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Listen. Whenever you're watching a national sports event, or any sports event really, particularly football, but really any sport, there is a strong possibility that you might be watching it while one of the competitors are peeing right in front of you. This list compiles a number of episodes when athletes have done their duty. Most of these athletes peed themselves in competition, but some did urinating in more... unusual fashion.

Many of these folks play at the highest levels of sports, and there are a multitude of reasons they've relieved themselves on the job. Sometimes, it's simply exhaustion, with athletes who are so spent that they simply can't control those particular muscles. Other times, they've just gotta go and they aren't going to try to hold it in. And then sometimes, some strange individuals actually think that urine actually gives them some advantages on the field.

So take a look at our list of athletes who've peed themselves and take a moment to thankful that most of our workplaces have bathrooms, sparing us the indignity of peeing into towels or down our legs.

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Bill Walker
While on the Kansas State bench, Henry Walker (then Bill Walker) clearly had to go and no where to go do it. So he just very casually used hand towels to soak up the pee. After that, students began regularly waving banners declaring "Bill Walker Pissed Excellence."

Channing Crowder
Channing Crowder not only engaged in the art of urinating while playing, he was proud enough to declare that he did so in all 82 games he played for the Miami Dolphins. Sometimes he just peed while standing in the huddle. "I never went to the bathroom in the toilet. Every game I peed myself. Six years straight I peed down my leg," Crowder said without an ounce of embarrassment, adding, "My teammates didn't enjoy it as much as I did."

Fernando Navarro
Sometimes a soccer player just doesn't have time to make it to the locker room. Sevilla defender Fernando Navarro really needed to relieve himself after warming up on the sidelines, so he hit the bench, where his teammate Carlos Bacca held up a jacket to protect Navarro from prying eyes as he let it flow. That's teamwork, people.

Jon Ritchie
The former Eagles and Raiders fullback prided himself on being incredibly hydrated at all times. Since he was already drenched in sweat during a game and he'd be taking a shower afterwards anyway, he figured, if you've gotta go,you just go He saw it as something completely natural, asking, "What does it matter?"

Koy Detmer
The longtime Eagles Quarterback knew very well that if he had to go, what with all the equipment and no real possibility of being able to sneak away, there was no way he was going to be able to do so in a regular, dignified fashion. Instead, he would regularly use a bottle on the sidelines. 
Moisés Alou
This might be the most bizarre reason for peeing oneself: For the batting average. Baseball players are a weird, superstitious lot, and former Major League outfielder Alou credits his .303 average to regularly peeing on his hands to "toughen" them up. At least he wasn't doing it on the field. Or in the dugout.

Nick Novak
Game time urination is sort of an open secret, but sometimes, the world actually catches a professional football player in the middle of the act on national television. San Diego Chargers kicker Nick Novak was trying to get it done with the help of an assistant and using a towel as a makeshift shield, Behind Novak, however, the camera was right on him as he relieved himself.  
Wayne Gretzky
Yup, even one of the greatest sportsmen of all time engaged in the art of urinating while playing. During overtime in Game 2 of the 1987 Canada Cup, Gretzky was so exhausted that he simply couldn't control his muscles and peed himself on the bench. He returned to play and - ever the polite Canadian - didn't tell his teammates until after the game.

Avondale Rugby Player
Usually, wetting oneself on the field of play happens because of accident or necessity, but at least one player has done it to gain the competitive advantage. True story: an unnamed Avondale rugby player was accused of intentionally wetting himself, or placing some kind of liquid on his groin, to cause interference and make other players uncomfortable defending him. 
Virtually All Iditarod Mushers
For dog sled racers, peeing on themselves is so common they actually have a product called "pee pants" Listen, they're mushing for over 1,150 miles over the course of a week and they can't be making pit stops all the time. They also can't get wet in freezing conditions. It's such a normal thing that no one even talks about anymore, other than to compare the quality of pee pants, presumably. 

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<![CDATA[The Saddest Television Deaths Ever]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/saddest-television-deaths
Spoilers everywhere, of course! List of the saddest TV deaths as voted and ranked by fans. TV shows have long been able to penetrate the core of the human spirit, and audiences grow attached to characters they watch week after week and season after season. These TV character deaths are among the saddest, most memorable, and most gut wrenching to ever grace the silver screen - whether they were surprises or a long time coming. The list includes violent deaths, freak accidents, murders, deaths from illness, and a wide range of other sad TV death scenes.

Vote for those saddest TV deaths that impacted you most and watch them move to the top of the list, or click Re-Rank to make your own version of this list.

Bobby Singer

Buffy Summers


Joyce Summers

Mark Greene


Tara Maclay

Eddard Stark

Robb Stark

Lt. Colonel Henry Blake

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<![CDATA[28 Famous People You Wouldn't Expect Giving the Finger]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/unexpected-famous-people-flipping-you-off/jacob-shelton
Being a famous Hollywood celebrity means keeping a tight hold on your brand. If people think you’re a jerk, they might not see your next movie or buy your next single. It’s unfair but that’s the way it is. Thank heavens most famous people are terrible at keeping their cool under pressure. If they weren’t, we wouldn’t have so many photos of famous people flipping off needy fans, other celebrities, and the paparazzi. In this modern world of heavily controlled personalities, catching a glimpse of celebrities giving the middle finger is like seeing a unicorn. It’s majestic and just the best. So great, in fact, that it has earned itself an entire list of famous people flipping you off.

Famous people giving the middle finger might be your new favorite thing. There should be a new button added to Google that allows you to know which famous person has been giving the finger the most this week. Maybe that sounds like a niche desire, but surely it would be the most popular app since Tinder.

You wouldn’t expect a lot of the celebrities that are giving the finger on this list to be telling the world to go eff itself, but you can't argue with the photographic proof that even the most wrangled of A-Listers just need to flip the bird every once in a while.


Mary-Kate Olsen
Cameron Diaz

Dustin Hoffman
Emma Stone

Jennifer Lawrence
Justin Timberlake
Kate Hudson
Tom Cruise

Who Knew Mr. Rogers Had This Side?
Good Luck Finding a Pic of Pink NOT Flipping the Bird

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<![CDATA[The Most Disgusting World Records Ever]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/gross-world-records/jacob-shelton
At some point in the 20th century it became very important to hold a world record. Whether it was for something interesting, like running fast, eating the most pizza (what a dream!), or for something totally gross it didn’t matter. Just as long as a world record was set. This list of the nastiest of these records is here, tallying up all the gross things that people have done to get their names in the history books (specifically that one with "Guinness" on the cover). Whether these world record holders let a bunch of slimy snails perch on their faces, or sat in a bathtub full of maggots, the people list of the most disgusting world records ever will forever be remembered as mavericks and international heroes.

The gross world records on this list aren’t just people eating bugs or letting bugs sit on them, there are also some pretty foul records about what people will let happen to their body. For instance, have you ever been interested in whether or not your eyes can shoot milk? Probably not, but that’s why you don’t have any world records hanging on your wall. As Steve Guttenberg once said, “no risk, no reward." The folks on this list have taken huge risks in the name of bringing home that much desire world record, and we salute them. Grab a barf bag, cue up some inspirational music, and check out this list of the most disgusting world records.

Vote up the grossest world record, out of those collected here , and if you’ve been trying to break one of these disgusting feats – tell everyone about it in the comments.

Most Kidney Stones Removed from a Patient
The most kidney stones removed from a patient is 172,155, all of which were removed from Dhanraj Wadile by Dr. Ashish Rawandale at the Institute of Urology, Dhule, Maharastra, India in 2009. The stones were removed during a three hour operation.
World's Oldest Vomit
In 2002, paleontologists discovered a pile of 160 million-year-old fossilized vomit of an ichthyosaur in a quarry in Peterborough. No word on if the pile of vomit will appear in the next Jurassic Park movie.
Most Cow Brains Eaten
Before being bested at eating hot dogs by American hero Joey Chestnut, Takeru Kobayashi ate 17.7 pounds of cow brains to set a world record in 2006 that probably no one will ever try to break again.

World's Longest Ejaculation
Horst Schultz (the sexiest name in world record holding) was able to ejaculate over 18 feet, earning him this record. Fun fact: that's longer than some limos.
Loudest Female Burp
Oddly enough, this record is hotly contested. In 2008, Jodie Parks burped at 104.75 decibels earning her the world record. But then, in 2009, Elisa Cagnoni burped 107.0 decibels. Jodie Parks took to Huffington Post to argue that her loudest burp was actually 107.7 decibels but because Guinness averaged six of her burps, the record was 104.75. Hopefully this issue can be resolved so the world can move on to the loudest armpit fart.
Most Milk Squirted Out of an Eye
Did you know that squirting milk out of your eye was a thing? It will soon be all you can think about as you stare down your cereal. A guy from Turkey can apparently squirt milk at a distance of nine feet. Please no one ever break this record!
Most Prolonged Fart
London is famous for a lot of things. Its many bridges, The Queen, and of course being the producer of the world's most prolonged fart. Bernard Clemmens sustained his fart for two minutes and 42 seconds and had probably eaten broccoli for dinner.

World's Largest Tumor Ever Removed
A man in China had a tumor removed, and it ended up weighing in at 242 pounds, making it the largest tumor on record to ever be removed. It's unclear how you let a tumor get to even two pounds, let alone 242, but he probably had his reasons.
World's Largest Orgy
Leave it to the Japanese to plan the world's largest and most well-organized orgy known to man. In 2006, an orgy featuring 500 people was filmed in an all white warehouse - you can purchase the DVD for $40.
Longest Maggot Bath
A British woman named Christine Martin holds the world record for the longest maggot bath, spending 90 minutes bathing in 10 gallons of creepy crawlers. Or as some like to call it, watching the new Adam Sandler movie. BOOM! ROASTED!

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<![CDATA[The Greatest Fictional Serial Killers]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-fictional-serial-killers/mark
Who are the best fictional serial killers of all time? These are serial killers featured in television shows and on film. To be clear, there is a difference between a serial killer and a mass murderer. A serial killer is one who kills individually, stalking a victim and murdering them in cold blood. Some of the most memorable movie and TV characters ever have been serial killers, so be sure to vote for the ones you liked the most -- and vote down any you didn't like. Also, feel free to re-rank this list any way you want, and add any notable fictional serial killers who are missing.

The creepiest film and TV serial killers often steal the show with their terrifyingly cool, chilling scenes. They manage to elude the good guys who are dutifully tracking them down, often for most of a movie or television show. Eventually, almost all of the fictional serial killers listed here are caught, but not before they leave behind horrifying reminders of their sick and twisted abilities. They are, quite often, some of the best movie villains of all time or the creepiest characters on television.

When you think of the "best" fictional serial murderers, who comes to mind instantly? Hannibal Lecter? That's certainly one of the most famous and memorable serial killers ever on film, thanks to Anthony Hopkins (who won an Academy Award for the role in 'Silence of the Lambs'). Or how about mommy-obsessed Norman Bates (Anthony Hopkins), the serial killer who scared the wits out of everyone in Alfred Hitchcock's 'Psycho'? There is no doubt that both of these characters are iconic, and among the most utterly terrifying figures in film. Both, interestingly enough, were brought to the small screen in 2013: Lecter in the NBC horror drama 'Hannibal' and Bates in A&E's drama 'Bates Motel.'

Are serial killers the new vampires now? Could be. One thing is certain: The fictional serial killers listed here are among the characters you absolutely, positively do not ever want knocking at your door.

Dexter Morgan

Freddy Krueger

Hannibal Lecter

Jason Voorhees


Michael Myers

Norman Bates

Patrick Bateman

John Doe

Buffalo Bill

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<![CDATA[28 Bridges You Probably Wouldn't Want to Cross]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/fear-of-bridges-photos/ashley-reign
Some people won't "cross that bridge when they get to it," because they're just plain scared. Gephyrophobia, the fear of bridges, is a real thing, and affects thousands of people around the world. While some people are afraid to cross bridges that are over water, others simply get the heebie-jeebies driving across an overpass. And judging by these photos, we don't blame them! These are some of the most terrifying bridges that nobody in their right mind would want to cross - with or without Gephyrophobia.

Here you’ll find the scariest, most dangerous, bridges, that even strong-willed adventurers might have trouble crossing. Vote up the bridges that freak you out the most, or that trigger your own Gephyrophobia. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section!


Experience the Inside of a Hurricane on Your Way Home From Work!

The Ultimate Wildlife Feeder

This Ice-Laden Atrocity

Don't Worry, It'll All Be Over in About 20 More Miles Of Watery Death

These Sticks Blatantly Masquerading as a Crossing

A Red Flag? When the Entire Bridge Is One Big Safety Net

Feeling a Sudden Leg Cramp Coming On...

Next Stop, Mordor

Go Home Bridge, You're Drunk

This Impending Death Fest

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<![CDATA[30 of the Most Hilarious Playground Equipment Fails]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/playground-equipment-fails/ashley-reign
You know how psychologists are always blaming childhood trauma for everything in your adult life? Well, the list you’re about to see may have just advanced their argument about 50 years. We've put together a collection of playground equipment fails that are guaranteed to make you laugh, and trigger traumatic memories of the old monkey bar set from your youth. If you think you escaped your childhood unscathed, think again!

Some of these playground designers must have been totally oblivious to what they were creating, or they thought they'd get in a few laughs. How else do you explain why a children's slide is shaped exactly like a penis?

Vote up the worst playground design fails, and let us know what you think in the comment section!


Ah, What a Lighthearted, Care-free Atmosphere for the Children

This Poop Chute

This Rock Climbing Erection

These Bouncy Monkey Balls

This Giant Flaccid Penis Train

These Fun Seats That Attract More Moms Than Kids

Definitely a Confidence Booster

Nothing Says "Child-like Wonder" Like Multi- Colored Urine Bars

The Best Way to Thinly Grate Your Toddler

Pretty Sure That's Just a Dildo

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<![CDATA[15 People Who Have Disappeared in US National Parks]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/national-park-disappearances/mel-judson
The list of people who have mysteriously vanished in American national parks is shocking. US national parks are known for being majestic safe havens for wildlife, hikers, and families. Yet, as this shocking list shows, numerous men, women, and children have disappeared in some of the most beautiful and respected national parks in the United States. Where are these missing persons? What happened to them? Are America's national parks safe or are these national park disappearances something you should worry about?

These are the questions Americans will have about their national parks thanks to this offbeat list of people who were last seen en route to a national park. From the Great Smoky Mountains National Park to Kings Canyon National Park to Yosemite National Park, conspiracy theories abound.

Friends and families are not the only ones worried about missing people like Warren Ward or Katherine Truitt, as some park rangers have even suspended searches without the mystery being solved. How many United States National Parks disappearances have there been? Read on to learn more.


Justin Richardson
On June 29, 2011, 13-year-old Justin Lee Richardson, who had been visiting the Grand Canyon, mysteriously disappeared. Reportedly, he went into the woods behind Moqui Lodge South to attend a party and procure meth. He went with three men, all between the ages of 18 and 21. Shortly thereafter, he disappeared and has not been seen or heard from since.

Source: Arizona Daily Sun
Katherine Truitt
In January 2015, Katherine Truitt vanished at Point Reyes National Park. Truitt, a woman from Alameda, was the subject of several failed searches throughout the trails. Friends and family say that Truitt loved the 70,000-acre national park and specifically its beach, which is from where she is believed to have vanished.
Source: Inside Bay Area
Drake Kramer
In February 2015, 21-year-old Drake Kramer from Texas disappeared. He told his father he was taking a solo trip to the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona and needed to "be back with Mother Earth." That was the last time his father ever saw him and Kramer has been missing ever since.

Source: ABC News
Stuart Isaac
Stuart Isaac, a 48-year-old from Maryland, disappeared in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. The last time anyone ever saw him was in September 2010. Subsequently, a major search was launched at Yellowstone. The park rangers and other officers searched the area but all they found was Isaac's 2009 Lexus sedan.
Source: TBD
Morgan Heimer
On June 2, 2015, Morgan Heimer disappeared in the Grand Canyon. National Park rangers began a search for the 22-year-old, but after six days, they had not been able to to find him. Heimer was one of the guides on Grand Canyon river rafting trips.
Source: ABC News
Michael Dahl
Michael Dahl mysteriously vanished in Yosemite National Park on March 23, 2015. Dahl is over six feet tall and was only 20 years old when he disappeared. His parents, both physicians in Santa Rosa, were devastated to hear that their son went missing. Investigators scoured the park, but Dahl has not yet been found.

Source: National Park Service
Gregory Muck
In August of 2014, a 46-year-old man from Santa Cruz went hiking in Kings Canyon National Park and never made it out alive. The National Park Service officially announced that Gregory Muck, a six foot tall hiker, was missing and launched a search with over 40 people. The search was ultimately unsuccessful, as Muck was never found.

Source: Visalia Times-Delta

Joshua Jacobsen
On July 31, 2015, the search for 39-year-old Joshua Jacobson was officially suspended by park rangers. The Nebraskan man supposedly entered Badlands National Park on July 12 and, even with the help of the National Guard, has yet to be found. Helicopters and dogs searched the park and the investigation itself is still open.

Source: National Park Service
Warren Ward
In April of 2015, 16-year-old Warren Ward vanished. The teenage boy went to the Everglades National Park in Florida, which is where he was last seen. Ward was officially declared missing on April 26 and has yet to be found.
Source: Child Beacon Quest

Samuel Boehlke
Samuel Boehlke, an 8-year-old boy from Portland, OR, was with his family in Crater Lake National Park when he disappeared from their sight. In October of 2006, Oregon State Police launched major investigations to find the boy. Without any luck, authorities eventually called off the search. His family continued to look, but ultimately held a memorial service in Boehlke's honor, though no body had been found.

Source: KATU

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<![CDATA[29 Photos That Prove You Have Sidonglobophobia]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/fear-of-cotton-balls-photos/ashley-reign
You ever wonder what it must be like inside the head of someone who suffers from one of those strange phobias that sound too bizarre to be true? Pretty much everyone is afraid of something, but this phobia takes bizarre fears to the next level.This list will give you a peek into the thoughts of those suffering from Sidonglobophobia, which is a super fancy way of saying “fear of cotton balls.”

These cotton-dodging folks live each and every day with the knowledge that cotton is out there waiting to attack. Some people don't like the texture, while others are creeped out by the sound it makes when rubbed against another cotton ball. Some folks are truly terrified of cotton balls, and experience sheer horror when they open up a new bottle of Tylenol, or need to remove their nail polish.
Vote up the freakiest photos of cotton balls below - that is, if you can make it through this list without running for the hills!


Our Children Are in Danger! What Kind of a Sick "Challenge" Is This?!

No Craft Is Safe

Think You're Safe in Your Bathroom? Think Again.

Christmas = Infiltrated

Think It's Too Soon to Talk to Your Kids About the Dangers of Cotton Balls? Think Again.

Taking Cotton Mouth to a Whole New Level

Guess This Sidonglobophobe Is Riding Their Bike to Work Today

Cotton Balls: They Live Among Us. Drinking Our Beers. Ruining Our Lives.

Mary Had a Little... RUN! SAVE YOURSELF!

Flee, Cat! Before It's Too Late!

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<![CDATA[The Craziest Breakfast Food Abominations]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/crazy-breakfast-food/jacob-shelton
Who knows when it started, but some time within the last ten years amateur and professional chefs began to battle each other by building the most outlandish breakfast menus. And it’s not just outlier restaurants or hipster brunch spots; fast food restaurants have been getting in on the crazy breakfast food trend too, resulting in some truly crazy fast food. Call us breakfast purists, but we’d rather eat a short stack of pancakes, or a simple breakfast taco than a two foot tall pancake breakfast taco sandwich with a waffle jammed in the middle. We’ve been thinking so much about these breakfast abominations that we went ahead and put together a list of the weirdest breakfast food we could find. You’ll never be able to look at a dozen eggs ever again.

On this list of crazy breakfast food, we’ve got everything from Asian fusion breakfast rolls to the loneliest meal you’ll ever see (think breakfast for one – in a jar), and yes – there’s more bacon than you’ll ever want to see in one place ever again. The most egregious of the breakfast items actually come from fast food joints in an insane plea for breakfast dollars. It’s like Taco Bell, and Carl’s Jr. think that if they throw their normal menu items into a waffle or smother them in sausage gravy that they count as breakfast.

Vote up the craziest breakfast foods on this list, and if you’ve eaten something wilder than anything you see here, then tell everyone about it in the comments.

Dunkin Donut’s Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich
This sandwich seems like something that was dreamt up by a perpetually stoned college student. It's worth noting that at 360 calories, this sandwich has the 10th lowest calorie count of the chain's 29 standard breakfast sandwiches. So that's worth something, right?
The All Day Breakfast Burger
Don't be fooled by the beautiful photo, the all day breakfast burger (ADB2) wants to end you. It's made of waffled tater tots, maple bacon, a quarter pound of beef, an over easy egg and A LOT of cheese. You can actually feel your arteries clogging!
The Mo'Betta
At Shopsin's in New York you can get this breakfast monstrosity that's made up of scrambled eggs, maple bacon, and pancakes with macaroni and cheese mixed in. Hope you didn't have any plans for the rest of the day!
Soufflé Pancake
At Bette's Oceanside Diner in Berkley, CA this fluffy big boy comes in a variety of boozy flavors and serves two people, so bring a friend if you plan on chowing down.
Challah Hangover Sandwich
Chocolate-covered bacon and bananas between challah French toast with a fried egg on top? This breakfast sandwich is for pros only.
Carl’s Jr. Double Loaded Omelet Biscuit
This is a joke right? Carl's Jr. doesn't actually sell these do they? If they do, might we suggest an alternate name? How about the "Melty Ham Cheese Bomb"?
The Pop-Tarts Ice Cream Sandwich
Pop-Tarts are already sweet enough as is, so adding a dollop of ice cream to them is kind of like throwing a bucket of fire onto another fire.
Pavilion Cafe Pancakes
You have to journey across the pond for this breakfast nightmare. If you do decide to eat these heaping mounds of dough, bacon, and egg, topped off with special syrup, here's hoping you have a good cardiologist. 
Al Pastor Con Bacon Tacos
Al pastor tacos were already perfect, but then some jerk had to go and add a pound of bacon to the mix just to mess with you.
White Castle’s Waffle Breakfast Sandwiches
Who's eating breakfast at White Castle? And if you did want to eat breakfast like a stoned college student, do these come in slider form?

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