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    Adolf Hitler is currently #24 on:

    The Most Influential People of All Time

    views: 142814

    This is a list of the most influential people of all of human history. This means that the individuals on this list have had a signific...

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    Adolf Hitler is currently #15 on:

    The Most Important Leaders in World History

    views: 453953

    This is a list of the most important and influential leaders in the history of the world. Who are the most important world leaders? Any...

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    Adolf Hitler is currently #255 on:

    The Greatest Minds of All Time

    views: 177072

    List of the Greatest Minds of All Time, throughout history. This list represents the most influential thinkers across various disciplin...

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    Adolf Hitler is currently #27 on:

    The Lamest Authors of All Time

    views: 34929

    There are always going be writers (and books) some folks just don't like. Books, and the skills of the people who write them, are defin...

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    Adolf Hitler is currently #2 on:

    The All-Time Worst People in History

    views: 664221

    The absolute worst people in history, ranked by the wisdom of the crowd. Who are the worst people in history? This list includes mass-m...

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    Adolf Hitler is currently #18 on:

    Lying Politicians: The Worst Liars In American Politics

    views: 67228

    The least trustworthy people in American politics, ranked by the wisdom of the crowd. Anyone can add to this list, making it an accurat...

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    Adolf Hitler is currently #131 on:

    Famous Role Models We'd Like to Meet In Person

    views: 268328

    Adolf Hitler ( 20 April 1889 – 30 April 1945) was an Austrian-born German politician and the leader of th...

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    Adolf Hitler is #5 on:

    Best Newsweek Covers

    views: 1953

    Newsweek - February 17, 1933

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    Adolf Hitler is #10 on:

    34 Famous People with Parkinson's Disease

    views: 2622

    Historians believe that Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler suffered from Parkinson's disease.  The first time symptoms were observed was 1...

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    Adolf Hitler is #46 on:

    Famous Taurus Celebrities

    views: 1587

    This list of famous Taurus is a cross-section of all the most notable celebrity Taurus and a description of Taurus traits. Those born b...

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    Adolf Hitler is #17 on:

    Best Time Covers

    views: 10819

    Time - April 14, 1941

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    Adolf Hitler is #33 on:

    Famous People with Raspy Voices

    views: 34154

    Famous People with Raspy Voices, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. A raspy voice can do different things for various celebrities. ...

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    Adolf Hitler is #5 on:

    Offensive Halloween Costume Ideas

    views: 505571

    Trying to think of a funny Halloween costume? Well, you came to the right place. This is a list of the most offensive and ridiculous co...

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    Adolf Hitler is #30 on:

    The Very Best of the Force Push/Obi-Wan Hates Meme

    views: 31662

    The best of the Force Push/Obi-Wan Hates meme. This meme is all about wrecking the day of something you hate. It's a scene of a young O...

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    Adolf Hitler is #13 on:

    Famous (Alleged) Illuminati Members

    views: 3472525

    It is largely believed that Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were funded by the Illuminati.  The Rockefeller family, who are alleged to ...

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    Adolf Hitler is #1 on:

    16 Famous People Who Probably Died as Virgins

    views: 25194

    Although he was married to Eva Braun, many people suspect that Adolf Hitler died a virgin. He was rumored to have never slept with his ...

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    Adolf Hitler is #3 on:

    The Maniacs Behind the Worst Genocides in History

    views: 20210

    Number of People Killed: 12,000,000

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    Adolf Hitler is #8 on:

    Best Dressed Male Celebrities Alive or Dead (mostly Dead)

    views: 3284

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    Adolf Hitler is #3 on:

    Nazi Leaders and Officials

    views: 11939

    “Politician and leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party“

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    Adolf Hitler is #16 on:

    103 Celebrities Who Have Entire Species Named After Them

    views: 10869

    Anophthalmus hitleri (blind cave beetle)

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    Adolf Hitler is #2 on:

    120+ Nazi Party Members

    views: 25554

    Joined Nazi Party in 1920.

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    Adolf Hitler is #40 on:

    Captain America's Enemies

    views: 34210

    Marvel Comics's Captain America (Steve Rogers) has been fighting off bad guys since World War II. Here is a full list of all Captain Am...

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    Adolf Hitler is #67 on:

    Time Magazine: Person Of The Year

    views: 6744

    In 1927, a magazine came up with the 'Person of the year' title. It was by TIME magazine that has been a pioneer since when it was laun...

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    Adolf Hitler is #1 on:

    Famous Poisoning Deaths

    views: 88491

    Cyanide and gunshot simultaneously before capture

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    Adolf Hitler is #5 on:

    22 Celebrities with One or Fewer Testes

    views: 3818

    Adolf Hitler is rumored to have had monorchism, the condition of having only one testicle. An autopsy done by the Soviets stated that H...


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