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No matter who they are, all celebrities have some defining feature about them (a mole, their weathered good lucks, etc.) that makes them stand out from mere mortals. Putting those remarkable celebrity faces on cakes seems like a questionable idea at best and on this list of celebrity face cakes it's pretty clear that a lot of came out looking a little off. Some the cakes are even pretty well constructed, it’s just that the celebrity images they’re trying to capture don’t really live up to the star. After all, would Oprah have become a household name if her face looked like it was melting? The upside to everyone one of these celebrity cake fails is that someone got to chomp down on a delicious bite of celebrity’s face, and who hasn’t wanted to do that?

It’s rare to find wonderful cakes of celebrities faces. The best representation that one can hope for are those weird print outs that go on top of cakes, but those aren’t as fun as the weird celebrity cakes that are on this list. Even at their worst, the cakes were probably still delicious, and they were all made with love.

Get ready to have your appetite stoked for tasty treats, and A-list celebrity flesh, and check out these celebrity face cakes that don’t quite look right.
17 Celebrity Face Cakes That Don't Look Quite Right, all people, people, celebrities, fails,

Barack Obama

Beyoncé Knowles

Danny DeVito

Johnny Depp

Liza Minnelli

Miley Cyrus

Oprah Winfrey

Ryan Gosling

Tom Selleck

Lady Gaga

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<![CDATA[Funny Graduation Caps That Won the Whole Ceremony]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-graduation-caps/nathandavidson
Graduation day is supposed to be a happy day but in reality there's nothing happy about it. The ceremonies are incredibly boring, it's usually really hot outside, and you have to wear the most poorly-designed hats in the history of mankind. But that doesn't mean you can't take a negative and turn it into a positive like these people did with their funny grad caps. Why spend one more second in a boring robe and a boring hat when funny graduation hats can really take your day up a notch? You wouldn't do that. Another good way to spend your time is by looking at this funny collection of graduation caps. Maybe you'll get some ideas for your own graduation cap.

Funny Graduation Caps That Won the Whole Ceremony,

The Universal Truth

There's No Shame in Begging

The Big Short

A Graduate Occasionally Pays Their Debts

Small Fish in a Big Pond

Hold on to Your Butts

Unlocking the Real World

Stay as Long as You Can

Time for Grad School

Better Call Saul

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<![CDATA[Hilarious Drunk Texts From People Talking Nonsense]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/drunk-texts-from-people-talking-nonsense/ashley-reign
There's definitely a correlation between getting drunk and all of a sudden feeling the incredible need to shower your friends with drunk texts. Before you know it, you've texted just about everyone you know and very little to none of what you've typed has made any sense at all. This is a collection of some of the best drunken nonsense texts you'll ever see. Whether it's the booze or the autocorrect talking the end result remains the same. And that result is often a baffling collection of words that looks more like an encrypted code than anything resembling a coherent story.

Here you’ll find a wonderful array of funny texts from drunk people as they keep their friends and family up to date with their drunken antics. All of the tropes of drunk texts are represented here. The overly enthusiastic declaration of love, the not so stealthy drunken denial, and of course the random announcement of shameless intoxication.

Hilarious Drunk Texts From People Talking Nonsense,

You Know You're Drunk When You Lose the Ability to Announce It via Text

When Your Typist Starts Inserting His Own Commentary
Listen to more insane drunk text stories here.
When Drunk-You Becomes a Master of the Metaphor

When Your Friend is Either Puking, in the Car, or Puking in the Car

The Long Lost Gospel of Harry

Sometimes It's Best Not to Ask

When You Realize You've Been Injured in the Line of Duty

How to Know He's a Keeper:

Cracking the Code

Invest in a Liquor Safe

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<![CDATA[17 People Who Got Drunk and Texted Their Ex]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/drunk-texts-to-exes/ashley-reign
It has happened to all of us. One minute you're at the bar feeling a little better about life than you did four beers ago and the next minute you're inexplicably sending a series of drunk texts to your ex. Sound familiar? Rest assured that whether you’ve recently found yourself on the sending or receiving end of such a text, you’re unfortunately far from alone. Here is a collection of pricelessly funny drunk texts from exes who just couldn’t bring themselves to delete the number of an old flame.

17 People Who Got Drunk and Texted Their Ex,

...This Sounds like a Job for the "Block" Button

When Drunk-You Attempts to Woo Her Back with Poetics

You Don't Say...

When Drunk-You Insists on Keeping the Confessions Coming

The Mid-Super Bowl Ex Text

The Happy New Year's Ex Text

If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It

Well, Don't Answer
Listen to some great tips on how to get rid of that clingy ex here.
What She Said

Pretty Good Joke

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<![CDATA[19 Times Netflix Lost Its Damn Mind]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/weird-netflix-photos/nathandavidson
Netflix is amazing. Watching TV shows on Netflix cuts almost six years of commercial watching out of your life. Also, it allows you to catch up on all of the movies and TV shows you may have missed over the years in record time by making binge watching easy and fun. But, for all of its infinite awesomeness, Netflix can get a little weird sometimes and occasionally it makes mistakes just like the rest of us. Take these funny Netflix synopsis mistakes for example. Sometimes something goes wrong in the Matrix and the wrong plot synopsis appears under the wrong movie or TV show and hilarity ensues. Sometimes there are also funny Netflix recommendations that defy any algorithm known to man. Take a look at these hilarious Netflix fails, you may have even experienced some of them in real life.
19 Times Netflix Lost Its Damn Mind,

How to Start a Netflix Cat Fight

Well Played, Netflix

How Netflix Ruined My Childhood

Aww Hell-mo!

Puss in Hooker Boots

When Netflix Became "Trumpflix"

Wow. Never Knew.

Churn Down for What?

Dang, Netflix. That's Cold

Can We Taco Bout This?

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<![CDATA[19 Freaky Cases of Lip Injections Gone Wrong]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/lip-injection-fails/nathandavidson
Deciding to get lip injections is a big life decision that can drastically alter the way someone looks. What is meant to be a facial enhancement or augmentation usually turns into a literal kick in the face, or at least that's what it looks like when the surgery is done. There seem to me more stories about lip plastic surgery gone wrong than there are stories about it going right. The amount of plastic surgery fails and lip injections gone wrong that occur in America every year is astonishing.

Plastic surgeons all over the country continue to turn seemingly normal-looking people into fish-faced monsters. To quote the great Bill Burr, "Can't you look at other facelifts and realize they haven't worked out all the bugs yet?" Take a look at these 19 examples of lip injection nightmares.
19 Freaky Cases of Lip Injections Gone Wrong,

That Look Ain't Working, Working Girl
Melanie Griffith had a lip augmentation procedure to have fuller lips, but the surgery caused her to have overfilled lips that made her look almost like fish lips.
How Low Can LiLo Go?
The long list of bad decisions Lindsay has made include her botched lip injections. Famed plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn said, “Lindsay’s lips look like two smoky link sausages. They appear to have been plumped up to the max with a filler like Restylane or Juvederm.”
Amanda Lepore's Lips Don't Lie
Amanda began her journey into the realm of plastic surgery with a sex change operation at the age of 19. Since then, Amanda's had three extreme breast augmentation surgeries, a buttock implant, Botox, a nose job, a forehead lift, her hairline lowered, and several lip injections.
The Lips of Hazzard
Rumors about Jessica's botch lip fillers began after she posted a picture on Instagram in 2014 with her lips looking extremely puffy. Plastic surgery experts agree that Jessica might have injected more lip filler too soon or just too much at once.
Farrah Abraham's Extremely Stiff Upper Lip
The 'Teen Mom" star was just happy to be alive after her lips had an allergic reaction to a numbing agent before her surgery even began. 
How Courtney Became A Cougar
The former 'Friends' star has admitted to botox, but she has yet to come clean about her lip injections. One has to wonder whether her plastic surgery nightmares led to her divorce from David Arquette and her permanent Cougar Town address.
From Daryl to Devil
Daryl "Splashed" onto the plastic surgery nightmare scene with some seriously bad lip injections.
Why, Nikki Cox? Why?!?
Poor Nikki decided to mess with perfection at the age of 34, getting cheek and lip implants, turning America's ginger crush into the artist formerly known as Nikki Cox.
Janice Dickinson Gets the Full Lip Service
Janice unfortunately became addicted to plastic surgery. Even after friends urged her to stop, Janice got her breasts enlarged, a tummy tuck, both neck and face-lifts, liposuction, and lip injections.
Oh Make Me Over... Again
Courtney started her plastic surgery career with a nose job before getting a face lift and some lip injections. Now Courtney's 'Celebrity Skin' is almost unrecognizable.

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<![CDATA[The Funniest Unnecessarily Censored Photos]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-censored-photos/nathandavidson
Censorship is like a total Internet buzzkill, man. It's yet another example of the media "man" keeping us down as he continues to blur out pictures and put "censored" bars over the best parts of our favorite photos and videos. Then again, these unnecessarily censored photos prove that there's some merit to making things a little hard to see. Namely, the fact that the result can be hilarious. Check out this list of the best funny censorship on the web, and vote up the picture you never want to see un-blurred.

The Funniest Unnecessarily Censored Photos,

Cuckoo for Cocoa Yuck!

Foul Balls

Wrestling with Your Inner Demons

Whorrey Potter and the Sorcerer's Staff

It's a Game of Inches

Obama Llama Ding Dong

Putin on a Show

A Wolf in the Hand Is Worth Two in the Tush

Reaching the Finish Line

L.L. Pork & Beans

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<![CDATA[The Best Road Rage Scenes in Movie History]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-road-rage-scenes/anncasano
Cinema is filled with road rage scenes. We’ve all been there. Maybe you get cut off, perhaps a car is trailing too close, or maybe there’s a traffic jam for miles down the road. Road rage is real, it’s that anger that brews inside while we’re driving. It results in yelling, screaming expletives, and almost always ends with someone getting the middle finger. Here are the best road rage scenes in movies.

No matter whether a film is a comedy, a drama, or even an action adventure, one of the goals of any movie is to make audiences identify with the characters. Almost all of us drive a car at one point of our adult lives, so of course, film characters are going to drive cars as well. When we see a character’s road rage, we feel their anger, but because it’s happening to someone else, it all looks pretty ridiculous.

It’s funny to watch Jon (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) constantly scream and drop f-bombs in his car. His anger is hilarious because it’s so over the top. But that could easily be any of us on any given day. Even the most mild-mannered characters get road rage. Driving always seems to bring out both the “tough guy” in everyone.

Check out these depictions of road rage in films and vote up the ones that capture what it's really like to be mad behind the wheel.

The Best Road Rage Scenes in Movie History,

You know what's contagious? Apparently, the middle finger. An angry biker flips off Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) and suddenly the nitwit starts giving the middle finger to everyone in Los Angeles.

Billy Madison
No one played angry quite like Chris Farley. Here, he's the red-faced, rage-filled bus driver, who must deal with mischievous kids (and Billy Madison) on a "precious field trip."

Michael Newman (Adam Sandler) is stuck in traffic, he's yelling, and he's angry. The happy guy (Terry Crews) in the car next to him starts to sing. This infuriates Michael even more. Good thing he has his handy remote. He can turn off the sound on the annoying driver and click himself through traffic.

Die Hard with a Vengeance
John McClane (Bruce Willis) must travel 90 blocks in 30 minutes through midday New York City traffic to once again save the day. He and his sidekick Zeus (Samuel L. Jackson) steal a cab, run a slew of red lights, and take a shortcut through Central Park. McClane ultimately causes other drivers, pedestrians, and even a mime to experience more road rage in three minutes than most people do in an entire lifetime.

Falling Down
Who doesn't hate a traffic jam? Honking cars, backed up traffic, and needless construction are just a few of the reasons why D-Fens (Michael Douglas) turns into a violent, totally psychotic man on a mission to fix all the wrongs he sees in society.

Midnight Cowboy
Ratso (Dustin Hoffman) almost getting hit by an angry cab driver on the streets of New York City results in the unforgettable line, "I'm walking here, I'm walking here." Road rage isn't limited to the people driving cars; pedestrians experience their own form of automotive fury as well.

The Blues Brothers
Elwood: You don't like it?
Jake: No I don't like it.

Isn't waiting for a drawbridge the worst? Others may pound the steering wheel and curse the bridge. Not the Blues Brothers, who can use a cop car like it's never been used before.

True Romance
Forget that Lee Donowitz (Saul Rubinek) is all over the road while driving and talking on his early-model '90s cellphone. Getting cut-off angers everyone, so f-bombs and middle fingers are certain to follow. Check out the clip above and see what karma has in store for road rage.

Easy Rider
It doesn't take much to piss off this redneck in a pickup truck. Biker/hippie/representative of the counter-culture Billy (Dennis Hopper) flips off a hick  with a shotgun, and it doesn't end well for him, or his riding buddy Wyatt (Peter Fonda.)

Learning to Drive
Learning to drive is difficult for anybody, but just imagine trying to learn how to drive in New York City when you're middle-aged. That's the situation that Wendy (Patricia Clarkson) is in. It's apparent from her anger and horn-beeping that her instructor (Ben Kingsley) is correct when he turns to her and says, "I think it's time to discuss road rage."

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<![CDATA[Guys Who Used Photoshop to Score Hot Girlfriends]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/guys-with-photoshopped-girlfriends/nathandavidson
Finding multiple girlfriends or your one true love has never been easier thanks to advances in modern technology. All you have to do is upload a few pictures into your trusty phone, download a few apps and girls start swarming you like a pack of wild bees. That's right, wild bees. And if that's entirely too much effort for you guys, you can simply use photoshop and create your very own virtual girlfriend experience for the whole world to see. Like these funny photoshop girlfriends that the men in these pictures will never live down.

The best thins about photoshopped girlfriends is that they think all of your jokes are funny and they will always stand by your side. Until you lose the image file.
Guys Who Used Photoshop to Score Hot Girlfriends,

Long Distance Photo Relationships Are Tough

They'll Always Have Imaginary Paris

Seems Legit

She's Just Along for the Imaginary Ride

Maxin and Relaxin' All Cool

Fake Girlfriend Hover Hand

Go Big or Go Home

Just Waking up with Megan Fox, My Real GF

Hentai or Die Tryin'

Nice Hand Detail

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<![CDATA[Funny Face Swaps Gone Horribly Wrong]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/face-swap-fails/ashley-reign
Face swaps are really a dream come true for a lot of people. Whether you have a friend whose cheekbones you've always wanted to try out, or if the movie Face/Off had a long and lasting effect on you, face swapping has created an exciting future here on spaceship earth. But, it doesn't always go according to plan. Here are some of the most epic face swap fails of all time, and they aren't pretty.

Here you'll be able to view a series of face swaps gone wrong as people exchange their faces with their children, their pets, and even random objects. That's right, there are funny face swaps on here featuring celebrities, dogs, and pumpkins. So that really just about covers it. There is something on here for everybody. 

Funny Face Swaps Gone Horribly Wrong,

Baby's First Face Swap

Pigging Out

A Little Soccer Fan

Cabbage Patch Nightmares Forever

He Definitely Has Her Eyes

The Most Unfortunate Family Portrait Ever

Things Just Got a Whole Lot Creepier Under the Sea

Catman and the Creepiest Little Eskimo Ever

It's Like a Painting You'll Never Understand

Newt Swap!

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