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    The Greatest Pro Wrestlers of All Time

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    The greatest pro wrestlers of all-time include WrestleMania winners, WWE champions and TNA favorites. The entertainment of professiona...

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    Best Pro Wrestling Champions

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    In pro wrestling, the highest honor a wrestler can achieve is becoming the champion of their respective promotion. Becoming the champio...

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    The Real Names of 51 Wrestlers

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    "Superstar" Billy Graham was born Eldridge Wayne Coleman on June 7, 1943.

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    33 Celebrities Who Have Received Organ Transplants

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    Renowned WWF wrestler, "Superstar" Billy Graham, received a liver transplant in 2002 from a 26 year-old female donor who died...

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    33 Famous People with Hepatitis C

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    Wrestler Billy Graham thinks that he contracted Hepatitis C through blood contact with his opponents in the ring.

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