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Ah, Goodwill! Who doesn’t love the thrill of sifting through moth-ball laden garments for the occasional treasure that promises to reveal itself to those who have the patience to really dig? Well, here we’ve collected a list of the weirdest items ever donated to a Goodwill store. You see, in the thrill of the hunt, many times you may never notice the bizarre collection of items you sift right past that are actually treasures in their own - albeit sometimes borderline creepy - right. Fear not however, for on display below you’ll find a collection of some of the weirdest things donated to Goodwill in all of thrift store history.

What can you donate to Goodwill? What will Goodwill accept? Well, as it turns out, anatomically correct fertility gods and sculptures made of doll heads are totally fair game! And so are stripper poles! We combed the web for the weirdest, tackiest, and just plain strange donations ever dropped off at a Goodwill thrift store, and the offerings did not disappoint. So the next time you’re just not sure where you’re going to pick-up a new coffin or that pig fetus to really tie you living room decorating scheme together, calm your nerves, and know that Goodwill has you covered.

The collection you’re about to experience comes from both Goodwill employees and customers alike, who just couldn’t resist snapping a photo of some of the craziest things people have donated throughout the years. As you wade through this list of the strangest and creepiest objects donated to Goodwill, you’ll find yourself basking in the glory of everything from the world’s creepiest art to things that might have been attempts at art but failed miserably.

So pull on that $2 cardigan and take a look at the strangest things people’s closets have coughed up over the years.

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This Disturbing Display
Something just ain't right about that.

These Legs They Had Lyin' Around
Nothing says spring cleaning like tossing those pesky old body parts. Although, we must say it's rather thoughtful that some come with their own shoes.

This Insanely Real-Looking Artificial Decomposing Leg
Thankfully, this ridiculously realistic looking rotting leg turned out to be fake, but not before it got a few screams out of the Fort Worth, TX Goodwill worker who discovered it.

This Fertility God
Though he's since been censored with the Goodwill smiley face, apparently this donated fertility god's anatomy doesn't leave much to the imagination.

The World's Most Unfortunately Shaped Piggy Bank
A Valentine's Day gift for the new husband who needs a hint about the maternal clock?

Yep, That's Definitely a Coffin
We only have two hopes concerning this donation item

1) That someone finds it and can use it for years... or centuries to come. 
2) That its unused.

Fluffy's Remains
Okay, seriously. We get it if you didn't want to keep Fluffy here after your great Aunt Bertha passes away and he's passed down to you. But do the civilized thing and sneak him into her coffin already.

This Live Grenade
Not only did this live grenade donation give a very real scare to employees at a Goodwill store in Texas, a professional had to be called in to disarm it.

Bullwinkle's Last Stand
Guess this bad boy was just too classy for its original owner's wall, huh?

This Terrifying Facial Treatment Device
Cause nothing says rejuvenation like dressing up in a vibrating Jason mask.

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<![CDATA[The 50 Dumbest Criminals Ever]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/dumb-criminals/jacob-shelton
This list of the dumbest criminals will make you feel like a rocket scientist. While it's nice to know that most criminals are too idiotic to follow through with their hair brained schemes, it's kind of depressing to realize how stupid a lot of people really are. The deplorable dumb dumbs on this list sound more like fictional characters than they do hardened criminals. But these crime fails are all totally real. And yes, that includes the guys who tried to rob a grocery store while riding a donkey. These are the worst criminals ever, who were just too stupid to be successful. 

This collection of the dumbest criminals of all time ranges from almost the entire state of Florida, to people who committed crimes in police stations, and a guy who tried to sell weed to a detective. How do you think that ended for him?!

Hopefully after reading about the idiots on this list of dumb criminals you'll have learned some life lessons. For instance, don't try to write yourself a $360 billion check. You can't do that. No one will cash it for you. If you steal an iPad, maybe don't take selfies with everyone in your crew the moment you get back to your house. Selfies can wait for when you have changed the iCloud account to "not the original owner's." And please, stop drinking and driving - even if you're driving with one eye closed to counteract the double vision, it's just not a good idea.

Vote up the dumbest of the dumb criminals on this list of idiotic crimes that completely failed.

Man Steals Pork Loin from Sam's Club by Shoving it Down His Pants
Police say a man stole a pork loin from Sam's Club by stuffing it in his pants and running out of the store without paying. After the theft, he approached a store greeter who though he was just happy to see him.

Source: NJ.com

No Charges for Woman Who Threw Bacon into Police Station
A judge has dismissed charges against a Massachusetts woman who threw uncooked bacon and sausage inside a police station while saying she was there to "feed the piggies." Lindsey McNamara was charged with disorderly conduct and malicious destruction of property after the incident, which was caught on video surveillance.

Source: CBS News

Dallas Dummy Tries to Cash Check for Billions of Dollars
Charles Ray Fuller, a Texas dumb dumb, tried to cash a bogus check for $360 BILLION. To top it off, the check wasn’t even made out to him. He was arrested on forgery charges and sentenced to a million billion years in prison. 

Source: CBS

Man Attempts Carjacking in Prison Parking Lot
Things were looking up for Frank Singleton when he was released from jail. However, when he realized that he didn’t have a ride home, he walked straight into the prison parking lot and attempted to carjack a woman. He was foiled when he realized that he couldn’t drive a car with a stick shift. As he was re-arrested - this time, for felony carjacking - Singleton told police that he simply “didn’t feel like walking.” We've all been there. 

Source: WPTV

Man Arrested for Making Meth in a Park Restroom
Police were notified of chemical smoke emanating from a park men’s room, and stopped by to witness meth being cooked out of a single pot. Justin Hill, the Walter White Wannabe, was arrested and later released on $56,000 bail.

Source: Huffington Post

Pair Spent Two Days "Locked" in (Unlocked) Closet
A Florida man and woman spent two days trapped in what they said they believed to be a locked closet - until police let them out and discovered that the door was actually never locked. 

John Arwood and Amber Campbell claimed they were chased into a janitor's closet at Daytona State College in Daytona Beach, FL, by unidentified assailants. They were charged with trespassing and Campbell was also charged with violating her probation.

Source: USA Today

Dimwit Calls Police After Pig Eats His Weed
An Ohio man reportedly called 911 numerous times, threatening to harm himself, after he had downed an entire bottle of Everclear because his pet pig, Millie, had eaten all of his marijuana. He was charged with disorderly conduct and later said that he would keep his weed out of reach of his pot bellied pig. 

Source: Huffington Post

Florida Man Marks Occupation as Drug Dealer on Arrest Report
A West Palm Beach, FL man was arrested on a slew of charges, and was perhaps a bit too honest on his arrest report. He listed his occupation as "drug dealer" and was charged with being the most obvious criminal in the history of crime.

Source: Florida Times Union

Robber Gives Cashier His Phone Number
18 year old Ruben Zarate wanted to rob a muffler shop in Chicago and demanded money. Unfortunately it was mostly in the safe. Zarate decided that he would try again later. To save himself some time, he left his cell phone number with the store employees. That way, they could call him when the manager returned.

Source: News Sentinel

Man Faked Being His Own Twin Brother to Try to Delay Court Hearings
Not content to fake his own death or leave the country in an airplane made from spare parts, authorities say a northern New Jersey man posed as his fictitious, blind twin brother in a bid to delay court hearings on several motor vehicle summonses.

Source: Newsday

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<![CDATA[The Most Offensively Over-the-Top Stock Images of Fat People]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/fat-people-shutterstock-photos/keshvaralikhani
Overweight people have to deal with a lot of tough issues: dieting, fat shaming, swimsuit shopping. Not to mention the body image and health troubles that come with being on the heavier side. Nowhere is their struggle more obvious that in the pages of Shutterstock.

Stock photos of fat people tend to be comically over the top. For one thing, they are almost always about food: fat women rolling around in piles hamburgers, chubby men stuffing themselves with cake on the couch. You name it, Shutterstock’s got it. Unless, of course, you want something reasonable and realistic.

These funny stock photos of fat people feature some of the most ridiculous of the stock images on the web. From a fat guy trying to exercise without eating (hilarious!), to a lady literally making out with a bar of chocolate, Shutterstock knows no bounds when it comes to selling some of the most offensive pictures on the Internet.

If you’re looking for a practical shot of an overweight person just trying to go about their day, you’re out of luck. But if you need a photo of a fat woman who is slowly turning into a giant donut, you’ve come to the right place!

Which fat stock photo is craziest? You be the judge.

Tiny Fat Woman Ready to Tackle Giant Cake

Fat Man Even Too Fat for Child-Size Swim Float

Adult Fat Man Eats Spaghetti Like Wild Animal Baby

Fat Woman Can't Stop Dreaming of Cartoon Donut

Fat Man Dreams of Looking Like Cartoon Male Model

A Woman Literally Lying on a Bed of Fast Food

Gross Fat Guy Burns Calories by Farting Fire

Fat Man Can Only Feel Small Next to Gigantic Teddy Bear

Woman Considers Murdering Her Fat Husband

Doctor Baffled by Gigantic Stomach

http://www.ranker.com/profile-of/keshvaralikhani http://www.ranker.com/list/fat-people-shutterstock-photos/keshvaralikhani
<![CDATA[The Grossest Things Ever Found in Packaged Foods]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/gross-things-found-in-packaged-food/ashley-reign
Though you may miss the days when cereal used to come with a cool toy in the bottom, this list will quite possibly cure you of any desire to ever find anything but food in your groceries ever again. That’s right; we’ve concocted a list of disturbingly gross things found in packaged food that will leave you thanking your lucky stars every time you find your food free of unwelcome and nasty guests! We warn you, this list is not for the weak of heart and may have you double checking your items next time you head up to the check-out at your local grocery store.

If however, you are among the steely hearted few who are still here, don't mind seeing mice and bugs found in food, and are ready to uncover the worst the grocery industry has to offer, you’ve definitely come to the right place. We’ve put together a collection of things that folks have found staring back at them from their packaged foods that will make your skin crawl. They range from the once living to the recently hatched to the just plain dangerous. We’ve got frozen frogs that’ll greet you from a pile of peas and a story that’ll make you cringe every time you hear the phrase “sweet tooth” from now until forever.

If you remain insistent however, scroll down and find your reward in the form of the creepiest, crawliest, grossest things found in packaged foods ever! You’ll find the tales of some of the world’s least fortunate grocery shoppers, some of whom discovered the foreign objects in their food before including them in that fateful bite and others who weren't so lucky. These packaged food horror stories will have you reaching only for the freshest ingredients next time you're at the store.


Mac 'n' Nails
In 2008, UK bride to be noticed that her mac 'n' cheese seemed a wee bit crunchier than usual. She eventually discovered that not only had someone dropped a handful of two inch nails into the packaged pasta, she had already swallowed one. Worse yet, doctors where unable to remove the swallowed object, forcing her to rid her body of it... the old fashioned way.

Source: The Sun
Free Oven Mitt (Accidentally) Included!
In 2010, a Northern Ireland woman noticed that something about the bite of bread she'd just taken seemed a little hairy - literally. It turned out that the loaf of Hovis bread she'd purchased from her local Premier Foods had accidentally been laced with a lost oven mitt, which by the time it reached her mouth had been reduced to shreds of Hessian-type cloth.

Source: Metro
The Little Guy in the Loaf
In 2009, a man in Kidlington, Oxfordshire got an alarming surprise when he went to make his kids a sandwich from a loaf of bread he'd purchased from Premiere Foods. To his horror, this mouse was baked into the edge of the loaf.

We know, our Mickey-loving inner child just died a little too...

Source: BBC News
The Extra Crispy Anchovy Snack
In 2009, a gentleman in Singapore was enjoying a tasty "crispy anchovy snack" sold by a company called GoldenBoy, when suddenly he noticed an unpleasant extra ingredient. Not only was this cockroach hanging out in his crispy treat, it was even camouflaged with Sesame seeds!

Source: Singapore Seen
The Toad in the Tesco Greens
In 2012, a London woman sat down to enjoy a Tesco salad with a friend, only to feel her fork pierce something unusually heavy. Upon investigation, the women found this dead toad chillin' among the greens. Well, at least the poor little guy was already gone, if his tongue is any indication. 

Source: The Standard
The Tiki Bar Toad Incident
Back in 2009, a Florida couple was enjoying a relaxing afternoon around their backyard Tiki bar, when suddenly the husband began gagging in response to a big gulp of Diet Pepsi. His wife called the FDA to report a foreign, heavy substance inside the can, which turned out to be a toad.

Source: CNN
The Black Widow in the Bag of Grapes
Back in 2010, a Boston man found a package of grapes he'd purchased from Whole Foods a little too natural for his taste, after discovering a Black Widow spider inside. Though Whole Foods apologized profusely and offered the man gift cards in exchange for the spider, he ended up keeping it. Whether he wanted to keep the creepy little guy as a pet or a trophy remains unknown. 

Source: Consumerist
The Growth in the Vinegar Jar
In 2014, a UK mom was horrified to find what appeared to be an alien head growing in her Tesco vinegar bottle. She returned the mysterious growth to the store, where she said employees literally gagged over the sight of it.

Source: Express
The Gerber Glass Disaster
Though it happened back in 1986, The Gerber Baby Food disaster remains one for the ages. Not one, not two, but THIRTY states, reported complaints of glass being found in Gerber baby food jars. Some states responded by understandably banning the brand all together until the mess was sorted out.

Source: New York Times
The Unwelcome Peanut Butter Surprise
In 2011, a Texas woman was enjoying a flavor of Wal-Mart brand ice cream called "Peanut Butter Stars," when suddenly the ice cream seemed to attack back. After feeling something cut the inside of her lip, she was horrified to find that a razor blade had somehow made its way into the pint of ice cream before it had been sold. 

Source: CBS News

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<![CDATA[The Greatest Fictional Serial Killers]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-fictional-serial-killers/mark
Who are the best fictional serial killers of all time? These are serial killers featured in television shows and on film. To be clear, there is a difference between a serial killer and a mass murderer. A serial killer is one who kills individually, stalking a victim and murdering them in cold blood. Some of the most memorable movie and TV characters ever have been serial killers, so be sure to vote for the ones you liked the most -- and vote down any you didn't like. Also, feel free to re-rank this list any way you want, and add any notable fictional serial killers who are missing.

The creepiest film and TV serial killers often steal the show with their terrifyingly cool, chilling scenes. They manage to elude the good guys who are dutifully tracking them down, often for most of a movie or television show. Eventually, almost all of the fictional serial killers listed here are caught, but not before they leave behind horrifying reminders of their sick and twisted abilities. They are, quite often, some of the best movie villains of all time or the creepiest characters on television.

When you think of the "best" fictional serial murderers, who comes to mind instantly? Hannibal Lecter? That's certainly one of the most famous and memorable serial killers ever on film, thanks to Anthony Hopkins (who won an Academy Award for the role in 'Silence of the Lambs'). Or how about mommy-obsessed Norman Bates (Anthony Hopkins), the serial killer who scared the wits out of everyone in Alfred Hitchcock's 'Psycho'? There is no doubt that both of these characters are iconic, and among the most utterly terrifying figures in film. Both, interestingly enough, were brought to the small screen in 2013: Lecter in the NBC horror drama 'Hannibal' and Bates in A&E's drama 'Bates Motel.'

Are serial killers the new vampires now? Could be. One thing is certain: The fictional serial killers listed here are among the characters you absolutely, positively do not ever want knocking at your door.

Dexter Morgan

Freddy Krueger

Hannibal Lecter

Jason Voorhees


Michael Myers

Norman Bates

Patrick Bateman

John Doe

Buffalo Bill

http://www.ranker.com/profile-of/mark http://www.ranker.com/list/best-fictional-serial-killers/mark
<![CDATA[The Grossest Things Ever Found in Hotel Rooms]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/gross-things-found-in-hotel-rooms/ashley-reign
Ever find yourself lying in bed in a low budget hotel room, silently wondering what lurks beneath the sheets and whether it was really worth the price cut? Worse yet, have you ever been confronted with one of those situations in which you feel it’s probably just best to look away from whatever it is you’ve encountered on a motel floor and vow to check-out at the first hint of daylight? If so, then let's see how your experiences measure up to the horror on this list of the most disgusting things found in hotel rooms.

We’ve bravely explored the depths of the Internet in order to find the answer to the age old question, “What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever found in a hotel room?” We’ve gathered a collection of answers from everyone from hotel employees who have confessed their finds online to hotel guests who uploaded photos of their worst experiences for the world to see. As you may imagine, much of the information you’ll find here is not for the weak of heart and these gross things found in hotel rooms might put you off travel for a few years.

The next time your significant other wants to stay at that shady looking “Budget Inn,” bust out this list of gross hotel room experiences and you’ll be headed for the nearest five star resort in no time. Whether it be things that came out of various body parts or the body parts themselves, we’ve got a list of the nastiest, creepiest, and just plain wrong things the world of low budget hotels have to offer. So grab your antibacterial spray and black light… if you dare.


Booty-Shaped Chocolate Stains
One hotel manager didn't think much of it when a honeymooning couple asked for a chocolate fountain in their room... that is until after they checked out without saying much. When the maid went into their room she found that the chocolate was obviously used in a wild night of lovemaking and had been strewn all over the room. The girl's rear end prints were apparently among the most unfortunate chocolate stains found throughout the room.

Source: Reddit
A Regular Customer's Blow-Up Lover
Another hotel employee confesses that the weirdest thing he ever found in a hotel room came as the result of a little exploration into why a regular customer always requested the same room at least once a week. The staff discovered that he had been hiding a blow-up doll under the mattress, which they ended up throwing away. This stopped the customer from coming in pretty quickly.

Source: Huffington Post
Mystery Slime
After finding not one, but two of the chairs in her Oklahoma City room soiled with mystery slime, this poor woman probably ended up standing for the duration of her stay.

Source: Hotel Nightmares
A Mammoth Dildo
A gentleman who routinely installs flooring in hotels recounts his worst find: a massive purple dildo which was discovered when he moved one of the beds. He and the hotel staff of course did the reasonable thing and chased the manager around while holding it with a pair of tongs before disposing of it.

Source: Reddit
Poop: Poop Everywhere
Who is really stunned to find this one on this list? Though it has likely happened multiple times, the worst instance we could find comes from a Reddit user who describes one guest who stuffed a towel filled with poop down a toilet, which quickly clogged.

Source: Reddit
Evidence of the Previous Tenant Being Held Captive
A flight attendant who checked into the Galt House in Louisville, KY was a bit disturbed to find these signs of attempted escape adorning her room's door. Nothing to get the imagination going like puncture marks around your door's lock.

Source: Hotel Nightmares

An Active Porn Shoot
Another hotel employee confesses that he always knew it was a bad sign when he started getting coffee and wine requests in the wee hours of the night. A few times, he opened the door to find active porn shoots in progress. 

Source: Reddit
Missing Body Parts
One hotel employee confesses he'll never ask for a hand again after finding one under a hotel bed, literally. It turned out that a guy had been murdered in a drug deal gone wrong in the Flint, MI hotel room shortly before, and that the clean-up crew had missed a little souvenir left behind.

Source: Reddit
Porn and All the Things Needed to Enjoy It
After becoming suspicious of a guest who would show up every couple of weeks and ask for the same room, the staff of one hotel decided to do a little more thorough of a cleaning in hopes of solving the mystery. Sure enough, they came across a stack of porn, lube, and movies that had obviously been... used. 

Source: Reddit
A Stinky Cheese Platter
Though it may not sound that bad when compared to a guy's hand, anyone who has ever experienced what cheese smells like after sitting out for a few days will understand the pain of a hotel employee who found a whole platter of it stinking up a hotel room from underneath the bed.

Source: Huffington Post

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<![CDATA[The Strangest and Most Bizarre Graves from Around the World]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/weirdest-and-creepiest-graves/ariel-kana
When commemorating the deceased, a lot of tough decisions have to be made. Do you want a life size sculpture of your loved one's likeness, or a cleverly hidden jab to get them back for, well, they know what they did? Plenty of family members have made some strange gravestone choices, and there are cemeteries full of the deceased, commemorated forever with some seriously weird tombstones, headstones, and grave markers.

From zombie outbreak prevention cages to some creepy skeletons and more than a few strange and almost TOO human statues, what some of these people have chosen to mark their gravesites is slightly questionable. Sure, some of the graves are sweet and touching - including angels and personal monuments that are fitting for their six feet under residents. But others are just awful.

What tombstones seemed most strange to you? Vote up the odd memorials you think are the weirdest, and see if your favorite makes it to the top of the list. These are the creepiest, funniest, and downright weirdest graves this side of the Internet, and we hope these folks are resting in peace, despite the cows and sharks marking their final resting spots.

What Did John Do?!

She Couldn't Even

Two Lovers in the Long Sleep

He Was Catholic, She Was Protestant, but Love Finds a Way

Full Size Glass Box for a Replica of a Daughter

The Pianist Grieves

Love Immortalized

Elaborate Gravestone in Paris, France

Tree Overgrowing an Old Grave

Life Size Grave of a 16-Year-Old Girl, Commissioned by Her Sister

http://www.ranker.com/profile-of/ariel-kana http://www.ranker.com/list/weirdest-and-creepiest-graves/ariel-kana
<![CDATA[The Grossest Things Ever Found in Fast Food Meals]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/gross-things-found-in-fast-food/ashley-reign
Remember when you were growing up and the older neighborhood kids would regale you with urban legends about all the hideous things that have snuck their way into unsuspecting foods over the years? We wish we were here to prove them wrong. We truly do. After a thorough investigation into such matters however, we can assure you that the validity behind such tales is not quite as bad as you’d think - it’s worse. That’s why we’d like to take a moment to assure you that there’s still time to save yourself if you’d prefer not to see all these gross things found in fast food.
If however, you’re prepared to discover the horrible truth behind the history of some of your favorite fast food joints, we invite you to proceed. Here we’ve collected a disgusting overview of some of the most disturbing stowaways ever discovered inside your favorite tasty treats. From the four legged to the furry, from the dismembered to the disgusting, prepare your gag reflexes for the worst. These disgusting things found in food run the gamut from human body parts to creepy crawly creatures. However, they're all plain nasty.
Rest assured that some of what you’ll see here was clearly the result of an accident on someone’s part - a really huge, horrible accident - but an honest mistake none the less. Among the less fortunate displays however, you’ll find photos of senseless pranksters in the act that may or may not shred your last bit of faith in humanity.
On the upside however, if you’re looking for a killer diet plan, the nasty things found in food here are sure to do the trick. Just pull up this list every time you feel a fast food craving creeping up and you’ll be thin as a rail in no time.


Fried Chicken... Brains?
In February 2015, a California teenager found a mystery organ hidden and snug between his order of chicken breast and thigh. Based on its odd appearance and uncanny resemblance, the organ was immediately assumed to be a brain. The teen quickly demanded a refund to which he received an apology, but no refund. Once Fox News was brought into the picture, the teen received his refund.
The Au Bon Pain Mouse Salad
Horrified Customer: "WTF, I said house salad!"

Source: The Journal
A Whopper of a Surprise
In 2007, a Vermont man was given a Burger King Whopper which was unfortunately topped with an extra chewy treat. The fact that he discovered a condom in the burger has left us practicing an impressive amount of restraint as a million bad "special sauce" jokes dance through our heads.
Source: Consumerist
Popeye's Proves Mice Do Not Taste Like Chicken
In 2003, an illogically bold Baltimore City man was enjoying dinner at a local Popeye's Chicken, regardless of the fact that it had been shut down several times due to health violations. Unfortunately, his dinner ended up hosting an impostor among his chicken pieces, in the form of a mouse who had fallen into the fryer. 

Source: WBAL TV

The Band-Aid In The Pizza
Our heart truly goes out to this Ballston Lake, NY man who had the ill fortune of discovering a bloody Band-Aid stuck to the bottom of his Pizza Hut... after biting into it.

Source: Huffington Post

The Sweet Tooth
Apparently candy is getting tougher these days, as a Texas woman recently discovered the hard way. Upon biting into a Milky Way candy bar, the woman was surprised to find the bar biting back. Further examination revealed a human tooth had somehow crept into the tasty treat.

Source: UPI
Brain Eating Zombie Worms
In 2007, a fast food loving Houston man passed out for eight days straight after consuming food full of tape worm larvae. Doctors discovered the newly hatched worms enjoying a midday snack... on his brain.

Source: WND
The McChicken Head
In 2000, a Virginia woman ordered a box of chicken wings, which was at the time an "experimental" McDonald's menu item. She couldn't help but feel the experiment had gone a bit too far after finding a breaded chicken head included in the order. Upon investigation, she was rewarded with a big ol' "oops" from the McDonald's that had accidentally sold the offending chicken.

Source: ABC News

The Unfortunately Familiar Tasting Sushi
In 2008, a New York woman sued a local sushi bar after finally figuring out where she'd tasted an oddly familiar topping on her meal. It turned out the restaurant hadn't announced that the special of the day was apparently the semen roll.

Source: Huffington Post
This Deep Fried Pest
In 2012, a man was startled to discover an extra-crispy cockroach in his hash brown, moments before introducing it to the inside of his mouth. 

Source: Huffington Post

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<![CDATA[The Druggiest Rock Stars of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-druggiest-rock-stars-of-all-time/robert-wabash
Rock stars and drugs go together like football and beer: you could have one without the other and it would still be fun, but you would sense that something was missing. And in the world of rock and roll, musicians being whacked out on drugs and alcohol can be pretty entertaining (right up until they OD, of course. RIP).

This list of rock stars who used drugs was inspired by an article in the OC Weekly that chronicled the six druggiest rock stars of all time, but since we go big at Ranker, we added a few more to the mix. Because honestly, one thing the music world isn't lacking are train wrecks who drink and do drugs.

If you can think of other rock stars that deserve to be on the list that didn't make it in the first wave of qualifications (which basically consist of the ability to frighten one of the nurses at Promises upon checking into rehab), add them. But heed the criteria that your rock star must have a splendid past with drugs.

If you're looking for inspiration in the drugs and rock & roll arena (we'll assume the rest of the Internet can cover the "sex" part), the list of rock stars who have aged the worst is an excellent way to make you feel better about those gray hairs you've been denying. And if you're wondering what's to come of these miscreants of the mic after the drugs have run their course, there's the list of celebrity ODs we should have seen coming.

Amy Winehouse

Courtney Love

Jerry Garcia

Jimi Hendrix

Jim Morrison

Keith Richards

Kurt Cobain

Ozzy Osbourne

Sid Vicious

Whitney Houston

http://www.ranker.com/profile-of/robert-wabash http://www.ranker.com/list/the-druggiest-rock-stars-of-all-time/robert-wabash
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This is a list of celebrities who've looked worse with age than one would expect. As they've gotten older, these stars have become more and more unattractive. We've all seen our fair share of bad plastic surgery celebs, and some of these famous people certainly fall under the same category. Those that don't create their own damage naturally. These celebrities aging badly include actors, musicians, and notable public figures who look like they've aged 50 years in the last ten.

What celebs have aged the worst?  What celebrities used to be hot and aren't anymore? It's a shame that some of these celebs are no longer recognizable, because everyone on this list actually looked pretty good when they were young. May this be a lesson for us all to watch our bad habits and not succumb to temptations of having too much work done.

Axl Rose
Photo from a January 31, 2010, show in Winnipeg. Just an unflattering angle?
Bruce Jenner

Keith Richards
A RANKER USER SAID: "Keith Richards sure seems to be showing some wear and tear but lets also remember he is now 70 years old and at that age we are all going to show wear. But i think the picture on this list shows one of the reasons why he seems to have aged fairly hard and that's the amounts of tobacco and alcohol he has taken in over those years. Aging naturally none of us can avoid but when you add in things like years of smoking and it definitely alters what is likely otherwise a more graceful way of getting older." (join the discussion)

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Kirstie Alley
Click HERE to see a young Kirstie Alley in a bikini
Lil' Kim

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan is up to it again, check out what she did now
Mickey Rourke
A RANKER USER SAID: "Okay let me be honest although not to the point of disrespectful and say that Mickey Rourke in his early years was quite the handsome guy but not so much now. The picture presented in this list seems to be one of the worse that could of been found on the web of him but still its not only one. He may not have taken care of himself as well as he could have and it kind of shows now that he is getting a little more up in age." (join the discussion)

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Ozzy Osbourne
A RANKER USER SAID: "Can anyone guess why Ozzy Osbourne hasn't really retained a whole lot of his boyish good looks ? This guy has gone through more illegal drugs and substances over the years then any normal person ever should. Now after all those years of drug abuse and god only knows what else it really has come back to bite him now and not only in his looks but also in a mental capacity. He seems like he is completely lost most of the time now a days." (join the discussion)
Steven Tyler
A RANKER USER SAID: "Oh my Steven Steven Steven i mean he really is showing his age and not all that well i think we have to admit although at 65 its not totally outrageous. Add that in to the way he still dresses and he sort of looks like a drag queen from the mid 70's headed for wood stock. I am sure that he and rest of Aerosmith lived through some really wild and crazy years and was probably all well worth. I think he seems worse at 65 then many others because of the complete package that is Steven." (join the discussion)
Val Kilmer
A RANKER USER SAID: "Kilmer was such a great looking guy when he was younger that i can see where there would be some reaction to how he looks now. It is kind of a drastic change especially in his face and most men usually age better then women do but he hasn't really had that go all his way it seems. But he is 54 now and he still looks decent and kind of like a regular guy so lets not hold him up too much to these crazy Hollywood hunk stereotypes." (join the discussion)

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