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Improv is the one of the most entertaining things you can possibly watch. Well, when it's good - like UCB or Groundlings good - it's great. When improvised comedy's bad, there is nothing worse in the known universe. Maybe genocide. MAYBE - it's pretty close.

Also, performing improvised comedy (otherwise known as "being on an improv team") is tons of fun! If you're team is good. If your team is bad there is nothing worse in the known universe. Maybe sitting in the center seat on a flight from LA to Sydney and you have to pee the whole time but you're terrified of flying and your crippling fear of dying in a fiery plane crash prevents you from getting out of your seat and using the bathroom. MAYBE - it's close.

One of the best parts of being on an improv team, besides all of your friends thinking that you do stand-up, is that you get to give your team an awesome name. I'm of the opinion that you shouldn't try and name your team something funny...it's just a little redundant. Well, it's redundant if your team is funny. If your team is terrible, you should name your team something funny so at least you have that going for you. You'll at least get one laugh when your team is announced and brought up to the stage.

This is a list of some funny Improv team name options for you to explore. Some of these are real teams that I've seen and thought to myself, "Hey, that's a pretty good name." The rest are made up by yours truly and they are free for the taking. You're welcome.
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Ian Malcolm's Jacket

Tinker, Taser, Taylor Swift

Bell Biv Divorce

5 Overweight Dudes and A Girl Probably

Harold Night Shyamalan

The Avengers (T-Shirts From Target)

Blood Diamond Phillips


Wesley Gripes

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<![CDATA[The Funniest Team Names for Dentists]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-team-names-for-dentists/kel-varnsen
So, you're a dentist. I bet you know lots of good dental jokes.  Dentistry's really cool. I don't know how you do it. I would never be able to bring myself to have my hands all in other peoples mouths all day every day - it's just not for me. But it IS for you, and that's terrific because the world needs dentists.

But hey, just because you're a dentist that doesn't mean that you're a complete bore all of the time, even though you probably are that lady or gentleman in the neighborhood that gives out toothpaste on Halloween. Side note, stop doing that. Let the kids have ONE night. Also, you're costing yourself money by preventing cavities. It's bad for business.

Anyway, You're a dentist but you like to have fun. Maybe your office kickball team needs a wacky name. Maybe you sponsored a softball team. Maybe your local TV commercial needs a zany catchphrase to let people know that you'll clean their teeth but you've also got a sense of humor and understand puns. Well, that's why this list exists.

This is a list of some funny names for groups of dentists of any sort. Vote for your favorites now! Rank away! 

Caps And Crowns

The Venice Root Canals

The Lumiveneers

The Saliva Suckers

The Whole Tooth And Nothing But The Tooth

Flossy Lady

John Wilkes Tooth

We Know You Don't Floss

Struck By Whitening

We'll Do Our Crest!

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<![CDATA[The Funniest 5K Team Names Ever]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-5k-team-names/kel-varnsen
The 5k race. 5 Kilometers, which is a little over 3 miles for those of you that don't measure things in kilometers. This is the ultimate fun run. At least, it should be. It's not even close to a marathon, it's not even close to a half marathon...it's just a little over 3 miles.

5k races really are all about having a good time. That's why they're so short. They don't take up much of your day at all, and you don't really have to train all that much to at least WALK a 5k. You can even dress up in a funny costume if you want! Nobody takes a 5k seriously because they are inherently not serious. They're "fun runs". For fun!

A lot of times you'll do a 5k race with a team, usually raising money for a charity of your choosing - and if that is the case you better find yourself a good name. And again, these races are 100% about fun so you should have a fun team name.

The following is a list of some funny 5k team name options for you to peruse before setting off on your next fun run. After all, what could make a fun run more fun than a fun pun run? Vote for your favorites! Rank Away! Run! Don't forget to breathe!

Sole Mates

We Don't Know How Long This Race Is

5 Fast 5 Furious


The Toe Jammers

We've Got The Runs

What's That In Miles?

My Sole Called Life

Dallas Runners Club

Apocachafe Now

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<![CDATA[The Funniest Running Team Names]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-running-team-names/kel-varnsen
A list of funny team names to amuse runners during the sweatiest, most punishing miles. Running a marathon, or a half marathon, or a relay race, or a 5k, or something else with your best buddies may seem like a lot of fun. It may also seem like the worst idea that anyone has ever had ever. More often than not, it's both. It's fun doing active stuff with your friends. You can encourage each other to get healthier, lose weight, get faster, and a slew of other healthy things. That's great.

However, training for a race, or any sort of running event, is extremely time-consuming and unless you're an Olympic athlete you'll realize that you've bitten off way more than you can chew about 2 days into training.

That being said, you should do everything you can to have fun with it. The following is a list of funny team names that you and your pals can call yourselves so at least you can think about how awesome your name is while the rest of your body is shutting down somewhere around the mile 6 marker.

So distract yourself from the sweat in your eyes, the callouses on your feet, and the blood dripping from your nipples by voting for your favorites! Don't forget to add any great names that aren't already on the list!


Kiss My Assfault

Agony of Defeet

Nipple Chafe

In Your Pace

Not Fast Not Furious


Beer Run

Dude, Where's The Finish Line?

The Over Pronaters

The Thunder Thighs

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<![CDATA[The Funniest Fantasy Baseball Team Names]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-funniest-fantasy-baseball-team-names/kel-varnsen
Baseball. America's Pastime. It's a sport that you don't even need to be in really good shape to play. You just have to be good at one thing sometimes. Like hitting home runs. If you're really good at that you can be morbidly obese and still play this sport. 

The only problem is that hitting a baseball pitched to you by a major league pitcher is the single hardest thing in professional sports.

Luckily, this list isn't about baseball. It's about Fantasy Baseball! That's even more fun! Fantasy Baseball lets you experience all of the fun parts of the MLB without having to sit through an entire 4 1/2 hour game! However, Fantasy Baseball isn't without its frustrations. Baseball is a game of random slumps, injuries, roster changes, lengthy suspensions, rain outs and double headers that are sure to make managing your fake team a constant struggle.

But, control what you CAN control. For example, your team should have a great name. The following is a list of some funny Fantasy Baseball team names that you should consider. Vote for your favorites and add any that you don't see on the list already!

The Steroid Era

Barry Bail Bonds

Machado About Nothing

Kershawshank Redemption

Swingin' For The Pences

Puigs In A Blanket

The Split Finger Hoochies

Yeah Jeets!

Lou Gehrig's Disease

I'm Jose Canseco!!!!

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<![CDATA[The Most Amped and Excited Price Is Right Audience Members]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/price-is-right-audience-members/jacob-shelton
COME ON DOOOOWN... to this list of The Price Is Right audience members. Over the years this fan favorite and offbeat daytime TV game show has produced hundreds of memorable moments, most of them including the quirky audience members who line up each day hoping to appear on the small screen and maybe even win something. If you want to try your luck on America’s favorite game show, you need to get your bad self down to Los Angeles. While it’s pretty easy to score tickets to The Price Is Right, the real skill is making a memorable entrance. Some people crowd surf and a lot of people fall down, but it’s up to you to figure out what your method’s going to be. Take some time and study this list of the craziest Price Is Right audience members to see what not to do.

Whether they’re standing next to Bob or Drew, The Price Is Right audience members go completely HAM when they’re playing their favorite Price Is Right game. Some of them lose their minds and can’t stop screaming, while others seem to only then realize that they’re on television and clam up in front of millions of people worldwide. Strangely enough, grannies tend to handle the Price Is Right with the aplomb of the Queen of England. If you don’t believe us, check out the Price Is Right audience members and prepare to experience some of the craziest people you’ll ever see.

Vote up your favorite audience moment from The Price Is Right, and leave us a comment about that time that your Aunt Shirley almost won a speedboat.

Price Is Right Superfan

Is Cody Auditioning For Bob's Job?

Remember To Tip Your Waitresses

Somebody Get Laura Her Meds!

Jose: Genuine Idiot

Chill Is Not In His Vocabulary

Is There A Prize For Worst Price Is Right Contestant Ever?

Has Anyone Ever Been This Excited About Anything Ever?

Grandma Almost Has A Heart Attack After Scoring A Hole In One

You Probably Shouldn't Talk Smack To Bob

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<![CDATA[Things That Are Not As Cool As People Think They Are]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/things-that-are-not-as-cool-as-people-think-they-are/hoserusc
Jorts are the dumbest things I've ever seen. Next to Toms shoes. Next to the Toyota Prius. Next to d-bags taking pictures of their food. There are so many things that suck that people think are cool. For real, some of the supposed best bands ever and the greatest movies of all time are just overrated bunches of garbage.

So add the things that you think have run their course or never had a leg to stand on to begin with, like people that use their children as their profile picture. Unless you were permanently scarred and no longer recognizable after giving birth, this is not okay. (UPDATE: it has been determined this is never okay).

If there are other things that society has deemed acceptable and/or cool that are missing from the list, make sure to add them so other people can finally realize that the things they are doing (like the Harlem Shake) are just not okay.

The Kardashians


Justin Bieber



Flat Bill Baseball Hats



Duck-Lipped Selfies

Earlobe Spacers

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<![CDATA[36 Times Punctuation Changed Everything]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-punctuation-fails/ashley-reign
Anyone who has ever been a student can quite possibly relate to the feeling of sitting through a long, agonizing English class, wondering exactly how all the grammar they’re being force to learn will ever be useful. Perhaps some of you out there are students as we speak and still confront the question on a regular basis? Well, if so you’ve come to the right place, because we’re about to give you a whole list of great reasons to stick it out when it comes to learning the finer points of the English language. Here you’ll find a collection of funny punctuation fails that demonstrate the dangers of going rogue on grammar.

When it comes to the world of punctuation, you’ll see here what a startling role even the tiniest of commas can play in shaping a sentence. Think it’s no big deal to leave out little things like periods or question marks when composing a social media post? Well, we guarantee that, after seeing some of these social media disasters, such a thought will never enter your head again.

Have a friend or kid of your own who seems to think grammar is for wimps? How better to respond than to present them with one dude’s comma-less account of a hospital visit which appears to instead chronicle an upcoming three-way involving his grandfather? Whether you’re here for an education or just a good laugh, one thing is for sure, you’ll have a helluva lot more fun than you ever did in English class!


Bad Grammar Can Lower the Odds of Even an All-Caps Wish Being Granted

Best. Sale. Ever.

The Day Burger King Had to Turn Away Hundreds of Applicants for Being 10

PETA Backlash in 3... 2... 1...

Willing to Bet Robby Is Not Helping the Situation

Quite Possibly the Only Way to Make This Guy's Life Threatening Disease a Whole Lot Worse

Welcome to the World's Pickiest Toilet

What a Good Day for Cinnamon Rolls Everywhere!

Not a Great Way to Inspire Potential Servers

Are They, Now?

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<![CDATA[24 Epic Snapchat Insults]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-snapchat-insults/robert-desalvo
If you use the photo-messaging app Snapchat, you know how fun it can be to send a photo with a funny caption or drawing on it and have the message delete itself in a few seconds. Since Snapchat messages delete themselves, they probably can't come back to haunt you if you send a half-naked selfie or horrible insult... or can they?

Because of Snapchat's self-destructive behavior, there isn't as huge of a depository of mean Snapchat messages as you might imagine there would be on the Internet. We scoured the Web for the best Snapchat insults and know you'll have a laugh at someone's expense.

So how do you like your Snapchat insults: with just a plain caption or a side of photo painting? If you're looking to up your insult game, Snapchat just might be the social media platform for you. Take some lessons from the Snapchatters below who know how to throw some serious shade an be sure to upvote the best Snapchat insults and sickest burns.

We Could Have Sworn It Was a Planet

Wide Load Coming Through

The Tinder Truth

RIP Grande Skinny Vanilla

You'd Think an Author Would Know Apostrophe Rules

Take out the Trash

...For Rings?

Skymall Gets the Point Across

So That's What Duckfaces Are Really About

How to Make Your Angry Mom Even Angrier

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<![CDATA[There's a New Jurassic Park Dino: Introducing the Downersaur]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/downersaur/jordan-bates
There's a new dinosaur in Jurassic World. Everybody knows that. But what they don't know is that it's hip to current events, it's down with #trends, and it isn't afraid to throw a little shade and spit a little sass. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Downersaur to the internet.

The Downersaur is truth.


Apple Watch


Suicide Squad

Tiger Woods And Lindsey Vonn


CSI Cancelled

Bruce Jenner

Cate Blanchett And Her Women

Jem And The Holograms

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