice' host) Donald Trump, television and film producer Jerry Bruckheimer and actor Robert Duvall, who planned to host a Mitt Romney fundraiser in Virginia in September of 2012.

Mitt Romney got one of his biggest celebrity endorsements in early-August of 2012, when actor Clint Eastwood threw his support behind the presumed GOP presidential nominee. Other high-profile celebrities who've said they support Romney include Jon Voight, Chuck Norris, Gene Simmons and yes, porn star Jenna Jameson.

Looking for more info on famous election 2012 campaign donors and supporters? Check out these lists of the biggest overall Mitt Romney campaign contributors, the biggest celebrity Obama supporters, and the largest Super PAC donors, as well.
Celebrity Romney Supporters,

Chuck Norris

Clint Eastwood

Donald Trump
$2500 (Romney Campaign)
Donny Osmond
$2500 (Romney Campaign)
Jerry Bruckheimer
$25,000 (Romney Victory Fund)
Jon Voight

Robert Duvall

Scott Baio
$12,500 (Romney Victory Fund)
Vince McMahon
$9910 (Romney Victory Fund), $150,000 (Restore Our Future)
Vince Vaughn

Thu, 16 Aug 2012 06:01:40 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/celebrity-romney-supporters/keaton
<![CDATA[The Most Inspirational Olympic Stories]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-most-inspirational-olympic-stories/pedro-cerrano?source=rss

The most inspirational Olympic stories tell tales of athletes who overcame great obstacles, triumphed after heartbreaking losses and accomplished great things in the face of adversity. They didn't all go home with a gold medal but these brave, talented and relentless athletes defied the odds to provide inspiration to people around the globe.

It's easy to single out people who were the first to do something at the Olympics, like Mary Lou Retton, the first female gymnast from outside of Eastern Europe to win an all-around gymnastics title, or John Baxter Taylor, the first African-American athlete to win a gold medal, for example, but believe it or not there are many athletes with more inspirational stories than that.

One of the most famous is the Miracle on Ice story from 1980. No one expected the United States Olympic Ice Hockey Team to even challenge the Soviet team let alone beat them but in what was named top sports moment of the century by Sports Illustrated, the team pulled off a major upset and won the gold medal.

African-American sprinter Jesse Owens spoiled the plans of Adolf Hitler as he won big at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. South African sprinter Oscar Pistorius lost both legs as an infant but still managed to compete against the best in the world at the 2012 London Olympics. The famous Jamaican National Bobsled Team competed at the 1988 Olympics despite not having proper training facilities in their tropical nation. All are just a few examples of those who didn't give up, instead using that static for motivation and eventually inspiration to others.

It's cliche to say that anything can be accomplished if someone puts their mind to it but these inspirational Olympians are the examples of just that. These athletes were never on the list of the most promising Olympic athletes and never seen as the favorite but they persevered and gave it their best. They never gave up, they finished what they started and they didn't let bumps in the road defer them from making their dreams come true.

And for even more reason to tune into to the 2012 Summer Olympics, check out this list of the hottest women on the US team.
The Most Inspirational Olympic Stories,

Betty Robinson
In quite a curious case of really bad luck, American sprinter Betty Robinson is remembered for winning the first women's 100-meter race in 1928 but it was her second Olympic victory that stands out. In 1931, Robinson was involved in a plane crash and initially thought to be dead. She spent seven months in a coma, then six months in a wheelchair and another two years learning to walk again. For most, that would mean all future Olympic dreams would be out of the question but in 1936, Betty Robinson returned to the summer games and helped the American team win gold in the 4x100-meter relay.
Dan Jansen
Speed skater Dan Jansen touched the hearts of fans around the world in 1988, but not because he won anything at the Winter Olympics that year but for his heart-breaking story. Jansen entered the games as the favorite in the 500- and 1,000-meter races but after hearing the news that his sister had passed away, he fell in both races and went home winless. He didn't give up though and returned to the Olympics in 1992 and 1994, finally winning the gold medal at the 1994 Lillehammer Olympics in the 1,000-meter event. Jansen celebrated by taking a victory lap with his daughter, named Jane after his sister.
Derek Redmond
British sprinter Derek Redmond never won an Olympic medal. Heck, he didn't even compete at his first trip to the Olympics in 1988 when an Achilles injury kept him on the bench. But when he was given another chance, a shot at competing at the 1992 Summer Olympics, he made sure he finished what he started. Redmond ran the 400-meter sprint at the summer games but snapped his hamstring during the race. Instead of giving up, Redmond, with a little help from his father, finished the race to a standing ovation. Of course it didn't count on paper, but he finished and that counts for a lot of perseverance in the heart.
Jesse Owens
The time was 1936 and the location was Nazi Germany. Adolf Hitler saw the Berlin Olympics as a place to showcase his Aryan superiority and talented German athletes but sprinter Jesse Owens had other plans. The African American from Alabama stunned the world when he won four gold medals. Keep in mind that Owens accomplished all of this a good three decades before the civil rights movement in the United States.
Kerri Strug
At the 1996 Summer Olympics, all eyes were on American gymnast Kerry Strug as she was the person who could make the difference between the United States or Russia taking home the gold medal. So when Strug attempted the vault in the first rotation and severely injured her ankle, many saw the door open for the Russian victory. Not so fast. Strug got right back up and competed again on the vault despite the injury. She had to be carried off after the fact but her score was enough to clinch first place.
Lawrence Lemieux
For most at the Olympics, months, years possibly, of training leads up to sometimes just a few moments that decide the difference between a first-place finish and last place. Few in those precious seconds would give up their dreams to help a competitor but that's exactly what Lawrence Lemieux did. The Canadian rower was in second place at the 1988 Olympics when he saw the team from Singapore fall into the water. Lemieux abandoned his own success to rescue the two men before proceeding to the finish line. For his heroics, the Olympic Committee awarded Lemieux an honorary second-place medal.
Miracle on Ice
As chronicled in the acclaimed film "Miracle," the US Men's Olympic Ice Hockey "Miracle on Ice" team completed the seemingly impossible when they won a gold medal at the 1980 Olympics in Lake Placid, New York. Led by coach Herb Brooks, the team of amateur and college hockey players upset the heavily favored Soviet Union National Hockey team, the same team that had won each gold medal except for one since 1956, then went on to win the gold in the finals. The victory is remembered as one of the top sports moments of the century.
Muhammad Ali
During the storied career of Muhammad Ali, the boxer won numerous fights in the ring at the height of his career and back in 1960 when he won the gold medal at the Rome Olympics as Cassius Clay, but it was his battle with Parkinson's syndrome that was the most brutal. Ali was diagnosed with the devastating disease in 1984 but made a valiant return to the Olympics in 1996 in Atlanta when he was given the honor of lighting the Olympic flame to start the games.
Oscar Pistorius
As South African Oscar Pistorius proved in 2012, you don't necessarily need legs to compete against the best sprinters in the world at the Summer Olympics. Pistorius had his legs amputated below the knee at the age of 11 months and was initially going to compete solely at the 2012 Paralympic Games but a last-minute ruling added his name to South Africa's roster for the 2012 Olympics. Regardless of how he finishes in the 400-meter sprint, his favorite event, or the 4-400-meter relay, Pistorius has already made history as the first amputee to compete in the Olympics and the Paralympics in the same year.
Jamaica National Bobsled Team
Anyone who has seen the movie "Cool Runnings" can tell you that the words bobsled, the sport where a team navigates a narrow sled down an icy track, and Jamaica are typically not used in the same sentence. That didn't stop the team from the tropical country from competing in the 1988 Olympics. The Jamaican bobsled team didn't win or even finish the race but proved that despite their lack of experience or proper facilities, they were still ready to give it their all for their country.

Sun, 15 Jul 2012 08:01:20 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/the-most-inspirational-olympic-stories/pedro-cerrano
<![CDATA[Hottest Men on the 2012 US Olympic Team]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/hottest-men-on-the-2012-us-olympic-team/pedro-cerrano?source=rss

The hottest men on the 2012 US Olympic team aren't just some of the top athletes in the world but also some of the best looking and most gorgeous athletes around. Whether they bring home a gold medal or simply look handsome as they fall just short, these hunky men are already winners in our books.

These 2012 Olympic hotties come from all walks of life and compete in all types of sports but some of our favorites just happen to be the ones who just happen to participate in their events half naked. Hot male swimmers are a great example of that with babes such as Ryan Lochte, Michael Phelps, Cullen Jones and Nathan Adrian among those on the US Olympic Swimming team. Beach volleyball players are the same way with the likes of Sean Rosenthal and Phil Dalhausser on Team USA.

But there's plenty more where that came from. Heck, nearly the entire US Men's Olympic Basketball team is full of gorgeous men. Deron Williams, Carmelo Anthony, Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, LeBron James and many more are hungry for a gold medal in hoops, but sadly, ladies, most are taken.

So as you sit back and watch the 2012 Summer Olympics from London, England, don't fret if you see these studs from the US Olympic Team lose. Rest assured that win or lose, they are still some of the hottest male athletes around.
Hottest Men on the 2012 US Olympic Team,

Matt Anderson
Indoor Volleyball
Michael Phelps
Ryan Lochte
Nathan Adrian
David Boudia
Danell Leyva

James Magnussen

Sam Mikulak
Jake Dalton
Chris Brooks

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<![CDATA[The Largest Mitt Romney Campaign Contributors]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-largest-mitt-romney-campaign-contributors/keaton?source=rss

This list of the largest Mitt Romney campaign contributors includes some of the biggest donors to the presumed 2012 Republican presidential nominee. Raising money is obviously key in any major election, but never more so than in a presidential election. Romney is raising millions through corporate donations (bundled) and donations from individuals to the Restore Our Future Super Pac. For more information, check out this list of the largest Super PAC donors (and how much they gave).

This list of top Mitt Romney campaign contributors includes both corporations and many individuals who've given generously to Romney's campaign in recent months, though it is by no means complete: As the November 2012 presidential election draws ever closer, the list will likely grow as donations increase. With regard to the corporations listed, the total includes all money given by individuals, employees and owners within the company -- not the companies themselves. Some of these organizations have PACs of their own, too.

Each month, presidential candidates are required to file fundraising reports with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), so more top donors will be added to the list. As of May 2012, Mitt Romney had raised in excess of $121 million for his campaign. Democratic incumbent President Barack Obama, by contrast, had secured more than $255 million for his re-election campaign. Check out this list of the largest Barack Obama campaign contributors in 2012 for more information on the companies and individuals who've given the most.
The Largest Mitt Romney Campaign Contributors,

Bill Koch
$2 million Restore Our Future PAC
Bob J. Perry
$4 million Restore Our Future PAC
Julian Robertson
$1 million Restore Our Future PAC
Paul Singer
$1 million Restore Our Future PAC
Sheldon Adelson
$10 million Restore Our Future PAC
John Paulson
$1 million Restore Our Future PAC
Robert Mercer
$1 million Restore Our Future PAC
Edward Conard
$1 million Restore Our Future PAC
Frank L. VanderSloot
$1 million Restore Our Future PAC
John Kleinhenz
$1 million Restore Our Future PAC

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<![CDATA[The Best 2012 NBA Players]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-2012-nba-players/sportsyeah?source=rss

The best 2012 NBA players are the talented point guards, forwards and centers in the National Basketball Association who enjoyed the most success in the 2011-2012 season. These players from across the NBA lead the league in points, rebounds, assists, blocks and other statistical categories while also captivating audiences and wooing fans. Regardless if you're a Los Angeles Lakers fan or root for the Boston Celtics or any team in between, it's hard to argue that these are not the best 2011-12 NBA players.

Like other professional sports, there are a bevy of ways to judge which player is the best in the NBA including by statistics and an athlete's overall career. As the shortened 2011-12 NBA season comes to a close, the likes of Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers, Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder and LeBron James of the Miami Heat are among the top three in the league in points per game.

But being called the best in the league is more than just scoring points with leaders in rebounds, assists, blocks and steals also extremely valuable to their respective teams. Rajon Rondo leads his Boston Celtics and the league in assists, with Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns coming in second. Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic is the man in terms of rebounds, more than one rebound per game more than his next highest competitor, Kevin Love of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Each of these players do one thing or another best and lead the league in those areas however the true test will be if these players, like Dirk Nowitzki of the Dallas Mavericks did in the 2010-11 season, can lead their teams to the NBA Championship. Some will go down as the top NBA players of all time while others will simply go home to their ridiculously hot NBA wives. Either way, it's not bad being an NBA player.
The Best 2012 NBA Players,

Carmelo Anthony

Chris Paul

Derrick Rose

Dwight Howard

Dwyane Wade

Kevin Durant

Kobe Bryant

LeBron James

Rajon Rondo

Russell Westbrook

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<![CDATA[2012 Oscars Red Carpet Worst Dressed]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/2012-oscars-red-carpet-worst-dressed/fashionbaby?source=rss

The worst dressed celebrities at the Oscars in 2012 represent some of the most talented names in film today who all made a fashion faux pas on Hollywood's biggest night. These Academy Award nominees, presenters and other celebrities are not only competing for the Oscar statues but also against one another for who looks the best, or in this case worst, on the Oscars red carpet. The line between being on the worst dressed list and the best dressed list at the 2012 Oscars is a fine one but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Entertainment and fashion media outlets and critics will all be on hand as the stars walk the Academy Awards red carpet for the 2012 Oscars on Sunday, February 27, 2012, and ready to critique the stars from head to toe. If a hairstyle is off, the haute couture gown fits wrong, the accessories and diamond jewelry are too much or, as Helena Bonham Carter did at the 2011 Golden Globe Awards, if the expensive shoes are mismatched, these fashion critics, icons and bloggers will be the first to report on the misstep.

Predicting which celebrities will be among the best and worst dressed at the 2012 Academy Awards can be difficult but with a long list of nominees for roles in the top movies of the year, the choices are nearly endless. In past years, everyone from Nicole Kidman to Amy Adams and Jennifer Hudson have made headlines as the worst dressed of the Oscars. Some, like Helena Bonham Carter, even made their looks part of the biggest fashion disasters of 2011 with their horrendous outfits.

With every new Hollywood awards show comes a new red carpet and new opportunities for Hollywood's finest to shock and awe fans, reporters and critics with their fashion choices. See a look that you love or hate? Vote for it or add it below!
2012 Oscars Red Carpet Worst Dressed,

Cameron Diaz
Gown by Gucci
Emma Stone
Outfit by Giambattista Valli & Louis Vuitton
Glenn Close
Gown by Zac Posen
Jonah Hill

Li Bingbing
Gown by Georges Chakra Couture
Octavia Spencer
Gown by Tadashi Shoji
Sacha Baron Cohen
In costume as "The Dictator"
Tina Fey
Wearing a custom Carolina Herrera gown
Viola Davis
Gown by Vera Wang
Jean Dujardin

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<![CDATA[2012 Oscars Red Carpet Best Dressed]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/2012-oscars-red-carpet-best-dressed/fashionbaby?source=rss

The best dressed Oscars 2012 list includes anyone and everyone who rocked the red carpet at the 84th Annual Academy Awards on February 26, 2012. Entries on this list include some Oscar nominees, particularly actresses (though actors can certainly wear tuxes beautifully), along with veteran actors and Oscar presenters. (Be sure to check out the Worst Dressed list as well when you're done here!) Celebrities know that the Academy Awards red carpet is THE biggest of the big when it comes to glamorous gowns and sparkling jewels and accessories, so no expense is spared. This list includes the most beautiful, best dressed, A-listers at the 2012 Oscars. Be sure to vote for your favorites, and obviously if you think a celeb's look fell far short of "best dressed," vote them down.

Unlike some other major awards shows, the Oscars red carpet tends to be very, very classic. A celebrity who wants to take a huge fashion risk would be well-served to NOT do it at the Academy Awards. The Oscars, traditionally, are all about old school Hollywood glitz and glamor. This is the time for true fashionistas to shine, with designers gladly making Oscar dresses for top nominees to gain exposure for their designs.

Who will be among the best dressed at the 2012 Oscars? Actresses who could steal the spotlight include Academy Award nominees Viola Davis, Michelle Williams, Rooney Mara, Octavia Spencer and Jessica Chastain. Other potential head-turners include Bérénice Bejo, Emma Stone, Shailene Woodley, Natalie Portman, Charlize Theron, Mila Kunis, Nicole Kidman, Kate Winslet, Reese Witherspoon, Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig. Veteran actresses Helen Mirren, Glenn Close and Meryl Streep are always a sure bet for almost any "best dressed" list. They've walked so many red carpets over the years, how could they go wrong? Many of the aforementioned actresses were on the best dressed at the 2012 Golden Globes red carpet list, too, so it's a safe bet they'll go all out at the Oscars as well.

Couples-wise, some of the best dressed at the 2012 Oscars will likely include George Clooney and Stacy Keibler (she dazzled on the Golden Globes' red carpet in 2012), and, of course, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

Enjoy this list of the 2012 Oscars best dressed list, and again, vote for the celeb that you think rocked the best awards show look of the year!
2012 Oscars Red Carpet Best Dressed,

Angelina Jolie
Gown by Atelier Versace
Cameron Diaz
Gown by Gucci
George Clooney

Gwyneth Paltrow
Gown by Tom Ford
Li Bingbing
Gown by Georges Chakra Couture
Milla Jovovich
Gown by Elie Saab
Natalie Portman
Vintage Christian Dior Couture from Spring 1954
Octavia Spencer
Gown by Tadashi Shoji
Penélope Cruz
Outfit by Armani Prive & Chopard
Jessica Chastain
Gown by Alexander McQueen

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<![CDATA[The Most Outrageous Rick Santorum Quotes]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/most-outrageous-rick-santorum-quotes/pilgrimsprogressive?source=rss

The most outrageous Rick Santorum quotes express the often controversial and far-right viewpoints of Republican Presidential Nomination hopeful Rick Santorum. Between speaking to students, televised debates and high-profile interviews, Rick Santorum has never been shy about explaining his often extreme views on issues like gay marriage, abortion, birth control, international relations, religion and the economy.

The attorney and United States Senator from Pennsylvania was nearly unknown on a national level prior to 2011 when he threw his name in the hat for the GOP nomination for the 2012 US presidential election. Once Santorum opened his mouth however his often controversial views on the topics made him the top story on news programs and newspaper headlines almost instantly.

While campaigning, Santorum polarized voters with his positions on highly debated topics. As a strong opponent of abortion, contraception and marriage equality under all circumstances, Santorum became the favorite of strict Christian conservatives and the most hated by liberal opponents.

From comparing gay marriage to bestiality, urging rape victims to "make the most" of their gift from God to hinting that he'd outlaw any sexual relations with any other purpose than procreation, the most outrageous Rick Santorum quotes are all loaded ones to say the least. Just as the controversial Michele Bachmann quotes and the ridiculous Sarah Palin quotes put both of those politicians at the front and center of the discussion, the far-right viewpoints and controversial quotes from Rick Santorum have done the same.
The Most Outrageous Rick Santorum Quotes,

Rick Santorum on War with China
You know, Mitt [Romney], I don't want to go to a trade war, I want to beat China, I want to go to war with China and make America the most attractive place in the world to do business.
Rick Santorum on Marriage Equality

If the Supreme Court says that you have the right to consensual [gay] sex within your home, then you have the right to bigamy, you have the right to polygamy, you have the right to incest, you have the right to adultery. You have the right to anything. Does that undermine the fabric of our society? I would argue yes, it does. It all comes from, I would argue, this right to privacy that doesn’t exist in my opinion in the United States Constitution. In every society, the definition of marriage has not ever to my knowledge included homosexuality. That’s not to pick on homosexuality. It’s not, you know, man on child, man on dog, or whatever the case may be. It is one thing.

Is anyone saying same-sex couples can't love each other? I love my children. I love my friends, my brother. Heck, I even love my mother-in-law. Should we call these relationships marriage, too?

[Gay marriage] threatens my marriage. It threatens all marriages. It threatens the traditional values of this country.
Rick Santorum Compares Gay Marriage to Terrorism
[Gay marriage] is an issue just like 9-11… We didn’t decide we wanted to fight the war on terrorism because we wanted to. It was brought to us. And if not now, when? When the supreme courts in all the other states have succumbed to the Massachusetts version of the law? -- Quote from Think Progress. Video depicts a different Santorum discussion of gay marriage.
Rick Santorum on Conservatives
We will never have the media on our side, ever, in this country. We will never have the elite smart people on our side, because they believe they should have the power to tell you what to do. So our colleges and universities, they’re not going to be on our side.
Rick Santorum on Global Warming

Drill everywhere... There is no such thing as global warming.

I refer to global warming as not climate science, but political science. A lot of these environmental sciences are just that – political sciences. They have nothing to do with… real understanding of how we have to value both the environment and its impact on man and the world.
Rick Santorum on Barack Obama's Muslim Connection
I think the Democrats are actually worried he (Obama) may go to Indonesia and bow to more Muslims.
Rick Santorum on Mormonism
Would the potential attraction to Mormonism by simply having a Mormon in the White House threaten traditional Christianity by leading more Americans to a church that some Christians believe misleadingly calls itself Christian, is an active missionary church, and a dangerous cult?
Rick Santorum on Abortion

I think the right approach is to accept this horribly created-in the sense of rape-but nevertheless a gift in a very broken way, the gift of human life, and accept what God has given to you. [Rape victims should] make the best of a bad situation.

I believe that any doctor that performs an abortion, I would advocate that any doctor that performs an abortion, should be criminally charged for doing so.
Rick Santorum on Women in Combat

I think that could be a very compromising situation where people naturally may do things that may not be in the interest of the mission because of other types of emotions that are involved.

I was talking about men’s emotional issues; not women. I mean, there’s a lot of issues. That’s just one of them. So my concern is being in combat in that situation instead of being focused on the mission, they may be more concerned with protecting someone who may be in a vulnerable position, a woman in a vulnerable position.

You throw on top of that just simply physical strength and capability and you may be out there on a mission where it's you and a woman and if you're injured, the ability to transport that person back. And you know, there's just, there are physical limitations. Women have served and do serve and do wonderful things within the military and... they do have opportunities to serve in very dangerous positions. I mean, they serve in very dangerous positions. And I certainly understand that and respect that and admire women for doing so, but I think on the front line of combat is not the best place and it’s not maximizing what they can bring to the table.
Rick Santorum on Evolution
There are many on the left and in the scientific community, so to speak, who are afraid of that discussion because oh my goodness you might mention the word, God-forbid, "God" in the classroom, or "Creator," or that there may be some things that are inexplainable by nature where there may be, where it’s better explained by a Creator, of course we can’t have that discussion. It’s very interesting that you have a situation that science will only allow things in the classroom that are consistent with a non-Creator idea of how we got here, as if somehow or another that’s scientific. Well maybe the science points to the fact that maybe science doesn’t explain all these things. And if it does point to that, why don’t you pursue that? But you can’t because it’s not science, but if science is pointing you there how can you say it’s not science? It’s worth the debate.

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<![CDATA[Celebrities Who Endorsed 2012 GOP Candidates]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/celebrities-who-endorsed-2012-gop-candidates/keaton?source=rss
Celebrities who endorsed 2012 Republican presidential candidates include some well-known celebs who have, over the years, consistently let their political leanings be known, as well as some newcomers. How much does a star's endorsement of a presidential candidate really matter? That's hard to quantify, but when someone who has the media (and the tabloids) attention throws support behind a candidate, it usually makes headlines. This list includes actors, reality stars, musicians and athletes who have gone on record as fans or supporters of GOP candidates in the 2012 election.

Donald Trump is certainly one of the most high-profile celebrities to endorse a candidate this election season. In early-February of 2012, the Donald threw his support behind GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Other celebs known to back Romney include Robert Duvall, Kelsey Grammer and Jon Voight. Celebrities who have endorsed and/or support Newt Gingrich are fewer and more far between, though getting an endorsement from Chuck Norris is nothing to sneeze at. For what it's worth (and really, not much), Gary Busey briefly endorsed Gingrich - but he reversed his decision within a day or two, saying it was too early to make an informed decision.

Ron Paul seems to have the support of some big celebrities, too. Among them: Vince Vaughn, Juliette Lewis, Barry Manilow and Aerosmith's Joe Perry. And who can forget singer Kelly Clarkson's Twitter endorsement of Paul? She got a whopper of a record boost from that one.

Dennis Miller made headlines when he (very publicly) endorsed then-GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain. Two months later, Miller withdrew that endorsement, telling Bill O'Reilly quite simply that Cain "can't win." And, in one of the more bizarre celebrity Republican presidential endorsements of the campaign season, actor Nick Searcy (FX's 'Justified') made a campaign video for Herman Cain (sort of) called "He Carried Yellow Flowers." The video, released on YouTube in September of 2011, was essentially a parody of all the crazy celebrity presidential endorsements - but it also hammered home Searcy's support for Cain (before Cain withdrew from the campaign, of course).

As you can clearly see from this list (stacked heavily to celebrities who endorse Ron Paul and celebrities who endorse Mitt Romney), not all of Hollywood is throwing support behind Barack Obama in 2012.

Celebrities Who Endorsed 2012 GOP Candidates,

Chuck Norris
Newt Gingrich
Dave Mustaine
Rick Santorum
Donald Trump
Mitt Romney
Gary Busey
Newt Gingrich (withdrawn)
Gene Simmons
Mitt Romney
Jenna Jameson
Mitt Romney
Jon Voight
Mitt Romney
Kelsey Grammer
Mitt Romney
Pat Boone
Rick Santorum
Robert Duvall
Mitt Romney

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<![CDATA[The Largest Super PAC Donors (And How Much They Gave)]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/largest-super-pac-donors/keaton?source=rss

SuperPAC donors leading up to the 2012 presidential election, listed in order based on the size of their overall contributions. This list includes individuals as well as funds and corporations that have contributed to some of the nation's largest Super PACs. PAC stands for "political action committee," a name given to any private group that organizes with the express purpose of impacting political legislation or electing a specific candidate.

For a breakdown of just who's giving what in terms of the candidates, check out these pages for the largest Mitt Romney campaign contributors and the biggest Barack Obama campaign donors of 2012.

The landmark 2010 Supreme Court ruling in the case of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission made it legal for corporations, unions and other groups to spend money financing independent expenditures, such as PACs, even though it remains illegal for these same groups to give money to candidates directly. This has led to an explosion of PACs in both size and significance, with the largest committees (known as "Super PACs") raising unlimited funds in support of specific candidates.

The Super PACs must remain independent, and are not allowed to coordinate directly with candidates or political parties. They are also legally mandated to disclose their donors, although they are - due to a technicality - allowed to postpone these revelations until after the election they were designed to influence.

This list collects known donors providing the largest contributions to the nation's largest Super PACs. Because not all donors are disclosed before the 2012 Election, the list may not be entirely complete, but it will be updated throughout campaign season.
The Largest Super PAC Donors (And How Much They Gave),

Harold C Simmons
Texas billionaire and owner of a nuclear-waste disposal company. Contributed $5 million to the American Crossroads Super PAC, $500,000 to the Restore Out Future PAC supporting Mitt Romney, $800,000 to the Winning Our Future PAC supporting Newt Gingrich and $100,000 to the Restoring Prosperity Fund, initially supporting Rick Perry. Simmons also owns Contran Corporation, which donated an additional $2 million to American Crossroads and $1 million to "Make Us Great Again" PAC supporting Rick Perry.
Bob J. Perry
Owner of Perry Homes. Contributed $2.5 million to the (conservative) American Crossroads super PAC and $4 million to "Restore Our Future" PAC supporting Mitt Romney. He also gave $200,000 to the Texas Conservatives Fund and $100,000 to the Make Us Great Again PAC (which supported former Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry).
Jeffrey Katzenberg
CEO of DreamWorks Animation. Contributed $2 million to Obama-affiliated Priorities USA Action PAC.
Jerry Perenchio
The CEO of Chartwell Partners' living trust (and former chairman and CEO of Univision) donated $2 million to Karl Rove's American Crossroads super PAC, $500,000 to the Restore Our Future super PAC (supporting Mitt Romney) and $100,000 to the Our Destiny PAC (which supported John Huntsman).
Jon Huntsman, Sr.
Executive chairman of Huntsman Corporation and father of former GOP candidate Jon M. Huntsman Jr. Contributed $2.2 million to the Our Destiny super PAC supporting Huntsman's presidential campaign.
Morgan Freeman
In June of 2012, actor Morgan Freeman donated $1 million to the Priorities USA Action super PAC, supporting Barack Obama's re-election campaign. Freeman, who also donated to Obama's campaign in 2008, joins several celebrities who are among the largest super PAC donors, including Bill Maher and Jeffrey Katzenberg.
Sheldon Adelson

Chairman and CEO of Las Vegas Sands Corp., owners of Venetian Resort Hotel Casino and Sands Expo and Convention Center. Adelson and his family are to have contributed as much as $21.5 million to the "Winning Our Future" PAC supporting Newt Gingrich.

Once Newt Gingrich dropped out of the Republican presidential race, Sheldon Adelson switched gears -- and candidates. In June of 2012, Adelson reportedly contributed $10 million to the pro-Mitt Romney super PAC "Restore Our Future." That's a ton of cash, but Adelson is estimated to be worth nearly $25 billion.

Adelson's wife, Miriam Adelson, contributed $5 million to the "Winning Our Future" PAC (supporting Newt Gingrich). In June of 2012, it was reported that Adelson will get a "refund" of her money.
John Paulson
Billionaire founder of Paulson & Company hedge fund. Contributed $1 million to "Restore Our Future" PAC supporting Mitt Romney.
Robert Mercer
Co-CEO of Renaissance Technologies Corp. Contributed $1 million to "Restore Our Future" PAC supporting Mitt Romney.
Edward Conard
Former managing director of Bain Capital. Contributed $1 million to the Restore Our Future super PAC supporting Mitt Romney.

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<![CDATA[The Best Super Bowl Movie 2012 Ads]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-super-bowl-movie-2012-ads/randolph?source=rss

The best Super Bowl movie 2012 ads will feature great trailers of upcoming films. In keeping with the sports theme, a lot of movie trailers aired during past Super Bowl games have been for action/adventure films -- hitting a key male demographic. In 2012, a 30-second ad during the Super Bowl set companies back about $4 million. Airing a Super Bowl movie ad is an expensive endeavor, but it's a smart one if studios pick the right film to highlight to a captive audience during a break from the big game. This is the time to break out trailers for the blockbusters!

Four major movie studios plan to air commercials during Super Bowl XLVI: Universal Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures, Paramount Pictures and Relativity Media have all purchased promotional time. What special Super Bowl movie trailers will air? Viewers will likely see trailers for "The Dictator," "Battleship," "John Carter" and "G.I. Joe: Retaliation." Disney will also air a trailer for "The Avengers," a movie that's projected to do really well in 2012. Universal could opt to air trailers for "The Bourne Legacy" and "The Lorax."

During Super Bowl XLVI, Relativity Media will air it's action movie "Act of Valor," a film about the Navy SEALs (and starring actual active-duty SEALs). It will air during the fourth quarter of the game -- though commercials for it will also be shown during NBC's pre and post-Super Bowl coverage.

With a little over a week to go until Super Bowl 2012, a teaser featuring Matthew Broderick as Ferris Bueller surfaced online. This, of course, led to wild speculation about the upcoming ad: A "Ferris Bueller" sequel, perhaps? Within a day, news broke that no, the Ferris Super Bowl Ad was not for a movie of any kind - it will be for Honda, specifically the Honda CR-V. The ad will recreate certain scenes from the classic 1986 movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," with Broderick/Ferris driving a Honda CR-V instead of a Porsche.

And "Hunger Games" movie fans hoping to see a brand new trailer for the highly-anticipated 2012 movie were in luck: Lionsgate did buy time to air a trailer during the Super Bowl pre-game coverage. The new "Hunger Games" movie trailer debuted online just days before the big game.
The Best Super Bowl Movie 2012 Ads,

John Carter

The Avengers

The Lorax

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1


G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Act of Valor

The Dictator

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<![CDATA[The Most Egregious 2012 Oscar Snubs]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-most-egregious-2012-oscar-snubs/oscar-grouch?source=rss
The 2012 Academy Award nominees were announced on the morning of January 24, 2012, and immediately, it became clear that several deserving or expected nominees were snubbed. With 9 nominated films for Best Picture, it was obvious that not every film being honored would receive honors across multiple categories. But many of the most eagerly and excitedly anticipated nominees were left off of the official Oscar ballots, including performers and directors from some of the year's top films. This list contains all the most surprising 2012 Oscar snubs, and it's Voteranked, so you can choose the people or films you thought were most deserving and move them to the top. Think the year's best unnominated performance, behind-the-scenes collaborator, writer or director was left off the list? Add it yourself at the bottom of the page!
The Most Egregious 2012 Oscar Snubs,

Alan Rickman
Despite giving a stand out performance as Professor Snape in the final 'Harry Potter' movie, 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2,' Alan Rickman failed to garner a 2012 Oscars supporting actor nomination. This was the Academy's last chance to honor Rickman as Snape - one of the most memorable characters around. People were really buzzing that Rickman was a shoo-in for a nomination when the movie first came out. What happened?
Albert Brooks
Actor, director, writer and comedian Albert Brooks was widely praised for his going-against-type role as a shady gangland figure in the indie sensation "Drive," earning a bevy of critics circle awards and even scoring a Golden Globe nomination. But he was passed over in the Best Supporting Actor category at the Oscars.
Andy Serkis
Many thought this would be the first year an actor would score a nomination for working with motion-capture animation. And if anyone was going to be the performer to break that barrier, it would be fitting to give the honor to Andy Serkis, the actor behind some of the most famous motion-capture characters of all time. (He's Gollum from "Lord of the Rings" AND King Kong AND Captain Haddock from "The Adventures of Tintin"!) His role as Caesar in "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" helped propel that film from oddball summer curiosity into one of the year's most popular films. But the Academy held to a more traditional definition for Best Actor and Serkis was shut out.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
For 50/50. His best performance so far in his career.
Michael Fassbender
Fassbender appeared in about 80% of all 2011 movies, including a 'revealing' and praised turn as a sex addict in Steve McQueen's "Shame" and a memorable role as psychologist Karl Jung in David Cronenberg's "A Dangerous Method." It wasn't enough to earn him a Best Actor nod, however, as he was edged out by two other "breakthrough" performances: Demián Bichir in "A Better Life" and Jean Dujardin in "The Artist."
Michael Shannon
Dark, brooding Michael Shannon - perhaps best known to audiences as unpredictable Treasury agent Nathan van Alden on "Boardwalk Empire" - was praised for his role as a possibly schizophrenic husband and father in the art-house disaster film "Take Shelter." He took home a number of critics awards, won Best Actor in the Village Voice film poll and is up for the Independent Spirit Award. But it was not enough momentum to crack this year's tough Best Actor race, and "Take Shelter" went unnominated in any categories.
Ryan Gosling
2011 was truly the Year of the Gos, with Ryan Gosling giving great performances in three different films: 'The Ides of March,' 'Crazy, Stupid, Love' and 'Drive.' At least Gosling got two Golden Globes nominations. Still. No Ryan G. at the Oscars? Crazy. And Stupid.
Tilda Swinton
Many of the Best Actress nominees have been commonly shortlisted for the prize for most of awards season. There seemed little doubt Michelle Williams (for "My Week with Marilyn"), Viola Davis (for "The Help"), Glenn Close (for "Albert Nobbs") and of course Meryl Streep (for "The Iron Lady") would get mentions, and they did. Tilda Swinton's bold work in "We Need to Talk About Kevin" was a relatively late addition to the horserace, even though she has previously won an Oscar for her supporting work in "Michael Clayton." After Swinton won the National Board of Review's award for Best Actress, and was nominated for a Golden Globe, she seemed an obvious choice to fill out the Best Actress category on Oscar night. Instead, her "wild card" spot went to Rooney Mara for her take on Lisbeth Salander in David Fincher's "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo."
Tom Hardy
Warrior, the film about two estranged brothers who end up facing each other in a mixed martial arts tournament, only received a single nomination. While Nick Nolte may deserve his supporting nomination as their alcoholic father, Tom Hardy deserves it more. His brutal intensity as a former Iraq vet trying to earn some money to put his mind at peace is a throwback to Stallone's Rocky fighting for self-respect. While Hardy's work in other films (Inception, Tinker Tailer Soldier Spy) has been mesmerizing, Warrior was a step beyond.
Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross
"The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" was left out of a number of categories, but none was more surprising than Best Original Score. Last year's winners for "The Social Network" - Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross - did similarly interesting work in "Dragon Tattoo" but failed to earn even a nomination, despite getting nominated in the category at the Golden Globes.

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<![CDATA[The Least Interesting Celebrated 2011 Films]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-least-interesting-celebrated-2011-films/oscar-grouch?source=rss

A list of movies that appeared on numerous Oscar prediction lists or critical "Top 10s" that, for whatever reason, most people have no desire to see. Vote up the films you care about the least on the list, and if I've left off a movie you've heard a lot about but don't care if you ever see, enter it in the space at the bottom of the page.

Every fall and winter, when the movie awards season race begins in earnest, you start hearing about all kinds of independent films, foreign films, art house films and even major releases that thus far had flown under the radar. Many of these are films that simply don't open until December or January, but which will have coordinated Oscar campaigns. Others are movies that were hits on the festival circuit, and have thus been picked early as possible award contenders by pundits, bloggers and critics. Still others are just films that built up their own reputation by playing on a few screens, and snuck their way on to some writers' "Best of the Year" lists. Others yet are the result of straight-up marketing campaigns, studios and financiers paying tastemakers and influencers to talk up their films in the hopes of getting some award recognition.

Often, this "buzz" will bring deserving attention on to great movies that may not have otherwise found an audience. 2011's "The Artist" - a foreign-made silent romance - is an unlikely hit, but still scored with Americans after winning some major early awards and generating positive reviews in selected markets.

But other times, this buzz leads to movies no one would normally care to see getting an undue amount of attention come December. This list collects these movies from 2011, the ones you'd never think of actually paying money for, but that you still end up hearing about all the time because they are considered "award-worthy." Bah humbug.
The Least Interesting Celebrated 2011 Films,

Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life


Midnight in Paris
Got better as it went on, but really just an average Woody film at best
J. Edgar


A Separation

Albert Nobbs

The Iron Lady

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

My Week with Marilyn

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<![CDATA[Celebrity Break Ups 2012: Celeb Couples Who Split in 2012]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/celebrity-break-ups-2012-celeb-couples-who-split-in-2012/celebrity-events?source=rss
Celebrity breakups from 2012 included some of the most high-profile splits, a few we saw coming, and a few we didn't. The celeb couples who split in 2012 are countless, but these few stood out from the pack as the most notable the year had to offer.
Celebrity Break Ups 2012: Celeb Couples Who Split in 2012,

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
Cruise and Holmes had been married for 5 years when they announced that they planned to divorce. The couple had wed in 2006 in an Italian castle. (Cruise was 49 at the time of their wedding, Holmes was 33.) Together, the couple has a 6 year old daughter, named Suri. It marked the third marriage for Tom Cruise, who had previously been wed to Nicole Kidman and Mimi Rogers. The marriage was Holmes's first.
Heidi Klum and Seal
The couple renewed their wedding vows every year on their anniversary, but after seven years the two are divorcing. The couple has three biological children and Seal adopted Klum's daughter from a previous marriage.
Emily Maynard and Jef Holm
Add Emily Maynard and Jef Holm to the growing list of Bachelorette couples who've called it quits. According to reports, Emily and Jef, who got engaged during the big Bachelorette finale in July 2012, failed to go the distance: They have called off their engagement. Emily Maynard has now been engaged twice: Once to Brad Womack, who chose her on The Bachelor, and once to Holm, the man she picked on The Bachelorette. Will she try again? That remains to be seen, but for now, it's just Emily and her daughter, Ricki.
Taylor Swift and Connor Kennedy
Alas, the fairytale romance between country songbird Taylor Swift and Connor Kennedy, the son of Robert Kennedy Jr., is kaput. Swift and Kennedy's romance lasted throughout the summer of 2012, with many speculating that things wouldn't last, largely because of the age difference (Swifty is 22, Kennedy is 18). Now the question is: How badly will Taylor Swift skewer Connor Kennedy on her next album?
Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy
Reality TV star Bethenny Frankel and her husband, businessman Jason Hoppy, separated in December of 2012, after almost three years of marriage. Frankel and Hoppy have one child together: 2 1/2 year old Bryn. When Frankel and Hoppy married in March of 2010, Bethenny was seven months pregnant. Frankel and Hoppy began dating in late 2008.
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis
Depp and Paradis were together for nearly 14 years before officially calling it quits in June of 2012. Depp's publicist says the couple "amicably separated," and asked for privacy for themselves and their two children (Lily-Rose and Jack).
Katy Perry and Russell Brand
After 14 months of marriage the pop star and the comedian decided to call it quits.
Rhea Perlman and Danny DeVito
In a true celebrity break up shocker, actress Rhea Perlman and her husband of 30 years, actor Danny DeVito, opted to separate in October of 2012. Perlman and DeVito first met in 1970; they married in 1982. They have three children together. No reason was given for the split and close friends, including Perlman's former 'Cheers' co-star John Ratzenberger, expressed shock over the breakup.
Courtney Robertson and Ben Flajnik
Courtney Robertson and Ben Flajnik became the latest couple from ABC's 'The Bachelor' to call things off. The couple, who dated for nine months, decided to call it quits in October of 2012. In a statement, Courtney and Ben said that they'd begun to "grow apart" and that they needed "to focus on our respective careers." Within days of the announcement, Courtney was romantically linked to 2012 'Bachelor' runner-up Arie Luyendyk Jr.

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<![CDATA[2012 Best Tamil Movies List]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/top-10-tamil-films-of-2012/rajwant-dhaliwal?source=rss
Vote for your favorite Tamil movies of 2012. The Indian cinema industry produced many wonderful Tamil language films in 2012 - from the coming-of-age romantic drama film 3, to the action film Thuppakki, and the Tamil thriller movie Naan. Indian producers have long been working to make impressive Tamil movies. 2012 was no different. These hit films are all wonderful, so help us choose the top 10 and vote!
2012 Best Tamil Movies List,



Oru Kal Oru Kannadi



Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom




Naan Ee

Thu, 12 Jan 2012 13:49:46 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/top-10-tamil-films-of-2012/rajwant-dhaliwal
<![CDATA[Celebrity Hairstyles 2012]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/celebrity-hairstyles-2012/fashionbaby?source=rss

What are the hottest celebrity hairstyles in 2012? As the year progresses, celebs will be setting a ton of new trends, and hair is a biggie. Celeb hairstyles are impossible to predict ahead - that's what makes them so fun! What is the "must have" cut for 2012? It could well be a short, pixie-style like the one Emma Watson's been sporting, or a longer, layered "demi-bob" like style-maven Alexa Chung. Whether it's a short hair cut or a longer style, people will be watching celebrities to see what's hot -- and then rushing to a hairdresser for a copycat look!

While there's no way to know exactly what 2012 celebrity hairstyles will be the hottest, it's likely that some of the biggest trendsetters will be those who began flaunting their style icon status in 2011. Example? Kate Middleton: The Duchess of Cambridge's long, lustrous brunette locks are all the rage, with women clamoring to duplicate the look. Basically, Kate has a long, layered hairstyle, with lots and lots of shine, bounce and movement. Will this be the biggest celebrity hairstyle of 2012? It very well could be.

Wigs could be big in 2012, too. They sure were in 2011, with gorgeous style-setting musicians like Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry leading the way, sporting wigs in vibrant blues and pinks. Sure, the wigs are more of a 'fad' than anything, but they're a great way to switch up a look and be 'current' without sacrificing your hairstyle (and color).

Bottom line: Great celebrity hairstyles in 2012 will be versatile. Some styles will be timeless and elegant -- others, more trendy and fleeting, but either way, women will want to duplicate them, pronto. To spot trends, keep an eagle-eye on television and film actresses, especially those constantly in the spotlight (Jennifer Aniston, anyone?). As 2012 unfolds, celebrity hair trends will undoubtedly begin to surface.
Celebrity Hairstyles 2012,

Amanda Seyfried

Instantly sexy and wanted by women around the globe, Amanda Seyfried's curly, blonde hairstyle is a classic favorite. Worn down, her long hair flows with tumbling curls to highlight the shine and catch the eye.

For the Amanda Seyfried look, start with long hair and ask for a layered cut. Then, create bounce and dimension by curling sections with a large-barrel curling iron and finishing with a shine glossing spray.
Charlize Theron

The Academy Award-winning actress rocked the wavy look in the spring of 2012 with her short-medium length hair. Charlize Theron's simple waves frame her kind face to create a softer look.

For Charlize Theron's look, curl medium-length hair with a small-barrel curling iron in one-inch sections to create a wavy look. Alternately, for already curly hair, use a hair dryer with a diffuser and some curling hair product to achieve the same look.
Christina Hendricks

Though she's naturally a blonde, Christina Hendricks is easily one of the hottest red heads on the planet right now with her bold look. Her fiery shoulder-length tresses look fabulous whether they are done up for her television show "Mad Men" or down for a red carpet event.

Now just because Christina Hendricks has been coloring her hair a cardinal color since she was a child does not mean the shade works on all people. If you want to try, seek out an experienced colorist. Then, like the busty beauty, style hair for the occasion be it a simple updo with side-swept bangs or down with tight curls.
Emma Watson

Showing fans that less can be more, "Harry Potter" star Emma Watson's short pixie look has been turning heads. Similar to the cut worn by blonde beauty Michelle Williams, Emma Watson has cropped her red hair to bring a mature level of sophistication to her look.

Creating the pixie look like Emma Watson is as simple as cutting hair down to a matter of inches. From then, day-to-day styling is super easy. Allow straight hair to air dry for a effortless look or use a bit of styling product and blow dry to add texture and volume.
Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is known for her trademark long locks. Her incredible mane is always shiny, bouncy and totally healthy-looking, and the color is always flattering. J-Lo wears her hair straight at times, but during her concert tour in 2012 she began wearing great, natural curls.

In June of 2012, Lopez shocked when she emerged (with boyfriend Casper Smart) in Santiago, Chile, sporting a much shorter 'do. Her hair was noticeably shorter, almost shoulder-length and very curly -- almost a bob of sorts. Did she get a cut or simply have extensions removed? Is it a wig? Only J-Lo knows, but the bouncy, flirty, shorter look definitely flatters.
Kate Beckinsale

As if the woman could not look any more beautiful, Kate Beckinsale perfects the simple sophistication with her flowing look. A simple part gives volume to the brunette and the layered curls, swept to one side, make the actress look absolutely stunning.

Though the look appears simple, this celebrity hairstyle takes a bit more work than others. Start with a good colorist to replicate the darker on the roots, lighter on the ends color. Then simply part hair, blow dry to add volume and curl feathered ends, paying attention to keeping the hair to one side of the body.
Miley Cyrus
In mid-August of 2012, Miley Cyrus shocked the world when she debuted a *very* different haircut. Gone were Miley's signature flowing, brown locks. Cyrus basically chopped it all off, opting for a sleek, platinum blonde, pixie-style cut. Cyrus stunned her millions of Twitter followers by posting a photo of the big re-"do," saying she was "ready for a change." That she was. Fans, understandably, had mixed reactions, but Miley said she was thrilled with her short new cropped hair, saying she'd "Never felt more me in my whole life."
Rachel McAdams

For some, showing dark roots with blonde hair is considered a sin but not for actress Rachel McAdams who embraces the look. She shoulder-length hair is extremely versatile and can be blow-dried smooth for a professional look or styled into wavy ringlets for a softer, sexier look.

For the cut, start with wispy bangs plus side bangs then leave the remaining hair medium-long, or just past the shoulders. Highlight and color as needed. Style as desired for the occasion.

Songstress Rihanna may change her hairstyle as often as some change their clothes but her hair rarely fails to disappoint. Whether it's straight or curly red hair, like she sports when walking the red carpet, her pixie-inspired short hair or the partially shaved head with the long, dark hair, Rihanna's many hairstyles are far from boring.

Unless you're a fan of wigs or constantly processing your hair at pricey salons, recreating Rihanna's look requires picking one of her many looks. The singer has been blonde, rocked a mohawk and gone from short, straight hair to long and curly overnight with each style looking better and better each time.
Kate Middleton: The Duchess of Cambridge

Kate Middleton, aka the Duchess of Cambridge, is known for her shiny, luxurious, long locks. Her polished waves look healthy and virtually effortless. Women around the globe are flocking to hairdressers, asking for Kate's gorgeous look, which was hot in 2011 and remains hot well into 2012.

Basically, Kate's look is natural and easy-going - easy breezy! Getting this particular hairstyle might be difficult if you've got shorter locks (waiting for hair to grow out can take forever), but if you already have long locks, just be sure to condition hair for extra bounce and use a shining serum for a super glossy mane! Ask your hairdresser to cut your hair in long layers, adding in a little chin-length fringe. The longer layers give hair extra movement.

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<![CDATA[Rank the 2012 Olympics USA Basketball Team Roster]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/2012-olympics-usa-basketball-team-roster/sportsyeah?source=rss

The 2012 Olympic USA Basketball Team roster is composed of 12 of the finest professional basketball players from the United States and will compete for a gold medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, England. After losing many strong finalists to injury, the 12-member team for the 2012 Olympics was announced on July 7, 2012.

What is the best Summer Olympics sport?

Like many editions of the squad from the past, the 2012 US Men's Basketball team will enter the Summer Olympics with big expectations to dominate the tournament and bring home a gold medal. This was also the case in 1992 when the "Dream Team," composed of some of the best basketball players of all time, won the gold medal in glorious fashion. Other teams in the years since were less successful, such as the 2004 squad, but the US bounced back to win a gold medal in 2008.

Many of the players from that 2008 team returned for the 2012 campaign. Comprised completely of National Basketball Association players, the 2012 roster includes some of the best in professional basketball right now such as Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Kevin Love and Carmelo Anthony. Additionally, Blake Griffin, Andre Iguodala and James Harden were named final members the team.

Thought not as strong as originally projected, the US Men's Olympic Basketball team is still expected to be one of those with the most potential at the 2012 Olympics. Think they're destined for gold or do you see a supreme upset in their future? Tell us what you think and why by leaving a comment below.
Rank the 2012 Olympics USA Basketball Team Roster,

Andre Iguodala

Carmelo Anthony

Chris Paul

Derrick Rose
Projected roster member
Kevin Durant

Kevin Love

Kobe Bryant

LeBron James

James Harden

Russell Westbrook

Sun, 08 Jan 2012 00:32:57 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/2012-olympics-usa-basketball-team-roster/sportsyeah
<![CDATA[Celebrity Babies 2012]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/celebrity-babies-2012/celebrity-events?source=rss

Celebrity babies in 2012, just like the celebrity babies from 2011, will be headline news before they take their first steps, say their first words or make any contribution to society. These celebrity babies, be them born to the celebrities themselves or adopted by these famous people, will earn their parents millions of dollars in photo shoots and product endorsements. Clearly, the best thing to be in 2012 is a celebrity baby as it's a highly lucrative position that requires no work for lots of money.

Celebrities wasted no time in 2012 waiting to have their babies with a few new celebrity offspring being born in the first hours of the new year. Actress Roselyn Sanchez and her actor hubby Eric Winter welcomed a baby girl, Sebella Rose, on January 4, 2012, and quickly became the first celebrity to bring a new live into this world in 2012.

Singer Beyonce and her rap mogul husband Jay-Z may be the highest profile of the bunch with whole websites dedicated to if their celebrity spawn. On January 7, 2012, Beyonce gave birth to a baby girl, Blue Ivy Carter, in New York City.

For other celebrities, bump watch continues. 2012 is set to be a huge year for celebrity baby bump watches with some of the biggest celebrities in the world expecting little ones in 2012.

But the ongoing celebrity pregnancies from 2011 don't stop there. Everyone from singer Jessica Simpson, actresses Jennifer Garner and Hilary Duff, and reality star Kourtney Kardashian were all expecting in 2012. Once they have their babies, those little bundles of joy are added to this list!

Stay tuned folks, as 2012 is sure to bring not only a new crop of tabloid fodder with celebrity babies but also a new group of expectant celebrity parents. We'll be keeping an eye on both and update this list when more information is available.
Celebrity Babies 2012,

Olive Barrymore Kopelman
Born to actress Drew Barrymore and her husband, art consultant Will Kopelman, on September 26, 2012. The baby girl is the couple's first child. Barrymore and Kopelman got married in June of 2012 at Barrymore's home in Montecito, California.
Magnus Hamilton Miller
Born to Sugarland singer Jennifer Nettles and her husband, Justin Miller, on December 6, 2012. The little boy is the couple's first child. In a statement, Nettles and Miller said they are "excited to take some time together as a new family."
Vivian Lake Brady
Born to supermodel Gisele Bundchen and her husband, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, on December 5, 2012. In a statement on Facebook, Gisele said that she and Tom "feel so lucky to have been able to experience the miracle of birth once again." She says little Vivian "is healthy and full of life." Vivian has two siblings, both boys: Benjamin Rein and John, Brady's son with actress Bridget Moynahan.
Breeze Beretta Johnston
Born to Levi Johnston (the ex-fiance of Bristol Palin) and his girlfriend, preschool teacher Sunny Oglesby, on September 12, 2012. The baby girl, whose middle name is the same as Italian firearm maker Beretta, was born in Wasilla, Alaska. This is Oglesby's first child; Johnston has a three-year-old son, Tripp, with Bristol Palin.
Dean Turner Saliman
Born to 'Grimm' actress Bree Turner and her husband, Justin Saliman, on September 12, 2012, in Los Angeles, California. The 6lb, 9oz baby boy is the couple's second child: They have a two-year-old daughter, Stella Jean Saliman.
Camden John Lachey
Born to Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey on September 12, 2012. The baby boy, who weighed 8lbs 9oz, is the couple's first child. Lachey and Minnillo were married in July of 2011. Camden seems to be a popular celebrity baby name for 2012: Former 'Hills' star Kristin Cavallari and her fiance, Jay Cutler, also named their baby boy Camden.
Logan Phineas Miller Murphy
Born to 'Glee' and 'American Horror Story' creator Ryan Murphy and his husband, David Miller, on December 24, 2012. The 6 pound, 21-inch baby boy is the couple's first child. Murphy and Miller married in July of 2012.
Tennessee James Toth
Born to actress Reese Witherspoon and her husband, Jim Toth, on September 27, 2012. The baby boy is the couple's first child; Witherspoon has two other children, Ava and Deacon, with her ex-husband, actor Ryan Phillippe. Reese tied the knot with Toth in March of 2011. A rep for Witherspoon said shortly after the announcement that "Both mom and baby are healthy and the entire family is thrilled."
Noah Shannon Green
Born to actress Megan Fox and her husband and longtime partner, actor Brian Austin Green, on September 27, 2012. The baby boy is the couple's first child. Megan Fox actually broke the news to everyone via her Facebook page, writing, "We have been very lucky to have had a peaceful few weeks at home, but I would like to release this myself before others do. I gave birth to our son Noah Shannon Green on September 27th. He is healthy, happy, and perfect."
Violet Marlowe Followill
Born to Kings of Leon drummer Nathan Followill and his wife, singer Jessie Baylin, on December 26, 2012. The baby girl is the first child for the couple, who married in November of 2009. 2012 was a baby boom of sorts for the Followill family: Nathan's brother, Caleb Followill, and his wife, Victoria's Secret model Lily Aldridge, had a baby girl (Dixie Pearl Followill) in June of 2012.

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<![CDATA[Celebrity Deaths: 2012 Famous Deaths List]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/celebrity-deaths-2012-famous-deaths-list/famous-celebrity-deaths-list?source=rss

The Official 2012 Celebrity Deaths list. What famous stars died in 2012? These are the famous deaths in 2012. These famous people who died in 2012 are actors, actresses, musicians, and notable world leaders who we now mourn their passing. This list of dead celebrities was updated with all notable deaths in 2012 along with a brief obituary for each. Which movie stars died in 2012? The more recent famous celebrity deaths are listed at the top, though you are also able to sort by the notable stars names as well. The stars that passed away in 2012 will be missed and all the famous dead celebrities of 2012 have been listed. If we have missed anyone though, please let us know if the comments below.

Celebs who died in 2012 include Whitney Houston, Michael Clarke Duncan, Neil Armstrong, Dick Clark, Jenni Rivera, and more. 

Also look at Celebrity Deaths 2011 for last years list as well as dead celebrities 2013 for last year and famous dead celebs 2017 for the current year.

Celebrity Deaths: 2012 Famous Deaths List,

Adam Yauch
5/4/12: Adam Yauch was better known as "MCA" from the iconic hip hop group The Beastie Boys. He was 47 years old. Yauch had been diagnosed with the cancer that eventually ended his life in 2009. The Beastie Boys were inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame about 1 month before his death. Yauch as also a film director and the founder of movie distribution company Oscilloscope Laboratories.
Andy Griffith
7/3/12: Actor and American icon, Andy Griffith died at the age of 86 from natural causes. Griffith was most known for his portrayal of a small town sheriff in "The Andy Griffith Show" and later a venerable lawyer in "Matlock". He was also an award winning gospel singer.
Dick Clark
4/18/12: Renowned TV Host, Dick Clark, died at the age of 82 after suffering a heart attack post surgery. Clark was known for hosting the long running music TV program, "American Bandstand" as well as game shows like "Pyramid". He created the extremely popular "Dick Clark's New Years Rockin' Eve" in 1972.
Etta James
1/20/12: Prolific singer/songwriter Etta James passed away after a long bout with leukemia. James bridged the gap between R&B and rock & roll, with hits like "Dance With Me, Henry," "At Last," "Tell Mama," and "I'd Rather Go Blind." She is the winner of 6 Grammys and 17 Blues Music Awards as well as being an inductee to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, the Blues Hall of Fame and the Grammy's Hall of Fame. She was 73.
Michael Clarke Duncan
9/3/12: Actor, Michael Clarke Duncan, passed away in the hospital where he had been since a heart attack in July. Duncan, most known for his roles in "The Green Mile", "Daredevil" and "Armageddon", was notable for his large frame and deep voice. He was 54.
Neil Armstrong
8/25/12: Astronaut Neil Armstrong died at 82 due to complications from blocked coronary arteries. In 1969, Armstrong became an international icon and hero as the first man to step foot on the moon. The aerospace engineer was a member of the Apollo 11 spaceflight, which landed on the moon July 20, 1969.
Phyllis Diller
8/20/12: Revolutionary comedian, Phyllis Diller, was found dead in her home. Diller was most known for her outlandish sense of humor and verbose laughter. She started her career in standup at the age of 35 in 1952. Diller was considered a leader and paved the way for women in comedy. It was reported that she died peacefully in her sleep with a smile on her face. She was 95.
Sally Ride
7/23/12: Physicist Sally Ride joined NASA in 1978 and became the first American woman to travel to space in 1983. She was part of the five-person crew on the Space Shuttle Challenger. (At the time, she was also the youngest American to enter space, at the age of 32, and the first woman to use a robot arm in space.) Ride later left NASA to work in Washington, DC, at Stanford University's Center for International Security and Arms Control. She died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 61.
Tony Scott
8/19/12: Renowned director, Tony Scott, was found dead after committing suicide in San Pedro California. Scott was known for his numerous hit movies like "Top Gun", "True Romance" and "Crimson Tide". He was pulled from the water after jumping off a bridge in San Pedro, a suicide note was found inside his car by the police. Scott is survived by his wife and children along with his brother, director Ridley Scott.
Whitney Houston
2/11/12: Gospel-trained pop diva, who during the course of her life sold over 55 million records, as well as the star of popular films "The Bodyguard" and "Waiting to Exhale." Houston had become a regular feature in tabloids, due to her own admitted years of drug abuse and a tumultuous marriage with fellow musician and vocalist Bobby Brown. Houston died at age 48. The reason for her death was initially unknown.

Mon, 02 Jan 2012 08:45:44 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/celebrity-deaths-2012-famous-deaths-list/famous-celebrity-deaths-list
<![CDATA[Celebrity Arrests 2012: Celebrities Arrested in 2012]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/celebrity-arrests-2012-celebrities-arrested-in-2012/celebrity-events?source=rss

These are all the famous people arrested in 2012. What celebrities were arrested in 2012? This famous celebrity arrests list includes all the best details, including when and where the celeb was taken into custody, along with the charges, of course. As the year drags on, more celebrities will inevitablly have brushes with the law -- it's just a given. What famous celebrities were arrested in 2012? This list includes actors, actresses and musicians who've wound up in handcuffs some time in 2012. Who will be the next famous person hauled in by the cops?

Just because someone is rich and famous doesn't mean they live above the law. Not by a long shot. If they break the law, celebrities can and have been arrested. Some even wind up doing jail time, too.

Behold, the 2012 celebrities who ran afoul of the law. And, if you'd like a trip down memory lane, check out this list of the biggest celebrity arrests of 2011, as well.
Celebrity Arrests 2012: Celebrities Arrested in 2012,

Adrian Peterson

NFL star Adrian Peterson was arrested on July 7, 2012, at a Houston, Texas, nightclub. Peterson was taken into custody for resisting arrest by authorities. After spending several hours in jail, Peterson was released on a $1000 bond. Reports cite an incident report as saying that Peterson was "drinking heavily" before the alleged altercation at the Live! at the Bayou club.

For his part, Peterson apparently disputes the reports. The day after his arrest, the Minnesota Vikings running back tweeted, "A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on."
Chad Ochocinco

NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson (yes, Chad Ochocinco), was arrested in South Florida, on August 11, 2012, on domestic violence charges after an apparent altercation with his new wife, 'Basketball Wives' star Evelyn Lozada. Chad is accused of head-butting Evelyn during an argument. Evelyn was said to be upset after finding a receipt for a box of condoms in the couple's car.

Everything went downhill fast for Johnson after his arrest. The star wide receiver was quickly cut by the Miami Dolphins, and VH1 announced it was canceling his reality show, 'Ev & Ocho.'
Fiona Apple

Singer Fiona Apple was arrested during a Texas border patrol stop on September 19, 2012. Authorities used drug dogs to search Apple's tour bus and uncovered hashish and marijuana. Reports say that Apple admitted that yes, the drugs were hers. She was taken into custody and incarcerated at the Hudspeth County Jail.

Apple was later released, and in the days following her arrest, she claimed she was "mistreated" by officers. How did Fiona issue a statement on the matter? During a concert in Houston, Texas, Apple gave a bizarre, rambling statement, telling the audience:

"Most of the people were very nice to me. There are four of you out there—I want you to know that I heard everything you did, I wrote it all down, with your names and everything you did and said, stupidly thinking I couldn’t see or hear you. I then ripped the paper up, but not before I encoded it."

Apple wasn't finished: She then explained, "I’ll make you f—ing famous," (talking about the supposedly corrupt cops). Here's the video of the rant:

Within days, a spokesperson for the Hudspeth County Sheriff's Department responded, saying that Apple should "just shut up and sing."
Jenna Jameson
Porn star Jenna Jameson was arrested in May of 2012 on suspicion of DUI. Police in Orange County, California, filed charges after Jameson smashed her car into a light pole. Fortunately, Jameson wasn't seriously injured in the crash.
Marcus Jordan
Marcus Jordan, son of former NBA great Michael Jordon, was arrested in Omaha, Nebraska, on July 1, 2012. Police took the 21-year-old Jordan, a basketball player for Central Florida, into custody on charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. The charges stem from an alleged argument with two women outside of an Omaha hotel. Jordan was later released.
Randy Travis
Country singer Randy Travis was arrested on August 7, 2012, in what has to be one of the most embarrassing celeb arrests of the year. Travis was taken into custody by police in Grayson County, Texas, naked and battered. He's charged with DWI and threatening "to kill state troopers," after his Pontiac Trans Am was found crashed at a construction site. Why Travis was naked isn't clear, but this is the second arrest for him in 2012: He was previously arrested on public intoxication charges in February.
Scout LaRue Willis
Scout Willis was arrested in early-June of 2012 for allegedly using a fake ID. Apparently, the 20-year-old Scout (Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's middle child) was hanging out in New York City's Union Square, drinking underage, when a cop asked her for ID. The one she gave him? Not hers! She was charge with two misdemeanors: criminal impersonation and breaking the city's open container law.
Deena Nicole Cortese
Deena Cortese became the latest in a (growing) line of 'Jersey Shore' stars to get arrested. On June 10, 2012, the cops hauled Cortese in for disorderly conduct and public intoxication in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. Cortese was understandably not happy about her arrest -- and it clearly shows in her mugshot.
Joe LaFont
Joe La Font, aka "Trapper Joe" gator hunter on the History Channel reality show 'Swamp People,' was reportedly arrested by California police on domestic violence charges on June 20, 2012. According to TMZ, the charges may stem from an alleged fight LaFont had with his girlfriend.
Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans, star of MTV's 'Teen Mom 2,' was arrested in North Carolina on Sunday, June 24, 2012. This is the fourth arrest in 2012 for Evans. This time, she was busted on assault charges and, according to TMZ, she "was also in possession of weed" when she was taken into custody. E! reports that Evans' estranged fiance, Gary Head, was also taken into custody, and that the charges against both stem from a domestic incident.

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<![CDATA[The Internet Reacts to Rick Perry's Debate Gaffe]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-internet-reacts-to-rick-perry_s-debate-gaffe/pilgrimsprogressive?source=rss

At a Republican Primary debate on November 9, 2011, Texas Governor Rick Perry was attempting to name 3 governmental departments he would seek to dissolve as president. After listing off the Departments of Commerce and Education, Perry forgot the third agency he meant to name. After a prolonged, embarrassed pause, and a few attempts to dodge the situation or change the subject, Perry then admitted his mistake, laughed and said "oops."

The gaffe set off a torrent of criticisms and jokes online, particularly on Twitter, with many pundits, bloggers and even some Perry fans declaring his campaign officially over. (Among the political journalists riffing on the error and declaring Perry DOA were Ezra Klein, Andrew Sullivan, Ann Coulter and even Matt Drudge.)

Perry spoke afterwards to reporters, using self-deprecating humor and conceding that he had "stepped in it" earlier. (He also clarified that it was the Department of Energy he meant to identify.) But it seemed likely that the damage had already been done, with Perry's stock dropping on the betting site InTrade and general sentiment concluding that he was not ready for the national spotlight.

What follows is a list of the funniest Internet reactions to the Rick Perry "oops" moment. Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments.
The Internet Reacts to Rick Perry's Debate Gaffe,

The Joke That HAD to Be Made
If ever a situation called for Keyboard Cat to play someone off... this was it.
He Was Sober?

Far be it from me to doubt the wisdom Ann Coulter, but are we sure about that?

[NOTE: This MAY not be the real Ann Coulter. The account is unverified.]
Yelp Gets in On the Fun

In their latest app release for iOS, Yelp included a joke at Perry's expense, forgetting the contents of their own update. It's very funny, but I didn't get it right away, and to be honest, they're being kind of rude. 2 stars.
The Gaffe

Fox News?

Blogger Tbogg announces Perry's plans to appear on all the major networks to explain his memory lapse... and of course gets in a dig at the same time.
The Suspense is Killing Me

Tech pundit MG Siegler suspects showmanship, rather than buffoonery, was behind Perry's debate performance. Time will tell...
Rick's Campaign's in Jeopardy

When even "Jeopardy" champs are snapping on you, that's a sign your presidential campaign is not going well.

The comparison between Rick's failure to produce a response and the popular TV quiz show wasn't lost on YouTubers, either:

Rock, Paper, Uhh...

And just like that, the "Forgetful Perry" meme is born. [Via Redditor pokelila]
Hey Rick, Nice Shot

Let no one say that comedian Jim Norton does not tell it like it is. Ouch. (For those who don't get the reference, Pennsylvania politician Budd Dwyer famously arranged to kill himself while being broadcast on television. It's called Google, folks!)
Rick Perry Fans React on Facebook

Buzzfeed has assembled a most excellent list of Rick Perry fans commenting on, making excuses for and just generally lamenting their candidate's complete nationally televised meltdown. Here are a few of the choice posts:

Yeah, do we really want a President who remembers all of his children's names and his address? (Presumably, that would be 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. See, I remember it and I don't even live there!)

Never before has a Facebook avatar been so appropriately chosen.

Of all the excuses offered for Rick's stumbling appearance at the debate, this one was the most heartbreaking. If Perry really does have some sort of serious illness that caused him to forget his own platform, we're all going to feel pretty bad about all of this comedy tomorrow.

The post that perhaps catches the prevailing sentiment of the moment among Perry fans better than any other.

Check out the rest on Buzzfeed

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<![CDATA[The Most Anticipated 2012 Films]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/most-anticipated-2012-films/lons?source=rss
Movies that came out in 2012 that you, the Ranker Community, were most excited to see. This is an Open VoteRanked list, so you can add your own suggestions at the bottom of the page (please limit it to films that came out in 2012!) and vote for your favorites to move them up. (Already seen all these? Check out the Most Anticipated Films of 2013!)

What are the most anticipated films of 2012? A number of films that came out in 2012 were introduced with a ton of hype, are based on massively popular source material or are the continuation of venerable, long-standing film franchises. It promised to be a competitive year at the box office. A number of respected, big-name directors - including David Cronenberg, Quentin Tarantino and John Hillcoat, among others - released new work in 2012. And of course, the genre of comic book adaptations continues chugging along, with new films featuring Batman, Spider-Man and, naturally, The Avengers scheduled for release.

Find your favorites and vote them up to make this the definitive guide to hotly anticipated 2012 films on the Web. And if the male leads of these blockbusters get your heart racing, check out Hottest Guys of Summer 2012 Movies.
The Most Anticipated 2012 Films,

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey


The Avengers

Men in Black 3

The Dark Knight Rises


The Amazing Spider-Man

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1

Django Unchained

Star Trek Into Darkness

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<![CDATA[New Movie Trailers 2012]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/new-movie-trailers-2012/new-movie-trailers?source=rss
The 2012 movie trailers is your guide to the all the movie previews for upcoming 2012 films. What new movies are coming out in 2012? New movie trailers for 2012 releases of film franchises you love will be listed here as they are released. Click here for 2012 Action Movies. What movies are coming out in 2012? Easily searchable, sortable and viewable without leaving Ranker, you can watch all the trailers for upcoming 2012 movies. The most recent 2012 movie previews will be at the top of the list, you can also switch the list to infostyle to see more trailers on the page and sort alphabetically.

Click here if you want to check out 2013 new movie trailers or 2011 movie trailers for last years hits.
New Movie Trailers 2012,

The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger Trailer

The untold origin story of the famous Ranger.

Starring: Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer, Tom Wilkinson, William Fichtner, Barry Pepper, James Badge Dale, Ruth Wilson and Helena Bonham Carter

Release Date: July 3, 2013
G.I. Joe: Retaliation

GI Joe: Retaliation Trailer

The G.I. Joe team faces off against Zartan, his accomplices, and the world leaders he has under his influence.

Starring: Channing Tatum, Ray Park, Dwayne Johnson, Bruce Willis, Elodie Yung and RZA

Release Date: June 29, 2012
Man of Steel

Man of Steel Trailer

Zach Snyder's re-imagining of the classic Superman story.

Starring: Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane and Laurence Fishburn

Release Date: June 14, 2013
Oblivion Trailer

On a future Earth one man risks his life and all he knows to save a girl.

Starring: Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman, Olga Kurylenko, Andrea Riseborough, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Melissa Leo

Release Date: April 12, 2013

Pacific Rim
Pacific Rim Trailer

In the future, the world is plagued by giant monsters called "Kaiju". The only defense we have are the massive robot fighters, the "Jaegers".

Starring: Charlie Hunnam, Rinko Kikuchi, Idris Elba, Ron Perlman, Charlie Day 

Release Date: July 12, 2013

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

To the Wonder
To the Wonder Trailer

An exploration of love in it's many forms.

Starring: Ben Affleck, Olga Kurylenko, Rachel McAdams, Javier Bardem

Release Date: TBA 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness
Star Trek: Into Darkness Trailer

When the crew of the Enterprise return home to see the Federation in ruins it is up to them to chase down the madman responsible.

Starring: John Cho, Bruce Greenwood, Simon Pegg, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, Anton Yelchin, Benedict Cumberbatch, Alice Eve, Peter Weller

Release Date: May 17, 2013

After Earth
After Earth Trailer

In a distant future, all of mankind has left Earth as it has become uninhabitable. A father and son crash on the planet and have to learn how to survive the new world.

Starring: Will Smith, Jaden Smith 

Release Date: June 7, 2013 

This Is the End

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