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No reason to mince words: Dennis Hopper was a crazy person. In the best way. The type of crazy that drives you to great art, mind expansion, and profound social change. Unfortunately, for some, Dennis Hopper is nothing but an eccentric, as crazy Dennis Hopper stories, and some of the more outlandish things he's said, eclipse the brilliant work he's done and cultural shifts he helped intiate.

Hopper was born in Dodge City, Kansas, in 1936. His family moved to San Diego when he was a teenager, where he caught the acting bug in high school. After appearing in a few films in the '50s and '60s, Hopper starred in and directed the groundbreaking 1969 film Easy Rider, which essentially kicked off the great wave of American filmmaking of the '70s, which climaxed, and began dying, with Apocalypse Now, in which Hopper appears.

Hopper was also really, really into drugs. At one point, he took responsibility for making cocaine available to the masses, noting: "The cocaine problem in the United States is really because of me. There was no cocaine before Easy Rider on the street. After Easy Rider, it was everywhere."

Dennis Hopper's addiction issues were a major problem through the mid-'80s. He openly admitted to being an alcoholic who used cocaine, LSD, and other drugs to fuel his creative expression. After an incident in a Mexican jungle and a stint at a psychiatric hospital, he gave up alcohol for good, and thereafter only occasionally smoked marijuana. Dennis Hopper's death from prostate cancer at age 74 was a loss for the film industry and audiences alike. 

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He Once Went To Jail For Shooting At A Tree He Thought Was A Bear While Tripping On LSD

Hopper reportedly went to jail on at least seven occasions. For the mug shot you see above, Hooper was arrested in July, 1975 by authorities in New Mexico. He was charged with reckless driving, failure to report an accident, and leaving the scene. He pleaded guilty and paid a fine.

According to Tom Folsom, author of Hopper: A Journey into the American Dream, the real story is: Hopper won LSD in a poker game, dropped it, and, while tripping, shot a .357 into a tree, thinking it was a grizzly bear.  He then fled the scene, but was eventually arrested and put in the same jail in which he filmed a scene in Easy Rider.

Another time, Hopper was drunk and hallucinating and caught randomly firing a gun in the air. Willie Nelson and his wife Connie picked Hopper up from jail in a Mercedes and they drove to Las Vegas together.

At The Height Of His Alcoholism, He Drank Half A Gallon Of Rum And 28 Beers A Day

Hopper's life was controlled by drugs and alcohol in the early '80s. Over the years, he was very open about his alcoholism; in 2009, he told Piers Morgan, for a piece published in GQ, that, at the height of his addiction, he drank about half a gallon of rum, 28 beers, and snorted three grams of cocaine every day.

Hopper believed the drugs and alcohol made him a better actor, and it never interfered with his job. As a result, no one told him to stop. 

An excerpt from the interview:

"Morgan: That's a lot of consumption for a little guy. I would die if I did that, how did you stay alive?

Hopper: Oh, it's not as hard as it sounds. If you mix the rum, like I used to, then you can drink it all day long, no problem.

Morgan: Yes, but half a gallon? You make it sound perfectly normal, Dennis, but it's not.

Hopper: [Laughs] I used to get thirsty, you got to have a beer or two if you get thirsty... "

He Caused Quite A Stir In Peru At The Dawn Of The '70s With Drugs, Orgies, A Defrocked Priest, And Talk Of Groovy Lesbians

Riding high on fame brought by the success of Easy Rider, Hopper directed and starred in The Last Movie, which was shot in Chinchero, Peru, in 1970. As a piece on the making of the film from Business Insider notes, 

"The baby-faced Hopper informed Universal that he would be making the movie in Peru. What that studio didn't know was the region had become the cocaine capital of the world.

'Every coke head in LA wanted to work on the picture in order to smuggle drugs back up north,' author Peter Biskind wrote in Easy Riders, Raging Bulls." 

Hopper caused a fracas by smoking weed and calling homosexuality "groovy" during an interview in Peru during pre-production of the film, in 1969. As quoted from a piece by Brad Darrach for Life:

“Taking a long reflective pull on an odd-looking cigarette. Dennis said he thought everybody should ‘do his thing’ and then allowed that he himself had lived with a lesbian and found it ‘groovy’…Within 24 hours the government denounced the article and issued a decree repealing freedom of the press.”

Darrach writes of the day the actors and crew arrived to begin production on the film:

“Somebody made a cocaine connection and a number of actors laid in a large supply at bargain prices — $7 for a packet that costs $70 in the States. By 10 p.m. almost 30 members of the company were sniffing coke or had turned on with grass, acid, or speed. By midnight, much of the cast had drifted off to bed by twos and threes. At 2 a.m. I was awakened by screams. A young actress had taken LSD and was ‘having a bummer.’"

The ranch where the cast and crew stayed was the site or "whipping parties," which began when:

"... an actor chained a girl to a porch post and, inspired by the notion that she looked like Joan of Arc, lit a crackling fire at her feet. Another actor swallowed five peyote buds in too rapid succession and almost died.”

As for production, Hopper told Uncut in 2005:

“It was one long sex and drugs orgy. Wherever you looked there were naked people out of their [expletive] minds. But I wouldn't say it got in the way. It helped us get the movie done. We might have been drug addicts but we were drug addicts with a work ethic… The drugs, the drink, the insane sex, they all fuelled our creativity.”

In 2002, Kris Kirstofferson recalled:

“[W]hat [Hopper] did was what he was filming. He was filming the corruption of a little town by the movie people, and I mean they ruined the town. I think he got a priest defrocked…”

The movie wasn't particularly well received. Roger Ebert's review starts: 

"Dennis Hopper's The Last Movie is a wasteland of cinematic wreckage. There are all sorts of things you can say about it, using easy critical words to describe it as undisciplined, incoherent, a structural mess. But mostly it's just plain pitiful." 

He Had A Ménage Á Trois With 16-Year-Old Natalie Wood And Director Nicholas Ray

While working on Rebel Without A Cause, Hopper had a ménage à trois with actress Natalie Wood and director Nicholas Ray. Ray, 43, was Wood's first lover, and Hopper, 18, was her second. Hopper admired "the cool way she handled two simultaneous affairs," which he praised as "way ahead of her time." She was the aggressor in their relationship, which was unusual for a young woman in the 1950s, and it turned him on.

According to a piece on the affair from the Huffington Post, one day: 

"Hopper picked Wood up at the Chateau Marmont hotel, where she spent the afternoon with the 43-year-old Ray, and drove up to a lover’s lane to make out. He was about to go down on Natalie when she exclaimed, 'Oh, you can’t do that.' 'Why?' Hopper asked. 'Because Nick just f*cked me,' she said."

Ray became jealous of Hopper's affair with Wood, and used his position to push the actor around on set. Fed up, Hopper confronted Ray, saying:

"Nick, I know you've been f*cking Natalie. You're now using that against me. I know that you've told the studio I'm having an affair with her. This has gotta stop... [or] I'm gonna beat the sh*it out of you right now." 

At One Of His Regular Orgies, Natalie Wood Got A Genital Rash From A Champagne Bath

Hopper was renowned for throwing legendary parties at places like Chateau Marmont, the famed hotel on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, where Jim Morrison and Roman Polanski both lived, John Belushi died, and artists from Billy Wilder to F Scott Fitzgerald and Hunter S. Thompson stayed and worked at some point. 

Hopper being Hopper, his parties weren't just groovy shindigs, they were orgies with at least 50 women in attendance. As he told IndieWire in 1995, one of the orgies included actress Natalie Wood, who attended on one condition: she could take a champagne bath. Unfortunately, Wood got a crotch rash, freaked out, and was forced to go to the hospital. Hopper said the actress missed the orgy, but he thought the whole ordeal was "funny."

He Abused Several Of His Ex-Wives With Hitting, Handcuffing, And Randomly Firing Guns In The House

Hopper's first wife was Brooke Hayward, daughter of Broadway producer Leland Hayward. Their marriage ended in 1969, likely because he beat her up and had a penchant for hosting drug-fueled orgies. Speaking of his relationship with Hayward to the Guardian, Hopper said: 

"I hit her. There was a moment when I became violent with her. And she was probably afraid of me after that. That was a very young and stupid mistake because I didn't understand her illness... She had an illness. She was manic depressive and I couldn't cope with it."

Hopper was later married to Michelle Phillips from the Mamas and the Papas for eight days. He had taken acid when they tied the knot, and didn't realize they were married. Phillips claimed he handcuffed her and fired guns in their home. When she tried to escape, Hopper followed her to the airport and drove on the runway to prevent her from leaving. She ended it purportedly due to the star's "unnatural sexual demands."

Hopper later conceded he slapped some women in his life, but blamed it on his alcohol abuse.

He Accidentally Snorted A Dead Woman's Ashes With Peter Fonda And Jack Nicholson

While filming Easy Rider, Hopper, Peter Fonda, and Jack Nicholson spent a lot of time at the headquarters of a production company called BBS. The secretaries knew how to roll joints and inject drugs as well as prepare tables with cocaine for guests. One BBS executive kept the ashes of his dead wife in a gold dish. One day, while looking for drugs, Hopper, Nicholson, and Fonda accidentally snorted the woman's ashes, assuming they were cocaine.

He Was Paid Partially in Cocaine For 'Apocalypse Now'

On the director's commentary track for the blu ray release of Apocalypse Now, Francis Ford Coppola discusses casting Dennis Hopper as a military office. When Hopper showed up on set stoned out of his mind, long-haired, and drinking nonstop, Coppola knew that was out of the question, so he crafted a new character for the actor based on Sean Flynn, a Vietnam War photographer know for outlandish, drug-fueled behavior who disappeared during the war (and was the son of old Hollywood legend Errol Flynn). 

Intent on creating an atmosphere conducive to creativity and camaraderie, Coppola wanted to make Hopper feel at home on set. According to George Hickenlooper, who directed the acclaimed documentary Hearts of Darkness about the making of Apocalypse Now:

"Dennis recounted the story to me that Francis came to him and said, 'What can I do to help you play this role?' Dennis said, 'About an ounce of cocaine.' So he was being supplied by the film production drugs that he could use while he was shooting."

The cocaine inspired Hopper's manic performance, include his dialogue, which was largely improvised, according to Coppola. Fun bonus fact: Coppola forbade Hopper from having film in any of his prop cameras, lest he take, then try to sell, behind-the-scenes photos. 

He Tried To Bait Police Into Shooting Him While Wandering Naked In A Mexican Jungle

During his drug and alcohol-fueled days in the early '80s, Hopper experienced a nervous breakdown in a Latin American jungle, after trying to climb onto the wing of a moving plane in Mexico City. In the jungle, he was found wandering around naked, and tried to bait police into shooting him. 

Hopper told the Guardian in 2007:

"I was making a movie, but I never made it to the set. They found me running around the jungle naked. Before that, at Mexico City airport, I thought I was in the middle of a movie and walked out on the wing. I was out of my mind. It was around then I decided it was time to get into rehab. My liver, my body, my brain were all shot. Hahahahahah!"

Hopper was admitted to a psychiatric hospital in Los Angeles after the incident. Some Hollywood friends got him released, and took him to rehab.

He Forced Peter Fonda To Confront His Dead Mother About Her Suicide While Filming 'Easy Rider'

As Jack Nicholson remembers, the set of Easy Rider was a drug-fueled nightmare for pretty much everyone. "Everyone wanted to kill one another or put one another in institutions," the actor recalls. 

At one point during the making of Easy Rider, Hopper, the film's director and one of its stars, insisted co-star Peter Fonda climb on top of a statue of Madonna and tell everyone present about his mother, who slashed her own throat when Fonda was 10. Hopper prodded Fonda to confront his dead mother (maybe he wanted him to talk to her spirit?) about her suicide, reportedly shouting, "Ask her why she copped out on you."

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<![CDATA[Historical Artifacts Discovered Under Parking Lots]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/historical-artifacts-found-in-parking-lots/erin-mccann?source=rss

If Indiana Jones ditched the temples and instead went looking for historical items discovered in parking lots, he may have found some very interesting stuff. Artifacts from the past often lie hidden under the concrete slabs and garages where people stash their cars, forgotten until curious archaeologists wonder what's underneath. Just like strange items found on construction sites, artifacts found in parking lots can include bodies of famous people from history, bygone building foundations, or items that were used in daily life way back when.

Anyone can dig for buried treasure in their backyard, but digging up (and therefore destroying) a parking lot is no easy matter. Sometimes, archaeologists will use radar devices to scan the ground before bringing their case for excavation before the parking lot's owner. Other times, a parking lot was in the process of being turned into something else when an archaeological find was unearthed. There are even some artifacts that have just been left where they were, as digging them up would pose a problem.

These historical artifacts found in parking garages and lots may surprise you, and lead you to wonder what's underneath your own parking spot.

Historical Artifacts Discovered Under Parking Lots,

A Medieval Knight And Monastery Were Dug Up In Edinburgh, Scotland

When a parking lot was dug up in order to build the University of Edinburgh's Edinburgh Centre of Carbon Innovation in 2013, workers made an unusual discovery. A sandstone slab was unearthed, along with a skeleton and an ornate sword. The Calvary cross was carved into the slab, leading historians to believe the body was that of a knight, and the slab was his gravestone. The foundations of the Blackfriars Monastery, founded in 1230 by King Alexander II and destroyed in 1558, were also discovered under the same parking lot.

Archaeologist Ross Murray once attended school a few feet away from the discovery and was amazed at the find, saying, "We used to take breaks between classes just a few feet away in the building's doorway and all that time the grave was lying under the car park."

A month later, archaeologists found what they believe to be the knight's family. Eight skeletons were unearthed, including those of a woman and an infant. Since they were discovered buried behind a wall, it is believed they are related to the knight and were placed together in the family crypt.

Queen Helena's Palace Was Excavated In Jerusalem, Israel

A team of archaeologists using radar to detect objects under the ground found something big under a parking lot in Jerusalem, Israel, in 2007. They got permission to dig up the lot and were pleasantly surprised at what they found: Queen Helena's Palace, a Second Temple structure near Temple Mount. The palace and the Second Temple were destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE.

Archaeologists used coins and pottery found at the site to date the structure. This major find proved the ancient city was bigger than anyone previously thought.

Artifacts From The Gold Rush Were Unearthed In San Francisco, CA

A 2011 dig under a San Francisco, CA, parking lot excited archaeologists greatly, as they kept discovering new treasure the deeper they dug. Tableware made in Philadelphia, liquor bottles, and serving platters were found at around 11 to 12 feet below the surface. But further down, they discovered items dating back to California's Gold Rush, such as pieces of tent.

"We got down to just immediately after the Gold Rush, like 1850 and maybe even late 1840s," noted lead archaeologist Heather Price. She also pointed out that the area was a working class section of town, and the variety of artifacts from all over the country demonstrated just how many people traveled to California at the time to seek their fortunes.

A Native American Village Was Unearthed In Miami, FL

In 2014, a downtown waterfront parking lot in Miami was set to be turned into a new building project. But before construction began, an archaeological dig was requested – and some incredible finds were made. In addition to shell and bone tool artifacts, evidence of an entire village was unearthed. Archaeologists dated their find to be about 2,000 years old, and were amazed to find carved holes they believed to be the foundations of homes built by the Tequesta native people, as well as the remains of boardwalks used to connect the village.

Archaeologist Bob Carr was thrilled, commenting, "It’s one of the earliest urban plans in eastern North America. You can actually see this extraordinary configuration of these buildings and structures.’’

An Ancient Greek Fortress Was Located In Jerusalem, Israel

At one point in history, Jerusalem was under the control of Greece. Being the crafty construction artists they were, the Greeks built a fortress called an Acra around the Temple Mount in order to control who could come in and out of the temple.

Until 2015, archaeologists were unsure of the Acra's exact location. Artifacts found beneath a parking lot at Jerusalem Walls National Park have led them to claim the location as the fortress's site. The artifacts discovered include arrows, sling shots, coins, and stones featuring the trident symbol of Antiochus IV Epiphanes, ruler of Greece at the time.

A Roman Cemetery Was Discovered in Leicester, England

The same team of archaeologists who discovered the remains of Richard III also made another important discovery in 2013. The remains of a Roman cemetery they believe to be about 1,700 years old was found in Leicester, England. Along with 13 different skeletons, the team unearthed many artifacts such as belt buckles and jewelry.

However, the burial site was different than the archaeologists expected. They noticed bodies were buried pointing in different directions, and the skeletons were a mix of ages and genders. They concluded that the section of the cemetery possibly displayed a combination of various burial beliefs.

King Richard III Was Discovered In Leicester, England

Richard III, a 15th century King of England and one of the more prominent jerks from history, suddenly made news again in 2012 when his remains were believed to be discovered. Greyfriars, the friary in which he was buried, was thought to be hidden under a parking lot in Leicester, England.

The supposed discovery was so big, archaeologists had to give the press daily updates to appease the interest of the public. They first found the remains of the building, and eventually a skeleton. Its condition seemed to match that of the late King, mostly due to evidence of scoliosis and a battle wound to the head. DNA testing later proved the archaeologists to be correct: it was Richard.

A Viking Parliament Was Found In Dingwall, Scotland

Evidence of a mound believed to be an ancient Viking gathering spot was discovered hidden under a parking lot in Dingwall, Scotland, in 2013. Such establishments – or "Things" – were places where the parliament or governing body could meet.

Archaeologists believe the mound was built at the request of a Viking known as Thorfinn the Mighty. It is the second such structure to be discovered in the UK. Radio carbon dating places the mound's construction around the 11th century.

The Navy Steamship Zavala Was Found In Galveston, TX

In the 1800s, before it became a state, the Republic of Texas had its own navy. The steamship Zavala was originally a passenger ship, but it was later purchased by the Texan Navy and used for battle. But the Zavala was badly damaged in a storm, and was run aground at the Port of Galveston and left to deteriorate.

In 1986, novelist and underwater adventurer Clive Cussler discovered the ship's hull buried under a wharf parking lot. He wrote about the find in his book, The Sea Hunters.

Henry VIII's Chapel Was Found In London, England

Located on what was originally the grounds of the Palace of Placentia, the royal chapel was believed to be a worshiping spot for Henry VIII as well as other monarchs. The palace was built by Henry VII, but destroyed in 1699 to make way for a hospital. The chapel was believed to have been torn down along with it.

The chapel was lost for 500 years, but unexpectedly rediscovered when construction workers hit brick lying underneath a parking lot in the Greenwich district of London in 2006. Archaeologists carefully excavated and discovered walls, a floor that was once covered in checkerboard tiles, pieces of stained glass, and decorative stonework. Expanding their search, the experts also found a nearby room for storing religious objects and a river frontage.

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<![CDATA[Bizarre Things People Have Found In Their Backyards]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/weird-things-people-found-in-backyards/anne-riley?source=rss

Usually, weird things people found in their yards are fairly benign: an interesting rock here, a particularly beautiful flower there. But every once in a while, someone unwittingly stumbles across a historical treasure - or the horror of a lifetime. Of course, backyards aren't the only places people find unexpected things; construction workers and people who made the mistake of going into a basement have found an oddity or two, as well. But, somehow, unsettling discoveries are even more shocking when they occur so close to home.  

Bizarre Things People Have Found In Their Backyards,

$10 Million In Gold Coins

A couple from Sierra Nevada, California, literally struck gold when they noticed the top of an old canister sticking out of the ground while walking their dog around their property in 2013. Inside the canister were a bunch of old gold coins from the 1890s, and when the couple returned to the spot where they’d found the canister, they discovered another seven canisters just like it. All in all, there were 1,427 gold coins buried on their property with a face value of $27,980 – but once the coins were restored and valued by professionals, they were found to be worth around $10 million. Not bad for a walk around the yard!

A Ferrari

In February 1978, The Los Angeles Times reported a shocking story: two Los Angeles children found a Dino 264 GTS Ferrari, which had apparently been stolen several years earlier, buried in their backyard. The Ferrari, claimed the reporter, was in shockingly good condition, with only a small hole over the right taillight belying the truth of its underground burial. Sounds fantastical, right?

As it turns out, the story of the buried Ferrari is a little more complicated than that. In 2012, Mike Spinelli of Jalopnik contacted one of the detectives that worked the case back in 1978. The detective, Dennis Carroll, claimed that a snitch tipped off police about the location of the car - the story about the two kids finding it was a plant to shield the snitch's identity. And, the snitch alleged, the car wasn't exactly stolen: the original owner hired a few guys to stage the crime so he could collect the insurance money. The police could never prove it, though, so the owner was never charged. And as for the Dino's condition when it was dug up? It was an absolute wreck. A passionate mechanic got his hands on it, did some extensive restorations, and is still driving it around today.

A Mammoth Bone

There’s nothing like going out to pick some fruit in your backyard and somehow coming back with a wooly mammoth femur, but that’s exactly what happened to one Iowa family in July 2010. After the astounding discovery, scientists at a local university determined that the bone was about 12,000 years old and did, in fact, belong to a wooly mammoth. 

Bombs From World War II

There’s a 12,000-acre space in Orlando, Florida, that used to be a World War II bombing range. Since 1992, over a hundred rockets and bombs have been discovered on the campus of a local school and in the yards of several housing developments. In spite of a $10 million cleanup effort on the part of the Army Corps of Engineers, there’s still a very real possibility that more bombs will be found in the area - much to the dismay of the area's residents. No children have been injured by the bombs and rockets, but two adults suffered burns when they found explosives on the school property. 

A Cemetery From The 1700s

In 2011, Vincent Marcello, a man living the French Quarter of New Orleans, attempted to dig a hole for his new swimming pool. Instead, he accidentally unearthed an 18th-century graveyard. The historic cemetery came complete with 13 caskets full of human remains – as well as a healthy supply of the heebie-jeebies. Marcello was aware that his property had historic ties, but until the discovery of the cemetery, he didn't know just how deep the history went. 

A Cheetah

In October 2008, a nine-year-old boy in Cambridgeshire, UK, came running inside to tell his mother about the cheetah in the backyard - but, shockingly, she didn't believe him. But as she glanced out the window of her kitchen, she realized he was telling the truth! The animal had found its way out of a sanctuary nearby and, luckily, the cheetah's keepers arrived shortly thereafter to take it back home. 

Actual Buried Treasure

In 2007, a man in Austria was digging in his backyard when he made the casual discovery of 650-year-old buried treasure, including a couple hundred rings, some brooches, and lots of other bits and pieces worth a pretty penny. The discovery was described as a "fairy-tale find" by authorities, and the man, known only as "Andreas K.," has elected to stay anonymous. 

A Bronze Age Standing Stone

If you’re an amateur historian looking into the history of your home, there’s pretty much nothing more satisfying than finding a standing stone from 2,500 BCE on your property. That’s what happened to Stephen Davis of Stroud, Gloucestershire, England. in November 2001. Davis learned of the stone’s existence while researching his home and went looking for it in his yard. Luckily, his historian friend Clare Forbes helped out, and the two were able to put their heads together to find it - after an 18-month-long search. It's believed to mark a Bronze Age burial site.

A Loaded Hunting Rifle

In August 2014, an unsuspecting man in Calgary, Canada, discovered an unsettling item between the fence and his garage. It was a plastic bag with a pillowcase inside – but inside the pillowcase was a loaded hunting rifle and a cell phone. The original owner of these items remains unknown, and how they ended up on this man’s property is anyone’s guess. 

Ancient Human Remains

In March 2014, a Salt Lake City, Utah, boy was digging up his backyard pond when he found something completely unexpected - human bones. He called the police immediately, and the bones were sent off to the state medical examiner for testing. Whoever was under the man's pond, they hadn't died recently; the bones belonged to a Native American who lived in Utah about a thousand years ago. 

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<![CDATA[Pizza Delivery Drivers Describe Their Creepiest Late Night Horror Stories]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/pizza-delivery-horror-stories/mick-jacobs?source=rss

Pizza delivery workers deal with unsettling stuff all the time, and not just the more adult-themed scenarios your dirty mind might be thinking of. When it comes down to it, pizza delivery horror stories happen to drivers as regularly as Domino's upsets its customers' stomachs. If anything, scary pizza delivery stories sounds like a horror trope just waiting to be explored by the Rob Zombies of the world. Putting a young adult alone behind the wheel and sending them off exposes these workers to the world's worst drivers, weather conditions, and customers - and for what? A delivery horror story to go along with their terrible tip? Just what an HR office wants to hear.

Many pizza delivery workers share their worst stories on the echo chamber that is Reddit, all for their catharsis and your entertainment. Featuring disgruntled customers, nudity, and a gun or two, pizza delivery nightmares come packed meatier than a deluxe meatlovers' pie.

Pizza Delivery Drivers Describe Their Creepiest Late Night Horror Stories,

A Delivery For James McCloud

From H8erRaider:

"I had a delivery under a mile away for a James McCloud. The name already stood out to me being that it's the father of Fox McCloud in Starfox. The total was just over $20. I arrive knock on the door. He answers completely naked hands me two $20 bills and says 'hope you enjoy the big tip' then does a wiggle to each side so his d*ck slapped each thigh once and closes the door.

I enjoyed both tips."

A 'Spicy' Pizza Nearly Resulted In Death

From abortionlasagna:

"This is not only my scariest experience, but also the time I almost got my now boyfriend murdered because of a sh*tty sexual innuendo.

I used to work at a Pizza Hut in a pretty sh*tty area of Tucson. Think lots of trailer parks, crappy apartments, and shitty duplexes. Most people were on drugs and welfare so tips were very rare. That evening a man had ordered a large meat lover's pizza with extra sausage and another driver took his delivery. Before the driver even came back, the man already called the store complaining his pizza was so spicy that it was inedible, and he would like a new one. While it was likely impossible the pizza was actually spicy and this dude probably just wanted free food, we obliged and handed the driver a new pizza when he returned to take back to the customer. Well, this did not appease him. Over the span of a couple hours the man called two more times insisting that the pizza was way too spicy, he couldn't eat it! We kept bringing him new pizzas, but this time we're taking back the old ones for 'quality checks' when really we were just tossing them in the dumpster in hopes that this guy would give up his scam.

Finally it got to be about 11 PM, with one hour left until closing. And the man had once again called back saying that he cannot eat his pizza, he needed a new one! At this point we suspected that there's something seriously wrong with this guy, and no one wanted to go out there in the middle of the night to confront him. So the manager informed him that there was unfortunately no way that we could appease him, but if he came down to the store tomorrow he would be happy to issue him a refund. We thought that was the end of it.

I was not a closer that night, so I was cashing out at the front register when a beater truck screeched into the parking lot and parked right at the front door. A rather disheveled and overweight man came in holding a pizza. He put the pizza on the counter and informed me he's here for his refund. I called the manager. While I was still up front calculating my cash for the night, the man opened up the box and started talking to me 'Dude this pizza is so f*cking spicy. You gotta try this sh*t. It's unreal. Someone musta been putting chiltipins in the sauce or some sh*t!' I just awkwardly let him know I believed him and moved out of the way so the manager could issue the refund. As this is going on, the man started getting more agitated. He pushed his pizza towards the manager, repeating 'Man you gotta try this pizza! You gotta believe me! It's so spicy!' all the while jabbing his pointer finger into the pizza and mashing it up into a disgusting mess. My manager kept telling him it's fine, he believed him, but the man remained insistent and shoved the pizza towards my manager. Finally the manager let him know 'No, I do not want to eat that pizza. And now I need to ask you to leave.'

The man then took his pizza and walked out. During all this the waitress, cook, and other two drivers had come up to the front to see what all the yelling about spicy pizza was about. The other driver who I had a bit of a crush on was standing next to me. Once the man got into his truck and started to pull away, I turn to the driver and say 'Hey, Kevin, wanna try my pizza?' And everyone just burst out laughing. Our laughter was short lived though as the truck screeched to a halt and zoomed back into the parking space. Tweeker man stormed back into the store, seriously pissed off and out for blood. He began screaming at my fellow driver 'Do you think something is f*cking funny? Am I funny? Are you fucking laughing at me? You think this pizza bullsh*t is f*cking funny?' Everyone was dead silent as my fellow driver sputtered along trying to get a word in but the man wouldn't have it. He climbed onto the counter and started screaming 'I'll teach you to laugh at me. Let's f*cking go outside! Right now! I'll f*cking teach you!"

For context, this man had to be about 40 - 50. My now boyfriend was 22 and spindly thin. This was frightening as f*ck. My manager managed to coerce the man off the counter and got him outside, immediately locking the door. The man screamed at the door for a few seconds before retreating to his truck and pulling away. So we thought that's the end of it... until the truck began circling the building with a f*cking gun being pointed out the driver's window. Everyone immediately hit the deck. The waitress started sobbing, and my manager blindly reached up trying to grab the phone off the counter to call 911. Every once in I while we peaked up, and this insane f*cker was still circling. When he finally stopped everyone crept to the back of the store and peek out the window. Dude had parked next to the driver cars, waiting for one of us to come out on a delivery. Nope.

The dude stuck around for around 15 minutes before taking off. The cops of course didn't show up until like an hour later because it's freaking Tucson and they suck. I had to sneak out before they came in hopes I wasn't going to get shot.

The next day the man repeatedly called the store to scream at people, claiming we attacked him threw crushed red peppers in his eyes. Since we had his address and phone number in the system, cops finally picked him up and we didn't hear from him again. He also got himself a nice place on the Do Not Deliver list."

Too Many Guns, And One Gun Too Soon

From tacticoolmachinist:

"I was a driver for Domino's and our store was closing for the night. I was helping out with the closing duties and had just taken out half of the daily trash to the dumpster. When I came back to grab the rest of the trash, I left the side door ajar so I wouldn't have to deal with the keypad with my hands full. Well, a robber decided that was his opportunity to come in and brandish a gun in our faces. The scariest and most vivid moment for me was staring at the ugly brown tile thinking it would be the last thing I ever saw.

I was given a week off, but when I got back I was still a jumpy wreck for months.

About three weeks after the robbery, I was at a customer's door when he quickly swung his door open and pointed a pistol in my face, almost touching my forehead. He held it there for about ten hours (two seconds) before exclaiming 'It's just a joke, I thought you were my friends,' and showed me that it was just an airsoft pistol.

I carried my pistol every single day after the robbery. The guy with the airsoft pistol was super lucky my hands were full of pizza."

Something Smelled Fishy (And It Was)

From moneyf0lder:

"I delivered pizzas from age 19-23 (2009-2013) in a crappy part of town.

One night near close, we got a shady sounding order (I didn't take the call) to a fake address, and they changed it to another when we wouldn't deliver. We had a sneaking suspicion something was up, so I brought the cook with me and we both brought large metal pipes with us. He just stood next to my car while I went to the door.

When I knocked, the porch light flicked on and off a few times. I knocked again and the porch light flickers. It happens a few more times until some grouchy middle age man opens the door (think Carl from Aqua Teen Hungerforce), bluntly tells me he didn't order, and shut the door in my face. When we left we noticed a bunch of hooded guys in the bushes across the street. Later that night a rival pizza chain driver was robbed on that street."

Doing Deliveries In A Hurricane

From ElToberino:

"I worked as a delivery boy in College Station, TX and had to work the day when Hurricane Ike made landfall. It was horrifying driving in that weather, and I got less than $10 in tips the entire shift because the people who order delivery in a hurricane are the same type off a**holes that don't tip."

The Customer Did Not Expect A Lady

From rabbitANDme:

"My first night as a driver, I went to this regular customer's house. She opened the door in a very see-through lingerie slip thing. I'm female and I should point out the drivers we had were exclusively male for about a year up until this day.

She closed the door very quickly upon seeing me. She reopening it after a minute in a long, fluffy robe that covered all her bits.

She was not attractive."

Avoid Deliveries To Kampgrounds Of America

From Cytomorphenstein:

"I delivered pizzas for a long time in my early 20s in south GA for a local owned pizzeria. It was a great job, I got minimum wage, a two-dollar delivery fee went to me for every delivery, and I got to keep all my tips.

Scariest experience while doing this? Going to the local Kampgrounds of America campsite and delivering pizza to shirtless people who hung out on the porches of their cabins, smelled like cat piss, and we're visibly armed. Fun fact: heavy meth use or cooking meth results in a cat p*ss smell."

A Few Fun Delivery Tales

From WadeWilsonforPope:

"I had a very drunk guy try to force his way into my car in a sketchy part of town. I think he thought I was a taxi because of the light on the top of my car. I peeled out of there before he damaged my car door.

Also had a cop pull a gun on me. Twice."

An Actual Car Chase Scene Straight From The Movies

From Jollyonreddit:

"I once got chased like you see in the movies. A little information about me: I'm an 18-year-old male student. To make a little money I part-time deliver pizza's at night and on the weekends. Note that I ride a moped to make deliveries, so my top speed is about 50 km/h. (31 mph)

So here's the story: it's a warm summer night, sun was almost set so in some directions visibility was very poor. I knew the street I was on very well, and knew narrow roads lay ahead of me. What I didn't know about was a car coming at me from the opposite direction, at a high speed with its headlights off. I simply didn't see them because of the sun blocking my eyesight. We almost had a top speed frontal collision there, and with me being on a moped I would have at least suffered from heavy injuries. I managed to dodge the car at the very last moment and didn't hesitate a second to trow the good ol' middle finger at them for not turning on their headlights in those conditions.

I still remember the car: a bright blue Fiat Punto with black rims.

So a few days later I spot the exact same car, waiting at a yield sign for me and some other vehicles to pass. I was on my way back to the pizza place and had to make a left into the same street they were on. Time for me to mess around for a bit. Extremely slowly I passed the front-end of their car. As I passed the driver's window I noticed it was rolled down a little bit. I peeked inside and saw the biggest, most terrifying looking gym rat wearing the douchiest sunglasses ever, next to him a beautiful blonde girl. So the guy immediately starts swearing and calling me out and I was like 'B*tch come at me!' I heard myself say it and instantly regret doing so because this was not a guy I wanted to get in a fight with. I'm a pretty tall guy but this dude, hell no.

So I got away from that car as fast as I could, but a few moments later, I sh*t you not, the Fiat appears in my mirror, the guy now chasing me.

I was driving as fast as I could but with him being in a car he could easily top that. There was a roundabout coming up which I knew I could take on easily while doing full throttle. The car of course could not. This slowed him down for a bit, but it only took the guy a matter of seconds to get at my back-end; he was now tailgating me and I was scared as f*ck. This wasn't enough for him, and he decided drive right next to me, passenger window rolled down, shouting at me to stop so we could 'talk.' Well I was not going to do that. He was closing in on me, the girl looking at me the whole time, the car and me almost touching sides.

At this point, I saw the golden opportunity: a side street on my right. I yank the break of the rear tire, and powerslid myself into that street. It wasn't my intention to lock the rear wheel but I can assure you, that looked cool.

But this wasn't the end, as the guy saw it coming and slammed the breaks too. Once again, he was right behind me. Suddenly I saw a narrow alley on the left. I did a hard left in and the blue Fiat knew he wouldn't fit. I drove back to the pizza place as fast as I could.

Sometimes I still spot that bright blue Fiat, and I hide or quickly turn into another street to avoid it as much as I can."

Please Ignore The Neighbors

From giraffedot:

"I delivered pizza to a pretty dodgy area of town once.

I'm at the guy's door when their neighbor comes running out of her house and across the lawn. Her dad follows her out screaming, threatening to stab her and throwing stuff, including a knife. The guy I deliver it to says it happens pretty often.

The walk back to my car was probably the scariest part."

Mon, 17 Jul 2017 08:14:45 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/pizza-delivery-horror-stories/mick-jacobs
<![CDATA[Stories Of People Walking In On Their Parents Having Sex That Will Scar You]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/people-describe-walking-in-on-their-parents-having-sex/katia-kleyman?source=rss

For those of you who ever walked in on your parents having sex, know you remain in good company. While it may burn the back of your subconscious, the memory of your parents' sex life is one that many other kids have of their own guardians. Sometimes a child misunderstands the nature of what they heard, and goes to investigate at their own risk. At others, kids may return home when the parents aren't aware, leading to some pretty awkward doorway moments. As mortifying as it must feel for the parents whose kids saw them having sex, think of the children! How can they be expected to carry on the future if they're too busy thinking of their parents mid-Whoopee?

Nevertheless, people who caught their parents having sex know of ways to cope, and that includes sharing their tales on Reddit. Less emotionally damaging than catching your SO having sex with someone else, walking in on your parents just serves as a reminder your parents are people too. They, like everyone else, come with kinks that need some smoothing out.

Stories Of People Walking In On Their Parents Having Sex That Will Scar You,

He Lived In His Parents' Bedroom

From a deleted user:

“Walk in? I was stuck in the same room as them from beginning to end.

Growing up, I lived in an old stone farm house that was way too small for my parents and their three children. So I ended up sleeping on a small couch in my parents' bedroom until my brothers moved out.

Around the age of 10 I woke up early to muffled panting. I laid perfectly still and didn't make a sound for fear of the embarrassment it would cause my parents. After maybe twenty minutes, my friend's mother knocks on the door (hallelujah) and interrupts them mid-coitus to take me to my morning swimming lessons. I feign sleepiness and slowly get up to put on my swimming trunks and head out the door.

It wasn't as traumatic as it was funny, but luckily I didn't have to see any of it.”

Knockout Thanksgiving

From thedrun:

Oh...I suppose I have to tell it.

This was in 2008, I was 24. Thanksgiving in my hometown involves everyone going out the night before and getting hammered at all the downtown bars. I had met up with all my friends around 8 PM, got dinner, and then proceeded to get hammered. All in all a great night, a chance to see some of my friends I never get to see otherwise. I had seen my brothers out, so I knew that the house was empty sans my 14-year-old brother and my parents.

Afterward, we got drunk munchies and all made our way home. This was at about 2:30 AM. I don't know why I got it in my head that I should go up and tell Mom and Dad that I was home safely at that hour of the morning, but I did. I stumbled up the stairs and without knocking just opened the door to their bedroom. It was dark, but the light from the hallway illuminated what can only be described as sobering and vile at the same time. I instantly apologized and just ran to my room.

I kinda sat there in the dark and pondered what I had just witnessed. I eventually passed out and the next morning through the haze of my hangover, I heard a knock on my bedroom door. It was my Dad, who said only these words. 'It's a beautiful day, you wouldn't know that if I hadn't knocked before I came in here.'

Needless to say, most awkward Thanksgiving dinner ever.”

Control Yourself, Dad!

From vicious_punk_chic:

“When I was six, I woke up to foreplay. I had always slept in my parents' bed. I was attached to my mom and one night my dad decides to get frisky. Rather than move me, he leaves me there and I wake up randomly. They weren't even making noise I just knew something was up.

I lifted my head up slowly (I was lying on my stomach and facing away from them) and I see just the outline of my dad kissing my moms' ass (she's lying on her stomach). I stared thinking I was dreaming but it went on for like 10 minutes. I then had to stop it because I was getting a uncomfortable. I just pretended I had woken up and told my mom I was scared. My dad got off, her put her underwear on and went to the bathroom, I'm guessing to finish off because he took a long while in there. My mom just hugged me and I drifted off to sleep. I never mentioned it and slept in my own bed more often after that.

The Real Monsters Are On The Bed, Not Under

From a deleted user:

“When I was a child I was scared of the dark. I would run up to my parents bedroom if I became afraid of whatever monsters were lurking in the closet. I didn't like to wake them, so I would crawl and tiptoe.

One evening, I slipped underneath the bed after being startled by stirring above me. My father apparently woke and well, it was long and awkward. I breathed shallowly and remained motionless for near an hour-and-a-half.

Nothing happened after. They never knew. Or maybe they did. I slipped out from underneath the bed after a lengthy portion of time.”

Christians Deep Throat Too

From kuetwo:

Not my story but going to quote my ex. Her parents were quite young and her mother was a reborn Christian. We both never thought her parents had sex

My ex used to wake up really early in the morning, and one day she woke up and went into her parents' bedroom. Imagine her confusion seeing her mother down on her knees at the foot of the bed, with her father sitting on the edge of a bed getting a blowjob.

She really should never have told me that story. She became the butt of far too many jokes.”

Don't Be Alarmed

From user elliok7:

“I walked in on my mom giving my dad a handjob. He sleeps naked in the summer but their quick movements gave it away. He told me I don't need to tell them I'm home anymore just turn on the alarm; that's cool because now it's easier to come home drunk.

C*ck-Block Kid

From ashbashass:

“I don't remember this, but my parents have told me how I would always come into their room when I was young to sleep in their bed. Apparently I did it multiple times when they were having sex. I would just barge in, climb into bed, and completely miss the fact they were getting it on. Then they'd have to wait until I fell asleep and they'd go into another room to finish up. I was a real c*ck-block as a kid.

Hopefully She Washed Her Hands

From a deleted user:

“I walked up to my mom masturbating. I left quickly and grabbed my towel to shower thinking I'd been silent enough that didn't hear me. She then showed up to me acting all nervous and weird, and offered me a sandwich.

For Dad's Health

From DungPuncher:

“Walked in on my mum giving my dad a blozzer. I had woken up and gone downstairs (nightmare I think) and walked into the living room. My mum dived behind the sofa and my dad pulled his trousers up. I ran back upstairs. The next day he came up with some guff about her checking him for testicular cancer and that checking is very important. Nice try dad.

All Mom And Dad Need Is Love

From Talthyren:

“I was eight and going over to my friend’s house, who was just down the street. I told my parents I'd be there for an hour or so.

I walked there, discovered he was not home, and walked back. When I opened the door to my house I heard this blaring Beatles music or some other hippy sh*t.

I walked downstairs towards the source of the music... and caught them in the act. My Dad hastily shoved my mom under the covers to make it seem like he was there alone and said 'I thought you would be gone for an hour?' 

I immediately poker face'd.”

Fri, 24 Feb 2017 09:38:19 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/people-describe-walking-in-on-their-parents-having-sex/katia-kleyman
<![CDATA[Real Life Sugar Babies Describe What It's Really Like To Have A Sugar Daddy]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/sugar-babies-tell-sugar-daddy-stories/cheryl-adams-richkoff?source=rss

You've heard the term "sugar daddy," but do you know what it really means? "Sugaring" is a paid arrangement between two consenting adults - typically a younger woman and an older man - that includes an agreed upon number of hours or days spent in one another's company. Many of these relationships begin by using a niche dating site geared specifically to hooking up sugar daddies with sugar babies. While such arrangements almost always include sexual contact, some sugar daddies also seek out the "girlfriend experience," which can include just hanging out together, having someone to talk to, or serving as a dining and travel companion. Sugar babies set the rules and payment, and often are the recipients of free accommodation, shopping sprees, spa treatments, and much more. The money can be quite good, with lots of free time and perks included.

True sugar daddy stories are not always what one might expect, though. When sugar babies talk about their sugar daddies, it's clear that their experiences are a mixed bag. Ideally, it's a win-win situation for both baby and daddy, but there are many less than desirable scenarios and date horror stories from real life sugar babies.

So, what's it like to have a sugar daddy? It's best to let the babies speak for themselves.

Real Life Sugar Babies Describe What It's Really Like To Have A Sugar Daddy,

Warm And Fuzzy On The Outside, Cold And Calculating On The Inside

From AmethystRose:

"I used to sugar, and escort - I'm taking a break from both because of mental health reasons.

Honestly, I'd prefer not to go into my stories too much. I've been in two long-term sugar arrangements - One at 16, one at 17. 700/800 per week + gifts, respectively, for roughly one date and one round of sex and post-sex cuddling. It wasn't negotiated that way, it's just what ended up happening. I did negotiate the money, though - silly little me actually negotiated down from 1.2k/1k respectively, because I thought too much cash lying around would tip off my parents. I was such a stupid f*cking child, ugh. Granted, I shouldn't have been sugaring anyway, but y'know.

Being a sugar baby is not work for just anyone. If you want to succeed in it, as an actual business venture, you need to be very cold, brutal, and detached from both men and sex (or at least, sex with those particular men). It's inherently a very unbalanced dynamic - he's wealthy and has a lot more life experience than his college-aged (or potentially younger) sugar baby. It isn't uncommon for these men to try twist that to their advantage.

Honestly, sugaring isn't worth the hassle unless a) you want professional connections and are smart and charismatic enough to make them through dating your SD or b) you cannot handle escorting."

It's Not For Everyone

From imhereforthemeta:

"I did it once... by that I mean one attempt/date. I was going on a lot of dates so I could experience the far away city I moved to and I decided YOLO and responded to a sort of skeezy ad I found locally. TBH I had just left my boyfriend of about 7 years after some really f*cked up stuff happened and I was pretty numb.

I had the guy pick me up under a false name at an apartment that wasn't mine. He was about 55 years old and we got together on the precedent of a 'sugar baby' relationship sort of 'trial run/first date'... He took me to a really fancy Italian place. I admit, I was super fascinated with what made the guy work... like why are you trying to pick up chicks... over half your age?

Turns out there was nothing interesting about him, and promises to pay my bills and buy me things were very unappealing when he started opening his mouth. He was married and a total pig about his wife, who he basically described as a god damn saint but who was too old/ugly for him now so he f*cks younger girls instead. He kept commenting about how I was the same age/etc as his daughters (whom he was very proud of, ick) I was very very uncomfortable at this point but had no car, so I just kept agreeing with him and buttering him up. I then decided to proceed to order the most expensive things I could off of the menu and chowed down.

He dropped me off at that apartment a few miles from my house and we parted ways. He tried to kiss me. It was gross.

I don't think I would have taken him up on the full baby offer regardless of his personality because the idea of that kind of dependency makes me anxious, butttt yeah."

Highs And Lows

From Suckulaa:

"Sugar baby for about a year now, on/off. Was having trouble finding work and always liked older men so I put the two together. I'm plus size and I thought I wouldn't have any luck but I do surprisingly well. Had a couple CEOs, attorney, etc. Got to meet really interesting people and had a lot of opportunities to travel. It's a lot of work though. Need to market yourself, look put together and be prepared to f*ck some old dudes. Had really high points and lows. Usually SDs do a monthly allowance or PPM, it always depended on scheduling for me."

Some Sugar Babies Get All The Perks

From misscolinsxx:

"It's been on and off for me, my family is well off financially however I'm not the kind of person that would expect my mum to cater to my every whim and need so that's why I decided to get a sugar daddy.

So the process or usually goes something like this, you go for lunch/dinner/drinkies for a meet and greet and if yous choose to continue then a arrangement will be discussed e.g meet me 5 times a month and I will pay you $500 per week, $10,000 monthly or $1000 PPM (pay per meet).

From then on your dates can range from holidays to going to a work function or simply going to the cinemas and dinner afterwards, essentially you're a on call girlfriend/boyfriend.

My arrangement was that I meet him a few times a month in exchange for 5000€ (per month) which equates to just under $8000nzd (he lived in Paris and I live in NZ) and I would get all the lovely perks such as shopping sprees at designer stores, cosmetic work, his black Amex card just whatever I wanted (within reason of course)."

Be Careful Who You Meet

From love_lavender:

"I met men up with a few men on Sugardaddie.com. First off, stay away from this site. There are nothing but creepy, lying weirdos on there...

The second guy I had met was from San Francisco and didn't post his pictures on his profile. We chatted a lot on the phone and texted each other frequently. He wasn't very good looking. Shorter than me (I'm 5 foot 9 inches) and looked like Nick from that 1980's sitcom 'Cheers!'. He was also missing a front tooth. He told me he had just gotten divorced so he wasn't looking for a relationship yet. He gave me a pseudonym. When I figured it out and asked about it, he gave me this long-winded, weird reason why he used it. I got an uneasy feeling, but dismissed it.

He really seemed like an ok guy. He showed interest in me, allowed me to use his address to look for a job in SF, he showed concern about my well-being too. He even offered to send me some money when I told him I was broke.

He wanted to meet up in Nashville - I canceled. He wanted to meet up in San Diego - he canceled last minute saying his mom had breast cancer. We kept in touch and he kept offering me to fly me to SF to be with him. Finally, I flew to SF on my own. We had dinner and alcohol. He came across as sort of passive-aggressive. He kept telling our waiter to tell another table to stop being so loud. He had to fly to NYC while I was there, but he kept wanting me to come over, take me to the Four Seasons, he was constantly angling for sex, but I just didn't feel comfortable.

After I got home, he offered to rent me an apartment close to him in SF. He even CC'd me on the email to the landlord. HE bought me airline ticket to come to SF and start my new life. I ended up chickening out.

We chatted a bit after that, but he never responded to an email and text I sent to him. I took the hint. That was it.

Fast forward to a year or so later... I get back on Sugardaddie and there is his profile. He had shaved 5 years off his age and this time he had pictures. Here's where it gets more interesting. I Googled him and found a short bio of him on his new company's website. It said that he was married to his opera singer wife (the one he said he had divorced) and they had homes in Sonoma, CA and SF. I looked at his Instagram pictures and there they are having dinner, site seeing in Paris, kissing and hugging.

I just looked him up on that website. HE IS STILL ON THERE. His recently activity was yesterday. His wife has no clue. Who knows what would have happened if I moved to be with him. He's definitely a liar and who knows what else.

If you want an experience, then this will give you one. Just remember, it is a REALLY BIG RISK and something bad can happen. I recommend making your own money and staying safe."

It's All An Act

From IAMASugarBaby:

"So I am very keen on creating a genuine relationship experience. This means that I think it is important to go on several dates before there is any private physical interaction, and even then I dole it out and keep it to a minimum. At the end of the day if someone asked me in private if my daddy is my boyfriend I would laugh and say no, it's really just an act/a game and the daddies know this too. I've even maintained real relationships while doing this on the side. Some get caught up in it and feel its real but that's why I choose to create a persona instead of revealing too much about myself.

As far as jobs go I really can't complain. I get to play dress up and have a ridiculous salary for basically being an actress. It's certainly not ALL about the money; I can't keep a facade up forever and if I find someone to be completely repugnant (or even just no chemistry) I will not go out with them again."

Sugaring Can Be A Win-Win

From handshoes101:

"Former sugar baby here!

It's something I did for a few months, and it was a great way to help me out of a difficult financial situation.

To start off, before any sugar relationship starts, there is usually a platonic meet and greet over coffee/dinner/drinks so both parties can see if they actually like each other. Out of every 3 meet and greets I went to I probably only saw 1 again. There's no sex and usually no money is exchanged (although I have been given money at meet and greets a few times). Sometimes you will also discuss allowance at the meet and greet, but you can also do this before or after.

Allowance is always agreed upon before any actual dates, and it can either be a monthly or weekly amount, or pay per meet (PPM). I used to always do PPM.

Once that's all established, you start having dates with your sugar daddy. These can be anything from hotel meetups for just sex, to going to an art show, dinner, and drinks, before heading back to his place for sex. It's never said out loud but sex is absolutely expected.

In my experience, most guys who are sugar daddies are very busy business men who don't have the time or energy to sustain a real relationship. The money ensures that everything will go smoothly, and they still get a genuine (or what I make seem to be genuine) emotional, fun, and intimate experience.

I enjoyed sugaring when I did it, because it was a good way for me to make money, while still being in control of who I spent time with.

My regular rate was 500€ per date. For one sugar daddy that I really liked, I went down to 350€ because he wasn't super rich, and that's a more average number for my location (Berlin, Germany). I know that in some places in America the average per date can be as low as $200 or as high as $600. But even the local average isn't the best guide for choosing a number, because it depends on what you value yourself at, what you're comfortable with, what the daddy values you at, and what he can afford.

Also, monthly allowances are quite common, but I don't have any personal experience with those. They depend on the same factors though, along with how many times you meet per month."

Beware Of Salt Daddies

From Dahliayy:

"I've met 3 salt daddies. These two kept on talking about sex before I even met. They asked for nudes and even tried sexting with me. Every time we tried to meet they would cancel last minute, give some stupid excuse and then try to lure me to their house or whatever hotel they booked. One met up with me and then left me with the lunch bill...

One time me and a POT [potential sugar daddy] agreed to meet up for lunch just to know each other. After we both ordered he suddenly started asking if I'm interested on going to a hotel with him after lunch (which ofc i said no). We tried to talk over lunch but GOD HE WAS SUCH AN ASS. I hated all of his views but idk why he was so smitten with me. Dude kept on touching me and I just tried to avoid and eat my lunch as fast as possible.

I clearly didn't like this guy so after we were done with lunch, I just said that we're not getting along well and I wasn't interested with having an arrangement with him. He didn't take it very well so he just straight up walked out of the restaurant and left me with the bill. I didn't have enough money but I was so lucky to have my friends around to pay the bill for me."

The Online Girlfriend Experience

From omcthrowingaway:

"I did online arrangements similar to Sugaring in college. I exclusively offered 'Online Girlfriend Experiences' where a person would pay me to act like his girlfriend online, including sexing, but without my face in any photos.

While I don't want to do it again, it was probably one of my favorite jobs. The money was fantastic and I had complete control over whoever I worked with. If they were being rude, I could end the arrangement.

Despite a hard rule of not showing my face and other safety measures, a lot of guys would open up to me, tell me about their life, and send nonsexual pictures of themselves. My average client was generally only slightly overweight, in their later 20s to early 30s, average looking, and a little socially awkward. There's a misconception that only men who are very unattractive or old pay for these things. I had my fair share of men who were divorced, married, and/or conventionally good looking. Generally, they were either too busy or too shy to maintain a real relationship. Most men were just lonely.

Most of my clients were very kind and interested in getting to know me and my personality. As someone else stated, sex work isn't unskilled...

Of course, you occasionally have the bad eggs. One of the creepiest men I worked with was a very good looking married man with young children. He also liked to send me nonsexual pictures of his wife behind her back at the grocery store, driving, etc. Basically, he got off on talking to me while spending time with his wife. Eventually, this creeped me out enough to end it."

It's Just Like Any Other (Challenging) Job

From BunBunPurrPaws:

"I was one on and off for years. Like any job, it's a mixed bag. Like any job, it gets old after a while. The big difference between it and a 'straight' job is that you control everything, which also means that all the risks are on you to mitigate to the best of your ability. You pick who to meet and make an arrangement with, you set your hours, you get cash to do with as you please. That might all sound great, but it can be horrible if you don't have excellent street smarts and intuition. You HAVE to be hyper aware to do it safely. You will be alone with men who you don't know well, who feel like you owe them something (because you do if you want to get paid. This job is 100% paid companionship INCLUDING SEX in almost all cases).

There's also some myth that sex work is unskilled. It's definitely not. Being a sugar baby takes a lot of natural and learned social abilities. You have to be able to play girlfriend to a wide variety of men, not to mention have some sexual abilities worth paying for. It's actually a pretty challenging job. 90% of it is being able to talk about anything, while making him feel like the center and king of your universe for those hours every week. That's not easy with someone who you would never probably date for free. It requires a lot of patience and intuitive people skills to do that every single week for a long time.

That being said, it came very naturally to me and I never ended up in a bad situation. I enjoyed it while I enjoyed it, then I quit. Knowing when to get out and having a plan to do so is another important factor in being a sex worker."

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<![CDATA[Absolutely Insane Behind-The-Scenes Guns N' Roses Stories]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/wild-guns-n-roses-stories/brandon-michaels?source=rss

When you think "rock 'n' roll," wild Guns N' Roses stories probably spring to mind. The band seemed primed to be unstoppable after they formed in Los Angeles in 1985. They released their first album, Appetite for Destruction, in 1987, and it almost instantly smashed records: it sold 30 million copies worldwide, and became one of the best-selling debuts of all time. By 1988, GnR was basically the biggest band on the planet. Guns N' Roses songs are some of the most massive hits of the '80s, and a number of their albums are considered rock classics.

But early success doesn't always guarantee staying power. GnR's big hits came with big personalities, and clashes within the band led to countless lineup changes and prolonged breakups fans feared would be permanent. But Guns N' Roses couldn't keep off the stage - even though the guys performing under the name weren't the same.

Even GnR newbies can appreciate the gnarly tales from Guns n' Roses that have popped up over the years. Rumors tell of countless trashed dressing rooms, mountains of consumed drugs, and even a few brushes with death. The craziest things Guns N' Roses ever did are the stuff of rock legend - what other band dabbled in everything from fights with other musicians to petty theft from groupies?

Absolutely Insane Behind-The-Scenes Guns N' Roses Stories,

Axl Rose Slept With His Bandmate's Girlfriend And Recorded It For A Track

In the spring of 1987, GnR was recording "Rocket Queen," a charming little ditty about doing the nasty. Nineteen-year-old Adriana Smith was dating drummer Steven Adler, but he had recently cheated on her. For revenge, she decided to get drunk and have sex with Axl Rose - and to add insult to injury, they decided to record the audio and use it as a sample on the track. You can hear Smith's contributions at around 2:30 on the track.

Axl apparently had notes on her vocal performance, though, telling her, "Come on, Adriana, make it real. Stop faking!" Smith later said she regretted the stunt.

Axl Rose's Missing Contact Lens Almost Cost GnR A Record Deal

On March 26, 1986, Guns N' Roses was set to sign their first deal with Geffen Records - but Axl Rose almost blew the whole thing by throwing a tantrum. Apparently, he couldn't find his contact lenses, and after accusing his bandmates of stealing them, told them to "go [to the signing] without him."

The other GnR members "eventually found him sitting on top of the Whisky A Go Go." Slash told Axl they had found his contacts, and convinced him to come down. They showed up to the Geffen meeting several hours late and penned the deal.

Izzy Stradlin Was Arrested For Urinating On A Plane

On August 27, 1989, GnR rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin was on a flight from Los Angeles to Indianapolis. Apparently, he had been drinking pretty excessively, and had to use the bathroom. Unfortunately, none were available:

"I was drunk in the middle of this bunch of senior citizen types. I was smoking, and the stewardess came over. I told her to f*ck herself. I was drinking so much I had to take a piss. The people in the bathroom... man, it seemed like I waited an hour. So I pissed in the trash can instead... Next thing I know we've landed, I'm walking out and I see 10 policemen... And I remember thinking: 'Uh-oh! I think I f*cked up again.'"

On a layover in Pheonix, police met Stradlin at the gate and charged him with "public disturbance for smoking in a non-smoking section, making obscene gestures to passengers and verbally abusing a stewardess."

Slash Had A Bad Trip And Ran Naked Through A Golf Course

After their 1989 world tour, Guns N' Roses took a break from the road. Apparently, the routine of touring was all that was keeping Slash's addiction problems from spiraling out of control. As he wrote in his memoirs, "It turned out to be the start of a long and nightmarish obsession with heroin that lasted from 1989 through 1991."

After one particularly gnarly binge on heroin/cocaine cocktails, Slash started tripping pretty hard at an Arizona golf course. He remembers "Predators with rubbery-looking dreadlocks chasing after him with machine guns and harpoons."

Fearing for his life, Slash punched through a glass door to escape. The totally nude musician even grabbed a maid as an impromptu "human shield." He recalled the story to the police in great detail: "I was still high enough that I told the story without a shred of self-consciousness."

Steven Adler Saved Nikki Sixx's Life

Just two days before Christmas in 1987, Guns N' Roses was out on the road with Alice Cooper and Mötley Crüe. GnR guitarist Slash and drummer Steven Adler were snorting fistfuls of cocaine with Nikki Sixx of Mötley Crüe that night. According to Adler, he stepped out of the room to shoot up, and when he returned the door was blocked by Sixx's unconscious body.

Adler tried to revive Sixx with cold water, and when that didn't work, he "started smashing the him in the face with his cast" (he had broken his hand punching a streetlight). The blows eventually resuscitated Sixx.

The next day, when Adler stopped by the hospital to see Sixx, he asked, "Stevie, what the f*ck happened to me last night? My face is killing me!"

Slash Brought A Mountain Lion To A Hotel

Slash apparently developed a fondness for exotic pets. By the early '90s, he had collected a number of venomous snakes and lizards in his Los Angeles home, as well as a mountain lion he named Curtis. But when the Northridge earthquake hit in January of 1994, Slash's house was damaged. He temporarily moved to a Four Seasons hotel in Marina del Rey - and Curtis came too.

They Robbed Girls Their Bandmates Were Having Sex With, And Dabbled In Drug Dealing

Even Guns N' Roses' pad developed a reputation. Former rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin recalls the debauchery the band got up to in the summer of 1985, while they were crashing in a spot called "The Hell House." The band was so strapped for cash that they resorted to desperate measures:

"We sold girls. If one of the guys was f*cking a girl in our sleeping loft, we'd ransack the girl's purse while he was doing her."

They were apparently selling drugs as well. Soon, that behavior caught up with them; the LAPD caught wind of the illegal activity, and the GnR guys had to hide out from the authorities for a while.

They Almost Died In A Car Crash

When GnR returned to Los Angeles from their first tour in June of 1985, they got into a nasty car accident. The guys were in bassist Duff McKagan's car, and another vehicle broadsided them at an intersection going 60 miles per hour. Miraculously, the band walked away with minimal injuries, though drummer Steven Adler broke his ankle.

Slash wrote about the incident in his autobiography: "Duff's car was totaled and we could have been too. That would have been a sick twist of fate: the band dying together after we'd just gotten together."

They Got Mad At Axl Rose And Trashed A Dressing Room

Guns N' Roses had a rough night on October 23, 1986. They were scheduled to open for Alice Cooper at the Arlington Theater, but Axl Rose didn't make it. He showed up late and security turned him away, so the band had to improvise. Guitarists Izzy Stradlin and Slash made up lyrics and asked audience members to come up and sing to cover for their missing frontman. Out of frustration, "the band trashed the dressing room and broke all the mirrors."

Axl Rose Punched David Bowie

It's rare to find someone who had beef with David Bowie, but Axl Rose managed it. In 1989, Bowie dropped by the set where Guns N' Roses was filming the music video for "It's So Easy." Axl didn't like the way Bowie was talking to his girlfriend, Erin Everly, and hit Bowie and threw him out.

Ever the class act, Bowie apologized, and the two made up with a long night of clubbing.

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<![CDATA[Super Boring Musicians You Had No Idea Used To Be (Or Still Are) Hardcore AF]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/boring-musicians-who-used-to-be-hardcore/jacob-shelton?source=rss

Dad rock, that most boring of genre of music, which encompasses everything from California country to blues-inspired folk, is so snooze-inducing the musicians who play it must be the most insipid people on Earth, right? Well, not exactly. There are some boring musicians who used to be hardcore af. Before they cleaned up, there were plenty of boring bands who were crazy back in the day. Like, chainsaw-through-a-hotel-room crazy. It’s time to expand your musical knowledge with this collection of crazy musicians who calmed down with age.

With a few notable exceptions, most of the musicians who were addicts covered here had their heydays in the '70s, when their brand of dad rock peaked. While some had continued success into the 2000s, many of these dad rock musicians who did hella drugs became so boring as time went on the world stopped listening, so they started racing yachts or opened tea shops.

It shouldn't really come as a surprise that a musician, no matter how boring the music, can get up to no good on the road. All of the crazy Led Zeppelin stories you've heard exist because four lads from England had lots of money and nothing to do for hours on end, so they got into witchcraft and started shoving fish into people. The same goes for everything you’ve heard about Ozzy Osbourne. But audiences expect crazy stories about those artists, whereas the boring AF dad rock artists on this list might actually surprise you with their shenanigans. 

Super Boring Musicians You Had No Idea Used To Be (Or Still Are) Hardcore AF,

Billy Joel

Everyone knows Billy Joel sucks. He's just the worst. His music is boring and he looks like the dad of every guy's high school girlfriend, the one who showed you his samurai sword collection.

It turns out that, while Joel was recording "rockers" like "Uptown Girl," he was also heavily into drugs. He told Howard Stern his song "Scandinavian Skies" is about heroin, saying:

"This was back in the late '70s, I think. We were in Amsterdam, and there was all this stuff going on, so I said 'Let me see what this is like.' It got me so high I didn't know how to deal with it. You just get way out, just go to another place, and you're into the blues. All you want to hear is the blues. You start drooling, and you get sick."

But that didn't stop Joel, who continued his hard partying New Jersey ways into his twilight years. In 2004, he crashed his third car in two years. That's dedication to being hardcore. 

David Crosby

There's a good chance you know David Crosby's down-and-out, aging clown look more than his music, but this guy was a huge part of the Laurel Canyon scene of the '60s, and part of a lot of very boring bands that still influence new boring bands. He released some of his sleepiest music in Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young and as a solo artist. While busy writing music that sounds like it should be in a Ken Burns documentary, Crosby was going harder in the paint than anyone who has ever lived. 

For instance, in 1985, he was already on probation for DUI when he was arrested for driving through a fence while in possession of a gun and cocaine. He blamed John Lennon's assassination. In an episode of VH1's Behind The Music, one of the guys from CSN said Crosby ruined one of their incredibly boring recording sessions when he walked out after his crack pipe broke.

Eric Clapton

When you think of Eric Clapton, what pops into your head? Lilting acoustic ballads? Middling white man blues rock? Well, that's probably because he used up all of his freaky powers in the '70s, doing drugs and shredding solos. In his enigmatically entitled autobiography, Clapton: The Autobiography, the guitarist describes how audiences absolutely loved it when he got super effed up and put on the worst shows possible

"I'd wander off the stage and somebody... would have to try to persuade me to go back on. There seemed to be a post-psychedelia drunkenness that swept over everybody in the entertainment business during the early '70s. To be on stage, you were almost expected to be drunk. I remember doing one entire show lying down on the stage with the microphone stand lying beside me, and nobody batted an eyelid."

Clapton battled a three-year heroin addiction in the '70s. During the making of Derek and the Dominos' sole record Layla, the whole band was out of control with drugs and alcohol. Bandmate Bobby Whitlock recalls, "We weren't doing a bunch of drugs during our recording. But if you’re drinking whiskey and snorting cocaine and heroin it's still going to be in your system tomorrow." 

Fleetwood Mac

Put your pitchforks down. Boring doesn't mean bad, especially not in the case of Fleetwood Mac. As everyone knows, you develop an instant appreciation for this classic snooze rock behemoth as soon as you turn 30. But were they really that crazy? Oh yeah.

According to members of the band, there wasn't a day they weren't fighting and/or having sex with each other, or snorting miles of cocaine. The members of Fleetwood Mac were legit crazy people who once calculated Mick Fleetwood (the band's drummer, who wore faux testicles on a belt) snorted seven miles of cocaine during the height of his debauchery. And that's nothing compared to Stevie Nicks, the group's front woman and good witch, who burned a hole in her nose by snorting so much cocaine. 

George Jones

It's okay if you don't know who George Jones is. He sang boring, crooner country that didn't have the heart of Roy Orbison and never reached the flashy heights of Elvis. He had a sustained career built on mediocre hits, and was also a mega-drunk. According to his autobiography, I Lived to Tell It All, he had crippling stage fright, and used alcohol to temper his fear.

A low point came when Jones was so drunk his wife hid the keys to all of his cars so he couldn't drive to the liquor store, so he rode a lawn mower eight miles to buy booze.  He wrote, "I imagine the top speed for that old mower was five miles per hour. It might have taken an hour and a half or more for me to get to the liquor store, but get there I did."

Jackson Browne

The famous scribe behind The Eagles' sleepy time rocker "Take It Easy" definitely didn't heed his own words when it came to his personal life. While Jackson Browne was writing laid-back California country jams you would be hard pressed to name, he was also involved in a murky back-and-forth with former girlfriend Daryl Hannah, who accused him of assaulting her multiple times. No one ever sued anyone over the assault vs defamation battle the two wages, but it's obvious that Browne was anything but boring in his home life. 

James Taylor

He's seen fire, he's seen rain, and he's put a generation of people to sleep with very boring, blues-inspired folk music. While James Taylor's music was a gentle flower on a spring morning, his personal life was a fire threatening to consume an orphanage. First, he was into acid, which had him "jumping great gaps between the roofs and swinging on fire escapes.”

In 1968, at age 20, Taylor moved to England to record his debut album for Apple, the label run by the Beatles. While in London, he got way into heroin. While recording sleepy acoustic jams, he liked to hole up in the studio bathroom and get high, much to the chagrin of the Beatles, who were recording in the same complex. 


Moby, the human equivalent to skim milk, has never struck anyone has being all that crazy. Even at its most experimental, his music is fairly danceable, and that one "thrash" record people talk about is just a high school jock's idea of what Minor Threat sounds like, with some dandy ambient tunes tacked on and a very '90s-sounding Mission to Burma cover shoved in the middle.

That was all to say Moby is fine but boring AF. However, in the '90s, Moby was losing his mind. He was living in New York City, DJing, hanging out with a dominatrix, dating strippers, and squatting in a warehouse with people who wanted to set him on fire. As you might be able to surmise, there was a liberal use of substances. 

In an interview with the Guardian (the headline of which is "There were bags of drugs, I was having sex with a stranger") about his autobiography, Porcelain, Moby described the process of looking back at his life in the 90s: 

"I still recognize that person, stumbling through life without much agency. There’s enthusiasm and a good work ethic, but ultimately complete cluelessness, being baffled by everything. It’s like being a snowball rolling down a mountain. The snowball might have started kind of pure, but by the end, it’s filled with dead squirrels and sticks and rocks and wellies and garbage. You’ve got this snowball at the end, but to what extent does it relate to or resemble that original snowball?”

Phil Collins

The singer/songwriter who proclaimed no jacket was required to listen to his album was a different kind of hardcore crazy person in his younger days than many others on this list. While Phil Collins was busy working on snooze rock staples, he was also a major rage-a-holic, according to his first wife, Andrea.

When Andrea left Phil, he told everyone she "ran off with the decorator." But, according to her, Phil drove her away by being a super violent bully who wanted to argue all the time. Also, he cheated on her. As Andrea recalls

"I divorced him – not him me – on the grounds of his adultery and he agreed... 

There was also the fact that, within a day or two of me leaving the hospital after giving birth to our son, Simon, he went off on a two-year world tour with Genesis.

He’s made a lot of money singing about the break-up of our marriage and his heartbreak, and he’s never stopped to consider my feelings or those of our children. All these years on, he’s still playing the victim, and I think it’s time he stopped."

Does this also make Phil a compulsive liar? He's some kind of monster for fabricating a tale of heartbreak just to sell records and look good in an interview. Somewhere, Noel Gallagher is cackling. 

Rod Stewart

Everyone knows the grimiest Rod Stewart ever got as a solo artist was when he sang a cover of "Downtown Train" by Tom Waits, and even that's a pretty slick song choice. Most people probably don't even know he was in The Jeff Beck Group, a heavy-stomping proto hard rock band that paved the way for Led Zeppelin. 

In the '70s, while Stewart was churning out barely passable rock-disco tunes like "If You Want My Body," he was also busy indulging a saucy predilection for Columbian nose candy. Admittedly, doing coke every once in a while doesn't make you party monster, but shoving nummy powder up your butt does qualify you for hardcore status, and shove it up his butt Stewart did.  

Stewart later said of his salad days, "As far as the drugs are concerned, I was never an addict. I was never, you know, in rehab. It never affected my family or my relationships. I was just a social user." So social he shoved cocaine in his ass. 

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<![CDATA[People Whose Own Booby Traps Killed Them]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/people-killed-by-own-booby-traps/jacob-shelton?source=rss

Of all the ironic ways to die, being killed by one of your own booby traps has to be one of the most ridiculous ways to bite the dust. While everyone who has been killed by setting some kind of booby trap is different, people whose own booby traps killed them rest squarely in the center of a Venn diagram marked "creative" and "paranoid." In these stories about booby trap deaths, you’ll notice that the hapless victims were either afraid of someone breaking into their home, petrified someone would discover their drugs, or attempting to hide from enemies.

Some of the contraptions that you’ll read about in these stories of accidental deaths caused by booby traps resemble the traps in the Home Alone movies, but some of them are just straight-up bombs. Whatever the specifics, these stories are both horrific and darkly comic. Loss of human life is always terrible, but some of these deaths could have been easily avoided if the individuals in these stories would have simply relaxed.

People Whose Own Booby Traps Killed Them,

ISIS Fighters Blew Themselves Up While Attempting To Booby Trap A House

Two ISIS militants were killed in March 2017 as they were attempting to set up a series of explosive booby traps in a house in Mosul. According to the Daily Mail, the home belonged to a security member who was executed by ISIS years previously.

A Man Died In His Booby Trapped Basement

In early 2017, after a house exploded in New Hampshire, police discovered a corpse in the home's basement. They believed it was the owner, who had left a series of "devices" around the home to keep people out. The investigators theorized that the explosion was a planned event that happened a few years too late.

A spokesperson for the police said, "It definitely looks like this was something that was planned, or at least preparing to prevent either police or fire to get closer to the residence to either extinguish the fire or whatever else the person may have had planned."

Taliban Members Accidentally Drove Over Their Own Landmine

In June of 2017, several Taliban members killed themselves when they drove across their own landmine. According to a spokesperson for the allies in the Middle East: "A Taliban vehicle hit an IED planted by the fighters of the own group in eastern Nangarhar province of Afghanistan, leaving at least eleven militants of the group dead or wounded."

An Angry Grandpa Fell Prey To His Own Trap

Louis Dethy was a Belgian pensioner who apparently hated his family. In fact, he filled his three-story home in Charlerois with tons of deadly traps to exact his revenge on his estranged children and grandchildren. According to his neighbors, Dethy was only seen outside when he went to the store, but after he hadn't been spotted for quite some time in late 2002, police went to his home.

The authorities discovered a deceased Dethy, who they believe had been accidentally killed while futzing with one of his spring-loaded traps. Along with his body, they uncovered at least 19 traps, including an exploding crate of beer. The house also contained a series of notes that seemed to be clues about the booby traps; one read, "The 12 Apostles are ready to work on the pebbles."

A Toolmaker Accidentally Shot Himself In The Head

In Bakersfield, CA, in 2014, a toolmaker named Paul Morningstar accidentally shot himself in the head with a spring-loaded booby trap that he was setting. A neighbor heard the shot, and had to warn police that the home was covered in traps. Police used a bomb-squad robot to find Morningstar, and they discovered three different traps, including a shotgun triggered by mousetraps. According to people who knew Morningstar, he believed that someone was trying to kill him, which is why he started booby trapping his home with trip wires, flares, and shotguns.



Two Hoarder Brothers Were Killed By Their Own Trash Traps

Homer and Langley Collyer were paranoid, shut-in, hoarder brothers who lived in a Harlem home that they filled with trash. Homer had grown blind over the years and needed Langley to take care of him, but Langley thought that vitamin-C would reverse his vision problems, and he fed his brother 100 oranges a week. Langley was also saving daily newspapers for his brother to read once he was cured of his blindness.

One day in 1947, New York City police received a tip that someone had died in the home. When they entered the house, they discovered the bodies of both of the brothers. They concluded that Langley had died bringing his brother oranges; he had been caught in one of his homemade booby traps and was crushed to death. Without his brother to care for him, Homer died shortly afterwards.

A Georgia Man Accidentally Cut Himself In Half

The body of a 67-year-old shut-in, Ernest Gaylord Michelberger, was discovered by his son in 2015 after one of his insane booby traps cut him in half. Savannah Police Department spokesperson Melinda Yarberry noted that, "after a thorough investigation of the scene and interviewing family members, cause of death has officially been ruled an accident by way of booby trap." Michelberger's son said that his dad had become more paranoid over the years as more minorities had begun to move into his neighborhood. 

The booby trap that killed Michelberger was apparently constructed out of "an elaborate system of levers, pullies, and two chainsaws."

A Pot Farmer Was Nearly Decapitated

In 2013, a marijuana farmer in upstate New York got drunk and accidentally drove his quad bike into one of his many booby traps, killing himself in the process. The farmer, Daniel Ricketts, was almost decapitated by a string of piano wire that he had strung around his crops. His corpse was discovered by a group of hikers, who promptly called the police. Officers later discovered a series of traps made of barbed wire around the property.

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<![CDATA[Stories Of Craigslist Interactions Gone Way Wrong]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/craigslist-interactions-gone-wrong/mariel-loveland?source=rss

There's a reason you shouldn't meet strangers from the Internet - you never know who's lurking behind the computer screen. You can do everything right, like meet in a public place and never reveal your home address, but creepy Craigslist encounters are bound to eventually happen.

For every time someone has successfully sold a used Xbox or guitar, there are Craigslist interactions gone wrong. When you're strapped for cash, selling extra things to random people on the Internet seems so easy. But don't be fooled. It's almost impossible to tell what's legit and what's a ridiculous ad or scary Craigslist story waiting to happen. Are a few bucks worth a crazy encounter?

These brave Redditors tell their Craigslist tales, from the hilarious to the utterly insane. From complicated insurance frauds to savvy Redditors running sting operations for stolen gear, what these Craigslist stories all have in common is that none of them went as planned.

Stories Of Craigslist Interactions Gone Way Wrong,

You Can Be Too Careful

From BMac1977:

"This isn't a horror story at all, but the guy I sold a TV to a couple of years ago pretty much assumed that I was going to murder him and his boyfriend. I got the impression that he thought that I was going to scam him so I offered drop the TV off at his house and he could just Paypal me the money. He didn't want me knowing where he lived, so I offered to have him pick it up after my daughter's soccer game. Wouldn't do that either, because he said I'd have too many of my 'people.' So I then switched it to the parking lot of my town's grocery store at 3:30pm. Nope. He finally agreed to meet me in front of the town's police station with his boyfriend and 2 other guys only after he called an officer outside to witness the transaction. The cop told the guy he probably shouldn't be buying stuff on Craigslist anymore. The funny thing was that he brought so many people that the TV wouldn't fit in his car."

Why You Should Never Tell People Where You Live

From the_woot_shoot:

"Was moving out of an apt that had washer and dryer hookups into one that did not. So I sold my washer and dryer. Ended up having separate buyers. Guy who bought the dryer was great, he was getting it for his daughter who was going to college, I helped him load it up in his truck, he gave me the payment, and I never heard from him again.

The guy who bought the washer was a different story. I got a text from him, asking if it was still available, we haggled the price, all normal stuff. We set a time, and I waited for him to get there.

Now I only had 1 week left in the apt so I didn't care too much about random people coming to my home like I normally would. Pretty much all of my stuff was moved into my new place but the internet wasn't turned on yet, so I was still just sleeping on an air mattress in the old one for the time being. He ended up being a few hours late and showed up in a truck that was used for transporting large glass panes, like this. He had like 5 people with him all crammed onto the front bench seat of the truck. They loaded it onto the truck with it leaning at a 30 degree angle against the glass pane rack (or whatever you would call it). He tried to haggle it down to a lower price, but I didn't budge. He left and I thought it was done.

Later that night I start getting texts from him about how it doesn't work and he wants his money back. I told him as it was written in the post that it was sold as is, and was working. I assume he damaged it in the way he rigged it on his truck. Well after a day he starts calling me and cussing me out, texting death threats, and I have other random numbers calling me doing that same. Two nights after I sold it I wake up at 3am with people banging on my door yelling. Luckily I lived on the second floor with no easy access to the windows. I sat there for about 15 mins while they continues to yell through the door. The next day I moved the rest of my stuff into my new apt and never went back other than to turn the keys in. I still got call calls / texts from him on random numbers for 2 months over a $150 washer.

I don't sell stuff on craigslist anymore."

The Noble Thief

From Jaydickchest:

"My friend was trying to buy something off craigslist (Houston if anyone's interested).
He made arrangements to meet somewhere, agreed on a price, blah blah blah.
Couple minutes later, the guy calls my friend back and says, 'Hey man, don't come. I was just going to rob you, but i heard some kids in the background when we were talking on the phone.'"

It Comes With Free Cockroaches

From CougarAries:

"Bought a Keurig on Craiglist. Used it for a couple of days, started noticing coffee grounds in my cup. Ignored it. Saw a cockroach in my kitchen, and found out it was coming from the Keurig. Took a flashlight to the inside, and it was infested with a nest of cockroaches. It wasn't coffee grounds in my cup."

James And The Giant Car Chase

When Reddit user Blinkanboxcar182 was selling their car on Craiglist, they ended up meeting a very personable man named James. After test driving the car, James asked if he could wait two more days to make the purchase. Blinkanboxcar182 agreed, but then this happened:

"Two days later, James follows up and we meet again - mid day, normal neighborhood in an urban city. James and I test drive the car one more time. He gives me a Chase Bank cashiers check, which I said was fine. I tell him he needs to come to the bank with me to cash this check and to get the title notarized over to him. This is when he starts acting nervous. We're pulled over on the side of my street discussing this - James in the driver seat and me as the passenger. I figured if he was gonna steal my car he would have two days earlier. Now I'm fairly comfortable with him. He asks me to do one more car inspection with him then we'd go to the bank. I agree but I'm very set on doing the transaction at a bank. As we both get out to inspect the car again he jumps back in and floors it as I try to get back in with him. He pulls away quicker than I can react, passenger door wide open."

The Redditor called the police, and ended up in the back of a cruiser:

"The guy gets away and the officers drop me off at the police station to file a report. I file an insurance claim too and am so mad at myself for letting this happen. I suppose it's better than if I was in the car with this guy, but I'm still mad. Of course, 'James' burner cell phone doesn't work as soon as he had left.

I go through insurance and their protocols to ensure I'm not committing fraud for about 3 months. The week I'm supposed to get paid, I get a call from police. They found my car... 3 states over.

'James' was working with a partner in crime (don't remember his name, let's call him Dickface). James stole the car and gave it to Dickface to sell so it wasn't traceable back to James and Dickface would have plausible deniability if he was ever questioned. Well Ddickface sold my car to an Average Joe who actually did have a daughter in college who needed a car. The daughter tried to register her new car at the DMV and it came up as stolen. So the cops arrange for me, the Average Joe, and Dickface (whose contact info Average Joe had, as he paid him with a check and there was a paper trail) to meet with them at the station for a little chat.

Dickface denies any involvement with James but agrees to give us the money back that average Joe paid him if he can just leave without any problems. We all agree to this. Average Joe and I say his daughter can keep the car and I'll take the money from Dickface.

So eventually I got paid for my car. But this experience sucked balls and was very stressful. Since then I have bought and sold cars on Craigslist again. So no lesson was learned (except now I take a photo of the drivers license of all people I interact with at the start)."

The Sting Operation

From Jetskier2313

"So here is a good one: My laptop got stolen out of my truck one night. Filed a police report and everything but they weren’t going to do anything. So being pissed off I thought I would check Craigslist and guess what? The guy who stole was trying to sell it on Craigslist two towns over. I had him send me some pictures of it to confirm that it was mine.

I contacted the police and we set up a sting operation at the local Starbucks and caught the guy. It turned out to be a minor and he had weapons and other stolen crap in his car. I was pretty proud of myself for that! I never thought I would see that laptop again. Guy didn’t even wipe the hard drive."

The Cursed Ring

From SparkitusRex:

"I had an engagement ring that I purchased that was never used because he left me for my best friend about two months later. But because I purchased it not him, I kept it.

Well at that point I figured I'd never actually get married so I tried to sell it. I'd gotten it for a steal (preowned) so was selling it for between the value of it brand new and what I paid for it, so I was making a slight profit.

Guy is very interested. He meets up with me at the mall, we go to the jewelry store it came from, they verify it is, indeed, this ~$2000 ring that I am selling for ~$1200. He sees he's getting a steal and says he will meet me the following day to purchase it, again at the mall because I don't want someone showing up to rob me instead or something.

The next day I get a text message. I can't find the screenshot of it now, but the general message was 'She accused me of cheating, I wasn't. She looked through my phone and found noting. In retaliation I looked through her phone and found messages from multiple men.'

This dude had his life together and was getting ready to propose to her, spoke of nothing but her and the ring when I met up with him, and she was running around on him.

He did not buy the ring."

Insurance Fraud Included At No Extra Cost

This is a reminder to never pay before you have a Craiglist purchase in your hand. Redditor JethanR thought he was buying a used motorcycle. He paid for half of the motorcycle when the owner realized he forgot the title. The owner said he'd be right back with the title in hand, but then he never showed up. Instead, this is what happened:

"Two police officers show up at the house I'm renting. They bang on my door. I answer, dumbfounded. 'Is that your motorcycle in the driveway, sir?' They ask. I start to explain the situation. After telling them that the guy will be back soon with the title, they say, 'Well, sir, this bike was reported stolen two days ago. The person who reported it stolen said he drove by here and saw it, and called us. Did you steal this motorcycle?' I'm freaking out. No, I didn't steal it."

The Redditor eventually figures out that he's been framed for auto theft. The police tell him that they have video of him stealing the bike, and he asks to see it. They agree, as long as he comes down to the station:

"So I get to the precinct. I get taken to this cop's desk. He asks me a few questions, then asks me to watch the video. It's on a cd. He pulls it up. Sure enough, it's me getting on this guy's bike. But the guy isn't in the frame. It was then it really became clear to me how detailed this whole facade was:

The guy had the bike around the back of his house, but we spoke around front, and I parked my car around front; the bike had the keys in it already. When I brought the bike back, I left it around front of his house per the guy's request. Because of this, the video showed me getting on a bike, at 10 p.m. with the keys in the ignition, pulling it out, and seemingly never bringing it back. He even managed to stay out-of-frame, and aside from a couple glances in his direction, I don't seem to be interacting with anyone off-camera. I'm really screwed, here.

This post is already really long. I'll sum it up: after spending the entire day at the local police station, the guy shows up and starts asking if I'm the guy who stole his bike. The situation got worse for me, until the police managed to make the guy slip up. He couldn't keep his story straight. He breaks down and admits that he made it all up. He needed the money to pay some bills, but couldn't bare to sell his bike, so he set up a plan to make an insurance claim for someone stealing his motorcycle, but then created a plan to keep the bike, get some money from a 'buyer; who would be framed as a thief, and all would end well for him. Except it didn't. I think he ended up going to prison. I'm not sure. I got my money back, and put the whole ordeal behind me. So there. That's my creepy Craigslist story."

Looks Are Deceiving

From Rottenscred:

"My buddy responded to an ad for a cheap ass car. He took it for a test drive, and it ran well, so they agreed to a price of $200. After the money changed hands, the seller said he [would] go inside to get the extra keys and bring the car around. About two minutes later the car passes by and continues down the street. My buddy freaks the f*ck out and [chases the car]. Unfortunately the car gets away, and he is left to go back to the house and see if he can sort it out.

As it turned out, the car that passed by was just an innocent motorist with the same car merrily going about his business. It's very fortunate my buddy never caught up to him. I could only imagine the seller back at the house, wondering why someone would hand him $200 and take off running.

He did get the car after all and it ran for two years."

When Doing The Right Thing Backfires

From NWBoomer:

"We were selling a house on Craigslist and we started getting calls about it being for rent. Sure enough there was a 'for rent' ad picturing our house and giving a phony realtor email address. I contacted the advertiser who claimed he was the owner away doing missionary work in Africa. He wanted me to wire the deposit. I played along with some back-and-forth emails until he got suspicious and stopped communicating.

We reported this fraud to Craigslist who responded by blocking OUR email address. Now when we use Craigslist we have to use a different email when placing ads."

Wed, 24 May 2017 04:51:53 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/craigslist-interactions-gone-wrong/mariel-loveland
<![CDATA[Renaissance Faire Employees Share The Craziest Things They've Seen]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/renaissance-fair-employees-share-crazy-stories/justin-andress?source=rss

In a surprise to likely no one, stories from people who work at Renaissance Faires sound just as harrowing as the prospect of medieval survival itself. It takes a certain kind of eclectic to work a Renaissance Faire, the kind of confident, yet mysterious individual who catches a bus in homemade chain-mail without any sign of shame. Of course, when combined with a whole lot of weaponry, deep-fried turkey legs, and ale, that confidence comes in handy. For every successful puppet show and catapult launch, there are Renaissance Faire stories of people stealing swords, taking jousting too seriously, and the old sex acts no one, even at a medieval far, wants to see. Hello, bestiality...

Fortunately for those of you who haven't sauntered into a Renaissance Faire, Reddit users give it to you straight from the wench's mouth. If you ever wanted to know the full range of wacky stuff going on in those tents, listen to these Renaissance Faire workers tell their worst stories. Despite what history tells you, the Dark Ages never passed.

Renaissance Faire Employees Share The Craziest Things They've Seen,

Engage At Your Own Risk

From maschine01:

“Some guy this year jumped into the show and stole a character's sword. The character's wife (wife in real life as well) jumped on the guy and got him in a choke hold until police arrived. Badass woman.”

A Close Shave

From neknoh:

"Participant at one of Europe's larger medieval festivals here.

During an sca tournament, one of the fighters had his helmet thwacked well and hard, as it should be, however, the dent...

The helmet dented under/around the jawline of the fighter. This meant that he could not get it off. Nor could anybody else help him pry it off. They had to get a blacksmith with a hammer, chisel and chopping block out there. So, in front of an audience, the man places his helmeted head on the chopping block whilst the blacksmith starts chiseling the helmet open whilst it's still on the dude's HEAD! And remember, the dent was around his jawline, I.e. The metal sat damn close to the skin of his face and neck. One wrong thwack and he'd be disfigured or dead.

In the end, they got him out, the audience cheered and he turned to his friend and said 'I may have lost the tournament, but I f*cking won Visby.'"

Tips For Taking Down Sir Lancelot

From Flutterwander:

“I worked for a crew for two consecutive summers: first was spent doing jailing and light entertainment, the second was jousting. I was ground crew/squiring, not riding. I could have taken some lessons and learned some basics if I would have been willing to drive halfway across the state every weekend, but alas, I was broke as sh*t.

Anyway, my favorite fair story is probably the time we almost came to blows with another fight team for reasons I am not entirely clear on. The details are largely unimportant, but the thing that stands out to me was my boss coming up to me and saying:

‘This might get out of hand. If you can't fight at least watch our backs. Do you know how to fight a man in armor?’

‘....Push him over?’

'Push him over, that's right.’

I was working for tips. It was a strange summer."

The Tale Of Sargeant Sparkles

From tcgunner90:

“I've been with the festivals for years now and I've got a couple stories.

This happened to some of my buddies. They ship glitter for use in their fairy-themed booths at fest. They have a large white van and were traveling down Arizona. They get stopped by border patrol, who pulls them over and asks them what they are transporting. The driver, being a smart ass, says ‘fairy paraphernalia.’ This of course gets their van searched.

The cops find all these vacuum plastic bricks in the van. Now I bet you don't know, but the way glitter is transported in bulk is in vacuum plastic bricks. Looks exactly like bricks of drugs from TV or movies. The cop grabs one and asks the driver what this is. The driver (still being a smart ass) says ‘I'd like to exercise my right to remain silent.’

So the cop pulls out a pocket knife to open the brick. The driver says ‘Officer, I wouldn't do that if I were you.’ I bet you don't know that when you vacuum pack a powder and then break the seal, it explodes.

The officer stabs the brick, which causes five pounds of glitter to explode all over him. The officer's partner busts out laughing and says to his partner ‘Oh no, you're not getting in my squad car like that.’

So if you're ever driving down I-10 in Arizona near the border. Be sure to say hello to Sargent Sparkles.”

Group Appreciation

From Directorshaggy:

“I used to play drums for a belly dance troupe at my local Faire, but this story happened when I was attending another faire as a patron. We were in our tent settling down to sleep when we hear a girl climax off in the distance. A few minutes go by and she passionately wails again. After three more loud orgasms, we hear a guy yell 'Bravo!' and the whole campground starts applauding.”

‘Baa’ Means No

From UranianGirl:

“I only worked one year at faire as a fool with the Court of Misrule for a very well-known Renaissance faire. Each guild was allowed to have up to two of their people stay the night in their guild's area for security. Well, that year, the guy staying overnight from Clan MacColin (which was basically the Scottish guild) got caught f*cking one of the clan's sheep by another guild's security person.

That year the most popular ‘Faire flair’ (little pins you wear on your garb) was one that said ‘BAA MEANS NO.’”

History Up In Flames

From SerLaron:

“Question from a child at a cooking fire: 'Is that real fire?’

Mother: ‘No, they had no fire back then.’

And then there was the helpful visitor who picked up the red-hot piece of iron that the blacksmith had dropped accidentally.”

Screw The Queen

From MayDay13:

“I saw a teenage boy walk up and punch the queen in the stomach. She was wearing a corset and as the body is already tightly squeezed and has less air flow than normal it really hurt her. Her guards then chased him down and tackled him. They restrained him until the legit security came and got him.”

Say A Little Prayer

From AutumnDoll:

"I've worked at my local renaissance faire for nearly 13 years. First in games and rides mostly managing the front Archery range, and then these last 3 years in one of the soap shops. I have hundreds of crazy stories, but this is the most insane.

The Archery range I worked at was sandwiched between a bar and the Mud Show. It made for some very drunk and rowdy patrons. I tended to use my best judgment on who I let shoot, but occasionally there was very little I could do with a line longer than one at Disney Land and people shoving money into my hands. A super drunk got past me by his wife purchasing the arrows and because we were slammed. After the line had thinned I turned to look and the super drunk was in the Archery stall next to me. I noticed he had his arrow knocked improperly in the bow and spoke to him to get him to fix it so he didn't slice his hand open. Instead of complying, super drunk turned towards me with the loaded and drawn bow and said 'Whuuuut?' And then released.

Now, I am not a religious person, but you better believe I went to mass held on grounds the next morning. By the grace of whatever is out there, the arrow hit the large piece of steel boning in my Moresca bodice and saved my innards from being pierced by an arrow shot from a 30lb compound bow. I had a bruise the size of my fist and needed to be immediately extracted from my bodice because the boning had bent inwards and was excruciatingly painful, but I was perfectly fine."

Revolting In Any Scenario

From justjezplox:

“Back when I was in high school I worked at Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire. A teacher who taught at my school also worked there. He played the tax collector. So this one time another performer friend of ours was eating cookies. The tax collector walks up and with his mean tax collector face says ‘Cookie tax!’ Our friend didn't know what to do as he had pretty much just put the last cookie in his mouth while the tax collector was talking. So being the good improviser he was, he spit some cookie back into his hand and presented it to the tax collector.

The tax collector paused for a second, said ‘Thank you.’ and ate the pre-chewed cookie out of my friend's hand! Talk about commitment to a bit!


Wed, 19 Apr 2017 11:22:01 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/renaissance-fair-employees-share-crazy-stories/justin-andress
<![CDATA[12 Hard To Believe But 100% True Stories About Mick Jagger]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/crazy-mick-jagger-stories/harrison-tenpas?source=rss

Mick Jagger is one of the most recognizable frontmen rock and roll will ever see. In fact, one could argue Jagger is the quintessential lead singer. The famously pouting face of the Rolling Stones, Jagger's deeply textured voice and otherworldly stage presence have endured for over half a century, an astonishing feat in the annals of music history.

Though it's been an often triumphant run for Jagger and the Stones, it hasn't been without its bumps, and in some cases, almost unbelievable absurdity. Those crazy moments, however, are fitting for a rockstar of Jagger's caliber. They represent a relic of a much more chaotic, and often exciting, time in rock. 

While the casual observer would attribute most of the Stone's weird tour stunts to legendarily debauched guitarist Keith Richards, Jagger has been part of more than his fair share of insane exploits. Let's take a look at some of the craziest Mick Jagger stories.

12 Hard To Believe But 100% True Stories About Mick Jagger,

Jagger's Drug Dealer Was Secretly A Canadian Actor Hired To Bust Him By the Government

In 1967, police descended on Keith Richards's home in West Sussex, England, uncovering small amounts of heroin, LSD, and marijuana. Richards had been hosting a small party at his new mansion, and Mick Jagger and a few other friends were in attendance as 18 police officers barged in for a rather paltry drug bust. Richards and Jagger were arrested, and though the amount of contraband was miniscule, the government seemed intent on making them do time. 

Jagger ended up only spending three nights in prison, and very little came of the case, though it was a media sensation. Interestingly, the tip-off to both the FBI and the MI5 came from Jagger's friend and drug dealer, David "The Acid King" Sniderman. It turned out, Sniderman was a Canadian actor whom the government agencies had hired to take down the group, which was seen as a threat to the establishment. 

He Gave Up Heroin To Win Over Jerry Hall

Texas supermodel Jerry Hall spent 23 years in a relationship with Mick Jagger — a miraculously long time given his well-deserved reputation as a lothario. The two have four children together, and didn't split up until 1999, when it emerged Jagger had impregnated Luciana Gimenez, a Brazilian model. Though the couple had a pretty unfortunate ending, their relationship kicked off with a positive, healthy turn in Jagger's life.

In an effort to win the affections of Ms. Hall in 1977 – who at the time was engaged to fellow rockstar Bryan Ferry – Jagger quit heroin, cold turkey. After Jagger revealed to Hall he had been smoking the illicit drug, along with confessing that he (somehow) took LSD every day for an entire year, she was so disgusted she vowed to not speak to him until he was clean. Mick made good on her request, and the two remained together for over two decades. 

He (Probably) Had An Affair With David Bowie

In the early '70s, Mick Jagger and David Bowie became infatuated with one another. Both brilliant musicians and showmen at the forefront of rockstar androgyny, they made for a uniquely cool pairing. Bowie's then-wife, Angie, was not too enthralled with their friendship, however, especially after she caught them in bed together. 

In her words, Angie Bowie returned to the couple's London home after a couple of days out of town, and a maid tipped her off that there was someone in her bed. When she went upstairs to investigate, she opened the door to find her husband in bed with Mick Jagger, both men lacking clothing. 

Jagger and Bowie would go on to have a close relationship that lasted years, making for one of the most underappreciated star couples of all time. 

He Bought A Multi-Million Pound Mansion While Tripping On Acid

Stargroves is a massive estate in Hampshire, England, built in the mid-1800s. Sitting on some 850 acres of land, the sprawling Victorian property was purchased by Mick Jagger in 1970, while he was tripping his face off on LSD. The story goes that Jagger was tripping while touring the property, and he suddenly climbed on top of a horse. Oh, and he had never been on a horse before.

The horse bucked and reared, but Jagger calmed it in his tranquil acid haze, and casually decided to buy the mansion. 

He's Slept With Over 4,000 Women

Kiss bassist Gene Simmons claims to have slept with 4,897 women, which, while a creepily exact figure, might trump Mick Jagger. But not by much.

By his own admittance, the Rolling Stones' frontman has gone to bed with over 4,000 women, at least some of whom are also quite famous. There are those who actually believe that number to be a bit conservative, and it probably is, since he gave that estimate to then-girlfriend Carla Bruni in the early '90s. 

He Attempted To Seduce Geraldo Rivera

Former talk show host – now Fox News talking head – Geraldo Rivera seems like an unlikely candidate to party with the Stones, but it happened at some point in the summer of 1972. As the story goes, the now-conservative Rivera was hosting a party in his Manhattan apartment, and Mick Jagger, along with his friend dancer Rudolf Nureyev, were guests.

When Rivera went to the kitchen to make some drinks, Jagger and Nureyev snuck up and sandwiched him, with Jagger suggesting they were going to "break him in." Rivera managed to slither away, and has since made enough homophobic comments to suggest the incident made him spectacularly and hilariously uncomfortable.

He Left A Date With Angelina Jolie For A One Night Stand With Farrah Fawcett

In 1997, 23-year-old Angelina Jolie made an appearance in the Rolling Stones' video for their single, "Anybody Seen My Baby?" After shooting had wrapped, Mick Jagger became taken with Jolie, and reportedly asked her out for weeks before she finally relented. Jagger's infatuation with the young actress, however, proved short-lived.

According to Christopher Anderson's book Mick: The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger, the legendary singer pulled a remarkably brazen maneuver (read: d*ck move) while on a date with Jolie, one that would doom the couple's romantic fate. While the two were out at a party, Jagger disappeared with actress Farrah Fawcett, apparently for a one night stand. He's certainly not a man known to pass on opportunities.  

He Had An Affair With Donald Trump's Girlfriend

Carla Bruni, wife of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy, had a prolonged dalliance with Mick Jagger in the early '90s. When the two met, he was still with Jerry Hall, and she was dating Eric Clapton, who reportedly begged Jagger to not go after her. Bruni, who was a model at the time, became rapt with Jagger, and the two carried on a lengthy affair. It continued even after she moved on to another relationship, one with Donald Trump, who later became the President of the United States.

Trump would later remark Bruni was "desperately stuck" on Jagger, and that her affections likely caused the two to split up. Whether or not Bruni and Jagger still speak is a mystery, but at some point in the mid-2000s, Nicolas Sarkozy turned down a Paris apartment for himself and his wife, allegedly over concerns about the next door neighbor: Mick Jagger.   

The Counterculture Figurehead Admires Margaret Thatcher

Mick Jagger, archetype of '60s counterculture and a man who once called himself an anarchist, is actually... a conservative? In 2015, the legendary hedonist admitted, "I am conservative with a small c. It is possible to be conservative in fiscal policy and tolerant on moral issues or questions of freedom of expression."

Jagger, who was knighted in 2002, also spent some time with conservative British PM Margaret Thatcher in the '80s, and was said to be impressed that she, "didn't change for anyone."

He Has An Insane Fitness Routine To Help Maintain His Stage Presence

At 73-years-old, Mick Jagger still performs with the same gusto he had in his 20s, and it's due in part to an insane workout regimen (and, presumably, the blackest magic available). The singer covers an estimated 12 miles on stage during a concert, and in order to keep up his stamina for those demanding gigs, he trains six days a week. Through a routine of kickboxing, swimming, cycling, and running eight miles a day, the septuagenarian still boasts a 28-inch waist. 

Jagger also relies on ballet, yoga, and pilates to keep in shape — a far cry from the drugs and debauchery of the '70s.  

Fri, 07 Apr 2017 10:13:29 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/crazy-mick-jagger-stories/harrison-tenpas
<![CDATA[Breakfasts Made By Kids For Their Parents That Went Horribly Wrong]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/kids-breakfast-in-bed-fails/jacob-shelton?source=rss

In theory, eating breakfast in bed sounds amazing, so long as you possess a sense of balance. But so many variables involved can turn your scrumptious morning into a series of breakfast in bed fails. The surefire ingredient to ensure a breakfast in bed gone wrong is having your children prepare you breakfast. While it sounds adorable to picture the kids up at dawn mixing waffle batter and brewing coffee, that scenario rarely works outside of a Disney show.

Much like children who tried to draw adults, kids who attempted to feed their parents relied on their own, immature view of the world to provide simple answers to complicated things. If children's statements to newspapers reveal anything, it's that kid logic operates in its own reality. Maple syrup and green peppers? To a child, it's not disgusting, it's DiGigiorno.  

Breakfasts Made By Kids For Their Parents That Went Horribly Wrong,

It's A Deconstructed Omelet

Lisa, a woman probably still getting over her breakfast in bed nightmare, wrote to Sh*t My Kids Ruined to try and explain what happened when her kids attempted to make breakfast in bed: "The morning of a weekday my husband decided to let me sleep in. He usually wakes me up before he leaves for work. For some reason he felt the need to allow me to sleep and I obviously needed it. I didn't hear a thing going on in the kitchen and this is what I woke up to. 'Look mommy we made you breakfast!'  Oh Yummy I always loved Maple Syrup with green peppers. I am so surprised that I kept my cool. What a sticky, gooey mess."

You Will Eat It And You Will Love It

In a reversal of the "my nutso kid made me eat something gross" trope, one Redditor told everyone about the horrible thing they made their parents choke down in bed: "I learned how to 'make' pancakes at a young age, around five I think. My mom claims I made her what were half-cooked pancakes at best, and would not stop staring at her until she had eaten at least half of the pancake. She still laughs about it to this day." Laughs, or cries?


What Is Happening Here?

What's happening here? Isn't this how Michelin restaurants arrange food? The banana and the Cheerios make sense, but the half-mauled creme-filled thing, the Pringles, and the bourbon biscuits are bold choices for breakfast. Twitter user Anna-Marie captured the breakfast in a quick pic, captioning it: "my six-year-old sister made my mum breakfast I'm crying I love her." That's just because she's not bringing you breakfast. 

Hope You Like It Spicy

Hot sauce is delicious, but it takes experience and a few test runs to determine what to use it on. That being said, children usually do things just because they see adults doing them, like shaving, making phone calls, and cooking food. So let this tale be a warning you watch your sriracha habits around your friend's four-year-old.

Because of their kids' undeveloped spice palate, parents like this Redditor end up with "six months of dry toast with Frank's dumped in between." Six months of dry toast with hot sauce. So many crumbs in your bed, so many destroyed taste buds. 


Fish Sticks On Toast

Twitter user esjayyel posted about her mother's day breakfast in bed and said, "Special Mother's Day breakfast - fish fingers on toast - yum!" Something about that seem insincere. But maybe they were really good fish sticks? Do they make gourmet, organic, free-range fish sticks? Probably, but those aren't the fish sticks that kids are cramming onto toast and shoving in your face. Sorry. 

That's Not How You Make Eggs

When someone posted on Reddit asking about the grossest thing their kids had ever made them, one parent chimed in with a truly horrific breakfast in bed meal. They claimed their likely well-meaning child brought them "scrambled eggs with what had to be about half-a-crushed eggshell mixed in. I choked down two bites and just couldn't continue, so I concentrated on the burnt toast." You gotta get that protein somehow!


If You Fail Once, Fail Again

Even if you have no kids of your own, the moment this video starts every muscle in your body tenses up, especially considering carpets and wet things do not mix. It's as if when the father whispers, "Don't spill that," he subliminally wills his son carrying a bowl of fruit the size of his head to spill it all over the floor. While that's sad enough, the moment where they all get down to pick the fruit up off the carpet with their bare hands somehow feels even worse. Better luck next year. 



Yum, Shark

When UK comedian Joe Heenan's kids brought him breakfast in bed for Father's Day he found himself treated to a very out of the box morning meal. They made him toast with a plastic shark, some Legos, and a brew of presumably luke warm tea with a straw. Their mother They also got him a mug. What a nice bunch of kids. Also weird. 


Yum, Toast

People love toast. In fact, they love it so much that avocado toast is totally a thing the government even cares about now. But that's not what this mom got when her kid made her a simple breakfast in bed. In her opinion, there's nothing like "coffee and cold toast with huge chunks of unmelted butter and honey. But oh! It is so good."

And yet, it could definitely be much better.




Soup For Breakfast

Redditor ztaylor1279 posted on the r/Parenting forum about her four-year-old making her soup for breakfast while her husband watched, which makes the whole thing feel kind of cruel. She wrote: "My son surprised me with breakfast in bed this morning. His daddy supervised, but let the kiddo prepare the meal. It was soup, made with cold water, a whole carrot, a stick of celery, blueberries, and some tomato sauce. He was crazy excited ('Make sure you get sauce and blueberry, Mom'), so I braved a sip, and am still a bit haunted by the aftertaste."



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Rudy has enjoyed a perennial seat in the upper echelons of the most inspirational sports movies. The 1993 classic was at the forefront of a wave of sports films based on true stories. Classics like Mystery, Alaska, Remember the Titans, Glory Road, and Friday Night Lights all continued to blaze the trail of a genre Rudy reinvigorated.

However, there are times when Hollywood bends the very meaning of the phrase, "based on a true story," by sanitizing movies. For instance, there are lots of historical facts that movies got wrongThere is certainly a healthy share of Rudy Ruettiger facts in the film, but it is also guilty of ignoring facts and flat-out rewriting history. This list compares some of the real Rudy Ruettiger stories to how they were depicted in the timeless inspirational movie.

Awful Things About The Real Rudy That Rudy The Movie Purposely Misrepresents,

Frank Ruettiger Did Not Exist

Rudy’s older brother, Frank, was a pseudo-antagonist throughout the film. He mocked Rudy’s dreams of playing football for Notre Dame for their entire upbringing. Frank’s negative presence is eventually replaced by other menacing characters, like Vince Vaughn’s Jamie O’Hara.

Thankfully, Frank embraces maturity by the end of the movie and is supportive as an older brother. There’s one small problem with the accuracy behind Frank’s portrayal – he didn’t exist. Of the fourteen Ruettiger children, Rudy was the oldest boy. The invented older brother, Frank, was intended to act as an amalgamation of all the discouraging voices Rudy dealt with on the way to securing his place in Notre Dame’s legacy. 

Knute Rockne's Epic Halftime Speech Was An Old Performance Piece

The speech was so nice that they did it twice. Notre Dame juggernaut coach, Knute Rockne, led the Fighting Irish to win five National Championships between 1918 to 1930. He’s also responsible for authoring the famous halftime speech that Rudy Ruettiger recites twice in the movie. The second occurrence is the one most are familiar with, when Rudy enters the Fighting Irish locker room for the first time.

But according to the university’s own archives, Rockne “performed a pep talk for the newsreels,” and it “was not for any particular game of situation.” Nevertheless, in the film Rudy performs Rockne’s showy speech verbatim to an empty locker room, save for the made-up character Fortune. 

Fortune Didn't Exist, Either

Fortune's timing in the film aligns almost perfectly with Rudy's need of an unassuming mentor. He needed a mentor with experience who knew how to tap into Rudy's ambition and understood his burning determination to achieve his goal. If Fortune sounds too good to be true, it's because he isn't real

Fortune's purpose in the film was almost the exact opposite of Frank's, but the reasoning behind their fabrications was identical. Fortune's character, played by Charles S. Dutton, was a composite of everyone Rudy encountered along the way who was encouraging, even if the encouragement came in the form of tough love. 

Teammates Did Not Ceremoniously Forfeit Their Jerseys

Arguably one of the most inspiring moments of the film is when the entire team rallies together and threatens to quit the team right before the last game of the season. It's Rudy’s final chance to play in a real game, but he isn’t listed on the active roster. The number of players allowed on the sidelines is just too small, so when Rudy learns he isn’t listed, he finally quits.

Little did he know that one after the other, his teammates march into Devine’s office and offer to let Rudy play in their stead. Only that did not happen in real life. Devine did not forbid or prohibit Rudy from suiting up for the Georgia Tech game in 1975. That said, it does make for one damn, fine moment in the coffers of sports movies. 

The GI Bill Would Have Covered Rudy's College Tuition

Perhaps the reason the filmmakers left Rudy’s time in the Navy out of the film is because it would have eradicated an ongoing struggle he faced while attending college. The scheduling demands of student-athletes are plentiful, and even more so for one like Rudy who had to balance school, football, and work. He continually grapples with the ability to make tuition payments to Holy Cross College, even with his job as a groundskeeper under Fortune.

In the real world, Ruettiger’s tuition was covered at both Holy Cross and Notre Dame under the GI Bill since he served in the military. The lack of making tuition payments would have freed up much of Rudy’s time as a student-athlete, and the ongoing drama of his inability to maintain balance would have all but evaporated. By omitting Rudy’s Navy career from the movie, there is no GI Bill, and with no GI Bill, his workload increases tenfold while in school. 

The Real Coach Devine Was Not The Ultimate Antagonist

Every movie needs a bad guy who's hell-bent on keeping the protagonist from achieving glory, and Rudy is no exception. There are plenty of naysayers throughout the film, but Rudy continually circumnavigates their negativity with persistence. Enter Chelcie Ross’ portrayal of Coach Dan Devine, a seemingly immovable object in the path of Rudy’s unstoppable force. Devine means business and his coaching style doesn’t welcome input from any outsiders.

By Devine's calculation in the movie, Rudy is far from the best player on the roster, so he’s got a snowball’s chance in hell to play in any game. Devine only relents to let Rudy suit up after the team's incredible gesture of humanity - one of the emotional climaxes of the entire film. However, in reality, Coach Devine was just as supportive of Rudy as anyone on the team. During the actual Georgia Tech game, Devine was adamant that everyone got to play.

Notre Dame Vs. Georgia Tech Was Not The Last Game Of The Season

A lot of effort is put into communicating that the climactic Georgia Tech game at the end of the film was the last game of Rudy’s senior season, but this was not the case in real life. It was the last home game for Notre Dame in 1975, but the team played two away games in the two consecutive weeks after beating Georgia Tech.

The case can be made that it was definitely Rudy’s last game since he never traveled with the team, but the filmmakers painted themselves into a corner by having Coach Devine remind the seniors right before the game, “it’s your last one, so make it count.” Apparently, seniority and experience do not translate to a spot on the travel roster. 

Rudy Was An Avid Boxer While At Notre Dame

In real life, Rudy was a very active member of Notre Dame’s Bengal Bouts Boxing Club, and his involvement in the club helped bolster his popularity and reputation on campus as the guy who never gives up. If the Bengal Bouts don’t ring a bell, it’s because that entire aspect of Rudy’s life was left out of the film. Maybe it was left out due to time constraints or lack of financial resources. 

Notre Dame Did Not Play Penn State When Rudy Attended

There's a winter game in the film that takes place during the 1974 season, with Rudy supporting the Fighting Irish as a civilian from the stands. However, the Notre Dame and Penn State football teams did not play each other in the 1974 or 1975 seasons. Another dead giveaway is the zero minutes of screen time the Penn State team has in the movie. So why do they match up in the movie?

All the game scenes in the movie were filmed throughout the 1992 football season, including the game against Penn State on November 14, 1992. It's reasonable to surmise the production didn't have a line item in the budget to costume all the fans in the stands, which led to the decision to pretend Penn State was on the 1974 schedule.

Daniel Ruettiger Did Not Laugh In The Face Of Young Rudy's Dream

This misrepresentation may not be as egregious as some of the other filmmakers' missteps, but for anyone who had a hardliner as a father, it might stand out. In the scenes depicting Rudy’s early years, the audience first learn of his ambition to play football at Notre Dame as the family gathers around the television for dinner.

Rudy declares, “After high school I’m gonna play football at Notre Dame,” and his father impulsively laughs out loud. Rudy is visibly crushed, and although Daniel quickly recovers, his instinctive disbelief sets the tone for the adversity yet to come. The real Daniel Ruettiger was always encouraging and supportive of his children’s dreams. Inventing a jerk of an older brother that eventually arcs is one thing, but painting a supportive father into another emotional obstacle is inexcusable.

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Being a great athlete is a dream shared by millions, including almost all of the people who committed the biggest hoaxes in the history of sports. If you can’t make it on your own, an athletic hoax might be able to get you closer to your goal than you ever thought possible. From fakes in pro sports to college sports hoaxes, all of these stunts are motivated by one thing: a dream left unfulfilled.

Making it into college athletics, let alone into the pros, is unimaginably difficult. All of these sports conspiracies are from someone who just wanted to experience what that fame and fortune must be like. These aren’t all NFL hoaxes or cheaters (although, a great many of them are) - they’re mostly people who made bad decisions, got in over their heads, and then continued to make bad decisions. College sports athletes who cheat are possibly throwing away a great future, while many of these frauds didn’t exactly have a bright future awaiting them.

So, what happens to the dreamer whose dreams don’t come true? If you’re in on any of these huge sports hoaxes, you fake it 'til you make it… or you don’t, are found out, and then end up on this list.

The Most Ridiculous Sports Hoaxes You’ve Never Heard About,

From Baby Saver To Pariah: Josh Shaw

Destined to be a professional football player, USC cornerback Josh Shaw put everything on the line to jump from a second-story balcony to save his nephew. The child was drowning in a pool, and Josh did what he had to do. Miraculously, he only sprained his ankles during his heroic act. However, a police report later came out saying that Shaw had been in an a different incident at the same time the nephew had been saved. Shaw later admitted he'd made the whole thing up, but never did say what happened at the apartment. He was suspended from the team. 

Ace In The Hole: Sidd Finch

What would you say if your baseball team found an incredible prospect who could throw a fastball at 168 miles per hour? This was the story George Plimpton wrote in Sports Illustrated on April 1st, 1985, about Sidd Finch, a Mets prospect that learned yoga in Tibet and was raised in a British orphanage only to become the greatest pitching prospect ever. Despite the date of April 1st and the sheer goofiness of the story, so many people believed it that opposing general managers started complaining to the Mets about how their players would be unsafe to face such a hard-throwing pitcher. Reporters were sent to find him and people called into local radio shows to say they'd seen him pitch. Of course, all of this was made up, as Sports Illustrated later revealed. 

Cheating Can Be More Difficult Than Just Competing

In the 1968 Golden Globe round-the-world yacht race, 36-year-old Donald Crowhurst had a plan: he'd sail a small, plywood trimaran. He had no experience, and his boat was frighteningly flimsy, but he convinced all who listened that he was deadly serious. 

Shortly into the race, though, he realized his predicament and determined that his only options were to quit the race or probably die sailing. So, he decided to keep his boat in the South Atlantic Ocean while the other boats raced around the world, and then he'd catch up at the end. He fabricated his reports and his logbooks so it looked like he was winning the race. Eventually, the pressure got to him, as he constructed fake log entries that were "often more difficult to complete than real entries due to the celestial navigation research required." His ship was later found abandoned - it's believed he jumped out and drowned. 

You Can't Lose If You Don't Exist: The Plainfield Teacher's College Football Team

Before television, a lot of sports reporting came from "a guy on a phone told me something." In 1941, Morris Newburger, a partner at a Wall Street brokerage firm who loved sports and pranks, called The New York Times to report that the Plainfield Teachers had beaten Winona, 27 to 3 - and The New York Times printed it. After that, it took off. He and his friends called up publications and gave other scores describing huge victories the Plainfield Teachers had made against other completely non-existent schools. Sometimes, the newspapers asked for rosters, and Morris just gave the names of himself and other Wall Street brokers. Interest in the team became so great that Newburger installed a new phone line at his job to answer as "Jerry Croyden," the sports information director for Plainfield Teachers College. He even created a star player: "Johnny Chung the Celestial Comet." Time Magazine eventually broke the story that the school did not exist. 

A Short Track Gets Even Shorter If You Don't Run All Of It

Fog obscures: Sylvester Carmouche was a jockey on a horse at the Delta Downs in 1989 when the fog started rolling in. He won the race handily, but was later accused of hiding on his horse in the fog and coming out of it during the final turn. Perhaps they caught on to him when he won the race by 24 lengths. This wasn't just cheating in a race, either - it was considered felony theft by fraud. Perhaps that's ironic, as his horse's name was "Landing Officer."

Rocky Perone Discovers How To Go From Being 36 To 21 - Lie

Sports can be cruel, and you only have a brief period of time to be a great success. At 36, Rich Pohle was cut by the Kansas City Athletics and couldn't get back into baseball; so, he made himself "Rocky Perone," a 21-year-old Australian who came to America for the love of the game. He put as much work into his appearance as he did his game: he shaved three times a day, got facials, a wig, and mudpacks, and was careful about how he drank and ate. Amazingly, the San Diego Padres signed him, and he played one game for their Walla Walla affiliate before the other team's manager recognized him - he was cut the next day. In the game, though, he went one for two with a walk and he stole a base. 

Instead Of Paying For Final Four Tickets, These Guys Invented A College

Even in 1963, Final Four tickets were expensive. The NCAA is known to give Final Four tickets to universities, so Len Tyrrell - coach at Fenwick High School in Forest Park, Ill. - came up with the (somewhat) brilliant plan to invent a college, which he named after his favorite pub, "Maguire's." The NCAA believed Tyrrell and gave a two year allotment of Final Four tickets to the "Maguire Jollymen." When the NCAA found out, they were upset, but no one went to jail or anything. Parties are still held to commemorate the time when some guys didn't have to pay to go to a game. 

Somehow The Olympics Don't Think It's Funny If You Break The Winner's Tape "As A Joke"

Running a marathon is incredibly difficult. And when 1904 Olympian Frederick Lorz ran the marathon, he found himself completely exhausted after nine miles. Seeing little point in going on, his manager drove him the next eleven miles until their car broke down. Strength regained, Lorz walked back to the Olympic Stadium and then thought of what he believed was a very funny joke - he went into the stadium and broke the winner's tape before the other runners (who did not ride in a car for eleven miles) arrived. Olympic officials, not renowned for their sense of humor, suspended him from all future competitions. He was later re-instated and won the 1905 Boston Marathon (really).

Rosie Ruiz Cheated At The Boston Marathon, And A Whole Lot Of Other Stuff

Possibly too famous a hoax for this list, Rosie Ruiz won the female category of the 1980 Boston Marathon - and eight days later, she was stripped of her title. Not only did she fail to run the entire course, she came into the race a half mile before it ended. This was not a brilliantly thought out plan as no spotters, other runners, or cameras remembered seeing her on the course. Thankfully, the correct winner, Jacqueline Gareau, was later awarded the medal. Then, two years later, Ruiz embezzled $60 grand from a real estate company she worked for, and then in 1983 she was arrested for being involved in a cocaine deal. 

Fry Ball: The Great Potato Play

One of the most chaotic plays in baseball is when the catcher accidentally throws the ball into the outfield. On August 31st, 1987, such a play became even more chaotic at a game between the Williamsport Bills and the Reading Phillies in Double-A ball. Bills Catcher Dave Bresnahan took a low pitch and then threw to third to pick off runner Rick Lundblade. Dave's throw sailed into the outfield and Rick broke for home... only to find that Dave somehow still had the ball and tagged him out. In the ensuing confusion, the truth came out: Dave had thrown a peeled potato into the outfield. Dave was later fired from the Bills for this, and still no one is sure how exactly he managed to hide a large peeled potato during the game. One wonders what might've happened had he, you know, just thrown to 3rd.

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Who can resist the mystery and allure of a message in a bottle? For centuries, people have written notes and letters, placed them in glass bottles, and tossed them into the sea with the hope that someone, someday, would find the bottle and read their message.

The lucky people who have discovered a message in a bottle often find their lives are changed forever.  Most of the floating missives are real messages in bottles, though they are sometimes sent as a joke. Messages found in bottles might offer good news or bad, express a longing for love or friendship, or contain words of hope or regret - but all of them offer a sense of wonder and wishfulness.

Mysterious Messages Found In Bottles,

A Haunting Message From The Titanic

Many people have undoubtedly wondered over the years if any of the Titanic passengers had the time and presence of mind to write a note, find a bottle, and toss it into the Atlantic as the great ship was sinking. Well, it turns out someone did.

A young Irishman named Jeremiah Burke was traveling with a cousin to join their family in Boston. He was off to start a new life and was excited about the possibilities. So, when the Titanic began to sink and Burke realized he would perish, he managed to write out a note. Before his departure from Ireland, his mother had given him a small bottle of holy water. In his last moments, Burke put his note into the bottle and cast it into the sea. His note read:

"From Titanic, goodbye all, Burke of Glanmire, Cork."

Sadly, both Burke and his cousin perished in the sinking and his poignant message washed ashore in the bottle a year later, just a few miles from his home.

Star-Crossed Lovers

On a lonely Christmas Day in 1945, a 21-year-old soldier named Frank Hayostek was returning from WWII to start a new life back home. While leaving on a transport ship, he tossed a letter in a bottle overboard, hoping that maybe his message would be discovered and he'd make a new friend.

The bottle floated around the sea for eight months, finally washing ashore in Ireland where a 19-year-old milkmaid named Breda O'Sullivan found it, read the note, and decided to write to the young veteran, marking the beginning of their seven-year correspondence. Eventually, Hayostek's interest was piqued enough to plan a trip to Ireland and meet O'Sullivan, who was also keen to meet Hayostek. He didn't make much money, but was able to set aside thirty dollars per month, and after six years he at long last flew to Ireland. Somehow, the international press heard of the long-distance romance, and pursued the couple as Hayostek arrived at Shannon Airport. Apparently he stayed in Ireland for two weeks, but nothing is known of what happened during that time, except that the romance fizzled out.

A Mother's Love

Sometimes, due to death or distance, a person is unable to send a message to a loved one in the conventional ways. Such was the case for a French mother crossing the English Channel on a ferry back in 2002. She had lost her son, Maurice, when he was only thirteen years old. In her grief, she sent a teardrop shaped bottle, some items of children's clothing, and lilies into the sea. The bottle contained the following heartbreaking message:  

"Forgive me for being so angry at your disappearance. I still think there's been some mistake, and I keep waiting for God to fix it… Forgive me for not having known how to protect you from death. Forgive me for not having been able to find the words at that terrible moment when you slipped through my fingers."

The bottle and other items drifted away from the ferryboat and out of sight. However, the bottle was retrieved only a few weeks later when two individuals named Sioux Peto and Karen Liebreich found it on a beach in Kent, England. Captivated, the two women had the letter translated and searched for the letter's author for several years, resulting in the publication of Liebreich's book, The Letter In The Bottle, detailing the discovery and search. A few years later, the mother - who remains unnamed - contacted Liebreich and the two women finally met in France.

Heartbreaking Auschwitz Message In A Bottle

Not everyone who feels the need to cast a message off into the universe in a bottle has a body of water available to them. There are some bottles with messages found not only on seashores, but on land. Such was the case in a hauntingly sad story from Auschwitz, the infamous Nazi concentration camp. This bottle, which was discovered in 2009 by construction workers near the camp, held a message dated September 9, 1944. On that day long ago, a desperate camp inmate recorded the names, camp assigned numbers, and hometowns of seven male Auschwitz prisoners.

"Uncorker Of Ocean Bottles"

Queen Elizabeth I ruled England during the mid- to late-16th century. Her long reign was considered a Golden Age, but it was also known as an age of danger, intrigue, and piracy. Indeed, Queen Elizabeth I encouraged piracy - then politely known as "privateering" - and even affectionately referred to her favorite pirates as "Sea Dogs." It was not uncommon for pirates and other nefarious types to attempt to transmit messages via a floating bottle. The Queen considered such messages so important that she created the office of the royal “Uncorker of Ocean Bottles.” The holder of this position was the only person authorized to open discovered floating bottles, and anyone else caught attempting to uncork an "ocean bottle" would be arrested and charged with a capital crime.

Oldest Survivor

More than 100 years ago, navigators and nautical chart makers used "float bottles" to learn more about the currents and tides in different bodies of water. In 1914, the Glasgow School of Navigation in Scotland cast more than 1,889 bottles into the sea. Each of the bottles contained a printed card with instructions describing how to report the bottle back to the navigation school.

Fast forward to 2011 when a Scottish fisherman finally found one of the bottles while pulling in his fishing nets. To date, it is the oldest message in a bottle found in the modern era, and is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. Over the years, more than 300 of the project's nearly 2,000 bottles have washed ashore.

Better Late Than Never

Another poignant World War I story involving a message in a bottle concerns a young British soldier named Pvt. Thomas Hughes. It was 1914, the first year in the war, and Hughes was lonely aboard a transport ship. He wrote a letter to his wife, but with no way to mail it to her, he decided to take a chance and stuff the letter into a ginger ale bottle, seal it, and cast it into the English Channel. Poor Pvt. Hughes died only two days later on a French battlefield. His wife never received his letter.

But that was not the end of the story. Decades later, in 1999, the bottle was found bobbing around in the Thames by a local fisherman. He and others tried to find Hughes' wife, but it turned out she had passed away in 1979. However, a little more digging produced some good news - it was discovered that Hughes had a daughter, who was then an elderly 86-year-old living in New Zealand. She was only one year old when she lost her father, but she lived to receive the letter he wrote to her mother all those years ago. His message read:

"Dear Wife, I am writing this note on this boat and dropping it into the sea just to see if it will reach you. If it does, sign this envelope on the right hand bottom corner where it says receipt. Put the date and hour of receipt and your name where it says signature and look after it well. Ta ta sweet, for the present. Your Hubby."

Unfinished Business Aboard The Lusitania

The Lusitania was once a luxury ocean liner, meeting its demise within years of the Titanic. Despite the fate of its predecessor, the Lusitania continued to sail undeterred by the dangers brought about by World War I. That is until the great ship was tragically hit by a German torpedo in May 1915 while on its way from New York to Liverpool. The damage was so severe that the Lusitania sank in only eighteen minutes. More than 1,000 people lost their lives and only around 700 were rescued.

Somehow, there was one passenger aboard who had the presence of mind and the time to dash off a quick note, put it in a bottle, and set it adrift before the end came. The unknown author chillingly wrote: 

"Still on deck with a few people. The last boats have left. We are sinking fast. Some men near me are praying with a priest. The end is near. Maybe this note will…"  

The writer of the message must have realized the he only had a few moments left to roll up the note and secure it in a bottle, tossing it into the sea just in time.

A Far-Flung Message Of Love

In 1956, a young Swedish man named Ake Viking was out at sea and lonely for love. One evening, he decided to send his quest for love out into the ocean via a message in a bottle.  After all, back then there were no Internet dating sites. The note included his contact information and a message that read, "To Someone Beautiful and Far Away."  

He did not seriously think anything would come of it, but two years later he received a response from an Italian woman named Paolina. When she wrote back to him, she explained: "[it's] so miraculous that [the bottle] should have traveled so far and long to reach me that I must send you an answer." The two began to write letters back and forth, and fell in love over the course of their correspondence. Eventually, the couple met and Viking left his life at sea to marry Paolina and move to Sicily.

Discovered Message Leads To A New Life

A couple vacationing in Hawaii in 1979 decided to have a bit of fun by placing notes - and cash - inside empty champagne bottles and tossing them into the Pacific from their cruise ship. The couple, Dorothy and John Peckham, added one dollar to each bottle as a way to provide postage to anyone who should find the bottles and wish to write back to them.

Dorothy and John waited four years before they received a response. Then, in 1983, they received a letter from a former Vietnamese soldier named Hoa Van Nguyen, who had found one of the champagne bottles with his brother under rather difficult circumstances.

At the time the brothers discovered the bottle, they were floating helplessly off the coast of Thailand in an attempt to escape their miserable lives under the Vietnamese government. When they reached shore, they used the dollar to purchase postage and mailed a letter to the Peckhams. They wrote asking if the couple would be able to assist the Nguyen family relocate to the United States. The Peckhams were thrilled to receive the letter and determined to make the Vietnamese family's immigration happen. Two years later, in 1985, the Peckhams met Nguyen and were able to help him and his family move to the United States to begin a new, happier life.

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Despite our desire to think that everyone in Hollywood is the best of friends, sometimes that’s just not true. In fact, there are a ton of celebrities who don't get along or simply don't have any chemistry. Some couldn't even bear to be on set at the same time because their mutual antagonism had gotten so intense.

Most of these co-stars who hated each other were able to make it through the original production, but then one was not asked back for the film’s sequel. For example, Channing Tatum may have put up with Alex Pettyfer’s “diva” antics on the set of the first Magic Mike movie. However, when it came time to shoot the sequel, Magic Mike XXL, the British actor was not offered the opportunity to reprise his role as "The Kid."

Usually, actors are professional enough to get through a production. But that doesn’t mean that there are not actors who filmed scenes separately. This may be tough to stomach for die-hard The Good Wife fans, but it just looked like Julianna Margulies and Archie Panjabi shot that long-awaited series finale reunion scene in the same location. In fact, it was Hollywood smoke and mirrors that created the illusion that the two actresses were in the same location. Sometimes, ignorance really is bliss, especially when it comes to beloved actor pairings.

Celebrity Co-Stars Who Refused To Even Act In The Same Scene,

Bill Murray, Lucy Liu, And Charlie's Angels

The feud between Bill Murray and Lucy Liu on the set of the original Charlie's Angels film is a well-told Internet tale. The story goes that Murray said something pretty darn mean to Liu while filming one of the scenes in the movie. He allegedly stopped the scene and pointed to Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, and Lucy Liu, saying in order, “I get why you’re here, and you’ve got talent... but what in the hell are you doing here. You can’t act!”

At that point, Liu allegedly got extremely upset and started throwing punches to the point where the two had to be separated. Despite that wide spread rumor, Murray has a completely different take on the story, stating that he and Liu simply had a 20-minute blowup, and their argument was blown out of proportion.

He explained: "We began rehearsing this scene and I said, 'Lucy, how can you want to say these lines? These are so crazy.'" He continues "She got furious with me because she thought it was a personal assault, but the reality is she hated these lines as much as I did. But for 15 or 20 minutes there, we went to our separate corners and threw hand-grenades and sky rockets at each other."

Murray insists that there is no bad blood between the fiery actors. But, if that's the case, then why was Murray replaced with Bernie Mac for the film's sequel? According to the Groundhog Day star, he decided not to re-sign because of a different member of the cast, not Liu, was going to be in the sequel. "That same person was going to be involved in the second one, so I wasn't going to show up again."

Julia Roberts, Nick Nolte, And I Love Trouble

It was the mid-1990s, and both Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte were at the height of their Hollywood fame. The duo joined forces in the forgettable romantic comedy I Love Trouble in 1994. However, Roberts and Nolte reportedly hated each other so much that they had to film their scenes separately and then use stand-ins in order to try and create on-screen chemistry.

Roberts told The New York Times that her co-star could be "charming and nice, [but] he's also completely disgusting." Nolte, not one to let bygones be bygones, retorted, "It's not nice to call someone 'disgusting.' But she's not a nice person. Everyone knows that."

15 years, several lead roles, and one Academy Award later, Roberts still hadn't forgotten about the bad experience of working with Nolte. In 2009, she went on the Late Show With David Letterman and told a story about an actor she worked with that was not very nice. She then did her best profanity-laced Nick Nolte imitation for Dave. "What the f*** is that? Did you not f***ing hear me? You don’t know what you’re talking about!"

Robert Downey Jr., Terrence Howard, And Iron Man

Terrence Howard played Lt. Colonel James Rhodes in the first Iron Man film. However, the Hustle & Flow actor said during a 2013 interview that Robert Downey Jr. "pushed him out" and "took his money," which prevented him from scoring a big payday for the second installment of the franchise. His part was recast with actor Don Cheadle, who also appeared in Iron Man 3.

Howard singled out Downey exclusively (not Marvel or other producers) for sabotaging his chance to return as Rhodey. "It turns out that the person that I helped become Iron Man, when it was time to […] re-up for the second one took the money that was supposed to go to me and pushed me out."

The Empire star also claimed that he originally signed a three-picture deal but his pay was drastically cut when negotiating for the franchise's sequel. "They came to me [for] the second and said, 'We will pay you one-eighth of what we contractually had for you, because we think the second one will be successful with or without you.'"

As far as an actual onset feud is concerned, there is no concrete evidence that one occurred between Howard and Downey. However, there have been claims that Howard exhibited "difficult behavior" during production. Howard has asserted that he will not work with Downey again in the future.

Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, And Magic Mike

Magic Mike was a surprise box office smash. After the sexy film wrapped, Alex Pettyfer, who played "The Kid," went on author Bret Easton Ellis's podcast and admitted that Tatum did not like him. Pettyfer took responsibility for the feud. The British actor explained that he had a previous bad reputation for being difficult to work with, and Tatum did not want to hire him for the lead role. He was talked into it by the film's director Steven Soderbergh. Pettyfer went on to explain that his team told him to be on his best behavior, so he stayed quiet onset in fear of causing any tension.

"I actually did my work and I sat in the corner and listened to music because I had been told anything I did was wrong by my reps. I was very insecure as a human being. That also gave me a bad rep because everyone was like, "Alex doesn't speak because he thinks he's better than everyone else."

Tatum felt the the In Time actor's behavior made him look like a "jerk for no reason" and a "diva." Tatum and Pettyfer were able to finish filming Magic Mike without complication. However, Pettyfer was not asked to be in the film's sequel Magic Mike XXL.

Julianna Margulies, Archie Panjabi, And The Good Wife

Both Margulies and Panjabi deny that there was ever a feud between the actresses. They were both asked several times about it, and they both denied any bad blood. But, if we look at the facts, it appears that there must have been something going on.

For several seasons, The Good Wife characters were close friends (although there was tension between Alicia and Kalinda after the former found out that the latter slept with her husband, Peter) and worked together in the same law firm. However starting in Season 4, the actresses did not appear together in a scene for the remainder of the series, which ran for seven seasons. When the characters needed to talk about business, they would call each other or go through a third party.

If that's not enough evidence of a real feud, Panjabi, who won an Emmy for her The Good Wife performance in 2010, was an extremely well-liked and integral character on the legal drama. However, she did not come back for the series final season. Additionally, it was discovered – to the extreme disappointment of The Good Wife fans – that the long-anticipated reunion between Alicia and Kalinda during the show's series finale was nothing than smoke and mirrors. The actresses filmed the scene in different locations on a green screen, and it was then edited together to make it look like they were in the same location. 

The rumor is that it was Margulies, the titular "good wife" and one of the show's producers, who requested that the pair not shoot a scene together. However, even after the series ended, Margulies still vehemently denied the feud rumors:

"Right, I've heard about [the feud]. Who says that? It's totally gossip... I heard that question had been asked to Robert King. There's no story there, sorry … I actually had heard [that rumor] and I feel that it has been talked about and answered. I feel people just like to have gossip or make something into something that isn't there."

Sylvester Stallone, Richard Gere, And Lords Of Flatbush

Here's the thing about rumors: they have to start somewhere. One of the most mythic, long-standing Hollywood urban legends is the one that claims Richard Gere had to go to the hospital and have emergency surgery because of complications due to stuffing a gerbil up his behind. It's a tall tale that has lasted for decades and still has legs even today. But where did it originate?

Another rumor to the rumor is that Sylvester Stallone hated Richard Gere so much while the pair were filming the 1974 movie Lords of Flatbush that he was the one who started the scandal (Gere was ultimately fired from the production at the behest of Stallone and replaced by Perry King.) Sly denies igniting the hoax and in 2006 discussed his falling out with Gere during an interview with Ain't It Cool News:

"Yeah, the original part of Chico, which was played by Perry King, was originally supposed to be played by Richard Gere, but we never hit it off. He would strut around in his oversized motorcycle jacket like he was the baddest knight at the round table. One day, during an improv, he grabbed me (we were simulating a fight scene) and got a little carried away. I told him in a gentle fashion to lighten up, but he was completely in character and impossible to deal with. Then we were rehearsing at Coney Island and it was lunchtime, so we decided to take a break, and the only place that was warm was in the backseat of a Toyota. I was eating a hotdog and he climbs in with a half a chicken covered in mustard with grease nearly dripping out of the aluminum wrapper. I said, 'That thing is going to drip all over the place.' He said, 'Don’t worry about it.' I said, 'If it gets on my pants you’re gonna know about it.' He proceeds to bite into the chicken and a small, greasy river of mustard lands on my thigh. I elbowed him in the side of the head and basically pushed him out of the car. The director had to make a choice: one of us had to go, one of us had to stay. Richard was given his walking papers and to this day seriously dislikes me. He even thinks I’m the individual responsible for the gerbil rumor. Not true… but that’s the rumor."

Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, And The Fate Of The Furious

This is a case of art imitating life. It's no secret that, just like their characters Dominic Toretto and Luke Hobbs, Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson do not like each other in real life. Their hatred of one another is so strong that the macho men refused to appear together in the same scene during the franchise's 2017 installment, The Fate of the Furious.

Their feud makes for clumsy storytelling; instead of actually seeing Hobbs and Toretto battle onscreen, we have to hear about it. It's a big deal when Dom betrays his Furious family, and it's unfortunate the spectator doesn't see the friends turned onscreen enemies duke it out. Even during action scenes in the film, the actors do not share a single shot together. 

The bad blood between the A-listers was made public last year when Johnson took to his Instagram account to berate a "candy ass" co-star, whom he didn't name but was later revealed by TMZ to be Diesel, for his "bad attitude and habitual lateness." Additionally, it appears that Johnson was not happy with some of the decisions that Diesel made as a producer of the film.

Charlie Sheen, Selma Blair, And Anger Management

After Selma Blair's sudden departure from the FX sitcom Anger Management, the rumor was that Charlie Sheen fired his onscreen love interest via text message in which he called the actress the dreaded c-word. It was reported that the co-stars had an onset feud because Blair questioned Sheen's work ethic.

However, the actor with tiger blood told Jay Leno a different story on The Tonight Show. Sheen said:

"One of our primary characters, Selma Blair, who played Kate, was written out because [the show] was not about our relationship, and the problem was too many people were still excited about the Two and a Half Men character and thought the Anger Management character was a little dull."

Blair responded to getting fired by threatening a lawsuit. The actress believed that she was canned from the show because she criticized Sheen for being a slacker. Sheen then reportedly got upset and had her fired. Sheen's claim that the show was planning to write the actress's character off, according to TMZ, may actually be true. However, that plan was going to take place over eight episodes but was sped up after Sheen heard Blair bashing him.

Alec Baldwin, Shia LaBeouf, And Orphans

Alec Baldwin penned a telling first-person article in New York Magazine in 2014. One of the items that he discussed was his feud with former Broadway co-star Shia LaBeouf. In the article, Baldwin made it clear that he was heavily involved with the canning of the Transformers star from the revival production of Lyle Kessler's play Orphans.

Baldwin wrote that LaBeouf appeared "scattered" when he showed up for rehearsal, adding, "LaBeouf seems to carry with him, to put it mildly, a jailhouse mentality wherever he goes.” Baldwin went on to write that the actor did have all of his lines memorized for rehearsal but was frustrated while waiting for his co-stars to catch up with him. According to Baldwin, LaBeouf attacked him in front of the rest of the cast and allegedly said, "If you don’t say your lines. I’m just going to keep saying my lines.”

Baldwin wrote that he requested a rehearsal break and informed the show's director Dan Sullivan that one of them had to leave the show, Baldwin offered to quit but instead the production chose to fire LaBeouf. “He was shocked,” says Baldwin. “He had that card, that card you get when you make films that make a lot of money that gives you a certain kind of entitlement. I think he was surprised that it didn’t work in the theater.” LaBeouf's character Treat was replaced by actor Ben Foster.

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<![CDATA[Ridiculously Valuable Objects Of Historical Import Discovered In Thrift Stores]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/valuable-and-important-items-discovered-in-thrift-stores/hugh-landman?source=rss

One man's junk is another man's treasure, the saying goes. But for some frugal shoppers who found valuable things found in thrift stores, the proverb rings truer than for most. Unbelievable thrift store treasures include famous historical documents, one-of-a-kind works of art, and valuable historical artifacts.

Some of the most unbelievable thrift store finds were found by people who could just tell that what they were looking for was special, while other buyers were stunned to discover the stories behind the items they picked up on a whim. A savvy thrift store shopper with great taste splurged on a $50 Goodwill painting because he could tell it was worth more, while one lucky art buyer actually bought an "ugly" painting as a joke gift for a friend, only to discover it was an original Jackson Pollock. 

From rare historical photos to 2,500-year-old artifacts, here are the stories that will send you to the flea market this weekend.

Ridiculously Valuable Objects Of Historical Import Discovered In Thrift Stores,

A Retired Truck Driver Bought A Jackson Pollack Painting As A Joke

Jackson Pollack toiled in obscurity for years until he found fame as an artist and is now considered one of the most important painters of the past 100 years. His art has been valued as high as $140 million but one of his paintings ended up in a thrift store. That's where Teri Horton found what she called an ugly painting and paid $5 for it as a gag to cheer up a friend of hers. But buying the painting was just the beginning of Horton's journey.

After she showed it to her friend, Horton didn't have anywhere to put the painting and tried to sell it in a yard sale. A local art professor saw the work and told her she might have a priceless Jackson Pollack painting. Horton spent many years trying to convince the art world, who dismissed her in part because she has an eighth grade education and drove a big rig before retiring, but eventually forensic evidence proved that the piece was authentic. The art world is still dismissing Horton's find, but she isn't giving up and believes the work is worth as much as $50 million.

A Couple Snagged A Ratty Old Sweater That Once Belonged To Vince Lombardi

Vince Lombardi and football go together like rain and wetness, the two are inseparable. Lombardi transcended the game and become something of an iconoclast whose name evokes ideas of leadership and motivation. Sean and Rikki McEvoy bought a holey old sweater for $.58 at a Goodwill outlet and promptly forgot about it. That is, until Sean was watching a documentary about Lombardi, recognized the sweater as one that the coach was wearing in the film, and had it appraised. Ultimately the garment sold for $43,020 at auction.  

A Man Found A $35,000 Watch And Used The Money To Pay For His Wedding

People go to thrift stores for all kinds of reasons. For one thing, a secret treasure may be found among the old shoes and used softball jerseys. Zach Norris went to a shop in Phoenix, Arizona, looking for a golf cart and left with an antique watch worth $35,000. He paid $5.99 for the timepiece that turned out to be a 1959 Jaeger-Lecoultre diving watch. Rather than keeping the watch, Norris planned to sell it to help pay for his wedding.

A Man Stumbled Upon A Childhood Sketch By Andy Warhol

Perhaps it says something about modern art that so much of it seems to end up in thrift stores, but that's a discussion for the art critics. Andy Fields sure is glad that a sketch by artist Andy Warhol ended up in a thrift shop and was even happier to find out that it was extremely valuable. Warhol was one of the most well-known artists of the 20th century, and the sketch that Fields found shows the seeds of what would become his famous style. The piece was made when the artist was only 10 or 11 years old, and was made in pencil and graphite. Fields put the piece on eBay, hoping to get more than $2 million for it.

An Ancient Egyptian Cat Statue Was Found In A Yard Sale Trash Can

Thrifty people often visit yard sales in an effort to find inexpensive delights. One shopper found a cat statue in a trash can that turned out to be worth $80,000. The unassuming cat sculpture turned out to be a relic from ancient Egypt estimated to be over 2,500 years old. Officials from the auction house that sold the artwork believe that the piece was commissioned by a high figure in the Egyptian ruling dynasty between 500 and 700 BC.

A Retiree Had A Hunch About A Half-Million Dollar Handbag

A 73-year-old retired man named John Richard found a $30 handbag in a UK thrift shop that turned out to be worth $500,000. Richard purchased the bag because he liked the print of Elvis that festooned it. He took the bag to a Philip Treacy shop in London to determine if it was indeed designed by the famous hat designer and it was authenticated. The clerk at the shop said that the bag, which features an Andy Warhol print of the King of Rock n' Roll, was really a work of art, with only 10 produced in the entire world. 

A Student Found An Expensive Surprise In A Thrifted Couch

It is usually not a good thing when an unexpected item is discovered in a couch bought from a thrift store. One student in Germany, though, was sure happy to find a small 17th-century painting in a second-hand couch he bought for $215. The surprise turned out to be an antique painting by the artist Carlo Saraceni called Preparation to Escape to Egypt. The painting will pay for a lot of textbooks, as it sold for $27,630 in an auction.

A $50 Painting Was Really Worth $190,000

A man in South Carolina found a painting that he liked so much, he paid the unthrifty sum of $50 for it in a Goodwill store. The 81-year-old man, who wanted to go by Leroy in interviews, thought it might really be worth a few hundred bucks. His daughter-in-law had other ideas and brought it to a taping of Antiques Roadshow, where she was told it may be worth $20,000-$30,000. Luckily for him, both appraisals were much less than the painting was really worth. It turns out that the artwork is a Flemish painting created sometime around 1650 and sold in an auction for $190,000

A Copy Of The Declaration Of Independence Sold For $2.48

The Declaration of Independence is one of the most important historical documents ever produced. Though anyone can see a picture of it or read its text at the click of a mouse, finding a copy of the actual document is more of a challenge. Despite that, Michael Sparks found a copy of the document in a thrift store in Nashville and bought it for $2.48. The copy he found was actually created in 1823 at the order of then-Secretary of State John Quincy Adams. Sparks later sold the document for $477,650.

A Rare Photo Of Billy The Kid Was Found In A Thrift Store And Sold For $5 Million

The name Billy the Kid conjures images of quiet dusty streets in the Wild West being shaken to life by the outlaw and his band charging through to rob a bank. Despite being immortalized in books and films about his life, however, photographs of him are rare - in fact, there are only two known to exist. The second was discovered in a thrift store by Randy Guijarro, who paid $2.00 for it. The photo he found sold for $5 million after it was authenticated by forensics experts. It shows Billy the Kid, his gang, the Regulators, and their wives and girlfriends, playing croquet after a wedding. 

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<![CDATA[11 Insane Freak Accidents That People Miraculously Managed To Survive]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/crazy-things-people-managed-to-survive/nathan-gibson?source=rss

Humans have shown throughout their history they are capable of feats of miraculous survival. Although it may appear our physical forms are not all that tough when compared to other creatures in the animal kingdom, the truth is there are many people who survived crazy situations that most of us would generally not be able to live through.

In a combination of sheer willpower, medical knowledge, and technology, people have been able to survive some really crazy freak accidents. These true survivor stories show us that even in the bleakest of situations, you can sometimes make it out okay. It’s a good thing too, because humans seem to be able to find themselves in all kinds of bizarre situations that cause shocking injuries.

Whether it is a freak accident or a stupid stunt, these unbelievable tales demonstrate the remarkable people who survived the odds despite the horrendous injuries they sustained.

11 Insane Freak Accidents That People Miraculously Managed To Survive,

A Man Had His Heart Forced Into The Other Side Of His Chest

When a 48-year-old man was involved in a traumatic motorcycle accident in 2014, doctors discovered something completely mind boggling. The man's heart had completely rotated and been forcibly moved to the right side of his chest. The craziest part? The man was still alive, conscious, and alert after the crash. Remarkably, the change in position of the heart was not due to the impact of the crash, but rather from a punctured lung. This caused air to pump into the chest cavity, pushing the heart across the body. When the air was removed, the organ slowly moved back into its usual place without any lasting damage.

Truman Duncan Was Cut In Half By A Train

Truman Duncan went through a horrendous ordeal in 2006 when he fell from a moving train in Cleburne, TX. Duncan - an employee at the rail yards in Cleburne - slipped and fell onto the tracks while he was riding a train moving to a repair dock. He tried to throw himself backward so he wouldn't be crushed, but got caught underneath it. 

Some 9,000 kilograms of metal passed over him, destroying much of his middle and lower body. Despite being crushed by the train, he remained conscious and was able to phone emergency services from his own cell phone.

When Duncan arrived at hospital, it took surgeons more than 23 operations over a period of four months to try to save his life. In all, he lost his left leg, most of his right leg, a kidney, and his entire pelvis. However, he has been able to survive the incident and even went back to work several months later. Only this time in the office. 

Ewa Wisnierska Was Sucked Into A Vicious Storm For Hours

Ewa Wisnierska was a 35-year-old German woman who was an experienced paraglider who was internationally known for her paragliding feats. In 2007, she was paragliding in Australia when she ran into a horrific storm. During the worst of it, she was sucked up a vortex at a speed of nearly 50 mph to a maximum height of 32,634 feet, higher than the top of Mount Everest and almost at the point where jumbo jets cruise.

As the storm raged around her, the lack of oxygen at that altitude caused her to pass out for around an hour. Somehow she drifted unscathed through temperatures of minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit as hail and lightning engulfed her body. According to doctors, the fact she passed out may have helped her survive by slowing down her heart rate and bodily functions. This gave her the chance to wake up later after the storm was dying down and then land back to earth.

In the same weather event, a Chinese paraglider named He Zhongpin died

Ron Hunt Had An Industrial Drill Forced Through His Skull

In 2003, Ron Hunt was a construction worker working in Truckee, CA. As he was working on a job, his ladder suddenly gave way, sending Hunt and the drill he was holding down to the ground. Following standard practice, he attempted to throw the industrial power drill he was holding as far away as possible to avoid hitting it. Unfortunately, he was didn’t succeed, and his head clashed with the metal tool.

The 18-inch long, 1.5-inch thick drill bit forced its way through his eye and out of the right side of his skull. By a miraculous stroke of luck, the drill didn’t tear through his brain tissue but instead pushed it aside. This meant there was no damage to his brain, but his eye was injured pretty badly. Surgeons took out the drill by unscrewing it from his eye. 

Anna Bågenholm Was Submerged In Freezing Water For 80 Minutes

When Anna Bågenholm, an orthopedic surgeon from Sweden, had a skiing accident in 1999, she almost certainly should have died. While she was skiing in Norway, she lost control of her skis, fell headfirst onto a frozen stream near a waterfall, and somehow slid though an open gap in the frozen water. Her body became trapped under the ice, which was about 20 meters thick. She found a small air pocket to breath, and she suffered circulatory arrest due to the cold temperatures after 40 minutes. In total, she sat in the water for nearly an hour and a half. 

During that time, her body temperature went as low as 56.6 degrees Fahrenheit due to extreme hypothermia. It took a team of over 100 medics at a nearby hospital nine hours to bring her back to life. It took a extra two months for her to recover from paralysis and gain back most of her bodily functions. By 2009, she only suffered from some minor nerve damage issues. It was speculated the extreme cold slowed down her metabolism, meaning her cells needed much less oxygen to survive.

Roy Sullivan Was Struck By Lightning Seven Times

Roy Sullivan was a US park ranger who worked at Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. During his life, he was struck by lightning a world record seven times, each in its own separate incident. In the 35 years between the first and seventh strikes, he was never seriously injured, but did suffer from burns and get knocked out several times.

He considered his fourth strike in 1972 the worst, and claimed to have been struck as a child while helping his father in the garden when he was a boy, although it did him no damage. Sullivan died in 1983 when he killed himself with a gunshot wound to the head.

Anatoli Bugorski Was Hit With A Proton Beam

In 1978, Russian physicist Anatoli Bugorski was involved in an accident where a proton beam hit him in the head. The beam had been sped up to almost the speed of light in a particle accelerator, similar to the one used at CERN, as part of an experiment in Russia. At the time, medics and scientists were unsure what damage could be caused by the collision, as nothing like this had ever happened before, but most assumed it would likely kill Bugorski. He was subjected to more than 400 times the lethal dose of ionizing radiation when he was hit.

Bugorski did not feel any pain at the time the proton beam hit, but did say he saw a light brighter than anything he had ever witnessed. It seemed like the physicist was incredibly lucky. Besides part of his face swelling up to twice its normal size, there were relatively few side effects. When the swelling went down the left side of his face was paralyzed and he was deaf in his left ear, but he went on to live an almost completely normal life and even completed his PhD.

Phineas Gage’s Head Was Impaled With An Iron Rod

Phineas Gage was a railway worker  in the 1800s who was tasked with clearing rocks away so the rack could be laid properly. This usually involved using an iron rod to insert explosives into the rocks before light a fuse to explode the gunpowder. On September 13, 1848, this procedure went wrong, and the explosion occurred earlier than expected, firing the iron rod straight through Gage’s head and piercing his brain.

Despite the fact that almost anyone who experienced a similar injury would be killed instantly, Gage survived and transported himself to hospital. There, doctors were able to patch up the wounds and keep him alive. The only lasting damage affected his personality and character - and his eye. The rod had damaged certain parts of his brain that made him less reliable and diminished his inhibitions.

Greg Rasmussen Crashed A Plane In The African Wilderness

Wildlife conservationist Greg Rasmussen thought he was going to die in 2003 when his plane was hit by strong winds and crashed in the African bush. Over the next 27 hours, he was subjected to dehydration, painful heat, and a number of animal attacks. This included being charged by stampeding elephants and later being stalked by a lioness and approached by hyenas. Fortunately Rasmussen was able to drag himself back to the wreckage of his aircraft despite two broken legs and a fractured pelvis.

By the time he was finally spotted and rescued, doctors feared they would not be able to save his legs. It took surgeons around 100 operations to save them and prevent them from requiring amputation, though he now stands a full three inches shorter due to the damage.

Forthman Murff Nearly Sawed Off His Own Head

As a lifelong and enthusiastic lumberjack, it shouldn’t be a surprise Forthman Murff was still using his trusty chainsaw to chop down trees in his local area at the age of 74. However, in 1984, he suffered an accident that was almost impossible to survive. While he was out trimming trees, a branch fell and knocked him out, throwing him into a ditch. The fall broke his leg and knocked him out. 

When he finally regained consciousness, he found his still-running chainsaw was cutting through his neck. He stood up, positioned his head so blood wasn't running down his windpipe, a drove himself a half a mile to his neighbor's house. They went to the hospital 17 miles away, where doctors found he had sawn through his windpipe, esophagus, and jugular veins, leaving just the spine and some skin holding his head in place. Several surgeries later, Murff fully recovered and went onto live for another 18 years.

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<![CDATA[23 Upsetting Behind-The-Scenes Secrets Of GameStop]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/game-stop-employee-tell-all/brandon-michaels?source=rss

Much like the games GameStop stocks, GameStop employee stories range from hilarious to terrifying. Tales of trashy GameStop customers litter message boards across the Interweb, but some of the best gossip comes from employees who know the company's quirks and secrets. Anyone who's worked a retail job knows it's exhausting, but GameStop actually cracked the list of Top 10 Worst Places to Work, so it's no surprise some less than stellar stuff occurs behind those glass doors. Employees are overworked and underpaid, drained of the manna they try so hard to sell. They're constantly pushed to hit sales marks, move product, and get pre-orders, often with no bathroom breaks. 

Even if it's run by people more apathetic and detached than the Master Hand, GameStop still provides some perks for its employees and customers to take advantage of. Geeks like GameStop too, for some reasons more obvious than others. Where else can you sell back old Rock Band drum kits and copies of Madden 2004? So here's the GameStop scoop, from the good to the bad to the acne-covered. 

23 Upsetting Behind-The-Scenes Secrets Of GameStop,

You've Got Two Opportunities A Year To Get Hired

From gamestop_ama:

"The best times to drop off your application are in September for holiday hiring, or in about May for the summer. Due to the fact that the company gives us no payroll to work with, there is not really too much of a chance of being hired any other time in the year."

Even The Customers Are Rude To Female Employees

From GameStopGirl:

"Customers definitely treat the male and female employees differently. Lots of people did not want to speak to female employees, either because they were nervous or because they felt like as girls, we wouldn't assist them as well as a male employee. I also usually had to push good games a lot harder to convince people they were actually good."

It's Not All Bad

From FalselyNamed:

"Although time rarely permits, my favorite part of the job is to just have candid conversations about games with people who enjoy them. It's also always nice to see people walk out with a game they didn't even know existed, but are pumped to get home and start."

They Treat Their Employees Like Cattle

From gamestop_ama:

"Everyone thinks it's like the Discovery Zone of jobs where all you do is talk about and play games all day, but in reality it's just another retail job.

If you (as a 16-year-old) were hired, you would be a Game Advisor. A GA is a dime a dozen; if you aren't meeting expectations, you could be let go and ten minutes later have someone else fill your spot.

Your job as a GA is ringing people up and getting reservations on new games and signing people up for Power Up cards. Oh, and alphabetizing the walls. Please, God, make sure you know how to read."

If You Don't Get Pre-Orders, You Don't Get Hours

From gamestop_ama

"I did witness some employees being dishonest about pre-orders in order to secure one. We had to be extremely pushy to get them (contrary to what district managers and other higher-ups who have never worked in the store thought) because, if we didn't, your hours got cut."

They Force The Staff To Push Pre-orders

From gamestop_ama:

"Reserves were the death of me! The expectation went from 15% to 20% to 30% to some obscene unattainable percentage that Jesus himself couldn't reach."

Management Is Living Below The Poverty Line

From GS_Ex_employee:

"I started at 28K-a-year. I was located in the southeast. It was at 33K when I quit.

(I worked) Anywhere between the required 44 to 60 a week. You try not to do the math and see where you are hourly; it will only hurt your soul."

They Don't Care About Gamers, They Care About Numbers

From GS_Ex_employee:

"You could be the most knowledgeable, charismatic, prompt employee... but if your numbers weren't up to snuff, you would be encouraged to set goals and cut hours until you quit or got better. Early on management sincerely wanted people to succeed. The new management would try and convince me otherwise."

They Treat Women Like A Commodity

From GS_Ex_employee:

"Women get better performance numbers. Simple as that. I hired based on what I thought a good employee was; sure enough I had a great mix of all races, ages, and both genders.

Of the two females I had, one was a true gamer and a bit socially awkward. The other, a really hard worker when it came to task-work but not the most knowledgeable. Not saying the gamer was less attractive than the other, but the other knew how to use it to produce numbers.

Management constantly wanted me to move the gamer out."

They Suck The Will To Live From It's Employees

From formated4tv

"The longer you're there, the more I think the general public just annoys the f*ck out of you and breaks you as a human being.

There were two groups of regulars: some that were really nice and would reserve five-to-six games at a time (young rich kids, one eventually got hired so he would buy more stuff from work), and some people stunk like sh*t and wouldn't shut the f*ck up about WoW or some other ridiculous game.

One guy would come in daily and tell me about his sweet boots in Oblivion or some other nonsense piece of clothing on his character."

Wed, 26 Apr 2017 06:56:05 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/game-stop-employee-tell-all/brandon-michaels
<![CDATA[24 Parents Describe The Creepiest Things Kids Have Said About Sleeping]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/stories-of-creepy-things-kids-said-in-their-sleep/amandasedlakhevener?source=rss

Parents never miss a chance to tell tales of their pride-and-joys, and this includes creepy stories of their kids talking in their sleep. Even the most loving of parents realize that kids don't always say the cutest things - sometimes children say scary things straight out of The Omen. Reddit is full of creepy stories of kids talking in their sleep, acknowledging people who aren't there, and even threatening their parents' lives - in the most disturbing tones of voice, of course.

Ironically, when parents describe the things kids said in their sleep, those stories will stick with parents forever while their child probably forgets it by the time they wake up for Saturday morning cartoons. Or they stored it in the back of their developing minds, reveling in the revelation that even kids can scare adults.


24 Parents Describe The Creepiest Things Kids Have Said About Sleeping,

"Consequences" Comes In Through The Window

From Two_kids_two_pugs:

"I have a three-year-old daughter. She tells me that a red man comes into her room at night through her window. His name is "Consequences" and he's mean to her. She said he hurts her and stares at her while she is in her bed. She says that he comes in a space ship with other red men. I have no idea where she would get the material for this story, and she really, really believes it. I've locked her window for her and pulled the blinds, all in an attempt to convince her that no one is getting in through her window. Sometimes, in the morning, she'll say 'It didn't work, Momma, Consequences got in last night again.' I hope its a phase and it will pass..."

It Was Dark And Wet Inside

From thumbwrestleme:

"Pretty sure I've posted this before, but here goes...

When my daughter was about three-years-old she had a sound machine in her room to help her sleep. We typically had it on the babbling brook, or nighttime crickets sounds. One night I was putting her to bed and turned on the sound machine; she had been playing with it earlier and the sound was left on the sound of a beating heart. After a few minutes of laying there with her in the dark, she looked at me and said 'I didn't like being in mommy's tummy, it was dark and wet and I don't want to go back in there, okay?.'"

There Was A Ghost With No Face Standing Over You

From Charetta1216:

"I had to share a room with my four-year-old for a few weeks.

'Mummy when you were sleeping, I woke up and there was a ghost with no face standing over you touching your arm, it was taking your dreams out of your body with its mouth.'

It reminds me of the dementors from Harry Potter, but he's never watched it."

There's A Man In The House

From effieokay:

"My child had woken up early, so she was watching cartoons next to me in my bed while I tried to wake up.

I'd heard a funny sound downstairs earlier that I mentally blamed on the dogs.

Then kiddo leans over to me and remarks 'Oh, there's a man in the house.'


Never found anything, never got any further details from her either."


Get That Man Out Of My Room

From medievalista:

"I lived alone in a cool but kind of creepy old house with my son, who must have been close to three when this happened. I woke up one night because I heard him talking forcefully at something in his room - not quite yelling, but at a level above normal conversation. I got out of bed and went down the long hallway to his room to find him sitting in the corner of his bed, glaring into the opposite corner of the room. I asked him what was wrong and, without taking his eyes off that far corner (which was at my back) he pointed and said, quietly and angrily, 'Get that man out of my room.' Every hair on my body stood up and I reached over to flip on the light. There was no one there, of course. He said the man came into his room a lot and he hated him. His voice was absolutely full of anger when he talked about the man.

Then, he told me that there was a big brown rabbit that came and looked in his window every night (his bed was directly under a window) and he didn't like him, but he couldn't come in the house so it was okay. He also claimed the house itself was a lady and it sang to him (which is a whole other story). I took him back to my room for the rest of the night, but the next day it was like it never happened and he went back to sleeping in his own room.

I'm convinced that three-year olds are conduits of some sort of dark weirdness."

You're Going To Be Sorry

From OneOfGus:

"My sister used to sleep walk. One night she came into my room asked if she could sleep with me. I was playing video games and told her to back to her room. She told me 'You're gonna be sorry' and walked out. I look up and notice she is sleep walking because her eyes were closed while talking. Barricaded myself in room that night with all the lights on."

That's When The Black Circles Come

From handshape:

"'When you turn off the lights, that's when the black circles come,' he said. 'They come down like this (*holds his hands in the air above his bed), and they stay for a second, then zoop! they go inside! (*slapping the hands to his chest).'

Then, barely holding back tears, 'I hate it.'"

The Tall Men Are Walking

From aeboco:

"Not a parent, but...

As a young child (age three-to-five), I would sleepwalk into my parents' room and quietly stand by their bed. My dad would wake up, find me and try to put me back to bed. I would tell him I couldn't go back to bed, because 'the tall men are walking.' This stopped immediately after moving from that particular house. (The tall men comments stopped, the sleepwalking continued and still happens).

Then, when I was around 15, we were at church one day and I overheard one of the younger kids (about three) ask his parents, as they walked away, 'Who are those men?'

'What men, honey?'

'The tall men with Aeboco.'

Didn't sleep well for a couple of nights after that."


We Can't Invite Her Over, Because She's Dead

From GaveYouBass:

"My young daughter said she made a new friend. Her mother and I are like, 'Cool hun, what's her name?' It's Casey Junior. So then we ask when we can invite her over to play. My kid says we can't, because she's dead.

Later that night, after putting my daughter to bed, I hear laughter and talking coming from her room. I go to investigate. As I get to the door, I hear my daughter say, 'No Casey, stop tickling me!' amidst bouts of giggles. I walk into the room quickly, not knowing what to expect. There is just my daughter in the room, nothing else. Officially creeped out."

The Boy Taught Me At Night

From suedaisy:

"My then three-year-old daughter walked downstairs in the morning and said 'Look what I can do!' and crossed her eyes. I asked her how she learned to do that and she said, 'The boy taught me at night.' 

Me: 'What boy?'

 Her: 'The boy with the glasses.. he did this' and she held her finger up and zoomed it to her nose and crossed her eyes. She said he laughed and laughed.

Not too scary right? Only that's how my brother taught me to cross my eyes when I was five-years-old. He died when I was seven-years-old."

Thu, 20 Apr 2017 07:53:25 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/stories-of-creepy-things-kids-said-in-their-sleep/amandasedlakhevener
<![CDATA[18 People Describe Messages They Received From Beyond the Grave]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/stories-of-people-who-received-message-from-beyond-the-grave/amandasedlakhevener?source=rss

Messages from the afterlife can be difficult to believe in considering most people have a hard time responding to simple text messages. However, messages from the grave sometimes bypass that line between life and death to relay their contents. The stories here, all told by people who received messages from beyond the grave, get creepy, but they make you realize the possibility of communicating with ghosts. For some of these storytellers, their contact with the other side gave them newfound hope and belief in potentially seeing their loved ones again. On Reddit, dozens of stories exist from people who received messages from the dead, both loved ones and unknown. Whether through phone calls, answering machines, or even in dreams, each message send chills down your spine. 

18 People Describe Messages They Received From Beyond the Grave,

Her Voice Was Scared And She Said, "Please Help Me"

From needsanswersnows:

"I lost my sister this February to 'suicide.' I put that in quotation marks, because I still do not believe it was a suicide for the fact she left no explanation for anybody, and more so didn't tell me anything before it (being a year apart in age we were extremely close).

Now to the event this morning that has me extremely rattled and upset.

I was asleep in my bed with my girlfriend when I was waken by my phone ringing (It woke her up too, this is how I know it wasn't me dreaming). It was 3:37 AM. I know this because when it rang I looked at the screen to see what number was calling me and saw the time. It was an private number (unknown number). Usually I will not answer private number calls, but being half asleep and guessing it was probably a drunk friend ringing to be picked up from somewhere I answered.

I said 'Hello,' and all I could hear was this muffled kinda static sounds, No one replied so again I said 'Hello.' No response, so I thought it was probably just a prank call, and was about to hang up when I heard my name. It was clear as day and sounded 100% like my sister. I kinda froze and started to panic said her name a few times pretty much pleading it to be her.

Then all I heard was 'I'm sorry. I love you. Please help me.' The last bit is what has made me really upset and uneasy.

I asked where she was then I heard a really really loud screeching sound then it went back to the dial tone.

When it hung up I turned to my girlfriend she said my face was pale white, she asked why I was saying my sister's name and what was wrong and it's then that I had a complete meltdown and cried harder then I ever had. I didn't go back to sleep. I just sat up with my phone in my hand waiting. Today even I took the day off work and I have just been sitting with my phone."

He Told Her To Stop Scaring Herself

From Kelseykiwi:

"My grandfather passed last February while I was about six months pregnant. About two months later I was worried about my baby because he had stopped moving. It was an incredibly stressful day. I fell asleep and had a dream that my grandpa walked into my living room, gave me a big hug and said everything was fine and that I needed to stop scaring myself. Went to the doctor the next day and sure enough, baby was fine just running out of room to move.

Also, a few days after I had my son, I had a dream that he was standing by my back door and said he couldn't stay long he 'has to get back,' but wanted to say he loved me and was proud of my son.

It's nice to have some validation for this. There's no way it was just a dream."

Same Message In Two Different Dreams

From Doogans:

"When my grandfather passed away my mother and I just moved into our new home. Within a week of his passing I had a dream that the phone rings and its him on the other line. He says 'Hey Heather, do you know who this is?' I didn't know what to say because it sounded like him but I knew in my dream that he passed away. He just laughs and says 'I don't have much time. Can I speak to your mom?' And I say 'Of course' and run into the room to give my mom the phone but I dropped it and it got disconnected.

The next day I tell my mom about it and she gets a serious look and tells me that he called her in her dream and said  'I don't have much time. I need you to turn off Heather's heater.' She wakes up goes into my room and the heater is shooting flames out of it.

The heater was an old plug in one that was his and I used it every night. Pointing it at my bed when I went to sleep. Not sure if this is even glitch worthy but its a sacred story from my family and it give me the chills the few times I tell people."

Tanya Sent A Text From The Great Beyond

From Gracecarsar:

"When I was 16 my parents sent me away to a private boarding school for troubled teens. It was a life-changing experience for me. Mostly because I was able to grow emotionally during my three years at the school, it was really what I needed to help better my life. I owe a lot of that to the amazing staff at the school, they were all so dedicated and caring. Two of them in particular really impacted my life. Tanya and Tim were married. They were incredible people, kind and amazingly compassionate. They had both struggled in their pasts with some of the same issues as me and it helped me put things into perspective in my life and see where I wanted to go. I was very connected to the two of them.

I graduated in 2009 and that next fall when I was off at college I got a phone call from one of the current students at the boarding school. She told me that Tanya was sick. She had been in remission for cancer during the end of my time at the school but I thought she had gotten better, I thought she was going to make it. But she wasn't. The cancer had returned and she had lost her will to fight; she was in her final days. That was why they wanted to get in touch with the former students, they wanted us to say our goodbyes.

I called Tanya's phone right away. No answer so I left a message, awkwardly trying to tell her I wanted to say hello but not trying to discuss the fact that she was dying. I hung up and got a text a few minutes later. It was a twp part text, before I had an iPhone and often texts that were too long would be sent in two parts.

(1/2) 'Hi Grace, it's Tim. Tanya is resting right now, she's not feeling well these days. But send her an email because I read them to her every day and she would love to hear from you...' (2/2) 'She actually just woke up, I told her you called and she was so excited, she sends you her love and she hopes you're doing well.'

Tanya never got to read my email because she passed away that next night. I spoke to Tim a few days later and he was a mess. I saw him a few weeks later when he came to visit me at my college. He was visiting all the people that were close to Tanya, making his way around the country. He told me that before Tanya passed away she had said that she was going to become an angel and play tricks on all her friends. Tim laughed as he told me. He admitted that he had experienced a few things that made him feel she was still close by. It helped him cope with everything at the time.

About a year later it was Thanksgiving morning of 2010 and I was sleeping at my parents' house. I was awoken by the sound of a text. I rolled over and looked at my phone and suddenly my heart skipped a beat and I shot up in bed. There it was, right in front of me, part two of the text I had gotten almost a year before, 'She actually just woke up, I told her you called and she was so excited, she sends you her love and she hopes you're doing well.' But the only difference was that I didn't recognize the number, it was a local area code but I knew it wasn't Tanya's number because I still had her saved in my phone. I called Tim a little while later, I asked him if he knew who the number belonged to.

After I read him the number he was understandably confused. You see, it belonged to a man named Joe. Joe was how Tim and Tanya originally met. He is a mentally and physically handicapped man that both Tim and Tanya spent time as a caretaker for. Joe is confined to a wheelchair, has a low IQ, and needs help to complete most of his daily tasks. And the number was his, but that didn't make much sense. Joe cannot send texts or receive texts with his phone. He has a phone that remains clipped to the side of his belt and he has three numbers saved in speed dial, which are his caretakers and 911. Tim had to teach Joe how to press the right buttons to call the numbers in case of an emergency. There was no way that Joe could have texted me, let alone the exact text that I had gotten a year before. The phone doesn't send texts, and Joe cannot read or write. Since Tim was still a caretaker for Joe at that time he checked on it for me, and later that day told me that there was nothing in the phone to indicate that someone had texted me from it.

Tim and I never figured out how I got that text from Joe's number. I still don't have a logical explanation for the text I received that day. I was always okay with that though, because to me it felt as if that text was Tanya's way of saying goodbye."

Signs That He Is Still Around

From Iwant2believe__:

"My best friend took his life in 2013. I started getting 'signs' from him all the time. His favorite songs on the radio (obscure songs that wouldn't be played normally), things in the house, etc. He used to put pennies on heads in the corners of his room as a silly good-luck thing. I started finding pennies on heads in the corners of my room. I had a really hard time with his passing and went to a therapist who referred me to a medium.

He said my friend had come through to speak to me. I knew it was my friend coming through because the medium told me things about him that no one could know or research, including very private things about how he was found, etc. He told me that he loved me and would be around for me and help me with my struggles. The medium told me that he plays songs on the radio for me, which I noticed before I even went to the medium! The medium even said that my friend knows I have noticed the things he does for me. I fully believe that he is around. I can feel him."

Mom Stayed Around For A Bit After Death

From summerfield85:

"My mom passed away on a Tuesday. On Wednesday, I was home alone when phone rang. When I picked up phone, I distinctly heard my mom's voice saying, 'Lo? Lo?' I said 'Mom?' Then, they disconnected.

Lo is a nickname that my mom used for me. She was the only person who called me that. And it was very definitely her NY accent, her timbre, her voice.

There were other phenomena in the two weeks following. Items related to my mom, flew across the room twice. One of those, a bracelet, happened in front of two people."


An Answering Machine Message

From Agua61:

"I had a message left on a 1990ish answering machine that I very strongly suspect was left by my deceased father.

Okay, here's the event. I'm leaving out a lot of details because it would make me easily identifiable to anyone who knew me during these events.

In 2005, my 79-year-old dad was diagnosed with a terminal illness. He lived in the town I grew up in, about 140 miles from where I live now, but not in the house I grew up in. My mom died in 1999, he remarried, and moved into his new wife's house.

As they get towards the end of life, they're really helpless. My stepmother, being three years older than my dad, absolutely could not care for him when he got to this stage. We knew that was coming, so I arranged to take a leave of absence in the fall of 2006 when he started having difficulty caring for himself. I moved back into the old house I grew up in, cleaned it up, aired it out, and I moved dad in and cared for him until he died in the house around the end of that year.

Gathering myself together, mentally and physically, I returned back to the office following the New Year's holiday. In February of that year, two months after he passed on, I finally made partner with the law firm after being there close to a decade. I know my dad would have been very proud and I expressed to family, friends, and folks at the office several times that I wished he'd been alive to see this.

Having inherited the old home place and the land that accompanied it, I ended up going up there every two weeks during the summers to cut the grass.

Many months went by, perhaps a year, and I'd well given up wondering if dad would contact me. Nothing at all happened in the house. I came in one Friday night and, as was not uncommon, there were messages on the old answering machine. Usually, they were just robo-calls from a politician or recorded marketing pitches. I went through them, erasing them as I went, until I got to a very peculiar one.

It was very garbled sounding. You could tell it was a man's voice, but it sounded like the voice itself was static. Trying to spell it out phonetically and breaking it syllabically, the voice is saying, 'wa hu uh rah- u-lay you ah... May-hee pah-ah.' There is another voice in the background saying two words: 'yeah, yeah.' Yes, it sounded like one of those EVP recordings (I will never try to make one of those). If this was a spirit voice, my super intelligent wife and I believe it was saying 'want to [con]gratulate you on making partner.' We are convinced that is what the voice is trying to say. If it wasn't a spirit voice, it was a horrible, horrible connection - not even a voice box for people with tracheotomies is that garbled sounding (and it didn't have that droning sound either) - it really didn't sound like what I associate with a bad connection in that the message wasn't broken up as if the call was dropping out."

She Only Heard Static On The Line

From Waitsthegreat:

"My aunt passed away from various illnesses she had been battling all her life. She was in her 50s and both her parents out lived her. So one morning about 7 AM my Grandma (aunt's mother) gets a phone call. The caller ID said it was my aunt calling. When she was alive, that was the normal time for her to call almost every day. My Grandma answered and could only hear static, but she stayed on the line repeating her daughter's name until the call was disconnected on the other side."

A Call From "Emily"

From americanrootpaste:

"Six years or so ago a customer came in with a Samsung A707 (an old red flip phone). She looked shaken up. I worked at At&T at the time, and was used to people being pissed off or upset.

The first thing this gal told me was that I was going to think she was crazy. I worked at an inner city cell phone store where the strange and the odd often frequented. This woman didn't strike me as unstable. In fact, she reminded me of my aunt.

She told me that she worked in a funeral home. That this phone was her personal phone and that she didn't use it all that often. She told me several days before that point she had received a call from a gentlemen needing to use the funeral homes services. After the call she went about the day business as usual. When she was leaving she received a phone call on her cell. The name on the screen said 'Emily.'

This didn't seem strange to me. The lady continued telling me how she only had a few names saved in her address book. She didn't recall and Emily being saved in it. For those who don't know in order for a name to pop up on an incoming call, the name would have to be saved in the address book.

This is when the women really started looking disconcerted. She tossed the phone on the counter which shook me out of my lulled state. She started getting a little loud and said that any person that calls her now, the phone numbers caller ID says 'Emily.'
She said even numbers that weren't saved. I confirmed this by calling from my own cell phone and then from our store phone, 'Emily' came up for both. I also checked the address book to make sure my co-workers weren't messing with me. Nope just three numbers, none labeled 'Emily.' I checked the additional information to see if the name 'Emily' was in any of them. Nothing.

I was a little perplexed, but I didn't then and still don't know much about software, just that bugs could happen. Never on a basic phone like that, but that was the only thing I could think of.

I told the lady of my thought process. She said something along the lines of 'Yes, that makes sense.' Why the name Emily? 'That was the name of the recently deceased. The man that called - the one I told you about, was calling for a person named Emily.'

Her saying this sent a tingle up my spine. It didn't and doesn't make any sense. Trying to think of something logical I made sure to ask whether the incoming call was on her cell. She said the call was for the funeral home and was made to the office phone there.

I had a warranty phone sent to her and never heard anything more."

The Voicemail Showed Up, But There Was No Missed Call

From TheHallsofTara:

"Here is a story that I have not shared before because honestly - it creeps me out. I don’t like thinking about it. I don’t like the things it implies about the nature of the universe we inhabit, and it fills me with existential dread. It also happens to involve a friend’s suicide, so it’s not the easiest thing in the world to talk about, even without the paranormal stuff.

About seven years ago, my friend Dave blew his brains out with a shotgun. Tragic though it was, it wasn’t much of a shock for those of us who knew him; the dude had always had some serious issues with depression and he had threatened to end his life before, many times. Add to this the fact that he had recently separated from his wife and had moved back in with his brother and was using meth again, and… yeah. The writing was pretty much on the wall.

About three weeks after his death, his widow, Jessica - who happens to be my best friend - came to see me. She was clearly upset. She shoves her cellphone into my hand and tells me that I need to hear this voicemail. She doesn’t tell me anything else about it. So I listen to it.

It was static. But underneath the static there was a voice. It sounded like it was coming from far away and across a very bad connection.

It was Dave’s voice. I would have recognized his gruff baritone anywhere.

And he was shouting my friend’s name over and over again: 'Jessica!....Hey, Jessica!...Hey!.. Jessica!'

Hearing his voice, knowing that he was almost a month in the ground, and the fact that he sounded so desperate and afraid made my blood run cold.

I handed the phone back to Jessica and just kind of stared at her stupidly for a moment. 'That was Dave,' I finally said, when I could speak.

'I know,' she said.

The voicemail had apparently just shown up in her voicemail inbox, with no record of a missed call and no phone number attached to it.

We both listened to it again three or four times, just to be sure, but when Jessica went to show someone else a few days later, she was surprised to discover that it had spontaneously deleted itself. It was just gone.

About a week-or-so after that, my ex-husband, Ivan, stopped by to drop off our son for a shared custody arrangement. He had been Dave’s best friend since childhood, so even though things were kind of tense between the two of us, I wanted to let him know how sorry I was, and that he shouldn’t blame himself for not being there. We talked about Dave for a few minutes, and I mentioned the strange voicemail that Jessica had gotten. Far from being shocked like I thought he would, he simply nodded knowingly.

'I got one, too.' He said. 'Same thing. Static, but his voice, underneath that. Only he was screaming my name instead of Jessica’s. And my phone actually showed that the voicemail - and a few other missed calls - came from Dave’s cell phone. I never heard the phone ring, though. And this was all weeks after he died.'

I was pretty disturbed by this, so I began casting about for explanations. Was it possible that Dave’s phone was still functioning? Maybe his brother was carrying it around in his back pocket and butt-dialing it? Maybe the family hadn’t turned it off yet? Ivan rejected each proposed explanation, since he had already investigated. Apparently, Dave’s family had terminated his phone service within a couple of days of his death. It should have been impossible for that phone to make any calls. And while butt-dialing might explain how a dead person’s phone could make calls weeks after the owner’s death, it doesn’t really explain those voicemails.

I asked Ivan if I could listen to the voicemail on his phone, but he shook his head.

'It’s gone,' he said. 'It just disappeared after a few days. So did the record of the missed calls from Dave’s number. I went to show them to somebody, and they suddenly weren’t there.'

It’s been many years, but thinking about that voicemail still makes me break out in goosebumps. It was frightening to me for many reasons. For one thing, I don’t like thinking that my friend Dave, who was so tormented in life, would continue to be so in death. I don’t like how he sounded in that voicemail. He sounded terrified.

I struggle with depression myself, and there have been times in the years since when I have found myself staring over a literal or proverbial ledge, contemplating ending it all. But always, the memory of that voicemail, and of Dave’s voice, will come to me.

And I talk myself down.

Because wherever Dave was calling from, I don’t want to end up there."

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The plane crash Juliane Koepcke survived is a scenario that comes out of a universal source of nightmares. You're traveling in an airplane, tens of thousands of feet above the Earth, and the unthinkable happens. Be it engine failure, a sudden fire, or some other form of catastrophe that causes a plane to go down, the prospect of death must seem certain for those on board. 

When you hear the nearly unbelievable stories of those who manage to survive these horrifying air disasters, it's hard to not consider the astronomical odds involved in their lives being spared. Juliane Koepcke was the lone survivor of the 1971 LANSA Flight 508 plane crash that killed 91 passengers and crew.

After living through an unfathomable three-mile freefall, Koepcke – then 17 years old – survived 11 days in the punishing Peruvian rainforest before finally reaching help. It's a remarkable story of defying the odds, but just how did Juliane Koepcke make it? Like others who have managed to survive in isolation, she did it with some of the most ridiculously hardcore inner strength, determination, and grit that have ever been demonstrated.

Juliane Koepcke: The Sole Plane Crash Survivor Forced To Live In The Jungle,

The Koepckes Knew LANSA Had A Poor Reputation As An Airline

Juliane and her mother, Maria, had been living in Lima while she completed high school. At the time, her father was at a research outpost in Pucallpa, deep in the Amazonian rainforest. In a rushed attempt to spend Christmas together, Maria and Juliane boarded a last-minute flight on December 24th on LANSA Airlines. 

Traveling during the holidays – especially last minute – usually means sacrifices; one tends to overlook some things (prices, flight times, etc.) out of desperation. In the case of the Koepcke's ill-fated itinerary, they were aware that LANSA had a poor safety record and had suffered two recent crashes.

In a 2009 interview with CNN, Juliane spoke tragically of their travel decision: "We knew the airline had a bad reputation, but we desperately wanted to be with my father for Christmas, so we figured it would be alright."

She Graduated High School Just Hours Before Takeoff

Juliane Koepcke was born in Lima, Peru, in 1954. Her father, Hans-Wilhelm, was an esteemed zoologist, and her mother, Maria, was a renowned ornithologist. Though she was born a German national, her parents' careers in science had led to them spending much of Juliane's childhood at remote research stations in Peru. 

Juliane boarded LANSA Flight 508 on December 24, 1971, mere hours after graduating from her Peruvian high school. A gifted student who graduated early, it was the education Koepcke received from spending time with her parents in the rainforest that would come to save her life. 

Survival Instincts Brought Her Downstream

Already incredibly lucky to be alive, Juliane Koepcke had another ace up her sleeve – she knew how to survive in the rainforest. Having spent significant time with her parents at remote research stations, her father had taught her that if you are lost, you should find and follow a creek because it will lead to a bigger body of water, and that's where you'll find help. 

The day after the crash, Koepcke began wading downstream in a nearby creek; it was not a journey without hazards, and it would be days before she was found, but her father's advice ultimately proved invaluable given that this strategy led her to a boat.

She Used Gasoline To Heal A Wound Infected With Maggots

While what Juliane Koepcke survived could easily be described as a nightmare, one particular part of her journey to survival is horrifying to a degree that defies description. While swimming downstream in an attempt to find help, Koepcke noticed that a cut on her arm had become severely infected. The wound had been open long enough for flies to lay eggs in it, and maggots began hatching under her skin and eating a hole in her arm. 

In fear that she would lose her arm, Koepcke recalled that her dog had suffered a similarly disgusting ordeal, and, after discovering a boat, she employed the same technique that was used to treat the family pet. After using a ring to make an incision in the wound, she poured gasoline from the boat's engine into it, forcing the maggots out. Through the excruciating pain, she extracted a nauseating 30 maggots, which was only most of them – the rest were removed by doctors after her rescue.

Her Insect Bites Were So Painful She Couldn't Sleep

The rainforest can be an inhospitable place for humans. While snakes and a host of other animals can pose a lethal threat, insects can also wreak havoc on human flesh. In the days after the crash, Koepcke found herself ravaged by ants, bees, beetles, and flies, whose bites rapidly became infected. Already suffering from exhaustion, her insect bites became so painful that she could not sleep, so she began a daily regimen of swimming as much as possible during the day and lying awake on the banks in sleepless agony at night. 

Sadly, Her Mother Briefly Survived The Crash Too

After regaining consciousness from the crash, a frightened 17-year-old Juliane Koepcke cried out for her mother, but her calls went unanswered. As she pressed on to find help, she examined any bodies she came across from the crash, but she never found her mother. 

Several days after Juliane had been rescued, her mother's body was found. Tragically, it was concluded that she too had survived the crash, but her injuries were too severe for her to move, and she passed on after a couple of days of quiet suffering.

She Survived A 10,000 Foot Fall

On Christmas Eve of 1971, Juliane Koepcke was flying with her mother over the Peruvian rainforest when their plane was struck by lightning. Panic began to fill the cabin of LANSA Flight 508 as an engine failed, and the plane started rapidly losing altitude. Koepcke would later recall her mother's grimly resigned final words: "That is the end, it's all over."

At some point, the aircraft broke up in mid air, sending Koepcke and her fellow passengers hurtling down towards Earth from some 10,000 feet. Koepcke crashed through the canopy and landed on the forest floor below, where she survived, merely suffering a broken collarbone and some deep cuts. 

While Waiting For Help, She Survived On Candy

Coming to and attempting to regain her strength, Koepcke looked for any form of sustenance she could find. Though she was able to locate a nearby creek as a source of fresh water, food was scarce, and she survived on a bag of candy she had found in the plane's wreckage. 

Once she had finished the sweets, she knew she would need to be discovered before she succumbed to starvation, so she bravely pressed on through the Peruvian jungle. 

It Took 11 Days For Her To Be Found

After surviving the crash and being left stranded in the remote reaches of the Peruvian rainforest, it took an additional 11 days for Juliane Koepcke to be rescued. With a broken collarbone, one eye swollen shut (the other significantly blurred, as her glasses were lost in the crash), and countless lacerations and bruises, she floated down a river, dodging snakes, alligators, piranhas, and devil rays along the way. It's a remarkable and incredibly unlikely story of survival.

After finding a boat and waiting near it for help to arrive, she was finally discovered by some local fishermen, who fed her and reunited her with her father. 

OK, But How On Earth Did She Survive That Fall?

The odds of surviving a 10,000-foot free fall are obviously not great. It's speculated that Juliane Koepcke's miraculous feat of survival is due to one of the simplest safety precautions there is – she was wearing her seatbelt

By remaining strapped in, Koepcke was fastened to an entire row of seats, the shape of which likely slowed her fall. She was also extremely fortunate to land in some very thick foliage, but there has never been a fully satisfying, concrete explanation of just how that fall didn't kill her (not to mention barely even injuring her at all). 

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<![CDATA[Real Cops Who Stood Up To Corruption In Their Departments (And What Happened To Them)]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/police-department-whistleblowers-against-corruption/brent-sprecher?source=rss

Police officers have a bond like no other - both to each other and their communities.  Sometimes called the "thin blue line," officers are sworn to protect people against the horrible things of the world. But what happens when that bond is broken, and police officers aren't the ones stopping crime but creating it? Sadly, there are plenty of examples of cops who committed heinous crimes, and often the only reason these rogue cops are caught is thanks to whistleblowers in police departments. 

These whistleblower cops should be counted among the most honorable and noble police officers because of their dedication to justice. These anti-corruption cops were against the misdeeds of their fellow officers, and fought against the system when they saw something wrong. Some of them were hailed as heroes, while the others paid dire consequences. 

Real Cops Who Stood Up To Corruption In Their Departments (And What Happened To Them),

A Cop Who Released Tapes of Corruption Was Thrown In The Psych Ward

Officer Adrian Schoolcraft felt there was something wrong in his Brooklyn precinct, but he didn't know what to do about it. He decided to carry around a digital audio recorder at all times and capture as much evidence of what he believed was top-to-bottom corruption in the NYPD.

From June 1, 2008, to October 31, 2009, Schoolcraft recorded hundreds of hours of audio from within the precinct and out on the streets. His recordings revealed cops in his precinct were expected to meet quotas for stop-and-frisks and arrests or face punishment. Commanding officers instructed beat cops to neglect some robbery reports to manipulate crime statistics, and even intimidated crime victims who filed complaints.

Schoolcraft released the tapes to The Village Voice, which ran a series of damning articles. An investigation opened up that corroborating Schoolcraft's claims. On October 7, 2010, Schoolcraft was interviewed by the Quality Assistance Division for three hours about his allegations. Later that month, after he left work early because he felt sick, he was visited at home by precinct supervisors. He was thrown to the floor, handcuffed, and admitted to the psychiatric ward at Jamaica Hospital against his will.

Schoolcraft was forcibly held at the psych ward for six days. He returned home to find that officers had removed paperwork detailing his grievances against the NYPD's actions. Fortunately for Schoolcraft, the digital audio recorder that initially got him into hot water was running when he was cuffed and taken to the psych ward, proving he was coherent and rational and had refused medical assistance. Schoolcraft sued the city for $50 million for violating his civil rights and finally settled the case for $600,000 in 2015. Only four cops from his precinct received internal disciplinary charges - none were fired or arrested.

The Original Whistleblower Cop Got Shot In The Face And Was Left For Dead

Francesco "Frank" Serpico was one of the original whistleblower cops in modern times. He joined the NYPD in September 1959. During his time in the police academy, Serpico said many of his fellow students complained about being off the streets during their time in school because they were missing out on illegal payoffs called "the nut."

Serpico began speaking about the corruption in the department, and he was reportedly told to "go along" with the other officers. He continued complaining, and was ostracized from the officers he worked with. Realizing he wasn't getting anywhere within the system, Serpico took his story of police corruption to the New York Times, which printed a story in 1970 detailing how corrupt cops were making more than $1 million a year from their shady dealings with drug dealers and gangsters. City Hall demanded an investigation. 

Serpico became even more hated in his department when he testified in June 1970 against fellow officers for taking bribes and receiving payoffs. During a drug arrest attempt in Brooklyn on February 3, 1971, Serpico faced an armed assailant and called for back-up, but the three officers conducting the raid with him failed to respond. The assailant shot Serpico in the face with a .22 pistol, the bullet lodging just below his eye.

Serpico's fellow officers left him to bleed out rather than call in a "Officer Down." After an elderly man who lived in the neighborhood called 911, Serpico made it to the hospital and recovered. He still experiences chronic pain from the bullet fragments lodged in his brain. Serpico received the Medal of Honor, the NYPD's highest honor, in May 1972, and retired from the force a month later. He moved to Europe and spent a decade in Switzerland and the Netherlands. His exploits with the NYPD inspired the Peter Maas book Serpico, and the 1973 film of the same name that earned Al Pacino an Oscar nomination.

A Veteran Officer Lost Her Pension (And Her Teeth) For Stopping Police Brutality

Former Buffalo Police Officer Cariol Horne was a veteran with the department when she stopped one of her fellow police officers from brutalizing a handcuffed suspect. On November 1, 2006, Horne responded to a call of domestic abuse at the home of Neal Mack and found him in handcuffs for resisting arrest.

Horne and nine other officers dragged Mack from his home, at which point Horne claims the arresting officer, Gregory Kwiatkowski, began choking the handcuffed Mack. She told him to stop. Instead of standing down, Kwiatkowski flew into a rage and punched Horne so hard she had to have the bridge in her teeth replaced. Horne was fired and charged with obstruction of justice for interceding. She was two months shy of earning her pension.

It might be small consolation for Horne, but her actions were vindicated when Kwiatkowski was forced to retire from the police department for choking an officer and for an off-duty scuffle with another office. In May 2014, Kwiatowski was indicted for violating the civil rights of several black teen suspects.

The "First And Only Gay Female" Cop On Force Was Fired For Stopping Police Brutality

When a former Bogota, NJ, city council member called police, she was hoping they would assist her emotionally-disturbed son. Instead, they tackled the boy - who never threatened the officers and did not have a weapon - punched him in the head and continued to beat him until 20-year veteran Officer Roberta Tasca stepped in to stop them. The boy's mother later commended Officer Tasca saying: "I appreciate you protecting him when the other officers attacked him. I can't figure out what I would have done without you on the scene."

Rather than start an investigation into the excessive violence, which was caught on dash cam and in photos taken by the boy's mother, the Bogota Police Department suspended Tasca and told her to turn in her weapon. No charges were ever filed against the offending officers and Tasca told a local news station she was fired for doing the right thing. Tasca was the first female officer to work at the Bogota Police Department, and the "first and only gay female" officer, which she believes factored in her firing.

Tosca filed a federal lawsuit for wrongful termination and won the case. The presiding superior court judge invalidated her firing, ruling that the then-mayor and then-councilman who had decided her fate had conflicts of interest and should have been recused from disciplinary matters regarding Tasca's termination and ordered that she be reinstated and given back pay.

A Whistleblower Cop's Life Was Threatened With Arson

Scott Germond wanted nothing more in life than to serve and protect. He worked for the Chenango County Corrections Division and then landed his dream job with the Norwich Police Department (NPD) in 2014. As soon as he started at the NPD, Germond was asked by a commanding officer to help him get another officer fired. Germond wouldn't do it and suddenly he did not "fit the norm" and became the target of harassment from his fellow officers.

When Germond reported the misconduct within the department to the city, things really started to heat up. One of the accused officers got "violently confrontational" and another threatened to burn down Germond's house and kill him. The commanding officer who asked Germond to get another officer fired was relieved of duty, but the harassment continued and even worsened.

When fellow officers told Germond they would not back him up in dangerous situations on the job, he was diagnosed with PTSD and took a medical leave. "I took an oath to protect and serve the public," Germond said in June 2016. "I’m not going to uphold the 'blue line' when people are doing things they shouldn’t. My ethics are better than that."

Patrol Partners Exposed Corruption And Paid The Price

Beginning in the early 2000s, suspicions arose that members of the Chicago Police Department's (CPD) Second District were shaking down drug dealers and pocketing the cash. Officers Shannon Spalding and Daniel Echeverria went undercover in a joint CPD and FBI investigation to find evidence of the claims.

In February 2012, tactical unit Sgt. Ronald Watts and tactical team officer Kallat Mohamed were arrested after being videotaped taking money from a drug dealer, who was actually an undercover informant. The department called the case closed, despite rumors more than a half dozen other cops were involved in illegal activity - including two unsolved homicides.

The investigation was stopped after the arrest of Watts and Mohamed. In an interview with NBC 5, Spalding said she was told the investigation was "too big" and included too many high-ranking officers. Spalding and Echeverria were ostracized and intimidated after their role in the undercover investigation was intentionally leaked within the department. "My life, my safety my freedom was threatened," Spalding said. "I was subjected to daily harassment."

The two officers filed a civil rights lawsuit against the CPD and a third officer stepped forward to corroborate their claims. Spalding and Echeverria were given dead-end assignments and supervisors instructed other officers in their unit to ignore their calls for backup. A sergeant was heard saying Spalding "better wear her bulletproof vest" or she might "go home in a casket." In November 2016, the city of Chicago settled the with Spalding and Echeverria, awarding them $2 million.

A "Rat" Cop Who Fought Police Misconduct Was Forced To Quit

Before Baltimore became synonymous with police brutality in the wake of the death of Freddie Gray in 2015, one officer attempted to blow the whistle on police misconduct and paid the price for it. Baltimore Police Department officer Joseph Crystal reported a fellow officer for beating a suspect while in custody and he was harassed for being a "rat" and eventually forced out of the department.

Crystal was working a drug arrest in October 2011 where a suspect threw away what his fellow officers believed were drugs. They pursued the man and later found them hiding in the home of an officer's girlfriend. According to Crystal, the suspect, while still handcuffed, was taken out of the police wagon and back into the house where he was found, at which point an off-duty officer proceeded to beat the man.

Crystal did what any honorable officer would do and reported the misconduct. After cooperating with prosecutors, Crystal became the target of harassment by his fellow officers, who called him "rat" and even left a dead rat on his car.

Feeling the Baltimore Police Department had become a hostile workplace environment, Crystal quit the force and filed a $5 million lawsuit contending that "nothing has come of the investigation into what the department did and allowed to continue to happen to plaintiff for whistleblowing police misconduct." The city eventually settled with Crystal for $42,000, a paltry sum in light of the stress he was subjected to and the loss of his career and reputation.

A Trooper Who Arrested Cop For Speeding Is Driven Out Of Town

Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Donna "Jane" Watts was patrolling a section of her highway on October 11th, 2011, when she was passed by a Miami Police Department cruiser traveling at an alarming speed without its emergency lights or siren. When the cruiser continued to weave through traffic at nearly 120 miles an hour, she attempted to pull the driver over. Rather than finding a car thief on a joy ride, Trooper Watts found the driver to be Miami Police Officer Fausto Lopez.

Officer Lopez was defensive initially, but attempted to apologize when Trooper Watts put handcuffs on him. On the dashcam footage of the incident, Trooper Watts can be heard telling Officer Lopez that she is tired of Miami PD driving recklessly. Officer Lopez was charged with misdemeanor reckless driving, but the trouble was only beginning.

Soon after the incident, Trooper Watts was subjected to a constant stream of "gang-like harassment," from threatening phone calls to police cruisers idling outside of her house. She filled a public records request and discovered her person information had been accessed more than 200 times from officers in 25 different jurisdictions. The gang of stalkers turned out to be corrupt police officers who were angry that Watts arrested an officer.

In 2014, Watts's attorney filed a lawsuit that listed privacy grievances against 100 officers, as well as 200 unidentified violators from different governmental agencies. The lawsuit brought to light many off-duty police officers speeding in South Florida, and earned the South Florida Sun Sentinel a Pulitzer Prize for its investigation into the matter. In 2016, the Broward County Sheriff's Office settled the lawsuit with Trooper Watts, who continues to work for the Florida Highway Patrol as a traffic homicide investigator.

A Rookie Cop Fired For Reporting Abuse Of Prostitutes And False Arrests

Shanna Lopez wanted to be a cop since she was four years old. She worked hard, studied hard, and even sacrificed her marriage for the job, only to find out as a rookie cop with the Dallas Police Department (DPD) that the law was being trampled by the very officers sworn to uphold it.

In Dallas, male cops are not allowed to search female suspects, so she was often called to assist one of four male cops known as "old heads" who typically searched sex workers. The old heads were abusive to the sex workers, and Lopez said she "became tired, angry, and eventually numb to the daily verbal abuse I heard directed at the women." Lopez also learned they would use the county database to pull up the names and addresses of known sex workers and write them tickets without having witnessed any infractions. When she mentioned the practice to one of her supervisors, he told her that it was illegal, but did not pursue the matter.

Her supervisor apparently did make inquiries, however, because she was immediately ostracized for "talking s***" about "illegal arrests and other activities." She completed her training and received a commendation, but two days later she was placed on administrative leave. Shortly thereafter, she was told her supervisors did not have faith in her and she was effectively fired.

After she left the DPD, several other cops came forward to speak out about the old heads and their bogus tickets, falsification of evidence, and abuse of suspects. In March 2007, three of the four old heads Lopez had mentioned to her supervisor were reportedly being investigated for misconduct. In 2015, one of the old heads, Senior Cpl. David Kattner, was arrested for sexually assaulting a sex worker, which Lopez said seemed like a "natural progression" for him. With much of her earlier statements now corroborated, Lopez was allowed to reapply to the DPD if she agreed she wouldn't sue the department for firing her. She did so and was denied admittance to the DPD.

A Florida Cop Was Fired After Blowing The Whistle On Racial Profiling

Racial profiling is a controversial (and illegal) practice used by some law enforcement officers throughout the country. One of the biggest methods police use to racially profile is through stop-and-frisks, where civilians can be temporarily detained and questioned without probable cause. According to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), racial profiling is rampant in Florida. So when Officer Jose Rosado observed the practice first hand at his own Miami Gardens Police Department (MGPD), he decided to blow the whistle on the department and he was fired for speaking out.

Rosado had worked for the MGPD for seven years before he was terminated in June 2015. While working on the Crime Suppression Team (CST), Rosado claims the team conducted "countless" stop-and-frisks without "the reasonable articulable suspicion and/or probable cause required" and that he was ordered to conduct those illegal activities himself. Believing he was protected by the Whistleblower Protection Act, Rosado sent a disclosure documenting the policies of the CST and of his supervisor, Major Anthony Chapman. Just over one year later, Rosado was fired.

Believing his firing was retaliation for speaking out, Rosado filed a lawsuit against the city for violating the Whistleblower Protection Act by firing him. In his affidavit, Rosado claimed Major Chapman told the department that "all crimes in the city were being committed by black males ages 15 to 30" and that the MGPD "needed to stop all such males." He further claimed Major Chapman told officers to perform a version of stop-and-frisks called "field contacts" of "black males even if they were in front of their house."

As of May 2017, the lawsuit is still ongoing.

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Anyone who has backpacked across a country has stayed in at least one hostel and has probably heard hundreds of hostel horror stories. But you'd never think that something truly awful is going to happen to you. The travelers who experienced the scary hostel stories that are collected here (mostly) lived through some of the most frightening situations that anyone will ever face – from women being dragged out of their hostels and gang raped to cannibal roommates eating a victim after a night spent clubbing. These true stories about hostels might keep you at home for the rest of your life.

There’s a certain freedom that comes with living out of your backpack. You don’t have to be anywhere, and you can experience the world however you want. But if you’re trying to save money while being a backpacker, you do have to stay in a hostel – those inexpensive shared room motels that we’ve all been warned against. Scary things that happened in hostels aren’t like what happens in the best Eli Roth-produced horror movies. There are no evil businessmen twirling their mustaches, but there are a regular amount of suicides and so many alleged rapes that you’ll want to start staying at the Marriott when you travel.

Horrifying Crimes And Events From Hostels Around The World,

Grenade Thrown At German Hostel

In a good news/bad news situation, a live grenade was thrown at a migrant hostel in southwestern Germany in January 2016. The grenade was found during the night near a group of buildings that house 170 people in the town of Villingen-Schwenningen. Its pin had been pulled out, but the explosives failed to detonate. Police spokesman Thomas Kalmbach said it was "just luck" that no one was hurt.

Welsh Cannibal Eats A Girl Before Being Tasered To Death

At a hostel for the homeless in Argoed, South Wales, Matthew Williams allegedly met a woman, brought her back to his hostel (ladies, never go back to the HOSTEL), then killed her before eating one of her eyeballs and parts of her face. After being alerted to the scene by security at the hostel, police forced entry into Williams's room, tasered him with 50,000 volts of electricity, and essentially killed him. 

Paramedic Attacked Outside Hostel

While treating a 21-year-old male French tourist outside of a hostel in Queensland, Australia, in September 2016, a female paramedic was punched in the face by the patient, who appeared to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. When she retreated to her ambulance, he dragged her out of the vehicle and continued to beat her until he could be subdued. 

People Get Sick After Tear Gas Shells Open In Hostel

In a hostel at the Lala Lajpat Rai Medical College in India, 20 girls fell ill after two tear gas shells rolled into their common areas. The riot control police were undergoing a mock drill in the area, and, as they were lobbing tear gas shells, two of them fell in the hostel after the wind's direction changed. The girls were admitted to the medical college hospital where they made a full recovery. 

Hostel Warden Rapes 14 Girls

At a hostel in Likabai, India, 14 girls, all of whom were minors, were allegedly raped by the hostel's warden over the course of three years. The assaults were allowed to go on for so long because not only did the warden threaten the girls with worse violence if they told on him, but their school's principal also helped cover up the entire thing in order to make the school seem like a charming place to visit. 

Hardline Islamists Storm Hostel To Stop Women from Dancing

In April 2013, a group of hardline Islamists threw stones and bottles at young women who were dancing and listening to music in preparation for a performance at a student hostel in Tunis. After the attack, one of the students told Reuters, "[they] smashed windows on our building and threw stones and bottles at the students, stopping the performance." The attack lasted for nearly an hour before the assailants fled. 

University Student Found Dead

A 19-year-old student who was pursuing a degree at SRM University in Chennai, India, allegedly hung himself from the ceiling of the hostel where he was staying. The body was recovered on the morning of October 17, 2016,  after one of his roommates complained of a foul smell emanating from his locked room.

Teen Sets Herself On Fire

On the afternoon of October 18, 2016, a 16-year-old student of Sri Chaitanya College in Hyderabad, India, set herself on fire in her hostel room after calling her mother and begging to be allowed to leave. There was no suicide note. Only her final phone call home provides any clues as to what might've been going though her head. 

Woman Stabbed To Death Outside Of Australian Hostel

What's happening with Australian hostels? It seems like it's more dangerous to be outside of them than it is to be inside. In August 2016, a Frenchman shouted "Allahu Akbar" before stabbing a a British woman to death and attacking two more people in a Sydney hostel. One of the men that was attacked later died from his injuries. Despite initial thoughts that this was the work of a lone wolf extremist, police later discovered that the attacker was infatuated with the woman he murdered. 

Peeping Tom Caught In NTU Hostel

On the morning of October 13, 2016, a resident of Nanyang Technological University’s (NTU) student hostel in Singapore was caught taking videos of male students while they showered. After apprehending the man, authorities claimed that they found close to 66 videos of young men showering on the suspect's mobile phone. The suspect allegedly tried to delete all of the videos from his phone before he was apprehended. 

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<![CDATA[13 Incredibly Nice Things Eminem Has Done That Prove He's A Great Guy]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/nice-things-eminem-has-done-for-fans/brandon-michaels?source=rss

Marshall Mathers. Eminem. Slim Shady. Those names may all refer to the same person, but they really exemplify three different personalities. Slim Shady is the angry white boy who shouted, "Bleed, bitch, bleed!" Eminem is the rapper who spit, "School flunky, pill junkie/But look at the accolades the skills brung me/Full of myself but still hungry." But who's Marshall Mathers?

Besides being the real-life man behind these musical personas, Mathers is the one who does the most for charity, though he likes to keep his philanthropy quiet. The list of nice things Eminem has done is surprisingly long. He's donated to charities that support youth, prisoners, and AIDS research. He also keeps in touch with his fans, giving them special shout-outs on social media or visiting them when they're seriously ill.

As aggressive as he is onstage, Eminem seems like a softie when he's not performing. These inspiring good deeds and Eminem stories will make his fans love him even more.

13 Incredibly Nice Things Eminem Has Done That Prove He's A Great Guy,

He Sent A Personal Message To A Creative Super-Fan

In July 2015, Teejay Stainer, a 10-year-old boy from the United Kingdom, showed off a picture of his custom Eminem prosthetic leg. The Eminem super-fan posted the photo to Facebook, hoping that the rapper would somehow see it.

Through the power of social media, Eminem did eventually see Stainer's fan art. He sent the boy a signed copy of his album Recovery with a personal message: "To Teejay. I saw your pic and read your message! Thanks for the support!"

He Visited A Terminally Ill Teen

In January 2015, 17-year-old Gage Garmo was battling osteosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer, in Detroit. After three years of struggling with the illness, he was told he had only a week to live. His dying wish was to meet his favorite hometown rapper, Eminem. The rapper hopped a flight from Atlanta, and made it to Garmo's bedside less than 24 hours before he passed away. Eminem spent two hours with the boy, and his only condition for the meet-and-greet was that no press be present, for Garmo's privacy.

He Gave To A Rikers Island Prison Program

Eminem uses his success to help others succeed as they rejoin society after having paid their debts. In 2004, the Marshall Mathers Foundation gave $50,000 to the Fresh Start program at Rikers Island prison. The money was used to pay for vocational training and job placement services.

He Did A Super Bowl Ad For A Good Cause

In 2011, Eminem appeared in a Super Bowl commercial for Chrysler. The commercial slogan, "Imported From Detroit," became a powerful marketing campaign, and Eminem didn't want to miss out on an opportunity to do some charity work. So, he and Chrysler teamed up to create a T-shirt with the slogan, and donated a portion of all the proceeds to a variety of Detroit charities that primarily focus on youth outreach.

He Was Santa Claus

In December 2009, Eminem fans were give a unique opportunity to create a special holiday keepsake. The rapper donned the traditional red and white garb of everyone's favorite jolly old elf, and posted photos on his website allowing people to edit themselves in. If fans purchased the images they created, they received autographed copies of the photos, and the proceeds benefited the Marshall Mathers Foundation.

He Promoted A Civil Rights Organization

While amping up for his Monster Tour with Rhianna in May 2014, Eminem decided to use his powers for good once more and turned to his fans for help. Through eBay, Eminem auctioned off five Casio G-Shock watches, tickets to his shows, and an autographed hat. The proceeds benefited Focus: HOPE, "a civil and human rights organization diligently working to bridge the racial and economic divide in southeast Michigan." 

He Partnered With Carhartt To Promote Detroit Pride

In 2014, the Marshall Mathers Foundation partnered with Carhartt for a fundraising event in support of their native Detroit. The organizations sold a limited-edition hoodie, with proceeds benefiting Eminem's charitable organization.

In a statement, a senior marketing official for Carhartt said, "We have been a part of the Detroit area for 125 years, and are proud to partner with organizations like the Marshall Mathers Foundation that shine a positive light on the city."

He Donated $100,000 On Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is an annual event that encourages philanthropy. To mark the occasion in 2013, Eminem agreed to match up to $100,000 in donations to Wolverine Human Services, a Michigan-based organization that offers services to at-risk youth and families. Eminem fans who donated $10 or more had the chance to win autographed swag from the star.

He Quietly Started The Marshal Mathers Foundation

Apparently, Eminem prefers to do his good deeds behind the scenes. According to the secretary for the Marshall Mathers Foundation, Eminem doesn't believe in publicizing his philanthropic work; he just genuinely wants to help. His foundation primarily focuses on at-risk youth in the Detroit area, but also supports some out-of-state organizations, such as the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

He Supports The Troops

Eminem frequently shows his support for the troops, and often dedicates emotional performances of "Not Afraid" to veterans and active service members.

In 2014, Eminem really showed his support and respect for military. When a fan serving in the armed forces reached out to Eminem to ask for an autograph, he reportedly replied, "Sure, if I can have yours."

Tue, 14 Mar 2017 05:18:44 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/nice-things-eminem-has-done-for-fans/brandon-michaels
<![CDATA[20 People Share Stories Of Walking Away From Certain Death Without A Scratch]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/real-people-who-walked-away-from-certain-death-without-a-scratch/lea-rose-emery?source=rss

The closest most people get to a near death experience is usually when they watch a movie. The protagonist somehow escapes a fall, an explosion, and a shower of bullets all unscathed. But as cinematic as these near death stories below sound, they're also quite real. There are real people out there who have their own near death stories, who escaped death by the skin of their teeth, not an easy thing to do. Thanks to their unbelievably good luck, these near death storytellers managed to not get killed unlike other people who thought they were on track to escape death but were tragically killed.

And this group of Reddit users came through all clear. Because while some near death experience stories leave you in the hospital, broken and bruised, wondering how you're still alive, these stories are of the people who made it away scot free - they didn't have a spot on them. Not that you should try recreating any of these scenes at home, instead just enjoy the stories of people who did the death-defying for you and managed to survive by the hood of their hoodie (seriously, it saved a dude's life). They may have brushed with death, but it certainly didn't leave a mark.

20 People Share Stories Of Walking Away From Certain Death Without A Scratch,

Almost Lost Forever At The Seaside

From Bhikkux

"I nearly fell off an exposed stairwell in the south China sea, in the middle of the night, during a storm. No way in hell the lookouts would have spotted me." 

Sticky Hands And A Close Call

From pdolts1010

"This happened last year. My coworkers and I were giving some visitors a tour in a very crowded place in our city that night. My hands were all sticky due to melted ice cream so I told them to go ahead and I'll just catch up later. Just as I was about to buy hand sanitizer from a nearby stall, a bomb exploded just a few feet away from me which instantly killed 13 people. As in literally a few feet away from me. The voice of the woman who saw her dead brother still haunts me to this very day."

It Thankfully Wasn't Loaded

From twixplease

"I was depressed and staying at my boyfriend's house. I woke up and wandered into the game room where I saw some woman's panties and sunglasses balled up under a newspaper. I had already guessed he was cheating on me and now I had proof. I saw one of his guns laying on a small table by the pool table. I picked it up and put it to my head and pulled the trigger. Didn't think twice about it. Fortunately for me, it was not loaded. Never told anyone til now. Left him the next day and glad I did not die over something that stupid.

Right At My Stop

From tulygonen

"I live in Israel. 2004, I was on a bus as a young girl, coming back from school (here we don't really have school buses, we need to use the public ones). It was July, and it was crazy hot. I look around and I see a suspicious looking man, with a long beard, and a big rain coat, holding his stomach. When you live in this kind of environment, you develop this weird intuition. I called my mom and told her about what's going on. She immediately felt protective of her little girl and demanded I'd get off the bus, so I did - a few stops before the one I was supposed to get off at. I got home and sort of forgot about the whole occasion. Later that day, the news was blasting from the TV and I noticed there was a suicide bomber on the same bus I rode, and he exploded at the same stop I was supposed to get off at." 

Just A Rustle

From anonymous

"I was walking along a pedestrian crossing with no cars around, I hear someone call my name, so I stop and look around for a second, and a red car came flying past me. The side-view mirror brushed past my shirt. Had to sit down for a minute and reflect on my life.

I still wonder whether someone [called their name] or not. When I looked around I couldn't find anyone but hey, who knows" 

Near-Miss Decapitation

From topright:

"I was knocked off the back of my dirt bike thanks to the remnants of a wire fence. It wasn't until years later I realized I should've been killed but I was looking down at the time and the chin guard on my full-face helmet was where my exposed neck would've been.

It just did not compute at the time. I got up and rode on."


Hoodie To The Rescue

From Kyzer4689

"I was urban exploring at an abandoned jail during my high school years. We were on the third floor of building and there was a cat walk that was behind/between the cells, so we decided to explore. Below us was a drop of about 40-50+ feet to a bunch of mangled metal and concrete in the basement. As I was walking on the catwalk it rotted off the boards and I began to fall downward. My friend was behind me luckily and grabbed me by my hoody while jumping on the sea-sawing catwalk. I still owe him to this day because I am sure I would have been impaled on something— had the fall not killed me. Needless to say my stupidity would have killed me."

A Not-So-Boring Office Job

From CommieBobDole

"I was working at a normal boring office job, and I needed to come in on a Saturday to get some work done. So I parked in the parking deck and got in the elevator to go down to the first floor. The elevator was sort of old and crappy, and I'd seen people working on it on-and-off, all week

I get in and everything goes normally until I reach the first floor. As the elevator settles into place, I hear this loud metallic clanging from somewhere far above me, followed by a loud scraping noise that's obviously something sliding down the side of the shaft at free-fall speed.

During this, the door starts to open, and I'm gripped with indecision as to whether I should leap out of the elevator or take my chances where I am. I decide to run for it, but about half a second later my decision is made for me when a large steel panel, maybe 4' by 6', flashes guillotine-like through the space between the open elevator door and hits the bottom of the shaft with a thunderous crash.

And then I step out of the elevator and the doors close like nothing has happened. And of course it turned out the door I was trying to use was locked on the weekend so I had to go back up to where I started from.

I took the stairs.

It turned out later that the guys doing the work had forgotten to re-fasten some sort of panel on some machinery. If I had been half a second faster at deciding what I wanted to do, it would have cut me in half and nobody would have found me until Monday morning."

Trains And Dangerous Games

From anonymous

"When I was about 10-13 my friend and I were riding bikes in our small town. We often would go across the train tracks we had in our town and watch the train go by and what not. Well one day, after riding, I was headed home for dinner. My friend was behind me and heard another train coming. He begged me to go with him one last time. We ended up trying to race the train. He crossed the tracks when the train was maybe 30 yards away. I got to the track when the train was about two to four yards away. I basically almost got hit by a train. Not sure why I decided to cross the tracks. After that I puked from being so scared and went home and cried." 


From bardofbabylon

"I nearly got decapitated. I decided to go tubing in the bay during a windstorm (lots of whitecaps). My friend did this slingshot maneuver, where you turn the boat hard and the rope goes slack then suddenly whips you forward. Well, a wave knocked me off the tube and while in the water, the loose rope coiled around my neck and in a split second I ducked underwater right before the rope snapped tight. We went right home after that. I was done."

Tue, 07 Feb 2017 09:18:46 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/real-people-who-walked-away-from-certain-death-without-a-scratch/lea-rose-emery
<![CDATA[9 Messed Up Facts About Eminem's Troubled Upbringing]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/messed-up-things-about-eminems-early-life/brandon-michaels?source=rss

Marshall Mathers, known by stage names such as Eminem or Slim Shady, has an admittedly troubled past. His father abandoned his family, his mother was addicted to drugs and alcohol, and he had a slew of deadbeat, part-time step-fathers in his early life. All these hardships fired the furnace that resulted in the best Eminem songs and albums. 

Most of Eminem's early life was spent in a trailer park, where he rapped by himself or with his Uncle Ronnie. Etched in loving memory as one of Eminem's tattoos, Uncle Ronnie was an influential figure in Em's life, providing one of the only stable relationships in the rapper's childhood. Ronnie committed suicide in 1991, delivering a devastating blow to the young Eminem. 

Marshall Mathers's life only got more complicated as he grew older. He's been with his on-again-off-again wife Kim since high school. They've been married and divorced twice, with multiple children (both biological and adopted).

Glimpses of Eminem's messed up childhood can be seen through his lyrics, interviews, and full-length feature film about his beginnings. Read on to discover the dark and messed up stories about where Eminem is from. 

9 Messed Up Facts About Eminem's Troubled Upbringing,

Eminem Was Frequently Bullied

"I was harassed daily by this fat kid named DeAngelo Bailey/ An eighth-grader who acted obnoxious 'cause his father boxes."

Em moved frequently throughout his childhood, resulting in having to constantly start over when it came to making friends and fitting in. Shady was frequently a target for bullying and violence during his youth. In his song, "Brain Damage," he even calls out a specific bully in his lyrics - DeAngelo Bailey. 

DeAngelo was interviewed about the subject by Rolling Stone and said, "There was a bunch of us that used to mess with him. You know, bully-type things. [...] We flipped him right on his head at recess. When we didn't see him moving, we took off running. We lied and said he slipped on the ice." No wonder Shady put his bullies on blast unabashedly. 

Eminem's Mother Abandoned Him When He Was A Babe, But Came Back To Raise Him

Even though Debbie Mathers accused her husband of abandoning their son, she herself left Marshall to live in the care of a his (paternal) Great Aunt Edna, from 1973 to 1977. Marshall's father found his baby book after the death of his grandmother, Rae (Edna's sister), where the two women chronicled Marshall's early years before Debbie's return. According to said book, his favorite song as a child was The Ugly Duckling - perhaps some real-life foreshadowing?

Due To Mental Disorder, Eminem Suffered Abuse From Mom

"Victim of Münchausen's Syndrome/ My whole life made to believe I was sick when I wasn't."

Eminem has made claims that he basically raised his younger half brother, Nathan Mathers. This was a very large responsibility to be placed upon a very young man. The reality of the situation was even more unfortunate - Marshall's mother, Debbie, was actually diagnosed with Münchausen Syndrome by proxy (MSBP).

MSBP is a disorder in which a person intentionally causes illness in another, often times in order to gain attention or sympathy for one's self. Debbie's younger son, Nathan, was placed in foster care for a year when he was nine. Eminem actually testified against his mother in court, in order to get both Debbie and Nathan the help they needed. 

A Close Relative Committed Suicide When Eminem Was Young

"More pain inside of my brain, than the eyes of a little girl inside of a plane/ Aimed at the World Trade, standin' on Ronnie's grave/ Screaming at the sky." 

Growing up, Eminem was best friends with his uncle, Ronnie. The two were born only a couple months apart and were very close. Ronnie is credited with introducing Mathers to the world of hip hop and break dancing, and the two spent many teenage nights writing and recording raps. However, in 1991, Marshall received a phone call with the news that Ronnie was dead - he had shot himself following a messy breakup with a girlfriend.

Marshall didn't speak for several days following Ronnie's suicide and did not attend the funeral. Em talks about Ronnie in multiple tracks, but he expressed his immense grief in "My Dad's Gone Crazy" with a specific call out to Ronnie. 

Eminem's Father Abandoned Him When He Was Just A Babe

"And by the way, when you see my dad?/ Tell him that I slit his throat, in this dream I had."

If you've ever heard an Eminem track, chances are good that you know he has a tumultuous relationship with his father, Marshall Mathers Jr. On multiple occasions, Slim Shady has talked about how his dad abandoned him and his mother, Debbie, when he was just a few months old.

What you may not know is that Shady's father wrote an open letter addressed to his son that was published in News of the World. In his letter, Mathers explains to his son that it was in fact his mother Debbie who uprooted him from his home, leaving with baby Em without a trace for his father to find him. Em's dad claims to want nothing more than a hug and a chance to explain, but Shady refuses to meet his father and states that he never intends to. 

After Failing 9th Grade Three Times, Eminem Dropped Out Of High School

The real Slim Shady failed the 9th grade three times. Mathers claims his mother pushed him to get a job at the age of fifteen, but his mother argues that Em was well provided for. Regardless, for whatever reasons, Eminem dropped out of high school by the age of 17. Despite not having completed high school himself, Marshall encourages kids to stay in school and acknowledges that the path he took was not necessarily the easiest or the best. 

Growing Up In Many Messed Up Neighborhoods Shaped Eminem

"In the neighborhood daily, they jumped and chased me/ It only made me what I am today, see." 

On his track, "Never Enough," Marshall talks about how he's grateful for the messed up life he's had, including the neighborhoods he grew up in because it only made him who he is today. Em's Grandma, Betty Kresin, gave more insight into the troubles Eminem faced in his Detroit neighborhood, recalling a time when Em walked home in a snowstorm without shoes because kids at his school took them away. 

With stories like these, it's not hard to figure out how a bullied and tormented child turned into the angry and aggressive young adult the world came to know as Slim Shady. Shady acknowledges how his troubled youth actually attributed to his success in the rap game. 

Worst Bullying Incident Led To A 10-Day Coma

In January of 1982, Em had another run-in with bully DeAngelo Bailey, and was hit in the face by a snowball that contained some sort of object. After knocking him down, Bailey proceeded to beat young Slim Shady further. Marshall was beaten so badly that he suffered a concussion, intermittent vision loss in one eye, and was in a coma for 10 days due to brain hemorrhaging.

For a while, doctors weren't sure if Em would pull through. But when he finally woke up, the first words of the rapper were, "Now I spell elephant." As a result of this incident, Debbie Mathers attempted to sue her son's school to the tune of $10,000, but the lawsuit was dismissed after a year. 

Eminem Had An On-And-Off Relationship With Kim, Married And Divorced Twice With Her

"Don't make me wake this baby/ She don't need to see what I'm about to do."

Marshall met the infamous Kimberly Ann Scott in 1987 when he was just 15 years old. They had Hailey in December of 1995, but the pressures of launching his music career and having a family proved to be too much for the young couple and they split in 1996. Out of their tumultuous relationship and break up came something that would forever change the rap game.

An angry and heartbroken Eminem became inspired to create his alter ego, Slim Shady, and released the Slim Shady LP, which arguably launched his career to a whole new level. On the album, Shady does a fictional skit in which he is speaking to his daughter as he throws Kim's recently murdered corpse into a lake. Pretty grim, but the two married (and divorced) twice since then and seem to be on good terms now.

Wed, 08 Mar 2017 08:25:12 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/messed-up-things-about-eminems-early-life/brandon-michaels
<![CDATA[Professionals Reveal The Grossest Skin Things They've Ever Seen]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/professionals-reveal-grossest-skin-conditions-theyve-seen/matt-manser?source=rss

People like dermatologists, hairdressers, beauticians and more get paid to work with the human body, meaning they come in contact with some gross skin conditions. As you might expect, they see it all - gross pimples, huge cysts, and stuff you can't even imagine. And thanks to morbid curiosity, Reddit asked these professionals about their medical horror stories, all of which equally riveting and repulsive in their own, flaky, slimy, disgusting ways. Dermatologists revealing the grossest things they've seen may help you realize to keep you own body in check, for some awful dermatological diseases exist out there. Your skin, like any other organ, needs to be kept healthy for you to be in tip-top shape. If you don't, your back lesions will be the talk of the spa employees long after your massage finishes.

Professionals Reveal The Grossest Skin Things They've Ever Seen,

Ruptured Cyst

From nimblemama,

"A couple of months ago I massaged a man with a cyst on his back and it ruptured all over my forearm as I steam rolled through his back. The smell was somewhere around death and rotten cheese."

Scrotal Flies

From MaBecen,

"Removing more than 10 bot fly larvae from a man's scrotum. I was working at a mission clinic (I'm not a doctor, I was just helping, holding this or that, grabbing gauze, etc.). We would have to remove some bot fly (larvae) from people every now and then. That wasn't that bad until a family brought their father in; he was in his late 60s and was in the early stages of dementia.

The family told us he had started wandering off recently and when they would find him, he would always be naked. He said he just wanted to be naked, like it was nothing. So the family explain that he wasn't feeling well and the found him in the woods again and that's when they saw his really swollen sac. They brought him in and there he sits. It was pretty gross but also really cool. They have these little hooks that make it really hard to just pull them out. The doctor numbed him up and just started to take them all out."

Foreskin Flakes

From GamerDame

"Registered nurse here, I have so many but this one story makes everyone throw up in their mouths a little. So I was walking my friend through a male foley catheter insertion on a pretty unwell guy. She's all prepped up and ready with sterile gloves, and its my job to retract the penis foreskin and hold it up. I peel back the foreskin and all this smegma just flakes out, its everywhere, disgusting smelly blobs of the stuff all over the head and underside of his penis. We spent about ten minutes cleaning it all off before we could actually count the penis as clean. You could smell it from a foot away. This was a 60+ year old, uncircumcised man with like four adult children who had no idea about cleaning his penis."

An Actual Tail

From nimblemama,

"Massage Therapist here. So many things. Two months ago one of my clients had a small tail. It was a couples' massage and it was pretty hard to stay mature about it and not want to get in for a closer peek."

Moldy Hair

From CarfaceCarruthers

"Mold in people's hair. Some people do not wash their hair very often, and the problem is when they have a weave and it gets wet, it never fully dries. I washed this girl's hair who hadn't shampooed it in a month. The smell was horrible. Also taking out weaves that have been in for a while involves a very specific, bad smell."

Cheesy Surprise

From cassieawesome

"I work in long-term care so I deal with urine and feces daily. Not usually a problem for me, I get right in there to get the job done. The one thing that has truly grossed me out was when a new resident was showing me his nightly routine so that I could get accustomed to it.

He was on the toilet and whipped out a bottle of mineral oil. He stuck his index finger in the bottle in a descriptive step-by-step manner and proceeded to stick his finger knuckle-deep under his foreskin. He was digging around for a solid minute before he pulled out his nightly, cheesy surprise. How I managed to keep a straight face is beyond me."

Wet Cardboard Confetti

From polyhooly,

"Nurse here. I had a 700 lbs woman come in with a broken femur. She had wet the bed, and when we went to clean her up, she had this 'stuff' encrusted all over her crotch, thighs, and folds. It looked like if you were to cut up wet cardboard into confetti-sized pieces, in addition to the typical beige fungus that grows in the folds of very large people who cannot clean themselves, nor have someone taking care of them. She smelled like a mix of sweat, rotting fish, and cat piss. It actually stung my eyes. Myself and the tech had to step away from the job for a few minutes to gather ourselves."

Pubic Cyst

From emilydean

"The very last patient I saw in my internship came in with a cyst in her pubic area. I think to myself 'Okay, seen plenty of these. No big deal.' I walk in to find a cyst the size of a jawbreaker. It was purple and practically had a face. We had to lance it, so we needed to give local anesthetic. When the syringe touched the cyst, the whole thing blew open with pus. The smell in the room was terrible. Upon pushing on it further, the cyst made a sound as it released more pus. It sounded like basketball shoes on a freshly waxed floor."

Spider Nest

From KypriothAU:

"When I was a kid the hairdresser in my home town told me she gave free hair cuts to some of the elderly and indigenous people, and once found a spider nest in an aboriginal man's hair. I hope she was exaggerating but you never know."

Cottage Cheese Fungus

From eleventwelvepm:

"I had to do pedicures when I was in beauty school and there were so many old ladies who came in and had toe fungus and couldn't reach their toes to cut their nails so we had to do it. It looked like cottage cheese stuck between their toes and nails and sometimes it was just impossible to trim and make them look nice. I remember chunks of fungus flying out when I scraped their toes and it landed on my face and hair. We couldn't turn them down and I swear they knew that so they took advantage of it. They should have just seen a doctor instead of having some poor girls scrub their disgusting feet."

Wed, 22 Feb 2017 04:18:05 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/professionals-reveal-grossest-skin-conditions-theyve-seen/matt-manser
<![CDATA[15 Mysterious Safes And Their Unexpected Contents]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/insane-stories-of-safes-being-opened/jacob-shelton?source=rss

Who doesn’t love a good mystery? The Reddit What'sInThisThing page has a bevy of stories about safes being opened and weird stuff showing up where you least expect it. It’s rare that you find a safe in your home or on your property, but, when you do, it’s best to take step-by-step notes in order to showcase your sleuthing skills and build a mystery. That's so that, when you inevitably find a cache of Confederate money or a series of items relating to the Women’s Suffrage Movement, you feel like you’ve provided a satisfactory story for everyone involved. Of course, not all mystery safes opened contain the spoils of a bygone era; some of them are just full of spiders. Keep reading to find out which safes are full of secrets and which ones are just kind of gross.

What would you do if you found a mysterious safe in your home? Would you immediately run out and rent a blowtorch to crack it open? Or would you grab the first heavy thing within reach and start smashing the handle? On this list of mysterious safes, you’ll see a variety of methods for opening lock boxes that contain everything from incredibly illegal material to neat-o relics from history. If these stories of people finding cool things in safes inspire you, start boning up on your lock-picking skills and start hunting for safes; maybe you’ll even become Reddit famous.

15 Mysterious Safes And Their Unexpected Contents,

How Much Would You Pay For A Live Grenade?

If you were purchasing a safe off of Craigslist from a guy who said that his ex-tenants were taken to prison, and all that was left was a safe, would you want to pay more or less for the safe? When this happened to a Redditor going by the name "cakegirl8," she got more than she bargained for the moment she opened a used safe in 2015 and found a live grenade and a hard drive full of child pornography. She contacted the local authorities; they picked up the contents; and she likely soaked her new safe in hand sanitizer. 

Confederate Money Was Found In An Old Northern Safe

In the heart of the Massachusetts State House, sits an ornately decorated safe the size of a small car, and, until 2013, no one knew what was inside. When the safe was finally opened, the contents proved to be eclectic and contained Confederate money from 1864, WWI savings bonds, and metal stamps with the engraved signatures of former treasurers, including Foster Furcolo, who became the state’s 60th Governor in 1957. Along with those items, were vintage photographs, stock certificates, and magnetic tape from 1971 that contained antique computer files. No one was sure how so many varied items ended up in one place. 

A Man Found A Perfectly Preserved WWII Case In His Back Yard

While digging out a septic tank area for an outdoor toilet at his cottage in Besh-Küngöy, Kyrgyzstan, Lukichev Dmitry stumbled upon an Army field locker of the Third Reich buried in his backyard. After cleaning off the locker, he discovered that the box was a baggage parcel from 1944 or '45, and a rubber seal around the edges had kept the contents moisture free and perfectly preserved. Inside, he found the effects of a Wehrmacht officer, including a jacket, gloves, a sweater, removable collars, braces, socks with foot bindings, dust masks, and a clothes brush. 

Mysterious Safe Contains More Mysteries

In a bit of a Russian nesting doll of a mystery, in early 2017, the Irondale, Alabama, police cracked open a safe that was pulled out of a ditch and discovered 51 cents in pennies and an IBM cash register key. Det. Sgt. Michael Mangina told local reporters: "The contents appeared to have been old and weathered,'' and, despite reaching out to local businesses, no one has claimed the safe and its under-whelming contents. 

Ebay User Buys A Safe And Gets Much More Than He Paid For

In 2012, a man who bought an old cylinder safe off of Ebay for $122.93 claimed that, when he had it cut open by a welder, he discovered $26,000 in cold hard cash. The safe's seller, James Labrecque, claims that the whole thing is a hoax, but that didn't stop him from exchanging a series of terse emails with the purchaser, claiming that he deserved a cut of the money. The buyer allegedly told Labrecque in one of his emails: "What you see is what you get, no returns, and no money back." Which is kind of a sick burn in the world of online buying. 

Man Opens Safe And Finds A Treat

Back in 2013, a man in Toledo, Ohio, ordered a fancy new 1,000-pound safe from the Champion Safe Co. of Provo, Utah, and he discovered something totally groovy when he opened it up. The safe, which Champion Safe Co. made sure to say was built in Mexico, held 10 28-pound packages of marijuana, a value of $420,000. In some instances, that would be considered excellent customer service, but this isn't the kind of "thanks for your business" that the customer was expecting. The owner of the safe – who has remained anonymous – was cleared of all charges by the DEA, but the independent driver who delivered the safe from Mexico has since been reported missing. 

Goo Found In Safe

No, not a copy of the seminal Sonic Youth album, but some real-deal mystery goo was found in a safe in Washington, DC, in 2015, and the entire city freaked out. On the day of the discovery of the "suspicious syrupy substance," the fire department showed up, US Secret Service officials stopped by, and an Army explosives team descended on the home to make sure they were just dealing with goo and not some kind of 40-year-old version of a secret liquid bomb or something. On scene tests couldn't positively identify the substance, but, when it reacted with water, everyone freaked out and took the goo to a lab for further investigation. A spokesman for the DC Fire Department told the Washington Post: "We took the extra precautions. We wanted to be as thorough and careful as possible when we moved it."

Newsroom Safe Reveals A New Twist On History

A safe that had been sitting in the newsroom of the Glenwood Springs Post Independent newspaper office in Glenwood, Colorado, was finally opened in April 2017, and what was found inside shed new light on a horrific moment in American history. Inside, were photos of Ted Bundy, America's most handsome serial killer, taken while he was awaiting trial in 1977 on a murder charge in Colorado (while also being suspected of murder in Utah, Washington, and Florida). The photos were taken directly after he had been caught after escaping from one Colorado prison, and they were labeled "Bundy Capture." No one knows who took the pictures or why they were in the safe, but the mystery adds a new layer to the terrifying story of Ted Bundy. 

The Contents Of This Canadian Safe Make Perfect Sense

In January 2017, a safe kept in the historic Dineen building in Toronto was busted open, and, after years of speculation, safe-heads across the world were treated not to gold bars or a cache of 100-year-old maple syrup, but to some documents and very old skates. The owner of the building, Clayton Smith, hid his disappointment when he told the CBC: "It's kind of nice to have stuff to mill through. There's bound to be some interesting documents. There's everything from what porta-potties rented for 55 years ago... It's kind of neat in the developer's world." Sure it is, Clayton. Sure it is. 

What Would You Guess Was In A Women's Suffrage Time Capsule?

To celebrate the 125th anniversary of the International Council of Women (ICW) in 2013, the folks who worked at the New York City headquarters of the ICW decided to open a safe that had been sitting in the corner of their offices for longer than anyone could remember. Prior to the opening of the safe, there was mass speculation online as to what could be contained within, with guesses that included everything from historical documents to old booze. When the safe was opened, the ICW found items that ranged from the 1930s to the 1950s; these included a change purse that held currencies from Mexico and France, letters pertaining to ICW business from back in the day, and miniatures of murals commissioned for the 1933 World’s Fair in Chicago. The coolest thing that they found was a replica of Susan B. Anthony's gavel, used when she presided over the ICW. 

Mon, 25 Apr 2016 05:23:29 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/insane-stories-of-safes-being-opened/jacob-shelton
<![CDATA[20 Grown-Ups Describe Imaginary Friends That May Not Have Been Imaginary]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/adults-describe-their-creepy-imaginary-friends/amandasedlakhevener?source=rss

Imaginary friends are, for many people, a childhood rite of passage, giving them their first true friends and confidantes. But be careful who you make friends with, for some creepy imaginary friends come back to you as an adult, if they were even friends in the first place. Though most people write off imaginary friends as simply products of over-active imaginations, the way some adults describe their past imaginary friends suggests something else may have been afoot. Imaginary friends, like many things for children, aren't always as benign as you may assume they'd be.

Whether their imaginary friend was a departed spirit or a malevolent entity from the unknown, listening to adults describe their imaginary friends is always entertaining and a little unnerving. These true Reddit stories go into detail about the creepy imaginary friends people had as kids. If you can relate, you may want to think back on how "imaginary" your friends really were.

20 Grown-Ups Describe Imaginary Friends That May Not Have Been Imaginary,

Insisted Karen Be Treated Like A Real Person

From bluethundersix:

"I was an imaginative kid & had several imaginary friends, but my first one was different then the rest. When I was two or three I had an imaginary friend named Karen. My whole family knew about her & I would insist she be treated like a real person, unlike my later fantasy folks. My mom would hear me carrying on whole conversations with her alone & was always a little curious where I had come up with the whole thing, it seemed more complex then toddler pretend. Like I genuinely thought she was a person & that people were being inconsiderate to her by not acknowledging her. Sometimes to humor me my parents would out of the blue be like 'Well, hello Karen!' & I'd glare replying 'She's not here right now.'

We ended up moving & once we did, Karen wasn't mentioned anymore. Since I was young, I don't remember too much, just a warm feeling like an old friend. My mom asked me about it when I got older, and told her I could confidently remember making up my other later imaginary friends (Howard the Duck & his girlfriend Chuck) but not Karen. She told me she always wondered if I was seeing something she wasn't, but no harm ever came of it so she didn't worry.

Well I'm in my 30's now and was reading an article about a case that changed how soon you could report a missing person. As I read I realized it was sort of near where I used to live and the girl was named Karen. I didn't think much of it, it was a city, crime happens. As I read further, I learned that Karen's murderer had buried her body in the town I had lived. At that point, not expecting much but rather curious, I texted my mom for the address of our old house. As it turns out, Karen was murdered then buried about a mile & a half from our old home.

Now, I'm not saying that I'm 100% sure this Karen was my Karen, and the whole thing had happened a little over decade before my parents had even bought the house. My mom had never even heard of the case and it was would have long been out of the headlines. I still haven't found a picture of the girl and sometimes wonder if I'd recognize her even though she died before I was even born. Regardless, the whole thing was a sad story and that young lady didn't deserve such an awful end. If she was my Karen, it's even sadder her spirit lingered and only had a toddler for a friend."

Sarah May Not Have Been So Imaginary After All

From LegoArcus:

"Not imaginary, per se. I used to break into houses as a little kid. I lived in a really run-down part of town with a huge amount of foreclosed and empty houses. So, I would pry off the window screens and if the windows were unlocked, I would crawl inside them. I was maybe like five or six.

Well, in one abandoned house there was always this young Hispanic girl hanging out in the upstairs bathroom. I would go up there, and she would talk to me and we'd play tag and hide-and-go seek and truth or dare. I'd always invite her home for dinner but she said she couldn't leave because she had to wait for her mom to come home. I guess it made sense to me at the time, but when I think back, there was nothing in that house. Not even silverware in the kitchen drawers. The carpets were all mildewed and it was seriously empty. I don't think she could have really been there.

Her name was Sarah. (I don't think she ever told me her last name). She always wore these cut-off tank-top shirts (I really can't remember what of, but I'm fairly certain they were graphic tees) and always these pastel-orange spandex shorts. She had a bobbed hair-cut where the hair was shorter in the back than the front. She was missing a couple of teeth in the front of her mouth. She was a little chubby, especially in the stomach."

He Was A Black Ball Of Energy

From NobodyWhatsoever:

"When my sister and I were young, we both had imaginary friends but we could both sense hers. It was like a black ball of energy.

My sister claimed her imaginary friend told her its - her - name. We played with her outside, and my sister talked our mom into setting a place for her at the table a few times.

Eventually our parents were uncomfortable with how convinced we both were of this imaginary friend, and forbade all mention of her.

Some years later we learned there had been a small group of Native Americans living in that are who had been wiped out about a hundred years before. The name of the group was that which my sister's imaginary friend had said was hers so long ago."

A Bunch Of Creepy Imaginary Pals

From an anonymous Redditor:

"When I was a kid, I had several imaginary friends. My first one was an exact copy of myself, who would follow me around. My second ''friend' was actually a race of thumb sized mutant children with rainbow colored hair, and super powers. They had to leave their home planet because at age ten if they were weak, they were murdered. So they went to earth, and I started to raise them in secret. The two main ones that started this whole elaborate story now teach at a camp made for the survivors, and there is a constant war feuding now."

Skeleton Dog Scared Off Everyone

From epsdelta:

"When I was a kid, young maybe five-to-eight -years-old, I had an imaginary friend that was a skeleton dog. It would race everywhere, and always be beside me when I reached my destination. The animals in the woods around me were afraid of it, of course."

Charlie Was A Little Man Who Went Everywhere

From renob151:

"I had one when I was like four. He was Charlie. My parents always asked what he looked like, and I always said a little man. He went every where with me (single child at the time). It was to the point that I would cry if my mom sat on Charlie while we were eating lunch. When we moved away Charlie didn't come with us. My Mom asked where he was, and I told her that he was going to be a mannequin at Sears. Years later we found out that a little person had committed suicide in our house before we moved in..."

She Lived There Before

From fivedollarcarwash:

"I had loads of imaginary friends when I was a kid, most of which were just personifications of my dolls and my favorite characters from books and TV, but I remember one with a completely unique personality from when I was about nine and living in Virginia. She was called Christine or something similar and as much as I can remember she lived in the house before we moved in, had long pigtails and was close to my age. I didn't think much of this until really recently when my parents and I were talking about when we used to live in that house. My mum told me that she used to hear footsteps and a child's voice coming from the upstairs while I was at school, and my dad told me he once found an old photo of a little girl at the bottom of one of the closets while he was cleaning it. Unfortunately he couldn't tell me if the girl had pigtails."

"Bra And Underpants" Girl

From Johnnypsychotic:

"When I was between three and six I had three imaginary friends, two who were the usual little kid stuff. They were invisible and and friendly and I only heard them in my head.

My third friend, she was not invisible, I could see her. I called her 'Bra-and-underpants girl' because that's all she had on. I can still see her in my mind clear as day, she looked almost black and white, like black lacy underwear contrast with pale skin and what I always thought was dirt around her frazzled blonde hair. I can't even wrap my head around how I had even been able to come up with a friend like that at three. 

While my other two friends were nice, she wasn't; she wasn't mean, just really sad, constantly. If asked where she lived and she'd say 'those woods' (points to forest behind my house.) I'd tell her she could stay in my house but she'd just say 'I can't.' It wasn't a big deal when I stopped seeing her either. Do you think it was something more?"

Tom Followed Him Everywhere

From overdosebabyblue:

"As soon as I could start speaking, I had an imaginary friend. I called him 'Tom.' I would set places at the table for him, talk to him during long bus rides, ask his opinion about things, and basically treat him like an invisible brother even though I had three other siblings. I don't remember any of this. My mum grew concerned that I wasn't developing socially, so she took me to a child psychiatrist. This I remember. They asked me about Tom and why I saw him, if I saw anyone else in the same manner, and asked me to sort out some stuff with puzzles. I stopped talking to Tom after that.

Fast forward ten years. After her divorce, my mum gets really into spirituality. I thought it was a load of bollocks, until she played the recording of a particular psychic reading session with me. The psychic was new and really interested in me for some reason. She said she saw a young dark haired man 'watching over me'. She asked if the name Tim meant anything. She asked if I was a Gemini. She asked if I had a large birthmark on my side. All this is correct.

The psychic inferred that Tom/Tim and I were twins in a past life. The birthmark I carry is apparently how he died, to come watch over me in this life. As a child, I could see him and interact with him, but I lost that gift as I was conditioned not to see him.

I'm skeptical of such claims, but hearing the psychic pinpoint such information made the hair rise on the back of my head. So, I guess if you're there watching over me, thanks twin bro."

Becky Said She Hated Her

From kaleidoscopeeyes907:

"I had an imaginary friend when I was five or six. Her name was Becky Reeder, and she was maybe eight or nine, had curly brown hair, and was slightly pudgy. I had her as a friend for about three years. She and I would hang out in the downstairs of my house and color, play with dolls, and sometimes play outside. She would never come upstairs though and I never found out why. She would just go away when I went upstairs.

One night she invited me to a party, and I was excited because she said I could meet her family. She had a mom and dad, grandparents, an older sister, and an aunt. She told me that the party was by the water (like a 10 min drive from my house), and that it would be fun. I told her I couldn't leave, and she said we could sneak out. I started out the door when my mom heard and came to investigate. She asked what I was doing and I told her that I was going with Becky to a party to meet her family. My mom told me I couldn't go, and I threw a fit because I really wanted to go.

My mom picked me up and went to take me to bed, but I couldn't stop crying so she brought me into her room to sleep in her bed. A while later I calmed down and was just laying there watching the ceiling when I heard the noise by the bedroom door. Becky was upstairs, and she was standing there. I waved at her and whispered 'I'm sorry.' Becky said 'I hate you', and walked out of the room. I never saw her again after that. I've tried Googling deaths in that area or asking around, but nobody knows anything, so it was interesting. I talked to my mom about it when I was older, and she said she was very alarmed because I was so adamant to go to this party, even though it wasn't real."

Fri, 07 Apr 2017 08:27:37 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/adults-describe-their-creepy-imaginary-friends/amandasedlakhevener
<![CDATA[Fatal Freak Accidents That Befell People In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/deadly-freak-accidents/harrison-tenpas?source=rss

One of the few certainties in life is that one day it will come to an end. The Grim Reaper finds each one of us eventually, and all we can really do is hope it's a peaceful experience at the end of a long life. As we go about our daily lives, however, the specter of death looms everywhere, and if the Final Destination film franchise taught us anything, it's that pretty much anything can be a death trap with a little imagination. 

This list explores the most random, freak accident deaths on record. The poor folks described here had no idea that when they left their homes that fateful day they would meet their deaths in some of the weirdest ways possible. As it turns out, you're really not safe anywhere, and destiny can get far more darkly creative than any horror film. The stories of these people killed in freak accidents will make you think twice before getting out of bed tomorrow.

Fatal Freak Accidents That Befell People In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time,

A Famous Dancer Was Done In By Her Own Scarf

Isadora Duncan was an American expatriate living in Paris, France, who in 1927 met a breathtakingly tragic demise. A San Francisco native, Duncan had gone to the French city - then the cultural capital of the world - to further her career as a dancer. Her eccentric, bohemian style of choreography garnered praise, and she earned fame throughout Europe.

A devoted communist, Duncan frequently donned a very long red scarf to show her support for the party. On a September evening while visiting the city of Nice, however, that accessory would claim her life in an unthinkable automobile accident. Riding as a passenger in her newly purchased convertible sports car, her scarf got caught in the vehicle's wheel well, which ripped her from the vehicle and threw her to the pavement, killing her instantly. 

A Man Shot A Cactus And Landed In Prickly Peril

The saguaro is a species of cactus that can grow to be an imposing 70 feet in height. These statuesque green monuments dot the American Southwest, and while they sport some rather prickly needles, they aren't generally perceived as deadly in an ecosystem that also boasts rattlesnakes and scorpions. In 1982, however, one Arizona man found out the hard way that a saguaro can claim one's life in the desert just the same.

David Grundman and a friend were exploring the desert near Lake Pleasant one afternoon, where, likely in a fit of boredom, the two were looking for things to shoot with a shotgun. The saguaros of the area made apt targets for the would-be marksmen, and their first victim, a mere 10-footer, went down with ease. It was the second, however, a 27-foot cactus, that fought back. After blasting the saguaro from just a few yards out, a large, heavy arm fell on Grundmen and crushed him to death, proving yet again that Mother Nature always wins. 

A Novelty Beard Brought A Death That Was Weird

Lamentably, really long beards have become a fashionable facial accessory, but the story of Hans Steininger should provide a cautionary tale that may have rustic types reaching for their Gillettes.

Steininger, who lived in Braunau am inn, Austria, was a bit of a local celebrity in the 1500s for having the longest recorded beard in history. Typically, Steininger kept his absurd growth rolled up in a leather pouch, as it naturally got in the way of every day tasks, but one day he neglected to do so, and while fleeing from a house fire, he tripped on his beard and snapped his neck, dying instantaneously. 

For the avid fans of historical facial hair (and who among us isn't?), Steininger's 447-year-old beard is kept on display at the Braunau am inn town museum.

A PE Teacher Got An Up-Close Look At The Business End Of A Javelin

There are fewer more deadly pieces of sports equipment than the javelin. The track and field object is long, heavy, and sharp, so stories of it causing injury from time to time are not that surprising. Death by javelin, however, is a bit more difficult to achieve - that is, unless that javelin passes through the last place you would ever want it to on your body (no, not there - get your mind out of the gutter).

A P.E. teacher in Liverpool, England, got an extreme close-up of a javelin in 1999, and it ultimately took his life. Walking to retrieve the object, which was lodged in the ground and standing upright, 41-year-old Jon Desborough lost his footing and fell on the pole, which jammed right into his eye socket. Desborough passed away after a month-long coma stemming from the accident.

A Flying Fire Hydrant Nailed A Man In The Head

In 2007, an Oakland, California, man was enjoying a casual stroll with his wife when he met his untimely end in what authorities would later describe as "a million-to-one chance." 24-year-old Humberto Hernandez was walking down the sidewalk when suddenly an S.U.V. struck a fire hydrant behind him. The impact of the collision dislodged the 200-pound iron object and sent it hurdling through the air, right into the back of Hernandez's head. The tremendously heavy fire hydrant was traveling with such velocity that it ricocheted off the man, went through a fence, and landed 20 feet away. Hernandez tragically died on the scene. 

A Woman Was Killed By A Slippery Floor And An Open Dishwasher

Ah, that valuable kitchen asset we all know and love: the dishwasher. Say what you want about the printing press or penicillin, but the advent of the dishwasher might be mankind's greatest achievement. Think about it all the disadvantages of doing dishes by hand: you get gross wet food on you, your hands get crinkly and waterlogged, it takes way too long, and more. With all that in mind, the dishwasher is truly a beautiful machine. That is, until that machine acquires a taste for blood.  

In May 2003, a UK woman died in a truly bizarre kitchen accident. 31-year-old Jane McDonald was visiting a friend and milling around in her kitchen, when she lost her balance and slipped on a wet floor. Unfortunately for McDonald, her fall was broken by an open dishwasher door that had several knives in it, pointing upward. She was stabbed on impact, and though she was rushed to a nearby hospital, she died shortly thereafter.


A Football Fan Got Hit By A Flying Lawnmower

Being a New York Jets fan is a pretty undesirable lot in life, but even those who claim that unfortunate allegiance don't expect to meet a brutal, freak death while in the stands. In December 1979, however, 20-year-old John Bowen got just that when a halftime exhibition went horribly wrong.

Sitting in the lower stands of Shea Stadium, Bowen was taking in a halftime show that involved a demonstration with various novelty-shaped remote control aircraft (similar to modern drones). One such plane was a 40-pound swirling piece of metal in the shape of a lawnmower. The pilot lost control of this uniquely not aerodynamic object, sending it hurdling into the stands.

On the receiving end of this flying, grass-cutting nightmare was Bowen, who was struck in the head and later died from an accident that witnesses described as similar to being attacked by an axe. 

Eight People Were Washed Away In A Deadly Tidal Wave Of Beer

Alcohol has certainly claimed a lot of human lives. Be it the result of drinking one's self to death, or a fatal drunk driving accident, drinking liquor is known for life-threatening risks. The phrase "drowning in alcohol," however, is typically a figurative one used to describe the detrimental effects of drinking - not, you know, literally drowning. Believe it or not, though, it has indeed happened. 

On October 17, 1814, a particular boozy disaster occurred on the streets of London. A three-story vat containing 570 tons of beer burst and released a tidal wave of suds from the brewery that housed it. The surging current of porter laid waste to what was in its immediate path, and killed eight people in the poverty-stricken tenements it consumed. 

A Woman Got Crushed To Death By A Taco Bell Sign

Taco Bell is a culinary experience that's best reserved for late night drive-through trips after an evening of similarly regrettable decisions, and as such, it's a pretty embarrassing place to die. In the case of 49-year-old Diana Durre, who happened to pass away while answering the call of the border, she wasn't even eating there when it happened, which somehow makes it even worse. 

The Chambers, Nebraska, woman was meeting a couple from neighboring Wyoming at the fast food chain to sell them a dog when an unthinkable accident occurred. While waiting under a massive 65-foot sign - the kind you can see from far out on the highway - the huge structure suddenly toppled, landing square on the cab of Durre's pick-up truck. The crushing impact killed Durre at the scene. 

19 People Died In A Panic Over A Crocodile On A Plane

Airplane travel comes with some surefire annoyances - cramped quarters, screaming children, the occasional barking dog - but an escaped crocodile is a pretty inventive problem to face while cruising at 20,000 feet.

In June 2014, 19 people died when a small plane went down during a routine flight over the Congo. The lone survivor of the crash described the events that led to the plane's fall from the sky, and it's one of the more uniquely strange stories in aviation history. Apparently, a passenger had boarded the aircraft with a crocodile in tow, and somehow the reptile got loose during the flight. As the passengers and crew justifiably panicked, their shifting weight led to the plane's engines stalling, ultimately bringing it down in a fiery wreck. Think about that next you're irritated by a toddler kicking the back of your seat.

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<![CDATA[23 People Describe Cringeworthy Tales Of Spoiled Rotten Kids]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/true-stories-of-spoiled-rotten-kids/lea-rose-emery?source=rss

Spoiled behavior coming from a rotten kid feels definitely ranks as one of the most horrible things you can witness in public. When you see a child giving their parents a ridiculously hard time and they give in to their kid, you realize right then where the rich kids of Instagram were birthed from. It makes you wonder how many spoiled brat stories the enabling parents of the world have in their arsenals, and how they let their kids get that way. But at some point, the kids in these spoiled stories take over as the true villains, showing their true colors for all to see.

The folks of Reddit joined together to share their best spoiled brat stories and there are some whoppers in here. It goes way beyond a kid crying because they want some candy; they may have to do the chores themselves, or they're so over the island their parents took them to on vacation. You'll be glad you learned the power of a hard day's work and really, really wish these kids knew the value of a dollar. Or, in the case of one of them, at least the cost of a d*mn ice cream cone. 

23 People Describe Cringeworthy Tales Of Spoiled Rotten Kids,

I Won't Grow Up

From littleoctagon:

"My now-deceased uncle was married to a woman who adopted a baby boy. She changed his diapers, until he was six-or-seven-years-old. No, he was not developmentally disabled, she just did everything for him."

22-Year-Old Brat

From hgolinowski:

My sister refuses to look for a job and as a result moves back home. She uses my parents vehicle to drive around with her boyfriend and go to parties and sh*t. One day there's a family emergency and the car is not in the driveway for her to use. She throws a tantrum, trashes the house, and runs away with her boyfriend. By the way, my sister is 22-years-old."

Some Motivation

From gingersquad:

"Back in college a girl did quite literally nothing for an entire semester. She got a 0.0 GPA. She got kicked out and went to the community college nearby. Her dad bought her a new Jaguar to 'motivate her.'"

What A Lame Island

From somepeoplewait:

"My friend is a middle-school teacher in a pretty wealthy area. Kids got back from summer break, he asked them how their vacations were. One kid said, 'Lame. We spent two weeks on our island. It's so boring there!'

Though at that age, you kind of just have to feel sorry for the kid. They don't know any better."

It Must Have Been A Good Movie

From Felicity_Badporn:

"When I delivered pizza in a wealthy area I had the following incident. I got the house (big, fancy, etc) I ring the doorbell and no one answers. I knock in case it's broken, still no answer. I call the house, no answer.

As I'm about to call my boss and tell him what's going on, my phone rings and its some lady who reveals herself to be the mother of the kid who ordered the pizza and she said he'd be right to the door in a moment. So I'm waiting for another five minutes, and flying down the street and into the driveway comes a Mercedes G class. A woman frantically gets out pays me (doesn't tip) and apologizes that she couldn't get her son to 'come up from the basement because he's watching a movie' so this idiot woman let her c*nt son do that and she drove all the way from work back to her house to answer her own door and bring this brat his pizza and breadsticks."

How Dare Her Parents

From skizophrenic:

"Went to school with a girl who got a 2012 BMW and literally cried and cussed out her parents because she didn't get a 2015." 

No Civic Here

From banterbandit:

"I knew one wealthy girl whose parents offered to buy her a car when she turned 16. They told her they would buy her a new Honda Civic, manual transmission, so that she had a safe reliable car to get to school and all her extra curriculars, and so she would learn to drive stick. In return she would have to drive her younger siblings around and help run some errands that required a car. They took her to the dealership, and she threw a tantrum in the car dealership, demanding a BMW like her mom drove. Crying, screaming, until her parents (who seemed reasonable up until this point) gave in and bought her one. Also she never drove her siblings around or helped with anything."

It Doesn't Stop

From cupofbutterman:

"My employer's two sons have everything paid for so they never have to worry about cost. They both have everything they want and need. One of them likes expensive shiny things and he's always thrown fits until he got what he wanted from what his dad told me. For Christmas, he wanted a $1200 55" Samsung curved tv, even after his dad stated that his budget is $1000 for each. He threw fits and got mad at his dad and his dad, being the wimp he is, apologized and ended up buying it for him anyway. The son is 21-years-old."

The Spoiled Sociopath

From BetterOffCloudy:

"I was on a school bus as a senior. As we stopped at a house, there was a dead dog by the road. The little girl getting off said to her friend who pointed it out 'oh yeah we got him this weekend. My dad will just get me another one, so it doesn't matter.'" 

Fair Is Fair

From bangersnmash13:

"Friend of mine saved up for an iPod when they first came out. Literally saved for a year to get one. His mom took him and his sister to the mall so he can purchase his. His sister started throwing a tantrum because she didn't have one now. Their Mom got so fed up with her about it she bought the sister one to just shut her up."

Tue, 07 Feb 2017 09:09:57 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/true-stories-of-spoiled-rotten-kids/lea-rose-emery
<![CDATA[11 People Who Mysteriously Vanished From Cruise Ships]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/cruise-ship-disappearances/juliet-bennett-rylah?source=rss

Cruises are supposed to be happy, carefree moments of maritime bliss; what could go wrong on a vacation on the sea? In reality, there have been a shocking number of cruise ship disappearances, and over 165 people have gone missing since 1995. Cruise ships traverse the vast oceans and often maintain entertainment options into the wee hours of the night, and there's certainly no shortage of libations flowing for those onboard. Some passengers have fallen overboard, while other guests have disappeared via more mysterious means.

Investigations into such disappearances can often be inconclusive, as missing passengers are frequently never found, dead or alive. And while security footage can sometimes provide clues, some videos have produced more questions than they have answered. For that reason, the families of many cruise ship victims have written about their tragic experiences in an attempt to increase awareness about cruise ship safety. 

11 People Who Mysteriously Vanished From Cruise Ships,

Micki Kanesaki Was Allegedly Murdered By Her Ex

A convoluted case surrounded the alleged murder of Micki Kanesaki, 52, who disappeared from a Mediterranean cruise in 2006. Kanesaki went on the cruise with her ex-husband, California lawyer Lonnie Kocontes (pictured above), 48. At about 1 am, ship officials say she left her cabin to fetch a cup of tea. Her ex later woke up to find her missing. 

Kanesaki's body was discovered days later on the shores of Calabria. Kocontes indicated that Kanesaki, who had been his second wife, may have been suicidal, though her family refuted those claims. For years, Kanesaki's death went unsolved. Kocontes remarried a third, then a fourth time. 

In 2013, Kocontes was arrested for Kanesaki's murder. Prosecutors alleged that he had strangled her and tossed her overboard. Kocontes's third wife, who had testified on his behalf during initial investigations in 2006, did a 180 in 2013, telling officials that Kocontes had killed Kanesaki. His motive, prosecutors allege, had been to inherit Kanesaki's estate. 

Christopher Caldwell Disappeared While On A Trip With His Betrothed

Christopher Caldwell, 36, disappeared from a Carnival Cruise ship headed from Miami Florida, to Cozumel, Mexico, in July of 2004. Caldwell had gone on the cruise with his betrothed.

According to a letter written by Caldwell's family as posted on International Cruise Victims, Caldwell and his fiancée had dinner and drinks before his fiancée decided to turn in, and Caldwell decided to visit the ship casino alone. When Caldwell's fiancée awoke in the morning, she found that Caldwell had never returned. 

Caldwell was last spotted on the ship's deck, talking on the phone. The bartender who saw him said he seemed extremely intoxicated. No one knows what happened next, though it is suspected that Caldwell toppled overboard. 

Russel Terence Rebello Died A Hero

Russel Terence Rebello, 33, died a hero. He was a crew member aboard the Costa Concordia, which crashed into a reef and capsized in January of 2012 off Giglio Island, Italy. A total of 32 people were killed in the wreck, and Rebello stayed aboard to help other passengers get off, giving one of them his lifejacket. 

For months, it was not clear what happened to Rebello. The grim conclusion to the mystery came three years later when Rebello's body was found, still on the ship.

Hue Pham And Hue Tran Vanished While Celebrating Their 50th Anniversary

Hue Pham, 70, and Hue Tran, 65, went missing while on a Carnival Cruise ship heading from Barbados to Aruba in May of 2005. The couple had gone on the cruise to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. They were traveling with their daughter and granddaughter. 

The couple vanished from the ship, leaving behind only their shoes as a clue, which were found on the ship's deck. Though some have speculated the couple committed suicide, their son, Michael Pham, doesn't buy it. He said they were happy and had been planning a trip to Vietnam to see relatives. 

A Mysterious Photo Might Point To What Happened To Amy Lynn Bradley

The disappearance of Amy Lynn Bradley is a very bizarre story. Bradley was a 23-year-old woman from Virginia who went missing while on a Royal Caribbean International cruise with her family in March of 1998. On the evening she disappeared, Bradley was hanging out at a club on the ship. She shared a drink with members of the house band after their set, then went off on her own at about 1 am, according to one of the bandmates. Bradley was later spotted by her father at about 5:30 am, and he said she was asleep on the balcony of their cabin. But by 6 am, Bradley had vanished. At the time of her disappearance, the ship had been headed from Aruba to Curaçao, Antilles. The ship docked as the search for Bradley began. A pair of tourists claimed to have seen Bradley in Curaçao, saying they recognized her tattoos, yet Bradley remained missing. 

In 1999, a Navy man claimed to have encountered her in a brothel. He said she told him her name and asked for help, saying she was being held captive there. In 2005, someone said they saw Bradley in Barbados. On an episode of Dr. Phil, Bradley's parents said they had been sent a photo of a woman that could have been Bradley via an anonymous sender. In the photo, the woman is scantily dressed, which adds fuel to the theory that Bradley was kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery. 

Fariba Amani Disappeared While On A Cruise With Her Boyfriend

Fariba Amani, a 47-year-old Vancouver, Canada, woman, vanished in February of 2012. She was on a Bahamas Celebration cruise with her boyfriend of eight months at the time, 46-year-old Ramiz Golshani. 

Golshani said he last saw Amani at the ship's gift shop at about 1 am before heading to the casino alone. When he returned to their cabin, she was not there, and he went to sleep. In the morning, at about 7 am, he awoke and looked for her. After an hour, he told the ship's crew that he could not locate his companion. They, too, searched for Amani, but she was never seen again.

Amani’s sister said that her sister's relationship was troubled and that Amani even once considered hiring a private investigator to see if Golshani was cheating on her. However, there is no concrete evidence to suggest foul play was involved in Golshani's disappearance, and what truly happened to her remains a mystery. 

Merrian Carver Disappeared On An Alaskan Cruise

Merrian Carver, 40, disappeared from a Celebrity Cruises ship in August of 2004. 

Carver had gone on the trip alone and disappeared on only the second day of a seven-day Alaskan tour. Though one of the crew members reported that Carver seemed to be missing, the ship failed to respond. When they found Carver's belongings still in her cabin after the cruise had ended, they simply donated them to charity. They never reported her disappearance to police. It was Carver's family who filed a missing persons report after not hearing from her for days. They were not even aware at the time of the filing that Carver had gone on a cruise. 

Royal Caribbean, who owns Celebrity Cruises, ruled the disappearance a suicide, but without a proper investigation, Carver's family will never know. 

Rebecca Coriam Was A Disney Cruise Employee Who Vanished At Sea

Rebecca Coriam, 24, was an employee on the Disney Wonder cruise ship. She disappeared on May 22, 2011 as the ship was sailing off the coast of Mexico. She was spotted on surveillance video talking on one of the ship’s internal phones and appeared upset. Another passenger approached her and asked her if she was okay, to which she appeared to say yes. She then hung up and walked away. 

The most common theories are that she was swept overboard while at the crew pool, or that she jumped or fell from Deck 5. Yet no theory is particularly compelling, and what truly happened remains a mystery. Some say one of her sandals was found near the crew pool, and a rough-enough sea could have swept her overboard despite its high walls. Others say she was in a turbulent relationship and could have been upset, yet her family states that she would have never willingly gone overboard. Even authorities clash over what really happened to Rebecca Coriam, with some stating it was a simple, yet tragic case of someone slipping overboard and others alleging foul play.

Annette Mizener Won A Cruise, Then Disappeared

Annette Mizener, 37, won a Carnival cruise to the Mexican Riviera in December of 2004. She took her parents and her teenage daughter along for the trip. 

On the night of her disappearance, she sang karaoke with her daughter, then hit the casino. Her parents quickly became concerned when Mizener did not show up to play Bingo with them as scheduled later that evening. 

Mizener's purse was discovered on one of the ship's lower decks, near a railing, leading many to believe she somehow fell or was pushed overboard. Yet an extensive search conducted by the Coast Guard and the Navy failed to find any trace of Mizener, and the FBI's investigation was inconclusive. The only camera that might have caught what happened was blocked by a map of the ship.

George Allen Smith IV Disappeared On His Honeymoon

George Smith disappeared from the MS Brilliance of the Seas in July of 2005. He and his new bride, Jennifer, were on a two-week Mediterranean honeymoon cruise and were headed from Greece to Turkey. It is believed that Smith went overboard, but how that happened is a mystery.

The Smiths had dinner before engaging in a long night of drinking. Both were reported to have been very, very drunk. The Smiths' on-ship neighbor said he later heard loud talking, an argument, and a thud coming from the Smiths' cabin. Blood was later found on the canopy beneath the cabin, indicating that Smith had fallen or had been pushed. Jennifer was not with Smith when he went missing. She had wandered off elsewhere and passed out in a hallway. She was woken up and led back to her cabin by crew members in the morning, where neither she nor the crew members noticed anything amiss. Jennifer slept three hours before heading to a massage appointment. She claims to not remember much of the night prior, and to this day, no one admits to knowing what happened to Smith. Some believe he was shoved overboard by men he encountered at the casino, while others believe, in his state of intoxication, he became disoriented and fell.

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<![CDATA[The True Stories Behind Well-Known Scenes of Movie Violence]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/movie-violence-true-stories/lisa-a-flowers?source=rss

Classic scenes of movie violence often have interesting back stories (and, in some cases, interesting hack stories. As in cleavers). To be sure, artistic license helps itself to varying degrees of influence: Martin Scorsese, for example, is famous for basing his films on real crimes (and for depicting said crimes more or less exactly as they happened). Others, like Peter Jackson (who directed Heavenly Creatures), chose to add idiosyncratic, poetic, and even romantic flourishes to famously bloody scandals.

Then you have filmmakers like the creators of the Child's Play series, who opt to base their movies on IRL murders committed by toys; because, when human influence runs out, dolls are always at the ready. And if you think that's made up to lead you on, you need to read these true stories behind classic scenes of movie violence. Below are films (both darkly hilarious and heartbreaking ones) that made the most of true crime inspiration. 

The True Stories Behind Well-Known Scenes of Movie Violence,


Unlike the other entries on this list, this is a case of life imitating art. Snatch's pig-feeding/corpse disposal scene is legendary. In 2013, mobster Simone Pepe, who an article in the Daily Mail describes as "a member of the ’Ndrangheta crime family, which holds a fierce grip on the southern Italian region of Calabria," decided to take that particular method off the screen and into the streets (or pig pens, as it were).

Rumor has it mob-rival Francesco Raccosta was "beaten with iron bars before being thrown screaming into a sty, where he was swiftly eaten by the hungry animals" ... a fate that provides the non-murdering layperson an opportunity to learn some disturbing facts about their daily bacon. According to this illuminating piece on Inverse, "14 lactating sows can disappear a [dismembered] grown man in an hour or two."

But remember the stern cautions of Snatch's Brick Top: “You gotta shave the heads of your victims, and pull the teeth out for the sake of the piggies’ digestion. You could do this afterwards, of course, but you don’t want to go sievin’ through pig sh*t, now do you?” 

No wonder Jules in Pulp Fiction just didn't dig on swine.


Terence Malick's first feature, Badlands, is known for putting its young stars Sissy Spacek and Martin Sheen on the map. The movie is based on the crimes of one of America's most notorious (and most cinematically poeticized) serial killers, Charles Starkweather, who murdered 11 people over a one-year period, with teenage sweetheart, Caril Ann Fugate, in tow. Badlands's Lolitaesque beginning (Sheen first glimpses freckle-faced Spacek twirling her baton) stand in stark contrast to the brutal, dreamy tone of the rest of the film.

Malick made some puzzling departures from the actual events. In the film, Sheen kills Fugate's father, who's depicted as being an unsympathetic monster who brutally shoots the family dog. In real life, Starkweather senselessly murdered both of Fugate's parents, and her two-year-old sister by strangling and stabbing her. The rest of the killings are shown in more or less accurate detail. 

The film has gone on to inspire many artists, including Bruce Springsteen, whose 1982 masterpiece Nebraska takes its title track from Fugate and Starkweather's relationship. You can also see Malick's influence in films like 1993's Kalifornia, which stars Juliette Lewis as Adele Corners, an along-for-the-ride innocent dominated by her psychopathic, murderous boyfriend (Brad Pitt).

Boys Don't Cry

Kimberley Pierce's heartbreaking, unforgettable debut film, Boys Don't Cry, helped bring the tragedy of transgender teen Teena Brandon (AKA Brandon Teena's) 1993 murder to the public consciousness. It also helped catapult its leading actor, Hillary Swank, to fame.

Set in a bleak, futureless Nebraska sh*thole, the film chronicles the last months of Brandon's life, from his passionate romance with a beautiful, hard-partying, angelic girlfriend (played to perfection by Chloe Sevigny) to his slaughter at the hands of two psychotic homophobes.

As disturbing as the film is, the reality is even more so. Three people were killed in the actual crime, all of them murdered in front of a young child. Tisdel, Brandon's girlfriend, is seen lovingly defending Teena until the end in the film. In reality, the murderers alleged she was outside waiting in a car while the murders went down, and had no interest in helping anyone. Still, the movie remains a great achievement, and its scenes of violence, which are meant to showcase the despicable nature of what happened, pull no punches despite their omissions.


Joe Pesci getting pissed and stabbing somebody in the throat with a pen, Joe Pesci putting a cheating gambler's head in a vice and popping his eyeballs out, Joe Pesci beating a Blackjack dealer with a casino security phone: Martin Scorsese's favorite sidekick brings it on home yet again, this time as Casino's Nicky Santoro, AKA real life mobster Anthony Spilotro.

According to Chasing the Frog, a site dedicated to extensively detailing the true stories and real people behind movie plots and characters, Spilotoro really did put someone's head in a vice, he really was banned from every casino in Vegas, and he really was beaten to death (not in a cornfield, as depicted in the film, but in a basement; his corpse was subsequently dumped in a cornfield).

In other words, in Casino (a masterpiece of a mob film if there ever was one), the factual apples (or heads) didn't roll far from the fictional tree.

Child's Play

Whoulda thunk? Child Play's homicidal, sh*t-talkin' Chucky is based on an IRL murdering doll. According to iHorror, "Robert," the childhood doll of artist Robert Eugene Otto (whose name, poor thing, sounds like that of a serial killer) was real. Reports state:

"Much like Chucky, Robert is said to have the ability to speak, and Eugene’s parents would often hear him having conversations with the doll, up in his bedroom. They would hear their son talking to the doll and then also hear responses back, in a completely different voice than Eugene’s."

Neighbors and friends also reported that "Eugene’s parents were quite often awoken in the night by the sound of their son screaming bloody murder, and Robert was always found at his bedside, taking the blame for knocked over furniture and other devilish deeds."

So there you have it: don't f*ck with your son's doll (whom you can see here). Or even allow the doll to go on existing, if you can help it. (We all remember what happened when Telly Savalas tried to destroy Talky Tina in that episode of The Twilight Zone).

Heavenly Creatures

Based on the notorious 1954 Parker-Hulme murder case, Peter Jackson's Heavenly Creatures is an enchanting, visually ravishing story of innocence gone wrong. But its real-life inspiration was far more diabolical. The movie, which marked the film debut of actors Kate Winslet and Melanie Lynskey, tells the story of best friends Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme, who bludgeoned Parker's mother to death. Their motive was "liberation" from the elder Miss Parker, who refused to let her daughter accompany Hulme and her family to South Africa, where they were moving (very much against Hulme's will). 

Too young for the death penalty (both were 15 at the time), the girls were imprisoned for five years each; legend has it they never met again. Their obsessive friendship, which was informed by a vividly imaginative fantasy world, was brilliantly chronicled in Jackson's film, 99% of which plays like an adventure story. But, in the end, the director doesn't hesitate to show the actual horror of the crime, blow by blow and splatter by splatter.

Hulme later changed her name, and is now well known as detective novel writer Anne Perry. Make of that what you will.


Patty Jenkins's Monster chronicles the life of serial killer Aileen Wuornos. The picture galvanized audiences and established star Charlize Theron as one of the most magnificent actresses as all time. Indeed, Theron's veritable channeling of Wuornos, which Roger Ebert rightfully called one of the greatest performances in the history of cinema, left no stone unturned and no act of vengeance undocumented. 

Many believe Wuornos, a prostitute, was a misunderstood vigilante who did the world a favor by ridding it of at least some predators (her first victim, IRL, was in fact a convicted rapist whom she claimed had attacked her). Whatever the truth, Jenkins's film did not flinch from showing both the violence done to Wuornos and the violence she did to (sometimes) innocent people, and the effect is unforgettable.

Isadora (1968) - The Scarf Scene

"Love, love, the low smokes roll from me like Isadora's scarves/I'm in a fright/one scarf will catch and anchor in the wheel," Sylvia Plath wrote in her iconic poem Fever 103. She was referring to the real death of groundbreaking dancer Isadora Duncan, who perished when her scarf got caught in the spokes of a car she was riding in.

Karel Reisz's 1968 biopic Isadora, filmed in a beautifully understated, yet vivid, style that helped usher in the aesthetics of 1970s cinema, stars Vanessa Redgrave as Duncan. Redgrave brings an intense and seemingly unstoppable vitality to the role, which makes the film's final scene, in which Isadora abruptly breaks her neck before a cut to black, all the more ghoulish and shocking.

Goodfellas (1990) - The Rampages Of Thomas DeSimone (Joe Pesci)

Joe Pesci getting pissed because someone thinks he's funny, Joe Pesci borrowing a butcher knife from his mother so he can hack up the "deer" he hit on the road (i.e. the wiseguy he just whacked), Joe Pesci blowing away a bartender he doesn't like - the merriment never lets up in Martin Scorsese's Goodfellas. And Pesci, as IRL gangster Tommy De Simone, is the life of the party. 

According to an extensive piece in Den of Geek examining the real people behind the characters in film, 

"Tommy was an associate of New York’s Lucchese family, and his two brothers were associates of the Gambino family. [He was] was married to Angelica 'Cookie' Spione; her brother was gangster Joe 'The Barber' Spione  ...who Tommy killed. Tommy carried his his gun in a brown paper bag on hijackings."

Goodfellas's famous deer scene (above) was apparently based on an actual event. Legend has it Tommy killed gangster William 'Billy Batts' Bentvena with a tire iron and stopped at his mom's house on the way to the local dog kennel, where he disposed of the corpse (he was buried under the kennel, not eaten by the dogs). Whether he borrowed a piece of cutlery from his elderly mother is anyone's guess.

Mommie Dearest (1981) - The (Alleged) Child-Beating Insanity Of Joan Crawford


Who hasn't relished the drama, camp, and ghoulish makeup of Mommie Dearest? The film, based on the memoirs of Joan Crawford's adopted daughter Christina, turned the accusation that Crawford was a child-abusing psychopath into cult classic gold rather than revelatory tragedy.

Whether the scene involves Joan hysterically hacking off her daughter's hair after she catches her trying on her makeup, beating her daughter with hangers (melting cold cream and smeared Joker-lipstick in full regalia), or trying to strangle her daughter on the marble floor of her mansion, the action never lets up.

Many Joan aficionados claim Christina is full of sh*t, and the rampages depicted never happened. There's no way to verify whether the film's events are based on real life or not; it's ultimately mother's word against daughter's. One thing is for sure, though: Faye Dunaway is absolutely fabulous in the lead role. 

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<![CDATA[18 Insane Brawls That Broke Out At Wedding Receptions]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/wedding-brawls/jacob-shelton?source=rss

On the one hand, weddings are great. It’s always special when two people fall in love and want to tell all of their friends about it in a communal space and then feed them. But also – barring some massive wedding fail – if you’ve seen one wedding, you’ve seen them all. Sometimes you need a good wedding brawl to spice things up. Wedding fights are bound to happen in at least one-out-of-every-three receptions. Everyone is wearing uncomfortable clothes; they’re probably drunk; and more than likely, someone is regretting a huge life decision, and they want to punch away their frustration. The following wedding horror stories all feature some good, old-fashioned punch ups between brides, grooms, and the entire wedding party.

There are some instances where you’re more likely to see wedding reception fights than others. Is the bride’s ex-boyfriend in attendance? If so, you will be seeing a fight. Does the groom hate the bride’s mother? If so, a fight in wedding minute one is inevitable. The wedding fails that follow aren’t simply wedding scuffles; they’re knock-down, drag-out, neck-stabbing wedding brawls that people were lucky to survive. If you’re gearing up for wedding season, make sure you read this as a what not to do before putting on your tux or bridesmaid dress.  

18 Insane Brawls That Broke Out At Wedding Receptions,

Philly Keeps Their Vibe Alive At A Wedding

In 2016, a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, wedding reception kept its reputation solid when 34-year-old Joseph Mooney and a 17-year-old boy assaulted a police officer at a wedding in the Hilton Garden Inn. According to the police, "20 or 30" wedding attendees were already going HAM and beating each other up when the cops arrived and tried to break up the fight. Authorities said that one officer got caught up in the fray and was almost beaten to death after he fell. 

Buffet Fight Leads To A Broken Nose

Dear everyone that's attending a wedding in the upcoming months and years, there's always enough food at the buffet. Always, always, always. At a wedding in Norfolk, England in 2013, a family brawl broke out over a piece of chicken at the buffet. The whole thing started when the best man pushed into the line for the buffet to get food for his son, and that move got on everyone's nerves to an extreme. The groom, Ben Smethurst, 26, said everything started at the buffet table when his brother reached over to get a piece of chicken, and the name calling started. He said: "Curt thought he was pushing in the queue, and called him "a fat c*nt." My brother just told him there was no need to use that sort of language. The fight got so intense that the bride's sister Krystel Coleman, 29, ended up with a broken nose and two black eyes.

Australian Wedding Is As Intense As You'd Think It Is

Australians are nuts, y'all (if you're from Australia, please don't throw a boomarang towards America because of this story), and the fight that broke out in the street outside a wedding is proof times a million. At about 12 am after a December wedding in 2016, about 25-30 people started beating on each other at a wedding reception at the Conca Do'Oro function centre outside Sydney, Australia. According to the police, a 22-year-old man was knocked unconscious and given heinous mouth and nasal injuries. Crikey. 

Bride's Ex Starts A Fight In The Craziest Way Ever

If you find out that your ex is getting married, and you have a photo of them in a compromising sexual position - delete it. Actually, you know what? Go back in time, and don't even take the photo because everyone involved is going to regret it. Case in point: at a wedding reception in Toronto, Ontario, a giant brawl broke out when the bride's ex-boyfriend placed photos of her mid blowjob on all of the tables. Yikes. According to someone on Twitter, the bride's brother thought it was one of the groomsmen, and things started popping off from there.

Meanwhile In Russia A Bride Is Slap Fighting Her Father-In-Law

Leave it to Russia to take the cake when it comes to wedding party brawls. In 2016, a bride to be known only as "Lena" made the odd decision of giving her in-laws the finger during the wedding reception, setting off a chain of events that she had to see coming. Not only did her father-in-law refer to her as a "freaking cow" and a "witch," but he also threatened to cut her finger off. On a recording of the fight, he can be heard saying, "[what] the heck is this? Put your middle finger on the plate and I cut it with a knife." What the heck indeed. The father-in-law and bride then got into a slap fight before she was dragged away to hopefully sober up. 

They Guy Who Chose His Mom Over His Bride At The Rehearsal Dinner

If you're going to get married, then you've got to make sure that you like your in-laws, because if you don't, you're going to end up in one of the strangest wedding brawls ever. A couple from Manhattan, New York who had been dating for three years got into a huge fight when their in-laws came to blows during the almost half-a-million-dollar pre-wedding party. Apparently, the fight happened, and the wedding was canceled when the bride to be, Amy Bzura, gave Bradley Moss the ultimatum that he had to choose between her and his mother, and he chose his mom.

The Wedding Party That Had To Be Downed With A Stun Gun

At a wedding in 2015 in Ontelaunee Township, Pennsylvania, police say that a royal rumble broke out after a 14-year-old boy got drunk at the reception, sparking a fuse that would ignite three different groups to start fighting each other. Out of all the fighters, the groom caught the worst heat because he challenged one of the officers who responded to the scene to a fight. After that, the cops showed up, and they allegedly had to take a guest down with a stun gun. Another caught the business end of a police baton, but no one was seriously injured. 

Turkish Wedding Ends With A Bang

In 2016, a big ol' fight broke out at a wedding reception in the Dilovasi district of the north-western Kocaeli Province of Turkey. After the guys who were fighting were kicked out of the wedding, the fight continued, and a man only identified as "O.K." got in his car and ran down the guys he was fighting at the wedding. Fortunately, most of the guys made it out of the incident unscathed, but one of the men reportedly suffered "permanent damage" to his face. 

It's Not A Wedding Until Someone Ends Up In The River

A wedding in Gloucestershire, England turned into a frat party when about 20 people started smashing into each other at a post-wedding reception at The Swan in Bibury. The Gloucestershire Police said, “[we] were told that one person had been knocked unconscious, furniture was being hurled about and someone had been thrown in the river." They also reported that guests were treated for head injuries and broken teeth. 

Food Fight Turns Into A Real Fight

In 2014, a wedding in Yorkshire, England devolved into total chaos after the drunken party guests started spraying each other with water guns and throwing pork pies at each other. Chris Sowden, one of the guys who runs the Harold Club (where the wedding was held) told The Telegraph, "[people] had been drinking since 2pm. Apparently there was some tension building for an hour or so before it happened. It all started with a water pistol then a pork pie got thrown. I've worked here for 14 years and I've never seen anything like it. We had to shut the bar at 7pm when it was supposed to be open until 11."

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<![CDATA[Horrible Things United Airlines Has Done To Passengers Flying The Friendly Skies]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/united-airlines-passenger-abuses/jacob-shelton?source=rss

There’s no rule that says corporations have to like their customers, but United Airlines puts all other companies to shame when it comes to client treatment. You don’t have to look very hard to discover multiple United Airlines scandals. The company can’t seem to avoid mistreating their customers and getting into hot water. From killing pets to forcibly removing paying passengers from planes, the horrible things United has done to passengers keep piling up.

Maybe some of these United Airlines incidents would be more understandable if the passengers in question were acting like jerks - but usually they weren't. The amount of United Airlines passenger abuse that’s occurred is as baffling as it is troubling. As if the stress of traveling and extra fees weren’t bad enough, you could be on the receiving end of one of these awful abuses from United.

Horrible Things United Airlines Has Done To Passengers Flying The Friendly Skies,

Baggage Handlers Played A Homophobic Prank On A Gay Couple

Christopher Bridgeman and his husband Martin Borge noticed something unusual when they retrieved their luggage from the baggage carousel after their United flight. In their lawsuit, the couple claimed that their luggage appeared with a purple dildo sticking out and covered with fecal matter. The airline’s attorney argued that United did not believe its employees were responsible for placing the sex toy.

Flight Attendants Left A Blind Woman Alone On A Plane

In May 2010, Jessica Cabot, who is blind, was taking a series of flights. On each flight, an attendant told her to wait for the rest of the passengers to disembark and then someone would help her off the plane. But on her final United flight, Cabot said that she heard the rest of the passengers leave. Then the aircraft door was sealed shut, "and then, just complete silence. And I started calling out with no response."

Cabot was stuck for 10 minutes until she was found by a maintenance crew that entered the aircraft. She was given a $250 travel voucher for her troubles.

Airport Security Forced A Customer Off A Plane

Arguably the worst move by United Airlines to date is the forcible removal of David Dao from one of their planes. Dao, a Kentucky physician, was dragged off a plane after a refusing to give up his seat in order to make room for United employees. Airport security physically, and violently, removed him. His face was bloodied in the incident.

To add insult to injury, after video of the assault surfaced, United CEO Oscar Munoz responded by releasing a statement on Twitter that read: "I apologize for having to re-accommodate those customers."

A Muslim Woman Was Denied A Soda Can Because She Could "Use It As A Weapon"

Tahera Ahmad, an associate chaplain at Northwestern University, was subjected to intense profiling on a United flight. Ahmad wrote on Facebook, "I am sitting on a United airlines flight in the air 30,000ft above and I am in tears of humiliation from discrimination. The flight attendant asked me what I would like to drink and I requested a can of diet coke [sic]. She brought me a can that was open so I requested an unopened can due to hygienic reasons."

The flight attendant refused, on the grounds that staff members weren't allowed to hand out anything that could be used as a weapon. But the argument fell flat when the attendant handed Ahmad's neighbor an unopened can of beer.

A Scorpion Stung A Passenger

In April 2017, Richard Bell was flying United to Calgary. Mid-flight, a scorpion fell from an overhead bin and stung him. According to United, airline crew immediately consulted a physician about Bell's injuries, and medical personnel met the plane when it touched down in Canada. The stings were not life-threatening.

Employees Killed A Golden Retriever

When a Michigan woman was moving from Detroit to Portland she decided to ship her golden retriever via United Airlines. After multiple delays, she was finally able to see her dog - but then he died a few hours later. Her vet determined the dog's cause of death to be a stomach flip, which occurs when blood flow is cut off to the internal organs. The illness is often caused by meal problems, stress, or both.

United claimed that the dog's death was the woman's fault for marking the pet's container as smaller than its actual dimensions, thus resulting in the delays and death.

A Captain Kicked An Autistic Girl Off A Plane

A teenage girl, Juliette Beegle, and her mother, Donna, were attempting to fly from Orlando to Portland, but they were removed from the United flight because the captain was uncomfortable with having an autistic child on the flight. According to Donna, Juliette wasn't having a great day and wanted to eat something, so they flagged a flight attendant down and were able to get a hot meal from first class. Then the captain got on the intercom and told passengers that they would be stopping in Salt Lake City to remove the girl and her mother from the flight.

Donna later wrote on Facebook, "The officer told us, ‘The captain is not comfortable flying to Portland with your daughter on the plane. You have to leave the plane.'"

Employees Broke A Cat's Paw

In 2016, a Redditor posted about a legal battle they were in with United Airlines. According to the author, someone at the airline had broken their cat's paw, and they had also refused to feed the cat or give it water.

The poster wrote: "United has refused to pay on the argument that I took 16 days to file a complaint and they aren't liable after 12. This is wrong as I emailed and called right after I got him him but wasn't given the official, not-listed-anywhere, complaint email until 16 days later after numerous emails and phone calls."

Girls Were Banned From A Flight For Wearing Leggings

In March 2017, a United Airlines gate agent barred two teenage girls from a flight for wearing leggings. A bystander says that the girls were finally able to board after changing into attire that the attendant deemed appropriate. She told the New York Times, "The girl pulled a dress on. But please keep in mind that the dad had on shorts that did not hit his knee - they stopped maybe two or three inches above his knee - and there was no issue with that."

United claimed that as "pass travelers," people who are traveling for free thanks to a family connection with the company, the girls were representing United and therefore had to dress in whatever way that the company thought best. As if that weren't enough bad press, whoever runs the United Twitter account started getting into fights with people online.


A Passenger Was Told He'd Be Handcuffed If He Didn't Give Up His Seat

Geoff Fearns, president of a lucrative investment firm, purchased a $1,000 first class ticket home from a conference in Hawaii. He boarded the plane without any issues and waited for take off. But as he was having a glass of juice, a flight attendant told Fearns that he had to give up his seat for a more important customer, and that if he didn't he would be handcuffed and forcibly removed.

Fearns was eventually moved back to economy, where he sat between a married couple who was fighting and refused to sit next to each other.

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<![CDATA[14 Horrible Facts About The Modern Day 'Witch-Killings' In Papua New Guinea]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/facts-and-stories-about-witch-killing-in-papua-new-guinea/jonathan-sherman?source=rss

Papua New Guinea, one of the largest island nations in the world, is also one of the most culturally diverse places on earth. With hundreds of distinct languages across the island's many tribes, and as many, if not more distinct cultures, PNG is a testament to humanity's past and future. While Papua New Guinea continues to become an important member of the modern world and globalized economy, one barbaric ritual plagues its inhabitants across many of the island's villages and tribes.  

Episodes of witch-killing - that is, the vicious murders of women, and sometimes men and children, who are accused of sorcery - are reported often, with some believing the frequency and brutality is actually increasing. The details of the violence are truly harrowing. Learn about the horrifying trend that continues to spread across the island nation.

14 Horrible Facts About The Modern Day 'Witch-Killings' In Papua New Guinea,

Women Are The Primary Targets

Women face the brunt of the vicious witch-killing in Papua New Guinea. Victims are often women without male relatives, or widows who have married into their husband’s village and then are left stranded after his death.

In 2013, 20-year-old mother Kepari Leniata was tortured and killed in her hometown of Mount Hagen in front of a mob that numbered in the hundreds. Leniata had been accused of killing a young local boy with sorcery, and as punishment, his relatives stripped her naked, covered her in gasoline, and burned her alive on a pile of trash. Since her death, Leniata's story - and the global outrage caused by her death - has been used as a rallying cry for those who are trying to fight violence against women across the globe.

Victims Are Often Blamed For The Deaths Of Villagers

A woman named Susan cared for her sick cousin, Elijah. Days before his death, Susan had gone to pray with him and to wash his swollen legs. Sadly, her love for her cousin was turned against her when she was blamed for his death.  When pressed about Elijah’s death, Susan responded by saying she believed in God and that her hands were clean. The interrogation saw this as a denial, and so the torture began.

They cut Susan’s ears, stripped her naked, put a rope around her neck, and dragged her along the village road. While being dragged, Susan called to a young man named Oku, who was leading the interrogation, “Why have you done this? My hands are clean.”

Eventually, Susan was dragged to a place where the group prepared a fire. They placed her on a pile of car tires, poured oil over her, and lit a match. While burning to death, Susan could be heard crying, “Oku, Oku, why are you doing this to me? In God’s name, my hands are clean. I am innocent.”

When the fire died down, onlookers took what remained of her body and burned it to dust.

Belief In Witchcraft Is Part Of PNG's Unique And Complicated Culture

Thanks to Papua New Guinea’s numerous mountain ranges and dense, nearly impenetrable jungles, an astounding approximately 850 unique languages separate the approximate 7.3 million people living in Papua New Guinea. Despite this, the word sanguma - meaning witchcraft - resonates across many of them.

In 2015, when a man living in the Simbu Province died, his wife Lucy was blamed. After all, she had been living with her husband in the Simbu Province, which many from the Enga Province (the man’s birthplace) believe to be the “home” of sanguma. Quickly, a witch-killing mob formed. The group threw Lucy in an empty house and locked her inside with no food or water. Lucy could be heard wailing inside the home for 14 days until her cries ceased. When Lucy was presumed dead, people opened the house and disposed of her body in a forest far away from the village. 

Men and Children Are Also Victimized

A 2014 murder was shocking not only for the number of victims (five men and two children), but for the number of people who were set to stand trial for the brutal killings - 122 people were called as defendants, though only 99 appeared in court.

The killers reportedly "painted their faces with black ashes, armed themselves with bush knives, bows and arrows, hunting spears, [and] home-made and factory-made shotguns."

They then “went on a rampage, destroying food gardens and setting alight about 62 houses.”

The mob killed the five men, shooting them with arrows and hacking them with machetes. The two boys (ages three and five) were killed by machetes as well.

All of the victims were suspected of sorcery, even the two young children, who were reportedly snatched from their mothers and killed right in front of them.

Social Media Spreads Terror And Outrage Around The World

Papua New Guinea is truly one of a kind. In 2011, the nation was listed as the 6th fastest growing economy in the world, but thanks to its extreme isolation for thousands of years, age-old customs remain. As a result of of globalization, members of witch-killing mobs have grown accustomed to posting videos of the brutal murders on social media. In 2015, a video was released of the brutal torture women who are accused of sorcery are subjected to. In other cases, the footage has been used to raise awareness, within PNG and across the world, of the terrifying crimes.

Four women from the Solomon Islands had been accused of causing a local man to fall ill. When the women claimed innocence, a group of men tied them up, sliced at them with bush knives, and burned them with hot iron bars. The video of their torture is profoundly difficult to watch. Following the incident, one of the women ran away, two stayed in the village, and one was killed.

PNG Had Laws That Acknowledged Sorcery Until 2013

While it has since been repealed, the infamous 1971 Sorcery Act criminalized the practice of sorcery and recognized sorcery as a defense in murder cases. While the Sorcery Act permitted the use of white magic, it criminalized the black arts.

In 2013, the Parliament of Papua New Guinea voted to repeal the act, and reinstated the death penalty in certain cases in an attempt to reduce the instances of witch-killing. The repeal was a definite step in the right direction, as all local and international organizations that deal with the issue cited the act as a way attackers legitimized their crimes.

In 2013, Helen Rumbali and three of her female relatives were dragged from their home to be tortured after being blamed for the death of a local man who had recently died of illness. The dead man’s grave reportedly bored the marks of black magic, and a swarm of fireflies supposedly lead villagers to Rumbali. Eventually, Rumbali’s relatives were released to police, but Rumbali was not so lucky. She was beheaded by members of her village.

Witch-Killing Isn't New, But The Situation May Be Getting Worse

In 2013, journalist Jo Chandler noted that while there is a history of witch-killing and belief in black arts in Papua New Guinea, the ways in which the accused were being killed had seemingly grown more barbaric over time. He wrote that while in the past, a “witch” might simply be pushed from a cliff, now torture, often brutal and hours-long, is the norm.

In one Highland community, a group of eight “witch hunters” have claimed to have tortured and killed 18 people between them. "A witch hunter just collects information from any village where there is a problem, and then we go in and collect those people who are suspected of being witches," said the leader of the group. "It is part of my culture, my tradition, it's my belief. I see myself as a guardian angel. We feel that we kill on good grounds and we're working for the good of the people in the village." 

The Frequency Of Witch Killings Is Staggering

The incidents are indeed horrific, and shockingly common. The UN has recently estimated that executing witches in Papua New Guinea occurs “on a weekly basis.” The PNG government has said that an estimated 150 people are killed each year in just one of its 20 provinces as a result of accusations of sorcery.

Often Witches Are Murdered So Others Can Steal Their Money Or Land

While the reasons for witch-killing are often reported as individuals suspected of “casting spells” on other members of their community, studies show that property disputes play a large role:

Our work in the highlands with the Human Rights Defenders Network revealed that while in some cases accusations of sorcery are passed from family to family for generations and driven by strong beliefs, other claims are fabricated for financial gain. Recent research by Oxfam found that in 2 in every 3 accusations resulting in a relocation, sorcery accusations were used as a means of repossessing wealth or resources such as land, houses, or businesses of the person accused.

Angry Mobs Can Keep Police From Stopping The Killings

In small villages and communities, where the belief in sanguma may be most culturally-embedded, the lack of access to justice outside of traditional courts is minimal. Policing Papua New Guinea witch murders is incredibly difficult, often made impossible by the witch-killing mobs that form.

In the case of Kepari Leniata, police and firefighters tried to save the young woman, who was burned alive on a pile of tires after the 20-year-old woman "confessed" under torture to killing a neighbor's six-year-old son. Their rescue attempts came up short, however, as the police were chased away by an overwhelming mob numbering in the hundreds.

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<![CDATA[Diners Describe The Worst Service They've Ever Gotten At Restaurants]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/bad-restaurant-service-stories/lea-rose-emery?source=rss

When it comes to bad restaurant service, one normally thinks of waiting 20 minutes for someone to take your order, not stealing your credit card number or your car. But these Reddit restaurant stories show you just how bad things can get. Because, unless you've been really unlucky, you've probably never experienced the worst restaurant service up there. Scams, phlegm, frozen oranges - it's all there. Even getting a child drunk because, you know, that's a normal thing for a restaurant to decide to do. Given, much of the issues in food service come from customers not understanding the nature of the industry, but these instances defy all logical customer service.

These Reddit restaurant stories will put your dining in perspective - or make you never, ever want to eat out again. As these stories show, sticking to your local restaurant won't even help because management changes, and so does the establishment.

Diners Describe The Worst Service They've Ever Gotten At Restaurants,

A Hefty Tip

From iRedditAllB4

"A friend took me to drinks for my birthday. She paid with her credit card. Before we even left the lounge she was getting notifications from her credit card company about suspicious activity. Turns out the waitress was part of a team of scammers that would steal patrons cc info an immediately order things online. This one ordered an $1,800 television from Walmart. Crazy."

Orange Surprise

From HoneyMooh

"I was on a student trip to Barcelona with my class and two teachers. On the last day of the trip a couple of the girls and the teachers went out for dinner. We found a very small restaurant, that served a three-course meal very cheap. Perfect for young, poor students.

We were quickly seated in the completely empty restaurant, and ordered our food. About 30-45 minutes passed, when suddenly a scooter came in to the backroom (I had view into the backroom). The scooter was parked, and shortly after a 'ding' was heard. Out came our food - first, an appetizer of broth soup. Then 20-30 minutes more waiting, another scooter trip, more 'dings' and out came the main course: Boiled rice on half the plate, beef stew on the other. Definitely bought and thawed from a grocery store.

For dessert we had a choice of two things. A fruit plate or lemon pie. Being the cake-aholic that I am, I chose the pie - the rest chose fruit plate. I got a 'slightly burnt' lemon pie, but the fruit plate was a sight to behold. Out came the small, male waiter balancing seven plates each with an orange rolling around on it and a knife for each. And to top it off; the orange was frozen."

Was It Even A Restaurant?

From Foodstamp_:

"I went to a Mexican restaurant that was completely empty on a Saturday night. Highlights included:

-A clump of hair/dust in the salsa

-Music cranked up so loud that the water on the table rippled

-Empty dance floor, a DJ that came out, stared at us and counted to three in Spanish over and over again in a satanic voice

-A pretty okay enchilada...

-When attempting to pay with a credit card, making sure to get a signature because "the f*cking cops have been around"

-A toothless man wandering around near the cash register with a guitar just laughing and spouting nonsense

-A friend's report that there was a man most likely getting a blow job in the bathroom.

Apparently it was used to front a heroin ring. It was raided by swat two days after."

You're Not Leaving

From joozaff123

"I was once locked in an Italian restaurant in Amsterdam after trying to leave, about 50 minutes after ordering a pizza. About ten people came in after us, ordered, and were served, while we waited and waited and waited.

Eventually I decided that I'd had enough and made a move to leave. At that moment a crazy old Italian woman charged at me, blocking the path to the door, which she then locked. She began to scream at me, about two inches from my face. The other diners were horrified.

Three of her big ass sons then appeared from the kitchen. All very menacing. She threatened to call the police, which I insisted that she did. She didn't, instead choosing to berate me with a series of progressively aggressive, um, cultural statements.

I dug my heels in, refused to pay for the pizza that we'd never been given, and after about 15 minutes made a firm move back towards the door, which I managed to unlock. We were free.

Definitely the worst outcome to a bad case of the munchies that I've ever had..."

Divine Intervention

From LeepII

"Cockroaches fell out of the ceiling and onto our table while eating."

A Horrific Manager

From twistmental

"I was at an IHOP with my then fiancée having our usual Saturday IHOP treat meal. This location was one of the better ones in terms of food quality and service, so we always went there.

That particular day was different however...very different. We had ordered our regular meals (blueberry topped, stuffed crepes for me, and a bacon and ham scrambler for her), and shot the sh*t for a bit while waiting. Everything was great so far, then the food came.

My crepes were cooked badly and cold, her scrambler is not the right one and also cold. We complained, (politely mind you, we liked this place after all) and wrote it off as a new cook. When the food comes out I notice right away that my blueberries are missing and the food is cold again.

We tell the waitress who gets the manager, who apologizes profusely and goes into the kitchen. We were seated in such a way that we saw the cook when the manager opened the door, and I noticed two things right away.

1) The cook is indeed new

2) The cook clearly has a learning disability

The manager comes back to us and explains that the cook used to be the dishwasher but was shadowing one of the regular cooks and trying his best. The regular cook had called in sick that day leaving the special cook to fend for himself. The manager comped us and said that he tried to help but was to busy to constantly be back there. Then this happened.

The manager had one of the wait staff step in to cook while he brought the disabled guy to our table and had him tearfully apologize to us. That caused the manager to tear up as well as my SO. Then the manager fired the guy in front of us! We of course left pronto."

Totally Inappropriate Abuse Of Information

From Kindern

"I was eating with a female friend at a reasonably nice restaurant. Not posh, but expensive. Before we were seated we grabbed a drink at the bar, and while there she signed up to some sort of newsletter at the bar. To be fair it was stuff like this that made me apprehensive to call the place 'posh'.

Anyways, we sit down and the girl I'm with gets a text telling her how beautiful she looks. She ignores it and another one comes through asking her what she's doing later. She hasn't got a clue who it is and ignores it.

We're finishing up our meal and a third text comes through saying she shouldn't be with a guy like me and asking if she wanted dessert with a 'real man.'

Now it's clear someone in the restaurant has her number and we clocked that she had put it down on the application form for the newsletter. Considering the newsletters went into a box behind the bar it was a member of staff. After getting the manager down and having him call the number, it turned out one of the waiters had taken her number and address off this form, written it in his phone and had spent the evening taking pictures of her from behind the bar. The police ended up involved."

The Booziest OJ In Town

From Sh*tFamYouAlright: 

"My family went to a restaurant and my little bro ordered OJ, when he got it he chugged it down because he f*cking loves OJ. 20 min later he was drunk off his ass, they gave him a mimosa. He was nine. When we asked for an actual glass of OJ they gave him another mimosa. We didn't go back to that restaurant."

Goodbye Ruby Tuesday

From SupaKoopa714

"I was at a Ruby Tuesday with my dad and sister. Everything was fine at first: we sat down, ordered our food, and all was good. Well, except for the fact our waiter was this weird dude who kept using Internet-speak like 'So much win!' and 'Epic fail!' And he kept coming back to our table constantly just to stand there and talk, which wouldn't have been as much a problem if the guy wasn't so cringey.

Then an hour passes, and we're sitting there going 'Where's our food?' Suddenly our waiter comes back and goes 'Hey, I forgot to put your orders in. What did you want again?' Now, most people would understandably say 'What the f*ck is wrong with you?', but for some ungodly reason we just rolled with it. Our food eventually came out, and by some miracle we got exactly what we ordered. Still, it was quite a long time before we went to that restaurant again."

A Ghost Fish Appearance

From Georgemanif

"Not my story, but a friend was telling me of finding a fish skeleton in her salad once in a very famous restaurant in our area. The salad didn't have any fish in it, so she had no idea how the skeleton ended up in there."

Tue, 28 Mar 2017 10:03:47 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/bad-restaurant-service-stories/lea-rose-emery
<![CDATA[Parents Describe The Awkward Moment Their Kids Walked In On Them]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/parents-describe-kids-walking-in-on-them-having-sex/matt-manser?source=rss

One of a parent's many jobs includes monitoring what their kids see, and parents whose kids have walked in on them having sex learned such oversight is easier said than done. For any number of reasons, curiosity or a desire to save "Mommy from hurting Daddy", plenty of kids walks in on their parents having sex. It's an awkward moment, but many parents will speak of their kids walking in on them having sex as a family joke for years to come. Fortunately, in a couple of threads on Reddit (like this one and this one), parents describe their kids walking in on them having sex, all hilarious tales that sometimes lead to interesting conclusions.

So enjoy these moments when parents talk about their kids walking in while they were having sex. And if you're a parent, here's hoping you can get that alone time you need,even though that could lead to even more kids, who could potentially walk in on you while you do the deed.

Parents Describe The Awkward Moment Their Kids Walked In On Them,

Wrestling Time

From Buwaro:

"I was having sex, and the moment was destroyed by the word 'Mommy?' From right next to the bed. He was four at the time. I am not his dad and his mom and I had only been living together for a few months.So him seeing us, luckily with blankets covering us was awkward, him telling his dad he saw us 'wrestling' was super awkward."

Getting Technical

From MarianneDashwood:

"I was pregnant, and my six-year-old walked in on us. He immediately walked out and shut the door and my husband and I freaked out. I went downstairs and found him coloring at the kitchen table. I sat down and said, 'You saw Daddy and me in a private moment and I just wanted to make sure--' and he interrupted with, 'When you were having sexual intercourse? That's what it's called, SEXUAL INTERCOURSE.'

I was like, 'Yes, and I just wanted to make sure you weren't upset or scared or anything.' He asked, 'You mean because I saw you having sexual intercourse?' I said, 'Yes.' He said, 'No...I'm not scared or upset. Why, were YOU scared or upset?' I said no. He said, 'I'll tell you what I thought. I was thinking, I wonder if she'll get another baby in there and then we can have twin babies!'

But then for like months after that, if anyone would say the word 'private' he would say, 'Some people say 'private moment' when they mean sexual intercourse, which is a penis going into a vagina, and it's how babies get inside the Mom.'"

Good Morning Kiss

From redeyedone,

"My seven-year-old grandson walked in on mom and dad two weeks ago. Dad tells him to get out. Grandson says he just wanted to give mom a good morning kiss. Dad repeats 'get out.' Mom comes out a few minutes later and grandson asks what dad was doing. Mom says he was giving her a kiss. Grandson said 'I know what you were doing and it's disgusting, and now I don't want to kiss you good morning.'"

Ninja Attack

From Ampl1c1ty,

"My girlfriend has a five-year-old. At the time she had a studio apartment. It's later at night and the kid goes to sleep in front of the couch (which acts as a barrier to the bed). So thinking we were safe we start fooling around. One thing leads to another and after about 15 min, I feel something near my feet. It was quick. So I disregarded it. About five seconds later I have a knee jerk reaction to my feet being tickled. I threw her off and what do you know! Kid's sitting there staring at me and laughing. So, basically my feet were tickled by a ninja kid during sex. We ended up just not talking about it with him, and to this day it's a staple funny story between us. Though I'm still mildly weirded out."

Having Surgery

From Legen--dary:

"One day our nine-year-old boy takes the dog for a walk to the park, which means we get just about 20 minutes to do the deed. So we run upstairs, strip, start fooling around, and since no one is home, I get to be as noisy as I want. (I really miss being noisy.) So we're getting to the good part and I hear a knock on the door and a worried 'Mom? Mom? Are you okay?' I yell at the door that it'll be just a minute and throw on my bathrobe all the while saying 'shit' under my breath. I get out to my kid looking really scared, and he says, 'I thought you were having surgery or something.' Long explanation, about sex and how it can feel good and he goes, 'Oh, okay,..because my next guess was you were having a baby.'"

What Were You Doing?

An anonymous user wrote,

"My four-year-old walked in on my wife having a orgasm with me going from behind. I threw a cover over us and told her to leave and then locked the door. After everything was said and done she came back into the room, climbed on the bed and got six inches from my face.

In the most serious tone I've ever heard from a child, 'What! were you doing to My mama!'

I still laugh about it."

College Bound

From Leetleone

"The day my son left for college he walked in on me and my husband. He was sort of frantic and didn't think about knocking. 'Shit! Sorry! Goddamn it! This is why I'm leaving!'

The ride to school was pretty funny."

Horsey Ride

From laineedee,

"The Husband and I were getting busy, and right as I was orgasming the door that hadn't locked properly flew open and my six-year-old daughter jumped onto my back (blankets were over my back, I was on top but had fallen forward at moment of orgasm onto husband's chest) and started laughing and jumping up and down like it was a horsey ride game. I screamed and told her to get out, husband told her to get out.

I'm scarred for life, she thought we were just playing horsey without her."

She Thinks It's Beautiful

From CDC_

"My wife and I have no kids, but her sister comes over and spends the night with us on occasion. My wife's mother remarried kinda late in life, so my sister-in-law is far younger than my wife.

Anyway, she was spending the weekend with us. It was late, her sister was in bed,  and we decided it was time to do the deed... and her 10-year-old sister did that little knock-twice-and-then-pretty-much-immediately-open-the-door maneuver. Fortunately we were doing it under the covers, so she couldn't see anything.

This is more-or-less how the conversation went.

Sister-in-law: 'Fred is outside meowing, can I let him in?'

Wife: 'Yeah, just open the door and make sure you lock it back.'

Sister-in-law: 'Can I bring him in my room?'

Wife: 'If you want to, but he'll probably want out after a little while.'

Sister-in-law: 'Ok.... were you guys having sex?'

Wife: 'Umm... I mean... ... I guess we ..uuhh...'

Sister-in-law: 'Some people would think that's gross, but I think it's beautiful.'

And then she left."

Family Hug

From iammonkeybutter,

"Hubby and I decide to try for a quickie while our six-year-old is distracted by Nick Junior. He's on his back with pants down, I'm on top with my flowy skirt in a circle around us. Nakedness was not obvious, in other words. Mid-coitus the bedroom door slams open, and the crotch-dropping comes racing into the room, hops up on the bed, and flings herself at us, yelling, 'Family Hug!!!! Needless to say, sexy time was over.

We managed to get our revenge when she turned into an incorrigible teenager... we told her the story, she had a horrified and 'Gross, my 'rents have the sex' look on her face. Now when she's annoying, all we have to say is, 'Family Hug!' and she leaves the room.

Thu, 02 Mar 2017 05:46:17 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/parents-describe-kids-walking-in-on-them-having-sex/matt-manser
<![CDATA[22 Insane Stories About Andy Kaufman That Prove He's An All-Time Legend]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/weird-andy-kaufman-stories/jacob-shelton?source=rss

More than any other performer, Andy Kaufman was able to create an air of mystery around himself that never dissipated even after his death. Most, if not all, Andy Kaufman stories feel totally unbelievable until they get so crazy that you feel like they might be completely real. Weird Andy Kaufman performances were the norm in his unfortunately short career, so it’s not hard to make the mental jump to believing that he pretended to kill himself on stage after opening for The Temptations, even though there’s no visual proof of that ever happening. If you’ve only heard about the genius that is Andy Kaufman, or you’re afraid to ask “who is Andy Kaufman?” then keep reading and discover the weirdest stories that he was ever involved in. Like the man who would go on to portray him in film, Jim Carrey, Andy Kaufman stories are anything but what you'd expect.

Some of the most bizarre Andy Kaufman stunts weren’t even performed for an audience; his weirdest acts were done in crowds of people with no cameras, and they were never repeated. Maybe. It turns out that Andy Kaufman lied quite a bit in his interviews, and that Andy Kaufman art performances may have been completely staged, with no improvising whatsoever. Are these stories real? Or are they just made up to mythologize an okay performer? You be the judge. 

22 Insane Stories About Andy Kaufman That Prove He's An All-Time Legend,

He Had To Have A Safety Net To Protect Him From Audience Missiles

While opening for Rodney Dangerfield under the guise of Tony Clifton, Kaufman went out of his way to infuriate the audience. But it's not like he was winging it as he went along; the man had a plan. On his third night, he showed up 25 minutes late and said that he wouldn't perform until all of the cigarettes were extinguished. When he finally got on stage, he lit a cigar and blew smoke into the audience and began singing "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" as people began to throw tomatoes and eggs at him. When someone threw a banana at him, he shouted, "Drop the net!,” and a protective barrier came down to block him from the audience. When someone threw a coin at him, he donned a SWAT helmet and yelled at everyone from the wings. 

He Never Rehearsed On Taxi

Despite starring on Taxi for six years, Kaufman never rehearsed with the rest of the cast. According to co-star Tony Danza, the producers hired a stand in to rehearse with the cast. Danza remembered: "He didn’t rehearse. He never rehearsed. You know. When he did come to rehearsal, he was always late. And, by the way, when his alter-ego,Tony Clifton, did the show - he constantly wanted to rehearse and he was always early. He was a real pain..."

Andy Made The Producers Of Taxi Fire His Alter Ego In Front Of The Cast

One of Andy's conditions for working on Taxi was that the producers had to hire his alter ego, lounge singer Tony Clifton, as well. When Clifton was on the show, Kaufman would only appear in character and would never acknowledge himself. Does that make sense? As Tony Danza told an audience at the Gotham Comedy Club, as much as the cast thought Kaufman was a pain, they hated Tony Clifton. So one day when Clifton showed up with two prostitutes, the cast persuaded the show's producer, Ed Weinberger, to fire Clifton. That's when things got ever more confusing, Danza explains: "Ed Weinberger went to Andy and he said, ‘Andy, or Tony, I have to fire you. I’ve got to let you go. This is not good for the show, to go on.’ And Andy, Andy loved the show. And he was not going to do it. But he could not resist the chance to do something with that. So evidently he told Ed that you can fire me, but you have to do it in front of everybody."

The day Clifton was fired Danza happened to have his Super 8 camera with him and filmed the "wrestling match" that broke out when he was kicked out of the studio, and a week later they watched the footage. 

"We’re all on top of one another, everyone’s in there, the cast, the crew, some of the producers, everybody’s in there. And we’re watching it. And just as this fight is starting to break out, the door opens up and out the door, Andy walks in. It was like the air was sucked out of the room. We’re all standing there. And we watched him - I watched him - watch the film. And then the film ran out. It just ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch. You know that thing, because it was on film? So I reached in, and I turned the film off. And we stood there for a second and Andy went just like this, he shrugged and went, ‘Geez. What an assh*le!’"

Kaufman Worked As A Busboy While He Was On Taxi

The story that Kaufman worked as a busboy is an interesting part of his mythology, but was it actually true? Or was it just one of his lies that went over like gangbusters? Multiple articles say that Kaufman was a busboy, but none of them can agree where he worked. Grantland reported that "[after] he was famous, he took a night job as a busboy at the Posh Bagel restaurant on Santa Monica Boulevard, just to see what would happen." But a 1981 People Magazine article said that he worked "one night a week as a busboy at Jerry’s Famous Deli in Studio City." Maybe it never even happened. 

He Let A Group Of Nurses Beat Him In A Wrestling Match

Andy's brother Michael, who has tried to keep some mystique around Andy's life since his death, told a story in a Vice interview about how sweet Kaufman could be - even when he was being super weird. Michael said: "Andy went to visit a girl who was dying. She was a fan of his, and when his plane was delayed in Chicago on its way to Washington, he drove out to Demotte, Indiana, to visit her. Word got out at the hospital and Andy wrestled three people. I have pictures. They were supposedly nurses and maybe one patient's mother. It's the only time he ever lost a match. He let them beat him. And then there's a letter from the mother, thanking Andy for doing that. Seven weeks after his visit, she died. That whole correspondence will be there. Andy never told anyone about that. I only knew about it because I went through the stuff."

Towards The End Of His Life, He Received Psychic Surgery

The story of Andy Kaufman's death is truly sad. According to his friend and the best straight man he ever had, Jerry Lawler, Kaufman died three months after he was diagnosed with a highly aggressive form of lung cancer. Kaufman, an early proponent of natural and organic foods, sought out any form of medical help that he could get from chemo to something called psychic surgery.

Essentially, psychic surgery was a hoax perpetrated by a man in the Philippines who would pretend to remove a foreign body from his patient's innards, thus "healing" them. Think reiki combined with slight-of-hand magic. One would believe that Kaufman, a practiced prankster, would be able to note a fake when he saw one, but he still went through with the process and claimed to have been cured. Unfortunately, he passed away shortly after going through with the "surgery." Was he actually interested in this, or was he just playing a final prank? 

He Cried On The Dating Game

Before Andy Kaufman was established as the Loki of the comedy world, he was just working out his act in New York City. While he was still working out his "foreign guy" character that would later be fully exploited on Taxi, he was booked as a guest on The Dating Game, and he was 100% amazing. The two hot '70s bros that he was playing against were really into hooking up with a woman on TV, and Kaufman went out of his way to make the audience stew in the awkward soup he made. After the swingin' '70s babe picked dude #2, Kaufman burst into tears and protested that he correctly answered all the questions.

He Once Took An Entire Audience Out For Milk And Cookies After A Show

In 1979, rather than end a Carnegie Hall Show in some old-fashioned, outdated way (by just ending it), Kaufman took the entire 2,800-person audience, which included Tony Danza, out for milk and cookies. And if that wasn't enough Kaufman for them, he invited anyone who was interested to meet him on the Staten Island Ferry the next morning where he continued the show. 

His Brother Thought Andy Ruined His Career When He Appeared On Fridays

After a while, Andy's brother Michael said that he didn't want to know when Andy was pranking people anymore because he didn't like lying to people about Andy's intent. Michael says that at the famous Fridays taping - where Kaufman stopped a sketch, saying on camera that he "felt stupid," acting stoned, and freaking everyone out - he thought that his brother had ruined his career. Michael was in the audience and cautiously went backstage to see how his brother was doing.

"I approached his dressing room with trepidation because I thought he was going to be very angry. I had to open a door to a bigger room before getting to his dressing room, and when I did there was music and a great mood going on. I thought, This is in poor taste. Andy's in there packing up like he's got no career and you guys are having a great time. That feeling lasted about four seconds, because I looked up and saw that Andy was one of the people celebrating. He was high-fiving people and dancing around."

Seeing Kaufman Was A Great Way To Hear F. Scott Fitzgerald

In the late '70s, Kaufman was a regular guest on Saturday Night Live while it was still on the cutting edge of comedy, but even for the show's cool downtown audience, he was a bit too much. One night, rather than performing his "foreign man" character that had become a hit, he came out onstage, spoke with an English accent, and read from The Great Gatsby. When the audience began to boo, he asked if they'd like to hear some music instead, when they answered with an emphatic yes, he put a record on, and it was just his voice reading the words he had just read

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<![CDATA[12 Disturbing Stories Of Dead Bodies Left To Decompose On Top Of Mount Everest]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/creepy-stories-about-deaths-and-dead-bodies-on-mount-everest/sabrina-ithal?source=rss

Mount Everest serves not only as a testament to the majesty of nature's beauty, but as an alluring siren song calling to the heart of every adventurer. Despite the risks, thousands swarm to Nepal every year in an effort to conquer the tallest point on Earth. Many of them never leave.

Over 250 bodies remain on Everest, giving it claim to the title of the world's largest open-air graveyard. While most deaths occur due to avalanches, falls, and exposure to the harsh climate, the area known as the “Death Zone” holds a terribly high body count and comes with its own unique set of problems.

The Death Zone is commonly known as the area above 26,000 feet. When the human body enters this altitude, it slowly starts to die. Then it becomes a race against the clock for climbers to make it from this mark to the peak and back again before their body fails them. Since oxygen at this level is only a third of what it is at sea level, climbers may find themselves sluggish, disoriented, and fatigued. The pressure makes weight feel ten times heavier and causes extreme distress on organs. Because of these severe effects, climbers usually only have a window of 48 hours inside the Death Zone and are strongly urged to use supplemental oxygen at all times.

If someone dies on Everest, it's almost impossible to retrieve their body, especially in the Death Zone. Due to unbearable weather conditions, severe lack of oxygen, pressure on dead weight, and the fact that many bodies are completely frozen onto the mountain face, most corpses are left exactly as they fall. Attempts are sometimes made to retrieve the body of a loved one, but those expeditions can cost upward of $25,000 and are extremely dangerous for the retrieval team.

Overall, standard protocol is to simply let these figures, frozen in the final moments of death, become a permanent addition to the rocky terrain. It would make sense that the mountain's nickname is EVER REST.

12 Disturbing Stories Of Dead Bodies Left To Decompose On Top Of Mount Everest,

A Real-Life Indiana Jones Was Finally Found After 75 Years But His Final Days Are Still A Mystery

“Because it's there.”

With those three words to describe attempting the insurmountable, George Mallory not only cemented his own Everest fame but an entire Western mentality for future generations.

George Mallory was one of the most famous expert climbers of the early 20th century. He was part of the first three British expeditions to the summit and has the morbid distinction of being the oldest known corpse on Mount Everest. A corpse that was missing for over 75 years.

During his third attempt in 1924, Mallory and teammate Sandy Irvine made a push towards the top and were never seen again. Not only was their cause of death a mystery but, for over half a century, no one was certain if Mallory had actually reached the top or not. That would change history as we know it and make him the first known summit.

An investigative expedition was launched in 1999 to find the duo and shed light on the last hours of one of the world's most famous adventurers. The team found Mallory's sun-bleached and mummified body on a low face on the north side of the mountain. Due to severe rope jerk injuries on his torso, the theory is that he was still tethered to Irvine when one of them fell off the mountain and pulled the other man with him.

There was also a golf-ball size puncture wound in his forehead that is thought to be the fatal blow. The team was led to believe that as Mallory slid down the rock face he tried in desperation to slow his descent.  He must have caught on a tilted slab and bounced off the rock, causing it to smash straight into his head.

The mystery still remains to this day if Mallory and Irvine actually summitted. Teams are still searching for a photograph that Mallory was planning on leaving on the peak and a camera that Irvine had brought with them.  Experts for Kodak have confirmed that if found and handled properly, the film could still be developed.

Irvine's body is still missing and, with him, the possible proof of the first ever Everest summit.

David Sharp's Death Outraged The World And Called The “Code Of The Mountain” Into Question

In 2006, an experienced climber froze to death near the summit of Mt. Everest. With nearly one out of every ten climbers perishing atop the mountain on average, frozen corpses have become almost run-of-the-mill.  Yet it was the death of David Sharp that nearly tore the entire climbing community apart.

British mountaineer David Sharp made his third trek to the top of Everest without the aid of oxygen, radios, Sherpas, or teammates. His first two attempts were aborted due to perilous conditions, including ravaging frostbite that took several of his toes. He successfully summitted Everest on the third try and, during his descent, stopped to rest inside Green Boots's cave, mere feet from Green Boots himself. Being disoriented and suffering exhaustion, Sharp drew his legs to his chest, rested his head upon his knees, and never woke up.

However, David Sharp did not perish right away. Over 40 different climbers passed him on the mountain and noted he was still alive but in distress. Outrage poured from around the world at the knowledge that Sharp was left moaning and murmuring to climbers who refused to abandon their quest to the top in order to help him.

Sir Edmund Hillary, who was the first person to ever successfully summit Mount Everest, spoke out against Mark Inglis and his team for allegedly seeing Sharp's distress and continuing on towards the top.

“The whole attitude toward climbing Mount Everest has become rather horrifying,” Hillary said. “A human life is far more important than just getting to the top of a mountain.”

The unwritten code among climbers is to abandon their quests in order to help others in peril. On Everest, many believe that the standard code does not apply due to the difficulties involved in climbing the tallest mountain on earth. Many argue that it's every man for himself and that Everest has become a moral “gray area." This modern mentality has pushed the climbing world into civil war, with Sharp's death only further highlighting the issue.

Inglis and his team attest that Sharp was completely frostbitten, incoherent, and beyond saving when they found him. Claims have been made that many did try to help him but seeing he was too far gone, left him and continued their journey. Others stated that an immobile Sharp was mistaken for Green Boots and overlooked. Many cry out that Sharp was left on purpose, becoming just another victim of climber greed and summit fever.

The sad truth is that it's too hard to save yourself on Everest, let alone rescue others.

The First Shredder on Everest May Still Be Boarding Down Its Face

In 2001, French snowboarder Marco Siffredi became the first person to successfully snowboard down Mount Everest using the North Col passage. Siffredi, who had come from a long line of mountaineers, was disappointed that he was unable to complete his actual goal of boarding down Hornbein Couloir, which he considered to be the true face of Mount Everest.

Siffredi returned in 2002 at a time of year when the Hornbein would have amassed more snow in an attempt to ride down the steepest slope on all of Everest. He reached the summit in a grueling 12 hours with the aid of his Sherpa friend, Phurba Tashi. Upon reaching the top, Phurba was excited but Siffredi did not share his outlook.

“Tired. Tired. Too much snow. Too much climbing,” Siffredi responded.

Being so late in the day with clouds beginning to fill in, the Sherpas urged Siffredi not to make the descent but he refused to pass up a chance to conquer the Holy Grail of snowboarding. That was the last time Marco Siffredi was seen alive.

As the Sherpas were packing up Camp III, they noticed a figure rise and then slide down the mountain along the North Col. This was strange because Siffredi would have been nowhere near the North Col passage and he was the only climber on Everest at the time of year. When the Sherpas investigated the area where they had seen the figure, there were no snowboarding tracks anywhere.

Marco Siffredi is forever shredding the Hornbein with the wind at his back and a smile on his face.

The Most Famous Corpse On Everest Is Used As A Marker To Gauge Distance To The Summit

Climbers taking the North Col route to Everest's elusive summit inevitably end up passing the mountains most infamous landmark, “Green Boots.” While it sounds like a unique protrusion or hidden crevice on Everest's face, Green Boots is actually the frozen body of a fallen climber that earned his nickname because of the brightly colored hiking boots that he was wearing when he died.

While Green Boots's identity has always been hotly contested, he is widely believed to be Indian climber Tsewang Paljor. Paljor was part of a high-class Indian expedition to summit Everest that yielded only one survivor, Harbhajan Singh. Singh recalled that the expedition was marred by mistakes and he had urged the other three men to abandon their quest due to inclement weather heading in.

Singh suspects his men succumbed to “summit fever." Summit fever is a term used when climbers abandon thoughts of safety, and often their own morals, because they are close to reaching the summit and become blinded by the drive to cross the finish line over all else.

“Don't be overconfident,” Singh insisted. “Listen to me. Please come down. The sun is going to set.”

And while the men continued on and eventually did end up reaching the summit, they encountered the terrible blizzard of 1996 on the trek back down. With zero visibility in a fury of wind and snow, Paljor and his two comrades were lost to the brutality of the mountain.

Over time, Paljor simply became known as "Green Boots" and has become a permanent fixture on the North Col passage. For the past two decades, climbers have used Green Boots as a macabre trail marker to gauge how far they had left to go on their own race to the summit.

As of 2014, Green Boots was finally dropped to a lower location over the side of the mountain, where he joined the bodies of other fallen climbers that have been cleared off of the main route.

The Final Hours Of “Sleeping Beauty” Were No Fairy Tale As She Begged For Her Life

Francys Arsentiev and her husband Sergei were avid climbers who sought to conquer Everest in 1998. Francys had a goal to become the first American woman to summit Everest without the use of supplemental oxygen. After two aborted attempts, she finally succeeded but was never able to celebrate her achievement.

Due to their lack of supplemental oxygen, the couple moved slowly and were not able to summit until very late in the day on May 22nd, which forced them to spend another night in the Death Zone. The couple became separated during this final evening and Sergei made his way down to Camp IV, assuming that his wife had done the same. Upon discovering her absence, Sergei raced back to the top with oxygen and medicine in hopes of rescuing his wife.

While accounts vary, on May 23rd, a Uzbek team found Francys half-alive and unable to move on her own. They carried her down as far as they could until their own oxygen ran out and they had to leave Francys and descend to camp. Along the way they passed Sergei on his way up to her. He was never seen alive again.

It was Sleeping Beauty's haunting final hour that cemented her legend. On May 24th, climbers Ian Woodall and Cathy O'Dowd saw a body raggedly jerking in the shadows of the First Step, one of three steps on the northeast ridge. Francys was severely oxygen deprived, frostbitten, and still attached to her climbing line. She kept murmuring, “Don't leave me here. Don't leave me here to die.” The team abandoned their attempt to summit and spent over an hour trying to save her.

Between the perilous location, Francys slipping into unconsciousness, and their own oxygen running out, the team made the painful decision to leave her and return to camp. For nine years, climbers scaled around the frozen beauty who had become a part of Everest's landscape.

In 2007, Woodall returned to the mountain and dropped Sleeping Beauty to a lower face where she can slumber for eternity, no longer a summit marker for other climbers.

This British Pilot Was Determined To Climb Everest With Only The Lord's Prayer

The most bewildering story of death on Mt. Everest is that of British soldier, pilot, mystic, and mountaineer Maurice Wilson, in 1934. Wilson was a fierce proponent of using one's faith to solve the world's problems and was inspired by George Mallory's summit expedition the previous decade. Wilson believed that by using prayer and his faith alone, he would succeed where Mallory had failed.

Wilson's plan was to fly a plane to the upper slopes of Everest and then hike up to the summit. This plan was abandoned when authorities refused to allow him to fly near Everest.  Despite being a poor pilot and having used only minor hikes around the foothills near his home for his mountaineering preparations, Wilson flew into India and approached from the Rombuk Glacier. Having no climbing equipment, he found his attempts at scaling the ice walls near impossible. His inexperience as a mountaineer showed when he stumbled upon crampons (standard equipment for ice climbing) at an abandoned camp and left them behind. 

Constantly losing his bearings and having to retrace his steps in horrid weather, Wilson finally retreated back to the Rombuk monastery with a twisted ankle, snow-blind and suffering from exhaustion. After several more treks marred by bad weather, no climbing equipment, and his lack of experience within a mountain environment, Sherpas Tewand and Rinzing urged him to return to camp. When Wilson did not return from his last attempt, they left the mountain and reported his death.

Maurice Wilson was found in 1935, covered in snow, surrounded by pieces of his wind-blown tent. Many of the details of Wilson's expedition come from his diary that was found in a rucksack near his corpse.

A Mass of Bodies Has Created An Unintentional Palette Of Explosive Colors

Along the Northeast Ridge Route near Everest's summit lies “Rainbow Valley." While the name may suggest happiness and hope, Rainbow Valley is essentially a mass pit of dead bodies. This macabre scene got its name from all of the vibrantly colored jackets and climbing gear that are still attached to the corpses strewn on that section of the mountain.

Climbers along this route can not help but notice this blatantly visible spectrum of color as they take this particular passage. Throughout the years, climbers have been known to push bodies over the mountainside into Rainbow Valley or cut the ropes of mummified corpses so that the way is less hazardous for those embarking on the trail.

According to Nepalese law, Everest is sacred and any bodies are to be removed immediately. However, the dilemma lies in the fact that since it is nearly impossible to retrieve bodies from the Death Zone, the bodies must stay where they are, and Rainbow Valley will only continue to accrue more hues for its palette.

A Japanese Woman Mastered The Seven Summits Only To Die On Everest

One of the darkest times on Mount Everest is considered to be the Spring 1996. The blizzard that roiled over the mountain left devastation in its wake and took the lives of many skilled climbers. It was one of the most infamous disasters in the region, and many have heard tales of the tortured final hours of Rob Hall's expedition team.

Yasuko Namba was a skilled mountaineer who was on Everest to complete the ultimate challenge of conquering the Seven Summits. The Japanese climber had just reached the top and secured the title as well as becoming the oldest woman, at that time, to have summitted. As the 47-year-old was embarking upon her descent, the blizzard of '96 struck the face.

Namba; her fellow climber, Beck Weathers; and several guides became trapped on South Col. The whiteout conditions were so bad that no one in the party was sure where camp was. Namba and Weathers became so weak that they were being completely supported by guides. Namba weighed barely 98 pounds and her small body mass led to her being more susceptible to hypothermia and the harsh conditions.

Shortly after, help came up from Camp IV and started evacuating the trapped climbers. Another guide assumed Namba was dead and left her and Weathers behind as lost causes. A search party sent out the following day discovered Namba and Weathers in horrible condition and were certain they wouldn't make it to base camp. After being abandoned twice over a span of 14 hours, Weathers crawled into Camp IV on his own.

Yasuko Namba died from exhaustion and exposure, all alone.  

Hannelore Schmatz Earned The Dubious Honor Of Being The First Woman To Die On Mount Everest

Hannelore Schmatz was a German mountaineer who successfully summitted Everest in October 1979. On the way down, Hannelore and her teammate, Ray Genet, were overcome with exhaustion and, despite their Sherpa's pleading to continue to Camp IV, they decided to spend the night inside the Death Zone. They set up a temporary camp without any cover, which was basically just sleeping bags.

Overnight, there was a severe snowstorm that left Ray Genet to die due to hypothermia. Shortly afterwards, Hannelore succumbed to exhaustion a mere 330 feet from camp. Her final words were said to be, “Water... water.”

Attempts to retrieve her body in 1984 resulted in the falling deaths of two men due to the extreme winds on the southern slope. For years, climbers at Camp IV would gaze upon Hannelore's body, still leaning against her long-since-deteriorated backpack with her eyes wide open and her hair blowing in the wind. As time dragged on, she simply became known as “The German Woman."

Eventually, the high winds swept Hannelore's body down the Kangshung face.

Hannelore Schmatz was not only the first German citizen but also the first woman to perish on the upper slopes of Everest.

A Google Exec Who Brought Maps Street View To The Mountain Found Himself Lost To Everest

In April of 2015, a massive earthquake rocked Nepal and claimed the lives of thousands. The 7.8 magnitude quake not only leveled ancient buildings in Kathmandu, but caused a monstrous avalanche on Mount Everest. Among the Everest dead was Dan Fredinburg, the head of privacy for Google X.

Fredinburg had started Google Adventure Team, which documented remote mountains, ocean floors, and reefs in the same manner that Google Maps details cities and towns. A mountain enthusiast, Fredinburg had scaled four of the Seven Summits of the world before attempting Everest.  (The Seven Summits is a mountaineering challenge to successfully climb the highest mountain on each of the seven continents.)

While Google refused to confirm details, allegedly Fredinburg and three other employees were on this expedition to Everest in order to enable a Street View trek to base camp as well as to bring a Street View camera to the summit.

During the avalanche, Dan suffered major head trauma and died from his injuries. The other three Google employees sustained injuries but were able to be evacuated. Google committed $1 million to the relief efforts and tried to supply updated satellite images to help in recovery missions.  

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<![CDATA[Strange Tales of People Who Faked Their Own Deaths And Almost Got Away With It]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/people-who-faked-their-deaths/cristina-sanza?source=rss

Sometimes when life's problems pile up, it's nice to imagine starting all over again. For some people, getting a fresh start at life is so important they will do just about anything to make it happen - including fake their own death. While it seems crazy, people who faked their own death to avoid their problems - be it impending criminal charges, souring relationships, or piling bills - really do exist. 

These cases of bizarre staged death are surprising, strange, and sometimes pretty funny. But before you start planning your own escape, take a real close look at these criminals who faked their death. While some are more creative than others, in the end they all got caught

Strange Tales of People Who Faked Their Own Deaths And Almost Got Away With It,

Ari Squire Faked His Own Death, Stole A Man's Identity, And Then Committed Suicide

Ari Squire wanted to start over - specifically he wanted to start over as Justin Newman. In 2008, the Illinois man hatched a scheme to murder the real Newman - a friend of his - and assume his identity, all while making it appear as if Squire was the one who was actually dead. He swapped clothes and wallets with Newman, and bought a brown wig and blue contacts to look like him. He then lured him to his house, killed him, and lit his body on fire in Squire's garage, staging it to look like a freak accident.

Authorities originally believed the badly burned body they found was Squire, and so did his family. In reality, Squire fled to Missouri assuming his new identity. But Newman's mother reported him missing, and police ran tests on the burned body's teeth. It wasn't Squire, it was Newman. Police tracked the real Squire down, but before they could arrest him he killed himself. 

Connie Franklin Testified At His Own Murder Trial

In 1929, Tiller Ruminer went to police officers in Stone County, Arkansas with a crazy story. Ruminer told police she and her boyfriend Connie Franklin were captured by a group of men while they were going to get a marriage license. She said the men murdered Franklin, mutilated and burned his body, and then raped her. She identified five men as her attackers, and they were quickly arrested. 

So that's why it was alarming when people reported seeing Franklin around town looking for work. As a murder trial pressed on, authorities eventually identified Franklin and made him testify. Despite this, Ruminer maintained her boyfriend had been murdered. 

It turned out Franklin schemed his own death as an attempt to start over. But this wasn't the first time he'd tried this trick. His real name was Marion Franklin Rogers, a father of four who had escaped a mental hospital. The five men accused of murder were cleared on all charges. 

John Stonehouse Got Caught Because Of Really Bad Timing

Before John Stonehouse tried to fake his own death, he was known as a Labour Party secretary in the British Parliament. He felt he was trapped in an unhappy marriage and wanted to run off with his lover and secretary, Sheila Buckley. In 1974, he went to a beach in Miami and disappeared. Presumed to have drowned, he basically got away with faking his own death. He moved to Australia with Buckley to set up a new life, and used a fake name set up a bank account. 

Things went wrong when another British man disappeared at the same time. The same year Stonehouse faked his own death, Richard John Bingham, otherwise known as Lord Lucan, went missing as well. His wife was attacked, their nanny was murdered, and he was nowhere to be found. His wife said Bingham had attacked her, and a manhunt began. Back in Australia, a teller at Stonehouse's bank started becoming suspicious of him, and suspected he might be Lord Lucan. Police arrested him believing he was Lucan, but quickly determined he was Stonehouse. He was charged with fraud, theft, conspiracy to defraud, and causing a false police investigation. 

Alison Matera Faked Cancer To Avoid Church, Then Attended Her Own Funeral At The Church

Instead of telling her church community that she just wasn't into them anymore, Florida woman Alison Matera decided to tell them she had cancer. In 2007, she pretended to be sick for a year, checking in with the members of her church periodically to give them updates on her health. When she stopped going to church altogether, she told her friends she had checked into a hospice. She posed as a nurse when she called the pastor to inform him of her death.

Alison just couldn't stay away from her funeral, though. She showed up pretending to be a sister and was immediately recognized. Members of the church were obviously hurt and extremely confused, and filed a report with the Pasco County Sheriff's Office.

Ken Kesey Faked A Drowning To Avoid Drug Charges

Ken Kesey, author of the classic novel One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, faked his own death in 1965. Kesey - a recreational drug user - was arrested for marijuana possession twice. The more paranoid he got, the more he worried about these arrests. To avoid going to jail, he parked his car near the ocean in Encino, CA, and left a suicide note. His friends helped smuggle him over the border to Mexico, where he stayed for a few months. The FBI, however, didn't believe he had really killed himself and continued searching for him.

He returned to the United States less than a year later, and was sent to jail for five months.

Alfred Rouse Set His Car On Fire With Someone Else's Body Inside

In 1930, Alfred Rouse found himself in a bit of trouble. Facing mounting child support payments for his various illegitimate children, Rouse decided to fake his own death. He murdered a hitchhiker he met while driving down the road, put the dead body in his car, and lit it on fire. As he was escaping, he was spotted by two witnesses. 

After he was arrested, he tried to claim that the car had burst into flames because the hitchhiker was smoking a cigar near gasoline cans. The jury didn't buy it and he was hanged in 1931. The identity of the hitchhiker was never officially determined, but some believe the man was James Brick. Brick, who lived near where Rouse torched his car, was known to be hitchhiking in the area at the time. His family said he disappeared shortly before the incident, and are trying to get DNA testing done to definitely prove whether it's him. 

Michael R. Rosen, Serial Forger, Botched His Fake Death Certificate

Salem, MA, resident Michael R. Rosen was a serial forger, but apparently he wasn't very good at it. He was wanted for credit card fraud and larceny charges, and to get out of his legal battles, he decided to forge his own death certificate which he submitted to multiple agencies including the courts.

The death certificate he turned in was rife with misspellings and he used incorrect medical jargon as his alleged cause of death. It was even missing the raised seal typically found on official documents, but it still almost managed to pass for a real death certificate. Rosen's probation officer had doubts and eventually proved the certificate had been forged. They found him at his mom's house, and slapped a few more charges on him.

Alfredo Sanchez Left His Fingerprints On His Cremation Certificate

British couple Alfredo and Sophie Sanchez found themselves in a lot of trouble in 2004. They had mounting debts they couldn't get under control, and were desperate for a way out. Then, in 2005, they figured out a way to solve their problems. Sanchez, a designer for music retailer HMV, would fake his own death to receive nearly $1 million in insurance payouts.

Sophie called HMV and told them that her husband had died while in South America. She said his body was cremated and offered his death certificate as proof. The company believed her, and all was going according to plan until one of Alfredo's friends tried using his employee discount card at HMV. When the company said Alfredo had died, the friend was surprised. This triggered an investigation by police, who found Alfredo's fingerprints on his death certificate. Both Sophie and Alfredo - who had relocated to Australia - were arrested.

Marcus Schrenker Parachuted Out Of A Plane Before It Crashed To Stage His Death

Marcus Schrenker was a respected Indianapolis money manager who seemed to be living the dream. He had a beautiful $4 million home, had a wife and three kids, and he owned a private plane. But that was all a facade. Behind the scenes Schrenker's life was nothing but a huge mess. 

He was deep in debt, cheating on his wife, and was accused of committing securities fraud. When the state moved to revoke his securities license in 2009, Schrenker hatched a plan to leave his problems behind. He boarded his plane, flew over rural Alabama, and jumped out with a parachute, crashing the plane and allowing him to land safely below. But he made it seem as if he disappeared in the wreckage somehow. He hid out in campgrounds across Alabama and Florida while police searched for him.

Investigators found travel books in the wreckage with the pages for Florida and Alabama torn out, so they had a pretty good idea of where he might be hiding. When they found him, he was suffering from self-inflicted wounds. Apparently, the fake death turned into a very real suicide attempt.

Frank Umbrello Sent A Fax To Police Claiming He Had Committed Suicide

In 2008, Frank Umbrello decided the only way to get out of trouble was to fake his own death. The Canadian man made more than $20,000 through credit card and eBay scams, and when he felt authorities closing in on him, he pretended to commit suicide.  He sent a fake fax to police claiming his body had been discovered, apparently having committed suicide after the death of his mother.

It didn't work. Police found Umbrello alive and well just a few hours after receiving the fax. He was charged for the fraud and sentenced to 18 months in jail

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<![CDATA[Teachers Describe Their Worst Encounters With Nightmare Parents]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/teachers-describe-encounters-with-insane-parents/lea-rose-emery?source=rss

When teachers vent about parents, you usually hear of pretty shocking stories of terrible people. You can get the normal annoying parents who come in and hover around their children or ask a lot of questions. But the actual worst parents are a totally different beast. Because teachers really see the worst of people. They see the negligent parents, the helicopter parents, and even parents capable of horrible abuse. 

Going far beyond just teacher pet peeves, the more annoying parents can make it straight up impossible for educators to do their jobs. From parents who think children potty train themselves (or that teachers should) to parents who actually threaten teachers for just doing their job, it'll relieve you to know your dad simply asked some embarrassing questions at parent-teacher night. When you see what these teachers of Reddit have to say, there's one thing you'll realize for sure—teachers just don't get paid enough.

Teachers Describe Their Worst Encounters With Nightmare Parents,

Serious Abuse

From Dont_Gild_Me:

"A couple of years back, there was a student who often wrote letters to her teachers thanking them for teaching her. The thing is, she always called them Mom/Dad, and always started the letters with 'Dear mother/father.'

At that time my teacher thought it was just the student joking around, until one day they found out that she had cut herself badly during school in her cubicle. From what she described, it wasn't just scratches, but deep cuts all over her arms and legs, and she was literally overflowing with blood. 

The teacher immediately called the ambulance and her parents, telling them to visit their daughter and help her. However, what the mother told her still disgusts her till this day.

She told the teacher to let her child die, and the earlier the better.

Sadly, she never really told us why and didn't know what happened to her after graduation as she didn't come back to visit the school. Now, she uses this story to teach us how lucky we are to have loving parents."

She Can't Just Let It Lie

From Captain_Steve_Hiller:

"I taught English and one boy was a reluctant reader. No biggie though, all he had to do was read one chapter in a book that was 100 pages or longer. I gave them nine weeks to read the book and put together a project. Basically, a book report.

During the first two book reports the mother asked if I could extend her son's project another week because he didn't finish the book. I denied the request because I needed to put grades in for the report card. She went on to bash me on Facebook, Twitter, and to friends saying how I was ignorant, that I didn't understand because I don't have kids. (Luckily I had some parents of students coming to my defense saying how the project was fair, that I gave deadlines that parents were to sign off on, and that nine weeks is plenty of time).

She complained still about every single assignment I sent home. She continued to complain on social media. She would then turn around and buy me a gift. She would walk into school in the morning while kids were coming off the bench to tell me that I needed to give her child another test because his 86 wasn't a fair representation of what he knew.

Finally, the principal banned her from contacting me directly, and then had the sheriff's office come in to talk to her about her Facebook rants. The sheriff more or less called it slander, and said if she didn't delete each post that I could press charges against her. She did, but by that point the year was almost over."

All The Extremes

From sciencenerd86:

"I have stories from both ends of the spectrum. When I taught second grade I had a parent leave alone her eight-year-old (my student), her four-year-old and an infant for several days when she went on a trip about four hours away. No adults staying, checking in, etc. She told him not to leave the house when she left on Friday, so it wasn't until Monday when we called and no one answered (not unusual) or Tuesday's welfare check that anyone realized the situation. It was terrifying to think of what could have happened. Injuries, fire, what these poor children ate (especially the baby who probably wasn't on solids yet) just to name a few.

The other is a more regular occurrence. I now teach middle school to the most helicoptered children. I have students whose parents check our online grade book and daily webpages eight-to-10 times daily and email their student's teachers nearly daily to check up. These children are 13-years-old and aren't allowed to make any kind of mistake or learn from having any responsibility or self-advocacy skills. It's terrible to think what a disservice this will be as their children are forced into the 'real world' without their moms there to solve their problems."

Friends Til The End

From vogdswagon26:

"My wife has been a preschool teacher for several years now, she has noticed a disturbing trend of parents refusing to punish their children and instead take their side in all situations.

There was one child in particular who would run away from the classroom and hide, disrespect the teachers, and on several occasions even struck teachers and staff. Whenever the mother was confronted with his behavior she would ask what they did to provoke the child and would blame all the child's problems on the teachers. She even went so far as to scream at one of the teachers in front of all the other parents and kids of the class. She yelled at her and said she is failing as an educator and doesn't know what she is doing. The next day her child bit a teacher.

This is the kind of thing that happens when parents are trying to be friends with their children, instead of being parents." 

A Very Important (Nail) Date

From Shiska0423:

"So, I work at a preschool. There's this one mom who drives me up the f*cking wall. She doesn't work. She always posts pictures of her getting her nails done and stuff while her two boys (two and three) are sitting in pre-k so she can have 'her time.' And she will not pick them up until 6:30 PM, which is the latest they can get picked up. Whatever. They're not bad kids. So I don't mind having them here.

But one day, the older one, let's call him Sam, hit his face. I'm not sure exactly what he did, but it was bad. His nose looked awful, lots of blood. They call mom because his nose is definitely broken. She waits until 6:30 PM (this happened in the morning) to come pick him up. She couldn't come pick him up because she was having lunch with her husband (the kids' dad).

So then the mom supposedly sent a picture of Sam's nose (it was awful. Already purple swollen and looked very painful) to a doctor friend of hers who told her, 'It might be broken.' She took this to mean it wasn't broken.

Poor Sam was at school the next day. All of the teachers were pissed. It would have made me cry with how bad it was, much less a three-year-old. But he was a trooper. He played just fine with his friends.

Finally. At around four later that day, I saw her leaving with him. But yeah, parents can be awful."

Daddy Needs His Cut

Form alwayslurkeduntilnow:

"Recently a parent threatened to hospitalize me for confiscating contraband. Sadly this happens often.

We get parents threatening legal action when we confiscate and destroy tobacco products. Recently we had to report a parent as he was selling cigarettes through the railings.

You can frequently see where many of our more troubled students get their behaviors from." 

Can't Have Them Thinking In School

From loisharkins2:

"My husband taught at a private language academy to a group of seven-year-old girls. He was reassigned in the middle of the school year, because a mom found that he made the students 'think too hard'. This being after-school education, he never gave any homework, they get enough of that from their day schooling (and then some). The mom was outraged because her daughter was voluntarily researching topics in her free time instead of whatever she wanted her to be doing. Way to have high expectations for her future." 

Basic Hygeine

From MattyNiceGuy:

"This mom was wondering why we weren't doing more to teach him about personal hygiene and bathroom habits, including proper wiping.

Me: speechless." 

Not Exactly The Socratic Method

From RednBlackSalamander:

"I told these parents their daughter loved asking questions, and they asked me why she didn't already know the answers, just in case anyone's wondering why suicidal depression is Korean students' national pastime."

Who Does Potty Training These Days?

From HoosierDoc:

"When I was a TA, I had to interpret for a mom who couldn't speak much English. Her child was a kindergartner and he had trouble with his bowel movements. Basically, he always pooped his pants. Aside from that, he also displayed some signs of possibly being in the spectrum. So we have mom come in and she comes in in pajamas. Whatever.

As we begin the conference, we asked her how he did at home with his homework. She said, 'I do it for him because he never stops crying about it. I know how to copy his handwriting.' We were all like 'WTF,' but moved on. Finally, we asked her how it was like potty training him, and she said, 'Potty train? I didn't potty train him. Isn't that something we just know how to do?'

Her lazy parenting skills killed me. Folks, don't be a lazy parent."

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<![CDATA[Actors Who Were Actually High On Set]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/actors-who-were-high-on-set/jacob-shelton?source=rss

People get high for a lot of reasons. Some folks are trying to hide from their feelings; some people like to party; and some people are just super bored. High celebrities are no different. Actors who smoked on set did so for a variety of reasons, and the interesting thing that binds them all together is that none of them really feel bad about it. As much as there’s a culture of shame placed around drug use, the actors high on set that have been included on this list are very straight forward about what they did. Most of them realize that it’s probably not what they should have been doing while they were working, but they’re also not wringing their hands over their life decisions. After all, they’re famous movie stars, and this is how people expect them to act.

Some of the actors on this list are truly going to surprise you, mostly because they’re so darn affable. They’re leading men who are known for their multiple appearances in Disney films, and their strong jawlines. Basically, if they’re doing drugs, then that means anyone can do drugs. Obviously, getting high at work, whether you’re making a movie or teaching a class, isn’t the way you should be getting through the day, and all of these stars have definitely reeled things in since they were getting zonked out of their mind on set (well, most of them anyway). If you’re just dying to know which actors were high on set, put on some 311 and keep reading. 

Actors Who Were Actually High On Set,

Carrie Fisher

The late, great Carrie Fisher has been very open about her past drug use, and while it might bum some people out that Princess Leia was high while saving the galaxy, it makes total sense that someone in a position like Fisher's would need to get high while appearing in the biggest film series ever. She said, "We did cocaine on the set of Empire, in the ice planet. I didn't even like coke that much. It was just a case of getting on whatever train I needed to take to get high."

But then her drug use started to get the best of her, and the only reason she survived is because it was so hard to get coke. "Slowly I realized I was doing a bit more drugs than other people and losing my choice in the matter. If I'd been addicted to booze I'd be dead now, because you just go out and get it."

Dennis Quaid

Hold the phone, the hunky (kind of terrible) dad from The Parent Trap was seduced by the white lady in the '80s? Is nothing sacred? Wow. Quaid wrote about how his addiction almost ruined his career in Newsweek. "By the time I was doing The Big Easy, in the late 1980s, I was a mess. I was getting an hour of sleep a night. I had a reputation for being a 'bad boy,” which seemed like a good thing, but basically I just had my head stuck up my ass. I’d wake up, snort a line, and swear I wasn’t going to do it again that day. But then 4 o’clock rolled around, and I’d be right back down the same road like a little squirrel on one of those treadmills."


It's probably not a surprise that Eminem, a man who once rapped: "I been to mushroom mountain once or twice but who's counting/But nothing compares to these blue and yellow purple pills" was high on the set of his movie where he played himself. According to an interview with Rolling Stone, he was doing Ambien throughout the filming of the movie: "We were doing 16 hours on the set, and you had a certain window where you had to sleep. One day somebody gave me an Ambien, and it knocked me the f*ck out. I was like, 'I need this all the time.' So I got a prescription. After four or five months, your tolerance starts building. You start breaking off another piece of the pill that's supposed to be for tomorrow."

Ethan Embry

Oh no, you guys, can you believe that one of your favorite teen heartthrobs can't remember filming one of the greatest high school movies of all time? In 2013, Embry revealed that not only was he smoking ALL the weed while filming Can't Hardly Wait, but that he also doesn't even know what the movie is about. “I was a smoker and the world’s biggest pot head and probably smelled like a walking ashtray. Maybe that’s what those weird people are saying. I haven’t seen the movie all the way through, and I was stoned. I never read the script."  

But what's the movie about Ethan? “Uh, uh, uh… It’s about a party right? Underage kids drinking and smoking and having underage sex, right?” As long as he still remembers every moment of filming Empire Records, everything should be fine.  

Gunnar Hansen

Gunnar Hansen has alluded to being high while swinging a chainsaw around on camera in multiple interviews, but he saved the actual story of what happened for his memoirs. In his wildly entertaining biography of the filming of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Chainsaw Confidential: How We Made the World's Most Notorious Horror Movie, Hansen explains how he accidentally got so effing high on set. Obviously things got weird when the set caterer brought weed brownies: "I know I ate a couple - or more. They were really good. Smoothed me right out. I don't really know who was stoned. I know I was..." 

Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson is the last real Hollywood wild man, so it shouldn't be that much of a surprise that he's been high while working on a film. While filming Easy Rider, Nicholson had to smoke a joint while filming the campfire scene, and you better believe that he smoked a bunch of legit joints.

In a retrospective of the film, Nicholson said, "We were all stoned the night we shot the campfire scene. The speech about the UFOs looks improvised, but it was actually almost verbatim from the script. The story about me smoking 155 joints - that's a little exaggerated. But each time I did a take or an angle, it involved smoking almost an entire joint. After the first take or two, the acting job became reversed. Instead of being straight and having to act stoned at the end, I was now stoned at the beginning and having to act straight, and then gradually letting myself return to where I was - which was very stoned."

Josh Duhamel

In 2016, Josh Duhamel played hard-partying Bill "Spaceman" Lee in the biographical film, and while he knew he was going to be smoking a joint in one of the scenes, he didn't know he'd be smoking a joint. "The truth is the first day, the first shot of the movie, I was rolling a joint. Normally they make fake weed, but nobody told me it was real weed. So I smoked it and for the next several hours I was high and wasn't supposed to be."

Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry has been pretty open about his drug use throughout the '90s, but it's still crazy to think about the fact that he doesn't remember some of the best moments from Friends. He told Larry King that he spent most of the mid '90s taking Vicodin "mostly just to not drink as much as I was.” YIKES! Reading that mostly explains why he forgot half the run of his hit show. When asked what his favorite episode, he responded: "I think the answer is, I don’t remember three years of it, so none of those. I was a little out of it at the time. Somewhere between seasons three and six.” Not even the episode where you were stuck in a box?!

Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. has had a storied history of being completely messed up on movie sets and in life in general, but he says that he didn't start getting high on set until 1987's Less Than Zero, where he played the junkie/future version of himself, Julian. He told The Guardian, "Until that movie, I took my drugs after work and on the weekends. Maybe I'd turn up hungover on the set, but no more so than the stuntman. That changed on Less Than Zero. I was playing this junkie-f*ggot guy and, for me, the role was like the ghost of Christmas future. The character was an exaggeration of myself. Then things changed and, in some ways, I became an exaggeration of the character. That lasted far longer than it needed to last."

Shia LaBeouf

It must be weird to be Rupert Grint. Not only are you the third wheel on the Harry Potter fandom motorcycle (was there a wizard cycle?), but the one movie you do with Shia LeBeouf turns out to be a total mess because your very famous co-star is on a bunch of LSD throughout filming. Grint said that LeBeouf, "smashed the place up, got naked and kept seeing this owl. If anything will make you not do drugs, it's watching that." Not the owl! Anything but that!

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<![CDATA[Pilots Relay Their Most Terrifying Experiences They Didn't Alert Passengers Of]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/airplane-close-calls/amandasedlakhevener?source=rss

Ask any experienced pilot and they'll inform you most airplane disasters often get prevented without the passengers on board ever having to bother a flight attendant. According to airplane statistics, you have a one in 29.4 million chance of being killed in a crash if you only take one flight. That number increases as you spend more time in the air. Recent flying statistics break down the fatalities per one million hours of flight time to 12.25 deaths. Luckily, because of some sky-high finesse from the ones in the control room, most potential airplane disasters end up becoming close calls, albeit ones where the stakes are literally high.

Since your odds of getting killed in a crash are slim, this means the scary things about flying are the near-misses themselves, not the crashes. Here are some Reddit tales from pilots about this very topic, and how they braved turbulance, engine failure, and other scary aspects of flying to get you to your destination.

Pilots Relay Their Most Terrifying Experiences They Didn't Alert Passengers Of,

A Number Of Close Calls

From g1344304:

I fly 737's for a major airline. Scariest incident by far was doing the circling approach to land on runway 08 in Innsbruck, Austria. We do a lot of training for Innsbruck, because it's in the middle of a very tight valley with mountains rising up to 13,000 feet . It is very demanding and we actually require three pilots (rather than two) to go as there is so much to take in. There are three different escape maneuvers if we get into trouble ( as we can't out-climb the mountains) and if we were to lose an engine it would be a bad day out but still something we train for. Anyway, the circling approach takes us very close to terrain on our left, and at the end we basically have to dive down over power lines on a ridge just a few hundred feet beneath the aircraft while turning onto short final (our briefing material actually says 'once clear of the power cables, increase rate of descent to over 1000-feet-per-minute'). When I flew the approach (had only done it once) the winds were crazy, the aircraft was all over the place but somehow we kept it stable and landed. When the aircraft came to a stop my heart was literally pounding in my chest and I was sweating profusely - not a good feeling. When disembarking, the passengers gave lots of good comments like 'awesome approach' and 'great landing' - if only they knew all three of the pilots just crapped themselves! Imagine this with snowstorms, clouds, gale force winds and not being able to see the mountains. The valley is too tight to do normal turns so we have special procedures to perform tighter turns in an emergency or go around

Another time I was flying into Pristina in Kosovo. The airfield there has very basic navigation facilities. We got a massive shortcut from ATC which meant we were very very high - higher than we were supposed to be. To resolve this we pretty much dive the aircraft at high speed with a high rate of descent, a pretty normal maneuver but man we really needed to get down. Pristina also has some very high mountains, right beside the final approach. As we were hurtling towards final approach, in thick cloud, at low altitude (lower than the mountains) trying to catch up with the situation our navigation screens failed and went blank. For about 20 seconds we had no idea where we were (except very close to a huge mountain at high speed) and the air traffic controller pipes up, 'Are your navigation systems ok? You are two miles away from where you should be.' - This was another sh*t yourself moment. We ended up going around (aborting the approach), getting to a safe altitude and landing on the other runway. Again, passengers none the wiser.

Last one - landing in Jersey (UK). Jersey is a very short runway, the shortest runway we land on by far, with one end of the runway leading over a cliff and into the sea. 737's can just about land on it but we are quite limited to certain weights and winds. It is always interesting. We usually use max brakes and max thrust reverse. With head wind it is no big deal really but it's never 100% comfortable. On one particular day we had the maximum tailwind we were allowed to accept (means a longer landing distance due to increased ground speed) at the maximum weight - right on the limits. The captain floated the landing for only half a second but still managed to touchdown just inside the landing markers. I have never been so sure that we would not stop in time, I thought we would end up in the sea. We just made it. The passengers in Jersey are used to braking hard so they were none the wiser. It might sound dodgy but our performance calculations are very precise and it worked out ok."


There Was A Total Electrical Failure

From zscn:

"Pilot of an Airbus 320 here. I was flying into a high elevation port in Asia 23,000 feet on descent had a total loss of electrical power. All screens went dark including standby instruments and emergency lighting. To put this into perspective, airbus designed this aircraft with three electrical generators in addition to power supplied by batteries and the emergency generator. It is designed never to be without electrical power even if both the engines failed; you ran completely out of fuel and the auxiliary power unit is in operation. It’s a scenario pilots don’t even train for because its never supposed to happen.

After a partial recovery of our screens, what followed were 12 consecutive warnings associated with different onboard systems. We landed safely, and passengers didn’t notice a thing apart from the lights temporarily going out in the cabin.

The car analogy would be you driving at 100 km/hr on a highway and suddenly all your windows are covered up, you lose your speedometer and all electrical systems, there’s no response from the brake or accelerator. But you can still feel the car going."

Cabin Pressure Failed

From theseblueskies:

"I am a commercial airline captain on a newish Embraer 175. Probably one of the scarier things I have had happen was when one of our cabin pressure control channels failed and we started to rapidly lose pressurization.

Pressurization is important because the air is so thin in the flight levels, specifically above 30,000'. The higher up you get the less 'time of useful consciousness' you have, down to about 30 seconds. So it is a pretty scary thought and it is a problem requiring immediate action, usually a steep emergency descent, during which you will not hear from the pilots because we are super busy.

Our pressure controller has two channels and automatically switches to the second if one fails. We were flying along about to start our descent and briefing our arrival and our ears started popping, like mad. I looked over and the pressurization was climbing very fast. We started a steep, but not quite emergency-level, descent, while I flipped the pressurization switch to manual and then back to auto. This manually switched the channel to the working one and we could continue without problem.

Pretty sure all the passengers noticed were their ears popping. It gave us about 80 seconds of a scare though.

The funniest part was that when we landed our maintenance control wanted us to 'defer' the pressurization channel over the phone, meaning we will fix it later (generally a very safe way to get flights out on time with something minor or redundant broken). I told him I was going to have to insist that someone come over and actually look at the plane to say it was safe to fly.

I would like to add that the mechanics were not being reckless. These channels rarely fail, and having two is already a redundancy. They are absolutely able to defer them with very little concern for safety. I was being overly cautious in my request for an inspection and they accommodated me without question. A few mechanics out there must have very charged relationships with pilots, though this is rarely the case in my workplace."

A Few "Oops" Moments

From tostilocos:

"Private pilot here (I fly an itty bitty little Cessna 172s). I've had a few incidents:

Shortly after getting licensed, I flew my wife's parents to Catalina. With four adults and enough fuel to get there and back (no gas on the island), we were a bit heavy, but well within the plane's limits (I had done all of my weight and balance calculations the night before and even consulted my instructor since I'd only been licensed a few months prior). The flight out to the island was uneventful. We had a nice lunch, walked around a bit, and were heading back in the early afternoon.

Before takeoff I got the WX report and noticed it was a bit warmer than earlier in the day (planes don't take off as well in warm weather). I did the calculations again and we were still well within limits for our weight, temp, and runway length. My instructor had taken me through warm takeoffs, so I was prepared to have a longer than normal takeoff roll.

We line up at the end of the runway, I hold brakes and bring the engine up, then roll out. We're gaining speed, but I can feel the plane isn't getting lighter. We hit our normal rotation speed (around 75kts) and I rotate gently. The nose lifts up, the back wheels pick off a bit, then the plane settles right back down to the runway. At this point my sphincter puckers up and I seriously consider abandoning the takeoff. Catalina's runway ends at a cliff - if you over run you plummet into the ocean. I check the airspeed which is still climbing steadily, so I know we'll be alright. Sure enough we hit about 85kts, I rotate again, and this time we're off for good.

We had a lovely flight home, landed without incident. After we land my family all remark that the whole trip was so smooth and pleasant. I waited a bit before telling my Dad that I just about locked the brakes up and killed the engine on takeoff to avoid running us off the cliff.

The second one wasn't as bad. Took a buddy up a few weeks after getting licensed. We did some sightseeing and then came back to home home airport, where the crosswinds had picked up considerably. You train for crosswinds a lot, but if you're not lucky you don't get to experience them as much as you'd like with your instructor. I knew they were within my personal limits, but they were still stronger than any I had landed in previously. I crabbed the thing in d*mn near sideways (in a x-wind you point the nose into the wind and compensate with aileron, then throw the thing straight just before touchdown), making adjustments the whole way in -  a lot of work and quite nerve wracking. Touched down a little rough and had to correct a bit further through that, but got her in plenty safe. My buddy says 'Man that was a smooth landing!' meanwhile I'm trying to keep my hand from shaking as I bring the throttle down."

The Windshield Shattered While 26,000 Feet In The Air

From AviatorDave:

"My biggest 'oh crap' moment was when my windshield shattered at 26,000 feet. The passengers did know about this one because you could see right into the cockpit from the cabin.

It's very rare to have actual 'oh crap' moments for pilots. Usually it's because of a mechanical malfunction with something that catches you by surprise. I'd say it's strongly correlated to the amount of flight time you have. The more experience you have, the less you say it.

There is a saying in aviation about learning to fly, 'You start out with a full bag of luck and an empty bag of experience. The trick is to fill up the bag of experience before you run out of luck.'"

They Flew Into Volcanic Ash

From besmircherz:

"Military pilot here. I was on a flight leaving Sigonella, Italy. Mount Etna had been erupting for the past four hours but ATC cleared the southern sector to be free of volcanic ash. We flew directly into an ash cloud at 2000 ft remaining in the volcanic ash cloud for over 20 minutes. We had no luck climbing and punching out of the ash cloud so we ended up doing an emergency descent to 1000 ft to get out of clouds. We started experiencing engine malfunctions and had to secure two out of our four engines. Unfortunately in Europe, ATC is not responsible for obstacle clearance and we received a vector that would have flown us straight into a mountain. We caught the error and navigated back to the field to conduct a two engine emergency landing without incident.

I literally expected every engine to cut out. I didn't expect to make it out of that volcanic ash cloud alive; look up what volcanic ash does to jet engines."

He Missed The Other Plane By Mere Feet

From HarborMaster1:

"Half the passengers in this story had no idea, while the other half likely crapped themselves. My father was a captain for Eastern Airlines and told a story about almost being at takeoff speed when another commercial jet taxied across his runway. He was going too fast to abort so he had to pull up early and cleared the other plane by mere feet (don't remember the exact amount). His passengers had no idea but the other plane's passengers saw everything. I don't know what ended up happening to the other pilot, but my dad got an apology call from him that evening."

The Airplane Started Shaking Like Crazy

From jfrye1:

"I am a pilot with ~300 hours. I own a 1967 Cessna 172 (single engine, four seats), and I absolutely love my airplane. First flight after my check ride, I was flying my mom to visit my dad in another state.

Up to this point, everything is going great. Smooth flight, no winds, not a cloud in the sky. My mom is sleeping in the back seat. We are descending into our destination when the plane starts shaking like crazy. Scanning my instruments, I notice an immediate RPM drop. The airplane is shaking so much I fear the engine will come loose from its mount. Luckily, there is an airport less than five miles away. I land, shut the engine down, and sit quietly, and calm my nerves. It is at this point I hear my mom remark, 'Oh, we're here...' 

Turns out she had slept through the whole thing, and woke up as soon as I shut the engine down. I explained what had happened, and she was rather grateful she had slept through it! For the curious, my engine (a Continental O300) was nearing TBO and had a piston that had begun to disintegrate. $20,000 and an engine overhaul later, we were back in the air."

Terror On Descent

From CriticalMach:

"Airline pilot here, going on four years now. I was flying into a small Midwestern airport in the middle of summer. On approach to the airport, we received an alert by the onboard equipment to climb immediately to avoid hitting another plane. Fair enough, I climb as instructed, see the offending aircraft below us, and decide to continue the approach.

On a three mile straight to the runway, we spot a wall of torrential rain rapidly approaching the field. Looks far enough away that we think that we can beat it to the airport. About 100 ft off the runway the rain hits us and we go complete white out, nothing visible outside of the windshield. Immediately start a go-around, and we get as low as 20 ft before the airplane finally starts climbing. Upon exiting the rain, and at about 500 ft, we finally are able to see again, and get another alert for a helicopter right in front of us. This time we are told to descend.

All in all, the most hectic and terrifying series of events in my entire time in aviation."

Close Call With A Piper Cub

I've piloted, but not certified pilot, but I am a certified A&P mechanic. The scariest moment I had in the air was a little over a year ago, as I was flying from my home in Key West to visit family in Columbus. We were on approach into CMH and everything was going smoothly. All of a sudden I hear the engines get fire walled while the nose pitched up to about 15/20 degrees. It was an extreme enough maneuver that everyone in the cabin snapped alert and started looking around inside to see why. I knew the problem would be outside, so I look outside for clues on the wings.

When I am looking out, I see a small piper aircraft pass about 200 feet off our wing tip and only about 150 feet beneath us going in the opposite direction. How do I know it was so close? I can tell you the pilot was white wearing a blue shirt.

As soon as the piper passed the nose pitched back down, and the engines were throttled down. When I was deplaning I waited to be one of the last off. The pilots were doing the usual thanks for flying. I quickly asked "near midair?" and the pilot got a serious look and nodded, but didn't actually say an answer, then went back to smiling and thanking the people behind me.

They knew something was happening, but I was the only one that I know of looking out the window at the right time. Everyone else was looking around the inside.

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<![CDATA[Scary True Stories That American Horror Story Should Make A Season About]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/scary-stories-for-next-season-of-american-horror-story/lyra-radford?source=rss

There are plenty of true stories that inspire American Horror Story. They are the stories that resonate and terrify, which is exactly why the creators of the show pull inspiration from their intriguing bits of folklore. The show's creators do an exceptional job at putting their own unique spin on real life atrocities. Each season pulls from multiple sources, unsolved crimes, historical oddities, and chilling legends people have told around campfires for generations can all be found sprinkled throughout the show.

American Horror Story plots inspired by real events have included the Black Dahlia, Elizabeth Bathorythe Axeman of New Orleans, and the haunted Cecil Hotel, to name a few. But what other horrifying stories - fact or fiction - haven't they done that would make for great television? Jack the Ripper? Slender man? Here are some possible options from popular legends and real events that could fit in nicely with the collection of scary stories in American Horror Story.

Scary True Stories That American Horror Story Should Make A Season About,

Alcatraz Penitentiary

Fans have been screaming - well, more like typing in all caps - for an American Horror Story: Prison for quite sometime now. Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary, which is reportedly one of the most haunted locations in the country, would be the ideal place to start. They had famous inmates like Al Capone, George "Machine-Gun" Kelly, Arthur "Doc" Barker and the first "Public Enemy #1" Alvin Karpis.

Obviously there would be plenty of vengeful ghosts of some insanely violent individuals. Any earth bound spirits of guards and administrators would be pretty terrifying as well since this facility was known for inhumane treatment of prisoners, back in the '30s prisoners were kept in "hole-cells." There is even talk about the land itself being haunted log before the prison went up.

According to local historians, the land was a Native American burial ground. Complaints of haunting have been going on since opening day.

The SS Ourang Medan

The American Horror Story “Sweet Dreams” trailer seemed to hint at a horror at sea. How awesome would AHS: Ghost Ship be? The historic mystery of the SS Ourang Medan would be a great place to pull inspiration from.

According to legend, multiple ships picked up distress calls from the SS Ourang Medan. The message received was broken up into two parts (with undecipherable morse code between them) the messages said "S.O.S. from Ourang Medan * * * we float. All officers including the Captain, dead in chartroom and on the bridge. Probably whole of crew dead. I die."

When the ship was actually found drifting near Indonesia, the entire crew aboard the Ourang Medan was dead - eyes wide open and mouths gaping.

The Bloody Benders

From 1871 to 1873, John Bender and his wife and two kids ran an Inn and general store in Kansas where the customers usually ended up victims

A Bender family dinner was a pretty brutal affair. It would involve inviting an unsuspecting guest to sit over a secret trapdoor with their back to a curtain so John could pop out and bash them in the head with a hammer. Then one of the kids would slash their throat before opening the trapdoor that led to the basement. They’d bury all the corpses out in the nearby orchard.

Randomly enough, the Benders lived near Laura Ingalls Wilder, (famous for Little House on the Prairie). She even mentioned the family and their exploits in some of her writings and speeches. A creepy family of murders on the prairie sounds right up American Horror Story's alley. 

The Demon House Of Gary, Indiana

The infamous demon house in Gary, IN, made headlines in 2014 when Latoya Ammons and her three children sought out exorcisms to rid themselves of demons. There was extensive media coverage, police involvement, and even members of the Department of Child Services got involved with these claims and witnessed unexplainable horrors in that house.

Footsteps, flickering lights, and strange sounds in the night quickly escalated to a 12-year-old child levitating off a bed, a nine-year-old walking backwards up a wall (in front of a nurse and case manager), and then full on demonic possession of all the members of the family. The family reached out to two clairvoyants, both of whom claimed the house was infested with 200 demons. The Catholic Church to intervene and performed multiple exorcisms.

The demon house has since been demolished by paranormal investigator Zak Bagans. Bagans purchased the house in 2014 to shoot a documentary. and found the place too evil to leave standing. But is it too evil to inspire AHS: Demon House?

Yosemite National Forest

There are some seriously strange stories coming out of Yosemite National Forest. Grouse Lake has it’s own Jason Voorhees haunting its waters. Allegedly, a young boy drowned there and tries to pull swimmers down to the bottom of the lake with him. There’s also an evil ‘water spirit” that lures people to their death near the waterfalls. In addition to Bigfoot sightings, Yosemite is also home to the creatures of legend known as “Nightcrawlers” or “Fresno Alien.” Brutal murders have taken place beneath its dense canopy and mysterious disappearances are a regular occurrence.

There’s a plethora of creepiness in every National Forest in the United States. This could be the perfect setting for all sorts of crazy stories in a new AHS season. 

Fox Hollow Farm

A sprawling, wooded estate owned by an unassuming family man with murderous impulses became a mass burial site for gay men living in Indianapolis. The story itself is rife with twists, creepy dolls, and sex - perfect for AHS.

In this true story, Herb Baumeister was living a double life. He was a married father of three and business owner who was secretly luring gay men back to his own home to strangle them to death in his creepy pool surrounded by mannequins. Then he would burn or bury their bodies in the yard where his children played.

Once his double life had been revealed, Baumeister took off to Canada to commit suicide at Pinery Provincial Park. Prior to killing himself, he set the stage in a ritualistic fashion, building up a sand mound and surrounded it with dead birds as an altar for himself. Then, he positioned himself on it with his arms stretched out, and shot himself.

The 1996 police investigation of the property uncovered 5,500 bones, but more are still being discovered by the current owners today. After his death, Baumeister was also linked to the I-70 Murders. After speaking with his wife, authorities discovered his travels lined up with a series of unsolved murders where the bodies were dumped along I-70. The number of lives he claimed remains uncertain to this day.

Centralia, Pennsylvania, The Real Silent Hill

Between the video game and the movies you’d think Silent Hill was a done deal, but it doesn’t have to be. At least not the real Silent Hill that is…

The story everyone knows was inspired by a very real, extremely eerie small town called Centralia in Pennsylvania. What once had a population of about 3,000 people, is now completely abandoned and has been on fire since 1962. There is plenty of horror fuel in any small mining town setting, but a slow burning fire running through a labyrinth of creepy coal mines beneath the decapitated, densely fog covered town of Centralia is just too good a setting to pass up.

Black River Falls

It seems some dark power fell over the people of Black River Falls, WI, between the years 1890 and 1900. The small mining town experienced a climate change that caused the mines to shut down. Many residents left, those who remained were plagued by illnesses, poverty, murder, suicides, devil-worship, and madness. It seemed the entire town was cursed by some dark, merciless force. It’s thought to be haunted beyond belief and inspired Michael Lesy’s book Wisconsin Death Trip. The photo-documentation is dark, hellish, jarring, and something American Horror Story could build an really interesting season around.

Jack The Ripper

American Horror Story: Ripper has a nice ring to it. They’ve already given the axe man a storyline, why not follow the infamous Jack the Ripper for a spell? An unidentified killer that stalked the impoverished streets of Victorian era London slicing prostitutes with surgical-like precision? It’s pretty shocking they haven’t taken a stab at this story already.

If you're unfamiliar with the Ripper's story, he's considered the first "serial killer" of modern times. He was known for brutalizing his victims, and his identity is still unknown. 

Winchester Mystery House

There may be some Winchester Mystery House inspiration flowing through AHS: Hotel, but there should be a full season dedicated to the real story of Sarah Winchester and her remarkable house. She built an entire mansion with strange doors and staircases leading to nowhere, or perhaps somewhere the living can’t see.

After the death of her husband - heir to the Winchester rifle fortune - and child in the 1880s, Winchester went to see a medium. The medium told her to go out west and craft a home for the ghosts of those killed by Winchester rifles. So she did, continuously adding rooms, windows, doors, balconies, and staircases, all to appease the spirits she communicated with in her séance room.  

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<![CDATA[Real People With Super Powers Straight Out Of Comics]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/real-people-with-super-powers-from-comics/jacob-shelton?source=rss

If you ever wondered what the world would be like with real-life superheroes, you need not ponder any longer. It turns out they exist, but they aren't exactly decked out in spandex, saving the helpless from burning buildings. People with real superpowers have appeared since the dawn of the 20th century, and their abilities rival even those of some of your favorite characters. One real superhero used their abilities at the Olympics, while another simply climbs whatever structure they choose, laws against buildering be d*mned!

The most fascinating aspect of these real-life superheroes is that they're largely just normal people with incredible gifts. Sure, a couple of the men and women with real-life superpowers use their abilities to gain fame and fortune, but most of them lead normal lives, albeit with abnormal abilities. 

Real People With Super Powers Straight Out Of Comics,

Michel Lotito Can Eat Everything

One superhero that rarely gets love is the classic DC character Matter Eater Lad, a character who could and did eat anything. Perhaps people realized they didn't need a fictional character when they could just watch Michel Lotito, or Mr. Eat-All. Lotito was a French entertainer who grew up with a mental disorder called pica which caused him to compulsively eat non-food items. When Lotito grew up, he turned his disability into a paycheck and began eating things for profit. While he was still alive Lotito ate everything from chandeliers to a Cessna 150 Airplane, and that meal took a full two years to complete. 

Mr. Eat-All claimed he never felt any negative effects from gobbling up everything in sight, and before each performance he drank mineral oil and would continue drinking a lot of water during the meal. It makes you wonder how he would have done on the modern competitive eating circuit. 

Daniel Tammet Is A Human Rosetta Stone

What would you say about someone who is a mathematical genius, can speak other languages, made up their own language, and who can compute astronomical calculations before you've finished reading this sentence? Probably that they have superhuman abilities, right? Daniel Tammet wouldn't agree with you, but that's just because he's a sweetie that doesn't want to sound like a jerk in interviews. Tammet was born with the ability to experience a mathematical equation rather than just see it on paper. He told ABC, "The numbers are moving in my mind. Sometimes they're fast, sometimes they're slow. Sometimes they're dark. Sometimes they're bright. That emotion, that motion, that texture will be highly memorable for me." Whatever equation he's given, Tammet visualizes those numbers into a form and transforms them into a new image that suits the solution. 


Ben Underwood Could See Sound

Before passing away in 2009 from retinal cancer, Ben Underwood was the real-life parallel to Daredevil, the blind lawyer who could "see" vibrations. After being diagnosed with retinal cancer at the age of two, Underwood had both of his eyes removed by the age of three. Through a process called echolocation, Underwood learned to detect the locations of objects by making a clicking sound with his tongue. By creating sounds with his tongue or tapping a cane, Underwood was able to build a world around himself out of wave forms and lead an incredibly active life. 



One Connecticut Family Has Super Strong Bones

Scientists at Yale university studied an anonymous Connecticut family and found that they may contain the secret to treating and containing osteoporosis. The family has a mutation in the LRP5 gene, which controls some aspects of bone density. According to Richard P. Lifton, chair of the Yale Department of Genetics, "If there are living counterparts to the [hero] in Unbreakable, who is in a terrible train wreck and walks away without a single broken bone, they’re members of this family... [t]hey have extraordinarily dense bones and there is no history of fractures. These people have about the strongest bones on the entire planet."

Hopefully, one day we'll be able to mimic the genetic mutation of this super family and fight against osteoporosis.   

Jyothi Raj Is Gifted With Super Dexterity

Jyothi may not be able to shoot super sticky webbing out of his wrists or sense when danger is coming, but in every other aspect he's a modern-day Spider-Man. This wall crawler lives in Karnataka, India and he discovered his uncanny climbing ability while climbing some bamboo scaffolding. He told the Daily Mail: "I discovered my ability to climb in this manner working on the bamboo scaffolding when I started as a construction worker. I could climb at an incredible rate without fear. I began to climb for fun at the weekends and came to the famous fort here at Chitradurga to entertain the crowds, especially on Sundays." Jyothi also says that he learned to climb by watching monkeys and copying the stunts in his favorite films. 

Gary Turner Is Super Stretchy

Mr. Fantastic has nothing on Gary Turner, a man who has skin that's so loose he can turn the skin around his stomach into a flat surface, all thanks to Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that has weakened his skin. Turner said that if you, "look at your own skin cells under a microscope, they'd be nice and round and lock in many places. But my skin cells tend to be more jagged, and don't fit together quite so well. The best way to describe it is I'm built rather like a badly woven basket, if you can imagine that, which will pull apart." According to Turner he first noticed that his skin was abnormally stretchy when he was a toddler, and ever since then he's been testing the limits of what his body can do. 



Dave Mullins Can Stay Underwater For A Really Long Time

In early 2017 Dave Mullins, a New Zealand deep-sea diver, set a record for the deepest dive ever recorded in New Zealand. The 37-year-old swam the length of four swimming pools on one breath, and might have accidentally shown everyone that he's the real Aquaman. While some athletes might be braggy about their accomplishment, Mullins remained pretty chill about the whole thing. "Going down, I just focused on a handful of things which I needed to get right. It sounds really mundane, but it's about relaxing my chest muscles, equalizing, and keeping relaxed all the way down to the bottom." Yeah, no big deal, he just relaxed while allowing himself to sink into the ocean from whence he may have never returned. The next time you lose your contacts while swimming, Mullins is the guy to call. 

Usain Bolt Shouldn't Be As Fast As He Is

According to Dr. Sam Allen, Lecturer in Biomechanics at Loughborough University, Usain Bolt has no business being as fast as he is. The main school of thought behind Bolt's speed anomaly is that his frame is all wrong; at 6’5 he shouldn't be able to excel at the 100m where rapid turnover and explosive power are crucial. Dr. Allen explains, "What we do know is that elite sprinters need to be able to generate extremely high muscle forces relative to their body mass, in the very short period of time when they’re actually in contact with the ground. All other things being equal, most sprinters spend a similar length of time in the air once they’re at top speed, but better sprinters spend less time on the ground."

Multiple researchers have studied Bolt's body and come to the conclusion that he has longer muscle fascicles and shorter Achilles tendons, which allow him to apply force to the ground for longer. But even that doesn't explain his uncanny speed. Dr. Allen continues, "There is no obvious biomechanical reason why height should be either an advantage or disadvantage at maximum speed." So maybe he just straight-up has super powers. 

Shakuntala Devi Is A Mathemagician

Born in Bengaluru Karnataka, India to a circus performer, Devi began showing her ability for memorization and calculation before she was even in preschool. According to her biography, her father was showing her how to perform a card trick and she memorized an entire deck of cards after it had been shuffled. Until her death in 2013, Devi amazed audiences with her ability to remember the dates and perform complex mathematical calculations with nothing but her mind. Not only could she pinpoint the dates of every Monday in a given year, but she could find cube roots of massive numbers that would take anyone else a graphing calculator and a white board. When interviewers would ask her how she did it, Devi simply answered, "It’s a very automatic reaction. . . . I was born with this gift.”




Liam Hoekstra Is The Strongest Kid (And Maybe Person) In The World

Born in 2005 and raised in Roosevelt Park, Michigan, Liam Hoekstra was given-up for adoption by his biological mother due to the many medical issues he faced as an infant. His adopted parents, Dana and Neil Hoekstra, first noticed his abnormal strength when Liam did an extremely advanced gymnastics move at five-months-old. Later, at a toddler's gym class, he was able to perform chin-ups with ease (something a lot of adults struggle with) and held his torso above a chin-up-bar for several minutes.

Liam has an uncommon genetic condition called muscle hypertrophy. Basically, his body builds muscle extremely quick while also inhibiting the production of fat. When he was three-years-old, Liam's body was already 40% muscle. His metabolism is also impacted, meaning he can eat whatever he wants and remain in excellent shape, no workout required. Would that we were all so blessed.    

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<![CDATA[The Absolute Worst Ways Kids Found Out Their Parents Were Getting Divorced]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/awful-ways-kids-found-out-about-their-parents-divorce/lea-rose-emery?source=rss

If you need a crash course in how to not tell kids about divorce, check out these stories. Telling your kids about divorce never feels easy— and while there may be no right way to do it, there are certainly some wrong ones. Some terribly wrong ones. 

When it comes down to it, how to tell kids about divorce is one of the trickiest parts. You need to reassure them it's not their fault, but that's easier said than done when you've got resentment issues brewing between you and your partner. Plus there's the fear that the kids might take sides. Folks at Reddit shared their stories of how kids can find out about their parents' separation, and offer some advice on how to tell your kids about divorce. These stories of how kids found out about divorce are entirely unfair, featuring violence, animosity, and straight-up blame towards the kids. Divorce comes with enough baggage, and nobody needs this on top of it. 

The Absolute Worst Ways Kids Found Out Their Parents Were Getting Divorced,

Point Blank

From nikkissippi121:

"My parents aren't divorced, but they separated when I was seven. The way I remember it, I walked into the living room and my mom asked me point-blank who I wanted to live with. I cried. That's all I really remember. My mom says there was more to it, but I think she doesn't remember correctly. I think if they'd sat down with me and explained that they still cared for each other, but just weren't in love anymore, but that they'd always love me, etc., it would have been a lot easier." 

Don't Make Them Choose

From aviary83:

"My parents pretty much did everything wrong. My sister and I went through some f*cked up sh*t...

Nothing feels worse than feeling like you have to choose between your parents, whether it's something big like who to live with, or something relatively small like who to believe about something. My father once said that my mother and him should have lived near each other so they could co-parent more. That would have been a f*cking disaster and I'm glad they didn't. So I guess they got that one thing somewhat right."

Shouldn't Have Been Married At All

From zucc0:

"They screamed at each other until my mother left. I guess it could have been better, but it was the first of a few times in my life where a huge relief came over me. Then began the negotiation, first through the courts and then through me, for visitation and general planning. That is stressful at seven. Especially when your little brother forgets his snow boots or something important and you have to organize an unscheduled meeting. People later, years after the dust settled, would tell me it wasn't about me and that confused me. Of course it wasn't about me, they were both assh*les to each other and had no business being married in the first place."

The Blame Game

From R3solv:

"Well my dad blamed my mom for the affairs that ruined their marriage when he was the cheater and living in his sister's apartment at the time. He felt it make things easier between himself, his sister, his mother who lived downstairs, and us and them, but we all knew the truth. Instead he came off like a huge asshole who was forcing our mother out on the street after everything else he'd done because it was as always about him.

He should have moved out and left us and my mom to care for us; instead we got stuck with him for two years before he moved out and my sister and I took over finances and rent and sh*t at 18 and 16. We never missed a damn rent check or utility bill payment, while he failed to ever pay a thing on time or at all, even when my mom worked three jobs to just put microwave meals on the table."

Attempted Kidnapping

From TheSloth17:

"My dad tried to steal my brothers and me away in the night before my mom got home from work. Lot of violence and police that night. So don't do that."

Blurting It Out

From Rks1157:

"My mom told me we were moving and dad wasn't coming with us, ever. It pretty much f*cked up my day." 

What A Vacation

From jimmy011087:

"I was 14, and my sister was 17. It was my dad's fault (he ran off with his now-wife 13 years ago). I got told while on a family holiday and, well, that trip was basically ruined . I took it as well as I could, lobbed a glass at my dad and broke a window, but calmed down eventually.

"As for the divorce, he then pretended his business was worthless when it was actually worth £1m+, so my mum got royally screwed over as she chose a clean break over maintenance. But luckily she worked extra hard to get a career going while looking after us and we always had food on the table, a decent house and saw them both enough."

During Deployment

From anxiousreader:

"My dad was deployed when they decided to split up, but he was on his way back to the states for his retirement and moved to New Mexico. Before he did that, my mom sat me down and explained that, 'Although Daddy and Mommy loved each other, they decided it would be better off to be friends.' I was nine, I didn't cry, and she honestly answered my questions and I still felt like it was my fault. My five-year-old brother didn't really understand besides the fact that they weren't going to be married anymore, but he didn't really seem to understand that Dad wasn't going to be moving back up to where we lived."

At The Airport

From an anonymous user:

"I was five. I remember one day leaving my mom at the airport. My sister and dad were with me. I had no idea where she was going or what was going on. A few days later I began to ask questions and remember my sister telling me that my dad had 'kissed another mommy'. I didn't see or hear from my mom for at least three years after that.

I finally found out last year the exact reasons. It turned out my dad cheated on my mom, then told her. When she reacted negatively he beat her in front of my sister who was maybe six or seven at the time. It went as far as her locking herself in a room to be safe and him breaking the door to get in and beat her more. She had tried to kill herself on three occasions but never succeeded.

For the longest time it sucked because I didn't understand the gravity of the situation and was angry at my mom for abandoning me. Try to avoid this. If neither one of you are violent and hostile or abusive make sure that your kids spend time with both of you. And don't make your partner out to be the bad guy, no matter how tempting it may be.

Whatever you do, try to have your kids understand the situation, don't have them wondering for more than 10 years what actually went down. Most importantly make sure they understand it isn't their fault."

18 Years Later

From Kthulu42:

"My parents divorced so long ago I can barely remember it, but on my wedding day they still refused to stand together so I could have a photo of my biological parents with me in my bridal gown.

18 years of he-said/she-said, of guilt tripping, of emotional manipulation. I love them both, but they didn't provide me with an emotionally healthy start to life - if one parent hates the other, then it feels like they hate part of you too."

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<![CDATA[Buckwild And Horrifying Things Robert Downey Jr. Somehow Made It Through]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/crazy-robert-downey-jr-stories/elle-tharp?source=rss

Before he saved the world and earned millions on millions as Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. did a boatload of drugs, and the crazy Robert Downy Jr. scandals that came as a result of this do not disappoint. There are many wild RDJ stories to testify to this fact. Growing up with hippie parents and becoming a part of the '80s Hollywood brat pack, it was only expected that RDJ would like to party. He managed to become one of Hollywood's most promising young actors, while recreationally using drugs. 

His drug use began to spiral, however, in the 1990s, and Downey Jr. went through a dark phase of drug addiction, jail time, and rehab. He hit rock bottom so hard that nobody ever expected him to make the comeback that he did. Now one of Hollywood's highest paid actors, RDJ has been sober since 2003 and has become a role model and fan favorite of the film industry. Some would even say he's become America's cool uncle. Read on to see just how far he's come. 

Buckwild And Horrifying Things Robert Downey Jr. Somehow Made It Through,

He Scrubbed Pizza Pans For Eight Cents An Hour

The Hollywood bad boy faced many reality checks behind bars. In addition to his earlier stay, in 1999, he did a year in a California state lock-up. While there, he faced harsh conditions. He slept on a three-inch-thick mattress, worked in the kitchen scrubbing pans for eight cents an hour, and ended up questioning his sanity. 

He Woke Up In Prison In A Pool Of His Own Blood

RDJ is nothing if not resilient. In 1997, he was sentenced to 180 days in prison after violating his parole by missing drug tests. During the first of his two major jail stints, Downey Jr. was targeted by other inmates for his celebrity status. He was attacked by fellow inmates and twice described waking up in a pool of his own blood, which sounds nothing short of terrifying. Of his time in jail he once stated, "I would never tell you the worst things that have happened to me." 

His Dad Let Him Smoke Marijuana At Age Six

Robert Downey Sr. made a name for himself in '60s and '70s counterculture as a director of irreverent comedies such as Putney Swope (1969), Greaser's Palace (1972), and Pound (1970). In the latter film, a five-year-old RDJ played a puppy, and from a very early age he was exposed to the drug scene surrounding his father's job. He stated that marijuana and cocaine were "always around" and that doing drugs with his father became their own unique form of family bonding. "It was like him trying to express his love for me in the only way he knew how," said Downey Jr. 

Sean Penn And Dennis Quaid Took Him To Rehab, But He Escaped

While RDJ had partied hard during the '80s, in the '90s his drug use spiraled out of control, and he began to use crack and heroin for the first time. During a particularly bad year, 1996, a concerned Sean Penn and Dennis Quaid knocked on Downey Jr.'s door and put him on a private plane to a rehab center in Tucson. 

Three days later, he escaped rehab with only a bottle of water. He called his accountant for a plane ticket home and spent the flight getting drunk.  

He Once Showed Up To A Meeting Two Hours Late And Carrying A Shotgun

In 1997, director Mike Figgis was casting the part of a choreographer with AIDS for the film One Night Stand, and drug-addled RDJ certainly looked the part. He showed up to their meeting in a Beverly Hills restaurant two hours late and barefoot, carrying a loaded shotgun he couldn't explain. He still got the role. 

He Escaped Court-Ordered Rehab Through A Bathroom Window

After the "Goldilocks Incident," as RDJ's nightscapade into his neighbors' home was dubbed, RDJ was ordered to a treatment facility in Marina Del Rey. On his way in, he apparently told the guards he'd have no trouble getting out. Four days later, he escaped through his bathroom window and hitchhiked to a friend's house in Malibu. Security found him after four hours, and this they time hauled him off to jail. 

He Was Arrested For Driving With Cocaine, Heroin, and A .375 Magnum

Robert Downey Jr.'s first arrest came in the summer of 1996, after he was stopped by police on the Pacific Coast Highway. He was found in possession of heroin, cocaine, and a .375 magnum. Not even an A-list celebrity could get out that pickle, and he was charged for the first time. 

He Was Arrested In A Wonder Woman Costume At A Palm Springs Hotel

In 2000, Downey Jr. made headlines weird once again when he was arrested in a Palm Springs hotel room. He was discovered with cocaine while wearing a Wonder Woman costume. As comical as his outfit may have been, the felony drug possession charge was not quite as funny.

He Was Stopped By Police While Driving Naked Down Sunset Boulevard

Shortly after Downey Jr.'s first escape from rehab, he was stopped by police while driving down the Sunset Strip. He was high, naked, and throwing imaginary rats out of his car window. It's a true testament to RDJ's charms that he wasn't charged. This time, at least.

He Passed Out In A Random Child's Bedroom

In 1996, before Robert Downey Jr. had even been charged for his driving bender, he was arrested again just three weeks later. High on who knows what, he wandered into the Malibu home of his neighbors, Bill and Lisa Curtis, whom he didn't even know. He stripped down to his underwear and curled up in their eleven-year-old son's bedroom. Lisa went into the room around 9pm. Thinking her son had gone to bed early, she pulled back the sheets to instead find a nearly nude grown man, passed out. Surprise!

Downey Jr. was charged again for being under the influence of drugs. Miraculously, the Curtis family declined to press trespassing charges. 

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<![CDATA[18 Things You Never Knew About Robert Downey Jr., America's Cool Uncle]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/robert-downey-jr-stories/elle-tharp?source=rss

Robert Downey Jr.'s life has been many things, but it's never been boring. The son of a filmmaker and an actress, he's been in the spotlight since a young age, and Robert Downey Jr. facts trace how he went from bit parts in '80s Brat Pack films to acclaimed leading roles in the early '90s.

From there, Robert Downey Jr. stories take a darker turn. The actor has struggled with drug addiction throughout his life, and multiple arrests threatened to derail his career entirely. Then, in a twist worthy of his outsized Robert Downey Jr. life, he made a comeback. Downey Jr. was cast in a little feature called Iron Man, and suddenly he was back on top.

In true Hollywood fashion, Robert Downey Jr. has plenty of tales to tell. From weird trivia about a fast food franchise to a career path that included both comedy and ballet, here are a few fascinating things about an undeniably charming leading man.

18 Things You Never Knew About Robert Downey Jr., America's Cool Uncle,

Kiefer Sutherland Was His Roommate

Before they were Iron Man and Jack Bauer, Downey Jr. and Kiefer Sutherland were struggling actors who shared an L.A. apartment. Against all odds, they both made it big, and even ended up starring together in the 1988 film 1969. The duo lived together for three years.

He Was A Cast Member On SNL

When you think of all the greats that started out on Saturday Night Live, you probably don't think of Downey Jr. But he was actually a cast member on the show's eleventh season in 1985. The actor was just twenty years old at the time, and had very little comedic experience. He was not asked back for the following season, but his Hollywood career had begun to take off anyway.

He Only Made 500K On Iron Man

When Downey Jr. signed onto the Iron Man franchise, he only made $500,000 for the first film. But thanks to a sweet little contract clause, he made a whopping $10 million for Iron Man 2. If that wasn't a nice enough pay bump, he received $50 million for 2012's The Avengers, making him one of the highest paid film actors of all time.

He Released A Pop Album

In 2004, as Downey Jr. was getting back into the Hollywood scene, he decided to try his hand at music. Sony Classical released his album, The Futurist, which features eight pop ballads written and sung by the actor, as well as two cover songs.

He Left Jars Of His Own Urine On The Zodiac Set To Protest Overtime

According to director David Fincher, Downey Jr. made his feelings on long work hours known while filming the 2007 film Zodiac. Supposedly, Downey Jr. would urinate in jars and leave them around set as a protest against working overtime. Whether or not the story is true, filming likely took a while - Fincher is known to do dozens of takes of a single scene.

He Almost Wasn't Iron Man

After Downey Jr.'s very public years of addiction, many people in Hollywood feared he was unreliable. Marvel Studios was reluctant to cast him in their intended blockbuster Iron Man, and rejected the idea several times. It was director Jon Favreau who continuously brought up Downey Jr. and insisted on him for the part.

Favreau said he was so sure about the casting in part because the story of Tony Stark mirrored his friend's own journey: "...by studying the Iron Man role and developing that script I realized that the character seemed to line-up with Robert in all the good and bad ways. And the story of Iron Man was really the story of Robert’s career."

His First Role Was Playing A Puppy

At the age of five in 1970, Downey Jr. appeared in his father's film Pound. The movie showed the life of dogs in a city pound, played by human actors. Downey Jr. was a puppy.

His High School Friends Included Rob Lowe, Sean Penn, And Charlie Sheen

Future actors Rob Lowe, Sean Penn, Charlie Sheen, and Downey Jr. all attended Santa Monica High School together and were friends. According to Lowe, he and Sheen were the nerds of the crew.

He Thanked Burger King For Getting Him Clean

In 2008, Downey Jr. credited an unlikely source for helping him sober up. In an interview with Empire magazine, he described driving around with a car full of dope one night in 2003. He stopped at Burger King and ordered a burger and a large soda. Apparently, the burger was so bad that it made him reevaluate his life, and he chucked all of his drugs in the ocean.

He Buried His Clothes To Symbolize The Next Phase Of His Career

After filming 1987's Less Than Zero, Downey Jr. decided he wanted to separate himself from his Brat Pack reputation and move on to more serious acting. So, he took all the clothes he wore during filming and buried them in his yard, as he prepared to unveil his new self in the 1992 film Chaplin.

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<![CDATA[11 Horrifying Childbirth Stories That Will Make You Never Want To Have Kids]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/horrifying-stories-about-labor-delivery-and-childbirth/elle-tharp?source=rss

It's one of the most beautiful natural processes in the world. Or sometimes it's hell on earth. These horrific labor stories might make you second-guess whether that cute little baby is worth the turmoil in the delivery room. From delivering a baby in a sinking car to almost losing them on the railroad tracks, these are some of the worst stories about childbirth.

But perhaps the most shocking part is how peaceful and even cheerful some of these mothers sound after surviving some the worst labors and deliveries imaginable. Maybe your birth was quick and easy, or maybe your mom could enter her own story onto this list of the worst stories about having a baby the world over. Either way, call your mom and say thank you - and maybe send some flowers.

11 Horrifying Childbirth Stories That Will Make You Never Want To Have Kids,

This Guy Attacked His Ex-Girlfriend In The Delivery Room

Who you choose to be in the delivery room is a key part of the childbirth process, and that probably doesn’t include your violent ex. In May 2016, a Miami man was arrested for breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s delivery room. Not only did he physically attack her current boyfriend, but he also kicked the woman in the chest before being escorted out by security guards.

A Woman Was Allergic To Her Own Hormones - And That Wasn't The Worst Of It

Sometimes everything goes smoothly, and other times, literally everything that can go wrong does. One poor woman experienced the latter. After enduring a C-section, she was told that her cervix "shattered" and ripped all the way down to her vagina, and that there was a kink in her urethra that needed immediate surgery. Only after going under again did her milk start to come in. At this point, she broke out in hives because she was allergic to her own hormones. Job well done, body.

A Polish Woman Spent 75 Days In Labor - Upside Down

Joanna Krzysztonek was pregnant with triplets when she went into labor at just 21 weeks. One of the triplets arrived prematurely, and didn’t survive the birth. Worried about the safety of the other two babies, doctors needed to delay the births. So they came up with the radical and innovative medical solution of: tilting her upside down. Yup, Krzysztonek had to lie upside down in a bed tilted at a 30 degree angle for 75 days, never once moving from the position to eat, bathe, or use the bathroom. "The umbilical cord was tied and put back inside her uterus."

Though she had medication to delay contractions, she was still technically in labor until the second two babies were delivered successfully. Her kids better get her some bomb Mother’s Day gifts.

A Woman's Uterus Came Out After Her Baby Did

In 2011, a mother delivered her happy, healthy baby and all was well. Until, minutes later, she also delivered her uterus. Apparently, one of the crazy potential side effects of giving birth is that your organs can just fall out of your body. Doctors first attempted to remedy this rare condition, known as uterine inversion, by pushing her uterus back into her body. In this case, it was not a two-way street, and she had to be rushed into surgery immediately after the birth. So when they tell you “the hard part’s over,” it might be a lie.

She now maintains a blog, Life After Uterine Inversion, dealing with the condition to help other mothers who gave gone through it.

A Home Tub Birth Got Unexpectedly Messy

Women pooping during childbirth isn’t an often-broached subject, but it’s an unpleasant reality nonetheless. Hospitals are typically prepared for this and help you do your business discretely, but the writer of this anonymous post chose to have an at-home birth in a tub. According to her birth story, during a particularly rousing round of contractions, her colon contracted, and she started releasing liquid stool into the bathtub. And apparently it just kept coming. While her midwives were busy “scooping out and draining,” her kind, sweet husband ran for the pasta strainer. Meanwhile, she was left chilling in a tub of her own sh*t. But sure, childbirth is beautiful.

A Five-Time Mother Gave Birth On A Transpacific Flight

And now for your in-flight entertainment: a woman birthing a child in Row 16. Aida Alamillo was flying from the Philippines to San Francisco eight days before her due date, and someone very bad at making decisions cleared her to fly. She went into a swift labor and delivery about four hours before landing, with help from the flight attendants. Apparently apart from the setting, it was a pretty chill birth for Alamillo, who has four older children. For your average passenger heading to use the bathroom and accidentally spying afterbirth, it was probably not very chill.

A Newborn Birthed In A Train Toilet Fell Onto The Tracks

There's a sentence you don't see every day. Bhuri Kalbi was using the bathroom on a train in India when her baby slipped out. No biggie, just your average toilet baby, right? After popping out her newborn into the toilet bowl, Kalbi fainted for a few minutes. Upon waking, she found that the baby had slipped out of the toilet and onto the train tracks, as most Indian train toilets are apparently just holes exiting the train. So this baby girl had a less-than-sanitary entrance into the world. Railway staff were alerted to stop the train, and fortunately, they found the newborn lying unharmed next to the track.

A Woman Gave Birth In A Sinking Car Following A Crash

There’s a reason so many babies are born in cabs: driving and labor don’t mix. Florida resident Kenyetta Biggs was driving herself to the hospital when she had a strong contraction and crashed her car into a canal bank. She gave birth while trapped inside the partially submerged car.

After over an hour had passed, a sheriff’s deputy noticed Biggs’s head poking out through some tall grass by the canal bank. It wasn’t until he was in the car that he noticed the newborn, placenta, and still-attached umbilical cord in the passenger seat. But perhaps the cord worked as a rescue rope of sorts? Other than a broken leg, Biggs and her daughter Myracle escaped unscathed.

A Woman Who Didn't Know She Was Pregnant Had Rare Twins

An Iowa woman went to the hospital after complaining of stomach pains. We all know how this ends. Shelby Magnani discovered she was 34 weeks pregnant - not just with one baby. but two. The twins were monoamniotic, an extremely rare condition where twins share a placenta as well as an amniotic sac. Both babies survived and were delivered via C-section. So in summation, girl walks in with tummy ache, walks out with two actual, live children.

A Cabbie Kicked Out A Pregnant Woman And Left Her To Give Birth On The Street

When Ana Belis Hernandez knew she was in labor, she hailed a cab in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, and headed to the hospital. But then she made the mistake of assuming this cab driver was a normal person, and she told him she was having a baby. Rather than offering his congratulations, the driver kicked Hernandez out of his cab because he didn’t want her “getting blood all over the place.” Oh, and then he drove away, firmly securing his place in hell. Hernandez had to deliver her own baby on the sidewalk, where none of the passing cars stopped to help. Faith in humanity officially lost.

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<![CDATA[10 Stories Of Hardcore Criminals Who Invoked Voodoo To Commit Heinous Crimes]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/real-life-voodoo-curses/lyra-radford?source=rss

Terrifying voodoo magic has featured in many Hollywood screenplays, but what about real life voodoo curses? And what is a voodoo curse anyway? Whatever your personal beliefs on the supernatural, remember that voodoo is a very real religion. It was most commonly practiced by people of Haitian and African heritage, but voodoo has spread due to the African diaspora.

The supposed effects of voodoo have been well documented. But when it comes to tales of voodoo curses that worked, anthropologists and psychologists typically agree that the misfortune that befalls the "cursed" is all psychosomatic. If someone believes they are cursed, and those around them reinforce the idea, they will become depressed, stop taking care of themselves, or lash out violently. The curse thus becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, as the person inadvertently destroys their own life.

This list explores some of the scary voodoo stories that have made headlines over the years. Whether there were dark forces at work here, or all-too-human concerns like self sabotage and murderous impulses, is open to interpretation.

10 Stories Of Hardcore Criminals Who Invoked Voodoo To Commit Heinous Crimes,

A Man Claiming To Be Cursed Committed Murder To Save His Soul

A Florida man named Valdano Riche was convinced a voodoo curse had been set on him. He claimed "nothing good was going to happen to him" because of Dennis Donahue, who had allegedly sprayed Riche with "voodoo water" and stolen his soul. Riche said killing Donahue was the only way to break the curse and restore his soul. In December of 2012, Riche went to Donahue’s home and shot him. He faces a charge of first degree murder.

The Curse Of Julia Brown, The Voodoo Priestess Of Manchac Swamp

In the early 20th century, Julia Brown was a local healer and magic practitioner in Frenier, LA. She would travel all over the village to perform rituals for people, and was known for her magic touch. Unfortunately, the people began to take advantage of her, demanding her help - until she began fighting back. Those she deemed disrespectful and ungrateful would be given terrifying predictions, or she would curse them.

In last few weeks before her death in 1915, Brown would sing her curse for the town of Frenier to herself over and over: "One day I’m gonna die, and I’m gonna take all of you with me." Her death came as she predicted, and the whole town went to her funeral to pay their respects out of fear. As they began to nail Brown's coffin shut, a devastating hurricane tore through the village, killing all but two people. Just as the priestess had promised, the town died with her.

Brown's curse seemingly lives on. Many developers have tried to rebuild the area over the years, with no luck.

Sex Traffickers Reportedly Controlled Their Victims With Voodoo

In the 2000s, Nigerian sex traffickers not only lured women to Spain under false pretenses, but they also claimed to use voodoo to control them. The victims were extremely poor, and the couple leading the operation would cover their travel expenses and promise them jobs in Europe. Once the women arrived in Spain, they were kidnapped and forced into prostitution.

In addition to threatening the wellbeing of their families, the sex traffickers performed voodoo ceremonies and animal sacrifices in front of the women. During these rituals, the women were forced to pledge their loyalty and obedience. They were told that they would go mad and become horribly sick if they failed to obey any orders.

The couple was arrested by Spanish police in July of 2015.

A Father Cursed By Voodoo Killed His Children And Himself

Staten Island, NY resident Frantz Bordes insisted that a relative had put a voodoo curse on him. In late August of 2006, he drowned his two children in a bathtub, and then jumped in front of a train.

Rambling notes written by Bordes in English and Creole were found by his bed and in his wallet. They all spoke of the curse, with Bordes claiming that voodoo had been used against him.

A Cult Leader Performed Ritual Sacrifices To Help Drug Cartels In Mexico

Adolfo de Jesús Constanzo was a cult leader, serial killer, and practitioner of an offshoot of Haitian Vodou. In the 1980s, he gave psychic readings and worked magic for dangerous drug cartels and hitmen. He’d cast spells to bring luck, curse enemies, and was somehow able to keep his clients from getting busted. His rituals involved the sacrifices of chickens, goats, snakes, and even humans.

Constanzo finally overstepped when his followers kidnapped an affluent American student named Mark Kilroy to use as a sacrifice. Police began tracking Kilroy, and eventually found Constanzo's base of operations. When his ranch of horrors was finally raided by police, they uncovered fifteen mutilated corpses and Kilroy's dismembered, brainless body. Constanzo was so determined to stay out of prison that he ordered one of his followers to shoot him.

A Stalker Ex-Husband Tormented His Wife With Voodoo Before Killing Her

"He tried to kill Florence all the time, with voodoo," said Sylvia Saint-Louis, when asked about her daughter’s relationship with her estranged husband.

After Florence Beaulieu of Brockton, MA, left her abusive husband, Jean Michel Beaulieu, he apparently turned to voodoo and stalking to intimidate her. Florence filed a police report and requested a restraining order after finding ritual candles on her doorstep late one night. Tragically, that wasn’t enough: Jean Michel murdered his estranged wife on May 16, 2014. The 37-year-old mother of four was discovered by two of her own children. The following day, Jean Michel was arrested trying to cross the Canadian border.

Voodoo Scare Tactics Disrupted A Miami Election

In the political arena, a certain amount of intimidation is to be expected. However, in the case of North Miami mayoral candidate Anna Pierre, the intimidation was rather unusual. In 2013, Pierre found voodoo artifacts outside of her campaign office. The items were all tied to Haitian Vodou rituals, and included candles, chicken feathers, scraps of food, pennies, and voodoo dolls with pins stuck in them.

Pierre went on record stating she believed someone was attempting to get her out of the race, but would not back down. She also asked the public to pray for her and later claimed that Jesus endorsed her. When Pierre lost the election, she said the people voted for Lucifer.

The Voodoo Hex Murder Of Shelbyville

On March 22, 1957, the body of Simon Warner was found shot to death. Warner considered himself a "crime doctor" with psychic abilities he used to solve or prevent crimes. Unfortunately, he didn’t see his own murder coming when Mose H. Martin walked through his doors seeking healing magic for a stomach issue.

According to Martin, he paid Warner $50 for a cure and his stomach ailment only grew worse. He was convinced Warner hexed him on purpose. He confessed to officer Durwood Thompson, saying, "I shot him because he double-crossed me in voodoo. I would have shot anybody who double-crossed me in black magic like he did."

A Voodoo Curse Allegedly Drove A 14 Year Old To Murder His Little Sister

"It was witchcraft," Ronald Eric Salazar said when asked to explain the brutal murder and rape of his 11-year-old sister, Marina "Estefani" Salazar in 2005. He was just 14 years old when he slit her throat and assaulted her as she bled to death. He covered her body with a Winnie the Pooh comforter, washed the knife, and put it back in the kitchen. Salazar originally blamed two armed men for his sister’s death, but later confessed to the horrific crime himself.

Allegedly, a witch in El Salvador claimed the boy had inherited an old voodoo curse from his father once he left for the United States in 1991. The boy was left behind with his grandparents and his father’s curse. Once Salazar was able to make his way to America, he brought the curse with him and it drove him to kill his sister. Cursed or not, he was sentenced to two life terms in prison in October of 2009.

45 Voodoo Priests Were Lynched For A Cholera Outbreak

A massive outbreak of cholera claimed the lives of 2,500 people across Haiti in 2010. Another 63,500 people were hospitalized, and 121,000 were treated for symptoms. Many Haitians assumed the outbreak was due to a voodoo curse, and began attacking voodoo priests in the area. Mobs lynched at least 45 people, while others were beaten, stoned, and hacked with machetes before being set on fire.

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<![CDATA[14 Crazy Stories Of People Who Survived Unsurvivable Situations]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/crazy-survival-stories/lea-rose-emery?source=rss

There are people out there who should be dead - people who have lived truly impossible survival stories. These folks who cheated death have tales that seem to come straight out of a Hollywood film. And, in more than one instance, Hollywood has indeed capitalized on their wild stories.

In some cases, these are simply people who were unlucky but managed to make it out on the other side. In others, extraordinary people showed true grit and indestructible will. These stories show just how far our survival instinct goes, and what some people are willing to do when it's really a question of life or death. When it comes to fight or flight, these people fought - and won.

14 Crazy Stories Of People Who Survived Unsurvivable Situations,

Aron Ralston Cut Off His Own Arm To Save His Life

If you've ever think you're having a bad few days, take a minute to remember Aron Ralston's 127 hours of hell. In 2003, Ralston went hiking near Robbers Roost in Utah, in what should have been an uneventful journey. He was an avid climber and hiker, used to far more treacherous terrain. But then, near Bluejohn Canyon, Ralston slipped and a boulder became dislodged. The 800 lb boulder trapped his right arm, pinning it to the wall of a deep, narrow canyon. He tried to dislodge and chip away at it, but after a day or so, realized that this was impossible. What he would have to do was far more extreme. 

He told The Telegraph

I realised early on that I was going to have to cut my arm off to get free but there was also resistance: I didn’t want to do it. But by the second day I was already figuring out how I could do it, so in the film you see that progression: trying to cut into the arm like a saw, finding the tourniquet, then the realisation that the knife was too dull to get through the bone. That despair was followed by a kind of peace; a realisation that I was going to die there and there was nothing I could do. It was no longer up to me. All I could do was see it through to the end.

Finally Ralston discovered that, although his knife couldn't cut through his arm bone, he could bend the arm and use the boulder to break it, freeing himself.

Ralston managed to use his body weight to violently bend his arm until the boulder snapped his forearm. He then ingeniously used the attachment from his hydration pack – a bendy rubber hose that you use to suck water out of the pack – as a makeshift tourniquet, and began sawing and cutting through the remaining cartilage, skin and tendons with his multitool.

The amputation took more than an hour - and this was after five and a half days of agony. But he survived. He even helped producers make a film based on his ordeal, 127 Hours. Today he continues to do challenging outdoor sports, helps disabled hikers, and works for wilderness preservation. In 2009, he married, and the following year, his son Leo was born.

A Marathon Runner Underwent An Endurance Run Of 9 Days In The Desert

The Marathon des Sables, or Marathon of the Sands, is meant to be long. In fact, the six-day event runs for 233 kilometers. But when Mauro Prosperi ran the event in 1994, a sandstorm meant he lost his way and he ran hundreds of kilometers into Algeria. He was only able to walk in the early morning and evening, seeking shade during the hottest part of the day. He ran out of food and water, spending days surviving on his own urine, raw snakes and lizards, and the blood and meat of bats. After nine days, he was found and taken to a hospital - he was 186 miles off course.

It's incredible that he survived the ordeal, especially considering he tried to take his own life. During his time in the desert, he had attempt to slit his wrists, but he was so dehydrated his blood clotted instead of bleeding out. That's when he knew he had to try to find a way to survive. 

When they weighed me in the hospital I had lost 16kg (35lb) - I weighed just 45kg (99lb). My eyes had suffered and my liver was damaged, but my kidneys were fine. I couldn't eat anything other than soup or liquids for months. It took me almost two years to recover, Prosperi said.

Tsutomu Yamaguchi Survived Not One, But Two Atomic Bombs

How is this even possible? To have lived through the plutonium bomb known as "Fat Man" which fell on Nagasaki on August 9, 1945, is horrific enough. But when Tsutomu Yamaguchi lived through it, he had already survived the atomic bomb that fell on Hiroshima just three days earlier. He told The Times

I didn’t know what had happened. I think I fainted for a while. When I opened my eyes, everything was dark, and I couldn’t see much. It was like the start of a film at the cinema, before the picture has begun when the blank frames are just flashing up without any sound.

Yamaguchi had been in Hiroshima on a business trip, and the day the bomb fell on the Hiroshima was supposed to be his last day in the city. Yamaguchi was badly burned in the blast, and both his eardrums were ruptured.

Yamaguchi made his way to the train station with two coworkers who had also survived, and began the trip for his hometown of Nagasaki, where his wife and child lived.

The journey took them through a nightmarish landscape of still-flickering fires, shattered buildings and charred and melted corpses lining the streets. Many of the city’s bridges had been turned into twisted wreckage, and at one river crossing, Yamaguchi was forced to swim through a layer of floating dead bodies.

Yamaguchi was in the middle of recounting his story to his Nagasaki office when the second bomb detonated. Miraculously, his wife and son also survived. 

Though he suffered from radiation exposure, Yamaguchi recovered and lived until 2010.

Anatoli Bugorski Survived A Laser Beam

Well, he survived a proton beam from a particle accelerator, to be exact, but you get the picture. Anatoli Bugorski was a researcher at the Institute for High Energy Physics in Protvino, Bugorski. In 1978, while looking at a malfunctioning piece of equipment, he went through what can only be described as a worst-case scenario. His head got in the way of a proton beam, which went through the back of his head and out his nose. He described seeing a flash "brighter than a thousand suns," but he felt no pain. 

But, somehow, he lived. Yes, he lost some hearing in his left ear, and the left half of his face eventually became paralyzed, and he suffers occasional seizures. But he lived.

Even stranger, while the right side of his face is wrinkled, as you'd expect for a man of his age, the left side looks just as it did when he was hit by the proton beam in 1978.

A Railroad Worker Was Cut In Two And Lived To Tell The Tale

If there's one thing you'd be pretty sure you couldn't survive, it would be being cut in half. But that's exactly what happened to Truman Duncan, a railroad switchman. He fell off the front of a moving train. "It just felt like a monster," he explained. "I couldn't get away from it, like it was just pulling me in, and I'm pushing away... [and] I was cut in two."

Duncan was dragged 75 feet, and when the train finally came to a stop, his lower body was still entangled in the train wheels. With only one leg was still attached by a single muscle, he somehow still managed to make a 911 call using the cell phone he kept with him. He lost half his blood, but when he was delivered by helicopter to the hospital over an hour later, he was still alive. According to one of his doctors, "He was torn down to just literally one cell layer of tissue between his abdominal contents, his intestines and the outside world."

Duncan lost his legs, but survived the ordeal. 

16 Plane Crash Survivors Stayed Alive 72 Days In The Andes By Eating The Dead

You do what you have to do. In October 1972, a Uruguayan Air Force twin turboprop Fairchild FH-227D was flying over the Andes with a rugby team from Montevideo, Uruguay, on board to play a match in Santiago, Chile, when the plane crashed into the mountains. It was, fittingly, a Friday the 13th. Though 12 died in the crash and another 11 after (8 in an avalance), 16 people were rescued over two months later. 

How did those 16 people do it? Well, faced with sub-zero temperatures and no food, they did what they had to do. Using razor blades and broken glass, they took the flesh off of their dead, frozen comrades and ate it to stay alive.

One of the survivors later described it as a "final goodbye to innocence," but at least they survived. Their ordeal was later made into the movie Alive.

A Stewardess Survived The World's Longest Fall From An Airplane

Surviving the longest fall without a parachute may sound like something a thrill-seeker would try on purpose to beat a record, but in reality, it was a stewardess who, against all odds, survived a terrorist attack on an airplane. Vesna Vulovic survived a fall of over 33,000 feet on January 26, 1972, after a bomb planted by the Ustashe Croatian went off. She was the only survivor. While others flew out the the plane, she was wedged into the fuselage by a food cart. Amazingly, she was never supposed to be on the fated flight - a mixup with another stewardess of the same name was the only reason she was there.

She was in a coma for nearly a month and in the hospital for nearly a year. Despite this, she lived until the age of 66 and passed away in 2016. 

The Unluckiest Man Alive Cheated Death Seven Times

Frano Selak has been dubbed the unluckiest man alive, but he may also be the most generous. Why is he so unlucky (or lucky, depending on how you look at it)? Well, it may be the 1962 incident where 17 people drowned after a train derailed until a river, but he survived. Or when a plane door blew open and 19 people died, but he managed to land in a goddamn haystack. Or when his bus went into a river and he survived. Or any of the other times he cheated death, surviving everything from getting hit by a bus to his car's fuel tank exploding.

Oh - and to top it off, after all of these he won £600,000 pounds in the lottery - the first time he ever played! And decided to give most of it away to family and friends, though he did keep back a little to build a shrine to the Virgin Mary to thank her for watching out for him all these years.

Salvador Alvarenga Survived 438 Days Adrift At Sea

On November 18, 2012, Salvador Alvarenga expected to embark on a 30-hour fishing trip. The weather had other plans. A huge storm hit, leading Alvarenga to dump his equipment and head back towards his home port of Chocohuital, six hours away. Which would have been a good plan - until his motor died 15 miles off the coast. With no motor, they rode out five days of storms that wound up depositing them 280 miles offshore. Thus began a journey of over a year, fighting starvation, thirst, and the sun. 

The sun during the day made it feel as if they were being cooked alive. During the cold nights, they would climb inside the icebox and huddle for warmth. Thirst had become an obsession, as had starvation. "I was so hungry that I was eating my own fingernails," says Alvarenga.

Eventually they were able to stay alive by catching and eating sea turtles and birds.

His one crewman died along the way and Alvargenga struggled with isolation. For a time he even kept his former friend's body to talk to. But on January 30, 2014, he finally came ashore on Ebon Atoll on the tip of the Marshall Islands. And he lived to tell his tale. 

A Group of Workers Survived 9/11 Inside Stairwell B

On the horrific day when the World Trade Center came down, death tolls reached the thousands. But those in Stairwell B in the North Tower were, against all odds, saved. A bookkeeper, a temp, an engineer, and a Port Authority cop - along with 12 firemen - were between the 1st and 22nd floors, in a stairwell in the center of the building. When the building collapsed, they survived.

According to survivor Pasquale Buzzelli,  

... as he reached the 22nd floor, the building shook, stairs started to heave. It sounded to Buzzelli like heavy objects were being dropped right above his head. The sound got louder, closer. He dove into a corner. "I felt the walls next to me crack and buckle on top of me," he says. Suddenly, he seemed to be in free fall, and the walls seemed to separate and move away from him... He was atop a hill of rubble in the midst of an endless field of rubble, smoke, and fire, sitting as if in an armchair, his feet dangling over the edge. His bag was gone. He felt numb. The air was thick with smoke and dust. He heard explosions.

Though it's incredible, recovering from the event has been a struggle. Another survivor's wife told NY Magazine, "Everyone else feels like 9/11 was a long time ago. I still feel like we are stuck on September 12, not really able to move beyond it.

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<![CDATA[Crazy Experimental Medical Procedures That Actually Worked]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/successful-crazy-experimental-medical-procedures/nathan-gibson?source=rss

While human treatment of medical problems has a long and sometimes bizarre history, recent history has seen medicine advance exponentially. Nowadays, new treatment options and experimental medical procedures are developed constantly to help combat diseases or injuries that would otherwise be fatal. Researchers all across the world are carrying out studies to find the latest breakthrough that will save countless lives.

Many of these are obvious progressions on the current thinking of health experts, but some are more... farfetched. These breakthroughs often involve insane medical procedures, like new types of surgery or crazy treatments that you wouldn’t believe could work. Yet sometimes, these can actually turn out to be incredibly successful and prove to be a lifesaving measure. Although these treatments might seem outlandish, they are all examples experimental procedures that actually worked, despite all of the odds suggesting they couldn’t.

Crazy Experimental Medical Procedures That Actually Worked,

Operating On A 22 Week Old Fetus In The Womb

One of the worst things that any incipient parents can discover is that their unborn child has a problem in utero. After all, it is incredibly difficult to operate on a fetus in the womb, and any surgery could also pose a significant threat to the mother.

This didn’t put off surgeons in Australia, though, who performed surgery on Leah Bowlen when her mother was just 22 weeks pregnant in order to save her feet from being amputated. Using a 2mm operating telescope and a laser, they were able to cut the amniotic bands constricting her limbs and successfully prevented them from suffering permanent damage.

Cutting The Body Completely In Half

Hemicorporectomy is a type of radical surgery that has only been performed around 600 times throughout medical history. The infrequency of the technique is directly related to its severity. See, the procedure essentially involves doctors removing the bottom half of the human body from a person.

Everything below the waist, including the legs, genitals, rectum, urinary structure, and pelvis, is completely removed. While it is often successful, it is generally only done to stop aggressive cancers that have spread to the pelvic bones and spinal cord.

An Implanted Chip Allows People To Move Paralyzed Limbs

Although it might seem like the realm of science fiction, researchers around the world are working on new techniques to help those with different forms of paralysis walk again. Some of this research culminated in a type of chip, able to be inserted into the brain.

Ian Burkhart underwent this procedure in 2016 when medics at Ohio State University placed a chip in his brain connected to a special sleeve on his wrist. This allowed electrical signals be to sent to his hand when the chip intercepted the neurons sending the appropriate signals. Thus, Burkhart was able to move his hand. 

Man Given An Extra Heart Due To Lung Complication

San Diego resident Tyson Smith was in desperate need of a heart transplant, due to a progressive illness that caused his own heart to enlarge significantly. Unfortunately, a traditional heart transplant wasn’t viable because of his high blood pressure and the fact that his lungs were damaged in such a way that they would likely reject any new heart.

The problem was solved with a new type of surgery that involved joining the new heart onto the old one so that it wouldn’t be rejected by the body, and could also cope with the workload of pumping blood. Miraculously, the procedure was a complete success, adding an extra 10 years to his lifespan.

Saving A Hand By Grafting It Onto A Leg

When a tractor hit 9-year-old Ming Li from China, it not only completely severed her hand but also damaged her arm so badly that doctors could not reattach her hand to the limb. Without any other options to keep the hand alive, they chose the drastic action of grafting it onto her own leg.

The drastic procedure worked and the hand was able to be reattached once the arm was fully healed. Surgeons postulate that Ming would regain full use of the hand with physiotherapy.

Special Eyedrops That Provide Night Vision

A group of biohackers known as Science for the Masses have taken it upon themselves to investigate and implement biometric enhancements to the human body. In 2015, they successfully carried out a medical procedure that allowed the trial participant to see in the dark much more effectively using a chemical normally used in cancer treatments.

They inserted the chlorin e6 chemical directly onto Gabriel Licina’s eyes and found that he was able to make out shapes and find objects in the dark at a far better rate than other test subjects. What makes this even more crazy is the fact that none of the people involved were doctors, but rather just a registered nurse and a person who had done some research on the Internet.

Curing Rabies With A Chemically Induced Coma

There is only one medically accepted way of treating someone who has been infected with rabies: injecting them with several doses of the rabies vaccine soon after the animal bite (before symptoms set in). This wasn’t possible with Jeanna Giese, however, as she didn’t receive any medical attention after receiving a small bite from a bat.

By the time she went to hospital, traditional treatment was no longer viable. Instead, her doctors decided to use a brand new experimental procedure that involved putting the 15 year old into a chemically induced coma and pumping her full of antiviral drugs. After six days, she was brought out of the coma. She was released from hospital 31 days later, making an almost complete recovery.  Giese became the first person to recover from rabies without getting the vaccine.

Removing Half A Brain To Prevent Seizures

Jessie Hall was six years old when she was diagnosed with Rasmussen's encephalitis, an inflammation of the brain that leads to a variety of severe symptoms. The young girl would often experience seizures, lose the use of her left arm, speak in gibberish, and even lose her sight during her worst times.

After extensive testing and treatments, experts from Johns Hopkins eventually came to the conclusion that the only way to solve the problem was to perform a hemispherectomy, an insane sounding procedure that involves removing the entire right side of the brain. When done properly, the surgery leaves the patient's personality, memories, and motor skills intact. The surgery was a success and Jessie made a full recovery. 

Blasting The Spinal Cord With Electricity To Cure Paralysis

Paralysis is one of the few remaining conditions that doctors have been unable to advance treatment for over the past few decades. This is because it is remarkably difficult to fix the nervous system or perform successful surgery on the spinal cord.

One crazy experimental procedure showed some promise in 2014. It utilized "spinal stimulation." Essentially, the patients have electrodes placed into their spinal cords and current is then passed through them. Combined with physical therapy and exercise, it allowed the paraplegics to regain voluntary movement in their feet and legs.

A Tooth Implanted Into The Eye Restores Sight

In what was a first-of-its kind operation, 60-year-old Sharron Thornton regained her sight when a leading cornea specialist implanted a tooth into her eye. It may sound like the stuff of nightmares, but it's actually an amazing medical advancement. The woman had been blind for nine years when the experimental procedure was carried out, with the tooth helping to treat a potentially life-threatening condition called Stevens Johnson syndrome that destroys cells.

The canine tooth was shaped and had a hole drilled into it so that a tiny lens could be placed inside. Then, the new eye structure was implanted in her shoulder for a few months so that it would bind to the lens correctly. After the structure was fully bonded, it was implanted in the center of her eye. 

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<![CDATA[People Who Surprised Everyone By Showing Up To (Or Waking Up At) Their Own Funerals]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/people-who-were-at-their-own-funeral/lee-emjay?source=rss

When you think of zombies or the undead, you probably think of "walkers" á la The Walking Dead - the exaggerated, lumbering, green-fleshed corpses that still have a hint of agency behind lifeless eyes. But what if, sometimes, the dead really do come back - literally or figuratively - and reenter the world of the living again as if nothing ever happened? It sounds strange, but it's true; there are many bizarre accounts of people waking up in the middle of their own funerals as well as people who attended their own funerals by some bizarre twist of fate.

Whether it's because of a mix-up at the morgue, a narcissistic ploy at eliciting pity from others, or a medical mistake, people have come back from the dead before. Sometimes it's as simple as a case of mistaken identity. Everyone thinks a young man is dead, but he proves everyone wrong by showing up dramatically to his own funeral. Or maybe an older gentleman needs some proof that he'll be missed, so he plans his own funeral just to see who shows up. Or perhaps  - most terrifyingly of all - someone is declared dead and buried, only to "awaken" and show they weren't dead after all.

It can be terrifying stuff, but strange things happen in the world. Whether you think of zombies as movie monsters or not, they are among us, in one form or another. 

People Who Surprised Everyone By Showing Up To (Or Waking Up At) Their Own Funerals,

A Serbian Man Faked His Funeral And Shook Hands With Attendees Afterwards

Faking one's own funeral just to see who'll show up is apparently more common than one might think. An elderly Serbian man named Vuk Peric did so in 1997 - and made it into a bit of an entertaining spectacle. Well, at least for himself. 

After posting a fake obituary and sending out funeral invitations to friends and family, Peric watched from afar as those he knew attended the service. Supposedly pleased with the turnout, he approached the congregation after the service and ever so graciously shook hands with the attendees. 

A Man From China Tested His Friends And Family By Staging A Funeral

In what some may consider a ludicrous cry for attention, a 66-year-old Chinese man once staged his own funeral just to see how many people would show up. In early 2016, Zhang Deyang, a man from China, felt that all of his good deeds and accomplishments in life had gone overlooked by people in his community. According to some Chinese traditions, the dead have many of the same needs as the living, so Deyang decided that he'd just test the waters to see just how much he'd be missed if he were really dead. 

While 40 of those he invited did show up to his fake funeral, it seems he wasn't missed quite as much as he wanted to be - 20 of his friends and relatives were no-shows. 

Certified Dead, An Egyptian Waiter Woke Up In The Middle Of His Wake

Hamdi Hafez al-Nubi, a server from southern Luxor, Egypt, had a heart attack while waiting tables. He was declared dead by local medical professionals, and, in accordance with Islamic tradition, al-Nubi was taken home by relatives, where he was thoroughly washed and prepared for burial. However, when the doctor came to officially sign the dead man's death certificate, she noticed something was off - al-Nubi's body was still warm. 

She discovered he was, miraculously, still alive. When told the news, al-Nubi's mother fainted in what was surely a combination of shock and exhilaration. Once both were resuscitated, what was originally a time for grief turned to a time of celebration.

A Case Of Mistaken Identity Led A Brazilian Man To Attend His Own Memorial Service

In 2012, the family members of Gilberto Araújo, a professional car washer from Brazil, were busy making preparations for his funeral. They thought he'd been killed in an accident, and that his body had been disfigured beyond recognition.

As it turns out, Araújo wasn't dead after all - it was a case of mistaken identity. The actual body in the casket belonged to someone else, though Araújo's mother and family were unaware. After a call from a friend, Araújo sought to prove that he was, in fact, alive, so he showed up at his own wake to the simultaneous surprise and terror of his family. Some people even fled the service in panic at his seeming resurrection.

A Syrian Man Shocked Friends And Family By Turning Up At The Funeral They Were Giving Him

In 2015, the Syrian town of Douma was bombed by the government. Several people were killed in the market where native Mohammed Rayhan was working that day. After failing to return home, his family presumed he was dead. They planned and held a funeral for him.

While he wasn't dead, he was a victim of the bombing - he'd been trapped for 36 hours under rubble. Eventually, he made it out alive. The funeral lasted several days, and on the last day, Rayhan showed up to the funeral - to the delight of his family. 

A Woman Surprised Her Murderous Husband At Her Own Funeral

The story of Noela Rukundo, a Burundi expatriate living in Australia who married an evil man with a penchant for extreme violence, is one of betrayal, redemption, and sweet revenge. It's almost unbelievable. 

While attending the funeral of her stepmother in Burundi in 2015, Rukundo was kidnapped from her hotel by several armed men. She was taken to a warehouse, where her kidnappers demanded to know what she'd done to her husband Berenga Kalala. They were working for him and intended to kill her at his request. Tied up in a chair and faced with the voice of her husband over speakerphone demanding the men kill her, Rukundo fainted. 

She regained consciousness some time later, still being held by the men. Luckily, the men had a sort of code - they didn't kill women, and they knew of Rukundo's brother. So they let her go. In the meantime, Kalala had told everyone that Rukundo had died in a car accident, and he planned her funeral service. In a shockingly dramatic move, Rukundo showed up to her own funeral, telling everyone the truth. The dumbfounded Belenga thought he'd seen a ghost and admitted to everything. He was given nine years in prison. 

A Teenage Girl From Honduras Was Heard Screaming In Her Tomb A Day After Burial

Being buried alive is most people's worst nightmare. The darkness, the claustrophobia, and the absolute absence of light create one of the worst fates imaginable. This unfortunately happens sometimes - whether on purpose, or as a freak accident. In the case of Neysi Perez, it was the latter.

Perez, a 16-year-old girl from Honduras, mysteriously fell unconscious one night while using the outdoor bathroom at her home. She was three months pregnant at the time and had recently gotten married. Though she was taken to the hospital after foaming at the mouth, she was ultimately declared dead. She was buried shortly thereafter in her wedding dress.

However, the next day Perez's husband was visiting her grave when he heard something strange. Screaming and thuds were heard from inside the mausoleum. She was alive - at least, according to family members. In a panic, the family smashed open the concrete mausoleum with sledgehammers. The glass plate of the coffin was broken, and there were bruises found on Perez's hands. The family rushed her to the hospital still in her coffin. But by the time they arrived, she was dead again. According to one of the doctors on the scene, "We evaluated and tried everything but the girl was dead. They put her back in the coffin and took her away again, back to the cemetery."

En Route To His Own Burial, A Teenage Boy From India Turned Out To Be Alive After All

Kumar Marewad, a 17-year-old boy from a small Indian village, was rushed to a local hospital after being badly bitten by a feral dog. While on a ventilator, he developed a high fever. Certain he would die, doctors sent the boy home to spend his final moments with his family. Professionals told the boy's family "that if he was taken off life support, he wouldn’t survive."

Once it seemed like Marewad had passed on, his family made hasty funeral arrangements and carted him off to the nearby location of his funeral service. While in transit, though, a miracle happened - the boy began breathing quickly and moving his limbs. He was still alive. His family immediately rushed him back to the hospital, where it was discovered he was suffering from a bad infection due to the dog bite but was totally alive and kicking.

A Russian Woman Died From Shock When She Woke Up At Her Own Funeral

A Russian woman named Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov might be the closest humankind ever gets to a real-life zombie. At 49, she was declared dead from a heart attack she suffered at her family home. Naturally, her grieving husband planned the funeral. While being prepared for burial, however, Mukhametzyanov regained consciousness. She wasn't dead.

Unfortunately, however, the shock of attending what was essentially her own funeral proved too much for her and caused the woman to sustain another heart attack. After being rushed to the hospital, she died in the ICU (yet again) after only 12 minutes. 

A Man From Mississippi Was Discovered Alive In His Bodybag - Only To Die Again Two Weeks Later

In 2014, Mississippi native Walter Williams was declared dead at 78 years old. In keeping with standard procedure, Williams was placed in a body bag in the local morgue. According to the coroner, "there was no pulse. He was lifeless." Except there was a pulse, and he wasn't lifeless. 

After being transported to the local funeral home, Williams's body bag began moving. He was alive. An ambulance was immediately called, and he was taken back to the hospital. It was discovered his heart was still beating. He was released not longer after, but - in a deep tragic fate kind of way - died once again in his family home two weeks after his original death date. 

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<![CDATA[Real On-Set Injuries That Made The Final Cut]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/real-actor-injuries-in-movies/lee-emjay?source=rss

While it's not terribly uncommon for actors to get injured on the sets of major Hollywood films - more often though, of course, it's the stuntmen getting injured - it's quite rare for those injuries to make it into the final cuts of the movie. Rarer still, actors are occasionally killed on set - but thankfully, the actors on this list all survived their accidents.

Some are major and some are minor, but all of these injuries really happened, and you actually get to see the blood of some of the world's most famous actors onscreen as a result. This list is a testament to the ability of some of these actors to stay in character, even after they've suffered immensely. Often, this makes for an extremely realistic and gut-wrenching scene. Someone give these actors an award!

Real On-Set Injuries That Made The Final Cut,

Channing Tatum

In the sports drama/sort of biopic Foxcatcher, Channing Tatum stars as Olympic champion wrestler Mark Schultz. During a hotel room scene, Tatum's character has a breakdown. He hits himself in the face and smashes his head into the mirror several times. You can see the character's blood in the scene.

Guess what? That's actually Tatum's blood, because he cut his head on the mirror. Though the mirror was coated with safety plastic, Tatum smashed the mirror so hard, he broke all the way through to the wall and broke the wall too. Now that's some good acting. 

Diane Kruger

It's no secret that Quentin Tarantino is a perfectionist. Because of this, it might not come as all that much of a surprise that, during Diane Kruger's death scene in Inglourious Basterds, Tarantino choked Kruger with his own hands, instead of letting Cristoph Waltz do the job.

Of course, that means Tarantino ACTUALLY STRANGLED Kruger. According to her, "you feel it when someone is choking you... it was very strange being strangled by the director." Some sources claim that she actually passes out on camera as well, but this can't be verified. 

Fred Astaire

While filming 1936's Follow the Fleet, famed dancer and actor Fred Astaire took a hard thwap from the arm of his longtime co-star, Ginger Rogers. During the dance scene for the number "Let's Face the Music and Dance," Rogers was wearing a beaded, flowing gown with sleeves Astaire claimed "must have weighed a few pounds each."

During the scene's first take, Rogers did a quick turn, and those remarkably heavy sleeves smacked Astaire in the face, injuring his cheek and eye and leaving him "somewhat maimed." When looking over the film later, everyone thought that, regardless of the injury, it was the best take. So it stayed in the film. 

Jake Gyllenhaal

2014's Nightcrawler is a pretty intense film about violence and ethics, but it becomes much more intense when you learn the level of passion the movie's lead - Jake Gyllenhaal as Lou Bloom - put into his character. 

During a scene that takes place in the bathroom of Bloom's apartment, the angry and frustrated photojournalist smashes the mirror. The mirror wasn't supposed to break, and ended up badly injuring Gyllenhaal's hand - he even ended up in the hospital.  He stayed in character though, and you can see his bloody hand in the final cut. 

Leonardo DiCaprio

It takes a good actor to stay in character through difficult moments on set. It takes an incredible actor to stay in character when that actor legitimately injures himself on set. Such was the case with the intense Candyland table scene in Django Unchained. When DiCaprio smashes his hand on the table and the glass breaks, that's really DiCaprio's blood. It was simply too good for Tarantino to cut from the film. 

Malcolm McDowell

Who can forget the image of Malcolm McDowell, eyes pulled open to capacity, in the Ludivco sequence of A Clockwork Orange? Certainly not McDowell given that he scratched his cornea and nearly went blind from filming it. McDowell's injury, along with the real-life doctor they hired to apply his eye drops in the scene, can both be seen in the final cut of the film.

Margaret Hamilton

Margaret Hamilton, who played the Wicked Witch of the West in the classic film The Wizard of Oz, suffered a major injury on set that ultimately made it onto film. When the witch disappeared behind a blaze of flames from the scene in Munchkinland, Hamilton had not yet descended through a trapdoor when the flames rose. This resulted in severe burns to her hands and face. The scene remained in the film. 

Martin Sheen

In the opening scene of Apocalypse Now, Captain Benjamin Willard, played by Martin Sheen, is alone by himself in a hotel room. He goes absolutely stir-crazy, falling drunk all over the room, staring blankly for hours at the ceiling fan. At one point, he even injures his own hand and wipes the blood all over his face.

While this seems like some movie magic, the blood was actually Sheen's very own. He stayed in character the whole time. While it's impossible to confirm, some sources have claimed Sheen was also very drunk while filming the scene. 

Sean Bean

During the final climactic scene in Patriot Games, Harrison Ford and Sean Bean's characters have a showdown on a speedboat. During the scene, Ford hits Bean in the face with a metal hook. Well, as luck would have it, the hook actually hit Bean, and that blood coming from his head in the actual film is real. 

Now, Bean has a permanent scar above his eye. Luckily, though, Bean is almost always a bad guy in the movies, so the scar helps with his villainous appeal. 

Viggo Mortensen

There's a highly emotional moment in The Two Towers where, after having ridden up to a pile of smoldering Orc remains, Aragorn and the gang fear that Merry and Pippin have been killed, as well. In response, Aragorn he boots his helmet across the screen and lets out a raw cry of anguish. According to Peter Jackson, the scream Mortensen lets out isn't just great acting - it's legitimate pain because Viggo Mortenson broke two toes during filming. Of course, the take is brilliant, so it had to stay in the final cut. 

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<![CDATA[7 People Who Owned Chimps As Pets And Paid The Price]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/pet-chimpanzee-attacks/lee-emjay?source=rss

On the surface, owning your very own pet chimpanzee seems remarkably appealing; movies tell us they're cute, fun, entertaining, and just like us. Yes, we share 98% of our DNA with them, but there's one key difference between our two species: grown chimpanzees have the strength of five grown men. So, in reality, they're remarkably scary and dangerous animals to keep as pets. No, chimpanzees are not like human children. Though they may be docile at a very young age, they always, always grow up to become aggressive wild animals.

Never mind that it's now illegal to keep chimps as pets in most of the US, it's also incredibly stupid. Pet chimpanzees almost always attack their owners or other people they cross paths with. And they're nothing like the dog-bite attacks you occasionally see. Chimp attacks are horrifying, tragic, and downright shocking. When pet chimps attack humans, it's something worse than your worst nightmare.

7 People Who Owned Chimps As Pets And Paid The Price,

Chimps CJ And Buddy Wrecked Havoc On An Entire Las Vegas Neighborhood

Buddy and CJ were two chimps who lived in Las Vegas under the care of Tammi DeRosa and Lee Watkinson, a professional poker player. Like so many other stories of chimpanzee pet tragedies, both chimps were taken in at a young, docile age while they still acted like human children. And, like all pet chimpanzees, CJ and Buddy grew to be strong and dangerous wild animals. 

One day in 2012, CJ and Buddy escaped from their cage. Buddy, in an apparent furious fit from being caged, ripped the metal bars from the attached concrete and broke through a padlock on a nearby fence. Both chimps then proceeded to a neighbor's house, where they pounded on a window, breaking part of it and terrifying the neighbors in the process. One resident, fearing for the life of his family, grabbed his gun. 

Eventually the chimps left the house and proceeded through the streets. Tragically, Buddy was shot by a heavily armed police officer. CJ was tranquilized and re-captured but was shipped away to a zoo. The pair of escaped chimps struck fear into the hearts of the entire neighborhood and spelled tragedy for the chimps' owners, who treated them like children.

Though it has been years since the terror, Nevada is still one of the states in the US with the loosest exotic pet laws.

Sueko Ran Loose In Kansas City And Destroyed Police Property

In 2010, a 300-pound chimpanzee named Sueko broke out of its owner's house in Kansas City, Missouri. On that seemingly pleasant Fall day, Sueko set fear into the hearts of an entire neighborhood.

In the hours that Sueko ran free, the chimpanzee attacked numerous vehicles along Kansas City roads, jumping on the roofs of civilian cars - one victim was quoted as saying she was terrified because "[Sueko] was on the roof screaming bloody murder" - and even punched out the window of a police car. To end the rampage, Sueko was shot with a tranquilizer before she was ultimately guided back to her cage by her owner.

The owner incurred a decent fine and ultimately lost possession of the animal.

Travis The Chimp Tore Off A Woman's Face And Hands After Taking Xanax

Travis the chimpanzee grew up with the Herold family in North Stamford, Connecticut. By all accounts, he was remarkably human-like for a chimpanzee. He brushed his teeth, dressed himself, watched baseball on TV, tracked down ice cream trucks, used keys to open doors, and even posed in ad pictures for the Herold's towing company. He was especially loved by his keeper, Sandy Herold.

Over the late 1990s and early 2000s, Travis was responsible for a few alleged attacks around the North Stamford area. A woman accused Travis of biting her finger, and a man accused Travis of chasing him around after escaping the family car. But still, Sandy Herold thought him docile and harmless, incapable of truly hurting a human. But that all changed in 2009.

In February of 2009, Travis managed to get out of the house with Sandy's car keys. Sandy's friend Charla Nash came over to help get Travis back home. But when Nash exited her car, Travis immediately attacked, biting off her face and hands. Police believe the aggression may have been triggered by a dose of Xanax that Travis had recently taken or Nash's new haircut. Sandy Herold tried to help her friend by calling 911 and even went as far as striking Travis with a shovel and stabbing him with a knife. This was all for naught, however. Travis was killed at the scene. When police officers pulled up, Travis approached one of the patrol car doors and was shot dead on the spot.

For her part, Nash had to go through face transplant surgery, as well as surgery to reattach her hands. She was rendered blind for the rest of her life.

The Owners Of Moe The Chimpanzee Suffered Probably The Worst Animal Attack Ever

St. James and LaDonna Davis were high school sweethearts. They'd planned to get married fresh out of high school - that is, until St. James left LaDonna at the alter and scooted out of town on a boat headed for Africa. Eventually, he came to his senses and came home. Except he wasn't alone - he brought Moe, a chimpanzee he'd rescued from the wild, back home with him. Not long after, he and LaDonna finally married.

Over the years, the human couple and their chimpanzee son - at least, that's how they saw him - lived harmoniously in their small California town. They ate together, slept together, and watched TV together. The couple knew that chimpanzees grew up to have the strength of several grown men and that they could get more aggressive as they got older. But they didn't care. They loved Moe like a son.

When Moe was in his 30s, he began to display the trademark aggressive behavior of older chimps. He got loose from the house and even bit a woman's finger. After a raid by police and animal control, Moe was eventually taken away by the state. Many legal battles ensued, and Moe was eventually granted the right to stay at a sanctuary for apes, where his "parents" could visit him.

One fateful day, St. James and LaDonna were visiting Moe at the sanctuary for his 39th birthday. Tragically, two chimpanzees got loose from their cages. Jealous of the Davis's attention over Moe, one went directly after LaDonna, biting her thumb off after an attempted tackle. St. James jumped in to save his wife, and he became the main victim of the attacking primates. Before the sanctuary manager could step in and shoot the apes, they bit off part of St. James's face, his lips, teeth, buttocks, fingers, and genitals. St. James was left massively disfigured and wheelchair-bound from the incident.

Despite everything, the couple continued to visit Moe until he ultimately disappeared from the sanctuary, never to be seen again.

In Montana, Connor The Chimp Bit 6-8 Inches Of Skin Off A Local Woman

Jean Rizzotto, a resident of Carbon County, Montana and a real estate agent, raised two chimpanzees from birth like they were her own kids. The chimps - Connor and Kramer, both about six years old at the time of the incident - lived securely in Rizzotto's home, and even had their own beds and a set of pajamas each. It was a beautiful interspecies family - until one day when disaster struck.

Allegedly, a group of vandals approached Rizzotto's residence one evening in 2008, breaking the locks to the chimps' cages and setting them free on the population of the county. Kramer was quickly rescued by Rizzotto's son, but Connor wasn't as lucky - he attacked a woman, leaving her badly injured.

Chimp bites, like human bites, can transmit diseases such as herpes and tetanus, among others. Ultimately, Rizzotto lost possession of her chimp "sons" and, according to town gossip, she also lost out on a development deal over the incident.

Timmy The Chimpanzee Attacked A Police Officer

Missouri is, strangely enough, responsible for a large percentage of domestically kept chimp attacks. A year prior to the chimp Sueko's rampage through Kansas City (and a month after the attacks of Travis the Chimpanzee in Connecticut), a nine-year-old chimp named Timmy went berserk in Winston, Missouri. Except this one ended in an even more intense tragedy.

Somehow Timmy, who was only nine (but possessed the strength of several grown men) broke free from his cage in his owner's back yard. He roamed the neighborhood and was eventually approached by police. Timmy was afraid and attacked an officer - only to be shot dead.

The incident led to the proposal of a law in Missouri to ban the ownership of exotic animals. You could say this owner paid for more than just his crimes - not only did he lose a pet and a dear friend, but he also brought into question the legality of all family-owned chimps in the state of Missouri.

Even West Virginia Was Terrorized By A Pet Chimpanzee

One may not expect West Virginia to be a haven of pet chimpanzee ownership, but it's actually been the location of several ape attacks. In 2014, a chimpanzee owned by a Sprague, WV resident escaped its enclosure and bit two people. Not long before, the same chimp had escaped and attacked a postal worker's vehicle.

This particular attack may have paid the highest price of all attacks - at least in the state - as it led the WV Legislature to pass a bill preventing the ownership of exotic animals, called the Dangerous Wild Animal Act. This bill also furthered the national debate over chimpanzee ownership, thus endangering the right of anyone to keep chimpanzees as pets - or, as many see them, as family.

Fri, 24 Feb 2017 03:08:24 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/pet-chimpanzee-attacks/lee-emjay
<![CDATA[20 People Share Their Creepiest Encounters With Humanoid Beings]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/creepy-stories-of-encounters-with-humanoids/amandasedlakhevener?source=rss

Fear of the unknown fuels many a person's horrors, but what happens when the unexplainable looks a little familiar? Not merely frightening, humanoid creatures fascinate people just as much as they scare them. For ages now, different accounts claim to have run across creatures that resemble humans, yet are anything but. Are they from this Earth or even this dimension? And what exactly is their business waltzing around on two legs? That's a human privilege!

The Reddit stories here, which range from humanoid aliens to man-like demons, discuss these unsettling and strange encounters with things that look kind of like you. 

20 People Share Their Creepiest Encounters With Humanoid Beings,

Pale Skinned And Dark Eyed Humanoids

From sniggity:

"An investigation/shamanic group on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation (Oglala Lakota - South Dakota) was called in to investigate and bless a home. The incidents began when two sisters observed a black-eyed boy outside the home. Not long later, a group of ashen-white skinned children with black eyes were seen congregating around the property, in an attempt to interact with the other children living there. The first two occasions, there were only two of them and they asked to be let inside the house to get food. The third time, a third one showed up and this time they asked for blood. They were never granted access to the house. The children described their voice as 'not normal,' 'robotic and monotone.' Pets also went missing around this time around the property. The parents of the children recalled seeing these spooky children, too. They also claimed to have noticed strange events around their home, including poltergeist activity and the sighting of, on at least two occasions, strange entities that they later thought to be alien."

Three Humanoids In Mom's Living Room

From lime007:

"This happened in the middle of the night at my mom's house some years back in Northern California. I was asleep on the floor in the living room. Next to the living room is a room that can be seen through two large windows and French doors. We call it the 'middle room.' Next to that was my mom and stepdad's bedroom. The light in the middle room was left on, partly dimmed, at nights.

I woke up and saw three short grey aliens walking around in the middle room. They were about five feet tall, had long, skinny arms, and were wearing dark colored jumpsuits. The arms stood out to me the most because of how thin they were with no muscle tone like you would see in a human. The eyes looked solid black and were larger than a human's, though not as large as shown in some depictions. I don't remember about the nose and mouth other than those features were small and not noticeable. I don't remember any details about the hands. I was able to sit up partway as I was watching them, but I had no energy to do anything else. They didn't seem to notice that I was watching them. Within a couple of minutes, I fell back to sleep. I'm guessing that they transmit something to keep everyone passed out, but sometimes it doesn't always work 100%.

Here's the kicker. In the morning, my mom walked in and said the aliens were there the night before. I then told her that I saw them too and I asked her how many there were and what they looked like. Her description matched what I had seen. She's had other alien encounters, but this was the only time there was a witness (me)."

A Crawler Inches From His Face

From CrushedNewt:

"So, this encounter happened around two years ago while I was living with my parents in Texas. At the time I was waking up from a short nap and did not see it as anything unusual. I just figured it was some kind of partially dream or something of the like.

I was napping on my bed (at the time I had a futon so I wasn't too far off the ground) in the middle of the day. I can't remember the exact timing of when this took place to save my life. As I opened my eyes I saw, for only a second, the image of some white humanoid creature kneeling on its hunches looking at me. It couldn't have been that tall since its eyes where only a inches above my bed. I could see the top of it's knees which it was resting it's head against. While I can't remember many details about it's face I knew, somehow, that it wasn't entirely 'right,' for lack of a better term. I can't remember if it even had any hair on it's head, or the color of its eyes, but I can remember that it's skin was very pale and it looked as if it were just skin and bones.

I don't know why the image of this creature was so vivid even though I only saw it for a second but even to this day it stands out. I've only recently been able to give a name to this thing since I saw a post on this sub describing these types of creatures as 'Crawlers'."

Weird Encounter While Camping

From BadReputation2611:

"When I was camping with my family several years ago, my father and I were out walking in the dark with a flashlight when we heard a kind of chirping noise, like a person doing a sh*tty imitation of a bird call. We stopped and shined our flash light around and then up into the trees. The beam landed on something, maybe three feet tall standing up, humanoid, crouching with its hands holding on to the branches. It was hairless and very pale skinned, pretty much white. It's head was abnormally large, with two huge eyes and bat like ears. We only saw it for a split second because my dad jerked the flashlight away when he first saw it and when we tried to find it again with the flashlight it was gone without a trace. I asked my dad if he had seen that and he had, we were both very perplexed by it.

When I've told other people this story they speculate that it could have been an owl or some other animal, but my dad and I are both fairly experienced outdoors and sportsmen and we've never seen anything that looked like that before or since. I went back and double-checked with my mother, and she's fairly certain this took place at a campground near Stanley, Idaho at Lola creek campground. She also told me that we left early because there was something moving around the campsite at night that spooked my dad, which I only learned just now."

Brother Mistook A Demon For His Pet Dog

From mainrift:

"This happened to my brother, not me. but I remember the night it happened and it still gives me chills to this day. I can still remember the sound of him running up the stairs screaming, 'no, no, no.' The look on his face, and him shaking uncontrollably. It happened about 15 years ago, and this is exactly how he still explains the story to this day.

Our parents' old house had a den, which had a few couches a bathroom a TV and a laundry room. My brother and I had all our video game stuff down in the den, our computers, etc. It was basically a room that only we used. One night, after a late night of video games we both took a couch and watched a little TV before calling it a night. I fell asleep, woke up later, and went up to my room, leaving my bro still sleeping on the other couch.

The couch he was lying on was against a wall; while laying back on the couch, you could see the TV and, if you looked straight over your feet, you would see a very small, hallway and the bathroom door, which was open at the time. We had a dog, 'Candy,' a small springer spaniel. My brother said he woke up to a noise in the bathroom, the lights were all off in the house, only streetlamps and moonlight preventing it from being pitch black. He told me that the noise was a growl, and he knew it wasn't the dog, but in the moment, he so hoped it was.

He said he quickly shot up from the laying down position and could clearly see a small black shadow running in circles on the bathroom floor. The bathroom floor was tile and you would definitely be able to hear the dogs claws as they touched the bathroom floor, especially at the speed it was running in circles, but my brother said he heard nothing. So, he then called out the dogs name, hoping that it was her, and that it would stop doing whatever it was doing. 'Candy!' he yelled, and as soon as whatever it was heard that, it stopped immediately.

He then heard what he explains as a gerguly growl. At that point he knew what he already knew: it wasn't the dog. What ever it was started growing, larger and larger. Soon, taking up the whole bathroom with its size. It's funny now but, my brother explained the creature looking like Doomsday, from DC comics. Not to discredit the whole story by saying he looked like a comic book villain, but to a 14-year-old, this was his best comparison to what he saw.

He said that he didn't remember how he was able to move so quickly but he ran up both flights of stairs, screaming 'no, no, no!' He woke up the whole house. Sometimes it still keeps him up all these years later. He was never visited by the creature again. Me, being into this sort of thing I was never able to find something that could possibly be what he saw. It had to be supernatural, it was in the house and then disappeared. My only explanation is it was a demon of sort. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks."

It Was A Shadow Human

From _Pebcak_:

"So, this happened a long time ago. I must have been at least 18, no older than 20. 

I was sleeping on my back in my bed in my parents' house where I lived, when I suddenly woke up from a deep, dreamless sleep. I opened my eyes and a male, humanoid shadow seemed like it pushed itself up from laying on top of me. It seemed surprised that I woke up, interrupting whatever it was doing. It wasn't anything sexual; if anything it was, not sure how to describe it; 'feeding' or 'scanning me' makes the most sense, though I know both of those are sort of at odds with each other. It swooped back at me in a rush and I fell back asleep instantly. I woke up about two hours later than my normal wake-up time and I felt okay, just a little sluggish. I never saw it again."

An Encounter With Gnomes

From Slothinator69:

"I don't remember it completely, but my grandpa once told us a story about an experience he had while he used to live on a small ranch in Mexico. He was with his older brother (so think my grandfather was about 12-14 at the time) and while he was with his brother out in the ranch they heard something behind some bushes that he said sounded like singing. He and his brother both went to investigate it and when they looked behind the bush they saw a couple of little people. 'Duende' is what they called them in Mexico. They didn't see my grandpa or his brother and his brother suggested that they both get out of there before they were seen. They returned home and I'm not sure if they ever saw them again after that."

Weird Creature In The Middle Of The Road

From spaceycarchasey:

"I'm from Indiana, and a couple years back, my mother was driving my sister and I to school. To set the stage, it was a foggier morning, and it was on a stretch of road with forest on one side, and a cornfield on the other.

Out of the blue, this creature that we couldn't identify ran across the road, causing my mom to slam the brakes. It looked about the size of a grown man, and was covered in dark hair. It was bipedal, but was loping really oddly.

Needless to say, it wasn't a coyote, and I've never heard of bears being in central Indiana. Admittedly, it was foggy, so I could have misidentified it."

Abducted While Camping

From Will123423:

"Three months ago I was camping with a friend in a very remote part of Northern California. I’m a massive wilderness junkie. I’ve been camping all my life and I spend much of my free time hiking, rock climbing, hunting, etc.

A buddy of mine who also enjoys the outdoors wanted to head up to the Sierras for a weekend and asked me to go with him. It was our second night and we were sitting up by the fire. We weren’t staying at a campsite. We had hiked about 10 miles from our cars to a clearing with a beautiful view he had stayed at once before.

At around 10 pm, my buddy got tired and went to sleep in his tent and I wanted to stay up for a while. About 45 minutes after he went to bed I saw this object coming up from the valley below. It was a basic flying saucer shape with multiple circular lights rotating around the edges that changed colors over and over. I was absolutely shocked.

I watched it for maybe 15 seconds then decided I had to wake him up so he could see it and wouldn’t think I was crazy. I stood and when I looked back towards it, the thing was gone. I called out his name and that’s when everything got really f*cked up.

I didn’t hear my own voice when called out. Everything was completely silent. I could move my eyes around but couldn’t move my body. I remember seeing the fire had completely frozen, and everything looked like a picture, like time had stopped or something. Then there was a flash of light and I blacked out.

I woke up later just as the sun was starting to rise. I was outside laying in the dirt shivering next to fire that had long gone out. I felt like I had been drugged, totally in this haze. I sluggishly yelled out my friend's name a couple of times and he came out of the tent. He was really confused to say the least. I tried to explain what happened but my memory was really foggy and I just couldn’t articulate it. We left within 30 minutes. I was totally silent on the car ride back falling in and out of sleep for seven hours. He dropped me off at my house and I passed out for basically an entire day. A few weeks later I was messing around with an amp and it released this static ‘oooooooo’ sound when I unplugged my guitar. For some reason this sound somehow triggered my memory and I remembered everything.

When I came back into consciousness I was suspended laterally in this circular mechanism in a position very similar to Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. These clear glass-like shackle type restraints were holding me in place. I was completely nude and standing above me were your three typical aliens. They were around four fee tall and were wearing white spandex-like suits. Two were just standing there observing the other who was extracting blood from a vein under my armpit with this weird looking syringe. Although they didn’t show any real reaction I could still tell that they were surprised that I was awake.

I couldn’t move at all except for my eyes and lips. I was absolutely terrified, in a sort of ‘fight or flight’ mode, my heart pounding from an influx of adrenaline. I can’t even begin to tell you how scared I was but I also felt total rage. I wanted to kill them, wanted to rip out of this device and completely destroy them. My brain went totally primal, just animal instinct and I could just tell that they could sense my anger because they all stepped back, simultaneously. I’m 6’3-185 and I was hoping I looked as threatening as possible which is silly because I was totally paralyzed and therefore completely harmless.

Two of them disappeared from my view and presumably left the room. The other one was just starring at me void of any emotion. I wanted so badly to just shut my eyes but I forced myself to just stare right back at it, trying my hardest not to blink.

Then the two others came back and now they weren’t alone. I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes. Standing behind them were two very tall, very human looking beings. A male and female, they looked like Norse Gods, with bright golden hair and massive eyes. The males were dark blue and females were violet.

I suppose they are what the UFO community refers to as Nordics. This was quite bizarre to me. My family descended from Sweden and I am very Nordic-looking: blonde hair, blue eyes, the works.

I know this is cliché, but I heard a feminine voice in my mind. For some reason I could understand what she was telling me although it wasn’t like she was saying anything in English. She told me something like 'Be calm, you are not in danger.'

I relaxed and asked her what they wanted with me. She said that they were just 'Checking up on me.' I practically blacked out after hearing that. I asked her what she meant. She said that they had 'Saved me when I first came into being.' I immediately knew exactly what she was talking about.

I was born practically two months premature. My mother was horribly sick during labor. We both had fevers of 104. The strange thing is, the doctors had absolutely no idea what was wrong with us. I was given two spinal taps, my mother three. I spent four nights in that bubble housing ICU thing. There was a decent chance I was going to die. Then one day I started getting better and made a full recovery. The doctors were very worried that the whole ordeal might have permanently damaged my body and possibly my brain but I was totally fine.

I asked her 'why did you save me?' This time I heard a deep male voice stating that 'this is a conversation for a later time.' I asked them if they are human. He said no. I was confused considering that they looked quite human. I asked him if man had come from them. He said yes. That they had come here 200,000 years ago and created mankind by combining their DNA with that of our primate ancestors.

I wanted to know why they looked especially similar to me more than other humans. He stated that many males of their kind found female humans attractive and mated with them. This directly passed on some of their physical features to Nordic peoples.

I wanted to know more but they declined and said it was time for me to go back. I blacked out instantly and woke up by the extinguished campfire, clothes on and shivering.

I understand that this sounds absolutely ridiculous and very impossible. But it happened. I don’t know what to do. I’ve been completely lost since the encounter but I already feel a bit of relief after posting my story here."

It Let Out A Screech

From totalhhrbadass:

"I've never had an experience myself but do believe in this and similar phenomena. I had never spoken with my girlfriend about this sub, unknown humanoids or any paranormal occurrences for that matter.

On Friday night she and I were at a friend's house and decided to leave at around 1 am. It's very foggy outside being that we live near rivers and creeks in rural Illinois. She goes to the gas station on her way home to the rural town where we both live about a block away from each other. I get home and don't hear from her for a bit until she calls me very shaken up and crying.

She says on her drive home she saw something crouched in the road on the right side. It looked to be fairly small possibly a child. She rolled her window down and asked if they were okay, and got no answer, only continued sobbing. She pulls over and gets out of the car walked up to whatever this was and attempted to ask if it needed any help. The thing stands up on two feet at over six feet and lets out a god awful screech and runs off of the road into some pretty dense woods near a tributary of the Kaskaskia river. She can't say it was a boy or a girl but can say she's never heard something like that before. She's pretty jarred by the experience."

Sun, 05 Mar 2017 14:41:21 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/creepy-stories-of-encounters-with-humanoids/amandasedlakhevener
<![CDATA[20 People Describe The Horrible Backstories Behind Houses Up For Sale]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/worst-things-people-discovered-about-houses-up-for-sale/amandasedlakhevener?source=rss

The next time you go house-hunting, be sure to thoroughly look into the backstory of the house you're interested in. These properties might have been inhabited by serial killers, used by members of the adult film industry, or contained the "essence" of the former (now deceased) owners. Real estate agents must, by law, disclose the truth about these potentially haunted houses, but some may not even know what happened there unless they speak to the neighbors. 

These Reddit accounts detail what went down in homes before their current owners purchased them. Turn all of the lights on and remember that home isn't just where the heart is; there's plenty of horror, too.

20 People Describe The Horrible Backstories Behind Houses Up For Sale,

Former Resident Was A Child Pornographer

From youdirtynetwork:

"So two years ago my step dad was charged with some child porn offenses, not a great time, 0/10 would recommend. More to the point of this story, flash forward to this October and the police contact my sister wanting to ask some questions. As it turns out, he had little creepy cameras all over the house and had been filming her since she was in Grade 9 until she moved out! Needless to say my mother is selling the house. I feel bad for the next people who buy and possibly come across something the cops missed!"

Someone Committed Suicide In One Of The Rooms

From ControlYourPoison:

"When we were looking to buy a house we looked at one in which the father of the family committed suicide in. You could tell which room it was because it had clearly recently been sheet-rocked and painted. It didn't really bother us though and we didn't get any creepy feelings. We chose not to put an offer in because the rest of the house needed a lot of work.

And no, the realtor did not tell us that someone had committed suicide in it. I happened to know because it is very close to the house I grew up in and it's a very small town."

Old Tenants Locked Their Kids In The Closet

From JaytheFarmer:

"My parents were realtors, and also flipped houses. When I was growing up I used to help them a lot, usually by cleaning. When I was 12, I was helping with a house that was infested with roaches. I noticed the closets were smeared with shit and children's hand prints, with fingernail scratches on the insides of the doors as well. I asked my parents why this was the case. They told me the old tenants used to lock their toddlers in the closets for days."

They Dug A Basement

From _old:

"My grandma sells/rents houses in the Denver area. A few weeks ago I had to help her evict a few college bros from one of her properties. This is a cottage-style home, no second floor, no basement. These guys literally dug a hole in the wood floor and made a basement where they've been throwing trash away for the last year. Like it's a living room, complete with a tv, a couple arm chairs, and a giant hole in the ground filled with ice cream wrappers, pizza boxes, and cigarette butts."

A Lack Of Hobbies

From stuisthebest:

"My aunt is a realtor and was selling a house that a lady owned but had been renting out to her college-aged son and a few of his friends.

When they went to do the first walk through so my aunt could take pictures and such, it was apparent the lady hadn't been in the house in ages. Every single room had a tv, a chair, a box of Kleenex, and a bottle of lotion. They were literally just jacking it with each other all over the house all the time.

The lady was so embarrassed."

Two Homes With Previous Occurances

From WillSmiff:

"I photograph homes. It's normal, people die in homes. I've photographed a few homes where the reason for sale was a recent suicide in the home. I photographed a new home that the builder killed himself in the garage just before the project was complete.

The weirdest one was mostly very creepy and suspicious. I photographed a billionaire's compound where the guy had and absurd fascination with flesh. There were well over 50 heads mounted on walls from water buffalo to elephant. Five-to-10 large cats, stuffed. Chandeliers made from the feathers of rare birds. Stools made from elephant feet/legs. Paintings and abstract photos of oily skin, 'veiny' muscles of humans and animals etc etc. I looked for his kill room, but I never found it. In general I find billionaires don't behave like normal people, but this one was particularly weird."

Asked About A "Water Leak"

From tiberion:

"The lady next door to me died, and wasn't found until she was, well, more liquid than solid on her living room carpet. The family couldn't pay back taxes or something, and the house went to HUD to auction. HUD paid for some cleanup, but not to replace the carpet, only to steam clean it.

So it finally sold, and was talking to the guy who is flipping it. Before I could mention the death, he asked if the house had a water leak under the foundation, because when they ripped up the carpet and pad to put down the laminate floor, it was really dirty and got all over them and their clothes. I told him what happened and how HUD went cheap on what to fix before the auction; he got green as a pea and started puking right there on his side of the fence."

A Killer Of A Deal

From Yup4545:

"When I was looking for my last house, I went with my wife and realtor to look at several houses. We went to look at one house in particular because it didn't seem like the price they were asking for could be real: a huge house sitting on tons of land with outbuildings, going for millions under market value.

We got there, and the realtor said 'Oh, I should mention, a serial killer lived here and when he was put away cops found 11 bodies on the property.' Oh, well that'll do it."

A Porno Was Shot There

From Grandmastrgusto:

"An old friend of mine bought a nice house in a quiet neighborhood. The place is beautiful and has a really nice deck outback with a hot tub. About three weeks after closing he was cleaning out some previously owner junk in one of the closets and found an old DVD. It was a Bridget the Midget porno with a hot tub scene on the cover. His hot tub. It was epic."

A Converted Victorian Era Asylum

From Zutsky:

"Not a realtor, but I used to rent an apartment that was in a converted Victorian asylum. It was rumored to be haunted, but I never heard or saw anything whilst living there.

When I met with a leasing agent to hand the keys back at the property, and for him to run through a final inspection he asked if we had been 'happy' there. I said something to the effect of yes, but we were only moving as the landlord had it up for sale. It became clear he was after some kind of ghost story as he explained that none of his colleagues liked going to any apartments in the building because when taking photos to market one of them, the red eye detector kept triggering on his phone when no one was in frame!

The poor guy looked nervous as heck the whole time we were there."

Sun, 05 Mar 2017 14:43:43 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/worst-things-people-discovered-about-houses-up-for-sale/amandasedlakhevener
<![CDATA[Horrifying Tales Of American Women In Sex Slavery]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/american-women-in-sex-slavery/katia-kleyman?source=rss

When people think of women being sold into sexual slavery, they don't picture it happening in their own backyard. But sex slavery in the US is a very real threat for many women in the US. According to FBI estimates, over 100,000 children and young women are sold into the American sex trade every year. The average age of these victims is just 11 years old.

Collected here are the stories of American women who managed to escape from their enslavement, no easy task considering victims can be treated like criminals themselves when they dealing with authorities. Each of their tales serves as a reminder that a woman of any background is at risk. We warn you the content is disturbing and that you proceed with caution.

Horrifying Tales Of American Women In Sex Slavery,

Lured By The Promise Of A Modeling Career

Miya was a 19-year-old girl working at a sunglass shop in a mall in Phoenix, Arizona when she was approached by a couple with a lucrative offer of a modeling career.  Intrigued, Miya met with the couple, who then treated her to getting her hair and nails done, which appeared to Miya a sure sign that they were legitimate scouts. It was when they took pictures of her with a cheap disposable camera Miya started questioning their authenticity. Despite the red flags, Miya agreed to go with them to California under the pretense that they would provide her with an actual photoshoot with real equipment. When she arrived in California, the couple showed her that the photos they took were actually used on an escort site.

From then, Miya was being dragged from city to city across California, being sold to men who responded to the ads on the site. Eventually, Miya was able to escape early morning from the couple’s motel room. She had no idea that she was in Union City, California when she approached a truck driver and asked him where she was. She was finally able to call her distraught parents, who were finally able to breathe a sigh of relief.

The man who held her hostage was eventually brought to justice.

Barbara Was Trafficked On The Streets Of New York City For 10 Years

Barbara Amaya ran away from her home in Virginia when she was 12-years-old due to the continuous abuse she faced. She ended up on the streets of Washington D.C. when a couple approached her and offered her help. They fed her and cared for her and then shortly thereafter they began selling her body. When they grew tired of her, they sold her to another trafficker named Moses. Moses took her to New York City, where Barbara was sex slave for ten years.  

Barbara developed an addiction to heroin to help her cope with all the pain she was going through on a daily basis. She went through hell during her ten years as a sex slave. She had an 85-year-old man die on top of her when she was 16-years-old. She was stabbed, shot, beaten and continuously raped all before she was 18. As she got older, her pimp let her go because he could no longer afford her drug habit, and she was no longer considered a “hot commodity” in her early-twenties.

It took her years to recover, but today Barbara works as an advocate, and has helped get legislation passed regarding sex crimes, including the Safe Harbor bill.

Runaway Jill Was Kidnapped And Turned Into A Sex Slave For Sadistic Clients

Jill Brenneman was born in the ‘60s into an affluent family in New Hampshire. However, that family held a dark secret. When Jill was just five-years-old, she accidently walked in on her mother and her mother’s boyfriend having sex. As punishment, Jill’s mother told the boyfriend to rape Jill and “make it hurt.” This went on for years until Jill was forced out of her home when she finished her freshman year of high school.

Jill ended up hitchhiking to Cincinnati, and lived the life as a homeless teen until she met Bruce. Jill found Bruce attractive and charming and when he offered to help, she cautiously accepted. But as soon as she got into Bruce’s car, he blindfolded her. He took her to a rural part outside Cincinnati to his home, where he proceeded to beat her and rape her. He informed Jill that she was now his slave. Bruce was very heavy into BDSM and had his own dungeon full of torture devices. After weeks of “training” Jill on this equipment, he sold her out to clients as a “submissive slave.”

Remember that scene from Game of Thrones where Ramsey first met Theon and convinced him that he was trying to help him escape, only to make it part of a larger mind f*ck torture game? Yeah, that happened to Jill. Bruce told one of the clients to tell Jill he wanted to rescue her, when Jill went along with it, the client took her to a safe house where Bruce and several other men were waiting for her.

Jill eventually got free after Bruce was arrested on an unrelated charge. Now Jill works as a motivational speaker and a founded a non-profit that helps sex workers.

Kidnapped From Her Driveway And Kept In A Dog Crate

“Debbie” (not her actual name), was just 15-years-old when she was sold into the sex-trade. She isn’t what people would consider a “typical” target. Her parents had a background in the Air Force. She grew up in a good home in suburban Phoenix, Arizona. She did well in school and avoided trouble. One night, a “friend” of Debbie’s named Bianca stopped by Debbie’s house along with two older male companions. Debbie went out in the driveway to chat with Bianca. When Bianca said that she and the men were leaving, Debbie went to give her a hug and Bianca pushed her into the car.

They held Debbie at gunpoint and proceeded to bound and blindfold her. After driving around for hours in order to disorient her, Debbie was taken to a home only 25-miles away from her own. There she was drugged and continuously gang raped.

For over 40 days, Debbie was kept in a dog crate and sold to countless men who showed up at the disheveled apartment after reading an ad about her on Craigslist.

Eventually police received tips on where she held, and they raided the apartment and saved Debbie from her captors. Debbie and her family decided to leave Arizona so Debbie would have a chance at a fresh start.

'Snow White' Was Pimped Out By Her Parents

This is a terrible case of a mother and step-father selling their own children into slavery. “Snow White” (this is how her mother described her in the online chatrooms she used to pimp her out) grew up in a broken home. Her mother started to pimp her out to her “uncles” when she was five-years-old. It started with them paying the mother to let Snow sit on their laps, but quickly evolved into much more heinous things.  Snow tried to tell teachers and school counselors about what was happening at home, but they always made the mistake of speaking to her parents about her confession before contacting authorities. Snow was beaten nearly to death by her parents for confiding in those adults.

She was sold time-and-time again by her parents. They tried to get someone to pay a large cash sum to “marry” her in order for them to take her off their hands. Eventually, Snow escaped the grasp of her abusive parents by letting herself be sold, thinking that any situation was better than the one she was already living in.

She was paid just $5,000 to live with a man who treated her like garbage for three years. At the same time, he wanted to keep up appearances and have Snow attend college so that she could be more impressive when he brought her around to his affluent friends. There Snow met a man she fell in love with. When her “master” found out about the romance he kicked her out of the house.

Jasmine's 'Boyfriend' Used Craigslist To Sell Her

When Jasmine Marino-Fiandaca was 19-years-old, she entered into a relationship with a man she thought was her boyfriend. But shortly after they began the relationship, he started grooming her into a life of prostitution. He promised her wealth, the prospect of owning her own business, and the hope to one day have a family. But in the end, he only saw Jasmine as a money-making machine.

He coerced her into working as a sex slave in Maine, as well as in Hartford, Connecticut. He forced her to work at several brothels, as well as putting up ads of her on Craigslist. When she finally got out from under his grip after five long years, she became heavily addicted to drugs to numb all the trauma she went through.

Now clean, Jasmine helps spread awareness about human trafficking.

Holly Experienced The Worst Two Days Of Her Life As A Sex Slave

The summer before 14-year-old Holly Smith would attend her first year of high school, she met Greg. Holly was unhappy at home because her mother was battling breast cancer. Greg was nice and gave her the attention she was lacking at home. Two weeks later, Holly agreed to go to Atlantic City with Greg and his friend Nicky, a woman in her 20s. She was lured there on the promise that they would go to a club and have fun, but she quickly realized that she was there to be pimped out. She was dropped off at a hotel and forced to have sex with several men that night.

The next morning, Greg forced Holly and Nicky back out on the street. Luckily, a cop spotted the very young-looking Holly and she used the opportunity to tell him she was underage. Holly was arrested, but no charges were filed. She was taken home to her parents.

Her experience in the sex trade was short lived, but one that still haunts her today.

Carissa Was Enslaved By A Pimp After Getting Kicked Out Of Her Home

Carissa Phelps did not grow up in a good home. At 12-years-old, her mother kicked her out and Carissa was forced to wander the streets of Fresno, California. One day Carissa was out when she spotted a badly beaten prostitute who needed help. Carissa invited the woman back to her motel room to help her out. The prostitute immediately called her pimp who came to the room and threatened to kill Carissa if she didn’t work for him too.

Carissa was continuously pimped out, beaten and raped by this pimp, and she was not even a teenager. After two weeks of this, while soliciting for sex on the streets the police brought Carissa in for being underage. Instead of seeking help for her, they sent her to juvenile detention for 30 days. Once released, she bounced from group home to group home, and was thrown back in juvie for six months for stealing a car. While there, a counselor took interest in her and motivated her to change her life.

Carissa ended up earning an MBA and law degree from UCLA. She is now a lawyer and motivational speaker who educates people about sex trafficking in America.  

Gwen And Alicia Were A Package Deal Sold To A Pimp

Gwen, then 18, was introduced to Brian Forbes by her aunt Lucy in Hartford, Connecticut. Gwen grew up in rural Vermont, where heroin had rampaged the town. By the time Gwen met Forbes, she was already addicted, which made it easier for Forbes to “groom” her. He built up her confidence, bought her nice things, and acted like he was in love with her. It was only when Forbes introduced Gwen to his “girlfriend” did she begin to realize what her aunt got her into. While still in the grooming period, Forbes asked Gwen if she had any friends who might want to be with them in Connecticut. She thought of her friend Alicia back in Vermont, a girl who was also addicted to heroine and came from a broken home.  After driving eight hours to pick up Alicia in Vermont and take her back to Hartford, Forbes took them both back to a hotel where a man was waiting to have sex with them.

Gwen’s aunt was given just $1,200 for the lives of these two girls. But luckily for Gwen and Alicia, their testimonies led to Forbes and the others involved with their enslavement being locked away for a long time.  

Shauna Newell Was Drugged At A Sleepover, Raped And Sold Over The Internet

16-year-old Shauna Newell made friends with a girl she met in her high school in Pensacola, Florida. The two became very close, and all Shauna wanted was a fun sleepover at her new friend’s home. Shauna tried to convince her mother, Lisa Brant, for weeks to let her sleep over her friend’s. Finally, Lisa gave in and agreed to let her sleepover the girl’s house if she could first meet the girl and her parents.

So, the girl went over Shauna’s home with a man who pretended to be her father. Everything seemed in order to Lisa, and she let Shauna go over the girl’s home for a sleepover. However, the man was not the girl’s father, but a convicted felon with charges in relation to prostitution in Texas.

When Shauna arrived at the home, the girl’s “father” left. Shauna asked for a glass of water, and from there everything was a blur. Shauna was roofied by her friend, and when she came to, she was being raped by the man who pretended to be the girl’s father.

When Shauna was left alone for a moment, she got a hold of her cellphone and called her mother. All she could say was “Mommy, help me,” before the phone died. Her panicked mother immediately called the police, who told her that she probably ran away and that they couldn’t file a missing-person report for 72 hours.

Determined to find her daughter, Lisa started her own search party. Out of sheer luck, Shauna’s brother was part of one search party that stopped at a local gas station to get a drink. He spotted his sister in the back seat of a vehicle. She was rescued, but the kidnappers got away. Shauna’s brother spotted her just in the nick of time, because her captors told her she was on her way to Texas to be given to a man who paid $300,000 for her.

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<![CDATA[All the Drugs, Murder, Adultery, and Disaster Around Eric Clapton's Layla]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/crazy-derek-and-the-dominos-layla-facts/lyra-radford?source=rss

You know "Layla," the hit single from Derek and the Dominos, but do you know the wild '70s rock star tales behind its creation? Drug-fueled insanity, hedonism, and death all left their mark on this now-classic song, and you can even say its release marked the end of '60s idealism. Right at the middle of this musical maelstrom sit two legendary guitar players: Eric Clapton and George Harrison. The crazy truth of the matter is that "Layla" - and the bulk of the material on the lone Derek and the Dominos album, Layla and Other Assorted Love Songswas inspired by Clapton’s obsession with Harrison’s wife, Pattie Boyd.

Harrison and Clapton were best friends at the time the rock legend penned the song about unrequited love, and the results were far from what he’d hoped for. While "Layla" has become one of Clapton's greatest hits, the album didn’t see success until about two years after the band broke up. Derek and the Dominos seemed doomed as well, as each of its members fell on hard times.

From drug abuse to plagiarism to murder, read on to discover the tragic Derek and the Dominos stories associated with "Layla."

All the Drugs, Murder, Adultery, and Disaster Around Eric Clapton's Layla,

Duane Allman Died In A Motorcycle Accident

In 1971, almost a year after the release of Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs release, 24-year-old Duane Allman died in a horrific motorcycle accident. Allman swerved to avoid colliding with a truck, and ended up being thrown from his motorcycle.

Allman's death became further fuel for Clapton's depression. In his memoirs, he described Allman as the "musical brother I'd never had but wished I did."

Jim Gordon Might Have Ripped Off That Piano Melody

The famous four-minute piano coda that closes "Layla" was credited to drummer Jim Gordon. It later came to light that Gordon may have swiped the melody from his ex-girlfriend, singer Rita Coolidge. She left him for assaulting her. According to Coolidge, Gordon once "hit [her] so hard that [she] was lifted off the floor and slammed against the wall on the other side of the hallway."

Coolidge says she was working on a song called "Time" while still living with Gordon. The couple worked on it together and even played it for Clapton at one point, but her portion of the melody was slipped into "Layla" a year later without her permission. When she confronted Robert Stigwood, Clapton’s manager at the time, he blew her off.

Jim Gordon Murdered His Mother

Derek and the Dominos drummer Jim Gordon spent the 1970s fueled by booze, heroin, and cocaine, and struggling with acute schizophrenia. During this period, he began to hear his mother’s voice, among others. He stopped sleeping and eating properly and couldn’t even play the drums anymore.

Multiple physicians blamed his substance abuse, and he was treated for alcoholism instead of schizophrenia. His paranoia spiraled out of control in June of 1983, when he became convinced that his 71-year old mother was evil. Gordon bludgeoned her to death with a hammer and stabbed her with a butcher knife. He was sentenced 16 years to life in prison and has been denied parole several times.

Clapton And Harrison Had A Guitar Duel Over Boyd

During a party hosted by Robert Stigwood in 1970, Clapton admitted to Harrison that he was in love with his wife. Harrison was furious and demanded Boyd choose then and there; she ended up going home with her husband. Clapton later described himself as "a jealous Lancelot in the Camelot world of The Beatles," and said one evening he and Harrison actually whipped out their guitars and "dueled" for two hours straight.

But another man vying for his wife’s affection apparently wasn’t a wake-up call for Harrison to treat her better. Boyd later confessed in interviews and in her memoirs that she was deeply depressed in her marriage to Harrison and had considered committing suicide.

Harrison And Clapton Shared Romantic Partners

Clapton dated Boyd’s sister Paula at one point. Harrison suggested that he and Boyd go out with the couple one evening, and that they could switch partners. Clapton found he couldn’t go through with it and stopped the swap from actually happening.

Another time, one of Clapton’s ex-girlfriends came to stay with Harrison and Boyd post-breakup. Boyd considered the woman a friend, but Harrison had other ideas. He sent his wife to go stay with some friends so he could have a fling with the ex in private. Once he’d had his fun, he phoned Boyd to tell her the girl had gone and she could come home now.

Eric Clapton Formed The Band To Serenade George Harrison's Wife

In 1970, Eric Clapton, Duane Allman, Bobby Whitlock, Carl Radle, and Jim Gordon formed the supergroup known as Derek and the Dominos. Despite the formidable talent assembled, the band was seemingly doomed from the start; even Clapton calls them "a make-believe band."

Clapton went on to confess that his motivation for starting the group was to create a cover for his love songs about Pattie Boyd, George Harrison's wife. "I had to come out and admit that I was being me. I mean, being Derek was a cover for the fact that I was trying to steal someone else's wife."

George Harrison of the Beatles married model Pattie Boyd in 1966. But Harrison was a womanizer, and marriage didn't seem to curb his wandering eye. He took a trip to India, and when he came home he explained to Boyd that he needed concubines because he’d decided to model himself after the god Krishna. He began a string of affairs, regardless of Boyd's feelings on this turn in their relationship.

Harrison's Affair With Ringo Starr’s Wife Was The Last Straw For Boyd

Harrison's womanizing continued, but it seems the breaking point concerned Maureen Starkey, the wife of Beatles drummer Ringo Starr. Harrison began an affair with her and Boyd had had enough. Not only had she considered Starkey a friend, but he claimed to be in love with her.

Boyd found photographs of the two of them in her home together while she was out of town. Once, she even found them locked in a bedroom together. Harrison finally opened the door, chuckling as he told his enraged wife that Maureen was "just a bit tired so she’s lying down."

Clapton Finally Got His Dream Girl And Wrecked It All

Clapton finally kicked his heroin addiction, and in 1974 Boyd left Harrison to run off with Clapton. They were married in 1979, and somehow the trio remained friends - the two men even began referring to each other as "husbands-in-law."

But after all the dreaming, wooing, begging, and drowning in depression that Clapton went through to get Boyd, he still cheated on her. After 14 years together, Clapton got another woman pregnant and seemed to trade in his heroin addiction for alcoholism. Boyd divorced him in 1988.

Drug Use Tore Derek And The Dominos Apart

Derek and the Dominos only released the one album; the group fell apart while attempting to lay down tracks for their second LP. But between the band’s shady origins and its initial commercial failure, it’s no surprise that Derek and the Dominos called it quits. The rampant drug use of its members contributed to the band's rapid dissolution as well.

"It frightens me to think about it," Clapton recalled in an interview. "It was cocaine and heroin and it wore the band down and a hostility was released that hadn’t been there before. When drugs or medication enter the picture, something happens to relationships. They just dissolve. Whatever held us together got thrown out and the atmosphere was so bad you could cut it with a knife."

The dark cloud seemed to linger over the band’s former members once they went their separate ways. The years of substance abuse took their toll, too: in 1980, bassist Carl Radle died from a kidney infection associated with excessive drug and alcohol use. He was 37 years old.

After Clapton’s Album Flopped He Went On A 3-Year Heroin Binge

The Derek and the Dominos album Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs was released in November of 1970, but this declaration of love didn’t deliver the results Clapton had hoped for. Not only was the album unsuccessful with the public (largely due to the anonymity Clapton insisted on), but it didn’t stir the emotions he’d hoped for with Boyd.

She was touched by the song "Layla," but remained married to Harrison. According to Boyd, after she refused to run away with Clapton, he produced a bag of heroin and threatened to take it if she didn’t come with him. She still said no, and Clapton sunk into a depression-driven heroin binge that lasted about three years.

In Clapton’s autobiography, he estimated that he spent the current equivalent of about $16,000 a week on heroin, in addition to the copious amounts of cocaine, alcohol, and marijuana he was already regularly using.

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<![CDATA[20 Crazy Stories About People Who Actually Saw The Future In Their Dreams]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/reddit-stories-dreams-that-came-true-premonitions/amandasedlakhevener?source=rss

You need not be a superhero, an actual psychic, or anyone with any type of premonitory powers to experience a psychic or prophetic dream. Stranger vessels than you have predicted the future, so don't sell your intuition short. Some people dream about a feeling or a weird scene that reemerges when they're awake; others remember seeing a loved one die or hearing them say "goodbye" only to find they've done so in the real world. These weird dream premonitions can be surprising and even upsetting, especially the moment when you realize they've come true. 

Below are some Reddit true stories about prophetic dreams people actually watched come true. They might shock you with their specificity of detail, with different dreams predicting both public and personal experiences, but know there are some gifts people may never understand.

20 Crazy Stories About People Who Actually Saw The Future In Their Dreams,

She Was Not Pregnant

From Lovekats29:

"Several years ago a friend of mine was trying for her first child. A couple months after 'trying' she developed all the symptoms of early pregnancy - missed period, breast tenderness, heightened sense of smell, food cravings - the whole nine yards. She took an early pregnancy test and it was inconclusive. We were both totally convinced that she was with child. She made an appointment with her doctor to confirm.

The night before her appointment I had a dream about her. She came to me and told me she was not pregnant. It was so vivid and real. I told her about it the next morning and we laughed - because we were both so sure she was preggers. She went to the doctor and sure enough - she was NOT pregnant. She had a fairly large ovarian cyst that was causing all the symptoms. Neither she nor I knew that cysts could cause pregnancy symptoms. But my dream was correct and timely.

She went on to have a healthy baby girl a year later."

A Weird Moment In Time

From WilsonKeel:

"I went to high school in Antioch, CA, and graduated from Antioch High School in June 1986.

Antioch's nearest neighboring town is Pittsburg, CA, home of Pittsburg High School. As of June 1986, I had never attended Pittsburg High, didn't know anyone who went to Pittsburg High, and had only set foot on the campus of Pittsburg High once in my life (attending a football game in my junior year).

In the weeks following graduation, still in June 1986, my then-girlfriend and I were house-sitting for a friend. One night, I dreamed that I had auditioned for the play, The Crucible. In the dream, my girlfriend and I were leaving her father's business office and driving to Pittsburg High School to see if I had been cast in the play. We were going to Pittsburg High because that's where the cast list was going to be posted.

When I awoke, I told my girlfriend about this strange dream. It was very lifelike, but it made no sense. I had been active in drama in high school, but all the other elements were out of place in typical dream fashion. After all, I had just graduated high school, and never attended Pittsburg High anyway, so why would I be doing a play there now? The Crucible was one of my favorite plays, but I didn't know of anyone producing it at the time, Pittsburg High or otherwise. My girlfriend's father's office was in Pittsburg, but it's not like either my girlfriend or I worked there. I probably only told my girlfriend about it because it was such a vivid dream.

Time passed. I moved away from Antioch for a month or so, but moved back in September 1986. By then, my girlfriend was attending the local junior college (Los Medanos College, in Pittsburg). One day while escorting her to class, I saw a flyer on a bulletin board announcing auditions for the fall play. The play was The Crucible. (Of course, at this point, I wasn't consciously thinking about the dream from months before.) I auditioned. As it turned out, the college's theater was too small to house a full-stage play, and Pittsburg High's drama teacher was directing the play for the college. So, naturally, it was being staged at Pittsburg High School...

So there we were, several days after the auditions. I'm in the car with my girlfriend, and we're leaving her father's office (where she had started working in the months since the dream) to go to Pittsburg High School to look at the cast list of The Crucible and see if I made the play! It was exactly like the dream!!

And thing that separated this from your typical deja vu is, I had a "witness." My girlfriend had been with me when I had the dream, and I had told her about it right after I dreamed it. Then, months later, she was with me again when the events seen in the dream occurred, and she remembered my telling her about the scene months before. And all of the elements of the dream that made no sense at all in June 1986, turned out to make perfect sense in September 1986.

So I didn't just have some vague feeling that I'd seen some event in a dream. I knew I'd seen it in a dream, I remembered when the dream had been, I had told someone else about the dream at the time that I'd had it, that person remembered me telling her about the dream, and that person was also with me when the events of the dream took place in real life.

Just to make sure I hadn't subliminally seen an early flyer for The Crucible months before, I checked with the drama dept. At the time of my dream in June, no flyers had been made, the play had not been chosen, the director had not been chosen, and the venue had not been chosen. So there's no way I could have just seen this somewhere and worked it into a dream."

The Neighborhood Mom Grew Up In

From Electroniclog:

"I used to have reoccurring dreams all the time about driving through a neighborhood that I had never been to before. When I was about eight, my mom took me driving to show me the neighborhood she grew up in. I grew up in Arizona and we were in Chicago, and this neighborhood was exactly as it was in my dream. I was freaking out, but nobody believed me. She showed me my grandparent's first house and everything was spot on as I dreamt it. Still gives me the willies to this day."

Dreamed Granddad Died

From acates:

"I had a dream when I was about six-years-old about my granddad dying. In the dream I was with my dad walking towards the hospital my granddad was at (he had heart troubles and I went every weekend to see him in the hospital). While we were walking up, my aunt and uncle are walking towards us and my aunt is crying. She tells us he's gone. A week later that exact thing happened. I didn't tell my dad about that dream until I was about 17."

Tripped In The Woods

From Kubrick_Fan:

"I had a dream once when I was in the woods, tripped over something and smashed my teeth in. I was an air cadet at the time, and there was an optional night exercise that was due to happen in my local woods in the same week that I had the dream in.

I chose not to go. One of the more senior cadets did go on the night exercise. He tripped over something in the dark woods and smashed three teeth out."

A Bag Of Chips And A Stomach Ache

From antyone:

"I remember having a dream as a kid.

I was in my family car on a certain road near the house I was living in and I remember I was eating a bag of chips, then I remember my stomach ache. Fast forward some time later and the exact same thing happened on the same road, same time my stomach started ache and same bag of chips in my hands.

It was mind-blowing to me as a kid."

The Columbia Crash

From oesjmr:

"I've only had one premonition-type of dream and it came true within hours. In the dream, I was standing in a field, looking up into the morning sky, watching a fireball fall with a smoke trail behind it. Pieces of it were breaking off here and there. I was with a handful of other people, who I did not know, and we were all looking up in amazement. A radio was on and there was a man stating, 'Do not touch any pieces of the space craft that may crash to earth due to potential radiation contamination,' and things of that nature. We all stood looking into the sky for a few more moments before I woke up.

When I woke from the dream, I noticed it was still dark outside, so I looked at the clock. It was 2:35 am (EST). I got up, drank some water, laid back in bed and thought about the dream for a while. I was having trouble going back to sleep, so I turned on the radio and eventually drifted back to sleep.

I woke up in the morning, and to my disbelief, I was hearing the same voice from the radio in my dream hours before on the radio now, saying similar things. I thought, "What the hell is going on?!" I turned on the TV, switched it over to a news channel, and saw this video on the screen. Space Shuttle Columbia had just disintegrated during re-entry. I get goosebumps even today thinking about it."

It's A Gift

From fiverrah:

"I'm a little late for this but, I have had precognitive dreams for my entire life. Most of the time they are about inconsequential things but now and then, they are important. My feeling about them is that they show how interconnected we all are and that time isn't a straight line. You may be interested in reading about Bells Theorem.

I pay attention to these dreams and tell family about them. I actually saved my niece's life once after dreaming about her being in danger. I think that lots of people have this ability, some more than others. Just like some people can make music better than others. It's a gift."

Dreamed About A Fight

From greasymonkee:

"I lived in a small town growing up and there was just one mechanic who had a shop. I hung out there a lot just because I love cars, and he did quite a few repairs for me. I actually developed a decent relationship with the guy. I had a dream that we flat-out had it out as if we were about to fight each other, but I blew it off thinking that it was absolutely absurd. Fast forward a little less than a year and he ripped me off and lied to my grandpa about what happened. We have never spoken a word to each other since and he gives me a death stare every time I see him."

It Was A Parable

From romeoprico:

"I dreamt I was flying, high up in the air, across fields and valleys. It felt wonderful in my dream. There was a lady next to me also flying. We continue flying for awhile and all of a sudden we come up to a mountain.

The mountain was enormous. It was so high up that its peak was covered in clouds. It was colossal in size. The lady and I descended and perched ourselves unto a rock to observe the mountain. Then the lady points to something, high up in the face of the mountain, where an entrance to a cavern could be seen.

So I fly towards the entrance of this cave but no matter how fast I flew, the further it got away from me. It was unreachable. So after a futile event, I flee back to the rock where the lady was waiting for me, smiling.

Then she says, 'Once three men got stuck in the cave but they were able to get out. You could reach the cave, if you really wanted.' And I woke up. It was a strange dream and stranger still that I would remember it. I had nothing to do that day. I decided to visit a bookstore and buy a book to read.

So I visited this used bookstore store and the only book that got my attention that day was a copy of the Koran. Now, mind you I'm not a Muslim and I know absolutely nothing about the religion. I have been raised a Christian my whole life. I bought the book for nothing more out of curiosity.

I go home and glimpse through the book, but I couldn't understand any of it. I got bored with it and was about to put it down but then I remember the dream I had the night before and I decided to Google it to see what came up. And wouldn't you know it, I came across this following legend out of the Koran. Weirdest dream ever."

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It’s not easy figuring out what you want to be when you grow up. In addition to traditional careers, technological advancements have given rise to an endless litany of opportunities that would've been impossible before the smartphone era, from putting taxi drivers out of work or being a child slave in a cobalt mine to turning someone's personal life into a pointless mystery for bored commuters to consume while stuck in traffic. And then you've got your professional afterlife consultants.

Um, what? Indeed. There are people who've made careers out of seeing heaven. What does this mean? Well, these individuals purport to have passed from this life into the next and had the good fortune to spend time in heaven. However, such professional heaven visitors didn't die, at least not permanently. Upon returning to the land of the living, they were able to parlay their experiences into piles of cash by sharing what they saw and felt. 

9 People Who Have “Seen" Heaven… And Made A Career Out Of It,

Eben Alexander

In 2008, Eben Alexander contracted bacterial meningitis, a disease that attacks the brain that controls thoughts and emotions. He claims this part of his brain was completely shut down while he was in a seven-day coma. During those seven days, he entered the afterlife (he calls it heaven). There, he met with deceased relatives and got the chance to speak with the “Divine source of the universe.” Then he woke up.

Before his experience, Alexander was a neurosurgeon with no belief in souls, God, or an afterlife. Since returning from his alleged vacation in the heaven, he changed his career focus to proving consciousness is separate from the brain. To that end, he wrote the bestselling book Proof of Heaven (spoiler alert: he doesn't have it), and a follow-up, The Map of Heaven, to assist in this mission.

Alexander has also managed to parlay his experience into media stardom for himself, having appeared on Oprah, Larry King, and World News with Diane Sawyer. Profiles have been published in Newsweek and Esquire. If you're a fan of Alexander's research, you can donate to The Consciousness Initiative, the organization through which he receives funds. These donations go through the Marion Institute, a non-profit. 

Plane Crash Survivor Dale Black Turned To Christian Cancer Coaching

At age 19, Dale Black was the lone survivor of a plane crash, after which he drifted in and out of a coma and claims to have gone to heaven. The crash radically altered the course of his life. Though Black suffered amnesia for a few months after waking up, he eventually recalled his trip to heaven in vivid detail, turned to ministry, and built a life on the back of his religious experience. 

Since rejoining the people of Earth, Black has written two books, Flight to Heaven and Life, Cancer and God, and recorded one audio book, Messages from Heaven: How God Heals. He also started a Christian Cancer Coaching program, and travels the country doing speaking engagements. For only $800, you can receive four over-the-phone spiritual consultations on dealing with cancer.

To quote Black's website: "We are a spirit, we have a soul, and we live in a body—and we believe all three parts must be in health to permanently overcome sickness and disease. No one on our staff is medically certified, and we do not offer medical advice."

What surviving a plane crash has to do with helping people overcome caner remains unclear, though for an initial consultation fee of $89, you can find out. If you buy the $1,495 package, Black's organization will magnanimously waive the initial consult fee. Consultation is given by Black's wife, Paula, co-author of Life, Cancer and God and an ordained minister who "successfully reversed cancer using the Body–Soul–Spirit Approach."

Mary Neal Was Forced To Leave Heaven To Watch Her Son Die (But She Got Her 15 Minutes)

During a kayaking excursion in Chile in 199, orthopedic surgeon Mary Neal was pinned beneath a waterfall and drowned. She went 30 minutes without oxygen and, she says, spent 30 minutes in heaven. Neal recalls being eager to pass through heaven’s gates, after which  there's no turning back. She experienced deep disappointment when told she had to return to her body for the sake of her children, but she came back with divine information - her eldest son would die young.

Neal’s condition for coming back to Earth was that she must tell the world about her experience, and she’s made a bustling career out of doing just that. She wrote a book, To Heaven And Back. On the day she finished writing it, her son was killed in a car accident. Her story appears all over the web, including Oprah's website, and Neal has appeared on TV shows such as Dr. Oz and Fox and Friends

Ultimately, the details of Neal's story are somewhat confusing. She didn't want to return to life, but her return was conditional. What's more, she was sent back specifically to care for her children, yet told one of them would die senselessly. 

Tamara Laroux Went To Hell, Then Heaven, Then Her Own Christian Radio Show

Tamara Laroux, depressed at 15, decided to take her own life with her mother’s .38 revolver. In the shower, she pointed the gun at her heart and pulled the trigger. She was suddenly enveloped in complete, painful darkness she calls hell. After enduring hell’s agony, the hand of God scooped her up and took her to heaven. Moments later, she was returned to her body. Turns out she missed her heart by less than a quarter of an inch.

After she recovered from her hell-to-heaven journey (and bullet wound), Laroux’s pastor encouraged her to write down what she remembered. These scribblings became a book called Delivered, which includes a very vivid description of her journey. As per the book, she spent the moments leading up to her suicide attempt regretting what she had yet to do (shoot herself) and pleading to God and Jesus to forgive her. She writes of experiencing "an indescribable explosion of indescribable pain" after arriving in hell, where it felt as though "a massive high pressure hose sprayed acid to make sure it hit every molecule of my being."

Laroux went on to become an ordained minister, Christian speaker, and co-founder of Life Change International, an organization “committed to sharing the uncompromised truth of the Gospel.” She and her husband, Rodney Laroux, make a living with their speaking engagements, radio show, and, as per their website, the power of God's love. 

Julie Papievis Visited God And Her Grandmother In Heaven And Became A Motivational Speaker

On May 10, 1993, Julie Papievis suffered a severe brain stem injury when a teenager ran a red light and careened into her car. She was comatose for six weeks, during which time she was given a glimpse of heaven, complete with a visit from God and her grandmother, who both told her it was not yet her time. Though her doctors didn't think she would make it, Papievis came back to the world of the living after God and her grandmother cast her out of heaven. 

Papievis's near-death experience and glimpse of heaven spurred her into a career as a national lecturer. She’s wrote the book Go Back and Be Happy about her time in heaven and subsequently copyrighted the title, much to the chagrin of all those who would like to go back and be happy without litigation. Papievis has appeared on The 700 Club, CNN, and Lifetime TV’s Beyond Chance.

Don Piper Spent 90 Minutes In Heaven, Heard Some Great Music, And Wrote A Bestselling Book

On January 18, 1989, minister Don Piper collided with a semi-truck and was pronounced dead at the scene. For 90 minutes, he says he experienced the glory of heaven. He was reunited with his beloved grandfather and beheld a heavenly choir. He describes the music in heaven as "beyond spectacular."

Meanwhile, back in the world of the living, another pastor prayed over Piper's lifeless body. Quite suddenly, Piper went from enjoying the company of loved ones and beautiful songs of praise to being back in his body, in the middle of a car wreck. He decided to share his experience in heaven in book, 90 Minutes In Heaven, which was a New York Times bestseller for five years. In 2015, it was made into a feature-length film starring acclaimed Star Wars thespian Hayden Christensen in the lead role.  

As per his website, Piper is something of an expert on heaven, and fields questions on the subject. In response to "Are there animals or pets in Heaven?" his site claims 

"When Don arrived at the gates of Heaven, the people who greeted Him were the people who spiritually influenced him on earth. He did not see any animals or pets in Heaven. That does not mean they are not there. In the Bible’s creation sequence, found in Genesis 1, God created animals before he created humans. Following the creation of these creatures, he said they were very good. Indeed, they are good, and they bring us encouragement and companionship. It is hard to believe God would create something so majestic and beautiful and not have them in Heaven. The book of Revelation tells us when Christ returns, he will come on a white horse.  Many theologians such as Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Wesley and C. S. Lewis have postulated the presence of animals in Heaven. Don also believes animals will be there."

Jesus Allegedly Sent Betty Eadie Back To Earth And It Gave Her Purpose

While in recovering from a hysterectomy, Betty Eadie recalls her spirit leaving her body  and going through a tunnel toward a bright light. She believes the bright light was Jesus Christ’s embrace. She suspects she may have been in heaven as long as four hours. She writes:

"There was no questioning who he was, I knew that he was my savior, and friend, and God. He was Jesus Christ, who had always loved me, even when I thought he hated me. He was life itself, love itself, and his love gave me a fullness of joy, even to overflowing. I knew that I had known him from the beginning, from long before my Earth life, because my spirit remembered him.

All my life I had feared him, and I now saw - I knew - that he was my choicest friend. Gently, he opened his arms and let me stand back far enough to look into his eyes, and he said, "Your death was premature, it is not yet your time." No words ever spoken have penetrated me more than these. Until then, I had felt no purpose in life; I had simply ambled along looking for love and goodness but never really knowing if my actions were right. Now, within his words, I felt a mission, a purpose; I didn't know what it was, but I knew that my life on Earth had not been meaningless."

Since her trip to the other side, Eadie has written four books, the most popular of which, Embraced by the Light, was a number one New York Times bestseller. She has appeared on Oprah and started her own publishing company. 

Crystal McVea Found God In A Tunnel Of Light After Giving Up On Faith And Wrote Two Books About It

Complications from pancreatitis had Crystal McVea flatlining in the hospital in 2009. She remembers drifting off to the sound of her mother weeping, and waking up in a “bright tunnel of light,” which she knew instantly to be heaven (which begs the question: where does the tunnel go?). She felt immediately at peace and overwhelmed with joy in the presence of what she calls God.

Years before her visit to the afterlife tunnel, Crystal had given up on God - she believed a higher power either didn't exist or didn't love her. She reached this conclusion after being molested as a child and having an abortion as a teenager. "After that abortion I thought, 'I've done it now - if he was real, he could never love me now,'" she says.  

According to Crystal, God gave her the choice of staying with him or returning to life. McVea says she chose God at first, but changed her mind, returning to life for the sake of her mother. She has since written two books, Waking Up In Heaven and Chasing Heaven. She also travels the country doing speaking engagements at churches, women’s events, conferences, and pregnancy resource functions. 

To quote Crystal's website: "Crystal weaves together humor and heartache to bring the audience along on a journey that walks through brokenness and breaks through into beauty. Her story brings the message of hope and love that the world is desperate to hear."

Dean Braxton Met Jesus, Who Sent Him Back To Earth To Speak Of His Heavenly Revelations

In 2006, Dean Braxton went into surgery for a routine kidney stone removal. When an administered antibiotic proved resistant to the bacteria in his system, he started dying on the operating table. After flatlining, Braxton claims, he went to heaven, where he met Jesus. Of the experience, he wrote

"When I first arrived in heaven and knelt before Jesus, all I could do was say, 'YOU DID THIS FOR ME?!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, and THANK YOU!!' I could have said this for the next 3000 years or more and still would have wanted to keep going......I know EVERYTHING - IS - RIGHT, where Jesus is, and THERE IS NOTHING WRONG!!"

After an hour and 45 minutes spent hanging out with Jesus, Braxton's doctors brought him back to life, and he’s since made a full recovery. In an alternate version of the story, his wife, Marilyn Braxton, led a successful effort to pray Dean back to life. This effort was aided by Jesus, who apparently said "No, it is not your time. Go back!" to Braxton as he was groveling before Christ.

In 2009, Braxton published his first book, In Heaven! Experiencing the Throne of God, and has since appeared on multiple TV and radio programs. He makes a living speaking about his heavenly insight (which hopefully extends beyond "YOU DID THIS FOR ME?!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, and THANK YOU!!") and his organization, Dean Braxton Ministries, has an app, so you can get heavenly knowledge and stay up-to-date on Dean's daily activities on-the-go.

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Slipknot be crazy. If you need more evidence than watching nine masked Iowans in jumpsuits pumping out death metal riffs, drumming on trash cans, and screaming lyrics such as "People equal sh*t," read these true stories about the maggot-loving, corpse-huffing, drug-and-alcohol vacuums in Slipknot. The band has been a mainstay on the metal scene since the late '90s, when they appeared out of the American heartland like a real-life extreme metal horror freak show version of Devo, screaming about how much they hate everything until they were coughing up blood. True Slipknot stories more than live up to that description. 

Somewhat improbably, Slipknot hit the zeitgeist; the band obliterated nu metal peers by making real metal cool again before the New Wave of American Heavy Metal swept in and changed the landscape of heavy music. The band's members were unapologetically aggressive and hateful; you can practically hear the winds of despair blowing through dead wheat on the outskirts of small-town, meth-riddled Iowa in the hopelessness and violence of their first two albums. Their music is pure catharsis in the form of metal.

The first lyric on Slipknot's debut album is "Pain! Here comes the pain," and the album sold two million copies in the US alone. It was also voted the number three metal debut of all time by Metal Injection readers, and was embraced by legitimate, established death metal musicians as much as it was by Korn and Kid Rock fans whose favorite movie was The Fast & The Furious

Slipknot has continued its assault on mainstream music ever since its debut. If you think the band members are getting soft more than two decades into their career, think again: these WTF stories show their proclivity for setting things on fire, drinking stuff you’re not supposed to drink, fighting with knives, and rubbing one another with sh*t. If you think the masks, screaming, and anti-social nihilism is an act, you'd be dead wrong. 

Most wacky celebrity facts involve an A-lister enjoying weird food or having a collection of 50 sombreros. That’s not the case with these stories about Slipknot. It seems like the only things these guys enjoy doing is trying to one-up each other with their legitimately crazy behavior. Some gonzo stories about Slipknot will trigger those of weak constitution, so if you have issues with people eating a rotten bird corpse or drinking puke, you may want to read some less crazy celebrity stories. If you’re still here, you’re ready to dive into the infernal swamp of Slipknot.  

The Most Metal Stories About The Members of Slipknot,

Clown Hired A Drum Tech Because The Guy Drank Piss, Puked It Up, And Drank It Again

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Slipknot's Clown revealed that he hired is drum tech based on his ability to swallow anything. "I told him, 'Drink this piss,' He's like, 'How much?' I give him a hundred bucks, he downs the piss. Then he's like, 'Another seventy-five dollars to puke and re-drink it?' Sure. He rolfs, re-drinks it — 'See you guys later.' That's why he works for Clown."

A Competitive Relationship With Marilyn Manson Led To Corey Taylor Drinking His Own Vomit

During the Ozzfest 2001 tour, as Slipknot was blowing up worldwide, vocalist Corey Taylor managed to shock the shock master himself, Marilyn Manson. He told Rolling Stone

"I do remember throwing up in a cup and drinking it in front of Manson and he kind of freaked out. He didn't really know how to take it. And then he ran into our dressing room in tighty-whitey underwear and kind of danced for us and kind of ran back out, and we were like, 'What the f*ck just happened?'"

Despite the weirdness of this scene, Taylor calls Slipknot's relationship with Manson one of mutual respect and friendly competition.

"We don't really try to f*ck with each other, and when we do, it gets really weird," he continues with a laugh. "At the same time, there's a positive competition there that we both respond to. When we play with him, we watch him tear it down every night, and that just makes us want to tear it down every night, too. So there's a mutual respect that goes along with that positive competition that will make for great shows no matter where we are. To me, that's the best respect that you can show a fellow artist, especially someone you really enjoy what they do."

Guitarist Mick Thomson Had A Public, Drunken Knife Fight With His Brother

Mick Thomson, the gargantuan guitar player (6'4" and about ten feet wide at the shoulders) otherwise known as #7, proves the adage "you can take the boy out of Iowa, but you can't take the Iowa out of the boy." In 2015, he and his brother got into a knife fight on the front lawn of a residence in Clive, IA. When cops showed up, they found the intoxicated (duh) guitarist covered in non-life threatening, but kinda serious, stab wounds. The brothers refused to press charges against one another, but were charged with disorderly conduct. In case you're wondering, Thomson was 42 at the time. 

Vocalist Corey Taylor OD'd When He Was 15 And His Friends Tossed Him In A Dumpster

What's the craziest thing you did when you were a teenager? If it wasn't ODing on coke and amphetamines and you're trying to become one of the most famous metal singers on the planet, you need to seriously rethink your dreams.

In various interviews, Slipknot vocalist Corey Taylor has describes his time living in a trailer park near Waterloo, IA in a way that brings to mind Harmony Korine's Gummo, but with more dumpsters:

"At a place like that, there's only two things to do, really - you take drugs, and you f*ck. Crank was just starting, and I was a total speed freak and really into coke. I remember waking up one morning in a dumpster. And, instead of taking me to a hospital, they took me somewhere and dumped me in a trash can, thinking I was dead. So I come to, I've got no shoes on, I've got no T-shirt, I've got blood on my face. I'm 12 miles from my house, and I proceeded to walk from there. The whole way home. I was like, I've gotta get out of here."

Good call. 

The Band's Official Scent Is Camel Dung

Even in the metal world, if you don't have your own official scent, you're nothing. Ever benevolent, Slipknot wanted to give something special to fans attending their inaugural two-day Knotfest, so they created a signature scent for the event: camel dung. "But why?" You foolishly ask.

According to percussionist Shawn Crahan (the clown):

"We did the camel dung on the first Knotfest. It was awesome; it was beautiful... A very distinct smell. You can't huff it, but it's got this smell. And it's not necessarily the most comfortable thing, but it's not necessarily the worst thing, it's just remembering thoughts — it's gonna be a re-occurring thing.

Since we're not a band anymore — we're a culture, everybody needs to get used to that real quick — that culture has to have a smell. You have to be able to be somewhere in the world, maybe be in a little pain, and then all of a sudden smell that and feel good again."

Before The Band Blew Up, Clown Kept A Decomposing Crow In A Jar To Huff Before Shows

Every performer needs to get into the right head space to achieve purity in his or her art. This is especially true of musicians, whose job requires manual dexterity, athleticism (for drummers, at least), and showmanship. Some stretch before a gig, some do vocal warm ups, some skateboard or job.

In the early days of the band, the members of Slipknot had their own special way of getting into the mood before a show. Clown (percussionist Shawn Crahan) kept a dead crow in a jar, which he was allowing to "ferment" (decompose). Before each show, he took a big whiff of its terrible scent and passed it around to his bandmates. Wouldn't you know it, fans wanted in on the action, and they ended up eating the rotting bird. 

Said DJ Sid Wilson of the ritual:

“We had a dead bird in a jar. Clown kept it in there for a long time. We’d bring it out on stage and take big deep breaths out of it, see what death smelled like, have that inside you, gets you int hat dark place. It would make you throw up immediately, vomit in your mask. He had it in there for so long it started getting this gelatinous liquid in the jar as it decayed."

The Recording Of Slipknot's Second Album Was Fueled By Drugs, Depression, Hatred, And Suicidal Tendencies

While recording Slipknot's second album, Iowa, vocalist Corey Taylor was in such a terrible place he self-harmed during vocal takes. "I was cutting myself while recording songs in the studio. I was bleeding everywhere. I just wanted something, I didn’t care what it was." 

The intro to the album, a track called (515), consists of layered, anguished screams and white noise. The screams were taken from recordings of DJ Sid Wilson having an emotional breakdown in the vocal booth because his grandfather had just died.

While the band was recording Iowa, its manager, the now-deceased Steve Richards, was creating unnecessary tension between members. As Mick Thomson recalls:

"I should dig Steve Richards up and beat his fucking corpse. Every once in a while I think there may be a God that put a cyst on his brainstem and caused him to be a fuckin’ zombie. The dude just stepped into our lives and tried to cause rifts between band members because, as long as you’ve got them occupied, you can be raping them and stealing from them and they’re not noticing because they’re too caught up in stupid shit to see a bigger picture."

Clown recalls similarly depressing memories about making the record:

"It was a disaster because the world got in. Drugs, women, just listening to, 'You guys are gonna be huge.' Everybody wants our money. So I hate the album, but it is brutality at its finest. People are like, “Do another Iowa.” And I’m like [extends middle finger], 'Sit on this! You know why? We almost all died.' 

It was bad. There were chemicals. I was probably the worst, man. My wife was very ill during those times. I felt really isolated because I couldn’t be with her. So out of the sadness of not being together, there’s that frustration and anger, too, that she’s taking care of three kids and we’re being lied to about money and we’re still broke. I was just anti-everyone in the band, coming for everyone in the band."

Clown Almost Drowned Partaking In Ritual Self-Harm He Likens To Blood Letting

Even if you've never heard Slipknot's music, you've no doubt seen pictures of them, and can probably surmise they get nuts on stage (they've been known to burn things, destroy pieces of venues, and attack fans). One of the band's wildest stage stunts almost killed percussionist Shawn Crahan, more commonly known as Clown: 

"I went headfirst into this barrel on Ozzfest and I didn’t realize it was half full of water. I got stuck in that thing for about 35 seconds and I remember thinking, ‘You’ve done it, you f*cking went somewhere you shouldn’t have gone and now it’s going to get you.’ Then I got pushed over, came out of the bin and I was spitting out water. It was pretty serious dude.

From that day on I realized that, if I was going to go into that zone, I had to at least pick my battles. At first, though, I didn’t care about the harm I was doing myself, in fact personal harm was invited. It felt good; it was like blood letting."

The Band Brought Mayhem To The 2000 Kerrang! Awards, Including Lighting Its Table On Fire

Anything a band does to spice up the typically stodgy, masturbatory atmosphere of awards shows is welcome. Especially if it involves fire. At the 2000 Kerrang! (a British heavy music magazine) Awards in London, Slipknot won three awards. When band members stood to take the stage for one of these awards, they smashed their chairs on the top of their table, breaking the chairs and lots of glass. During his acceptance speech, Corey Taylor spoke about puking on himself, told the audience to kiss his ass, and broke the microphone.

On the red carpet, guitarist Mick Thomson was asked whether there was anything he wouldn't consider doing on stage. He replied: "Gay sex. No gay sex for me. You'll have to ask the other guys." At some point during the show, the band managed to set its table on fire. Congratulations on the three wins, y'all!

In The Early Days, Clown Kept His Own Sh*t In Snapple Bottles And Rubbed It On Himself And His Bandmates

Every group of friends has that one person who's kind of gross. In Slipknot, it's Shawn Crahan, the band's mastermind and clown percussionist. According to guitarist Jim Root, on a 1999 European tour, Crahan would

"... put his sh*t in, like, a Snapple bottle and leave it on the speaker during the set. Then he'd smear it all over his drums and himself and Mick's back and, I think, mine, too. It just reeked — I was dry-heaving while we played. I mean, it was summer in Madrid — the last thing you need is a fat guy's hot, cooking sh*t rubbed on you."

Ah, summer in Madrid. 

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Vanessa Hudgens might be the most normal of the grown up Disney stars; she makes out with her famous boyfriends in public, goes to the grocery star while being followed by paparazzi, and has a creepy stalker. Okay so maybe she’s not normal like you’re normal, but she seems to have a good head on her shoulders. Even so, Vanessa Hudgens's sex-life stories are still as scintillating as you can imagine. In this list of facts about the sex life of Vanessa Hudgens, you’ll find out about her preferences when it comes to kissing onscreen, why she’ll never do another sex scene, and how she handled things when her nude photos were released. Also, there’s some much needed Vanessa Hudgens dating advice.


If you find Vanessa Hudgens sexy, which of course you do because you’re a human, you’re going to want to read about her favorite things to do with the person she’s dating. Just a heads up, if you’re not into committing serious federal crimes you may not be Vanessa Hudgens boyfriend material. One thing that you’ll notice from this collection of stories about Vanessa Hudgens is that she’s just like every other young woman in America, she’s just trying to have a good time while fending off phone calls from Zac Efron. If you want to find out about all of the super sexy stuff that the star of Spring Breakers and High School Musical gets up to, then keep reading.  

16 TMI Facts About Vanessa Hudgen's Sex Life,

One Sex Scene Is Enough for Hudgens

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If you saw Spring Breakers (and you still can; the movie hasn't been deleted from the world), then you were likely to have seen Hudgens's one-and-only sex scene. The scene, for those of you that didn't catch the film, features Hudgens and Ashley Benson completely demoralizing James Franco while sort of having sex. It's great but kind of intense. The actress told Glow: "It was very nerve-racking for me. I told my agent that I never want to do it ever again."

Hudgens Accidentally Showed Everyone Her Butt At The Grocery Store


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Who hasn't worn a tiny romper to the grocery store and been caught flashing their butt to everyone while they reach for a bottle of something green? While Hudgens was shopping in 2016, some weirdo followed her into the store and snapped a quick picture while the young woman was just trying to run everyone's least-favorite errand. Honestly, this is the problem with wearing a romper. Also with creeps who follow everyone into grocery stores. Stop doing that, creeps! 

She Got Caught In A Sex Shop

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Not to dissuade people from going to mom-and-pop sex shops, but if you're a celebrity, then maybe you should just shop for your sex stuff online. In 2008, while she was out with Efron shopping for whatever it is you buy in a sex shop, she ran into a fan who took pictures with both of the stars and busted their love of perusing penis-shaped novelty items

Some Of Her N00dz Are Online

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Oh no you guys, ya girl Vanessa Hudgens had her phone hacked, or accidentally sent pictures to the wrong person, or however naked photos of celebrities wind up on the Internet. But because Hudgens is a little more grounded that most celebs, she was pretty cool about the whole thing. Although she admitted that it was weird to have to talk to her parents about the leak and even weirder to have to talk to her legal team. "The more embarrassing thing is talking to the lawyers and attorneys about it but, whatever, you deal."

She And Zac Efron May Have Been Having A Lot Of Post-Break Up Sex

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After Hudgens and longtime boyfriend/super hunk Zac Efron broke up, they did what a lot of couples do - they kept on banging! Multiple sources caught them hanging out together a little more than broken up couples usually do, so much so that it seemed like they hadn't broken up at all. One anonymous source said: “They are still in love, are great friends and trust one another, so it’s totally not surprising they still can’t get enough of each other.”

While Filming Gimme Shelter She Really Got Into Giving Birth

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While filming the true story of a pregnant teenage runaway, Hudgens got super into her role, especially the whole giving birth thing. While discussing the challenges that came with the role to E! News, she mentioned how she hurt herself while pretending to give birth: "Probably the most physical and emotionally draining scene was my birthing scene. I've never shot a birthing scene and I ended up popping blood vessels in my face."

There's No Sex Tape

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At one point, there were a lot of rumors floating around the internet that someone had leaked a tape of Vanessa Hudgens and some bro getting down and dirty. Was it true? Had the Disney star really allowed herself to be filmed having sex? No. No she had not. 


She Wants To Be A Mom By 30

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Vanessa Hudgens has done it all: she's been in a hit Disney series and a Harmony Korine film, and she even has a few singles under her belt. But the one thing she doesn't have is a small human made up of half of her genetics. While speaking with the magazine Shape, she said: "I hope by the time I’m 30 to have a husband and maybe a baby." And when she does, how's she going to treat it? She continued, "I would have a blast spoiling them.”

Vanessa Hudgens's Stalker Has A Great Penis

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Every celebrity has a stalker, but only Vanessa Hudgens is lucky enough to have a stalker who has a magical penis. The stalker, Junior Kabongo, sent Hudgens multiple emails detailing some pretty creepy stuff. The emails read: "Hello, I love you and want to marry you," and "God gave me a penis to make you feel like you never did everytime when we’ll make love.” WOOF! But Kabongo isn't just a pretty penis, he also has a job. Another email explained, "I WRITE SCREENPLAYS. I wanna become a movie star." It's like a real-life La La Land

She's Cool With Kissing Another Gal

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In the Harmony Korine EDM freakout that is the movie Spring Breakers, Vanessa Hudgens has a big ol' makeout scene with co-star Ashley Benson. When asked if she would have rather been making out with James Franco, she had an incredibly honest answer that probably hurt Franco's feelings. "I'd rather kiss Ashley than kiss James to be honest - because she's a girl and I was close to her and I felt comfortable. So I was like 'Yeah, I'll kiss Ashley!'” 

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<![CDATA[13 People Describe What It Feels Like to Be Bitten by a Venomous Snake]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/people-describe-being-bitten-by-a-cobra/justin-andress?source=rss

Across the world, there are more than 700 different species of venomous snakes. About 1/3 of these fellas are capable of killing a human being with a single strike. The number of victims these killers have claimed in the US alone would surprise you.

Yep, snakes are everywhere, and poisonous snakes are so common it seems every continent has their own brand of feared serpent. Hopefully, you’ll never have to worry about coming into contact with one of these beasts, but if you’re curious about what is it like to be bitten by a cobra, viper, or rattlesnake, you’re only human. Though a lot of the people who come into contact with venomous snakes might not make it out alive, some have survived to discuss what it’s like to be bitten by one of the world’s deadliest snakes. 

What happens to your body when a poisonous snake bites you? Read on to find out.

13 People Describe What It Feels Like to Be Bitten by a Venomous Snake,

To Survive, You Might Have To Treat Yourself

Nurse Ann Wakefield didn’t even feel a lot of pain when she was first bitten by a taipan in 1995. It was as though the highly venomous snake had simply touched her leg. However, 10 minutes later, the symptoms kicked in.

She recounted, “blurred vision, like looking through perspex with water running on it; and an unbelievable headache. It took 20 minutes to reach the hospital. By then, I had awful stomach cramps and could hardly breathe. There was no pain at the bite for about 4 hours. When it began, it was awful, very intense. It lasted for 6 weeks.”

The thing that probably saved Wakefield? Her ability to critically analyze the situation and treat herself in her moment of panic: "I had tied my shirt as tight as I could, round my leg above the bite. I had sat down and was prepared. Warwick (my husband) came down with the Toyota. 'Get in', he said. I said, 'No, bandages first'. When the bandages were on, I got in the car which was right beside me."

You Might Begin Bleeding From The Bowels And Peeing Blood

In 1957, despite being offered medical attention after being bitten by a boomslang, Dr. Karl Patterson Schmidt turned treatment down in favor of cataloguing his symptoms. Apparently, he didn’t think he would die, a thing about which he was completely wrong.

After being bitten in Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History, Schmidt wrote of nausea, massive blood loss, chills, uncontrollable shaking, bleeding from his gums and in his bowels. He recalls peeing blood.

After a brief respite from the pain, Schmidt became exceptionally ill before dying shortly thereafter in the hospital.

You Can "Die" Multiple Times From A Taipan Bite

In 1949, an Australian man named George Rosendale was bitten by a 7-foot-long taipan snake after disturbing it by moving the logs it was hiding beneath. Because of the extreme rurality of the town, there was no anti-venom on hand to give Rosendale. However, thanks to quick intervention from locals, who bound the leg and then cut the bite site so the venom would slowly seep out, he didn’t die immediately. That state didn't last, though; over the course of his life-saving treatment that fateful night, he was "pronounced dead" a total of four times.

After becoming unconscious, he was transferred to a hospital where blood was flown in by a volunteer. The airstrip was lit by car headlights so the pilot could land. Rosendale was kept in the hospital for 20 days and was unable to regain the weight he’d lost for several months. 

It Can Cause You To Simply Drift Off Into Oblivion

In Gaza in 2004, a traveler was bitten by a king cobra. He describes the pain as immediate, even though more symptoms didn’t develop for more than half an hour.

Once they did, though, the tourist remembered: “I became drowsy, developed a banging headache... about half an hour after that I lost the ability to move my leg and then I lost consciousness...apparently I had some kind of fit... After two days I still couldn't move my leg but I slowly got movement back as the swelling went down and I spent two weeks learning to walk” again.

Toxins In Venom Can Block Signals Between Your Brain And Body

After being bitten on the semi-urban trail she hiked almost daily, Lorraine Jonsson wrote, that “[by] the time I heard the snake shaking its tail, the three-foot serpent had already sunk its fangs into my ankle. Twice. Within seconds, I started feeling the effects: blurred vision, jelly-like legs, and a horrifying sense of panic.”

And the real kicker for the unfortunate Jonsson was that the rattlesnake that bit her packed more than the standard "blood-thinning, tissue-bursting hemotoxin" of most rattler bites. Her snake also injected "a rare and more powerful neurotoxin that quickly interfered with [her] brain’s signals to [her] respiratory system." Although Jonsson survived the bite, living to write her tale, she did spend three weeks in the ICU recovering from organ failure and massive swelling.

It Can Make Your Face Bleed Even If That's Not Where You Were Bitten

In February of 2016, a brown snake - the second most venomous snake in the world - bit Janice Taylor in the foot in Perth, Australia. But the extremely lethal venom didn’t actually take effect right away. As Taylor recalled, it was only after she drove herself home that she realized she was in trouble, tumbling from her car onto the ground:

“My head was spinning, my brain was spinning, I couldn’t move my legs.”

The brown snake’s venom caused her face to swell and thinned her blood to the point that it was seeping through the pores in her face, which, coincidentally, is what allowed doctors to pinpoint the source of her condition.

You Can Survive Multiple Bites

Jim Harrison is the director of the non-profit Kentucky Reptile Zoo. He's been bitten by venomous snakes at least 12 times. When he was admitted to the University of Kentucky hospital after sustaining a king cobra bite, Harrison was suffering from “blurred vision, problems with numbness in his face, difficulty moving his tongue, severe headache and crushing chest pain."

Harrison said he was bitten by a king cobra he’d been treating for pneumonia, and he would've liked to continue the treatment since the snake ended up dying from its illness. However, he felt compelled to seek treatment since about 1/3 of king cobra bites are fatal.

You Might Have To Have Your Limb Amputated

Lian Blue was working in a garden when she happened upon a rattlesnake. She writes, “instant pain, like an animal trap snapping shut on my hand. I screamed and pulled my hand out to see two small bloody marks on my knuckles.”

Unfortunately, Blue and her boyfriend were visitors to the Arizona locale and thought the ER was close - they were hopelessly lost. Her hand turned blue and her arm swelled to twice its normal size within an hour. Blue called it “agony.”

It took 22 vials of antivenom and three days of intensive care before she was cleared. Her arm gained 15 pounds of fluid. She nearly had to have her arm taken off.

Your Blood Might Feel Like It's Boiling

In March of 2016, Mitzi Hazell had venom spat in her eyes by a Mozambique spitting cobra. Fortunately, a neighbor rushed her to the hospital in time to spare her. Then, two weeks later, Hazell was bitten by a black mamba.

Said Hazell, “Within minutes I knew I was in trouble. I felt a terrible burning, like pins and needles, in my leg. It felt like my blood was boiling. The pain was radiating up my leg; I was battling to breathe and started feeling weak.”

Hazell was rushed to the hospital by the same neighbor who’d previously saved her life only to discover that there was no anti-venom onsite. Then, another neighbor sped her to a second hospital where she was able to be saved. Thank goodness for helpful neighbors.

You Might Not Hear A Rattler Rattling Before It Strikes

For rattle snakes, tattling is a sign of fear not aggression. Ergo, if a rattler is pissed off at you, it’ll strike without warning. One survivor of a rattle snake bite explains: 

Rattlesnakes' "first line of defense is to blend in with their surroundings. Many people who are bitten either step on a snake, like I did, or they accidentally put their hand on a snake."

Rattlesnakes are found in 46 different states in North America; however, their venom isn’t often lethal. It’s just super duper painful.

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<![CDATA[12 Terrible And Creepy Things That Have Happened At The Cecil Hotel]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/creepy-stories-about-the-history-of-the-cecil-hotel/cat-mcauliffe?source=rss

The Cecil Hotel has been the site of so many gruesome suicides, grisly murders, and unexplained deaths that it inspired Ryan Murphy to set the fifth season of American Horror Story in the creepy hotel. In addition to the number of guests who have died while visiting the Cecil, at least two serial killers have stayed at this notorious hotel during their killing sprees, making it the kind of place where you just might sleep next door to a murderer. However, it wasn't until the LAPD released a disturbing video of a young woman who was later found dead on the roof of the hotel that the Cecil reached a level of infamy that required the owner to change the name to Stay on Main.

Regardless of its name, this hotel is definitely the sort of place where you might check in, but you never check out.

12 Terrible And Creepy Things That Have Happened At The Cecil Hotel,

The Night Stalker Lived At The Cecil While He Was Killing His Victims

Richard Ramirez, a serial killer and rapist known as the Night Stalker, terrorized Los Angeles and San Francisco from June 1984 to August 1985, murdering at least 13 victims in little over a year. A practicing Satanist, Ramirez brutally killed both men and women, using a variety of weapons to take the lives of his victims, including a hammer, a tire iron, handguns, knives, and a machete.

During the time Ramirez was breaking into homes in and around L.A. and assaulting, murdering, raping, and robbing the occupants, he was a guest at the Cecil Hotel. Ramirez stayed in a room on the top floor, and he paid just $14 a night for a place to return to after committing unspeakable acts of violence, often throwing his bloody clothing into the Cecil's dumpster. 

By the time he was apprehended, Ramirez had finished his stay at the famed hotel, but his connection to the Cecil still lives on.

A Hotel Resident Known As Pigeon Goldie Was Raped And Murdered

On June 4, 1964, retired telephone operator Goldie Osgood, known to the locals as "Pigeon Goldie" because she loved to the feed the birds in Pershing Square, was found viciously murdered in her room at the Cecil.  Osgood had been strangled, stabbed, and raped, and her room had been burglarized. 

Soon after the retiree's brutalized corpse was discovered, officers arrested 29-year-old Jacques B. Ehlinger, a young man who had been seen walking through Pershing Square covered in blood, was an acquaintance of Osgood, and admitted to being near the hotel at the time of the murder.  While he seemed like an excellent suspect for the killing, he was cleared of the crime and released.  Sadly, the person responsible for Osgood's murder has never been caught.

A Woman Jumped To Her Death And Landed On The Hotel's Marquee

On October 23, 1954, Helen Gurnee, a middle-aged woman from San Diego, committed suicide by jumping from the window of her room on the seventh floor. Instead of plummeting to the street below, Gurnee's body landed on the marquee of the Cecil, and a witness to the frightening incident, 26-year-old Melvin Hinkley, was so disturbed by the woman's death that he had to be taken to a nearby hospital.

Gurnee, who had been staying at the hotel for a week prior to killing herself, had checked into the Cecil under another name. Following her suicide, the press publicized the unit Gurnee was staying in at the time of her death, making room 704 a popular request of particularly ghoulish guests.

A Woman Threw Her Newborn Out The Window Of Her Hotel Room

In September 1944, 19-year-old Dorothy Jean Purcell was awakened by severe stomach pains while staying at the Cecil Hotel with Ben Levine, 38. Careful not to wake Levine, who was sleeping in the bed beside her, Purcell went to the bathroom and to her surprise, gave birth to a baby boy. The teenage mother was completely shocked, having no idea that she had been pregnant for several months. 

After Purcell delivered the infant, completely alone and unaided, she thought the child appeared to be stillborn, and she panicked and tossed the boy's body out of the window. The newborn landed on the roof of a neighboring building where it was later discovered.  Purcell was charged with homicide, but a jury found her not guilty by reason of insanity and she was sent to a hospital for psychiatric treatment.

A Suspected Murderer Was Arrested While Hiding Out At The Cecil

On the afternoon of July 6, 1988, the body of 32-year-old nurse Teri Francis Craig was discovered by her brother in the Huntington Beach house the young woman had shared with her boyfriend, 28-year-old salesman Robert Sullivan.  Craig had been brutally stabbed multiple times, and police began to suspect Sullivan was responsible for the murder when he failed to return home to the house he and the deceased woman had lived in together for seven years.

More than two months later on September 6, 1988, Sullivan was arrested at the Cecil and charged with murdering Craig, making him yet another person who sought refuge in this notoriously dark hotel.

An Austrian Serial Killer Stayed At The Cecil While He Killed Women In California

Johann “Jack” Unterweger, an Austrian journalist and author who had been released from prison after murdering a teenage girl when he was a young man, stayed at the Cecil Hotel in 1991 while he was researching a story about crime in Los Angeles. Unbeknownst to authorities in Austria or the United States, following his parole from prison, Unterweger killed a number of women in Europe, and during his visit to California, he murdered three sex workers while he was a guest at the Cecil

Unterweger, who had once served as a shining example of the power of rehabilitation, was eventually arrested and convicted of killing several victims, including the three women he murdered while visiting Los Angeles. Unterweger was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, but he hanged himself in his cell the night he received his sentence.

A Passerby Was Killed By The Body Of A Falling Woman

On October 12, 1962, a 65-year-old man named George Gianinni was walking past the Cecil Hotel when he was hit by the body of Pauline Otton, 27, who had jumped from the window of her ninth-floor room. Following a fight with her husband, Otton wrote a suicide note and leapt 90 feet to her death, not knowing she would also end the life of a complete stranger. 

The passerby, Gianinni, was killed instantly, proving that even walking past the Cecil Hotel can be deadly.

Elisa Lam's Dead Body Was Found In The Hotel’s Water Supply

In January 2013, Elisa Lam, a 21-year-old Canadian tourist who was staying at the Cecil Hotel, went missing. Nearly three weeks passed before the young woman’s nude body was found floating in a water tank on the building’s roof. Disturbingly, a maintenance worker discovered Lam’s corpse because he was investigating complaints from guests at the hotel who had reported poor water pressure; others stated the water had a strange smell, color, and taste. 

Following the recovery of the young woman’s remains, the LAPD released video footage from the hotel that showed Lam behaving strangely prior to her disappearance, leading some people to believe she may have met with foul play. However, officials determined the 21-year-old died of drowning, and they think Lam, who was being treated for depression and bipolar disorder prior to her death, may have experienced mental health issues that caused her to crawl inside the tank and accidentally drown.

A Young Woman Fell From Her Hotel Window And Got Tangled In Telephone Wires

In March 1937, 25-year-old Grace E. Magro died as a result of either falling or jumping from the window of her room on the ninth floor of the Cecil. Instead of hitting the sidewalk below, the young woman landed on the the wires connecting the telephone poles next to the hotel, and her body became entangled. Magro was taken to a nearby hospital, but she eventually died from her severe injuries.

The police were unable to determine if the young woman's death was an accident or a suicide, and M.W. Madison, the sailor Magro was sharing the hotel room with, couldn't explain how or why his 25-year-old companion plunged from the window.

Many People Have Committed Suicide While Staying At The Hotel

In November 1931, a 46-year-old man from Manhattan Beach, W.K. Norton, was reported missing, but not long after he disappeared from his home, he was found dead in a room at the Cecil.  Apparently, Norton had checked into the hotel under an alias and committed suicide by ingesting capsules filled with poison

While North was the first person to kill himself while staying at the Cecil, he certainly wasn't the last, earning him a ghoulish place in the hotel's dark history.

Almost a dozen people have committed suicide in the hotel, including one man who slashed his own throat with a razor and at least three people who jumped out of the hotel's windows.

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<![CDATA[12 People Who Were Right All Along, But No One Listened To Them]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/people-who-were-right-no-one-listened-to/katherine-ripley?source=rss

If Abraham Lincoln had heeded the warnings that his life may be in danger, the course of history may have been very different. In fact, if you look back through history, you'll find that there are almost always warnings history ignored, as well as times people who were right went disregarded. This unheeded advice from great minds could've changed the course of some of history's most horrific events. 

Many of these people took stances that surprised their colleagues. Many were ignored because their predictions were assumed to be impossible. Lo and behold, however, all of them were vindicated later. But by the time everyone realized they were actually right, it was too late.

The take away? Just because an idea seems crazy, doesn't mean it's wrong.

12 People Who Were Right All Along, But No One Listened To Them,

Alexander Fleming

The man who discovered penicillin, the world's first antibiotic, also predicted that bacteria could become immune to antibiotics. After receiving the Nobel Prize for Medicine, Alexander Fleming gave a lecture in which he warned that microbes can become "resistant" to antibiotics if they were exposed to "non-lethal quantities of the drug."

Granted, Fleming didn't specifically predict the outbreak of super bugs like MRSA, which are resistant to nearly all antibiotics, but you would think his colleagues and successors would have listened more closely to his warnings about antibiotic resistance. Just one year after Fleming gave this speech, the first strain of penicillin-resistant bacteria appeared in London.

Cofer Black

Ever since 9/11, more and more evidence has come out that President Bush and other major members of his administration were forewarned about the possibility of a terrorist attack but took no steps to prevent one. Cofer Black was the chief of the CIA's counter-terrorism unit back in 2001 - he was the main man who issued a strong and serious warning to the president.

On July 10, 2001, Black and his colleagues at the CIA had a meeting with Condoleezza Rice. They warned her that "significant terrorist attacks" would occur in the US in the a matter of months or weeks.

Inexplicably, nothing happened. The July meeting between Black and Rice was completely left out of the 9/11 Commission's official report, as if they wanted to pretend it had never happened at all...

George Washington

George Washington was an incredibly intelligent leader, and most of the time, when he spoke, people listened. But the one piece of Washington's advice that everyone decided to ignore was his warning about political parties.

To really demonstrate this commitment, Washington remained nonpartisan throughout his entire presidency. In his farewell address, Washington said the following of partisan politics:

"It serves always to distract the public councils and enfeeble the public administration. It agitates the community with ill-founded jealousies and false alarms, kindles the animosity of one part against another, foments occasionally riot and insurrection. It opens the door to foreign influence and corruption, which finds a facilitated access to the government itself through the channels of party passions. Thus the policy and the will of one country are subjected to the policy and will of another."

Any of this sound familiar?

Essentially, Washington worried that political parties would become too powerful, rob the people of their control over their own government, and distract everyone from what they should really be focusing on. It's been 250 since his presidency, and maybe people are finally starting to listen.

Roger Boisjoly

Roger Boisjoly knew that the Challenger space shuttle might fail catastrophically and tried to stop its launch, but NASA refused to acknowledge his objections. Boisjoly was a rocket engineer who worked for a company that NASA contracted with. Boisjoly noticed that the Challenger's booster rockets had a major design flaw: their elastic seals had a tendency to stiffen and unseal in cold weather.

The Challenger was scheduled for a winter launch, and Boisjoly knew that the temperatures would be too low for the booster rocket seals to handle, even in Florida. Boisjoly convinced his colleagues at his engineering company to formally recommend NASA delay the launch. However, NASA ignored that recommendation.

Sure enough, the seals failed, leading to the explosion of the entire shuttle less than two minutes after it launched.

Harry Markopolos

Harry Markopolos exposed the Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme years before it blew wide open. Markopolos worked as a financial analyst for an investment company in competition with Madoff's. In his quest to figure out what Madoff's strategy was, he realized that Madoff had to be ripping people off.

Markopolos, who describes himself as a math geek, uncovered the scheme simply by crunching the numbers and realizing that Madoff's returns were mathematically impossible. Markopolos took his findings to the SEC in 2001 and contacted several journalists. But nobody took him seriously, and he had to go on living "in fear of his life."

Markopolos thinks the folks at the SEC dismissed him because none of them had expertise in finance, so they couldn't see what he was seeing. Imagine how embarrassed they felt in 2008.

Charles Colchester, The Man Who Told Lincoln To Watch His Back

Charles Colchester was a British clairvoyant who warned Abraham Lincoln that his life was in danger just weeks before his assassination. 

However, Colchester was a shady character. It's unclear whether he was an actual clairvoyant, or if he just had inside information because he was actually friends with John Wilkes Booth. Colchester became close with Mary Todd Lincoln after "communicating" with her deceased 11-year-old son. But he later tried to blackmail the First Lady.

In any case, Colchester did get one thing right. He warned President Lincoln that his life may be in jeopardy. But Lincoln was skeptical of Colchester's "abilities" and didn't heed the warning.

David Bernays And Charles Sawyer, Who Were Exiled For Trying To Save A Town

David Bernays and Charles Sawyer tried to save the residents of Yungay, Peru from the huge avalanche that completely destroyed the town in 1970.

Bernays and Sawyer were American scientists exploring the region in 1962. They were climbing the nearby mountain, Mt. Huascaran, when they noticed a lot of loose bedrock under a glacier. The two scientists knew this region was prone to earthquakes, so they tried to warn the town that a deadly avalanche could be on its way.

The government was so outraged by Bernays's and Sawyer's warning that they ordered the scientists to take it back or go to prison. The two scientists fled the country and were proven right several years later, when an avalanche killed most of Yungay's 20,000 residents.

The Crew Of The Mesaba, Who Radioed The Titanic About Icebergs

The Mesaba was a ship that attempted to warn the Titanic's crew about icebergs in the area. The Mesaba sailed through the same waters that the Titanic was heading for several hours before the fateful iceberg collision and sent out a warning about icebergs to every ship in the area, including the Titanic.

The crew of the Titanic did receive the message, but the radio operator who received it didn't think it was important enough to deliver to the captain. This was probably because the Titanic's radios had broken, and all the operators were overwhelmed with transcribing messages and hand-delivering them to individual passengers. One would think that a message about an unusually high number of icebergs would have gone into the "high priority" pile, but, of course hindsight's always 20/20.

Robert Heinlein, Whose Stories Predicted The Cold War

Robert Heinlein was a science fiction author who predicted the nuclear arms race of the Cold War.

In 1941, two years before President Roosevelt authorized the Manhattan Project, Heinlein wrote a short story called "Solution Unsatisfactory," which described the United States's race to build a nuclear weapon. The story foretold the danger of a world with nukes, in which anxiety builds, nations engage in the arms race, and the possibility of mutual destruction always looms.

It's unclear whether Heinlein was specifically trying to issue a warning with his work of science fiction, or whether he just wanted to explore ideas. Either way, his story turned out to be scarily accurate.

George Seiber, Who Called The Palestinian Terrorist Plot

George Seiber predicted the Palestinian terrorist plot that was carried out at the 1972 Olympics in Munich, Germany. Seiber was an established police psychologist who was hired by Olympics organizers to predict what could go wrong at the Munich games in order to give the organizers an idea of how they should beef up security.

Seiber produced 26 predictions. The 21st was the one that would come true. This prediction envisioned 12 Palestinians breaking into the building where the Israeli athletes and coaches were staying, killing one or two people and taking the rest hostage. He said the Palestinians would make two demands: that prisoners be released from Israeli jails and that they be given a plane to fly back to the Middle East.

As it turned out, this is pretty much exactly what happened. The only discrepancy is that there were eight terrorists, not 12. They were able to break into the building pretty easily because security was so lax - the Olympic organizers had ignored Sieber's warning. The authorities tried to rescue the Israeli hostages, but they all died during the rescue operation.

Given how scarily accurate Seiber's prediction was, you have to wonder whether someone told him about the attack ahead of time. That's a question left to the ages.

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<![CDATA[11 Horrible And Unexpected Consequences Of Stretching Your Ears]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/ear-stretching-gauges-side-effects/jacob-shelton?source=rss

Remember when gauging your ears was super cool and every bad boy with a pair of drain pipes and a Hot Topic gift card was stretching their earlobes to lengths not seen outside of the jungles of South America? If you never stretched your ears, it’s probably a good thing because there are a lot of side effects of ear stretching that no one deserves to go through. Aside from the possibility for intense pain, one of the main ear stretching side effects is a torrential amount of pus streaming from your ears. Yeah, no thanks. Similar to the awful tattoo horror stories we've all heard, there are scary piercing side effects that happen specifically to people who are trying to stretch their ears. As you’ll soon find out, even if you take excellent care of your ears, there are still ear gauge side effects that are completely out of your control, like rogue amphibious creatures and strange men with padlocks.

Most people who had that one friend who carried a skateboard everywhere has heard a few ear stretching horror stories, but none of them are likely to compare to the nightmares that have been collected here. If you have a weak stomach, you should munch on some dry toast while you read about all of the gross ear plug side effects that are listed here. If you have any issues with snakes, things being split in half, or infectious diseases, these ear plug horror stories are definitely going to trigger you in one way or another. If you’ve got gauges that you take care of and just want to gloat at a bunch of dummies who don’t know how to clean out their ears, then these stories are for you too. 

11 Horrible And Unexpected Consequences Of Stretching Your Ears,

Can You Deal With Deformed Ears?

If you're getting any kind of body modification you have to prepare yourself for the consequences of the thing you're doing to your body looking not great, or not turning out the way you want it to. Apparently no one briefed "Kathleen" on this whole thing because after she had a bunch of tissue removed from her earlobes with a process called "earlobe scalpelling" in order to make space for her jewelry she had immediate buyer's remorse. She wanted to fix her ears because she believes they're keeping her from being successful at her job in the service industry. 

Forcing Anything Will Lead To A Liquidy And Gross Future

It's been said before, but that doesn't make it any less true: if you don't think that your ears are ready to be stretched, then don't do it. And if you're prone to infections then maybe stretching your ears isn't for you, but Redditor seinlait isn't having any of that helpful information and they're not going to let a "liquidy and gross" earlobe stop them.

"I lubed up my silicone taper and pushed it through. It hurt like a bitch, but since I needed the taper to stretch my left ear, I put a silicone tunnel in. I didn't manage to do the left one until the next day because it was too painful (I know I should have stopped once the pain became too much but I just got too excited). Today my right ear was extremely painful. The entire lobe was red. towards the end of the day, I realized that it was all liquidy and gross. I went to the bathroom and noticed a ring of white/yellow pus oozing out from the flared ends of the tunnel." 

If You Go Too Fast, It Will Hurt SO Much

An anonymous user on BME.com shared a story about the many painful weeks that they put themselves through by stretching their ears out incorrectly and at too quickly of a rate. The worst mistake that this ear person made was by using a set of tapers to stretch their ears from a six to a zero on their own. Their novella length blog post makes it sound incredibly painful. "I pushed and I twisted for about ten minutes until I was all the way through. My ear hurt so badly. I waited the rest of the forty minute car ride to do the other. As soon as I got home, I went to the bathroom, cleaned off what I could of my right ear with saline and massaged it a bit with animal byproduct oil. And then I started on my other. It didn't seem as bad as my right ear did. But again it still was probably up in the top ten of the worst pains I'd ever felt."

A Python Got Stuck In This Woman's Ear Gauge

So what's the scariest thing you can imagine happening to your ear? How about a python getting stuck in your ear gauges? That's probably up there. In early 2017 Ashley Glawe, a 23 year old woman from Portland, Oregon (of course) posted a selfie that featured her pet python, Bart, stuck in one of her ear spacers. Initially she thought that the snake was trying to attack her, but when she found out that she was safe from attack she tried to squeeze the snake out with cooking oil. When that didn't work she called the fired department, and then she went to the Portland Adventist Hospital’s emergency room where doctors had to cut her ear a little to make some space for Bart the snake. No. Nope. No thank you. 


When Your Ears Start To Ooze, You Need To Cool It With Your Gauges

It might not be what you want to hear, but if you're shoving stuff into your body then there's a high probability that you're going to get an infection. One Yahoo user isn't going to let a little ear infection get in the way of their totally sick body modification. "Today it was extremely swollen so i took it out. along with it came a sh*itload of what I'm guessing was pus and blood. i cleaned it with h2ocean and it stopped oozing. I'm thinking tonight i will sleep with it out then tomorrow I'll put in a smaller size. Does this sound good?" No it does not.

You Become Vulnerable To All Kinds Of Pranks

Who doesn't love a good prank? Tom Matthews, a fellow from England, is probably the one guy who doesn't care for your shenanigans, at least not since someone padlocked his ear to a fence while he was having a cigarette. He wrote on Facebook: "Literally having a fag out back literally they came out heard a click turned round realised theyre [sic] was a padlock on my ear and tried to chase em." According to Matthews he was able to finally get the lock off with a pair of bolt cutters. 


You Could Wake Up On Any Random Morning With Swelling, Scabs, And Pus

In 2014 a Redditor woke up to a super gross ear infection that showed up out of nowhere. When they woke up one of their ears was scabbed up, bloody, and wet with pus - that's not what you want in an ear. He wrote on Reddit: "It's also very swollen and starting to scab over on both sides although I keep opening them out of fear of it closing and having to stretch back up from a smaller size." If ths is how your ear game is going then you might want to give it up altogether. 

You Could Accidentally Rip Your Earlobe In Half

This happened in 2015 when a young woman filmed herself stretching out her earlobes. Instead of turning off her recording device when her earlobe began to tear, she forced the 2.2cm taper into her earhole and ripped the lobe in half. This is one of the many cases where someone goes the DIY route when they should have just spent the money to have a professional do the job correctly. Learn from this girl, unless you want to split your ear in two - that's a fun look, right?

Wooden Plugs Can Carry All Sorts Of Bacteria Into Your Body

Back in 2010 YouTuber "WorkingClassBeauty" found out the hard way that you shouldn't jam wooden ear plugs into your piercings because they may contain bacteria. There's always that possibility that if you wear them in water they'll expand and let outside bacteria into your precious body. But that's not exactly what happened to WCB. She woke up one morning with wild ear pain and thought that it might be a blowout (where your ear turns inside out) and when she took out her wooden plugs her ears "puffed up," which is the number one sign that something is infected. Yikes. 

If You Go Nuts And Dry Plug Your Ears, You Could See Disastrous Results

Dry plugging certainly sounds painful, but it's probably even more painful if you don't wait until your ears heal before jamming new plugs into your lobes. Don't do this. According to Kelsey on the bodycandy blog, if you get too excited and start trying to jump sizes without listening to your body then you're going to be in trouble. "I purchased a pair of metal plugs, flared on the front and secured on the rear by an o-ring. When I went to put this in, my ear was less than happy to stretch, straight up refusing to.  Instead of expanding and wrapping around the new piece of jewelry like before, I ended up 'damaging' my ear with the sharp metal lip on the back of the plug. Simple as that you can blow out an ear."

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