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Sports bars are strange places, even if you're a die-hard sports fan. They're the smelliest of bars where annoyed waitresses serve lousy chicken wings to a group of dudes wearing jerseys while they scream loudly at televisions. The another annoying aspect of sports bars are the "clap after every play" guys. These guys should be banned from every sports bar until they learn how to properly function in normal society. So, before you go on your next sports bar adventure, make sure you enjoy these funny signs from sports bars and pubs all across America. And next time you're at one, make sure to tell the "clap after every play" guy to stop it. Just hold your claps for big plays. Read some social cues. Come on, guys.

22 Funny Sports Bar Signs You'll Appreciate Sober or Drunk, other,

Waiting Game

Meanwhile, at BW3...

Have a Sh*t Day

Dames and Games

I Am Bar

A History of Violence

Kids Love Hooters

Honest Sports Bar Marketing

Soup to Nuts

This Sports Bar Has Game

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<![CDATA[The Funniest Poems in the History of the Internet]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-best-poems-in-the-history-of-the-internet/nathandavidson

You don't hear a lot about poetry on the Internet these days, and that's a shame, because there really is nothing quite like a well-worded poem. It doesn't even have to rhyme. It can be a haiku which everyone seems to love. Who doesn't love a good haiku? So without further ado, here are some funny Internet poems that are pretty cool. They are a sign of Internet things to come. And just because they didn't go viral doesn't mean that they're dumb. You get that a lot of that rhymed and was sort of a poem, right? Cool.

The Funniest Poems in the History of the Internet,

Gray Colors Matter

Putting Poetry to Bed

Wish You Were Beer

Corny Poem

The Long and Short of It

Come Fly with Me

Cat Poetry

Smooth Move

You're Bacon Me Crazy

Genius Often Comes in Waves

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<![CDATA[The Funniest Food Truths of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-food-truths/nathandavidson

It's time to keep it real... food style. These are the funniest food truths ever conceived by the Internet. This is a collection of funny food truth signs and quotes that are so dang truthful it hurts. A lot of the time people don't want to admit the truth about their favorite foods. This photo gallery is about make all of that nonsense blow right up in your face. That being said, once you learn the truth, feel free to eat and drink whatever you want for the rest of the week with no guilt whatsoever. Honestly, you only live once. And what's the point of life if it isn't knowing the truth but ignoring it and doing whatever you want anyway? 

The Funniest Food Truths of All Time,

Brain Fried

Air Lay's

Going Pro-biotic

Wine Not

Ben There Done That

Top of the Food Chain

Back to Square One

Bacon All the Rules

Work of Fart

Don't Stop Now, You're on a Roll

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<![CDATA[The 24 Whitest "White People" Photos Ever]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/white-people-photos/nathandavidson

If you're currently experiencing eye discomfort it's because you're being blinded by the white. If you like photos of white people, you're in luck, because these are the definitively "whitest" white people photos the Internet has to offer. From the all-white polo shirt family photo to the most legendary keytar photo the world has ever seen, these are white people doing stuff only white people do. The result? Well, it's super white. So pour yourself a tall glass of sour cream, turn on some Hall & Oates, and enjoy these funny pictures of white people being extremely white. All white, all white, all white!

The 24 Whitest "White People" Photos Ever,

White Line Up

White People are Absolutely Quackers

The Midwest Dad Uniform

Meet the Whites

The Canadian Tuxedo

No Shirts Required

The Windbreaker Family

A Little Afternoon Mayo

The Horror

I Mustache You a Question

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<![CDATA[27 of the Trashiest Tweets Ever Posted on Twitter]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/trashy-tweets/randy-cobb
Who doesn't love to read funny Twitter posts? Twitter has given everyone in the world with a cell phone or an Internet connection a way to broadcast any old thought or photo to the entire world. Unlike Facebook, where people are simply annoying their friends and family, Twitter broadcasts your every thought to the world using hashtags and trending topics.

Still, people seem to think that their posts are private, and that nobody will find the misspelled outburst, picture of a bad tattoo, or admission of drug use that they posted. Luckily some Internet heroes know when to hit the screenshot button, nab that funny twitter status and share the trashiest tweets they find with the world. Every possible grammar mistake, social faux pas, and baby-daddy related drama is exhibited here. Their trashiness and mistakes are our entertainment. Check out the weirdest, trashiest and most ridiculous posts Twitter has to offer.

27 of the Trashiest Tweets Ever Posted on Twitter,

A Good Work Ethic

Who Needs Maury

Nice Wordplay


Well, Go On

Like Father Like Son

Check out more outrageous tweets by a person you may know here.

Everyone Just Shut Up

Missed This Pinnacle Cake Vodka, Mom

That's Just Rude

See which celeb couldn't keep their trashy tweets quiet here.

Take the Easy Road

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<![CDATA[22 Book Titles That Are So Sad That They're Actually Funny]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-sad-books/nathandavidson

If you're currently in a great mood and want to ruin that, look no further than this gallery of the saddest books ever published. There is no silver lining to any of these book titles. These are books written by sad people for people who are sad, and aspire to be even sadder. The ironic thing about these books is that they're so sad, that they're actually kind of funny. You know, in sadistic funny kind of way. The world is a sad place... and sometimes it's good to allow yourself to feel sad. Feeling sad is a natural part of life. These books right here, they'll help take you to that sad place.

22 Book Titles That Are So Sad That They're Actually Funny,

Ain't That the Truth

Old News

Claus for Concern

The More You Know...

Grave Mistake

Jurassic Buddies

Jail Fail

One-Way Street

Hair of the Dog

Forever Alone

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<![CDATA[21 Photos You'll Totally Read Wrong the First Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/photos-you-read-wrong-the-first-time/nathandavidson

Your mind is about to play some serious tricks on you. These are photos that you're pretty much guaranteed to read wrong the first time. Maybe even the second time. They're a series of verbal optical illusions meant to trick you into thinking you have a dirty mind. Because you do. We all do. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. We're animals driven by our animalistic natures, and word games like this are a friendly reminder of that. You probably just read this sentence wrong. Just kidding, there was nothing wrong with that sentence. Okay, now you're ready.

21 Photos You'll Totally Read Wrong the First Time,

Total Dick Move

What the Sh*t!

The Darkest Side of the Force

Fast or Fart?

Bag of Tricks

Simply the Breast

How Flickering Becomes F*ckering

Pepsi What?

No Butts About It

Orange You Glad You Read That Twice?

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<![CDATA[21 Misspelled Google Searches That Led to Amazing Search Results]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/google-searches-that-led-to-funny-results/nathandavidson

This photo gallery is dedicated to all the grammar-nazi's on the Internet. These pictures definitively prove that people with poor grammar skills are easily having more fun on the Internet than most folks. Accidental Google searches lead to some of the greatest search results the world wide web has to offer. Some are weird, some are funny, but they're also super awesome. Yeah, that's right, grammar police! You keep spelling your Google searches correctly and enjoy your boring, typical Internet experience. The grammatically challenged folks of the world are having an exclusive Internet party and you're not invited.

21 Misspelled Google Searches That Led to Amazing Search Results,

When Accidentally Google "Dogeball"

When You Accidentally Google 'Dird"

When You Accidentally Google "Turtle Sweater"

When You Accidentally Google "Eye of the Tigger"

When You Accidentally Google "Tom Tanks"

When You Accidentally Google "Llama Del Rey"

When You Accidentally Google "Sharknato"

When You Accidentally Google "Jabascript"

When You Accidentally Google "Tyrone Lannister"

When You Accidentally Google "Solid Snape"

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<![CDATA[20 Photos That Prove Cats Are Pure Evil]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/photos-that-prove-cats-are-pure-evil/nathandavidson

If you've always been convinced that cats are pure evil, then you've come to the right photo gallery. These photos will 100% verify your suspicion that cats are really mean and they're secretly trying to take over the world. They've been hypnotizing the Internet for decades with their "adorable" behavior, but as you'll see below, these pictures paint an entirely different portrait of what cats are really like. Is it possible that this photo gallery is nothing more than a smear campaign championed by dog lovers? Sure. But even if you love cats, you have to admit that they can be total dicks like a lot of the time. 

20 Photos That Prove Cats Are Pure Evil,

The Truth About Cats, Not Dogs

Computer Screening Process

The Ultimate Dick Move

Cheeky Bastard

Going Under the Knife

The Old Scarf Choking Technique

Oh We're Sorry, Were We Not Supposed to Do That?

We Meat Again

Cat Toilet Humor

Pooping Outside the Box

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<![CDATA[25 Hilarious Laundry Memes That Perfectly Describe the Struggle]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/laundry-memes/nathandavidson

There are few tasks more irritating than having to do your own laundry. Dishes could give it a run for its money, but in the end, laundry wins because of the folding and putting it away part. For most people, laundry is something they put off until it's absolutely necessary. Like "you've already worn your final pair of underwear inside out" kind of necessary. Here you will find a bunch of funny laundry memes and pictures that will spin cycle your brain. These viral laundry photos will not only serve as a friendly reminder that you don't have to do your laundry tonight if you don't feel like it, but they'll also make you want to fluff and fold for the rest of your life. 

25 Hilarious Laundry Memes That Perfectly Describe the Struggle,

Laundry Musical Chairs

Saved by the Undies

The Neverending Cycle

Lord of the Laundry

None Worse for Wear

That's What Tomorrow Is For

Please Make This Happen

It's Called Laundry Science

First World Husband Problems

Sleep It Off

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