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The Star Wars films have one of the most passionate fan followings in not just the history of film but pop culture in general. The movies changed the world of film forever and have been hugely influential on multiple generations since their release. Many fans dress up as their favorite characters, not just for Halloween, but for conventions and celebrations year round. Occasionally, these costumes miss the mark or go just plain horribly wrong. This list of Star Wars fan costumes gone seriously wrong contains pictures of the worst contenders.

It can be tough to get a costume just right, but some of these Star Wars super fans, really, really missed the mark. From startling looking men in Princess Leia's slave costume, to unfortunate papier-mâché experiments, no one is safe. Even with the vast resources of a national television show, the costumes on this list are just plain wrong - no one needed to see Matt Lauer and Al Roker in those wigs for "The Today Show's" Star Wars celebration.

Vote up the most troubling, horribly crafted, seriously WRONG Star Wars fan costumes on the list below. And next time you're looking for a character to dress up as, remember, a Star Wars character might seem like a good idea, but the costumes are intricate, and one missed detail can spell disaster.
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The Sith Lords DO NOT Approve
Stick to Middlearth, Elijah.

Prince Leia Knows No Shame

Creepiest. Tauntaun. Ever.

Well, Yoda DID Often Look Cross-Eyed.

It's Quite a Feat to Make Jabba Look CREEPIER.

Here's Hoping That Was Non-Toxic Baby Paint.

Stormtroopers Had Full Body Suits for a Reason.

Garbage Wars?

There's No Need to Subject Us to These Wigs, Today Show.

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<![CDATA[50+ Trippy Pics That Will WTF Your Brain]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-pics-wtf-optical-illusions/don-davis
Think your eyes are playing tricks on you? You're right. These are some of the best optical illusions that will make your brain do a double take. At first glance, you will likely get some of these funny pics, but there are quite a few that may take you a little longer to figure out - and some that will mindf*ck you altogether.

Can't believe your eyes at some of these crazy things? Perception, perspective, point of view - it's all in the eye of the beholder. Test yourself, do you get it right away? Guaranteed, some will take longer than others to figure out. Some of these creative pics turned out so mind-blowingly awesome because of the great timing in which they were shot - pics so random, caught at just the right time...you couldn't stage them if you tried. Then, there are quite a few artistic creations that, while they may be set up, they still leave you wondering how they did it.  

These trippy optical illusions are some of the best pics that may make you question what you know to be real, but it's a great opportunity to challenge yourself, have fun and not take everything at face value. Granted, some of this crazy stuff may just leave you scratching your head. But that's what makes it so fun. So kick back and wrap your head around some of these awesome optical mind benders. And for more awesomeness, check out 59 Infuriating Images That Will Trigger Your OCD and 20 Pictures That Prove You Have a Dirty Mind.


I Don't Know About You, but It's All Black and White to Me.

Ah...Finally. So Much Better.


Getting High

They've Got This Whole 'Inception' Thing Going On

Even Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts Get in On the Optical Illusions

Stolen Moments: A Shadow Tells a Story of Love That Could've Been

How'd She Do That?

"I Just Couldn't Shake the Feeling I Had This Little Monkey on My Back."

Puppy Love

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<![CDATA[33 Hilarious Custom License Plates]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-license-plates/samantha-dillinger
Funny license plates make the drudgery of driving a little bit better (especially when you're in HOURS of traffic), or at least give you something to think about other than when the damn commercials on this radio station are going to end. The magic created by some people in a maximum space of 7-8 numbers and letters can be absolutely breathtaking, horrifying, and face-palming all at once, and the best vanity plates from around the US are all here on this list of funny vanity plates. 

List of license plates with funny messages makes use of all the available bits of state license plates. From custom logos to messages meant to be read upside down or in reverse, there's a little bit of "FU, state government" in every one of these offensive license plates. If you think you can do better than the funniest license plates in the US, head to your local DMV now (because there can never be enough silly license plates).

What are the most offensive personal plates? What can you put on a vanity plate? Some of the top vanity plates clearly have owners who pulled one over on the DMV and for their effort, you are implored to have a laugh with them and their inclusion on the list of hilarious license plates.

Everything You Say Is Wrong

Tell Us What You Really Think About Your Rivals

Defying Stereotypes

It Never Gets Old


Duct Tape: It Makes Everything Better

What's the Over/Under On Times He's Been Pulled Over?


Most Professionals Only Get $50

They Just Like Birds, Okay?

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<![CDATA[The Funniest Easter Memes and Cutest Pics]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-funny-easter-memes-and-cute-pics/amber-hubert
Happy Easter, everybody! Check out this list for the funniest and cutest Easter memes and pictures. Bunnies are pretty much the cutest animals ever so there will be lots of oohing and awing as you peruse this collection of Easter images. Hopefully, you'll find some good laughs, too! Vote for the funniest and cutest Easter images below!
How do you like to celebrate Easter? Whether it's with a chocolate bunny, an Easter egg hunt or a gooey Peep, there's something for everyone on this list! Check out the funny memes, furry friends and sweet little baby cheeks you'll surely want to kiss!
Of course, Easter is a religious holiday but for many, it's also just a time to gather with friends and family and shove our faces with food and candy while we watch our little ones run wild in a field hunting for the eggs we've hid extra sneaky like! However you celebrate, this list is sure to bring you some smiles and maybe even a few fun ideas! 

Rescue Dog

Bunny Besties

Easter Bunny Wedding Toppers

Happy Easter Cupcakes

A Bunny and a Basket

I'm Right Here!

Making New Friends

We Hatched!

Screaming Bunny

Bunny Baby

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<![CDATA[The 15 Mistakes Every Drunk Girl Has Made]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/15-mistakes-every-drunk-girl-has-made/amber-hubert
Girls just wanna have fun! But sometimes we can get a little too crazy! We've all been there, calling our ex-boyfriends and posting boozed up selfies. It happens to the best of us. Sometimes you just need to cut loose and you end up going a little too far. Of course you're drinking responsibly and avoid all of these drunky mistakes! But you know you've got "friends" who are guilty of the mistakes on this list on the regular.
If you want to have a good time (and why shouldn't you), just be sure to keep track of how much you're drinking, how much you've eaten, and how much time has passed. And try to only cut this loose when you know your BFF has got your back! Sometimes, we gotta watch out for each other. 

Tequila Sunrise, Whiskey Rocks, or Vodka Soda, whatever your taste (drink?) buds desire, have fun, shake it on the dance floor, laugh with your friends, but be safe. No one likes to drunk-sit and if you're old enough to have fun drinking, you should be old enough to hold your liquor. Of course, we all have to learn somehow. Next time you're out partying and you see a fellow female getting a little too crazy, help her out so we can keep on having fun when the work and play is done!


Acting Like a Stripper

Cheating On Your Boyfriend

Peeing in Public

Posting Sexy Selfies

Spending Too Much Money Online

Drunk Dialing Your Ex

Hooking Up With Someone You Don't Really Like

Posing for Photos With An Ugly Face

Drinking Straight from the Bottle

Passing Out in Inappropriate Places

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<![CDATA[Funny Pics of Kids Crying With the Easter Bunny]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-pics-kids-crying-with-the-easter-bunny/amber-hubert
We all remember it. That horrible time your mean parents dragged you to the mall to sit on the lap of a creepy Easter Bunny. Chances are, you remember it because you can never forget it! But fear not, for you are not alone. The kids in the pictures on this list are right there with you at Camp Terrified. There's just something about these bunny costumes that can't NOT look creepy. But the pictures that result are hilarious, so vote up the funniest on the list below!

Maybe after years of therapy you've forgiven your parents for putting you through this trauma and had a chuckle or two about it. But still, sometimes around the end of March or beginning of April, comes that holiday so insane, it changes dates every year, and you dream of the terrifying bunny that makes absolutely no sense in relation to Easter.

Now, is your chance to recover from those childhood traumas and remember that you're not alone. Millions of small children, including those on this list, have cried in the arms of a strange man with a questionable career path when all they wanted to do was play hide and seek with some colorful eggs and maybe eat some chocolate. Happy Easter, everybody! Fingers crossed for fewer nightmares than last year!

This Easter Bunny Is SO Drunk!

Look at His Hands, Mom!

This Just Doesn't Feel Right!

Too Confused to Cry

What Did I Do to Deserve This???

He Won't Let Go!

Why Are You Doing This to Me!

I Finally Met My Cousin!

Satan Bunny!


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<![CDATA[The Best Album Covers With Cats]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-album-covers-with-cats/kel-varnsen
They say the internet is just a jumble of cats, and that may very well be true, but what about things in our daily life? Mugs with cats, hats with cats, movies with cats... have you ever taken a look at some of your old albums and noticed, hey, they knew what was going on, they put a cat on their cover? Well, we did. We've taken a whole lot of albums with a whole lot of cats and compiled them here for you to see. 

Who knew so many albums would have cats? From the hit musical Cats to the classics featuring cats. Even Cat Stevens figured out the pun in that one. Just cats, cats, cats. Go ahead and CATch up on your cat knowledge and let us know what you think. Which album used a cat the best? Which one draws you closer with its cat charm? Which one do you love? Vote up your favorite cat album covers below and see where they rank!

Songs About My Cats

With Love and Squalor

The Pink Panther

When I'm With You

Tourist History

Beat Happening "Beat Happening"

Cats Soundtrack

Smog "Knock Knock"

Jim Flora "Mambo for Cats"

Klaxons "Flashover"

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<![CDATA[The Most Super-Annoying Things Bros Do]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/annoying-things-bros-do/don-davis
C'mon dude, it's not the worst thing to be a total bro, right? Wrong, you say? Then you'll really enjoy this list of the most annoying things bros do. So who exactly is a bro? Instantly, you probably thought of at least one guy you know. The bro is that guy, often a jock or a fraternity guy, typically in his late teens to early 30s, who loves to drink (too much), party, talk sports, hit on chicks, hear himself talk (a lot) and is likely found hanging with his fellow bros. Many guys will say, "But yeah, that's me, and I'm not a bro." Yes, these things can be pretty common, but there's just a certain way the 'bro' does it that makes it extra bro-ish.

Bros are those cocky guys who take it up a notch... they don't just drink, they've gotta do the keg-stand for everyone to see. They don't just talk sports, it's a ritualistic obsession. They don't just hit on girls, the attempted conquest is literally an event to be witnessed by all fellow bros. But most of all, bros are those obnoxious party dudes who love to drink, say stupid stuff and, of course, do ridiculous stuff. The things most drinkers would wake up feeling regretful about, the bro will go on to brag about: "Yo, dude, I totally got wasted last night and passed out in a gutter with some homeless chick, but she was totally hot bro." Right, bro.

Often the typical bro is a jock or fraternity guy - but by no means are all fraternity guys and jocks bros. Granted, being a bro isn't such a bad thing. Bros know how to have good shameless fun. Plus, there's a strong camaraderie amongst fellow bros... dedication, loyalty and friendship. So while this list isn't dissing our favorite bros, it's ranking the most annoying things they do.


Has to Have Tribal Tattoos

They Love to Hear Themselves Talk

They Drive Oversized Trucks or SUVs

Acts Overly Macho

Can't Get Enough of Themselves Shirtless

Hanging Out On Campus (After Graduation)

Axe Body Spray Is Cologne of Choice

Makes Sure You Know He (Supposedly) Uses Magnum Condoms

They Swear Bud Light Is a Good Beer

Sideways Baseball Cap

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<![CDATA[The Funniest People of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/comedians
The funniest people of all time are a mix of actors, comedians, and even a few people who probably didn't start off trying to be funny. Included in this list of people vying for the title of funniest person ever are the funniest stand-up comedians of all time and the funniest actors and actresses ever. One thing's for sure: these funny actors and comedians are at the top of their ha ha games and could make most people laugh 'til they pee.

The funniest people ever include actors like Will Ferrell and John Belushi, comedians-turned-actors like Bill Cosby and Eddie Murphy, and general funny people like George Carlin and John Cleese. While ranking a funny person is completely subjective, the folks on this list of funny people are undeniably hilarious. The real question is: who is the funniest person ever?

This is your chance to decide! Vote for the funniest comedians and actors and help decide once and for all who the funniest person alive or dead really is. If your favorite funny person isn't on the list of the funniest people ever, make sure to add them so others can revel in their hilarity.

Bill Cosby

Bill Murray

Eddie Murphy

George Carlin

Jim Carrey

Leslie Nielsen

Richard Pryor

Robin Williams

Steve Martin

Will Ferrell

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<![CDATA[The Most Quotable Movies of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/most-quotable-movies-of-all-time
The most quotable movies of all time certainly rank among the best movies ever, but there's more than just cinematic excellence to take into account when picking the movies with the best quotes ever. The best quotable movies have one-liners that can be dropped in a variety of situations as well as thoughtful sentiments that relate to life in general. But one-liners, man, they sure do make a movie quote worthy.

"We're not worthy!"
"Stupid is as stupid does."
"I love lamp."
"I've got a beverage here!"

Many of these memorable movie quotes can be dropped into casual conversation and be immediately recognizable as coming from a popular film. Others like "they can't all be winners, kid" (it's on the greatest movie quotes list if you're stuck) are tougher to figure out, but come from movies as quotable as favorites like Forrest Gump and Pulp Fiction.

What movies have the best quotes? What are the top quotable films? Where do the greatest film quotes come from? There are many films with a single movie quote that belongs among the most recognizable among pop culture while others are quotable throughout the movie's entire running time. This list of the most quotable movies has a mix of both, all available for you to vote on as the most quotable film ever. If your favorite movie with the greatest quotes is missing, make sure to add it to the greatest quotable movies list.

To check out myriad other movies with great quotes, visit Ranker's Movie Quotes section.


Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy


Forrest Gump

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Office Space

Pulp Fiction

The Godfather

The Princess Bride

Young Frankenstein

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