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Unless you have a panic room, one of the safest places in every home is the bathroom. It’s the only place you can get some true alone time, and be sure no one’s going to bother you. That is, unless you know any of the people behind the pictures on this list of funny toilet seat covers - in that case, all bets are off. On this list there are funny toilet seat covers, scary toilet seat covers, and toilet seat covers that will make you scratch your head (hopefully after you’ve washed your hands). If you fancy yourself a bit of a prankster, hopefully these funny toilet seats will give you an idea of how to take your funny house game to the next level, starting with the John, water closet, or whatever you call it.

If you’re the kind of person who feels like Whoopee Cushions are too subtle, you’re going to love the joke toilet seat covers on this list. Not only are they a (porcelain) barrel full of laughs, but they’ll make your house or apartment look 10 times more put together and hilarious. Seriously, you’ll go from being a troll without a seat cover to a full blown adult. Well, mostly an adult, these are silly toilet seat covers we’re talking about here.

Funny seat covers are a fun way to trick your friends, and entertain guests who are probably expecting a run of the mill porcelain throne when they go to inspect your bathroom. For ideas on how to spruce up your bathroom check out this list of hilarious toilet seat covers. Then, vote up the silliest of them all, and if you’ve got something interesting in your bathroom – tell everyone about it in the comments!
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When You Want Your Toilet to Be Freakin' Sweet

All Dogs Go to the Bathroom

Now You'll Never Be Alone

Hopefully Everything Isn't Bigger in Texas

Boldly Going Where Everyone Has Gone Before

Good Ol' Fashioned Nightmare Fuel

Brings a New Meaning to Crocodile Tears

Totoro Is Always Watching

What's Your Poop Mantra?

For When You Really Need to Throw Up

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<![CDATA[Black Twitter vs White Twitter]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/black-twitter-vs-white-twitter/damon-davis
Twitter fans around the world know that black people are inherently funnier on Twitter. That might sound a little controversial, but it's totally true. Sorry, white people. Ever since the Internet figure out that black Twitter is basically the greatest thing in the universe, a hilarious face-off between black Twitter and white Twitter has begun. These legendary Tweets have been featured on sites like Imgur, Reddit, and Twitter itself.

We know, we know, it’s about as politically correct as an early Richard Pryer stand-up routine, but let’s face it: some of these memes are about as funny as one, too. Here we’ve put together some of the best, cleverest, and downright hilarious memes that have come out of the black Twitter vs. white Twitter showdown. Vote up the best Tweets below, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section. 


When You Wish Everybody Would Step Back and Let the Chief Handle It

When You Know Exactly what a Brother Brewed Before the Show

Get it, Girl

When You Feel a Fluffy Brotha's Plight

When You Know the Value of Staying Organized

When Random Pics Can Bring Up Unresolved Childhood Shit

Never Underestimate the Value of Finely Tuned Listening Skills

What Girls Thinkin' when They See this Beyonce' Pic

When You See Past the Cute and Feel a Sister's Pain

When You Nod Along but Really Know the Truth

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<![CDATA[The Dumbest (but Most Amazing) Karl Pilkington Quotes Ever]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/karl-pilkington-funny/jacob-shelton
For those of you who haven’t been introduced to Karl Pilkington, he began his career as the often put-upon producer and sidekick to Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant on their XFM radio program. Along the way he’s become somewhat of a star in his own, right thanks to the absolutely genius Karl Pilkington quotes that have managed to worm their way into the brains of listeners.

After the program ended, Karl Pilkington weird man that he is, got his own travel show, An Idiot Abroad, and began to go around the world and applying his odd wit and wisdom to everything from the pyramids to magnets, and even the alphabet. To learn something about the world from Karl Pilkington funny man abroad, check out this list of the simultaneously dumbest, most amazing, and strangely insightful Karl Pilkington quotes ever.

To say that these are Karl Pilkington stupid quotes would be to minimize the strange logic that exists in everything the man says. Whether he’s waxing philosophic about pasta, or thinking about life, Karl is able to get to the heart of the matter in a way that no intellectual can. For a bit of positive reaffirmation, take a look at this list of Karl Pilkington funny quotes and laugh out loud while you contemplate life, the universe, and whatever.

Vote up your favorite Pilkingtonism, and if you’ve been able to use one of his many wise thoughts to help you through a difficult point in your life – tell the world about it in the comments.

Karl and the Volcano

An Accurate Description of Medieval Costumes

You Heard It Here First, Bald Isn't a Style

Karl Finally Puts the Great Wall in Its Place

Karl Puts the Pyramids in Their Place

Karl Pilkington, International Man of Danger

Karl Says What We've All Been Thinking

Karl Hits the Great Wall Where It Hurts

Answer That, Bram Stoker!

No One Tell Karl About Golf Courses

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<![CDATA[The Worst Movember Fails in the History of Facial Hair]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/movember-fails/jessica-lawshe
Okay, we get that Movember is all about raising money for a good cause, but some Movember beards are just pure, hairy Movember fails. When it comes to shining a positive light on men's health, some guys are more successful than others.

As with all other aspects of personal fashion, facial hair style has become a quick means of expressing oneself. Still, if you're not one of those men who can grow a luxurious, full beard, it's not quite clear what a bad mustache or patchy scruff says about you. For some men, Movember is a rude reminder that there are dudes out there who should probably just stick to a smooth face. Look at it this way: At least you don't have to spend a fortune on beard glue, beard combs, and all the other accessories it takes to grow a ridiculous Movembeard!

If the worst Movember beard styles on this list look familiar, it may be time to pay for a nice clean shave. These guys with ugly beards should probably leave the facial hair game to the real professionals: The Hemsworth brothers. 

So get ready to binge on some seriously bad Movember beards. Upvote the absolute worst, most-cringworthy Movember fails! 


The Happy Trail Beard

The Holiday Spirit Beard

The Dog (???) Beard

The Yosemite Sam Beard

The Cousin It Beard

The Chest-ache

The Hallucination-Inducing Beard

The One-Sided Beard

The Meta Beard

The "No, No, No, No, Please Don't Ever Do This" Beard

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<![CDATA[People Who Love Things They Don't Understand]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-caption-misspellings/ashley-reign
Were you that kid who always had something better to do during English class? Did you simply think that the Spelling Bee was just for nerds? Perhaps you're just more of a math person, or you've at least gotten this far relying on your cellphone's autocorrect function? If so, you're not alone. We've put together a list of the funniest misspelled captions, social media posts, and even PR campaigns to assure you that it's never too late to learn how to spell.  

These funny misspellings are so bad that they’re actually quite brilliant, as they prove time and time again that spelling matters. In the following funny captions, posts, and signs you’ll see advocacy go horribly wrong as inspirational messages are botched and bold declarations become epic spelling fails.

Check out this list of the funniest unfortunate misspellings below, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section. 


No, But the Fact That You Can't Spell Them Really Should

Oh Boy. Here We Go.

Damn, Detective Novels Are Getting More Hardcore by the Minute

Subliminal Messaging = Nailing It.

What Kind of Lunch Room Are You Running Here?

Aw, Unconditional Love Is the Best

Never Let Your Love for Journalism Distract You from the Little Things, Like Spelling

Permission to Nom Granted?

Nothing Says "Winner" Like a Nice Dose of a Deadly Plague

The Two-for-One Criminal Charge Special

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<![CDATA[27 Dogs Who Are Terrified of Cats]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/dogs-scared-of-cats/ashley-reign
Are dogs really scared of cats? Sure are. Have you ever had one of those completely irrational fears that you can only hope and pray you’re never forced to confront in front of your friends? Perhaps you’re a guy with muscles that could make a Marvel superhero jealous, but curl into a tiny ball and weep like a girl at the sight of the tiniest spider? Or maybe you’re a bold woman who fearlessly conquers the corporate world day after day, knowing all the while that the friendliest of mice can force you to run screaming into the night like a toddler in K-Mart? If you can relate then, trust us, the following dogs that are scared of kittens, cats, and all things feline totally feel you.

Below you’ll find a collection of adorable pictures and videos featuring cats scaring dogs with their steely stares, terrifying displays of kitty teeth, and ninja style paw flinging. No one knows the humiliation of defeat like these dogs who are so scared of cats that they’ve been driven to do unthinkable things such as give up their beds or ignore the call of their fur-moms upon finding their paths blocked by vicious felines.

You’ll even see adorable kittens scaring dogs, as their natural instinct to dominate canine kind kicks in as naturally as the urge to bat anything that dare drag across their tiny paths. So remember these canine scaredy-cats the next time you fall prey to your most embarrassing fears and let these funny cat and dog pictures and videos reassure you that you’re far from alone. 


Suddenly Princess Felt a Familiar Chill Fill the Air

"Screw Pride, That Guy Has Fangs!"

Beau Finally Faces His Fear of the Guardian of the Stairs

"There I Was, Completely Surrounded..."

"Save Yourself! Tell My Mother I Love Her!"

"We Regret to Inform You, Your Bed Has Been Commandeered by Kitty Kind."

Hombre's Self Help Mantra Wasn't Quite Living Up to His Dreams

Fur-Mom Problems

"I'm Starting to Get Subtle Signs You'd Like Your Bed Back?"

Bully Puppy Finally Demanded Lunch Money from the Wrong Kitteh

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<![CDATA[The Best Local News Interviews Ever]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-local-news-interviews/jacob-shelton
One of the best things about the Internet is the ability to find news broadcasts from all over the country, or even all over the world. Funny local news interviews aren’t just a fun way to pass the time, they’re also a way to understand the subculture of a particular area.  

But let’s be real, anthropologists aren’t watching local news videos for their educational content. One of the unexpected offshoots of funny local news reports are the Internet celebrities that have used the videos of their hilarious moments as a platform to become something else. The most popular of these news-to-limelight performers is Antoine Dodson, the “hide your kids, hide your wife” guy. But even more people nowadays are stepping forward in the local news spotlight to become actual Internet celebrities. We've rounded up the best local news interviews for you to take a look at below.  

Who's the most famous local-news-interview-turned-celebrity out there? Sweet Brown might top your list. She made everyone double over in laughter with her signature catchphrase, "Ain't nobody got time for that!" during her infamous local news interview.  

Vote up the best local news interviews, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section. 

Apparently, This Is the Best Interview Ever
While shooting some interviews with kids in Wilkes-Barre, WNEP put a microphone in the hands of the a kid who blew the top off of his grandpa's power ball addiction.
Straight Outta Dogtown
This VERY NSFW interview with Kai, a homeless hatchet-wielding skateboarder who doesn't even know how old he is, keeps getting darker and darker as the interview goes on,  but the way he introduces himself should be studied by toastmasters.  
Ain't Nobody Got Time for That
After a fire broke out in Kimberly "Sweet Brown" Wilkin's apartment complex, the smoke inhalation gave her bronchitis. In this interview, we find out what she thinks about THAT. 
Hide Yo' Kids, Hide Yo' Wife
Antoine Dodson gave this incendiary interview to WAFF-48 News in 2010 after an intruder attempted to rape his sister in her second-story bedroom in Huntsville, Alabama. He issued a warning to the perpetrator that resulted in several different auto-tuned renditions of his news interview that went viral online. 
Last Action Hero
After surviving a car crash, this Arizona half animal, half party-machine gives an amazing interview to local news. Don't you wish this guy would describe every action movie ever to you? We'd kill to hear him narrate Die Hard. 
This Interview Was Brought to You by McDonald's
When Amanda Berry escaped from Ariel Castro's home, where she and her daughter had been imprisoned for over a decade, she immediately ran into the metaphorical arms of her neighbor, Charles Ramsey. After she was rescued and safely returned to her family, Ramsey was interviewed by a local news station, and could not shut up about eating McDonalds. What an endorsement. 
Who Doesn't Like Turtles?
In 2007, this kid became one of the greatest memes of all time when he was interviewed at a local fair in Portland, Oregon and asked the incredibly confusing question, "What do you think?"
Melinda Brown for Mayor
Apparently, Melinda Brown has a big problem with finding dead relatives in her house. 
Those Chunkers Was Big
After a massive hail storm, local news interviewed Michelle Clark and somehow failed to hire her as their new meterologist. 
A Piece of Burger from Burger King
After a police chase ended in a terrible accident, WAPT 16 decided to interview the wackiest person they could possibly find: Courtney Barnes. Barnes ended up coining the phrase that swept the nation in 2015: "a piece of burger from Burger King." 

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<![CDATA[16 Star Wars Photos That Will Make You Love Stormtroopers]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-star-wars-stormtroopers/whitneysmoore
We've come to know stormtroopers as the ruthless, sometimes bumbling clone soldiers from the Star Wars franchise, but how well do we really know them at all? Spanish artist Jorge Perez Higuera aims to explore just that with his photo series depicting the white armor-wearing soldiers in their day-to-day life.

Whether they're cooking food, getting ready for work, or exploring their relationships, these photos prove that stormtroopers are so much more than the stone-cold killers who work for Darth Vader. After all, stormtroopers are possibly the most relatable of any Star Wars characters, since they're essentially the working class in a galaxy far, far away. And because they're totally anonymous, seeing them in the context of daily life makes them so dang charming!

Check out Higuera's awesome photos that you can actually buy through the artist himself - because what's better than getting to eat your cereal in the morning opposite of a portrait of a stormtrooper doing the same? Or maybe you have a friend you consider a partner in crime; giving them a portrait of one of film history's best baddies is a great way to say, "You're my partner in crime!"

Vote up the funniest stormtrooper pictures! And buy your favorites to show off your quirky, nerdy style with these cute and hilarious photos!


The Loneliest Birthday Boy

Did They Get a Group Rate or Something?

Paying Respects to a Friend Killed by Ewoks

Making Sure to Start the Day Right

Guess What a Stormtrooper's Favorite Color Is?

Better Shots with Pool Cues Than They Are with Blasters

Gassing Up Before Work

Sometimes You Just Need to Unwind

Stormtroopers Have to Wear School Uniforms

Stormtroopers Are Trained to Comparison Shop

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<![CDATA[Things That Are Not As Cool As People Think They Are]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/things-that-are-not-as-cool-as-people-think-they-are/hoserusc
Jorts are the dumbest things I've ever seen. Next to Toms shoes. Next to the Toyota Prius. Next to d-bags taking pictures of their food. There are so many things that suck that people think are cool. For real, some of the supposed best bands ever and the greatest movies of all time are just overrated bunches of garbage.

So add the things that you think have run their course or never had a leg to stand on to begin with, like people that use their children as their profile picture. Unless you were permanently scarred and no longer recognizable after giving birth, this is not okay. (UPDATE: it has been determined this is never okay).

If there are other things that society has deemed acceptable and/or cool that are missing from the list, make sure to add them so other people can finally realize that the things they are doing (like the Harlem Shake) are just not okay.


The Kardashians

Justin Bieber





Flat Bill Baseball Hats



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<![CDATA[28 Celebrities Who LOVE Eating Sandwiches]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/celebrities-eating-sandwiches/ashley-reign
No matter what happens during the first few hours of your work day, it's nice to know there's a nice tasty sandwich waiting for you in the break room fridge. There's no problem that can't be solved with some delicious meat and vegetables shoved between two savory slices of bread. And guess what. Famous people are just like us! These photos of celebrities eating sandwiches proves no human is immune to the joy of a good sando.

While some celebrities are so ripped or chiseled that it's hard to picture them eating anything at all, these photos of famous people eating sandwiches proves that there are some things that fame can’t change. That’s right, here you’ll find everyone from your favorite on-screen heroes to members of some of the best bands of all time, all not giving a damn about anything but the mouth-watering lunch meats they’re enjoying at the moment.

Always wondered how to eat a sandwich like a boss? Check out Samuel L. Jackson chowing down. Ever seen your crush at a restaurant and wondered if there was a way to make chewing look sexy? We’ve got a couple of ladies here who assure you that there is.

So the next time you’re enjoying your favorite lunchtime treat, just know that you're in good company. It's nice to know that not all of your favorite celebrities are on some super-secret Hollywood diet. No one can resist food that comes between two slices of delicious bread.


British Politician Ed Miliband Is Not Shy When It Comes to Tea and Sandwich Time

Verne Troyer Is No Fan of the Mini Sandwich

Keanu Reeves Doesn't Give a Damn About the Matrix During Lunch

Jake Gyllenhaal Can't Even with This Hilarious Sandwich

The Beatles Know Nothing Beats a Good Sandwich

Danny DeVito Is Takin' This Sandwich Down

Shia LaBeouf Is Too Sexy for This Sandwich

Chloë Grace Moretz's Sandwich Is Ready for Its Close-Up

The Android Guy Enjoys the Coolest Sandwich of the Century

Demi Moore Couldn't Be More into This Tasty Goodness

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