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We're all more scared of one thing than another. Maybe it's the idea of being mauled by a Grizzly or having spiders crawl in your ear while you're sleeping. Maybe it's just the IDEA that a snake might be nearby. Whatever it is, vote on the animal that scares you the most, and of course, feel free to add any of the scariest animals in the world that might be missing from this list.

Any list of the scariest animals in the world will likely include sharks, spiders, and snakes. But what terrifies one person might not scare another at all. It's interesting to look at why certain animals strike fear, and others don't. Is it because many of the animals listed here are potentially deadly? Some spiders' bites can be horrible, but spiders can also be pretty amazing.

Sure, but that doesn't explain why cockroaches freak people out (if you don't believe me, just check the list, and see the votes for yourself). It's highly unlikely that you'll be done in by a killer cockroach – so what gives? Well, they're creepy, they're crawly and (depending on where you live) they *can* fly. That qualifies as scary.

And yes, some of the scariest animals listed here, we'll never ever encounter in real life. Oh, we might see a great white shark in an aquarium or on TV during Shark Week, but really? The odds of us actually coming face to face with a great white are pretty slim. Still, we've all seen Jaws, so that sucker shoots to the top of the list. And bats: Yes, some believe they are scary, but there are a lot of myths surrounding these and other animals that, if you knew more, might make them a bit less terrifying.

Which animals scare you the most? Are they insects? Reptiles? Mammals (and yes, this includes man)? Time to vote!
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Black Widow Spider


Great white shark

Black mamba

Grizzly Bear



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<![CDATA[All of Madonna's Onstage Kisses, Ranked]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/madonna-kiss-rankings/jacob-shelton
In a genuine freak out that’s usually reserved for dresses that change color, members of One Direction, and celebrity phone hacks, the Internet had a full on meltdown earlier this week when videos and photos of Madonna kissing sad boy hip hop star Drake on stage during his headlining set at Coachella flooded the web. He freaked out (reportedly he didn’t like her lipstick) and we all followed suit. In a world where everything feels planned to a T, the kiss felt natural (based on Drake’s reaction) but there’s no way to be sure. It just goes to show that Madonna still knows how to grab a headline. On this list you’ll see Madonna’s other on-stage kisses, and decide where they rank from top to bottom.

For almost 40 years Madonna has been expressing herself and shocking the world, and now she’s taken to doing it all over Drake’s face. But he’s not the first person to share a stage with Madge to get a smooch (even if he did get one of the better kisses IOHP). She’s swapped spit with some of pop music’s elite, and a few people who’s names we can’t pronounce (either because they’re French or we plain just don’t know their names) and now it’s up to you to decide who had the best on stage kiss with Madonna. Was it Drake and his very mopey make out? Or was it with Britney in her nightmare wedding dress at the VMAs? You be the judge. And you’re welcome for not including any photos of Vanilla Ice.

Anderson Cooper
At the 23rd annual GLAAD awards, Anderson Cooper received his 4th GLAAD award for being EXTRA handsome and celebrated by planting a kiss on Madonna after she grabbed his rippled butt meats. Conservative America was NOT happy.
At Coachella last weekend, Madonna hopped on stage with Drake to perform a surprise set and it was...kind of sexy? Sort of creepy? Drake definitely thought it was gross. Either that or he was hiding his true feelings. Gross or not, the internet is still buzzing for Madge's most recent smooch. 
Britney Spears
At the 2003 VMAs (remember those?) Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera performed Like A Virgin while dressed like every father's nightmare and when they were joined by Madonna she lived every teenage boy's dream and had a make out sesh with Britney. Justin Timberlake definitely wasn't pleased, but it was definitely one of Madonna's sexier kisses. 
Christina Aguilera
Back at the 2003 VMAs, Christina Aguilera was in her X-Tina phase when she performed Like A Virgin with Britney and Madonna. After Madonna made out with Britney, she planted a kiss on X-Tina. It wasn't as sexy as her kiss with Britney, but it was very polite. 
Mark McGrath
We don't know when this happened but at some point between "Fly" and "When It's Over" Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath managed to make out with Madonna on camera. It's a brief, yet unsettling kiss, similar to a short film by David Lynch. 
Lady Gaga
On SNL's 35th season, Lady Gaga and Madonna appeared on a sketch called "Deep House Dish" where they fought, and then kissed while Keenan tried to get in on the action. Much like everything else on Saturday Night Live, the kiss was immediately forgotten. 
Unnamed Dancer Gets In On The Action
During her 2003 Hard Candy tour, Madonna made a point to have a sip of champagne and make out with one of her female dancers. We don't her name, we're not sure where she's from, and we don't know if anybody cared. But we do know that the girl handled it better than Drake. 
This Is The Only Reason You Know Brahim Zaibat's Name
At a tour stop on her MDNA world tour in Porto Alegre, Brazil, the 54 year old queen of pop went to second base with her boyfriend who's 30 years younger than her. Go get it girl. It's a good looking kiss but it didn't set the world on fire. 

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<![CDATA[The Druggiest Rock Stars of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-druggiest-rock-stars-of-all-time/robert-wabash
Rock stars and drugs go together like football and beer: you could have one without the other and it would still be fun, but you would sense that something was missing. And in the world of rock and roll, musicians being whacked out on drugs and alcohol can be pretty entertaining (right up until they OD, of course. RIP).

This list of rock stars who used drugs was inspired by an article in the OC Weekly that chronicled the six druggiest rock stars of all time, but since we go big at Ranker, we added a few more to the mix. Because honestly, one thing the music world isn't lacking are train wrecks who drink and do drugs.

If you can think of other rock stars that deserve to be on the list that didn't make it in the first wave of qualifications (which basically consist of the ability to frighten one of the nurses at Promises upon checking into rehab), add them. But heed the criteria that your rock star must have a splendid past with drugs.

If you're looking for inspiration in the drugs and rock & roll arena (we'll assume the rest of the Internet can cover the "sex" part), the list of rock stars who have aged the worst is an excellent way to make you feel better about those gray hairs you've been denying. And if you're wondering what's to come of these miscreants of the mic after the drugs have run their course, there's the list of celebrity ODs we should have seen coming.

Amy Winehouse

Courtney Love

Janis Joplin

Jimi Hendrix

Jim Morrison

Keith Richards

Kurt Cobain

Ozzy Osbourne

Sid Vicious

Whitney Houston

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<![CDATA[Celebrities Who Have Aged the Worst]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/18-celebrities-who_ve-aged-horribly
This is a list of celebrities who've looked worse with age than one would expect. As they've gotten older, these stars have become more and more unattractive. We've all seen our fair share of bad plastic surgery celebs, and some of these famous people certainly fall under the same category. Those that don't create their own damage naturally. These celebrities aging badly include actors, musicians, and notable public figures who look like they've aged 50 years in the last ten.

What celebs have aged the worst?  What celebrities used to be hot and aren't anymore? It's a shame that some of these celebs are no longer recognizable, because everyone on this list actually looked pretty good when they were young. May this be a lesson for us all to watch our bad habits and not succumb to temptations of having too much work done.

Axl Rose
Photo from a January 31, 2010, show in Winnipeg. Just an unflattering angle?
Bruce Jenner

Keith Richards
A RANKER USER SAID: "Keith Richards sure seems to be showing some wear and tear but lets also remember he is now 70 years old and at that age we are all going to show wear. But i think the picture on this list shows one of the reasons why he seems to have aged fairly hard and that's the amounts of tobacco and alcohol he has taken in over those years. Aging naturally none of us can avoid but when you add in things like years of smoking and it definitely alters what is likely otherwise a more graceful way of getting older." (join the discussion)

What rock star JUST had MORE plastic surgery? CLICK HERE to see!
Kirstie Alley
Click HERE to see a young Kirstie Alley in a bikini
Lil' Kim

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan is up to it again, check out what she did now
Mickey Rourke
A RANKER USER SAID: "Okay let me be honest although not to the point of disrespectful and say that Mickey Rourke in his early years was quite the handsome guy but not so much now. The picture presented in this list seems to be one of the worse that could of been found on the web of him but still its not only one. He may not have taken care of himself as well as he could have and it kind of shows now that he is getting a little more up in age." (join the discussion)

Mickey Rourke isn't the only celeb to age horribly, check out the latest celeb whose surgery went wrong
Ozzy Osbourne
A RANKER USER SAID: "Can anyone guess why Ozzy Osbourne hasn't really retained a whole lot of his boyish good looks ? This guy has gone through more illegal drugs and substances over the years then any normal person ever should. Now after all those years of drug abuse and god only knows what else it really has come back to bite him now and not only in his looks but also in a mental capacity. He seems like he is completely lost most of the time now a days." (join the discussion)
Steven Tyler
A RANKER USER SAID: "Oh my Steven Steven Steven i mean he really is showing his age and not all that well i think we have to admit although at 65 its not totally outrageous. Add that in to the way he still dresses and he sort of looks like a drag queen from the mid 70's headed for wood stock. I am sure that he and rest of Aerosmith lived through some really wild and crazy years and was probably all well worth. I think he seems worse at 65 then many others because of the complete package that is Steven." (join the discussion)
Val Kilmer
A RANKER USER SAID: "Kilmer was such a great looking guy when he was younger that i can see where there would be some reaction to how he looks now. It is kind of a drastic change especially in his face and most men usually age better then women do but he hasn't really had that go all his way it seems. But he is 54 now and he still looks decent and kind of like a regular guy so lets not hold him up too much to these crazy Hollywood hunk stereotypes." (join the discussion)

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<![CDATA[25 Pranks That Totally Backfired]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/pranks-gone-wrong/emilynerland
Anybody with a sense of humor appreciates good pranks every now and then, but what about pranks gone wrong? They can range from hilarious to macabre, predictable to unthinkable. While scare pranks are generally the most likely to backfire (and possibly land someone a trip to the hospital), even some of the tamest pranks have the potential to go inexplicably wrong.

This list of funny pranks that backfired have resulted in arrests, tasings, and weddings being called off. Jaws were broken, employees were fired and suspensions were dealt out. We should probably just call this Murphy’s List of Pranks.

If there’s any takeaway beyond sheer entertainment value to garner from this list, it’s that the more you learn about pranks gone horribly wrong, the more you will find yourself considering the consequences of even the most mundane of pranks. Simply put, if you are going to pull a prank, you should be aware that you could end up with a fist in the face or a lawsuit on your hands. Oh, and you’ll probably be immortalized by the miracle of the Internet.

So, which of these pranks gone bad went the absolute worst? You be the judge.

Snowman Scare Is Met with Frosty Reception

Apparently, snowman pranks are a thing. Even more amazingly, they are a thing in climates that never see snow! One savvy Angeleno clued in quicker than most while walking with his kid down the Venice boardwalk. When the snowman moved to startle the two, it was Frosty who got the real surprise.
Prankster Takes a Seat

Friends prank friends – its what they do. But sometimes, when the prank doesn’t go exactly as planned, it makes for even better viewing. This teen, while not successful in taking out his friend’s chair, does manage to still provide great entertainment by filling in as the punch line himself.
Kid’s Pranking Career Cut Short

A small child’s prank was cut short when his father unknowingly put the kibosh on his scary ghost schtick. The poor toddler was rejected when his father, not seeing him approaching, opened the closet door to put away his coat, knocking the ghosty kiddo to the ground. At least the kid can take pride in the fact his ghost game was good enough to go virtually undetected.
Wedding Day Prank Ends with Husband Calling off Wedding

A Chinese woman wanting to test her future husband’s devotion pulled a prank on him by making herself look much older than her actual age for their wedding photos. Her intent was to see if he’d still love her no matter how she looked. Not impressed with the stunt, the husband berated her for her antics, called off the wedding and left her crying in the streets.
Prank Foiled by Excellent Exit Strategy

The popular exorcist maze prank certainly made the rounds on the Internet. It’s old news by now, however, if you plan to up the stakes of the prank, be sure you don’t target a person with an excessive, yet effective, exit strategy. He pants say it all – you don’t mess with America.
UK Prankster Has Gun Pulled on Him During Prank

A London prankster learned about second amendment rights when he traveled to the US to film some pranks for his popular Facebook page. When attempting to get into a stranger’s car, the victim pulled a gun on him and yelled at him to get out of his car. The Brit fled for his life and learned the valuable lesson his forefathers did roughly 200 years ago.

Gallon Smashing Results in Broken Jaw

Gallon smashing pranks went seriously viral. Teens would enter grocery stores, grab two galloons of whatever liquid they could find and smash them on the floor in a way that made it look like an accident. This teen's attempt to make it look like an accident came to fruition when he slipped in the process and broke his own jaw. In this case, perhaps it’s okay to cry over spilled milk.
Unsuccessful Streaking Prank Winds Up as Expected

Whether Frank the Tank realizes it or not, streaking is a type of prank that is intrinsically on the prankster, not the prankees. These pranks are almost all destined for failure from the get go. In this particular case, the streaker just happened to fail harder than average. Perhaps scouting out the landscape would have been a good decision, however, it doesn’t seem like it was a "good decision" type of day for this guy.
Purse Snatching Prank Ends in Van Damme Fashion

There are a variety of pranks that operate along the lines of someone being “robbed” while the pranksters film the reactions of the people nearby. Well, every once in a while you get a by-stander who’s simply not having it. This teaches us the valuable lesson that if you’re going to steal a purse, even as a prank, you better look out for a roundhouse kick to the face.
Why You Shouldn’t Prank Anyone with a Solid Right Hook

What would high school be without pranks? Thankfully, we are now in a day and age where we can capture them on camera and share them for the whole world to see. A standard scare prank backfired when the victim, who was being interviewed, went on the offensive. Rather than fall back and scream, he leaned in and served the masked pranker a dose of karma.

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<![CDATA[The Most Hilarously Inaccurate Police Sketches of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-police-sketches/aaron-pruner
The life of a police sketch artist is a stressful and interesting one, to say the least. His or her job is an integral part in the investigative process. While there have been many success stories regarding the accuracy of a police sketch, this list showcases the pictures that exist along the fringes of what would be considered "good police work." These really bad police sketches take the cake as far as horrific and laughable renderings of supposedly human faces. 

This list compiles all kinds of funny police sketches as well as some of the weirdest and most strange looking police composite sketches in existence. A man without eyes? A murderer without ears? A vengeful egg-man and a sad looking guy with a cabbage for a head? These bad police sketches don't really look like criminals, let alone actual people.

Just how ridiculous and bizarre can the worst police sketches actually get? From what looks like a child's "artwork" to some incredibly awful computer composites, these police sketches aren't helping anyone catch these criminals and delinquents.

Upvote the funny police sketches below and downvote the police sketch pictures you think are at least kind of realistic.


'Describe the Scarf Again, Please. Did It Have Layers?' -The Sketch Artist

MacCauley Culkin Now

Lurch from the Addams Family Robs a House or Something
This robbery suspect kidnapped a 300 pound high school football player and made him drive around for four hours. For some reason.

This Neck-Cape-Wearing Public Flasher
So there was once a cape wearing mustachio'd public flasher on the loose? That probably should have been bigger news.
Crackhead Steve Buscemi

This X-Files Villain

This Owl Person, or Owl Superhero, Living Among Us
That hairline, tho.
I Love That The Artists Feel the Need to Sign Their Work

This Guy Who Tried to Look Super Tough, But Was Drawn as an Adorable Sesame Street Version of Himself

Faceless Man or Vengeful Egg? You Decide!

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<![CDATA[32 Drunk People Posed by Their "Friends"]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/drunk-people-posed-in-funny-positions/michelle-nati

Ah, college. Who doesn't miss the days of waiting for one your friends pass out at a house party only to draw some indecipherable language on their face, duct tape them to a bed, and take pictures of the whole hilarious drunken affair? This photo gallery is full of funny drunk people pics, thanks to their kind friends and fellow drinkers, who posed them and documented the drunk fun. These funny pictures of drunk people will make you glad you stopped after that second Jägerbomb last night.

Everyone has those drunk friends who consistently get too tanked to even handle. So what are you to do? Well, you get them in an embarrassing pose, draw on them, and start snappin' so the entire Internet can enjoy pictures of drunk people. Whether you're a sober, straight-laced adult these days, or still like to indulge in the alcohol and booze on those rare occasions (like Tuesdays), take a trip back to the days of watching your friends make absolute fools of themselves and recording those funny drunk people moments for posterity. 

And to those that were drawn on, tied up, posed and posted online for the world to see - maybe you should find some new friends, or at least make sure you're the one doing the posing, not the one being posed, next time.


Great, Now What Will This Guy's Roommates Use to Wrap up Leftovers?

And the Awards Go To...

This Would Be Impressive Even if There WASN'T a Person Under There

It's Like a Snow Angel, but Drunk

Duct and Cover!

Now He'll Always Be Ready for a Night on the Town

He Woke up to a Cease and Desist Letter from Edible Arrangements

She Must Be So Proud

Here He Is: the Prettiest Cowboy in All of the West

A Zebra Never Changes Its... Cocktails?

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<![CDATA[Vintage Ads That Are Horribly Racist]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/racist-vintage-ads/erica-braverman

Advertisers pandering to society's ignorance is nothing new. And these vintage ads are like a time-capsule in the way that they perfectly encapsulate everything that was wrong with America's racist history. As you'll see here, the horrible racist stereotypes and caricatures in these advertisements and vintage posters still haunt with their harmful portrayals of pretty much every ethnic group.

These horribly racist ads will make you cry, scream with horror, and probably have you throwing things across the room. What's remarkable is the way they use racial caricatures, pictures, and stereotypes to stir the (racist) pot of fear and hatred while selling totally innocuous products. Want some racism with your cornflakes? Kelloggs has you covered! How about some black-face minstrelsy with your cigar? You have your pick!

While it seems only appropriate to mock these horribly racist ads, sarcasm doesn't take away from the fact that these are a real and accurate (albeit horrifying) fact of the US's racist past. This is advertising and advertisement at its very worst, but it's also a frightening reminder of just how far we've come. Check out these racist and horrible adverts to witness a melting pot of racist stereotypes, and be sure to vote up the most horribly racist ads in the bunch.


Giving Racist Baby Some Serious Stink Eye

I'se Sure Horrified to See This Racist Ad!

Aunt Jemima Strikes Again! Quick, Hide Your Chillun!

Did You Ever See a More Racist Ad?

They Don't Call it White-Washing for Nothing...

No? Seeing This Ad Can Make a Person So Infuriated They Might Go Cross-Eyed!

Look in the Sky! It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's... Sambo Flying a Plane?!

Wha' Is You Sayin', Racist Ad?

Little Children in Blackface: How Adorable?

Minstrelsy Rearing Its Ugly Head...

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<![CDATA[The Best TV Villains of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/best-tv-villains-of-all-time
The best TV villains of all time rank among some of the greatest TV characters of all time as well as some of the creepiest TV characters ever. While some TV villains exist to make the lead characters appear more heroic, some of them are just plain old, nasty jerks. Regardless of their motivations, the top TV bad guys make us want to bust into the TV and kick some butt, fictional style.

Many of TV's greatest greatest villains didn't start that way; some of these men and women started out as virtuous people who took a skid into the darker ways of the world. Think of Breaking Bad's Gustavo Fring, a legitimate business man turned meth trafficking d-bag. Or Dexter Morgan who started out killing only bad guys and then went and got tangled up with killing people as a CYA offensive action. Of course, there's also people like Game of Throne's Joffrey Baratheon and The Simpsons' C. Montgomery Burns who seem to get off on tormenting people. They are the worst kind of awesome bad guys.

Who is the best bad guy on TV? What television shows have the greatest TV villains?  This best television villains list has all the top TV villains in one place for you to vote on. If your favorite TV villain isn't on the list of the greatest TV villains, make sure to add them so other voters get to hate them as much as you do.

Cersei Baratheon

Joffrey Baratheon

Mr. Burns



Tywin Lannister

Lex Luthor


Mr. Gold

The Joker

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<![CDATA[People Who Blamed Their Crimes on the Devil]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/possessed-people/jacob-shelton
If there's one thing that can be depended on to scare the bejeezus out of just about anyone, it's Satan worship. Every few years, another round of Satanic panic takes hold of housewives and youth groups, letting their minds run amok with defilements made in the name of the Prince of Darkness. When people pledge allegiance to the big red guy, they're capable of pretty much anything. Or at least they think they are. Mostly they're capable of drawing crudely rendered pentagrams and listening to heavy metal. While many satanic crimes actually turn out to be horribly overblown, there are some that are so grisly that they really give the whole pagan thing a bad name. These are some of the worst crimes ever perpetrated in the name of the devil. 

We're totally sure that your cousin Peggy who babysat you all the way through grade school, and who also happens to worship Baphomet "every once in a while" is a really nice girl, but just by judging her from the people on this list, you should watch your back. You never know when she's going to try to make a goblet out of your skull thanks to a demonic possession.

When it comes to devil worship and possession, things can get very messy very fast; it's hard to tell someone that they weren't possessed when they totally believe they wore. And who are we to say that an evil deity didn't come to you in your sleep and tell you to sacrifice all the children in your village? In any case, each possessed killer on this list blamed their crimes on the devil, not that that helped them get away with the acts.

Whether or not the people on this list were telling the truth about whatever caused them to commit their crimes doesn't matter. What does matter is that they all committed some truly heinous crimes, supposedly because the devil told them to.


David Berkowitz
In 1976, the people of New York City were terrorized by a serial killer known as the "Son of Sam." For more than a year, the killer led police on a wild goose chase, leaving behind taunting notes at the crime scenes. After he was apprehended, David Berkowitz confessed to all of the shootings and claimed that he was commanded to kill by a demon who had possessed his neighbor's dog.

Source: NY Daily News

Ricky Kasso

You should all know this by now, but we'll say it again: don't do PCP. After reportedly stealing some PCP from Ricky "Acid King" Kasso, Gary Lauwers was led into the woods, stabbed multiple times, and had his eyes gouged out by Kasso, who demanded that Lauwers say that "he loved Satan." After the event, Kasso told some people that Satan had appeared as a black crow and ordered him to kill Lauwers. The 17 year old ended up hanging himself in his cell after being arrested.

Source: Skeptic Tank

Beasts of Satan
Italy’s Beasts of Satan, a loosely organized tribe super into the devil, claimed their first blood in 1998 with the ritual double murder of Chiara Marino and Fabio Tollis, two teenagers who were actually friends with the group. Ringleaders of the Beasts buried the corpses in the woods and screamed “Now you’re both zombies!” at the grave. Makes sense! Six years later, after another ritual murder they were apprehended by the police. 

Source: The Guardian

In His Ponytail Lies His Power
In the '70s, The Fall Rivers Cult was lead by Carl Drew, a pimp who used Satanism to terrify the prostitutes who worked for him. He claimed to be the son of Satan himself and demanded that his orders be followed without question. Between 1979 and 1980, Drew held several rituals in the woods that involved human sacrifices. In all he murdered three women, one of whom had her head kicked off by Drew. Yikes. The Cult was finally rounded up with most of the members receiving a life sentence. 

Source: South Coast Today

Exposed Brick Is Very Hot Right Now
In northern Bangladesh, unidentified owners of a brickfield were displeased because their bricks weren't as red as they'd like them to be - a common complaint we're sure. A fortune teller was brought in (not a good sign) and he advised the owners to sacrifice a human to ensure the desired color. The owners of the brickfield passed the instructions on to their workers, and a 26-year-old bricklayer was beheaded, his head was burned in a kiln. The police have never found the brickfield owners, but their bricks have turned a rosy shade of red. 

Source: News Info
Superior Universal Alignment
It's bad enough when your death cult can't actually decide if it worships Satan or UFOs - you don't also have to bring kids into the mix. Starting in 1989, the group (lead by Valentina de Andrade) began to kidnap and mutilate the bodies of young boys because they were under the belief that children born after 1981 were evil and needed to be exterminated.

Source: Rense.com
NSFW, Seriously
Moises Meraz-Espinoza strangled his mother, Amelia, and then mutilated her lifeless body before skinning her, removing her organs, and cutting the body into pieces with a circular saw. Slices of skin and flesh were later found stacked in a freezer. Amelia’s head, which was found in a backpack, received some special treatment. All of her teeth were plucked out, her eyes were removed, and two upside-down crosses were carved into the bone. Moreover, the date of Amelia’s horrid death matched a day of human or animal sacrifice in the Satanic calendar.

Source: Huffington Post

The Curious Case of Sister Margaret Ann
Sister Margaret Ann was one day short of her 72nd birthday when she was strangled and then stabbed between 27 and 32 times. Nine of those stab wounds were in the shape of an inverted cross. The priest who led her parish, Fr. Robinson was a suspect from the start - a factor that did not prevent him from officiating at Sister Margaret Ann's funeral. The case was cold for 20 years before an unidentified woman came forward and alleged Robinson had sexually assaulted her, and forced her to participate in Satanic rituals like being placed in a coffin crawling with cockroaches, being forced to eat a human eyeball and being penetrated with a snake to consecrate her orifices to Satan.

Source: Rense.com

True Romance
Back in early 2002, lovebirds Manuela and Daniel Ruda (who met through a heavy metal magazine's advertisement section) stabbed their buddy Frank Haagen 66 times, beat him with hammers, drank some of his blood, and stuck the lifeless, decomposing body, which had a scalpel poking out of it and a pentagram carved on the chest, in a coffin that rested next to Manuela's bed.

Why? Because Satan wanted them to, obviously.

Source: The Telegram



The Dangers of Getting Cross Faded
After an evening of smoking pot and drinking, Jose Reyes, who was convinced that he'd sold his soul to the devil, convinced his friend Victor Alas that he could do the same if they killed 15 year old Coriann Cervantes. Reyes later wrote, "I was sick-minded stabbing that (expletive) 60 times. It's all good. It's what the devil asked for." 
Source: USA Today

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