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The most quotable movies of all time certainly rank among the best movies ever, but there's more than just cinematic excellence to take into account when picking the movies with the best quotes ever. The best quotable movies have one-liners that can be dropped in a variety of situations as well as thoughtful sentiments that relate to life in general. But one-liners, man, they sure do make a movie quote worthy.

"We're not worthy!"
"Stupid is as stupid does."
"I love lamp."
"I've got a beverage here!"

Many of these memorable movie quotes can be dropped into casual conversation and be immediately recognizable as coming from a popular film. Others like "they can't all be winners, kid" (it's on the greatest movie quotes list if you're stuck) are tougher to figure out, but come from movies as quotable as favorites like Forrest Gump and Pulp Fiction.

What movies have the best quotes? What are the top quotable films? Where do the greatest film quotes come from? There are many films with a single movie quote that belongs among the most recognizable among pop culture while others are quotable throughout the movie's entire running time. This list of the most quotable movies has a mix of both, all available for you to vote on as the most quotable film ever. If your favorite movie with the greatest quotes is missing, make sure to add it to the greatest quotable movies list.

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Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy



Forrest Gump

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Office Space

Pulp Fiction

The Godfather

The Princess Bride

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<![CDATA[The 50 Most Amazing Incidents Caught on Dashcam]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/dashcam-gifs/randy-cobb
A car crash is a terrifying experience that almost everyone has the potential to experience. A simple drive across town can go bad in one split second when someone stops looking at the road. Through the modern technology of dashcams and mounted GoPro cameras, we can now experience the visceral terror of a car crash from the point of a view of the car itself. 

Some of these are close calls that you can't believe, and others are horrifying crashes that are so crazy you can't look away. Even in a short gif, the thrill and fear of the crash is all there, and you can almost imagine the sounds of crunching glass and metal as you watch them. Whether it's an icy road, a speeding driver or a badly-timed text message, these crashes and close-calls will make you gasp, and sometimes even laugh. These are some of the funniest, scariest, and craziest roadcam gifs the Internet has to offer. Vote for your favorite crazy dashcam gif.


Braking Too Late

Super Parking

Check Your Blind Spot

Crash Dodger

Almost Pulled It Off

Red Light Truck

Brakes Out

Out of Nowhere

No No No No Yes

Well That Was Unexpected

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<![CDATA[23 Crazy Headlines That Will Make You Be Like Whoa]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-weird-news-headlines/amylindorff
When it comes to writing news headlines, puns are common and hyperbole is everywhere. But sometimes, outrageous statements and inappropriate jokes slip past the editors, leaving readers confused. This list of the weirdest, funniest, strangest news headlines covers it all. From newspapers, to TV broadcasts, to online news sites, these headline writers were just having too much fun.

It seems every other headline on the Internet these days is the MOST SHOCKING, the craziest, and will absolutely seriously can you even believe it, blow your mind!!! But then there are crazy headlines like those on this list, that truly shock you when they encourage you to "hold on to your underwear" and bring you hard hitting journalism, for instance, "is Cap'n Crunch really a captain?"

These news headlines are silly, pun-tastic, tell odd tales, and are generally... strange. Vote up the weirdest headlines below and always be careful around meatball subs.

I Bet It Does



No YOU Think of a Headline

You Don't Say?

Bohemian Rail

The Journey of Self Discovery

Future LiLo

Highway Jam

Desert or Dessert? Spelling Is Hard

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<![CDATA[52 Horrifying Panoramic Photo FAILs]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/panoramic-photo-fails/brian-gilmore
Panoramic photo fails are all over the web because nobody is great at taking them. It's the most precise art that so many people have on their cell phones, but hardly anybody can pull it off. Has anyone ever asked you to stay still for a funny panoramic picture only to have all your friends stay perfectly still for like an entire minute? It's the worst. And if one of you moves, all of you look like centaurs. 

These are the worst panoramic photos found on the internet. Sure, these are some funny panorama fails, but if any of the things in the pictures actually existed in real life they'd all immediately be shot. Except for the dogs and the weird mini horses. Those would be great. 

We should have mini horses. 

When You Would Stack LEGO Torsos

I Would Still Own This Dog

Dude Forgot to Glue Himself Together ROFL

A Horse in Motion

Come Back, Leg! I'm a Dog!

This Stupid Looking Horse

The Public School System in 100 Years

This Terrifying Creature Child

Arrr! I'm a Pirate Dog!

We Adopted A Rescue Cerebus

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<![CDATA[60+ Times Rebels Ignored the Rules]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-anarchy-photos/robert-wabash
Like Forrest Gump said, "Some people just want to watch the world burn." This collection of gifs and videos features real life anarchy right in our own backyards. Rules, regulations, and polite suggestions are boring. These rebels are out shaking up the status quo, turning society on its pretty little head. Then they sit back and revel in the chaos and destruction - or they stand back, or even lie prostrate and don't watch at all. Don't tell them how to enjoy things. 

F*ck You, You're Not My Real Dad

Isn't It Always After Eight?

State Law Can Suck It

I Don't See the Police Around

You Can't Tell Me How to Live My Life

This Airplane Gets It

Can't Nobody Hold Me Down

What Are You Gonna Do About It?

We'll See About That

1950s Rule-Breaker

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<![CDATA[The Funniest People of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/comedians
The funniest people of all time are a mix of actors, comedians, and even a few people who probably didn't start off trying to be funny. Included in this list of people vying for the title of funniest person ever are the funniest stand-up comedians of all time and the funniest actors and actresses ever. One thing's for sure: these funny actors and comedians are at the top of their ha ha games and could make most people laugh 'til they pee.

The funniest people ever include actors like Will Ferrell and John Belushi, comedians-turned-actors like Bill Cosby and Eddie Murphy, and general funny people like George Carlin and John Cleese. While ranking a funny person is completely subjective, the folks on this list of funny people are undeniably hilarious. The real question is: who is the funniest person ever?

This is your chance to decide! Vote for the funniest comedians and actors and help decide once and for all who the funniest person alive or dead really is. If your favorite funny person isn't on the list of the funniest people ever, make sure to add them so others can revel in their hilarity.

Bill Cosby

Bill Murray

Eddie Murphy

George Carlin

Jim Carrey

John Belushi

Richard Pryor

Robin Williams

Steve Martin

Will Ferrell

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<![CDATA[36 Painful GIFs of Idiots Hurting Themselves]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/ouch-gifs/randy-cobb
These "ouch" gifs all have one thing in common: complete morons hurting themselves. Whether it's the bartender at the bar who thinks adding fire to his mixology repertoire is a good idea, or the kid trying to do a backflip off of his skateboard, it's hard to imagine what the people in these funny gifs could have possibly been thinking. Even though these images don't have sound, you can almost hear the impact in your head and imagine the next morning's medical bills. Some of these epic fails can be predicted from the first image, when others go wrong in a completely different way than you would have ever expected.

Either way, you won't know whether to laugh or cringe. Which funny gif is your favorite on this list? Be sure to vote and share with your friends!


Just Gonna Casually Saw Off This High Branch

Just Gonna Flip Right Off This Thing on Wheels

Just Gonna Ride This Gust of Wind

Just Gonna Fight This Deer

Just Gonna Jump This Razor Scooter

Just Gonna Balance Up Here Like This

Just Gonna Step Across These Posts

Just Gonna Race This Guy

Just Gonna Punch This Horse

Just Gonna Use This Small Toy Shield

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<![CDATA[The World Isn't Even Ready for These Ghetto Glamour Shots]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-ghetto-glamour-shots/randy-cobb
The Internet is full of over-photoshopped selfies and glamour shots. It is also full of people who will find these embarrassing photos and immortalize them forever. These are the most ghetto, weird and downright disturbing "glamour" shots on the web. Every single possible trope of a bad glamour shot is at play here. From terrible photoshop jobs, to bad typography, to eyeball-melting backgrounds, these photos have got it covered. Many of these shots look like they were paid for, which makes you wonder who is to blame, the person in the photo, or the person who made it? Either way, the one question that will spring to mind as you click through this list will be "what the hell were they thinking?"


Biceps N' Babies

The Helicopter Weave

So Much Passion

Burying the Dog Is Fun!

Sexy Sisters

Future Album Cover

No Matter What

Glamorous Crimescene

We At It Again

The Whole Family Is Here

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<![CDATA[47 Things Done by People Who Sucked at Their Jobs]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/job-fails/robert-wabash
We all know those people who just quite simply suck at their jobs. They have one job and SOMEHOW they manage to screw it up. The result is a terrifying Barbie doll or a confused box of blue strawberries. When it comes to people and their jobs, they can get anything wrong, whether it's putting something in the right box, printing some basic instructions, or even sticking a label on the right way up! 

It does make you wonder how some people get these jobs. What's so funny about this list is that some of them needed a third and fourth pair of eyes to approve the products after creation... and yet somehow these mistakes slipped past every. Single. One.

Have you ever bought a crate of Pepsi and found yourself face to face with rows of Coca Cola cans? Ever held up a cuddly toy in a shop and wondered why it looks cross-eyed? Ever read a sign with contradictory directions on it? This list has all of the above in a hilarious compilation of the most epic fails in working history

At Least You Tried

Patience Is a Virtue Many Road Men Do Not Possess


Does What It Says On the Can

He's the Hero Gotham Deserves, but Not the One It Needs Right Now. Back Off Superman.

This way's left, right?

How Did They Miss This?

We Assume This Isn't On His Birth Certificate

Child and Adult-proof

Wait for It...

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<![CDATA[60+ Terrible Ideas Fueled by Beer]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/worst-drunk-idea-gifs/randy-cobb
Hey, alcohol can make us do stupid things. Hopefully, none of these stupid things have permanent consequences. While some of us might use beer as a late night excuse to text our exes, others let it trick us into thinking we are invincible. These GIFs are mostly drunk people doing things that probably seemed like great - or at least hilarious - ideas at first, but turned out to be super horrible painful hard-to-watch failures. Vote up the ones that make you suck in air through your teeth the hardest.  

Just Gonna Perform a 'Slam Dunk'

Just Gonna Dive Through This Glass

Just Gonna Jump Over All This Stuff

Just Gonna Play With This Pile of Sh*t

Just Gonna Surf Off This Roof

Just Gonna Cruise Like This for a Little

Just Gonna Joust On These Mattresses

Just Gonna Make Some Ladder Legs

Just Gonna Stand Here While This Explodes

Just Gonna Jump Off This Roof

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