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The most annoying TV hosts include reality TV presenters, game show hosts and both morning and late-night talk show hosts. Each person on this list is considered, at least by some, to be abrasive and/or generally irritating. Not everyone's going to agree, of course, and that's why this is a VoteRanked list: You vote for the TV hosts that you find the most annoying, and vote down those you actually like. Also, if a particular host that annoys you isn't listed, feel free to add them.

No list of annoying television hosts would be complete without the reality television presenters such as Ryan Seacrest, Survivor host Jeff Probst and Chris Harrison, host of ABC's The Bachelor and The Bachelorette

And then there's the talk show hosts! Larry King could certainly be annoying, but what about his CNN prime-time replacement, Piers Morgan. And what about the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Nancy Grace, Bill O'Reilly, Matt Lauer and yes, even Katie Couric. Does she deserve a gold star for being annoying on the most different networks!

And from the late night talk show arena? Do hosts likeChelsea Handler, Jay Leno, Craig Ferguson, and -- gasp -- Conan O'Brien deserve to rank high on the list? Everyone's entitled to an opinion. Now have yours! 
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Al Sharpton
Bill O'Reilly
The O'Reilly Factor
Donald Trump
Celebrity Apprentice
Geraldo Rivera
Geraldo at Large
Glenn Beck
Glenn Beck
Nancy Grace
Nancy Grace
Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Presents: Master Class

Phil McGraw
Dr. Phil
Piers Morgan
Piers Morgan Live
Rosie O'Donnell
The View, The Rosie Show

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<![CDATA[The Scariest Movies Ever Made]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/scariest-horror-movies-ever-made
These are the all-time scariest movies ever made. Many of these movies have become part of the pop culture lexicon due to their popularity. This list features movies from across the horror spectrum. The definition of "scary" isn't restricted or limited to a specific type of horror movie For example, The Exorcist, a supernatural horror movie would be on here similarly to serial killer movies like Halloween, The Amityville Horror and Saw. The same goes for psychological thrillers like Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, which is one of the scariest movies of all time.

Some of these films are considered the best of all time, while others feature some of the greatest actors and best directors of all time.

Vote for the movies you think deserve the highest ranking, vote down any you don't like and be sure to rerank this list anyway you like - your reranks will affect the final tally.
The Scariest Movies Ever Made,


A Nightmare on Elm Street

Friday the 13th




The Exorcist

The Ring

The Shining

The Silence of the Lambs

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<![CDATA[Vader to Binks: Best to Worst Star Wars Characters]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/the-best-characters-in-the-star-wars-universe
This is a list of the people and creatures who make up the complete Star Wars universe, ranked by Star Wars fans from the best to the absolute worst. From the first movie, to the prequels, to the books, to the TV shows, to the video games - few things have inspired our imagination like these characters and the universe they inhabit. Who are the best Star Wars characters?

Vote up your favorite humans, aliens, and robots from all of Star Wars below. Are you one of the three people on earth who actually liked Jar Jar? (Just kidding, zero people liked Jar Jar.) Do you think C3PO was really just annoying? Cast your votes now. And if you really want to impact the order of this list, rerank your own version!

For more voting fun, check out this list of the Best Game of Thrones Characters.

Vader to Binks: Best to Worst Star Wars Characters,

Boba Fett


Darth Maul

Darth Vader

Han Solo

Luke Skywalker

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Leia Organa



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<![CDATA[Famous Men You'd Want to Have a Beer With]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/famous-men-youd-want-to-have-a-beer-with/ariel-kana
If given the opportunity to sit down for a beer with any famous male figure, which famous men would you most want to get a drink with? Similar to the list of celebrity women you'd want to have a drink with you're not picking these guys because you want to get them drunk and see where the night goes.  You're choosing who out of all the interesting famous people on the planet would be your ultimate pick to grab a beer with -- famous actors, directors, politicians, athletes, and even billionaires could all be great choices. (If the celeb you most want to hang out with doesn't drink, that's cool. They can order a non-alcoholic beer!)

You have to consider, when picking who you'd want at the barstool next to you, the things you're going to talk about, likability, things you would have in common (do you like the same sports teams, movies, food are you from the same state), fun personality, most down to earth and who would make the best drinking buddy.  Do not focus solely on looks.

This list of famous men ranges from politicians like Bill Clinton, comedic actors like Bill Murray and Will Ferrell who you're sure to be thoroughly entertained by and have some good laughs with, record breaking athletes and notorious Hollywood bad boys like Colin Farrell.   

Famous Men You'd Want to Have a Beer With,

Bill Murray

Edgar Allan Poe

Johnny Depp

Randy Savage

Martin Freeman

Morgan Freeman

Robert Downey Jr.

Robin Williams

Tom Hanks

Hugh Jackman

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<![CDATA[49 Celebrities Who Look Exactly Like People From History]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/celebrities-who-look-like-old-photos/michelle-nati

Leonardo DiCaprio. John Travolta. Eminem. Ellen DeGeneres. Other than being rich and famous, what do they all have in common? They all have historical doppelgängers! That's right. all of these famous people, celebs, Hollywood stars, whatever you like to call them, look just like people in old photos. From George Washington or an old Pope, to your average random 19th century gentleman, these celebrities all have doppelgängers in historical photos, if you look closely.



Some of history’s twins were famous in their own lives, while other languished in obscurity. There’s photographic evidence of the some, and only a painting or sculpture of others (hey, those were based on real people too, right?) Some of these famous doppelgängers in old photos have a few features similar to those of the world's biggest celebrities (Bruce Willis and General Douglas MacCarthur have the same eyes, for example), but others are dead ringers for today’s stars (are Nicolas Cage, Keanu Reeves, and Peter Dinklage vampires or time travelers?).

Check out this list of celebrities who look like people from history and celebrity twins from a different time and vote up the historical lookalikes you think resemble each other the most.


49 Celebrities Who Look Exactly Like People From History,

Eddie Murphy


Jennifer Lawrence

See how J. Law and Zubaida compare here.

Jimmy Fallon

Justin Timberlake

Nicolas Cage

Orlando Bloom

Peter Dinklage

Sylvester Stallone

Jack Gleeson

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<![CDATA[The TV Hangout Spots You'd Most Like to Frequent]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/tv-hangout-spots-youd-most-want-to-frequent/ranker-tv
List of the best TV hangout spots you’d most want to frequent. This list includes all of the hottest TV hangout spots patronized by the main cast of each show. From restaurants to bars to nightclubs to stores, these are the best hangouts on TV -- no apartments or houses, though. Vote up the coolest places.

 TV characters have been gathering at hangout spots since the dawn of television. Remember Lucy Ricardo’s over-the-top antics designed to get her into the act at the Tropicana Club? Ricky Ricardo’s Tropicana Club is one of the forerunners of awesome TV nightclubs, whether they feature live acts. More recent examples include the Bait Shop from “The O.C.” and TRIC from “One Tree Hill” -- both TV hangout spots viewers would like to visit.

 Some great television hangouts aren’t known for their excitement or charm. Take Paddy’s Pub from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” This great TV hangout isn’t much to look at, but it would be an interesting place to have a beer -- and perhaps be served by a surly waitress. Or consider Monk’s on “Seinfeld.” Although the decor isn’t amazing, TV hangout spots don’t get much cozier.

 This list contains the best hangout spots on TV, the places you’d go with your friends if they were real. Vote up the coolest places, but no houses or apartments; these are the greatest TV hangouts outside of the home.

The TV Hangout Spots You'd Most Like to Frequent,

MacLaren's Pub
The Tropicana Club
The Drunken Clam
The Cheesecake Factory
Arnold's Diner
The Krusty Krab
Fast Food Restaurant

Central Perk
Coffee Shop


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<![CDATA[The Greatest Minds of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/greatest-minds-of-all-time/walter-graves
List of the Greatest Minds of All Time, throughout history. This list represents the most influential thinkers across various disciplines, ranked in a way that represents the power of their ideas and their impact on the world. The wisest men and women include top philosophers, physicists, famous poets, thinkers, teachers, physiologists, artists, inventors, engineers, the most irreplaceable CEOs in the world, economists and politicians and those whose talents span across many fields of study.

This list takes a historic perspective, so the greatest thinkers who are included on this list come from many different eras. The greatest minds of the 21st century may be quite different from great geniuses from the distant past, but each person should be judged within the context of the time that they were living. For example, inventing a new type of telephone in 2013 would not qualify one as "the most brilliant mind of all time," but in 1876 when Alexander Graham Bell first patented the telephone, it was an act of genius not seen before.

See Also: The Most Influential People of All Time.
The Greatest Minds of All Time,

Albert Einstein



Galileo Galilei

Isaac Newton

Leonardo da Vinci

Nikola Tesla


William Shakespeare

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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<![CDATA[The Best Websites to Waste Your Time On]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/best-websites-to-waste-your-time-on
What are the best websites to waste your time on? Let's face it, the more advanced we become, technologically, the less productive we seem to become. It's all too easy to get sucked into a website and wind up with hours of your life missing. That's what this list is about: The websites listed here make it super easy to waste time in a really entertaining way. These are the best time wasting websites.

From reading interesting facts blogs to catching up with friends on the best social networking sites, we proudly waste our time on these sites. Feel free to rerank this list in any order you want, with any additions you want!Some of the websites listed here frequently top lists of the best overall websites for various years. They are notorious time suckers, but we love them no matter what. Need proof? What, exactly, are you doing right this moment? You are spending some time thinking about ranking and re-ranking an awesome list on... Ranker. It's an excellent way to spend your valuable time.

And after you're done with this list, you're totally going to check out this list of 20 pictures that prove you have a dirty mind. And so on, and so on...
The Best Websites to Waste Your Time On,











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<![CDATA[The Top 16 Celebrities Killed by the Internet]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-top-8-celebrities-killed-by-the-internet/ivana-wynn
The internet's a killer. Twitter and other social media sites have a way of spreading news like wildfire, especially when it comes to a celebrity's untimely "demise." Over the years, the internet has helped fake death stories go viral within a matter of hours, fooling the average person (and sometimes even close friends of the celeb in question) into believing that yet another beloved star has shuffled off this moral coil. Which celebrities have been the subject of death hoaxes, "killed" by the internet?

No one is safe from death hoaxes, not even top famous people like Oprah! Which other famous celebrities have supposedly died, despite concert performances and active Twitter lives following their dates of death? The musicians, actors, and other celebrities on this list have all woken up to find... that according to the internet, they're goners.

Did Paris Hilton really die? Read through the list below to find out the fates of these celebrities, who have been reported dead, only to turn up alive and well, the victims of completely false death rumors.
The Top 16 Celebrities Killed by the Internet,

Axl Rose
Announcement of death: Rumors of Rose's death spread quickly in 2014 after a fake MSNBC report announced, "Sources: Guns N' Roses Frontman Axl Rose Found Dead in West Hollywood Home at Age 52."

Rose still alive: The rocker took the news of his own death relatively well, tweeting, "If I'm dead do I still have to pay taxes?"

Source: Billboard.com

Betty White
Fans of comedienne and actress Betty White inadvertently made her the subject of a death hoax in 2014, when they misread the title of a satirical news article posted on Empire News titled "Actress Betty White, 92, Dyes Peacefully In Her Los Angeles Home." Those who read the headline, but neglected to not the difference between "dies" and "dyes," took to social media proclaiming the "Golden Girls" star as having died. The article was actually a tongue-in-cheek fake interview with White about the color of her hair.

White's agent confirmed to the Los Angeles Times that the star was alive and well.

Lil Wayne
Announcement of Death:
The 31-year-old rapper, who suffers from epileptic seizures, has been prematurely reported dead several times, but the most serious announcement came on December 16, 2013. This “death” scare originated from a viral video that spread across social media and shocked some fans — while leaving others deeply skeptical. The bogus R.I.P. "tribute" video required fans to "share" the clip before actually viewing it. Clearly the sign of a total scam and something that could leave viruses on your computer. The video was quickly taken down, but above is a screen shot.

Lil Wayne Still Alive:  
Thankfully, Lil' Wayne is alive and well and is in the process of creating new music for fans.
Jackie Chan
Announcement of Death:
On March 29, 2011, a week and a half after Nate Dogg's death and a few days before April Fools’ Day, a hoax web page designed to look like a TV news site claimed Jackie Chan had died of a heart attack in a Los Angeles hospital as the result of his stressful schedule promoting Kung Fu Panda 2. "RIP Jackie Chan" became one of the most popular tweets that day.

The "news" story quoted Will Smith as having said on Facebook, "A remarkable actor, he will be forever missed and always in our hearts. RIP Jackie." President Obama was reported as saying "Jackie Chan is a man who can talk through talent, he is a constant reminder of the strength of humanity. He will forever be in our hearts, a true inspiration who inspired many generations. First it's Nate Dogg then it's Jackie Chan." According to the story, MTV would host a special memorial service for Chan.

Chan Still Alive:
Photos were posted on Chan's official website showing him with the Consul-General of Japan, Yuji Kumamaru, with whom he had met to discuss the details of the "Love Without Borders 3/11 Candlelight Gala" event which was scheduled for April 1st in Hong Kong and would benefit the victims of the Japan earthquake on March 11th.


Jeff Goldblum
Announcement of Death:
The day after Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett died (June 25, 2009), rumors of Jeff Goldblum's passing started to appear online. A news story generated by FakeAWish.com reported (under the fake news outlet "Global Associated Press") that Goldblum had fallen from the Kauri Cliffs in New Zealand while on the set of a movie. The Australia Today Show reported on the potential truth of the story and mourned him, calling him a "good bloke."

This exact rumor has been circulated before about Harrison Ford, Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, and a plethora of other actors, most of which were started by the FakeAWish.com team.

Golblum Still Alive:
Goldblum appeared on The Colbert Report several days later to deliver his own obituary and relish his own compliments of having had "Brando's muscularity" and a "verbatim" quote from a former conquest that described sex with him "like being caught in a flesh storm with a 90% chance of satisfaction."

The Colbert Report
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Miley Cyrus
Announcement of Death:
Miley Cyrus is the latest celebrity to be the victim of an online death hoax. The hoax started as a Facebook scam on July 19, 2014, designed to lure people to click through and take an online survey. The photo of Miley "overdosing" made the rounds with the alarming headline: "{SHOCKING} Miley Cyrus Found Dead In Her Los Angeles Home!" Source

Miley Cyrus has terrible luck with the internet and should probably just stay away from it permanently. In September 2008, another death hoax was posted on Yahoo! saying that Cyrus had died in a car accident.


Cyrus Still Alive:
Miley successfully survived both death hoaxes. 
After the first incident in 2008, Cyrus's appearance at her concert in New York disproved the hoax. The second time around, she posted a topless photo on her Instagram as proof that she was still alive and well. 

Norman Reedus
Announcement of Death:
Norman Reedus, who plays the popular character Darryl Dixon on AMC's "The Walking Dead," was said to have been killed in a motor vehicle accident on June 1, 2014. The news was reported via Twitter and Facebook posts linking to a story about the actor's death.

Reedus Still Alive:
The zombie killer with a heart of (mostly) gold was seen with "Breaking Bad" star Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman) at the Variety studios around the time of his supposed death and has been consistently tweeting since the time of his "death." Shortly after the hoax was announced, Reedus even tweeted a still of himself in the trunk of a broken down car from the set of "The Walking Dead," perhaps as a tongue-in-cheek response to the hoax.

Sylvester Stallone

Announcement of death: The Italian Stallion was declared dead by a clickbait post that went viral on Facebook in September, 2016. According to the post, which was photoshopped to look as though the news came from CNN, Sylvester Stallone died of a prescription pill overdose. Which, like, come on. Rambo. Rocky. Cobra. Stallone don't go out like that. 

Stallone still alive: Snopes calls bullsh*t: “The above-displayed Facebook message linked to a clickbait web site known for creating and sharing celebrity death hoaxes. This web site was responsible for previous death hoaxes involving Vin Diesel, Nicolas Cage, Jaden Smith, Jim Carrey, Angelina Jolie and John Cena.”

Wayne Knight
Announcement of Death:
The actor best known for his roles as Newman on "Seinfeld" and in Jurassic Park was reported dead, along with two others, after being struck by a tractor trailer along Route 446 near the New York-Pennsylvania border. The news was reported by US Magazine on March 16th 2014.

Knight Still Alive:
In order to counteract the rumors of his demise, Knight took to Twitter to announce that he is alive and well. “Some of you will be glad to hear this, others strangely disappointed… but I am alive and well!” tweeted the actor. Though he wasn't involved in the accident, apparently it was a real story. Tragically, a woman was found dead and the two other victims were in critical condition after crossed into the path of an oncoming tractor trailer.

Cesar Millan
Announcement of death: Rumors spread in December of 2014 that celebrity dog whisperer Cesar Millan had died of a heart attack. Reports even went so far as to claim that the reality TV star's wife held a press conference confirming the news and saying, “I hope you can understand my loss, and I would appreciate if you can give us our space for mourning.”

Millan still alive: Thankfully, fans were spared of their own heart attacks when Milan quickly called out the hoax on Twitter. Even his ever-loyal pup Junior chimed in, "posting" on Facebook: “Reports of my Pack Leader’s untimely demise are greatly exaggerated. I can happily report he is safe, happy and healthy. I can also tell you he kept me up all night snoring, my breakfast was a little late but I did get a great morning walk. As Cesar keeps telling me: Exercise. Discipline. Affection. – the key to a long, balanced, and healthy life!”

Source: Hollywood Life

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<![CDATA[The Best Movies Based on Books]]> http://www.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/the-best-movies-based-on-books
List of the best movies based off books, voted on by cine-bibliophiles everywhere. Many movies are based off of books but whenever a new movie based on a book comes out there is an endless amount of whining about how Hollywood isn't original and why can't they write their own stories? That's simple, it's because these amazing stories are already written and Hollywood has the means to bring them to life, and some times they do it better than even your imagination thought possible. This list looks at the films based on the books - novels, literature, or nonfiction - that made you want to reread the book, started endless "which was better the movie or the book" debates, made you squeal with delight that you pictured it that way in your head, and just blew your frickin' mind.

What are the best movies based on books? Vote on the top movies based on books and share this with your friends to get their opinions, too!
The Best Movies Based on Books,

Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump (1986) by Winston Groom
Schindler's List
Schindler's Ark (1982) by Thomas Keneally
The Godfather
The Godfather (1969) by Mario Puzo
The Green Mile
The Green Mile (1996) by Stephen King
The Lord of the Rings film trilogy
The Fellowship of the Ring (1954), The Two Towers (1954), The Return of the King (1955) by J. R. R. Tolkien
The Shawshank Redemption
Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption (1982) by Stephen King
The Shining
The Shining (1977) by Stephen King
The Silence of the Lambs
The Silence of the Lambs (1988) by Thomas Harris
The Wizard of Oz
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900) by L. Frank Baum
To Kill a Mockingbird
To Kill a Mockingbird (1960) by Harper Lee

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