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List of the most beautiful women of all time: ranked not on talent or accomplishments, but on looks alone. This is a test to see if the so-called "wisdom of the crowd" will actually be able to determine who the most beautiful woman of all time is. If you'd like to rank these women on more than their beauty, consult The Best Actresses in Film History list. This list does not only include the prettiest current actresses, but the most beautiful women in history.

So, who is the most beautiful woman ever? Of course, that woman may very well be a total unknown, but since it's impossible to list every woman who's ever existed, and one is less likely to rank people they don't know, this list will obviously be restricted to people who've achieved a fair level of celebrity. A "fair level of celebrity" is defined by being famous enough to have a profile page on Wikipedia or IMDB. Historical figures are accepted IF pictures of them are generally accepted as accurate. Add your own suggestions and this should hopefully be an ever expanding list.

These ladies are the top of the list in the conversation for sexiest woman ever and prettiest woman in the world. These are the hottest women of all time, definitely in the top 10 most beautiful women ever.
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Audrey Hepburn

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Charlize Theron

Elizabeth Taylor

Grace Kelly

Marilyn Monroe

Michelle Pfeiffer

Raquel Welch

Rita Hayworth

Sophia Loren

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<![CDATA[The Hottest Celebrities of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/the-beautiful-people-the-hottest-celebrities-of-all-time
This list of hot celebrities is ranked by pop culture junkies worldwide, making it the best place to find the sexiest celebrities according to actual fans. Mila Kunis, Jessica Alba, and Scarlett Johansson are all known for their beautiful faces and sexy bods.

The actors, actresses, singers, models, and personalities on this list have some of the hottest bodies in show business, and most have talent, too. Among those included are winners of Oscars, Grammys, and Emmy Awards, marking them not only the most attractive celebrities, but also some of the best in their fields.

Anyone can vote on this hottest celebrities list, and you can even add your own list of hot celebs to these rankings. From the famous people of the past to the hot celebrities of the moment, this list spans all of entertainment and pop culture. And, if you're really looking to turn up the heat, just click any of the images in the list to see large, full color pics of your favorite celeb hotties. Now that's hot. Check out these hot female celebrities. The hottest female celebrities of all time.

Who do you think are the sexiest female celebrities? Who are your top ten hottest celebrities?

Charlize Theron

Emma Watson

Jessica Alba

Jessica Biel

Kate Beckinsale

Megan Fox

Mila Kunis

Natalie Portman

Scarlett Johansson

Kate Upton

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<![CDATA[The Hottest Girls on Glee]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/hottest-glee-girls/trent-walker
The hottest 'Glee' girls include those women that positively radiate sexiness in the halls of William McKinley High School. Some are students, many of them are glee club members and cheerleaders, and others are faculty members who struggle to keep the sexy kids in line. Who is the undisputed hottest 'Glee' cast member? That's up to you to decide, with your votes! Be sure to vote up the women you believe are the sexiest, and vote down those who don't rock your socks off.

Many of the young, beautiful actresses on 'Glee' are playing teenagers -- but most of them are just a bit older, so feel free to gawk at their hotness guilt-free. Several of the women on 'Glee' have seen their showbiz careers skyrocket as a result. Among them: Dianna Agron, who appeared in 2011's 'I Am Number Four,' and Lea Michele, who also made the jump from the small to the big screen with 'New Year's Eve.'

Several smoking hot women have also guest-starred on 'Glee,' including the ever-stunning Gwyneth Paltrow, who has appeared on three memorable episodes as the free-spirited substitute teacher Holly Holliday. Kristin Chenoweth's turn as former McKinley High glee club member April Rhodes was hilarious and sexy.  People are always on the lookout for pics of the Glee girls naked, but these are some of the hottest photos that you can find.

Yes, the ladies of 'Glee' are all wonderfully talented actresses -- but they're also some of the sexiest, hottest women on television today. This list includes women who are regular cast members and those with recurring roles and guest roles too. Enjoy, Gleeks!

Glee nude pics, and pics of the Glee girls nude (the Glee stars nude) remain popular to this day, but the hot pics we have here are the next best thing! Don't stop believin', Gleeks!

Be sure to check out Ranker's other lists like Glee Covers that are Better than the Original, Sexy Lea Michele Pics and Hottest Dianna Agron Pictures.

Gwyneth Paltrow
CHARACTER: Holly Holliday came to William McKinley High as a substitute teacher, where she winds up filling in for a sick Will Schuester as coach of the glee club. Holly's carefree attitude proves popular with the students, and she returns several times to sub (once, as a sex ed teacher). Holly and Will have an instant attraction, and eventually, they start dating. The relationship is short-lived, however, and Holly eventually leaves McKinley, and Ohio, in search of greener pastures.

BACKGROUND: Gwyneth Paltrow first appeared as Holly Holliday on 'Glee' in 2010, and things went so well that creator (and Paltrow's friend) Ryan Murphy brought her back two more times. Murphy was behind the push to get Paltrow on the show, and he wrote the character of Holly specifically for her.

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Idina Menzel
CHARACTER: Shelby Corcoran was the leader of rival glee club Vocal Adrenaline before she eventually became the leader of McKinley High's second glee club, the Troubletones. Shelby is Rachel Berry's biological mother, and the two have a rather strained relationship. While she was still with Vocal Adrenaline, Shelby briefly hooked up with Will Scheuster, though nothing ever came of it. Shelby adopted Quinn and Puck's daughter, Beth. She also struck up a sexual relationship with Puck -- but eventually, she broke things off and opted to resign from her job at McKinley.

BACKGROUND: Idina Menzel is a very well-established Broadway star, having appeared in both the Broadway and film versions of 'Rent.' Menzel originated the role of Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West in 'Wicked' -- and in 2004, she won a Tony Award for her performance in the wildly popular play. Idina Menzel has released several albums, and continues to perform concerts worldwide. She's married to actor Taye Diggs.
Jayma Mays
CHARACTER: Emma Pillsbury is the quirky guidance counselor at William McKinley High. Emma also as OCD, a condition that quite often leads her to wash everything (including the grapes she eats ever-so-carefully at lunch each day). Miss Pillsbury fell deeply in love with Spanish teacher and glee club director Will Schuester when he was married. She bided her time as Will's marriage was crumbling, briefly dating football coach Ken Tanaka and later, marrying gorgeous dentist Carl Howell. The marriage didn't last long, and Emma later revealed to Will that it was never consumated -- and she was still a virgin. Emma and Will are living together, and now engaged.

BACKGROUND: Jayma Mays had recurring roles on 'Heroes' and 'Ugly Betty' (in both cases, playing characters named "Charlie") before landing the role of Miss Pillsbury on 'Glee.' She's also appeared on 'Entourage,' 'Six Feet Under,' 'How I Met Your Mother' and 'Pushing Daisies.' Mays starred on the big screen in 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop' and 'Epic Movie.' In 2011, Jayma starred in the live-action version of 'The Smurfs.'
Kristin Chenoweth
CHARACTER: April Rhodes was a glee club member at McKinley High back in the day, and she was Will Schuester's high school crush. April dropped out of McKinley to pursue a career, but things didn't work out. Now, April's a washed up actress and singer who is struggling to make it on Broadway.

BACKGROUND: Kristin Chenoweth is a Tony Award-winning stage veteran who has also appeared in numerous television shows. In addition to her stint on 'Glee,' Kristin has starred in 'The West Wing' (as Annabeth Schott), 'Pushing Daisies' (as Olive Snook) and on the new ABC dramedy 'GCB' (as Carlene 'Kitty' Cockburn). Her film credits include 'Bewitched,' 'RV,' 'Deck the Halls' and 'The Pink Panther.'
Lea Michele
CHARACTER: Rachel Berry is a driven, focused, talented singer who dreams of a life on Broadway. In the meantime, Rachel is happy as a standout member of the glee club. She's often front and center during New Directions performances. Rachel loves performing, and she loves her boyfriend, Finn Hudson.

BACKGROUND: Lea Michele is a Broadway veteran, having appeared as a child in productions of Les Misérables and Ragtime. In 2006, Lea starred in the Broadway musical Spring Awakening. Eventually, Lea landed her first major TV role, playing Rachel Berry on 'Glee.' Since then, she's also appeared on the big screen, in 2011's 'New Year's Eve.'

Vanessa Lengies
CHARACTER: Sugar Motta is a wealthy, over-confident, horrible singer who joins the New Directions at McKinley High after her rich daddy donates several used pianos to the club. She immediately assumes she'll be the new glee club star -- even though she's a terrible singer. Eventually, Sugar resigns herself to the fact that she's stuck in the background, though she's getitng a little bit better every day.

BACKGROUND: Vanessa Lengies got her big break in television in 2002, when she was cast as Roxanne Bojarski in the NBC dramedy 'American Dreams.' She also appeared on the big screen in 2005's 'The Perfect Man,' and for two years, she portrayed nurse Kelly Epson on the TV drama 'HawthoRNe.' Lengies landed the recurring role of Sugar on 'Glee' in 2011.
Dianna Agron
CHARACTER: Quinn Fabray is the hottest cheerleader and teen mom ever. She's also a member of the William McKinley High School glee club, the New Directions. After becoming pregnant by Puck in season one, Quinn had her baby, Beth, and gave her up for adoption to Shelby Corcoran (Idina Menzel). This is Quinn's senior year, and she's got big dreams: She's been accepted to Yale University.

BACKGROUND: Dianna Agron is enjoying a film career in addition to her work on 'Glee.' In 2011, she starred in the sci-fi adaptation of 'I Am Number Four.' Before 'Glee,' Dianna also had roles on 'Heroes' (as Debbie Marshall) in 2007 and on 'Veronica Mars' (as Jenny Budosh) in 2006 and 2007.

Jenna Ushkowitz
CHARACTER: Tina Cohen-Chang first joined the glee club as a shy, unassuming teen with a speech impediment and a penchant for goth clothes. Over the years, Tina has really come out of her shell, revealing that the stutter was a way to keep people away from her. Tina used to date wheelchair-bound Artie, but she eventually found true love with Mike Chang while the two were summer camp counselors together.

BACKGROUND: Jenna Ushkowitz began appearing on TV at the age of three, with small roles on 'Sesame Street,' 'As the World Turns' and 'Reading Rainbow.' She also appeared as a violin player on 'The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.' Before landing her role on 'Glee,' Jenna appeared on Broadway in the 1996 revivial of 'The King and I' (she was nine years old at the time).
Naya Rivera
CHARACTER: Santana Lopez is a member of the glee club and the Cheerios at William McKinley High. She's also a class A b**ch, and proud of it. Santana is in love with her best friend, Brittany, and she was outed as a lesbian by Finn. The Santana/Brittany relationship is confusing, at best, but they definitely love each other -- and Brittany brings out the normally cold-hearted Santana's softer side.

BACKGROUND: Naya Rivera began acting at the ripe old age of five, with a role in the Redd Foxx sitcom 'The Royal Family.' As a child, she also had bit parts on 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,' 'Baywatch' and 'Family Matters.' Naya appeared on several episodes of 'The Bernie Mac Show' in 2005 and 2006, and in 2009, she debuted on Fox's 'Glee.' Naya and co-star Heather Morris are best friends on and off the show.

Heather Elizabeth Morris
CHARACTER: Brittany S. Pierce is a cheerleader at McKinley High who joined the glee club with her good friends (and fellow Cheerios) Quinn Fabray and Santana Lopez. Brittany isn't always the brightest (she has trouble, sometimes, telling her right from her left anything and she can't always remember her middle name), but she can definitely dance. Her turn performing Britney Spears' "I'm a Slave 4 U" was unforgettably hot. Brittany has an on-off again relationship with her best friend, Santana Lopez.

BACKGROUND: Heather Morris' first appearance on television was on season 2 of 'So You Think You Can Dance.' She barely missed making the top 20. Heather eventually landed her big break, working as a backup dancer for Beyonce. She joined 'Glee' in 2009, and the rest is history.

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<![CDATA[The Hottest Pizzas on the Internet]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/hottest-pizzas/amylindorff
There's just something irresistible about a smokin' hot pizza. This gallery includes pizza pictures showcasing this delicious food at its absolute hottest. Looking for a genuine pepperoni babe? She's here. What about a tasty, tempting breakfast pizza? Look no further. This pizza photo gallery has all the hottest pies on the Internet, and will have you pulling out the Domino's app for a quick fix in just about no time.

There's no Totinos, Red Baron, or Little Caesar's here. These are high-class, fancy, and dolled up pizzas who know how to impress. From the melty cheese to the pepperoni cooked just right to that perfect pizza crust, these 'zas are doing it all right. Maybe you like Chicago style deep dish. Or maybe you are correct and think that thin crust New York style is where it's at. Either way, there's a hot pizza on this list that will appeal to you.

From white pizzas and BBQ chicken, to pizza pies topped with prosciutto (aren't you real fancy?!), the hot, delicious, sexy pizzas in these pizza porn food photos will have you drooling. Brick oven baked or direct from Italy, upvote the hottest pizzas below and let us know what you think makes a pizza sexy in the comments section.

This Thin Crust Temptress

This Pie Who Knows How to Layer the Pepperoni

This Pepperoni, Sausage, Onion Certified Babe

This Giant Pie Who's Ready to Party

These Classic Cheese Babes

This Pepperoni Babe Going for a Dip

This Pepperoni Who Is Stepping Out on You with Some Garlic Bread

This Square Pizza Supermodel

This Thick Crust Beauty

These Mini Deep Dish Teases

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<![CDATA[The Hottest Actresses Under 30]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/hot-actress-under-30
The hottest actresses under 30 are some of the sexiest actresses working in Hollywood today. These are all successful actresses who are current stars or are stars on the rise. Every day, we meet some of the hottest new actresses in the industry, and this is a round-up of those extremely talented and sexy actresses.

Some of these beautiful actresses have grown up in the public eye (like Harry Potter's sexy Emma Watson) and some are just becoming hot (like the girl on fire herself, the very hot Jennifer Lawrence). Others, like sexy Kaley Cuoco are among the hottest girls on primetime TV.

Wherever it is they came from, these are all sexy actresses under 30 who have caught the public eye, and in many cases, its heart as well. If you know of a hot actress under 30 that's not on the list, make sure to add her so others can see what you're talking about! Make sure to upvote your favorite actresses under 30 so they can get higher on the list. These are the hottest young actresses. Without a doubt, the top hottest actresses. They are the tops, you guys. The tops. Check out these pictures of these young Hollywood actresses.

Amber Heard

Blake Lively

Emma Stone

Emma Watson

Hayden Panettiere

Jennifer Lawrence

Megan Fox

Victoria Justice

Ashley Greene

Kate Upton

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<![CDATA[The Most Beautiful Actresses Ever]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/most-beautiful-actresses-ever
Since the first series of silent films were first released, some of the beautiful women in the world have graced the silver screen. These beautiful actresses are some of the most well-known people in the world. Starlets of the golden era of film include some the biggest and most beautiful movie stars like Ingrid Bergman, Vivien Leigh, Greta Garbo, Hedy Lamarr, and Ava Gardner are considered some of the most beautiful actresses in movie history. Over time, the influence of those women, along with other actresses like Sophia Loren, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, and Elizabeth Taylor combined their talents and good looks to become some of the most iconic actresses in movie history.

Many of today's actresses are considered some of the beautiful in the world. Charlize Theron, Salma Hayek, Scarlett Johansson, and Zoe Saldana are considered the beautiful actresses out there today. Many of these actresses have graced the pages of some of the biggest magazines, newspapers, and websites in the world.

With so many beautiful actresses to choose from, it's up to you to decide who should be considered the most beautiful actress ever. This may seem easy, but it shouldn't be since there are so many drop-dead gorgeous actresses who have starred in movies for nearly 100 years. This is your chance to select who is the most beautiful actress of all time is. You really can't go wrong with who choose on this Ultimate List of the Most Beautiful Actresses Ever.

These are the prettiest actresses. The most attractive actresses of all time.

Who do you think is the hottest actress of all time? The hottest actress ever?

Audrey Hepburn

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Charlize Theron

Elizabeth Taylor

Grace Kelly

Marilyn Monroe

Michelle Pfeiffer

Natalie Wood

Raquel Welch

Sophia Loren

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<![CDATA[The Most Captivating Celebrity Eyes (Women)]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/the-most-captivating-celebrity-eyes-_women_
They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and there is nothing better than a pair of gorgeous eyes to stare into. The celebrities with the most captivating eyes (which happen to be attached to some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood) are all listed here in this most captivating celebrity eyes list. One could stare into all of these women's eyes forever; such is the blessing of beautiful eyes.

Sure to be tops are the lovely Olivia Wilde and the captivating Emma Stone. Of course, these sexy celebrities need only to look at you to knock you off your feet, so be careful where you look when dealing with these famous women with beautiful eyes.

Who has the best eyes in Hollywood? Who are the celebrities with the most breathtaking eyes? There are so many gorgeous celebrities to choose from that picking the one celebrity with the best eyes could be exceedingly difficult, but this captivating celebrity eyes list is here to help you decide. If you don't see your favorite celebrity with great eyes on the list, make sure to add her so others can be taken in by that particular hot celebrity.

Who's got the sexiest eyes? You decide!

Candice Swanepoel

Charlize Theron

Emma Stone

Evangeline Lilly

Jennifer Connelly

Megan Fox

Michelle Pfeiffer

Mila Kunis

Natalie Portman

Olivia Wilde

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<![CDATA[The Hottest Girls on Primetime TV]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/the-25-hottest-girls-from-primetime-television
The sexiest girls from current primetime network television, ranked by – yes – hotness. These women found an audience of enthusiastic men after starring on popular network TV programs, and have remained staples of magazine covers (particularly men's magazines or so-called "lad mags"), the late night talk show circuit and even major Hollywood films ever since. Blake Lively turned being the "Gossip Girl" into a career in blockbuster films, while Alison Brie appears frequently on talk shows and in alt-comedy circuits following her breakthrough role in "Community." Plus, she also appears on the basic cable drama "Mad Men." Not to mention "New Girl" star Zooey Deschanel, who has become the icon and standard-bearer for adorkable girls everywhere!

But who are the MOST attractive women to make their name on primetime television? It can be a challenging question when you consider not just how many beautiful TV actresses are out there, but how different and varied their styles and sensibilities are. Is there an intelligent way to put Sofia Vergara's beauty up against, say Dianna Agron? Or to truly compare "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" co-stars Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alyson Hannigan? Or to quantify the natural gifts of "2 Broke Girls" ingenue Kat Dennings? (No, not like that!) It's just going to be subjective. Hence, this list, determining the Ranker Community's overall picks for hottest primetime TV starlets. Have at it!

Check out these female TV stars now!

Cobie Smulders

Elisha Cuthbert

Hayden Panettiere

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Kaley Cuoco

Mila Kunis

Nina Dobrev

Rachel Bilson

Sofía Vergara

Zooey Deschanel

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<![CDATA[The Hottest Shelby Young Photos]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/hot-shelby-young-pics/trent-walker

Hot photos of Shelby Young, one of the hottest women in movies and TV. These Shelby Young sexy pics have been made into an image gallery from a variety of photoshoots for magazines and other sources. These beautiful pictures of Shelby Young will leave you with little doubt in your mind that this actress is one of the most attractive women on the planet. 

People have been
 looking to see pictures of Shelby Young nude, or Shelby Young topless but we’ve got the next best thing! These might not be photos of Shelby Young naked but these hot Shelby Young body photos, and Shelby Young bikini pics are some of the best you can find on the web.

Shelby Young
truly is one of the hottest women in the world. Vote for the sexiest Shelby Young photos on this list, so that the hottest ones will be at the beginning. Check out these Shelby Young hot pics. Shelby Young sexy pics!


Shelby Young in Underwear

Shelby Young in Sleeveless Top and Denim Jeans

Shelby Young in White See Through Top

Shelby Young in Printed White Sleeveless Dress

Shelby Young in Deep V-Neck Red Dress

Shelby Young in Black Open Leg Dress

Shelby Young in Floral Dress

Shelby Young in Blue Dress

Shelby Young in Open Sleeve Blue Dress

Shelby Young in Red Sweater

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<![CDATA[The Hottest Bingbing Fan Photos]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/hot-bingbing-fan-pics/trent-walker

Hot photos of Bingbing Fan, one of the hottest women in movies and TV. These Bingbing Fan sexy pics have been made into an image gallery from a variety of photoshoots for magazines and other sources. These beautiful pictures of Bingbing Fan will leave you with little doubt in your mind that this actress is one of the most attractive women on the planet. 

People have been
 looking to see pictures of Bingbing Fan nude, or Bingbing Fan topless but we’ve got the next best thing! These might not be photos of Bingbing Fan naked but these hot Bingbing Fan body photos, and Bingbing Fan bikini pics are some of the best you can find on the web.

Bingbing Fan
truly is one of the hottest women in the world. Vote for the sexiest Bingbing Fan photos on this list, so that the hottest ones will be at the beginning. Check out these Olivia Thirlby hot pics. Olivia Thirlby sexy pics!


Bingbing Fan in White Long Gown

Bingbing Fan in Summer Outfit

Bingbing Fan in Strapless Dress

Bingbing Fan in Long Sleeves Dress

Bingbing Fan in Stylish White Gown

Bingbing Fan in Gold Sleeping Gown

Bingbing Fan in Short Skirt

Bingbing Fan in Blue Green Dress

Bingbing Fan in Cream Gown

Bingbing Fan in Pink Dress

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