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Land of the Free, home of the spied upon. US citizens can't catch a break when it comes to creeps looking in their windows and pilfering data from their phone, email accounts, and personal computers. But Uncle Sam isn't the only one keeping a watchful eye on America. Throughout history, a number of foreign agents have graciously alleviated the government of the burden of spying on its people, none with more relish, mustard, and pickles than those sneaky Russian spies in the US. 

Maybe you watch The Americans. Guess what? That sh*t went down IRL. Yes, indeed, Directorate S in real life is not just some whacked out crap you can read about on Reddit. It's real af. Even rampant paranoia about sneaky Soviets eating microwave dinners, awaiting their orders to annihilate the engorged swine babies of capitalism is rooted in real fears, which go all the way back to the 1940s, to the inception of the ideological battle between rank consumers and dirty commies. 

During the Cold War, there was widespread fear about communist spies living in the US, fear that wasn't unfounded. There were Russian spies, part of the illegals program, who lived in America. Some of these spies were high-ranking members of the CIA and FBI, collecting and reporting sensitive data back to their KGB handlers. Others were cokeheads who were ill-advisedly given access to sensitive information. Be forewarned: after digesting tales of Russian spies who lived in the United States, you're gonna wanna set up, at the very least, audio recording equipment in your neighbor's house. 

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Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, the Spy Couple That Leak Atomic Plans

Both Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were born into Jewish families in New York City. The two met as members of a Young Communist League in 1936 and were married soon after. In July 1950, after 11 years of marriage, Julius was arrested. Ethel joined him in police custody a month later. They were charged with conspiracy to commit espionage.

The allegations against the Rosenbergs were serious - they were accused of running an organization that passed plans for the atomic bomb to the Soviets. They were convicted 1951 and sent to Sing Sing, a maximum security correctional facility in New York. After two years of imprisonment, the Rosenbergs were executed by electric chair. Their sons, Michael and Robert, were 11 and seven when Ethel and Julius were put to death. Co-conspirators such as Ethel's brother received lengthy prison sentences. 

Ethel and Julius proclaimed their innocence until death, and some historians support this claim. However, declassified KGB files indicate not only that Ethel and Julius were guilty of espionage, but that Ethel was extremely cunning as a spy, and made a number of key decisions. Still, many believe the execution of the Rosenbergs was unnecessary, and tainted America's global reputation. 

Anna Chapman, Who Ran a Ring of Spies in the US and Proposed to Edward Snowden on Twitter

Anna Chapman was born Anya Kushchenko in Volgograd, Russia in 1982. She studied economics at Moscow University and, on a vacation to London, met a man named Alex Chapman (at a rave, no less) who she married in 2002. The two divorced in 2006, and Anna moved to New York City the following year to pursue business. While in NYC, she ran a successful real estate company, making contacts through which she tried to access sensitive information and create relationships with policy makers.

According to her ex husband, Chapman's father was a high-ranking KGB official who  tasked her with securing government information and reporting it to Russia. She was exposed when she unknowingly met with an undercover FBI agent. The FBI uncovered that Chapman was running a ring with nine other spies. She was arrested and held briefly before being sent back to Russia in the largest spy swap since 1986. Since returning to Russia, she parlayed her good looks and youth into a career modeling for men's magazines and hosting television shows. 

If all that weren't weird enough, rumor has it Chapman was tasked with seducing Edward Snowden to get him to stay in Russia so KGB agent Boris Karpichkov could question him about US security. She proposed to Snowden on Twitter and, in 2015, gave birth to a baby. The identify of the father is a closely guarded secret. 

Rudolf Abel, Mid-Century Brooklyn Hipster and Soviet Spy

Rudolf Abel was born William Fisher in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England in 1903. His parents were Russian Bolshevik supporters and, in 1921, Fisher's family moved back to Russia, where he joined a communist youth organization as a translator. He spent two years in the radio division of the Red Army as a young man and joined the Joint State Political Directorate (OPGU), or Soviet secret police, afterwards. In 1948, at 45 years old, Fisher illegally entered the US from Canada, intent on communicating secrets about the atomic bomb to superiors in Russia.

In the US, Fisher became artist and photographer Emil R. Goldfus, and made a name for himself in the arts scene in Brooklyn. He kept contact with another spy, Reino Häyhänen, who was called back to the Soviet Union due to his inability to complete his mission. However, rather than return to the USSR, Häyhänen went to the US Embassy in Paris and provided officials with the names of Soviet spies operating in the US.

After Häyhänen's revelation, Fisher was arrested. The FBI raided his studio and found incriminating evidence including; fake identification cards, radio equipment, books of codes, and pens capable of storing hidden notes. Fisher was charged with espionage and plead guilty under the false name Rudolf Ivanovich Abel, thought to a signal to superiors he had been apprehended. He avoided the death penalty thanks to New York attorney James Donovan, and was later returned to Russia due to a prisoner swap. 

Robert Hanssen, Who Kept Spying for Russia After the Cold War Ended

Robert Hanssen was born in Chicago in 1944 and joined the Chicago Police Department, where his father also worked, in 1972. In 1976, he made the leap to the FBI. After a two year stint as a criminal investigator in Indiana, Hanssen transferred to New York, to work in Soviet counterintelligence. His spy career began in 1979, when he sold a package to the Soviet Main Intelligence Agency (GRU). The package contained the name of an undercover FBI agent in the GRU's ranks.

Hanssen continued to sell information to the GRU for two years, until his wife uncovered his secret, at which point he swore off spying. That is, until he was transferred to Washington DC and became part of the Soviet Analytical Unit. In 1985, he began selling information about US counterintelligence to the KGB, identifying undercover FBI agents who had penetrated the Soviet intel system. This led to executions by the Soviets. Hanssen was paid in cash and jewelry for his work, which he spent on gifts and travel.

In 1991, the Soviet Union collapsed and Hanssen stopped his espionage work until 1999, when he signed on with the SVR, successor of the KGB. By this time, the FBI was looking for a spy in its ranks, and thought it might be Hanssen after a recording of him was turned in by a defected KGB operative. Great spy work. "Hey, here's a recording of this guy selling secrets. Maybe he's a spy?"

The FBI began monitoring Hanssen and caught him dead dropping a bag full of secret information intended for Russian handlers. He plead guilty to 15 counts of conspiracy and espionage and was sentenced to life in prison without parole. Hanssen's work is considered the most damaging case of espionage in the US to date, and he has been the subject of two movies, a made-for-TV picture and Breach, starring Chris Cooper as Hanssen. 

Karl Koecher, CIA Agent. Soviet Mole, Orgy Aficianado

Karl Koecher was born in Czechoslovakia and emigrated to the US for the sole purpose of spying on the government. In 1973, Koecher got a job as an analyst and translator for the CIA. During his time at the CIA, he handed the Czechoslovak Intelligence Service and KGB numerous documents, classified lists, and photographs of CIA agents. He also provided Russia with a list of government officials in the US he thought would cooperate with the Soviets if threatened.

One document Koecher leaked outed a man named Aleksandr Ogorodnik. Ogorodnik was a Soviet working for the CIA, spying on the Russians in Moscow. He was contacted by the KGB in 1977 and took his own life before he could be punished. Koecher passed his information through safe houses in Austria and Switzerland, and was called a consummate professional by one of the FBI agents who caught him. 

When Koecher wasn't spying, he was partying. He frequented swinger and spouse-swapping shindigs, orgies, and what The Washington Post called free-for-all sex clubs. A number of fellow CIA agents got dirty at these bacchanal bonefests with Koecher, and he pinned them as possible recruits for the KGB. Surely there's a direct line to be drawn between hedonism and spying for the Soviets. 

Finally, in 1984, Koecher was arrested by the FBI. They brought him in for questioning and got him to confess by threatening his family and using illegal forms of extortion. It's still not known exactly how the FBI came to know of Koecher's espionage activity. He and his wife were returned to the Soviet Union in a prisoner exchange in 1986. 

Earl Edwin Pitts, Who Almost Avoided Arrest by Forgetting the Location of a Meet

Earl Pitts was born in Urbana, MO in 1953. He received his Juris Doctor from the University of Missouri, Kansas City and was on active duty in the Army from 1975 to 1980. In 1983, he got a job at the FBI field office in Alexandria, VA, and, in 1987, was transferred to the New York City office, where he was tasked with investigating Soviet intelligence officers posing as diplomats at the United Nations. In this position, he was given a list of all known Soviet officers in such positions, which he promptly sold to Aleksandr Vasilyevich Karpov, Russia's top spy in its diplomatic mission. 

From his initial contact with Soviet intelligence officials, Pitts's story comes across like a convoluted screwball comedy filled with harebrained mishaps and double crosses. Take, for example, this: Pitts was eventually arrested, in 1995, when a Russian-diplomat-turned-US-informant participated in a sting operation against him. This diplomat was the person who first received a letter Pitt wrote to the Russian embassy offering his services as an informant. 

When the diplomat became an FBI informant seven years later, the first thing he told the feds about was the letter. The story set off an investigation that led to Pitts's arrest. All told, Pitt received $224,000 in payments from the Russians for information. At the time of his arrest, he was working as a lawyer in a post that afforded access to no useful information. But the FBI knew something had gone wrong in New York in the late '80s, and, after putting the pieces together (which included Pitts's wife informing on him after finding a suspicious letter), fingered Pitt as the culprit. Somehow, Pitt didn't realize his days were numbered, despite finding an FBI camera in his office ceiling. He even started hiding money in the same ceiling after finding the camera. Thanks for the tip, FBI!

In a final bit of bizarre comedy, the first attempt at a sting to bring Pitt down failed because he forgot where he was supposed to meet his contact - he wandered around the wrong room of the New York Public Library for 30 minutes before leaving. Pitt was sentenced to 27 years in an FBI correctional facility. During his trial, he said he had grievances with the FBI, and sold information to get back at them. Way to go, dude. 

Donald Heathfield and Tracy Foley, Your Average Boston Spies for Putin's Russia

Tim and Alex Foley, brothers born in Canada and raised in the Boston area, found out their parents were Russian spies the hard way - when the FBI showed up at the front door with a battering ram and a warrant. 

Donald Heathfield and Tracey Foley are the assumed names of Andrei Bezrukov and Elena Vavilova. Both were born in the Soviet Union and recruited as a couple by the KGB in the late '70s. They were trained in Moscow, then transferred to Canada, where they built a backstory as a typical North American family. They were part of the illegals program, a network of spies with no diplomatic cover who lived normal lives, awaiting instructions from superiors. The couple had two main tasks: facilitate communication between US and Soviet contacts and act as sleeper cells in case a war broke out between the United States and the Soviet Union. 

In Canada, Heathfield got a degree in International Economics from York University. The couple moved to the United States, where Heathfield went to Harvard and began working as an SVR agent under Putin. He started a consulting firm he used to infiltrate business circles. All the information Heathfield acquired was communicated to Russia via digital steganography, a method of code in which images with messages contained in their pixels are placed online for decryption by handlers. 

The pair was under surveillance by the US government since moving to the country, and were finally arrested in 2010. It's assumed they got too close to sensitive information for FBI comfort, so they were busted. It's also speculated double agent Alexander Poteyev, who defected to America, played a part in their arrest.

Christopher Boyce and Andrew Daulton Lee, Huffin' Rails & Sellin' Secrets

Christopher Boyce grew up in Palos Verdes CA, the son of an FBI agent. He began working at aerospace company TRW in 1974 and, despite his limited experience and young age (21), was given access to the black vault, which contained secret US  defense information. A party animal, Boyce by chance reunited with childhood friend and cocaine trafficker Andrew Daulton Lee. One day, after a coke binge, the two devised a plan to sell the information in the black vault to the Russians.

Nicknamed Falcon and the Snowman, Boyce and Lee carried out their plan, selling US satellite technology info to Russian officials. They made serious money, which Lee used primarily to aid his drug business. The operation came to a halt when Lee was arrested in Mexico City in 1976. Somewhat ironically, Lee was mistakenly arrested; the police thought he was a cop killer. They quickly realized they had accidentally arrested a spy - he had CIA films in his possession and was caught outside the Soviet embassy - but tortured Lee anyway, to get him to confess to cop killing. Which weren't they past that accusation at that point?

Anyway, Lee confessed to being a spy and was handed over to US officials. He then outed Boyce as his co-conspirator. Kids, if you learn anything from this, it's that you shouldn't trust your coke buddies when it comes to selling secrets to the Soviets. Boyce was arrested in 1977 and sentenced to 40 years for espionage. He escaped in 1980 from Lompoc Correctional, only to be recaptured by US Marshals in 1981. Their story was made into a film, The Falcon and the Snowman, starring Sean Penn and Timothy Hutton.

Kim Philby Was Chief MI6-CIA Liaison While Spying for the Soviets

Born Harold AR Philby in India in 1912, the man better known as Kim was the son of famed explorer St. John Philby. He attended Trinity College at Cambridge, studying history and getting involved in extracurricular activities the Cambridge Five, a Soviet espionage group. After college, he traveled to areas of growing unrest in Europe and worked briefly as a journalist before being recruited by MI6 in 1940. By the end of WWII, Philby was in charge of counterespionage at MI6, charged with suppressing Soviet subversion in Western Europe.

In 1949, Philby transferred to Washington DC, to act as the top liaison between US and UK intelligence. During this time, he turned over classified details about the inner workings of the CIA and MI6 to Soviet intelligence. He also warned the Soviets of an Allied attack on communists in Albania in 1950. His warning caused two double agents to defect.

Philby was suspected of playing a part in the defections and was released from the CIA and MI6. He expected impending capture and trial, so fled the country, ending up in the Soviet Union in 1963. The information Philby leaked to the Soviets during the '40s and '50s led to the deaths of many agents who were exposed to and captured by the Soviets.

Harold James Nicholson, the Highest-Ranking CIA Officer Ever Outed as a Spy

Harold James Nicholson was born in Oregon 1950, right in the meaty heart of the baby boom. He joined the Army and eventually became captain of an intelligence unit, tasked with monitoring Soviet intelligence services. In 1980, he made the move to the CIA, with which organization he worked in Thailand, the Philippines, and Japan, while making connections with Soviet officials.

By 1990, Nicholson was CIA Chief of Station in Bucharest, Romania, right up against the Iron Curtain (which actually wasn't so much a curtain as it was a rug by that point). In 1992, he became Deputy Chief of Station/Operations Officer in Malaysia, in which position he met with Russian officials, hoping to conscript them. He also got involved in espionage for financial gain.

The story goes something like this: Nicholson met with a Russian intelligence officer three times with permission from the CIA. He then met him a fourth time, off of the record. It's assumed Nicholson was given money in exchange for handing over sensitive information at this meeting.  

In 1995, Nicholson failed three standard lie detector tests, unsatisfactorily answering questions like “Are you hiding involvement with a Foreign Intelligence Service?” and  “Have you had unauthorized contact with a Foreign Intelligence Service?” This, in addition to a $12,000 bank deposit that could not be sourced as legitimate income, instigated an internal investigation, part of which entailed placing Nicholson under surveillance.

Thanks to said surveillance, Nicholson was caught meeting Russian intelligence officers in New Delhi, Jakarta, Zurich, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. Talk about brazen. But the CIA didn't fire him. Rather, he was brought back to the US and given a position in counterterrorism, while the FBI monitored his mailbox and found letters addressed to handlers in Switzerland. When Nicholson requested time off to travel to Switzerland, in 1996, he was arrested in possession of top secret documents. 

During his time working with Russia, Nicholson is believed to have released information regarding identities of US officers in Russia and other classified information. Due to cooperation following arrest, he was sentenced to 23 years in prison, rather than life. 

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<![CDATA[18 Truckers Describe the Creepiest Thing They've Seen]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/truckers-describe-creepy-stories/christopher-shultz
A life on the road, hauling cargo from city to city, can be a lonely one. It can also be dangerous and, sometimes, downright terrifying. Take it from these truckers, who took to Reddit and shared some of their eeriest, most bizarre, and unexplainable experiences while traveling highways all over the world. Here is a compilation of the best of those tales, gathered from two separate discussion threads (here and here).
18 Truckers Describe the Creepiest Thing They've Seen,

The Beast
"There was a story on here a while back by a trucker... It was getting very late (and very dark) so he pulled into a rest area off the highway in the middle of nowhere. The place was totally empty, meaning there weren't any other vehicles or people there. While he was getting some shut eye inside his truck, he heard a faint sound of a barking dog that seemed to get louder and louder as time went by. Eventually the nasty barking sound was coming from right outside his driver side door. As he got up to look in the window, he didn't see a rabid dog but instead it was some crazy-eyed person looking directly at him, growling and trying to get in. He started the engine and got the heck out of there."
Mysterious Fireball
"Trucker here. A few years back, I was traveling through Ute native land in New Mexico on Highway 491. 491 used to be Route 666, but they changed it a few years back. I think people were stealing the signs. Anyways, I'm in the middle of the desert around midnight, no lights or civilization for miles, when up in the sky there's a huge, orange flash. The orange flash quickly 'inflated' into a giant ball, bigger than the sun. It even had a fiery looking texture to it. Suddenly, the orange ball disappeared, and the entire desert sky, horizon to horizon, flashed a bright yellow, lighting up the everything around me like it was daytime. Then everything went back to normal. This all happened within a few seconds, but it was definitely the weirdest thing I've seen on the road."
Found a Dollar
"Kent, TX, is another one. There's an old Chevron station I think it is, seems like FedEx drivers like stopping in there in droves. I'm guessing it's a popular drop and hook point for them or something. But I stop one day, and I need to take a piss. I don't know why I didn't stop in Van Horn. So I pull off, and I roll up to the empty lot across the street. Kent is an abandoned town. I walk up to the bush line and notice a makeshift fire pit. The wood is somewhat burned, but not all the way. The weird thing is that there's an unscathed dollar bill stuck in the wood. For a second I was like "Ooo piece of candy!" but then this sudden feeling of NOPE came over me. So I left it alone and pissed in the bush. As I'm walking back, I look over at it and get a real negative feeling. I look to the ground in front of me and bam, there's a rattlesnake looking right at me. I stop dead in my tracks, and walk carefully around it, and it keeps staring at me. I ran as fast as I could back to my truck feeling like somebody was behind me. I kicked up a lot of dust getting out of there, and have never stopped in Kent since."

"Missouri, I stopped at an off-ramp to stretch out and take a breather. As I'm smoking a cigarette, a little girl from some direction I couldn't figure out giggles and says 'Hi, mister!' My initial reaction was, 'The fuck is a little kid doing out here at this time?' so I talk back and say hi. She then responds with 'My mommy says you'll be ok, don't worry!' Now utterly confused, I ask her what she means. No response. Then suddenly I feel like somebody is standing next to me, but it doesn't feel negative or bad. Just feels like somebody is right there next to me. Since it didn't have a negative vibe to it, I just finished my cigarette and left. Later on down the road, I realize that I forgot to fuel up at my last stop when the warning light came on. So I scramble to look at my GPS and find the nearest truck stop, I find one and set the course. As I roll up to the truck stop, my truck starts sputtering and I barely make it to the fuel line before the truck starts dying. I ran out of fuel right as I got on the fuel line. It wasn't until I was fueling up that it occurred to me what the hell happened at my last stop."
The High Desert

"Driving from Albuquerque to Socorro. I was on a stretch with no lights. Perfectly dark. I notice someone standing on the side of the road. As I pass him, my lights fully illuminate his face. Nothing about this guy seemed natural. His posture was weird, he was wearing a gray suit... and his face. It just looked 'off', like a mask or something. For about half a second, we lock eyes, even with my headlights blinding him, it still felt like he was looking at me, not my truck. It really creeped me the fuck out. Shortly after this, my CB started picking up some odd chirps, but I was pretty close to the VLA. 

"The high desert is a weird place."

Disappearing War Hero
"My first couple years I was a night driver, so it was hard to see things sometimes. But the one in PA was me trying to follow a flatbedder who was haulin' serious ass through the mountains. At one point I start to fall back because I can feel the van starting to lean. It wasn't long after that I reach down to take a swig off the handy monster I had, and I look up, and there's a guy standing off to the shoulder just outside the tree line wearing in what appeared to be some type of soldier's uniform. Looked like Revolutionary War era, he had a musket as well. As I approach, I can see him staring right at me, and then he starts walking back into the tree line still looking at me. Before he manages to make it through the trees, he disappears. Like literally vanishes in thin air. I had my windows down, and the air in the area got real cold. After about a mile, the air warmed up again. I had a really sad feeling come over me for a while afterward. Needless to say, I didn't stop for the rest of my shift."
Punchlines Don't Take Away from the Creepy

"Ok I've told this to my friends several times but I guess I can share it here too.

"I was driving for Costco a few years back. It was around this time of year. We usually took extra toy shipments to various locations due to the holiday season. We got a call that one of our locations in rural Kentucky needed to restock their giant Spiderman dolls. They knew I was a fast driver so I was giving the last minute late-night duty. I loaded my truck and headed out on the 265. It was around 3am when I started to have this eerie feeling. I chalked it up to just being tired and popped a couple of NoDoz. About 15 min later the road started to fog up. I mean more so than any other time before or since. It got to the point where I had to pull off to the side and wait. There weren't any other cars on the road and I was ahead of time so I figured I could wait until it cleared up a bit. About five minutes of sitting still in silence, my truck goes dead. No lights, no engine, nothing. I try to crank it but it was like the battery was dead. I try my CB but cannot get anyone on. I check my cell phone and there is no signal. As I'm sitting there contemplating my next move I hear what sounds like a child crying. It slowly morphed into a woman crying. Or at least that's what it sounded like to me. Now I'm a big man, 6'3", 250 pounds, but I refused to exit my cab. I did roll down my window and asked if anybody needed help. At that point the crying stopped. Then I heard what sounded like a sinister laugh. At that point I felt like the laughter was directed at me. I rolled up my window and it seemed like the more scared I became the louder the laugh went. Then as soon as it started, it stopped. And just like that my truck started back up and the fog dissipated. I drove out of there like a bat out of hell. I get to the next truck stop and pull in. I run to the bathroom and pour water on my face and ask myself 'Did that really just happen? I go out to the diner and see this fella in a John Deer hat, red flannel, and blue jeans. I needed to know if anyone else experienced that, too. I go up to him and say 'Excuse me, are you a fellow trucker 'cause I just had one hell of an experience.' He says 'Not a trucker, but...'"

I Know

"Was driving north through the mountains of Colorado towards Pueblo, and it was my first time dealing with anything like the Rocky Mountains so I was taking it nice and slow with my hazards on and in the right lane. This was in the spring, and there wasn't much snow on the ground aside from a light dusting. 

"I remember passing another truck pulled to the shoulder on my way up, nothing out of the ordinary. However, as I was heading down the mountain (which can be scary as shit in an 18-wheeler, trust me) I saw the same truck I passed earlier FLY by me in the left hand lane. Now being passed on the left going DOWNHILL in the ROCKY MOUNTAINS by another TRACTOR TRAILER is crazy enough, but what really makes this story is this guy's trailer brakes were on fire. He was pulling a load (could tell because the trailer was sealed) and if you know anything about trucks you know there's only so much braking you're supposed to do before they overheat and, worst case, catch fire. 

"This guy's truck looked like a fucking comet as he sped down the mountain at what I thought was a surely to be deadly pace. 

"I grabbed the mic to the radio and called out to him, 'Hey Driver! Your brakes are on fire! I mean literally on fire!'

"After a few seconds of static, a rough and weathered sounding voice comes back over the speaker of my radio and says, cool as a cucumber, 'I know.'

"And he disappeared around a curve. 

"I never saw any wrecked truck, emergency crews, or even mention of an accident over the radio. 

"I did see a discarded fire extinguisher on the ground at the base of the mountain though. 

"Just one of many awesome stories."

Lost Time
"New Mexico, Nevada, and Utah are some states that to this day, I still see shit in the skies that I can't explain. Lights rapidly changing direction and taking off at blinding speeds, but no sound barrier being broken. I've seen lights hovering over the desert several miles off the interstate, then it suddenly takes off and the lights cut out. Various shapes and sizes from what I can make out (again, night driver). I know military aircraft pretty well, and some of them more than likely were, but some of them absolutely can not be any military aircraft currently in mainstream use. Conventional aircraft do not move like that. The most vivid one would be at an off-ramp in New Mexico, I stopped to take a piss. And decided to turn it into a 15-minute break since my ass was sore anyway. As I'm stargazing and admiring how clear the sky is, I saw what looked like a formation of lights in the shape of a triangle lift off from the desert floor, and then take off into the sky. I kept me eyes on it, and it just kept gaining altitude until the lights just disappeared. I look down at my watch and notice it's not ticking, so I pull out my phone and it's off. I turn my phone on, and according to the time on my phone, it had been 5 minutes since my watch stopped. I felt like whatever it was that just took off had something to do with it."
A Smile of Joy

"My brother is a trucker, and a while ago near where we live, a trucker he knew was driving down a two-lane rural road at night/late evening and got a call in on the CB about a guy purposefully driving towards oncoming traffic in an area near him, and to keep an eye out for him. Eventually, he sees a car coming towards him, sure enough, weaving in and out of traffic trying to run into people. The people are dodging him left and right, and right as he gets in front of the semi, the trucker saw the guy smiling in his headlights because he knew he was going to finally die. 

"The trucker was hurt bad (I think he lived through it, but I'm not 100% sure, now that I think about it. My brother told me this a few years ago), but the guy who ran into him for sure died. He'd been trying to kill himself that way for a while. Scary stuff."

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<![CDATA[People Who Tragically Died While Trying to Take a Selfie]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/selfie-deaths-092215/jacob-shelton
Ever since cells phones started coming with a camera, the most popular thing to do has been to take a selfie, a picture of yourself, and post in on Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook. But lately, people have been taking selfies to extreme levels in order to get more likes and viral acclaim for their photo. Sadly, a lot of these extreme selfies have lead to the people taking the photographs to be left in critical condition, or worse, to be killed in the act. The selfie deaths on this list are horrible, but they should be shared so no one else has to suffer a selfie injury for the sake getting a great photo. Remember, you can’t get likes if you’re dead. Put down your phone and read through this list of people who died while trying to take a selfie.

The amount of young people who have died taking a selfie is staggering. After reading through these stories of people who were injured while taking a selfie you’ll start to wonder how someone could be so careless. But think of all the weird things you’ve done to get that perfect shot. If you’re ever about to do something stupid for a selfie, just think about how you don’t want someone sat your funeral saying that you died taking a photo. The stories on this list of people who died while taking selfies should be shown to everyone with a smart phone. You don’t want to end up in intensive care, or worse, just because you had to get the perfect picture.
People Who Tragically Died While Trying to Take a Selfie,

19 Year Old Shoots Himself in the Face While Taking a Selfie
Deleon Smith, a 19 year old father of two from Houston, Texas, accidentally shot himself in the face while posing for a selfie with a gun. His family said that he was due to begin classes at a local community college within the month. 
Three College Students are Hit by a Moving Train During Selfie Session
In Mathura, India, three college students attempted to take a "daredevil selfie" of themselves standing on the train tracks as a speeding train approached. Their plan was to jump from the tracks, but their timing was severely off and they ended up being mowed down by a train. 
Tourist Falls to His Death Taking a Selfie on the Taj Mahal
The Taj Mahal is a place of great beauty, but when a Japanese tourist tried to capture himself in the beauty with the help of a selfie stick, he fell down a series of steps and died of head injuries at the local hospital. 
Polish Tourist Falls Off a Bridge While Talking a Selfie
When Polish medical student, Sylwia Rajchel, visited Seville, Spain she tried to take a selfie on the Puente de Triana bridge just after midnight. She lost her footing and fell to her death. 
While Using a Selfie Stick, a Man Falls From a 100 Foot Cliff to His Death
A man being referred to as Mr. Chen, reportedly fell off a waterfall in Zhejiang, eastern China at the beginning of September. He was found with a phone and a selfie stick at the bottom of a ravine. 
Teen Dies Competing in Selfie Olympics
On January 3, 2015, 18-year-old Oscar Reyes attempted to take a photo of himself in his mother’s bathroom in order to follow up on a Spongebob Squarepants selfie he'd taken the day before. Around 2AM when he fell off her door and injured his head. He died from excessive bleeding. 
Pilot Takes Selfies Moments Before Crashing His Plane
In 2014, the 29-year-old pilot of a Cessna 150K in Colorado killed himself, and a passenger while taking selfies as he flew the plane. A GoPro camera mounted to the dash of the plane captured the pilot and his passengers taking photos and texting
Russian Woman Dies In Fall While Taking a Selfie on a Moscow Bridge
A 21-year-old graduate of the Russian State University of Tourism and Services Studies, tried to take selfie on a bridge that offered an excellent view of one of the famous landmarks of the Russian capital, but fell from the bridge while taking the photo. Reportedly, the reason for her death was a broken fence on the bridge that she leaned on while taking the photo.
A Student in the Philippines Falls to Her Death While Taking Selfie
A 14 year old student fell to her death in July 2014 after she lost her balance while trying to take a selfie on the staircase landing of their school in Pasig City. She fell down multiple flights of stairs, resulting in the severe cranial injuries that lead to her death.
Man Shoots Himself in the Face
In 2016, a man from Concrete, Washington fatally shot himself in the face while trying to take a selfie. The 43-year-old (whose name was not released by the police) apparently thought the gun was unloaded. He and his girlfriend had taken several selfies with the weapon that day, and each time, the man unloaded the gun before the pictures, then reloaded it after (WHY?).

Mon, 21 Sep 2015 04:11:30 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/selfie-deaths-092215/jacob-shelton
<![CDATA[18 Dirty Facts About Flying Airlines Don't Want You to Know]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/airline-secrets-flying/ranker-travel
If you're a frequent flyer, there are two approaches to this list of airline secrets you may or may not want to know: 1. Ignore it and carry on in your blissful ignorance of duct tape holding the wing of your aircraft together while flying. Or 2. Read about the awful things that happen on commercial flights, and go in armed with the knowledge of how awful the flight you're on really is (but possibly avoid dysentery). There's no option three, so choose wisely, because some of these airline worst practices can't be unseen.

From odd / surprising (hopefully) places you'll find poop on a plane to the things a flight attendant might overlook so they get paid, there are an uncomfortable number of scary things airlines don't want you to know about flying. Culled from the experiences of real pilots, flight attendants, airline staff, ground crew, and TSA officials, these are the reasons logical people are afraid to fly - and even the most seasoned traveler should be at least a bit skeeved out by this list of awful things that happen on planes. 
18 Dirty Facts About Flying Airlines Don't Want You to Know,

Some Airline Employees Don't Get Paid Until the Flight's in the Air
Why is this scary for you? Let's say a pilot, flight attendant, or other airline employee notices something off about the plane (torn carpet, a toilet issue, a possible technical issue) they consider negligible, they may fail to report the condition in case it causes the flight to be substantially delayed or even cancelled. 

Somebody Has Probably Changed a Diaper On Your Tray Table
Why bother going to the bathroom to remove your child's sodden diaper when you could loose it on a small table that most people eat their food on? 

Pilots Get Served Different Meals in Case of Food Poisoning
Likely the same meals you're being offered, so hope you chose the same meal as the pilot who continues at the helm during the other's bout of food poisoning.

The Emergency Door Handles Are There So Flight Attendants Aren't Pushed Out
People go nutty whenever there's a situation involving an emergency exit, and the poor flight attendants – who are trying to get you out safely – are often disregarded like limits on carry-on baggage, necessitating the plane's version of "Oh Sh*t" bars.

Pilots Routinely Nod Off During Long Flights
While nap breaks are scheduled so one pilot can rest while the other commands a plane once it's at cruising altitude, most pilots (more than 50% according to this survey) have involuntarily nodded off while in the cockpit.
People Steal the Under-Seat Life Jackets
Somewhere, in a Midwest frat house, is the life jacket you should be using in case of emergency.

Guidelines Exist for the Amount of Screws a Plane Is Allowed to Fly Without
Seems you'd prefer to have zero screws missing, but apparently there's a threshold of acceptable missing screws on the plane.

The Toilets Can Be Unlocked from the Outside
This is more of a "Charlie from 'Lost' getting cranked on heroin" precaution than a "People in row 23 joining the mile-high club" fail-safe, but the fact remains that occupied does not mean you're free from the possibility of interruption.

Plane Water Is Disgusting And Possibly Poop-Filled
A test of tap waters from various airlines, performed by the Wall Street Journal in 2002, found bacteria levels in spigot water to be as much as 100x the allowed limit in the US.
If You Use the Oxygen Bags for More Than 15 Minutes, You're Gonna Have a Bad Time
The oxygen masks on planes only supply 15-20 minutes of oxygen. The theory is that the pilots will descend to a height of normal cabin pressurization as soon as an issue is noted.


Mon, 07 Apr 2014 10:17:28 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/airline-secrets-flying/ranker-travel
<![CDATA[16 Chilling Real-Life Haunted House Stories]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/13-chilling-real-life-haunted-house-stories/wavy-gravey

Haunted house stories have become a staple of pop culture; you don't need to look far to see the highway billboards challenging you to spend a night in a haunted house, or horror movies about homes built on Indian burial grounds. But are there haunted houses in real life, filled with the ghosts of former occupants and grisly murder victims? Thousands of people have testified to experiencing the supernatural at locations all across the world, and the notion of a place being "haunted" is a near-universal concept in world folklore. These haunted houses are said to be the real deal, complete with ghosts, spooks and weird things going bump in the night. 

Whether these haunted homes are real or fake, haunted houses are some of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. Perhaps the mystery, such as the stairways to nothing at the Winchester House, is the real draw to these locations with visitors coming to some in the millions to decide for themselves if the haunting is real. Do you believe in haunted houses? The next time you're looking for a spooky place to visit, try one of these real haunted houses on for size.

16 Chilling Real-Life Haunted House Stories,

Ballygally Castle
The Location

In North Ireland, overlooking the sea, is the picturesque Ballygally Castle. The castle was built in 1625 by Lord James Shaw of Scotland, who had rented the land from the Earl of Antrim. The home remained in the Shaw family until the 19th Century, when it was sold by James Shaw's descendant, William Shaw. Today, it is operated as a hotel by Hastings Hotel Group. It holds the distinction of being the only occupied building from the 17th Century in Northern Ireland.

The Legend

Perhaps the most notable ghostly "resident" of the castle is Lady Isobel Shaw, the wife of Lord James Shaw. After Lady Shaw gave birth to a boy - the prized male heir for Lord Shaw - her husband locked her away in the castle's tower, separating mother from child. While attempting to escape and steal back her baby, Lady Shaw allegedly fell to her death from the tower. Today, she is believed to wander the hallways, occasionally knocking on the doors to random rooms, looking for her child. (A plaque in the hotel notes her presence but refers to Lady Shaw as a "friendly spirit.")

Madame Nixon (another former resident), also appears from time to time in the castle, wandering around in a silk dress. There is a room in the castle, located within the turret, that is locally known as "The Ghost Room" and isn't rented out to guests.

Numerous other ghost stories have circulated relating to the castle. One former owner claims to have once set up an elaborate dinner party in an area known as "The Dungeon Room" only to return and find the table in complete disarray. Others have said that, due to all the battles that have taken place on or near the grounds, that the ghosts of dead soldiers still appear to visitors on the property. A variety of supposed "mediums" have detected restless spirits in various points in the castle as well, with one notably claiming that the hotel had more ghosts occupying its rooms than guests.

But Is It True?

The place certainly sees creepy. Here's a shot of the "Ghost Room":

Furthermore, former owner Olga Henry - herself a skeptic when it comes to hauntings - has some pretty creepy anecdotes about guests who received considerable scares. One in particular concerns a guest staying alone, who felt the presence and even heard the noises of children in his room.

But alas, it seems that the "Ghost Room" may in fact just be a gimmick. Several bloggers and writers have stayed in the room and none have actually observed anything supernatural. (Some have also noted that the Ghost Room is surprisingly modern, wired for electricity and not even locked away from the rest of the hotel, just the sort of precautions you'd take if there were actually ghosts around.)
Blickling Hall
The Location

BRIEF HISTORY LESSON: Anne Boleyn was the second wife of King Henry VIII of England. Henry grew displeased with her after she failed to produce a male heir (though she did give birth to a daughter, the future Queen Elizabeth). Henry decided he'd prefer to be with his new mistress, Anne Seymour, so he had Boleyn arrested and locked up in the Tower of London. It was there she was executed for high treason on May 19, 1536, and then buried. Blickling Hall in Norfolk was the home of the Boleyn Family from 1499 to 1507.

The Legend

The circumstances surrounding Boleyn's death have made her a key figure of fascination in British history. Almost immediately after her execution, stories of her practising witchcraft and even laughing in the face of death started to spread. Even the Governor of the Tower of London, present at her execution, later said "this lady had much joy and pleasure in death."

Each year on May 19, it's said that a headless Anne Boleyn visits Blickling Hall. Apparently, she's a nostalgic ghost. According to local legend, Anne arrives each year in a carriage, led by a headless horseman. Though it's not exactly known where the head of the horseman lies, Anne carries her detached skull along with her for the ride. Anne's brother, Lord Rochford, and her father, Thomas Boleyn, are also thought to haunt the grounds.

But Is It True?

There are so many stories about Anne Boleyn's ghost appearing in various spots all over England, it's a bit difficult to take any of them too seriously. For example, on Christmas, Anne appears yearly in Kent near the spot where she first met and was courted by King Henry, as well as in Essex near Rochford Hall, where she spent considerable time as a girl. Either Anne is seriously committed to being a ghost... or English people are just fascinated by her and thus "see" her everywhere.
Borley Rectory
The Location

Borley is a small town in Essex, England, near the border with Suffolk on the Eastern Coast of the country. In 1863, the location was home to a church (also called Borley) which had a large rectory on the grounds. In 1863, Reverend Henry Dawson Ellis Bull destroyed all remnants of the previous rectory and had his own home built next to the Borley Church, which was to be his parish. Already when the Reverend Bull had his home built, there had been rumors of a ghost on the property, originally of a sad, dead nun who still wandered the grounds, weeping. According to most accounts, there had been some manner of church building - including monasteries - on the site since the 12th or 13th centuries.

The Legend

The origin of the "Nun's Walk" story dates back to the site's original purpose, as a monastery. Supposedly, a monk from the monastery carried on an affair with a nun from a nearby convent. When the couple were found out, the monk was killed and the nun walled up inside the rectory's familiar red brick walls.

Reverend Bull was himself fascinated by the ghost nun story, and purposefully set up his home so he could look out over the area she was said to walk at night. Several sightings - both from guests, Reverend Bull's own family, and servants - from this time were reported of the sorrowful ghost nun haunting the grounds.

After Reverend Bull died, his position was taken up by Reverend Eric Smith, who lived at the Borley Rectory with his wife. Hearing about the area's reputation, the couple invited then-noted paranormal investigator Harry Price to inspect the rectory. Price reportedly discovered a great deal of paranormal activity, of the violent, chaotic sort we'd now associate with a poltergeist. Reverend Smith and his wife moved out of the rectory after a brief 2 years.

The next Reverend to move in was Lionel Foyster, who arrived at the rectory with his beautiful wife, Marianne. The spirit of the rectory appears to have taken a liking for Marianne, singling her out for attention and allegedly even writing messages on the walls for her. (One example: "Marianne please help get.")

Foyster arranged then to have the home exorcized of evil spirits, which is said to have worked for a time. But soon enough, the vengeful spirits returned, attacking Foyster's son, turning communion wine to ink and other horrors. The Foyster family moved out of the rectory shortly after.

Harry Price, still intrigued by the strange phenomenon happening at the rectory, purchased it himself in 1937 and began a series of tests and experiments meant to determine exactly what was happening at Borley Rectory. A year later, Price held a seance, during which a spirit delivered a prophecy. The Rectory would burn down that very night, and the skeleton of the dead nun held in its walls would be found. This did not, in fact, happen, but Borley Rectory did burn down a scant 11 months later. Price returned to inspect the grounds and claims to have found a jawbone that could have belonged to a nun.

But Is It True?

Harry Price's "scientific team" logged a large amount of research and observations relating to their time spent at Borley Rectory, and a number of photographs of spirits came out of the period.

As well, a number of the original individuals involved in the Borley legends spoke publicly about their experiences, including Marianne, who suspected that some of the actions credited to the Borley ghost were probably hoaxes or fakes, but still maintained that the house was likely haunted.

It's also extremely unlikely that the "origin story" about the ghost nun is accurate, and by the 1930s, this version of events had already been widely discredited. (It's believed to have come from a popular novel of the time by H. Rider Haggard.) This obviously hurts the believability of all the later stories, as the un-dead nun trapped forever in the rectory walls seemed to have been the original source of all the other legends.

Finally, though a series of exorcisms were undertaken, and Price even found the jawbone amidst the rubble and gave it a proper Christian burial, sightings of ghosts around where the rectory stood continue to this day. What more could this ghost possibly want after centuries of wandering around aimlessly?
Edinburgh Castle

The Location

The Edinburgh Castle in Scotland that sits atop the famous volcanic "Castle Rock" has been continuously occupied since about the 9th Century BC. The first royal castle on the site was constructed by King David I in the 12th Century, and it remained the seat of the Scottish King until the ascension of James VI to the throne of England in 1603. After that, it remained an essential Scottish fortress and military stronghold, and played a part in numerous important historical battles. Today, the site is Scotland's most popular paid tourist attraction, and one of the most iconic images of the country.

The Legend

Or, I should say, "The Legends." Because of the location's key significance in Scottish history, there are too many ghost stories circulating about the place to even compress into anything less than an essay. And I have THINGS to do.

So in brief...

- A ghost "drummer" can be heard throughout the castle whenever it is about to be attacked. (Obviously, this hasn't happened in a while...) Prior to the 1650 siege of the castle by Cromwell's forces, the drummer was spotted and identified as the ghost of a headless boy.
- The dungeons, where numerous prisoners were held and tortured, are thought to be populated by some restless spirits. One spirit, a prisoner in the dungeons during his life time, is said to have attempted to escape in a wheelbarrow full of dung, only to perish on the craggy rocks below when the barrow was emptied off of the cliffside. Today, it's thought that he still haunts the castle, causing visitors to sense his presence and smell the faint residue of... yeah, dung.

But Is It True?

Well, probably not.

BUT STILL, there's more evidence pointing towards Edinburgh Castle being haunted than almost any other place on Earth. In 2001, Dr Richard Wiseman conducted a study in the castle, testing the reactions of people who had never before heard the legends of its haunting to exploring the castle. 51% of the subjects reported experiencing something supernatural in areas that were previously identified as "haunted." In other areas, only 35% of subjects reported supernatural goings-on. Among the reports were strange light effects and the sensation of something tugging at your clothes. 

Raynham Hall
The Location

Construction on Raynham Hall began in Norfolk, England, in 1613, at the behest of Sir Roger Townshend, an influential member of English Parliament. Sir Roger had been touring around Europe and had the home built in a popular Italian style that would become the rage in England many years later, making Raynham Hall notably ahead of its time, and infamous as one of the finest stately country homes in the area.

The home is also notable for the extensive work done on the house by famous English architect, landscaper and designer William Kent. Many of Kent's finest pieces - along with a variety of other artwork he hand-picked for Raynham - can still be found in the home to this day.

The Legend

One of Sir Roger's descendants, Charles Townsend, married a woman named Dorothy Walpole in 1712. Dorothy had a reputation as being promiscuous, which may have fueled some of the strange rumors surrounding her death in 1726. It is rumored that Lord Townsend actually faked his wife's death, so that he could imprison her in the home, possibly as retribution for an infidelity or out of anger after discovering she had been previously involved with a rival. Unable to see her children, leave the room, or eat, she died in that room, wearing a brown satin dress.

The first sighting of The Brown Lady took place at Christmas in 1835, where a guest of the house, Colonel Loftus, met with the Brown Lady on his way back to his room of an evening. He said she was wearing a brown satin dress and seemed to glow from behind her empty eye sockets. His account led to many of the house servants leaving the house immediately, refusing to return.

Numerous notable figures from British history claim to have seen The Brown Lady while staying in Raynham Hall. One of the first and most infamous encounters happened to King George IV when he stayed in one of the home's state rooms. He claims to have woken up to find the deathly pale lady hovering right next to his bed. Apparently, the king was so frightened that he refused to remain in the home any longer, and left immediately. 

The ghost of Dolly is thought to still walk up and down the grand staircase of Raynham Hall today.

But Is It True?

The Brown Lady is the subject of arguably the most famous ghost photograph of all time...

... which is fairly unsettling. However, the Brown Lady story does feel a bit like the product of the Victorian fascination with both the occult and sexual moralizing, rather than an accurate account of the Townsend marriage. (The vagueness surrounding the reasons for Lord Townsend's sudden decision to imprison his wife and fake her death, for example.) Still, it's hard to argue with the seriousness and integrity of some of these witnesses. If you can't trust a guy named Colonel Loftus, who can you trust?
White House
The Location

The White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has been the home of every American president and his family since the John Adams administration in 1800. Homes in the US don't get much more historic, and few are reported to be more crowded with undead souls.

The Legend

According to legend, the first First Lady to take residence in the mansion liked it so much that her spirit remains there today. Abigail Adams, wife of John Adams, can reportedly be seen hanging laundry in the East Room from time to time.
Adams probably doesn't get much chance to be lonely, as Dolley Madison, wife of James Madison, has also been spotted hanging out in spirit form at the White House. Madison, who designed the Rose Garden during her husband's administration, allegedly returned to stop work on the garden's removal years later.

That's far from all of the haunting in this landmark. The Rose Room, also known as the Queen's Bedroom, is said to be the spiritual hot spot in the White House. The ghosts of everyone from President Andrew Jackson to President Abraham Lincoln is said to occupy that bedroom.

Finally, many visitors and residents of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue claim to have seen Abraham Lincoln's ghost walking the grounds. First Ladies Eleanor Roosevelt and Grace Goodhue (wife of Calvin Coolidge) told of spotting Lincoln's ghost in the appropriately-titled Lincoln bedroom. As well, Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands claimed that, while spending the night at the White House, she heard Lincoln knocking at her bedroom door. (I'm sure it was perfectly innocent...)

But Is It True?

Most ghost stories seem to indicate that great traumas or intense emotions are what spark a haunting. Ghosts don't want to hang out just ANYWHERE. They occupy those locations where significant events went down. And it's hard to think of a more significant place where more dramatic decisions have been made than at the White House.

Still, with so many people walking through the White House every day, it seems an odd place for ghosts to be mucking about unseen. And a lot of the stories about White House hauntings are patently absurd, such as when Winston Churchill claimed to have been taking a bath in the White House, only to emerge nude and find himself face-to-face with Lincoln's ghost.
Whaley House
The Location

Located in San Diego, California, the Whaley House was built over the site where James Robinson (nicknamed Yankee Jim) was executed in 1852 after a conviction of grand larceny. Four years after the hanging, Thomas Whaley purchased the land and constructed the home for his family. (Hence the name.)

The Legend

Yankee Jim was a relatively infamous character in the area, known for ambushing miners for their recently-obtained gold. Eventually, he and two other men were arrested for stealing a boat, and he was condemned to die. (To give you a sense for the way justice was meted out at the time, two of the jury members were also the owners of the stolen boat.)

On the day of the execution, Yankee Jim addressed the crowd that had gathered while standing in a cart. He said his execution was a miscarriage of justice, and argued that he was a good man who was known for donating to the poor. He was then hanged suddenly in the midst of speaking. In addition, the noose was set too low, allowing Yankee Jim's feet to touch the ground and prolonging his death.

After moving into the home built atop the site of this execution, the Whaleys began hearing strange noises, including the sound of boots stomping around the house. Soon enough, the stories spread that the ghost of Yankee Jim was still wandering the grounds, angry about his overly harsh sentence.

In the 1950s, the county decided to have the home renovated and restored, and the workers began to notice strange things, like doors and windows opening and closing themselves, or strange sounds. Some reported seeing not Yankee Jim but the ghosts of Thomas Whaley and his wife at the top of the staircase. A few refused to continue working on the site. Even television personality Regis Philbin has claimed to have seen the spirits in the home.

But Is It True?

Here's the most compelling evidence to date of the haunting of Whaley House, a photo that appears to show a smoke-like apparition:

Rose Hall House
The Location

Rose Hall House is one of the most famous and lavish homes in Jamaica. It was first constructed in the 1770s in Montego Bay, and was most recently refurbished in the 1960s. It is a popular tourist attraction.

The Legend

In 1820, Haitian-born Annie Palmer married John Palmer of Montego Bay. John owned Rose Hall at this point, and ran it as a plantation, utilizing slave labor. John died soon after returning to Rose Hall with his Haitian bride. According to local legends, Annie was a psychopath who used voodoo to dominate the men of the plantation. She allegedly manipulated the string of new husbands she acquired over the years, as well as the slaves who worked on the plantation, tolerating them for a time, only to murder them when she lost interest.

Annie was said to have a freakishly high sex drive. When she became bored with her three husbands, all who died under strange circumstances, she would make male slaves join her in bed. When Annie grew tired of a slave, she would murder them as well. This ritual repeated itself for years apparently, all right there in Rose Hall House.

It's said that Annie was eventually killed in her bed by one of her victims, possibly a slave during the slave of the 1830s. Annie was buried in a special grave in the woods, but her spirit reportedly remains in the Rose Hall to this day. The site, in addition to being a tourist attraction, has been home to numerous seances and attempts to commune with Annie's spirit. She has come to be known as the "White Witch of Rose Hall."

But Is It True?

Almost certainly not. Aside from a novel apparently inspired by the house from the 1920s, there's nothing in the historical record to suggest even that "Annie Palmer" existed, let alone that she was a voodoo priestess using the house as a homebase for a bloodthirsty rampage. The story seems in many ways concocted out of the most depraved fantasies of the local European residents. In a study of the legend from the Fortean Times in 2007, author Benjamin Radford investigated the "White Witch" legends and concluded that they were entirely fictional. Even the pseudo-scientific paranormal investigations of the location have failed to produce any compelling indications of a supernatural haunting.
The Crescent Hotel
The Location

The Gothic style Crescent Hotel of Eureka Springs, Arkansas, is sometimes called the "Grand Old Lady of the Ozarks," and is often listed as the most haunted place in all of the Ozark Mountains (a location known for its colorful folklore.) The hotel and spa was designed by famed Missouri architect Isaac L. Taylor and built between 1884 and 1886 on the West Mountain in the Ozarks. Eureka Springs had recently become infamous as the home of "healing spring waters," which were believed to have curative properties for all variety of ailments. (Lots of bottled Eureka Spring water was also making its way around the country, adding to the region's notoriety.) Tourism to the area also got a boost when a stop on the newly-built Frisco Railroad was built close by.

Interest in the resort waned by the turn of the century, after it became clear that the springs - though delightful for holiday goers - didn't actually help cure anything. It has been run in the intervening years alternatively as a hotel and health clinic, and is currently open as a spa and resort, along with one of America's historic hotels.

The Legend

Rumors and stories about hauntings at The Crescent started as soon as construction began. It's said that one of the workers - in most accounts, a stonemason named Michael - plunged from the roof to his death, landing in the spot currently occupied by Room 218. Naturally, strange noises have been reported in this room over the years by guests.

Most of the horror stories surrounding The Crescent concern the years it was operated by a charlatan named Norman Baker, who had become famous via a variety of get-rich-quick schemes, including a small fortune made selling calliopes. Baker - who was not a licensed physician - intended to use The Crescent as a homeopathic clinic of sorts, offering a variety of miracle medicines. (Baker had previously touted a "cure for cancer" in his native Iowa before being shut down by the American Medical Association.) Most of Baker's "cures" offered at the Crescent consisted of drinking the local spring water, which was not actually curing people but also was probably not doing them much harm.

Local legends sprung up around the clinic, however, about Baker's cruel and gruesome treatments. Some anecdotes have him scalping patients to search for tumors directly in their brain, or of locking patients away to die in pain so no one would know they had not been cured. Baker was arrested in connection with the scheme in 1940 and did 4 years in prison, abandoning the hospital thereafter. But it's said that the ghosts of his tormented patients still linger there, most famously a cancer patient named Theodora who is accompanied by a ghostly cat that appears on guests beds.

But Is It True?

The Crescent is a popular location for TV shows and documentaries about ghost hunters, and has appeared on Sci-Fi Channel's Ghost Hunters, NBC's Today Show, A&E's Haunted Road Trips and elsewhere. (On the Sci-Fi Channel show, it was suggested that the ghost of famous dancer Irene Castle - who spent her last years in Eureka Springs - was spotted at The Crescent.) It's important to bear in mind, though, that much of The Crescent's business depends on the fascination with its haunting, so it's in everyone's financial best interests to make sure there are an appropriate number of "sightings."

As well, Baker was never charged with torturing or brutalizing patients, merely with defrauding them via the US Mail.
The Bell Farm

The Location

In 1800, farmer John Bell and his family moved from North Carolina to Red River, Tennessee (today called Adams, Tennessee). He eventually came to own over 300 acres of property in the area, and became a respected local leader and Elder of the town church.

The Legend

By most accounts, strange things started happening on the Bell family farm around 1817, which have been blamed on an entity known as "The Bell Witch." There are several popular stories. Here are a few of the more intriguing variations:

- John Bell found a strange animal on the property that looked like a half-dog, half-rabbit.
- The Bell children started hearing strange sounds, which at times resembled vermin invading their rooms and gnawing at their beds.
- Faint whispering heard around the house that resembled women softly singing hymns.
- The Bells found a vial of unknown liquid sitting around the house. They tested it out by giving some to the cat, which soon died.

Bell grew ill in 1820, by some accounts owing to the stress and terror of believing a witch was haunting him. (In other accounts, John became sick because the Bell Witch had given him some of the strange liquid that killed the cat.) It was said that, after John's funeral, the Bell Witch could be heard laughing and cackling to herself, and taking credit for the death.

But Is It True?

President Andrew Jackson certainly believed so. During the Battle of New Orleans, in which several of Bell's sons had fought, then-General Jackson became intrigued by stories of the haunting of the Bell's Farm and in 1819 took a trip there to investigate further. Though peculiar things started happening almost immediately upon his arrival at the farm (such as the wagon he was bringing suddenly becoming immobile and refusing to budge), the skeptical Jackson initially denied the rumors. Eventually, however, he too became convinced the Bell Farm was haunted, and is said to have even come up with the name "The Bell Witch."

However, it's hard to tell how much of this report is folklore vs. actual history. Only one primary source still survives about the Bell Witch, an account written by Richard Williams Bell - the second-youngest child of John Bell - in 1846 called "Our Family Trouble." In it, he provides an eyewitness account of the haunting. It was rumored that the ghost had promised to return to Bell's direct descendent in 107 years, which would have been 1935. No reports of Bell Witch sightings were made at that time.

The story has inspired a number of notable pop culture haunted houses and ghost stories. The horror film "An American Haunting" is a largely fictionalized retelling of The Bell Witch story, though in this version, John Bell is raping his daughter and the Bell Witch is actually a manifestation of her anger and grief.

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Sure, you've heard of the War on Drugs but what about drug use during military conflict, drugs in the Army, and even wars where people were high? Throughout history, drugs and wars have gone hand in hand. Needless to say, a military conflict is a stressful environment and the stress of the battlefield can be traumatizing to soldiers - drug use and war are no strangers to one another.

Though there is a zero-tolerance policy in the military when it comes to drugs, many military personnel cope with the pressure by turning to self-medicating. Other times in history, drugs have been employed to give soldiers invincible courage on the battlefield. For centuries, drugs have been used by soldiers to calm their nerves and boost their courage to keep them fighting on the battlefield.

The role of drugs in military conflicts varies. It could be the fighting over opium importation, such as in the First Opium War, abusing drugs to numb the pain of the horrors of battle as in the Vietnam War, or to give soldiers a ruthless-edge as in the Napoleonic Wars. Sadly, the use of drugs by soldiers in the field of often spills over to addiction once the war is over.

Many different military conflicts have featured soldiers using drugs; this list details these cases and the types of drugs were predominant during the conflict - everything from heroin and morphine, to THC and magic mushrooms.
16 Terrifying Examples of Armies Hopped Up on Drugs,

Sierra Leone Civil War Numbed Boy Soldiers with Brown-Brown and Speed
You'd be hard-pressed to find a sadder chapter in history than that of Sierre Leone and the war fought with boy soldiers. To get children to kill, the drug lords used a combination of speed, cocaine, and "brown-brown": a snorted mixture of cocaine and gunpowder. The drugs would make the boy soldiers numb to everything around. To charge them up at night, the child troops would be made to watch Rambo movies.

Heroin Money Funds Terrorists in Afghanistan
Afghanistan has always been known for opium and its poppy fields. In fact, the country produces 90% of the world’s supply. A 2009 United Nations study estimated that $160 million of drug money in Afghanistan goes to fund terrorist activities each year.

Heroin serves two distinct military tactics in this case: The Taliban was using the drug money to fight Americans, and also using the heroin to get Americans addicted.
Amphetamines Keep Syrian Forces Fighting
Speed seems to be the drug of choice for military conflicts; amphetamine has that dangerous combination of keeping soldiers fighting for days on end and keeping them from getting any sleep. In the Middle East, Syrian-made Captagon is the speed of choice, being employed by Isis fighters so they can stay alert during battle.

One minor setback: The drug, which was created in the '60s to treat hyperactivity and narcolepsy, is highly addictive. So addictive that it was banned in the '8os (that's how you know it's bad). It's also very cheap to make, yet has a street value of around $20 a tablet. The effects of Captagon keep the soldiers euphoric, sleepless, and energetic. The profits from Captagon sales are believed to be used
by the Islamic State in Syria to buy weapons.

Pill-Popping Energized the Iraq War
Much like how prescription drugs were abused by the rest of society in the 2000s, the pills were also abused by the American military. Prescription drug abuse tripled among soldiers during the Iraq War. Artane, normally used for Parkinson's disease, became the drug of choice, providing energy and courage when it came time to break down doors and enter houses in the middle of the night.
The First Opium War Was Non-Ironically Fought Over Opium
Take a wild guess as to the prominent drug of the First Opium War. If you said "opium," then you are unsurprisingly correct. How it worked: Britain violated China's ban on the importation of opium, seeking to right an imbalance in the flow of trade between the two countries. The Chinese people quickly became addicted to the drug, including those in the army.

It is estimated that 90% of the Emperor’s Army was addicted to opium. Put that head-to-head with a superior British military and, well, you can predict the outcome.
Zulu Warriors Fought While Tripping on Mushrooms
In the 1870s the British Empire wanted to conquer the Zulu Kingdom. To help combat their foes, the Zulus would use magic mushrooms and THC, packed in a snuff form. When the British came attacking, they just popped magic mushrooms and felt invincible.

The American Civil War Created "Soldier's Disease" and Morphine Addicts
During the Civil War, morphine was considered a "wonder drug" for the wounded. It was also used as an anesthetic and pain killer during field amputations. The problem was, after the war, many wounded soldiers carried on with their morphine use.

It was estimated that 400,000 soldiers returned from the war as addicts. The term "soldier’s disease" was even coined to describe the addiction. By the end of the 19th century, there were one million Americans who had “soldier’s disease.”

World War I Soldiers Smoked 'Em Up
Morphine fell out of favor after the "soldier’s disease" epidemic of the Civil War, and by the time World War One rolled around it was no longer in use. So, the doughboys in the trenches turned on to tobacco to calm their nerves and cigarettes were even distributed as part of military rations. Some 14 million were given out daily.
The Vietnam War Was All Pot and Heroin
The ‘60s was the time of cultural revolution. While the kids were getting high at Woodstock, so were the soldiers in Vietnam. Marijuana was the preferred drug of the troops – which they referred to as "the sh*t.” Things shifted in 1968 and society began to crackdown on weed. As a result, soldiers switched to heroin, which they mixed with tobacco and smoked in the field.

By the summer of 1971, 20 percent of American troops in Vietnam were heroin addicts.
Hitler Fueled His Third Reich with Speed
Have you seen the documentary High Hitler? The whole Nazi regime was fueled on speed and meth to keep them marching. Along with that, the Americans, British, and Japanese troops popped amphetamines to stay awake. Some 200 million pills were distributed to soldiers by the American military. Soldiers and speed was thought of as the ultimate fighting combination.

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Even with training and domestication, pets have been known to turn on their owners and kill them. Sadly, this is all the more common with exotic animals that are difficult or impossible to train, such as lions, bears, and snakes. These stories are tragic, usually of devoted pet guardians attempting to simply do what can't be donetame a wild beast.

Pets who have killed include a famous chimpanzee, various reptiles, a hippo that inspired a TV special, bears, and even spiders. A few of these cases resulted from people who were clearly hoarders and should never have been allowed to keep any pets, but many were just animal owners who had fallen in love with an exotic creature, and paid the ultimate price.

Here are terrifying stories of people killed by their own pets.

18 Terrifying Stories Of Pets Who Turned On Their Owners,

Simba The Pet Lion Mauled His Owner

Illinois resident Al Abell kept a brood of exotic animals in a small zoo he called Cougar Bluff Enterprise, including a 500-pound African lion called Simba. Abell was usually careful in the handling of his exotic pets, but one afternoon he made a fatal mistake - he forgot to lock the door to the secondary pen that he put the lion in when cleaning its cage.

The details surrounding Abell’s death are uncertain, but Abell's wife returned to the property to find him missing, the lion roaming free, and the other animals on the farm agitated. What followed was a tense standoff between local police and the lion, which ended with Simba shot dead by assault rifles. Abell was found dead near the animal cage, having bled to death from a massive bite in his leg.


Scarface The Pitbull Mauls His Owner Over A Sweater

A Florida woman and her family were mauled by her pet pitbull after she tried to put a sweater on him.

The pitbull - ironically named Scarface - attacked Brenda Guerrero, 52, in her Tampa home on New Year's Day in 2017. When her husband Ismael stepped in to help her, the dog turned on him. The couple's 22-year-old son tried to intervene - this time with a knife - and even after he stabbed Scarface the dog still attacked.

The three eventually managed to escape into the house, leaving the dog outside. Animal Control officers were called to the home and had to subdue the dog with a Taser. Officials said the dog was "aggressive." Sounds like an understatement. 

Travis The Chimpanzee Mauled A Woman's Face

Travis the Chimpanzee became famous after he appeared in TV shows, commercials, and on talk shows with his owner Sandra Herold. In 2009, Herold called her friend Charla Nash for help getting the 200-pound chimp back into his cage.

But Travis saw Nash holding one of his toys, and brutally attacked her by mauling her face and hands. Herold tried to stop Travis by stabbing him and hitting with a shovel, which only angered him more. She called 911 and police arrived, which led to Travis opening the door of one of the police cars. An officer shot Travis, and the chimp staggered away and died.

Nash's family was in the process of suing Herold when Herold died of an ruptured aorta.

A few years later, Nash became the first patient to ever receive a double hand and face transplant.

A Pet Mountain Lion Mauled a Child In Texas

Amber Michelle Couch, 30, had already received a number of citations from the animal control department of Odessa, TX, related to her 150-pound pet mountain lion. The animal wasn't current on his vaccinations and his was too small for his size. Not only that, but the gaps in between the bars were too wide - a safety hazard to anyone who got close.

Sure enough, in October 2011, Couch's nephew got too close to the cage and the lion jabbed a paw through the gaps, lacerating the child's face and slashing his left side. The child survived the attack, but the lion was put down.

Humphrey The Hippo Ate His Owner

In 2011, former South African Army major Marius Els was killed after being savagely bitten by his pet hippopotamus, Humphrey. Els had adopted the 1.2-ton creature when it was just five months old, after the animal was rescued from a flood, and had attempted to domesticate it. "Humphrey's like a son to me, he's just like a human," he told a reporter earlier in the year, "there's a relationship between me and Humphrey and that's what some people don't understand."

Humphrey had already done his share of damage, breaking out of his pen many times, chasing golfers, and killing calves. African authorities caution people not to keep hippos as pets, as they're impossible to train, can run 30 miles per hour, and kill more people than almost every other wild animal combined.


A Camel In Heat Trampled Its Owner To Death

Australian Pam Weaver was given a camel for her 60th birthday, which isn't so strange given that she owned a large property full of cattle and sheep roaming about, as well. Of course, cows and sheep aren't camels. Shortly after starting its life as a pet, the camel repeatedly attempted to smother the family’s pet goat.

Then one evening, disaster struck, as the camel tried to mate with Weaver. After she fought the camel off, the animal knocked her over, stomped on her head, and lay on top of her, smothering her to death.


A Pet Deer Gored Its Owner

Texas resident Gerald Rushton ill-advisedly kept a 500-pound red stag deer in a pen in his backyard. Despite the fact that deer are illegal to keep in Texas and extremely dangerous, Rushton was attempting to domesticate the animal and keep it as a pet. The attempt failed, as the deer gored and trampled Rushton to death. Game wardens arrived on the scene and put the deer down, and Rushton was dead before making it to a hospital.

Gypsy The Burmese Python Strangled A Toddler To Death

In 2009, Jaren Hare and Charles Darnell owned a pet python named Gypsy that had already escaped close to a dozen times, as its cage was only covered by a quilt. But the Florida residents insisted on hanging onto it. That changed when the snake escaped again, and wrapped itself around Hare's two-year-old daughter and killed her. 

Animal experts believed the snake hadn't been fed in a month and was severely underweight when it tried to eat the girl. Hare and Darnell were arrested, and while their attorney tried to argue that the snake had always been docile, a jury convicted them of third-degree murder. They were each sent to prison for 12 years.

Teddy The Black Bear Killed His Owner While She Cleaned His Cage

The Walz family of Allentown, PA, had raised their 350-pound black bear Teddy since it was a cub. But even so, the bear attacked and killed Kelly Ann Walz as she was cleaning his cage. She made the mistake of cleaning the cage while Teddy was still in it, which apparently set him off. Neighbor children saw the attack, and their father shot and killed Teddy. Authorities soon discovered that Kelly's husband's license to keep and sell exotic animals had expired.

A Hoarder Was Bitten By His Pet Black Widow

A resident of Dortmund, Germany, Mark Voegel lived a solitary life in a small apartment, keeping the company only of the numerous insects and snakes he collected as pets. It was one of these, a black widow spider, that caused his demise. Apparently the heater on the tank he used to house his spiders had burst, allowing them to crawl free. A black widow bit Voegel and killed him, and in the two weeks it took for him to be found, his menagerie feasted on him. Hundreds of spiders, lizards, and snakes - along with countless termites - had eaten him, with webs draping his body, and bits of him scattered all around the apartment.


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Remember when gauging your ears was super cool and every bad boy with a pair of drain pipes and a Hot Topic gift card was stretching their earlobes to lengths not seen outside of the jungles of South America? If you never stretched your ears, it’s probably a good thing because there are a lot of side effects of ear stretching that no one deserves to go through. Aside from the possibility for intense pain, one of the main ear stretching side effects is a torrential amount of pus streaming from your ears. Yeah, no thanks. Similar to the awful tattoo horror stories we've all heard, there are scary piercing side effects that happen specifically to people who are trying to stretch their ears. As you’ll soon find out, even if you take excellent care of your ears, there are still ear gauge side effects that are completely out of your control, like rogue amphibious creatures and strange men with padlocks.

Most people who had that one friend who carried a skateboard everywhere has heard a few ear stretching horror stories, but none of them are likely to compare to the nightmares that have been collected here. If you have a weak stomach, you should munch on some dry toast while you read about all of the gross ear plug side effects that are listed here. If you have any issues with snakes, things being split in half, or infectious diseases, these ear plug horror stories are definitely going to trigger you in one way or another. If you’ve got gauges that you take care of and just want to gloat at a bunch of dummies who don’t know how to clean out their ears, then these stories are for you too. 

11 Horrible And Unexpected Consequences Of Stretching Your Ears,

Can You Deal With Deformed Ears?

If you're getting any kind of body modification you have to prepare yourself for the consequences of the thing you're doing to your body looking not great, or not turning out the way you want it to. Apparently no one briefed "Kathleen" on this whole thing because after she had a bunch of tissue removed from her earlobes with a process called "earlobe scalpelling" in order to make space for her jewelry she had immediate buyer's remorse. She wanted to fix her ears because she believes they're keeping her from being successful at her job in the service industry. 

Forcing Anything Will Lead To A Liquidy And Gross Future

It's been said before, but that doesn't make it any less true: if you don't think that your ears are ready to be stretched, then don't do it. And if you're prone to infections then maybe stretching your ears isn't for you, but Redditor seinlait isn't having any of that helpful information and they're not going to let a "liquidy and gross" earlobe stop them.

"I lubed up my silicone taper and pushed it through. It hurt like a bitch, but since I needed the taper to stretch my left ear, I put a silicone tunnel in. I didn't manage to do the left one until the next day because it was too painful (I know I should have stopped once the pain became too much but I just got too excited). Today my right ear was extremely painful. The entire lobe was red. towards the end of the day, I realized that it was all liquidy and gross. I went to the bathroom and noticed a ring of white/yellow pus oozing out from the flared ends of the tunnel." 

If You Go Too Fast, It Will Hurt SO Much

An anonymous user on BME.com shared a story about the many painful weeks that they put themselves through by stretching their ears out incorrectly and at too quickly of a rate. The worst mistake that this ear person made was by using a set of tapers to stretch their ears from a six to a zero on their own. Their novella length blog post makes it sound incredibly painful. "I pushed and I twisted for about ten minutes until I was all the way through. My ear hurt so badly. I waited the rest of the forty minute car ride to do the other. As soon as I got home, I went to the bathroom, cleaned off what I could of my right ear with saline and massaged it a bit with animal byproduct oil. And then I started on my other. It didn't seem as bad as my right ear did. But again it still was probably up in the top ten of the worst pains I'd ever felt."

A Python Got Stuck In This Woman's Ear Gauge

So what's the scariest thing you can imagine happening to your ear? How about a python getting stuck in your ear gauges? That's probably up there. In early 2017 Ashley Glawe, a 23 year old woman from Portland, Oregon (of course) posted a selfie that featured her pet python, Bart, stuck in one of her ear spacers. Initially she thought that the snake was trying to attack her, but when she found out that she was safe from attack she tried to squeeze the snake out with cooking oil. When that didn't work she called the fired department, and then she went to the Portland Adventist Hospital’s emergency room where doctors had to cut her ear a little to make some space for Bart the snake. No. Nope. No thank you. 


When Your Ears Start To Ooze, You Need To Cool It With Your Gauges

It might not be what you want to hear, but if you're shoving stuff into your body then there's a high probability that you're going to get an infection. One Yahoo user isn't going to let a little ear infection get in the way of their totally sick body modification. "Today it was extremely swollen so i took it out. along with it came a sh*itload of what I'm guessing was pus and blood. i cleaned it with h2ocean and it stopped oozing. I'm thinking tonight i will sleep with it out then tomorrow I'll put in a smaller size. Does this sound good?" No it does not.

You Become Vulnerable To All Kinds Of Pranks

Who doesn't love a good prank? Tom Matthews, a fellow from England, is probably the one guy who doesn't care for your shenanigans, at least not since someone padlocked his ear to a fence while he was having a cigarette. He wrote on Facebook: "Literally having a fag out back literally they came out heard a click turned round realised theyre [sic] was a padlock on my ear and tried to chase em." According to Matthews he was able to finally get the lock off with a pair of bolt cutters. 


You Could Wake Up On Any Random Morning With Swelling, Scabs, And Pus

In 2014 a Redditor woke up to a super gross ear infection that showed up out of nowhere. When they woke up one of their ears was scabbed up, bloody, and wet with pus - that's not what you want in an ear. He wrote on Reddit: "It's also very swollen and starting to scab over on both sides although I keep opening them out of fear of it closing and having to stretch back up from a smaller size." If ths is how your ear game is going then you might want to give it up altogether. 

You Could Accidentally Rip Your Earlobe In Half

This happened in 2015 when a young woman filmed herself stretching out her earlobes. Instead of turning off her recording device when her earlobe began to tear, she forced the 2.2cm taper into her earhole and ripped the lobe in half. This is one of the many cases where someone goes the DIY route when they should have just spent the money to have a professional do the job correctly. Learn from this girl, unless you want to split your ear in two - that's a fun look, right?

Wooden Plugs Can Carry All Sorts Of Bacteria Into Your Body

Back in 2010 YouTuber "WorkingClassBeauty" found out the hard way that you shouldn't jam wooden ear plugs into your piercings because they may contain bacteria. There's always that possibility that if you wear them in water they'll expand and let outside bacteria into your precious body. But that's not exactly what happened to WCB. She woke up one morning with wild ear pain and thought that it might be a blowout (where your ear turns inside out) and when she took out her wooden plugs her ears "puffed up," which is the number one sign that something is infected. Yikes. 

If You Go Nuts And Dry Plug Your Ears, You Could See Disastrous Results

Dry plugging certainly sounds painful, but it's probably even more painful if you don't wait until your ears heal before jamming new plugs into your lobes. Don't do this. According to Kelsey on the bodycandy blog, if you get too excited and start trying to jump sizes without listening to your body then you're going to be in trouble. "I purchased a pair of metal plugs, flared on the front and secured on the rear by an o-ring. When I went to put this in, my ear was less than happy to stretch, straight up refusing to.  Instead of expanding and wrapping around the new piece of jewelry like before, I ended up 'damaging' my ear with the sharp metal lip on the back of the plug. Simple as that you can blow out an ear."

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Ah, Goodwill! Who doesn’t love the thrill of sifting through moth-ball laden garments for the occasional treasure that promises to reveal itself to those who have the patience to really dig? Well, here we’ve collected a list of the weirdest items ever donated to a Goodwill store. You see, in the thrill of the hunt, many times you may never notice the bizarre collection of items you sift right past that are actually treasures in their own - albeit sometimes borderline creepy - right. Fear not however, for on display below you’ll find a collection of some of the weirdest things donated to Goodwill in all of thrift store history.

What can you donate to Goodwill? What will Goodwill accept? Well, as it turns out, anatomically correct fertility gods and sculptures made of doll heads are totally fair game! And so are stripper poles! We combed the web for the weirdest, tackiest, and just plain strange donations ever dropped off at a Goodwill thrift store, and the offerings did not disappoint. So the next time you’re just not sure where you’re going to pick-up a new coffin or that pig fetus to really tie you living room decorating scheme together, calm your nerves, and know that Goodwill has you covered.

The collection you’re about to experience comes from both Goodwill employees and customers alike, who just couldn’t resist snapping a photo of some of the craziest things people have donated throughout the years. As you wade through this list of the strangest and creepiest objects donated to Goodwill, you’ll find yourself basking in the glory of everything from the world’s creepiest art to things that might have been attempts at art but failed miserably.

So pull on that $2 cardigan and take a look at the strangest things people’s closets have coughed up over the years.

Weirdest Things Donated to Goodwill,

These Legs They Had Lyin' Around
Nothing says spring cleaning like tossing those pesky old body parts. Although, we must say it's rather thoughtful that some come with their own shoes.

This Poor Little Dude
Though animals aren't accepted as donations, this little guy was left overnight with a collection of other items. Thankfully the folks at Goodwill lived up to their name yet again and found him a loving home.

This Insanely Real-Looking Artificial Decomposing Leg
Thankfully, this ridiculously realistic looking rotting leg turned out to be fake, but not before it got a few screams out of the Fort Worth, TX Goodwill worker who discovered it.

The World's Most Unfortunately Shaped Piggy Bank
A Valentine's Day gift for the new husband who needs a hint about the maternal clock?

This Fertility God
Though he's since been censored with the Goodwill smiley face, apparently this donated fertility god's anatomy doesn't leave much to the imagination.

Yep, That's Definitely a Coffin
We only have two hopes concerning this donation item

1) That someone finds it and can use it for years... or centuries to come. 
2) That its unused.

This Crystal Ball
Unfortunately, it seems forever stuck on the fate of Batman alone.

This Accupuncture Illustration Doll
Need to know where to stick a needle? Apparently this lady has you covered.

This Live Grenade
Not only did this live grenade donation give a very real scare to employees at a Goodwill store in Texas, a professional had to be called in to disarm it.

This Priceless Piece of Work-Out History
Okay, we gotta admit, this is kind of absolutely fantastic.

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<![CDATA[15 Times Wild Animals Actually Saved Humans]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/wild-animals-who-have-saved-humans/anabel-conner
When we think of wild animals, we generally consider one or two scenarios: increasing conflicts with them as humans encroach on the places they live and our response to the situation, or animal rescue missions to save them from a myriad of perils. There are many situations in which human beings need to solve the plight of an animal or go out on a limb to save their lives. These tales of rescue are often some of our favorite and most heartwarming animal stories.

However, what about when the tables have turned and a person finds themselves in harms way without help nearby? One would think a human could hardly count on the help of a wild animal to save their lives, but incredibly, it has happened. Dolphins, gorillas, lions... all have crossed the imaginary lines of what is expected from the animal kingdom and have displayed extraordinary humanity to perform amazing acts of courage and kindness. The fact that wild animals are also capable of compassion and understanding shouldn't be too difficult to accept. Suspend your feelings of disbelief, and enjoy these inspirational and heroic true stories of wild animals saving humans!

15 Times Wild Animals Actually Saved Humans,

Gorilla Saved Toddler From Attack
In August of 1996 at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago, a 3-year-old boy fell 18 feet into a gorilla enclosure, sustaining a rather severe head injury. Binti Jua, a female Lowland Gorilla, protected the boy from the other gorillas, who are notoriously territorial. She then cradled him in her arms and carried him 60 feet to an entrance where zoo employees and medical personnel waited to treat his injuries.

Source: Chicago Tribune

Beavers Comfort and Save Boy Freezing to Death
Rheal Guindon of Ontario, Canada, was on a camping trip with his parents in when they decided to go out in the boat to go fishing. Rheal stayed on shore, but was horrified when he witnessed the boat tip over and his parents struggle in the water and drown. He walked toward the nearest town to get help, but when the sun set, he realized he would have to spend the night on the cold, damp ground. As he lay there crying, he felt a warm, furry body press up against him, which he thought was probably a dog. Delirious from his ordeal, he fell asleep. In the morning, he awoke to find three wild beavers huddled against him and across his body. They had saved him from freezing to death overnight when the temperatures dipped below zero.

Source: Laland, Stephanie. Peaceful Kingdom: Random Acts of Kindness By Animals, Conari Press, 1997. Google Books. Web.
Silverback Gorilla Protects Injured Boy
In 1986, Jambo, a male Silverback Gorilla, saved a young boy named Levan Merritt when he fell 12 feet onto a concrete slab in the gorilla enclosure at Jersey Zoo, cracking his skull and falling unconscious. Although male Silverbacks are thought to be incredibly hostile, Jambo stood guard over the boy, placing himself between him and the other gorillas. He later stroked the unconscious boy's back and led the other gorillas away and into an enclosure when the boy gained consciousness, allowing for his rescue by an emergency medical team.

Source: Foundation TV

Dolphins Rescue Surfer Wounded by Shark
During an incident in 2007, a monster Great White shark had already attacked Monterey, California, surfer Todd Endris three times, peeling the skin from his back and shearing his right leg to the bone, when a circle of dolphins appeared. The small pod surrounded him, protecting him from further danger, and guided him back to the shore.

Source: Today.com

Elephant Saves Girl From Tsunami
During the 2004 tsunami in Thailand, an 8-year-old girl named Amber Mason was kept from drowning and was sheltered from the waves by an elephant. As the initial wave struck, the elephant took Amber on its back and ran for higher ground. It also created a protective wall around Amber by turning its back to the wave. The girl's family credit the elephant with saving her life, as she would have been separated from them and drowned otherwise.

Source: BBC News

Sea Lion Helps Man Who Jumped Off Golden Gate Bridge
Cases of surviving a deliberate plunge off of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge are very rare, but perhaps they might occur more often if a helpful sea lion would show up. This is what happened when 19-year-old Kevin Hines decided to jump in September of 2006. Miraculously, he survived the 25-story plunge, but the impact of the water broke his back and shattered vertebrae, and the overwhelming pain rendered him unable to tread water. But before he started to sink, something brushed his legs. A sea lion was circling him, nudging him, and keeping him above water. Authorities were able to get to him and pull him out of the water, but he surely would have drown due to his injuries had he not been buoyed. 

Sources: SF Gate, Kevin Hines
Seal Saves Man From Shark Attack
In 2011 in Cape Town, South Africa, British tourist Michael Cohen was attacked by a shark and lost almost two gallons of blood after having his right leg severed and his left leg bitten through. As two men swam out to rescue him, the shark geared up for a second attack, when a seal suddenly appeared and started circling the three men. The seal continued circling, warding off any further attack, until all three made it safely to shore.

Source: Mirror
A Pod of Dolphins and Two Whales Rescue Marooned Fisherman
In 2008 in the Philippines, Ronnie Dabal was fishing for tuna in Puerto Princesa Bay when his boat was upset in a squall. Dabal battled relentless waves for 24 hours perched atop of a piece of Styrofoam, but lost his strength to exhaustion as it became dark. Suddenly, a pod of 30 dolphins and two whales flanked his sides and began nudging his raft to shore. They nudged him all the way to the safety of the beach of Barangay.

Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer

Beluga Whale Rescues Drowning Diver
At the Polar Land Aquarium in Harbin, China, in 2009, diver Yang Yun took part in a free-diving competition to apply for a whale training job offered there. While diving in the freezing water, she developed a cramp in her leg and found herself unable to swim to safety. Mila, one of the two beluga whales in the tank, noticed Yun's distress and came to her rescue, by grabbing her leg in her mouth and forcefully pushing her up to the surface, saving her life.

Source: The Daily Mail

Lions Foil Kidnapping Plot
In 2005, a 12-year-old Ethiopian girl was reportedly saved from a group of kidnappers by three lions. Seven men had abducted the girl, holding her captive for over a week, to try and force her into marrying one of them. They had beaten and assaulted her repeatedly, but the potential man-eating felines apparently chased off the men and stood guard over the girl for half a day until the police and her family came.

Source: BBC News

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What is it about staircases and stairwells? They're straight up creepy. Is it because of their inherent ability to trap a person? Their perpetual mystery, because you never know what's lurking at the top or bottom, or even underneath those creaking steps? Whatever the reason, real-life stories of creepy stairs and stairwells pop up in the news often, perpetuating their natural creepiness. Here are ten such tales of creepy things found in stairwells and staircases to keep you on the ground floor for some time. 
The Creepiest Things Ever Found in Stairwells and Staircases,

Creepy Safe Yields Treasure
In May 2013, while cleaning their grandparents's old farmhouse, a family in Tennessee discovered a safe hidden beneath an old rug in a closet behind the staircase. When they cracked it, they found rare coins, silver bars, jewelry, and tons of cash. Unforutnately, some of the treasure was damaged due to a pipe leak, but the find was nonetheless outstanding.
Body Found in Apartment Stairwell
A 28-year-old woman was found dead underneath an apartment building stairwell in Fenton, MI on September 8, 2015. No foul play was suspected, though, curiously, the woman had moved away from the complex a few days prior, leaving investigators clueless as to how she ended up there.
A Sea Lion Pup
In June 2016, police responded to reports of a distressed sea lion pup wandering around Ocean Beach, CA, not far from San Francisco. Officers found the pup shivering in a stairwell. The sea lion immediately nuzzled up to the officers for warmth, and the police women kept the animal company until representatives from the Marine Mammal Center of California arrived to fetch him. But come on. A sea lion in a staircase? That's weird. 
Missing Woman Discovered in Rarely Used Stairwell
British-born Lynne Spalding checked into San Francisco General Hospital on September 19, 2013, for a urinary tract infection. She became disoriented from her medications and, despite showing signs of improvement, disappeared from her bed two days later.  

More than two weeks passed before Spalding was finally discovered dead inside a rarely used stairwell. More perplexing is that the only door leading to this stairwell is connected to an alarm that should sound if opened, so how exactly Spalding ended up there is a mystery.
A Possible Torture Room
Reddit user hand_banana posted this image thread of a secret room discovered underneath the stairs in a fixer-upper house. In addition to the creepy poster of the woman's eye, there were scraps of paper with "such pain" and "like the tears" scribbled on them. The door to the room locks from the outside. Is this a macabre prank left by the previous owners, or something far more sinister?
Fetus Discovered in Housing Project Stairwell
Little information surfaced in June 2015 when a fetus was discovered in a Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn housing project. Though the likely scenario should be apparent, verifiable details on how the fetus wound up there never materialized.
A Gigantic Knife
In February 2014, police responded to reports of youths smoking marijuana near an abandoned stairwell in Elephant and Castle, London. The teens fled the scene, and MP Sergeant David Hunt made a startling discovery: a 15-inch knife.  

Hunt posed with a photo, which was uploaded to the Borough's official Twitter feed, with the caption, "Just seized this knife maybe saved another life? Unfortunately didn't catch the youth carrying it".
Creepy Ghost Stairwell Attack
A video from May 2016 purportedly shows a man attacked by a shadowy, maybe non-human figure, in a stairwell. His friend watches in horror for a moment, then intervenes, breaking up the ghostly attack. Is it a hoax? Signs point to yes, but you be the judge...
Boy Starved Inside Staircase Closet
Bradley and Tammi Bleymeyer were charged with a felony in March 2014, when they were discovered keeping their five-year-old son imprisoned in a closet under the stairs. They gave him one piece of bread and a glass of water every day. 

Bradley, the boy's biological father (Tammi is his stepmother), drugged the boy to keep him quiet when guests were over. At the time of his discovery, Jordan weighed just 29 pounds. Fortunately, he survived the ordeal.
A Ghost at the Stanley Hotel
If you're familiar with the story behind Stephen King's novel The Shining, you know King based the Overlook Hotel on the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO, where King had a very strange stay years ago. In April 2016, photographic evidence of haunting surfaced.  

A Houston man, Henry Yau, taking a panorama photo of the grand staircase at the Stanley, captured what appears to be a ghost standing on the first landing. Is it an optical illusion, or should we start hiding all the croquet mallets and axes?

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Cannibalism has been an existing taboo for millennia. The consumption of human flesh by other human beings is generally frowned upon as barbaric and immoral. But what happens to this perspective when the person consuming human meat is eating parts of their own body?

As depraved as cannibalism is, bizarre cases of self-cannibalism are almost worst. What is self-cannibalism? It's gruesome self-inflicted wounds where people choose to eat themselves. The desire to taste human flesh is already pretty strange, adding the element of eating yourself makes this type of fantasy even darker. 

Check out these horror stories about self-cannibalism and decide for yourself.

9 Gut-Churning Cases Of Self-Cannibalism,

Man Makes Meatballs From Liposuction Fat

Artist Marco Evaristti took fat removed from his body by liposuction, mixed it with ground beef to make meatballs, and fried them in olive oil. They were displayed in a public gallery as 13 cans of meat placed on a long table. The work is supposed to reflect Christ's last supper, while illustrating the modern obsession that is the imbalance of food and weight. Evaristti had 12 people eat the meatballs alongside him when the work was displayed in Chile. 


Motorcyclist Tastes His Amputated Finger

David Playpenz of Colchester, Essex damaged his hand in a motorcycle accident. When he showed it to doctors days later, one of his fingers was black. After its amputation, Playpenz asked to take his finger home. Though cannibalism is illegal, Playpenz realized no one could arrest him for eating his own flesh, so out of curiosity he decided to boil and eat his amputated finger. He has kept the bones in a box ever since.




Man Cooks And Serves Guests His Severed Genitalia

Mao Sugiyama, a self-proclaimed asexual, underwent surgery to have his genitals removed in 2012. He brought his frozen penis and scrotum home before offering them as a meal on Twitter. His tweet attracted so much attention that an event was organized in Tokyo where portions of his severed genitalia were cooked in front of dining guests. Each portion was garnished with mushrooms and parsley. Five of the diners paid $250 to try his bits, which he cooked himself. Police launched an investigation into the incident, but ultimately declined to press charges. 

Prisoner Pulls Out His Eye And Eats It

Texas death row inmate Andre Thomas killed his estranged wife and two kids in 2004. While behind bars, Thomas gouged out both of his eyes on two separate occasions. His popped out his left eye and he ate it, leaving himself blind. He was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia after exhibiting strange behaviors - including eating his own eye, attempting suicide, and talking about demons. This led to a debate about whether Thomas should be executed or not. As of February 2017, he doesn't have a scheduled date of execution. 

Artist Boils Damaged Hip Bone And Eats The Leftover Meat

When Alexander Selvik Wengshoel needed to have his damaged hip replaced, not only did he manage to get the surgery on video, but he was also able to retain the still-fleshy bone (as a souvenir of sorts). Upon taking it home he boiled it, scraped off the meat, and decided on a whim to try a piece. Then he decided to enjoy it all with potato gratin and wine. When asked about its flavor, Wengshoel stated, "It was goaty." When asked why, he claims that it was for art.

Scientist "Tastes" Own Leg Through Biopsy

BBC presenter Greg Foot couldn't help but wonder what his own muscle might taste like, so he conducted a bizarre experiment to find out. Foot removed a portion of his thigh in order to compare it to animal meats. He cooked the biopsy of his thigh, smelled it, and then created a burger comparable to what his own flesh would taste like - through smell. According to researchers, the aroma accounted for about 80 percent of the actual taste. When asked about the taste, Foot replied, "It's pretty beefy,  a bit lamby."

A German Man Agreed To Cut Off His Penis And Eat It With His Lover

In 2001 German man Bernd Jürgen Brande offered himself up to be eaten alive in an online forum. Soon after meeting with Armin Meiwes, Brande agreed to let Meiwes cut off his penis. The two attempted to eat it raw, but found that it was “chewy.” Meiwes then fried the penis up in some of Brandes’s fat, but charred it beyond edibility. In the end, Meiwes fed chunks of it to his dog before eventually killing Brandes and eating 44 pounds of his body.

Victim Eats Ear In Self Defense

Brendan Higginbotham feared for his life while at the mercy of violent criminals. He was ambushed at a vacant property in County Kildare, Ireland. The men tied a rope around his neck and bound his arms and legs before beating him with a sledgehammer and iron bars. They also sliced a portion of Higginbotham's right ear off and forced him to eat it. He lost half of his right ear and had to undergo plastic surgery.

PCP User Chews Off And Swallows His Finger

Jargget Washington of Jersey City was taken to the Jersey City Medical Center for evaluation in 2012 after stripping naked and trying to pull a driver out of a car. Soon after, he ate his medical bracelet and attempted to free himself from handcuffs by chewing on his wrists. While being transported to jail, he defecated in the police cruiser - probably to make room for this next bit. Once Washington got into the jail, he gnawed off one of his fingers and swallowed it. It is believed that he was high on PCP.

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We’ve all done our share of Internet searching, stalking, and creeping. But a few social media experts have taken it a step further: they've used their online profiles to kill. In a world ruled by digital communication, posting the wrong status update can be fatal. These are the thirteen most ridiculous cases of social networking turned deadly.

Deaths caused by social media? No, we don't mean choking on your pizza while cruising Facebook. These social media deaths were caused by everything from relationship status changes on Facebook to cat-fishing at its best/worst to real murderers who found victims online. These are some of the most deranged and crazy things people have done on social media sites. (Oh, and Craigslist doesn't count because that's not as much of a social network as it is a cesspool.) Are murders the newest and most dangers social media trend? You have to read to find out! Enjoy.

The 20 Craziest Deaths Caused by Social Media,

Being Grounded from MySpace Drives Teen to Shoot His Dad
When a normal 15-year-old is forbidden to use his favorite social networking site, they might write poetry in their journal lamenting the fact that no one ‘gets’ them. Maybe he complains about his inherent need for digital ‘connection,’ or that his black fingernail polish is flaking off in the shower.

But when decidedly not-normal 15-year-old Hughstan Schlicker’s parents banned him from using MySpace, he killed his dad with a 12-gauge shotgun and, most likely, deleted him from his Top 8.

To the the father's credit, the kid had been threatening to kill himself for weeks on MySpace. While that is a good enough reason to take his Internet away, it may have actually been a great warning sign that the kid had some serious issues... As it turned out, taking away his Internet was not a super helpful punishment.

Being cut off from the digital world, according to Schlicker, "felt like I was stabbed with a knife and it went straight through and no matter how hard I pulled, I couldn’t pull out the knife..."

But one day, this seriously disturbed kid called in sick from school, faking his dad's voice a la a kid in an '80s movie. In fact, he stayed home from school to kill himself, like the same way most people stay home to sleep or watch The Price is Right for five straight hours. And to his credit, Schlicker really meant to kill himself, but with all that thinking time on his hands, he accidentally came up with a little game, a little plan: If his father came home after 4:00 PM, he wouldn't kill himself - he'd kill his dad instead. (This kid really would've made a great Batman villain.)

Obviously, his dad got home early, so the kid went into the kitchen and shot him in the back of the head. He called a friend (which is really what he should've done instead of going crazy about not being able to update his MySpace - people had friends before the Internet, I think) who convinced him to turn himself in instead of killing himself.

All of this just because this kid couldn't update his MySpace. In 2008.

Dad Murders Ex-Wife to Stop Her Child Support FB Posts

Adam had had enough of ex-wife Lisa’s passive-aggressive Facebook posts about his child support payments, so he cut the passive and just got aggressive. One evening, he beat her with a hammer before slashing her neck. Then he left her body for the couple’s five-year-old son to discover the next day.

Stickin’ it to the child support system by traumatizing your kid for life? That’s about as low as you can get on the logical totem pole.
WHY DIDN'T HE JUST BLOCK HER? Kids, please teach your parents how to use the Internet. It saves lives.


Man Kills His Friend for "Poking" His Girlfriend
Scott Humphrey, 27, was sent to jail after he repeatedly punched his friend, Richard Rovetto, 29, in a cab on the way back from a guys' night. Why was Humphrey so upset? Evidently, Rovetto had "poked" Humphrey's girlfriend on Facebook. Rovetto claimed that he didn't know the woman was Humphrey's girlfriend.

The punches caused Rovetto to bleed profusely. He died when Humphrey pushed him to the ground, causing him to hit his head on the pavement. Humphrey fled the scene, but later turned himself in, admitted to manslaughter, and was jailed for four years, four months. 

MySpace "Horror Core" Rapper Brings His Lyrics to Life
Richard Alden Samuel McCroskey III, age 20, was a self-styled ‘Horrorcore’ rapper from a small town in Virginia called— wait for it — Farmville. Yes, Farmville. No really, there’s a real-live town in Virginia called Farmville, and this is where the whole story took place.

Realizing that nobody actively follows (or likes) bands on Facebook, McCroskey turned to Myspace (which should have been the first time that he was in trouble). On this Internet wasteland, he posted some of his profound musical stylings under the name ‘Syko Sam.

 Sample lyrics:
"You’re not the first, just to let you know
I’ve killed many people and I kill them real slow
It’s the best feeling, watching their last breath
Stabbing and stabbing till there’s nothing left"

which proved to be just a little incriminating when he was accused of killing off four Farmville citizens. Once again, these were real people, with normal sized heads, who looked nothing like this:

Syko Sam's victims were his own girlfriend, Emma Neiderbrock (16), her best friend, Melanie Wells (18), and her parents, Pastor Mark Neiderbrock (50) and Dr. Debra Kelley (53). Their bodies were found at the Neiderbrock home having been bludgeoned to death with a hammer and maul while they slept.

A friend and fellow horrorcore rapper claimed, "You would never, ever imagine that kid even being a suspect."

So, here are some more of Syko Sam's lyrics:

Blood, death murder, and rape
I like to mutilate and take em back to my place
Kill and slash, yeah, I'm coming for your ass
I'm a cannibal, use your body as food
Yeah you're gonna die and your body will decay
As I leave you dying in this dark alleyway

At least he's direct. McCroskey pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life in prison for the murders.

Creepy Facebook Death Lists Kill Off Colombian Teens
This one's a little convoluted in its madness.

When three Colombian teens were found shot to death without any obvious reason, it was just the beginning of a digital reign of terror straight out of a bad, straight-to-DVD horror movie sequel. Get this: Five days later, the names of the dead teens showed up on a mysterious Facebook ‘death list.’

When another teenager named on the list was killed three days later, more lists were posted, and leaflets were placed on cars asking the families of kids on the list to leave town within three days or see their children killed.

"Need to protect our youth," a local named Juan David Sepulveda Tweeted at the time, but the police — aside from suspecting gang activity — were at a loss. Was it a cruel prank? A twisted social-media-savvy serial killer? To this day, nobody knows - at least no one willing to speak up. The killings stopped after most of the kids on the ‘death lists’ fled town.

Middle-Aged Woman Seduces Teenage Boys With Fantasy Facebook Profiles, Then Kills Them Off
The craziest, most ridiculous social networking killer wasn’t actually a killer at all. The only murders this woman committed took place in her own deranged imagination.

In a twisted, sadistic scheme taken to bizarre extremes, 28 year-old New Zealander Natalia Burgess spent months creating Facebook and Bebo profiles for (fake) attractive teenage girls. She gave them very specific, very fancy names, like "Jordz Williams," "Becca Maria Jullienne," and "Abby Jane Zoe William." No word on whether she went overboard with a baby name book or just imagined these fictitious chicks as strippers. Her goal: Seducing dozens of teen schoolboys into online relationships.

As if that wasn’t I-Belong-on-To-Catch-a-Predator enough, Natalia would then ‘kill off’ the fake girls in tragic accidents or suicides, using other made-up personas to break the news on - you guessed it - Facebook. The girls' online boyfriends were traumatized and devastated.

Over 40 teen boys have been identified as victims of her Internet mind games. First, she gave them what they never thought they’d have, and then she delivered sheer horror. Her deranged manipulation was discovered only when another 22-year-old woman found her own photographs in an online memorial video for one of these fake Internet hotties, a girl named "Abby."

Natalia Burgess was sentenced to two years and two months in prison.
Man Tweets About Killing His BFF
Childhood friends Jameg Blake and Kwame Dancy had been exchanging heated 140-character insults on Twitter for days over a woman both men liked. It really goes to show that classic sitcoms have misled us all: Three is actually a crowd.

Just hours before a fatal IRL confrontation in the luxury NYC high-rise where the 22 year-olds lived on the same floor, Kwame taunted Jameg online. He tweeted, "N****a is lookin for you don’t think I won’t give up ya address for a price betta chill asap!"

Jameg Blake did not "chill."

Instead, he used a shotgun to shoot his former BFF in the neck, killing him. Immediately after, he tweeted, "R.I.P. Kwame." 


Kwame’s mom, Madeline Smith, was pretty freaked. "That’s not a reason to shoot somebody. That’s crazy. I don’t know what’s going on with that Twitter thing." Protip: talking about killing your best friend probably won’t get you on the Trending Topics. At least not before you get picked up for murder.

Blake pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to 21 years in prison. Another thing Kwame's mom said: "I hope my son's face haunts you for the rest of your life."

Wife Killed For Changing FB Status to Single
Even "adults" aren’t immune from crimes of murderous cyber jealousy. One day, Edward Richardson’s 26 year-old wife, Sarah, decided to change her relationship status from ‘married’ to ‘single.’

Now, this would piss off most married men - but since this couple was actually already kind of, y'know, separated, she probably didn’t see it as a big deal.
Edward Richardson felt differently.

After their separation, Sarah decided to move back in with her parents, like every 26-year-old who’s made a terrible mistake tends to do.

Unfortunately for her, Edward decided to pull the old "sneak into the parents’ bedroom" trick, only this time, he snuck in to stab her to death… over her Facebook status. More accurately: He killed her because she changed her Facebook status. This is really the craziest part.

After he committed this brutal, spurred-by-hatred-of-Facebook-status-accuracy crime, Edward ended up killing himself (probably ruining a perfectly nice bedroom rug in the process).

All over a Facebook status change. Just so we’re clear. WTF.

Facebook Love Triangle Results in High-Speed Car Chase, Death
You’d think a Facebook feud couldn’t lead to much worse than some unflattering tags and a few deleted wall posts. At the very worst, one might have to delete her profile, start a new one, and have to do a mass re-Friending-of-shame, right?

Well, for Torrie Lynn Emery, 23, and Danielle Booth, 20, it led to a deadly high-speed car chase. 

The two women had been fighting on Facebook for months (over a guy, natch). When Torrie saw Danielle driving with a friend, she pursued them across town. She rammed their car several times until the others car's driver, Alesha Abernathy, ran a red light and was hit by a truck. Abernathy died instantly. Oh, also, Torrie's three year-old kid was in the backseat of her own car the whole time.

The dude they were fighting over had been in jail for over a year. But considering Torrie’s about to be joining him, guess she’s sort of… won? All it took was a little second degree murder.

Tracy Emery, Torrie’s mother, said tearfully, "She made a mistake, but her intentions weren’t to kill nobody. Her intentions were to fight." All things considered, she probably should have kept that particular fight to flirtatious passive-aggressive Facebook poking.

Ex-Girlfriend Gets Murderous Over MySpace Photos
File this one under ‘Reasons Why Flaunting Your New Relationship on the Internet Might Not Be the Best Idea,’ as it might just lead to you being brutally murdered by your partner’s crazy ex:

Sarah Ludemann and Rachel Wade had a vicious Internet battle. In the months leading up to her murder, new squeeze Sarah kept posting gloating photos of herself with new boy-toy Josh, even though his ex-girlfriend, Rachel, repeatedly asked her to plz stahp. The two gals played a little harassment cat-and-mouse, dropping threatenings F-bombs into each others' voicemails, and Rachel even punched Sarah in the face a time or two.

Legit voicemail transcript: "Please tell me Sarah why you would be a dumb-a** c*nt and put a brand new picture of you and Josh at the beach on your MySpace. Seriously, I told you to watch your f*cking back and not to f*cking chill with him. I’m guaranteeing you that I’m going to f*cking murder you, I’m letting you know that now."

Apparently, the best reply to this would've been, "Thanks for the heads up, girl!"

Note: this all probably happened because of this dude's Twilight-caliber abs, or because they liked fighting over who was going to clean his mirror next.

Anyhoo, one night, Sarah went over to Rachel's house to taunt her a little more. After some squabbling, Rachel stabbed her in the chest with a kitchen knife, and was then like, "I'm done."

After being sentenced to 27 years in prison, Rachel revised her stance on cyber ‘communication’: "It’s almost like you can threaten something or say whatever you want and possibly scare them and you don’t have to face them at that moment." When you do face them, of course, arming yourself with a kitchen knife is strictly optional.


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Worst Person of the Week believes some things are just wrong - and that no amount of spin, excuse, or justification can make them right. Groping and pepper-spraying a woman? Wrong. Hijacking a plane, even if you did it for love? Wrong. Biting flight attendants because they want you to stop doing yoga on a plane? Wrong.

Sadly, all of these people and more made this week's list of awful, terrible people. Naturally, Donald Trump's menagerie of bizarre comments about abortion and nuking Europe get him on the list. And the Lakers player who narced on his teammate stepping out on his girlfriend is here too. And the Louisiana state rep who passionately believes kids should be taught the planet is 6,000 years old. They're all here. Because some things are just wrong.

As always, vote up the people who were the dumbest and worst this week - and don't be shy, because you can vote for everyone.

Who Is the Worst Person of the Week? (March 28-April 3),

Donald Trump
What Happened: Candidate Donald had an exceptionally terrible week on the campaign trail, blaming an assault victim for her bruises, suggesting scuttling the Geneva Convention, revealing a string of positions on abortion that all contradict each other, and not saying he wouldn't use nuclear weapons in Europe.

The Details: Trump has made this list so many times he'd have to kick a puppy to get the most votes. But this week was so bad for Trump that he could make his own list. First, he stood by his arrested-for-battery campaign manager, saying of assault victim Michelle Fields, "How do you know those bruises weren’t there before? I’m not a lawyer." He then claimed that the attack on her was justified because she might have been approaching him with "a little bomb or knife." Because reporters often blow up the subjects of their reporting.

Minutes later, during the same interview with Anderson Cooper, he declared that there would be riots if he doesn't secure the Republican nomination, and that he'll be utterly unable to stop them.

The next day, he claimed that the Geneva Convention was saddling US troops with anti- head-chopping-off rules that make Americans afraid to fight, and should be "changed." Hours later, in an MSNBC town hall, he vowed he wouldn't take American use of nuclear weapons in Europe off the table.

Finally, there was his deluge of positions on abortion. First he claimed that he would make abortion illegal, called for women to have back alley abortions, and that he would "punish" any women who receive them. He then issued a nonsensical statement that the issue is "unclear" and should be "put back into" the states. Then he issued another statement saying that if abortion were illegal, doctors would be punished, not women.

Got all that? Good, because there's seven more months of this insanity left.

D'Angelo Russell
What Happened: The Los Angeles Lakers rookie secretly took video of teammate Nick Young bragging about cheating on his fiance, then leaked it to a celebrity gossip website.

The Details: If there's one code that's even more inviolable than guy code, it's locker room code. Violate that, and you're in a world of hurt. And so it goes for Russell, who secretly recorded Young answering his questions about women while they were in a hotel room on the road, which ended with Young talking about hooking up with a girl at a club.

Young happens to be engaged to Australian rapper Iggy Azalea. So when the video hit social media after Russell sent it to celeb gossip site Fameolous, the Internet collectively lost its mind. The Lakers, who are already in the midst of a dismal season, rallied around Young, and have reportedly frozen Russell out, refusing to speak to him or interact with him outside of game situations.

Whoever Runs the State Department's Twitter
What Happened: The State Department's @TravelGov account tweeted the amazingly sexist message "Not a ‘10’ in the US? Then not a 10 overseas. Beware of being lured into buying expensive drinks or worse - being robbed. #springbreakingbadly" implying that unattractive women can be tricked unto getting robbed and roofied through flattery.

The Details: Certain official government social media accounts, such as the CIA's official Twitter, have shown a cheeky sense of humor. Even the government can fall victim to social media's lack of context, however. While the message was clearly intended to warn women of foreign men trying to rob them while vacationing, instead it came off like a jerky way of saying that if you aren't hit on at home, you won't be hit on abroad. Basically, it was a travel warning for people who aren't hot.

The tweet was swiftly decried as sexist, demeaning, and gross. The @TravelGov account, however, stood by it, claiming that it was meant to apply to both genders, and was intended simply to warn people. But the outrage prevailed, and the tweet was deleted.

Sen. John Milkovich
What Happened: Louisiana Democratic state senator John Milkovich passionately argued at a meeting of the state's Senate Education Committee for the teaching of Bible-based creationism alongside evidence-based evolution - despite the fact that it's unconstitutional.

The Details: In 1987, the US Supreme Court struck down public schools enforcing "balanced" teaching of evolution and creationism, as creationism is based in religion and therefore blurs the line between church and state. Even so, the Louisiana Education Committee voted 4-2 to keep the state’s unenforceable “Balanced Treatment for Creation-Science Act,” which was passed in 1981.

The most vocal defender of the Act was Milkovich, who was forced to justify the law by, of all things, a Republican state senator attempting to clean up Louisiana's education statutes. Milkovich asked those who advocated repealing the law, "if you are equipped to acknowledge this, or have the background that in fact, scientific research and developments and advances in the last hundred years - particularly the last 50, 20, ten years - have validated the Biblical story of creation." He also added  that “the notion of instantaneous creation has been validated by the scientific study of heliocentric circles in rocks.”

Needless to say, this isn't actually true. The "heliocentric circles" he refers to are actually radiohalos, or banded discolorations in rocks often used by creationists as "proof" of God creating the world 6,000 years ago. Even when the session moved on, Milkovich circled back to Bible-based teaching, linking the alleged decline of morality in children to taking God out of public schools.

Dean Angelo
What Happened: Angelo is the president of Chicago's Fraternal Order of Police, and recently revealed that he hired disgraced ex-cop Jason Van Dyke as a janitor - despite Van Dyke facing first-degree murder charges.

The Details: Van Dyke is the white Chicago cop charged with murder after firing 16 shots into a knife-wielding black teenager Laquan Macdonald in 2014. The subsequent investigation led to the firing of Chicago's police superintendent, as well as Van Dyke's dismissal and arrest. Angelo was initially confronted by a local paper and denied Van Dyke had been hired, but then thought about it and decided it was good idea.

Van Dyke was then hired at $12/hour to be a jack of all trades in the FOP building - a move that other FOP members opposed. Also opposing the move were local activists, who called it outrageous. Angelo maintained that the union would do the same for any other ex-cop, and that Van Dyke was facing serious financial problems.

Hyongtae Pae
What Happened: Pae is an elderly Korean man who forced a Honolulu-Tokyo flight to turn around because he refused to stop doing yoga in the aisle, then attacked passengers and flight crew members.

The Details: While long oceanic flights can do strange things to anyone, the case of a 72-year-old retired farmer Hyongtae Pae goes above and beyond. According to the complaint against him, Pae refused to return to his seat during meal service. Instead he stayed in the aisle performing yoga poses. That's when things got ugly.

Pae's wife asked him to sit down, prompting him to shove her. When several Marines on the flight intervened, he began "biting and head-butting" them. Finally, while screaming "There is no God," Pae had to be held down by passengers and was forcibly put into his seat, with his hands and feet restrained. The flight turned around, stranding dozens of travelers. Pae claimed he hadn't slept in a week and was placed on suicide watch in Honolulu.

Two Jackasses at a Wisconsin Trump Rally
What Happened: Janesville, WI, police are investigating an incident involving two different men, one of whom allegedly grabbed the breasts of a 15-year-old girl protesting at a Trump rally, and the other who pepper sprayed her when she fought back.

The Details: According to both police accounts and video taken at the protest, one of the men in the crowd, a middle aged man with a mustache, was arguing with the girl and groped her. The girl shouted back “You were touching my breast! You f----- touched my chest" and then shoved him. A younger man in a ubiquitous red "Make America Great Again" hat then pepper sprayed her in the face. As she staggered out of the crowd, others screamed at her, calling her a "goddamn communist n----- lover.” Whatever that is.

Police are currently looking for the pepper sprayer, but have already spoken to the alleged groper. The investigation is ongoing, and no charges have been filed yet.

Seif El Din Mustafa
What Happened: Mustafa hijacked an EgyptAir flight and took over 60 people hostage while demanding the plane land in Cyprus. Except the bomb vest he was wearing was fake, and he pulled the whole stunt to see his ex-wife.

The Details: Worst Person of the Week has a clear anti-hijacking stance. And normally, taking people hostage by threatening to blow them into atoms is nothing to laugh about. Mustafa, though, isn't so much a terrorist as a love-struck idiot, putting on a fake bomb, holding the entire manifest for ransom, and demanding asylum - all in a bid to get to get to Cyprus to win his ex back.

Mustafa apparently wanted to deliver a message to her in person, and had an envelope that contained a letter. But to do so, he took the plane hostage, and once it landed in Cyrpus, demanded police leave so he could release the women and children first. Finally, after a six hour standoff, and with no more hostages to release, Mustafa was taken into custody peacefully.

A bonus goes to Ben Innes, the English traveler who took a selfie with the bewildered faux bomber as the crisis dragged on and shared it on WhatsApp. Because, hey, if you're being held hostage, might as well grab a selfie.

Wed, 30 Mar 2016 08:37:41 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/worst-person-of-the-week-040116/mike-rothschild
<![CDATA[People Who Posed as Cops to Commit Horrible Crimes]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/pretend-cops/christopher-shultz
The 2014 movie Let's Be Cops depicts police officer impersonation as a hilarious, almost carefree folly that comes with no real consequences. In reality, though, impersonating a cop is a federal crime, and one that real law enforcement officers don't take lightly. The suspects involved in most police impersonation cases aren't doing it to get girlfriends or whatever was going on in Let's Be Cops. Their goals are far more sinister. Most cop impersonators pretend to be officers in order to commit other criminal activity and to perpetrate downright repugnant acts. These true crime stories of criminals posing as police officers will definitely not make you laugh. Instead, they'll probably leave you wondering whether or not the guy pulling you over is a total fake.
People Who Posed as Cops to Commit Horrible Crimes,

Fake Cop Murders Woman in Church
In April of 2016, a man dressed as a cop broke into Creekside Church of Christ in Texas, and murdered fitness trainer Missy Bevers. According to police, the assailant was wearing a black helmet, black gloves, and a vest marked "POLICE" when he forcibly entered the church and found Bevers. The man seemed to be looking for something, although whether it was the mother of three was unclear.

After reviewing surveillance video, Sargeant Nick Harp said, "“He certainly doesn’t display the characteristics of somebody who is trying to burglarize a place. He’s taking his time, walking slowly around.” Police are still looking for answers.

Man Posed as Officer in String of Nation-Wide Prank Calls
David Stewart of Fountain, Florida was accused — but ultimately acquitted — of making a prank call to a McDonald's in Mount Washington, Kentucky, where he claimed to be a police officer and wielded his "authority" in a sadistic game of manipulation. Three people were involved with the hoax — the restaurant's manager, her boyfriend, and an 18-year-old employee.

Stewart allegedly told the manager that the employee had stolen merchandise from the McDonald's, and instructed the manager to strip-search the employee. At some point during the phone call, the manager's boyfriend arrived to continue the strip search and, apparently at Stewart's insistence, forced the employee to perform oral sex on him. The entire ordeal lasted three and a half hours.

As there was no hard evidence to convict him, Stewart walked. The manger and her boyfriend, however, were convicted for their own roles in the crime, as the McDonald's surveillance footage provided more than enough evidence. It is believed Stewart made similar prank calls in Idaho, Oklahoma, and other locations, using pay phones and calling cards to cover his tracks. Whether or not Stewart was actuallyguilty, the crimes have apparently stopped since his arrest and trial.
Guy Essentially "Became" a Cop to Commit Crimes
Henry Terry's behavior sounds like that of a method actor preparing for a role as a police officer, only with goals far more sinister than an Oscar bid. Not only did Terry utilize realistic uniforms, handcuffs, and a car equipped with flashing sirens, he apparently also had his own fake police station. According to an Associated Press writer (via Fox News), Henry set up "a personal police station where he kept records of possible crimes and sometimes interrogated 'suspects' who were handcuffed to a chair."

One of Henry's motives for this elaborate ruse was robbery. He would extort cash from his "suspects" in exchange for their release. But his actions were far more extreme than this, and he was ultimately charged on numerous counts of rape and at least one count of extreme animal cruelty. According to the New York Daily News, Terry allegedly set a neighbor's cat on fire, then promised to "solve the crime."

Man Impersonated Cop to Get Out of Swapping Insurance
Mark Monterroso was arrested in Blanchar, OK on April 8, 2016 after a road rage incident, reported News 9 in Oklahoma City. The news team noted, "police said the victim of the incident tried to get Monterroso’s insurance information after, he said, Monterroso passed his car on the shoulder kicking up rocks that broke his windshield. That’s when Monterroso identified himself as an officer, and then apparently chased the victim with a baton." Blanchard police also suspect Monterroso in a series of other police impersonation incidents, whereby the accused had been targeting unaccompanied women.
Serial Killer May Have Posed as an Officer to Lure His Victims
William Suff, also known as the Riverside Prostitute Killer, was convicted of assaulting, mutilating, and murdering 12 sex workers between 1989 and 1991 (though police suspect he may have been responsible for up to 22 deaths in the area). Often times, his victims' bodies were discovered posed in lewd positions. Police know Suff lured women into his van, but it has often been rumored — though never confirmed — that he would impersonate a police officer to intimidate his victims into cooperation. He is currently awaiting execution in San Quentin State Prison in California. 
A Career Cop Impersonator
In a perverse kind of way, you have to hand it to Jim Bailey of Oak Harbor, Washington: He successfully pretended to be a police officer for 25 years, even placing ads all around the state, offering his training and seminar services. Bailey was actually a reserve officer (basically a volunteer) for three years in the 1980s, but left to attend the police academy. He never graduated. Bailey's decades-long performance ended in 2014 when he effectively made a citizen's arrest, placing a man who had been fighting with his girlfriend in a headlock. His fatal step? Bailey told a passer-by to phone the police and tell them "an officer needs assistance."
Ice Cream-Loving Teen Cop Isn't Really a Cop
Unlike others on this list, Chance LaCasse's only crime was impersonating an officer — which is a serious felony, of course, but he didn't use his cop outfit to commit any other crimes. (And really, it's likely no one would have taken him seriously had he tried to intimidate them — just look at him!) No, LaCasse just really, REALLY wanted to join the police force. Prior to his arrest, his Instagram feed was festooned with photos of LaCasse dressed as a cop or a detective, even posing in a police vest or a cruiser. (The account has since been deleted, but you can see the photos reprinted here.) The teen was busted in 2015 after he strolled into a local King Kone ice cream parlor in full-on New Hampshire cop regalia, including a very real 9mm holstered to his belt. Poor kid.
Man Posed as Cop to Sexually Coerce Women
It's sadly a common narrative among police impersonation cases — a man posing as an authority figure to terrorize and abuse women. Brian Keith Cooper Jr. did just that in March of 2016, using a fake badge and a pair of handcuffs to lure women into his car, reported WBAL-TV. Cooper would then drive the women to the same dead-end street, where he would ask them, "What would you do to stay out of jail." Of course, Cooper had ideas of his own, and while at least one victim fell prey to his sexual misconduct, he was later caught in the act of another rape attempt and arrested. 
Infamous Killer Ted Bundy Impersonated Cops and Other Authority Figures
If you're so inclined, reading about Ted Bundy and his crimes is a veritable rabbit hole of the gruesome and macabre. In addition to feigning injury, Bundy loved to impersonate authority figures as a means of intimidating and coercing his victims. This included posing as police officers, as he did when he abducted Carol DaRonch in 1974.

Bundy identified himself as "Officer Roseland" and told DaRonch he was responding to a report her car had been broken into, and asked if she would accompany him to the station. She initially trusted Bundy, who was said to be quite charming and persuasive. However, DaRonch soon realized Bundy was not a real police officer, and when she attempted to flee his car, he slapped a pair of handcuffs on her. Luckily, Bundy only managed to manacle one of DaRonch's wrists, and she narrowly escaped one of the most notorious serial killers in history.
Fake Cop Pulled Over Real Cop
Non-cop Robert Montoya attempted to pull over a car with his Chevy Impala, which he'd equipped with a siren, laptop and a police scanner. Looks can be deceiving, of course, as Montoya was in no way a police officer. The real police caught on to this cop impersonator when Montoya attempted to pull over an undercover officer in an unmarked vehicle. Weirdly though, due to the Nuisance Abatement Law in Colorado, it was required that Montoya's Impala be "shredded to pieces," according to Christine Noel of KUSA. This destruction of the offending vehicle is apparently intended to ensure citizens that this particular car will never torment them again, but it sounds a little bit more like a big "F.U." to anyone claiming to be a cop.

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<![CDATA[22 Weird Cargo Spills You Can't Help But Gawk At]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/weird-truck-spills/mel-judson
This list of weird cargo spills is full of nasty, funny, and just plain weird truck spill incidents. These crazy truck spills are fascinating stories that will make you glad you weren't stuck in traffic behind any of these trucks. Some of them are shocking while others are confusing but they all have one thing in common: they're all true. The weirdest things that spilled on highways are listed here - everything from animals and insects, to foods and every day items.

These cargo incidents range from the 2,200 baby pigs who spilled out of a truck in Ohio to the 80,000 pounds of Christmas ham that fell out of a truck in Georgia. Fresh fish, anyone? How about 600 mackerel or hundreds of live crabs in China? If you don't want the real thing, then check out the 29,000 rubber duckies that fell out of a boat. If you're in the market for just about anything, check your local traffic report. Maybe some, or even thousands, of what you need recently spilled right out onto the roadway.

A lot of these cargo spills and car accidents, which have led to wacky things falling out of trucks, make for wild stories and we have the photos to prove it. Upvote the craziest truck spill stories below, and remember to pass semi trucks with great caution, or you might end up under a pile of Porta Potty waste.

22 Weird Cargo Spills You Can't Help But Gawk At,

Green bean
In September 2014 in Surrey, someone was in a rush to get their veggies. There was a truck on the highway carrying a massive load (repeat: MASSIVE LOAD) of green beans. That's when it tipped over, covering the ground in the very healthy and very green vegetables.

Source: Huffington Post
One Exploding Whale
In one of the craziest cargo spills ever, pedestrians and cars were covered in bloody whale guts when a whale exploded in Tainan, Taiwan in 2004. The dead sperm whale was being transported to a research center when the incident occurred
Source: BBC
29,000 Rubber Duckies
29,000 plastic yellow ducks manufactured by Friendly Floatee toys departed from Hong Kong on a container ship in 1992. However, there was a cargo spill and the ducks ended up falling out of the boat. This mass release led to a mass dispersion of the rubber duckies, which found themselves all over the place, including in the Gulf of Alaska and elsewhere in the Pacific Ocean.
Source: CNN
Two Million Euros
This is a get rich quick scheme that nobody prepared for. Two million euros were up for grabs when a truck overturned in southern Italy. In this twisted version of The Italian Job, highway workers were collecting euro coins - that's right, coins - all over the ground. They think they lost at least 10,000 euros to lucky passing motorists.
Source: Daily Mail
13.7 Million Bees
A portion of a highway near Seattle, WA was shut down in 2015 when 13.7 million bees spilled out across the road. The truck carrying all the bees suffered an accident, causing the spill, and people were encouraged to stay away from the scene. In addition to the normal authorities that respond to accidents, many Beekeepers came on the scene in addition to fire trucks and volunteers. 

Source: CBS News
$70,000 Worth of Bull Semen
A Nashville interstate was completely shut down when a Greyhound bus crashed in 2011. What came tumbling out? Over $70,000 worth of frozen bull semen, of course! Nashville police and fire officials arrived on the scene to find the leaking canisters that smelled truly weird and truly awful.
Source: NY Daily News
75,000 Pounds of Crab Meat
In Summer 2013, a semi-truck driving near Salt Lake City spilled seven tons of crab meat worth up to $176,000, all over a local freeway. The truck overturned when it struck a sign post, leading to a whole bunch of lucky bystanders, who made off with a crab dinner.
Source: The Daily Meal
80,000 Pounds of Ham (and Fuel)
In Georgia, the Grinch who stole Christmas was apparently driving a ham truck. In December of 2013, an overturned truck spilled 80,000 lbs of Christmas hams. What a waste!
Source: Fox Atlanta
2,200 Baby Pigs
Welcome to Ohio, where 2,200 piglets might fall out of a truck at any moment. This truck spill reached animalistic proportions when the load, carrying over 2,000 piglets, emptied onto the side of the road. Some of them fled the scene and escaped before authorities arrived, which probably inspired the film Babe: Pig in the City.

Source: USA Today
35,000 Pounds of Ice Cream
35,000 pounds of Kroger Deluxe brand ice cream spilled out of a semi-tractor trailer when it overturned in Indianapolis in 2013. A ramp was closed on the interstate because of the spill, and though it might have been delicious, it was an expensive and unfortunate accident for all parties involved.
Source: Fox

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<![CDATA[The 9 Most Horrifying Things Found Living Inside People]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/the-7-most-horrifying-things-found-living-inside-humans/beau-iverson
It's not what's on the outside you should be worried about. It's what may or may not be secretly living inside you that should keep you up at night. The creepy crawlers on this list of terrifying things found living inside humans will give you nightmares for weeks. Some entered these humans through food, while others dropped their eggs right on an unsuspecting host's head. However they got there, they will all make your skin crawl.

Here is a list of the creepiest non-human invaders that could end up living inside you, sometimes without your knowledge. This list of horrifying things found living inside people includes insects, other bugs, worms, sperm, fis-- wait, what? Sperm?

Yes. Sperm. Squid sperm to be specific. Click through the list below to find out what kinds of creepy creatures have been found living inside humans, and could one day end up inside you.
The 9 Most Horrifying Things Found Living Inside People,

Botfly Lays Eggs in 5 Year-Old's Eyeball
There are few things worse than getting something in your eye. On the bright side, the temporary blindness is usually easy to alleviate. Simply remove the eyelash, piece of glitter, speck of dust, whatever, and go on about your day. For one 5 year-old boy in Honduras, however, the solution was a bit more complicated (and expensive). That's because the thing in his eye was a Human Botfly. Do yourself a favor and never, ever Google "botfly." And for the love of kittens, do NOT then click "Images."

These little buggers are very selfish. The lady botfly lays her eggs on the outside of another living creature (like a mosquito) that will drop them onto bigger animals so that when the eggs hatch, the larvae can squirm inside the host to brew. Some species of botfly prefer to burrow inside warm-blooded animals, like squirrels, horses, and human people.

A visit from a botfly parasite is usually not that hard to fix - a simple surgical procedure will do the trick. But the larva living inside the Honduran boy's face was both "late-stage" and camped out in his anterior orbit. That meant the surgery required a Buñuel-style incision on the old conjunctiva.

Retroactive spoiler alert: Don't read this if you just ate.

Source (NSFL)
Scratching Noise Caused by Spider Building Its Web
"Don't mind me. Just building my new home INSIDE OF YOUR HEAD," said the spider living in Li Meng's left ear canal. For days she had been hearing a "scratching noise" that no one else seemed to notice. Too afraid to go to the doctor (she thought it might be "evil spirits"), Meng lived with the noise until the pain finally became too much.

Doctors at the Xiamen Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine examined Meng and found a live spider weaving its web in her ear canal and resting on her eardrum. But every time they tried to pull it out of its new comfy home, the spider got understandably upset. They eventually knocked it out with meds and removed it.

We'd take evil spirits over that ordeal any day.

Source: Fox News

Man Eats 9-Foot Tapeworm at Chicago Restaurant
Models, actresses, and other attention-aholic thin people often say they gobble up everything in sight, but never gain a pound. What's their secret? Maybe it's a tapeworm.

These parasites are often found in under-cooked beef, pork, or fish. The lie dormant until they reach the digestive system, and then they latch on to the intestinal walls. There they sit pretty, just waiting for the next Double-Double, or Doritos Taco, or other revolting thing the host eats. Then, like the actual spawn of Satan, they feed off of the host's meals, digest them, and grow. And grow.

In 2006, Anthony Franz had a salmon salad a fancy Chicago restaurant. A little while later, he had a 9-foot long tapeworm removed from his intestines. Coincidence? Lawsuit says "maybe."

Tapeworms can grow as long as 39 feet, which is almost as long as four basketball goals laid end to end. If you're sick of the Lemonade Cleanse, you can probably order one of these little miracle workers from eBay.

Woman's Brain Tumor Turns Out to Be Tapeworm
Gross in Phoenix: Rosemary Alvarez was convinced she had a brain tumor. With symptoms ranging from blurred vision to numbness in her limbs, she went to the E.R. twice and had a CAT scan - but the results always came up clear. Concerned, she finally convinced a neurosurgeon to do an M.R.I. When he looked at the results, he had Alvarez rushed into surgery right away.

Did you ever see Kindergarten Cop? Nestled in Alvarez's brain - eating it - was a parasite known as the pork tapeworm. Even more distasteful: doctors said, "Someone, somewhere, had served her food that was tainted with the feces of a person infected with the pork tapeworm parasite."

Eel Swims Up 56 Year-Old's Peehole
Leeches, maggots, seeing-eye dogs... There's a long colorful history of humans trying to make lesser animals do things for them. In England, rich people pay cash money to lay in spa pools and let little eels nibble the dead skin off their bodies. Hey, I'm not here to judge.

The process leaves the skin looking so fresh and so clean, and it's so effective that other countries have hopped on board the eel spa bandwagon. In 2011, 56 year-old Zhang Nan went for treatment at one such establishment in China, but he was never the same again.

Nan was laying in the pool when he started to feel something sharp tugging at his penis. He looked down to see a small eel working its way up into his urethra. According to Nan, he tried to grab it and pull it out, but the little fish was too slippery. Its body working like a lubricant (gag), the eel disappeared inside Nan's shaft in a matter of seconds.

He was taken to hospital and immediately put into surgery. After three hours, the animal was removed. It was six inches long. SIX. SIX INCHES. Forgive me, but sometimes the cost of beauty is just too much.

Maggots Grow Inside Guy's Scalp
You know that feeling you get when someone says, like, "There's a small spider in your hair," and for a second, you can feel it? Your head starts itching, your scalp tingling, and you swear you can feel your hair moving. Only after sufficient scratching/flailing/shrieking does the horror and sensational torture subside. Afterward, you feel crazy. But sometimes there is a bug on your head and no one tells you until it's too late.

In 2007, Colorado native Aaron Dallas was having the worst case of itchy scalp in his life. It had been weeks since it started. He had tried special shampoos, ointments, and even salves (whatever those are), but nothing would help. Over time, the itching took on a life of its own. Dallas said he could feel his scalp moving. He felt sharp pains that knocked him to his knees.

He said, "I'd put my hand back there and feel them moving. I thought it was blood coursing through my head. I could hear them. I actually thought I was going crazy."

"They" were maggots. Five baby botfly larva implanted in his dome by a mosquito, probably during a trip to Belize he took earlier in the year. When doctors got Dallas under the knife, they found open pit in his scalp that was crawling with the bugs, all about half the size of a penny.

It really makes you scratch your head.

Doctors Find Cockroach Living In Woman's Skull

In a true nightmare-come-to-life, doctors in India discovered a living cockroach in a woman's skull after she complained of a "crawling sensation" inside her head. According to news reports, the cockroach entered the woman's nose as she slept and bore a path underneath her skin up to her skull.

The woman said she could feel a weird burning sensation and had to wait until the morning to go see the doctor. The cockroach was alive and "didn't want to come out," according to the doctors. 

Fish Swims Up 14 Year-Old's Peehole
I'm sure you've heard of that little fish (the candirú) that will swim into your peehole if you ever whip it out in the Amazon. It's real - and a real good reason to never whip it out in the Amazon. But there's another, related story that you should know. Think of it as a cautionary tale about handling exotic pets.

In India, a 14 year-old-boy went to the hospital complaining of pain in his bladder and an inability to urinate. The doctors did an ultrasound and discovered an object in the bladder, blocking his urethra. The boy was taken to surgery where the doctors cut him open. Can you guess what they found?

The fish was 2 cm long and lodged all the way up inside his bladder. And here comes the best part. When asked how it got there, this was the boy's answer:

While he was cleaning the fish tank in his house, he was holding a fish in his hand and went to the toilet for passing urine. While he was passing urine, the fish slipped from his hand and entered his urethra and then he developed all these symptoms.

After surgery, the boy was released, but taken to psychiatric counseling.

Woman's Mouth Impregnated by Squid Sperm
Many people have hang-ups about eating "raw" seafood. Whether for health reasons or some other aversion, to each his or her own. But one 63 year-old woman got something else disgusting when she ate some partially cooked squid in South Korea in June 2012. As she bit into a part of the delicious dish - which still had its organs intact - she felt a "pricking and foreign-body sensation" in her mouth. She spat it out.

But she was too late. Pods of squid semen had already shot into her mouth, impregnating the mucous membranes of her tongue, cheek, and gums. Doctors later removed the "twelve small, white spindle-shaped, bug-like organisms" called spermatophores and also identified a sperm sack. They didn't have eyes or little baby tentacles or anything, but still, the products of animal sperm were living inside her mouth.

This wasn't the first case of this happening, either. In December 2011, another poor sap got this report from the doctor: The sperm bags of the squid had thrust into the squamous epithelium (inner lining) of the patient's hard palate (roof of the mouth). The remaining part of the raw squid consisted of the testis and the sperm bags.

Who's hungry?


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<![CDATA[People Who Tragically Died Playing Pokemon Go]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/insane-pokemon-go-death-stories/mel-judson

Pokemon Go: entertaining, addicting, and... deadly? The mobile game that captivated the world in 2016 undoubtedly helped gamers get outside for some fresh air and exercise. But it also brought with it some unforeseen – and dangerous – consequences. With millions of people wandering the streets and battling for Poke-supremacy, it was pretty much only a matter of time until we started racking up some real-world Pokemon Go deaths.

Already, there have been stories of distracted players getting jumped by gangs, walking off cliffs, or crashing their cars into trees. Some have managed to escape with their lives, but others have not been so fortunate. If not faced with dying themselves, unlucky gamers might stumble across Pokemon Go death in other ways. In fact, on more than one occasion, people attempting to catch 'em all have accidentally caught real dead bodies instead. Without the game, those deaths would have gone unnoticed.

Keep track of the Pokemon Go death count with this list of people who have died playing the game. And as the Pokemon Go death toll ticks up, try to remember that no Mewtwo or Zapdos is worth dying over.

People Who Tragically Died Playing Pokemon Go,

Man Stabbed While Playing in the Park
On July 14, 2016, an Anaheim, CA man nearly lost his life while playing Pokemon Go at midnight in a park. Perhaps lulled into a false sense of security by the adorably animated Pokemon, he wandered into a dangerous area and came across something way more adrenaline-pumping than a rare Charizard. According to police, the victim was accosted by a group of men in their late teens or early 20s, and stabbed several times in the torso. He managed to survive the attack, but the near-death experience could have easily added to the Pokemon Go death toll.

Two Men Walked Off a Cliff to Catch Pokemon
On July 13, 2016, firefighters in Encinitas, CA were dispatched to rescue a man who fell off a crumbling ocean bluff while playing Pokemon Go. The man had fallen 75 to 100 feet, but somehow managed to survive. While the firefighters came to his rescue, they found a second (unconscious) man who had also walked off the cliff while playing the game. Both players were taken to the hospital after nearly losing their lives. Sgt. Rich Eaton of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department said, “I think people just need to realize this is a game. It’s not worth your life. No game is worth your life.”
Pokemon Go Player Rams Car Directly Into a Tree
A 28-year-old man in Auburn, NY must have seen his life flash before his eyes when he ran his car into a tree while playing Pokemon Go. On July 12, 2016, the seriously distracted driver destroyed his car (and nearly died) trying to catch a Pokemon while on the road. The next player to attempt both at the same time may not be so lucky.

Multiple Dead Bodies Discovered by Pokemon Go Players
Who knew Pokemon Go would be the key to uncovering so many mysterious deaths? Within weeks of the release of the game, three separate dead bodies were discovered by intrepid players hoping to stumble across some elusive Pokemon. Maybe catching human corpses should get you some extra points?
The first person to find a dead body while playing the game was 19-year-old Shayla Wiggins, who found a corpse in a river in Wyoming. Less than a week later, on July 14, 2016, a woman in Nashua, NH found a dead body in Salmon Brook behind a Holocaust Memorial. The same day, three women playing Pokemon Go in Marian Bear Memorial Park in San Diego, CA caught a dead human. While the poor corpses didn't die while playing the game themselves, their deaths were only uncovered thanks to the Pokemon catching skills of the fearless players.

After Catching A Rare Lapras, A Man Had A Fatal Heart Attack

A man in Singapore died doing what he loved - playing Pokemon Go. The unidentified 66-year-old man had just caught a rare Lapras right before he suffered a fatal heart attack and died. The man's wife said he loved playing Pokemon Go, and decided to go out searching for the creatures after having dinner with his family. 

According to news reports, the man was an accomplished player who had captured more than 200 kinds of Pokemon. 

The man's wife said he had a history of cardiac disease. 

Man Gunned Down While Playing in San Francisco

The first official Pokemon Go death was reported in August of 2016, when 20-year-old Calvin Riley was shot near San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf while playing the game. The motive for the murder was not initially clear since the killer did not rob Riley, and police were unsure whether he was targeted because he was playing Pokemon Go. The murder occurred around 10 pm while plenty of other people were wandering the Aquatic Park where he was killed, but no witnesses came forward about the incident.

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<![CDATA[16 Horrifying Things Found Inside Walls]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/horrifying-stuff-that-people-found-inside-their-walls/christopher-shultz
There are some truly unsettling stories of weird things founds in walls out there. Just try Googling "stuff found in walls" some time, and brace yourself for a rather gnarly trip down the rabbit hole. Or better yet, stick around and read this curated list of some of the creepiest, most horrifying, and downright weird things discovered hidden behind walls.
16 Horrifying Things Found Inside Walls,

A Live Korean Missile
While remodeling his bathroom in April 2011, a St. Francis, Wisconsin, resident discovered a 20-inch-long Korean missile with a 5-inch explosive head inside his wall. He and his wife carried the missile outside and phoned the police. The bomb squad was then brought in to detonate the bomb. Neighbors told the couple the previous owner had served in both World War II and the Korean War, and liked to bring souvenirs home. How the missile ended up inside the bathroom wall, and why it was live, will likely never be known.
A Murder Victim
The body of a woman missing for 28 years was discovered behind a false wall in the basement of a Poughkeepsie, New York, home in July 2013. Her hands were bound and her body was concealed both inside a plastic bag and a plastic container. Her husband had reported her missing back in 1985, but he could not be questioned, as he had died in December of 2013, several months before the discovery of his wife's body. Even so, it is likely the husband, in fact, murdered her.
All the Snakes
An expecting Idaho couple moved into their dream house in September 2009. That dream soon turned to a nightmare when the Sessions realized their house sat on top of a poisonous snake den, which allowed the slithery serpents access to their walls. Amber Sessions described the experience as "living in Satan's Lair."
A Secret Corridor Contaminated with Toxic Black Mold
In November 2011, after moving aside an old bookcase in their new home, the Brown family of Greenville, South Carolina, discovered a secret corridor. Hoping for perhaps buried treasure, the couple instead found a note inside. It read:   "You Found It! Hello. If you’re reading this, then you found the secret room. I owned this house for a short while and it was discovered to have a serious mold problem. One that actually made my children very sick to the point that we had to move out..."  The note went on to invite the new homeowners to get in touch with the man who wrote the note, which the Browns did. However, history did repeat itself, as the house and its mold problem made them sick as well, forcing them to leave. Fortunately, the family was able to get their money back.

Mummified Babies
Numerous instances of mummified infants turning up inside people's walls have been recorded. In one case from July 2007, while renovating a house, contractor Bob Klinghorn discovered the corpse of a baby wrapped in a local Toronto publication dating back to September 1925. The infant appeared to be roughly four months old. 
Hidden Cameras

Imagine you're living in a nice rental house in a suburban neighborhood with your significant other. Everything's going great, until you see a warning about your landlord on a rental forum site, alerting potential tenants that he's been known to secretly monitor intimate moments via hidden cameras. You search your home, and discover there is not one, not two, but multiple cameras hidden within the walls, light fixtures and smoke detectors, and that furthermore all these devices are connected to a shed near your house that only your landlord can access.

That's exactly what happened to a couple in Sydney, Australia in April 2016. Their landlord, Masaaki Imaeda, had set up his shed as a personal entertainment cave. He had a leather recliner, a footrest, and a television, where he watched the couple shower, get dressed, have sex—you name it. When they made this horrifying discovery, the couple alerted authorities and promptly arrested Imaeda. The property owner "pleaded guilty to multiple charges of using an optical device without consent and observing a person in private without consent to obtain sexual arousal," according to Candace Sutton of news.com.au.

Imaeda was sentenced to 17 months in prison for his crimes.

Mummified Cats
Far more morbid practices than witch's bottles were implemented during the 17th century to protect homes from evil spirits. Namely, some builders would seal a live cat into the walls of a home, perhaps because of the feline's association with witches. One such notable discovery occurred in December 2011, when construction workers came upon the unfortunate kitty while performing routine maintenance on Pendle Hill in Lancashire - a spot, incidentally, notorious for its witchcraft-related happenings. 
An Entire Arsenal, Plus Pre-1980s Pennies
Not much detail on where and when this occurred, but a man renovating his new home made a rather shocking discovery: a hidden room behind the stairwell of the basement. What was in the room? Pretty much an entire arsenal of guns, bullets, a dummy grenade, and a safe, which the homeowner could not open.  He also found a metal crate full of pre-1980s pennies, meaning the previous homeowner was likely stockpiling for a collapse of the U.S. government. Pennies made before the 1980s are forged from actual copper, meaning they would be a highly-sought-after commodity if the dollar were to lose its value.
Witch's Bottles

It was once a common practice to store witch's bottles within the walls of one's house to ward off a witch's curse. These bottles typically contained the urine, fingernail clippings, and hair of an individual, as well as nails, brimstone, and a scrap of leather or cloth cut into the shape of a heart with a pin punctured through the middle. The bottles were believed to lure negative energy away from the person and into the bottle instead. While numerous witch's bottles have been unearthed, their seals have almost always been broken, leaving their contents eroded over time. However, in June 2004, a 17th century bottle with its contents still intact was unearthed in Greenwich, London. It was the most complete witch's bottle ever discovered, and it gave tremendous insight into superstitions and practices of the era.

Human Bones
While preparing for renovations in the old Holden Chapel at Harvard University, contractors discovered several human bones in July 1999. At first, it was thought a possible murder mystery had been uncovered, but it turned out the bones were likely remains from the chapel's stint as an anatomy and dissection lecture spot. Some of the bones even had metal pieces lodged in their ends, suggesting the bones might have been someone's scrapped medical skeleton project.

Wed, 20 Apr 2016 06:44:00 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/horrifying-stuff-that-people-found-inside-their-walls/christopher-shultz
<![CDATA[The Most Extreme Body Modifications Ever]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/extreme-body-modifications/jacob-shelton
Believe it or not, extreme body modification has been happening since the dawn of civilization. Different tribes from across the world have scarred their bodies with various tattoos and piercings in an effort to show that they were brave, could take pain, and were in touch with the spirit realm. But in the modern era, extreme body mods have taken on a completely different meaning.

Men and women are able to get piercings and tattoos at the drop of a hat, so the practitioners of extreme body piercing have had to branch out further in to set themselves apart from all the squares who decided to gauge their ears after seeing a Hawthorne Heights music video. If you have a weak stomach, prepare yourself for this list of the most extreme body modifications ever.

Extreme body modifications have taken on many forms in recent years. From getting patterned facial scarring, to spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to look like a children’s toy, and even installing microchips in your body to better communicate with technology, people all over the world are taking body modification and applying to their own truths. Even though it might seem a bit strange now, it’s entirely possible than in a couple of decades, extreme piercing, and body modifications might be the normal standard of beauty.

Vote up the most extreme forms of body modification, and the people who altered their bodies in the craziest of ways. And if you want, leave us a comment about the totally insane butterfly tattoo you have on your shoulder.
The Most Extreme Body Modifications Ever,

The Vampire Woman of Mexico
María José Cristerna, or the Vampire Woman, is a former lawyer and current mother of four who also happens to hold the world record for the woman with the most body modifications. She has a collection of transdermal implants on her forehead, chest, and arms, as well as all the piercings. 


The Lizard Man Is More Than a Pretty Face
Erik Sprague was born in Fort Campbell, Kentucky and he (presumably) was not covered in scales. Before he began undergoing a transformation that left him with sharpened teeth, a full body of green scale tattoos, a bifurcated tongue, and sub-dermal implants, he was a PhD candidate at the university of Albany. Now he just hangs out in Austin and makes that sweet sweet Lizard Man money. 
Crocodile Scarification
Papua New Guinea is a place full of curious tribal customs, but the most painful custom is that of crocodile scarification. Traditionally, the young men of the tribe are inflicted with hundreds of deep cuts in cascading patterns down their backs, arms, chest and buttocks to give their skin the look and feel of a crocodile’s body. All of this work is done with a sliver of bamboo. 
Giraffe Woman of Los Angeles
While in middle school, Sydney V. Smith became obsessed with the women of the Kayan Lahwi tribes of Thailand and Burma who encase their necks in brass rings. Since the age of 28, she's been wearing brass rings around her neck in an attempt to elongate it and she says it's working! 


Sudanese Body Scarification
The scars carved across the faces and bodies of Ethiopian and Sudanese tribe members are some of the most painful types of scarification known to man. Many of the markings are etched onto the tribe's members bodies at a young age, and they're done so without any anesthetic. If the receiver shows any signs of pain, they'll be seen as weak. Many of the women of the tribe see the scars as an ability to cope with pain and a sign that they will be able to cope with childbirth in future.
Valeria Lukyanova, Human Barbie
Although the modifications of the human Barbie are highly debated, there's no denying that through contacts, breast augmentation, and a ~ totally legit workout routine~ Valeria Lukyanova has made herself look like a Barbie doll, and has worked her way into your nightmares. 
Magnetic Finger Implants (How Do They Work?)
For people who are interested in sensory augmentation, magnetic finger implants make total sense. Pun intended? The piercings supposedly give the wearer the ability to sense electromagnetic shifts around them, and they can pick up small pieces of metal with their fingers. 
Most Pierced Woman Marries Balding Old Frump
The most pierced woman in the world, Elaine Davidson, has 6,925 piercings, and some of them weigh up to seven pounds. In 2011 she married the love her life, a pretty boring-looking guy with nary a tattoo. The story of their wedding is very sweet because duh, they're in the kind of love that can only occur when one of you has almost 7,000 piercings. 


Ladies Are Getting Elf Ears
A body modification that really took off after the Lord of the Rings films was having your ears shaved into points at the top to give the impression that you're a creature of the elven variety. Out of all the extreme body modifications on this list, elf ears might be the one that's the creepiest. 


Man Tattoos Eyeballs
Rodrigo Fernando, a man with 70% of his body tattooed, had black ink put in his corneas in 2013. When he was interviewed a few days after the session, he said, "I wept ink for two days."


Mon, 19 Oct 2015 09:56:35 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/extreme-body-modifications/jacob-shelton
<![CDATA[Shia LaBeouf’s Many Alter Egos, Ranked]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/shia-labeouf-alter-egos/whitneyvanlaningham
Shia LaBeouf is arguably more famous for his bizarre antics than for his film roles. Over the years, we've seen Shia transform (no pun intended) from a goofy child actor, to a ruggedly handsome adult. . . but his metamorphosis didn't stop there.  

We've seen Shia appear at film premieres with a paper bag over his head. We've gazed in horror as Shia pulled out his own tooth that one time. We've laughed at the story of the night he got drunk at Cabaret in New York. We've contemplated growing out our own sweet rattail to rock on the red carpet. We've dreamed of starring in one of Sia's music videos alongside him or collaborating with him on one of his insane art installations. And we were all incredibly inspired to JUST DO IT when his motivational speech video debuted in summer 2015. Shia's shenanigans are the perfect combination of totally crazy and totally genius. 

Vote for your favorite Shia LaBeouf alter ego below, and let us know how worried about / in awe of him you are in the comment section. 
Shia LaBeouf’s Many Alter Egos, Ranked,

Even Stevens Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf's Glorious Rap Solo from Holes

"Elastic Heart" Shia LaBeouf

True 'Merican Shia LaBeouf

Drunk At Cabaret Shia LaBeouf

Motivational Speaker Shia LaBeouf

Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf

Swearing Sidekick Shia LaBeouf

X-Files Shia LaBeouf

I'm Not Famous Anymore Shia LaBeouf

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<![CDATA[Things That Were Destroyed Because of Selfies]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/things-that-were-destroyed-because-of-selfies/jacob-shelton
It’s impossible to do anything or go anywhere without seeing someone take a selfie. Some people blame the "pics or it didn’t happen" culture that sprung up alongside the smartphone revolution while others blame sheer narcissism for the trend, although it’s probably a little bit of both. People have died because of selfies, but what about all the things that have been destroyed because of selfies? Human beings can break things better than anyone, and now that everyone is trying to outdo one another with their crazy selfies, it’s only a matter of time before someone tips over the Leaning Tower of Pisa in pursuit of that perfect shot. If you think we’re being reactionary, take a look at all these things that have been destroyed because of selfies.

It seems that people will go to any length to get likes, faves, or whatever on the Internet. It doesn’t matter if they have to risk their lives or destroy a priceless piece of art - if they can capture themselves doing something unique, it’s all worth it. If you haven’t already lost all faith in the human race, you’re probably going to start praying for a meteorite to hit Earth after you read about how many animals people have killed for a photo op. Steel thyself, here’s all the stuff that has been destroyed with selfies.

After you finish cringing at all the things selfies have destroyed, leave us a comment about the lengths you’ve gone to in pursuit of the perfect selfie. Especially if you’re a ghost.
Things That Were Destroyed Because of Selfies,

Selfie Seekers Break Hercules' Crown
In 2015, two tourists in Italy climbed on top of a statue of Hercules that was built in the 1700s and accidentally broke off a piece of the marble crown that sits on top of the statue's head. 
Pilot Crashes Plane Taking Selfie
Authorities have determined that a fatal plane crash near Denver in 2015 was likely caused by the pilot attempting to take a selfie mid-flight. The National Transportation Safety Board said there was footage of the pilot taking selfies on a GoPro recovered from the scene of the crash. The actual report read: "The GoPro recordings revealed that the pilot and various passengers were taking self-photographs with their cell phones and, during the night flight, using the camera’s flash function during the takeoff roll, initial climb, and flight in the traffic pattern."
Terrorist Posts Selfie, Gets Base Destroyed
This was bound to happen eventually. In 2015, a terrorist posted a selfie to a public forum from his ISIS base and the US military immediately saw it online. Twenty-two hours later, the Air Force sent three Joint Direct Attack Munition missiles to destroy the outpost. 
Human Garbage Carve Their Initials Into Rome's Colosseum
In Italy, two American tourists found out why the rest of the world hates us when they carved their initials into the Colosseum and then took a selfie next to the desecrated monument. Just in case you were curious, the Colosseum dates back to the first century A.D. 
Jerks Kill Shark with Selfie
In Palm Beach, FL (of course) a couple of fishermen managed to kill a hammerhead shark in the least humane way possible: by taking selfies with the animal until it ran out of oxygen and died. To make things worse, a public works employee who found the shark's body on a beach just threw it in a dumpster. Don't go changin', Florida. 
Russian Woman Shoots Herself While Taking Selfie
In 2015, a Russian woman hopefully learned her lesson about mixing selfies and guns when she accidentally shot herself with a pellet gun while attempting to snap a picture of herself. The pellet ricocheted around her temple, but luckily she survived. 
Tourist Careens Into Priceless Art, Destroying It in Pursuit of the Perfect Selfie

A Brazilian tourist at the National Museum of Ancient Art in Lisbon, Portugal, walked backwards into a priceless 18th century sculpture of Saint Michael on November 8, 2016. The piece clattered to the floor and shattered. According to museum officials, irreparable damage was done. It was the second time in a year a priceless sculpture in Lisbon was destroyed by a someone taking a selfie. 

The selfie-taker dashed off before museum personnel could detain him/her. Museum director Antonio Filipe Pimentel used the incident to point out a problem with under staffing at museums throughout the world: "There are only 64 people for 84 chambers open to public. I am very sure one day we will see hazards in the museum. It will happen because we're playing with our heritage."

Tourists Keep Turtles from Laying Eggs
In 2015, hundreds of tourists descended on the beaches of Costa Rica during the country's sea turtle egg-laying season and, duh, tried to take selfies with the animals who were trying to get in the swing of their centuries-old birthing ritual. Due to so many tourists clogging up the beach, the turtles couldn't lay their eggs, and now there are fewer turtles than there were before all of this selfie nonsense started. 
Student Snaps Leg Off Statue While Taking Selfie
This is a truly stomach-turning story. In March 2014, a student tried to take a selfie sitting on the leg of a copy of the famous Drunken Satyr statue in Milan. But because statues weren't built to hold dumb idiots, one of the legs snapped off the 19th-century work of art. Unfortunately, the student made it out of the area without getting busted. 
Selfie Snapper Knocks Over 126-Year-Old Statue
In Portugal, an anonymous tourist proved that people are the worst when he tried to take a selfie with a statue of Dom Sebastiao in May 2016. Mid selfie, the 126-year-old(!!!!!!!!) statue toppled over and shattered. Police arrested the guy as he tried to flee. 

Wed, 18 May 2016 09:42:43 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/things-that-were-destroyed-because-of-selfies/jacob-shelton
<![CDATA[13 Terrifying, Haunted Historical Sites from Around the World]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/haunted-historical-sites/jeffrichard

We've all met someone who claims to have had a bizarre, unexplainable experience at some point in their lives. Some have seen spectral apparitions moving around their homes. Some claim to hear strange noises in the middle of the night. Others believe the spirits of their loved ones are silently watching over them, showing them otherworldly signs.

Often, it's hard to believe these claims are anything more than simple pareidolia and the desire to believe.

Then, there are some stories - some places - which have so many different sources attributed to them, that it seems they must have an air of truth. After all, when a place becomes as notorious as those listed below, it's hard to deny that there must be something strange going on. 

Whether you're a believer in the supernatural or not, these supposedly haunted places are, at the very least, unsettling. Some are the sites of grisly, violent deaths. Others are where countless poor souls were once imprisoned and tortured, now doomed to roam the halls of their institutions.

In any case, dim the lights, say your prayers, and read on to learn about the most haunted historical sites in the world.

13 Terrifying, Haunted Historical Sites from Around the World,

Chichen Itza

When most of us think of haunted houses, it's typical to think of creepy Victorian-era homes, or at least ones built within the last few centuries. 

But the thing about ghosts is that they're supposedly doomed to wander the Earth forever and, in this case, some of them have been around for thousands of years.

This brings us to the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza. Here, the Mayan people believe that death wasn't so much a tragedy, but more of a process to bring us to the other side when our time on Earth is up. Thus, the ruins here were once the site of mass sacrifices.

In fact, several tourists who have ventured into the more contained parts of the ruins have claimed to have seen strange specters walking the halls, in addition to hearing strange tribal chants throughout various sections. 

The Island of the Dolls

If there's one common fear right up there with clowns, flying, spiders, and maybe spontaneous human combustion, it's dolls

With their soulless eyes, marionette-like gait, and constant desire to be given free will to murder us in our sleep, any location that features a doll certainly deserves a spot on this list.  

But instead of one doll, let's ratchet things up... how about thousands of them? Oh, and they're not simply lying around a house, or stuffed into an attic, or calmly plotting your demise from the corner of a room, either - they're strung up on various trees on an entire island.

Well, that's what you're in for if you ever feel like escaping the relaxing, doll-less safety of life and moving to Xochimilco, Mexico, where you'll be met by the dead-eyed gazes of countless plastic baby-people.

Thankfully, these are not naturally-occurring dolls, but the real reason they exist on this island is perhaps even more frightening. Legend has it that a man named Julian Santana Barrera moved to the island, and soon after, found the body of a girl floating in a nearby canal. He also found a doll floating near her, which he hung from a tree as a memorial. But once he hung the doll, he claimed to hear footsteps, whispers, and screams. He hung more dolls to try and appease her but had no luck; she haunted him until the day he died in those woods.

Unsurprisingly, Julian had zero luck with contacting the spirit of the young girl. Now, the island is a tourist attraction, and visitors claim the dolls' eyes will follow them wherever they go. 

The Tower of London

Built over 900 years ago by William the Conqueror, the Tower of London stands as one of the most haunted buildings in the UK - perhaps because of how many famous individuals are said to still inhabit its walls. Among these several notable ghosts is Thomas Becket, the Archbishop of Canterbury himself, whose ghost has supposedly been seen multiple times near the castle's inner wall. 

In addition, Lady Arbella Stuart, Queen Elizabeth's one-time-successor-turned-prisoner of the Tower (all because she went and got married without King James's permission), has also been said to haunt The Queen's House structure on the Tower Green, a space inside the Tower of London. 

But perhaps the most well-known royal specter inside the great tower is none other than Queen Anne Boleyn herself, who was executed by beheading in 1535. Her headless spirit is said to inhabit Tower Green as well. 

While the Tower of London seems to be a veritable who's who of boos and ghouls (sorry), there have been several other instances of paranormal activity which don't involve any royal figures stuck in a limbo state between life and death. Among them, the so-called "White Lady," who is often seen waving from a window, and a pair of children wandering the halls, holding hands. 

The Haunted Vicarage (Borgvattnet)

Let's face it: old ladies can be scary. They're not necessarily doll-scary or spider-scary, but as many a horror film has proven, the sudden appearance of an old woman can be downright shocking, especially if you're staying in an isolated home in Jämtland County, Northern Sweden. Specifically, "The Haunted Vicarage."

Originally built in 1876, it wasn't until nearly forty years later that anyone experienced any paranormal activity in this former priest's home. And how did that activity manifest itself? You guessed it: old ladies.

On several occasions, visitors at the home claim to have seen the image of an old woman, dressed in grey, sitting in the corner of a bedroom late at night. On other occasions, different guests have reported seeing three women sitting together. 

There have been reports of screams in the night. Shadows on the wall. A rocking chair that won't cease moving. 

Rumors have swirled as to why the old vicar house has been haunted, with some saying the spirits are those of abused maids, while others say that babies have been buried in the backyard, and their mothers are wailing for their return. 

Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Located in Southern Jefferson County in Kentucky, the Waverly Hills Sanatorium was originally a simple two-story hospital when it was first constructed for tuberculosis patients.

However, since Kentucky had one of the highest death rates for the disease in the entire country, the county decided to expand the original building and transform Waverly Hills into a five-story haven for those stricken with what was called the "white death" at the time. 

Why did tuberculosis earn such a frightening nickname? Mainly due to the fact that when patients contracted TB, their skin turned a ghastly white. 

It's been said that as many as 63,000 patients died at Waverly Hills before it closed - and not all of them have found a way to move on. Supposedly, visitors occasionally hear strange voices muttering down the hallways and feel strange cold spots in the air. Some even claim to have seen apparitions and shadows in multiple parts of the building. 

Perhaps the most frightening is the supposed ghost of a woman who died in room 502. A tuberculosis patient, who, upon learning she was pregnant, hung herself with the light bulb wire in her own room.

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

Originally built in 1864, this asylum in Weston, WV was later called the Weston State Hospital, and was designed to hold a mere 250 patients. But as time went on, and the hospital began admitting additional alcoholics, drug addicts, and "mental defectives," the structure's capacity ballooned to nearly 2,600 patients. 

Because of this immense level of overcrowding, resources of the hospital were stretched extremely thin. This resulted in poor sanitation, failing light fixtures, and poor heat circulation throughout the building. Basically, everyone inside was suffering in more ways than one.

And although those who resided and worked in Trans-Allegheny experienced physical horrors, it was said they also reported seeing the spirits of confederate soldiers passing through the hallways from when the site was originally a Civil War outpost.

The Sultan's Palace

Located in New Orleans' French Quarter, rumor has it that this now-infamous mansion was originally built in 1836 by a Turkish man who claimed to be a sultan, though no one at the time could actually find out the truth. 

As time went on, neighbors began to grow suspicious of the Turkish man, who would throw wild, opium-fueled parties that went on for hours. Some said the man had multiple wives and even more children. What's worse, is he was said to be torturing them nightly.

Then, one morning, a neighbor noticed a horrifying sight: blood was dripping down the side of the home. And when authorities were called, nothing could prepare them for the nightmare they saw upon entering 716 Dauphine Street: 

Body parts were littered throughout the home.

There were dismembered arms. Legs. Heads. Blood had been spilled in seemingly every corner of the house.

And as officers investigated the crime scene, they discovered the body of the sultan himself, buried alive in the home's courtyard, with his hand sticking up from the soil, as if in a last-ditch attempt to free himself. 

It's been said that even today, one can hear the screams of the sultan - as well as countless others - echoing throughout the massive home.

Eastern State Penitentiary

If you know anything at all about prison, you're probably well aware of what solitary confinement entails. When a particular inmate has "misbehaved," they're sent to a windowless room and cut off from all human contact. It's said to be a particularly cruel form of punishment due to the harsh psychological effects that occur over time.

And the folks at the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia? They actually came up with the idea

Built in 1829, this prison is home to numerous paranormal sightings, due in part to the stories of solitary confinement punishments that were once doled out here. It's said that several of the inmates were driven insane as a result of being locked away for so long and, eventually, if they passed away within the pen's walls - they would haunt it forever. 

Between the ghastly cackling, shadowy figures, disembodied footsteps, and clanging cell doors still heard to this day, Eastern State Penitentiary is certainly a place you wouldn't want to find yourself locked in alone.

Bhangarh Fort

While many have been reduced to ruins over time, there are still countless castles and fortresses still standing today. Among them, the Bhangarh Fort, located in Rajasthan, India. 

Built by King Sawai Madho Singh roughly 400 years ago, Bhangarh is said to not only be one of the most haunted places in India but also the entire world. During its heyday, the fort housed some 10,000 residents and even included a residential palace for the king himself. 

Legend has it that a sorcerer, once under the employ of the king, fell in love with Princess Ratnavati. But once she dismissed him, the sorcerer put a curse on the entire town, and only days later, an invading army arrived, slaughtering everyone within the fort's walls.

It is believed that once night falls in Rajasthan, the spirits of Bhangarh manifest themselves as dangerous entities, bent on attacking anyone who may be foolish enough to remain inside the fort. 

Monte Cristo Homestead

Representing Australia on this list is none other than the Monte Cristo Mansion, located in June, New South Wales. While most of the other entries have been larger historical sites with hundreds of tortured souls lost within, the Monte Cristo falls under the category of "classic haunted house." 

So, in that case, it must be pretty haunted to be in the same league as the others, right? 

Just ask the Ryan family, who still live there to this day. The Ryans say there have been power outages. Cold spots. Visions of shadow people, lurking around the mansion's corners.

Going back to the time it was built in 1885, there have been a series of bizarre and tragic events that occurred at Monte Cristo: a young boy died when he was dropped from the top of the stairs. A maid committed suicide. The former caretaker was murdered on the property in 1961. A young stable boy burned to death in his straw bed. And the Monte Cristo's housekeeper was said to have kept his mentally unstable son tied to an outhouse for decades. 

With this much paranormal activity going on, it's easy to see why the Monte Cristo stands among the other entries as one place you wouldn't want to spend the night.  

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<![CDATA[The 13 Most Insane Reasons People Have Been Deported]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/13-craziest-reasons-people-get-deported/lauriem

Ever wondered just what you'd have to do to get yourself deported? It's apparently much easier than you think. People are deported or threatened with deportation for some of the craziest reasons imaginable. 

Sometimes legal immigrants have come under the scrutiny of law enforcement officers who assert their stance that immigration is bad, raising the ire of many Americans who believe targeting minorities and immigrants is unjust. Though, as it turns out, some of these people who hate immigration also rely on them for labor. These crazy deportation stories highlight some of the radical stances on immigration held in the US and abroad. 

The 13 Most Insane Reasons People Have Been Deported,

After Trying To Legally Apply As A Citizen, A University Student President Was Targeted

In 2011, Arturo Guerra was a 21-year-old college student and student body president at University of Texas at Brownsville. When Guerra was 15, he entered the US illegally with his family. But things changed when he applied to become a legal US citizen and immigration officers realized he was an illegal immigrant. His mom married a US citizen, and he was trying to legalize his status through her marriage. 

After Guerra went public with his struggle, an outcry of people advocated for Guerra to stay. Feeling the public pressure, immigration officials declined to go through with the deportation process.

A Minor Traffic Violation Spirals Into A Felony And A Deportation Hearing

Jessica Colotl came to the US illegally with her parents from Mexico when she was 10. In 2010 when she was 23, she was stopped by a police officer on her university's campus for a minor traffic violation. She did not have a driver's license. When she gave police an address that did not match that on her car registration, they arrested her with making a false statement and charged her with a felony. After learning she was in the country illegally, they started the deportation process. 

According to Colotl, she had tried to apply for citizenship when she was in high school, but was not successful. After her arrest, her case became a lightning rod for conversations about illegal immigration reform. The charges were eventually dropped and Colotl was allowed to stay in the country to work. She currently is employed as a paralegal for an immigration attorney

A Woman Tried To Pay A Parking Ticket And Was Faced With Deportation Instead

Andrea Huerfano, a Broward County, FL, resident, was trying to pay a traffic ticket in 2009. But that didn't happen. Instead, Huerfano faced a deportation hearing because of a paperwork issue surrounding her immigration status. 

A native of Colombia, Huerfano came to the US in 2001 with her parents when she was 14. Although her father did seek political asylum, he died in 2005 while the application was still under review. After his death, Huerfano's mom remarried a US citizen. This granted Huerfano's mother and younger brother citizenship - but not Huerfano because she was over 18. Andrea's immigration status wasn't clear and as a result, she did face deportation.

Many rallied around Huerfano - including faculty at her alma mater Florida State Universty - and she was given a stay of deportation to work out her immigration issues. 

A Mom-To-Be Was Deported Because She Was Pregnant

Betty Lopez was several months pregnant when Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agents took the mom-to-be out of her Dallas, TX, home. She was later deported to Mexico. Reports say ICE agents gave Lopez the boot because they consider her pregnancy "high risk" - huh? Apparently this practice is not unusual. A spokesperson for the agency told a Dallas TV station they "regularly deport pregnant women who are here illegally, unless it's medically inappropriate to do so."

In 2014, the Department of Homeland Security issued a directive to not detain pregnant women and other vulnerable populations for immigration issues. However, news reports refute that any change has occurred in the system.

An American Citizen Was Deported After Being Coerced Into Signing A Document

When Luis Alberto Delgado was pulled over in 2010, he did everything right. The Texas-born was 19 at the time, and presented his US birth certificate, driver's license, and social security card when police pulled him over for a seatbelt infraction. Despite this, he was taken in for questioning about his legal status. 

After hours of grueling questioning, Delgado signed a legal document agreeing to his voluntary removal from the country and was then driven by US Border Patrol officers to Matamoros, Mexico, in the wee hours and left there alone. Delgado said he signed the waiver thinking it would allow him to return to Brownsville, TX. It took Delgado three full months to return to the US despite being a legal citizen.

A Student Spoke At A Press Conference And Was Detained Moments Later

After President Donald Trump decided to crack down on illegal immigrants in the US, Daniela Vargas decided to speak out. On March 1, 2017, the 22-year-old student spoke to reporters at a press conference in Mississippi about her fear of being deported. Vargas was brought to the US as a child with her parents, and she was legally in the US as part of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. 

When she spoke at the press conference, her renewal for legal status was pending. When she got done speaking, however, immigration officials detained her. Agents said she was a "visa overstay" case, and moved to have her deported. She along with her father and brother were detained. As of March 2017, she still hasn't been deported, but it is a very real possibility. 

A Four Year Old Girl Was Deported Without Her Parents While She Was Traveling With Her Grandpa

In March 2011, four-year-old Emily Ruiz was sent to Guatemala by US Immigration officials - even though she's a US citizen. When Emily and her grandfather traveled to Guatemala earlier that year, the grandfather was detained while trying to reenter the US. Immigration officials sent Emily's grandfather packing and gave the child's dad a choice: She could stay at a children's detention facility in Virginia or she could go back to Guatemala with her grandfather. Her family chose to send her with relatives instead of the detention center, but then faced an uphill battle to get her back into the country despite the fact she was a legal US resident with a US passport.

A Man Checked Himself Into A Canadian Hospital And Was Deported

Right or wrong, the deportation case of Laibar Singh tugs at the heartstrings. Singh, a widower, came to Canada in 2003 illegally because wanted to earn money to try and support his four young children. He forged a passport and worked for several years undetected.

That is, until a brain aneurysm caused him to become paralyzed. When he went to an area hospital, he was arrested. He sought sanctuary in a Sikh temple. Protesters vehemently opposed Canada's attempts to put Singh back on a plane to India, saying his health and possibly his life, were at risk. Singh's deportation was put on hold several times, but seemed imminent. Nevertheless, Singh was indeed eventually deported to India. How is he now? In an interview with CTV in 2009, Singh, still paralyzed, says he's getting medical care and his condition is improving since he left Canada.

Russell Brand Was Deported From Japan Because Of His Prior Record

Comedian and actor Russell Brand made headlines in May 2011 after being deported from Japan, where he was set to watch his then-wife Katy Perry perform in concert. Apparently, the Japanese government wasn't too happy with Brand's list of prior convictions. Perry tweeted that Brand got the boot "or priors from over 10 years ago!"

Brand has been public about his struggles with drugs and alcohol, as well as his run-ins with the law. Shortly after being denied entry into Japan, Canada followed suit in denying him entry, also citing Brand's criminal record. 

Dad Driving His Daughters To School Gets Deported

A California dad was driving his kids to school in 2017 when he was stopped by immigration officers. While his daughter waited in the car, officers detained him and left her alone in the back crying. He had just dropped off one of his daughters and was on the way to drop off the other when immigration officers pulled him over for no apparent reason.

The man, Romulo Avelica-Gonzalez, told his wife he thought he was being followed by immigration shortly before he took the girls to school. Immigration officials said Gonzalez had multiple driving violations, including a DUI, and had an outstanding order for removal from 2014. While waiting in the back of the car, his 13-year-old daughter filmed the ordeal, which quickly went viral. 

Tue, 31 May 2011 02:38:38 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/13-craziest-reasons-people-get-deported/lauriem
<![CDATA[The Worst Black Friday Injuries and Deaths of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/13-most-brutal-black-friday-injuries-and-deaths/john-barryman
In honor of the busiest shopping day of the year, here's a roundup of stories about Black Friday injuries, incidents and deaths that should pretty much convince everyone to stay the hell out of a busy shopper's way this year.
The Worst Black Friday Injuries and Deaths of All Time,

Tennessee Transwoman Assaulted at Kohl's
In Jackson, Tennessee, the day after Thanksgiving 2012 was brutal fro Akasha Adonis. The transgender woman and her mom were assaulted by other shoppers as soon as store personnel unlocked the doors to a Kohl's Department Store.

Adonis and another woman were hit by an assailant who puled out her hair. Most disgustingly, the suspect put his hand in her mouth and tore three teeth out of her socket, breaking her jaw. As Adonis laid on the floor, Kohl's staff greeted other shoppers until a woman called the cops.

Black Friday Shoppers Trample Girl
Welcome to Muskegon, where every Black Friday, people swarm stores in stampedes. Evidently, it doesn't matter who is in your way; it could even be a teenage girl in a Wal-Mart who's victim to the shopping madness.

On Black Friday 2011, a Wal-Mart SuperCenter became a scene of minor injuries for the girl. While there were rumors that she had been stabbed or shot, the truth was that people rushing to an electronic department sale knocked her over and stepped on her repeatedly. She was taken to the hospital.

Guys Shoot Each Other
Black Friday. Toys R Us. Shooting deaths. Normally, people would never think of stringing those words up in the same sentence. Well, maybe the first two, but shooting deaths?

However, that’s exactly what happened the same day of the above Wal-Mart stampede. On the opposite side of the coast in Palm Desert, CA, two women got into a fight. No one knows why, but plenty of witnesses reported it was a bloody brawl. Bloody enough to incite their male companions to pull out their trusty hand-guns and shoot each other. God Bless America.

All hell broke loose.The crowds ran out screaming from the store while the two shooters squared off and cocked their gun. One man failed so he ran through the aisles while the other guy shot at him. Eventually, they got to the cash register and exchanged multiple shots before dying.

Apparently, it wasn’t over a toy, though its very easy to make such an assumption. Two guys walk into a Toys R Us carrying guns then shoot each other. What’s to miss (other than, apparently, that one guy)?

But the worst part of it all: the mothers brought their children with them and their children witnessed their own fathers’ deaths.

Off-Duty Cop Pepper Sprays Shoppers
A policeman was arrested (you read that right) on Black Friday in 2011. The Kinston police officer was off duty at the time, but that did not stop him from pepper spraying several people in the chaotic crowd.

The Kinston cop, Gordon Jackson, hired a lawyer after he was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. YouTube videos were released of shoppers covering their faces, while the police department claimed to NBC News that they just fired "a single puff" and no one got sprayed in the face with the mace.

Cali Walmart Becomes Scene of a Shooting
Just before 2 am, Black Friday shoppers got into a fight in the parking lot of a Walmart near Oakland, California. The San Leandro customers were confronted by thieves who wanted their items and, after they refused, one of those thieves pulled out a gun.

While one fired and wounded one of the victims, the other suspect fled the scene. The one who was arrested was in his mid-20s, while the gunshot victim was taken to a local hospital in critical condition.

Man Collapses and Dies in Shopping Frenzy
In 2011, 61-year-old Walter Vance collapsed while shopping for Black Friday deals at a West Virginia Target store and went unnoticed by patrons of the store who walked around the fallen man, choosing instead to keep their eyes on the prize (a $4.97 copy of Jack and Jill on Blu-Ray). When shoppers finally ceased stepping over the man to carry on with their shopping, several nurses did come to the man's aid, but he later died in the hospital.

Wal-Mart Deathly Stampede
If you thought any Black Friday experience you had was beyond ridiculous, just consider yourself lucky no one died (though many people find themselves dying on the inside.)

Alas, that is exactly what happened back in 2008 at a Long Island Wal-Mart. A few facts to convey this incident: over 2,000 people trampled into the store five minutes before scheduled to open. The store never in fact opened. The crowds opened it themselves, chanting push the doors in. And they did, knocking the doors off their hinges and literally basting it apart. If you're wondering what's wrong with these people? Just check out this Walmart people video and it'll all make perfect sense.

It was rumored that the employees all of sudden had to make a human chain to slow down the crowds that kept pouring. Not effective. Turned out the crowds ended up being a lethal Red Rover and they trampled a 34 year old temporary employee.

As other Wal-Mart employees tried to help the man, the crowds knocked them over as well all the while pummeling the downed man to death. When police and paramedics arrived, people kept pushing past them. When police forced the store to close, people kept pushing past them. Their excuse? I was in line since Friday morning! For 20 dollars off a PS3.

You can’t get more cold-hearted than that.

Pregnant Woman Miscarried
Well, you can expect this type of violence if the crowds on Black Friday had been historically so bad they killed a man. This particular takedown occurred at the same place where the Wal-Mart worker was killed, making the 2008 shopping season a historical war zone in that area.

The eight-months-pregnant woman was probably waiting to buy stuff for her soon-to-be newborn baby. Instead, she miscarried. The same group of people that knocked the doors off their hinges also managed to create the most brutal abortion imaginable.

Target Shoppers Step Over Dying Man
Walter Vance was shopping at a West Virginia Target store for Black Friday when he collapsed. The 61-year-old pharmacist had already been dealing with a heart condition, but the insanity of Black Friday did not help.

When he fell to the ground, countless customers did absolutely nothing. In fact, they walked around him on their way to find bargains. Vance was brought to the hospital later, where he died.

Bargain Shoppers Send 11-Year-Old to Hospital
Is a bargain worth trampling a precious 11-year-old girl?

In 2013, Black Friday at a New Boston Walmart was a horror-filled shopping event thanks to crazed customers. HIPAA laws prohibit the release of the girl's name, but an 11-year-old female was trampled at the scene. 

The injuries landed her in the hospital, where she was transported and later released. Luckily, the police were quick to respond, as the first call of a trampled child at Walmart came in at 7:56pm and they were on the scene by 8:01.


Mon, 22 Nov 2010 03:21:01 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/13-most-brutal-black-friday-injuries-and-deaths/john-barryman
<![CDATA[20 Crazy Stories About People Who Actually Saw The Future In Their Dreams]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/reddit-stories-dreams-that-came-true-premonitions/amandasedlakhevener

You need not be a superhero, an actual psychic, or anyone with any type of premonitory powers to experience a psychic or prophetic dream. Stranger vessels than you have predicted the future, so don't sell your intuition short. Some people dream about a feeling or a weird scene that reemerges when they're awake; others remember seeing a loved one die or hearing them say "goodbye" only to find they've done so in the real world. These weird dream premonitions can be surprising and even upsetting, especially the moment when you realize they've come true. 

Below are some Reddit true stories about prophetic dreams people actually watched come true. They might shock you with their specificity of detail, with different dreams predicting both public and personal experiences, but know there are some gifts people may never understand.

20 Crazy Stories About People Who Actually Saw The Future In Their Dreams,

She Was Not Pregnant

From Lovekats29:

"Several years ago a friend of mine was trying for her first child. A couple months after 'trying' she developed all the symptoms of early pregnancy - missed period, breast tenderness, heightened sense of smell, food cravings - the whole nine yards. She took an early pregnancy test and it was inconclusive. We were both totally convinced that she was with child. She made an appointment with her doctor to confirm.

The night before her appointment I had a dream about her. She came to me and told me she was not pregnant. It was so vivid and real. I told her about it the next morning and we laughed - because we were both so sure she was preggers. She went to the doctor and sure enough - she was NOT pregnant. She had a fairly large ovarian cyst that was causing all the symptoms. Neither she nor I knew that cysts could cause pregnancy symptoms. But my dream was correct and timely.

She went on to have a healthy baby girl a year later."

A Weird Moment In Time

From WilsonKeel:

"I went to high school in Antioch, CA, and graduated from Antioch High School in June 1986.

Antioch's nearest neighboring town is Pittsburg, CA, home of Pittsburg High School. As of June 1986, I had never attended Pittsburg High, didn't know anyone who went to Pittsburg High, and had only set foot on the campus of Pittsburg High once in my life (attending a football game in my junior year).

In the weeks following graduation, still in June 1986, my then-girlfriend and I were house-sitting for a friend. One night, I dreamed that I had auditioned for the play, The Crucible. In the dream, my girlfriend and I were leaving her father's business office and driving to Pittsburg High School to see if I had been cast in the play. We were going to Pittsburg High because that's where the cast list was going to be posted.

When I awoke, I told my girlfriend about this strange dream. It was very lifelike, but it made no sense. I had been active in drama in high school, but all the other elements were out of place in typical dream fashion. After all, I had just graduated high school, and never attended Pittsburg High anyway, so why would I be doing a play there now? The Crucible was one of my favorite plays, but I didn't know of anyone producing it at the time, Pittsburg High or otherwise. My girlfriend's father's office was in Pittsburg, but it's not like either my girlfriend or I worked there. I probably only told my girlfriend about it because it was such a vivid dream.

Time passed. I moved away from Antioch for a month or so, but moved back in September 1986. By then, my girlfriend was attending the local junior college (Los Medanos College, in Pittsburg). One day while escorting her to class, I saw a flyer on a bulletin board announcing auditions for the fall play. The play was The Crucible. (Of course, at this point, I wasn't consciously thinking about the dream from months before.) I auditioned. As it turned out, the college's theater was too small to house a full-stage play, and Pittsburg High's drama teacher was directing the play for the college. So, naturally, it was being staged at Pittsburg High School...

So there we were, several days after the auditions. I'm in the car with my girlfriend, and we're leaving her father's office (where she had started working in the months since the dream) to go to Pittsburg High School to look at the cast list of The Crucible and see if I made the play! It was exactly like the dream!!

And thing that separated this from your typical deja vu is, I had a "witness." My girlfriend had been with me when I had the dream, and I had told her about it right after I dreamed it. Then, months later, she was with me again when the events seen in the dream occurred, and she remembered my telling her about the scene months before. And all of the elements of the dream that made no sense at all in June 1986, turned out to make perfect sense in September 1986.

So I didn't just have some vague feeling that I'd seen some event in a dream. I knew I'd seen it in a dream, I remembered when the dream had been, I had told someone else about the dream at the time that I'd had it, that person remembered me telling her about the dream, and that person was also with me when the events of the dream took place in real life.

Just to make sure I hadn't subliminally seen an early flyer for The Crucible months before, I checked with the drama dept. At the time of my dream in June, no flyers had been made, the play had not been chosen, the director had not been chosen, and the venue had not been chosen. So there's no way I could have just seen this somewhere and worked it into a dream."

The Neighborhood Mom Grew Up In

From Electroniclog:

"I used to have reoccurring dreams all the time about driving through a neighborhood that I had never been to before. When I was about eight, my mom took me driving to show me the neighborhood she grew up in. I grew up in Arizona and we were in Chicago, and this neighborhood was exactly as it was in my dream. I was freaking out, but nobody believed me. She showed me my grandparent's first house and everything was spot on as I dreamt it. Still gives me the willies to this day."

Dreamed Granddad Died

From acates:

"I had a dream when I was about six-years-old about my granddad dying. In the dream I was with my dad walking towards the hospital my granddad was at (he had heart troubles and I went every weekend to see him in the hospital). While we were walking up, my aunt and uncle are walking towards us and my aunt is crying. She tells us he's gone. A week later that exact thing happened. I didn't tell my dad about that dream until I was about 17."

Tripped In The Woods

From Kubrick_Fan:

"I had a dream once when I was in the woods, tripped over something and smashed my teeth in. I was an air cadet at the time, and there was an optional night exercise that was due to happen in my local woods in the same week that I had the dream in.

I chose not to go. One of the more senior cadets did go on the night exercise. He tripped over something in the dark woods and smashed three teeth out."

A Bag Of Chips And A Stomach Ache

From antyone:

"I remember having a dream as a kid.

I was in my family car on a certain road near the house I was living in and I remember I was eating a bag of chips, then I remember my stomach ache. Fast forward some time later and the exact same thing happened on the same road, same time my stomach started ache and same bag of chips in my hands.

It was mind-blowing to me as a kid."

The Columbia Crash

From oesjmr:

"I've only had one premonition-type of dream and it came true within hours. In the dream, I was standing in a field, looking up into the morning sky, watching a fireball fall with a smoke trail behind it. Pieces of it were breaking off here and there. I was with a handful of other people, who I did not know, and we were all looking up in amazement. A radio was on and there was a man stating, 'Do not touch any pieces of the space craft that may crash to earth due to potential radiation contamination,' and things of that nature. We all stood looking into the sky for a few more moments before I woke up.

When I woke from the dream, I noticed it was still dark outside, so I looked at the clock. It was 2:35 am (EST). I got up, drank some water, laid back in bed and thought about the dream for a while. I was having trouble going back to sleep, so I turned on the radio and eventually drifted back to sleep.

I woke up in the morning, and to my disbelief, I was hearing the same voice from the radio in my dream hours before on the radio now, saying similar things. I thought, "What the hell is going on?!" I turned on the TV, switched it over to a news channel, and saw this video on the screen. Space Shuttle Columbia had just disintegrated during re-entry. I get goosebumps even today thinking about it."

It's A Gift

From fiverrah:

"I'm a little late for this but, I have had precognitive dreams for my entire life. Most of the time they are about inconsequential things but now and then, they are important. My feeling about them is that they show how interconnected we all are and that time isn't a straight line. You may be interested in reading about Bells Theorem.

I pay attention to these dreams and tell family about them. I actually saved my niece's life once after dreaming about her being in danger. I think that lots of people have this ability, some more than others. Just like some people can make music better than others. It's a gift."

Dreamed About A Fight

From greasymonkee:

"I lived in a small town growing up and there was just one mechanic who had a shop. I hung out there a lot just because I love cars, and he did quite a few repairs for me. I actually developed a decent relationship with the guy. I had a dream that we flat-out had it out as if we were about to fight each other, but I blew it off thinking that it was absolutely absurd. Fast forward a little less than a year and he ripped me off and lied to my grandpa about what happened. We have never spoken a word to each other since and he gives me a death stare every time I see him."

It Was A Parable

From romeoprico:

"I dreamt I was flying, high up in the air, across fields and valleys. It felt wonderful in my dream. There was a lady next to me also flying. We continue flying for awhile and all of a sudden we come up to a mountain.

The mountain was enormous. It was so high up that its peak was covered in clouds. It was colossal in size. The lady and I descended and perched ourselves unto a rock to observe the mountain. Then the lady points to something, high up in the face of the mountain, where an entrance to a cavern could be seen.

So I fly towards the entrance of this cave but no matter how fast I flew, the further it got away from me. It was unreachable. So after a futile event, I flee back to the rock where the lady was waiting for me, smiling.

Then she says, 'Once three men got stuck in the cave but they were able to get out. You could reach the cave, if you really wanted.' And I woke up. It was a strange dream and stranger still that I would remember it. I had nothing to do that day. I decided to visit a bookstore and buy a book to read.

So I visited this used bookstore store and the only book that got my attention that day was a copy of the Koran. Now, mind you I'm not a Muslim and I know absolutely nothing about the religion. I have been raised a Christian my whole life. I bought the book for nothing more out of curiosity.

I go home and glimpse through the book, but I couldn't understand any of it. I got bored with it and was about to put it down but then I remember the dream I had the night before and I decided to Google it to see what came up. And wouldn't you know it, I came across this following legend out of the Koran. Weirdest dream ever."

Thu, 02 Mar 2017 09:05:42 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/reddit-stories-dreams-that-came-true-premonitions/amandasedlakhevener
<![CDATA[The Most Florida Things That Have Ever Happened]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/most-florida-things-that-have-ever-happened/mel-judson
The most Florida things that have ever happened are listed here and ready for your votes. That's right, the word "Florida" is no longer just the name of a state. It has become an adjective to describe something absolutely ridiculous. These news stories will make you ignore "What's the matter with Kansas" and ask yourself, "WTF is wrong with Florida?" Enjoy these uniquely "Florida weird" moments in the history of this state.

Our list is full of animals acting like humans (dogs shooting their owners with guns) and humans acting like animals (moms biting their daughters for turning on a Rihanna CD). The Florida news has become late night talk show fodder, but this list is the ultimate compilation of WTF Florida stories. Remember that time the entire state didn't know how to count votes and the wrong guy was elected President of the United States? Multiply that insanity by 10, and welcome to the list of the most Florida-weird moments the Sunshine State ever had.
The Most Florida Things That Have Ever Happened,

Man Wears Women's Undies on Airplane
Apparently, you can wear women’s underwear on airplanes these days. At least, that's what U.S. Airways decided in Ft. Lauderdale when people complained about the man's attire. He was wearing nothing but lingerie, which a veteran flight attended called "certainly one of the most bizarre" moments of his entire career.


Taco Isn't Accepted as Drunk Man's I.D.
Classic story: a guy gets drunk, drives a pick-up truck, passes out behind the wheel, and it catches on fire. That's the tale of Matthew Faulkner of Florida. When the arresting officer requested identification, Mr. Faulkner handed it over. And by "it" we mean "a taco from Taco Bell."


A Giant Eyeball Washes Ashore
A true Floridian mystery came when an eyeball the size of a softball appeared on a beach in Ft. Lauderdale. The mystery was solved when the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute concluded days later that it came from a now one-eyed swordfish.


Guy Tries to Trade Alligator for Beer
In Florida, alligator is a currency. That's what 64-year-old Fernando Aguilera thought when he trapped a 4-foot alligator and tried to sell it, living, at a Florida convenience store. What did he want in return? A 12-pack of brewskies.


State Ban on Bar Dwarf-Tossing Up for Repeal
So, Florida had a ban on tossing dwarfs in bars. That’s pretty weird. What’s a little more hard to grasp is the fact that someone, let alone someone in government, would want to repeal it. State Rep. Ritch Workman (real name) filed a bill to do so because it would "limit employment opportunities."


Man Impersonates Cop to Get Free Access to Strip Club
Realizing the rules really applied to more than just coffee and donuts, a guy disguised himself as a policeman in order to get into a strip club for free. Impersonating a cop? Classic Florida. Doing so to get into a strip club? Now, that is the most Florida thing you could possibly do.


Fake Dentist Cures Toothache By Kissing Patient's Butt
Got a toothache? According to this man who impersonated a dentist, your buttocks needs to be kissed. People in Florida like to pretend to be other people, but this one is too good. I bet the woman, who got the fake dentist arrested, was just glad she didn’t get any other oral work done that day.


Child Porn Blamed on Kitten
The perviest cat on the face of the Earth was found in Florida. Incidentally, so was the worst excuse for downloading child porn on the face of the Earth as well. When confronted with damning evidence of child pornography on a Florida man’s computer, the guy said that his cat downloaded it. His dog also ate his homework in middle school.


Real Cop Gets Pulled Over by Fake Cop
A Florida police officer was pulled over by another police officer. The only problem is the arresting officer got arrested for trying to arrest him. Using illegal police lights, a 20-year-old Ohio man thought he'd get away with it because, well, he was in Florida.


Police Called Because Neighbors Wouldn't Get Drunk With Someone
A Florida man called the cops because his neighbors did not want to drink with him. America’s loneliest man found himself in jail because of his phone call. Celebrating his 56th birthday by himself, James Collins called cops twice on his neighbors for "being mean" and not wanting to hang out.


Wed, 22 Oct 2014 09:45:28 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/most-florida-things-that-have-ever-happened/mel-judson
<![CDATA[Worst Things People Have Ever Done in The Sims]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/terrible-sims-stories/rosa-pasquarella
The Sims are an integral part of any gamer's collection. Who doesn't love a game that lets you play God? From its humble beginnings to it's copious updates and expansions, players are able to create families, build houses, and rule their own little world... or at least that what they're supposed to do. 

Lovers of this classic video game over on Reddit opened up about the most bizarre things they had ever done with their Sims. From funny mishaps to sinister murder-suicide plots, these stories will make you want to find your nearest console and binge with The Sims.

Worst Things People Have Ever Done in The Sims,

User creates a party room, sets it on fire, and forces Sims to dance (or they die)
"I bought a giant mansion but made some modifications to it. By modifications I mean a room called 'The Party Room'.

The party room had dance floors, plenty of food, music and a nice sports car parked in the middle. What could go wrong?

I threw a party and invited everyone I knew into it and called them into the room. Suddenly the doors shut and a nightmarish hell began.

All the stereos switched to that annoying kids music, the strobe lighting kicked in and the fireplaces were placed. The doors disappeared magically.

The sims weren't allowed to leave the house. I had but three commandments: anyone who does not dance dies, anyone who tries to put out the fires dies and the last surviving member was allowed to live.

At least 30 Sims had to endure fire, starvation, piss-covered floors, strobe lighting, kids music, windows that pointed directly outside to freedom, ghosts and rotten food for about two weeks in-game. One by one the Sims were picked off through horrific torture."

Player forces family to play music while he kills off the family pet (who he turned human)
"In 'Makin' Magic' I had a brilliant dog called AJ who was loved by the whole family. He never had an off day and brought sheer joy to his owners. I decided to train my wizardry and get the spell that allowed you to turn pets into humans, so AJ could be even more a part of the family.

He turned out to be the biggest fucking ass-bag as a person, and was abusive to his family, so we had to take care of him. I built a monolithic tomb, and trapped him inside. The family stood out front playing music to him as he slowly starved. They bought a new dog and played with it happily outside AJ's eternal resting place to torture his trapped soul. Eventually a dragon burnt down the house and killed them all.

What a game."

Player stuffs entire neighborhood inside house with one toilet and no doors

"Killing Sims is (generally) too easy and vastly overdone. So one day I was an a mischievous mood so I decided to perform a 'social experiment'. I built a very bland house. Basically a big square of unpainted walls without windows and only one door. Once I had the whole neighborhood trapped inside, I removed the only way out.

Inside the house there was one refrigerator (no starving to death allowed) and right in the center of the house, a single toilet. I wanted to see which Sims would unashamedly use the toilet in full view of everyone else. Most did not want to.

Slowly I would shrink the walls as people moved away from them forcing everyone closer and closer to that one, lone toilet. The whole neighborhood, all fed and needing to use the toilet, nearly all too ashamed to use it standing around in a tight, confined space all staring at the toilet longingly. Many were standing in puddles. Woe betide them that fainted."

User creates maze from the fridge to the toilet that takes 48 hours to get through

"[I created a] giant two-story maze, room in the middle of the bottom floor had a fridge and the one up top had a toilet. It took 48 Sim hours to get through the maze."

Player forces husband to paint wife's affairs, hangs paintings all over the house

"One of my Sims had the desire to sleep with ten people. She had a husband who was an artist. He was always in his studio endlessly painting, he had a bed in there, he was completely dedicated. Every time she had a lover over I had him paint the scene in the bedroom. He never caught her as he rarely left his studio but all the time he was obliviously painting her infidelity. Obviously I hung these paintings all over the house."

User forces starving Sim to throw out pizza he secretly ordered; Sim cries while it happens
"I was starving my Sim and he sneakily called up for a pizza. When it was delivered I made him throw it in the garbage. Then he cried."
Player creates her ex-boyfriends, kills them off one by one
"One by one, I created my ex-boyfriends. I'd flirt with them, get a little woo-hoo action, them one day they'd have a little accident. Who knows why John decided to try to fix that broken dishwasher at two AM with no repair skill? Or how François got trapped in the pool in the middle of the night? How unfortunate."
Player repeatedly kills every man a Sim tries to marry, woman eventually dies
"I made a black widow: a female Sim who would marry men, and on the wedding day I would lock him up in the basement and basically starve him. Her secret cemetery/basement had like 20 urns. I didn't even do it for the money (I would donate it all away, she had the 'good' trait so it would actually benefit her too). I never had her have sex with any of them either, she died a virgin after adopting a baby girl and then I repeated the entire cycle with her as well."
Player drowns his Sim, has everyone show up to the funeral in bathing suits
"One time I killed a Sim by drowning. Then I made everyone show up to his funeral in swimwear."
Player makes clean-freak Sim, locks him in house with dead hamster and rotting food
"I made a guy who was a compulsive neat-freak. Put him in a really surreal little house with a wedding buffet and a hamster or something, and deleted the door. Eventually, he went insane from lack of cleanliness and depression over his little rodent friend dying, and starved to death once the banquet rotted. I put the resulting urn in the room. I then repeated an identical scenario several times, always keeping the urns in the room. Eventually the tenth iteration of this guy is up all night, every night, terrified of a parade of ghosts of himself."

Mon, 21 Mar 2016 03:57:35 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/terrible-sims-stories/rosa-pasquarella
<![CDATA[Horrible Things That Have Happened at Music Festivals]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/music-festival-horror-stories/candice-darden
A mixture of loud music, copious drugs, free-flowing beer, crowded campgrounds, and weather exposure are all synonymous with music festivals... and can easily be fuel for disastrous events. From the Woodstock Festival happenings of '99 (sexual assaults, arson, and trucks being driven through crowds are just some of the craziness reported), to a literal river of sh*t flowing through campgrounds, and a fatal stabbing at the Altamont Festival that happened 20 feet from Mick Jagger, this list is full of music festivals stories that recount the most awful happenings and true horror stories that have occurred at music festivals over the past 50 years.

Music festivals deaths, stage collapses, drug trips that have gone wrong, and stampedes are just some of the things to watch out for when you're attending a music festival - throughout the last five decade, some truly bad things have happened while people were gathered together and jamming to their favorite bands.
Horrible Things That Have Happened at Music Festivals,

Nine Fans Were Crushed to Death During Pearl Jam's Roskilde Festival Set
At the 2000 Roskilde Festival in Denmark, over 50,000 fans gathered to hear Pear Jam play. Within the first hour of their set, nine fans had been crushed to death as festival-goers rushed to the front of the stage. Pearl Jam canceled the remainder of their tour, later writing a tribute to those whom were killed.

A Man Left His Dog in a Hot Car in the Vans Warped Tour Parking Lot
In 2014, Edwin Harrington Jr. left his Boston terrier/bulldog mix in his car in the Xfinity Center parking lot during the Vans Warped Tour. The interior of the car was reported to have reached a temperature of 130 degrees. The dog suffered a heat stroke and shock, and wasn’t even able to walk once finally rescued. The man later faced animal cruelty charges, being held on a bail of $1,000.

A Group of Men Sold "Beer" That Was Really Urine
"I was at Bestival one year and I'd ran out of beer but I was also pretty skint. Instead of spending a fiver on a pint I decided to buy some beer off of some guys who were selling their own bottles out of the back of their car for a couple of quid each. When I got back to my friends and took that first gulp, it was quite clear they'd sold me bottles of actual piss. I didn't go back and confront them as they looked like they could easily beat me up."

-Oscar Skinner, via Dazed Digital

Woodstock '99 Saw a Truck Drive Through an Audience, Arson, and Sexual Assault
To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the original 1969 Woodstock festival, Woodstock '99 was born. As the festival progressed, the crowds turned violent, multiple fires were set to vendors' booths, stages were torn apart and vandalized, and sexual assault reports were rampant. In other words, way to honor the original festival which celebrated peace and love.
11 People Were Trampled Over Pete Townsend Starting His Soundcheck Late
At the Coliseum in December of ’79, Pete Townshend (of The Who) began his soundcheck later than initially planned. Fans reportedly became enraged and started a stampede in the venue, where 11 fans were ultimately trampled to death.
A Stage Collapsed, Killing Three and Inuring 71
The Chateau stage at the Pukkelpop Festival in Belgium collapsed in 2011, the result of  a storm ripping through the festival grounds; three festival goers died, and 71 were injured.

Omori (the band that was playing when the stage collapsed) issued the following statement:
"We had just finished the first song of our set at Pukkelpop when the stage/tent started shaking and simply thought it was a storm passing through. I made a comment about Cheap Trick and we were about to play the next one when our tour manager yelled at me to run off the stage. Right then the tress collapsed 1 foot in front of [guitarist] Max [Kakacek]. At this point we thought only the stage broke, not the tent. Amid the chaos it was hard to tell exactly what had happened, but after the rescue teams started coming in it became clear that there were severe injuries and we are now being told there are reports of multiple deaths. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families who lost loved ones in today's tragedy."

A Woman Had Her Face Bitten by a Man on Acid
From a user submitted post to the Guardian, sent by Grace, from Liverpool:

"I call this story: 'Getting bitten on the face by a man on acid.' I’d just seen this guy fall into a fit and was giving him basic first aid when he rolled over on top of me, pushing me into two feet of mud and other festival detritus, before biting me on the face. He was latched on for about 30 seconds. I was elbowing him in the neck trying to get him off me. There were security guards in sight, but they didn’t do a thing. As soon as he was off I ran to the medical tent, where I cried on the shoulder of the medic who examined me for about an hour. It didn’t break the skin, but it was the weirdest feeling ever – like somebody was dripping thick hot liquid down my face. I had a mouth-shaped bruise, complete with nine teeth marks, on my face for about two weeks afterwards. I think he thought I was a strawberry or something."
A Murder Was Caught on Film During the 1969 Altamont Festival
The Altamont Festival became infamous for several deaths, including a hit-and-run that killed two, someone drowning in an excavation pit, and - most notorious of all - a violent stabbing. As the Rolling Stones were onstage, a Hells Angel named Alan Passaro (the Hells Angels were the security guards for the bands that evening, reportedly paid in beer) stabbed 18-year-old Meredith Hunter (who was supposedly wielding a gun) to death only 20 feet from the stage where Mick Jagger was crooning “Under My Thumb.” The Stones reportedly had no idea the incident was happening and finished their set.

A Man Jumped Into a Campfire While on LSD
Reddit user PoopIsAPalindrome reports:

"A couple years ago, I was at a festival in Missouri, aptly called Schwagstock. This year there was a particularly bad batch of LSD going around they dubbed to be 'research chemicals.' At the last light of the day, a guy in our campsite (we had a big group from my hometown), who had unknowingly partaken the research chemicals instead of clean LSD, completely lost his sh*t. He started running around the fire and screaming at the top of his lungs, 'I AM THE DEVIL!' Then, he leapt into the fire, wildly stomping his feet in the coals still screaming, 'I AM THE DEVIL!' We all are screaming back at him to get the f*ck out of there, you could already smell his burning flesh. I remember this part the clearest, he looks in my direction (not at me specifically) and I see in his face the moment he realizes what is happening. He begins screeching and leaps out of the fire and makes for the [nearby] stream. I'm guessing that he was in so much shock that he didn't realize the pieces of flesh dripping off his legs as he ran. The paramedics heard the commotion and got to our campsite within a minute or two. He had to be airlifted to a burn center unit in St. Louis. But, I'll never forget that look, that smell, and those screams which didn't cease until they closed the helicopter door."
A Woman Was Trapped in a Port-a-Potty
"I was at Volt festival in Hungary and I desperately needed to pee so I went to this portaloo that was on the top of a slope. Whilst I was in there using it, the toilet started to tilt towards the ground as if it was about the roll down the hill, and I became covered in other people's shit and vomit. To make matters worse, my friend saw that the portaloo was about to topple over so she swung open the door (which had no lock) to set me free. Although I’d obviously had no time to prepare myself so I stood there, next to a queue full of people, covered in shit and with nothing to cover my lady parts."

-Emma O, via Dazed Digital

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<![CDATA["Crazy" Girlfriends Tell Their Side of the Story]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/crazy-girlfriends-share-their-side/ashley-reign
Have you ever heard crazy ex-girlfriend stories from your guy friends that were enough to make you wonder why girls are crazy even though you are one yourself? Or perhaps you were dating a guy only to eventually discover to your horror that he was haunted by crazy ex-girlfriends of relationships past? Well if you've ever found yourself in such a situation, you may have also had a nagging feeling that you may or may not have been hearing the entire story, a theory which a recent r/AskReddit thread set out to prove, with startling results. 

When asked to tell their version of past relationships gone bad, tons of so-called "crazy exes" answered the call and proved that things aren't always what they initially seem. Here you'll find a wide range of "
crazy girls" who explain their behavior through a series of harrowing tales that range from drug addicted boyfriends to undiagnosed mental disorders to the simple fact that they wanted their sh*t back. 

So whether you've ever been accused of being a crazy ex yourself and are looking for validation that you're not alone or have just wondered what goes on in the minds of women who men you've known have assured you were batsh*t crazy, you'll find enlightenment below. Some of these stories may not be pretty, but they're guaranteed to inform and make you reconsider who's really the "crazy" one in many situations.

"Crazy" Girlfriends Tell Their Side of the Story,

"He was addicted to heroin for years..."
"He was addicted to heroin for years and THAT'S why I was blowing up his phone constantly. I never told anyone what was going on with him but if he wasn't where he said he was he most likely had a needle in his arm. Back before he got sober he let people think that I was just obsessive when in actuality I was legitimately worried about him. Doesn't really matter now, we don't talk to any of those people anymore but my reputation still stands."
"I knew in my bones he was cheating..."
"I've definitely been 'crazy'. Snooped through phones, emails, etc. because I knew in my bones he was cheating (confirmed). It made me realize I never want to be with someone who I feel like I 'need' to snoop on. Walked away after that."
"If you try to put something in my mouth that I don't want there...."
"If you try to put something in my mouth that I don't want there, for any reason, I'm going to bite it."
"He never told me the things I did that bothered him...."
"Well I guess the biggest reason is because he never told me the things I did that bothered him.
Like it exploded at some point and things came to light that he never talked to me about once.

Like for example, whenever he told me he was going out I would ask if I could tag a long. When everything blew up this was one of his issues and I told him in disbelief 'Why didn't you just tell me you wanted to be alone? Why leave it at "I'm going to XXX."?'
I may have never understood if he was just tired of me or tired of us or if all his reasons were justified. I honestly thought until that point we were okay, so I guess that made me 'crazy'."

"The f*cker had about $1,000.00 worth of my Blu Rays..."
"The f*cker had about $1000.00 worth of my Blu Rays in his place, and I'll be damned if I wasn't going to blow up his phone numerous times a day until he f*cking answered and gave them back to me."
"[He] broke up with me at [my mom's] funeral..."
"My mom died. You broke up with me at her funeral. I feel like I was a tiny bit justified." 
"I had an undiagnosed mental disorder..."
"Crazy ex-girlfriend here. I had an undiagnosed mental disorder and didn't understand how to handle emotions appropriately."
"I had a miscarriage..."
"In October of last year I had a miscarriage. I cried for the first two nights and on the third one my boyfriend said it was time to start getting over it. Here I am thinking we're in the same boat and seeing him as my strength to only hear him say "Get over it". Gawd it destroyed me. He said it was because he didn't want to face it and seeing me like that was a constant reminder but I truly lost so much respect for him after that." 
"He cheated on me with my best friend of eight years..."
"My first serious boyfriend. He cheated on me with my best friend of eight years. I was so devastated. The worst part was that they didn't seem to care. They just shrugged their shoulders... I didn't have anyone to vent to so it just built up inside me, so I spent a year trying to rebuild my friendship with my ex bestie, then I invited her to a sleep over, just like old times.

We put on some hair masks that are supposed to condition your hair, but I filled hers with hair removal cream. She lost all her hair that was originally down past her waist, except for about 2 inches on the very top. I saw her in a store about a month ago after not seeing her for four years, and she's kept it short ever since.

We were best friends, but she was a huge 'Regina George' type of girl and I worshipped her out of fear of being an outcast and also because she was popular. I was the butt of every joke, and she bullied me in front of others and passed it off as playful banter. It was better to be her friend and look up to her, than to stand up to her and have her ruin your entire life. Previously we'd been a group of four but one of the other girls dated a boy that Maria liked, so she called the police and told them he was a drug dealer and that he had threatened us by holding a knife to our throats. She also told the school that another girl's dad was a rapist after the girl reported her for bullying, and we all had to go in for interviews. This was before we had even turned 14 and she went on like this for years.
The hair situation happened after years of this kind of behaviour. I had only stuck by her out of the fact no one wanted to be my friend as a result of being around her and I was basically Maria's little side kick. I was totally under her spell and her parents would constantly tell me what a good person I was for 'looking after her when everyone else was out to get her,' which basically proved how much they didn't even understand her. Also, sometimes Maria would tell people her mother was dead for no apparent reason and when I asked her why she said this, she said 'because sometimes it's funny'.
As soon as the first few clumps of hair came out in my fingers I felt totally sick. I was literally preparing to run because I thought she was going to beat the sh*t out of me. I just kept rubbing it out of her scalp and said 'Maria, it's falling out. Your hair, look.'
She went to the mirror and she just laughed and said 'You so did that on purpose. You so did, didn't you?' I said 'Yes, I did it on purpose but I don't care', my face must have been the color of paper and I was totally bawling my eyes out because I was legit scared of her.
I told her she was a bitch and went through the times she had tried to ruin people's lives, told her that she was a bitch for calling people rapists and murderers and drug dealers and that she owes so many people apologies. Maria started crying and started coming out with how I was her best friend and how we always 'stuck together' and that I should know how hard her life at home was without her sister and mum. Her sister moved out about a year before and she told everyone she had died also, I have no idea why she did this. Her mum and sister are definitely not dead.
I said 'You're a compulsive liar and you don't even know it. Your mum and sister aren't dead, X persons's dad wasn't a rapist, Y person wasn't a drug dealer and he never tried to kill us, but you totally ruined their lives.' The next year of our relationship was basically 'the Boss level', if you will. She spent the next year accusing my family of abusing me, that I stole her phone, that I had threatened to kill her if I saw her. The school ignored her as much as possible because they'd had enough of her, and during our final year they sat us both down and pulled out a huge list of all the sh*t she had done and that it was getting to the point that that we're going to press charges against her for all the harassment, or against me for my apparent death threats towards her. She said she didn't want to take it any further and that she would 'just put up with me'.
I'm not proud of what I did and when I think about her I just wish I had told her to leave me alone along time ago. She was the number one reason my whole school career was awful, because if I wasn't her victim, then I was her persecutor.
TL:DR, she tried to get me arrested and turned out to be batsh*t crazy and I regret what I did."

"What else was I supposed to do when the guy you're seeing is in a locked room with a pretty girl?
"I was meeting his friends for the first time. We all went out and then came back to his house for drinks. I'm talking to his friends getting to know them and being social. He's upstairs and talking to another friend. Girl walks in and goes up stairs. I think nothing of it until his friend comes down and I'm being directed elsewhere.

I realize they're trying to distract me and of course since I'd been drinking everything was a lot bigger of a deal. I throw a fit and go and knock at the LOCKED door and might've started screaming because what else was I supposed to do when the guy you're seeing is in a locked room with a pretty girl? I'm humiliated, can't be talked down and am alone 'cause they're all his friends. Screaming, crying and the like.
So that's how I became the crazy one."

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<![CDATA[The Worst Medical Malpractice Stories in History]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/medical-malpractice-cases/mike-rothschild
Medical malpractice cases are uncommon. The vast majority of the 30 million surgeries performed in the US every year go off without a hitch, but botched operations and diagnoses do happen, and when they do, they can be devastating to patients and their families.

There are any number of examples of medical malpractice - some of them are freak accidents, and others are totally preventable. Often, when something goes horribly awry, it's as simple as a doctor operating on the wrong one in a pair, like a leg or kidney. Sometimes information is transcribed wrong, or a chart is confused with a similar patient. Mistakes do happen, and when they do, lawyers are called and settlements agreed upon.

But sometimes a mistake is so sloppy, craven, or lazy that it defies any obvious explanation other than, "The doctor just wasn't paying enough attention." Huge medical instruments are left in patients, nurses don't take the time to wash their hands, nobody checks on a person in an ER, and in one tragic case, a girl gets organs that are incompatible with her blood type.

Here are some of the worst medical malpractices cases in history. Each and every one is a cautionary tale for asking questions at the doctor and confirming that all your medical information is accurate.

The Worst Medical Malpractice Stories in History,

Surgical Fire - It's as Scary as It Sounds
In terms of bad things that can happen to you during an operation, being set on fire is pretty high on the list. According to the FDA, surgical fires only happen between 550 and 650 times a year, but they can have catastrophic consequences for both patients and medical staff. Patient Janice McCall was burned during an “accidental flash fire” in surgery and died a week later, while Enrique Ruiz received severe burns, allegedly after sparks from an electronic scalpel ignited his oxygen supply.

The Retractor Left in Daryoush Mazarei's Abdomen
Doctors thought the intense pain Daryoush Mazarei complained of after surgery was all in his head. It turns out it was actually in his lower abdomen – because a ten-inch long retractor had been left in there two years earlier. The thing was actually poking out from under his ribs, but physicians were skeptical because of the rarity of devices being left inside patients (about 1,500 times out of 30 million surgeries every year). When the retractor showed up on a CT scan, Mazarei sued and had the device removed.

Willie King Loses the Wrong Leg
Diabetic construction worker Willie King went into the hospital to have his left leg removed below the knee, as it was becoming gangrenous. But a chain of mistakes began almost immediately, as the scheduler wrote down that King was to lose his right leg. The mistake was never caught and doctors indeed removed the wrong leg. He later had the left leg removed at a different hospital, and received a total of $1.15 million in compensation after suing the original hospital.

The doctor who performed the original incorrect surgery on King struck again months later when he removed the toe of a woman without her consent. He was fined and suspended.
The Horror of Anesthesia Awareness
The term “anesthesia awareness” doesn’t do the nightmare of waking up during surgery justice. While rare, it does happen in about one to two out of every 1,000 patients who are given a general sedative to knock them out during surgery. Carol Weihrer was one such patient, waking up while having her eye operated on, hearing surgeons say things like "Cut deeper" and "Pull harder."  She felt no pain, since the sedative and pain-blocking drugs are different, but she was left with PTSD and an inability to sleep horizontally. She sued the hospital and won an undisclosed judgement.
Arturo Iturralde and a Screwdriver in the Spine
Arturo Iturralde, a 73-year-old Hawaii resident, was supposed to have fairly routine back surgery to insert two titanium rods into his spine to keep it stable. The surgeon found that the rods were missing from the surgical kit, so instead he inexplicably used a hacksaw to cut off the screwdriver's shaft and inserted it into Iturralde to brace the spine. When the shaft broke just days later, Iturralde was left in agonizing pain. He needed three more surgeries and died within two years. The doctor and hospital were hit with a $5.6 million judgement.

Rhode Island Hospital Botches Brain Surgeries
Providence’s Rhode Island Hospital didn’t just botch brain surgery on one patient, three doctors there botched it on three patients - all in the same way. In 2007, the hospital was fined $50,000 for the third instance of brain surgery being performed on the wrong side of a patient’s brain. Astonishingly, two of the patients were fine, but the other died, prompting an investigation and the fine.
Surgeons Remove the Wrong Rib from Cancer Patient
Yale-New Haven Medical Center surgeons operated on Deborah Craven in May 2015, removing potentially cancerous portions of one of her ribs. Except instead they removed a different rib altogether and Craven claims they lied to her, trying to cover up the mistake before rushing her back into surgery the same day to correct it. She sued the hospital and many of the surgeons, claiming negligence.
Carl Beauchamp’s Unnoticed Head Injury
Rhode Island Hospital failed another patient, head trauma victim Carl Beauchamp, in 2009. Beauchamp was admitted after a head injury, and the staff essentially did everything wrong after that, misdiagnosing him, failing to check on him, neglecting to notice his condition worsening, and not performing necessary exams. Beauchamp was left with debilitating brain damage as a result, and in 2015, his family won an eight-figure judgement against the notorious hospital.

When Pec Implants Become Breast Implants
In 1999, bodybuilder and former Mr. Mexico Alexander Baez fell victim to a scam perpetrated by a fake doctor when he went in for pectoral implants - and came out with female breast implants. The fake doctor, Reinaldo Silvestre (pictured), had apparently butchered a number of other patients before police finally caught up with him and he was ordered to pay out nearly $5 million.

Routine Celebrity Procedures Gone Awry
Ordinary folks or pensioners on Medicare aren’t the only ones who are at risk of severe medical malpractice. Celebrities can fall into the cracks and become victims of negligence too. Best-selling novelist Olivia Goldsmith died of sedation complications during routine cosmetic surgery, and comedian Joan Rivers died as a result of a botched endoscopy and laryngoscopy during which dramatic changes in her vital signs went unnoticed by doctors for roughly 15 minutes.

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<![CDATA[The Worst Things That Have Ever Happened to Kim Kardashian]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/bad-things-that-happened-to-kim-kardashian/jacob-shelton

No matter what you think about Kim Kardashian - whether you believe she’s a talentless nightmare who doesn’t deserve her fame or that she’s a saavy business woman who experiences emotions the same way anyone would in her position - you have to admit that her life doesn't exactly seem easy. When you start tallying up all the things that have happened to Kim Kardashian in her life, you may discover that a lot of them are kind of traumatizing. Not only was Kim Kardashian robbed at gunpoint in Paris in 2016, but she had to live through a violent marriage to her first husband, and have people say awful things about her every chance they get. Let’s take a walk through Kim Kardashian's past mistakes and mishaps and see if we can gain a little sympathy for the reality television star.

If we’re being honest, any Kim Kardashian news is probably bad. No one reports on whether her emojis are selling well or if she had a healthy lunch. All anyone cares about is if she was robbed, fell down a flight of stairs, or dropped her ice cream cone because that’s what sells. Keep reading to find out the latest Kim Kardashian news, along with some blasts from the past that show Mrs. Kanye West in a whole new light.

Read through this list of the worst things that have ever happened to Kim Kardashian, then tweet at her and tell her that you care because she’s had a pretty rough life. 

The Worst Things That Have Ever Happened to Kim Kardashian,

Her First Husband Abused Her

In 2000, when Kardashian was only 19 years old, she and her then boyfriend, music producer Damon Thomas, eloped in Las Vegas. Three years later Kardashian filed for divorce alleging that Thomas would punch her in the face, slam her against walls and throw her across the room, leaving her bruised and battered.

Her Father Died of Cancer When She Was 23

Kim Kardashian's father, Robert, is most famous for being on OJ Simpson's defense team in the early '90s. But after the case he grew estranged from his family, and in 2003 as he was dying, Kim's stepmother refused to let his children see him one last time. Kim says that she and the rest of her family had to force their way into the house to get a chance to give their father one last goodbye

She Had Children with Kanye West

We're not saying Kanye West is a bad guy, or that they shouldn't have gotten married. But when she had two children with one of the most popular entertainers on earth (who is a legit crazy person), she pretty much signed up for having to deal with his garbage for the rest of her life. Even if they get divorced, she and Kanye are going to have to figure out visitation schedules on private jets for Saint and North West. 

Her One Single Was Panned

Actually, her single, "Jam (Turn It Up)" was called a "dead-brained piece of generic dance music, without a single distinguishing feature." Ouch.

Jim Farber Destroyed Her Singing Career

So that's not really fair to Jim Farber, who was just calling it like he saw it while also using Kim Kardashian as a stand-in for everything that's wrong with popular entertainment. But in a 2011 review of "Jam (Turn It Up)" he laid waste to the song while also admitting that it didn't really matter what he thought because the act of him writing his review basically played into her media machine.

"In a cynical way, everybody wins in a situation like this. Kim gets more attention (her entire raison d'etre) while listeners get to chortle and feel superior. In a (slightly) deeper way, it takes attention from more important things we could all be doing - like, say, sleeping." That being said, her singing career basically stalled after the death rattle of "Jam (Turn It Up)."

She Got Pregnant and Hated It

According to a very pregnant Kardashian in 2015, “I’m gonna keep it real: For me, pregnancy is the worst experience of my life! LOL! I don’t enjoy one moment of it and I don’t understand people who enjoy it."

She Had to Work for Paris Hilton

Can you imagine how bad it would be to have to work as Paris Hilton's personal assistant? Throughout the mid 2000s, Kardashian helped organize Hilton's closets and made brief appearances with the then-star on her reality show. And if that wasn't bad enough, an entire decade later Hilton was still going on about how Kim used to work for her, posting on social media that she made Kardashian famous. 

Her Mom Might Have Leaked Her Sex Tape

In 2007, a personal sex tape that featured Kim Kardashian and her then-boyfriend Ray J was leaked online and sold through Vivid entertainment. In an upcoming book about the Kardashian family an ~adult film insider~ alleges that Kim's mom, Kris Jenner, is the one who did the leaking. 

She Was Robbed at Gunpoint

While attending fashion week in Paris, Kim Kardashian was robbed of $10 million worth of jewelry by a group of unknown assailants. The news story exploded across the media as people speculated about whether the robbery was an inside job, or if it was a grab for even more popularity. 

She Was Locked in a Bathroom

The worst part of Kardashian's 2016 robbery was that the star suffered the indignity of being locked in a bathroom while a bunch of goons ransacked her rented mansion. The least they could have done was lock her in the den where there were magazines or toss her an iPod Touch. 

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<![CDATA[People Who Killed Their Victims to Assume Their Identities]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/identity-thief-murders/mike-rothschild
Police estimate that hundreds of thousands of dead people have their Social Security numbers and other aspects of their identities stolen every year, mostly for purposes of fraud. But a few identity thieves take their crime to the ultimate point: killing people just to steal their lives. Murdering someone AND stealing their ID is rare, but when it happens, it often is the result of a long and involved con.

Killers who became their victims include a woman who murdered her sister after pretending her house was firebombed by drug dealers; a career fraudster who sent his victim off to another country, then killed him when he came back; a convicted rapist who killed a homeless man in order to fake his own death; and a lesbian serial killer known as the most wanted woman in America.

Here are some of the stories of people who killed others to assume their identities.

People Who Killed Their Victims to Assume Their Identities,

The Husband and Wife Team Who Killed Three People for Their Identities
Julie and Dimitry Yakovlev were found guilty of a scheme wherein Dimitry murdered three people to obtain their identities, which they then used to pilfer bank accounts and open credit cards. Julie pleaded guilty to a slew of fraud charges, but wasn't a suspect in the murders. Dimitry was the main suspect in the disappearances of Michael Klein, Irina Malezhik and Viktor Alekseyev - two of whom have never been found, and the other was found dead in New Jersey.

All three had had their identities stolen after their death, netting the husband and wife over half a million dollars, which had to be forfeited. Dimitry was given 30 years in prison, while Julie pleaded guilty and got three years.

George Kalomeris, Who Killed Two People to Get Control of Their Million Dollar Estates
Kalomeris resided in multiple states, and therefore had no problem killing people in two different states and assuming their identities to get his hands on their money. The first person Kalomeris killed was Gary Wayne Thomas, a man who lived in his apartment complex and who had a million-dollar trust. The two got high together, whereby Kalomeris shot and killed Thomas, and over the next eight months, assumed the man's identity. He called Thomas's bank and told him he was moving to Maryland - and established an address there.

He blew through most of the money, the zeroed in on another man, Thomas Wayne Jones, a wealthy paraplegic. Kalomeris shot Jones in the neck, buried him, and took control of his estate, including a stash of rare gold coins. However, Jones was actually alive, and eventually able to testify against Kalomeris, who was sent to prison. While in prison, Kalomeris put out a hit on Jones, using money he was continuing to steal from Gary Wayne Thomas's estate. The inmate Kalomeris approached ratted on him, and while he was under investigation, Jones died of his injuries from the shooting. Kalomeris was sentenced to nearly 400 years in prison.

The Freeloader Who Murdered Her Sister and Bombed Her Own House
Stevie Allman became a minor celebrity in Oakland after she was rescued from her house, which had apparently been firebombed by drug dealers out to get revenge on her because of her anti-drug efforts. Money was raised to help treat her injuries, she spoke out against the arsonists, and even the state's governor got in on it, offering a reward for the capture of those who bombed Allman's house.

It sounded like good-old American heroism, except that Stevie Allman had set the fire herself, and wasn't Stevie at all, but her sister Sarah, who had murdered Stevie and stuffed her in a freezer. Sarah and Stevie lived together in the house, and while Stevie was known as an anti-drug crusader, Sarah was an unemployed freeloader who routinely stole from her sister - even forging her name to cash an inheritance check. Police speculated that Sarah killed Stevie and assumed her identity to gain access to the deed to the house, as well as Stevie's finances. Other family members noted that two women lived in the house, and when confronted, Sarah readily admitted what she did.

The Man Who Murdered a Mother and Child So His Girlfriend Could Take Her Identity
The 2010 double murder that gripped Australia, the case of the deaths of 22-year-old Karlie Pearce-Stevenson and her two-year-old daughter, took almost five years to finally unravel. Karie's bones were found in October 2010 in a forest in New South Wales, while her daughter's remains were found in a suitcase in July 2015, almost 700 miles away. Both of their identities had been exploited for fraud, theft, and to send fake messages implying Karlie was still alive.

When the infant's remains were linked to Karlie's, police went public, imploring the people of Australia for tips as to the culprits. Within a few days, they had a suspect, Karlie's former lover Daniel Holdom - whose current girlfriend was using Karlie's identity to open bank accounts and defraud credit card companies. Holdom was arrested on double murder charges.

The Evil Twin Who Tried to Become Her Good Twin
A bizarre southern California attempted murder trial involved Jeena and Sunny Han, literally characterized by police as a good twin and an evil twin. In this case, the evil twin was Jeena, who was arrested on a slew of charges, including conspiracy to commit murder, robbery, and false imprisonment. All of them stemmed from an attempt to kill her "good twin" Sunny, and assume her identity.

Jeena was apparently mad at Sunny for assisting police in a prior credit card fraud scheme that she'd been busted for. Jeena hired two guys and went over to Sunny's apartment,  planning to kill her and take her identity, including her good credit score and clean arrest record. The plot got botched when Sunny (who didn't realize that her sister was in her apartment) called the police, and Jeena made a run for it. She was eventually arrested at San Diego Airport. Jeena was found guilty and sentenced to 26 years to life in prison.

Albert Johnson Walker, Who Took a TV Repairman's Identity, Then Killed Him
Canadian con artist Albert Johnson Walker had already been part of a number of failed fraud schemes when he met TV repairman Ronald Platt. He was living in England while fleeing over a dozen charges of fraud, money laundering, and theft when he changed his name to "David Davis" and started a business with fellow expat Platt. When Platt wanted to go back to Canada, Walker claimed he needed Platt's birth certificate and ID to hold up his end of the business. After Platt left, Walker assumed his identity.

A few years later, Platt was broke and came back to England. Realizing his fraud was about to be exposed, Walker took Platt fishing, then murdered him with an anchor and dumped the body at sea. However, when the body washed up, it was wearing a Rolex registered to Platt. Walker was arrested soon after, and is serving life in prison.

The Lesbian Serial Killer Who Seduced Women and Took Their Names
A 12-year manhunt for "Chameleon Killer" Elaine Parent came to a head in 2002 in Florida, after police in two countries tracked her down. Parent was accused of stalking single women, taking them as lovers, then killing them and stealing their identities. The first killing attributed to Parent was a woman who washed up on a Florida canal having been hacked apart, but with a tattoo that police identified and tracked back to Parent, the victim's roommate. Parent had used a false ID to trick the victim into handing over her Social Security number, driver's license number, and credit card number for a "numerology analysis," then killing her.

Over the next decade plus, Parent took authorities in the US and UK (where she'd lived for a long time) on a chase involving dozens of identities, several other murders, multiple countries, and countless leads. Parent was finally tracked back to Florida, and shot herself while waiting to be arrested.

William Morse, Who Killed a Contractor, Spent His Money, and Became Him
Simple greed appeared to be the motive behind the murder of Richard Bellittieri, a contractor hired by William Morse to do some work on the duplex he was building. According to Maine prosecutors, Morse shot the man, dragged him into a nearby woods, buried him, and chopped a tree down on him. He then pilfered his finances to the tune of $175,000, and even introduced himself to people as Bellitteri.

He kept the ruse up for a year, before being pulled over for DUI with Beillitteri's ID and credit cards. Maine put him on trial for murder and identity theft, and he was found guilty. Morse will spend a minimum of 60 years in prison.

The Rapist Who Killed a Homeless Man and Stole His Identity to Fake His Own Death
Michael Henderson was already a serial sexual offender, who had served a multi-year prison sentence for child sexual abuse. After being accused again of sexually assaulting a minor, in this case, a 16-year-old relative, Henderson decided it was time to create a new life for himself. To do that, he shot and killed homeless man Gary Ali, then put Ali's body in a car with his own ID, and set it on fire.

The burned car was traced back to Henderson, who was arrested in 2011 for both the murder and the rape. It took a jury just 20 minutes to find him guilty, and he was given life in prison.


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<![CDATA[Bisexuals Describe Differences of Dating Guys and Girls]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/bisexuals-describe-dating-differences/jacob-shelton
Every comedian has a bit about how men and women are different, but only bisexuals (people who are attracted to both men and women) truly know the differences between the genders when it comes to having a relationship. This collection of the differences between men and women in dating was sourced from AskReddit, one of the best places to learn about a group of people, from that specific group. Whether you’re gay, straight, or bi, you’ll definitely want to keep reading to find out what the big difference between dating girls and guys is. And just so you know, it doesn’t have anything to do with body hair.

When it comes to relationships, you’d think it wouldn’t matter which gender you were pairing up with, and that most people are basically the same. Wrong. Careening back and forth between guys and girls can be fun, but it can also be a lot of work. There are all sorts of differences between going out with girls and guys, and the most important distinctions just might surprise you. Obviously the sex is completely different, but who do you think is clingier? And which gender do you think is the better kisser? For answers to these questions, and more, check out this list of the differences between girlfriends and boyfriends sourced from some helpful bisexuals who posted in AskReddit.

If you’re bisexual, vote up the biggest differences you think there are between dating guys and dating girls and feel free to tell everyone about some of your experiences in the comments.
Bisexuals Describe Differences of Dating Guys and Girls,

Men aren't interested in marathon sex.

"What I have noticed is that sex is much different. I don't mean physically (of course it is), but the attitude/goal. For example, most men I've been with have been perfectly OK with like 90% of our sex being what amounts to a quicky. Five minutes is fine with most of the men I've been with most of the time. 

With women it seems that it is more about the experience, and I've been with a couple women who very much enjoy marathon sessions (Not always, of course), and I've never been with a single guy who wants to go that long. Just my two cents."

Men are more vocal about experimenting in bed.

"Male bisexual here (yes, we do exist). 

-Grinding against a guy the same way you grind against a woman (when you aren't going for penetration) can have disastrous consequence when you poke the balls you forgot were there. 

-Guys that I've been with have been more vocal about experimenting in bed. Not necessarily talking crazy, kinky stuff here. Think "new positions." I think women are equally interested in experimenting, but I tend to have to initiate that conversation. The women I've been with have largely let me take the lead until they are more comfortable with me. Guys tend to get to the point sooner. I'm not sure which I prefer - it's fun and exciting to have someone else initiate something new, but it can be unsettling if you don't know the person well. 

-A lady has never licked my butt and I don't think one ever will and I am absolutely okay with that. 

-When I'm with a guy, deciding who pays is always hilariously awkward for a minute. With a woman, at least it is almost never awkward to offer to pay. 

-Woman are more mysterious to me. In general, I feel as if I can connect faster with a man than a woman, but when I take more time with women, the payoff of getting to know them generally results in better, longer, more intimate interactions. I don't exactly know how to describe it, but even though it's harder for me to emotionally connect with women, the connections tend to be stronger, deeper, and more mysterious. Mysteries can be really good things. 

-Women tend to be much more aware of their surroundings, more cautious, and careful about people they are interacting with whom they don't know well. Guys tend to be less worried about it, and more direct. I think of it as the difference of talking to a lady on Tinder vs. talking to a guy on Grindr (which, btw, is an app I do not use). 

-With women, there is usually the possibility you can have biological children. With men, that possibility doesn't exist. Even when you're young, that thought is always floating in the back of your mind."

It's easier to find guys to date.
"This probably isn't surprising, but it's a lot easier to find men to date as a female bisexual. With straight dudes, being bi is a more or less a plus (though that also comes with it's own problems), with lesbians being bi is a pretty big minus. I haven't dated another bi person, though, hopefully they'd be more chill with it than the rest!"
People treat you differently when you switch it up.

"It wasn't so much about difference between the people I was dating - I'm willing to chalk that up to the individuals, rather than their genitalia - but I would say that people who knew me with a boyfriend treated me differently than they did when I had a girlfriend, and vice versa. 

It's sort of like people would have been fine with me being straight and fine with me being a lesbian, but watching me switch from men to women and back again caused a sort of cognitive disconnect. 

(I'd like to point out that I was never treated badly as a result of this. It was always just interesting to watch people do a double take when they met my new partner, especially because several of them have had gender-neutral names.)"

Men are more emotionally confusing.

"Lesbian for 15 years, bisexual for the last year. Generally speaking:

Dating women:

Soft kisses, soft hugs, soft everything. Sex is more of a leisurely stroll through a park.Way easier to fall in love. The intimacy is intense when you're both speaking the same emotional language. Oddly enough, it's harder to have that first connection because women can be really passive and not show they're interested. PMSx2 is just as fun as it sounds. More defensive, less cooperative.

Dating men:

Hard kisses, hard hugs, hard everything. Sex is more of a roller coaster. Figuring out what a guy wants emotionally when even he doesn't want to admit/knows is nearly impossible without sabotaging the whole thing by seeming too 'needy'. Figuring out what a guy wants physically is wonderfully easy. Less defensive, more cooperative."

Men like to talk about themselves, women like to talk about other people.
"My experience comes as someone who is not much of a talker at all (to the point that it can frustrate people around me at times) but who is a hell of a listener. Even though the stereotype is that women are the big talkers, I've found that both genders love to talk when they feel they are really being listened to. The main difference I've found is that men love to talk about themselves and women love to talk about other people. I'm not sure one is worse/better than the other... men can pretty egotistical, but women can be quite nosy/ cruel and critical of others. This is actually the biggest difference I've consistently observed."

There's less pressure when dating a guy.

"I'm a bi guy, I've dated both guys and girls, though at this point I've realized that I'm just overall much happier with women. I can't connect with guys on an emotional or sexual level like I can with women.

Guys give much, much better blowjobs.

Girls are much, much better kissers.

Since there's more ass involved with gay sex, the scent of butt no longer repels me - in some ways I've come to associate it with being about to get some. 

There's less pressure (real or imagined) to last longer in bed. Not that sex is always a quickie, but we both know that as long as we both orgasm - which is the case 99% of the time - we'll be satisfied. I've reached this point of comfort in relationships with women as well, but it takes longer. I've found that it also takes longer to find out what gets a girl turned on. With guys you can just fiddle around with the penis for a bit and you're good to go. 

Much more preparation involved with gay sex. You need to have lube handy, and the state of one's stomach/bowels can be a determining factor in whether or not you're getting any. Though in retrospect this is similar to not having sex when a girl is on her period (though period sex never bothered me). 

Similarly, gay sex involves more cleanup, because of lube and the occasional poo particle. A farticle, if you will. My dick just feels dirty after sex with a guy, whereas I don't feel that way after sex with a girl. 

But it also means I get to do butt stuff. ;)

...which means that guys don't get all weird when it comes to the butthole. A lot of girls I've been with have had hangups about that, which I've never totally understood.

Less focus on foreplay with guys.

There's less pressure (real or imagined) to provide for a guy. In relationships with women I've usually split things evenly as well, but there's more of a natural inclination to pay for shit.

There's no designated bug killer when dating guys. 

When on dates with another man, there's a little bit of self-consciousness in regards to little things like holding hands. We'd still do it anyway, but it's otherizing a bit. Society has progressed a lot, but not completely. 

Flirting with girls turns me on much more than flirting with guys.

I've found guys to be less sensitive to my emotional needs than women, but that could partially just be an individual difference with the people I've dated."

Women are squishier.

"Men are harder.

No seriously. Women tend to be soft and squishy, and men tend to have less give.

You could never tell just by looking, I mean they both seem to have the same amount of fat.
But its a huge and consistent difference.

Definitely caught me off guard."

Women are better kissers.

"I'm female. The way girls kiss is staggeringly different from the way men kiss. I prefer to date men in terms of sexual compatibility, but Christ are women better kissers. Women are softer and more responsive to physical cues, where as men tend to be like, 'This is what I've done before and no one ever said it sucked so I'll keep doing it!'"

There's a difference between how you do your makeup for a girl and how you do it for a guy.

"Hi there, bisexual woman here.

-With women, everyone will assume you're just best friends.

-Women tend to be more responsive to the subtleties in your body language during sex.

-With women, you really have to figure out your own relationship roles, since there's no male-female roles that are preassigned. It was really weird when I dated a guy after dating a girl, because he assumed I would want to fill traditional roles. After ignoring those roles completely with my girlfriend, it was weird.

-With my girlfriends, I don't feel the need to make sure my legs are 100% hairless. Because we get it, shaving every day is stupid.

-Wearing makeup for my boyfriend means highlighting my best features to look hot. Wearing makeup for my girlfriend means trying new things, because she'll notice the more subtle things and appreciate the wilder stuff."

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<![CDATA[15 People Who Died in Ways So Ridiculous It's Almost Funny]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/ridiculous-deaths/laura-allan

Death is a pretty serious subject... most of the time. It may feel pretty dark to admit it, but sometimes things happen and we end up with deaths that are funny. Call it cruel, call it morbid humor, or just call it macabre, but it's hard to deny that sometimes people die in ways that are so ironic or absurd, it's hard not to stifle a chuckle. 

To be clear, we're not suggesting that these deaths are not sad. People are left grieving, a life is cut short, and there is a period of mourning. But if a person does something especially absurd, stupid, or ironic, you'd think we're allowed a laugh or two, at least when no one's looking.

Lucky for us, we're on the Internet, and that means no one can hear us giggle-snorting over some of these stories. So, don't feel too bad as you read over these deaths that are so ridiculous they're (almost) funny. We promise, you're not the only one laughing.

15 People Who Died in Ways So Ridiculous It's Almost Funny,

A Teen Died from Too Much Deodorant

When you're a teen, body odor is a pretty serious problem, but one teen took it way too seriously for his own health. The 16-year-old boy in Folkestone, England, had become obsessed with smelling good and was hoarding spray-on deodorant for that purpose. He would use cans and cans of the stuff every day, until eventually it took its toll on him. The boy's body was found in his room, collapsed against his bed, dead from butane gas inhalation. In short, he sprayed his body with so much deodorant that he couldn't get enough oxygen and it killed him. It's true that hygiene is important, but taking it that far is just ridiculous. 

A Man Tripped Over His Own Beard and Died

Before the days of the Guinness Book of World Records, there was a man named Hans Steininger who claimed to have the world's longest beard. It was over a meter and a half long and he showed it off with pride. Unfortunately, it was also his undoing. One day there was a fire and he realized he had to flee his home. In his rush, however, he had trouble wrangling his beard and tripped over it. He lost his balance and fell to the ground, breaking his neck. He died instantly and became the first recorded case of a man dying by beard. If the Guinness Book of World Records had been around in his day, it turns out he would have had two records. 

A Man Died from an Atomic Wedgie

Many of you have probably heard of the legendary "atomic wedgie." According to kid lore, this type of wedgie is achieved when you pull someone's underwear up from the back of their pants, then put the waistband all the way over their head, all while the underwear is still being worn. Youch!

In 2013 in Oklahoma, a man and his adult stepson were doing some drinking (big surprise, alcohol is involved again) when things got weird. The son, Brad Davis, got the idea in his head that he should give his dad an atomic wedgie. They were arguing, and when Davis saw the opportunity, he jumped on it. Unfortunately, the underwear became wrapped around his stepfather's throat, and he strangled to death before anything could be done. Davis was sent to jail for manslaughter, even though he claims the whole thing was an accident. 

A Man Took So Much Viagra, His Heart Exploded

Sergey Tuganov probably didn't think he could die from sex. Generally, he'd be right - the circumstances surrounding his death sound like something out of an urban legend. It begins with Sergey making a bet with two female acquaintances in 2009 that he could continue to satisfy them sexually for 12 hours straight. They took the bet, and a wild night began.

In order to be sure he would win, Sergey downed a bottle - yes, a whole bottle - of Viagra pills before he set to work. Needless to say, he was up and at 'em for the full 12 hours. He won the bet, but as soon as he stopped, he dropped dead. The paramedics were called, but it was too late. His heart had stopped working due to an overdose of the pills, as well as the strain of non-stop sex for 12 hours. Hey, there are worse ways to go!

A Man Shot a Cactus - Then the Cactus Got Its Revenge

In 1982, a pair of friends were wandering the deserts of Arizona. The two men decided it might be fun to start shooting at the Saguaro cactuses that littered the landscape around them. One of the friends, David Grundman, began blasting the cactuses with a shotgun so many times the cactuses fell over. However, one cactus had had quite enough of all that. As he shot the cactus from ten feet away, one of the arms of the cactus broke off and went flying. It fell on Grundman, stabbing and crushing him to death. It just goes to show, don't mess with Saguaros. Not to mention, destroying the protected plants is illegal in Arizona, so he kinda had it coming. 

King Charles II of Navarre Was Accidentally Burned to Death by His Nurse

Noblemen are expected to die from heart problems, beheading, assassination, and maybe overeating. But King Charles II of Navarre is a rare exception. As his health waned in the late 1300s, Charles turned to a physician for help, and that doctor wrapped him from head to toe in linen cloth and then coated him in brandy. He was sewn into the bandages, but the nurse who was sewing him in had forgotten her scissors. Not to be deterred, the nurse took a candle and tried to use it to cut the thread. Instead, she lit the king ablaze, due to the brandy and very flammable linen covering him. He was burnt alive in his own palace as the nurse fled for her life. Maybe this is the reason some royalty don't trust doctors.

A Video Game Addict Played Star Craft Until He Died of Thirst

We've all met someone who's super into video games, but this gamer took his love of Star Craft to a whole new level. In South Korea in 2005, a 28-year-old man collapsed at an Internet cafe during a marathon session of the game. He had not been sleeping or eating, and he only paused the game to go to the bathroom and to take occasional naps. It was found upon examination that he was severely dehydrated and malnourished, as well as intensely exhausted. His heart had just given out, and his body had been so devoid of fluids that he couldn't compensate. In other words, he'd been so into his game that he'd died of thirst rather than hitting pause. 

Two Friends Decide to Play Catch... With a Rattlesnake

We all do stupid things when we're drunk, but these two took it to the extreme. In 1995, a pair of friends in Alabama were drinking heavily. Junior Bright and Joe Buddy Caine came across a four-foot rattlesnake and, in fit of brilliance, decided to pick the poor creature up. But their genius didn't stop there. They then began tossing the snake back and forth in an ill-conceived game of catch. The snake, not liking this, bit Bright on the hand, and then when Caine tried to kill it, it bit him as well. When paramedics arrived, they were both semiconscious and Caine went into cardiac arrest. He died on the way to the hospital, and, from what we know, the snake slithered away to bite another day. 

A Drunk Donkey Was So Funny, a Greek Philosopher Died Laughing

Yep, it's another story involving booze, but this time we have to go back to ancient GreeceChrysippus was usually a pretty calm philosopher in 279 BC, but he had a love for wine. He was drinking one day when he saw a donkey approaching and trying to eat his figs. He told a slave to give the donkey some wine, which the slave did. The drunk donkey then continued to try eating figs, but didn't do so well. Chrysippus, tickled to death by watching this drunk donkey failing at eating, began to laugh. He laughed and laughed so hard that he either had a heart attack or could not breathe, and managed to die. In other words, he actually died of laughter in a drunken giggle-fit. 

Two Elderly Sisters Suffocated in a Hotel Fold-Out Bed

You know those beds you sometimes see in movies, the ones that fold out of the wall? Well, you wouldn't usually think of those as anything other than goofy-looking, and that's probably what Mildred Bowman and Alice Wardle thought at well. The elderly pair were on holiday in 2009, and were resting in their bed when suddenly tragedy struck. In a cartoony bit of misfortune, the bed part attached to the wall collapsed and the bed folded itself up, crushing them inside. They were trapped there for four days before their bodies were eventually found. You may never watch that one I Love Lucy scene with the Murphy bed the same way ever again.

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<![CDATA[12 True Stories That Will Convince You Super Strength Is Real]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/true-stories-of-super-strength/lea-rose-emery

Being able to leap across tall buildings in a single bound may seem like something straight out of a comic book, but after a look at these true super strength stories you'll start to question what's real and what's not. These are people who have truly superhuman strength. A lot of them managed to summon it in moments of crisis, a phenomenon often referred to as "hysterical" strength. This is an amazing process where stress and adrenaline allow us to access part of our strength we wouldn't be able to in, say, a workout. But some of these people have such a natural strength all the time that their mere existence seems to defy logic. They manage to do things that seem, to us mere mortals, truly out of this world. 

These are true stories of superhuman strength, from toddlers to grandmothers, and they'll put any of you with delusions of grandeur after your last CrossFit session in your place. If you've ever complained about being sore after a day at the gym, read on and prepared to be embarrassed.

12 True Stories That Will Convince You Super Strength Is Real,

Grandma Twists Two-Inch Steel Rods Like They're Made of String

Sakinat Khanapiyeva hasn’t had one climactic moment of strength induced by adrenaline or fear - her entire life has been filled with mind-boggling strength. She first discovered her heroic abilities when she was 10 years old and was able to move a container of grain that weighed 661 pounds. Or, like, the weight of four grown men. As a 10-year-old girl. But it didn’t stop there: into her seventis, she could still rip a phone book in half, twist two-inch steel rods, and lift a 52-pound dumbbell while standing on a bed of nails. Oh, and break a horseshoe in half

Man Balances a Mini Cooper on His Head

Having a neck 24 inches in circumference certainly might make your head stronger than the average person, but it definitely doesn’t explain how this happened. John Evans, the "Head Balancer," already had a lot of world records under his belt for balancing things on his head. You know, things like piles of bricks, a washing machine, other people. Normal stuff. But in May 1999, he went bigger - way bigger. On his head, with no hands, he balanced a gutted Mini Cooper - yup, the car - on his head for 33 secondsA car. It weighed 352 pounds.

Mother Fights Off a Polar Bear, Walks Away Nearly Unharmed

Lydia Angyiou lived what could have been a nightmare in February 2006 had it not been for a superhuman display of strength. To be honest, it still sounds pretty terrible. While Angyiou’s son and other children were playing hockey in Ivujivik, Quebec, they saw a polar bear approaching. Angyiou shouted at the children to run before attacking the polar bear, hitting and kicking it. She managed to fend it off long enough for a neighbor to shoot it. The kicker? The bear weighed 700 pounds and was eight feet tall. It took four bullets to kill it. Angyiou walked away with only a few scratches a black eye, so if you ever hear about mysterious acts of heroism in northern Canada, you know who to thank.

Seven-Year-Old Pulls a 1.85-Ton Van for Fun

While a lot of stories involving moving cars in moments of crisis, Yang Jinlong decided to pull a van full of people for fun. The kicker: he was seven years old. Jinlong—again, at seven years old—managed to pull a van that weighed 1.85 tons. It's one of many astonishing strength exercises he’s been doing since childhood. The reason behind his super strength? Well, he had one simple answer: “I’m fat!” There must be more to it than that, right?

Man Lifts 1,500-Pound Helicopter Off Injured Pilot

If you think lifting a car is impressive, this feat by Warren “Tiny” Everal takes it to a whole other level. When a helicopter from the TV show Magnum P.I. crashed, Steve Kux, one of the pilots, was trapped underneath. The fact that the Hughes 500D helicopter weighed 1,550 pounds when empty didn’t stop Tiny. He managed to lift the helicopter off his co-worker, meaning Kux escaped with some arm damage, but his life intact.

Woman in Her 50s Holds a Car Four Inches Above the Ground... for Five Minutes

Angela Cavallo achieved superhero status in Lawrenceville, GA, on April 9, 1982. After being told there was an accident, she ran outside to find her teenage son, Tony, trapped under a 1964 Chevy Impala - it has been knocked off a car jack while he was working on it, collapsing on him. Angela, who was in her late fifties at the time, not only managed to raise the car up off of her son about four inches, she held it there long enough for neighbors to replace the jack and drag Tony out. They estimate it was about five minutes. A woman in her late fifties held a car up for 5 minutes. That'll make you think twice before complaining about carrying grocery bags.


Real-Life Spider-Man Scales the World's Tallest Building in Six Hours

Alain Robert, the "French Spider-Man," must have nerves of steel. He is famous for scaling buildings around the world without any equipment - just a bag of chalk, his climbing shoes, and some  superhuman strength. But one of his most impressive feats was in March 2011. He climbed the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the tallest structure in the world. He climbed all 2,722 feet with no equipment except for a safety harness in only six hours.

Dad Goes Out for a Morning Jog, Runs 350 Miles Without Stopping

Dean Karnazes is a runner who puts Forrest Gump to shame. Though you may be impressed that he ran 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 consecutive days, there’s a single feat that’s even more striking. On October 12, 2005, Karnazes set out on the most epic run that ever epic-ed. He ran 350 miles without stopping. That ended up being a full 80 hours and 44 minutes of running on no sleep. It’s enough not only to make you believe in superhuman strength but in an iron will as well.

Soldier Drags Injured Comrades Off Battlefield, Goes Back for More

Joe Rollino far surpasses the superhero title - he’s a full-on actual hero. Not only was he the “Strongest Man in the World” according to a Coney Island contest, not only could he lift 635 pounds with his fingers and 3200 pounds with his back (all while only weighing only 150 pounds), he showed his real strength on the battlefield. He was stationed in the Pacific during World War II. When enemy fire came in, he was known for rescuing his comrades. He dragged them - two under each arm - off the battlefield and went back for more. Deservedly, he earned a Bronze Star, a Silver Star, and three Purple Hearts. Oh, and he lived to be 104 years old.

Two Mothers Lift an 1,100-Pound Car to Save an Injured Boy

Just because Donna McNamee and Abigail Sicolo shared the load of the 1,100-pound car they lifted, that doesn’t make their feat any less extraordinary. In June 2009, the two saved a boy’s life when they saw he was trapped under a Renault Clio. The eight-year-old had been playing when he ran into the street and was hit by a car, pinning him underneath. Because of their strength, he managed to be pulled out with a broken leg and other injuries but was able to make a full recovery. Siocolo maintained “We're not heroes, anyone would have done it,” but how many people could have done it?

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<![CDATA[22 Times People Called 911 Over Food]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/false-911-calls-over-food/matthewcoleweiss
Have you ever called 911 because you thought your McDonald's french fries were cold or because you didn't like the sauce on your pizza? If not, then congratulations, you're a normal, reasonably well-adjusted person who understands the actual purpose of  911. This list, however, is NOT dedicated to the normal people, it's dedicated to idiots. Not just any idiots, but the type of idiots who think the police should get involved when they get the wrong type of burger at the drive-thru.   

Every single person on this list treated emergency services more like customer service. You'll be shocked how many times unhappy customers have made non-emergency 911 calls over culinary complaints, and even more surprised to learn what happened to these callers afterwards. Some got stern reprimands from the dispatcher, some were refunded by the police themselves, and some actually ended up in jail.

Your votes will determine just which 911 over food was the most ludicrous. These funny 911 tapes and stories may be the most hilarious things you'll listen to or read all week. We want to figure out which 911 call about food is the least appropriate for an emergency call, so vote up the funniest, most outrageous, and most unbelievable food-based 911 calls below!

22 Times People Called 911 Over Food,

The Case of the Missing McNuggets
Latreasa L. Goodman called 911 three times to report that her local McDonald's in Fort Pierce, Florida had run out of Chicken McNuggets. Goodman claimed it was an "emergency" and that they tried offering her a McDouble cheeseburger instead, but she didn't want one. The 27-year-old was cited for misusing 911.  

Source: Fox News
Who Puts Ketchup on a Philly Cheesesteak?
When a man wanted ketchup on his Philly cheesesteak at a Subway, employee Lawrence Ordone said he never had put ketchup on a cheesesteak before. This angered the customer who got even more upset when he found out there was no ketchup in the Subway at all! The employee called 911 because he felt physically threatened. All on account of not having ketchup.

Source: NBC News
She Didn't Like the Sauce on Her Subway Flatizza
Bevalente Michette Hall called 911 because she thought Subway used marinara sauce instead of "pizza sauce" on her flatbread pizza at a Subway in North Carolina. She demanded the police take her report so she could get on the news, all so she could get another flatbread pizza. Instead, Hall was sent to jail and released on a $2,000 bond.

Source: Gaston Gazette

To Be Fair, Orange Juice Is Delicious and Refreshing

In 2009, Ray Osman called 911 when he didn't get his morning orange juice at the McDonald's drive-thru. The 20-year-old was pissed off that he took his food home, only to find that his orange juice was missing. He returned and called the cops, but he wasn't the only one; a McDonald's employee called to report Osman blocking the drive-thru lane and knocking on the windows. Instead of getting his O.J., Osman got sent to jail.  

Source: Associated Press

They Wanted to Get Connected to Domino's
Coming out of Arlington, VA, a 911 dispatcher got a call that went down like this:  

Caller: "I'd also like to be connected to Domino's Pizza please, in Arlington."

Dispatcher: "That's not a, this is 911, 911 is for police and fire emergencies."

Caller: "Well I can't get through on the Pizza Hut line or 411."

Dispatcher: "OK, well, ma'am, 911 does not connect you to Domino's Pizza."

Source: ABC News
Eating Pot Brownies "By Mistake"
Michigan cop Edward Sanchez and his wife called 911 because they were afraid homemade brownies they didn't realize contained marijuana were killing them. The couple later admitted they may have put some pot in the brownies themselves, but they were eventually let off the hook for their call.

Source: Salem News
She Got the Wrong Western BBQ Burger
"I want my hamburger right" was the phrase of the day when an Orange County woman called 911 because she didn't get her Western BBQ burger at Burger King. The woman, who was confused about just which chain she was in, claimed she ordered the signature burger, only to receive a burger with just lettuce and tomatoes. The horror! The woman said the police need to protect her, to which the 911 operator replied, "What are we protecting you from?  A harmful cheeseburger?"

Sources: YouTube, Snopes

Police Are Known for Their Turkey Recipes
This one is too good to pass up. Though it's not clear where this came from, who the woman was, or exactly how authentic the call is, if you jump 20 seconds into the video, you'll hear a 911 call from a woman who didn't know how to cook her turkey. She didn't know the proper temperature for her oven, so the cop kindly gave her some cooking advice. 

Source: YouTube
Her Chinese Food Was "Not Up to Par"
A 44-year-old woman poo-poo'ed the quality of her pu pu platter when she called 911 over her Chinese food. After getting a meal at the Main Moon Chinese restaurant in Alliance, Ohio, Tracey McCloud called the emergency services because she felt her meal was "not up to par." McCloud said she tried to figure out the situation, but the Chinese workers didn't understand her and would not give her a refund. McCloud was arrested for misuse of 911, but don't worry, eventually she got her refund.

Source: USA Today
This Soup Tastes a Bit Like Band-Aids
Cops got a call from a man at Leo's Grill in Palm Harbor, Florida after he found a bandage in his soup. Even though it was a non-emergency, a health inspector eventually gave the restaurant a once-over and found over 22 health code violations.

Source: Palm Harbor Patch

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<![CDATA[Creepy Stories and Legends About the Mississippi River]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/mississippi-river-creepy-stories-legends/elizabeth-stapleton
The Mississippi River passes through 10 different states in the US and is 2,320 miles long. With an area that large, it's no surprise that there are plenty of creepy stories about the Mississippi River. From monsters both above and in the water to hauntings to disturbing deaths, these weird Mississippi River stories shed a creepy light on the historic waterway.

Mississippi River legends are so varied because it runs through so many different landscapes and environments. It also played a huge part in the formation and history of the US. It was used as a major mode of transportation during the country's western expansion and when Union forces captured it in the Civil War, it marked a crucial turning point towards victory. And any long, historic path, whether it's a river or a hiking trail, is bound to have a few urban legends attached to it. Check out these creepy Mississippi River stories and leave a comment if you've ever experienced anything weird on the Mississippi.

Creepy Stories and Legends About the Mississippi River,

Pepie the River Monster
Lake Pepin is the largest lake on the Mississippi, and it's located between Wisconsin and Minnesota. Since 1876, there have been reports of an unidentifiable monster, nicknamed Pepie, lurking beneath the surface. Reportedly, it's huge (between the size of a rhino and an elephant) and can leap out of the lake to snatch birds right out of the air. While there does not appear to be any proof of the monster's existence, businessman Larry Neilson has offered a $50,000 reward to anyone who can prove the existence of the creature. Neilsen has claimed to see the monster

While there is no proof of the monster's existence, businessman Larry Neilson has offered a $50,000 reward to anyone who can prove the existence of the creature. Neilsen has claimed to see the monster twice. He hopes the reward will not only be fun but bring more tourism to the area.
River Flooding Wiped Out the Ancient City of Cahokia
The ancient city of Cahokia once existed near modern-day St. Louis. It started with a few agricultural settlements around 400 AD, grew into a major city by 1050 AD, and had disappeared by 1350. So what happened? Cahokia was actually wiped out by floods from the Mississippi River. Today, you can still visit mounds that were part of the ancient city. 
The Oldest Settlement on the River Is Haunted
Natchez, MS is known as the birthplace of Mississippi. It was settled by the French in 1716, and after the Seven Years' War, was ruled by Great Britain, Spain, and finally the United States. Years of governmental chaos earned the town a reputation for being lawless and there are still many prominent legends about the area. 

There are stories of witches dancing along the Natchez Trace (a long trail that winds through several states), burning every piece of land their feet touch. Natchez-Under-the-Hill is one of the oldest parts of the town, and it's rumored to be haunted by several ghosts. But the creepiest spot in Natchez is Longwood, an unfinished octagonal mansion.

The construction of Longwood was halted by the Civil War. Dr. Haller Nutt, who commissioned the home from architect Samuel Sloan, lived in the only part of the house that was completed - the basement. Locals call the place "Nutt's Folly," and rumor has it that you can still see the ghosts of Dr. Nutt and his wife lurking around the property.

Clint Walker Claims He Saw a UFO on the River in 1951
There have been at least a few UFO sightings along the Mississippi River. Actor Clint Walker recalled seeing a UFO over the Mississippi in 1951 while traveling in Illinois. Ron Quinn shared his friend Clint's story in his book, Mysterious Disappearances: And Other Strange Tales. Quinn writes that Clint "glanced off toward the river. Coming toward him, above the water, was a saucer shaped UFO. It was perhaps 25-feet across and dull silver in color." He observed it for a few seconds before it moved out of sight.
The River Is a Dumping Ground for the Supposed 'Smiley Face' Killer
The Smiley Face Killer is a theory from two retired New York detectives who believe that a killer or a group of killers is responsible for the deaths of at least 40 college men. Nearly all of the men's deaths have been ruled accidental drownings, but some people believe that their deaths were not an accident. They believe there is a serial killer that preys upon intoxicated college students, drugging them and dumping them into nearby bodies of water, where they drown.

The detectives came up with the theory after a smiley face was discovered near several sites where the men are suspected to have fallen (or been thrown) into the water. Christopher Jenkins, a student at the University of Minnesota, was 21 when he disappeared on Halloween. His body was found four months later in the Mississippi River. 
The Mississippi River Has Been Known to Run Backwards
The Mississippi River has been known to reverse its direction. On the rare occasion this has happened, it is usually due to large earthquakes in the area. The earliest known occurrence was in 1812 after a series of earthquakes in Missouri, but it's happened several times since then, most recently in 2012 in the aftermath of Hurricane Issac. 
Bigfoot Roams the Banks of the Mississippi
The legend of the Momo Monster comes from the small town of Louisiana, MO, located on the Mississippi River. In 1972, three siblings claimed to have seen a Sasquatch-like creature carrying away their dog. 

Other neighbors later said they heard growling and animal-like noises in the area. A farmer even had a dog disappear and thought the Momo monster might be to blame. Some people in the area believe it was all a hoax carried out by three bored kids, but from time to time, sightings are still reported.
Two Men Say They Were Abducted by Aliens While Fishing
Two friends, Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker Jr., say they were abducted by aliens while fishing on the Mississippi after work. The two said they were taken by three gray creatures with claws for hands and were examined thoroughly while in a conscious but paralyzed state before being returned to the river bank. For the rest of his life, Charles Hickson was happy to share his UFO experience with others. 

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<![CDATA[The Worst Things That Have Ever Happened at Zoos]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/zoo-horror-stories/rydavis
When one spends a day at the zoo, they may expect a little excitement, a little curiosity, and an awesome chance to see some of wildlife's most vibrant, odd, and fascinating creatures. What you don't expect is to fall into the pit of a lion's den and have your clothes and body parts ripped to shreds. Although you're likely in the vast majority that has never had the unfortunate luck of experiencing such a high-stakes standoff against nature's greatest predators, there are some who have not been so fortunate. For every photographer leaning just a little too closely over the edge than they should be, there are major zoo accidents waiting to happen. Catastrophic zoo deaths make crazy news stories because they're actually so rare. But even some of the most experienced wildlife trainers, biologists, and veterinarians have had some very, VERY bad things happen to them at the zoo. 

All bad zoo news stories, unique in their own way, are nature's way of telling us that these beasts are not to be messed with. Lack of respect for the animal kingdom could cost you your arm or leg. And don't think that just because there's a thick layer of glass between you that these stronger-than-you-think mammals can't find a way to take you out if you piss them off enough. These animal anecdotes below are some of the worst things that have ever happened at zoos and are fair warning for your next visit. 
The Worst Things That Have Ever Happened at Zoos,

A Hippo Was Beat To Death In An El Salvador Zoo

A beloved hippo named Gustavito died after being beaten in an El Salvador zoo in February 2017. While officials did not know who perpetrated the crime, they believe a group of people beat the hippo in his enclosure with a blunt object at night. Zookeepers started seeing Gustavito acting lethargic, but didn't realize the severity of his injuries until it was too late. 

He was 15, and was the centerpiece of the country's National Zoo.  

Man Releases Animals from His Private Zoo
Terry Thompson was known for preserving and collecting rare, exotic animals for his private wildlife refuge, located on his estate. However, right before Thompson committed suicide, he made the decision to release his array of jungle beasts onto Zanesville, Ohio. After receiving reports from witnesses who saw the animals unleashed, police were forced to respond. Unfortunately, many of the animals were displaying extreme aggression, and the county feared their proximity to the public. Zanesville police had no choice but to shoot the majority of the escaped animals dead, which resulted in the event being dubbed the Zanesville Massacre. Wildlife experts expressed grief at the loss of so many animals that are on the verge of extinction. Turns out it's not so fun free the animals from the zoo after all.
Binky the Polar Bear Bites Back
If you want to get up close and personal with Binky, then be prepared to face the consequences. After attacking Kathryn Warburton, an Australian tourist visiting an Alaskan zoo, Binky achieved unprecedented fame. Warbuton had jumped a few railings to take a better photograph of the polar bear, but Binky didn't seem to like the flash. Binky stuck his face through the railings and chomped down on Warbuton, breaking her leg. The polar bear kept the woman's shoe as a souvenir for three days until zoo keepers were able to safely retrieve it. Warburton donated the relic to a local bar, and Binky reached peak stardom. Merchandise and memorabilia featuring the polar bear's face became popular after the story received heavy media attention.
A Rhino Was Shot By Poachers At A French Zoo

A group of poachers broke into a French zoo in March 2017 and shot dead a four-year-old white rhinoceros for his horn. The rhino, named Vince, lived at the Thoiry Zoo as part of the African enclosure.

Zoo officials found the rhinos body the next day with his horn sawed off. Poachers tried to saw off his second horn, but were unsuccessful. Police said this is the first crime of its kind in France. Vince's subspecies is extremely threatened, and animal's death was heartbreaking for zoo officials. The other two rhinos that share the enclosure were not hurt. Authorities suspect the criminals were interrupted and made off before getting the horns of the others. 

A Crocodile Was Stoned To Death At A Zoo In Tunisia

A crocodile was stoned to death by visitors of a Tunisian zoo in March 2017. 

According to witnesses, a group of people visiting the Belvedere Zoo in Tunis, Tunisia, started throwing rocks and paving slabs at the animal. The crocodile died from a brain hemorrhage. The same zoo has come under fire before after photos of trash in the animals's pens made their way online. 

Tilikum Thrashes a Seaworld Trainer
Focus of the controversial documetnary Blackfish, Tilikum the Killer Whale has spent the majority of his life living in a contained bubble. Weighing at nearly 12,000 pounds and identifiable by his signature curved-dorsal fin, Tilikum is likely Sea World's most famous "Shamu" in the run's history. However, Tilikum isn't known for his fun, showtime playfulness, but rather his unprecedented aggression, formed after having spent over half his lifetime in captivity. Neither his first outburst nor instance of visible hostility, Tilikum reached peak recognition when he killed Dawn Brancheau, considered a very experienced trainer, during a live performance. When Brancheau leaned in to give Tilikum a belly rub, the enormous whale leaped up and grabbed her by the waist. After thrashing her around, Tilikum repeatedly dragged her through the water, drowning her. Tilikum had previously been involved in multiple deaths and attacks against trainers, but Sea World officials still kept the dangerous creature around for the delight of the guests.
Egyptian Cobra Escapes from Nyc Zoo
When an extremely venomous Egyptian cobra escaped from its exhibit at the NYC Bronx Zoo, the city that never sleeps was left feeling restless. For six days, Bronx zookeepers conducted thorough sweeps of the zoo as they searched for the snake that inexplicably slipped out of the reptilian glass enclosure. Finally, the cobra was found, a mere 100 feet away from the exhibit it left behind. Zookeepers lured the snake out using rodents. Said to be able to kill a person in 15 minutes with its venom, the cobra proved an incredible threat to attendees. Thankfully, instead of attacking visitors, the Egyptian cobra started its own Twitter account to keep fans updated on its metro-link adventures.
Harambe Gets Gunned Down to Save Toddler

A four-year-old made national headlines when he accidentally sneaked past his mother and protective fences at the Cincinnati Zoo in 2016. Unfortunately, the little boy found himself smack dab in the middle of the gorilla enclosure with a 450-pound silverback gorilla named Harambe. Zoo officials eventually had to shoot and kill the animal to protect the child (tranquilizing it could have caused an adverse, violent reaction). Some argued that the gorilla was actually trying to protect the child, although police were worried about his less-than-gentle dragging of the boy across the enclosure. The moral of the story? Keep an eye on your children at all times, especially at the zoo.

As for Harambe, the gorilla's death has unexpectedly sparked a rabid fan base, inspiring countless memes, artwork, and various other forms of Internet media. Much to the Cincinnati Zoo's chagrin, Harambe's martyrdom has motivated Internet users to troll the zoo's social media presence. The Cincinnati Zoo has since shut down their Twitter account in an attempt to make #justiceforharambe stop trending.

Emaciated Bears Beg For Food At Indonesian Zoo

Video obtained by PETA Asia from January 2017 shows a pen full of sun bears begging for food. In the video the bears appear emaciated and skeletal. One report said the bears were so hungry they resorted to eating their own feces. 

This isn't the first time the Bandung Zoo in West Java, Indonesia has come under fire. In May 2016, news outlets reported a elephant named Yani died after being chained up at the zoo. Some said they could hear Yani crying. She was covered in bruises and was reportedly paralyzed before her death. 

Mila the Elephant Stomps the Yard
New Zealand zoo owner Helen Schofield was making arrangements for the 7600-pound elephant Mila to transfer to a new home. When Schofield entered Mila's sanctuary, the gargantuan pachyderm became frightened after braising an electric fence bordering the enclosure. Spooked by the currents, Mila grabbed Schofield with her trunk, ultimately crushing her midair, all to the horror of a live audience. Schofield died from her sustained injuries. After the traumatizing incident, wildlife experts became concerned about what to do with Mila. It was eventually decided that she would be transferred to the San Diego Zoo, where she would be quarantined and progressively incorporated into the rest of the elephant herd. Jenny Chung, Schofield's sister, attended Mila's arrival to confront the animal that took her sister's life. Chung expressed that there were no hard feelings, stating that deep down she knew that Mila didn't intend to hurt Helen. 

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<![CDATA[The Strangest Solved Mysteries]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/strange-mysteries-solved/mike-rothschild
The phrase "unsolved mystery" brings up connotations of dedicated research, dangerous archeology, and that TV show from the '80s. But sometimes, these "unsolved mysteries" actually get solved—in fact, some of them were explained a long time ago. While the explanations for these crazy mysteries are often much less salacious than the mysteries themselves, they're no less interesting.

Whether they're phenomenon thought to be ancient or extraterrestrial, or crazy detective stories that ended tragically, a solved mystery is worth reading about, especially since they offer that "creep factor" generally sought-after in these types of narratives. They can involve centuries-old building techniques, natural occurrences, or the disappearances of people. And they bedeviled professional and amateur investigators for years or decades, only to be cracked.

Here are some of the strangest solved mysteries, and what really happened in these cases.

The Strangest Solved Mysteries,

The Death of Anastasia
The horror of the October Revolution hit home in 1918, when Russia's Tsar Nicholas II and his entire family were executed by Bolshevik secret police. Among them was 17-year-old Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna— better known simply as Anastasia. Because the bodies of the Tsar and his family were never found, rumors abounded that Anastasia had somehow escaped—rumors fanned by nearly a dozen women who claimed to be missing duchess.

The most prominent was Anna Anderson, a German woman who claimed to be Anastasia in 1921, while living in an asylum. She claimed to have no memory of her escape. While Anderson managed to fool some people, survivors of the Romanov dynasty rejected her. Still, the story was made all the more intriguing by the fact that Anastasia's body was never found.

The plot thickened in 1991,when a grave site was unearthed that contained the skeletons of nine of the eleven executed Romanovs, but not Anastasia. However, in 2007, two burned skeletons were found in a pit near the same site, and DNA testing confirmed that one was the Grand Duchess. She died in 1918, as had been suspected all along.

The Bloop
"The Bloop" was the name given to an extremely powerful underwater sound detected by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in 1997. Detected in a remote part of the Pacific Ocean off the southern tip of South America, the Bloop was an ultra-low frequency burst of noise that could be heard through hydrophones almost 3,000 miles away. Scientists had no idea what it was, and theorized everything from calving ice in Antarctica, to an iceberg dragging along the ocean floor, to a whale, and even to some unknown sea cryptid.

It wasn't until 2012 that scientists agreed upon an explanation for the Bloop. The sound was matched to a known icequake, and it was eventually narrowed down to the crash of disintegrating icebergs somewhere between Bransfield Straits and the Ross Sea in Antarctica.

The Blood Rain of Kerala
Over two months in the summer of 2001, the state of Kerala in India was deluged by a mysterious, red-colored rain. Over a hundred thousand pounds of red particles fell, coating everything in the area. While the red rain phenomenon had happened before (documented cases go back to 1818) and would happen again, the blood rain over Kerala grabbed the imagination of scientists and pseudo-scientists alike when two researchers published a paper claiming the red particles were alien spores from an exploding, life-seeding comet.

While the paper quickly became an accepted explanation for the rain, the actual cause was identified almost immediately, albeit with far less fanfare: airborne spores from local green algae. While such spores are commonly found in the atmosphere, and have been found in the other red rains around the world, there's still no explanation for why so many rained down for so long. 

The Missing Teens of Oklahoma
Three Oklahoma teens vanished in November 1970, with no trace of either the trio or their car ever being found. Their disappearance hung over their small town for decades, leading to theories that ranged from them being murdered, to the three running away to avoid the draft. The police department did little to investigate the case, and the families did everything from offer money for information to consult a psychic.

It wasn't until 2013 that the mystery was solved, or at least as much as it could be. Their Camaro was found in a nearby lake where local police were testing sonar equipment. Sure enough, three bodies were found inside the car, which was submerged in just 12 feet of water, 50 feet from a boat ramp. The bodies were identified as the three teens, and while it isn't clear whether they drove the car in accidentally or were killed, at least their families can stop looking for them.

A Man Missing for Nine Years Spotted on Google Maps
72-year-old David Lee Niles disappeared after leaving a bar in Byron Township, Michigan. Missing since 2006, Niles had been suffering from both cancer and depression, so his family had assumed he'd taken his own life, even putting out an obituary for him in 2011. It took nine years for them to figure out what happened—but the answer would turn out to be startlingly obvious.

A maintenance worker installing Christmas lights with a crane on a nearby funeral home saw a car in a small lake nearby, and police divers confirmed that it was Niles when they found his wallet. But the twist is that the car was clearly visible on Google Maps. Anyone looking at the lake could have seen it.

Raining Frogs and Fish
For hundreds of years, both scholars and bystanders have written of hordes of frogs and fish falling out of the sky. Incidents date as far back as the first century CE, when Roman naturalist Pliny the Elder documented storms of frogs and fish raining down. In modern times, an incident was recorded in January 2016 in Ethiopia.

Explanations for the animal rains traditionally involved waterspouts picking up the creatures from oceans or lakes and dumping them inland. Despite a number of scientific factors that make such a rain improbable, this was the accepted explanation. However, recent investigations has attributed the frogs on the ground to seasonal migrations that came out after a hard rainstorm (the same way worms do), and the fish have been determined to be any number of walking fish, of which there are dozens. Combine that with a healthy dose of confirmation bias and exaggeration, and you've got a solved mystery.

Why the Mayans Vanished
It's one of the most prominent societal collapses in human history. The Mayans seemingly abandoned their complex civilization and disappeared into the Central American jungle. For centuries, people puzzled over the disappearance, theorizing everything from an internal peasant revolt, to conquest by an outside and unknown people, to a UFO holocaust.

It wasn't until 2005 that a legitimate theory was put forward to explain what happened, a theory confirmed in 2012. The Mayan civilization collapsed due to a self-created environmental disaster. The Mayans chopped down too many trees, which reduced the land's ability to absorb solar radiation. This made rainfall more scarce, which caused a crippling drought. The Mayans abandoned their land not due to aliens or revolt, but to find food.

The Death of Bill Sparkman
In September, 2009, the body of teacher and US Census field rep Bill Sparkman was found tied to a tree in rural Kentucky, naked save for his socks, his hands, feet, and mouth bound with duct tape. Most mysteriously, the word "fed" was written on his chest in felt-tip marker. The death was immediately blamed on local residents with an anti-authoritarian bent, especially given the controversy about political activism group ACORN being involved with the census.

While media and pop culture speculation centered on lurid anti-Obama and anti-government conspiracies, the Kentucky State Police came out with a much more believable explanation. Sparkman was a cancer survivor, but likely believed his cancer had returned. He committed suicide and staged it to look like a homicide, in order to collect a $600,000 life insurance policy, which would go to his family.

The Kidnapping of Carlina White
On August 4, 1987, Carlina White, just 19 days old, was rushed to New York's Harlem Hospital Center. Suffering from an infection and high fever, Carlina was admitted, but disappeared during an early morning shift change. Witnesses described a heavyset woman dressed like a nurse who had been hanging around the NICU, and who left shortly after the shift change. But because the hospital's video surveillance wasn't working, nobody knew what she looked like. The incident was the first non-parental infant abduction in New York history. A reward was set up for White's return, but she was never found. The parents sued the hospital, won a settlement, and eventually split up. The case remained cold for decades.

For the next 23 years, Carlina was raised under a new name by Connecticut resident Annugetta "Ann" Pettway. After becoming suspicious of her mother's inability to provide birth documents, as well as the lack of resemblance between the two, Carolina began researching on the Internet, and found baby photos that resembled her likeness as an infant. She called the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and was reunited with her birth parents in 2000. Pettaway disappeared, but eventually turned herself in and pleaded guilty to kidnapping. She's currently serving a 12 year sentence.

The Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Film
Shot in Northern California in 1967, the Patterson-Gimlin Film is almost certainly the most well-known piece of footage purporting to show Bigfoot. While the authenticity of the film is still debated by cryptozoologists and skeptics alike, they needn't bother: a 2004 book by author Greg Long revealed the entire thing as a hoax.

A local laborer named Bob Heironimus wore a suit, and freely admitted to Long that he'd done so. Roger Patterson never paid anyone involved with the film, had charges filed against him to get him to return the camera he used, and likely did the whole thing as a stunt to provide for his family, as he was sick with cancer.

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Violence often stems from the silliest things, but once it reaches the level of the angry mob, it's less silly and a lot more serious. Mob mentality can cause people to do things they would never consider doing in normal life, things like killing, maiming, and setting things (or people) on fire. Mass violence is a disturbing phenomenon, and yet it's been around since the beginning of time and still exists today.

Often the outrage makes sense - a group of people come together and forcefully demand better treatment - and, in the end, no one really gets hurt. In other cases it's a tragedy over something trivial that leaves people bloodied, beheaded, and burned. Mobs can be very destructive in a very short period of time, and they can exacerbate the situation by preventing necessary help from getting through.

These are some cases of angry mobs who got completely out of control. 

8 Times Angry Mobs Got Completely Out of Control and Turned Violent,

Shoplifting Led to Even Greater Crimes in Malaysia

In July 2015 at least five people were maimed in a mob attack outside Low Yat Plaza in Kuala Lumpur. According to witnesses, seven men who had previously been caught shoplifting at the mall returned the following weekend in retaliation. The group, which soon blossomed to 60 men, gathered after a very public altercation in a cell phone store and proceeded to destroy glass displays, cabinets, and various electronic products, as well as assault patrons with motorcycle helmets. Three members of the media were said to be among the injured.

Packs of Teens Took the Streets of Philadelphia

In October 2016, packs of teenagers numbering between 20 and 100 roamed the campus of Temple University in Philadelphia and beat random people in retaliation for an incendiary social media post. One female student was held down and repeatedly stomped on; another woman endured a black eye after being punched in the face as she walked home with her boyfriend. In total, four teenagers were arrested for their roles in the melee, which included intimidation, punching, kicking, and robbery. Joe Lauletta, father of one of the victims, summed it up rather succinctly: "It's very concerning that you can get a group of juveniles to pull together that quickly and some become violent."

A Referee's Call Led to His Beheading in Brazil

In 2013 an amateur soccer match in Brazil turned violent when a referee stabbed a player to death and was subsequently beheaded. During the game, Josenir dos Santos Abreu took issue with one of 20-year-old Otávio Jordão da Silva's calls. Abreu punched da Silva, who then fatally stabbed him. Just then, an angry mob made up of spectators and Abreu's family descended on da Silva, tied him up, beat him, beheaded him and stuck his head on a spike

WARNING, this video is graphic.

A Mob Destroyed Government Buildings and Banks After Suicide Attacks in Pakistan

Following a deadly suicide attack at a religious procession in Karachi, Pakistan, an angry mob exacted its revenge by destroying government buildings, banks, markets, and vehicles. The attack, which happened in 2009, killed about 30 people.

Following the attack, those in the procession turned their frustration on government workers and journalists at the event. Shooting was reported throughout Karachi, and police used tear gas. Paramilitary soldiers were brought in, and the army was placed on high alert. Protesters beat TV reporters, cameramen, and press photographers. Trains were unable to run, even firefighters were blocked from saving lives.

In total, the city sustained more than 30 billion rupees worth of damage, or about $250 million.

A Boy Was Buried Alive Next to His Victim in Bolivia

After 17-year-old Santos Ramos was identified by police as the suspect in the rape and murder of 35-year-old Leandra Arias Janco, mourners at her funeral grabbed the boy and buried him alive next to the woman. Approximately 200 members of the small town of Colquechaca, Bolivia, took it on themselves to exercise so-called "indigenous justice." Overcome with sadness and anger, the mob seized Ramos, tied him up, tossed him into the same grave, and filled it with earth.

A Muslim Man Was Killed for Eating Beef in India

In 2015, a vicious mob in northern India pulled 50-year-old Mohammad Akhlaq from his home and beat him to death for allegedly eating beef. For Hindus in India, the cow is holy, so much so that government officials in the past have lobbied to make it illegal to kill cows in the country. Akhlaq, a Muslim, was targeted after two boys at the local Hindi temple said Akhlaq's family killed a cow during the Muslim holiday Eid-ul-Adha. 

The mob went to Akhalq's house, beat him, his elderly mother, his wife, and his 22-year-old son, and fled the area. Ten people were charged in the attack, though villagers protested the arrests by attacking journalists and setting fire to cars. 

An Innocent Woman Was Killed as Police Watched in Afghanistan

In 2015, a 27-year-old Afghan student named Farkhunda Malikzada was accused of burning the Quran in a shrine, igniting a fury among the men standing outside. Her killers filmed as they beat her, hit her with stones, and pieces of wood. Later her attackers posted the footage online. As with so many horrific crimes against women in the region, Malikzada was innocent. Before her attack, she was confronting a man who was selling charms outside the shrine. Angry, the man shouted she was an infidel, and the mob started forming.

A Town Got Revenge for a Crappy Sewage System in Mexico

In August 2016, an angry mob stormed the office of Griselda Sanchez, director of public works for the town of Xochiatipan, Mexico. Furious over months of living without a functioning sewage system and tired of getting the runaround from government officials, the mob pulled Sanchez out, shoved her repeatedly and harassed her. The mob forced her into the street and berated her. Sanchez was forced to sign a document agreeing to the necessary construction, and it was only then that the mob relented.

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Real life resurrection stories tell the tale of real people who came back from the dead. These are far more than people who were legally dead on an operating table; these are dead people who rose from the crypt to go on living.

How often are living people declared dead? More often than you'd think (or want to know about)! People brought back from the dead - presumably to deliver the Good Word - have been documented in history and medical books for hundreds of years. These are some of the more spectacular examples of people beating death. Enjoy this bone-chilling list of notable cases of people who were buried alive or brought back to life - true accounts of real-life resurrection stories and incidents of Lazarus syndrome.

12 Amazing Real-Life Resurrection Stories,

Marjorie McCall, Moneybags

In 18th Century Lurgan, Ireland, Dr. John McCall's wife Marjorie fell ill with fever and died shortly thereafter. Since he was a doctor and therefore rich, Marjorie naturally had an expensive gold wedding ring – but at her death, neither John nor any other mourner was able to remove it from her swollen finger. Due to fear that her fever would spread, Marjorie was hastily buried in Shankill Cemetery, and news of the doctor's dead wife spread throughout neighborhood.

Soon, some grave-robbers got busy digging up Marjorie's coffin. When they pried open the lid, they were delighted to find that yes, the valuable ring was still on her finger. Try as they might, they couldn't pull off the ring, so they agreed to saw off the whole finger. As the sharp blade cut into her skin, Marjorie came back to life, sat bolt upright, and shrieked like a tween with Bieber Fever. A miracle if there ever was one!

When the startled corpse-desecrating thieves fled, Marjorie was left alone to climb out of her grave and wander home. Across town, her widower Dr. John was boozing with some relatives, sorrowful at the loss of his wife but also pumped about his new-found bachelorhood. When he heard a gentle rapping, rapping on his chamber door, he opened it to find his dead wife, extra creepy and all wraithlike in her burial robes and bloody from the ol' saw-to-the-finger ordeal. The shock was too much for the doctor. He instantly dropped dead on the floor and was buried in the grave Marjorie had just vacated.

Ng Swee Hock, Brother-Hater
April 2011 - After getting into fisticuffs with his own brother, 65-year-old Ng Swee Hock sustained injuries so bad that not even a ventilator machine could revive him. Doctors at a Penang, Malaysia, hospital did CPR on his body for 45 minutes, but at around 11 AM, they gave up and pronounced him dead.

Two-and-a-half hours later, Ng started to breathe again.
Matthew Wall, Farmer
On October 2, 1571, recently deceased young farmer Matthew Wall was lying in a coffin on the way to his own funeral. Even though the day was cool and damp, the whole village of Braughing in Hertfordshire was out for the event, including Wall's distressed fiancée. As the procession made their way to the church, one of the pallbearers slipped on the wet leaves, dropping the coffin to the ground. The commotion was surprising.

But when the men lifted the coffin again, they were even more shocked by what they heard next: the sound of knocking. Matthew Wall had come back to life and was banging on the walls of his own coffin!

Wall eventually went on to marry his fiancée and live for another 24 years. Since then, Braughing village has commemorated Old Man's Day every year on October 2nd. To celebrate, village children bring brooms to sweep leaves from the lane in front of the church, presumably so no one slips on them. Any more dropped coffins, and they could have a zombie apocalypse on their hands.
Old Polish Lady
June 2009 - A man called an ambulance when his 84-year-old wife fainted. The emergency service doctor declared the woman dead and sent her to the morgue. She lay deceased for several hours in line waiting to be embalmed and whatnot, but then the Holy Spirit hopped into her again. Morticians noticed the woman's body bag moving and unzipped it to find that her vital functions were all working again. Praise Him.
Anne Green, Convicted Child-Killer
In 1650, Anne Green was convicted of murdering her bastard child and hiding its body at her boss's house. Soon, she was sentenced to death by hanging and led to the gallows, where she was fitted with a noose. For her last words, she proclaimed her innocence and begged, "Sweet Jesus, receive my soul." After the hangman kicked the little stool out from under her, Green's body was left to hang for half an hour. During this time, her pals reportedly:
thump[ed] her on the breast’ and hung ‘with all their weight upon her leggs… lifting her up and then pulling her downe againe with a suddain jerke...which seems very rude to me, but apparently they were trying to quicken her death / lessen her suffering. Whatever.

Eventually, Green's lifeless body was cut down from the gallows and put in a coffin, which was taken to a doctor who was going to dissect her. Just as the doctor prepared to slice her open from chest to gut, Anne's corpse groaned. Hallelujah!

There are two versions (maybe more) of what happened next:

In one, doctors immediately began to warm her body, pour hot cordials in her mouth, and (doy) bleed her.

In the other, someone tried to kick her back into the land of the dead by stomping on her chest. The force of the kick was so strong that it completely revived her.

Either way, Green – having been through enough for one day – was granted a reprieve and declared innocent. She lived a long time after her resurrection and bore three more children, none of whom she was convicted of killing.
Saudi Mom
2009 - During a Caesarean section delivery in a Kuwait City hospital, the woman in labor was pronounced dead. Her grief-stricken husband was handed her death certificate – along with their new baby, who was born with birth defects. The would-be mother's body was whisked off to the morgue, where it was locked up with all the hospital's other losses for the day.

Two hours later, the woman was struck with life again, but in a very dark, very cold place. She screamed and banged on the door of the deep freezer until a worker finally heard her. (Why do these things lock from the inside, anyway?) Upon her release, the woman's husband was called back to the hospital to return her death certificate, which he was not allowed to keep as a souvenir.
South African Grandfather

July 2011 - An 80-year-old man in the Eastern Cape died due to complications from an asthma attack. His family called the morgue to come fetch his body, which was then locked in a refrigerated compartment to cool. Twenty-one hours later, while the family were meeting to discuss funeral arrangements, workers at the morgue heard someone yelling for help. Thinking it was a ghost, they called the police for backup. Upon their arrival, the cops released the reanimated corpse of the old man, who was very nearly scared to death – again.

Colombian Woman
February 2010 - After falling ill from a serious condition, a 45-year-old woman in Cali, Colombia, was declared dead. Staff at a medical clinic signed her death certificate, and her body was transferred to a funeral home to be prepared for her burial. Just as a worker went to inject her lifeless limbs with formaldehyde preservative, the woman miraculously began to breathe and move again.
St. Odran, Naysayer

In 548 A.D., Christian folks in Iona, Scotland, wanted to build a chapel near an ancient burial ground. The problem was: no matter what they did, the work they constructed was destroyed each night, so they had to start all over again the next day. Eventually, a guy named Columba got it into his head that if they buried someone alive in the foundation, they would be able to finish building the chapel.

With a promise that his soul would be safe, a monk named Oran or Odran or Odhran – Columba's son or brother – volunteered (or was volunteered) to be buried alive, so he was. When that dirty work was done, the folks above ground finished the chapel. Hi-ho.

After some time, Columba started to miss Odran, so he opened the burial pit again.

- OR -

One day, the dead-and-back-to-life Oran shoved his face up through a wall and began to talk. He said:
There is no such great wonder in death. There is no Hell as you suppose, nor Heaven that people talk about.

When Oran began to try to escape his grave in the foundation, Columba flipped out and shoved him back down again, quickly covering the pit with earth. Or he had Oran's body removed and buried somewhere else on grounds of heresy. His own brother. Or son.

Thomas à Kempis, Faithless
In life, Catholic monk Thomas à Kempis (probably) wrote The Imitation of Christ, which everyone agreed was a pretty good and pious publication. Some time after his death in Zwolle in 1471, Church authorities began to think Thomas would make a good saint. They exhumed his body with plans to go forward with his canonization, but were bummed to find scratch marks inside the coffin lid and splinters embedded beneath Thomas's nails. Despite the holy miracle of his resurrection after death, Thomas was denied canonization and never became a saint. After all, what kind of candidate for sainthood would try to escape his fate of death?

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Are you drunk? Do you own a bunch of guns? Are you a racist, hateful jerk? Do you own a 300-foot yacht? If you answered yes to any or all of those questions, you might be on this week's list of the Worst People! Because this week, we're full up on drunk idiots with guns, racists, grifters, people who want to "take our country back" by blowing it up, and guys doing terrible things related to the high seas.

As always, these aren't the murders and terrorists of the world - those are always the worst people. Instead, these are the idiots, and the lunatics, along with the people who think the KKK was just ducky, gay teens should stay in the closet, protected coral reefs are their private playgrounds, and the only thing better than driving drunk is driving drunk while armed.

Here are the Worst People of the Week - vote early and vote often for the lamest of the bunch.

Who Is the Worst Person of the Week? (Jan. 25-31),

Gwyneth Paltrow
What Happened: The actress's lifestyle website Goop published a long interview with nutritionist and "holistic healer" Ann Louise Gittleman, who detailed how people can take drastic steps to protect themselves from "cell phone toxicity and wifi poisoning" - medical conditions that don't actually exist.

The Details: Paltrow's site has long been criticized for the space it gives to unscientific concepts like detoxing, cleansing, and quack medical treatments. The interview with Gittleman is particularly egregious, as it serves no purpose other than to scare people into thinking their cell phones are going to fry their brain with radiation.

Gittleman herself has no background in electronics or science; instead, she has a PhD in holistic healing from a non-accredited college. The interview links the minor amount of radiation from cell phones and wifi with cancer, a link that numerous reputable health and science organizations assert does not exist. She claims that children who go to schools with wifi capability are at risk for a host of mental and physical disorders and that pregnant women are especially vulnerable to "cell phone toxicity." And she throws around meaningless terms like "digital dementia", "electromagnetically clean", "second-hand radiation," and "electropollution," all of which are made up.

While it's not clear if Paltrow played any part in the interview (it's a Q&A with no byline), she's the editor of the site, and as such, should know better than to foist such dangerous gibberish on her readers.

Paul Allen
What Happened: The co-founder of Microsoft was accused of wiping out 80% of the coral reef in West Bay in the Cayman Islands with the anchor chain of his yacht.

The Details: Allen's 300-foot yacht is said to have dragged its anchor chain through the protected reef, demolishing over 14,000 square feet of it. He then fobbed the blame off on local Port Authority, claiming his crew docked the yacht where they were told to, and moved it when alerted to the damage they'd caused.

Despite laws on the books that allow for fines against ships that destroy coral reefs in the area, it's unlikely Allen will face any legal or financial consequences for his environmental damage.

Sally Kern
What Happened: The Oklahoma state rep sponsored a bill that would bar suicidal LGBT youth in the state from seeking out a gay-affirmative counselor - despite such teens having higher rates of depression, mental illness, and suicide.

The Details: Kern is infamous for being among the most anti-gay elected officials in the country, consistently defaming gay people and sponsoring radical legislation that would curtail their rights. Among her efforts this legislative session are a bill that would forbid HIV-positive people from marrying, and another bill that would protect so-called "conversion therapy" - a discredited and debunked form of "gay conversion."

The most dangerous bill Kern is sponsoring is one that would bar any school official from referring a student to an “individual, organization or entity” if the matter “pertain[s] to human sexuality." It would force students to get parental permission to go to counseling, effectively outing students in the closet and barring access for students going on their own. Essentially, it forces depressed gay teens to either out themselves or suffer in silence.

Fortunately, most of Kern's bills die in committee and never make it to law.

Joseph Stetson
What Happened: Stetson was allegedly drunk and armed with a pellet gun when he was arrested in Oregon on his way to the Malheur Refuge standoff to help kill federal agents.

The Details: The standoff has involved no shortage of deranged characters, from ringleader Ammon Bundy to the anonymous man shrieking on a livestream for people to kill agents at roadblocks. But Stetson epitomizes the mindset of the men and women who took over the remote birdwatching facility - drunk, armed, and looking for a government employee to shoot.

In this case, Stetson was driving erratically and was taken into custody when he stopped at a gas station. While being arrested, he claimed he was a former Green Beret whose records were personally sealed by Ronald Reagan, that he was the last hope for humanity, and that he'd kill all of the officers who arrested him. As a felon convicted of burglary and menacing, Stetson is likely prohibited from owning an actual firearm.

Michael Misiewicz
What Happened: Navy commander Michael Misiewicz pleaded guilty to a staggering range of corruption charges, admitting he leaked military secrets to a defense contractor in exchange for cash, prostitutes, luxury goods, and even tickets to a Lady Gaga concert.

The Details: The Navy is currently carrying out a massive purge of corrupt officers, with over 100 personnel under investigation, and nine already pleading guilty. Misiewicz was accused of giving a Singapore-based defense contractor access to classified ship movements in his role as deputy director of operations for the 7th Fleet. Knowing when specific ships were docking in Singapore allowed the contractor to jack up prices, bilking the Navy out of over $20 million.

In exchange for the classified information, the contractor gave Misiewicz cash, plane tickets for him and his family, luxury goods, and VIP concert tickets. They also arranged with local escort services to book prostitutes in luxury hotels for Misiewicz during visits to Singapore and Thailand.

Bruce O'Brien
What Happened: Massachusetts resident O'Brien was frustrated by the slow speed of the snow plow he was driving behind. So he got out his gun and opened fire while passing it.

The Details: The 60-year-old man was driving drunk in the middle of a snow storm, when he got caught behind a plow doing its plow thing of clearing snow so people like Bruce O'Brien could drive. After a while, O'Brien got antsy and passed the plow in the oncoming lane. To indicate his displeasure, he then fired three shots, though it wasn't clear if he was firing in the air or at the plow itself.

The snow plow driver called police, then followed O'Brien, who was arrested and hit with a slew of charges, including assault with a deadly weapon.

Tommy Benton
What Happened: Benton is a Georgia state Representative who introduced two bills, one to protect Confederate statues, and the other to make Robert E. Lee's birthday a state holiday. He also praised the KKK and compared anyone attempting to remove the Confederate flag to ISIS.

The Details: First elected to the Georgia House in 2004, Benton has spent his career trying to protect Confederate heritage and symbols. Among his proposed bills - most of which have no support - is a proposal to rename Martin Luther King Drive in Atlanta after a Confederate General who helped found the KKK.

In his most recent onslaught of bills, he proposed to forever protect the Stone Mountain carvings of Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and Jefferson Davis; and to formally recognize Confederate Memorial Day and Lee's birthday as state holidays. Most of the controversy, however, came for comments he made denying that the Civil War was fought over the issue of slavery and praising the KKK's ability to keep order.

Benton, a retired history teacher, told the Atlanta Journal Constitution that the Klan “was not so much a racist thing but a vigilante thing to keep law and order.
It made a lot of people straighten up,” he said. “I’m not saying what they did was right. It’s just the way things were.” Democratic lawmakers in Georgia called the comments unconscionable.

Richard L. Martin
What Happened: The 59-year-old Postal Service employee was arrested after attacking his supervisor with a chair while shouting racial slurs.

The Details: While Martin has a history of mental health issues, he'd never been violent at work until this incident, in which he walked into his boss' office, punched her in the face, then went after her with her chair. He then ran out of the post office and was on the loose for almost an entire day before being arrested upon his return home.

Martin had accumulated enough years of service to retire with a full pension - at least until this incident.

Daniel E. Musso
What Happened: The 54-year-old New Hampshire man was arrested trying to buy nearly a quarter of a million dollars worth of grenades, explosives, and "rocket-type stuff" that he would use in a one-man quest to bring back "the original Constitution."

The Details: Musso was long known to the FBI as a gun-rights activist and militant, having been arrested and Tazed for disrupting an anti-gun rally and heckling a man whose daughter was murdered. In early 2015, he'd given a gun dealer thousands of dollars in his quest to buy automatic weapons, explosives, and body armor. He was soon approached by an undercover agent, and set up a buy of grenades and plastic explosives. All in all, it would involve over $200,000 worth of material that Musso intended to sell to other militants.

Musso claimed he was part of a group of people who would use violent methods to make the US return to the "original Constitution" and that he needed a bunch of grenades because the government was on to him. He was charged with possession of an unregistered firearm.

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There's an old saying that goes, "Behind every great man, there's an even better woman." This statement, however, also rings true for bad men. From Adolf Hitler's long-term companion Eva Braun, to other so-called "dictator wives," to the spouses of brutal serial killers, each of the ten ladies on this list either willingly or unwittingly spent their lives with very bad guys. Take a look at the women behind the worst men in history.
The Women Behind the Worst Men in History,

Eva Braun
Wife of Adolf Hitler
Eva Braun
began seeing Adolf Hitler in 1929, when she was 19 years old. At 42, he was 23 years her senior. During their 16-year relationship, Braun would attempt suicide on two occasions, though most believe these attempts were not to escape Hitler, but rather to get his attention and bring him closer to her. Reportedly, while the couple were quite close, Hitler did not like Braun appearing in public because he believed being seen in a relationship would diminish his sex appeal to women.  

In 1945, as Allied forces zeroed in on his bunker in Berlin, Braun and Hitler were married, then sealed themselves in a room and committed suicide together.

Nadezhda Alliluyeva
Wife of Joseph Stalin
Nadezhda Alliluyeva
first met Joseph Stalin in when she was ten years old, while her father, Sergei Alliluyev, sheltered the future Soviet leader after escaping Siberian exile. She and Stalin wed in 1919, when she was 18 years old and he was 42. Their marriage was apparently quite tense, as the couple argued constantly. Alliluyeva also suffered from serious mental problems, which ultimately led to her suicide in 1932.
Sajida Talfah
Wife of Saddam Hussein
Sajida Talfah
was the wife of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. She was also his biological cousin, and her marriage to Hussein was arranged between their families in 1963. After fifty years of marriage, in 1986 Hussein took another bride, Samira Shahbandar, though he also remained married to Talfah. This enraged both Hussein's first wife and their son, Uday Hussein.

Two years later, in 1988, Uday stabbed and killed his father's bodyguard, Kamel Hana Gegeo, believing this man to have been responsible for introducing Hussein to Shabandar. Some speculate this murder was at the request of Talfah.  

Following the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, and Hussein's subsequent execution in 2006, it is believed Talfah fled to Qatar, where she lives in relative isolation.

Mae Capone
Wife of Al Capone
While infamous Chicago mobster Al Capone, who is largely considered to be the mastermind behind the St. Valentine's Day Massacre, was a ruthless and feared criminal, his wife Mae lived a fairly quiet, normal life. She reportedly married Capone three weeks after the birth of their child, Sonny Capone. Apart from this scandal, however, Mae was known as a doting wife and mother, attending church with her family, and dutifully visiting her husband while he served out the remainder of his years in Alcatraz. Marcella Lentz-Pope plays Mae on the HBO series Boardwalk Empire, where she is portrayed as being mostly oblivious to her husband's criminal activities.
Safia Farkash
Wife of Muammar Gaddafi
Safia Farkash
was the long-time wife of extremist Libya leader Muammar Gaddafi and mother to seven of his eight children. She reportedly met Gaddafi sometime around 1970 while working as a nurse; she treated Gaddafi while he recovered from an appendicitis. While Farkash lived a mostly quiet life away from the public eye during Gaddafi's rule, after his assassination she became an outspoken proponent for investigations into her husband's death.

Amal al-Sadah
Wife of Osama bin Laden
While Amal al-Sadah was not Osama bin Laden's only wife, she is thought to have been the terrorist mastermind's favorite. She allegedly stood by bin Laden during the September 11, 2001, attacks, all the way up to his death in 2012. Al-Sadah was apparently herself wounded in the leg by SEALS during the raid that ultimately claimed bin Laden's life. It is said she is currently residing somewhere in Pakistan, where she is kept mostly in confinement due to her declining health.

Ko Young Hee
Wife of Kim Jong-il
Because of a supposed "lowly" status in North Korean society, little is known about Ko Young Hee (also spelled Ko Young-hui), the wife of Kim Jong-il and mother of the North Korea's current leader, Kim Jong-un. Despite the secrecy surrounding her identity, it is believed she held a great influence over her dictator husband, often advising him on political matters. Ko Young Hee died in 2004 of complications related to breast cancer.
Khieu Ponnary
Wife of Pol Pot

Khieu Ponnary
was one quarter
 of the "Cambodian Gang of Four" (which references a prominent Chinese Communist group). The other members were Ponnary's sister Khieu Thirith, her husband Ieng Sary, and Ponnary's husband Saloth Sar, who was later known as Pol Pot. Ponnary's involvement with her husband's regime following his seizing of control of Cambodia in 1975 is unclear, though she did hold a few key political roles during this time.  

By 1978, however, Ponnary became gripped by paranoia related to schizophrenia, leading Pol Pot to divorce her and marry another woman. Not long after this, Pol Pot retreated into the jungle and lived out his remaining years under house arrest.  

In 1996, Ponnary, her sister, and her brother-in-law were granted amnesty from prosecution by the Cambodian government. She was cared for by Thirith and leng Sary until her death in 2003.

Paula Rader
Wife of Serial Killer BTK

Serial killer Dennis Rader, also known as BTK (for bind, torture, kill), kept his heinous crimes hidden not only from the public, but also his entire family for a period of thirty-plus years. After his arrest and subsequent confession in 2005, Rader's wife Paula was granted an emergency divorce. The judge waived the usual 60-day waiting period because he believed Paula's mental health was at risk. Stephen King loosely based his short story "A Good Marriage" (later adapted into a film of the same name) on Paula's story.

Judith Mawson
Wife of the Green River Killer
Much like Paula Rader, Judith Mawson believed she was married to the ideal man, never knowing—until police arrested her husband Gary Ridgeway—that the man she'd spent thirteen years of her life with was in fact the infamous "Green River Killer," who is responsible for 49 confirmed murders of women, though the official count could be upwards of 70 or more. Mawson had already suffered a failed marriage before marrying Ridgeway, and this combined with the shocking discovery of her husband's true identity, led Mawson to say she will likely never seriously date again.

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No matter who you are, you’ve spent at least one incredibly late night eating sub par pancakes and drinking lukewarm coffee at a Denny’s. Because of it’s 24 hour open door policy and inexpensive breakfast food, crazy Dennys stories are all over the news. From Dennys deaths, to drunk drivers ramming their cars into the restaurant after getting a 2am moons over my hammy. After reading the stories on this list of bad things that happened at Dennys you’ll come to the same conclusion that we have, that Denny’s is basically the Florida of all night diner chains.

If you’re lucky, your Dennys horror stories have more to do with your waitress forgetting to bring you ketchup, or your burger being undercooked. However, if you’re like the people on this list you’ve been held up at gun point, beaten up by a methed out cross dresser, or you’ve had to escape a burning diner. Most of the stories on this list have the grimy sheen of white trash all over them, but at least one tale of Denny’s debauchery concerns an American hero that felt like making a burger his way. Prepare yourself for some all you can eat pancakes and read on to find out about all the horrible things that have happened at Denny’s.

Vote on the craziest thing that’s happened at a Denny’s, and if you’ve had a miserable experience at the late night staple tell us about it in the comments. Or if you know of a nutso news story that happened at Denny’s that we didn’t cover, feel free to add it to the list.
All of the Horrible Things That Have Happened at Denny's,

Server Accepts Oral Sex as a Tip
At a seemingly empty Denny's, a server agreed to receive a beej in lieu of a tip and duh one of the other diners filmed it. Double duh, the server who got serviced was served with his walking papers soon afterwards. Denny's HQ released a statement that said, "We are very disturbed by the inappropriate and offensive behavior of the server that was in the video. His actions were inexcusable, and as such, he was immediately terminated and no longer works for Denny’s."
Man Exposes Himself at Dennys
It took seven years for police to track him down, but in 2016 Jose Luis Rodriguez was arrested for exposing himself to a waitress while touching himself in a booth. He was charged with public indecency and breach of peace. 
Armed Robbery Doesn't Go as Planned
At 2:48am in Poinciana, Florida (duh), four people (two men and two women) robbed everyone in a Denny's before taking off down the highway and getting caught by the Highway Patrol. When they were pulled over, one of the women head butted a deputy in an effort to escape. Obviously that didn't work out
Drunk Jerk Assaults Waitress
At a Bolingbrook, Il Denny's, a drunk man, Miguel A. Garay-Rojas, wouldn't stop inappropriately touching a 22 year old waitress after she refused to give him her phone number. When the police arrived the waitress was "visibly upset and began to cry as she pointed towards the two men seated at the table."
Man Sexually Assaults 10 Year Old Girl in Bathroom
On New Years Day in 2014 a complete nightmare of a person walked into the women's bathroom of a Los Angeles Denny's and sexually assaulted a 10 year old girl as she was trying to exit. If that isn't horrible enough, the girl's family was eating dinner a few feet away while the assault was happening. 
Woman Backs Her Car into Restaurant
In 2015, a woman proved that you're not even safe in the parking lot of a Denny's when she backed her car into the building, smashing in a good portion of it. When the police arrived they surmised that she was drunk (duh) and took her in. 
Hero Makes His Own Burger, Gets Arrested
In 2012, an American hero named James B. Summers walked into a Denny's in Madison, Wisconsin, told everyone that he was the new general manager and started making himself a cheeseburger. He was quickly found out and arrested. The police report states, "He was in the midst of dining when she let him know the gig was up, that she had talked with corporate, and he was no new hire. Unfazed, he continued to brush off her remarks, saying she just had not yet gotten the memo."
Marilyn Manson Sucker Punched in Canada
Even rockstars can't get a break at Denny's. During a 2am post show feast at the diner, shock rocker Marilyn Manson got punched in the face by an "irate diner" after Manson allegedly called the diner's girlfriend a "bitch."
All You Can Eat Pancake Rampage
Back in 2015, a group of diners went full crazy when they found out that their $4 All-You-Can-Eat Pancake scam wasn't going to work. Natasha West, the woman who started the fight, started punching her server when she was informed that the all you can eat pancake thing didn't work when it was split between multiple people. 
Customer Burns Down Restaurant Because of Slow Service
Sometimes when you're waiting forever for service at a restaurant, all you want to do is burn the place down. Christopher Maddocks, a man from San Antonio, decided to teach the servers of Denny's a lesson and set their Christmas tree on fire. Maddocks was sentenced to eight years in prison. 

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<![CDATA[13 Horror Movies and the 'True Stories' They're Based On]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/13-horror-movies-and-the-_true-stories_-they_re-based-on/wavy-gravey
While most, if not all, horror movies include a fair amount of fiction to make the story more gory and gruesome, often times the inspiration for these classic horror movies are based on true stories. The actual events in a lot of cases are legends or not nearly as scary as the theatrical version, but every so often the true events are scarier than anything someone could think up for shock value.

Some of the very best horror movies of all time are based on actual events. Take Psycho, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Silence of the Lambs, for example, three of the scariest horror movies of all time are based on the horrible killings of a single man, Ed Gein. Independently, the three films tell horrifying tales of mass murder, torture, and cannibalism, but put them all together and you get a look at serial killer Ed Gein.

Of course, in many cases, the fiction is a stretch on the actual facts such as in the haunted house horror films. In The Amityville Horror, The Haunting in Connecticut, and The Entity, families were haunted by demons in their own homes. In reality, investigators dispute many of these claims, and many have been declared straight up hoaxes.

Good luck trying to verify claims of demon possession, which is another theme in some of the most well-known horror movies as well, including The Exorcist, Audrey Rose, and The Exorcism of Emily Rose, as those stories visit a gray area between paranormal and simple mental illness.

However these filmmakers were inspired, either by gruesome true events or a simple unverified claim, these horror movies all accomplish what they attempt to do: scare the crap out of us on a daily basis. For that, mission accomplished.
13 Horror Movies and the 'True Stories' They're Based On,

Audrey Rose
The Movie

Audrey Rose, a little girl, dies in a tragic car crash. Two minutes later, Ivy Templeton is born. Fast forward 11 years and Elliot Hoover, father to Audrey, begins to stalk the Templeton family in New York after he becomes convinced that Audrey was reincarnated into Ivy.

Ivy begins to have nightmares and strange events occur, many similar to the fiery car crash that killed Audrey. Elliot Hoover ends up kidnapping Ivy in an attempt to grant his daughter's spirit peace, a move that lands him in a highly publicized criminal trial.

The Reality

Frank De Felitta, author of the novel and the 1977 movie, was inspired to create the work by his son, Raymond. The boy suddenly began playing the piano like a pro despite no formal training or lessons. He claimed that his fingers were doing it by themselves.

De Felitta sought to understand how Raymond could have gained such expertise on his own. He consulted an occultist who expressed that it was an "incarnation leak," as in a skill Raymond perfected in a previous lifetime and carried into the next.

This video has some information about this sort of phenomenon:

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
The Movie

Sharing a home with Otis and Otis' sister, serial killer Henry mercilessly kills numerous women. On one occasion, Henry kills a pair of hookers picked up by him and Otis, with Otis witnessing the murders.

As the killings continue, Otis becomes more and more involved in the murders. Henry kills hundreds, all without remorse, but also builds a relationship with Otis' sister as the two have similar backgrounds.

The Reality

The film was directly inspired by serial killer Henry Lee Lucas and his accomplice Ottis Toole. Though Henry was convicted of 11 murders, the film took license with the other killings for a dramatic effect.

Henry allegedly confessed to as many as 600 murders; however, many believe he only did so for improved prison conditions, not because he actually committed the crimes. He is one of the only cases in Texas where his death sentence was commuted to life in prison. Lucas died in prison of heart failure in 2001.
The Movie

As families vacation on the fictional Amity Island in New England, a gigantic 25-foot great white shark begins killing and eating tourists. Rather than losing out on the proceeds from the busy July 4th weekend of tourism, the mayor refuses to close the beach, and the attacks continue.

Since someone has to be the hero, a group, including the town police chief, a marine biologist, and a shark hunter, spend night and day hunting this huge shark before it claims additional victims.

The Reality

The movie was based on the book of the same name by Peter Benchley. He got the story idea from incidents that happened during the summer of 1916 along the Jersey Shore. It seems that before the area was consumed by drug addicts, it was still a dangerous place. During that summer, five people were attacked while swimming off the coast. Four of the five died from their injuries. No one is sure if it was a great white shark specifically, since before this point, sharks were not highly researched and considered nothing more than man-eating monsters.
The Amityville Horror
The Movie

The original and the remake essentially have the same plot. An unassuming family, John and Kathy Lutz and their three children, purchase a home in Long Island, New York that was previously the site of a mass murder one year earlier. While stating they don't believe in ghosts, the family has a priest attempt to bless the home, which is downright hypocritical. Families with wishy washy views on the supernatural always get targeted in these movies. Stick with your guns, everyone.

So, the priest becomes strangely ill and blind soon after the exorcism. In just four weeks, the family is forced out of the house following a series of haunted happenings. In the later version, Ryan Reynolds goes out in the rain in a t-shirt: this made watching the movie worth it for everyone's girlfriend.

The Reality

George and Kathy Lutz (you see, they changed George's name to "John" in the movie to protect his anonymity) spent four weeks in the Amityville, New York, house in 1975, 13 months after Ronald DeFeo, Jr. murdered six people in the home.

You can see an interview with them here:

According to the couple, during their time in the house they heard voices throughout the day, there were various "cold spots" throughout the house, and they even witnessed green slime oozing from the walls.

Most experts and investigators who visited the house to study the paranormal claims dispute the authenticity of the story. The happenings are widely believed to be a hoax concocted for the best-selling book by Jay Anson.

So you decide.
The Exorcism of Emily Rose
The Movie

Attorney Erin Bruner represents Father Richard Moore in court against homicide charges after his attempted exorcism of Emily Rose. Emily, as shown in flashbacks, was believed to be possessed by demons. Her parents call upon Father Moore to exorcise the demons.

As the attorney attempts to prove that Emily was, in fact, possessed and not suffering from psychosis and epilepsy as the prosecution argues, the lawyer experiences strange happenings of her own.

The Reality

The story of Anneliese Michel, a German woman born in 1952, inspired the film. Anneliese suffered from depression and epilepsy and was given an anti-convulsant drug by psychotherapists. That drug, along with her other conditions, was believed to have caused her to hallucinate and hear voices.

Anneliese's parents believed she was possessed and arranged for an exorcism to be performed. As Father Renz performed 67 exorcism sessions, Anneliese stopped eating. She died in her sleep in 1976 from malnutrition and dehydration, weighing only 68 pounds. Her parents and the priests involved in the exorcisms were prosecuted later that year for neglectful homicide. They even went as far as to have the remains of Michel exhumed, as a nun said that she had visions of the body not decomposing, and that it was a sign of demonic possession. When it was removed from it's coffin though, the body was found to have been decomposing as normal.

The Exorcist
The Movie

Often touted as the scariest film of all time. The Exorcist was somehow based on a true story. The Academy Award-winning 1973 film The Exorcist followed the story of 13-year-old Regan who, after a seizure, begins to show signs of demonic possession.

After medical testing fails (and results in the doctors being assaulted), Regan's family attempts to have the demon, who's apparently inside of her, forced out. Father Karras and Father Merrin attempt to exorcise the demon in an attempt to save the girl from the possession, with terrifying consequences.

The little girl pleasures herself with a cross to the point of bleeding and mutilation, is capable of telekinesis, turns her head all the way around, and even levitates.

These are some of the most messed up scenes in movie history.

The Reality

The story, which resulted in what has been called the scariest movie ever, is sketchy but believed to be inspired by the exorcism of Robbie Mannheim, also known as Roland Doe. A 12-year old boy. Not a girl.

According to the attending priest, the boy attempted to contact his late aunt using an Ouija board, after which paranormal activity started in the home, including unexplained noises and an occurrence of a poltergeist-like event involving blankets flying around of their own accord. Robbie then began to show signs of possession, speaking in tongues and blisters and cuts appearing on his body. He was taken to a mental institute in St. Louis where he was treated both mentally and spiritually. It was here that a group of priests started to perform various exorcising rituals to try and extract the demon. After a staggering 30 attempts, the priests were satisfied that they had successfully banished the demon from Robbie's body.

After the ceremony he went on to have a very normal life, including a successful career at NASA. If my mother only knew that demon possession could lead to working for NASA, I'm positive that she would have made me play with Oujia boards every night.

The exact details of the story, including what some believe to be only mild paranormal happenings, are highly disputed as the story has been passed down and retold in numerous versions.

But still, "mild" paranormal happenings are still paranormal happenings.
The Hills Have Eyes

The Movie

The Carter family, traveling through the desert in an RV on vacation, fall victim to a trap that causes their vehicle to crash. The father, Bob, heads to a nearby gas station in search of help where he learns of the deranged clan of cannibals living in the nearby hills.

The hill people, led by Papa Jupiter, capture Bob, set fire to the camper, and take an infant hostage, among other violent acts, such as rape, torture, and pet-eating. The film is most notable for it being one of Wes Craven's first, as well as starring a young Dee Wallace, best known as Eliot's mom in the equally terrifying E.T.

The Reality

The film is reportedly inspired by the story of Sawney Bean, a Scotsman from the 15th or 16th century. The story goes that Bean was the son of ditch digger who did not want to follow in his father's foot steps. So, as most young men do, he ran away with a girl and holed up in a cave by the sea. Because neither of the cave dwellers worked, they had to make due with ambushing travelers on the road, stealing from them, killing them, and eating their bodies. Bean and his wife had many children and grand-children all through incest since they never left their cave except to go "shopping." 

They reportedly murdered and ate more than 1000 people before they were finally caught by King James, who later went on to write a bible I think. Their punishment was almost as wicked as their crime as the men were sentenced to death by blood loss after having their hands, feet and genitals cut off. The women were forced to watch before they were all burned alive.

It is disputed that this story might be false and only used as Anti-Scot propaganda as it all happened because Sawney Bean would rather kill and eat other people than put in an honest days' work.

The Mothman Prophecies
The Movie

John Klein and wife Mary are involved in a strange car crash. Treatment for Mary's injuries reveal a brain tumor, which later kills her. Before she dies, she drafts odd drawings of a winged creature.

Years later, John is driving in Virginia and unintentionally arrives in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. After Point Pleasant residents begin reporting supernatural happenings, including the collapse of a bridge leading to dozens of deaths, which appear oddly similar to Mary's drawings, John becomes obsessed with finding this mythical creature known as the Mothman.

The Reality

According to the 1975 book of the same name by John Keel, Point Pleasant, West Virginia, residents reported seeing a large, winged creature, believed to possibly be an alien, in 1966 and 1967. The creature, believed to be the Mothman, was white, had red eyes and was described as a "flying man with ten-foot wings." In December 1967, the Silver Bridge collapsed, killing 46 people.

Investigators who attempted to verify these claims dispute the authenticity of the creature, stating that residents likely saw a large heron or sandhill crane. Additionally, the connection to the bridge collapse was later declared unfounded, as the collapse was ruled a result of a structural defect.
The Serpent and the Rainbow
The Movie

Working for a pharmaceutical company, ethnobotanist Dennis Alan is sent to Haiti to research a drug used in Haitian vodou in order to determine if the drug can be used as anesthesia. Alan finds a local witch doctor, who claims he can make the drug, but Alan is arrested, tortured, and ordered to leave the country before receiving the drug.

Alan flees the country but not before forcing the drug out of the witch doctor. He returns home to Boston to meet with his employer, where the wife of his boss tells him in a possessed state that his death is imminent.

The Reality

The book on which the film is based is believed to have been inspired by the events of Haitian man Clairvius Narcisse. Narcisse was declared dead in 1962 after receiving a cocktail of drugs to mimic a coma.

He was buried, but exhumed a few days later and given another set of drugs which brought him back to life in a zombie state. Narcisse was forced to work on a sugar plantation for two years until his master died, and he was freed and returned to his family in 1980.
The Haunting in Connecticut
The Movie

In order to be closer to care for their cancer-stricken son, the Campbell family moves into a home in Connecticut. The son begins to experience terrifying hallucinations, as do the family members later on.

Soon the family learns that the home was formerly used as a mortuary. The supernatural events continue in the home and intensify, turning violent.

The Reality

In the 1980s, the Parker family moved into a home in Southington, Connecticut in order to be close to the University of Connecticut where their son was undergoing cancer treatment. Unbeknownst to the family, the building was formerly a funeral home, something they discovered after finding embalming equipment in the basement.

After the discovery, the family reported strange events in the home such as sights and sounds of ghosts. An investigation later revealed the former morticians were involved in necrophilia. The home was excised in 1988 to remove the lingering demons.

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<![CDATA[8 People Who Spent Way Too Much Money on Video Games]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/8-people-who-spent-an-exorbitant-amount-on-video-games/benjamin-dunn
There's no doubt about it. Video games are one of the most expensive habits next to hardcore drug use. Not only do you have to invest in the system you prefer, but each new game will run you anywhere from $40-$70, and that's not even including special or collector's editions.

Even with all that accounted for, that's still nothing compared to the price that some of the people on this list have paid. Whether it's a child dropping all of their parents money on virtual coins to buy cows or people spending more than you will make in your life on a club that exists solely in the virtual world, these people really know how to spend money on their filthy habits.

What is the most money spent on a game? Take a look here and see how foolish some people are, that they're willing to fork over so much money for a video game.
8 People Who Spent Way Too Much Money on Video Games,

Most Expensive New Game: Spyro's Adventure

Not since Magic: The Gathering or Pogs has a game required you to invest as much money to play it as "Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure." Sure, the start up isn't all that much more than a regular game, only $69.99, but if you want to experience it fully, be prepared to shell out a bunch more.

Here's how the game works. Each box comes with the game, a platform that connects to your system and three toys that when placed on the platform, get used in the video game. It's a pretty neat convention really. Kids get to play with their toys on and off screen. Of course, there are a lot more toys to be bought separately, and if you want to be able to complete the game, you will have to pay for each of them. In total, the full game is actually priced at around $320.

So in order to play this one game, you need to pay more than you would buying a new next gen system. Bravo Activision. Bravo!

More at Kotaku.
Heart-Broken Man Sells Engagment Ring and Buys Master Chief Armor

Okay, this story is just awesome.

Heartbreak is sad and horrible, but sometimes awesome things can come from it. Take this story for example.

Eric Smith was your typical man in love. He was so in love in fact that he went out and bought his girlfriend the ring of her dreams. When he popped the question though, he got a response that he never could have imagined. Instead of saying yes, she told him that she couldn't marry him because she was in love with another guy. Not only that, but she had been having sex with him on the regular, in Eric's car, and the CD in the player that he had been listening to for the past month was a mix made by the guy she was banging. Harsh.

While most stories would end with poor Eric breaking down and spiraling into a deep depression only to find himself six months later with a Grizzly Adams beard and slight cocaine habit, this one has a happy twist. Eric, being the level-headed guy that most of us wish we could be, decided not to spend time dwelling on what a vicious s**t-demon he almost married. Instead he promptly sold the $2000 custom ring on eBay and spent the money on the only thing that could possibly make a true gamer happy, a full custom suit of Spartan armor from "Halo."

This gorgeous piece of equipment is 40 pounds of dark green fiberglass modeled after the main character of "Halo", Master Chief. It also comes fully equipped with the signature golden visor and light up LEDs.

Sure, he could have taken the money and used it to pay off student debts or put a down payment on a new car that didn't have the stink of infidelity, but I think that a full scale replica of video game armor will help him reach wherever he needs to go in life.
Most Expensive Retro Games

It wasn't long ago that people were in a rage over the price point of video games going from $40 to $60 with the introduction of the XBox 360 and PS3, but like an overly hot Jacuzzi, we relaxed into it.

Now imagine paying over 20 times that price for a game that plays on a system 30 years out of date. Pretty crazy right? That is just what collector, JJ Hendricks, did when he bought an ultra rare copy of Nintendo World Championships (Gold Edition) for $17,500. The reason that the game went for so much was because only 26 were ever created for a Nintendo sponsored gaming contest.
Virtual Club Sold for $635,000


I have to admit, I have no idea why anyone would spend money on virtual goods. To me, I need my money to go to something tangible, like real swords or houses or food, as opposed to those things for a character in a game. So when I heard about a guy that paid $100,000 in real cold hard cash for a virtual asteroid, I was floored. It turns out it was a spectacular investment on his part though. Jon Jacobs, who I assume is some sort of Howard Hughes-esque eccentric millionaire, took his newly acquired piece of land and changed it into a Pleasure Island of sorts for the rest of the Entropia Universe (the MMO where all of this takes place) to enjoy.

Entropia is different from other MMOs in the fact that instead of putting in real money for fake goods to make fake money, one can actually make a real living off of goods bought by other users of the game. Jacobs was able to make almost $200,000 per year at his "Club Neverdie" by charging entry fees and building a virtual mall where people can shop and socialize, even go hunting.

Check out this advert for the club:

With Club NeverDie thriving, it was a surprise to many when Jacobs decided to sell it off in pieces. Though there were many buyers, the single largest purchase came from John Foma Kalun, who bought the main section of the asteroid for a whopping $335,000. (This beat the previous $300,000 record set by the sale of the Crystal Palace Station.) When all was said and done, Jacobs was able to sell the whole property for a staggering $635,000, a $535,000 profit not including the income he made over the course of his five years of ownership.

Now that I know that it is possible to make that sort of cash online, it makes me rethink my position on virtual goods and services.
Woman Embezzled $166,000 from Job for Mafia Wars

In a case of life imitating art, Bettysue Higgins of Maine recently pled guilty to the charges of embezzling over $166,000 from her employers to help fund her addiction to the online Facebook games "Mafia Wars" and "YoVille." Over the course a year Higgins wrote herself 78 fake checks from her job to buy virtual coins in game. Of course she also wrote 142 other checks for, you know, walking around money.

I don't know what's worse. The fact that she spent over $5000 of stolen money on a free online game, or that she is 54 and looks like she could be your grandmother.

Man Spends $16,000 for Virtual Sword

Let's put things in perspective here. What can $16,000 buy you? Let's see. A car, a down payment on a house, one year of state college in Tennessee... so many useful and worthwhile things. Or it could buy you a single sword in a video game. Not only that, but a video game that is not released yet and there is no telling if it will even succeed. Yes, a man in China shelled out $16,000 for a sword in the upcoming MMO game "Age of Wulin."

In other news he is in talks to buy the Brooklyn Bridge.

Read more on Kotaku.
British boy spends £1,000 on Xbox Live

In another incident of kids spending their parents money, an 11-year-old boy in England used his mother's credit card to purchase almost $2000 worth of Xbox Live material. It seems to me that the Brits really need to start teaching their children about money. Actually, I think that most of the world should probably do the same. (Let me get off my soap box now.)

Brendan Jordan, pictured above, was able to access his mother's credit card simply because it was registered on his Xbox Live account already as she used it to pay for his subscription to the service. How did he end up spending so much money? It seems the little rapscallion loves to dress up his avatar. Most of the money was spent on accessories for his character, along with downloadable games and DLC.

When his poor mother found out about all of the charges that had accrued over the course of six months, she instantly called up her credit company and tried to reverse that charges. They wouldn't let her, so she tried contacting Microsoft directly and has yet to hear back from them. She has decided not to punish Brendan as when he was made aware of how much money he had cost her, he broke down and told her to sell his Xbox to help pay her back. (Pretty good strategy, if you ask me.)

Her main concern is the fact that Microsoft makes it so easy for people to be charged for their services by having the card never come off the service information. It should be noted though, that all parents need to do is take a few more steps when signing up for the service and put a parental lock on the account so they can either turn off access completely or monitor downloads. (Just take the time, people.)
12 Year Old Racks Up over £900 on Farmville

For a free game, "Farmville" certainly knows how to get it's players to spend. In the case of an unnamed boy in England, the game, which is free to play, cost him and his mother almost $2000 American.

How can a game that is on Facebook for free cost that much? Well, Zynga, the publisher of the crack-like game, has made it so that you can play the game for free, but if you really want to play the game, you will have to buy the upgrades. These include more space to grow things, better animals, and just a better overall enjoyable experience. (Or so they would like you to believe.) So it's not surprising that a 12-year-old, who hasn't figured out that money is a real thing yet, would end up spending not only all of his savings, but then get into his mother's credit card and make over $1500 worth of charges.

The worst thing about it is not that Zynga and Facebook refuse to reverse the charges because they claim that it's not their fault that kids don't know the concept of money, but the fact that in order for the mom to get her money back, she would have to file a police report against her son. She says that she will not do so as she doesn't want a mistake he made as a child following him around for the rest of his life. To top it off, she claims that she is not even punishing him as he already knows what he did was wrong.

I call bullsh*t. If that was my kid I would totally file charges against him to get my money back. It would teach him a valuable life lesson. Steal sh*t and there be consequences.

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<![CDATA[People Who Somehow Survived TWO Random Tragedies]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/people-who-survived-accidents-twice/mike-rothschild
Lucky people who survived multiple terrorist attacks, disasters, and crashes are part of a small and select group. From the American who was wounded in the Paris attacks after having luckily avoided going to work on 9/11 to the Irish nurse who survived three famous shipwrecks in five years in the 1910s, some people have an innate ability to be in the wrong place in the wrong time - yet somehow walk away.

Many people who survived accidents or terror attacks are left with lasting psychological problems, including a justifiable fear that they'll fall victim to yet another calamity. But others - like the Japanese survivor of both atomic bombs during World War II, or the American businessman who endured 9/11, the Bali bombing a year later, and the Indian Ocean tsunami - prospered and used their near-death experiences to teach others the value of life and perseverance.

Here are those people who have survived multiple accidents, assassination attempts, disasters, or terrorist attacks and stories behind their survival

People Who Somehow Survived TWO Random Tragedies,

Frane Selak
Croatian music teacher Frane Selak is famous for the sheer number of fatal accidents (eight) he’s survived. In 1962, Selak was on a train to Dubrovnik when it derailed into an icy river, killing 17 passengers. He managed to escape with a broken arm. A year later, Selak was flying from Zagreb when a door on the plane blew open and Selak was sucked out. The subsequent crash killed 19 people, but Selak landed on a haystack and only had minor injuries.

In 1966, he was traveling on a bus that plunged into a river, killing four. Then four years later, his car caught fire, and he escaped before the fuel tank exploded. Three years after that, the engine block of another car Selak owned was doused in hot oil, blowing flames through the air vents. Selak lost most of his hair, but was otherwise unhurt. In 1995, Selak was hit by a bus, sustaining minor injuries, then the next year he drove off a road to escape a head-on collision with a truck, jumping out of his car just before it plunged 300 feet and exploded. Oh, and in 1968, he shot off one of his testicles when showing his son how to safely use a gun.

In luckier news, Selak won the million-dollar Croatian lottery in 2003. Also, none of his claims have been independently verified, meaning he might not be as unlucky as he claims.

Gerald Ford
Ford is the only US President to survive two separate assassination attempts - and they were within three weeks of each other. On September 5, 1975, Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme, a follower of Charles Manson, fired an M1911 pistol at the President in a crowd in Sacramento, but the gun didn’t go off and Ford was unharmed. On September 22, Patty Hearst obsessive Sara Jane Moore pulled a revolver on Ford in San Francisco, but the one shot she got off missed. Both were sentenced to life in prison.
Roy Sullivan
Virginia forest ranger Roy Sullivan was struck by lightning seven different times in his 36 year career – surviving each time. He was struck for the first time in 1942, having a toenail blown off. He was struck by lightning again in 1969, then in 1970, 1972, 1973, 1976, and 1977. When it was all over, he had been knocked unconscious; suffered shoulder and ankle injuries; had burns on his hands, face, and scalp; and had his hair singed off twice. His wife was also struck by lighting and survived. Sullivan committed suicide in 1983.

Violet Jessop
Irish nurse Violet Jessop became a celebrity in the 1920s when she survived three different shipwrecks in a span of five years. In 1911, she was a stewardess on the RMS Olympic when it collided with the cruiser HMS Hawke. A year later, she was working on the Titanic when it hit an iceberg and sank on its maiden voyage, escaping on Lifeboat 16 with a baby.

In 1916, she was serving as a nurse on the hospital ship Britannic when it struck a mine in the Aegean Sea. She jumped off the ship, and at one point, was sucked underwater by the ship’s propellers and hit her head. She managed to get back to the surface and was rescued along with 1,035 of the 1,065 people on board.

Tsutomu Yamaguchi
Yamaguchi was working as an engineer for Mitsubishi in Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, when the first atomic bomb was dropped on the city. He survived, though with bad burns and ruptured eardrums. Leaving the city where he'd been posted on a three-month assignment, he took a bus back to his home town to reunite with his family.

That city, in turn, was hit by the second atomic bomb on August 9. Yamaguchi survived that blast (as did his wife and son), making him the only documented survivor of both the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings. As many as 150 other people might have survived both bombings, but Yamaguchi is the only one whose story was confirmed. He died in 2010.

Robert Evans
In 2008, Robert Evans, a homeless man living in Boulder, CO, survived two major accidents in a matter of hours. First, he was hit by a car and taken by ambulance to a local hospital. While walking back to his encampment on a railroad bridge, he was hit by a train and knocked into a creek. He survived that too, and dropped off the radar after the second accident.

Mason Wells
American teenager Mason Wells has survived THREE terrorist attacks. In 2013, Wells went to the Boston Marathon to watch his mother compete and was a block away when bombs exploded near the finish line. A couple years later, as a Mormon missionary based in Paris, Wells survived the series of terrorist attacks that hit Paris in November 2015. Just four months after the Paris attacks, Wells narrowly survived the March 2016 Brussels attacks with various burns and injuries from shrapnel.

After the last attacks, his father Chad Wells told ABC News, "He was blessed significantly by God. We see a blessing by this, not a terrible curse." If it's true that bad luck comes in threes, hopefully this is the end of unlucky events for this poor kid. 
Kellie Mencel
Australian teenager Kellie Mencel survived two horrific crashes in the span of a week in late 2009. First, she fell asleep at the wheel while driving through the South Australian countryside. She woke up as the car spun out of control and flipped over five times, and she was then left unconscious and trapped. When she was found she was immediately rushed to the hospital.

A week later, while still recovering from the first car accident, Mencel and her family took a vacation to go water-skiing. However, their boat’s engine suddenly exploded, and covered the vessel in flames. Mencel attempted to jump into the water, but she slipped, resulting in severe burns to her arms, legs, and face. She survived that too, recovered, and is now a personal trainer.

A 36-year-old American, known only as “Matthew," survived both the 9/11 attacks and the November 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris. Matthew was attending the Eagles of Death Metal concert at the Bataclan when he was shot in the leg. He feigned death, and dragged himself outside when the shooters were reloading their weapons.

14 years earlier, he had been on his way to a meeting at the World Trade Center when the towers were hit by terrorist-flown airliners. If he’d been running on time, he would have likely been killed.

Zahrul Fuadi
Indonesian citizen Fuadi first survived the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami by quickly riding his motorcycle to safety when the tsunami started coming in. He then moved with his family to Sendai, Japan, and while studying for his doctorate there, he survived the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami. The building he was in was slightly damaged, but he and his family were unharmed and stayed in Japan.

Mon, 23 Nov 2015 05:25:55 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/people-who-survived-accidents-twice/mike-rothschild
<![CDATA[Law Enforcement Agents Share Their Creepiest Stories]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/creepy-stories-from-law-enforcement/christopher-shultz
Whether a police officer, an FBI agent, or another figure in the world of law enforcement, dealing with criminals can lead to some strange, disturbing, and downright creepy experiences. Reddit users asked law enforcement to share some of their craziest tales, and many delivered in spades. Here are some highlights...
Law Enforcement Agents Share Their Creepiest Stories,

Horrendous Father

[WARNING: This story is very disturbing.]
 "I live in a fairly small town, my dad was a cop for 10 years or so, my aunt works in the ER going on 11 years now, & at the time of this story one of my best friend's brother-in-law was an EMT. They are all involved in this sick tale... 

"There was a call about a domestic dispute, then a 911 call from the same address from a woman who was just screaming & then cut off. Of course they sent all available units immediately. After a few officers had showed up, they reported the situation back & the Chief decided no female officers or EMTs should be allowed near the scene. It turned out a Hispanic man was on drugs & had a freak-out on his girlfriend, accusing her of cheating. He beat the shit out of her, broke several bones. He decided their three-month-old baby wasn't his, picked up the infant by his feet & gutted him with a box cutter. When the cops showed up he was beating on his girlfriend with a kitchen utensil while she huddled over the baby trying to shield him with her own body. They got him subdued, rushed the baby to the ER, tended to the wife in the ambulance out front, & sewed up several cuts of the man in the kitchen. The EMT tending to him was my friend's brother-in-law. The man was still high but coming down & saying a lot of disgusting things about his girlfriend, the EMT slammed his head into the refrigerator, warning him to stop talking. A sergeant was in the room, saw this & gave the EMT an approving nod. A few minutes later, the sergeant got fed up with the man's clearly unapologetic words & said "Do you hear that woman crying? She trusted you to take care of you, loved you enough to give you a son & look what you've done to them! She didn't cheat, you never let her leave the house so how could she? That little boy is your son, you could have been a father to him & raised him to be a great man, now you've taken that child's life. That woman, who loved you so much is out there weeping because she has just lost her son & her boyfriend, don't you care at all?!", the man then said that if that baby didn't want him to kill it then it should've died before it was born & that the woman deserved it because she was a "dumb bitch, cheating or not" & the sergeant shot the guy in the foot. My father witnessed all of this & later had to testify. My aunt said in the ER the baby was laying there & his intestines were literally laying next to him on the gurney, outside his body. Every single person who worked on that baby requested therapy afterward. The mom had some pretty bad internal bleeding but my aunt said the most disturbing thing was hearing her scream for her baby. She said in all her years in the ER she's never heard anyone scream like that. 

"The mom & the baby actually both lived but the baby has some serious brain damage because he didn't get enough oxygen to the brain because of a punctured lung. 

"The man is in prison, I know he got drug charges, weapons charges (unregistered guns were found in the home as well as more drugs), domestic battery, attempted murder & a few others I'm not sure of. I do know he has no possibility of parole & a long sentence but I'm not sure how long the sentence turned out to be. 

"The sergeant & EMT were both fired, that was the hearing my dad had to testify in (among other officers & EMTs)."

Mother of the Demon

"This one time I went out on a call of a suspicious person at a house near where I was at. When I get there the guy tells me that someone knocked on his door and when he went to see who it was there was a woman standing in his driveway with some sort of child-sized doll with horns and it looked like all bloody and cut up. So he asked the woman, who was looking away from him, what she wanted. She turned around and told him 'It needs food' then started screaming at the top of her lungs and ran at him, so like a normal human being he slammed the door in her face and called the cops. I get there and there are well-defined claw marks on his door, there's also a good bit of blood, I supposed from her fingers. So I call it out and start the search on foot, I also had 2 or 3 units driving around the area to see if they can't find this chick. 

"So I'm about a block away and we get another call that the woman is back at the guy's house, but in the back yard. So I run about a block back to the guy's house and bust into his backyard. The lights are out so I have my flashlight out and I'm looking around. I see the chick huddled in the corner next to a fucking evil-looking doll thing and I ask her if she's ok. She doesn't say anything. About this time one of my mobile units came back to the house and parked his unit where the headlights were shining on her so we could see how scary this chick looked. She had long black hair, her clothes were rags, she had no shoes, clearly homeless, and she kept whispering things to the doll.  

"So my buddy and I approached and tried talking to her and she just kept whispering to the doll, couldn't understand what the hell she was saying so we decided to drag her ass out of there. The second we put hands on this chick she went berserk. Punching, kicking, slapping, all kinds of shit. So we're fighting with her trying to get her on the ground and she's not going down, this chick was strong as hell. Well, in the fight she somehow got away from us and was sitting in a crouched position with her head tilted to the side and making the creepiest growl/snarling sound I've ever heard. Then she screams at the top of her lungs and charged at us. So, my buddy straight-jabbed her in the face and knocked her clean out. We cuffed her and hauled her off to the hospital where she tested positive for PCP and various opiates. She was charged with battery of a peace officer, resisting arrest, and trespassing. 

"Later she was institutionalized for some sort of mental disorder, not sure quite what it was, my department didn't have anything more to do with her after her booking into the jail."

A Clever Ruse Exposed
"...investigating a murder of a 19-year-old girl when fingerprints come back that the knife that she was killed with had HER fingerprints on them and wood residue trapped in them. Basically I had to tell her parents that she had killed herself by putting a knife in a partially closed door and ran backwards into it to make it look like a murder so she could be buried in a Catholic cemetery...the church actually dug the poor girl's body up and the parents had a body in their house for 2 days before they could rebury her."
The Sobering Otis
"Guy came into the jail on a DUI. Turned out it was like his fifth, so he wasn't getting out any time soon. He was okay for a few days and then started getting DTs bad. After a few days of mental health and medical saying 'keep an eye on him, it's just DTs,' he started going really nuts. He only spoke in gibberish and not to real people. He would piss, vomit, and sh*t everywhere but the toilet. He refused to wear clothes and would masturbate incessantly. Despite our concerns that he may have serious mental issues and repeatedly trying to get him admitted to the state hospital, we kept hearing the same response. 'Keep an eye on him, it's just DTs, he'll get over it.' Finally my supervisor had enough and called this guy's lawyer. She came down and we took her to the isolation cell. I opened the window on the door for her and she called out his name. Naked, covered in his own fluids and with a crazed look in his eye, he calmly picked up one of his turds and ate it like a Snickers bar before going back to masturbating. His lawyer gasped in horror, turned to me and my supervisor and said, 'I'll go talk to the judge right now.' Two hours later he was on a transport to the state mental hospital. I don't really understand the medical aspect, but apparently he was such an alcoholic that the withdrawal had done serious and permanent brain damage."

Christmas Eve Nightmare
"My grandpa was a big Irish cop who started his career in Minneapolis in the mid-1950s. He always has the best stories to tell, but the one unexplainable one he tells me is that he got a call during Christmas Eve to a house with six bodies in it. Being the first responder, he speeds his way there and gets to the house. He walks in, gun drawn, only to find a family that looked like everybody had just had a long night and dozed off until he gets no response trying to wake them. He searches the rest of the house only to find a young teen girl in the bathtub with a single tear run down her cheek. Everybody seemed to have mysteriously died at once without any known cause and he never found out what it was."
Not the Best Way to Go Out
"Literally two days ago we had a man dead, swinging from the ceiling (on a sex swing) with electrical nipple clamps, buttered, body and a knitting needle up his penis. The worst part, he was pushing 70 years and discovered by his 10-year-old granddaughter. How the f*ck do you erase that image?!"
Gruesome Accident

"UK here. Not a policeman but my brother is and I heard this story from him (though it was all over the local news as well... just without the gore). He wasn't the attending officer on the case but arrived on the scene as the bodies were being moved. (I actually passed the scene on my way to work the day it happened as well, though at that time the wreck was being hauled away)... So, just the fine details are third-party, in effect. 

"It's a rather gruesome story so... read at your own risk. 

"A few years back in our local town, a couple of joyriders had stolen a car. The police gave chase but had to pull back due to the speeds involved. (They got clocked at 130 miles per hour through a residential area.) The obvious happened and about three miles from where the police fell back, they managed to hit a wall or lamppost or something and kill themselves instantly.  

"Upon arriving at the scene, the attending officer discovered the driver's lower legs and feet had been pushed up due to the impact and his shin bone had gone through his jaw and up through his skull. Apparently it looked like he had a foot attached to his chin. The passenger, however, looked untouched and seemed to be unconscious... until they tried to move him and discovered most of the bones in his body had been shattered. He sort of... folded backwards when the officer tried to pull him out for first aid. He then started to... compress, squish and implode into himself in the car seat."

A Most Bizarre Abduction

"My old roommate's dad was a former Naval Officer and then FBI agent. 20 years in the Navy and 12-15 years or so in the FBI.  

"One of his strangest stories was from his FBI days. I'll paraphrase it below: 

"A kidnapping case, this girl disappeared from her grandparents' RV sometime between like 5pm and midnight. They were up front, next thing they know, she's gone. She was supposed to be sleeping in the back. One stop at a rest stop, then they were in stop-and-go traffic, so they figure she must have popped out the door at some point. This is near the California/Nevada border. So we meet them, talk to them, this is within about a day or so and the girl's still missing, no sign of her. She was 15. 

"Local PD theory is she ran off because she's 15 and wants to get away from her lame grandparents for the summer. But there's a busted window (glass inside the vehicle) so we're treating it like a possible kidnapped person.  

"After a few hours, there's a couple different theories on the case. One is that she ran off, another that she got snatched. Nobody's seen the girl in almost two days now, and disappearing in the desert for a young girl is tough.  

"Next thing you know, we get a phone call - naked girl, lost and confused, picked up by some trucker on a two-lane road out there called Nipton. Runs into I-15 between Barstow and Vegas somewhere. Right near the border. Matches our description. Me and three other guys head out there to meet with the Sheriff who's got her. Turns out she's our girl. She's fine. No rape. No bruises. No exposure. Nothing. Completely healthy. Completely fine. Even cleaned like she took a shower. Won't tell us a damned thing. Doesn't remember a damned thing.  

"According to her, one minute she's in the RV, the next she's naked walking down the side of the road in 100-degree heat. We talked to her for two hours while her grandparents headed out to pick her up. We had our social services lady talk to her - nothing. I've seen people hiding things - she wasn't hiding anything. She honestly didn't remember. 

"Damndest thing. Anyway, girl was found, she was fine, so we turned it back over to Local PD to figure out what happened and determine if charges were pressed and all. I kept in touch with a guy I knew there because I was curious and we were in a fantasy football league. A few months later he tells me the parents sent the girl to a therapist to look for 'repressed memories' to make sure she wasn't raped or something. Therapist says she seems fine, but honestly has no recollection of her time at all, and doesn't think there's any point to delving much further since she has no symptoms and is largely more confused by the reaction than the event. 

"So to this day, we've got a busted RV window with glass on the inside, likely from a moving RV on a jampacked freeway, likely in broad or lightly fading sunlight, with zero witnesses. A 15-year-old girl gets out, or is taken out, and is taken somewhere safe nearby for almost two days, and then is stripped naked without being touched sexually, cleaned up, and deposited on the side of a separate road a few miles away. She didn't have a drug in her system that we could detect. She remembers nothing at all. Nobody knows what happened to her clothes or anything. 

"Been almost 20 years since this happened, and I can't figure out what the hell went on with that girl. Still bugs me at night that I have no way to explain it aside from 'She lied the whole time,' but I know liars, and I'd bet money she wasn't lying at all."

The Disturbance That Wasn't
"Not my story, but a good friend of mine was the youngest recruit to pass police training etc. in the area for a long time. At 19, he was fresh onto the service. I went for a pint with him a week later and you could tell he'd 'seen things' so I asked him what it was like.  

"...he told me about this one where they were called to a domestic. They got to the house and opened the door, instantly a whole load of sewer rats (not pet rats) flooded out, and there was no one home. The lights were on, the TV was on (quiet), and the loud voices they heard arguing were just gone. The only life there were the rats that ran out of the house. They searched the house, every nook and cranny, and found no one. He and his partner for the evening stayed around a while and waited to see if anyone came home, but after a few hours no one came, the neighbours couldn't even explain it. So they left. A few minutes later they got called to the same address again by a different person stating there's a pretty heated domestic going on. This time they brought the dog squad to find people, but again, the house was deserted. He said the freakiest thing was that the toilet had blatantly just been flushed when they got there as the cistern was filling, and the kettle was now boiling. The dogs found nothing as well. To this day he doesn't know what the fuck went on."

"Dispatch gets a call from an older couple reporting there's a man standing in their backyard. It's later in the evening and obviously the older couple is freaked out a bit. Several officers show up including my friend [who is a cop] and split into two groups heading around either side of the house. As they emerge in the backyard, guns drawn, they see the suspect and promptly order him to get on the f*cking ground, face first, hands behind his head. As they draw closer he's not responding and they realize he hasn't moved at all. Rewind 2 hours, the suspect had robbed a 7-11 or something like that down the road and taken off on foot. As he entered the neighborhood he tried to cut through this older couple's backyard. When he went to hop the fence in the back he slipped and impaled himself on a fence post. He couldn't pull himself off it and his own body weight slowly drove him down the post. It had entered at his groin and went straight up to his shoulder. He was literally a human scarecrow."

Wed, 18 May 2016 05:09:30 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/creepy-stories-from-law-enforcement/christopher-shultz
<![CDATA[15 Insane Hunter S. Thompson Stories That Prove He's An Unpredictable Enigma]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/crazy-hunter-s-thompson-stories/coy-jandreau
Hunter S. Thompson lived a pretty crazy life and there are plenty of true stories to prove it. This should come as no surprise, since just a few of his credos were: "Buy the ticket, take the ride," "I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me," and "'Crazy' is a term of art; 'Insane' is a term of law. Remember that, and you will save yourself a lot of trouble." When these are the credos you live by, you find yourself in some crazy situations. 

Hunter S. Thompson was a man who played by his own rules to such an extent that he invented new ones, got other people to follow them, published his findings and called it all "Gonzo." His exploits are the stuff of legend. Who else could make a year-long stint on the campaign trail seem interesting to the masses? Or make going to the Kentucky Derby seem like the most insane trip of one's life? Who else could set the bar on the insane depravity that is Vegas? 

Hunter S. Thompson lived an amazing life, and he lived it his way right up until he was done with it. These are the craziest Hunter S. Thompson stories, may they inspire you to have some of your own. Buy the ticket. Take the ride.

15 Insane Hunter S. Thompson Stories That Prove He's An Unpredictable Enigma,

That Time He Shot Up the House of His Cartoonishly Evil Neighbor
Owl Creek was Thompson's sanctuary; it meant the world to him. So in 1985 when multimillionaire Floyd Watkins moved in and started destroying Thompson's utopia, he stood up to the madman (in his own Gonzo way) to stop him.

Watkins began by putting up giant concrete walls and barbed wire around his property, ruining the view, and the feel of the entire neighborhood. Then he went a step further, not affecting just his own property but everyone else's. He redirected all the natural streams to his land for his trout (which were later poisoned and although no one ever took credit for the act, we have our suspicions).  

Not content with just stealing the county's water, he insisted on paving all the county roads so as to not get dust in his house. He would threaten any board members who had vetoed his request. All of this didn't go over too well, so the community began harassing him with threatening phone calls, as well as graffiti-ing and destroying his land. 

It escalated further when Watkins purchased Bengal tigers and armed gunmen to guard the property. So Thompson shot up his entire property with a shotgun, an automatic rifle, and a handgun. Watkins chased him down, catching up with Hunter, who denied nothing. When police later questioned him, he had destroyed the automatic rifle. No charges were ever filed.

Source: Listverse

That Time He Went Hunting for Pygmies Instead of Reporting on the Fight of the Century

In 1974, Hunter S. Thompson and Ralph Steadman (an artist and Thompson's long-time gonzo compatriot), went off to Zaire for coverage on the Rumble in the Jungle between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman. It remains one of the all-time strangest events in sports. It was hosted by an eccentric African dictator, covered by the world’s top journalists, and cost a fortune if, by chance, you were able to track down some tickets.

Rolling Stone wanted to be at the center of the madness, so of course they sent their very best men to cover it. But instead of attending the fight, Thompson gave away his tickets (or, according to Steadman, sold them for weed) and then went of on a quest to find the wanted Nazi war criminal Martin Bormann. (And also to find pygmies, so he could ask if it was possible for them to eaten by cobras.) Whether he met his pygmies or not we'll never know, but he did meet some locals from whom he bought some ivory. While dealing with the locals he claimed to be George Foreman's doctor, Dr. Bormann.

Later, George Plimpton and Norman Mailer discovered Thompson floating naked in the hotel pool, hammered thanks to Wild Turkey and high on who knows what. He didn’t even know who’d won the fight.

Once Thompson and Steadman made it back to the states, Hunter’s ivory was confiscated by customs. Instead of paying the meager fees and taxes (he didn't know they were only around $60), Thompson charged past security, grabbing the tusks and making a run for it with airport security chasing behind him.

Source: Listverse

That Time He Stopped a Hell's Angel from Beating His Wife and Dog

Hunter S. Thompson’s first book, Hell’s Angels: The Strange and Terrible Saga of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang, took Hunter into the depths of an organization few men would dare infiltrate. In order to research the Novel he spent two years eating, drinking, riding, and living with the incredibly dangerous biker gang.

Things went well enough at first, he was accepted and allowed unprecedented access into their world without much trouble. He seemed able to not only separate his life from theirs, but also able to distance himself from the horrors and violence he saw them dole out on others.
That is until Thompson saw an Angel called “Junkie George” brutally beating his girlfriend. 

During the beating Junkie George's dog also tried to intervene and as he did George began beating the dog as well. This was too much for Thompson and he attempted to break up the fight telling George that "only a punk beats his wife and dog." The Angels wouldn't stand for that kind of disrespect and it earned Thompson such a brutal beating he wound up in the hospital.

This was the end of the unlikely truce between Thompson and the Hell's Angel's. Check out the above video for more of the story.

Source: Listverse

Those Times Even His Most Mundane Days Were Pretty Crazy
Even on the most mundane of days Thompson's schedule still resembled something like the above schedule.

Hard to get a case of the Monday's with days like these.  

Source: Mental Floss
That Time He Used Crates of Dynamite as Furniture
Johnny Depp lived with Hunter S. Thompson for a while to get his speech patterns and mannerisms down in order to play him in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.  

He lived down in Thompson's basement, in a room that was made of whatever was available at the time. Depp recalls ashing his cigarette into an ashtray on his bedside table when he noticed that the table itself was a crate of dynamite.  

He hastily yelled for Thompson to come down, then asked if the dynamite was real. Thompson replied, "Good God, Colonel! (Thompson's nickname for Depp) You could have blown us all to bits!"  

Explosions were actually pretty common throughout their friendship, which started with Depp blowing up propane tanks in Thompson's yard, and ended with Depp fulfilling the author's request that his ashes be shot out of a cannon.  

Source: Nerve

That Time He Autographed Students' Books with Bullet Holes
Writer Douglas Brinkley once brought a group of his students up to meet Thompson at Owl Creek.  

Some of the students were reluctant, fearing all manner of drug-fueled hijinks. Drugs never came into the equation, but Thompson still wanted the students to have a memorable trip.

He had the them line up one by one, prop the copies of his books they'd brought for autographs up against a tree, and then used his .44 Magnum to blast a hole through each book.

Source: Nerve

That Time He Terrorized Jack Nicholson with Fireworks and the Sounds of Pig Slaughter

One of Hunter S. Thompson’s illustrious celebrity friends was Jack Nicholson. They had an odd, long-running joke of giving each other strange gifts. Jack Nicholson's birthday present from Thompson took the cake by far. 

Reaching Nicholson’s house after dark, Thompson arrived at a ridge overlooking the building and launched a 40 million candlepower parachute flare, which lit up 40 miles of darkness and looked like “the first flash of a nuclear explosion.” Not missing a beat he aimed a million-watt spotlight on the house and played the amplified sounds of dying pigs (this wouldn't be the last time he employed this trick) through a loudspeaker. Thinking that might not be enough, he began firing his automatic pistol into the air.

Nicholson didn't respond.

What Thompson didn’t know was that Nicholson was being stalked by a crazed fan at the time. When Thompson got no reaction from the extensive theatrics, he left a fresh elk heart on Nicholson’s doorstep and left, dejected. 

(In a painting Nicholson would do in honor of Thompson's death, he wrote, "How'd ya like the Elk Heart?" as a nod to this traumatic event.)

Source: Nerve

That Time He Ran for (and Almost Won) Sheriff of Aspen

Back in 1970 Hunter S. Thompson campaigned on the "Freak Power" ticket in Pitkin County, CO. Meaning, he was supported by members of the late-’60s counter-culture who felt they weren’t properly represented by the incumbent, Carol Whitmire.  

Thompson's platform was based around the promise to legalize drugs for recreational use (while dishing out corporal punishment on bad drug dealers). He also vowed to tear up the roads and carpet the streets with grass. He also planned to ban any building high enough to obscure the view of the landscape and rename Aspen “Fat City” in order to put an end to the “land rapers” who would develop the area further.

Naturally, Thompson quickly conflicted with the current Sheriff, who went as far as to threaten to arrest anyone who looked like they might vote for Thompson. There was also an incident where over 200 sticks of dynamite were stolen from a local ski company - they left behind a note threatening to blow up half of the county if Thompson was elected. Thompson’s reply was... well it was very Hunter S. Thompson: he shaved his head so that he could refer to his conservative, crew-cut rival as “my long haired opponent.” 

Eventually, (and shockingly) it began to look like Thompson might actually win. To make sure that wouldn't happen, Whitmire, a Republican, made a rare deal with the Democratic candidate to consolidate their votes. Thompson lost by a mere four votes.

Source: Listverse

That Time He Set A Yacht On Fire

Before the full-fledged dive into the gonzo journalism that created Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Thompson covered the America’s Cup (a very prestigious boat race), and he brought illustrator/gonzo collaborator Ralph Steadman along with him.  

Steadman quickly noticed that Thompson was constantly downing pills, (that he claimed were for seasickness.) As this was well before the Fear and Loathing era, Steadman didn't know any better and took one of the pills himself. Of course they had nothing to do with seasickness - far from it. They were actually psilocybin, the hallucinogen found in mushrooms.  

It wasn't long until Steadman was seeing invisible red-eyed dogs and concocting plans to spray paint "F*** THE POPE" on the side of a yacht. Soon enough they were on a dinghy clinging to the side of a yacht trying to do just that. (They were caught by a security guard and made a frantic, haphazard, getaway.)

As the psilocybin began to wear off, the severity of what he'd almost done put Steadman into a blind panic. Thompson decided that firing off a flare gun would aid in their escape, and fired off two shots. The second of which landed on a nearby wooden yacht, instantly setting it aflame. The fire soon spread throughout the marina as people darted around in fear. A rescue boat eventually picked up the pair and they spent the rest of their trip listening to people tell them wild tales of the madmen who set the America's Cup on fire.

Source: Listverse

That Time He Helped Free a Wrongly Convicted Woman

In 1998, Lisl Auman was convicted for shooting a policeman and sentenced to life in prison. An absolutely terrible crime, but there was absolutely no way she could have done it. None. Considering she was was handcuffed in the back of a police car at the time.

Auman was catching a ride with a friend of a friend when they were pulled over by the cops. She was then handcuffed and put in the back of the police vehicle. Meanwhile the driver pulled out a shotgun and shot the arresting officer, then himself. Under the felony murder law, Auman was held accountable for the crime and sentenced to life without parole, even though she hadn’t personally done a thing wrong.  

She would've almost certainly spent the rest of her life in jail, if Thompson hadn't became involved. Auman wrote him personally and he became so upset by the case that he initiated a nationwide campaign to draw attention to the case. Calling on his celebrity friends (Benicio Del Toro, Johnny Depp, Jack Nicholson, and many more) and campaigning tirelessly on the issue.  

After seven years in jail, Auman was finally acquitted and released, thanks to Thompson. Unfortunately he never got to see it, having died earlier that year.

Auman remains a free woman, and the story has been optioned as a feature film. 

Sources: Listverse, The Guardian

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<![CDATA[13 Times Chris Pratt Was Exactly as Cool as You Hope He'd Be]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/chris-pratt-being-awesome/jessica-lawshe
If you weren't already obsessed with Chris Pratt, prepare to feel the love. From Parks and Recreation to Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt has proven his supreme awesomeness many, many times. But is Chris Pratt nice? All signs point to "hell, yes!"/sFrom Chris Pratt visiting fans in hospitals to surprising fans with photobombs during a Super Bowl red carpet event, the stories of Chris Pratt being cool are numerous!/s
With emotional and heartwarming speeches about his son, Jack, and incredible performances of "Forgot About Dre," Pratt has proven he's not just super hot and super talented, but he's also a really, really cool human./s

As this list of Chris Pratt stories proves, under all the charisma, acting ability, and adorableness, he really is as great as you hoped. So v
ote up the best stories of Chris Pratt being the awesome guy you always thought he was.
13 Times Chris Pratt Was Exactly as Cool as You Hope He'd Be,

When He Nailed All the Lyrics to "Forgot About Dre"
During an August 2014 interview on DJ Whoo Kid's radio show, Pratt took the opportunity to prove that he can spit out a literally perfect a cappella version of Eminem's verse from "Forgot About Dre."
When He Helped Raise $92,000 for 12-Year-Old Boy with Brain Cancer
In early 2015, Pratt tweeted a link to a GiveForward campaign that was started to help pay for twelve-year-old Joe Henson's medical bills.  Henson was diagnosed with medulloblastoma (a type of brain tumor) in June 2014. As a result of Pratt's tweet, according to The Hollywood Reporter, donations "exploded." Pratt also made a significant donation himself. 
When He Donated a Set Tour of "Guardians of the Galaxy 2" to Charity
Pratt partnered with Omaze to give fans an on-set experience for a small donation. For donations of just $10 or more, fans were able to enter a contest to visit the set of Guardians of the Galaxy 2. All the proceeds benefited the Boys & Girls Club in Pratt's hometown of Lake Stevens, Washington. 
When He Spoke at the March of Dimes Celebration of Babies Hollywood Luncheon
During the the March of Dimes Celebration of Babies Hollywood Luncheon at the end of 2014, Pratt took the stage and shared inspiration from his own experience with the premature birth of his son Jack. As reported by US Weekly, Pratt told the audience, "My little boy was laying across my neck and chest feeling my heartbeat and feeling my love, and I played him country music and I sang to him and I made him promises… in that moment… you know, about… just about what kind of dad I wanted to be, and I just prayed that he'd be here long enough and he was going to let me keep him."
When He French Braided His Wife's Hair
Check out his Instagram pic of the "glorious French braid" Pratt did on wife Anna Faris.  As Pratt told Redbook Magazine in July 2014, "I'd always braid Anna's hair, but I was doing it too tight and it broke in some places. Then I got a French braid lesson from her mom, and it turns out I'm a pro. I must have been a hairstylist in a previous life."
When He Visited Sick Kids in the Hopsital
Chris Evans and Chris Pratt bet on who would win the 2015 Super Bowl. Depending on which team one, they would either visit the children of Christopher’s Haven in Boston (Evans’ charity of choice), or children at the Christopher’s Haven in Seattle. In the end, just like true superheroes, the actors actually visited both hospitals


When He Honored Veterans on the 14th Anniversary of 9/11

Pratt took time to honor veterans on the 14th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks in 2015. He also posted a video to his Facebook wall thanking veteran and former Navy Seal Mike Day. He encouraged fans to thank someone they know who has served, as well as post their messages to social media with the hashtag #‎ThankAVeteran‬.

When He Photobombed Fans During a Super Bowl Red Carpet Event
Chris Pratt showed off his photobombing skills along with Jimmy Fallon and Chris Evans during the NBC Super Bowl Red Carpet event in Phoenix. Lucky for fans who couldn't be there in person, there's video proof in this clip from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
When He Donated $1 Million to Charity
In September 2015, Pratt and wife Anna Faris donated $1 million to charity. According to Life & Style Magazine, the donation to a charity that provides eyeglasses to underprivileged kids was inspired by their son, Jack, who was born premature and is visually impaired.
When He Asked His Fans to Design His Facebook Header
In July 2015, Pratt posted this message to his FB page"Hello friends and fans. I am in the market for a new header for my FB page. I want to do a contest. Whoever replies with the best header (make sure your signature is big enough to be seen) will have the honor of it being my official header." The internet responded beautifully, of course. 

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<![CDATA[20 Fast Food Employees Tell You Which Foods to Never Eat]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/bad-chain-restaurant-menu-items/rosa-pasquarella
Whether they like it or not, fast food plays an integral role in most busy people's lives. Some choices have been around for generations, other, new trendy chains pop up every couple of years. It's a necessary evil, and while it's pretty fair to say that you don't go through a drive through expecting a gourmet meal, you do want it to at least be edible. So maybe you slather on extra cheese, or drown out questionable tastes with rich milkshakes. 

Rather than continuing to subject your tongue and tummy to risky trials, we sought out former fast food workers on Reddit. We've gathered the best bits of insight from the inner sanctum of greasy goodness. We compiled a list of fast food items you should definitely avoid, from the people who created them. Brace your stomachs, and get ready to lose your appetite. 
20 Fast Food Employees Tell You Which Foods to Never Eat,

The hot dogs at Cinemark Theatres
"I used to work for Cinemark Theatres.


At the end of the day we would be required to wash them off and let them soak in water to re-hydrate them. We would then put them in a container in the freezer. The next day we were required to put them back onto the hot dog warmer... Hotdogs weren't thrown out till they started turning green or if the casing had busted."

Buffalo chicken snackers at KFC
"KFC shredded buffalo chicken snackers are made with the 'expired' chicken that sat in the heating bay for too long and can't be sold to customers."
The McRib
"I worked at McDonald's for a while and I would have to say the McRib. The way it looks before we put the sauce on it is absolutely revolting. It doesn't look like meat at all, it looks like a scab."
The chicken salad at Chick-fil-A
"I worked at a Chick-fil-A in Southern California for nearly two years, and ALMOST everything there is made fresh to order. In general, any of the fried and grilled items are a safe bet in term of the conditions the food is prepared under.

But I will say that NOBODY should EVER eat the chicken salad sandwich under any circumstance. The chicken salad itself is several day-old frozen chicken patties manually stripped of breading, then chopped up and mixed with celery and mayo and whatnot. How anyone can pass this menu item off as healthful is beyond me. It's nasty.

Also Chick-fil-A cooks nearly everything on their menu using MSG. But I heard managers lie to customers about it on several occasions."

Scrambled eggs at Perkins
"Perkins - the scrambled eggs. The five gallon bucket of mixed egg sits in the hot kitchen all day, then at the end of the day more egg is added to it to fill it back up and it is put away for the next day. The kitchen manager is the only one that can make the call to empty the bucket and clean it. He goes by smell to make the decision."
Stuffed crust pizza at Pizza Hut
"Used to work at Pizza Hut. The stuffed-crust pizza has an entire stick of mozzarella cheese crammed into the crust of every single slice. The pizzas are cut eight ways, so that's eight full mozzarella sticks you'll be getting per stuffed-crust pizza.

Also, we take a brush (an actual paintbrush) and slather oil/grease all over the pizza after it comes out of the oven.

Seriously Pizza Hut fans, start checking off your bucket list now, because you probably don't have long left."

Fountain soda
"I will never drink pop that doesn't come in a can or bottle. I've worked at two fast food places and at both the pop dispensers were disgusting. 'Out of order' usually means 'hose filled with mold'."
Steak at Subway
"Steak from Subway. Having to prep it completely ruined it for me. It's essentially a frozen meat log that you have to break apart with your bare hands."
Spinach alfredo sauce at Papa John's
"I worked at Papa John's a while back. I would highly advise against the spinach Alfredo sauce. It's not popular, kept in an open container in the fridge where it absorbs many other hideous odors, and reeks to high heaven."
McDonald's Sweet Tea
"Pound. Of. Sugar. Per gallon."

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<![CDATA[The 9 Most Successful Real-Life Alien Hoaxes]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/true-real-life-alien-hoaxes/alby-thompson
The most successful alien hoaxes of all time might have fooled some of us for a while but in the end, science reigned supreme as the hoaxes were debunked one by one. TV shows like the X-Files make us want to believe that aliens are out there somewhere making it no surprise that every so often when "proof" of alien life pops up, everyone's curiosity perks up a bit. While believers go nuts over the latest theory, photo, or video "proving" that little green men visited Earth, scientists are hard at work debunking these hoaxes.

There have been numerous UFO and alien hoaxes throughout the years, some much more successful than others, but all were eventually deemed garbage. Videos claiming UFO sightings over areas like Jerusalem were later proven to be digitally altered. Scientists called a shenanigans on a NASA scientist's arsenic-eating microbes. Even the famous supposed alien autopsy was eventually deemed a sham after the creator of the fake corpse confessed to an elaborate hoax.

But those are only a few of the well-executed alien hoaxes to pop up in recent years. Other alien stories are still being told by those who claim to have been eyewitnesses to the action. Retired Air Force officer Bob Jacobs still claims to have seen a UFO in the 1960s, despite the fact that Bill Nye proved his story is bogus. William Rutledge claims to have found a whole alien city on the dark side of the moon when he went into space on the non-existent Apollo 20 mission. Rutledge, however, is the only person who can vouch for the claim. Even a real NASA scientist, Richard B. Hoover, claimed to have found bacteria on a meteorite, proving life in space, though no one has believed much of his claims for many years.

While these alien hoaxes have been ruled out as nothing more than fantasy, the possibilities for actually finding life on other planets is still wide open. Who knows, maybe someday we'll actually find some little green men out there somewhere? Until then, these fictional alien stories will have to suffice.

The 9 Most Successful Real-Life Alien Hoaxes,

Apollo 20 Moon Mission
Quick history lesson: The Apollo program, which put Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin of Apollo 11 on the moon in 1969, was canceled for financial reasons. That meant that despite the fact that the Saturn rocket needed for Apollo 20 was already built, the mission would never exist, except in conspiracy theories. Some claim that the Apollo 20 mission did take place in 1976 as a joint project between the United States and USSR. Not only did it happen, but the astronauts found a whole ancient city on the moon complete with an alien spaceship and dead alien corpses. Too bad only one person (on Earth) tells of this tale, William Rutledge, a proud member of Apollo 20.

Alien Signal from Jupiter
According to so-called astronomers, back in the 1980s, NASA and SETI researchers were contacted by aliens who were hanging out on Ganymede, one of Jupiter's moons. The coded message, which only appeared for a few moments, wasn't decrypted and even attracted the attention of President Reagan. Too bad the message, claimed to have been found by notorious hoax-starter Judy Fältskog, was later debunked by scientists. Fältskog later distanced herself from the claims.

NASA STS-75 Tether
Ever seen the NASA STS-75 "tether" video, which clearly shows unexplained round objects which seemingly float around in space? Obviously, if it's on tape, it must be true. Well, that's where the "UFO Hunters" from History Channel series disagree. As they debunk the UFO hoax, the investigators prove that what appears to be strange flying objects on the video are actually nothing more than ice crystals floating in front of an old panoramic camera.

Fox News and the Microscopic Aliens
NASA scientist Richard B. Hoover got the attention of Fox News in March 2011 when he presented "evidence" of microscopic bacteria he found in meteorites. Clearly proof of life on other planets? Not so fast! Mr. Hoover apparently has been trying to pass off this so-called evidence for many years. Each time it's been debunked with one biology professor going as far as saying "this work is garbage."

NASA’s Arsenic Eating Microbes
After teasing a huge announcement, in 2010 NASA scientists claimed to have found an entirely new type of microbe, one that ate arsenic rather than phosphorus. They went on to say that the discovery opened the door for where life could live, almost assuring the doting public that aliens were out there somewhere. It didn't take long however, before renowned science writer Carl Zimmer tore the report apart calling the paper that "should not have been published," fatally flawed.

That Alien Autopsy Hoax from the '90s
We've all seen the black and white tabloid magazines claiming to have found Bat Boy and other out-of-this-world things, but one magazine pulled off the ultimate alien hoax back in 1995. The Skeptical Inquirer said it had a video of an autopsy preformed on an alien corpse found in a crashed UFO from 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico. Everyone was an instant believer, that was until John Humphreys, a sculptor and movie special-effects creator, admitted to crafting the alien body for a documentary film.
The Face on the Surface of Mars
Back in 2004, scientists and armchair astronomers were all excited after the Mars Rover apparently sent photos showing what appeared to be a face in the dirt on Mars. More photos came in supposedly showing a bowl, a stove, and other martian tools. While many wet their pants with the thought of real proof of alien life, other (more-respected) scientists debunked it as nothing more than pareidolia, the psychological phenomenon that causes people to see things that are not there, like the Virgin Mary grilled cheese.

Bob Jacobs' UFO Claims
While serving as the officer in charge of optical instrumentation with the United States Air Force in 1964, Bradley University professor Bob Jacobs claimed that he saw a UFO while witnessing a missile launch in California. Under the orders of his commanding officer, Jacobs was led to believe that it was simply a laser, not a UFO. Seems legit, right? It did, until Bill Nye the Science Guy debunked the story on national television with the help of "Larry King Live."

Jerusalem UFO
Supposed UFO videos are a dime a dozen these days but rarely does one captivate believers as much as the Jerusalem UFO videos that circulated in January 2011. Three videos sprung up mysteriously, all showing a lighted saucer-like object that could be seen falling from the sky, hovering over the Dome of the Rock then quickly shooting straight up and out of the atmosphere. Three videos can't lie, right? They can when they were digitally altered with sophisticated video editing software, as was later proven.


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<![CDATA[13 Declassified Navy SEAL Missions from Military History That Were Top Secret]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/historic-declassified-navy-seal-missions/aaron-edwards

The Navy SEALs are complete and utter badass warriors. In fact, the best Navy SEAL victories are the ones that have them come out on top despite everything being against them. Created in 1962, the SEALs have been one of the most prominent go-to special forces organizations in the United States military. They’ve seen action in almost every major conflict and war since the US has been involved in since their inception, and their covert actions and reconnaissance has been invaluable in saving American lives across many engagements over the years.

Of course, the most famous and well-respected unit in the SEALs is SEAL Team Six. Disbanded in 1987, their successor unit DEVGRU has been responsible for some of the most courageous and dangerous covert operations attempted by the United States. They’ve participated in countless rescues, captures, even the assassination of Osama Bin Laden - and those aren't the only cool things Navy SEALs have done. Check out the list below for more some declassified Navy SEAL missions from history.

13 Declassified Navy SEAL Missions from Military History That Were Top Secret,

These SEALs Saved Iraqi Oil Transfer Terminals

During Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003, Navy SEALs took two gas and oil platforms in the Persian Gulf from the Iraqis before they could be destroyed. Shortly after, the Marines and then the Coast Guard Port Security units held the platforms to ensure their security. For the first few days of the Coast Guard’s tenure, there were still POWs being held on the rigs. 

SEALs Stopped the Mukarayin Dam from Exploding

During the invasion of Iraq, Coalition forces became worried that the retreating Iraqi forces would destroy a hydroelectric dam to slow the advance of US troops. The worst-case scenario was that the dam would be destroyed and not only cut off the surrounding area from badly needed power but also cause massive flooding that would lead to countless deaths. So, a joint mission between the SEALs and GROM (Polish Special Forces) was greenlit to take the dam. After a helicopter insertion, the strike force secured the dam with no casualties... save for one GROM operator who broke his ankle coming out of the helicopter. 

Octave Fusion Was a Textbook Rescue Mission

When Jessica Buchanan and Poul Hagen Thisted were kidnapped by Somali bandits in 2012, DEVGRU was called in to rescue them. Originally, the American woman and Danish man were in Somalia on an aid mission to remove landmines, but were taken hostage. The rescue operation had been in planning for weeks, but when Buchanan’s health started to decline, they accelerated their plans. DEVGRU parachuted in at night two miles away from the hostile encampment and proceeded the rest of the way on foot. While DEVGRU tried to capture the kidnappers, the engagement ended with all the hostiles dead. The hostages were extracted with no injuries. 

The 2012 Rescue of British Aid Workers Showed Great Teamwork

When four female aid workers were kidnapped in Afghanistan, a joint SAS (British Special Forces) and DEVGRU task force initiated an operation to recover them. Intelligence sources used satellites to watch the kidnapper’s compound while SAS and DEVGRU forces set up a forward-operating base within striking distance. After negotiations with the kidnappers deteriorated, a two-pronged assault was greenlit. The SAS and DEVGRU teams would each rescue two targets. The operation took place right after the sun set, and the soldiers used silenced weapons to kill the kidnappers. All four women were rescued successfully. 

The Rescue of Dr. Dilip Joseph Resulted in the Capture of Two Taliban Leaders

The Taliban kidnapped an American doctor and two Afghan men in 2012 while they were traveling to a rural clinic in Afghanistan. They were taken into the mountains, where the kidnappers demanded ransom. The Afghan men were released but the kidnappers kept Dr. Joseph. Convinced the doctor was in danger, DEVGRU was sent in to rescue him. The operation ended with six deaths, including a member of the SEAL team, Petty Officer 1st Class Nicolas D. Checque. Two Taliban leaders were also arrested. Dr. Dilip Joseph was successfully rescued. 

The Battle of Mogadishu Was Pure Chaos for Our Armed Forces

If you’ve seen Black Hawk Down, you'll be familiar with the basic story behind this operation. Originally, US forces were in Somalia to suppress forces loyal to Mohamed Farrah Aidid, a Somali faction leader in the Somali Civil War during the early 1990s. The task force was led by Army Rangers and consisted of many infantry units, including the Navy SEAL’s DEVGRU. But during an operation in Mogadishu called “Gothic Serpent” that aimed capture Aidid’s leaders, a Black Hawk helicopter was shot down with RPGs. The subsequent rescue mission became a battle for survival as the troops were overrun. By the time the fighting ended and the troops reached safety, 18 Rangers were killed and 84 were wounded. 500 Somalis were killed, and 700 more were wounded. 

Three Snipers Rescued an American Ship Captain During the Hijacking of the Maersk Alabama

A cargo ship, the Maersk Alabama, was captured by Somali pirates in 2009. The pirates eventually fled the ship in a lifeboat with Captain Richard Phillips as a hostage. Naval ships arrived on the scene, and a stand-off started between the pirates and a group of warships led by the USS Bainbridge. DEVGRU operators were flown in and parachuted into the water before being picked up by the Bainbridge. After a five-day stand-off, the DEVGRU operators killed three of the pirates with sniper shots. Captain Phillips was rescued, and the story inspired a movie starring Tom Hanks.

Operation Celestial Balance Is How You Get the Bad Guys

In 2009, a daylight operation took place in Somalia against Saleh Ali Aleh Nabhan, a terrorist the US government believed had ties to the 2002 attacks in Mombasa, Kenya, and embassy bombings. The initial attack on Nabhan’s convoy was conducted by gunships operated by the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment. After that, helicopters deposited soldiers speculated to be Navy SEALs, who exfiltrated the bodies, one of which was Nabhan’s. Overall, a textbook operation. 

Operation Neptune Spear Targeted Osama Bin Laden

Widely known as the operation that brought about the death of Osama Bin Laden, technically Neptune Spear was a CIA operation, which happened to feature DEVGRU. To practice for the raid, a full-size replica of the compound was reportedly constructed in North Carolina, which the team used extensively. DEVGRU, along with members of the US Army 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, were inserted by helicopter. After a brief firefight, Osama Bin Laden and several other occupants of the compound were killed. Overall, the entire operation lasted around 40 minutes. 

In Operation Urgent Fury, Everything Went Wrong, but the SEALs Were Still Victorious

In 1983, the United States invaded Grenada to protect the US citizens within its borders. At first, the SEAL team assigned to the action did recon for a force of Marines coming ashore, but were later reassigned to two missions: the extraction of Grenada’s Governor-General and the capture of the country’s only radio tower. A lack of intelligence and an insertion during a storm severely hindered the SEALs, resulting in four SEALs being lost off the island’s coast.

The remaining SEALs split off into two teams, one to extract the Governor-General and the other to capture the radio tower. The first team made it to the Governor-General’s mansion, but realized they forgot their communication equipment on the helicopter. When they were surrounded by hostile forces, they used the mansion’s phone to call in an AC-130 airstrike to cover their successful escape. The second team was pinned down at the radio station and ended up destroying it. They swam out to open sea and were picked up hours later. 

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<![CDATA[13 Scary Real Life Robot Attacks]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/real-life-robot-attacks/lyra-radford
While the thought of real life robot attacks sounds farfetched and brings a chuckle to many, the concept is not just a premise for science fiction films. Robot attack stories don’t start with the landing of a spaceship, or the handiwork of a mad scientist hell-bent on revenge. They usually start with someone having an ordinary day at work before everything changes in the blink of an eye - or with a prototype for a military weapons system that malfunctions and claims hundreds of lives.   
The theories of machines raging and rising up against man in a highly organized, large-scale war isn’t what we should be worried about. It’s the little things meant to protect us and simplify our lives, like automated cars, weapons, factory machines, and even robots used during medical procedures that have proven to be actual threats in these very real cases of robots attacking people.

13 Scary Real Life Robot Attacks,

A Robot Crushed a Man and Deleted the Evidence
In 2006 a robotic workstation at Alliance Tech Systems went berserk on one of their employees. The robot, known as the “degator” pinned the man up against its own frame and crushed him. The man was found in a chokehold of sorts, pinned up against the degator, with his arm stretched out reaching for the reset button.

Further upping the creep factor of this story, testing of the robot showed there were no malfunctions in any of its movements and there was no memory in its computer.

The Man-Crushing Alvey Machine
An Alvey machine at Colorado's Blueshift Industrial brutalized a construction contractor who had been hired, ironically enough, to install platforms allowing safer access to the machinery.

The Alvey machine is a robot used in the distribution of packaged products and consists of four main components: the computer, the carousel, the Inserter and Extruder car, and a system of conveyors. As the contractor was working, the Extruder car struck him; he feel approximately 10 feet, and got caught in the main path between the Inserter and Extruder cars, which ran him over and crushed his head, killing him.

A Robot Turned Psycho-Killer on a Man in India
In August 2015, Ramji Lal, 24, was working at SKH Metals in India when a robot killed him. The robot was preprogrammed to weld metal sheets, but while Lal was adjusting one of those sheets, the robot just shot out a welding arm, stabbed him in the stomach, and electrocuted him.
Employee Dies After Being Beaten by Robotic Arm
In May 2007, an employee of Lenco, Inc. was trying to repair a robotic arm designed to remove CD cases from an injection-molding machine. The robot lashed out violently, circling its arm around to assault the man. He suffered blunt force trauma to his ribs and skull and died two weeks later in the hospital.
A Robotic Cannon Went on a Rampage in South Africa
In October 2007 on the North Cape of Africa, a robotic cannon went on a rampage. This anti-aircraft cannon suddenly launched its own attack against the South African National Defense force. It emptied out its twin 250-round auto-loader magazines completely unprovoked, killing nine soldiers and wounding 14 more who struggled to get it under control.
Robot Surgeons Killed 144 People Between 2000 and 2013
Adopting the use of robots for surgical procedures has become a widespread practice over the years and as with any surgical procedure, there are risks of complications and even death. A study carried out between 2000 and 2013 for the FDA calculated that during surgeries there have been 144 deaths, 1,391 injuries, and 8,061 robotic malfunctions.

One of those deaths and 119 injuries were caused by pieces of the robots actually falling off and landing inside patients during the procedures. Two deaths and 52 injuries were caused by the robotic surgeon powering itself off or making miscalculated moves, and a whopping 193 injuries were the result of electrical sparks from the robo-surgeons burning the patients.

The Kawasaki Robot Rebellion in Japan
Back in December 1981, an engineer named Kenji Urada was trying to fix a robot at the Kawasaki Heavy Industrial Plant in Japan, when it suddenly turned on him. The mechanical beast activated itself and used its hydraulic arm to shove Urada into the grinding machine.
Robot Attacked a Factory Worker in Sweden
In June 2007, an industrial robot attacked and almost killed a man in Sweden. He thought he had successfully cut of power to the robots, which were used for relocating giant rocks, and approached the machines to carry out his maintenance work. Suddenly, they whirred to life and one put his head in a vice grip. He struggled to free himself and sustained quite a few injuries (including four broken ribs), but made it out alive.
Ford Motors Assembly Line Robot Was the First to Kill
Robert Williams was the first person in history to be killed by a robot, in January 1979. He was working on the Ford Motor Company casting plant line when the parts retrieval robot started to slow down. Williams decided to attempt to manually retrieve the parts when the 1-ton robotic arm lunged out and struck him across the head. He died instantly.
A Robot Grabbed and Crushed a Man Working at a VW Plant
In July 2015, at a Volkswagen Production Plant, a robot designed to grab and configure auto parts malfunctioned and attacked a 22-year-old man instead. The crazed robot grabbed him, picked him up, and crushed him up against a metal plate. The man suffered severe chest injuries and died in the hospital.

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<![CDATA[17 Times Wine Changed the World and Altered History]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/how-wine-changed-the-world/laura-allan
We all know that wines can liven up a dinner party, and that a little wine can be the perfect end to a long day. But did you know that when you sip wine you're taking a sip of history? That's right, wine has been the catalyst for many historical events and trends. So, now you know there's history in wine, and also wine in history.

It's not just the French and the Italians that have seen wine change history, either. The Russians, the Egyptians, the Greeks, and even the Turks have all seen their history books change due to a glass or bottle of wine at some point. Of course, the effects of wine on our global timeline aren't always exactly pleasant. What can we say? Wine may be perfection, but people are flawed, especially when they're tipsy. 

We may forever argue over who first invented wine, or who makes it best, but one thing is certain: the world would not be the way it is today without wine. Take a look at our list on how wine changed the world, and you'll see that we should be toasting wine, rather than just toasting with it. 
17 Times Wine Changed the World and Altered History,

Wine Kept Roman Troops Happy and Healthy as They Conquered Most of Europe
Wine keeps people happy, right? Well, the Romans certainly thought so. In 200 BC, they began to dictate that all soldiers should drink 2-3 liters of wine for their health and morale. It might sound crazy but this wine, called posca, did in fact have medicinal propertiesIt's full of antioxidants and vitamin C, and because it's very acidic, it kills all the bacteria in the water, keeping the soldiers on their feet! Around this time, with the help of posca, Rome managed to defeat Carthage, who had a pretty solid stranglehold over the Mediterranean, thus strengthening their empire. 
"The Blood of Christ" Became a Religious Staple, Even in Prohibition
Whether or not you believe Jesus existed, it's hard to deny what his existence in religious lore has meant to the world. According to the Bible, he was also quite fond of wine, as shown by his water into wine miracle. It was also written that, at the Last Supper, he gave his disciples wine and told them it was his blood, shed for them. The moment those words were penned, they became a part of religious ceremonies still used today. When Prohibition in the United States came around, the only wineries that stayed open were those that claimed to make sacramental wine, so we can thank the Lord for that too!
The Ottoman Empire Began to Crumble Thanks to a Love of Wine
Süleyman the Magnificent pushed the Ottman Empire to be massive, up to the point where they even had Somalia under their rule. However, his predecessor Selim II preferred getting drunk to expanding his empire, and his favorite drink was wine. In fact, the only time when he tried to really take over anything was when he sought out Cyprus, the maker of his favorite wines. However, Cyprus was having none of that and fought back, killing 90% of his navy and 30,000 sailors. While he was doing all this, the rest of the empire began to call into disrepair, and thus was the beginning of the fall
Wine Determined Whether or Not the Greeks Thought You Were Civilized
If the ancient Greeks thought you were cool, chances are, you really were. And the best way to get those Greeks to like you? Why, give them wine, of course! You see, the ancient Greeks believed that creating wine was a fine art, so much so that they had a god that was focused on drinking it. If you could create wine, the Greeks would consider you civilized rather than backwards and barbarous, at least according to Thucydides, and many alliances were formed when the Greeks respected other "civilized" societies. In short, the ancient world looked the way it did because the Greeks respected other winemakers. 
The Need to Store Wine Pushed People to Create Some of the First Storage Devices
One of the unfortunate things about wine is that if you don't store it right, it doesn't age well and it goes bad. This means that early wine makers either had to drink up awfully fast, or they had to figure out a means of preserving and keeping the wine. In China, dating all the way back to around 7,000 BC, people began making fermented fruit and honey wine, and storing it in earthenware jars. These jars then became pots, amphoras, and eventually the bottles we see today. This storage method could also be used for various foods, meaning people could keep food fresh longer, too.
Wine Led to Glass and Glass Led to Basically Everything Else
Somewhere in all this Greek and Roman winemaking, people started to think that it was high time we found a new way to store wine. We were already using glass to make beads, cups, and little bits of jewelry, but the full range of its use wasn't really explored until the Romans started making glass containers for wine around 100 BC. From there, uses for glass began to pop up everywhere in art and science - and it all began with wanting to store wine better. 
Wine Made the Scots and the French Best Friends - And Snubbed England
Around 1295, England was getting a little too big for its britches, and it was making people kind of nervous. In particular, France and Scotland were really focusing on trying to keep England from getting any bigger. So, in order to stop them, the two countries formed a treaty called the Auld Alliance. The Scots, however, got an added benefit of having first pick of all the best French wines, leaving England with a lesser selection. So, in its most basic form, the Scots' love of wine is what kept England from becoming a crazy powerhouse, and kept France strong, too. 
Wine Encouraged Cross-Continental Trading
By around 900 BC, the Romans really had this whole wine thing down to a science. They were growing grapes, making different varieties of wine, and storing it in amphora. The obvious next step was to start trading it. Some of the very first cross-continent trading was with wine, and that trade developed and grew until it became the booming industry we see today. From there blossomed political alliances, the trading of information and techniques, and of course, even more varieties of wine.
The Pharaohs Used Wine to Seem Like Crazy Powerful Gods
If you were rich and lived in Egypt back around 1,500 BC, then you drank wine. If you weren't, you didn't. It's as simple as that. Pharaohs drank wine and offered it to the gods, and even had wine buried with them from multiple wineries (yes, they had multiple wineries). Given that Egypt was a slave-loving country, the use of wine as a means of status kept the rich on top and the poor on the bottom, where they only drank beer
Cleopatra Used Wine to Win a Bet (But She Probably Cheated)
Wine was always one of this fabled beauty's ploys for greatness. She used drinking to get to know Julius Caesar, and she allegedly had wild drunken parties with her guests. But her most notable use of alcohol was to win over Marc Antony and form one of the most famous romances in history.

The story goes like this: Cleopatra made a bet with Antony over whether she could spend a small fortune in a single meal. She was determined to impress him and so at dinner time, she brought forth one of the largest pearls then known. She dropped it into a glass of wine, then drank the concoction down. He was, needless to say, impressed. The catch is that she might have made the cocktail using red wine vinegar, in order to dissolve the pearl, instead of plain wine.

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<![CDATA[People Reveal the Most Depressing Valentine's Days They've Ever Had]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/depressing-valentines-day-stories/jacob-shelton
It seems that for most people, Valentine's Day is hit or miss. Unfortunately, the people who have the worst Valentine's Day stories seem doomed to repeat their mistakes. Whether they suffered the indignities of a date who was too drunk to finish dinner, or they threw up after eating at the saddest salad bar on earth, the lonely hearts on this collection of depressing Valentine's Day stories that were posted on Reddit have had a rough time with Cupid’s favorite holiday. If you’re giving up on love this Valentine’s Day, open up a heart-shaped box of chocolates, pour another glass of wine, and keep reading to find out about these Reddit users who revealed their most depressing Valentine stories.

If this Valentine's is making you feel like an unloved ogre, then cheer yourself up with these stories of terrible relationships, and some of the worst Valentine's gifts that have ever been given. Hopefully, the Redditors who shared their tales for this list of the most depressing Valentine's Day stories ever won’t be repeating the bummers of their past. After reading these sad stories it’s important to know that even if one Valentine's was bad, that doesn’t mean that every year has to follow the same pattern. So if you’re having an off day this Valentine's, just read these stories and realize that your day could be much worse.

Vote up the most depressing Valentine’s Day stories, and if you’ve had a rough holiday tell everyone about it in the comments.
People Reveal the Most Depressing Valentine's Days They've Ever Had,

There's Nothing Like Dividing Assets Over a Bottle of Wine
A few years ago, on Valentine's Day, Reddit user KrispieKrape spent the evening dividing her assets with her husband in preparation for separation. Hopefully she bought herself some flowers.
When Your Crush Invites You to Her Wedding, Give Up

In 2013, Reddior Blitzbom suffered what might be the saddest Valentine surprise of all. "This past V day the girl I'm in love with gave me an envelope. I was super excited until I opened it and saw that it was an invitation to her wedding."

Maybe Sleep Through Valentine's Day Next Year
On Valentine's Day 2015 a Reddit user treated herself to a new vibrator and got a bad UTI from using it. That's not exactly a great way to end an evening.
She Discovered Her BF's Internet Girlfriend on Valentine's Day
On Valentine's Day, Blondipop discovered that her boyfriend of four years had an Internet girlfriend. She called the girl and found out "he had been lying to her for 2 years and she had no idea" that he was living with Blondipop. When the Redditor confronted her boyfriend, "he freaked out and threatened to kill himself."
Nothing Says Valentine's Day Like Schnapps and Full Metal Jacket!
When Reddit user Pedeka was in college she was stood up by her crush of two years. Some guys from down the hall felt badly for her and decided to cheer her up. One guy went to the store to buy a bottle of Schnapps, while the other ran to the video store. She spent the rest of the night trying not to hurl Schnapps while watching Full Metal Jacket with two guys she only kind of knew. 
His Girlfriend Broke Up with Him Before the Bouquet Arrived
This Redditor's girlfriend broke up with him on Valentine's Day, via text, and immediately received the $100 bouquet he bought for her.
She Broke Up with Him Because He Rented a Car
A Redditor had this to say about his depressing date: "I went out of my way and had my dad rent me a car for the weekend, and planned an incredible night, dinner, ice skating, and a few other things. So one night she asked how I was going to go about doing Valentine's Day with her when I didn't have a car, and I told her I was planning on renting one so it wouldn't be a problem. Tried calling her, no answer, no returned calls. I tried e-mailing her, no response. Then the next day I called and she finally answered. When I asked what happened, she replied, "Sorry, I feel kinda bad but, I decided to do something else. I found it kind of pathetic that you rented a car, it's sort of sad - not really the kind of guy I wanna date. But we can still be friends!"
Valentine's Day in the Mental Ward!
One Redditor ended up spending her Valentine's Day trying to help her fiance, who has schizophrenia, check into a mental ward after he became convinced that a biker gang was moving into town.
There's Nothing Sadder Than a Salad Bar on Valentine's Day
Redditor Popsicle_Time was not only completely single for Valentine's Day in 2013, but he got food poisoning from a salad bar and ended up "puking and sh*tting [his] brains out for about 12 hours."
Not Even a Single Rose

The (presumably ex) boyfriend of HarukoBass was very anti-V-Day when he asked her what she wanted a few days before the holiday. Having a history of being stood up by exes she made a simple request: one red rose. He laughed in her face. The story gets rough from there.

"On the day, we went shopping, and he dragged me through the city bitching about how pathetic all these happy couples were. I got progressively more unhappy, partially at the let down of not having a special day with him, partially because his ego and feeling of superiority over everyone was getting tiring. He realized I was unhappy at about 11pm after laughing to himself all day, and said '"well there's nothing I can do about it now, you should have said if you wanted something."'

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<![CDATA[18 Grim Facts About The Life Of Beethoven You Never Learned As A Kid]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/beethoven-grim-life-facts/philgibbons

Ludwig van Beethoven is perhaps the most famous and celebrated classical composer of all time (the New York Times puts him second, behind Bach). But Beethoven's grim life was depressing, lonely, and difficult. That he went deaf, surely an impediment to a musician and composer, was but one of the many physical and emotional challenges he faced in his relatively brief life (though he looks old as hell in portraits, he died at 56).  

Beethoven's musical immortality and body of work is even more remarkable in light of his family life and romantic disappointments. The man the New Yorker called "a singularity in the history of art—a phenomenon of dazzling and disconcerting force" faced almost relentless hardship in his personal life; there are many depressing facts about Beethoven, anchored by sobering stories about Beethoven. 

Here are some harrowing highlights from the composer's life, including grim Beethoven stories concerning the triumph and tragedy of one of mankind's most phenomenal talents. 

18 Grim Facts About The Life Of Beethoven You Never Learned As A Kid,

His Mistrust Of Father Figures Ruined His Relationship With Mentor Haydn

As a young man, Beethoven was mentored by Austrian composer Joseph Haydn, who was by all accounts a kind man. Childless, Haydn saw himself as a father figure; in addition to helping Beethoven as a composer, he offered advice and guidance, and passed Beethoven's work around to all the right people. He expected Beethoven would "in time fill the position of one of Europe’s greatest composers," called his protégée "my dear pupil Beethoven," and once wrote "‘I shall be proud to call myself his teacher; I only wish that he might remain with me a little while longer."

While Beethoven was polite to Haydn, his inherent mistrust of father figures made him incredibly suspicious of his mentor's motives. According to Oxford University Press, Beethoven saw Haydn, a musical genius himself, as a rival as much as a mentor. His mistrust eventually turned to paranoia; he suspected Haydn "was not well minded" towards him, and developed an unfounded theory that Haydn was sabotaging his development.

Eventually, Haydn left Vienna and passed Beethoven off to another mentor, though their relationship had fractured before that, thanks to the latter's skepticism. 

His Tutor, Tobias Pfeiffer, Was A Weirdo Who Made Him Practice In The Middle Of The Night

In 1779, when Beethoven was nine years, an eccentric musician named Tobias Friedrich  Pfeiffer moved into the Beethoven household. Pfeiffer had recently moved to Bonn and befriended Ludwig's father, who thought Ludwig could benefit from Pfeiffer's tutelage.

Pfeiffer taught Beethoven for one year, during which time he recognized Ludwig's talent and helped him improve greatly as a musician. However, he was apparently a very disagreeable man with a habit of forcing Ludwig to practice at strange hours. According to some sources, Pfeiffer was an insomniac, and would drag Beethoven out of bed in the middle of the night for lessons. 

Beethoven biographer Tilman Skowroneck argues Pfeiffer was a positive influence on Ludwig the musician and composer, despite the negative effects he had on the young boy's psyche. According to primary sources Skowroneck cites, Pfeiffer was a gifted musician and the primary source of Beethoven's formal musical education as a child. 

The Love Of His Life Died Alone After Refusing Marriage For Class-Based Reasons

Despite his clumsiness and failure with women, Beethoven was a man of occasional grand gestures. When he died in 1827, a remarkable love letter was found in his personal papers. It must have been very important to him, as it was written in July 1812 and was still with him 15 years later, despite his habit of changing homes constantly. The letter contains such phrases as "remain my true and only treasure, my all, as I to you." and the famous phrase: "Even in bed my ideas yearn towards you, my Immortal Beloved, here and there joyfully, then again sadly, awaiting from Fate, whether it will listen to us."  

The letter was discovered by Beethoven's secretary and first biographer Anton Schindler, who willed it to his sister, who in turn sold it to the Berlin State Library, where it resides today. The most likely candidate for the "Immortal Beloved" is Countess Josephine Brunsvik, a married woman who was involved with Beethoven but rejected marriage that would have cost her custody of her children. She died tragically in 1821, abandoned by her family. In the year of her death, Beethoven composed his last piano sonatas, Op. 110 and Op. 111, believed by some to be requiems for Brunsvick. 

He Started Going Deaf At The Same Time He Became Immensely Popular

Beethoven's move to Vienna was a wise decision. He studied with the most respected composer of the period, Joseph Haydn, and generated enough support from Viennese patrons to cut ties with Bonn. His first public performance in Vienna, in March 1795, and subsequent published pieces, were a resounding success. His Symphony No 1 in C major, performed in Vienna in April 1800, made him one of Europe's most famous composers.  

Yet as he rode the gilded rocket of fame ever upward in the skies of European celebrity, Beethoven was grappling with a terrible secret: he was rapidly losing his hearing. The deterioration was so rapid, he could barely hear words in a normal conversation at the age of 30. In a letter from 1801, he wrote

"I must confess that I lead a miserable life. For almost two years I have ceased to attend any social functions, just because I find it impossible to say to people: I am deaf. If I had any other profession, I might be able to cope with my infirmity; but in my profession it is a terrible handicap."  

Despite his worsening handicap, Beethoven enjoyed the most productive period of his life from 1803 until 1812, composing an opera, six symphonies, four solo concerti, five string quartets, six string sonatas, seven piano sonatas, five sets of piano variations, four overtures, four trios, two sextets, and 72 songs. This flurry of activity ranks as one of the most productive periods in the life of any musician. That Beethoven accomplished it while practically deaf is truly remarkable.

He Never Married, But Not For Lack Of Trying

Ludwig van Beethoven never married.  He proposed marriage to several women, though was rejected by all of them. Among other reasons for these rejections was his physical appearance. Countess Julia Guicciardi, a piano pupil in her teens and the object of the Sonata No. 14 in C-Sharp Minor (Moonlight), described Beethoven as "very ugly, but noble..."  Yeah, sure, musical genius. But dag, so fugly.  

Of course, looks aren't everything. Beethoven was also arrogant and unpleasant. In 1810, he was romancing Therese Malfatti, long-rumored to be the inspiration for Beethoven's Bagatelle No. 25 in A minor (Fur Elise). As things heated up between them, Beethoven contemplated a marriage proposal, but was banned from the Malfatti household for offending everyone in it. 

There also was the matter of social class. Beethoven circulated in high society, so he was exposed to woman with titles and wealth. Even though he achieved great success, he was a musician and, therefore, in the early 19th century, still thought of as a veritable servant.

He Was A Slob, Dressed Poorly, And Was Difficult Very To Get Along With

Beethoven's personality, comportment, and hygiene left a lot to be desired, judging from some of the quotes about him. "As a young man, Beethoven was frank to the point of rudeness. Headstrong and proud, he was never willing to conform in his behaviour..."  

Of course, being desperately alone and beaten by your alcoholic father for much of your childhood might do that to you. Another revealing comment came from a visitor to Beethoven's home:

"Picture to yourself the dirtiest, most disorderly place imaginable - blotches of moisture covered the ceiling, an oldish grand piano, on which dust disputed the place with various pieces of engraved and manuscript music; under the piano (I do not exaggerate) an unemptied pot de nuit; ... the chairs, mostly cane-seated, were covered with plates bearing the remains of last night's supper and with wearing apparel etc."

Beethoven seems anything but a smooth sophisticate:

"Beethoven was most awkward and bungling in his behaviour; his clumsy movements lacked all grace. He rarely picked up anything without dropping or breaking it... Everything was knocked over, soiled, or destroyed. How he ever managed to shave himself at all remains difficult to understand, even considering the frequent cuts on his cheeks. - He never learned to dance in time with the music." 

He Was Dyslexic, Never Learned To Multiply Or Divide, And Had Difficulty With Music Theory

Beethoven had serious learning disabilities. Even as an adult, he couldn't multiply or divide simple sums. If he had to figure out 12 x 2, for example, he wrote down twelve twos and added manually. Because he dropped out of traditional school at 10, Beethoven never learned the fundamentals of mathematics and, even in his last days, couldn't handle fundamental tasks involving words and numbers (spelling was also difficult for him.). Aware of this inability, he commented, "Music comes to me more readily than words."  

Despite these issues, Beethoven never gave up on tasks he wanted to pursue or things he felt compelled to understand. According to biographer JR Ruciman, the composer had great difficulty understanding counterpoint in music, but refused to give up pursuing it, and eventually came to master it. Unlike Mozart or Handel, Beethoven was a very slow thinker, but once he came to understand something, he understood it completely, and would never budge on the conclusions he drew, no matter how profound an argument was made against him. Even composing was laborious for Beethoven, but he never gave up.

His Alcoholic Father Abused And Berated Him In An Attempt To Make Him The Next Mozart

Beethoven was born on December 16, 1770 in Bonn, present day Germany.  His grandfather, also named Ludwig van Beethoven, was a kapellmeister (conductor) and Bonn's most respected musician. Unfortunately, Beethoven's father, Johann, was an abusive alcoholic intent on turning his son into a musical prodigy akin to Mozart.  

Legend has it, as a very small child, Beethoven was forced to stand on a stool so he could reach the piano keyboard. His father routinely beat and whipped him for mistakes or lack of attentiveness. Johann arranged a public recital for his son on March 26, 1778, billing him as six years old when Ludwig was seven. Though a competent musician, Beethoven never received the same early acclaim as Mozart, which frustrated his father to no end.   

Most Of His Close Friendships Were Mired By His Inability To Understand Human Behavior

According to Grove Music Online, a digital resource of Oxford University Press, Beethoven was incredibly impatient and mistrustful. These qualities, combined with a pronounced inability to discern motive, put tremendous strain on many of the composer's personal relationships. Compounded misunderstandings, exacerbated by Beethoven's temper, led to serious, long-lasting arguments and, in some cases, fist fights. 

A look at Beethoven's pattern of friendship shows the effect his mistrust and skepticism. His two closest friends - Franz Gerhard Wegeler, a physician Beethoven knew since childhood, and theologian Carl Amenda - lived in different countries for most of their adult lives. Stephan von Breuning was his closest friend in Vienna, and he and Beethoven went through years of not talking to one another due to tension in their relationship. 

His Father's Alcoholism Forced Beethoven To Support Himself In His Early Teens

Beethoven's father was a tenor and musician employed in the court orchestra at Bonn. He was competent and punctual until drinking harmed his voice and ruined his reputation. In the early 1780s, his standing, already in decline, was further tarnished when he was caught in a forgery scandal. Although he wasn't prosecuted, his music career deteriorated completely and he became a notorious, undesirable figure.

At least once, Ludwig had to intercede with police to prevent his father's arrest for public intoxication. Beethoven understood from a young age he would have to earn a living for himself, as he couldn't rely on his father. In 1784, at age 14, he was appointed Elector of Cologne's Assistant Official Court Organist, and received a modest salary. Beethoven's mother died in 1787. His father got a salary as an act of charity and, in 1789, Beethoven obtained court permission to directly receive half his father's salary for household expenses, as he was essentially now supporting the family (he had two younger brothers, the only of his seven siblings to survive infancy).   

At some point, the court officially banished Johann von Beethoven from Bonn, although this demand was never enforced.  Ludwig left his hometown in late 1792 for Vienna. His father died a month afterwards on December 18, 1792.     

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<![CDATA[The Creepiest Unexplained Stories in America]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/creepy-unexplained-stories-in-america/jacob-shelton

Axe murderers! Serial killers on the loose! Sounds that will drive men to madness! You’ll find all that and more on this list of the creepiest unexplained stories from the US. America has only been around for a little over 200 years, but in that short amount of time, we’ve managed to build up a considerable amount spooky phenomena and mysterious events.

Creepy unexplained stories in America tend to rest heavily on unsolved murders or unexplainable deaths, and at times it seems like an answer is waiting for us just out of reach. None of the stories on this list contain any answers, and the tales that do seem to tie themselves up tend to do so with a string of messy questions.

These creepy American stories come from all over the United States, proving that there’s not one area that’s more susceptible to strange crime than any other - except for New Jersey. That place is a weirdo hot-spot. If you’re an amateur sleuth, there are certainly a few ongoing cases on this list of American unexplained stories that could use your expertise. Just make sure to call your mom before you go venturing into the dark marshes of hidden America.  

The Creepiest Unexplained Stories in America,

The Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders

If you were a female hitchhiker from 1972 to 1979 in the North Bay area of California, you were putting your life on the line. Over the course of seven violent years, one unknown killer murdered at least seven women and dumped their naked bodies in a creek bed, and according to the FBI, he may have killed as many as 14 other women in a similar fashion.

The murders began when Maureen Louise Sterling and Yvonne Lisa Weber, two twelve-year-old middle school students, went missing after visiting the Redwood Empire Ice Arena in February 1972. Their skeletal remains were discovered that December 66 feet off a remote road north of Santa Rosa. There are theories that Ted Bundy may have been responsible for the killings, but the Santa Rosa Hitchhiker murders have also been tied to the Zodiac Killer and The Hillside Stranglers. 

The Long Island Serial Killer

The Long Island Serial Killer is the name given to an unknown murderer who used the marshes along the remote Ocean Parkway on Long Island, NY, which stretches 15 miles along the coast of Nassau and Suffolk counties, as a dumping ground for his victims. Since 1996, there have been several bodies (and, in some cases, body parts) found that have been linked to the killer. Nearly all of the victims have been female sex workers. Police estimate that there have been between 10 and 18 victims of the Long Island Serial Killer because it has been difficult to conclusively tie all the crimes together.

The most recent possible victim was the 2013 murder of a 31-year-old woman of Yugoslavian origin named Natasha Jugo, whose body was spotted floating in the ocean months after her car was discovered near Ocean Parkway. There are many theories about the crimes, including that there are multiple killers (the victims were killed in a variety of ways, unusual for a single murderer), and the local police might be covering up a larger conspiracy. In December 2015, the FBI joined the investigation into the crimes following allegations that the Suffolk County Police Department was improperly handling the case. For now, many questions remain unanswered.

The Rise of the Coast Fiend

When one thinks of San Diego, the first things that come to mind are usually burritos, Blink-182, and Anchorman. But between 1931 and 1938, a series of seemingly random murders gripped the city with fear, leaving people to wonder if their idyllic coastal town had become a home to the devil. Over the course of seven years, at least six women between the ages of 10 and 67 were stabbed, strangled, and beaten to death while the San Diego police stood around and scratched their heads. Despite the varying modus operandi, the police believed these murders to be the work of one killer, although they were never able to pinpoint a suspect. 

The Cecil Hotel Water Tank Mystery

In 2013, Elisa Lam checked into the Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, a building that's played host to serial killers, ghosts, and more drug addicts that you can shake a used needle at. No one knows why Lam, a college student from Vancouver, was staying in one of LA's seediest hotels, but a video of her final moments provides some insight into her mental state.

Some have theorized that she was being chased by an unseen prowler, while others believe that Lam was the victim of a ghost of the Cecil hotel. Whatever the case, when Lam was found floating in a water tank on top of the Cecil more than two weeks after she went missing, the police ruled her death an accidental drowning. The Cecil was rebranded as the "Stay On Main" in 2016, but the mystery of Elisa Lam, and the rest of The Cecil's inhabitants, lives on. 

The Doodler

Despite being known as a bastion for the homosexual community, San Francisco wasn't the safest place to be out in the early '70s. From 1974 to 1975, a serial killer dubbed "The Doodler" (for his penchant for sketching his victims prior to their murder) stalked the gay nightclubs of San Francisco. Police are still unsure of his total victim count, but believe it could be as high as 14. Despite closing in on a suspect, the few survivors of The Doodler's attacks refused to testify for fear of outing themselves as being gay. Little is known about the perpetrator of the Doodler murders, likely because of the stigma placed on homosexuality in the early '70s and because most of the people who survived that horrific time in San Francisco would just like to forget that the murders ever happened. 

The Axeman of New Orleans

From 1918-1919, everyone in New Orleans was gripped in fear that they would be the next victim of The Axeman. In a little over a year, the mysterious Axeman killed at least six people and injured six more. Many sleuths have tried to nail down the identity of The Axeman, with the most prevailing theory being that the murders were mob related due to each victim being Italian. But a letter from The Axeman written in 1919 states otherwise. It reads,

"They have never caught me and they never will. They have never seen me, for I am invisible, even as the ether that surrounds your earth. I am not a human being, but a spirit and a demon from the hottest hell. I am what you Orleanians and your foolish police call the Axeman.  Now, to be exact, at 12:15 (earthly time) on next Tuesday night, I am going to pass over New Orleans. In my infinite mercy, I am going to make a little proposition to you people. Here it is:

I am very fond of jazz music, and I swear by all the devils in the nether regions that every person shall be spared in whose home a jazz band is in full swing at the time I have just mentioned. If everyone has a jazz band going, well, then, so much the better for you people. One thing is certain and that is that some of your people who do not jazz it on Tuesday night (if there be any) will get the axe."

Is it too late to start calling him the "Jazz Man"?

The Zodiac Killer

The Zodiac Killer is arguably the most famous unsolved collection of serial killings that America has ever experienced. No other crime spree, save for the Jack the Ripper murders of the 19th century, has captured the imaginations of gawkers, copycats, and conspiracy theorists in the way that the Zodiac did. Depending on which timeline you follow, the Zodiac's murder spree either began in 1963 or 1968 when a mysterious killer began gunning down couples and taunting the police with letters that featured a hard-to-crack cipher. The murders abruptly ended in the '70s, but wild theories about the killer's identity persist to this day



The Cleveland Torso Murders

In 1934, Cleveland (and the surrounding Ohio area) was besieged with a series of vicious murders identified only by the body parts left behind in their wake: torsos. Beginning with the torso of a woman that washed up on the shore of Lake Erie, a four-year wave of fear and body parts spread over the city, centralized in Kingsbury Run, a poor neighborhood where families with nowhere to live set up shantytowns.

After the Lady of the Lake was discovered, two castrated men were found, followed by the remains of a woman tucked inside two picnic baskets, and the body of a tattooed man who had been drained of all his blood. In 1938, the police burned Kingsbury Run to the ground in order to flush out the killer, and although they arrested a bricklayer named Frank Dolezal (who was later found hanging in a jail cell), he was exonerated in 2010 by new evidence released by Cuyahoga Community College. The murders stopped after the violent police raid, but the killer was never caught.

The Texarkana Moonlight Murders

Modern day Texarkana lazily stretches across the border of Texas and Arkansas. Both sides of the town are crisscrossed with railway lines, and even during football season, it feels desolate. In 1946, its precarious geography and largely poor population made it the perfect place for a brutal killing spree. Over the course of three months, four violent attacks were perpetrated. Three of the slayings happened at a local Lovers' Lane on the Texas side of the town, while the final act occurred in a farmhouse on the Arkansas side. The unseen perpetrator became known as The Phantom Killer, and with just four murders, they gripped an entire town in a fear that still resonates to this day. 

The Mysterious Case of Jeannette DePalma

In 1972, a dog brought home the dismembered arm of Jeannette DePalma, a 16-year-old girl who had been missing from her Springfield, NJ home for six weeks. When police investigated the quarry where the arm was recovered, they allegedly stumbled upon a ritualistic altar that had been used in the girl's murder. For decades, residents of the town have done their best to forget the tragic death of the young woman, and multiple anonymous sources allege that she was the victim of a satanic ritual featuring animal carcasses and a series of arrows carved into trees. The true story of what happened Jeannette DePalma may never be known - but writers Mark Moran and Jesse P. Pollack are trying to change that.


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<![CDATA[10 Amazing Real-Life Superhero Gadgets & Powers]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/10-amazing-real-life-superhero-technologies-and-gadgets-and-powers/john-barryman
Real-life superpowers exist. The military is developing real Batman armor, real Iron Man style armor, Spider-Man gloves and boots, invisibility cloaks, and people around the world's unique genetic abilities may serve as genetic advancements that could lead medicine to replicate mutagenic superpower abilities in normal people. No, this isn't a new show that gets horrible after one season – it's reality. Here are the greatest superhero technologies, gadgets, and powers that actually exist in real-life.

It may not be too far in the future where a soldier will bring real life Batman suit onto the battlefield. In fact, some ingenious inventors have already made replica batman gadgets for sale. Check out what superhero gear and powers exist in the real world below.
10 Amazing Real-Life Superhero Gadgets & Powers,

Military Develops Batman Armor and Helmet

THE SUPERPOWER: A ridiculously expensive suit that is not only bullet-proof, but extremely light, agile, comes with an insane amount of Terminator-like visual displays, and still allows people to run and flip around like an acrobat.

Inciting a pattern of military spending on superhero technology, here is the Air Force's gift to the Batman mythology: BATMAN, or Battlefield Air Targeting Man-Aided knowledge (I know, kind of a stretch, right?)

Besides the effort put into the name, the project is an attempt to modernize the gear commandos take with on combat missions, the overall aim being that the gear must be "lighter, smarter, deadlier," and more covert just like Batman's.

While a soldier usually has to carry 160 pounds of equipment, the BATMAN enhanced tech can decrease the payload and ensure more agility.

So like all that cool Batman electronic technology we see in the movies, the soldiers here have a small computer near their chests that tells them their logistical position and which tactics they can implement for any given situation.
That's right, it'll even include awesome communications gear, badass helmet displays, a headset (of course), and a computer (along with the ridiculous amount of batteries they'll need to keep these things rockin' on the battlefield.)

In case these new Dark Knights run out of juice, though, the suit also creates the option of refueling with the Bat Hook. A hook is thrown onto a power line and the hook slurps down power to keep BATMAN alert at all times.

If they could combine their technology with this awesome real-life utility belt that an MIT student created, they would be well on their way... Now, just to keep tabs on the richest men in the world who don't look turtles who've lost their shells.


The news report was unclear as to whether or not the suit would, in fact, be equipped with nipples.
Military Develops Spider-Man Gloves/Boots

THE SUPERPOWER: The power to walk up/climb walls via his hands and feet.

Engineers at Cornell University (in New York) have apparently invented a great palm-sized device that uses the surface tension in water to make a reverse-adhesive bond to stick to glass, wood, and brick.

They're getting close in transferring this to gloves and shoes to allow the bearer to climb up, Spider-Man style, the flattest of surfaces.

The technology was actually inspired by a Palmetto tortoise beetle in Florida that uses the surface tension from tiny, pore-sized droplets of secreted oil at the top of its legs to climb up and stick to surfaces.

So basically, they are looking to insect technology to make a Spider-Man type weapon/gadget; who would've thought, right?

They found, though, that the more holes they had, the stronger the suction got. These holes, if made even tinier (1000x the width of a human hair, to be exact) would have the suction power to hold an entire person.

But would they unstick? If the force is strong enough to hold a person, wouldn't you jerk back so hard that not only would you unstick, but fall off whatever building you were climbing? Well, no, because the scientists were actually able to use that electrical field to reverse the suction, thus becoming unstuck on demand. Just like Spider-Man.

Start stitching your suits, guys. Start stitching your suits.

The gloves would work by using an electrical field to pump small amounts of water through microscopic holes.


Honorable Mentions:
High School student invents suction technology using vacuums

Guy dressed as Spider-Man climbs skyscraper with his bare hands.

The famous French "Spiderman" (hyphen is never used when referring to him for some reason) who wears no costume, but climbs insanely high buildings with just his hands.
Child's Rare Genetic Condition Causes Hulk-like Super Strength

THE SUPERPOWER: Super strength, impenetrability via genetic mutation.

Click here for the news report on this child and the genetic condition that gives him super strength.

Click here for a great video of the child exhibiting his strength (3rd video down).

A rare genetic condition is giving 3-year-old Liam Hoekstra, Michigan, the ability to eat like a horse and not gain any weight whatsoever, lift large furniture that most adults would have trouble lifting, and increase in muscle strength by just living out his normal life. At 3 years old. He's a toddler.

His condition was first suspected when he (no foolin' here) was able to walk at an early age... Just how early? Two days. The child was able to walk after only two days of life.

He can also do the Olympic move called the Iron Cross where they hold themselves up with only their hands.

The genetic disease/condition that the kid has is called Myostatin-Related Muscle Hypertrophy. There have only been 100 cases of this in the world.

There's a defect in his genetic code that allows for excessive muscle growth. So the defect blocks the antibody that usually inhibits muscle growth in the human body, so it's almost a double-negative situation in which the disease blocks the blocker, therefore giving the child incredible muscle strength.

There are no medical downsides and his heart will be unaffected. The only downside is that he eats six enormous meals a day. He also has a six pack, without even really working out, and looks otherwise no different from other children: his muscles are just that much stronger.

Look at those guns!

So medically, if they were able to replicate this condition, it would be open to abuse by athletes, but also open for extremely important use by people with diseases like muscular dystrophy.

Invisibility Cloaks
THE SUPERHERO: The Invisible Woman (or the Predator, from the movies or hey, even Harry Potter)

THE SUPERPOWER: Invisibility

Scientists in Tokyo University, Japan, have invented a coat which makes those wearing it appear "invisible." The coat is made with a special type of "retro-reflective material" that acts as a photographic screen. A camera exists behind the person who is wearing the coat, and that camera reflects onto the coat so that the wearer appears transparent.

Check out the video to see it in action.

Before it's "turned on," it looks like a normal grey windbreaker. The practical application of this? Well, other than being mindblowingly, face-meltingly awesome, it is actually to help surgeons see patient's bodies all the way through, so that they can analyze every single part, never missing a tumor, or what they can't see behind organs normally.

This can also be used by pilots to make the floors of their planes appear transparent to help them land...which if they did that to the entire plane, it would be Wonder Woman technology.


More recently, US and UK scientists have developed a technology that bring us one step closer to something that is less like the moderate invisibility invented by the Japanese and more like TRUE invisibility, but don't get your Hollow-Manesque fantasies rockin' just yet, this wouldn't hit the market for YEARS.

Here's the report:

"Scientists from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany and Imperial College London used their cloak, made using photonic crystals with a structure resembling piles of wood, to conceal a small bump on a gold surface, they wrote in Science.

"'It's kind of like hiding a small object underneath a carpet--except this time the carpet also disappears,' they said.

"'We put an object under a microscopic structure, a little like a reflective carpet,' said Nicholas Stenger, one of the researchers who worked on the project.

"'When we looked at it through a lens and did spectroscopy, no matter what angle we looked at the object from, we saw nothing. The bump became invisible,' said Stenger.

"The 'cloak' they used to make the microscopic bump disappear was composed of special lenses that work by bending light waves to suppress light as it scattered from the bump, the study says.

"The invisibility cloak was minute, measuring 100 microns by 30 microns -- one micron being one-thousandth of a millimeter -- and the bump it hid was 10 times smaller, said Stenger.

"The researchers are working now to recreate the disappearing bump but on a larger scale, but Stenger said Harry Potter's invisibility cloak would not be hanging in would-be wizards' wardrobes in the near future.

"'Theoretically, it would be possible to do this on a large scale but technically, it's totally impossible with the knowledge we have now,' he said."

(via Discovery News)
Military Develops Iron Man Exoskeleton

THE SUPERPOWER: Iron Man's Mark IV/V suit of armor. It can fly, shoot repulsor blasts, comes with awesome helmet displays, communications gear, and is almost impenetrable.

This awesome exoskeleton, coined "Iron Man" by its developers, serves the purpose of increasing mobility and strength by basically using basic robotics to enhance/multiply whatever movement the soldier is making. This means that if you give a punch that would lightly bruise someone, the suit would make it so that the same punch would go through thick wood planks (as seen in this video), or someone's face (as not seen in this video).

This includes the ability to lift up rockets and rocket launchers as if they're shotguns, which means that we would be that much closer to developing real Mechs (that was the sound of 5,000 nerds – including myself – squealing).

Seeing the soldier in this video do pushups and lift things shows how this is about as mobile as Iron Man's cave-built suit, which (for real life) is actually pretty damn awesome.

Lifting extremely heavy munitions, food and other military supplies will be the primary function of this suit...at least for now.

The most interesting part about this whole thing is that it basically makes even the weakest soldier the strongest one on the field, due to the lack of effort needed to use the suit, as it is mainly a strength enhancement suit.

Mark my words, in 2030, Exoskeleton Baseball WILL be a sport.

Here's another, little more crazy version of this, showing that some people just don't get government grants for their research for a REASON: Link
Can Attract Metal, Like a Magnet
THE SUPERHERO: Magneto (who is more of a villain most of the time.)

THE SUPERPOWER: To attract, control, and stick to metal. Magneto is the master of magnetism and can manipulate metal at will.

73-year-old Liew Tho Lin of Malaysia has been able to magnetize his skin for the past 10 years. He noticed his ability while working in construction, and his tools started sticking to him while he was shirtless.

Sort of like the moisture-induced suction of the Spider-Man contraption, Liew Tho's skin has an extra suction property to it that helps metal and other objects stick to his skin.

He can also pull a one-ton car using an iron suctioned to his stomach, which adds extra coolness to his ability.

His powers are "not an illusion," scientists said when trying to investigate into Liew Thow's body ability, and while his abilities definitely seem magnetic, they're actually a suction-based nature.

Click here for the full story and additional pictures of Liew Thow Lin showing off his powers.
Jet-Man Invents a Working Jetpack
THE SUPERHERO: The Rocketeer, or the main character in the popular indie comic Ex Machina.

THE SUPERPOWER: Flight via Jetpack

A man named Yves Rossi claims to be a huge Batman fan, and was actually inspired by Batman (because if there's something everyone attributes to Batman, it's flying around in a jetpack). He uses his invention to fly relatively long distances for up to six minutes, and can hit speeds of up to 160 mph.

According to this article on MSNBC, the only problem/stagnation in the development of true Jet-Pack technology is the insane amount of fuel that it would need. In order to truly lift up a human from the ground, you would need so much power that in order to make a long trip that would be worth it, you would need hundreds of gallons of gasoline–which kind of defeats the purpose since you'd need to carry something that carries those...which would be enormous or, let's say, the size of an, I don't know...PLANE.

Why Jetpacks don't work yet.

Here's an example of another Jetpack that isn't as cool, but can take off from the ground, and can take an average-sized person 30 miles in 30 minutes on only five gallons of gasoline: Ground Take-Off Jet-Pack
Real Life Daredevil Sees Using Only Sound

THE SUPERPOWER: Sees using only sound, and can therefore "see" better than anyone. Peak physical strength and enhanced hearing, and an insane ability in acrobatics.

Ben Underwood is a blind boy whose eyes were removed (he lost them to cancer) when he was three, leaving him with absolutely no vision at all.

He can play video games, he can shoot a great game of basketball, he rides his bike around town (Sacramento, California) and even rollerblades every now and then. He can also find objects around the house for his mom.

Ben uses many aides for the blind, such as a braille keyboard and sound software to use computers. But according to this report, it's what he doesn't use that makes him remarkable. He doesn't use a seeing eye dog, or even a cane. He emits a moderately loud click with his mouth wherever he goes, which allows him to use the bouncing off of the sound to "hear" his surroundings. He can "see" walls, couches, desks, stairs, and anything else around him. This allows him to move around like someone who could see. This isn't "easy," or even possible for normal people.

He is the only person in the world who "sees" using only echo-location, kind of like a bat.

Check out the video for a 10-minute feature on Ben, and his incredible abilities. Now all he needs to do is become a lawyer (like the Daredevil in the comics), and make sure the Ben Affleck doesn't get the rights to his life story.
Qijong Master Can Create Heat with Hands
THE SUPERHERO: The Human Torch (or hey, Carrie also works)

THE SUPERPOWER: Controlling heat/fire and emitting it at will, aka Pyrokinesis.

A Qigong Master uses his Chi energy to create heat using minimal friction, and is actually able to steam water using his hand without even touching it. He uses heat healing to help people with back problems.

Using an infrared camera, "Ripley's Believe It or Not!" shows the man's hands directly applying heat to objects using nothing but his bare hands. He can increase and decrease the heat of water, or any moist object, at will. He was able to, using only his hand, generate heat of up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

He can heat a water on a damp towel to 10 degrees below boiling point, and actually walk on suspended sheets of paper without breaking them because, according to him, he makes himself lighter by focusing his energy.
Skin Can Conduct Electricity Like Electro
SUPERHERO: Electro (alright, so he's a supervillain, but he's a little more recognizable than Black Lightning and Static Shock).

THE POWER: His skin/body can not only absorb electricity, but can conduct it as well.

According to the Beijing Sci-Tech Report, a man named Ma Xiangang can fix electrical circuits by using his bare hands. He doesn't wear any safeguards, gloves, or coat his hands in anything. They say, "he can hold a positive wire in one hand and a negative wire in the other and a bulb will light up."

Of course, anybody could do this with enough electricity, but they would most likely die, or at least convulse.

Like most superheroes, he discovered his power due to an accident, when he saw that the television he was watching with his wife broke. He went outside to check on the wiring and found a broken wire that he started picking at, touching and twisting it. After he pulled on the wire for a while, he realized that the line was actually live and could have shocked him severely. Knowing this wasn't normal, he boldly touched the power line harder...and he was still not affected.

Apparently, he can bear 220volts without any damage to his body, which is incredible.

His powers stem from his horribly, horribly dry skin. Apparently, his hands are much rougher and drier than a normal person's, which allows his skin to act like a pair of insulated gloves. His rough, thick skin prevents most of the electricity from entering his body, which means that what does get through, he absorbs and passes it through a part of his body.

After learning of his power, he became addicted to touching electricity and learning how to control the voltage passing through his body.

He now uses his "super power" to conduct electrotherapy and massages.

Source 1 Source 2

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<![CDATA[The Most Horrifying Shark Attacks Ever Recorded]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/shark-attacks/lisa-waugh
WARNING: Some of the images, videos, and information about sharks and shark attacks may not be for the squeamish. Proceed with caution. By the end of this list of most horrifying shark attacks, you are going to BE Roy Scheider in Jaws. From the "Real New Jersey Jaws" to the tragic killing of a young man on his honeymoon, this list has all of the horrors of shark attacks imaginable. 
Shark attacks  are pretty simple when you think about it - they happen wherever there is water and delicious people (unless this is Sharknado and then shark attacks can happen in your living room). Can we just finish this level before you bite our torso in half, buddy? But most of the time, shark attacks are a result of mistaken identity; the shark is looking for a juicy sea lion or seal and you look like a yummy blubbery treat in that wetsuit.  

Why should you go snorkeling wearing chain mail or think twice about being a sailor? Because shark attacks are on the rise with an average of 60 per year in the U.S. Even though the odds are 1 in 11 million that you’ll be attacked by a shark, that’s 60 shark attacks too many if you ask us. The most horrific shark attacks usually involve maritime disasters - war is hell but even worse on the high seas - but there’s also the rogue shark who likes to go to the beach as much as we do. And in real life, there’s no Quint to munch on or Richard Dreyfuss to help us fend off that stone-cold eating-machine.  

Shark attacks occur in deep water as well as shallow water, with some people miraculously surviving. Many, however, meet a tragic and violent end. There’s no stopping a great white unless you are Rodney Fox and you gouge its eyes out. So take in this shark attack information with caution. And probably not while at the beach. Or alone next to the pool at night where we’re pretty sure shark attacks are impossible. But if you see Tara Reid. Run. 

The Most Horrifying Shark Attacks Ever Recorded,

Shirley Ann Durdin, 1985
Australia is a lovely place. A lovely, deadly place, and a hot spot for shark attacks. That’s a bad rap considering that Australia has as many shark attacks as Florida. 

But it’s the shark attack that killed Shirley Ann Durdin that helped put Australia front and center in the shark attack stat box. Durdin was snorkeling in Peake Bay when she was viciously attacked in just seven feet of water. Her husband and children watched as the 20-foot great white tore her in two. The shark only left her torso behind, but before rescuers could reach the scene, it circled back and took that too. 

David Peltier, 2001
10-year-old David Peltier was surfing at Sandbridge Beach when he was attacked in four feet of water on a sandbar. Peltier was with his dad and brothers when the shark attacked the boy, leaving a 17-inch gash and severing an artery in his leg. Peltier’s father hit the shark over the head until it released his son. The child was rushed to the hospital but later died from his wounds.
Heather Bodwell, 1994
Warning: Graphic and disturbing video.  

Passengers on a boat in the Pacific, 300 miles east of Easter Island, decided to stop down and have a cool dip. Bodwell heard someone yell, “Shark!” and was bitten twice by the great white. It “chewed” off her right leg. “It didn’t hurt at all. It felt like a puppy chewing on your finger.” Wait? What?! The shark then shook her and then played tug of war with Bodwell’s rescuers on the boat.  

Watch Bodwell’s calm account and actual video of the attack. 

Check another crazy shark encounter here

The Jersey Shore, Multiple Victims, 1916
This is not a funny story about the origin of gym, tan, laundry. The Real New Jersey Jaws chronicles a terrifying 10 days during a heatwave along the Jersey Shore. As thousands of tourists hugged the shoreline for some relief, the feeding frenzy began.

Charles Vansant was attacked during an evening swim. Charles Bruder was attacked five days later. Three more people, including a 12-year-old boy, were attacked at Matawan Creek, 30 miles north. Four of the shark attack victims died. Experts debated whether the attacks were made by a great white or bull shark. 

USS Indianapolis, 1945
After an unescorted U.S. warship was torpedoed by the Japanese mid-way between the Leyte Gulf and Guam, the ship was split in two, sending 900 sailors into the Pacific. Sharks chewed through nearly 600 men in five days. Survivor Woody James later recounted, “The sharks were around, hundreds of them… Everything would be quiet and then you’d hear somebody scream and you knew a shark had got him.” The USS Indianapolis deaths are  the worst sharks attack in history
Bethany Hamilton, 2003
13-year-old Bethany Hamilton was surfing The Tunnels off Kauai with her friend Alana Blanchard when a shark decided to change her life. While Hamilton was lying on her board with her arm dangling in the water, the shark bit into her and her board. The bite took her arm off just below the shoulder. Blanchard helped Hamilton back to shore where Blanchard’s father made a tourniquet that saved her life. 
A 14-foot-tiger shark, believed to be the shark that attacked Hamilton, was trapped by a local fisherman Ralph Young. The shark weighed nearly 1,400 pounds. He’s totally dead now. Hamilton went on to rank as one of the top 10 professional women surfers in the world. 

The Cape San Juan Sinking, 1943
The SS Cape San Juan was torpedoed by the Japanese sub 1-21 on November 11 just off Fiji. The ship didn’t sink until the next day. Of the 1,464 crew on board, approximately 695 died due to shark attacks
One survivor, Corporal Louis Ruffin, described the night spent in the water and how sharks were picking the men off one by one in the murky waters of the Pacific. When rescuers arrived the next day, they threw the dead back into the water. “When I was pulled up and on the boat, I did some moving and shaking! I didn't want one of them big ole sharks to eat me up!” Thank you for serving sir, and for not being served to sharks. 

Robert Pamperin, 1959
Robert Pamperin and friend were snorkeling off La Jolla Cove in California when he was attacked by a 22-foot great white. Gerald Lehrer heard Pamperin scream when he turned to see him unusually high in the water with his mask missing. Lehrer dove under to see that the shark had Pamperin in his mouth up to his waist. The shark pulled Pamperin under and dragged him along the sea bed. By the time rescuers arrived, they only found Pamperin’s single swim fin. 
Rodney Fox, 1963
Rodney Fox has the best cocktail story ever after his shark attack. While competitively spearfishing in Australia, he suffered a vicious shark attack where a great white grabbed him by the torso and then charged him two more times, pulling him under and dragging him across the ocean floor. The bites punctured his diaphragm, scapula and tore his lung... TORE HIS LUNG, GUYS!  

Rescuers had to keep his wetsuit on to keep his organs from spilling out. The fact that Fox survived is a miracle. That and he gouged out its eyes. Fox was 13. 
Fox became a leading authority on the great white and designed the first shark observation cage. He was inducted into the International Scuba Hall of Fame in 2007. Because he deserved it. 

Sam Kellett, 2015
Sam Kellett, a 28-year-old school teacher, was devoured by a great white shark while spearfishing off the coast of Australia with his friends. Unfortunately, his buddies had to witness the attack, and saw the ocean turn red with his blood.   

Kellett's parents have graciously decided not to blame the shark for their son's death, and have requested that it not be hunted or killed.  

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<![CDATA[Who Is the Worst Person of the Week? (May 23-29)]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/worst-person-of-the-week-052616/mike-rothschild
Worst Person of the Week doesn't depend on seasons or weather, only on human greed and foolishness. So with summer approaching, it's time for everyone to let down their hair, step out into the sunshine, and do stupid, terrible things. This week, we've got a monstrously bad father, a shockingly racist elected official, a police chief who tried to pass off shooting a guy in the back as self-inflicted, and a whole bunch of other terrible people.

For example, did you know that prayer and holy water can raise test scores, but only when you cheat? Or that country star Charlie Daniels thinks "hard-rock miners" will save America from Iranian mullahs?

All of that idiocy, and more, is waiting for you to vote up. And remember, you can vote for them if you see fit.

Who Is the Worst Person of the Week? (May 23-29),

Bill O'Reilly
What Happened: The Fox News staple is planning to sue his ex-wife for $10 million, accusing her of lying in order to get O'Reilly to underwrite a new relationship she was in - despite the sex scandals he faced during their marriage.

The Details: O'Reilly and Maureen McPhilmy were married for 15 years, before separating in 2011. During their marriage, O'Reilly faced a number of accusations of sexual harassment and spousal abuse, all of which ended either in settlement or denial. Even after they split, O'Reilly continued interfering in his spouse's life, allegedly pushing for an internal affairs investigation against McPhilmy's new boyfriend, a Nassau County detective. 

Earlier in 2016, a three-member panel awarded McPhilmy custody of their two children, likely due to the numerous accusations of physical and emotional abuse lodged against O'Reilly over the years. The O'Reilly Factor host has now been accused by many of retaliating with this lawsuit, which he petitioned to keep private due to his celebrity.

Charlie Daniels
What Happened: The country music legend released a minute-long NRA promotional video that threatens Iran, insults President Obama, and throws in some subtle racism.

The Details: Daniels has long been an outspoken proponent of the Second Amendment in general and the NRA in particular. But this bizarre, straight-to-camera diatribe supporting an NRA initiative called "Freedom's Safest Place" might not draw the best publicity. Addressing "the ayatollahs of Iran," Daniels warns terrorists that they haven't met "the real America" - and it's Barack Obama's fault.

"You might’ve met our fresh-faced, flower-child president and his weak-kneed Ivy League friends," Daniels growls, "but you haven’t met America." And what is "America?" Well, you don't have to wait long to find out. According to Charlie Daniels, America is:

- "the steelworkers and the hard-rock miners"
- "the swamp folks in Cajun country who can wrestle a full-grown gator out of the water"

- "the farmers, the cowboys, the loggers and the truck drivers."

- "the mountain men who live off the land"
- "the brave cops who fight the good fight in the urban war zones.”

In conclusion, Charlie Daniels IS the NRA, and the NRA IS freedom's safest place. Whatever that means.

Eric Owens
What Happened: Owens is a writer for ultra-conservative website The Daily Caller, for whom he wrote about the Obama family's plan to buy a large house in the Washington DC area - specifically, that it's "located 1,096 feet from the Islamic Center of Washington."

The Details: That Barack Obama only has months left in the White House in no way means that it's time to stop the conspiracy-mongering about him secretly being a Muslim. In this case, Owens goes out of his way to mention over and over how close the Islamic Center of Washington is to the Obamas' "fancy" and "mammoth" new house - and why you should be afraid.

Among the horrors listed by Owens as occurring at the Islamic Center of Washington, just 1,096 feet from the fancy, mammoth Obama mansion are "Qur’an and Islamic Literature and distribution", "help for families in need", "prayer five times daily", "ample research material related to Islam," and "an array of flags representing the countries of the world where Islam is the state-sanctioned religion."

As if that wasn't enough to leave with quaking in fear, Owens finishes with this chilling fact: "In addition to the Islamic Center of Washington, the embassy of Oman and the former embassy of Iran are very close to Obama’s new mansion."

The former embassy of Iran, people! Just because it's been closed for decades doesn't mean Obama won't be Secret Musliming there. Incidentally, a Washington Post reporter pointed out that The Daily Caller's office in DC is within 1,000 feet of the American Islamic Congress, the UN Information Center, and the Center for Reproductive Rights, among other buildings.


Larry O'Dea
What Happened: The chief of police in Portland, Oregon, O'Dea was put on paid leave after being accused of misleading investigators about accidentally shooting someone on a hunting trip.

The Details: O'Dea is accused of shooting a friend in the back. But unlike Dick Cheney, O'Dea appears to have lied about it. When he made the 911 call, O'Dea didn't identify himself as a police officer, and misled the responding officers into thinking the gunshot wound (in the back, remember) was "self-inflicted."

It took a month for Portland police to learn that O'Dea was involved. When they interviewed the victim, he made it clear that he did not, in fact, shoot himself in the back. With conflicting statements, the Oregon State Police stepped in, and O'Dea's attempt to throw his hunting companion under the bus was revealed. He was put on indefinite paid suspension.

Kathleen Novack
What Happened: In sworn testimony this week, Waukesha County clerk Kathleen Novack supported the voting restrictions put in place by Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, claiming early and weekend voting give "too much access" to "particular parts of the state" - the ones that just happen to be populated by poor black people.

The Details: The harsh ID requirements and restricted early voting that Walker has introduced over the last four years have been accused of disenfranchising urban and minority voters. Testifying in federal court, Novack backed up Walker's new laws, saying they had caused "virtually no problems at all” Waukesha County, which is one of the wealthiest counties in Wisconsin - and has an almost entirely white constituency.

In contrast, she claimed early voting, weekend voting, and reduced ID requirements made voting too easy for residents in more urban areas like Milwaukee and Madison. “There has to come a point where it’s just giving over-access” she testified.

Coincidentally (or not), these areas have a far higher number of minority residents who traditionally vote Democratic, something of which Novack, a staunch Republican, probably isn't in favor. Regardless, she believes the system is working fine. According to her, the long lines faced by voters in these areas prove that voting is easy. "Apparently access is an easy thing or they wouldn’t have long lines,” Novack quipped.

Lowanda Tyler-Jones
What Happened: Lowanda Tyler-Jones is the Clarksville, Mississippi, principal who ordered her teachers to help students cheat on standardized tests. A disciplinary hearing this week revealed that Tyler-Jones invoked the Almighty, claiming that higher test scores were the result of prayer and holy water.

The Details: Tyler-Jones was one of three Clarksdale school officials accused of cheating on standardized tests, after third-graders on one class scored suspiciously higher on math and comprehension tests. In a hearing as to whether she'd keep her teaching credentials, Tyler-Jones was accused of claiming the higher scores came from divine intervention.

“She indicated to me during an interview that she anointed the desks, the pencils, the doorways, and also the students’ heads with holy water,” said Walt Drane, Mississippi Department of Education executive director. Drane also indicated that several school staff members told him that Tyler-Jones ordered them to change student answers when they weren't satisfactory. The principal, for her part, denies any wrongdoing, insisting that her intercession from God led to student improvement.

Conrad Hafen
What Happened: Hafen is a Las Vegas judge who ordered a public defender handcuffed to teach her respect for "decorum" in the courtroom.

The Details: Clark County public defender Zohra Bakhtary was arguing to keep her client, a man who violated his probation for a petty theft conviction, out of jail. At some point, Judge Hafen ordered Bakhtary to "be quiet." When she continued trying to do her job, Hafen dropped the hammer on her, telling her she'd be found in contempt if she uttered "another word." She did, and was ordered to be handcuffed.

Hafen then turned his attention to another case before sentencing Bakhtary's client to six months in jail. In an interview with the Las Vegas Review Journal, Hafen explained that he wanted to teach the lawyer about "proper decorum" and about not interrupting him.

Keith Strawn
What Happened: Idaho resident Strawn is facing prison time for crossing state lines with his 14-year-old daughter on a trip to force her to marry the man who raped and impregnated her.

The Details: Obviously, the real villain of this story is rapist Aaron Seaton, who was convicted of raping the teenage girl he impregnated, and is currently serving 15 years in prison. But the unbelievable imbecile of the story is the girl's father, whose "religious beliefs" led him to take his daughter to Missouri to marry Seaton.

Standing before a judge on a felony injury to a child charge, Strawn explained his motivation, saying, "If you get them pregnant then you marry them.". While Strawn did admit that it was the wrong decision, the judge sentenced him to 120 days in jail - a far longer sentence than either the defense attorney or prosecutor recommended.

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<![CDATA[The Craziest Things That Have Ever Happened on the Floor of Congress]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/crazy-things-on-the-floor-of-congress/aaron-edwards

While it's easy to point to the House of Commons as the craziest legislative body in the western world, the US Congress is no slouch. Brawls, filibusters, fights, and bizarre bills are among the more outlandish things you may have heard about Congress, and with more than two hundred years of history, Washington has seen it all. The craziest things that happened in Congress went down for all sorts of reasons, though mostly it boils down to a few people really hating each other.

Civil Rights bills, sex scandals, and corruption have provided plenty of impetus for drastic action in the past, much like a call to action against gun violence inspired members of the Senate to stage a sit in on the floor in June 2016. But if you think that was wild, just wait until you see some of the crazy stuff below.

The Craziest Things That Have Ever Happened on the Floor of Congress,

Strom Thurmond Pissed in a Bucket to Keep a Filibuster Going

For those who don't know, a filibuster occurs when a member of Congress attempts to postpone a vote by continuously speaking. As long as the member in question holds the floor, other members can't do anything but listen. The catch is, the person speaking can't stop to do anything, including eat or go to the bathroom, lest they yield the floor.

When Strom Thurmond (D- SC) saw the Civil Rights Act of 1957, he knew he had to filibuster the hell out of it, because he's a complete jerk (actually more a blatant racist). Good ol' Strom set the record for the Senate's longest filibuster, speaking for 24 hours and 18 minutes.

When he had to pee, Thurmond kept one foot on the Senate floor and pissed into a bucket held by an intern in the Senate cloakroom. Despite Strom's harebrained effort, the bill still passed. Thurmond was re-elected again and again until 2003.

Pistols Were Drawn Over a Slave Bill

They say you know you're doing something right when you make enemies. In politics, that's especially true. Well, Missouri Senator Thomas Hart Benton and Mississippi Senator Henry S. Foote hated each other, so at least one of them was doing something right.

When tensions over the Compromise of 1850 (which was all about drawing lines regarding which states were free or had slaves) reached a breaking point, Foote drew his pistol and pointed it at Benton, who screamed "Let him fire! Let the assassin fire!" Foote was wrestled to the floor and disarmed him. Talk about drama.

Theodore Bilbo Uses Nazis as an Excuse to Suggest Deporting Black Citizens

It's no secret have been people in the United States government who are racist, but it used to be really bad. Take Senator Theodore Bilbo of Mississippi, for instance. He once asked for $250 million to deport all the African Americans in the United States to Liberia. His inspiration? Germany's new Nazi regime. "Germans appreciate the importance of race values. They understand that racial improvement is the greatest asset that any country can have."

Just a few years later, he filibustered an anti-lynching bill.

The Civil War Started with a Senate Floor Brawl

Shortly after the caning of Charles Sumner, in the lead up to the Civil War, tensions between northern and southern representatives worsened drastically. In this climate, a string of insults traded by Pennsylvania Representative Galusha Grow and Lawrence Branch of North Carolina erupted into a brawl. It was essentially a 19th century wrestling match on the floor. Representative Keitt hit the floor after one punch, Rep. John F. Potter (whose nick name was Bowie Knife) jumped into the brawl "striking right and left with vigor," and Congressman John Covade (R-PA) threatened to "brain" someone with a spittoon.

The fight eventually ended and tensions eased, that is, until it became the bloodiest war in American history.

John Boehner Openly Handed Out Lobbyist Money

It's kind of an unspoken truth that lobbyists control a good portion of the government. The legislative branch has been especially susceptible to their whims, but sometimes it's so blatant you can't help but be in awe. In the '90s, it seems John Boehner was literally handing out bribe checks from the tobacco lobby to fellow representatives, right on the floor of the House. When the New York Times investigated, Boehner's Chief of Staff said the money was a contribution from tobacco PACs. Boehner went on to become Speaker of the House.

The Expulsion of Congressman James Traficant

James Traficant (D-OH) was a bit of a character. Not only did he have the most ridiculous hairpiece in modern politics, he was corrupt as hell. In fact, he was convicted in federal court of bribery and taking kickbacks, which frowned upon. The House voted to expel Traficant 420-1. Hey, at least he had one fan. It was Gary Condit of California. What? Yeah, no idea.

And what's so crazy about this, you may ask? The fact that it never happens. In fact, Trafiant was only the fifth member of the House to be ousted in its history. Getting fired from Congress is like winning the lottery: everyone does stuff to increase the odds of it happening, but it never actually matters. Here, he clearly did enough that being a rich and white politician couldn't protect him, which is pretty impressive.

In the wake of the expulsion vote, Traficant proclaimed his innocence, but it did little to dissuade the motion.

Matthew Lyon Spit in a Guy's Face and Fought Him with Tongs

Back in the early days of Congress, members had a bit of the British adventurous spirit. One of the most famous incidents of this era occurred in 1798, when Vermont Representative Matthew Lyon spit tobacco juice in Connecticut Representative Roger Griswold's face. Griswold, pissed, came at Lyon with his cane. Lyon grabbed a pair of fire tongs and the two had a quick duel before they were separated and expelled. What had the men so heated it came to spits and blows? Apparently, a debate concerning the diplomatic approach to France. C'est la vie.

A Congressman Passed a Resolution To Donate Part Of His Murder Site to a National Park

Philip Barton Key (the son of the guy who wrote the Star-Spangled Banner) had an affair with the wife of Representative Daniel E. Sickles (D-NY), which ended when Sickles shot Key to death in front of the White House. Sickles escaped jail time by successfully pleading temporary insanity, then fought with the Union Army in the Civil War. When he returned to Congress after the war, he worked to preserve Gettysburg as a national military park, and made sure to pass a joint resolution donating a fence, to sit a few feet away from where he shot Key. It's still there in 2016.

Senator Sumner Was Beaten with a Cane

Massachusetts Senator Charles Sumner was passionately anti-slavery. As the tensions that led to the Civil War intensified, so did resistance to Sumner's position. After giving a volatile speech against Kansas joining the union as a slave state, Sumner called slavery a harlot and accused South Carolina Democrat Andrew Butler of being its pimp. Chuck was from Boston, what're you gonna do? That's how they roll.

Later the same day, South Carolina Representative Preston Brooks, in an effort to defend Butler's honor, beat the crap out of Sumner with his cane, knocking him unconscious. Brooks resigned shortly after, while Sumner served for another 18 years.

A Senator Was Dragged to Work by the Police

It's well within a representative's right to not to show up for a vote. In fact, it's a tactic many use to support (or not) certain bills without attracting scrutiny. But in 1988, the Democrats weren't having it. So, Senator Bob Packwood (R-OR), who was a no show, was seized by police early on the morning of February 24, and carried to the Senate, where he was made to answer a quorum call. No one was offended by the incident, however, since Packwood was known as a corrupt politician who eventually resigned in disgrace.

Packwood himself even joked about it at the time, saying "I rather enjoyed it. I instructed four of my staff to get a sedan chair."

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<![CDATA[8 Magicians Who Died During a Performance]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/magicians-who-died-during-tricks/lily-rose

Magic offers a twofold thrill: (1) the how-did-they-do-it nature of tricks and illusions; and, (2) the often serious danger they seem to place themselves in. While you may assume much of this danger is for show, there's a sordid history of magic acts that killed the magician. These magicians who died during tricks aimed to awe and delight audiences, and learned the hard way what happens when illusions go wrong. If nothing else, this list proves magic is a dangerous profession requiring extensive knowledge.

Magicians who died performing span generations, and come from many countries and culture, giving a reminder of the public fascination with the medium. Surely that fascination stems, in part, from a general lack of understanding of how tricks and  illusion work. Magician stage deaths surely only increase mass interest in the craft, because they highlight how much danger these entertainers put themselves in, and play to the religious and occult underpinnings of magic's ancient origins

8 Magicians Who Died During a Performance,

Black Herman

Black Herman, known to friends and family as Benjamin Rucker, died of natural causes on stage. Herman was a political radical influenced by Marcus Garvey and similar thinkers of the time, in whose milieu he lived after moving from his native Virginia to New York City. During his show, he played up his African heritage, building a strong sense of African-American identity, while making fun of Klansmen. 

Black Herman was most well known for being buried alive, a trick that could last as long as three days (he wasn't actually buried, it just appeared as though he had been). He performed to mixed race audiences in the North, but was relegated to playing blacks only venues in the South.  

At the end of a show in Louisville, KY in April 1934, Rucker suffered a heart attack and died. Most people believed this was part of his act, a new trick he was trying out, and refused to believe he was dead. His promoters used this to their advantag, charging a fee to attend his funeral and allow attendees to see if he was, in fact, deceased. 

Chung Ling Soo

Chung Ling Soo was the stage name of American magician William Ellsworth Robinson. Robinson performed in yellow face, trading on racist notions of oriental mysticism and ancient east Asian magic, and was most famous for his bullet catching trick, which he called ‘Condemned to Death By the Boxers,’ so it had a nice Chinese ring to it. Robinson performed his trick using a gun with two barrels - one took the real bullet he showed the audience fo effect, the other held a blank.

On March 23, 1918, during a routine performance, Robinson shot himself for real, and by accident, because he was lazy. The thing with guns is, you have to clean them if you want them to work properly. Robison never cleaned his trick gun, and gunpowder built up in the chamber. The day the magician died, the blank lit accumulated powder, which exploded and fired the real bullet in the second chamber. 

The bullet pierced Robinson's lung and, for the first time in his professional career, he spoke in English on stage (he liked using made up Chinese because he felt it added an air of authenticity to his show, which probably wasn't true if there were any Chinese people in the audience): "Oh my God. Something's happened. Lower the curtain!"

Tommy Cooper

Tommy Cooper was an English comedian and magician known for being a terrible at magic. His act consisted of screwing up tricks and mining jokes from his incompetence. It wasn't unusual for him to fall over and lay about on the stage. That's why, during his slapstick routine on Live From Her Majesty's at Her Majesty's Theatre in London, no one realized something was amiss when Cooper keeled over on stage and died from a massive heart attack.

Audience members laughed as Cooper lay before them, dying. The broadcast cut to commercial, Cooper was pulled off stage, and, after several attempts to revive him failed, he was transported to a hospital, where he was proclaimed dead. Video of his death can be seen on Youtube

Amazing Joe Was Crushed To Death Being Buried Alive And It Was Filmed

Joseph W. Burrus was enamored with Harry Houdini and wanted to be even greater than his idol. On Halloween night, 1990, the 64th anniversary of Houdini's death, the 32-year-old magician and recovering drug addict was buried alive in a plastic coffin at an amusement park, before a crowd of onlookers including his own children.

There was little cause for alarm on the day, as Burrus, known as Amazing Joe, had successfully performed the trick a year before. However, at that time, he was buried only by dirt. In 1990, he added cement to the mix, and didn't take into account the extra weight. His plastic coffin was crushed immediately. Rescuers began digging upon hearing the coffin collapse, but Burrus was dead by the time they got to him. 

Karr the Mysterious Was Ripped Apart By A Speeding Car

Professionally known as Karr the Mysterious, South African escape artist Charles Rowan died during a daredevil escape attempt in 1930. A largely forgotten figure in the annals of magic history, Rowan left behind little in terms of personal biography. However, a Reuters report of his death survives.

"A ghastly death befell a traveling magician named Karr here this afternoon, when his oft-repeated stunt of allowing himself to be strapped in a straightjacket and charged by a motorcar failed... a large crowd, including numerous small children... saw a car dash into Karr and kill him... he was struck by the right wheel, which almost severed one of his legs."

Karr. Car. Maybe it was fate?

Gilbert Genesta Drowned In A Milk Can

Royden Joseph Gilbert Raison de la Genesta, professionally known as Genesta, more or less stole his signature trick from Houdini, who first performed it in 1908. The idea was simple yet extremely attractive to audiences - Genesta locked himself in a milk can or barrel filled with water. One fateful day in 1930, the magician failed to make his escape in time. 

When stage hands ascertained something was wrong, the curtain came down, a doctor rushed onstage. and assistants pulled Genesta from the can. He was unconscious but revived and rushed to the hospital, where he died after telling the doctor that, in more than 10 years of performing the trick, he had never failed before. 

Record has it the milk can Genesta used during his final performance was dented. This limited the space he had to contort his body in order to make a timely escape, and may have contributed to his demise. 

Madame DeLinsky's Catching Bullets Trick Only Had To Go Wrong Once

The DeLinskys were a well-known Polish husband and wife magic due who toured Europe in the early 19th century. One of their most sensational tricks involved Madame DeLinsky facing a firing squad and coming away unscathed after "catching" all the bullets. This was achieved by instructing those on the firing squad to load their guns with empty paper cartridges, so no bullets were fired. Madam DeLinsky then showed the audience a handful of bullets she already had on her person. 

In 1820, Madame DeLinsky, pregnant at the time, and her husband were performing a bullet catching trick in Arnstadt, Germany for Prince Shwarznberg-Sonderhausen and the royal family. A member of the firing squad conscripted for the performance accidentally put a real bullet in his gun and shot Madam DeLinsky through the abdomen. Members of the royal family reportedly fainted from the violence. She died two days later, and her magician husband went mad.  

Washington Irving Bishop Was Killed Either By A Fit Onstage Or His Autopsy

Washington Irving Bishop was an American mentalist and spiritualist best known for his ability to read people's minds (which came down to his ability to read body language), and for being the originator of the blind drive, a trick other magicians took up, which was exactly what it sounds like - driving with a blindfold on. 

Bishop was also known for suffering cataleptic fits, which sent him into a catatonic state. Even during a performance, he could pass out at any minute. Because of this, he carried a note in his pocket explaining he wasn't dead, and should not have an autopsy performed on him unless 48 hours had passed and he still wasn't showing signs of life.

On May 12, 1889 Bishop had a cataleptic fit on stage at the Lambs Club in New York City. After being brought off stage, he was determined dead. Physicians John A Irwin, Frank Ferguson, and Irwin H Hance performed an autopsy, declaring Bishop passed away from hysterocatalepsy. Bishop's wife and mother ardently claimed Bishop was in a trance-like state, not dead, after his fit, and was killed by the autopsy. Charges were brought up against Irwin, Ferguson, and Hance, but the doctors were never convicted. 

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<![CDATA[9 Valuable Pieces of Artwork That Were Found Being Used As Everyday Items]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/artwork-used-as-everyday-items/josh-wingo

People randomly come across valuable items all the time at garage sales or in relatives' attics – popular shows like American Pickers and Antiques Roadshow are built around this exciting prospect. Sometimes, though, a significant item can go unnoticed, and you can suddenly find out that the thing you've been using to fix that wobble in your kitchen table for the past decade is a lost piece or artwork or history that’s hundreds, maybe thousands of years old.

But what’s actually more impressive? An artifact existing for a thousand years in some stuffy museum or one that makes it through a couple years of not falling off your mantle or getting chewed by your dog?  Maybe we should all be grateful not just that there are forgotten pieces of priceless art out there that survive the test of time, but that there are antiquities that somehow manage to survive the rigors of everyday home use.  

Read on to go on a global tour of the most shocking and valuable pieces of art to have been found in the most unexpected, unassuming places.

9 Valuable Pieces of Artwork That Were Found Being Used As Everyday Items,

The Long-Lost Painting Used As A Prop in Stuart Little

Gergely Barki was watching Stuart Little with his daughter in 2009 when he noticed a familiar looking painting in the background of the set. Though being a researcher at Hungary’s national gallery in Budapest did give Barki an advantage over the average parent, it's reasonable to wonder whether he had to question if he actually saw what he thought he saw, or if Stuart Little had finally driven him insane. 

The painting was Sleeping Lady with Black Vase by Róbert Berény, a Hungarian artist, and it had been missing since the 1920s. It resurfaced when a set designer for Stuart Little found it for “next to nothing” at an antiques shop in Pasadena, California. Barki was able to finally get a hold of the set designer, who had been hanging the painting on her own wall before eventually selling it to a private collector. The painting has since been returned to Hungary for auction. 

The 17th-Century TV Chest

A French engineer, after taking up residence in London, bought an antique Japanese chest for £100 at a private sale in 1970. He put his TV on top of it and used it to store drinks - pretty convenient, eh? He owned the chest for the rest of his life and even took it with him when he retired back to France in 1986. 

When the man died, the chest was cataloged with the rest of his belongings that were being cleared out for auction. That was when someone noticed that the chest looked an awful lot like another chest, one that had been missing for about seventy years.   

It turns out the engineer’s TV stand was built in 1640 by a Japanese master craftsman; there are only ten others like it in the world.  It was built on commission for the Dutch East India Company and passed through the hands of cardinals, dukes, and a famous poet before disappearing in 1941. It finally re-emerged almost three quarters of a century later in the living room of an unnamed Frenchman.  It now resides in Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum, after being bought at auction for a cool £6.3 million.

The 1,000-Year-Old Bowl Bought For $3.00

Browsing a garage sale in 2007, one New York family came across a nice looking ceramic bowl that they bought for $3. They took the bowl home and displayed it on their mantle, where it sat for several years until someone noticed that it looked rather old and decided to have it appraised. The family was probably pretty excited to find that this was no ordinary $3 bowl. It was from the Northern Song Dynasty in China and 1,000 years old, one of only two now known to exist in the world. 

If you are wondering whether or not history like that has a price, it does. The bowl was auctioned in 2013 at Sotheby’s in New York, and purchased for $2.2 million by Giuseppe Eskenazi, an Oriental Art dealer in London. 

The Ancient Egyptian Bronze Cat Used As A Fireplace Decoration

Doreen Liddell kept a small bronze bust of a cat next to the fireplace at her home in Cornwall. Her family assumed that it was a cheap imitation, and when Doreen died, they were going to throw it in the trash. However, David Lay, an auctioneer that had been hired to clear out the house, noticed the cat and decided to take it back to his office for a closer look.

After closer examination, it was discovered that the bust was a 2,500 year old Egyptian relic. Amazingly enough, it survived all those years next to the fireplace. When Lay took the news to the family, it was discovered that Doreen’s late husband had at one point been the managing director of Spink and Son, a historic art dealer in London. This connection led some to believe that the bust may have once belonged to Howard Carter, who discovered King Tut’s tomb, as Spink and Son had been responsible for the sale of Carter’s estate in 1939.

The 18th-Century Scottish Bust Found Propping Open A Shed Door

In 1998, Scottish Highlands Councilor Maxine Smith was looking for an old provost's robes on an estate when she was directed towards an old shed. She discovered the shed door propped open by a nice looking bust. Smith immediately noticed that it was an oddly expensive-looking thing to be holding open a shed door, and she reported to other members of the Scottish Highlands Council “that there's a bunch of stuff that looks like it's worth a lot of money” in the shed, worried about someone stealing it. 

Smith turned out to be right. They soon found that the bust was Highland laird and MP Sir John Gordon, carved in 1728 by a French sculptor named Edme Bouchardon. Initially, it was said to be worth about £200,000, but it's more accurately valued at £1.4 million. It's also on display at the Louvre, a far cry from its humble origins.

The 3,000-Year-Old Canopic Jar Used As A Garden Gnome

When a Dorset, England man’s uncle passed away, he received a few of his belongings. One of those items was a terracotta jar that the man regarded as nothing more than “a lump of stone.” The jar then spent the next twenty years alternating between the front porch and a garden shed. However, twenty years in an old man’s garden is nothing when you consider that the jar had come from Egypt and was actually over 3,000 years old.

After all of that time looking at the “lump of stone,” Mr. Dorset finally started to notice that it had a face on top and that it looked “a bit Egyptian.” So he took it in to have it valued and discovered that his garden gnome was older than Jesus Christ. In fact, it dated back to the era of the pharaohs - it was an Egyptian canopic jar that would have been used to store organs for mummification. 

The 3,500-Year-Old Dagger Used As A Doorstep

A farmer in the UK was plowing his field around Norfolk when he dug up a bent piece of metal. It must not have looked that significant, but it was at least interesting enough for the farmer to decide to take it home and use it as a stop for his office door. Twelve years passed this way, and for one reason or another, the farmer finally decided to throw the thing out but not before his friend suggested that he get it checked by archeologists. 

Luckily for history nerds everywhere, the farmer did have it looked at, and he discovered that his doorstop was actually a 3,500 year old ceremonial dagger. There has only been one other dagger like it found in the UK and only six in the rest of Europe. The researchers believe it was bent on purpose as part of a ritual and would not have been used in actual combat. The dagger is now on display at the Norwich Castle Museum.

The 2,400-Year-Old Persian Cup Used For Target Practice

John Webber’s grandfather was a scrap metal dealer in Taunton, England. When John’s father died in World War II, he and his mother went to live his grandfather, and it was around that time that grandpa gave John a metal cup. John thought that the brass cup was worthless, and it was mostly used as a target for his pellet gun before being stuffed into a shoebox under his bed.

Sixty years later, while moving, John rediscovered the cup and decided to take it to an expert at the Harwell campus in Oxfordshire to have it examined. There, the cup was tested, and researchers concluded that it was from the Middle East and nearly 2,400 years old. They also found that the former pellet gun target, previously believed to be made of brass, was actually made from a solid sheet of gold. 

The 2,700 Year Old Egyptian Statue Being Used As A Bike Rack

No one would find it shocking to stumble across an ancient piece of history in a museum. (Unless you’ve made a series of terrible decisions and are literally stumbling over an ancient piece of history, that is.) You might be surprised, however, to discover – as happened in the case of a museum in Southampton, England – that you're leaning your bikes against a valuable piece of history.

An old statue sat in the cellar of the God’s House Tower museum for almost a century, used by the museum’s staff as a makeshift bike rack. It had been there so long that no one really knew where it had even come from or what it was. When two Egyptologists paid a visit to the museum they noticed the figure behind a row of bicycles and decided to have it checked out. What they found was that the staff’s “bike rack” was a 2,700 year old carving of the Egyptian king Taharqa. The statue has since been moved, hopefully to a museum where people take the bus.

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<![CDATA[14 Times Animals Literally Rained from the Sky]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/times-animals-rained-from-the-sky/laura-allan

Animals raining from the sky sounds like some sort of biblical plague, or maybe some kind of magic. But, believe it or not, this actually happens! Throughout the centuries there have been times where live animals just randomly fall from the sky and science can't always fully explain how it happens. From fish to insects, these animals confuse and distress people. Worst of all, they sometimes cost tons of money in damage.

So, if you want to know what happens when encountering animals falling from the sky, read on. A rainy day might not seem too bad anymore by the time you're done.

14 Times Animals Literally Rained from the Sky,

2007: Worm Rain in Jennings

When you think of Louisiana, you probably think of fried fish, New Orleans, and a wide range of cultures. What you probably don't actually think of is worms. However, in the city of Jennings in 2007 worms were the subject of much conversation. Why? Because the place was rained on at random by a ton of worms. Clumps of tangled worms fell out of the sky, coating the streets, trees, and pelting random horrified onlookers with wiggly pink worminess. People still aren't sure how or why exactly it happened, but it's safe to say that residents hope it will never happen again.

2009: Dead Tadpoles Rain Down in Japan

Japan is home to a whole lot of weird stuff, and it seems tadpole rain is one of those things. In 1997, across the nation of Japan tiny dead tadpoles, as well as frog spawn, fell from the sky in a slimy and gross rain. The bodies of the creatures covered streets, cars, houses, and caused a huge amount of confusion in the biology and meteorology world. One theory is that the tadpoles were picked up by waterspouts. Birds have also been blamed, but in the end, we still don't fully understand why 1997 was the Japanese year of dead tadpoles.

2010: Dead Blackbirds Fall from the Night Sky in Beebe

Birds being in the sky isn't really anything new, but when the birds seemingly die out of the blue and then plummet to earth, it raises a whole lot of questions. In 2010 in the small Arkansas town of Beebe, blackbirds suddenly began to drop dead out of the air into the yards and onto the heads of unsuspecting locals. Then about two years later it happened again. This locals are not entirely sure why dead birds keep raining on their little town, though many think it has something to do with fireworks or air turbulence.

1901: Live Fish Fall from the Sky in South Carolina

When fish fall from the sky, it stands to reason that they'd be dead, or at least become dead upon hitting the ground. That's what makes the case of fish rain of 1901 in South Carolina so unusual. During a storm in the area known as Tiller's Ferry, fish suddenly began to fall from the sky still wiggling and alive once they hit the ground. Also, because it was raining, some of these fish fell into puddles and actually survived until after the storm! Locals reported that they saw the fish swimming around after the rain had ended, in isolated shallow puddles between rows of cotton in the fields. It's a little sad to think about that way, but no less strange and fascinating.

1997: Frozen Squid Falls from the Sky in the Falkland Islands

In June of 1997, a man was having a nice fishing outing in the Falkland Islands when a strange and confusing tragedy struck. Without warning, a frozen squid fell out of the sky right onto his head and knocked him unconscious. He was comatose for two full days following the squid assault, and probably had a lot of unanswered questions once he woke up again. To this day, no one has any idea how the squid got there, or how one fell on this poor fisherman. Also, why was it frozen? We may never find out.

1953: Various Frog and Toad Species Rain in Leicester

In September 1953, in Leicester, MA, the weather seemed to be getting pretty bad. The rain was flooding nearby ponds, there were high winds, and everyone was getting pretty soaked. But the worst was yet to come. Residents came out of their homes to find it was actually raining frogs and toads onto their cozy little locale for apparently no reason. Some scientists believe that high winds blew them into the town, considering the weather was so bad. Either way, frog rain has happened for centuries, even dating back to the Ancient Greeks, and that just goes to show that what happened in Leicester is simply another weird  - but relatively normal - act of nature. 

2013: Spiders Fall from the Sky in Brazil

Brazil is home to hundreds of spider species, which is fascinating to many nature-lovers and terrifying to many arachnophobes. No matter where you fall on the spider-loving spectrum, it's safe to assume no one wants them to literally rain from the sky. Unfortunately for Brazil this actually happened in 2013. Literally thousands of small and large spiders fell from the sky and began weaving webs almost instantly, coating the land like a creepy-crawly blanket.

This isn't even the first time this has happened. Brazil, Australia, and even parts of the United States have supposedly seen spider rain at some point in history. Scientist explained that this phenomenon is caused when high winds blow spiders from their tree homes and blow them up into the air. When they fall back to the ground, they detach webs as "anchors" to attach to trees. 

2010: It Rains Perch for Two Days in Lajamanu

What's worse than fish rain? How about two whole days of fish rain! In 2010 - a pretty big year for animal rain, apparently - the little town of Lajamanu, Australia, was treated to a ton of fish pouring out of the sky. This desert town has about 650 residents, but in 2010 it was also home to hundreds of perch in early March. For two days the fish rained down intermittently sometimes still alive when they hit the ground. Some residents also reported that this isn't the first time fish have rained from the sky on their little locale. Scientists suggest this was caused by a tornado, but that doesn't make it any less bizarre for onlookers. 

1947: Fish Rain from a Clear Sky in Marksville

On October 1949, Marksville, LA, was enjoying a bit of good weather. There wasn't a cloud in the sky, the sun was shining, and all was right in the world. Well, that is, until fish started falling from the sky. And we're not talking little fish here either - freshwater fish up to nine inches in size began to drop out of the clear blue sky for apparently no reason. Two merchants were even painfully struck by falling fish as they rushed for cover, which probably killed their appetites for seafood anytime soon. Some scientists believe that this was caused by heavy winds, but the very notion of fish rain on a cloudless day is enough to make you scratch your head.

2010: Tiny Frogs Fall from the Sky in Hungary

Tiny frogs are pretty irresistibly cute, not so much when they suddenly start falling on you from above. In Hungary in 2010, tiny frogs only a few millimeters in size came down with the rain to the surprise and dismay of locals. This can be caused by high winds, waterspouts, or even a tornado. This seems to have happened more than once in various parts of Hungary over a two-day span, with the worst of it being in Rákóczifalva. Depending on how the wind blows, it could even happen again.

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<![CDATA[15 People Who Saw Themselves on Reddit]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/people-who-saw-themselves-on-reddit/jacob-shelton
Millions of posts are written on Reddit every day, and the law of averages says that at least a few of those posts involve other Redditors who are more than likely going to read them. From insane stories of blacking out at a music festival to creeps trying to hook up with another guy’s girlfriend, the stories collected here are only possible thanks to the global web phenomenon of a massive online community like Reddit. And the tales prove that sometimes a cringe-worthy post can make for wonderful online fodder. This list is all about the mostly embarrassing, but sometimes triumphant, instances of people recognizing themselves on Reddit.

On this list, you’ll see that some of the people who saw themselves on Reddit were so pumped to be featured on the site that they immediately told everyone who they knew, but some of the Redditors who had their lives put on display were less than excited to be front and center on one of the most popular websites in history. Good or bad, all of the posts on this list illustrate the age-old adage that there are two sides to every story, and sometimes the defining version of the story depends on who tells it first. 
15 People Who Saw Themselves on Reddit,

The Student Who Got Roasted in Class
In a sort of reversal of seeing yourself on Reddit, user MrDerpsicle made a post on r/roastme and he received a very specific burn. "Who do you think you are, sitting front row in the Calc 1151 lecture? Think sitting closer is going to make you less dumb?" Read the comment. And after MDerps lecture had ended, one of his classmates approached him and revealed that he was the commenter. Small world! 
Redditor Proves He's Impervious to the Cold
While at the Race of Champions with his family, an underdressed Redditor noticed that folks were beginning to talk about him online. The weirdest part about the thread is how the user admits that he hasn't worn "anything but a t-shirt for three years." Although later he admits to wearing one of his "winter t-shirts."
Redditor Finds Out Why He Was Banned
When a user gets banned from any forum, drama is always sure to follow. You best believe that things got real when a moderator posted in a thread about "the most f***ed up post" he ever had to remove and the OP he was discussing started commenting. What follows is an argument over rule violations and a disclosure of private messages that makes the whole thread feel like an episode of The West Wing
A Woman Discovers that She's a Sexpert
Maybe it's not the best way to find out that you're good at sex, but one woman recalls finding out that the first time she gave her boyfriend a hand was one of the best times he's ever had. We're going to need a bigger cringe. 
The Woman Who Saw Her Dog on the Front Page of Reddit
When a woman saw that a picture of her dog had been turned into a meme, she took the high road and not only shared more pictures of her furry buddy, but started a full on petpocalypse where everyone shared pictures of their four-legged friends. 

Dad Builds Library and Becomes Reddit-Famous
One dad who set up a free bookstore in his kid's school got major karma points when people found out about it. After some gentle nudging he set up a PayPal link and managed to bring in some extra cash to cover the cost of books. Sometimes the Internet is magical. 
Man Tries to Sell Car and the Internet Does What It Does
When Redditors got ahold of one guy's sort of funny craigslist ad, it became a viral sensation and because his phone number wasn't blurred, made his phone unusable. Welcome to the 21st  century. 
Creepy Van Driver Gives His Side of the Story
After finding a story about a creepy van driver who wouldn't stop asking a lone bike rider if he was "David Crist" in the r/creepyencounters forum, the driver decided to make the story considerably less creepy when he commented that he was just stoned and felt like messing with the cyclist. 
Hockey Fan Gets Hit With Puck and Wins on Reddit
Meanwhile in Vancouver, a fan attending a Canucks game got smashed in the face with a puck and the video made the rounds on Reddit. He chimed in to let everyone know he was okay and that he made it out with his towel. 
This Kid Who Kept It Mad Real When He Vacuumed
In a thread that had long devolved into people posting memes of young folks trying to act tough, one commenter pointed out that he was actually one of the kids in the memes. Specifically a picture of a kid trying to look hard next to a Dyson vacuum cleaner. He came clean and said that he was trying to be funny when he took the picture. Sure. 


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<![CDATA[Graveyard Shift Staff Tell the Scariest Things They've Seen]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/creepy-night-shift-stories/rosa-pasquarella
Most people get to spend their evenings in the comfort of their own homes, however, people who work the night shift don't get that lucky. These often unseen heroes clean, protect, and otherwise provide as we sleep, and sometimes stuff on the late shift gets....weird.

We went to Reddit to find some of the creepiest true stories from folks working the notorious graveyard shift. From paranormal activity, to creepy strangers emerging from the dark, you're about to gain a whole new appreciation for the night shift.
Graveyard Shift Staff Tell the Scariest Things They've Seen,

Hospital orderly sees woman who had just recently passed away
"I work at a hospital overnightBy far the creepiest thing happened while I was cleaning two rooms after the patients left. The rooms were connected, with one exit. I cleaned the first room, left for 10 minutes, got my supplies and went back to the other. I saw a little old lady in a chair, hunched over. I stared at her for a few seconds. I thought it was odd they put a patient in that room already. I begin cleaning, and look back at the other room - it's empty. She disappeared. I would have seen if she walked passed me. Creepy. No one on the floor fit the description I gave of her - except the lady who died in that room four hours before my shift."
Property guard hears woman's dire screams for help
"I used to work as a night watchman on a large property. Not just a big building, but a large surrounding property as well. Probably 50 acres.

Well, this property was not in the best of areas. It was kind of secluded, but had a subdivision nearby.

Anyways it had a really long driveway that was gated. One night I start my rounds by walking out the front door of the place which was all lit up. As soon as I lock the door behind me and take a step I hear a woman's voice scream 'OH MY GOD SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!' up at the end of the driveway. It was somewhat faint and I took five running steps into the driveway, skidded to a stop and ran back inside to call the cops. They responded with multiple police cars and even a helicopter. They found absolutely nothing.

I still think it could have been someone trying to lure me out there."

Distraught worker sneaks past security, kills himself in company president's office
"Around 12 years ago I was working security at a small company's headquarters in New York City. My partner for the night had called in sick, so I had to work from midnight to six all by my lonesome. Now, normally, this wouldn't be a problem. I just had to sit in the back room, watch some cameras, and occasionally head out for a sweep - nothing to it right? Well as it turns out, one of the employees had stayed in the building after hours, and had managed to avoid my co-worker's sweep from the previous shift. I first noticed a movement in my peripheral vision on one of the screens, and then again a few minutes later. This was odd, because I was used to quiet nights in this particular building.

I was a little scared when I headed out for my sweep, but it was my job, so I grabbed my flashlight and headed out to begin. I had to start the sweep in one big hallway, and right as I entered, I saw a flash of movement at the end of it. At this point, I was sufficiently freaked out. I stood frozen for a minute or so, looking into the semi-darkness, unsure of what to do. The decision was taken out of my hands, however, as I heard a gunshot resound down the hallway. In what was the scariest moment of my life, I slowly walked down that hallway to investigate. I reached the end, and saw to my left that the president's office light was on. Slowly, I approached the door and creaked it open, scared shitless. What I saw will forever haunt me. The man had taken a seat in the president's chair, and shot himself in the head with a pistol, splattering blood and brains all over the floor and the wall. Apparently this guy was having problems at home, and because the president was supposedly a total asshole to him, he decided to off himself and scare the crap out of the president at the same time. In any case, I threw up a few times and called the police. I got the next two weeks off. I still have nightmares about it sometimes."

Man pulls up to gas station, appears to have a dead woman sitting in the passenger seat
"When I had just graduated high school, I started working at a truck stop a few miles outside of town. I usually worked evenings, but I had to switch shifts with the night shift guy, so there I was, at three a.m., fighting sleep. A car pulls into the parking lot and parks. There's a guy in the driver seat, crying, and a woman in the passenger seat just staring straight ahead...not moving... no emotion whatsoever. They sat there for what seemed like an hour. Then the guy gets out and comes in. He grabs a few random items and puts them on the counter. The whole time he is looking all around, checking for other people. There was no one but us... for miles. He then stares right into my very soul and says: 'It's quiet out here, isn't it? So quiet you can almost hear the angels singing.' I muttered something unmemorable and he left. She never moved."
Little girl watches her nanny as she sleeps
"Right out of college I got a job as a nanny for two elementary-aged girls. For their anniversary, the parents went on a week-long cruise and I stayed home with the kids. The first few nights, the eight-year-old would come into my room multiple times a night and wake me up. It was obvious she hadn't pre-planned what she was going to give me as a reason for waking me, so she would stumble through an excuse on the spot like 'I just wanted to make sure we are still going to the park tomorrow' or 'I think I forgot to brush my teeth and wondered if I should do it now or wait 'til the morning.'

I figured she was just missing her parents and feeling out-of-sorts, so I let it slide at first. But by the fourth or fifth time, knowing I needed sleep to keep up with two active kids, I told her that she wasn't to wake me up unless there it was an emergency.

I get a couple more hours of undisturbed sleep, but wake up with a weird feeling around five in the morning. I turn over and nearly piss myself - the girl had brought a chair right next to the bed and was staring down at me. It didn't help that she had long, dark hair and this happened a few months after The Ring came out.

Her explanation? 'I just thought it would be fun to watch you sleep. I didn't wake you!' Touche, kiddo."

Spirit of abused child haunts child welfare center; wakes children up to play in the middle of the night
"I work at a crisis nursery, which is a childcare facility that provides emergency and respite care for children under the age of seven. I used to work graveyards all the time. I have to say first that I am absolutely a non-believer in paranormal stuff. That being said, at two in the morning in a dark room when you and two or three other girls in their twenties are the only adults in the building, sh*t gets creepy sometimes.

The facility I work in was named for a child who was beaten to death by one of their parents. The nursery was started in their name as a way to hopefully prevent another child dying a violent death at the hands of a stressed-out caregiver.

So the story that goes around is that this kid's spirit haunts the nursery and is mostly active at night. They tell me that one of the reasons that everyone thinks this place is haunted is that many different people have reported different children asking about 'that kid' as in, 'why doesn't that kid have to go to bed?' while pointing at nothing. I brush it off, basically forget about it.

A few weeks later, I was in the sleep room (the bedroom where all the kids sleep. There must always be an adult in the room with the children) by myself. I'm just chilling, reading a book with a booklight. The rest of the room is pitch black and silent.

All of a sudden, this kid (probably four or five) sits bolt upright in bed and says, 'Hey, how come they aren't asleep? Why do they get to play? I want to play too!' all while pointing at a wall with no kids anywhere in the vicinity.

Instant crazy shivers all over me. I was so scared I almost screamed. I refused to be alone in there from that moment on."

College baseball coach falls out of fifth floor window of hotel after drunken night out
"I saw a live guy's brain working the night shift at a hotel front deskOne night, our hotel was hosting a college baseball team. The team came back around 11 and went up to their rooms to bed. No big deal. Then, around one, the coaches came back absolutely HAMMERED. They went up to their rooms, and that was the last I heard from them for about an hour.

While I was setting up for breakfast, I heard the elevator ding. Out of the elevator bursts one of the coaches. He runs straight out the front door. Odd, but okay, whatever. He comes running back inside shouting, 'He fell! He fell!' I run outside while pulling out my phone and dialing 9-1-1 to see one of the coaches who had come back earlier, face down on the ground in a HUGE puddle of blood.

The paramedics got there and as they were loading him up, one of them wiped off his forehead, and there it was. The guy had fallen out of a third story window straight on his forehead and split it open so wide and deep that you could see his brain. He was life-flighted to the bigger hospital up north. He lived. I got a raise the next day."

"Insidious" starts playing by itself as movie theatre closes down
"I was a shutting down projectors and closing down the movie theater around two in the morning. I shut off the one projector and turn around to see one theater starting to play Insidious from the beginning without previews. It was extremely out of place considering the projectors are programmed for the movies to start automatically with the 20-minute previews built in. No show was scheduled in the computer and I still don't know how it started. But I locked myself in the office for the rest of the night."
9-1-1 operator receives nightly calls from land line of unoccupied house
"A phone used to call me on 9-1-1 every night, make horrible screaming sounds or sometimes white noise, and then disconnect. It scared the living sh*t out of me. The number was as a landline for a vacant residence. The officers we sent out every time never found a thing, and I was repeatedly assured that the sounds on the line were due to a faulty phone line or the rain, but it never stopped bothering me."
Night nurses get phantom call from empty room with no phone
"I work as a transporter in a hospital. About two years ago we moved from the old city hospital into a new state of the art facility. The old hospital was built in the 1930s and was showing its age. At night was just plain creepy. Each floor had an east and west wing. The east wing of the fourth floor was the first wing to be shut down about two weeks before the move. One night at around 9:30, I'm up on the floor to get a patient from the west wing. I see a small group of nurses and aids who all used to work on the now closed east wing. They looked visibly shaken. I walked over to see if everything was OK. They told me that they had decided to walk through their old wing for nostalgia's sake. When they were over there, the phone at the nurses station started ringing. The computers and phones had not yet been moved. Not sure what to do, one of the nurses reached over the counter and answered the phone. The nurse told me there was a woman's voice on the other end and that she sounded confused. This is the conversation as best I can remember it. 
'This is ______. How can I help you?' asked the nurse.

'Hello? Who is this?'

'I'm a nurse. Is there anything I can help you with?'

'Where I am I?'

'This is (hospital name). Are you patient here?'

'Oh. OK.'  

Then the line went dead. That's when the nurse finally looked at the screen on the phone to see where the call was coming from. The phone gave the room number directly next to the nurses station. The rooms by this point had all been cleared out and the phones removed. They could see directly into the room and see that there was nobody in there. That's when they bolted towards the west wing where I was getting off the elevator. I avoided that wing for the rest of my time there."

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<![CDATA[Hospital Workers Tell Insane Sex-Related Injuries They Saw]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/sex-injuries/rosa-pasquarella

Sex is supposed to be fun. "Supposed" being the key word. But, if you play, you are bound to get hurt. We scoured the internet to find some of the craziest sex stories you'll hear- the ones that ended up in the ER. From various household objects finding their way up people's rectums, to piercings gone bad, these story will definitely make you extra-cautious the next time you're bit by the love bug.

Hospital Workers Tell Insane Sex-Related Injuries They Saw,

Guy convinces wife to stick gun up his butt during sex; gun goes off

"The EMTs arrive, they find a woman covered in gore and blood and a man with a gaping hole in his stomach. Apparently they had returned from their honeymoon and were getting busy. The husband thought it a good idea to get his wife to insert a revolver into his rectum. However the revolver was loaded and the safety off.

Mid-blowjob the gun went off blowing a huge hole in his stomach and covering his lovely wife in blood, intestines and rectum.

The wife was just in shock and couldn't move or talk. The man, unfortunately, didn't make it."

Tongue piercing gets stuck on clit-ring.

"Have you ever had a tongue-piercing get stuck in a clitoris-ring? Well, it's fun for the on-duty EMTs, not so much for the patients."

Man tries to have sex with his cat
"One of my friends was an EMT. He had to respond to a call once for a guy who injured his penis. It turns out he was trying to fuck his cat and his cat wasn't having any of it. He said that was the only time on the job he lost it laughing in front of the patient."
Woman masturbates with curtain rod

"A woman used her curtain rod to masturbate and well... got it stuck. The best part was that it was a long curtain rod which need to be cut to fit in the ambulance."

Woman decapitated while giving road head

"A buddy of mine is a paramedic and he once told me a story about a guy who was getting road head and got into an accident. When they found the girl, she had been decapitated. She still had his penis in her mouth and he wasn't sitting next to her anymore."

A man tries to massage himself with a large onion and gets it stuck up his butt

"My buddy told me about a guy who had gotten a large onion stuck in his rectum. The guy's excuse was that he was using it to massage his lower back, which is why he was completely naked and covered in oil, and slipped and fell on it causing it to lodge itself in his colon. The real kicker is that he was a few days into this ordeal because he wanted to pass it without going to the hospital so in the process he developed a massive impaction because he was completely clogged."

Man breaks his penis into a Z

"I had a gentleman and his lady come in after a romantic (drunken) night on the beach, mid-coitus he misjudged the length of his penis, pulled out too far, and rammed it into her leg causing it to snap in half. I have never in my life seen something so horrific and I've been an EMT for 10 years. It was in the shape of a Z, completely purple, and swollen. "

Couple breaks a glass, shards end up in bad places

"A couple come into A&E after a (presumably rough) night out. They'd gone back to his place, had some wine on his bed, then started having sex. She went on top, and as they changed positions one of the wine glasses smashed and left an eight centimeter shard in the guy's butt cheek.

Worst part? She continued to ride him for a number of seconds mistaking his screams for pleasure, and caused some fairly serious lacerations."

Woman nearly bites off penis

"We had a young couple visiting from Korea checking out our major university. They were staying at a mid-priced hotel. All our call notes said was '21-year-old male bleeding from penis.' When we get there, the caller was in the lobby and walks out to us holding his crotch and a bloody towel. His girlfriend is crying her eyes out. First thing she said to me in broken English was 'Will you cut it off?' Found out that she was giving him head and it got a little rough. Apparently she managed to somehow bite his dick just at the base of the head where it meets the shaft. He had a deep laceration the width of his dick but the head was still attached. He was in minimal pain and the bleeding had mostly stopped. That one was hard to keep a straight face on."

Man gets stuck in a cock ring
"My dad was a paramedic for many years. I remember one story he told about some guy getting a cock ring stuck on his dick. Apparently the guys dick had swollen up so much because of the cock ring, they couldn't even see the ring anymore. from what he described it looked like an eggplant ready to burst."

Mon, 07 Mar 2016 04:38:22 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/sex-injuries/rosa-pasquarella
<![CDATA[10 Real People Who Survived Horror Movie Situations]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/7-real-people-who-survived-horror-movie-situations/samantha-wilson

Everyone enjoys a good horror movie, but what happens when the nightmares leap off screen and come to life? These people are all survivors of real-life horrors that make anything that happened in A Nightmare on Elm Street look like small potatoes. From stalkers and serial killers, to ghastly medical traumas and crimes of (lost) passion, these horror survivors have seen it all and lived to tell about it. Who knows – maybe the "based on a true story" version of their haunting tales will hit the theaters someday soon. 

The survivors of real-life horror proved that they have what the protagonists of horror movies do not: common sense and resilience in the face of extreme terror. Rather than accept their fate and submit to whatever gruesome foe is pursuing them, these fighters decided that they wanted to live another day – and often took their opponents (real and metaphorical) down with them. Think trickery, quick wits, gut instincts and just plain old optimism in the face of trauma; sometimes that's all anyone needs to outdo even the greatest horror villains. For these seven people who survived such horrible terrors in their real lives, they could easily hold their own in the scariest of horror movies. Way to make the rest of us look like wimps, guys. 

10 Real People Who Survived Horror Movie Situations,

Escaping Jeffrey Dahmer's Nightmare Apartment

The Horror

Jeffrey Dahmer is one of the most notorious serial killers of all time, killing and dismembering 17 young men between 1978 and 1991.He turned a quiet Milwaukee apartment into a horror show, luring victims inside and ultimately using them for everything from medical experimentation to necrophilia and cannibalism. So he probably didn't have anything especially pleasant in mind when he invited Tracy Edwards over to drink beer and watch The Exorcist III. When Edwards arrived, he discovered Dahmer's friendliness was a veneer, and soon the killer was brandishing a butcher knife and telling Edwards he would eat his heart.

How He Escaped

Dahmer insisted Edwards lie on the floor as he wielded the knife. As the film played out television, Dahmer grew increasingly manic, swinging between apoplectic excitement and inconsolable self-pity. Edwards attempted to calm him down, allowing Dahmer to put handcuffs on just one of his wrists. Having distracted the killer, Edwards struck Dahmer and fled, flagging down a police car and leading authorities to the apartment, where they discovered body parts including four human heads in the fridge. 

Woman Goes on Vacation and Gets Flesh-Eating Bacteria as a Souvenir

The Horror 
Aimee Copeland was having a blast on vacation in her home state of Georgia when she decided to give ziplining a try. The outdoor enthusiast wasn't worried about anything going wrong - she had always been up for an adventure and never shied away from the chance to try something new. But when Aimee ziplined, the wire snapped and caused the graduate student to plummet into the murky water below, where she contracted necrotizing fasciitis in an open wound.

How She Survived

After doctors determined that Copeland had contracted the flesh-eating bacteria, which is often fatal, they worked as fast as they could to stop the spread before it could hit her vital organs. Her hands and both legs were amputated in order to save her life; since the incident, she has been fitted with prosthetic legs and bionic hands that allow her to live a bit more normally. While anyone else would probably curl up in a ball and never go outside again, Copeland gained national attention during her ordeal not only for beating the bacteria, but for her overwhelming positivity in the face of terror. 

Eluding a Highway Murderer Down Under

The Horror

British tourists Joanne Lees and Peter Falconio were driving a van through the Australian Outback at night when another motorist signaled for them to pull over. On the roadside, the man informed them that their van's exhaust pipe was emitting sparks. When Falconio got out to investigate, the motorist, Bradley John Murdoch, shot him on the roadside. Intending to take Lees as his sexual prize, Murdoch attacked her then bound her hands with cable ties.

How She Survived

Murdoch, high on amphetamines, hauled Lees out of the van, where she fell face down on the asphalt. Despite a blow to the head that left her momentarily dazed, Lees was aware enough to leap at a brief opportunity in which Murdoch was distracted as he moved Falconio's body. She fled into nearby bushes, emerging from her hiding place over five hours later to flag down a passing car for help. Murdoch was convicted of the murder, but he has never revealed the whereabouts of Falconio's body.

Just Your Friendly Neighborhood Stalker

The Horror
When Redditor M1nneapolis was a senior in high school, she was getting ready for bed and heard something strange coming from outside her window. Down on the street was one of her neighbors, standing at the fence that divided their yards, yelling something incredibly lewd and inappropriate to a teenage girl up through the open window. He had clearly been watching her, and freaked out about the incident, she didn't tell her parents in the hopes that it just wouldn't happen again.

The next morning when she was getting ready for school, she heard the back door of her house open and listened to her gut when it said that it was the creepy neighbor, not her mother. When she went down into the kitchen, there he was with an 8-inch knife in his hand, ready to pounce.

How She Survived

Though he told her not to move, the look on his face and her instincts told her not to listen to him; instead, she booked it out of the house and ran as fast as could to every house on the block trying to get help. The police showed up and found her attacker back at his own house; a recovering alcoholic, he had downed massive amounts of vodka and decided to go through with something it seemed he had been planning for months. He confessed to police that he had been watching her for quite some time, and had a collection of photos in his possession that proved it. 

When Accepting a Ride Goes Horribly Wrong

The Horror

One September night in 1992, Jennifer Asbenson missed the Palm Springs bus that would've taken her to work at a center for disabled children. So when a charming motorist offered her a ride, she took it, arriving safely for a full night shift. In the morning, the driver was waiting for her, again offering a ride. Since the first trip went well, she again accepted. Unfortunately, that driver was Andrew Urdiales, a serial murderer and rapist who put a knife to Asbenson's throat, tied her up, and drove out into the remote desert, where he gagged, beat, and sexually assaulted her.

How She Survived

After cruelly toying with his victim, Urdiales forced Asbenson into the trunk of his car and hit the road. Inside, she quickly found a release mechanism to pop the trunk from the inside, but waited until an opportune moment to actually use it. When she did, Asbenson fled into the road, stopping an oncoming truck with several Marines inside. Her attacker disappeared, however, and five years passed before Urdiales was ultimately captured. 

An Intruder Gets Caught by the Snow
The Horror 

Redditor laundrysoap had a chilling tale to tell about her boyfriend's mother. As a child, the mother lived in a house with a strange design that featured several doors to the outside all over the house, including her bedroom. She began feeling at unease in the house, like someone was watching her, but her family shrugged it off as a little girl being scared of the dark and ignored her fears – even when she swore that someone was rattling the doorknob to her room from outside the house.

Eventually, her belief that she was being watched got so bad that she had to sleep in her parents' room every night or else she would wake up screaming. One night when her father woke up to use the restroom, he saw a shadowy figure and heard noises, but couldn't find anything suspicious to back up his daughter's fears. That is...until the next morning.

How They Survived

Surrounding the house, leading up to every window and door, were fresh footprints in the snow. Someone had tried to get into the house desperately, and clearly had been there many times before. Her father followed the footprints down the street, where they led to a house where a mentally handicapped teen lived; he confessed to entering their house every night to watch the girl sleep. He just gave up and went home the night before when all the doors and windows were locked. Believe your children and lock your doors!
Worst Fiancé Ever Buries Woman Alive

The Horror 
Michelina Lewandowska did not have the most loving relationship with her fiancé, Marcin Kasprzak, but she was probably anticipating a nasty public breakup or a confession of cheating when their relationship finally ran its course. Instead, when Kasprzak "grew tired of her," he and an accomplice attacked her with a stun gun, bound her hands and legs, and tried to think of how to get rid of the mother of his 3-year-old son, no less. His gruesome idea was to dump Michelina into a cardboard box, drive her out into the wilderness, and bury her alive under a few inches of dirt and a 90-pound tree branch so she would suffocate.

How She Survived

In an interview she gave after the ordeal, Michelina recalled waking up in her shallow grave with thoughts of her child. She decided that she needed to survive in order to protect him from the man who did this to her. Thinking quickly, she was able to cut through her bonds with her engagement ring and claw her way out of the grave, where she had been  for over two hours already. Though she escaped with her life, the psychological and physical effects haunted her for weeks; she suffered from insomnia and paranoia, and had difficulty breathing and walking. Both her attackers were sentenced to 20 years in prison. 

The Only Surviving Victim

The Horror 
Holly Dunn and her boyfriend, Chris Maier, were having a casual night out when they crossed paths with the wrong stranger. While on their way home from a friend's party, the couple was approached by a mysterious man at a train station asking for money. Little did they know that he was Angel Resendiz, a famed serial killer who had already murdered six and would ultimately claim the lives of many more.

After showing them an ice pick, Resendiz tied the couple up and ushered them into a nearby ditch. He then bludgeoned Maier to death with a 50-pound rock. Not satisfied with the one kill, Resendiz proceeded to brutally rape Holly, stab her in the neck with the ice pick, and beat her savagely with a wood plank until she passed out.

How She Survived

When Holly woke up, she discovered that Resendiz was gone - he mistook Holly's unconsciousness for death, giving her the chance to escape. She was able to drag herself to a nearby house and call for help for her various injuries, including a broken jaw and shattered eye socket. Nearly 10 years later, Holly testified in court against "The Railway Killer" (he used the train system to move between states and find new victims) in the trial that gave him the death sentence; she was the only one of his 15 victims to ever get away.  

Red Riding Hood Outsmarts a Big Bad Wolf

The Horror

Elizabeth Shoaf was on her way home from school when a man claiming to be a police officer declared she was under arrest, handcuffing the 14-year-old and taking her to his home deep in the South Carolina woods. The kidnapper, an unemployed construction worked named Vinson Filyaw, chained her in a booby-trapped bunker beneath his isolated trailer, regularly assaulting her over the course of ten days. Her parents reported her missing, but the police treated it as a case of a teenage runaway.

How She Escaped

Knowing that no one would be able to find her, Shoaf spent several days deliberately building up her captor's trust. Eventually, Filyaw allowed her to use his phone to play games. Naturally, she used it to text her parents and friends. Before long, the authorities used the phone's signal to find her approximate location. Panicking, Filyaw asked his victim what to do, and Shoaf, fearing he might kill her, advised him to run. He did, and she carried herself out of the bunker on her own. Filyaw, meanwhile, was captured and eventually sentenced to 421 years in prison.

Actor Slits His Own Throat On Stage

The Horror
Daniel Hoevels's role as Mortimer in Mary Stuart called for him to "commit suicide" on stage every night in front of a horrified audience; when Mortimer's plans to free Mary, Queen of Scots from prison fail, he slits his throat in anguish. Hoevels had been playing the role for over two years without a single hitch, until one fateful night when a potential homicide may have been attempted in the most grandiose, theatrical way possible.

When Hoevels went to cut his throat with the knife laid out on the table, just as it was during every other performance. The audience went wild with his stirring performance. So much blood! So realistic! Wait...why isn't he moving anymore?

How He Survived

Hoevels's prop knife was identical to a real one, but obviously dulled. Somehow, the knife on stage that night was real, and he legitimately cut open his neck. Fortunately for Hoevel, he missed the carotid artery entirely and merely needed stitches and a plaster cast to remedy his injury. Since the actor never decided to press charges, the question remains to this day: was it merely an accident (the theater says the prop manager purchased a new knife and forgot to dull it) or did someone want to take Hoevel out with some pizzazz? Ever the professional, he was back on stage the next night performing again.

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<![CDATA[People Describe The Creepiest Urban Legends]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/creepiest-urban-legends/dukeharten
No matter which corner of the country you call home, chances are you're familiar with one or two local urban legends. But can your spooky stories play ball with the best of them? Below are some of the creepiest urban legends the Internet has to offer.

Whether it's restless ghosts or vagabond killers, these freaky tales will have you locking the doors and sleeping with a nightlight. Below is a list of urban legends by city (or urban legends by state) that will help you mark off places to skip on your next vacation. (Unsettlingly, some of the stories have no location at all, which means they could happen anywhere...)

People Describe The Creepiest Urban Legends,

Bosnian Brothers Betray Their Sister-in-law to Build Fortress
I'm from a small town in Bosnia called Tešanj. In my town there is a fortress on top of a hill called Gradina, and it's basically in the middle of the town. Legend has it, three brothers were building the fortress, but every time they built it, it would collapse. They were told by a mystic that it would keep collapsing until they put a woman inside a wall.  

Well, the three brothers all had wives, and they agreed that the next wife to bring them lunch would be the one sacrificed. Each one swore he wouldn't warn his own wife, but the two older brothers broke their promise. The wife of the youngest one brought lunch the next day. The men killed her and entombed her body in the stone .  

From then on, the fortress was indestructible.

Stick People Steal Babies

I'm Native American, and the story of the Stick People always gave me the heebie jeebies at dusk, or if I was alone in the woods. The story goes that there are these Stick People who live in the hills, and they lure children in who don't pay attention to their parents, children who wandered into their territory, children who are out past their bedtime, or even babes out of their baskets when their mothers have their backs turned to put up laundry on the line.

The Stick People, as told to me, were abnormally small in size, and skeletal. They were were mischievous and wicked. In addition to kids, they would also steal things like the extra sock from your dryer, your car keys etc.

As I lived in a very rural area on a reservation, I'd assumed these Stick People lived up in the hills, so every time I'm in the hills now I'm always looking around, and very alert, and not because there are bears and cougars in the area, but because of the Stick People.

Feral Montana Hitchhiker Chases Good Samaritan

One of my high school teachers had a job at a small college in Montana when he was a young newlywed. One night on a long commute home, he was driving down a lonely road, past fields of corn or grain, when he saw a hitchhiker. This being decades ago in rural Montana, he pulled over to let the guy in without a second thought. The man was dressed in a really old, outdated suit and a big, stylish hat. My teacher said he looked like someone from the '40s.

So the guy gets in next to my teacher without saying a word. Teacher asks him where he needs to go, and the guy just points forward. Teacher drives on.

The hitchhiker says nothing at all, just pulls his hat down, as though he were sleeping. Then suddenly, he tips up his hat, looks out the window, and says "Stop the car, now." My teacher pulls over and lets him out. The guy stands on the side of the road for a second, and then sprints into the field beside the road until my teacher can't see him anymore (granted, the crop was fairly tall). Thinking this strange, but not necessarily dangerous, my teacher continues driving home.

When he checks his rearview mirror a few minutes later, he sees the hitchhiker on all fours like an animal, running (crawling?) after the truck at an inhuman speed. 

He floors it, coaxing the old truck up to dangerous speeds, and finally loses the guy. Teacher pulls off at a gas station and call his wife, relates the story, tells her to lock up the house. She thinks he's joking. When he asks why she would think that, she says that one of her coworkers told her the exact same story. She thought maybe they were just teasing her with an urban legend. (And that maybe my teacher was in on the joke.)

Anyways, my teacher assured her that he was not lying, and she evidently believed him. She vouches for her side of the story, because she showed up to one of our fundraisers and I asked her about it.

So yeah, now I just avoid lonely roads in Montana.

Witch Ritual Scares High Schoolers

In high school, my buddies and I used to cruise in the backwoods to a spot called Witches' Cove. It was a small valley surrounded by woods next to a one-lane cobblestone bridge. Rumor had it, devil worshippers performed rituals under the bridge.

We'd been there dozens of times to smoke and drink without seeing anyone, but one night we pulled up and there was a bonfire in the valley. There were people dancing around the fire and jumping through it. Some were naked. We got out and approached them, thinking they were partying. One guy walked up and addressed us all by our names. (How he knew them, we had no idea.) He asked if we believed in God. When we said we did, he laughed at us and said we'd better leave.

We were creeped out and decided to take his advice. As we drove away from the area, my buddy in the passenger seat jumped and screamed, pointing at something next to our car. It was hard to see because there were tall weeds growing next to the road, but it looked like someone was crawling on all fours alongside our car. We were going 35-40 mph. It was so fast, it passed us. 

We were flipping out. Eventually, we came to an intersection and saw the same guy who approached us at the bonfire, standing by the stop sign, smiling at us. At that point, we did about 85 mph all the way back to town. One of my friends was so scared he went home and had his folks call their pastor to come over and pray with/for him. Of course, everyone at school said we were just high or drunk. Even my own folks didn't believe me.

I tried for years to rationalize and reach logical conclusions about what happened, saying I was drunk, or it was a dog crawling by us, or it was a different person standing at the stop sign, but it still gives me goose bumps remembering it.

Albinos Ambush Motorists in the Mountains
We have a mountain range where I'm from in Santa Clara, California, called Mount Umunhum. It's said to be riddled with savage albinos up at the top.  

Now large parts of this mountain are just normal black top roads with houses. But as you drive further up, the houses become scarce and the forest becomes thicker. Eventually you'll see a sign for the Umunhum peak where the savage albinos supposedly live. The creepy part is that it's a dirt road and two cars cannot go up it at one time. And it's really tricky to turn around.  

My friends and I would always go up and explore around 2AM. We never got very far before turning around at one side of the road that widens a little. We were always terrified at this point because it was really difficult to maneuver it and would have been so easy for the savage albinos to get us. Apparently, they drive around in a white truck and play tricks on people to get them to pull over before the others ambush you.

Skinwalkers Blend Human and Animal Forms
There's a Navajo legend about the "Skinwalker," a creature that, as its name implies, disguises itself as something else. The Navajo do not discuss it casually, because they believe that talking about it gives the skinwalker more power. 
During a short term job, I was housed near a reservation. One night, I saw a coyote running across an open space about quarter mile out - on its hind legs. I told the locals about it, and they told me things like that just happen out there, and that I shouldn't speak of my experience freely to anyone.  

One of them introduced me to a "healing man" to make sure I was "cleansed of bad spirits," in case the encounter marked me in any way. He told about terrifying encounters that other people had had with these creatures, and to not think about them or seek them out while I was there or the Skinwalkers would know. Seriously creepy stuff. 

Child Ghosts save Texans from Repeat Train Wrecks

In San Antonio, there was a school bus which broke down on a set of train tracks. Before the bus could be moved or evacuated, a train barreled down the tracks and tragically killed all on board. It was such a tragedy, that the local government eventually named all of the nearby streets after these children.

So, as you drive past a mental institution, on roads named after dead children, you come to a hill. On this hill is where the road meets the train tracks. You park on the tracks and put your car into neutral. For an added effect, you can put white powder on your bumper. Then, you wait.

After a little bit, your car randomly starts moving by itself off of the tracks. It's even more odd, because your car doesnt go down the hill, but instead it goes up the hill. If you put white powder on your bumper, you find tiny fingerprints. Supposedly, those prints are proof that the ghosts of the children who died in the wreck all those years ago pushed you off of the tracks - to save your car, and your life, from being hit by a train like they were.

West Virginia Mothman Makes Bridge Collapse
In a 13-month period between 1965-1966, the town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia reported seeing a winged beast with big red eyes. They named this creature the Mothman.  

The last sighting of Mothman occurred when someone spotted the beast standing on the Silver Bridge. And then the Silver Bridge collapsed. The beast wasn't reported again afterwards.

Venezuelan Whistler Preys on Drunks and Cheaters

There's an urban legend in Venezuela surrounding "El Silbón" (The Whistler), a figure known in the wetland plains and prairies regions called "Llanos."

The Whistler is usually described as a very emaciated man dressed in cowboy's rags, with a wide brim hat that hides his skeletal face. He roams the countryside and patches of bush at night, his shoulders drooping, his gaze cast downward. He carries a heavy bag full of bones and half-decomposed remains over his back.  

True to his name, the entity continuously whistles a high chord progression (C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C) that goes higher in tune with every note. He is also unnaturally tall and strong, with some accounts describing him as towering over six meters (almost 20 feet) in height.


His origin is not clear, with some tales casting him as an accursed parricide. He's rumored to prey on lone travelers, especially drunk or unfaithful men. Legend has it, his ominous whistle is suddenly heard very loud and close, yet the source cannot be pinpointed. Contrary to logic, when the sound lowers and appears more distant, the Whistler is very near.

He kills either by strangling or by blunt-force trauma, devouring his victims and throwing the bones in his bag. He can be seen occasionally wading over the high walls of haciendas. Prayer is said to keep him away.

Okinawa Children Want Dead Playmates
In Okinawa there was a house near the Kadena Air Force Base that was abandoned. A man killed himself and his family in it.  

The house was said to be haunted. It was even part of the ghost tours they gave on base. There were reports that the outside lights would turn on by themselves. One story was that a woman could be seen washing her hair in the sink in the kitchen through a window.  

The creepiest thing by far was that this house shared a chainlink fence with the daycare building. My friend's mom worked at the day care. Children between four and five years old would constantly throw toys over the fence. When asked why, they said they wanted to play with the children on the other side. All of the kids saw these other children, but the adults could not. It throughly freaked out anyone who worked there.

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<![CDATA[The 38 Most Obnoxious Wedding Themes of All Time]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/10-most-obnoxious-wedding-themes-of-all-time/davehoward
After we saw the news of the couple in Japan who were married by a robot, we realized Wedding Season (aka June-July) is rife with examples of poor wedding theme decisions. It's the time of year when the sanctity of marriage and love are celebrated with crab cakes, white frosting, and drunken bridesmaids giving it up for pre-screened strangers. Here are the most insane and ridiculous wedding themes we have ever seen. But hey, look at this this way: they're better than Vegas!... Kind of.

What are the worst wedding themes? Generally ones that are offensive or take the couple's hobbies a little too far. Alas, while some people are still not allowed to partake in wedding ceremonies, there are others who should not be allowed to join in the fun. You know who I am talking about, these are the folks whose passions for a hobby rank as holier than both the sacred word of God or the exalted slurring of a Dean Martin impersonator. I mean even the top wedding themes for insane people shouldn't be this available to the general public. Like, how did these people even pull these weddings off? Crazy wedding themes are one thing, and something that should really just be kept to the pages of Pinterest. But until these weirdo wedding rituals are absolved... weddings aren't safe for anyone.

The 38 Most Obnoxious Wedding Themes of All Time,

Batman Wedding

The NRA Wedding

Zombie Wedding

Superhero Wedding
Little girl: "Mommy, when I grow up I want to get married around a bunch of superheroes!"

Mommy: "Daddy's not spending $20,000 on that."

Well, bridesmaids of the world, you can no longer complain about having to pay $400 for an ugly dress you will never wear again.

This guy got all his buddies dressed up in tights as a warm-up for his wedding night. Classy. We don't know how much the codpieces cost, but we do know how much the inevitable forced-cosplay will cost on the lives of their children (emotionally)... and it ain't cheap.

Man, those guys are nerds... Also, the Post-Crisis DC Universe Batman has absolutely NOTHING to do with the Batman from the 1960s television, and none of the Justice League EVER showed up in even a single episode, not even the movie that followed the series.

... What?
Pirate Cove Wedding

Forbidden Star Wars Love Wedding

The Destination Wedding
The Destination Wedding is not as goofy as some of these others... however, it needs to end.

I don't want to spend five grand to go to your wedding and spend the weekend meeting your in-laws who I will most likely not see again until their funeral.

Sure, I would love to spend the weekend in Aruba, Paris, or Thailand. But if I am going to any of those places, I will be doing things your in-laws should not be privy to.

C'mon, the Reidel decanter and cheese cutting set should be enough of an investment to prove my love to you. Now go and have your OWN honeymoon.
Journey to Knighthood Wedding

Game of Thrones Wedding
This bride and groom played with fire when they held their Game of Thrones-themed wedding in June 2014. They decorated with GoT swag, played the Rains of Castamere and even wore GoT house shirts under their wedding clothes. The groom represented House Stark. Risky, right?

We get it: you love the show and the books. So do we! Not to state the obvious, but when has a wedding on Game of Thrones ever, EVER turned out well? Disaster may not immediately strike, but you're definitely asking for it. Just think about that when you're nibbling on your lemon cakes and hot pies. 
Alice In Wonderland on Acid Wedding

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<![CDATA[Weird Randy Quaid Stories You Won't Believe Are Real]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/randy-quaid-crazy-stories/jacob-shelton
Since 2009, the ongoing saga of Randy Quaid and his wife Evi has been playing out in the media like some kind of experimental theater. Just when you think that you’ve heard all the Randy Quaid stories, he does something else that makes you rethink your perception of Cousin Eddie from National Lampoon’s Vacation movies.

At first, a lot of people were calling Randy Quaid crazy for showing up to a court hearing with props like a sheriff’s badge and his 1988 Golden Globe, but he’s an actor so whatever, you know? He’s eccentric. But then when Quaid disappeared to Canada with his wife and started tweeting about Hollywood star whackers, things got really weird, really fast. This list covers some of the strangest things Randy Quaid has done in his time under the spotlight, so strap on your tinfoil hat and read these weird Randy Quaid stories you might not belied are true.

There are so many Randy Quaid crazy stories that they’re almost a quantifiable commodity. They’re at least as good as baseball cards or Pogs. It’s entirely possible that by the end of Randy Quaid’s life, he’ll have made so many strange choices that families will sit around the campfire trading stories about the taller, more eccentric Quaid, and remember him fondly as the pure entertainer that he was. You know what? There’s no reason we can’t start that tradition now. Let’s all run away to Canada, light up the campfire, and read about these weird things Randy Quaid has done.
Weird Randy Quaid Stories You Won't Believe Are Real,

He Sued Brokeback Mountain
In 2006, Randy Quaid filed a lawsuit against Focus Features and their associated parties for misrepresenting the money-making possibilities of Brokeback Mountain, in order to gain his services as an actor (because he was definitely the acting draw in that movie). He sought $10 million plus punitive damages, but dropped the case a few months after initially filing.
Randy Quaid Productions Presents: Star Whackers - The Movie
After seeking asylum in Canada, Randy and his wife Evi decided to make a documentary about the alleged "star whackers" that run amok in Hollywood. The doc was only shown once in Vancouver and featured Quaid reciting Shakespeare while wearing a fur length coat with his penis hanging out. One reviewer referred to it as “drugged-out dreck.”
He Skipped Out on a $10K Hotel Bill
In 2009, Quaid and his wife Evi were arrested in Marfa, TX for bailing on a $10,000 California hotel bill. After a struggle, he was detained at the Presidio County Sheriff's Department. No one knows where the California hotel was, but it either had one expensive mini bar, or it was the longest anyone has ever stayed at a Best Western.
He Was Arrested for Burglary
In 2011, the owner of a Santa Barbara home in which Randy Quaid had been squatting, filed a police report against the falling star for causing more than $5,000 worth of damage to the property. Despite claims from Quaid that he'd owned the home since the '90s, he was arrested and charged with felony residential burglary and entering a noncommercial building without consent.
He Was Banned from the Actors Equity Union
Thanks to his nutso behavior during the Seattle run of the musical Lone Star Love, Quaid was banned from the Actors' Equity union for life. He was fined $81,572 for reportedly hitting an actor on the back of the head multiple times, warning another actor to not make direct eye contact with him, making "sexually inappropriate" comments onstage, trying to write characters out of the script, and changing the lyrics to the songs.
He Made a Sex Tape in Which His Wife Wore a Rupert Murdoch Mask
After being off the grid for a little while, Quaid resurfaced in February 2015 to let the world know he was still crazy, and to say that, "Warner Brothers even had my wife and I falsely arrested six times by TMZ."

Then he went on to simulate sex with his wife while she wore a piece of paper with Rupert Murdoch's face on it.

He Once Started a Band
By now you know that Quaid is obsessed with the concept of the Hollywood star whackers. He's talked about them in court, he's made a documentary about them, and he even wrote a song about them... with his band, Randy Quaid and the Fugitives. The song isn't the best but um... well you should just listen for yourself.
He Wanted to Build a Randy Quaid Museum in Marfa
In the January 2011 issue of Vanity Fair, Randy Quaid gave one of the weirdest and most quotable interviews that the magazine has ever printed. But the weirdest thing people noticed was that Quaid admitted that when he was arrested in Marfa, TX for skipping out on that $10K hotel bill, he was in town scouting out the perfect location for a Randy Quaid museum.
Quaid Claimed He Was Running from Hollywood Star Whackers
After escaping to Canada, Quaid appealed to Canada for asylum, claiming to be on the run from a group of "Hollywood star whackers" who were responsible for the mysterious deaths of numerous actors, including Heath Ledger and David Carradine.
He and Evi Got Arrested Trying to Return to the US
On October 9, 2015, after five years hiding out in Canada for fear of "star whackers," Quaid and his wife Evi were arrested at America's northern border, attempting to return to the US. Specifically, they were making the crossing from Quebec into Vermont.

Why come back to the country? Well, though Evi was granted Canadian citizenship (her father was a hoser), Randy was not. The couple was set to be deported to the US on October 14, 2015 - evidently they decided not to wait around. The pair was held at separate correctional facilities, with bail for each at $500,000. Further complicating matters, was the news that there are grounds to extradite the Quaids to California, due to warrants issued for them in Santa Barbara.

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<![CDATA[Horrible Escalator-Related Deaths]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/escalator-deaths/christopher-shultz
Millions of people use escalators every day without incident. Sometimes, however, horrible accidents can happen, and while the number of people who have died on escalators is relatively low, fatalities do occur on a fairly consistent basis.  

You might be asking, "How does an escalator kill you?" or "How do you die on an escalator?" These ten stories of escalator-related deaths will answer both, and make you better appreciate elevators or even good old-fashioned stairs. 

Horrible Escalator-Related Deaths,

Man Falls from Escalator, Lands on Another Man
In December 2015, a 54-year-old man in the Russian city of Kazan fell to his death after losing his balance on a shopping mall escalator just after boarding the unit. He plummeted 40 feet to the floor below and happened to land right on top of another man, believed to be in his seventies. Strangely, the man who fell lost his life, but the 74-year-old he landed on walked away unscathed. 
Mother Saves Son but Perishes in Escalator Malfunction
In late June 2015, Xiang Liujuan noticed that a plate at the top of an escalator was missing in an Anliang department store in Jingzhou, in Hubei province, China. She managed to push her son to safety, but sadly, Liujaun fell through the hole and underneath the escalator, crushing her to death.  

Investigators determined the department store as at fault for the accident, as they provided no warning at the bottom of the escalator that the unit was broken. They also point to the fact the escalator should have been shut down and roped off as soon as the missing panel was discovered.

Girl Plummets to Death While Playing on Escalator Handrail
China experienced a plague of escalator-related deaths from 2015 to 2016. On the morning of January 10, 2016, at a Kunming, Yunnan Province, south China, shopping mall, a three year-old named Ximei fell from the rail of a fourth-floor escalator while playing unsupervised. Her grandmother, who owns a booth in the shopping center, was present at the time, but had not been watching Ximei when she fell. 
Man Falls to Death Sliding Down New Orleans Casino Escalator
A man from Charlotte, North Carolina, died inside the Harrah's Casino in New Orleans, Louisiana, on April 7, 2016 after attempting to slide down the handrail of an escalator. The man, James Edward Darst, was in town for a conference. No word on whether Darst was intoxicated at the time he attempted to slide down the rail.
Shooting Death Over Escalator Argument
At the Metreon shopping center in San Francisco, California, a 15-year-old boy was arrested on November 11, 2007 for shooting another teen, Michael Price, because Price refused to walk down an escalator, preferring to ride the steps to the bottom. 
Woman Dies When Escalator Snags Her Scarf and Hair
A 48-year-old woman died in a Montreal metro station escalator in January 2014. The woman's scarf had been snagged by the escalator's teeth. When she bent over to try and untangle her scarf, the woman's hair was also clamped into the mechanism. Ultimately, her scarf cinched around her neck, strangling her to death.
Escalator Accident Causes One Death, 27 Injuries
In Beijing, on the morning of July 5, 2011, a subway escalator malfunctioned, causing the mechanism to suddenly and rapidly move in reverse. This created a massive pile-up, resulting in one 13-year-old boy being crushed, and another 27 people seriously injured. An eyewitness stated that blood streaked the escalator steps for 30 feet.
Man Strangles to Death When Escalator Catches His Shirt
A Seattle man died in a bus terminal in April 2013 when his shirt became entangled in the mechanism towards the bottom of the unit. As an open bottle of brandy was found on his person, and CCTV footage showed the man to be moving slowly just prior to boarding the escalator, it was theorized he might have been intoxicated prior to the incident. It appeared the man lost his balance, causing his shirt to get lodged in the escalator's motors.
Toddler Dies in Escalator Mishap
Only a few months after Xiang Liujuan saved her son, but not herself, from perishing on a broken escalator, in October 2015, another little boy in Chongqing, China, was caught between the escalator steps and the handrail at a Hongqihegou metro station, dragging him into the mechanism.  

The unit was reportedly working properly at the time of the accident, so the metro station was not at fault. However, the boy was apparently left unsupervised by his mother, which lead to his being unaccompanied on the escalator at the time of his death.

Step Gives Way on Escalator, Killing One Woman
A woman died on a New York Telephone Company escalator while on her way to work in September 1987. The escalator in question had apparently received numerous complaints in the weeks leading up to the woman's death, and in 1982, 13 people were injured in an accident involving the unit. Apparently, as the woman rode up the escalator, the step she was standing on collapsed under her feet, sucking her into the mechanism below.

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<![CDATA[17 True Stories of Hunters Who Became the Hunted]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/hunters-killed-by-animals/amandatullos
For many, hunting is a way of life. For others, hunting is just a sport. Regardless of the motivation, the activity can be dangerous. When placing yourself in the great outdoors - an animal's domain - anything can happen, and things can go wrong. And sometimes, things can turn tragic.

We've rounded up a list of hunting trips gone wrong. The following are horrifying stories of animals killing hunters, animals that hurt hunters while in pursuit, and hunters forced to fight for lives.These are 17 true stories of hunters who became the hunted.
17 True Stories of Hunters Who Became the Hunted,

Friday the 13th Bear Attack
An 800-pound grizzly bear attacked two Alberta, Canada, hunters on an unlucky Friday in November 2015. Hunter Rick Hollingworth said the bear charged without warning, and was headed straight for his cousin. He quickly shot at the bear, but it didn't faze the giant animal.

Hollingworth described the attack to media, explaining, "On the last shot, he turned on me and I ducked out of the way, and the bear came around a tree and doubled back on us, on the dead run, but by then I didn't have any shells, I didn't have bullets left in my gun."

Eventually, the shots stunned the bear, and he walked away to die in the woods. The two hunters survived the attack unscathed.  

Brazilian Anteaters Kill Two Hunters
Anteaters have been the cause of two separate fatal attacks on hunters in Brazil. In 2012, a 47-year-old hunter was hunting with his two sons when they cornered the animal with a knife. The anteater stood up on its hind legs, grabbed the hunter, and injured his arms and legs. The man bled to death at the scene.

In 2010, a 75-year-old man was killed by an anteater in a similar attack. The anteater cut the man's femoral arteries, killing him quickly
Illegal Game Hunter Killed by Lion
Matome Mahlale was hunting illegally with a group of men in South Africa when he was mauled to death by a lion. The 24-year-old hunter, and two dogs, were attacked by two lions. The other men in the group managed to avoid the attack by climbing up a tree. The surviving men were not charged with trespassing following the incident.  
Hunter Trampeled to Death by Elephant
Ian Gibson was hunting for elephants in Zimbabwe when the ginormous animal charged at him. A bull elephant trampled Gibson to death after he managed to shoot it once. His death was described by a hunting website as being very graphic. Another hunter at the scene was unharmed.
Bobcat Attacks Turkey Hunter
Bud Griffith of Central Kentucky was hunting turkeys on his farm for the first time when he was attacked by a bobcat from behind. The bobcat hit Griffith in the face, startling him.

He told local media the 25-pound animal "jumped up on my left shoulder and hit me right across the face. It scared me so bad at first. I thought it was a coyote."

The attack prompted Griffith to shoot on instinct, killing the small bobcat. The hunter had plans to bring the animal to a taxidermist and display his kill in his home.

Deer Kills Hunter Who Shot Him
In November 2013, Paul J. Smith of Fort Wayne, Indiana, excitedly phoned his son to tell him about a deer he shot. Hours later, Smith was found unconscious near the scene. Reportedly, the deer wasn't dead when Smith approached it for tagging. The deer attacked Smith and he died from his injuries. An autopsy showed that Smith died from a lacerated liver.
Montana Hunter Survives Grizzly Bear Attack
Chase Dellwo was hunting a herd of elk with his brother in Montana when he accidentally stumbled upon a 350-400lb sleeping grizzly bear. When Dellwo attempted to get out of the area, the bear woke up and attacked him. 

The grizzly tackled the 26-year-old bow hunter, biting his head and leg, and throwing his body into the air. Dellwo remembered a story his grandmother once told him about big animals with bad reflexes, so he shoved his arm down the bear's throat when he came at him again. His actions worked, and the bear left. 

Dellwo survived the attack with just a few stitches. 

Deer Hunter Attacked by Deer
Shawna Hoekstra was hunting a deer in Kent County, Michigan, when it turned on her. Thinking the deer had been wounded and died, Hoekstra followed it into the woods. However, the deer wasn't dead; it lunged at her and pinned her to the ground. The woman struggled for 30 minutes until help arrived and put the deer down.
Wounded Buffalo Kills British Hunter
British hunter Owain Lewis was tracking a wounded cape buffalo for three days on a Zimbabwe reserve, when the animal unexpectedly attacked him. The buffalo charged at the man from the underbrush and threw his body into the air. Lewis's neck was broken in the attack, and he died.
Deer Fights for Its Life Against Hunter
In Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, a 75-year-old bow hunter shot a female deer with an arrow. While he was walking through the brush to follow her, the deer bucked him in the leg with her head. The man was rushed to the hospital with injuries.

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<![CDATA[The 34 Biggest Actor vs. Director Fights in Hollywood]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/actor-director-fights/matthewcoleweiss
The actor/director relationship is a very special and unique one. When it goes well, you get an unstoppable team like Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese. When it goes bad, you get Faye Dunaway throwing a cup full of urine in Roman Polanski's face. Yes, actors and directors have been at war, having one on-set feud after another as long as they've been in collaboration. What are the biggest actor and direct fights, feuds, and on-set rivalries in the history of Hollywood and the film industry?
Can't actors and directors just get along? No. Not always. They've hit each other. They've screamed at each other. They've tried to kill each other (literally). But worst of all, they've gone started wars against each other... both on-set and in the press! From Kevin Smith Cop Out (fighting with Bruce Willis), to Ridley Scott Blade Runner (fighting with Harrison Ford), there have been plenty of directors and actors who tried to make great (or even bad!) movies, but just couldn't stand each other.

Sometimes the films themselves fought through the drama and still turned out great (The Shining) and sometimes they were even worse because of the on-set feuding (Burlesque), but either way they make for amazing behind the scenes true stories in the canon of Hollywood history which continue to get passed down from generation to generation.

So who do you think is at fault in these situations? The actor? The director? Let us know in the comments section and see which directors on this list also happen to be among the most difficult directors of all time (hint: it's a lot of them).

The 34 Biggest Actor vs. Director Fights in Hollywood,

Sean Connery vs. Stephen Norrington
You know the experience had to be bad if it was responsible for Connery retiring from acting for good! Connery and Norrington fought over every single thing while filming The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and Connery blamed Norrington's inexperience as the source of the drama. The two apparently almost came to blows at several points throughout the production, and Connery eventually threw up his hands and just quit the business altogether.

Source: Entertainment Weekly
Katherine Heigl vs. Judd Apatow
Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. Katherine Heigl broke out as a star in Apatow's film Knocked Up, but in an interview, Heigl said the film was hard to make and that it painted women poorly. After that, Apatow and star Seth Rogen came clean with the truth about Heigl, saying she's "bat-s*** crazy."

Source: NY Daily News

George Clooney vs. David O. Russell
David O. Russell strikes again! Russell directed the movie Three Kings, starring Clooney, and Clooney disliked him so much that he threatened later on that if he ever crossed paths with the director, he'd sock him in the face. Clooney said Russell not only insulted him, but he head butted him, which forced Clooney to put Russell into a headlock in one instance. Russell says Clooney over-exaggerated the incident, calling him a "lying-ass bitch." 

Source: The Guardian
Harrison Ford vs. Ridley Scott
This is a feud that actually has merit, because it was over artistic matters. Scott wanted Ford's character in Blade Runner to actually be a replicant, but Ford was adamantly against that idea, so they fought all the time. But Scott was the director and made him shoot certain scenes. That was not good for a relationship that was already riddled with tension to begin with. Ford was so upset, he went above Scott to the studio, which cut the scenes out of the movie.

Faye Dunaway vs. Roman Polanski
When Faye Dunaway doesn't like you, you better get out of her way. During the filming of Chinatown, director Roman Polanski was butting heads with his lead actress day in and out. Polanski would scream at her when she asked about her motivation in a scene, responding with "your paycheck."

It's alleged that Polanski would not allow her to take bathroom breaks during filming, so she once peed in a coffee cup and threw it at him. It's all detailed in the book Easy Riders, Raging Bulls.

Source: Old Hollywood

Ellen Burstyn vs. William Friedkin
Director William Friedkin wanted the stunts in The Exorcist to look real, so he literally beat the crap out of his star Ellen Burstyn. He put her in harnesses and wires that tugged at her over and over again. When she complained about her safety, he said he'd go easier on her (though she claims he lied). The physicality he demanded eventually led to her having permanent spinal injuries.

Source: Huffington Post

Kim Basinger vs. Adrian Lyne
The film 9½ Weeks starring Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke was a sexual tale that demanded some acting chops, which direct Adrian Lyne didn't think Basinger had. So, he manipulated her on set to get the emotion out of her, having other actors isolate her, ridicule her, and verbally abuse her. Basinger claims the experience traumatized her and led to the break up of her marriage to Ron Britton.

Source: The New York Times

Megan Fox vs. Michael Bay
This is the stuff legends are made of. After making Transformers, star Megan Fox went on a public tirade against director Michael Bay, comparing him to both Hitler and Napoleon. She called him a "nightmare to work for" which didn't sit well with Bay or producer Steven Spielberg, who quickly fired the actress from the franchise.

Bay and Fox have since ended their feud and Bay cast her in his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film (which bombed).

Source: Fox News

Brigitte Bardot vs. Henri-Georges Clouzot
During the filming of The Truth in 1960, director Henri-Georges Clouzot wanted his star Brigitte Bardot to fall asleep and drool for a scene. He gave her "painkillers" which were actually sleeping pills. Bardot even had to have her stomach pumped afterwards! She went on to call him a "negative being" who was at odds with the world.

Source: The Guardian

Lily Tomlin vs. David O. Russell
When David O. Russell was filming I Heart Huckabees, he and star Lily Tomlin didn't exactly get along. Fortunately for all of us, there was a camera rolling during some of their nefarious fights, resulting in videos that have proven to be some of the best behind the scenes footage of all time.

Russell is known for his on-set tantrums and and as you can see, Tomlin got caught in the wake and dared to stand up for herself.

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<![CDATA[23 Garbage Men Describe Crazy Stuff They Found]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/crazy-garbage/amandasedlakhevener

What do garbage men find in the trash? It's an intriguing question. Garbage men have an interesting job. They deal with the remnants of people's lives, after all, and see everything that people throw away. Have you ever wondered what the garbage man finds weird about your trash? Maybe they're secretly judging how many pints of ice cream you consume, or noticing how you sort your recyclables (or not).

Of course, those are pretty typical trash situations. But garbage men also find all sorts of interesting things tossed away, from drugs and drug paraphernalia to dead bodies and everything in between. If you're interested in the details, you can either approach your local garbage man for an interview, or do it the easy way and check the internet. Reddit contains countless stories about what garbage men found and decided to share with readers. Keep scrolling to check out their wildest stories, and be especially cautious the next time you pass a dumpster.

23 Garbage Men Describe Crazy Stuff They Found,

Leaking Blood and a Religious Sacrifice

Redditor 98FordContour added:

NYC sanitation worker here. I have seen just about everything you can imagine. Dead animals such as dogs and cats are thrown out like every day trash. We are required to just take them and the police are not notified at all. One time, my partner and I saw huge amounts of blood leaking from multiple trash bags that we had just thrown into the truck. We called our supervisor and he looked at it and just said keep going. It could have been anything. I have also seen plenty of drug paraphernalia being thrown out. Thousands of little plastic bags, scales and plenty of white "powder" all over the place. one single incident sticks with me. Me and my partner were called to a location that was far away from our regular route one day. We met our supervisor at the location. I ask him what's up? He points to a tree we were standing near. He says look up. I look up and see a huge mass hanging in the tree about 20 feet off the ground. I couldn't really make out what it was but it was dark and about 3X3 feet big. Turns out, it was a huge pile of dead rats all tied together in a big mass. The police and fire department showed up about 5 minutes later. The fire department had to use a ladder to get to the branch and cut it down. When it hit the ground with a thud, the smell was so bad that us, the PD and FD all backed up very quickly. Me and my partner had the pleasure of grabbing this thing and tossing it into the truck. There had to be between 50-75 dead rats on this thing. We asked the police what it was all about and they said most likely a form of religious sacrifice. I've been working for the sanitation department for 14 years and that had to be the nastiest thing I have ever seen. I'll never forget the smell. Forgot to mention that it was probably about 90 degrees that day and God knows how long that thing was hanging around.


Guns and Antiques

As stated by steve2058:

Never found any body parts in 35 years, but guns and antiques and was requested by the ATF to pickup the trash at one home and pull around the corner and let the "Special Agent in Charge" take the trash bags and put them in his black Chrysler 300 undercover car. This happened for several weeks in a row, never did find out what they were looking for.

Metal War Veteran Grave Markers

Redditor londongarbageman said:

The only thing I brought to the police's attention were a bunch of brass WWI and WWII grave marker medallions I found in the recycle bins. Hopefully they went back to where they belonged.

Expensive Watches and iPhones

According to GoodnightKevin:

My father in law is a bin man here in Northern Ireland. He is forever bringing home stuff he finds on his rounds, most recently a Tag Heuer watch and more iPhones than you could shake a stick at.

Guy even has a huge jar filled with coins he finds – all the guys he work with dump any loose change or notes they come across into it throughout the year, and they split it between them at Christmas.

Part of a Meth Lab

According to Moosepondvacation:

Former Sanitation Department Supervisor - My guys called me frantic one day after an explosion in the hopper of the truck. Thankfully no one was injured, but I called the fire department and police always come on fire calls too. Turns out they had been watching the house we were in front of because the guy was cooking meth. He threw away some of the ingredients and the pressure when it compacted caused it to explode. The best part was the fact that the guy sat out front watching the show in a bathrobe. He eventually got dressed and came back out. When he was arrested he had drugs in his pants. Apparently he didn't own any pants without drugs in the pockets.

Dead Animals and a Prosthetic Limb

This one is from weedandguitars:

I used to manage garbage men in Oakland. Routinely found dead animals, remnants of large marijuana harvests, and weapons. Once we found a rejected prosthetic limb.

Also, pretty regularly, the FBI will have a trash company pick up the trash of someone under investigation so they can go through it.

I spent some years in the trash/recycling industry. I remember a guy at a metal recycling center trying to cash in bronze grave headstones. He was arrested.

A Bag of Arcade Tokens

Contributed by theoptionexplicit:

This was in the 90s... my friend's dad found a big sack full of arcade tokens. Not sure how it is now, but back then the tokens were mostly standardized. My friend was in heaven.

A Choir Book from 1864

From Redditor mvincent17781:

I worked at a landfill for one summer and didn't find anything grotesque but did find a choir book from 1864 in a box in the dumpster. Took that for myself.

A Dead Body

Shared by tiorted726:

I wasn't a driver but a mechanic on garbage trucks for a large municipality. In my 4 years in that department we had to dump fully loaded trucks on the ground 2 times and spread out the load looking for a body; found one once. I decided not to look at it, I think I made the right choice.

Hospital Bio Hazard Waste

Shared by Slambusher:

I ran a large trash hauling company in south Georgia for 3 years. The amount of sketchy things thrown away is innumerable. I can't tell you how many times hospitals threw their bio waste out to save on disposal fees. It got so bad the landfill ended up reporting them. That's just the ones we saw who knows how many weren't caught.

Wasn't criminal but should have been was the amount of good things WalMart and other retailers threw away. You return something due to scratch etc and it doesn't sell they have to throw it away. Tools, tvs, computers, clothes, toys etc some not even out of the box. All of it in working condition but they had to throw it out to write it off is what I was told.

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<![CDATA[Who Is the Worst Person of the Week? (March 14-20)]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/worst-person-of-the-week-031816/mel-judson
If you've been feeling down on yourself lately, the Worst Person of the Week is here to offer a helpful point of comparison. No matter how bad you feel about any St. Patrick's Day antics, you can't possibly compare to the folks who made the list this week.

Of course, these people aren't really the worst on the planet; they're not out there murdering, terrorizing, assaulting, or otherwise being the most nightmarish individuals alive. They are, however, proving that stupidity is bottomless. These are people who steal from Girl Scouts, who relentlessly harass their neighbors, and who dress up like ninjas to disgust and horrify innocent people.

These are the people who made the news this week for being awful and dumb in ways that just make the rest of us feel a little worse about the species. Vote up the worst and remember to keep it classy this week.

Who Is the Worst Person of the Week? (March 14-20),

Cassidy Michalski
What Happened: Two grown men stole more than $400 from Girl Scouts selling cookies outside of a Massachusetts Wal-Mart.

The Details: In court this week, getaway driver Cassidy Michalski pleaded guilty to stealing from children back in 2013. After shoplifting a bunch of cell phones from a local Wal-Mart, Cassidy, now 28 years old, fired up the car while his accomplice, Nicholas Taverna, snatched a cash box off the table of a group of cookie-selling Girl Scouts. Apparently stealing cookie money from children is harder than stealing candy from babies, because the pair were caught by police shortly thereafter. Michalski was sentenced to three years probation.

Jason Kozan
What Happened: An Ohio man was arrested for allegedly egging his former neighbor's house more than 100 times in a single year.

The Details: 30-year-old Jason E. Kozan has been charged with vandalism in Cuyahoga County, where, according to police, he pelted his elderly neighbor's home with eggs, grapefruits, onions, and paintballs more than once every week from May 2014 to June 2015, causing damage to the man's home and generally infuriating the geriatric. There's no apparent motive, but Euclid police captured evidence on surveillance cameras and sent egg shells to criminologists for lab testing.

"I guess for some reason, they couldn't get a suspect so they had to do something to calm the media," said Kozan, who denies any wrongdoing. "Let the jury decide. I have my evidence, evidence against Euclid Police, and whatever evidence they have on me, well, that's what the jury is for."

The Guy Who Peed in a Food Production Line
What Happened: An uncensored video showing a Kellogg's employee peeing on an assembly line surfaced online, prompting an FDA investigation and an indignant statement from the company.

The Details: An as-yet unidentified employee at a Kellogg's plant in Memphis, Tennessee, relieved himself into food products as they made their way down a production line in 2014. The incident was caught on camera, and the footage came to light this week, prompting online outrage. In an official statement, the company specified that the affected products could have been Rice Krispies Treats, cereal, and other puffed rice cake products, "all of which would be past expiration date." Presumably, that's meant to make everybody feel better, but it actually underlines that these products could have been sold and consumed long ago.
Anna Ritchie
What Happened: An Ohio 4-year-old died in the hospital after his stepmother punished him by putting his legs in scalding water.

The Details: Anna Ritchie, 25, is being held on a $350,000 bond as a result of Austin Cooper's death. To punish her stepson for an unspecified issue on Tuesday night, Ritchie placed his legs in a bathtub of hot water that left the child with second-and-third-degree burns. The Warren County Coroner's Office declared Cooper's death a homicide, and Ritchie is awaiting further court appearances.

The Ninja Masturbator
What Happened: An unidentified man dressed in a makeshift ninja costume and five-toed shoes has repeatedly masturbated outside a Seattle home before fleeing into the night.

The Details: Seattle Police are seeking the public's help to unmask the "Ninja Masturbator," who was first reported as he pleasured himself immediately outside the home of several University of Washington students. The perpetrator has done so at the same house four times since November 2015, and last month a surveillance camera captured him in the act (his dark clothing appears white in the night-vision footage).
Stuart Dunnings III
What Happened: A Michigan prosecutor notorious for his tough stance on prostitution was busted as a prostitute fiend who paid for sex hundreds of times.

The Details: Stuart Dunnings III was the top prosecutor in Bingham County, a lawyer who established a reputation for going after sex traffickers and prostitutes over his 19-year tenure with the county. Except that a yearlong investigation by the FBI and the state attorney general's office found that Dunnings was spending hundreds of dollars to patronize escorts three to four nights a week. He faces 15 criminal charges in three counties and, if convicted, could spend 20 years in prison.

Fri, 18 Mar 2016 03:20:41 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/worst-person-of-the-week-031816/mel-judson
<![CDATA[16 People Who Went Toe-to-Toe with Wild Animals (and Won)]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/people-who-fought-wild-animals/daveesons

The many fascinating species of wild animals are what makes nature so awesome - until they go crazy and attack. And while these often ferocious beasts pose a threat to humans, some people seem to rise above and go toe-to-toe with these wild creatures. What's even crazier are stories of people who fought against wild animals and won. 

When faced with claws, teeth, or the possibility of being trampled, these people got away from wild animals and escaped death. 

16 People Who Went Toe-to-Toe with Wild Animals (and Won),

Man Uses His Bike to Beat Attacking Tiger

Lions, tigers, and bears: cute when they are just stuffed toys, terrifying when they chase you on your way to work. 

In August 2016, South African Sam Songwami had just left his house in the early morning on his bicycle. As he cycled to work, Sam soon noticed a tiger sitting in the shade of a tree. Once the tiger spotted Sam, it leapt up and charged at him. Sam grabbed some rocks and began hurling them back at the tiger. 

When that didn’t work, Sam beat the tiger with his bike for a staggering 30 minutes. A woman driving by happened to witness the attack, and called a local wildlife sanctuary for help.

Responders from the sanctuary, called The Farm Inn arrived and shot the tiger with a tranquilizer dart. Once it was down and sedated, the tiger was taken back to the Farm Inn. It was later discovered the tiger had actually escaped from the wildlife sanctuary. 

Thankfully Sam wasn't harmed. Sam’s bike, however, was ruined. The Farm Inn was kind enough to replace it with a new one


Farmer Bites a Python Slowly Strangling Him

In what feels like a movie plot come to life,  one man survived being killed by a giant python by biting it on the tail. 

In April 2009, Ben Nyaumbe, a manager of a farm in Kenya, was at work one day when he accidentally stepped on a 13-foot python that proceeded to wrap around him and drag him up a tree. Large snakes are known to slowly suffocate their prey to ready it for digestion. 

Unable to free himself, and not wanting to be crushed to death by the powerful snake, Nyuambe calmly waited nearly three hours until the snake’s tail was close enough to his face and bit down

The snake loosened its grip, which was all Nyuambe needed to reach into his pocket for his cell phone. He called for help and the police arrived shortly afterwards.

After Nyuambe was freed the python was put into a bag, though it later escaped. It wasn’t seen again. 

A Group of Divers Fight Off Komodo Dragons for Days

Komodo dragons are one of the scariest animals in the world, and their aggressive antics toward humans prove it. 

In 2008, a group of divers were forced ashore Rinca Island by strong currents. Among the group stranded on the remote island was a 38-year-old Swedish woman named Helena Nevalainen.

After swimming in rough water and evading sharks, the group had to then contend with deadly komodo dragons, a species of giant lizard with nasty bites that cause serious bacterial infections. 

As the reptiles closed in, Nevalainen and her diving companions resorted to using their lead-weighted diving belts to beat them and fend off their advances. For more than 10 hours, the group had to stay awake on a sandy beach, keeping constant lookout for more komodo dragons. 

Finally a rescue boat, part of a larger search and rescue effort, spotted the group and picked them up. The entire group was hospitalized and monitored. Miraculously, not one person was bitten by a komodo dragon.


Man Slits a Cougar's Throat

Sometimes surviving an animal take just takes some quick thinking - and a pocket knife.

In August 2002, Canadian David Parker was walking on Victoria Island enjoying a nice evening walk.

Rain began to pour, and while running for cover Parker was attacked by a mountain lion. According to him, the animal first bit him on the head and then began to scratch his face. Keeping calm, Parker reached into his pocket, flipped open a knife, and slashed open the mountain lions throat, killing it fairly quickly. 

Parker, with his scalp shredded, slowly made his way to Jeune Landing, a nearby town. He was rushed to a hospital and spent nearly 10 hours in surgery. 

Proving that he’s tough as nails, Parker resumed his evening walks. 

Taxidermist Explorer Chokes a Leopard

Carl Akeley, a taxidermist from New York, was traveling through Ethiopia in 1896 searching for animals to study for the Museum of Milwaukee. 

One evening on his way home to base camp he was chased by a leopard. He tried to shoot it, but had run out of rifle rounds. As he went to reload, the leopard pounced. She tried to go for Akeley’s throat, but he managed to get a hand free and he forced it in the leopard’s mouth. 

Akeley and the leopard rolled over and Akeley managed to pin the big cat to the ground with all his weight while continuing to force his arm down the animal’s throat. The leopard eventually stopped moving. When help finally came, Akeley borrowed a knife and stabbed the leopard to make sure it was dead. 

Man Stabs a Shark in the Eye

In 2007, off the coast of Cape Howe, Australia, Eric Nerhus was diving for abalone with his friends and son when a great white shark attacked and partially swallowed him head first.

Nerhus began stabbing the 10-foot shark in the eye with his abalone knife. With a few quick jabs straight to the eyeball, the shark let Nerhus go. He swam to the surface where his friends and son hauled him into a boat. 

Nerhus suffered serious bite marks, but was protected by his diver’s weight belt. The shark's bite managed to crush his face mask, break his nose and left deep cuts on both sides of his torso and left arm. Despite that, he has since made a full recovery. 


Wife Saves Husband by Stabbing Cougar with Ball Point Pen

Hikers who frequent trails in California frequently see signs warning them of cougars, also known as mountain lions, in the area. 

Jim and Nell Hamm, both in their seventies, were enjoying their walk on a trail near Fortuna, CA in 2007 when Jim was suddenly attacked by a cougar. It lunged toward him, biting his head. 

While he struggled with the cougar, Nell found a large tree limb and began beating and jabbing the animal in the sides with it. When that did no good, she took out a ballpoint pen from her husband's pocket and stabbed the cougar right in the eye, breaking the pen off inside. 

Nell took one more shot with the tree limb, practically breaking it over the cougars head, causing the cougar to let go of Jim. As it backed away, Nell waved the limb around in the air while shouting and the cougar retreated into the woods. 

Jim and Nell were both rushed to a hospital in San Francisco where Jim was treated. Nell apparently walked away without a scratch. The two survived the ordeal and the cougar was later tracked down and shot. 

A Pennsylvania Couple Tussle with a Bear Inside Their House

Most dramatic animal encounters take place in the wild. For Richard and Angela Moyer of Oliver Township, Pennsylvania, it happened inside their own house

In October 2011, the Moyer’s dog, Brindy, was let outside to pee. She was chased back into the house by a bear, who also walked inside. Richard, who was getting ready for work, was attacked by the bear in his living room. The yelling and growling woke up Richard’s wife, Angela, who began shouting at the bear to distract it from mauling Richard. The bear turned on her and bit her several times. Richard came to his wife’s aid and distracted the bear towards himself, once again. 

Suddenly, according to the Moyers, the bear just stopped attacking, left the house, and eventually took off into the woods. 

The police and paramedics were called to the scene. Both Richard and Angela suffered serious injuries, but spent less than a day in the hospital. In the end, the couple, Brindy, and their son - who slept through the entire event - were fine.

Woman Bludgeons a Leopard to Death with Garden Tools

What should have been an relaxing afternoon gardening for one woman ended as a bloody fight against one of the world's fiercest predators. 

In August 2014, Kamla Devi was gardening outside her home located in the Uttarakhand region of India, when a leopard jumped out of some bushes and pounced on her.

Devi, however, was equipped with farming tools. With a sickle and a spade in hand, she let loose on the leopard by slashing it, bludgeoning it, and puncturing it with the tools for about a half hour. 

Though Devi herself was bloodied, she was able to walk a short distance until she was rushed to a hospital. 

She commented later: “I gathered my courage to fight back. I promised myself that this is not my last day here”


Canadian Punches Cougar Outside Coffee Shop to Save His Dog

A man from Red Deer, Alberta, Canada saved his dog from a cougar outside a Tim Hortons coffee shop by punching it in the face. The man was stopped outside the restaurant to meet a friend for coffee when a cougar emerged from the woods and attacked his dog Sasha.  He went running, punched the large cat, and ran it off back into the woods.

While the dog sustained serious injuries, Sasha lived to tell the tale. 

"I was surprised to hear that the owner took the quick action and it's probably what saved the dog's life in this case," Sgt. Jack Poitras told the CBC. "I wouldn't recommend everybody wrassle with a cougar, but in this case it worked for the best." 

Mon, 21 Nov 2016 01:55:02 PST http://www.ranker.com/list/people-who-fought-wild-animals/daveesons
<![CDATA[To Catch a Video Game Predator: 8 Horror Stories]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/to-catch-a-video-game-predator-8-horror-stories/john-barryman
Video games are a great way to escape mundane reality of everyday life, and often times they ARE they mundane reality of everyday life, but some people take virtual autonomy to a whole other level.

 These eight sexual predators all used video games as a ploy to get to their underaged prey, and most of them succeeded – but they were all caught. From a virtual couple consummating their marriage in person to a gamer rapist living with his victim to an obsessed married woman looking for her pre-teen soulmate, here are eight instances of predators making their mark in the gaming world.

 NOTE: This list is, quite obviously, not associated with NBC Universal in any way, shape, or form.
To Catch a Video Game Predator: 8 Horror Stories,

54-Year-Old Man and 13-Year-Old Girl Get Married As Video Game Characters, Consummate In-Person
First off, just know, the following list contains some really disgusting people, and I try and make fun of them as much as possible because that's the least they deserve. Be prepared.

54-year-old John W. Phillips, who looks like a Child Rapist Santa Claus, was only sealing the deal when he traveled from Massachusetts to Detroit to have sex with a then-13-year-old girl. The two met while playing the online game RuneScape, a virtual world where users create avatars and interact with other players, and, according to police reports, were married.

Yes, this guy's avatar had a RuneScape marriage with the 13-year-old girl's avatar. A tale as old as time (or as old as him... for her... no? Alright, moving on...)

Yes, Phillips and the girl even had a virtual wedding in the game, but "virtual" just wasn't enough for this guy. He tried getting in touch with "reality" after they were "official" and mailed a cell phone to her. When that didn't work, he decided to drive to Detroit and meet the girl himself and give the phone to her personally. Smart.

Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon said that Phillips brought the girl to a motel and there they had sex for the first time, consummating the RuneScape ceremonial wedding. Phillips also had sex with her on two other occasions, once in his van (all pedophiles have vans, it's a law) and once at her home.

After the girl's mother discovered she had a phone and was texting Phillips, she notified the police and an investigation began. Phillips was eventually arrested in New York and faces up to twenty years in prison for having sex with his video game wife.

According to one viewer who called in to the news report below, in an ideal world, Phillips will have plenty of things to do while he's in there.

27-Year-Old Man Meets a 15-Year-Old Girl For Sex
What started off as a creepy story ends in an equally, if not more, creepy story. The creepiness is enhanced, partially, by the fact that this guy looks like one of King Koopa's kids in Mario 3.

27-year-old Edward Stout of Missouri, the creep of the creepy story, met an underaged gamer girl, then 14, on XBox Live. They started talking to each other and soon began an online relationship. On top of chatting through XBox Live and MySpace, Stout also eventually gave the girl a cell phone. There, it was discovered that they exchanged thousands of text messages as well as photos that aren't exactly "legal" or "appropriate."

One inappropriate photo undoubtedly being one of him and his horrifyingly bad "mohawk."

On January 26, 2009, lizard-mohawk-guy drove all the way to California to meet the girl and have sex. It's unknown whether or not they ever did because when the dad found out Creeper McS**ttiest-Mohawk-Known-to-Man was in town, he called the police right away. Stout was arrested at a motel, probably half naked and looking like a Russ Troll doll after having somehow not melted in a tragic fire.

He was charged with coercion of a minor over the Internet and traveling across state lines to engage in sex with a minor. It's weird how far people drive for this stuff. I also always wonder, what game were they playing??? Either these little girls roll DEEP in gaming, or a lot of these dudes just need to stop playing Barbie games like this one:

24-Year-Old Man Says It Was All A Joke
Not sure what it says if no one is laughing, but 24-year-old Ryan Edwin Donker thinks chatting with 13-year-old boys and asking for naked pictures of them is "a joke." No, really. There are people out there like this. What the hell? The only thing that's a joke about the whole situation is his last name (which, I'll admit, is a pretty good joke.)

Donker (no, seriously, how is this guy not a cartoon ape?) admitted to police that he did indeed ask for nude photos from an underaged gamer he met on XBox Live. The 13-year-old boy was from Fayetteville, Arkansas, and the police department had multiple recorded conversations between them on file to use against Donker.

Donker, however, claimed it was all in good fun. Just like the latest cartoon he's going to star in where he's using barrels to surf through an ocean of bananas. Donker was then arrested on charges of child porn, extradited to Arkansas and held on $20,000 bond.

Click Here for the news report.
Stalker Mom Still On the Loose!
Not to be judgmental, or a check-out-line parent, but Annamay Alexander should really stop going through her children's videogame drawers and find a hobby of her own that doesn't involve sexually harassing underage gamers. But that's probably just me.

The 43-year-old married mother of three met a 14-year-old boy on the virtual reality game Sony Home and, instead of being involved in her real home, she became obsessed with her virtual one with the young gamer.

The Florida mom was so infatuated with the kid that she began calling herself the 14-year-old's wife in notes she wrote to him. The sad thing is that this probably started out as kind of a cute, yet inappropriate joke... but then she had to go ahead and send text messages that read "My body is yours to do whatever you want with," and "I love you and we are going to get married," and police also found pictures of Alexander in her underwear in the boy's video game system.

I would've hidden the pictures in a folder marked "Taxes." 

Finally, Alexander also went to Oklahoma City where the boy lived to have sex with him. It's always the adult that travels for these things.

After the victim's mother woke up and found her son gone, Alexander even had the gall to go back and ask for the boy's hand in marriage (just to be a little more discreet). Police are still looking for Alexander. If you see this woman, hide yo kids, hide yo wife and call 911.

Click here for the video news report.
World of Warcraft Leads to Child Pornography
Child rapists don't only like to hang out on XBox Live or alternate reality games where they basically make themselves a huge/expensive Tomagochi, though. In fact, a tantalizingly-designed and superbly-developed game like World of Warcraft can also produce the same dim-witted, child-thirsty criminals.

Take Jessica Pearce, a 33-year-old woman, from Centralia, Pennsylvania, who met and carried on a sexual relationship with a New Jersey 16-year-old boy who she met on World of Warcraft. The police caught on to Pearce's crime in 2010 when they discovered the boy at a highway rest stop in Washington. Apparently, Pearce flew the boy there, most likely to have sex with him. The two reportedly had a sexual relationship for years with Pearce, on occasion, even capturing their intercourse on tape.

It's unknown as to whether or not any dragon wings or elf ears were involved.

Pearce was then arrested on charges of child pornography and, later, arrested again for a separate complaint of possession of child pornography that was also filed against her. Some people really just don't learn. And really, if you have to travel that far for a relationship via car (with anybody), it's probably just not a good idea.

Maybe if they went with that principle, all this crap would happen less: long distance is the wrong distance. C'mon, people!

A Live-in Gamer Friend Turned Rapist
19-year-old Cody R. Hawks met a 12-year-old boy on XBox Live and found him to be the easiest prey ever. He also found it easy to beat the kid at video games.

The boy's family in Ohio practically welcomed Hawks into the arms (or, other body part) of their son and actually had Hawks live with them during his "visit" from Michigan. Hawks, finding himself comfortably situated, then "repeatedly raped" his little gamer friend (in real life.) He was later arrested on charges of rape and sexual imposition.

Worst. Parents. Ever... well, not quite, but really damned close.

Click here for the full news report.
20-Year-Old Man Found Naked With 14-Year-Old Girl, Have Videogames in Common
Sometimes in a relationship, it helps to have some things in common. In this case, it doesn't. In fact, this case exists because of what they have in common. And this isn't a very good case. This case can suck it.

John B. Coe, 20, of Denver, Colorado met a 14-year-old girl from Florida in an online game where players could both play and communicate with each other. One night in January of 2009, the girl's mother woke up to check on the girl, and when she opened the bedroom door, she didn't find her ninth-grader sleeping. She found her baby with a naked man who was trying to hide.

Coe was at the house when the police arrived and was arrested on charges of lewd battery, traveling to meet a minor, and solicitation of a child. What's more, this guy was already previously arrested on a similar case in July. Much like most people on NBC "Dateline's To Catch a Predator," these guys are often repeat offenders.

Thanksgiving Sex With a 13-Year-Old
Look at the woman's sad face. It's the sad face of a pedophile video game predator who's been caught and has ruined her life.

Rachel Ann Hicks has every right to be sad because as a 36-year-old woman, she engaged in lewd conduct with a 13-year-old boy whom she met in an XBox Live chat room on September 2010 (where the hell do these even exist?) She gave the boy a fake name and age (she touted herself as 23, which is almost sadder than the whole thing in of itself) and they began an online relationship, which progressed to phone calls, text messages, e-mails, and explicit pictures and videos.

Then, a few months later, during the Thanksgiving holiday, Hicks flew from California to Maryland where the boy lived and engaged in "sexual relations." The boy's family outed her after they discovered the "romantic" text messages on the boy's cell phone and prompted him to tell them about everything. Being a teenage boy that just bagged an older woman, he was more than ready to share/brag.

Hicks was subsequently arrested on charges of rape, second-degree "sex offense," and sexual solicitation of a minor. In later interviews, it was also discovered that Hicks had relations with an additional minor also located in California because, you know, while you're there...


Thu, 07 Apr 2011 05:33:44 PDT http://www.ranker.com/list/to-catch-a-video-game-predator-8-horror-stories/john-barryman
<![CDATA[16 Simpsons Jokes That Actually Came True]]> http://www.ranker.com/list/13-simpsons-jokes-that-actually-came-true/robert-wabash

One of the most iconic television shows of all time, as well as one of the most quoted properties in pop culture history, The Simpsons has made hundreds of jokes that we all know, remember, and reference on a daily basis. Often times, these jokes revolve around extremely absurd concepts that could only happen in a cartoon or a satire – according to the writers at the time. Sometimes, these jokes underestimate just how low humanity (and often, America) can go. The Simpsons predictions listed here all came true!

Here's a collection of hilarious Simpsons jokes that really ended up being true, happening or being repeated elsewhere. There are some crazy things The Simpsons predicted, so read on to find out what!

16 Simpsons Jokes That Actually Came True,

The Joke: Principal Skinner tries to set Bart up to get in trouble, so he concocts something called "Scotchtoberfest," which allows him to control an entire event in which he knows Bart won't be able to resist pranking Groundskeeper Willie. Skinner attempts to catch Bart in act.

What Actually Happened: Vintage Wine & Spirits Co. A wine, beer, spirits, cigar, and wine accessory specialty shop located in West Des Moines, Iowa created a real Scotchtoberfest held every Saturday in October.

Flaming Moe
The Joke: Homer tells the local tavern owner Moe about a secret cocktail that includes cough medicine and fire that he calls a "Flaming Homer." 

Moe steals the recipe and renames the drink the "Flaming Moe," and begins selling it at his tavern, betraying Homer in the process. The drink is a success and Moe becomes famous, even Aerosmith drops by to perform at his place!

What Actually Happened: Andy Heidel, the owner of a bar in Prospect Heights, NY called The Way Station, just happened to have a bottle of Robitussin behind the bar when someone brought up the Flaming Moe. Not sure why you would have cough medicine behind a bar, but whatever. He grabbed the 'tussin and mixed it with Pernod, Jagermeister and a Bacardi 151 floater and set it on fire. He and his friends got shmammered and the real-life Flaming Moe was born. 

The Good Morning Burger
The Joke:

In the Simpsons, the Good Morning Burger was 18 ounces of sizzling ground beef soaked in rich creamery butter, topped off with bacon, ham, and a fried egg.

This was before all fast food restaurants started carrying a regular menu of heart-attacks every morning before 10:30AM, so it really worked as a satire of how horrible fast food is for you.

Before the "Baconator," a Sourdough Jack, or even a triple cheeseburger were as bad as things got.

The Good Morning Burger seemed so ridiculous and far off that it could never really happen.


What Actually Happened: This take on the Good Morning Burger is quite similar: hash browns, topped with a hamburger, topped with a fried egg. There are hash browns under a burger that's under a fried egg.

Another good example of how far things have gotten in fast food are, of course, the KFC Double Down and their "failure bowls" (as comedian Patton Oswalt calls them in this bit).

Stolen Sugar Truck
The Joke:
Lisa begins to feel threatened by Allison, a new student, because she is smarter, younger, and a better saxophone player than she is.

Their rivalry reaches a climax at the school's diorama contest where Lisa plans to sabotage Allison's entry. The episode's subplot sees Homer steal a large pile of sugar from a crashed truck, and begin selling it door-to-door. He keeps it in the back yard and it eventually melts from the rain.

What Actually Happened: Someone actually stole a freaking sugar truck.

In 2009, two kids were arrested by police in India for stealing a sugar truck from a person actually in charge of delivering the sugar. The kids were actually in charge of cleaning the truck and took it while it was parked at the cleaner/boss's house.

No word on whether or not they planned to sell it door to door.

Bengt Holmström Wins the Nobel Prize

The Joke: In the Season 22 premiere, Milhouse and Lisa participated in a who-will-win-the-Nobel-Prize betting pool. For Economics, Milhouse, who lost to Martin, selected Bengt Holmström. 

What Actually Happened: In 2016, Bengt Holmström of MIT and Oliver Hart of Harvard were jointly awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics "for work on contact theory and how to evaluate whether things should be government-run or privately owned."

There's Very Little Meat In These Gym Mats
The Joke: As seen in the video above, Lunch Lady Doris is seen throwing gym mats into a meat grinder in order to prepare the school lunch for the day.

Anyone who's ever had a public school lunch knows how completely inedible they can be, and some of the wet, warm, questionable objects on your styrofoam, sectioned-off tray do seem like they have hazardous chemicals as their base...but gym mats?

That's unheard of, that would never happen, right?
What Actually Happened:
It turns out that the bread used in the McDonald's McRib actually contains an ingredient (banned in some parts of Europe) that is used to keep gym mats sponge-y.

Time Magazine's Healthland blog ran a story about the McRib and its ingredients. It identified Azodicarbonamide as one ingredient found in the sandwich's bun and apparently, it is most commonly used in the manufacturing of foam gym mats and the soles of shoes.

The blog also noted that the 70 ingredients of the McRib, including Azodicarbonamide, exist in very small quantities and will almost certainly leave anyone eating a McRib unharmed. Subway was also found to be using the chemical in its bread, too.

Still, Azodicarbonamide is a substance banned in Europe, and strictly regulated by the FDA. 

Looks like the Doris joke really wasn't that far off. 
My Retirement Grease!!!!!
The Joke: In the episode "In Lard Of The Dance," Homer discovers he can make money by stealing and reselling grease found in the back of Springfield Elementary's kitchen. They even build a contraption so that they can steal the maximum amount of grease in their car.
They eventually give up after a few encounters with Groundskeeper Willie and the Springfield Grease Company. Bart and Homer barely escape an angry, greased-up Willie while trying to make it home-free with their glorious, profit-garnering grease in tow.

What Actually Happened: In November of 2011, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that thieves had stolen at least $2,000 worth of grease from the privately-owned restaurant The St. Louis Wing Co. since April.

"It's a big deal. There's a huge underground out there for this stuff," owner Bobby Thessler said. "Others have said that this is like the new copper... These thieves are getting more sophisticated..."

When he called the police on these thieves, they spotted three teenagers taking grease from the back of Tessler's restaurant, as well as others on that same block. The man uses about 60 to 70 pounds of grease every week, so saving money by selling it has always been a way to help break even. A rendering company would have paid the owner of the company multiple thousands of dollars for used cooking grease.11

I Was Elected To Lead Not To Read
The Joke: This was a dig at Governor Schwarzenegger from The Simpson's Movie, saying he was too dumb to be a Government official.

The line "I was elected to lead, not read," was such a ridiculous statement because an elected official's entire job is reading long, difficult legislation, making sense of it, then deliberating.

What Actually Happened: In the 2012 GOP race there was a man by the name of Herman Cain, and he ran on the slogan "We need a leader, not a reader."

So yeah, that almost happened.

What does that slogan even mean? You need to read and be at least somewhat of an intellectual to run a country, that's why that joke in The Simpsons is so fun and why in the real world it's just so tragic.

Lady Gaga Performs A High Wire Act

The Joke: In an effort to raise the self esteem of Springfield - and boost the spirits of Lisa Simpson - Lady Gaga decides to hold a concert in the Season 23, Episode 22 titled "Lisa Goes Gaga."

During her show, Lady Gaga zooms over the audience wearing a wire and a platinum silver outfit. As the crowd looks on she blasts pyrotechnics from her breasts and sings about loving and accepting yourself. 

What Actually Happened: During the Super Bowl LI halftime show, which aired almost five years after The Simpsons episode, Lady Gaga flew over the audience on a wire. People pointed out the similarities between the performance and the cartoon in not only her wire act, but in her outfit as well. Unfortunately for Gaga fans, she didn't shoot sparks out of her boobs. 

It Tastes Like Grandma!!
The Joke: Inspired by a Zorro movie, Homer begins slapping people with a glove and challenging them to duels.

When a real Southern gentleman accepts Homer's request for a duel, t