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COME ON DOOOOWN... to this list of The Price Is Right audience members. Over the years this fan favorite and offbeat daytime TV game show has produced hundreds of memorable moments, most of them including the quirky audience members who line up each day hoping to appear on the small screen and maybe even win something. If you want to try your luck on America’s favorite game show, you need to get your bad self down to Los Angeles. While it’s pretty easy to score tickets to The Price Is Right, the real skill is making a memorable entrance. Some people crowd surf and a lot of people fall down, but it’s up to you to figure out what your method’s going to be. Take some time and study this list of the craziest Price Is Right audience members to see what not to do.

Whether they’re standing next to Bob or Drew, The Price Is Right audience members go completely HAM when they’re playing their favorite Price Is Right game. Some of them lose their minds and can’t stop screaming, while others seem to only then realize that they’re on television and clam up in front of millions of people worldwide. Strangely enough, grannies tend to handle the Price Is Right with the aplomb of the Queen of England. If you don’t believe us, check out the Price Is Right audience members and prepare to experience some of the craziest people you’ll ever see.

Vote up your favorite audience moment from The Price Is Right, and leave us a comment about that time that your Aunt Shirley almost won a speedboat.
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Remember To Tip Your Waitresses

Somebody Get Laura Her Meds!

Aaron Paul Gets High On His Own Supply

Jose: Genuine Idiot

Chill Is Not In His Vocabulary

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Grandma Almost Has A Heart Attack After Scoring A Hole In One

You Probably Shouldn't Talk Smack To Bob

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<![CDATA[13 People Who Escaped Death Then Died Immediately After]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/people-who-almost-cheated-death/rydavis
These people managed the unthinkable: they cheated death. But then death cheated them back and they died anyway. If you've ever seen any of the Final Destination films, then you're familiar with all the horrific things that could ever happen to you involving everyday objects. And although the movie version is outrageous and over-the-top, freak accidents are a lot more common than you might think. In these cases, there are people who cheated death, and then there are the people who almost cheated death. And we're going to explore the latter results. In this list you'll find some crazy stories about some VERY unfortunate people who lived out their very own Final Destination.

These tragic stories feel almost unreal. They are indeed quite real, however. And that's what makes them so fascinating. There are so many instances in which people survived crazy accidents they probably shouldn't have only to perish in an equally insane incident shortly thereafter. The characters in Final Destination managed to escape their demise a handful of times, the people in these stories are not so lucky.

So without further ado, here's a roundup of people who escaped death, but died immediately after. 
13 People Who Escaped Death Then Died Immediately After,

Woman Avoid Club Fire, Dies in a Car Crash One Week Later
Jessica de Lima Rohl had spent weeks organizing a university party at a local Brazilian club. However, when her boyfriend asked her to stay in and skip the event, Rohl agreed at the last minute. This proved to be a lifesaving decision: 233 attendees were left dead after a fire broke out in the nightclub. Rohl was grateful to be alive, but only a week later she met her fate. Rohl and her boyfriend died in a freak car accident, colliding with an oncoming truck

Woman Awakes at Her Own Funeral, Dies from Shock
Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov had been declared dead at 49 years old. Her family began the grieving process and arranged a funeral. The only problem was she wasn't actually dead... yet. At the memorial, as Mukhametzyanov was being prepared for a proper burial, she awoke to prayers. Realizing that she was now attending her own funeral, the woman bolted upright and screamed for help. She suffered a heart attack from the shock, which resulted in her death... for real this time. The woman was rushed to the hospital where doctors confirmed she was actually dead now.

Basketball Player Skips Plane Crash Only to Die in a Car Accident
In 1977, the entire University of Evansville Men's Basketball team died in a crash only 90 seconds after the plane took flight. All but one, that is. An ankle injured sidelined David Furr, so he skipped the flight which would ultimately kill all his teammates. Although the team had previously only ever traveled by bus, the coach requested they fly in style for this particular away game. Furr would only live another two weeks, when he and his younger brother were involved in a deadly drunk driving acciident that killed them both.
Soldier Escapes Swarm of Bees by Running Into Traffic, Gets Dead

Austin McGeough, a 21-year-old soldier stationed at Fort Campbell, on the Tennessee-Kentucky border, was on his way back to base after some drinking and drugging, when he was killed by a car. Reports of McGeough's final hours are so confused they give an effect similar to what the young man himself must've been feeling after mixing Percocet with beer at a party near the base.  

The facts are: McGeough went to a party, mixed prescription drugs with alcohol and, on his way back to base, broke into a nursery, which he may have thought was either the party he had just left or the base. While in the nursery, he ate some leftover pizza and helped himself to the bathroom. Not long after leaving the nursery, he called 911, and also maybe his girlfriend, because he was being chased.

Chased by bees. 

To escape death-by-anthophila, McGeough ran to a nearby street. It's possible he was trying to kill two birds with one stone: hail a ride back to base, get away from his black and yellow friends. As a car approached, McGeough leaned into the road. The bumper clipped his knee, he spun around, smashed his head, and was killed. As the driver of the first car pulled over to help McGeough, two other cars ran over his body. 

Boy Who Survived a Tornado Gets Mauled by a Dog
Lynn Geiling opened her doors to a her little nephew and his family after they escaped a massive tornado in Oklahoma. The tornado did enormous damage, and the family left their son with Geiling while they dealt with the aftermath. According to police, the 5-year-old boy threw a tantrum while his parents were out. Geiling went to comfort him, but her 150 pound mastiff reacted aggressively and mauled the boy. Geiling screamed for help and tried to pry the dog's teeth away, but the boy sustained fatal injuries. The dog was euthanized following the attack.
Man Almost Drives Off Cliff Then Gets Hit by Bus
A California driver barely managed to escape a fall that would have almost certainly been fatal, very nearly plummeting off a cliff. The man lost control of his SUV on a windy Malibu road. When he crashed onto the mountainside's ledge, he was able to jump out of his vehicle onto the road. However, moments after abandoning his car, the man was struck and killed by an oncoming bus. 
Woman Who Survived 9/11 Dies in a Plane Crash Two Weeks Later
Hilda Yolanda Mayol had been working in a restaurant on the ground floor of the World Trade Center and managed to make it through September 11, 2001. Unfortunately, Mayol's luck didn't last long. Only two months later on a trip to the Dominican Republic, she died on American Airlines Flight 587, which it crashed in Queens, NY. At the time, many feared that the crash was a second terrorist attack, but the accident was attributed to the pilot's mishandling of the rudder controls during turbulence. 
Woman Survives Plane Crash, Gets Run Over by First Responders
After 16-year-old Ye Meng Yuan somehow managed to survive the fiery plane crash of flight Asiana 214, at San Francisco Airport, she laid down only 30 feet from the crash site. Injured and waiting for help, Yuan remained in a fetal position. When first responders arrived to help, however, a fire truck ran over Yuan. City officials cited the chaos of the wreckage as the main factor, but Yuan's family sued the city for negligence.

Woman Who Escaped Mall Shooting Dies in Aurora Massacre
Jessica Redfield was an up-and-coming sports broadcaster from Denver with a bright future ahead of her. She died at the hands of the Aurora shooter, who entered a midnight screening of The Dark Knight and open fired on the audience in 2012. Before Redfield was a victim of the devastating massacre, she had miraculously survived another shooting at a mall in Toronto only a month prior. Redfield managed to sneak out of the mall which was attacked in a shooting that left one dead and many injured. 
Marcus Garvey Has a Stroke After Reading Fake Obituary
Considered a trailblazer for the Black Nationalist movement, Marcus Garvey was a fierce Jamaican politician who advocated the return of those affected by the African diaspora. It came as no surprise to Garvey that he had many political opponents. However, the politician was shocked after coming across a fake obituary in the Chicago Defender. The obituary, which was incredibly negative and demeaning about Garvey's opinions, enraged the man so much that he suffered two strokes. So it appears his fake death caused his real death.

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<![CDATA[Weird Things You Didn't Know About Bathrooms In Foreign Countries]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/what-bathrooms-in-foreign-countries-are-like/jacob-shelton

Bathrooms: you’ve got to have them or things get messy immediately. But do you ever think about what restrooms are like in other countries? Do you ever feel like you’re missing out, that everything good is happening somewhere else in relation to toilets? If you’ve ever traveled overseas then you know that bathroom facilities and the rules concerning them vary wildly from country to country. Some far off destinations have toilets that are cousins to the bathrooms that you understand innately if you grew up in America, but some weird foreign bathrooms seem like they’re from another planet. If you’ve never been outside the good ol’ U.S. of A then prepare yourself for some culture shock, because some bathrooms in foreign countries are the exact opposite of what you know and love about the toilets that you’re used to.

What are the rules when you go to the bathroom in another country? Is there anything you should bring? What does it cost? Are you expected to clean up after yourself? And what is that smell? These are all questions that will be answered in full when you start reading about bathrooms around the world. Some of the facilities are considered a work of art, and others could use some sprucing up or a complete re-design depending on how you feel about waterborne illnesses. Continue reading to find out all about the bathrooms of the world.  

Weird Things You Didn't Know About Bathrooms In Foreign Countries,

In Scotland It's Customary To Let Strangers Use The Facilities

While it's been reported as a law, it's actually an old Scottish custom to allow anyone who knocks on your door to use the bathroom. This likely sprung from an old law that gave free passage through someone’s land and morphed into the tradition of letting drunk folks (this is Scotland after all) take a load off in your toilet. That being said, now that you know it's not a law you don't have to let anyone into your abode, even if their bladder is about to have a wee blow out. 

Make Sure You Face The Right Way On The Toilets In Japan

Before you go to Japan and ruin all of their public toilets, make sure you read up on exactly how you're supposed to use each bathroom. In Kyoto especially, tourists have been making a mess of the city's pristine toilets and the people who have to clean up after everyone aren't happy about it. One of the biggest problems is that people are squatting over the toilets backwards, which is leaving a huge, smelly mess. In 2015 the workers of Kyoto began posting stickers across the city to make sure that the influx of visitors would understand how to correctly use their facilities. 

Don't Pee In The Bidet When You Go To Spain

This should go without saying, but it's possible that you've never encountered a bidet. If that's so and you plan on going to Spain some time soon then please heed this next sentence: Don't pee in the bidet. It looks just like a toilet, but there's no lid. A lot of modern toilets come equipped with a bidet so you can do your business and then clean off without moving, but some of the more historically intact hotels and residences still have the classic two porcelain throne system

Outdoor Toilets In France Used To Be Works Of Art

If you thought France would allow for anything in their country to be not breathtakingly beautiful then you're very wrong. Nineteenth Century photographer Charles Marville documented street life in Paris throughout the 1860s and '70s, which meant capturing the architectural beauty of Parisian outdoor bathrooms, or pissoirs. At the peak of the outdoor bathrooms, there were over 1,200 in Paris, but that number has dwindled to one on Boulevard Arago. 

Russian Bathrooms Tend To Be Poorly Constructed

This isn't to say that every single bathroom in Russia is poorly constructed, or built without even an ounce of care, but when athletes went to Sochi for the 2014 winter Olympics they were greeted with some of the worst facilities of the 21st century. There were side by side toilets, toilets with lids screwed on backwards, and holes in the ground that look like they were made specifically to be ruined by drunk marathon runners. So if you have a chance to check out Sochi, make sure you make use of the Olympic facilities so you can feel like a world class athlete. 

In Cuba, You Have To Bring Your Own Toilet Paper

While Cuba has finally opened up for tourism (thanks Obama!) it hasn't yet made the amount of money that allows for a crazy amount of paper products to be readily available at the drop of your pants. The country is woefully under-prepared for an influx of people, and when Marketwatch covered the filming of a House of Lies episode in Cuba they noted, "There [are] not hammers and toilet paper, and things that people need.”

If You're In Sweden, Get Ready to Pay To Pee

While traveling in Sweden you should keep in mind the fact that it's important to use the bathroom before traveling outside of your hotel room (or wherever it is that you're hanging your hat for the evening). The larger cities in Sweden have a pay toilet system, which means that every time you need to go to the bathroom while you're out enjoying their pristine roadways and construction you'll be spending some much needed Krona. The money goes into upkeep of the bathrooms, and there's the thought that if you're spending the money then you'll be taking better care of the facilities. 

Please Don't Flush Toilet Paper In Mexico

It's important to remember that while many places have incredibly modern plumbing systems that can handle pretty much whatever gets thrown at it, there are a lot of countries where this luxury is not available. For instance, in Mexico it's completely against the rules of bathroom politeness to flush toilet paper. The lack of a modern sewage system in Mexico means that it's harder to filter out toilet paper if it makes it into the toilet, and the pipes themselves might not be able to handle the excess material. You could clog up whereever it is that you're going to the bathroom if you're not careful. Keep that in mind next time you go south of the border. 

Get Ready To Squat With Strangers In China

If you're going to go to the bathroom in China you have to prepare yourself to get out of your Westernized comfort zone. First of all, most bathrooms are unisex, so get over whatever social mores you have about using the bathroom next to someone with different genitals as you. Secondly, while there are some Western style toilets in China, most of them are of the squat variety. If this kind of thing stresses you out you might want to get some practice in before you leave the country. 

In Antarctica Your Waste Is Pumped Into The Ocean

This shouldn't really come as a shock to anyone who spends time thinking about Antarctica (and don't we all), but a lot of research facilities on the icy continent aren't equipped with the beautiful sewage systems that most folks in first world countries are used to, which means that there's a lot of scientist waste being pumped into the Southern Ocean. This is kind of gross, but to be fair it's not like there are millions of people up there going to the bathroom in the water. 


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<![CDATA[Dying Words: Last Words Spoken By Famous People At Death]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/dying-words-last-words-spoken-by-famous-people-at-death/notable-quotables
Dying words of famous people seem to be a little bit more poetic than the typical dying utterances of the common folk. Whether they've got the money and influence to be afforded the time to gather their thoughts, or because they're just plain cooler than many of us, there exist some memorable dying words from some very famous people. 

Granted, in order to record someone's final words, there has to be some normality and/or convenience to the person's death; for the most part, you'll not find any of these famous historical figures on the list of bizarre deaths from the 19th or even the 20th century. These notable historical figures died in bed, or in battle, or were somehow able to get their dying thoughts across to someone for recording on a list of last words of famous people.

What are some of the most memorable last words from famous people? What are the best dying words ever recorded? Some of the most notable last words of historical figures are recorded here on this list of famous final words. Make sure to upvote your favorites!
Dying Words: Last Words Spoken By Famous People At Death,

Errol Flynn
"I've had a hell of a lot of fun and I've enjoyed every minute of it."

Errol Flynn, actor
Ethel Barrymore
"Is everybody happy? I want everybody to be happy. I know I'm happy."

Ethel Barrymore, actress
Eugene O'Neill
"I knew it. I knew it. Born in a hotel room - and God damn it - died in a hotel room."

Eugene O'Neill, writer
Humphrey Bogart
"I should never have switched from Scotch to Martinis."

Humphrey Bogart, actor
James K. Polk
"I love you Sarah. For all eternity, I love you."

James K. Polk, US President
Jesus Christ
"Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit."

Jesus Christ
Louis XIV of France
"Why do you weep. Did you think I was immortal?"

Louis XIV, King of France
Ludwig van Beethoven
"Friends applaud, the comedy is over."

Ludwig van Beethoven, composer
O. Henry
"Turn up the lights, I don't want to go home in the dark."

O. Henry (William Sidney Porter), writer
Winston Churchill
"I'm bored with it all."

Winston Churchill, statesman

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<![CDATA[The Best Country Songs About Death]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-country-songs-about-death/ranker-music

What are the best country songs about death? This list includes country songs such as “There You’ll Be,” “The Last Day of My Life,” “Go Rest High on That Mountain,” and “I Believe.” Talking about death can be hard, and sometimes it's easier to connect through music when a loved one has passed. Country music is known for great ballads, and many of them are about death or dedicated to loved ones who have died.

Song lyrics about death, dying, and painful loss have the ability to make us feel. We often feel an emotional connection to songs, particularly country songs. The Southern and country U.S. way of life has a long history of singing about hardship and death, and even today, country songs reflect that culture. These songs tackle the devastating grief that comes with losing someone close to you, but also celebrate life, even if the one who was lost is in Heaven. The best of these songs are ones we listen to on repeat and find comfort in.

Country songs about passing away are often the most moving country songs because they often tell a sad, true story. The best country songs about death on this list provide kind of emotional connection that musicians hope people seek in their music. They are moving, and can help people through a hard time. Whether the person who died was a wife, friend, brother, or even stranger, these

Vote up the best, saddest, most moving country songs about death below, or add a country song about death that you love, if it isn't already on the list.

The Best Country Songs About Death,

Live Like You Were Dying

If Tomorrow Never Comes

Whiskey Lullaby

I'm Already There

What Hurts the Most

Who You'd Be Today

I Drive Your Truck

If You Get There Before I Do

If I Die Young

If You're Reading This

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<![CDATA[Weirdest Things Donated to Goodwill]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/weirdest-things-donated-to-goodwill/ashley-reign
Ah, Goodwill! Who doesn’t love the thrill of sifting through moth-ball laden garments for the occasional treasure that promises to reveal itself to those who have the patience to really dig? Well, here we’ve collected a list of the weirdest items ever donated to a Goodwill store. You see, in the thrill of the hunt, many times you may never notice the bizarre collection of items you sift right past that are actually treasures in their own - albeit sometimes borderline creepy - right. Fear not however, for on display below you’ll find a collection of some of the weirdest things donated to Goodwill in all of thrift store history.

What can you donate to Goodwill? What will Goodwill accept? Well, as it turns out, anatomically correct fertility gods and sculptures made of doll heads are totally fair game! And so are stripper poles! We combed the web for the weirdest, tackiest, and just plain strange donations ever dropped off at a Goodwill thrift store, and the offerings did not disappoint. So the next time you’re just not sure where you’re going to pick-up a new coffin or that pig fetus to really tie you living room decorating scheme together, calm your nerves, and know that Goodwill has you covered.

The collection you’re about to experience comes from both Goodwill employees and customers alike, who just couldn’t resist snapping a photo of some of the craziest things people have donated throughout the years. As you wade through this list of the strangest and creepiest objects donated to Goodwill, you’ll find yourself basking in the glory of everything from the world’s creepiest art to things that might have been attempts at art but failed miserably.

So pull on that $2 cardigan and take a look at the strangest things people’s closets have coughed up over the years.

Weirdest Things Donated to Goodwill,

These Legs They Had Lyin' Around
Nothing says spring cleaning like tossing those pesky old body parts. Although, we must say it's rather thoughtful that some come with their own shoes.

This Poor Little Dude
Though animals aren't accepted as donations, this little guy was left overnight with a collection of other items. Thankfully the folks at Goodwill lived up to their name yet again and found him a loving home.

This Insanely Real-Looking Artificial Decomposing Leg
Thankfully, this ridiculously realistic looking rotting leg turned out to be fake, but not before it got a few screams out of the Fort Worth, TX Goodwill worker who discovered it.

The World's Most Unfortunately Shaped Piggy Bank
A Valentine's Day gift for the new husband who needs a hint about the maternal clock?

This Fertility God
Though he's since been censored with the Goodwill smiley face, apparently this donated fertility god's anatomy doesn't leave much to the imagination.

Yep, That's Definitely a Coffin
We only have two hopes concerning this donation item

1) That someone finds it and can use it for years... or centuries to come. 
2) That its unused.

This Crystal Ball
Unfortunately, it seems forever stuck on the fate of Batman alone.

This Accupuncture Illustration Doll
Need to know where to stick a needle? Apparently this lady has you covered.

This Live Grenade
Not only did this live grenade donation give a very real scare to employees at a Goodwill store in Texas, a professional had to be called in to disarm it.

This Priceless Piece of Work-Out History
Okay, we gotta admit, this is kind of absolutely fantastic.

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<![CDATA[16 Chilling Real-Life Haunted House Stories]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/13-chilling-real-life-haunted-house-stories/wavy-gravey

Haunted house stories have become a staple of pop culture; you don't need to look far to see the highway billboards challenging you to spend a night in a haunted house, or horror movies about homes built on Indian burial grounds. But are there haunted houses in real life, filled with the ghosts of former occupants and grisly murder victims? Thousands of people have testified to experiencing the supernatural at locations all across the world, and the notion of a place being "haunted" is a near-universal concept in world folklore. These haunted houses are said to be the real deal, complete with ghosts, spooks and weird things going bump in the night. 

Whether these haunted homes are real or fake, haunted houses are some of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. Perhaps the mystery, such as the stairways to nothing at the Winchester House, is the real draw to these locations with visitors coming to some in the millions to decide for themselves if the haunting is real. Do you believe in haunted houses? The next time you're looking for a spooky place to visit, try one of these real haunted houses on for size.

16 Chilling Real-Life Haunted House Stories,

Ballygally Castle
The Location

In North Ireland, overlooking the sea, is the picturesque Ballygally Castle. The castle was built in 1625 by Lord James Shaw of Scotland, who had rented the land from the Earl of Antrim. The home remained in the Shaw family until the 19th Century, when it was sold by James Shaw's descendant, William Shaw. Today, it is operated as a hotel by Hastings Hotel Group. It holds the distinction of being the only occupied building from the 17th Century in Northern Ireland.

The Legend

Perhaps the most notable ghostly "resident" of the castle is Lady Isobel Shaw, the wife of Lord James Shaw. After Lady Shaw gave birth to a boy - the prized male heir for Lord Shaw - her husband locked her away in the castle's tower, separating mother from child. While attempting to escape and steal back her baby, Lady Shaw allegedly fell to her death from the tower. Today, she is believed to wander the hallways, occasionally knocking on the doors to random rooms, looking for her child. (A plaque in the hotel notes her presence but refers to Lady Shaw as a "friendly spirit.")

Madame Nixon (another former resident), also appears from time to time in the castle, wandering around in a silk dress. There is a room in the castle, located within the turret, that is locally known as "The Ghost Room" and isn't rented out to guests.

Numerous other ghost stories have circulated relating to the castle. One former owner claims to have once set up an elaborate dinner party in an area known as "The Dungeon Room" only to return and find the table in complete disarray. Others have said that, due to all the battles that have taken place on or near the grounds, that the ghosts of dead soldiers still appear to visitors on the property. A variety of supposed "mediums" have detected restless spirits in various points in the castle as well, with one notably claiming that the hotel had more ghosts occupying its rooms than guests.

But Is It True?

The place certainly sees creepy. Here's a shot of the "Ghost Room":

Furthermore, former owner Olga Henry - herself a skeptic when it comes to hauntings - has some pretty creepy anecdotes about guests who received considerable scares. One in particular concerns a guest staying alone, who felt the presence and even heard the noises of children in his room.

But alas, it seems that the "Ghost Room" may in fact just be a gimmick. Several bloggers and writers have stayed in the room and none have actually observed anything supernatural. (Some have also noted that the Ghost Room is surprisingly modern, wired for electricity and not even locked away from the rest of the hotel, just the sort of precautions you'd take if there were actually ghosts around.)
Blickling Hall
The Location

BRIEF HISTORY LESSON: Anne Boleyn was the second wife of King Henry VIII of England. Henry grew displeased with her after she failed to produce a male heir (though she did give birth to a daughter, the future Queen Elizabeth). Henry decided he'd prefer to be with his new mistress, Anne Seymour, so he had Boleyn arrested and locked up in the Tower of London. It was there she was executed for high treason on May 19, 1536, and then buried. Blickling Hall in Norfolk was the home of the Boleyn Family from 1499 to 1507.

The Legend

The circumstances surrounding Boleyn's death have made her a key figure of fascination in British history. Almost immediately after her execution, stories of her practising witchcraft and even laughing in the face of death started to spread. Even the Governor of the Tower of London, present at her execution, later said "this lady had much joy and pleasure in death."

Each year on May 19, it's said that a headless Anne Boleyn visits Blickling Hall. Apparently, she's a nostalgic ghost. According to local legend, Anne arrives each year in a carriage, led by a headless horseman. Though it's not exactly known where the head of the horseman lies, Anne carries her detached skull along with her for the ride. Anne's brother, Lord Rochford, and her father, Thomas Boleyn, are also thought to haunt the grounds.

But Is It True?

There are so many stories about Anne Boleyn's ghost appearing in various spots all over England, it's a bit difficult to take any of them too seriously. For example, on Christmas, Anne appears yearly in Kent near the spot where she first met and was courted by King Henry, as well as in Essex near Rochford Hall, where she spent considerable time as a girl. Either Anne is seriously committed to being a ghost... or English people are just fascinated by her and thus "see" her everywhere.
Borley Rectory
The Location

Borley is a small town in Essex, England, near the border with Suffolk on the Eastern Coast of the country. In 1863, the location was home to a church (also called Borley) which had a large rectory on the grounds. In 1863, Reverend Henry Dawson Ellis Bull destroyed all remnants of the previous rectory and had his own home built next to the Borley Church, which was to be his parish. Already when the Reverend Bull had his home built, there had been rumors of a ghost on the property, originally of a sad, dead nun who still wandered the grounds, weeping. According to most accounts, there had been some manner of church building - including monasteries - on the site since the 12th or 13th centuries.

The Legend

The origin of the "Nun's Walk" story dates back to the site's original purpose, as a monastery. Supposedly, a monk from the monastery carried on an affair with a nun from a nearby convent. When the couple were found out, the monk was killed and the nun walled up inside the rectory's familiar red brick walls.

Reverend Bull was himself fascinated by the ghost nun story, and purposefully set up his home so he could look out over the area she was said to walk at night. Several sightings - both from guests, Reverend Bull's own family, and servants - from this time were reported of the sorrowful ghost nun haunting the grounds.

After Reverend Bull died, his position was taken up by Reverend Eric Smith, who lived at the Borley Rectory with his wife. Hearing about the area's reputation, the couple invited then-noted paranormal investigator Harry Price to inspect the rectory. Price reportedly discovered a great deal of paranormal activity, of the violent, chaotic sort we'd now associate with a poltergeist. Reverend Smith and his wife moved out of the rectory after a brief 2 years.

The next Reverend to move in was Lionel Foyster, who arrived at the rectory with his beautiful wife, Marianne. The spirit of the rectory appears to have taken a liking for Marianne, singling her out for attention and allegedly even writing messages on the walls for her. (One example: "Marianne please help get.")

Foyster arranged then to have the home exorcized of evil spirits, which is said to have worked for a time. But soon enough, the vengeful spirits returned, attacking Foyster's son, turning communion wine to ink and other horrors. The Foyster family moved out of the rectory shortly after.

Harry Price, still intrigued by the strange phenomenon happening at the rectory, purchased it himself in 1937 and began a series of tests and experiments meant to determine exactly what was happening at Borley Rectory. A year later, Price held a seance, during which a spirit delivered a prophecy. The Rectory would burn down that very night, and the skeleton of the dead nun held in its walls would be found. This did not, in fact, happen, but Borley Rectory did burn down a scant 11 months later. Price returned to inspect the grounds and claims to have found a jawbone that could have belonged to a nun.

But Is It True?

Harry Price's "scientific team" logged a large amount of research and observations relating to their time spent at Borley Rectory, and a number of photographs of spirits came out of the period.

As well, a number of the original individuals involved in the Borley legends spoke publicly about their experiences, including Marianne, who suspected that some of the actions credited to the Borley ghost were probably hoaxes or fakes, but still maintained that the house was likely haunted.

It's also extremely unlikely that the "origin story" about the ghost nun is accurate, and by the 1930s, this version of events had already been widely discredited. (It's believed to have come from a popular novel of the time by H. Rider Haggard.) This obviously hurts the believability of all the later stories, as the un-dead nun trapped forever in the rectory walls seemed to have been the original source of all the other legends.

Finally, though a series of exorcisms were undertaken, and Price even found the jawbone amidst the rubble and gave it a proper Christian burial, sightings of ghosts around where the rectory stood continue to this day. What more could this ghost possibly want after centuries of wandering around aimlessly?
Edinburgh Castle

The Location

The Edinburgh Castle in Scotland that sits atop the famous volcanic "Castle Rock" has been continuously occupied since about the 9th Century BC. The first royal castle on the site was constructed by King David I in the 12th Century, and it remained the seat of the Scottish King until the ascension of James VI to the throne of England in 1603. After that, it remained an essential Scottish fortress and military stronghold, and played a part in numerous important historical battles. Today, the site is Scotland's most popular paid tourist attraction, and one of the most iconic images of the country.

The Legend

Or, I should say, "The Legends." Because of the location's key significance in Scottish history, there are too many ghost stories circulating about the place to even compress into anything less than an essay. And I have THINGS to do.

So in brief...

- A ghost "drummer" can be heard throughout the castle whenever it is about to be attacked. (Obviously, this hasn't happened in a while...) Prior to the 1650 siege of the castle by Cromwell's forces, the drummer was spotted and identified as the ghost of a headless boy.
- The dungeons, where numerous prisoners were held and tortured, are thought to be populated by some restless spirits. One spirit, a prisoner in the dungeons during his life time, is said to have attempted to escape in a wheelbarrow full of dung, only to perish on the craggy rocks below when the barrow was emptied off of the cliffside. Today, it's thought that he still haunts the castle, causing visitors to sense his presence and smell the faint residue of... yeah, dung.

But Is It True?

Well, probably not.

BUT STILL, there's more evidence pointing towards Edinburgh Castle being haunted than almost any other place on Earth. In 2001, Dr Richard Wiseman conducted a study in the castle, testing the reactions of people who had never before heard the legends of its haunting to exploring the castle. 51% of the subjects reported experiencing something supernatural in areas that were previously identified as "haunted." In other areas, only 35% of subjects reported supernatural goings-on. Among the reports were strange light effects and the sensation of something tugging at your clothes. 

Raynham Hall
The Location

Construction on Raynham Hall began in Norfolk, England, in 1613, at the behest of Sir Roger Townshend, an influential member of English Parliament. Sir Roger had been touring around Europe and had the home built in a popular Italian style that would become the rage in England many years later, making Raynham Hall notably ahead of its time, and infamous as one of the finest stately country homes in the area.

The home is also notable for the extensive work done on the house by famous English architect, landscaper and designer William Kent. Many of Kent's finest pieces - along with a variety of other artwork he hand-picked for Raynham - can still be found in the home to this day.

The Legend

One of Sir Roger's descendants, Charles Townsend, married a woman named Dorothy Walpole in 1712. Dorothy had a reputation as being promiscuous, which may have fueled some of the strange rumors surrounding her death in 1726. It is rumored that Lord Townsend actually faked his wife's death, so that he could imprison her in the home, possibly as retribution for an infidelity or out of anger after discovering she had been previously involved with a rival. Unable to see her children, leave the room, or eat, she died in that room, wearing a brown satin dress.

The first sighting of The Brown Lady took place at Christmas in 1835, where a guest of the house, Colonel Loftus, met with the Brown Lady on his way back to his room of an evening. He said she was wearing a brown satin dress and seemed to glow from behind her empty eye sockets. His account led to many of the house servants leaving the house immediately, refusing to return.

Numerous notable figures from British history claim to have seen The Brown Lady while staying in Raynham Hall. One of the first and most infamous encounters happened to King George IV when he stayed in one of the home's state rooms. He claims to have woken up to find the deathly pale lady hovering right next to his bed. Apparently, the king was so frightened that he refused to remain in the home any longer, and left immediately. 

The ghost of Dolly is thought to still walk up and down the grand staircase of Raynham Hall today.

But Is It True?

The Brown Lady is the subject of arguably the most famous ghost photograph of all time...

... which is fairly unsettling. However, the Brown Lady story does feel a bit like the product of the Victorian fascination with both the occult and sexual moralizing, rather than an accurate account of the Townsend marriage. (The vagueness surrounding the reasons for Lord Townsend's sudden decision to imprison his wife and fake her death, for example.) Still, it's hard to argue with the seriousness and integrity of some of these witnesses. If you can't trust a guy named Colonel Loftus, who can you trust?
White House
The Location

The White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has been the home of every American president and his family since the John Adams administration in 1800. Homes in the US don't get much more historic, and few are reported to be more crowded with undead souls.

The Legend

According to legend, the first First Lady to take residence in the mansion liked it so much that her spirit remains there today. Abigail Adams, wife of John Adams, can reportedly be seen hanging laundry in the East Room from time to time.
Adams probably doesn't get much chance to be lonely, as Dolley Madison, wife of James Madison, has also been spotted hanging out in spirit form at the White House. Madison, who designed the Rose Garden during her husband's administration, allegedly returned to stop work on the garden's removal years later.

That's far from all of the haunting in this landmark. The Rose Room, also known as the Queen's Bedroom, is said to be the spiritual hot spot in the White House. The ghosts of everyone from President Andrew Jackson to President Abraham Lincoln is said to occupy that bedroom.

Finally, many visitors and residents of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue claim to have seen Abraham Lincoln's ghost walking the grounds. First Ladies Eleanor Roosevelt and Grace Goodhue (wife of Calvin Coolidge) told of spotting Lincoln's ghost in the appropriately-titled Lincoln bedroom. As well, Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands claimed that, while spending the night at the White House, she heard Lincoln knocking at her bedroom door. (I'm sure it was perfectly innocent...)

But Is It True?

Most ghost stories seem to indicate that great traumas or intense emotions are what spark a haunting. Ghosts don't want to hang out just ANYWHERE. They occupy those locations where significant events went down. And it's hard to think of a more significant place where more dramatic decisions have been made than at the White House.

Still, with so many people walking through the White House every day, it seems an odd place for ghosts to be mucking about unseen. And a lot of the stories about White House hauntings are patently absurd, such as when Winston Churchill claimed to have been taking a bath in the White House, only to emerge nude and find himself face-to-face with Lincoln's ghost.
Whaley House
The Location

Located in San Diego, California, the Whaley House was built over the site where James Robinson (nicknamed Yankee Jim) was executed in 1852 after a conviction of grand larceny. Four years after the hanging, Thomas Whaley purchased the land and constructed the home for his family. (Hence the name.)

The Legend

Yankee Jim was a relatively infamous character in the area, known for ambushing miners for their recently-obtained gold. Eventually, he and two other men were arrested for stealing a boat, and he was condemned to die. (To give you a sense for the way justice was meted out at the time, two of the jury members were also the owners of the stolen boat.)

On the day of the execution, Yankee Jim addressed the crowd that had gathered while standing in a cart. He said his execution was a miscarriage of justice, and argued that he was a good man who was known for donating to the poor. He was then hanged suddenly in the midst of speaking. In addition, the noose was set too low, allowing Yankee Jim's feet to touch the ground and prolonging his death.

After moving into the home built atop the site of this execution, the Whaleys began hearing strange noises, including the sound of boots stomping around the house. Soon enough, the stories spread that the ghost of Yankee Jim was still wandering the grounds, angry about his overly harsh sentence.

In the 1950s, the county decided to have the home renovated and restored, and the workers began to notice strange things, like doors and windows opening and closing themselves, or strange sounds. Some reported seeing not Yankee Jim but the ghosts of Thomas Whaley and his wife at the top of the staircase. A few refused to continue working on the site. Even television personality Regis Philbin has claimed to have seen the spirits in the home.

But Is It True?

Here's the most compelling evidence to date of the haunting of Whaley House, a photo that appears to show a smoke-like apparition:

Rose Hall House
The Location

Rose Hall House is one of the most famous and lavish homes in Jamaica. It was first constructed in the 1770s in Montego Bay, and was most recently refurbished in the 1960s. It is a popular tourist attraction.

The Legend

In 1820, Haitian-born Annie Palmer married John Palmer of Montego Bay. John owned Rose Hall at this point, and ran it as a plantation, utilizing slave labor. John died soon after returning to Rose Hall with his Haitian bride. According to local legends, Annie was a psychopath who used voodoo to dominate the men of the plantation. She allegedly manipulated the string of new husbands she acquired over the years, as well as the slaves who worked on the plantation, tolerating them for a time, only to murder them when she lost interest.

Annie was said to have a freakishly high sex drive. When she became bored with her three husbands, all who died under strange circumstances, she would make male slaves join her in bed. When Annie grew tired of a slave, she would murder them as well. This ritual repeated itself for years apparently, all right there in Rose Hall House.

It's said that Annie was eventually killed in her bed by one of her victims, possibly a slave during the slave of the 1830s. Annie was buried in a special grave in the woods, but her spirit reportedly remains in the Rose Hall to this day. The site, in addition to being a tourist attraction, has been home to numerous seances and attempts to commune with Annie's spirit. She has come to be known as the "White Witch of Rose Hall."

But Is It True?

Almost certainly not. Aside from a novel apparently inspired by the house from the 1920s, there's nothing in the historical record to suggest even that "Annie Palmer" existed, let alone that she was a voodoo priestess using the house as a homebase for a bloodthirsty rampage. The story seems in many ways concocted out of the most depraved fantasies of the local European residents. In a study of the legend from the Fortean Times in 2007, author Benjamin Radford investigated the "White Witch" legends and concluded that they were entirely fictional. Even the pseudo-scientific paranormal investigations of the location have failed to produce any compelling indications of a supernatural haunting.
The Crescent Hotel
The Location

The Gothic style Crescent Hotel of Eureka Springs, Arkansas, is sometimes called the "Grand Old Lady of the Ozarks," and is often listed as the most haunted place in all of the Ozark Mountains (a location known for its colorful folklore.) The hotel and spa was designed by famed Missouri architect Isaac L. Taylor and built between 1884 and 1886 on the West Mountain in the Ozarks. Eureka Springs had recently become infamous as the home of "healing spring waters," which were believed to have curative properties for all variety of ailments. (Lots of bottled Eureka Spring water was also making its way around the country, adding to the region's notoriety.) Tourism to the area also got a boost when a stop on the newly-built Frisco Railroad was built close by.

Interest in the resort waned by the turn of the century, after it became clear that the springs - though delightful for holiday goers - didn't actually help cure anything. It has been run in the intervening years alternatively as a hotel and health clinic, and is currently open as a spa and resort, along with one of America's historic hotels.

The Legend

Rumors and stories about hauntings at The Crescent started as soon as construction began. It's said that one of the workers - in most accounts, a stonemason named Michael - plunged from the roof to his death, landing in the spot currently occupied by Room 218. Naturally, strange noises have been reported in this room over the years by guests.

Most of the horror stories surrounding The Crescent concern the years it was operated by a charlatan named Norman Baker, who had become famous via a variety of get-rich-quick schemes, including a small fortune made selling calliopes. Baker - who was not a licensed physician - intended to use The Crescent as a homeopathic clinic of sorts, offering a variety of miracle medicines. (Baker had previously touted a "cure for cancer" in his native Iowa before being shut down by the American Medical Association.) Most of Baker's "cures" offered at the Crescent consisted of drinking the local spring water, which was not actually curing people but also was probably not doing them much harm.

Local legends sprung up around the clinic, however, about Baker's cruel and gruesome treatments. Some anecdotes have him scalping patients to search for tumors directly in their brain, or of locking patients away to die in pain so no one would know they had not been cured. Baker was arrested in connection with the scheme in 1940 and did 4 years in prison, abandoning the hospital thereafter. But it's said that the ghosts of his tormented patients still linger there, most famously a cancer patient named Theodora who is accompanied by a ghostly cat that appears on guests beds.

But Is It True?

The Crescent is a popular location for TV shows and documentaries about ghost hunters, and has appeared on Sci-Fi Channel's Ghost Hunters, NBC's Today Show, A&E's Haunted Road Trips and elsewhere. (On the Sci-Fi Channel show, it was suggested that the ghost of famous dancer Irene Castle - who spent her last years in Eureka Springs - was spotted at The Crescent.) It's important to bear in mind, though, that much of The Crescent's business depends on the fascination with its haunting, so it's in everyone's financial best interests to make sure there are an appropriate number of "sightings."

As well, Baker was never charged with torturing or brutalizing patients, merely with defrauding them via the US Mail.
The Bell Farm

The Location

In 1800, farmer John Bell and his family moved from North Carolina to Red River, Tennessee (today called Adams, Tennessee). He eventually came to own over 300 acres of property in the area, and became a respected local leader and Elder of the town church.

The Legend

By most accounts, strange things started happening on the Bell family farm around 1817, which have been blamed on an entity known as "The Bell Witch." There are several popular stories. Here are a few of the more intriguing variations:

- John Bell found a strange animal on the property that looked like a half-dog, half-rabbit.
- The Bell children started hearing strange sounds, which at times resembled vermin invading their rooms and gnawing at their beds.
- Faint whispering heard around the house that resembled women softly singing hymns.
- The Bells found a vial of unknown liquid sitting around the house. They tested it out by giving some to the cat, which soon died.

Bell grew ill in 1820, by some accounts owing to the stress and terror of believing a witch was haunting him. (In other accounts, John became sick because the Bell Witch had given him some of the strange liquid that killed the cat.) It was said that, after John's funeral, the Bell Witch could be heard laughing and cackling to herself, and taking credit for the death.

But Is It True?

President Andrew Jackson certainly believed so. During the Battle of New Orleans, in which several of Bell's sons had fought, then-General Jackson became intrigued by stories of the haunting of the Bell's Farm and in 1819 took a trip there to investigate further. Though peculiar things started happening almost immediately upon his arrival at the farm (such as the wagon he was bringing suddenly becoming immobile and refusing to budge), the skeptical Jackson initially denied the rumors. Eventually, however, he too became convinced the Bell Farm was haunted, and is said to have even come up with the name "The Bell Witch."

However, it's hard to tell how much of this report is folklore vs. actual history. Only one primary source still survives about the Bell Witch, an account written by Richard Williams Bell - the second-youngest child of John Bell - in 1846 called "Our Family Trouble." In it, he provides an eyewitness account of the haunting. It was rumored that the ghost had promised to return to Bell's direct descendent in 107 years, which would have been 1935. No reports of Bell Witch sightings were made at that time.

The story has inspired a number of notable pop culture haunted houses and ghost stories. The horror film "An American Haunting" is a largely fictionalized retelling of The Bell Witch story, though in this version, John Bell is raping his daughter and the Bell Witch is actually a manifestation of her anger and grief.

Tue, 04 Oct 2011 03:27:06 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/13-chilling-real-life-haunted-house-stories/wavy-gravey
<![CDATA[18 Celebrities with Vitiligo]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/celebrities-with-vitiligo/celebrity-lists
List of Celebrities with Vitiligo, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Vitiligo is a condition that effects the pigments of an individual's skin. The cause of vitiligo is unknown and stress can worsen the disorder. Vitiligo can be treated by applying steroids and using ultraviolet light. In extreme cases an individual may opt to de-pigment their unaffected skin so that it blends in with the patches effected by vitiligo.

Who is the most famous person who had vitiligo? Michael Jackson tops our list. Michael Jackson always said that he had vitiligo and that the condition was making his skin lighten in patches all over his body. Jackson always denied bleaching his skin and autopsy reports that were done after Jackson's death confirmed that he did in fact have the vitiligo.

Jon Hamm has stress induced vitiligo. The “Mad Men” actor says that the condition developed as a result of working on his hit TV show. Hamm's condition fluctuates in severity and primarily effects his hands. Other famous people who have vitiligo include “The Jerk” star Steve Martin, “Arthur” actor Dudley Moore and comedian Joe Rogan.

Did you always think that Michael Jackson had vitiligo or did you think that he was lightening his skin as a personal preference? Share your thoughts in the comments section.
18 Celebrities with Vitiligo,

Dudley Moore
Arthur actor Dudley Moore suffered from vitiligo.

Holly Marie Combs
"Pretty Little Liars" star Holly Marie Combs has vitiligo on both her hands.

Joe Rogan
Comedian Joe Rogan's vitiligo affects his hands and wrists.

Jon Hamm
Jon Hamm has stress-induced vitiligo that affects his hands. He did not have the condition prior to working on "Mad Men."

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson had vitilgo, and many speculate that that is why his skin color changed drastically as he got older.

Rasheed Wallace
NBA player Rasheed Wallace suffers from vitiligo.

Richard Hammond
"Top Gear" host Richard Hammond's vitiligo effects his face and legs.

"Thong Song" singer Sisqo has eczema and vitiligo that both seem to be stress related.

Steve Martin
Comic, banjo player, and film star Steve Martin has vitiligo.

Thomas Lennon
"Reno 911!" star Thomas Lennon suffers from vitiligo on his hands, hips, and face.

Wed, 06 Nov 2013 10:08:12 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/celebrities-with-vitiligo/celebrity-lists
<![CDATA[The Top 10 Worst And Most Off-Putting PSAs For Kids]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/top-10-worst-and-most-off-putting-psas-for-kids/william-sterling
Most PSAs we saw as children sought to make us anti-social douchebags who are afraid of everything that moves. Here are the 10 worst and most off-putting PSAs targeted at children. GI Joe doesn't count because those actually taught us all what "knowing" is. When you're making a PSA, the items listed here should be a guide of what NOT to do when you're making a Public Service Announcement. 

What are the worst PSA for kids? Well any type of announcement warning about sexually transmitted diseases, and yes, having Pee-Wee Herman talking about crack, aren't exactly good ideas. What kid wants to hear about crack, nevertheless knows what is? Exactly.
The Top 10 Worst And Most Off-Putting PSAs For Kids,

Drug Abuse is the New Slavery
Arguably the most cringeworthy PSA on this list, this commercial basically says that slavery/racism is over and that now drugs are what people should be worried about.

"Slavery brought Africans to America in chains, stripped them of their dignity, tore them from their families, but they never surrendered until their were free. Don't let drugs be the new slavery."

That message seems, in that gist, not too bad. But the visuals are insanely racist. Clearly heroin, cocaine, and crack are drugs only African Americans do, as we see in the images provided featuring two strung out black kids.

Yay for progress!
The Different Kinds of Strangers
Children can encounter very many different kinds of dangers in the world, and according to this video they should stay away from...

- Adults that need help.
- People that own cars or vans.
- Women who don't know how to install batteries into an old-school

Skip to 1:00 to see the different kinds of "traps" that strangers can set. They are absolutely wonderful... and one of the threats that a stranger gives a young boy is probably the funniest thing I've seen on the internet in about a year.
Be Your Own Best Friend!
BYOBF: Be Your Own Best Friend.

A boy band-esque group of guys wearing baggy clothes who appear to be best friends, hanging out with cute girls, and doing aerial tricks tells a young kid, who really takes his information from visuals, "This is what is fun."

If it weren't for the song being so darn catchy, it would have just fallen by the wayside. But here it rings true to us, to our childhood, we can BYOBF, because that means having lots of friends and learning to do flips.
Dontcha Put it in Your Mouth
The short: Unless a grown up says it's okay, dont'cha put it in your mouth.

The Long: Giant blue puppets playing instruments cause children more terror than "learning. Especially that blue one with the bow that DOESN'T F**KING BLINK.

Oh yeah, and the title of the song is funny.
VD Is For Everybody
This is a 70s PSA that lets kids (and adults-alike) know that venereal disease can be given to anybody and can come from anywhere: dancers, your local butcher, a librarian, babies...

I believe this commercial is David Lynch's influence for everything. EVERYTHING.
It Could Be Dead Wrong
Pee Wee Herman tells us not to do crack cocaine. Every time we use it, we risk dying. It might make you cool if you use it, but it'll kill you.

The zinger is the pun, "But doing it with crack isn't just wrong...it could be dead wrong." ZING! For little ones, this is pretty sure fire. A straight shot of one of our television personalities giving us the low down on crack. Awesome.

Crack = Not just wrong, but DEAD wrong, kids... meaning you will die. Get it? See what Pee Wee did there? Is that securely locked in there? Should we make another death pun? Cause we CAN! No? Good.
He Man Says No Touching
He-Man wants to talk to you about not letting people touch you "that way."

Which way is "that way"? And why don't I trust a man who is so muscled and large when he's trying to tell me something important? For an adult, this thing is so awkward it hurts. But trust me, any kid growing up with this show likely didn't understand the meaning of being touched in "that way", and hoped to God both He-Man and She-Ra would touch them. We always want our heroes to touch us.

What? What did I say?
The First Hit's Free
Ever tried drugs? Drugs from a puppet? A puppet with crazy, terrifying eyes?!

0:19 Elvis, Jim Morrison, John Belushi, girls snorting coke, and I think a subliminal picture of an angel... I'm not sure if they're trying to persuade our kids out of doing drugs or if they're trying to make them 80's rock stars.

00:21 Skip to 21 seconds in for when the puppets decide it's not worth the time to do drugs... then... for no reason... the most terrifying eyes you will ever see on a puppet. Out of nowhere. This probably convinced kids out of watching TV alone in the dark more than it did out of drugs.
Drugs Which are Good Which are Bad
When the video is telling us to "drink a glass of water and take the doctor's pill", I wonder whether anyone has taken into consideration the concept of malpractice.

People jumping up and down, happily singing, "Drugs! Drugs! Drugs! Which are good? Which are bad?" Tells me only one thing, "If you do drugs, you can jump up and down and sing." As a child, my mind would forgo all information involved and jump straight to the facts. The word "Drugs" = Fun.
House Hippo Concerned Childrens Advertisers
The PSA being a seeming informative piece on Canada's native "House Hippo" honestly had me going for about thirty seconds. I've been meaning to travel to Canada as of late, and I thought I'd get a chance to see the local house hippo infestations.

Alas, 'tis falsities. A beautiful pull out from a TV set tells us, "That looked really real, but you knew it couldn't be true didn't you?" Warning us not to believe all we hear on Television and ask questions about what we watch. What a way to spread the message, right? Insulting even KIDS' intelligence? Sweet.

Sun, 31 Jan 2010 14:35:42 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/top-10-worst-and-most-off-putting-psas-for-kids/william-sterling
<![CDATA[7 Insane Viral Videos Starring Russians (Vol. 3)]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/10-insane-viral-videos-starring-russians-_vol-3_/robert-wabash
Welcome back to a series of dozens of videos in a collection of only the best videos from Russia. The Japanese have the market cornered on the weirdest videos on the internet, Americans have the dumbest and most narcissistic and Russians have what are undoubtedly the most insane, intense, "holy sh*t" videos on the internet.

All of Russia is a Jackie Chan movie. So enjoy this third installment of ten insane viral videos from Russia. Stay tuned for more!

Read more at 13 Insane Viral Videos Starring Russians (Vol. 2)

7 Insane Viral Videos Starring Russians (Vol. 3),

Russian Superhero
Where the strength of many men fails, one seemingly common Russian man steps up play everyday hero.

Truck Full of Cows Tips Over
In communist Russia, cows tip you! Or just fall out of trucks on the interstate...

Russian Grandma Kills Wolf Axe

Unique Way to Resolve Traffic Accident Dispute
Possibly the best way a traffic accident has ever ended. Ever.

Russian Freeway Granny
Obviously the first thing everyone thinks to do when their cab doesn't show up.

Russian Super Pedestrian
This guy has never heard of "I've fallen and I can't get up".

Vodka Workout
This has got to be the best motivation ever to go to the gym. If I knew I could see something like this every time I went to work out, I'd have pecs like Arnold by now. 

Thu, 20 Dec 2012 06:11:30 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/10-insane-viral-videos-starring-russians-_vol-3_/robert-wabash
<![CDATA[Creators of Kids Entertainment Who Were Also Perverts]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/perverted-creators-of-kids-entertainment/jacobybancroft
You would probably be shocked to learn just how many famous perverts there are working in the children's entertainment industry. Just because you create entertainment solely for kids doesn't mean you don't have the same urges and thoughts as other people. In fact, for some reason, it seems like children's authors and animators are more perverted than anyone.

Below is a list of famously perverted people who created content for kids, ranging from perverted kid's authors to perverted illustrators. You'll probably be surprised by a few of the people on this list, and you'll definitely look at some of their art a little differently. 

Creators of Kids Entertainment Who Were Also Perverts,

Carl Barks
It's a safe bet to say that Carl Barks loved ducks. The American cartoonist became famous for his comics, including Donald Duck and Scrooge McDuck, but his fascination with the odd waterfowl did not just stop with children's cartoons. He also enjoyed painting erotic portraits of ducks.

Over his lifetime, he painted ducks in exotic locales and different time periods, with mostly all of them featuring voluptuous female ducks in different states of undress. So if you thought that ducks can't be sexy, 
think again. 

Chris Sanders
If you're a fan of Disney, you probably know Chris Sanders's work. The animation director and illustrator is perhaps best known for co-writing and directing Lilo and Stitch in 2002. It's a wholesome tale of what it means to be a family and never leaving anyone behind. Given the family-friendly nature of the film (and all Disney films, for that matter) it's a little shocking to discover that Sanders likes to experiment with more adult illustrations in his spare time. 

He likes to draw busty, scantily-clad girls, most of them being in what can only be described as an uncomfortable position. Drawing pinup girls isn't considered as shocking as it once was, but what makes it slightly disturbing is the fact that most of the girls look like grown up versions of Lilo or her big sister Nani. Childhood = ruined. 
Dr. Seuss
Although he experienced great success with his children's books, Theodor Seuss Geisel, a.k.a. Dr. Seuss, still wanted to write something a little more risque. He was so determined to write an adult book that when he switched from Vanguard to Random House publishing, he had one condition: his very first book with the new publisher would be an adult one.

The result was The Seven Lady Godivas: The True Facts Concerning History's Barest Family. The book tells the story of a group of nudist sisters, and unsurprisingly, it completely flopped. Nobody wanted to buy a book filled with naked ladies drawn by the same guy who did Green Eggs and Ham. 
Joe Shuster
Besides Truth, Justice, and the American Way, does Superman also enjoy a good whipping from time to time? That seems to be the sentiment shared by the hero's co-creator, Joe Shuster.  Recently unearthed comics reveal that besides drawing Superman, Shuster enjoyed illustrating comics that involved a disturbing amount of BDSM, including whips, exotic torture, and the use of red-hot pokers. The creepiest part is that many of the characters Shuster drew in these situations look almost exactly like Superman and Lois Lane. It looks like the Man of Steel can handle some pain. 
Lewis Carroll
Lewis Carroll is one of the most influential children's authors of all time. After writing the popular Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, as well as its sequel, Through the Looking Glass, Carroll cemented himself as one of the defining voices in children's literature. His extracurricular activities, though, have caused quite a few raised eyebrows.

Besides being an avid writer, Carroll (whose real name was Charles Dodgson) loved photography. But the subject matter of his photos probably wouldn't fly today: of the approximately 3,000 photos he took in his lifetime, over half are of little kids, with 30 of them being nude or semi-nude. He often was accompanied by small children wherever he went and there are conflicting reports about how close Carroll was to all of them. 
Mort Walker
As a kid, maybe the only appealing part of the newspaper is the comics page. Brief little snippets into the lives of Garfield or the Peanuts gang can offer a little chuckle to make your day just a little bit better. One staple of the newspaper comic page is Beetle Bailey, a comic about a lazy soldier in the army.

Chances are you've read a few Beetle Bailey comic strips in your life, but you might be shocked to learn that the creator, Mort Walker, also liked to draw his characters in X-rated situations. There's an entire collection of Mort Walker comics that depict his characters doing very NSFW things. The sexual tension between General Halftrack and his secretary is played for lighthearted laughs in the everyday comic strip. In his dirtier version? Not so much. 
Osamu Tezuka
Even though he became widely known as The Father of Manga, and was responsible for popular comic series like Astro Boy, famed Japanese cartoonist and animator Osamu Tezuka had a freaky side that not many people knew about. To understand just how naughty Tezuka could get, look no further than his 1970 animated movie Cleopatra: Queen of Sex. The film bombed spectacularly both in Japan and in America, where it had the problem of being too pornographic but also not pornographic enough.

When it was released in America, they gave it an X rating and advertised it as the first pornographic animated film (which it wasn't). Those who did turn out to see it were disappointed by the surprising lack of sex. Sure, there were some weird sex scenes and animated boobs popped up almost everywhere, but a lot of people believed it didn't deserve its rating. 
Roald Dahl
Roald Dahl is the visionary writer who brought such classics like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The BFG to little kids everywhere. He's known for whimsical stories and goofy drawings, but not many people are aware of his foray into adult literature. Simply put: his more mature stuff is not for prudes

There's the story of Uncle Oswald, known as the greatest fornicator of them all, who goes on a quest to produce a sexually appealing smell, and then turns into a giant penis that floats away into space. Not just content with odd fantasy entries, he also wrote darker erotic books like The Great Switcheroo, which told a story about two guys who want to wife swap during a darkened sex session without their wives knowing. 

Steve Ditko
Any comic book fan should know the name Steve Ditko. The comic book artist helped Stan Lee create the character of Spider-Man and his style set a high bar for comic book art and illustrations. Though basically a superhero in the comic book fandom, rumors persist that he also helped contribute to a few bondage and other BDSM comics during his career, and extensive articles have been written discussing whether Ditko did or did not do it. 

Those who think he did are quick to point out that Ditko shared an office with Eric Stanton, who specialized in kinky comics and illustrations. It doesn't seem all that unlikely that Ditko might have helped Stanton from time to time when a deadline was approaching, and even though certain risque covers bear Stanton's name, the style is almost undeniably Ditko's.
Shel Silverstein
Nothing quite showcases how perverted Shel Silverstein was more than his country song "Who's Your Daddy, Sue?" If you expected the famous children's author, who penned the classic The Giving Tree book, to embed some of his wit and heartfelt emotion into the song... you would be so wrong.

The song, which is a response to the classic "A Boy Named Sue" song that Johnny Cash made famous, but Silverstein wrote, tells the same story but from the father's perspective. If you're looking for a happy ending, don't expect one. The song ends with the Dad grateful that he has a boy named Sue because it helps on nights when he can't score with the ladies (meaning: creeeepy incest).

If that wasn't enough, the famed author of Where the Sidewalk Ends was also a Playboy columnist for over 40 years! He contributed naughty cartoons and wrote a series of travelogues detailing the sexual nature of exotic locales from around the world that he visited. 

Wed, 25 May 2016 09:15:37 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/perverted-creators-of-kids-entertainment/jacobybancroft
<![CDATA[The 20 Craziest Deaths Caused by Social Media]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-13-craziest-deaths-caused-by-social-media/whitney-milam

We’ve all done our share of Internet searching, stalking, and creeping. But a few social media experts have taken it a step further: they've used their online profiles to kill. In a world ruled by digital communication, posting the wrong status update can be fatal. These are the thirteen most ridiculous cases of social networking turned deadly.

Deaths caused by social media? No, we don't mean choking on your pizza while cruising Facebook. These social media deaths were caused by everything from relationship status changes on Facebook to cat-fishing at its best/worst to real murderers who found victims online. These are some of the most deranged and crazy things people have done on social media sites. (Oh, and Craigslist doesn't count because that's not as much of a social network as it is a cesspool.) Are murders the newest and most dangers social media trend? You have to read to find out! Enjoy.

The 20 Craziest Deaths Caused by Social Media,

Being Grounded from MySpace Drives Teen to Shoot His Dad
When a normal 15-year-old is forbidden to use his favorite social networking site, they might write poetry in their journal lamenting the fact that no one ‘gets’ them. Maybe he complains about his inherent need for digital ‘connection,’ or that his black fingernail polish is flaking off in the shower.

But when decidedly not-normal 15-year-old Hughstan Schlicker’s parents banned him from using MySpace, he killed his dad with a 12-gauge shotgun and, most likely, deleted him from his Top 8.

To the the father's credit, the kid had been threatening to kill himself for weeks on MySpace. While that is a good enough reason to take his Internet away, it may have actually been a great warning sign that the kid had some serious issues... As it turned out, taking away his Internet was not a super helpful punishment.

Being cut off from the digital world, according to Schlicker, "felt like I was stabbed with a knife and it went straight through and no matter how hard I pulled, I couldn’t pull out the knife..."

But one day, this seriously disturbed kid called in sick from school, faking his dad's voice a la a kid in an '80s movie. In fact, he stayed home from school to kill himself, like the same way most people stay home to sleep or watch The Price is Right for five straight hours. And to his credit, Schlicker really meant to kill himself, but with all that thinking time on his hands, he accidentally came up with a little game, a little plan: If his father came home after 4:00 PM, he wouldn't kill himself - he'd kill his dad instead. (This kid really would've made a great Batman villain.)

Obviously, his dad got home early, so the kid went into the kitchen and shot him in the back of the head. He called a friend (which is really what he should've done instead of going crazy about not being able to update his MySpace - people had friends before the Internet, I think) who convinced him to turn himself in instead of killing himself.

All of this just because this kid couldn't update his MySpace. In 2008.

Dad Murders Ex-Wife to Stop Her Child Support FB Posts

Adam had had enough of ex-wife Lisa’s passive-aggressive Facebook posts about his child support payments, so he cut the passive and just got aggressive. One evening, he beat her with a hammer before slashing her neck. Then he left her body for the couple’s five-year-old son to discover the next day.

Stickin’ it to the child support system by traumatizing your kid for life? That’s about as low as you can get on the logical totem pole.
WHY DIDN'T HE JUST BLOCK HER? Kids, please teach your parents how to use the Internet. It saves lives.


Man Kills His Friend for "Poking" His Girlfriend
Scott Humphrey, 27, was sent to jail after he repeatedly punched his friend, Richard Rovetto, 29, in a cab on the way back from a guys' night. Why was Humphrey so upset? Evidently, Rovetto had "poked" Humphrey's girlfriend on Facebook. Rovetto claimed that he didn't know the woman was Humphrey's girlfriend.

The punches caused Rovetto to bleed profusely. He died when Humphrey pushed him to the ground, causing him to hit his head on the pavement. Humphrey fled the scene, but later turned himself in, admitted to manslaughter, and was jailed for four years, four months. 

MySpace "Horror Core" Rapper Brings His Lyrics to Life
Richard Alden Samuel McCroskey III, age 20, was a self-styled ‘Horrorcore’ rapper from a small town in Virginia called— wait for it — Farmville. Yes, Farmville. No really, there’s a real-live town in Virginia called Farmville, and this is where the whole story took place.

Realizing that nobody actively follows (or likes) bands on Facebook, McCroskey turned to Myspace (which should have been the first time that he was in trouble). On this Internet wasteland, he posted some of his profound musical stylings under the name ‘Syko Sam.

 Sample lyrics:
"You’re not the first, just to let you know
I’ve killed many people and I kill them real slow
It’s the best feeling, watching their last breath
Stabbing and stabbing till there’s nothing left"

which proved to be just a little incriminating when he was accused of killing off four Farmville citizens. Once again, these were real people, with normal sized heads, who looked nothing like this:

Syko Sam's victims were his own girlfriend, Emma Neiderbrock (16), her best friend, Melanie Wells (18), and her parents, Pastor Mark Neiderbrock (50) and Dr. Debra Kelley (53). Their bodies were found at the Neiderbrock home having been bludgeoned to death with a hammer and maul while they slept.

A friend and fellow horrorcore rapper claimed, "You would never, ever imagine that kid even being a suspect."

So, here are some more of Syko Sam's lyrics:

Blood, death murder, and rape
I like to mutilate and take em back to my place
Kill and slash, yeah, I'm coming for your ass
I'm a cannibal, use your body as food
Yeah you're gonna die and your body will decay
As I leave you dying in this dark alleyway

At least he's direct. McCroskey pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life in prison for the murders.

Creepy Facebook Death Lists Kill Off Colombian Teens
This one's a little convoluted in its madness.

When three Colombian teens were found shot to death without any obvious reason, it was just the beginning of a digital reign of terror straight out of a bad, straight-to-DVD horror movie sequel. Get this: Five days later, the names of the dead teens showed up on a mysterious Facebook ‘death list.’

When another teenager named on the list was killed three days later, more lists were posted, and leaflets were placed on cars asking the families of kids on the list to leave town within three days or see their children killed.

"Need to protect our youth," a local named Juan David Sepulveda Tweeted at the time, but the police — aside from suspecting gang activity — were at a loss. Was it a cruel prank? A twisted social-media-savvy serial killer? To this day, nobody knows - at least no one willing to speak up. The killings stopped after most of the kids on the ‘death lists’ fled town.

Middle-Aged Woman Seduces Teenage Boys With Fantasy Facebook Profiles, Then Kills Them Off
The craziest, most ridiculous social networking killer wasn’t actually a killer at all. The only murders this woman committed took place in her own deranged imagination.

In a twisted, sadistic scheme taken to bizarre extremes, 28 year-old New Zealander Natalia Burgess spent months creating Facebook and Bebo profiles for (fake) attractive teenage girls. She gave them very specific, very fancy names, like "Jordz Williams," "Becca Maria Jullienne," and "Abby Jane Zoe William." No word on whether she went overboard with a baby name book or just imagined these fictitious chicks as strippers. Her goal: Seducing dozens of teen schoolboys into online relationships.

As if that wasn’t I-Belong-on-To-Catch-a-Predator enough, Natalia would then ‘kill off’ the fake girls in tragic accidents or suicides, using other made-up personas to break the news on - you guessed it - Facebook. The girls' online boyfriends were traumatized and devastated.

Over 40 teen boys have been identified as victims of her Internet mind games. First, she gave them what they never thought they’d have, and then she delivered sheer horror. Her deranged manipulation was discovered only when another 22-year-old woman found her own photographs in an online memorial video for one of these fake Internet hotties, a girl named "Abby."

Natalia Burgess was sentenced to two years and two months in prison.
Man Tweets About Killing His BFF
Childhood friends Jameg Blake and Kwame Dancy had been exchanging heated 140-character insults on Twitter for days over a woman both men liked. It really goes to show that classic sitcoms have misled us all: Three is actually a crowd.

Just hours before a fatal IRL confrontation in the luxury NYC high-rise where the 22 year-olds lived on the same floor, Kwame taunted Jameg online. He tweeted, "N****a is lookin for you don’t think I won’t give up ya address for a price betta chill asap!"

Jameg Blake did not "chill."

Instead, he used a shotgun to shoot his former BFF in the neck, killing him. Immediately after, he tweeted, "R.I.P. Kwame." 


Kwame’s mom, Madeline Smith, was pretty freaked. "That’s not a reason to shoot somebody. That’s crazy. I don’t know what’s going on with that Twitter thing." Protip: talking about killing your best friend probably won’t get you on the Trending Topics. At least not before you get picked up for murder.

Blake pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to 21 years in prison. Another thing Kwame's mom said: "I hope my son's face haunts you for the rest of your life."

Wife Killed For Changing FB Status to Single
Even "adults" aren’t immune from crimes of murderous cyber jealousy. One day, Edward Richardson’s 26 year-old wife, Sarah, decided to change her relationship status from ‘married’ to ‘single.’

Now, this would piss off most married men - but since this couple was actually already kind of, y'know, separated, she probably didn’t see it as a big deal.
Edward Richardson felt differently.

After their separation, Sarah decided to move back in with her parents, like every 26-year-old who’s made a terrible mistake tends to do.

Unfortunately for her, Edward decided to pull the old "sneak into the parents’ bedroom" trick, only this time, he snuck in to stab her to death… over her Facebook status. More accurately: He killed her because she changed her Facebook status. This is really the craziest part.

After he committed this brutal, spurred-by-hatred-of-Facebook-status-accuracy crime, Edward ended up killing himself (probably ruining a perfectly nice bedroom rug in the process).

All over a Facebook status change. Just so we’re clear. WTF.

Facebook Love Triangle Results in High-Speed Car Chase, Death
You’d think a Facebook feud couldn’t lead to much worse than some unflattering tags and a few deleted wall posts. At the very worst, one might have to delete her profile, start a new one, and have to do a mass re-Friending-of-shame, right?

Well, for Torrie Lynn Emery, 23, and Danielle Booth, 20, it led to a deadly high-speed car chase. 

The two women had been fighting on Facebook for months (over a guy, natch). When Torrie saw Danielle driving with a friend, she pursued them across town. She rammed their car several times until the others car's driver, Alesha Abernathy, ran a red light and was hit by a truck. Abernathy died instantly. Oh, also, Torrie's three year-old kid was in the backseat of her own car the whole time.

The dude they were fighting over had been in jail for over a year. But considering Torrie’s about to be joining him, guess she’s sort of… won? All it took was a little second degree murder.

Tracy Emery, Torrie’s mother, said tearfully, "She made a mistake, but her intentions weren’t to kill nobody. Her intentions were to fight." All things considered, she probably should have kept that particular fight to flirtatious passive-aggressive Facebook poking.

Ex-Girlfriend Gets Murderous Over MySpace Photos
File this one under ‘Reasons Why Flaunting Your New Relationship on the Internet Might Not Be the Best Idea,’ as it might just lead to you being brutally murdered by your partner’s crazy ex:

Sarah Ludemann and Rachel Wade had a vicious Internet battle. In the months leading up to her murder, new squeeze Sarah kept posting gloating photos of herself with new boy-toy Josh, even though his ex-girlfriend, Rachel, repeatedly asked her to plz stahp. The two gals played a little harassment cat-and-mouse, dropping threatenings F-bombs into each others' voicemails, and Rachel even punched Sarah in the face a time or two.

Legit voicemail transcript: "Please tell me Sarah why you would be a dumb-a** c*nt and put a brand new picture of you and Josh at the beach on your MySpace. Seriously, I told you to watch your f*cking back and not to f*cking chill with him. I’m guaranteeing you that I’m going to f*cking murder you, I’m letting you know that now."

Apparently, the best reply to this would've been, "Thanks for the heads up, girl!"

Note: this all probably happened because of this dude's Twilight-caliber abs, or because they liked fighting over who was going to clean his mirror next.

Anyhoo, one night, Sarah went over to Rachel's house to taunt her a little more. After some squabbling, Rachel stabbed her in the chest with a kitchen knife, and was then like, "I'm done."

After being sentenced to 27 years in prison, Rachel revised her stance on cyber ‘communication’: "It’s almost like you can threaten something or say whatever you want and possibly scare them and you don’t have to face them at that moment." When you do face them, of course, arming yourself with a kitchen knife is strictly optional.


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<![CDATA[22 Weird Cargo Spills You Can't Help But Gawk At]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/weird-truck-spills/mel-judson
This list of weird cargo spills is full of nasty, funny, and just plain weird truck spill incidents. These crazy truck spills are fascinating stories that will make you glad you weren't stuck in traffic behind any of these trucks. Some of them are shocking while others are confusing but they all have one thing in common: they're all true. The weirdest things that spilled on highways are listed here - everything from animals and insects, to foods and every day items.

These cargo incidents range from the 2,200 baby pigs who spilled out of a truck in Ohio to the 80,000 pounds of Christmas ham that fell out of a truck in Georgia. Fresh fish, anyone? How about 600 mackerel or hundreds of live crabs in China? If you don't want the real thing, then check out the 29,000 rubber duckies that fell out of a boat. If you're in the market for just about anything, check your local traffic report. Maybe some, or even thousands, of what you need recently spilled right out onto the roadway.

A lot of these cargo spills and car accidents, which have led to wacky things falling out of trucks, make for wild stories and we have the photos to prove it. Upvote the craziest truck spill stories below, and remember to pass semi trucks with great caution, or you might end up under a pile of Porta Potty waste.

22 Weird Cargo Spills You Can't Help But Gawk At,

Green bean
In September 2014 in Surrey, someone was in a rush to get their veggies. There was a truck on the highway carrying a massive load (repeat: MASSIVE LOAD) of green beans. That's when it tipped over, covering the ground in the very healthy and very green vegetables.

Source: Huffington Post
One Exploding Whale
In one of the craziest cargo spills ever, pedestrians and cars were covered in bloody whale guts when a whale exploded in Tainan, Taiwan in 2004. The dead sperm whale was being transported to a research center when the incident occurred
Source: BBC
29,000 Rubber Duckies
29,000 plastic yellow ducks manufactured by Friendly Floatee toys departed from Hong Kong on a container ship in 1992. However, there was a cargo spill and the ducks ended up falling out of the boat. This mass release led to a mass dispersion of the rubber duckies, which found themselves all over the place, including in the Gulf of Alaska and elsewhere in the Pacific Ocean.
Source: CNN
Two Million Euros
This is a get rich quick scheme that nobody prepared for. Two million euros were up for grabs when a truck overturned in southern Italy. In this twisted version of The Italian Job, highway workers were collecting euro coins - that's right, coins - all over the ground. They think they lost at least 10,000 euros to lucky passing motorists.
Source: Daily Mail
13.7 Million Bees
A portion of a highway near Seattle, WA was shut down in 2015 when 13.7 million bees spilled out across the road. The truck carrying all the bees suffered an accident, causing the spill, and people were encouraged to stay away from the scene. In addition to the normal authorities that respond to accidents, many Beekeepers came on the scene in addition to fire trucks and volunteers. 

Source: CBS News
$70,000 Worth of Bull Semen
A Nashville interstate was completely shut down when a Greyhound bus crashed in 2011. What came tumbling out? Over $70,000 worth of frozen bull semen, of course! Nashville police and fire officials arrived on the scene to find the leaking canisters that smelled truly weird and truly awful.
Source: NY Daily News
75,000 Pounds of Crab Meat
In Summer 2013, a semi-truck driving near Salt Lake City spilled seven tons of crab meat worth up to $176,000, all over a local freeway. The truck overturned when it struck a sign post, leading to a whole bunch of lucky bystanders, who made off with a crab dinner.
Source: The Daily Meal
80,000 Pounds of Ham (and Fuel)
In Georgia, the Grinch who stole Christmas was apparently driving a ham truck. In December of 2013, an overturned truck spilled 80,000 lbs of Christmas hams. What a waste!
Source: Fox Atlanta
2,200 Baby Pigs
Welcome to Ohio, where 2,200 piglets might fall out of a truck at any moment. This truck spill reached animalistic proportions when the load, carrying over 2,000 piglets, emptied onto the side of the road. Some of them fled the scene and escaped before authorities arrived, which probably inspired the film Babe: Pig in the City.

Source: USA Today
35,000 Pounds of Ice Cream
35,000 pounds of Kroger Deluxe brand ice cream spilled out of a semi-tractor trailer when it overturned in Indianapolis in 2013. A ramp was closed on the interstate because of the spill, and though it might have been delicious, it was an expensive and unfortunate accident for all parties involved.
Source: Fox

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<![CDATA[The Best Movie Trailers Containing the Words 'In a World...']]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-in-a-world-voice-over-trailers/chaz-fletcher
Among the best movie trailers of all time you're very likely to hear the words "in a world" (or its cousins "in a time" and "in a place") and flash back to the glory days of the movie trailer when you didn't see all the best parts of a movie in the 2 minutes preceding the flick you actually went to see. Though it's not as prevalent a theme in the top movie trailers of 2013, the mood conveyed by a deep voice and the words "in a world..." lets you know what kind of cinematic roller coaster you're potentially strapping into. This list of the best "In a world..." trailers will reintroduce you to a smattering of classic movie trailers and perhaps result in you talking with an exceptionally deep voice for the rest of the day.

Pioneered by Don LaFontaine, one of most famous voice over artists of all time, the line "in a world..." became such a parody of itself in the late '90s and early '00s that it's actually making a comeback as a genuine line used in movie trailers. Even though it's been parodied from one end of the world to another (LaFontaine even parodied himself in a series of Geico commercials), the classic movie trailer line still holds weight and let's the audience play along with the goofiness (or seriousness) of the film trailer.

What are the best movies trailers that start with in a world? How many movie trailers have the line in a world? Don LaFontaine made the line infamous, and now you can see all the top trailers with the famous "in a world line". Enjoy and upvote the "in a world" trailers you think best use the iconic movie trailer line.
The Best Movie Trailers Containing the Words 'In a World...',

Alien 3



Mad Max 2

Planet of the Apes


South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

The Glass Shield

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

In a World

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<![CDATA[Strange Deaths Caused by Everyday Objects]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/strange-deaths-caused-by-everyday-objects/anabel-conner
Sooner or later, the Grim Reaper comes for us all, but sometimes his mode of operation almost defies explanation. We all know about the major statistics - thousands of people die from things like cancer, car accidents, or other illnesses every day - but who would think hair extensions would be deadly or that a scarecrow would be lethal? Although getting an atomic wedgie in front of the watching world might be akin to dying a social death, who would imagine that one could be dispatched from this earth in such a way - killed by your own underwear?

It is said that life is stranger than fiction, but when reading about these strange deaths caused by random, everyday objects, one realizes that this saying also applies to death. Each item on this list is normally a completely innocuous, harmless object. Yet, in the right circumstance, they've become instruments of absolute doom. Prepare to be fascinated by these unusual deaths caused by mundane items... and never look at a condom the same way again!

Strange Deaths Caused by Everyday Objects,

Carrot Juice
Basil Brown was a health fanatic from Croydon, UK, who went down in history for destroying his own liver in 1974 by drinking gallons of carrot juice daily. He subsequently poisoned himself by overdosing on vitamin A. He was reportedly yellow when he died.

Source: Ottawa Citizen; February 15,1974
A Deck of Cards
On October 20, 1930, William Kogut, an inmate on San Quentin's death row, fashioned an ordinary deck of playing cards into a pipe bomb, which he used to take his own life. Kogut removed a hollow steel leg from his bed, tore the cards into tiny pieces, and stuffed these bits into the pipe. He plugged one end, and poured water into the other end to soak the torn cards. He then placed this "bomb" on the heater in his room, and laid down with his head next to the handmade explosive device.

The heater turned the water into steam, and when the pressure built up to a high enough level, the resulting explosion shot the bits of playing cards out of the pipe with enough force to penetrate Kogut's skull. His suicide note stated that he felt he should pay for the life he had taken (he was a convicted murderer) so he dealt himself the final blow.

Source: Gargles

If you grew up in Boston in the late 1910s, you'd probably never want to see another molasses cookie again. In a truly sticky situation, The Boston Molasses Disaster of 1919 killed 21 people and injured 150 when a tank holding over 2 million gallons of molasses exploded. The blast sent a wave of the sweet, viscous substance through the city at a speed of about 35 miles per hour.

For many decades after the flood, the cloying scent of molasses stuck around the city's North End neighborhood each summertime.

Source: Boston Globe

16-year-old Jonathan Capewell of Oldham, England, died in 1998 after suffering a heart attack brought upon by his over zealousness for personal hygiene. Capewell became obsessed with smelling fresh and covered his entire body in deodorant at least twice a day. At the time of his death, the teen had 10 times the lethal dosage of propane and butane in his blood. It is believed the gases built up in his body following months of repeatedly spraying himself in the bedroom of his home.

The coroner reported " He was not indulging in any form of substance abuse. He was simply overcome by excessive use of anti-perspirants."

Strangely enough, 10 years later, the same thing happened to 12-year-old Daniel Huxley of Nottingham. 

Source: The Independent, The Daily Mail

A Dessert Spoon
It's a tough idea to swallow knowing the dainty spoon one would use to shovel Ben & Jerry's into one's mouth could be the instrument of one's demise. However, in 2004 in Hertfordshire, UK, a man named Richard Clare got into an altercation with one Timothy Magee over a cell phone. Clare, annoyed, popped Magee on the back of the head with a dessert spoon which had been lying on a nearby table.

The spoon's impact ruptured an artery and caused fatal bleeding in the area between his skull and brain. Magee died, making history as one of the only reported human beings to be spooned to death. Clare was exonerated of wrongdoing in the death, but was sentenced to seven days in jail for taking the cell phone that had started the argument. 

It should also be noted that Clare, seven years later, upgraded utensils and hacked someone to death with an axe, drawing a 27 year prison sentence.

Source: BBC News

A Scarf
Legendary American dancer Isadora Duncan's fondness for flowing scarves contributed to her death in an automobile accident in Nice, France, in 1927, when she was a passenger in an Amilcar. Her silk scarf, draped around her neck, became entangled around the open-spoked wheels and rear axle, breaking her neck.

Source: History.com

A Beard
Hipsters beware. Beards can be deadly! Austrian Hans Steininger was famous for having the world's longest beard at four and a half feet long. Unfortunately, he is also famous for dying because of it.

Steininger normally kept his beard rolled up in a leather pouch, as it trailed after him and could be a hindrance. However, when a fire broke out in 1567, he neglected to roll it up properly and, in the process of fleeing, stepped on his beard, lost his balance and fell down, breaking his neck.

Source: Cabinet of Curiosities

A Fire Hydrant
In 2007, Humberto Hernandez, a 24-year-old Oakland, CA resident, was killed after being struck in the face by an airborne fire hydrant while simply walking down a city street. A passing car had struck the fire hydrant and the water pressure shot the hydrant at Hernandez with enough force to kill him.

Source: The Oakland Tribune

A Scarecrow
You know all of those horror stories featuring a creepy, bloodthirsty scarecrow? Well this isn't one of them, even though a scarecrow did bring about a man's demise.

58-year-old Argentinian shepherd Jose Alberto's body was found naked in bed with a scarecrow. Said police spokesman Rodolfo Moure. “I initially thought there were two bodies but then I realized one was a scarecrow wearing lipstick and a long-haired wig.” Alberto had attached a prosthetic penis to the oversized Halloween staple. "The man died during sex with the scarecrow," Moure explained.

Source: NY Post

A Flashlight
In a not-so-bright move, Santiago Alvarado, 24, was killed in Lompoc, CA, after he fell face-first through the ceiling of a bicycle shop he was burglarizing. Death was caused when the long flashlight he had placed in his mouth (to keep his hands free) lodged in his throat severing the second verterbrae in his neck. It is believed he died instantly from the injury. Lights out!

Source: Snopes

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It's not what's on the outside you should be worried about. It's what may or may not be secretly living inside you that should keep you up at night. The creepy crawlers on this list of terrifying things found living inside humans will give you nightmares for weeks. Some entered these humans through food, while others dropped their eggs right on an unsuspecting host's head. However they got there, they will all make your skin crawl.

Here is a list of the creepiest non-human invaders that could end up living inside you, sometimes without your knowledge. This list of horrifying things found living inside people includes insects, other bugs, worms, sperm, fis-- wait, what? Sperm?

Yes. Sperm. Squid sperm to be specific. Click through the list below to find out what kinds of creepy creatures have been found living inside humans, and could one day end up inside you.
The 9 Most Horrifying Things Found Living Inside People,

Botfly Lays Eggs in 5 Year-Old's Eyeball
There are few things worse than getting something in your eye. On the bright side, the temporary blindness is usually easy to alleviate. Simply remove the eyelash, piece of glitter, speck of dust, whatever, and go on about your day. For one 5 year-old boy in Honduras, however, the solution was a bit more complicated (and expensive). That's because the thing in his eye was a Human Botfly. Do yourself a favor and never, ever Google "botfly." And for the love of kittens, do NOT then click "Images."

These little buggers are very selfish. The lady botfly lays her eggs on the outside of another living creature (like a mosquito) that will drop them onto bigger animals so that when the eggs hatch, the larvae can squirm inside the host to brew. Some species of botfly prefer to burrow inside warm-blooded animals, like squirrels, horses, and human people.

A visit from a botfly parasite is usually not that hard to fix - a simple surgical procedure will do the trick. But the larva living inside the Honduran boy's face was both "late-stage" and camped out in his anterior orbit. That meant the surgery required a Buñuel-style incision on the old conjunctiva.

Retroactive spoiler alert: Don't read this if you just ate.

Source (NSFL)
Scratching Noise Caused by Spider Building Its Web
"Don't mind me. Just building my new home INSIDE OF YOUR HEAD," said the spider living in Li Meng's left ear canal. For days she had been hearing a "scratching noise" that no one else seemed to notice. Too afraid to go to the doctor (she thought it might be "evil spirits"), Meng lived with the noise until the pain finally became too much.

Doctors at the Xiamen Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine examined Meng and found a live spider weaving its web in her ear canal and resting on her eardrum. But every time they tried to pull it out of its new comfy home, the spider got understandably upset. They eventually knocked it out with meds and removed it.

We'd take evil spirits over that ordeal any day.

Source: Fox News

Man Eats 9-Foot Tapeworm at Chicago Restaurant
Models, actresses, and other attention-aholic thin people often say they gobble up everything in sight, but never gain a pound. What's their secret? Maybe it's a tapeworm.

These parasites are often found in under-cooked beef, pork, or fish. The lie dormant until they reach the digestive system, and then they latch on to the intestinal walls. There they sit pretty, just waiting for the next Double-Double, or Doritos Taco, or other revolting thing the host eats. Then, like the actual spawn of Satan, they feed off of the host's meals, digest them, and grow. And grow.

In 2006, Anthony Franz had a salmon salad a fancy Chicago restaurant. A little while later, he had a 9-foot long tapeworm removed from his intestines. Coincidence? Lawsuit says "maybe."

Tapeworms can grow as long as 39 feet, which is almost as long as four basketball goals laid end to end. If you're sick of the Lemonade Cleanse, you can probably order one of these little miracle workers from eBay.

Woman's Brain Tumor Turns Out to Be Tapeworm
Gross in Phoenix: Rosemary Alvarez was convinced she had a brain tumor. With symptoms ranging from blurred vision to numbness in her limbs, she went to the E.R. twice and had a CAT scan - but the results always came up clear. Concerned, she finally convinced a neurosurgeon to do an M.R.I. When he looked at the results, he had Alvarez rushed into surgery right away.

Did you ever see Kindergarten Cop? Nestled in Alvarez's brain - eating it - was a parasite known as the pork tapeworm. Even more distasteful: doctors said, "Someone, somewhere, had served her food that was tainted with the feces of a person infected with the pork tapeworm parasite."

Eel Swims Up 56 Year-Old's Peehole
Leeches, maggots, seeing-eye dogs... There's a long colorful history of humans trying to make lesser animals do things for them. In England, rich people pay cash money to lay in spa pools and let little eels nibble the dead skin off their bodies. Hey, I'm not here to judge.

The process leaves the skin looking so fresh and so clean, and it's so effective that other countries have hopped on board the eel spa bandwagon. In 2011, 56 year-old Zhang Nan went for treatment at one such establishment in China, but he was never the same again.

Nan was laying in the pool when he started to feel something sharp tugging at his penis. He looked down to see a small eel working its way up into his urethra. According to Nan, he tried to grab it and pull it out, but the little fish was too slippery. Its body working like a lubricant (gag), the eel disappeared inside Nan's shaft in a matter of seconds.

He was taken to hospital and immediately put into surgery. After three hours, the animal was removed. It was six inches long. SIX. SIX INCHES. Forgive me, but sometimes the cost of beauty is just too much.

Maggots Grow Inside Guy's Scalp
You know that feeling you get when someone says, like, "There's a small spider in your hair," and for a second, you can feel it? Your head starts itching, your scalp tingling, and you swear you can feel your hair moving. Only after sufficient scratching/flailing/shrieking does the horror and sensational torture subside. Afterward, you feel crazy. But sometimes there is a bug on your head and no one tells you until it's too late.

In 2007, Colorado native Aaron Dallas was having the worst case of itchy scalp in his life. It had been weeks since it started. He had tried special shampoos, ointments, and even salves (whatever those are), but nothing would help. Over time, the itching took on a life of its own. Dallas said he could feel his scalp moving. He felt sharp pains that knocked him to his knees.

He said, "I'd put my hand back there and feel them moving. I thought it was blood coursing through my head. I could hear them. I actually thought I was going crazy."

"They" were maggots. Five baby botfly larva implanted in his dome by a mosquito, probably during a trip to Belize he took earlier in the year. When doctors got Dallas under the knife, they found open pit in his scalp that was crawling with the bugs, all about half the size of a penny.

It really makes you scratch your head.

Doctors Find Cockroach Living In Woman's Skull

In a true nightmare-come-to-life, doctors in India discovered a living cockroach in a woman's skull after she complained of a "crawling sensation" inside her head. According to news reports, the cockroach entered the woman's nose as she slept and bore a path underneath her skin up to her skull.

The woman said she could feel a weird burning sensation and had to wait until the morning to go see the doctor. The cockroach was alive and "didn't want to come out," according to the doctors. 

Fish Swims Up 14 Year-Old's Peehole
I'm sure you've heard of that little fish (the candirú) that will swim into your peehole if you ever whip it out in the Amazon. It's real - and a real good reason to never whip it out in the Amazon. But there's another, related story that you should know. Think of it as a cautionary tale about handling exotic pets.

In India, a 14 year-old-boy went to the hospital complaining of pain in his bladder and an inability to urinate. The doctors did an ultrasound and discovered an object in the bladder, blocking his urethra. The boy was taken to surgery where the doctors cut him open. Can you guess what they found?

The fish was 2 cm long and lodged all the way up inside his bladder. And here comes the best part. When asked how it got there, this was the boy's answer:

While he was cleaning the fish tank in his house, he was holding a fish in his hand and went to the toilet for passing urine. While he was passing urine, the fish slipped from his hand and entered his urethra and then he developed all these symptoms.

After surgery, the boy was released, but taken to psychiatric counseling.

Woman's Mouth Impregnated by Squid Sperm
Many people have hang-ups about eating "raw" seafood. Whether for health reasons or some other aversion, to each his or her own. But one 63 year-old woman got something else disgusting when she ate some partially cooked squid in South Korea in June 2012. As she bit into a part of the delicious dish - which still had its organs intact - she felt a "pricking and foreign-body sensation" in her mouth. She spat it out.

But she was too late. Pods of squid semen had already shot into her mouth, impregnating the mucous membranes of her tongue, cheek, and gums. Doctors later removed the "twelve small, white spindle-shaped, bug-like organisms" called spermatophores and also identified a sperm sack. They didn't have eyes or little baby tentacles or anything, but still, the products of animal sperm were living inside her mouth.

This wasn't the first case of this happening, either. In December 2011, another poor sap got this report from the doctor: The sperm bags of the squid had thrust into the squamous epithelium (inner lining) of the patient's hard palate (roof of the mouth). The remaining part of the raw squid consisted of the testis and the sperm bags.

Who's hungry?


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Believe it or not, extreme body modification has been happening since the dawn of civilization. Different tribes from across the world have scarred their bodies with various tattoos and piercings in an effort to show that they were brave, could take pain, and were in touch with the spirit realm. But in the modern era, extreme body mods have taken on a completely different meaning.

Men and women are able to get piercings and tattoos at the drop of a hat, so the practitioners of extreme body piercing have had to branch out further in to set themselves apart from all the squares who decided to gauge their ears after seeing a Hawthorne Heights music video. If you have a weak stomach, prepare yourself for this list of the most extreme body modifications ever.

Extreme body modifications have taken on many forms in recent years. From getting patterned facial scarring, to spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to look like a children’s toy, and even installing microchips in your body to better communicate with technology, people all over the world are taking body modification and applying to their own truths. Even though it might seem a bit strange now, it’s entirely possible than in a couple of decades, extreme piercing, and body modifications might be the normal standard of beauty.

Vote up the most extreme forms of body modification, and the people who altered their bodies in the craziest of ways. And if you want, leave us a comment about the totally insane butterfly tattoo you have on your shoulder.
The Most Extreme Body Modifications Ever,

The Vampire Woman of Mexico
María José Cristerna, or the Vampire Woman, is a former lawyer and current mother of four who also happens to hold the world record for the woman with the most body modifications. She has a collection of transdermal implants on her forehead, chest, and arms, as well as all the piercings. 


The Lizard Man Is More Than a Pretty Face
Erik Sprague was born in Fort Campbell, Kentucky and he (presumably) was not covered in scales. Before he began undergoing a transformation that left him with sharpened teeth, a full body of green scale tattoos, a bifurcated tongue, and sub-dermal implants, he was a PhD candidate at the university of Albany. Now he just hangs out in Austin and makes that sweet sweet Lizard Man money. 
Crocodile Scarification
Papua New Guinea is a place full of curious tribal customs, but the most painful custom is that of crocodile scarification. Traditionally, the young men of the tribe are inflicted with hundreds of deep cuts in cascading patterns down their backs, arms, chest and buttocks to give their skin the look and feel of a crocodile’s body. All of this work is done with a sliver of bamboo. 
Giraffe Woman of Los Angeles
While in middle school, Sydney V. Smith became obsessed with the women of the Kayan Lahwi tribes of Thailand and Burma who encase their necks in brass rings. Since the age of 28, she's been wearing brass rings around her neck in an attempt to elongate it and she says it's working! 


Sudanese Body Scarification
The scars carved across the faces and bodies of Ethiopian and Sudanese tribe members are some of the most painful types of scarification known to man. Many of the markings are etched onto the tribe's members bodies at a young age, and they're done so without any anesthetic. If the receiver shows any signs of pain, they'll be seen as weak. Many of the women of the tribe see the scars as an ability to cope with pain and a sign that they will be able to cope with childbirth in future.
Valeria Lukyanova, Human Barbie
Although the modifications of the human Barbie are highly debated, there's no denying that through contacts, breast augmentation, and a ~ totally legit workout routine~ Valeria Lukyanova has made herself look like a Barbie doll, and has worked her way into your nightmares. 
Magnetic Finger Implants (How Do They Work?)
For people who are interested in sensory augmentation, magnetic finger implants make total sense. Pun intended? The piercings supposedly give the wearer the ability to sense electromagnetic shifts around them, and they can pick up small pieces of metal with their fingers. 
Most Pierced Woman Marries Balding Old Frump
The most pierced woman in the world, Elaine Davidson, has 6,925 piercings, and some of them weigh up to seven pounds. In 2011 she married the love her life, a pretty boring-looking guy with nary a tattoo. The story of their wedding is very sweet because duh, they're in the kind of love that can only occur when one of you has almost 7,000 piercings. 


Ladies Are Getting Elf Ears
A body modification that really took off after the Lord of the Rings films was having your ears shaved into points at the top to give the impression that you're a creature of the elven variety. Out of all the extreme body modifications on this list, elf ears might be the one that's the creepiest. 


Man Tattoos Eyeballs
Rodrigo Fernando, a man with 70% of his body tattooed, had black ink put in his corneas in 2013. When he was interviewed a few days after the session, he said, "I wept ink for two days."


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<![CDATA[33 Celebrities Who Have Been Caught Being Racist]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/celebrities-who-were-caught-being-racist/celebrity-lists
This is a list of celebrities who have been caught being racist. The following famous people landed in hot water after making a racial or anti-Semitic slur, posted a stereotypical photo, or Tweeted negative comments about a race other than their own.

The gallery below doesn't necessarily include racist celebs or notorious bigots, but mostly well-known stars of film, TV, and sports who have caused controversy because they didn't use a filter to prevent themselves from offending other people. Whether they were joking or not at the time, there is nothing funny about the hurtful words, offensive pictures, or tasteless Twitter posts that almost cost these celebs their careers. For some, like former leading man and acclaimed filmmaker Mel Gibson or culinary legend Paula Deen, making racist remarks have truly ruined their reputation.

Racism is a huge problem all over the world and in the U.S. – race relations, discrimination, and racial stereotypes are constantly hot topics of conversation. Hate crimes are increasing, and just because words can't physically hurt another human being, the pain inflicted on someone with a hateful racist remark and slurs can often be worse. 

Most of the celebs in the quotes gallery below are stars who were caught being racist have either said something racist on stage like comedian Michael Richards, made a crude racial remark on an interview like singer and songwriter John Mayer, caught on tape in an angry voicemail like Charlie Sheen, or posted an offensive photo on Twitter, like pop stars Rihanna and Miley Cyrus. Almost everyone of these celebrities, actors, and athletes, like football player Riley Cooper and boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., have issued some sort of apology for what they said, but the public doesn't easily forget. Who are the most shocking celebs caught being racist? Check out the gallery below and be sure to also visit Ranker's lists of celebrities who have declared bankruptcy and people Amanda Bynes has called ugly
33 Celebrities Who Have Been Caught Being Racist,

Charlie Sheen
Sheen's 2008 voicemail to Denise Richards contained the actor caling his ex-wife "a coward an a liar and a "f*cking n*gger alright, so f*ck you." You're a coward and a liar and a f-cking n-gger alright, so f-ck you."

Donald Sterling
In 2014, LA Clippers owner, business magnate, and real estate developer, Donald Sterling was caught making racist remarks to his mistress, V. Stiviano. Stiviano, who is of African-American and Mexican descent, made a recording, released by TMZ on April 26, in which Sterling tells her not to associate publicly with “black people,” especially at Clippers games.

NBA investigators and a forensic expert determined that the voice heard on the audio tape was Sterling's and was not altered. The NBA banned him for life, fined him $2.5 million, and raised the possibility of a forced sale of the team, which could be worth up to $500 million.  

Giuliana Rancic
E! Fashion Police host Giuliana Rancic publicly apologized for her "accidental" racist comments about singer/actress Zendaya during an Oscars red carpet recap. Rancic made an insensitive comment about Zendaya's dreadlocks, saying that she thought Zendaya probably smelled like patchouli oil. Fellow host Kelly Osbourne added, "or weed."

Zendaya was offended by the comments,
saying that she chose to wear her hair in locs to the award ceremony in order to "showcase them in a positive light, and remind people of color that our hair is good enough."

Rancic apologized on E! News, saying: "I didn’t intend to hurt anybody, but I’ve learned it is not my intent that matters. It’s the result. And the result is that people are offended, including Zendaya, and that is not okay. Therefore, I want to say to Zendaya and anyone else out there that I have hurt, that I am so, so sincerely sorry.”

Hulk Hogan
Hulk Hogan (whose real name is Terry Bollea) lost his super star status in the WWE after court documents showed that he had made severely racist statements. The transcripts were submitted to a Florida court as part of Hogan's lawsuit against the website Gawker.com. They come from a sex tape Hogan made with the wife of Tampa shock jock Bubba the Love Sponge Clem, and include candid moments where Hogan discusses his daughter's relationship with a "black billionaire." In the tapes, Hogan says:

“I don’t know if Brooke was f*cking the black guy’s son. I mean, I don’t have double standards. I mean, I am a racist, to a point, f*cking n*ggers. But then when it comes to nice people and sh*t, and whatever. I mean, I’d rather if she was going to f*ck some n*gger, I’d rather have her marry an 8-foot-tall n*gger worth a hundred million dollars! Like a basketball player! I guess we’re all a little racist. Fucking n*gger.”

Hogan later apologized for his rant, but it was too late for his relationship with the WWE. He was scrubbed from their site and erased from the WWE Hall of Fame. 

Source: Gawker, Radar

Kelly Osbourne
In response to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's outrageously racist positions on immigration, The View co-host Kelly Osbourne had her own not-so-PC things to say. Osbourne was probably trying to refute the politician when she said, “If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilet, Donald Trump?”

Unfortunately, her words also came across as racist and inconsiderate. The comment sparked outrage on Twitter, prompting an apology from Osbourne. She wrote on her Facebook page, "I want to start by saying I ALWAYS take responsibility for my actions. In this particular case I will take responsibility for my poor choice of words but I will not apologize for being a racist as I am NOT. I whole-hearted fucked up today. I don’t want to bullshit anyone with lame excuses."

Source: Time

Mel Gibson
No one can forget Mel Gibson telling a policeman during his 2006 DUI arrest that "Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world." In 2010, several voicemails were released of the hot-headed actor and filmmaker going postal on his ex-wife Oksana Grigorieva. In one of his rants, Gibson wished that his ex got raped by a pack of the "n" word and in another, he referred to Mexicans as "wetbacks."


Michael Richards
During a 2006 performance at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood, the former "Seinfeld" actor shouted racial slurs to black hecklers in the audience, used the "n" word several times, and even referred to lynching.


Paula Deen
The butter-loving queen of Southern cooking practically lost her business empire and was fired by the Food Network after she was caught in the middle of a racially charged controversy in 2013. Deen admitted to using the "n" word and was accused by a former employee of racial harassment.


Justin Bieber
Originally filmed for Bieber's 2011 documentary Never Say Never, Bieber is sitting in a room in Los Angeles with a group of friends. Bieber sets the joke up when his friend can be heard in the background, advising him not to finish the joke, before Bieber smirks and delivers the punchline. 

Bieber received a lot of backlash from his fans, Beliebers, on Twitter. One fan said, "Bieber is actually disgusting. Man's gone too far this time." Another one posted: "Bieber – no excuse, no acceptable reason for racism. The use of the N-word [is] disgraceful and racism far too serious to ever be funny."

Since then, Bieber's clean-cut appearance has gone bad boy, getting himself into trouble with the police and disappointing fans all over the world.


Riley Cooper
In 2013, a video surfaced of NFL player Riley Cooper using the "n" word to describe bouncers after he was denied backstage access at a Kenny Chesney concert. The Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver has since apologized for his slur and was fined an undisclosed amount by his team.


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<![CDATA[26 Disgusting-Looking Foods You Kind of Want to Try]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/gross-foods-youre-curious-about/mel-judson

Okay, most of us wouldn't eat this sh*t either. But pretend you are very, very hungry, and that this is all you have to eat. You're not starving, you're just feeling lazy and you don't want to go out for real food. And then you are faced with each of these food items or dishes. Some of them are just odd and unlikely combinations of food to put together onto one plate. Others are inventive ways to make junk food a little fancier. A few of them are gross-looking but good-tasting food combinations. And the rest are just kind of ghetto looking, but probably aren't all that bad in a bind. 

Vote up any of these really, really weird foods you would eat in a bind. Really try and taste them. Like taste them in your head. Half the reason to feel any curiosity about what these taste like is that you really can't imagine their taste. And if you're at all curious about their taste, there's really only one way to find out. Those are the ones you should vote up. Anyway, have fun diving into the depths of human need and invention with these relatively gross-looking foods that miiight be passable. 

26 Disgusting-Looking Foods You Kind of Want to Try,

This Flamin' Hot Cheetos Cone of Mac & Cheese

This Probably Perfectly Fine Spaghetti Cake

This Peanut Butter and Jelly Banana Hot Dog

This Probably-Pretty-Spicy Mediterranean Nacho Plate

Just Some Corn Dogs with Some Cheese on 'Em

Pizza Pasta (Not Sure Which One Counts More Here)

A Burrito Drowned in This Much Salsa and Sour Cream

A Proscuitto Lunchables Pizza

This, If It Were Melted

This Homemade Mocha Latte

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<![CDATA[The Top 10 Photos of Animals Having Sex]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/top-10-photos-of-animals-having-sex/mitchellwapner
Let's be honest here. We ALL get a good laugh out of watching other animals having sex every now and again. It's funny, and these high brow pictures are complete proof of that. 

We all know that most animals are makin' whoopee purely for procreating, but that doesn't mean we humans can't have some fun with it too.
Which picture is your favorite? Take a look at these gems and vote up your favorites shots of animals gettin' it on. 
The Top 10 Photos of Animals Having Sex,

Polar Bears







Rabbit & Chicken



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<![CDATA[71 Vintage Halloween Costumes That Will Give You Nightmares]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/vintage-halloween-costumes-scary-pictures/brian-gilmore
Back in the day, kids just did not get the concept of masks and how to match them up to a costume. Actually, some of them bypassed the masks all together and fashioned creepy Halloween costumes out of sheets that ended up looking like assorted versions of Ku Klux Klan inspired animals and public figures. Like a Ku Klux Klown. That kind of thing used to happen on the reg.

While going out at Halloween anymore is all about hipster Halloween costumes, meme play, and terrifying Halloween masks you can buy at the Halloween store, there was a time when kids had some newspaper, glue, and paint to fashion a great Halloween costume, and they did their best with these meager supplies, which was not that great.
71 Vintage Halloween Costumes That Will Give You Nightmares,

Let's learn a thing or two about the history of the Halloween costume...

The masks would conceal their identities, so the spirits wouldn't know who they are.

The celebration honored the end of light and the beginning of coldness and darkness...

So the original act of dressing up for Halloween was an act of disguise mastery!

Celtic people thought the boundary between the spirit and living world was weak on this night.

The masks would then not only scare away evil spirits...

Fun fact: If you wear your clothes inside out and walk backwards, you will see a witch at midnight!
Or at least that's what they believed back then.
So evil spirits would be released into the world, terrorizing humanity...

During the Renaissance in Italy, people would wear Halloween masks...

But would prevent the spirits from entering homes.

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<![CDATA[28 Creepy Photos Inspired by Children's Nightmares]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/creepy-nightmare-photos/boo-radley
A collection of surreal and creepy photos by American photographer Arthur Tress, many of them inspired by the dreams and nightmares of children. As a kid in the 1950s, Tress began taking pictures the circus freaks and dilapidated buildings around Coney Island and its amusement park. The project depicted here, done in the late-1960s, combines his interest in ritual ceremony, Jungian archetypes, and social allegory. 

The result is super creepy and totally terrifying.

28 Creepy Photos Inspired by Children's Nightmares,

Scary Old Man Freezing to Death Outside

This Goner With Nowhere to Run

Super Creepy Gnome Child

Eerie Hanging Skeletons

Even Creepier Kids in White Shirt-Dresses

Terrifying Crone Chair

Glass Skull Contemplating the Futility of Life

Stalker Child in an Abandoned House

A Nefarious Tree

Already Creepy Old Timey Babies Getting Creepier in Masks

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<![CDATA[The 13 Most Insane Reasons People Have Been Deported]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/13-craziest-reasons-people-get-deported/lauriem

Ever wondered just what you'd have to do to get yourself deported? It's apparently much easier than you think. People are deported or threatened with deportation for some of the craziest reasons imaginable. 

Sometimes legal immigrants have come under the scrutiny of law enforcement officers who assert their stance that immigration is bad, raising the ire of many Americans who believe targeting minorities and immigrants is unjust. Though, as it turns out, some of these people who hate immigration also rely on them for labor. These crazy deportation stories highlight some of the radical stances on immigration held in the US and abroad. 

The 13 Most Insane Reasons People Have Been Deported,

After Trying To Legally Apply As A Citizen, A University Student President Was Targeted

In 2011, Arturo Guerra was a 21-year-old college student and student body president at University of Texas at Brownsville. When Guerra was 15, he entered the US illegally with his family. But things changed when he applied to become a legal US citizen and immigration officers realized he was an illegal immigrant. His mom married a US citizen, and he was trying to legalize his status through her marriage. 

After Guerra went public with his struggle, an outcry of people advocated for Guerra to stay. Feeling the public pressure, immigration officials declined to go through with the deportation process.

A Minor Traffic Violation Spirals Into A Felony And A Deportation Hearing

Jessica Colotl came to the US illegally with her parents from Mexico when she was 10. In 2010 when she was 23, she was stopped by a police officer on her university's campus for a minor traffic violation. She did not have a driver's license. When she gave police an address that did not match that on her car registration, they arrested her with making a false statement and charged her with a felony. After learning she was in the country illegally, they started the deportation process. 

According to Colotl, she had tried to apply for citizenship when she was in high school, but was not successful. After her arrest, her case became a lightning rod for conversations about illegal immigration reform. The charges were eventually dropped and Colotl was allowed to stay in the country to work. She currently is employed as a paralegal for an immigration attorney

A Woman Tried To Pay A Parking Ticket And Was Faced With Deportation Instead

Andrea Huerfano, a Broward County, FL, resident, was trying to pay a traffic ticket in 2009. But that didn't happen. Instead, Huerfano faced a deportation hearing because of a paperwork issue surrounding her immigration status. 

A native of Colombia, Huerfano came to the US in 2001 with her parents when she was 14. Although her father did seek political asylum, he died in 2005 while the application was still under review. After his death, Huerfano's mom remarried a US citizen. This granted Huerfano's mother and younger brother citizenship - but not Huerfano because she was over 18. Andrea's immigration status wasn't clear and as a result, she did face deportation.

Many rallied around Huerfano - including faculty at her alma mater Florida State Universty - and she was given a stay of deportation to work out her immigration issues. 

A Mom-To-Be Was Deported Because She Was Pregnant

Betty Lopez was several months pregnant when Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agents took the mom-to-be out of her Dallas, TX, home. She was later deported to Mexico. Reports say ICE agents gave Lopez the boot because they consider her pregnancy "high risk" - huh? Apparently this practice is not unusual. A spokesperson for the agency told a Dallas TV station they "regularly deport pregnant women who are here illegally, unless it's medically inappropriate to do so."

In 2014, the Department of Homeland Security issued a directive to not detain pregnant women and other vulnerable populations for immigration issues. However, news reports refute that any change has occurred in the system.

An American Citizen Was Deported After Being Coerced Into Signing A Document

When Luis Alberto Delgado was pulled over in 2010, he did everything right. The Texas-born was 19 at the time, and presented his US birth certificate, driver's license, and social security card when police pulled him over for a seatbelt infraction. Despite this, he was taken in for questioning about his legal status. 

After hours of grueling questioning, Delgado signed a legal document agreeing to his voluntary removal from the country and was then driven by US Border Patrol officers to Matamoros, Mexico, in the wee hours and left there alone. Delgado said he signed the waiver thinking it would allow him to return to Brownsville, TX. It took Delgado three full months to return to the US despite being a legal citizen.

A Student Spoke At A Press Conference And Was Detained Moments Later

After President Donald Trump decided to crack down on illegal immigrants in the US, Daniela Vargas decided to speak out. On March 1, 2017, the 22-year-old student spoke to reporters at a press conference in Mississippi about her fear of being deported. Vargas was brought to the US as a child with her parents, and she was legally in the US as part of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. 

When she spoke at the press conference, her renewal for legal status was pending. When she got done speaking, however, immigration officials detained her. Agents said she was a "visa overstay" case, and moved to have her deported. She along with her father and brother were detained. As of March 2017, she still hasn't been deported, but it is a very real possibility. 

A Four Year Old Girl Was Deported Without Her Parents While She Was Traveling With Her Grandpa

In March 2011, four-year-old Emily Ruiz was sent to Guatemala by US Immigration officials - even though she's a US citizen. When Emily and her grandfather traveled to Guatemala earlier that year, the grandfather was detained while trying to reenter the US. Immigration officials sent Emily's grandfather packing and gave the child's dad a choice: She could stay at a children's detention facility in Virginia or she could go back to Guatemala with her grandfather. Her family chose to send her with relatives instead of the detention center, but then faced an uphill battle to get her back into the country despite the fact she was a legal US resident with a US passport.

A Man Checked Himself Into A Canadian Hospital And Was Deported

Right or wrong, the deportation case of Laibar Singh tugs at the heartstrings. Singh, a widower, came to Canada in 2003 illegally because wanted to earn money to try and support his four young children. He forged a passport and worked for several years undetected.

That is, until a brain aneurysm caused him to become paralyzed. When he went to an area hospital, he was arrested. He sought sanctuary in a Sikh temple. Protesters vehemently opposed Canada's attempts to put Singh back on a plane to India, saying his health and possibly his life, were at risk. Singh's deportation was put on hold several times, but seemed imminent. Nevertheless, Singh was indeed eventually deported to India. How is he now? In an interview with CTV in 2009, Singh, still paralyzed, says he's getting medical care and his condition is improving since he left Canada.

Russell Brand Was Deported From Japan Because Of His Prior Record

Comedian and actor Russell Brand made headlines in May 2011 after being deported from Japan, where he was set to watch his then-wife Katy Perry perform in concert. Apparently, the Japanese government wasn't too happy with Brand's list of prior convictions. Perry tweeted that Brand got the boot "or priors from over 10 years ago!"

Brand has been public about his struggles with drugs and alcohol, as well as his run-ins with the law. Shortly after being denied entry into Japan, Canada followed suit in denying him entry, also citing Brand's criminal record. 

Dad Driving His Daughters To School Gets Deported

A California dad was driving his kids to school in 2017 when he was stopped by immigration officers. While his daughter waited in the car, officers detained him and left her alone in the back crying. He had just dropped off one of his daughters and was on the way to drop off the other when immigration officers pulled him over for no apparent reason.

The man, Romulo Avelica-Gonzalez, told his wife he thought he was being followed by immigration shortly before he took the girls to school. Immigration officials said Gonzalez had multiple driving violations, including a DUI, and had an outstanding order for removal from 2014. While waiting in the back of the car, his 13-year-old daughter filmed the ordeal, which quickly went viral. 

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<![CDATA[The 9 Strangest Deaths of the Renaissance Era]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-9-strangest-deaths-of-the-renaissance-era/notable-famous-deaths
List of odd deaths that happened during the Renaissance, including some of the rumors and legends behind them. This list includes stories of people dying from laughter, a ruler who died due to shyness about using the restroom, and a man who was beaten to death with his own artificial limb.

"The Renaissance" is a term used to refer to a broad cultural movement that swept across Europe from the 14th through the 17th century, as well as the period in European History that divides the Late Middle Ages from the beginnings of the modern era. Through the term is most typically used to refer to the Renaissance in Italy - which includes a number of the most famous writers, thinkers, and artists of the period - the Renaissance itself spread to a number of European nations, including Scandinavia, The Netherlands, England, France, Hungary, and Russia.

Need more? Check out the most unusual murders of other eras such as the odd deaths during the Middle Ages and the bizarre deaths from the 21st century.
The 9 Strangest Deaths of the Renaissance Era,

Arthur Aston
Sir Arthur Aston was a professional soldier and royalist who fought on behalf of King Charles I in the English Civil War of 1642. (A Catholic, Sir Arthur was initially rejected from the King's service before desperation and the convincing of Prince Rupert of the Rhine convinced Charles to bring him on board.)

In 1644, Sir Arthur - then serving as the Governor of Oxford - fell off a horse and lost his leg. Afterwards, he wore a wooden leg. (This will become important later.) He was relieved of duty and received a sizable pension from Charles. Then, in 1648, he found himself serving the Earl of Ormonde as Governor of the Irish port city of Drogheda.

When Oliver Cromwell's forces attacked Drogheda the following year (during what is known as the "Wars of the Three Kingdoms"), Sir Arthur was captured... and was beaten to death with his own wooden leg, which Cromwell's soldiers apparently believed was filled with gold coins. (Wouldn't that have made walking difficult?)
François Vatel
Theories and alternative variations surround the strange case of Francois Vatel's suicide. What is known with some amount of certainty is this: Vatel was the Maître d'hôtel (translated: "master of the house") for the French general and nobleman Louis II de Bourbon, Prince de Condé. In 1671, Vatel was tasked with hosting an extravagant banquet at the Chateau de Chantilly in honor of a visit from King Louis XIV. In preparation for the event, Vatel is credited with inventing "Chantilly Creme," a sweet whipped cream with a light vanilla flavor.

What actually happened during the banquet is a matter of some debate. According to a letter written by one of the guests - Marie de Rabutin-Chantal, Marquise de Sévigné - Vatel, a notorious perfectionist, became distraught over the fish course being delayed in the kitchen, along with other small mishaps and human errors. He then killed himself with his sword. Because, seriously... late fish... what else was he supposed to do? (In this version of the story, he's often discovered by an aide who was running to tell him the fish was finally ready to serve.)

Many other versions of the story have floated around. In the 2000 film Vatel, screenwriters Jeanne Labrune and Tom Stoppard suggest that Vatel - a sophisticated man whose birth into a lower-class family keeps him from ever joining aristocratic society - killed himself because he secretly loved the King's latest romantic conquest.
György Dózsa
György Dózsa was a Hungarian soldier-of-fortune (from Transylvania!) who had gained some amount of notoriety for his efforts in battle against the Ottoman Empire. When Pope Leo X authorized a crusade against the Ottomans in 1514, Dózsa was selected to staff up an army, which he did by training peasants, students, monks, and priests to fight.

Unfortunately for Dózsa, this plan had some disadvantages. Mainly that the peasants, now that they had weapons and military training, decided to use them against their old landlords, setting fire to manor houses and castles and killing thousands via cruel means like crucifixion. Even after Leo X revoked permission for a Crusade, and the King ordered the peasantry to return to their homes, Dózsa continued seizing castles and villages.

He was eventually captured in what is now Timişoara, Romania, and condemned to death. His punishment? To be burned with a smoldering iron throne, crown, and sceptre, designed to mock his supposed kingly ambitions. Plus, he was skinned alive with hot pliers, and his surviving followers were forced to eat bits of his flesh. Also, his brother Gergely was killed in front of him. Even by Crusades standards, this is a tough way to go.
Emperor Nasir ud-din Muhammad Humayun ruled the Mughal Empire (present-day Afghanistan, Pakistan, and parts of India) from 1530-1540, and again from 1555-1556. He had lost control of his kingdom in the interim, before gaining it back with the help of the Persians.

On January 27, 1556, less than a year after regaining control of his entire kingdom, Humayun was descending the staircase from his library with his arms full of books. Upon hearing the nearby mosque's call to prayer (known as "adhan"), Humayun kneeled as he always would. Unfortunately, on this occasion, he caught his foot on his robe, which sent him tumbling down the stairs. He hit his head on the stone ground, and died three days later from his injuries. He was succeeded by his 13-year-old son, Akbar.
Jean-Baptiste Lully
Jean-Baptiste Lully was a composer who worked in the court of Louis XIV of France. Though born in Italy, he became a French subject in 1661 and thereafter rose to become one of the most respected composers in the French Baroque style.

He famously became close friends with King Louis (their friendship inspired the 2000 Belgian film Le Roi Danse), and was also a noted libertine who embarked on numerous romantic affairs with men and women while in court.

In January of 1687, Lully conducted a performance of the Christian hymn called "Te Deum" to honor Louis XIV's recovery from an illness. As was the tradition of the time, Lully was keeping the rhythm by banging a long staff against the floor. He accidentally hit his toe during the performance, HARD, causing an abscess which later developed gangrene. Due to Lully's refusal to allow doctors to amputate his toe, the infection spread, causing his death a few months later.

Probably should have just given up on that toe. He had 9 more, afterall.
Definitely the most notable person on this list, leaving aside the curious causes of death, Jean-Baptiste Poquelin (known by his stage name, Moliere) remains one of the most celebrated French playwrights of all time. His best-known satirical and comic works included The Misanthrope, The Miser and The Bourgeois Gentleman. He was also noted in his time as a great actor, and appeared in most of his productions.

Though he was born into a wealthy family, Moliere left this life behind to pursue the life of the stage. This included a stint in debtor's prison in 1645, which is where some historians believe he contracted the pulmonary tuberculosis that would eventually take his life nearly 30 years later.

In 1673, Moliere was performing in his most recent play (strangely titled The Hypochondriac, considering the circumstances.) During the performance, he suffered a coughing fit and collapsed on stage, but insisted on finishing the performance anyway. After suffering multiple pulmonary hemorrhages, he died a few hours after the show. (As Moliere was said to be wearing green during this final performance, the color is now associated with bad luck among actors.)
Thomas Urquhart
Sir Thomas Urquhart was a Scottish aristocrat, polymath, and the first to translate the work of Frenchman François Rabelais into English. His own writings included collections of epigrams, new systems for mathematics and trigonometry, family histories, and even a prospectus for a new "universal language."

A lifelong Royalist, Urquhart had participated in numerous rallies and marches in support of King Charles II. He was taken prisoner following the Battle of Worcester by Oliver Cromwell's forces, and was released 2 years later, after which he published his universal language text and his famous translation of Rabelais.

The details of his death are obscure to history, but it is known that he must have died earlier than 1660 (because his brother assumed all of his hereditary titles). Legend has it that Urquhart died laughing upon hearing that Charles II had retaken the throne.
Tycho Brahe
Dutch nobleman Tycho Brahe is today remembered for his work in astronomy, particularly his precise measurements and observations. His one-time assistant, Johannes Kepler, would later use much of the data collected by Brahe in formulating his laws of planetary motion. (Brahe himself is credited with a decent number of breakthroughs as well, particularly his theory that stars - rather than being immutable and fixed objects in the heavens - were in fact moving and changing, being created and destroyed. He is also credited as the last of the important "naked-eye astronomers," who made their observations without the use of a telescope.

So, yes, all well and good, important guy, learned about stars. But how did he DIE? Well, it's kind of a funny (and sad!) story.

According to Kepler, Brahe was attending a banquet in Prague in October of 1601. Though he desperately had to use the restroom, he felt this would be a breach of etiquette and good manners. Holding it in until he got home, he then found himself unable to urinate at all. 11 days later, he died. At the time, doctors thought he had suffered from kidney stones, but it was later theorized that by failing to relieve himself at the banquet, he contracted a bladder or kidney ailment, such as uremia.

It was later suggested, after large amounts of mercury were detected in Brahe's remains, that he may have actually died from mercury poisoning. Tests to determine the actual cause of his death have been thus far inconclusive.
Nanda Bayin
Nanda Bayin served as King of the Taungoo Dynasty of Myanmar (sometimes called Burma) from 1581 to 1599. (Very quick history lesson: The Taungoo Dynasty, in the mid-16th Century, unified what was once known as the "Pagan Empire" and briefly became the largest empire in Southeast Asia.)

According to legend, Nanda laughed himself to death in 1599 when he was informed, by a visiting Italian merchant, that "Venice was a free state without a king." This has been heavily disputed by historians, however, and it is generally agreed that Nanda merely abdicated the throne following the death of his son, only to be assassinated the following year by Natshinnaung, the new Crown Prince of Taungoo.

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<![CDATA[The Worst Black Friday Injuries and Deaths of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/13-most-brutal-black-friday-injuries-and-deaths/john-barryman
In honor of the busiest shopping day of the year, here's a roundup of stories about Black Friday injuries, incidents and deaths that should pretty much convince everyone to stay the hell out of a busy shopper's way this year.
The Worst Black Friday Injuries and Deaths of All Time,

Tennessee Transwoman Assaulted at Kohl's
In Jackson, Tennessee, the day after Thanksgiving 2012 was brutal fro Akasha Adonis. The transgender woman and her mom were assaulted by other shoppers as soon as store personnel unlocked the doors to a Kohl's Department Store.

Adonis and another woman were hit by an assailant who puled out her hair. Most disgustingly, the suspect put his hand in her mouth and tore three teeth out of her socket, breaking her jaw. As Adonis laid on the floor, Kohl's staff greeted other shoppers until a woman called the cops.

Black Friday Shoppers Trample Girl
Welcome to Muskegon, where every Black Friday, people swarm stores in stampedes. Evidently, it doesn't matter who is in your way; it could even be a teenage girl in a Wal-Mart who's victim to the shopping madness.

On Black Friday 2011, a Wal-Mart SuperCenter became a scene of minor injuries for the girl. While there were rumors that she had been stabbed or shot, the truth was that people rushing to an electronic department sale knocked her over and stepped on her repeatedly. She was taken to the hospital.

Guys Shoot Each Other
Black Friday. Toys R Us. Shooting deaths. Normally, people would never think of stringing those words up in the same sentence. Well, maybe the first two, but shooting deaths?

However, that’s exactly what happened the same day of the above Wal-Mart stampede. On the opposite side of the coast in Palm Desert, CA, two women got into a fight. No one knows why, but plenty of witnesses reported it was a bloody brawl. Bloody enough to incite their male companions to pull out their trusty hand-guns and shoot each other. God Bless America.

All hell broke loose.The crowds ran out screaming from the store while the two shooters squared off and cocked their gun. One man failed so he ran through the aisles while the other guy shot at him. Eventually, they got to the cash register and exchanged multiple shots before dying.

Apparently, it wasn’t over a toy, though its very easy to make such an assumption. Two guys walk into a Toys R Us carrying guns then shoot each other. What’s to miss (other than, apparently, that one guy)?

But the worst part of it all: the mothers brought their children with them and their children witnessed their own fathers’ deaths.

Off-Duty Cop Pepper Sprays Shoppers
A policeman was arrested (you read that right) on Black Friday in 2011. The Kinston police officer was off duty at the time, but that did not stop him from pepper spraying several people in the chaotic crowd.

The Kinston cop, Gordon Jackson, hired a lawyer after he was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. YouTube videos were released of shoppers covering their faces, while the police department claimed to NBC News that they just fired "a single puff" and no one got sprayed in the face with the mace.

Cali Walmart Becomes Scene of a Shooting
Just before 2 am, Black Friday shoppers got into a fight in the parking lot of a Walmart near Oakland, California. The San Leandro customers were confronted by thieves who wanted their items and, after they refused, one of those thieves pulled out a gun.

While one fired and wounded one of the victims, the other suspect fled the scene. The one who was arrested was in his mid-20s, while the gunshot victim was taken to a local hospital in critical condition.

Man Collapses and Dies in Shopping Frenzy
In 2011, 61-year-old Walter Vance collapsed while shopping for Black Friday deals at a West Virginia Target store and went unnoticed by patrons of the store who walked around the fallen man, choosing instead to keep their eyes on the prize (a $4.97 copy of Jack and Jill on Blu-Ray). When shoppers finally ceased stepping over the man to carry on with their shopping, several nurses did come to the man's aid, but he later died in the hospital.

Wal-Mart Deathly Stampede
If you thought any Black Friday experience you had was beyond ridiculous, just consider yourself lucky no one died (though many people find themselves dying on the inside.)

Alas, that is exactly what happened back in 2008 at a Long Island Wal-Mart. A few facts to convey this incident: over 2,000 people trampled into the store five minutes before scheduled to open. The store never in fact opened. The crowds opened it themselves, chanting push the doors in. And they did, knocking the doors off their hinges and literally basting it apart. If you're wondering what's wrong with these people? Just check out this Walmart people video and it'll all make perfect sense.

It was rumored that the employees all of sudden had to make a human chain to slow down the crowds that kept pouring. Not effective. Turned out the crowds ended up being a lethal Red Rover and they trampled a 34 year old temporary employee.

As other Wal-Mart employees tried to help the man, the crowds knocked them over as well all the while pummeling the downed man to death. When police and paramedics arrived, people kept pushing past them. When police forced the store to close, people kept pushing past them. Their excuse? I was in line since Friday morning! For 20 dollars off a PS3.

You can’t get more cold-hearted than that.

Pregnant Woman Miscarried
Well, you can expect this type of violence if the crowds on Black Friday had been historically so bad they killed a man. This particular takedown occurred at the same place where the Wal-Mart worker was killed, making the 2008 shopping season a historical war zone in that area.

The eight-months-pregnant woman was probably waiting to buy stuff for her soon-to-be newborn baby. Instead, she miscarried. The same group of people that knocked the doors off their hinges also managed to create the most brutal abortion imaginable.

Target Shoppers Step Over Dying Man
Walter Vance was shopping at a West Virginia Target store for Black Friday when he collapsed. The 61-year-old pharmacist had already been dealing with a heart condition, but the insanity of Black Friday did not help.

When he fell to the ground, countless customers did absolutely nothing. In fact, they walked around him on their way to find bargains. Vance was brought to the hospital later, where he died.

Bargain Shoppers Send 11-Year-Old to Hospital
Is a bargain worth trampling a precious 11-year-old girl?

In 2013, Black Friday at a New Boston Walmart was a horror-filled shopping event thanks to crazed customers. HIPAA laws prohibit the release of the girl's name, but an 11-year-old female was trampled at the scene. 

The injuries landed her in the hospital, where she was transported and later released. Luckily, the police were quick to respond, as the first call of a trampled child at Walmart came in at 7:56pm and they were on the scene by 8:01.


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<![CDATA[Weird Personal Quirks of Historical Artists]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/quirks-of-famous-artists/machk

It's no secret that the art world attracts a lot of unusual people, but the quirks of artists always manage to surprise us. Some of our most revered artists had some pretty weird hobbies: stealing pens, carrying around guns, making time capsules. Others just really needed a bath.

Some of these artists, like Salvador Dalí, have famous quirks and are known for being unusual. However, even those who weren't known as quirky artists have their own strange habits, influences, or traits. Check out this list for some seriously weird facts, and vote up the strangest quirks!

Weird Personal Quirks of Historical Artists,

Andy Warhol

The famed painter of the Campbell's soup can unsurprisingly had a thing for objects. At the end of every month, he would put together dated time capsules that included many memory-filled tokens, such as a mummified foot or Clark Gable's boots. You know, just the charming stuff.

Claude Monet

While Monet achieved renown for his beautiful paintings of water lilies and other idyllic natural scenes, he started out drawing the classics: offensive doodles. Monet was a rebellious student who often slacked on his work while drawing caricatures of teachers and peers.

Georgia O'Keeffe

Georgia O'Keeffe preferred a very specific, very cramped space as her studio: a Model-A Ford. In order to shield herself from the harsh sun present in the desert landscapes she painted, she would take out the drivers seat and reverse the passenger seat so that it faced the back. Then, she would place the canvas on the back seat and paint from the passenger seat. This also kept her safe from bees.

Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt is perhaps most famous for his painting "The Kiss," which portrays an intimate moment between lovers. However, Klimt himself never married; this may have had something to do with the fact that he never moved out of his mother's home. In fact, she died only three years before him, meaning he never really left the nest at all. Major dating red flag.

Leonardo da Vinci

Although his art and mechanical designs are his most well-known achievements, PETA is one of da Vinci's greatest admirers. He was an avid vegetarian and would buy caged birds just to let them go. Turns out that Leonardo was also Italy's sweetheart.


Michelangelo, the painter of the Sistine Chapel, was one of the lucky artists who became famous during his lifetime. However, despite his wealth, Michelangelo was pretty lackluster in the hygiene department. He apparently never bathed and rarely changed his clothes. In fact, on his deathbed, it is believed that his clothing had to be peeled off of him. It may have been 500 years ago, but FYI, this was still considered very disgusting.

Pablo Picasso

Whatever career path you choose, it seems you get asked the same questions over and over again. Most people just grin and bear it, but Picasso had other ideas. When people would ask about the meaning of his paintings, question the almighty Cézanne (who was a close friend), or just rub him the wrong way in general, he would point his revolver at them. Don't worry, he's not a mass murderer: the gun was filled with blanks, but it still sends a message.

Paul Gauguin

Paul Gauguin, who later went on to influence Matisse and Picasso, had a rocky friendship with Vincent Van Gogh. Some speculate that this may be because it was Gauguin, not Van Gogh himself, who cut off his earlobe during a sparring match. Gauguin was an expert fencer, and while this explanation of the ear-lopping cannot be confirmed, it is certainly true that he was a scary dude with a sword.

Roy Lichtenstein

Lichtenstein is famous for his poppy, comic-style art. Turns out, he didn't even like comic books as a kid. It was his son who asked him if he could paint anything that looked like his Mickey Mouse comic book. Comics later became one of his greatest inspirations for his work, but apparently not until his son teased him over Mickey Mouse.

Salvador Dalí

Salvador Dalí made a point throughout his life of being as weird as possible. These efforts included owning an ocelot that he would walk throughout the city, having a very weird mustache, and speaking in the third person. He did not miss an opportunity to surprise, no matter how unnecessary it was. This is exemplified by his habit of stealing pens from fans who asked him for autographs. It's pretty harmless, but it's doubtful that he needed all of those pens.

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<![CDATA[The Grossest Personal Habits]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-grossest-personal-habits/analise.dubner
Sometimes you are driving and you look over at the light and some dude has his finger shoved up his nose. Other times you are at a sporting event and a gentlemen next to you hawks a huge spit glob down at his feet. It's nasty. What's the grossest one, though? Inquiring minds want to know. Add your own personal gross-out if it's not here, and vote on the ones you think are vomit-worthy. What are some gross bad habits? Take a look at this list of bad habits!
The Grossest Personal Habits,

Chewing Tobacco

Not Washing Your Hands

Chewing With Your Mouth Open


Picking Your Nose

Not Covering Your Mouth When You Sneeze

Leaving Pee On the Toilet Seat

Leaving a Wad of Hair in the Drain

Popping Your Zits in Public

Picking Your Feet

Wed, 24 Apr 2013 03:43:29 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/the-grossest-personal-habits/analise.dubner
<![CDATA[Horrible Things That Have Happened at Music Festivals]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/music-festival-horror-stories/candice-darden
A mixture of loud music, copious drugs, free-flowing beer, crowded campgrounds, and weather exposure are all synonymous with music festivals... and can easily be fuel for disastrous events. From the Woodstock Festival happenings of '99 (sexual assaults, arson, and trucks being driven through crowds are just some of the craziness reported), to a literal river of sh*t flowing through campgrounds, and a fatal stabbing at the Altamont Festival that happened 20 feet from Mick Jagger, this list is full of music festivals stories that recount the most awful happenings and true horror stories that have occurred at music festivals over the past 50 years.

Music festivals deaths, stage collapses, drug trips that have gone wrong, and stampedes are just some of the things to watch out for when you're attending a music festival - throughout the last five decade, some truly bad things have happened while people were gathered together and jamming to their favorite bands.
Horrible Things That Have Happened at Music Festivals,

Nine Fans Were Crushed to Death During Pearl Jam's Roskilde Festival Set
At the 2000 Roskilde Festival in Denmark, over 50,000 fans gathered to hear Pear Jam play. Within the first hour of their set, nine fans had been crushed to death as festival-goers rushed to the front of the stage. Pearl Jam canceled the remainder of their tour, later writing a tribute to those whom were killed.

A Man Left His Dog in a Hot Car in the Vans Warped Tour Parking Lot
In 2014, Edwin Harrington Jr. left his Boston terrier/bulldog mix in his car in the Xfinity Center parking lot during the Vans Warped Tour. The interior of the car was reported to have reached a temperature of 130 degrees. The dog suffered a heat stroke and shock, and wasn’t even able to walk once finally rescued. The man later faced animal cruelty charges, being held on a bail of $1,000.

A Group of Men Sold "Beer" That Was Really Urine
"I was at Bestival one year and I'd ran out of beer but I was also pretty skint. Instead of spending a fiver on a pint I decided to buy some beer off of some guys who were selling their own bottles out of the back of their car for a couple of quid each. When I got back to my friends and took that first gulp, it was quite clear they'd sold me bottles of actual piss. I didn't go back and confront them as they looked like they could easily beat me up."

-Oscar Skinner, via Dazed Digital

Woodstock '99 Saw a Truck Drive Through an Audience, Arson, and Sexual Assault
To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the original 1969 Woodstock festival, Woodstock '99 was born. As the festival progressed, the crowds turned violent, multiple fires were set to vendors' booths, stages were torn apart and vandalized, and sexual assault reports were rampant. In other words, way to honor the original festival which celebrated peace and love.
11 People Were Trampled Over Pete Townsend Starting His Soundcheck Late
At the Coliseum in December of ’79, Pete Townshend (of The Who) began his soundcheck later than initially planned. Fans reportedly became enraged and started a stampede in the venue, where 11 fans were ultimately trampled to death.
A Stage Collapsed, Killing Three and Inuring 71
The Chateau stage at the Pukkelpop Festival in Belgium collapsed in 2011, the result of  a storm ripping through the festival grounds; three festival goers died, and 71 were injured.

Omori (the band that was playing when the stage collapsed) issued the following statement:
"We had just finished the first song of our set at Pukkelpop when the stage/tent started shaking and simply thought it was a storm passing through. I made a comment about Cheap Trick and we were about to play the next one when our tour manager yelled at me to run off the stage. Right then the tress collapsed 1 foot in front of [guitarist] Max [Kakacek]. At this point we thought only the stage broke, not the tent. Amid the chaos it was hard to tell exactly what had happened, but after the rescue teams started coming in it became clear that there were severe injuries and we are now being told there are reports of multiple deaths. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families who lost loved ones in today's tragedy."

A Woman Had Her Face Bitten by a Man on Acid
From a user submitted post to the Guardian, sent by Grace, from Liverpool:

"I call this story: 'Getting bitten on the face by a man on acid.' I’d just seen this guy fall into a fit and was giving him basic first aid when he rolled over on top of me, pushing me into two feet of mud and other festival detritus, before biting me on the face. He was latched on for about 30 seconds. I was elbowing him in the neck trying to get him off me. There were security guards in sight, but they didn’t do a thing. As soon as he was off I ran to the medical tent, where I cried on the shoulder of the medic who examined me for about an hour. It didn’t break the skin, but it was the weirdest feeling ever – like somebody was dripping thick hot liquid down my face. I had a mouth-shaped bruise, complete with nine teeth marks, on my face for about two weeks afterwards. I think he thought I was a strawberry or something."
A Murder Was Caught on Film During the 1969 Altamont Festival
The Altamont Festival became infamous for several deaths, including a hit-and-run that killed two, someone drowning in an excavation pit, and - most notorious of all - a violent stabbing. As the Rolling Stones were onstage, a Hells Angel named Alan Passaro (the Hells Angels were the security guards for the bands that evening, reportedly paid in beer) stabbed 18-year-old Meredith Hunter (who was supposedly wielding a gun) to death only 20 feet from the stage where Mick Jagger was crooning “Under My Thumb.” The Stones reportedly had no idea the incident was happening and finished their set.

A Man Jumped Into a Campfire While on LSD
Reddit user PoopIsAPalindrome reports:

"A couple years ago, I was at a festival in Missouri, aptly called Schwagstock. This year there was a particularly bad batch of LSD going around they dubbed to be 'research chemicals.' At the last light of the day, a guy in our campsite (we had a big group from my hometown), who had unknowingly partaken the research chemicals instead of clean LSD, completely lost his sh*t. He started running around the fire and screaming at the top of his lungs, 'I AM THE DEVIL!' Then, he leapt into the fire, wildly stomping his feet in the coals still screaming, 'I AM THE DEVIL!' We all are screaming back at him to get the f*ck out of there, you could already smell his burning flesh. I remember this part the clearest, he looks in my direction (not at me specifically) and I see in his face the moment he realizes what is happening. He begins screeching and leaps out of the fire and makes for the [nearby] stream. I'm guessing that he was in so much shock that he didn't realize the pieces of flesh dripping off his legs as he ran. The paramedics heard the commotion and got to our campsite within a minute or two. He had to be airlifted to a burn center unit in St. Louis. But, I'll never forget that look, that smell, and those screams which didn't cease until they closed the helicopter door."
A Woman Was Trapped in a Port-a-Potty
"I was at Volt festival in Hungary and I desperately needed to pee so I went to this portaloo that was on the top of a slope. Whilst I was in there using it, the toilet started to tilt towards the ground as if it was about the roll down the hill, and I became covered in other people's shit and vomit. To make matters worse, my friend saw that the portaloo was about to topple over so she swung open the door (which had no lock) to set me free. Although I’d obviously had no time to prepare myself so I stood there, next to a queue full of people, covered in shit and with nothing to cover my lady parts."

-Emma O, via Dazed Digital

Mon, 28 Mar 2016 11:45:31 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/music-festival-horror-stories/candice-darden
<![CDATA[Subtlest Adult Jokes You Never Caught in Kids' Video Games]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/adult-jokes-in-kid-video-games/jordan-love
Hidden adult jokes aren't just for SpongeBob and Disney, plenty of supposedly kid friendly games are riddled with mature jokes and innuendos. Sometimes the jokes feel innocent enough at first glance but other times their adult content is immediately apparent. From implied prostitution to drunkenness, some kids' video games are filled to the brim with adult jokes.

To count as a kids' game on this list, a video game has to be appropriate at least at first glance. Some of the adult jokes in kids games are put their secretly by the developers while others are part of the original script. Luckily for us, more than a few have gotten by the ESRB raters and end up in the final cut of the game. There have even been a few infamous instances where dirty jokes in video games where scrapped half-hardheartedly so that somewhere in the game you could still find their remnants if you looked hard enough.

A few of these adult jokes require a special code or button sequence, but the best ones are the ones that are hidden in plain sight. Some are more subtle than others but one thing is for sure, adult jokes in video games that should be appropriate for kids are just a little bit funnier than everything else.

Enjoy this list of adult jokes you never noticed in kid's video games.

Subtlest Adult Jokes You Never Caught in Kids' Video Games,

Princess Peach's Sex Toy
In Super Mario RPG, Mario finds something carefully hidden in Peach's room and she flips out on him when he sees it. It could be something else, but...

Donkey Kong and the Hooker
If you have any doubts about the sexual undertones of this scene, just listen to the music and the fact that her name is Candy.

The Strip Club in Crash Bandicoot
No explanation needed. 
Prostitution and Sexual Favors in Hyrule
The Zelda series has more than a few inappropriate jokes in it, including allusions to prostitution and sexual favors.

Super Mario DUI
In the original version of Super Mario Kart, pretty much all the characters got drunk on champagne after they won a race.

The Naked Woman in Kirby's Dream Land 2
Okay so it's not exactly a naked woman, but it is certainly the anatomy of a woman.

The Naked Lady In Secret of Mana
In this old game, every once in a while when you flipped to a certain page in a spell book, a naked woman would appear instead of a spell. Maybe she was the spell.  The world will never know.

Jak's Personal Time
The Jak and Daxter franchise was full of great fourth-wall-breaking jokes and questionably inappropriate humor.

The Banjo-Tooie Penis Map
You can try and say it looks like something else, but you'd be lying to yourself.

Mega Man Gets an Eyeful of Tron Bonne
When Tron Bonne loses all of her clothes, Mega Man just can't look away.

Wed, 30 Mar 2016 09:51:28 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/adult-jokes-in-kid-video-games/jordan-love
<![CDATA[24 Times Toys Totally Had Boners]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/dirty-childrens-toys-with-boners/nathandavidson

Parents get their children toys to keep them occupied and out of trouble, but sometimes the trouble comes with the packaging. Sometimes, toys come with boners, and not the kind you're thinking of.

These inappropriate kids toys have them for some inexplicable reason. Somehow these toys managed to make it through the development process, market testing, manufacturing phases, and Santa's sleigh without anyone noticing the extra equipment they were carrying. Sure, we can laugh at these funny toys behaving badly after the fact, but you have to wonder how many childhood's were ruined due to these toys with inexplicable boners.

24 Times Toys Totally Had Boners,

Cabbage Patch Problems

Damn Spider-Man, You Nasty

Junk On The Trunk

How The Dark Knight Rises

The Incredible Bulge

Blow Here

Show And Tell

E.T. Bone Home

The Punisher Be Packin'

Wild Tiger

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<![CDATA[The Most Shocking TV Deaths of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/most-shocking-tv-deaths/ranker-tv
WARNING: SPOILERS, SPOILERS, SPOILERS! If you are still catching up on some of your favorite current TV shows, stop scrolling now - you may want to avoid this list, since it includes some of TV's recent shocking deaths - some other good TV lists you may want to check out are the saddest TV deaths, the best characters on TV, the best current TV shows or if you're feeling morbid we have lots of lists about death.

Some of these shocking TV deaths you might have thought you saw coming (after all, on "Lost" Desmond did tell Charlie he would die about a thousand times), but they were no less shocking. Others came as a complete surprise, like Dan Conner or Lt. Colonel Henry Blake. Some were written in after the death of actors like Cory Monteith, John Ritter and John Spencer. Many characters were brutally murdered on screen (hello, Red Wedding) while other characters passed away off screen, as in the case of Edith Bunker. 

But who's death was the most shocking? If you're all caught up on your favorite shows, check out and vote on this list of the most shocking TV deaths. They happened on some of the best television shows to some of the most beloved (and hated) characters. Deaths on this list cover suicide, murder, illness, and drowning...and all shocked television viewers. 

The Most Shocking TV Deaths of All Time,

Charlie Pace
Desmond spent much of season three of "Lost" foretelling Charlie's death, and in the season finale, his visions came true.

Charlie ultimately drowns in the Looking Glass station after turning off the station's signal jammer and confirming to Desmond that it was "Not Penny's Boat."
George O'Malley
On "Grey's Anatomy," Dr. George O'Malley is preparing to leave the hospital to join the army, when he is brought in as "Jon Doe" after a serious bus accident.

O'Malley reveals himself to Meredith, but she and the other doctors are unable to save him.
Edith Bunker
One of TV's most famous moms, Archie's loving wife Edith Bunker died of a stroke in the months before the second season premiere of "All in the Family" spin off series, "Archie Bunker's Place."

Edith's death was hard on Archie, who always thought he would die before her.

Mark Greene
Dr. Mark Greene was the only original "ER" character to die. Diagnosed with brain cancer, he underwent multiple treatments and operations before deciding to accept his fate.

He takes a final trip to Hawaii with his daughter, Rachel. They are later joined by his wife, Elizabeth, before he ultimately passes away.
Mark Sloan
After Dr. Mark Sloan sustained serious injuries during the plane crash at the end of season eight of "Grey's Anatomy," he was put on life support.

In the ninth season premiere, the machines are turned off, in accordance with his will, and both viewers and the cast mourned the death of "McSteamy."

Eddard Stark
Sure, King Joffrey promised he would spare Eddard Stark's life if he confessed to treason, but Joffrey is the worst and can't be trusted.

Despite the confession, Joffrey orders Ser Ilyn Payne to go ahead with the beheading. Ned's death set the tone for "Game of Thrones," a show where no character is safe.

Robb Stark
One of many victims of the infamous Red Wedding, Robb, along with his mother Catelyn Stark, his pregnant wife Talisa Stark, and countless Stark bannermen are ruthlessly murdered in season three of "Games of Thrones."

The massacre is orchestrated by Lord Walder Frey as revenge for Robb's failure to fulfill his marriage pact with House Frey.
Lt. Colonel Henry Blake
The season three finale of "M.A.S.H." shocked and angered viewers. Lt. Blake had been honorably discharged and was headed home, when news comes in that his helicopter was shot down.

The episode caused a great deal of controversy, and producers received thousands of letters from angry fans.
Paul Hennessy
While in production on the second season of "8 Simple Rules," actor John Ritter was taken to the hospital and ultimately died of an undiagnosed aortic dissection.

Following his death, the show went on hiatus, returning two months later. Ritter's death was written into the series - his character Paul Hennesey collapses, though no exact cause of death is given.

Dan Conner
After the Conner family wins the lottery on "Roseanne," it is revealed that Dan didn't survive his heart-attack after all and, in fact, died at Darlene's wedding.

Roseanne reveals that the series (and those lottery winnings) had been a rewriting of her life by Roseanne Conner, who created the false reality as a coping mechanism.

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<![CDATA[The Most WTF Things You Can Buy on Amazon]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/weird-stuff-on-amazon/whitneysmoore
Some of the weirdest, most WTF products available to buy online can be found on Amazon. You can buy just about anything on the Internet these days, and Amazon's no exception. This list compiles the truly weird stuff on Amazon so that your votes can determine once and for all just which product for sale on Amazon is the strangest.

An e-commerce leader and no stranger to odd items, Amazon.com is where you turn when you're shopping for a gift to give to the person who has everything. What are the odds that they already own gloves made out of underpants, a tub of 1,500 ladybugs, or a jug of wolf urine? Unless this person is already familiar with the weird stuff on Amazon, the odds are slim.

Just imagine receiving an unexpected package from Amazon, only to open it and discover a detailed replica of five pounds of human fat. The only appropriate response: "WTF?" The online shopping site's inventory is so vast that fake fat isn't even guaranteed to be the strangest product on offer.

What's the craziest stuff on Amazon, then? That's up to you. Vote up the weirdest products below and just try to resist ordering some of these unbelievable items.

The Most WTF Things You Can Buy on Amazon,

Toilet Gremlin on the Attack

A Solid Pound of Cereal Marshmallows

Cat Butt Salt and Pepper Shakers

Emergency Whitey-Tighties Dispenser

Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

Canned Unicorn Meat

Caffeinated Soap

A Guide to Speaking English like a Sailor

Anti-Unicorn Propaganda Coloring Book

A Flask That Looks Like Tampons

Thu, 16 Jul 2015 10:14:24 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/weird-stuff-on-amazon/whitneysmoore
<![CDATA[55 Drunk People Trying to Play it Cool]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/drunk-people-gifs/randy-cobb
These are the most hilarious drunk people GIFs in internet history. Watch as these drunks have intense battles with inanimate objects, fall from both great and tiny heights, and drunkenly dance their way toward a Port-a-Potty, all without a care in the world. From the drunk archives of Reddit, to Tumblr, to Señor Gif himself, this list has the best of the best when it comes to drunk GIFs. after going through this list, no drunk people GIFf will surprise you. 

These should fill all of your drunk people GIF needs, and you can return time and again to this list for endless, never gets old entertainment. Entertain your friends and show them how they appear to others on their own drunken evenings!   

Vote up the funniest drunken GIFs below and learn from these drunks what NOT to do.

55 Drunk People Trying to Play it Cool,

When Not Even Solid Objects Can Keep You Steady

Like a Fish Out of Water

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

Maybe Santa Should Lay Off the Egg Nog

No Sir, Breathalyzer Is NOT a New Brand of Scotch

No, I Said WALK Along the Straight Line for Me Sir...

So Close and Yet So Far

I Don't Know How to Sober

I Ride a MIGHTY Steed!

Life On the Stage

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<![CDATA[Terrible Ideas That Landed People in the Burn Unit]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/firework-fails/randy-cobb
What is it about fire and fireworks that makes amateur daredevils so reckless? It seems that since fire is both extremely dangerous and completely legal, it's of especially big interest for wannabe Jackass cast members. The following fire GIFs all involve someone narrowly escaping a trip to the severe burn unit. They've either set themselves on fire, blown themselves up, or strapped an explosive to a part of their body they can't replace.

You won't believe what people are willing to do to themselves for a few YouTube views, or sometimes just to impress their dumb friends. One thing is certain, these people are going to be smelling burnt hair for a long time. Use this list of explosive failures to remind yourself not to play with fire, don't hold the firework for too long, and always blow out a flaming shot before drinking it.
Terrible Ideas That Landed People in the Burn Unit,

Fire Juggler

Hardcore Haircut

A Little Late Night Dancin

Buttle Rocket

Another Fire Balloon

Sharing the Flames

Meeting in the Middle

Jumpin Over This Fire

Why Would We Need to Go Outside?

Fire Golf

Thu, 03 Jul 2014 08:41:46 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/firework-fails/randy-cobb
<![CDATA[The Worst Things That Have Ever Happened at Zoos]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/zoo-horror-stories/rydavis
When one spends a day at the zoo, they may expect a little excitement, a little curiosity, and an awesome chance to see some of wildlife's most vibrant, odd, and fascinating creatures. What you don't expect is to fall into the pit of a lion's den and have your clothes and body parts ripped to shreds. Although you're likely in the vast majority that has never had the unfortunate luck of experiencing such a high-stakes standoff against nature's greatest predators, there are some who have not been so fortunate. For every photographer leaning just a little too closely over the edge than they should be, there are major zoo accidents waiting to happen. Catastrophic zoo deaths make crazy news stories because they're actually so rare. But even some of the most experienced wildlife trainers, biologists, and veterinarians have had some very, VERY bad things happen to them at the zoo. 

All bad zoo news stories, unique in their own way, are nature's way of telling us that these beasts are not to be messed with. Lack of respect for the animal kingdom could cost you your arm or leg. And don't think that just because there's a thick layer of glass between you that these stronger-than-you-think mammals can't find a way to take you out if you piss them off enough. These animal anecdotes below are some of the worst things that have ever happened at zoos and are fair warning for your next visit. 
The Worst Things That Have Ever Happened at Zoos,

A Hippo Was Beat To Death In An El Salvador Zoo

A beloved hippo named Gustavito died after being beaten in an El Salvador zoo in February 2017. While officials did not know who perpetrated the crime, they believe a group of people beat the hippo in his enclosure with a blunt object at night. Zookeepers started seeing Gustavito acting lethargic, but didn't realize the severity of his injuries until it was too late. 

He was 15, and was the centerpiece of the country's National Zoo.  

Man Releases Animals from His Private Zoo
Terry Thompson was known for preserving and collecting rare, exotic animals for his private wildlife refuge, located on his estate. However, right before Thompson committed suicide, he made the decision to release his array of jungle beasts onto Zanesville, Ohio. After receiving reports from witnesses who saw the animals unleashed, police were forced to respond. Unfortunately, many of the animals were displaying extreme aggression, and the county feared their proximity to the public. Zanesville police had no choice but to shoot the majority of the escaped animals dead, which resulted in the event being dubbed the Zanesville Massacre. Wildlife experts expressed grief at the loss of so many animals that are on the verge of extinction. Turns out it's not so fun free the animals from the zoo after all.
Binky the Polar Bear Bites Back
If you want to get up close and personal with Binky, then be prepared to face the consequences. After attacking Kathryn Warburton, an Australian tourist visiting an Alaskan zoo, Binky achieved unprecedented fame. Warbuton had jumped a few railings to take a better photograph of the polar bear, but Binky didn't seem to like the flash. Binky stuck his face through the railings and chomped down on Warbuton, breaking her leg. The polar bear kept the woman's shoe as a souvenir for three days until zoo keepers were able to safely retrieve it. Warburton donated the relic to a local bar, and Binky reached peak stardom. Merchandise and memorabilia featuring the polar bear's face became popular after the story received heavy media attention.
A Rhino Was Shot By Poachers At A French Zoo

A group of poachers broke into a French zoo in March 2017 and shot dead a four-year-old white rhinoceros for his horn. The rhino, named Vince, lived at the Thoiry Zoo as part of the African enclosure.

Zoo officials found the rhinos body the next day with his horn sawed off. Poachers tried to saw off his second horn, but were unsuccessful. Police said this is the first crime of its kind in France. Vince's subspecies is extremely threatened, and animal's death was heartbreaking for zoo officials. The other two rhinos that share the enclosure were not hurt. Authorities suspect the criminals were interrupted and made off before getting the horns of the others. 

A Crocodile Was Stoned To Death At A Zoo In Tunisia

A crocodile was stoned to death by visitors of a Tunisian zoo in March 2017. 

According to witnesses, a group of people visiting the Belvedere Zoo in Tunis, Tunisia, started throwing rocks and paving slabs at the animal. The crocodile died from a brain hemorrhage. The same zoo has come under fire before after photos of trash in the animals's pens made their way online. 

Tilikum Thrashes a Seaworld Trainer
Focus of the controversial documetnary Blackfish, Tilikum the Killer Whale has spent the majority of his life living in a contained bubble. Weighing at nearly 12,000 pounds and identifiable by his signature curved-dorsal fin, Tilikum is likely Sea World's most famous "Shamu" in the run's history. However, Tilikum isn't known for his fun, showtime playfulness, but rather his unprecedented aggression, formed after having spent over half his lifetime in captivity. Neither his first outburst nor instance of visible hostility, Tilikum reached peak recognition when he killed Dawn Brancheau, considered a very experienced trainer, during a live performance. When Brancheau leaned in to give Tilikum a belly rub, the enormous whale leaped up and grabbed her by the waist. After thrashing her around, Tilikum repeatedly dragged her through the water, drowning her. Tilikum had previously been involved in multiple deaths and attacks against trainers, but Sea World officials still kept the dangerous creature around for the delight of the guests.
Egyptian Cobra Escapes from Nyc Zoo
When an extremely venomous Egyptian cobra escaped from its exhibit at the NYC Bronx Zoo, the city that never sleeps was left feeling restless. For six days, Bronx zookeepers conducted thorough sweeps of the zoo as they searched for the snake that inexplicably slipped out of the reptilian glass enclosure. Finally, the cobra was found, a mere 100 feet away from the exhibit it left behind. Zookeepers lured the snake out using rodents. Said to be able to kill a person in 15 minutes with its venom, the cobra proved an incredible threat to attendees. Thankfully, instead of attacking visitors, the Egyptian cobra started its own Twitter account to keep fans updated on its metro-link adventures.
Harambe Gets Gunned Down to Save Toddler

A four-year-old made national headlines when he accidentally sneaked past his mother and protective fences at the Cincinnati Zoo in 2016. Unfortunately, the little boy found himself smack dab in the middle of the gorilla enclosure with a 450-pound silverback gorilla named Harambe. Zoo officials eventually had to shoot and kill the animal to protect the child (tranquilizing it could have caused an adverse, violent reaction). Some argued that the gorilla was actually trying to protect the child, although police were worried about his less-than-gentle dragging of the boy across the enclosure. The moral of the story? Keep an eye on your children at all times, especially at the zoo.

As for Harambe, the gorilla's death has unexpectedly sparked a rabid fan base, inspiring countless memes, artwork, and various other forms of Internet media. Much to the Cincinnati Zoo's chagrin, Harambe's martyrdom has motivated Internet users to troll the zoo's social media presence. The Cincinnati Zoo has since shut down their Twitter account in an attempt to make #justiceforharambe stop trending.

Emaciated Bears Beg For Food At Indonesian Zoo

Video obtained by PETA Asia from January 2017 shows a pen full of sun bears begging for food. In the video the bears appear emaciated and skeletal. One report said the bears were so hungry they resorted to eating their own feces. 

This isn't the first time the Bandung Zoo in West Java, Indonesia has come under fire. In May 2016, news outlets reported a elephant named Yani died after being chained up at the zoo. Some said they could hear Yani crying. She was covered in bruises and was reportedly paralyzed before her death. 

Mila the Elephant Stomps the Yard
New Zealand zoo owner Helen Schofield was making arrangements for the 7600-pound elephant Mila to transfer to a new home. When Schofield entered Mila's sanctuary, the gargantuan pachyderm became frightened after braising an electric fence bordering the enclosure. Spooked by the currents, Mila grabbed Schofield with her trunk, ultimately crushing her midair, all to the horror of a live audience. Schofield died from her sustained injuries. After the traumatizing incident, wildlife experts became concerned about what to do with Mila. It was eventually decided that she would be transferred to the San Diego Zoo, where she would be quarantined and progressively incorporated into the rest of the elephant herd. Jenny Chung, Schofield's sister, attended Mila's arrival to confront the animal that took her sister's life. Chung expressed that there were no hard feelings, stating that deep down she knew that Mila didn't intend to hurt Helen. 

Wed, 30 Mar 2016 10:34:50 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/zoo-horror-stories/rydavis
<![CDATA[12 Amazing Real-Life Resurrection Stories]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/top-12-real-life-resurrection-stories/carly-kiel

Real life resurrection stories tell the tale of real people who came back from the dead. These are far more than people who were legally dead on an operating table; these are dead people who rose from the crypt to go on living.

How often are living people declared dead? More often than you'd think (or want to know about)! People brought back from the dead - presumably to deliver the Good Word - have been documented in history and medical books for hundreds of years. These are some of the more spectacular examples of people beating death. Enjoy this bone-chilling list of notable cases of people who were buried alive or brought back to life - true accounts of real-life resurrection stories and incidents of Lazarus syndrome.

12 Amazing Real-Life Resurrection Stories,

Marjorie McCall, Moneybags

In 18th Century Lurgan, Ireland, Dr. John McCall's wife Marjorie fell ill with fever and died shortly thereafter. Since he was a doctor and therefore rich, Marjorie naturally had an expensive gold wedding ring – but at her death, neither John nor any other mourner was able to remove it from her swollen finger. Due to fear that her fever would spread, Marjorie was hastily buried in Shankill Cemetery, and news of the doctor's dead wife spread throughout neighborhood.

Soon, some grave-robbers got busy digging up Marjorie's coffin. When they pried open the lid, they were delighted to find that yes, the valuable ring was still on her finger. Try as they might, they couldn't pull off the ring, so they agreed to saw off the whole finger. As the sharp blade cut into her skin, Marjorie came back to life, sat bolt upright, and shrieked like a tween with Bieber Fever. A miracle if there ever was one!

When the startled corpse-desecrating thieves fled, Marjorie was left alone to climb out of her grave and wander home. Across town, her widower Dr. John was boozing with some relatives, sorrowful at the loss of his wife but also pumped about his new-found bachelorhood. When he heard a gentle rapping, rapping on his chamber door, he opened it to find his dead wife, extra creepy and all wraithlike in her burial robes and bloody from the ol' saw-to-the-finger ordeal. The shock was too much for the doctor. He instantly dropped dead on the floor and was buried in the grave Marjorie had just vacated.

Ng Swee Hock, Brother-Hater
April 2011 - After getting into fisticuffs with his own brother, 65-year-old Ng Swee Hock sustained injuries so bad that not even a ventilator machine could revive him. Doctors at a Penang, Malaysia, hospital did CPR on his body for 45 minutes, but at around 11 AM, they gave up and pronounced him dead.

Two-and-a-half hours later, Ng started to breathe again.
Matthew Wall, Farmer
On October 2, 1571, recently deceased young farmer Matthew Wall was lying in a coffin on the way to his own funeral. Even though the day was cool and damp, the whole village of Braughing in Hertfordshire was out for the event, including Wall's distressed fiancée. As the procession made their way to the church, one of the pallbearers slipped on the wet leaves, dropping the coffin to the ground. The commotion was surprising.

But when the men lifted the coffin again, they were even more shocked by what they heard next: the sound of knocking. Matthew Wall had come back to life and was banging on the walls of his own coffin!

Wall eventually went on to marry his fiancée and live for another 24 years. Since then, Braughing village has commemorated Old Man's Day every year on October 2nd. To celebrate, village children bring brooms to sweep leaves from the lane in front of the church, presumably so no one slips on them. Any more dropped coffins, and they could have a zombie apocalypse on their hands.
Old Polish Lady
June 2009 - A man called an ambulance when his 84-year-old wife fainted. The emergency service doctor declared the woman dead and sent her to the morgue. She lay deceased for several hours in line waiting to be embalmed and whatnot, but then the Holy Spirit hopped into her again. Morticians noticed the woman's body bag moving and unzipped it to find that her vital functions were all working again. Praise Him.
Anne Green, Convicted Child-Killer
In 1650, Anne Green was convicted of murdering her bastard child and hiding its body at her boss's house. Soon, she was sentenced to death by hanging and led to the gallows, where she was fitted with a noose. For her last words, she proclaimed her innocence and begged, "Sweet Jesus, receive my soul." After the hangman kicked the little stool out from under her, Green's body was left to hang for half an hour. During this time, her pals reportedly:
thump[ed] her on the breast’ and hung ‘with all their weight upon her leggs… lifting her up and then pulling her downe againe with a suddain jerke...which seems very rude to me, but apparently they were trying to quicken her death / lessen her suffering. Whatever.

Eventually, Green's lifeless body was cut down from the gallows and put in a coffin, which was taken to a doctor who was going to dissect her. Just as the doctor prepared to slice her open from chest to gut, Anne's corpse groaned. Hallelujah!

There are two versions (maybe more) of what happened next:

In one, doctors immediately began to warm her body, pour hot cordials in her mouth, and (doy) bleed her.

In the other, someone tried to kick her back into the land of the dead by stomping on her chest. The force of the kick was so strong that it completely revived her.

Either way, Green – having been through enough for one day – was granted a reprieve and declared innocent. She lived a long time after her resurrection and bore three more children, none of whom she was convicted of killing.
Saudi Mom
2009 - During a Caesarean section delivery in a Kuwait City hospital, the woman in labor was pronounced dead. Her grief-stricken husband was handed her death certificate – along with their new baby, who was born with birth defects. The would-be mother's body was whisked off to the morgue, where it was locked up with all the hospital's other losses for the day.

Two hours later, the woman was struck with life again, but in a very dark, very cold place. She screamed and banged on the door of the deep freezer until a worker finally heard her. (Why do these things lock from the inside, anyway?) Upon her release, the woman's husband was called back to the hospital to return her death certificate, which he was not allowed to keep as a souvenir.
South African Grandfather

July 2011 - An 80-year-old man in the Eastern Cape died due to complications from an asthma attack. His family called the morgue to come fetch his body, which was then locked in a refrigerated compartment to cool. Twenty-one hours later, while the family were meeting to discuss funeral arrangements, workers at the morgue heard someone yelling for help. Thinking it was a ghost, they called the police for backup. Upon their arrival, the cops released the reanimated corpse of the old man, who was very nearly scared to death – again.

Colombian Woman
February 2010 - After falling ill from a serious condition, a 45-year-old woman in Cali, Colombia, was declared dead. Staff at a medical clinic signed her death certificate, and her body was transferred to a funeral home to be prepared for her burial. Just as a worker went to inject her lifeless limbs with formaldehyde preservative, the woman miraculously began to breathe and move again.
St. Odran, Naysayer

In 548 A.D., Christian folks in Iona, Scotland, wanted to build a chapel near an ancient burial ground. The problem was: no matter what they did, the work they constructed was destroyed each night, so they had to start all over again the next day. Eventually, a guy named Columba got it into his head that if they buried someone alive in the foundation, they would be able to finish building the chapel.

With a promise that his soul would be safe, a monk named Oran or Odran or Odhran – Columba's son or brother – volunteered (or was volunteered) to be buried alive, so he was. When that dirty work was done, the folks above ground finished the chapel. Hi-ho.

After some time, Columba started to miss Odran, so he opened the burial pit again.

- OR -

One day, the dead-and-back-to-life Oran shoved his face up through a wall and began to talk. He said:
There is no such great wonder in death. There is no Hell as you suppose, nor Heaven that people talk about.

When Oran began to try to escape his grave in the foundation, Columba flipped out and shoved him back down again, quickly covering the pit with earth. Or he had Oran's body removed and buried somewhere else on grounds of heresy. His own brother. Or son.

Thomas à Kempis, Faithless
In life, Catholic monk Thomas à Kempis (probably) wrote The Imitation of Christ, which everyone agreed was a pretty good and pious publication. Some time after his death in Zwolle in 1471, Church authorities began to think Thomas would make a good saint. They exhumed his body with plans to go forward with his canonization, but were bummed to find scratch marks inside the coffin lid and splinters embedded beneath Thomas's nails. Despite the holy miracle of his resurrection after death, Thomas was denied canonization and never became a saint. After all, what kind of candidate for sainthood would try to escape his fate of death?

Thu, 05 Apr 2012 07:25:04 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/top-12-real-life-resurrection-stories/carly-kiel
<![CDATA[All of the Times Nicolas Cage Freaked Out on Screen, Ranked]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-nicolas-cage-freak-out-scenes/derrick-deane
No one freaks out on film quite like Nicolas Cage. We've gathered some of our favorite freak out scenes from all the best (and a few of the worst) Nicolas Cage movies in his filmography and want to know which scene you think is the best. Cage is an actor who is both loved and hated, but one thing all film fans and movie goers can agree on is that his freakouts are some of the best in Hollywood. No one loses it and goes crazy quite like Mr. Nicolas Cage.

Is you favorite Nicolas Cage movie freak out his creepy, unnerving portrayal in Vampire's Kiss or the fake-drunk tantrum in National Treasure 2? Maybe you liked his over-the-top acting in Deadfall, the bunny fight in Con Air, or maybe you can't get enough of "The bees! No, not the bees!" from Wicker Man.

It's time to find out which funny Nic Cage freak out you this is the best and most amazing. So put the bunny in the box, file your papers correctly and get voting! Then be sure to cast your votes on the best Nicolas Cage movies list as well - even if they didn't feature a great freak out moment.
All of the Times Nicolas Cage Freaked Out on Screen, Ranked,

The opening credits haven't even finished appearing on screen in John Woo's sci-fi action flick and Cage is already off his rocker. Here, he's playing a freelance terrorist who, in this scene rocks out to "Hallelujah."
Honeymoon in Vegas
There are plenty of great one-liners in Honeymoon in Vegas that only Cage can deliver. In this scene though, he becomes the voice of the weary traveler trying to get from point A to point B.
Matchstick Men
One of Cage's best freak out scenes comes in this Ridley Scott crime drama. Cage plays an obsessive-compulsive con man who, in this clip, needs a refill on his subscription. NOW!
National Treasure: Book of Secrets
Need to cause a scene in order for your partners to go about executing your not-so-legal plan? Cage demonstrates an excellent fake drunken rage here (at least, we think it's fake).
The Rock
Arguably director Michael Bay's best movie, The Rock is actually light on Cage moments. However, we do get a glimmer of the classic Cage freak out when Sean Connery presses him about rockets containing deadly chemical bead things.
The Wicker Man
Chances are, if you're familiar with Nicolas Cage freak out scenes, this one ranks somewhere at the top. Ah, the bees!!
Vampire's Kiss
Make sure you file your papers under the right letter or else you'll get Cage yelling the alphabet at you.
Con Air
Only Cage would wage a fight to the death over a stuffed animal. 
Vampire's Kiss
Another freak out from Vampire's Kiss, this short clip of Cage portraying a vampire crying is pure comedy.
Vampire's Kiss
There are a lot of fantastic Cage-y moments in Vampire's Kiss including this wide-eyed performance that became an instant Internet meme.

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<![CDATA[The Most Surprising Quirks of the Rich and Famous]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/quirks-of-the-rich-and-famous/jacob-shelton
Rich people are just like us. Wait, no they’re not. As much as we love celebrities and all of the crazy stuff they do, they can still be weird rich people when it comes to having odd habits that normal people aren’t allowed to have. Some of the famous people on this list have quirks that cost a lot of money, while others just walk around all day with insane thoughts bouncing around in their heads. So if you ask any of the weird celebrities on this list for a picture and they ramble something about having to get home to fondle their typewriters, don’t take it personally, they’re just trying to make it through the day. Feel better about yourself while taking a look at these surprising quirks of the rich and famous.

It’s entirely possible that some of the weird quirks were germinating inside the stars on this list from an early age and they were just exacerbated by having millions of dollars at their disposal. It doesn’t really matter how these wacky celebrities developed their strange obsessions, as long as they know how to manage their quirks while they’re in front of a camera or a microphone you don’t have to worry about whether or not Jennifer Lawrence needs to be institutionalized for sucking her thumb.
The Most Surprising Quirks of the Rich and Famous,

Gwyneth Paltrow
There's no cute way to phrase Queen Goop's weird habit. Gwyneth Paltrow - mother, singer, actress - pees in the shower. Why? Because it "automatically engages the pelvic floor to lengthen and tone your pelvic floor muscles."
Jason Segel
There's no getting around it, puppets are weird. And even though we always knew that Jason Segel was basically a big kid, who knew he had a "house full of puppets" (including one of himself!)?
Jennifer Aniston
Even though it's the safest way to travel, people are still nervous about flying. Some people get drunk before a flight, some people watch reruns of The Jersey Shore for the entirety of an international fight in order to squash any thoughts of mortality, and Jennifer Aniston always steps onto a plane with her right foot. Aniston told Yahoo, “If I walk onto an airplane, I always have to go on with my right foot first and tap the outside of the plane. I have always done it. For luck.”
Jennifer Lawrence
You know, whatever helps you get through the day can't be that bad. Even if it's acting wike a wittle baby.
Kevin Bacon
Maybe hate is a strong word, but Kevin Bacon definitely doesn't like having to cover his beautiful dancer's body. He once said, "There’s something therapeutic about nudity. Clothing is one of the external things about a character. Take away the Gucci or Levi’s and we’re all the same."
Marlon Brando
According to Johnny Depp, if there was one thing that Marlon Brando loved more than eating, it was farts. Depp said that when he presented Brando, one of the most respected actors of all time, with a fart machine, Brando said, "I've found God!!!”
According to The Roots drummer Questlove, Prince really loves to roller skate. In his autobiography Questlove wrote, "Prince had the briefcase out on the floor. He clicked the lock and opened it, and took out the strangest, most singular pair of roller skates I had ever seen. They were clear skates that lit up, and the wheels sent a multicolored spark trail into your path ... He took them out and did a big lap around the rink. Man. He could skate like he could sing."
Tom Cruise
It's really not a big deal that Tom Cruise snores so much he has to have a pitch black, soundproofed room where he can be as loud as he wants. It's just, should someone who's prone to freaking out in front of Oprah have a soundproof chamber in their home?
Tom Hanks
Okay so it's not really a fetish, but he does have a huge collection of typewriters that takes up an entire room. He loves them so much that he wrote an article detailing the various sounds that different models of typewriters make.
Katy Perry
When you're a star your smile is one of the most important things about you. But brushing your teeth six times a day still seems like overkill. So does keeping 20 brand new toothbrushes on hand at all times.

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<![CDATA[43 Bathroom Signs That Will Really Make You Think... and LOL]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-bathroom-signs/ashley-reign
As every great small business owner knows, it's often the little things that can make a place unique. Despite the fact that the bathroom door might be the last place you’d expect to find a touch of creativity, these funny bathroom signs will make you think again. Here we’ve collected some of the cleverest, most creative, and even a little weird bathroom door signs from around the world.

What makes these bathroom gender indicators so unique? Well, as you’ll see throughout the photos below, some of them find clever ways to work in the type of business they’re located in, such as a bowling alley, a dog grooming shop, and even a farm. Others cut the language barrier right in half but using imagery to convey their point, some a little more graphically than others.

So whether you’re looking for ideas to spruce up the laugh factor of your small business via ideas for funny bathroom door signs of your own or are just out for a good laugh, you've come to the right place. You’ll be chuckling in no time at the huge variety of creativity and cleverness that were put in to these funny bathroom doors from around the world!

43 Bathroom Signs That Will Really Make You Think... and LOL,

These Clever Signs for Pet Shops or Dog Groomers

Remember in Science Class When You Asked When You'd Ever Use This?


This Awesome Sign We Somehow Suspect Was Designed by a Woman

These Bathrooms Assure You the Seat Is Right Where You Like It

This Clever Sign May Explain Why Men Love Beer and Women Love Cosmos

These Hysterical Doors That Get It Right

When Gamers Build a Place to Go

Even Ladies Have to Admit This Is Hilarious

Doesn't Get More Clear Than That

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<![CDATA[The Biggest Foods in the World]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/biggest-foods-in-the-world/chef-jen
Fans of the super-sized anything, behold this list of the biggest foods in the world! Yes, you read that right. These are just a few of the record-breaking foods created to A. Get in the Guinness Book of World Records, B. Get some publicity and C. Make you drool (and get you fat, fast). From ginormous burgers to massive pumpkin pies, these delicious creations are truly drool-worthy.

What are the biggest foods in the world? Take a look here and you'll see for yourself.

If you are fan of big foods, definitely check out the Best of Epic Meal Time list.
The Biggest Foods in the World,

Biggest Hamburger
Love big burgers? Take a bite out of this: In July of 2011, Juicy's LLC set the world record for the largest hamburger ever - a whopping 777 pounds. Yep, lucky 7's all the way around. This Juicy's Outlaw Burger was served up at the Alameda County Fair in California. It featured, get this: 600 pounds of beef and a 110-pound bun. Yes, 110 pounds - a small person - for just the bun! And the fixings included 12 pounds of pickles, 30 pounds of lettuce and 20 pounds of onions (phew).
Biggest Banana Split
When biggest food records stand for decades, you know they're impressive. Such is the case with the world's biggest banana split. Made by residents of Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania, on April 30, 1988, this incredible, delectible treat was more than 4.5 miles long (!) and included 2500 gallons of ice cream, 33,000 bananas, 450 gallons of toppnigs and yes, 600 pounds of nuts.
Biggest Sweet Tea
Behold, the world's largest-ever sweet tea: This monster drink was concocted by Chick-Fil-A using more than 900 gallons of water, 70 pounds of tea leaves and - get this - 1150 pounds of sugar! Throw in a ton of ice (literally) and you've got a sweet tea of mammoth proportions.
Biggest Pizza
Pizza fan, you say? There's a record for that. In 1990, the Norwood Pick 'n Pay Hypermarket in Johannesburg, South Africa, cooked up a ginormous pizza that weighed in at nearly 27,000 pounds! This giant pizza record continues to stand today - a testament to the hugeness of the pie. Seriously nobody's beaten this record in decades now.

FYI: Papa John's holds the Guinness World Record for the world's largest pizza order. In June of 2006, Papa John's delivered 13,500 pizzas to employees and sailors at the General Dynamics NASSCO shipyard in San Diego, California.
Biggest Sandwich
We've all devoured monster-sized sandwiches before, but this one takes the cake. On St. Patrick's Day 2005, Wild Woody's Chill and Grill in Roseville, Michigan, created the world's largest sandwich. This monster weighed in at nearly 5500 pounds! This incredible sandwich included 4000 pounds of bread, 1000 pounds of corned beef and more than 400 pounds of lettuce, mustard and swiss cheese.
Biggest Omelette
Breakfast, anyone? It's no secret that whopping-sized omelettes are all the rage, but the omelette served up by Turkish egg producers in October of 2010 beats all. The largest omelette ever made weighed in at more than six tons, requiring 110,000 eggs to make - along with 10 chefs, 50 cooks and more than 400 liters of oil.
Biggest Cup of Coffee
The next time you get one of those fancy Venti coffee drinks at Starbucks and wonder, 'Am I drinking too much caffeine?' - don't. Your Venti pales in comparison to the cup of coffee served up in Las Vegas, Nevada, in October of 2010. An 8x8 coffee mug was constructed to hold what is now considered the world's biggest-ever cup of coffee: 2,010 gallons. That's more than you'll probably drink in a lifetime, even IF you have a serious caffeine addiction. For numbers nuts: 2,010 gallons of java amounts to nearly 32,000 regular cups of coffee.
Biggest Ice Cream Float
Hats off to Coca-Cola for making the world's largest soda float. This 3000 gallon ice cream float was whipped up at the World of Coca-Cola Museum in May of 2007 using 7200 scoops of ice cream. The monster float was 15 feet high!
Biggest Nachos
Think you can polish off an order of nachos by yourself? Not this time. In April 2012, participants at the Kansas Relays in Lawrence, KS, broke the Guinness Record for the largest serving of nachos. The dish was served in an 80-foot-long trough with 4,689 pounds of chips, cheese, beef, and pico de gallo sauce - with Tums served on the side.
Biggest Mojito
Love mojitos? So do people in Italy. So much so that on July 14, 2011, a group of fans created the largest-ever mojito. This monster, 1300-liter mojito took more than an hour to make (and that's with several people dumping rum, mint and sugar cane juice into a massive glass). Bet it took longer than that to consume...and to get over the hangover(s). Someone should create the world's largest aspirin for that.

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<![CDATA[13 Horror Movies and the 'True Stories' They're Based On]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/13-horror-movies-and-the-_true-stories_-they_re-based-on/wavy-gravey
While most, if not all, horror movies include a fair amount of fiction to make the story more gory and gruesome, often times the inspiration for these classic horror movies are based on true stories. The actual events in a lot of cases are legends or not nearly as scary as the theatrical version, but every so often the true events are scarier than anything someone could think up for shock value.

Some of the very best horror movies of all time are based on actual events. Take Psycho, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Silence of the Lambs, for example, three of the scariest horror movies of all time are based on the horrible killings of a single man, Ed Gein. Independently, the three films tell horrifying tales of mass murder, torture, and cannibalism, but put them all together and you get a look at serial killer Ed Gein.

Of course, in many cases, the fiction is a stretch on the actual facts such as in the haunted house horror films. In The Amityville Horror, The Haunting in Connecticut, and The Entity, families were haunted by demons in their own homes. In reality, investigators dispute many of these claims, and many have been declared straight up hoaxes.

Good luck trying to verify claims of demon possession, which is another theme in some of the most well-known horror movies as well, including The Exorcist, Audrey Rose, and The Exorcism of Emily Rose, as those stories visit a gray area between paranormal and simple mental illness.

However these filmmakers were inspired, either by gruesome true events or a simple unverified claim, these horror movies all accomplish what they attempt to do: scare the crap out of us on a daily basis. For that, mission accomplished.
13 Horror Movies and the 'True Stories' They're Based On,

Audrey Rose
The Movie

Audrey Rose, a little girl, dies in a tragic car crash. Two minutes later, Ivy Templeton is born. Fast forward 11 years and Elliot Hoover, father to Audrey, begins to stalk the Templeton family in New York after he becomes convinced that Audrey was reincarnated into Ivy.

Ivy begins to have nightmares and strange events occur, many similar to the fiery car crash that killed Audrey. Elliot Hoover ends up kidnapping Ivy in an attempt to grant his daughter's spirit peace, a move that lands him in a highly publicized criminal trial.

The Reality

Frank De Felitta, author of the novel and the 1977 movie, was inspired to create the work by his son, Raymond. The boy suddenly began playing the piano like a pro despite no formal training or lessons. He claimed that his fingers were doing it by themselves.

De Felitta sought to understand how Raymond could have gained such expertise on his own. He consulted an occultist who expressed that it was an "incarnation leak," as in a skill Raymond perfected in a previous lifetime and carried into the next.

This video has some information about this sort of phenomenon:

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
The Movie

Sharing a home with Otis and Otis' sister, serial killer Henry mercilessly kills numerous women. On one occasion, Henry kills a pair of hookers picked up by him and Otis, with Otis witnessing the murders.

As the killings continue, Otis becomes more and more involved in the murders. Henry kills hundreds, all without remorse, but also builds a relationship with Otis' sister as the two have similar backgrounds.

The Reality

The film was directly inspired by serial killer Henry Lee Lucas and his accomplice Ottis Toole. Though Henry was convicted of 11 murders, the film took license with the other killings for a dramatic effect.

Henry allegedly confessed to as many as 600 murders; however, many believe he only did so for improved prison conditions, not because he actually committed the crimes. He is one of the only cases in Texas where his death sentence was commuted to life in prison. Lucas died in prison of heart failure in 2001.
The Movie

As families vacation on the fictional Amity Island in New England, a gigantic 25-foot great white shark begins killing and eating tourists. Rather than losing out on the proceeds from the busy July 4th weekend of tourism, the mayor refuses to close the beach, and the attacks continue.

Since someone has to be the hero, a group, including the town police chief, a marine biologist, and a shark hunter, spend night and day hunting this huge shark before it claims additional victims.

The Reality

The movie was based on the book of the same name by Peter Benchley. He got the story idea from incidents that happened during the summer of 1916 along the Jersey Shore. It seems that before the area was consumed by drug addicts, it was still a dangerous place. During that summer, five people were attacked while swimming off the coast. Four of the five died from their injuries. No one is sure if it was a great white shark specifically, since before this point, sharks were not highly researched and considered nothing more than man-eating monsters.
The Amityville Horror
The Movie

The original and the remake essentially have the same plot. An unassuming family, John and Kathy Lutz and their three children, purchase a home in Long Island, New York that was previously the site of a mass murder one year earlier. While stating they don't believe in ghosts, the family has a priest attempt to bless the home, which is downright hypocritical. Families with wishy washy views on the supernatural always get targeted in these movies. Stick with your guns, everyone.

So, the priest becomes strangely ill and blind soon after the exorcism. In just four weeks, the family is forced out of the house following a series of haunted happenings. In the later version, Ryan Reynolds goes out in the rain in a t-shirt: this made watching the movie worth it for everyone's girlfriend.

The Reality

George and Kathy Lutz (you see, they changed George's name to "John" in the movie to protect his anonymity) spent four weeks in the Amityville, New York, house in 1975, 13 months after Ronald DeFeo, Jr. murdered six people in the home.

You can see an interview with them here:

According to the couple, during their time in the house they heard voices throughout the day, there were various "cold spots" throughout the house, and they even witnessed green slime oozing from the walls.

Most experts and investigators who visited the house to study the paranormal claims dispute the authenticity of the story. The happenings are widely believed to be a hoax concocted for the best-selling book by Jay Anson.

So you decide.
The Exorcism of Emily Rose
The Movie

Attorney Erin Bruner represents Father Richard Moore in court against homicide charges after his attempted exorcism of Emily Rose. Emily, as shown in flashbacks, was believed to be possessed by demons. Her parents call upon Father Moore to exorcise the demons.

As the attorney attempts to prove that Emily was, in fact, possessed and not suffering from psychosis and epilepsy as the prosecution argues, the lawyer experiences strange happenings of her own.

The Reality

The story of Anneliese Michel, a German woman born in 1952, inspired the film. Anneliese suffered from depression and epilepsy and was given an anti-convulsant drug by psychotherapists. That drug, along with her other conditions, was believed to have caused her to hallucinate and hear voices.

Anneliese's parents believed she was possessed and arranged for an exorcism to be performed. As Father Renz performed 67 exorcism sessions, Anneliese stopped eating. She died in her sleep in 1976 from malnutrition and dehydration, weighing only 68 pounds. Her parents and the priests involved in the exorcisms were prosecuted later that year for neglectful homicide. They even went as far as to have the remains of Michel exhumed, as a nun said that she had visions of the body not decomposing, and that it was a sign of demonic possession. When it was removed from it's coffin though, the body was found to have been decomposing as normal.

The Exorcist
The Movie

Often touted as the scariest film of all time. The Exorcist was somehow based on a true story. The Academy Award-winning 1973 film The Exorcist followed the story of 13-year-old Regan who, after a seizure, begins to show signs of demonic possession.

After medical testing fails (and results in the doctors being assaulted), Regan's family attempts to have the demon, who's apparently inside of her, forced out. Father Karras and Father Merrin attempt to exorcise the demon in an attempt to save the girl from the possession, with terrifying consequences.

The little girl pleasures herself with a cross to the point of bleeding and mutilation, is capable of telekinesis, turns her head all the way around, and even levitates.

These are some of the most messed up scenes in movie history.

The Reality

The story, which resulted in what has been called the scariest movie ever, is sketchy but believed to be inspired by the exorcism of Robbie Mannheim, also known as Roland Doe. A 12-year old boy. Not a girl.

According to the attending priest, the boy attempted to contact his late aunt using an Ouija board, after which paranormal activity started in the home, including unexplained noises and an occurrence of a poltergeist-like event involving blankets flying around of their own accord. Robbie then began to show signs of possession, speaking in tongues and blisters and cuts appearing on his body. He was taken to a mental institute in St. Louis where he was treated both mentally and spiritually. It was here that a group of priests started to perform various exorcising rituals to try and extract the demon. After a staggering 30 attempts, the priests were satisfied that they had successfully banished the demon from Robbie's body.

After the ceremony he went on to have a very normal life, including a successful career at NASA. If my mother only knew that demon possession could lead to working for NASA, I'm positive that she would have made me play with Oujia boards every night.

The exact details of the story, including what some believe to be only mild paranormal happenings, are highly disputed as the story has been passed down and retold in numerous versions.

But still, "mild" paranormal happenings are still paranormal happenings.
The Hills Have Eyes

The Movie

The Carter family, traveling through the desert in an RV on vacation, fall victim to a trap that causes their vehicle to crash. The father, Bob, heads to a nearby gas station in search of help where he learns of the deranged clan of cannibals living in the nearby hills.

The hill people, led by Papa Jupiter, capture Bob, set fire to the camper, and take an infant hostage, among other violent acts, such as rape, torture, and pet-eating. The film is most notable for it being one of Wes Craven's first, as well as starring a young Dee Wallace, best known as Eliot's mom in the equally terrifying E.T.

The Reality

The film is reportedly inspired by the story of Sawney Bean, a Scotsman from the 15th or 16th century. The story goes that Bean was the son of ditch digger who did not want to follow in his father's foot steps. So, as most young men do, he ran away with a girl and holed up in a cave by the sea. Because neither of the cave dwellers worked, they had to make due with ambushing travelers on the road, stealing from them, killing them, and eating their bodies. Bean and his wife had many children and grand-children all through incest since they never left their cave except to go "shopping." 

They reportedly murdered and ate more than 1000 people before they were finally caught by King James, who later went on to write a bible I think. Their punishment was almost as wicked as their crime as the men were sentenced to death by blood loss after having their hands, feet and genitals cut off. The women were forced to watch before they were all burned alive.

It is disputed that this story might be false and only used as Anti-Scot propaganda as it all happened because Sawney Bean would rather kill and eat other people than put in an honest days' work.

The Mothman Prophecies
The Movie

John Klein and wife Mary are involved in a strange car crash. Treatment for Mary's injuries reveal a brain tumor, which later kills her. Before she dies, she drafts odd drawings of a winged creature.

Years later, John is driving in Virginia and unintentionally arrives in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. After Point Pleasant residents begin reporting supernatural happenings, including the collapse of a bridge leading to dozens of deaths, which appear oddly similar to Mary's drawings, John becomes obsessed with finding this mythical creature known as the Mothman.

The Reality

According to the 1975 book of the same name by John Keel, Point Pleasant, West Virginia, residents reported seeing a large, winged creature, believed to possibly be an alien, in 1966 and 1967. The creature, believed to be the Mothman, was white, had red eyes and was described as a "flying man with ten-foot wings." In December 1967, the Silver Bridge collapsed, killing 46 people.

Investigators who attempted to verify these claims dispute the authenticity of the creature, stating that residents likely saw a large heron or sandhill crane. Additionally, the connection to the bridge collapse was later declared unfounded, as the collapse was ruled a result of a structural defect.
The Serpent and the Rainbow
The Movie

Working for a pharmaceutical company, ethnobotanist Dennis Alan is sent to Haiti to research a drug used in Haitian vodou in order to determine if the drug can be used as anesthesia. Alan finds a local witch doctor, who claims he can make the drug, but Alan is arrested, tortured, and ordered to leave the country before receiving the drug.

Alan flees the country but not before forcing the drug out of the witch doctor. He returns home to Boston to meet with his employer, where the wife of his boss tells him in a possessed state that his death is imminent.

The Reality

The book on which the film is based is believed to have been inspired by the events of Haitian man Clairvius Narcisse. Narcisse was declared dead in 1962 after receiving a cocktail of drugs to mimic a coma.

He was buried, but exhumed a few days later and given another set of drugs which brought him back to life in a zombie state. Narcisse was forced to work on a sugar plantation for two years until his master died, and he was freed and returned to his family in 1980.
The Haunting in Connecticut
The Movie

In order to be closer to care for their cancer-stricken son, the Campbell family moves into a home in Connecticut. The son begins to experience terrifying hallucinations, as do the family members later on.

Soon the family learns that the home was formerly used as a mortuary. The supernatural events continue in the home and intensify, turning violent.

The Reality

In the 1980s, the Parker family moved into a home in Southington, Connecticut in order to be close to the University of Connecticut where their son was undergoing cancer treatment. Unbeknownst to the family, the building was formerly a funeral home, something they discovered after finding embalming equipment in the basement.

After the discovery, the family reported strange events in the home such as sights and sounds of ghosts. An investigation later revealed the former morticians were involved in necrophilia. The home was excised in 1988 to remove the lingering demons.

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<![CDATA[Celebrities Who Have Aged the Worst]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/18-celebrities-who_ve-aged-horribly
This is a list of celebrities who've looked worse with age than one would expect. As they've gotten older, these stars have become more and more unattractive. We've all seen our fair share of bad plastic surgery celebs, and some of these famous people certainly fall under the same category. Those that don't create their own damage naturally. These celebrities aging badly include actors, musicians, and notable public figures who look like they've aged 50 years in the last ten.

What celebs have aged the worst?  What celebrities used to be hot and aren't anymore? It's a shame that some of these celebs are no longer recognizable, because everyone on this list actually looked pretty good when they were young. May this be a lesson for us all to watch our bad habits and not succumb to temptations of having too much work done.
Celebrities Who Have Aged the Worst,

Axl Rose

Carrie Fisher

Keith Richards

Kirstie Alley

Lil' Kim

Lindsay Lohan

Mickey Rourke

Ozzy Osbourne

Steven Tyler

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<![CDATA[The 8 Most Brutal Planking Fails]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-8-most-brutal-planking-fails/canihaveyonumba
Planking became 2011's most popular, and most notorious, Internet craze, despite basically consisting of photos of people lying face-down on things. You'd think that in a post-Double Rainbow world, it'd take more than pictures of people prone on the ground to truly inspire the Internet Meme Machine to its fullest heights. But you'd be wrong.

Planking may look like all the fun of reclining combined with the fun of socializing with your friends before and after reclining. But it can go wrong, SCORCHINGLY WRONG, leading to a variety of increasingly brutal planking fails.

Typically, these planking fails result merely in minor injury or the destruction of a beloved household appliance. But believe it or not, planking has also led to genuine real-world tragedies, such that you would expect a list about them to be more respectful and less jokey. Yet here we are.

So before you go out in search of truly plankable spots and set up your own website to show off, check out some of these brutal planking fails, and maybe think better about the whole thing. Just remember, it's really easy to throw together a meme submission and still feel like a part of the world of Internet comedy without the whole "risking potential humiliation and/or death" thing.
The 8 Most Brutal Planking Fails,

Bridge Planking Fail
This list includes a number of helpful planking tips. "Don't plank atop moving vehicles," for example. That's a good one. "Don't plan atop police vehicles either." That also makes a good amount of sense. Now we learn yet another handy suggestion – don't plank around your friends if they are mean-spirited tools.

A young gentleman attempts to plank on the side railing of a bridge, and actually does rather well at first, until a friend gives him a shove right down into the cold, murky waters below. (It's not that high... seems like he's going to be fine, although if you asked me, this is a recipe for catching the sniffles.)

What's with the friend, by the by, who asks the victim to remove his phone before they shove him off a bridge. You can't plank with a phone in your pocket? Are they genuinely more concerned about the well-being of the guy's Sidekick than his own personal health and well-being? The clear answer is yes.
Clothesline Planking Fail
This is less a planking fail than just a life fail that happens to involve planking. Two women have decided to try their hand at this new Internet planking fad, so one grabs her camera while the other attempts to lead atop a folding laundry hanger. You'll notice I just used the word "folding" right there in my description of the device. That's because it's the piece's most obvious, immediate design feature. It folds. So maybe it's not the best place to suddenly place 100 or so pounds of uncoordinated person.

Before we actually get to see the inevitable tumble, we're also treated to a few moments of severe asshattery as the woman struggles in her attempt to climb on top of this device, never really getting anywhere close to what could actually be considered "planking." So maybe I should have saved this item for the "Most Brutal Leaning Against Unsturdy Things" list. But who knows when I'll get around to that one.
Hollywood Riot Planking
OK, in a nutshell...

On July 27th, 2011, a premiere was held in Hollywood for a film called Electric Daily Carnival Experience. It's a documentary about the annual electronic music festival The Electric Daisy Carnival. As part of the premiere event, a DJ named Kaskade had planned to do a little of what the kids call "spinning," and then there was going to be an invitation-only afterparty at a nearby club, Supperclub, on Hollywood Blvd.

Kaskade, though, decided to take to what the kids call "The Twitter" and inform the world that he was hosting a block party at Hollywood and Highland, one of the busiest intersections in Los Angeles. And then a lot of people showed up. A lot. Probably too many. And the police responded, in riot gear, and things sort of spiraled out of control, culminating in some vandalism and general civil disobedience.

And what better way to celebrate a riot breaking out during a set by a guy named "Kaskade" than a little old-school LAPD planking? Seriously, in one single generation, American riots went from the Civil Rights Movement to lying down on Hollywood Blvd. in front of cops shooting bean bags because you wanted to hang out and hear a DJ play a bit longer. Yeesh.
Golf Cart Planking Fail
It's amazing how gravity works.

This strapping young lad is planking atop a golf cart as drives through the golf course. However, the golf cart starts to drive down a hill, and lo and behold, the kid slides right off the golf cart like Jell-O slides off a plate. He faceplants and crumbles onto the turf in a tiny heap of hurt. 

What's incredible is that it doesn't seem to occur to ANYONE that this might happen when driving down a hill. This kid isn't Spiderman, you guys.
Deadly Balcony Planking Fail
In May of 2011, 20-year-old Acton Beale was killed while planking from a seventh-floor balcony in Brisbane, Australia (where the planking craze has reached a level of popularity typically reserved for oxygen, romantic love, and Justin Bieber singles.) Beale will forever be remembered as the first planking fatality, and likely remain a potent warning to others about the dangers of planking in unsafe or hazardous areas. (Also, this article should be a cautionary tale for journalists not to use the phrase "lost his footing" when describing a planking-related injury or death. You're not using your feet when planking, silly reporter!
Police Car Planking Fail
Add "Thou Shalt Not Plank on a Police Car" to the list of Planking Commandments. Also, just general life lessons.

The thing is, despite their well-earned reputation for having a great sense of humor about everything, cops don't actually find people planking on their rides all that amusing. Is planking worth getting thrown in the slammer? (Don't answer yet... Picture any scene from HBO's landmark prison series "Oz." OK, now answer.)

The suspect was actually the first person in Australia to be arrested on a "planking-related charge." So she can just wear that one as a badge of courage. Even Corey Worthington gets arrested for more serious stuff than this.
Moving Car Planking Fail
Australians are CRAZY for planking. They love it down there. I guess they don't get DirecTV or what have you.

20-year-old Simon Hallam of The Land Down Under was out drinking with his buddies in New South Wales in May of 2011 when he somehow got the idea he wanted to plank on the roof of a friend's car. While it was in motion. (A similar activity – car surfing – was briefly popular in the 1980s, as depicted in the highly realistic documentary film Teen Wolf – until everyone realized they were being really, really, really stupid.)

Hallam was mercifully not killed when he fell off the moving car's roof, but he was seriously injured. Doctors had to put him in an induced coma so he could begin a long, still-ongoing recovery.

This video is not of Hallam; just another idiot doing the same thing, but more successfully, from what we can see.
Kitchen Planking Fail
This planking incident, from July of 2011, reminds us why engaging in planking-style behavior within your own kitchen is kind of a no-no. A woman attempts to plank from her oven to her sink, not remembering that the laws of physics continue to apply, even when one is engaging in online-based hilarity.

After just a few seconds, she comes crashing down – and the oven, unfortunately, crashes down on top of her. Fortunately, it wasn't turned on at that time, or this could have been far more gruesomely tragic. (She smashed up her chin pretty good though). Undeterred, the plankstress felt good enough to give it another go, planking in the other direction, with head/arms on the sink and feet on the oven. Never give up, never surrender!

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<![CDATA[Mind-Bending Glitch in the Matrix Pictures]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/glitch-in-the-matrix-pics/ashley-reign
Is there a glitch in the matrix? These pictures sure seem like proof! If you were alive at any point during 1999 or soon thereafter, odds are that you've seen The Matrix, starring Keanu Reeves. It quickly became a huge blockbuster hit, spawning many sequels (of questionable quality), but was it just a movie? Or was it a documentary? There are those among us who still just can’t help but wonder from time to time about the tale’s validity. While hopefully this is not something you can relate to on a regular basis, the following collection of glitch in the matrix pictures may just leave you wondering.

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of The Matrix, it basically suggests that our real bodies are all actually sitting around in pods somewhere, but we don’t know it because our minds are programmed to project a false reality all around us called “the Matrix.” You see, this hallucination that we think is “reality” is actually one big dream, programmed by machines to keep us from realizing that they are actually using our bodies as power sources. Never fear however, because somewhere out there in the “real” world, Keanu Reeves and a bunch of other guys dressed in black leather are running around trying to figure out how to unplug us. Comforting right?

Well, as great a job as our hypothetical captors have done, fooling us into thinking we’re actually here, every now and then the matrix experiences a bit of a “glitch.” Whether you consider the following matrix glitch pictures proof of the horrible truth or just a fun, trippy way to spend a lunch hour, be sure to upvote the strangest and most surreal glitch pics below!

Mind-Bending Glitch in the Matrix Pictures,

Matrix Cat Stalks Herself

This Matrix Bug on the Bus

This Guy Spying on Himself Spying on Himself

Attack of the Frizzy Hair-Do

This Lady Is Getting a Little Ahead of Herself

The Weirdest Case of Crossword Puzzle Cheating Ever

This Girl Preparing to Get Off at Multiple Stops

This Guy Sitting on Both Ends of the Bench

This Guy Encounters His Life Unfolding in an Alternate Deminsion

This Man's Eternal Shuffle Down the Same Sidewalk

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<![CDATA[The Saddest Television Deaths Ever]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/saddest-television-deaths
Spoilers everywhere, of course! List of the saddest TV deaths as voted and ranked by fans. TV shows have long been able to penetrate the core of the human spirit, and audiences grow attached to characters they watch week after week and season after season. These TV character deaths are among the saddest, most memorable, and most gut wrenching to ever grace the silver screen - whether they were surprises or a long time coming. The list includes violent deaths, freak accidents, murders, deaths from illness, and a wide range of other sad TV death scenes.

Vote for those saddest TV deaths that impacted you most and watch them move to the top of the list, or click Re-Rank to make your own version of this list.
The Saddest Television Deaths Ever,

Bobby Singer

Buffy Summers

Charlie Pace

Joyce Summers

Mark Greene

Tara Maclay

Tenth Doctor

Eddard Stark

Robb Stark

Lt. Colonel Henry Blake

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<![CDATA[55 Nativity Scenes That Are Way Funnier Than Normal Ones]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-nativity-scene-pictures/coy-jandreau
Christmas is almost here, folks! You know what that means, right? Nativity scenes, manger scenes & baby Jesuses everywhere! You know the drill: pick a room in the house, clear a surface, set up the figures, throw in some hay, and BOOM you're Christmas'd up. 

Now, generally, people will go with your standard issue Jesus, Joseph, and Mary with some wise men thrown in. But say you didn't want to go with a standard manger scene. There are other options. Who says Batman wasn't there? Are there pictures? Can you prove Batman didn't pop by? How about dinosaurs? Show me proof that there weren't raptors or T-Rex's showing their dino-respect.

Here's an idea: recreate the classic nativity scene with a little diversity by using whatever you have around the house. The beauty of all this is that you can be creative and customize your nativity set to serve whatever strikes your fancy!

These are the funniest nativity scenes from across the inter webs, may they inspire your sacrilegious side this holiday season! 

55 Nativity Scenes That Are Way Funnier Than Normal Ones,

A Purrfect Nativity Scene

3/3 of Those Wise Men are Hammered

Nativity in the Dog Days of Summer

Mind = Blown

Something Here Is Not Like the Others

Born Today, I Was

Location, Location, Location

Passion of the Lego Christ

The Most Delicious Looking Manger Scene on This List

The Birth of Diabetes

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<![CDATA[10 Greatest Drunk Moments Caught on Security Cameras]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/10-greatest-drunk-moments-caught-on-security-cameras/saintmort
I've gotta start off by saying I'm not a drinker. I have however, been the designated driver to many parties and trips to the bar. I know that when alcohol gets into someone's system, unexpected, hilarious, dangerous, and sometimes superhuman events can occur. If we're extremely lucky, security cameras get the footage and people without care of human privacy post it online for the world to see. For those people without regard, this list is because of you. Here's a piece of advice for anyone on here: don't get drunk to the point where you're captured on camera.

What drunks got caught on camera? Who are some of the funniest and infamous drunk people who got caught on camera? Take a look at this list and see for yourself.
10 Greatest Drunk Moments Caught on Security Cameras,

Drunk In the Back Of A Restaurant
Walking from point A to Point B has never looked more difficult and dangerous than this poor kid, who apparently found his way into the back of the restaurant looking for the bathroom or an exit or something. Let’s hope he was looking for the exit because he spends a lot of time in that office. It’s possible he may have thought he succeeded in his venture. Chairs can look like toilets under certain circumstances, I suppose. He does hang out by the exit for an uncomfortably long time. There’s a lot that could be happening that we’re sadly not seeing.

Drunk Santa Stumbles Through the Parking Lot
Nothing says Christmas quite like a drunken Santa Claus stumbling around the mall parking lot. Apparently, after a long day of letting spoiled kids sit on his lap, Santa kicked back a few before leaving work. What ensues is something straight out of Bad Santa. Our Santa does it all. He pees in the parking lot, falls down, slams his head against a parked car, and then pees yet again outside the elevator. As if life couldn’t be worse for Santa, two people leave the elevator and catch him with his pants down (literally), causing him to fall again before make his slow escape to the elevator.
Drunk Gets Revenge With His Truck
I’ve never drunken, so I don’t completely understand "drunk logic," but having been the designated driver multiple times, I realize sometimes being drunk doesn’t help with good ‘problem solving.’

In this particular case, we have our two main characters who we’ll call drunk college kid (DCK) and tough bouncer (TB). What happened inside the bar will probably remain a mystery, but clearly it was bad enough for TB to get extra rough. DCK refuses to accept defeat and attempts to return to the bar, only to be greeted with a forceful shove. So he does the only logical thing. He proceeds to try to smash the door down with his truck.

The door is marked up, but not nearly as smashed as the front of his car. He then accepts defeat and drives away. We can only assume that his truck stood out like a sore thumb, and he was pulled over and charged with a DUI in about 30 seconds later.
Drunk Woman Almost Hit By Train
It turns out that if you’re drunk; sometimes taking a train home isn’t the most brilliant idea. Had it not been for some fast acting people, this would be a graphic video of a woman being crushed. The woman seems fine when she's leaning against the wall smoking. It's once she begins to walks that she begins to show any signs of drunkenness. Then she stumbles and falls onto the train tracks. Immediately people run over and begin waving (and hollering we can assume) for the train to stop. The train literally stops just inches from her and she is pulled safely back onto the platform. The people in the video are heroes, and thanks to security cameras, we get to see a pretty impressive close call.
It Happened One Night
Scott Joplin’s musical accompaniment is the only appropriate music to this slapstick mess of a night. This man was reportedly leaving a party from the Savoy in London that included attendees of the likes of Liam Neeson and Ian McKellen. Fancy pancy. 

However, what this person was doing with Magneto and Qui-Gon before this footage isn’t important; what is important is thanks to security cameras and the Internet, he will never forget the conclusion of his night. I commend him for not drunk driving; however, when you allow yourself to get this sloppy drunk, sometimes you deserve to flip over a railing or tumble down the street into some nearby construction. Don't allow friends to drink and walk, apparently.
Drunk Drives Through Mall
A man, who looks strangely like a more overweight Zach Galifianakis, apparently decided after throwing back a few cold ones that he wanted to pay tribute to the Blues Brothers. I must that say for however many drinks this guy needed in order to drive through a mall, he actually drives in a pretty straight line throughout his joy ride. This plan seemed to not be completely foolproof though, since he was pulled over immediately upon leaving the mall. While resisting arrest he receives a nice face full of pepper spray. Moral of the story: Driving through a mall is OK, but leaving one while still in the vehicle, not OK.
Alcohol Test
After being arrested for what we will assume is public intoxication, our portly drunk sits down without much problem. However, issues arise when he drops his ID. As he bends down, he stumbles a little and proceeds to fall into a wall, leaving a nice sized hole. Our patient police officer lifts him up and attempts to finish filling out the forms. Unfortunately, our drunk friend physically cannot stand up any longer and crumbles to the floor.
Drunk Kid Passes Out
College is hard. You’ve got plenty of homework, parties and girls to date rape. Our main character in this particular video seems to have partied hard and forgot his entrance card. Immediately admitting defeat, he falls asleep in the doorway. The first group of students attempt to wake him up before they go back indoors, but he is out cold. The second guy simply walks by without paying any mind. At 6:10, our character finally wakes up, still staggering and forgetting the entire scenario once again attempts to open the locked door. Much like the characters in the Sci-fi film Cube, our friend is stuck in a puzzle that he can’t get out of. Finally, at 7:45, someone enters and gives him yet another chance to enter the building, to which he unexplainably declines and continues to stand in the doorway.
Drunken Rampage
They say that alcohol brings your true self out. If that’s the case, this man’s true self is a cross between Steven Seagal and the Incredible Hulk. In just 30 seconds of footage, we see the Brawny Towel Man shoving people on the street, picking fights with strangers, and battling off six cops at once. This man shouldn’t have been arrested, but instead cast in the next Transporter film since this feels like a highlight reel straight out of Crank 2: High Voltage.
One More Beer
Sometimes you’ve drunken and then drunken some more but you’re just not satisfied. You’re convinced you’re just one beer or so away from being satisfied, but you’re completely tapped out. It seems like your only option is to return to the convenience store and get a one last case. In the case of this video, we have a man in black walking into the grocery store. If you look, the time says 10:47 when he enters and based on the sunlight outside that’s 10:47am (or he lives in the Alaskan town that Insomnia took place in).

Walking immediately seems to be an issue for him. In an attempt to open the freezer, he falls into a rack of chips and walks like Buster Keaton after a long night binge with Hunter S. Thompson. He falls to the floor and struggles to get up and stay standing. What’s most amazing is that it takes three minutes before anyone seems to take notice to him flailing around on the floor.

While this video has been revealed as a fake, he truly is the Charlie Chaplin of the next generation and deserves his spot on this list for quality acting.

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<![CDATA[The Creepiest Ice Cream Trucks Ever]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/creepy-ice-cream-truck-photos/jacob-shelton
Close your eyes. Take a mental journey with us. You're nine years old, sitting home alone on a Tuesday afternoon in the summer time. You're bored. Your parents are at work, and your older brother is supposed to be watching you, but he's on the landline chatting with Stacey from summer school. Suddenly, your ears perk up. Could it be? It is! The ice cream truck is coming around the corner! Pockets stuffed to bursting with one dollar bills and loose change, you sprint to the sidewalk. Too late, you realize, that this isn't the happy-go-lucky, smile-infested truck of your wildest, ice-creamiest dreams, but rather, a vehicle of nightmares. Yes, your worst fears have come true. You have stumbled on the creepy ice cream truck, the one that no child ever dare approach.  

We all know exactly what the creepy ice cream truck looks and sounds like. Windowless van. Vague, fading stickers. Bizarre, flavorless products. An old, wheezing rendition of "All Around the Mulberry Bush" bleating helplessly from the speakers like a dying animal. The driver smells like old soup and dirty sneakers, and is probably wearing a clown mask. You hang your head and go back inside, too scared to ask for a Popsicle, or even a soft-serve cone. 

We've put together a list of the creepiest ice cream trucks on the block so that you'll know which ones to avoid during the next summer heatwave. Vote up the creepiest ice cream trucks you see below, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section. 
The Creepiest Ice Cream Trucks Ever,

There's Nothing Quite Like an Ice Cream Van with a Cage!

This Ice Cream Van Is the Actual Embodiment of the Sex Offender's Registry

Didn't Ben & Jerry's Start Off in a Dark, Spray-Painted Van?

Who Dat Man in the Black Sedan with Two Cheap Big Sticks and a Bowl of Flan?

The Last Known Photograph of Timmy, Circa Summer '94

This Creepy Ice Cream Van Runs on Nightmare Fuel

Oh Look Honey, the Insane Clown Posse's Here

All Work and No Treats Makes Jack a Dull Boy

There Is No Escape From This Slimy, Green "Ice Cream Truck"

Did Anyone Else Hear a Kid Tapping "SOS" on the Window in Morse Code?

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<![CDATA[The Weirdest YouTube Channels You Should Be Watching]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/weird-youtube-videos/devon-ashby

We all know about the “weird side” of YouTube. In our darker (or more enlightened) moments, we may even have ended up there. One minute you're minding your business, then someone sends you a link that you assume to be a funny YouTube video, and the next thing you know, you're watching a video of an adult in a full-body cat suit and party wig aggressively twerking to Beyonce.

With all that competition, what are the weirdest YouTube channels out there? The most bizarre YouTube channels? The creepiest YouTube channels? Let's be honest – we're all in the mood for something a little strange and horrifying sometimes, and with over 72 hours of fresh amateur content uploaded every 60 seconds, YouTube is the perfect place to go for that. Below, enjoy a crash course introduction to some of the most bizarre, incomprehensible, and occasionally brilliant channels on YouTube.

The Weirdest YouTube Channels You Should Be Watching,

Cyriak is a surreal British animator who makes repeating loops of creepy, mind-bending things like monsters made out of human fingers that puke their own heads up through their mouths in an endless cycle. Confused? You probably should be.

Cyriak's animations are terrifying, but from a technical perspective, they're also brilliant and incredibly detailed. Plus, they're a great way to upset your friends.
David Firth
David Firth is a pre-YouTube Internet celebrity who first rose to infamy roundabout the mid-2000s with his bizarre and unnerving Flash animation series, Salad Fingers.

Firth is now a successful animator who does work for the BBC, and he's apparently finished posting Salad Fingers updates, but he still posts other strange and horrifying crap from time to time, like this inscrutable stop-motion short.

Jillian Mayer
Jillian Mayer is an actual, legit artist who has exhibitions at fancy places like the Guggenheim. But she also runs a YouTube channel! And her YouTube channel is really damn weird.

Mayer's channel is mainly about the unexpected and brain-twisting intersections between physical reality and life online. Her most popular video is probably "I Am Your Grandma," but if you really want to go hard, you need to experience her full-on epic, "#PostModem."
Don't Hug Me I'm Scared
Don't Hug Me. I'm Scared became Internet famous a couple years ago thanks to their retroactively childhood-destroying short film of the same title. The short tricks you into thinking it's a normal clip from a children's show, only to slowly derail into a discordant nightmare of raw meat, glitter glue, and screaming.

They made a sequel to the original short earlier this year and continue to regularly update their channel with cryptic follow-ups like this one, featuring the same characters. Currently, they are working on a Kickstarter campaign to launch a full webseries. (God help us all.)
Everything Is Terrible
Everything is Terrible specializes in unearthed and re-edited footage from after-school specials, infomercials, Saturday morning children's fare, and other artifacts from the forgotten wasteland of VHS and television production prior to the Internet's heyday.

It's tough to narrow it down to just one video demonstrating why this channel is awesome, but we're going to go with this clip from the 2005 made-for-TV cautionary tale, Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life.
The Report of the Week
This kid started making truly excellent (and weird) food reviews in 2011. What started as a crucial report on energy drinks expanded to cover fast food, junk food, and candy within a few months. 

Think this guy is weird? He's nothing compared to these Weirdest YouTubers

Memory Hole
Culled from some mysterious, covertly-obtained stash of shot-on-VHS home videos, Memory Hole is a project run by the same people responsible for Everything is Terrible. All of their videos are short, but they are among the most unsettling and inexplicable things you will ever see on the Internet, guaranteed.

If you dig Memory Hole you'll get a kick out of the rest of these Weird Youtubers
The Uncharted Zone
Hosted by the inimitable (among other things) Phil Thomas Katt, The Uncharted Zone is the official YouTube channel of a public access radio station in Gulf Shores, Alabama devoted to showcasing unknown and offbeat musical acts.

Their YouTube presence is dominated by trippy, non-professional green screen music videos, which UZ produce in their own studio for performers like Supagroup, and folk-rocker Mark Gormley, whose ballad "Little Wings" will move you to tears of...something.
NextMedia Animation
Based in Taipei, Taiwan, NextMedia Animation produces satirical CGI news segments.

All of their videos are based on actual news stories, but NMA is definitely never afraid to get whimsical – this video about Justin Beiber's faux pas visit to a Chinese shrine, for example, gleefully depicts Beiber taking selfies with the corpses of decorated war heroes and spraying fountains of urine all over rows of painted ceramic urns.

Think NextMedia is weird? You're going to want to check out these other weird YouTubers.
Rawn Erickson
Ron Erickson's "Hi, I'm Rawn!" is an intentional comedy channel, but dude definitely has his own signature style of presentation. He occasionally goes on field trips, but many of his videos consist of him hanging out in his own basement, doing solo physical comedy routines, or dressing up in different costumes and playing multiple characters.

For the record, we think Rawn is actually pretty funny and talented, and if you don't believe us, just check out this sexy ribbon-dancing video he made.

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<![CDATA[The Grossest Foods In The World]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/disgusting-foods-from-around-the-world/robert-wabash
This is a list of the grossest foods that, I hope, many people will never touch. The things listed on here ar some of the grossest things you could ever imagine putting in your mouth, because, the thought of these items alone should make you sick and want to throw up. Yet, there are plenty of people who will treat these items as a delicacy but make no mistake about it, these foods are absolutely disgusting.

What are the grossest food in the world? Take a look here and you'll unfortunately (or fortunately) see what are the most digusting foods on the planet.
The Grossest Foods In The World,

Blood soup
You think they'd want to dress this up a little bit and make it look a little less terrifying, but nope. If you ever visit Vietnam, then there's every possibility that you might be presented with the culinary option of eating raw duck and geese blood. It's usually served literally right as the bird is slaughtered, which ensures that the dish is fresh!! Mm mm good! 
Jellied Moose Nose
A Canadian delicacy, jellied moose nose is exactly how it sounds. Boil the nose and jowls, add a couple of onions and chicken broth, let chill, and voila
Mongolian Boodog
This Mongolian dish involves either a goat or a marmot and cooking the entire body with stones, onions, and salt in the stomach. You'll know when it's done when the fat starts to leak through the skin.
Have you ever eaten some cod and thought to yourself, "This needs more lye?" Prob not, since you're not from Norway. 

Lutefisk is a Norwegian dish consisting of cod that has been steeped for many days in lye, which is a powerful industrial chemical that is not normally used as a food ingredient ... since it can potentially burn your face off. Apparently, the lye gives the cod a thrilling, caustic taste, which is why the dish has started becoming popular in --- wait for it --- the United States. What is happening to this country.

The Scandinavians land on this list once again. Surstromming is a Swedish staple consisting of fish that has been fermenting in a can of bacteria for an extended period of time. Horrifyingly, the fish's resulting stench is usually so foul that Swedes have to take it outside to eat it. We're not sure why anyone would continue to eat something after literally being forced out of their own home by how disgusting it is, but whatever. Apparently it goes well with sour cream. 
Baby Mice Wine
This traditional Chinese and Korean wine is considered to be a "health tonic." Although this list is in no particular order, I must say that this has to be the grossest thing that anybody can bear to swallow.

When I hear the word "mice," I think of a flea-infested, dirty, little rodents parading the piss-filled streets of New York City. I'm sorry, but that's where they should be: out in the streets, not in my wine.

Human Placenta
Yep. Some people around the world --- including in parts of the United States and China --- eat human placenta as a supposed way to counteract the effects of postpartum depression and other pregnancy complications. Celebs like January Jones have extolled the practice's benefits, and some women even hire celebrity placenta processors (lol) to prepare lovely placenta-based recipes for them. In addition to taking your placenta in pill form, you can consume it as part of smoothies, lasagna, truffles, and chili
A Soft Boiled Fetal Duck
This is called a Balut. It is a fertilized duck egg with an almost developed embryo in it. So how would someone eat this thing? Well, it's as simple as boiling an egg. In fact, that's exactly what you do: boil, peel, dip it in your choice of salt or vinegar, and then EAT IT.

However, don't be fooled by how it looks after you peel it; break it in half and you'll see an almost developed little duck, with feathers and a beak. Can you imagine taking a bite of this egg and pulling out Daffy's head from your mouth? Gross!
The Most Disgusting Cheese in the World
Casu Marzu is a type of cheese that has to be left in the sun until it becomes rotten and full maggots. The process of producing this cheese is considered a process of finely metered fermentation. However, this maggot-infested cheese is so gross and unsanitary that it will not be found in any parts of America.

Century Eggs
These Chinese instruments of culinary torture are the result of preserving duck, chicken, or quail eggs in a mixture of clay, ash, salt, line, and rice straw for several weeks to several months. (The food gets its name from the formidable amount of time it takes to prepare these.)

After a while, the eggs naturally start to smell like farts and rotten eggs, and the yolk turns a putrid, creamy shade of dark green. The egg white, on the other hand, turns a lovely shade of poop brown. Amazingly, some people pop these in their mouths like M&Ms.

Wed, 19 May 2010 16:31:50 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/disgusting-foods-from-around-the-world/robert-wabash
<![CDATA[The 9 Most Successful Real-Life Alien Hoaxes]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/true-real-life-alien-hoaxes/alby-thompson
The most successful alien hoaxes of all time might have fooled some of us for a while but in the end, science reigned supreme as the hoaxes were debunked one by one. TV shows like the X-Files make us want to believe that aliens are out there somewhere making it no surprise that every so often when "proof" of alien life pops up, everyone's curiosity perks up a bit. While believers go nuts over the latest theory, photo, or video "proving" that little green men visited Earth, scientists are hard at work debunking these hoaxes.

There have been numerous UFO and alien hoaxes throughout the years, some much more successful than others, but all were eventually deemed garbage. Videos claiming UFO sightings over areas like Jerusalem were later proven to be digitally altered. Scientists called a shenanigans on a NASA scientist's arsenic-eating microbes. Even the famous supposed alien autopsy was eventually deemed a sham after the creator of the fake corpse confessed to an elaborate hoax.

But those are only a few of the well-executed alien hoaxes to pop up in recent years. Other alien stories are still being told by those who claim to have been eyewitnesses to the action. Retired Air Force officer Bob Jacobs still claims to have seen a UFO in the 1960s, despite the fact that Bill Nye proved his story is bogus. William Rutledge claims to have found a whole alien city on the dark side of the moon when he went into space on the non-existent Apollo 20 mission. Rutledge, however, is the only person who can vouch for the claim. Even a real NASA scientist, Richard B. Hoover, claimed to have found bacteria on a meteorite, proving life in space, though no one has believed much of his claims for many years.

While these alien hoaxes have been ruled out as nothing more than fantasy, the possibilities for actually finding life on other planets is still wide open. Who knows, maybe someday we'll actually find some little green men out there somewhere? Until then, these fictional alien stories will have to suffice.

The 9 Most Successful Real-Life Alien Hoaxes,

Apollo 20 Moon Mission
Quick history lesson: The Apollo program, which put Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin of Apollo 11 on the moon in 1969, was canceled for financial reasons. That meant that despite the fact that the Saturn rocket needed for Apollo 20 was already built, the mission would never exist, except in conspiracy theories. Some claim that the Apollo 20 mission did take place in 1976 as a joint project between the United States and USSR. Not only did it happen, but the astronauts found a whole ancient city on the moon complete with an alien spaceship and dead alien corpses. Too bad only one person (on Earth) tells of this tale, William Rutledge, a proud member of Apollo 20.

Alien Signal from Jupiter
According to so-called astronomers, back in the 1980s, NASA and SETI researchers were contacted by aliens who were hanging out on Ganymede, one of Jupiter's moons. The coded message, which only appeared for a few moments, wasn't decrypted and even attracted the attention of President Reagan. Too bad the message, claimed to have been found by notorious hoax-starter Judy Fältskog, was later debunked by scientists. Fältskog later distanced herself from the claims.

NASA STS-75 Tether
Ever seen the NASA STS-75 "tether" video, which clearly shows unexplained round objects which seemingly float around in space? Obviously, if it's on tape, it must be true. Well, that's where the "UFO Hunters" from History Channel series disagree. As they debunk the UFO hoax, the investigators prove that what appears to be strange flying objects on the video are actually nothing more than ice crystals floating in front of an old panoramic camera.

Fox News and the Microscopic Aliens
NASA scientist Richard B. Hoover got the attention of Fox News in March 2011 when he presented "evidence" of microscopic bacteria he found in meteorites. Clearly proof of life on other planets? Not so fast! Mr. Hoover apparently has been trying to pass off this so-called evidence for many years. Each time it's been debunked with one biology professor going as far as saying "this work is garbage."

NASA’s Arsenic Eating Microbes
After teasing a huge announcement, in 2010 NASA scientists claimed to have found an entirely new type of microbe, one that ate arsenic rather than phosphorus. They went on to say that the discovery opened the door for where life could live, almost assuring the doting public that aliens were out there somewhere. It didn't take long however, before renowned science writer Carl Zimmer tore the report apart calling the paper that "should not have been published," fatally flawed.

That Alien Autopsy Hoax from the '90s
We've all seen the black and white tabloid magazines claiming to have found Bat Boy and other out-of-this-world things, but one magazine pulled off the ultimate alien hoax back in 1995. The Skeptical Inquirer said it had a video of an autopsy preformed on an alien corpse found in a crashed UFO from 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico. Everyone was an instant believer, that was until John Humphreys, a sculptor and movie special-effects creator, admitted to crafting the alien body for a documentary film.
The Face on the Surface of Mars
Back in 2004, scientists and armchair astronomers were all excited after the Mars Rover apparently sent photos showing what appeared to be a face in the dirt on Mars. More photos came in supposedly showing a bowl, a stove, and other martian tools. While many wet their pants with the thought of real proof of alien life, other (more-respected) scientists debunked it as nothing more than pareidolia, the psychological phenomenon that causes people to see things that are not there, like the Virgin Mary grilled cheese.

Bob Jacobs' UFO Claims
While serving as the officer in charge of optical instrumentation with the United States Air Force in 1964, Bradley University professor Bob Jacobs claimed that he saw a UFO while witnessing a missile launch in California. Under the orders of his commanding officer, Jacobs was led to believe that it was simply a laser, not a UFO. Seems legit, right? It did, until Bill Nye the Science Guy debunked the story on national television with the help of "Larry King Live."

Jerusalem UFO
Supposed UFO videos are a dime a dozen these days but rarely does one captivate believers as much as the Jerusalem UFO videos that circulated in January 2011. Three videos sprung up mysteriously, all showing a lighted saucer-like object that could be seen falling from the sky, hovering over the Dome of the Rock then quickly shooting straight up and out of the atmosphere. Three videos can't lie, right? They can when they were digitally altered with sophisticated video editing software, as was later proven.


Thu, 28 Jun 2012 08:34:28 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/true-real-life-alien-hoaxes/alby-thompson
<![CDATA[Star Wars Fan Costumes Gone Seriously Wrong]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/worst-star-wars-fan-costumes/amylindorff
The Star Wars films have one of the most passionate fan followings in not just the history of film but pop culture in general. The movies changed the world of film forever and have been hugely influential on multiple generations since their release. Many fans dress up as their favorite characters, not just for Halloween, but for conventions and celebrations year round. Occasionally, these costumes miss the mark or go just plain horribly wrong. This list of Star Wars fan costumes gone seriously wrong contains pictures of the worst contenders.

It can be tough to get a costume just right, but some of these Star Wars super fans, really, really missed the mark. From startling looking men in Princess Leia's slave costume, to unfortunate papier-mâché experiments, no one is safe. Even with the vast resources of a national television show, the costumes on this list are just plain wrong - no one needed to see Matt Lauer and Al Roker in those wigs for "The Today Show's" Star Wars celebration.

Vote up the most troubling, horribly crafted, seriously WRONG Star Wars fan costumes on the list below. And next time you're looking for a character to dress up as, remember, a Star Wars character might seem like a good idea, but the costumes are intricate, and one missed detail can spell disaster.
Star Wars Fan Costumes Gone Seriously Wrong,

Garbage Wars?

Her Midriff Might Be Vulnerable to Jedi Attacks

Here's Hoping That Was Non-Toxic Baby Paint

A Dead on Ewok Costume, Right Down to the Hummingbird Tattoo

The Sith Lords DO NOT Approve
Oh, You Aren't Even Close Here

Prince Leia Knows No Shame

Creepiest. Tauntaun. Ever.

Stormtroopers Had Full Body Suits for a Reason

It's Quite a Feat to Make Jabba Look CREEPIER

Thu, 10 Apr 2014 10:15:43 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/worst-star-wars-fan-costumes/amylindorff
<![CDATA[Crazy Celebrity Quotes You Won't Believe Are Real]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/crazy-celebrity-quotes-you-d-never-hear-these-days/stacie-hougland
Right or wrong, people care about what celebrities have to say. Unfortunately for the world's most famous stars, that means they can't get away with saying offensive things. Even before the age of social media, the hungry press has been there to catch them at their worst. And for today's celebs,  it's only getting harder to get away with crazy quotes. Whether it was John Wayne opinions that Native Americans were “selfish” for defending their land against the colonists, Sean Connery’s excuse for why it’s okay to hit women, or just garden variety racist celebrity comments from people like Justin Bieber and Hulk Hogan, the press is right there to report it. 
You’d think celebrities would have teams of people watching their every tweet and coaching them about what not to say in interviews, but offensive celebrity quotes still manage to get out there. And the effects can sink a star’s career. Sexist comments, racist comments, stars who fat-shame, or even the most innocuous soundbite can get a star blacklisted in Hollywood. Has anyone seen Michael Richards since he called people the "N-word" onstage? Hulk Hogan got booted from the WWE for his racist comments. The list goes on.

So who's the worst of the worst in the history of stardom? Check out this list for some things you can't believe these celebrities said.

Crazy Celebrity Quotes You Won't Believe Are Real,

Rappers are hardly strangers to controversy, but T.I. really stepped in it when he said the Loch Ness Monster had a better chance of becoming president than Hillary Clinton. In a Sirius XM interview in 2015 (now private), the rapper said, "Not to be sexist, but I can't vote for the leader of the free world to be a woman. Just because, every other position that exists, I think a woman could do well. But, the president? It's kinda like, I just know that women make rash decisions emotionally – they make very permanent, cemented decisions — and then later, it's kind of like it didn't happen, or they didn't mean for it to happen." 

He gave a canned Twitter apology shortly after. 

Giuliana Rancic
Perhaps trying to channel Joan Rivers’s snark, E! personality Giuliana Rancic got some blow back for comments she made about singer-actress Zendaya’s fake dreadlocks at the 2015 Oscars. On Fashion Police’s Oscar episode, Rancic said, "I feel like she smells like pachouli oil — or weed!”

Rancic claimed the comment was edited and she wasn’t being racist, but did apologize profusely on air and Twitter. In an interesting twist, sources claimed the joke was rehearsed more than once, and co-host Kelly Osbourne warned her not to say it. Osbourne and co-host Kathy Griffin quit the show right after.

Hulk Hogan
In 2015, the WWE unceremoniously dropped longtime wrestling fan favorite Hulk Hogan after the icon was heard unleashing racial slurs during a conversation on his infamous sex tape. Among many, many other hateful things he said was a tirade over his daughter possibly sleeping with an African-American man. He complained: “I mean, I’d rather if she was going to f*** some n*****, I’d rather have her marry an 8-foot-tall n***** worth a hundred million dollars! Like a basketball player! I guess we’re all a little racist. F***ing n*****.” He issued a garden-variety apology afterward.
Kirk Cameron
The once cute, funny Growing Pains star is now a successful Evangelical-movie producer who claims his life’s mission is to love all people. Except the gay ones, apparently. He had this to say about gay marriage to Piers Morgan on CNN back in 2012: “I think that it's -- it's -- it's unnatural. I think that it's -- it's detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization." He didn’t back down to the haters, saying he should be able to express his moral views without being accused of hate speech. He also claimed to have “gay friends.” Mmmhmm.
Michael Richards
Not-so-funnyman Michael Richards decided 2006 was the perfect time to commit career suicide when he blew a gasket after being heckled during a stand-up comedy show. The whole ugly incident was caught on tape, as Richards yelled at two African Americans in the audience: "You can talk, you can talk, you're brave now motherf**ker. Throw his a** out. He's a n*****! He's a n*****! He's a n*****! A n*****, look, there's a n*****!” As Richard and the audience members traded insults, the club quietly emptied. He apologized on David Letterman’s Late Show, but the damage was done.
Paris Hilton
In his book Everyone Loves You When You're Dead, famed music journalist Neil Strauss recalled a 1999 encounter with Paris Hilton before she was famous. After pointing out a guy she claimed to have made out with the previous night, she said, “We were making out, but we went somewhere where it was bright and I saw that he was black and made an excuse and left. I can't stand black guys. I would never touch one. It's gross."

Ridley Scott
Recent awards seasons have brought the lack of black actors in film into sharp focus, but opinions on race in Hollywood don't stop with the Academy in Hollywood. When faced with criticism for his lily-white cast in 2014's Exodus: Gods and Kings, which was set in Egypt, Ridley Scott told Variety, "I can't mount a film of this budget, where I have to rely on tax rebates in Spain, and say that my lead actor is Mohammad so-and-so from such-and-such. I'm just not going to get it financed. So the question doesn't even come up."
Sean Connery

During a 1965 interview on the set of Thunderball, the man who played the fairly sexist James Bond told Playboy, "I don't think there is anything particularly wrong about hitting a woman - although I don't recommend doing it in the same way that you'd hit a man. An openhanded slap is justified - if all other alternatives fail and there has been plenty of warning."

Over the years, Connery reasserted this opinion to Barbara Walters and Vanity Fair. Keep in mind that his first wife, Diane Cilento, claimed he knocked her out while filming The Hill in 1965.

Shaquille O'Neal
The L.A. Lakers center appeared on Fox Sports Net in 2002, and when the subject of rival center Yao Ming of the Houston Rockets came up, Shaq tried a joke that fell flatter than a deflated basketball. He said: "Tell Yao Ming, 'Ching-chong-yang-wah-ah-soh.”

Shaq apparently didn't realize the phrase "ching chong" is pretty offensive to the Asian community. His later half-hearted mea culpa passed the comment off as bad comedy. 

Trevor Noah
Right after it was announced that half-black, half-Swiss South African comedian Trevor Noah would take over as Jon Stewart’s Daily Show successor, people started promptly digging up old tweets he’d posted from around 2009-2011.

The un-funny posts included: "Almost bumped a Jewish kid crossing the road. He didn't look b4 crossing but I still would hav felt so bad in my german car!” And, “Oh yeah the weekend. People are gonna get drunk & think that I'm sexy!' – fat chicks everywhere."

His apology tweet went like this: “To reduce my views to a handful of jokes that didn’t land is not a true reflection of my character, nor my evolution as a comedian.” By the end of 2015, The Daily Show had lost 40% of its audience.

Mon, 25 Jan 2016 09:12:06 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/crazy-celebrity-quotes-you-d-never-hear-these-days/stacie-hougland
<![CDATA[The Absolute Worst Parents of 2015]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/worst-parents-of-2015/jacob-shelton
Parenting is hard. Even if you're not actually a parent, you know it looks really tough. What do you do with kids when you want to binge watch The Walking Dead or eat nothing but candy all day? Those questions alone would qualify many as bad parents, but to end up on this list of the worst parents of 2015, you have to do some truly grim stuff, and maybe even be among the world's worst parents. The mothers and fathers that comprise this list aren’t just bad at being parents, they seem to have an absolute revulsion for their children. Either that, or they have a bet with their friends about who can raise the worst children. Whatever the reason, they’re the worst parents of 2015.

Fear not: Anything NSFW (and in some cases NSFL) is behind a link, so don’t worry, you’ll only be reading mildly horrifying facts about people that thought they should be parents and turned out to be great at parenting fails instead. After reading this list of the worst parents of 2015, you’re going to want to call your mom and dad and thank them for not being totally crazy.

Vote up the worst parents of 2015 (so far!), but be wary, competition is brutal this year. Hopefully the rest of the year will carry on with no bad parents to be found!
The Absolute Worst Parents of 2015,

Mom Ignores Drowning Children
A Texas mom was arrested arrested three children drowned in a local pool. According to witnesses, she spent most of the ordeal on her phone rather than helping her kids. 
Georgia Dad Forces His Son to Reenact Brokeback Mountain Sex Acts with a Dog
In January, Isaac Seman was arrested for coercing his son into reenacting the sex scenes from Brokeback Mountain with their dog. The rest of the story is beyond disturbing, and can be read here.
Oregon Couple Spends Time Making Fetish Videos While Son Starves to Death
In Glendale, OR, Stephen Michael Williams Jr. and Amanda Marie Hancock spent the seven short weeks of their son's life filming lactation fetish videos while their newborn deterioratedUnder questioning by police, Williams said that he noticed the baby was losing weight, but never took the child to a doctor because it was his girlfriend’s job to care for the child.
Mom Leaves Two-Year-Old Twin Boys Home Alone While out Partying at Margarita Festival
Kiria Ferris (29) left her two year old twin boys home alone while she went off to party at a margarita festival. The boys were left in the apartment with nothing but a piece of plywood and two bicycles propped up in front of the front door to keep them from getting out. Concerned neighbors went out to retrieve the boys when they spotted one of them wandering dangerously close to the lake. When the neighbors returned with the boys, they called the police when they found the apartment door wide open and the mother not at home. Once inside the apartment, the authorities spotted soiled diapers and choking hazards that were within reach of the boys.

Source: Daily Mail
New Jersey Mom Sets Her Baby on Fire
Hyphern-Kimberly Dorvilier of Pemberton, NJ allegedly doused her newborn daughter with an accelerant and set her on fire in the middle of the road.
Seattle Mom Tries to Sell Daughter's Virginity to Pay the Rent
According to Fox News 13, Mary Miles of Carnation, WA was arrested on January 27 and charged on January 30 for setting up a scheme for her daughter to have sex with a 36-year-old truck driver in exchange for his assistance with rent money. Later, KOMO news reported that the trucker and the mother had agreed to marry after he had sex with her 14-year-old daughter.
Mom Abandons Her Quadriplegic Son in the Woods
A Philadelphia woman was charged with attempted murder after abandoning her quadriplegic son in the woods with a bible so she could spend the week with her out-of-state boyfriend. He was found by a person who saw the wheelchair and thought something was amiss. The son was treated for dehydration, malnutrition, and abrasions and was in stable condition at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, after he was found.
Mom Shoots Her Son in the Back
In Hotlanata, a woman was charged with shooting her four-year-old son in the back. So far, she hasn't given a reason for the assault, but she did waive her first court appearance.
Family Locks Baby in Hotel Safe While on Trip to Niagara Falls
Staff at a Canadian hotel near Niagara Falls freed a tiny baby after its parents left it locked inside the safe in their room. The family was staying at the Howard Johnson Hotel when they called the front desk to request that someone help them free the crying infant. An officer told reporters that the family was "quite distraught" over the incident, but did not speak English well enough to explain how the baby got into the safe in the first place. They checked out of the hotel, presumably to return to their Brooklyn, NY home, before the authorities were alerted.

Source: USA Today

Detroit Mom Tortures Children, Hides Their Bodies in Freezer
Detroit-based mother, Mitchelle Blair, was sentenced to life in prison for torturing two of her children, ages 9 and 13, to death by making them drink Windex and burning their skin off with scalding water. In a statement to the press she said, "I don't feel no remorse for the death of them demons."

Thu, 16 Jul 2015 10:42:32 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/worst-parents-of-2015/jacob-shelton
<![CDATA[8 People Killed by Their Belief in the Supernatural]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/8-people-killed-by-their-belief-in-the-supernatural/wavy-gravey
There is being superstitious and there is outright belief in supernatural forces. Unfortunately, the latter can sometimes lead to dire injury or even death. This is a collection of some of the more horrific cases in which people have died for their belief in the supernatural. From crowd battles for an amulet to cursed village children, this list has them all, from all corners of the globe. 

Remember how you could once easily protect your crops by burning the local witch at the stake? Remember knowing that you were surely safe from the Black Death because you had a lucky charm that guaranteed your continued good health? Of course you don't - no one believes in the supernatural to that extent anymore, right? Well... actually, some do.

In fact, there are people all over the world who meet that description. People who trust their charms, who are convinced their neighbors are wielding black magic, and who think witches and sorcerers are real. A lot of them spend all day watching paranormal reality shows.  Read on to learn about some of the supernatural beliefs that still hold sway in today's modern world - and the shocking, avoidable deaths they still cause.  Or if you like some of the more realistic paranormal entertainment, take a look at our ranked list of paranormal reality shows.
8 People Killed by Their Belief in the Supernatural,

The Search for Big Foot
This is how most horror movies start. This, and not my lack of math skills/intellect, is why I will never be a part of a group of traveling scientists.

A team of scientists were coming back from a search for Big Foot in China's Hubei province in 1996 when an accident claimed the life of one of them. Yu Gong was driving the team's truck when it ran into a farmer's tractor.

Although Big Foot is technically not directly responsible for this death, if Yu had not believed he should be out searching for the creature, the accident would never have occurred. At the time the Xinhua news agency called it China's first casualty in the search for the creature. A great loss for science, indeed.

Supernatural Gurus Killed Due to Poor Results

Have you ever thought of how difficult it must be to keep a small occult business going? Maybe if you watched a lot of "Buffy," you have. Most of us haven't. It actually takes quite a bit. I mean, when's the last time a Spencer's Gifts around you opened?

Besides dealing with the unknown powers of the universe, you have customers who expect the impossible (and customers who are not afraid to act on their displeasure should the impossible fail to materialize).

One 65-year-old witch doctor in India learned this lesson the hard way when two elderly clients and their neighbors, upset that their mental health problems hadn't been healed as the magician had promised, spirited him away from his house and beat him to death in a public park.

There's also a woman in America who can relate how upset those clients got. Tanya Nelson killed her psychic when he failed to produce a love spell that would reunite Nelson with her ex-boyfriend.

Nelson got a hitman to help her commit the crime by promising to get him gay lovers. Which is awesome. I wonder what the conversion rate of gay lovers to murders is.

Disgruntled Followers Kill Witch Doctor

Man Shot Dead While Trying Out a Bulletproof Spell Amulet

In fall of 2011, Yisa Anifowose of Nigeria acquired an amulet that he believed rendered him bulletproof. Trusting in the charm's magical powers, he asked a friend, John Taju, to shoot at him, believing that the bullets, under the charm's spell, would fall harmlessly away. 

"I want you to shoot me as hard as you can."

So like any good friend, John Taju, who has only ever been able to afford one basket for all his eggs, decided to shoot his friend, during this trial run of the amulet, in the chest. Not the foot. Not some part of the upper arm. But the chest. This killed him instantly. 

Unfortunately, something must have been wrong with the amulet because somehow the charm was not able to overcome the laws of physics when the bullet hit Anifowose and, surprisingly, killed him.

Even though he fired at Anifowose's request, Taju was arrested afterwards, citing "he told me so" as a poor defense for murder in the first degree.

Unfortunately for both Anifowose and Taju, they hadn't heard of the Ghanaian man who was killed in 2001 when the concoction of herbs a witchdoctor had given him to make him bulletproof failed to stop the test bullet a friend shot at him. Obviously it will take more than a few deaths to deter belief in bulletproof charms, because sometimes it's just kind of hard to accept something so awesome doesn't exist. Kind of like how you still try and move things with your mind every now and then.

But even believers admit there are a lot of fakes on the market and any accidents that have happened while trying to prove that such a thing as a bullet proof spell exists have been attributed to the "unreliable market".

So follow the advice of one believer who suggested that before relying on such a charm for protection, test it on an animal first. Which his actually pretty good advice unless that animal runs away with your amulet/herb/spell.

Sorcerer Killed During Overenthusiastic Spell Casting

One 71-year-old believer in black magic found that there are forces beyond his control - gravity.

A sorcerer in Sri Lanka was performing a centuries old ritual that would harness evil forces for a customer of his. He decided to use his full force while completing a part of the spell which called for him stomping on a coconut. As he did this with all his 71-year-old might, he lost balance and ended up impaled on the trident he was wielding, a symbol of Hindu gods.

Apparently he was also drunk at the time, which may have been why he lost his balance. Or it may have been a dark and powerful spell that the magician couldn't overcome.

Too Much Spirit Kills Sorcerer
Invincibility Amulet Sale Causes Stampede Deaths

Another place where charms are popular is Thailand. Jatukam Ramathep amulets were particularly popular in 2007, when some Buddhists relied on them for protection whilst living in Muslim-dominated areas. The amulet was supposed to keep its wearer safe from any violent attack, an unfortunate possibility for the minority Buddhists there - a peaceful people who others like to beat up.

At one point during that year, a desperate crowd of 10,000 people had camped out overnight so as to be able to buy the popular charms the next morning - which means that charms that make you impervious to violence are just a little less popular than iPhones.

On the morning the amulets went on sale, the crowd got out of control and stampeded over a 50-year-old woman, who would have been safer staying at home instead of rushing out to buy a magical charm. Of course, the poor woman was killed before she was able to purchase an amulet, so believers can continue to think that had she gotten her hands on one earlier, by maybe getting in line a few hours before she did, she would've been just fine.

You snooze you lose?

Modern-Day Witch Burning, Killing
The Salem Witch Trials are part of history, but belief in witchcraft lives on all over the world, and purported witches are still being hunted and burned by their families, friends and neighbors - despite how awesome all the Harry Potter books were.

Many Papua New Guineans have been tortured and killed after being accused of witchcraft; Papua New Guinea officially acknowledges magic under its 1976 Sorcery Act. Let that sink in for a moment: 1976. Sorcery Act.

At least the Sorcery Act only condemns practitioners to two years in jail; people who have acted outside the law have burned accused witches alive.

Women in some parts of India may be dragged from their homes and killed if they're accused of witchcraft. Villagers claim they are directed by divine powers to bring down witches - kind of like George W. Bush, only on a slightly smaller scale.

Some pastors in Nigeria claim the same right of divine retribution when they accuse children of witchcraft. The accused are usually tortured and then driven out of their homes, and they may be drowned, buried alive or stabbed to death. The belief that witches are everywhere encompasses the animal kingdom: this spring, a mob in South Africa killed and burned a monkey for witchcraft.

In a real effort to protect and to serve, police officers there helped bring the "witch-monkey" down by shooting at it, therefore saving the world.

Monkey Killed for Being Witch
Indian Villagers Kill Witch
Children Killed as Witches
Suspected Witch Burned Alive
Witch Hunts in Papua New Guinea
Cursed Children
In Ethiopia, if a child is declared to be "mingi," meaning cursed, its life will be sacrificed to stop the cursed child from bringing evil into its village - meaning name calling has a much, much more dire consequence there.

A child might be starved to death or tossed into a crocodile-infested river.

Although the Ethiopian government and aid groups are trying to stop the practice, it's ingrained in the cultural life of many villages, who believe that if they do not get rid of the mingi, rain might stop falling and their cattle will die - which is really pretty brutal. All my parents ever accused me of was ruining their sex lives.

So for now, many people continue to sentence the cursed to death rather than risk the consequences.

Tide Turning against Killing Cursed Infants?
Woman Runs Out of Money to Give to Chain Letter Senders, Dies
If you truly believe you are dealing with supernatural forces, realizing you won't be able to keep them happy must be a terrifying prospect... which is fine if you live in a tribal culture and that's how you were raised. But c'mon, really? Chain letters? In England?

Most of us throw chain letters in the trash (although at this point, most of us should keep any we get and put them in a museum as relics for a time before spam email forwards), but one superstitious woman in England believed she had to send in the money being requested in the chain letter or risk being exposed to the evil spirits that the chain letters were warding off. 

"What? Oh, like, I dunno, $700 should do it."

She got into some pretty bad financial trouble when she was unable to keep up with the monthly "bills" to keep these evil spirits at bay.

When she couldn't come up with the needed funds one month, Rejoice Chishava committed suicide, something the coroner attributed at least in part to Chishava being conned by the "witches" who were contacting her.

The coroner called the witches committing these cons "garbage". He told her husband later "These people were talking witchcraft and your wife was being conned by them. The people who did this were very cruel." 

The coroner then, warned people with financial problems to "seek financial guidance from citizens advice rather than from individuals claiming to be witches."

Thank you, friend. Always helpful to bear in mind.
Driven to Suicide by Fake Witches

Sun, 06 Nov 2011 07:08:47 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/8-people-killed-by-their-belief-in-the-supernatural/wavy-gravey
<![CDATA[29 Photos That Prove You Have Sidonglobophobia]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/fear-of-cotton-balls-photos/ashley-reign
You ever wonder what it must be like inside the head of someone who suffers from one of those strange phobias that sound too bizarre to be true? Pretty much everyone is afraid of something, but this phobia takes bizarre fears to the next level.This list will give you a peek into the thoughts of those suffering from Sidonglobophobia, which is a super fancy way of saying “fear of cotton balls.”

These cotton-dodging folks live each and every day with the knowledge that cotton is out there waiting to attack. Some people don't like the texture, while others are creeped out by the sound it makes when rubbed against another cotton ball. Some folks are truly terrified of cotton balls, and experience sheer horror when they open up a new bottle of Tylenol, or need to remove their nail polish.
Vote up the freakiest photos of cotton balls below - that is, if you can make it through this list without running for the hills!

29 Photos That Prove You Have Sidonglobophobia,

Our Children Are in Danger! What Kind of a Sick "Challenge" Is This?!

Cotton Targets the Younger Demographic Because They're More Susceptible

Tasty Snack or Killer Cotton Balls In Disguise?

Think It's Too Soon to Talk to Your Kids About the Dangers of Cotton Balls? Think Again.

Taking Cotton Mouth to a Whole New Level

Those Could Almost Pass For Marshmallows, But We Won't Be Fooled

Guess This Sidonglobophobe Is Riding Their Bike to Work Today

Women? Children? Cotton Makes No Distinction in Choosing Its Victims

Cotton Balls: They Live Among Us. Drinking Our Beers. Ruining Our Lives.

Mary Had a Little... RUN! SAVE YOURSELF!

Mon, 27 Jul 2015 11:42:59 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/fear-of-cotton-balls-photos/ashley-reign
<![CDATA[10 Real People Who Survived Horror Movie Situations]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/7-real-people-who-survived-horror-movie-situations/samantha-wilson

Everyone enjoys a good horror movie, but what happens when the nightmares leap off screen and come to life? These people are all survivors of real-life horrors that make anything that happened in A Nightmare on Elm Street look like small potatoes. From stalkers and serial killers, to ghastly medical traumas and crimes of (lost) passion, these horror survivors have seen it all and lived to tell about it. Who knows – maybe the "based on a true story" version of their haunting tales will hit the theaters someday soon. 

The survivors of real-life horror proved that they have what the protagonists of horror movies do not: common sense and resilience in the face of extreme terror. Rather than accept their fate and submit to whatever gruesome foe is pursuing them, these fighters decided that they wanted to live another day – and often took their opponents (real and metaphorical) down with them. Think trickery, quick wits, gut instincts and just plain old optimism in the face of trauma; sometimes that's all anyone needs to outdo even the greatest horror villains. For these seven people who survived such horrible terrors in their real lives, they could easily hold their own in the scariest of horror movies. Way to make the rest of us look like wimps, guys. 

10 Real People Who Survived Horror Movie Situations,

Escaping Jeffrey Dahmer's Nightmare Apartment

The Horror

Jeffrey Dahmer is one of the most notorious serial killers of all time, killing and dismembering 17 young men between 1978 and 1991.He turned a quiet Milwaukee apartment into a horror show, luring victims inside and ultimately using them for everything from medical experimentation to necrophilia and cannibalism. So he probably didn't have anything especially pleasant in mind when he invited Tracy Edwards over to drink beer and watch The Exorcist III. When Edwards arrived, he discovered Dahmer's friendliness was a veneer, and soon the killer was brandishing a butcher knife and telling Edwards he would eat his heart.

How He Escaped

Dahmer insisted Edwards lie on the floor as he wielded the knife. As the film played out television, Dahmer grew increasingly manic, swinging between apoplectic excitement and inconsolable self-pity. Edwards attempted to calm him down, allowing Dahmer to put handcuffs on just one of his wrists. Having distracted the killer, Edwards struck Dahmer and fled, flagging down a police car and leading authorities to the apartment, where they discovered body parts including four human heads in the fridge. 

Woman Goes on Vacation and Gets Flesh-Eating Bacteria as a Souvenir

The Horror 
Aimee Copeland was having a blast on vacation in her home state of Georgia when she decided to give ziplining a try. The outdoor enthusiast wasn't worried about anything going wrong - she had always been up for an adventure and never shied away from the chance to try something new. But when Aimee ziplined, the wire snapped and caused the graduate student to plummet into the murky water below, where she contracted necrotizing fasciitis in an open wound.

How She Survived

After doctors determined that Copeland had contracted the flesh-eating bacteria, which is often fatal, they worked as fast as they could to stop the spread before it could hit her vital organs. Her hands and both legs were amputated in order to save her life; since the incident, she has been fitted with prosthetic legs and bionic hands that allow her to live a bit more normally. While anyone else would probably curl up in a ball and never go outside again, Copeland gained national attention during her ordeal not only for beating the bacteria, but for her overwhelming positivity in the face of terror. 

Eluding a Highway Murderer Down Under

The Horror

British tourists Joanne Lees and Peter Falconio were driving a van through the Australian Outback at night when another motorist signaled for them to pull over. On the roadside, the man informed them that their van's exhaust pipe was emitting sparks. When Falconio got out to investigate, the motorist, Bradley John Murdoch, shot him on the roadside. Intending to take Lees as his sexual prize, Murdoch attacked her then bound her hands with cable ties.

How She Survived

Murdoch, high on amphetamines, hauled Lees out of the van, where she fell face down on the asphalt. Despite a blow to the head that left her momentarily dazed, Lees was aware enough to leap at a brief opportunity in which Murdoch was distracted as he moved Falconio's body. She fled into nearby bushes, emerging from her hiding place over five hours later to flag down a passing car for help. Murdoch was convicted of the murder, but he has never revealed the whereabouts of Falconio's body.

Just Your Friendly Neighborhood Stalker

The Horror
When Redditor M1nneapolis was a senior in high school, she was getting ready for bed and heard something strange coming from outside her window. Down on the street was one of her neighbors, standing at the fence that divided their yards, yelling something incredibly lewd and inappropriate to a teenage girl up through the open window. He had clearly been watching her, and freaked out about the incident, she didn't tell her parents in the hopes that it just wouldn't happen again.

The next morning when she was getting ready for school, she heard the back door of her house open and listened to her gut when it said that it was the creepy neighbor, not her mother. When she went down into the kitchen, there he was with an 8-inch knife in his hand, ready to pounce.

How She Survived

Though he told her not to move, the look on his face and her instincts told her not to listen to him; instead, she booked it out of the house and ran as fast as could to every house on the block trying to get help. The police showed up and found her attacker back at his own house; a recovering alcoholic, he had downed massive amounts of vodka and decided to go through with something it seemed he had been planning for months. He confessed to police that he had been watching her for quite some time, and had a collection of photos in his possession that proved it. 

When Accepting a Ride Goes Horribly Wrong

The Horror

One September night in 1992, Jennifer Asbenson missed the Palm Springs bus that would've taken her to work at a center for disabled children. So when a charming motorist offered her a ride, she took it, arriving safely for a full night shift. In the morning, the driver was waiting for her, again offering a ride. Since the first trip went well, she again accepted. Unfortunately, that driver was Andrew Urdiales, a serial murderer and rapist who put a knife to Asbenson's throat, tied her up, and drove out into the remote desert, where he gagged, beat, and sexually assaulted her.

How She Survived

After cruelly toying with his victim, Urdiales forced Asbenson into the trunk of his car and hit the road. Inside, she quickly found a release mechanism to pop the trunk from the inside, but waited until an opportune moment to actually use it. When she did, Asbenson fled into the road, stopping an oncoming truck with several Marines inside. Her attacker disappeared, however, and five years passed before Urdiales was ultimately captured. 

An Intruder Gets Caught by the Snow
The Horror 

Redditor laundrysoap had a chilling tale to tell about her boyfriend's mother. As a child, the mother lived in a house with a strange design that featured several doors to the outside all over the house, including her bedroom. She began feeling at unease in the house, like someone was watching her, but her family shrugged it off as a little girl being scared of the dark and ignored her fears – even when she swore that someone was rattling the doorknob to her room from outside the house.

Eventually, her belief that she was being watched got so bad that she had to sleep in her parents' room every night or else she would wake up screaming. One night when her father woke up to use the restroom, he saw a shadowy figure and heard noises, but couldn't find anything suspicious to back up his daughter's fears. That is...until the next morning.

How They Survived

Surrounding the house, leading up to every window and door, were fresh footprints in the snow. Someone had tried to get into the house desperately, and clearly had been there many times before. Her father followed the footprints down the street, where they led to a house where a mentally handicapped teen lived; he confessed to entering their house every night to watch the girl sleep. He just gave up and went home the night before when all the doors and windows were locked. Believe your children and lock your doors!
Worst Fiancé Ever Buries Woman Alive

The Horror 
Michelina Lewandowska did not have the most loving relationship with her fiancé, Marcin Kasprzak, but she was probably anticipating a nasty public breakup or a confession of cheating when their relationship finally ran its course. Instead, when Kasprzak "grew tired of her," he and an accomplice attacked her with a stun gun, bound her hands and legs, and tried to think of how to get rid of the mother of his 3-year-old son, no less. His gruesome idea was to dump Michelina into a cardboard box, drive her out into the wilderness, and bury her alive under a few inches of dirt and a 90-pound tree branch so she would suffocate.

How She Survived

In an interview she gave after the ordeal, Michelina recalled waking up in her shallow grave with thoughts of her child. She decided that she needed to survive in order to protect him from the man who did this to her. Thinking quickly, she was able to cut through her bonds with her engagement ring and claw her way out of the grave, where she had been  for over two hours already. Though she escaped with her life, the psychological and physical effects haunted her for weeks; she suffered from insomnia and paranoia, and had difficulty breathing and walking. Both her attackers were sentenced to 20 years in prison. 

The Only Surviving Victim

The Horror 
Holly Dunn and her boyfriend, Chris Maier, were having a casual night out when they crossed paths with the wrong stranger. While on their way home from a friend's party, the couple was approached by a mysterious man at a train station asking for money. Little did they know that he was Angel Resendiz, a famed serial killer who had already murdered six and would ultimately claim the lives of many more.

After showing them an ice pick, Resendiz tied the couple up and ushered them into a nearby ditch. He then bludgeoned Maier to death with a 50-pound rock. Not satisfied with the one kill, Resendiz proceeded to brutally rape Holly, stab her in the neck with the ice pick, and beat her savagely with a wood plank until she passed out.

How She Survived

When Holly woke up, she discovered that Resendiz was gone - he mistook Holly's unconsciousness for death, giving her the chance to escape. She was able to drag herself to a nearby house and call for help for her various injuries, including a broken jaw and shattered eye socket. Nearly 10 years later, Holly testified in court against "The Railway Killer" (he used the train system to move between states and find new victims) in the trial that gave him the death sentence; she was the only one of his 15 victims to ever get away.  

Red Riding Hood Outsmarts a Big Bad Wolf

The Horror

Elizabeth Shoaf was on her way home from school when a man claiming to be a police officer declared she was under arrest, handcuffing the 14-year-old and taking her to his home deep in the South Carolina woods. The kidnapper, an unemployed construction worked named Vinson Filyaw, chained her in a booby-trapped bunker beneath his isolated trailer, regularly assaulting her over the course of ten days. Her parents reported her missing, but the police treated it as a case of a teenage runaway.

How She Escaped

Knowing that no one would be able to find her, Shoaf spent several days deliberately building up her captor's trust. Eventually, Filyaw allowed her to use his phone to play games. Naturally, she used it to text her parents and friends. Before long, the authorities used the phone's signal to find her approximate location. Panicking, Filyaw asked his victim what to do, and Shoaf, fearing he might kill her, advised him to run. He did, and she carried herself out of the bunker on her own. Filyaw, meanwhile, was captured and eventually sentenced to 421 years in prison.

Actor Slits His Own Throat On Stage

The Horror
Daniel Hoevels's role as Mortimer in Mary Stuart called for him to "commit suicide" on stage every night in front of a horrified audience; when Mortimer's plans to free Mary, Queen of Scots from prison fail, he slits his throat in anguish. Hoevels had been playing the role for over two years without a single hitch, until one fateful night when a potential homicide may have been attempted in the most grandiose, theatrical way possible.

When Hoevels went to cut his throat with the knife laid out on the table, just as it was during every other performance. The audience went wild with his stirring performance. So much blood! So realistic! Wait...why isn't he moving anymore?

How He Survived

Hoevels's prop knife was identical to a real one, but obviously dulled. Somehow, the knife on stage that night was real, and he legitimately cut open his neck. Fortunately for Hoevel, he missed the carotid artery entirely and merely needed stitches and a plaster cast to remedy his injury. Since the actor never decided to press charges, the question remains to this day: was it merely an accident (the theater says the prop manager purchased a new knife and forgot to dull it) or did someone want to take Hoevel out with some pizzazz? Ever the professional, he was back on stage the next night performing again.

Sun, 24 Nov 2013 08:46:28 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/7-real-people-who-survived-horror-movie-situations/samantha-wilson
<![CDATA[The 13 Worst Doctors of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-13-worst-doctors-of-all-time/greg
First, do no harm. Most doctors respect and obey this critical medical rule. They want to help, not hurt, their patients. But there are a few who seem to have missed this important message. They may look at their patients and see an opportunity to make money. Or they may see a chance to vent their rage. Or they may simply not care enough to be careful when taking care of people.

Whether it's breaching the bounds of professional safety to cater to an aging pop star (ahem, Dr. Conrad Murray), showing up drunk for an emergency room shift, being unable to diagnose something as basic as pregnancy, or wreaking havoc on your patients' genitals, there are doctors out there who you're better off steering clear of. Read on to learn about some of the worst doctors of all time: thirteen doctors who should be avoided, at all costs.

Who are the worst doctors of all time? Take a look and see who are the doctors to avoid.
The 13 Worst Doctors of All Time,

Dr. Cecil Jacobson
More and more couples are turning to fertility doctors to help them conceive. It's nothing to be ashamed of, but it does open up a whole new world of medical fraud. Most doctors in these field are reputable and trustworthy, of course, but one who abused the trust of his patients was Dr. Cecil Jacobson. Jacobson had told patients he was using the sperm they wanted during artificial insemination procedures--either from their husbands or from anonymous donors--when in fact he used his own sperm to impregnate them. At the time of his conviction in 1992, he had officially been found to be the biological father of 15 of his patients' children, but prosecutors said he could have fathered as many as 75 kids. Of course, this happened 20 years ago, so it's not like it could happen today, right? Think again: in 2005, a couple filed suit against Dr. Ben Ramaley for the same reason. And so science takes one step forward thanks to medical advances, two steps back thanks to medical assholes.

Fertility Doctor Found Guilty
Fertility Doctor Substitutes His Own Sperm
Dr. Yasser Awaad
At least the previous doctor was probably just an idiot. Dr. Yasser Awaad, a pediatric neurologist in Detroit, stands accused of falsely diagnosing 255 patients with epilepsy in order to make money via insurance reimbursements. Like with Dr. Holton, patients had unnecessary drug regimes, but Dr. Awaad took things a step further and also performed unnecessary surgeries to implant devices for controlling seizures. Devices his patients didn't need since they didn't actually have epilepsy. So remember kids: get a second opinion before letting someone operate on your brain!

Misdiagnosed for Greed?
Lawsuit Claims Doctor Misdiagnosed for Cash
Dr. Gerianne Geszler and Dr. Dorrette Grant
There is a medical condition called pseudocyesis, or false pregnancy, which makes a woman mimic the symptoms of pregnancy: swollen stomach, no periods, morning sickness. However, the key word here is "false." A quick look at an ultrasound will show that there is no baby on the way. Dr. Gerianne Geszler and Dr. Dorrette Grant were working at the Cape Fear Medical Center in North Carolina when a woman suffering from pseudocyesis showed up. When no heartbeat was detected on an ultrasound (remember, no baby = no heartbeat!), the two doctors rushed the woman in for a C-section, trying to save the distressed fetus. It was only upon opening the woman's uterus that they realized there was nothing inside. At least they noticed then.

Doctor Perform C-Section to Find Woman Isn't Pregnant
Web MD: False Pregnancy
Doctors Who Can't Diagnose Pregnancy
For five months, her primary care physician assured Anita Arora that her periods had stopped because she was going through menopause. At 46 it was a possibility, but so was pregnancy--however, the doctor's office never thought to make sure with a pregnancy test. There was another chance for someone to see the baby when Arora had an ultrasound to check for gallstones, but again no one noticed. However, it was suggested that she might want to eat a healthier diet to get rid of all that weight she'd put on. The pregnancy was finally discovered when Arora insisted on a pregnancy test. Fortunately the baby was safely delivered, and by other doctors than the ones who hadn't noticed the pregnancy in the first place.

Doctor's Blunder Nearly Kills Baby
University of Washington Surgeons
In 2001, the University of Washington admitted that surgeons at its hospital had left five surgical instruments in different patients over the course of five years. In fact, the hospital had just settled one case for leaving a 13-inch retractor in a patient when it discovered another 13-inch retractor had also been left behind in a patient. The hospital instituted new safety procedures, but this surgical department definitely has doctors you want to avoid: after all, mementos can be nice, but mementos that are forgotten in your stomach cavity should always be avoided.

Surgical Tools Left in Five Patients
Dr. James C. Burt
Some doctors show how horrible they can be in specific, isolated incidents. Dr. James C. Burt abused his patients for 22 years until the victims spoke out in 1988. Dr. Burt, a truly horrifying doctor in Ohio, spent years restructuring female patients' genitals, without their consent. He believed that women were "structurally inadequate for intercourse," a condition he thought his surgeries could fix, making his patients into "horny little mice." Instead of unleashing his patients' sexuality, he created sexual dysfunction, multiple kidney and bladder infections, and the need for corrective surgery.

Charges Against Doctor Bring Ire and Questions
Dr. Prabir Kumar Ghosh
A doctor in India was arrested recently when he showed up drunk for his emergency room shift. It may not have been the first time he knocked back a few before turning up for work: local complaints said that he's been drunk on the job for years. Dr. Prabir Kumar Ghosh admitted he was intoxicated but said he had his reasons, one of which was that he was simply trying to relieve his joint pain. If only he could've gotten to a hospital for proper treatment, then this whole problem could've been avoided and... oh, wait. Never mind.

Drunk Doctor Suspended
Dr. Loren Borud
In 2008, Dr. Loren Borud, a plastic surgeon in Massachusetts with a history of drug and alcohol abuse, fell asleep while performing liposuction on a patient, a great indicator of a truly awful doctor. However, there was another terrible doctor on duty that day: Borud's supervisor, Dr. Donald Moorman, the vice chair of the surgical department of the hospital where Dr. Borud was operating, was told that same day that Dr. Borud was operating while impaired. Dr. Moorman had options: he could have called the operating room or sent another surgeon to check that everything was okay. Instead, he did nothing, perhaps because he didn't want to interrupt Dr. Borud's beauty sleep? Either way, if your doctor looks tired, be very afraid.

Doctor Censured in OR Sleeping Case
State Suspends Plastic Surgeon's License
Dr. Graeme Reeves
The previous doctor believed he could surgically alter his patients to create sexually-supercharged women. Dr. Graeme Reeves went in the opposite direction. Carolyn DeWaegeneire went to see Dr. Reeves, an Australian gynecologist, to have him remove a possibly pre-cancerous lesion from her labia. During the operation, he leaned over and told her he was going to remove her clitoris too. He added that since the patient's husband was dead, it didn't matter if he removed it, which he proceeded to do. He was sentenced to two years in jail for inflicting grievous bodily harm. His victim believed the sentence was too light, asking what sentence the court would give "if a penis and scrotum had been cut off" instead.

Doctor Jailed for Mutilation
Dr. Naum Ciomu
In Romania, Nelu Radonescu went to see Dr. Naum Ciomu for help with his testicular malformation. During the 2004 operation, Dr. Ciomu lost his temper, cut off Radonescu's penis, and then sliced it into three pieces. A plastic surgeon tried to save Radonescu's organ, but couldn't. Dr. Ciomu was only barred from practicing medicine for three years. He also had to pay Radonescu damages, including money for an operation try to reconstruct the penis from arm tissue. Shockingly, the doctor's union in Romania objected to the order to pay damages, stating that the precedent might lead doctors to refuse to perform operations. Given the outcome for poor Nelu Radonescu, maybe that's better.

Crimes Below the Belt

Mon, 07 Nov 2011 21:13:22 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/the-13-worst-doctors-of-all-time/greg
<![CDATA[Insane Vending Machines You Didn't Know You Needed]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/vending-machine-crazy-v1/danielle-dauenhauer
First things first: why aren't more things available in vending machines? Sure, you can get your sodas, cup of noodles, and even bowling socks from a vending machine, but what about beer, headphones, and red Skittles? There's a vending machine for that? There's a vending machine for that!

Apparently, you can buy just about anything in a weird vending machine if you're willing to go halfway across the world to drop your money in a machine that may or may not be supplying you with the right sized pair of jeans. While many of these crazy vending machines are in Japan and China (dreamers, all of them), there are some bizarre vending machines in the U.S. and Europe as well.

Does your desk need some new flair? There's a machine for that. Got a cupcake craving? There's a machine for that. Have an itch to wear some underwear another person has already worn? Ick, but yes, there's a vending machine for that. From the glorious (LEGOs and lobsters) to the gross (live bait and porn), there seems to be a machine that dispenses it. Heck, there are weed vending machines in Colorado now. WEED! Collect those quarters and get ready to be envious of some of the best vending machines in the world.

Insane Vending Machines You Didn't Know You Needed,

Skittles Vending Machine
Finally! Your chance to get a bag without the damn yellow Skittles. Nobody likes the yellow Skittles. Mr. Skittles (that's his name now) doesn't even like yellow Skittles, he just likes candy color diversity.
The Sprinkles Cupcake ATM
File under: this is why you're fat. A mother loving cupcake ATM. It's open 24 hours a day to vend you sugary, frosting laden cupcake treats from super bakery Sprinkles. If it's good enough for Honey Boo Boo, it's good enough for you?
Book Machine
Found on subway platforms and street corners, these literature dispensing machines target people whose phones don't get enough reception on public transit to look at cat videos and sports fails.
Pizza Vending Machine
This machine deserves a Nobel Prize in food. In about two minutes, the machine makes you a pizza. Far from the half-assed efforts of the Burrito Box, this pizza machines rolls the dough, sauces, tops, and bakes you a frickin' pizza IN TWO MINUTES.

Give this machine ALL the awards!
Phone Charger Vending Machine
Whoever has found themselves stranded with a dead phone will appreciate this one. 
Ice Cream Vending Machine
All Vending Machine Restaurant
It's in Amsterdam. It's a place where stoners can congregate, put money in a machine, and indulge their munchies all day.
A Self-Serve Wine Vending Machine
Best idea ever. 
Umbrella Vending Machine
When day-old newspapers aren't good enough to fend off water that magically appears from the sky, this dispenser of colorful umbrellas will save your hairdo, electronics, or fancy suede jacket with pink lining from the weather.
Convenience Store
In Australia you'll find all the best parts of a convenience store - travel size toiletries, Snickers, condoms - without the smelly guy pumping nacho cheese into a bag of Fritos.

Tue, 15 Apr 2014 09:51:23 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/vending-machine-crazy-v1/danielle-dauenhauer
<![CDATA[48 Totally Weird Medical Drawings Google Thinks You Need]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/google-health-illustrations/amylindorff
So maybe you think you have ringworm. What do you do? You Google it, of course. UTI? Google. A stye? Google, please help. Well, Google heard your cries and frantic keyboard typing, so in early 2015, they started including medical facts in their "Knowledge Graph" (cool lingo, Google!), which is the first thing that grabs your eye on search results, all that helpful info packed into a box on the upper right corner of the page. But do you want to hear the best part of this news? They commissioned artwork from licensed medical illustrators (which is a thing you can be when you grow up, kids!), and these health illustrations are (accidentally) so funny. 

Looking for things to google? Here you go, kiddos! The Knowledge Graph works great for searches like "weather Los Angeles," "Stairway to Heaven lyrics," or "Eddie Murphy kids," but what does it look like when you have a stye? It looks like a cool cat in a hat and a necklace (on a man!). How do you know if you have mono? You're lying on the couch with your eyes half-closed, wearing a scarf. A pimple? You're squinting and putting on mascara. Good to know! These weird medical illustrations feature all kinds of sick people making funny faces for your enjoyment and education.

Next time you are awake at 2 a.m. Googling your minor symptoms and convincing yourself you have meningitis, don't be scared by these creepy medical drawings that Google thinks might help your amateur medical research. That picture of the woman, stricken with arthritis during a lovely autumn walk, is here to help!  

Until you are stricken with a mystery illness that only Google disease drawings can help you self-diagnose, upvote the weirdest and most absurd Google medical illustrations in the Google knowledge graph below. Then go see how many years of school it takes to become a licensed medical illustrator. Maybe that is the career for you!
48 Totally Weird Medical Drawings Google Thinks You Need,

Bone fracture


Common cold

Food poisoning

Lyme disease

Peptic ulcer



Chicken Pox: You and Your Brother Sit Quietly in the Bathtub

Stomach Flu: You Enjoy Staring Dejectedly off Into Space

Wed, 29 Apr 2015 06:22:13 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/google-health-illustrations/amylindorff
<![CDATA[To Catch a Video Game Predator: 8 Horror Stories]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/to-catch-a-video-game-predator-8-horror-stories/john-barryman
Video games are a great way to escape mundane reality of everyday life, and often times they ARE they mundane reality of everyday life, but some people take virtual autonomy to a whole other level.

 These eight sexual predators all used video games as a ploy to get to their underaged prey, and most of them succeeded – but they were all caught. From a virtual couple consummating their marriage in person to a gamer rapist living with his victim to an obsessed married woman looking for her pre-teen soulmate, here are eight instances of predators making their mark in the gaming world.

 NOTE: This list is, quite obviously, not associated with NBC Universal in any way, shape, or form.
To Catch a Video Game Predator: 8 Horror Stories,

54-Year-Old Man and 13-Year-Old Girl Get Married As Video Game Characters, Consummate In-Person
First off, just know, the following list contains some really disgusting people, and I try and make fun of them as much as possible because that's the least they deserve. Be prepared.

54-year-old John W. Phillips, who looks like a Child Rapist Santa Claus, was only sealing the deal when he traveled from Massachusetts to Detroit to have sex with a then-13-year-old girl. The two met while playing the online game RuneScape, a virtual world where users create avatars and interact with other players, and, according to police reports, were married.

Yes, this guy's avatar had a RuneScape marriage with the 13-year-old girl's avatar. A tale as old as time (or as old as him... for her... no? Alright, moving on...)

Yes, Phillips and the girl even had a virtual wedding in the game, but "virtual" just wasn't enough for this guy. He tried getting in touch with "reality" after they were "official" and mailed a cell phone to her. When that didn't work, he decided to drive to Detroit and meet the girl himself and give the phone to her personally. Smart.

Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon said that Phillips brought the girl to a motel and there they had sex for the first time, consummating the RuneScape ceremonial wedding. Phillips also had sex with her on two other occasions, once in his van (all pedophiles have vans, it's a law) and once at her home.

After the girl's mother discovered she had a phone and was texting Phillips, she notified the police and an investigation began. Phillips was eventually arrested in New York and faces up to twenty years in prison for having sex with his video game wife.

According to one viewer who called in to the news report below, in an ideal world, Phillips will have plenty of things to do while he's in there.

27-Year-Old Man Meets a 15-Year-Old Girl For Sex
What started off as a creepy story ends in an equally, if not more, creepy story. The creepiness is enhanced, partially, by the fact that this guy looks like one of King Koopa's kids in Mario 3.

27-year-old Edward Stout of Missouri, the creep of the creepy story, met an underaged gamer girl, then 14, on XBox Live. They started talking to each other and soon began an online relationship. On top of chatting through XBox Live and MySpace, Stout also eventually gave the girl a cell phone. There, it was discovered that they exchanged thousands of text messages as well as photos that aren't exactly "legal" or "appropriate."

One inappropriate photo undoubtedly being one of him and his horrifyingly bad "mohawk."

On January 26, 2009, lizard-mohawk-guy drove all the way to California to meet the girl and have sex. It's unknown whether or not they ever did because when the dad found out Creeper McS**ttiest-Mohawk-Known-to-Man was in town, he called the police right away. Stout was arrested at a motel, probably half naked and looking like a Russ Troll doll after having somehow not melted in a tragic fire.

He was charged with coercion of a minor over the Internet and traveling across state lines to engage in sex with a minor. It's weird how far people drive for this stuff. I also always wonder, what game were they playing??? Either these little girls roll DEEP in gaming, or a lot of these dudes just need to stop playing Barbie games like this one:

24-Year-Old Man Says It Was All A Joke
Not sure what it says if no one is laughing, but 24-year-old Ryan Edwin Donker thinks chatting with 13-year-old boys and asking for naked pictures of them is "a joke." No, really. There are people out there like this. What the hell? The only thing that's a joke about the whole situation is his last name (which, I'll admit, is a pretty good joke.)

Donker (no, seriously, how is this guy not a cartoon ape?) admitted to police that he did indeed ask for nude photos from an underaged gamer he met on XBox Live. The 13-year-old boy was from Fayetteville, Arkansas, and the police department had multiple recorded conversations between them on file to use against Donker.

Donker, however, claimed it was all in good fun. Just like the latest cartoon he's going to star in where he's using barrels to surf through an ocean of bananas. Donker was then arrested on charges of child porn, extradited to Arkansas and held on $20,000 bond.

Click Here for the news report.
Stalker Mom Still On the Loose!
Not to be judgmental, or a check-out-line parent, but Annamay Alexander should really stop going through her children's videogame drawers and find a hobby of her own that doesn't involve sexually harassing underage gamers. But that's probably just me.

The 43-year-old married mother of three met a 14-year-old boy on the virtual reality game Sony Home and, instead of being involved in her real home, she became obsessed with her virtual one with the young gamer.

The Florida mom was so infatuated with the kid that she began calling herself the 14-year-old's wife in notes she wrote to him. The sad thing is that this probably started out as kind of a cute, yet inappropriate joke... but then she had to go ahead and send text messages that read "My body is yours to do whatever you want with," and "I love you and we are going to get married," and police also found pictures of Alexander in her underwear in the boy's video game system.

I would've hidden the pictures in a folder marked "Taxes." 

Finally, Alexander also went to Oklahoma City where the boy lived to have sex with him. It's always the adult that travels for these things.

After the victim's mother woke up and found her son gone, Alexander even had the gall to go back and ask for the boy's hand in marriage (just to be a little more discreet). Police are still looking for Alexander. If you see this woman, hide yo kids, hide yo wife and call 911.

Click here for the video news report.
World of Warcraft Leads to Child Pornography
Child rapists don't only like to hang out on XBox Live or alternate reality games where they basically make themselves a huge/expensive Tomagochi, though. In fact, a tantalizingly-designed and superbly-developed game like World of Warcraft can also produce the same dim-witted, child-thirsty criminals.

Take Jessica Pearce, a 33-year-old woman, from Centralia, Pennsylvania, who met and carried on a sexual relationship with a New Jersey 16-year-old boy who she met on World of Warcraft. The police caught on to Pearce's crime in 2010 when they discovered the boy at a highway rest stop in Washington. Apparently, Pearce flew the boy there, most likely to have sex with him. The two reportedly had a sexual relationship for years with Pearce, on occasion, even capturing their intercourse on tape.

It's unknown as to whether or not any dragon wings or elf ears were involved.

Pearce was then arrested on charges of child pornography and, later, arrested again for a separate complaint of possession of child pornography that was also filed against her. Some people really just don't learn. And really, if you have to travel that far for a relationship via car (with anybody), it's probably just not a good idea.

Maybe if they went with that principle, all this crap would happen less: long distance is the wrong distance. C'mon, people!

A Live-in Gamer Friend Turned Rapist
19-year-old Cody R. Hawks met a 12-year-old boy on XBox Live and found him to be the easiest prey ever. He also found it easy to beat the kid at video games.

The boy's family in Ohio practically welcomed Hawks into the arms (or, other body part) of their son and actually had Hawks live with them during his "visit" from Michigan. Hawks, finding himself comfortably situated, then "repeatedly raped" his little gamer friend (in real life.) He was later arrested on charges of rape and sexual imposition.

Worst. Parents. Ever... well, not quite, but really damned close.

Click here for the full news report.
20-Year-Old Man Found Naked With 14-Year-Old Girl, Have Videogames in Common
Sometimes in a relationship, it helps to have some things in common. In this case, it doesn't. In fact, this case exists because of what they have in common. And this isn't a very good case. This case can suck it.

John B. Coe, 20, of Denver, Colorado met a 14-year-old girl from Florida in an online game where players could both play and communicate with each other. One night in January of 2009, the girl's mother woke up to check on the girl, and when she opened the bedroom door, she didn't find her ninth-grader sleeping. She found her baby with a naked man who was trying to hide.

Coe was at the house when the police arrived and was arrested on charges of lewd battery, traveling to meet a minor, and solicitation of a child. What's more, this guy was already previously arrested on a similar case in July. Much like most people on NBC "Dateline's To Catch a Predator," these guys are often repeat offenders.

Thanksgiving Sex With a 13-Year-Old
Look at the woman's sad face. It's the sad face of a pedophile video game predator who's been caught and has ruined her life.

Rachel Ann Hicks has every right to be sad because as a 36-year-old woman, she engaged in lewd conduct with a 13-year-old boy whom she met in an XBox Live chat room on September 2010 (where the hell do these even exist?) She gave the boy a fake name and age (she touted herself as 23, which is almost sadder than the whole thing in of itself) and they began an online relationship, which progressed to phone calls, text messages, e-mails, and explicit pictures and videos.

Then, a few months later, during the Thanksgiving holiday, Hicks flew from California to Maryland where the boy lived and engaged in "sexual relations." The boy's family outed her after they discovered the "romantic" text messages on the boy's cell phone and prompted him to tell them about everything. Being a teenage boy that just bagged an older woman, he was more than ready to share/brag.

Hicks was subsequently arrested on charges of rape, second-degree "sex offense," and sexual solicitation of a minor. In later interviews, it was also discovered that Hicks had relations with an additional minor also located in California because, you know, while you're there...


Thu, 07 Apr 2011 05:33:44 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/to-catch-a-video-game-predator-8-horror-stories/john-barryman
<![CDATA[23 Things You Should Never Do While Naked]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/things-you-should-never-do-while-naked/elise
Similar to getting drunk and singing at the top of your lungs, being naked is fun! But it's not always appropriate. Whether an activity involves sharp, flying objects, extreme heat, or compromising positions, there are some things that you should just never do while you're nude. For your convenience, here is a quick reference list of those things. For your own safety and for the well-being of others. Please. Don't. 

If you are into public nudity, by all means, go to a nude beach, join a nudist community, or go streaking during your next local sporting event. Just don't do these things while you are nude. 
23 Things You Should Never Do While Naked,

Babysit Children

Go Paintballing

Sit on a Leather Car Seat in the Summer

Take Photos of Reflective Items You Plan to Sell On Ebay

Use a Weed Whacker

Hop a Fence

Pick Up Your Kids from School

Go to a Job Interview

Lie Down On Hot Asphalt

Ask a Police Officer for Directions

Tue, 03 Dec 2013 04:24:35 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/things-you-should-never-do-while-naked/elise
<![CDATA[30 Pictures That Will Make You Feel Claustrophobic]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/claustrophobic-pictures/vicky-choy

Do you feel like the walls are closing in on you? Are you terrified of small spaces? Do you have mild - or severe - claustrophobia? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you definitely shouldn't look at the rest of this list. Claustrophobia is a type of anxiety disorder where the person experiencing it is EXTREMELY afraid of small spaces. People suffering from claustrophobia might experience panic attacks or intense feelings of terror when confined in a small space.   

Typically, claustrophobic people are afraid of being enclosed in small spaces because they're afraid of being restricted, or not having enough oxygen. Some of the worst places for a claustrophobic person to be are inside of an elevator, on an airplane, or in a small room. These pictures of tiny spaces will definitely trigger your claustrophobia, even if you don't have the disorder. We've put together photos of the most cramped spaces on earth for you to totally cringe at. 
Vote up the most claustrophobia-inducing photos below, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section. 

30 Pictures That Will Make You Feel Claustrophobic,

This Narrow Passageways in Spooky Gulch, Utah

These Ancient Tunnels, Beneath the Hills of Jerusalem

This Claustrophobic Hong Kong Cubicle

This Eensy-Weensy Little Hammock Area on a Fishing Boat

This Squished Space Inside This Cavern

This Treacherous Mine Shaft

This Spooky, Skinny Tunnel

This 35 Sq. Foot Hong Kong Dwelling

This Incredibly Cramped Cave

This Medical Coffin, AKA, an MRI Machine

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<![CDATA[40 Guys Almost Making Totally Sweet Jumps]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/bike-jump-fails/randy-cobb
Bike crashes don't seem as bad as car crashes at first. People often wear helmets, and they usually don't go nearly as fast as cars do. However, the popularity of BMX and the stupidity of the average person (often multiplied by the inclusion of alcohol) makes biking a dangerous hobby when done incorrectly. The following gifs involve professional bike riders crashing, kids trying dumb stuff, freak accidents, stunts gone wrong, and more. Let these gifs be a reminder that you should always wear a helmet on your bike, especially when you're about to tempt something stupid. Click through the slideshow for some of the best, funniest, and scariest bike fails.

40 Guys Almost Making Totally Sweet Jumps,

Watch This Ramp Drive at Me

Watch Me Dominate This Dirtbike Course

Watch Me Launch into The Water

Watch Me Ride My Bike Downhill

Watch Me Jump Over My Friend

Watch Me Try Out This Homemade Ramp

Watch Me Jump This Chain

Watch Me Jump My Bike Off This Guy

Watch Me Ride My Bike Downhill

Watch Me Go Over This Bridge

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<![CDATA[The Druggiest Rock Stars of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-druggiest-rock-stars-of-all-time/robert-wabash

Rock stars and drugs go together like football and beer: you could have one without the other and it would still be fun, but you would sense that something was missing. And in the world of rock and roll, musicians being whacked out on drugs and alcohol can be pretty entertaining (right up until they OD, of course. RIP).

This list of rock stars who used drugs was inspired by an article in the OC Weekly that chronicled the six druggiest rock stars of all time, but since we go big at Ranker, we added a few more to the mix. Because honestly, one thing the music world isn't lacking are train wrecks who drink and do drugs.

If you can think of other rock stars that deserve to be on the list that didn't make it in the first wave of qualifications (which basically consist of the ability to frighten one of the nurses at Promises upon checking into rehab), add them. But heed the criteria that your rock star must have a splendid past with drugs.

If you're looking for inspiration in the drugs and rock & roll arena (we'll assume the rest of the Internet can cover the "sex" part), the list of rock stars who have aged the worst is an excellent way to make you feel better about those gray hairs you've been denying. And if you're wondering what's to come of these miscreants of the mic after the drugs have run their course, there's the list of celebrity ODs we should have seen coming.

The Druggiest Rock Stars of All Time,

Amy Winehouse

Courtney Love

Janis Joplin

Jimi Hendrix

Jim Morrison

Keith Richards

Kurt Cobain

Ozzy Osbourne

Sid Vicious

Whitney Houston

Thu, 24 Jan 2013 03:46:28 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/the-druggiest-rock-stars-of-all-time/robert-wabash
<![CDATA[Cute Characters Who Say the Most Messed Up Things]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/cute-characters-with-dirty-mouths/coreybarger
Who doesn’t love cute characters that steal the show? Everyone has those favorite adorable characters from their childhood that they found funny or adorable. But these days, the cuter the character are the more crass and inappropriate they can be. You can get away with more if you are considered adorable! Which cute characters say awful things?

There are Stewie and Brian from Family Guy, a baby and dog who know how to curse and work language for evil like few other characters can. Then there's that other Seth MacFarlane creation, the foul-mouthed Ted, from Ted and Ted 2. Many other adorable, sweet, old, and seemingly innocent characters have appeared on television and in movies throughout the years, though your opinion of their sweetness likely changed the second they opened their mouths.
Check out the list of the cutest characters who say some seriously f*cked up things. This list tells their backstory along with some of their best quotes. It will have you laughing at everything from a talking bear to a creepy grandfather.
Make sure to vote up the characters below that are the most crass, but also adorable. What makes adorable characters that say horrible things so funny? Let everyone know what you think in the comments section!

Cute Characters Who Say the Most Messed Up Things,

Bender is a robot who drinks to recharge himself. He is a gambler who likes hookers and smokes cigars. He is always the center of attention. 

Bender: You know what cheers me up? Other people’s misfortune.
Bender: Blackmail is such an ugly word. I prefer extortion. The ‘x’ makes it sound cool.

Bender: You’re a pimple on society’s ass and you’ll never amount to anything!
Bender: Bite my shiny metal ass.

Brian Griffin
Brian Griffin is the 8-year-old dog belonging to the Griffin family. He can speak in complete sentences and acts like a human. He is also best friends with Peter.

Brian (to Peter): Lois has gained some weight since you guys stopped having sex. Maybe you should, uh, you know, have some sex.
Meg: Wow, Brian! Have you lost weight? You gotta tell me your secret!
Brian: Here's a hint: Put down the fork!

Brian: I was just watching this special on VH1 about Gwen Stefani. I don't know what a hollaback girl is, all I know is I want her dead.

Zoidberg is from Decapod 10. He moves to Earth to practice medicine, has a heavy Yiddish accent, and is homeless. He is often seen in dumpsters and eats trash. He is an outcast and possibly the worst doctor that has ever lived.

Zoidberg: Ah, there’s nothing like the first cup of dumpster juice in the morning!
Zoidberg: I’m looking for something beautiful and cheap for a lady who is one of those things!
Zoidberg: You seem malnourished. Are you suffering from internal parasites?

Eric Cartman
Cartman is 10 years old and weighs around 90 pounds. He is friends with Stan, Kyle, and Kenny, although the others don't consider him their friend. He curses more than you would probably expect from a child.

Cartman: Dude, I'll make you eat your parents.
Cartman: It’s a man's obligation to stick high boneration in a woman's separation: this sort of penetration will increase the population of the younger generation.
Cartman: Special Olympics, what's so special about it?

He is literally a wad of meat, who is on the Hunger Force. He is easily manipulated by his friends, is much like a child, and by far the dumbest character of the cast. He often mistakes words and doesn't know their true meanings.

Meatwad: I have a two-part question: one, what's he doin'? and, two, should we light him on fire? 
Frylock: You cannot cut someone's lawn with matches, Meatwad. 
Meatwad: Look, I know that; you gotta have gasoline, otherwise how's it gonna spread to the street? 
Meatwad: These underwear were so cheap at the store because I got them pre-skidded.

Stewie Griffin
Stewie is the 1-year-old child of Peter and Lois Griffin. He aspires to world domination and is not afraid to point out your flaws. For a baby, he is very smart and can speak eloquently in a British accent.

Lois: Oh, I haven't been on a college campus in years. Everything seems so different.
Stewie: Really? Perhaps if you laid on your back with your ankles behind your ears that would ring a few bells.
Stewie: Die, Lois! 
Stewie (reading the Bible): My, my. What a thumping good read! Lions eating Christians, people nailing each other to two-by-fours. I say, you won't find that in Winnie the Pooh.

Herbert is one of the neighbors to the Griffin family. He seems very kind and even has a whistle lisp. However, he walks around in a robe and is seen making inappropriate comments to teenage boys.

HerbertYou want a popsicle? My cellar’s full of popsicles!
Herbert: If it gets too hot and sweaty for you out here feel free to take your shirt off.
Herbert: Whoever can swallow the most Tylenol PM wins.

Ted from "Ted"
Ted is a magical bear that came to life when his best friend John wish, for exactly that, came true. He smokes, drinks, and does drugs. Most people believe he is sweet and cuddly, at least until he opens his mouth. 

Frank: You think you got what it takes?
Ted: I'll tell you what I got. Your wife's p*ssy on my breath.
Frank: Nobody's ever spoken to me like that before.
Ted: That's because their mouths were full of your wife's box.
Ted: [dressed in a suit and tie] I look stupid.
John: No, you don't, you look dapper.
Ted: John, I look like something you give to your kid when you tell 'em Grandma died.
Ted: Company's turning 20, huh? So you can bang it but you can't get it drunk.

Roger Smith from "American Dad"
Roger is an alien who lives with the Smith family. He is very self-centered and sarcastic. He enjoys alcohol, watching TV, and eating junk food. He came to live with the Smiths when he saved Roger from Area 51. 

Roger: Steve, before she tells you your future, let me tell you her past: forty years of alcoholism and three doctorless abortions.”
Roger: This guy’s a douche with a capital bag!
Roger: Wow, Hayley, your cheek’s pregnant. Who’s the father? Touching your face all day with your greasy hands?

Klaus Heisler from "American Dad!"
Klaus is an East German Olympian stuck in the body of a goldfish. His brainwaves were switched with the fish in 1986 to prevent him from winning the gold at the winter Olympics. He joins the family when the CIA orders Stan to take him home.

Klaus: [referring to Roger the Alien] I wish he'd get sick like ET. 
Klaus: There's an old German saying: "don't blame the fish." There are other sayings, but they, um, mostly involve genocide. 
Klaus: You know, every time you interrupt someone, your penis gets a little shorter.

Wed, 10 Jun 2015 08:04:30 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/cute-characters-with-dirty-mouths/coreybarger
<![CDATA[NPR Reporters Whose Names Are the Most Fun to Say]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/npr-names/amber-hubert
Do these reporters and NPR contributors have faces for radio? No! But they certainly have names you can't forget! That is, if you can actually pronounce them correctly. Whether these names are tongue twisters, allertation-tastic or just plain mouth fulls, you have to wonder why so many people working for National Public Radio have names that would give Engelbert Humperdinck a run for his money. Pretty soon, Rumpelstiltskin will be reporting the latest goings-on in the middle east.

It's a good thing the news and storytelling shows on NPR are so amazing, because if the names of the reporters were any indication to how much listeners will tune in for their news and other content, I'd be worried! But these journalists' names are unique and therefore pretty great and interesting, just like the stories they share with the world as NPR hosts. Let's all continue to support public radio! It really is the best journalism out there!

NPR Reporters Whose Names Are the Most Fun to Say,

Sylvia Poggioli
Senior European correspondent for NPR's international desk.
Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson
International correspondent for Central Europe and contributor to NPR's Morning Edition and All Things Considered.  
Ofeibea Quist-Arcton
Radio journalist and West Africa correspondent for NPR.
David Folkenflik
Arts desk and media correspondent.
Lakshmi Singh
Host of Latino USA and midday newscaster for NPR.
Audie Cornish
Co-host of All Things Considered for NPR.
Kai Ryssdal
Journalist and host of Marketplace. 
Shankar Vedantum

Sonari Glinton

Yuki Noguchi
Correspondent on the Business Desk based out of NPR's headquarters in Washington D.C.

Thu, 31 Jul 2014 10:33:37 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/npr-names/amber-hubert
<![CDATA[The 13 Sexiest Psycho Girlfriends in Internet History]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-13-sexiest-psycho-girlfriends-in-internet-history/john-barryman
Nothing puts an expiration date on a relationship quite like invading the personal space and property of a man and then destroying something he holds dear. Here are 13 videos of crazy girlfriends, who also happen to be pretty damn hot, destroying Jaguars, XBoxes, balls, PS3s, fingers, Star Wars collections, and most importantly, dreams. Girls are ranked both by their craziness and hotness... what?

EDIT: Hey, I'm really glad my list is getting out there and that people are reading! BUT... are most of these real or fake? Well, it's the Internet, so you can come to expect a lot of both. Either way, these girls are part of Internet history, no?

These sexy girlfriends, for better or worse, totally lost it... and it's almost too much fun to watch.
The 13 Sexiest Psycho Girlfriends in Internet History,

Girlfriend Deletes WOW Characters
While a World of Warcraft addict goes out to get a pack of cigarettes (that he apparently smokes indoors, so his house will end up smelling like the '70s), his girlfriend expresses, on video, her disdain for his favorite pastime.

She goes on to say that she's going to fix this, which at this point in the list is absolutely terrifying. This guy was supposed to be going on a raid that night, and much like cutting off the water supply in the city as soon as firefighters are needed to put out a fire at a five-story orphanage, she makes sure that it's not possible for him to raid.

What does she do? She erases hundreds of hours of work by deleting 5-6 (read: ALL of his) Warcraft characters. People have been killed for doing less. This is like throwing paint on a famous work of modern art, or knocking over an award-winning sandcastle right before the judging.

Understandably, the guy is pissed, but after the initial "I just lost my wallet" feeling he experiences, he flips a lid, and doesn't even suspect his girlfriend. He takes it out on his monitor. It's pretty brutal, and she's pretty insane. Why is she on this list? Well... she sounds kinda hot, but her "psycho" quality is off the freaking charts.

Also, it's more probable than not that she's hot because most of the girls who pull this stuff on the Internet, and are so comfortable (for some reason) talking to cameras (which is literally talking to a machine while you're alone) are attractive and are used to a lot of attention because of that and fight back when they don't get it.

Girlfriend Pranks (Beats?) Boyfriend for Not Picking Her Up From Work
Alright, so this one's actually pretty funny. Click here to view the full video. This girl is pretty insane, and you can definitely tell she's up to something, but she's got some pretty great curves. Let's move on...

So basically, a guy does something careless because he probably has better things to do with his life, and he accidentally forgets to pick up his girlfriend. By the looks of him, he was probably doing something really important to him like playing a pick-up game of basketball or beating up people that look "diffrn't."

So he gets home, his girlfriend plans out a cute little ploy to make sure that she can get this on camera, so she calls out the other guy in the room as having been playing with the camera all day. She tells him a series of knock knock jokes and then finally pulls her trick.

It is actually quite magnificent. She not only splashes water on his face (which is already taking it a tad too far), but slaps him hard across the face immediately following the water. After the water, her coup de gras, she knees him really hard in the balls, sending him falling back against the wall behind him. The most heartbreaking part is that she does all of this right after he apologizes.

Never EVER forget to pick up your psycho girlfriend with way too much time on her hands from her work (most likely as "the cashier that will ruin your day" at the local Rite Aid.)
German Girls Destroy Cheater's Jaguar in Broad Daylight
Click here for the video of three cute French girls destroying a guy's Jaguar .

These adorable German girls publicly play a real-life version of the bonus level from Street Fighter II with a guy's Jaguar.

They start out by scratching it by hand with small tools, and then manage to get everything from shovels to wheel barrows to destroy a pretty nice, dark green Jaguar. They smash the car and kick it and are captured by many different cameras, YouTubers, and camera phones, so much that the person who made the clip linked above cut together all the footage in an almost-too-good-to-be-true display of vengeance.

Apparently, the guy cheated on her... which is definitely grounds for some kind of payment, but this was a little much. What if they got the wrong Jaguar?
Hot Sugar Momma Destroys PS3
This girl is probably dead. This guy sounded pretty pissed.

So as one of the guys who actually kind of seems like he has it coming on this list, this fed-up girlfriend (who goes to school, pays all the bills, and still doesn't even get to sleep with her boyfriend because he's up all night playing video games... instead of looking for a job) decides, at 3 AM, to teach her boyfriend a lesson.

She angrily stomps downstairs and asks her boyfriend if he knows what time it is. He says no because he's too busy playing the really overrated and underwhelming Ghostbusters game that came out in 2009 and then (clearly not detecting that she's as angry as she is), he tells her to get him something to drink.

This is when s**t truly hits the fan.

She goes nuts on his new PS3 (this is when it first came out, too, so they were actually pretty rare at the time... and extremely expensive), smashes it, and then the camera cuts out after he throws her off of the wreckage of his new purchase.
Call of Duty 4 or Girlfriend?
So basically, this insanely hot girl is sick of her boyfriend playing video games with his friends all the time. And much like everyone on this list, she doesn't talk to him about it, she doesn't leave him or try and consider why she IS with him; she decides to go insane.

She tells the guy filming, who obviously wants to bang her, what is going on as this douche prepares to pull a horrible, expensive, and heartless prank on a guy who probably doesn't completely deserve it. She grabs a bat from her HUGE truck and walks in on her boyfriend and all his friends playing video games and smashes the XBox repeatedly with the bat while they're playing games, ostensibly losing them a crucial match that embarrassed them all.

The most annoying part is how hard the douchebag who's taping this is laughing. He's obviously too ugly for her to want to bang him, so he's trying to get in her good graces, so he supports completely dissing someone who he probably pretended to be "bros" with on camera.

So to answer the question posed by this YouTube video "Call of Duty 4 or Girlfriend?" even though she's kind of a Hispanic Kristen Bell, the answer in this case is "Call of Duty 4 IS my girlfriend" (which is probably so true for so many of us...)
Pissed Off Girlfriend Unloads His Stuff in NYC
This crazy/beautiful redhead loads up her SUV with a guy named Stephen's belongings and yells at him on a public street in New York. She unloads his most valuable belongings while smashing them in front of a small crowd.

Luckily, one of them chose to film it with their camera phone. As she's standing there, symbolically breaking all of this cheating bastard's belongings, she smashes his laptop, bends his golf clubs, and almost smashes his flatscreen TV before one of the bystanders begs her not to. She doesn't, and the guy gets a free TV, which must have been one of the coolest moments of his life.

She goes on to yell at the guy and curse him for what he did in a public forum, which goes to show that you should never EVER cheat on your girlfriend because, among other things, you never know what kind of monster you're going to create.
In another mean-for-no-reason act of psychosis, a girlfriend decides to prank on her boyfriend just because.

The prank? To make sure she never gets treated to an expensive dinner, and that he'll never wait until she finishes first, ever again.

This blonde girl sets up a series of mousetraps in a row, (about 12 or so mousetraps) and decides to make her boyfriend fall down on them, attacking his fingers, legs, chest, face, and anywhere else a trap closed.

The plan is actually kind of funny: to set the mousetraps up at the foot of his bed (along with a whole bunch of marbles, just so that he slips, proving that she watched the Home Alone movies), and then at three o'clock in the morning, she wakes him up to tell him his car is getting towed.

It happens, everything goes to plan, and the guy is in excruciating pain.

Girls like this need to find better hobbies than terrorizing the one dude who will put up with their crap.
Girlfriend Doesn't Realize Boyfriend is on Vacation
Since there are no pictures of this girl in this video, one can only assume she looks kind of like, no, EXACTLY, like the picture to the left.

If you think this is bad, then you won't believe what these crazy exes are doing.

So a guy gets the golden opportunity to backpack through Europe for two weeks. He tells his friends and family, and even tells his girlfriend and calls her to say goodbye the night before he leaves. She ends up forgetting this ever happened because she's a bad listener. The guy has his phone turned off throughout his trip in order to avoid roaming charges, which is why he doesn't answer his phone.

She ends up sending email, after email, after email, having completely forgotten that he was in Europe. The emails go from fun, to worried, to angry, to seething, to vengeful (she ends up sleeping with someone to get back at him for "cutting her off") to apologetic when his mom tells her where he was.

You really just need to watch this. It is golden.

The reason this is both a hot AND psycho girlfriend entry is that the girl is obviously hot. She sends him emails about getting hit on constantly and even letting guys buy her a drink, and as soon as they hand her the drink she says, "you remind me of my boyfriend," which #1: an unattractive girl would not do, because c'mon, and #2: is a standard hot-girl move and a type of robbery that should be punishable by fine.

Check out more sex crazy girls here
Girl Destroys Her Ex's Starcraft 2 Beta Key
Real or fake, this girl is an absolute either comic genius or complete psychopath. Either way, it's really, really hot for some reason. There's a lot wrong with me. It's probably the glasses.

So this girl basically does what was, at the time, the unthinkable. She didn't go out and bang his best friend or key his car or break anything he owned... except his spirit. People have waited YEARS for Starcraft 2 to come out. Starcraft 2 was one of the most preciously anticipated games of the last 10 years and Beta access to an early version of the game was like having a Willy Wonka Golden Ticket (only much more available.)

So, when "Brad" received his Starcraft 2 Beta key in the mail, which would have allowed him access to the wonders of Starcraft 2 (and freed him from the shackles of "showering"), his email had been hacked... by his ex-girlfriend. The hottie that he dumped for obvious, "I don't want my children to grow up deaf" reasons had not only hacked into his email, but deleted his Starcraft 2 Beta key email. On top of that, she printed it out before doing so just so she could video tape herself shredding it.

The comic timing of where the video ends is priceless. She's also up near the top of the list because she's insanely cute (once again, it's probably just the glasses), despite the fact that she probably collects human flesh.
The Original: Girlfriend Smashes Boyfriend's XBox
An oldie but a goodie (and the one that started the console smashing trend in 2010), this sexy blonde had had it with her boyfriend and in this oversaturated viral video from early 2010. She proceeds to destroy her boyfriend's XBox with a golf club. It was covered in news stories all over the Internet and mainstream media and garnered a new hatred for unsupportive girlfriends, as well as a wave of "alright, maybe we SHOULD spend more quality time together."

Her boyfriend later smashed her laptop in a retort video showing that not only was this one probably fake, but that they prank each other all the time, like that one couple on Break.com whose girl would have made the list if it wasn't for the constant, brutal back-and-forth she has with her boyfriend where she's totally cool with being pranked just as long as she can prank him back.

So before anyone says anything in the comments, they didn't make the list because they're both cool with the pranks and put them on break. This means that not only do they have a great relationship, but that the girl is absolutely, unbelievably cool.

Wed, 13 Oct 2010 09:01:29 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/the-13-sexiest-psycho-girlfriends-in-internet-history/john-barryman
<![CDATA[The 53 Dumbest Criminals Ever]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/dumb-criminals/jacob-shelton
This list of the dumbest criminals will make you feel like a rocket scientist. While it's nice to know that most criminals are too idiotic to follow through with their hair brained schemes, it's kind of depressing to realize how stupid a lot of people really are. The deplorable dumb dumbs on this list sound more like fictional characters than they do hardened criminals. But these crime fails are all totally real. And yes, that includes the guys who tried to rob a grocery store while riding a donkey. These are the worst criminals ever, who were just too stupid to be successful. 

This collection of the dumbest criminals of all time ranges from almost the entire state of Florida, to people who committed crimes in police stations, and a guy who tried to sell weed to a detective. How do you think that ended for him?!

Hopefully after reading about the idiots on this list of dumb criminals you'll have learned some life lessons. For instance, don't try to write yourself a $360 billion check. You can't do that. No one will cash it for you. If you steal an iPad, maybe don't take selfies with everyone in your crew the moment you get back to your house. Selfies can wait for when you have changed the iCloud account to "not the original owner's." And please, stop drinking and driving - even if you're driving with one eye closed to counteract the double vision, it's just not a good idea.

Vote up the dumbest of the dumb criminals on this list of idiotic crimes that completely failed.
The 53 Dumbest Criminals Ever,

Florida Man Answers Call from Security Company During Robbery
Amateur criminal and professional dumb dumb Christopher Kron made every mistake possible in robbery history when he tried to rob a restaurant after it closed one night. Not only did he trip the silent alarm, but when ADT called the restaurant after being notified, Kron answered the phone and gave them his REAL NAME. He returned to the restaurant the next day and was recognized by an employee who had seen the surveillance video. Kron was arrested on the spot.

Source: NBC

Two Nabbed in iPad Theft When Selfies Appear on Owner's iCloud
Two men arrested in Houston were accused of stealing an iPad and using it to take selfies that they unknowingly uploaded to the owner's iCloud account. The men appeared in the photos displaying money they were also accused of taking from the victim. At least they didn't have to listen to that new U2 album!

Dallas Dummy Tries to Cash Check for Billions of Dollars
Charles Ray Fuller, a Texas dumb dumb, tried to cash a bogus check for $360 BILLION. To top it off, the check wasn’t even made out to him. He was arrested on forgery charges and sentenced to a million billion years in prison. 

Source: CBS

Robber Falls from Ceiling Into Police Custody
A burglar looking to make a quick score at a Dollar Store made one tiny mistake.
He climbed on the roof of the store and managed to weasel his way into the ceiling, where he promptly fell in front of a nearby Houston police officer. After picking up 10,000 Q-tips for under two dollars, the officer brought the burglar into custody. 

Source: KHOU

Man Applies for Job Before Robbing Golden Pantry
Demetrius Robinson, 28, wanted to rob a Golden Pantry store late one night, but he needed to pass the time as naturally as possible until he and the clerk were alone, so he decided to fill out a job application. Not a bad idea, except he left his real name on the application, along with his uncle’s phone number. After he robbed the store, it didn’t take long for police to track him down. He didn’t get the job.

Source: Sun Journal

Man Attempts Carjacking in Prison Parking Lot
Things were looking up for Frank Singleton when he was released from jail. However, when he realized that he didn’t have a ride home, he walked straight into the prison parking lot and attempted to carjack a woman. He was foiled when he realized that he couldn’t drive a car with a stick shift. As he was re-arrested - this time, for felony carjacking - Singleton told police that he simply “didn’t feel like walking.” We've all been there. 

Source: WPTV

Criminals Draw on Their Faces with Marker to Disguise Themselves
Before breaking into an apartment, Joey Miller and Matthew McNelly decided to put on disguises. And by disguises we mean they covered their faces in permanent marker. The thing about permanent marker is that... well it's permanent. 

After the burglary, the pair was pulled over by police and immediately recognized because of their hair. Just kidding, it was their faces covered in permanent marker that set them apart from the crowd. 

Source: The Telegraph

Florida Man Marks Occupation as Drug Dealer on Arrest Report
A West Palm Beach, FL man was arrested on a slew of charges, and was perhaps a bit too honest on his arrest report. He listed his occupation as "drug dealer" and was charged with being the most obvious criminal in the history of crime.

Source: Florida Times Union

Crooked Cop Drives Ferrari to Work
The dumbest policeman in the world, who was making some extra cash with drugs and prostitution, was brought to justice after driving a $170,000 Ferrari to work. Osman Iqbal, an officer based in Birmingham England, was jailed for seven years for running a brothel.

Source: Time

Robber Gives Cashier His Phone Number
18 year old Ruben Zarate wanted to rob a muffler shop in Chicago and demanded money. Unfortunately it was mostly in the safe. Zarate decided that he would try again later. To save himself some time, he left his cell phone number with the store employees. That way, they could call him when the manager returned.

Source: News Sentinel

Tue, 10 Feb 2015 09:11:52 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/dumb-criminals/jacob-shelton
<![CDATA[The 11 Different Kinds of Drunk People]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-11-different-kinds-of-drunk-people/theothermother
Drinking brings out the best, and more often, the worst in people. But there are many different kinds of drunk people that rear their stereotypical heads on the average night out. From the passed out drunk, to the singing drunk, to the puking drunk, this list shows the different types you can encounter.

Nights out on the town can give you the best time of your life, or lead you to making the biggest mistake you've ever made - sometimes the two are one and the same thing. Whether they get up on stage and sing as if they're the next Maria Carey, or get so drunk that walking becomes a serious challenge, there are many distinct kinds of drunk people, each with their own unique charm.

If you've ever been really, really drunk (and we know you have), you're well aware of which type of drunk you are. Have a look through the list and find which of the 11 you are. If you don't think you could possibly be one of these kinds of drunks, you certainly have friends who are. This list will either bring back a lot of memories or remind you of your craziest friends. Bottoms up!
The 11 Different Kinds of Drunk People,

The "jGG &fcC@ j" Drunk
This drunk has about the same level of communication than Hodor from Game of Thrones. Unable to string together a single comprehensive sentence, they usually garble a series of inarticulate sounds while the rest of you watch on in frustrated, yet amused silence. If you're lucky, they tire quickly and will resort to simple smiles and nods of the head. 
The "I Think I Can Dance" Drunk
Similar to the "I think I'm sexy" drunk, this drunk exudes (unfounded) confidence. This kind of drunk has the blood (alcohol level) of a dancer (homeless guy) running through their veins and they will stop at NOTHING to show you the skills they were born with. Beware extended arms and pointed elbows.

The Drunk That Cannot Walk
This drunk guy can't even walk through a store. At least he picks up some more beer. It seems like he needs it.
"I'm Not Drunk, I Can Still Have One More Drink"
Ah, the Relentless Drunk. This kind of drunk has had already had about 7 strong drinks, but is certain he or she can do a few more. Why? Because despite how drunk they are, their sorrows are still well-afloat and just about one or two more drinks will drown them (in vomit). Not necessarily the most cheerful of drinking companions, but always one who is up for the next round of Ring of Fire. 
Throwing Up Drunk - Not The Prettiest Thing
We've all DEFINITELY been there. A night can be going perfectly well until that wave hits. Suddenly, we know that we have just gone that one sip over our limit and we need a bathroom RIGHT. NOW. Before we know it, that white porcelain bowl becomes our best friend, our teddy bear, and our pillow for the forseeable future.

Skip to 1:50, where everyone gets ready for the explosion and the girl, too nauseous to even move, just manages to let it go off the bed. According to the guy filming it, her mom is going to kill her.
Drunk and Passed Out
This kind of drunk succumbs to the sandman before everybody else and passes out. Serene and occasionally nauseous, they're generally the quieter of the drunks, keeping their mouth firmly closed to keep the premature vomit down. Try as they might, they just can't always keep up with the rest - when their body tells them to shut down, they shut down and before you know it are sprawled unconscious in the gutter. There is nothing they can do about it. But there is EVERYTHING their friends can do to ensure maximum humiliation. Beware the permanent marker. 
The "I Think Everything Is Funny'" Drunk
Everything is funny when you're a laugh-y drunk. Everything. A simple 'Pass me a cup' or 'Wow, you're drunk' from a fellow human being suddenly has the comedic effect of an entire Will Farrell movie. Just ask the giggly girl in this video.
The Crying Drunk
The sobs. The tears. The temper tantrums. The Crying Drunk will treat to the story of every break-up they've ever been through, every pet that has died, and every calorie they ate even though they were on a diet. There will be impossible questions and there will be absolutely no way of soothing them. Give them a kleenex and edge inconspicuously away.

The "I Want To Kick Everyone's Ass" Drunk
This guy just really had a night.
The "I Know I'm Sexy" Drunk

We've all been here. Drinking that liquid courage somehow turns everyone into an attractive movie star and increases their self-esteem 10-fold to delusional proportions.

So, why not show everyone what you've got because there is NO WAY you're not getting laid tonight! Right?!

Tue, 03 Nov 2009 14:25:45 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/the-11-different-kinds-of-drunk-people/theothermother
<![CDATA[5 Movies In Development Designed to Mine Your Childhood]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/7-movies-in-development-designed-to-mine-your-childhood/geekscape
from Geekscape.net

As Nick Gregorio (an esteemed cohost on the Geekscape Podcast) so eloquently stated a while back on the show, "Hollywood is raping us." He was, of course, referring to the mining of childhood intellectual properties and memorable franchises in order to make a quick buck on the silver screen.

Well, the following list proves that Hollywood is not just raping us, but is in fact taking us forcibly by the balls and showering us in a proverbial all-night bukkake of youthful nostalgia and soulless greed. These are the movies in development that will make you question the existence of a higher power. Movies that will make you believe that studio executives are truly nothing more than empty yes-men who are both illiterate and addicted to cocaine. Movies that quite simply make you want to stand up and scream, "F-ck my life!" So, fellow cinema goers, lets strap on our safety helmets and journey into this putrid developmental abyss together.
5 Movies In Development Designed to Mine Your Childhood,

Carmen Sandiego
One of the best reasons to own the Apple IIe when I was a kid was the "Funducational" games, like "Reader Rabbit," "Island of Dr. Brain," or the "Oregon Trail." The best, in my humble opinion, was always "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" In it, you play a detective trying to find the titular master criminal as she travels the globe stealing pieces of history.

Now, Walden Media has gotten the rights to the game and have said that they plan on making the movie with singer/actress Jennifer Lopez currently attached to produce. JLo is also in talks to play Carmen Sandiego in the movie franchise that is being compared to National Treasure and The Thomas Crown Affair.

We can only hope that they keep or update the awesome theme from the 90's PBS show.
Heathcliff: The Movie
Do you remember "Heathcliff"? No? How could you not remember an eighties cartoon cat who was more or less a blatant rip-off of Garfield? You see, "Transformers" had its "Gobots," and "Garfield" had "Heathcliff." 

In case you didn’t know, he’s a zany, sarcastic cat that gets in all sorts of crazy shenanigans. To me, that just screams "awesome movie." I just can’t wait to see what wild adventures he’ll get into. Maybe he’ll get stuck in a ball of yarn or, better yet, learn how to skateboard!

You’re so sassy and cool, Heathcliff! I wish I were as edgy and tubular as you! *air guitars* *slits wrists*
Hollywood has turned to video games. They’ve turned to toys. Action figures. Dolls. Old cartoons. Gum wrappers. Amusement park rides. Well, now ladies and gentlemen of the jury, they’ve turned to board games — a form of entertainment so lame that its coolest spokesperson is Jamie Lee Curtis.

Granted, I’m not one to bash the 1985 movie Clue (which is surprisingly a decent flick), but Monopoly is where I draw the line. Let me ask you something: have you ever played Monopoly for longer than two hours? Yeah, I didn’t think so. That’s because it gets really boring after about forty-five minutes and the game never ends. Now, picture that excruciating experience compiled together as a movie. Just makes you wet with anticipation, doesn’t it? To make matters even more intriguing, mortifying Ridley Scott (i.e. the man behind Alien and Gladiator) is currently tapped to direct. I don’t know about you all, but when I hear the word board game, my mind doesn’t necessarily jump to "dude who made Blade Runner." Regardless of what happens with this flick, I hope they come up with intriguing plot twists revolving around who gets to be the racecar and what the true rules of free parking are. Just think, in no time, you too can cruise "Pass Go" into the bowels of cinematic hell. Sounds fan-fricking-tastic!

Until next time, see you on the Baltic Avenue of websites…
Where's Waldo?
Where’s Waldo? was a fun picture book series created with the sole purpose of entertaining kids during long car rides or times when Daddy was passed out from drinking. That’s all well and good — and I genuinely don’t have a problem with the character of Waldo. But a movie? C’mon! What decent story can possible be extracted about a tall guy who wears a striped shirt and glasses, stands in crowds, and is most likely gay?

More importantly, is this even necessary? I guess considering this is Hollywood we’re talking about here, I really shouldn’t be surprised. At this point, I probably should just sit back in my recliner and wait for the inevitable sequel featuring a crossover with Carmen SanDiego. Then, I can lock myself in my car, close the garage door, and turn on the ignition.

Though the property has traded partners more than I did during my elementary school square-dance, Where's Waldo? is currently being developed by MGM Studios with a goal date of summer 2015 for release. Before MGM, Nickelodeon had the rights, then it was sold to Universal before landing in it's current spot.
With characters like "King Kandy," "Princess Lolly," and "Gloppy the Molasses Monster," who could forget Candyland? One of the easiest games for kids ever, the point of the games was to go from one space to the other in the hopes of reaching Candy Mountain and saving the King of Candyland. A simple and delicious goal.

When one plays the game,  one would never think that it would inspire a Lord of the Rings-type epic, but that seems to be what the writers in good ol' Hollywood thought when given the property. Originally scheduled to be written by Ethan Cohen, the guy behind the comedies Tropic Thunder and Madagascar 2 (not of the Coen brothers), the film version was going to be super kid-friendly.

It has since moved on to a different development team that has been quoted as saying that they envision the movie like this:

"We don't see it as a movie based on a board game, although it has characters from that world and takes the idea of people finding themselves in a world that happens to be made entirely of candy where there are huge battles going on. We are going for real comedy, real action, and real emotions at stake."

And who's going to be starring in this 2015 gem? Adam Sandler.

Tue, 14 Jul 2009 12:48:48 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/7-movies-in-development-designed-to-mine-your-childhood/geekscape
<![CDATA[26 Horrifying Party Bus Injuries]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/party-bus-injuries/mel-judson
The party bus injuries on this list will make you think twice before throwing a rager on a moving vehicle. From collisions, to fights, to stabbings, and even shootings, you never know exactly what you're getting into when you spend the night in a bus full of alcohol. Many of these tragic incidents resulted in injuries that just couldn't be mended, and some saddening deaths. Many of the party bus companies even changed rules regulating their trips, and in a few cases, state governments also stepped in.

The craziest party bus rides of all time have ended in injuries all around the world. When you're drinking on a bus, anything can happen. Every state in America seems to have suffered at least one tragedy from a party bus night gone wrong. Read about a Florida high school's horrific homecoming when their party bus crashed into a sedan. And make sure to check in with one NFL star below who got into a party bus altercation with a stripper.

These party bus injuries and accidents will make you think twice about throwing your next shindig on a bus, but if you do decide to do it up party bus style, at least be sure to keep all your limbs and body parts inside the vehicle at all times.

26 Horrifying Party Bus Injuries,

Dead Burlesque Dancer in San Francisco
"Sparkly Devil," a San Franciscan burlesque performer, died in a suspected drunk driving-related party bus collision in 2013. Her husband faced charges in her death and found himself in critical condition as well.

Source: NBC Bay Area
New Jersey Freak Accident
A 16-year-old boy died in 2012 when he stuck his head out of the emergency hatch on a double-decker party bus, while traveling on the New Jersey side of the George Washington Bridge.

Source: Daily Mail
Deathly Dallas Party Bus
In 2013, Dallas police got a call at 4:30 am when people were shot on a party bus. Two guests were wounded and one died.

Source: NBC Dallas Fort Worth
Missouri Wedding Crash
A 28-year-old man from Lawson, MO fell from a moving party bus on the highway in 2014. On the way from a wedding to the reception, the man sustained injuries that were characterized as non-life-threatening and moderate.

Source: The Washington Times
Los Angeles Bus Shooting
South L.A. ended up in the news when eight to ten rounds were fired at a party bus in 2014. There were 40 people in the bus and three of them were hospitalized with injuries. 

Source: NBC Los Angeles
Miami Rapper Shootout
Atlanta-based rap trio Migos left a club in a party bus when, around 3:30 am, a car pulled up beside them and opened fire. This 2014 party bus highway shootout left one injured and hospitalized.

Source: CBS Miami
Party Bus Fall on the 101
Studio City's 101 Freeway became a crime scene in 2014 when a 24-year-old man fell out of a party bus and died. The accident led to criminal accusations against the president of Platinum Style Limousine Service.

Source: LA Times
Louisiana Party Bus Accident
In Edgard, LA, nine people were injured in a party bus crash in 2014. Among those hospitalized after the highway collision was a 14-year-old, who was in critical condition.

Source: WVUE
Jacoby Jones and the Stripper
Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones found himself on TMZ in 2013 after getting in a fight with a stripper on a party bus. The stripper, obviously named Sweet Pea, caused Jones to bleed everywhere after slamming a massive Ace of Spades bottle into his head.

Source: CBS Sports
Virginia Party Bus Ejection
Three people were hospitalized in 2014 after a party bus flipped over in Lorton, VA. Nine partiers were ejected and one died when the bus was overturned.

Source: WUSA

Sat, 01 Nov 2014 14:41:13 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/party-bus-injuries/mel-judson
<![CDATA[Weirdest Diets Where People Lost Weight]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/weirdest-diets-where-people-lost-weight/molly-gander
The weirdest diets where people lost weight are those strange fad diets, often popularized by celebrities, who through the most bizarre processes, actually work. So if you're fed up with the traditional diets, read on to learn about some of the strangest ways people lost weight through weird diets. Which is truly the weirdest? Vote on your picks below.

Losing weight is quite often a matter of consuming fewer calories than you burn. How you get this to happen is a whole lot more complicated, as these diets prove. Take the Twinkie, Starbucks or Taco Bell Drive Thru diet for example. All three promote eating foods that wouldn't necessarily be considered healthy but at a caloric deficit which inspires weight loss. If calories in are fewer than calories out, regardless of where those calories come from, you'll likely lose weight.

Other fad diets are straight up dangerous, though effective. Those which rely on fasting, like the cotton ball diet (yes, people eat cotton balls on this one), the Breatharian diet (where cult members... followers, consume only sunlight) and the lemon detox diet (because who says mixing cayenne pepper, lemon juice and maple syrup isn't delicious) all work, since followers are not eating real food, causing a huge (and pretty unhealthy when done in excess) caloric deficit.

Like all things you read on the Internet, all strange dieting advice, especially for weird fad diets, should be reviewed by a medical professional before taking them as the gospel. While many of these weird diets actually work, some are straight up dangerous as well. Stay healthy, folks.
Weirdest Diets Where People Lost Weight,

Taco Bell Drive Thru Diet
Most everyone knows about Jared and his Subway diet but what about the Taco Bell drive thru diet? It's possible according to one woman who claimed she lost 54 pounds from eating the semi-Mexican fare offered by the fast food chain. Using a combination of calorie counting and "other sensible choices" like the woman did, is the foundation for a good diet.

Spoiler: It didn't take long for Taco Bell to jump on her story and launch a whole menu section with healthier options. If you read the fine print though, Taco Bell denies that the drive thru diet is a "weight loss program" and will note that these results aren't typical. Good luck with this "diet," folks.
While more of a philosophy than a diet, this weight loss has been around since 1895 when dietician Horace Fletcher developed the principles. According to Fletcherism, one can eat anything they desire, but only eat when truly hungry and never when anxious, depressed or otherwise busy. Additionally, each bit must be chewed roughly 30 times or until it liquifies, after which it can be swallowed and followed by a sip of water. Other versions, the really weird ones, include only chewing, no swallowing and thus not consuming anything more than the lucky liquid that falls down the throat in the process. Yum.

Aside from the crazy chewing mandate, the principles of Fletcherism are not that different from healthy eating habits. Removing emotional eating plus eating slowly and drinking a lot of water are all great tips to eating less, which in turn inspires weight loss.
The Twinkie Diet
Yes, really, this is a diet filled with Twinkies, crunchy Doritos, chocolatey Oreos and sugary cereals at all hours of the day and night. Instead of consuming typical "healthy" meals, one Kansas State University professor ate Twinkies, cakes and other convenience food every three hours. At the end of 10 weeks, he had lost 27 pounds.

But it wasn't overindulgence in junk food that caused the weight loss. the professor limited himself to 1,800 calories per day, enough to cause a deficit and prompt weight loss. In the end, he succeeded with his goal - to prove that regardless of the nutritional value of food, eating at a caloric deficit is what causes weight loss, plain and simple.
Negative Calorie Diet
The theory of the negative calorie diet is simple, stick to foods that (allegedly) contain fewer calories than the body uses to digest those foods and you'll lose weight. According to the inventors of the diet, foods like celery, lettuce, cucumber, apples, oranges, grapefruit, strawberries, lemons, oranges and beets, among others, all are negative calorie foods and perfectly acceptable to eat on this diet. Since all of those foods contain fewer calories than the body takes to digest them, you will essentially lose weight in the eating process.

If the idea of negative calories sounds hokey, it kind of is. Few studies can confirm the negative calorie theory and those who tout the diet have some questionable connections to various industry groups. Withstanding all of the doubt though, eating only nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables in moderation is a great way to lose weight without all of the miracle claims.
Lemon Detox Diet
Once used by Beyonce to shed 20 pounds in 14 days, the lemon detox diet aims to speed up metabolism, increase circulation, rid the boxy of any toxins and inspire weight loss all at once. And really, it's a pretty simple diet too. Just stop eating and instead consume only a mixture of water, lemon juice, cayenne pepper and pure maple syrup. Delicious!

This diet works as it is essentially a fast, which can last for a week or two. It however comes with some pretty awful side effects including thyroid problems, diabetes and kidney issues.
Starbucks Diet
Popularized by a librarian from Virginia, the Starbucks diet is more than just lattes and cake pops. Featuring coffee and a low calorie breakfast item like oatmeal for breakfast, a "bistro box" of fruit and cheese for lunch and a panini for dinner, the caused this librarian to lose more than 75 pounds over the course of a few years.

The Starbucks diet worked for this woman as it also included calorie counting and a food diary. The librarian consumed as few as 876 calories per day, which would cause weight loss no matter what she ate. While she didn't have to cook a thing during her diet, it certainly wasn't too frugal to eat every meal out, especially when a cup of coffee will cost you a couple bucks.
Beer and Sausage Diet
Many diets will restrict calories from alcohol and fatty processed meats but not this one! The beer and sausage diet is just like it sounds. Those following the diet consume high quality sausage, sometimes with a bun or toppings like peppers, onions or mustard, and craft beer. The protein-heavy sausages are filling while the beer can help speed up the metabolism.

But like everything, moderation is key. In this success story, an Arizona man lost nearly 20 pounds in 30 days on the beer and sausage diet, though he enjoyed both in moderation. The man consumed only an average of 1,500 calories per day, which was enough to cause a calorie deficit which inspired weight loss. While this is a weird diet, any diet that includes beer and sausage at every meal might just be brilliant too.
Cookie Diet
Touted as the Hollywood miracle and loved by reality television personality Snooki, the cookie diet is just like it sounds. Those following the diet eat "cookies," which are really meal replacement bars formed to resemble cookies, plus eat one low-calorie meal of real food per day. The cookies are said to control hunger and cause weight loss.

What the cookie diet doesn't tell you is that you're not enjoying Mrs. Field's finest chocolate chip cookies, rather very low calorie cookies with an ingredients list that is a "proprietary secret combination" of proteins and other hunger-controlling elements. In the end, those on the cookie diet only consume about 800 calories a day (500 from cookies and 300 from the one meal), way lower than many dietitians will ever recommend, and accordingly, the weight just melts off as a result.
Eggs and Dessert Diet
While the egg and dessert diet isn't that weird, it does fall on this for the fact that it encourages indulging in sweets like cakes, cookies and brownies… for breakfast. While the actual science behind the weight loss might be more psychological than anything substantial, according to a 2012 study, those who ate one sugary treat with breakfast lost more weight over a 32 week period than those who didn't.

The diet maintains that those who indulge during their first meal of the day are less likely to indulge later plus the serotonin rush at breakfast leads to a happier rest of the day with fewer cravings. Like any diet though, one cannot simply eat eggs and cake for breakfast then whatever they want the rest of the day. A caloric deficit and exercise are required.
Hard Boiled Egg Diet
A favorite of actress Nicole Kidman, the hard boiled egg diet is just as described. Participants eat only hard boiled eggs and lose weight. The eggs provide a good combination of fat and protein, with little carbs, all of which fights hunger and causes weight loss similar to an Atkin's low carb diet.

While the low carb approach - something that can be achieved by eating nothing more than hard boiled eggs - can inspire weight loss, restricting food to just eggs isn't recommended. High protein diets can be hard on the kidneys and too many eggs can cause constipation and gas. Not what usually comes to mind with Nicole Kidman!

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<![CDATA[Wacky Election Facts from Around the World]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/weird-election-facts/mike-rothschild
Since the very beginning, the United States has allowed its citizens to choose their leader. Since then, that process has been fraught with corruption, flaws, mistakes, and people getting outright screwed. Fortunately, a dip into election facts shows that America is far from the only country that's gotten it totally wrong when it comes to picking new leaders. Thanks to weird election rules, dictatorships, protest votes, and truly staggering corruption, there are a lot of other examples of voting gone horribly wrong.

When a dictator wants to show the world how much his people love him, he calls an election - with him as the only candidate. When you want to influence the outcome of a presidential election, or just oust the person in charge, there are lots of ways to do it. And thanks to weird laws, some people can't vote, have been disenfranchised, or in the case of South Carolina, couldn't even drink their sorrows away. 

Here are some hard to believe, yet totally true, facts about elections around the world. Remember, every vote counts - just don't talk about it if you live in New Zealand.

Wacky Election Facts from Around the World,

North Korea Actually Has Elections
While it's a corrupt and repressive dictatorship, North Korea does actually have elections... which, of course, are corrupt and repressive. Parliamentary elections are held every five years to elect the Supreme People's Assembly - but each district has only one candidate, who is personally selected by Kim Jong Un, and voters who wish to dissent must do so in public, using a special ballot box. This ensures nobody actually dissents.

The elections are mostly held as a form of census taking, hence, voting is compulsory. Voting rolls are checked against village population lists, and citizens who don't appear on both are severely punished. The last election, in 2014, had 99.97% turnout - which was actually down from 99.98% in the 2009 election. That election was postponed for a year, for reasons that were never explained.

If You Live in Texas, You Can Vote from Space

Passed in 1997, a Texas law allows American astronauts currently in space to cast their ballots in federal elections electronically from orbit. Ballots are sent via secure email to the Johnson Spaceflight Center and then passed on the astronauts' home counties in Texas. Why only Texas? Because virtually all current astronauts live near the Johnson Spaceflight Center in Houston.

The first space vote cast was by American astronaut David Wolf in 1997, while aboard the Russian Mir station.

Brazil Elected an Actual Clown to Its Congress
Francisco Everardo Oliveira Silva was already a minor star in Brazil, with a hit song and prolific career as an actor and a clown. But he gained international fame when he ran for the Brazilian Congress in his home city of Sao Paolo. He ran in the guise of his clown character, Tiririca, using slogans like "what does a federal congressman do? I really don't know – but vote for me and I'll let you know!" and, "It can't get any worse, vote Tiririca!"

Despite his opponents denouncing him as illiterate, a racist, and having forged his signature on his candidacy forms, Silva got the most votes of any candidate in the entire 2010 election,
and easily won. Even so, he still had to take a literacy test - which he passed.

Chicago Once Elected a Mayor Who Debated Rats
Long before Clint Eastwood staged a comedy routine with an empty chair at the 2012 Republican Convention, Chicago mayoral candidate William Hale Thompson held a debate with caged rates. Thompson had previously been mayor of Chicago from 1915 to 1923, when various scandals forced him to resign. He ran again in 1927, but was still dogged by his reputation as corrupt.

So, he arranged a debate at the Cort Theatre in downtown Chicago, invited thousands of voters, then proceeded to walk on stage carrying two caged rats. He used them as strawmen to settle accounts, hone up for past failures, and crack rat puns. Naturally, the audience loved it - and he went on with the bit for half an hour. Thompson's nutty act worked, and he was re-elected in a landslide (though having Al Capone as an ally helped).

It's Vote or Else in Australia
Voting is compulsory in countries like North Korea because they're governed by dictatorships that run on the perception that people have a choice in their leadership. But elections are compulsory in Australia for a different reason - voter turnout dropped below 60% in 1922. Compulsory voting was then held in 1925, and turnout shot up to over 90%.

Technically, the only punishment that will befall one if he or she doesn't vote is having to explain why they didn't vote. If that explanation is unsatisfactory, a small fine is imposed. Even so, a number of prominent figures in the country want to see compulsory voting done away with.

Brazilians Elected a Rhino to Sao Paolo City Council
While numerous animals and objects have been run in elections as a joke or to make a statement, the people of Sao Paolo, Brazil were seriously fed up with corruption and graft on their city council. In protest, they elected Cacareco, a rhinoceros at the Sao Paolo zoo. It wasn't just a few pranksters who voted for her, either. 100,000 votes were cast for the rhino, far more than for any human candidate.

The statement worked, as Cacareco made international news, and a "Cacareco Vote" is still used as a term to mean protest vote in Brazil.

The Election Process in the US Constitution Failed Almost Immediately
For the first few presidential elections under the Constitution, citizens voted to choose electors from their state, and each elector cast TWO votes. The candidate who won the second-most votes became vice president. This unwieldy process finally collapsed in 1800, when Democratic-Republican candidate Thomas Jefferson took on Federalist candidate John Adams.

Jefferson won the popular vote, but with each elector casting two votes, Jefferson and fellow Democratic-Republican Aaron Burr each received 73 votes. This sent the contest to the House of Representatives to pick the president. After 36 ballots, Jefferson was elected president, and it became clear that the election procedure had to be overhauled. It was, with the 12th Amendment.

The Election of 1860 Basically Started the Civil War
While the Republican party confidently nominated abolitionist former Illinois Representative Abraham Lincoln, the pro-slavery (at the time) Democrats shattered, and put forth a northern and southern nominee. Multiple other candidates ran as well. The two Democrats split the pro-slavery vote, winning every slave state, while Lincoln won every free state and the popular vote, though only getting 40%, as he wasn't even listed on the ballot of most slave states.

While Lincoln still would have beaten a unified Democratic party,  it was clear that sectionalism had usurped national unity, and war was imminent. Lincoln refused to acknowledge the right of succession, was expressly anti-slavery, and vowed military action to protect federal property in southern states. This was the final straw for the South, and seven states seceded before he was inaugurated. A month later, the Civil War began.

Technically, the US Cabinet Could Stage a Bloodless Coup
The 25th Amendment codified much of the ambiguous law regarding presidential succession. But it also gave the Cabinet a way to undertake a peaceful coup and sideline the president if they believed he was mentally incapacitated. Acting under Section 4, the vice president and a majority of the Cabinet could declare the president disabled by submitting a written declaration to the president pro tempore of the Senate and the speaker of the house. The VP would then become acting president.

Presumably, the president would submit his own declaration that he is, in fact, mentally fit for the office. But Section 4 has the coup plotters covered, as they could submit another declaration, which would give them two days to convene Congress for a vote, and if two-thirds of each body voted that the president was incapacitated, the VP would continue as acting president. Even then, the president could submit another declaration of his mental fitness, which would force another vote. Theoretically, this could continue indefinitely, as the 25th provides no limit on how many votes can be taken.

So technically, the president could be forced into a position where he is sidelined from office while continuously asserting his own mental competency, while the vice president acts as president.

Americans Vote on the First Tuesday in November Because of Catholic Farmers
While many countries have the ability to call elections whenever they see fit, Americans have always voted for president (as well as for Congress) on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. Why the incredible specificity? Because of the distances that used to lie between farms and polling places.

In America's early days, the country was an agrarian society with little infrastructure for transport. It took time to get to polling places, and Tuesday was seen as the first day of the week that wouldn't force voters to travel on Sunday and disrupt church activities. The first Monday clause was inserted to prevent elections from taking place on November 1 - All Saints Day in Catholicism.

But why November? Because it's the sweet spot between the end of the fall harvest and winter setting in, at which point roads often became impassible.

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<![CDATA[Shocking Discoveries of Mysterious Body Parts]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/body-parts-that-were-found-and-never-explained/christopher-shultz
It's a headline that's all too common: Body parts found in everyday common places, like trash cans, rivers, lakes, in parks, and on trails. It's probably one of the most gruesome things a citizen or police officer can discover, and it happens quite a lot. There are even a few unsolved mysteries with body parts playing an integral role to the crime, the biggest perhaps being all the unidentified remains recovered after the September 11th attacks in New York City. Here are 10 cases—both solved and unsolved—of body parts turning up in mysterious circumstances.
Shocking Discoveries of Mysterious Body Parts,

British Columbia Plagued by Severed Feet
Since 2007, a rash of severed feet clad in running shoes began washing ashore in British Columbia, Canada. Medical examiners do not suspect foul play in these cases, and many of the feet have been positively identified. Even still, just how exactly these feet ended up in the ocean remains a mystery, as does why the feet began appearing so frequently in 2007.
Dismembered Remains Wash Up in Bangkok
Several dismembered body parts washed up in Bangkok's Chao Phraya River in February 2016. Investigators eventually identified the remains as belonging to David Bernat, a 40-year-old Spanish man who had been tortured and murdered in January of that year. Police believe the killer to be fellow Spaniard Artur Segarra Princep, though at the time of this writing, Princep would not confess and plead not-guilty.
Over 1,100 9/11 Remains Unidentified
After the horrendous attacks in New York City on September 11, 2001, 1,115 partial remains were discovered in the rubble and areas surrounding the World Trade Center. These bone fragments and body parts were sadly never identified. In May 2014, the city of New York held a ceremony, whereby the remains were laid to rest beneath the 9/11 memorial. This sparked some controversy among residents whose loved ones had perished in the attacks and were never discovered.
Hands, Feet, and Head of Missing Child Recovered
In September 2015, the badly decomposed hands, feet, and head of a small child were discovered floating in a lagoon in Chicago's Garfield Park. They were eventually identified as belonging to Kyrian Knox, a two year old who had been missing for several weeks prior to the remains being recovered. Although Knox was identified, police hit a dead-end when friends of the family refused to cooperate with the investigation.
Head Found Near Hollywood Sign
In January 2012, two women walking their dogs in Bronson Canyon, near the Hollywood sign, discovered the severed head, hands, and feet of a man who was later identified as 66-year-old Hervey Medellin. The case remained cold until 2014, when the police arrested Gabriel Campos-Martinez in connection with Medellin's murder.  

It was revealed that Campos-Martinez had been Medellin's live-in boyfriend for several years. It wasn't clear why Campos-Martinez murdered and dismembered Medellin, though investigators did discover a recent search term on a computer found in the couple's apartment: "Butcher a Human Carcass for Human Consumption."  

The rest of Medellin's body, as well as the murder weapon and dismemberment tools, were never discovered.

San Francisco Suitcase Body Parts
Residents of San Francisco, CA and investigators were shocked by the discovery of a dismembered body inside a suitcase in January 2015. Other partial remains were discovered in a nearby trashcan. The dismembered body was eventually identified, but the primary suspect in the case passed away under equally mysterious circumstances in February of that year.
A Possible Victim of the Black Market Body Part Trade
In rural Pennsylvania, a child walking home through the woods made a gruesome discovery on December 12, 2014: the embalmed, severed head of a middle-aged woman. Even more disturbing, the woman's eyes had been replaced with red rubber balls. Even though police received numerous leads, the woman's identity was never established. Many believe her to be the victim of a black market body parts trade that is "pretty expansive," according to Beaver County District Attorney Anthony Berosh.
Fresh Parts Dumped in Seattle Recycling Bin
In early April 2016, a resident of the Central District neighborhood in Seattle, WA discovered body parts from an adult, including a foot, in his recycling bin. Investigators said the parts were "fresh" and that it was clear they were dumped there from another location.

Initially believed to have come from a man, the remains were later linked to Ingrid Marie Lyne, a woman from the suburb of Renton who was murdered and dismembered by a man she met online.
Severed Head Found in Trash Bag
A Memphis, TN man was arrested on charges of second degree murder and "abuse of a corpse" in September 2014 after his garbage ripped open to reveal a severed human head. The man, Michael Wilson, Jr., was standing in his backyard with Lacedric Ruffin, who intended to haul away some of Wilson's old junk. If the bag had not ripped open, the head likely would have made it all the way to the town dump.  

Police eventually found more remains inside Wilson's home. The body was later determined to be his roommate's.
Dismembered Remains Found in Bizarre Murder-Suicide
A man discovered three suitcases bearing the dismembered remains of a 70-year-old Austrian woman in January 2016. The suitcases were pulled from the Traunsee lake in Linz, Austria. The woman's hands and feet were in one bag, her torso in another, and her head in a third.

Her severed head was encased in concrete and attached to the hand of her husband, who had also drowned to death in the lake. It was ultimately determined that the woman died of strangulation, and it was believed the man killed her, dismembered her, and killed himself while disposing of the remains.

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<![CDATA[12 Famous Companies Caught Selling Horse Meat]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/famous-companies-caught-selling-horse-meat/robert-wabash
Gross horse meat alert! Gross horse meat alert! Legitimate companies are serving horse meat. This is actually happening!

This is a list of famous companies caught selling horse meat for public consumption. While these famous companies that served horse meat to people were not doing so intentionally, it's becoming a growing concern that meat suppliers are mixing in equine and porcine (horse and pig meat) into supposedly all-beef products. The offending items are mostly frozen food products that so far include meatballs, burgers, kebabs, lasagna, pizza, tortelloni, ravioli, empanadas and meat pies, among other items.

In recent days it's come to light that certain companies like Burger King and Ikea have been selling products containing horse meat under the label of a 100% beef product. The horse meat scandal started "innocently" enough with some traces of horse and pig meat found in Irish products purporting to be 100% beef, and quickly ballooned into a full-blown horsemeat scandal involving some of the world's biggest brands.

While the food tainting scandal is currently centered in Europe, there's speculation that some of the horse meat is coming from the United States via Mexico, and that the exported product may be that of retired and injured race horses. To put this in perspective, think of the movie Seabiscuit, a heartwarming tale of a Depression-era racehorse who raised the spirits of an entire nation. Now, imagine that after winning all those races and making a place for himself in the history books, Seabiscuit was then sent to pasture in a field of grain...to plump him up for your spaghetti bolognese. You just ate an American hero. That's what's happening in Europe right now.

These are all the famous places that served horse meat to customers, and the list is updated as new stores that sold horse meat to consumers are revealed.
12 Famous Companies Caught Selling Horse Meat,

ALDI, a discount grocery chain, pulled frozen lasagna and spaghetti meals produced by French company Comigel after similar products sold by French market Findus were found to contain horse meat.

Asda Stores Limited
ASDA, a UK subsidiary of Wal-Mart, pulled jars of bolognese pasta sauce after the product was revealed to have traces of horse meat present as confirmed by a test looking for horse DNA in beef products.

Birds Eye
Birds Eye, an international frozen food brand, has found two products in the UK and one in Europe to contain traces of horse DNA in meat products produced by the company. In Belgium, horse meat was found in the manufacturer's chili con carne, leading the the UK recall of several Birds Eye products feared to contain horsemeat. On testing these recalled products, 1% horse DNA was found in Birds Eye beef lasagne and the traditional spaghetti bolognese. As of yet, these are the only Birds Eye products know to contain horse meat.

Source: Daily Mail UK
Burger King
Silvercrest Foods, who supplies beef products to Burger King restaurants in the UK and Ireland, recalled 10 million burger patties in the wake of the European food tainting scandal that implicated Burger King as one of the famous places that served horse meat.

Source: LA Times
Lidl stores in Finland found traces of horse meat in its Coquette beef goulash meal and Coquette ravioli meals which had initially been pulled from shelves as a precautionary measure.

Makro, a wholesaler catering to the bar industry, recalled 16 different beef products in the midst of the European horse meat crisis and found that one of the items, the Unger beef burger, contained traces of horse meat.

Source: BBC News
Nestle is the producer of the Buitoni Beef Ravioli and Beef Tortellini (as well as the Lasagnes à la Bolognaise Gourmandes line used by catering companies) that was sent to Italy and Spain and found to have traces of horse DNA in the mix.

Source: Reuters
Taco Bell
In the UK, where they only has three establishments to maintain, there have been traces of horse meat found in Taco Bell's ground "beef" which is used for a substantial portion of the fast food chain's menu. The horse DNA found in Taco Bell's beef was significant enough that all beef products were pulled and the European supplier was cut. So whatever you do, don't order the new "Zenyatta Supreme" while vacationing in Britain.

Tesco PLC
Tesco, one of the biggest grocery chains in the UK, was found to be selling hamburger patties that were almost one third horse meat. In Tesco's Everyday Value burgers, horse DNA present suggested horse meat accounted for 29% of the meat content of the burger patties. In the Tesco Everyday Value spaghetti bolognese sauce, DNA tests for horse meat confirmed that the product contained as much as 60% horse meat. In addition, the chain also pulled frozen lasagna and spaghetti meals produced by French company Comigel after similar products sold by French market Findus were found to contain horse meat.

Source: BBC UK

Iceland, who describe themselves as being experts in frozen foods, was discovered to have been selling horsemeat tainted burger patties from the same supplier as Tesco.

Source: Huffington Post UK

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<![CDATA[Innocent Pictures Ruined By The Brazzers Logo]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-brazzers-logo-pictures/chris-abraham

The Brazzers meme has become quite the phenomenon in the past few years, and the formula to making one is quite simple – just find a picture that's slightly suggestive, throw the Brazzers logo on there somewhere, and you're done! These are the funniest pictures that were ruined by the Brazzers logo, including childhood cartoons, pictures of presidents, and more. Shows like Rugrats and Spongebob Squarepants will be forever ruined after looking at these pictures, so don't say we didn't warn you.

Innocent Pictures Ruined By The Brazzers Logo,

Naughty Rugrats

I Hope That's Snow

Soccer Anyone?

Giant Gummy Worm

Jennette Mcurdy

Cinderella Mice Getting Freaky

He-Man's The Master Of Everything

Climb on In Boys

Bear with Me Here

Team Rocket

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<![CDATA[The Craziest Tom Cruise Scientology Rumors, Ranked]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/tom-cruise-scientology-rumors/harmonleon
On the October 30, 2015 episode of ABC's 20/20, actress Leah Remini divulged details on the series of events that led to her leaving the Church of Scientology in 2013. A main disclosure: Remini alleges that there are serious consequences if Church members criticize the cult’s most famous son: Tom Cruise. Yes, in the Scientology world, one should never badmouth the diminutive (5'7") star of Cocktail, Days of Thunder, and Rock of Ages.  

Cruise joined Scientology in 1986, during the time between filming Risky Business and Top Gun; It's not hard to see how being hooked up to an E-Meter transformed his career. Scientology has always loved celebrities.

What is scientology and what are the main Scientology beliefs? In 1955, science fiction writer and founder of the religion L. Ron Hubbard had a written a Scientology program governing celebrity recruitment. He called it “Project Celebrity.” Hubbard offered rewards to Scientologists who targeted movie stars and celebrities. It was stated that: "If you bring one of them home you will get a small plaque as your reward." Hubbard believed that famous people would give his organization legitimacy. In a newsletter, Hubbard listed 63 famous celebrities for members to target. Walt Disney was on the list. So were Picasso, Liberace, and Groucho Marx. (None of them became Scientologists.)

Jump ahead to the modern day: Mr. Tom Cruise is now the most outspoken celebrity supporter of the Church of Scientology. The actor lives and breathes everything Planet Xenu. Naturally, there are some nutty (but maybe true) Tom Cruise and Scientology rumors floating around. This list ranks the craziest of the bunch, strap yourself in to a nearby E-Meter and get ready to upvote the Tom Cruise Scientology rumors and tales you think are most bizarre.

And remember, these are all “just rumors."

The Craziest Tom Cruise Scientology Rumors, Ranked,

Tom Cruise Doesn't Just Dislike Psychiatry, He Thinks It's Evil
Scientology itself is very anti-psychiatry. Founder L. Ron Hubbard, proclaimed psychiatry was an evil enterprise, a form of terrorism, and the cause of crime. Hubbard’s anti-psychiatry themes were first introduced in his sci-fi books Mission Earth and Battlefield Earth.

In a famous 2005 interview with Matt Lauer, Tom Cruise defended his criticism of Brooke Shields taking medication for post-partum depression. When Lauer talked about certain drugs helping people he knew, Cruise said: "You're glib." And later in the charged interview, "You don't know the history of psychiatry. I do."

Image: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com

Tom Cruise IS Scientology
In her 20/20 interview, Remini revealed that Tom Cruise was one of the main factors leading to her leaving Scientology. She said Cruise is so important to the church that the two are inseparable. Thus, in Scientology logic: an attack on Tom Cruise is an attack on Scientology. “Being critical of Tom Cruise is being critical of Scientology itself,” Remini said. “You are evil.”

Image: 360b / Shutterstock.com
A Norwegian Woman Was Tricked Into Screen Testing for the Role of Mrs. Tom Cruise
In 2005, Anette Iren Johansen was among the many women who unknowingly auditioned for the part of Mrs. Tom Cruise. The Norwegian, now ex-Scientologist, claimed the church "tricked" her into a "screen test."

Johansen thought she was being summoned by the church to make a Scientology training film. Instead, she was grilled about her sex life – in an attempt to see if she would make a good mate for Cruise. It wasn’t until years later when Johansen read an interview with film director and former Scientologist Paul Haggis that she realized she had been duped. Haggis mentioned the Tom Cruise mate audition scheme and Johansen realized, "Oh my God, that's exactly the process I went through."

Image: anetteiren.com

Tom Cruise Freaked Out Jerry O’Connell
In 2008, Jerry O’Connell made a Tom Cruise Scientology parody video for Funny or Die. O’Connell’s video is a satire of the infamous/intense video interview Cruise gave about Scientology. Cruise wields such power in the Scientology community that O’Connell still avoids him to this day.

“I have not run into him,” he said on the podcast Allegedly with Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss. “I saw him at one event and I hid. I had to be at the event — I hid for as long as I could and when it was time to disperse, I literally was the first at valet.”

Image: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

Tom Cruise Offered to Discipline Insubordinate Scientologists
It has been alleged that Scientology leader, David Miscavige, instigates brutal tactics to keep Scientology members in line. Obviously, Tom Cruise has an intense devotion to Scientology. It has also been alleged that Cruise offered to "beat the living sh*t” out of insubordinate members for not properly preparing for his visit to the church's Hemet, CA compound.

Allegedly, three men were repeatedly beaten by Miscavige’s crew – who threatened that Cruise was on his way to take part in the discipline.

Tom Cruise Has Allegedly Reached the Highest OT Levels
Regardless of how Tom Cruise performs at the box office, it’s been reported that he has risen to the highest echelons of the Church of Scientology. Yes, Cruise has reportedly reached the ranks of "Operating Thetan Seven" or "OT-VII." This level of Scientology gives Cruise more authoritative power.

OTs can allegedly move inanimate objects with their minds, leave their bodies at will, and telepathically communicate, and control the behavior of animals and human beings.

Image: oneinchpunch / Shutterstock.com

Tom Cruise Could Be the Organization's Number Two
When he was a teenager, former Scientologist Marc Headley was personally audited by Tom Cruise. In a Vanity Fair article: Headley said, “Dave [Miscavige] told us in a meeting that if he could he’d make Tom Cruise inspector general - second-in-command." Miscavige allegedly went on to say, “that if he weren’t Tom Cruise the actor he would be the number two.” (Emphasis in original.)

Image: Everett Collection / Shutterstock.com

The Church Allegedly Auditioned Women for the Role of Mrs. Tom Cruise
In the fall of 2004, actress Nazanin Boniadi (Homeland) was reportedly being groomed by the Church to be the next Mrs. Tom Cruise. Boniadi was summoned to meet a high-ranking Scientologist at the Celebrity Centre in Hollywood. She was only told that she was selected for a very top-secret mission that would entail meeting dignitaries around the world and make the world a better place.

As a Scientologist, Boniadi jumped on board. She began a month-long process of being audited every day – which included telling innermost secrets about her sex life.

It didn’t help matters that Boniadi already had a boyfriend. To squash her feelings towards him, Boniadi was allegedly shown confidential information from her Scientologist boyfriend’s auditing tapes, in hopes it would end their relationship. In the end, it's said the Church of Scientology didn’t find her a suitable girlfriend for Cruise - and she fell out of favor with the organization.

Image: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

Scientology Broke Up Tom Cruise’s Marriage to Nicole Kidman
Remember when Tom Cruise was married to Nicole Kidman? It’s alleged that the Church of Scientology broke up their marriage and turned their adoptive children against Kidman. The church allegedly told the children that Kidman was a "Suppressive Person" (a Scientology term for those who aren't believers). It didn’t help matters that Kidman’s father was a renowned psychologist in Australia.

The Church of Scientology allegedly waged an aggressive campaign to get Cruise to dump Kidman, which included wiretapping her phone.

Image: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com

Tom Cruise Freaked Out Scarlett Johansson
According to Andrew Morton, author of Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography, many Hollywood women were brought in to a Scientology center, as potential prospects for Cruise's next girlfriend, before the Church chose Katie Holmes.

Among these women was Scarlett Johansson. Marc Headley, former Scientologist and Sea Org member (author of Blown for Good) said, "They went for Jennifer Garner, Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Alba, in that order. Jennifer and Jessica didn’t bite, but Scarlett… came in for an audition. When she arrived at the address and found out it was the Scientology center in Hollywood, she freaked out and didn’t do a tape.”
Image: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com

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<![CDATA[The 12 Craziest Toy Attacks of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-12-craziest-toy-attacks-of-all-time/michael-gibson
These are the craziest toy attacks and crimes committed using toys of all time. Some guy attacked people in a store with a lightsaber to the point of having to be brought down by the police; a woman used a toy penguin to try to hold up a gas station, and entire planes have been hijacked by toy grenades. These are the most vicious attacks, robberies and crimes committed using children's toys, and they are spectacularly weird.

What are some weird crimes committed using children's toys? If you're wondering where people who commit crimes with kids' toys rank on the evolutionary scale, these bizarre crimes involving toys will give you a pretty solid idea.
The 12 Craziest Toy Attacks of All Time,

Man Tries to Rob a Store in JAKARTA with a Toy Gun
Some adults also use toy guns to commit robbery.

Two men in Jakarta robbed a minimart of cash and two cans of powdered milk by threatening an employee with an airsoft gun which, c'mon, those things actually really do hurt like a bastard.

Unfortunately for the robbers, though, the employee knew his guns and wasn't scared enough of the toy to not fight back. He screamed for help, allowing his colleagues to overpower the thieves and they were then brought to probably-way-too-brutal justice.
Man Hijacks Plane with Toy Grenade
In 1988, Gonzalo Carreno diverted a domestic flight en route to Bogota back to its departure city, forced all 128 passengers to deplane, demanded $100,000, and then ordered the plane to Panama to refuel, to Aruba, and finally back to Colombia, after the pilots assured Carreno that the plane couldn't make it all the way to Cuba and all while carrying a toy grenade. He was finally captured later that day about 300 yards from the runway, still clutching the grenade.

His reasoning for all of this? Carreno claimed he was terminally ill with cancer and wanted to go out with a bang by flying to India and meeting up with Mother Theresa. 

At least he never pulled the pin on that toy grenade.

Assaulting Toys R Us Shoppers with a Lightsaber
At the height of the 2011 holiday shopping season, one Portland man reached his limit and started attacking fellow Toys R Us shoppers with a toy lightsaber, like any rational adult would after standing in line while listening to children use that Dora the Explorer talking toy 27 times in a row.

But the force was so strong with him that when officers tried to taser David Canterbury, he wielded the toy lightsaber so effectively that he was able to break the taser wire.

Eventually an officer tackled Canterbury, who is now undergoing a mental health evaluation for using the weapon of choice for the peace-mongering monks from a galaxy far far away.

To his credit, Canterbury's lightsaber didn't belong to a Sith Lord (or Apprentice), so he had not completely gone over to the dark side. I would've used Mace Windu's because say what you will about the prequels, that is one sleek purple lightsaber.
Nerf Gun Attack Results in Man Being Run Over
Nerf guns are a lot of fun, and almost everyone has taken part in a Nerf fight at one point or another. But one summer, two teenagers took their Nerf attack too far by driving around Quincy, Massachusetts, and shooting at every passer-by they saw. Two of their victims decided to fight back and chased the teens until they were cornered on a dead-end street, at which point the teen driving tried to escape and ended up running over one of the pursuer's legs before totaling the car. Among other lessons learned, both teens probably now know only to use their Nerf guns among friends, and not to attack strangers.
Skateboard Rampage
A man in Massachusetts turned his skateboard into an assault weapon when he attacked two police cars and destroyed an outside lamp. Alexander Thomas Risberg then threatened police with the skateboard, only stopping when an officer tackled and handcuffed him. Afterwards, Risberg claimed not to remember the attack, but to be safe he should probably avoid all skateboards for the foreseeable future.
Woman Tries to Rob a Store with a Toy Penguin
If you decide to turn to a life of crime and rob a gas station, one way to get the clerk to hand over the cash is to say you have a bomb. 

One woman named Andri Lynn Jeffers stuffed a toy penguin under her shirt and tried to rob a convenience store saying that she had a bomb. The cash register was empty, though, so there was really nothing they could do to help her.

She pressed on and was then caught by authorities who discovered that she was unarmed, not wielding anything more deadly than the infectiously adorable toy penguin she pretended was something that could take out the entire store.
Remote Controlled Airplane Attack
Remote controlled model planes are pretty cool. They're easy to fly and they've gotten more realistic, so much so that it's almost like you're flying a real, albeit tiny, plane. Which would be a good thing, unless you decide to use the plane to deliver a load of C-4 explosives to the U.S. Capitol and the Pentagon. This fall Rezwan Ferdaus was arrested and accused of plotting to commit "jihad" against the U.S. with remote controlled planes, which is one of the most horrible and vicious things you can use a toy to do.
Kid Stabs Other Kid for Winning a Water Gun Fight
Water gun battles can be a great way to cool down on a hot summer day, especially if you get the kind with the cool laser sights, or the ones might as well be entire hoses.

This is what 17-year-old William Welch must have been thinking in June 1992 when he used his Super Soaker to drench his friends on any other day. But one of his friends apparently didn't like getting wet, because he went home to get a kitchen knife and then stabbed Welch in the chest for what one can only assume was extra points.

Welch miraculously survived the completely unfair and rule-breaking stabbing, although his love of water gun fights most likely did not.
Drinking and Driving a Toy Car
Getting drunk and then getting behind the wheel of a car is one of the worst and most dangerous things that you can do – turning your vehicle into a deadly machine that can hurt anyone in its path.

But what if, when you're drunk, you get behind the wheel of an electric Barbie car with a top speed of 4 m.p.h.? That is what 40-year-old Paul Hutton did in the U.K. last year, turning the Barbie vehicle into a very slow weapon on wheels.

And even though a pedestrian could outrun the out-of-control Barbie car, Hutton was still arrested for drunk driving and had his license suspended for three years. Too bad he wasn't aware of the Welsh teenager who was charged in 2006 for drinking and then driving a child's dune buggy.

As if getting a DUI wasn't already embarrassing enough, this guy has to walk around asking for rides, taking the subway, and telling people he doesn't have a valid license because he drove a pink barbie cars. I mean, he could've at least been driving a Power Wheels.
When Bicycles Attack
Bicycles are a classic toy. And, unlike a lot of other toys, bicycles don't really look like weapons. But bicycles can still attack you, as the actor Jim Caviezel experienced in 2009. Caviezel was out riding his motorcycle when a mentally disturbed man threw a bicycle in his path. Fortunately, Caviezel was wearing a helmet and only suffered a few cuts and bruises.

Thu, 22 Dec 2011 06:54:51 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/the-12-craziest-toy-attacks-of-all-time/michael-gibson
<![CDATA[28 Celebrities with Fake Teeth]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/celebrities-with-fake-teeth/celebrity-lists
Celebrities with Fake Teeth ranked by fame and popularity. It's no secret that Hollywood is all about appearances and there is nothing more important that a great smile. Many famous people have paid a lot of money to get caps, veneers, false teeth and dentures to perfect their pearly whites. Most celebrities don't talk about their fake teeth, but it is pretty easy to spot those smiles that are so perfect that they can only be fake.

Who is the most famous person with fake teeth? Tom Cruise tops our list. When Cruise appeared in “Outsiders” his teeth were far from perfect. He is suspected of having veneers and now has one of the best smiles in Hollywood. George Clooney reportedly grinds his teeth, so the “Gravity” star had to get veneers to lengthen them to the proper degree. Other actors suspected of having fake teeth include Ben Affleck, Chris Rock and Gary Busey.

Several famous people had to get fake teeth because they damaged their originals. “Mallrats” star Jason Mewes and Van Halen guitarist Eddie Van Halen both needed to get new teeth after drugs and alcohol abuse caused them to lose their originals. Boxer Mike Tyson lost quite a few teeth during his time in the ring.

Do you think that fake teeth make celebrities look better or worse? Share your thoughts in the comments section.
28 Celebrities with Fake Teeth,

50 Cent
Rapper 50 Cent has admitted to spending over $50,000 on his teeth.


Ben Affleck
Photo evidence would suggest that "Good Will Hunting" star Ben Affleck got some porcelain veneers to lengthen his teeth.


Chris Rock
Chris Rock is rumored to have had some pretty serious dental surgery and from the looks of it, Rock has some new fake teeth.


Courtney Love
Courtney Love has some pretty obvious veneers.


George Clooney
George Clooney has some sparkling white veneers.  Reportedly, the "Gravity" star grinds his teeth, so that's why he needed dental work.


Hilary Duff
Rumor has it that Hilary Duff chipped her tooth on a microphone and opted to get veneers on all her teeth rather than try to color match one tooth.


Jim Carrey
Jim Carrey fixed his chipped tooth years ago, but he removed the cap for his role in "Dumb and Dumber."


Tom Cruise

It looks like Tom Cruise has had some dental work done.  Most likely, the "Mission Impossible" star has some pearly white veneers.

See which celeb has had even worse dental work here.



Victoria Beckham
Photo evidence suggests that Victoria Beckham's perfect smile is comprised of veneers.


Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill had his dentures fitted in such a way so he could keep his signature lisp.


Wed, 06 Nov 2013 10:06:49 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/celebrities-with-fake-teeth/celebrity-lists
<![CDATA[What It's Like to Be in an Explosion]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/what-it-s-like-to-be-in-an-explosion/kellen-perry

What is it like to be in an explosion? Explosion survivors often talk about a “white light” and incredible heat. There’s usually a metaphor for the intensity of the blast, like when one IED survivor told National Geographic it’s “like being kicked by a horse—a horse with a foot that could cover your entire body.” But beyond those common themes, bomb survivors have a wide range of fascinating near-death-experience stories, the details of which vary depending on their proximity to the blast and the intensity of the device.

It takes quite a bit of good luck to survive a bomb blast. It’s not just shrapnel or flames that kills bomb victims: so-called barotrauma can rupture your internal organs if you’re too close to the blast. Surviving an explosion also depends greatly on environment, as the blast can often send debris and broken glass flying at you at incredible speeds. Read on for some chilling accounts of what it’s really like to survive an explosion.

What It's Like to Be in an Explosion,

"Like Ice Picks Plunging in Both Ears at Once"

Journalist Mark Kukis survived several explosions while covering the Iraq War and told his story in Time Magazine in 2007. What’s it like? If a mortar hits a large rock you’re hiding under, it feels like “being punched hard in the back of the head with a big fist” while someone throws rocks in your face. If you’re in an armored Humvee and a roadside bomb goes off right under where you’re sitting, it feels “like ice picks plunging in both ears at once” followed by a “throbbing headache comparable to [your] most vicious hangovers.” If a huge mortar hits a doorway you just walked through, it feels like your “bones for a second had turned to metal, and someone had rung [you] with a sledgehammer.”

"One of My Balls Was Hanging Out of the Sack"

Ben McBean was only 19 when he stepped on a land mine while serving with the Royal Marines in Afghanistan in 2007. The pain was so “horrendous” McBean told The Telegraph he “can’t even describe it.” He did, however, do a fine job setting the scene immediately following the blast: “On my left leg my knee was coming off. One of my balls was hanging out of the sack.”

McBean says he could immediately feel that one half of his body was lighter, which makes sense, considering the blast removed an arm and a leg. Another shocking detail: McBean says it looked like there was meat everywhere, because he’d “never seen the inside of [his] body before.”

"Like Jumping Into Freezing Cold Water"

Photojournalist Giles Duley stepped on a land mine in Afghanistan in 2011 and told The Independent the blast was such a shock it was like “jumping into freezing cold water” with “white light and intense heat” covering him. The explosion tossed him in the air “for what felt like ages,” until he crashed on his side, feeling no pain and hearing only “deafening silence.” Duley’s arm was smoldering, with all the flesh on one side missing. The “small white bones” of his left hand were completely exposed, and his feet were simply “no longer there.” He could see from the ground that a nearby tree was “covered in bits of [his] flesh.”

"Worse Than Falling Off a Building"

Writing the Boston Marathon bombing of 2013 in the Toronto Star, Mary DiManno explains that a physics professor told her the “effect on an exposed part of the body” during such a close-range bombing “would be worse than falling off a building.” These effects may include liquefied eyes from the shock waves at close proximity, organs being pulled away from the surrounding tissue, and limbs ripped off. Falling off a building, the thinking goes, would at least put you out of your misery.

"It Didn’t Feel Like I Was Falling, More Like Floating"

British soldier Pte. Stephen Bainbridge stepped on a land mine in Afghanistan in 2012 and lost both legs. Bainbridge told The Telegraph he felt a heat blast as he was blown into the air. On the way down, he says, “it didn’t feel like I was falling, more like floating.” He remained conscious long enough to tell his fellow soldiers “I’m a casualty” and  try to sit up and look at his legs, then he passed out. He regained consciousness nine days later, in the hospital.

"Like I’d Been Hit By a Frying Pan"

Martine Wright survived the 7/7 bombings in London that killed more than 50 people and injured more than 700. She lost both legs in the blast and later told The Guardian the feeling was “like I was in a Tom and Jerry cartoon and I’d been hit by a frying pan,” but she doesn’t recall the ensuing pain. She saw a big flash of white, but heard nothing. The policeman who helped cut her out of the train showed her the scars in his hand she inadvertently gave him because she was digging into his skin with her fingers.

Your Bodily Fluids Are Squeezed Like a "Tube of Toothpaste"

Shock waves from explosions do a number on your air-filled organs, thanks to something called barotrauma. Barotrauma occurs when there’s a big difference in pressure between internal organs and the surface of the body; the severity of barotrauma differs greatly depending on how close you are to an explosion and what exploded. Gizmodo’s Andrew Tarantola says your lungs, ears, stomach, and joints are the most susceptible to barotrauma; your lungs could hemorrhage and swell, while your organs could rupture. Your brain, too, is at risk of barotrauma: “US Armed Forces have compared the effects of an explosive blast on the human body to the act of squeezing a tube of toothpaste—blood and bodily fluids are forced into your brain and skull.”

"It Starts Off Smelling Similar to a Barbecue"

Gal Ganzman told Esquire the first thing he noticed after surviving a 2003 suicide bombing outside the bar he owned in Tel Aviv was the smell. It starts off  “smelling similar to a barbecue. There's a charcoal-like whiff of gunpowder mixed with blood and burned flesh. It's thick and bitter, and it overpowers everything. You can taste it in your mouth.” Ganzman later discovered someone was on fire on the sidewalk outside his bar, and the torso of the bomber was hanging from a sign above his door.

"It Almost Felt Like Something Electrical"

Several survivors of the 7/7 bombings in London describe an electrical feeling at the time of the blast, including Cynthia Chetty, who sat just a few feet from one from one of the bombers but managed to survive. She told The Independent that during the white light of the initial blast she thought “maybe there was a power failure or something and I was being electrocuted.” Dr. Gerardine Quaghebeur was farther away, but also likens the explosion to a shock: “It almost felt like something electrical, because my hair just went up on end.”

"It Almost Felt Like I Was Being Drowned"

Olawale Akerele told Sky News the heat and smoke inside the train car following the detonation of one of the 7/7 bombs in London made him feel like he was “being drowned.” Akerele says he felt “between worlds” as he lay on the floor, trapped underneath a dead woman. The “loud, loud bang” lifted him off his seat and made his head feel like it was “being ripped open.”

Wed, 10 Aug 2016 04:45:47 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/what-it-s-like-to-be-in-an-explosion/kellen-perry
<![CDATA[The Grossest Things Ever Found in Hotel Rooms]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/gross-things-found-in-hotel-rooms/ashley-reign
Ever find yourself lying in bed in a low budget hotel room, silently wondering what lurks beneath the sheets and whether it was really worth the price cut? Worse yet, have you ever been confronted with one of those situations in which you feel it’s probably just best to look away from whatever it is you’ve encountered on a motel floor and vow to check-out at the first hint of daylight? If so, then let's see how your experiences measure up to the horror on this list of the most disgusting things found in hotel rooms.

We’ve bravely explored the depths of the Internet in order to find the answer to the age old question, “What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever found in a hotel room?” We’ve gathered a collection of answers from everyone from hotel employees who have confessed their finds online to hotel guests who uploaded photos of their worst experiences for the world to see. As you may imagine, much of the information you’ll find here is not for the weak of heart and these gross things found in hotel rooms might put you off travel for a few years.

The next time your significant other wants to stay at that shady looking “Budget Inn,” bust out this list of gross hotel room experiences and you’ll be headed for the nearest five star resort in no time. Whether it be things that came out of various body parts or the body parts themselves, we’ve got a list of the nastiest, creepiest, and just plain wrong things the world of low budget hotels have to offer. So grab your antibacterial spray and black light… if you dare.

The Grossest Things Ever Found in Hotel Rooms,

An Active Porn Shoot
Another hotel employee confesses that he always knew it was a bad sign when he started getting coffee and wine requests in the wee hours of the night. A few times, he opened the door to find active porn shoots in progress. 

Source: Reddit
A Vast Amount of Naked People
An employee at a luxury hotel says he didn't know what he was in for when a large party checked in one day, only to turn out to be a group of swingers. Not only was there an obvious amount of sex going on, but there were also people running from room to room in the nude to switch partners. 

Source: Reddit
A Goat Dressed Like Abraham Lincoln
Not that we have anything against goats, even ones dressed like Abraham Lincoln or any other historical figure, but we can't help but imagine what a hotel room might look like after one had been left alone in it for several hours. Such was the plight of one hotel employee who discovered the Lincoln loving goat in a hotel room after a bunch of dudes checked out. Perhaps they kept him on as a free lawn mower?

Source: Huffington Post
A Regular Customer's Blow-Up Lover
Another hotel employee confesses that the weirdest thing he ever found in a hotel room came as the result of a little exploration into why a regular customer always requested the same room at least once a week. The staff discovered that he had been hiding a blow-up doll under the mattress, which they ended up throwing away. This stopped the customer from coming in pretty quickly.

Source: Huffington Post
A Half Skinned Deer Carcus
While hosting an Amish family reunion in her hotel, one employee responded to complaints of an offensive odor, only to find a half skinned deer in one family's bathtub as well as fish hung throughout the joint. Luckily, it wasn't deer season, so she was able to call in the Sheriff to deal with the bizarre find.

Source: Reddit
Porn and All the Things Needed to Enjoy It
After becoming suspicious of a guest who would show up every couple of weeks and ask for the same room, the staff of one hotel decided to do a little more thorough of a cleaning in hopes of solving the mystery. Sure enough, they came across a stack of porn, lube, and movies that had obviously been... used. 

Source: Reddit
Missing Body Parts
One hotel employee confesses he'll never ask for a hand again after finding one under a hotel bed, literally. It turned out that a guy had been murdered in a drug deal gone wrong in the Flint, MI hotel room shortly before, and that the clean-up crew had missed a little souvenir left behind.

Source: Reddit
Pillow Toilet Paper
One low budget hotel employee recounts his horror of discovering a pillow covered with human feces after investigating why an angry guest left right after being given the room. How the maids missed that one we shudder to imagine.

Source: Reddit
Booty-Shaped Chocolate Stains
One hotel manager didn't think much of it when a honeymooning couple asked for a chocolate fountain in their room... that is until after they checked out without saying much. When the maid went into their room she found that the chocolate was obviously used in a wild night of lovemaking and had been strewn all over the room. The girl's rear end prints were apparently among the most unfortunate chocolate stains found throughout the room.

Source: Reddit
A Mammoth Dildo
A gentleman who routinely installs flooring in hotels recounts his worst find: a massive purple dildo which was discovered when he moved one of the beds. He and the hotel staff of course did the reasonable thing and chased the manager around while holding it with a pair of tongs before disposing of it.

Source: Reddit

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<![CDATA[10 Most Adorable Cartoon Drug Addicts]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/10-most-adorable-cartoon-drug-addicts/analise.dubner
When I was a kid, the drug problems of these characters were never apparent. So what if Wimpy had an obvious food addiction problem? He was eating plates and plates of burgers! Hilarious! Did it occur to me that Shaggy was constantly stoned? No. They could have shown him smoking a fatty onscreen and I wouldn't have batted an eye. After all, there were crooked realtors to unmask! Shady property developers to expose! Cartoons have depicted substance abuse since the beginnings of cartoons, and they still do it today.

Who are the best alcoholic cartoon characters? Remember, kids, stay off drugs. Unless they provide comic relief.... then it's totally ok.
10 Most Adorable Cartoon Drug Addicts,

Barney Gumble
Barney has cleaned up his act a few times, but the fact is the guy's a hardcore drinker. Dude has licked beer off the street and sucked beer out of the taps at Moe's. He's only occasionally employed and when he did get an opportunity to turn his life around as an astronaut, he got drunk on non-alcoholic champagne and relapsed into his alcoholism.

Conclusion: Alcoholic
Another alcoholic! You might start to think it was legal or something. Bender doesn't get drunk. But he needs the beer to keep himself running. So maybe he doesn't count... as an actual alcoholic. Actually, I'm sure you are thinking right now that this list sucks because I put Bender on here just because I love Bender, and I would put him on all my lists if I could figure out a way.

So bite my shiny metal ass.
Wild Bill Cat
Created initially as the anti-Garfield, there probably wasn't a drug that Bill didn't use. He was a movie star, politician, rock star and corpse. And during each phase of his career, he never stopped living the catatonic life of a user. They SAY that his friends helped him kick his drug habit during his film career where he gained fame in such epics as Orangestoke: The Legend of Bill and Lord of the Monkeys. But after his death and subsequent cloning - followed by short stint with a cult - it could never be said that Bill ever really gave up on drugs. Case in point, the pop-eyed stare, constant smoking, and inability to utter more than gutteral grunts.

Conclusion: Dead.
Brian Griffin
"Whose leg do you have to hump to get a dry martini around here?"

Oh, sweet alchohol. So addictive. So legal. how many times have you seen Brian without a drink in his hand? On the plus side, he is a recovered cocaine addict. So. Alcohol is better, right?

Conclusion: Alcoholic
Homer Simpson
Why is Homer lower on the list than Barney, you are asking yourself. Yeah, I can hear you. No, I'm not in your house.

Clearly Homer is a fully functioning alcoholic. Unlike Barney, who would lick beer off the sidewalk (and has), Homer might need his Duff... but he can (usually) still pull off a 9 to 5 job and keep his marriage together. But, still. There is a lot of drinking here.

Conclusion: Alcoholic.
Mighty Mouse
So, you're telling me that you get an increased sense of self importance and empowerment right after you snort your "magic powder", Mr. Mighty? Interesting.

Of course, this was just the Ralph Bakshi version of Mighty Mouse, so I'm trying to be fair here. Fair.

But he was a total cokehead.

Conclusion: Cokehead
I used to love this guy. He was my favorite cartoon when I was wee small. Of course, I didn't really know at the time that when Underdog would pop one of his magic pills and become freakishly strong and hopped-up... he was totally doing PCP.

This is where all those crazy overdosers are getting it wrong. See, all Underdog did to keep from being taken down by 15 cops with tazers was to put on a saggy, misshapen, clearly homemade costume. Then he can beat up the poor, big-headed Simon Bar Sinister with impunity... nary a SWAT team in sight to take him down.

Conclusion: Speed Freak
Care Bears
Taste the rainbow.

There is NO WAY these things weren't constantly tripping on acid. Think about it. First of all, no one is that happy (or colorful) ALL THE TIME. Plus, have you ever seen a Care Bear sleep? I didn't think so. Plus, just look at their stomachs... it's like they are life-sized tabs.

Conclusion: You pretty much would HAVE to be on acid to even watch the Care Bears.
The effects of marijuana are described as: problems with memory and learning, distorted perception, trouble with thinking and problem solving, loss of motor coordination, increased heart rate, and anxiety.

Let's just forget for a moment that Shaggy was constantly paranoid and hungry. Instead, let's use pot as an explanation for why Shaggy - as a supposed non-developmentally challenged adult - would find himself terrified to the point of incontinence by realtors draped in sheets or wearing $5 Halloween masks.

Conclusion: Total stoner. Frankly, I would toke up as often as I could if I were stuck in a van with Fred and his insufferably patronizing ascot.
It's interesting to note that Wimpy was overweight when he clearly had no job and no money with which to buy food. So I guess that means his friends are enabling his food addiction, right? I mean, just look at that big platter of hamburgers. How could anyone take one look at this guy and fork over some more Burger King money? Plus, what's with the empty promise to pay people back? The guy had no job. Was he ever going to have money on Tuesday if he didn't have any today?

I suppose, though, that burgers are pretty cheap when purchased from the fast food industry. Still, 99 cent thursdays or not, he's got to have 20 bucks worth of burgers on that tray. Come on Popeye, you eat healthy. Why do you keep letting this guy slide deeper into his addiciton?

Conclusion: Food Addict

Thu, 16 Sep 2010 10:24:19 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/10-most-adorable-cartoon-drug-addicts/analise.dubner
<![CDATA[Celebrities Who Have Profound Gaps In Basic Knowledge]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/celebrities-who-have-gaps-in-basic-knowledge/evan-lambert

Dumb celebrities come in all shapes and sizes, and their questionable facts and opinions are more accessible now than ever thanks to social media and overexposure. It's difficult to go for too many days without hearing about some dumb thing that someone famous said. 

Perhaps it's not totally fair to attribute celebrities' dumb quotes to their intelligence. Sometimes famous people have no common sense simply because their lives are so vastly different from ours. When an out of touch celebrity like Gwyneth Paltrow says she'd rather smoke crack than eat cheese from a can, she's simply not realizing that non-specials like us humans don't have a lot of cheese options. In her beautiful fantasy world, cheese and cans are never even in the same sentence. 

Other times, we hear dumb things from celebrities who are just straight up weird. For example, Jaden Smith's Twitter account has always been a thing of beauty and stupidity. If it weren't for his 100% necessary teenage musings, we wouldn't know that most trees are blue and that water doesn't have nutrients anymore. 

We hope you enjoy this list of weird celebrities and celebrities with no common sense. It will at least make you feel better about yourself for a few seconds.  

Celebrities Who Have Profound Gaps In Basic Knowledge,

Britney Spears

When asked in 2004 if she'd ever want to try her hand at Broadway, Spears responded by saying that she'd "like to start somewhere small, like London or England." To be fair, she also once said that Canada is overseas.

Christina Aguilera

"So, where's the Cannes Film Festival being held this year?" - Christina Aguilera 


Considering that Eminem spends a lot of time rhyming about sex, one would think that he'd be up on how the rest of the planet looks at porn. Apparently though, he had no idea that computers could be used to look at porn until an interviewer asked him about it in 2009 and then had to explain it to him.

Ivana Trump

You've got to be pretty dumb to marry Donald Trump, but Ivana Trump took dumb to a whole new level during an interview about her 1992 novel For Love Alone. The model-cum-novelist dropped this brilliant nugget of wisdom about the writing process: "Fiction writing is great because you can make up almost anything." 

Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith is the master of nitwitty teenage aphorisms, but his self-absorbed philosophizing got the best of him in 2013 when he tweeted: "How can mirrors be real if our eyes aren't real? What kind of eyes you got, Jaden? Humans generally have real eyes. 

Jessica Simpson

The early 2000s reality show Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica should be recognized for two things: one, ending Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson's marriage and two, informing us that Jessica thought that tuna, AKA Chicken of the Sea, was actually chicken

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton provided us with an endless stream of brilliantly dumb remarks throughout the 2000s, but none of them were quite as good as this one from The Simple Life: "What's Walmart? Do they sell like wall stuff?" 

Shaquille O'Neal

When asked if he visited the Parthenon while he visited Greece, Shaq explained: "I can't really remember the names of the clubs that we went to." The funniest thing about this is that he actually thought a serious journalist was asking him about clubbing. 

Tyrese Gibson

Tyrese Gibson is known for spouting meaningless word vomit on Twitter, but he took the cake in 2011 when he publicly thanked Pandora for playing his music "all the time." He has since deleted the tweet, seemingly discovering the errors of his ways, but there are thankfully still screenshots of it

Justin Bieber

There was a time when Justin Bieber was still just a sweet, cherubic 16-year-old. He hadn't peed in any buckets or egged anyone's houses yet, and the worst thing anyone could pin him for was not knowing what the word "German" meant. In a 2010 interview, he had such a hard time understanding his interviewer's New Zealand accent that he somehow confused the word "German" for "Jewman." But if you listen to the interview, it sounds more like he straight up just didn't know what Germany was.

Wed, 25 Jan 2017 09:42:17 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/celebrities-who-have-gaps-in-basic-knowledge/evan-lambert
<![CDATA[People Who Unexpectedly Died While They Were Happily Dancing]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/people-who-died-while-dancing/jacob-shelton
Dancing can be dangerous. It seems every year, a trendy new dance move makes its way out of the clubs and into the world of weddings and school dances where it can be performed by drunk moms and assistant principals who think they’re way cooler than they actually are. But aside from the obvious nerdiness that twerking or nae-naeing can inspire, there’s also a dark side. In the past few years there’s been a series of dancing accidents that sound funny at first, but once it turns out that those accidents led to dancing deaths, things get a lot darker. On this list we’ve combed through the news and discovered the darkness that lies beneath the dance moves - all for a collection of stories about people who died while dancing.

Dancing deaths might sound like something out of a fairy tale, but it’s a very real thing that happens all too often. Maybe someone is just doing their best Miley impression and things get out of hand, making them yet another statistic in all too real world of twerk deaths and deaths by dancing. After you read the gruesome stories on this list, hopefully you’ll be inspired to be a bit safer the next time you go out with your friends.

Take off your dancing shoes and put on your reading glasses for this list of people who died on the dance floor. Then, vote up the most horrifying and terrible stories of people who died while dancing.
People Who Unexpectedly Died While They Were Happily Dancing,

Artist Dies While Performing Interpretive Dance
Back in 1940, a woman was practicing an interpretive dance on top of a cliff and slipped, plunging to her death. Police believe she slipped on a piece of vegetation, which caused her to tumble over the cliffs. Her fall was visible to beachcombers below who witnessed the entire nightmare.
Georgia Teen Dies While Twerking
In November 2015, a 16-year-old from Dallas, GA fell off his friend's Jeep. Though authorities accused him of car surfing, his parents said, "It was him climbing up on the hood of her car, on all fours more than likely being funny, trying to get a laugh by twerking." 
Tragically, following the fall, his head was accidentally run over by his friend. He suffered extensive brain injuries and two punctured lungs, and after some time on life support, his mother decided to let him go "peacefully."

Houston Stripper Suffers Miscarriage While Twerking
According to the Examiner, a popular stripper in Houston named Jhonni Blazed suffered a miscarriage while allegedly twerking on the stage. Despite receiving a blood transfusion from the paramedics, they weren't able to save the baby.
Canadian Man Dies While Ghost Riding the Whip
If you somehow missed it, "ghost riding the whip" was a short-lived trend where people danced on top of or near their cars when it was in neutral. In 2006, a 36-year-old man was ghost riding on top of a moving car, hit his head on the concrete, and died. It's legitimately shocking that more people didn't die doing this stunt.
A Shooting on a Dance Floor Ends a Life
In 2012, a Detroit woman was accidentally killed when she hugged an off duty police office while on the dance floor celebrating her 25th birthday. According to the officer, the woman embraced him from behind and his gun accidentally discharged.
Dancing Boy Dies at Trade Fair
In Nigeria, a boy who reportedly had sickle cell anemia was rushed to a hospital after he spent a day making money by performing "some stunts with Michael Jackson styles of dancing" at the booth of an unnamed multinational corporation.
Man Suffers Heart Attack WhileDancing at a Wedding
While at an office party in 2012, a British father of three died while performing the "Gangnam Style" dance. Reportedly, the 46-year-old man was in the middle of the horsey move when he collapsed with chest pains. A consultant cardiologist at Newcastle University issued a warning to men to not "stray outside your comfort zone" at Christmas parties.
Taliban Kills Dancing Woman
In 2009, the Taliban carried out a truly heinous act when they murdered Shabana, a Pakistani dancing girl. Allegedly four members of the terrorist organization asked her to dance for them, and before she could begin they dragged her into the street and shot her to death in front of her neighbors.
Woman Suffocates While Dancing at a Night Club
Aanchal Arora, a 23 year old from India, was in the middle of an audience of 10,000 people who were dancing to Skrillex, when she collapsed due to cardiac arrest brought on by suffocation. According to reports, only 5,000 people were expected to attend the show and as of this writing police are still waiting to to rule out foul play.
Breakdancer Dies After Attempting Backflip
At the Le Gossip nightclub in Paris, a 32-year-old man died from injuries sustained after attempting a backflip. When police arrived on the scene, the club was so crowded that they had to use tear gas to clear the building.

Mon, 30 Nov 2015 08:17:33 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/people-who-died-while-dancing/jacob-shelton
<![CDATA[The Worst Amusement Park Ride Accidents]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-10-most-horrible-amusement-park-accidents/ihateeverything
A day at amusement parks like Disneyland and Six Flags is usually a mix of endless waiting in line and a few short minutes of pleasure - but sometimes the ultimate nightmare of riders comes true and rides break, causing horrible accidents. What are the worst amusement park accidents? Many people fear the incidents that are on this list. Roller coaster cars flying off the tracks, harnesses not working properly, and cables coming loose.

Most amusement park rides get your adrenaline pumping but are completely safe. Occasionally though, there is an all out disaster where the machinery goes crazy and someone loses a limb or dies. Whether due to malfunctioning or park-goer error, these amusement park disasters have certainly scarred these people for life.

The most horrible amusement park accidents, tragedies, and fatalities that have ever happened appear on this list, leaving us to wonder why so many onlookers took out their camera phones instead of helping.
The Worst Amusement Park Ride Accidents,

Death at Disney
September 5, 2003: The happiest place on Earth turned into a horrible nightmare for a 22-year-old male named Marcello Torres. About a third of the way through the ride, it made a sharp right turn, and part of the train came off the hinges. This forced part of the locomotive-shaped ride to wedge into the tracks, stopping the train completely, and darting like a giant spear through Marcello Torres's chest and head.

River Rapids's Watery Grave

Four people died on Thunder River Rapids Ride at Dreamworld, Australia's biggest theme park, on October 25, 2016. Accounts of the accident don't immediately make clear how the victims died; two were ejected from the ride and the other two trapped on it, though what actually killed them remains unclear. 

Three of the four victims have been identified. Two were siblings: Kate Goodchild, brother Luke Dorsett, his partner Roozi Araghi. Their mother, Kim Dorsett, said, “I have three children and have lost two of them today... I have two granddaughters — an eight-month-old and a 12-year-old — and it truly breaks my heart to know that my eight-month-old is never going to get to know her mum.”

According to an eyewitness, at least one of the victims drowned, while children nearby screamed. "There were kids onboard screaming while their mum was trapped under. I’d rather not talk about what I saw," a man recalled.

Claire Wooley, another witness, said “She just kept screaming ‘Where’s Mummy? Where’s Mummy?” 

No reason for the incident was given other than a "malfuction." The park, located about 30 miles south of Brisbane, on Australia's Gold Coast, shut down operations the day after the accident, out of respect for the dead. 

Batman Kills
A tragic accident occurred in a Georgia Six Flags when a boy jumped two fences clearly marked "Do Not Enter" to retrieve a hat he lost on a ride, but ended up losing his entire head in the process. The bottom part of the ride decapitated him as he was standing up.
In Soviet Russia, Ferris Wheel Rides You
Not only did this kid jump a six-foot fence to an abandoned ferris wheel, he also managed to easily turn it on and get a ride. Halfway through his hijacking he decided he didn’t like the chair he picked, so he switched, very unsuccessfully.

As he dangled 45 feet above the pavement, a crowd gathered. Skip to 0:44 for footage of the dangling child and a description from the people who were there, and ended up picking up a camera phone when they could have easily been helping the poor boy NOT plummet to his death.

Retro Coaster Crash
Let’s go back in time to a simpler era where music was analog, clothes were s**tty, and an indoor Canadian roller coaster went flying off the tracks and killed three people. The exact thing everyone is scared will happen on roller coasters happened in this story: the final car flew of its hinges and was dragged, careening all over the tracks before anyone (finally) pulled the emergency brake.

Skip to 1:49 to see the injuries of the one guy in the car who survived, only to be crippled by memories.

Ferris Wheel Mystery
On Friday 3 June 2011, an 11-year-old girl, Abiah Jones fell to her death from a Ferris Wheel at Mariner's Landing Pier. The cause of the young girl's death is unknown; it is the only accident recorded on that ride and there have been no other guest fatalities since that date.  
Kentucky Engineering
A young girl went to Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom and took a ride on the Superman Tower of Pride with some friends. Before the ride got to the top, they heard a cable snap, looked up, and saw cables coming from all parts of the ride, whipping around and injuring their faces. This was only 20 feet off the ground. As the ride started to take them higher, they started seeing black smoke and smelling burned rubber. The girls all yelled, "Stop the ride!" repeatedly, cables all over them, even around their necks. When the girls landed on the ground, one of them smelled burning flesh. It was her severed feet. Her right foot was able to be reattached; however, her left leg had to be amputated. 

Skip to 00:50 for the news report and the girl describing exactly what she saw and what happened as the accident went down, which is much more disturbing than any live video footage could be.

Death by Raptor
Reason number one why you should always respect those "Restricted Area" signs at an amusement park: Cedar Point park-goer James Young, 45, died when he sneaked past a fenced-off area near the Raptor roller coaster at the Ohio theme park. He was hit by a speeding car on the ride while trying to retrieve his cell phone. Perhaps the second worst death-by-raptor imaginable.

Tragic Waterslide Death

Ten-year-old Caleb Schwab tragically fell to his death in 2016 while riding the Verruckt - a waterslide at Schlitterbahn Waterpark in Kansas City billed as the tallest in the world. Witnesses said that Caleb's raft went airborne and hit the netting over the slide after coming down the first 168-ft tall slope at roughly 60 mph. Other riders had reported earlier that the slide's safety harnesses had not been working properly that day, although police and park officials did not say exactly how Caleb had died. Caleb was the son of Kansas State Rep. Scott Schwab, and was at the park with his family to celebrate "Elected Official Day."

Swing of Death
At a Chinese theme park, a high-flying swing ride came off its hinges, seriously injuring the many people who were riding it.

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<![CDATA[7 Celebrities Who Were Almost Never Born]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/famous-people-almost-never-born/josh-heller

Hard to believe, but there are many famous people who were almost never born. Based on their parents' decisions, these celebrity births almost never happened. Justin Bieber's mom has said that she was contemplating having an abortion when she was pregnant with him. Tim Tebow's mom said the same thing; they even made a commercial about it, which aired during the Super Bowl. Here are also celebrities who attempted suicide and celebs who narrowly missed death.
People make all sorts of decisions that effect the future. If a family decided not to have a child, it is true that the child wouldn't exist to become a celebrity. But, of course, there is no way to know what the future will hold. It only makes sense to make decisions that make sense in the moment. These parents ultimately are probably pretty happy with their decisions, because the kids they decided to have have gone on to fame and fortune. But many other families are happy that they didn't have a child at that moment, because the other choice they could have made would have been devastating for everyone's future.
All we know today is that Justin Bieber and Tim Tebow exist, which probably makes a lot of people happy.

7 Celebrities Who Were Almost Never Born,

Celine Dion
Celine Dion's mother was initially devastated that she was having a 14th child. She went to the priest to see if she should have an abortion. The priest told her that she should not abort the child. Taking that advice, she gave birth to Celine. And we all heard that song from Titanic because of it. 


Cher's parents allegedly considered aborting her, but unlike people with similar stories, Cher is still pro-choice. She believes that even though abortion would have killed her, women need the right to choose.

(Source 1, 2)

Nick Cannon
Nick Cannon's mother was 17 when she became pregnant with the future R&B singer/Mr. Mariah Carey/America's Got Talent host. She considered getting rid of the fetus but ultimately changed her mind. Cannon later wrote a song thanking her for her decision. 


Sean Lennon
When Sean Lennon's famous parents discovered that they were pregnant, they considered having an abortion. Yoko Ono was making preparations for the procedure, but she left the decision up to her husband John Lennon. Lennon ultimately decided that they should keep the child. 


Tim Tebow
Tim Tebow's parents considered aborting him. Apparently, during his mother's pregnancy she suffered a life-threatening infection, and the drugs she was treated with caused a severe placental abruption. Doctors convinced her to abort the child or risk endangering her own life, but she went against doctors orders and kept the baby.


Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber's parents were allegedly recommended to abort him, but they chose to keep him. Prior to becoming pregnant, Bieber's mom, Mallette, had suffered sexual abuse. The shame was so much the popstar's mother had attempted to kill herself. When she became pregnant at 17, she was encouraged presumably by family and doctors to abort the baby. His mother stands by her decision, and she is now raising money for a documentary that criticizes the "abortion epidemic."


Marlin Stutzman
Marlin Stutzman, an American politician who has been a member of the United States House of Representatives, representing Indiana's 3rd congressional district since 2010, almost never was. The Republican representative's teen mom allegedly considered aborting him, and as rhetoric for anti-abortion legislation, he frequently tells the story of his mother's decision to keep him. 


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<![CDATA[29 Times People Got Exactly What Was Coming to Them]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/justice-porn/ashley-reign
What exactly is Justice Porn? Well it's kind of like instant karma. In the form of brutal knockouts, bullies getting beat up, and other instances where street justice gets served... and gets served hard. Street hard.

Street Hard 2: Karma Justice 

You see the joys of Justice Porn come not from lack of clothing (it's not porn for real... more like food porn), but from those rare moments in life when karma drinks a red bull and comes out swinging like a Georgia hurricane (see, just like food porn). Let’s face it, sometimes it’s kind of awesome when the jerk-y high school quarterback grows up to be the creepy fat guy. Somewhere in his unemployed, thinning hairline, lives a glimmer of hope that karma will always sort it out in the end.

So the next time you have one of those days that makes you wanna throw your hands up and give up on the world, come on in. We’ve got just the ticket to restore your flailing belief that somewhere out there, justice lurks on, just waiting for the right moment to kick the bad guy’s ass. 

Justice Porn is also a very popular subreddit everyone should check out here.

29 Times People Got Exactly What Was Coming to Them,

Karma, Thy Name Is Pit Bull
Some guy thought it'd be hilarious to tease this poor, defenseless dog. When things get rough however, the dog proves he's not quite as defenseless as the dude assumed.
Justice Plays No Favorites

Bully Gets Knocked Out In One Blow
This drunk bully thought he'd act hard by trying to intemedate a street vendor on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. 30 seconds in however, bully gets a big surprise.
"Surely The Garbage Truck Won't Mind Working Around My SUV...."

Karma Goes Viral

Law Enforcement Gets Enforced

Who Hasn't Dreamed Of Doing This At Least Once?

What Happens When You Ignore Fire Zones

Karma Knows No Fury Like Wifey Waking From Hibernation

One Thing Not To Forget If You Hit and Run: Your License Plate

Mon, 18 May 2015 08:43:49 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/justice-porn/ashley-reign
<![CDATA[Entertainers Who Died While Performing]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/enterainers-who-died-while-performing/notable-famous-deaths

While all premature celebrity deaths are shocking, some of the most startling are those when an entertainer dies on stage during an actual performance. Actor Brandon Lee was famously mortally wounded by a prop gun while filming The Crow. Entertainer Carmen Miranda famously had a small heart attack while recording a dance segment for a variety show and was found dead lying on the floor the next morning. Popular actors and comedians John Candy and John Ritter both had heart attacks while on-set and died just hours later. And, of course, everyone remembers when Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin was killed by a stingray while filming a snorkeling segment.  

This list contains anyone who worked as a professional entertaining on stage, on radio, in film or television or elsewhere, who died while engaged in a performance, in any way. Though the majority of these entertainers suffered an injury or illness mid-performance, and died of natural causes, some were actually killed or were involved in some kind of tragic accident. Those involved in these strange incidents include "Dimebag" Darrell of the metal band Pantera, who was murdered by a gunman while performing in Ohio, or actor Vic Morrow, who memorably was killed on the set of the Twilight Zone film while shooting a scene set in the Vietnam War. Though the list includes performers of all kinds, it does not include stuntmen or those whose performances involved potentially life-threatening situations.

Entertainers Who Died While Performing,

Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee died on March 31, 1993 after being accidentally shot on the set of "The Crow." A prop gun was not properly secured, causing the fatal accident. He was 28 years old.
Carmen Miranda
On August 4, 1955, Carmen Miranda collapsed while performing on "The Jimmy Durante Show." She regained her composure and finished the performance, but she suffered a fatal heart attack the following morning.
John Candy
John Candy died of a heart attack on March 4, 1994 while on location in Mexico filming "Wagons East!." He was 43 years old.

John Ritter

John Ritter died on September 11, 2003, after he fell ill on the set of his show "8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter." He was rushed to the hospital where he was misdiagnosed with a heart attack. He was later found to have had an aortic dissection, but it was too late to save his life.

Nick Menza

Former Megadeath drummer Nick Menza died on stage in 2016. The 51-year-old was performing in Los Angeles with his progressive jazz trio when he suddenly collapsed. Audience members delivered CPR, but could not revive him. It is suspected that he died of a heart attack.

Menza performed on five Megadeth albums (making him the band's longest-serving dummer), before leaving in 1998 to pursue his interest in jazz.

Redd Foxx
Redd Foxx died on October 11, 1991 after suffering a heart attack on the set of "The Royal Family." When he first grabbed his chest, several members of the cast and crew thought that he was joking, performing the gag that he made famous on "Sanford and Son."
Sib Hashian

Sib Hashian, former drummer for the band Boston, died on March 22, 2017, at the age of 67. He was performing at sea as part of the Legends of Rock Cruise when he suddenly collapsed. Efforts to perform CPR and use of a defibrillator were unsuccessful. Hashian joined Boston in 1975 and performed on their 1976 self-titled debut, as well as Don’t Look Back and Third Stage, before leaving the group.

Said self-titled debut was a monster, with almost every song dominating the airwaves and suburban bedroom turntables of the mid-to-late '70s. With this LP a fixture in American households in this era, perhaps Hashian’s greatest claim to fame was being known as the white guy with the coolest afro around, given his placement smack in the middle of the iconic band photo on the back cover of Boston.

Steve Irwin
"The Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin died on Sept. 4, 2006 after being attacked by a stingray while filming shots for "Bindi the Jungle Girl." The stingray reportedly reacted to Irwin as if he were an attacking shark and stabbed him over 100 times with his tail.
Vic Morrow
Vic Morrow died on July 23, 1982 after a helicopter crashed on him and two child actors while filming "Twilight Zone: The Movie." He was decapitated by the helicopter rotor.
Jane Little
Bass player Jane Little played with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra for 71 years. She died performing onstage when she was 87 years old. Little first started with the orchestra for free when she was 16 years old. Over the years, she started making a salary and even met her late husband, the orchestra's principal flute player, through her work. In the months before her death, she was honored by the Guinness Book of Records for playing in the symphony for so many years.

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<![CDATA[33 Pictures That Will Make You Do a Double Take]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/pictures-that-will-make-you-do-a-double-take/nathandavidson

Why look at boring, regular photos that you can totally comprehend the first time you see them when you can experience these epic pictures that will make you do a double take. It's like getting two Internet photo galleries for the price of one and that's the best deal you're going to find on the Internet today.  Move your eyeballs in circles at least three times before you begin, because they're about to get quite an optical workout. If you're able to understand any of these optical illusions the very first time you look at them, then you might be an "Internet genius." 

33 Pictures That Will Make You Do a Double Take,

Naughty Shadow

Too Much Pot

Liev or Let Die

Cooler Heads Prevail

How an Arm Almost Becomes a Felony

Toe For Show

Hands On Approach

Oh Baby

In the Driver's Seat

Statue-tory Rape

Tue, 30 Aug 2016 10:51:15 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/pictures-that-will-make-you-do-a-double-take/nathandavidson
<![CDATA[Hospital Staff Tell Their Most Upsetting Stories on the Job]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/creepy-hospital-stories/rosa-pasquarella
If you work in a hospital, you're bound to see your share of gnarliness. In a world where blood and guts are an everyday occurrence, it takes a lot to shake a medical professional. We scoured the internet for true creepy stories from hospital workers. These scary, real stories will make your skin crawl and your heart race. These tales are not for the weak of stomach and faint of heart.
Hospital Staff Tell Their Most Upsetting Stories on the Job,

Colostomy bag gets infected

"This story will forever haunt me. I recently took care of a woman who was in her mid 40s, paraplegic, and had a colostomy. For those not familiar, a colostomy is a pouch that is attached to your colon from the outside of your body that catches your stool. These are for people that have serious issues with their gastrointestinal tract that require an alternative channel for feces to leave their body. Well this patient was a very sick lady to begin with, but she also had a strange infection originating from her colostomy site. She was to the point of sepsis, which again to simplify, is just not good.

Turns out, her husband was very seriously addicted to heroin and needed money in the worst way, so he rented his wife out... meaning that people would pay to come over to their house and have sex with his wife in her stoma... the hole from which the feces left her body." 

Woman births Cabbage Patch Kid
"Paramedics brought in a 'woman in labor', accompanied by boyfriend. I performed a quick visual check and found something quite unsettling. She appeared to be SEWN SHUT. Like, with thick yarn. Her boyfriend was removed as it appeared to be some sort of abuse issue. The woman was showing signs of infection and is screaming that she needs to push. The home-made stitches were quickly cut, and a small head soon starts crowning. Sadly, as more of the baby protrudes, it appears very still, stiff, and ...plastic-y...? It turned out that this mildly psychotic woman so badly wanted to have a baby, that she shoved a Cabbage Patch Doll up her hoo-haa and sewed it shut to keep it in."  
Man comes in who "cut [his] private area"

"I worked the night shift in ER admissions. I have seen lots of craziness in my day but the worst was a schizophrenic man who went off his meds.

When he came in he looked normal. There wasn't anything obviously wrong with him. He asked to see a nurse, so I paged triage. The nurse was with a patient but came out to ask him why he needed to see the nurse and he just said, 'I cut my private area.' So she finishes with her patient and comes back for him. When she gets him to the triage room she asked to see the wound. He drops his pants and HIS PENIS WAS GONE.

This guy had really no idea what he had done. He didn't bring it in. He didn't even know where it was. He had waited way too long to come to the ER. His penis was found in a cemetery later on. All of the men looked pretty pale."

Man's body decays

"A guy came into the ER. Apparently he had been found living in his car basically rotting away. The guy was at least 500 pounds, and had to be cut out of the car. He stunk so bad the whole ER and ambulance bay smelled like dead flesh. There were maggots inside of his open wounds and the sores were so big that man's hip bone was visible."

Doctors remove abscess, find treasures
"I thought it would be a good idea to work at the ER while I started pre-nursing school. I love to pop pimples and stuff so I thought I would be okay with gross stuff. However. A tech had this nickel-sized welt on the back of his neck that was driving the Physician's Assistant nuts. Finally the tech gave in and allowed the PAs to remove it. I asked to watch and the PA agreed. He sterilized and numbed the skin and began to cut around the welt. The welt was a hard abscess, and the PA dropped it in a steel basin. It hit with a 'chink' sound. We look at each other and begin to dissect the abscess. Its full of curly black hair, blood, tissue and then, what looks like a little baby tooth. We quietly bandage the guy up in shocked silence."
Woman claws out own eyeball
"My dad is in nursing school, told me one story where they brought in a mentally disturbed woman who was behaving violently. She kept on flailing about and then started attacking herself. At one point he said she literally clawed out her eyeball. It was dangling out of the socket by the optic nerve and everyone tried to restrain her so they could help but one of her arms broke free so she reached up, grabbed her eyeball, and squished it."
Man carves himself a vagina

"A fellow ER nurse told me this one.

She was sitting in the triage when a man walked up, looking slightly uncomfortable.

Nurse - 'So how can I help you?'

Man - 'My vagina is bleeding.'

The nurse suspected that the patient was transgender, but the only reply she could muster is 'Vagina?'

Man - 'Yes, my vagina has been bleeding for some time now and won't stop.'

Then he goes into story-telling mode and explains that he is male, and for years he's been using disposable plastic cutlery to carve a vagina between his anus and balls. By scraping just a little bit everyday and then stuffing the wound with paper/cotton/something, to keep it from sealing up. By this point his "vagina" is several inches deep, but after his last carving session it started bleeding and wouldn't stop."

Woman gets stuck having sex with dog

"Paramedics got a call with a woman saying that there was a problem and she needed medical assistance. So they headed over there, and when they got there, they found the woman on all fours...with a dog penetrating her from behind. Turns out that she wanted to have sex with her German Shepherd, but wasn't quite prepared for the knot - which was stuck inside of her. So they had to get her in an ambulance (still in that position), and into the ER. They got a tranquilizer into the dog rather quickly, allowing it to detach. Oddly enough, the ambulance driver got her number and dated her for a few months. Don't. Ask."

Woman stuffs herself with leaves

"A woman came in complaining of foul vaginal odor. A fellow med student asked her what medicines/herbs/supplements she was on, and she pulled out a huge bag full of different sized mason jars and prescription bottles. One of the jars contains raspberry leaves, which the woman said were used to improve vaginal odors. The doctor asked how long she kept them in there, and she replied, 'They're natural, they just decompose and disappear.'

Cut to woman in the stirrups. Her vagina is loaded with rotting, brown-red mush. Ugh."

Woman stores dead bird inside herself
"My friend is a nurse and working in Melbourne and a well-known patient (frequent flyer with mental health concerns) came in throwing up, her skin was yellow and clammy. She was very disoriented. The nurse proceeded to do a full body check with another nurse and they just happen to see a small string hanging out of the lady's private parts. They asked the woman about it and she wouldn't answer. So the nurses slowly pulled on the string and out came a dead, decaying sparrow. When asked what it was doing in there, the patient claimed that she was planning on eating it later.The decomposing bird was causing blood poisoning."  

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<![CDATA[The Creepiest Things Ever Overheard by Random People on the Internet]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/creepy-things-overheard/jacob-shelton

We’ve all been in some dingy bar, or in line at a fast food restaurant and heard someone say something that was really creepy. Whether it was an out on context statement about a blood transfusion, or something a little more invasive, when you hear these things your mind begins to wander and think up all new terrible situations to surround that statement. Some of the fine folks over on Reddit have shared some of the creepy things overheard while going about their daily life, and they gave us the creeps. If you think you can handle the terror of real life, continue reading this collection of scary things overheard in public.

It’s surprising what one can hear in public when they close their mouths and open their ears. It turns out that most people not only have a problem with volume control, but they also over-share an extreme amount. A lot of the stories on this collection of creepy things overheard in public have an overtly sexual vibe, which already makes a lot of people uncomfortable. Aside from the overheard snippets of overtly sexual conversations, the amount of violent fantasies that people share in public is mind-boggling. After reading these weird things that people overheard in public, you’re definitely going to second guess everything you say out loud.

Vote up the creepiest things overheard by people on the Internet. And if you’ve overheard something weird then tell us about it in the comments. 

The Creepiest Things Ever Overheard by Random People on the Internet,

She Just Turned 13

"About two years ago, I had traveled out of town to go visit a job site my company was contracted for and wanted to enjoy a nice treat: Steak ‘N Shake. I had just ordered my food and I suddenly begin overhearing the conversation taking place behind me. The voices sounded older… late 50s, maybe early 60s.

Man 1: Oh! I forgot to tell you I talked to Jenny [not exact name] the other day!

Man 2: Sweet! How’s she doing? How’s her daughter?

Man 1: She’s great, man. Her daughter is as beautiful as ever.

Man 2: Good deal. I remember her daughter used to be SMOKING hot. I wish I could [censored, for the sake of my sanity] before the school boys get to it!

Man 1: Oh, you and me both!

Man 2: How old is she now?

Man 1: She just turned 13."

Father Knows Best

"A father is talking about his two daughters age 6 and 9.

Him: Yeah she has a body like a boy now but once she gets older, I’m sure she’ll have a sexy body.

Everyone in the room: err

Him: Just like her mom, you know. I know if I was a boy their age that I would be trying to be really close friends with them."

The Curse of the Homeless Man at In-N-Out

"When I was at In-N-Out at 1am having your average post-drinking midnight meal, there was a homeless guy in the corner, quite dirty and obviously trying to subtly eat some leftovers someone left because he was hungry. Some drunk frat bros were making fun of him, telling him to go back to his hole and other insults. After a few minutes of this, the homeless guy got up, stood on his table, and literally put a curse on them. I forget his exact wording because the scene was so shocking and I couldn't believe what I was seeing/hearing, but it was something to the effect of 'I hereby curse you never to father healthy children and to die a painful death without love in the next year. You will be tortured by Satan for all eternity I swear it.' The employees called the cops and the homeless dude left."

Time to Put on Your Invisibility Cloak

"I use[d] to work at a Honda factory in Alabama and they get a lot of workers in from temp agencies, so you tend to get a lot of weird ones. As I'm walking back from my lunch break, I pass two guys and accidentally overhear, 'I just want to impregnate the first thing I see.' My only thoughts were, 'Don't make eye contact, don't make eye contact, don't make eye contact.'"

This Is Why You Shouldn't Learn Russian

"I speak a small amount of Russian. Not enough to get me through a conversation but after watching a bunch of videos and trying to learn the language, I can understand a fair amount more than I can speak. I was in Toronto walking down the road and there were two guys, Russian, sitting and talking in Russian at a table. I overheard 4 words. Dead, body, murder, and what was essentially dispose. I turned pale and got the f*ck out of there."

The Phantom Poop

"I heard a dude grunting in the stall next to me trying to poop but they were clearly phantom poops. Although, every time he farted he broke out into a hysterical laughter and would then return to grunting. The grunting got louder and louder until he just let out this epic GRUNT. Seriously, I thought he was sh*tting a boulder. I think the whole Student Union heard him. Anyway, after the huge grunt I heard the smallest 'plop' and all hell broke loose. He was cheering at this victory by banging on the side of the stall. Screaming with happiness. Between his screaming laughter he would yell, 'F*ck you poop! You can't control me!'"

Seriously, Call the Police

A guy I was standing near in the bar: “You know, the simple fact of the matter is, I could easily drug and rape any of these chicks. Most of them I wouldn't even have to drug, because I'm obviously stronger.”

His friend: “That's one hundred percent fact. Hell, I’d help if she turned out the be a fighter. You know that.”

I could pretend they were having a hypothetical discussion about women's safety issues, if it wasn't for that second guy’s reply.

The Mind Eraser

When I was a bartender, I could overhear quite a few conversations. The most unnerving came when I saw a man hand another man a small brown container with a white cap. I only overheard snippets:

“… won’t remember anything.”

“Even from what happened before. Total eraser.”

“… do it again and again.”

“…. get blackouts. You don’t know what kind of damage that does.”

“… pass out? I’m not a necrophiliac.”

“No, they participate all right…”

If You See Something, Say Something

"At Starbucks in a pretty affluent area. Two soccer moms are having a conversation about mom #1's 12 year old son molesting his sister who sounded close in age. It was graphic and detailed about what he did and what they were doing to stop it. They were talking in normal tones and not even being remotely secretive about this. No, I didn't call the cops. No one is going to believe a poor kid over rich soccer moms anyway."

TFW Your Roommates Want to Rape You

"I was sitting in my room quietly working on homework (I was in college at the time) and overheard two men (one of whom lived in the room next to me) calmly discussing the best way to rape me. It was 10am and they were already drinking beer. They were discussing tactics like drugging my food or drink, or physically overpowering me on my way to the bathroom, either very early or late when no one would be awake to hear me scream. They then started discussing the vile things they wanted to do, mostly involving torturing me in vicious and inventive ways."

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<![CDATA[The Best Celebrity Tombstones]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-celebrity-tombstones/wavy-gravey
Providing reasons to laugh, cry and think for years to come after their deaths, the best celebrity tombstones contain witty and clever lines, famous quotes and funny phrases. Just as they did during life, each of these celebrities used their own unique way to make fans smile with their tombstone epitaphs.

For many comedians, a tombstone is one place to tell one last joke while others used the space to remind fans of a classic catch phrase or saying. For others, the tombstone is wildly extravagant, such as that of Jimi Hendrix, or very popular to visitors, such as that of Jim Morrison. Others are even so famous that they need no tombstone announcing the crypt, such as Michael Jackson.

What are the most famous tombstones in the world? Regardless of what the tombstone or grave brings, each serve as a memorial for the actors, musicians and other celebrities we love.
The Best Celebrity Tombstones,

Billy Wilder
Working for over 50 years from the 1930s to the 1990s, Billy Wilder served as a screenwriter, director and producer of over 60 films. While he won acclaim and numerous awards for his films like The Lost Weekend, Sunset Boulevard, The Seven Year Itch, and Some Like It Hot, Wilder was humble as well. His tombstone, placed after his 2002 death, explains just that, stating "I'm a writer, but then nobody's perfect."
Freddie Mercury
Though his ashes were scattered, Queen frontman Freddie Mercury is remembered by his former city of Montreux, Switzerland, with a full body statue. Much like world leaders are memorialized in statue form, Mercury, in his full flamboyance, has been on display since 1996, five years after his 1991 death.
Jackie Gleason
Appearing in films like The Hustler and Smokey and the Bandit as well as the long-running television series "The Honeymooners," actor and comedian Jackie Gleason had many catch phrases throughout the years. In between the lines like "How sweet it is!" and others, Gleason used one fitting line in particular for his tombstone epitaph, "And away we go."
Jack Lemmon
Seeing his name on the marquee after appearing in notable titles like "Some Like It Hot" and "The Odd Couple," actor and musician Jack Lemmon continued the trend after his June 27, 2001, death. Lemmon used his tombstone as a marquee, both poking fun at his many roles and also to provide a bit of humor to describe what lies below. Skipping all the sentiment and dates, Lemmon's tombstone reads simply, "Jack Lemmon in."
Jimi Hendrix
Thought not particularly funny or witty, the tombstone of legendary musician and guitarist Jimi Hendrix is a splendor in itself. Hendrix is interred at Greenwood Memorial Park in Renton, Washington, although in a different location from where he was initially buried. More than 20 years after his 1970 death, Hendrix's body was moved to a separate location in the park, complete with a stone pavilion and space for other family members on the same plot.
John Wayne
Following his death on June 11, 1979, the grave of American film icon John Wayne sat unmarked for nearly 20 years. The actor initially requested his tombstone to read "Feo, Fuerte y Formal," meaning "Ugly, Strong and Dignified," according to his son. Despite the request, his estate later chose to inscribe the stone with a memorable quote Wayne gave in a 1971 interview with "Playboy" magazine. The quote, and his tombstone, read, "Tomorrow is the most important thing in life. Comes into us at midnight very clean. It’s perfect when it arrives and it puts itself in our hands. It hopes we’ve learned something from yesterday."
Laurel and Hardy
Partners in comedy during their lives, the actor/comedian pair of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, known as simply Laurel and Hardy, continued that bond in death. The first of the two to pass, Oliver Hardy's tombstone notes "A genius of comedy, his talent brought joy and laughter to the world." Laurel's tombstone echoed the statements in other words, stating, "A master of comedy, his genius in the art of humor brought gladness to the world he loved."
Mel Blanc
While his name may not be a household one, his voice certainly is, leading to the nickname of "man of 1,000 voices" for voice actor Mel Blanc. Heard in homes to this day, Blanc was the man behind the character voices of the likes of Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Daffy Duck, Tweety Bird, Yosemite Sam, Foghorn Leghorn and many others. His nickname, along with his most famous line of "That's All Folks," are inscribed on his tombstone after his 1989 death.
Merv Griffin
In addition to acting, hosting and appearing on his own talk show, Merv Griffin brought us numerous game shows, including the highly popular "Jeopardy!" and "Wheel of Fortune" which are still on today. After losing a battle to prostate cancer in 2007, he used his tombstone to provide his final sign-off line, reading "I will not be right back after this message."
Rodney Dangerfield
Making his fans laugh as he did for decades, actor and comedian Rodney Dangerfield got his last laugh on his tombstone, which reads "Rodney Dangerfield... There goes the neighborhood." The crack was similar to Dangerfield's type of comedy which made him famous, coined the phrase "I don't get no respect" and put him in 1980s films such as Caddyshack and Back to School.

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<![CDATA[12 Animals That Definitely Lift]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/animals-with-muscles-who-lift/chris-abraham
Do you even lift bro? Well these animals do, and they're here to show you that your gains in the weight room are nothing compared to what they've got going on. This list features some of the most muscular animals in the world, so don't be butthurt when you see the lion that has way better triceps than you do. These animals claim that they're natural, but we're pretty sure at least a few of them are juicing (especially that cow).

12 Animals That Definitely Lift,

Cardio? Nah Bro

Hook Him Up with Some Neigh Protein
A RANKER USER SAID: "Holy crap! That horse is huge. His head looks too small for his enormous body!" (join the discussion)
Tony the Tiger's Bully

This Was a Big Hit in the Cow World

He Got Jacked Lifting At The Pound

Dat Tricep

Come at Me Mate

Traps Take Twice As Long

They Don't Monkey Around on Leg Day

Do You Even Fish?

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<![CDATA[The 13 Most Evil U.S. Government Experiments on Humans]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-13-most-evil-u-s-government-experiments-on-humans/robert-wabash
The U.S. Government has been caught conducting an insane amount of vile, inhumane, and grisly experiments on humans without their consent... and often without their knowledge. These are the thirteen most evil, creepy, disturbing cases of human-testing ever conducted by the United States of America.

Conspiracy theory nuts are known for being a little out there, but once you read the wild government experiment stories on this list, you'll be a believer too. Did the U.S. government really infect its own citizens with syphilis and not tell them? Sure did. Did other government agencies test nuclear weapons, resulting in radiation fallout on multiple innocent Pacific islands? Oh yes. And did top U.S. officials condone the research of corrupt doctors who were clearly torturing their research subjects? Click through the list below to find out.
Get ready to become one of those conspiracy theory nuts, because after this list, you will never fully trust the U.S. government again.
The 13 Most Evil U.S. Government Experiments on Humans,

Operation Paperclip
Following World War II, the U.S. Goverment covertly instituted Operation Paperclip, a program of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) in which over 1,500 German scientists, technicians, and engineers from Nazi Germany and other foreign countries were brought to the United States for employment.

They did this in part to keep German scientific expertise and knowledge from the Soviet Union and the United Kingdom, and to keep post-war Germany from redeveloping its military research capabilities. The U.S. Government "bleached" the scientists of their Nazi ties, removing and/or destroying any documents or records tying them to the party.

Evacuations netted the U.S. Government an estimated 1,800 technicians and scientists, along with 3,700 family members. Any who had special skills or knowledge were taken to detention and interrogation centers, to be held and interrogated, sometimes for months at a time. Some were then transported to villages without research facilities or work and forced to report twice weekly to police headquarters to prevent them from leaving. A Joint Chiefs of Staff directive stated that the scientists should only be released "after all interested agencies were satisfied that all desired intelligence information had been obtained from them."

Deadly Chemical Sprays on American Cities
Showing once again that the U.S. always tends to test out worse-case scenarios by getting to them first, the Army, CIA, and government conducted a series of biochemical warfare simulations upon American cities to see how the effects would play out in the event of an actual chemical attack.

They conducted the following air strikes/naval attacks:
- The CIA released a whooping cough virus on Tampa Bay using boats, and so caused a whooping cough epidemic. 12 people died.
- The Navy sprayed San Francisco with bacterial pathogens and in consequence many citizens developed pneumonia.
- Upon Savannah, GA and Avon Park, FL, the army released millions of mosquitoes in the hopes they would spread yellow fever and dengue fever. The swarm left Americans struggling with fevers, typhoid, respiratory problems, and the worst, stillborn children.

Even worse was that after the swarm, the Army came in disguised as public health workers. Their secret intention the entire time they were giving aid to the victims was to study and chart-out the long term effects of all the illnesses the public was suffering.
Mind Control, Child Abuse - Project MKULTRA, Subproject 68
This is the stuff of nightmares. The CIA-run Project MKULTRA paid Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron for Subproject 68, AKA experiments involving mind-altering substances. The entire goal of the project was to look into methods of influencing and controlling the mind and extracting information from resisting minds.

In order to accomplish this, the doctor took patients admitted to his Allen Memorial Institute in Montreal (mostly for issues like bi-polar depression and anxiety disorders) and conducted "therapy" on them. The treatment they received was life-altering and scarring.

Between 1957 and 1964 Cameron was paid to administer electroconvulsive therapy at 30-40 times the normal power. He would put patients into a drug-induced coma for months on end and playback tapes of simple statements or repetitive noises over and over again.

The victims forgot how to talk, forgot about their parents, and suffered serious amnesia. All of this was performed on Canadian citizens because the CIA wasn’t willing to risk such operations on Americans.

To ensure the project remained funded, Cameron, in one scheme, took his experiments upon admitted children and in one situation had filmed the child engaging in sex with high-ranking government officials.

He and other MKULTRA officers blackmailed the officials to ensure more funding.
Mustard Gas Tested on Soldiers via Involuntary Gas Chambers
As bio-weapon research intensified in the 1940s, officials also began testing its repercussions and defenses on the Army itself. In order to test the effectiveness of various bio-weapons, officials were known to have sprayed mustard gas and other skin-burning, lung-ruining chemicals like Lewisite on soldiers, without their consent or knowledge of the experiment happening to them. Upon contact with the skin, this would cause extreme pain, itching, and swelling reminiscent of severe chemical burns.

They also tested the effectiveness of gas masks and protective clothing by locking soldiers in a gas chamber and exposing them to mustard gas and Lewisite, mimicking the gas chambers of Nazi Germany.

It was also rumored that along with the soldiers, patients at VA hospitals were being used as guinea pigs for medical experiments involving bio-warfare chemicals, but that all experiments were changed to be known as "observations" to ward off suspicions.
US Infects Guatemalans With STDs
In the 1940s, with penicillin as an established cure for syphilis, the U.S. decided to test out its effectiveness on Guatemalan citizens. To do this, they used infected prostitutes and let them loose on unknowing prison inmates, insane asylum patients, and soldiers. When spreading the disease through prostitution didn't work as well as they'd hoped, they instead went for the inoculation route.

Researchers poured syphilis bacteria onto men's penises and on their forearms and faces. In some cases, they even inoculated the men through spinal punctures. After all the infections were transmitted, researchers then gave most of the subjects treatment, although as many as 1/3 of them could have been left untreated, even if that was the intention of the study in the first place.

On October 1, 2010, Hilary Clinton apologized for the events and new research has gone on to see if anyone affected is still alive and afflicted with syphilis. Since many subjects never got penicillin, its possible and likely that someone spread it to future generations.
Pentagon Treats Black Cancer Patients with Extreme Radiation
In the 60s, the Department of Defense performed a series of irradiation experiments on non-consenting, poor, African-American cancer patients. They were told they would be receiving treatment, but they weren’t told it would be the "Pentagon" type of treatment: meaning to study the effects of high level radiation on the human body. To avoid litigation, forms were signed only with initials so that the patients would have no way to get back at the government.

In a similar case, Dr. Eugene Saenger, funded by the Defense Atomic Support Agency (fancy name), conducted the same procedure on the same type of patients. The African-Americans received about the same level of radiation as 7500 x-rays to their chest would, which caused intense pain, vomiting and bleeding from their nose and ears. At least 20 of the subjects died.
Infecting Puerto Rico With Cancer
In 1931, Dr. Cornelius Rhoads was sponsored by the Rockefeller Institute to conduct experiments in Puerto Rico. He infected Puerto Rican citizens with cancer cells, presumably to study the effects. Thirteen of them died. What’s most striking is that the accusations stem from a note he allegedly wrote:

"The Porto Ricans (sic) are the dirtiest, laziest, most degenerate and thievish race of men ever to inhabit this sphere... I have done my best to further the process of extermination by killing off eight and transplanting cancer into several more... All physicians take delight in the abuse and torture of the unfortunate subjects."

A man that seems to be hell-bent on killing Puerto Rico through a cancer infestation would not seem a suitable candidate to be elected by the U.S. to be in charge of chemical warfare projects and receive a seat on the United States Atomic Energy Commission, right?

But that’s exactly what happened. He also became vice-president of the American Cancer Society. Any shocking documentation that would have happened during his chemical warfare period would probably have been destroyed by now.
Injected Prisoners with Agent Orange
WARNING: the above video may be disturbing, but is a reality of what Americans used as biological warfare during Vietnam and what we, as Americans, VOLUNTARILY injected into people for "testing" purposes... with the help of a very popular American company.

While he received funding from Agent Orange producer Dow Chemical Company, the U.S. Army, and Johnson & Johnson, Dr. Albert Kligman used prisoners as subjects in what was deemed "dermatological research."

The dermatology aspect was testing out product the effects of Agent Orange on the skin. For the effects Agent Orange had on the Vietnamese during the Vietnam War, please click here. (WARNING images in this article may be extremely disturbing, as they include extreme human deformation, including that of infants.)

Needless to say the injecting of, or exposure to, dioxidin is beyond monstrous to voluntarily do to any human. Kligman, though, injected dioxidin (a main component of Agent Orange) into the prisoners to study its effects. What did happen was that the prisoners developed an eruption of chloracne (all that stuff from high school combined with blackheads and cysts and pustules that looked like the picture shown to the left) that develop on the cheeks, behind the ears, armpits, and the groin - yes, the groin.

Kligman was rumored to have injected 468 times the amount he was authorized to. Documentation of that effect has, wisely, not been distributed.

The Army oversaw while Kligman continued to test out skin-burning chemicals to (in their words) "learn how the skin protects itself against chronic assault from toxic chemicals, the so-called hardening process" and test out many products whose effects were unknown at the time, but with the intent of figuring that out.

During these proceedings, Kligman was reported to have said, "All I saw before me were acres of skin ... It was like a farmer seeing a fertile field for the first time." Using that analogy, it's easy to see how he could plow straight through so many human subjects without an ounce of sympathy.
U.S. Grants Immunity to Involuntary-Surgery Monster
As head of Japan's infamous Unit 731 (a covert biological and chemical warfare research and development unit of the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II), Dr. Shiro Ishii carried out violent human experimentation on tens of thousands during the Second Sino-Japense War and World War II.

Ishii was responsible for testing vivisection techniques without any anesthesia on human prisoners. Vivisection is the act of conducting experimental surgery on living creatures (with central nervousness) and examining their insides for scientific purposes. So basically, he was giving unnecessary surgery to prisoners by opening them up, keeping them alive, and not using any anesthetic.

During these experiments he would force pregnant women to abort their babies. He also subjected his prisoners to change in physiological conditions and inducing strokes, heart attacks, frost bite, and hypothermia. Ishii considered these subjects "logs."

Following imminent defeat in 1945, Japan blew up the Unity 731 complex and Ishii ordered all the remaining "logs" to be executed. Not soon after, Ishii was arrested. Then, the respected General Douglas McArthur allegedly struck a deal with Ishii. If the U.S. granted Ishii immunity from his crimes, he must exchange all germ warfare data based on human experimentation. So Ishii got away with his crimes because the U.S. became interested in the results of his research.

While not directly responsible for these acts, the actions of the American government certainly illustrated that it was more than willing to condone human torture for advancements in biological warfare that could kill even more people.

Secret Human Experiments to Test the Effects of The Atomic Bomb
While testing out and trying to harness the power of the atomic bomb, U.S. scientists also secretly tested the bomb's effects on humans. During the Manhattan Project, which gave way to the atomic bomb that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, U.S. scientists resorted to secret human testing via plutonium injection on 18 unsuspecting, non-consenting patients.

This included injecting soldiers with micrograms of plutonium for Project Oak Ridge along with later injecting three patients at a Chicago hospital. Imagine you're an admitted patient, helpless in a hospital bed, assuming that nothing is wrong when the government suddenly appears and puts weapons-grade plutonium in your blood. Out of the 18 patients, who were known only by their code-names and numbers at the time, only 5 lived longer than 20 years after the injection.

Along with plutonium, researchers also had fun with uranium. At a Massachusetts hospital, between 1946 and 1947, Dr. William Sweet injected 11 patients with uranium. He was funded by the Manhattan Project.

And in exchange for the uranium he received from the government, he would keep dead tissue from the body of the people he killed for scientific analysis on the effects of uranium exposure.

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<![CDATA[33 Hilarious Toilet Seat Covers to Trick Your Houseguests]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-toilet-seat-covers/jacob-shelton
Unless you have a panic room, one of the safest places in every home is the bathroom. It’s the only place you can get some true alone time, and be sure no one’s going to bother you. That is, unless you know any of the people behind the pictures on this list of funny toilet seat covers - in that case, all bets are off. On this list there are funny toilet seat covers, scary toilet seat covers, and toilet seat covers that will make you scratch your head (hopefully after you’ve washed your hands). If you fancy yourself a bit of a prankster, hopefully these funny toilet seats will give you an idea of how to take your funny house game to the next level, starting with the John, water closet, or whatever you call it.

If you’re the kind of person who feels like Whoopee Cushions are too subtle, you’re going to love the joke toilet seat covers on this list. Not only are they a (porcelain) barrel full of laughs, but they’ll make your house or apartment look 10 times more put together and hilarious. Seriously, you’ll go from being a troll without a seat cover to a full blown adult. Well, mostly an adult, these are silly toilet seat covers we’re talking about here.

Funny seat covers are a fun way to trick your friends, and entertain guests who are probably expecting a run of the mill porcelain throne when they go to inspect your bathroom. For ideas on how to spruce up your bathroom check out this list of hilarious toilet seat covers. Then, vote up the silliest of them all, and if you’ve got something interesting in your bathroom – tell everyone about it in the comments!
33 Hilarious Toilet Seat Covers to Trick Your Houseguests,

It Flushes in Less Than 12 Parsecs

Like Trainspotting, but Somehow More Gross

Um... Wrong Eye

Good Ol' Fashioned Nightmare Fuel

Brings a New Meaning to Crocodile Tears

Where You Gonna Go?

Why Potty Train Your Kid When You Could Scare Them to Death?

Hopefully That's Carbonite

For the Person Who Hates Their Guests

These Are Not the Nuts You're Looking For

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<![CDATA[18 Disgusting Pics of Trophy Hunters Who Killed Wild Animals]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/trophy-hunter-facts/mike-rothschild
In April 2015, comedian and actor Ricky Gervais lit up Twitter with a picture of a trophy hunter peacefully lying down next to a rare giraffe she'd shot with a rifle. The woman received jeers and death threats, and the subject of the trophy hunting of rare animals came back into the news. What are the facts about trophy hunting? Big game hunting and hunting trips might be popular, but how to they affect local populations, both human and animal?

There's no doubt that the hunting of big game has driven numerous rare animals close to extinction. But the practice of trophy hunting has a number of unforeseen consequences on not only the animals, but their environments and the genetic future of their entire species. This list features photos of people with their big game trophies, as well as important facts to know about hunting big game and rare animals, and how the activities seen in these pictures may alter the future of wild animals.

These facts about trophy hunting and what it does to animal populations and local people will enlighten you about this practice and make you think twice next time you see a picture of a big game hunter and his or her trophy.

18 Disgusting Pics of Trophy Hunters Who Killed Wild Animals,

Revenue from Trophy Hunting Rarely Winds Up in Local Communities
Despite numerous hunters claiming that money from trophy hunting helps local economies, this doesn't appear to be true. Even pro-hunting organizations like the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation have reported that only 3% of revenue from trophy hunting ever makes it to the communities where the hunting takes place.

Orphaned Bear Cubs Are Often Sold to Travelling Zoos
In Europe, particularly Greece and Turkey, Brown Bears are still avidly hunted in spite of their dwindling numbers. Cubs orphaned when their mothers are killed are often sold to zoos, which can save their lives - or to gypsies, who abuse them for profit.

The Internet Is Up in Arms, But Legal Results of This Outrage Are Still Unseen
In 2015, American dentist Walter Palmer was identified as the hunter who paid $50,000 to kill one of Africa's most famous lions, Cecil. His name quickly started trending worldwide on Twitter. His business's Yelp page was inundated with strongly worded comments against him. It has yet to be seen if any of this outrage will translate to stronger protection laws.

Palmer wasn't charged by Zimbabwae for shooting Cecil, as it was found that "his papers were in order." Trophy hunters often take advantage of lax laws or crooked officials in staking out their claims.

Trophy Hunting Is Hurting Tourism in Africa
If lions and other magnificent animals continue to disappear from Africa, non-consumptive tourism - safaris that only take pictures and travel, as opposed to hunting, will be adversely affected. Photographic tourism generates 39 times the permanent employment that trophy hunting does, and the loss of rare animals will have a devastating impact on Africa's economy.

The Kodiak Bear Is Genetically Decreasing in Size Due to Trophy Hunting
Because of continued harvesting of the biggest animals by trophy hunters, the average size of Kodiak bears has dropped over the past few decades. Thus, this record-size animal is gradually becoming smaller and smaller - and less capable of surviving in the wild.

Elephants Are Genetically Losing Their Tusks
Female elephants do not have tusks, and so most have been spared by ivory hunters. In parts of Asia, males without tusks have come to dominate some populations, since they are not valuable for their ivory. This is altering the traits of the species - and might mean that elephants will evolve to lose their tusks entirely.

Due in Large Part to Trophy Hunting, the Lion Popluation Has Dropped
Anti-hunting advocates reckon that the number of lions in Africa has dropped from 400,000 in 1955 to less 20,000 today. If their rate of death doesn't decrease, there will be no wild lions left anywhere on the planet by 2020.
Rhino Horn Is More Valuable Than Gold
Because of its (dubious and unproven) value in Chinese medicine, the value of rhino horn in China, ounce for ounce, is higher than gold. The horn is ground into a powder to alleviate fevers and pain, particularly for terminally ill patients. With more and more Chinese contractors working in Africa, the risk of poaching has only gone up.

Killing an Adult Male Lion Can Kill an Entire Pride
When an adult male lion is killed, his entire pride is threatened as outside males compete to take over the pride. Once a new male is dominant, he will often kill the cubs sired by the pride's previous leader, resulting in the loss of an entire lion generation.
Because of Poaching and Trophy Hunting, the Rhino Is Nearly Gone
When President Theodore Roosevelt came to east Africa on safari in 1909, an estimated 300,000 rhinos roamed the region. There are now just around 2,000 left, because of poaching and trophy hunts.

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<![CDATA[People Who Had More-Than-Platonic Relationships with Animals]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/people-who-had-relationships-with-animals/jacob-shelton
In this cruel world, it can be hard to find someone you truly love. Relationships fall apart, humans are weird, online dating has rewired brains to treat dating like a video game. But people who love animals don’t need all that noise. There’s no break up, and rarely any arguing. While people troll ex’s Facebook profile, sighing at pictures of them with their new love, those with the courage to fall for animals nurture successful relationships with mammals, reptiles, and fish who loved them back (if it's possible for snakes to love). Cuddle up next to your pet and read these heartwarming/creepy stories of human-animal marriage.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Can humans marry animals? Is that a thing now?” Short answer: Maybe. Long answer: Not sure. People are animals, technically, so there's that. The individuals on this list don’t really care law, they just want to be happy. As with human-human marriage, not all animal marriages are the same. Bottom like is, these folks love their animals, and the rest of you should be so lucky.

People Who Had More-Than-Platonic Relationships with Animals,

Brazilian Man Marries Goat
No matter how lonely you are, there's someone out there who's lonelier. For instance, in 2013, 74-year-old Brazilian man Aparecido Castaldo married his pet goatCarmelita, because "‘She doesn’t speak and doesn’t want money." 

According to the bishop who performed the marriage, "
This is not the first goat he has, because he likes animals. He just needs a companion. There will be no intercourse between the two."
Drive Time DJ Weds Duck to Mock Mormonism-Based Marriage Laws
In the mid '70s, Salt Lake City radio personality Will Lucas decided to test the limits of Utah's lax marriage statutes regarding polygamy and zoophilia. The station for which he worked, KALL, rented out a Hilton ballroom, invited a bunch of people, and found a nondenominational preacher who was chill enough to marry Lucas and a duck. 
Sudanese Man Forced to Marry Goat After Mounting It
In 2006, Mr. Tombe, a Sudanese man, was forced to marry a goat after he was caught fornicating with the cloven-hoofed beast. The goat's owner, Mr. Alfi, wandered upon the tryst, describing the scene thusly: "When I asked him: 'What are you doing there?', he fell off the back of the goat, so I captured and tied him up."

Town elders instructed Mr. Alfi not to go to the police. "They said I should not take him to the police, but rather let him pay a dowry for my goat because he used it as his wife." The dowry came to 15,000 dinars, equivalent to about $50 at the time. 

Woman Marries Horse to Make a Point
Milanja Broskvit, a Danish attorney and animal rights activist, found a loophole in Copenhagen's sex laws that makes zoophilia legal. So she married her horse, Thorgen, claiming animals are victims of speciesism in Denmark.

Broskvit told her country's Supreme Court: “The differences between our species does not make us inherently different. The treatment of individuals is predicated on group membership and not morally irrelevant physical differences. The argument is that species membership has no moral significance.” 

British Woman Marries Dog After Husband Bails
There should be a new verse added to "Single Ladies" that says if a man bails after he puts a ring on your finger, you should marry your dog. That's what Briton Amanda Rogers did after her first marriage proved to be a disappointment. Rogers and her pooch, Sheba, tied the knot in Croatia (destination wedding!) in 2014, at a ceremony attended by more than 200 people. 

"Sheba had been in my life for years, making me laugh and comforting me when I was feeling low. I couldn’t think of anything more I’d need from a life partner," Rogers said of their union. 
Man Tries to Marry Cobra, Things Escalate Quickly
In 2015, Indian man Sandeep Patel became convinced that a cobra was the reincarnation of a beautiful woman who had fallen love with him. He also believed he could turn into a snake after putting himself into a deep trance. Patel decided to marry the cobra, and people from all over India arrived in his remote village in the northeastern part of the country. Close to 15,000 spectators attended the Easter Saturday ceremony, and a riot almost broke out because police busted up the church and arrested Patel for breaching the peace. Also, the snake never showed up. 
Dutch Woman Is Set to Marry Dog After Her Cat Husband Dies
It's good to have a backup plan, whether it be with dinner reservations, or with your cat husband who's getting on in life. Dominque Lesbriel of the Netherlands was finally ready to marry again after losing her first husband, Doerack, to kidney failure. BTW Doerack was a cat and her new beau a fetching dog named Travis, whom she found at the beach after he stole her shoes. Talk about a meet cute!

In addition to marrying her own pets, Lesbriel performs online marriage ceremonies for others and their pets, through her site Marryyourpet.com. This isn't something she takes lightly. 

"There are rules, as with any marriage," she explains. "The difference between a church ceremony and my online chapel is that I don't allow divorce. I don't want to let anyone abandon their pet."
Man Marries Crocodile Princess
In 2014, Jose Vasquez Roja, of the very rural and remote coastal Oaxacan fishing village San Pedro Huamelula, married a crocodile at city hall. The ceremony was conducted as a means of boosting fish populations along the Pacific coast of Oaxaca, in the hopes it might improve the lives of the fishing community. According to ITV, local fisherman believe the crocodile is a princess, and the marriage will bring them luck. Members of the municipal court who didn't chip in for the wedding between man and crocodile were fined
Teen Forced to Marry Cow After Rice Paddy Sexcapade
In 2010, Ngurah Alit, an 18-year-old Balinese man, was forced to marry a cow after he was caught having doggy style (or bovine style, in this case) sex with it in a rice paddy. The worst part is, after the two were married, the cow was drowned in the sea in order to cleanse it of its sins. Alit was symbolically drowned - his clothes were thrown in the ocean.
Man Finds His Fish in the Sea
Despite what Radiohead says, meeting people is not easy. Hence why, in the spring of 2016, Moses Otieno decided to get hitched to a tilapia. Otieno, a resident of the port city Kisumu, Kenya, certainly has access to fish - he lives on the shores of Lake Victoria, the largest tropical lake in the world. He married the fish out of frustration, unable to find a human woman who would love him. 

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WARNING: This list may make you fatter. Just thinking about eating these crazy food items may be hazardous to your health. This list of horrific food concoctions contains the worst recorded abominations in food that have been made (or forced upon the general public) in recent memory. It's a collection of top food for those of us with perversely weird appetites.

What are the craziest things people have ever made out of food? From bacon mugs to sausage-wrapped Taco Bell, there is no shortage of crazy foods on this list of weird food ideas. Remember, if you decide to actually eat one of these calorie bombs, you do so at your own risk. Bon appetit!
The Craziest Food Abominations of All Time,

KFC Double Down
Now, if you want to look at the positive side of KFC's Double Down- bacon and cheese with deep-fried chicken patties as "buns"- you can think of it as a fairly carb-friendly fast food option. You can also think of it as 540 grams of artery-clogging protein that packs 32 grams of fat and 1430 grams of sodium into a single "sandwich".
KFC Famous Bowl
That Colonel just doesn't let up, does he? He's on our list again, but this time for his KFC Famous Bowl, whose visual appeal almost matches its deranged nutritional value.

The bowl combines, or rather mushes, mashed potatoes, corn, fried chicken, gravy, and a three-cheese blend into one trough of a next-morning-looking meal.

Eating one of these things will cut you back 690 calories and 31 grams of fat. Relatively sound considering the rest of the list, but horrible considering that this will not be your only meal that day.

Also, the only thing famous about this "famous bowl" is the rolls. Attached to your body.
Wendy's Baconator
Anything named "Baconator" has got to be a lethal weapon. The terrorists are definitely winning when this is one of the more "tame" items on this list.

Pictured here with six patties for extreme fat effect, the Baconator has got to be some kind of weapon of biological warfare. Contributing to the selling of this sandwich has to be some kind of treason.

And yet, Wendy's offering it on their menu (in a weaker, triple-meat version) for 1330 calories and 51 grams of fat. A premium bun filled with three beef patties and layered with bacon, mayo, ketchup, and American cheese.

And somewhere in the world, people are starving. Where's your God now?
The Bacon Taco Supreme

Pizza Hut Triple Treat Box
Admittedly, if you're more than one person eating this thing, it's not THE MOST disgusting thing in the world. HOWEVER, you can totally imagine someone rolling up and unfurling the contents of their Treat Box (2 medium pizzas, an order of fries, an order of chicken sticks, and a big ass pizza-sized cookie) for just themselves.

Feel the fantasy and create your own Triple Treat Box
This Pizza Burger

This Beautiful Dessert Porn Abomination

Olive Garden Breadstick Sandwich
In June 2015, your dreams will finally come true. Assuming you have had the dream of eating a chicken parm or meatball sandwich, made with Olive Garden breadsticks. It's totally how they do it in Italy!
The Triple Grilled Cheese Bacon Sausage

Pizza Hut Hot Dog Bites Pizza
Just when you think it can't get any grosser, Pizza Hut does it again. The world's most inventive pizza chain announced that it would soon be adding hot dogs into the mix. “The large one-topping pizza, featuring 28 premium hot dog bites baked into the crust, is served with a side of French’s mustard for $11.99.”

The monstrosity had been a reality in the UK since 2011, but finally hit the states in June 2015.  Because everyone loves tiny sausages.

Source: Business Insider

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In Soviet Russia, list reads you! This is a collection of hilariously WTF photos straight from Russia with love, and if it's any insight to how people live on the other side of the world, then you're about to learn that Russian people are pretty crazy. Whether it's the borderline obsessive love for swords and guns or the classic Russian love affair with tanks and vodka, these WTF Russia images are full of hilarious cultural trends. It might seem weird to Americans or others outside the Motherland, but hey, if you were in a country as cold as Russia, maybe you'd be doing crazy things to pass the time as well. 

What do Russian people do when they're not drinking vodka? These photos aim to answer that time old question and the answer seems to be either posing with weapons or drinking more vodka. Take a look at this funny list of meanwhile in Russia pictures and vote up the most insane images of them all!

WTF Russia Photos That Prove Everyone Is Insane,

Can't Afford Tinted Windows, But Value Your Privacy? Russia Has a Solution!

Bear Cavalry Is Nightmarishly Awesome

The Cutest Tank in Mother Russia

Hummer Not Aggressive Enough? Make It a Tank!

Comfortable Seating for the Parents

House Falling Apart? Just Put a Tarp Over It!

Brick Volleyball Is WAY Better Than Beach Volleyball

Genius Smoke Stacks Designed to Look Like Vodka

Top Down Weather Is Totally Subjective

Stay Classy, Russia

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