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Sometimes, even acclaimed film critics make hasty conclusions about new movies. Some of the best movies that were originally panned by critics turned out to be some of the most famous and beloved films of all time. Some films were released with mixed reviews, while others totally bombed. In the end, however, fan support made all the difference in these films' popularity.

When it comes down to it, critics have a subjective opinion, just like every member of the audience. Critics also tend to be more cynical and biased towards films that are breaking new ground, because they have seen so many movies in their lives. A lot of these great movies that were initially hated on by critics withstood the test of time, or were adopted by audiences as their favorites.

A lot of the films on this list were missed by critics because they were expecting something and got something else entirely. This is the case with Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Predator. Critics claimed that there was no plot in either movie, and that they lacked real story-telling structure. The reasons why audience members like these movies, however, had nothing to do with a well-put together plot line. Many people enjoyed them because of their unique exploration of a subculture, or graphic action sequences.

Not all movies are instant classics. Some require the kindness of time to look more appealing, or the interest of a select group of fans to turn the movie into a cult classic. Who knows? Baz Luhrmann's 2013 version of The Great Gatsby may just have a chance after all.
The Best Movies That Were Originally Panned by Critics, film, films, best movies,

Apocalypse Now

This one got mixed reviews. While some praised it, Frank Rich in Time said "while much of the footage is breathtaking, Apocalypse Now is emotionally obtuse and intellectually empty"

Rotten Tomatoes score: 97%, 8.9/10

Bonnie and Clyde

“It is a cheap piece of bald-faced slapstick comedy that treats the hideous depredations of that sleazy, moronic pair as though they were as full of fun and frolic as the jazz-age cutups in Thoroughly Modern Millie… This blending of farce with brutal killings is as pointless as it is lacking in taste, since it makes no valid commentary upon the already travestied truth. And it leaves an astonished critic wondering just what purpose Mr. Penn and Mr. Beatty think they serve with this strangely antique, sentimental claptrap…” – Bosley Crowther, The New York Times

Rotten Tomatoes score: 88%, 8.2/10

Fight Club

New York Daily News called it “hardly groundbreaking,” the Miami Herald referred to it as “a bit of a dud,” and the Boston Globe said that its “chic indictment of empty materialist values fizzles.” 

Rotten Tomatoes score: 79%, 7.3/10

Home Alone

"When Kevin’s parents discover they’ve forgotten him, they find it impossible to get anyone to follow through on their panicked calls – if anyone did so, the movie would be over. The plot is so implausible that it makes it hard for us to really care about the plight of the kid." - Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

Rotten Tomatoes score: 55%, 5.2/10

It's a Wonderful Life

When It's a Wonderful Life was first released in 1946, it received generally negative reviews. It was the next generation of the 60s and 70s that so loved the film that it became the classic that it is today.

Bosley Crowther, writing for The New York Times, complimented some of the actors, including Stewart and Reed, but concluded that "the weakness of this picture, from this reviewer's point of view, is the sentimentality of it—its illusory concept of life. Mr. Capra's nice people are charming, his small town is a quite beguiling place and his pattern for solving problems is most optimistic and facile. But somehow they all resemble theatrical attitudes rather than average realities."

Rotten Tomatoes score: 94%, 8.9/10


"'Predator' is a slightly above-average actioner that tries to compensate for tissue-thin-plot with ever-more-grisly death sequences and impressive special effects." -Variety

The New York Times called it “alternately grisly and dull, with few surprises”, and the Chicago Reader said, "despite the off-rhythm styling, there's not a lot going on."

Rotten Tomatoes score: 78%, 7/10


Upon its release, the reviews for this movie weren’t all terrible but rather just so-so. It's rise to Classic Film status just goes to show that if a film strikes a chord with the public, its greatness can't be denied. 

At the time though – the film was “plainly a gimmick movie”, and even a “blot on an honorable career.” In a particularly pretentiously written review, the New York Times said it had “not an abundance of subtlety” and was an “obviously low-budget job.” No one hated it – but no one thought it to be anything all that special either. 

Rotten Tomatoes score: 96%, 9.2/10

The Exorcist

"A chunk of elegant occultist claptrap... A practically impossible film to sit through... It establishes a new low for grotesque special effects..." - Vincent Canby, The New York Times

"Friedkin's biggest weakness is his inability to provide enough visual information about his characters ... whole passages of the movie's exposition were one long buzz of small talk and name droppings... The Exorcist succeeds on one level as an effectively excruciating entertainment, but on another, deeper level it is a thoroughly evil film." - Andrew Sarris, The Village Voice

Writing in Rolling Stone, Jon Landau said the film was "nothing more than a religious porn film, the gaudiest piece of shlock this side of Cecil B. DeMille (minus that gentleman's wit and ability to tell a story)... "

Rotten Tomatoes score: 86%, 8/10

The Shining

Kubrick is good at making movies that everyone dislikes, realizes that they were chumps for disliking it, and then pretends to have liked all along. For example, Roger Ebert gave the movie a bad review, only to go back on it later.

Variety regarded the film as a destruction of everything that made the Stephen King book terrifying, and said that Shelley Duvall “transforms the warm sympathetic wife of the book into a simpering, semi-retarded hysteric.” In fact – Shelley was nominated for a Razzie for worst actress for the role, along with – for reals – Kubrick for worst director! Wow.

In fairness – the movie was probably the worst adaptation when you think about, and by ‘worst’ I mean least loyal. Hell – Jack doesn’t even have an ax in the book, but rather a mallet. But hey – can you imagine if Kubrick kept that in? 

Rotten Tomatoes score: 88%, 8.5/10

The Wizard of Oz

“I sat cringing before MGM’s Technicolor production of The Wizard of Oz, which displays no trace of imagination, good taste, or ingenuity… I don’t like the Singer Midgets under any circumstances, but I found them especially bothersome in Technicolor… I say it’s a stinkeroo.” – Russell Maloney, The New Yorker

Rotten Tomatoes score: 99%, 9.4/10

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<![CDATA[101 Things You Didn't Know About the Lord of the Rings Films]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/lord-of-the-rings-trivia-facts/coy-jandreau?source=rss
Some of the best scenes in movies are the ones that aren't even in the script - and there are plenty of them in The Lord of the Rings movies. Few film franchises are as expansive and vast as Peter Jackson's film adaptations of J.R.R. Tolkien's classic books, so there's plenty of behind the scenes trivia to learn about these ground breaking films. What cool facts should you know about the production of LOTR? Let's find out!

Often, it's the little things that make a movie not just memorable, but unforgettable. Whether onscreen, or behind the camera, the making of the LOTR films changed movies and Hollywood for good and there are all kinds of fun BTS facts to know about The Lord of the Rings trilogy. For instance, did you know that while filming The Lord of the Rings new hobbit feet were created every single day (ears too!) because they material they were made from was too fragile to survive more than a few hours in filming conditions? Or that Viggo Mortensen wasn't initially cast as Aragorn - another actor was cast and even filmed for a few days! Or that the tallest member of the cast played the shortest member of the Fellowship?

Whether you want to one up your friends in your next geeky conversation or win at your next trivia night, this Lord of the Rings trivia facts list is for you. Vote up the most interesting LOTR trivia facts 
101 Things You Didn't Know About the Lord of the Rings Films,

The Franchise Used Forced Perspective in New and Interesting Ways (Instead of CGI)
The hobbits needed to appear about three to four feet tall - tiny compared with the seven-foot Gandalf. This was often accomplished using forced perspective, placing Ian McKellen (Gandalf) consistently closer to the camera than Elijah Wood in order to trick the eye into thinking McKellen is towering. 

When you see Frodo and Gandalf sitting on a cart at the beginning of the first film, forced perspective means that Elijah Wood is three feet behind Ian McKellen.

In order to make "forced perspective" a bit more interesting, the filmmakers devised a totally new system, consisting of a pulley and a platform. When the camera moved (which is normally impossible as the forced perspective would become obvious) the actor(s) also moved, and the perspective (seven-foot Gandalf, four-foot hobbits) would always be consistent. They also used three differently sized props (large, medium, and small) to interact with the different sized characters.

Sean Bean, as Boromir, Would Hike to Set Every Day in Wardrobe
The cast often had to fly to remote shoot locations by helicopter. Sean Bean (Boromir) was afraid of flying and would only do it when absolutely necessary. When they were shooting the scenes of the Fellowship crossing the snowy mountains, he'd spend two hours every morning climbing from the base of the mountain to the set near the top, already dressed as Boromir. The crew being flown up could see him from their helicopters.
Saruman Is a Huge Lord of the Rings Fan
Christopher Lee reads The Lord of the Rings once a year and has done so since 1954, the year it was published. He is also the only member of the cast and crew to have met J.R.R. Tolkien.
Gandalf Slamming His Head in Bilbo's House Was Not Scripted
Gandalf's painful encounter with a ceiling beam in Bilbo's hobbit-hole was not in the script - Ian McKellen banged his forehead against the beam accidentally, not on purpose. But Peter Jackson thought McKellen did a great job "acting through" the mistake, so he kept it in.
John Rhys-Davies Also Voiced Treebeard, but in a Surprisingly Low-Tech Way
In addition to playing Gimli, John Rhys-Davies also provided the voice of Treebeard. It wasn't achieved by electronic distortion, but by having the actor speak in his naturally booming voice at lowest pitch possible, through a wooden megaphone.
Viggo Mortensen Became an Incredible Swordsman over the Course of the Trilogy
Veteran sword master Bob Anderson called Mortensen "the best swordsman I've ever trained." Mortensen did his own stunts and insisted on only using a real steel sword, instead of significantly lighter aluminum swords or safer rubber swords, which were manufactured for battle scenes and stunts.

The Shortest Member of the Fellowship Was the Tallest Actor in the Cast
John Rhys-Davies, who plays Gimli the dwarf, is actually the tallest of the actors who play members of the Fellowship. He is 6' 1".
Viggo Mortensen Not Only Bought His Horse, but Arwen's as Well
Viggo Mortensen was so impressed with the horse his character rides in the series that he purchased it from the owners. The horse was shipped back to New Zealand for the additional shots that were filmed in 2002. He also purchased Arwen's horse after production and gave it to Liv Tyler's riding double.
The Last Shot of Principal Photography Was, Fittingly, of the Four Hobbits
The last shot of principal photography was of when the newly-crowned Aragorn bows to the four hobbits. Although Viggo Mortensen did not need to be on set for that day, he nevertheless insisted on being present. He didn't have a crown (it wasn't necessary - he wasn't being filmed) so he fashioned one out of paper. With each successive take, the crown was becoming more ornate and sillier as crew members kept decorating it, so the four actors playing the Hobbits often had difficulty suppressing their giggles.
Yes, Viggo Mortensen Actually Broke Two Toes While Filming The Two Towers
Viggo Mortensen broke two toes while kicking the steel helmet by the orc pyre, and that take is the one that actually appears in the movie. Peter Jackson said that he was really impressed with Aragorn's shout of pain as he cried out for the fate of the two hobbits, realizing only later on that it was real pain for his freshly broken toes. He was also impressed by the fact that Mortensen continued acting even while so seriously injured.

Mortensen later remarked that the only reason it was even mentioned on the DVD release was because he was an actor and that the stunt crew were injured far worse and pushed through it.

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<![CDATA[25 Things to Know Before Your Next Costco Run]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/costco-secrets/lauren-slocum?source=rss

Attention all smart shoppers and coupon clippers! Are you a Costco member? Thinking about becoming one? Costco has been setting itself apart from other major retailers for decades… but how? Read through this list of Costco secrets to learn the intricacies of the Costco membership, the history of Costco, and some other generally interesting Costco facts you probably didn’t know about. There's even Costco membership information for those looking to join.

If you’re already a member of the Costco cult, you know there’s something different about this particular warehouse store. Costco is the jack of all trades in the retail industry, allowing shoppers to develop film, shop for Thanksgiving Day, buy Dad a new digital camera, and stock the little league snack bar, all in one stop. But how do they keep prices so low? Who runs this place, anyway? This list will enlighten your predetermined Costco opinions and set any Costco mysteries straight.

So get to reading! Take a few minutes to learn about the evolution of Costco and vote for the Costco facts you think are the most interesting. And if you realize you’re in desperate need of a Tommy Bahama chair and a year’s supply of Pantene Pro-V, head to Costco Wholesale Corporation and one of their contented employees will be happy to point you to the right wood crate and you'll be getting a great deal in no time.

25 Things to Know Before Your Next Costco Run,

The Kirkland Signature Brand... Not So Knock-Off After All
You see "Kirkland Signature" on the packaging, but Costco actually has multiple big name manufacturers producing their products. Grey Goose manufactures Costco's vodka, Jim Beam makes their bourbon, and their scotch is a Macallan 18. And since you don't have to be a member to go on a booze run, you might as well save some cash and opt for the Kirkland Signature brand to stock your liquor cabinet.
Get a Full Refund on Your Membership at Anytime
Costco promises their members they'll refund a membership at any point if the member is disappointed with any aspect of their service. 
Costco Doesn't Mark-Up Items Over 15%
Most retailers' mark-up is right around 25%, with some of the larger department stores pushing a 50% mark-up. Costco's mark-up stays below 15%.
All You Coupon Clippers, Clip No More!
According to the Krazy Coupon Lady, physical Costco coupons are not needed to apply discounts at the register (and it's probably in your best interest to listen to her). As long as you're a member, you're prime for coupon prices.
You Can Get Free Tech Support for All Electronics Bought in House
Can't get that new digital camera to turn on? Having an issue with your flat screen TV? Call Costco's free tech support and they'll help you troubleshoot. Their technical support team is available from 5 am to10 pm PST, seven days a week, which is pretty impressive considering they don't manufacture these products and they aren't a electronics warehouse.
The Price of the Hotdog Combo Hasn't Been Raised Since 1985
$1.50 for a fountain drink and a hotdog is unbeatable. Costco started serving this delightful duo in 1985 and has promised to keep the price the same. Fast forward a few decades and whaddya know? Promise kept.
There's No Limit on Samples (!!!)
No cash for the food court? No problem! Head inside and eat all the samples you want!
Costco Doesn't Have a PR Team
Have you ever seen a Costco commercial? We didn't think so. Costco's simple business model is so simple they don't even have a PR team. Costco also doesn't allow huge advertisements in their store, so all you'll see in-house are price tags, Kirkland Signature labels, and the standard Costco logo.
Their Business Strategy Is Employee-Centric
Founders James Sinegal and Jeffrey Brotman have kept things consistent at Costco. They believe in simple, wholesome business; they pay their employees fair wages, close the store on major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, and receive modest incomes in comparison to men and women in similar positions at other retail power houses. "If you hire good people, give them good jobs, and pay them good wages, generally something good is going to happen," says Sinegal.

Costco Has an Out of This World Return Policy
As long as you haven't burned your flannel pajama bottoms in a backyard bonfire or let your 3-month-old Saint Bernard use your camcorder as a chew toy, you're probably eligible to return your items to Costco. Neither the product packaging nor the receipt are required to make the return (although they "prefer" it). 

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<![CDATA[Songs That Were Total Ripoffs]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/blatant-ripoff-songs/mike-rothschild?source=rss
Music plagiarism is big news in almost any era. Sure, Robin Thicke and Pharrell had to shell out $7 million to Marvin Gaye's estate for their "Blurred Lines" infringement and there was the whole Tom Petty/Sam Smith debacle in recent music history, but singers have been ripping off other people's songs since recorded music first came on the scene, and even before that. What are the most blatant ripoff songs, which obviously stole music, lyrics, or both from other tracks?

Chances are, your favorite band has either intentionally or purposefully stolen someone else's lyrics or melody - and probably had it done to them as well. While some plagiarism cases are extremely well known (George Harrison stealing the melody of "He's So Fine," or John Fogerty being sued for plagiarizing himself, for example) there are almost limitless examples of songs being plagiarized. Some were successful, others got slapped down with huge judgements.

These blatant cases of musical plagiarism cross genres, decades, and styles, showing that musicians stealing from each other is no rarity. Is your favorite song a rip off of another famous musician? Find out in the list below!

Songs That Were Total Ripoffs,

"Creep" by Radiohead vs. "The Air That I Breathe" by Albert Hammond

Radiohead broke out of the indie guitar band pack with "Creep" in 1993 - and they had a little help from songwriter Albert Hammond to do it. The Oxford band so clearly lifted the melody of Hammond's song "The Air That I Breathe" for "Creep" (the opening passages of both songs, their guitar parts and tempos are all practically the same) that Hammond took them to court.

He won not only a settlement but a cowriting credit, and Radiohead would later drop the song from their live set.

Here's "Creep:"

And Hammond's song:



"Ghostbusters" by Ray Parker Jr. vs. "I Want a New Drug" by Huey Lewis

Two of the biggest hits of the '80s are inexorably linked with each other, as Huey Lewis sued Ray Parker, Jr. for plagiarizing "I Want a New Drug" when he wrote the theme to "Ghostbusters." As the story goes, Parker had only a few days to write the track, and he either intentionally or accidentally copied the beat and melody of the Lewis song, which had come out right around the same time.

Either way, Lewis settled with Parker on the condition of confidentiality - which Lewis later broke in a 2001 interview on Behind the Music. Naturally, Parker sued Lewis for doing so.

Here's Parker's "Ghostbusters" theme:

And Lewis's "I Want a New Drug:"


"Borrowed Tune" by Neil Young vs. "Lady Jane" by The Rolling Stones

Neil Young so obviously stole the melody of the Stones's "Lady Jane" for his own "Borrowed Tune" that he copped to it in the lyrics, singing "I'm singin' this borrowed tune/I took from the Rolling Stones/Alone in this empty room/Too wasted to write my own."

Here's Young's "Borrowed Tune" from 1975:


And here's the Stones with "Lady Jane":




"Are You Gonna Be My Girl" by Jet vs. "Lust for Life" by Iggy Pop

While Aussie rockers Jet's song "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" shares an almost identical melody, drum pattern and guitar riff with Iggy Pop's "Lust For Life," there hasn't been any legal action from it.

The band insisted the song was inspired by Motown, specifically "You Can't Hurry Love," which is exactly the same inspiration Pop and David Bowie claimed when they wrote their song. Once you're thinking Motown, you can easily hear it in both songs' intros and tempos.

Here's Jet's song:


And here's "Lust for Life:"




"Dazed and Confused" by Led Zeppelin vs. "Dazed and Confused" by Jake Holmes

One could write an entire list just of Led Zeppelin's alleged and confirmed thefts. But maybe the most blatant was in the case of "Dazed and Confused." As the story goes, folk singer Jake Holmes wrote the song in 1967, whereby it was soon covered by The Yardbirds, for whom Holmes was opening. The Yardbirds, in their death throes, at that time featured future Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page.

Page liked the song so much he brought it to the sessions for Led Zeppelin's first album - albeit with new lyrics (based, in turn, on a different set of lyrics for the song, written by The Yardbirds singer Keith Relf) and a slightly altered melody. The song's arrangement remained the same. Page credited himself as the song's sole writer, and blew Holmes off when Holmes attempted to contact him a few years later. In essence, Page had stolen a hit song and ensured the original writer wouldn't get a nickel out of it.

Finally, in 2010, Jake Holmes sued Jimmy Page, with the two parties settling out of court. Even now, the song is credited only to Page, with "inspiration" by Holmes.

Here's the Zeppelin version:

And here's Holmes's original:



"Tik Tok" by Ke$ha vs. "My Slushy" by Chrissy vs. "Low Rider" by War

Soon after releasing her break out hit "Tik Tok," singer Ke$ha was hit with a copyright infringement suit by singer Christina Jones, AKA Chrissy. The complaint alleged that "Tik Tok" stole the melody, vocal style, rhythm, and lyrical bits from Chrissy's 2006 Internet-only release "My Slushy." Not one to take plagiarism charges (especially for ripping off a song nobody had heard) lying down, Ke$ha and her producer Dr. Luke countersued, and Chrissy's suit was thrown out.

And just to show that musical borrowing goes both ways, "My Slushy" owes a pretty obvious debt to War's "Low Rider," grabbing that classic's iconic keyboard riff.

Here's "Tik Tok" by Ke$ha:

 And "My Slushy" by Chrissy:


And War's "Low Rider":


"Sorry" by Justin Bieber vs. "Ring the Bell" by White Hinterland

In 2016, indie artist White Hinterland (whose real name is Casey Dienel) sued Justin Bieber, claiming that his song "Sorry" stole an eight-second vocal riff from her song, "Ring the Bell." Skrillex, who wrote and produced the song, was also named in the suit. According to Dienel, the riff is used six times throughout Bieber's song. Take a list below to see for yourself.

Check out the beginning riff in Dienel's song:

 And the one in Bieber's:


"Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice vs. "Under Pressure" by Queen

Perhaps the most blatant ripoff on this list, Vanilla Ice was sued by Queen and David Bowie for stealing their riff from "Under Pressure" in his 1989 hit "Ice Ice Baby." Although Vanilla Ice's song was the first hip-hop song to top the Billboard charts, the legacy of the song is tarnished by the stolen sample. All four members of Queen and David Bowie were later credited for the riff, and were compensated with both money and a writing credit for the song.

Here's "Ice Ice Baby":

And now listen to "Under Pressure"; you'll have no trouble spotting the similarities:

"Live While We're Young" by One Direction vs. "Should I Stay or Should I Go" by The Clash

Another "homage" to classic rock by One Direction, "Live While We're Young" steals the iconic opening chords to The Clash's classic "Should I Stay Or Should I Go." Like the band's earlier pilfering of "Baba O'Riley," it serves to draw the ear of older listeners while not being extensive enough to merit a plagiarism claim. Well played, boys. Well played.

Here's "Live While We're Young":


And The Clash performing "Should I Stay or Should I Go":





"Best Song Ever" by One Direction vs. "Baba O'Riley" by The Who

Fans of Brit boy band One Direction took to Twitter in panic that the group's new single "Best Song Ever" was going to be purged from the Internet due to a lawsuit from some old codger named Pete Townshend, for ripping off some band they'd never heard of called The Who. 

While "Best Song Ever" clearly lifts the iconic opening guitar chords from "Baba O'Riley," the rest of the song is totally different, and band said the lift was done as a tribute. Townshend took it in good humor, saying he liked the song and had no trouble with it.

"Best Song Ever":


"Baba O'Riley" (live, with Pete Townshend beating the crap out of a tambourine):


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<![CDATA[The Strongest Female Characters Written by Joss Whedon]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/joss-whedon-female-characters/jacob-shelton?source=rss
Since Age of Ultron opened in theaters, Joss Whedon has been taking it from all sides about his portrayal of Black Widow as a relationship hungry superwoman who just wants a man to put a ring on it and put a baby inside her. We don’t have any way of knowing whether this was a miscalculation by Whedon, or a mishandling of the property by the marketing people at Marvel, but we do know that Whedon has been an OG feminist writer since 1997 when the first season of Buffy premiered. Being such big Whedonites we knew we had to do something, but countless op-eds have already been penned, and an infinite amount of tweets have been tweeted (so much so that Whedon supposedly quit twitter over the kerfuffle). The only thing left to do is assemble a list of the strongest female characters created by Joss Whedon.

It seems like yesterday that every nerd was sweating bacon grease in excitement over the release of Age of Ultron. But now, thanks to the fervor over the treatment of Black Widow, we can’t even remember the end credits stinger! Despite his misstep, he’s still one of the few filmmakers in Hollywood who tries to write positive female characters. After being such big fans of King Geek Whedon for so long, it was a drag to see him drop the ball on Natasha Romanoff, but instead of moaning like a bunch of babies we decided to celebrate his contributions to the world of science fiction and fantasy with a list of his strongest female characters.
The Strongest Female Characters Written by Joss Whedon,

Anya Jenkins
The ability to take a character who began as a monster of the week, and turn her into a character that we care about, not only shows Whedon's prowess as a writer, but also his love for the characters. Anya began her tenure on the show as a Vengeance Demon who wreaked havoc on men, specifically Xander. Throughout season three, an until the end of the televised series, she grew into a nuanced character who wasn't afraid to cut through whatever BS the Scoobies were dealing with.  
Buffy Summers
If anyone needed proof of Joss Whedon's super positive feminist leanings, look no further than Buffy Summers. It can be debated endlessly whether she jumpstarted the '90s girl power movement or if Buffy the Vampire Slayer just had the kismet that comes with great timing, but the landscape of pop culture wouldn't be what it is today without the whip smart, funny, and tough with a capital TUFF Buffy Summers. 

It's rare that such a subversive character has the ability to penetrate the mainstream in the way that Buffy did. But in her seven short years on broadcast television, Buffy inspired millions of men and women to pick up a metaphorical stake and dust the big bad in their life. 

It would be too easy to say that Faith is the "Anti-Buffy," although we're sure someone lazier than us has said that about her. While Buffy is the audience analog, a girl thrown in the deep end before she's ready, Faith is a classic example of a female warrior from the onset. Like Wonder Woman (but without all the weird bondage undertones), she's strong, focused, and doesn't necessarily require a team to do her job.

Inara Serra
Inara is a Companion, a high-society escort who leased one of Serenity's shuttles for transportation, living space, and workspace. Throughout Firefly she's shown to be not only a courtesan, but a combination mother/psychologist to the crew. And despite the obvious chemistry between her and Mal, she's able to keep it in her pants for business reasons, and because she doesn't need some man to validate her. 
Kaylee Frye
Being the metaphoric heart of the crew can't be easy. Kaylee essentially lives inside the ship and propels the group to their next adventure, all the while making sure Serenity runs smoothly and that the engines are mended. 

Hired on as a replacement to the previous mechanic (with whom she was sleeping) she immediately showed that she was worth her weight in units when she was able to identify an an engine problem and get Mal's ship off the ground.  
Not wanting to be stuck in her role as ship's mechanic, Kaylee longs to be treated as a woman as well as a member of the ship's crew. Throughout the series she verbally battles with Mal over her right to feel feminine despite her masculine position.  
River Tam
Quite possibly the apotheosis of the Whedonverse, River Tam's journey from child prodigy, to Alliance weapon, to the kung-fu wizard copilot of Mal's ship is fraught with setbacks. When we first meet River, she's a barely legal, raw nerve of a human vegetable that can barely discern between friend or foe. It's only after a subliminal trigger placed in a Fruity Oaty bar commercial sets her off that she learns how deeply ingrained her Alliance programming is. 
From those depths she's able to ascend to the godlike River that takes down an entire squadron of Alliance fighters single handedly. Just thinking about her final fight scene in Serenity makes us want to go back and watch the movie all over again. 
Willow Rosenberg
What's a Scooby Gang without its resident lesbian/nerd/witch? Nothing! That's what. When Willow was introduced to viewers as a nebbish library assistant, there was no way to know that she would bloom into one of the series' most interesting and well developed characters. As a Wiccan she was able to shed the "double double toil and trouble" look ascribed to most television witches and put a face on witchcraft that even Middle America could love. 

The biggest turn for Willow was when Whedon decided to give her a female love interest. The time and space given to her to go from being a shy scared girl into a confident woman who falls in love with another woman was and sadly still is unique in television.

Zoë Washburne
Born vesselside and handy with a blaster, you don't want to mess with Wash's wife; although, you might actually want to refer to him as "Zoë's husband." A loyal first mate and a tough, deadly fighter, Zoe is the only member of Mal's crew to regularly call him "sir," and she may be the only member aboard his ship that he completely trusts. 

Despite living a dangerous lifestyle, she managed to have a happy marriage until the Alliance showed up and cocked the whole thing up. 


Dollhouse is remembered as a smudge on the otherwise spotless resume for Whedon, but despite its missteps, the series tried to say something about the meaning of identity and individuality while also offering a hero meant to subvert corporate saturation. Echo begins as a tabula rasa who spends a bulk of the season taking on personalities of the week which begin to mold her into a uniquely new being. 

Even after Echo becomes a fully formed hero by the end of the first season, she still has to deal with the moral grey areas that come when one is trying to destroy a global conglomerate from the inside out. 

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<![CDATA[The Most Insane Keith Richards Stories on Record]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/crazy-keith-richards-stories/coy-jandreau?source=rss
With a face like Keith Richards's you just know he's lived a full life. Even if you didn't know he was one of the most influential guitarists in history or a member of a little band called The Rolling Stones, theres just something about the man. Somehow, despite all his debauchery and crazy life stories, he's still alive, making headlines. But what are the craziest Keith Richards life stories?

Richards has so much swagger his name is synonymous with the classic bad boy rock star. He's done more drugs than all the inhabitants of most small countries combined and lived to tell you about them. His continued existence laughs in the face of science and common sense, and we applaud him for it. 

So lets look back at some of the crazier exploits of Keith Richards (or at least the ones that are on record). Can you even imagine the stories he hasn't told? Many of these tales are recorded for posterity in his book, an autobiography called Life, and his crazy antics could likely fill many more books as well.

What are the most insane things Keith Richards has ever done? How many times should Keith Richards have died? Read on to find out and be sure to upvote the most insane Keith Richards stories below.

The Most Insane Keith Richards Stories on Record,

That Time Someone Put Strychnine in His Pot
It's no secret that Richards has done a lot of drugs. But what was his worst drug experience? When asked in the 1970s, he shared this terrifying anecdote:

“Someone put strychnine (pesticide) in my dope. It was in Switzerland. I was totally comatose, but I was totally awake. I could listen to everyone, and they were like, he’s dead, he’s dead, waving their fingers and pushing me about. I was thinking I’m not dead. I was number one on the Who’s list of people who were likely to die for 10 years. I mean, I was really disappointed when I fell off the list.” 
Source: Listverse

That Time He Was Interviewed by Hunter S. Thompson
Words can't do it justice. Even before the interview begins, Richards defensively greets Hunter at the door with a cattle prod and it only gets weirder from there.
That Concert at Altamont
That Altamont show was famously quite an experience. In 1969, when the band arrived for the free show, Mick Jagger was punched in the head. Violence took over and a fan was even killed after pulling a gun on a Hells Angel. The Grateful Dead said a resounding "no thank you" to taking the stage due to the violence, and three other accidental deaths occurred.

However, Richards said of the show, "on the whole, a good concert." 

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock

That Time the Mayor of Boston Released Him from Prison So He Could Make a Concert
On July 18,1972, a Rolling Stones concert was scheduled in Boston, MA. But there was one tiny problem. Keith Richards and Mick Jagger had been arrested for scuffling with a photographer in Rhode Island. So Mayor Kevin White did what any good politician would, and had the bad boys released into his personal custody so the show could go on.

He told the Boston Garden crowd, "The Stones have been busted, but I have sprung them!” and probably became the most loved mayor in the history of the city.

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock

That Time He Was Nearly Electrocuted Onstage
One of Richards's earliest brushes with death, the guitarist was almost killed on stage in Sacramento in 1965. Stepping to the mic for his backup vocals on "The Last Time," he noticed it was facing the wrong way and went to knock it with the neck of his guitar. This was a dangerous move. The near fatal shock knocked Richards unconscious and burned his guitar strings.

He later referred to the incident as his “most spectacular” moment and credited his salvation to his brand new rubber soled boots.

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock

That Time He Was in Town During the London Bombings
Richards and his mother were evacuated during the London Bombings in 1944. Upon returning to their home, they found some of their neighbors were killed and Richards's cot had been destroyed in the violence. Richards took this personally, later saying, "Hitler dumped one of his V-1s on my bed! He was after my ass, you know that!" 
Source: Ultimate Classic Rock

That Time He Almost Stabbed Donald Trump
In 1989, the Rolling Stones decided they'd like to end their Steel Wheels tour with a big pay-per-view broadcast show. However, the only viable location happened to be Donald Trump's Plaza Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City. The band was not pleased, wishing to not be associated with Trump. Their tour manager, Michael Cohl, said he would "control Donald Trump," and finally the band agreed, signing a contract with the hotel.

Prior to the show, the Stones had wanted to give an interview at a specific time. But who did they find in the pressroom when they arrived? That's right - Trump. Cohl argued with him for a bit, attempting to get him to back down, before going to the band in their dressing room. At this point (as Cohl tells it)... "Keith pulls out his knife and slams it on the table and says, 'What the hell do I have you for? Do I have to go over there and fire him myself? One of us is leaving the building – either him, or us.' I said, 'No. I'll go do it. Don't you worry."

That Time He Snorted His Father

Richards made international headlines in 2007 after he was asked by NME magazine about the strangest thing he ever snorted. The answer? “My father. I snorted my father. He was cremated and I couldn’t resist grinding him up with a little bit of blow. My dad wouldn’t have cared. It went down pretty well, and I’m still alive.” 

The comment shocked the journalist and the story instantly took the media by storm. Richards’s manager issued a statement saying the anecdote had been a joke, but many feel the story is true. 

Source: The Guardian

That Time He Fell Out of a Palm Tree in Fiji
In 2006 (at age 62) Richards fell out of a palm tree he and Ronnie Wood were climbing (as they do, apparently) while vacationing with their families Fiji. He was then airlifted to the hospital, in order to have surgery on a blood clot in his brain. Yeah, at age 62.

He spent three weeks at the hospital in New Zealand
 and six weeks after the fall he was back on tour with the Stones because Richards apparently has more lives than a cat.

Source: Daily Mail

That Time He Reportedly Got a Full Body Blood Swap
Did Keith Richards really go to Switzerland during the Stones' 1973 European tour in order to have all his blood swapped out to kick drugs and get cleaned up? Probably not. He has even said that he was "just fooling around" by spreading the story. However, he likely did have some kind of blood treatment somewhere along the way, thanks to his need to kick heroin addiction and, you know, be able to play the guitar.

Source: Snopes

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<![CDATA[The Best Movies That Break the Fourth Wall]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/movies-that-break-the-fourth-wall/anncasano?source=rss
What does it mean to break the fourth wall? Imagine you’re sitting in a theater. There are three walls that surround the stage: on the left, on the right, and in the back. Between the audience and the stage exists this imaginary fourth wall, which separates the real world from the fictional world of the stage. So when a film (or television show, book, play - basically any work of art) breaks the fourth wall, that means the line has been crossed, there is no longer a boundary between what is real and what is fiction. The spectator is now taken out of the film world - they are purposely being made aware that they are watching a movie.

What are some of the ways that a filmmaker breaks the fourth wall? The most common device is when a character turns to the camera and directly addresses the spectator. A film can also be meta, which means it is referencing itself. For example, a film within a film about filmmaking (The Player) is another way to break the fourth wall.

You may be asking why a filmmaker would opt to purposefully break the fourth wall, and essentially take the spectator out of the film. The device is not used a lot, and there’s always a reason for it. In a film like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Ferris will often directly address the viewer so we feel like we’re in on all the fun, like we’re cutting school with this charming and friendly guy.

Most of the time, the fourth wall barrier comes down in order to get a laugh. Mel Brooks uses extreme satire in a comedy like Blazing Saddles to send-up the western genre and expose its codes and rules. He does the same with Spaceballs, but in that film, he spoofs science fiction movies. Imagine when you're watching a satire or spoof movie that the director is positioned right outside of the frame, practically winking at you, in fact you can almost imagine how the lights look and where the mics are set up. This type of comedy is typically very tongue-in-cheek.

Of course, there is a time and place for breaking the 4th wall, and it can be totally misused. But that’s not what this article is about. Instead, this is a list of the best movies that break the fourth wall. All the films on this list are clever, most are hilariously funny, and of course, all are very self-aware. Upvote the best fourth wall breaking films below and let us know in the comments section why you think this device is (or isn't) such a powerful tool in filmmaking.
The Best Movies That Break the Fourth Wall,

Blazing Saddles
Mel Brooks just can't get enough of breaking down fourth walls, this time in a send up of the Western. There are a million ways this farce breaks the fourth wall. Perhaps the best use of the device occurs at the end of the movie, when Brooks literally shatters the fourth wall during the comedy's epic finale. The final cowboy chase gets out of hand, and the Western genre smashes down the studio wall, destroying the set of a Busby Berkeley musical.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Writer/director John Hughes created one of the coolest and likable slacker characters in film history. Not only do we get to watch Ferris Bueller (Matthew Broderick) cut school and enjoy a teenage dream day, but because of the many times when our hero breaks the fourth wall and addresses the audience directly, we feel like we're in on all the fun. Bueller warns us, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." Thanks Ferris, that's some good advice.

Fight Club
David Fincher's highly stylized rant on consumerism is filled with fourth wall destruction, from self-references, to direct camera address, to the clever film reel cigarette burn. The modern day cult classic is just as witty and humorous as it is dark and twisted. Fincher gets in on the fun and it's a romp to rewatch the movie to see the various breaks in continuity. The auteur director wants the spectator to know that he's there; in fact, you can practically see him winking from outside the frame.

Martin Scorsese's mafia biopic does not break the fourth wall until the end of the movie. There is voiceover narration throughout the film, however, direct camera address does not occur until Henry Hill's trial is over. Hill ratted out his friends - his goodfellas - and now has to pay the price. He gets up from the stand in court and speaks directly to us, complaining about his post-mafia lifestyle, "...And that's the hardest part. Today everything is different; there's no action... have to wait around like everyone else. Can't even get decent food - right after I got here, I ordered some spaghetti with marinara sauce, and I got egg noodles and ketchup. I'm an average nobody... get to live the rest of my life like a schnook."

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Writer/director Kevin Smith is first and foremost a movie fanatic. Audiences can see his adoration all over his filmography. By the time Smith's meta-comedy Jay and Silent Bob Strke Back hit theaters, the auteur had already made several films, including, Clerks, Mallrats, and Chasing Amy. Therefore, it was time for Smith to reference himself. One of the best scenes in the film features one of Smith's go-to actors, Ben Affleck, playing Holden McNeil, his character from Chasing Amy. In a later scene, Affleck reappears to play Ben Affleck.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Comedy is the perfect genre in which to break the fourth wall, especially when that comedy is a satire. The Holy Grail is inundated with rich examples of not only breaking, but shattering the fourth wall. There are several instances of direct camera address and the film even references itself, "Look, there's the old man from scene 24!" Perhaps the greatest continuity break in the film is when modern day uniformed cops show up in the middle of a medieval setting.

Mel Brooks's cult classic sci-fi satire is entirely built around tearing down the fourth wall. The comedy is filled with meta moments of self-reference. At one point in the film, the bad guys pop in a video of the actual movie Spaceballs to help them figure out their next move. Check out the clip above. "Prepare to fast forward!"

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
The cult-classic is a send up of those old horror/sci-fi B movies. Not every character in the comedy musical is aware that they are in a movie, however, Dr. Furter (Tim Curry) has several fourth wall breaks. He tosses a drink into the camera, addresses the spectator, and stares directly into the lens at various times throughout the film.

Wayne's World
Who wants to admit to being a sellout? Certainly not rockers Wayne (Mike Myers) and Garth (Dana Carvey) from the comedy Wayne's World. However, business is business. The film hilariously breaks the fourth wall after the boys are asked to do some promotional sponsorship. From then on, the scene spoofs product placement, with clever ways to incorporate Doritos, Pepsi, and Pizza Hut. The bit ends when Wayne throws down a can of Pepsi, and with a grin as wide as the Grand Canyon, looks us in the eye and tells us, "it's the choice of a new generation."
Deadpool is the rare comic book character who is totally aware that he's in a comic book, and his meta sense of humor made the cut in the 2016 movie. The opening credits immediately break the fourth wall by irreverently poking fun at Hollywood cliches and even mocking the cast and crew. Throughout the movie, Wade Wilson (brought to life by Ryan Reynolds) pretty much constantly addresses the audience, making referential jokes about superhero films, Deadpool's budget, and anything else that pops into his head.

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<![CDATA[The Best Performances to Not Win an Oscar]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-performances-to-not-win-an-oscar/anncasano?source=rss
The actor is everything in film. Sure, the writer provides the words, and the director supplies the vision, but it's the actor who represents the characters and brings them to life. A bad acting performance can completely mar the best of dialogue, just as a superior performance can lift the most lifeless of words. We cherish the film actor, we revel in their celebrity, and often bathe in their beauty. However, there can only be one Academy Award winner for each category every year. This is a list of those other roles that weren't recognized, the best performances that did not win an Oscar.

This list is not about who should have won. No one is here to argue that Bradley Cooper should have beat out Eddie Redmayne for Best Actor in 2015. Cooper did not get snubbed, he did not get robbed, we're not taking anything away from Redmayne's brilliant depiction of Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything. But the fact that Cooper gave such an outstanding performance in American Sniper must be recognized. That's what this list is truly about. Call it Ranker’s list for acting redemption.

Some of the actors and actresses on this list, were not even nominated for Oscars. Their performance, for whatever reason, was not recognized by the finicky members of the Academy. Perhaps, it was because of genre bias? Both comedy and horror films rarely get the recognition they deserve. For example, most film buffs think that Jack Nicholson should have received a nod for his terrifying performance in The Shining and who can argue that Dustin Hoffman didn't turn in a perfect performance in Tootsie?

Let us know in the comments section if we missed any of your favorite big screen performances that failed to take home an Academy Award and be sure to vote up the performances below you think should be recognized for their outstanding quality, despite not winning on Oscar night.
The Best Performances to Not Win an Oscar,

Christian Bale
The Role: Christian Bale plays Trevor Reznik in Brad Anderson's 2004 indie film The Machinist. The actor literally put himself on an apple a day diet to drop over 60 pounds in order to play an industrial worker who is unable to sleep. Bale totally loses himself within the guilt-ridden character. He is often shirtless in the movie, and simply shocking to look at, especially considering his beefed-up physique in Batman Begins, which came out in theaters just one year later. Despite the jaw-dropping performance, Bale was not even nominated for an Oscar in 2004.

Winner for Best Actor in 2004: Jaime Foxx, Ray

Daniel Day-Lewis
The Role: Daniel Day-Lewis goes method on Bill "The Butcher" Cutting in Martin Scorsese's 2002 historical drama Gangs of New York. The Butcher is a barbarous and fierce villain, intent on keeping foreigners out of New York, during a time in the 1800s when America had its arms wide open. Lewis captures The Butcher's ruthlessness in the dirty way he fights in the street, and in the calculating way he maneuvers politically. Despite not winning for this role, we shouldn't feel too bad for Lewis, who has been nominated for five Oscars, and taken home three.

Winner for Best Actor in 2003: Adrien Brody, The Pianist

Edward Norton

The Role: Hate, rage, and anger transition to peace, understanding, and atonement for Derek Vinyard (Ed Norton) in Tony Kaye's 1998 hard-hitting drama American History X. We watch Derek go from pumped-up Nazi sympathizer, to a man seeking redemption after a harrowing prison stint. Norton convincingly captures every emotion. We feel something for him at each point in the film, even the segments when he's spewing hate-filled rhetoric. Norton received his second Oscar nod for the role in 1998.

Winner for Best Actor in 1998: Roberto Benigni, Life Is Beautiful

Ellen Burstyn
The Role: Ellen Burstyn was quite a looker back in the day, which makes her turn as Sara Goldfarb in Darren Aronofsky's frightening look at four junkies, all the more impressive. Sara wants to look pretty for her supposed appearance on television. She finds herself a doctor who prescribes diet pills in the form of speed, and the senior citizen slowly loses her mind, and it's not pretty. In fact, in a film inundated with haunting images of self-destruction, it is Burstyn's take on a completely delusional train wreck that draws the most sympathy. The actress received a nod from the Academy for her performance. She took home an Oscar back in 1975 for her role as the titular character in Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Winner for Best Actress in 2000: Julia Roberts, Erin Brockovich

Jack Nicholson
The Role: "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." Jack Nicholson takes on Jack Torrance in Stanley Kubrick's 1980 horror masterpiece The Shining. Torrance, who suffers from severe writer's block, rapidly descents into total madness. The insanity is right there in Nicholson's eyes. The actor did not receive a nomination for the role, as the Academy rarely recognizes horror films.

Winner for Best Actor in 1980: Dustin Hoffman, Kramer vs. Kramer

Leonardo DiCaprio
The Role: DiCaprio proved he was more than just a pretty face when he took on the role of mentally challenged Arnie Grape in the 1993 drama What's Eating Gilbert Grape. This was the first of many Oscar nominations for DiCaprio, and perhaps his best performance of all. 

Winner for Best Supporting Actor in 1993: Tommy Lee Jones, The Fugitive

Marlon Brando
The Role: "Stella! Stella!" Marlon Brando takes on the brutish Stanley Kowalski in the 1951 film adaptation of Tennessee Williams's Pulitzer Prize winning play. It was only Brando's second feature film role, but it was already clear that the method actor could show great range within a singular character. This would be the first of Brando's eight Oscar nominations (he won two).

Winner for Best Actor in 1951: Humphrey Bogart, The African Queen

Robert De Niro
The Role: De Niro plays alienated loner Travis Bickle in Martin Scorsese's 1976 character study Taxi Driver. Bickle is a delusional psychopath, but his heart is in the right place. De Niro somehow forces us to sympathize with Bickle's monstrous side, even if we really hope that he doesn't make it out alive. The method actor earned an Oscar nomination for the role and took home the Best Supporting Actor trophy the previous year, for his portrayal of young Don Vito Corleone in The Godfather II.

Winner for Best Actor in 1976: Peter Finch, Network

Ed Norton, Primal Fear
The Role: Ed Norton knocks it out of the park as an altar boy accused of murder in his 1996 feature film debut Primal Fear. Think you can tell a sweet, innocent young man from a manipulative killer? Norton's performance will make you question your own sanity. This was the first of three Oscar nominations for the actor.

Winner for Best Supporting Actor in 1997: Cuba Gooding, Jr., Jerry Maguire

Christian Bale, American Psycho
The Role: Bale plays an over-the-top Patrick Bateman in the cult-classic American Psycho. Bateman is a yuppie New York City businessman who is powered by greed. He also happens to be a psychotic serial killer (or so it seems) with a penchant for Phil Collins, Whitney Houston, and chainsaws. Bale did not receive an Oscar nomination for the role.

Winner for Best Actor in 2000: Russell Crowe, Gladiator

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<![CDATA[The Coolest Disney Tattoos]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-disney-tattoos/michelle-nati?source=rss

Tattoos generally last forever. The following fanboys and fangirls have taken their love of all things Disney and Pixar and permanently displayed them in lots of fun and creative ways. Because tattoos should be for adults. Nothing but respect to these people for loudly and proudly displaying their Disney passions. This list is all about the best Disney tattoos around. If you're in the market for a cool Disney tattoo and can't decide what awesome Disney tattoo is right for you, this list might be able to help!

Folks, we’ve got a few Tinkerbell tattoos, Minnie Mouse tattoos, Snow White tattoos and that's just the tip of the iceberg! Check out the list below and vote up your favorites. And we guarantee, you’ll never look at Winnie the Pooh the same way again... because you'll want a Winnie the Pooh tattoo.

The Coolest Disney Tattoos,

Did Rafiki Draw That On You?

But WHAT IS Beyond?

Thingamabobs? You Mean Forearms?

Never Never

Steamboat Mickey Looks Great in Ink

Sleeping Beauty's Castle Has Never Looked So Good



Don't Let Your Wrist Forget To Dream

I Forgot that Pan's Flight Went Around That Chick's Ear

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<![CDATA[50+ Celebrities Who Look Exactly Like People From History]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/celebrities-who-look-like-old-photos/michelle-nati?source=rss

Leonardo DiCaprio. John Travolta. Eminem. Ellen DeGeneres. Other than being rich and famous, what do they all have in common? They all have historical doppelgängers! That's right. all of these famous people, celebs, Hollywood stars, whatever you like to call them, look just like people in old photos. From George Washington or an old Pope, to your average random 19th century gentleman, these celebrities all have doppelgängers in historical photos, if you look closely.



Some of history’s twins were famous in their own lives, while other languished in obscurity. There’s photographic evidence of the some, and only a painting or sculpture of others (hey, those were based on real people too, right?) Some of these famous doppelgängers in old photos have a few features similar to those of the world's biggest celebrities (Bruce Willis and General Douglas MacCarthur have the same eyes, for example), but others are dead ringers for today’s stars (are Nicolas Cage, Keanu Reeves, and Peter Dinklage vampires or time travelers?).

Check out this list of celebrities who look like people from history and celebrity twins from a different time and vote up the historical lookalikes you think resemble each other the most.


50+ Celebrities Who Look Exactly Like People From History,

Channing Tatum
Source: Yahoo

Eddie Murphy


Jennifer Lawrence

See how J. Law and Zubaida compare here.

Jimmy Fallon

Matthew McConaughey

Matt Damon

Nicolas Cage

Orlando Bloom

Peter Dinklage

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<![CDATA[The Weirdest Sports from Around the World]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/weird-sports/swiperight?source=rss
Football, baseball, basketball, hockey. Boring! In the United States, four team sports get all the attention. How about we look at some new sports for a change? Like maybe something that involves ferrets? These weird sports are truly strange, but for whatever reason appeal to daredevils, thrill seekers, and chess masters who also love boxing. What are the craziest, most out there sports to play? This list of weird competitive sports has exactly what you're looking for in a fun new sport to try, as long as you like worms, camels, or to wrestling.

What would make hockey better? How about if it was played underwater? Yup, that's a thing. What if instead of racing boats, people raced bathtubs? That exists too. And wouldn't polo be better if played with a goat's carcass instead of a ball? Depending on who you ask, the answer might be yes!

Turn off ESPN and take a look at some of the most truly bizarre sports being played around the world. Who knows, maybe your elementary school gym teacher who told you that you'd never be an athlete didn't realize you'd one day be an expert wife carrier? Maybe your true calling is cheese rolling? Or maybe you were born to run a camel wrestling league.

Be a sport and upvote the weirdest sports below. Then maybe go give jugger a try!

The Weirdest Sports from Around the World,

Bathtub Racing
Originating in Nanaimo, British Columbia, bathtub racing is the sport of racing bathtubs down a river, either with a paddle or a motor. Events include the 100m individual time trial, the multi-bathtub race (four bathtubs racing side by side), and Synchronized Bathtubbing, which is every bit as amazing as it sounds.
Ferret Legging
Ferret Legging is a sport played in Yorkshire, UK where competitors try to keep two ferrets down their pants for the longest amount of time. The world record is five hours and thirty minutes. Why do they do this? We probably don't really want to know.
Worm Charming
Worm charming is a sport where competitors attempt to bring as many worms to the surface as possible in a fixed amount of time. The most common tactic is to vibrate the soil using a shovel, which causes worms to surface. It largely exists in the UK and ancient worm charming tactics have been passed down for generations (yes, really!).
Wife Carrying
The Finnish sport of Wife Carrying is played with teams of two, a male runner who races while carrying a female teammate, who hangs upside down across his chest. The winner wins his wife's weight in beer, and society loses hundreds of years of social progress.
Extreme Ironing
Extreme ironing is when people iron shirts in dangerous, remote locations like a steep mountainside, in a canoe, while skiing or snowboarding, on top of moving cars, underwater, or while skydiving with some friends. The sport can be done individually or in teams. Next time your mom or dad says they spent the day ironing, don't assume they did it in the laundry room.
Shin-kicking is a English sport where competitors score points by kicking the other person in the shins. The sport dates back to the 17th century, but, thankfully, steel toed boots have been prohibited in the modern era.
Bog Snorkeling
Bog snorkeling is basically a swimming race, except instead of a pristine pool filled with chlorine, it's through some nasty bog water. Competitors wear snorkels so spectators can see them through the muck, and instead of using traditional swim-strokes, racers propel themselves using only a set of flippers. The showers after a bog snorkeling event are exactly as disgusting as you probably think they are.
Musical Canine Freestyle
Musical Canine Freestyle combines obedience training, tricks, and movement that gives the illusion owners are dancing with their dogs. The sport is played all over the world, and according to some, is actually quite healthy for the dogs.
Camel Wrestling
Camel wrestling dates back 2,400 years to ancient Turkey, where the sport is still played today. The sport works by leading an ovulating female camel past two male camels, who wrestle for the chance to mate. The sport is also played in other parts of the Middle East and South Asia.
Birdman Rally
Birdman Rally is a competition in which people jump of a cliff strapped to home-made flying machines. While some machines are built to go far, others are built merely for entertainment purposes and crash instantly. The sport is now played all over the world thanks to Red Bull Flugtag, a yearly competition played in different cities across the globe.

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<![CDATA[The Top 29 Most Deadly Animals]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/deadly-animals/jacob-shelton?source=rss
There are only a few things more beautiful than an animal in its natural habitat (a pizza fresh out of the oven, a text message from Ryan Gosling...), but even those things may not top seeing a gazelle run across the plains of Africa. But you should also beware of the animals on this list: the most deadly animals. It's crazy how close we live to these dangerous animals, just waiting to present us with our doom. Most of the deadly animals on this list have gained their title because we humans can't seem to leave well enough alone, or because they are carrying all kinds of scary diseases.

This list of cute but deadly animals with high human body counts is sure to make your skin crawl, or at least make you watch your back the next time you take a late night walk. You may not find any sharks or Gila monsters in your neighborhood, but you never know when you'll happen upon a loose moose or a black widow spider, waiting to strike.

After you read this list, share it with your friends and compare horror stories of running into stray giant anteaters or tell them about that time you were stung by a bee at the pool and your face swelled up like a pufferfish. These animals are packing some serious heat, so get close at your own risk!
The Top 29 Most Deadly Animals,

As portly and cute as they are, the hippo is considered one of the most dangerous animals in Africa. They seem docile, but when provoked they will THROW DOWN. At least 300 people a year die from hippo attacks in Africa. 
Don't let the dumb look on their face fool you; moose are among the most dangerous, regularly encountered animals in the world. They prefer to leave humans alone, but if disturbed or threatened they are known to respond by charging with aggression. They attack more people annually than bears do, and they've been known to solve crimes with the help of their small squirrel friends.

No duh crocodiles are on this list. Just look at these creeps! Between 1,500 and 2,500 people per year are violently killed by crocodiles, which sounds like a nightmare. At least Captain Hook escaped mostly intact. He's a real guy right?
How cute are these things? They're the cutest! As cute as they may be, gerbils are now believed to have been the culprit behind the black plague that lasted from the mid-14th century until the 1800s.
Most deer-associated deaths are caused not by their antlers but by accidents on highways. Deer often cross highways and stop right in the middle of roads, causing collisions among vehicles. It is estimated that around 120 people die every year because of a run in with a deer.

Mosquitoes may be one of the smallest animals on this list, but they are among the deadliest. These insects are carriers of fatal diseases such as malaria and dengue, which kill around 660,000 to 1,000,000 people every year.

If you're afraid of snakes, you're probably smarter than the average bear. Snakes kill an average of 50,000 people around the world every year. Most deaths are said to come from snakes that are threatened by mere human presence and activity.

Bears are some of the most lovable carnivores in the world, known for getting stuck in honey trees and to be practitioners of kung-fu. They're also on the shortlist of animals known to kill humans. Grizzlies and polar bears are the most feared, but all large species of bear can potentially be dangerous — even the vegetarian giant panda, known to steal a bowl of pad thai from the careless hipster.

Tsetse flies
If you're not freaked out by bugs yet wait until you hear about the Tsetse fly. The Tsetse fly is responsible for spreading the African sleeping sickness, which affects as many as 500,000 people, 80% of whom eventually die.
Known as one of earth's oldest residents, scorpions evolved from sea-dwelling creatures to land menaces about 340 million years ago. Around 1,300 to 2,000 species of scorpions exist in the world but only 25 of them have poison that is dangerous enough to kill humans. Nevertheless, anywhere between 1,000 to 5,000 people are killed by scorpions annually.

Wed, 25 Feb 2015 09:11:03 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/deadly-animals/jacob-shelton
<![CDATA[40 Incredible GIFs of Things Being Made]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/how-things-are-made/joswo?source=rss
Ever looked at a Pop-Tart and been all, "wait a second, how are these tasty breakfast treats even made?" Well, great news. This list has tons of cool animated gifs of things being made. How are things made? Just anything really? Well there's probably an interesting gif here that will educated you. From pencils to candy canes to the can your Pringles come in, these gifs of things being made, carefully curated from the entire Internet, will amaze and inform you, finally giving you the answer to "how did my fork get these tines?" in gif form.

From everyday things like pencils and matchsticks to the creation of the human face inside the womb, these things seem normal and everyday to us, but none of us know how they were made! We found the best gifs that show you the manufacturing, creation, and assembly processes for how everyday objects are made.

So if you're feeling curious and want to wrap your mind around how stuff is made, have a look at this list. Full of gifs of all kinds of things being created, upvote the most interesting gifs below and fill your head with important information like how helmets get their camouflage, and how chess pieces and playing cards make their way to your game night.
40 Incredible GIFs of Things Being Made,

Old Spice Ads

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Fusili Pasta

Twisted Wrought Iron Rails


Camouflaged Helmets



Stop Motion Animation (Behind the scenes of Coraline)

Candy Canes

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<![CDATA[25 Things You Didn't Know About Air Force One]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/air-force-one-facts/mel-judson?source=rss
There are a lot of things you don't know about Air Force One. While you may have thought this airplane was cool based on the Harrison Ford movie or by virtue of being the United States presidential plane, Air Force One is guaranteed to be even cooler than you think. This list features fun facts about AF1 that combines hilarious anecdotes about presidents, statistics that will blow your mind, and an in-depth look at the crazy features that this unprecedented aircraft has inside. 

The tidbits about Air Force 1 range from President Bill Clinton playing jazz music while in flight, President Gerald Ford smuggling Coors beer from Colorado, and the President George H.W. Bush banning broccoli from being served in its two kitchens (that's right, two kitchens on board!).

This list of Air Force One facts and figures will not just educate you but also surprise you, teaching you more than you ever thought there was to learn about the President's plane. The security capabilities are out of this world and its communication facilities are top-notch. Read on to find out the fun stories of flying on Air Force One and the details of its inner workings and be sure to upvote the most interesting Air Force 1 plane facts!

25 Things You Didn't Know About Air Force One,

It Can Go 650 Miles Per Hour
Though it's usually going around 580 miles per hour, the top speed for Air Force One is 650. Many contest that it's gone up to 700, but top speed is somewhere between 630 and 700 mph. Hopefully there are some airsickness bags in at least one of the two kitchens.

Source: Air Force One: A History of Presidents and Their Planes
There's a Mini-Hospital on the Plane
If the President (or any passenger for that matter) is injured or sick, Air Force One is decked out with a complete medical suite. Doctor? Check. Operating room? Check. Now that's top-notch medical care.

Source: White House
It Has 85 Phones
During take-off, your phone should be turned off. That's the usual protocol for commercial flights, but Air Force One is not anti-phone. In fact, it has 85 of them. You know, in case 84 are being used.

Source: NY Daily News
With Two Kitchens, 100 People Can Be Fed
You've probably seen the tiny kitchen in the back of a regular plane (the one where the stewardess can barely grab your mini-Coke out of the mini-fridge). On Air Force One, there are two legitimately sized kitchens that can legitimately serve 100 people healthy and hearty meals.

Source: India TV News
There Are Three Levels and 4,000 Square Feet
The President's gonna need to stretch his or her legs once in a while. That's why it's convenient that Air Force One has 4,000 square feet of floor space. Not only that, but there are three levels to the plane, making it a triple-decker in the sky.

Source: White House
It Can Refuel in the Air
In-flight refueling is a rare commodity that Richard Branson would probably love to introduce to Virgin. But this is a special feature of the one and only Air Force One, which can refuel itself up to 35,000 feet in the air.

Source: Daily Mail
In 1959, It Was a Equipped as a Spy Plane
The Cold War meant all bets were off for American national security, which is the mentality that led CIA director Allen Dulles to turn Air Force One into a spy plane. The year was 1959 and, for a short time, cameras were secretly installed in the plane's wheel wells that were so powerful they could read license plates from 29,000 feet above.

Source: Air Force One: A History of the Presidents and Their Planes
It's Sometimes Accompanied by a 747 "Doomsday Plane"
In the event of a zombie apocalypse, meteor strike, or even nuclear warfare, the President of the United States has major backup. E-4B is the military codename for the "doomsday plane" that is constantly on alert. The plane can stay in the air for days and can outpace an explosion of nukes.

Source: ABC News
Ford's Administration Smuggled Coors Beer
Coors Beer used to be harder to get than you might imagine - it was only available in 11 western states. That's why President Gerald Ford and his entire administration would load Coors onto Air Force One. Though the flights were not based around the beer pickup, staffers would indeed bring it from out west, specifically Colorado, and fly it back to Washington DC.

Source: NY Times
It Can Survive the Blast of a Nuke
In the event of a nuclear attack, Air Force One is not a bad place to be if you can get in. That's because the plane's actual body is designed and secured to withstand the blast of a nuke from the ground, rendering the aircraft a bomb shelter in the sky.

Source: Business Insider

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<![CDATA[Popular Quotes That Everyone Gets Wrong]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/famous-misquotes/mike-rothschild?source=rss
The Internet is full of quotes that the people they're attributed to never said. Some of these famous misquotes end up as inspirational pablum on Facebook walls, others are used to push forth false versions of history. Most are taken at face value and accepted as part of the canon, despite rarely having any justification. Some of these quotes attributed to the wrong person are obviously fake, yet never questioned.

But even a tiny bit of scholarship can shed the light of truth on most famous misquotes. You might not be able to set the record straight, but at least you'll know who really said what - and if anyone even said it at all. When it comes to famous sayings, notable quotes, and popular ideas, their source might often be generally misattributed.

So did Leonardo da Vinci really extol the virtues of "doing some stuff?" Did Shakespeare warn us not to "play with the feelings of others?" Did Bill Gates really think 640K of memory was "enough for anyone?" What of Orwell and his "rough men?" Or Dr. Seuss telling us about those who matter and those who mind? Did any of these people say any of this stuff?

This list features all kinds of incredibly famous quotes everyone gets wrong from all periods of history that are all over the Internet, attributed to people who never even said them.

Popular Quotes That Everyone Gets Wrong,

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” – Friedrich Nietzsche
This is another quote where the most common attribution makes sense, but is incorrect. It’s nowhere to be found in Nietzsche’s writings, and there’s no compelling evidence that he ever said it.

There are variations on the line going all the way back to the 13th century Sufi poet Rumi, and as far forward as George Carlin, no stranger to incorrectly attributed quotes. It’s not at all clear who first said it, but it wasn’t Nietzsche.
“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” – Dr. Seuss
Another canonical Dr. Seuss quote that he never wrote. It doesn’t appear in anything he ever wrote or published, and is always quoted without a source. Other sources attribute it to Woody Allen, French actress Sarah Bernhardt, Gabriel García Márquez, and someone named Luke Dawson. In reality, it’s most likely just an anonymous proverb.
“The end justifies the means.” – Machiavelli
While often thought to be an extract from the Italian theorist’s book The Prince, this exact quote doesn’t actually appear anywhere in the book – though similar concepts do.

The idea of the outcome of an action justifying the action itself goes all the way back to Ovid, and has been expressed by a number of writers in numerous ways.
“Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” – Dr. Seuss
While this simple, inspirational quote is often given as a line from a Dr. Seuss book, it’s not one. It never appears in any of his published writings, and there’s no evidence he ever said it. It’s actually been published in various forms ever since the 1940s, and was mysteriously attributed to Seuss in the '90s, without a source or date.

It’s also sometimes attributed to American economist Bernard Baruch, but even that’s only secondhand, from a New York gossip columnist quoting him in an article. Quote Investigator finally tracked it down to an article in the distinctly un-Seussian British periodical The Journal of the Institution of Municipal & County Engineers, Volume 64, Number 16, from 1938.

“I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
This started going around social media after the death of Osama bin Laden in May 2011, with a longer version of the quote reading, "I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

The whole paragraph is actually a mashup of a few lines Dr. King did say, and a few lines from a Facebook user, who included quotation marks around the quote from Dr. King. Somewhere along the line, the quotation marks vanished, and the whole quote was attributed to Dr. King – falsely.
“The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic.” – Joseph Stalin
Perhaps the most famous and callous quote from a man known for both his lengthy speeches and voluminous inhumanity, Stalin’s rumination on the value of life has become an accepted part of his lexicon. But whether or not he said it at all, to whom he said it, when he said it, and the number of people whose death constitutes a “statistic” are all widely debated and not at all certain.

The most common attribution holds that Stalin said it to Winston Churchill at the Tehran Conference in 1943 (where the number was actually “thousands”), but other research has Stalin saying it to President Truman at the Potsdam Conference, two years later, or even to US Ambassador Averell Harriman at an unknown date. Citations for the quote go back to 1932, when, in various instances, it’s spoken by Stalin to George Bernard Shaw, various Russian commissars, or by the man in private conversation. Some sources don’t even originate it with Stalin at all, ascribing it to a German play or “a Frenchman,” which Joseph Stalin most certainly was not.

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” – William Shakespeare
Often falsely attributed to the Bard, this is from the 1697 play The Mourning Bride, written by William Congreve decades after Shakespeare died and is almost always written incorrectly. The full quote is actually “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.”
“People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” – George Orwell
This is a tidy summary of the themes underlying much of Orwell’s work, but Orwell didn’t write it. It was actually written ABOUT Orwell, long after his death, in a 1993 article in The Washington Times article by film critic Richard Grenier. There are variations on the quote in several different works by Orwell, but it was Grenier who first put these words together – and even then, he wasn’t quoting Orwell, only attempting to generalize his philosophy.

The quotation marks were added later by a mystery mis-attributor, turning a quote about Orwell into a quote by Orwell.
“The world suffers a lot. Not because of the violence of bad people. But because of the silence of good people.” – Napoleon
A pat variation on “the only thing necessary for evil men to triumph is good men to do nothing,” there’s no record of Napoleon writing or saying this to anyone at any time. Numerous well-sourced lists of Napoleon quotes are out there, and not a single one includes this quote, nor does any searchable Napoleon biography. 

One could argue that not only did Napoleon not say it, he also didn’t abide by it. The Napoleonic Wars tore Europe apart and caused hundreds of thousands of deaths. The French general’s brutal repression of his enemies caused the world and the good people in it to “suffer a lot.” If there’s one thing worse than a fraud, it’s a hypocritical fraud.
“Life is pretty simple: You do some stuff. Most fails. Some works. You do more of what works. If it works big, others quickly copy it. Then you do something else. The trick is the doing something else.” – Leonardo da Vinci.
The idea that the genius who painted the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, mastered human anatomy, and developed the first flying machine would use a phrase as colloquial and crude as “do some stuff” is laughable.

Needless to say, Da Vinci has absolutely nothing to do with this quote. Instead, it was written by Chicago Tribune business writer Tom Peters in a 1994 article about innovation. How the attribution got so wildly messed up is a mystery.

Tue, 31 Mar 2015 04:59:33 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/famous-misquotes/mike-rothschild
<![CDATA[The Worst Parents in Department Stores]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/trashy-parents-in-department-stores/ashley-reign?source=rss
Ever find yourself shopping alongside parents who seem to be in a totally different world than their screaming children? Ever been tempted to call child services on the woman trying to dig her small child from the bottom of a shopping cart full of TV dinners? No? Then this collection of the Internet’s worst parents in stores will show you how lucky you are.
Try to restrain your temper as you get a load of toddlers running free through the toy section, kids crammed into shopping carts, and some of the sketchiest parenting methods known to man. Trashy parents in department stores, trashy parents in grocery stores, trashy parents in the parking lot. When these bad parents go shopping, they take their poor parenting choices public.

And what's a kid trapped in a grocery store to do? Find a way to entertain themselves, of course. Some do it by hiding in the freezer aisle, while others channel their efforts into making friends with manikins and other inanimate objects.
Got a pregnant pal you want to help avoid falling in with the "trashy parents in department stores" crowd? Send this collection her way. After seeing these horrifying displays of child rearing, potential parents will think twice before laying their kid on the floor to grab a slushy or propping up those frozen food items around their 5 year old. So get ready to behold some of the worst parenting skills the Internet has to offer! 

The Worst Parents in Department Stores,

The Day They Discovered He Had a Future in Gymnastics

At Least He's Keeping Himself Entertained

Reason #15 Never to Leave Your Kids in the Toy Aisle Unattended

Quick, Get a Picture for Facebook Before the Crying Starts!

Jimmy's First and Last Trip to the Store with Grandma

Why You Never Let Your Husband Take the Baby to the Dealership Alone

Anybody Seen Conner Lately?

A Super Stylish Babysitter

Praying for the Moment He's Old Enough to Wait Outside Alone

That's One Way to Make Him a Republican

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<![CDATA[Incredibly Clever Pun Tattoos]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/pun-tattoos/ashley-reign?source=rss

Puns! Love to love 'em, love to hate 'em, love to permanently tattoo them onto your skin! Do clever but corny turns of phrase crack you up? Have you always thought it’d be cool to be able to make people smile wherever you went? Well if you’re the pun-loving type then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of some of the funniest permanent puns around with this collection of incredibly clever pun tattoos! 


Get ready to see a collection of tats that can keep people grinning for years to come! Some of them are fairly simple puns you’ll get right away, while others may take a moment to sink in. Either way, you'll witness some of the most funniest pun tattoos the Internet has to offer.


Whether you’re looking for clever tattoo to express your sense of humor, cover a scar, or make you look hard core, there's a little something here for everyone. We can guarantee you a grin. And who knows-- maybe you’ll even pick up a little inspiration for your own future pun tattoo. As you’ll see below, the world of clever tattoos is full of possibilities, from the G-rated to the slightly naughty to the absolutely ridiculous. Best of all, no matter how hideous some of these pun tattoos may actually be, we bet you still can’t resist giving their owner props for creativity and cleverness.


Incredibly Clever Pun Tattoos,

This Pun Win

A Little Humor Got Him Back on His Feet

Pinky Promise?

This Top Notch Demonstration of Karma

This Girl Who Has the World at Her Feet

This Tattoo That Probably Looks Weird When You Don't Have Headphones In

This Brilliant Explaination

This Tramp Stamp

A Bit of Gallows' Humor

The Time Flies Tattoo

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<![CDATA[35 Bible Tattoo FAILs That You Won't Believe!]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/bible-tattoo-fails/ashley-reign?source=rss

Have you ever considered sharing your faith with the world through a colorful, Christian themed tattoo? Has it ever occurred to you to celebrate your love of Christ with a little ink? If so, don't do anything until you take this crash course in what not to do when you head to the tattoo parlor! We’ve gathered a hilarious collection of Bible tattoo fails that’ll show you just how wrong even the saintliest tattoos can go. 


Below, we’ve gathered a collection of religious tattoos gone wrong-- so wrong that even Christ probably couldn’t resist a cringe. You see, these Bible tattoo fails are here to warn you that although this too shall pass, it may take a few painful sessions of laser removal. While a tattoo proclaiming your ability to do anything through God is lovely, please make sure you include spell check in your journey.


You’ll also pick up a few other helpful hints, such as the importance of asking for samples of your tattoo artist’s work. Can he prove his drawing skills exceed a second grade level? And though there are always exceptions, you’ll also see a few tragic examples of why you may want to stick with classic religious imagery rather than trying to get too modern. Jesus may have looked great in Levi’s in the 80’s, but these days his hip huggers aren’t looking so holy.

So get ready for some of the worst tattoos the Christian world has to offer! These funny Jesus tattoos are hilarious reminders that religious is a spiritual journey, not a public one.

35 Bible Tattoo FAILs That You Won't Believe!,

Jesus Remains Skeptical of This Nipple

Christ Goes Commerical

Grateful Jesus Will Play Your Sins Away

Raptor Rapture

Who You Gonna Call? A Killer Tattoo Cover Artist

"I Gotcha, Bro."

Gumby Gets Crucified

Too Late

Lemme Guess? He'll Be Back

"Aaaah-chew! Sorry... Where Was I?"

Wed, 01 Apr 2015 05:04:26 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/bible-tattoo-fails/ashley-reign
<![CDATA[33 Careers That Were Ruined by Social Media]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/fired-over-social-media/jacob-shelton?source=rss

For all intents and purposes, social media is a great thing. It helps you keep in contact with friends and family across the globe, you can find out about all manner of cool stuff going on in your neck of the woods, and you get to be on the ground floor when a person or corporation has a total meltdown. Occasionally, these social media mistakes have led to hasty firings and many people who instantly regretted their tweets and Facebook posts, having lots of time to reminisce, thanks to their newly unemployed lifestyle.

If you're lucky enough, you get to see these social media faux pas and Twitter meltdowns happen in real time. This list is all about those moments when someone put a thought into the digital landscape without realizing that what they said could be read by one important person, or by millions of consumers ready to tear apart their corporate overlords, 140 characters at a time. These posts resulted in people with no job, ruined careers, and a whole lot of time on their hands all of a sudden.

We've all said things that we wish we could take back, and in the 21st century, we've all written things on social media we wish we could delete forever. Most of us are lucky in that our online lives haven't popped up to stab us in the back in the middle of a board meeting or while we're having a dinner with our parents. Most people haven't been fired over Twitter posts or let go thanks to a Facebook photo, but not the people on this list.

These people led normal lives, hated their bosses, and liked to party. The only difference between them and you is that they put something negative on social media and the world sat up and listened. While that may seem like a good thing, the folks on this list didn't think so at the time - most of them lost their jobs, were fired over Facebook, and faced a landslide of mockery that continues to this day.

Who has made the biggest social media mistakes and been fired for social media posts? Read on to find out and let us know about your own Twitter or Facebook blunders in the comments. We promise we won't use them against you.

33 Careers That Were Ruined by Social Media,

Anthony D. Weiner

Anthony Weiner: the man for which no one felt any sympathy. Mr. Weiner made Twitter history when, in 2011, he tweeted a photo of Little Anthony to a 21-year-old Seattle student. Then, in 2013, he entered the New York Mayoral race and more pictures ended up online (link NSFW). Allegedly, the pictures were posted under the name "Carlos Danger."

If there are two lessons to learn from Anthony Weiner, they would be DON'T SEND NAKED PICTURES OF YOURSELF TO STRANGERS and don't give yourself a nickname that includes the word "danger." 

Source: Post-Gazette

Gabriella Pasqualotto Blows Open Cricket Gate
Gabriella Pasqualotto, a cheerleader for several cricket teams (today you learned cricket teams have cheerleaders!) posted a tell-all blog about how poorly the players treated them and was promptly fired by the team owners. 

Source: Times of India

Brookfield Zoo Employee Fired After Racist Tweet
In June 2015, an employee at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago posted a selfie, with a clever caption that said, "Wassup y'all? At work serving these rude ass white people." The zoo's spokeswoman, Sondra Katzen, informed the public that employee was "seasonal" and also happened to be "no longer employed" by the zoo.
Day Care Worker Fired for Snapchat PIc

A 19-year-old day care employee in Mesa, Arizona was fired for sending a Snapchat picture to friends. The picture showed her holding up her middle finger to one of the children at Kids Play day care, with the caption, "Swear I love kids." The police department investigated other accusations that the woman had filmed the kids fighting and playing in the toilets, but those stories were never confirmed. Ultimately, she was fired for having her cell phone out when she should have been watching over the children. The owner of the Kids Play, Dorothy Thorton, said, "I had to let her go. She shouldn't have had her cellphone out. She's watching kids."

Justine Sacco Fired After AIDS Tweet
On December 20, 2013, on the eve of her flight to visit family in South Africa, Justine Sacco, global head of communications for the digital media conglomerate IAC, tweeted, "Going to Africa. Hope I don't get AIDS. Just kidding. I'm White!" As expected, the Internet exploded. Sacco claims that she meant the tweet as a piece of satire, but regardless of the context of her tweet - she was fired. 

Source: Gawker
Principal Fired for Dumb Comment

Miami officer David Eric Casebolt wasn't the only one who lost his job after pulling a gun at an unruly teenage pool party. North Miami Senior High School principal Alberto Iber was also sacked after unwisely adding his two cents to the nationally controversial and racially charged debate.

Iber wrote a public comment on the Miami Herald website, saying, “He [Casebolt] did nothing wrong. He was afraid for his life. I commend him for his actions.” The comment showed his Facebook picture, name, school and title.

Miami-Dade School District (whose student body is 99% minority) Superintendent Alberto Carvalho said, “Judgment is the currency of honesty. Insensitivity — intentional or perceived — is both unacceptable and inconsistent with our policies, but more importantly with our expectation of common sense behavior that elevates the dignity and humanity of all, beginning with children.”

Source: Miami Herald

Cameron Jankowski Fired Over Extra Yellow Nachos
If you still eat at Taco Bell, you may not want to after reading this. In July 2012, Cameron Jankowski posted a photo of himself peeing on an order of nachos and addressed it to Internet super creep and "revenge porn" purveyor Hunter Moore.

Either because they love Taco Bell or because they love justice, the hacker group Anonymous tweeted a link to a YouTube video that contained Jankowski's personal details. Jankowski claimed that the nachos weren't served to any customers and it was just a joke, but the damage was done and he was fired.

Source: The Daily Mail 
CNN Correspondent Reza Aslan Was Fired After He Wrote Offensive Tweet To Trump

Following the London Bridge terror attacks in June 2017, President Donald Trump sent a slew of tweets criticizing London's mayor (who happens to be Muslim). One of his tweets called for a bring back of Trump's "travel ban," which was ruled unconstitutional by several federal courts. 

CNN host (and former religious scholar) Reza Aslan tweeted in response, calling Trump a piece of shit. CNN subsequently decided to cease production of Aslan's show. He tweeted an apology, saying he was angered by Trump's tweet and responded with uncharacteristic anger. 

Connor Riley Ruins Her Chances with Cisco

UC Berkley grad, Connor Riley, was offered a job at Cisco when she tweeted "Cisco just offered me a job! Now I have to weigh the utility of a fatty paycheck against the daily commute to San Jose and hating the work." 

It wasn't long after that someone claiming to be a Cisco employee posted a reply saying, "Who is the hiring manager? I'm sure they would love to know that you will hate the work. We here at Cisco are versed in the Web." Oops.

Source: NBC News


Epicurious Makes an Epic Fail
On the Monday after the Boston Marathon Bombing, recipe website Epicurious thought a bit of cross promotion was in order. They tweeted out "In honor of Boston and New England may we suggest: whole-grain cranberry scones!"

May we suggest sticking your head in a bag of rabid ferrets?

Source: Mashable

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<![CDATA[38 Drunk Texts You Wish You Got]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-drunk-texts/michelle-nati?source=rss

Is there anything more delightful than waking up on a Saturday morning, looking at your phone, and thinking "wow, look at all these drunk texts I sent last night!" Though there are likely a few regrettable texts sent to your ex, mixed in with the horror are likely all kinds of funny drunk texts for which your friends will forever thank you (and never let you live down). The best of these have been archived forever throughout the Internet, as these screenshots of drunk texts from last night show.

The best drunk texts and funny drunk text messages are full of autocorrects, typos, interesting emoji choices, and all around hilarity ranging from kittens to dance moves, to Flo Rida. There is also no shortage of people who tie one on and spill their guts. Some profess their undying love, while others just need to know there’s someone out there who cares, and will hopefully pick them up as they aren't really sure how to get home right now.

Still others’ texts are so indecipherable, we have no idea what they’re saying. Whatever the reason, these people had the liquid courage to communicate in that moment and their drunk texts are a fun read.

Upvote the funniest and most ridiculous drunk texts below and remember that drunk texting is a dangerous (but usually hilarious) game.

38 Drunk Texts You Wish You Got,

Jason Bourne Stars in The Drunk Identity

Check out what happens to these drunk people when they pass out. Insanity ensues!

Can't See the Forest for the Alcohol

Ready to Party, but Nowhere to Go

Now That's Commitment!

Mom Always Makes Confessions After Some Chardinay

Kitten Is a Great Code Name for Beer Actually

When Fanboys Drink

Dragons LOVE Goose Water

A God Among Drunks

Okay, but What if He Really Was the Batman?

Thu, 19 Feb 2015 10:18:15 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-drunk-texts/michelle-nati
<![CDATA[32 Wedding Photos Gone Wrong]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-wedding-photos/ashley-reign?source=rss
Convinced that wedding photos are boring? Think again! Here you’ll see some of the worst, weirdest, and just plain funny wedding pictures ever caught on film. In this collection of wedding photos gone wrong, we’ve assembled some of the most hysterical mid-wedding moments ever. So if you’re sick of cheesy bridal party lineups and pictures of blandly posed couples, you’ve come to the right place!

As you’ll see here, no matter how well-prepared the wedding planner or how well-paid the wedding photographer, no one is ever completely safe when it comes to random wedding disasters. When cameras, money, and high-pressure romance are involved, chaos is guaranteed to ensue. This collection of falling flower girls, groping ring bearers, and bridal wardrobe malfunctions will send a chill down every bride-to-be’s spine! That said, you’ll also pick up some great tips on how to keep these and other weird wedding photo disasters from happening to you!

Consider this the funniest wedding album of all time. These may not be the most romantic shots or the cherished memories these couples were hoping for, but they are definitely some of the most unique and funny wedding photos around. Take a page from these wedding photo fails and you may just be able to avoid total disaster on your big day.
32 Wedding Photos Gone Wrong,

Grandma Does Care About Your Idiotic Proposal

Why You Shouldn't Serve Booze Before the Photos Are Taken

The Moment They Realized Their Wedding Party Might Be Too Big

A Bridesmaid's Duty Is Never Done

The Risk of Letting Your Chihuahua Be the Flower Girl

"Anyone Seen My Puberty? I think I Saw It Run Under Here..."

"Hey Look a Fly. Don't Worry, I Got It."

The Most DGAF Flower Girl in History

Sweet Angle

Must Be Something in the Air...

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When J.K. Rowling’s wildly-popular and bestselling Harry Potter book series was adapted for the screen, fans finally got to see their favorite characters in the flesh. The Harry Potter universe practically had a meltdown as fans lined up for hours outside of theaters – just as they had outside book stores – to see the movies based on the books they had come to love. The Harry Potter movies made stars out of their younger cast members and introduced all kinds of notable British actors to a new generation. So what's the Harry Potter cast up to today? 
The eight-picture Harry Potter run has seen the likes of BAFTA, Oscar, and Golden Globe winners, screen and stage legends, knights, and even a grand dame. You probably heard about Emma Watson's new duties as a UN Ambassador, but how about Luna Lovegood? What has she been in since Potter? And what about Neville Longbottom? Is he still a mousy looking, timid boy? (Hint: the answer is NO.)
Now that the book and film series have come to a close, what are the Harry Potter actors doing now? Let’s see if the Sorting Hat has been kind in real life.

The Cast of Harry Potter: Where Are They Now?,

Alan Rickman

With his distinctive voice and tons of experience, Rickman was THE actor to master this multi-layered role. He made Snape complicated, infinitely interesting, and a lightning rod for fan discussion. Before and after the Harry Potter series, Rickman was and is an accomplished actor, appearing in everything from Shakespeare to Alice in Wonderland (the one with Johnny Depp). His performance as Hans Gruber in the original Die Hard is still a goal for aspiring villainous actors everywhere.

Professor Albus Dumbledore

Harry’s beloved mentor and the best headmaster Hogwarts ever had, Dumbledore has proven to be one of the most popular characters in the series. Like Gandalf from The Hobbit series, Dumbledore has his secrets and plays his cards close to the vest. The half-blood wizard helped Harry & Co. face and defeat Voldemort, breaking our hearts all along the way.

Daniel Radcliffe

Radcliffe was 11 when he first played Harry Potter and he instantly became an icon to children and adults pretty much all over the planet. Although Radcliffe seems grateful for the fame Potter-mania brought him, he’s been trying to break his chains (by speaking Parseltongue to them and pranking on his own image in Extras) in the post-Harry era.

As Radcliffe began to shave and drive and stuff, fans learned that he is a human person. Since Harry Potter, Radcliffe has proven that he has solid acting chops with fine performances in A Young Doctor’s Notebook, Kill Your Darlings, and Horns. He's also done plays. On a real stage! So fancy!

Emma Watson

The Harry Potter franchise saw Watson blossom from a little girl to a wildly popular and in-demand actress. Watson is a smarty pants in real life too, attending both Brown and Oxford University between Potter projects. While appearing in non-Potter films Beauty and the Beast, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Ballet Shoes, and The Bling Ring, she has been a fashion consultant and advocate for gender equality. She also serves as the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador.

Hermione Granger

The Smarty McSmarterton, teenage witch - with shades of a younger Minerva McGonagall - might not have ever let her hair down had she not met Harry and Ron. Also, if she hadn’t seen the light and realized that Ron was the bomb diggity, Hermione could have easily ended up as prime minister or surrounded by 29 feral (albeit enchanted) cats, writing complaint letters to Hoarders. It was delightful to watch the big-brained, big-hearted Hermione bend and break the rules to take on Voldemort’s evil forces and defend her friends.

Michael Gambon

When Richard Harris passed away in 2002 (two weeks before the American premiere of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets), Michael Gambon stepped in to play Dumbledore for the remaining six films. Gambon had some pretty big shoes to fill, not only in the role but also in the face of Harris’s place in the hearts of all of Britain. But Gambon was very much up to the task and soon became a fan favorite just as Harris was. With over 140 acting credits under his belt, Gambon is a versatile comedy and drama actor, appearing in Sleepy Hollow, Gosford Park, and on the TV series Fortitude. 

Ronald Weasley

Everyone's favorite ginger and sixth son of seven children from a ramshackle, yet warm home who keeps a hand-me-down rat, found his place when he met Harry and Hermione. But Ron is no Samwise Gamgee as he pushes back when he sees fit (he’s also funnier than Sam). Ron was probably destined to get a soul-killing job with the Ministry of Magic, like his pops, until he became part of the otherworldly version of the Mod Squad.

Rupert Grint

With an already Harry Pottery name, Grint is the oldest of five in a real life, Muggle family. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was his first acting gig and since the series, he’s continued to thrill redhead-fetishists everywhere with roles in Into the White, Charlie Countryman, and CBGB. He, like Radcliffe, tried to besmirch his squeaky clean image by appearing in a meh romp of a film, Cherrybomb, where he did sex stuff. It would have been funnier to see him in a film where he was tackling giant spiders but we are not the boss of Grint.

Professor Severus Snape

Good guy? Villain? A little bit of both? Snape is one of the most vivid and hotly-debated characters in the Harry Potter series, at times looking as though he is protecting Harry, and then there was that thing he did at the end of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Oh snap, Snape!

Snape endlessly fascinated readers with his systematic torture of Neville Longbottom and his stage seven clinger thing for Harry’s mum. In the end, though, he tried to do the right thing. Snape wins ultimate points for rocking a middle part for the entire run of the series. 

Harry Potter

Everyone’s favorite boy wizard grew up right in front of our eyes. We saw orphaned Harry endure the Dursleys, the grueling academia of Hogwarts, intense competition on the Quidditch field, heartbreak over losing his parents, girls, and, oh yeah, that noseless He Who Shall Not Be Named guy trying to kill him all the time.

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Everyone has to start somewhere, right? Well it seems a lot of celebrities started their careers as Abercrombie & Fitch models. While some of these famous actors and musicians have been widely recognized for their past Abercrombie modeling careers, others come of as bit more of a surprise (Taylor Swift?!) Which celebrities were Abercrombie & Fitch models before they were famous? Everyone from Ashton Kutcher to Jamie Dornan got their start for the clothing company.

Abercrombie and Fitch makes the trendiest clothes for only the coolest tweens and teens, so it's no surprise that celebrity hotties like Channing Tatum and Olivia Wilde were Abercrombie models. Many famous actors get their start in the modeling world, and modeling for Abercrombie and Fitch is a coveted gig. Their ads are infamous and have helped launch the careers of many of the Hollywood stars on this list.

Below is a photo gallery list showing celebrities who used to be Abercrombie & Fitch models, with pictures of their most memorable Abercrombie photos and spreads. Which celebs who modeled for Abercrombie were you most surprised by? Let us know in the comments section!
30+ Celebrities Who Were Abercrombie Models,

Ashton Kutcher

Channing Tatum

Heidi Klum

Jennifer Lawrence

Kellan Lutz

Lindsay Lohan

Olivia Wilde

Taylor Kitsch

Taylor Swift

Scott Eastwood

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List of the best female characters in literature. From the evil to the undeniably perfect, these are the greatest female characters from literature of all genres. This list includes the best female characters of all ages, from the youthful Matilda (Matilda) to the ever-so-adult Evelyn Couch (Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe). Make sure to also check out the brave women from real life such as the badass female pirate Chang Shih and these American women of war who deserve more recognition

Why do female literary characters stay with readers long after they’ve finished reading the novels these characters are featured in? Often, it’s due to the intimacy with which readers have come to know a character. Jane Eyre (and all of her desires and feelings), for example, becomes so real to readers that they feel as if they’ve met and understood this amazing female character.

Other times, readers love female characters in literature because of the audacity of their actions. Scarlett O’Hara (Gone with the Wind) was exceedingly bold for a woman of her time, while Madame Defarge (A Tale of Two Cities) is an exemplar of tireless villainy. Some of the most popular female literary characters manage to embody both wholesome and defiant, becoming reflections of the complex nature of women.

For the wide range of personality traits we find in these great female characters (and the audacious actions they’ve performed), these women have earned their titles as the best female characters in literature. They may be young or old, charming or black-hearted, but they are all memorable. Whether you love them or love to hate them, all the famous fictional heroines are here in this list of the best female characters in literary history. 

The Best Female Characters in Literature,

Arya Stark

Elizabeth Bennet


Hermione Granger

Lady Macbeth

Natasha Rostova


Jane Eyre

Anna Karenina

Scout Finch

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One of the best parts of being a parent is getting to teach your little one everything you wish you had known at their age. After all, what is parenthood for if not to relive your former glory through your son or daughter? Especially if your progeny happens to look exactly like you (only younger, prettier, and more vibrant). Below we’ve assembled a collection of cats and their kittens who are doing just that. We dare you to make it through this list of parent and kid doppelgangers without saying “aww” at least 15 times.

Some of these dotting feline moms and dads couldn’t be more excited to help mold their offspring in to silently judgmental, completely unproductive members of society. Others seem a bit stunned at the idea that the world could produce another creature as glorious as themselves.

Regardless, get ready to smile as you flip through this collection of cats and their mini counterparts discussing some of the most important life lessons of kitty kind. After all, how else are kitties going to learn that humans cannot resist the power of an adorable stare? As you’ll see here, behind every great cat is a loving, furry mentor pretending not to care. So get ready to dive into kitten bootcamp as we take a look at the making of the next generation of cats and kittens.

Check out this list of the most adorable cats with their kittens.
Photos of Cats with Their Kittens That'll Make You Say 'Aww',

Like Mother, Like Daughter

"Patience, My Dear. An Inconvenient Place to Lay Shall Present Itself Soon Enough."

"And This Is How You Use Your Cuteness to Make the Humans Bend to Your Will."

"Not Now. We're in the Middle of a Window Blind Destruction Lesson"

Our Names Iz Kitteh. Tuxedo Kitteh.

Suck-Up Kitten Knows When to Give Mommy a Kiss

When in Doubt, Nap

"That, Little One, Is What They Call a Plant. It Must Be Destroyed at All Costs."

Junior Has Nailed Mom's Judgmental Stare

Mom Teaches Kitty the Proper Way to Shed All Over Owner's Stuff

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You know how sometimes in life, you just need a buddy? Through the ages, few pals have been able to fill this age-old gap like our stuffed animal best friends. You know, those plush, fuzzy creatures that have no choice but to let you squeeze them to your heart’s content. Unlike real animals, these guys are always up for a good long hug. And it turns out, humans aren’t the only ones who could use a little unconditional love now and then. Real animals love stuffed animals too! As proof, we’ve assembled one of the most adorable photo collections ever: real animals with stuffed animals.

That’s right, prepare yourself for a full scale cuteness overload, because these images take lovable to a whole new level. Among the following photos of real animals with stuffed animals, you’ll find everything from pets cuddling up to their stuffed doppelgangers, to wild animals basking in the glory of all things plush.

So the next time you need a friend or just a great smile, pull up this list for a celebration of fuzz, fur, and friendship. Whether you’re a kitty lover or a monkey man, we pretty much guarantee you’ll find something here to give you the shot of cuteness you’re looking for. It may even make you want to go search through your addict for those dog stuffed animals and plushy kittens you loved so much as a kid. Go ahead, we won’t tell.
Real Animals with Stuffed Animals,

This Red Panda Cub and Her Colleague

This Penguin and His Googly-Eyed Associate

This Husky Pup and His Sleepy Sidekick

These Bunny Besties

This Monkey and His Best Mate

These Beagle Best Buddies

These Playful Pals

This Colt and Her Cuddle Bug

This Meercat and His Fuzzy Friend

This Kitteh and His Cohort

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Even decades after its end, World War 2 still strikes a chord in the hearts of people from all corners of the globe. For some, it was a time of epic heroism and a fight for morality and freedom. For others, it was a time when the darkest imaginations of the human soul came to life. Here, we’ve gathered a collection of rare World War 2 pictures that show both the depths of human evil, and the fierce goodness we can aspire to. More than anything, these pictures from the Second World War prove that greatness can be achieved when good men and women vow to fight against monstrosity.

In these stunning WW2 pictures, you’ll see the war through the eyes of people from all over the world. From the drawings of a young girl raised in a concentration camp, to the reactions of German POWs as they watch footage of what happened inside them, many of these incredible photos will leave you speechless. Though some of these images are graphic, those brave enough to face them will better understand the realities of a war far too important to be lost in time.

In a world that sometimes seems overrun by chaos, here you’ll find evidence that there is always hope, as long as those who stand for good continue to fight against the forces of evil. Though many are still stunned by the darkness that was revealed during the time, these WWII pictures will show you why it’s so important to remember history: it’s the only way to guarantee that some aspects of it are never repeated again.
36 Rare Photos From World War II,

A Naked Gunman Resumes His Post After Rescuing a Drowning Pilot

The US Navy Crewman of your dreams? The young man photographed here was actually a hero. Before immediately reassuming his role as a machine-gunner, he stripped down in order to dive into Rabaul Harbor to rescue a Marine pilot who had been shot down by the Japanese.

Photo by: Horace Bristol

German Prisoners Reacting to Footage of Concentration Camps
This photo was taken in 1945 and depicts German POWs being forced to watch footage of the horrors unfolding in Nazi run concentration camps.

A German Soldier Sharing Bread with Russian Boy
This photo was taken in 1942, somewhere in the Volkhov area of Russia and shows a German soldier sharing bread with an orphaned boy.


Aleksandra Samusenko, a Female Tank Commander
Aleksandra Samusenko was one of the only female tank officers of the Soviet Armed forces and served as a tank commander from 1943-1944. Samusenko rose to fame both for her heroic performance during the Battle of Kursk and for leading her forces out of an ambush when her commander fell during a later battle.



Two Soldiers with the Best Easter Present Ever
Technical Sergeant William E. Thomas and Private First Class Joesph Jackson had an extra special Easter egg for Hitler in 1945.

A Liberated Jewish Man Holds a Nazi at GunPoint
Wow!  Talk about a picture being worth a thousand words!

A POW Stares Defiantly at Hitler's Right Hand Man
This photo was taken in August of 1941 when Hitler's right hand man, Heinrich Himmler, visited a Shirokaya Street POW camp in Minsk, USSR.


The Architect of Auschwitz Right Before He Was Executed Next to Its Crematorium
Rudolf Höss was the architect and commander of Auschwitz concentration camp, the legendarily gruesome site of thousands of deaths. Though he was hung next to the death camp's crematorium, guards who were present later commented that the execution hardly seemed enough to make up for the countless atrocities Hoss orchestrated during the war.

Photo by: Press Photographer Stanisław Dąbrowiecki


A US Soldier Offering Help to a Japanese Woman Hiding in a Cave
During the Saipan battle of 1944, nearly 22,000 Japanese citizens lost their lives- many to suicide due to the Emperor's command to kill themselves rather than be taken alive. This terrified woman who had hidden in a cave with her child was probably hesitant to accept help thanks to Japanese propaganda that told citizens that American soldiers were rapists and murders.


A German Soldier Offering Food to a Starving Mother and Child
This photo was taken in 1941 in a Nazi occupied territory of the Soviet Union. During this time, the Germans were enacting their "Hunger Plan," which consisted of starving millions of Soviet citizens to death by plundering their food for Nazi soldiers. Though this German soldier's act of kindness was probably much appreciated by this mother and her starving child, the actions of his army quite possibly led to her death.

Photo by: George Gundlach, Photographer of the 291st Division of the Wehrmacht

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There is nothing more satisfying than when you fit an entire watermelon into a Ziploc or the way snow melts off the hood of your car. Why? Who knows. What's important is that you check out this gallery of oddly satisfying pictures, curated from the always delightful subreddit r/oddlysatisfying. These things that fit together, look super cool and are conveniently symmetrical will restore your faith in the order of all things and the pleasantness of life.

Maybe you need that extra reassurance that life is worth living and find it in the perfectly stacked fruit and vegetables at your local Whole Foods, a beautiful and untouched snowy garden, or even a tube of toothpaste completely flattened after use. After all, what's more oddly satisfying and pleasant than pictures of perfectly round pancakes?

We have here, the very best photos we could gather of the most oddly satisfying photos, images, and pictures. It doesn't matter whether or not you have OCD, no one can deny the beauty and perfection of these images. Some of these satisfying photos and pictures of things fitting perfectly will restore your hope in the world around you and remind you that, yes, there are good things in life, like the crispness of a fresh stack of dollar bills.

So vote up the most oddly satisfying pictures online that make you feel all warm and fuzzy and the images that you find incredibly pleasing for no reason at all.
55 Photos That Are Oddly Satisfying,

The Way These Pencils Fit Together

The Way This Field Was Mowed

The Way This Beer Looks

The Awesomeness of This Table

The Perfection of This Handwriting

The Way This Ice Folded Itself

The Rows on This Tree Farm

The Tetris Achievement of These Tater Tots

The Way These Veggies Are Stacked

The Existence of This Snow Door

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<![CDATA[28 Famous TV Roles That Were Almost Played by Someone Else]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/tv-roles-almost-played-by-someone-else/aaron-pruner?source=rss
Casting a good TV show can be tricky. There are lots of characters and both producers and networks want to get the chemistry just right. So it's no surprise that sometimes the first casting choices on television series don't quite work out. There are lots of TV roles that have been recast, either before or during the pilot, taking the show in a new, usually better direction. What classic TV characters and memorable television roles have been recast with new actors? And what top characters were almost played by someone else entirely?

Imagine Rudy Huxtable played by Jaleel White or Louie Anderson as Cousin Larry on Perfect Strangers! Crazy, right?! If it weren't for the last minute recasting of some of these iconic TV series, characters like Daenerys Targaryen, Don Draper, and even The Incredible Hulk would look and act vastly different than the characters we have grown to love. 

This list compiles the most famous TV roles that were almost played by another actor. Which TV actors and actresses very nearly joined the cast of Desperate Housewives or Sex and the City? Would you have loved Danny Tanner as much if he'd been played by some guy named John Posey?

Read on to find out more about the actors and people in television and get ready to imagine all your favorite TV characters in very different incarnations, played by different actors.

28 Famous TV Roles That Were Almost Played by Someone Else,

Carrie Bradshaw
Early on, Dana Delany was offered the role of Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City. Delany turned down the role, telling The Daily Mail, "I didn't want to be in a show about sex." Sarah Jessica Parker didn't mind taking the role and starred on the series for all six seasons.
Daenerys Targaryen
HBO's Game of Thrones originally cast British actress Tamzin Merchant to play the Khaleesi herself, Daenerys Targaryen, in the 2009 pilot. Known for her performance as Henry VIII's fifth wife in The Tudors, the actress had to leave the production for unknown reasons. After HBO decided to move forward with the series, they brought on relatively unknown newcomer Emilia Clarke to take over the now iconic role.  
Danny Tanner
Bob Saget was always in mind to play Danny Tanner on Full House. However, he was contracted to a CBS morning show at the time called The Morning Project, so the network went with an actor named John Posey. As soon as Saget was fired from the morning show gig, Posey was fired too and the rest is TGIF history.
Don Draper
Back when Mad Men was in its development stage at AMC, the network was eyeing Thomas Jane to play the role of Don Draper. (Jon Hamm was a relative unknown at that point in his career.) Jane was allegedly offered the role, but turned it down giving Hamm his big break. Seriously, can you picture Don Draper played by anyone else?
Dr. Derek Shepherd
The creators of Grey's Anatomy originally wanted Rob Lowe for the role of Dr. Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd. Lowe ended up turning down the role to star on CBS's short lived series Dr. Vegas. Patrick Dempsey ended up taking the role of McDreamy and "Dr. Vegas" was canceled after just five episodes.
Roz Doyle
Before Lisa Kudrow was your favorite weirdo on Friends, she was cast as Roz Doyle on Frasier. However, it only took a couple days of bad rehearsals on set before she was replaced by Peri Gilpin.
Rudy Huxtable
Did you know the role of Rudy Huxtable was originally written for a boy? Or that at the time, a young Jaleel White was considered for the role? The producers weren't very happy with the male auditions they were getting and and once they opened it up to females, they fell in love with Keisha Knight Pulliam. Things worked out all right for Jaleel too though.

Catelyn Stark
Catelyn Stark was originally played by British actress Jennifer Ehle. After HBO decided to move forward with Game of Thrones, they recast multiple roles due to "behind-the-scenes" considerations. Irish actress Michelle Fairley was then brought in to take on the role and the rest is history.
Tom Hanson
Jeff Yagher, known at the time for his performance on V, was cast to play Officer Tom Hanson in the 21 Jump Street pilot. Scratching your head? Fox was too and after viewing the pilot episode, they asked Johnny Depp to take over the role. Depp refused once but perseverance paid off and he took over the star-making role.
Rick Grimes Was Almost Played by Thomas Jane
Poor Thomas Jane seems to have missed out on more than one choice role in his career. Besides being this close to playing Don Draper in Mad Men, he was also The Walking Dead creator Frank Darabont's first choice for Rick Grimes. When HBO (stupidly) passed on the series early on, Jane signed on to star in HBO's Hung. One year later, The Walking Dead was picked up at AMC.

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<![CDATA[27 Unsung WWII Heroes You May Not Know About]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/world-war-2-heroes/mike-rothschild?source=rss
Sadly, World War 2 heroes are leaving us every day. With the vast majority of war veterans past the age of 90, it won't be long before only a few WW2 heroes and veterans are left to tell their stories of courage and triumph in the face of murderous odds. While some soldiers and important figures of the time are well known to the culture in general, most are unknown. Some didn't survive, and many others simply never spoke about what they did. This list of World War 2 heroes will show the courage, bravery, and selflessness of many men you may not have heard of, but who made important contributions to the war nonetheless.

World War II made heroes out of countless soldiers, scientists, officials, and even cooks and the World War 2 timeline is dotted with remarkable and heroic individuals. Whether fighting the Nazis on the European front or making a difference against the Japanese in the Pacific, these real life heroes helped the Allies win the war and helped make the world what it is today. Their sacrifices for their fellow fighters and even strangers they'd never feet were truly heroic.

This list features many World War 2 soldiers, pilots, and fighters who you should know something about. Some were officers and aces, others peasants and ordinary foot soldiers. They hailed from around the world, and some never even wore a uniform. But all of them took actions that saved lives, inflicted damage on the enemy, and collectively won World War II, the worst war in human history.

Sources: 1, 2, 3

27 Unsung WWII Heroes You May Not Know About,

Bhanbhagta Gurung
A Nepalese Gurkha fighting for Britain, Gurung won the Victoria Cross in 1945 for his insanely courageous attack on five Japanese foxholes that were holding up a Gurkha advance.

Running from position to position, Gurung cleared four with grenades and his bayonet, then he advanced on the final one, a machine gun nest. But he was out of grenades, so he threw a smoke bomb in, stabbed the Japanese troops who emerged with his personal knife, then broke into the machine gun nest and beat the last man to death with a rock. The position was held against Japanese counterattack, thanks to Gurung’s guts and leadership. After the war, he went back to Nepal to care for his mother, and died in 2008.

Eileen Nearne
British citizen Eileen Nearne grew up in France but escaped to Britain during the German invasion in 1940. Joining the war effort, her French upbringing proved invaluable and she became a spy for the Special Operations Executive and parachuted into France to go deep undercover, assisting resistance activities and sabotage. In France, Nearne worked under the code name “Rose” and operated a secret radio line between London and Paris that arranged weapons drops to the French Resistance.

Eventually captured by the Gestapo and sent to Ravensbruck concentration camp, Nearne was brutally tortured, but never revealed her true identity or affiliation with SOE. She was then shuttled from death camp to death camp, tortured again, and escaped multiple times until US troops found her. She didn’t speak about her time in the war until 1997, and she died in 2010.
John D. Bulkeley
Vice Admiral John D. Bulkeley won the Medal of Honor, had a destroyer named after him and fought in both the Pacific and Atlantic. But his greatest feat, one that might have changed the course of the war, was rescuing General Douglas MacArthur from certain Japanese capture during the fall of the Philippines. Bulkeley was the leader of a PT Boat squadron, and his daring action got MacArthur, his command staff, and his family to safety through nearly 1,000 miles of open ocean.

After the war, Bulkeley commanded a military base in Tennessee, where he was known to test the readiness of the troops there by putting on a ninja costume and breaking into the base, trying to evade detection. Because, that’s what you do when you’re an old soldier – you put on a ninja suit and dare your men not to shoot you.

Lachhiman Gurung
One of many examples of the courage and cunning of the Nepalese Gurkha soldiers of the British Empire, Lachhiman Garung won the Victoria Cross for his insanely heroic action in May 1945. Garung single-handedly held off an advance by 200 Japanese soldiers after his frontline position was attacked and the men with him wounded and evacuated.

And “single-handedly” is not a euphemism in this case, as Garung literally was working with one arm. As his VC citation reads, a Japanese grenade “exploded in his right hand, blowing off his fingers, shattering his arm and severely wounding him in the face, body and right leg.” Shrugging off wounds that would kill almost anyone, Garung jammed his knife into the ground, declared that nobody would pass him, and held the line himself for four hours. When the smoke cleared, the Japanese advance was beaten back, and 31 enemy soldiers were dead. The action cost him his right eye and right hand, but Garung survived and lived a simple life until his death in 2010.

Lewis Millett
When young American officer Lewis Millett heard President Roosevelt declare that America wouldn’t go to war in Europe, he deserted, hitchhiked to Canada and joined the Canadian army. He served as an anti-aircraft gunner in London before transferring back to the US Army, which was now in the fight. It was in North Africa that Millett showed tremendous and probably insane bravery, at one point, getting into a burning ammunition-filled half-track and driving it away from his comrades, then jumping off of it just before it exploded.

Just for good measure, he shot down a German fighter with a machine gun on a different, non-burning half-track. Finally, the Army figured out his desertion, court-martialed him, and promoted him anyway. Millett later fought in Korea, where he led the last bayonet charge in American military history, as well as Vietnam. He passed away in 2009.
Matt Urban
Lt. Colonel Matt Urban was the most decorated American officer of World War II, and that’s saying something. He fought in seven campaigns and was wounded seven times. He seemingly came back to life so often that the Germans gave him the nickname “the Ghost.” When he was given the Medal of Honor, his citation referred to ten separate acts of bravery during just the Normandy campaign.

Just a sample of these includes taking on multiple enemy tanks with a bazooka (while walking on a cane because he’d broken his leg landing on Utah Beach), organizing multiple counterattacks after nearly having his leg blown off, then breaking himself out of the hospital, hitchhiking to the front, immediately throwing himself into battle, running into an abandoned tank and driving it toward the enemy line with no crew. He was wounded again and again, but refused to be evacuated. Finally, a bullet in the throat took him out of combat for good – but Urban recovered, survived the war, and lived until 1995.

Llewellyn Chilson
Known as the "One Man Army," Master Sergeant Llewellyn Chilson was so lauded for his bravery that President Truman personally pinned seven medals on him after the war. Fighting in Italy, he was captured with three other men, then promptly escaped and took over 40 prisoners on his own. Then, because that wasn’t enough, he took an enemy hill in Southern France with 25 men on it, capturing all of them. By himself. While fighting on the Rhine River in March 1945, Chilson took out six German guns and vehicles, at one point, crawling from position to position and blowing them up, using the light from an ammo wagon he’d set on fire.

When it was over, Chilson’s unit killed, wounded, or captured over 200 German troops and liberated an entire small town. And just for good measure, two weeks later, he stood on a tank turret during a murderous fight and spotted for the tank’s cannon. He rang up another 40 prisoners thanks to that heroism. He literally just kept winning medals and taking German prisoners. Even with all that, he never got the Medal of Honor. But he did survive the war, and died in 1981.

Charles Joseph Coward
Captured in France in 1940, British soldier Charles Coward would have been notable just for the nearly dozen attempts he made to escape German captivity. But he’s world famous as the guy who broke into and out of a Nazi death camp. In 1943, the Germans decided they were done fooling around with Coward and sent him to Auschwitz, specifically the Monowitz slave labor camp there.

Coward led his fellow Brits in smuggling food to Jewish inmates and passing coded notes to the Red Cross, who sent them back to England. At one point, he actually smuggled himself into the Auschwitz death camp for a night, then smuggled himself out and reported back to the British about what he’d seen. He bribed SS guards, saved at least 400 Jewish laborers from death and after the war, gave testimony at the Nuremberg Trials.

Mad Jack Churchill
Champion archer, male model, adventurer, and career soldier John Churchill was known as “Mad Jack” for a good reason: people thought he was nuts. He was renowned in the British Army for being the only soldier allowed to carry a longbow and basket-hilted Scottish broadsword (no officer was properly dressed without a sword, in his opinion). He’s thought to have achieved the only longbow kill of the war, shooting down a German scout in France.

He led commando raids in Norway and Yugoslavia (while playing the bagpipes, of course), survived being shot in the neck, captured or killed dozens of enemy soldiers and wreaked havoc before being captured. Mad Jack escaped, was captured again, then when the lights at his prison camp went out, he walked out of the camp (which was still being guarded) and walked 90 miles to find an American unit. After VE-Day, he fought in Burma, and when the war ended, he became a surfer.
The Crew of the USS O'Bannon
As the most decorated destroyer in US Navy history, the USS O’Bannon is a noteworthy ship no matter what. But the actions of her crew on April 5, 1943, would put her in the history books as the only ship on record to sink a Japanese submarine using potatoes.

O’Bannon sighted the Japanese sub RO-34 on the surface near Guadalcanal. Being too close to fire guns, she made best speed to ram the enemy ship. But at the last second, her commanding officer thought the sub was actually a surface ship, which would cause severe damage to O’Bannon if they collided. The two vessels wound up side by side, and the Japanese on the sub’s top deck tried to man the 3 inch cannon it carried. O’Bannon’s crew had no sidearms, so they grabbed the best thing: spuds from a bin on deck. They threw their potatoes at RO-34’s crew, who thought they were grenades and tried to throw them away. Thanks to this distraction, O’Bannon was able to get enough distance from the sub to blow a hole in its bridge, and eventually sink it.

Thu, 05 Mar 2015 08:33:45 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/world-war-2-heroes/mike-rothschild
<![CDATA[The Best Tattoos Inspired by '90s Pop Culture]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/90s-pop-culture-tattoos/ashley-reign?source=rss
Calling all '90s kids! How much do you really love the decade of Saved by the Bell and *NSync? Sure, you watched Nickelodeon everyday after school and owned a closet full of neon and Nikes. You may have even done the Macarena while eating Dunkaroos. But if you were really a fan of the ‘90s, you’d have memorialized your love with a permanent sign of affection: a tattoo. The ‘90s lovers on this list wanted to make sure the world knew exactly how awesome that decade was for the world. These are the best tattoos inspired by ‘90s pop culture.

Not all of the ‘90s tattoos on this list are perfect. But among the moderately good and totally okay tats are absolute epic wins. If you’re ready for a beanie baby-filled blast from the past, get ready to have your mind blown by these ‘90s-inspired tattoos (and revisit some of your old childhood pals like the Fresh Prince and Mario Brothers).

Remember as you’re wading through the mixed tape madness below that you’re more than welcome to add your own favorite ‘90s pop culture tattoos to the list. So zip up your windbreaker, pull on your neon shades, rewind that VHS rental, and check out the best (and worst) tats the ‘90s had to offer.
The Best Tattoos Inspired by '90s Pop Culture,

Once Upon a Time, a Young Girl Got Very Tanked and Met a Charming Tattoo Artist...

Simba Chic

Party on, Garth

But I Thought the Old Lady Dropped It into the Ocean at the End?

Daria Would Be Proud

Fresh Prince of This Guy's Leg

The Only Acceptable Toy Story Tat

Every '90s Girl's Favorite Bad Influence

The Truth May've Been Best Left "Out There"

Notorius T.A.T.

Mon, 16 Mar 2015 08:35:03 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/90s-pop-culture-tattoos/ashley-reign
<![CDATA[Stuff You Didn't Know You Needed Until RIGHT NOW]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/genius-products/ashley-reign?source=rss
Ever have the feeling that something in your life is missing, but you’re not sure quite what? Could it be that what you actually need isn’t love, shelter, or food. But instead, a way to dunk your Oreo without the risk of making contact with the milk? Or perhaps a method for shot-gunning a 6-pack while riding your bike? We’ll you’re right. So what are you going to do about it?

Scroll down, friend, and your questions shall be answered; for what you’ll find below is a mother-lode of genius products you didn't know you needed until right now.

That’s right, we’re here to help you cut the sleepless nights and relentless soul searching. Below you’ll find senseless objects that’ll burn a hole in your wallet while fulfilling you in ways that only a scratchy post that makes your cat look like a DJ can. Beware however, for as you descend, you’ll discover a boatload of objects that you quite possibly won’t be able to go on without. We’ve assembled a collection of genius products and whimsical fixes to all of those little problems you’d given up on solving long ago.

After all, who among us doesn’t need a mitten built to warm our hand and hold a beer at the same time? What imagination-lacking wretch doesn’t dream of being able to give his bro a high-five that (no-shit) produces confetti? Childish fantasies, you say? Long buried dreams, you lament? Well, we say, no more! We bid you scroll down….and behold.

Shut up and take my money.
Stuff You Didn't Know You Needed Until RIGHT NOW,

The Swinging Seated Round Table to Liven up Board Meetings
You can change a dining room or a bedroom into a playground with this Swing Table from Duffy London
The Back Seat Bag Rack
Purchasing MAXSA Innovations Car Headrest Multi-Hanger with just $10 from Amazon will prevent your items from rolling under the seat. 
The 'You Park Like an Asshole' Business Card
14 varieties of Offensive Business Cards are available on Amazon
These Adorable Planters with Their Own Tiny Rain Clouds
Amazon has Singeek(TM) Cloud-Shaped Indoor Wall Mount Rainy Pot set with a pair of Lover Keychain
This Big Ass Beach Umbrella
This Sport-Brella comes in XL size and six colors on Amazon
This Overseas Gas Station that Doesn't Give a Crap What Side Your Tank Is on

This Vermin-Blocking, Smart Key Activated Dog Door
This Electric Pet Door will allow you to control the access of your pets 
This Pre-Threaded Sewing Kit
The Dritz Pre-Threading Needle Kit is just less than $5 from Amazon
This Pup-Sized Sofa
You can buy Pet Sofa Bed for as low as $30 from Amazon
This Super Stealth Socket Safe
The U.S. Patrol Hidden Wall Safe is only $4.99 from Amazon!

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<![CDATA[Vintage Smoking Ads They'd Never Get Away with These Days]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/vintage-smoking-ads/erica-braverman?source=rss

Vintage advertisements for cigarettes are so outrageous, so ridiculous, and so blatantly harmful that they almost seem unreal. It's almost like they're a joke that no one could have possibly taken seriously. Except they did.

It's hard to imagine a time when anyone looked at ads for cigarettes and saw anything more than a highly addictive, extremely dangerous product. But like many other items that we now know can kill us (lead in lipstick, mercury in skin cream, pep pills), during the long-ago time before the Internet (and common sense), consumers were much more likely to believe the advertisements being directed at them.

That's the genius behind all the celebrity endorsed cigarettes (Ronald Reagan for Chesterfields!) and brands using pictures of doctors and dentists to deceive customers into thinking cigarettes weren't bad for them. And of course, who can forget all the cartoon mascots (the Flinstones, Joe Camel, a Penguin) making cigarettes more appealing to kids?

These old smoking ads and vintage smoking posters make cigarettes look cool, edgy, fun – you name it. Looking at them now is outlandish because there's no way advertisers could ever get away with it today. Check out these outrageous vintage cigarette ads, and be sure to vote up the ones that are the most absurd and you could never imagine seeing these days.

Vintage Smoking Ads They'd Never Get Away with These Days,

Reach for a Lucky (You Wouldn't Want Your Corpse Looking Pudgy!)

Cigarettes, Here's to Your Health!

Even Santa Needs a Smoke Break!

Your Baby Whole-Heartedly Supports Your Choice to Expose It to Second-Hand Smoke

Your Doctor Smokes? Is it Time to Get a New Doctor?

Ask Your Dentist... for a Cigarette!

Ronald Reagan Approves This Message

Luckies, Doctor Recommended!

Silva Thins: Have a Side of Sexism with Your Lung Cancer!

The ABC's of Teaching Children to Smoke

Thu, 19 Feb 2015 06:55:16 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/vintage-smoking-ads/erica-braverman
<![CDATA[Vintage Ads That Are Offensively Sexist]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/sexist-vintage-ads/erica-braverman?source=rss

If you watch TV, you know that it's not a stretch to say that women are often sexualized in beer or burger ads, and plenty of other advertisements as well. While “sex sells” is nothing new to advertising or other media, in the 21st century, it's fair to say that women, minorities, and other diverse populations are more often represented fairly today than ever before. That's why these vintage advertisements are so shockingly offensive, especially to women.

While it's easy to feel nostalgic for a bygone era of seemingly simpler times when watching shows like Mad Men, these sexist ads remind us that we really have come a long way, baby. As you'll see, it was a man's world, and the ad men had no qualms about portraying men as superior and powerful while stereotyping women as inferior, submissive, and weak in adverts and vintage poster, photos, and pictures like these.

These sexist vintage ads will make you laugh out loud, make your jaw drop with horror, and make you incredibly grateful that things aren't this bad for women in America now. Ads from everything to kitchen appliances to beauty products to ties your husband will totally love portrayed women as insecure, inept children who needed to be put in their place or controlled by men.

Even though we still have a long way to go before ads stop sexualizing women or telling them to look and act a certain way, at least we can turn on the TV and flip through a magazine without being told to get back in the kitchen already. Check out the outrageously sexist ads below and vote up the ones that made you gasp with disbelief. 

Vintage Ads That Are Offensively Sexist,

PEP Vitamins, Keeping Women Peppy Enough to Be Domestic Servants Since 1943

The Chef Does Everything - Especially Confine Wives to Sexist Gender Roles!

She's Sure Got a Nice Set of... Equipment?

It Must Be That Time of the Month...

Such an Understanding, Kind Husband...

Hardee's: It'll Do Until You Have a Wife at Your Beck and Call

Apparently Women Forgot They Had Opposable Thumbs?

Lots of Thought Provoking Questions to Consider!

No Successful Marriage Would Be Complete Without a Wife Cooking for Her Husband

Fifty Shades of Grey or Scolding a Young Child?

Thu, 19 Feb 2015 06:55:16 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/sexist-vintage-ads/erica-braverman
<![CDATA[50 Things You Didn't Know About the Jurassic Park Franchise]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/jurassic-park-trivia-facts/coy-jandreau?source=rss
As classic movies go, Jurassic Park is always right there near the top of the list. Short of maybe Star Wars it's one of the most definitive films of all time. The first film not only held the record as the highest grossing film of all time but did so well that it nearly quadrupled interest in paleontology and paleontologists. You know and love this franchise, but what behind the scenes facts and interesting Jurassic Park trivia is still out there to learn? Read on to find out!

The first film (as is usually the case) was certainly the best, but despite being less critically acclaimed, Spielberg's sequel The Lost World: Jurassic Park is nothing to scoff at either. It reinvigorated that insane passion for dinosaurs, advanced CG/animatronic hybrids and further instilled a sense of wonder in an entire generation, getting them thinking about just what it would be like if dinosaurs were still around today. The third film is basically an amusement park ride on film, (which in some ways really fits the tone and the concept of these blockbuster Hollywood movies) for better or worse. 

To celebrate one of the greatest film franchises of all time, we've decided to look back and unearth some trivia you may not know from all Jurassic Park movies. Vote up the most interesting Jurassic Park facts below!

50 Things You Didn't Know About the Jurassic Park Franchise,

The Jurassic Park III Dig Was Real
The establishing wide shot of the dig site in Jurassic Park III was actual footage of Jack Horner's excavation, filmed in early summer 2001. The site contained several large fossils of Tyrannosaurs and some Hadrosaurs.
The T. Rex Occasionally Turned Itself on, Terrifying the Crew

On set, the T. rex occasionally malfunctioned, due to the rain. Producer Kathleen Kennedy recalled, "The T. rex went into the heebie-jeebies sometimes. Scared the crap out of us. We'd be, like, eating lunch, and all of a sudden a T. rex would come alive. At first we didn't know what was happening, and then we realized it was the rain. You'd hear people start screaming."


Spielberg Got a Lucky Raptor Break While Filming Jurassic Park
Steven Spielberg wanted the velociraptors to be about 10 feet tall, which was taller than they were known to be. However, during filming, paleontologists uncovered 10 foot tall specimens of raptors called Utahraptors.
Jeff Goldblum Is More Heroic Than Ian Malcolm
In the shooting script, it was written that during the Tyrannosaur's escape, Malcolm would simply get out of the car and run away, much as Gennaro had done moments before. In fact, this is how Malcolm behaves in the scene as written in the book. When the time came to film the scene, it was Jeff Goldblum's idea to make his flight more heroic, by having him distract the Tyrannosaur so Grant could save the children.
The T. Rex Coming Through the Glass in Jurassic Park Was an Accident
In Jurassic Park when the T. rex comes through the glass roof of the Ford Explorer in the first attack, the glass was not meant to break. It's no wonder those kids' screams sounded so genuine.
Ariana Richards Got the Part of Lex in Jurassic Park with a Blood Curdling Scream
To cast Hammond's granddaughter, Lex, Spielberg auditioned a number of girls and asked them to record their screams. Ariana Richards recalled that she won the role because she was the only one whose taped scream was loud enough to awaken a sleeping Kate Capshaw (Spielberg's wife) and send her scurrying down the hall to see if her children were all right.
The T. Rex Roar Was a Whole Medley of Animal Sounds
The Tyrannosaurus's roars were a combination of dog, penguin, tiger, alligator, and elephant sounds. 
The Spinosaurus in JP III Was the Largest Animatronic Ever Built
The Spinosaurus was the largest animatronic ever built. It weighed 12 tons and was operated by hydraulics, which allowed it to operate while completely submerged in water.

According to an interview with William H. Macy, the film's animatronic Spinosaurus had a 1,000-horsepower motor and could turn its head at twice the force of gravity, with the tip of its nose moving at a speed of more than 100 miles per hour.

The Lost World Had an Intentional Godzilla Moment

The Japanese tourists running from the rampaging T. rex in the San Diego scene (an obvious homage to Godzilla movies) are saying, in Japanese, "I left Japan to get away from this?!"

The T. Rex Animatronic Was Incredibly Powerful in Real Life as Well as on Screen

The crew had to have safety meetings about the T. rex; it weighed 12,000 pounds and was extremely powerful. They used flashing lights to announce when it was about to come on to alert the crew, because if you stood next to it and the head went by at speed, it felt like a bus going by.

Thu, 12 Feb 2015 07:33:55 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/jurassic-park-trivia-facts/coy-jandreau
<![CDATA[23 Hollywood Extras Who Forgot How to Act for a Minute]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-movie-extras/ashley-reign?source=rss
Ever dream of packing it up, moving to Hollywood. and being a part of the magic of movie making? Do you wonder what it’d be like to be on set every day with Hollywood stars and famous directors, but you’re worried you aren’t talented enough? Well, it turns out you may be in luck! You see, movie stars aren’t the only people who get to be in movies.

Watch any of your favorite films and you’re likely to dozens, even hundreds of random people hanging out in the background. These guys are called “background actors” or “extras” and there’s absolutely no guarantee that they’ll be competent at their jobs.

Here we’ve assembled a collection of the worst movie extras in film history. Below you’ll find some hysterical examples of movie extras messing up in the backgrounds of your favorite films. Though you may have never noticed any of these hysterically bad performances before, trust us, you’ll never be able to unsee them again!

Although it can be pretty grueling hanging out on a set all day, standing in the same spot for hours, and having to constantly have fake conversations over the shoulder of some movie star, let’s just say that casting agencies aren’t always picky when it comes to “qualifications” needed to sign up as a background actor. This list of bad movie extras is proof that almost anybody can be a background actor, which isn’t always a good thing. Regardless, after getting a load of these funny movie extras messing up in the background of their scenes, you’ll have an even deeper appreciation of the professionals who do it well.
23 Hollywood Extras Who Forgot How to Act for a Minute,

This Handyman Sort of Fixing Something? Maybe?

Star Trek
This Foe Defeated by the Mere Thought of Luke Skywalker's Kick

Return of the Jedi, 1983
The Storm Trooper on the Right Getting Taken Out by a Low-Hanging Doorway

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, 1977
This Guy Zipping His Fly as He Makes His Dramatic Entrance

The Guy on the Left Losing a Fight to an Imaginary Foe

The Dark Night Rises, 2012
The Kid Behind the Shooter Who Covers His Ears Before the Gun Is Ever Shot

North By NorthWest, 1959
This Horse Nailing One of His Fellow Extras in the Crotch

The Last Samurai, 2003
The Guy in the Background Sweeping Air

James Bond: Quantum of Solace, 2008
This Guy Who Hopes You Won't See Him if He Moves Slowly

The Emmys, 2013
This Serious Faced Warrior Who's Pretty Impressed

Enter the Dragon, 1973

Wed, 04 Mar 2015 09:54:42 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-movie-extras/ashley-reign
<![CDATA[28+ Horror Movie Easter Eggs You Would Have Never Noticed]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/horror-film-easter-eggs/robert-desalvo?source=rss
Everyone loves Easter eggs. No, not the pastel-colored creations you hide around the yard for kids at Easter, but the hidden references in films that are inserted by directors to pay homage and give a little wink to the audience. In the horror film genre, some of the scariest and most memorable movies are made by people who are very reverent of horror movie history. This is why you'll probably find more Easter eggs in horror movies than any other movie genre. What are the best horror film Easter eggs? Now's your chance to vote!

So lets take a walk down memory lane (aka Elm Street) and see how many of these horrific Easter eggs you've noticed in fright flicks over the years. Does Dr. Loomis's name ring a bell in Halloween? Do you swear you've seen that Evil Dead Oldsmobile in more than one movie? Was that really Simon Pegg as a zombie in Land of the Dead? The answers may surprise you, and some of these are hidden in plain sight for the die-hard fan to spot.

What are you waiting for? You might as well investigate a strange noise outside or say "I'll be right back" and seal your fate. Don't hesitate and vote up your favorite Easter eggs and horror film hidden features below!
28+ Horror Movie Easter Eggs You Would Have Never Noticed,

Janet Leigh Drives the Same Car in Psycho as in Halloween: H20
In Psycho, original scream queen Janet Leigh trades in her car for a 1957 Ford Custom 300 Fordor sedan and drives it to her ill-fated stay at the Bates Motel. In 1998's Halloween: H20, Janet Leigh stars opposite her daughter Jamie Lee Curtis and gets into the same model car.
The Evidence Locker in Bride of Chucky Is Loaded with Iconic Horror Props
As the camera pans over the evidence locker in Bride of Chucky, we are treated to shots of various iconic horror props, including Michael Myers's mask, Freddy Krueger's glove, and, in the picture above, Jason's hockey mask next to Leatherface's chainsaw.
Freddy's Glove Is in Ash's Tool Shed in Evil Dead 2
In the original A Nightmare on Elm Street, Nancy tries to stay awake and is watching a trailer for Evil Dead on her bedroom TV. To return the favor, Sam Raimi put Freddy's razor glove on the wall of the tool shed in which Ash gets "groovy" in Evil Dead 2.
The Entire Plot of The Thing Is Given Away in the First Few Minutes
In the opening scene of John Carpenter's The Thing, a Norwegian exploration team is trying to shoot and kill an Alaskan husky running through the snow. The Americans stop them, but if they - or the audience - were able to understand Norwegian, the movie would have been spoiled. The Norwegians are shouting, "Get the hell away! It's not a dog! It's imitating a dog! It's not real! Get away, idiots!"
Sam Raimi's Car from Evil Dead Shows Up in Nearly All of His Movies
Sam Raimi's 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88 was almost its own character in the director's Evil Dead and has appeared in almost all of Raimi's films since then, including Drag Me to Hell and the 2013 Evil Dead remake (pictured), which Raimi produced.
The Painting in The Mist Is of Another Stephen King Character
The Mist is an adaptation of a Stephen King novel about a group of people who hole up in a supermarket as bloodthirsty creatures invade their town. Check out the painting Thomas Jane is working on in the movie. It's clearly the likeness of Roland Deschain, the hero of King's The Dark Tower series.
An Alien Skull Appears in the Trophy Room of Predator 2
If you look closely in a Predator's trophy room in Predator 2, you can see a xenomorph skull from the Alien franchise. This caused fanboys to geek out over the possibility of an Alien-Predator crossover film. Years later, they got their wish - for better or worse - with AVP: Alien vs. Predator and its sequel AVPR: Aliens vs. Predator - Requiem.
Halloween's Dr. Loomis Is an Homage to Psycho
In Halloween and several of its sequels, Donald Pleasance plays Dr. Sam Loomis, the psychiatrist of killer Michael Myers. The character's name is an homage to Psycho, which also had a character named Sam Loomis, played by John Gavin. Critics often compare Halloween to Psycho because both films are masterful at building suspense and a sense of dread.
Wes Craven Appears as a Janitor Wearing Freddy Krueger's Sweater in Scream
After making us afraid to fall asleep in the '80s with A Nightmare on Elm Street, director Wes Craven returned to craft one of the most seminal slasher flicks of the '90s: Scream. During one scene at Woodsboro High, Craven appears in the hall as a janitor wearing Freddy's trademark red-and-green sweater.
The Saw Doll Appears in Dead Silence
In 2007, James Wan directed Dead Silence, about the malevolent ghost of a murdered ventriloquist. Wan, who also directed Saw, seems to enjoy putting that movie's white-and-red-faced doll in his other movies... at least for a moment. Look closely and you can see the Saw doll sitting on the floor in Dead Silence.

Thu, 05 Mar 2015 10:21:25 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/horror-film-easter-eggs/robert-desalvo
<![CDATA[18 Directors Who Are Notoriously Difficult to Work With]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/most-difficult-directors/matthewcoleweiss?source=rss
Want to be a glamorous Hollywood movie star? Well, you might think twice when you hear what working for some of these directors is like. They might punch you square in the face or threaten to kill you! Life on a film set with these film directors is no walk in the park. Though they have some of the most storied and award-winning careers in film, they got there with ruthless determination and by, well, being just plain difficult to work with.

Ever since the start of the movie business, there have been sordid tales of difficult directors who have turned making films into a nightmare for everyone involved, from cast to crew to the studio. From nailing cell phones to walls and being all kinds of tyrannical, these directors take their craft a little too seriously, and they've earned unfavorable reputations as some of the worst people to work with in the process.

Granted, some of these directors have produced the best movies to ever be made, but was it worth it? Sure, James Cameron gave the world Titanic, but did he need to be such a jerk about it? And what about Coppola, von Trier, and Michael Bay (who Megan Fox famously likened to Hitler after filming Transformers)? Does making good movies and being one of the best directors really require all this shouting and behind the scenes drama? Of course, things really get interesting when these directors butt heads with notoriously difficult actors. In those cases, the crew likely just sits back and watches the fireworks.

After hearing about some of the stunts these egomaniacs have pulled, you'll give up those dreams of being an actor or actress in no time. Read through these on-set horror stories from famous directors and let us know who you think is the most difficult in the comments section!
18 Directors Who Are Notoriously Difficult to Work With,

Alfred Hitchcock
The Birds was a huge success, but star Tippi Hedren called Hitchcock a "mean, mean man" who would sexually assault her and other actresses on set. Hedren claimed the legendary Pyscho and North by Northwest director used his power as a director to woo women into bed, and he would crush their careers if they didn't abide. Hitchcock is also famous for his quote "All actors should be treated like cattle."

David Fincher
While filming Zodiac, star Jake Gyllenhaal got into a huge fight with director David Fincher, claiming the director would delete takes after filming, then ask Gyllenhaal to do the scene over and over again, trivializing the actor's performance.

Fincher responded by saying it's a "job" and basically told Gyllenhaal to quit complaining. Fincher himself has admitted to being an a-hole because, according to him, that's the only way to get the job done right.

David O. Russell
This guy is the worst of the worst, but his movies, like American Hustle and Silver Linings Playbook, are SO DARN GOOD!

Russell is notorious for treating actors like absolute crap. From George Clooney in Three Kings to Lily Tomlin in I Heart Huckabees (you've seen the video), his on-set tantrums with actors are notorious. He also allegedly freaked out on Jennifer Lawrence while filming the 2015 movie Joy.

Amy Adams revealed that he made her cry almost every day of filming American Hustle. She said, “I was really just devastated on set. I mean, not every day, but most. Jennifer [Lawrence] doesn’t take any of it on. She’s Teflon. And I am not Teflon. But I also don’t like to see other people treated badly…It’s not OK with me. Life to me is more important than movies. It really taught me how to separate work and home. Because I was like, ‘I cannot bring this experience home with me to my daughter.’”

Francis Ford Coppola
It all stems from Apocalypse Now. Coppola is known for having one of the biggest on-set tantrums of all time during the filming of the Vietnam War epic.  Not only did he force Harvey Keitel to quit, but when his star Martin Sheen suffered a heart attack on set, Coppola told the studio it was just "heat exhaustion."  

It gets worse: he forced the prop department to use real cadavers in the film (gross), and was apparently so crazed, he was near suicidal during the shoot. 

James Cameron
The Titanic director apparently earned the nickname "Iron Jim" while making films like Terminator and Titanic throughout his career. He apparently despises the interruptions of cell phones so much, he ACTUALLY nails them to the wall if they go off! Kate Winslet said he had "a temper you wouldn't believe" after filming Titanic.

Cameron's ex-wife, Terminator star Linda Hamilton told reporters that life with Cameron was "terrible on every level." It's even said that on the set of his film True Lies, he threatened to fire people who dared to take bathroom breaks!

Lars von Trier
The fact that von Trier said "I'm a Nazi" at the Cannes Film Festival should be a hint at the type of fellow this director is. Though his films such as Dancer in the Dark and Melancholia are regarded as artistic classics, his actors can't stand him.  

Paul Bettany said von Trier wouldn't even speak to him while directing him in Dogville. During Dancer in the Dark, leading lady Björk and von Trier fought so much, the actress refused to come to set for three whole days. He then went on record saying his one regret of the film was that he "wasn't meaner" to her.

Michael Bay
According to Transformers star Josh Duhamel, director Michael Bay doesn't give a crap about anything but making a good film (has he ever, though?), even if it includes hurting people's feelings. Megan Fox trashed Bay to the press, comparing his on-set nightmarish behavior to both Hitler and Napoleon. Even Bruce Willis said that while filming Armageddon, Bay screamed the whole time which did not make for a "pleasant experience."

Oliver Stone
When Richard Dreyfuss calls you a "fascist," you know you've got some issues. Dreyfuss claimed that working with Stone on the George Bush biopic W was the worst experience of his career. Jamie Foxx admitted that while filming Any Given Sunday, Stone came up to him and told Foxx point blank "you're just not good at all."

Not convinced yet? How about this: Blake Lively got the entire crew "I Survived Oliver Stone" T-shirts after finishing Savages.

Terrence Malick
Christopher Plummer seems like the nicest guy in the world (hello, he was in The Sound of Music), but he has sworn never to work with Malick again. Plummer acted for the eccentric and reclusive director in the film The New World. He said Malick was super controlling in all aspects of the film, including the writing, which Plummer says he is terrible at.  

Even George Clooney said Malick was a jerk when he cut Adrien Brody out of their film The Thin Red Line without even telling him until the film's press junket (Brody was a lead)!

Tony Kaye
This guy is nutso. He once called himself the greatest director since Hitchcock, but in reality, he's one of the most dramatic and ruthless directors ever. He battled Ed Norton over American History X, spending $100,000 dollars of his own money to trash Norton in trade magazines. He then removed his name from the film and demanded that it instead say "Directed by Humpty Dumpty." When it didn't happen, he sued for $200 million dollars, before settling on his dog getting the credit.  

You'd think Kaye had learned his lesson on that film, but Bryan Cranston, the star of Kaye's 2012 film Detachment, said Kaye was a terror and he wouldn't be working with him ever again.

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<![CDATA[29 Things You Didn't Know About Our Founding Fathers]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/founding-fathers-facts/mel-judson?source=rss
This list of interesting facts about the Founding Fathers will rock your world. These are little-known tidbits about former Presidents of the United States and the group of men who created America with its founding documents. If you are looking for a list that features John Adams facts, George Washington fun facts, and loads of trivia about Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and John Jay! These geniuses make up some great US history trivia that will shock your friends, because these facts probably weren't in your American History textbook.
Who are our Founding Fathers? Well, they were a bunch of cool dudes. In fact, these facts about the founding fathers offer a ton of president trivia about the educations and occupations about these American leaders. For instance, which of the first five presidents did not own a slave? Who married a 17-year-old? Who was a volunteer firefighter and what president was an awesome dancer?

The only way to find out is to check out all of these fun facts about the Founding Fathers, now listed here for your ranking and learning pleasure. Upvote the most interesting US Founding Fathers facts below, and file away Benjamin Franklin's essay entitled "Fart Proudly" for your next dinner party conversation starter.

29 Things You Didn't Know About Our Founding Fathers,

John Adams Went to Harvard... at the Age of 16
Most people get rejected from Harvard, but not John Adams! In fact, he put every student in the United States to shame by attending the prestigious school around the time of his Super Sweet Sixteen. He graduated within four years and excelled at his studies.

Source: Biography
John Adams Was the Only President of the First Five Who Didn't Own a Person
Kudos to John Adams! While the four presidents who held the job before him were slaveowners, Adams was in staunch opposition. He, and his son John Quincy Adams, refused to own a human being when he moved into the White House. 

Source: Strange But True, America: Weird Tales from All 50 States
James Madison Weighed 100 Pounds
James Madison was a very little man, standing at just 5'4". In addition to being the smallest president ever, he never weighed more than 100 pounds.

Source: Internet Public Library
George Washington = World Class Dancer
The first president of the United States happened to be a damn good dancer. In fact, it was one of the many activities he loved to do with his wife Martha, and he had even studied formal dancing when he was a teenage boy.

Source: The Invention of George Washington
Thomas Jefferson Had About 6,500 Books
Thomas Jefferson was such a hoarder of books that he once said "I cannot live without books." Don't believe him? The reason the Library of Congress got 6,500 of the books in their collection is because Jefferson sold his collection for almost $24,000.

Source: Library of Congress

Thomas Jefferson Designed UVA's Rotunda
Politician or architect? Many people know that Thomas Jefferson founded the University of Virginia in 1819 but few people know he actually designed the school's most recognizable landmark. Planning their curriculum wasn't enough for the overachieving TJ, he also had to plan the design of the school's Rotunda.

Source: University of Virginia
Vanilla Ice Cream Was Thomas Jefferson's Jam
While Ronald Reagan loved jelly beans and Bill Clinton loved fast food, Thomas Jefferson was an American leader known for his love of ice cream. In fact, his love of vanilla ice cream became history, as the first known recipe written down in the United States was Jefferson's vanilla ice cream recipe.

Source: SDPB
Benjamin Franklin Could Yell at You in Five Languages
Even trilingual wasn't enough for Benjamin Franklin, the man who knew everything. From Spanish to Latin, Franklin could speak five languages in total... fluently (the other three were German, French, and Italian). Now that's a good education.

Source: The Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary
Benjamin Franklin Invented Your Rocking Chair
Benjamin Franklin fitted his armchair's legs with curved wooden pieces, leading to what many believe was the invention of the rocking chair. Considering this was the guy who figured out electricity and founded the United States, it's not hard to believe. Franklin had all kinds of tricks up his sleeve.

Source: Biography
Benjamin Franklin Volunteered for the Fire Department
Benjamin Franklin not only gave birth to the United States and invented all kinds of stuff you've probably heard of, he also put out literal fires. Franklin not only established America's first volunteer fire department, but he was a firefighter himself and volunteered after witnessing a local blaze.

Source: Popular Mechanics

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<![CDATA[Historical Pranks That Will Actually Impress You]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/great-pranks-in-history/mike-rothschild?source=rss
Sure, fake pizza orders and putting saran wrap on a toilet are funny, but if you really want to prank someone, you have to think big. And in these cases, really big. Historically, hugely big. Some of the following pranks and hoaxes not only fooled people for decades, but changed the course of history, nearly started riots or international incidents, and made indelible impacts on pop culture. These are truly the greatest pranks in history, tricking thousands of people and making headlines.

Taking people by storm, these pre-Internet era pranks were genius, and historical in scope. From the left-handed whopper to Richard Nixon's infamous 1992 Presidential run, there's nothing like good pranks to keep fast-food lovers and the electorate on their toes. If you're looking for the best pranks ever, you could certainly take a page out of Caltech's playbook, or even respected publications like The Guardian.

These are the greatest pranks and hoaxes in history, from fake military operations to ersatz versions of famous bands to artists and writers who never existed. If you're going to pull something on April Fools; Day, or any day really, make sure your funny prank ideas are up to snuff with these historical pranks.

Historical Pranks That Will Actually Impress You,

The Great Planetary Alignment
Astronomer Patrick Moore was one of the most respected names in public science in England. So when he gave an interview to BBC Radio 2 claiming a once-in-a-lifetime astronomical event was about to happen, people believed him.

Moore claimed that on April 1, 1976, Pluto would pass behind Jupiter and temporarily cause a gravitational alignment that would, in turn, reduce the Earth's own gravity. One could jump and experience a strange sensation, known only by astronauts in space. Thousands of callers told the BBC they’d experienced the sensation – a case of the placebo effect combined with the power of suggestion.

The Rose Bowl Prank of 1961
Broadcast to football fans around the world, the Rose Bowl Hoax of 1961 might have been the apex of college pranks. It was pulled off by students at Caltech, a school with a glowing reputation for both scientific education and magnificent japes. The University of Washington was playing Minnesota, and a group of Caltech students wanted to draw attention to their own school.

The ringleader found out the plan for Washington’s card flipping halftime stunt (a trademark of their fans), then they broke into the dorm where the school’s cheerleaders were staying, put new instruction sheets out, and altered the placards in the last of the card flips to make them spell out “Caltech.” Nobody caught on, and the prank went out live over the air.

Have it Your Way with the Left-Handed Whopper
Burger King took out a full page ad in USA Today in 1998 to announce a new item on their menu: the Left-Handed Whopper. Especially designed for the millions of left-handed Americans apparently flummoxed by the regular Whopper, the new burger seemed on the surface like the old burger.

It had all the same ingredients as the original Whopper, but, and here’s the key difference, all the condiments were rotated 180 degrees, for the benefit of southpaws. Not getting the joke, thousands of customers ordered the “new” sandwich, while many others insisted on getting the “old” burger.

Operation Mincemeat
Maybe the most cunning hoax in military history, Operation Mincemeat was a British plan to fool Germany into redirecting their troops to defend against a non-existent invasion of Greece, leaving the way clear for an Allied landing in Sicily. British Intelligence created a backstory for a corpse, giving him the name William Martin and the rank of Major, then dropped it into the water, apparently the victim of a plane crash. The "Martin" carried highly classified intelligence papers detailing the Allied invasion of Greece – which wasn’t going to happen - and put them in an envelope that the Germans could open and re-seal.

Fooled by the care the British had taken in developing this fictitious officer, the German High Command bought the ruse and moved substantial forces to Greece, allowing for a fairly easy landing in Sicily.

Big Ben's Digital Readout
In 1980, the BBC reported that order to keep up with the times, the famed London clock Big Ben was going to be refurbished and given a digital readout to replace its iconic hands. The BBC’s Japanese news service did them one better, announcing that the clock hands would be sold off to the first four listeners who contacted them. And just like that, one Japanese sailor immediately radioed in a bid for one of the famous hands - which, of course, weren't for sale.

Vote for Cacareco!
In 1959, a group of college students in Sao Paolo, Brazil, pulled a prank that didn’t just make people laugh, it changed Brazilian pop culture history. They used homemade ballots to get a five-year-old rhinoceros named Cacareco (Portuguese for “rubbish”) elected to the Sao Paolo city council as a protest against corruption. The four-legged politician didn’t just win, he crushed his opposition, garnering 100,000 votes – the highest of any of the 540 candidates for 45 seats on the council.

The election was nullified, but the impact of the prank was lasting. Even today Cacareco’s memory lives on in the expression “Voto Cacareco,” used in Brazil as slang for “protest vote.”
George P. Burdell
In 1923, Georgia Tech student William Edgar Smith received two enrollment forms for the college. So he did what any good prankster would do, and created a fake student to use the other one. His creation, George P. Burdell, coincidentally took all of the same classes as Smith, as well as the same tests – because Smith did all the work twice. Smith took the prank so far that he managed to get Burdell both a bachelor’s and master’s degree, and had him listed as a Georgia Tech alumnus.

Other students carried the prank forward, using “George P. Burdell” as an alias for everything from the Georgia Tech basketball team to bomber crews in World War II to getting him named to the Board of Directors of MAD magazine.
A Great Year for Spaghetti
The BBC pranked viewers around England with a 1957 broadcast by the news show Panorama. In a three-minute segment, they reported on a bumper harvest in southern Switzerland – of spaghetti. Apparently, a mild winter and the wiping out of “the spaghetti weevil," allowed Swiss families to simply pull uncooked strands of pasta off trees and boil them up for dinner. There was even “footage” of a Swiss family harvesting home-grown noodles.

Naturally, hundreds of people called the BBS wanting to know how they could get in on the bumper crop. The BBC replied: "Place a sprig of spaghetti in a tin of tomato sauce and hope for the best."

The Great Nation of San Serriffe
In 1977, British newspaper The Guardian published a seven-page "special report" about a small island nation in the Indian Ocean called San Serriffe. This microscopic republic consisted of several islands called Upper Caisse and Lower Caisse, which made the shape of a semi-colon when you squinted really hard at them. Covering it as if it were a real country, the paper did an in-depth series of articles on the nation’s history, geography, and the daily life of its residents.

British people looking for a new vacation destination called the paper in droves – kicking off their yearly pranking tradition that continues to this day.
Nixon '92
Itching to make up for the wrongs of Watergate, Richard Nixon had an ill-fated campaign for the White House in 1992. Or at least he did for one afternoon. Comedian and Nixon impressionist Rich Little teamed up with NPR host John Hockenberry to pull off the prank on the nationally distributed show Talk of the Nation.

Befuddled listeners called in to let "Nixon" know what a terrible idea it was for him to run again, and the prank ran its course. But it did come up with one truly memorable slogan – “I didn’t do anything wrong, and I won’t do it again.”

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<![CDATA[15 Internet Conspiracy Theories That Are Actually Scary]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/internet-conspiracy-theories/mike-rothschild?source=rss
Save for maybe cat videos, conspiracy theories are the bread and butter of the Internet. But what about conspiracy theories ABOUT the Internet? There are plenty of scary theories floating around conspiracy circles that have major implications for the ever increasingly digital lives we lead. These conspiracies about the Internet, hacking, and other forms of digital crimes will have you seriously considering ditching all your tech gadgets and moving to an isolated cabin in the woods, once and for all.

Whether it's a governmental takeover, massive censorship, Internet-enabled devices being taken over, or giant data storage systems meant to track everything you look at, there are plenty of conspiracies simply about the internet to keep you awake at night - and away from your smartphone. Edward Snowden to high level government officials around the world, plenty of people are worried about these Internet conspiracies, and soon you will be too!

These conspiracy theories are all related to cyberspace, data storage, smart phones, and who actually controls the Internet. Be sure to read them on an old desktop that the NSA can't possibly hack into and upvote the scary Internet theories that have you most frantically clearing your browser history.

15 Internet Conspiracy Theories That Are Actually Scary,

Text That Deletes Itself
British author Luke Harding was well into writing The Snowden Files: The Inside Story of the World's Most Wanted Man, when something bizarre happened to his work: it began to erase itself before his very eyes. In an editorial in The Guardian, Harding wrote,

“The paragraph I had just written began to self-delete. The cursor moved rapidly from the left, gobbling text. I watched my words vanish. When I tried to close my OpenOffice file the keyboard began flashing and bleeping.

"Over the next few weeks these incidents of remote deletion happened several times. There was no fixed pattern but it tended to occur when I wrote disparagingly of the NSA.”

Skeptics pointed out a number of holes in Harding’s story, and pointed out that he probably just got his delete key stuck. Or maybe that's what the NSA wants you to think.

Personal information, such as addresses, social security numbers and private pictures, is put on the Internet so often that there’s a newly coined word for it: “doxing.” Often done as a way to take revenge, or as a simple prank (for the LOLz, as the kids say), doxing first became a serious issue in 2011 when the hacker group Anonymous put the identifying information of 7,000 law enforcement officers online, as a response to a crackdown on their activities.

At other times, doxing has been used to identify Ku Klux Klan members, gun owners, prolific Twitter trolls, women in video game development and journalism, and even the formerly anonymous creator of bitcoins. Piss off the wrong person online, so the theory goes, and they’ll dox you.

Remote Car Hacking
With “the Internet of things” becoming more and more of a reality, it’s not a nightmare scenario for hackers to be able to insert code into the brakes, engine, or locks of an Internet-enabled car and take control of it. According to former White House counter-terrorism head Richard Clarke, “There is reason to believe that intelligence agencies for major powers - including the United States - know how to remotely seize control of a car.”

Whether this has ever actually happened is debatable – some conspiracy theorists believe journalist Michael Hastings was “taken out” in one such attack, though evidence doesn’t support it. But clearly there is at least a theoretical, if not an easily achieved, way to use the Internet to take control of a car and make it do things its rightful owner doesn't want it to do.

The Internet Kill Switch
The idea of one single command bringing down the entire Internet has been referenced in both national security and conspiracy theory circles. Language written in the Communications Act of 1934 gives the president the authority to suspend radio and telephone communications in a time of national crisis. Proponents of a “kill switch” for the Internet contend that there might be a time when such a crisis might prompt the shutdown of the Internet.

Its opponents believe that a power-mad president could activate the kill switch to prevent dissent and nationalize the flow of information – and point to countries like Egypt where the exact same thing has happened. Such a kill switch doesn’t actually exist in the US, despite several years of debate about it.

The TV That Listens to You
February 2015 brought a chilling revelation from Samsung – that their new, Internet-enabled televisions come with a voice activated system. But in order to get it to work, the TV has to hear whatever you say – and that the information can be recorded and downloaded to a third-party server. This innovation brought to mind the telescreens from 1984, where government officials could watch and listen to the proles, ensuring no thoughtcrimes were committed.

Samsung insisted that they weren’t collecting or selling data, and that the TV had an icon that indicated the voice feature had been activated. But it seemed like yet another blow to privacy and information security. It also confirmed that Yakov Smirnoff joke about how “in Soviet Union, TV watches you!”

Webcam Hacking
Anyone creepy enough and at least somewhat technologically minded could remotely turn on your laptop’s webcam, giving him or her the ability to record you doing whatever you’re doing. A Remote Administration Tool (RAT) can be introduced on a computer through a phishing email or malware, giving a hacker the ability to move items around on your desktop, close what you’re working on, or open your DVD drive.

It also gives creeps the ability to watch women working at their computers through their webcams, which they won’t realize are on. RAT-ers conspire to find “slaves” they can hack into, determine which laptops don’t have lights to indicate their webcams are on, and generally say and do creepy stuff. Makes you want to turn your computer off and live in the woods.
Utah Data Center
A gigantic data storage center designed to track everything you do in cyberspace, located in the middle of nowhere with a creepy name and an officially classified mission? Sounds like the stuff of conspiracy theorist nightmares – but it’s a real place. Officially named the Intelligence Community Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative Data Center, but better-known as the Utah Data Center, this million square foot complex cost over $2 billion to build, and can store as much as 12 billion gigabytes of information.

What information does it store? If you believe the Edward Snowden disclosures, everything you do on the Internet and a log of every call you make or receive. Reactions to the sheer size, scope, and creepiness of the Utah Data Center have included protestors flying drones over it and Utah lawmakers proposing bills to cut off its water supply – all activities that are no doubt being logged and stored in the Utah Data Center.

The Great Firewall of China
China’s Golden Shield Project is an ongoing effort to track, watch, and log everything China’s billion citizens do on the Internet – when it’s not simply blocking them from going where they want. The “Great Firewall of China” prohibits users from doing anything that might “harm national security; disclose state secrets; or injure the interests of the state or society, […] create, replicate, retrieve, or transmit information that incites resistance to the PRC Constitution, laws, or administrative regulations; promote the overthrow of the government or socialist system; undermines national unification; distort the truth, spread rumors, or destroy social order; or provide sexually suggestive material or encourage gambling, violence, or murder.”

Needless to say, this can be interpreted to be just about anything, leading to an odious amount of censorship.
Buried in the disclosures made by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden was information about an experimental cyber defense system that could autonomously neutralize and retaliate against foreign cyber attacks against the US. Nicknamed MonsterMind, it’s supposedly the project that caused Snowden to make his initial disclosures, as he was disturbed by the idea of a self-regulating system that has no oversight and can fight back against anything that it deems a threat. Theoretically, it could be turned against ordinary citizens, or decide it doesn’t want to do what it’s supposed to do and rain nuclear missiles on all of us. Or something.

Proponents of the idea believe that a “cyber missile defense system” is exactly what we should be investing in, stopping hack attacks before they happen, rather than playing catch-up and cleaning up the damage.

Employers have long had the ability to monitor every keystroke their employees make on work computers. But the fairly new data science of telematics takes that monitoring one step further. It allows your boss to calculate and develop metrics for every single thing you do at work, developing algorithms for service oriented positions that can determine how much you work, what you make, and even if you keep your job.

Telematics monitors, logs, and tracks how long it takes to edit a document, serve a customer, whether you upsell, if you have to ring something up twice, or even how many steps you take in an office. All of this data is stored, and can easily be hacked into – when it’s not being used to determine your workplace destiny.

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<![CDATA[Celebrities with Secret Babies]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/celebrities-with-secret-babies/keshvaralikhani?source=rss
From break babies to long lost illegitimate offspring, some kids have the unique distinction of being secret children of celebrities. Not all super stars announce their newborns with the fanfare (and payday) of a glossy magazine cover story. For some, the world learns about bundles of joy is spread through whispered words or when the other parent (also secret) calls the tabloids.
Celebrities with secret children tend to be a little cagier than other expectant parents. Which makes sense - since being outed often leads to the end of their seemingly happy relationships. But not all kids on this list of celebrities with secret children are the product of adultery. Some famous parents fathered kids years and years before finding out they existed.

From Chris Brown to Arnold Schwarzenegger, when the world learns about surprise celebrity babies, they can’t get enough. These famous secret parents got surprised (or suddenly surprised the world) with their baby bombshells. Check out the list to learn more about these celebrity baby scandals. 
Celebrities with Secret Babies,

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted to fathering a child with a longtime member of his household staff in 2010. By then, the child, a boy, was already more than a decade old. The news led to the separation of Schwarzenegger and his wife of 25 years, Maria Shriver. 
Chris Brown
Despite an on-again, off-again beginning with girlfriend Karrueche Tran, troubled singer Chris Brown had managed to maintain a fairly solid relationship with the model for over a year. That is, until news broke that he had fathered a nine-month old daughter with another woman named Nia. Pictures even surfaced showing Karrueche and Chris partying with his future baby mama. Tran dumped Brown soon afterward. 
Chuck Norris
An extramarital affair led to Chuck Norris's secret baby. In fact, Norris had no idea he'd fathered a child until the girl, named Dina, wrote him a letter in 1991. By then, she was 26 years old. 
Dwyane Wade
Dwayne Wade is not only the dad of a secret child, he's also the father of the term "break baby." The basketball star conceived a son with Aja Metoyer, reportedly while on a break from his girlfriend, Gabrielle Union. In a case of truly terrible timing, news of Wade's secret baby broke right after he announced he was engaged to Union.
Eddie Murphy
After a messy break up, Eddie Murphy very publicly denied being the father of Mel B/Scary Spice's daughter, Angel. The little girl was born in 2007, and a paternity test later proved he was the dad. 
Frank Sinatra
It's still just an unconfirmed rumor, but many believe that Ronan Farrow, the son of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen, is actually the secret lovechild of Frank Sinatra. Exhibit A: his baby blues. Farrow hinted at the possibility in a 2013 interview with Vanity Fair
Gavin Rossdale
Rocker Gavin Rossdale thought he was just Daisy Lowe's godfather, until a 2004 paternity test proved that he was actually the then 14-year-old's biological dad. Rossdale had a five year relationship with Daisy's mother, Pearl Lowe, in the 1980s while she was still married to fertility specialist Bronner Handwerger. When he found out about his teenage daughter, Rossdale was already married to his current wife, Gwen Stefani. 
Hugh Grant
Hugh Grant fathered three love children in the span of just 15 months, when he was already 53 years old. Two of his children were conceived with Tinglan Hong. The third, a baby boy, was conceived with Swedish television producer Anna Eberstein. In fact, Eberstein was pregnant at the same time as Hong. News that Eberstein's child belonged to Grant didn't break until he named himself on the child's birth certificate nearly one year after the baby was born. 
Simon Cowell
Reality TV and music mogul Simon Cowell surprised the world with news that he was going to be a baby-daddy in 2013. Even more shocking: his secret love child was the product of adultery. Cowell started a secret tryst with his best friend's wife, and ended up being named as a co-respondent in their divorce papers. 
Steven Tyler
Perhaps one of the more famous fathers of a secret child,  Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler had a daughter with the with groupie Bebe Buell, but he didn't know it until many years later. That little girl grew up to be a well-known actress -- Liv Tyler.  Liv thought that Todd Rundgren was her dad until she was eight years old. 

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<![CDATA[37 Secrets That Your Gym May Be Hiding from You]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/gym-secrets/ericascheidt?source=rss
We love any excuse not to go to the gym. Call us lazy, but after finding out some of these gym secrets, we feel pretty secure in our decision to stay on the couch! Although one would think that the gym is a healthy, safe, and productive environment for getting your sweat on, it's actually quite the opposite: the big box gyms are more gross, dangerous, and overpriced than you could ever imagine! What dirty little secrets does your gym not want you to know?

Have you ever wondered why that one cute personal trainer disappeared after a couple of training sessions? Or why (no matter what time of the day you go), the gym is always crazy overcrowded? Or why it's nearly impossible to cancel a gym membership once you've given up on working out everyday? All these questions and more are answered in this shocking list, and you'll definitely rethink your membership after reading through all these secrets that gym owners would never want you to learn. 

So next time you feel bad about skipping a workout, just keep in mind some of these gym secrets. Whether this list makes you rethink locking yourself into an ironclad contract, or encourages you to take a scalding hot shower before and after coming into contact with any gym equipment, we hope that you use this gym secrets list as a guide. Stay on the couch for this list, and then get your workouts in at home, because these secrets that gym owners are hiding from you will make you feel great about passing on the gym!

37 Secrets That Your Gym May Be Hiding from You,

Check That Cancellation Policy
Breaking up is hard to do, but canceling a gym membership is damn near impossible. Of the thousands of complaints consumers file against health clubs every year, the biggest gripes are billing and collection issues. More often than not, your credit card will continue to be charged monthly, even if you have taken all the steps to cancel your membership. Most gyms will only let you out of a contract if you can give a sufficient reason that your membership can't be transferred to a different location, and most have sneaky fine print in their contracts that say you can only cancel in person or by certified mail. 

Source: Fitbie

Your Super Hot Personal Trainer May Be Super Dumb
While you may love being screamed at by some ripped hottie in a tank top, you may wanna check their credentials before you decide to do that extra set of lunges. It's become so easy to become a personal trainer that practically anyone can do it; you can even get certified via an at-home, open-book test. Before you commit to signing up with a trainer, check in with the gym manager about their hiring criteria.

Source: Fitbie 

While You're Trying to Catch Your Breath, You May Be Breathing in Toxic Pollutants
Breathe in those toxins, baby! A recent study by The New York Times found that gyms have high levels of air pollutants such as formaldehyde, airborne dust, and carbon dioxide, generally exceeding accepted standards for air quality.

Source: Fox News

You May Get Abs at the Gym, but You Also Might Get Gross Germs
Need another excuse not to go to the gym today? The place is literally crawling with disgusting germs, viruses, bacteria, and fungi. One study found that three-fourths of weight equipment was contaminated with cold-causing rhinoviruses, and even wiping surfaces down twice didn't completely nix germs. Even worse? MRSA and other types of staph infections can be contracted if a cut or scrape on your skin comes in contact with the bacteria. And don't even get us started on the locker rooms. Bacteria, fungi, and viruses flourish there.

Sources: Fitbie

Get That Initiation Fee Waived Beause It's B.S. Anyways
One cardinal rule when joining a new gym: never, ever pay the initiation fee! It's only another avenue for the gym to make more money and almost every gym will waive it if you ask for it. Don't be a fool and save yourself hundreds of dollars because it's all B.S. anyways. 

Source: Live Strong

Get a Membership in the Summer, Not the Winter
We all make the same New Year's resolution: go to the gym, eat right, lose weight. Well since that resolution usually lasts for about a month, it's easy for gym memberships to sell the most during the month of January, making it nearly impossible to score a deal. Get a membership in the summertime, however, when only 6% of new memberships come in, and you'll definitely get a membership at a major discount.  

Source: Fitbie

If You Move Away from Your Local Corporate Gym, You Better Not Be within 25 Miles of Another Location
Like a crazy ex, no matter where you go, the gym will always find you. For most commercial gyms, in order to cancel you have to move exactly 25 miles away from the nearest corporate club you signed with. And when we say 25 miles, we mean EXACTLY 25 miles. If you manage to live within 24.8 miles, you'll be stuck paying for another year-long membership. 

Source: East Bay Trainer

Bring Your Own Water Bottle Because the Fountains Are Disgusting
Staying hydrated is absolutely crucial before, during, and after workouts. However, stay as far away as possible from using the public water fountains at the gym because they're covered in germs. We urge you to bring your own water bottle and water to any workout. Don't believe us? A study done by Coverall Cleaning found more germs on water fountains than it did on toilets.

Source: Pop Sugar

Bring Your Own Exercise or Yoga Mat... Unless You Want Foot Fungus
And the gym just keeps getting grosser! Refrain from using the gym's mats if you want to save yourself from coming into contact with dangerous bacteria. The New York Times reported that cases of athlete's foot and plantar warts have skyrocketed since Pilates and yoga became popular.

Source: Spark People

Fancy Weight Machines Won't Do Much to Help You
Ever walked into your gym's weight room and been overwhelmed by all of the fancy weight machines? Fear not, you never have to embarrass yourself at one of these machines again because it turns out, they're not that great for you. Weight machines train individual muscles in isolation, while the rest of you sits completely inert. While that's all well and good for something like physical therapy, these machines don't create real-world strength.

Source: Men's Journal

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<![CDATA[The Last Tweets of Deceased Celebrities]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-last-tweets-of-dead-celebrities-v1/keshvaralikhani?source=rss
Before the age of the Internet, famous last words were immortalized in journals, books, and through word of mouth. But now that we document every single moment of our lives on the web, you’re much more likely to find the last words of celebrities right where you’d expect them - on Twitter.

These may not be their official last words, but they are the last public statements these celebrities ever made. Whether or not these stars knew they were about to die, the last tweets of dead celebrities offer snapshots into the final moments of their famous lives.

Some famous people, like Maya Angelou and Leonard Nimoy, left last tweets that perfectly encapsulate their spirits and legacies. Others, like Billy Mays and Reeva Steenkamp (the woman killed by “Blade Runner” Oscar Pistorius), Tweeted final words that chillingly foreshadowed their doomed futures.

Some of the famous people on this list are celebrities who died unexpectedly, while others took their own lives or suffered long illnesses. Whether these dead celebrities’ last tweets were promoting upcoming shows, making jokes, or sending love to their family members, they’re the last words fans will ever get to read. At least until some distant relative takes over their Twitter account and starts spamming your feed with obnoxious quotes. RIP.
The Last Tweets of Deceased Celebrities,

Billy Mays

Carrie Fisher

Elaine Stritch

Garry Shandling

George Michael

Leonard Nimoy

Maya Angelou

Patty Duke

Robin Williams

Harris Wittels

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<![CDATA[The Best Movies Where Nothing Really Happens]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/movies-where-nothing-happens/anncasano?source=rss

It’s not like absolutely nothing happens in these movies, it’s more like nothing happens in the traditional sense of Hollywood storytelling. These movies (most of them indie films) feature no real story or major plot points, but are more artistic in nature. Sure, not a lot happens as far as the story goes, but it's all about the feel of it, right?! Right. These are the best movies where nothing happens, but will totally make you think.

In 99% of the movies you see in theaters, there is one main plot line that drives the narrative forward in order to achieve a single goal. Every scene, every bit of dialogue, and every character is in place for the sole purpose of progressing towards the climax of one story’s conclusion. That goal may be to find the gold, win the big game, solve the murder case, make it off the island, finish the musical to a standing ovation, or save the day.

However, there is a small set of films, usually independent films released outside of the studio system, that defy this formulaic traditional Hollywood structure. The films on this list are not defined by one single narrative plot line with the end result of achieving a singular goal. These films are not interested in the same generic stories and arcs that we’ve seen a million times. These films are instead concerned with examining aspects like the human condition, or deconstructing a complicated relationship with real dialogue.

Even though several movies on this list are critically acclaimed films, they did not see big box office grosses. For all the awards and positive buzz that Boyhood received, its total box office gross was around $25 million, and it was in theaters for months! You may be wondering how it’s possible that a film with so much hype could be so low grossing. Well, it’s simple. It’s because nothing really happens… at least in the grand sense. There are no major catastrophes, the boy (Mason) in the film does not grow up to be the president, there is no murder case to solve, there is no evil villain.

Instead, Boyhood examines growing up, it tracks the progression of all the characters as they get older and face new chapters in their lives. No one who had anything to do with the film thought the production was going to rake it in at the box office. These types of films where nothing happens are art pieces; they are not made for the masses. This list represents the best movies where nothing really happens. However, they are inspiring and satisfying, despite their lack of a traditional plot. Anyone can enjoy these films and relate to their deeper meanings, but it takes some getting used to. There are no giant explosions and showy special effects here!

Upvote the best movies in which nothing happens below and start the discussion about these films' themes and ideas in the comments section!

The Best Movies Where Nothing Really Happens,

American Graffiti
Oh, the good ole days. George Lucas's coming of age film is really just about a bunch of bored teenagers hanging out - and it's brilliant. It made audiences yearn for their younger days, when it was perfectly acceptable to hang out at the diner all night, cruise the strip, and listen to great tunes with your best buds.

There are plenty of pointless debates about Star Wars and career goals between a minimum wage worker and his friends who come visit him (all day) at the Quick Stop convenience store. Kevin Smith's black and white uber-low budget comedy is plotless, but its familiar dialogue makes us feel like we're chatting alongside the characters like we're all old pals.

Dazed and Confused
This 1993 Linklater coming of age comedy is set in 1976. The film follows a group of Texas teenagers on their last day of school. There is some hazing, a little weed smoking, and a whole lotta drinking. The film is a simple day-in-the-life tale of high school students celebrating the birth of summer. And yes, "it would be a lot cooler if you did."

Easy Rider: The Ride Back
The tagline for the 1969 Peter Fonda road movie is, "A man went looking for America. And couldn't find it anywhere." Two bikers cruise the country, that's more or less the plot of what would become one of Hollywood's most iconic films about the counter-culture.
Forrest Gump

A lot happens in Forrest Gump. The entire second half of 20th century America, minus the mid-to-late '90s, is in there. The Vietnam War, the Civil Rights Movement, AIDS, predatory capitalism, Elvis, Watergate. Yet, if you think about it, none of this actually happens.

Forrest is telling the audience a story. All of it already happened. The movie is 100% passive; ie, there is no active drama. Nothing you see on screen occurs in the present tense. The only thing that truly happens in that movie is Forrest Gump sitting on a bench telling strangers stories. Snore. 

Kids is not for the faint of heart. While lacking no real plot per se, the film explores the lives of a group of reckless, very sexually active, drug-using teenagers in New York. Oh, and it takes place during the heart of the AIDS scare in 1995. There is no true central narrative, but we do get a rich look at how young people make horrific, life-threatening decisions.

Lost in Translation
Did you think that Bob (Bill Murray) and Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson) would eventually hook up? They never do. Instead, director Sophia Coppola explores themes like alienation and loneliness. There is a secret whisper and a short kiss but other than than, guess what? Nothing really happens.

Napoleon Dynamite
The comedy examines what it's like to be a totally socially awkward teen in high school. But the biggest thing that happens in the story is Pedro getting elected as class president, despite giving the worst speech ever. You'll cringe a lot during the movie, but you'll spend plenty of time laughing as well.

Reservoir Dogs
Sure, there is a bank robbery gone wrong in the story. But Tarantino's first feature film is a classic because of the scenes where the characters are just sitting around discussing things like why you should or should not tip a waitress, and the virtues of Madonna's hit song "Like a Virgin." Mr. Blonde's take on the pop song's meaning: "It's about a girl who is very vulnerable. She's been f*cked over a few times. Then she meets some guy who's really sensitive."

Taxi Driver
We watch Travis Bickle (Robert De Niro) drive around New York City, wishing for the day when "a real rain will come and wash all the scum off the streets." Scorsese's film is about loneliness, isolation, and delusion. Bickle is a menacing figure who means well, but it's not his actions that make up the classic neo-noir, it's how the film deconstructs the darkness of human nature.

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<![CDATA[Rank All of the Girlfriends from "Friends"]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/girlfriends-from-tv-series-friends/anncasano?source=rss

Audiences delighted in watching ten seasons of the NBC mega-hit comedy Friends. The show was a Thursday night institution back when it was an honor to air a sitcom on Thursday nights. Throughout its 236 episode run, fans got to witness the up and down love lives of six people who we grew to think of as our own personal friends. But which girlfriends from the show Friends rank the highest?

Of course, Ross would end up with Rachel; they were simply meant to be. But the paleontologist had to go through several girls, some of whom he loved, one of whom he even married, before he realized that he would never get over the girl he had adored since high school. Chandler also had his share of women come in and out of his life before he married Monica. One of them, Janice, kept coming in and out of his life even though he thought she was perhaps the single most annoying female on the planet. But come on, admit it, Janice probably even grew on you a bit, too. She was the only cast member besides the six friends to appear in every single season. Someone liked her!

Then there was Joey Tribbiani. The Italian Lothario never had a problem scoring with the ladies, but he also never seemed to find the love of his life, despite having many girlfriends and relationships.

This list ranks all the girlfriends of Ross, Chandler, and Joey. Some of the girls were catches, most of them needed to be thrown back in the water, and some of them were doomed from the start (like anyone not named Rachel Green who dated Ross.) Which girlfriends from the Friends TV series do you think were the best and most fun to watch? Which of these television girlfriends stole your heart? Upvote the best GFs of the guys from Friends below!

Rank All of the Girlfriends from "Friends",

Monica Geller
Who knew Chandler's true love was right across the hall the whole time? They finally hooked up during Ross's and Emily's season four wedding. Audiences watched them grow as a couple, get married during season seven, and adopt twins and plan a move to the suburbs in season 10.

Rachel Green
Rachel and Ross are perhaps one of the most celebrated on-again-off-again couples in television history. It took the pair ten seasons, 236 episodes, and multiple failed relationships with other people, but they finally got their act together at the end of season 10.

Janice Hosenstein
OH MY GOD!!! Janice (Maggie Wheeler) was Chandler's on-again-off-again girlfriend for the first four seasons of the show and appeared in 19 total episodes over the course of the entire series. You will no doubt remember her nasally voice, rich New York accent, and obnoxious laugh. At one point, Chandler was so annoyed with Janice that he pretended he was moving to Yemen in order to try and get rid of her for good.  

Carol Willick
Before the series began, Ross's first wife Carol (played by Anita Barone for one episode and then Jane Sibbett for the rest of the series) came out to Ross as a lesbian and announced that she was pregnant with his son, who she would raise with her partner, Susan. Ross stayed involved though, and Carol made 16 appearances on Friends in six different seasons.

Kate Miller
Joey had eyes for his costar Kate (Dina Meyer) in season three. Even though she's dating the play's director, she falls for Joey's charm. When the play bombs because the costars reportedly have no onstage chemistry, Kate gets dumped by the director and eventually takes off for a soap opera gig in Los Angeles. Kate appeared on the show for a total of three episodes.

Charlie Wheeler
Charlie (Aisha Tyler) was a colleague of Ross's and fellow paleontology professor. Of course, he wanted to ask her out but was beat to the punch by Joey in a season nine episode. Eventually, Charlie came to the fairly obvious conclusion that she and the simpler minded Joey had very little in common. Ross eventually manned up and professed his feelings to her. The pair began a relationship until Charlie broke it off to go back to Dr. Hobart (Greg Kinnear). Charlie appeared in nine episodes.

Jill Green
Appearing in two episodes, Jill, Rachel's younger sister played by Reese Witherspoon, followed Rachel to the big city to start fresh. And by "start fresh," she apparently meant "date Ross out of spite." Ross was no dummy though, and ended it before it got too serious, knowing that if anything happened with Jill, it would kill any chance of a relationship with Rachel.
Kathy (Paget Brewster) and Joey hook up in season four. She's an actor but also an intellectual, not necessarily Joey's type. Meanwhile, Chandler falls in lust with Kathy. They share a kiss and their mutual attraction nearly tears apart Joey and Chandler's friendship. Joey ultimately gives them his blessing and Chandler starts to date Kathy. However, the relationship doesn't last very long as Kathy once again can't stay faithful. Kathy was in the picture for six episodes.

Mona (Bonnie Somerville) was Ross's girlfriend for seven episodes during season eight. She was actually really cool and sweet, and even remained that way after she discovered that Ross had a baby with Rachel. In the end, however, Mona was just another roadblock in the way of Ross and Rachel getting back together.

Janine LaCroix
Janine (Elle Macpherson) is really, really attractive. So attractive in fact that when Chandler moves out to move in with Monica, Joey automatically agrees to let her be his new roomie based solely upon her looks. The pair eventually begin to date but the relationship ends when Janine confesses that she doesn't like Monica and Chandler. Janine appears in five episodes during season six.

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<![CDATA[Hidden Easter Eggs from Your Favorite 90s Movies]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/90s-movie-easter-eggs/anncasano?source=rss
You know how Hitchcock liked to play “Where’s Waldo” in all of his films and make a sneaky cameo appearance? Or what about when Quentin Tarantino recycles some of his old characters and references them in new films? These are examples of Easter eggs, those hidden, but intentionally placed wink-wink, inside jokes that are popular in many movies and Hollywood films - and the '90s were no exception. All your favorite '90s films are chock full of clever Easter eggs, but you better be paying attention if you want to see them.

As you can imagine, film buffs have become totally obsessed with finding these hidden gems. Easter eggs make repeated viewings of a movie and watching a film with the DVD commentary on an absolute must for movie geeks and '90s nostalgia fans alike. Classic movies from the nineties that are full of Easter eggs include Fight Club, Pulp Fiction, and a whole bunch of Disney films.

This list of totally cool Easter eggs from your favorite movies of the 1990s will take you back to that memorable decade in film, and you'll see some of the top 90s movies in a whole new way. Some of these 90s film Easter eggs you might have heard of before, while others are a little more obscure. Nonetheless, they're all totally cool.

Vote up the coolest and most interesting hidden Easter eggs from 90s movies below!

Hidden Easter Eggs from Your Favorite 90s Movies,

There's a Nod to Clint Eastwood in Back to the Future III
Sequels are known for their Easter eggs. Remember when Marty tells his family that his name is Clint Eastwood when he goes back to the past? Later in the movie, Marty moves his poncho to show off that he's wearing a metal plate. It's a clear nod to Eastwood in the classic Western A Fistful of Dollars.

Hitchcock Appears in the Psycho Remake
Alfred Hitchcock is one of the earliest pioneers of the movie Easter egg, and famously had a cameo in 39 of his 52 films. In an homage to the late director, Gus Van Sant placed a Hitchcock look-a-like in his shot-for-shot remake of the Hitchcock horror classic Psycho. In the scene, Hitchcock is yelling at Van Sant.

Fire Marshall Bill Makes an Appearance in Liar Liar
During the last scene of the Jim Carrey comedy Liar Liar, if you look close enough into the crowd, you will spot Fire Marshall Bill, a character Carrey played during his In Living Color days.

Predator 2 Features a Xenomorph Skull from Alien
These franchises wink and nod back and forth a lot. In one scene, we peer inside the Predator's trophy room, and clearly see the skull of a Xenomorph (the creature from the Alien films.)

Fight Club Features a Hidden Message from Tyler Durden
This is perhaps one of the best Easter eggs of all time. At the beginning of David Fincher's postmodern rant on consumerism, the FBI warning reads:

"If you are reading this then this warning is for you. Every word you read of this useless fine print is another second of your life. Don't you have other things to do? Is your life so empty that you honestly can't think of a better way to spend these moments? Or are you so impressed with authority that you give respect and credence to all who claim it? Do you read everything you're supposed to read? Do you think everything you're supposed to think? Buy what you're told you should want? Get out of your apartment. Meet a member of the opposite sex. Stop the excessive shopping and masturbation. Quit your job. Start a fight. Prove you're alive. If you don't claim your humanity you will become a statistic. You have been warned.......Tyler."

Martin Scorsese Makes His Mom a Star in Goodfellas
Yes, that is none other than Catherine Scorsese as Tommy's (Joe Pesci) mom, cooking the boys a late night dinner in the kitchen scene in Goodfellas. Scorsese has given his mother a cameo in several of his films including Moonstruck and Casino.

The Moth Head on the Silence of the Lambs Movie Poster Is Actually Naked Ladies
You know the iconic death head's moth with the skull marking on The Silence of the Lambs poster? Turns out it's not a skull at all, it's actually seven nude women in the shape of skull, taken from a famous photograph with surrealist master Salvador Dali.

E.T. Sits in on a Senate Hearing in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
As we all know, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg are old friends who came up in the film business together. If you look past Queen Amidala in this scene from The Phantom Menace, you can spot a three E.T.s (or what really looks like E.T.) sitting in on the Senate meeting.

Toy Story Features Multiple Winks at The Shining
Pixar is known for throwing around Easter eggs left and right. Although they are typically winking at themselves, here they pay homage to Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece The Shining.

The Die Hard with a Vengeance and Pulp Fiction Connection
Remember when Bruce Willis sings the song "Flowers on the Wall" over the soundtrack in Pulp Fiction? When he's asked how he's been in Die Hard with a Vengeance, he responds with the lyrics from the song saying, "smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo."

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<![CDATA[37 Pets Who Don't Understand Glass Surfaces]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/pets-on-glass/ashley-reign?source=rss
Ever notice how one of the things you just can’t help but love about animals is their constant sense of wonder? Here we’ve compiled a collection of cute GIFs of pets and animals discovering one of the wonders of the modern world: glass. As you’ll see however, the joy comes not so much from watching them interact with the strange, see through surfaces before them, but in their total lack of comprehension of them. So check out these cats on glass and cute animals and pets who don’t understand glass surfaces.
We’ve gathered a collection of dogs that have no idea why their treats have suddenly decided to stop and hang suspended in midair and cats on glass tables that don’t understand why their floating toys aren’t yielding to their usual bats. There are also a couple of larger fur-balls (like bears and lions and stuff) who are just as mystified by the glass barriers that present real inconveniences when it comes to making contact with the tasty looking kids standing outside their habitats at the zoo.
So lets visit this group of irresistible animals and pets who just don’t understand glass surfaces. Not only will this list make you smile, it’s a great one to have around the next time you’re having an off-day. Sometimes it’s just nice to know you’re not the only one who has to take a minute to fully comprehend the complexities of life.

37 Pets Who Don't Understand Glass Surfaces,

Patty Cake = Nailing It

"What Is This Sorcery and How Do I Bat it Back to Hell Where it Belongs?!"

"Invisible Force Field. I Think I Has One."

"Must. Bat. Faster."

"Just Because You Can't See it, Doesn't Mean it Isn't There."

Kitteh Feelz Your Time Would Be Much Better Spent Petting Than Staring Through Empty Rims

"What Is This Object and How Does it Know the Song of My People?"

"How You Get on the Other Side?!"

Afternoon Snack Fail in 3... 2... 1

"Safe. Always Better Than Sorry."

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<![CDATA[The 53 Dumbest Criminals Ever]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/dumb-criminals/jacob-shelton?source=rss
This list of the dumbest criminals will make you feel like a rocket scientist. While it's nice to know that most criminals are too idiotic to follow through with their hair brained schemes, it's kind of depressing to realize how stupid a lot of people really are. The deplorable dumb dumbs on this list sound more like fictional characters than they do hardened criminals. But these crime fails are all totally real. And yes, that includes the guys who tried to rob a grocery store while riding a donkey. These are the worst criminals ever, who were just too stupid to be successful. 

This collection of the dumbest criminals of all time ranges from almost the entire state of Florida, to people who committed crimes in police stations, and a guy who tried to sell weed to a detective. How do you think that ended for him?!

Hopefully after reading about the idiots on this list of dumb criminals you'll have learned some life lessons. For instance, don't try to write yourself a $360 billion check. You can't do that. No one will cash it for you. If you steal an iPad, maybe don't take selfies with everyone in your crew the moment you get back to your house. Selfies can wait for when you have changed the iCloud account to "not the original owner's." And please, stop drinking and driving - even if you're driving with one eye closed to counteract the double vision, it's just not a good idea.

Vote up the dumbest of the dumb criminals on this list of idiotic crimes that completely failed.
The 53 Dumbest Criminals Ever,

Florida Man Answers Call from Security Company During Robbery
Amateur criminal and professional dumb dumb Christopher Kron made every mistake possible in robbery history when he tried to rob a restaurant after it closed one night. Not only did he trip the silent alarm, but when ADT called the restaurant after being notified, Kron answered the phone and gave them his REAL NAME. He returned to the restaurant the next day and was recognized by an employee who had seen the surveillance video. Kron was arrested on the spot.

Source: NBC

Two Nabbed in iPad Theft When Selfies Appear on Owner's iCloud
Two men arrested in Houston were accused of stealing an iPad and using it to take selfies that they unknowingly uploaded to the owner's iCloud account. The men appeared in the photos displaying money they were also accused of taking from the victim. At least they didn't have to listen to that new U2 album!

Man Applies for Job Before Robbing Golden Pantry
Demetrius Robinson, 28, wanted to rob a Golden Pantry store late one night, but he needed to pass the time as naturally as possible until he and the clerk were alone, so he decided to fill out a job application. Not a bad idea, except he left his real name on the application, along with his uncle’s phone number. After he robbed the store, it didn’t take long for police to track him down. He didn’t get the job.

Source: Sun Journal

Fake Cop Pulls Over Real Cop
A police impersonator in Dumfries, VA tried to pull over an off-duty officer, when the real cop informed the fake cop that he was a real cop (this is getting confusing) the fake cop ran away but was quickly apprehended and hauled off to a very real prison. 

Source: USA Today

Criminals Draw on Their Faces with Marker to Disguise Themselves
Before breaking into an apartment, Joey Miller and Matthew McNelly decided to put on disguises. And by disguises we mean they covered their faces in permanent marker. The thing about permanent marker is that... well it's permanent. 

After the burglary, the pair was pulled over by police and immediately recognized because of their hair. Just kidding, it was their faces covered in permanent marker that set them apart from the crowd. 

Source: The Telegraph

Florida Man Marks Occupation as Drug Dealer on Arrest Report
A West Palm Beach, FL man was arrested on a slew of charges, and was perhaps a bit too honest on his arrest report. He listed his occupation as "drug dealer" and was charged with being the most obvious criminal in the history of crime.

Source: Florida Times Union

Man Applies for Welfare While Driving a Hummer
Let it be known that you can now be arrested for ballin' on a budget. William Anderson, 51, was arrested after attracting attention by applying for welfare while driving an H2 Hummer. Thinking it an odd sight, the local sheriff ran the plates, and the vehicle came up as stolen.

Source: Times News

Crackhead Tries to Get Her Money Back After Buying Wack Crack
Eoise Reaves stretched the limits of “to serve and protect” when she approached a policeman and asked him to help her get her money back for the poor-quality crack cocaine she’d just purchased. She showed him the crack, which she had tucked away in her mouth, and he placed her under arrest. How does one know when crack has gone bad?

Source: Shroomery

Crooked Cop Drives Ferrari to Work
The dumbest policeman in the world, who was making some extra cash with drugs and prostitution, was brought to justice after driving a $170,000 Ferrari to work. Osman Iqbal, an officer based in Birmingham England, was jailed for seven years for running a brothel.

Source: Time

Robber Gives Cashier His Phone Number
18 year old Ruben Zarate wanted to rob a muffler shop in Chicago and demanded money. Unfortunately it was mostly in the safe. Zarate decided that he would try again later. To save himself some time, he left his cell phone number with the store employees. That way, they could call him when the manager returned.

Source: News Sentinel

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<![CDATA[The Most Offensively Over-the-Top Stock Images of Fat People]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/fat-people-shutterstock-photos/keshvaralikhani?source=rss
Overweight people have to deal with a lot of tough issues: dieting, fat shaming, swimsuit shopping. Not to mention the body image and health troubles that come with being on the heavier side. Nowhere is their struggle more obvious that in the pages of Shutterstock.

Stock photos of fat people tend to be comically over the top. For one thing, they are almost always about food: fat women rolling around in piles hamburgers, chubby men stuffing themselves with cake on the couch. You name it, Shutterstock’s got it. Unless, of course, you want something reasonable and realistic.

These funny stock photos of fat people feature some of the most ridiculous of the stock images on the web. From a fat guy trying to exercise without eating (hilarious!), to a lady literally making out with a bar of chocolate, Shutterstock knows no bounds when it comes to selling some of the most offensive pictures on the Internet.

If you’re looking for a practical shot of an overweight person just trying to go about their day, you’re out of luck. But if you need a photo of a fat woman who is slowly turning into a giant donut, you’ve come to the right place!

Which fat stock photo is craziest? You be the judge.
The Most Offensively Over-the-Top Stock Images of Fat People,

Gross Fat Guy Burns Calories by Farting Fire

Fat Man's Beer Belly Rivals Pregnant Wife's Stomach

A Woman Literally Lying on a Bed of Fast Food

Fat Woman Beats Scale to Death

Hero Man Eats Sandwich While Working Out

Fat Woman Can't Stop Dreaming of Cartoon Donut

Heavy Woman Considers Murdering Friend for Chicken

Fat Man Dreams of Looking Like Cartoon Male Model

Tiny Fat Woman Ready to Tackle Giant Cake

Heavy Couple Dreams Big Dreams Together

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<![CDATA[The Worst Roommate Horror Stories of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/roommate-horror-stories/jessica-lawshe?source=rss

We've all had our share of bad roommates, but the ones on this list will make you feel grateful for even your worst cohabitants. Even if your roommate is the kind of person that eats your entire jar of peanut butter, at least they're not pouring paint on you before a job interview, or blaming you for their husband leaving them. It's always nice to find a silver lining. For starters, chances are you've either had a messy roommate or been the messy roommate. But arguments over who should clean the dishes are child's play compared to these crazy roommate stories. We all know it's important to pay your rent and leave your roomie's food alone, but some people just can't seem to learn the basic rules of roommate etiquette. Maybe living alone is just the way to go.

Our list ranges from silly, harmless pranks to the stuff of nightmares and Presidential hopefuls. You may even learn a thing or two from the world's worst roommates. For instance, never sign a rental agreement that bans you from eating bacon. Also, it's probably not cool to pee on your roommate's clothes unless they're covered in jellyfish. Some of the crazies that are covered here are bad roommates and some are just plain old bad people. Before you go perusing an online roommate finder, you may want to read through these roommate horror stories to make sure you catch the early warning signs.

 Who are the worst roommates of all time? We'll let you decide.

The Worst Roommate Horror Stories of All Time,

The King of Bad Break Ups

We've all had a roommate who's gone through a bad break up, but imagine if your roommate had the most hellish breakup every other week. You'd never get any sleep, your front door would be permanently vandalized, and you might even have to deal with one of their ex's parents. No thanks. 

Family Sues MSU Over Erratic Roommate

Sending your 18-year-old child away to college to live with a complete stranger is a scary thing, and Todd and Maureen Clark had their fears affirmed when it turned out that their baby boy was rooming with someone who had already been kicked out of college for stealing mail and committing "sexually inappropriate acts."

After living with the sexually assaulting, mail stealing roommate, the Clark's son tried to commit suicide and had to drop of out school. In 2015 the Clarks sued MSU for an undisclosed amount of money. 

TV Channel Dispute Leads to Cops, Period Blood

It's common for roommates to argue about which channel to watch, but it's just a little bit crazy when an argument over the remote turns into a call to the police. When these roommates couldn't agree, they not only called the cops, but one of the ladies accused the other of smearing period blood all over the bed. Even crazier? That period blood turned out to be the accusing roommate's own! (Seriously, the cops tested it).


The Real Single White... Male?

Brittany Ossenfort met her roommate, Michelle, through a mutual friend. Everything was going great until Michelle got all Single White Female on Brittany and started an unofficial, solo look alike contest. Brittany was fine with everything until she got a call from a local police precinct asking her to bail "Brittany Ossenfort" out of county. It turns out that Michelle was actually a trans prostitute who was caught soliciting to a police officer, and when she was arrested she took on Brittany's persona. The entire ordeal has all but ruined the real Brittany's life, and forever connected her name to Michelle/Richard Phillips for the rest of her life. 

The Roommate Who Was Allergic to Doing the Dishes

You don't want to do the dishes every time you use a plate, that's totally normal. But if you're living with a group of people you can't blame your ADHD for you being a slob like this anonymous roommate. Also, if people get upset with you about not doing the dishes, don't start stealing the dishes in an attempt to make it look like there are no dirty dishes. The dishes are still dirty, they're just hidden under your bed and getting dirtier. Here's some advice: just do the dishes. Or destroy the earth and eat on paper plates, but don't be a weirdo about cleaning up after yourself. 

Sh*tty Roommate Craps the Bed

While staying in a hostel in Barcelona, a weary traveler was woken up in the middle of the night by a trunk Brazilian guy wearing nothing but a towel. After some heated words, the guy noticed that his hand smelled terrible. When he turned on the light he saw that his hand was covered in some mystery feces. When he confronted the Brazilian, he played dumb, and in the time it took to wash his hand off the Brazilian had fallen asleep in his bed. You know the old saying, "Don't stay in a hostel unless you want a Brazilian to sh*t on your door handle and fall asleep in your bed."



Roommate Spits and Pours Windex in Food

Here's an idea for all you folks that found your roommate on Craigslist, or by some other twist of fate: set up a hidden camera in your kitchen.

You never know if your roommate is going to go full Heathers and pour spit and Windex into your food like Hayley King, a University of South Carolina student who was arrested after her roommates caught her acting like a crazy person. Also, "Spit and Windex" is up for grabs if any grindcore bands need a new name. 

Roommate Outlaws Cooking Bacon

It makes sense to sign a contract with your roommates because everyone should know what their obligations are to the space they're occupying. It's called being adult, but a 10-page contract that forbids bacon, red sauce, and threatens a monetary fee if you receive junk mail is too hot for our blood. 


Roommate Steals All the Batteries

Imagine returning home to discover this: your roommate has replaced all the batteries in your electronics with smarties. Not cool! At the very least they could have used a candy that someone would actually want to eat. 

Demanding Roommate is Demanding

Moving into a dorm is always a gamble you're more than likely going to lose. These UCLA freshmen learned that the hard way when they started receiving incredibly demanding emails from their roommate before they even moved into the dorms. Imagine trying to mentally prepare to move into a new period into your life while getting novella length emails with paragraphs like this:

“Okay so I’m not sure why neither of you responded back to my emails, but I don’t really care as long as you both know this and understand that I’m not going to settle for anything less than what I’m gonna tell you that I’m gonna get once I arrive in the dorm. I’ll take the top bunk. I DO NOT want the single bunk where it has a desk underneath the top bunk so don’t try to leave me that. I’m also taking one of the white closets. There should be two white closes and I’m taking one of them. I don’t care which one it is, just know I’m taking one of them."

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<![CDATA[29 Characters Who Were Killed/Written Off of TV Shows]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/characters-written-off-tv-shows/jacob-shelton?source=rss
Writing or killing off a character is a big deal for any show (except Game of Thrones, characters on that show drop like flies). Some shows, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer or The Office make sure to give their characters a ritualistic send off into that sweet fictional heaven and others take care to provide a sensible storyline about where characters are headed, if written off. But more often, it seems that some programs write nary a death scene or even give a word of exposition to put their viewers' minds at ease. This is the list of characters that were written off of their TV shows, maybe a little too soon. 

Since the dawn of the age of television, characters have been coming and going. Sometimes a supporting character on one show will get a starring role on another, or maybe the star on one show will turn out to be a giant piece of garbage who gets written out without prior warning - Hollywood is tough, baby! You've got to roll with the punches. The characters on this list were unceremoniously written off their TV series. Some of them were released for good reasons (we're looking at you Charlie Sheen), some where actors who quit, and some were let go due to machinations far out of their control.

Writers' strikes, drug and alcohol addiction, and just plain wanting to be written off the show - it's all on this list and few things are more disappointing to fans than characters written off, when they were the ones you loved to watch. After you click through, feel free to leave a comment letting us know if we missed anyone of if there's a character that disappeared that you especially missed.
29 Characters Who Were Killed/Written Off of TV Shows,

George O'Malley
By all accounts, T.R. Knight hated working on Grey's Anatomy, and by the fifth season he was begging to be written away to a cabin in the woods. He sort of got what he wanted. George was hit by a bus and so horribly disfigured that not even his closest friends could recognize him. Remind us to never ask Shonda Rhimes for anything…ever.
Jess Mariano
Oh, Jess, you were every girl's bad boy crush in the early aughts, what with your rugged good looks and your street smarts. After three seasons on Gilmore Girls he was offered a spin-off from the show that would follow the character to southern California. Due to filming costs the show never took off and Jess periodically returned to Stars Hollow to give Rory grief.
Laurie Forman
Laurie Foreman was supposed to be the main foil for the kids on That '70s Show. She was Eric's sexy sister who distracted Kelso and always needed to mooch money from her parents. But by the fourth season, Lisa Robin Kelly (the actress who played her) was suffering from alcoholism and had to be written out of the show. The character returned briefly in the sixth season, played by a different actress. Lisa Robin Kelly passed away in her sleep while at a rehab facility in 2013.
Marissa Cooper
Rumor has it that Barton, who portrayed notorious hot mess Marissa Cooper on The O.C., wanted out of the series to pursue a film career. So she died in the arms of her true love, Ryan Atwood, after being involved in a car wreck. It could have been worse, she could have been lifted into the sky by a UFO.
Prue Halliwell
Shannen Doherty must have a tie with Charlie Sheen for being written out of shows. After three seasons of feuding with EVERYONE on the set of the hit show Charmed, the writers had Prue blasted through a wall by a demon, never to be heard from again.
You don't mess with Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Isaac Hayes found this out when he criticized the South Park episode "Trapped in the Closet" - a send up of Scientology - for being intolerant towards the religious beliefs of others. Had he never seen South Park before? His character, Chef, was dropped off a bridge, where he fell on some rocks, was impaled by a branch, and had his limbs chewed off by a mountain lion and a grizzly bear.
Charlie Harper
After having a public meltdown and saying awful things about Two and a Half Men's creator, Chuck Lorre, Sheen was given the keys to his shackles and written out of the show. How? Well he fell off a metro platform in Paris and "exploded like a balloon full of meat." Now that's #WINNING!
Judy from Family Matters
Better remembered for Urkel and the odd Die Hard crossover than anything else, the Winslow family began Family Matters with three kids. But by the end of the fourth season, Urkel had begun to dominate the series and the producers quietly wrote Judy out of the show, never to mention her again. 
Harrison Wright from Scandal
On Scandal, no one can be trusted or taken for granted, especially if you're a supporting character. Case in point: Columbus Short, who portrayed Harrison Wright for three seasons until one evening when he drunkenly threatened to kill himself and his wife. After that mishap he was written out of the show forever, with barely a mention beyond the first few episodes of season four.
Denise Huxtable from The Cosby Show
The Cosby Show was all about family values, and when one of the characters got into trouble, you knew they would get out of it with the power of love and respect. Unless that problem happens to be one of your lead actors getting pregnant. Which Lisa Bonet did in season three, so they wrote her away to college!

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<![CDATA[The Best Movies Where the Guy Doesn't Get the Girl]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-movies-where-guy-doesnt-get-girl/anncasano?source=rss

WARNING! Potential spoilers on this list.

We’ve been trained by Hollywood to expect that the guy will always get the girl at the end of the movie. The couple will be greater than their differences, overcome their enormous obstacles, and fight against all odds to stay together in order to live happily ever after. That’s how all great romantic movies end, right? Yes. Except when they don't.

This is not a list of films where relationships end because someone died like in Love Story. Instead, this list ranks the best movies and rom coms that dare challenge Hollywood conventions and shove past genre codes, even at the expense of audience delight. In these movies, the guy doesn't get the girl, there isn’t a happy ending, and we can’t imagine a future filled with children and Disney vacations.

Sometimes romantic comedies and other films about relationships are actually like real life. And in real life, most relationships simply don't work out. Not every couple is meant to overcome their differences (The Way We Were), not every couple can fight against uncontrollable odds and stay together (Casablanca), and not every couple is meant to last for the long haul (500 Days of Summer).

We might cry at the end of Casablanca every time we see Bogey watch Bergman get on that plane, but admit it, doesn’t the bittersweet ending help to make Casablanca one of the best films ever made? Life isn’t all about happy endings anyway. There has to be some truth, even in our entertainment. So vote up the best movies about in which guys don't get the girl and hope that your own attempts at true love are more successful.

The Best Movies Where the Guy Doesn't Get the Girl,

Batman Begins
Sometimes (sigh) love must be sacrificed for the greater good. Rachel (Katie Holmes) knows that the city of Gotham needs Batman, even at the expense of their romance. If a superhero can't get the girl...

She could have gone with him. When Josh's (Tom Hanks) wish is granted to return to being just a kid at the end of the comedy classic, he offers Susan (Elizabeth Perkins) the opportunity to join him in youth. Although the stern businesswoman is tempted, she contends that one childhood was enough.

"Here's looking at you kid." Rick (Humphrey Bogart) kisses Ilsa (Ingrid Bergman) goodbye and audiences bawl their eyes out. Yes, they will always have Paris, but why, Rick, why did you send her away?! Why?!

Cast Away
No, this isn't about Chuck (Tom Hanks) losing dear Wilson, although that is perhaps one of the most tragic events in the film. Chuck's girlfriend Kelly (Helen Hunt) thought he was dead, and though she searched for him after his disappearance, after four years she moved on to marry another man.

Gone with the Wind
An epic story of romance during the American Civil War, a Southern belle and an outsider fall madly in love. But Scarlett (Vivien Leigh) turns Rhett (Clark Gable) away, then begs him to come back to her. The guy doesn't get the girl in the end, because he frankly didn't give a damn about her crying pleas that she never stopped loving him.

My Best Friend's Wedding
Okay, so this is technically a movie where the girl doesn't get the guy. Julianne (Julia Roberts) is in love with her best friend Michael (Dermont Mulroney), but here's the hitch: he's getting hitched to Kimmy (Cameron Diaz). Julianne makes a fleeting attempt to ruin their nuptials by confessing her love, but in the end realizes that Michael and Kimmy are actually perfect together.

The Bodyguard
And I will always love you. That sentiment might be true for Rachel (Whitney Houston) and Frank (Kevin Costner), but the diva and the bodyguard who saved her life were simply not built for happily ever after.

The Phantom of the Opera
The famous Andrew Lloyd Weber musical was adapted for the big screen in 2004, but even in the movies, the deformed Phantom (Gerard Butler) does not get the girl of his dreams. All those voice lessons the Phantom gave to Christine (Emmy Rossum), and he still can't close the deal.

(500) Days of Summer
Just like in Annie Hall, we know right from the beginning of Marc Webb's postmodern, non-linear love story that Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Summer (Zooey Deschanel) do not wind up together in the end. The narrator tells us, "This is a story of boy meets girl, but you should know upfront, this is not a love story." It's true that sometimes the cynic and the dreamer are just not meant to be and it's heartbreaking to watch Tom wallow in his misery, that is until he meets Autumn (Minka Kelly) during a job interview, and the tides of love seem to change with the season.

Captain America: The First Avenger
Being a superhero ain't easy, just ask Captain America. How often do heroes have to give up true love in order to save the day? Captain America (Chris Evans) falls for Peggy (Hayley Atwell) while he's fighting Nazis. But in the end, he has to make the decision to save the world from Red Skull, at the expense of his love life. Is there anything lonelier than being a hero?

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The history of film is littered with movies that were banned for explicit scenes of excessive violence or gratuitous sex. But sometimes films are banned for the most arbitrary of reasons. It can be because of whatever is trending that month (BDSM! Horrifying anthropomorphic turtles that are also ninjas!), or it can be that the government of certain countries are terrified of time travel. These banned movies were kept from audiences for some seriously ridiculous reason, and most of the time, it was because whoever was in control of the censorship board was just a total square.

Speaking of squares, rumor has it that in 1918 all comedies were banned in Manitoba because it was believed they would make the populous too frivolous. In hindsight, the notion of a film making the citizens of a providence run wild with frivolity seems naive. Especially after viewing some of the films on this list of movies that were banned even for ridiculous reasons. 

Across the globe films from The Interview to The Wild One (starring Marlon Brando), and even ET have been censored for everything from an intent to incite anarchy to the possibility of a film having a negative impact on the film industry of another country. When it comes to movies, the rest of the world does not play around! Check out this list of movies that were banned across the globe and head to the comments section to let us know if there are any internationally banned films that we missed or if you think there's a movie listed here that should definitely be locked away in a vault forever. 
35 Movies You Won't Believe Were Banned Around the World,


The 2D version of James Cameron's Biggest Movie Ever™ was banned in China after the government worried that the success of the film would affect their own film industry. Censors were also concerned that the film would promote civil unrest. Despite the Chinese government's efforts, the film made a record $2.7 billion worldwide.


Video courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Back to the Future

If you grew up in the '80s you probably spent summer afternoons pretending travel through time in a bitchin' DeLorean with a sidekick that was 40 years older than you. Just us? Back to the Future is a touch stone of cinema history, but it was too much for the Chinese government. Upon its release, they banned the film, saying it was "the government's belief that time travel is a dangerous element in fiction and that the actions of Marty McFly are highly inappropriate."


Video courtesy of Universal Pictures

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

If you were a child of the '80s, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial made huge impact on your life. Whether you were touched by the heartwarming story of a boy and his alien, or you were creeped out by the scary raisin monster, the film still has a special place in your heart. Unless you grew up in Finland, Norway, or Sweden, where children under the age of 12 were banned from seeing the movie when it was released because it portrayed "adults as the enemy of children." 

Trailer courtesy of Universal Pictures


Upon Goldfinger's release in 1964 it was banned in Israel. Once the Israeli government discovered that Gert Frobe, who is AMAZING as Goldfinger, was a member of the Nazi party they banned the film. But once they did a little more digging they discovered that Frobe used his membership in the Nazi party to save Jews from the Gestapo, they overturned their ruling.

Trailer courtesy of United Artists

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

The second, and darkest, installment of the Indiana Jones franchise saw the adventurer stumble upon an ancient cult in India. Save for a couple of scenes of hearts being ripped from human bodies and a feast of monkey brains, it was a pretty fun family movie. Speaking of monkey brains, the Indian government felt that the film was racist and offensive to their culture so they banned it for a brief period of time.


Video snippet courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Life of Brian

The Monty Python comedy rode a dangerous line by telling the story of Brian, a child born in a stable near Jesus, who gets mistaken as the Messiah. Upon release, the film was considered blasphemous and banned by several UK councils, some of which have only recently lifted the ban. Lighten up fellas, it's only a movie. 

Video courtesy of Cinema International Corporation (UK), Orion Pictures/Warner Bros.

Schindler's List

The 1994 Steven Spielberg tour de force about Oskar Schindler, the German Nazi party member who risked his life to save 1,200 people was quite rightly considered a high point in Spielberg's filmmaking career (second only to his appearance in Austin Powers: Goldmember probably). But it caused an uproar in some Muslim countries for being "too sympathetic to the Jewish cause." When asked to re-edit the film the suit the Middle Eastern countries, Spielberg said "no way, Jose" and took a nap on his pile of money.

Video courtesy of Universal Pictures

The Simpsons Movie

Think long and think hard about why The Simpsons Movie was banned in Burma. Was it the cursing? Maybe, but no. Was it Bart's nude scene? You're close. As luck would have it, the colors yellow and red are banned in Burma - and since Bart mostly wears a red shirt, even if he had been clothed the entire time it wouldn't have mattered. To think that the citizens of Myanmar have yet to lay eyes on Spiderpig is a shame. 

Video courtesy of 20th Century Fox


We know what you're thinking. The movie about a secret plot to kill the prime-minister of Malaysia for enacting child labor laws was banned in Malaysia, right? Well aren't you just Mr. Smarty Pants. Zoolander, the goofy film about male models was banned in Iran for depicting homosexuals. That's it. They didn't want to show the film because there might have been some gays in it. Iran, you need to stop resting on ugly and sashay away.

Video courtesy of Paramount Pictures

The Interview Makes North Korea Really Super Mad

Why is the banning this bro-mantic comedy about two hapless dopes that try to kill the leader of North Korea so ridiculous? Because it's absurdly hilarious that a film made by the brains behind Pineapple Express could endanger world peace. The country's UN ambassador called the film "an act of war" and affected Sony's original release plans for the film. 

Trailer courtesy of Columbia Pictures

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<![CDATA[29 Tampon Horror Stories That Will Seriously Freak You Out]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/tampon-horror-stories/jessica-lawshe?source=rss

Sigh… it's the time of the month. Again. Cramps, headaches, and the need to ask your best girlfriend, "Uh… do you have a tampon?"


To make you feel a little bit better about your period, here's a list of tampon horror stories. Because trust us, there are a lot of ways wearing a tampon can go wrong: from the occasional lost and forgotten tampon, to ones that were used weapons, to crazy toxic shock syndrome tales that make it seem as tampons were created to destroy us from the inside out. These horrors have happened to numerous women, even famous pop-stars and models. In an a surprising twist, some have happened to people who aren't women (like members of boy bands and unlucky little brothers). But hey, at least they haven't happened to you, right?


The first tampons (as we think of them now) were created in the 18th century. But there's evidence that Egyptian women used papyrus ebers during their monthly visits from Aunt Flow in ancient times. Though some of these horror stories probably wouldn't happen to Cleopatra (like being known as "The Girl That Ate Her Tampon") chances are periods were just as annoying then as they are now.

If you're a girl, chances are you've experienced some of these moments. This list might make you cringe in disgust, cry with empathy, or laugh in camaraderie. We've all been there. And if you haven't personally experienced all of these moments, don't worry, chances are you will. Well, we hope not, for your sake.

29 Tampon Horror Stories That Will Seriously Freak You Out,

Visible Tampon String Leads to Pool Shaming

Just seconds after she jumped off a diving board the lifeguard blew his whistle and called the girl over to him. She was super excited because the lifeguard was really cute. Imagine just how mortified she was when he told her that her tampon string was hanging out of her suit.  


Personal Foul? Tampon Fell Out During Basketball Game
During a girl's annual intramural basketball game, in which she was only one of two girls on her team, one unlucky lady noticed that her tampon fell out. Not realizing what it was, one of her teammates yelled out, "dead mouse." Thinking fast, the girl fell on it, scooped it up, and ran to the bathroom. The team was disqualified, but it was a lot better than having to admit to six boys that her tampon fell out onto the gym floor during the game. 

It's a "Common Thing" for Tampons to Get Lost
A girl noticed that things weren't "smelling so fresh" down there and booked it in to see her doctor. After relaying her symptoms: bad smell, odd spotting after sex, and not feeling 100% well, she laid down on the table. The doctor took a quick look and immediately discovered the problem: the girl had a tampon stuck inside her. Horrified, the girl shouted, "What's wrong with me?" The doctor chuckled and responded that it's a common thing. 


Date Immediately Regrets Pulling Tampon String
During a romantic walk on a beach, two summer lovers came across a large piece of driftwood. As the boy helped the girl step across the obstruction he squinted down at the girl's shorts. "Hang on, you have a really long string…" he uttered. Before she could stop him he reached forward and pulled out her tampon. Realizing what he'd done, the horrified boy threw the tampon into the ocean and then scrubbed his hands with sand and surf.


Police Called on Mom Changing Her Tampon
After walking in on her mother changing her tampon, this scared daughter immediately ran from the bathroom. Not really thinking anything of her daughter's reaction, the mother just finished up and moved on. She was quite surprised when a few moments later the police called the house asking why they had received a "hang up" call from the number. At that point it dawned on the mother that her daughter had called the police fearful that her mother was hurt. She didn't tell the police the story, but she also didn't scold her daughter for calling the police.


Britney's Tampon Malfunction
Britney's had her share of mishaps in the past (ahem, Kevin Federline) so it makes sense that she's fallen victim to a tampon horror story. During a concert in 2009 in Anaheim, California, she gave fans a sneak peak at her tampon string. Gives new meaning to the song "Piece of Me."

The Applicator Doesn't Go There
A girl had been used to using pads, but when she got her period right before her dance recital she decided it would be best to use a tampon. When she finally got it in she realized something was not right. After talking to her sister she realized she had mistakenly left the applicator part of the tampon in.


Bloody Leak Leads to a Delayed Flight
During a flight a woman stood up and was immediately stopped by the flight attendant. Apparently the woman's tampon had leaked and she had stained the seat and herself. Once the flight landed the woman was given a blanket to wrap around her waist while she exited the plane. The next flight was delayed because the cleaning staff had to clean the seat.


A Pug Ate My Tampons
While on vacation a woman got a call from her dog-sitter. Incredibly worried, the dog-sitter informed the woman that her pug hadn't eaten in three days. Apparently the pug had a voracious appetite, so this was especially weird. A trip to the vet,and $4,000 later, two tampons (which had expanded in the pug's stomach) were removed from the little tummy.


That Time a Tampon Saved a Soldier's Life
Not exactly a horror story, but still pretty incredible.

 A care package meant for a female Marine was accidentally given to a male Marine. Initially the guy's fellow Marines gave him a hard time about it, especially the tampons. They were soon very fond of the mistake when one of the tampons from the care package was used to save another Marine's life. The soldier was shot when the convoy was ambushed. The fellow Marines plugged the injured soldier's wound with the tampon to stop the bleeding. A doctor later confided that had they not used the tampon the soldier would have most likely bled to death.


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<![CDATA[The Grossest Things Ever Found in Fast Food Meals]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/gross-things-found-in-fast-food/ashley-reign?source=rss
Remember when you were growing up and the older neighborhood kids would regale you with urban legends about all the hideous things that have snuck their way into unsuspecting foods over the years? We wish we were here to prove them wrong. We truly do. After a thorough investigation into such matters however, we can assure you that the validity behind such tales is not quite as bad as you’d think - it’s worse. That’s why we’d like to take a moment to assure you that there’s still time to save yourself if you’d prefer not to see all these gross things found in fast food.
If however, you’re prepared to discover the horrible truth behind the history of some of your favorite fast food joints, we invite you to proceed. Here we’ve collected a disgusting overview of some of the most disturbing stowaways ever discovered inside your favorite tasty treats. From the four legged to the furry, from the dismembered to the disgusting, prepare your gag reflexes for the worst. These disgusting things found in food run the gamut from human body parts to creepy crawly creatures. However, they're all plain nasty.
Rest assured that some of what you’ll see here was clearly the result of an accident on someone’s part - a really huge, horrible accident - but an honest mistake none the less. Among the less fortunate displays however, you’ll find photos of senseless pranksters in the act that may or may not shred your last bit of faith in humanity.
On the upside however, if you’re looking for a killer diet plan, the nasty things found in food here are sure to do the trick. Just pull up this list every time you feel a fast food craving creeping up and you’ll be thin as a rail in no time.

The Grossest Things Ever Found in Fast Food Meals,

Booger in the Box
In 1990, a Jack in the Box employee in Phoenix, AZ was arrested after being caught using the buns of a few hamburgers as a Kleenex. Authorities suspect it may have been no accident that the burgers were about to be served to a couple of cops.  

Source: The Frisky
The Extra Creepy Arby's Incident
In 2005, a man eating an Arby's sandwich noticed that the meat tasted a little odd. Upon examining the suspicious sandwich contents, he discovered to his horror that they appeared to have a fingerprint. That's right: real finger skin, just right there in a sandwich. He proceeded back to the Arby's, where he discovered the manager nursing a recent finger wound - the rest unfolded exactly how you're afraid it did. 

Source: Fox News
Not the Sandwich Topping Anyone Had in Mind
In October 2015, a Subway customer in Lincoln City, Oregon snapped this photo of a furry rodent, which had been plopped on his friend's sandwich along with a scoop of spinach. "It’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen, but it’s also the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen,” Matt Jones, who took the photo, said.

The health department promptly conducted an investigation and decided that the rat was likely sealed in with a bag of spinach by the supplier, which means that everyone who ate spinach that day was also exposed to the yucky rat-spinach, but the restaurant itself was clean. 

Smelling a Rat at KFC
When Devorise Dixon bit into his chicken tender from a California KFC, he thought it tasted "hard and rubbery." Upon further inspection, he noticed it looked an awful lot like a rat, complete with a tail. He claims that he confirmed it was a rat with the manager and was offered a free meal, but instead chose to save the alleged rat and hire a lawyer.

KFC has tried to contact Dixon with little success, and expresses doubt toward his claim, as chicken tenders can come in all shapes and sizes. Eventually, one of them has to turn out rat shaped, right? KFC has offered to have the tender tested at an independent lab to clear up what they hope is a really, really gross misunderstanding.


A Whopper of a Surprise
In 2007, a Vermont man was given a Burger King Whopper which was unfortunately topped with an extra chewy treat. The fact that he discovered a condom in the burger has left us practicing an impressive amount of restraint as a million bad "special sauce" jokes dance through our heads.
Source: Consumerist
The Unfortunately Familiar Tasting Sushi
In 2008, a New York woman sued a local sushi bar after finally figuring out where she'd tasted an oddly familiar topping on her meal. It turned out the restaurant hadn't announced that the special of the day was apparently the semen roll.

Source: Huffington Post
Meth on the Secret Menu at In-N-Out
A milkshake lover in Downey, Ca got more than he bargained for when he stopped by In-N-Out for dinner. Fred Maldonado says he started feeling a little strange after finishing his burger and shake, and noticed two capsules in the bottom of his cup. According to Maldonado, he test the capsules and found out that they contained methamphetamine. When he went back to the restaurant, Maldonado says the manager apologized and offered him a free burger. Not pleased with the response, he decided to sue the So Cal chain. In-N-Out called the allegations "baseless."

Source: Time

The McChicken Head
In 2000, a Virginia woman ordered a box of chicken wings, which was at the time an "experimental" McDonald's menu item. She couldn't help but feel the experiment had gone a bit too far after finding a breaded chicken head included in the order. Upon investigation, she was rewarded with a big ol' "oops" from the McDonald's that had accidentally sold the offending chicken.

Source: ABC News

The Syringe in the Sandwhich
In 2001, a Queens, NY woman was enjoying a quick breakfast sandwich from her local Burger King. Moments later she was horrified to be poked in the cheek by what was discovered to be a syringe that somehow ended up in the sandwich. Now, we've heard of accidents but something tells us there's a bad Lifetime movie in the lead up to this one. 

Source: Times Ledger

Popeye's Proves Mice Do Not Taste Like Chicken
In 2003, an illogically bold Baltimore City man was enjoying dinner at a local Popeye's Chicken, regardless of the fact that it had been shut down several times due to health violations. Unfortunately, his dinner ended up hosting an impostor among his chicken pieces, in the form of a mouse who had fallen into the fryer. 

Source: WBAL TV

Thu, 12 Feb 2015 09:01:41 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/gross-things-found-in-fast-food/ashley-reign
<![CDATA[24 Celebrities Who Married Their Fans]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/celebrities-who-married-their-fans/celebrity-lists?source=rss
It’s a tale as old as time. Boy meets Girl. Boy falls in love with Girl. Girl realizes Boy is an internationally famous super star. Girl and Boy live happily ever after in a gigantic mansion. If you’ve been dreaming of spending life with your favorite celebrity, this list of famous people who married their fans will give you hope.

It may seem like celebrities live in a world of money, fame, and really expensive shoes unto their own. But every once in a while, a star will descend from their lofty place above society and scoop up a regular civilian. It could even by you!

Matt Damon met his wife, a local bartender, while grabbing a drink during a break from filming Stuck on You. Cameraman Danny Moder was such a fan of Julia Roberts' work on the set of The Mexican, that he married her in 2013. What starts as a whirlwind fairytale romance could soon progress into a celebrity wedding!

The stories of these celebrities who married regular people are sweet, crazy, and totally true. Which means it’s actually possible that a celebrity could fall in love with you. All you have to do is be in the exact right place at the exact right time. Ready to get married?

Which famous actor, actress, or musician do you hope will marry you? Leave your thoughts in the comments!
24 Celebrities Who Married Their Fans,

Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman met through mutual friends and he was reportedly a fan of her work.


Christian Bale
Christian Bale met his wife when she was working as an assistant for Winona Ryder.


Conan O'Brien
Conan O'Brien met his wife Liza Powel when she came in as a consultant on his late-night talk show.


Jerry Seinfeld
Jerry Seinfeld met his fan-wife at a gym in New York City.


Julia Roberts
Cameraman Danny Moder was such a fan of Julia Roberts' work on the set of The Mexican, that he married her in 2013.

Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey's husband Nick Cannon was a fan of her music before the couple married in 2008.


Matt Damon
Matt Damon met his wife Luciana Bozan Barroso when he stopped into a bar where she worked during a break from filming Stuck on You.


Patrick Dempsey
Patrick Dempsey met his fan-wife Jillian when he stopped into her salon for a hair cut.


Reese Witherspoon
Talent agent Jim Toth knows a star when he sees one. He married Reese Witherspoon in 2011.


Tom Cruise
Katie Holmes was a fan of Tom Cruise long before she married him. She reportedly even kept photos of him in her text book during high school.


Mon, 19 Jan 2015 01:55:57 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/celebrities-who-married-their-fans/celebrity-lists
<![CDATA[49 GIFs of White People Failing]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-gifs-of-white-people-failing/ashley-reign?source=rss

You know how there seem to be those… “unique” people whose sole purpose on earth seems to be to give everyone else a bad name? Well here we’ve assembled a delightfully fail-worthy collection of some of the most hilariously humiliating gems American suburbs have to offer. We warn you however, that viewing this list of funny GIFs of white people failing may result in the lowering of your I.Q. a few points, due merely to association.

Though we’d like to believe that some of these folks are attempting to sell a ridiculous product of some sort within the confines of an infomercial, there are others we just can’t offer an excuse for. Here you’ll find a collection of senseless accidents and over exaggerated fails, some complete with absolutely horrific acting. These funny GIFs of white people failing explore some of the harshest plights the middle class deals with on a daily basis, such as The Soda Spill, The Tape Measure Attack, and, brace yourself, the conundrum of how to correctly eat a hot dog.

Beware however, that all those who dare scroll past this point shall encounter some rather disturbing images and horrifying displays. You’ll witness entire families attempting to raise the roof and brave some of the most unfortunate inventions America has yet to produce, including but not limited to, the dreaded Snuggie. That said, enjoy these funny white people fail GIFs and here's hoping your own endeavors at menial daily tasks are more successful.

49 GIFs of White People Failing,

This Woman Who Hasn't Mastered the Physics of Getting Into a Hammock

This Guy Who Hasn't Mastered the Art of Hopping

This Guy Who's Failing So Hard at Surfing, We Aren't Even Sure it's His Aim

This Guy Who Hasn't Mastered the Art of Driving in a Straight Line

This Gentlemen Doing the See-Saw ALL Wrong

This Guy Who Just Took Bowling to Whole New Heights

This Guy Who Hasn't Mastered the Concept of Aim

This Guy Who Hasn't Mastered the Art of Wheel Barrow Pushing

This Kid Who Hasn't Mastered the Art of a Punching Bag

This Girl Who Will Now Never Master the Art of Trust

Tue, 03 Feb 2015 11:03:21 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-gifs-of-white-people-failing/ashley-reign
<![CDATA[Surprise! These Co-Stars Actually Hated Each Other]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/co-stars-who-hated-each-other/jacob-shelton?source=rss
In theory, a big budget film set should be the happiest place on earth. There's free food, you're doing something you love, and you're getting paid ungodly amounts of money to pretend to be a time traveling teenager, or whatever. Unfortunately, a lot of actors are either as crazy as a soup sandwich or they've completely lost touch with reality. This list of co-stars who hated each other shines a bright light on the actors' process, which mostly involves screaming at the crew and only answering to their character's name (looking at you here, Snipes).

The following list of co-stars who couldn't stay civil with the other bajillionaires on the set of some of the world's biggest movies proves that nice guys definitely finish last. If they didn't, Shia LaBeouf and Charlie Sheen wouldn't be on this list as much as they are. So, would you rather read about the time James Franco trashed Anne Hathaway on Howard Stern, or how the Golden Girls totally hated each other? Thank heavens, you don't have to choose!

From trying to get each other written off their hit shows and tossing each other's drinks into (mechanical) shark infested waters, these costars, including Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams from The Notebook (WE KNOW), threw some serious on-set shade.

Surprise! These Co-Stars Actually Hated Each Other,

Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall
Parker and Cattrall may have played BFFs on their hit HBO show Sex and the City but things weren't so friendly when Cattrall found out that Parker made more money than the rest of the cast. About the on set clash, Parker told Marie Claire that "sometimes feelings get hurt." She's such a Miranda.
Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey
Minaj and Carey joined Idol in 2013 and quickly began a bitter rivalry that spilled out into the press. The feud (which happened on screen and off) escalated when Minaj called Carey a "bitter, insecure woman" and Minaj taunted her for never having a No. 1 single.

Carey later said her time on the show was far from enjoyable. “Honestly, I hated it,” Mimi said, adding that “It was like going to work every day in hell with Satan.” Ouch.

Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio
Claire and Leo may have played star crossed lovers in the Baz Luhrmann adaptation of Romeo + Juliet, but rumor has it their chemistry on set was anything but lovely. The word on the street is that Danes avoided DiCaprio at every turn.

Apparently Danes didn't appreciate DiCaprio's jokes and pranks during filming, and even called him "very immature," to other people on set.

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson
The stars of 50 Shades of Grey couldn't stand each other. In the promotional roll out for their steamy film, the two actors had all the chemistry of a couple of boiled hot dogs, and there were massive reshoots due to the couple's less than sultry performances. One source referred to Johnson as a "dishrag."

A quick browse of their promotional photos tells you all you need to know. The fact that rumors flew that Dornan was not exactly jumping at the chance to reprise his role in the film's two sequels also wasn't a good sign. Um… Mr. YIKES will see you now.
Lea Michele and Naya Rivera
In what was a case of life imitating art, Michele and Rivera's on set relationship went from icy to UFC after the two were involved in a "major altercation" on set. We doubt that it was one of their classic sing offs. At another point, both sides claimed that the other was kicked off the set for diva-like behavior, although the jury's still out on what really happened.

Later, rumors swirled that Michele and Chris Colfer were conspiring to get Rivera and Darren Criss booted from the show. The icing on the cake was when Lea Michele had Rivera written out of the show at the end of the fifth season. 
Alec Baldwin and Shia LaBeouf
LaBeouf tried to start a feud with his Orphans co-star, Alec Baldwin (a master at the art of feuding) by tweeting, "the theater belongs not to the great but the brash" and "acting is not for gentlemen…what they do is anti art." Baldwin responded by saying, "I don't think he's in a good position to be giving interpretations of what the theater is or isn't about." LaBeouf was eventually let go for "creative differences."

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams
According to The Notebook director Nick Cassavetes, Gosling and McAdams (who would go on to have an IRL relationship) hated each other on set. One day on a break from the set, the two actors had it out privately and things got better. Sort of.

“They were really not getting along one day on set. Really not. And Ryan came to me, and there’s 150 people standing in this big scene, and he says, ‘Nick come here,'” Cassavetes said. “And he’s doing a scene with Rachel and he says, ‘Would you take her out of here and bring in another actress to read off camera with me?’ I said, ‘What?’ He says, ‘I can’t. I can’t do it with her. I’m just not getting anything from this.'

“We went into a room with a producer; they started screaming and yelling at each other,” the director explained. “I walked out. At that point I was smoking cigarettes. I smoked a cigarette and everybody came out like, ‘All right let’s do this.’ And it got better after that, you know? They had it out… I think Ryan respected her for standing up for her character and Rachel was happy to get that out in the open."

Ryan Reynolds and Wesley Snipes
The filming of Blade: Trinity has become the thing of film nerd legend; according to EVERYONE on set, Wesley Snipes was an absolute nut. He only spoke to the director via hand written notes signed "Blade" (RIGHT?!), and he only showed up to film his closeups, which left nice guy Ryan Reynolds to film his scenes alone.

Reynolds wasn't the only one who got the rough end of Snipes' antics. According to co-star Patton Oswalt, Snipes told director David Goyer, "'I think you need to quit. You're detrimental to this movie". And apparently, Goyer's response was "Why don't you quit? We've got all your close-ups and we could shoot the rest with your stand-in."

Anne Hathaway and James Franco
On The Howard Stern Show, Franco referred to his 2011 Oscar co-host as a "goody two shoes" and refused to defend her when the DJ talked about the Hatha-Haters. Hathaway reportedly responded by not creating a terrible weirdo art piece about the feud.

Stern set up the situation by saying, "Everyone sort of hates Anne Hathaway, and I've explained that I do too and I don't know even know why sometimes. She's just so affected [and] actress-y that even when she wins an award she's out of breath, and then she has the standard joke that sounds like it's [been] written [for her]. And it all seems so scripted and acted."

Any other co-star might have rushed to Hathaway's defense, perhaps talking about what a sweet, caring person Hathaway is (supposedly). But Franco just said, "I'm not an expert on -- I guess they're called 'Hatha-haters'-- but I think that's what maybe triggers it." He also confessed that the two didn't talk much anymore.

William Shatner and George Takei
If you're a fan of Star Trek and didn't know that George Takei and William Shatner hated each other, you've either been in a time warp or living in a cave. No one remembers how the grudge began, Shatner thinks the whole thing started over a close up on the original series, while Takei believes that Shatner is jealous of his growing popularity. Apparently, you can live long and prosper while holding a grudge. 

Mon, 09 Feb 2015 07:40:19 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/co-stars-who-hated-each-other/jacob-shelton
<![CDATA[58 Typos That Made These Situations Awkward]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-typos/jacob-shelton?source=rss
Mistakes. Everybody makes them, but not everyone has the bad luck of having their grammar errors broadcast to the world via the Internet. These people sure do, though! Some of the funny typos on this list are understandable, but most of them aren't as innocuous. Whatever the reason, all of the typos and funny misspellings collected here definitely made life more awkward for everyone involved. Ordering two scoops of "butt finger crunch" in a waffle cone sounds a little embarrassing.

When you think about it, anyone could have made the mistakes on this list. From scholars to newscasters and housewives, everyone forgets to do a spelling and grammar check from time to time. In most cases it's nothing to be embarrassed of, but the people responsible for the sign and newspaper typos shown here probably want to hide under a rock until the end of time. 

Some of the mistakes on this list are small, but most of them are big, and they all made things uncomfortable for everyone involved. It's highly likely that a few people lost their jobs after some of these spelling fails. If they didn't, then hopefully they were sent back to the second grade to learn the basic rules of spelling and grammar.

Vote up the most awkward and egregious typos and spelling and grammar mistakes below. And remember to always check your spelling. 
58 Typos That Made These Situations Awkward,

That's a Bit Rude

Don't We All?

That Couldn't Have Been Comfortable

What a Deal!

The "Creepy Uncle" Special

Don't Those People Have Bedrooms?

That Seems Like a Steep Punishment

Every Angelino's Favorite Sign

That Seems Steep for Something You Can Make Yourself

I'll Have the Fish

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<![CDATA[Celebrities Turning 60 in 2015]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/celebrities-turning-60-in-2015/keshvaralikhani?source=rss
Prepare to feel old. This is a list of celebrities turning 60 in 2015. That’s right, some of your favorite TV, movie, and music stars are hitting a big milestone and celebrating their 60th birthday. They’ve already collected their AARP cards, trudged wearily over the hill, and now they’ve finally made it to the big 6-0.

Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were watching a 30-something Bruce Willis kick ass in the first Die Hard?  And weren’t we just lusting over a young Kevin Costner a few days ago? Not really! Years may have gone by since these celebs were young, but they’ve only gotten better with age.

These stars born in 1955 will celebrate their big day with 60 candles on their birthday cake this year. (Probably not supermodels Janice Dickinson and Iman. They’ve still got their figures to maintain.) From Whoopi Goldberg to Eddie Van Halen, plenty of (almost) 60-year-old famous people have spent their entire adult lives in the spotlight. With so many well-known faces on this list, it’s hard to decide just who is the most famous person turning 60 this year.

Did you know Jeff Daniels and Reba McEntire were the same age? Or that Bill Gates and Billy Idol were born just a month apart? If you hope to accomplish even a fraction of what these stars have, you better start now! Here’s hoping they live forever.
Celebrities Turning 60 in 2015,

Bill Gates
Birthday: October 28

Bruce Willis
Birthday: March 19

Jeff Daniels
Birthday: February 19

J.K. Simmons
Birthday: January 9

Kelsey Grammer
Birthday: February 21

Kevin Costner
Birthday: January 18

Reba McEntire
Birthday: March 28

Whoopi Goldberg
Birthday: November 13

Kris Jenner
Birthday: November 5

Birthday: July 25

Tue, 10 Feb 2015 10:31:57 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/celebrities-turning-60-in-2015/keshvaralikhani
<![CDATA[The Creepiest Abandoned Roadside Attractions Ever]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/creepy-abandoned-roadside-attractions/anabel-conner?source=rss
People love the roadside attractions and theme parks, and why wouldn't they? There's the anticipation, the expectation, the excitement, the good old fashioned road trip fun! Today, visiting attractions in Orlando, California, and anywhere in between is nothing short of non-stop thrills and while you're there, no place on earth seems so full of life. But what of the shuttered theme parks and weird roadside attractions of bygone eras?

Time has passed by many roadside stops. Some travelers might find such sites creepy as they stand stand frozen in time... reminders of the past. Dead roads leading to decaying structures and abandoned buildings crumbling in ruins. It doesn't take long for nature to overtake places that have been left exposed to the elements. Soon, the only visitors to these sightseeing stops are tourists seeking the strange, weird, and maybe ghosts.

There's just something about looking at old abandoned tourist traps and deserted roadside oddities. Once symbols of the great American road trip, they now appear only as haunted, desolate, or just weird slices of retired Americana. From dinosaur statues to a bunch of giant busts of American Presidents, chilling in a field, there are plenty of creepy abandoned sites to see.

The Creepiest Abandoned Roadside Attractions Ever,

Miracle Strip: Panama City, FL
It would take more than a miracle to not be abysmally freaked out by the vacant premises of Panama City, FL's once resplendent Miracle Strip Park. Opened in 1963 and shut down in 2004, some efforts were made to restore the park in 2014.

Source: Abandonedfl.com
Joyland Amusement Park: Witchita, KS
Although the Wacky Shack was probably a huge attraction in its heyday, now it just looks like a place where one is liable to get whacked by some axe-wielding psycho. Witchita's Joyland Amusement Park was in operation from 1949 to 2004.

Source: KSN.com
Six Flags: New Orleans, LA
After the devastation of Hurricane Katrina was assessed, Six Flags New Orleans (otherwise known as Jazzland) was declared an "effective total loss" and abandoned as such. Today, it's such a freaky place that a visit to it might cause one to totally lose their s*#t.

Source: Wikipedia
Christmas Tree Inn: Santa Claus, AZ
Not only is this historic inn ramshackle, but so is the entire village of Santa Claus, AZ. Established in 1937 and closed down in the mid 1990s, this ghost town gives a whole new meaning to the "Ghost of Christmas Past."  

Source: Azcentral.com
Chippewa Lake Park: Chippewa Lake, Ohio
Probably the oldest and most history-rich attraction on this list, Chippewa Lake Park was established in 1878 and closed 100 years later, in 1978. Chippewa Lake is a favorite of roller coaster aficionados, as the impressive coaster structure left behind (and the ferris wheel), has been almost completely reclaimed by Mother Nature. Spooky, haunting, and sad.

Source: Forgotten Ohio
Land of Oz: Beech Mountain, NC
Goodbye, yellow brick road. This defunct theme park was in operation from 1970 to 1980. 

Source: Wikipedia
Holy Land, USA: Waterbury, CT
For all of its purported holiness, the creepy quotient of the desolate and neglected Holy Land, USA, seemed to be on par with that of the second level of hell. Closed to the public since 1984, the 18-acre grounds have long been rumored as haunted, but the 2010 rape and murder of a 16-year-old girl there sealed its legacy as such.

Source: Roadtrippers
Lake Shawnee Amusement Park: Princeton, WV
What does one do with a plot of land that has the dual history of being both the scene of a pioneer massacre and a Native American burial ground? Why, build an amusement park there, of course! Chalk this one up to the worst idea in the history of... well, ever. In 1966, after two children were killed on its rides, Lake Shawnee Amusement Park closed forever, becoming the playground for no one but ghosts.

Source: New York Daily News
Dogpatch USA: Marble Falls, AR
Probably the most successful roadside stop with a hillbilly theme, the main attraction at Dogpatch, USA was its trout pond that allowed you to catch, clean, and pack your own fish on premises. Opened in 1968, most of the park's rides and games were based on the Li'l Abner comic strip. See the myriad of issues with longevity, here? It's pretty apparent today that such a place would not be long for this world. Dogpatch attendance declined in the '70s and the park closed in 1993. It's now just the most creep-tastic redneck ruins, ever. Can't you hear "Dueling Banjos" playing?

Source: Slate
Disney's River Country: Orlando, FL
What? There are totally abandoned, decrepit Disney theme park properties out there that you didn't know about? Yup! Complete with creepy backstories, too. Disney's River Country was a water park with an aesthetic that harkened back to the good ol' days of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn, opened in 1976. Tragedy struck in 1980, however, when an 11-year-old boy was killed as a result of swimming in the fresh waters of the park. It seems that even with a filtration system, the water could develop rather nasty microbes that could cause one to fall ill and die. Still, River Country kept its head above water until Disney shut its doors after the 9/11 attacks, never to reopen. Now it's just a scary, swampy cesspool with a shady history.

Source: Moviepilot

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<![CDATA[30 Hotel Secrets the Front Desk Doesn't Want You to Know]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/hotel-secrets/jessica-lawshe?source=rss

It's fun to plan a vacation. Where will you go? What will you see? And most importantly: Where will you stay? Chances are you've stayed in numerous hotels or motels. Maybe even a bed and breakfast or a 5-star hotel or resort. Regardless of how nice the place you're staying is (or isn't), chances are you've wondered, "hmmm… what goes on behind the scenes here?" or "what hotel secrets are they not telling me this time?" You've definitely had second thoughts regarding exactly how clean the sheets are and anyone who's a fan of undercover reports knows that some hotels, or rather most hotels, are not as clean as you think.

This list of hospitality secrets covers some of the "well-known" secrets you might have heard before, some you would never ever think of, and most likely some hotel confessions from former employees that you will never ever forget. It might completely change the way you travel including how you book your vacation, and what you drink from the minibar.

Bottom line, and the most important tip to take away from this: be nice to the hotel staff. That means everyone: front desk, concierge, bell-hop, valet, and definitely the cleaning staff. You don’t want to experience some of the things they could do (or have done) to you. Also, a tip goes a long way!

30 Hotel Secrets the Front Desk Doesn't Want You to Know,

The Bellman Is the Keeper of All
Don't disregard the bell-hop. He or she can hook you up with free water bottles, free valet parking, free tours, free dry cleaning, or even an upgrade to a better room. All you have to do is ask. He or she might even be able to score you some food if you check in during the middle of the night and need some snacks. 
Source: Reddit

Luxury Hotels Actually Clean the Sheets
You might consider upgrading where you stay. A maid confessed that at the budget hotel she worked at they rarely changed the pillows and bedding after each check out. But at the luxury hotel she works at now they are much better about replacing everything after guests leave. 

Source: News.com
Be Smart About Your Safety
Just because a hotel advertises itself as "family friendly" doesn't mean they screen who stays in their beds. Be safe: Don't let your kids run around at night and always ensure your door is properly closed and locked.

Source: Reddit 

Always Put Down a Towel

People love to relax on their vacations. They also like to make themselves at home. And sometimes that means nakedness. For this reason, using a towel as a barrier between you and the hotel desk chair might be a good idea. And if you see a questionable stain, well... you might not want to think about that.

Source: Reddit

You Can Switch Rooms After You've Seen Yours

Tell the hotel staff if you don't like your room, or if it's not clean. They'll most likely be able to get you a different room. It's best to make sure the room is to your liking before you unpack. This saves you (and the cleaning staff) some time!

Source: FindLaw

It's Awkward When You Stay in the Room During Cleaning
You can agree it's awkward when you stay in the room during cleaning time. And chances are your cleaning staff feels the exact same way. 

Source: Budget Travel
Use That Plastic Bag Provided for the Ice Bucket
Definitely make sure you use the plastic bag the hotel gives you for the ice bucket. When people can't get to the toilet they often reach for the ice bucket to vomit into. 

Source: Hotel-Online
Cancel Your Reservation without Getting Charged

Shucks! You're all set to take off for your weekend getaway but now you have to work. On top of that, if you cancel the hotel room you're gonna get charged a cancellation fee. The best way to avoid that? Call the hotel and ask to change your booking to a later date. Then call back a few hours later (fingers crossed you get a different hotel employee) and cancel. The fee won't even matter because you've pushed out the date, and thus the cancellation time.

Source: Life Hacker

Be Nice to the Staff
The hotel staff can do a lot for you in the way of free stuff and upgrades.They aren't required to do these things, but they are completely able to. You just have to be nice! Show them some love and they'll show it right back. Oh, and a tip goes a long way!

Source: Quora

The Marriott Has Made Cleaning a Science
The Marriott has taken the idea of a 30-minute clean and made it a science. The cleaning staff there follows a strict routine that includes exactly how to wipe down the lamp, how to strip and re-make the bed (moving in a clockwise position), and checking that the room has a "neutral" smell. All 66-steps are covered in their internal cleaning manual. 

Source: Forbes

Wed, 04 Feb 2015 09:42:04 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/hotel-secrets/jessica-lawshe
<![CDATA[The Most Remarkable Cats of 2015]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/most-remarkable-cats-of-2015/amylindorff?source=rss
Cats generally would like to be left alone, but every year you hear all kinds of stories about those other cats - the ones who are getting involved in their communities, helping others, and generally making the world a better place. The cats on this list made news headlines and purred their way to fame by being the most remarkable kittens and cats of 2015.

Whether their acts were selfless, miraculous, or just for everyone's entertainment, these cats have all helped spread joy and improved the lives of countless humans so far in 2015. Some cats have actually risen from the dead, while others taunt the Kitty Grim Reaper (that's a thing, right?) by trying their paws at fire twirling! These cats are keeping it real and definitely living their nine lives to the fullest.

Upvote the amazing cats you wish you owned, then go make sure your own cats haven't shredded all your furniture and knocked everything off your kitchen counters while you were celebrating the most amazing and remarkable cats of the year.
The Most Remarkable Cats of 2015,

The Tiny Spotted Kitten
Name: Tiny Spotted Kitten. 
Remarkable feat: Potentially introducing new genetics into the endangered clouded leopard population in North America.

Source: Tampa Bay Times

The Amur Tiger Triplets
Names: Not specified (their parents are named Irisa and Foli)
Remarkable feat: Being three of the just under 600 Amur tigers left on the planet.

Source: The Columbus Dispatch
The Polish Nurse Cat
Name: Rademenes
Remarkable feat: Comforting other animals at the Bydgoszcz Animal Shelter in Poland and occasionally cleaning their ears.

Source: Mashable
The Brussels Lockdown Cats
Not specified.
Remarkable feat: Keeping everyone as cheery as can be during the November 2015 Brussels Lockdown, due to high terror alerts in the wake of the Paris Attacks.

Source: PBS
The 2000-Year-Old Cat
Name: Not specified.
Remarkable feat: Walked on this Roman roof tile 20 centuries ago, knowing its lil pawprint would delight humans millennia down the road.

Source: Discovery
The G20 Strays
Names: Unspecified.
Remarkable feat: Taking the stage at the G20 Summit in Turkey, ensuring cat issues are fairly represented.

Source: Global News
The Cat That Won the Hero Dog Award
Name: Tara
Remarkable feat: Won an award that is specifically given to dogs, for chasing a dog away from her 4-year-old human, whom the jerk dog was biting.

Source: NPR
The Cat That Got Titanium Legs
Name: Vincent
Remarkable feat: Walking again thanks to his shiny new titanium legs.

Source: IFL Science
Cecil the Lion
Name: Cecil the lion
Remarkable feat: Cecil was remarkable, not just in 2015, but throughout his life. Unfortunately, his 13-year-long big cat life was brought to an untimely end, when he was killed by an American dentist in July 2015. He will be missed dearly, by Zimbabwe and the world.

Source: CNN
The Oldest Cat on Earth
Name: Corduroy
Remarkable feats: Being the oldest cat alive and loving sharp cheddar cheese.

Source: USA Today

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<![CDATA[46 Tiny Movie Cameos by Super Famous People]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/small-cameos-by-famous-actors/jacob-shelton?source=rss
Some actors have perfected the art of making a cameo. They can drop in and blow your mind in five minutes or less and still make it home in time for dinner. The Hollywood actors on this list have made some of the smallest, yet most memorable movie cameos in film history. Whether they were a zombie, telling you how to sell insurance, or judging a Zoolander walk-off, we're pretty sure you'll remember these scenes. 

When you're starring in a film, you've got two hours to shine and deliver a memorable performance. But if you've only got one scene, it's even more difficult to make a lasting impression. Whether these actors enjoy wearing goofy costumes and hanging out with their friends on set, or were trying to stay relevant in the ever changing pop culture scene, theirs are some of the best movie cameos ever.

After reading this list, you'll be the go to guy or gal for definitive film cameo knowledge. Not only will you know who wore what beard in that random early '90s film, but you'll know who wore it better. You probably blinked and missed these cameos in movies, but fear not. We've done the heavy lifting and ranked the best cameo appearances made by giant stars so you don't have to.

Don't see your favorite movie cameo? Let us know in the comments section. If you want even more film cameo secrets, check out all of Stan Lee's Marvel movie cameos, and make sure to keep your eyes peeled the next time you go to the theater. 

46 Tiny Movie Cameos by Super Famous People,

Billy Idol
When wedding singer Robbie Hart discovers that he's on the same plane with the love of his life, Julia, he enlists '80s pop idol, Billy Idol (sorry) to help him serenade her with "I'll Grow Old With You." Without his help, they couldn't have had a "white wedding." Ugh. Sorry.
Bill Murray
To say that this cameo was a surprise would be the understatement of the century. Bill Murray shows up, out of nowhere, in the middle of the film, and absolutely floored the audience. And he FINALLY answered our burning question about those damn Garfield movies. We always knew it was for the cash.
Bruce Springsteen
In the film adaptation of Nick Hornby's best seller, Bruce Springsteen makes a brief cameo to give John Cusack's Rob some advice on the ladies. Who better to give relationship advice than a guy who ditched his wife to marry one of his backup singers?
Cate Blanchett
Even when Cate Blanchett is covered in a clean suit and a face mask, she's still one of the most beautiful women in the world. She can even make safety glasses look sexy. 
Charlton Heston
When Mike Meyers stops at a gas station to ask for directions, he isn't so happy with the attendant that offers his help. Instead, he implores the director to find someone with more gravitas. If only we could pull that move on Mike Meyers in every terrible movie he's made since Austin Powers
David Bowie
David Bowie has done eeeeeeverything. From reinvigorating rock music in the '70s, to turning into a hawk on Adult Swim's The Venture Brothers, there's nothing he hasn't done. He even had time to judge a walk-off between Ben Stiller's Zoolander and Owen Wilson's Hansel in the 2001 cult hit Zoolander.
Glenn Close
Glenn Close was already a star by the time Steven Spielberg lost his mind and decided to direct his own version of Peter Pan. She appears as the pirate, Gutless, and is quickly thrown into a chest with a couple of scorpions for lacking faith in Captain Hook. We hope Hook doesn't keep any pet rabbits on board.

Johnny Depp
The best thing about Johnny Depp's appearance in the film adaptation of 21 Jump Street is that it's never alluded to, even though he spends multiple scenes lurking in the background under pounds of latex. It's also nice to see him in something that wasn't directed by Tim Burton.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Airplane! is one of the few perfect comedies that detaches itself from logic and puts the jokes first. Case in point, it doesn't matter why Lakers star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is pretending to be a co-pilot named Roger Murdock, it only matters that it's funny.
Michael Jackson
In all seriousness, Michael Jackson's cameo in Men In Black 2 isn't a cameo, so much as it's an admittance of his birth on another planet. You don't write a song like "Rock With You" without being from Mars.

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<![CDATA[40 Times Life Was Just Cruelly Unfair]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/life-is-unfair-funny-photos/ashley-reign?source=rss

In the immortal words of Mama Gump, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.” Damn right it is and sometimes those chocolates turn out to be the crusty dark ones that taste like a four-week-old packet of stale cheese. It’s no secret to anyone who has lived past the age of about two that sometimes, you’re going to get dealt an unjust hand no matter who you are. To prove it, we’ve assembled a some of the best examples of how life is just unfair that have ever surfaced on the Internet.

As you’ll see in the following pictures, despite what Disney movies would have you believe, being a good person tends to provide about as much protection against life’s unfairness as being a vegetarian provides against a bear attack. Every now and then, the unfortunate befalls us all, sometimes with such a startling harshness that there’s nothing left to do but laugh.

So strap on your helmet and get ready for a photographic chronicle of the best (saddest?) examples of how life is unfair, unreasonable, and downright mean. Some of these images will make you thank God that at least your day isn’t going this badly while others will just provide definitive proof that you aren’t the only one life has it out for.

Without further ado, scroll down for a collection of spilled drinks, sad animals, one hungry camel, and many more tragedies and life fails as we celebrate some of the worst moments life has to offer.

40 Times Life Was Just Cruelly Unfair,

Other Times it Sneaks up on You with the Cunning of This Fox, Whose Bros Are Laughing Hysterically in the Nearby Woods

At Times We Discover All Too Late That Our Ambition May Have Been Misplaced

Other Times, It's Best to Learn From Your Mistakes

Sometimes Dreams Work out, Other Times They Just Spill All Over the Backseat

Sometimes, the Conflict Can Seem Too Much to Bear

Sometimes Injustice Comes in the Form of False Accusation

Sometimes Patience Is the Key to Overcoming Obstacles

Some Tragedies Just Can't Be Explained

At Times We Must Rally to Defeat Misfortune

Other Times, It's Best to Just Hang There Helplessly and Pray for the Best

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<![CDATA[28 Breakup Texts That Are So Awful They're Amazing]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/funny-breakup-texts/ashley-reign?source=rss

Oh, breakup texts. Over the past couple of decades, the world of technology has ushered in a whole new era of innovation. With these new advances however, science has also ushered in a series of less fortunate phenomenon. Among the darker shades of the modern age you’ll find things like the mass email, the group reply button, and worst of all: the dreaded text message breakup. So hang on to your hat as you get ready to check out these funny breakup texts that’ll make your ex look like the hottie of your dreams.

These days, people around the world can send emails in the blink of an eye, access infinite sources of information in seconds, and troll for hilarious photos of cats around the clock. But they can also break up with you, out of nowhere, from miles away. But if you aren't the dumpee, there's lots of enjoyment to be found, and these bad breakup texts will look more like regular funny text messages. 

As you’ll see below, hilarious breakup texts can take many forms. Among them we’ve got the awkward accidental autocorrect, the bad movie reference dump, and the legendary wrong number breakup fail. Some of these bad boys and girls are clever and others are just hilarious for all the wrong reasons.

So revel in the fact that these folks don’t have your number, as you enjoy the best the bad text breakup world has to offer. Best of all, you’ll glean some brilliant insights into mean breakup bombs to drop if you want to leave your next ex thanking their lucky stars to be rid of anyone who’d dare invoke their power. Bad Breakup Texts: for when you want to artfully avoid an awkward face to face about how it’s totally them and not at all you.

28 Breakup Texts That Are So Awful They're Amazing,

The 180 Dump and Reverse

The Awkward Autocorrection

James's Last Laugh

The Accidental Adultery Reveal

Andy's Breakup Interception

The Dense Dumpee

The Artful Redirect

The Bust and Dump

The Not-So-Subtle Hint

The Same Page Split

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<![CDATA[The Greatest Guest Appearances in The Simpsons History]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/simpsons-guest-appearances/derrick-deane?source=rss
With 25+ seasons completed and seemingly no end in sight, there is certainly no shortage on the number of celebrity guest stars who have visited Springfield, leaving their mark on The Simpsons. These Simpsons cameos, guest-starring roles, and guest voices are just one part of what makes The Simpsons so fun to watch, and easily one of the best TV shows of all time.

The longest running scripted prime-time television series has welcomed comedy legends like Bob Hope, Mel Brooks, and Johnny Carson onto the show as well as veteran actors like Donald Sutherland, Leonard Nimoy, and Patrick Stewart among many others. Modern superstars like Anne Hathaway, Daniel Radcliffe, and Neil Patrick Harris have guest starred along with legends like George Carlin, Stan Lee, and Johnny Cash.

And then of course there are Troy McClure and Lionel Hutz, voiced by the late Phil Hartman and the fan favorite mob boss Fat Tony voiced by Joe Mantegna. David Duchovny, Betty White, John Goodman, Lucy Lawless, Danny DeVito, Alec Baldwin, Mark Hamill, Rodney Dangerfield, Michael Jackson - the list of guest stars and Simpsons celebrity guests is as wide and diverse as the cast of characters that populate Springfield. 

We've gathered the top, greatest guest stars in The Simpsons history (though bands like Aerosmith, The Ramones, Smashing Pumpkins, etc. have been omitted) and we know there are more than a few favorites on this list of Simpsons guest stars. Which guest voices on The Simpsons are your favorites?
The Greatest Guest Appearances in The Simpsons History,

Albert Brooks
Albert Brooks has been a frequent guest voice on The Simpsons and is always credited as "A. Brooks." He appeared twice in the first season, first as Cowboy Bob and two episodes later as Jacques, the French bowler who sweeps Marge off her feet. He returned in season five to voice Brad Goodman and McGarnagle and then again in season eight as Hank Scorpio. He returned again in season 16 as Tab Spangler and also voiced the antagonist Russ Cargill in The Simpsons Movie.
Barry White
He does love the slither of a sexy lady snake. Baritone R&B crooner Barry White guest starred as himself twice in Season 4. First, he appeared in an attempt to save the snakes from the annual tradition of Whacking Day. Two episodes later, White appeared again as part of the all-star line up of celebrities at the Krusty the Clown special in Krusty Gets Kancelled.
Danny DeVito
In season two, Danny DeVito lent his voice to Herbert "Herb" Powell, Homer's older half-brother. The character returned in season three as Herb went on to rebuild his fortune after inventing a device that translated infantile speech into English. Herb is the result of a short-lived affair between Abraham Simpson and an unnamed female carnival worker.
David Duchovny
Caipitalizing on the popularity of another Fox show, The X-Files stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson guest starred as Simpson-ized versions of Mulder and Scully. The episode titled "The Springfield Files," in which Leonard Nimoy also guest starred, centered on Homer witnessing something out in the woods near Springfield, but no one believed him.
Johnny Cash
The Man in Black aka Johnny Cash guest starred as the Coyote in Homer's desert hallucination in season eight. The Coyote told Homer to "find your soul mate." The Coyote also appeared in a non-speaking cameo in "Blazed and Confused" when Marge is hallucinating.
Kelsey Grammer
Whenever Kelsey Grammer guest starred on The Simpsons, it felt like a special event. He has appeared as Bart's nemesis, Sideshow Bob, 12 times, beginning with his botched season one attempt at framing Krusty the Clown. Bob would appear again in seasons three, five through eight, 12, 14, 17, and 19 through 21. Grammer also recorded the part of Sideshow Bob for The Simpsons Movie, but it was eventually cut.
Leonard Nimoy
Before Lenoard Nimoy guest starred in "The Springfield Files" with The X-Files stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson in season eight, he appeared as himself in the classic season four episode "Marge vs. the Monorail." After appearing at the launch of the the monorail's maiden voyage, Nimoy appears again after catastrophe has miraculously been averted. After he says his work is done, Barney says he didn't do anything, to which Nimoy replies, "Didn't I?" and vanishes in the transporter effect similar to Star Trek.
Patrick Stewart
Leader of the Springfield chapter of the secret Stonecutter society, Patrick Stewart guest starred as Number One in the season six episode "Homer the Great." He gleefully hazes new recruits and enjoys presiding over the club's many social gatherings... and who can forget the awesome Stonecutters song?
Phil Hartman
Regardless of whether you think Phil Hartman was a guest star or portrayed a supporting character, his Troy McClure and Lionel Hutz are but a handful of side characters who were a part of the early, formative years of The Simpsons.

His first appearance came in season two as Lionel Hutz in the episode "Bart Gets Hit by a Car." Three episodes later, he would debut Troy McClure in "Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment(he also voiced the cable guy and Moses in that episode). Other characters Hartman voiced before his death were Lyle Lanley, Mr. Muntz, Mandy Patinkin, and Bill Clinton, among many others.
Ringo Starr
Ringo Starr guest starred as himself in the season two episode Brush with Greatness in which Marge's interest in art is renewed when Homer finds old portraits of her high school crush Ringo Starr. She takes an art class at a local college (Professor Lombardo was voiced by Jon Lovitz), wins an art competition, and is commissioned to paint a portrait of Mr. Burns. Meanwhile, Marge reveals that she sent a painting to Starr for "an honest opinion" but never heard back. While conceding that she can't paint a "beautiful" portrait of Mr. Burns, she gets some much needed encouragement in the form of a reply from Starr, who apologizes for the long delay.

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<![CDATA[Deleted Scenes That Would've Changed the Whole Movie]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/deleted-scenes/anncasano?source=rss
Minor spoilers ahead, but if you haven't seen these classic movies by now, what have you even been doing?!

For better or worse, some movie scenes don't make the final cut or get axed from the script before production. It can be because test audiences don't like a particular ending, running-time issues, censorship concerns, or the fear that a scene could alter the desired tone of a film. Sometimes filmmakers get it right by deleting a scene or changing an ending, sometimes they get it wrong.

Thankfully, we live in an age of DVD extras, extended versions, directors' cuts, and the Internet. Now, if available, audiences get an opportunity to check out these deleted scenes, many of which, if left in, would have had a major influence on the final film.

Check out this list of deleted scenes that had an impact on the final cuts of some of the best Hollywood films ever made. Let us know what you think about these alternate endings and cut scenes. Should Tony Scott have stuck with Quentin Tarantino’s tragic ending in True Romance? Should Rambo’s suicide have been left in the climax of First Blood? Perhaps killing poor Dante at the end of Clerks. would have made the film even more memorable. Could Kevin Smith really be that cruel?

Let us know if we missed any important, critical deleted scenes and whether or not the filmmakers made a mistake by omitting or changing any of these scenes. And be sure to vote for the deleted scenes you think would have had the most impact and changed these movies the most.
Deleted Scenes That Would've Changed the Whole Movie,

American Beauty
Lester Burnham tells us in voice-over of his death at the beginning of American Beauty, but we don't know that the closeted homosexual, tough guy military neighbor is the one who kills him until the end of the movie. However, in the original script, which is much longer, his daughter Jane and her boyfriend Ricky are tried and convicted of the crime. Their conviction is based on the evidence brought by Colonel Fitts in a frame job, after he found the videotape of Ricky and Jane talking about killing Lester and took it to the authorities.

Fatal Attraction
The original ending of Fatal Attraction involved psychopathic mistress Alex (Glenn Close) committing suicide in order to frame Dan (Michael Douglas) for her murder. However, audiences apparently didn't like the ending. So instead, viewers got to enjoy Dan's scorned wife Beth putting her husband's mistress in the grave.

Forrest Gump
Isn't it better that we don't know what Forrest said at the rally in Washington when his mic got unplugged? Yes. But if you really must know, according to Tom Hanks, Forrest said, "Sometimes when people go to Vietnam, they go home to their mommas without any legs. Sometimes they don't go home at all. That's a bad thing. That's all I have to say about that."

Little Shop of Horrors
Sometimes even when producers spend a staggering amount of money on a scene, it still needs to be cut. That was the case for the ending of the comedy musical's original 23 minute finale. The $5 million act three featured Audrey Jr. chomping down on her owner and wreaking killer plant havoc on the world. That conclusion was replaced with the happy ending of Seymour killing the plant and living happily ever after.

Pretty Woman
Imagine everyone's favorite film prostitute, Vivian (Julia Roberts), in the film that launched America's Sweetheart's career, as a crack cocaine addict. The original screenplay was titled $3,000 and featured Edward (Richard Gere) following Vivian around to make sure that she didn't use drugs. In one of many deleted scenes from the original screenplay, Edward rescues Vivian from two drug dealers.

Star Wars
George Lucas left several scenes from the original Star Wars trilogy on the cutting room floor. An interesting deleted scene of note came was from Return of the Jedi when Yoda would not allow Obi-Wan to Luke who his real father was. Yoda was interested in training Luke to be a Jedi and he thought daddy issues would slow Luke down.

Thelma & Louise
Did we really need to see Thelma and Louise's car burn up in a great ball of fire at the end of the greatest female buddy movie ever? Thankfully, the filmmakers figured audiences would get the picture, and we were spared actually having to see their deaths.

The Bourne Identity
One thing the Bourne films were intent on doing was avoiding tired Hollywood cliches.  The filmmakers opted to delete the final scene, featuring Jason and Marie's hot and heavy reunion on the beach at sunset. It was replaced with the pair sharing a tasteful, warm, and thankful embrace.

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
This deleted scene did not make the theatrical release but did thankfully appear on the extended release version. Sometimes a little clarity goes a long way, especially when considering an epic trilogy with thousands of pages of source material. This scene explains both Boromir's and Faramir's intentions.

The Shining
Though Stanley Kubrick had already released a version of The Shining theaters, he then changed his mind about the last scene. The notoriously fussy director originally had a two-minute clip at the end of the film which featured authorities telling Wendy (Shelly Duvall) that they had been unable to find Jack's body. The original version of the film was pulled after three days and not even the Internet has been able to track it down since.

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<![CDATA[100+ Easter Eggs from Every Pixar Movie]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/pixar-films-easter-eggs/ranker-film?source=rss

Second only to maybe Marvel Studios and their wealth of comic references, cinema's Easter egg king is most certainly Pixar. The animators work on these films for years at a time and like to sneak in little jokes and references for fans to discover for years to come. People scour these films with a fine tooth comb looking for anything that throws back to Pixar film history, or makes references to upcoming films that just might hint at Pixar's next big hit. This list of Pixar Easter eggs has over 200 fun facts and little details you might not have noticed from all Pixar’s films.

Pixar Animation Studios have not only consistently plugged their own films with sneaky little nods, but they've also invented recurring companies and items spread throughout their filmography. This both ties together all the Pixar movies, and cuts down on annoying and distracting product placement for real companies. 

For example, either Dinoco or Buy n Large appear in nearly every Pixar film. Pizza Planet also makes an appearance in literally every single Pixar film except The Incredibles. And let’s not forget the other Pixar inside jokes including the the crazy places they hid A113 (the classroom where most of the guys met in college), the Luxo ball (which was first featured in an early Pixar short), and many Apple references (Steve Jobs co-founded Pixar, after all), which are all a part of the Pixar universe. 

We've decided to do a round up of ALL the Pixar Easter eggs and sort them into groups (by movie for the most part). As it stands, we’ve contained over 200 Easter eggs in 100 categories! There are even a couple references to Newt (a movie they never even finished making), Star Wars (owned by parent company Lucasfilm), and some Kubrick films as well. Enjoy the wonderful world of Pixar with these cleverly hidden Easter eggs!

100+ Easter Eggs from Every Pixar Movie,

John Ratzenberger
Pixar's "good luck charm" has appeared in every single one of their films. 

Toy Story 1, 2, and 3 - Hamm  
A Bug's Life - PT Flea
Monster's, Inc. and University - Abominable Snowman  
Finding Nemo - School of Fish 
The Incredibles - Underminer
Cars and Cars 2 - Mack 
Ratatouille - Mustafa the Waiter 
Walle-E - John 
Up - Tom the Foreman
Brave - Gordon the Guard

Several Characters from Toy Story Make Cameos in Wall-E
• Rex is seen in Wall-E's house. 
• Barbie's car and a Buzz Lightyear lunchbox are seen. 
• Hamm can be seen in Wall-E's house when EVE visits. 
• The orange traffic cones from Toy Story 2 can be seen in garbage piles and in Wall-E's room.

Pizza Planet Delivers to a Monsters University House Party

The Pizza Planet truck is parked outside the first house party.

The Pizza Planet Attends the Radiator Springs Grand Prix in Cars 2

The Pizza Planet truck can be seen attending to the Radiator Springs Grand Prix. He also appears in the background of a triptych poster of the movie, in front of Buckingham Palace.

A Poster for the The Lion King Musical Appears in A Bug's Life
A poster for Disney's The Lion King musical can be seen among other posters in Bug City.
Toy Story's Pizza Planet Truck Appears in Wall-E
EVE scans the engine of a Pizza Planet truck for plant life shortly after her arrival on Earth, and shuts the hood afterwards.   

You'll remember Pizza Planet as the fictional pizza place that appears in Toy Story. Some reference or to Pizza Planet or use of the Pizza Planet truck appears in every Pixar feature, except The Incredibles.

Toy Story's Buzz Lightyear Appears Near Dentist's Office Toybox in Finding Nemo
When Nemo is frantically looking for a way to escape the fish tank in the dentist's office, a Buzz Lightyear action figure can be seen lying next to the toy box in the waiting room.

Nemo The Clownfish in Finding Nemo Appears Several Times in Monsters, Inc.
• Before Mike says "And he is... outta here!" as they're throwing Randall through the door, Nemo can be seen hanging on the wall in the form of a plaque.  

• Boo gives Sulley a Nemo toy before he leaves her room.  (Monsters, Inc. was made before Finding Nemo, so this was a sneak peek.) 

• On the wall behind the sushi chef at Harryhausen's, there is a picture of a clownfish.

The Pizza Planet Truck is Parked Next to a Trailer in A Bug's Life

The truck appears in the scene where one insect warns another not to touch the motor home's bug zapper. A Pizza Planet cup also appears in Bug City.

A Pizza Planet Truck Zooms by as Gill Plans His Escape

While Gill is explaining his plan to escape from the dentist office, a yellow Pizza Planet truck drives by. 

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<![CDATA[The Best Albums That Didn't Win a Grammy]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-albums-that-didnt-win-grammys/ranker-music?source=rss
Over the years, there have been a number of times that the Grammy voters have gotten it right with their selections in the major categories. However, there are still a bunch of albums that have not taken home the gold statue. Some of the greatest albums of all time, you'd be surprised to learn, haven't been honored. While this might seem obvious, there are still a number of egregious snubs and top, acclaimed albums that weren't recognized. There are plenty of critical darlings, and even best selling albums on this list that weren't nominated for music's biggest award.

A number of outstanding albums are on this list of Album of the Year snubs. After all, people generally consider albums like Jay Z's The Blueprint, Beastie Boys's Paul's Boutique, and The Rolling Stones's Exile on Main St. to be classics. Yet, these distinctly different albums - many of which are widely considered the artist's seminal album - didn't win a Grammy.

So, it's up to you to pick the best album that didn't win Best Album at the Grammys. All of these albums should have won something, so you can't go wrong. It will be interesting to see what other great records don't take home the hardware in the years to come.
The Best Albums That Didn't Win a Grammy,

Abbey Road

A Night at the Opera

Born to Run

The Dark Side of the Moon

Hotel California

Led Zeppelin IV

The White Album

Who's Next



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<![CDATA[The Greatest Scientific Breakthroughs of 2015]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/greatest-scientific-breakthroughs-of-2015/amylindorff?source=rss
Science is amazing! Scientists and researchers all over the globe are constantly making new and exciting discoveries that will continue to change the course of human life on Earth, and 2015 is no different. The greatest scientific discoveries inspire us to learn more about the world around us and never just accept the way things are. Because you know what? Someone created the first man-made leaf that produces oxygen! And NASA is constantly making discoveries far, far away! Scientific breakthroughs are crazy cool! 

This list of scientific discoveries features interesting stories of researchers making breakthroughs in all kinds of different fields, with many important implications for human life. The scientific discoveries of 2015 will amaze and inspire a new generation of curious scientists, who will push the boundaries of what we know even further.

When it comes to recent scientific breakthroughs, 2015 is full of them. From the first new antibiotic in decades, to lab grown human muscle, and a man-made leaf that can go through photosynthesis, the scientific discoveries made in 2015 will boggle your mind and change your view of the world.
So what were the biggest discoveries in science and tech in 2015? Read on to find out!
The Greatest Scientific Breakthroughs of 2015,

Four New Elements Officially Join the Periodic Table
In late 2015, a Russian/United States collaboration attained sufficient evidence to claim the discovery of elements 115, 117, and 118. As well, the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) awarded credit for the discovery of element 113 to scientists at RIKEN in Wako, Japan.

The elements will be given official names in due time, with "Uu" prefixes serving as placeholders on the Periodic Table for the time being.

Source: Science News

Wifi Sidewalks: Coming Soon to England
Solving a problem people the First World over face, the streets of Chesham’s town center in Buckinghamshire, England, are getting a cool new feature: Smart Wi-Fi Pavements.

Developed by Virgin Media, this technology will allow passersby and those chilling on the patios of local coffee shops to surf the Net. But won't everything take hours to load? Nope! The service will be fast enough to download a 45-minute episode on a video streaming site in just 35 seconds.

Source: IFL Science

Researchers Discover New Phase of Carbon
Researchers at the University of North Carolina discovered a new phase of carbon, called "Q-carbon" that could have important implications for developing new types of electronic display technologies. A "phase" is a distinct form of the same material, with diamond and graphite two carbon phases joined by Q-carbon. The new phase gives researchers the ability to create a diamond at room temperature and ambient atmospheric pressure.

Source: Phys.org
200+ New Species Identified in Fragile Himalayan Region
In a new report, scientists from various organizations announced that between 2009 and 2014 they discovered 211 new species in the Eastern Himalayas, including 133 plants, 39 invertebrates, 26 fish, 10 amphibians, one reptile, one bird, and one mammal. Among the most notable and flashy discoveries are the blue dwarf ‘walking’ snakehead fish (which can breathe air and survive on land for up to four days), a monkey with an upturned nose that sneezes when it rains, and the bejeweled lance-headed pit viper, which looks like a genuine piece of jewelry.

These discoveries indicate that this region of the Himalayas is one of the most biologically diverse on Earth.

Source: World Wildlife Fund
NASA Finds Evidence of Water on Mars
"There is liquid water today on the surface of Mars." So said Michael Meyer, lead scientist of NASA’s Mars exploration program. Thanks to satellite images taken from the Mars orbit in 2015, the team has determined that salty water runs down canyons and crater walls throughout the Red Planet's summer months. The images show that the steep walls of valleys and craters are streaked with summertime flows, which form intricate fan patterns.

Source: NASA
Astronomers Discover "Fat Jupiter" and Twin Planets That Could Share Life
It's hard to believe that there are planets even larger than our own solar system's giant, but in December 2015, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley announced in the discovery of HD-106906b - a planet 11 times more massive than Jupiter. The "Fat Jupiter," as some scientists call it, is also 16 times further away from its sun than Pluto. Astronomers like Paul Kalas speculate that it was "kicked out" of its solar system by a relatively recent "violent gravitational interaction."

The scientists also
discussed the existence of twin Earth-like plants in another solar system. They said that although Earth is the only planet in our system that lies in the habitable zone (not to far away or to close to the sun), other solar systems can have more than one planet orbiting at just the right distance. What's more, "Life in a multi-habitable system may have a higher probability of surviving," according to University of Nevada's Jason Steffen.

Scientists Identify Drugs for a Potential Male Birth Control Pill
Two drugs, cyclosporine A (also known as CsA) and FK506 (also known as tacrolimus) have been identified as having the potential to work as a male birth control pill. The combination of drugs make the part of the sperm that connects the tail and the head too rigid to penetrate the zona pellucida - the membrane that surrounds the egg.  

Source: Medical Xpress
Mammal Species That Survived Dinosaur Extinction Discovered
Published in the Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, scientists announced that they have identified the "rodent-like" mammal species, Kimbetopsalis simmonsae. This plant-eating mammal looked kind of like a beaver and offers clues as to how mammals "took over" following the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Found in the New Mexico badlands, this mammal is notable as well for its teeth - it had "complicated rows of cusps at the back and incisors at the front for gnawing."

Source: BBC

Astronomers May Have Found Alien-Built Structures
The Kepler Space Telescope identified a pretty cool star (KIC 8462852), said astronomers in October 2015. What makes it so cool? Well, it may harbor structers that might have been built by intelligent life (aliens). The large cluster of objects apparently looks like something you would ""expect an alien civilization to build."

Astronomers are planning a variety of follow-up observations to check out these bizarre structures.

Source: Independent
Doctors Grow Human Vocal Cords from Scratch
Using cells from human donors, doctors have, for the first time, built a set of vocal cords from scratch. The cells were urged to form a tissue that mimics vocal fold mucosa - vibrating flaps in the larynx that create the sounds of the human voice. This amazing breakthrough could someday restore speech to patients who lost their vocal cords due to illness or surgery.

Source: New Scientist

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<![CDATA[19 Organizations (Allegedly) Connected to the Illuminati]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/organizations-connected-to-the-illuminati/mike-rothschild?source=rss
It's not just entertainers and governmental bodies connected to the Illuminati. Many of the most powerful and well known fraternal organizations, think tanks, fraternities, religious organizations and professions are all in league with the Cabal, according to conspiracy theory believers.

Their goal is nothing less than total enslavement of the human race through mind control, police state laws, population culling, and constant tracking. All of this will be done to please the Dark Lord himself: Satan, the head of the Illuminati and the string-puller controlling all of the wealthy and powerful men at his disposal. They, in turn, through these many organizations and front groups, control us.

Sound confusing? It can be, given that virtually everyone in any kind of position of power is thought to be an Illuminati member. But do a little research, and the connections start to look more than theoretical. Here are 19 very real groups, from the Catholic Church to the Bilderberg Group, said to have strong ties to the Illuminati, doing their dark bidding and preparing us for the New World Order.

19 Organizations (Allegedly) Connected to the Illuminati,

The Jews
Anti-Semitism has been at the root of numerous conspiracy theories, blaming wealthy Jews (so-called “International Bankers”) for any number of wars, economic panics and calamities. Some theorists believe there is a central Cabal of Jewish Communists who are in control of the Illuminati, and these Jews manipulate history and politics for their own benefit.

Much of this revolves around the hoax book Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which is posited to be the minutes of a meeting of world-dominating Zionists. In reality, it’s an anti-Semitic tract published in Russia in 1903.
Bilderberg Group
In 1954, a group of Europe’s most prominent political leaders gathered to discuss how they could improve their economic and strategic situations, in light of World War II having recently ended. The meeting, held at the Bilderberg Hotel in Holland, has been repeated every year since then, always at a different location and with a different guest list.

Despite the perceived secrecy around the meetings, everything about them is public - except what is (and was) actually said. Illuminati watchers, however, believe these meetings are actually a secret gathering of the Cabal, and that they use the cover of the Bilderberg Group to consolidate their power and decide how they’ll rule the sheeple in the coming year.
Council on Foreign Relations
Another political and economic think tank, the CFR was founded in 1921 by wealthy bankers, politicians, and cultural figures. Ostensibly, its aim was to resolve the issues that lead to World War I, but it’s actually seen as an Illuminati front group that shares numerous members with the Cabal.

The CFR boasts extensive celebrity membership, and is alleged to be an arm of the entertainment industry, used to propagandize and spread disinformation on behalf of the New World Order.
Skull and Bones
Founded in 1832, Skull and Bones is a secret society at Yale University, into which only senior males are allowed. As many Yale graduates have gone on to prominent careers in government (John Kerry and George W. Bush are two of the most notable), they are suspected of having deep ties to the Illuminati. They also share a penchant for secrecy, ritual, and nicknames.

Skull and Bones members are suspected of controlling the CIA on behalf of the Cabal, itself a powerful law enforcement arm of the Illuminati.
Communist Party
It’s long been alleged that the Illuminati and Communism are deeply intertwined. According to anti-conspiracy writer Texe Marrs, “The World Marxist/Communist Movement was spawned from Illuminati conspiracies. When Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, and their henchmen seized control of Russia and its republics and set up the Communist-led U.S.S.R., they were simply following The Plan of Adam Weishaupt’s Order of The Illuminati and Albert Pike’s Palladium of International Freemasonry.”

Little evidence exists to support any of this.
As one of the oldest and most mystery-shrouded fraternal organizations in history, Freemasonry is said to have numerous links to the Illuminati. Many different conspiracy theories proclaim that Illuminati Freemasons secretly control society, finance, entertainment, and government.

Through their numerous Occult agents and government shills, they are working to establish a New World Order that will cull the population and eventually dominate the planet.
Knights Templar

Although they aren't the same thing as the ancient order of knights from the Crusades, the modern Knights Templar are linked with shadowy figures and deeds, as they represent the philanthropic arm of the Freemasons.

Beyond this link, the Freemason organization itself incorporates many of the same rituals, names, and symbols as the Middle Ages Knights. But where those knights were tasked with finding the Holy Grail, some believe the Masonic represent a darker purpose: to help the Illuminati distribute funds, show a friendly public face, and indoctrinate new members.

Bohemian Grove
This is a 2,700 acre campground in northern California that once a year hosts a two-week gathering of some of the wealthiest men in the world – power brokers with deep ties to the Illuminati. Numerous CEOs, politicians, industrial barons, financiers and military contractors have all spent time at the Grove, which has numerous secretive rituals, costume parties and code names.

It’s alleged that extremely important Illuminati business is discussed at these meetings – which will always be off-limits to the sheeple in the general public.
Trilateral Commission
Created by suspected Illuminatus David Rockefeller, the Trilateral Commission first met in 1973 to discuss difficult issues in politics and economics. Numerous figures who have attended Trilateral think tank sessions are alleged to be high ranking Illuminati, and none will reveal what they discuss.

The topics of their meetings are said to revolve around establishing one world government consolidating economic power and carrying out false flag attacks to help further the Commission’s military aims.

Ordo Templi Orientis
Also known as O.T.O., this is a fraternal and religious organization that had a shadowy beginning in the late 1800s. Most importantly, at one point it was led by Occult figurehead Aleistir Crowley. Many of the best known Occult symbols, rituals, and philosophies originated with Crowley and his order – all of which are allegedly linked in some ways to the Illuminati.

The supposed Satanic sexual sacrifices carried out by the Cabal first began with Ordo Templi Orientis, and its members, though few, are said to have enormous influence with the powerbrokers of the New World Order.

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<![CDATA[Your Favorite Marvel Characters: Where Are They Now?]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/marvel-characters-where-are-they-now/ranker-comics?source=rss
Marvel Comics has a celebrated 75+ year history in the comic book industry, having brought readers characters that have survived decades of stories. Over the course of those many decades, your favorite Marvel characters have gone through countless changes and survived many dramatic storylines. So where are the top Marvel Comics characters today? Take a look back on these characters' long history and how they got to where they are in the Marvel Universe today.

Every single character in comics goes through rapid changes, with each comics writer who's brought on to a title bringing with him or her a whole new vision as to where these heroes and villains are going. Especially with the big, landmark, multi-title event books, the idea of a status quo or any kind of consistency is laughable.

Since the start of their comic book origins, you probably didn't know that Spider-Man died, and then came back, or that that Wolverine just kicked the bucket himself. The goody-two-shoes Cyclops has now become full fledged mutant terrorist. Hulk has become even meaner as Kluh. Thor is now a woman. Steve Rogers even lost his Super-Solider Serum, having him age rapidly, and having him to recruit a new Captain America. 

All this and more Marvel characters updates are below. So catch up with all of your favorite comic book characters by taking a look back at where they began, what madness they went through in the middle, and a check in on where they are now. Where are your favorite Marvel characters in their current stories? Click through to find out! 

Your Favorite Marvel Characters: Where Are They Now?,

In The Incredible Hulk #1 (1962) renowned scientist Bruce Banner, an expert in gamma radiation, was exposed to Gamma Rays and whenever he grew angry would turn into a mindless, all powerful brute, The Hulk. He became an enemy of the state for a time, but also a member of the Avengers. When the beast couldn't be controlled, the Hulk was sent off planet for a time, as a way to get rid of him.
Iron Man
Since Tales of Suspense #39 (1962), billionaire philanthropist playboy Tony Stark suffered a severe chest injury during a kidnapping. Thus, he is forced to build a weapon of mass destruction, but secretly creates a powered suit of armor to save his life and escape his captivit,y becoming Iron Man. He became a founding member of the Avengers and always goes to any lengths to reach what he believes is the right thing, no matter the outcome.
After being mind-swiped by one of his greatest foes, Doctor Octopus, he's back to being his regular Peter Parker-minded, Peter Parker-bodied self! He's got a new lease on life, a company he needs to learn how to run, a Ph.D., a new group of friends, and a lot of catching up to do.
Scott Summers is a mutant, able to shoot concussive blasts of pure energy from his eyes, but unfortunately not able to control them without a visor, due to a childhood injury. He joined and became leader of the X-Men at a young age back in The X-Men #1 (1963). When he wasn't moping over his love for fellow team member Jean Grey, he believed in Xavier's dream and in all that is right and just.
First appearing in The Incredible Hulk #180 (1974), Wolverine was a mutant with an incredible healing factor who was experimented on, fusing unbreakable metal to his bones and claws making him nearly indestructible. He has a long and complicated history, but after living for years without a memory wandering here and there he (reluctantly) joined the X-Men, then other crime fighting teams, even becoming an Avenger and teacher at Xavier's school.
Wolverine Now
Unfortunately, Logan is no longer with us. After losing his healing factor, he fought to the end and was encased in adamantium during a fight with the man who helped make him the unstoppable force that he was at the Weapon X Program. 
Cyclops Now
Now, Cyclops is a publicly wanted mutant terrorist who will stop at nothing for the survival of his race. He's sided with Magneto (once his sworn enemy) and commits acts of violence and even kidnapping anytime a new mutant appears on the scene. His powers have gone even more haywire due to a possession by the Phoenix Force, and he inadvertently killed his mentor, Charles Xavier.
Spider-Man Then
In Amazing Fantasy #15 (1962), mild mannered science nerd Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider, giving him the proportionate strength, speed, and abilities of a spider. He became Spider-Man, but he had to keep his identity a secret to keep his friends and family safe, while fighting some of the most diverse villains in the world, because with great power comes great responsibility.
Hulk Now
Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange accidentally caused a moral inversion between the heroes and villains, and Hulk felt betrayed by Nick Fury Jr. and Maria Hill after they refused to turn over the Red Skull. So, a new, even more brutal form of Hulk, calling himself Kluh (not kidding), manifested, easily defeated all of the Avengers and began running rampant.
Iron Man Now
Tony has become a member of the Illuminati, a secret organization comprised of some of the world's most powerful heroes, helping make decisions that affect the entire universe. And, due to the personality inversion that just went down, it brought his egotism, irresponsibility, and alcoholism to the forefront. He relocated to San Francisco and built the Extremis 3.0, a phone app that allows people to have beauty and immortality. Initially giving out the techno virus for free, he then started charging the desperate, addicted masses.

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<![CDATA[56 Things You Didn't Know About the Terminator Movies]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/terminator-movies-trivia/ranker-film?source=rss

When it comes to film franchises, Terminator is one of the best. From the original, all the way through to Terminator Genysis, action film fans can't get enough of the Schwarzenegger series. But how much do you really know about the Terminator movies? Sit back and get ready for learning, because we've dug up the most interesting and surprising trivia, facts, and Easter eggs, covering all things Terminator, through the making-of and beyond.  

Whether Michael Biehn or Anton Yelchin is your Kyle Reese, and whether Edward Furlong, Nick Stahl, or Christian Bale is your John Connor, there's no denying that Arnold Schwarzenegger is the one, true Terminator. He's back (GET IT?!) for Genysis, and fans couldn't be happier!

Do you know what script James Cameron wrote during his downtime on Terminator (1) and why it was delayed? How about which singer they originally wanted to play the iconic T-1000 in T2? What did Arnold receive as a gift for signing on to Terminator 3? What nods did they make sure to include in the fourth film, tying it into the first?

All of this and much more awaits you below, so scroll down and vote up the Terminator behind the scenes fun facts you were most surprised to learn!

56 Things You Didn't Know About the Terminator Movies,

Casting Swap
The studio originally wanted Arnold to play the role of Kyle Reese, as did Arnold himself. Cameron, however, insisted that Schwarzenegger play the Terminator - and that the film in fact be about the Terminator, not about Kyle Reese.
James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger: Guerrilla Filmmakers

The scene in T1 where the Terminator breaks into a station wagon was the very last thing shot, and it was added to the film a few weeks before the film's release.  The scene was filmed in two hours by director James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger alone. Due to insufficient funds, Cameron had to pay for the scene himself. However, he could not afford a police permit, so he kept another set of Arnold's clothes was behind the wagon trunk. The moment the scene was finished, Cameron had Schwarzenegger change clothes.

Sneaky Foreshadowing in The Terminator

In the beginning of the the first movie, The Terminator drives over a toy semi-truck. Towards the end of the movie, The Terminator is run over by the same model of semi.

Arnold and James Cameron's Friendship Kept New Terminators from Coming Out
Arnold Schwarzenegger refused to return to the Terminator franchise without James Cameron directing. Eventually, he agreed to do T3: Rise of the Machines after James Cameron said, "Just do it, and ask for a sh!#-load of money." 
The Biker Bar Scene and The Rodney King Beating
According to James Cameron, in T2, not only was the biker bar scene filmed across the street from the Rodney King beating, but they were filming the night OF the beating, March 3, 1991. 
Time and Budgets Were Simpler Then
Terminator 2: Judgment Day was the first film to have a production budget of over $100 million (Don't worry; they made it back).
This Gas Station Should Look Familiar
The gas station the Terminator stops at for gas in Terminator 3 is the same one from the previous two films. In 1984's Terminator, it's where the pregnant Sarah Connor stops before driving through the Mojave. In T2, it's where she camps for the night after escaping from the hospital.
Arnold Schwarzenegger's Training Was Intense

Arnold Schwarzenegger worked with guns every day for a month to prepare for the role. The first two weeks of filming, he practiced weapons stripping and reassembly while blindfolded until the motions were automatic, like he was a machine. He spent hours at the shooting range, practicing with different weapons, without blinking or looking at them when reloading or cocking. He also had to be ambidextrous. Schwarzenegger practiced different moves up to 50 times.

There Was a Scene Too Dangerous To Shoot, But Cameron Did It Anyway
Pilot Charles A. Tamburro actually flew the helicopter under the overpass in the final chase scene of Terminator 2. Due to the danger involved, the camera crew refused to shoot it, so James Cameron shot it himself with the help of the camera car driver.
Schwarzenegger Bulked Up to His Former Weight for T3
Before shooting Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Schwarzenegger worked out for six months straight, three hours a day. By the time they were rolling, he was at the exact same weight and muscle measurements as he'd been twelve years earlier on the set of T2!

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<![CDATA[The Most Trustworthy Celebrities in the World]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/most-trustworthy-celebrities/celebrity-lists?source=rss

Trust: the belief that someone or something is reliable, good, honest, effective, etc. When it comes to celebrities, do any really fit that bill? Are there still any truly trustworthy famous people these days? Sure there are! Some celebrities are awesome! From Hollywood actors and popular musicians, to TV personalities and the best athletes in sports, the well-known individuals ranked on this list are the most trusted big names in town.

Who is the most trustworthy celeb? Which famous person would you tell all your secrets to? Or let babysit your kids? Of the celebrities on this poll, which do you think has the fewest skeletons in their closet? People like Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, Denzel Washington, and Brian Williams are pop culture fixtures that just seem downright trustworthy.

These aren't the people who'd ever end up on a celebrity scandals list, or be accused of a horrible crime. They're the celebs and famous folk that audiences and fans see as honest, good people who happen to be ridiculously famous. 

As Billy Joel once sang, "it's always been a matter of trust." So help us trust you. Vote on and rerank this list of the celebrities you trust the most. The ones you'd do trustfalls with in any corporate conference room anywhere on earth. Trust us, you won't regret it.



The Most Trustworthy Celebrities in the World,

Betty White

James Earl Jones

Maggie Smith

Meryl Streep

Michael J. Fox

Morgan Freeman

Patrick Stewart

Sally Field

Sandra Bullock

Tom Hanks

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<![CDATA[32 Things You Didn't Know About Wolverine]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/wolverine-trivia/ranker-comics?source=rss
Wolverine is one of the most recognizable Marvel Comics superheroes out there. Nowadays, he's everywhere. Movies, cartoons, video games, comic books... you name it. But he wasn't always so popular. He's been around for over 40 years, having been created by comics legends Len Wein and John Romita Sr. (though, thats up for debate). But what facts will surprise you about your favorite Marvel character? This list of trivia facts you didn't know about Wolverine will give you all kinds of interesting tidbits about Logan. 
The majority of people know Wolverine from the 20th Century Fox movie, starring Hugh Jackman. But did you know that Jackman is almost a foot taller than Wolverine is in the comics? And speaking of Jackman, did you know he wasn't even the first choice to play the ol' canuklehead? At one point, it was even planned to write him out of the X-Men comics for good. Fortunately for us, that didn't happen.

You've seen Wolverine in the movies and cartoons, now it's time to become a Wolverine expert with these amazing facts you probably didn't know about him. Upvote the most surprising Wolverine trivia below and use your newfound knowledge against your comic book friends. 

32 Things You Didn't Know About Wolverine,

Dark Claw
There was a time when Marvel and DC were friends... well maybe not friends, but they were both in enough financial trouble to know they couldn't do things on their own. In the mid-90s, fanboys around the world rejoiced when they announced a Marvel vs. DC crossover event. Marvel and DC let it be known which characters of theirs they would have go at it and allowed the fans to vote for who would win.

Even more shocking than the actual crossover battles was the merging of the two big comic book companies into one, called Amalgam. In the Amalgam universe, we got to see the merging of such characters as Captain America and Superman, Storm and Wonder Woman, and the most badass of them all, Wolverine and Batman, named Dark Claw.

Who wouldn't want to live in a universe where a hero exists that has Wolverine's claws and Batman's brains? 

There are 13 types of adamantium. Wolverine's is the ninth version.
Girl Power
In the comics, Wolverine has taken it upon himself to mentor some of the young girls of the X-Men like Kitty Pryde, Rogue, Jubilee, and Armor. It may seem a bit creepy with him being being over a hundred years old, but the girls he's mentored see him as a father figure. 
Bone Claws
For all he knew, Wolverine's claws were given to him when his bones were laced with adamantium during the Weapon X Project. When Magneto tears Wolverine's adamantium from his body, it was soon revealed to him (and us) that Wolverine has bone claws. 
Too Big for the Big Screen
In the comics, Wolverine is only 5'3" tall, while Hugh Jackman, who portrays Wolverine on the big screen, stands almost a foot taller, at 6'2". 

To try to hide Jackman's height, they filmed him at certain angles to make him appear shorter than he is. His castmate James Marsden, who plays Cyclops, is 5'10". Since Cyclops is supposed to be much taller than Wolverine, James wore platform boots to make Jackman appear shorter. 
Teams Galore
On top of being a prominent member of the X-Men and X-Force, Wolverine has been a member of the Avengers and even the Fantastic Four. The only other character to be on the same four teams was Storm.
Left in the Dark
Just like us, Wolverine didn't know about his past. Anything before he went under the Weapon X Program was all just a blur. It wasn't until the events of the "House of M" crossover event that Wolverine regained his memories. 
Another Round!
Much to Professor X's disapproval, Wolverine is a heavy drinker and smoker. Due to his healing factor, Wolverine isn't concerned about long term effects of alcohol and tobacco.
He Gets the Job Done
Wolverine is known for getting the job done by any means necessary. He's killed hundreds of other characters, and at one point in the comics even killed Jean Grey, who some consider to be the love of his life. 

While the two of them were propelling towards the sun on Asteroid M, thanks to the traitor Xorn, Jean asks Wolverine to kill her so she doesn't have to suffer burning up in the sun. He reluctantly stabs and kills her. But seconds before they reach the sun, the Phoenix Force manifests within Jean and saves them both. 
Artist John Byrne sketched a face for what he thought Wolverine would look like under his mask, not knowing artist Dave Cockrum already revealed Wolverine's face in an earlier issue. When Byrne discovered this, he used what would've been Wolverine's face as his future arch-nemesis', Sabretooth.

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<![CDATA[50 Hairstyles These People Will Regret Forever]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/most-embarrassing-hairstyles-ever/keshvaralikhani?source=rss

We've all had a terrible haircut or two. Bangs trimmed too short, side burns cut unevenly, highlights colored way too light. But then there are these cuts, easily the most embarrassing hairstyles ever. Cuts so bad that no human should ever be forced to go out in public wearing them.

Hoping for a new look? Why not shave the silhouette of a pooping man into the back of your head? Maybe you could try a full color iguana mohawk? Or even a life-size violin made out of your own luscious locks? If you can dream it, you can have it. What you do with your hair is your own business. Unfortunately, these looks are more nightmare than fantasy.

These are the worst haircuts ever imagined. Ugly haircuts, wacky haircuts, frightening haircuts, and just plain awful haircuts. What are the worst hairstyles in the history of the universe? See for yourself.
50 Hairstyles These People Will Regret Forever,

A Full Scale Committment to Going Green

At Least It's Better Than an Angry Birds Tattoo?

Guaranteed to Attract a Girlfriend

A Literal Rattail That Is More Digusting Than an Actual Rat Tail

The Bang Trim That Went Too Far

Flock of Seagulls Gone Horrible Awry

This Architectural Marvel

We Call This One the "Drunk Barber"

The Very Definition of "Party in the Back"

The Higher the Hair, The Closer to God

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<![CDATA[31 Times You've Seen The Walking Dead Actors Before]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/other-roles-by-walking-dead-actors/devon-ashby?source=rss
With everyone dying and coming back to life all the time, it's hard to keep track of all the different performers appearing regularly on The Walking Dead each week. To make things even more confusing, many of these people actually had lives and careers prior to appearing on the show. In what other roles have you seen The Walking Dead actors before?

The hotly anticipated adaptation of the comic book series by the same name, The Walking Dead was an instant smash success when it premiered in 2010. One of the best AMC shows of all time, the series follows a group of survivors in a post-apocalyptic world in which dead people reanimate and eat other people. You may call them zombies, but in this world, they are called "walkers." Maybe these people have never heard of zombies; who knows. Easily one of the creepiest shows on TV right now, the show has steadily increased viewership each season, becoming one of the most popular on television. While most of The Walking Dead actors are relatively new faces, the cast is made up of hard-working professionals who have actually been in the biz for years or even decades. Where have you seen that guy with the gun before? How about that lady with a knife in her hand, blood on her face, and a gleam in her eye? Does that zombie look familiar??

Some of The Walking Dead's star performers have racked up years of experience; others may have only popped up in one or two other roles. Wondering where you've seen that The Walking Dead actor or actress before? Allow us to humbly assist.
31 Times You've Seen The Walking Dead Actors Before,

Alexandra Breckenridge
Before she was Jessie, Alexandra Breckenridge played the young version of maid Moira O'Hara in the first season of American Horror Story: Murder House. She has appeared in other seasons of AHS. 
Andrew Lincoln
Before he led the zombie resistance as Rick, Andrew Lincoln played a sensitive dude in love with his best friend's wife in Love Actually.

Chad Coleman
Before he played Tyreese, Chad Coleman appeared in an episode of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia as a drunken party guest who was really obsessed with jean shorts.
Jeffrey DeMunn
Jeffrey DeMunn, also an accomplished character actor, appeared in lots of neat things before playing Dale Horvath on The Walking Dead. Here's a picture of DeMunn playing the prosecuting attorney in the opening scenes of The Shawshank Redemption (a movie which, incidentally, was directed by The Walking Dead show creator, Frank Darabont).
Jose Pablo Cantillo
Before he was Cezar Martinez, Jose Pablo Cantillo played Hector Salazar on FX's Sons of Anarchy.
Lawrence Gilliard Jr.
Before he was troubled, post-apocalyptic alcoholic Bob, Lawrence Gilliard, Jr. played ill-fated drug kingpin D'Angelo Barksdale on the first season of HBO's The Wire.
Lauren Cohan
Before her role as Maggie, Lauren Cohan sexed it up as Bela Talbot on Supernatural.
Norman Reedus
Before he mastered the use of a crossbow, Norman Reedus showed off his skills with more traditional firearms in the 1999 classic, The Boondock Saints.
Steven Yeun
Before he was Glenn, Steven Yeun appeared in a flashback sequence on The Big Bang Theory in which he warns Leonard about his obnoxious new college roommate, Sheldon.
Emily Kinney
Before she played Beth, Emily Kinney appeared on The Good Wife as the sister of a famous pop star accused of attempted murder.

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<![CDATA[Cliches You See In Every Action Movie]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/action-movie-cliches/brettdahlenburg?source=rss
Nary a soul is immune to the adrenaline pumping joy of a great action movie. Explosion laden escapist fare is so popular that you'd think that's all moviegoers want to see these days. But let's get real (reel?): with so many action movies in existence, there are bound to be some repeated ideas.

Some of these ideas are recalled so often they reach the level of cliché; be it jumping through a plate glass window, a single punch knockout, or gratuitous nudity, this list is full of the best, the worst, and the most often seen action movie cliches. Vote up your favorites or add a few you think were left out.
Cliches You See In Every Action Movie,

Instead of killing you, I'm going to take this moment to tell you about all my evil plans. It would be pretty awkward if you escaped somehow...
Tragic Backstory
Backstory, AKA plot exposition that only serves to distract from the explosions.
Single Punch Knockout
Ever tried knocking someone out in one punch? Me neither, but the movies make it look really easy.
Just a Flesh Wound
Don't worry! I just barely got hit, I'm still cool to save the day.
He's Dead... Right?
No need to put that final bullet in his head; I'm pretty much certain he's dead... right?
Too Many Bullets
Wait... since when can you shoot a revolver 75 times without reloading?
Jump Through Glass Window
Plate glass windows can't stop me!
No brainer. It's not an action movie without some explosions; the bigger the better!
Catchy One-liners
"I'll be back." "No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die." "This is Sparta!" "Yippee Ki Yay mother***er!" "Get off my plane!" "Welcome to Earth." "Dead or alive, you're coming with me." "Say hello to my little friend!" You get the idea...
Last Second Bomb Dismantle
Cut the green wire... no wait! The red one!

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<![CDATA[The Most Offensive Urban Outfitters Products to Ever Exist]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/urban-outfitters-controversy-list/brigittenajarian?source=rss

Urban Outfitters offensive fashion choices have gone off the deep end. They've literally insulted every culture/sub-culture possible. Native Americans, Irish Americans, African Americans... and pretty much everyone else. Unfortunately for them, Urban Outfitters racist and ill-humored products often cause more harm than trends. The most recent case being their rendition of a Kent State sweatshirt covered in splattered blood. Any "cutting edge" clothing brand wants to be edgy and in the media spotlight, so it's up for debate on whether or not these offensive items hurt their brand, but they do definitely affect the public's perception of it. 

Urban Outfitters controversies like this were easy to find, as the brand is ultimately one that doesn't think about their actions. Their fashion designs are often stolen and manage to offend almost every race. What makes it worse is that this "urban" and "liberal" brand is actually run by a conservative corporation. With the way things are going, it seems that nobody is safe from the turquoise-ringed, tattoo-embellished fist of this intolerant hipster brand.
The Most Offensive Urban Outfitters Products to Ever Exist,

This racist farce on Monopoly features bonus cards that say, "You got yo whole neighborhood addicted to crack. Collect $50." 
The Obama/Black T-shirt Option
This T-shirt comes in two color combinations: "White/Charcoal" and "Obama/Black." 
St. Patrick’s Day-themed Shirts and Hats
Don't think that white people got off so easy on this racist parade. The largest Irish American organization in the U.S. made a case against UO for depicting unflattering stereotypes of the Irish. 
A Vintage, Faux-bloodstained Kent State Sweatshirt
This crude reference to the Kent State massacre of the '70s is the most recent offensive clothing item UO has come out with. Although they claim that was "not their intention."
The Holocaust-evoking Jewish Star Shirt
The Star of David patch Jews were forced to wear in Nazi Germany leading up to and during the Holocaust were re-designed by UO. They were sold for a crisp $100 profit.
Hypodermic Heroin Needle Pens
Collect the whole set! A UO New York City store gave away these promotional pens shaped like hypodermic heroin needles. 
A Holocaust Garb-Themed Tapestry

For just $69.99, you too can be part of the horrible Holocaust legacy that sent thousands to Nazi death camps! Urban Outfitters started selling this tapestry as part of their Assembly Home collection. The only problem- it looks a lot like the uniforms gay male prisoners in Nazi concentration camps were made to wear.

The Anti-Defemation League said, “Whether intentional or not, this gray and white striped pattern and pink triangle combination is deeply offensive and should not be mainstreamed into popular culture. We urge Urban Outfitters to immediately remove the product eerily reminiscent of clothing forced upon the victims of the Holocaust from their stores and online.”


Pro-booze Shirts for Kids
UO's demo is 18 to 24-year-olds, and these shirts were also modeled by under-21 female models. Perfect for back-to-school shopping with Mom and Dad.
Pill Bottle-shaped Alcohol Paraphernalia
UO's line of shot glasses, pint glasses, and flasks resembling prescription pill bottles were pulled after a Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear complained. Their state loses more people to prescription drugs than traffic accidents.
Everyone Loves a Jewish Girl T-shirt
It's not the phrase but the usage of dollar bill signs and shopping bags that's just a little tasteless. Don't worry, equally offensive shirts made for Irish people can also be seen on this list.

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<![CDATA[The Worst Wax Figures at Madame Tussauds]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/worst-wax-figures-at-madame-tussauds/celebrity-lists?source=rss

Human-sized, wax replicas of famous people are already pretty weird. Madame Tussauds wax museums take wax figures to a whole new level. With every hand-inserted hair and finely sculpted face, these wax figures are made to look exactly like your favorite and most beloved celebrities. Ironically, they're also some of the most horrifying things you've ever seen.

Who visits a Madame Tussauds Museum anyway? Well, tourists, mostly. With more than 20 attractions around the world in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, these wax museums are a popular destination for people traveling to major cities. But are they worth it? Is it really as good as the real thing? Take a look through and vote up which wax figures are the worst, and vote down the ones that you could tolerate keeping in your house with you, watching you.
The Worst Wax Figures at Madame Tussauds,

Celine Dion

John Travolta

Leonardo DiCaprio

Mel Gibson

Michael Jackson

Michelle Obama

Oprah Winfrey

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

Will Smith

Rowan Atkinson

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<![CDATA[21 Animals Who Are So Strong It's Kind Of Scary]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/strongest-animals-in-the-world/ranker-science?source=rss

Animals of all shapes and sizes have different kinds of strengths. Deciding which animals are the strongest really depends on how you define strength. Do you define strength as the sheer power of an animal, how much they can carry pound-for-pound, or the strength of their bite? This list includes land mammals, marine animals, and insects, all of which are ridiculously strong, in one way or another.

Some animals can carry large amounts of weight, up to several times their own body mass, while others have really strong and ferocious bites. Do you think you know what the strongest animal is? You might be shocked to find out that some of the smallest animals are actually the strongest pound-for-pound.

The top two strongest living things are beetles (yes—beetles!) and the strongest mammal is a gorilla. Which other animals are the strongest on Earth? Take a look at this list, and consider which creatures you would not want to go head to head with.

21 Animals Who Are So Strong It's Kind Of Scary,

The largest members of the cat family, a tiger can carry up to twice its own weight of 1,000 pounds. It can also eat up to 45 pounds of food in one night.

(Source 1, Source 2)
A gorilla can lift things over 10 times its own 800-pound body weight. That's equivalent to a gorilla lifting 30 humans. 

Grizzly Bear
The mighty grizzly bear can lift over 1,100 pounds – which is almost equal to its 1,200 pound weight. It also has a bite strong enough to crush a bowling ball.  

(Source 1, Source 2)
Rhinoceros beetle
These insects can lift something up to 850 times their own body weight. Essentially, this beetle could carry 850 rhinoceros beetles. 

African Bush Elephant
Elephants are the strongest mammals, with the ability to lift 130 humans. That's approximately 14,000 pounds. 


Blue Whale
Blue whales are known for being one of the strongest animals because of the enormous muscle strength it takes for this animal to move. Weighing in at up to 200 tons, it takes a lot of strength to move that much mass around. 

(Source 1, Source 2)
An ox is strong enough to haul something that weighs 1.5 times its own body weight. 

The eagle is the strongest bird on Earth. It can carry things up to four times its weight while flying. 

Leafcutter Ant
The tiny leafcutter ant can carry things that are up to 50 times its body weight... in its mouth. That's equivalent to a person carrying a truck in their teeth. 

Dung Beetle
The dung beetle is the strongest insect in the world. It can lift up to 1,100 times its own weight.


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<![CDATA[19 Weird YouTube Channels You Should Be Watching]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/weird-youtube-videos/devon-ashby?source=rss

We all know about the “weird side” of YouTube. In our darker (or more enlightened) moments, we may even have ended up there. One minute you're minding your business, then someone sends you a link that you assume to be a funny YouTube video, and the next thing you know, you're watching a video of an adult in a full-body cat suit and party wig aggressively twerking to Beyonce.

With all that competition, what are the weirdest YouTube channels out there? The most bizarre YouTube channels? The creepiest YouTube channels? Let's be honest – we're all in the mood for something a little strange and horrifying sometimes, and with over 72 hours of fresh amateur content uploaded every 60 seconds, YouTube is the perfect place to go for that. Below, enjoy a crash course introduction to some of the most bizarre, incomprehensible, and occasionally brilliant channels on YouTube.

19 Weird YouTube Channels You Should Be Watching,

Cyriak is a surreal British animator who makes repeating loops of creepy, mind-bending things like monsters made out of human fingers that puke their own heads up through their mouths in an endless cycle. Confused? You probably should be.

Cyriak's animations are terrifying, but from a technical perspective, they're also brilliant and incredibly detailed. Plus, they're a great way to upset your friends.
David Firth
David Firth is a pre-YouTube Internet celebrity who first rose to infamy roundabout the mid-2000s with his bizarre and unnerving Flash animation series, Salad Fingers.

Firth is now a successful animator who does work for the BBC, and he's apparently finished posting Salad Fingers updates, but he still posts other strange and horrifying crap from time to time, like this inscrutable stop-motion short.

Jillian Mayer
Jillian Mayer is an actual, legit artist who has exhibitions at fancy places like the Guggenheim. But she also runs a YouTube channel! And her YouTube channel is really damn weird.

Mayer's channel is mainly about the unexpected and brain-twisting intersections between physical reality and life online. Her most popular video is probably "I Am Your Grandma," but if you really want to go hard, you need to experience her full-on epic, "#PostModem."
Don't Hug Me I'm Scared
Don't Hug Me. I'm Scared became Internet famous a couple years ago thanks to their retroactively childhood-destroying short film of the same title. The short tricks you into thinking it's a normal clip from a children's show, only to slowly derail into a discordant nightmare of raw meat, glitter glue, and screaming.

They made a sequel to the original short earlier this year and continue to regularly update their channel with cryptic follow-ups like this one, featuring the same characters. Currently, they are working on a Kickstarter campaign to launch a full webseries. (God help us all.)
Everything Is Terrible
Everything is Terrible specializes in unearthed and re-edited footage from after-school specials, infomercials, Saturday morning children's fare, and other artifacts from the forgotten wasteland of VHS and television production prior to the Internet's heyday.

It's tough to narrow it down to just one video demonstrating why this channel is awesome, but we're going to go with this clip from the 2005 made-for-TV cautionary tale, Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life.
The Report of the Week
This kid started making truly excellent (and weird) food reviews in 2011. What started as a crucial report on energy drinks expanded to cover fast food, junk food, and candy within a few months. 

Think this guy is weird? He's nothing compared to these Weirdest YouTubers

Memory Hole
Culled from some mysterious, covertly-obtained stash of shot-on-VHS home videos, Memory Hole is a project run by the same people responsible for Everything is Terrible. All of their videos are short, but they are among the most unsettling and inexplicable things you will ever see on the Internet, guaranteed.

If you dig Memory Hole you'll get a kick out of the rest of these Weird Youtubers
The Uncharted Zone
Hosted by the inimitable (among other things) Phil Thomas Katt, The Uncharted Zone is the official YouTube channel of a public access radio station in Gulf Shores, Alabama devoted to showcasing unknown and offbeat musical acts.

Their YouTube presence is dominated by trippy, non-professional green screen music videos, which UZ produce in their own studio for performers like Supagroup, and folk-rocker Mark Gormley, whose ballad "Little Wings" will move you to tears of...something.
NextMedia Animation
Based in Taipei, Taiwan, NextMedia Animation produces satirical CGI news segments.

All of their videos are based on actual news stories, but NMA is definitely never afraid to get whimsical – this video about Justin Beiber's faux pas visit to a Chinese shrine, for example, gleefully depicts Beiber taking selfies with the corpses of decorated war heroes and spraying fountains of urine all over rows of painted ceramic urns.

Think NextMedia is weird? You're going to want to check out these other weird YouTubers.
Rawn Erickson
Ron Erickson's "Hi, I'm Rawn!" is an intentional comedy channel, but dude definitely has his own signature style of presentation. He occasionally goes on field trips, but many of his videos consist of him hanging out in his own basement, doing solo physical comedy routines, or dressing up in different costumes and playing multiple characters.

For the record, we think Rawn is actually pretty funny and talented, and if you don't believe us, just check out this sexy ribbon-dancing video he made.

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<![CDATA[The Greatest Hollywood Comebacks of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/celebrity-comebacks/devon-ashby?source=rss
Great celebrity comebacks are rare – in a world ruled by fickle fame, it's not always easy for actors and actresses to recover from career misfortune. What are some of the best examples of impressive celebrity comebacks for actors and actresses of the past 30 years? The world of Hollywood actors is riddled with disappointment and overbearing egos, but what about stars who once had it all, fell out of favor, then rose from the wreckage and transformed their prior misfortunes into renewed successes?

Below is a list of the best film actor comebacks of all time. These celebrities made major comebacks even when the world didn't think they could do it. Vote up which celebrities you think have had the greatest comeback to their career, and let's welcome everyone back into the game.
The Greatest Hollywood Comebacks of All Time,

Betty White
Known for her treacly, two-faced matronly characters, Betty White rose to iconic status starting in the '60s. Bitingly hilarious in front of the camera, White was also recognized for her influence behind it – she the first woman ever to produce a TV sitcom and was the first woman to win an Emmy as a game show host.

During the '70s, White enjoyed new levels of recognition after landing a role as a recurring character Sue Ann Nivens on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," and her fame extended into the '80s with her now legendary role on "Golden Girls."

Though she continued to turn up in minor roles during the '90s, it appeared for a while that Betty might finally be entering a reluctant dotage. Starting in the early '00s, however, her visibility began a gradual resurgence, culminating in her legendary appearance as a host of "Saturday Night Live" in 2010. Today, Betty remains a visible and beloved comedy icon and makes frequent, celebrated appearances in both film and television.
Drew Barrymore
Definitely one of the youngest people in the industry to go nuts and make a full recovery, Drew Barrymore has been starring in movies since early childhood and published a drug memoir at the tender age of 14. As a child, Barrymore spent half a decade as Hollywood's adorable moppet du jour, appearing in Cat's Eye, Firestarter, and Stephen Spielberg's E.T. Known for precocious and rebellious behavior, Barrymore's career ground to a halt in in 1989 when she was forced into rehab twice, once for cocaine addiction, and then a second time for trying to kill herself.

Barrymore's public image turned around in 1995 when she starred alongside Whoopi Goldberg and Mary Louise Parker in Boys On the Side, playing a wild and impulsive young woman, much like herself, attempting to escape from an abusive relationship. The following year, her memorable appearance in Wes Craven's Scream cemented her return to prominence. Barrymore has gone on to write, direct, produce, and star in numerous Hollywood productions.
Jason Bateman
From Teen Wolf to Bluth Boy, Bateman has had quite a ride. After getting his TV start on the early 80s "Little House on the Prairie" series, Bateman really started to make his mark on "Valerie," even becoming the DGA's youngest-ever director, taking the helm for a few episodes of the series, in which he also had an acting role.

Then, Bateman fell into obscurity for the better part of the 90s, unable to make a graceful transition from teen star, including the box office flop that was Teen Wolf Too. Then came the Bluth era of the early 2000s, when Bateman came back in a big way, as the only sane member of the highly dysfunctional family on critically-acclaimed and fan-favorite series "Arrested Development." This role relaunched his career, which has since included roles in films like Juno, Up in the Air, and Horrible Bosses. Bateman won a Golden Globe for the role in 2005, and was nominated twice for an Emmy - in 2005 and 2013, after "Arrested Development" was revived on Netflix.
Joaquin Phoenix
Appropriately, Phoenix is one of few actors who has made comebacks into an art form of their own. Though he started off as a child actor, his burgeoning early career was derailed in 1993 by the notorious drug overdose death of his older brother, River Phoenix. The media frenzy surrounding the death was intense, and Joaquin (credited, at the time, as "Leaf Phoenix") withdrew for several years from the public eye.

At age 15, Joaquin changed his name from "Leaf" back to "Joaquin" and returned to acting, landing a number of small supporting roles, and finally hitting the fame jackpot in 2000 for his role as Commodus in Ridley Scott's Gladiator. He continued to tackle weird and challenging material throughout the early 2000s, appearing in films like Quills, Hotel Rwanda, M. Knight Shyamalan's The Village, and the Johnny Cash biopic Walk the Line.

 After checking into rehab in 2005, wrecking his car while intoxicated in 2006 (and being improbably rescued by legendary German director Werner Herzog), and a period of routinely bizarre public behavior, Phoenix has now returned seriously to acting. He has recently been critically recognized for his starring roles in P.T. Anderson's The Master, and in Spike Jonze's Her.
John Travolta
Travolta was a big-haired, disco-powered heartthrob in the '70s and '80s, starring in the popular high school TV series "Welcome Back Kotter," as well as Saturday Night Fever, Stayin' Alive, Brian De Palma's Carrie, and of course, The Boy In the Plastic Bubble. He was also a huge pop star, crooning seductive smooth jams into living rooms all over the world.

By the '90s, Travolta had become a parody of himself and was reduced to odd roles in things like Look Who's Talking, where his co-star was a talking baby. Fortunately, in 1994, Quentin Tarantino decided to cast Travolta as the lead in Pulp Fiction, which would go on to become one of the most iconic American films of the century. Despite a few questionable career moves (lookin' at you, Battlefield Earth) Travolta has remained securely A-list ever since.
Kiefer Sutherland
The son of renowned Canadian actor Donald Sutherland, Keifer premiered in Rob Reiner's beloved coming-of-age classic Stand By Me in 1986 and went on to become on of Hollywood's most visible young performers. He appeared in Dark City, Young Guns, the not-terrible American remake of The Vanishing, and Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, but his greatest role ever, no matter what anybody else ever says, was as the evil head vampire with the sexy earring in Lost Boys.

Aside from a brief, weird, temporary retirement in the late '90s, during which he apparently bought a ranch in Montana and won a bunch of cattle-roping contests, Sutherland returned to the fold in 2001, starring as Jack Bauer in the popular Fox series "24," a role with which he is now primarily identified.
Matthew McConaughey
A series of prominent dramatic roles during the '90s – including A Time To Kill, The Newton Boys, and Amistad – established McConaughey as a Hollywood heavyweight. During the 2000s, however, he slipped gradually into B-list status, becoming better known for fluffy, annoying-looking romantic comedies like How To Lose a Guy In 10 Days, and The Wedding Planner.

In recent years, McConaghey has moved away from lighter fare and aligned himself once again with darker, more challenging material, regaining both critical respect and fan worship as a result. In 2013, he appeared in Dallas Buyer's Club and The Wolf of Wall-Street (both nominated for Best Picture Oscars). Perhaps his most compelling recent appearance was as Rustin Cohl in HBO's critically-acclaimed first season of "True Detective."
Neil Patrick Harris
Semi-ironically adored for decades as the titular child star of popular sitcom Doogie Howser, M.D., Harris endured several years of C-list status before an appearance with Nathan Fillion in Joss Whedon's web miniseries Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog rejuvenated his geek street cred. Soon after, Harris was cast in the popular series "How I Met Your Mother" with fellow cult TV stars Alyson Hannigan and Jason Segal.

Currently, Harris is starring as intersexed rockstar Hedwig Schmidt in the recently-Tony-winning Broadway revival of John Cameron Mitchell's Hedwig and the Angry Inch.
Robert Downey Jr.
The son of notoriously bizarre underground filmmaker Robert Downey Sr., Downey, Jr. became associated during the '80s with the so-called "brat pack," appearing mainly in films for disgruntled youths like Less Than Zero and Weird Science.

Downey, Jr.'s career during the '90s was characterized by flamboyant drug problems and multiple arrests. This culminated into a three-year-prison sentence toward the end of the decade, which was later reduced to one year with a hefty fine.

After a few hiccups, Downey, Jr. has managed to stay clean and has become a more beloved public figure than ever, winning the hearts and minds of filmgoers all over the nation and the world with his portrayal of Tony Stark in Marvel's Iron Man films.
Rob Lowe
A member of the Hollywood "brat pack" during the '80s, Lowe appeared in The Outsiders, Youngblood, and St. Elmo's Fire, among other notable titles.

His public life hit a major snag in 1988 when Lowe was videotaped the night before the Democratic National Convention in Atlanta, GA having sex with two women in a hotel room (one of whom was only 16 – which, lucky for Rob, is Georgia's age of consent). The scandal was compounded when a second tape leaked as well, this time showing Lowe and another man having sex with a young model in Paris.

Fortunately, Lowe had a sense of humor about the scandal, and a self-deprecating appearance on "SNL" went a long way toward mitigating the damage. Lowe is currently part of the ensemble cast of NBC's beloved sitcom "Parks and Recreation." (His celebrity sex tape remains popular as well.)

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<![CDATA[75+ Easter Eggs from Every Marvel Movie]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/all-easter-eggs-from-marvel-movies/ranker-comics?source=rss

All Marvel movies have hidden Easter Eggs in them. Sometimes you have to be paying close attention or you'll miss them. Marvel movie Easter Eggs fit into the best Marvel movies just as well as mutants, irradiated spiders, and Avengers. The absolute best way to please both the diehard comic fan and the casual movie-goer alike is to sneak in these hidden Easter eggs to characters and things that may not directly work on screen.

Easter Eggs in movies are also a clever way to tie a universe together (sometimes separate universes in some cases do to copyright), or to foreshadow or throwback to prior movies without seeming redundant.

Which are the best Marvel movie Easter Eggs? Did you miss Captain America's shield Easter Egg in the first Iron Man? How about the samurai swords hanging in Wolverine's apartment in X-Men: Days of Future Past, which nodded to his samurai history? Did you have to rewind your The Incredible Hulk DVD to catch the Lou Ferrigno cameo?

Simply put some of the best movie Easter Eggs can be found in Marvel films. In this Marvel movies Easter Eggs list we've found almost all Marvel movie goodies referencing to some of the best things found in Marvel Comics universe. So take a peek at some great hidden Easter Eggs in movies you may have missed, then rewatch some of these amazing movies in a whole new way. 

75+ Easter Eggs from Every Marvel Movie,

Lou Ferrigno, Security Guard - The Incredible Hulk
The main man and body of the 70s TV "Hulk" makes an appearance as a security guard in The Incredible Hulk.

Doctor Strange Namedrop - Captain America: Winter Soldier
While Captain America and Falcon are interrogating Jasper Sitwell he mentions one of the men they've been keeping an eye on- Stephen Strange.
Infinity Gauntlet - Thor
In the Asgardian weapons vault, as the destroyer wakes up, the gauntlet can be seen EXTREMELY briefly against a far wall. The gauntlet houses the Infinity Stones that have popped up in virtually every Marvel film as the macguffin. 
Quicksilver's Lineage - X-Men: Days of Future Past
When Quicksilver discovers Magneto's power set he says, "you can control metal? My mom knew someone who could do that." In the comics Magneto is Quicksilver's father. 

When you watch the film again (because I know you will), watch Michael Fassbender's face. Priceless. 
Mjolnir Begins the Marvel Age of Cinema - Iron Man 2
Before anyone could even dare dream how cool it would be to have The Avengers all in one film, Marvel threw down a pretty heavy breadcrumb for our hearts to follow. Just the sight of Mjolnir in the post-credits scene of Iron Man 2 was enough to give us the Asgardian vapors. 
Wolverine Cameo Callback - X-Men: First Class
Xavier and Magneto come across a familiar hairy mutant and attempt to recruit him during a zippy montage. He responds, in true Wolverine fashion, by telling them to, "Go f*ck yourself."

This brief scene is later referenced when Wolverine travels back in time in Days of Future Past with Xavier sharing a similar sentiment.
Cap's Shield - Iron Man
In the first Iron Man, Captain America's iconic shield can be seen in the background being worked on. 

Rebecca Romijin Cameo - X-Men: First Class
Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) is trying to seduce Magneto and asks if it's because she's too young. If he'd like her... a little older, she then morphs into her "older self' as played by Rebecca Romijin in the original trilogy.
Brown and Yellow Suit - The Wolverine
In a deleted scene taking place after the events of The Wolverine, Logan is given a suitcase, he opens it to reveal the classic brown and yellow comic suit. 
Hawkeye Cameo - Thor
Well before The Avengers had assembled a lone S.H.I.E.L.D archer is dispatched to take down the depowered god of thunder.

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<![CDATA[The Greatest Superhero Comic Book Covers of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-comic-book-covers/ranker-comics?source=rss
You can't judge a book by it's cover. Well, unless it's a comic book. The beauty and awesomeness of a comic book's cover is just a preview of the greatness inside. But which are the best and coolest comic book covers in the history of comics? You can decide below.

Comic book cover art is its own specialized form of entertainment. You need to catch the eye of the reader and show some of what's going on within the book's pages, all while not giving too much away.

The most awesome comic book covers of all time do just that. Cast your votes for the greatest comic book covers below - those covers throughout history that had you captivated before you even turned a page.

The Greatest Superhero Comic Book Covers of All Time,

Action Comics #1

Amazing Fantasy #15

Batman: the Dark Knight Returns #1

Uncanny X-Men #141

Batman: the Killing Joke

Amazing Spider-Man #50

Batman: Harley Quinn

Crisis on Infinite Earths #8

Hulk #340

Superman #75

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<![CDATA[50 Incredible Pictures That Might Teach You Something]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/interesting-pictures/robert-wabash?source=rss
The subreddit interestingasfuck (sorry Mom) is, for my money, one of the best. The content is a curated mix of interesting photos, charts, pics, and video clips featuring cool stuff you either regularly take for granted (like brick paths and the moon) or didn't know existed (like oxidation on the surface of Bismuth). This photo gallery includes pictures of natural phenomena, manmade things, the goings-on inside our own bodies, and tons of other cool sh*t that might even teach you a thing or two. The universe is pretty amazing. Let's look at it together!
50 Incredible Pictures That Might Teach You Something,

Coins Stacked in Such a Way That They Extend Past the Edge of the Table

Grass After a Lightning Strike

Bismuth Is a Chemical Element With An Amazing Iridescent Oxide Surface

This Eggshell Has More Than 20,000 Holes Drilled in It

Perfect Cubes of Pyrite Formed by Mother Nature

This 3D-Printed Cast Uses Ultrasound to Heal Bones 40% Faster

Fireworks, When the Camera Refocuses During the Explosion

Sunset and Eclipse Happening at the Same Time

A Turtle Riding a Jellyfish

Artist Designs a Wolf Out of Pipe Cleaners.

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<![CDATA[25 Celebrities Who Are (Allegedly) Swingers]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/celebrities-who-are-swingers/celebrity-lists?source=rss

This list of celebrities who are swingers is loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Swingers are people who have sexual relations with multiple partners, who are not their significant others. Many famous actors, actresses, and musicians are rumored to be swingers. One famous actor even claims that he lost his virginity in a swinging session.

Who is the most famous person who is a swinger? Angelina Jolie tops this list. Angelina Jolie is rumored to be a swinger. She said, "I doubt that fidelity is absolutely essential for a relationship. It’s worse to leave your partner and talk badly about him afterward. Neither Brad nor I have ever claimed that living together means to be chained together. We make sure that we never restrict each other."

Many politicians and historical figures were also swingers. Read through the list below to find out who! Other Hollywood celebrity couples rumored to hang around swinger clubs include Jada Pinkett and Will Smith and Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green. 

Do you think that swinging is good for a relationship? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

25 Celebrities Who Are (Allegedly) Swingers,

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie is rumored to be a swinger. She said, "I doubt that fidelity is absolutely essential for a relationship. It’s worse to leave your partner and talk badly about him afterward. Neither Brad nor I have ever claimed that living together means to be chained together. We make sure that we never restrict each other."


Ashton Kutcher
Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore were rumored to have been swingers when they were married. They allegedly participated in several threesomes.


Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton's former mistress Gennifer Flowers claimed that Bill Clinton was a swinger and his wife Hillary was a lesbian.


Demi Moore
Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher were rumored to have been swingers when they were married. They allegedly participated in several threesomes.


Jada Pinkett Smith
Jada Pinkett Smith's husband Will Smith has said that the couple is open to having sex with other people. "Our perspective is, you don’t avoid what’s natural and you’re going to be attracted to people. If it came down to it, then one would say to the other: 'Look, I need to have sex with somebody. Now, I’m not going to do it if you don’t approve of it," he explained.


Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Julia Louis-Dreyfus and her husband Brad Hall are rumored to be in an open marriage.


Justin Timberlake
Justin Timberlake allegedly has an agreement with Jessica Biel that allows him to sleep with other women.


Megan Fox
Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are rumored to have an agreement in which they are allowed to sleep with other people.


Mo'Nique Imes-Jackson
In November 2015, Mo'Nique opened up about her open relationship with husband Sidney Hicks, saying that couples should be honest about their sexual attraction to other people, and maybe even give each other a free pass to cheat.

She told True Exclusives, "When you’re with your best friend and you say to your best friend: ‘I’m having these feelings about this person, sexually, and I want to share it with you.’ When you’re best friends, you can have those open and honest conversations.... What is it about that person that you find that you want to sleep with? Because they may give you something that I’m simply not willing to do. And if that’s the case, how can I be mad? Because I’m not going to do it. Should I deprive you of not having it? That’s when the relationship is real real.

Rachael Ray
The Food Network star's husband, John Cusimano, is a regular at the exclusive NYC swingers club Checkmate. He's been spotted there several times since his marriage to Ray. The two are rumored to have an open relationship.

Tue, 20 May 2014 08:15:10 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/celebrities-who-are-swingers/celebrity-lists
<![CDATA[35+ Celebrities Who Have No Problem Wearing Fur]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/celebrities-who-wear-fur/celebrity-lists?source=rss
This list of celebrities who wear fur is loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Wearing fur is a very controversial fashion issue. Animal rights activists believe that fur is cruelly produced and unnecessary, while fur advocates fight for the right to their fashionable freedom. Many famous musicians and celebrities are known to wear fur on a regular basis.

Who is the most famous person who wears fur? Kim Kardashian tops this list. The reality star regularly wears fur. In 2012, PETA protesters poured flour on Kardashian to denounce her for wearing fur. Her husband, Kanye West, also wears fur. He has been photographed sporting fur many times and he often speaks out against "fur haters."

Lady Gaga made headlines in 2010 when she wore a meat dress to the 2010 MTV VMAs. In regards to wearing fur, Gaga has said, "I am not a strict vegan. I have truly always stayed away from skinned fur, especially I have never been able to afford a nice one, but this does not mean my morals are rigid and that I won’t bend at the sight of an absolute art piece of a coat… You see a carcass, I see a museum pièce de résistance.”

What do you think? Is fur cruel and unnecessary or is it a fabulous fashion statement? Share your thoughts in the comments section.
35+ Celebrities Who Have No Problem Wearing Fur,

50 Cent
Rapper 50 Cent often wears a chinchilla fur coat.
Beyoncé Knowles
Beyonce has been known to rock a fur coat since her days in Destiny's Child.

Elizabeth Taylor
On one occasion Elizabeth Taylor was said to have ordered 200 pairs of mink earmuffs from Bergdorf Goodman.
Kanye West
Kanye West is a big fan of wearing fur. He has been photographed sporting fur many times and he often speaks out against "fur haters."

Kim Kardashian
Like her better half Kanye West, Kim Kardashian regularly wears fur. In 2012, PETA protesters poured flour on the reality star to denounce her for wearing fur.

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan has been photographed wearing a variety of fur coats.

Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe was frequently photographed wearing a mink fur collar.

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton used to proudly tout that she only wore fake fur, but the reality star has been photographed wearing the real deal. She regularly tops PETA's worst dressed list.

Sean Combs
Sean Combs has been photographed wearing fur on many occasions. In 2006, his Sean Jean clothing line came under fire for selling dog fur jackets as "faux."
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber has been seen wearing a fur hat and fur boots.

Tue, 20 May 2014 08:15:09 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/celebrities-who-wear-fur/celebrity-lists
<![CDATA[29 Famous People Who Went to Law School]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/famous-people-who-went-to-law-school/celebrity-lists?source=rss
This list of famous people who went to law school is loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Several famous actors, musicians, and athletes have attended law school. Some of these celebrities studied law before they were famous while others waited until they retired to focus on higher education. Several former child stars went on to become successful lawyers.

Who is the most famous person who studied law? Nelson Mandela tops this list. The former President of South America attended law school at the University of Witwatersrand.

Many child actors went on to study law. "The Wonder Years" cast member Josh Saviano received his law degree from Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in New York. The Goonies actor Jeff Cohen received his law degree from UCLA School of Law in 2000. He now works as an entertainment lawyer.

Are you surprised that so many celebrities have studied law? Share your thoughts in the comments section.
29 Famous People Who Went to Law School,

Ben Stein
Ferris Bueller's Day Off actor Ben Stein received his degree from Yale Law School.
Fidel Castro
Fidel Castro studied law at the University of Havana, graduating in 1950.
Geraldo Rivera
Talk show host Geraldo Rivera received his law degree from Brooklyn Law School in 1969.
Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler studied law at Glasgow University and briefly worked as a trainee lawyer in Edinburgh.
Jerry O'Connell
Stand By Me actor Jerry O'Connell studied law at Southwestern Law School, but he did not graduate.
John Cleese
Monty Python funnyman John Cleese studied law at Downing College in Cambridge.
Mahatma Gandhi
Mahatma Gandhi studied law at the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple.
Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela went to law school at the University of Witwatersrand.
Steve Young
NFL player Steve Young received his law degree from Brigham Young University J. Reuben Clark Law School, after he retired from football.
Jerry Springer
Talk show host Jerry Springer received his law degree from Northwestern University in 1968.

Thu, 15 May 2014 09:30:20 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/famous-people-who-went-to-law-school/celebrity-lists
<![CDATA[20 Celebrities Who Gave Birth In Their Own Homes]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/celebrities-who-had-home-births/celebrity-lists?source=rss
This list of celebrities who had home births is loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Home births are gaining popularity in the United States as a way to welcome a new baby into the world in a friendly place, rather than an uncomfortable, sterile hospital. Most home births are natural, without the aide of pain killers or doctor intervention. Several famous people have decided to have home births.

Who is the most famous person who had a home birth? Gisele Bündchen tops this list. In 2012, Bundchen gave birth to her and Tom Brady's daughter, Vivian Lake, from the comfort of their home. Bundchen's son was also born at home via water birth. 

After she gave birth in 2013, Evan Rachel Wood took to Twitter to thank Ricki Lake. Wood wrote, "I have to say thank you Ricki Lake for your inspiring documentary The Business of Being Born. I never knew I had a choice when it came to labor. It taught me so much & aided my decision in having a natural home birth which my son & I are now forever grateful for." Lake filmed her own home birth for the documentary.

Do you think that home births are better than giving birth in the hospital? Share your thoughts in the comments section.
20 Celebrities Who Gave Birth In Their Own Homes,

Alyson Hannigan
"How I Met Your Mother" actress Alyson Hannigan had a home birth with both of her children.

Cindy Crawford
Supermodel Cindy Crawford explained that what she enjoyed most about having a home birth was that is was comfortable. She said, "You're not hearing another person down the hall screaming, or ambulances or people rushing about around you. You chose who to have with you. Within an hour, there was no one in my house. I was there, with my baby and my husband. I sat and had dinner with my husband."
Demi Moore
Demi Moore reportedly gave birth to all three of her children at home.

Evangeline Lilly
Evangeline Lilly was in labor for 30 hours during her home birth, welcoming a son, Kahekili.
Evan Rachel Wood
After she gave birth in 2013, Evan Rachel Wood took to Twitter to thank Ricki Lake. Wood wrote, "I have to say thank you Ricki Lake for your inspiring documentary The Business of Being Born. I never knew I had a choice when it came to labor. It taught me so much & aided my decision in having a natural home birth which my son & I are now forever grateful for."
Gisele Bündchen
In 2012, Gisele Bundchen gave birth to her and Tom Brady's daughter, Vivian Lake, from the comfort of their home. Bundchen's son was also born at home via water birth.
Jennifer Connelly
In 2011, Jennifer Connelly and her husband, Paul Bettany, welcomed their baby girl into the world with a water home birth.

Julianne Moore
In 2002, Julianne Moore gave birth to her daughter Liv at home.

Meryl Streep
Reportedly, at least one of Meryl Streep's children was delivered into this world via home birth.

Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson gave birth to her sons at home. She says, "I gave birth at home both times – natural – with a midwife, in water… with nothing."

Thu, 15 May 2014 09:30:19 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/celebrities-who-had-home-births/celebrity-lists
<![CDATA[The Best Movies for Young Girls]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-movies-for-girls/ranker-film?source=rss
The films on this list of the best movies for girls have been ranked as the absolute best by the community, when it comes to movies that tweens will love to watch during sleepovers. These films feature strong female characters facing crisis, learning from their mistakes, and kicking butt. Any impr
This list ranks the best movies for girls, many of which have been top box office hits and have received awards. The best movies for girls often have a warm-hearted story line, feature a romantic theme, or have an element of comedy. Great movies for girls span many genres, from comedy, to romance, to musicals, and dramas.
This list features the best girl movies, including My Girl, Dirty Dancing, Grease, Titanic, Mean Girls, Kit Kittredge, A Little Princess, Ladybugs, and many more. Vote up the best movies for girls below or add one you think is great but isn't already on the list.
The Best Movies for Young Girls,


Ella Enchanted


Freaky Friday

Mean Girls

The Parent Trap

The Princess Diaries

The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement

Pitch Perfect


Wed, 28 May 2014 11:25:22 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/best-movies-for-girls/ranker-film
<![CDATA[Awesome Teen Movies You Must See Before You Turn 20]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-movies-for-teenagers/ranker-film?source=rss
The films on this list of the best movies for teenagers have ranked by the community as the best teen movies in any genre. These are movies about teenagers or made for teenagers and most deal with issues and stories teens can directly relate to. What are the best movies for teenagers?
This list has the best movies for teenagers, many of which have been top box office hits and have received many awards! Teen movies often star teenaged characters and tell stories involving popular teen issues like peer pressure and finding one's own identity. Many of these movies are classic PG-13 comedy movies.
The best movies for teenagers on this list include classics like Clueless, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Mean Girls, Heathers, The Breakfast Club, Bring it On, and 10 Things I Hate About You. Vote up the best teen movies below or add a film you think is great that isn't already on the list.
Awesome Teen Movies You Must See Before You Turn 20,

10 Things I Hate About You

American Pie

Bring It On


Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Mean Girls

Sixteen Candles

The Breakfast Club

The Goonies

Easy A

Wed, 28 May 2014 11:25:23 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/best-movies-for-teenagers/ranker-film
<![CDATA[The Best Movies for Heartbreak]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-movies-for-heartbreak/ranker-film?source=rss
The films on this list of the best movies for heartbreak have been ranked by the community and are sure to warm your heart as you deal with your own heartbreaks. This list features the best heartwarming movies and is compiled from the most popular titles on this subject. What are the best movies to watch when you're heartbroken?
This list includes titles that have been top box office hits and many of the heartbreak films on this list have received multiple awards as well. Some of the titles here feature true events that inspired the making of the movie, while others are completely fictional in nature. A variety of genres are also covered, including drama, comedy, and romance.
This list includes the top movies for heartbreak such as Annie Hall, Where the Heart Is, Forrest Gump, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Little Miss Sunshine, and Moonrise Kingdom. Vote up the films that you think are the best for getting through heartbreak or add a movie you think is great but isn't already on the list.
The Best Movies for Heartbreak,

Dead Poets Society

Forrest Gump


Little Miss Sunshine

Pride & Prejudice

The Green Mile

The Lovely Bones


The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

Fried Green Tomatoes

Fri, 23 May 2014 04:02:21 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/best-movies-for-heartbreak/ranker-film
<![CDATA[16 Famous People Who Probably Died as Virgins]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/famous-people-who-died-a-virgin/celebrity-lists?source=rss

This list of famous people who probably died as virgins is loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Several famous people throughout history likely died without ever having sex. Some of these famous figures chose to remain virgins because of religious devotions, while others were born with severe ailments that prevented them from having sex. Still others just thought sex would distract them from their careers.

Who is the most famous person who likely died a virgin? Although he was married to Eva Braun, many people suspect that Adolf Hitler died a virgin. He was rumored to have never slept with his wife and it is believed that he was a bisexual. He did contract syphilis at some point, so it is possible that he may have had some sort of sexual experience. Other historical figures rumored to have died virgins include Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla, and Mother Teresa. 

Are you surprised this many famous and notable people died as virgins? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

16 Famous People Who Probably Died as Virgins,

Adolf Hitler
Although he was married to Eva Braun, many people suspect that Adolf Hitler died a virgin. He was rumored to have never slept with his wife, and it is believed that he was a bisexual. He did contract syphilis at some point, so it is possible that he may have had some sort of sexual experience.

(Source 1, 2)

Andy Warhol
In a 1980 interview, Andy Warhol claimed that he was still a virgin. Warhol died seven years later, but his sexual status remained a question mark.


Elizabeth I of England
Queen Elizabeth I was known as the "Virgin Queen." She was the last leader from the Tudor legacy.


Hans Christian Andersen
The Little Mermaid author, Hans Christian Andersen, is believed to have died a virgin. He never married, but he did have unrequited crushes on both men and women.


Isaac Newton
Isaac Newton never married in his lifetime. He was a solitary individual, and many historians believe that he died a virgin.


Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc made no secret of her sexual state. She was known as the “Virgin Warrior” because of her strictly enforced, religiously based, no sex policy.


J. Edgar Hoover
J. Edgar Hoover never married, and he lived with his mother for much of his adult life. Many speculate that Hoover was either secretly gay or that he died a virgin.


Lewis Carroll
Alice in Wonderland author, Lewis Carroll, never married and he is not known to have had any relationships with women. Some people speculate that Carroll may have been a pedophile, as he had a collection of nude photographs of young girls.

(Source 1, 2)

Mother Teresa
Mother Teresa dedicated her life to being a Catholic nun. A devoted follower of Catholicism, Mother Teresa was known to have died a virgin.


Nikola Tesla
Scientist and innovator, Nikola Tesla, abstained from sex for his entire life. He believed that sex would distract him from his work.


Wed, 07 May 2014 04:22:55 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/famous-people-who-died-a-virgin/celebrity-lists
<![CDATA[37 Famous People Who Were Raised by Single Mothers]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/famous-people-raised-by-single-mothers/celebrity-lists?source=rss

This list of famous people raised by single mothers is loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Several famous actors, actresses, musicians, and athletes were raised by single mothers. Some of these celebs's fathers passed away, while others simply left their families. One of the most influential people in the world was even raised by a strong single mother.

Who is the most famous person who was raised by a single mother? Angelina Jolie tops our list. Angelina Jolie's parents, Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand, separated when the Mr. and Mrs. Smith actress was an infant. Jolie was raised by her mother and she was estranged from her father for many years.

President Barack Obama was raised by his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, from the time that he was born until he was four years old, when she married Lolo Soetoro. Pierce Brosnan's father abandoned his family when the Matador actor was a baby.  He was raised by his mother May Smith until he was four years old, at which point his grandparents took over the primary parenting responsibilities.

Other celebs on this list include Christina Aguilera, Sean Combs, Mariah Carey, and Alicia Keys. If you're looking for a particular successful celebrity who grew up with no dad, this list is for you. 

Do you think that it is tough to be a single mother? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

37 Famous People Who Were Raised by Single Mothers,

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie's parents, Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand, separated when the Mr. and Mrs. Smith actress was an infant. Jolie was raised by her mother and she was estranged from her father for many years.
Barack Obama
President Barack Obama was raised by his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, from the time that he was born until he was four years old, when she married Lolo Soetoro.
Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera's parents, Fausto Xavier Aguilera and Shelly Loraine, divorced when the "Genie in a Bottle" singer was a little girl. Aguilera has claimed that her father was abusive.

Eddie Murphy
Eddie Murphy's father died when he was very young. He was raised by his mother, Lillian, in Roosevelt, New York.
Eva Mendes
Hitch actress Eva Mendes was raised by her mother after her parents got divorced.
Halle Berry
Halle Berry's parents, Judith Ann Hawkins and Jerome Jesse Berry, divorced when she was four years old. The Catwoman star was then raised by her mother and had little contact with her father.
Jay-Z was raised by his mother in New York after his father abandoned his family.

Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart's parents, Marian and Donald Leibowitz, divorced when the "Daily Show" host was 11 years old, at which point he was raised by his mother.
Kanye West
Kanye West's parents divorced when he was three years old, at which point he was raised solely by his mother in Chicago, Illinois.

Kate Beckinsale
When Kate Beckinsale was five years old, her father, Richard Beckinsale, died of a heart attack. She was raised solely by her mother Judy Loe for the next four years until Loe remarried.

Fri, 09 May 2014 08:41:59 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/famous-people-raised-by-single-mothers/celebrity-lists
<![CDATA[The 99 Most Brilliant Shower Thoughts Ever Thought]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/best-of-showerthoughts-subreddit/mark?source=rss
The subreddit /r/Showerthoughts is full of brilliant, concise insights thought up in that great, steamy thinktank: the shower. We (most of us) bathe in quiet solitude, with neither friends nor social media to entertain us lest we get our devices wet and ruin them. Amidst all that lathering and rinsing, the mind wanders, and for the duration of each shower, anything is possible.

 What do you think about during your most vulnerable moments? Space travel? The strange ways we use language? How cats have whisker-eyebrows and nobody really talks about it? This list collects the best of the Shower Thoughts subreddit – with credit to their original thinkers – for you to enjoy, ponder, and rank. Vote up the ones that make you be like, "Yeah. Yep." 
The 99 Most Brilliant Shower Thoughts Ever Thought,

If the oldest person on earth is 116 years old, then 117 years ago, there was a completely different set of human beings on earth.
If Bruce Willis dies from Viagra overdose, the headline will read "Bruce Willis Dies Hard."
Saying "um" is the human equivalent to buffering.
I wonder how many times I've walked past or come into contact with a murderer.
A group of squid should be called a squad.
If mary had baby jesus, and jesus is the lamb of god.... Then mary really did have a little lamb.
When you're a kid, dick jokes are considered adult content, but when you're an adult, they're considered immature.
Fish who are caught and released are like the aquatic equivalent of people who claim to have been abducted by aliens.
I bet attractive people think the world is a lot more polite than it really is.
Let's take a moment to appreciate that mother nature not only pre-sliced but also pre-wrapped oranges.

Fri, 27 Jun 2014 06:29:53 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/best-of-showerthoughts-subreddit/mark
<![CDATA[40+ Celebrities Who Have Kids with 3 or More People]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/famous-people-who-have-kids-with-3-and-people/celebrity-lists?source=rss
This list of famous people who have had kids with at least three different people is loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Several celebrities have had children with multiple partners, and many have had kids with three or more partners. Many famous actors, actresses, musicians, and athletes have all had kids with three or more different people. Many athletes have even had kids with ten partners.

Who is the most famous person who had kids with three or more people? Charlie Sheen tops this list. Sheen has five children with Paula Profit, Denise Richards, and Brooke Mueller. Kevin Costner has seven children with Cindy Silva, Bridget Rooney, and Christine Baumgartner.

What do you think the challenges of having kids with so many different people are? Share your thoughts in the comments section.
40+ Celebrities Who Have Kids with 3 or More People,

Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen has five children with three different women:
-Cassandra Jade Estevez (born 1984) with Paula Profit
-Sam J. Sheen (born 2004), Lola Rose Sheen (born 2005) with Denise Richards
-Twins Bob and Max Sheen (born 2009) with Brooke Mueller
Christie Brinkley
Christie Brinkley has three children with three different men:

-Alexa Ray Joel (born 1985) with Billy Joel
-Jack Paris Taubman (born 1995) with Richard Taubman
-Sailor Lee Brinkley Cook (born 1998) with Peter Cook
Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood has seven children with five different women:

-Kimber Tunis (born 1964) with Roxanne Tunis
-Kyle Eastwood (born 1968), Alison Eastwood (born 1972) with Maggie Johnson
-Scott Reeves (born 1986), Kathryn Reeves (born 1988) with Jacelyn Reeves
-Francesca Fisher-Eastwood (born 1993) with Frances Fisher
-Morgan Eastwood (born 1996) with Dina Ruiz
Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne has four children with four different women:

-Reginae Carter (born 1997) with Antonia "Toya" Carter
-Dwayne Carter III (born 2008) with Sarah Vivan
-Cameron Carter (born 2009) with Lauren London
-Neal Carter (born 2009) with singer Nivea B. Hamilton
Eddie Murphy
Eddie Murphy has eight children with four different women:

-Bria L. Murphy (born 1989), Myles Mitchell (born 1992), Shayne Audra (born 1994), Zola Ivy (born 1999), Bella Zahra (born 2002) with Nicole Mitchell
-Christian Murphy (born 1990) with Tamara Hood
-Eric Murphy (born 1989) with Paulette McNeely
-Angel Iris Murphy Brown (born 2007) with former Spice Girl Melanie Brown
Fidel Castro
Fidel Castro has nine children with at least five different women:

-Alina Fernandez
-Fidel Angel Castro Diaz-Balart
-Francisca Pupo
-Jorge Angel Castro
-Antonio Castro-Soto
-Alex Castro-Soto
-Angel Castro-Soto
-Alexis Castro-Soto
-Alejandro Castro-Soto

Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet has three children with three different men:

-Mia Honey Threapleton (born 2000) with Jim Threapleton
-Joe Alfie Winslet Mendes (born 2003) with Sam Mendes
-Bear Blaze Winslet (born 2013) with Ned Rocknroll
Melanie Griffith
Melanie Griffith has three children with three different men:

-Alexander Bauer (born 1985) with Steven Bauer
-Dakota Johnson (born 1989) with Don Johnson
-Stella Banderas (born 1996) with Antonio Banderas.
Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson has had eight children with several different women:

-Amir Tyson
-Rayna Tyson
-Exodus Tyson
-Morocco Tyson
-Milan Tyson
-Miguel Leon Tyson
-Mikey Lorna Tyson
-D'Amato Tyason
Sean Combs
Sean Combs has five children with three different women:

-Justin Dior Combs (born 1993) with Misa Hylton-Brim
-Christian Casey Combs (born 1998), twins D'Lila Star Combs and Jessie James Combs (born 2006) with Kim Porter
-Chance Combs (born 2006) with Sarah Chapman

Wed, 07 May 2014 04:22:49 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/famous-people-who-have-kids-with-3-and-people/celebrity-lists
<![CDATA[50+ Celebrities Who Still Smoke Cigarettes]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/celebrities-who-smoke/celebrity-lists?source=rss

This list of celebrities who smoke is loosely ranked by fame and popularity. With all of the negative health issues that go along with smoking cigarettes, it is hard to believe that many celebrities still have the habit. Several famous actors, musicians, and reality stars still smoke cigarettes. One famous rock star even criticized another musician for smoking an electronic cigarette.

Who is the most famous person who still smokes? Paris Hilton tops this list. Hilton is known to be an avid smoker and is regularly photographed with a cigarette in her hand. Her sister, Nicky Hilton, is an avid smoker as well.

Oasis musician Noel Gallagher is also a big time smoker. In 2013, he criticized Muse's drummer for smoking an electronic cigarette saying, "I saw the drummer from Muse smoking an electronic cigarette. A cigarette with a battery in. I had to say to him: ‘Really? Really? Is that where you are at? Do me a favour mate, either have a proper one outside, or don’t have one.’ It lit up green when he had a drag of it. Nonsense."

Other celebrity smokers include Lady Gaga and Zayn Malik. Even Hollywood actresses like Emily Blunt and Kristen Stewart are featured on this list of celebs who still smoke cigarettes. 

Are you surprised that so many famous people still smoke? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

50+ Celebrities Who Still Smoke Cigarettes,

Chris Brown
"Look at Me Now" singer Chris Brown is often seen smoking.

Elijah Wood
Elijah Wood has campaigned for more rights for smokers. He has said, "Can we not let the use of free air be determined by the people using it? Should someone have a problem with roving smoke, they could simply ask the offending smoker if he or she would kindly refrain. Most spaces are smoke free, and I accept that – particularly inside restaurants – but can smokers not have patios and general outdoor areas?"
Emily Blunt
Emily Blunt has been photographed smoking on several occasions.

Kate Moss
Model Kate Moss has been synonomous with smoking for decades.

Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart is known to take smoke breaks while on set.

Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell is a long time smoker. He said that he would quit when his child was born, but he has still been spotted smoking since his son Eric's birth in February 2014.

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga is known to enjoy smoking cigarettes and reportedly used to smoke up to 20 joints a day.

Elizabeth Moss
Elizabeth Moss may smoke tobacco-free herbal cigarettes on "Mad Men," but in real life she smokes tobacco cigarettes.

Lana Del Rey
Smoking fits right in with Lana Del Rey's classic Hollywood image.

Zayn Malik
One Direction singer Zayn Malik says that he has been smoking since he was 15.

Tue, 20 May 2014 08:15:09 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/celebrities-who-smoke/celebrity-lists