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Even though the most used modern murder weapon is the handgun, people all over the world are still finding new and inventive ways to kill people on the fly. Usually, during a crime of passion, a person will use whatever they can find nearby to use in an attack. This list of unusual weapons, ranging from a jump rope to a banjo, will make you think twice about what kind of items you keep around your house.

Crazy weapons can take any form, but the objects used as weapons on this list are things that just happened to be within arm’s reach when the murderer decided that they wanted to go from citizen to inmate. Take a look at this list of the most unusual murder weapons ever used and see how many of them you have sitting around your house.

As you’ll see, everyday items can transform into weird weapons at the drop of a hat. The stories on this list are full of things that were just sitting there, waiting to cook an egg or hold up a pair of pants, when they were suddenly turned into murder weapons and used to beat someone to death. It’s terrible news when any type of violence occurs, but it’s interesting to see just how quickly objects can be turned against us.

 Vote up the craziest everyday objects that were used to kill another human being. Then maybe go get rid of all the banjos in your house. 
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Toilet Lid
In 2008, a 49-year-old pizza delivery man was convicted of murdering a 29-year-old woman with the lid to her toilet, after using a stun gun to taze her into submission and rape her. He admitted to bashing her head in, but refuted claims that he choked her with a dog collar, insisting that he used it to drag her body to a nearby creek. 


A man in Jacksonville, Florida was found guilty of strangling Patricia Ann McCollum in 2006 with a pair of sweatpants. The man choked Patricia so hard that the blood vessels in her eyes burst, leaving DNA all over the sweatpants. 


In 2011, a 45-year-old Irish woman named Karen Walsh was given 20 years in prison for sexually assaulting and beating an 81-year-old woman to death with a crucifix on Christmas day. The elderly woman also suffered 15 broken ribs during the attack. The court alleged that Walsh molested the elderly woman after beating her to death to make it look like someone broke into the house. 

Pumpernickel Bread
In 1988, an man with the most English name ever, Reginald Helmsley-Doddingdale, was found dead with a massive lump on the back of his head. The murder weapon was believed to be a piece of pumpernickel bread that was lying near the body. An investigator from Scotland Yard was quoted as saying, "worst case of pumpernickling I've ever seen."


Joanna Yeates, a landscape architect, was found strangled to death in her apartment on Christmas morning. The detectives looking into the case believe that a missing sock was used to strangle her and may have been kept by the killer as a trophy. 
In 1991, a 63-year-old man from West Miltion, Ohio bludgeoned his wife to death with "a pair of banjos"  according to The Baltimore SunMiami County Chief Deputy Charles said, "I've been an officer for 30 years, and that's the first banjo killing I've seen." 


Although it sounds like a bizarre urban legend, this sad murder is all too true. In 2007, China Arnlod, a woman from Dayton, Ohio, was charged with the murder of her infant child by burning the baby to death in her microwave. She killed the baby in the microwave after arguing about whether or not her boyfriend was the child's father. 


Guitar String
James Paul Harris was accused of the murder of 49-year-old James Gerety in 2011. According to a pre-trial testimony, Harris first shot Gerety in the stomach before torturing him for two days and cutting off his head with a guitar string. Witnesses testified that Harris kept Gerety’s head and spoke to it in the allegedly voodoo-related crime. 


Jump Rope
In 2007, a five-year-old girl named Monique Fulgham was found raped, strangled, and hanging in her bedroom closet by a jump rope. Investigators found that neither the girl's mother or her grandmother were home, and her 70-year-old babysitter said there were no men in the apartment at the time. The crime remains unsolved.


Dessert Spoon
Richard Clare, a heroin addict from England was put on trial for murder after he killed a family friend, Timothy Magee, by hitting him in the back of the head with a dessert spoon after Tim took his phone. The spoon's impact ruptured an artery and caused fatal bleeding in the area between his skull and brain.


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<![CDATA[The Greatest Fictional Serial Killers]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-fictional-serial-killers/mark
Who are the best fictional serial killers of all time? These are serial killers featured in television shows and on film. To be clear, there is a difference between a serial killer and a mass murderer. A serial killer is one who kills individually, stalking a victim and murdering them in cold blood. Some of the most memorable movie and TV characters ever have been serial killers, so be sure to vote for the ones you liked the most -- and vote down any you didn't like. Also, feel free to re-rank this list any way you want, and add any notable fictional serial killers who are missing.

The creepiest film and TV serial killers often steal the show with their terrifyingly cool, chilling scenes. They manage to elude the good guys who are dutifully tracking them down, often for most of a movie or television show. Eventually, almost all of the fictional serial killers listed here are caught, but not before they leave behind horrifying reminders of their sick and twisted abilities. They are, quite often, some of the best movie villains of all time or the creepiest characters on television.

When you think of the "best" fictional serial murderers, who comes to mind instantly? Hannibal Lecter? That's certainly one of the most famous and memorable serial killers ever on film, thanks to Anthony Hopkins (who won an Academy Award for the role in 'Silence of the Lambs'). Or how about mommy-obsessed Norman Bates (Anthony Hopkins), the serial killer who scared the wits out of everyone in Alfred Hitchcock's 'Psycho'? There is no doubt that both of these characters are iconic, and among the most utterly terrifying figures in film. Both, interestingly enough, were brought to the small screen in 2013: Lecter in the NBC horror drama 'Hannibal' and Bates in A&E's drama 'Bates Motel.'

Are serial killers the new vampires now? Could be. One thing is certain: The fictional serial killers listed here are among the characters you absolutely, positively do not ever want knocking at your door.

Dexter Morgan

Freddy Krueger

Hannibal Lecter

Jason Voorhees


Michael Myers

Norman Bates

Patrick Bateman

John Doe

Buffalo Bill

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<![CDATA[The Craziest Chocolate Related Crimes of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/chocolate-related-crimes/jacob-shelton
From Syrian refugees who tried to abscond from their homeland in a vat of burning chocolate, to a guy who got into a fight with a 78-year-old man over Nutella samples (we’ve all been there), the chocolate crimes on this list are not only delicious, they’re also totally crazy. You might think you like chocolate, but after reading this list of the craziest crimes involving chocolate you’re going to realize that you only kind of like it. Unless you’re also putting together a group of friends to rob chocolate milk from a delivery truck, and if that’s the case then you might be on this list of violence caused by chocolate. Read about these chocolate related crimes before they melt on your dashboard!

The Nutella fight that broke out at a Costco in Burbank, CA in 2015 is just one of the many insane things that have happened in the name of the world’s favorite sweet snack. But for all you Nutella heads out there who don’t understand the uproar over a 24-year-old beating up an old man here’s a new rule: Don’t get in a fight over chocolate. Just buy whatever sweet treat you’re thinking about for dessert and carry on with your day. Or better yet, shoplift it and then eat the chocolate on top of a burning dumpster so you can end up on this list of crazy chocolate related crimes. (Actually, probably don't.)

Before you do any of that, though, make sure to vote up the craziest and most ridiculous tales of chocolate-related crimes and incidents.

Californian Busted Smuggling 400 Pounds of Chocolate Edibles Into Missouri
After being stopped for a minor traffic violation, a highway patrolman searched a man's vehicle and found 400 pounds of marijuana chocolate bars stashed in boxes in the SUV's cargo area. The man was charged with possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance.

Sweden Gripped in Chocolate Crime Wave
Leave it to the Swedes to have the most twee crime spree ever. In February 2015, criminals made off with almost a thousand dollars worth of chocolate in three separate raids. One shop owner believes "there is a market for buying chocolate bars and dividing them up into pick-and-mix pieces.”

£65,000 Worth of Chocolate Stolen in Yorkshire
Just in time for Christmas in 2014, thieves took off with £65,000 worth of Harrogate fudge and chocolate. A spokesperson for the North Yorkshire Police said, "If you have been offered any chocolates matching description of the ones which were stolen in unusual circumstances, I urge you to come forward and contact the police straight away."
Hackers Change a Recipe on Hershey's Website
In 2011, hackers broke into Hershey's website, not to steal user info, but to change one of the recipes. Possible reasons behind the hack are believed to be corporate sabotage or just some keyboard cowboys in the mood for a ride through chocolate country.
$120,000 Worth of Chocolate and Armored Truck Stolen in Florida
In Flordia a thief with a sweet tooth took off with an armored truck full of more than $120,000 worth of Hershey’s chocolate.

Stowaway Almost Drowns in Tank of Chocolate
In early 2015, a refugee from Syria, along with seven others, stowed away on a truck filled warm chocolate bound for the UK. After more than two hours stuck in a vat of hot chocolate syrup, he and the others decided to escape rather than drown in the delicious confection.

Airplane Passenger Gets Into Fight with Stewardess Over Chocolate
On a flight to Bulgaria, a passenger was filmed flipping out on a flight attendant for refusing to sell her a bar of chocolate. Other passengers finally intervened after the argument began to get physical.

Man Punches 78 Year Old in Costco Over Nutella
A 78-year-old Costco shopper in California said he was punched in the face by a 24-year-old male after complaining to him about taking too many Nutella samples. The grandfather suffered a one inch gash in his face, and the 24-year-old bully was arrested.

Yakuza Arrested for Smuggling Drugs in Chocolate
In September 2015, Tokyo Police arrested two members of the Yakuza crime syndicate who allegedly tried to smuggle a pair of boxes of chocolate containing two kilograms of stimulants from China.

The Big Three Chocolate Manufacturers Come Under Scrutiny for Price Fixing
In 2013 a chocolate scandal revealed treachery at the highest levels of the cocoa markets when the big three chocolate companies (Nestle, Mars, and Hershey's) and a slew of independent marketers were indicted for the price-fixing of popular chocolate bars in Canada.

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<![CDATA[The Saddest Television Deaths Ever]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/saddest-television-deaths
Spoilers everywhere, of course! List of the saddest TV deaths as voted and ranked by fans. TV shows have long been able to penetrate the core of the human spirit, and audiences grow attached to characters they watch week after week and season after season. These TV character deaths are among the saddest, most memorable, and most gut wrenching to ever grace the silver screen - whether they were surprises or a long time coming. The list includes violent deaths, freak accidents, murders, deaths from illness, and a wide range of other sad TV death scenes.

Vote for those saddest TV deaths that impacted you most and watch them move to the top of the list, or click Re-Rank to make your own version of this list.

Bobby Singer

Buffy Summers

Charlie Pace

Joyce Summers

Mark Greene


Tara Maclay

Eddard Stark

Robb Stark

Lt. Colonel Henry Blake

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<![CDATA[The Best TV Villains of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/best-tv-villains-of-all-time
The best TV villains of all time rank among some of the greatest TV characters of all time as well as some of the creepiest TV characters ever. While some TV villains exist to make the lead characters appear more heroic, some of them are just plain old, nasty jerks. Regardless of their motivations, the top TV bad guys make us want to bust into the TV and kick some butt, fictional style.

Many of TV's greatest greatest villains didn't start that way; some of these men and women started out as virtuous people who took a skid into the darker ways of the world. Think of Breaking Bad's Gustavo Fring, a legitimate business man turned meth trafficking d-bag. Or Dexter Morgan who started out killing only bad guys and then went and got tangled up with killing people as a CYA offensive action. Of course, there's also people like Game of Throne's Joffrey Baratheon and The Simpsons' C. Montgomery Burns who seem to get off on tormenting people. They are the worst kind of awesome bad guys.

Who is the best bad guy on TV? What television shows have the greatest TV villains?  This best television villains list has all the top TV villains in one place for you to vote on. If your favorite TV villain isn't on the list of the greatest TV villains, make sure to add them so other voters get to hate them as much as you do.

Cersei Baratheon

Hannibal Lecter

Joffrey Baratheon

Mr. Burns



Tywin Lannister

Lex Luthor

Mr. Gold

The Joker

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<![CDATA[18 Reasons to Fake a Pregnancy]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/fake-a-pregnancy/lisa-waugh
Now you don’t have to be a deranged teen in the middle of nowhere, or a celebrity looking to revamp your career to fake a pregnancy thanks to this cool/awful/amazing/terrible site, fakeababy.com or as they should probably call it, PeopleSuckTheyReallySuck.com.  

Want to get loads of gifts for no reason other than to break the trust of your friends and family? Fake a pregnancy! Get off work for baby check-ups/binge watching Netflix? Fake a pregnancy! Skip class for an ultrasound/bar hopping? Fake a pregnancy? Or just to demonstrate that you are insane or at least mentally imbalanced? This site has you covered. Because Internet.  

You can even get a personalized fake pregnancy test, fake ultrasound sonogram image, fake pregnancy belly for twins, and even silicone breast pushups. Awesome for cosplay, a hilarious fake pregnancy prank on your priest, and unethically useful elsewhere, these fake pregnancy bellies will get you all of the attention you need. Until someone takes you to a shrink or fires you or asks you to leave town.   

Maybe a teenager in Wyandotte, MI was thinking all or none of these things when she pretended to be pregnant with triplets. Gifts and support came forth in a tsunami-like wave as her boyfriend frantically searched for a job and prepared himself to be a young father of three. But after 10 months, no baby arrived. Because when the girl set out to fake a pregnancy with her fake pregnancy belly, she probably didn’t think far enough ahead/at all.

So when everyone was like “what?” she was all shrugs. The bright side for the teen was that she wasn’t charged with a crime or sued for fraud. Not sure if her 16-year-old boyfriend jet-packed out of that town, but we sure are hoping he did.  

So, what are the best ways to fake a pregnancy using products from fakeababy.com? And what useful things can we accomplish when we fake a pregnancy? Upvote your favorite fake pregnancy prank and let’s see who fake delivers.


Get a Comfy Spot on the Train or Bus
As one woman in Japan found out, you can get a pretty sweet seat on public transport. But make sure you’re fake pregnancy belly is secured, otherwise your stomach will hit the floor and then your ride is over. Womp womp.
Get Bumped Up to First Class
This one is dicey. You’ll have to use at least the 32 to 36 week Silicone Fake Pregnancy Belly and study the trends of certain frequent flyers. If you’re on a flight of nice people, you may be able to weasel your way into first class or at the very least, behind the bulkhead. But people are selfhish so pregnant women don’t normally get special treatment in this situation. Maybe a large church group or some Swedes?
Diet Schmiet
When all of those suckers are preparing for their beach body, you’ll be working on your Kim K. Pizza, beer, whole pies… nothing can stop you now. And no one can say a word.
Actually Prank People
Taking the lightheartedness of a fake pregnancy prank to actual heart, there are some situations where this is actually funny. But mostly not.
Make That Snooty Cousin Super Jealous
Look at her with her brood, living in her perfect house, baking cookies, and enjoying a life with her gorgeous husband. Well, two can play at that game. Make it known that you’ve got some news and keep touching your super flat stomach until five months of dropping hints on your Facebook page and then WHAMMO! Show up to one of her snooty, perfect BBQs all glowy and refuse the mimosas. That’ll show her… that you need help.
Squeeze Some Gifts Out of Those Stingy Relatives
Aunt Margaret is always giving you those See Rock City coasters she finds in the sale bin every year for Christmas. By taking a page out of the fake pregnancy prank notebook of teens across America, all you need to do is strap on your Silicone Fake Pregnancy Belly for Twins and wipe that discount smirk right off her face. Literally shower in baby shower gifts. Which you will need to sell in order to hire an attorney in case someone sues you.
Go Full Psycho
After you’ve used all of the products on the fakeababy.com site from the initial fake pregnancy test to the full-on fake boobs and belly, hire a series of actors to play your child from birth to 40. People will be talking about it for years.
Get Out of Those Awful Work Meetings to Pee
No one is ever going to tell a pregnant woman she cannot pee. You’re sitting there, super fake pregnant, all large and clearly in distress. You can get up any time you want. Take that, Jared from accounting and his boring Power Point presentation!
Discover Empathy for Your Partner
Strap on the heaviest fake pregnancy belly, tie on the silicone boobs, put on five pairs of socks and squeeze into your shoes, and then walk the dog. You'll have a lot more respect for your pregnant lady.
Get Paid Maternity Leave
Haven’t had a vacation in years? Boss is a jerk? Start packing on the pounds and then slip into your Fabric Fake Pregnancy Belly 38 Weeks Stage. Waddle your way into a long, relaxing vacation to Cancun where you will have to live because if you’re found out, you’ll have to hide there.

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<![CDATA[The Craziest Deaths of 2015]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/weird-deaths-2015/jacob-shelton
Every year there are hundreds of people who die in really weird ways, and 2015 is no different. Whether they die accidentally by falling off a lighthouse or if a cow falls through their ceiling and kills them in their sleep, it’s all weird. The crazy deaths of 2015 on this list run the gamut from avoidable deaths to completely tragic endings, but the one thing that connects them is that they’re all insane. Keep in mind that all of the deaths on this list are tragic, and all of the people who died in weird ways on this list should have lived until a ripe old age, but the cosmic absurdity that is life saw fit for them to be stabbed by a swordfish. It goes without saying, but this list of the craziest deaths of 2015 is NSFW, so make sure your boss isn’t standing over your shoulder.

No matter how great we think we are, everyone’s ears tend to perk up when someone tells a story involving weird deaths. 2015 has been a year full of strange occurrences, and the deaths are no different. This catalogue of horrors is full of deaths that are equally odd and terrifying, some of them are downright grim. If you find yourself feeling down while reading this list of crazy deaths, just open a browser with a list of the cutest kittens and you’ll be right as rain.

Vote up the craziest deaths of 2015 below, and if you’ve read a news story from 2015 that involved people who died in weird ways, tell everyone about it in the comments.

After Waking Up in a Grave, a South American Teen Dies in Her Coffin
A 16-year-old Honduran girl, Neysi Perez, passed out and began foaming at the mouth after hearing a gunshot near her home. She was given an exorcism and then pronounced dead, after failing to wake up. 24 hours after her burial, her family dug her up after hearing her muffled screams, but they were too late.
Stowaway Falls to His Death From a British Airways Plane
A stowaway from Johannesburg, South Africa fell to his death, landing on a building in West London, after hanging on to the bottom of a plane for 8,000 miles.
‘Crocodile Poison’ Beer Kills Nearly 70 at Funeral in Mozambique
At least 69 people were killed at a funeral in Mozambique, after drinking a beer brewed with poison crocodile bile. It didn't seem to be a malicious attack, as the woman who brewed the beer also died.
Nine People Choke to Death After Eating Mochi Treats
Mochi is a glutinous rice cake that's traditionally eaten in Japan during holidays. During New Years 2015, nine people choked to death on the treat, and 18 other Japanese citizens were sent to the hospital due to suffocation after eating the delicacy.
French Students Try to Dissolve a Body After Watching Breaking Bad
A group of French students killed a girl with a blow to the head after she failed to pay back almost 5,000 pounds of drug debt in the summer of 2015. Afterwards, they tried to dispose of the body by soaking it in hydrofluoric acid, similar to how Jessie Pinkman dissolved Emilio Koyama's body in season one of Breaking Bad. The murderers were caught after the girl's decomposing body was discovered by her mother.
Utah Man Dies of Bubonic Plague
A 72-year-old man in Utah died after becoming afflicted with the bubonic plague, a disease thought to be extinct. However, in Utah, prairie dogs and their fleas are known carriers of the illness.
An 18 Year Old Died After Injecting Himself with Hydrogel
In Ribeirao, Brazil a young man died of respiratory failure after injecting himself in the penis with Hydrogel, a substance thought to thicken the penis. The substance not only causes respiratory problems, it's also been known to eat away at the skin if not injected correctly.
Hawaiian Man Is Impaled by Swordfish
Randy Llanes, 47, of Kailua-Kona, suffered fatal internal injuries after being stabbed by the bill of a swordfish after jumping into the water with a spear gun. He struck the swordfish - which fled - became entangled in a buoy line and turned around, striking the man.
Actor Who Portrayed Gaston at Disney Dies in Fireworks Explosion
During a July 4th celebration in Maine, 22 year old actor Devon Staples, who formerly portrayed Gaston at Disney World, was drinking heavily when he placed a fireworks mortar tube on his head and set it off. After the accident a friend said, "There was no rushing him to the hospital. There was no Devon left when I got there..."
Man Dies After Being Stabbed in the Eye with an Umbrella
In Japan, a 55-year-old man was accidentally stabbed in the eye with an umbrella after a night of drinking with his friends. After a month long coma, the man died, due to trauma to the brain.

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<![CDATA['Leaked' Photos from Gary Busey's DWTS Audtion]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/leaked-gary-busey-photos-from-dwts/jacob-shelton
On the 21st season of Dancing with the Stars, Gary Busey will finally make his debut on the dance floor in front of a studio audience. That may sound like a train wreck, but photos just 'leaked' from an unknown source that show Busey undertaking a strenuous training regime. It seems like he really wants to win it all, and these pictures prove it. If you’ve never watched the show before, you know you want to tune in to watch Gary Busey dancing with the stars. Even if he executes every dance move flawlessly, he’s guaranteed to make at least a few crazy faces. Who knows? He might even go postal on the judges! For a preview of the madness to come, check out these leaked photos from the Gary Busey DWTS audition.

Gary Busey has spent the bulk of his career playing barely-functioning nut jobs on the wrong side of the law, so a sudden jump to a televised dance program seems a bit odd. Like Hollywood wildmen before him, Busey is certain to delight the viewing audience with his on-screen antics, and maybe even a few great dance moves. These leaked photos from his Dancing with the Stars audition certainly show that the Buse has the goods – and he's bringing 'em to a television screen near you!  

Vote up the best photos 'allededly' from Gary Busey's DWTS audition tape, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section!  


No Time for a Neck Rub, Busey's Gotta Dance

Busey's Infamous Laser Tag Number

Nobody Puts Busey in a Corner

It Takes Two to Tango, but It Only Takes One Busey to Make That Face

Busey Slays in This Skimpy Little Get-Up

He's Sexy, He's Cute, He's Popular to Boot! Busey Brings It On

Gary Busey Gracefully Doing "The Carlton"

Busey, Coming in Hot and Dangerous with This Spicy Salsa Duet

Busey's Toned Arms Are Just as Delicious as His Silky Button-Up

Busey Ripped His Pants the First 38 Times He Tried This, but All His Hard Work Paid Off

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<![CDATA[35 Times Unfortunate Mirror Placement Ruined Everything]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-mirrors/jacob-shelton
Mirrors are supposed to be your friends. They let you know when your hair is jacked up, or if anyone drew on your face while you were asleep. But sometimes, with poor mirror placement, that sweet, sweet reflective glass can be your mortal enemy. If you’ve ever taken a super hot selfie only to realize that your bathroom mirror exposed all your terrible cleaning habits you know the embarrassment that unfortunate mirror placement can bring. Although, if you’re on the receiving end of a funny mirror picture, then you’ve probably given thanks to Justus von Liebig (inventor of the mirror). This list is a collection of funny mirror pictures from across the Internet. Whatever you do, don’t laugh too hard, because you might be the next victim of the unfortunately placed mirror.

Almost any reflective surface can make for a funny mirror pic. Tea kettles, televisions, and restaurant booths are just a few examples of the makeshift funny mirrors on this list. Usually, these lists are meant to provide a laughs and not make you think too much. But if there’s a lesson to take away from these funny mirror photos it’s this: Put on some pants. Or if you’re going to take photos in the nude always double check your pics before you send them out.

After you’ve checked out this list and obsessed about all of the possibly embarrassing selfies you’ve ever taken, vote up the funniest unfortunate mirror placement on this list, and use the comments to tell everyone all about the time a mirror ruined your prom photos.

The Last Thing He Saw Before Leaving for Prom

How Embarrassing, They Wore the Same Shoes

When Bae Forgets to Put on Her Makeup

Lookin' Good, Gurl!

It's Always a Good Time to Check Yourself Out

He Must Make a Lot of Tips

Every Day Is Upper Body Day

Nothing Says Family Dinner Like Grandpa in His Underwear

You Just Couldn't Wait Until You Got Home?

That's One Way to Get Tips

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<![CDATA[The Druggiest Rock Stars of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-druggiest-rock-stars-of-all-time/robert-wabash
Rock stars and drugs go together like football and beer: you could have one without the other and it would still be fun, but you would sense that something was missing. And in the world of rock and roll, musicians being whacked out on drugs and alcohol can be pretty entertaining (right up until they OD, of course. RIP).

This list of rock stars who used drugs was inspired by an article in the OC Weekly that chronicled the six druggiest rock stars of all time, but since we go big at Ranker, we added a few more to the mix. Because honestly, one thing the music world isn't lacking are train wrecks who drink and do drugs.

If you can think of other rock stars that deserve to be on the list that didn't make it in the first wave of qualifications (which basically consist of the ability to frighten one of the nurses at Promises upon checking into rehab), add them. But heed the criteria that your rock star must have a splendid past with drugs.

If you're looking for inspiration in the drugs and rock & roll arena (we'll assume the rest of the Internet can cover the "sex" part), the list of rock stars who have aged the worst is an excellent way to make you feel better about those gray hairs you've been denying. And if you're wondering what's to come of these miscreants of the mic after the drugs have run their course, there's the list of celebrity ODs we should have seen coming.

Amy Winehouse

Courtney Love

Janis Joplin

Jimi Hendrix

Jim Morrison

Keith Richards

Kurt Cobain

Ozzy Osbourne

Sid Vicious

Whitney Houston

http://www.ranker.com/profile-of/robert-wabash http://www.ranker.com/list/the-druggiest-rock-stars-of-all-time/robert-wabash