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As a former collegiate softball player, I was one of many saddened to see the sport excised from the Olympics in recent years. This, however, is not a list of sports we would really want to see on broadcast TV... as part of the Olympics, anyway. These are the dream competitions; the events Joe Anybody could set a world record in. The events with potential to thrust (or hoist) an overweight man from the middle of Saskatchewan onto the Olympic victors' stand where he can be decorated in a way befitting of someone who just told that kid on a fixie to get a haircut (and a life).

What event would you add to the Olympics? Would you be a medalist in changing diapers without throwing up? How about a champion in swearing? There are so many things the world should give medals for but doesn't, and this is a chance to right that wrong. On the Internet. With some people you've never met before who may have an unnatural ability to watch TV for 72 straight hours. Seriously: this is the only marathon many people in America could ever even dream of winning.  

Winter, Summer, indoor, outdoor; if you think there's an event you could OWN (if only it were in the Olympics), make sure to add it to this list of events that should totally be in the Olympics. 
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Playing with Cats

Haggling with Customer Service

Pretending to Be Listening

Using Grammar Correctly

Beer Pong

Resting Bitch Face

Eating Donut Holes

Yelling at Cars in Traffic

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<![CDATA[The 17 Funniest News Interviews Of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-news-interviews/chris-abraham
With "apparently kid" being one of funniest viral videos of 2014, we apparently decided to take a look back at the most hilarious news interviews of all time. Some of the most popular viral videos of the last five years have come from funny news interviews, including Antoine Dodson's "bed intruder" interview and the unforgettable "ain't nobody got time for that" woman, known as Sweet Brown. Some of these people are drunk, while others are just plain stupid. Either way, it makes for a heck of a viral video, so sit back and watch what these people said when they were put in front of a camera.

The Hand Man

Epic Car Crash Guy

Backin Up Lady

Antoine Dodson's Bed Intruder Interview

Kai the Hatchet Weilding Hitchhiker

Apparently Kid

Australian Cory Refusing to Take Off His Glasses

Drunk News Interview

So Pitted

Ain't Nobody Got Time for That

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<![CDATA[Why Getting iOS 8 Is Driving The Internet Insane]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/ios-8-update-twitter-reactions-funny-tweets/brian-gilmore
After the iOS 8 update came out, everybody in the world tried to download it at once. Rational adults waited until the end of the day to do it, but most kids tried to do it at school, college students killed the wifi at their dorms, inconsiderate co-workers killed their companies' servers as if they were listening to Netflix AND Spotify at the same time.

As happens with anything that people actually care about, the entire internet complained ad nauseum, but there were actually a lot of funny thoughts. Assertions were made about relationships, the future of social interaction, which apps people are going to lock, how long it was taking to download, but more importantly, how much space people need in order to download the thing at all. 

You need more space than the average human being who actually takes photos or enjoys music has free on their iPhone. 

So here are the best reactions from Reddit, Twitter and Tumblr re: the new iOS 8 update. Upvote the funniest iOS reactions and downvote the iOS tweets that weren't that funny. All of these are really great and hilarious, though, so enjoy. 

One Of A Billion Tweets Like This. Everyone Is Deleting Their Bible!

Clearing Space Became a Huge Issue

Jesus Hates The New Email Functions

The New Interface Is... Interesting

It Will Be Called... Chat Bombing

Try It at Home!

The New Recents Display Will Ruin Relationships


Servers Everywhere Be All Like

The Entire World's Reaction

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<![CDATA[The Funniest People of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/comedians
The funniest people of all time are a mix of actors, comedians, and even a few people who probably didn't start off trying to be funny. Included in this list of people vying for the title of funniest person ever are the funniest stand-up comedians of all time and the funniest actors and actresses ever. One thing's for sure: these funny actors and comedians are at the top of their ha ha games and could make most people laugh 'til they pee.

The funniest people ever include actors like Will Ferrell and John Belushi, comedians-turned-actors like Bill Cosby and Eddie Murphy, and general funny people like George Carlin and John Cleese. While ranking a funny person is completely subjective, the folks on this list of funny people are undeniably hilarious. The real question is: who is the funniest person ever?

This is your chance to decide! Vote for the funniest comedians and actors and help decide once and for all who the funniest person alive or dead really is. If your favorite funny person isn't on the list of the funniest people ever, make sure to add them so others can revel in their hilarity.

Bill Cosby

Bill Murray

Eddie Murphy

George Carlin

Jim Carrey

Leslie Nielsen

Richard Pryor

Robin Williams

Steve Martin

Will Ferrell

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<![CDATA[45 Idiots Who Picked Fights with the Wrong Guy]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/fighting-fails/randy-cobb
Fights don't often go well outside of a boxing ring, but that doesn't keep people from attacking other people and things when they get angry. These people have decided to take out their aggression on just about anything near them. Whether it's a friend, a loved-one, a table, a trash can, a bush, a wall, a window or anything else, they'll punch and kick it as hard as they can. Unfortunately for the people featured in this list of fighting fails, almost all of them lose the fights.

How do you lose a fight with an inanimate object you ask? Well, it's a combination of blind stupidity, dumb luck, and most likely a lot of drugs or alcohol. The next time you get so frustrated you feel like punching a wall, just remind yourself of the fact that the wall might fight back. Just hope nobody is filming you.

Don't Throw Beers at Stopped Cars

Just Gonna F*ck With This Deer

Don't Bring a Knife to a Tire Fight

Girl Vs. Watermelon

Just Gonna Kick This Cop

Motorcyclist Fights a Van

Just Gonna Kick This Smug Trash Can

Just Gonna Taunt This Angry Dog

Spanking the Mummy

Master Burglar Vs. Window

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<![CDATA[The 50 Laziest Geniuses on the Planet]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/lazy-people/robert-wabash
We all have our moments of laziness. Whether it is watching something on TV for hours because you can't find the remote, sleeping with the light on because you don't want to get up, or closing the door by throwing something at it, we've all had times where we can't be bothered to do something simple. The people in this list have taken laziness to a level so extreme, it's actually impressive.

These are the unofficial "geniuses" of laziness, who have taken great steps to avoid doing even the most simple task. Is bending over to drink your beverage too hard? Try building a super straw that reaches all the way to the couch. Light switch too far from the bed? Keep a loaded Nerf gun by the bed and you'll be sleeping in no time. You have to hand it to them, these people have figured out some really smart solutions to everyday problems, especially the guy who attached a bottle opener to his dog.

Lazy Reading Glasses

The Mega-Straw

Lazy Tanner

Job Well Done

Lazy Jack-O-Lantern

We've All Been There

I Guess That Works

Cozy Quesadilla Cooking

Talking on The Phone Is Exhausting

Hitching a Ride

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<![CDATA[50 Hilarious Snapchats You Wish You Got]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-snapchats/ariel-kana
Snapchat has gone from the "sexting" app that we once thought it was, to a full blown social media and conversation tool. In some ways, the visual aspect of back-and-forth conversation makes Snapchat more effective than simply texting. It also has opened the door for all kinds of clever visual humor. (Hello, funny Snapchats!) Instead of texting your friends about the crazy guy you saw on the bus, you can now send a picture of the guy straight to your entire friends list.

The added bonus of being able to draw on the photos has turned everybody into an amateur artist. A simple selfie is no longer enough, now you have to add a hat, a beard, or an entire cartoon background to your photos. These 50 people have all used Snapchat in clever, creative, and hilarious ways, whether it was to make a joke out of their surroundings or to draw something into their environment. Check out the following Snapchats to gain inspiration for your next temporary masterpiece. 

Try to Blend In

Stripper Humor

It's the Thought That Counts?

I Wish I Thought of That

Kill It with Fire

This Girl Is a Major Sports Fan

Feel the Holy Spirit!

Fortune Cookie Troll

Finding Nemo Fans Just Died Inside

You Don't Have to Ask Me Twice

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<![CDATA[So Crying Selfies Are a Thing Now]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/crying-selfies/whitneysmoore
While we may not all be above taking a selfie every now and then (because let's face it, sometimes you look #FIERCE and you gotta capture that ish), there's an inexplicable and confusing trend among teens to post pictures of themselves crying. Why do they do this? Probably for attention, but the REAL result of these soggy teenagers' contributions provides endless entertainment for others.
What are people hoping to gain from posting a picture of themselves crying? Maybe their ex-lover will see it and take them on a pity date. Maybe their parents will try to be more understanding with them. Maybe the kids at school will stop their bullying. Probably not, though.

At any rate, take a look at these crying selfies and rate which ones are the saddest. By which we obviously mean most lame. Try to guess what's causing their tears, it's fun!


You Can't Really Tell, but TRUST ME, I'm Crying

How Can Anyone Cry While Holding a Puppy?

Looking For Validation on My Feelings And Also My Accessories

Sir, You Are an Adult.

Are You Sure That's What Is Impairing Your Driving?

The Crying Selfie Time Lapse

Seriously, Someone Message Me.

Dem Sensitive Days

1 for Original Poetry


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<![CDATA[50 Reasons Kids Have Always Hated Clowns. And So Have You.]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/kids-hate-clowns/jude-newsome
Nobody likes clowns. Clowns are scary as hell. Who the hell likes clowns? Why the hell would anyone like clowns? Sure, they're talented performers and entertainers that come from a long line of skilled professionals who hone their craft and deserve a lot of respect, but they're really damn terrifying and most of the time they're really annoying. 

Anyway, scary clowns are a huge part of popular culture, and while clowning is an art form in of itself, like with most art, the vast majority of clowns are absolutely terrible, and give clowning a bad name. Which is why everyone hates clowns. Your friends aren't all "oh hey, let's go see a clowning show this weekend." "Yeah! Let's go see a bunch of clowns and stuff." "That sounds great!" 

Nobody likes clowns. Here are fifty reasons that the world hates clowns. Hate runs deep for them everywhere and with circuses dwindling, the art form is slowly dying too, which is sad. But for some, this news provides a calming, wonderful, zen-like relief. 

And another thing. They're STRANGERS. Kids are taught left and right not to trust strangers. And what is a clown, but the most TERRIFYING STRANGER YOU'VE EVER SEEN. Stupid clowns.


They Randomly Always Have Candy. The FIRST Thing You Learn About Bad Strangers.

They Keep Children Hostage

Pennywise the Dancing Clown

Ronald McNoThankYou!

They Only Hang Out with Demons

Clowns Pick Up Kids Like Monsters/Politicians

They Make Clown Dolls Angry-Looking As Hell

Notice This Kid Staying As Far Away As Possible

Kids Avoid Them Because They're Scary

Yellow Teeth Was the Perfect Choice for Hilarity

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<![CDATA[56 Unfortunate Fortune Cookie FAILs]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-fortune-cookie-fails/ariel-kana
Fortune cookies are always a gamble. It's like what Forrest Gump said about that box of chocolates, fortune cookies are basically life. So when people are opening a fortune cookie, they're basically experiencing life (<---- this is bullsh*t). But the funniest and greatest fortune cookie fails come from either accidental Engrish (false, Asian-inspired, incorrect English), typos, or people trying to pull of jokes that just don't work. 

So here, all in one place, are the worst fortune cookies (or the best fortune cookie fortunes, if you like hilariously terrible ones) of all time. 

These are the funniest fortune cookie fails, or funny fortune cookie fortunes, that the Internet has to offer. Upvote the best fortune cookies and downvote the ones you think are either Photoshopped (though I tried to avoid that completely) or lame. 

You're Shaped Weird

The Cookie's Death Note

On The Menu For Today...

Body Exploration


Shower Thoughts and WTFs

They Know...

That's Not How Clocks Work...

Boom. There's Your Answer Right There.

The Morpheus Cookie

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